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The Cariboo Sentinel Jan 6, 1871

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 <���������.  "  \  i  r<*������*iimn���������mam>?aB&w9wm  -������������������������������������   ,h;\jF-^    ���������*���������." ^'  ?.i   ���������*  vol.12.  .'..���������'��������� .. '_...;-/��������� :���������.',:,;���������; uvH | }i r.TV 'HIT  Barkerville,, William Creek, B.C., Saturday,; Jaiilxary' 6, 1871;   ������������������������ '..  li2  iiizij: ���������->���������,   <7  yy   -       -  JUBOO -SENTINE1  :   Pitbl)shcdcevery Saturday b,  J  HOB KM T    H^OIj h 0 WAY.  Subscription,  - ���������"-"��������� 50 Cents'per Week..  IUTRS-OF ADVERTISING.  v.'  m ���������  .'i-l'..  3^V  #'-  Kor.<>ne square (rine inch), llrsl insertion,:  '>   ':���������:  ,:"���������������������������       ;' ''���������  nneiaiomhj   -  ������  ^ For f.wo squares, lirstinsorlion,     *   -   -  "*"*   ������������������*������������������,   <*        one month, "-,-   .   -   -  5  8  '���������* " Agents for the k* Cariboo Sentinel.,T  ���������:?V������ni������Winkl������;Vr'. - v-       . ;" .J'MclJ: W...l.imMi;irt  Quirstidmoutiii .���������      r���������.^r.    -      Nfirjiim* 's Kxprr.se.  S<������ila.Ore<:Ic,��������� " '��������� "\ ';-0 V-Z��������� :������>; *��������� -  iJ?irn;ifi!s?��������� Kxpress-  n.-irjiard!������ fcx press  ilr.       ��������� <{t)  ' Jul;n Mnrrny  .       . - .1(1 tin .C������>ilril*i  ��������� .���������'������������������������������������ -~'\    .      Km Kr.tmrij-'civ  '-���������'-:-''-L :.:; V -..-".    Sjlii in.111oi.-co  r Hi ,Surety:?":: v��������� -'* -���������-"*��������� 3b'Spv'n!ii'11, I/m< ioil, B. C  -ClinUiii,  N.uC-.Ny^stniins'teV,^ * -  Vji'luri^i,    ���������        -        -  y- 'J.;-i\ rui/ftr;   \  ���������'KiKin & Co..  ��������� -���������������������������  r>  ������ ;.-;  ... TUB -CARIBOO SENTINEL  B..PRINTING'-OF  th jit 1li a il a fen ce b ay e no t been I h fearil ^ kri d  they assert"they can prove him to be Arthur  Orton. The latter has not, however, been  produced, but it is slated that lie will, be put'  in lhe witness box by the plajhtiif, who..by.so  doing won 1 d probalify win his case.* Il is a 1?o  said that some of the crews of lhe Bt'lhi and  Of prey have been traced io ..Australia, and  their evidence lias been token. .On the whole,  lhe case does hot look unhoj)'������iu! for the  cluimuut; but tfje^esiitnony for I bo. defence  lias yet. Id be beard, an J with its. lieariu������:'nmy  vanish all. the; hopes ot .the .w.ouId-be-. Sir  Roger:    ...      ,''.'. ,.'    ,..,;,��������� ,;;.,-.--  ���������r."AI!S(;i������KLANEOUS;->  v < ><tH *. Oi ren I ������{rsj Eo.s'teivs. an d Proirra m in es for  Bal I s a n d T h eatrical .En ter tain men Is   ���������  .^iP?**70xeciiied wi,tji neoInosennd dispatch.^^  .   :"':'-..:��������� \.,   ���������;;'.'.; vTeiMnV.iiVoideratei!   ���������  i'  tmk'tichbornb baronetcy case.  ago. and in part educated there.  From thence,  at sixteen, he went to the Catholic'col lege at  Stoneytmrst, Lancashire, England, where lie  stayed three years, and next joined the Sixth  Dragoon Guards;   but he soon quitted the  army and went to South Australia, where he  led a sort of vagabond life.'  JXU relations  lost track of him, and became persuaded that  he perished at sea.with the ship  Bella, from  Rio Janeiro to ^evf York.   But the plaintiff  denies that he came to Ibis watery, end. and.  indeed, that he died at al!.   ITe declare? that  he and the crew took to the bri������aIs befbre the  vessel foundered, and that I hey were picked  up by the Qsprey and carried to  Melbourne.  nem# destitute, he'took to whatever roiijrh"  work  lay to hand, and thus passed a'dozen  years under the name of Thomas Castro, a  person whose acquaintance he had ,made in  Chili, and whose name he now assumed, not  being wining, for family reasons, to be recognized by his real name.   There.seems to have  Hefm-bufc little affection between his parents,  and hisown relations with them do nor appear  to have been very,tender; and some six-years.  ago he, still under the name of Castro, married a domestic servant   He soon afterward*  h ea in 1 of h is fa t her'6 death, and; w ro i? to bis  mother, who tbereoa sent him money to' enable him to return.    He arrived in Enofiand, ������������������*���������*>'-������������������ ������������������' ���������'  ���������'.'���������. ^''.:j i      -    *'���������?   ,'B'l ff1l'^ w ?��������������� ������ h*    t m     i    i' ���������' ><    i    if*   !������������������  baying, however, first gotie.-through tlie- mar-  -M^Mut/i^^^^ ;'J|^WiW'WC5Jl   ���������  ;;r       HOTK^ RK^M^tS;^."''-^  _ . ��������� _:.  * **    *��������� -*        ��������� *        -��������� f *   \." *, ������       ; s  ������������������ ��������� "-������������������ ���������     i    i ���������������������������������. .���������c-i^ .^  ���������.  REST.  ^        . ���������  i.'O'^tAK'liR.Xl  ���������ll--  n ���������.  nrot  A SO'  G-erieral - Agency.:. ;  ,:*''.���������  Board, - - $l4;per *  ���������'������������������-'' '��������� ������������������-;���������  *''>\'M ���������f.f'i\i^c.rf  Single' '-Mead^;^^^:r?-y.'-$l.  >.' *:������������������.  -;apl.5tfv  Barkerville.'  ���������  "The"curinsiiy in this protracted ease, which  ���������<j'^v<^:i{ wei'ksV.c<msecutivft bearing somewhat-  satisHed^W.ill f������V tliis time be whetted  anew.  flxbe "trial. afjervap n'djominment of some three  .   j j> 01' t b?, wi 1 s* Ves 11 "ii 11������d i n:No.ve ni h e r.   That Iri-  trrv:i!   is  not lone:, nnd vet it. is suftlcient  in  these days of fast crowd ing* ��������� events  to  have  somewhat jostled out of-shapc in the memory  '   't 1 >e foil111 res of what miis>. always be a memnr  pb\e case'ih the annals of English jurispru  dence'.    And' yet,' ihou.Q'h  an  ancient name  : nnd :i noblo estate are at stake, the real c ntve  nf intei-es^Ims ]n a nutsln������ll.   For what, was 'v  lhal a Court- sat from day to dav  for many  weeks, fill both jud^e, jury nnd bar were ex  . , bausled?.. Simply to.determine the identity  ���������of Jin  individual,   /fhe question, " Who  i>  who?*'* is not always easily answered, nor is  the.search so dull, especially when a possible  baronet seeks for lhe attestation of a fury that  lie is, after all; his mother's son.   Even roy-  '   ;ilt'y. in the person of< the Prince of Wales,  an d 0 ther p 0ten t atfes .an d I esse r p o wers, w ere j  ; ��������� d ra w n t q th e Co ii ft of Co mm o n. PI easi- an d the  * ��������� *' n e ws pa per press ;tejehi e d fo r two m b n th s to ���������  . t; gre th; er jiv \ th 'repp r tV.o f. e v i id eh c e w hose ve ry  vol \) m i n o it s n ess was in i tsel f a won d e r.  