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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-01-21

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 jR      v  EST  MS  my  -.1  '.-���������"4%  ������������������   ''���������"���������I  :i  > ft  -. -Hi}}  a**"***^^  ^^"r^^r/far*!^-^ ���������, v*  ���������i "i.  VoLlO;  ������*,"��������� '  Barkerville^ William, Creek, j-3ip.-,; Saturday,.,,3"an!f; 2i/>XS;71t  Fo.lS  Tp^AEIBOp:SMOTEI,  P u b li sh e d every Sa tu r day * by  E Q,,B 3silV#i)HCO L L 6,W-aIyI  :Siibscriptiori,''- ���������'���������'- 150 Cents'per; Weel&  . ^RA'PES;0P'ADVERTISING^ : .  ���������Vor one; square-(one in oh), first, i nseriiou,  ���������., .;���������.!*.-,. . *'*/",,', /���������"���������'.... . one mqiith,''-���������  For tvvp squareSj flrsypscrtion, .;���������.'.'* .*  ^ .WaiV .-..���������'..���������irt-O''   ott4>moiitii,;V-.^ -'?-���������;' -   -���������  Ageiits for "; the' *'* Carib00 S entmel.''  Va|v?Wuikle,- ���������;''  Quesrielniouth.  ���������fyVda,Creok,.  Oliiitonj^  Yale, ��������� ��������� ���������":  ���������New;. Urost mi aster  Victoria,.' - -���������' '..-':'\  ���������ii.'l'i Fisher,  Hudson '& ilouet,'  itrr;:W,'Hnrtlwrl.!f.!J^  '"���������* " ulhraarVl'sRxpress  ���������JSarnartt* s Express  ��������� '��������� 1 ';���������' ii, \*. :; ^Y j j.f ? /. iMYii ar<i 'af-Eks^ress;  "-' '��������� "'Mr^EvrfiiS^ 'l "'Veto*'.   :v-::f //do--.. '*���������'  Clarkson & Co  , iUvhirOollei^  Sun FrinroiHco'  -  -New-York.  r.=3  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ..)������������������������ ff'  wCavdsLC i rcitl'ars, Epste|te$n^  .,../*   Balls:flDd;'Tbetiin^ .-....  $SBhExecnt ed ;wi Mi neatness mid jflisp alch .^������$:  Perms inoderale.  '-('"A-'*  NVM1 KIM* >***- ktf.W������.fy-<  SPECIAL 'TO' THE CAIUBOO SENTINEL.  ";     / ;:Lonaon, Dec. oO, .  Th e G erm ahs i nvcstecL th e fortress of- Pe-  roune, in tlie Department of Saone, on We'd-  -ne^day, after some sharp fighting.   Prussian dispatches report that Col.Ballen-  : stein,- commanding a.detachment of/six /Companies of foot, two squadrons of cavalry, and  two guns, were surrounded 'by the Fren ch  near Mount Poize, and after a desperate light  be ent bis way out, losing oily 100 bfjaie  command'and taking ^240 prisoners; ;��������� fi  Gene!rai Clanely is ''moving upon Calais.���������;  Gen. Weilder is,retreating on Versonl. Prince  ^i^eHp������^4^/'i.^.9^^^!lllS at Orleans.  . There are fresh reports that peace proposals'  bav������ been rnad,e-to,Ga,mbetta,  -t|1;  ., , .; -:  ��������� '������������������:   New York, Dec. 31.  . Prim has been congratulated on his escape  by the Foreign Ministers.  /.Madrid, Dec.'29.  Several battalions of the National Guards  who were recruited in theSRopnblioan quarters of Madrid, refuse to > attend the review  which is to be held in honor of the new King.  Serious disturbances are apprehended. It is  believed the Government will will withdraw  tho bill suspending the constitution of guarantees. The disarmament of the Republican  battalion of National Guards lias commenced.  The city is now tranquil.  j/: Berlin, Dec. 30.  The Federal treaty witb Baden, Hesse and  Wurtembnrg has been ratified by the Upper  Chamber of the Bavariaa Diet by a nearly  unanimous vote..  '' London, Dec* SO.  Many suppose, from Bismarck's last diplomatic note, that Prussia will refuse,'to meet  the accredited representative of the French  Government, which has commissioned officers  "who foave broken their pareie. Another .difficulty is anticipated from protests against the  meeting on the part of Prussia and Russia,  ���������unless it is understood that all matters foreign  to the Paris treaty be excluded'.  A  special dispatch, dated London, 30th,  aays that it is officially announced that Bis-  .aiarcis was asketj j>j the African Mmiska-.  Washbnrne, whether Favre conld h aye, a sJife  ;condnct to tlie Conference, and Bismaiic obr  jCCted.'     ;:;'-;     '    "-'"    ������������������'' "' ���������������������������   .--.;    ������������������'-���������':i'    ' .--:'.;���������:  ";:  -4-,i'!; ,.   '../'';'%-;      ������������������'������������������' Florence.-Dec 3L  Kipg -Yictor Itnannel ��������� and the principal'  members of, ,bis. Cabinet liav e.gone] to jib me:  '���������:", r:;      ���������.:,:: '%-4 .-:.-: ;}"��������� 'Madrid, Dec,;3L :  /The* Cartes' have sanctioned "the iseue. of  Treasury bonds.     V! -: ,.i::'e^--rr: .-���������}������������������  '��������� .'jwH'j ������������������/������������������ ,;.:���������:>. '.���������-.,>'.��������� -if London, Dec. 31.;....  '���������' The Post's Moscow corresp 0 nd e a t ;say s th at  a/belief' 1 ti/the : all iance between the' United.  St ales and .Ru ssia in case of'war' is" beco m ibg!  allvbjittiiniy-ersai;;;i//;-; V'--;..;;,,>��������� ../:;'$ ,"���������/,./���������: ."."/* j  ���������. The siege artillery arrived: before ,Meanx  yestefdaypand the bombardment' has��������� com-  men'ced./1, t .'. ��������� .'*'"'"/��������� .���������>. * -\;'* '< ���������'-���������->���������] t^r.,  ���������,, A battl e is exp ected n earillarcou rt.b.e,twoeri'  T-rcsk 0 w 's / f0 re e,; a a d ten /i li 0 u s a a d.'. French.  ��������� ���������: Ge n 'i'- Man teu ftel re p 0 r ts 5ih at: o n . Satii rd ay;  R ve b atta Li 0 ns 'left Roue tr a nd en c'ounter e d; a  '{French' ^brigade ;wHlch! ��������� they-: drove into "the  ;Gastle<of:Iloberfcvte castle -was;  subsequently stormed by the PrusaiaBH*. The  French lost lOOrmen/"'-. !'-' '-���������t^'-y-^-h -4- >"������������������-������:  =:The 16B8: of;-tlie ��������� besteging f0rce during th e  b dnibard hi e ri i of Av ro u is rep or ted as .800 0. v  (��������� -Advices from -Paris to; the 29th "Dec. repre-  se'Ut' th at a 1 arge p 0 r .ti'oh Of Prince -F red e r icfe  Chafl^s' jarmy h as j0i tied the besiegiug army  of' PaKis'asJreiafiirce'menU^^/v' $j ���������?&������ vj,:$t'  vA ;::i. - London. 30th* :  ��������� - -��������������� r encb iron cl ad s; ���������- are - re ]) 6 r ted - ;~off', Po i at  Ko ch es.' ��������� Many" Ge i^inai u. pi; iaesj are: ���������; a u ch or ed  oft Suigan. ���������' :���������'���������'��������� ������������������������������������ ��������� -;���������'-*   .-.-'. ������������������������������������-��������� -������������������������������������ ;��������� ���������  ������������������',  "������������������' ,   ���������-���������'���������   ",x\^j:v-* ;>^.'vL-!1le'.^P^r.'.  ;, Bonrbaki and" Chariey have resitm^d/tb.e of-;���������  feiiaiye^   ;;,- ".��������� *."'/  Th e Uhlan s are eco u ring', th e cou n try be -.  tween Messierea, Icambria and Arras. The,  ������e ii ch ar ti 11 er > tl re a t M essi 0 res was very ef-  i ec th al, and lids so far p re ve n te d. lli'e b esieg-  ecs Irom greeting batteries.���������-������������������>���������  - Cherbourg, 30th.  :-"Itecruits are daily-arriving--.in.--���������-.Iarge-.nu.m>  ber������. They \yill;be drilled and equipped be-  fore joining tlie army in the.field"1  ���������/''������������������-    .. ,,      Havre, 30th.  .  Ei oy y esterd ay carried th e Prussian p 0 si ti 0 n  on the heights of Boh tile after tf* fight of six  hours.   Loss small on both sides. <���������  London. 31st  ... Further, accounts, from Havre, admit that  the Prussians retook* and held Boh tile for a  short time, but were afterwards driven off  with considerable loss. The FrencK-aasacu.  that the Prussians at one time offered to stir-  re n de r, wh ereu p 0 n th e Fre n ch ceased fi ring,  but.as a party advanced to. receive the surrender they were' fired into at point blank  range and the battle was resumed... '.  u.. ������������������,     Versailles, 30th."  