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 M  sss  Vol.10.  Barkerville, V^illiamf^re^k, 3.G., Saturday, Jam 28, 1871.  .N!o;,13  THIGAMB0G SEKTINEE  Published every Saturday by  ;E'6 B ER1   ;HOL LOW AY.  . Subscription, - r-  6 0 Cents pier Wee*k.  : ' RATES OF ADVERTISING.  ...  ;^For one sq^naro (one inch), first insertion, ,-*.  $3  .",.,. ';���������-.." ... ��������� -, ;���������. ��������� one month,. -,.-������������������ ���������'.'  &  . For two squares, first.insertion,' ��������� -   v A\):">-$A\  one month, ���������.:.'-.'.-.������   -���������",���������������.    8"!��������� ���������  a,  :xc  Agents for:>.the,"Cariboo-.Sis'xLtLQeL9^  ���������^ Van Winkle,- :.., ���������.,������-    -  kQiiesn el mouth, }.--- .-:>-,������ ^:..-H;;  ���������-������������������Soda Creek, .. -'���������,,���������.-- ;-.;-. >,.:>  ���������Clinton,  '.-.���������'���������" '-.\ -. - . ,.? .'-������������������������������������  "Yale,.- - . - - / -. Mr.vEvani,  ;,ifow .Westminster .'���������>'���������;:"-' ���������'. .">  ���������victoria,  -.. ;:Vi -��������� - > ������������������.'  :.;i/:'P.';Fi3li6r>i:      .-'    *  ; '3.  \ H u dson ��������� &--tfene % % -r .<.. ��������� r *. >:.  Mr J. W..Liaabart   .i ;.,  -.-^^^Barnaril's Express-  AA-- i* Barnar d ? s Express"  Barnard's Express  do--"- ���������������' ���������"'��������� "''do' ���������;  A-   Clarkson & CO.  -;,     John Collcus  -������'���������   San Francisco  ������:���������-.���������������������������-   New-Teik.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  :������������  Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  :  Balls bdii Theatnodl:Entertainment :;���������;_..  ^^Eiecuted with neatness and dispatefe.������jfgf  Terras *mo derate.  SPECIAL TO 'THE'CJRIBO'O; SENTINEL.  ,   A 'Berlin, Jan. 13; .  '���������Count Bismark is preparing a circular ahow-  incr >that������ the abundant rind unprecedented  vjctif&ling of Paris at.the very time af the refusal *of Germany's most liberal proposals for  an armistice, fully prove  that th* French  ��������� .leaders never seriously contemplated entering  * into negotiations looking to peace.  ���������Montfort/Jan. 12....  The Grand Duke of Mecklenburg telegraphs  - to his wife as follows:   After a severe-eri-  gngemerit we reached the river near Savi������le  "Le (Venue, ^vett"'Wiies::fco?lhea$t of Letnans,  v-with small loss, taking'1000 prisoners.  IiOn'don,JJ"an. 14. -  ���������" The French Foreign"*Office have - protested  ��������� n^ain������t-'.the bombardment of,?Paris. ��������� on the  grounds that war -was  commenced  without  ��������� -the formal notification' required by the usages  ������������������' of civilization.   .  I/pndon, .Tan. 15.  Restoration ofi the : Regency and .the-old  iLe^inlative Assembly mucli talked about.  It  is said the restoration con torn plates a close  -alliance with Prussia.  London, Jan. 15.  Tho Herald's special says Prince do 'Join-  ��������� vi 11 o has j ust totu rued1 from Franee' lie went  ���������to Chanoey's'Rrmy and requested a command*  ���������Chaucey welcomed him, but Gambelta or*  rderod the Prince tc'leave the country immediately. The Prince refused to leave, ex-  ���������pressing bis "willingness to serve as a'private,  %ut Gambetla ordered Chansey to send him  to Bordeaux, under* $uard������ unless ihe- .obeyed  his orders to leave the country. De'Joinvil.le  seeing the dilftcul opposition in which his refusal to leave placed Chaucey, and to show  his appreciation of the friendly treatment fee  had received from the Genera!, left and returned to England.  The Duke de Cliartres is now in France un.  der an assumed name.  .Lissot, the French Charge d7Affairs in London, together with several leading Xmj������$&il-  ���������ists, have joined the Oileajmtir, g*  . London, 13th.  '��������� Lernana war taken, and is now occupied by  the 2d and 10th Army Corps. There was  fighting ;yesterday in the streets. . To-day ihe  town is quiet. Chanoey and Gambetta retreated towards Augers, pursued by the Grand  Duke of Mecklenburg. The Prussians captured 13<guns, two Hags and 19,000 prisoners-  ;���������;;. "'A'"'-: V::Tersaille|,v.lSth.' _  ThePruasian fire is slacfesning; The French  reply continually, ;���������;;: .-.//���������__. '������������������ AA'A'a. ��������� ���������.  The 2<1 Array Corps took 1600 of Chaueeyrs  1bicwi?riBon^ '  '���������' -\:, ��������� ���������' Laval,15tk  c^S^^ in excellent  order. Tho Corps of Many������ and Lieyery  'hav������ orosoed the river, Safiche on Thursday,  fighting all the tim������ with Mecklenburg's army;'  Despatches from Bpurbaki report that *he  French cirried the villages of Ouets rand Si.  Marie. Also that .'his troops are.; gaining  ground.   Dijon, Cfraylure and ;Temul have  been rtoccupied., ;-'*  y .;���������':'.-.'. ���������';.  Havre, 14th.".-'  Tho'Frussians at Dieppe have exacted a  reqmsili6n of ,50,000 francs.. . .  ; T he French f 6 r ce op era jii ng 1 a the fi el d' for  theaeferfcer o f' Hay're had an encounter with:  the enemy at Jo urn ��������� ill e, at the end -of which  they retired ingoed order. ���������/ '-*.'���������  ��������� yB��������� :���������'���������-" .'London, 1Mb. \\  . A treaty between Russia. Prussia and the  French Emperor is talked "of*, based on the  -.following terms :~-lstp Mo deration ; of'-. Comr  mercial Treaty of: I860; 2d, Oriental qnee^  tion toTb'e;henceforth regarded as a secondary  matter by Franee ] 3d, That portion o f Bel-  ginm known as French 'Flanders te be annexed to France in lieu of Alsace an'd Lorraine, and -Luxembourg to be annexed to  Prussia. This latter proposition,,. it' is supposed,'will satisfy Vbe amor patrisb of France  a������d reconcile the people to regtbration.  >     'London, loth.  'The Observer says no information was received last night relating to the departure of  Favro from, Paris.   The Government of Bordeaux are anxions'that F.avre shortld attend  the Conference, bn t not knowing his wishes,  does not feel at liberty, to appoint a rep re-  sen tati v.tr.'" Cn rjis I de ri .i 11 g -.the i m p o r ta nee o f the  settlement of the Eastern queaiiod,' ftif^j^^  ; adjourn mentis impossible.  Fardberbe is 'daily receiving reinforcements and ..advancing.: He encamped on  Sunday at Albert?anpported on the right.by  Paulso and: Devery, and on 'the left by Favro^ division.   Kobin's remains at Bavarre.  New York, lfith..'  Dispaiblies from" Versailles -say" Prince Frederick Charles announces that Chaucey:s army  is broken up and re treat rngMn three directions. Twenty thousand prisoners taken. .The  bftltle^was a great victory for the Prussians  aud a crushing defeat for the French.  THE -PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE.  TTIH KAVKJATION 01^ Till? ST. lAWRKNCIE,  i Anticipating that an attempt may. possibly  be made'-by the Canadian authorities in the  coming season to������������������repeattheir unneighborly.  act toward our'fishermen, I recommcud you  to confer upon the Executive the power to  suspend,-'by proclamation, the operation of  the laws authorising the transit of goods.  wares and merehandtse, in bo nd,' across the  territory of.the United States to Canada - and  further, should simh an extreme measure be  necessary, to suspend tbe operation of.{ any  laws whereby the vessels of the Dominion of  Canada are permitted to enter tbe waters of  the United States.  : Alike unfriendly disposition has been manifested on the part of Canad it in the mainten-  auti*3 of a cluim of the right? to exclude the  citizens of the -.United.States from the navigar  tion of,the St..Lawrence.   