Wh a t  f\\rprising&issues?are *yet coricealed in tliis  '/���������" ease His.impossible to say beyond tfiis, that  ��������� ft will ��������� pre 1.)a li 1\y Ian d t iie cI ty m a n t e I tfi er in  the penitentiary, as,a felonious  impostor, or  -seat, him in the hall of the Tichbornes. with  ��������� an income froinj their estates of the annual  value of s^me ������20,000. Is he really Sir  j^)jre-r;? :Tbat is the question ?. If he be, then  must the jlefenJdunt, his nep'liew. an' infant son  of Sir Roger's 'diseased younger brother, re*  linquish those estates, and the magnificent in-  ^come therefrom,'to the possession of a stranger  fro tn th e an ti p b d es,, whose 0 h arac te r w i 11 n o w  probably never be ..above suspicion, and  whose strange lack of scholastic acquirements  in one claiming to have the blood, and who  ��������� should have had-the education, of a gentleman, seems to stamp him .as naturally plebeian, if not downright ignoble. s  Tf. the reader h.ae%followed the case, he will  easily recall ihe main facte. The plaintiff,  who claims to be the eldest sou of lhe Tate  riage   ceremony   with   his wife,   under his  proper name of Tichborne.  .lJis.:moUier.:who.  had a 11.along refused to believe hlmTdead, at;  once recognized liira as her son, and lie lived  with her until her death.  His Uxuwv had died  somp years previously, and  had   been, succeeded by his second son. Alfrd.who died in  ; 1.866 :   but  lus widow, soon after his demise,  bore htm a son, the present defendant.   Now  the defence insist that. Sir Roger was drowned  at, sea in the year 1854. and that the plaintiff  is an impostor, being no other than  one  Ar-  thur Orton. the son of a Wapping butcher.���������  But the evidence is not yet nearly  exhausted  for the plaintiff, for whom, we are told, more  than a hundred witnesses have still to be  ex-  nmiied,  while  the  defendant   has  a  whole  - cloudv of such to confront Hum.   The evidence made out a strong case in his favor.  especially backed as it was  by  his  mothers  recognition, and the positive identification of  him by some  of his  old  companions.    But  strange to say. the period of boyhood, which  generally remains so vivid in the recollection  of men. seems to have been almost entirely  effaced from his memory.  His mother tongue,  F re rich;. be h as co in p I e'tol y fo rgo t te ri, as well  as all smattering of .La tin v.Greek and Hebrew  which he claims to have acquired at Stoney-  finrsfc College, not even being* able to Jissign  to each of the������e languages its respective^ characters.   Of Euclid, Cromwell and John Biin-  y a n h e h ad th m most extrao rd i n a ry. notions,  or rather no notions at alt   It is hard lo believe him to b e ot he r th an a m r i n o f a d u 11.  disposition, and  he is ''evidently, now, *n{\  always has been, an ignorant person,   ilin  means of education don ?t appear to have boon  great, and still less do they seem to have been  improved.   Perhaps, a brighter man. than he  would have shows to little advantage had he.  like  the plaintiff, to be badgered by one of  the cleverest as well as one of the most audacious membera of  the bar for day. after day.  The acknowledgment of him  by Lady Ticli-  borne as her long-lost son tells in his favor ;  but, on the other hand, save herself, none of  his relations believe in his identity.  It seems  incredible that a man so unfitted for the task  would have had the hardihood to conceive  and carry out a p 1 an at once so d11ngeron������  :     - ��������� - :.  '. -      ' '.���������  ���������i-x -.���������< i;"  '���������'   :���������   i  ; FRESH :������R6UNb,:r'-CdFFiE,  ~rrr.)    r-.-.i''    ���������������������������-*=;��������� ���������'-'if''*-.;.>.':"/   ���������'���������:���������'.'    ������?   Vji.f !:���������;.: W   '  .er.i,'.H>a..  !,JM7  O'.i'   :\i\A   *>���������;���������������������������  ���������,"���������'J'. Q.'Qbowok  lEAQHAfvl &  MASON ;  .* '.RE- preparivl in fnrnislr fiiiinbrr al-.th'eir.{ Afills,  il. .'WilJiatni Creek", ������r" aelh-br ii'lo imii-r.    "'  '"  LUMrTER-DEUVKRED ON LIGHTNING  CRKEK AT Till! SAMK RATES AS ON  WILLIAM  CREEK;'  IT-1vine��������������� Pla'iiia^ Machiiim in opcnilios they will  BKESSED  LUMBER  ,w..:.,- ������������������'���������- .���������������������������:   '. .*.-"  n f J-:'.fi-'Ou;ir������rv rfi.o*.  wit  t>rei>ar.cd;k)':fiirnisli  . JJOAfiD,  AND. lEALS;  OF   THE   BEST   QUApTY;  Tiifj   BAR   ...fnrni?he<i with, tba.finest WIJfKS.  UQI;ORS and CIGAJtS.   ' . '.      '    ���������'       ���������'"..   %  Board;  - %  .:- *  " J'.'lTfilB  per-;  .<���������  JUST   11KCE1YKD  r������l  ~r*~-y o  t( ine  A large supply {>f  1  :(i ere  . LADIES AND GKNTLBIEN?S.  BOOTS'; SHOES 1MB illPPESa";  fl3~* Ne w. Goods w ill h c recoi ved e very  week duriug the seasouI ^0~  .    BOOTS," SHdES,-..;'���������"'';  Clotliing   and Groceries,  OF THE IlBST QUALITY,  Vn r s ii I "s ;i 1111 ft .S to re o f J. b c 11 n <l otk j trn e f I \ n U arkci*  vi/le,f)fO>osiU!th������ Jiatik ot iiriUshC^huabta.--  , W..KliNNTE,-  Slore Strcei,.( beiv\yse^jierajd ��������� and Jnsgard>  -.'   ;-. -.r' ,. -YIGTOEiA, B.O..,'- ^:Vr> *"7  ^xDBEfr-isTRico, V". v? /r:r-Tpuoi*mETok.i  Th c mo? i firtni nioi I jrni's: an i!: fit en n 7Tot������������J f j j Victeirt ���������������.'  It j.s.cfMii(liiot(Ml.oii'l.h(i l'liu'it\vihu pi'I^it'lfilt;'..-''i'lni vxUt*  IB mipplleti witii' i.'(������(JAvi'i bt������s������':i'ln* in������rk'(*t'*������flbr'li,':  . , Ai������������;iis ������i all heiiTrf of M������(J <lay.'  1 'Hvabe. J'li jri'b<p  llftiuiis l(.������r Fiuni(jf!s..;.... ��������� ,   ;.,   .... s    '.--,      . ,.   '.���������,. ft  lion��������� r������l a it������!'' '1 .tiriirf ii p pnr" W(*ft'k, ?.r������' so tunj S6" \������.  Per rtwy; t.$I. -'" h'ljr^'l ������j.;ui calp, ;^7>;f'������t*o ts. dJ'^Ik. fittc.  ������ty M re p rod | Sji / f ������ ii i, j j <* H ������*������ac, ... ,   triyu Uav '  J.  J.   ROBERTSON  >E������S .TQ ANNOUNCE THATHE HAH.OFJBK^  '���������'��������� ifAT^?' AFn r>nAT)"Ti?wfir������j7!rntrcti  .   Ziiil&h ill!  and so diflicnlt of execution.   And  vet he  baroocl;. waft horn ia; Fans some forty Tears'aav be an impostor. It must be remembered j  j al* . til aiUAl  j at stanli^, -���������%��������� Lightning grejet  Th ft Tn bJ r wjfJ a.) ways ,taa ������������p|>l ic d w Hlj ijift, J>������ i  articles tiiufceairlit? jjt������t in' OanOoo, and the liar wi*  tfiis*,    -;.:'���������   ; ",,���������,. "���������'..