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The Cariboo Sentinel Feb 15, 1873

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 $3  5  Agents for the'"' Cariboo Sentinel."  Siaji|^ February 15, 1,873,  No. 16  A D. Mclnncs..  Barnnnl'p Express  Barnard's Express  .      Barnard's Express  do do  John Murmy  ���������   .  Mr Webster.  San Francisco  v      -      Snn Francisco  30 Corning London, fE.G.,  CARIBOO SENTINEL  C*urd������. Circulars. Pos*prp*nd Programmes Tor  Bulls anfl Theatrical Entertainments  $&g?VfXe c'ufefl with rieatnepFAnd dispatch.^^f  Teriins moderate.  LAW OF CALIFORNIA  Xk.XTUACTSTROII'COT.. LAKE'S riHPHLET.]  m  m  Th* Untied States pn������?ed no laws regarding mines or mininir lands untij nearly twenty  years after the mines of California vrere  struck.1^Previous Jo' 1866 the romers made  their own laws and regulations and held pos-  feowary title, j During;that year ttiaGenejral  ���������Government passed, a Jaw by which mlnjsrs  could acquire a proprietory, title fto trnartss  ledges by doing $1000 woTthof^ork previous to patent and paying the Government  $5 per acre. That law Jwas repealed,and -fte  ���������present law ypassed^wliicb !ineludes placer  mines���������fixing the rate at $2 50 dot acre. 'In  orderin carry the laws: into effect H requires  ���������no special officials, the land and survey ctti-  'cers doing the work, Tor which they receive  fees only. I believe .the only official in the  employment ctf the Government 16 Rossi ter  AV, Raymond, IT. S, Commissioner of Mining  statistics. He was employed for Che purpose  of gaining i-riformaiion regarding the wan ts  -of the miners, so that tbe Government could  pass suitable laws. Clause 3d of th������ instructions given to him by the Government to  report upon Is as follows i  u The special nee&s of the great mining interest*^���������how U oan be encouraged and rendered most productive-; how" far individual  enterprise Bhould'bS'left nntramasHed %  legislative" action, aha to wbat extent and In  "what instances Government might properly  lend its aid to facilitate the development of  Ihe mines and thus arrest the prerent annual  decrease in the production of bullion."  Upon bis report the present Mining Law  *waa passed in 18T2, and is as follows : . \  ���������Sec. Ir-All mineral deposits in lands, both  'surveyed and unsurveyed, are free and open  to exploration and purchase, and the lands in  which they are found, fo occupation and purchase, under regulations prescribed by law,  and according to the local customs of rules]  of miners in the Several mining districts, bo  far as the same are applieabte and not inconsistent with the. laws of the United States.  See.^Regulates the size of mining claims.  A mining clftinHocai^ aftertheipassage of  this Act,,wlK?ljbeT Joca'ted^Ay - one oV more  JN&re^ feet  fin length (quartz claims) along the vein or  lode;\ bnt.no location of a mining claim shall  %eniade until the discovery of the vein or  lode within" the limits of the claim located.  - if Sec. 3r-The locators of all mining locations  heretofore made, or which shall hereafter b e  made; on any mineral vein, $e$e or ledge,  situated on the public domain,-their heirs or  assigns, shall have;the- exclusive right of possession and enjoyment of alii the surface Included vri^in the lines of their locations, and  of all veins, Sofles and ledges throughout their  entire depth, the top of the apex of which lies  inaide of such surface lines extended downwards .��������� vertically^ a^^  or &w%es(������siay so far depart from , a perpendicular in their course do wri ward as to extend  outside tfe vertical side lmee of said surface  locations.       -'-'... "y x'yx    ��������� '���������  i/V.  "Secj-Yf-^he^ ihe de-.  velopmentfof * vein or lode,- or for the dis-  cov^yoT; mines,; ^  shall bave therjght ������^possession of all veins  ���������Sff.lodes:within;3000'feet-from the face of  s������*ch tiKmel ;f on > the; lino ) Ifeereef, 'not pre-  yjou^ylchown to 'exist, discovered; -inisuch  tu n nift, to th e same ex tent as, if discovered  frota *&ie surface; and locations on the line  >of swdh tunnel of veins or lodes not appearing  on thesurface^ ma^e by other parties after  the comraencCTpent ��������� of i the thnnsC ahii While  the same is }>ftoig presecnted with reasonable  dtl Igence, shaft be invalid j������;feiit* failure to  prosecute -the work on the tunfeel for six  months shall I be considered asi:an; abandon -  merit of Jhe right to all undiscovered veins  on the line of said tunnel,   i ��������� Ap   'T.."'!  Sec. 5���������That the miners of each mining 4is-  :trict Vmay ina^e rules and regsilatioxts hot in  conflict with the laws, governing the location,  raanwer <et recopl ;i������g, amount of work necessary- to hold possession of a mining claim,]  subject to the folIbwirig requirements v The  location must be distinctly ; marked on the  ground so that the boundaries can be readily*  traced. ;AU records of mining claims bere-  aTteT'lnade"shall Britain the name or names  of the locators, the date of location, and such  a description of the claim or claims located,  by refei^nee to some natural object, &c., as  will identify the claim. On each claim located  after the passage of'this Act, and until a patent shall have been issued therefor, not less  ! than $100 worth of labor shall be performed  or improvements made during each year. On  all claims located prior to the passage of this  Act, $10 worth of labor shall be performed  or improvements made for each 100 feet in  length along the vein until a patent shall  have been issued therefor, but where such  claims are held in common such expenditure  may be made on any one claim. And upon  a failure to comply with theBe conditions, the  claim .or mine upon which such failure oc-  curredshall be open to relocation in ihe same  manner as if no location of the same had eve.1  been made : Provided, that the original locators, their heirs, &c, have not resumed work  upon the claim -after such failure and before  such location. Provides the course ,to be  pursued in case of the failure of co-owners  to contribute -proportion of expenditure.  Sec. 6.���������*Provides manner for obtaining a  patent.  Sec. 7���������Provides for the hearing of adverse  claims.  - Sec. 11���������That where the same person, association or corporation Is in possession of a  placer claim, and also a vein or lode included  within the boundaries .thereof, application  shall be made for a patent for the placer  dais*, with the statement that U includes euoh}  vein or lode, and in such case ajpatent Bhajl  issue for<the placer claim, including such vein  or lode, "upon the payment of $5 per aore for  such vem or lode claim, and 25 feet of surface on each side thereof Thb remainder of  the placer claim, or any placer-claim not embracing any vein or lode claim, --rihall be paid  for at the rate' of $2 50 per acre, together  witb all costs of proceedings; and where" a  vein or lode, such as is -described in the. 2d  section of this Act, is known to exist wlthiu  the boundaries of a plaser claim, an application for a patent for such placer olarm which  does not include an application for the vein  or lode claim shall be construed as a eonehi-  sive declaration that foe claimant of' the  ���������pJacer mine has no right of possession of the  vein or lode claim; but where the existence  of a vein or lode in a placer claim is not  known, a patent for the placer claim shall  ���������convey all valuable mineral:and other deports within tho boundaries thereof, y. -'���������  Raymond^ U. S. Report remarks,^, regarding taxes and titles: " >  * Tbe benefits derived by Government from  tbe mines must be indirect. No tax;for revenue should be laid on mining any more than  on,agriculture. Taxes sufficient io cover the  cost of the necessary supervision of the mining  interest are, properly enough, levied in' all  countries except the United States. - ������������������/���������  1 " The manner of conveying^ titles, to the  mines should be so regulated as to avoid as  far as possible all litigation in futtrrerand at  the same time encourage, mining... For) U  must be remembered, in STirrenderlpg the  title to the mines wholly to tbe patentee/we  remove that stimulus to their development  which the conditions of. the possessory title  formerly wiaihtaihed ; and we can only rely  on the natural laws of supply and demand to  secure the continued working of the mines  According to those laws, profit limits production, and mining must be profitable to the  individual if It Is to be continued for any  length of tirae: Now, passing a title to the  miner which is indefinite or ambignoufl, and  brings him into conflict with his neighbor, is  laying a heavy burden on mining, and so,  without gain to any one, diminishing the product of bullion,"  HOTELS, U^TAptlANTS, &c.7  ^  f*;fv  \> ���������,:  Tailiancotir, Latery & Co.,  [SUCCESSORS TO N. CUNIO,]}  B?g to Inform their frlomls jand tho pub lie that that  have taken tbe welt known premises in Barkervlllo  so long favorably patronised ^while in the occupattoa  of Mr N. Cunio.  Tlie Celebrated\XX?K Ale  ���������will ibe manufacturedJandJfloldJbyf^hi^csalQ.tffid^Re-  %a$L i������ Its purity, aad ��������� ���������  The best)Lig.uors3^ Cigars  ...... ^ ^  constantly kept on banfl.  Tlie IjodgingI "Department  will be always carefully Jattended to,' and the bcsV  Beds, and accommodation provided--for their. cutf>  tomers. .."   deW  S. P.  HAVING- PTJKCHASED^THE ~ ABOtjEf  Hou?I from Mr J. J. Robertson, begs to. Inform  the travelling public and the Miners of jCariboo that  he will.do bis utmost to sustain tbe "wpll-earaed reputation of the bouse as a first-class Hotel  MISCELLANEOUS.  L1GHTN1MG   CREEK  J. W. LINDHASa  Van Winkle, June 5, m%.    '  Will as Usual be furnished with the best the fifarktrt  afford*.,      _  Is well {stocked with Spirit^, AteSj JWines and^cigara.  Are comfortably furnished, and a large addition 19  tbe number of rooms is now being made.      .  Are the best in the Upper Country, and wilt  always be well supplied with Hay and Grain*  '- iu20'        "���������***'���������   !'  TK2 SANS OS1 BRITISH NOHTSAMEft-  1 ICA at VICTOKIA will until fuftber ,nouciJ pay  on'money spcciully lodged Interest at tbo rate of  Pour per cent, per ahnto :  on, deposits subject to^iitoen Days rnorc������ 'of *&h  drawal,and ���������������������������'.-.>��������� '   ���������������������������������������������  Five per cent, pet annum...  on DwttajMbjqGt to Thirtyp^i notice jofwith*  drawal.       .     ��������� HENRY A. TUZO,   .  Managor Victoria Braach.  October 18,18T2.   ���������  SURVEYS AKD PLANS E^CUTE������  On reasonable terms.  $&* Orders left as 5J THE CAMBOO SENTINEL  it!-  ?Ma  <}i\\  f;"i<f ;i j 5  '���������iif-'^-y.  ���������������������������is-*}'-;  ���������r>. 5.;:  X'i  ytf-y-?.l������'  :-1. J  m  ���������0������A  - ('ji'. 1.1"  : :k>*3 '���������':  'i'-iVi;  ���������#f'yl:  .vi-J4;ri:'-  ���������7 Ia r  - '-t ''' ���������;  '>���������"!  SATURDAY. 'FEB. 15,1'873.  . We have'belwe ns Odi. Dane's pamphlet,  ������contrftfl6ngthe mining law off tb is Province  ; ������������������-wi-fh'tbeHawB ttf tire Dom-infie-u and the State  -of California, and the'Contrast, it wnstbe  ��������� ^offfessefi/is^ery.BTCCh'to the ffisadvatitagi  ,^f the former, tf as *we gather from Col  La-no's rewards, the prosperity of.'California  Is due to the liberal character of her mining  invistmetrt -af* "capital, the Inference is a  tiatttral me thai If we follow her example the:  'likacM: fortune will attend -my Tor Chat  BrlM'Qbhtmbla is rich in minerals no -one  doTiW, but that feeHef will help us Wt Tittle  Tffitbont we give opportunity to those 'who  %av������ the tnonej zmd the win to test its value.  ���������In a ppevicn-3s itrticre: adiroeafing the granting  <jf proprietory rights to miners, we pointed  <KEt^a^*the^rd%leni to Waived by';-our  legislator! w*s to give a good title to the  land, -simply imposing such restrictions that j  -will pieveat the.lands after tbey aw pur  ���������cbasefl from Temain'mg in their present con-  'flittw, idle.. It is a question���������tlmt is not very  i^wy of solution',   lit is almost impossible toj  1egislate.'ia,-8adb a.inanmrr that while givkir  $h������ m(Wt liberal terms to those wboihi good  #aith would Invest money and labor in mining  .and atitbe same time prevent others from  locating ground is the immerlift-te neighbor^  fceod of productive mines or claims in course J  ^f feeing.pros pec ted.that "the labor of the  ^worker raay pot.pro^t fiy.increasing the value  o f tice San d o f the speculator. But as our p-rest n.  law, ss admirably adapted for and with tliat  'Purpose steadily-kept in view^n its adminis-  tritfea,- .bas^io ������ great extent failed in Us ob  sage of an Act that in one year gavetuch an  impetus tominlirg tbni the production of bullion wasHncreased,accorflingto Welte, Far-  go's report, 43.952,284 ff& This is abatement pregnant with interestHothe people of  Brliish.Cdluirfbia. Who rn! the face of such a  (result, with *be knowledge of the decreasing  production, of tfur mines, shaH*say feat the  present,policy of stagflation is desirable.?���������.  Such a man ds an antiquated fossil, whose  proper place woul!be a glass ri&te ia the.  Brilish Museum, as a lamentable instance of'  wfaei anr lateUigent-huinaubelng may 'became  uuder the deadly iaftueaoe o������ pr^uclsce and  barbarism, ,       ..*���������'���������  ���������".-,A'A  iff-4 propartfoirtl'Increase tn the production  of bullion from our mihea can be bTonpht  abowt by amending our Mining Law and  placing it upon tbe-Bamo footing aa that of  the State ������f California, by all means \&i it be  done. ���������... ��������� .y.7  We have tio means of obtaining noses* to.  the Califorr^a law ia ite entirety, but the Ca������  nadian law we have examined, *<ad while we  think some/of the cknies would admirably  suit our wants, there are others that we*  Bhould be; sorry��������� to' see adopted. Bit criticism, not law making, ia 'ow-'province, and  we /shall await'the result of*^ tbe Inb'Ora of the  seloct, committee with - some anxiety. How  is it-that the'brfly practicaliwiaer in tho  Ho-ase���������Mr $, Hunter���������was'not placed upon  tho'������������������.committee.'?- 'Surely'*each--an important  matter was worthy even of such a master  mind;- '   '"' '">  ���������" -���������:.:':-"- ��������� -.���������..:'  . ,..  ,  PROTECTION.