This river consti:  tutea a natural outlet to the ocean for eight  bHates, with an aggregate population of 17;-  600,000 inhabitants, and with an aggregate  tonnage of  661,367 tons upon the  waters  which discharge into it.   The foreign commerce of their porta on these waters is open  -to D.ritiah competition, and the major part of  ifc: ia a1 one in British bottoms. ;'-;'��������� ���������*','���������';  -If; American seamen be excluded from the  natural avenue to the oceanj the monopoly of  the dfrect commerce of the" Lake ports with  ���������thei Atlantic would be in foreign'hands? their  vessels on t*rahsatlantic voyages having an  access to our lJ������ke ports, which'��������� wouldvbe-denied to Am ericon vessels on similar voyages.  To state aue*h a proposition is to refutev its  justice.v During Kbo:administration of John  Qnincy Adamsi; Sir Clay unquestionably* demonstrated the natural right of the citizens of  the United States to the iriavigatlori -of this  riverd claimingithe act of the Congress of Vienna; upon the KhiBe an<$ 6ther,river3, and all  natiops to; have the :judgnien t of Eiirop������an  jurists and statesmen, that tbe inhabitanta, of;  a country through ^whSefr^nHv^^l^nvec,  passes have a natural tfigfifc to enjoy the navi-  gatiou of that river to and into the sea, even  though passiag: through the ^territory of an:  other power.��������� Aif"'''''AA-::]-:'",";*���������"'';. .''������������������..':., ;>���������  This right)does not.vexe'liide ��������� the coequal  right;6f the sovereign Of passihg the territory  through .which,the river, "debbuobes into the  sea, t^; make siicli/Teguia&onav^intiYo'to tbe  policy of the navigation j as ina^y be reasonably necessary, but th6se regulatioris should  be framed'in'a liberal spirit of comity, and  "should impose no needless burdens upoa.the.  commerce which; has the right of transit. It  has been found in practice more advantage-;  ous to arrange vlhose regulations %-y inatu al  agreement. The United States are ready* to  make any reasonable arrangement as to, the  practice*of the St. Lawrence, which may be  suggested? by Great Britain. If the claim  made by Mr Clay was just when the popula-  * tion o f the States bordering- on the shores of  the*lakes was only 3,400 000. It now, derives  greater notice and equity from the an.creased-  population,, v/ealth, production and tonnage  <)':th e States o u th e Canadian fro ri tier. .  domain, in wliicb tbe Mississippi took its rise,  she insisted on this right to navigate the en-  ti v e vol n ra e o f i ts water. O "the grou nd tb at  she .possesses'both "banks of the St. Lawrence  where it disembogues itself into the sea, she  denies the United States the right of navigation through about one-half of the waters of  Lakes Ontario, Huron and Superior, and the  whole of Lake Michigan, through which the  river flows, though they are the property of  the :U i ii tedStates.  The whole nation is interested in securing  cheap transportation from the agricultural  States of the West to the Atlantic seaboard.  To the citizens of the States it secures a  greater return for the produce of the lauds  tilled by them.  Since Mr. Clay advanced his argument in  b ehaI f o f ou r righ t, the p rin cipie for whith  he contended has been frequently and by  various nations recognized by law or by treaty, and has been extended. to sever?.! other  great rivers. By the treaty concluded at  May-ence in 1832, the Rhine was declared  free, from t-be point where it is first navigable, into the sea; by the-convention between  Spain and Portugal, concluded in 1885, the  the navigation of-tho &iiro, throughout Us  whole extent, wrs mads free for the subjects  of both crowns; in 1853. the Argentine Con-  federation, bs tre^y, threw open ilia free  navigation of the Parano and the Uraguay to;  the merchant-vessels of all nations; in 1856.  the yiernean was. closed by a treaty, which  provided for the free navigation of the Danube; in 1858, Bolivia, by treaty, declared it  regarded the rivers Amazon and Laplatta* in  accordance with fixed principles of-international law, as higbgways or channels opened,  by Nature for the commerce of all nations;  la 1859, the Paraguay was made free by treaty, and in December, 1866' the Eknperbr of  Brazil, by imperial decree, declared the, Amazon to be open, to all the frontier of Brazil'f  to the merchant ships of airDations;   ji  ;Tlae^greatestliving -British^ ��������� autbonties oik:  this subject^ while asserting the arbitrary^  right of the British 'claim'; says itc seems ^iMi  cult to deny that Great - Bri tain iriay groimcl  her refusal upon ajirict law; but it is equally  :diffic'nlfc to deny, first,-that in so dpiog she oker-  cises harshly;-an extreme and hard law ;��������� secondly, lhatjber conduct with respect to th������  navigation of the St; Lawrence is in -glaring:  and discreditable incohaistehey with hsr conduct with respect to the navigation of the  MississippL:';;.���������;���������        A;A    -J-'-:-]i r-iA ���������';."'���������''A- A;- ���������;.. -'.  /It is hoped the Government of Great Britai a  will see the justice of abandoning the narrow  and ineonsistent claim to whic^ her Canadian:  provinces hivaurged her adherence;i- \ ���������  BUSINESS1 NOTICE.  fain is supposed to he the lot of ns poor mortals;  as inevitable as.-'death itstjlf and Hahle at any time to  come upon us. Therefore it is important that remedial agents should bo at hanit.to.be used .oh- anoriior-  goncy, when, the scmiaai principle lodged in the system shall develop itself, unci we feel the'escrucisittng-  agonies of pain, or tho depressjng influence of disen'se.  Such a remedial agent exists in the Yxik Kii.Lss,  whose fame has made the circuit of; th������ globe. Ami it  tho eternal ices of the Polar regions or . beneath fcha  intolerable anfLbumini< sun of tho tropics, its virtues  aro known and, appreciated;" Under-all latitudes,  from one extreme te the other, sufi'ering humanity  has found relief from many or its ills by Its us������. Tins  wide aud broad area over which this medicine^ haa  spread, attests its value and potency. From a small  beginning, the Pain Killer tins pushed steadily along,  making its own-highway.-solely-by its virtues.  Such unexampled success and popularity has  brought others into the field, who hare attempted,  under similarity of name, to usurp the confidence ot  tho p'eoplo and turn'it to their own sclushness awl  dishonesty, but their-cffort.3 have proved frmtlesu,  while the Vain Killer is still growing in public far or.  ja71m  Miners' Broirision Store  BARKBRYILLEr      k  Next-Door to Sentinel Offios,  T this Establishment wiilalwaysh6found a wol  soleotoduudvariodassortmentolthe  FRESHEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  IN CARIBOO.  \LS0���������A rood selection ofClo'thi nj?, Hardware, Oiaaa  andCrockory. Bestbi-ind? of Tobacco,  MofiicineSjOtc.jOtc.  Best Java Coffee Koasted and Ground DAILY.  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATH  ThcI^ATt isfully supplied with thechoicest  jf avail a Cigars, Wines and Lienors.  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TO ADVBBTISERS.  ,; All advertisements (not inserted for any definite  tperlod) will be continued until ordered out, and  ma barged for accordingly, . ���������-,  ?      ' ���������      "1j._ A'l "��������� ..'    .'   "v���������Tag  gr*  ���������ROAD STEAMERS.  ,; .We are Imppy to ������ee that our suggestions  . .'vegarding Iload Steamers are already-asaum-  :.,-%ng.a -praciicftl-.afaape, as will be seen.��������� from  4be petition to his Excellency the Governor^  * copy of which will be found in another  <cokinn, and which .has ibeoa   numerously  .njgned already- .... ' -,..'