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 ���������r- vol. 12  Barkerville, William Creek, B.C., Saturday, January 13, 1872,  No.: jii.  hm*  IB  H  '#$&$$&������������������  '$  ?$  lilt  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by  B 0 B E RT     HO LL 0 W A Y.  Subscription,  - .,-��������� 50 Cents per Week.  RATES OF ADVERTISING..  For one squire (one inch), first insertion,   . $3  ** "'������������������       <������                       ouo month,   *   ��������� ������  For two squares,-firstInsertion,     ���������,.-.   -��������� ��������� 6  *         ���������>.* ���������     one month, .  ���������  ��������� <"-   ���������   ��������� "1  Aunts' for the ** Cariboo Sentinel."  Van Winkle,.  Qii-'Htr.'liiK'Uth,  So.I a Creek,. .  Clinton,    ���������  Yale, - '-* '   ���������  _N������<w Westminster,  Mr J. W. Mnrihrtrt  Biiriuir'i's Express  B.'irnur'I'.P Ex press  Bafriitril's Express  do  . do ���������  John Murny  VuUori:',   ���������       ��������� ���������       ���������'���������'    -���������       .bihn Collons  I.; P Ffdier,   ��������������������������� .      ���������       -           . 8"m Fnncisco  mxmk Co., -      ���������      k'.P:-      Sii.ii Fr mciSco  G Street,  '  ���������." -      -..    30 CornhillvLon4on, E.C.  TUB -..CARIBOO SENTINEL  JOS ^RINTINQ OFFICE.  ���������arrts. Circulars. Post ere and Programmes for  7 Balis and>Tbeatri.cal Entertainments  Pfifh Executed with neatness and dispatch.^^*  Ternin moderate. '        :  1>BAS STANhKY ON THB EAIiLY CHRISTIANS.---  The Dean of Westminster recently delivered  ��������� iii i n ret esti ng, lecture on A the. ';* Early., Ch ris-  ;;imns."   In Ve course of bis lecture, Dean  Stanley said:���������It Is reported that John Wesley once in the course of the night found bim-  self as he -thought at the pates of hell.   He  fcii o cked, n ud asked who were wi th i n.   ������ A re  there any Protestants here V he asked.  ' Yes/  was the answer. * a great many.' * Any Roman*  Catholics V ..'Yes, a great   many.'    'Any  Church of England  men ?'    * Y*s. a great  many.'   * Any Presbyterians V   l Ye9, a great  -many.'   'Any Wesleyans?'    'Yes, a great  ttiany.'   Disappointed and discouraged, especially at the last reply, he traced his steps  upwards,  and found himself at the gates of  Paradise,?, and here  he repeated   the same  questions.   * Any Wesley a ns here V   'No.?���������  4,Any PresbyteriansV   'No.'   'Any Church  ,of England men ?'   ' No.'   ' Any Roman Catholics?'   'No.'    'Whom  have yon, then?'  Ke asked in astonishment ' We know nothing  here,' v?as the reply, 'of the names you have  mentioned.    The only, name of which we  know anything is Christian,  We are all Christians here, and of those we have a great multitude, which no man can number, of all nations, and kindreds, and peoples,and tontrnes.'  That is the truth which  we should have  fo  learn hereafter ahoul the name Christian, and  it may be aa well for tie to learn it bere..   It  includes and comprises and overrides all the  other names by which men have been divided,  t>ecause it is the name derived from Him to  whom they all look, from whom they are all  descended, and in whom they all live.  Christianity is a nobler name than any particular  form of Christians.   Christendom is a more  magnificent name than any particular creed  or section of Christians.  in each hand she held a wreath ; the one was  composed of natural and the other of artificial  flowers. Art .in. the-labor of the mimetic  wreath "had exquisitely emulated the lively  hues of nature, so that at the distance it was  held by the queen for the inspection of the  king it was deemed impossible for him to decide, as her question imported which wreath  was the production of nature and which the  work of art. The sagacious Solomon seemed  perplexed ; yet to be vanquished, though in a  trifle, by a woman irritated his pride. The  son of David���������he who had written treatises  on the vegetable productions.' from tbe cedar  to the hyssop'���������to acknowledge himself to be  outwitted by n woman wilh shreds "of paper  ond glazed paintings! The honor of the mnn.  arch's repuiaiion for divine sagacity seemed  diminished, aad the whole Court locTked  solemn and melancholy. At length an expedient presented itself to the king, and it,must  be confessed worthy .of the naturalist. Observing a cluster of bees hovering about a  window be commanded that it should be  opened. It was opened : the bees rushed  into tbe Court and alighted immediately on  one of the wreath's, while not a single one  fixed on the other. The baffled Sheha-had  one more reason to be astonished.at the'wis  dom ot Solomon.���������[J. CDisraeli.--  "MISCELLANEOUS.  A    Chance!  Solomon and the Quern of Shsba,���������A  Rabbin once told me of an ingenious inven-,  tion which in the Talmud is attributed to  Solomon :���������The power of the monarch had  spread his wisdom to the remotest part of the  known world. Queen Sbeba attracted by the  splendor of his reputation visited this practical king at his own Court. There one day to  exercise the sagacity of the monarch, Sbeba  presented herself at the foot of the throne.  A Martyr to Patriotism.��������� A small farmer  residing in the hamlet of.'Vjllebeau (Seme-et-  Oise), has, in a fit of mental aberration^ deprived himself, of sight, that he might; no.  longer be a witness,of .tho;pccupatiij'ri of .his.  country by the Prussians, who had burned  down all his property in bis presence, a mem  ber of his family perishing in the flames. He  had often threatened that*be would tear out  his eyes, and everything that could be thought  dangerous was kept out of his way. He,  however, got bold of a.book,which described  the Chinese method of blinding offenders of  high position, by placing a small portion of  quick lime over the eyes and tying it down  with a wet bandage.. He procured some  lime, applied it in this manner, and destroyed  his sight.  Tun New York Worid^bus mi interesting  letter on tbe enormous increase of iron shipbuilding in Great Britain. The great centre  of this interest is the river Clyde, both shores  Of which are lined for miles with shipyards.  The writer says,upon what lie considers good  authority, that there are-5.400 iron steamers  now building in the United Kingdom. He  adds that the British merchants are diverting  their maritime trade from sailing vessels to  steamers as fast as they can, the completion  of the Suez canal being the great event which  has awakened tbem to the increased advantages of steam over sail.  :;������  PARTIES   PREPARING    FOR   WINTER  WILL   SAVE   MONEY!  By calling at tbe  Second-hand   Store,  Where tbey will find a fine assortment of  ��������� j.y     r.... ... ~  Tinware ���������& Stores,  ���������AISO,���������  MINERS1 & -CARPENTER'S TOOLS,  ZINC, LEAD PIPE,  :'  ,:-      SHEET IRON (ill gauges), ���������.  STOVE POLISH,  REVOLVERS. GUNS.  BALLS,   GAPS,"SHOT.'  POWDER. POWDER FLASKS, ���������  SHOT BAGS. ���������-   - -y  DOOR LOCKS, PADLOCKS,.  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QOODSOtf  J  Restaurant & Saloon  JUST   RECEIVED1  AT     REMIES,  A large supply of ������������������  Fine Uaderciothiiig,  LADIES ASD GENTLEMEN'S  BOOTS  S  ARE prepared to furnish Lumber at their Mills,  William Creek j or deliver It to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAM& RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having a Planing Machine in ���������pcratioa they will  also famish  at satist'actorj rriteip.  hiell  TF&r New  Goncls wiil.be received every  week during tbe seasou. ^#  BOOTS,  SHOES,  ClotMng   and Grroceries,  OF THE BEST QUALITY,       .  Foi'sulo at tbo Store of the uncicrsigncf! in Barker  villc.ooposuftthc Bank ol British Columbia.  W..RJSXXIE.  jen  as usual  COMMISSION STORAGE,  AND  i General Agency.1  aplolf  JAMES  WICKHAM,  [Barkorville.  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Important Mixing Dkcjsion.���������Yesterday, In  the Gold Co{Bmi68ioQerf8 Court, it was decided that a Company which bad continued  work into the Close season "was entitled to recover assessments for such work from a die-  .5ew*li^^^^ This question, to say  ^11 be considered in the coming session of j ������S������ * ���������     -* f������r8������me **  the Legislature: and no amendment wo.ld  ������"!!T ^^^sentatives had imended to  ��������� 1;������;*  ��������� feVjKI-  -   ;        fe'fe  ::y;;\^l  - -������l< -������������������������������������"'  ���������  ��������� ?yyt./.<. ���������  y ..py-'y/v/  .-   !*>*l'*V'-<:  ". iiii';.  ���������the Legislature; and no amendmeat weald  . r. ; ^five   greater   satisfaction   than   a.   clause  Ay exempting wholly or partially from repre*  -.   -aientation, for such time as the Gold Commissioner ������������������should    think    proper,    those  ;    ;-claims which have-been prospected or worked  :; for one. or more seasons without pay having  "been obtained." .Such an enactment, would  Snvre the effect of preserving to miners any  ���������fruits of their labor, by allowing them time  in whidh to obtain the. means of continuing  their operations.   Men would undertake fhe  .prospecting of- ground with greater continence clidTuey'khow the reward of their work  would not be reaped by others, and such a  -..;.. provision would also.cleck Mjumping^ by  .:' Tsibuitly denying Ihe right li) gaiujjy another'*  <Jom.   There are claims now; the nsraes ot  > Viiich^ could he.mentioned, tbat in the enmi;  '-*   L1ntf-season-will probxHblybe ioist'toiheowners  v Ap\n\ ess . en ti re  or. rpar ti a 1 ��������� exeinp tio u   from  yy' %' p reseiti tatlo a. he gi veri,! fteret) y en a*bl i lig t b u  owners te obtain means to complete the pros-  ypeoting of tbeir claims. A  py It is true that the privilege of which we  ���������*peak might be abused could any oue avail  ifiiiniself of it.at his pleasure, but a:diicretion  propose in tbe Legislature an amendment to  the Mining: Laws that two-thirds of a company  might  decide whether a claim should  be  worked during the-dose season; The amendment would still be useful, inasmuch as the  ruling of twn-tbirda of a company on.suoh a  subject would be-preferable to tbat of a hare  majority, and the decision alluded to does  not go so far as to deterniine whether a company having stopped work during tbe close  season b,entitle* to resume operations before  tbe mining season opens.  . -PEirAsrovs.���������On iu eir trip down from Yale,  Messrs. Walkem, Humphreys and Going suffered severely from fatigue and cold.   When  all our representatives get through, they will  be able to jpo-snt out with greater force the  .necessity of a decent road from Yale to-New  Westminster, although so severe a trip as that  ail tided to is not anticipated for those of our  number who leave by the next express,- as  they.may be able to go. by the river, unless  the cold, should ibecomo; ns.great its that experienced by Mr Walkem and his companions.  Mail Communication.���������In. November there  HISTORICAL,- BIOGRAPHICAL,. 1 -  AMUSING & INSTRUCTIVE TALES  MAGAZINES, &c.  Sixteen  Prizes-Value  *160.  TICKETS, $1 ������ach ; and not more than 175  will bo sold.  '  A List of tbe Boole? and Tickets may be harl from  Messrs VuilliiDconr. Hunter <fc Lavery. nuri R. I.ip-  nrat. BarkfrvlUft; Roht.-..Mcnftr:nt������������, Lightniug Creek j  .*iKU 'Da niel Glyn u, Lowhee Cre'tk".  0&* ThePrftwhiij will take place at the Brewery  Saloou, Barkerville, on . .  ��������� MONDAY, 15th JANUARY NEXT.  Thft Lottery will ho under th������ Superlateadenci Of  Mr^Gliarles V������jll;i������ncour. tte23  ^^nt6r^yyiup���������^mim  BAR FIXTURES. UiLLTAIfb TABrp  STOVE, LAMPS, PIER GLASS, CLfl,  and all ihe aece.vury Bar Furniture-ftii ������n ���������*���������-.  4iUoa.<in(l fit r������rii���������������flertiat������ ^eup'nTy       m  ������������. 1 his Saloou is eo well 20 J Tavwiihiw t������     .  -Mix.!! or other Uvnuaa tli������t ji rcqajres noS. 1  ���������     '  . -'AMKS H. KRt(R,  QuWn,.moutb,B:a,I)cc^6C,lI'^t'e>roprj;:^!  .Iry power In the hands of the Gold Commis- _ / 0o>!������OX!<!-������">^-Io. Novomber there  7 Kionet-VouldVpreveot any such abriae| and\T^y' l<\v tap'"10 of'tfle ir^������iarity  y*������temor?^^-t5^  The -undersigned;  wishing  to  retire from  humneM*. ������������������      .  ���������a?.*; >'vv ���������  , yym?^-  .-,." .i;$\>y&V   y������y?<%>y  ���������'-"-:J',i������-;-->--  ������������������V.vfeV"a'.  ���������  ,.-.i.y-^f: ���������  Aiifmi.-  . ��������� 'AV.. ,  ....:���������., ..���������,- ::>  ,.������'. *e .���������;..-.,  '���������'���������,(:-'.-���������'������������������:���������',.  ;*?������������������.-1  -It  f^7r  *������:  ���������Si !??:���������:  ."Vi) ���������.  ;.i=;:^.  