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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-01-15

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 p  I  ���������  m  m  m  m  &&.������'*  .. * iu ,y, '������. r-- ^yf^_   - f^'S'-^y. jji-fc ��������� vv���������i *', ���������;. .  succeed^ the ;'BerljS'tTof' y bur 'sl&e^w^nld^le.  your own; and in addition^to tbem you.won^  K��������� tbe,consolation of knowing ithat iu gain-  ,     Aa^ ,,...���������          .,.,.,,_  ,,.  -happened atjbexB.ank^Qf Engiahd^-which had"' ing your ��������� success ybu^had^ not impeded the  ���������  ��������� committed:the greai'dtsreb'pect of f efUslnfeto  progressb^tliers'^by-asking ^and receiving  f ; discouo������*biH;jofa.^ ^-^i^^^tMi^^-^^,. ***���������*-���������  - *   Anselra Rothschild of iFrankfort, vbn-:>Naihan'  . -Ko^Schil^rjPQpU6fe Tjg Jwtl| Ki^u|h^  tily ripliWiyibskt they discounted only>ifieir:  vtbeirlassistara^  wotrtdhi^fe  acting indentfldintly^plotie;^  cerned % bjr ^p^������*feilur������ 7;'JA^ ;^ Sutt; "that  :ihririkyyy!i^y^y^%xy.-. .., :,^y-x^yy  ��������� *am'XrijHM* ,pe^;pn8,;U. exclaimed vHftj-hatt  Rotbichildv wben' they reportedi< to bim*the  fact, uPrivate,per8on-5.l;Ivill make theseircn-  1 tieme&lie^wi^t'Jdndi p^prlyiite  are.  j?  we  :* Tbree^e'dka after waM?tNa^tf^(SS|elSld  KngUiitftod^  self at thi(0)an]K-j tjfc t&e opening Q% tfo;otpee,  He :dr*^ ftot������his; piptet^bbok J&p expound  ;'nbteV. and:1 they"natiiraHy^Cdunted: out;;flve;  i asm nisbe'd tbSt tlie Bit on ?������������������ Rotbicbi Id theftM  p ha ve person ally troubled himae!f for79ucl������ a  y !; trifle. ? fl?he .bardnfexrfmined/pne/ byjo|e the  ,f coins, and .put them into a little canvaA^ bag,  'then dratfirig^"butfattother ribte���������a: third-^a  ������ V tentb^af huadrfcdthj-he' tiever^^'piiit^the-pieces  efcgold into tibelbag wUhout.scriipulou������iy:Sit-  - amining-tbemr-and-io-,souM5* instances, ^trymg  them in the,.balances, as, hei? said,; (jthe law  .gaveMfe^igfit to doysQ."yia f  7  The first poSket-bbbk' being emptied, and  hhe*. first'bagyftiU^ he,passed?them to iiiavcterk.  - an{Lreceiy������lirft;;Becondt and thus' cbntimie'd  /^.utttirthe^tos-^bflh^bunk^   THe baron had  Henibloyed"seven'hours to-change twent^one  * thdtiflan<i'pbutida^-Bukas/he also bad nine*  , .ejnployeeB of bis house engaged;^ the eame  f in^nner^it reiiilted ihPi the house "of Xi'Mi^-'  ycfaidtliri&tdx  ���������from .the* barjfc,mid that'he * had so occupied  _ .r the teller -tfiat lfnoother pe-rWriCcpuld "ch^b^tf  aeingle.noie. ,-y>,  w         r were therbfore^ the -fini Way. very mnch amused at the pipjle'of/Ba-roi^Koth^ They  : however laughed less-when tbey saw him re-  #1 .tirn^exJi-'^^at" thellopening; of tbe bank,  ^flinked^rhw nliw clerks^ and followed this  ^thae by,fo^y;Srays, ^^BUned to* carry away  ^ue specievri They l&iighed no longer. when  iHbe king^ of the bankers said with ironic s'm-  *f j?iicityV'**���������'the&e^ntlera^n:;refusei'}������b ipay!��������� my  b i lis. I liarei a worn noi 'to "keep;'. theirs^: At  th������ir leisure ^^Iviw that I have  ^ericiiigiiito employ;^m fortwp mbaths."  ,...^liiJ^or,t,w^-moath3.?^.-^;;;.;.,^,;i^ :.:.4 i!  ,,--, ,^ Eleven miUmns^oi^v^ the  ^Batik tof ^bgiakdid ^Virhie ti tliey' had -never possessed." ;'y"      ������������������y:y-." y       % _ ,y     ���������;  ������!yThe^bauk:tbplfWarin;';there was somethirig  ^b^be^Nibafe:;- ^Tee next;;'mprningj notice ap-  peared in the papers that henceforth the bank  ^ivduid pay'Jiptbschild^ bUls th-������? sams aa their  'own.   ������������������" .-"*-: ���������*��������� y.A--->/   - -'��������� y ;.     ���������    ,  BEiviSrbEPENDENT.  , Were we ip oiBfer an injuaction to the yot^th  Ve know of np-better counsel than this sim-  ^"ple mom?Jd^ry^ ; Y������sV we  'should stty,tb'evindependeat in all respects, de-  your Tabors be'so co bducftedi so performed,  that tbey may be a true indexy of your Independence. The benefits! of. a ftiliy efttabliftb-  ed indcpenderibe-bf^m^tare:ma while the  ���������disaflyantja^ are none  the leas niiteerbjiiA. Au 1 so long as the wor 1 d  rolls on ia ite habitual selfishness, so long will  the3ep^dej&^ (ox maintenance  upon the selfishness of others, which to say  the most of it. is a ;desperate dependence,  highly wrought with disaripointmehta and intrigues which the" chary bestpwer launches  Upon its iinbesile recipient. But not so in tbe  fortune of the independent mind, for it centres; naught;npon. the reUablerieas of qthers.  but:rests its all upon its own resources, thus  eluding "those knavish artifices which the der  pendent mind'encpunters/^ '   .^  Be independent, we would; say, and not  presume :to go th rd ugh th e world' depending  ^n.other^ for 'giiidanci^but set independently  .Ib^eSercising your own judgment, in'choosing  the.course yo a s&ould; pursue: and wlien you  conscientiously 'know-you' are bright then g6  ahead; do not stop for soma. compassionate  .^uide; who, pefehaucb bas buiOfettfd the tides  .of fortune before; -yptt,. to take you by the  haad and lead yotf up the-steep asceut of Hfe;  but go on independently, resolutely,;; and  yow will have-a greater^cbance'offlUecess  yon woiaU) if you depeaded oa .a ~~~~  teaci^u how ^\better;^  |)fhea^u again ^strive :^  stead bf^ll^ag^burhopeBto'b  trated by bib fealur^i be:; indepeudeht: ih ^e  midst bfi^ourx^mity^ffl  date you into inaction������but renew your exertions' wUhuttabaied'vigor/-; y y Afrjiiti *')������������������.' :|;J  If the promptings ������������������������������������pf- -your ambition - seem  too arduous for��������� ypii to; ;attain independently  a-eeOe^ difficW^  tenipt to ascend the sumtoit of< yourVambitiob  depeiid,ently ^forafr you, cannbt*: ascenli^ibEei  be assured that ypu ^pabript^travetse .'the^'il'iQr  fbr= support"  Although* others My^ offer 70&!  aid, and that sincerely, tbb^but consider;(that  where one is? sincere -in; so doing, scores .bf  others are only;pi^mpt*ed^fe  the mean impulse pj self interest, w*hfth looks  upon the 'event ofr your^8Ucccss:/asVa;ra  wherebyi they wiU{ share Its:benefite|,^e^you  bftve; perfbrmed!:ii&/laborV :I������ecline 5ueir  proffered assistance with such civility as; will  ptaihljrHn^icate?that ^u^ are npt. dependent  on others fbr the^ "meah^ bT ^tccesfe l^^jreiy  upon ypurfptoe^ertipns?and resjmnsibilitiesf  and let 1yo)iraefcionVnar^  cation?! of ^urcindepehdenee; >anjd ^yoiij^ill  .not'prbceedvfar upon the path; ofr your^hoicie  er e!yoiiv wi 11 ^;;be gr a tified/' by r sefelng"^ them  crowned with'success; ' :; r *V . /.' y:\  !x Appaiiatus fob SAyrKo^Iiipk*I)|u*ar?f<3 a4Eire.  ^~A- new^rench inyention1 rhas - jusH^been:,  ;brbu^tipver Jtojtliis ^country ^which^ids & fair  to be bf immeiSe "valuet -It is^' an ^^aTftus  ^enabliiig jhi^e wbo .wear it Jwrejiter^b^nii^S  :house"for the purpose of" saving life ore property. v The inventor is a M. Gallibert, vand  the invention ^consists of a bag, similar5' to: a  seamans clothes^ bag,, filled j with air, byraeahs'  [ of a mihaturepair-of bellows,1 attached" to/ the  loiwratpr^Tbdek.;:From the ai  guitarjercha tubes;  the respirator, vWhl  pair of glassesifixejdj;  and nip per close: "'  invention- has just  the presence ^oPihe; rear-adniiralj /jsuper-inten-  J dent-and several dockyard officials; A The:dryr  ing room ot". the iroritbundry was filled���������} with  dense smoke, produced^ wet.burnt;:straw.  B^ur operators entered/ the resjilVbeing^ that  two remained fpur? niinutt^ iamld^tbe smoke,  one five, and the fb urthsix."'' Ori fea-ppearing  they-were; by no means exhausted; but^mere-  :ly complained of the; heat, whicb reached an  intensity of 110 ^e^ee^^Eurppei^  . The Bowsls of th is; Ea rth:���������It Hs a eiiribus  &ct^^ connectfij,"'wi.tli/ deep mini ng, th a^t from  the hours of twelve at night till, three in;; the  morniag the distilrbing 1110ben.c,e. iff- the bow-���������  els of the ear fch ob tai ns' in e reased acti vity. At  tbal;timeitfis���������.bbserVed:t������y..raIiler% that water;  ;fai ittrirni^Jtces:: where:" nb neyisy-'pbserivabl e ���������  during the;day.   The volume in, tlie wlieel is  perceptibly increased, the atmosphere is charged with gases wbibh often; p revent the 1 ������ghts 1  from burning, and small * particles of earth  aad rock are observed to fall from the tops of  the drives.   Whether this phenomenon is to  be attributed to thediural motion of tlje;earth  i% <yther causes; it is worthy: the attention. of  the curious, .;        .    ���������.    ,  AS0TABLRON;ms Travkus.���������the account  given in the Phifidelphia papers/of tbeluxur-  ions style in which the distinguished banker  Jay Cooke traveled from Pbilidelphia to Sandusky seems to eclipse anything within the  bounds of aristocracy, eithei\.in this country  or.in JEngland. The*elegant.special .car ten-;  dered the buyer, and se I ierof national seciiri-!  ^n-enthuaBti^s^^  inglt������ a;slfeeptic cettain;spiritbaV^^^map-  ces &which he i������ouId testify, and that ,bb one  occasion thespiritof his wife, whajhad^been  dead'severalytarsi'returned tofbimtaridsea^;  ing berslf on bis knee, put herjarm ,afpund  him^ndlkigs^him^much to his;y^tiflc^tibn  ^ she useftytp^dp;i?when Jiving.^*^bb"!you  meaji to sayiS returned the skeptic^ 'f that the  spirit of your wife really embraced tad kissed yb|i 1" .