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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-02-18

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 Barkerville, ""yYiUiara Creek, B.C.; Saturday, Feb. 18,-1871
1      ^f&Mished'ev^
E o b s b .t ;. ho l L'O^i a iri;=
Subscription, .-,.-. 50 Cents per Week.
l?��r., one squares (ono ineb), =11 rst; inacrtion,
r...�� # �������'��- :--*    - - ���: <-' onQ in oii th ^'. -
For two squares, first insorliou,     -   -   -
* " '    bnemoritli, . '.-' 1   '.   .
'Agexits for the:'* Caribo6 SeiitmelAr
QMirif'firiatithAx -^y;r<Xy .��
Soda Qreelc,     ..    ,-    . -      .
������OlintonJ','"'-: ���' . ���-��� ""���   '-������''': -   ���'.
Nt* ft* Wcslmi iister   -��� '���'.   -.'. .. .-
Victoria,. -       -  "  7 .���':,��� .
h. i\ E'lshor,'���'���'���   ��� -vyA'A* ���'-
HlUlsqil.& Aleupt;. /-"   -    .   ...
MvlJYM: JUndfifirt)^,?
' -,;" V BiYrn'ii rd^'KxpvePS
. ��� y. Bn rn a i cl? s Express
Barnard's Express
do;, 7.       ''(lo'"-
- '.'.''."Clnrkeon & Oo
-7 , . John...Collens
-y    San FmnciHCO
- '-,���..-   New York.
7 ;tb?r cariboo sentinel
Carda;��������� Cj rcu 1 ars, Pos t ers an tl Pr ogrammea f or
Balls and Theatrical Entertainments':
I JK&* Executed wit lin eateasa an (3 ct is patch .^|^f
��� v.! . ;���, .Terms moderate* .. ���!' ���."������'���. ."Vv-,
��inilktViil��l>U4:i i **"��� *-*L*
'A ���:' f-frW '��� tub ril hi? feo ��� F "'jyaa no mi nftte&.fbr!
"'('{overririr o f* ��� 11 ie great S late of Ne w Yd rk, to
.��� i���! (tf arfa"iiiKtr Ste\vart:L,' W6pel ford! .and' .Jobii
T 7,; II o ffm a i r�� on" an i ri cl rip en d e n't ti eke t.    I
soiueluny felji that I hail one prominent ad-
; v a i vi ago o ve r th up e g en il e in e n, a n d that wa s
. - <: (j o d c ha ra e te r.   It "waa' e asy to see by th e
������ i lewsp ap e. ra t ha fc ,i f they e ve r h a d known wh at
i t ��� was to bear a go od * name, th at time, had
ir n 11 e b y.   J fc was: ..pi ai n  that in ; th ese I a t ter
���years they had become:familiar with all niiUi-
ner of shameful-crimes: eBufcat the^efy'rao-
me.n 1.1: was'exal ting thy ad rahtnge*afid enj6y-
: iiiir it in secret, there was a inuddv undercur-
from a kangaroo ! I: did not:know what to
do. I was crazed and helpless- I let the day
slip away without doing anything at all. The
next morning the same paper bad.this���noth
ing more
JSroxiFicANT.���Mr Twain, it will be observed, is suggestively silen. tab out the Cochin
China perjury." '���--.-   xii^yLAX:
ylV^^^Mng.t^i^.r^i of the campaign
this paper never referred to me in any other
way th an the "in famous perjurer T w ai n.}']
, Next p ante ������ thW.Gazefcte wi th "this "u > .*! -
j f u Waxtkd to KNOW.^-Will the candidate
for Governor deign to explain to certain of
his fellow citizens, (who are suffering ttorvote
fo r hitn I) the li t'tle" cirouiiistahce' of Iiis cabia
.mates'rin,Montana losing email valuable^ froni
time to time, until at last,.things having been
in v art ab ly f ou nd o n Mr T Writ ri Js; perse n or i n
his "��� tru n fc!K (ne wisp ape? he. rol 1 ed his traps
in), they felt compelled to give him a,tjfpendly
admonition - for-his: owfcgootlrian9%"o taVrect
and. feathered him and rode hira on a rail,
.and th en a d visec} blxn tp" Jeave a pennanen fc
vacimm :iuMe ;iplaceil. he ^usuallyi occupied ^n
the camp.   Will this do?" ft.
