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 - K  ^  > v''r.i $^P������$b&(Lfyery Saturday Joy./-,, o  R 0 B E E'.T .."H 0,LL" 0 W A Y.  .-. "J.t  Subscription,. - ; -, .5 0 Cents. per:Wee������."!  KATES OP ADVERTISING;*  * A.-..,..    :*;,���������    .  .   .     o��������� ��������� ,,>V-���������>������"'  ���������' For on o;, gq uaro (que i uch), fl rs t. i ns e r $$,' ' -' r. ��������� ������3 -'  <-���������������>? ;'^.v;rJ^iy-A.'.;V J ^'^^9ftia.3Ji3(B|it^f,jVJM.\^j^;^  ^r^t^o^'s^uar^^^tetjniertion^'���������''-. ^  -���������-,-' :..s  '��������� ��������� tf ���������<? *!���������;    $s**! ���������=^������������ raSntli/ V. *-. 5'������������������ - Wl^   S  uAgeats for..;the;,** Cfariboq.S^ntmel;'^.;  VnnWinkte,-  ,.Q;i'ie's.n'^bnoa'th;  lif j;%'. Xinnliar;fcj;;;;;'-  ]i a rn ������ rd's. Express'.  . ^iUv^rpok,;^'^ f:-y.r.; . -,. Barnar/L'sExpress  ��������� . filiftyotij': - '""-��������������������������� ���������"-"-**t* "���������;-'*'' "BarnardVExpress  ;'"-'.' Xal������������--v';.-.--'. "-.'- '*��������� Mr.vrEvans,    ,^do      "'.. \ $0. ' r  : K<^-^s$minSter;:v-4 -'- *Vst;"--������ i"r|"'QClarkson & Cb  '.���������';; YMtSrfa,*-:." "'-.*���������"'���������' -;��������� " - f-*p\* *" :���������-' '-���������',-i JoVfr -fOoiIens  Ji. 1\Fisher,',  O XruTlson & Mcnofc,;r H- ���������  Sun -Francisc'o-  K'ev^iiTk.!  *���������.- rvs-i  [in four days; and up to the'-latest accounts  the working has been continued ai about this  rate..' ��������� Already about 123 ."barrels of = native  ill ver, esiiinated ,to be worth $7o?p00tq'$100r  ���������000,: have been shipped.   The yield of the  ���������min e, cornputed by the.tori, is not 1 ess, torn a  ;djSijar'; 'to, the' pound;   : The mi ae em ploys  about:forty men, and" tho. qompany will in-  :crea^their force1 immediately;; ������������������������������������' "���������"���������"/;-���������. ;    j  v' [ Tli|f^ royalty ?"..���������; paid.-on'this, to ffl& CaiVM  $ ianlSor erii ra en i is qui te sina) l-^nott ezqee d-  ing -one-twentieth.' Eye-witnesses ;of ���������inteiliT  jgencje,''; 1 u dgmeat and��������� experwn 6,e repori th at  'Cap tat ri 'Frew wil lp rob ably take on t of isil verj  THE'CARIBGp^BN^INEL ���������,:.:..  A iC&rdfr; Circular? .^Posters and*Profframmesfor;  .;. Balls an tl. Theatrical ..Entertainments '��������� j>  -.���������:' j&rrfexoc d feci ^ i tli' hea'thess'ah cl dispatcb.^^",  ' ' '   :':*    :' ��������� ;������������������:: ���������." -Terma:moderate.  ".-. v;-    -'���������'.���������: h>  ��������� +*trt*r.*y& r������ V^ *** .^>^V* ������M"^ *^ ���������> >=. 1 ������������,-'/^<V1** ^ *������^p- fc.T rf ������ ^*^ts-*������* ������������������ *  y.  5:.:;;IMAfe Bde^ejo'rS' allluj$$ fo f|fisiljSr jlsl-  lalies on her trip b^  pf:sMyeiv ��������� ;^bi^:Si|y0ry.&laria,i6"flP hiiiabfg,  initri actuatbona^dKaMr^ wHca-l;:tbe  most -wonderful ^resuits haye : already beeix  obtain e^l /-and- %ll/tiid& fair ;^;>n^al?ei^ n >yield  and richness the ffibst rem^pable mining dis-  ; 0. oy ery A n this, cpurii ty fox m an y y esirs.*..'. Sp me-  masses 'of; silver went downhon.'the Meteor  1arger an d h e av lev th an a m ati ,c on 1 d."' 11 ft. . A  ,part;(^f^tbe. isjantl yeihi sayJ'tw6;;;1eei;;'o^;;tho:  eight feet irii.-width',;js Ayonderfivlly; ricb,i ;and  -.it.-is ij'orh^ihis^pbrtip'n'; that;. :'the;; jar^e; silver;  ra asses are -'������������������ extracte d." ��������� :0 tli er . r i cb m i 11 es ���������.. of  silver. ;are:y# found on:  tlie'.main north; sb ore in: tbs ran go ;ofr the SiU;  .ver Isiandv and-Gsp^tain HodsooiI .Jf*Fort������ge,  the map. Part of' the- Prussian fo roes, under;  Prince'^Frederick.William, are now boarding-  at the t; farm. housed; iii the margin of . the;  map- There is-nothing between them -and;  Vin;cehnssbntWrail fence1 in repair. -Any;  cqrporal can see at a glauce; that tbey have;  b niy. vto r ��������� tu rn , it, p u 51, it do iv n, era v? 1 .^u'h.der,;  climb oyer, -��������� or >.walk arpuud it.'-. just as. the  ���������cominander-in-cbief shall; elect; ; Anotherpory  , tipn of /the! Prussian';force PoduiiK,;  under Y on Mo 1 tke. T h ey have' no thing ib_ % a  but; float down; the. Seine, on..-a.raffeaad scafe  the walls bf :>Parls^ Let the worshippers - of  tliat;o'ye'rrafep soldier believe' hii ���������; still, ap.d  .abide the;-'sKsult^for .me,-i. do not .b(eHeve.'f;.be  wi 11 ever think. of .a raft: ��������� At' Omaha [ and the  Higb-irld^are"yast masses of;, Prussian: ���������> in-  IMISGBLLANEOUS.  M?  Miners  ^royisioir  Btora;  o;Ks'  ������^fe;  f c ana"! (u nl ess. so sic, n e w- in id ii i feo I aii -ri n b rl n  cipleld ^Legislature .��������� shall put ..up cthe t $toan.d  so terideritcSoatfeFtov        '<*:To.nie it;lopl:St  . as;;;if Pari3 .'is^'m^'^^-'slii^ularly ���������close'place?^-  iShe-nover- was situated bafore as she is,in,this  map. '   ���������':���������  ; ";���������'���������<������������������ 1 ��������� ,-���������' j   ; _ SMtfix. Twain.   -  ;^A'dAPr������vr.:lRisu Jok  a; con trac t to', cijg a public ^oft/-\^riio:tf";%' bad.  dug^abp.nt.25 feet,dowri, be came one mornlpg  ��������� -:,1ht4.Lrit5Mt.po^essions, .just..^elow;;nmjmer;k. ^,,r..,..          ...'."::.:.;;';' _,: nobody-; was near; then! took -off' Ii is bat and  <* * $ p e, ��������� a n d ';'ro m e fifteen" ni il es b ey 0 n d ��������� Fort  Ty i-j I htm. ������������������. The isi an <J is qui te sm all ,1 ft Jlim en-  yj <) ;i s���������-sa y 10 0 fee t by -i6--a sin at 1 p ar t at on e  en rl fe" n b 0 h t eigirt* fee t ��������� abo ve th e 1 alte? j 1 e vol.  This.island.wus entered by the.Montreal. Min-  1 ii jf' Go t np any as- p sr t' 0 f a tract e m b racing  1 OS.000' acres, and the island was subsequently  MARK TFWATN^ llATS-VV&mY&GT ON  PEAK DEMAND. "  v fi'pju'eha������ed ,of::;them;;ky ^aj)t,4;^in.fIlr]Jrcw  ' * ".''"'(formerly of PPrtagc'liaKer'a^  ;;, 0 nt 0 f tli e ��������� Soil t. li Pew ab re- cop p er mine) tor  1 ii tnsc 1 f ah d asso c.ia tes, in clud I ii g a m 0 ng ;Ujcm.  .. :,?{*j������,1'.SibleVj^oL-New^ Yqrk,' a. brother,������we  '���������;th'iriiv--b-f:Gen.'Sibleyi of .St. I^ajrliniyl ��������� j  The Montreal Mining. Company first made  tlie discovery that the1 island contained silver,-  '. and by their agents, sunk, a shaft on the j isi-  .. ;��������� cikI ;,. b ut these, knew, Httl e or npthing* about"  m i h ing j an d t he water c 0 mi n g i n. u p 0 n tli em,  ��������� far thje r wplic.. on thoi r min e was ab and on ed  -./ as useless.   It was only-this last summer f)mt  Cap t... F. and ��������� Ins, cpmpany comp 1 eted; th eir  )> argain. wi th the Montreal eomp any.,for the  island, and secured.it by paying, or agreeing  to pay. $250,000 for the' entire 108,000 acres,-  T hey wen t i m mo d lately tq^Wjirk ati in p ro v i 11 g  ��������� ��������� t h e ra i n e i n a ��������� ��������� work manlike man n ev.v   Th e i r  : first step, was to 'surround the island with  cribs 0 f ti mber, ��������� fi 11 edvwi th stone, to, servo as  a breakwater and icebreaker ; and within the  cr i,bs. a ;c of fer-d a tn was ' b u i 1 fc, ��������� a nd pu ddl e" cl  with clay, having the efleet of making the  island nearly water-tight, at leas fi from life intrusion of the lake.  The nex t step was 10' set n p two 1 arge  fsyphon. purnps v/oriced by steam,.by which  th e i in side w as ;pu ra p e d dry, 6 r n ear 1 y sb, a n d  it has since��������� bsen 1 ownd th at a- very 1 i ttl ef wor k*  ing of the pumps daily keeps the island clear  of water entirely. "Then theywent to work  ��������� laying bare the vein, arid now have exposed  70 feet in, length, and find it to be a true fissure vein, with porpenciiculai'' Walls���������the vein  ,of silver matrix being ;calcerous spar, with  some little quartz intermixed. The vein is  eight feet wide, and'eye-witnesses from there,  ��������� state that for one-quarter^of this width it will  average '70 per' cent', b'f pure silver.' ��������� ��������� ��������� ; ,v.  . ; On the first trial after the water was gotten!  soul:, six men took out $B5,0Q0 worth of silver'  Ki In introducing, the map. of Paris to .the  ���������readers of the Galaxy,-Mark Twain says ���������: ������������������ ;.  I published my cll\- p of 'the Fortifications  cf Paris'JMn ;my- ;own paper a fortnight ago;  but b.iyi obliged to reproduce it hi the Galaxy,  to' l\u\ tls ty' th e extra oi-d i n ary - ��������� dem a n d ��������� 1"0 r: it  which has arisen in raU ifary cireles throngh-  out the conntry, General Grant's outspoken  com mend a ti 0 n ��������� pi* ipi n ate fl thfe clem an d i an rl  Gen ,\ Bli er rn an rs < ferve n t i n d 0 rseinen t" ad de 3'  fuel to it., The result is that tons of these  tn s. ps li a vo been fed t o t h e su fferl ng sol d i ers  0 f our Ian d, b n t wi th on t avail. Th ey hu n per  still. We will cast the ,"'G-ukxy into the  b re ach, an d s tan ������ by an d a wai 111 \ e etfec fc.:  The next Atlantic mail will doubtless brin?  tie'ws of a Eur0pean frenzy for i his map. It  is reasonable to expect that the siege of Paris  w ii 1 bo su sp e nil ed til I a Gernia n trail si ati 0 u  of it* can be forwarded���������it is now in preparation���������and that the defense of Paris will liko-  wise be suspended to await the reception of  the French translation (now progressing unci er  my own hands, ,and likely to be unique).���������  King William's high praise of the map and  Napoleon:s frank enthusiasm concerning its  execution, will insure its prompt adoption in  Europe as the only.' an th 0 ri ta t i ve a iul leg 1 lira a te ex p 0 si tio n 0 f th e ]) rose nt ra 11 i tary situation. It is plain that if* the Prussians cannot  ge;t into Paris with the facilities afforded by  this production of mine they ought to deliver  the enterprise into abler hands.  Strangers- to me keep insisting that this  map' d0es" h01 explai 11 i tsclf. One person  came to me with bloodshot eyes and a harassed; look about him, an* shook the map in  niy face and said he believed I was some new  kind of idiot J. have been abused a great  deal by other quick-tempered people like  him. who came with similar complain is. Now,  therefore, I yield willingly; and for tho infor-  ���������tnation of the ignorant will briefly explain  ike present military situation as illustrated by j  id  co at-,.; -hi 1 ng, the m ��������� 0 n-th e; w irid lass,, era wl'ed'.l n to.  some bushes and waited events. In a short time  the citizens disco've'retl-that the v/ell had caved  in,  and, se ei ng Pa t's c 0 a t on th e; wi ndl'ass  j they supposed he was at, the' bottom ,of the  excavation. ^'Oaly a few hours of brisk, digging cleared'the loose earth from: the well,;  and just as' the eager citizens had reached the,.  bottom; an.d.werr v/6n8oring where the bo dy  was,.Pat, came out of the busi 1 e,s, and; good  ri a fcuredly thanked th em for relieving him ; of  a ;' sorry job."\ Some of the diggers were  disgusted'* but'"the joke' was too good'to allow of anything more . than.a hearty l^ugh  th a t so 0 n f ol 10 wed.; 'r :���������.- .  , ;M .,;. BARKERVILLE,.   .' ,.. ,    ./  "'" ������������������ !Nest Door Ta\SENTiNEL^mcK/l?;;'.''  ���������'; 11 .T th j a :J<)stablis Ii merit w il.jal way s>!> 0.-jf on n fl a -. wal  ��������� J-jL.fr-, :v' sel s.cj/'ed an d>'arie(i;'a.sspi'tni.ea p of th 0 '���������"���������  'FBlilSKEST-G'KOGEEISS&PEOyiSIOKS  ^' Mfi^tf* ^iVlN'G^ElBGO,.;'' Ynt^M: p:-  . AI4SO���������A goo d s b 1 ec tipii b f Gl 0 thing j Itard ware ((JIasi  ' ���������" ;.X -l? 'a^i'dCrdcli^ry-/? 'Bos th' raacte af .-To'aaeed^.  :-"-*: *j.j" -f.j..-:������V Af������4lciiVes,ete..rcto.;-;',... ,,':.,;...������ ���������'. ��������� .  Best Java Coffee Roasted arid Ground DAILY..  :mM goods- &ai$hj$fi^  '; "��������� Tb e: B AS i i-t til ly s uppl i c'ri \v.i t|i; tli W c a' 01 ces t.' ���������'"...'  hr'-. "������������������ v.'.'..Havatia Cigars, fames it iw^^^ ��������� -f-jf .'.  . ..,1 trustby h tri o ta fctciitlon. to b usiness (itaci fai r'aa'4  scaredcal'fng1, to meri ta'.Gontiuuariceor'thfe.nberai  patronageUcr.ot(>i'Qrecxtcaded'tO'jn.e., ....     - ���������    !*���������"���������  fA;large lot ofHEYWOOD'S QelebraiidBAOOK  for Biilej at a verj JqW''fi|5ur,Oi '. ���������>���������'/���������.'.*, lf>*-j ,j / - .'   " =  WOaoeSTE'R'SHIR-E^SAUC!  .';.;.- 7l^- .J>eelaredl)y Coiinoisseurstp.bo ..*'������������������������������������ ,'l-Vr.,  ^8^-^Ui * Jgncjntfc'n,  "a wv.'mu-jc^vtm^ iraw������B^e������-a  f i T ty l'NTT?QQ   \fO T 'f' "��������� 1?  . Caution a'gaiins t' Fr aucl.--Th c ei ti cc ess: 0 f \ h 10  m os t '(.103 i c io lis., -an d - vu n r i vaJ lod  Con d i m en t- having.  . caused certain: ti ea [cm, to n ppjy t h c: nam e. of ;���������{Worces-  er'sh.i re S a u c 6:' th e p iibl i c i s ��������� 11 er 6t> y i h for rn c da ha 11 k ������  ���������niy way-ijo secure the geimjn 6', is to ..'        '. v;.   .  ASK  FOR' LEA' i&^PSB3SlNSf������������������ SAUOSB  and .to see; that: their : names are., upon the .w raffs a  LABKLS, JjjtOlVKft, aildlSOTTUS. ":'  "'Seine o'f the foreign markeis*|lfiiving boon suppliod  with/a Spurious WgrciistershireSauce, upon, tho wrapper and labels of which"tho ivunc's of Loa andTcrrins  fc a ve.- ;b de ri' forg o d,":' I ii' aiid P.; ���������give'. notice t ha i they  haye iurhisboa theiKCorraspondnnts .wiih power of  at m i-r n oy - to take- i ns U n t j i roeeo ti i nga a-giifn s t man u-  ;r act dkess and vkxb'ors dr ;'sn ch," o"r any p thori ml ia  jons hy vvldch their right may be infringed.  Ask for LKA'Sz'fKB^VmB* Sauce aiid sea  ���������'''Kame on: :Wrapper, ��������� Label, Bottle, and  *..Stopper.T-   '  . ..,.....,' ..:(.  Wholcxalo and for ������x port by the Proprietors, W ot  ces ter-; Crosse en tl ���������Black vrel 1, lion d on, & c. i & c. ��������� &sk<&  by Grocers and Oilnien .uni vcrsaily  Time Tests the Merits of all Things.  FOR   THIRTY   YEARS, .^j^f  Perry:"Davis' PainJKiller,  [Ins linen ten tod in every variety of ciinuU-e, ������jk! ;vl>o  hy jilinosL everv ntiiiiiu known Lo Americans,' It; i-i  tlu: all mirft'<;un si ant., com pinion and iwal it i table  friend or L!ie Miner ;i nil Travel iur, on sea and J and,  and no oncshoui.i travel without it,  ��������� It is a speedy tmd safe nr niedy for burns, sea his,  cuts, bruises^ wounds and various other injurie,'", ay  'w'f.-t las for d v������e u. tv. ry,. d iarrh a;a a a d h o\v el c< ���������'���������. op I a j n ts  ^mopiily, and is admirably suited for every race i������  intai on the Ikbo of tla: ^lolje.  i 5 si s ii re you call for an 11 pot" th o ge n u i no Pa t u.  Killer, as many worthless nostrums are aLr'aupU-d to  bo sold on the great reputation of ibis valuable metli-  cinj'. .���������  l-jcj'.I by ell liedicinc Dealers. de3  JlioMoiiY presided, over the past: h/uu/s  Govv)>) k (j v or iii c prc������out ��������� Tho firs111 vos i n a  i ��������� I eli .ti -1 n p! fv 1111 n g with g\ or i o 11s tro ]������i t ItirJ, n n d  lined with tomha; but li'iiu/'a Com:fi has i>tti'  one shrine, and that is every breal;fasi tuble>,  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be found for sale at'every respectable  dealer's m British Cohi-mbia. -v' Be war*   of  flour, f:  FLOUR  FOE. SHE AT SIISTOIi MILLS  SODA   CREEK.  .  ���������������  QXJESNELLE; aM ���������'  '_/ /      " EAEKEKVILLS  .J. HAEPSR,  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  J.KD  E  0  Ep uri oua imJ fe tio u s.  CA R I BO O    R.H Y  BT JAMKS AXDERSOH,  PRICE,       -      -       -        ONE DOLLAR  For salo-afc tho S]?3S?s������'sa.9������|3& .as^for.v/a.ni������'*i ^y  !::.-.'5-:.;-  ;������������������"���������������  'il  " | p');;:. rjcs.of Oiarjt'fi  jay^  ,M  Bvmi^mMw,wammwMHj ?s?z������?&&#!*- y������>ftft������M-iafr  u M\;  mm*  I  -?���������- ;���������> -?iafe  '.���������-���������-. ������������������=���������.:?;���������" &f$K4&-if  '  > flWll ���������  ������������������     ;;'-:-'   ?