>:^So|: riot'exactly that/? replied the  ttelieifer; ."but her .spirit took ''possession! of  ibe femalebdmmy-f-the futui'e Mrs.r^~ tliat :is  to be; you kriowi-aiid through her^b"raced  'and;lri-ssedfme,^.rK:J.-r ������������������'    ���������   ; O^Ioi/.^iifetH'  J "-^t The>Pandit,?;a Beriaaes jouitial Which  publishes "rare Sanscrit works,",has recently  priritbd; one baring the, astbiin^ingp.!title  f(SankHyasastrabh^pagatanimvaravM  adauam.^/yy;* -���������������,..' _ ���������  y 'y' . -yy  w������?t uMwvT$fa*>J^ "Gp4 VdWpiijI^I  fesad;** pibiisjaiijjil^; tp ;he^]bvev-3bnfi^t ^ice  p Lot a man prbposei to me if lie darpn' was the  ;>       1  A- Wesfcreridimusic seller; wasKlatel^  over]ppwered by ^ tastMiouS^ung;ilady who  waiited^pnrcnaBel^ Mr. Hbo^f^a^^ng pf  the���������a gentleman's undergarrieiit.^' y '.. yp1 x.  ^^It'is suggested that the graduates > of  female col leges besSiplomized as ^^.���������^Artf  fu I ��������� Maid ensV Af '��������� '���������': ���������"/' * ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������" ���������'. P. < ������������������ p. :" 1.' ,*"  tiyn  rHE^ANKyO^^  irth  r{iiBstAmis������KJ>:!N I836C  y. ta^ &rrcs:'%".M4 HBt,Efe^IAqE; LONW)^: ���������  M$k ofbkitish Columbia;  euU'OiBci.^liOi-abUfd'Sft*, LoiidonI  >:*Lil2LlL"vl^y Vr- ny~yyy';{}/(���������< '���������  :'';CUBHENT ACCOUNTSropncd.tor aioy amount Jftbt  IObb 'ili^hiOnvr Wi ri.! ^ D Hli>T^PA��������� * '*" 'y ?���������* A'A'* - ?C- ,  v Bills Disc'jniitoilan-i Collect^).} an' Bills olVExc.iwng*  on Great- Britain.y&in JTr^ciscu wri :.lfv.w>X0^PUri,  ���������thasjJd.���������-���������*:, 1 ;��������������������������� " t * >. .?��������� ��������� X-  A ^iw^rhnient an*l'ot!^r{:B'^urlUefl r^ceiv6d ;forrrskf������  'custodyj.:Int'or*si#an*Diviiieniifi collct������Hi;ii;[^ bAd  y P.cocivetl'on jyepn&ty, otAciv "iuces mkde Vp^n tii)em/  !ri 'y.X.      c"     ' ' '  ' " u  ism.  ^DRAFTS ISSUED;oii-y^naon,* tfow^Vprk; S^.Fwn.-..  cls^>, Ciriboa-^anMjij-.NJw; Brunswick; :%ovtt Scot|a>?  an-i on ail the BrP*aches of tliu i\atlon^i 1;Bink,of ,.SqQt-  land-and Provincial -JB^fnk.pt tr^hmpvyy yy P ^ ? p ���������  Bills RvExoiange^^ and GoiarE^cha5edy J  ^Iiituir3st 6mSp^ciHH>5^iSits.of^������>n&y>allt)\*ed uttli������  fiito-oi' a^qairt^roi'fon^^r"cont.pir inonih,:  ?Goti> Dost M IteA 10nil-| Ansayoo, and returns 'maile  Garifeeo Lit0ra3^ Jastitiite  ru>*������ftt/"������-  '���������'���������*' W/K THOMI^SO ���������:, Presidkxt; <!:;  JAMES -AN0B:BS0K? :Vfos:l*BKSinJ5sr;>  SQ^y ^pIBECT0R8yj  ^y.yy'-JQHJTMAcLARR^/:  .-" ,DR WyTL-WILKlNS  ;���������;.; ;-:y;J0fl K;;ADAtU,;-  y ���������J-OJtt.iv-B.QWRbSiv-i-r.^ y'  1\BIS:} ;INStiTiJTi()^' atvpnjscnt ,contiiins ^bout ������00  . vi/luinvjs pl-C'i 1 >ic,y ti ter ttu.rvj cou sisiing ofR /llgiou ���������},;*.  Sci>ntill(S,.-.-H:btark^Ij:^iVP^M.etd: works, and works;ol  Fiction^ :%��������������������������� '��������� ���������-. -:v :*���������:'���������:'��������� ������������������.:: ���������;:- ���������' , : ���������'. -1-' -. t '  .: ���������WVrCi5ste*p>s Li^ rgo Pic tori 11 Dictionary,' .UrVs Dictiori-  bryfeti tho Ari������, Mund la ciur^s ait. I Mi rips, 'Lipp^, iicott's  Pronoun ci tiir .'Guzctteor. of- tho "VVorl- i 'f jipji Hinukn- s! ]tiyr.  ci^pedii ol OpmincrCii, w.U.l always be kept in the rpom  cor izfcrvriGy.yyyyy.y -pp.,���������;;���������>,;.,vp> <*y.-eM\.yy.i)y  '.'Tno Il'i jading Bfwm will ho fo'uni supplied'with-'the.-  UU?st Knglish, ^coki ��������� hi, C.1 ntioian,;Anti^ricaa,;"a'n-i Coif>-  ui*i P.ip-J'w������n"i;:Mijsjizin^s.-: , .y! /���������": AA/V/PPX'  , TebmsPt'So-BecR2FTi������.iyfrl������5p^r.quarter, or $2 p.*r  muntu. v Single- voluai:������ L^ano^vtouon^subscribi'rs Ut  dOci-s. p..T;VuTom.,������l witii-lJ-deposit;.-"-..'_.". ..'."'7  : Persons nut subscribers -visiiin'g. the,Reading Room  an i m iking.use of tlw Books ana Papers will.UucKarg-  y^ lb cte for each visit, 7  r    ..  The Room wil 1 be open from 10 a!m.. till io p, m.  -.'.���������;',   "'. . .-��������� . .,    JOHN BOWJION,      ;  17 .,.;...    Sccrctrary anil Librarian.  P^UPj^)PITALr;:  fwlth Power to XnerSasV.)"*     ":~  '��������� - ::,.KiX) i ������������������   ry/:i'\ xti'i   ��������� ������������������ /-,. \ -x-.,_y  ^rPBAmfp^i-^ [r  PyiA :U;INT2LNCi)UTMlk ISIlANSJv''. '"' -  x, yy y, ffriitftfgtfi* yyyam^yyry .  ij-nt .-. ..;.'' ��������� :^y,.-Vy. .'���������>,���������>,...  x^/x\ymtoy^/c .  \v.i& ..uI^BRmSttrCOLUMBIA^ ,^)^     ;  N������W WESTMINSTER^YiLK,:MOtJ!mbF^lJEaH^! . :  ��������� y -.V.'Hry^^H'yyCAtoBW^^ ���������'  tyy-, \M^0ii^^ !  y t���������. .SAN FRANCISCO,'' ifpRTtAKD, toMOVto!    ''  ;. >ON .THEBANK OF, MONTREAL^. IN IvAN&bll 1  -Sioatnis^ "Twr/>nt*j;c' Q-^b^c^itxn-UM/i \&$d^fr$$^wP*  P  &px  ���������> Aiey.,  Xi ��������� '<���������  '.   .���������'-..���������,',  tfgl|������pi^P^g^|-  '���������������������������    ^  . _. )_..-i -j^f^j^jt.  ON ENGLASD'���������TH  ,V> ii     ;,.(jj ,���������   y/ji.4   ../lA ;  ,."y'-'-'      ..y.'i*    -t'J X   ^-"-'���������'f'.t    ���������������'i;.)7,T.,    "���������������,'���������[ i.--   ~i,������-Hf������  .M*i,/    .    '��������� .  2c\Goij>;I>u$r}Mvdted ^ftd ;j Assay ed, fan(lf returns, msdi  .withinf^ tiour*}.y**^./vi,!>!. y-P /V]";���������:"!'y ,.J ������������������''' ���������/5i :  ' "Ores', or ovary description' carefully'Assayed"/- :-'y  '(-'-'Aprii;'1^66='^il?:-*'-v-; -bXtAX: X^XVn/^'AttlV.-    ���������  \ .a xy : ji. .^'.yfr t, -M'^c3^^^;!^ ,  'ij.ROM r A>TD, AFT^R :^l^.?E|iTEiii}KK;; 1SG6,; U&l  T . DAVID >MAKSH'ALL"liAK(i Will cease to ho Maria-  gerjof-this B ink. itf these ColonBsfinirjM^^WllilJXM  CURTTIS WARD^is^uthorii^a ttr-p^iiorm. tho-auti^ of  ilMncip^l O^ic^r o^Itho^Bmfejn^ :ti������B\!Pi  ull documents,as.Acting Mdpl^^r.;.; /t:/.,//.*:. I- J^I  , i * tBy order of the Court- of Directors, ;*f -r^f *'ir  >>y >"J Xrx--y}uyy -������������������;; jijSr.^WACKER;-  * ^45slin:' *  "' - r' ^ '* * I    ..*"-' "'":   "' J;usp;i.cU>r^ ' -  R|rfNfRD}S  CtiJ'nlicf inff/;at! I������illober'an^^aie ������������������ wi tli - I>fETZ4is  X ���������, ��������� iKEBSp5i'S'- .for N6wi Wes tni ihster ������ Victoria;; *;;;..  ���������iiritt/.^RRl.VE ^ND^bfcPART fromuhc:bffictt-in  'tUsVAilRlVE yANDypSPART from?thQ:bflj~c.tv;ln;  Barkerville* to.coiinvpt'witli .the s.teisnier\f;.,E*u���������  -    -       ���������      ���������     ���������'���������"- Stages arsodft  :. by.';Exp>e.ss "-for ..th������  'fl-S1  51   AgehV*Barke^rrtl������^  WILLIAMS   CFIEEK  /fHEi IJNDEKSIGNED^ LUMBER,' ftERCHA>: T^. "heK  ' i: tti^iatWoi the' jn".ii-.biti!-nts':in.:ifeH-Tai- of'- Vi'illiam-.*-  Owl-'lc that tiit'-y hyf e now! in bp\;-ratt;.u h -vSTEAJi: SAW]:  MILL, U)cated at the - mouth ol'i Mink. Gulcii,. a bovm  ���������Ricntl .l-J, papsbje. of manufacturing one thousand footer Lumbv.T.p;T hour, any length'or wiiU������: r. qui re-1 in  this market, lm.\ oi'-a BoriiRloR- ppAJzrr. - All ordOr������  left at Mr - W. A. Meacham's, B *i rk vrrill ?| or t.ue ��������� Mil 1,  4; The  Cariboo   Sentinel,"  PAPER  SSMI-MONTHLY  Published ox tub 15th and 30m op  'Month Dukino tub Winter.  Each  take the air free of diwtj an elegant furmshe<i  salooa or parlor, with sofas, tables aud mirrors;'a sleeping apartment, where sofa seats  fere quickly transformed into easy couches; a  diniME room, with extension tables ami all the  uecesWj efceoteras;.,a.pantry, well -stocked  with substantialfl; washrooms etc.  "If o\ir Maker.  A pretty girl says ;   thought it wrong for Adam to live single,  when there waa aot a wom%p oh ..^arth, how  criram&lly guilty are the old baci&lors with  ���������ft* wr!fl M\ erf pre^y  n  ALLAN & CO.. Proprietors.  O?: -zce���������BARKERVILLE, WiumAms: Crkek, CArxboo.  Suhsoription, $S per month       ,  uclu ling cost'of delivery-,)��������� P.iyiibl������ to.the'-Carrier  Challenge  erul slia re 0 i the publ ic patron -*ge and tha t thei r ol tl  jtl^hils will kin.ly ^ivtvthoma.cijl.-: .*.-/������������������...  ���������      :��������� .���������:������;-:..��������� MEACHAM, COOMBS &.NASON.  Will Urns Cr������pk��������� Aug, .27t.li 1866, 23  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  PROPRIETOR  !  T>  I  ������*n.   GEORGE WILSON, tlDt^CiribwvOiiampbn, will  M tt^Ut JOE! BDfJX, th.Ohumpuin of Meters  or any  $500 w DL.jmjw w" j*       a b,iIMJn. B.irW*;TYilU','Wherrj  be.a** BARRY.J^pLBW^P^^     ^^    ^  s*  Wte,  .���������RA'R'KERvriLE,.. - ��������� yyy-  '""!    Kavo justrJC-'iVed a choice 'selection of  CAST iRpWSCQP^  Slieet Copper, Zinc, Ti.ii Plate and Sheet Iron;  with v*t)������w&\$^ \r.r.-\ ..,  All Jobbing&ta'e%n7^st'irqn, Co  ^  umiuii'iiLtiiimilnue-UJeH'HallMMjg n  7������<  *y  : -IrikiMy, j^yp^    iy ,tt*U. ������^~7 - ^McWHa  ^a!e' ^vTT v^rM'r;'Kvans,   .   do.       ,  - -    J*  ;.Ne^V^Ubmster, r E. Mullandaiuo  afiSlSrUptr ^ 7 - ;���������... -^ ��������� ; - * ['   { __ Lyne: "    ,"  mik  <2)  '4 ��������� ���������  k7  Av~,  7>;-toi f?>r-r-  'T*'*''"*'  ������W������liB^  ���������* -x -.  :j.:^HJ|y  .���������"^Sr^hSin^^^Werrim^teeritH- c^rihiry^s Soften  Tf^^ductiye! pfv greater^ advajBce^ment and fprov  #reas tb^ a^ of the  iitomaii empire. - The rapidity with whicii  : cities; s^teaEiwi ^rpvinbelilll-fe-l sprung up on  ;ii^!eti^st^tete  ���������out parallel in- the histoV^of the world; v   AS  ; <ihe tide;^pf y;the  ' Jforce agai ris t -the easWm^  lid^ef^hitaa'uptbgr^^ribV Svil^tibn^acclf  aerate ^tslbrce' as d t reaches ithe western  ^or-ldistdirovvnediri ite:,waters.