Two companies of Saxons have advanced  as far as B0ndy. .Aflyingeolunmof Mauteu-  fel/s army has defeated three battalions of  'Guards Mobile at Fouget with small loss and  taken 250 prisoners.  >  '        Paris, 22d.  The losses of Ducrot's army during the late  sortie were heavy, and it is necessary to reconstruct the army ,of defence.  '. Bordeaux, 31st. -  Fardhorbe. commanding: the Army of the  North, is again in motion. In the east, the  Prussians are retreating before the French  advance. It is reported that the Prussian  cavalry have been almost useless since the  recent snow and frost, and in consequence of  the severe weather and the difficulty of keeping communication open the Prussians around  Paris are Very reserved in their movements.  Rome, 31st.  Victor Eraannei entered the city to-day.  :* Bordeaux, Jan. 1.  Gen. Chaney announces that Gen. L'Joufifay  attacked the enemy on the left bank of the  Loire, near Vendome, and defeated him, taking 200 prisoners. Chaney adds that he will  continue bis forward movements.  Versailles, 31st.  A detachment of troops haB been sent from  Thionvilla and Verdun to support Von Wer-  derf "who is moving against a fresh column  commanded by Bourbaki.  A fine of 50.000 francs has been-Imposed  upon Versailles for the failure of tho author-j  iti es 10; pro cure the sto res required-r by 'the  'Gernians.. ���������/,"'/''.'.!':''".';:'''."f .'��������� ,',rf''''-"'"'��������� ;'s'-''?  :; The 3erm an en gi neers. d pub't th a ieasi; bil i ty  of holding Avron .at present.' ;ii ' '* u "  ':{Eye ry th lag is ready jfpr; th e b omb ar'd m eri't  bf ijaris 0ti a'.ti'e'meu'd0us -scale si m u 1 taneously  .in a circle. round the devoted- 'city. /All; the1  .0ffifcers have gone .to the��������� froilt: and the a'rtiU  lery has commenced firing on" tyii1 French otit-  posis../r; ���������:;,: ;;.���������:/;/���������!,;/fc..::^:v^ :::':: /;/:;'/-  Qpii... Prim. died, this" & or ni n g ��������� at' I'; o'clb ckl  II /*nrrs������0'4������/I  iri hia ������<&4!oaamhfTr������n' 'aa/iti'y\'ixtl J T4id  baitaHphs; of/, Ma^ri^Be^  ,their(aruis by ord^r of Goyeniment;,%���������.?'?:/":Z  :.':'.'::-;,:'/".'. ���������' /|..."./ 'J j ''\J.[,"_; /! !'|;Ii"oijffon^ ;JanV 2;'/;:  ' I -The 6 er in an s li ay e'- gii hs i eii: vy:; e n o)ig h /'to  sen d shells q lear ,i n to. Par is, b u fc: they have nol  emplc/j^l;herhywiih'atiyjeffect. ^WittvinafWw  d ays all'" Ofe b ea vy ;g u ns r have been b ro ugh t'i'o  a,papticnlar point" to destroy'"one or two forts-,  and;'a tremendous effovi wilI.be. made to''japT  tuypV/.theiu^ .J' Gj'ihi'V" anda/ am munition, arrive'  Bid wly,.! n otwithsta nd I tig' tlie almost s'apethii.-'  man energy exercised tor that"resuU:   , ; '[hl  r/A/,'-';-}.-,.':;/   ^;;->:.?,i../j,,,._.���������������]��������� London, Jan*.2.:/^.  '; The' conststue 11 ts \ ��������� 0f Mr��������� Gladsto n&-x have -  :sign'ed a-fetition?asking hi������.to4^signii '/*���������/'���������������������������������  ��������� The;; Go ve rumen fc / a t 'Bordeau'k h as ��������� design  n a'ted Ju les 'Favrel to ��������� rep reseat \ Fr auce at=the*  Conference.^ <;   !- ** ';-.-> ������������������ $>\% ,-ri'r^r-\rs,':--!h -������������������������������������-  *,���������������������������*-������������������        /���������       ' -. .'.������������������������������������ ������������������'���������: '���������������������������������������������   !-  '������������������      .'-���������'��������� ,:  ��������� ���������.','- ���������>���������'..''':.- ���������-..������������������'.''        -;"'   <>.;...������fr. ,-^���������--..' . ���������'������������������������������������ ���������-~' . \J':-'l'*'i.  " Satisfactouy trial's haye' .'been: ma;de: 0 f a  rhiiraiileuke prociire'd from;'Belgium .''by:;ihe  S p an ish i: Govern ra en ti.. a n d. rd ischarg uig. in a  minn 1 e,ten vol!eys of 37 conical halls.-pt 1  0 a/Jirel gh t.'api ece/ f 'Th ese: p roj e'e tiles- pie reed  d islij nice three.'! p er... e'en t- reached.' th e; ma rk.  ���������The weight, of the ���������mitrailleuse,. ;was -33S,  pounds, and its cost about'-"$'1,000..'      ������������������  '��������� .*��������� '.-��������� ���������������������������������������������  The rolling mills'at' San Francisco, which  have been in operation two -anl a half years,  use 400 tons of ivov, monthly, turn ing out 230  tons of finished iron, of which- ninety .tons  consist of' rails. Besides ralroad'iron they  have been turning but car axles! spikes, shoe  shapes, and general railroad work..'..' '    '..,/  ��������� BUSINESS; NOTICE.  ���������MISCBLLANEOOS.  >���������',-  :   ' 1:- ��������� r , \r BARKERVILLE;' :���������   ^ ;   > | \ <-  Next D06b t0 Sbntinel*OwioBi *'  ��������� \ T this Es tab! iahmcii t - w 11 lal wa y s be f bun \\ a"  xJL     ''i ;'sMecteU;a'n'ttvarjedassprtmentq 11he   '1 >r?������  FItESSEST:GE6^EE^t&:.&6^  ��������� '-".'���������'., -*>>        IN.CAH.1BOO. ���������   ,..    . t... .;-.:.,  ALSO^-A.gop cl s e I ceti'o n fi f Cloth 1 n ge ijard waria'/OI'ufc:  /      .and Qrockcry / Best b rands of Tobacco^ ."''_���������.'  jJ/-; '"..,' ,   ��������� ������������������' MtvtlicineSjOttiv,etc,';'     "'  ������������������.-���������.' '  ������������������! Best Java ColieclioasteU and' Groahfd DAILY .t ���������  ALIi^G-pSBS SOLPJ^TLOWSsSA^i  , ; -(Tb c B AR Ififi f ,n I i yi s up pii c cj. w i Hi tii 0, c tioi c eat.'.' ���������'"'."  :_���������;.,4 . /, HiiyaiiatJigary^\Vinep.*iiidLiqu0rs.'  I trustby strictJittaiitfon to'busincss}and Tair ������ ������d  so/iiai'hHealirig ��������� t(ifmeri't a eontiiiuifno'cof ��������� theUberal  patronage ii ere tolor.i-'b steudeU to m e.:.    ���������������������������.'���������.<        ,  v Ai large lot: 0 f, H I^WOO I)������S eel eb rfti������ d % AGO N  ^or Side, at a, veryluw;. Ugurc. i  < ���������        ���������'..';��������� -J ������     .  WOrJ'CE'ST.E'R SHf RE   SAUCE  Declared by Conn oisscurs to be :.-,'--."..,  THE 'ONLY   GOOD   SAUCE*.  Pain is supposed-to be tho lot of us poor mortals*,  as inevitable as tleiitli'itself ami liable at any time to  come upon us. Therefore it ia Important ibat reine-'  dial agents slieuM be at ltatnl to be used on an enter  geacyi wlieii the seminal principle lodged iuthe system shuJl develop itself, and wo feel the excruciating  iigonies of path, or the depressinif iutluoziee of disease.  Sue It a romcillal Agent exists in the ������itx Kuxeh,  vvhosefume has made the circuit of tho globe. Amid  Lite eternal ices of the Polar regions or beneath the  intolerable and bu-rniug sua of the tropics, its virtues  are. known and appreciated. Under all latitudes,  from cue extreme te the oilier, suffering humanity  has found relief from many of -Sta ills by Its use. The  wide and broad area over which, this medicine ban  spread, attests its value and jpoteney. From a small  beginning, tho pain Killer has pushed steadily along,  making its own highway, solely by its virtues.  Such unexampled success and popularity has  brought others into the fio.ld,. who have attempted,  under simUMarity qf name, to usurp the confidence of  ja7-lm  .KMB.jim inftiBiyiry  mmeca Express  Caution.against Fraud.���������TUeVsuccess of ilua;  .most delicious} an tl   tin rivalled  Condi men t, bavins  caused certain dealers to apply the name of ** Wprce.s-  ershiro.Sauce:.' the publjois IterebytinformedtVat t.k������  nl y way to s ecu re the genuine 1 is to ' ��������� '"'' *'   -  :ASk';.F6fe:VLi;A.'''v&' p!ERRiNS������  saijck  a ii cl 10 s ed that' th ei r ha ni es a r e u pori th e iraii'M*  I.A BK LS, STOP J.? TOt,. aild; Ji< HI 1.E. -���������_'���������: ��������� t,;   ;���������. ,.;,.,.  