i:'y^;  M'  i iwwld he/more desirahlo "than a positive rule  .'thut claims should he exempt under certain  . = ^ciroumstanccB, as. ,the ipi-cU of such:a rule  "''   ���������inigbt be evaded and litigation arise, while  "'.:ihe 'Gold Commissioner exercising a disc re-  ;7-"lion based on the exi^er.cv of the ease,--would  the inble to make a suitable 'order or refuse  ,-any exemption were;parties hot entitled to il;  thesirt������ject has 'already*, met the attention  ..   ^of.one of our representatives, and there is.  *;.,   Iiitle dout)t the required amendment will be  yv/atridriy/y   ;P:'- - ' ���������-������������������'-��������� ��������� -'���������>"���������-: ' -;;; >������������������''��������� *   '-*'���������'��������� ���������  ... BRITISH COLUMIU 4 VXDTJl  R3SSFON-  ;' SIDLE GOVERNMENT.. .  ���������The province of British Columbia has.now  .n.Legislative_Ap6embl*y consisting of tw?nty-c  '��������� '''five members, wholly e lee led bp the people.  "The term "GoVernthent" should cep3o to be  r>ne of reproach, inasmuch as it 'has become  "the "vox popnli.'' -To' their representatives  . cthe people havo committed the v/elfore of the  country for the next four years, and it will  .yy.ibe. .interesting .������tb \vat-;h their proceedings,  possessing as they do snpreme control.  Many  are the matters requiring reform, and the first  session under responsible government will be  . mi eventful one.   On looking over the list of  members, it ia evident there is no  lack of  ' .-talent, and that there is.in tbe Rouse ability  ^U) successfully manage .the  business of the  previace, if not  interfered   wilh by evils  which in some cases may be the. result of  ���������party government.   With each one doing his  best to facilitate the working of. the political  ���������.ship, the desired haven, wholesome legislation, willbe obtained j-'btit'if the members of  ���������the .House be concerned more about their  .private interests than -the public weal. th������  chip Of>state will 'become dismantled--will  be misguided or not guided at all. and instead  of reaching pore lie wallowing is the (rough  of party atrife.  since the 24th December liHt,';and are likely  lo ^continue so for over a week more. -The  department is under the control of the Dominion Government, and the irregularity is  caused by the mails not .'being matie up. at  ���������N*v.v. Westminster and delivered lotbe'con-  :tractors at the proper time.  OFFERS FOE  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS."  BARKRRHLLE.  liry  Huntor  Lavery,  [SUCCESSORS TO K. CUNIO,]  ^^^i^^^1!  ^^^^-y^^^  L*ated XXX M  IyEG TO AXN'OU-VCR that thoy hav������ opemed tho  >   above Sufonn.   Tho 3JEST  For particular?, apply ou tt:������. pr������mist3.  y  '���������   "\'oi". HARPER.  Clinton, B.C., Dec. 20, 1S?I.,   ���������        ��������� dc23 3m  will be nuQufactUrtd *>&& sold by Wiiylodinl ������������������������������ K������  tail iu itd purity, ������na  The best Liquors & Gigarsj  CUCStautly.ktpt.Oii h:������ul. .  furnished at the Bar.  j-i6 lm  The Lodging Departmen  K rs       uccuini������^������^  Pi������rld������i rW their r������   > flvW \  IROM   AMD   STEEL  Having returned to Barkerville. may be found  adjoin i n g {h ������ Go vera in en t. A ssay 0* ffi ce. f or a  short lime only, as lie inteuds.soon to leave  this country for good.  r  e Specimen ! $500 in  Gold Coin!  ^*r~~^.  Til  performed in alt its branches.  jBKST" Parties requiring anything of the kind  done will plt-aae call at their earliest convenience, as this will be.their last chance.  Barkerville, Dec. 30. 1871. de3i lm  FLAT AND KOtLVD,  For hoteting from Mitiin/f Shafts nui Inclino?. F^rrf  llopc'K,.Gu,? K'ipcs, /or troDsmiitin? p'Wi'r. etc.  iiAXLTACTUKKDOF ANY LENGTH OK SIZE.  Wire Rope is much Cheaper, Lighter, aw  more Purable than any'other kind-fj  Kope.  Hallidie's   Endless  Wire  Ropeway,  (Wire Tramw.ny),  py/  y%  tp m  ,v vy  k. f:  "'I'J 'H  v ���������  5, -&C, &C.  Ill  Chance.  Thk Chikk CoMMrss!o.\KHSHn������.-^13y ft pri-  . ^eteiegram from Mr Walkem, datedChili-  wack. Jan. 6th, .we learu that that gentleman  1ms accepted the office af Chief Commissioner,  or-Pjihlic WorkR.  WHolhrook, who haaL'Vk   ^  held this appointment since the, formation of! ^0 dhanCeS,  -   -   ffi'BftOlL  the Ministry, will atill continue a member of I                        ^  Hie Execu t-ive.   The writ for. the election of a I  member consequent on Mr WalkemJe accept-  anc������ of office, will probahly be 'here hy the  mail after: nexy and hi* redaction,will, we ,.Hie Jl0WW  apprehend, be as uaual iu euch cases, a mere  proportion!  matter of form. I    ^teAua^ teRKSs .inJltNi^im orL/Sf^r??0^11^^ V^oe at the 'AMTT8  TTlie Highest Throw to take tlie Specimen,  ���������the Lo went the .$5.00 in Gold, the others in.  LIGHTNIWG   CREEK.  INBRS AND TJUDRRS will find it to tbpir ad-  ra a tugfc to p a r clia s e at th 1 k S una, where th* re Is  tliW ASilfliST OF GOODS  of th? very h<M?t description on hit rid, snd the (stock  constantly replenished by nfiw arrivals.  The proprietor ������r i ll's dlj Goods  AS CHSAP AS ANY IN  CABIBOO.  Orders promptly filled and forwarded with dispatch.  J. W. LLNDKARD..  For the rapid ao'l economical tr-iafiportathia *1 Ori;������j  utcri.'iJ.s bnr; rauunuiiaous aud dlflldiil*'(%  and other m  Patent Grip Pulley,  Affencyonbe  PACIFIC  WIRE   &  W. R. MANUFJQ   CO,  (OF  (MIJFORNIA:)  A.   S.   HALLIDIE  fr������y-'tl^t^ Saa Francisco, Mtonk  .NOTICE.  not left Yale np to yesterday.  JH"i  /TAN FAT HATIKt; "OISPOSEP OF JTIS,INTEREST  I. In the business carried on in Barkerviito under  tbe mmio and style of Wa LONG, is no longer author  ized to eolkc? any d������bt^ due to tho concern���������'  ���������    WA.hOIsU  CbiiU'Sc Store. .  OUR   ENVELOPES  Properly Stamped, are now reduced to  12 1-2 Cents each, or $  iwt letters are promptly l������rirard������d to p*fats h������yt������i  ihe regular sta^s roatps, .    .       .  scI6 ay  /  yy.5^������im  A ���������    ,  II  "saSSa  SB  law  bUki]Sk* iflifflffUTiUiiuw HEggJg������������i^������"  6 J<*a 0ak!  TH,  11. and  "CUM.  ABLE, EH  i8/CL0cJlif  no putilagX  . SBIiR  ~* ���������J$$fr/477  10,]  0 thfti tli||I  ������  C Aifil  l ������������������ ������* ;  tgaft  aieriti  I the ������������������'���������si  Uctt    rq������|$  '       ESS  Vm  k#M  dido.!!' ypm  PAWmm  .rcpe it.  C0|  id af!  *sf  It  ft,- nf  gams  . mm  t'.'i'  ffluatigBJaM wai-wiw-gMUftiMKitMBii  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, JAN. 13, 1872.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ;';'���������'.;. WJLUAM CRKKK.  The Forest Rose ce. continue rocking. The  Ballarat co. are still running through old  ground.  