-'������������  :;' ;/���������%*. illl  .'-.:.:���������   :    -'   '-<^rf  " ������������������'-.��������� ���������'-.���������-���������i'P ^���������'^P '  ... I;J������ -  , j   ,t;i||   ���������  >'-. ll -  '* ^P- ������������������  - ������?������f  -. - ;iw  ' tiff-  : ;'li!f-  I'll';'  ���������'��������� ������������������-Ipli  '-'.''.Ml  '$* i  mm  25  8*  SKSC  THE'CARIBOOSENTINE  *., .'^  ��������� J;7 T  Is puMlBhad.ln Barkerville every Saturday. ?All  adv&rtleomenU intended for insertion, must be delivered Rt.lktest at Six o'clock, P. U,, the day beted  ^ablleatioa.        V . ���������-'   ��������� "���������' '������������������ ���������  '"S^'V^O CORRESPONDENTS.  All communications must be accompanied. by the  r������aI ii am e aud a ddress or the writer ; not -necessarily  with a view oi publishing the same, but as security  for its good fa!tb.  ,     ���������,���������       , MH><WM<������������ 'ii ii - <    ii i    ������������������!������������������.i     'ill     ���������    'i     mmmm^mam^^^fi r-���������  -  :'.;, -, TO HWERTISERS.     ;  ; Ail advertisements (not Inserted for any definite  period) wlll.be continued until ordered but, and  ������������������bargedfor accordingly. ' ��������� * .  ,   ' SATORDAY. JAN.7, 1870.  ���������������������������' g    *"''  '"'  '''   '"       ' :    ��������� '.   - - ---'  I      V ���������    ^ SERVED THEM RIGHT.  ���������< ��������� Thecommittee who^waited on his Excellency the- Governor with the monster petition,  signed by 550'.inhabitants' of Vancouver Isi-;  and -���������fo rty; lees / than tbe voters in Carib op at;  the last .election���������praying steal the D������m ihipn>  Government should: guarantee ttie eMabiife  metit of the transcontinental railway terminus  ������������������-, ��������� *t. Bsquimal ty appear'"*to have met - with; a  ���������chilling reception.      -;-\  His EsKcellency^ery properly remarked  that hei would;,advise; the withdrawal of' the  petition: which appeared to him in spine re-  i spec ts ridic ul ous, if; cot greed y, and whi ch  ������������������ "���������' tnig li t have the effect of in definitely p ostpon-  5ng Confederation as well as sowing the seeds  . of perennial discontent on the mainland.  The:Government���������.--x>ir;; Canada, be cbiisiaered,  bad nndertaken a great work, and tbe location  tViai ;ihe terminuB coul d only;be deteVmined by  its practical advantages, which was a point  ' for engineers and surveyors to determine���������a  ;'point pn; whfch the gorges pf the Cascade  Houhtains wo ul & have more to say than an y  one else; If the: committee wished to forward  the petition,; he would; advise them to do so  , "direct, as he could not recomraenA itB'prayer,  -considering it lost time^ and to a eertain|ix-  :,-tent undignified; besides the terms of Confederation  nwt be adhered. to, as if. this  ; colony attempted to amend them the Canadian  Covernraent would claim the same right.  After a good deal of desultory conversation  respecting the wealth and importance of Victoria, which they asserted represented three-  fourths of the capital and population of the  ^colony, the delegation withdrew to consider-  -on t,he course io be pursued, and on return-  } ing stated that they had resolved on having  !the petition forwarded on its own merits. His  "'Excellency accordingly said be would forward the document and leave the Canadian  Government to form its own conclusions. He  -would tell tbem, however, that it was not a  ^Government measure, but was sectional in its  bearing. It having been suggested that if the  terminus were not secured for the Island  there were many who might oppose Confederation, his Excellency said he quite understood  that if some persons' irons were not warmed  "by Confederation they would try to defeat  -v^the whole scheme.  that winter is not; as was once supposed, in-  tolerable in Cariboo, but that the pleasures  and amenities of social: life can be enjoyed  ^amidst our snowy mwhteins as w^  ahpres pf the Pacific or elsewhere; -;;;:���������/' ���������  r The day beiug fine and springlike enhanced  the enjoy ment of the'occasion j and we believe  that npone who spent the opening of 1871 on  William creek will ever, even when iri their  distant homes among their early friends and  associations, look baok to the fact with any  other feelings save those of pleasure.  ��������� BALLOONS   FOE- WAR   PURPOSES  The experiments made at Woolwich by balloons inflated at the Royal Arsenal G-as Works  have, on the authority'of the London Artizan,  shown that a height of 100 fathoms at a bori  spntal distance of 600 fathoms from an enemy  would enable the observers to secure a wide  expanse of view. The balloons with which ex-  peri men ts were made at Wool wich were held  by two new cords fastened to the net-work,  and terminated at two different points on the  grbiind; to give greater, stability to the balloon, and to provide: against one cord snapping, or being cut by the enemyTs fire. By  the ae������Jsystem of.military- telegraphy for  field service, and by means of wagons at prer  sent being placed in; store in & the /Royal  ArBeiial,; 1 ines' of telegraph cau be earried  through th e air from; the ear th;: several pii 1 es  distant. ; The wire eau be,paid out as fast as  the balloon travels, so; tnat if a,captive balloon  should break away,' communication could be  kept up with 11 for si x mi J es; or two or ni ore  bal looiis can-be -sent u p,; and kept i n te legra*  phic communication ; with ^ each Other' by  means of-similar; lines,; so that telegraphic  operations can be made from the balloon to  headquarters, and thence to the t������aBp of^operations, -.-. : f - ���������',.������������������ ���������  ; By means of these new mililary telegraphic  appliances the most rapid intellingence, and  con seqiien fe speedy wp rd' ofgo mm and, ca u be  given. In sieges, war balloons are usefu 1 in  giving information of depots, peints of attack,  batteries, innerVintrenchments;'the explosion  .ot the magazities in'..���������.marshes, to spy out am:  buscades that may 'be inywaiting,,.torally  coiurahs,.and to telegraph points of assembly  or attack.: The- observing officers were enabled to survey an area of thirty square miles.  It was found that by practice great skill can  be attained in4 judging of distances,- and the  relative position of mountain gorges, passes,  Hraiis of woods, and Hhe course of streams.  The trials hitherto made have been chiefly  carried on by professional aeronauts wiLh  hired balloons; and it is believed that tbe  British Government have at the present."time  no war balloons in store.  The result of the observations of Captain  Brackenbury and Captain Noble, sent out  from Woolwich on behalf of the English  Government to the respective seats of war,  together with trials and other sources of information, will, it is believed, result in war  balioons being manufactured in the Royal  Arsenal, and that officers of royal engineers,  from generals downwards, will be trained in  their use. ��������� * : ' ���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I'ftJJHiiUMJWIfU.1  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  ^1  Pain is supposed to be the lot of us poor mortals,  as inevitable as death itself and liable at any time to  come upon ua. Therefore it is important that remedial agents sheuhl be at hand to be used on an emor  gency, when tbe scminai principle lodged In the sy's-  tern shall develop itself, and we feel the.excruciating  agonies of pain, or the depressing influence of disease.  