-     ':  *'     * - '-'���������   '   '.";  h': \i i  : Finest .Win.QS,, ^;Lit[u6ra.l..  and Cigars.; ^./. :tT  S naley (M*������������������������ th tea Chmce iJrssV.i \ :": ?������' ������'  --  /'������������������   >v  ?H*  /" v.1f  '. *. i  5*? '���������'V1  .'���������'../  '������������������> f.T  ���������   / -���������'���������" ���������  -f^  ;-/-   /;.���������,-���������������������������/���������  A If : <���������:.  ./���������    / ...j..-.-.   <  ���������' ' .!': "i  rr Mi V  J" -'    ij<'<'4  1       .-. ��������� ������ ��������� _'.'���������  -'?> ***>  '���������iy^----  ��������� ���������<��������� ���������:������������������;--*.  ������������������.. . n .  J't :'*.'  i   '���������:'���������'    .  ������&#"  /i*.  aa  ^.ij   ;  4>....  te'-i  '/���������fi  >��������� '.'���������:  >: ������������������**���������;  asa^3ssss3Bc235^5Ssarffssa  THK OAUTBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY. .TAN. 6/1872.  THE LAKD ORDINANCE. 1870.  Aliboneh Cariboo la wpnilally a mining  ibmninnlty, any IntWBt which promote fhe  ^n>rai'welfare fo worthy of onr attention*  tind fuppciatly of tboaa ofonr residents wbo  iritcad eventnftUy to settle fn British -Colum.  Ma. In other parte of bet Mary's dominions lmiBlirratlcfi1������>neoiiriij?ecl,by;frp* nfante  of 1������wl; tho re'wiH of the ayatem proving; Its  -ifficney in the benefits affnrrleil thereby both  ��������� 'to the individual and ultimately to/the-State.  The Llentenant-Governnr has power under  ���������the. Land Ordinance. 1870, to make free crants  ���������of land for the purpose of encnnrafrtnjr imml-  ���������gratien : and the exercise of attch a power  ^roysid be beneficial to the province and ac-  tjppWbl* to the -people. So far from *ny  -facility belnjr afforded the intending pettier  or Immigrant, In British Crltimofa there are  -difflcnUiea thrown in hia way. Suppose the  case of a man from the laboring or ���������manufac-  farinsr districts of England, who has selected  ^aanitable piece of land: he roust apply to a  Commissioner for leave to pre erupt it, and ^  ; vthe application -must be accompanied by a  description and plan of the 1and,in duplicate.  if We won 1er if. all Immiprants are expected  to be able  to  write descriptions or draw  ��������� plana t) Should the required permission be  given, the applicant must enter into po������es������ion  -of Pthe land, place at eiich corner thereof a  post marked with his name or other distir*  ^tlshiRg-algn,  and  must  again ;apply, in  writing to tbo Commissioner who may be  '"-lifty or one hundred mites . away, to record  x1he pre-emption;   The pettier must wot leave  bia land;for more than  two months inone  ���������year, or it. niny -be 4I���������jumped.*'.- He cannot  purr h ������BP it. from  tho Government until the  ������end of. four years, and must thru ; post up a  -aitty fcajfr' ort:.������������ of his intention so to do on  ^oni^eepppicUous port of the land and on tho  fCowt \������m^ of the district.:   Should he hav^  obtalaecl a certificate of improvement and  wish to dispose of his interest in the land for  ������he purpose of raiainf money to .assist him in  farming or otherwise, the tranter .raiisf. be in  the form provided by tbe Act and be signed  ,~ in the presence of tbe pommissioner. or it will  ���������<!i������ void.   The transfer trmst alwo be made ir.  'triplicate.   West of the Cascade range only  160 acres is allowed to the pre-emptor.   -If  ; %e purchase this at the end of the four years  and then desire* to acquire more land, he can  only do so by ff<>ing through the same pro-  . :<ee������s by means of  which be obtained the  flrat.     These   restrictions   and    conditions  do not promote the netUement of oountry  land*, and we trust a liberal land policy will  ' apeediiy be confidered in the Legislature,���������  a. policy which while jnpisting on the working  ?������ind improving of tfoe land as a condition to  the ownership of it, will not deter people  ^frotn settling in British Columbia.  Hocas  OP Co������moks.���������<Ca7>tain  IJongbton  ...|ia������b^en Veturned for the Yale-Lytton and  *" Mr Hugh Nelson for New Westmioster district This leaves but one district to be heartl  "from���������vjffcf Vancouver   Island���������for .which  ��������� thsreare two candidstes, Messrs. Jessop and  Wallace.  We have no means of estimating  /the chance* of either <������f those gentlemen;;  but as the Colonist a������serts  Mr Jessnp will  'certainly be returned and that Mr Wallace  ^bas not a ghost of a chance, while the Stand  ;������rd is jwst 'f'Ba confldejit the olher way, we  /leav������ the public to judge for themselves.  KATroNA'-TTiKS op Mkmbkrs,���������The Colonist  in Ki^afdng of tho nationality of the different  members of the LpoM������tiv������������ Assembly nnd  House of Commons, clashes Messrs. Walliem  and Booth ns Canadians and Cant. Honchton  ns an En^lifhman, whereas all these gentlemen are natives of ihe land of the shamrock  It Is rather singular that the three member-  elected for the House of Commons, from the  ^Mainlan;! should all bail from the same little  island. Will the advocates of t: home mh,?7  ���������omsider that British Columbia is doing **Jus-  ice to Ireland W  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;'  Thk Wrathkr.���������The thermometer stood 1h<-  lowest this season on ihe nrelit of Friday, tl^e  29th December last, when al. Richfield it registered 40 below zero. The New Year, how  ever, broneht a clmnpc, and during the week  mild weather 1ms been experienced, thonph  last evening there wns n stronjr breeze blow  log the snow in every direction.  Batwahdr down Express, which left Barkerville on Tuesday. 25th December, arrived  in Yale on the 5tb inst., nnd wns driven ali  the way through by James Hamilton.  Lottery for Books.  UISTORTCAL. BIOGRAPHICAL,  AMUSINO & 1NTSTULTCTIVE TALES  MAGAZINES, &c.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  For Sale or to Let  THAT WELL-KNOWN  Sixteen   Prizes-Value  \   $160..  TICKETS, $1 each ; nnd not more than 175  wit! be sold.  ;md premises lately occupied by tbe late John DahJe  iu .- ���������'  QUES3STELMOUTH,  is now offcrorl for snte or to rent, with all and Bundry  the *  BAR FIXTURES, BILLIARD TABLE,  STOVE, LAMPS, PIER GLASS, CLOCK,  and nil the *er.e������tnry Bnr Furniture���������all In g������od con-  diiieu and tltlor iuune>itate nccu2������-'tncy.  A T.i^t of the Bonfcn nnd TlcVots may be had from !    