SrTOUT GULCH.  ' The Mucbo Oro and TafTvale companies  have resumed work,-and are rocking under  ground.  THB HEADOWS.  Tbe Lane & Kurtz co; aro sinking their  ���������shaft with considerable speed.  JACK OF -CLUBS CRKKK. ���������  The Discover j co. have started.work again.  The Two Sisters c o. h as; b eea im ned ed d n rt rig  ithe week by a huge boulder in tke face of the  drive,   y������������������--    '������ 1 ���������-" ��������� v ' i'- ������������������. A ?��������� ��������� ���������������������������' p   ���������  LOWHBR.CKEKK. [ yXP  The "Victor! a co. hay e bet; n raf si ri g a n air  shaft. The Black Bull co. are hoisting and  filing their dirt.  FOKKS  OP  QUKSNKL.  There are about 850 Chinamen at thin  place, who during th* summer bar������ been  mining, making from 50c. to $15 n day. Only  one eonipariy of white nieri have been work-  In* en the North Fork. th������ Chinamen having  this mining section all to themselves.  share of any money taken oiife without having  con tri bu ted a ny thi n g '"! o w ard������ p b tailing i U  Judgment for p lain tiffs-for ?;fnll amount rind  costs. :. .-_���������   ' /:; ...-.:..   ../���������::���������    . ..   .. y   '     .  TilB-liiNB! ANJ> KUftTZ COMPAN*fe  THE GOVERNMENT ASSAY OFFICE.  y Sditob���������SiCKT������"Br-;:7rrIfc: bring the duty of the  J?r������sa to d iffuse correct pin farmat ion among  thepublic, I ^ to c^l^ your^ ;attention to a  P ������i'a graph win c!i ap p ea red i n; y o u r issue o f  The works of this Compaq  u   ",wy    y*/  /������r-.x ".,? ;      v>xri^r"������������������[A^r.P^Vwd-irbKN-t^iMiiil think wiU  the Meadows, about lhree;miles from ��������� Ba^r- 1J(,t be sustained by facts.  It [is there averred  villa; and have been erected at a cost of about  $65,000. Carapace will notadmit qflfe Hiil  description of them we should wish, bit (; eve iy  one who has uofe seen them in working order  is recommended to pay a visit  ;; One of the first ideas that strikes the visitor  w the -ease nfld am 66th nests\ with which \ tAie  whole machinery runs and the order. 1 and  regularity of the works generally; and by.  the time he has observed and been shown the  d liferent pieces of ������������������-* ma cb i nery, the mode of  h an clit eg the m. t heir c h arac ter- and ad a p t a < io n;  lie wili wonder ho\r they came in Cariboo,  and almost taucy him������^lf in one of the lactones of a manufacturing district.  The following is a short description of the  Ui���������less discount, $G2 09 ; f per cent. tor as*  . .        saying. $8,87;   nett cash, 81,703 U5.   The  machinery and works :-Lngino,  HiiO inch  8ame ]Q0 {)2> 8<)M ^ ^ tmm pj.{ce of $n 1Q  th at ?.*. h ad the am b ii n t of gold dua t w h ich was  assayed iii I8TJ^ been sol cl before tlie estab-  lishmettt of?pihe ^ce-J^e^miners would not  hkre/fiot so much fori fc by about $ 14.000."  This, Mr Editor, isagriive allegation, and  te"ds to reflect un fairly upon ihe business  men of '.CarlbpoiV^ but^judging from the follow-  ing resu 1 ts, deriywl from assays recently  made, taken at random, I can only come to  the conclusion that thecompilerof the stnte-  iiien t refe r red -to ar ri v es a t the s ta le d resu 11  through the: means ;of some pet theory of probabilities.1.;- ' yylyp/ys!ypp!'p  Fol Iowiiig is the resiilt of three dliferent  assays,  and -which may be & fair  sample of transaotions of this kind, viz.; 100  oz. fro m/ Llg h tn in g c reek, after met t i n g. p r o -  dnced a bar weighing 9(>MPz. fine 886--$l J74  MINING KSCOHDS.  ..... WILLIAM CUEBK.  ' Jan. 8���������Recorded in favor of Jas D. Lor-  ing, James E. Taylor, Wm. Thompson, John  A. Brown, and George Isaacs. "5 hill claims ou  right side oi William creek, commencing  about 160 feet below the Eldorado tunnel  and rnnning tip stream 300 feet and back lo  tbe summit of the hill, to be known as tbe  Railroad co.  DEVIL'S CANYON CREEK.  Jan. 8���������Recorded in favor of Wm. Jeffares,  ���������Daniel Carey, Thomas Allen, and Jos. Car-  others, four creek claims, commencing at a  ��������� stake at the upper end of Chitbolm?s ditch  and running up stream 400 feet. To be  kuown as the Canyon co.  ._,   :..      ....  .....   LIGHTNING CREEK.  Jan. 9.���������Recorded in favor of John Hunter,  ���������On. Duff, and* John Patterson, the whole of  ���������ihed)uubar co.'s claims, consisting of four  intercuts.   Re-record.  .  Jan. 10���������Recorded in favor of Jacob  Holmes, Isaac Lipsett, Pat. Lynch, John Wilkinson. Jos. Bell, Richard Rowling, G. Topi-  awo, and Fred. Mills, m trust for the Victoria  ���������co., eight hill claims on the north side of aaid  ���������creek, commencing at lower line of Victoria  co. and running up stream, being a re-record  /ofyTictpria co,?B-hill claims^   : ���������  JACK OP CLtjaS-ORBSK.  Jan. 8,���������Recorded in favor of Jas. Laid I aw,  Ales. McFarlaa. rand Geo. Cowan, three  z������reek claims on Jack of Clubs creek, com-  inencing at the upper line of Humboldt co.  and running up stream 300 feet, to be worked  in conjunction ^with and form part of said ca  stroke ; estimated at 107 horsepower, when  making 60 revolutions wilh ������0 lbs. of steam ;  is furnished with an extra pump for feed.,  runs two Cornish pumps of 10 inch hoie and  C fm*t8ti������okc, hoisting the dirt and driving.the  sawmill. The latter is working well, having  plenty of power. It is intvodt������d to place elevators to carrv  the sawdust to the boilers.  per oz. would produce $1,7-10, making a dif  IVrcuce of $6 95 against the Assay Oflice���������  100 oz. Lowlier creek, after melting, 0175 oz.;  line. 903���������$1,768 6t>; less discount. $00 30 ;  assay   charges,  $S M~$75  14���������$1,093 52.  OMINKCA INTELLIGENCE  Wo are indebted to Mr Edward Pearson,  who arrived yesterday from Quesnelmonlb,  for tbo following news:  Messrs. Lewis and Gardner, with the Oroin-  eca mail and express, arrived at Quesneimouth on the 8th inst. ' They were 33 days  making the trip from Germansen creek, having been detained on account of the extremely  cold weather. Three miuers-Jas. Williams,  Mathew Dalton and James Welsh���������came  down in company with Ui������ expressmen.  On Germansen creek, tho lowest at which  the thermometer had stood when the expressmen left was 56 =������ below zero, and when tbey  passed Stuarts Lake the thcrmomete-r regis.  tered 50������ below zero. ���������'������������������  Paul Ercole came down with the party as  far as Stony creek, where he remained on account of. sickness to recuperate; He is expected to arrive at Quesneimouth in a few  days.   .' ���������:'.���������-'v- '.'������������������  ' P. O'Reilly, Esq., and Capt. Wright were  camping at the foot of Bahine Lake, and a������  soon as the weather moderated would continue on their journey to Victoria by way of  theSkeeiia.   The lake was frozen over.  Coosiderablc prospeotiog had been done  100 -ob. sold at SI7 12 wouldIt,������iag  $1,712 ; |on Germansen. and Mansen creeks.   It waa  sliowing los* by assaying. $18 48.    100 oz. oil . ���������    * a <L . r-    ������������     .   v .  Antler,"after melting. 93T50 oz.;  flue, 844-   ,eP������rted (hal J,m *<������?><* ������tntck good pros-  ''^i ({'in' oo .*    i-aa  -ii.,/.-,,,,,!   ������ju  un . .*.'.:���������.,*������.   uects in a claim  nefir  th������ Titlioirnn a.>    rk������  .'? 1,530  99 ;    t ess d Ucou u t, $ IK SI0 ; . assa v  charge, $18 15���������������58 85~-$1.672 14/  100 oz.  there to be used for fuel, and in the spring to  ao(rf at$10 per ot. would bring$L.(>00 ; show-  procure a Wad worth tongueing and grooving  ing loss by assaying, $27 80. ���������  machine, capable of ���������planing  8000 feet  per  d4y, also a cut-off saw:. in -short,'to ".make it a  first-class sawing aud planing mill.  The shaft, 4x1*2 in the clear, is situated he-1  tween the old Montreal and Enterprise shafts,  and i* down 80 feet from the platform, stiff  clay being found at the bottom. The quan-  titv of water thus far.is so little that it is oot  sufficient, to keep one pump working: more  than one-fourth of the time.. The frame build-  in g, well -b ra ced. shi n g 1 ed an d fi n i *h e������1, co vers  the. joi wm ill., bo isi ing works, blacksmiths \  shniif engine'and boiler.  The benefit Cariboo has derived from  this  enterprise is eensulerable., but should the undertaking prove successful the au vantage wi  b  With regard to the other statement���������viz.,  that the price of gold has advanced since tbe  establishment of the;-Assay Oflice in 181$ from  IJ to 3 per cent.-���������the price of gold dust has  certainly advanced iii British Columbia since  the halcyon days ot  the Hudson Cay Co.,  when it was sold at SII per oz. ;��������� but 1 think;  tbat a mere tyro in political economy will see  that this is due., like other changes in commerce, :to ihe inexorable law of supply  and  demand,���������to cheaper freights, more  coinpe-.  tiiion,  and -many  otter reasons ihat I might  adduce.    Gum boots, champagne, candies,  and cocktails, and many  other . commodities  which are necessary to the comfort and well:  being of the honest miner, have   changed  "prices in his favor.    Wilt the Assay Office ar-  } rogate to itself the credit for this also?   The  argumenium ad ahsurdem might be followed  indefinitely,. but further comment is, I think,  pects in a claim near the fytbogan oo., on  Germansen creek. . :     '   :. y  There were about 150 men wiutering'in the  Omineca country, and there were provision*  sufficient to ia3t them into but not beyond  Judo nexfe.  e great indeed. Should that, portion of the i 'unnecessary ; and I leave the matter to the  ���������ro������nd now being worked prospect well, | d������������teion ot &n intelligent, and n&prejudiced  more shafts on other portions ef Die grant will *    ^*  be sunk next spring and summer;  rind; we  MININGCOTRT.  petora H.'M. Ball, Es^^old Commissioner.!  \    Fribat, Jati. 12,3872. -  Thb Ambrose? Co. vs.-;S. Ji. Tompxins.���������This  was a suit brought to recover the sum.of $147  M for assessments incurred between 1st November and 11 tb December. ;'..".  Mr J. S, Thompson. Sivcretarr of the Company, appeared on their behalf, and asked tor  judgment under the 81st section of the Mining  Ordinance, contending^that one shareholder  -could not separate his interest from the rest.  and was bound by the act of the majority.  Mr Tompkins appeared on his own behalf,  and produced receipts for assessments up to  1st November, which he claimed released him  mi til the ,20 th May. Reargued that he was  *ntitled, as regarded his one full interest, to  the benefit of the order of the Gold Commissioner of the 1st November laying over all  .claims, and was not bound lorpay any more  assessments until the -end bf the close season,  having given notice to the foreman to tbat  ���������effect: "' ��������� ���������     .     l  The Judge held that the company might  ���������decide to continue tbe working of the claim  ���������during the close season under the 81st section  of the Mining Ordinance, and that the defendant, as a shareholder in the Company, was  bound by such decision ;���������that the order of  *-4he Gold Commissioner.of the 1st November,  laying over, claims, was not compulsory on  the Company, but only permiasory, and that  an individual shareholder could not refuse to  pay bis assessments when the company had  ���������continued work.  The Judge remarked that if the defendant's  contention were correct he would receive his  m������v sav that on the success of the Lane cc  Ku rtx Co. depends in a * men fc measure th e. i n-  fiu x of cap i tai \ to Ca ri boo .Col on e 1 L an e  leaves by the next express on his way to  Ca I libra ia. y U na Ms i s te d . and al on e', he; h s s  n j an a������gi������d th e C o u. p a n y ��������� a 1) n si n ess i n Rri ti si i  Col u mb i a, a n d p r osec.i 11 e d the o pe rat i on s to  thei r p res en t'. sta te' of eft) pfap 'py,; fprl^v hie h he  la en tl tied to all c re d i I. -'���������;..' W'</ w i sh, hi m. a sa f(;  jou mey home an d th at' sii ccess i u h is u nd er  tn k i n g h e s o .we II d esen^es, a rid w h i c h th ere  is goo d reason to -b el ie ve he; wi 11 o b t a in.  Pko Bos*o Pcblico.  Safk,���������The public have been in some doubt  as to the movements of Messrs. O'Reilly and  G.B. AVfight; and some anxiety for their  safety was caused by reason of no tidings of  them having been, heard for a'length of time,  ft must havti been towards the end of November or beginning of'PDecember when they  were at Babine Lake, and they still bad an  arduous journey before them if they intended  going down the Skeena. Communication bo-  tvveen the month of this river and Victoria is  most uncertain ut this time of the year, and  it may be some time before these gentlemen  get to civilization.  Mr J. S. Thompson*.