St)m e ot tl te- foreign .ituirfcets hayi ng' be'en sit ppi 1 e ft  wi tli a s p u r i 6ii s W orcostcrsb i re Sauce, upon th e w rii p -  per.and labels of- whi.ch the names of Lea and Perrtna  h av c h ee 11 forge ti,'' t ]'. a 11 ti IK given pii ce th tl t ilfoy  have f u r ri ish ed their correspon den ts wi th?.power 0 f  attorney to take instant .proceed in xs agaiuot. mano-  KACTLTjitois andr vknoobs of sucli,. 0r aiiy. 01heriniiin  'tons by which their ri������th t-'may be infringed. ,;  'Ask for iiEA & PEK.RINS'-..Sauce and?s������  ���������t .Hanie  qa Wrapper, Label, Bottle, an  Stopper.������������������-"  '    '���������.'.'"  Wi 1 bTesa leant! for e xp or I b y th e P ro prietors, W������ r  ceste r; Crosse and" Black well, Lon rj on, is c.A, ko.,' &*%  by Grocers an d Oil in en u n i vorsally...  FLOUR,'FLOUR, FLOUR,  SODA  CHEEK,  -    QUESNELLE, and  BABKEBVILLE  8. HARPER  e;  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  * AX������ ,$  CARIBOO    RHYM E ������ 1  THK NEXT KXPRESS will leave Barkerville about  ihe loth of January.  The Omi neca Exprcss w ill conneet with Barnnr������lrs  Enpress at. Qnei-nelmouth and William Creek/where  oh real* awi iitess will be recfiivcc).  PKICB,  BT JAMS������ ANDIM0>T������  -      -       -        ONS DOLLAR  For sale at the S^wnkl 6{R������c  and forwarded hy  pout, free t( etomo WW  !. ?'.\r.V  mm  MBBWBWW������BS i  '������������������   '  IE  m&  life  ilif?  ill  til  nil  til  SI  111  in  ipl;  ^i  tin- |V'-.  Kir; ;!.-  mMn  tyyxl  II  B!|^ml|flLlJlUtlHU.^MI^MMjj^^  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ;=������  S WU KDAY; JAN; 2 lv 1811/; ���������  RIVAL ROUTES TO OM1NECA.  / We observe that a number of parties in  Victoria are already agitating the question of  opening a road to Germansen creek from the  ������������������Sk'eerj'n, and a deputation bus waited on his  Excellency the Governor asking for an appropriation, for the purpose. As we h a ve expressed ourselves before, we think it foolish  till more is known of the region to attempt to  open a coast route while the main trunk road  of the coiony is;open for, travel.iH-. There are  ���������other intereBtfi to be laken into consideration  besides the one,idea which seems to ariiraate  on r Vi c tori a f rien ds^n a-mei y;: how parties  ���������can get quicker to the mines from Vancouver  Island or California, and baclt ag-aia. to apeud  their hard won earnings���������the agricultural  j> or t io n of ���������-,-' the col on j wan is; spin ��������� ra ean s : of  transit by which- it can;'..inippty^i6.s'dilbm  ^cheaply;^vith;;the, necossaries ;of; life. Our  i arm era .and gra aiers can no wi-jp #>d u c.e all th e  ���������flour, beans, beef and bacOni'equired. and it  * is ?mnc1i m orei essential ] that aroad 'Bhotild be  ariatle ky ^^r������ni,ili*MBe"_ ^roftilbtii-'^ jpAii/i-'lH*,-!|'ci>n-  "yeyed, and.'by;which miners can iravel^ also,  than th at every: will V, the wi sp route w I neb  snight possibly save ft, few daysr tfatelvfrom  tha <co������$t. should be opened at the public expense with no eertainty of its ever proving  ftriy benefit.: 7ln .connection with thisimatter,  ; Sve would fiiiggest that;if a few of the patent  wbad steamere,-;^escribed : in: our last_issue,  were putrupon ^arroads the.cost;and ;time,of  fcra &sport ati oh oiy on j d$ e m aterial I y d i in inlsh-  ������d, and competition by any other rnn te might  bemccessfii 11 y defied. We are informed^by  =a gen tlemaU;w ho has be'en the new ateainei������in  ���������opera ti on th at they are j ust the thi rig suitable  for tills country.'��������� ��������� and we can only feel sur-  ; ^priaed that sdme/enterpTising capitalist has  not already tried tlieexpernnjent^ Some six  -or eeyen years age"an ordinance waa passed  by the.Legislative/Cohncil^granting certain  privileges to part?ea.'Who /then ��������� proposed in���������;.  ' Iro ducing t r ac tioii .e ii g i nea. bi it th e matter  **ema To tiava l-ainT dor man t; ever; si n ce .for  what reason we canTt say i but if the Ornineca  ibines prove equal to expectations, now is the  *host; favorable time to put the scheme ia to<  execution; ;; '���������"/";���������/-'"'."  Editor SEN-nKKL:---A general existing prejudice agaihit France for haying brought on  or caused the war ^between her ahfi Prussia,  w ith i taTeal am i ties 'to al blAir op e^ indu ce������ m e  io give you the translation of two able edi*  loriaU taken from the New Orleans Abeille (a  V nited States paper), and the Franckf������rth  ���������ba-lhe-Maine Taj^es Press (a Gerwan news-  pap������r), establishing, with facts, that all the  ^blame and consequences of this horrible war  fare due, not to France, but to the intrigues of  that rapacloua Bismark, and to bisunpriiv  ^cipled^^ and hypocritical cbUeague the King o  l^ruesia, William I. .  .  THE RESPONSIBILIf Y OF THE WAR,  5s the heading of the article in the New Orleans Obeille, and the following is the traus-  .latioH*:  *4 We have always maintained that although  France had declared war against Prussia, she  uannot be considered as tie Aggressor.   She  Tvas merely picking up the glove thrown to  her by her adversary, with a long-aa:o premeditated intention to provoke by all means  *-conflict with'France.   The results of the  ���������^struggle'have proved indeed that Prussia was  ^prepared long beforehand, and that* she had  laken in advance all her measures to crush  1rom the outset the French army.  ** Letters received by families Hvingin New  Orfeana have established as a faet that from  the months of May and June, 1870���������six weeks  before the question of Hohenzollernr8 caodi-  ���������datnre to the Spanish throne arose, and when  tho Olivier Ministry was entirely absorbed  ���������foyit&parliameatary difficullieu���������France was  very far from dreaming of war, while Prussia  ���������was already mobilizing not only ber regular  iroo^s-vbiit also moat of her lamlwebr; therefore*, whan ihe Freuch Government saw that  It was Bismark-'a decided aim  to provoke  -war, it thought it its duty to declare It, hoping  to be in advance.   But far from being two  weeks ahead, ������s was believed in Paris, it has  been found out that France vwas two months,  end may be two years behind hand.  ���������" Letters received from Germany in   New  ���������Orleans have also -revealed that during the  three months previous to the declaration of  -war* Prussia had sent to 'Paris, under different  disguises, old soldiers engaged at high salaries, and in sufficient numbers to form in the  centre of the French capital ten regiments,  which, according to previous arrangements.  wiljrc to co-nperate when the place should be  $>eM*������ged.   I'll is plot was. however, frustrated  fcv the expulsion'Of the Gcruiaus from Paris;  but investigations made ai ter wards have  proved its reality../"   -  * .. ; ���������    ' . . ;'.  f-^ To-day: woi;have a hew proof of the firm  determiriatioh' of ..King William and' his adviser to en force war ^n France. We have  frocfl very reliable authority that in the month  of September, 1869, Bismark was receiving,  through his agents in America, a complete  list of the newspapers published in the Union,  with the indication of ..their political hues,  opinions and tendencies in regard to European  affairs. Bismark, the Prussian Minister, a  slyt prudent man, wlio neglects nothing, was  desirous to know in advance what would be  the public opinion in the pnited States in.the  event of a war between France asi.d Prussia,  or may be a general European war/ ,;;������������������  u Now. wi 11 7011 kaow what General Von  Mo 1 tlce -was d01 sg in the year 18691': ,A .1 etier  from Paris to the Frankfurth Gasetto relative  to i lie e igh th 1 asci cu 1 us 0 f; th e : secret dbcii-  meuts of ihe Empire, will ;show it to us.  