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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-01-22

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 ���������������������������&>  :*&  mrri  <flfc  >'������*���������  .-" ~-,J,  ���������>&:'  * fe<r  'IS1  *^i$iEl^Jj)l  t61,M  Barkerville; ^William dreek, B.Ci, Saturday? Jaiiuary:   !������������������   -   -I.::���������_i.:��������������������������� ^-L-..'-��������� '.* '-���������"*  '���������'  ''������������������'"��������� ��������� . ...--��������� ���������.: ��������� ..���������        ..    ��������� : ._:   ������������������:������������������...:--���������*������������������      "���������:������������������.<������������������ - - ���������'    L      -��������� ���������<-. -.    ..-'.   mrfTJ'Vi APTRCfO   ^T5^TTRNT?T   na^  n0^   through  their"Bodies/-' wherein  lHJJ$M*W^ Coolies could:run their sticks, and" so carry  the'm about!; 'Snd^if "there'^wasl no ^another  people who when ta^  'published every Saturday by.  ./*'���������,���������:������������������:.��������� ; ';*'���������'���������'j';1- V > ..."'.' ."T���������**T7*"T'^~i^^^^!v|iv~ rs?/-^,   ..?>:���������-������ U-.'-"-1??'?.? V-'?v'?V  '-V.-V-.jj; V-  Agents for the ".CaribooSentinel."  flfl������noikoutbVtfr^  1  aCriek,    ',,-'--.; i ?' -'^   Bnmar^eExpress  vX������    . ���������   -     H*. ^ vans,     , do. ; to  Kfffetmliister .,,,?.,: ���������.':. ,. ?  , 'Clarion & Cp  ���������Victoria.    l ',-'- ; W*';- '   r "4 ' ;*^ ns*A'..hLVaP*;"������-i ^ .������-  j-LPi%W/'- .->'y.^-? -? t:>?.^n^ra������Clsoo  r ' 'BOSs'BfeO^NB'ksb CHTNa/'   ��������� "  :; Mr. RoFs BrowheJ who hM^beeii^U-S. Mln-  istnr tb China, recentl;$^  | "ThVChinese2 Pu^lSi" ,?ln''Sail -Fran'ofec^*  ���������TlieioUpivinj^ lecture:  Immediately afh - landing b< proceeded to  .the capital���������Pekin."' Prince  Coon 'was',in?  lor'Jipd of his -arrival^ and a?&ay/was ������i\\  pointed for; ;hi8^receptibn, , The^ Prince^  v ^^ferihedFasv'dtssip atet;; 'm������. ?slc tl|vlpo^in^:  Ij? Iu manners he is repulsive,:bufc; improves?;bo  acquaintance with MnL "All'tio'wit'in/the  w- Foreign Office is concentrated fa two;men,  vh'o'are under the direction of Mr.?narte,?an  ^ In knan,   I v ne rt govpf a rj leasing "*ae&do< e  olllicrc::pfIga    After 'ibe m.'^iduf.h^j! *,"{1  sit down,.and are treale'd to hot wine poured  out oi: a tin kettle,- and wheu^they are 'ready,  .all arkk1%rjlpg;.Ottl^  Hoy l?e- ATier .tills. candles are handed 'round  ii Jim" people, he 'saidj/'are^ shairp '^and ejlroH/  I if .not loj, ������cpJ, auu when defeated ' ? fi arga -  jfl weal they say i i is gopd?��������� Ibtit Ilia 7 Ideas aire  f"~j?s|ckiy?'y,ouife;of?:il'ig^^^^^  Jjfright in:; Tariarj?:v;aac|?[l3a^,^li,pady'se^ei'ai  ;f| rives provided him-  'Tlie Emperor's tutor is  fo Jim? a malicious old^uiau, _ and-^-rabid,  igainsfc the foreigners. >������������������ The Emperor himself  "miffa ^nown to have sak that" he would like to  ||l||| eat every foreigm* m ^Oliina; and "Um&p ?on  m' 'Ihcir .sicin';*?^ ? 8MS?:?!??K???JSi?  rnen*ia'this^co^  i^ood ; and 'half flesh.?' M&B* told hinitiri re--  ply! that we had' no; such?men, ..but; .that <we  ha^ men w^ose heads-wero^aU wood, such^ asj  certain riwritelfs ��������� for newspapers ��������� the San  Francisco- Times,, etc. "But &b the paper was  tiow s\ allowed up, ae would say nothing  more than hope its progeny would notFhe  ah^cted wilhr^e .game  heridltar^ 4k^m: ^ffie gave 0 fearful- aej  Cftnnt of the savagery of the Chiaeao and4he  brutal putragesjcpmmjittediupdn^fp  bow they?mu^ and miesien--  dries, th#:'imoceifcfftid unoffending "-alike.  An i American;missiqiaary, Mi Howuig^was  hunted ^dowrir and stonedJby an infuiiated  mob, without,redress.7M 'fDjlox. ind^v-  eral 0 thers ,w������re attached, job bed; atid. stp ned  by-abouV3;q66.Chiname'm  iroav' feelf^oulei ^n'd*^eiicate';late lescaped  only, bn lesr,i������*^ fr^m JL-t T'mdow. l.iiect!  outrages ^were ^t������nrU\l, i ut tSore was'.nb  satisfact? n;wliat& e; 1 iy,< n Catholic priests  have been murd red in cold i)laod. One  Oatbqliq pries^ after Hwg b^-en ci'orilj  murdered, *.Ha.d-;-::his-bowels, torn out?and his  body^glyoatib.-lhedpgsi 'All thi^-'was^one  at;'the;iBs^a:nce;.o^rihe^ raised  them   against   minister g ffiey t I id napped  _________ - ������--��������� r~~���������__���������-^;_- _ r ^^ t, _ ; i  stabbing 5 ^bloody!inquest' and?a.man1 for  ���������Breap&tQeroi'^  goes to makV life happy; and desirable ������ all  thei appoiritntents ��������� andt^:appurtenances ���������6f ?a  0?;?3c  ,house_ _ haYe^ahisfe natno, 9^  the Tplace.islforgbttenf In bo other .land do  iOwjQsVs^Jal^lq.^  the old mining; regions' of California.1' v " V  It was a driliugjivigorous, restless'^pula^  tion'iu 'those ^ays. 1 Jt: was a 'curious-p opula-  tionV 'It was tie onSy_populationbfthe kind;  that; the ? orltt; has %l^il gi������ rhered togelnej,  ;&d]i_'-_s;:'nbtiii������^  see its iike-aga^ T,For,7- mark you; ifc-wasjan  iissemblage?rof^00j0pp-yp^  period 'dairity^f kid-gloved ^^ weaklings^'jbul  stalwart, muB6ttiar;:d  full of push':'an.tt^  with1 .every^att^ibiite that -goes to make up?a"  pee^ieisJandf, m^gnincent manhopdr~tbe ve^vj  pke;.s and-< Koioe%C the wprld"?s 0^\Hm m^k  ^^p^men^nb.Onxl^^ stooping^  veterans---none^tutorect; bxighfc-eyed^quick-*  moving, strong&hdecl; young ;giant3~the  sUii'ge^ti poputsStionj U>e finest popnlt������hc���������,  (Sic mo:t gallant |pst ^c ever trooped^down  the'startnng?soli|nde3:pf an unpeopled land.  ���������And' where are -Ihej-aow^;;?Scattered]to the  ^4s of ike eatl7oi^  ficci'epit 1 or sho^-tibWd ni'street; affi iys,  *dr dead"-of'disappointed^ l^pes^nd brpj?en  T_eifc_f| all;g|^^Uean'.. rti - ;: ^timpe|  ���������them--'-1 against.���������������������������ministe^r-2^ifley^T;iiiuuuppuu; ";^_^r ^.'^s^'4P^W^^W*'-i^  ,  voted.uDor^tho;aml-of4ne,gpldentcalrs^  cbil^reD, took ^re^JM^  'On the Morning of the loth of Qctober^there,;''  could .lie-.seenf ,-atjan, early;?hour,;. that the sea;? :'*;i   ,. r?J  ���������'had} changed;its; calm and gen^ ? ?  to! rough' and foamy:b;l lows... A'strong -bgeeze "   .';    ! \  :fttniL;fth(^sout& ; "���������<*;���������.. ^?;,^. ,;>?^7  squalls, of rain began ^ s^qw. signs at,vr������r -3,,, ^ .<, '^  the sea" increasing, the^ar^omeler -falling 1;; , ��������� , . .,  idly��������� all showed?tokens of apomingistorm .'^'^ , -  Afc el(>hf, dVJoek a.*m we, were^in the midst ?"? -,: '  of a'strong g&le7,the^sea^j%ra^i^k fn^sfze^^^H ^ ������������������ ������-  the^wind blpvjin^a^^^t^e pkcblDg  to Tdd fro,   _ bw ar������dfth������3iiv^30.* vj seawpufd r :   ;  tAnat ii? and strike * her;; wh:foil gaveihe;pas; ; ^ ' - :  seSgei 3>tb index I nd tl .t"th< 7u^M%i?3^e^  pi af. fc of so f% 5 6i- ci OieYvu- s 'they ia lis,-| kcl ^ , i ^  the o_.8ofef of" a falli At" ten'o c^ock*a/m_J thfe ; __ *��������� ;; ���������  captalrJ ga?e orders to^,_f. Sw^^OTOfc^tfe; - , ' .,*:  'pSrt'p^ the bumcan_!,dec_cas it w^d^ente^| ; \?;  ooiter for the _afety nf Ihe'smp 2 T^e Ojiti;,^ ; /-  to eo. ao r l) av in - -t\> 0 r&g e ^ Q0^ - ^'" ^ "X(t ,9ft^ 7i'f; ^;  deckjHhe bhicer s''tobk? tte^  it away:, Bufc the j?6rst wa\ yetHo come??As , (| "i   ':;.'  1?7:-ifJ'pw^ii?^ ffiod yblUeji^ W-norihwet,;,  %\\  -ffcwa, Po^imtij then thaii our Eh'ip/^hQwed-^i    ?'. "  signs Sof, f_ari  for" Dr^ less;thari two houw M^ %[:x '  guards; water-closets" 'and', vegefebjef jbckerl      ',  _   -  on-port^ide^were^eafV'sa^t^ ',     ??;  **iljkei beii_i>cuas, i^C^SSP ^������'  ^S^SI^l  H������<^  ^  ^  _m___  All access to the' Imperial'city is "rigidly  Bxtluded to foreigners, and" when the Imperial youth goes' out, 'foreigners' must: leave -'the  ���������street -he passes. - r Foreigners ���������are'1'nptrpermit-  tedtosee the face of this -sickly: boy,cunless  % lick the. dust of his feefcv Mr. Browne  said he'had?hever seen- the Emperorpa-;  though, he - had^seen his Secretary, and Mr.  Harfce is of ^opinion strangers can ,n^yei|get  any other audience than that now^%iven.