^ Man has trar  eiuau race^until; he;haBr^ched^the end;pf-bis  - jPrirne^pn?themhbresftf the pacific where the  |S Vjatyiko ftt enip irpf^#^i yilizatipri; ^no^pnjger  .������i'i*wa in hih West,si\ but ;beeomepyfixed~!aud  ;SS?I&^ -kvawgw ***  aud auBliiae vvii^b^  .//'.*.tatei^  ;!gb verameri t irom-^  *<cl*>wn Mipure republicanism fin which, lijb^^f  has almost become licerice^and rep^s^taljp^  ' wi the;^olpi^d^natipri% all^^iut^^yrthii jqoap:  jtdrer may ^"an^taayeKact^ i^ounterpart ofKtae  . fclimate or thelaadscape, the form of govern?  'X -merit orythe ifibde^ o%worship *he*ha������ {left bbr  vy ;hiud hiricu^The past' history %f-tlife colony  '<!* fyVoy'eS kirip theory iy ItMe&r than'tea years^citr,  ��������� ���������<��������� Ay.'" ;-i������a: hnx vri&pm ng^p^*nde^&S: $  ^ban that,wliicn ^existed': between yjipmejjarid  tC^Vi'tbagejuoiie year, the .colony was, striding.  rfo? au exiatence, -thenext'd^n nken with pros-  >:HHy;~ Sulfas ^^^  n|fbvernments,Jbf threegpvernors,and as many  ^dminisjtratpriB;    Ui>*qn\ ajitl ^separations and  *miir������rav '��������� Tlie Indi^ri^ ThejHudsbu Bay^Go.,  the Americari anid>t&4lGariadian^'have all' in  thirn^lleldSwaysin"; tee colpriy ancl all alike  Ifave lost it for years;% U has, taken threepen-  .uirie������ in older countries to .blot out the lines  *of easte^a%d feuds;. o������clan^i byy a: common be  ^ri^tipn^a^dSl^ee';j^ about  ,Lithevsame.jw;salta,%th^icolpnyj for i^the4 term'  i^min^rbpth b^  iubludes all riattprisfarid classes froriv the na-  ii'ited^SiwaBJiest' rockirig^ oil avbar pf the Fra-  A:M, jews An l^e^nor V"������iHuu^h^ JJ^^1; v*,- *y������y  wVnefrithas V^iieat^fea td pass into ^rly;  miinhood^riaitt is to/toe fcp������d "will rpuj  - aw.iv childifeK tUings.". -The inore peipaaent  join to malceffitt^^K^i^WWOS;;^  iwwvra int^liiStory oftbe co)ony^ yln|P*at  --���������'���������Wirt-the industy^^on������i.per������eYeranOe.of,tlie. in-  ������Wbiiftnts and the resource? ;ofi the conntry  ; {ttto  created faster than' two   extrayagai^  rtttin* to be ������een what will be done funder a  ������t!w and better form of governmeat aad the  >jriit|iter-attsplcc3 of the mines.      ...  ...  ff|- the distant future prosperity of.this  colony none can doubt. A .day, is coming  when horrilvery ealmon will be found at the  he-id of everv fea3t, her gems sparkling at  rvery Oourt.'her gold and bor silver on erery  ochange./VfMVbef P.eijcefnl;sheRl^^s shall  derd her cattle on a thousand jlnlls and hun  eredsM fhf naocs shall illumiuc her mines and  when the last b'ut not least Of the fair pTogeny  ���������   ,if the British crown Shall rise to a higher  place among the nations o|,the earth,, .^  Tlie present pbsperity of the colony lS.now  committed to the hands of one man towards  whom all eyes arc turned, andit ,w ^ Jus-  ticfetitat in the beginning of his administration at least eyery consideration and assist-  nnce should he granted by. all loyal inhabitants, and'we are sure that among the foremost ih thetahlt will hfrfound;tb* miaers .of  ' Cariboo.'- ��������� y .��������� ������������������'-'��������� ^^Y A-^ ���������''��������� '���������''. ��������������������������������������������� "���������"���������  0.  ^F?i2#i"Dec^er^l^6|  '���������jmMiAn^k yfok Amsn<vpavlffG^  iriiiur%m������m.-x   y      AiB^,Jqsei)h  .Abrahams;Morris,: ,  ^.'  ; -  7.J. .:..--:. ;y,[-.;;. *.. ..  irtriilK* Ar'C'-'v     ������������������    , Brown, DavlfV^       ^  !;Browkfeffi?^ : i^^V^������^W^ir:  Bovyer; Jas. B. (2) f Brazeltan, jHmea F;  ChurcbalWoha,;^.;, v ... SA^^fiCS- -^ '  (Iri '/n i Jbh n i^) - Ca rkc*ik, Ch as,  ,  Sfn^: IP . '!      '    Ch?is^in, OlLChV  Charr^;J<)hnH^7' $'i^; ^^rte^jWiu^yy" -o-.  ;cobkc^m^Jahiii^v^rHy  'Oooh^ss, .Stficey/yv.^.:..,^.' ..:yy*-;'- ,-^-'-.r. ��������� .-..** *,  p^i"si^"'v-i������-:-*-*<i'-'*>',:-,',,'ft'' *''!������u  L-Doylp,  iOarlfi,  ���������B  Erb,*  cEaton  >Fuller,'sfcP^; j/j ;^-:; ^iM^->  Fnncisco,,Signotvy?^^^..,....,,.,,. ...u,.. ;,���������.,,,.,,,?,, ...  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TJNliERSKJ .^Diiave sold oor right-; title  i TTfah<Uiritorestrin; the?Williams GreektBED ROCR  BRAIN * CO.. (li mi ted), .an it \ liave -also tr.i ns/crred, the.  Charter Jintt ������11,the rights dn'd^pnwMtt which" it 'grimts  ntntb JAME'S.'ANDEltabN and JOHN M'ACtARE v, ������������������ \ -. '  " yAV/AX yy.n :x\>. ��������� PVyixy -ROBT. H;*HROWN V  vyyvyy y;y/vy;yy ��������� -yy?-yJOHN:ADAIR^y;!;. ���������.  Cameronton, B; C. Kov72nd,1865. ....    ��������� A'   ,..1  f  BAEIElfMI  yfod()������&A^  v'yy"-;' : ': :; - .-;.-KiNbs'PF .py.yyy . ���������.; ;-7-  SEGAESf  ^Vi'-yr  '&&*  ktiXy  Mi,;:-  ���������f  ;| *���������*������������������(  ,,if������t '.������-,  Beir>to; eitlli theatten tion of Miners and other*  - -^d their fullasaortraeat,of. .SUPERIOR* GOOIXJy  -" which will be told   ���������   p     ������  iFA.  ^4  ife|M:01i*C3:E  ;'^������f.  THEREBY ������IVE NO^GE^that'I Have; this dayrn������*.  ilw&nak Powcirof Auorn^yid ja-wn .b������me m^favor  f& i4ac El-aK'QOK^ ^VlUhwit-tl^dfty;o .Kebrivvry,  ,a^a^it^|ct^ .y; ,  ^Barlcervme,2iidiNov;,18Sa. ' /3m;;  y'-'/m AlXfWHOM:^T;it^ CONCERN, r^;    .  THE^UrJtyERSIG^ED 'has^'^ Powf'r<oT?!Att'orhoy.^from  fCHARLES M. BEAK to collect hi^dcbts^injt seftla  his'accounts;--.; " .-..'-:.���������-.��������� .-.-v.  >j^r Aifull assortmeht oi"GifociKiEfl and^H. B.+ 0>;r������  | LrQUOBS always on^hand.:v, Jhy,;,.^,. .y,,-(j ,... ���������,��������� r������ *M,  Rildlciy, WilliamtV  :Ry{i*tV".J.'-W;- yrV  RickerU, Martin  S i,wett, .-Joscpa ;  Sirr,. Thomas     _y .-,  Swinorton. J*.    J-  SCntrdriii w.   v  :Si;twj^,iTimothy,Q,  Aunmons," Cluii.'-* A>  Tho,mp3onj'John 0,/.'   , ('  ^rruiniftilJ: Georgef ;" ���������.yy ''  <,tttoma8|iWm;i-;-':    Lk -?^  "^Jlsherf johWt;  ;.^ijin;;^iiiiam,';  ^iHlamlii'fl'nea--^  W^t������rtm?Jospp^'  ������������������Wfjr^Phip^Hy.'"'  We^^Hiiry R^  ���������Roordii-D, Jamea  '.-  *" v Rose;'Hugh   :x:y   ���������  Sfctiauk;;Artr6n'.   'V"^umniers,'Tlio������.  ���������>"���������** Smith; JameB.  ,:;,- SUiTcnSiV'hn C- ���������,   -:  f, -Simpson, Win;,K. s,.-. ,,,  ���������ii'i  v ".'"������������������ TriplMl, JohnJ  ?^' ���������' Vburner;:Wuvy VA/ Ay \1)  " !  "'TiioinpMtt,*   B  'WiUiam, Charies  1 WllUani9/Wvn ���������'U ��������� -y  WadharasyB' '���������'-���������.. ���������;,-���������  ^VillliiTTifl, John Mecoy,  rWdptl, Silas  Reasons ^Ui-ft^ for^any ofyth* ^kovo ^ott������rs  'ple^^ay^Aivcrti^clv'^- 'AW���������^^^y^yy-  wilt  JOHNBOWRONy ,  "Postirias'tifr;'  \\riL^ii^& ^RpK  (UMITKB.) * : .-)>���������; ���������;��������� V Vy Ax-  ���������CAPITAfir^1-:^ r^ ^' -^-^.���������* ;*$10;0$(V  bo paid An UWflg of shares; and the .remainder to be  paid fiubj*������:t'to the call ofihe^ompany, or at the rate  ,cf fiv^d<'M^i������:,J>^monih,yn:ti*lall :i<;paidj/ '���������/./-,/������������������  Vfiho dbject for wbich -.the a bove compi ny has befn  1 formed is for the erection of a TEST QUARTS MILL  on Willf ims^Craek B.' CA aboveRlchflel!, tho'position  libving been cireflilly.selected oh iiccr)iint'of;its/abun-  dant water privileges as well as its c,Antral position and  its1 being hear to the main wagon road ^making it easy'  for the convey a nci of Qu wiz to sa i d. -.IfillL..... .    '>  ��������� ���������'-' f lie promoters in placihg ti ds Prosp jctus:before* the  public8 expr&ss their full confilcnce' i������i the fmccess: of  ���������iti^Un lertakiiig, to ttiose^Uat invest "ai '������������������ well as' the,  country at: large, for the country hasboeri greatly re-,  ���������tar V6.il by.'JtUe want of������'.-QUARTZ';HILTV :to* provo .the  Qii art z "��������� of the cbiih ny; ; The' extcntof ���������'������������������ ?e count ry a n d;  the richness of. its placer'.diggings,-: and the qroppings  ���������wiiich every, day co^e.to light,: jastily the coiitpany in  saying tb at by th j. orectitm.of the above Mill,; wi tli all  Its -aaVantiVBes'a^'reprds locator and water, that' it  Will be remuneration- to the shareholder as well as a  great benefit to the c(������untry. The following is the proposed capacity of the Mill*:. To be six Stamps; with re-  'qulsiie Machinery,. cap.ible of crushing; 10 tons of  Quartz eve'ay t wen ty-four dVoura.'r  ' rIn consequence eir the great facilities enjoyed hy the  Company, arid the advantages to be d.eriveii, not only  of being the first Quartz Mill that will be erected, but  giving the prospector the advantage of knowing what  Iiis Quartz "ar J-worth, without s.;n ling it to Sin Fr.m  cisco to be tested as now; taking months to find out  wliat can be ascertained in 24 hours,   And the Direc  ,CEA"Tlf ICATE,  TiHIS^ 'IS ^"CERariFlT7 ^hat^duririg:3t^t>;sprin^: iny,  v hair was rapiely: fa Hi rig but an d ���������my -head-=wasy ftist  becoming bal 1,i^hein^I-uppli-iid^io Mr gy?, ft/ .-MdSBS;'  B irber, Barkervill?, wlio"-in; a" few'weeks restored my  liair in;abundance to its:forrne*r" healtlty;stale.^ -AP '-'"'.. -  AAA^ A :---������������������ XX: :y-.y;^:-y DAVID GIBBONS; 7  ^B irkcrville; Dec; ?29th, 1866i . <    '*: r'./ -,v: L   ;  IfHE1- '������������������ PARTNERSHIP JihefetoiVyrR^existinjj between  j /mmHS A^:BARRX - an.1; NICHOLAS .CU^IQ^mis  ;t\\is d^yjvbeenVdissolved^by--miituiiiycouserit.-- ,The,bus:  iness;;W.iii in Iii tu ro be, carried on; -.by' Messrs B ARR \  . &'" ADLER. All' debts rtue by the late firm of - BARRV  :&--CUNIO will befciid b^iThos^t B^wry^jm.