���'���..Could anything be more deliberately ma-
licioiis,Jthaii tba;t;?> |Eor I, iiever was'Itf.Montana in my life.
: i , [Af ter this, th e j on r n al ge n e r al ] y s p oke o f
me as." Twaini the.Montana thietJ?]l,/-.
-1 go t pi ck i ng it p' p a pors ap p rehensivel yy
mii-cli as one fWo.uld ..lift��� !r; <\-estred b 1 anlcet
which lie. had 6pme \dpa, might.hayo.,a.raitler
%'.'' The Ij t e Nat j .k d.���1> v. tlie.<$ wo r n a ffid a v i is
of .Michael O-'FIannagan, Esq.. of tho Five
Points, and Mr Kit Barns-and Mr John Allen,
of. \V%t or stree tu 11 is es t^bljs'hecl. thtfjt Mr Mark.
Twain's-, vile statement, that the lamented
grandfather of our noble standard bearer. J:
T. HoflTman, was hanged for higliway robbery.
i s a b r u I a I a n d. gr a tu i t ou s ltk , with ou t a sing I e
shadow of foundatiou in fac t. It is flisheart-
e nin g ��� to, ,v i r tn o us men to "bear; su ch ��� sh a me ful
tried-hard to swaU
"fiige5 ^and' pretend /that tliey did riot kiiow; ppened.  .This drpye. me.to the .verge of dis- -
traction.'  Oh tlie top\ of this I was accused
what was the real reason';of the absence of
the abandoned creatiiro,whom th6y.;denomin*
ated as their standard-bearer, y A- certain
man was seen to reel'in to Twain's hotel last
night in a state of beastly intoxication; It is
the imperative duty[ of trie! Indepeiiclents; to
p ro fe that th is besotted brute was not Mark
Twain1 himself; .. We have them at lasti This
is a case that admits -of* no; shirking. jTho
voice of;lhe pepple,-demandsj'in;thunder
tones,, Wfeo .was 'that man ?! .  A..." : \!,-,';,\ ..
It-was incredible, absoliitely irilbredib 1 e.for
a moment th ati fc-was! really: my -name .-thutj
was oohpled Syifch; ttie ;;djsgraceful 'suspicion.-
|rThree> long,.. years, had passed- bveir my heaii���
sinbe I tasted alp^; beer or win^,\ or, tiicj[uor ��� of
any'Icind;! ������'xx--\A yy^'iiyy-ym:yxyA ���-..
���������'>.'���,** ���   ; '    ' i. U   '''��� ' * ���:-  ���*. i- *'.    -' *X.���  lt "'" '-   ' *
: [it shows v^liat effect''thei^S^ro-'iiftVjng:'
ori.;me when^ivsayihat tsa^hiyseir .djibbed'
" Mr Delirium TremensyBwain^tAriythe: -next
issue of :that jburriar\without;!a pang-^no1-:
withstanding Ikuew!^that: wi"S.j'!.ino.no'toriqus;
fidelity!tlie!j)iiper Avpuld gp,o!n:caliiiig mo!|so
to'!the;.yeryend:]/;-, -y :xy,jxyyyt Ax*r-k
Ip By'this time anonympiis letters*were'getting
-to: be rin[ jipporta'nt p'ar'fc of; rnjlimaitmatteW;
Tli is! !fb vni. w as eo iu m ripy yy! H1 .'**!'... IA.!,, Alyl!