^>To  get an audience with this boy a foreigner, has  to go througlifT^f &  which consists^of^knoc-dng one^headagiainst  the ground the Grit, threef time$j^^^|ad/rt&;  'limesj and - the; third ,nine? times. .English  Ministers are * hafd7 to-^have- knocked their  beads the nine tinu^S! but  treaty with phina dp^nat require; that ? tljese;  ancient customs shaiijife/ done ^wayg^tth^  ^ia consequerilly ffierbjremains no chance M  seeing the boK^'Bl&B^  went in for going ?thrSu^^  ������f the contract and for our -Ministers; knook-  ing their heads the nine; times;i Tho speaker  next described at length the,dih1ouities,to be  encountered in.';'Wmi_g?--itride'- wJ!ih?Cluqa.(  The climate, the;_ba^tered/anli"^^-^^������!!.^  fion, the immense mountains and geographir:.  cal position of: the'"������Country ��������� were - against; it.  Some of the people think^tradevejy im^ra?i;  *hUe the difference of religipnr alone; wiU  ������ver stand a garner ^o;itt| ^OiniainlWli^d  that the opening of rMirSad^wo^  vance it, nor teni' to'^ civiiizatioa  their immediate lbcaiit|^; ���������'. jtie; ;Ghihese; are j  intelligent, but they; are 'omsheb? jdovvn, and  *e should not allow it.   Their?:Minister- are  'gnorant. * They don't know the populations  ���������Jibe Western countnes.   The Prince asked  ��������������� Harfce if ho had not seen a people who  ���������; 'MxU?,E?'TWAlN-'5-MINlNG REMINIS-   .,  : It gets pretty hot in Sacramento, but if ^ou  gb^down to Fort Yuma yoirwill find it hotter. Fort Tumais.probably the bpttestplaee  >nizry;L The: thermometer stays-at 120 in  the shade there all -the time���������except when it  rolenls and���������gobs higher. "It is aUS^mili^  Ury;post,;and its * occupants get so used to  |sed tb,the terrific?heatB.,that.^i^^M^d  Vo suffer without it   There is a tradition;(at.  AHbuiea^  sbldfer,; died -there,-oncer and 'o?; coursohe  went straight to , the hottest corner^of perdi-  Son,l-���������*, and the ne^day:he tejegraphed^  back for his branke^^T.here^is.np- dou^t  aboutlie?Mh^  be no doubt'about'it-^for I have seen thp  rilace where'the soldier used-to board. >With  afeen^ladytb^^  anasheliVesthereyet:'   ' ���������     ' ?, , '  ;4 it|^i^sacrai&n  iie "rnoat lucrative" of' the early gold mining  was done, and jbu may sUllsee, in places,  !its grasfy; slbgesind )ev|ls,tbt^an^guttered,  and 7disfigureoV fey ^ avaricipue  Ifleen arid twen^/y&re ago?: Yoii may sop  Such' disngurements far and wide over; Call  fornia���������and in some siich placesivliere^nJy  meadows��������� and-forests^are visile5; pot a litfpg  creature^not^ hpuse/tib sUck'ofstone, or  remnant of a ruin,rand not a sound, not pven  a whisper to* disturb^the?S^bath stillness  you will find it hard7tb;beUeve; that there  |tood^one^mea^ndly-fi^  tittle;:ciiy. ot two thousand or three thousand  souls, wfthvite newspaper, fire company,  I brass Standi volunteer miUtiai Ijank, Jotels,  hpisy. Fourth of My processions and'speeches ��������� gambling hells crammed: with tobacco  smoke;?proM^^  ffl/niiW#*'i*^ with tables heappd  wifeglitoinggbid.dtist;^  venues of a German ?.principality;  streets  crowded and rife ;with business^ townlote  _n.rth S400 a front foot; labor, laughter,  ciaivincense heavenward. ?;?Caiiforhid has  much to..ans'wer^f6r?p-^his>>des&^^^  flower of the vjorld s. ynuog chivalry.  .[/It was a splendid^populatiohi' for>^all the  sleepy, sluggish-brained sloths, stay ed atbome  ���������you never find, that sort of people among  pibneers; you cannot buiidVpfoneers out of  thsit sort of material.   It was that population  astounding enterprises and rushing ^hem  through 'with a magnificent dash; and daring,  and a princely recklessness of cost or; consequences, which 'she bearsfukto tiisxdayf^andc  when- she projects a pew astonisher; Jhe^rave  world smiles and adhurps [as usual, and, aays^  '������ Well; that'is California all over."   ;   ? ; ?  r'?: Apr op ps pf the "present; weather;' it; is said  that the observations ok trappers and hunter's  bn the -eastern side-;pf *- the ^c^ Mountains  are to thfe effect that? this Doaver, * otter and  ptherl sagacious ?animals?w^;^uble^Un^  their ho_nes,k which is heldiisran-indicatipn'of  a severe winter.   The; trappers -place/a firm  reliance in the sighs afforded by tkie^fur^  tribe, land proyide;fbr Mihseltei appordinglv* 1  A tf appears? from statistics .just ptiblished  that ajttipugb; the yield of precious'metiils has j  declined:;much,? of;late years, ixi Califprnip,  the; difference is made up from adjpiriing territories. ��������� :���������!.:' '���������''? __???; ?;:��������� ;';���������i?...?:^;^?._;..-;->..';?.,;,?...???  : ��������� The1; rfince of Safsuma, of Japan, wKsre-  ccntiyl sued in ;a> Parisian xbur^ for 25,502  francs, by a.M������ Lissignol for services ren-  jderedl the prince  in the war against the  ' Mikado.   The plaintiff was; non-suitedi ���������':���������  music, daacing, sweanng, ug  tehting, .fliooting,  An editor, describing r a churchiih: ���������Mmtie'-  sota. says: " No velvet cushions in our^pe^vs;  we dbn't go in? for style.; \The fattest person  has th^ softest seat; antf  at the;blose of ihe services*^? ?;??:.;^^-?-;. H  Theiie is an establishment.In Bristojf,:,England^ where: ai butt of sherry? wine ^can be  manufactured from ;the raw material in half  an hour without usibg a drop ofsherrj.      >  Newf Zealand exports of wool are rapidly  increasing in value to ������2,000,000 per year.  In spite of troubles with the natives, the col-  ony is going ahead fast. '-������������������.-' .-  pt^e^tamir67 ^iipgn^^  timei.,-, Gaag_ ',of?B3en' jwere^^_t ^^t 3ji_^vj. ,+ v .^  pumps,; pumping'the?^  the ^yatei  Having 'cai^ ia ^roui������_'k_ii ������wi     ;-? i  bolps s?ud oi_ the guards;, The donkey piinips   ;' -  vere ako kepi going.   Ai 2t_9*f^ tn^ine^     l '^  for'"want, of '-/steamj stopped wbrkm^?^^^??'^  ship, lying neatl^/on her beam ends, gave a^' J > ?  chance for^ the sea- to come in ilKC^glv 11^; ' |  garigway;s, which greatly fihcreasejd'the lfea^7:.y--.  a^e ��������� of the ship.' The chief engine^.: arid' his   -   V  assistants twere compelled to.go dpwr in 'ih(  fire-rbpm and fire ^up'themselves, on account  of the Chinamen leaving the fires,   which ���������.���������'.������,{  shbws ^that-������tLiey "do not? possess tlie same .,   ,'  amount of courage^as Americafts, * At eleven y ,;  o'clock steam was got up, but it was found   ryr.  that there was not enough, as it took all- the ���������      _  steam to work the donkey pomps. ���������_ The.ship   ������  ^Lno*^-?^',^^������^ on;the port, .  side.   There were :five feet of water in the     ,  hold;,nMteam to work the engine; the ship>-  lying on1 tier beaia ends, now -almost left, to ��������� ��������� ^ ���������  the mercy of ite^avesL \ Tniogs were^pwin i  a^ fnghtful>pndition; .the:;'gangs pf^the.Ghina- ,     ������  'men.that "were"at the pumps had to have ,ji    v-.  Iwatch'tept overJhemiby/the:third,<pcpr, jf  not'they would-soon leave.the pumps. .When ;,.,  ^tn%^b^:^ifeved:*y?;:'^  among the crew they would seel? a pltfce to ,; .  i^, sp?that- it; would bp;almost;impossible ;^;,;,  b find'thehil ?;The wind was how moderating  ;  a great deal, tho sea was.not so high as it^   ������������������-  was: courage��������� now began to appear, for tho  ���������>:-  :stbrm was now. abating.   All hands wore at  thb pumps; some were bailing, 1-others ^erc  carrying the'water out in twenty .gallon keg'. ..-  AtsixVclock a: m., things began to look dif-  ferent. All the freight had been removed to;-.  ���������thestarboard side, and ako the anchorctoin, r -  Which turned the ship so much that it lifted    v.  the nort side but of the water.   At ten p. in.   ������������������  theThiP' was* perfectly upright, and all the. ���������   ;  ^erSInborn floor.    The firemeli- ; ;;  went belowto startle fire and get up steams  Yvfi the nort boiler;   At ten o'clock a. m.rall    v  ^S^isoutof the ship.   At 3:30;p/nv., .���������  enirine started once more on our voyage, and  thf Ooldcn Age sailed, along as it no lung  , had happened, and arnved sately.at \oko:  Ihamaonthe.mhofOctobCu  ��������� if.  I, ���������Mr:  &&  l; /  ���������te-:  fife     ^   .-JM-.-  Pfp8  1&  SSP   K  SP  Bll  ���������&������&:  fiiiiNti.'  ������������������?-ata-*,,.;>'?.  -'".'��������� ? '   ���������  Bill  :#?::  ^llE;G^IfflOOSENfflE0  SATtfllbAY./JAN. 22, J 870?  :   ;??;,i;?^HE'CABIBOp sentinel; ;; ?-���������  ..;"��������� *ts:' publtdfied- 'in Barkcrvil!a* every. Saturda'y':'.. ��������� All  .advertisements intended for -insertion, must be dellv-  >rod;at;late'st oit.Six^^Iocki-p-'$&% thex'.claybefore  ���������pubUcatibh;vB^\iv';--:v;v|:^v;;v;.: \ &���������.;.