^aH xlebts  due to.the late!;finn.will- be cbilejted by T.:. A.! VBayry;���������  ,.i  lrt -   ���������   r-   . .       ./,,���������,'      .'T. A..BARRY,      -  Barkervine/Dcb^ 12th, 1866.,- l' ���������^���������'V,  t.'^ni ���������,  iorls woul l*further state,5 that; an. invL'stment in thc  aboveiMill will be,'in their opinion remnn.t itiv<% ufter  'crushing and assaying for miners on libjril terms and  all owing .for workingj- wear k<h.pt mill, they expect a  Urge margin.  .-.'. "      yt  J-*Owinty to the d istahce the roachinery is to he brough t  and tliecons^qu-nt delay at;en-.lioffsuc^ thing?, it is  desirable that the shares be all takeu as soon as possible, fti'ty.of which...are. already .taken, in order to got the  Mill in nmnimr ordcVby the middle of June next.  The above Mill - being highly recommended by the *  Mining Board and also by the late and present Gold  Commissioners, thiv Compihy have no hesitation in  savi"^i that.th;v will pet a substantial bonus from Government,-which will go to the Company as a sinking  fund- And alsoir^m the hng. experience of Mr. Wil-  Ham Wlnhardj a gentleman :who has had eight years  experience in-San Francisco, Californii, in the manufacture of Quartz Mills, and is fully acquainted with  the latest improvements, and undsr whose superintendence the machinery will.be selected, we nave no  hesitation In assuriug the public, that the b**jt machinery \vill*be "rtelscte'ct for the. Comp tny. y       ..,.  ���������An'Offlee of the Company will be.qp-'ned in tbo.town  of Barkervilie, for the purpose of giving all the intpr-  mation required, whoro a sett of.books will be,.opened. f-.-r  ������-���������? the crrtnp5������y.������Bd tbo?������ that wish to tafee stcclr,..... % j'.ttoa.  'mi *    . 'X' .-��������� :,',y       ..���������������..������������������  Xl^CE te^HEREB Y^GIVEN thiata^^ebts due tlie  i ll. uhdersigried niust -be paid^onlpr^.beforqi -the I5th  !jp[?cem ber next al'ter w hich. date' all .accounts . niust ? h e  jbaid'weekly.jpx ..y A.-:/! r/ ',".*������"���������"% PP.' A,'!' "AX-  vllAA'A/Ay ���������.���������,/���������[���������'���������V;^ir-'-7^t;'EDWARfi'T0R^Ef:; ���������  WM:ri. t  tSmako^obm for i." KKIf ^WiSCK! to ^-rriviTBO Wi; as-  ���������^AXyryy *!% ^h^Roads'are'-opie-hr 7-      /pr Ui  H'$&z liiberal .yEllo^ncei^iU^:bq'i,maSe>.tO'  Resmrant.amV'Sotel Keepewand tUe,tta;djgenc^lly  dn'larg^orclers;";-' A'"'V'/y/P"'//"' }x XyP/y /}p.,,.  ���������ur-v ir.i&  iti IE iROS  y.  /~ i-frX&h���������. I ���������?iy^'i:x"ii'sq "*yjy   v^'iiia K-E^irL^^y-xpy  y;  ���������\>-Y  A,y  ���������'���������I-7;i-;;uj  ;>RB'nG4iST;1-rt:������:.''-l)i-.;i  ���������  * A3 ^UST: RECEI VED .direct tiirrri S^franeisco; tit!  }h$.Richau^ ��������� cel^bntedsGolden-.vB,a8iiin^;:lor th������  '���������'   ���������������������������������������������- ������������������-'.>������������������ rf. ��������� *~:! -i 1. '-1. tf..'.'. i; 111,'. .���������.'   lion; "n  nn>i������|||ii'  ^-Ri-cGivednlso, :iitQMc'ipfi.the^^FINfeSTJJIOARSi^r;  retail trade only.: ,,r;y, *..:���������- .,fyl--?.i Vy^yy^vry.^ t.  -.;���������'PyS.���������As he lias obtained; the Ncwspaner Agency bt  !will^ be h^p-Srto'r-bcclVe su^crtbers nU^es^to wbpm^i  kwill^delWi'rSth^p;ipt'ra^in*meUia^^  fading.RUi^atistore the rVdtic������dgrate|i:; tbr,p^pew: wilt  '^seeni^Iprdcrs^^in pu^ini;.-creeks ;wiJl^;rcCPlyt  ���������evcry':attentidn'." '"'- "' j,: '-r; - ���������. ���������" -'"   \'   t'., -v ���������-: W���������$  :'3-3in  i  '^0 :V.:**^N ^^X^"-^'j^'AC' m^?5 " !t^-i':  tli - PERSONS i ndebted 1 to .the. ������������������ Estate or the late  -HONORS- JUSTIN LIONS,: arOj/hptiQeil toysettlo  with thennd^rsighed on or i>etore the 30th DJcember,  alter which date-their'accounts will be put into > the  hands of a coll&tory All-cLiims against the Estate will  be'settled' by theundersign'Ml.* - . ;, ,yy; y ,yy "���������:  2-3i2 !l'y   V TROSfAS efiS0^I,;EXE0tTTOR,  ';'���������'</ "���������AGU'onri.^^b'n'&EXi^y-y. yp Vy .  HOUSE WILL 03E^ OPBN,DURING  ;','... J:y:. r^HE/.WINTjEk; 'MONTHS;t ;;;; ���������';;y  . figgr The room is always watm.and comfortable,:and  the Bar contains the best LIQUORS and CIGARS.,  ���������WILLISCROFT & FRANKLIN '.  , PROPRIETORS.  2-4in  THIS OLD A % D WELL KNO^^'OT^SE has been re-  1 cintly op*n.'d hy the undersigned, who will make  it his cunstant stu *v by using every endeavour' to acco-  mpdatethe traveling public, to doservc a share of the  pfitjonnge b stowoii on the former occupants.  4*3-.The Ai i r con tains nothing but the very best of  IIOUORS and CIGARS.    Give him a call  ... EDWARD   TROFATTER  aifts, Eearcy  BARKERVILLE,  ������������������*���������'  Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Ziric, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,-  with various other articles in their lino of trade. ;  .J8ST* All' Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended:to, and warranted to giv.o sailsfae-;!;  "-* 'A'P'!  &P A  y/p yyp:.yyfAW^  iJTiAVI^G riURCHisEtoTHElNTER^  .11 RO^S.in: the; "aboyiB-namediSfi.loopj-t^ uridefsigiied  woul :i resppc.U*uliy.,splicit: a cqn,t^nuence;of, ihje:patronage bestowcil .onth4:iate fl-rmj-'whfchby-a. strict at ten-  tiWti.to bu^ih^s they wJU:endeii:Vor'f6merit"y^ ���������v������;i-;;:  *:: iThei TERPiSCBOKE AiS.; ART/is: h Ight ly> poetised H%  this. ."3.doon, an��������� l> the Bar Js.stoeked,:with the choicest  LIQUORS an 1 CIGARS.;   ,    " ,C/'/';";^ i'" '.-"*'*'   '  ���������J^. BPyWpSeriseglve'iis 'a-call?v:  .   ��������� y f  'Ay '   yxPxAxy:: y '-v-^'BURiilck^^EXtE^'xy  .��������� 41-lrri -'ti2 xx' y. y;"-.> :id * \V}i iy. '���������< ������??��������� Proprietors.:  iii  "��������� :���������   The unde-fs-igned Is prepared to  clMn .blIok; SANIJ^  /.. yyiv y i: bankings,.\,-,; *y;.>:,>  OhjCommission,-^willjipu'rohase any ^quantity; on tn*  ;; Most Liberal Tkr ������a,ai tne7-���������' ��������� .,t^/:/  ' 9.e.a4iAS:,.?^^i:Jp.a^���������ront6>i9  The Subscribe^is well know������yo������ Williams Creek, *nd  from tlie confidence rcposedVin him5 'ticretotbre ln..thr.  above business, he hopes -to recid ve the patronage of:  the Mining community the, ensjutng se^son; ?,������'������^7.  -y.-ii.:?.' ;,y;;;,;^;y ''.:t4,,::;v.JpHl<;5qw^0K,; ..-'  -JI-  tSnrSS .  ill  n  ^^  ii  mm  MM!*  D EWU E a A ND JO B;B"E-R?  yy-  ,; yx .y-pvv^y -^x:yyu x-ry.,  BARKERVILLE,  T  LL PERSONS indebted to the uaderaigaed trot**  qu<stel to cull at thisofflcs and, settle tbeir .������*  us forthwitbi '.������������������'.���������    '     -'*���������*   ^::      ���������      "'���������   "'^ .  ������������������.y,:.ALLAH-*>LABCB������WJ/- '  6th November,-1886. --. -,. ; ������������������������������������:-��������� . -:.: -ti;.../,  coun  iisii;  il  n  B  H  ^^'  ���������  n  THE PARTv ERSHtP heretofore existing between P'.  yORDENBKRG & C. W. BOSH has been this day  dissolved by mutual consent*. y?y*.''  D..NORDSNBERG  .. '..   V ' ;C. W. BQSiTy ,--..'.  Quesneimouth^ 20th Ott., 1866. ���������       ;*���������*?���������  ^fc>SIJ%HAT^:^ERftSf'in tho "KE'ER^.'JP  v AVE EL CO " * on G h .use Creek. ��������� The owner being  -obliged to luave'-the country, will sell very cheap, py-  ;lfd������fnrthir-paliculars and terms applj^ at .the w������**  ot this papar  % ' '������**���������'  *'  ' & .-'.'ir".  ri������',t,:^irf/*  '*'��������� /������.:'  ^n'  ?H.-  .<*���������*-���������  ���������<f*?!:;g;V  *���������?  *<f J!v  Vi  ������ Viii  -*������������������?.  ...;_..'-^.^^  ./iff..:.  ��������� ���������yy-  /X.  t;*/Asj,i ���������  S���������** ,  *y;������i- ���������'  I other*  iomc  > aooa ts  tade'to*  ���������enerally  .������������������-j' ii*y  H  ^7  nscoDr.  i:lor.th������  juabflty  specific  UtS,:fbr  jcbcyhi'  vhom'h*-  4iliV:By  .^rc'celvt'  :':-*&���������*.;;:  riGrilcfaSn^  From some:ef these led^  f?': itd pejiortgoed oribaW^Ver^een return- .^^feitf of the 'British-Colonist^ ibr libel;  v;l id. V The Btfsfcovery* and Horne-Stake Quarto  fereht dccajiioris acrid have never bad a Return.;  i-wellas^  - >W6uWfmake'a qliartz mill moBt acceptablO to  --:tbe mitiersY.;/.^  '���������lonKcno^^  Board for the district,both ;raecppraeiided the  ; OuartZTMill. -T^^^^^Op^nf^^'l^ ne-  ^  ^tiations with the Government this fall, ofiVt  in* to attach a number of stamps to theeii-  "7 ffiae of thelrsteam ^iiwrittm'^A;' <ftb^P'^ 'ft* ���������*? *?  certain bonusiJjji&ttife^ Ah  * opportunity is,now.o|fered to-xmart^ opera-  Mr* through the present prospectus to have  /4*ii is t^  m _r  w  "will ibw'be iri^ ed; are inpsM^ ,  ^ xu **' *' "  MrV^derwo^*^  auuutuiu^- -Tv--~-r..      ,., ������    .-.....   conspiring w^'fe  thl&ffin-t^  atuui of theminesi; ��������� ^e capital; -pf the com- MriFowleiv an'd tir.^esbitfc will go: home, that  riririy:isIsmail and the sbares witbin, the ^each; - -   - --'���������- - ���������  of mbstlv every man,and the^quesUon^slwuld:  ^be hot whether the undertaking  v^bieras a%^iatjon^ut^  ^ooeaup^I^G^  ^a^a^ucM^  .-_.-_.       ,      ,.,. ,c  wealthy^ ^Ifcttflrj^ ���������1(} tp������ivm;-:jj_������ Ooptelahd fmap the..rpll-,o-f  rirosn&ts of quartz;miningtfor-another: year, ������ft0fneys 0f the Supreme:Court,tlie evidence:  WcoriimeridMpM^t^AM^9^^ *'   "   ^----.v ���������     - ^*���������****-������*  aider atibriftfalItinera *������* i*tM*mall v to those  s  I  VSSS9.  interested in quart2^j  PI  IARLK������:  srsigned  patron-  ;fsit ten-:  itlsed-'at:  choice**.  