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  MISCELLANEOUS  A PUBLIC MEETING WILL BE HELD AT  VAIWIIKIE ON I0ID1Y EVEHIHG,  And at the Theatre Royal,  To discuss proposed changes in  i  Feb.l5,i������T3.  WATOTN PRTOE.  K. \L SKINNER.  CHAS. WILSON.  O.L.snEPPARD.  <5EO. BYHNES.  R. DEVLIN.  ,*OHN HUDSON.  jeot, we cannot well expect any amendment  ,: &$*;.% e .jwstfec t. in ;tb at reap ect.:,,,./. yxyxy   :��������� ���������  & eoHct icotnaaiWiee of "the - House having  y l&eti illpoi-ated-Wj report amendmenis" to tbe  present tarning law in order to place it upon  & foot?dg with the more liberal laws of other  countries, Mr Walkom (who appears to be -fee  vulj one; of .osr re^resentaUves.'Who has the  courtesy to -consult the wishes of bis -cbnstitu- j  ���������������nt������ ������poft this Important subject) telegraphed  ���������to the writer Gf this article to cal^ & public  ���������meeting for tbe purpose of obtaining anexj  ���������frt^Bsioa'.ofiopittion^as tojhe .oKpediency of  't\te proposed change.   Some delay ensued ih  ���������transmitting thei message.   It now would be  -nseless to call a meeting to express an opin-  -l^hon such a matter without having' given  ���������4ime for its discussion, and by then fbe pro  posed ������hangestnay have becorae law.   We  certainly think that it is unfair to throw the  whole of the business of this important con-  stltuency upon our senior member, for he has  served us woU.and his time must be fully 6c-  .CUfHied, but Mr Barnston, who is on the com-j  mlttee, or Mr Hunter (who is silently preparing some  great  burst of eloquence with  which to electrify thO people nt the next  general election)  might  have  notified us  in time to discuss this matter and arrive at a  satisfactory conclusion.   We have no doubt  about the result that would Mbo arrived at,  when we consider the generally depressed  .condition of onr mining interests and Ih^  banefita that would arise from a system combining liberality to the capitalist with eoourity  to existing owness.  We have uolisjiCu fdth in the ability of  4ho members of &������'committee to suggest any  itrery gfeat improvements to the mining law,  < li at lit they h ave no t the wi t to devise, they  w&y have the.iadustry. to compile from ex-  4sting: laws siich ������tn; Aot as may meet our re-  ���������qulrements. No better instructions could be  given -them than those^ of the United States  GbVernmeat (we copy from the pamphlet) to  their Coqimisslbner:���������u The special needs ������f  the great mining interest; how H can be on;  flouraged and rendered most productive;���������  how far irtdmaiial enterprise should be left  -ttutramelied by legislative action; arid, to  what extent and in what instances Government might property lend its aid to facilitate  the development of the mines and thus arrest  ^he annual decrease of bullion.'' The result  arrived at by the Commiasloaer was the pae������  notice/;   \ .  nXVTNG- DETERMINiE0 TO CLOSE, out,  ll.   my iwint'RK ID'Cariboo at ad early <l������t������������, Ire-  quest tliat ;i1l pcrsoDR Indobted tn me hy'Bimk Ac  count or 'othcrwUe will .on 11 ;and scltie before tin  FIRST day 'of APRIL, 1873.  y My Stock in ^rade for  sale  Cheap  for. Casli to  effect a speedy clearance. ;  given pni  ������2T.TUc ^roniise��������� ftir sale.  1st of Juno, lS"J5i.  Fel).7, T873.*  possession  DAVIDSON.  .Ayt: :y fe8  EESTAURMT  AND   BliKERYl  THTSOt.D.AiimWRUi-R^OWV B������?TABi.I?RMKM  is always RnpiOl^H wlfli tlio best of crerylliin*  Ibat can be procured in Cariboo.    .  Board, - - $12'per Week.  Single Meals! - "��������� -5- Isl,  -'���������''������������������ - ���������*��������� ' ;Thc Celobmtod  FaESH   GROUND   COFFSE,  '.iA superiorariio!<\ to nny w^lcli rnn.b������*had fr*������ro.l������������.  low, K'nsf*! nnd Gronu'l rfn tl������������ premises fmnUfe  host sflect'dl "berdes, nn������l warranted I ree from Rrtiil  Titian,  ijolT J. 0. GOOT^OX  '���������Mr B?rnster bas made another effort to forco  upon the attention" of the Dominion Parlia  ment the Modi^ed Tarilf;. nonsense.   Does ii  ever ������ ecu r to that genttoman that there are  consumers': In fhls district as well ae pro  dncers?  The whole theory of protection was  exploded years' ago aV the greatest! of falla:  ioieey Tririt meinber^for 7laytton ; ralght well  doubt tbe earnestness 6? Mr Bunster, an*d}  could only be brougbt to brieve in it by the]  constancy with* wbicb he has endeavored to  force his views upon an linwiUihg fieuse.  We imagine tbat.Mr Bunster himseif does not  believe in it, or if he .does his belief is not J  the result oi .:conviction  as. to  the  ben-  fits that will; accrue irom a Modified Tariff.  It- Is only-crediting him witli a reasonable  Jimonbk of .common sense to suppose that he  propounded the idea ;in tie first place for  buncombe, and eventually forced himself to  helieve it right by the very persistency with  which he advocates that which he. -iaowu to  be false.  J  DRUG STORE,  HAVE BEEN WSTRtfCTTCD' BY thr  S^eUrtrr ol .tho ECTEKA COMPAN%. Antic* n  Creek, to sell u>yAueti<JB,   i  AT KARKERVILLii:. ' 'y -    , .  On MONDAY, the 5.7th.dayof February, 1873  at Twelve o'clock, noon,,:      ?; ? ���������  The Jn teres t ������f. .Samuel .-Roberts in. tlier;Eur'elca  Company; for Xsscs'srnVnis dnoP'A. ' '   '  '��������� X '  'J''���������!���������.':'"''-.���������":A"-   fiVX)i.'BYRNES, Atictioneor   i,  Bfttfccrville, Feb. 3.-a*13 ;���������-���������;'*l'e8 '  Assessment Notice.  AVEST OF ������M*TiANO CO.. LIGHTNING  VTOTICE !S HRRRBY .tSlVRN" 1HJIT YF ALL AS  Ll ,sw3stn������vnts h'HV t\w* and to ln>c"mo duo oii lb  One-Hiilf Iritw^t & tho West oi- ^n������litn������l 'Company  ,on. Ligiunhig (Ireok sUn'Un&iu thuAtoiik}) of suhl Com  any in tlie nari'ic o( jT^SWil MKtHF.WS. bo  n<������-  .   ENGLISH DRUGSV.  .    PATENT MEDICINES,,  PROPRIETARY ARTICLES,  Clieralier'sLlfe for the Hair:  . COUGH LOZENGES, fc &'       :  $&* Teetli careMly Si-  tracted and Filled^  0$~ Prescriptions and Family Retlpes ������*.  ouratHy prepared*  Barkervilie. Nov. 20, 1872. no23  pany  or FJtbniiiry.  pul������r ou or bH'oro tlio ���������Fifto'Mitb:-iiity  1873, the fcal'i half iuvr.vt will be solij at. Public Auc  tion at Baitavillc" at Twelvo o^cldck, Noon, ou th?  Filteeuth tluy of febraary.- ���������  A3AS. V. GERALD,^  ��������� "      - '     ���������  'Spcn'tnry West of EngJan'l Co  Ughttiiug Creek, Jan. 30,1873. fel  BARKERVILLE,  ...   DKAI.KIt IN*  Grrooeries, Provisions and  Liquors.  Ordkr is Hkivb^s FmsT Law.���������The following notice <by a local Josh Billings was  found on the desk of one of our friends, who  had bees annoyed by the iaat^ation of hi*  employee^to the-preccding maxim*: "Please  no not encumber this desk with oil cans',  jjrindsiones, curfy-cotnbs, ox-yokes, pack-  saddles, -bay-in tbe baleV^lugtbbafcci), cross  cut saws, axes aud steam-engines. Neither  with jack-screws, plotigh9, harrows, picks,  ahovels, crow-bars",-hand-spikes ; in short,  witb nottring.that one man cannot lift. N.B.  In fact, tbis desk was made for the purpose  of writing on,,?  Barn^d*s Expbkss, with the mail, arrived  last Saturday evening, and left again for be*  low oti Tuesday morriing,  .". i''':':'y oAfe.  