tB,- Tins Saloon j������ n<> well and favorablv known a������  Messrs   Vailimc- nr, HuiU't . & I/ivt-ry, jind R. 1 in  | <uhj of tli������ very best stands ia British Colombia for  ^E,  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  1   5  BAPKERTILLE.  AL K ER  BEG TO ANNOUNCE 'th������t they hav������ opened the  ������.bovo Saloon.   The BEST  TOES, LIQUORS AM (EARS  famished at the Bar.  SPARRING  *$L FR1TK F.VRRT NIGHT.   Tnvate Le?aons pivn  by Sam. Wa-kek   ���������        ;, t . j 61m   .  :6BANb 11AFF LE  10.. Splendid PrizO  rxs  ^ij*  Large Specimen ! $500 in  Gold Coin!  IB GOLD WATCHES,  IK  sett, Barkerville; Robt. McDc-nnot, Lightniug Cicek;  :il) d D td i ������������������! Glyn n, I,owIt ee Cr *ck.'  /}^$* The Drawing will take placo at the Brewery  Saluu.n, 13 irkeryillt-,ua  MONDAY, lorif JANUARY NEXT..  Th-* T/������tt<������ry will be. under the Superintendence of  Mr Chari-.'S Vaillaincfair.' t;e2*i  FOR   SALE.  The   undersigned,   wishing   to  retire from  'LtisioeBs. ���������  ���������OFPER3.POR SALE;  TH  Saloon or oilier hu>.in������M that it rcquitvs no puffing,  linmcuialo posaesa.ou glvt-n  JAMR? H. KKRR,  A^ent for the priprli'ti rs.  Ques>������HTnctttbf B. C.������ Dec Jfi, 1871. - de23 tf  BarkYvilie Brewery  VaillaincoTir^   Hunter  &  Lavery,  [SUCCESSORS TO N, CUNZO,]  B^'ff to inform their frleodg and tbe ptiblie that they  liuve tahen the -well known premises lu B:.-rk<-r*ille  ro long ttmmiuly patronlscU wiilio in tlie occudjUub  oi' 2Ir N. Cuuiu.      "��������� ���������  rn  JL  i'aiiig;and^  E3-i  I;  ������73 ���������  For particulars" apply on tli������ premises.  J.   HARPER.  Clinton, B.C., Doc. .20, i'STl.  dc-23 3in  - Yanwinkle Store.  LIGHTNiMG   CREEK  3TTNERS AND TKAPEKS wlMftn*! tf to their arf.  J A vantage to purehaaeat th is.Stoie, where there is  LABGE ASSOETKEET OF GOODS'  440 Chances, > - $5 each  Chance.. /  TheKfghefit Throw to take the Specimen,  the Lowput the $500 iii Gold, the otherd '  proportion.  ia  The Rnffie wilt take ,place at the AN  LOPE iliuSTAURANT. Barkerville, and i  ������otice will be given when the liat h ailed.  ANTE  due  DnoKicic.���������The canineinhabitantB of Bnr-  ^Jtervllie  are becoming decimated in their  ^numbers.   Some people-say there is an epl-  ^emie among tjbeoa, others rhat restaurant  ik^epers give them more .limit they want in  ihe way of food.   It is also said that pe-opl**  m hose sinm1>ere have foeen diattirb ed by n ee~  Hurnal noises lately havo.attributed the same  to the 'faauHittide of dogs roaming about in tbe  towo, and bikve ta&eo m������aeure������ aecordingly.  ,������  rinvinqr returned to  'Burki rirflJe, may be  round adjoining , the  G; > ver n rn e n t A������say  0!!Jce, lor a short tin**  only,   as   ho   iuiendd  ������outi tu leave taw country for good.  1  ;y  performed in all its branches.  :-JE&* Parties renjuring anything of th������ kind  done will pie ase call at. their earliest C0n-  veai<��������� noo. as th is wi H b e their last cbar- ce  llar^rvillc. Duo, 80, Xfit-JL       . &<M Xm  of the very host rirtcrip'tieh on hn'mf,' f iid the fstock  ooui>taully repleuishci hy new arrivals., Xhttprt-prio-  Lur will rjellGoous  AS  CHEAP   AS  ANY  IN   CARIBOO.  Ord er������ prom p I ly ilfeit Jtad' for wa riled \v j th d ispatch.  Vy, ;        ..  J. W. LINDITARD.V  arnardV. Ex-press  he Celebrated XXX Ale  will he maouraciured ������o4 sold by Wholasulo and Ro������  :tii\\ in its-purity, *nd :  The best Liquors'& Cigars  'constantly kept on haad. 'c '.'���������'���������  The Lodging Department  will'be always carefalty otten<leii to. ������U'1 tho be4  lliui* ,'in>l accommodation   provided fur: their   ra*-  i.nm<r.������.    ���������  ���������      '.....-....-     ;* >,,     ������������������    ���������".���������'���������    . ,i,.W  'IRON   AND   6TEEL  IKE   ROPE,  FLAT AND ROUND,  For hoipting from Mining Shafts and Incline*, F**rry  Ki;p ���������$, <Juy Rtipe?, tor iruasmlttlng power, etc.  MANUFACTURKOOF ANY LKNGTH OR ^12E.  Wire? Rope is much Cheaper, Lighter, and  niore Durable than any other kind ot  liopo.  Hallidie's   Endless  Kopeway,  :o  (Wire Tramway^  CUR   ENVELOPES     ���������  Properly Slumped, are now reduced to *  12 1-2 Cents each, or $10  fpr:100.  Our Amenta at wfty^^Mes ������k������ all di!ig;ftnce in peninp.  that 1 -Hers arv prottiptiy Iftrw^rJeJ to p*4aij* beyond  the re^ul ������r slug* nmWa.  sol^ F   J;-BARNAftO.-.  '���������;;..'���������:'.' WOTICE.'...'.  TAN, FAT KAVINr(i DISPOSED OF TITS TNTRRKST  in the I.u?uit!S3 OiirriiKl on jn B.rk rvillr u������ nr  the tamo jui i.styloot' \VA I,UN(:1, i>? no lwn^ r author  iZiMl toci-ll.'Ct uuy oehtji duo io the ctt&cra:  Barkerville, Pec;, 3, 1783.  WA LONG.  Cliinuse Store.  PuMiq'Notice... :  1. parch-isiUH or otherwise tresiilag.fi r the pur-,  chase of t.bnt. BR1DGR AND ROAD leiuijng 'thereto,  commonly known ns J)ANii;L8<JNMs, across I ho Qnm-  iv 1 Ktrer, iu I liavo a chum f#������nin������t Hi* Raid Brit!g������  and Road, being the nartnnr of tho Kaid D.uildRou in  the erection tkBr*x>fl. , InTTtrrs  DAVIT) ROBB.     IJKlidi ���������  O.ucsiHiJmonth. QvMw Z% liftL m 1 i" im    j  For the rapid and economical trin.������f>ortatk>n of Or^fi  ;m I other "latertate ������?������'r Riouaudtious and difficult  road?.   (Secured by V. ������. Patent.)   Also,  Patent G-rip Pulley,  For trtn'smittlax pow������������rt and by whicli ib������ropeie  uninjured and cannot slip.  -:   V..;.4^������-SBND FOB. CSRCCtAR*.  '   Agency of the  PACIFIC  WIRE  &   W. R. MANUf >������   CO.  (OF  CALIFORNIA.)  All kinds and'izeB of Wire constantly oa band m\  munuiucturod to order, r.  del6.3m 519 Front St.,'San Francipco, Calilorala.  Van Volkenourgii [������& Co]  Barkerville, RjtDTFFEl  A SUPPLY OF THE  Wffi  mm  m  m  mm  Hi  \:" 7  m  Kit  mmi  tat  mm  mm  mmmmmmmsmmmsm* *���������   Jt  Em  ililil  ������ii  PaS  ?! rSS.  BjaaMBagag ������^ ggggggg ^~���������������^$-ygg*^^  ''""T^S ATCR������ A ������.'��������� J Alt" o^atf*.. :���������'���������:��������� ���������' ������������������ '��������� ^ ���������  ��������� BIRTH.  ;: At BfirfeerviUe,; 81st:=.December, 1871; th������  wife of MitIFbkdkrick Ftce, of a sort.  CARIBOO MARKETS.:  BaintKftviua, Jab, 5 TS7S.  .ThV following Aretha current priecs of the principal  Article* of merchandise; representing wholesale and  retail pr������cesr    ���������'.���������..���������  '' ."'/FT:OUR-Stolonlrd, extra. $20*o $18 per 100 lbs.  3IBANS���������20c to00c p>r. lb. y ������������������  .'������������������:;' ^EAT^Faoon, 45c to 53ei ���������'���������vHnm< 50c to 62&.~-  /B-.'Rf. anrIfMdtfcfinM8 to 25c.���������   Pork, 30c to 00c.".':":'  DAIRY;- PRODUCK���������Batter,"truth. 