Fro m this 1 e tter we extrac t the folio wi ng:���������  ;; Thes-relatiohs"between ihe Governments of  Paris and Bbrlin were stam  mistriist; so the Frenoh Minister of Vf ar was  ke e pin g in German y, as a qu all tied spy, a cer-  tiiinJpa,piain Samuel /who was not bniy conversant Wi tli; tli e Germ an Ian gu age b u t also  wi 1 h i ts di(ferent dialec'ts! Here is a telegram  whi.ea,establishes, plainly the part"he was  playing ; /', ,     ./' ��������� ,: ' '"'���������''' :  . ";"  /;;iFoRiaoH/Aprii 9,1^9^: ;  ^. ���������.: : ^ . !, /".,,,      . '������������������ * y o^lbck, a.m^ "  '���������*. To fee Mihiater\ of War, Paris:      ; " ���������  ;. iSi noeVMond ay I am following ; Gep^ Voii  Mpjtke, who visits our borders and Btndies  biir; positions^/ Monday, t found hiin at May-  erice. 'Tuesday, he stopped at Birlienfeld,  where be took notes on the heights and sut-  rouhdiiig\ places of the pid castie/ Th at saine  night he -slept at SarreHnick;, where he snr-  v ey e d th e defei isive posi t io ns 0 f th e Gare and  the canal. Yesterday ho was at' Sarrelouis,  where beieyetJr In spite of badiweather; he  is 0 u t v isi ti ng th e. aeigh ts of Vau de y a \ 1 ge^ an d  lieru*������. According 4o, 4oformat10n received,  he; willleave to-nigh tor tonaiorro w for Friar.  to follow theTiyer JJioselii. Shall I coutiiiue  to: follow him t     , .        ���������   , ' *  .   * Sead answer to j&e^^ telegraph ofi^ce of For-  .bacuV'";-;';v'^-/:"t:---f ��������� ?;>:���������'     -���������;���������;' ��������� ������������������.'���������_/:-"--;- ���������"  (Signed) ���������'���������'.';������������������:;4 CJm'AKC Sakukw  ?:'''��������������������������� '���������".'���������' ��������� v \-y.-!''hi^Ato;-;^:.^^-:" ..''./'���������'  ���������;'���������."' Faris/1,40 p.m.-^Foliow him.1  /���������"." Evidently the Fi*enck Government was  mistrustful, but ne^ enough, as against one  spy they were keeping ia Prussia Bismarck  hfed^thousand* in France. It is asoerts ined  to-day that the JP russi an ce aim an de rs had su r-  rey&k all- the French -stro ugh olds, and that  they were better acquainted with the topography of the "departments they were conlem-  platr-ng to invade, than the French Generals.  '/The provocative, and . aggressive part of  Prussia is sufficiently ascertained ; and if any  crime can be imputed to ^he French Empiiv,  it isTiot for having declared au tin avoidable  war, but for. not having been-prepared for its  proseov.tioUTftnd. suocesa.  *4 Great Britain is snuieiently edified about  the: gam e p]ayed^ by Bismark. She knows  that she has^eOe^elv^d'as well us the rest  of Europe, Russia excepted, by the complicated system of falsehoods of the Prussian  minister. If England finds it out too late, the  fault is attributable to the indecision of her  statesmen." ���������  This mudi from the New Orleans Abeille.  But it is not only in America, but all over  Europe and even in Germany, that light has  come out on Bismark's policy and treacherous conduct.  The Frank fur th-on-tho-^Iain e Tages Press,  a liberal paper, has had the courage to expose the situation and general feeling prevailing in Germany on the odious conduct of  Prussia. It is on Prussia that must rest the  responsibility of this criminal and barbarous  war, which after a monstrous human holocaust and nameless ruins will leave betweeh  both nations a feeling of hatred which a full  century will not extiaguish. Here is the manner in which the German paper expresses its  views:  does not cease/although the incon testable j  superiority of  our arms has removed  all  danger, and shows satisfactorily-itbat we need  have no fear of Jeeing Germany invaded by  French armies. V   '---���������,/>!/ft, t .1  4i AVe begirt to cinderstand the criminal in*.  tentioh Avhich has directed tlm Spanish scheme  ���������that is to say, the brutal insult made to  France through her amibassador; The scales  fall from the eyes, and the present war appears in its.true light���������namely, as a continuation of the culprit act of ?B0. We are not  the onlyones to think so.' In the whole of  Germany; and in the utmost' recesses of old  Prussia, the true wotive is clearing/ up more  and more. The people hegin to curse the  cruelties committeel 60 the French soil���������that  struggle, man to man, with a,generous nation  --a war. winch involves the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of oiir children:; The in-  dignation aroused by the abuse inade of our  defensive forces.in viewi|f of ferocious plunders, appears already all over our country.  Loud murmurs are heard Irom the people "on  the departure of eaoh traiu leaving tor France,  which trains; invariably; come back with an  indefinito array of wagons loaded with'  crippled and wounded men. .Jii many places  the population, principally women; are opposing the departure of those who are'called  to'the battle-fields:::- '-���������"'���������'*���������������������������: "������������������'���������''"/-'��������� ;.v';-1>;;������������������������������������ '^'-��������� .������������������.:V"j  -Often it happehB\<h������t;new recrnUsn^  been pushed into tlie wagons by the butt-ends  of guiis; : It.might.have been told to you that  here at Frankfiu-th we have illumihated; for  German victories, of Which Bismark and his  creatures try to make the most;;: hut yon  must know that it ..-has been done, by order of  the police, whose sninmorises are yet tp.be seen  at the corners of our. strcats.     '   ;' ,.!-;  ���������'If such slaughter docs hot;soon cease, we  shall be compeUed to ������nveil io the world the  hostile demonstrations which succeed one tlie  nth er / Trom north to ,ftoutn and .east? tp west,  in Germany ; which demonstrations may take  such extension as tin ally to make the rapacious  Will ia m (as h e is su r n a med ,h c re) iiinders tan d  that it may be safer : for him /to remain in.  France than to come back to Germany.*V //  ..���������������������������,������������������ ������������������:���������;:-:���������'     '.%'&. u:  MISCELLANEOUS.  -iiws^iumm  1 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  DURING 'MY A US KNCE, MR. iJAS. :MeB. SMITH  . licijLtJ amy Po war of Attuni < '.y. All . u c rso n s .i 11-  ilcbtttd to raearc requested to oiake aii! early settle-  meal with Wtmi   > i :t ���������������������������-'-'��������� -!:-   '���������������������������-.���������.,:  ...,\y.:sTERT;iHo... :  Barkerville, B/CM January 13, 1671.    '  Jiilf^tn;  l^OTICE.  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We confess it,  for a loii������ time we have been misled in regard '  to Ihe true fomeutom of this war, and did'  eagerly send our sons to join in the defense of  threatened Germany Such, at least,  was oursuppoation*  ������  ������  but tlio slaughiev  THE UXDERSIO X ED BKO -TO ACQUAINT TH EI R  friendH and the public that tln?y have leased the  above wr������)l-1cnown nnd commodiou.-J Siloon from Mr  Wm. Sterling, "vs'hore tliey will euiloavor, by strict attention to business, to merit the patromfge of tho  eotntnunity. .  Tney wish to inform evorv one that th^v will fur  nish.NO LIQUORS OR CKUUS at the Bar BUT OK  THE VERY BISST QUALITY that can be procured in  Cariboo.  Tho Billiard Tables will always? bo kept in good  order so as to alford satiHl'action to their patrons.  ���������   W.  W. DODD.  |a? lm ��������� J. Z. HOUGH.  Has returned to Barkerville, and may be con-  :     suited at his old stand.  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Saturday, jan.
Rome* Dec. 31���General Sheridan had a
rgrand receptiou here last night.
