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 AJ  f  o.-Horseg.  eap.,  ant in ���������:  is JONS.  J".:  ;ors. at. the  hd.;Beaite.fe;i  P*Wic. Dii.;  M isivunibujt \  ^.^"niilcj,:  'Uions lostiit  lay & Grain; I  regularlv fori  N'OPiTHS I  spacious and  r cleniiHneavj  the Tailed  scStabllii^j  UyonhatiiJ,  >ors,  .-"���������-"��������� ���������'* ....  rcnelmouM  p bcdnxmaj  very'acojm^  bed villi all?  is well sup. ;i  'Cgnrs; good  CHEAI^i  as been ���������������.**  will., jnate*  purtofecev;-  mriC: of lljjs  ^,JAA:  ry bei?t of^  ������fattkrS  hechar#3,  Ime's,    ,  :ifAar,--������<:  irictow.  31  B Housf,  ��������� proparcii:  D MEALS  ���������rAU*:  rliCtWCCD  leKoutc^l  heibesteT:  tter,iJilt:;:^a������  wLAU:{  Vol. 4,  Barkerville, Williams Greek, B.C.,.Monday, July 1,; 1867.  17.  THE  CENTURY  PLANT..  The -'{.Century Plant," as it .is called, is the  IAgave Americana of -the botanists; ..A con-  feiderabie attention is*'being called to this  jlant, at the present time, from the fact that  ���������ihe of these'extraordinary specimens -of the  ' Loral kingdom is now about to (flower in the.  fgarden of Mr. G. C. Potter, of OaKland.  The Agave has a short cylindrical stem,  [terminating-* in a cifoular cluster of sharp  jointed leaves, some -of which continue'on  i"the stem fpr ni any years. It bekmgs to'the.  lorder AmaTylladaceoe, um.6. is popularly -sap-;  Ipbsed to fiewer but ones in a hundred years!  fTfaefactis that its -offorescenee varies accord-'  |ing to <the climate to which it is subjected;:  fWhen grown 'under most favorable circum-'  Stances, in  its   native diraiito, it comes to  famrity-atid-fi ow&fsinvt^  |waries as above, from ten to severity years,  land it is.altogether probable that when raised  fin,a cold climate, and its maturity skilfully  Retarded, It might be kept from floworing.and.  ^at the same time vigorous for a century.  i'iJust^efore flowering, this wonderful plant  senSsup a stem, often 46 feet /high, which  mts out enormous branches, ibrming'a cyihv  'drical pyramid of great beauty and symme^  Jiryv/each crowned with a cluster o-f greenish.  fyellow flowers, which "sometimes continue in  b I opm for several mo nths.    The gro w th of  |this; central. stem from abofly which has beep;  joVlong torpid is  one of the most wonderful  jfitWbotanical phenomena.,   Jn the plant in  |3rfe. Potters garden, some sixteen������ years ago,'  fa large buQ or shoot was observed ris?ing.from.|  ftlie^centre of tbe plant.    In eight days this  ���������^ibqbt. had 'grown  seven   feet-^durinsr  one  feriod of twenty-four hours it grew  inches 1    The p r e vui li ng co Id weather ijas  fco%ably rendered the growth of this Sotter.  itepi much slower than it would otherwise!}  iave been, "sftth ough it has. ��������� aow reach ed \ a  lei^trtof libeut seventeen feet. - It /will  The American Journal of Mining gives the  following as the reason why certain shooting  sta-rs ��������� didn't appear when expected : When  the mololygistric temperature of the - horizon  Is such as to clorictse the imperient' indentation of the hemisphere analogy, the.cohesion  of the borax curbistus becomes, surcharged  with irffihitestmals, which are thereby virtually deprived of their fissurial disquisitions.  This effected, a rapid change is produced in  the thorampuraber, of the gympasticastas po-  leriuni, which causes a convacular in the hexagonal an tipathes df the terrustrium aquaver-  sula. Clouds then become a mass of deodoto  mized specula of ceremovular light, which  can -only be seen when it is visible.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  A. McPherson,  T C H fVI A KER  yA'6- ���������������������������-:"' ��������� .���������and-^   ���������*"  XT E. ^HbI)GENS,  OLD   STAND;;  Barkenriile, list May, 1867.       . 1-s,   I  Goods sold on Commission.   Office,  The Apple.���������Gribson, the sculptor, describ-  .e&l-Quaen^jZtetoiia,^  even deigned to laugh heartily at some'of his  stories.   One day he.sa'id to ber,���������'  A4t Madam, I was born a thief."  : "A thief, Mr. Gibson?" \  ': " Tes madam ; for when a 'child I stole an  apple from the stall of an old woman with a  wooden leg,. Mother found it out, toolc me  back to the old lyorhan..and begged  her ho  liieat me with her crutch, which she did lustily  ii;never stote.any more,?' ���������'-"''   ���������  -  'JAhl^ replied her.majesty, " a great deal  of sorrow was brought into ,*the world by the  applet . '     _' .  ���������-  //:'.. ��������� . ��������� F. V. LEE,     .-������������������  Auctioneer, Collector,  MINING     AGENT.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  KichfiuM.-  B-S  .-.V^A-W*.  NEW  THE UNOERSIGNEB have commenced in the above  "business next door to MundorlTg stable, Barker  vflle," and solicit a share of pablic patronage.   ���������  CAST   IRON  STOVES   ;  Al way 8 on hand. *  ISTewl Work and Jobbing  'Done:at reasonable rates. '  'An old Irish actor of the name of Barry,  Was rather <too fond of whisky punch ; one  liigiat ivhon he came rolling on.to the stage, a  yelce^from the gallery called out, f* Barry,  you tief o? the wurld ! how many tumblers 6'  thirteen ^W11 did yer hUve to-night ?" ;To  c : ^hi-p*hi3ai;ry,^lp^ing..iipi"wil;b a scornful leer,  replled..:'.���������; ��������� None, ye blacUguai*^!, at yomr ex-  pecse:i?viV;,:;.^:;'_:.; A':AAAA r/'A'r ..        ':������������������'. >?��������� -  m  Peiev^ti  ia.vora'ble circa instances.   And. the penod  lits,continuance in bloom is dependent upon;  same ^circumstances/ It will' not bloom.  until it stops growing.   It5s exceedingly, in-'  |teres:tiing to watch from day to day the ascent  >f this rfionil column.   Mr. Potter has gener-.  insly thrown opeuhis gardens to  the  public  for the benefit of a committee o-f ladies who.  |4ire (raising funds in -behalf of the Oakland  pGoitgrcgational Chnrch.  The Agave A*uencaria is a native  of the  ������nter-tropical regions of America ;   but It 'has'  een natural feed in  Spain.  Sicily  and the  arbary States.   It never blooms but <*ace;  mtlike many ephemeral insects, the whole  jolJice of its fife appears to be devoted to  (jhe  ole end of the reproduction of its species ;  Ms done���������Its flowering having been accom-  lished and its eeed -brought to perfection4  dies, and,-like the  fabled ThiKnix, never  ives to look upon its successor.���������M..& S.Brcss  forethought I  ^^* Our Teams run regularly  between Vale and  Cariboo and all orders in our. line of business'Carefully  attended to,  '    1-s   ��������� f E. PEARSON & BROS.  FARE REDUCED  T  BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE. EVERY  MO NDAY,  ���������With H. M. xr.iils, Express and .Passengers/ for  Lytton, Clintdn,xSoda Creek, Quesnelle and Barkerville, with branches to Savana's Ferry and LiU<K>et,  i; Barnard?* Express carri������������s Letters, Treasure, Valuables,- am Express Flight; to Big Bend,- -Cariboo  and way stations.    " ,   .  ���������".    -QUESNELMOUTH,     ' ,���������  BROW & GILLIS, PitonireTOBS^ " *  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, &c  Stabling for Horses, Hay. and Oats.       a  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Pkopriktor,  IVTeals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. s   .  OTICE.  E IT T E II PR I S E  ...,    WILL RUN* AS "FOLLOWS :   ;:-- yAt  L"EAVES   QUESNELMOUTH   GN '.[.  Thursdays and Sundays,  .    as "six o'clock, a.m.;  LEAVES   SODA' CREEK  ON;  ;  Tuesdays a n d F r i d ay s-':  .    AT KOVU o'clock, a  ������.  Quesnelraoutlv Slay 2nd, 1867.. - i * 1  I  FARE TO SODA CREEK,  M Have your calvbages tender hearts ??r  asked a duteous. wife .of a eostennonger.'  '* They ca'a't have anything elset iiiar^m,7- was  the reply, '4< for tlwiy've been with me <crying  about the streets all the morning."  Hb who asks to see his wife's accounts, is a  snob. He who, asked by her, looks at them,  is a fool. But he who, after inspection, diminishes her allowance, is a beast.  FARE TO BARKERVILLE,   - .  {Exclusive of Steamer's fare, j  $00  $85  i.l-B    ':  MaiQs^ Pearpy; & Go^  :... y    barkertill^," ������������������."���������";.;;  ^A   .; "Have jast^eceiveU.a,ch������*ice...solection of   .. ��������� ^  CAST IRON GOOKING STOVES  TJEDUP  supplic*1  mi, aid  :cdroonis  Coventry Euiqubnck.���������Coventry used 'to  ^regarded as a place of punishment; now  tseems to be a place for u tall" eloquence.  ,.^^gllere'is what a Coventry Cicero  said on   pre-  " *      Routing a gold watch to a clever public lecturer : "Take it, sir, and wear it wherever  you go ; and may the sound of its beating  ive ease to your thro^bbing breast!   When  cast Sown by the cares and anxieties)of pub-1  flic Life, may, those hands reruitid you. of the  [swiftness of ^time, and that duty calls you to  your post!    E very ti me y o u w in d. i t������ p, m ay  ... J&ew hleae.spring up in your mind, and give a  ^^������^resh impetus to your exertions! and that  ||gM^10lK'' wit!l the strength of a Hon, may avenge.  