���������'.-.-���������   ������������������--.'��������� ;:y?  ? f ;?.y ;;?>-'"��������� ��������� ??-:;?;" ^?; ^;?; *ro :;;A.p ^is FtS?rg^R&l ^: - K ^ ?. -;?.. ^, v v ?_i;?: ? ;|;::  -���������   An.'a^ertlsamente (n6tinserted for:any-definite.  paivfei?)^wili;i)e continued; *until;? Qr.dcreti.; out,' and  v������ebarged for accordingly.. -    '      '  .   .    "      '    'TO 'CORRESPONDENTS. '    "  't?'Al^com^  roal name and-address of the, writer ; not necessarily  ' with a:viow, of publishing, tha aainej-'but :&s - security  ���������or.-Ussgood faith,     ���������- ;  %i SILVER AND GOLDIN/OMNECA. '  ~'? ferbajssj^  I si 1 velr-claims; cahribt'be-preremp tea? and heid  :' on;the;same"C6nditi6nslas,gold claims;" /Gold  c 1 aimsJtiave absorbed -the 'attentipri pf miners!  7in Caribo6ventirely.f- It has never been-sup-  'posed; thatiBUver;deposits;would be found;sb:  as to interfere' with' the mining laws as they  ��������� are general ly understoo d; here? The' Sentinel  has^equested^M'-tmtion'to (he law relating to  '\silver-'before   ^ow, and deems .this a proper  t������rao bo knew bib iDvuaiiou if tt*ncis to  % make��������� themselves TamiUa'rvisriih.the!argenilfer?  on% L-yhjec4 Tae discovery of" uiray ^r;  t 6n Vitalle creek may reader U ^OcesaarV,  ;;The Mineral Lands Oi-diQ^e'. pascga;itthe  last-Beswoo ot }h? J^gbMi^ Gq?jimL, regu-  Vauug Wd?s Pucj riiocis W<o yns-amph;!!-  i^i Maims iiO femora have io muL1 by its  iHTwoW Wsf, as to pre-emption ihe oi  dmaac'R says th*l piO^peihupjiiay reletfcfot  mvlk.Yd ft pieoe of ^11 vcstealing i*nd iijej,-  Jcunn^ th������enchains lv% by t;.vo chnloa wide  price^iOO.^"' Acpmpany of not less than ren  ^ persons may select, for purchase, thirty chains  long by six  Gh^m ?;ldc; prlc*i 55200    Ja all  reuses costs of survey, bya;gov^nmeht,.sur;  "to ihe ^substantial evidences of a silver lode  found on Vitalle creelr, the explorers also  found bits of silver on another creek���������a fact  hot mentioned in. their report���������and could he  washed out of it anywhere up. to .where it  runs past a huge mountain, ia which the. ar-  jgentiferbus! metal, it is -thus inferrable, has its  source, .There^an bejao doubt-that rich silver lodes exist in the Oraineca country; that  silver will probably, W'the predominating  metal,;and therefore it is?importaat|tet those  whb, have the Qmineca'rfever- should know  something abbii t thesilyer miniiigjla)v#" The  Ordinance to. Facilitate the Working of-Min--  eral Lahda? -Tlr-would proye;offmaohgreater  adyantagejo the-coimtryJtsilyer/should turn  butrio, be* the, predominant .metal :in Omineca.  Shallo w ��������� gold; dep osi ts ^vill >only .< attract additional ;; laborj^ a^^hite .Eihe;;in?thef'* coVoay  .wbtild^itralBi'baih. labor and capital.  Itwili  require ah:; extraordinaryr;rich?gbjd field to  attract any consideralile numbeff. of people  io'the colony, ,for, the jecollectibn;of the Big  Be?4 gjroBt is, yet ft-esh .in /the.vision of- ffie  migratory midtUude- on ^tiie?fI?aci^ but an  EberhardLmine-or. .two wpu^i nil^the cbl-  onyumme a greater iin^ortance'thah'ever it  ?WKthe6BttmaW;jnof^ . -,     ���������  '*' :.^^i;.I&QLAND.7iTFr^pm who  is irfEngland, the. Rey:;Mr. Reynard has just  veceived a letter encouraging him to proceed  i in build fe; ihe-.church here, and stating that  subscriptions looked .promising, one gentleman having given ^10. , - .   '  ���������'. Tk.uis.���������Several teams are on.the road with  grain ��������� for seed -for. the Cariboo; farms. A  team with flour for Mr. Beedy, of; Van Winkle,  is also coming up.  '.*.-.������:      <^?-?  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  For   Sale,  t working half-intertsi in tbe McLaron claim, ,Wilr  Av liara crfcek, and one full interest in tbe Eastern  Slope.claim "French creek. Going-to Peace River,  anyhow.   Apply to Alex. WcKenzie,' at the Mcl^ren  claim..   ?      ';-';    -.:-?"'     . .. ^ no64 s  ^5  m ?McPhei*son,r ���������  ATCHMAKER  ' ��������� ANP��������� .  ; .        BARKERVILLE- .  Barkeh-illc,Hay 1,1869 -.-.��������� *  WHOLESALE   AND' RETAIL   DEALER  ���������in���������  CHEAP   GOODS!  COMPRISING���������  Boots, "Shoes' Clothing and  G-roceries, , ,  OF-THE BEST  QUALITY,  For sale at the Store of tho undersigned in Barker-  viile?opposito the Bank of British Columbia. v  ; ���������-,..    .,   W. RENNIE.;.  ?o visions,  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOpDS  ? CLOTHING, BOOTS/ SHOES, ETC.,  :.'.'    ���������';������������������:-'���������      :'     -;''���������; '���������!.:���������������������������"������������������ '������������������     ���������   ������������������':.  r?' l :>- ? .. :'v  BARKERVILLE.  se4tf  as usual.  :?::;��������� ;:Tm;?SHOF?;:::?;  Sheet and Oast Iron Stoves  ������ Tl^PiAtE^ SHEET I^OE?  l(LLL>JOBBrNGiWORK IN?T!N,  COPPER;Sheet  A  Iron, Zinc and 'Lead "Piping, "attend ed; to-with;  romptness, and  warranted to give entire satis  action.-/.---       ���������-''-���������       ���������''��������� ��������� ���������"���������'���������'���������: ��������� ���������������������������- ���������..''"?' .���������>���������'������������������������������������"  Van Volkentourg &  ^lET^AIL   BUTCHERS^  B A R K EPVIL L E, RICHFIELD,  ���������   ' ..?V   MOSQUITO CREEK;    ?  Co.  AND  A supply of fresli meat of all descriptions cons tan t ly  oh kaad.r ��������� "��������� ��������� ������������������    ":r''' ;������������������������������������.'-"*'-���������������������������'-  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I;: ���������LAMONT;annohnccs that'on after the'25th  . January,,he will leave BarkervUlb for the.new  w'h^v^^^^^vK^^^^--"^^---1^^ .mines at .Omineca,. taking express 'matter -with .him?:  yejOl, or a purveyor aj)prO������eil of bv govern-..He will also, attcou to all orders and commissions.  * ii"  meuij.iausfcalso bo .paid. byv tbe (puroliaser8,of  the land.? A;n   ^vjiu^  K'Jc k.glautcd ������^n  ������;nlfillmg IL������ eopitfoDS ibwtiLail m tbe or  ;dipa^;;ana������o������^Moti^uditto  ��������� i rig are tbe, iwoprincjpal&NQ^pr  .ffreqiiisiteif ae ,ia the/ caseipfi'gpld claiffi^^lut  a title,-acquired Jiccording-to tli-3 'ordinance  preferred;to As.'aa.nncoiidiiionafeasfa freehold  title to land, v Before purchasing, .however,  privilege ���������to��������� prospect for two years is given  iby a license-from ihe, Chief Commissioner"or  ���������:";*ny. of^bia Assistants���������-the Gold Commission-  " ers.   Oa- obtaining, a license^ the prospector  ;;    has tbet exclusive?privilege of prospecting'  over an^are&;of a;bii-adred;acres^ which is fe-,  served toi\rthat purpose.- A company of ten  r>erson������ may Ji a ve-five-hundred acres so re-5  ^serVtftL- -.Free grants-sare provided for.   If a  prospecJ01' spends^.S1000, oiv/if a company  ���������expend'$5^0*' ���������)������^.1 ^'G ������������titled to a free,  :i?:;^in^tSfAtie:j  When this ordinu;uce wa3 ������^������^;the Legig-  ' Litive Council) the^pi.v'b^ilil^ 9f ������old aQd  ���������     .silver being-fotfnd in eqnV l .q������aiitUieti, so. as  '  .to'makeJt difficult to'deWriv^.^^^J1^  V deposits, sBbuia be^ classifiedWV]Tre^orSoiS'  .   and. thus lead'to a* possible cla#t./theg^A  aid Pii wr lays, with'regpeirt^fli^ii^?1^.  ,'.*'on to'such? deposits,, was never ;<kM!U>:^  spjated/: Indeed5 tho ^istiovery of disinter  grated gold and' silver,-together in tbe same  ::;ch^nne]*:fe  ������������������������������������: ;^a Is kno w a ��������� afciprosen t the go I d ldeposi ts prr ���������.  ;���������? ^ouder^ ind^the; g;old?niiprig laws will ap?  'plyiheretoj ihut ifc will be-!nothing surprisjing  ; lii find that as^thecfeek: becomes opened up7  the goid?\yiii be fbund^to have its source; in a  *ijyer, lode?? In; the .hei^hijiorln^' ierritpries  ,;-'iueiameycliange; from/gold to silver,-hai fre;  y^U^ntlyjogSir^  ?-ganiQ;veihi; ^5is?said that tbe -beasOri why  *he^ptd^ion?p^  ?th^?rWt;cji^c^  creek was founded on the hope,of "finding  Jthe silver 1oi?er ^hich they Tval(iedimoie>,'than  ^hcgoldS^osiis??^  4>i' jump ^n^er; ^alcen put; of tie sluice boxes,  ^together with gold,��������� Ui?is\presumabje?thai, ari  ^xtrtffiely^ic^  jh;iho vicihitv-of Qw':Mc,'xUWs  Letters,and parcels' .to bo left at tbe^SenttneL.OnlQO,  Barkeryiile'; at.Beeliy'& Lindhart'sV'Yfttr:Winkle;*' and  at Goudio|s store,;QuesncIraouth,  ijy^  Hardware j Iron &; Steel,  Blasting Poyrder,  Etc.,  ,    Etc.,  FOR SALE.        :   ��������� ?   k  E: PEARSON & BROS,.   ���������  -Barkerville..-  . . ..���������������������������   , A-Branch of the ���������;....;. ,-.;.  BE1TM COLDMA^SAVIGS MHK  ��������� '.^;??; ' v '; *    IS .-NOW OPES, ���������   r ; "''      " ''"  t.the Macdstrate.'.si Office, Richfield, for tbe receipt  "���������'.Deposits, in conformity Avitli"VSThO say  rings Banks  THE. CARIBOO 'AMATEURS '  ;.-���������;      : Announce that they will perform on   ���������? ���������������������������'���������  Satiirday Evening Next,  JANUARY- 29th, "  ?, ���������-���������??   v" ��������� -";:  S.P.  For the'  When the ftllowingprogranime will be produced:  -,;Uc;.y?. Commencing with tho laughable farce,-  I>bnisa Lovctrick?....,. Mrs. S. P Parker  ghat iter* v ;..;......������...;.;;...'.'. .-.���������..... Florence'Wilson  ���������2PWd: -������������������ ��������� ���������  ...J. S. Thompson  Thornton.... ....; ....j. McB. Smith  Captain Cannon. H. McDermott  Sman ^......������...... ; E. Pearson  Williams ,..;.. .N. ��������� Shaw  0rajjem.......;,......,......���������v? ...^ j McK   ;  Snatchcm.......... .....;.,. ..M. G. Staples  To-be followed by a Musical:'Interlude, in"which scv-  ���������i-..-,i"eral popular Musical Amateurs hare volunteered  ;���������; their services, and concluding with the new and  ".^excellent comedietta, entitled.  s?   s.  At  Of  Ordinance, 1S69. "  Richfield, 3rl Nov., 1869.  ?   ? ; -  (S'd)      :,-. C. BREW, .  . noG-3 '   Stipond^ary Magistrate  A Perfect Cure,  AT THOS. FLETCHER'S SECOND-HAND STORE  and General Repairing. Shop will be. found n  Lathe capable of Turning and fitting up Car Axles  and Wheels, Hydraulic Nozzles, Hose Couplings, &c,  and all repairs of metal work done with neatness.  To be found also. Cooking Stoves, Sheet Iron Stovos,  Pumps, Hose, Nails," Picks, Shovels, and almost every;  thing requisite for Miners',use.at low prices.   ���������  '������������������  UPPER BARKERVILLE. ������15  OCCIDENTAL    HOTEL,  QUESXELMOUTH."- '   ' ���������' ' } "  DURING tho enshlng winter the 'following ClaFFos,  i&c.;: will be-held in.connection with the Church  Institute;: 'r>i\ '.?- ?.-..?".. ���������i-' ���������.���������...  MONDAY EVENING���������7:30 to 10o'clock���������1.-'(Greek or  '.'���������������������������:English1)' the- Acts of the Apostles. 2. (Latin)  ? : Caesar's Cl De Bello Gallico,".lb������rth hook (Invasion  V? ofBritoin). 3. English Grammar and Analysis  ,c?.-;.'Cuwpcr,s.<*TaBk;-,,v.;..���������.- '���������.;. >-.;���������..���������.���������  TUESDAY   EVENING���������8 'o'clock  till   10���������Military  :'V-"BaiMl"..'\ v-.v ...- .y,.;)y .���������'::".:.;. :\-r^^'^ ; \ ���������  WEDNESDAY   and   SATIIRDAY- EVENINGS-.The  Class Boom'will be open for- Reading, Study,  ��������� LChessv&c.: The Institute ,Js. supplied with the-  following Magazines or . Reyicws.    Blackwood,,  Cornhill. ^London  Society, ;St. Paul's,  Oncr-a-  Week; The Edinburgh, Quarterly, North British:  ' "���������" and Sa tu rdn y Rev ic w's; a nd th e I������������ 11 M" 11 Bit dget..  THURSDAY EVENING���������7.30 to 10 .o'clock���������Mat lie-  .    imatics^l. Euclid, Books 1 and 2.  2 Elementary  '  ' Algchrar 3; Arithmetic-on5" first principles.���������������  FRIDAY EVENING-8 o'clock'tilMO-yocc^nd In-  ��������� -  strumental Music: : Choir pruciico;  - PUBiJO 'LECTURES "occasinually <a- JVpobrSp.T<~  cncc������liU Bfstvty: and MUSICAL*ENTEK1 A:sSii-KNTS  on WEDNESDAY EVENINGS/.   V  Season Tickcts-^For tbe Classes, &c, Lectures, &c%  $7 50;:;  N.B.��������� More Elementary Instruction given ii ���������.><?���������  sired..-.. -'-���������'"; '������������������' .���������-';;'��������������������������� :-.&"vo ;--..- ������������������?..,'������-  oc27 r  .. JAS.  REYNARD, y.  ���������    For Sale; %  BLACKSMITH BUSINESS,  ,,   AT QUBSNELMOUTH,-..-    .  Consisting'-of about  20^000 lbs-of Iron, Steel,  and Hardware;   ;  ' ^g* TERMS���������One-half Cash ; balance on good se  curity...;/./  v.. ���������;     ���������....-  '        Apply to  Qucsnelmouth, Oct, I, 1869.  JOHN LANG.  ���������oc6tf  OP  Mrs Hunter * Florcnco Wilson  v "-Phia ������������������'��������� ������"��������������� ��������� Mrs. S. Parker  ?r���������'.  Diogenes Hun tor...... ;.*.....;.,. ,;H. iHavelock  ���������Krti 1������ySniggles:;;,i.,.v...M'.M������..MV'������"-''F.l>errbt;  V-, r0*"   ^.....M������x....i-,^..;.^.-������.;.;<;..M. G.rstapies  ancfto^:  W* ������'"'dock.  tickets, ma? he Wil on aPRncation to Gw<  Esq  ������mar .  Barkerville.  Grant,  THE.Proprietors of this well, known Bouse tender  ..their sincere thanks to their friends and tho travelling public generally, for their past libera! patronage, and beg to juform them that in-order to insure a  continuance of the same. Board and Lodging has been  reduced to $3 50 per Day. Single Meals, $1 00.  All the luxuries that the country affords are constantly kept on the ��������� table. Privato Parlors and Suits  of Rooms for Families. The Bar is stocked with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  TheStableis well supplied with the best Timothy, [ OAPTTAT. -   .   -   -   -   -   $2,500,000  Oats, Hay and Grain. BROWN & GILLIs/ ' ^*"  Quesnelmouth, Mav  BRITISH _C()LFMBIA.  [Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1562].  1669.  Lightning Okeek.  HERS AND TRADERS will find ft to thbfr advantage to purchase a,t this Store, where there is  For sSals-  The well known;  shiited opposite the Hudson Bay'XJo ?s;.Store^,Bar-  kcrvilli'/wllh all the furniture, fixtures and Jvro'.fltj.t-  ratb billiard tables,; in splehdid order.  ii :  jy 151  Apply to  .;��������� MME.' JULIA PICOT.  ,Ia'.aiJ8ition-  THE undersigned b'^gs to inform all parties wishing  ?to ship goods to Yiial's: creek and surrounding  country; that he will.be prepared toforvvard 60,000  pouncls.pcr month, on and after the 1st of April next,  from Qucsnelmouth to the head of navigation, .;  All consignment!, attended to -w;th care and dispatch.  i.9 ff  ..PATRICK MICKEY;  'Oftho very best desCr'Dtion on hand, and the Stock  eonstintly replenished by newarrlyals.  Theproprle-  ,;;    .; : ���������  ��������� ��������� tors will sell Goods' *       ; ';' * ?  AS CHEAP AS ATO. IN  CARIBOO;  Or%spr6rapiiy:Qile^ -Uh dlBpfttch  BEEDY &%INDHARD, :>   ^  ��������� Proprietors.  Van' y,j nkle, May 1$, 1969.  .;���������'? NOTicET    :������������������,,:..,;;���������������������������  THE partnership heretofore existing between ������nw  . ADAIR and R H. WmixV^SS^S^-  by mutual consent. All assets of John Adaf r * (^r  or Adair & Brown, willbe paid to R. H .-Brown     '*  JOHN ADAIR,     '  B^Cv%.B! G.;J,auary SS"- >  AVith power to increase.  Drafts issued on the Bank's branches  IN YANGOUVEE ISLAND ^VICTORIA  In the United States t  CALIFORNIA,   -      -   SAN FRANCISCO.  OREGON,      ������      -       PORTLAND.  NEW YORK,    "-  Messrs. Bell & Gundry,  Agents for the Bank of Montreal.  ON CANADA���������The Bank of Montreal.  ON SCOTLAND���������Tho British Linen Com-  pany's Bank,   ?   .y/^u-^'.'  ON'IRBLAND���������The Bank of Ireland., ^  ON MEXICO and SOUTH AMERlCA^The  London Bant of Mexico and South  ?': ���������������������������' - America^;;- v'.'" ���������?���������- ��������� V'v'l??'"' ':"   ���������������������������"������������������?  i  ON BNGLAND^-The iBank of British Colnnjl-  bia~Head Office���������East India Avenue,  ?���������   Leadenhall street. ���������   ;       ?  ���������  Roccivod'on'Dbpbsi^ or Advances made on them. .  ?; TELEGRAPBia TRANSFERS. ;.'"-  Granted on Victoria, San Francisco, Portland, ana  ������������������'���������"���������?'���������*:��������� ���������������������������,���������'New Vork/- - ���������    .  Eyory description of--Banking Business transactcu  ;   ?     ,   .    CHARLES S. JONES, Agent)  William Creek, Cariboo  If  .    .- /  i'  ..  < ���������  HI THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, JANr2z,  ������1'  IUN1NG- INTELLIGENCE. ?  W1LLUM CRBEE.  