" Ho w' rib o\ \ i that ol d I wo m an * y ou kicked
off'yoiii? premises' which'*was begglng? 'r; ���:-:<)
.,;'.,..     ������ ,-.   ~... x  y     ,���  For/PiiT.""
*   And th�� yp   ^-ly'.':,   y .���// y, , y. '""
..'"��� '^Tlieife:! is filings: which/ yc^i^-naveVu^ao.,
Hwiu-eteiiaf \mb e\4n o wens^to^rryl3#o> ;
Y6uM,:bete'trb"t--'6ut;;'a feW'^dpW^tpyjo'iitA;
tr u 1 y. or y p u!; IV fi ear t hrp'; the; ^p^rS fro m * ;.:'''
',;..,' ������     -V.r 1. ��� y.' 'v." -'" ���KAXj?y!'AN        :.!!
That is .about tb e - idep;; * I Tcpuld con tinu e
them tiVl thereaderwusmirleiWv ifdtjfirabla
. Shortly !liie! priri^parRepubiican jotinjal.
1 c co nvi cted' I. me. of- wh ol.es'ale; bribery j an d
the f leading - Demoorati c p apor li n ailed;' a a
aggravating case of b 1 ack mailing to me. *: ���
fin ' tins'! \va'y.; I; 'ae qui red'' two , additioftar
of; employing toothless and incompetent old
relatives to prepare fcbef6od for' the found-'..
ling hospital.when I was warden;- I was:
waveringf-waveriog;   And ��� atias't; 'ag-Jt due���������'':��'!���
and fitting olimax to the shameless* tferseeff*
tion that.party rancour had inflicted upoiLmeyX
nine, little toddling: children;, of all 'shade's o'f ���'"
oplor and degrees of raggedness^were taught; V
to rush oh to the platform at a public tneefr   '
irig and\clasp me roitnd thelegs'aad cair'me
Pal' '^x'y  pyx.: \-i!i   .-, *  --wi^ . ��� -V. -���;���
yd. guve^ip;y^hauied''down; !my!'colom and:! '!
Surrendered.' 'I'waslhot'e^iiai to the require- "
,ments:6f/;a>Giiber^ id' thfe ':
State;of .New York, and so: I beut in hiy withV1; .',
drawai from?;tbe!cahdidacy; and in 'bitterness !v;'
of spiritsigned,'ikyy:'>u'x- y:'--;y ���^���y.i.frwyy' -���
r,A' ).���: ;'���' i-"..   Truly yours/"l ������  - \ ', -������'   ���*���>'':x~.~.
r Once a decent maii/biit now.
Ay{ XrA'yiihyy ��� rry:'v^-..MikR7TWAtN;-''-':-^:': ';!;:s
vy!;j:iy!^E.,"M:T-'BiS;,'-D:T., FiGi��tfffft'.iiB^%���
means resorted to to achieve political-siiccesr, \mos&\ ".M Twain.the!fFilfcby/,,Corruptibnist,V'
1' i 'i i i * ' T "-    . \
ren t o f >d iscb ni f o rt ' r ili n gi: t hefdee ps Of ? rny
11 H'p p i ii ess���an d that was the b ay ing to h ea v
my. n a m e band ied tfb out in fatii j 1 ia r. co un ep-s
t i o ii with those p f sue h pep pi oy.; -I gwvrtsm&f
an d more d is tu r^ eS.   Final ly I w r o to to ray
gra ndrii ofh er aboat! it.    Her auswer came
quick and sharp. ' She Raid':- *y
. u Yon ; h ave never, d on e. one ��� th ing - in al I
your,life to bo ashamed of���not one.   Look
at ti i a ne w s pap ei's���l.o p k a fc * th em- an d com p re
hen cl what sort 'Pf ch aracters Wopd ford anil
} Ioffin a n a re, and th on see if y o u a re wil ling
to lower y oi use If to their leyol and enter a
public canvass with them;" -
It was my "Very thouu'ht, I did not sleep a
single moment, that night. But ..after all, *:I
could not recede.' I was fully committed
and must go on with tlie-'fight'."' As I was looking listlessly over the papers at breakfast. I '*��*����* iu iU fVont ^'ay, breaking furniture
came across this paragraph, audi may truly and, windows in thoir righteous in digit ati an
nay J never wasp so-confounded before :
and /vTwain, the Loathsome Eaibracer.Jl; < *.