INBb   kea hattuno 'with the enemies of liberty and  I^M^/eg^ess in this,-our glorious country."   No.  if i an k ee an his h ighes t figh t w as ever so gran d  1(111 "aB ^*6 >  8ucl1 a om cou^ onty ^ave ^m*  !S'^8|-proved 'upon it by saying something about  Igoing i-jpoa ** tick."���������"=���������'  RaieB-  iters.  )  P'-'f-^^S ~w*,lwwl    ������">>   CViUCUlyO   KJll    Willi  EH relied, and the jury brought ii  fflf^girilty,*. After the verdict  5r tra*  f with  sa&iK*  jet U-  jteifi  Sg|:    AJf��������� Ingenious attorney, who always made it  jjjjp^ P������'ut to get ^is ease, was applied to by a  ���������^������^liow who had stolen some pork to defend  >SS 1# ^ccor^ingly in his tisisial inventive way  M^B1^ rained the evidence on which the plaintiff  5 in a, verdict .of  was declared,  jljjjl ���������*���������*"!"e fellow was leaving the court house, he  ^fc whispered to his attorney thus  IBi T " Squire, what shall I de  ^W-I have get it yet?"'  llSr " ������a* ^'" replied the lawyer, ���������" for the jury  mm 51lJ you did not steal it."  I  An' Irishman caught a hornet in his hand,  but dropped it, and exclaimed, " Be jabbers,  what kind of teeth do your birds have in  Ameriky."  This wheel of fortune must have belonged  originally to .an omnibus: for. it is continually  ������.'taking-up" and "'putting down" people.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  JOB PRATING   OFFICE.  ���������o���������  'jpHE STOCK OF THIS OFFICE HAVING BERN  X -considoriihly nuginonr,od by tlift recy.nt importation  of a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for        ..' .......  Posters, Circulars, Cards,  Billheads, Programmes for  Balls, Concerts, and  Theatrical Entertainments.  Orders for any description of Job Work will be executed with neatness and. despatch. ^  ��������� ���������'��������� J8ST Terms moderate. ~g$.  W. Winnard,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE. I.  E. STEPHENS,  CIVIL ENGINEER AND SURVEYOR.  IPRESS!  DIETZ  &   NELSON'S  BRITISH COLUMBIA  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS,  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS, FARGO & CO.,  for California* Oregon, the Atlantic States  and Europe.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  For Big Bend, Cariboo and tho N'orthorn* JCinas,  Conveying Treasure, Valuables, Letter*. Packages and  Parcels?. .   1-s  Cariboo Literary Institute  J. S. THOMPSON, PRKSfrc.vr.  JAMES ANDERSON, Vroj;-President,  TIN  PLATE  ANB.   SHEET..IRO.R*  witli various other t^eicles in their line of trade.  83T All Jobbing in the 'fin, Sheet Iron, Copper awl  Zinc trade attended to, and warranted to give satisfau-  ti������ia." '���������"������������������'��������� .���������������������������' I  u  The  Cariboo   Sentinel,"  JOHN MacLAREN,  JOSEPH CLEARIHUE,  JOSEPH PARK.     .������������������.'  DniECTORa.  SEMI-WEEKLY   PAPER.  Relished  Every Monday   and  THUitsDAt.  ALLAN & CO., Proprietors.   .  OFracB���������B^iRKERVILLE, WiiiaAaia Creek, Cawaco.  Subscription., $1 per Week..  (including cost of delivery,) Payaole  to the Carrier.  ' WAKE-UPTAKE  Restaurant, Bakery,  ��������� AJtfD ���������  BARRERVn/LE,  PATERSON & GOODSON, Proprietors..  THISINSTrrCTION IS NOW OPEN AT BARKER-  vilio, where itis now fitteil ui> with a view to the  comfort and convenience of tho people of Cariboo.  , ,; Th e Read ing Room w i 11 be. fo and s u pj>l i ed wit h the  latest English, Scottish, Cmadiun, Aiuericrtn and Co-  loiual pji.pers and Mstgazines.  '  Terms of Subscription���������$s f>?r Quarter, or-$2 pcr  "Mouth. Single volumes loaned, to non^ubscribers at  50 cents per volume, with SI deposit.  Persons not subscribers, visaing the Reading Room,  and making use of the Books and Papers, 25 cents for  each visit.  The Room will be open from TEN. A. .11., till TEN,  P. M. JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary and Librarian.  N. B.��������� A fine assortment of Books and Stationery is  always kept for sale. iS-s  do with the pork for  {Am   ^m*If /ou want good Coffee use Fell's.  AVINQ TAKEN AN OFFICE 1$ RICHFIELD,  Williams Creek, is prepared to execute Surveys,  Plans, Levels, Sections, &c, &c, committed to his  charge, with'euro, despatch, and on REASONABLE  TERMS.  3 jgsr OfSce, centre of <Richfield -=������01  ,��������� .   -���������  *. ' ���������>..          .  August Stampelil,  PARIS AND LONDON HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.  N  ANNOUNCING THE   RE-OPENINO   OF THIS  house for the season, the proprietors wi*di tu inform their friends and tlie public generally, 11 rat- they  will sp: tre no p?iins l n order to merit the pa iron age of ...  all who give them a tjall.. . A   .  K'.-Meals at all hours. ,1' ...  PEN FOLD'S  SAL003N",  BARKERVILLE,  MR, PENFOLO BE<JS TO ANNOUNCE TO HIS  friends that his new BILLIARD SALOON is now  open, where every attention will be paid to the comfort of his visitors.        i .  THE BEST LIQUORS & CIGARS  That can be obtained, m the market will.always ba  found at the BAR. .   .  BARKE11VILLE.  A large assortment of Boots and Shoes always on  hand. I  The undersigned have refitted this well known hoase  which is now open for the accomodation of the  public.        ,.-'���������' A  The Bar will be supplied with the "best brands of,  LIQUORS and CIGARS.  j"^ Meals and Beds furnished at all hours.  G. FONTAINE.  FELIX POUCH(VJV  j'r-'prislors.  Richfield, 1st May, 1867. I  With private entrance, are attached to the Saloon,  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867..;. 1-s  T. N. HIBBEN & CO.  WUli    FORVAltD    PKOM-rTLY,    AT    MODERATE    TBWSW**  English,   American,  i / French,   German*  Aud. other Newspapers and Periodicals.  SUBSCRIFTIOTO, ADDINQ PoSTAOiij f%rJtBMC iS Al������VAJPWft  15th'May, 18W. &*'  iff  Mm  b|  ;������( fcl  UiiAiueau^L^x^Eusujrawt  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY, JULY i, 1567.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Agents' for the "Cariboo Sentinel." .  0muse Creek,' - .' : ? - y - .A. M-cWha  Qu.'.siii-imuu th, .Mr. G"\i> 'ie, liarear. Ps Express Oilice  Vale,      -   . --'    Mr. Evan?,     ido do  Lillooet,       ������������������ . F. ..W, Foster,       do do  New Wustrni uster, 'A- ":- ' -' ���������.' ��������� - Cla rk.������on & 0>  Victoria'"'v ������������������-":    .      .       .   '\A.      f ^ Mallandaino  Big B.n>f, ��������� .';���������'.���������:. --'���������Jasi Bullock, French Creek  Van Winkle.   .;........       :       .      .& Edwards  ���������    -...���������.;  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  r Al 1 conamu ui cations must, be accompanied . by tho  ro<iI name and address of-the writer, not necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  his good faith.   ���������������  Tho's.  L.  AAA y   ;      TO ADVERTISERS,  The "Cariboo-Sentinel" is published every Monday  and Thursday,"  Advertisements intended lor insertion i  must be delivered at latest at 6 (������������������clock, p. m., tho day  before publication. ,. .���������'������������������'*    '.,''.''... '  ��������� g3r* All Advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will be-continued until orderodiratniid'Charged  ������>r accordingly,       ��������� '.: /"-.. ������������������������������������''  BRIG-G-8 & Co.,  CAMERONTON,.  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  Wholesale  or Retail,]  AT LOW RATES FOR CASH,  200 OASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUORS  ^ CONSISTING OK���������  Brandy���������Mart ell, Hennessey, and Otard Dupey.  Wines���������Port,  Slinry   Btiriiundy, and Claret ; San*  tcrne's  French * White Wine - Sunsevaine's tiali-  -.'"_''forniaWhite Wine.  Champagnes���������Bouche and Napoleon's Cabinet.'  Bitters���������Joker's; Sausovainc's, Orange and Hopiotter's, Vermouth, Abscntlie, Peppermint and ���������Anni-  . sette. y-s. ���������;  Old Tom, Gin, andScotch.Whisky.'-        -  To arrive, in a few days���������fioo gallons choice brands  of Brandy, Wines, .Whisky, Runi, etc.  ������������������> Also on hand���������20,4)00 lbs Extra Superfine Soda Creek  Flour, equal In the best brands in the market  And tu. arrive in a few davs���������2,600 lbs.  Graham  Flour���������?* 1,000 lbs Cracked Wheat.  'Goods received on Stouagk or Commission, at the  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1667. lm  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS,  In the mat lor of th  panieR-'/Ordma  Mining Company, Limited.  e .Companies Act, 1862 ; the '*<>m-  nee, I860 ; and ol the Artesian Gold  \TOTICK is birebv given, thatap'oti'ion for the wind-  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  prom  in;: np of the above named tympany, by the "Suae Court of Civil Justice of British Columbia, was,  Company. And that the said petition is directed to he  heard before the said Judge." at Richlield,-m Britis'li  Columbia,'on the Eighth day of July, 1867, and any.  creditor or contributory of the said Company, desirous  o oppose the makinsTof an order for tho winding ��������� up  pany, requiring the aame/hy. the undersigned, on pay.  ment of the regulated charge far the same. .....   ';���������'-  Dated at Rkjlideld. B. C. the 18th day of June, 1SC7.  A. R. R0BKRTC0N,  Counsel for .tho'Petitioners.'  "Fourth of July Ball.!  HOTEL   DE   FRANCE"  .'���������'��������� LECUYER & LEBRUN, I'KoriaEi'njea, ?  A RE READY TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY -OVR tv,  A the above Esiablislim-nt. :*7���������  .  ;..    GOOD FARE AND GOOD BEDS!  ��������� TJafkerville, 27lh May, 1807.  7-s  MR?-  . Fjre.���������-Oa Thursday evening, about ten  o'clock, an alarm of fire, was raised in Barkerville whicb produced a very uervous feol-|  jug amp ng th e i nhab iia nte uri til i t was ascer-  ~ tamed that the fire -was" b ri feide" tjf the' towa  limit*. Simultaneous with thecal arm,, flames  could.be se^e iv to "issue. from aii o Id log cab 1 u  ; oil the east side of the' crook- about a tiun-  di;ed, yards,from town/ and in a few minutes  -  more the'buifding was completely enveloped j  hjr the idevouridtg element^ thev light emitted  from which being sitfficteut to ^illuminate the  who 1e town.   It is difficu.lt t6assign the cansei  of tlie ��������� iircV'aa the cabiii was unoccupied and  iso I a ted f ro rh any p th er: b \i ild ihg; \  Th is. d is-,  aster, hap p i ly harm less i i ii , i ts consequences,  ought to serye as a salutary.'; monition to the ]  householders in tSis;- town,; to be bestirring  themselves in making some.provision against  any such 'casualty happenihgjin their;.midst  which is   fchdered all  iheiiiriore requisite j  . how that the dry weat h^r is beginning to set  in. We regret to learn that ;,i a feeling of J  apathy has preyailed of late among those who  were iris trum en tai i n organ izi hg A our - Fi re  Company. \Ve feel confident, uhowever, that  if some movomentjs now made in ithe matter  and a meeting called, there wil I not be wan t-  .'.v ingthev necessary aid in men- and money to  c any oii t th e o bjects . o rigi n al ly con tnm p i at-  ed.   Let;something be done at "once; or else  ; we may fin d. ou rselves ��������������������������� so tn e - fine day; in; the  p osi tion of the raaii.' 'who 1 o eked h is s ta bio  door after his horse was" stolen."  . Storing of. PoTVDEn.���������We would desire to  ;call   the attentioh of the poweis that   be.  to the ycry great i m pro fj ri e ty a ri d d a n ger o f  permitting large quantities of powder to be  kept in stores ib this to wn. ��������� AVe have been  informed that there cannot be iessi than 140  kegs of this.dangerous article distributed over  town in the hands of traders. , When it is.cori-  sidered how liable we are at any moment to  accidents by fire., we tremble to think of the  consequences   that would follow any such  catastrophe; besides, the very knowledge of  the existence of such quantites Of this article |  in stores, would deter people from .rendering  that assistance in saving property,in the event  of fire, which they   would ot her wise rMo, for  who would be foolhardy enough to 'jeopardize his life under these circurnstances ?    In  rm town is th^ practice of storing large quau-  } titles of powder allowed, provision being always madei for having it as far removed from  the. reach of danger as p ossib 1 e. ��������� We tin ri k  that seeing the infiamable character of the  buildings in this town, the sooner, a powder  magazine is erected at a respectable distance  from it the better. .  S an^r a ire is c o S t p re,  ;    ; ;   COMMISSION  MERCHANT,  WHOLESALE AND 1ETAIL BEALEE  / } '-A'"������������������-".."* \::..~ -^ isA-..[''"'"      'r'A .'  ��������� V". GROCERIES;  PROVISIONS,    ]  ] HARDWARE, CLrOTKINGr AND BOOTS.  .-.Nbxt Do.-)k to TirtK Sijnti.vel Office,   v  Barkerville, 2������tb June, 1807. ���������    . .17  WILLTAM ALLAN BEOS TO INFORM HER  frieruls anrl the public';. generally,;.on> Williams,  Crouse.������iiul Lowhee creeks, thnt'she iu tends* bpftiiiiJij  ihe Pioneer. Jlnlcl, O'nnieronlon, o^i the evening of  THf;RSDAY, ihe FOUKTH day of JULY next, with  ������ OH A NO BALL aud SUTPKR, on which occftFion  she trusts toseeali her old friends and'acquaintance's,  witboutany further invitation. MesFre. A'ller & Bir-  tt's spacious saloon, Cameron ton- will be' used as the'  ifctilroom. and no pains will bo>pared to^paku this one  of tin* BE:**T en ter Uii u m en ts of t h e seasou, ...  TICKF7l"8,--:$&.00-e^*^ awty-frf-T^irtsu^ai the^Piotr  neer Hotel, Caineronton ; Mr. Strou.ssr stbro, Barker-*  viile ; and Mrs. TraCey's, Grouse Crcefc."���������;-.- "'    .'  r-,  25Ui June, 1SG7. .      ' -: v-:^ ���������.'/.���������.  PliotograpMc  Artist,  HAS NOW OPENED-' A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  at RlCUKIEIJ), and is jMvpared to take  Cartc.de Visitc. Trini!������re de Poste. Ambrotvpes, Leather Pictures, .MiJanotypes, Views of Houses, Claims,  \  etc., Single or Stervoscuptc.. . ���������     ��������� ��������� ���������  Portr.iitJ5 also u;kea on.White Silk, Uiien; or Cotton  ���������, Cloth. ;.-..;,"��������� .     ....;.  Richn*tild, 20th Jujie, X8G7. '    .i.;- \ 1 m..  ;   ' "NOTICE.\. -iii;;  In the matter ofi the Estate'and Effects, of  FRANCOIS CASSEJate of Wiiltams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate. ��������� -    ' :  du<  THE  mriGr isALpoN,  ':'   '  BAKKERVILLE. . i'/ .  T  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INSERTED TO THE  above Estate, are required to jvty ihe. aioeuiius  forthwith ; and all persons who have any claims  against the. above Estate, are nxjuireit to semUu ihejr  accounts, on or before the PIFTH 1>AV of SEPTEMBER, 1S6T, to .   v.      CHA.^. E   P001.EY,   .,  Official Administrator.  Dated RichfieiO, 2oth June. 1S07.  OPPMHEIMER & CO"  W U O L ES ALE '  ��������� ANJ��������������� *  RETASLV-MERCHANTS'  PASHIOIT SALOON,  -..;. ���������*   .      DAKKEUVILLK,  WILLIAMS   CREEK.  THE PROPRIETORS' RKK   LEAVE TO  ANNOUXCP  to the public that they have enhirj^fd, rciurnisljtiJ*  and thoroughly renovated  their1 capacious and }������slv-  ionoblesalomi, spuluK neflherpains nor expVaVofor'  tho comferi of tiieir Patrons.  . .This is nott' the largest, and most complete'Saloon iu  Writish Columbia ; consisting of three lur^e sepanue  atiartmeuts,   vjz.:   .CARD   KOuM,   fiAU ROOM  ������ij'l  BILiAARD SALOON, contiiiuing   throe sunerh ?im  '  LIARD TABLES. "   \ ' L-.  ; The best L1QL'OR^nml. CIGARS obtainable ������r���������  served here. This establishment ja under the iimuc-  diale aupfrhijendeuco Oithe Pro^rietor't j^  "; ��������� AAA-y  T--;r ��������� ^jjj/jrjfTiLiRRy "^  .   June Oth.lSOT.- .t   .��������� .   -   4m   ���������   <-'iy  EXPRESS7 NOTICE/���������^-  1 >TER THIS  DATE,: BARNARD'S   EXPRESS IS  /i. nut resi>onsiblc tor damage on LIQUIDS slilppud in-  Tin or filass, unless, by spycj.il contract.  ��������� Untildurtlier nctic^. the Express will arrive "hope  cvm-' Sl'XnAY,/AFTERNTOl>\, ant! close' fur betoiv  ev.-rv TUliSDAY^ at NINE o'clock, P. M.  :;. :'..;' /    ��������� '.,    .: ROBERT P00^:.-  ��������� Barkervil'le/ May 23th, 1S6T. '   \        ' y$ '.  H E-. UNOERSIGNED HAVING OPENED i THE  above Saloon, would rospectrully invite their  triends ami the public to step in and sampleMheir  ALE^, WINKS and LIQUORS \ tho quality of which,  they iiatter themselves, will suit the tastes of tbe most  lastiUiuUS. Tbe best brand of CIGARS alwavs ou  hand.  . .29th June^ 1S67.   -  BIT IE   BROS.,    /  'nK.\T.EK.s: r\ ' " "' /��������� .  PROVISIONS, GaOCEEIES, TOBACCO,  CIGARS,   LIQUORS,-i  Clotliing and Hardware,  i    ,.  /BARK SMiV ILL E. .  j    June 27, 73fi7.   '.;' ,'��������� -.  S t ee 1 e's Rest a it ran t,  STEELE BEOS Ttl INFORM HIS OLD KRIENDS  and Pitrtms, tliat ho 1ms opened his OLD STAND,  where Le will bet'Jad to s������������i������ thorn.. "  j.*'..'   . 45r* Mkaw.at akl Horns *r^  .        .  JnnelOtli, 18C7. H-s  L.  MOUTTET & Go.,  WHOLESALE  richpield,       ;  .���������; ; ���������  *k   K ETA I L   M ERCU A'S'tS.  \NDISTH*MIJS  sr  CARIBOO  HO  ;OTT &. McHARDV.  ���������;." . imV ���������:  H E-., ���������'���������  ���������' ;  EXCHANGE  T E L.  JR HAVE THIS PAY Pt'RCHASKO OK MESSRS.  Van Vol ken burgh & Co. .tlie ImsrtO'SS of retail  BiUchors, on Grouse Creek., Our purchast? include*  all book or other accounts duetoHn> hue Urm, an I  we would request all debtoj-s to thehiUrrtrm tn mnke  immediate n.iyment to us ;i!i>ne.     In the nimre man-  a^ement ot'our busiucix, we will endeavor m merit jiqiHE CXDKR^IGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY-RE-  Uie patronage, of the patrons of our predecessors, ^ I   Ilf>valed Ins Estabiisltmeni. has re-op 'nod tbe.?am������������  4 LWAY.S ON HANI), CALIFORNIA  XJC Jblltyr, at $1 2;>'pjr Ib.i  ..  S������deA^������������������ins for Girtid k Guichon, Quosmdiuouth.  June jath. 1S������7. .--llrS  0 OS M OP O' L I T AN   "    Restani^ant  and  Bakery,  IIAUKEIIVII.LE.  