80c to $1 per lb,  iZsthrou* do .Toe to CI,   Ch use, fl>c to, 75c  ������-; COFPEK^Green^ do to 00c per lb.  ������rouad, 80c.to  :*���������������<  '���������;.:������������������-; ��������� ���������.-..:'.���������.:.'.:������������������...������������������u' ������������������":  CANPT.ES-68 to 6t)c. ���������:  i DRIED FRU1T-L-Appl'������, 40 tofiOc. P?n*feea,4{k} to  iOc.: Prunes,:io to 50o per lbl Currantfl, 40c to  10,    R:iHn������T $������ ftO.P'T h������'X. -  CAN^KD STUFFS���������Ov.������t������n������, |t0 to $12 p*r <loten*  Tr-*t\ loaches, $11 to 15. Tomatoes ������aU Green Corn  f*t;It.     .���������������������������.;������������������'> -���������-\f;'1  i^ARDv 54* .4  54 p^r etse,  .HARDWARF���������ipin. fOs to OOCvporlb: 8tfi*l, 87^c to  vOO; Nalln, 30e- to 86o; 8!niv 1*, $27 to SO per doz.  Sltjic* ForJcB..$42t.'������48.    Al*a, $30 to 42.  WISE* ANT1> LIQUORS��������� Chatnpw, 1*0 to 45 p*r  doa P������rt hd 1 Sherry. $7 60 to * p r gallon. Brandy,  43 to 9    Whisker. $7 50 ro 8.    Run), $7 60 to 8.  TRA��������� ������5cto$l������0p:r1b.  TOBACCO���������$1 3������ to $2 p������r lb.  COAL OIL���������$27 to $28 p-r cm*.  TBASf POWDERS���������$4 50 to $6 per ring.  SUGAR���������-5. [, ,?flr������ to 40c; .Crushed, 57    to 46c.  <������Ca BOOT.*���������$mp.������ra������so to $ll p-.*r'palr.  RI"E--30cp rib.  TEaRTAiihES sc'ircfl.   Potatoes, 11 cp^rSb.; Cab  b������^o, 12c; Ouiui)3, 26c.  MINING INTELLIGENCE).  WIU.UM CRKKK.  The Forest Rose co. are preparing: to rock  ���������underground. Tbe Ballaratco. have resumed  work.  TUB MF.ADOWS.  The Lane ������ Kiirfc co. wore bailing water  from their shaft yesterday, and will commeuee  pumping to-day.  JACK OF CLC88 CREEK.  Th** Two Sisters co, having been stopped  for *nme tbpe.bj the cold weather were able  en Wednesday to dear out their ditch and go  ';*!������������������ work', Tbe Humboldt co. are down 50 fee:  with their shaft .without being troubled b)  wasety* ' '���������'���������#-;���������;  .        I.tOHTSISO CRKKK.  The South Wales co. are rocking. .The  lightning; co. last week took out 100 02. from  one set-> of ti ni bers, and are getting good pay.  The Ross >co. are getting good prospects,  .".:���������: ;.���������-..���������.',,.',   <��������� ^aup. ���������������     ��������� "'"'   1..    ii ������������������..  '". Dec. 28���������Recorded in favor of Wm.|!ichae1  1 lull interest '"lii the Valley Mountain co..  lately held by Robt. Michael.  UAUWUt crbks. *a- ���������' -t  ���������.."; Dec. 39���������Recorded in favor of Fred. Carson, Robert' WIlsoht J^araes Sievewright. R.  Deighton, and James Stewart, the whole of  the Manitoba co., consisting of 900 feet creek  fialius. V  , CHT8HOLM CRRBK,  Jan. 5~Recdrded in fMVor of John Lnmfay  and Win. Parry, 200 feet of ground on Cfais.  holm creek, commencing 300 f������et above the  Harp of Wales co. ground and running up j  stream 200 feet.  ."Thk'TflBATKic���������Tlia  benefit  to   Florence Kelly sang "When  the Kye come* hnme,''  Wilson tendered by t5������e.A'������atenrs took place  fast Moadiiy evening. Tlu������re was n remarkably good house, another'.fwof of the esteem  in whi-jh "Florence Wilson is held in On ri 0.00.  lifter the band bad rendered u The Watch on  the Rhine" and *��������� Pariaht ponr in Syrh." the  comedy of -Mrs Green'a Sting L!������)le Business" commenced. The piece is without any  plot, tbe amusement and interest eiuWlv aris  ing from the drollnt^s of the char*cU'r> awl  the particular attention \r.i\d io Mys Green  and ber biWinesH by.several��������� gentlemen at the  same time. Mrs Green was relict.of a green  grocer, from whom; when he died, she received his snug little business. While Mrs  Green is engaged in audibly considering the  ��������� iti<������factory state of her accounta, Mr Kappa,  t London policeman, who baft been listening,  entera, and cautions Mrs Green to look par  ticularly after the *' pertath s in the left ham!  bin round the corner." an he had a, great af  taction for.-them', they bein^ ������< j%idney perta-  lies," with which he associated tho memory  of his defunct mother, who was fond of  devilled kidneys. Receiving from Mi's Green,  who seemed rather fnwl of him. two or three  glasses of brandy, he becomes weak on his  legs, and after professing. Jiia adonitioh for  her, falls on hfs knees and asks her to name  he d'������y for their union. At this moment Joe,  the sbop-boy, comes in. and observing Sir  'lappson his Knees turns away with his hinds  in his pockets, rolls his eyes, ejaculates " Q.h  '.Jrikey!" and sums un his; asfonrslimPnt in  % prolonged whistle. Mr Ranps jumps up  runs at Joe, and inquires if he has been Inking  care of that 'ere;left, hand "bin ���������' and adinon  i������mes him to be careful of what be says, as it  may be taken down in evidence ami used  igainst him. " Joe,'however, addresses Mrs  Green, and tells her that the pariah beadle.  and ������������������.The Star of Glengarry*" Both songs  were remarkably well executed and were re-  ceivri] with nm"versa! fayor. ''Hail smiling  morn" was then given by the band. Mr  Frank Ferret next.appeared,.dres������ed as a  negro, end msde several good local hits, al-  lndmgto eccentricities ifi the cliaracters of  some of "our prominent, public men, Gomer  Johns next sung tn* new song. "It's wonderful how we do it. hot wedo.,> Being encored,  he .sang *' The Fishermnn> D������lighter,'' and on  being called a third lime rendered "Not for  Joseph.'-" \ Tlie. evening's amusement .concluded with the "National Anthem by tlie  band, and all went away pleased with a good  en ter tain menu  The   GovKuxMKxr   Assay   Offfcf.���������The  value of gold assayed at this office during the  year 1871 was $188 887 fi!>.   The receipt* for  tlie same,period were $2,477 7.5. and expenses J  $/?,2'll 70.   This shows a sum of $7G4 against  the ofljce, which is'mainly aecounfed  for by  addition* in tbe sh-ipe of sheds, stoves. &c.  whieh will not again be required.   There i������  also on hand a considerably quantitv of chur-  coal.chemicjilN &c. puflicient to last tar into  the present year.    Altogether,  the office mnv  be considered as having paid its expense* for  the year  1871.   The fact that, the value of  gold has incensed since tbe establishment of  the 'office in July. 1870��������� viz.. from '1 fc- to 3 per  cent, in favor of the miner, as shown in pre  vioiis issues  ot   the  Skntixkt,���������proves ��������� the  n-������ce8dty for keeping on the office, especially  when the receipts are equal, or.nearly equal,  to the expenses.    