By this' ti me' t lief e had = fero w n t o b e su ch a
clamor for an'." answer "-to' all' tho dreadful
obargee! th a i were j ai don me, that tb e ed i to i k
and leaders of my-party said it would be
p p 1 i Li cal: - r n i n ���o r m c to rem ai n sii en t an y
longer. As if to' make their appeal'ihe more
i m p e ra live, the fol I o w i ng. 'dp p ea red in on e o f
av the attacking of the dead in their"grayes,
arft'd'deiHiug their honored names with si an-;
der. V*hen woftvink of the. angtiish 111is mif-
erable falsehood must cause. the innocent
i^maiif^r^ *$ rpri&n d trie n ds o f. tke d e cease d. we a re
a 1 ui o s t d r i ve n to i no it e an o u ti-'ago d, an i n -
suited public to summary ?atu3 unlawful van-
��-eance upon the traducer.   But no���let us
leave him to  the agony of a lacerating con-; tbe papers the v*��ry next day:
science���(though ..if.passion should get the
better of the public, and in its blind  lury
they should do the Ixadueer -bodily injury,'-it
is but too obvious, that up jury, could conyi
and no court punish the perpeirators ,of t
The ingenious closing sentence had tho effect of moving me out of bed with dispatch
that night, and out of the back door, afcfo,
while   the   tl outraged and inspHed public
'   a y V;,  ..DIV,OR���E:S'.'  y \ >x-\:
Absolute' Divorces   legally"* obtained; in 'V
Ne w-Yorky- Indi an ay II1 inois \ %p if 6} her States J [ '
fer "pPrsbiis'-frpn^
everywhere* desertion/ druhkennessTnj>ri-liip-[';y
port, etciy"aufficiSiiV cause;'up!!publicity?���;No4''?'���;
charge until divorce is obtained.:^;": Advice ������free','
yyMtiesa^MOf^^ ! i>v-!
-:  " i ��� ^ ��� '* ��� ���l: ��� ��� A y Counsellors at 'Law;"'   '; :<l';
'j :*-:i %*���'-.-^^TSOBrdadway, ^Kew^biii'Gityl1 y
Tho G-reat Family Medicili��
:;   py        x\"TAKEN INTEENAIXY7.">���������     >: ' yy ���
Tt euros su'ddcii "CoWa, Coa��hs,'&c.,unfl Wea*fc.;Stom-,
ncl i, 0untrrsiI Debility, ,Niirsing gr��re Mnat.h. Oanker,
U vj v Coinplaint,' 1)V?pepsia orin-1igcs.tion, Cr:an [\ w ���
P.iin in-1tie; "Stomach, .Bowcl. Oa.mpl��iiu,.Kaint;��ra'  .
Colic, Asiatic Oliol^rH. ��iurrhaja and Dyaentyry.
Cur op, F-.'ions, B;iils, '!amrOkl''S-jres, Swore Burns, y
So.ii d?'' Cnlsj���' Bruises and,gypaius,'. S\vclllng�� of the "
i: BsUOtTJ TUB iVlAN!-���The J.ndep.onuen fc car- j p-.,lt aln.-( ohllblaina: Tootliaolic,-.. Pum in tlie Fao��,
didate still .maintains. SKlence.   Became, hot Nounlda and Khojtmatiamv  Ityis.�� sure remedy Wr-
���  ���:��� '     . '     ���'   ; ,. '.        Ague, Chills and. a-ever. .