���������-Hy the next express  . this gentleman leaves for Ottawa to represent  [We woKld mnipd our correspondent that ovu,0() m(X LSUooetdtalriotelll the Dominion  REGISTER OF THEHMOVETBK  At Richfield..Wm. Creek, Irom Dec. 29 to 12th  Jan.i '72, taken at.9 a.m.each day, showing the  highest rind lowest range for preceding 24  hours':' y  Max. ������������������   ���������       . Mix.  December 29��������� 2 above zero. IS below zero.  .', 30���������17 below "      40-below zero.  !U-20 below zero. M     ft  January 1��������� 2 above zero: 2'3     "  2���������24 above zero. 10     "  3-29 " "      ���������������. " 2S above  4T30    f     ������������������'��������� .. 'H   >  R���������3 ��������� I b el o w zero. 20  (i���������Sfi above  7-HI ��������� "   - .  22  23  ' 2  8���������84  10-27  11���������32  .    12-20   r       "...  8    ������  The mean temperature for December. 1871,  was 2.59������, against 18.48������ for the corresponding month in 2870, the highest point  reached being 38 ������_ above and the lowest 40  below zero. The thermometer was below  zero on 18 days against 5 in 1870; on .11 days  it never got above zero at the highest  by asserting go id does now sell for more than  it assays, he does not. refute our remarks that  h ad the d n st assayed in 1871 been sold be fo re  the estabi isb men t of the Assay ORI ce t he  mioHrs would not have got as much for it by  about $14,000 ; nor refute that dust since  such establishment has yiocreased in /price  from; IJ fo 3 per cent. But ���������! Pro Bono Publico J does assist the proof of our statement.  I-ie adrn its 10O oz. IPX U\gpi 11irig creek dust  now sells for $1710, Lowhee lor $1712, and  Antler for $lt>( 0. Until the opening of the Assay Office only $1048 would have been given  fd'r J.0.0 oz. Lightning d'ust. $IG^3 for Lowhee  a u d $ 15 4G f o r A n 11 e r ; and w h i t o go I d d ust  has, since the Assay-On1c������opened������increased  in price, ''gum boots, chump ague, candles and  cocktails" since that time have not changed  iu favor of the miner. The reader will observe the price of gold before assays were  m ado. an d tbe amo u n t as admitied .1 >y ou r  c o r res p o nd en t assays prod uco - to the in i ner.  and will then see why it is that dust ban. so;  much>'Xlk)reused, in price���������lin. Skxtinkl.]  Parliament. Those who during his residence  in Cariboo for the past ten years have kuown  Mr Thompson, Lave not failed to recognise in  him. that ability and intelligence which uo  well fit biiii tor the position he is about to fill.  IIis friemb>, the number of whom is not few,  wish him a safe journey to Canada and back,  and a pleasant time while h������ remains there.  .QpKSXK!.Moi:-TiJ.���������rThe road to this place i*  in first-rale eomihion. Doth Fraser and Quesnel rivers are frozen, over, so that there is no  difficulty in crossing.'y:  No vet, Potato Cajit.���������Australian Andrew  made li is ap peara nee 41 lis wet*k in Barkervillc  with a novel potato cart, to wit: a sleigh  housed in, and iu rt������a charcoal hurtling stove���������  au original and elective means of preventing  his vegetables from freezing during the severe  weather we ha^-e lately experienced.-  Fo a  Vict put a .r^Co rriel i u s 15 o o th, M. L.C ,  arrived  at, Quesneimouth ou the 8th inst. by,  Pearson's  team, and  left next day eu route  to Victoria.  Tdk TKbKGJi;ArK,*~^\y'e have been requested '  to state that the line between here and New  Westminster is in good working order.  The Book Lottery comes oft* at the Brewery on Monday, and not'.more than ha I f-n-  doxeit chances are left.  The next Omineca Express will leave Quesneimouth in about������ fortnight.  $s88r~ Tuk  Kailuoaj>'.Store  ^gf  Kakkow EsOAi'ii;.���������As three men were being  lowered down the shaft of the South Wales  co., -Lightning creek, this week, the break  wouldsiot work properly, and all went down  with tremendous speed.   Fortunately there  were four feet of water in the bu nip hole, and"! on"b*iii"d��������� Soots mads to order, ho  Af ah* "from OJitxKCA.���������A email mail from  this place was brought to, QneKnehnouth by  Lewis, the expressman, and received at JJar^tfesy escaped withoutdamn ge of anj cmse- (material*. fer: li-5 per pah'.  Repairing r'-^m  kcrrilfo on Thursday last.                             ^ouence, l$m& *y  (nearly   opposite   the   Government  .A**������y  i.Office*��������� Barkerville).���������This  store   has   bee***,  opened by Mr C. A. Nolfemeier in connecti* h  with hus bto re iu. Victoria, with  the large-y  and best assortment of boots ..and shoes er������  brought to Cariboo.   He has introduced t  novelty iri th������ torm of warin   Wipter Boo  tor both ladies arid gentlemen,   Leather air  Shoe h inilings aud  Groceries are also kej'  be \0P  *\ 7-.;-  i '< ���������'< t .-������������������  ���������A&M:  '<}������&$  . -life-  ���������    *"V7.-  ���������!:���������������������������.' -  *fl?'f.i'"  ��������� r.v',y,  '���������i>y-<������:  ���������ri;.-iv. .  ryryjA.- ������������������  -.-'.-,���������*;.'*���������'-."-.  ':..���������.-     y.i������,7 ���������'....V  ^*&;*'-  . ���������'&?���������!? '.  /*>y*v  7-    -'-^':b  ..-....: v.p.y>.-.  y -y^y-y  ���������**'������������������ .���������*���������*! ���������  ���������yy-y:. *-  ;'fe.':y     ���������  ���������';���������' - MM  ���������   '3:r ������������������������;.;���������-  ;.*"���������' "    ?dfe-?^i''  !'���������--- ������������������������������������$$3i&   .  Y    ������  M?  V'IBf. ������������������  7   7     ���������   mi*  :/ Wi  P.. -iMSlx  '  -��������������������������� . -ra-i^v.  ��������� .-��������� ,'J.-Vi.'.  .-     -.���������'.sia;;':-: ���������-.  -' - .   : .':.-ifif-vi::'.':'   ���������  BY JOHN* HATOn.  ���������     Ohj'yaasl Ifrnow'd him like a hook ;  I knowM him both root and branch,  And there weren't a better hearted cuss  Went Ion fin' around this ranch.     V  I piies* you're a stranger in these parts,  For ils get I in! miir hty late  'vSo tell Ihe story how bold Jack Bud ire  ... -Saved the staunch old mwlscbw Kate.  lie wnrn't no eommoti slouch, yon bet!  :;   HeM the heart of a ioarin? lion.;  And hifshandB were as hard as knotted oalr,  And-his. heart was aa toitjrb as iron.  NEW'READINGS OF TUB M.ARKIAttK SeKVICK.���������'  A- Hampshire.iricumhent recently reported  some of the blunders he had heard made in  tbe marriajre service by that class of persons  who hare fo pick the words up as best they  can from bearing 1 hem repeated by others.  