Such a remedial agmt exists in tlie Pais Kuxek,  whose fame has made the circuit of the globe.. Amid  the.eternal ices of the Polar regions or beneath the  intolerable an>l burning sun of the tropics, its virtues  are known and appreciated. Under,all latitudes,'  from one extreme te the other; suffering humanity  has found relief,from many of its ills by. Its use. The  wide and broad'area over which tli is medicine has  spread, attests its value and potency. ' From a small  ^beginning, the. Pain Killer has pushed steadily along,  maki ng i ts own big h way. solel^ by its virtu es. l ���������  Such .unexampled success ami ;popularity has  brought pthers;iuto the fleld, who have a tteinpt od,  tin der sim ili a ri ty of nam e,, to usn rp the confidence of  the people and turn it to their own selfishness .and  dishonesty, but. their/efforts uhave proved fruitless,  while the Pain Killer is still growing in���������. public favor,  .--:���������=,'.'���������   -: ;;-..'��������� \ .���������:*.:,:���������;������������������;''ji71m'- "./��������� ";:"i:. ...��������� :':'.' ���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  Tor Sale,  -*AT���������  VTHOS;  FLETGHEft'S   -  '��������� ���������   ,'.."'.V '"  ������'   ��������� -'  ������������������' "'   ���������; ���������'i     "'r  Second-hand Store,  ���������-'-��������� ���������'. ��������� ... .   ' .    : i  BARKERVILLE. >H  Sheetand Cast Iroii Stoves  ALLJOBBINO. WORK IN TIN.  Iron'Zinc and Lead Piping, attendee to.-wiih  Has returned to Barkerville, and may be con*  suited at his old standi  Dr Siddali/returns many0 thanks to the people of  the Lower Country for their .kindness and patronage  while on his prolessional tour, and by strict attention  to business trusts to retain.the confidence previously  bestowed .upoy him by the peoplo of Cariboo.  In all branches of Dental worjc he warrants to give  satisfaction or return the money, an<l pay the patient  for the time lost white sitting.in hi? .c'ha'irk -.  Teeth extracted in a style that will dcty the world  to -.ex'ael, and Te c th filled w i th pii re Gold and Silver  or wilb the Os -Artificial Filling,' which wili save any  tooth, even when introduced upon a bleeding nerve.  '���������", Tee-th put i n upon pi ate and upon pivots. Parties  who may require the Dcctoi's eervioes would do well  to make ah. early: call; as he does hot intend to remain hmg in BaTkerville.  'g3uP^������member that the cHurges are moderate, und  the ofllce opposite the ASsay Oince, parkerviU<?.  promptness,  fact on.  'COPPER, Sh^et  id ccU  and warranted to give entire sutli  Hardware Iron & Steel,  HARNESS,    Etc.,  v-        FORSALE.' ,  ET  c  ;E. PEARSON & BROS.,  BaUKKUVILLK AN0 QUKSXKLMOTJTH.  VAN    WINKLE   STORE*  Lightning Crekjc.  MINERS AND TRADERS will find it. to Uielr .U;  vantageto purchase at this Store, where ther^ ii  MESSKS. MEACHAM St NASON ar������ prepar������?d to  furnish Lumher at their Jlills, William Creek,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wi!  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  TO BE HADE BY PURCHASING THE  3  SITUATED ON WILLIAM CREEK, adjoining tbe  BALLARAT CO.'S up nor Hue.  OS'S or even four men, cin make a goo1 'thing by  Id vesting in the above, as it will be sold cbeap.  For particulars, apply to  D. SIDDALL, Dentist,  jaJlm Barkorville.  it  SALOON.  'THE HOLIDAYS.  Christmas and New Year have gone by,  and tbe tnonoto no us routine of everjd ay winter life in Cariboo baa again commenced.   It  affords us much pleasure to state that the etis-  . ternary festivities of tbe season were enjoyed  with the utmost zest by the entire community  without the slightest disturbance or unpleasant feeling.   On New Year's Eve, alter the  ���������close of the Amateur Dramatic performance,  a very interesting lecture was delivered in  tbe Wesleyan Church by the Rev. Thos. Derrick on "Past, present and future of British  'Columbia," and we understand that an invitation has been extended to the rev. gentleman  .to visit Lightning ereek to deliver the lecture  there.  The 1st of January falling on Sunday, Monday was generally celebrated in its stead and  kept -as a heyday. New YearTs calls were indulged in to an extent which was never before  witnessed in Cariboo ; and tho fact that the  ladies ofevery faotily were at home to receive  their frieadfl and gmiliogly dispi&iDseboBpjfcal-i   . , , .   ,  . , . 7       . .    .    . F      jeeuie their account <-a or feofrre 1  a������7. S������^e ^ ^r *������m m.m a cme an*, ������howingf ��������� ������n.  w  THE TJNDERSIGNEP BEG TO ACQUAINT THETU  friends and the public that they have leased the  above wclldcnown and com modi ous Si loon from Mr  Wm, Sterling, where they will endeavor, by striutat-  icntinn to business, to merit the patronage of the  community.  Twy wish to inform every one that ihev will fur  nlsh NO UQUCKSOR CIGARS at the Bar BUT OK  THE VERY BKSTQOAMTY that can be procured in  Cariboo.  The Billiard Tables -will always be kept in good  order so as to afford {Satisfaction to their patrons.  W. W  DODD.  Jft* Ivo i. Z. HOUGH.  THE  UNDERSIGNED  BEGS   TO  INFORM HIS  friends and the public ,that he hastltted up soon*  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  nhisnew building, whore ho ia prepared to jriv  good Bods at a reasonable price.    Those who will  favor him with their patronage, may depend on th������  cleannoRsanri comfort oi'liiM Iiouhc.  He takes also this opportunity to remind the Carf.  booitos that his Brewery has received tho FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for hi b celebrated  Of tho very best description od hand, and the Stock  constantly replenished by new arrivals. The propm.  tors will sell Goods  .  AS CHEAP  AS ANY IN  CAKIBOO,  Ordersproniptly filled,and forwarded with dispatefe  Van WinkU,  BE2DY k L1KDHARD,  Vropr  et������M  HAVE been requested by eeveral respectable $%t*  ties, who cab testily to the efficacy oi my system,  to again make public the fact that  Moses' Hair Xnvigorator  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,  v :\  RESTORE HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OR FALLING OFF, and eiTectnatlv  CURE SCURF OR DANDRUFF.        .  This is not a mere assertion en my part, as I hav������  in my possession numerous testimonials certifying to  tho success of my remedy.  I do not of course pretend that I can make the hair  grow on heads wliich have been bald for years ; but  t will guarantee-'to stop the hair from falling o(f, to  increase its growth, and effectually remove Scurf or  DanUruff. W. D. MOSES,  Barltervlllo, B.C.  CERTIFICATE.  This is te certify that during last spring��������� my hair  was rapidlv falling out and my head was fast becoui*  ln>? bald, when I applied to Mr W. D.MOSES, Barber,  Barkerville, who in a few weeks restored my tiAtr to  its former healthy state DAVID GIBBONS.  Barkerville, Deo. 1% XMS. noil* l������  m  m  m  1  I  a  m  I  mi  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will be able to jndge by them  selves that such honorable prize has been Justly  awarded to him.  N. B.��������� A large front room tolet.  Barkerville Jan, 23 I860. N. OUHI0  Bestanrant and Bakery.  THE Proprietor of this old and well-known osta^  lislirnent would respectfully thank his numerous friends and tho public for the extensive patroiiPg'  ed on him, and trusts that by b������f  heretofore bestowed  usual strict attention to business to merit ft  uanceol theirconfidenceandsupport.  euoitft  .ii.  A.  LL PERSONS INDEBTED TO C. P. O'NEILL,  GfmiKo'Crdclr, are requested to call on him find  their 3cc#ttB$  THE NEXT EXPRESS win Ioave Barkerville nbont  the 10th of J.innary.  ���������.. ���������., .,..., ���������,,.,.    th������ Omineca Kxpress wilt connect with Barnard1*  ������ifRST VARr"     Kxpress at <Jueeo el month and William Creek, wfeH  r^j ^  ,  ^ M ^TO rrvrmm,  &> ro  Meals, 91.   Board, $X4  per Week.  BREAD MADE OF THE BEST FLO0*  I recommend to the public my  GROUND COFFEE,  which Is a much superior artlclfthan any whicho������ |  behaUrrom below. I Roast and Grind it iny������<* ?  and choose the beBtberries,conseqvently the pu������������������ t  ma j bBftiU9 0lUeb������inftfro������:roro adulteration.       j^|  j, q% enow-f*.  '���������% THE CARIBOO SENtip.L
~~���  SaTURdZyTJAN. -7, 1870.