VA:  ��������� Viik ���������'.  ER,' ������������������;"���������  jrietflw.:  m  proprietors of the 'British^ Colonist^ 'for lib ell]  dam ages set at $5.000: j u dgnient for ���������'< deferiu^  ants^-���������The^^Legislative';Council Avill be called '���������  tpg^tfier tor despatch' hi 6usid������ss^ in^ the sefe-  opd week in ^a^mfr^^E^iH; Sanders, Esfyi  Magistrate for Yal^4s: likely I tbTkave *';a seat  in.Pi the\ Legisjatiyc|r^  eral Wood hau been appointed Solicitor-General of-the colony with a seat in the Council-.  mjfi\ Pearse; h as received the;';.'.appaiht!h%nt  of Assistant SuiT.eyoriiSenerai.ti. Mrs J Mary A,  IIavelocki wife of Mr..; Henry Havelock, on������  of the proprietors of tlie> Newv; Westminster;  ^E^aminer,icommit^d^^^^  lierselrin'/aVwel I; a 6brone.rf 1 j rirfp. feturhed^a  verdic 16 f.. suicide wliil e- la li 6 ri ng ii nder. temporary :insanity.ttMt*������>haw^ajCarib^yo- team^  ster, hastSceived-inteJlig has fallf;  J>U, A'UniUl , ttUU 1111. I-H,t)Wivu,.m4 ^v ..v,u.w, ���������������_r>  Mr. Young and Mr. Watson ���������will retirey!and  that Mr. Ball from the mainland, will, Lbe the,  Sheriff with a^deputy; iri each ^district: ' jVljv  Pennes/eij^ember b'feffieP Ooidnial Legislar  ture, left New York for England.--Chief Justice' Needhain dismissed the application fop a  iers ana especially to tnose okch Bide ^aslprdeaed to ivay its;owii costs.--  '' yy\ "/'���������     ?    ��������� i"    '        Mr.Pembe-rl:onls to "be'Ooramis'lioner  of Po-  u r. ��������� i c iii u vi nun io ii v. u is wiifiu.uw.vw.    - - -    -  tice"aa'^veftf-as :Stipendary:'magistrate^^Mr.  Theak^tone will"be his. second 'in ^command'  ilfiitl.  ������AN*  i-fjlt*������*.'  ek, ������n<l  eln.tb*  inage of:  ififefc"';  ������  s  teM  ��������� 7-  are f**  aelr ac*  \EBXV '  recn P'  his day  *yduring the;.course, ot Jhe ssulmjifc/  JdcOnl  ">(doiighs "creek yielded to^t^  /gaining was carried on in ar number of, other  1 ^ereeiis but With '^hat'fesulra is not ^known;.  uIOsIftiir.to. estimate the'toEal yield of these.  ^lninea d)ir:ing the:^sumrnei^ust^lqscd\at $250,;  ^rBer|d^lmany of tliose:-.are;';.confident*thatrwlth;;  .-* i ���������; anpth er and more juyorab 1 e-seasoa-these inines  ������������������y^iifcahbW.-.aJarge.yield^^ol^;; J/P/Ppy"���������.'  .y  HouseiBRE^i*soJ-~I^e CuJbiri of Carpenter  Bros, was broken "nito \last ;iveek^ during the  "^tght, andseyeraA  ^he police officers, made; JUflgent Isthirch for  - the thieves and stolen; propertyi especially.  "' *.;-jiiaioxig Chin amen who)were strongly suspec t-  ..^d^'rjnfoj^atfei/w Chinamen  against two others wfioin .He" isW^otl^TliMUl^  ytheircabitf^  rSwho weiit in'tovmake arrest arid f jblind^Jwo  ; ^/hinameh sleep ing with their c lo thes-; (i n as i f  !. intending to; make, an early start in the mdrn-'  ' ^ing, but rip traces of the florir was found in the.  cabin. One ortheGhinamen drew a knife on  Wilson and was committed for an assault with  ,;^eadlj-weapons7:. *;'���������" ������������������ '/t  ^HByGAM^^ H*Wi-r-Tb.iB Hall' was built  ,,' last spring Sy "the, Welshmen: in the d istr ic t  ; ���������;��������� and is situated at the lower end of BarkervilI'd.  It is devoted to literary, moral and religious  meetings, attended chiefly by the sons of  Walia,' although the tneetings are open tb the  public. Iti this Hall laymen cbriduct divine  -service every sabbath, in it also are held those  literary cbrripetition^ in ;the- Welsh language I  to which bur correspondent Tai. o Eifion re-1  ferred in our last issue, The next of those  meetings will be held (in St. David?s day. We  believe there is siill:a small debt on the building which could. be easily liquidated by a  musical or literary entertainment in the Hall.  Every person should assist in this noble and  ^haracteristic^effort of an ancient, distinct and  ihtelligerit race.-  P Wilson has been appointed night policeman  ER"U&  ip.    -  It is impossible to say when the next  Wilson has been appomtea n^"^^11^4"^ pvnress will arrive, but we hope it will; not  ���������and it is gratifying to observe that since the L-xpi.������ &ny M^mm0urs as the  appointment has been made better! order has ^ hera^a ^        ^ 0Q accouat 0f faise  prevailed.   Mr. Wilson is .paid $175 a month last one, wwww^j h ^ fwn f1avR hfifonj it  which is raised by a-pi"1 ,f  tion of the inhabitants  be on-thilookwtfop fires And thier^:m and-peVfiapB  people -bf Barkervilie will not ref^^-c^i^S.  Pr.,Helmckeni and Mr��������� BeCosmbs, are^menW  bers elect Jbr Victoria, Mr. Southgate for!;Na-:  naimo,,and Mr. Pemberton for Esquimalt.  ;  GbLD:<^M^SXC^ 1-  */" X'p '^Be&re-^rherR ;Spa"ldiugi Esq.)������������������''���������',H/yy  ���������y/X ������������������ MoiidayV3ist A)ec!j 18(>6.:  ,. ;.yWmi,I)ixon^ys. Adams^cp(y.-^rThis, :was jah  acfcion^'%;batoce^of: iyjages *$7^. t Judgment  r���������$35 to be paidummediateiy and the balance,  in three months, ,y ������ y  yt). ^. McDonald vs. Adams eo?y.r-Aji. ac^  tion'to recover $233 SO,1 for timbers. Judgment for p I ain tiff, to b e. paid on- th e I st Jri tie,  .������������������Henry Goldstadt vs./ Adams.;coJy.^A.n' action to recover ������52 50 for wages.. : Judgment  for plaintiff^ $25 to-be paid immediately and;  the balance iut toe months/;    "; .;;';  ���������'- y: Wednesday, 9th .Tan., 1867. ;  v Hood Co. per-John iloQillis, ys. Home  Stake Co.. p e r P. Dus tan ^���������Defeh d ah ts to show  cause, why they should not be ejected from a:  certain'portion of ground.; claimed, by plaihr  tiffs. Judgm en t���������th e ground to be measured  and properly staked off. : '\ - lyxy-1-  PP'������������������'."���������"' -;-- v-- "y:* '-���������- -���������Ay- vv ���������-,   pri^ay, llth Jan. ;  Boreal s Co. .pet M. Hil ton, vs. Wa tson &Co ���������  per Geo. Murdoch-.���������Befendant^ to' show cause  why a right of way should not bo granted to  plaintifts through*defendants, ground to- enable them to work their claim according to  sec. 45 Part IV. of the Mining act. Judgment  reserved.        :. v '.  McKay vs. Watson Co., per Geo* Murdoch.  ���������An action to recover $116. for timbers.  Judgment for plaintiff, $50 to be paid immediately and tlie balance in thirty days, costs  to be divided.   . . -y,v  Thb Express.���������The Expross arrived on the  creek on the 6th bringing a large Eastern  mail and left on the morning or the 9th with a  number oj passengers, among whom were Mr,  Buie, of the firm of BuieBros. aud his nephew,  ApfmNTMBNT.-AUhe������raqiwrt.ofi������^^lor ^^^ Mr.T.A. Barry and many  the inhabitants of Barkerville^ Mr. George f^/t UiTt is imp0^ibie to say when the next  BED ROCK FLUME Csbr* \NCJE  The' cpmmuhicatiorr. of "A. SB af eholiier "  on this ihipbrtant subject^ in'^Hast-issue was  handecl in so late^ that^ we^ were^- uribbled to  make any comments. .-This is'thejfirferpublic  effort of the" company ^to" explain or derehd the  brdinaTJce, and -we pie Sorry -f that > oWyPoyreA^  ptfitdent shpii 1 d cdhsidbr^ bnr^^eferehce^^ that  Ord man ce in the ^sijb^ of: * fhe; 15th^ ������ecb as  ^aMiilated'tb^o/great inju^  N^tliiiig ^asjfiirther^^om >ou*r^ntbntioii'than  attempting to inj u re su ch ah en terpiusi*hg^i W'  sfttii tion y'AlUthat^ was' tntbdded:in-tliat ^efeV;  .e'ticey was tb sbow^ that the -Legisiatiye Cbiiricii  eitherifi*prn careiesshess -;6r;^design^-'-did' nbt*  pay. sufficient respect:to'the^GbId:Qqiii missioh-"  er!s^ court and rights ^>f miners(suppled1; to; bei  protected��������� ny tliat Oourt*.��������������� We here quote 'the j  I the ofl^isi^ '  Hli^LbgisiativeGduhoilv^rck^b^^  X; assented to on ^dth^^i^hv^  eeededSts^uVfedifcti^  prior ahU^yested; rfghte,^ai^ ef  Commissioher^- Opu'rfc ^thtit ;the' mfEera Cw'ho*  have observed the;whble^laW/4incife ^ISiBI^are  at the?mercy of thb; directors pfp the Wi 11iarns  Creek Bed' 'rRopt ^jPinjne^.Cbmgany,; who, to;  their Jip nor b eiit saj d, j li aye, ab^n,dpAecl ^thei r  claims.?' . It will jie^seen l>y.an imp^tial ready  ing o������ this, reference tfiat, alf ^ustic^is'done fe>v  tfie^p^pany i. h^^ii^tb ;^tfe.; '^rdina^nfie !ifta^  3wfe'"tjike*exceptfQfc^^^  justice to the interests: brthe;, minerV^o:;. exp  j mine;thle matter ^lbse^^iie' ihe^'Mafteij is;  | b^efo re; iis;l^ We ,*shal |Vqii pte "'ri Jpar fe; ''*ijf/. claiise-  -({fyo������tfhis;ordkia*j-cser r^.-Thei- ^xcfesiy^Vr%^t-  'save as Jierein excepted to own an^ inine l^U"  ground qn;the said creek;situated aopve^the  sa& upper line^f:. the'paiifornia: Gp^ and I ly^  iiig !auxl ��������� being/hfejJw^^s^t'lihe gpin t  tmarked by a ,stakb,vyitli'the. cpmfem^a name  thereon, tlirrie milesvup^streamy-skye^andv except'Ihe mmiiig ground within; fsiicK.^imite  blaiiried and fee Id' ori, the. 1st ^ay, bf July,, 1864  By.the follbwing ���������' companies,' - that is^ to ,,say ���������  the Dutch Billy)Vilsqn & Simmons, ^and ;Hpff-:  mnir'r Nowit.is admitted by'tho'"present  ���������-������/���������<;.<?