The undersigned, Committee, w os) respect-  *������eg. on behalf of the three children, to  tender their most sincere thanks to tho ladles  uad gentlemen who so kindly assisted In the  performance, and likewise to friends on the  outside crcekslor their able support to th(B  benefit, ������������������*       . i . ���������  JosnraBbnnt,        -Frikk Peejibt.  Charlks Wilson.     JohnM*Leau  Repout of proceeds of performance given  at the Theatre on 8th February for th?  benefit of three orphan ehildrei.  Total proceeds of performance,        $299 87  Expense of getting up   " 4ft 25  CQIMISSION, STORAGE.  A������������  JA?3ES   W1CKHAM,  a  Balance, $259 62  ROASTED DAILY AT THE STORE.  DEPOT    FOR  PTONEER MILLS EXTRA FLOUR  ���������^ LILLOOET ONIONS and BEANS  on hand; .       ^������2^  BARKERVILLE,   B.C.,  HAS  RECEIVED  A FINE LOT OB1  EG.TOANNOtJN'CETHATTH^yHAVERE^pVffP  to. tho spacious premises formerly known us tt������  St. ;<3eotga Saloon, wherd they will be at all times  prepared to tarnish.  BOARD   AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BES T   QUALITY.  TH^'SaR It' fiirnlsbedilwUh' the finest 'WINES  UQUORSandOIGAKS. ���������  '.-    ''      ' '  *&i$!ri  Also, a good assortment of  GROCEltres, PROYBlONSy '   'y-  LIQUORS, CiGrARS,     ' '  ' ', '*"'���������  BtTBBBR & HEMP PACKING,  LARD OIL, ������fecv for Itaohinei?  October^, 1872.  R.   JAMES  ^x^ VnoKUAU HOW* ������J  Power.of Attorney, and Is fully au^ort^-^  Collect ail Debts duo to mo. All tuose sbbwm  themselves to ��������� bo In my debt������ by either Note of A������  count, will uteaGO make immediate payment to Vf  Agent,  HS2k  Jifi ^  ifr  my  ^i^l"^*'  r: ���������i-J  THE C1UIB0O SENTINEL  SATtJKD^ FEB. 1$, 1873.  ~SSL  rerythiiij  reek.  FCS, i  ft frnin li*.  r.'from ll������'  i from afiiil  mronx  U \  - ��������� )    ,   "'  '������������������   '"    Victoria,Feb.My.  yy The Hbnse met !lt;u8tial;h<Jiir yesterday;   ���������  ^Mrjpuck'mjn^eft fdr an address to the Gov-  <]st;n breaking=i1ftit lie wifl cau"BTeyto-Sp������������������ ������&nt  *'d o wriA top the *Ho use a d et ai iSj/d ' 6th te,f)?en t of  amount ^  ���������for Behool purposes to Dec.'Sltl87y, and to  fiwhornVpaifly^ ..  yReport^bn! ^ Bill re  ceived. i: , ���������''/"' ���������l..,.!.y p.x, ...t   :,..;,.. -..  .  .  y i Kepnft "ob-PuhlHo Works aitaelidment'Bill  jtread and amended; / "* y"��������� - '"��������� - ; ��������� "'' -  , ',- Itlotise ad j ou rued - till"? So <p; m.    \.  "''��������� yi^yi' y./i-y^lplK^^' ^;!  ^ ii; HonbVhieV at 1 p.m,*. yester^ay.',���������/*.  The Pu b He Works AraeiidnieYi t - Bill -p aBsed  *a second reading. ��������� ,'i; 0 J.f Wi VO\.  'v������he'Ballot ^BiiL'was {passed vy  ���������'.!'���������' V he' E i e ii t*.' Go ver no t tra nsm Ute d0> t o \ the  House correspondence'on'the iftubj^'ct'of the  pot Utox imposed on British siVUjoets eh tori ng.  OaHfornja ; also, correspfandenice with'respect  to bouudary;vijine������between-/British C o Hiinbia  ' --and Ala^kai '."!":������������������" *' ���������'��������� y^'yii-^"-;������������������'"  y   Tl i o B i 11 .-al 1 o wi n g Wcraeai !pMd Foreign era  V 'to vote; at .Municipal MectiohW wasipassefj."^  iy i^MV/M^  .3 fi n ������ji j fi tt/i. 10^ ji L t ,p r jv ot ^M (3 c������jxiri,c x 11 or. * C a r ^i������f I.  ' M f tie60s intis A:\(i ve tt T 'ih t\ ^ S iVn pterae n tary  "'��������� 1 Eh t? mates for 187.3'_ be ��������� feferr������?d;��������� to'iorami I tee.  *.of supply- xjxctfy'yzvvx'A ..-.'." ������������������-. ^a\  :'y The^suppliRmerttKry'pMima'ter are as :fol-;  lowSs'r-Attoritey. General ;?���������}\n ��������� ������1 ien ��������� of.fees.'  *%ldoO i repairs to'LfrtlaWAP>WrIi,in 1672.1  $l(K233^4H?;j[cormrru^ Kaim-I  paign are being pressed with vigor.; The  forces number 50,������00 and others are'volunteering.   .'"'������������������  London, 'Jan. :^i���������Spinning^iVls in Gias-  go"Wveinpldying?40'0: lianfos;wererburned last  night.'-.'' ���������������������������. .',":������������������ v!:  Berlin. %#?!il-Llri the'ClfamVer. of Depli:  .1 i es ai b ill i t p am end cl auKes In the Goh'sil tu-  tioia ���������relating to^regulations of Church1 and  State passed to a second reading by aTWrge  majority, ''y-'. ��������� -...y.-ypl  ;   ���������* He who -sUals my "������������������ * '.flick": steals-trash.. liut he  who steals ray good' Same,' * Ieg. :     .  1 E6miB^Sid*TixiL ;���������Ydur last?kfeVfec'dntains  alettlr.froKa 4I-FTck ������ in >hicbvr'eferiTng to a  letter sighed ** Ju8ticia���������l,'��������� he.i'saJs:: ��������� "''I am'  afraid tlrat&e public hdve'to p*a'y '���������>Jhsticia.^  I pMty heavy for law,iitfd be is cbnftetjuimtly  rbemoauitfg 'the ttnab'ditfvy.. iUsenOe df 'Mrii  Bau."'- -..i :���������>���������:" ,'-���������. ���������y!!'''Ayy:i  ���������X"   ���������       ���������    HmvST*������bRKfe  Mtiji|hg{ interests are Improvipg bny.Kw1  cfeSki The ' M i n n eh ah a cp. is ge Ming good  prospeets in the gravel���������as high as $6 tp'the  pan. Th������ Foster co. have a very fair pros-;  p e*c t of; co arse . gol d T he bom in ion; a re  getftnginlo paying ground. The Manitoba'  co.'is still proapeoling.    . :.'���������'���������.������������������.���������.'"..;  v ^' :y yy��������� ���������; T MtjHTNTNO CRRtfe; ' "x y^ y - - $  y; The^Tictoria��������� cp, are pu m|iing but cannot  take o u t al I the water; co n ti o u e pum pi ng to!'  assist the Vancouver, who are -makiag good  headway, .fife A Glad s ton 6 hive - 1 ost tbei rl  drift. .The Eleven of England /pumped i oiit'  tbWr'Qigging8Y,and* have started -work below.*  The'Spruce co. washed up 14 tfz. in the middlei  of the week.       -/';. ���������-   '������������������"������������������        ,      .  ;N6w, ������a\i am the'rjrlly-laWytf'in,lhe*Ot*eVlc>  h'������*i' ftSSarka- seem' to ap^ly^toi rae, aid'to in *  ate ihat -I overcharge.  'This iii!' not so j  T have only to refer tof hi y ��������� uniform con-'  P.S.-  If,<3*Plek";is "incbrrici'iln  ,       , ejrul  Jjositioii, so, Is "Justiciar ih hlsLaiiiq- .For  "'* on) 1 empo" read pro tern pore. -th P.  these  sinus  and th^ve. only to refeiv toftty ��������� uniform con-f  duict for a*period: extending pverlriitie years*  durih| Tw^ich. Ww������ I.. Nve ybeeri iconstahtly  before Ihe,-miners, to sa^eime from the soft  impeMhmVritJ^ ��������� W  unjuslffialile attack ���������mad'e^ upon^yself, and  by denyihg the 'base insinuation^-whlch wasi   -. ._t,   r       .,. ���������, 9,,,  probably, intended to^iBJure.me alo^;J,wiili"116^ ^������������������reU;between love Wnd ;d\ity, but  go to what "is of importance to : trSeApublic,,  nndi tWat Us the absdttco of a Gold^ommis-i  ',*,t  LES,  Hair.  &*i  types m  no23  'ORK.  LOUR  BEAH3  no23  n  )T X)f  ING,  aijblnetf  ln|>n?, $1,000; repftir{> t* Cpiirtljnuse at hytA  y -Mon;->$.30b j -Ei*q u i ma HY;1 > b rjU; EJti^rln ee r 5a sal ar jr  !i "for y<nriiarytyia7?i..i$16ii:^ Works!  vi'dri...;\fl ti 1  (it> j   rCiipi/Mi"^; District trails and|  " ��������� - Hi pi ������ir������itions',,j' SftO^ii'O'^ Metclrosin. District!  .7! Kfoi^l"? -"- 55t>p^f i itlf������% hariiii'd^?./: In W ti ttitfe';"r"'-'iB tir rardi  :'"������������������'Inlet.- $250 ;: oothnensnih^iasiper^ftareement^  y; ��������� y *wlthi ihe biiv:^-6ivel nor,: to Mi; Buikley, $2500 ;i  i ,:('f&folvvr,7K������K,hib������������r ^n!ndc-^eeem&eFv.