���������  So far rb we can learn, a responsible company has been formed in Victoria wbo 'ask  the exclusive privilege of using road steamers  ������������n the colonial roads for three years;  and  'We are informed, that the Company is pre-  . pared .to commence running- next June with  .Tight and heavy engines, calculated to convey  Sight freight-and passengers* from Vale to  Barlcervtlte m about four days, and heavy  wight in about ten.  If th'is'he so, we.shoiild  certainly be in favor of granting the Company  .   smtne privileges, but at the same time we  .^should exact from them some guarantee in  veturn that tbey will run regularly to the  ���������   'preset!fcteftriiona of the road at BarkerviHe,  e&nJl also.-tbat: they will not-raise the price of  .   .'freight'or passage above a certain fixed rate,  whioh  they might feel disposed to do should  ������������������"ihey succeed in the first:year it superseding  *ho present wagons, and -thus obtaining a  ���������-uuohopoly of the traffic.  We feel assured.fiiat:an unaerfaftlDg of this  ^character would if properly carried out be of  great benefit to  Cariboo and Omineea, and  trust to see it in successful' operation this  summer; but until.we receive full; details of  ��������� the propositions made, and concessions asked.  by .the present Company, we can only echo  Ibe prayer of tbe petition; that his Excellency  ��������� . ;:Will give the ���������ftubjjec.tihia most serious*cpnsids  --.-eralion*- ���������������������������;���������-r~������--A-���������.- - ,-.-��������������������������� -������������������---������������������'���������-*- ������^^  A^^^^AA'ti ��������� ���������"'  :    &b:"������������������ winter'.wSars ,away au &;:the ensuiug  ^regular mining season draws nearer, we may  ;"-[he! excusedto; indulge in a little speculation  -48 . to tbe ; m ining ^prospectsof the district  ..   vYear after .year, it has 'been the custom of'  ^croakers "to say i,hafc -Garibo o "was; al most  ..'.-���������" pJ ayed ou t,V anolber' year.at farthest w o u 1 d  finish its career as a mining region, the fine  '  ' Vbttfidihgs which credulous fools had erected  i n Barkery ilie ��������� won I d b e 1 cf t io mouIder and  ���������decay, the mountain peaks to resume their,  ���������ancient dreary solitude, undisturbed by the  - toead<ofiventurous prospectors, and the creeks  sparkling kit heir former .crystal purity gaily  .-dancing o'er the pebbles--o.Mheir way to the  'mighty ocean gladly sing their ceaseless re-1  <?11 iein o f rej o ic ing at- b ein $>cn ce. more freett  from tbe pick and shovel's vile pollution. Bui  ftpi Le of all these gloomy forebodings. Cariboo  lives still:;  her treasures have not yet been  sill rifled by the persevering miner;   and  ihorigh -the yield of the precious metal is noi  now so great as in her palmy days; we are  r& ahgtii no th at th ere will y e t b e tn o re go I'd  -taken out annually in the district than at any  period ihitherto.  It is :pro b able th a t  during  the  core log  reason a considerable number of men  will  cleave Cariboo for Omineca : but that will be  no permanent injury.   The interests of the  two  sections are. identical;   and with improved means of communication, there wall  ���������fee a constant influx and reflux of .prospectors.  New creeks will be tried from time to time,  and we see no veasbn to do u b t h u t -th afc in the  course of a few years a continuous lead will  be traced .from William creek to German sen  areel?.   For >&e present year, however, there  wi 1 Ibe a tuple work fo r th 05 e w h 0 re m a i 0 i n I  'Cariboo 1 and jf tee aaticipaliensi'formed con  cerning certain localities should reach anything, like realization., many of those leaving  for the Northern gold fields will soon be attracted iackvto their old hauats:  ���������>For the satisfaction of those, aita distance  who may ho.I be as well acquainted with our  resources' as; thoBe residing oti the spot, we  will refer to a few of the localities which are  certain to: be worked nextvsummer.  Flr^l,  ^Villiam Creek/the inexhaustible, will afford  profitable employment to������a large number of  men.    The hydraulic  and   ground-sluicing  claims above llichfield, which can only be  worked in summer, will.as usual be worked  as inuch aspoBsible during the short available  season ; and as the Bedrock Flume is advanced up the,creek, new opportunities'-willoffer  for prospecting.   The various old claims from'  Richfield to the Canyon, will still yield small  pay to a number of Chinamen;; while below,  the deep diggings from the canyon down willi  if the Bedrock drain is kept in good order, be  all worked more, or?less constantly.   Further  down, the Ballarafc co. will have an opporiu-  nity for the first time of working to advantage the large, tract of/ground;; which their  cost!ydrain has rendered ayai 1 able, and which  their experience has; demonatrated   to bW  rich.; >The;F6rest---Ro.se 'and St George, in:the  b ill, w il I as -usu al, wheii water is; ^p r0 cu r able,  steadily ,;roll; out .their .treasures.- Valley  Mouiitain surface claims, .the -exten t of which  has -hot yet.been. ascertaineft, will, if suffieient  water;.can be procured for all, open 'a comparatively new and profitable>field; while -the:  depths of -the :,!mygteriousyrneadow8 will be  botttm&&, and if, as is ; confidently expe������ted,  rich.;depositor;;sball>be-diseoveredyvthe history of gold-mining in Cariboo may;be considered as;. only; bNegin'hinjft��������� to  be : written ;  steam v poorer j if it; is 0 rice --proved: to;: be  p rofitable, will be i n trodu ced/inte hundreds  0 f localities whose depth has ;hitherto. defied  thei-.JBn������^pf,-tthe:^'iriWf..fid Closg as water  po^r^fthd;m'Uscle-vWere,Lhis: 6^1y>auxiliaries,  and if ;tbe enterprisi ng ;proj^ctors; of i the' prer  sent mqvement earn4tie reward they deserve,  the cap 11al' which is.needed to ; deve 10p ; such  important ,undertakings,   will speedily find  its way from Europe, and America, to seek  i n'vcstm en t'. ��������� s: in; our. ; hi tb er to d esp.Ised   an d  u n dor villi e d Co lo ny. .:Qn- f h e.' 0 th e r c reeks.  in to is; v icini ty (h ere will be np ; cessat i 0 n of  paying; .v/ork.   The . tributary   gulches   of  William creek,Stout..and Co'tikitn,,.wi 11 sci 11,  with   improved   facilities,, yield   largely���������  Lowhee, especially if the Black Bull  company^  tunnel, which'has been  pushed   on  sfeadi.ly for so la 11 %, -}o th e  credi fe 0f i ts'  indomitable proprietors, should succeed in  s tr iking bedrock and  the 1 ead, wi 11 pay f0 r  years.   French. creeTc, a discovery  of last  year,'bids' fair to take its position as one of  the main arteries through .which  the gold tin  curreri t; in primeval days gushed frora its  source in the "mountain's heart    Canadian  creek gives evidence of also  containing tbe  precious metal, though the great difficulties  attendant on its search have, hitherto prevented its development. Grouse creek, whose  mineral thermometer has alternately risen and  fallen from fever beat to zero, is once more  looking up ;  and if (lie recent discoveries  made through the aidof the Waver ley luntgel  prove as extensive as anticipated, one of-the  richest mining sections in Cariboo now lies  ready to surrender its long hidden and w<dl  guarded wealth.   Continuing eastward*, Antler creek, Beggs7gulch. Cunningham. Keith-  (e v,��������� Sis 0 wsh10e an d' Harvey creeks yet i n v i te  the prospector. They all contain good claims.  I) u t th ere are ra i I es ������f their ban ks an d b ods  yoi nnworked.   