Grouse Creek, June 12th  II. GREAVES.  V.\.\-V0UvE;\T.l;ROJI.  18G7. 15-1 m  S NOW   OPEN   FOR  THE  ACCOMMODATION  OF  the miuiug community, aud the public generally.  No.expense has been spared to render the house all  that could be desired, for comfort and convenience.  The*Bar is. supplied with a complete stock of Wi.njes,  LlQGOKS uhd Cl('AR3.  .J������g"-.Weli, Aibkd BhU^ -=$&  may bo had at a moderate charge.        .      K. ORD,  Julyl, 1SG7. ���������  lm Proprietress/  K  R'S  *Mhi> & "^  m&>  ER  BARKERVILLE.  V   NOTICE  TS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT AN ORDINARY GENE  L ral Meeting of the Williams Creek Ked Rock Flume  nnd Ditch Companv, limited, will be held at their .Office, RichQeld, on. the SECOND DAY OF JULY next,  at THREE o'clock, P.M., for tho purpose, of considering the report of the Direct'^, electing OtHerr", and  transacting other business of the 0>������tn|v(uv.  E. A. WAD HAMS,  Secretary  Richfield, June. 24, 1BG7.  for the accommodation of the Public,, nnd trusts la  merit a sh;������r- of thi'ir pulnmago. His Ralrerv hasal.<o  iiudergtate ivp.tir, aud he js now ready to execute  orders irom all who wish good br������'ad.  JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  June 10ib, 1867.  lis  Donation to the Lihrart.���������Tho members  of ihe Cariboo Literary Institute are indebted  to the Government for the donation of a box  of maps and books, which catne to hand last  week.   The maps, winch have been hung up  around the walls of the room giving it a very  tasteful appearance, are illustrative of subjects relating to natural philosophy, mechanics, hydrostatics, hydraulics, chemistry, <fcc.  Among the books we noticed a pictorial'work  on F,n#!tsh historical chronology that cannot  fail to be of great assistance to the student of  English history, or to those who may have  occasion to, refer to any   particular epoch  from the invasion of Julius Gajsar to the pre-  se nt tim e.   \Ve cotigratnlate the mem b ers o f  the institute oil this acquisition, which adds  fresh attractions to   their   already valuable  establishment.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING COMPLETED ALL  his armngemt uis. will open his Brewery THIS;  DAY, when he will De happy to supply all who favor  blm with'a-call, with a good article of ALE, either in  bulk or in bottiu. J AM Ed H. KERR,  July 1st, 1867. lm  MR*  o.  PARKER'S  BOARDING-   HOUSE,  UPPER    BARKERVILLE,  HAS been opened for the convenience of the. public  where Goon Mbals can bo obtained at all hours.'  As the culinary department is under tho direct surveiV-  lauce o{ the ^Proprietress, she trusts to bobble to afford  ^vcry satisfaction to those who may favor her with  their patrouage.  29th Jun", 1867. . lm  BELLA  UMIOI  SALOON,  ��������� KEPT nXrrr,..  Mrs.. Fanny  Bendixen,  BARKERVILLE.  Tins saloon, wiirou is FrrrEf) vr rx thr  most elegant style, has just been opm^d to the  public. None hut the In-st 'hr.mds or LIQUORS and  CIOARS serve.] ai the Bar.  There is a PRIVATE SALOON for the accomtnoda.  tion of customer.*.  June 10th, 1807. lm  PENT ON    SALOON",  RICUFIKLD.  Boot and Shoemaker,  BAitKKllVILLE.  TK)0r^ AND SHOES MAPB TO ORDER AT THK  ������������������?v^'.,.r*:<'s, m,l'<*. Gum Boots rotWi'red, and WAR-  1UNTM) WATER. TIGHT, and all other work con'-  nected with iiLs business executed with .NKATNESS  aud DISPATCH.  ������2r* Oppa^itcGariboo Sentinel onico; ������S*>  JuuuUth, J867 lm -  REMOVAL.  c.  STROITSS,  DEALER IN  rpHE UNDERSIGNKD HOPKS HIS OLD PJONRRR  .1 f'rierifls will give him a turn, as lie Ir.ts exix-rienced  heavy weather lately, 12. p. EDWARDS,  Juno 6th. 1S67. F^rnerly of E-hvitnls' Ranch  '5   ������&A������AMA^    U������  AA*.H*J|  ETC., ET<:.,  BARKERVILLE.  NOT! C E  OS T  N -Barkeryille, on Thursday Evening last, a POCKKT  BOOK, conta i n i ng Mon ey a nd Not es.:  A n v one f\In d-  nsr the same, and leaving it at the Wake-up-Jake Res-  jurant, Barkerville, will receive the above re ward.  1st July, 1867.  In the matter of the Estate aud Effects of J-UIES  r.0���������11?' ?at? ?( wi^iamB Creek, Blacksmith^ de  ceased, intestate.  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  XX. above Estate, aro required to pay. the amounts due  forth with j and all persons who have any claims against  the above estate, arorequire*} to send in their accounts  on or before tho TWENTY-SIXTH day of SBPTftMBEJJ  1367, to ��������� CHAS. E. I'OOLEY,  ���������rt������*������i t>- t p ti  ������- , > OillcialAdministrator. .  Dated "RichUcl^, 27ih Juno, 1S67.  W.  D.  MOSES  TAKES THIS METHOD OF INFORMING HIS  friends and the public generally, that lie has enlarged and fitted up his SHAVING SALOON, in a superior manner, having secured the services of.an cilicieut  assistant, he is now prepared to operate in a  satisfactory manner in all branches of the TONSORIAL  ART. ' ���������."'.���������' . -:-���������  Ho also begs to call the attention of-the ladies to Ids  A. BENRIiVIO,  Accountant,   Collector,  ��������� AM) ���������  COMMISSION     AGENT,  the Toilet.  He also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair Restor-  ft tl ve, g\i n ran tee j ng to stop hair fro rri fullin %. ou t, ��������� in  onu'week, and in reasonable time restoring Hair to its  form fir,state and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnlshin.Ef Gooris  finest ass or t-  BARKERVILLE,  June 17, 1867.  ia  NOT ! CE.  In^r?tl,iter of *������ Estate and Effects of  n if rPAm?< late of Williams Creek;  oattle Dealer, deceased, intestate. ���������-  4 LL  PERSONS  A ",iv -'������������������  WHO   ARE INDEBTED  TO THE  .it,, fi-^0.!1 ^ aro roqtilMiJ u> pav the anumnts  ���������i^>W^faml a,li>orsJms whohaVe a.ny claims.  gainst the above Estate, arc required to send in lln-ir  vr7iS.-n;������r l>crar({ t,!r; RIOHTJt day of SKPTJSM-'  pu*, 18bi, to (JHAS, Kt poOLEV",  ������...., . ���������ti       . . Oilicial Adminlstratoi*.  UiXod Lytlun, m June, 1S07/ 13        ,     <  i  i^S^  H  }%b\\  m m?9]<i<  ^���������koiti.--  r;^:Spough(  ^^^)ti On  Bwhc fal{  |^������vhich 1  fc-Sible to  ^^m - A mi  P||H at iM  Kilty  EffiffiflSSKSr  The c  |fVoJuos KHTiTrWtiffptayittPifCfiii  CAKIBOO SENTINEL  MONDAY, JULY 1, 1807.  Piir/rcK   Court.���������WilHarn   Williams   was  jargcd before the magistrate, at the Police  Dtirt, on Saturday last, by Elizabeth Tbnr-  ������r, for abasing,her. and threatening to take  r h* fe. whereby sbe was p\i t in grea t bod i ly  far.   Williarhs pleaded guilty to tbe charge.  lis Honor/ took occasion to remind defend-  t that this was the third time he had been  >n victed of a similar offence, and cautioned  m Jo be more careful in*, future ; for if he  er came before this court again, the case  fould most certainly be sent to a higher tri-  nal.   Defendant was accordingly fined $25,  r! ordered to enter into his own recogni-  acc in the s^m of $500, and to find two  refcics in the snrri of $250 each, to keep the  ace towards a3l of Her Majesty's subjects,  r the space dt twelve "months.  iMraovKMBNTs.���������We have -pcarely be-cn  ore agreeably surprised than -on our visit a  w days ago to the CaiTooo Exchange Hotel,  complete transformation having taken place  ������th internally and externally.    The trades-]  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  jen who have had the very extensive altera-  iris in hand deserve no small praise.    The  trpcritcrs work by Messrs. John Bruce  and  imps Mann, for solidity and finish, will c em-  ire tavoriably "w I tn~aiVy * si Hi Har wo fk' i'n "* the  lony ; and the papering, painting and grnin-  ig, executed by: Mr. W. W. .11 ill, does htm  iiinite credit for the elaborate ta3te display-  On the whole, we congratulate tair mini-  jg friends on the opening of this >establish-  mi, as affording them Teally comfortable  narters fully e^ual to anything. ot the kind  Victoria.    -      ' . .' ''  'A--A  Cnntou   at ; Lyttos?.���������A new   Episcopal  hurch has beeu built at LyUon to which tho  iv. Mr" Good of Nanaimo has been called  pastor.   It might appear invidious on our  rfc to draw comparisons between that small j  lit favored community and our own, which  reafly contains three empty houses of vvdr-  ip but lacfcs. the .g-ood Samaritans possess-1  ^g the smallest grain of Christian charity to  ccupy then*;   This   state   of  matters must  'rtamty proceed from either of three causes,  l|ramelyVt)iat we-are too pious to requw gos-  y^/iel mmmra(io������s, too poo r to. pay ��������� fer them;  HSra too coi-rnp't for a modern  apostle fe  cast  is'let'Rinengst us.   ;    -     '  \  WILLIAMS CREEK.  The dullness occasioned by the late suspension of mining operations, on the claims ]  in. the centre of the.creek, is not yet dispelled.  Although the work of reopening the drain is  progressing steadily, still it -will be eight or  ten days before many, of the claims will be  enabled  to   work.   