-;,\i872^  '$lo0^: ..on, tstiin^ing'li-AblliUes to-Sayings "Bahkl  :,   /-dtfpoaltors, *^i 20.l  y \\ . [ / t _ *; J /, I i (s  "*'    ������������������*"*' ; \1IGT0iaA     -     '     !'j;  yictrfiiaj;!^.^  '/'i\-���������;:^ent-in town ���������to-d.My--river'the Municipal eloc-i  !"��������� 7^H)it4 fl^b������,fi>������iUiWtng&K������titl������Trt-eoi ^*rfeg6 elected,  fa es������ vk G';��������� & Ave n,; Hay ^arfl,: Robi h so u, Tay  r, '1 or. * |P r ii m in ond,  -Dal by, p rin d'; k Ke ust.    . The!  ''^niuicll;'������lec!t,Mll!lcW^'''a'MajoV froth!'. their;  70 w n ;'��������� iuttri b er! a nd it re gene rally w tpppfe d j  Ji ha t tli ei r ch oi ce' w i It 1 al 1 ,ofi Mr ,C. G pwen V  .'���������;.,;;^lic>iliejCds,'ihK>poll;tb:day;.-y���������;��������� iPxyPy'��������� >! J :,. ���������  ;: The iptter arrfv,ed a.X 6 p.m. from ?the Jsforth.  A,   . Y ictp i'ia, Feb 1W :T-Ca p t.' C o op er tested the  'boilers of the:', Priiibb' AlfTUd rfhd gave her a  * ISrait-class certificate.  - Hhi p i ii e n t'ot treasn re by fr ri nee Al fred:���������  A iffells,������rgo^& Co.. $11,344; Bairk of British;  ���������; ^oi-tli^me^ca. $i6;272.       i    ���������'���������   y  The! last of the plans prepared by the Rail-;  way Survey of Bniish 'Colurnbia Were plaoed  '.:   ^onboard the'PrinceAlfreiil yesjtfefd^jc' t;  Sotne' idea o*f the magnitude df the piiblici  *Bch'boIs of ToTonto may be. formed when 11 is  "stated itba't '.tftwi amouti t realized {foririg 1871  from Vbl'rfntary soarbea 'and Mtintcipal and  ��������� "Trustees Assessments -Was over $'200,0001  It is Te^otted the Maiine Hospital will be  built at Aospital Point on the present site of  hbe Lunatic Asylumb nil ding, and "that the  Asylum will )ye reffio'veil to Sapper'eon, New  i: "Westminster y  ��������� Tbe Domie!on ^alrliament has been vailed  %o meet on 5th March.  . '-Five.ilhoifwaLnd'idGil'larB is to beJgiven for a  ���������cattle trail from Hie interior to Howe Sound  ������������������or BurrarcL tniei    ' ' i..  The Canadian torresponclent of the. Mainland Guardian, willing'from Ottawa on the,  11th ttlt.t states/that tHie whole of Restock,  ������sf We Canadian Pacffic Kail road to been  'subscribed fot, and a deputation consisting  ^f Messrs. Allan, Abbott, Archibald, and  Walker have 4eft for London-.  Tbe .pmregatJott of the {jegMaiil^d' Aa-  *emb?y will lata place ou or about the  18th inst.'  iDLlBTOE.  Clteot. Vet>. li���������The up stafe arrived  ibis evening���������-no passengers.   Weather very  Great prepavaftotts are being made f6r the.  4>all on th'e 2M inst *  . i,. i! MINING REGORBS,  "-��������� '; -���������iSTOtlt's'GUIiCTT.  ,  !���������.W^dtftiilg ou.��������� Jan144���������Recorded ih favor*  of R.-fc-J. i/adyJiJlvfiill interest in the Wy-(  oming co., aban&pned by H. Braekman; ." /  :-: '*' wiiirsA^'Gcnck, ;   ������������������'  : iBIack JJaekyCOi-^^  fa vo rp f Ri ch a ni Gossi Wm, Gui c k, a n d -Job n  tGrripp^v .BOO' fret cr^kciaiihs-and 300 feet  Mil elalms "jaw. $Yhipriri w> gnlcbi ad j oihi ng the]  upper line Pi the  side of^giilfchyfed  i  run'ion co., on opposite;  au: Creek, bill l&iid creeki  ^laims^bfeihg alongsid e wach other. ;      vy:A  ��������� -::'A\y.     n.,   LtfeaTMNG'tRKRK. ' - " .  ' - ���������    'j    ���������.  7 VancHtiyercp^^an. iS^Recdrde&jntodri  of >M������ tBonhah;!>J6hn Gann'n'n. ��������� Wrhi *Hoiiso ���������'  manr^.-Bilslanid^P;.GocW  Halliday, - Wm; Charltpn,; J. Slater; and S.  Montgdmery, ^00'feet eacK of fflmiug groundi  on the 'rlortiiivblan-fcpf ^ightnihg; cjreekv cpm-'  men ci h g a fc. t h e low e r 11 ne ,pf: i the Vaiicp u ve ri  co. aWViinhih^p;sti,eam lOtfcteet. To be;  ���������Worked in cpnl&Cfiipipand forfin jart pf Van-i  coUver co.^'h?llcIainik ^ P '[]     _._._,.....  "Vulcan co^^eb" 3-^Recorded in faVorj of I and coats  th'erebti.-  ^iBdih tliO^te'cdrrespdh^eHts^gr^  point, antohat is the'riecesMty of .baving! a:  Gol d Go mm issio h er a p'jpbi ri ted to the d is tri p r,  at once, which is the point first brought be.  fore the riubiic.by, ^Hhsticia.^:- But ^Pick";  d o ea hot agree wit h ce^ta'in caBes b rb ugh t! by;  ;tbet-r6rtn*i" as Illtistriitions of; the ri^bfessity��������� of  mch a ppplb tmen iyn'dfi after referrin gi to i thei  first clnss oficaises/h^proceeds ;;to;i'ptiikin&.  pieces No. 2, which relates. ��������� to tbe taking pos ���������  session of? i ii .testates?.',' es tates i by the Go mm is'  sifiher. ��������� In this lie entirely flails, as 'tie looses?  sight entirely: of thei rtrinciple of the; o1u:estipnv  at JsMie,, and; drags before -the public the name  of the bite Mr Qartier. !^NoV, in.spi.te of hh:  *ytxQ od Samarl tans" to iu ppor t him; % can i h ���������{  Term - him^h.at pf of eSsidhall y t am enabl.ed tofJ  5contraffict:ihis statementi fis to *Mri'Garter^  .prpper������y,vas at;the^time, ^fihisideat^be was  lu i .nossje^sion p^;^2i jnt^resfsjhthe^ictpri^  Coriipahy, besifies oilier liersonal property^  so'- tb a t - i ndependen t o f i he tner i ts i iJyo I ved in *  the ^itestioh at issue he has only brought for-������������������  W^rd fe^ca^e inii ppinti^ which; to ray knowj^  edg9,v;PonsiderabJeyiifficuH  The B������xt;tof which he refers is No.,3.Jn whichl  he^allegei that wages fcduidbeshed'rbr inibei  Coup t y Cdftr t.   So they ��������� ca n i te i\t������ Hab iii ty lis,  not disputed ; but if,ias. * Jhsticla??>s;tates, thej  liabiliQr rffrespeOtive 'Co^partheriis disputed,  or a. ^ue^floni pf^b^ii^  arises," "'       -���������������������������-"���������������     -������������������*- -������������������-   ^  TfeE^-ais bott^;--Thei benellt ;Ut tbo  TheatVe' feS^al o n Sptrird ay eveni ng I ast wa>,  a greare^cces^i-effeclm^��������� ^it alike on tlm  popular^Ian!aier' of the dramatic borps an tl  the hu'mfir 6Vfs vblun tcef s who 'so npliiy ?cam ������  to bis [ assistanefci -'������he��������� / i^o^amtne ; coin-  mencedVith the laughable farce of "'.Cauglit  By, %e Cuff," irii^uWw^dh^Ia^  PrydrVifith a spirit a^  calling to; eiir mihas Mrs-Reeleyi in her: best  dfty&y^rarik ferret, as \TdbJneat^pit^uy  deliheated a Lonjdon pollcenian^J^o'se An in&  surrendered hiniself without, a stru^glb;to the  Wractitfn of ihe chaMrag widoV'anH Oyster  Stippefe. 'Jack'feudspVi, the Paiil fee&fdrd of  the^matetirs,^'^Islyed Mt'Bdtt^thecoramercial  traveller,4in' a>manner*Ato6rthy ,!'6f:;Ms. ''greit  p roto ty pe. * Go m������r 'Jdtirfs,; as ;He c tor'Fun k,  is deserving of the'hfghest praise; the scene  at the Close, ^7het,e:li0 emerges from the cellar  in a b oSn i lde>re& stlate, iwas W lit tie-b 1 ii f sp I eri-  didMctirtgy The partpf HaWy: Ohff>fbriwhich  MrE;C. Keufelder was cask^wtfs well^playek  by; * Mr JK: Mo DermoUt''cori8idenng 'the short  time allowed him for '���������Btadyi-.;;;-tfn'e-/farce-'-!wa%  fol 1 d wed b y ,a An u slcal ;'en ter tai riment; Mr R.  Dev 1 in ii in gi rig t w b:isdh gs that were; wel 1 su n g  au&m-ucb applauiled. 5Mrs;R;.H.-Brown'sung  f. I oatihpt!sirigiIbe; old sdhfes;V i: aadi *vMaggi������  May,"- ih her-ushal;feharmidg*fanner;?;one  never Wearies of, Hstdiiing! to this lady?s singing,, r, wcri Av Kelly^sati g{| ;Meifepry; dear'f an d  the Shanks ahd^^ft"o^6ivhiefebdn!!r^twb  v pretty baUads/sweeJlyianQ JfaiiUl^ssfy tylvep.  