Tine, and other creeks trib-  ntary to the "North  Fork of  Qu^nel,  are  known, to contain gold, but have been little  prospected ;  while we have evidence that a  second gold field, easy-of access, of which  nothing save its mere existence is known, lies |  0 n s tream s ��������� -tri b u t ary to t li 0 *F: ase r bey on d  the granite range, which was formerly supposed to-mark the eastern limit of the gold-  pro due in g district.  grand difficulty lies in the great depth of the  channel and the vas^ amount of underground  water t������ be contended with ; and, there,; as  well as in the meadows; is a grand, field for  steam po wer, which we have little doubt will  ultimately, he employed extensively on thai  creek shouid the deep shafts which feivebeen  persevered is so laboriously for the last year  suooeedin strfiring rich'pay, of which W believe, 1! rom the presumptive evidence of good  diggings bein- already struck at interval^  from Amador to Anderaou creeks, there exists very little doubt The back channel  struck by the Eldorado co. offers..'* promrJing  future for the, upper portion of the creex:  The mountain range on the righi-bani is  known to be auriferous to its very smuiAtt.  where surface diggings have been found thai  would pay well if the grand desideratum,  water,.could only he procured.,.The different  .c.ri^e8^^1^a^ifflwLigh|nirig: have nearly all  ���������paid.^ij:in,BM^,-.bMflone: of ..them- = bave  been.^^u^l^ites^p On Chiabojm,creek,  .during Vhe l|slyeag^rea|%deal of work has  bieixSone its the way of fining- tunnels, and  goeaf^SuUs'.;' are an|gp)ated next' season.  Van^inltecreek, if ^^ JaynesMead in the  ba^lc^f tightnink should; as believed, prove  to be the 61 d chahne 1 ��������� wil 1 pro'jBably turn out  very ri eh1. ��������� Eag] e; Am ad or1,; La s'fc ��������� (Jh ab ee,  Davis, Ja wh 0 ne, An derson and .0 tb era, all,  offer good i n d n cem e n ts for pros p e cti ng, wh il e;  pn the'opposite slope of the ridgo the creeks  'runn ing to Wil 10w: river are...; knewis all to  coWtaiu'gold^ ^elsonj-creeic -has paid well  sin ce th e first d isc over ies" iff' Cs r lb b 0 ��������� bii t it.  arid 'Burns7, are' tlie only creeks. on which  'mil; eh h as been don e>i n th at ran ge, True,  th ere h aa/^ ecm.wgo 0 djojeal of prospectingon  Drasfonf -Siany0n?; V'elfeood 'ari d Oro Fino  'creeks, oii all of which niore or less cold baa-  bfteh; Fourid ;'...buf>^ill^ery: little "'is' -really  MISCELLANEOUS.  =a  ;#"  known,of the reaonrces^f^the region 1 yjng; in  a narthWes.t.directlon^between William creek  arid;' th0;FvaSer^-'a';' c omparatively wnuexplored  region,- through^which; ^ as'������������������ we- have already  ��������� aidy we -be II'eve^wi\ \:, bm eve.ntual 1 y; traceel  the lost' Jinks connecting with a golden chain  the miuefl of Cariboo and Orriirieca/.     "������������������������������������'  '".'JvJiSiiarwi.f  NEW 'ADVERTISEMENTS  t;  OUMKG MY ABSENCE,��������� J[R. ;JAS. MeB.; SMITH  hold 5 my Po w at-1 *f ��������� A ttoru {-y. Al I p ft rson s S n-  rlohted to m'e^aro'requested to make an early settlement with Iiira.  .. '    i:  W." STERUNTf. '  ���������  B.irkerFillP. B.C.. January.IS, 1871.        Jal4 2mv  NOTIC  T^  .4 IJ.:PERSONS  INDEBTED TO   C.  V.  O'NETI.L,  IX '������������������Grouse Oracle, are rtquestod to'call on him ii nil  scttl  i their iiocouhla.  on or.hefore  FIRST. 3J ARCH,  .   d'e25. 2:a  V.A:  F  ortuiia.  .������,.;   TO BE'MADE B7 PURCHASING TKS  0  R  A SVS  ���������S'R O  y  N  D.  QITUATRD  ONi WTUXUf CREEK, adjoining the  O   E A LI A RAT CCS upper line.  One, or even four men. e-in innko a ffoni   tiling by  inveptiu^ in the above, as jt will be fiojii cheap.  .' For piirlicular.s, apply to  .  P. SIDDALL, l>"nti������t,  JaTJm ,     ... fliirkervillo.  Sheet aiid C&stlrbnStoves  UJ  OV-  LL JOBBING  WORK IK TIN, COPPER,Shc������i  iron, Zliicand Lead Plpiug,,_ attendee to with  promptaesea, and wftrr*nt������tl  to if ire en lira  satis  fact on..,-'- ��������� " ' ���������       '���������.-������������������,  Hardware  Iroii & Steel,  Bias-  'HARNESS,:���������; Etc.,  9  Eto  *FOR SALE,  E. PEARSON & BROS.,  BAUKKItVILLB AND QUESXKLWOCTB. ���������  VAN "'.'.WINKLE  Lightning Crkibjc.  ^TAnr  3& i.vrii:,  MINERS AND TRADERS will'flnd  if to their ������*  vantage to purchase at thisStor;������,where thertls  lIAEGI ASSOETIEKT OF Mm  Of the veryheat description on; hand, and the Stock,  constantly replenished by ncM-arrivaJB, Thcpropri*.  ,:: .;. ���������   tors will sell Goods ������������������'���������       : ....  >^S" CHEAP  AS  ANY IN",CARIBOO. ���������  OrderBpromptly filled, and ^-forwarded wilh-dlepatvk  [ BJ5EDY is nKDHARr>,:   ���������.'-".-'���������'  :��������� Van .Winkle,   , .,     .   '    ���������       JjProJrietoM  5  I; HAVE ,.been requesieel J?y several "re'spoetable��������� par.  ti es,; who cah testi I'y, 10."the efflcji.ey ol.. in y fiyttvm,  to"'again Tnaltc public tliolact that '���������  Moses9 Hair liivigorator"  WILLPREVENT 'BALDNESS,  : '"- BESTORE HATR VSAT IS BECO?.I ISfl THIN  .    ".   OR FAILING OFF, iui-'l eirecinni.lly.   .  AA' f ;CGURE;SQU.UF :0R, DANDRUFF. ���������'. :;.  ;: This is," hot a. mere assertion 'on my part, ml brtv*  In.my, possession numerous tostimouiala certifying* to  tho success of my remedy.,     .  ,I do not of course pretend that, T cnnniu.ke tbe hnir.  grow on heads which have been bald for'. yVarH ;'.but  I wi 11 guar?in tee to step ���������. th 0 ; 11air (Vom f;i 11in*,' off, 1 < 1  increase'its growth, ahd'enec'.'ualU' remove Scurf i>r  Dandruff.   . W; D. MnSKS,     .  v 'Bjirkervillu, U.C.  .,'" ';   ^ERTIFICAYE.-.  This is U.certify that during hist spriofi !my hair  was rapidly fuHi'ng oni and. my. head w������������ inrsthecun-  in'tf bald, when I applied to Mr IV. D. MOSES. Burhrr,  BarkfVvilte, who in a lew weeks it?t-.red my hair to  its former healthy state. :   DAVID fi ill CONS.  BaTkerviUe,Dec. 29,1866. u������2������,im.  sieian'  enti  Is  Has re turn cl.to Barker rllle, wtft rimy be cou-  ttuited at his old staud. ���������. ,"��������� :  LUSV1BER I  -LUMBER I  ���������jrBSRIS3.  MR A CHAM  A NAHOK nr* prepared ta  ilh firmi.'h Liirnberat their ililis, William Creek,  or deliver IL to order.  XilTMBBR " DELIVERED 0Nr  LIGHTNING  CEEEIC AT THE SAME BATES-AS ON  WILLIAM CPtEEK.   .  Raving a Planing Machine in operation tbey wil  a]sof'urni?h Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  'Now, \rt m take a glance in an opposite  direction from William creek, and 011 Lightning we see the germs of -a perhaps richer IPRICE'  section than any "yd hliftmio tliscorered  ASD  cariboo   rhyme;  37 JAMKS ANDKKSOK;  1 ytu m.������hbomot   a hmh as e-isc^horO; the' p������i, free ������rcfcarfee  0N2 DOLLAR  ajad. forwarded by.  Dr Sn>DAM������ returns many thanks to tho penpio of  tli e Lo we1 Cou n try for their Ic i n i! 11 es*3 ;i ti f I  p:,i t r*m1^  will Icon hi* piY>lessi������nal tour,: and by strict attention  to bus!ness trusts I<> r������-1ai������ tbm cmimh-nee previouSly"  bestowed upon him hy the people j.������f Ciribofl,.  In al 1 b ra nchos o ( lie n ta I wi ?rk hew a r ra Bt* to g i v������  satisfaction or return tho money, and pay tint patient  lor the time lost- while Fitting in lite chair.  Tenth extracted in a :-��������� yi������������ tijat will deiy the world  to ix-"/.d, and'Teeth filled with pure Cold" ������nd Silver  or with theO's^'rtlflehi] Fillini?, which wil! save eny  tooth, even when -introduced ii)^ij a td<*������afn# tii-rvi*.  Teeth put in upon p'aty and up"!? rjJ"<>1?:- P*rti<*������  who may require the Dueloi'.s ������mir.ft> wr-uld do w-dl  to mako an curly caj(, )i������ jje does net intend to r������*-  muin hm^in Rurk<:rvilli'.       ^  tgflwRemembr-r thai, lit** zh%?������t*p.-ar1'*- mod^mte, und  thi; oilkp. oppusittv the Ass-ay Oiliee, H;irkervi|Ii<.  WAKE- UP -JAKE  Restaurant and  Bakery.  THE Proprietor of this old ������ud well-known estalv  lis Inn ent would respectfully tbanN Win numerous friends and the public lor tins e'stensivo pal roiiyg*  heretofore boKtf j we < uui him. and irus Ik that hy his  usual strict attention to business to merit a con tin  naitceof thcirconildenceaudsupport.  Meals, $1.    Board, $14 -per "Week.  BREAD MADE OF THE BEST FLOUB  Jjrecommend to tho public my  GROUND COFFEE,  which is ft. much superior articlr-lbon any which c*������n  bo had from below.    I Roast and (iviud It my*������eli  an & c h oose t boh e si, h e rr i e s, con s e q u f ��������� n 11 y Hie p u b I io  ���������������sy he vare oti ts b eing f roe from adulteration.  M  m  ������������������y  m  w  ������������������'������������������/;  y  i,l AS.  >;.1J.  11  '��������� :M  m  I'M  \A THECARIMOSE  Saturday, ja& 28, im.  JUDICIAL ARRANGEMENTS.  " We cal led at ten ti o n,. t wo irion ths ago j to the  5n c on veu ierice; en tai led upon Cariboo th rough  the absence of' a Supreme Court Judge from  ���������AuguBt one year, till July Use next, to which  point attention had been already called by  the Grand Jury;. ���������    ��������� ��������� '��������� ''"': '.A ������������������  O ur re m on sir a n ce,, on th is j n just ice. m ay  have no effect; but now that the Legislative  Council is in session, we think it advisable to  once more bring the subject before the.notice  ���������or" the powei-3that be, with the vague hope  .  that H may receive some .attention before the  mummer arrangements of the Court have been  * 'definitely concluded.  It ia;.of much more importance this present  ,   ;: season than in;any previous that the Assizes  ���������-'. should beheld eariyv In the first place, there  [ is unfortunately- the unprecedented number  ;: of four cases for trial on the 'criminal calerir  '<! ar;' two d f th e par ties c o m m'i tted b;ei n g no w  ;\:in Richfield jai 1 jiving for^  il, lie .expense, while the, others: two are: out ,on  v bail..  lrithe course!".of: .three;ftnqntbsVtt.;ifiiiij-  ���������������������������;   ber of persons now'in Cariboo ynlii' no doubt,  leave for the Ofjineca mines; and we are info rm'ei.. that���������;.there are several..(who .intend.  going;who canncit 1 ea ve until after the Assizes.  ; No wV if the Court does not sit iiatil July, the  whole season will;be gone and a manifest in-  .jus tie e d one std e v ery o ne \ wi tn esses, prison*  ,-ers, arid^thej coMmunity, at.. large.... W^e can  ,;-.. -rsee n o reason w h ate ve r wh y th e. Assi zes sho u Id  no% be held in G&riboo in April just,as con-  ������������������venioritly as in July.   There is;; .rtb"difnculty  ���������   now in . travel ling.   The mat 1 au d express  ���������fr ptagesVwi 11 be running once;a week .after 1st  A j m 1 "i so ��������� w b a fe is t h ere to pre ve ii fc o n e o f the  11 ud ges comi ng liere and gattirig rid .of the.  ;������ c cu inn 1 a te d w i n teV b u s i n ess,- after .-wh icli, if  i I ��������� ������h"o_u 1 d ; no t:' he ; deemed' necess'arv;i.fo r; the  .:. -Court  to .remain  here all summer, he-might  '-'������������������ jjb back to Viclb rift -and retiirnHo ��������� Cariboo in  August or September to hold the Autumnal  Ae������izes.   This arrangement, we submit, would  be no more than an act .of simple justice, nor  can it reasonably be objected to on the plea  of ecouomy, as the expense need belittle  ������iore: than under the present system, after  .giving credit for the   amount' the  colony  would save in the feed of the prisoners.   \Ve  therefore trus.t that the Execiitiye , will. for  once, pay some regard to the wishes of the  ���������people in this important section.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WtrXUM CItKEEC. -.. t  .... The Forest Rose co., rocking, are getting  an average, of' 14 oz. to the sej;; last week  .they washed 55^z.i:-;\The-,vBall.arat;;co.-;had.25  oz.   The Pinkertotr co'������������������ over wages.      -  ������������������>���������  ,��������� CONKLTN GULCH.  The White Pine co. have beeo making over  wage?, but have been obliged to stop washing  outside on,account of scarcity of water and  have commenced rocking inside.  , .,'  aabusK crekk.  The Talisman co. last week washed 28$ oz.  from two sets of timbers, but they are work*  ing to great disadvantage on account of. the  distance tbey have to run their dirt. Thfe  excellent prospects obtamed.by this company  have inspired miners with great bopes; as t&  the future yield of the Ibwer part of Gronee  Creek j .and the Waver ley tunnel will; we believe, turn out a good investment for its enterprising projectors. The-Heron co. are still  running back, trying to trace.the old lead,  and are sanguine that they will find it.  .  FRENCH CRSBK.    '':'.  The North American co. find that' the, channel is deeper thau what they have yet worked  and are much impeded by large boulders,-*-;  The Ambrose co. are ymaaing the Ooamopol>.  itan'-tuanel-ahead.-'.,-,.. ^;-;-\-;^^^. 'ri'- ������������������-������������������ ���������  '" Wo:ask for judgment, answer shall we have  llf*      A    '- ; :,  IjECTcre at y.ANWiKKi.K���������As already announced, the Rev. Thos. Derrick proposes  giving a lecture at. "Vanwinkle on Wednesday  evening, 1st February, on ''-Enthusiasm inre-  laiion to the Sciences/' Mr Derrick is now  delivering a series of did courses oil Scriptural  History at the Wesley an Church every Sun-  dny. the subject ai morning service being  " The Life and Travels of St. Mark," aud at  evening eervice (i The -Deluge.*'  Omixkca.���������Messrs. U, Syltesfcer and E.  Dewdney have arrived at Quesnelmouth and  ������re expected in here in a day or two. We  Veliove they bring no important news, the  wvatiter having been very cold and but few  men wintering at the mines. Messrs. James  May and Fred, Black, two of the pioneer  Ominepa prospectors, who have been staving  ������a William creek for aomo time, intend starting for the diggings in a few days.  7EL.*.-;graphic AhWAMJKiMiSKTH���������We presume  'the line will be brought in here early 3a the  flpring, inMrnclions having been forwarded to  the resident Magistral*. Mr Ball, to the effect  that Mr Bowron is to go to Quesnelmouth to  learn the art of telegraphy and be appointed  operator at Barkcrville.  Freight ARiuvAT.s~-X)uring tbe last week  the arrival of teams loaded with general merchandise and farm produce, hay, grain and  potatoes, have- been more numerous thau  usual. The teams of Messrs. & Pearson &  Kto.'s, Baker, Bohannon. Beedy, Boyd ife  Hoath, Green, Wilmot. Auntraliau ranch audi  Vhhwv ranch, wer* among the number,  ������������������:-     Al    "- " \ "      STOUT QVUGUi*- A" :" ''' '  . Th e Jenkias c b, last week washed 28 oz.   ;  /   LOWUEE'ciiKKK.     <A\ ;'  The Brown co. --last week washed 26 oz,���������  The Victoria co. did not make much headway  oa account of bad ground and boulders.  MOSQUITO OREKlf. -  There.are about twenty men still working  ing on this creek, who are all making sm^ll  wages.   ;' .7,'.'  ;{;  uonTNTSQ creek.  A-  The Lightning co. last; week, for Jour days'"  work, washed 97 oz. The Spruce co. 28 oz.  fTh e 1 atter co. have b een'-. ru nning thro ugh a  ca n y o n, w h i ch th ey . h a ve n o t.. yet b o t to ra ed  up. The ground this, week;looks favorable.  