���������:*.' tf*.
San Francisco, Dec. 26���The following is
culled from last nighVs Eastern and Cable
dispalehes t
The Italian Chamber of Deputies, by a vote
of 192 to IS, have passed a bill for the removal of the capitol of Italy from Florence
to Rome within six months.
The Conference on the Eastern question
will meet January 3d. ;
The Empress Eugenie is organizing a fund
In London for the benefit of the French pris-
_. oners. .'!.."-;
'I Queen Victoria has sent her congratulations
to King William upon his acceptance of the
title ot Emperor of Germany.
The Germans are reported to have won a
victory, south-east of Amiensjover the Army
of thejNprth, 60,0.00 strong."... They are now
retreating, and have carried several villages
by storm.       r '���";.""'--���
Austria, Prussia and England, it is reported,
nave'offered an asylum to the Pope, who will
probably accept Malta.
Advices from Berlin state that a part of the
-terms of peace is a demand that France re-.
elgns Savoy and Nice to the Pope.
-The Mount Cents tunnel was to have been
����� o in p I eted o n ��� Sa turd ay.
The Elbe is filled with ice and navigation
London.V24th.���,Far dhorbc,  with >: 40,000
ro**ri, was r ou led by Manteuffcl  y eater d ay
. War'Amien*;   Only two Prussian divisions
m&rv;. engaged.' ��� .'..l. ������'.������ ���
The Germans are makJag a retrograde
��� m(ii vement iipon Orl eans, an d the French lines
have been much advanced to the north and
���north-east��of Paris, .    .".v ..':���
Bordeaux, Dec. 25-���Fardhorbe, commanding lhe Army of the North, reports to the
���M in i s ter o f W ar as fo tio ws: T h e P ru ssia n s
-gave us battle on the 23d. Our troops fought
admirably during the entire day, and villages
*were taken and retaken. At 5 p.m. our sac-
cess was complete, having driven the enemy
before us at the point of the bayonet.
Other reports say Fardhorbe was successful on his right and left wing, and that his
armv slep* on the field of battle, but that the
result was indecisive. The next day, the Germans showing no disposition to renew the
fig h t, Far d h o rb e re tu r ne'd to Arras.
Berlin, Dec. 25���King William telegraphed
to the Queen that Manteuffel won .a victory
on the 23d near Amiens, taking 1060 prisou-
jtrgt andjcqmniai'i cet}'4<^^��^^feV^^^-.&-..
- the .direction ofArras.
London, 25th���A fleet of transports is pre-
. paving to ,j leave Brest with a considerable
force.   Destination unknown.
The French Government are hastening the
^organization of district camps.
..":������������:':;."; MIKING INTELLIGENCE.
There ia nothing going oa ot any importance, the different companies working only
taking out small pay. The Bedrock Drai n
has been cleared so far as to 1 o wer, the water
in the Barker co.'s shaft sufficiently to eaable
them to start working. The Ballarat co. have
commenced working with rockers below.
Tbo White Pine co. for about half time last
week took out 25 oz��
The Jenkins co. have been making over
wage* rocking below.
��� ��
The Victoria co. last week took out over
60 02.; they are greatly impeded by boulders. The Brown co. are sinking a blind shaft
in the deep channel" in their tunnel, which
turns out to be deeper than anticipated^.
#��� ' ���    ��� ' ���''���'.'.'���       .
-'GROUSE CREEKi       ,
The Talisman co, have concluded to work
for the present through the Waverley tunnel,
and are fixing up; to doso advantageously/.$
their prospects continue very good. TheBafc
tedo. co., working on the top pay streak in the
old Heron ground, are making about $8 per
day to the hand, c
C:.;;   ���' FRENCH CREEK..-' . ' *; '.-;.;!���
The Ambrose co. have continued the Cosmopolitan tunnel to their own line, over 1300
ft from the mouth and about.150 ft deep without striking bedrock, which is supposed, however, to be nearly reached, and they are now
starting to run ahead. The North; American
co. having run too far on the side of the: paying channel, have been compelled to turn
back. The International c��, are pushing
ahead with their tunnel.
'���'.'. -LIGHTNING CREEK. <
The Spruce co. last week washed 54 bz.���
The Van winkle co. are build ing a new wheel,
the present one not being strong enough to
work tacit iron pump.
The McCorraick co. have sunk a blind shaft
in their tunnel and struck a prospect, but the
rock is still pitching off.
him and stabbed him in the side, and then ran
out-of .the house; recognised the knife how
produced as the one used. ���      'i^jL
Prisoner having been cautioned, declined
to make any statement, and was accordingly
committed for trial at the next'Assizes*' ���    ���
A^lichQeld, from 17th
December, 1870, to
6th January, 1871, taken
at 9 aim. each day,
showing the highest and lowest range for the
preceding 2�� ho
...Max. t.
'"   ,jfi&     -;.      ,-..     '���''    r/-
December 17,
10 above zero.
6 below zero.
19   v
4 above zero.
.  ���/-:'���        21,
n : 14 below zero.
'     20
2 above zero.
" '-.       23,
6 ���..
n ...���\""---;:��� ���.
Ti' '
.'<:���'-.&2- <
' ;-20.   .
���     ���    -;27^
-.���:.' 14'. ....
���".;���".'    . 28,-..
:���:, 35 ���';.
���:'. 28 .
- .;     29,
.    37 ���/���'
.':  20', ..���'".'
"   U     :'.;
��� :'.;���'',..... 31/
1871���Jan. 1,
.". ��*���.;'
-������ zero. '���.      - '.Vi:-.'
i-v^.v- -:^
:..-.7:--  --,   '���",
:���..-���>:>'���;., *,
M     ;
���.���������:10-,.,,. .������-..���::��� ���
���������;������ .'B-:  .-:   ���''..���'.:������
. ". .,-25':
��� ���ia.:.--:' ''.���"���'���:���/���.
<.;:--?��� '��������� :;6,;
'. -   25
The mean temperature
for the month of
December was
18.48 degrees ���  the highest
point reached b<
sing 38 degrees on 9th, arid
the lowest 14
below zero on 21st.   There
were five'days
when as
low as zero was
���.' ������ \. ���.
;���'.' ,,'^.V  . Vv'���;
(Before Hon. H. M. Ball, GoM.Commissioaer and
Couutf Court Judge.)
Saturday, 3lst Dec, 1870.
P. Latxihs vs. J. Park���Suit for   $180.
balance due on promissory note and open account.   Judgment by default.
m 'iiimt' I
Golden Gate co.���Dec. 19���M. Griffin, 1|
interests ; F. Hansen, li interests; John Pom-
eroy. J. J. Smith. G. Gadd, W. W. Owen, John
Martin, Samuel Tompkins, It. Mugerl, George
Cowan,veach I interest; II. Randsll, John
Stephenson, each A interest.   Re-records.
Sir Walter Scott co,���Dec. 20���J. H. Kerr,
H. Chris tie," ?R;. Lipsett, S. Parker. 4 hill claims,
tominencing at lower line of Hard-up co. aud
running down -stream.