ifr J^ .W.<DdM|th^  that;Wer^;W^l'r^i5eJved^; Gdmar:ir6hris���������; sang  moat effectively j^rp^sorigs, ah(J^^tf: 1^-0^^"  4ie n ce Jo. the; rec-ivi phi, p f Jthifa^dienci?; recited  from the; Ingpldsby. lie^ends. the, ballad of  the  "Lady ,Jane and the; Knight.^  iOdr  power of musical criticism fails^n attempting  jtp deipribeiihe singing pot: Mr������ MiIIb ih *')*'* *  *aV  John Peebtes^phn Slater, S. Archer. E. Felll  P. Aianetta, J. Sfohtgfimery, Sam Tottipkinsi:  Wra-yBeattyi; i;Wrn; :Worraald^ ���������fepOTfeet^hill  Ctaltrfs^^o nit lie! right bank of Ligb'feing creekV  'commencing 'at rfte��������������������������� Vancouver co/s 'lower;  \\pri and rnnning rlowh streada. :Td be workecl!  in conjunction with and form part of tb* Yul  Can^CO. '��������� [-[ -V-' y;; :.i.;:. y V%', ',-1 'J;. ���������>.;;��������� Vp. .'     v   '���������"'   "\  ; tl i t p r Mi������s do .^--Ile cor de d i n favor .'off Wm.  H<>ri{?htpn,- j. J; RoberVadn, Tho8.,Burton} and  B. P^jhkiris; 4 hi������1 vciii ims ridjoiriMig the west;���������  side?of the AfeetopoyyA ^x::y: '-.'-  ��������� '1 V. V-' -���������-��������� -^OUSE CRBKK.., .  Lord Bacdn ^O.-^iTan./ 204JJecdrded In  favor of John Shaw, Thomas Duibiiry, fc. M.,  lYoupe. A.E.iG6odykpnH^  co mm ������ n ci rig. ttfear the u pp er A itre o f the fit 11;  Rig' co, and running up sti-eain, being on the  Wf t Jh a nci barik o f sai d c reeR, bil I c 1 ai m ri.  , "1 Cascade co.^lfan. 20~Recoffled in fa^ori  'oi- X. % Gooaykonta and L. M; Troupe, the W-ft right on the :parl;df 'the o^er to say  ^holeef the Cascade co.'Bgroubd'dn^ouse whether Co'rre'ct or not   The Screw to my  Greek, being 550 feet hill and 200 feet ,ttieek  claims; re-recorfl.'  ..iJHe;   the a8seissraeht id aiise of t he Am en de d Mi n i n gi  Act^ 11872;*;;."^Pick'fhrire sh6firs :hisitptaj  ignoraiice^df la%f as be cloes not appear e^en  to 'b^- ;aiWi,e fthat it��������� iBitiScessary' that there i  should ?bd some suit in progt^ssbefdre an ipri  terpleaderlui'mmoris can be issued .(ifte word  in terp leaSer itsel f mighfc ha've "ta'u^h't him ibis!  if he'hafl '$61 brieri] 6f. h, very au 11 hature), \m  the in ter^leader is o'trly a p roceSa to rel ie ve,  parties to a suit-and JJhei Sheriff agairisi ad  verse claimsx;  a'ftd as PP. Pick " says^ arid 'in  this I agree, tha't-" at the ���������{>resent, tinie ���������heithef  the Court Aft Sherilf h a Ve a hy thing to d 6. with';  the mat'ter."   The title to the proper fy sold *  by the 'ftdmpahy, witbp'hfc the sfenctl6n of the  o tatter, of a cl aim, ca'hnpt in toy opi riiop-^ be;  goed, and must be pp'&h to irrigation, as the-  words ,">W..the iainoilnt be found ��������� correct|'T;  without laying by .w!hpAV^W--n'weiiirJly.iii^  mo or a<:'  ml io tiff  mmp$A%  St> Pelm^burgv Jal. 30~^ubiic -opinion ls!  ^fccited over the account of the -outrageous*!  ���������cruelties by the Rfeedive's p'imiciah.   The'  people are in fator of an eipedHion ag^nst  IChivaj and demand the punishment of thej  esse is>  Jan.  1%  ������  \i  a  if  'u  . H,  'ii  15,  <>  1ft,  %t  17,  . tt  18.  . ������  1������,  ti  2ft,  ll  21,  hi  22-,  tl  23,  ti  2*,  ii  85,  ii  26,  . tt  87,  it  ������-,  ������f  29-,  , tt  Sft,  u ���������  si>  Feb  . 1.  <i  2,  ������  8>  hi  i;  it  6,  n  t  ���������ifiN,  "SO above zeTO^  iT  4  25  feEGIS*M OF  THERMO^feffiR  AtlRtcbfield, WWiaras Creek, taken a't $ a.m.  each dayr showing the highest -tnd lowest;  tfauge for precedsmg -24 hours-:  MAX.  '���������"���������47-  21  '������������������ ��������� li-,   m' '���������  :38  36  33  '35 .  "45  U  :38   .  26  '7  12 above  9  3 below  25 above  21  15 below  12   ���������*  12 above  *82  26  SO  32  12  ii  20  il  tt  n  a  it  u  ������  ti  u  o  S5  i2 below *ero  2 above ^  l2belota ������  16 ."������  4 above '"**  4  "24 below "**  ;33   n       %t  28 ebon' w  12  1 below n  i u  . u  6 above "  knowledge has already been .put upon share-;  holders ilnder ibis seotiob and is still being5  \ tightened. How long it >will talfe to squeeze J  this 8ecfi!i):"a 16 death is o^iijr a question of;  tithe; : V.y ::!    ':���������"-.. .'���������- J."   . '.'..'   . ',ly,"\ j  i agree "wrfh.'" Jusfici^; a*s 'to\h'e 'ap'p'oln't-l  meat of t'he Stipendiary.MagFstrates asiC6m \  misBioners ^o take affidavit^   -As at present I  am the otfljr ptdpeV perafdn itt the district to  be apppihte'd a Nptar^, 'and as itls a question  solely with 'rhysel'f of profit, knowing, thattbe  expease of.'Obtaining tbe appointment, seals'  and Yorra&t;4tcM Vs-o'illd be tenth greater than  anything t'coUld get by it, 1 he'tfessirily am  deterred fUrivn applying for ;V  1 fully en;AcV)ne ��������������� Justi'6ia's" Btfetemeht as to  the great loss and in convenience already sustained ia conBe^U-Bnce <Jf - tne noR-ap*pointment o'f a CiatVfct Registrar 'of tb'e Supreme  fart-. , '  What can tttff r'ep^entativ'es befe# b'edo-.  ^heiiau&ier^e, iind^he{rb  his;owhIIndmduality<inv^ Mr Hollpy, ih  onpipf ihe^atfees; of ^the^spng be Bpitfup6n'the  oarp^et,/ ;|The ^whble,.thing:was perfect* The  pathetic biallaii of 'i'JLp'rd:LovellVwlia '(hah  ir,iveni: by VGomar^ Johns land Frank Perrei  Mr Bushb;y/who'preside3-'at tbe'piahd,*fa:yorea  the audience "with::an ioriginal compbsltioh  ^iedn taining /many lo'bal a hits, which Were received with gre^t; applause.   The Ama^trr  Band * Am d er'the leadershi p of MirNe&t'te, d I s~-  eoursed sweet^ mufeic duringJ|ie eyenin g.- -/A%  the blbp8e of .the perfprm.ance Fl6renceiWilsotr,  !on,betiat? oi 'ihe. ))^heflciariesjV&Rnke'd .fe  audience'for their iiberantyV \p"  y :P#Tip. MisffriNGSi^fc 1^\}1 be^eeh by ii^  vertiseraent in anothfer colhmn that publi&  mtetings>ill be held at liightnihg.dre'ek 'oh  Monday"an4.in Barkervitle oh i Tue'sday; 'evei  ning next, f6 discubs'the p'ropbsed changeflAh  our Minin'g KaV. i  f*** ������������������'���������Kt*.  ingt A Jdd^e is sent.here at a large salary  to ihfefee rts pay oiir debts and without pajr to'  whip lis for our Bins, but no.obe is forwarded  to attfeWd'to our mining itlterests or tn'e ad-:  ministration of the mining iaWs, upon Which  the prosperity of our district altnpist wholly  \ depends; .   "     .  Cab it be tmtt Ih'ey are ;aboft s^ti^WslVto  atfreVd our mining latas in a*dfc6r%nce with  the snggestiona supported hi tnfc pamphlet of  Colonel Lane? tf So-, the soober We hol'd a  public meeting t5 bohsider interesta of so  vital importance to miners the better.  doping that Ibe.above rdtiiarks may be  t5 Pro horiP pitbli'db^  MS* GiF        .  Remaining fn !ihe Barke.rvilie Post dfceeon  ist Febraary,  187$.    - Parfcie>" calling Wr  letters in the following list, *will pidaSa a^fe  for AdVeTtised iietteVs;:  Brown Peter : Lifce TO  ,,. ������������������ <  Bridges T.bomas   .   , JicOprraiolc W C (2).  Bonnf^r Farolina       >lcDougal Rodk  McLeiinan Alex (2$  McLean Adam  tc-.i  Pi  AKfc  CarneFred  Cafneron W'S...    .  Cam.pbeu AC  Dodduas   .  Danst Felix  Da'f is Ftancle  Edwrfr^JB  FicheyW^i. : .  Galley ,Wia \t)  GUI Alfred  HosforaWii  partis SB  HarVey Thds  Hare Oiiv.er (i)  Jbhiaston t (2)  Jenkins J E'y.  Jones U H.  KempWra (Eeg.)'  MeDou^id Peter  Mci)onal'd D  JJcOermot H  Natnab Mrs  t)w'eii Writ  Pollys WM  Sullivan Bt.  