Several   of the ground  sluice claims above ; Richfield^ and between  the latter place and the canyon, will commence cleaning up during the present week,]  so that onr next weekly mining report will,:  we trust, be of a more flattering character  than the present.       /      "  Davis co. washed up for the week 122 oz.���������  Never Sweat co. are making $10 a day tb the  hand.���������Last Giance co. will commence te-day  to wash front a strata 30 feet from the surface.���������Forest Rose co. having got their drifts  all cleaned ont, started washing on Friday,  when tbey cleaned up 13 ounces.���������Raby co.  have commenced washing, and on Saturday  conld find prospects of $2^ 50 to the pan.���������  Prince of Wales co. are taking out good pay  from au upper strata, about 20 feet from the  bed rock.  ]>owJv imp. &u:sui.���������u Going n'p tire &me,-?  an oft.rep(Miteil'aad hU(nifto:nit���������'. expw^ssion,  u t w hat *������we luwe to T<? 1 a he conc< Tns a luck-  ������a wight who had the ii% is fortune; to go down 1  vTr-n^e.   Last week orc of the workmen io the  Aurora claim, on Cedar creek, while atlempt-  lfA y\w^ to cross the M me recently constructed by j  S#-'ffiiat company, fell in and was carried nolensi  m '"Molens to the extreme end fk ���������reof.'.a distance;  S ^ff IStti) feet, where he  was  unceremoniously  ^'      umpefl among tho   tailings,sustaining no  fchor damage to "h*ts  corpus   than   a  good  reaching, and. the involuntary gulping, to  is huge disgust, of a few mouthfnls of ta-  ior impure water.  A great deal osf time and. labor has been  cut by the -coffspanies owning creek claims  the vicinity of this townlately. in construct-  g bulkheads, with tlu%iew- of diverting the  aterof the croot^ .the "east side.    The  lamiel of the creek is now hemmed in by  rong breastworks extending ft-om the Chipps  I ,   vjaiin down to the end of the Raby flume, and  HB'proper care is taken te  keep it clear,]  m J������ jbere will be no cause for any farther  appre-  hhe  coxklin's gulch.  " .It is cheering to know that prospects look  brighter on this gulch than they have; done  for som e time. We were inforra ed yesterd ay,  on fe 11 ab I e a k th on ty,' th al th e M o bnlTgh t co..  Bitiiated about half a mile'from' the.mouth of  the gulch, on tbe^ south side,, had struck dirt  that prospected $1 75 to the pan, and had  not reached the bed rock. This is important,  as no gold iu paying quantities has yet been  found thus far up. .- ���������  ��������� The Ericcson co., who have been working  high ground from one of their, old shafts, did  well for the week, having washed up 46 oz.���������  The United co. took out about 18 ounces for  the week.���������The Reed co. washed up for the  week.46������ ounces.;���������The Indian Queen co. are  making about S20 a day to the hand. Al! the  other claims are busy prospecting.  ' ;:A.. "STOUTS GULCH. ���������;'.���������   :  -   '   ��������� ���������   '    ���������  The FIoyd co. have not been ab 1 e to resnm o \  gro'nnd sluicing, and will not, for some time.  .They are occupied io clearing out their flume.;  ---The ; A1 tn ri\s . cq. on 1 y wor ked three d ays ���������  lastweek,-aad;cleaned;up. 132; 6tinces.---.Tcn-.  kins co. are taking put good pay.--Muchp Ore  washed up lor the week 40 ounces*   ��������� .  '' " '' : .���������"���������* "IU. A CK: 'JACK '(JV LCH","        ���������"'.;'  : Annie Walker co. cleaned up!$400 for  week ending 23ru June.���������The Legacy  the  co.  have amaigatcd with this company, for the  purpose of muning a Uinnel.  .  RKOGS  GULOJf."  Ancient Briton co. are finding good prospects in the gravel, but have not reached bed  rock.���������Small'Hope co., two men were at work  on this claim last week, aud.-took put in Ave  days about five . ounces.���������Another company  above this are ground sluicing, and doing  well.  T.OWIIKK GKKKK;  CKDAU CltKKK.  Allthe companies on this creek have got  fairly to work, and a������j taking out more or  less money.  The Aurora co. have finished their flume.  which is 1800 feet in length, two and a-ht/tf  feet in width, and two aud a-halfin depth.  They are beginning to take out pay.���������Discovery co.'s ground is yielding about an ounce a  day to. the hand. .  FORKS OP. QUKSNEL.     ���������  Joe Copland and party were about to start  from this place to prospect Rose/B gulch, situated about three miles above the bridge.  CANADIAN  CRKEK.     . ; .  The Clear Grit co. are. getting indications of  pay, having washed out on Saturday'a little  over two ounces of very coarse gold.���������Miller  co. have not bottomed their shaft yet.  I AST <J1IAN0B CltKKK.    ...  Grey and company are doing extremely  well. | There are a number of Chinamen at  work on this creek, hut it ia difficult to ascertain what they are making.  r   ���������   TELEGRAPHIC.  \A���������  (From the *BrjUshOi>atnbian.?)  Paris, June 12th.--It is reported that Napoleon and Eugenie intend to visit the; Czar in  ���������the"autumn;���������"""'"'" ----'���������������������������"��������� - ���������������������������-���������-    ������������������ j~.���������-*-���������*���������  A proposition for the s?nsiiltaneous reduction of the milittiry establishments of all the  great European powers is much;talked of. Tt  is said to meet a favorable reception in official quarters.  Berlin, June 12th.���������The 'second session of  the North German Parliament wiiLmeei 'in  August, in Berlin..������ '<:. ������������������  , June 15th.���������King William and Bismarck  have arrived in Paris. .'[; "..,'/  ���������: The Czar arrived to-day from Paris.:  The King of Egypt arrived, and raet with  au enthusiastic reception. .    '  ' Pesth, June loth.���������The Government, is preparing measures foT the emancipation of the  Jews of Hungary.-  Madrid, June 12th.���������The Queen. will visit  Paris in July.   . ���������- ��������� ���������: ���������  New York; June 13th.���������English papers . of  Jnne.Ist say;Charles Keau is dangerously ill  with the'heart disease. It is doubtful -if he  ever returns to tbe stage.  London, June 14th.���������The negotiations be-  tweeh; Den mark and Prussia, witli", reference  to Sch 1 eswig, are; coneluded. The resu 11 is  not published.        ; . ":'���������';���������;     :   ���������*.';���������.���������'  Many veterans have left Greece to reinfprce  the Christians of .Candia.. ���������*. ��������� ��������� ' * ��������� ".' ������������������"; ���������  . June 25th.���������The Government Will send  large numbers of troops to Canada.  Dublin June, 14th.���������The preliminary examination of the* Fenians captured took place  to-day. Some have served as officers in the  U ni td d S tate-t army in tl te 1 ate rob el lion. Th e  mob attempted to rescue them while on the]  way to the jail; a fight ensued, in which thirty  policemen were killed. One of the mob was  killed and six wounded by the fire, of the  guard. The attempt to rescue failed. The  Prospects still   continue   very flattering j Fenian Walsh and his companions were con-  cholera is raging in the Brazilian camps on the  river La, Platta. Nearly 400 deaths occurred  in four days. The streets of Buenos Ay re*  were filled with funerals, and the people were  dying in the streets. ��������� Crowds were, rushing [  to the interior.  :," The Captain General of Cuba has issued a  proclamation announcing his intention to. en-, ���������  force a royal decree against the slave trade  and to punish violators.  Portland, June 10th.���������T. J. Holmes (Demo^  crat) has been elected Mayor of this city by a  majority of.49..  . ';-". . . ������������������<���������"���������     ".���������>!  Jitne'20th.���������the funeral of hon.T J. Holmes ":  Mayor and Mayor-elect of this city, took place  to-day, at eleven o'clock, and it is said to  have been tho largest ever witnessed' in'the  State. Mayor Holmes was re-elected on Monday last and died of apoplexy on Tuesday, at. -  10 30 p.m. \ -v     .  New Orleans, June 13th.������������������The Matamoras  Journal of the 17th May, says. that. Mirainou "'  died of fever,   Castilla, Mejia and others have.,  been shot .'  Profound silence is observed'with reference  to the disposal of Maximilian. Chief function-  ares talk both ways. .      ��������� ,;'���������  It is reported that.the city of. Mexico was  ttfken about the end of May. :;  The Impedalist ? paper pronounces  Maxi- .  mi lianas p roclaraation a forgery,   ,. . ' .  Vera  Cruz  was . closely besieged^    The\  iife^ls .w.erejfiruing. heavy.-:acti liery,.:J;.Gani-.^  peachy waa occupied by the Liberals on the  1st       ::"-? :; "':������������������..  .,';.' A'A!. A':A:'"'"r A'  GOUNTY    COURT,  _^^gension of danger to the drain from an  over-  ���������|SP0W-- "    '   .'���������'-       '      ���������   ���������������������������       '���������   ���������'  ^^^^^ ��������� . ���������       ���������  lllllllf Ciikrry Creek Silver   Ore.