<.''it.J.xxL!;-^vi-������'y^.h ui;Ki.if~~--4i^iyiinw  To tuk EbiToia; of tub ffCAiitB^i(SrisyiXEipA/  a cd^y 0f that' fat:;, fahied"j)apefHthe^Britiaii  T  ^'^the^tti Deci^aBt^I^bbs  Columbians' pfcthe^tb DeciiaBt^ I ^observe:  that ** iArgus^^notbnly-comes pntin his usual  straiif Sh coni^tien^With* th^b^eers> bf the  co lbny/lnft^iri this^ insta^ey^:^^  hnd gi ves1 the^^namW# twei'geiitienien,'Messrs  Spalding and Gaggin/:'^ho, altfaipugh; ateorig  ther ojdest officers 1n^  as supern nmerarto tferly^deserving in  his qpihiprf^bwing: tb; ttfeir?gettferal iacapacitjf  and went ������^''ftbilityirJ of any 'Consider^tloh; at  the hand^JPf the Gpyernmenfc in the ^bmiha^  tion;of the'offiicers wBo ^Bhall *filH ttfe; #ya!ripu3  appointments in^^'the; 'United 'cblbhyi^ %rid^Bug*  ^estmg-th^^^the;'di  would beW'ca^  'pubH6 generallyf- '^AA :vwyyy:m y-yViVtr :  J-l^r^l^ly^r^ris^^a'm^  ���������fche^p'ub|ic 35i^^ha^^^  ^briiig undeVithe hbtjce;bf; tfirExecuiiveS^^1*^  /'���������:���������  cHrec.^irs of' the: comj^ny arid !jby-- thelimlirig  of sthe Mining BparJi|haf;A.llaii^d aCpldrand:  as;good a claim, aslauylpf *the^mp^ies^ro^  tected by; the clause ire^rriB^jb/ ;.;b^E": neither  .the, directors nor'the :M iriingtlioaril ^earit protect Allen's interest: for' th'ej -Jiiiung; .Bpavd  has not the ;ppw^er, -and ;the suceessbrs' if pthe  present directors niay s6pen''-'the* 'case "agaiii  next yeaijj ri&d feater'an -ac'ibn^br'trpspa^ 'in-  the Gold Cbmmi^ibner's Cour^  to 'the minlrig^a^ 'Alten "has' ^yibsolute  right; accp^dirigf tpihe bMmarice;fie haanpne^  .What can tlie CrbldCommissioner db^f ; Sim-.  rilyfnothing. ; J3ut this is not 'all.I' ^Tlief;<jbm^  pahies:whbse right;tp^he groMridJis respected  by,the ordinahpe^are .lie11;;tyrhpllywsafe.; v'������yhe*;  right of waythrbugli ground- beldiii?: a Jbpna  fide manner-by;ininers is" givbri to the^Bed^  Kbck JPlume Go! upotfcehairi conditions; ^bh^  of these 'conditions is setv!fdrth in plaule yify  lG(i'  yided;.  elaimsiouM-**^^ v---..^.^^^. ^^..,.-.^.T;.( ( .  the'gbld .iound in tlie:cu.Vbr chiiririel sp-teade;  biit,when ..any' adyan,a^e equivalent;"tpV'the.;  cost of making the; cut may* accue ;tb ^he ,in-J  d iyid iial ;c( ai rnhb I der by; reas en of; sii ch ��������� flunie|  being laid thrbugh the claim, the tiffl, Rb^k  Flume, jOo^ i sh ivl 1 y; b e; erj titled' ^p;.the; ��������� actual  cost-bf'making Siich cut to'tlie bed'^bck.^But-  by sec. III. bf;tjie ^Villiams,Greek. Flunie 6r-':  dhiafice-, the claimhoJders can be- bom pell od  only to pay for making;the cut blitl'also^ fbrv  lajing the tijrnie, an^^  not bnly��������� to appropriate;ttegbljdfbundyi"4;'the  c\itimit"aisy to. assess [ aeainst the'clai^i "^, / tJii-.  defctheMiuirigAct^: elaiiril'iold^ *i$ tp^ay  the; actiial- post of making the^ifc^tp".'vtlie ['bed,  rock:wiien]a Jipd Rpbfe"ffumejs laid; tm;biigh|  tlie grouudi provideid the cut' is. pf. adyaiitage*  equivalent to, tfie cpsf������ Under'' the^UiiSms  Creek: ;F liim e^^^ Ord manpe lie. is/ to' pay' fpi'fro al^  ing and htying tlieyiiii���������rrje/ fcThe'irtnln'g^drdhi-'.  ance is a .year; oIder^than. the; Wil Iiains Creek  Flume Ordinarice; it is -a gener^  none of its enactments have been repealed, ;  F DNEit A."Lf���������Las t .Sunday 13 th Jari.; 'the ^ fn n-  neral of the lamented Horiore J. Lions," Vho  died the 13th Nov., 1866; took place at the  Catho 1 ic Church. Messrs. Bessozzi and" Do���������  dero were awaiting for a long time orders  irom Victoria to have the corpse of the deceased conveyed below, but by instructions lately  received from Messrs. Maucfcta and' Oasama-  yoathey committed the-body to its last resting place, although all preparations,had been  mudeibrits transmission to Victoria. The  cortege was very large, although the weather  was b i tter 1 y col a. ���������, Every th i n g was co n du c ted  with the high decorum deserved.by our late:  friend, and great credit is due to Messrs, Bes-  sozzi and Doderb for t'ne zeal and respect they  have shown in the funeral of a. gentleman so  generally esteemed/; .....;, ...  lliiM0UKi--There is ah indefiriitd rtimour of  a rich strike haying be,en niade lately at a  co|isid*M^ble 'dtsEalice from this creek,*^t1 we  hare been unable to learn anything ��������� m:"thej  fa-cts or dir^cti*eti of tlrd pl*d������?. j  iijathapp^tf^peruse'it.fWJ''ixff early*;'i   Wthe, ^vtish?OolUtftb1ant b^tHel^erit^ear;;  ^Mad aletter^iKhed!"^^  known to the public generally as *;they ^re;tp  me^Isblll h^ej  thera; an^hall,Mv^ its^o] that>jiii'blic to* "ie*  cide(^whether ^they Jough fc; no| ^tp|eei,proud "ahB  to; restMorileniiea^toba^n^ sbJHnJelHgerit^ arid,  atile an adteafe o^lthe;r:^e^aW6S,lfat tho  seat-oi;Government,v " -    ��������� ,        .   .-��������� ..  errimdn^x>nlce^ aifNew AVWtriiraster, haVftg re*  sigbed'fiis ^ppintmeht^t thejearriest^ii treaty  ^f allevi.jgentlemen vrhb;te ^till]!^ tins eploriy  the Kea^|t^that'^parfeeh^  'givethe 'mSiyidua^whb writes ritider the; 'npri  de^iinVeJ^pf^"i^rgusA'yJririp b|Vportiinity -.'^bf  jproving ^ej^efc he  .vacant jfA0pt -kftet4la!r;tfial^pt::several v  wplls^/di[Mhg;win^       ha^^ever^issiltanctf  und insiru^ipnTg^n^bim," iie3^pved, to 'be y  siicKvan utfofloiiE tbaJK if-Was; A mpbssib le . to  ^e ri tru sfc^h i rii ^ ^ii^tfi^^^rfpo���������������ui 6e: p f yfc H e si ni -������^  $cst^ail������pf^he*p  dismissed ^s beirig|iftk'I^ to held  tl^0"ppsitionV!f\ithy$Ppinfbrftiaftbn^ tliat it  would "6'ccrfpy?an effici'ehtjcleik lliri������e: months  tb'&fcr^tlns^t^jd'bui^^  *'l$M Wr. Miy  tor is the Individual; w*hon \dee^s^l]iaV''.liibth  "Mr. ^paldih^^^^'-JMjr^G uniit^.-.  thrbugh^eriera!3n^cienj^r-"anil^want^of abi-  4ity,tbie retained W;i^  ^ "p. My" object in pccup jn rig ^ypur^ tifoe; and:  space on this bcbasion^is%o t;'W !fehi& ^ny of  A^us^ideas^pf retre&li^e.nt^ri3^ public  servicc^pf^heebl'o^y, )to  has"becbmei pjerabhal* in^ihe^J lirigling^sbut ��������� pf  the ^ialnies of' |wo jpiiSlie ^ officers\\Jit is;;:%ith-  thfe;yiew of ^i^;tbe!j^p|e^o^ tlie -cblbhy  an b^por^fc*^  of the wriJer^whb"takes'upoh; himself-������������������ to - de*  c i d e on the" qua! ificat f6 ris-'^o frfi-. \G o ve ro merit  oflicen. ���������:   -:-,-..- : - ������������������ ���������   ;. ������������������*������������������-. -.:.:���������  ���������     ������������������- y-i-. -.  ���������:-!v  tf\������  -^xyyyyjomA&c^'y. yy  ,!I $3?!The direc^prs;b|ithe titerary ftnsUtute  wish Jhe. readerSf at the Iiiirary ���������,.to ��������� remember  that^e^^ri^day everiingS;, arJe.. devpted;;td  siriging^���������glees and sbrigs.. Alll^ ���������,.. v,; >: 1, >.: y,g& -.  ; CELtiBRATtb^^Tnecp i o>ed peb plb celeb rat-'  ed the anhiversatj'^of*tn'dirliberation on the  1st insfcaiit; they-.were riot funariimousron the  subject libwev&v -The admirers of Abe Liri:  coin the t at the Parlor said ori; the'-Apologists  of 'Jeff. Davis beid^fotth In' front of -Dixie1*  shop, Characteristic speeches were delivered  by the speakers oil: each^side;���������* \p-& l���������������������������'���������'��������� ������������������*  [ $&h JameftPiirdy, blacfespiithiafBi^  was found; deacl in his t)ed^on;t^e, meming of  Friday last, the'llth inst.  THE UNDERSIGNED hare comTnenc'ed'ltt the'ahoVft  biisliisge nerxt door, to; MiindofflTs 'stables/'Barker?  yillo, and solicit a sbaro of public patronage.'- r *y  CAST   IRON  STQME^  At ways on hand, New Work and jobbirig i.o%^  at reasonable rates,,. ���������'., ,, !' y.  y A&g* Oilr toams ruil rogulnrly batwo^a Tdli aSi  Cari]i<k> arid 3U.cr.ier9 io our liuo oi' basiuois carrfxriif  attoiidad to. -/'.t--.:-. .,.:..-..,..-..   it!!  ' 5 p.-"'l:::\'^\^9kk9fiii:'i-mytty ��������� :��������� ***?/���������  '*A  V   -X  5 ;\  *.*%;  tr**  '-^!*'**:1Ji'." *  ������'.^ti>, C;5������,������T^-������*--x.i/v-.!  aftk  nasa  ^v:yytly * HOW'^HB LOST HIS TAIL..  xx' "GeatleiaeR^ aaifl a tall Ke&totffcSau, haul-  .Vaiigiipf^ad4eisiirely taking his seat in a.va-  7 ^cant chair, ;'f .don?t make fun oi that thar dog  viiryott pleased and with a fa^ysi profound  v i-sneiaacholy.and touching ������laih<Wy ho added,  '..;?*'* unless you want to hurt bis feeiiDga."  i ���������:;*>;Of course not, if yoa dialike.it   But pray  "'*!&<>&'������������������$$;he:becpme-curtailedof his fair pro-^  1 VjpPrtioririV'p\   ^y-yv-y?--'���������'���������������������������'* ->:.y :.'��������� ���������-���������   -r  & ;3y W������U������ &*t\men,Vn tellljori^ said; the  >vKen^uckian, rapleniahing the spacious hollow  ���������^pf(bis ctieek with a.quid of -vtobacco^,i^ That  /. Vthar dog wa������b^e^rea^j"jtbW hunter of Kain-  -'y Hwck;' ;JL few-y^wi ago i ase'dyto take my  }yri^e ^deldHipteareri of a-n arterhooa, and  /fifcirijs n^ : One, cold  Ity&y in iberinlddle ������f:,wiator,bein, troubled a  ������\gaoddealwi^jfta^ld te^b'ar, that ^edr to  Ai^cSstryoffoftf pi&ploy the dozen,! etarted i*ut  \������l.w.ittt.topjw kill the>ia<raa-  Xp$i\^die4*^i^-itte������pfc /Well,arterwe" Jiad  '������gone'^ woods, we all of  ������ a:6uddeir-c'6Be rfgfci smackon the ������Id >fyar,-  v witb bis ^ I kacw'd I  ^couldd^sbbot^eia^atonce, and I know'd  ���������-^ariKe?ai me,{&!$&&& riee they were mortal  ^mngary;  So^e^^Rlp, what'H we do?.  !;y!UtpXnri$^^ without  '^W/afci^ about it, h������4gava:  ���������:"'"chat:l:ktiy:!it\iU<j'&&&&r% 'coil. kao.wVi she;  ;. vywas'theTwft-r^'ef.^ two when ;tfce, euba '/waa,  .���������SyabouVy. ':-x.y 1.���������.!,..^lu-lyPxy.yy!   -p'-y-'  y ^A^^ot'^ ������������������*?;��������������������������� maekerel.  iCBip. be bitchedin Seb'af,;and tbey. bad a  - ^iraighty..tasselYorafeoptfire;minutes, wben tbe  : l/fti**b*&n& murder.  !]. I -tan iip lifxdo 7aa4:: knocked- hte brains y ou t  vi; withtthe -fen tVend of my rifle. ���������, The cubs were  ,|*!&> ������k*er*d-and cold:ihatjr killed rem all; ia  ^���������jfi?eyll-inintttesr:.witbv^fnyVknife. .But   Slip*.  ' -^took./.on" ,itowlbl# y- afcViit 'ijxiy <krioekiog y ot  ' jlttipy bM.'