Smith W.P  Skinner R J  ���������Bah'ders Whl  BchubertA r  Treth'eWay Saiiailei  Tnr^ylas/  Welch Xa's;  WrightLC ;  Williams WB  *OHN BQWR5^;.  tbstm-A-sttfi  II Hill  mm  life  yv  y;  ���������717- 7  7i.il  mft  fPI  yyyy  ..'<i-.J.-.--������������ K  y>i  >v7'-!!  ">: "J.  y.ff\* ,  V:';l  ������7   IjM  ^fcaSettaaJftSS  !���������   few -.  !        WASHINGTON TBRRITORIT. !  : v  Swinimish; W^Feb. l(M)n;the Skagit  TivenenW^ne������dayjagtTJnRea01oey;Bbot  then gave Wmself Jntq:^nBtp5y.  Botb were  Oien tf family.  Bozartleaves a wife and'Iw  ^Udrea.  They *erebrotber8-in4aw.: ;  APTbp. steamer Prinee ^tred^!wbich left San  ^ancisco oii jjji&^  yesterday at 1.30 p.m.    ������     ,.;.  UOTTEDflTATES.  ,y New York, Fib. T^Tfae Western Union  TWegrfcjrti ������ompaay ;bave ma^ ra advan  ^abls.     ���������% AL  ���������"��������� v      ��������� c : ������������������  ,; ��������� *���������������������������.  ; Ne#!Y������rk������ Wfctrfln tbe Stokes e������i t0'  4ftj; -fridge Board������tti denied !t^ moflw for  %tisi Wal and tba plea for a atay of pro  feedings.  His counsel at������once,proee|deii to  *pply to Judge Davis.  py:-^m-m^y_y.\yy':yyx  City of Mexico, Feb*7���������The rebel-General  lioharffo has been defeated before Guadula-  JaraandMazatlanr and'bia forces are now  fleeing beforei the Government troops towards  Tepee, i Peace prevails In the 'remainder of  .the Republic;    ,''"������������������     :;���������"'    .���������'  ,������-:  .,,'..���������;.    EUROPE.  .London; Feb. 8���������i^ cetton mill nearQld-  feam wasbadly damaged-by Are to-day- On  bundred and thirty persons tbrown put of  ���������employment.     ' fx '-  At a meeting;������! west eountry Highlanders,  Held at Glasgow last nigbt, tbe Marqnis of  liorne delivered an address. Speaking of [the  > iiiiriibir irif Scdtcb^^  ���������'��������� ^Luring tbe pastyear; he sattf he looked iipon  tbe eimgraiion1 movement'with!Tegretf -and  ������sj)edally wben flirected.towards^the United  Statesr Scotland  nienw* population^ andiaborere were scarce;  If ttae^eojpie/ etrngratedllie hoped they wofild  go to British eoIonieV.     T    , ��������� -  -'l Rom^F<������^  Ambassador"' to - the Vatican,1..presented bis  credentials W Ifce Fopejtoiay.y  ��������� '���������- London, Feb! 10���������The following dispatch  iias Iii Sen^received tore by Renter^ telegraph,  and is Relieved 46 bave soraetouMatiori :���������  ���������"Madrid; Feb.lO���������KingAmaaetiamanifests  ���������"ja disposition to abdicate the Crbwn,ln^whjct  ���������casevhe Will resign; bis,;power into the.7 bands  of theOorteeV The city is quiet7r ' '���������'-���������'  ' i Madrifli (feW lO^Bands of Carlists have  appeared In tbei province of Ledoa.     "'���������;l*  The Senate, by a-vote of 58 to 6, passed a  TeBolution of confidence in the ;Mim5try;;; |  The snow storm ^yesterday extended  yesterdayf throughout tbe northern provinces.  Intelligence from the north of Spain says  the Carlist' forces defeated rby the Spanish  troops at Aya are again ready to take the  field.Alette, vsrith 2000 Carlists; defeated  the Government forces;at Neudepa.  xlx-1).  Cadiz, Feb, ^^-^^steamahip Marceilo fe  ������U11 here. The British" consul demanded !a  writ of attachment against the captain and  officers of the watch at the time of the''collision with the North Fleet, tbey are held  as prisoners on board a Spanish inan of war,  x and are not allowed to go ashore pending the  Investigation. The! Spanish authorities who  bave examined tbe Marcello declare that she  -shows ne signs of having been in collision.  London, Feb. 6���������Parliament met torday.  The Queen's speech made allusion to the mission of Sir Bartlet Frere for the suppression  of the slave trade on the east African coast  The decision of the Emperor William on the  San Juan boundary waa also touched ������tt���������  Parliament will be asked to provide for the  payment of the Geneva awards. The Queen  expresses her acknowledgment to the Emperor of Germany and the Geneva arbitrators  for their services. A treaty of extradition  has been concluded with Belgium. Concerning the movements of Russia in central Asia  she says that correspondence has passed with  a view to define the boundary line of the  northern frontier of Afghanistan to insure  tranquility in Central Asia. Papers on the  matters mentioned were io be, laid on the  table. ' x. y-y.  Charks,^  Queen's speech,! He said all foe decisions  were unfavorableriol ^nglMd;' ;P?I ^ ao  intention of Impugning the judgment of toe  Geneva arbitrators or^ tbe German Emperor.  but other natioTis would %et, slow! te 'p foUbw  England's example.  Disraeli rose and was beartily "cheered.  He said be had heard wifli alajrm many thin gs  In the toyal speech; He would; not M the  ^slightest degree refflect oia arbitrators who  have given, awards adverse to ^England, but  statesmen never woi  In snob a dangerous and undignified position.  The Geneva arbitration showed that Govern*  meat had been totally wrpngy     J  ndorji Feb. 5��������� The^^ (rial of %]bert Bowles  ace to-day, and resulted in hisac-  qrilt^l. The counsel for prosecution said i^  was fmpoBRible to doubt a guilty foreknowledge by deferidant of the manner in which  the firm disposed of.the bonds of M. Ragoot,  amounting to $30,000, and of securities of  Mrs Gates and Mrs Gardiner to the i value of  $50,000. Among the witnesses examined  were M. Ragoot and "Mrs Gates. The deputy  Recorder in summing tip: showed that other  members of the firm were responsible for the  seourities deposited.  Paris, Jan. 80���������An exeiting debate took  place in the Assembly this afternoon over the  report of the committee to Investigate the  Lyons contracts. Carayon declared he had  seen the order from Gen. Briscolles referring  instructions to Prefect of Lyons ordering  Carayon and a numberof other officers of the  Guarde Mobile to be shot. The Prefect, who  is a member of tbe Assembly, denies the assertion."  MISCELLANEOUS.  Van Volkenburgli & Co.  LEGAL NOTICES, &e;  ������)  BARKERVILLE,    RICHFIELD  ������-A.N���������������  A SUPPLY OF THE  BESTP41FI7 OF FRESH MEATS  ALWAYS ON HAND.  THOMAS FLETCHER wishes to  inform the  peoplu of Cariboo tbat ho 1b prepared to  CAST   ALL  KINDS  WORK  OF  BRASS  "The Registratipii of  5 Births; De^thsland Mar-  riages Act, 1873^  NO TIC B:V  PUTITJC NOTtCR I? hereby given, that rrom nnd  after the 1st day of S*plemb������r next, all Births,  Deatlip and Marriages within tho Province of British  Columbia are to he Registered under tho provisions of  "TheReciRtration of Births, Deaths and Marrlnges  Act, 1872," ot theOmceof the District Registrar ol  the District wherein the same respectively shall take  place, and within -the,times following, that is to say;  BIRTHS-r-^ithiir60 days from the date thereof."?^''*  DEATH^���������Withiii 30 days after 1 aterraent,        /*r  MARRIAGES--Withtn 90 days from the date..therep(i;  Every Householder. Head of.a/rFamily, ClergymJin,  Physician, or ;other person ofpersonsj required by the  sai d������Act to report Births, Deaths: a nd Marria ges, who  refuses, or wilfully neglects to do so;-wltliin the times  before named, will be liable to a penalty for each and  every offence of not. less ^ than Five^Dollars, or.rnore  than Twenty!Dollars, to"he; reciriyercd with costs:before an y(.Jnstice of the Peace havihjr Jurisdibtion wi thin  the locality where any such; offence is committed  against.the said Act;..;.:.!, 7y7 . ���������; x:.,.Py  - ."''