���������The Cherry  KfJ ^:*5reek company have  ha  had  three samples of  |H I 4)rc assayed at the Government Assay office  ^Bere, anil the result is as follows.:    Specimen  !tl||i'le, gives 1251) oz. of silver, with traces of  ^^���������folcli   Specimen No. 3, from MoWorthy's tuu-  ^^K^l, gives 1(53 oz, of silver,   with ��������� traces   of  ���������ftoW.-B. C. Examiner. ���������      : "..���������  "���������  I^S   Aocidkxt,���������Yesterday  afternoon, George  ^^po^horty, foreman of the Discovery claim,  y|?^on Grouse creek, got hurt-on the back, by  .ggffk������/fclling of a rock from, a high bank, under  ^t'swhieh he was working. We have been uo-  ^^^ble to. learu the nature of the injuries sus-  |lf^Bainetl- Dr- Ccli was sent for. ,.;���������,/ ��������� :  ^^g A m .i ny named Ge o rg e II axel wood, employ-.  feSR-d at Moody & Co.s logging camp, Burrards  ipputet, had one of his legs badly Grushed' by  :J^^������ saw *������������ "������h 17 th inst ,  |4|f Thk Steamer Active was to ��������� sail from San  ^f^rancrcofor Victoria on the 19 th, so that  ^pve nuVj3'expect an eastern mail by -next Ex-  Mi'ress.  ^1 Tub contract for building: tbe new church.  ���������pt New Wostininster hswlieeh awarded to Mr.  ^gT. Trounce. . '.   ..'..���������'���������  ^1 Triw  Express   will in future close  SWcdnesday morning at l) o'clock.  no , developments  the company who  victed.  June   15 th.-  -Several. additional   cases or  on   this   creek,  although  have yet been made by  tapped the channel on'tHe east bank.   During j high treason have been laid before the special  the week, we understand, a large portion of Commission at Limerick,, aud resulted in the  the ground on each side of the company men- conviction of the accused.  turned, has been staked, .off, and no doubt Gainesville, June 12th.���������The land telegraph  prospecting will be at once begun. ijne between this place and Fonta Rosa, to  (BeforeH-. M. Ball, fi.4q.)    ;    ?  ,/ ���������\vv^  Barry it Adler v. W,W; Hill���������Suit for $500  damages claimed for the nonrfulfilment of De^:  feudau t's . contract;. Tried  by  a 'jury, and  judgment rendered for,S150.  ��������� "��������� . w  D. McNeil v.: John Baker���������Suit for SI60,  amount due for labor. Judgment for plain-;  tiftVfor $120 and:cost.7 ���������'���������.-'. :-'   '., ..rV;.  F.: J. Barnard v. Park���������Suit for $40,am6uiit  of promissory note. ; 'Judgment for -plaintifl",'  with'costs.'" ��������� = '.*��������� ���������'���������:'������������������   ���������.- Ar \>':' "    -v.:   i''-:  F.J. Barnard y Park���������Suit for &40, being  .aiho U n t of promissory no te.' J ii dghien t for  plaintiff and costs^ . v . ������������������" .   ';  .:..'.  ;.,W.:.W; Hill v. W. D. Moses.���������Suit for S47,  balance of account for labor.    -Judgment for:  plaintiff for $40.  v-rA/ArA   ��������� ,:.,.'>���������A--'":'y  W. W;Hill vlBarry&Adler.^-Suitfor$287-;  being balance of account for labor.. Judgment  for plaintilf for;$224.      Ar'J;,      ���������>...":./:-. "^  James Burdick v. P. McCabe-^Suit .foiv.S39;'..  being amount of account for sundries,; Judgment for plaintiff wi th, costs.;       .; v  ���������.  every  The Jenny Lind co. are engaged .in clearing  out debris from their tunnel, run in by the  high water.���������Kelly-Patch or Eureka, co. are  setting sluices, and preparing to clean up.���������  Vaughan-Sweetiey co. wilt clean up a portion  of their ground sluice this week.���������Boyle co.  are drifting, but have not washed any yet.���������  Plumbago co. are making from $15 to $20 a  day to the hand.���������Now or-Never co. (tunnel)  have got fairly through the rock, have their  sluices set, and will commence washing to-  (iav,���������Flume co. are working over old ground  and making over wages.���������East Bank co.* are  taking out about $8 and Si) a day to the hand  ���������Moorhead co. are working old ground, and  uiak i ng wages. Sage miller c o. are raak ing  'from $10 to $12 a day to the hand.���������Chittenden go. are making $8 to $10 a day to the  hand,���������First Chance co. have sunk a shaft-  over 80 feet, in which they found good prospects, and are now putting in a pump..; will  be washing- this week.���������Calaveras co. have  completed 200..feet of their tunnel, butwill  have 100 feet to run before they get at pay,  which will occupy them ten days longer.  GROUSE. GREEK.  The news from this creek is unimportant.  The Heron co. have been unable to do much  work this week, on account of the great distance they have to run their dirt, and the sudden pitch of the bed rock into the hill, which  will necessitate their running a.new tunnel,  before the ground can be advantageously  worked. ���������������  1UVIS CREEK.  Three companies are at work on this creek,  who express good hopes of success.  connect at. the latter place with tbe cable  from Havana, has been completed. Tlie entire line, 275 miles, was constructed in ISA  davs. The cable to Cuba will be laid in  July.  New York, June  13th.���������The Pacific Mail  Steamship Co. are  building  three steamers,  two of them'to be called the America and  Japan respectively, and each three  hundred j  and sixty-five feet long.  Boston. June 15th.���������An important test of  the plan for substituting crude petroleum for  coal in steam navigation Iuls been made on  the Government steamer Palos. A rate, of  speed 50 per cent, greater than with coal was  attained and the..: result it is believed will  j create a great revolution in steam navigation.  > Au official report has been received of the  capture of Cam peachy by the liberals.  . Washington. June ISth.���������The trial of Sur-  rat.lias commenced. The court 'roam : is  crowded. Surrat appeared with a pale and  careworn look, but during conversation with  his counsel, laughed heartily. Both sides announced themselves ready for the trial. A  motion was made to quash the jury, because  it was not drawn' according to law.   .    -  Chicago, June 17th.���������The Attorney-General's opinion is published. Military commanders are bound to protect regularly elected  State officials in the enjoyment of their rights,  and are not authorized to destroy those rights  No official, legislative, judicial or executive  can be appointed to office by military right.  The election of their own officers is still left  to the people but right must be preserved.  New York, June 14th.���������The Herald's Ric  Janerio correspondence of May  Fnott Frisk a Lak&���������Mr. Burke, a gentleman connected with -the Collins Telegraph  Company, who wintered at Fraser Lake, some  600 miles in the interior of the mainland,  came down on the last trip of the Enterprise.  He.reports.a severe winter at the lake. During part of the season- the. mercury congealed.  Snow lay to the depth of three or four feet in  the valleys ;��������� aud in the .woods it was live or  six feet deep. Several head of cattle belonging to the Telegraph Company wandered off  during the winter and were lost Some-  twenty head of pack animals belonging to  the Hudson Bay Company, died during the  winter. They were principally worn out by  tbe summer's work. Communication with the  other telegraph stations.was had by means of  snow shoes, and the line was maintained intact during the season. Small game was plentiful and our informant and the other telegraph employees managed to pass the weary -  time comfortably.���������B. Colonist.  Committed for Trial.���������Nikel Paisk, the  Indian who was arrested in Decent her, 1865,  for the murder of Johu Morgan at Soda creek,  and lodged in jail on remand but from which  lie effected his escape in April, 18CC, and was  ���������only recently recaptured, was on Saturday  1 ast b ro tight b efore the magistrate fo r exam-,  inatiou, and committed to take his trial at; the  ensuing assizes.  Steam Coi.ueks,���������Mr* -Nicol, manager of  the Nanaimo Coal Company, goes, to Sau  Francisco by the next steamer. We under-,  stand his mission is one of importance to the  colony, as the company intend establishing a  depot at that place with a view of eventually  establishing a.line of steam colliers between,  Nanaimo and San Fraucisco.���������B; C. Examiner  Owrxo to the crowded state of our advertizing columns, we have been obliged to hold  over our usual article till next issue.  The Express arrived yesterday afternoon,  among the passengers were Messrs. W. Armstrong J. Marks and Mrs. Steele.  The Court of Assize "will be opened thk  morning at ten o'clock-.  Jos Eden, the noted pugilist, is on his way  here. ��������� ';h   .  snHam*������a  I I  th says  Rio  the  BIRTH.���������At Victoria,  of A. W. Fin r, of mwn,  on the 16th Junl.yilty w*fa L&OK ALOFT.  When sorrows snd:doubts ������re<gafheredaround  .tbea, '  Clouds darkly 'obs'ossn-hg thy sky j  ������Look ,al���������fft,dook -beyond, there's a fcreaTcin  tche clouds,  ''Tflall'be-suRshine and joy by-and-by. x  ' t.- ���������  Whenigathering ..gloom, and -when -sickening:  [A .'���������'���������    .fears ���������;'������������������"  .. Bring tears from fay wandering eye,  Xook aloft and -discover the "-bright star of  hope, .