Sir Walter Scott co.���Dec, 22���J. J. Hob-
ert��on, John McNeill, two hill claims, commencing at lower line of said company, to
form part of the same.
Pattnllo co.���Dec. 24���T. R. Pattullo, W.
Brown, Geo. Byrnes, each one interest.���
Caledonia co,���Dec. 20���T. Bellt Jas. Hol-
voyd, two hill claims on right bank, commencing at upper line of said company, to form
jpart of the same.
Ballarat co.���Dec. 24���D. McEwan, Mm.
Andeveon, Wm. Jeffries, Jno. McAllister,4��nr
bench claims on west of Adams co,, ,coas-
jrjencittg at uppe? Itet oi -BaUftrai co,, auU ti
.(Before H, 11. Ball, Esq., 9.M.)
Saturday, Dec. 31, 1870.
.^Jka Jftitan. was fined $5 for being drunk
and disorderly.
Friday, Jan. 7,1871.
E. Ord was charged with breaking windows
and damaging property of J. Bruce on night
of the 3d or morning of 4th, inst. Evidence
was adduced showing that a large amount ot
damage had been done, but no proof given
of the cause or iivtention.
Ordered to pay $200 dam ages and be bound
over in two sureties of $250.to .keep the peace
for 12 months.
Chong Fee was brought up on remand
charged with a murderous assault on Ah Sing
and Ah Sam at Barkerville on 10th Dec.
Ah Sing, sworn through an interpreter, testified as follows:���Prisoner came to bis house
about 7 o'clock; a woman ran .into the
kitchen where witness and Ah Sam were lying
smoking on abed ; prisoner followed her with
a knife:; witness asked prisoner what he
wanted to cut <febe woman for; he said he
would cut him too : prisoner then caught hold
of witness and stabbed him in the shoulder,
arm and hand; had no previous quarrel with
prisoner.1 ,
Ah Sam, examined in English���Was lying
down on Ah Sing'fl bed smoking opium on
Saturday night three or four weeks ago ; prisoner came in ; saw prisoner kiUum Ab Sing
with knife.
Magistrate���Tou saw him kill Ah Sing, who
is here now?
���Witness���Yes; he kiilnin Ah Sing.
The Magistrate ordered the interpreter to
continue the examination.
. TheATitE Royal���The attendance at the
Araateu r per form an ce on New Year's Eve
wa9 . but small, and by no means calculated
to afford encouragement to the amateurs after
their untiring.efforts to afford amusement to
the public arid the trouble they.had gone to
in order to put a play on the boards such as
p reaented last Saturday, " Who Killed Code-
Robin ?" is a two act play originally written
for ihe talented Charles.Matthews, which from
its le1igthx;arid the fact of there being only
four characters, renders it no, light work tor
amateurs to undertake. On the presence-
casion the most diligent attention had been
paid'by every one with the view of making
the piece a decided success, which, as far as
the performance went, it decidedly was, in
spite of the chilling influence which a sparse
auditory inevitably exercises. Mr J.Hudson,
as Jack Raggett, had a very long and-difficult
part to perform, which he rendered with much
aprightliness and feeling \ and Mr Thompson,
as Old Tinkle, well sustained the quiet character of that peaceable old gentleman. Aa
the Mexican heiress,'Satanella, Florence Wilson had an exceedingly long and trying character to personate, needing careful study and
preparation, to which she rendered ample
justice ; and the. change from the wayward,
passionate girl to the subdued and affectionate wife displayed much artistic ability. As
Hannah. Mrs Parker acted in a manner which
most professionals would find it difficult to
excel, displaying the mingled pertness and
vivacity of the smart waiting-maid to perfection. Between the acts, the same lady sang
the favorite comic ditty " The bells keep ringing for Sarah," very pleasingly, the unanimi
ous encore which she received showing the
appreciation of the audience. At the conclusion of the second act, a new amateur singer,
MrW. W. Dodd, made his debut as "Billy
Barlow." in an original local adaptation of
that individual"!! well-known song. It is to
be regretted that the gentleman in question
has so long allowed his light to he hid under
a bushel, as his acting and singing on this occasion showed him to possess talents of no
mean order, calling forth from beginning to
end the rapturous acclamations of the entire
Amoxc the passengers who arrived at Victoria by the Pelican on the 9th in?t. we are
happy to see the name ot our old and esteemed fellow-citizen Ed. Hnrd, of the late
firm of Adamson & Kurd.   We are also glad
WiMM ^ kwte from prlft-1 to observe tb��.t Mr B. be* brongU a partem
<m*r�� wlien the JfrUer struck b&ek'wds at}for life with him,
Thk Wkather���For the past two weeks w��
have had very pleasant weather, air in'fact
has been the case ail this winter t/ith the ei*-
ceptipn of a few cold nights, poring Christ-
maaweek we had a good deal of andw, whicU
rendered the road between William and
Lightning creeks rather heavy; but theiiunx*
ber of freight teams coasfftutiy- traversing it;
and Harry Wilmot's express; sleigh makings
trips every "day, have kept the communication
in better order than during, any" previous
���winter. On Thursday evening'- the clouda
cleared off, and appearances indicated a cold
spell, but yesterday buow set in again.
Change of Proprietors--Wa beg to call
attention to the notice in another column of
the Eldorado Saloon having been leased from
Mr Sterling by Messrs. Dodd and; Hough.,
BUI Dodd and Joe Hough are too well and
favorably known to the community aBold
Cariboo pioneers to render it necessary oa
our part to say anything about them. Call
a nd see them. We understand that Mr Ster*
ling is about paying a visit to his old horn*
in, the State of New York, intending to return
to Cariboo in about,three months. We wish
him a pleasant trip.i,:.....^..::.''.;; ;-;,.;.;.;:..
Fire BnioADK���At the quarterly meeting;
of the William Greek Fire Brigade, held yes-;
.terday evening. it was resolved to solicit sub-
scrip lions from the; inhabitants of Barker vi lie
towards defraying the expenses' of;: th��
B rigade, which,, have ain ounted; po ab out $ 350
for- the past quarter. An anonymous dona-
ti6n of $ 14. was received at the meeti ng.
The TELEGRAPH* ---Latest arrivals; from"
Queshelmouth report "that: the line had been
down for nearly a week, but why it should
be allowed to be so for: so long a time we
can't imagine. The consequence is that our
present reports are but meagre, the latest
dates from Europe b eing to Dec. 25th.  '
Barnard's Exep.ess left for Yale on Tuesday m ornin g. Mr G. B. Wr igh t was the onl y
passenger, going down. The next express
may be expected to arrive about the 13tU
.inst.;-..'   ;.��� \:/: . '������:";--.:. - ���'���'���;!;>':-: '������} ' '���'���;'- ��� ?'
rMrjT.rsT 6n; Board, a British; Ship,���Montreal, November 18.���A very Berious difficulty
occurred on board the British troopship Orient
this morning, owing to toe refusal of th*
commanding officer of the 69th Regiment to
take to Bermuda, where the regiment ib ordered, the families of the men who married in
Canada without leave. . The soldiers attacked
the officers with demoniacal fury and used
their rifles; when the ship's crew was called
to allay the mu tiny. Several of the mutineers
were killed, and the, deck of the vessel waa
strewn with the wounded and ���;dying. The
officers of the regiment gallantly went to the
rescue, rod finally succeeded in quelling the
mutiny, after the ringleaders had been killed
or wounded. Lord Lisgar,Governor-General
of the Dominion, hearing of the mutiny ordered Her Majesty's steamer Talmar to take to
Bermuda the women and children who weje
refused passage. Both ships went to sea thin
evening.   Much excitement exists.
I have been credibly informed that Mr
Edward Tormey, of William Lake. B.C., has
stated publicly, at the Forks of Quesnel river,
that I operated upon his teeth, thereby causing him to suffer from such treatment. Now,
if that statement was made by the said Tormey, it was a wilful falsehood, us I have never
done any dental work for him whatever���not
even as much aa to extract a toolh. I deem
it necessary, for the sake of my professional
character, to make this public denial oi Mr
Tormey's slanderous slatum* nt
D. Siddau*, Physician aud Dentist,
'.JLJ..1.  -��������
Van Volkenburgli & Co,
Barkerville, FUchfie
lite     ^^*      ..?v'ii>i.iP.i5   -iwotUj"
i;  ;;t|
'. ���-
; -fi
-. ������;���;���>
w ,^��.