He said lhat in his own parish it was quite  the fashion for the man, when giving the ring,  to say to the. woman���������" With my body I thee  wash up. and with my hurdle goods 1 fhee  and thou." The women were Generally better  n\* in this part of the service than the men.  One day, however, a bride" startled him by  .promising, in   what she supposed to be the  e'd f������ke no,cheek, but as. quick as thought laniriiaee of the prayer book, to take her bus-  Would out with his flashing knife* band. ��������������� to .'are and to 7  And rip itiriid a fellow's ribs.    ,  The most nateral tbiugin life.  I've seen him gouge ont.a sucker's eyes,  . And chaw off ihe end of his nose;  Then put six si ngs through bis tarnal hide,  ���������i. --���������,' As flfi.������y as ;* here she ''goes.?> .,  'Tes; Jack was a noble-liearted boy,  .     ;   There's no discount on that; ., . -' / - -  And he laid out his critter every time y  .That he made up his mind for a spat  ..  Lor*. IVeseen'him mash hie dad in the jaw,  ; j And snap his.old mother's snoot;. !���������  =    ! -Ahd if they chihned him back again, x  131ack both their eyes to, boot.,    ,'.  iHe cussed a nd d ran k 1 i ke a b ii I j.y boy,  A rid I wish >we had him back.- -:p'''  ���������:   Ah! if ever aChristian 'went aloft," *������������������  xyy.:  Tbat Christian was  '���������old-3  .. ....%  -\/J\/\-}:('r-.  : ��������������������������� xm:  A'-m$y .'  -'.-���������*l^T������!?i y  ��������� }:Bn 11'm clean forgettin' the mudscow Kate,  That Jack Budge chauced to'save,  With c'ap'ri and crew .and passengers,  ...}, From a snr tin watery grave.  YPye heerd him swear; it the time should come  ���������:l' ���������   Ari\ lie'shonid be aboardl ���������  'That he'd die to st^ve that'brave old scowy y  If It snaked bim alore the Lord.    ,;  .-.   -Andthis is. the way it was, you see.:, y \  ��������� 1 ���������.'.?Twere a sladess nigh��������������� in.Sane,        .[head,-  u07o0 ��������� ���������i,>���������i|,' tli4������ drum on a shipmate's  .'.He was a  * Below, with a stone spittoon ;  "When. the cap'n called all hands on deck,  ���������   ,;*.For theswaves was risin-high.  . . A ������id the aiI r was fu 11 pf an gry sou nds,-  .    And.a storm was in the skyi  ���������   "yyy  ;-���������: V%lypy  . ������������������x/^}^ly  ��������� !v������m^  yy$$%-  ' !x;������xx:  j gt?ii&'  ��������� XXX-  ' ���������'���������':#���������'/.������������������);?  x-tiMA  ���������?/ffl#:>  XK?\y  '������������������ ���������.������������������%lplp  ���������f' T i'v;';'.',:  ill  ������������������  -/Ayxr,  yvh$!  ^y/x  ������������������ -lym  ��������� /1 py  "   A x'ip  ��������� VA  y.  ��������� X', i>MW  ry:$p  ��������� rp.X-'-V'  pi&yyv  x/y ���������  ������������������ yyy:  i> p  v yy r  y/yv  yy  ��������� y  ���������ck/ Ax.v.:  Wm&i  y-yX i tXyX-^P"', * i  l" :M  Ai      '  ;' 'the b'arometer'��������� hnng on the  y * And it made a'dredfle show,.  Yy ..As the.��������� nilei.cnry.fell, and fell, and fell,.'  Till it never fell so low. ���������/'��������� ������������������'.'  '! "TXha t d id Juc k:.. do as he tin ife fall ?  '       He gare an orfi.l frown,  .And seized the-darn-jignmaree iii a flash,,  [<   And.turned it upside down!  .As lie held it tight in a deathly grasp,  He shivered from top to toe:  For the storm fought hard to have its.way.  But it badu'Uio sort of-show,  For bis grip was a grip of iron you see,  And he gripped with a grim despair;  [out.  Till the clouds cleared off and tbe wind dkd  And tbe sky once more was clear.  ��������� But he still held that barometer  The downside up. as you've heard,  .    .And stopped that storm a comin oil,  .To be just as good as his word.  And he uever let go that bold of his,  And he never again drew breath,  For strung]in* with thunder and ligbtntn'-so  Had.made him fresh meat for Death.  ��������� Yes.'he got his ticket to see the show,  When his Inst brave fight.was fit.  And Jack Bndi������e handed" that ticket in  Ai the gallery, not the pit.  ��������� And he is au angel now, sure pop.  In his home of eternal rest,  .. .And he is loafiio' around with the saints above  , Just as good a saint as the best.  old from this day foi  ni't: for befterer horse for richorer power, in  sicrgerness health, to love cherries and to  bay." What nieaiunc: this extraordinary vow  conreyed fo her own mind the incumbent  said it baffled'trim to conjecture.  MAKE THE BEST ".TIME!  DRIVE THE BEST STOCK!  USE THE BEST COACHES!       .  HAVE THE iMOCT COMPETENT DRIVERS  ���������CA-HRY THE MOST PASSENGERS!  DO THE LARGEST BUSINESS! v  FOUR DAYS AHEAD OF  >. -H.M. MAILS! ":  Broaiupnr Bori.Kn Dowy.���������Bonaparte 7.���������  A harem-scarem sort of.a fel)ow, who occupied a .position, of eonsid'Table responsibility  in the French, nation. The imnres������?on went  abroad that he. was ambitions, which damaged  his reputation rionsid'������rab!v. IT* gained ihe  recpeot and admiration of the French naHon  1>eca nse. Ha p;r>.i i yy be wn a not a Fren ehma n.  When asked if he. thought he con Id govern  France;he replied.>4 Of Cors������can;"-���������Jul jus  Caesar���������..Sun of old man 'Cae������ar;"'He wns'born  at Rome'in his ri (a hey, and .upon .arriving nt  (he state of '-man hood became a-Rom!* n. He  was a fighter and a warrior-of some note.  His friend Brutus one mornine asked how  many eggs he had eaten for breakfast;, and he  replied .���������/ Et tn Brute V His friend lieeame  enraged at.being called a -brute) and stabbed  Caesar quite dead. Y  The Pueblo (Colorado) Chieftain gives a  funny account of a Chicago newspaper man  who'stopped in tbe flourishing young city of  Greeley.; and, being athirst, tried in vain to  get a square drink. "He went up one street  and down another, he turned the corners of  al 1 eys, he snru ng oy er d i tches. * he exp 1 ored  sheds, and -outhouses, but.the fluid for which  his soul'yearned could, nowhere be found."  lie went hap-hnzard into one building which  he thought might be ** a saloon." and enconii-  tere/3 a prayer-meeting. In- another hall he  found a farmers club. Finally, he received  trustworthy information that " there was not.  a drop of liquor in the place." He left, and  wrote to his journal that the town of Greeley  was u without inhabitants, without resources.  and without, commerce."  MISCELLANEOUS.  Van Volkenburgli & Co  Travellers by the FAST LINE SAVE  FROM TWELVE TO TWENTY 1)^1.LAKS  by, not loitering, as qtherjlines do, on Uiis  road.  je!7 F.J. BARNA R 0.  Grerowfe Johnson's Stages  CARRYING   IIER;  .MAJESTY'S   MAILS  .  . AVill leave Barkerville  .      i  ;   ONCE EVERY FORTNIGHT  FOR YALE & INTERMEDIATE PLACES.  GEROW   &   JOHNSON'S  Express and Stage Line  ���������    CARRIES.  LETTERS, TREASURE. VALUABLES, ...  ..      EXPEESS FREIGHT A.\D PASSENGERS  AT    REDUCED -RATES.  j������g=* Collections, Coinrritesioiis and General Express  business done with puncL������.'ility*iiuri dispatch;  ^T Office oi tho Cunhoo Aj-encv nt  |DAVII) KURT//.S*STOKE,' .  ���������- ai>2������ Barkerville.  awnwwiwi  ua i'ijib<i> Mr^J'^������.������-J?rt-������4nM������  -^ . -^>.���������^_  : 'A Slight Mistake.���������The following amusing  !incident is said to have occurred a Sun flay  ov two since at the parish church of a village  h short distance from Han ley :-r-An eloquent  preacher bad made an appeal on behalf of  -the Sunday schools, and the churchwardens  were making a collection from pew to pew.  One of.these functionaries came at length to  At pew been pied by t h e w ife of a fi������ >u r.is h i n %  ���������publican. Notwithstanding the stirring appeal which had just been made. Dame Quick-  ley;had been overcome by"sleep, and did not  immediately deponit her contribution, so the  churchwarden gently nudged her with the  plate, whereupon the good lady, being  brought to a semi-wakeful state, coolly swept  the coiitouls of the plate into her lap, with  the distinctly audible remark���������"All right,  waiter; five pints and three paper** of 4to-  fca ceo. "���������{Leads .Mereury.'  ERVILLE,  ���������And���������  ICHFIELD  ���������PEEVENTIQH BETTER THAN COSE;  HAVE been requested by several respectable pir-  ties, who call U:stuy to the eliicucy ol my system,  to again make public the tact that  Moses' Hair Invigorator':  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS.  RElsTOKB HAIll THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OK FALLING OFK, ami eifuouully /.  CURE SCUKP OK DANDUUKF.  This is not a mere assertion ca my part, as I have  in my possession nuriit.-rnus cesuciouialscertifying to  llio success ol my re;nu<iy.  I iio not ol'cours(t prelund that. I can make the hair  grow on heads which have been balii fur yar? ; but  I-will guarantee to stop the hair Irom. falling oil, 16  fncr&isn its growth, aniiciieciaallvremove.^'cuH'or  Dandrafl\ w! D   MOSES,  Barkerville, B.C.  CERTIFICATE.  This is to certify that-d tiring last spring my Iiair  was rapidly falling ont ami my head was last itonom-  ing naM. wlun I applied to Mr W. I) MOSES, iiarhiT,  Barkerville, who in a lew weeks restored my hair to  its former healthy state DAVID GIBBONS  Barkerville Oec. '29. ISfifi- ������������������lv  The FLORENCE IsiKebe?tSewing  Machine for Family use, because it  so seldom gets out of order. Ifthtr*  is one not working well in  CALIFORNIA, Y  OREGON,     .  WASHINGTON'TERRITORY/  NEVADA,-.  -  .  IDAHO. -��������� y "���������������������������;���������'  ���������     ALASKA,    '  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO,  JAPAN,:    .  Or CHINA, if informed of it, I.will  fix .it-without, any ������xpen$o to th������  owner..  ty SAMUEL HILL, Aseai,    ;  Ho. 19 Mont^meiy.Btrbe^'ffihi'.Si  GRAND HOTEL BUILDINQ,  RANCISCO,   pAL,  Send for Circulars and tamples of  .  the.work. ' Active Agents wanted in  every place. ���������.;..  R. BEAVEN,."Affi'm.  jelO 6ra    .      ';   ..:"...'"Y..-VictoriaY.l:0.  LEA & PERKII^rS,  C.elVbrated    ���������    ���������  WORCE S T E R S HIR E    SAUCE  Declared hy Couno.isseurMo be  THE.ONLY   GCOB-SAUCE,  A SUPPLY OF THB  BEST QUUJTY OF FEES! MEATS  ALWAYS OK-HAND.  ' A * '   F E-N D O L A,  BA   KERVILLE,  G-roeeries, Provisions and  .Liquors.  D ETOT    FOR  MANUFACTURE STB \ tt BNGINKS AND BOILERS,  either Higl������ or Low 1'ressqre,  MINING AID  Caution against'Fraud.-Tlic successor ihls  most aeliclous and ;iinrh*������llc(i Cyndimiut Having  caused certa in dealers to apply tbennnu-oi "AVotccs-  tfrsiluro Suucc*' to their own interior p������nipcunils, tbe  public is'lijereijy in inn ned tha it lu only way to pro-  ciirethagerjuiuc. is to      *   :>   ��������� ������������������ ������    -   ������������������  ASK  FOR  LEA &  PERRINS?   SAUCE  ami to sec that their nnmesuro upon t 1 ��������������� v.j/.iiK  LABKLft^TOVrKR, and BUTT] K.  Someol the foreign -.inurketshavinp: been supplied  witli {i spurious Worccstersbir* Sance.upon the wrapper and ialM-lsol which the names of Lea and PeriinB  have hcen foa'cd,' L. and P. give notic* lliat Uiey  have furnished f.Ueir correspondents with power <u  ���������attorney to take instant proceedings apnitist. ������am-������  fa ct u r'kk sand v kxd������������ fi ������J "s u ch i' h r a n y otli e r i ml ta-  liunsbv which tliei i r IrIi tin a yl>c-inl ringed.  Ask for LEA & PERKINS' Sauce and see  Name on.Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper. .  Wholesale ond forcxport by the Proprietors, Wor*  center; Crosse and Black well. London, &c.. &c.; fena  b v Grocers a u d 0 i 1 tn en u ni v e'nally. ,   ';   Grist, Quartz and Saw-Mills, and in fact anything  cuniu'CLed with tho. Maclunc business. Iron and  Brass Castings of all descriptions. On hamland for  shIc, a large assortment of Snoot, Bar and other Tron,  Boiler Holts, Jack Screws, Brass C<u:ks, (Jlohe Valves,  CVirteiery Ruilitigs of itifierent .IVittcrns, Car Whttufc  with Iron and Steel Ax3es, Steam Pipe Killings, itc. -  ' AU orders promptly attended' to. Terms Cash, at  our Works iu Victoria.,  wyli  SPKATT & IRvING, Proprietors..  Miners' Provision Store,  BARKERVILLE.  A; aiLMORE,  ������y28  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.l.  AS ON HANI), AND IS CONSTANTLY receiving a  lar^e assorttiH nt of CLOTHS, CA^IJIivf.lKS  an 11 V K8TI NGS, which he is pre -pared to * make tt������  order iu the most approved styles.  $������f Parties on  William   ('reek can  havo their  raeusure'S taken by Mr McCnllnm, Barkerville  KfST All erd������rs from Oarlb������������ pr������mptly ������tlend������^ to  Pf*.  A T THIS STORE WILL ALWAYS BE FOUNB A  j\.   we 11 -selected stock of tbe ���������  Freshest   Groceries   and  Provisions in. Cariboo.  BEST JAVA COFFEE.  Roasted and Ground dully.  m  x mm  'vyyyy  P/Vr  .: ���������  ...���������L.rr.f-njw  ' y  W^'-^M  tall  BsfflffiHR*  IP  Whero a good assortment of Goods will always b*  I trust hystrinf attention to business and fair and  square dmling to merit a continuance, ot. theJlpem  pfttronagt horot*for������ ert-?a^**l to m������.  fb4,tf  WX  wm  1


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