Tbe only new feature in mining operations  on tbis creek is that the Cariboo co. have got  to work in their new shaft, but the claims  above are still untapped by the bed-rock  <irain^ The various companies in different  parts of the creek have resumed work since  tbe weather moderated. Billy Barker'is  sinking a shaft on the left side of the creek,  near the Cariboo claim.     :,     .  CONKLIN GULCU.  The Felix and McDowell companies suspended operations in tho latter part of last  veek, owing to the prevailing severe frost  The claims paid as well as usual for tho work  done. The Lone Star co. are running a dram  en high rock and getting good prospects.  -  ANTLER CREEK.        . '  The Bob Ridley co. have got into good pay  and are satisfied they have good diggings.  Aitcbeson & co..have been running a bedrock tunnel and have broke through the rim  into an old channel on the left side of the  creek. Rowley &,co.oare sinking a' shaft  back in the hill on the left bank, about a  quarter of- a .mile; from the creek, and think  tliey have struck' the ancient bed of Antler  creek. - .. ..- ?-'  '     *."'?������������������; ?.?,   ������������������--   -   ^.-..nXE ..CREEK?...,���������.._ -';...._..  The companies on this creek were: laying  ; over during the past week until the weather  softens. ��������� ?���������;,?.;       ��������� ;"  lURVET.CREEK.. .  Very little doing on Harvey creek. The  Jlionebaha co. have got the old tunnel  cleaned; put and all secured ready to drive  . ahead. The Point co. have gone through  some good pay and are running a prospecting  drive while the cold weather lasts. The frost  bis driven the.Fersevcrance co. out of their  claim. : .?? '   *  ;  ���������        KEITIILEY   CREFX  The Grotto claim continues to pay. about  vrn^ba,: The .Frenchman's clai tn; also centia*  nes to?pay? Pay has been struck again in  J*:e Cascade claim���������about 3 02. to the. set of  timbers. The Jackson co. have abandoned  ibeir ground. The Stonewall claim is looking well this week. The Monte Christo.co.  are at work prospecting, and the Polly co.  are driving along well with their drain.   ; . .  G. B. Wright testified that in July, 1864,  Neufelder gave him an account against Nor-  denberg, with instructions to collect the  amount, which was somewhere between $500  and $700; or else to get back a lot of cigars  which had been left with defendant among  other goods for Bale on commission. Defendant admitted correctness of account, but  pleaded poverty 5 some of the goods, he said,  were.still undisposed of, but he promised to  make small, payments on account as soon as  he could. Left the.; account with Messrs.  Hawks and Hunt, with instructions to collect  and remit to Mr. Neufelder. ;t.  Defendant denied that he was indebted in  any amount to plaintiff, and alleged that he  had settled with hirh in full for goods purchased and also for goods left on commission,  a portion.oi the latter having been returned  TiiK* Cold Snap.���������Up to the middle of last  week we .Had been favored with unprecedented mild gather, and were instituting  comparisons between our climate and others,  ending in a preference foi".lhe fonaer over  all, bat when thirty degrees  *)elow fe4re  markedly the mercury in Fabren.^8 in"  strument we began to think that nothing ^  perfect, and defects are necessary in order to  distinguish and appreciate beauty.   The extreme cold, however, .only lasted a few days,  ending with the wane of the moon on Monday.  ; The Barkerville ��������� Pickwick Club debated the question whether the moon and the  weather had any affinity.   A celebrated savant, it was said, had exploded the moon and  tide theory, and why should the moon have  anything to do with the weather'?? The long  and learned controversy ended in favor of  Theatre RoYAL.-������-"\Vhat has become of the1  histrionic enterprise of Cariboo? Wheuce  comes it that'while the corps of the A. D. A*  is gradually diminishing by untimely departures to other .penal settlements,'so few;  are willing to make good the loss? Docs not  the dramatic youth of our fatherland disburse  coin of the realm for the opportunity of venting "in character'? the brilliant conceptions'  wk ;oh crowd his brain, while engaged���������;;  under a.*^c*e** compulsion���������in,'say the genial:  task of dis ''Oslng.the .classic fruits of Greece.;  and  {he Levau.v'ae shores into symmetrical  to plaintiff, for-some of which he had not moonshine, and so did the cold weather-  Mining goes on in Stout and Mink gulches,  Beggs gulch, Grouse, Mosquito, Lowbce,  Lightning,  and  several other creeks  and  given credit \ produced an account book and  several documents relating to the affair, but  tbe remainder of his books were in the. possession of; his assignees ia Victoria.   Denied  having acknowledged either to Mr, Wright or  Mr. Neufelder any indebtedness, but when  Mr, Hunt spoke to kini showed him his ac^  counts, by.which there appeared a balance  in his favor, when Hunt said Neufelder might  settle his own accounts. ?Do not recollect  sending;any- order to R. Stege to pay Neufelder $6, in February, 1864; did not author:  ize'Winkier to pay $50 on his -account in  April of that year.   SomeJ "of. the articles left  with him_for sale were^worthless;   The payments he had made toplaintiifwith goods  and cash furnished on his account,, commis^  sion for receiving and forwarding goods, and  goods returned, .fully settled ail liabilities.  Could not tell in whose handwriting the letter to Neufelder authorizing him to collect  money from Stege and others was.  The letter in question was produced; it was  signed "pro D. Nordenberg, J. H.," and was  in the same handwriting as * entries made .in"  defendant's book. ?Ifc stated that plaintiff  would find enclosed orders on R. Stege and  two other" parties amounting to over.$100,  which he. would please try and collect,,, Of  these plaintiff had only succeeded in collecting the order 6n Slege���������amount, $6.:;  Mr. Park,, for defence, argued that the  action was barred by the statute of limitation,  andihat there was no evidence; that defendant had either admitted the debt or authorized any payment to be made on its account  within six years..    ,  Tbe case was then submitted to the jury,  who requested a day's time, in.order that  they might thoroughly examine.all the books  and papera relating to the casoVt.;Cpunsel on  Silver Discovert.���������-A silver lead has been  discovered? on Nicomen Flat. Thompson river  Miners who have.been in silver-mining districts say that the Thompson river country  appears f0 be silverrbearing.   Nobody, however, cared;aboil t looking for it tfniil the ordinance referred?.to on.oursecondpagebecame ; law.   A few miles from Nicomen Flat  is the farm o(..an.enterprising 'genius who'has  been popularly eurnamed "Silver Jack," and  who selected his present romantic locale under the. impression-that he would ultimately  be enriched by the discovery of a silver lead I No fear of failure need deter, him. ? In .vle'Wt;  forms, botS cube anu ^ombohedrpn, alluring  to the eye of IhiJHy hou^ ������-?; 'D*es <*W  :������ , .' ��������� r-o������, .Hee pounds to  sacrifice sums varying trom w     .r  four .bob sterlings-sums, .alas;as k*V? ���������*v  inform us,-sometimes procuvea ���������}?'$���������.'. Prav  errors of judgment as- to ownerabi^..0f fa^  j Mediterranean del icacies?   Does he'not sao;;*"  fice the larger sum for the chance of inform���������'..,*  ing whom it may concern that he was per*  sonally acquainted with the deceased. Yorick������  or to offer fabulous   landed interests in,  exchange for jm mediate possession  of ;a ���������  cayoosh, buzzard head 'orse 5 while for the ?  smaller sum does be hot inform his lord that-x  >the carriage .waitsVI Why,.then, isit that.:.  here iri; Cariboo*, where be is really:wanted,;i.;  wi th; well appointed bouse, very big chess j   ;  board, and all and every desideraihm for  ;  effective delivery,, that,, lie��������� is so apatbpllc V \  gulches, but we hear little of the results, ow- both sides agreed to this, Mr. Par&, however  ing -to,, the difficulty of communication, the  snow being very deep. The Lightning company, Lightning creek, are still pounding  away at the side rock to reach the channel,  and part of tho Dunbar company are prospecting. The MooBuuker co'. have hot got  into pay yet..  COURT PROCEEDINGS,  (Before C. Brew, Esq., Gold Commissioner and County  Court Judge)  Monday, Jan. 17,1870.  Neufelder vs. Nordenberg.