-oo',;ytb������:;V bead.'y ".-'At-..' fuat . -I'  : Sthought-iw^wis:. 'g&ng-to tackle on me, end  'S!Says'i, >Ripu thaVadawnright ungravefuL H'ath  ;^^/i^^iif;avae hiiff,. bill'; l could  yyvl^:t.-feU.ithe;J^*rs;pa the -fTPund including to  ';���������.������*.i^I ��������� .(buck'with the'���������neighbors .for^em "as": .'soon  ' y01l:'rip^\!e!C!lrim''knpw.y..pin.';the way. home,  . A ";Iii r>v k:ep ?' ftfread'.of' m'e!; 'Every; ti rn a he though t  yhov/*' I Al Me$ ihe .old^'lar- histjiirrwrmld; stand  -v^ViJi^1 ��������� tJP Pripfrind-r-lie '.was^so ppwerful; madv  ..^'i'ou shall have it without fail.'.?- yy  :A fortnight afterward, the young-lsdy  again knocked at the door of the eocnsel-s  rooruv No sooner was-ebe in, ^hen'she threw  herself into a chair, spying that the 'Walk bad  made her breathless. ^Her counsel *ndeavour-  ed to reassure her, made her inhale rgatte and  proposed,to unloose her cellar..*.... ���������  ::-.- '* It is useless, mpssieur," she said, M1l am  much better.?? .;  ri .;".  ���������������. Well now tell me the name.ef the tertu-  nate mort8i.-,?>- ��������� y       ������������������  ..* *,yy:  ������������������< V.Weil, !then,,the-fortunate mortal, be it  known to;jrouF is yourselfVJ  said the youagl  beauty, bursting into a laugh.    4< I love yon ;  I have been here three times 'tete-a-tete', witb  yon, and my^ four wi-fenesses are below, ready  and willing to accompany me to a magistrate,"  grarely continued the narrator.    ;: r ,  y Tbe, lawyer, thus caught, had-the good sense j  not. to,get angry.. The. most singular fact is  tbat he adores his young; wife, who, by the  way, makes an excellent housekeeper.  yy: " -' FACTS ABOUT TEA.   : ' "  ;;^rkra".:';;-.;The!ricezit/otp'cm-:raised his dander  '.-x.-jisi;tb;in '$f*T,::l' ELia tail stood;; right; square  * ��������� u '^������������������Air'iiW a;������: a hoe A andl e! "i ust tht; a it. corses  [ytik iioldir- t?w^i-e*e'r ind.RipV/taU frias exact-  ri IV riri\V Hirio'lr **Jt ������as' In a bad' fi'k:-*l had ��������� -no  A&!i to thaw' .11\Wtiiiei';Waa thinkln'what I'd  'Jfi^.;ta.geii:'it"!d6Ateya^ big bock deer.  ^.cvriing upland diaaied ?igbt,o*?er aience about  f r3t7 yiftrdsa.bia^.':"^ip. did-. not W$it to be  l./y-b)si' wbar so gpr -awd; pitched eyil-b������nt after  *; & deet; i* cracke^way with my ride aod t  " jv^st raiaed-theUri&t]between ths horha. As  'iriooo as Rip.got to the feaee he ihougafc he'd  * mak* a short ������ut, so te dashed right through,  * .*-Shiv^hirtail;wss .so ���������'.brittle that it broke off  ������������������ ^cOyvreeBi tlie r^fe. Poor^'old Rip. waa .done  v^for;^ood.;; He.never bad a tftil to show afterj  'a tbaCitbr<>ke bis,feelings"riri Well as bis tail,  1, and tbiit-s bow'he came-to lose it And. now  /.'gen^^ if you  :/ pjivri no objections'^e'il take a horn,'*  <Werpereent of volatile dil, an ingredretit  whs ch the original leaf iRhows so trace, is im-.  parted by tbe proeess1of drying and' roasting,'  and ibis oil is so potent that the Chinese dtfre  Act use tea for a year after the leaf has been  prepared, while tbe, packers and unpackeTs>  snffer much from paralysis^in. (wnsequence of  ^eir inhaliag this subtile eiement;y Tile: veTa^  f*lle character of this part;bf the tea,' so vabi-'  able when net present ia too large'quantities:  renders close fitting <eaddies -indespensable  fot those who would keep the fl������*vbr Of their  tea.   Tbeine;%of which t^aere is an average ef  tw}o -per cen^3n^ood tea, though same gre������i'  teas have as much assixper cent.tba8 nothing  Rdo^with the taste ^f tea, but its pwsehce is  most imp or taut, on account ofT the tisually  Urge amount of nikogea���������nearly thirty per  centi���������whicbit contains.   It is this substance,  that makeai tea. 8aye^6i9:byWaeting in preventing ��������� various  wastes of the system, and  ren(k������rsJit peculiarly; acceptable to ��������� elderly  .persons.; in wbo.m.these wastes go on ra^iUly,  wbiie^hair stomach assimilates iess and .less  bf the hutritiye p ortion of the food. An ounce  of good tea', contains about ten grains of the-  ine���������an ampunt sufficient to protluoe peculiar intoxication; "and many unpleasant ayhap-  4oms, if; taken , iii "one dayi    From three to  four; grains of tbeine is a healthy amount for  bee day, so that ibree ounces of really good  tea is more than as ] ordinary person should  take in: a week. ���������'. '���������' 1; ['���������'.   ![ '::��������� i ���������'!'] /���������;!���������������������������/'' / ���������;  !'!Tannin the' astrlbgent element .'in tea;. is  ex tracted by,. lengthened in i usion^ a nd any  bne who wishes to avoid: the effects of its aa-  trihgency, should drink tea soon !after the  water is pen red over it.   The really nutritive  element 6f tea, the gluten, Is thrown away  With the leavea.   The use of soda tends to  bring out a trifle more of this element ���������; but  the South American custom of eating the  spent leaves after tbe liquor is consumed, appears to be the best way of making sure of  the jgiuten. \ PvAy  In conclusion, we give a translation of lyric ode oh tea which is painted on almost all  the teapots of the empire. The author was a  famous lyrist, but his verses show a better  acquaintance with the cook's than the poet-s  ^UES^BUIOIJTH AUyERTISEaEXTS.  The}S teamer * 'Enterprise^  Will leave SODA CBSEK.  V"  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS, -\  ;.    AT'DaVlWHT; .        '    *  -Avill leave QUESNEL ���������      f.  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS.  ATS O^LOCK*  Ccrnnecting at Soia Cnek with Barvaro's SfAOrs op  . Wenn,'3ttay'8 trip down ah 1 Tliura^lay's trip up. ; ;  'JE&- Freight to* Quesnel U cts. ^ fl)..  Steamer 'Enterprise,' '  May 21st, 1866.  ,  ROAD SIDE ROUSES, &c9  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMO^CH,  P. L. JOHNSON, Fbopbistoh,        r  Meaha at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. s  .   QUESNELMOUTH,   : ��������� - ���������'    -  BROWN & GILLTS, Vhoprietobs.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table, ������fcc.  Stabling for Horses, Hay and OatB. .-'...-S-:  BOYD & HEATH, Frb^rietbrs,;:  THIS HOUSE Is Bitsated SSiniieg ^mQhcstielinontb.  The pri>prietors having latvty nttj}U .n^.bedroomi  anl koo<1 y<s'.R aro now p^?pnrecl to &ffofd every aceom-  modation l"������r Travellers; thoTable Islnrnlsbeu.^jtli%\\  the luxuries that CHD.b������ procuren j the Bar Is well sup.  piled witb the best brand* or Lienors an.J 3-ffnrs; <^^  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley; a������* The CHEAPEST  House on the Road, v    ������������������-/-,��������� ��������� ���������..-   ... V.:..7y;^^1^8  eOTTONW^  THE UNBERSIGNED HAVING PURCHASEb. from ,  Messrs. HolTm'-i^t-.T & Co..this spjendi I Bj������bch-'t(a^ I  gethi'r with the commo'd^.Us'two���������story���������hbnso known &H'  the Cottonwood Hotel, is nhk prepared^to afforJ ^vry  accommodation to the traVeUing publibj atid bo|w^ by  a strict attention tos busineps to. m^rit a sharo of.iho  ��������� patronage beatowed on the former*proJ"^ors- this it  ������ne or the most comfortablonad c'otnmodions;Hoteig  on tho road, containing as It does waraumd well furn.  ished bed rooms with good beds... The TABU?" is sup.  plied witb every delicacy it is possible to pruenro in tbe  upp-r country. Tho BAR i������ stocked with the best of  Liquors and the choib^st Cijafs. '/'!-'���������'  '.s^mbalS,s.$i so lEAcmrsA'-y^  ��������� The Stabling for Horses is alt thAt' coitld be dc*ircd,  aud tbe charges afe riiiy moderate.-. Hay:for.Horse*  per day, $2; Oats arid Barley at tho cheapest markn  ratt^..    ���������  ���������"..':���������; !"    '"������������������'..; .���������-..-'>   ������������������   ���������.--'   .  The undersigned has a large oaantity. of OAT Ha^  on hantt, forsnle inl>*rj;c or small quantities    ���������parlid  desirous of purchasing this article would do well ti  give bim a call.       ...   :!*.���������.;> ���������-: '     ������������������  ' .     ;,������.-y  43 JOHN PELLETIER,.Proprietor.  OLD   EsrABLIBHRD   CE.VKRAL   StO*V  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  ^5I0N MERCHANTS,        :  Stojage, &c.���������Terms most Hoderatei   ,  ^. .        QUESNELMOUTH.. '.' .      .   As'/i  LiLLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  FXiOUR! _FLOUR!!  LILLOOET    MILLS. "  TEE *U*iJDERS1GNED are now maunfacturing FLOUR  . of sail f n������le8 ;��������� Extri, Superfine and -Flii.c.   . Feed  Crushed io order.  ..: LILLOOETTLOUR MILL CO., '-.   '  ;i-s      ; ���������   F. W. Fosrfe, Agent. "  EDWIN   TYtSION,     ;  DEALflSi IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  C<ps, B������ots an I��������� Sliu-.w, Carpetings, Oil Cloths,  Willi P.ip.*r, Ac, Lillooet, B. C.       . ;     l-s  -^^^-J^tTJ. ������^^^i^v.������^-,-. .^.A  GOL ONI JLt*  HOTS Ii,  -���������;   SODA   CREEKS-. V// '���������,/���������  A GREAT REDUCTION has been rn'ade in tbec^argti  at this establishment^ so as to suit the tim������C;';.  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Conts. ',*:  y ...  .1 McLEESE & SENAY,  !<.'....' y ''-"���������     Proprietors;  ��������� October 1st,' 188S; .    ..''���������''.������������������',      ;���������; 44-':;;.  u On ft Blow fire set a tripod. Fill It with  clear snow water. Boll it as long as Would  he heedeiS to tnm fish white and crayfish red.  