-������������������.'  . .-Twill be sunshine andL/joy by*2.n&&y..  ^rbenheaven seems 'distant,or tost from thy'  And calls from thy feoccua =a sigh,:       '-.  <Lo������k aloft, for jbefeald "the bright rainbow is  ���������       ������theife,  ^Wriltbe s-ansbine and.joy !by-an^-by.  TOea ga&ering mists o������f fbe river of death :  A������������e 2immirig;thy hisfcreus eye,  >Lod& aHoft, look 'beyond, there's a oreafcinij  .'.'���������   "the'cl������*i������, r  7TwiS 3>e sanshine arid Joy by-and-by.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  J  IS   P,  TAYLOR,  . Druggist,  BARKERVILLE,  HitS C05?STANTLY *ON HAND A CHOICE BE-  lection of iBawas Jisn Patent Medicines, including tho celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis. (  Alsoa ;great ,*varietAy. of Sarsaparillas, Hair Brasses,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth'Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubiri's Extracts, Hose Water ana. other iPer-  turneries, Garden Seeds, &c., &c.  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1867, and Billiard ������ablo articles.  ���������  P. S.-^Prescriptions carefully compounded.     1-s  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  ;ject 'to tthem���������and the next;morning his bed-  xootst wmdeW; -was ^found/open, *nd -be *was  mhefozg fivsn the Toom. *:About ten ������days a/fter,  ';the %ody <������f a *.;young -man was fousd, face.  ^ow*iiwards, in some shallop .water, and the;  &ocly was at once supposed to be that of 'the'  TOBfortu'na'fce^^ ^oiing man, and on a number of*]  "the ^scholars ;and -the' relatives viewing1 tbei  "body,: *&?y -&M -.Meii^ed. it.vas that of their*  vteachOT -and fvTeniL > 'fte-fe^y m '-drae ������course  Tfras xaterred h$ the relatives,.and-'the snotkeaS  tt������<&: ;possessioH <������l & w&tch; -belonging (to the-  deoeasod, and -wose dt' .til3 ���������her death.   A few  'daysago, some.of the relatives of Turner received ,u letter from ��������� Balla-rat, Australia, afid  wereiv-ia'ai-a little surprised--to fi rid that theirs  reiati-ve^w'hom, tfhew,had' 'believed to^e deati  .a:ad buraed, and whose grave they ;had kept  *)p -ef ex> since, was s(Mt ia-Sye, o>udte well,, and  aa livery coiafertable pc^itim. .:  THE UNDERSIGNT������TD IS NOW PREPARE!* TO  alforU every accommodation to the travelling ;pub.  lie, Mid hopes by a strict attention to 'business, to  merit a share of .tlie.patronage bestowed on the farmer  .proprietors. This is one of the most xomforiable and  commodious Hotels on the Toad, containing BHit does  warm arid well furnished bod rooms with good "beds.  The TABLE as supplied with every delicacy-it is ipos-  sitHe to.procure in the <uppir country. The BAR -is  stocked with the best of Liquors, and the choicest  '"Cigars.  ���������������������������   a^.MEALS*  $1-60- -EACH.-"^  LONDON  HOUSE,  government street, victoria.  ; wholesaleTnd betail.  4. H. TURNER & CO.,  IMPORTERS OT  English fe French Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Tfa-  derolotblng, Gloves, and every descriplion ol  Drapery Goods.  "Receive regnlar supplies by Express via Panama and  "by sailing vessels via Cape "Hora.  &$- Particular attention givon to all orders.  London Firm���������J. P. Tunstali & Co. 1-s  ESTABLISHED 1858.  ; fixTRAORnrsARY.. Story; ,.of >.... tetD Ma^,���������  The folio wing curious incident has f. just come  ������������������to. lig&t;^ About  twenty-oire greats   ago,  a ts v.,..,..        n(,  .. jp<rai&g* "man named Td-raer; was living, at a- .per diy^$2^*%0ats^iRd K;n5<?  .-.  ���������; targe-kcademy at Asaershara, .Buck^'fitliag'H^te^-"   :��������� .--^lie- -positioa- of - ^efteher/^Hanguages;- ;Oire .-���������������^^������^^g-������p^^s-;������-*^g  ^evening be mm seized with a fit, "he beirig sub  The stabling for Horses Is nil'that 'could be desired,  and Che charges are vert'- moderate.   Hay for. Horses  rriey at the-cheapest market  on hrand, i*or-sale <hx large or small quantities. ���������.  a-s  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  VICTORIA SEED STORE  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises -with a large  and well assorted Stock  ��������� OF ���������  AND FLOWER SEEDS. .   .  The business of the late .frrmof.Jay & Co., Fort St.,  and Springfield Nursery, will be carried on by them  in all its branches.  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreen and Deciduous  Shrubs, Bulbs and F!owcTiag>"taU_of every descrip-  *?i07i:*���������'" ��������� :'���������.' " *"' : 1-fs  ROADSIDE ADYERTISEMENTS.  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON  CITY, B. C,  TSegs to inform the public generally that he has  STABLE & ���������OBilL ACCOMODATION  On his premises for upwards or 200 Horsee,  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  "GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE,  TERMS   3I0DERATE. x's  a e. rombrotT^  . BOSTON BAR, B. C,  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES ATSJD PROVISIONS  LTQ00RS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, ta   \R '  The Bonaparte House,  SEMLEN "&' PARKE, Proprietors, *t ihe  ."Junction of the -Cariboo and Big Bend Koads, is  now open for the accommodation of tho publkx Bjs.  tancc from Clin ton, 20 miles; from Savanas Steamboat  Liudlni?. 22 rrrilcs; from Spencers Brid^o ,% mfics.  Travellers will llnd.prices and accommodations to suu  tho times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & "Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave "here regularly for  yale, and Cariboo  regularly for  U  OUR   COFFEE.  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  ���������CHEMIST.  ^^TO^DER PURSKnTJ5*D' IN A VyOCK POR 150  TfBABa^A reip.arkab le instance of the uhde-  i '.cayable.' ��������� -fiatn^'. <jf.. %mx.powder; las been'������������������  -Jbroughft io i*$$t'm 'tSJei^aara^s n'eTet'Be other  ��������� ;<&ay. On the estate of Ballachiflisn thei-e are  *wo vema of^ elate -the^ we������t ^heiTig thei .-first;  <j^eaed, >bnt it was ceased -about 100 years  since. Mr. PItcaim, the lessee/^egan flee old  ^arry ������, -few years -since, and'tin? .other day  the "Bwjn ncarae-Tapon an ������eld Wore; with a wool-'  /ten rag in its aioiaQs, Tfce wjricm&n ate i ri-  ^ereste^' i-a every- fragment of antique remains  and they searched the *bore, and fo������.nd4hat*it:  ���������'coafcaihed -powder, which, vben. ferougbt out.!  and exiposed to dry, teo^k fire like any ether  ���������powder.;_ It is now believed that .tbe  part:of  .the quarry where these remains 'were found,;  gias not been: worked for tbe last T&Q years.���������';  O^'aa-TMBes* '- ������������������'���������  ��������� ���������"*;���������'������������������        ��������� ��������� -���������     :   ';'  AS FOB SALE, and constantly on "hand,  ��������� a well assorted Stock ofTDrugs, all tno Chemicals  used -by Physicians, Photographers, Assayers and  Mechanics.   Also the popular iPatont; Mcdlcraes, and  Druggists'sundries.  Retorts, Crucihlea, Muffles, -Cupels, Ingot Motflds,  -eto^-etc . . ���������  .  cp������ESC3anpTio.-9s ijxmxftjLtz ^jspakro.   ��������� .,./   "  R W. FOSTER,  mal    -' Chemist  WE   AfiEP'OHWARBIN-G   A  , Packed in Tins of from  each... v.���������������������������'"''���������.  1-s  two to twenty-five pounds  WILSON ������������������& MURRAY,  Forr. titroift, Victoria'.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN   DOUG-LAS, Successor to A. C.  WE1XS, SaudlexxdHabxhss Maker, Yale,. B. C.  j^r. A complete assortment of Stock <coEstantly on  bandi::.--'���������:' .   ���������        .' . *. i-S  HvrnY Wrr.���������A ^buffoon, havixrg .offended*  bis sovereign,-the monarch ordered hhn to fee  %rovight-before 'him, and with a stern counte  aiance Toppoached him with his^rime.   ���������  A4* Wretch 5? -sisdd he, - receive tlie. p*ahish-  8!������3*at.you merit ���������; prepare *fer death i!"  The culprit fell <m ^his knees a,nd cried for  '^aei^cy.     .*���������'������������������ :���������;.'.,  ^ I wRl extend po.* otter mercy': to you,?? rer  jfvlied "the Prince, *S except permitting you to  choose wfcat kind of death you will die ; decide immediately, for I will be o'beyed.''  * 1 adore yoar clemency," said the iellow,  ** I choose *4o dae of old age,7'  e as,:;:  Frokt Street,; Yat.*e, \% G.f  I^EGSTO A17NOTJVCE to thpinhabStaTitS'Of Cariboo  > that he intends to forward (as socra as the state of  the Roads win permit),- a "largo and well assorted  stock of CoOKLVG Stoves, w3nch ho will dispose of at  PRICPS'TO Sorr thb'Timbs.  Yale, "8th Aprfi,Q867.  . " 1  0mM M FORWAIDISG.  FIRBPKOOF WAREHOUSE!  P*A"RTJ*KS DESIROUS of shipping freight Wxrii B-m-  i������atcr, will SndMt to their ad-vantage by, giving us  a call beloro engaging olsewhere.  . . ALWA7 & BAILEY.  