-This case, in  which the jury at previous trial had failed to  agree,.was tried before a special jury, consisting of Messrs. J. S. Thompson ^foreman),  James Wickbnm, J. H. Todd, W. A. Meacham,  and F. Lallier. Mr. Barnston counsel for  plaintiff and Mr. Park for defendant.  Mr. Neufelder testified to the various transactions between himself and defendant in  1863, and payments made on account of  same, the last two payments having been  made in February and April, 1864, within  six years from the present date, the balance  now outstanding, according to his books, being  $543. Hehadsenfc a statement of account to  defendant by; Mr. G. B; fright,in 1864, and  in 1866 by Messrs. Hawks and Hunt, clerks  in Mr. Wright's employment Defendant had  acknowledged his indebtedness to him personally after his return from Peace river, but  had pleaded his inability to discharge the  amount, owing to heavy pecuniary lossoa and  mismanagement by his partner,  applying, to have the decision deferred for  six weeks, to enable defendant to procure his  old books from Victoria.   Tbe Judge refused  to comply with this, however, unless security  was given for any damages which might be  awarded.  -     .   - -       Wednesday/, Jan. 19.  The jury in the above case returned a verdict in favor of plaintiff for $344 55.  ? ������������������ ���������;. ���������;.  Fkidat, Jan. 21.  The examination of the affairs of William  Moore, laborer, of Van Winkle, a petitioner  in bankruptcy, was postponed until his creditors shall have been notified of his bankruptcy by advertisement in the Government  Gazette. Do his creditors ever see the  Gazette?  Ogden vs. Owens.���������Judgment summons.  Ordered to pay $10 per month.  Meaohem & Nason vb. Jew Gim������:-Judg-  inent summon on an order to pay $20 per  month. Defendant, who ia a Chinaman, prevaricated so much in his statements that his  Honor ordered Mm to be sent to goal for  forty days. ��������� ???,??.��������� '���������?,,'.?������������������/;?.':''- ;V''���������??"''" ���������"  Maury vs.-Michaels.���������Suit to: recover S345  with interest on promissory note. Defendant  acknowledged the debt and judgment was  given for plaintiff, ?���������;        ]���������������������������  Doll.���������Letters from Victoria and San Francisco refer to things generally as being unusually dull.  MraiNd ftscoRDS.���������No claims were recorded  during the present week.  in his neighborhoods? Lump silver, it is well  known, haB-been found in Thompson river.  -;- CASE9.���������0ne hundred and ninety-foureaees  were tried before Judge. Brew ��������� during tbe  past year. It is stated in the Colonist that  three J. P.;s are to be commissioned-for every  every district except Victoria, who will do the  business of the stipendiary magistrates, which  functionaries are _to be dispensed with. The  number? of cases arising in this district; and  the still greater number. looming through the  v ista of O mineca, w il I keep, the J. P. Js pretty  busy, and as Aliey will not he^paid any thing  their services will. be;all the more willingly  rendered^doub tless?; j; - ;:: ���������? .; ��������� ?.;.��������� *; ?? , ��������� * ':\  4;^E;&rjs"m.Fiid^^  us for this journal 'for- 1870; has been issued;  The Scientific American is a most useful inr  structor for all classes, trades and professions.  It is especially valuable; to the farmer and  miner in a new country like this, for it always  contains somethingr derived from the experience of farmers and miners similarly situated.  Inventions and improvements, wherever or-  iginated,.arc noticed- and illustrated in its  columns, which also contain interesting extracts from Britisbjjournals of like character.  The prospectus will appear in our next issue.  Lyttox Itemsi���������Mons? Hautier is about to  put up a lumber mill at Lytto.n. It will be  driven by the wind, of which there is always  a plentiful supply in the town named after  the-;great novelist'? Mr. Clias. Chapman is  preparing for a grist mill. Machinery from  the steamer Lady of the Lake has been  brought to'Lytton for the mill. Grain will  be shipped from the farms on the Fraser.. '  Express.���������Barnard's express arrived onj  Thursday morning last, with colonial, British  and foreign mails. Dr. Trevor, from Ques-  nelmouth, was the only passenger. The express left Yale oh the 10th. There was no  snow from Yale to Clinton, At Quosnel-  mouth the rivers were not frozen, but floating  ice was abundant.  Pitt tub Sorhow^.���������-We are informed thai  ihe recent cold weather in the farming districts has developed the marital inclination^  of the numerous bachelors so much fjjat^  public meeting is in contemplation, and, that  the government will he called upo,*r to in^  crease the proportions of the ftmr;ie immigra  tionscheme. ;'/ ;���������'_-.���������/;  EsTERpRisiNG>-By ady^rtisement it will be  seen that it. L; Lap* oni will start on the 25th  January for Omlaoca minps/and will take an  express and execute commissions, etc. It is  his intension tp establish an express frpih  Queshelmouth to the mines.  / BLm.T-rOwing to the cold weather, there;  was a slim attendance at the last theatrical  performance here. The receipts fell short of  current expenses, , ���������.?;,.'  of bis excellen t in ten tl bns,; by percfiti ciam;' i.  would be too base. ���������" Arouse, then, all. and  ?  every^ye-who raay-i-~Throw^timid^  dogs!? Join' this? Amateurs I  Get -cast?in a1 ;?  hurry!; And if the worst come - tp the wor>^;? ;  trust to the; prompter for? memory, and four",  consecutive brandy cocktails; for courage,?;;  and^ pile  ipl"?; Seriously^ the want of? ^  jhore members hxthe associatipn^is^beginning!f������������������'���������  to show itself.   The constant pall |6n .the ��������� ���������;  faithful to take part in almpst^every perform- '"'  ance, places "rHer Majesty;^ servao f s V in. an v.  unfair pbsilion. ; Few professional aslors are ? ;  gifted with sufficient versatility to appear before the same audience^time^er^ine^wilh-^^.:  piit at last seeming somewbaVjtedious-tp;'thai ��������� ?  audience ; th lis, \ to say notm* ng of the ti me ?:  the; members. of?the .association'''are;'called";.  upon to sacrifice, they are put to; a;constant;  strain to give? satisfaction... To fill tbe char-   ;  actors "for. last Saturday's entertainment,, the; ������������������;  whole strength of the company >was called '  ;  out, and ?��������� all. the violinsV- bad to leave the  orchestra to: take part in the latter piece.  i( The Turkish Bath". was presented lo a;.  :  serai-frozeh audience of a? few do^eu souls,;??;  and it is difficult to give a fair criticism of the  merits either, of the piece or the performers ;/;  but, speaking in general terms, it was hot ''  badly acted, though, of course,;n6np could  expect the same amount of vivacity as would  have   been .ordinarily displayed; besides  which/all lhe- points of the comedy were  allowed to pass unnoticed by the melanchbJy  audience.   It is, however, doubtful whether  " TheTurkish Bath " would be a decided sue-  cess eVcn.uhder favorable circumstances, too ���������;  much depending upon somewhat protracted  monologue, the success of which ia its - ^uni  depends on the humor of the house;'   Duv'ir}:  the interlude toe house resolvc<\ itself into u  committee of ways and.-1^-"^ Vesulj^ng ifJ  its taking up a new po^ition .^ ^ ^  and so giving   M-dt ^^^ a beUer chanct.4  Ihis farce wa8 8(i ffiuc0ofthe."screamer^  order th������u -lt -^as a p|ty. mcre were nofc  Pres^at ] ^or if a few throats could do so  D?ucb., what would a full house have done ?  Florence Wilson was a rather lively Air.4-.  Harris, and, what was of chief importance,;  enunciated distinctly. .The unobtrusive char-,  acter of Fanny PlattAvas agreeably acted by  Mrs, Parker. Mr. Haveiock's Henry Masker  was easy and full of humor.   Mr. Smith���������  w ho ap pears to best advantage yehere his :  part involves action���������was more at ease to- ?  wards the end of his piece than at the earlier :  part j, but he can improve a good deal on his >  Samuel Slickey.. Mr. McDermptt made ;a respectable Mugbolt.   Mr. J. Hough's Biliary?  Shivers was, for a family practitioner, slightly  " irrepressible." ' ������������������;,.- 0.  Punctual.���������Barnard's   express.    It  will  leave to-day.  ��������� -a  '������������������'i*  ���������*M  :#  ���������-ifltir  It  7 .&!?  ��������� ''$ .- s.  7'   '-"..'/��������� ;.,:..;>';v'.'v( t  :. .���������;*���������; ::!���������>���������;;<���������;��������� Vji% ���������-.  4*-    \-"_*'   -' ^i-nX?-   i- '  M  is  te.  ������������������t���������itw^H.iw^uKi������u������M>������������lllWlBB������Bim^ *,**>������������������������*'**"'-  r^pff^pj tfMaars&i^^a^x'-M x< u^i*.r*^������  ���������>r/7  ills  Iks  ������?  0RIG1N>;0K SLEEP,;  !������'  ������EYENA.  : ^ Whe'n'-MaK-'TO m'ade)?it'p:uzz!ea;Satanv'Tnuch  How Adam's soul and'body he could'w!l..,  So ho^invented:^omah(i;Vand withrsuch  ,. A soul endowed her,-she .was sure 'ia sin:-:  And'once get Adam underneath.Je'r -thrall,!  Satan was certain Jboth of them would Tail  ' But, thee another difficulty xpse��������� ������������������ ^  :-j ���������; ������������������ - '  How to get'Adam to, accept; his bride 1 - ,  This he o'er'came, as everybody; knows,  By (tending him^o sie%/;',then' by^-his side  Placed Eve.- < For* Satan knew ^ this much; of  Thatj^ide awa%;Ke$ ngyerjtak^a wife. --  . ;~������Tli������fe^  ;?%;^ -  it is 'said tiiat,-,^ younger Mormons,, are  beginning to find out taat'the:chief .objection  tora plurality: of wives is' that it' entails a?like1  number of. mothers-in-law. V      ,���������'.-'   -"~:r' 'J1  - Here is %'f< personal "'advertisemerit-in-'a  , French w Trspap'er,: . " Eliza, you? can .return  te. ttw Ikju^"   '������jf boi^QO   my ;nqse  has:  gp:ne>t? ;    ,/ \,  ] \    1?  On atombstone in-a chur.chyard In Ulster  is tlie ' olid wing. epitaph* -.:.. *' Efected;to .the  meworv of John Phillips, accidentally'shot as  '  a mark1 of affection by: his brothers." '  Me *:ajp^ni6us Lord Hamilton? who; has  ��������� re.bently had such a ridiculous time" trying;' to'  lodge '.the; London sheriffs, is a" nmx', relative  . boa^ oHr o'cc uw* l������"j acroiiar, iu "the Bank'  ;Eugehie's visit-to'the" canal -at Suez.  * ' ��������� v ?  ;?; ?A--R&Bsitin;;@^^  clestlrielyJ ^isitiag'(lifs^ wife, and' In revenge'  :?< made/ihe^mge^sifaiitQ'e'piario' arid;p'erfdr'm  mrim.^uti lm a>������ Qoain i/a������lei cover 'of his.  .������������������,-Tie-.'quantity,?of:gold produced in;Nova'  'ScotiU/frpm the^date/of the first discovery of  the , previous-- metalJt'o;thV end'?of !8C8^a.  ^edofl-or eight '������������������ yearsj'Vmoniats' te" 170,000  ounces;   rjlhi bea )'<(Ln\rih )f������67, wUfii Lie  . y ield>ai6u rifod lo ncs rI#' JjD/UOt? on rsorj?- t .    '  i'pna f nib3h������7G a young gH ar'FJcg'/'Ku^  -  siaiijlately 5c<r?(ifr't chiUi^L trooi P'buo'ug  ���������;?%fibu^  ^ufc4^   "i'bft HlraijOA'of on u^ai?f,^ ut bas I^io  ': isms 'iftnt fiei a'thousand isilVei^ loubles^and,1  ��������� the Empress seufcher a valuable necklace?'''  ^'he.Repiiblicari- .of Spain ha-e succeeded  m making themselves so- abhorred by their  ^ excesses that they would,"hardly���������'be. able to  hoist "their-flag again in any"p'art of Spain  without havirig^.the^whdle'population of the  .district at once against;them.  . A cNew 'Orleans'-' wife, '<��������� having her suspi-  eions,5!.recently .inspected a^ bouquet- "which:  her husbaW? mtended for -a favorite danseuse,  and discovered a little'note expressing, adv  . mirato/etc/vShe substituted'an invitation  to dine at'her^ house? The young woman  came, but the njisi^aD.dt>.wasf more surprised  than pleased.  -A-^^ice^oimg.-.man-put-npai^/tie'teliiF  -Colorado, but failed to pay his bills.' 'The.  landlord took'possession of his clothes 'during  the night, leaving instead a second-hand out-:  fit. When the 'young man awoke in ,the!  rn^rning rheAjwas tfstoriished^turned his face^  ���������to the;wall,and wept.r, Three davs and two  v nights he !r ;Lkept?in,bed, refusing to eat  anything;'' He will not *be.c6mfo'rted^.be-  causehisclothesare'not. ,5Vv   -'   ";������"'" ;  j ,, A-curioiis accident' happened ai the yar������  ieties,Theatre,��������� NeVOrleahsj lately, m wliich  ���������:.,���������" the^ ?stagevvcarpenter? almost 'lost his lilel'In1  * one of ithe" beautiful .scenes of "Red Light, J>  ? ihe^miopn^lseBTrbm its  j-. light>ripjrifisun?a^ayalmost'tru  ���������;;Th^mq<inib^ which^tliis effect is produced is  constructed .of..a'heavy copper box? 'Mr?  vSteelman'had^ guided the; moon on its slow^  . majestic?ascent from^ the?bosbm of; the black  ,.*' water^?nntir: it disappeared ;in*:the lowering,  ;clouds?abpve. when something'gave way, and  the; moon?coming Sown pri^ MrV Steelman's  head,? laid' him but as ;: flat.; as. a;: grilled  mackerel? A'lifctle cold water;soon;brpught  ��������� him to.'   ���������'���������'." , "   -, -       -    .", ":"  ���������;; The example se^  as aii^ elephant';hunter?ih?C  .followed by many- English men, who-have; b e-  com e; tired, of the .modem sport of shooting  pheasants,-partridges,.and grouse, almost:as  tame as barnr-qoqr ^^is*r-ApBXpyoi,t^e  : modern ^lmrods receb tly^wnved afGrahain*  ?tqwn, Gape of Good Hope, after '-an; eighteen  ihoftthsf.);excursion:v:in:?= the* country lying  nroun |:.; Lake | Nga mi.: Th ey had shot 82 ele--  pbantstl������white;rhinoceroses, 37f/Maok iirhitf  oeeroses;- 6 ^girdffies? J28' buftaloes, i;koodoos,  hotels/ restaurants; &c,  Restaurant aid ?Bakery.  'isJ>^rtjD^iotorsof this old and well-knownostab  Sstefct tfttentloh to.busin-css:;thQy,will merit a  ���������W^lJ^Af ihfi^p.ftTifirieneo and support,,, .,  continuance p^\t^^B^S^^S?S  :���������';1ke:alsi'':|$iv ?P^^*^?^f^^K  BREAD M^E; OF? tHE,BESa: %9W  '"      '.;,  v ''   . .       1     . "       .   l'>       . 7'i-' .        ������������������    ' "���������      I.'.''-.' ..;       ���������!,,:���������'      77'      '���������������.'(  We reooA^nond" to the public our ?? (  %''"\Q'ROUND    COFF<EE.%;; ��������� - ;  whMlsa.mucirsupMo^  'JS&below;iMo^oast nnd ;Gr nd IVourso yes  and cboosc the best borries, cpiisequently; the; puhjic  may bo sure of its being free froni^a.duHcration.     ,  .      .     ,  .PATTERSON<&,GOODSON.  . Barko'rvilie^ay'l^ieGO.   -   ���������?    .    M   m?J|  5 Tho following strange story appeared in a  late number of the'-Great Barring^ (.Mass.)  Courier;-::;;^?;' , . ,. .,.���������.,-.,/ ' ���������-���������>'>':  ��������� In; the southern -part -of the;town'of New  ifailbbro,near the Coniiecticatliae>1ives'a  family by-the name of -F���������, , It!'seems this  family ��������� are? predisposed':tp;c^n3Uinption.?;. A?  i^p/tie^^b^Iast^  ily^Emily, ;a girl eighteen, years'bld^-die'd  ���������6f;tbis',''i:disejasef"aind^'was'^  Hollowi* Conn, y The mother and!ta? brother'  Charl^s^iandvasister^E  is\jiiofe^ft5tXfad^  eSs^lvCuring.'ihe"su  of Case^vfh^iivesin'a town'to'the east, was  in this section hiiifl'g cattle!pasJure,? He met  cqnsMpU^n;h^;^  somePrelative ^who- haU died 'with .the same  diseMgt^ingS^tlthe^i^r^  6tcij^er^JftoKjbtod^bu  iburn^ngiitKemjl^fie  impfove'ubti^he^^^  i8ntassi^^|?������!fc^  current existing between the livin^and'dead^  tl^at .those, organs jn^the^ead body that con-  tai he djfresfii blq^d-: and?_a^pear^d; to;b e;. alive?-  w6uld continue -fa 1 i ve ��������� unfcii^ the |vitaUty ot  'thei living''subject 'isv exhausted, unless said  'organs! were jtaken^^  I Mm h?ard .aid ibelie^a those stories^ m^  ifjthey ever appeared absurd, they soon'be:  'came;maC������er^iif;fo  j pining" to wn,? was'J ra p or tu ni ej- to^^; the?di^  : Se&i d'^bo?! est ?eb' ii fd; be?obtai nod; u h ti l^he:  thing Was accomplished;' 'Strange the'doctor  consented*: On ihcs 1 Oih of August the;^d6c tor  ���������^ini % n^i'-ro^a. tnt;rdb-du������-up tlie body-ofj  Emily, cut out thet liver and a portion ol-tho-  iupgs, took?Ihem''some distancfcfrqni the  'grave".and burned them: "*The*'heart��������� and! a  porti( ^> / '-!e, lungs were found decayed���������  that pdrtipnjpf the lungs supposed to be; destroy edHbefqre?'herTdeath^and^resh; blood.  ;was{found ih-tfie.liyer,fen6ugh?to.thoroughly,  ���������besmear the doctor's.hands. ��������� These are facts;'  and^they say- Charles' health has begun to  ���������iiSjgfo^BT'"''''''''  /PBiB.bb.