Madrid, Jttat���The death of Prim has inten-
silled the excitement in this city, and great
*pp.elmnsio��8 of an outbreak of 't(,e conspir- be MnTtolhe G^e^Tsto toS"rtovemen'te
��(nrc     uvula        lirntui'ninanr    la   tnti 1* 1 T\rr iilriii>ra . . _T _ i     i ��
i pon Ports.   New Generals have been sent to
London, 4th~There was fighting on the
1st near Sans Fontaine. '200 Frenchretroaled
into Switzerland and were disarmed. There
were several other engagements on the 1st.;
particulars not known. Vague Crumors '������ at.
Liit e of a batt le o u the ���. 2 d, bet wee n. the Jo >y ns,
ot Busigay aiwl JJeaume,:with heavy-loss 01V
both sides. Tlie Prussians' weire d ef ea f cd
along the whole line. Paris advices show intense excitement exists among the population,
who demand that a grand sortie be made.
Numbers ol the Mayors of the city have called
upon Troe&u and insisted that he will accede
to their desire. Tho Paris journals accuse
Trojhu of idleness. The Bordeaux journals
coincide, and it is understood that orders will
'     'A
a tors, exists. . Government is making efforts
.to allay the excitement.  '
Vien na, Jan. 2���Field> Marshal Moerin, i r
the Austrian 'tinny, died to day.
London, Jan. 2���A Prussian. oorvette is
hovering off :Du&gafy an.
Mcziei'es has ^been ��� occupied by /the Qer-
, man&   <     >'.-���:. ������,-;���.-,��� v;. "j'-..'. ;'     ,', VJ'!-
The,. French have evacuated the other forts
inorth east pf; Parwisiuce��� the reduction ot* Fort
A won, and the forts arqimd-Pans are silent.
���' A Prussian: diyision -repulse'd a superior
French foree and captured some guns in an.
. e ri ga ge men t ne ar. Arras. 175 French infan try
were; made prisoners.    /,,. ,,/'/[/-."'.   ;
JThe evttcuaUba of, the(pUteairbefore AvirOn
,-can see mn eh; deprcssi 6ii ��� i h Paris. /
11 is reportod that the; Paface;>atJfaj ma!son
was set on lire by the giins ofMount Valerian
and totally destroyed. ;:    ;
ft o rd ca n x,' ��� ja n. 2���The wi n ter is extrem el y
cold and the troops suffer terribly. lMany
Prussian ami French soldiers have been frozen
to death. Accounts lr.6ra ! several districts
show that ;the most inhuman atrocities are
.}) e r p e Ira led by, the eue my; wi tbput pro v o ca-
lion., ,.. ..,-.;'.-..������..... ,'v ...������'.-''./.'-,."'���.' ���-'���'; ;'��� \".".-.. ;���".;
IJeaancon, Jam; 1���The;.enemy;evacuated
the town of I say altera severe com bat with
-l h e F ra up? li re u rs under Go I. . Bo vas. The
���<* v.iin u a Ioss was hea v y i, ou rs smal 1..,;_..
London, Jan. 2��� fhsmark writes to Russell
thai Prussia is jiislifted io sinking the enemy's
^hipit iii the 8��'mu��, although compensation for
ih* loss has boon refused because unuccom-
������'��� p ��� in i��U' i> y an ap ��1 ogy. He renews tender o f
f��rymt-nt.:: ������::- ��� ���.���:';��� -::- ���/   ;',i./��� ..f/ ..:";C./'-";:::.:/>.'
A'ul i it o rial: a v til le ry is oh ''���> th e. way to Paris.
The untntivr" of jruns of all calibre now in
front of Pai'isia 500. -;x ,"'��� ' ; ���.;.;
Troops are concentrating in south-eastern
Ku-isla.    ��� -:  / ��� ��� .������ r,  ������������.'
London. Jan. 2���A correspondent at Berlin
t��nysi the Court of Berlin believes that Paris
will soon capitulate.
Th ere. has been r a.signigcan 11 i n terciian ge of
��� oonrtosies betweeti Beyj'K apjl:;WiIheln\shohe,;
r��nd the Emperor.^Is .confident/'Qf/(b'-mU^1
atinn. ���������       -v. ���     ,'.,.: : ���'/
London.. .Taiv 3-ePart of Chancey:s army is
strDngly posted'.aaar Vendomo. ��� 'For a week
past engagements along the 'Loire have been
sueeessfnl tor tbe'French.   The French have
taken 1208{iiisefiera near. Lachatre., A Prus-
hian' cobvnvn \itn trying to crbss the Lqive oii
the ice lost 300 men, who were drowned.
Advices froitfPam,dated 30tlu state 'that
the:Parisians are urging^oTmi'" to make an-.j
1 n tli er so r tie wi th a n e n or m ou s for ce, as now
'  their artilleryvis numerous and the weather is
A severe engagement preceded the German
evacuation of Gorey.   The German retreat is
���Ttjortfirmed. -       " '
"Versailles,'1st���The King at a reception
to-doy said���u Great events must have preceded ouf getting on such a .^ay to much a
place.   It is due to your hctotsm and perse-
<*verance and the bravery of tive1 troops.   But
���our object is still unattained, and important
fe tasks sty I remain before we can achieve a
lasting peace.   It would be v/rong to make a
peace if you must continue lite kitties bringing yod here." ���
The-British demands relative to ���colliers are
v in progress of adjustment.
Versailles,  4lh-~lt is  reported th it  the
Grand Duke of Mecklenburg was dismissed
rom liis command by Moltke for not keeping
"the French at a respectful distance.
It is probable that Chaucey will soon assume the ���ffensive and attack Prince Freder-
^clcGharles, and perhaps with  success.   The
.river Seine is frozeu hard enough to bear
Kitten and guns. -
London, 4th-���A special-'correspondent of
the Tribune's at Paris tends letters and papers
of the 31st nit. He says coal cannot' be
bought. It has all been used for casting cannon and by the railroads, and wood is liaarly
all gone. The trees of Boulogne and the Boulevards are now %e%>g cut down. The nunv.
toer of deaths for tl)0 fast'two,weeks was 1200.
Bread is plentiful a,nd is expected to last until
4mfl ^f February. Ihe Prussians continue
��heir field operations. JThe weather desperate
cold. Trochu says Fort Aviron was evacuated
voluntarily. The Prussians throw shells
further than the French, their guns having
a longer range. The papers cluiuor for more
���extreme military measures.
eo mm and the F ren ch forces at II avre. The
evacuation of Rouen is, considered certain,
and Manteuffel has been compelled io'concentrate in the north owing to the forward movement of Faidherbe aloug the valley to Lille.
Chaucey continues his successes with flying
columns of Algerian cavalry.
Versaillesj 4th���The bombardment is so ef
fectnal on the east of Paris that there is only
a feeble reply from the garrison. The participation of the bankers in the, French loan is
severely censured in Berlid*
Versailles, 5th���Gen, -.Manteiiffel reports
that au attack was made, by considerable
masses o f tUe enemy near Sap li a ges p n M oik
day, but was repnIsed with small loss on our
side and heavy loss to the enemy, including
250 prisoners. After peace has been restored,
France will remain occupied for sometime
and the French prisoners sent to Met?:, which
is regarded as'a German fortress. The bat-
teries on'the:south of Paris whose armaments
were interrupted by the French have been
bombarded, by Forts Boyssy, Vanves and
Mont Rouge, and from the eutrenchinents at
Villajuy.and Point, Jnil and the gunboats.
The bombardment at the north-west of Paris
is continued heavily, partly from newly
erected butteries., The "results are most favor-
able. ���  . ��� _.-������..      /       ,���".���'
Brussels, Bth-rThe batteries at CI arnert and
Villa d' A very are throwing shot weighing 65
p ouu ds. They have bo mb a rd��d the fortress
of .d!Issy. Van Loupe?s and another ;qo1 urnn (
is at Vehdome and La tupe; The French reserve from O r 1 ea ns, Ch ateau Dun an d D ri x, i n
all 77,000 men, are joining Chaucey^ who
has 150.000��� soldiers in -splendid condition.
The forces of- Generals Faidherbe and Bor-
siers..; are i u ��� excel le nt order. . Matvteuffel %
losses in the battles of the 3d and 4th were;
3500. Advices fro m Paris to \he 3d and 4thi
have',bee.n received to-d ay. T he da mage from
the bombardment had been slight, French
losses thus far had been 12 killed and.30
wounded. The citizens and army are clamorous for offensive action.
Versailles, 6th Jan.���Fort dTssy has been
. Lille, 7th���The French head-quarters are
at Herleanx. 'JJhe approxunate 1 oss in the
battle of Beau me was 9000 Germans and
4000 French. The Germans evacuated Be-
aume yesterday. It is said that 100.000
French have arrived at Cherbourg to equip
for active service.