T h e E1 do rail b co. are ge 11 i ng b e tt er p ro sp e c ts  every set as they advance into the;channel,  which they have not yet crossed. They are  now getting over wages, and .the farther, they  go I he gold becomesr. coarser and better  washe d..,. it;: w ii 1 tak e so me ti me . to prove  whether or.not this.is.a'separate channel from  Liglitning oreeic'"lower' <1 own. It is :belieyed  by many to be a continuation of the same  lead as in the Lightning co., especially as tbe  Ross -co. have never got much in the creek  alongside ; but in any case, if a lurge-payidg  back channel can be found ex tend ing-for any  considerable distance the-resuits must inevitably he stupendous.. The Vancouver co.  are making favorable progress with their,  bedrock drive ; they ,are*now over 20 feet  from the shaft, and bid fair to get ahead of  the Vanwinkle co; in striking the channel.  The latter expect t& have their -machinery  working next week'. -  LAST CRANCK ���������HKKK.  The Clark co. have started their machinery  to pump out the shalt.  VA>;WINKI,K crsi^k.  TheMcCormick co. faave good hopes ]<JfjbaTe".b een iimited by the "other '.European"  s tri king the old Van win kie. lead, in thei r tun- j po \yers. ��������� ~^~    ���������; - %  'nel.  ���������'; Loitor Skktjnbl'':������������������Tlie . length r; of : last  week's translations on." Resppn'sibility of ;tbe  .War," prevented me from:adding a few ob*  .servatiohs - -appertainiag. -to;- ��������� the same, matter.  Allow me to continua ; Besides the facts and  authorities ^referred to ini mylasfc,! shall call  your attention to a very able article on .the  war between- France and; Prussia published in  the] Lo n d'on Qu ar terly Rev lew for Octob er,  1870;; partly^taken from ", The byertnrbw^pf  the German Confederation by Prussia in 1866,  by Sir A. Malet," and partly from-'the Times,  Standard and Daily News newspapers; from  July to October, I87& '  ���������'.���������;'       ;   \  This article informs ns, on the above-mentioned authoritie������--.Sir'A. Maiet, the/TimeaV  Standard, an_d Daily News���������first, in what |ight  Prussia, even from the earliest times',-Vgbfng  back as far.as the thirty years' war, has been  considered in Europe; and calls it "a, self-  seeking State, with dubious policy, which has  o fie ri d raw h do w n.; 6 n i (self the i ndig n alio n  and; chastisement of it?.neighbors." It then  proceeds to show us the causes of the present  war-; gives us' the. history ot the war up to  the fall ,of' Sed*an, the 'reason of the;lFjreiich  reverses, of the downfall of the Empire, of;'tbe  prospects of peace,.and.of the ��������� bitterness; of  the conquerors againstV'the};^iw^nisiied^iid.  the ir want i)f gen er osity to s,; fal le.n). "haji p n;  1 fc'is admirably well written. ahdpught.to:be  read b y every bo dy w ho takes; an���������"; iateres t-1 b  this unholy war; r ���������.��������� ."��������� >     v,      ^,:  " Al low me to p?) serve, th at i a" p rpceedih g. to  show us the causes of the present war, when  it says " It would be id 1 e to 16ok for the caiise  of the war to the proposal of a Prince of the  h 6 U8e< o f Ilohe n zol le rn for the Sp an ish th robe/  That was o.n.ly ��������� the last straw that; b roke,. the  camels back.'.' Why don7t it explain thei-cir-  enrastahces bf this proposal; ahd teach ;niany  of us, unacquainted with history, geography;  and foreign politics, that.|t was.through the  'iatrigues of. astute Bismark. and liis agents in  Spain ��������� that .'Gen. Prim, the Spanish Minister,  had selected a -Prinee of the'house of: Hohen-  zoilerh.for the vacant throne of Spain. Now;  p 1 ease open your atlas, 1 ook at. the map of  France^ and you will find'that Bismark's coui-;  binatioh with France', between 'Prussia east-  n cir th -east,; an d 8 pain, sou th -west, with ,;���������' the  Prussian prince oh her throne, was a nice  piece for. his long-premeditated intention1 to  invade iErance. when things were r^pe'for exec alio n.- But France could not stand it: the  last straw broke the came 1V bacfcr France-  protested against the Prussian candidate j  and fro'ni pro test came 1 usuIt; and from insu 11  issued the unavoidable declaration . of war,  lb was the necessity of a long-provoked conflict of which Prussia must bear the responsibility.  '  ���������, .    ���������*..'-.  lean add m an y exampl es" of P r nssia-h u n -  principled rapines. Of late, history remembers how in .134.8 she invaded poor little Denmark with the intention of stealing its Duchies/  Schleswig aud Kolslein/ How in 1863 she  succeeded in her rapacious system. How in  1866 she played Austria, and I may say Ger:  many, by making-her the tool for Prussian  extension and power., But what is the use of  fu rther com men taries ? His to ry \\ as j udged  it as a cruel, unscrupulous, rapacious Gov-;  Thk Kxrrkss���������Barnard?3 Express, tor the  first time this winter, did not arrive on th$  day expected in consequence of the river being frozen below Yale. It may bo looked for  ,to-morrow,  .  MISCELLANEOUS.  ii  II  Billiard and Dancing  '���������        SALOON.'   ' ���������'  THK UNDERSIGNED BEG TO ACQUAINT THETR  friends ant! the public thai.tlnry have len.3������tt the*  ahovc well-known and -commodious. Saloon from .Mr  Wm. Sterling, where they will endeavor, by atrlct attention to husinoKS, to merit the patronage of tb������  community.  Tuev wish to inform everv one that they vrill fur  nish NO L1QUCHS OK CIGARS at the Bar BUT OF  THE VERY BEST QUALITY that can he procured in  Cariboo. . . - . .",t. ...  The Billiard Tables will always be kept in* good  order so w& to nQbrd eatisfactioato their patrons.  W.  W. DODD.  jaT Im J. Z. HODGH.  CHEAP    GOODS!  conrKiaiSO���������  Boots, Shoes' Clothing and  Groceries,-  OF   rim  BEST   Q0ALITY,.  Foranle ai tho Store of the un^orsilgned in Barkart  ville,opposite the Bankof BrlUah ColuraMa.���������������������������������������������  ^     ��������� MT. ltKNNIE.  BC4'  aa uauM.  Van Volkenourgh'���������'& Co.  IARKERV1LLE,.  ���������Axr>  ICHFIELD  KLE.  A SUPPLY OF THK.  ALWAYS-OH" HA5&).  Hrnmeht, whose ambition ought losg ago to  I  ROAD STiSAMER.' PETITION.  To His Excellency Anthony Mcsgiuve. Governor of British Columbia and its Dependencies, ifec.  Tliepelitionof the undersigned! Merchants,  MmtM'K., and olhei* iuhabitants of Cariboo,  humbly showelh:  That your petitionera have been for a number of years engaged in opening up and do*  vcloping tbe-resource;* of this section of lb������  country, during which time  they have  had  ���������For Sale,  Bat how %vi II this war end ? is the -question"  everybody abks each o(her." I. wi 11 tell you:  Franco���������that brave, noble and: generous  n atioti���������is s n bj ti gated, an d will for a I o ng  tiuie. inay be ft?r ever, be a second-rate power.  Enp:I anjl/ tliat htgh-toned.self-sty led first-ra te  power'in Europe, has lost her priority in  p o 1 i t i cill pr o tn i 11 en ce. a n d; w i U ap p e a r m^������  Bt*con d -Vale nation. Three grea fe po wera will  rise from this war, who will deal with our  wov\d��������� :js autoct'ats.   rCh^v ava-��������� -   -  1st���������Fniprna, who will die late and govern  liiiiropoan-aflairs.  i    2d���������������������������ttnssia. who will extend in Asia and  ��������� WMH������1 .~ ;. .  MOST EYEEYTHIS' ���������  ���������/���������=.'   -.���������      THATISU3EFUI!  great itifilcultios to contend with, owing so m0710p0Use tile Ka������t IiirliA Lride.  the distance from the source of supply, tbe  heavy cost of transport, together with the inevitable delay in transit.  