^-^^Mo^mjjiawBHgiwtaCT1. sffltli
. pip* ���
'. ^VM ���
: if fill
< W&l
-t 7��ViA"
; :&$
-it s:i- ���;
. k&.i)
Itsr?^���.������-��� ."-t: ���. ' .... . . ���u-::���.-.- ...  ������: "��� ������  .;:���-.'"���     ^^T.   -    . . .'-��� .��-..".��� -.���   ���  - ' ���  ���       ������  .*   ��� ���'���-���> iiiPntri^T1 ������     ���������'���-���   '   i;-,:il .:
;"'. $praeyei\aigo,, wnem claims 'were ftfuM''��.-;j
Abounding in bright, yellow gold.   . ���  y( V',
:^nl<V surely yield: bim wealth uhtoicl ��"^ '
Wlieni^ ���'������������ . Jr.
:���'''������Shd.'all was!lite4'nH{4nfe and bustle,"" ;.';���; '���;
Ami ;fln m os we re . jb ml fe; and ;sb af ts ,q.ni ck- sank,
. Jiy use of bone ,and brawny muscle, . ; ��� ' %u,
vaTs ganger yp]^ .��� '.-.,,' ,!
;,.-   A banker^cierkofsofle.renown;. ,,;       :r \
'   Slim, wolf aresaed,,;dandirmd ^ :
l-.'Tai'd- bis first Visit"to bur town. "   ���'i'}'  ;:     ;;
', HeMl'never mount n&ain, I guess, >''���' "'������- *-
; ^^iftt'pblirtailedi ^ore-baclt7d^baiky mule; ri.
. ''"Fontshe came down RicbGeld hill/ :
^���Qtvrapid trot; iu seat.uprigbt.    :.-   ' ..-:"v-v.-
���f'��"N,��)tijir from'where now sfcands tbe milt,''I���.;
:' "yflpWing ^vide��moutbed the novel Bigbt���^-^;. 11
^^���lirhaiVJtbai7?- lie cried/"beyond.yon bend,
' ;; ^'Fa/fi/riisliing down tbe'rapld-pitch'^y^  ;!'
'IIis mule "fiere Btbpped.   Our luckliessrrrieiul
Kept on���^--and IanAed"m the4 ditch'!"" ��� ������ ���.
?! - ".'-i*:  In wrffurplight; with dirt besmeared,!
"���' His;Bhonlder brnisedj his nose;all blood,:
* "Ha'silence kept (good-reason; wby:)j     " v,
. v H^-mouth'Was fnlbof -Bicbfield"!mud.-<" -:;*���*
* 'He entered town with great 'eclat,  ' .'....'
^-:^1 axFvtI]at*��� at*lasf the 'place he'd found, > -:,i 'U
",1,3lie,t friends quite fast, to "shake his paw,?'
And��� j"bliy;*bbye.',t6. ^ bHow li'm^roiind"/?- ;;^CJ.: �����
rrln eager haste he\cleansed bis face, *.-/'." r<
^fevAWd.^many^frag^anfc ,<{ cocVtan^;:.;drank.^ jV.^
,.��� ..   * ��� uA,cheeHs.heardJ , In warm;embrace
':������'' 'He elasp'ed his friend jr-Teiitonicr^rank/; ;>. \ :V���:���
;;V-;Hushctt;8:fendvthe; crowd!: Ah It:,sbor6 ;��� su.3-:
-��� -' 'peueef!'"'',-   ���    ������   ���'   ���".'.���;.      ���������:'-','  '
.;;;. r".Sbon'fei'-Jlifefiatf again;'tbeysprang'';;: :;-;.;.;^;J.' ������
'4v0& prove "their; lpvei;;at;his;;expense,;;:v.: ���;��� ���; j.:r
%'.";AlL:,di'aniJ-!a glorious\':^[_boomeraiig.^j. v;-������*;v  ;
:  * ��� ;: ��� Th at il igh fc" o n r v e rd ant (friend was shown
r;-��:.The beauties of the hur&.y dance,   v ' :���
. ��� IivMontevatid the faro game;- -- -..���!-'"���;���.:.-;    -r
;.>..;!And^biskeyrppoVhp.took a'..chane'.e.:;,-,-<" ���;i;.
'���y-'^A'ncVdayii^t found him" runmngjet^v ���:
^r:;.Encpmpas.3ed'.by;his.frientls abputf .v . ��� v,  2f
''V.:; Seeking W'ehow to:tr;even" gefr-V: ���    ' -������
'; j^astlfe^ ..;./"
ii-i ^>: ;V^^Hut,..iaeTeri;ra.ibd, tlie cbahees'here;'   ^
;��� ,''rl Areiitmthe best you ever saw.    ..��� .        '.^
i   -?t 'p0.hight yoiv 11 niake;it up/don;fc fear,'
��� []';��� "'Wo'lL have.aHftle'-gameof^draw.' ���
Li \i ">-. Ab me 1 poor Yev&y!:, Thatt'a my riame I
,. ������"i>That game.of '? draw's?' a-biUer pill!. ���..���
���-     3)aiae Fortuive never near thee came!.   .; ���."
';';  Kext morn thou*'rt out a thousand still.'
*r,'t ;'?:Ml right,5' cries Frank ;.*' You're bound to
'-���\i:>;-  v::������-.. ."win..:    ..... .,,  ' ,
il Though partners growl. I'll find thee Toora ;
������-;    {t' Fi v e -liu n3red. shares Fll give thee ia��*i ?'
* '"'T ii a t: p ayi a g schem e, th a B e dro'clc Flu nie Vr,
Kd u o'ub t 'twas rlch,   He uaed his eyes���
Found gold as thick as rocks.
T31ey washed at .last   To his surprise,
:   The bottom had no blocks.-- .'
��� -   , ��� j' Next day he went to see a shaft,
A sight he'd never viewed before.
Tbey p 1 ac eel Mm 5 n a d ir ty tub,
And told lhe man to, " lower."
The bucket sank like.piece of load
Jn>-ifc half way down, and there it stuck
f\ * il 1 toll was paid.   lie f rig h ten e d sn i d,
:"Thafc claim's well named I:?���'twas
^r:iA-WaterJdiich he:purchas6d;first j:    .:,.
dfiqiiite' 'dnhpnest mjanV" :��� ^y^y^]'".;^;:
Two days'0.suiil 'tn4e;bui)ble:b^sti-''';,r���'^'���'
No water iri it ran,   ���'���������- -.: ��� r. -., ;
Nexfcrbplight a.Jead.'of*qua^z intact,... ;
Some:, weeks; about it speut; ^   .^.   .,..,;;
Fojind- little gbjdj' aad^6r^id;fac| !���'���#:'
It proved to be cement.  _.''      . ���"; ";.
' / Thus moneyv flewl .;^WSen:; months had
Our friend fihahcially was wreck'd;
So niaivy cheques"he 'd' cash ed, at 1 as t- *���"
His casbrand coiirse were " checked."
No cl ai ras:" w ere le f t, save barely one,
Of which' we've not yet spoke; i i:
We.^&m'erit in no langfiing tone,-
liike him,itlwas "DeadBroke?7;
Resolved n,p;raore to be a butt?ri..
He left,���Ld^toie be brief:    ,��� -:   ;
Intent his;niimug irieiida to/��cut'? ..
Ilatii,he#^cutbis teeth,7.'; ;;i,; ���   y.
Pat's^ Idea, ov J}smc~Pat w&s but an idle
boy_���; one ddy- be was'?udd.enly called up aud
the question propounded, by the pedagogue';
."���Patrick, how many:;gods arQ; there ?'7: Pat
was not a.;disting.iiished; theologians-bnt lie
prom .'pii y resp pudb 3* ���'���,", Three; "���'siri7 ?��� *.{ Take
-your seat!77 ibundered.the master;,r-and if yon
don? tf answer, i n five m inutes-1 will, wel t you.?7
T;he n.r obatipnary- peri oel pass ed �� and Pat!
taki.pg.; the flop r hesi feat ing ly. s ta ted. the pii in-
berof fgpds;'to.be- "l?ive, sir?-'\ He''re.eejyed,���
the p ro uiised *' wel ting " and re turn ed to 1 us
seafc���:ten; inlmites for ;consid.eration./ Ten
mi mi tes dip, Pa fc was tup to p,:; an d sa tisSe.d that
he. 'badn - fc; fixed the nu mber -suffi c i en tl y high
Enough :before,��� .sbouted:' oiit-^.".Tbere's ten;
sir."r. He- saw- tbe ferule descending, ,and
broke,;put- of the .;dopr,;;clearect; a; five rail
ferice,;; audV:broke.like, a qnarter-hprse across.
tlie.;.,meadow..I;Panting witb;:e:xertipni.be, met"
alad ;wlffi-ajbook under, his':arm, and .with a
look (bfv,p ne an pursuit of know led go under
d11Kb ai ties.; ..I*...Where; are you go in g.V7 ask ex*
Pat.: ��� t:To.school ycAuler,;7: .was .tho reply;^
'f'Hoyv -many:;;gocls^are^there?7', .." Qae,',!