^^b.;lNDEP^^  ailSCELLySjECftJSi  .i^th^Newi^prk. Independen ������elates ihe :;fola  lowing'anecdote of 'the late Mr;Peabody, the  Eqndqiijbanker: ������' InU854, Gen.' Sickles was  s'eeretarj of ligation-'in London,, and he proposed . a -subscription? \ Independence7 ��������� dinner., A meeting, was held to consider to  proposal, at'jwbicki Mr^Peabody unexpected^,  ly appeared. "He rose ami said thathehsd  ho; wish to. put himself forward, and that if he  mighkb.e^permitted'to 'give? the?dinner"he  would .place ��������� himself at, the 'disposal .of- the  committee^drarra^  ifie jests' td?nie; invited" afid tlie toasts t<ybe  giyeii; Wis offer was accep ted. ' But-no com-  mitte%was;ajppointed.i?thedinn^^^^  in a.'style of: unusual splendor, but^wben the  cloth was removed, .and-,the glasses charged  to pledge the national 'toast, great was the  dismayra^Mr?Peabddy7s pTefoce upon .rising,  thai Jn-deference'tb'her sex^if not to her po-  3Hidn;ieOT;^  *iTheHeiM^HekM^  Gerieral" Sickles moved, from' theftable and  le^t the room.-Many^refused to rise/.-Some  ton$fcj&&^la)j^  pr>dis^robktipn;iWere.hea  Mr;"Peabpdy, howeyer,?persisted.;;The toas  tT:c:zi  :m&B?:UKi>ERSIGNED?: 'BEGS^T.d .^i^OMr';H^  ^friends and thepublicj that he uas littod up so*: <  COMFORf ABLE ' J^JR^^^.1  luhlsnow^bmldrng, where Sio Is^ropared t^(fl^  good Bedsit a reasonable price; Those who wiU  favor him with "their patronage; may-depend*ou--tlJfi  niPh,m^ dhO comfort ofhi������ fto\i.v > , ��������� < ������-  Hd takes also this opportimlt;-' to wmind the Cagt  b^atesl thJit^ Ki^rewcr#ha8 n reeoiy^ th o; FIIiST  '������2E 91 th e \ Colony'Jo rft i & eel affi atp d ^, % -jk^M :?   '  And the true amateurs will hobble to'judgeby.th^ft  selves that such honorable wSsg has  boen justly  :aHHr?ioa?tb?him?;;������^^  .... n, B.���������A large.front room to let.   ..- .,'., s- ���������VTT ��������� .."  barkerville, Jan. 23,1869.      '     "   ��������� NT. CLMO    ������������������  >'��������� '"V-eiRCui/Aiist  ii;  M^: furnish dumber at;tliftir.MJns?WjllianvCreek^  audasthey haycnowa;i     , .    '  ''.PLA-KING     MACHINB";  f; - .'i-V.-l--;. .:���������;., >-;.'rX \y7:7r.:'0777;y;%?}:';: 7yyy>'';y7^:r7y:77</.7'?7i, % '&?:  m operation, thej svillsupply, I)EJ2SSED I.UilBEE ai  S15 per thousand. - Shingles; $12 per thousand.  ' :-  ri������mui!miL'MJiimrxxt.vsumrmw*������* vm-:-a ru^n.  '���������Ji-'VV*,  was drunk with mingled applause arid hisses,  And j the ^Am^i^ah^Miriister^  in;his ;response; aBerwards^to1:1expSisstp oint-  ediy; biit; courteously his: regret, fremained  seated at-the'table.. This affair gave rise to  much; bitterness^of "u^lingi jiut Mr? Peabody  continued to give?these^dihners till<i858."??";  . ;*. ; ; , . -, BARKERVILLE, ? u v -K> ;.\  '   Next,Door to -Sentinel Opeice.? >-*<>.;  AT^his EstahHsiiment will always b^fcitind a?\v,0li  ���������: ;    -selected and varie'd; :ass6rtme.nt of the ���������*-,  FBESHE3T GROCERIES & ^RQVISIONS  .jn;caui?pq.;      / 'L.  ^X^O^l^ocM soTect'ftn^iCtoMi Glass  '���������>!������������������ :?'and Grpckery^^Jlest brands of Tobacco^':; ;.__ ���������  ,"t ' ]^Qa^1ncs,-ctcM etc? , ���������. t "  '  Bost'Jav^ Cofrc^Kfoastedahd: Ground' DAILY.   ;  ALL''GfOODS :SOLT) AT.LOWES3? RATES.  , ���������, Tbe BAR is-fupy supplied wlth ,the clioicest'��������� -  T l x".'��������� ���������    Havana Cigars, Win es and Liquors.   ?    .   ,-  ^il'tnistiby/Strictattohti'on' to biisihOfis;: and fair and  square dealings to merit a cpntinuanoeM fchc Iiheral  patronage heretofore^ extended t6me.     ,v * J    ^ ��������� *  t^ largo; lot' 'of HEYWOOD?S colebraled BlCON  for satOy at a very low figure.     . ,������������������   -1-.    .        r  Feb. 20,1869. ��������� .. !   ':>     -Sm ���������  tusks, 'h oriifl, ski ns; *etcil/ of these animals.  ������^tEsmi^;rN;^jyssiNi^  ^rminatibn?df ^tnfeHate^ war^in'Ahyssima:'an  adyehturous-marned^coupl^: Mfe^bd Urs.  Poweii, ;tpg^Tr;wiffi;^i*4^^feiai0;^^  pleasure tour,, ventured ?entering:>Abyssinia.  Their intrepidity.; met with'a tragic end. A  ;tribe-of".natives-'-murdered thorn.:;' Messrs"  Powell and J^nkinsy brother^of Wunfbrtii-  nate couple, have, it appears from^late news  from Suez, well avenged their death? Onar-  nymg within the boundaries'bf TCassVs dominions, that prince very -kindly placed''some  troops, at;theirdisposal, and;with these they  at onceproceeded to the hostile tiibe?s territory,; captured the head perpetrators fjf; the  crime,;,burned three pillages,, and- carried  away some; 1400. head ef-cattle ara present to  Kassa.;; Several oi the. Bnemy; wore Articles  or dress which were at once recognized as  those of the late'Mr. Powell; It w|a. ascertained ^at the; same tim# thai this genlleman������������������  ana.lady were jnurdered���������;;iuv their sieepvbur  ^p.traces "whatever, could bevfouritt bf-tlieif  son,vas-.liJS- body; was"not found buried with  those; of his parents;1 so?-whether he was also  iqlled or, carried ���������\9^y^-n6tj.fcnfiwn;?;:'Bvierr^  itbingi belonging to the late Mr. andMrs^Pow^  ell was recovered, with the exceptioh^f their  jewellery and money. ",?' ?:���������  ^^MM������dv* ?uFte ciaim; New Zealand;  yielded .6000 ox. goldm five weeks, recently;.';  importers and Commissi      llerchanls,  insurance  ' : ��������� ' "'"   ? ;, ���������' Agents, etc., ��������� -." ��������� ''.'   '   '" '' '* ���������.: ]  Wharrstreot,  Victoria,-, V. h:  D. s  e  Importer of Books? Stationery, and, Fancy Foreign  '���������������������������   Manufactures, .. ..:���������',_ ���������.,'?,'���������;.���������.'���������?���������;'  ,-?';���������?;   FOUT STREET, VICTORIA, B?'fj.v .;.,;���������  May I, i860;:. "' ?'-.?''?;.:/??-"'       ?,^>X  u  SAWNEY'S, LETTERS  AND  ;C A R f B O 0    R H Y M E  8  BY'JAMES ANDERSON,  PT?TPPi  Forsaleat the 'SssmsisL Oflic(  post, freo of charge  ONEBQLLAR  and forwarded by  my29  Jg0STEKSts; :i;; ???-v??^;;^,  ���������: PROGRAMMES,' IAI ;  mymmfr'M ti%& :$& n 7hmmm  ���������    FBD TED.FORMS,;  ill   ; iABEX.sf' ;| :   ".  BRBAIl^ieKETS  'Etc^'::  yEt'cS'!  JiKtci^  ���������'E^  Esocute'd. willi acatiess,' caro .bad dispatchyiji tho  l&Miti������M  :SEWTJWEI.? -OFFICE,  ���������:BAitKEiivfij:i!,''*-B^p|  wAM0w^m^Mmmm0i  PLAIN    PMtKTma.  At Ilcduccd Rates.  ':EL,Et'J/iM������llT;iO-N-.  THfi BOXER .CARTRIDGES  For Snidor-Knficld of"-57 7 bore,  an d: for? the ;itcri iy^ uM Mar?"=:  ^tinl ���������Henr^-Eiftos^fd'45.0-. boro;:  o^bpttid^^hoMaj eSty'i^VViir;  Dopar tmont^ alsoof ,;;600 boro  for Military, "iiies, - '  FIRI3  UETAht 'W^OABV:  TRTOES:;:with-?^Srgcd Base;  1V)^ scialtT;hbres?' iidoptcd ���������'. by  foreign fioyernmonts'. for���������: cbh/;  vertod-Cuassepot, Berdan?IlQ?  ���������niihglon and other Rifles'} also;  Cartridges;. ��������� for. -^Ballard,1, the  Spencer, and American."Kfohry  RepeatingItiilcfo ������,.*? ':'���������������������������:.:���������'-.��������� \-, .        '  Thei;{' ELB V-...BOXERV- are the Qhcnpost Carlri^s  known?carrying their own; fgnition, and being made  wholly of .rnotal, are, water proof and lmporishtiblo. la:  anycllniato.- '. ��������� ?" ���������'��������� -?":.'���������'���������,.;';������������������?.;?:-. '���������.;*; .'������������������'.',;; ;<��������������������������� ,.,v,i>V*.?  ���������Vi TKvj^abdve Cartridge case's (orrtply) of all sizes, anjJ  for the dIfferpnt systems of Brocch-|oml|n^ RSflos, can  be had with or .without the suit ahlo Bui lets, and, 3f a-  chines, for finlsmrig the Cartridge^; ;���������'.:���������  "VBOXEU CARTRIDGES ti������ixfa$ bororfor Revolving  Pistols, nscd in'her Majesty's Navy.//?-, .-; ;���������,���������'���������'���������,,-,. s: ���������.  ' COFPERSIM-FIRE' CAUTRIDtiES��������� of all-Sizes, for  Smithi&^Wosspn's* Tranter's, and: othervFoekei Kg-  volvcrs.   " n'" '.     "?;    - j  12-ni;.9-m.; ahd^m.-'boro*. .. A ''��������� ��������� ���������'.��������� w- ??a;?;^  :. CENTRAL;FIRE; an'd': FIN-FIRK CARTRIDGES -for  all sizes aadsystcinsJof Guns.; Rli'lesahd-Revo!vers.':  . ��������� Double -Waterproof and 3& B;Caps;;Fatent Wire Cartridges,'- Felt Gun Waddings -for .Breech.:and ?Muzzlo.  Loaders;iand every description, of Sporting and' Mill*  taryAraniuhltipn...���������-;        '���������;?.���������..;',.������������������?' .--.-i*-,'.���������..->'/::j\i'..'''��������� ������������������  t,:-E^E-:%- B R O^T H E RSv,  OK A Y> S' IRN" U;&A D, L OND OH  .-'WHOLESALE'ONLY.       juXOSOtla  ������MI|]^JUrUlUWIlJUJ������JWLIHW^ilJI'Ml.flMll������WlUhL������������tlM������l������JKIW


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