That y our petit!o n e ra h a ve 1 earn ed th al; ft j  Company has been formed lor the purpose of  apply in j? to your Excellency for powers to  enable them to put ROAD STEAMERS on ihe  Uoads ot  British Columbia, such a3  have  3d���������The United States of America, who  will make known to the world the Monroe  dHclrine���������"'Nobody shall interfere In America  but ourselves."     " -'   .   -      E. It. It.  proved so successful in other places. 1  ' That beinc convinced of their utility for th is ]        ^ m& Rre ., ^ 1<mg ^u hic|iys ,���������  In front of Krupprs establishment, at Ber-  liOfShe^s of tbe largest ealiher aro to be  seen lying.   They are in the form of a pointed  country as a cheap and more expeditious  mode of transit than any at present in use,  whereby the capital required- by the trader  to carry on his business would be ' lessened,  and the entire community benefitted, your  'petitioners hope your ilxcellency will give  the subject your most serious consideration.  Aud your petitioners will ever pray,  ���������''"������������������.  diameter. When filled with the charges (76  lbs. of powder) they weigh 7891b. A hundred  of these explosive projectiles have been ordered to be forwarded to Paris aa speedily as  possible. .   ,  TuEvriu: Royal���������Tbe amateur performance  which it was intended should be given tonight for the benefit of Mrs S. P. Parker, has,  we regret to say, been tin avoidably post pun*! 1  i ou a c c o u nt o f th ii��������� I��������� 1 a d y *!? i 11, ne e s.  TnTtsT/vKATHKR ANDTin-j Roaiw���������The weather  for the last week has been very fine and mild,  without snow till Thursday. The traffic on  tbe road having been considerable, the track  has got welt broken again and I ravelling is  now Very ';oml,  ���������AT -  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Seoond-h'and' Store  rBARKERVIIXE.  [���������11  NOTICE.  rnHR.'TJtfDERPIONEO   V>KG'$   TO   INFORM  HI*  I friends aad Mi c public, that he has fitted up so^������  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  n*hipnr\r buiUUn^, vrhrro he Is prcpftrod to������>-  KtftdBwtis at it n-asojiiible price. Those who will  favurhim with their p;uron?ure. may depend 011 tb������  01 can ii ess a n d en in r'nrt ofhiH UoqSft        _������������������. _  KPtttkesnlsotl)l*oi>P"rtttiiity to remind tno Car.-  hooitt-'S tba* Ms Brewery has received thd FIKSiT  "i'KlZK ol" tho Colony forhiscolcbratcd  XXX   ALE  %d d th e t ruc aiaatenrs v,-i 11 b<? a b 1 e t o j u i ge hy tlio;n  sciv������s Uua Auch honorable prize ha3 been jfJSiiy  .ftvnrdcd l'-' hlai.  >���������  f; ��������� Aiitrf/eProntroom In )*t, "   ' ���������  'a .r j��������� k ��������� it ! 11 ��������� J ��������������� n. ������ a 116 V. >���������' ��������� C 0' & I y  \  ...   -K'l'   'II* t 3I&RK TWAlN?SlVATGn^AK INSTBUGT=  ilybeaiitifiii new-watch bad run eighteen  inohtha ^without losing or gaining, and without breaking any part of its,machinery or  ^topping. ;!.had come to 1>eiie^ itlafaliible  In its judgments about the time of /day, and  t������ consider its constitution land anatomy im-  perishable.;. But fttTasij.one night, I let it run  down.   I grieved about it as if it were a recognised meaaenger and forerunaer of cal am-  ���������2ty.   But by, and by I cheered up, and set the  watch by guess, and commanded my bodirigB  i\nd  superstitions to depart.    Next day I  elepped into the chief jeweler's to set it by  ��������� t������e exact time, and,the head of the eetablish-  fineni took it out of my hand and.proceeded  to set it for me. . Then he said," She is four  , raiiiutea sipw���������regulator wants pushing up.?  I tried to etop him-4tried to make him under*  )eland that the watch kept perfeefc time.   But  ���������f, ii o j. iftU this hum an . cabb age could see was  that the: watch was four minlites too slow,  and the regulator must be pushed up a little ������  mi so, wfcile I danced around him in anguish  and beseecbed him to let the >watch alone, he  calmly; and cruelly'did the" snameful ... deed.M  Jfy watch began to gainv- It gained faster  Vanflfasterda^;bj;day. ^Within: the week it  J^mckeried -: to imaging<=feyer, and its pulse  went upi :to a^hundred; and fifty in the shade;  At the end of two months it had le(;t all the  timepiece������ of tbe V town far in the rear, and  was ^a^ractipn^ oyer'thirteen day8ahead/)f the  almanack   It was away into Noyember, en-  vjoying^the; sho>wi while: the I. October leaves  weret still turning;- It 'hurried up house-rent,  bills payable, and such thin^1R such ft ru~  inous way that I could not abide; it.   I took  it to ;the;; watcljmakerr;vto.be regulated;   He  asked me if I had 'ever had it repaired.   I  ������aid no, it had never: needed-any repairing.���������  He looked a look of yiciou������ hap^ineas* and  pried the watchi'opeiij-. theni:-put a small dice-;  'box.into bis eye and peered into its machinery;^ He -said1 it wanted cleaning and oiling,;  besides regulating���������come in* a^eek.; After  "being cleansed and oiled and regit!ated; my  watch slowed down to tliat degree that it  tcked like a tolling bell.   I began to be lei I  by twins ; Hailed all appointments f I got to  missing, my dinner ;  my watch strung out  three fays* grace to four, and let me go to  protest ;vI gradually' drifted back into yester-;  day, tbea day before, then into last week, and  by and by the comprehension cairn e upon me  ti at all solitary and; alone.I was lingering  along in week before last, and that the world  was out of sight.   I seemed to detect in rny*  self a sort of sneaking feeling for the mummy  in the museum, and a desire to swap new*  with him.   I went to a watchmaker, again.���������  Ha took the watch all to pieces whileTwaSeS'  .... and then eaid the barrel was "swelled."   He  said he could reduce it in three days.   After  "this, the watch "averaged" well, but nothing  more.   For half a day it would go like the  very mischief, and keep up" such a barking  and'wheezing and whooping and sneezing-  and snorting, that I could-not hear myself  t i:nk for the disturbance ;  and as long as it  bold out, there was not a watch iu tho land,  that stood any chance against it.   But the  rest of the day it would keep on slowing  down and fooling along until all the clocks  it had left behind caught up again.   So, at  last, at the end of twenty-four hours, it would  trot up to the judges, all right and just in  time.   It would show a fair and square average, and no man could say that it did more  or less tbaa its duty.   But a correct average  Is only a mild virtue in a watch, and I took  the instrument to another watch maker.   He  said the kingbolt was broken.   I said I was  glad it was nothing more serious.   To tell the  p ain truth, I had no idea what the kingbolt  was, but I did not chooso to appear ignorant  to a stranger.   Ho repaired the kingbolt, but  what the watch gained in one way it lost in  another.   It would run awhile and then slop  awhile, and then run awhile again, aud so on,  using its own discretipn about intervals.-���������  And every time it went off it kicked back like  a musket.   I padded  my  breast for a few  days, but finally took tbe watch to another  watchmaker.   He nicked it all ,io pieces and  turned the ruin over and over under his glass,  and then-hei said-'there appeared to be something the- matter wifcthehair-trigger. He  fixed it and gaye it a-freshi start. It did well  now,Except that always at ten minutes to ten  the hands would shut together like a pair;of  scissors; and from that time forth they would  travel together. The diciest man in the world  could hot make head or .tail; of; the time of  day by such a watch, and so I went again to  have the thing repaired. This persoi said  the crystal had got bent, and that the mainspring was not straight. He also remarked  that a portion* of the works needed half-soling.  