Li I le, 7 th --Fnidberbe.. stij l...cj.a ims a victory
i n sp i te o f Ge r rn an b u 11 e ti ns. Par i s 'letter^ to��
4th indicate danger of riots. .)
London,'7th���Faidherbe'is now advancing
towards lleroleaux Castle.
Vendeloup were battcted down after a light
o f eight hours' duration. Tlie Germans iu the
upper valley of Oiae havo evacuated Guise
and Poisson, retreating on Messieres, and
after a severe engagement-repulsed the 2d
French army corps. The Germans occupied
Oisey, Moiitoules and intermediate villages.
German losses .inconsiderable.
Bordeaux, 2d���-The Germans on Friday attacked the French position at Valleirhuner
and St. Cyergault, and afte-i-wai'ds forced our
lines at Neville. At night the French took
tire offensive, .re-entered all their positions
and entered St. Aruaud,'tho enemy retreating
towards Vendome, leaving many wounded:
and prisoners. They appeared to suffer very
heavily during the day and night.
���Havre. 6tu���10,000 Germans from Rouen
were defeased yesterday by Gen. Roy near
Baraevc. The French have since occupied
Bourgard and 'threaten to drive the Prussians
from Pont Aidutt.
Versailles,'6th���The vanguard of WerderV
forces in the valley of Laone engaged the
French yesterday and took 25 prisoners;���-
The King has sent the following dispatch::
Our losses during the bombardment of Fort,
dMs: y so far are IV killed and wounded.-���
Large supplies have been captured from the
French at Itoche.
Versailles, Sth��� The 2d army corps has
been augmented by reinforcements, and resumed '��tffonsive movements on the 1st.���
Bourbaki is believed to be planning to raise
the siege of Paris before attempting io invade
Germany*   Belfortwili be his "base of oper
London, Sih^Evening.--Bourbaki is'mavch-
ing on'Nancy add Bel fort.���"-" The- French have
ehtered Salen es.:. 1?he. Germans are withdraWr
ing ftpm:. the.; northern/department. Frenc^li
ni arines and: io fa n.try rep nised a P ruse i an 6 e-.;
tacbinent near .jaun\i. ' An���'accoiint; iti the���
Times' of^a, cbhve'i'satiou! between Washburne
and"'Fiivre i; at; Bort^eaux ��� is; contradicted.-77.
Favre isisti 11', jyajting to i'eceive Engl and?s in-
v i tation to th e Con fe ren ce. ��� The .Uhlans h ay e
appeared under the walls of'Lil\S.     : -:   u
f- London, 9th���Telegrams from Versailles to
the Times to-day say ihe American Consul has
been permitted to leave Paris ajid has arrived
h ere. "I The P riissi an gii ns coul d easil y'"' sh el 1
the city, as several houses in Paris have been
set oh fire.. There haa appareiitly not been
much firing to-day. Tte French redoubts at
No tre J),ame de 1 a Me r we re r e-o ecu p i ed by
the Prussians and their fire turned against
the French. No appearances of a sortie. The
Prussian losses are stiil insignificant. A correspondent at .Versailles telegraphs that on 1
the :7tli the bqmbard 1 nent. 0f \ the forts ��outii
0 f ���, P.a da con tin u ed. stead ily, a nd th a t; th e lire
0f the French;had siacketied. It is supposed
that several guns i rt' th & for ts were di smounted.
rTfie: weather is fav0rab le f0r siege:operations.
\ London, &thr^-The Ldndoh^ Standarfliriti-
mates'that it' the new Alabama negociations
faiL the fault .will be due to America and; not
to "England, .,,<: ;'./'"'''""
At 'Richfield,from 14tfe to20th January, 1871-
taken at 9..ia.m. each day. showing the;high
est and lowest range lor the preceding's*
-hours"::;'    " ' ��� : .'"'-:' "���".--   ; ;��� :��� '..*.."       '������< :
Jan':-14^22 r.<
"   ]��-10'
10 vbelow^ero,
i$4t-j. ������M'%-><^
4 ahbve'zoro. ���
*���:���:%- ���rrt-:>v::r-;4^:
;������ .20 ::>'->,n..^v-: ,:,���-���:���.
i Berlin, ;9tb-���The /King ielegrapbedJ^ tlie
Queen froin Versailles; on the 8th that Prince
Frederick Charles continues his "victorious
advance on Lyons/'"Everything- has been
quiet in the north since the 3d. The bom-
b ard men 10 f; Par is fe0 p ro ceedi ng. f a vprab ly.
The barracks inside,|het fortificationa were pn
fire.""-, -    ��� -,, /:. ......      ; :"��� --V . . *'
"i London,? th-r-Th e Gorer n rnent of Paris has
issued orders annpuncing the c0nsplidatipti of.
al I mi l i tary associ alio us. a n d' the e nt i re ab I e-
bodied male population will form; the" army
for th e de fen s e of the ei ty ���,. The ^Go m nMssio n-
ers appointed to -carry but, th is decree con-;
sists. 01'^the Go ve rii 0 r of Par is, C 0 mm an ders ofi
the Foils-;and, Artillery; Corps. /'.7 ��� "['��� '/ ';'*
' l)ispatoheec from Trankl orfc! sayj" peti tibns
have been for warded: to King William, at Ver-
sail les pray ing- h i m to ,'r es p ec t h is title and;
allow that c}ty^ to be his: plaae of coronation.;
: i A Ee pub li can. i usurr ecti 0 a h as b rpkeri oat
at J> ainia f Xir ail ad a (Sp ai h). T he: mo veine u t
ts-cohaidered :un iiripd ytsiatr- ���"���^���rr/- ���:;"'tv; : '���';:'
oil n cos.
WILMiM'CRKKK^   *-' ."��� *5.^ ,/s:"y
Ballarat   co.' washed last week 30
The Pinkpi-ton co   over wages and
expenses/: The Cariboo; co. was obliged to.
stop on.accouut of ice, but has been started
agaiu.; .-������/;   .      "/:-:       .'-- -
The Talisman co, last week washed 31' oz.
from.3.sets of timbers', .
.'.-.- .,.'  STOUTS QVX.CH,    ���
The Jenkinsvco. last week^. wi-,th, two rock-
ere washed,83 ounces. The Taffvale/rocking/
are making over wages. \ The Mucho Gro not
so much. '=���������'���
'���'"������-���    ������-I--'v'^-'-]'X>VtXKK:OR1SE& .'���--,
Thft' Brown co. last week washed 35 ounces.
The Victor.ia.co;.were stopped. :by, breaking
Forts d'Issy and hVto the Brown diggings, and have been obli-
-��� "~Ui .ged to -flume their tunnel.
The Lightning co. last week washed 225 bar.
The Spruce co. 95 oz^ The Vancotiver co.
are drifting from their shaft. The Van winkle
co. making good progress with their machinery. ��� ,
tyoNAWAy.^On. Tuesday afternoon, a*
Messrs. E. Pearson & Brb.>���. b!eigh', was coin-
ing down the ro ad from llichfleld, it slid over
the bank at the turn below Stout's Gulch,
tumbling all the occupants, seven or .eight in
number, promiscuously down the bank:in tho
deep snow. The horses then having relieved
their couscience.of a 1 oad, started off oh th'eir
dwn : flcconht for Barkervillet Wbeii they
brou gh t u p'agai n st a pi lb of co rd wo 0 d w i th-
outn.inj.ury to themselves or sleigh. Fortutt-
ately.npne.of the passengers were hurt, but
irather seemed to enjoy thc.spill.
/,;Buugla.ky���On AVednesday night a pane
of glass was broken in the window ,of Mr. J".
Harper's warehouse, above the Canyon, ami
;about 4001 bs of Hour abstracted. ' A sack wao
found next morning buried in the chow along^
i'8ide..tbe road, below Richfield, but no further
clue has been obtained either of the robbers
;or the remainder of the stoleu property.
/;..The ^Veatut-ju andthk Roads���Lnst week's
cold has been succeeded by a rapid change,
to mild; weather, with cohsiderable snow during the last few days, which has had the effect
of m ak i n g t h e; to ad; b e tween W ill i am and
Lightning, creeka,/yery^;, Ueayy ^r; .^avel.^--
Quesn el rive r is n 0 w fro Ken 6 y er a t' i t s in ��u tli
ab as to permit the pass*age of loaded teams.
'' Expiii'isa j-Mov'EHBSTsABifhard'a " Expreaa
1 eft f ot* below oh Satiit'd ay in or n ing ,14th i ns fc,
taking as: ^passengers; Mr; vAVm.' Sterling, of
Barkeryilia, md I)r. Trevor, P!::Qiiesnelmouth,
The X-n$&K -express ��� may ''��� be /expected; on.