Yale, April $th, 1867. *��������� 1-s  THOS. WILSOM &GO,  B1PORTEES OF ENGLISH MERCKAMZE:  "Wholesale and Retail,  DEALERS IWDBY GOODS, AC,  Masonic Hall Government St/reet Victoria,   is  WHILE OS DEEP C1EEK HODSE,  TS. OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THK  1 Travellinc .public; the bedrooms are spacious aed  a*rry and tho "Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  andcomfort by any in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the. best.of victuals. ; Stabling^  for.Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  W. H. Sutton, ,  DEALER IN Wines, Liquors and Cigars'CoalOiL'  Coal Oil Lamps, &c.,  AGENT FOR BUNSTEIUS ALB !  In* Bbls. andhaafBbls.  Ya4e, April 18th, 1867. 1-g  s."j;:c. seedy,:  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGENT,  WnX  PAY'PARTICULAR   ATTKNTTON'  TO ^Selecting, purchasing, or forwardvDg -Goods for the  upper country..  Any commission onti*usted to his care,  will receive  prompt attention. ,    .  References i-^V". A. Meaoham, E. A, TlrADKAMs,"T.  Hariper, J;J. Br a say.  Victoria, April, 1-867. 1  HOTEL DE FRANCE/ j  Goturnment-Strext, Victoria, 5". I. . !  THE BEST3LTJRANT is supplied with an the',  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping aoeomu-f  daiion is rep'lr.vte '.with evoTy comfort. "The "bust of.  "Wines, Liquors and Cigar?.  1-8 J. RTGNK & 'CO., 'Pro^n-Iotors.  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  iGovernment,Street, opposite tlie Theatre.  CANDIES of every description manufaceured and:  sold, "\Vholesale and Retail. i_s  COLD    SPRING   HOUSE  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnelmouth.  The proprietors having lately fitted up. !>*���������(!rooms  and good "Beds are now prepared to afford evo'ry accmn-  mod a tion for Travellers )��������� the Table is furnished with nfl  the luxuries that -can be procured ; the Bur is well supplied with the best,"brands of Liquors and Sep;>rs; jr<w������'!  Stablinc, Hay, Oa es an<i Bar!ey. " j^j- The CHRArKiT  House'on'the Road. 1-s  10CHXOIAND OR 74-IILE HOUSE.  -mms-<*TLT> AVD WELL KNOWN H0U.SE has been Te.  I eenlly opened by the nmlerxiirnod, who ������-jH make  it his constant study by nsinji ev.-ry em favour \h acco-  m<Kdat"^ the traveling public, fo desen'e a ?haro of tlw  patronage Inrstoweil on the former occupants.  /^r Tiie B������r o'������nii������ins':iot.hine battbo very "best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   "Givi- him ;������ call     "  Is RinVAM)    TROFATTKK  coL-oisriAL hotel;  soda cbekk:. -n  HF^?RY GREKNBAUM, -WHOLESALE LTQUOR  Store,-tinp<irU-rof Fine Mkkssohaum Hi^ks, Stems  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco. Johnson street, Victoria, y.JL J.e  OREAT RRPUCTION bits been inadoin tlifcharge*  AA. at this estal>li$hmonl,'fco as to >isit tho Utars'.  Meafls,$l; GBeds, 75 Cents.   .  McLKKSK ������t SEN'&Y.  Proprietors,  'May M.   18*57. 1-s  122 MILE HOUSE,  LAKE "LA -HACHE.  T.  F. WALTERS, formerly of the 94 Milk Housk,  having purohtisod this "Ranch, is now prepured  to accomodate the t n vol I ng public with GOOD MEALS  and BKDS at moderate Talus. tf>  Storage and Forwarding!  YALE, B. C.  -THE - YsSLE-LYr.'  A story as Md ������of a young raaa in Free-  pert, Ill.,wbo l>tftiig crossed an love, attempted  to commit suicide lately, %y taking a dose of  yeast powders. He immediately rose above  iris fcm&les.  Jy-������ ftsA������ON."~Mrs; Partington says ^because  xi������ncms: ^irls are stars, it is mo reason' why  ;ib������y-6D<mud be regarded as "heavenly "bodies.  PARTIES SmPPIXG'GO.O'DS-BY  Tex Rotrse., are advised that  'KIMB'AXJ, k rSLAWWIN"  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and T)ock at  Yale, and are prepared to "Receive, Store, and'Forward  Goods,   ^oods re -packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Ratjf:s. "  a������artics shipping goods through tis will please mark  to the care of.  -1 s KIMBALL k GLARWIN.  JULES RUEFF, CoMraseio.v Mrrchant,  Rwal  Hotel Building, Wbarf street Victoria, V. I.    l-.s  DCLEAL'S COFFEK n<WHE AND BK>TAimAXT,  . Government Street, Victoria, V. T. This is the  cheapest, most comfortable, and best attended Estab-  li.shroent inthc City  Tlie BAR is always supplied with  the choicest of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars. j.g  BLUE    TENT.  ��������� ���������OR ���������  127   MI  L  DAILY and WEEKLY   il BRITISH OOLOMST.  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE.������'    Orders for maii-  ���������iug either the Daily or Weekly issues ol" the above to"  any .part of Europe, theTmitod States, Canada, A us tra-  -Iia,.&c., left at this office or sent lo Victojia will be  attended to.    Terms in advance.     Wkbki.y   12mos  with Postage, $7 50 ;  ������rnos. do., $4 75.     Daily, 12 I  mos do., $23.-; 6mos do., $12 50. .  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  g ___������   MALLANDAHvE, COLLECTOK AX������ -GKNERAL  AGEISfT, <5overameat tStreet, Victoria, V, I.   1-s 4  ������ FRANKEL, Victoria, V. L, Dealer-in'-FwiS,  1%^ -Skins, "Eiber, W^pj,, &c Liberal advances made  vm Furs consigned. Referenco���������G, "Sutro & Go., liein-  feart Bros.. Victoria, V. I. l-g  fi   SUTRO & CO  K<'rn  lMPOJLT������&&   AND  ���������affAfiS, TOBACCO, Mcarsluuan P^es. &o  <?riof Ya tes a^td Wharf stree t, Victw^a  BeAT/EBS in  S E  s  IM-  'jfrWGi&G, LEE &-CO., Commission Mkbchasts,  *3t. ?o&aBBS, and JSeal^rs iu Chinese^Goods. Victoria,  W, X.., 2f^3o,  L&Ilooet, ^uesne-hnoutli,   and VVilliauas  <*rcek. ' , 1-s  5?    WATSON, Watchmaker,  Jeweler    SN.  S>'������ and .2/Hgraver, Government street, r.exttfyju  rrBK TJKDEDSIGNED HAVING- PURCHASED THIS  1 desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the trnvellinp public. Tbe table is supplied with  the very best ol viands. "/The bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could bo desired, and the BA-ft contains nothing but the best brands ol* LIQUORS and  CIGARS,  A good stock of "Oram and Hay always on hand.  3rd May, 1867. $ W. WRIGHT.  A. BULER & CO.'S  CHEAP Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clotlrincr bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches  Guns. Pistols, <fcc , for sale. '  tt������- Govcrument street opposite tbe Theatre.   1 -s  f-HE \U-VDERSrGNED begs to inform the miners and  residents in. & abound Van Winkh* that he will In ru-,  tare !-������'Ap an assorted amLGOOJ) UTOCK ou hand, ah������;  hopes by close attention to business, and by selling;  at LOWER RATKSthan heretolorc, to meet* the .pa-/  tronage of all.  OrdOTS from outlaying creeks accompanied -with tlie  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.    .  '������������������    tfijr Tarros CASH, without distinction.  l-������ . ' ������������������ ���������        ' & W, tIKDUAKD.  CASAMAYOU bei*s leave to state that he  . has removed his stock of Goods consisting of Oro-  ���������CKms, fcc��������� from Wharf street to the Kriok Building  c!!?������SIrftt' fining Cowpcr'sfcuot Store, opposite Wells, Fargo k Co. ,  He will sell his "Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  ates, for cash. -y g  THE ASHCROFT HOUSE  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  .AT THIS WFXT, KNOWN HOUSE, half-wiy bntwees  IX S|Jt?nce's Rridge and Clinton, on the Yale Rautc.  Travellers will find Good Aocommodaticm..   The best of _  living, of Liquor.?, and bf.Wincs     Fresh Butler, Mflk  and Vegetables.  'Good Stabling and cheap (oeil.    I-5  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  rpHIS HOTRL IS LARGE AXD tTKLL Vmtil> tff  ������ for the comfort of travelers; the Table <js supplied  with the best of everything that can be-procun!, and  the cooking'is not inlvribrtoanv on t"ier������������ad:; bedrooms  for familji������- Blabling-   Hay. Barlevand Oats.  JKHrTltc iraH to Ocdar and Horso-^ly Creeks leaves  the Wagon Road at this place.  1-s W.M. HENKERS0K.  rati;  Tl/ ILLIAH ZELNER, dealer in Drwsb, Mkdi-  T y causa and Cuemicai^s, Fancy ar.d Toilet Articles,  Sponges, ������rushes, Perfumery, fee Physicians' Pre-  scpyMons-carctolly compounded and orders answered  wJ 1 h -care and ������h.spat ch.   Vic tori a, V. I. i.s  Free Port for Ever !  WB THE UNDERSIGNED   TAKE   pleasure in anil    neuncing to our numerous   customers and   the  public, that we will supply them with the best French  Lkathbr Boots (duty tret) over olfurcd in B. C.  .CQTAtourold Stand, Government St., Victoria, VI  *** .������aAWTr*ttUTLEB,  36 mii.e ro&T,  BETWEEN YA^LB AND LYTTON, B. C.  TRAVELLERS w������l:find every accommodation at this  . Hotel.   ������KcellenfCooking.   GOOD BKDS.  STABLING FOR TIORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Bates.  B00THROVD   BRO'S,  *    l-R proprieters.  BOSTON    BAR  International   Hotel.  THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE 1������ *nr,w ^Pon for. *?������*  vellers.    The Tables is supplied as formerly *ltu  the host tho market affords, and the Cooking can not  be excelled.    The Bar Is stocked with tho linest U  QuoRH and Cigars.   GOOD BEDS,  . -WILLIAM CHARTERS  1* ������ lU^prietpr,  Ni


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