He made ithese things all right, and then my  time-piece performed unexceptionably, save  that now and thea, after working along  quietly for nearly eight hours, everything inside would let go all of a sudden and;begin  to buzslike a bee, and the hands straightway  begin to spin round and round so fast that  their individuality was lost completely, and  they simply seemed a delicate spider/s web  over the face of the watch. She would reel  off the next twenty������fonr hours in six or Beven  minutes, and stop with a bang. I went with  a heavy:! heart to one more watchmaker, and  looked on while be took her to pieces. Then  I prepared to cross-question him rigidly, for  this^ thing; was getting eeripus.; The watch  had costtwo hundred 'dollars., originally, and  I seemed' to have paid out two or three thou-  sa nd for rep airs. ��������� Whi le I w ai ted and -1 coked  on, I presently recognised in this Watchmaker  an: old acquaih tan ce���������a steambpat engin ee r  of.6thor days,-and not a good ehgineei*:eifcher.  He examiri ed all the p ar ts care fit 1 ly, an d th en  deiivered bis verdict with the same confideu.  tial manner.       ; ��������� ;        v"  ,: He said"-: ,-. ,  ��������� ^' She makes top much steam���������-ypit want to  hang the; mo nkey-wren ch p ri ihe safe ty:y al ve 1'?  X^braihed him pn the spot^ ;and:! had : him  buried at my own expense.  ^;Mypncle^il^ainl.Xnpw: deceaged, ialaB!)  used to say that a horse was a: good horse un-  ti i. it had .ru n ; a way: o nc e, and that a wa t c h  Was a good watch-until the. repairers had got  a;chance,atifc;,1 And he used! to wonder what  had become, .of. all. the unsuccessful tinkers,  bnd giinsmiths, and;Shoemakers,; and blacksmiths ; ^but; nobody could ever,, tell hi tn.  Mark Twain.   .  SODA CREEK;.  QUESNELLE, and' ���������/.:'*  A      BARKERVILIiE  1 ���������*  ; ^.HARPER,  LEA & PERKINS  Colebratcd, .-���������;    :...,,  *  WORCr STERSHi RE   S AUCM  Declared by Connoisseurs to bo   >   '���������'���������  Caution against Fraud.���������Tho sucoesa of tbls  most doli<5iotis ������nd   unrivalled  Condiment Ituvfng  (stUHod cortiiln dealers to apply tho nntnn of " Worccs  urH!iir^Sauce'M,lui puhllc.lshorohy inl'ormedt'nuttht,  nly way to Hccurt; the gonuinu. is to  ������fc  PERRINS'   SATJCK  namos arc upon the wrAI'pk*  ASK  FOR   LEA  find to sec that thojr  I.AIUCLS, STOPPKK, and IfOTTLK.  Some ol the foreign ma rice ts having liecn supplied  with a spurious Worcestur.shircSauc(\tipon the wrap-  pqr and labels of which the names of Lea and 1'errlns  Itave been forged, L. and V. give notice that they  have furnished their correspondents wish power--bf  attornvy to take instant proceedings ft gainst man'U-  factohrks and vkn^ors of such, or any other imita  5oris hy which their right may he infringed.  Ask for LEA & PERKINS7 Sane* and see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for exporthy the Proprietors, Wbr  cos tor; Crosse and Black we 11, London, &c., &c. * and  by Grscers aud Oilmen universally.  SYLVESTER'S  Ixpress  HPITE NEXT EXPRESS will leave Barkcrvi".e about.  i    tha 101 li of January.  Tbe Draineca Express will connect with Barnard's  Express at Quesnclmiuith and William Crock, where  parcels aad letters will b.& received.  MEDICAL. ;  "V  ;-^-'3ILLHEAX>3--'--::\:.  "' - CIRCULARS.,:-:   ...  -��������������������������� VV ��������� -.    POSTERS,.'. ;;  ".*    PROO-RAMMES; V  PRINTED FORMS,  ':;   ^;-'. /.  /LABELS^ .  BREAD TICKETS  New York, August 15th, .1868.  Allow me to call your attention to my  PREPARATION    OF:  COMPOUND /EX- ������������������  TRACT ^BUCHU.   The component parts ara  BUOHU, Long Leaf, CUBEBS, JUNIPER  BERRIES.'-      -   ���������"���������������������������- ;���������; A - v-������������������*'-;;;:   '?/������������������ ,"���������';,  Mode op Prbpaeation.���������Buchu, in vacuo.  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fine  gin. Cnbebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from, Juniper Berries ; very  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of  spirit. It is more palatable than any now iu  use,. ..-'-��������� '. v  Buchu, as prepared by Druggists, is. of a  dark color. It is a plant that emits its fra  grance; the action of a flame destroys this  (its active principle), leaving a dark and  glutinous decoction. Mine is the color of ingredients. Tbe Buchu in my preparation predominates ; the smallest quantity of the other  ihgredients are added,' to. preveit t ferme nta-  tion ; upon inspeefcioh it will be found not to  be a Tincture, as made in Pharmacopce, nor  is it a Symp���������and therefore can be used in  cases where fever or inflammation exist. In  this, you have the knowledge ot vthe ingredients and the mode of preparation.  Hoping that you wil 1 favor it with a trial,  andvthat upon inspection.-s it will meet with  y������our approbation. .   ; -   ; ;.  With a feeling of profound confidence, A.-.y  I am, very respectfully, ;>   . V v  H. T. HELMBOLD,  Chemi3t and Druggist of 19 Year's Experience.  (From the largest mantifacturing Chemists in  the world.) \    ��������� ^  November 4, 1854.  '���������  ������������������."i.ahi acquainted with''Mr H.T. Helmbold ;  ���������lie occupied the Drug Store opposUe my residence, and was successful in conducting'.* tl������������  business where,;others had not been equally  so before lihn. A������ ���������h ave been fa v o rah Iy i in-  pressed with his character and.enterprise."  :   :;     ���������'.-;.    '   WILLIAM ���������������������������.WIGHT-MAN...  'Firm of Powers and Weigh I'm an,'Man u-  factuiing Chemists. Ninth and Browu  Streets. Philadelphia.  FLUID    EXTRACT  Etc.,  "Etc.,  ������U.,  Et4  Execui������d with neatness, caro aad .dispatch at the  )  'Eakkehville, B. C.  ^&m  mill! M&  For weakness arising from indiscretion. The  exhausted powers of Nature which are accompanied b y s o man y a I arm i hg symptoms.,  among which will be found Indisposition to  Exertion. Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil ; m  fact, Universal Lassitude.'Prostration and inability to enter into the enjoyments of Society  THE CONSTITUTION', .  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  th������ aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. K no  treatment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues. j. '  HELMBOID'S FLUID EXTEAGT BUCH  AND  IMPROVED  ROSE  WASH  vill radically:;exterminate from tho system  liseases arising^from habits of dissipation, at  will  diseases ansingyirom n ao its ot uissip.  little.expensef little or no change iu diet, no  Xncouveuieuce.or exposure.  USE  irn  PLAIH    PRIFTIN&  ���������*   t'RtclwdSa-W  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in malt? or female, from whatever cauHO  originating, and no matter of how long standing. Those .suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  once.  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. HfiLMJK)LD"SEXTlUCTBUCIlU  is the great Diuretic.  ^SriSold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $1 25 per botlle. or (J Bottles for $0 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptoms  iu all communications.  .   ADDRESS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  Drug and Chemical Waiushousts*  594 Broadway, New York.  None akk Genuine unless done up in steel  engraved wrapper, with fac-simile of my  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  rt20 tt T.' 'as*sww*


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