25Uvbr^2()thviu8^ recent cold wea
ther not retard trayeiling on the river below.
-Yale.; ���Cy'^ .'���-���������.-/;.-; P'tf/jyy;�����-:-^:/;/.���/; -pi-^/i:--' -.���
��� FiiiE at'Guouse ��� Cubkk.���-Ok'''Sunday night
a tire A��roke out inn a; cabin, occupied by'
V^m^^auntpn and JphrtrMarUti. The -roof
and celUng w.ere:bii 171 ed," b'ut by the prpinpt
exer tio ns 0 f th e ni ihers, I be icon tents' 6 f th e*
cabin ;\yere saved.' The fire was caused by
defective a toy e pipes.;   - ���:��� ;��� "���/��...���;.���..���'/������_...
French Idisas ox t��-k ^\rAR4-Tiie articles In
ano ther co 1 u m n, transl ated by a \i;ei\ tie man \it -
Barkerville, ia referveivje to the^respective reap onsibiUties of France and.Prussia in. inau-
gu r at in g the p.r eseut, destr uctiy e w ar'., are we li
worthy��� of peVustfl..^''���''������' ���������"-:>/T - ���
FRtiidifr Auk 1 vrNO-^Messrs. ��. Pearson?3b
Brb.;s sleigh. With a load of mercbandise tor
their firm, arrived this week. Several of fcho
freightin g..;skigha from Qne&ue 1 mouth havtt
also made-their regular trips.
ations. N'^ruian Loss a^Y'ersail 102 on 6tij an^l
7IU heavy.
r.,EmToa-SKKTi>;Kr.:->-AVe deem it but just
that you should give place iu your paper to
the following.
We notice in your last issue something to
tho effect that the VauWinkle-^o., lightning
creek, were delayed in their work because
they could not get lumber from our new mill.
Now "tins is unjust, and might give a wrong
impression to the public, which can do them
no good and may be injurious to our business.
The'fa'cts are as; follows.:
On the next day after we received the Van
Winkle coJ* order we sent them one load of
lumber, and'within six days they had received
every footof it, which: waa more thm* two
weeks ago. Now, al 1 the de lay thatithey baye
suffered through us was the time taken to saw
a portion which we did not have on hand, and
that was but a short time.    . ���   .
Wo furnished only a portion of the lumber
for the Van Winkle 'CO.; and we might say
more, Utrt we merely wish to vindicate our
own case. We will only add that we are prepared to furnish lumber at the shortest notice
and at satisfactory rates.
Meacham & Nasok,
��� William Greek, Jan. JQ,
Sd6ts| Slioes Glothnig and
'.]������:���.:[   ^3-roceries^ ;:/ /
^orsale ffi tho Store of Uiounderaljrnclia Barker^
vi lie, opiKiat i * tli e Ban Ic .0 f B ri t iHli Col ti nrhl n.
an u mini.
1frleiida aud.tUe public, that ,h�� nasfitiod up ho-u*
.nm^ V.u.U.1^ Vbcro hois V^f^�����*
.... '      . \
^}v��'sfh��i Mich honorable prize Has bcon )u*ii?
v>\-firfic<l to tu in.
s'. ^,���Alar7.efroni.r00m t*l?Vi
Hiriicrvi)le Jan, 5.3 ISW* -
>*. cu^.io
I      , .
WMWW������i>WCTWHW��)IIIU��lmt.-a PI  THE PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE.  %  -������������������������������������> '.'.s '.,.,_?*..,.- .'>������;���������;.%;,-������ ;   \ - suit*     .-.. '   ��������� ��������� ;      -.���������-������������������>���������.������������������  CANADIAK MONOPOLY. 01? AMERICAN, FISHERIES.;  ���������;The cb^iiree pursued by -tlie Catiadiau^Gpy-  ������rhment toward, the fisheries of the United  States, ^hiring w the past season, has not1>ecu  marked by a friendly feeling. By the first  article^ of the ^Convention, of 1818 between  Great Britain and the United States, it , was  agreed/ that the inhabitants of the United  States .should \have forever, in common; with  British subjects, the right of taking fish in certain waters; hot included in tho limits named  in the(Cohvention, within three miles of ports  on the British coast.. It has been the custom  for-many years to give intruding fishermen  from the'United States a reasonable warning  of the technical rights of Great Britain.:���������"'    "'  The Imperial Government is understood to  have delegated the whole ��������� or a share.-of.iits  jurisdiction ?6r* control Of these, in-shore  grounds to the Colonial authority known Vas  tho Dominionef 'Canada, and this, same independent but irresponsible agentj has exercised its delegated powers in . an unfriendly,  way.; Vessels have been.seized,.without;.np;  lice or warning, in violation of the custom  previously, prevailing; and have been taken  into' the Colonial ports,' 'tlieir voyages broken  up, and the vessels condemned. There is  reason to, believe. that this iinlriendly treatment was designed to-bear harshly, on. the  United States, with a view to a political -effect upon this Government.    " '   >������:  The statutes of the Dominion of Canada  become'still broader, and more untenable in  their, jurisdiction over vessels of the United  ���������States,; they authorise; officers, or, persons to  bring vessels hovering within three mariue  miles of. any of the coasts, bays,greeks or  harbors of Canada, into port, to selirch .the  cargo, to examine the master on oath .touching the cargo and voyage, and to inflict, upon  him the levy of a pecuniary peualty ,-* If  answers are not; given, and if such a vessel is  foiin&'preparing toflsb? within three 'marine  leagues of any such coasts, bays,' creeks or  harbors, without a license, or after the expiration of period named in the last license  granted,' .they provide that the vessel, with  her tackle, &c, shall be forfeited. It is not  known that any condemnations have been  : made under these statutes.   Should the nu-  ���������>       ...���������-..���������    ' ���������..    . *,. ���������       -.  -   - ��������� -- ���������  thorities of Canada attempt to enforce them,  ���������*. it will become my. duty to take such steps as  may be necessary to protect the rights of the  "'United States.- "������������������- t -'���������������������������  It has been claimed by her Majestv's officers  ... that.the fishing vessels .of the United States  have.no right to enter the opeii ports * of the  British Possessions Iri North" America, except  for the purpose of she]to and repairing  damages, of purchasing food and obtaining  later news ; that" they have no: right- to enter  a* tho British Custom House, or to "trade except in the purchase of wood and water ; and  that they must depart within twenty-four  hours alter notice to leave. It.is not known  that any seizure of fishing vessels carrying the  flag of the United States has been made under  this claim. So far as the claim is founded oii  the alleged construction of the Convention of  1818, it cannot be acquiesced in by the United  States, It is hoped that it will not be insisted  on by her Majesty's Government.  During the Conferences which preceded the  negotiation of the. Convention of' 1818, the  British Commissioners proposed to expressly  exclude the fishermen of the United States  from the privilege of carrying on trade with  my of his Brjtt'anic Majesty's subjects residing  within . the limits assigned for their use, and  also thai; it should,nofc.be lawful for the vessels of the United States engaged in such  fishery, to have on board any goods, wares or  merchandise whatever, except such as may  too necessary for the prosecution of their voyages to and from said fishing grounds, and  any vessel of the United States which shall  contravene this regulation may be seized, condemned and confiscated with her cargo.  This proposition; which is identic-.1  ,v\th  the construction put on the language of the  Convention, was emphatically rejected by the  American Commissioners, and thereupon was  ah audoned by the British Plenipotentiaries*  and Article I., as it stands in the Convention,  was adopted; ,If; however, it be said thai the  claim is?founded on. provincial or colonial  statutes, and,not upon the Convention,! this  Governmentcannotbut regard thehT as unfriendly and a contrayentiou of ;!thel spirit,, if  no t.th e letter, of the ytreaty j;: for ��������� th e ��������� faith fill  exfecutibn of ��������� which theImperial Government  is alone responsible.;?^'^  ��������� ,>!>.');".::';'":: ?icepaper.   ���������;>r f^'u  ���������Paper iaay be made to resemble the figures  produced by tlje flakes of snow. or the freez-  ing of water oni a window pane by, allowing  a'salt to crystallize upon its ^surface. Dur-.  ing tie P^aris Exposition card paper thus prepared from; sugar of lead, was very p o pular,  but it was discovered that the lead salt .tux"  i^Jjlack/rind ita poisonous character soon  brought it;jmtb? ;disrepute^.'