The-amount of gold melted  and assayed since the nnening of   the   Assay  Office in  Barkerville  has. been steadily in  creasing and there is little doubt that, next  year will show the amount of receipts to be  still  larger.   An idea of the ben��������� fit derived  from the A������say Office may be obtained  from  tbe met- that had the amount of du^t which wa*  assiived in ' 1871  been sold before the estah-  'Mr Bung, is waiting to see her."'Mr B. in a .. , ' t1 ,,  s ������ ...     Ii*nment of the office tbe miners would not  <hort time after, disobeying'the widows injunction to come again in an hour, pushes his  have got so much for it by about $14,00<J.  way lnt and Mr Uapps hearing him coming  md fearing his y pvefessioual ��������� reputation"  ;night suffer, hid under the sofa, where Mrs  Green hand! Urn tinvb.randy. Mr Bung en-  !ers,������its on Ihejofa beside. Mrs Given, and in  t abort time offers her the heart and  band of  Court Fkks.��������� The fees payable, in the  County Court tire felt by siiitorsto be heavy  and oppressive. The scale was framed before Confederation with the idea-that it would  ������s������iat in defraying the expenses of Government.. Now that union has taken  place  and  Tub Fkaskr.���������Notwithstanding the urns,  suallycold weather experienced in Cariboo  ibis winter the Fraser river has not become  !������o completely frozen orer at or below Que*-  pel as to allow of travelling 00 lhe ice. Thero  is, however, a large quantity of floating Ice,  which while it attests the severity of the clU  mate, renders tbe river more dangerous than  if tliere were none it all.  NoTrrrxo ix the Pape������s.'>���������* Pnncn." in the  last isMie received \n Barkerville, devotes the  cartoon page to tlie denunciation of the press.  Mr Punch there appears in a rage, kicking to  tbe d--l the leading newspapers of London,  the Times not excepted, because there Is  nothing of interest In them. After this, can  our readers  complain  of tho Cariboo Skn-  TiNBt,?  Trrw Adklphi-TIuh Saloon has been opened  by Fred. Rose and Sam. Wirfker. two well,  known Caribooites, and a'l those who take an  interest in the manly ait of self-defence will  find-amusement at the saloon during the winter evenings. Free sparring exhibitions every  night.    :   Thb Tklkgrapu.���������Tbe line is up.betvreen  here and New Westminster, and in a short  time commitnicitlion is expected with Victoria. As we mentioned in our last issue, n<v  news reports will be furnish d until the line  U in thorough and efficient working order.  Arrivai, op Goods.���������The high rate of  freight from Qnesnelmouth does not prevent  the constant arrival of large quantities of  goods; No less than fourteen.teams were 'st  Robinson's on Thursday night on their way  to Barkerville.  ,4 ��������� pacocbal beadle." during which Mr Rapps ^  pP0Tjnce n.H,Vf<i from heavy expenses.  is observed to be very uneasy, and several JincUiuing.those of our Courts of Justice, it is  times desires   Mrs Green  to   ������������������luck   him.'"|ou{i ve^onatde the fees should beaflsimilated  Bung's offer bein.g  refused, he tells her be U.o .'those  of tbe  Dominion, since the cause  hopes the next beadle may be more worthy ; j which gave rise to the present scule is now  is for aitnself, fMng scorned by the one with- J removed,  out whom bin "parochai   life" would be an i  intolerat>l  drowned  out  ijear  beb......... _   ,     .   ........   ,.....,  Joe s������ttd Mr Bung go out. and  Mr 'R^ltle'onJ mhir Qties'ielraonth.   A bridge at this poin  ���������Mrs Green's lodger, enters  and also luake.^jhas been needed for a long time, and the wan*  .Whtskby Sktj.isg.���������:On December 27fh,  William Bowman, at Quepnelmouth,: and  Jt-seph Gliassot. at Alexandria,' were each  fined $50 and full costs for. selling liquor to  Indians.  Neither- Harxaro's Exprkss not ihe Mail  had  left Yale for Barkerville up to ycater-  \***    .��������� ��������� -      ��������� ���������' ���������"" ������������������   :  -���������  Sylvkstkr, with the Omineca mail, left  Quesnel mouth last Tuesday.  JiSSrvtiiE Railroad Storb ^  (nearly opposite the Government A������n������y  Offire, Barkerville).���������This store bus been  opened by Mr C. A; Noltemeier in connection  with his store in Victoria, with the largest  and best assortment of bootQ and shoes ever  brought to Cariboo.   He hus introduced a  violent love to *��������� the snug .little business/'| of one is wpeciallv felt at. the commencement  fie gives her no time to refuse him. but says|of whller flml h^fnnin^ t)f Hpring, when the  he will call in hall an 'hour  tor an  answer.-. ..      ,. .      >        .,  Uuue.  ��������� ������������������������-  -Ml^^^pM  -o-i-  TIIE MINISTRY..  Mr Rapps emerges from under the sola atu  urge (j nan titles of ice coming down the river  continues his addresses, when .Top again ap-| impede traflic and render  the crossing dan-  ���������**.������3B3������ a**  COIJNTV COURT.  (Beforf H.rUi Bail, K^q , Gold 'Cornin^albaer aad  ���������  : Co u u ty Cuurt Judge ) * ���������" 5;'. * '���������;'.������  vV '<!'  ���������fl ���������'-.     ;,.'..   TuK8DAT,'J*huary 2,1872.  <���������-������������������: Mane?ta vs. Nkwkll���������Fostjiohed for sum-  snons to be served.    ^ *%& jfe;.;  HlTCHCOCKVS WtLHOT^fSettled.  Prkblbs va. Wjj-mot���������#<udg������aent by default  ;fur $140andcusls.  -&-~a$fr���������>g*.  Rafflk.���������A grand raflSe is otMna tapis,  and is to take place at tho Antelope Restaurant ae soon as the list ia .filled. The  prizes are Valued at $2200, and consist of a  valuable specimen, $500 gold co������nf gold  'watsbes, &c. For particulars, see ad?cirtise-  mmt          Do������V Wmm* the Bof;k Lottery on Mon-  , 15tb inst   A winter's reading for one  iollftf I   Tickets cm h*  ptoqwq& r* the  proached the widow, and said though lie U-.u\  not much whiskers, ne knew more about potatoes and greens than Mr Rapps,'lbing, or  Rattletofl, who knew nothing, and, dropping  on his knees,declared he dearly loved her.  lJoor Joe was received with a violent box ot  the ears, when he declared he would get*into  the pump trough, and when rfie wanted him  she would only have to. pull outt.hu plug.   It  is needless to say Unit Mr Bung did not come  to   grief,   but   afterwards   returned   to  the  widow's apartments in a state of intoxication,  nor did Joe drown hjmselt. having con iri red  to keep his head above water, whtlt* imitating  the cries ot a drowning man, ami they bnth  were informed by.Mrs Green, as was also Mr  Rattle ton. that she was .about  to put herself  Hinder the protection of Air Rapps. by whom,  jwith herself, the snug little business would  be in future conducted.   