��� answered lhe boy;..-..:", Well, you��� d-. better go.
down;there. /Yoivllhhave agood time with
,youro.ne:'god. ,1 have-.just, left there with
:fce.n,- and ;that wasn?t enough to save me from
tbe-darndesfc.licking- you-ever heard of."
' ��i;.
���J ,31,
.........   - ..J^^'hB^X^:'!;    f
.,'";_,* ':   ;NEW.T^,:;Augustl5tb,iS6Sr ���
'Allow -mec'to *can~*yoiuy; attention .to, my
TRACT BUGHU.^The component parts am
'BMitIES;/;!i;';:;V^., f.'." ' ���-���* ''-^. """^���. .,
1'-liom of ;pREPARATiQN;-^Buchuv?-dn 'vacuo.
Juniper Berries.- by distillation, to<���form, a;fme
gin..���; Cubebs extracted.by^displaceinent witli
spi rits b btai ned'. from, Jii nfpjer JS e r rie^'j"; very
1 i ttje sugar 'is nded', and 'a' small 'prqportiori'M
spirit: 'li'is hibre palatable thanrany how iu
use.'.'     .. ' ���.���>'"*����.:.^rj-i.'^-Jf/.v&v.." .:
uiBuchu.aSiprepared^by ,Bniggists, Is ;pf a
'd ark color. It is . a plan li that emits its, fra
granee; the action.of a.Maiffe destroys'this
(its active' pririciple), leaving" ;a 6arkVand
glutinous decoction;^ Mineds the ..color,of ingredients.. The Buchu in my preparation pre-
and Tuck.
. i)
Tbrough tunnels damp with dripping mould
They led the foolish, wondering man ;
Showed him where lay the glittering gold,
And bade him wash a pan.   ���
0 ?e r i i in b era ran go. wi th serious hurt,
,He tumbled; hei ter skelter.
Alff! they'd u salted " all the'dirt.
His gold, proved naught but" spelter."
They took him through tbe Bedrock Drain,
��� Wi tli ti 1 th he 's covered o ?er ���;  .....
Not knowing how11bey dug the same,
He though fe it all a " bore.:'
The light went onit���he dared"not tell
If o w g ;;{>at h is fears; in deed.
They said, when in a bole he fell,
" JTwas.1 ooking for the lead."
From Iri ck" to triple, become moro bold-,'.
They h arasae d -.tli its this so rd i d el f,
Kegard 1 f.'*SH li o w ihei r cl ai ins tbey s01 d,
II they but '���' sold '; himself.''
:;.,-Too.Maky.;Poys-^A gentleman who was
itaki og a glass o I wi no; at Lou is7,, co rner o f
Freeman-; and Hopkins s tree t, in. Q i ri ci n d ati,
al jou fc. three.. weeks ago, observed a fc an oth.e r
table, sitting, with several others; a German,
w h o seemed, uneasy. and��� anxious,. as if. th ere
might . be a: Fran co-Teu ton ic disagrcenien t
between-himself aud his beer., Presently in
ran a little girl, her.'face radiant with smiles,
who.exekimed,"'u 0, we've. got a little,'poy at
home.''* ,: "Dai is gobt,7.7 said the Dutchman,
as the .anxiety disappeared from bis countenance ;" |{fill fip der glasses." Not mauy min-
utes elapse d b e fo rein rushed tlie little p r 1
again, with the" announcement. t:6} we've got
two little poys at home." The" Dutchman
looked .astonished and not altogether gratified'
at this little family redundancy, but rising at
length *o tbe magnitude of tbe occasion, he
remarked, " Well, den, das is goot; fill up
d e r gl a sses."' Inn f e vv m i nu tes, agai n ap -
peared the.radiant messenger, with the as-
tounfling proclamation. " 0. we've got three
little poys at home.'' This was too much for
even Teutonic impassibility. There was no
further call for glasses.' " Well, den," says
he, " l goes up dere, and. })y .Got, Isfatopsder
whole tarn pianess.���[Chicago Republican,
��� OOMPIilSING--.
Boots, Slioes Clothing and
���;.- ������ ������   GTOceries,
For��;i!o at-th fi Store pf lhe imcler^igncfl in Barter
vi]h.',otiposiLc tho iiaiilc of British Cuiuml>m.
OABDSi;. ;  ���'���"-'���; -������ '-������;:-,'. '.;:*���" %7 7 > j
: ^BILLHEADS ' ;]; [ '.: .:": ';t __ ���_ ':/ ;���* ,.r ������ j
'������������ ������./��� CIRCULARSl4^\f :,.;   ��� ���'>.������*.���������'-'.:
"���."V' ���"'""posters, :.r���}.c'\""���?.;'���'l"-^
.^:. ..PRO^^^ES,.;; V''.   'Zl'f'ii
^.^EINTED'FORMa;-';  ���   '���
���  ^.LABELS,::;, ,;\:.'    :-
: '���" ". .���" " ,' BEEAD tickets
be a Tincture, as made) jn> Phamiacop.m,';nor
\&ii& Syrup^rand,tbereipre j:can^.,Uey ijsed iri
'tm;s,; y pu :haye'^e4n6wl^
en ts:' ahdh th e m ode of preparation:-'��- ,v 'K   &-:'���
���-'lid'pifag that < you; wilh;favbr it; wi th; a trial,������;,
and that upon inspection "it Will .meet with
���yourapprobation^;'-:;,.^'.z.;>,;!,;-^r,-^HrJu? ' ���
.. Syiih' a feel ing o f profomi d ��� c ohfi ijje h ce,
.  " K'\'31 am?very respectivefyV '   ���'��� H~l ]i
p��r*~':l:r : - ���     -S/T;^HELMBOLI)^:^   ���'.
(From the largest: manufacturing Chemists in
��� ',   -   \ the World;)'V '���������./"'���: "   ���
"'"' :��� ��� ��� / ���'4v;*'' '''''''""���'-"��� v [' NOVKMBER?4;; 1854;   .
:��� "I am acquainted with Mr- iLT^elmfoold ;
be:oc&ipie'^tHbe'Drug���'StoVe-opposite .my residence, and was successfiiI in condji.cting^flie
bu si n.ess wh ere o th ers, bad -not}} een .eq u ally
so -before him,/.: J have, been"'Jayorahiy iui-
pressed with his cbaracter'and eriuirprise.77
' ;;;��� -:-:;!-  WILMMI WIGHT MAN.
. F ir m of Po wers aii d VV'ei g h iui a n, ll a tiir-
��� ''faetiuing demists,- NiiitU; and -Brown
;/.;��� viStreetsvPhijadelpluV _(/���;;
l;;lpL!rtia       .
EXTRAGT ." ���
tm'-������������ -���������'���
Etc.:, ;
Executed with neatness, care and dispatch atibi
Bahkervillb, B, C.
ni tf
^tA-iiucod Kates;
,For weakness arising .from indiscretion. The
exhausted po'wers 'of'" Nature'' 'which .iire ac-
compunied'by so ^riiahy' ala'rniin��- symptoms,
among which will bo found-<Indisposition io
EKcri-ion, Losd of Memory, ,\Vakefulues3,:Horror of Disease,.oiv.;F.orebq(iings .of Bvil ; in
fact, "Universal Lassi liu de,'Prostration and inability to enter into the' enjoyments of'society
,'; T|fE.::CO^STlf UTIOS
once affected with Organic Weakness, requires
the aid' of .^Medicine to strengthen and: invigorate ������the.:-svatenv,which HBLMLDLD-S EXTRACT B'lJCIIU*"''invariably does. "If no'
treaiment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues.
-".. -Kit'.;.*!   g,   ,'������ ,      ������������\-   .     ������ :   ���*.,;   i :.;
"' V'-'  ; '' '" :AXD ;' "   ���' ���"'
will radically; exterminate: from the system
d i so a st'S a ri sing .fro m ha b i ts o f . d i ssi p ati on, at
little expense,'little'or no change iu diet, uo
inconvenience or exposure,
-    -USE ^ ���
in;all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever canso
origiualing,'and npTmatter of how long standing. Those suirering from broken .down or
delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at
1 qnce. ...,*-
All the above diseases require the aifl of a
ia.the great .Diuretic, ��� , ���.:���
^isol'd by Druggists everywhere.*.' Price
SI 25 per bottle, or (i Bottles for $$ 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptoms
in all communications.
Dnuo ixn. Chkwiual Waukuousis,
.   ��� 59-1 Broadway, New York.   ..
- -Nosk ark Genuikk unless done up in steel
engraved  wrapper, with  facsimile, of  my
Chemical Warehouse, and signed    ��� ���������
������-.of '
.... if


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