���������' ^ vuew ^'mixture  wi&ouis lead has been sii^sfed;';by��������� -Puscher  -iifris prepared as follows.: jSiBsolve^/oz������  sulphate of magnesia in 6 ounces of water and*  jadd Gfounces .<��������� dextrine | mucilage;paste. The  solution is; boiledjlalittle glycerin dropped >  jin^and' the whole aUowed-to-co olp The paP  per, after haying been previously glazed with -  i-a; costing;'of ������hib and ,'geiatin must he uniformly? covered with'the' sbliiiion andjeffc to '  4ry^ in a warm placed ������ After io?br,10 rmnuies  the surface of; the pap er wil 1 b e coy ered with  a uniform I cluster ."������������������ of:'\ crystals, J the size;;aud  nUmber-of ;^hich ^ w^  the Qoncentratioii and temperature ot the  bath ajid;also of the^ heat at rwhich it is dried:  X iRtha.papei'beI.;glazed?with a soluUon;of  egg' albumen': instead of \ glue?and/gelatin, it  can be beautiful 1 y dyed with aniline colors  ^previous to immersio hjiri > the solu tip n of % su 1 -  phate of magnesia. This kin*d lof icd paper  .dpjes ��������� riot nndefgb any changejih. sulp.hureted  hydrogen^gas^and is notpbisonprjSii; ?  : tiow: Much Work "a House i ca& Do.���������At-< a  former, me etikg of-the. British Association in  Dublin, Mr. Charles Biahcpn"i,,!b'f Oasheljlread  a paper relative to his exterisiye. car estabiisii-  ment, after which a gentleman stated that at  Pickford's; the great' English carrier's, they  could not work a���������.horse.econftmically more  than ten miles a day, and wished to hear  Mr. Bianconi'S:opinion on, the subject. Mr.  Bianconi stated, he found, by experience, he  could better work a horse eight miles a day  for six days in the week, than six miles a day  for, seven days in the week. By not working  on a Sunday he effected a; saving of 12 per  cent. Mr. Bianconi's opinion on this*point is  of the highest authority;' for although the  extension of railways in the land has. throws  , thirty-seyen of, hisL vefiicles out. of emplby,  which daily ran 2,446 miles', 'still:be has oyer  nine hundred horses, working sixty-seven  conveyances, which daily travel ,4,244 miles;  it is also founded on the result of forty-three  years1 experience;/    ? ������������������"[;  - medical.;:  Authorities differ'as to the mechanical  power of the human frame, compared"' with  that of tlie horse. Hassen Fratz, vbonsiders  the power of a man in. carrying loads on a  level road to be one eighth that of the horse,  and in drawing loads one seventh horse  power. Coulomb makes it from one-seven-  teepth to one twenty-fourth horse power in  drawing loads, the man using a wheelbarrow  and the horse using a four-wheeled or' two-  wheeled vehicle, the ratio being greater when  the horse is attached to a twbiwheeled vehicle than a four: wheeled, we consider a fair  average would be to allow for the power of  a man one tenth that of a horse.  The manufacturers of Berlin who have given employment to German workmen expel  led from Paris, are said to be extremely well  satisfied with^he result. A great number of  handsome and useful objects, known as articles de Paris, can be already produced in  Berlin, quite as elegant as those of the French  capital, and considerably cheaper. We be.  lieve the French will one day discover that  they made a grand blunder in driving beyond their frontiers an industrious population  who have so largely.contributed to the prosperity of France,  ;"   f ��������� ������"    ,i  i    V  y,. w .,;Npw;Yo>ivi Augusta^th,, 13Gi8; : ;;  Aliov?Hrae tbficall; yduv -attention tb^myi  PREFARATttfN ' OF "COWOUND ^X^-  TRACT BUCHU. The. component parts am :  BUOH'tf; Lbxd EiuFi GUBKg^ JUNIPER  BERRIES.  Mook of.Prbpaiution.���������Buchu, in vacuo.  Ju niper, Berries, by d isti llati on, to for ni a ;fi lie  gin.   Cn bebs extracted by dispiacement ,wjjli >  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries; very  little sugar is used, and a-small proportion of.  spirit.,  It is more palatable than anyiibw. H,  use.  Buchu. as prepared by BruggisKs,. is, of a;  dark cp I or. -, It, is. a plant .that emits its'fra  grahce";   the '"notion, of a^iiame ^esJroys;tbis(  (its active .principle), leaving'^'carinalid^  gl ii tin 6 i j s d ecoc tip n. ���������' Jline is the. cc >.l o r ������;o f': lh-  gredients. The Buchu iif my preparatlori pre-f  do min ates';' th e! sm al 1 es t qii an ti by b f - til e; o ther  E������$3S  cards,;?; ;;./;..,-.,;  ^.BILLHEADS/?-,  ';;::;;;:;l';cmcuLAKgi::  ;;:;-;   FOSTERS,  PBGGBAMMES, \>- ^^  SPRINTED ^ORMS, ' >}���������';���������','  ,?,; ??/LAbels, ,:.';';?' V,.1,..-^-  ^.^ ;,:;^^'BREAP TICKETS  Is'it a;SyriipVnnd'therefore' can ��������� be1 used; iii  eaf^es w'here,feyer br^irifiammatidn' exisk. ./Ia.  tte,;yptniayelhe: Icnowledge'bf the ingre(JU  ents'aiid iheiribdeof preparation. >- '������������������>���������' '* :^;;v: <  ) H op i n g t h a t y ou w i 11 'f a v or if "with a: irinli  atid' 'that: tinoii' irfspjectiou~'it will m.eet'wilh  your.approbation.- ''^-'ifi'-^'V-***?  ���������-"���������'���������';H'?;;'?*?f:-^-  '! Wi th. a f ee 1 i hg-��������� b f pr 6'fo iirfd e bn fide n'ce,' ���������  ' 1 am,"very respectTully/;i '���������'''���������:i'K-^-Ty.  H.TiHELMBOM): :1^,  Chemist and Druggist bf"19 Yetiiys Experience.  (Frbm ��������� the larges t; man w facturi ng: C h em is ts.i n  ������������������' ���������',0-;':. ���������'���������������.*���������'' ���������: the world. )������������������ ���������,? .i;:.?vh:i,j.  ::; ;��������� ��������� ���������;?';; '���������'":]:'\ .:,"'*���������v��������� "���������;:;i" NovRMnKU' '4V; 1854$���������>  ; ��������� "I am acqnai(lted:withMr Ii;T/He,lmb'6ld J  h e pecu p led the Drug S tore op p o si te i n y resi-  (^neb;.arid%as successlhl in ���������condncUirg'^.lie  busings "where ;pthere/:had ,no't been' equally^  r6 vbefpre ?him.f I have' been favorably nh-  p ressed with ��������� h i s ch aract e r an d en ter j i ri se:' ?- ������������������) >  *������������������:������������������ rr-.^WILLtAM-WlGHTMAN.' "  ������������������'���������';���������;������   ^Firm;oti Powers:an^l'.Weigiitiming'Maiiu-.  ;> <jr/\ factoring? Cheinists,. Ninth * and ;B rp.\y a  ���������'< -^ ->Streets,;Philladelphia/-1;. ;, **&���������  FLUID   EXTRACT  Etc.,  Etc.,:  st*-������ ?  Kttll  For weakness arising fro iri in d fee re tio n.. ; Th n  ex h aii sted ��������� p p we.rs of; Natii re which a ro ac-  v coiripanied by sp many' al armi ng syhi p ioim f  ariio n g wh i ch wi 11 be f ouuei tn d i sp o si ti o n : to  Exertion, Loss, of M em or y������ Wak ef \ \ 111 ess. Ho r-  ror of- Disease, 6r Forebodi ogs of Evil; iu  fact,. Uhi versal Lassi ti i d e. Pro stra ti on a n d i i v  ability to. enter into the enjoyments of society  IT:--.  g^risjsifflw  Execut-ed with noalnoss, care and dispatch at tbc  Barkerville, B. C;  once-affected with Organic Weakness, requires  the aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which ��������� HELMBOLD'S - EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. If no  treatment is submitted to, Consumption:or Insanity ensues.       : ,\       ���������    ������������������   ���������  ;.-  IMPROVED ROSE  WASH  will radically exterminate from the system  diseases arising from habits of dissipation, at  little expense, little or no change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.  ^Wr.lk  ri  SPRINTING-  t R^dttc*d lUtiHSt  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause  originating, and no matter of how long; standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  once.     ..... (. ,        ... ".     ���������  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. HELMBOLB'S EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great Diuretic,  jpgfr-Sold' by Druggists everywhere. Price  $.1 25 per bottle, or (J Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to. any address. Describe Symptouufl  in all communications^  :    ;  ADDRESS  H-   T.   HELMBOLD,  Diiua akd CnisKKuti Wakkiiousk,  594 Broadway, New York.  None aim Gkxuine unless done up in steel  engraved wrapper, with fac-simile of my  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  ee29 H. T. HffiMS0O>-  <m


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