The characters, ol  Mrs Green, Rapps, the policeman, liiuig, the  beadle, and Rat tie ton. were  sustained by  Florence Wilson, Mr J. S. Thompson, Frank  Perret and Gomer Johns in  their usual effective manner, while Mr James Leighton,  who made disappearance for the secoud time  on tbe stage, acted Joe to the lite.  The play was followed by a March and  "Those Evening Be lis/? by the band. Mr  Fraser sang **The Pilot,'* accompanying himself on tbe piuoo, and on being encored sang  ���������'Tvo Lost my Bow-wow,7' ou both occasions  receiving deserved applause. The baud then  played **Tho Minstrel #oy." u Uarze again,"  '���������* Thow ar& ������om iVoai s������y u^e,''1 fe.   Mr*  gerous. Tho sum of about S20,000 would be  required .for tbe erection of a substantial  bridge. : ,  School Board.-7-At a meeting of this body  on Tuesday evening last, J. S. Thompson in  (he chair, the election of oflicers took place  for the current year. J. II. Todd, Esq., being  elected 'Chairman, and Kdwd. Pearson, Esq.,  ���������Secretary and Treasurer. A report was read  hy ihe Secretary of the state of accounts,  showing assets and liabilities, which was  adopted as satisfactory. A vote of thanks to  the retiring officers concluded the evening's  Imsiness.  From Yalb to Nkw WesTM'ixstKR.���������Tra\fel-  ing at this season of the year must be rather  uncomfortable. We hear that Air Walkem,on  hiti way down from Yak?, chose walking along  (he telegraph trail rather than undertake the  journey by (he river. Since the latter route  is unsafe at this time of the year, should not  the telegraph trail be made fit for use?  Rev. Afn.R&txakih��������� VVo hear that this gen-  tie in u a, who lust year officiated at tbo Church  of England in Barkerville, and lately rector  J of St. Paul7*, Kaijoimo, is cbout to leave for  EniTon Skntini'X:���������It is difllcnlt to see any  ground upon which a stand can be taken  jigainst tbevIJinwtry. The Legislature has noS  met,, nor has any measure been adopted calculated to give rise to fair party feeling.  The re js no reaso n w h ater er. jorJha _ ab aw  sh0wered on the presenf membera of the Es*  ecutive by the Victoria press ; and the statement in it intimating that Air AlcCreight might  not be elected if he again offered himself,'  should be received as without foundation,  Mr McCreight has the respect and esteem oi  tbe people of Victoria, and his not coming-;  again before the people [������' not avoiding the~  Constitution.   Besides, Air AloCreighfs const itue 11 ts evidently do not require bis returning to them for re-election.  As regards the measures to be brought .tip-  when the-House meets, such as the Tariff,  Civil List Bill, Registration Bill, Ac., there is  not likely to be any division ao'nearly all tbw  members are of tbe one popular opinion, ami  we.may depend in any event thero has. beev  the counting of votes already.   Of course, *'  the members of the Legislature be concerns 'I  more about parties than measures tba preeei'  Ministry will probably re^gn, but it is to U  hoped the Ministry will not be driven to sues.  a course, except when tbey get beaten on tf  bona Ad'������ question of -public' importance.  my  C .. '���������  '���������  "  I  1-. :-.������������������:.���������������:���������- - ���������  ���������"     'liK-jiji'  . - ���������'"'    ..������  ���������   %mw--q " >.-������������������  .; '���������psIs-,,,,-?-,..;* 1--T.     ,        :  ;--..-,���������.-^j!i-;.';si,Nf.-",' .���������::..-.���������'���������.������������������..'  :^.M " Jv ���������'���������:;���������'..-  ,.-' -JSltf!* -,-���������;���������  -   mhm  :���������������������������-: r'^fii*?^r-������������������������������������  ������������������'������������������'������������������'������������������  Ill   - '  ������������������':iw'fe ".'������������������'   '-���������  '' :$$$&    .���������  :���������.>���������  .... ��������� S������i������^fe'?  ������?'  **������������������ ;t' '.Thj? fo11ow1njj---st'ranjjo item lias appeared  4   ^nf?ev^'[n of, onr 'oYciityistf1 s. :For our,part  ;"'������������������{>--7jbaiff<*!������y ��������� tlie: people of Chicago are not. likely  "^^ta'f^rjref-R'o ��������� retxdlly the .eagerness - io -he] p lit  ��������� \ to,desfwy itcotnjdetely-,would-��������� *bt������"to.' raise  ���������    thewafers oi'the Mississippi.^ Already: it ti  y-k 3 n ^ipreojtrioua and.^yeii d anfeerous post I io ?V  ^���������Jti- fiict^' gjiy^l-jiej^w^ork Times, ''"there  l> ^opnsidfttraljje.^ngex^h^ttttethHlfnpeii^  ;  ,i3n������ryisilftlion^, -that oiry^tofuse one or tbe ele-  "^ .^rjant, enphernisms of .tlie.-diiyj^vill:be-com-  ���������'"^pleiely ^wiped ouV anil fihat not even :,a; fra#-  , ���������in en fc' of nh rid jre or leveo; W111 -be leffe whfitlco  ?;��������� ****������ fuhxre Ntnv ZealannVV can stirvey & swamp  [*i "^vlnjre l.lio> Gresc^jiI.:: Gily once was."   New  \ a Orleans-lias been ahvnya: loo- low, nor Imye  ; f;.% ItfV ty a ri o its *; con friyari ces :;/ I o ! Ic ee |V on t ^ibo'  ..'������pwo|len^filera of tho ^renf; rivc^r IVePh^uite  ^v'^r^UiM^or!d.1io'iiiurpoK'o.: nor\��������� indeed, bnve;  = . ^I h f y \> revert ted. an ��������� e x te mive s i n k i n & aji'p n d y  In somei>rtris"*of iho city,/-Tbe pnrairranh to^  ;   "yfn}^ w.e1bfvve abov^aUiuled h ns fb.lloVs :* ���������  " . / ;] ?\)u London P-ill M ill ( m tte fear^   tlnfc  ��������� .    ,.���������'....-.-.".;,! H .-;.,'������������������.���������.������������������: i;-; .'��������� -.-i'! :-������������������'.. ��������� -,7.;-"'. /,* y.'.J 1:v:.J:l -i. '7-v,".-'.i r. ���������   v-.-���������������������������:-.���������;������������������ . v.- ���������������������������.'  '���������--''^^  -..... ?,  -r^;.Ll������  ������ f &  ���������Tfela'lidsi::-j.'A seco'ncT.;.rotub, 'prrijectedy by'%iv  Field, iiideiitical:with, the first, as Hir as; At  ^iiii, \frijm wincli;^Iace,vbowov^r,fit pursnes a  rii 0 msmidierl v -coil rse n.riifl i t mn lies la nd! at j  vfokohy nia^a- d |st������ neo froni jlie JUni t ed: ;SM'| es  ofv^235^rrii 1 eat! "Froin:^feohnnia-tt^escribes  ti ^%mie.nt of iiA circle -!i vnttl-l^;! * v.reiitilito'af ^'SbKi>g-  !?.^Ir^a^ fiirthei*''>!istance:;:' o't"/-'-! *Oi,0;;:'mij^/'  JieJ  (u r ti i ng: to;i!i e;)iJa.p,a n es e \ ci I y an o tli er b ran ch  c roases ��������� th djfi Ian d J of 1ST; p h o. n; a n d J/iSi e; tfa pa ii  Seay^ and ��������� jiiins ��������� ilie^n^ia^li hek 'a tpo^ie tie;  A tliird jand last; ronie^stafft from Sarr -.tFrah'---  ciflcp.^ trayerses;Oiel;North Pacifib to Honolnlii::  ia the^Sandwich islands.