Throw it i&pon the delicate, leaves of choice  tea, such, for.instance, as the tea of the wells  of the Dragons, tbe ptirest Pekoe, front the  leaf-buds of three-year-old plants, which no  one ever sees in Europe, and let it -remain as  At,your  -���������:-"������������������'���������'���������'CA'UOflT rN^IJSOWN TRAP/  A v?irl, yohcg-������nd pretty and above alii ,   . ,  gifted with wvafritf admirable candor, iat������ly.Ho^g **!$* vapor rises in a cloud  >ri-s������afe3 ii^elf^beforeHTarisiah lawyer.     e������Se drink the pure lqiuor. which will chase  ������������������ Monsieur, I hme- core������ to consult you. away the five causes of trouble."    .-," :     '.  V More poetical is the legend which .tells th������  origin of the tea-plant. A drowsy hermit.  after long wrestling cut offhi3 traitorous eyelids and cast tbem on the ground. From them  sprang a shrub, whose leaves shaped like eyelids, and bordered with a fringe of Sashes,  possessed the power ot warding* off,sleep.  This Was in the thire century and the shrub  wag what now is tea.  Pioneer Hotel--Lillooet,  CHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This oi-i  established Hous������������ js well fitted up for the coml'ort  nf Travellers; the Tuble is supplied with the b������st of  everything tbat can* be ha<lt an; the cooking is not in-  fi*ior to the besthotd in the lower couniry; B grooms  for Families; Stibling for Horses, Howe Feeo, ke!  The Express stops here Is  *4*jpon -e grave-sBairy I want you- to oblige a  Lv.vmvI !������*'������ to marry me-in spit������ of himself.  'XlowshaU I proceed^' *  -.-. 'i'liegeatlemsa of tbe bar had, of coarse, a  ,rtu������r}oumUy ;������iastic coascience.   He rejected a  . m o in ent, and ^ibe n. being sure tb at n o th i rd  fperaon overheard him, replied hesitatingly :  "Mademoiselle, according to our law, youj  ������������������always poiwess the means of forcing a mau to  j.marry you, ������ou must remain on-three occasions al one witb, hi m;' .you can the n go before  a j udge an d swear that be is your I over. -f  /" *-An& will- that suffice, monsieur ?"  ; "Yes, juademoiaelle, with one farther con-  .tditi9n.,,"' -.���������.' '      ..;*'''"  Ly**!Wrim?x:/^yyyy vv. - v.:,.. ...   .  :f.?Tb^n you will produce-witnesses who  >wiH make oath to hare secti' you remain a  ^good quarter bf en Sour mtji {lie individual  ^siid .0?hftT^^P8S*4 ;.yrltli you'ri afTeetions.";  ;  " Very well, TOonsieur, I will retain you as  ���������counsel "in the manag'jneat of this affair."  A few d^ys afterw'ards the;young ]ady re*  %uvnad; r She was roystferiousiy tecefred by the  lawyer, who scarcely giving ber .time to seat  ierself���������, questioned for with the mosfc 1 i ve.ly.  iieu'ridsity./;^ -:!.'��������� *���������!--.;.::!'!yp/ " 1'/:' '~r'J;���������;'���������"���������."' !'��������� ���������'! t  ** Fer^Vere.jn your design, madamoisells ;  ibifi^iQicd, tlife-next "time you come to consult  me, give me the name of the young man you  ^re going to taakeoabappy in spite of kita-  baiukrville;  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends njui  the inhabitunts generally of Williams Cruek, tho  neighboring Creeks, ana tliusc Yis'Uing the Min >s o!  Ciriboo, that hriving leased tho well-known B������kery  an-J R,������&t������ur.mt of MUNDORF k CO., the ollest ostab-  lishe.l house in Xtaricvrville, woul I solicit h onliDuunce  of its long an l extensive piinjnigc and will be h.;ppy  to see nil their frjeji.is.'' For the Ci'nveni .nco of miners  wo will exchengo bread Xitr tieur as heretofore, aivl at  any time receive tho same tickets lor Meals, Lunches,  Pies, Cikes, or anything in our line for their valu;*, amf  will be on hand at all hours, day or night, to supply  the wants of our p itr>:ns.  S3*f ������;)od Stabling convenient to the establishment.���������  P.-SDDY k CO.   ���������  Barkerville, Sept. 28th, 1866. 43s  CREE  S .OPEN FOR THE. ACCOMMODATION Of THfi  travelling public; the bed rooms are spacious .and  airy*and the Beds cannot bo surpassed; for cleanliness  an^l comfort by any in .the lower country.* tho Table is  always supplied iwith the best of victuals. .Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats an i Batley cotrstantly on hand;  ~141 MILE" HOUSE,  DENNIS'MURPHY, Proprietor. ThbTHou-e  is furnished''with every "conv^ni^rice for the cora-'r  fortrof Travellers; the/Culinary, departnK'.nt";iS;un������lir  the superintonUencc.or ������n experiv'need cook; the B'.'d*  are clean an<l comfortable'; the Bar contains the beat  of Liquors, S Jgars, Ac.    Stabling, Hay, Barley ft Cits.  BI-UE   TENT   RANckr  WM! HENDERSON begs to fnferm bis frieudt  and the travelling public generally that .he h&i  taken the above Ranch and is prepur-'d to supply them.  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling for  horses;, Hay and Grain. .' \   . yyy     l-s  "ill MILE HOUSU; v  WM. MANSON, . D. A. McLlSAN,-  Proprbtor, ;"���������' .'- Agent.  'pHlS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  I for the comfort of travelers; the Table ia nuppliod  with the best of everything that can be procur.;t- ������n;l  th(! cooking is not inferior to any on the roa������f; Bedroom*  for families; Stabling,' H iy, B j'rf "j and Oats.     14  BARKERVILLE,  {Next B ink of British N'.:rth America.)  The Bkaint is Slekp.���������^The principal evidence as to the state of tbe human brain in  alee|> is derived from the obaervation of a wo  man An Montpeiier���������-a case well known and often quoted. She had lost a portion of the  sk&ll-eap and the brain and its membranes  were exposed, when she was in asoundsleepl  the brain lay in the skull almost motionless;  when she was dreaming: it becameelavated.  and when her dreams, which she related on  waking, were vivid or interesting* the brain  was protud od throuprb the cranial nperture.  This condition has also been experimentally  brought about and obsetved in auiinals, &n<J  the same resul fc has been ^eeh, namely: that  in sleep the surface. of the b rai n an il i ts mem -  ���������branes became pale, the veins ceased to^ be  distetidid and ori11 y a few smal I vessels , containing arterial blood were discernable., y  ^g* the steady lights of heaven waver in  the water; some of tie great \\$bU of eartb in  LEWIS begs leavo to inform the Ladies and  'G^nikmen of -Willi ims Creek and vicinity that  lie hus4Htyd up <i BATHROOM atconsi Icrablc expense  tor their ;icoominorJatioii, ������n.i hopes by close attention  t<i buMuuss to lUwTJt ayharo of theipp������troniK������. ���������'  $&- He will also attend to KetrMCting, Filling and  Cleaning of Teoth. 19  A LBERT CRYr?LER has opened the above House for  rl the reception.of Travel!; rs; tbe Table is well kept  oml the Liquors cmnot.bo surp:v������*s������^l ; the Beds nw  cl������nn and conifer tab U;   Stabling for Horses, H������y and  10 its. ���������        ��������� .-���������'��������� '  -       .;���������:.. .y . , y-.'-l-p  {AMES HURON, Proprietor.   Thiscbmmodi-  O ous Hotel is well fitted up with ov^ry conveniens*  j'orihe comfort of the public; the Bats are nil that a.  %ear'y tnveller could desire; thw Table is supplied with  the best of fa re; the Bar contains the choicest brand*'  of Liquors and Segars;.good Stabling,.Horse Feed, 0*ts,  Barley, fee. ' ��������� ".....    *V?  of the season, and the B.ir is stocked with the choicest  of Wines, Brandies k Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley aril Oats constantly on hand at low rites.  Kowly milled Flour for s:ile che������p. ���������!���������&  GROUSE   CREEK  '���������pHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  I  thoi������hov; establishment was opeuod on SUNDAY  LAST, tho 22 id July, an: that he will be happy to re-;  ciivo a c*ll :rom iiis fri nis. A  $������- BOARD $16 PER WEEK. ���������%&  ���������Bread, ������>i?   and 0>tkosi al wjiy������ on )n n 1 for sal.;,  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE "OARIiJOO SSNTLw!,  vwr .���������������  F  ���������f*  Cards,: Bill Heads, Oireulars, Posters' aad  Frograntmes ibr Balls and Theatrical  ..,,  v>> jSntertainments, ��������� ' ;  Executed with Neatness ������nd Di������patch at this-OShse,*  . '" "^ar Terms Moderate! *������&  WILLIAM   WINNAUD,  T.  ������Jl'il89av.i|t'{i94  The  Bonaparte  CKMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at tna  O function of the'Cariboo and Big Bi.nd RoadP, i*  now open for the accommodation of the public; Distance irom Clinton, 26 miles; from Savanna Steamboat  Lino ing, 22 miles;, from SpeBce'a Brfclge, 20'miles;  Travellers willflhil prices and' accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. 'Stabling, Hay & Grainr.  attentive hostler/.; Stage leaves hero twice a. week for  Dig Bend a#rt Yule, and: pneo a wcek: for fcifiboov   l-������  MESSRS. COBNWAI.Ii?S.  living, of Liquors, an-1 ol" Wiries.   ' Fresh Butter; MjlK  and V egeta b I es.   Good .Sta bling and cheap feed./   ' V*  THE SHORTEST AND 'CHtiAl'EST ROUTE  -Four 'Days. to"thre 'lQSa���������ii.e-,VO^'V^^&dritym  ���������'��������� yy : Greek and:Mitcheii's. Trasii- V. x, .a p������  PARTIES GOflKG BELOW THIS'.FACE ara HSTor���������!?������*  1 that th������yenn easily^mukeC^darciri^k fn'tw������tioy������r sg  and croRfiigg th^Lake can r������a������^ tha Wagon'Jfarii M* *y|  two* more.  < '��������� .7 ' ,


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