���������'':.:  By command,  :'   '.."..". ...  '    H. B. W. AIRWAY  "-'x-  Registrar General.:'v  Land Registry;OfUcc,    >\*\ v Pyx:\  ':P:. Aug. .31,1872.   .'".���������*,. i Ax . A .,, seH-  At the shortest notice.  ^#- BOXKS kept on hond or cafifc to order  The Store is also supplied with a general assortment  of Goods, which ho iutonds to soli at a small profit.  HEATING APPARATUS  'Fletcher's Heating Appatfatoa with Hot Air  Saves the expense of. Stoves, Fuel and labor.  and lessensftho danger of Arc.   It is as well adapted  ftr ShafUhouses as ordinary huiMing?, is cheap, anp  is warranted to give entire satisfaction.  Last Chance. Lijjlitnin? Creek,)  -K*vcmbcr2, 1872.;  n������2  HotjSE op Ass'bmblTj 2d August,^E872,  Kxtract from Btiles relative to Priyate Bills.  Oolebrated  WQRCE S T E R S HI R;E    SAUCE  \y '      I Declared by Connoisseur Hu be - y \  THE  ONLY   GOOD  SAtfCE/:'  . 60. All applications for Private .Bills, properly the  subject of legislation by the Legislative Asserablyof  British Columbia, within the purview of u Tho British  ���������North America Act. 1867," whether for the erection of  a Bridgo, tho raakiiig of a Railroad, Turnpike Road, or  Telegraph Line, tho construction or improvement of a  Harbor, Canal, Lock. Daiaor Slide, or other like work;  the granting of a right of Ferry; the Incorporation of  any particular trade or calling, or of any Joint Stock  Corapaoy; or otherwise for granting to any individual  or individuals any exclusive or peculiar rights or privileges whatever, or for doing' any matter or thing  which in its operaiion would affect tho riclit or prop-"  erty of other parties, or relate ��������� to any particular iclass  of the communi ty; or for making any amendmentof a  like nature to any former Act, shall require a Notice,  clearly and distinctly specifying the nature and object  of the application, to be published as follows, .viz.:  A Notice inserted In the British Columbia Gazette,  and in one newspaper published in the district affected, or if there be no newspaper published therein,  then in a newspaper ra the next nearest district in  which a newspaper is published.  jGSr- Sueh notice shall bo continued in each case for  a period of at least six weeks, during the interval of  time between the close of the next preceding Session  and the consideration of the petition.  51., Before any Petition praying for leava to bring  in a Private Bill for the erection of a Toll Bridgo is  presented to thQ'House, the person or persons intending to petition for such Bill shall, upon giving the notice prescribed in the preceding Rule, also at th*"same  time, and in the s*me manner, givo notice of the rates  which they intend to ask, the extent ol tho privilege,  the height of the arches, tho interval between the  abutments or piers for the passage of rafts or vessels;  and mentioning also whether they intend to erect a  drawbridge or aot, and the dimensions of the same.  CKARLE3 <300D,  seSlia   7 /.. Clerk of tho X<$slaUv& Asscrahly."  Caution against Fraud.-PFho>s uccess of this  most*���������; delicious an d unrivalled Condimen t having  caused certain dealersto apply the nam eot-' * Worces  tershiro Sauce" to their own inferior compounds, tlie  publi c t s\ h ercb y i nform ed t h a t the only way to procure thegonuInC^ latO ���������    -;   ; : y     *;.^ ;..;������������������:  ASK TOR ALfeA -������&  PEREUTS'  SAUCE  and to i eb that tb oi r-nam es are upon the wbappek  LABELS,STOPPER,1 and BOTTLEi "."'��������� X ,  r Someot trie foreign, markets having beensupplied  with a spurious IVorcestershireSauce.upon the wrap  per and labels of which the names of Lea and .Perrins  have been forged, L. and':P. give notice that they  have furnished.their.correspondents with power, ol  attorney to. take 1 ns tan t prqceedi ngs < agains t masu-  PAOTUBKBsand vendors of such, ot any other imita-(  tionsbywhlchtheirrightmaybeinfnnged, X-' *7f  Ask for LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and'see  Name on Wrappers Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  \Vh6lcsale and for export by the Proprietors, Worcester ;Crosseand B) a ckwell,Lend on ,&c., &c.;  by Grocers an dOllmen universally  J HAVE been requested by several respectable par-  X ties, wliocah testify to the cmcacy of my system,  to again make public the fact that  Moses9 Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,      .  RESTORE HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OR'FALLING OFF, and olTectaally,.  CURE SCURF OR DANDRUFF.. ;  . This fs not a mere assertion en my part, as I havt  in my possession namerous testimonialscertifying to  tho successor my remedy.  ' I do not of course pretend that I can make the hair  grow on heads which have been bald for years ; but  I will guarantee to stop the hair from failing off, to  Increase its growth, aad effectual ly remove Scurf or  Dandruff. r W. D. MOSES,  . Barkerville, B.C.  .   CERTIFICATE,  .Thisis to certify thatduring last sprfng my ha{  was rapidly falling out and my head was fast becom  ing bald, when I applied to Mr W. D MOSES, Barber  Barkervillo, who in a few wcek3 restored my halrj .  its former healthy stato [DAVI������ GIBBONS'  Barliervillo ������ec. 29,lS69i .,    sM ul '  MISCELLANEOUS  The FLORENCES Iho best Sewing  Machine for Family use, because It  ������o seldom gets out of order.. If there  is on������ not working weli In  CALIFORNIA,  OREGON,  ���������"���������:,:  WASHINGTON .TERRITORY  - NEVADA,  ���������     IDAHO,  ALASKA,  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO,  JAPAN,  Or CHINA, If Informed of It, } will  ^x it, without any ok pease to the  owner.  Agent,  omeiy Btzeot  BRAND HQTIU0IIDIK0,  ^AN f RAHC1 SCO,   pAL  Send for Circulars and samples of  the work, Active Agents wanted In  every place,  BAMARDS EXFRJESS  Under temporary arrangement for couvey-  .*..���������*ttDce of the MiiiIs from  '   ��������� -   ,: '���������'      7' ���������' '���������      .    .������������������ .������������������'.'��������� ���������'���������     *���������   ���������.���������':'���������'*"       ��������� '.''���������'       ;  The undersigned has placed a line of PasaeB-  ���������y,y''P    ger Stiiges on the  Running in close cohneefcion ysrith the Stages  irom .Yale^ to Baikeryille. ;. y .'.-  Persons! visiting ihe Okanagan District will  find^fajs by far thenipst conyenient mode of  travel.'  '..'   ll' 'y-.-' 'y\!yy   ���������' ���������  "���������! J^r. Stages leave Cache Creek on Wednesday mornings at 10, 6rcjock, and will return  the following week in time to, connect with,  the Stages going North and South. ~;y  Will be transacted over tbe route. Freight  carried. Parcels delivered. Commissions  executed.   Collections made. ���������' ?  au2i 2m F. J. BARNARD & CO.  i 28.  RB preparedftto furnish Lumber at their Mills,  William Creek, or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK. "   '   '  JSSHaving a PianinglHa'Shlne ;in operationftliey wil  also, furnish  al ^sfaotorywteB.  soil


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