-conneci^'thi^groHp"  wiflf'JIifl waylsjarid, anclh-ovn Ihence? joiirn'-ys.  to^YokoliajnaWa total distanceof 5;573 miles,  ^lakiti^ ah allowiince of 20, percent, for slack:  'the: jdnsrtli \of 'Cable. reriiiired!Tpu:.'t!ie; fire.t'-rou le'  is 5.2i;l m jlesj: for the'���������'se'comijiS^M; rJor the  lliird,'."8^&3"-r'JThis;-ea]enlatioiiof .course im-  plies7 tli at each iine.-will: .terminate >.afc-"PoS5i������-'  eMe^whiciris J,il SO miles fi'cujri' Toko; ha, ma;  ^s; the.leading.^lafca of ;Rus$iaY��������� baye al ways  exlnbiied:a'keeri appreciation;H the/practical  ��������� v a 111 o;.: o f . t h e '��������� te 1 egrx p h. i t ��������� i s n o t s n r p rising  /that.they shoiltd; talce the deepest":iti a coioss'al;;  <|nl erpi'iso ^vji iclii w lien ^qarried,buti willbrih^-  ���������S'ti Pek/i'sbiirgli into, instantaneous coinmutu-  caiion, not-only with Japan, but also with tl-e  chief: cities of the American Union.   As soon  -as! ei 11 i e r.i,crf \:'; (bo:;. ������������������ r o 111 ea./;-;%y ii i c ii -;<, wfe/:li av e -;b cfo'n  <able, an tharita lively to desert foe, I������ com pleted?7  the  eariti/will 'be   belied, with  telegraphic  cable?.   When " 'Puck's Girdle?- has spanned  the Pacific, it, will be easy .enough to .send" a  -mesKi)s;e round (he prlbbo-in /'vforty-minutes-'7  #^^su fficie^n tly .^^;;re^  d rn ni(d li s ti *s vo'( t? quojM;. ;|i ii e sto'i-in ii Ice; his fan cy,  appear prophetic;--Cfsoridon D'ftily,STvjiyg.',  pl^^iSESf'.BfEAfM^S-;  ^/^:^M^m^^mmc,  ������������������������������������:~'i::-'':'"Z <?.������������������ "lii f :7'r'  y --j  W& STIPES  ilAKR THE HESt TIMK'I'-" V1i! -^''���������"7.  -    DPjyK THR-'HRST.���������STOCK."!"' -'r������   '-  V   ;U3I^T^  HA ^E(Tita .IJQcJT ..COMP KTJBOT DRf^RRS  ;  OAIIRJ'TUKrMOST>  .-���������:������������������'���������',: DO THE LARGEST liUSIiMsr^  > Hhrongh the"belt of^ limestone which pirfs the  v. southern "bay df'Lake.Mmhig-an, and (lien the  -      watnrs,thafc*r]ow north info the Gulf of Saint  ���������t% v  Tja\yrencf! will  have, - \nsfead. ��������� to flo\v sou th  in co th e M issicH i p'p i -a n (l'G\\\ f o f i\h';c i c o.   Th <j  w- 7/,^n,!Hn<?ri1^^ Al^'S?-2,?!*!0 Uiusijsives It'states  - -to4be' also that of the  Bi-hhh 'G-nnriv.phioal  Society.; ;Th.ny:say tHe variation b'f the liei^bV  ^ i t��������� ������������������<> f >he' 1 *t ken n 11 o v o .t id e ;1 ev������I is; n n f i I we c om'e  to ;fche ffreal fal I of Niagara, bn i f ri vial -; Lake  ���������; Hi  .7%l  -    .  J^,R������MEMB;  JHIS!  ijrgjgag  r^OSpkLliA^EQTjrt^  ' 'Travelled by the1 FAST fJNE SAVE  ��������� EROM^'AVKL-VE TQ TWKNTYiDOLii^HS  by ,not doilering, as other lines ������do,;dn' this  road. ������������������ \,    .������������������":  ',  n    ��������� ,',.,,, ' '  Grerow & Jolmsoii's^Stages  QA^RH^G   IldER ^1AJES^S1?%MIL^:  ���������    , . ���������    y/i 11 leave Darkervijje,, fci!.; ',   :  ^ GNGE EY|iI.t7 PGimTIGHTV:;  ?: ;���������':  FPU YAli'B:^ INTJspMED(|AT������ ^PLAGES.  &  , . ^iThe FLQR BNGE is ihe: best-Sewih^  M ach.i n e. fo r Fa mi ly... wse, because it;  ^ .y so seldom-rgeft out of orcler/. :* jf th[������.r^  f'.': ;ls one riot; yvorkihg-we11; in��������� i'-f< -':     i  '.'..! / '.v'rCAL'fFpRNIA,  ", *   ' ���������" /:' \ "?r  --, ,,:;HWAs;HiKet(5^f:EB  '���������' ���������.-, NEVADA, v<    ": ' ���������*"   'v       ";' ���������  - -..   lb'A'H'6,' ���������--..*��������� r--- ' : v.-^r"-������������������.''���������  ������������������;^ - j. ./i-iJASKAv;.'ff;.v.v ^ ;;pr ,:-;-;-:|'  *^   ��������� " 'Bmf ISH*COiUMBIA;;"^ ' ������������������,J  .-.  y,   MEXICOr;^... ' . J  *     'o-   A-  _...'; --^APAN,;;; ';/���������;_,,-;.    -  f-?; Orvfehlj|fA;".Ifll^df^^r'j^Jti^ %lfl  v    fix it; wjthputv any,: expenie 'to !tho  owner.:  -/iW**  Express and Sta&e^Eii  carries:  mm 'PREPARING;   mm:; wo^Mii  LETTERS, TR32.ASURE. YAl^A^E^, ,.^ . >    ���������  ;    A T    R EDiU G 15 0v ;^A T E&\' V *  ���������t-������:: f.  -'��������� ^",:j"'-  7  '   'J  . l-,.'.,:'  ������������������   i'S >  ...���������'.-,:.,.tU-.':ji'n.:  ���������[I'll ���������  ���������SAVE   MOTEY!  ' " '   ,; '   ���������   By calling at the . -  S. e c 6 ii cl - lia n d  S t o re;  Where they will find a fiueii^ortffifliitof- v   ;���������' .  raFg':^;''Stov������gv  -^V'liich the,.Hli.nois river.'tbe flow of lhe lakes.1  ^^^iM'^;'^1^,way insl ead-;o'f 1oj\ynrtl;Nmo;ara; j  'the St LaAvrcnce, the grentrriver -of Canada,  ���������won 1(1 become'<xevy: unich :smalIcr,'(ami -the������������������  ^Jfi^ippp|v; the. ^i^irf^Amencah tivcrv Would  %._Hb^co m^.co rresp oni'd rh j? I y ;d ee p o; r; a n d lin ;eay ly;  " -'���������iiavJRable chnnnel be had from-Lnlfo Superior  ; "f x^-1S)BR'v' If ?f' ^lexioo; ���������; ��������� 'fjlngli ni- Faj 1 s:\voii i il  'i��������� ^^:*;r<y^di'y-(tip; and the grain and- ofhe.r pro-  -,^:-|d.UO ts.;;o f^j-t;l i ii; vwej? t"  : if ^^;jNfc^r0r I eri n s^ Ci ris tf^viYI - o P^lt e ^r^^a wrtjtn c^;" /^^  f-m r-j-.f^Jftit er v an v^c'Tni ii ins I an ce%\ d i ver (fn#   I he.  ; ^ ''fSy rttHrig-l) f ��������� tje {(J p j > erXalv oj>, wi p p o si ii gj i t;.;1; \v'aVT  ���������'. ^"? jflq \\ nd^j ^nssib 1 e, ^iu Jo| th e 'M isSiPs.i|'������p I ;?woul d  ��������� ^eiTe^ Mr^lJR1: & GAnPRNTRK'S TOOLS  Va n d^esl;ern- shtp"r>^rs Of '^mii.'::and >.������i jiir-'cnnir  ���������modi ties a re1 too w id e a wajce to their o \vn in  :vt^re'Hla;;niXt.^n^miw-wl^ Besides,  ' t- W^0;^!^^' tble-Way,:\vohld;:,fiJ5������Ts- be  ^;openi^;they������r^ the.  *; 'inonib.'of'ibc;Mjssissi'p jit bejpw New X)rleans,  " ;i*.uaVd,ly, iiiay igu b; I e.���������^ [ ?*f on t.r t\(t I Uri tn ess.  ;:-:/.p^-.ponco(.]on^;;^  ���������OUs.uto^ ikuve vyiLji pin].ci:u:ilil.y^aJiiUf;Ui^!j{itcfr'/^ t ���������"'������������������*  *7%^Mtie,oitiifUim\)gt^te :. .^'..   J "n  ,; Ho. 19 Kontpmer^ Street, South,  ,., ,,,,.   ,6BAN0HOTEL-BUILDlNa-,     -  .Send for Circulars'; and samp{e������ of  F ^.'the wiark^^^tiye; Agents J wonted in  ;y;. every place.-"   - ;-���������������.' ���������:..-,';.;-?  urjeA0t<)m^  rWsBjfW:m^M  rent  Jy#{nnn'. j i.{..?:;  Jff,  ^  ,ap3fl.'T-H'-?\-./> . ;-Av..,.  i-.-.   ������ ... . s...  ��������� ���������-. . *--  "JDXV:  %;"������������������  Burktsrvlllev <!  MEfEMOI WmmW' GIM:  ; jf-' -HAT G li ���������������?! i risq i.j.Oj? tfi< I i /'y sevoWij I'ospG'c lii b 1')' pa &  . 1. ;Uc'f5,'whiJOi.iii U.'stii^to Llio iffficiip^Oiyiiry.^ayisLoin,'  to agfiia itinko public Xiis. J.acL'.iji>it  ; / ;./".;,'������������������:' ..;;..; [ .'"  WILL Plt'KVKiVT -11 Al '.DXKSS,'^'���������"������������������ '���������'.'':'���������"': '"'''-" ���������{ .  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