dares not speak,   kvery accusation againnj patn KtriRR '
efc�� him has been amply proved,- and  they .h"^.^^^!^
&*  been indorsed   and  ra-indori��ed bv his own ' wmi-.t, <<r niaur*ihto:a*?yrap*v,ith! -molassos. .'-.For a
eloquenfc.silence, till at this day ne stands low Uc[h.0 Lir;tn anyuiin- ois-j.'
e ver convicted. ; Lo o k a t y o u r ca i ui\ 11 a to. lu
I ~'X
44 Tien j cuv.���Perhaps, now thaiuMark Twain
ia before the people as.a candidate for Governor, he wili condescend to explain how he
cuuno to be convicted of perjury by. thirty-
ibiir witnesses, in "Wakawak, Cochin China, in
VM)Y>, the intent of which perjury was to rob a
poor native widow and helpless family of a
meagre plantain patch, their only stay and
support in their bereavement and their desolation. Mr Twain owes it to himself, as-well
as to the great people wJbose suffrages he aska,
to clear this.matter up.. Will he do it?"
I thought I should burst with amazement!
Such a cruel, heartless * charge���I never had
seen Cochin China!. I never had beard of
���Wakawak!   I didn't know a plain&ain patch
as they came. and taking oif-su ch property as
dependents'!' Look at the Infamous perj- r u !
the Montana Thief! the Booy Suirtcbeu 1���
Contemplate your Incarnate Delirium.Tremens! your Filthy. CoiTuplionisS! your Loatii-
Rome Embracer! Gaze upon him���ponder
him well���and then: say .if yoncun give your
Hot:  printyd  direciiwiis  which ��� acoonapacy ��� eaoa
bouii:. ... ���.:..' -,,. . ���
*.l.t byallDrus-glstfi. ' ' ''fl4
th ey c onl d car ry .when t h ey went.   An d yet t, 0 nes t v o te- to a creat \ i m w ho 11 as o a r ri ed this
I can 1 ay }h an ds up on Ui e 'Bo o k a ml s ay Mint t
never slandered Governor HofTraan/s gvan^-
father. More���I had never even heard of hitn
or mentioned him, up to that day and date.:.
Th e next -n e wsp ap er ar ti ol e that a fctrac ted
my attention was as follows :
,/* A Swkkt .Caxdidatk.���Mark Twain, who
was to ma,ke such a b Ugh ling speech, at. the;
mass meeting at the Independent last night,
don't come to time. A'telegram from his
physician stated that he had been knocked
down by a runaway team and bis leg "broken
in two places���sufferer lying in great agony
and ro forth, and so forth, aud a lot of more
bosh of the same sort. And the Independents I
dismalarr*7^s- titles by bis hideous crimes,
and dare not open-his mouth in denial of any
of them."
There was no possible -way of getting out
of it, arid so, in deep humiliation, I set about
preparing toV< answer' a set of baseless
charges and mean and wicked falsehoods.
���But I never finished the task,^for the ver?
next morning a paper came out with a new
horror, a frosh malignity,and seriously charging me With burning a lunatic asylum; with
all.the inmates, because it obstructed tho
view from s.iy house. This threw me into a
sort of paa ic   Tiien came ihe charge of poi-
nPMM   KfiACHAM. & NAEOX arc preparjit ta
M "furn'feli hiuulu-rftt thefar.Mi*, WiUhun mm.
or deliver it to vrtlur.
; Having a PlttninK Machine in operation they wtl
also rumiHh BrGsaml'Lumbcrutaatigfaotorr.rat^.
^        .'.NOTION. '
! ) &i�� mv &r*w of Attorney, . All p^(Hom iy
���tcbted to*me*ar�� requested to make te curly sctilo-
went -A'Uii hi in.
soning iny,ur tele to got his property, with au{   B* je
w. s;t��FX?ntg.
rerville, 15.C., J^nuury lo, 1371.       JftU iat ]yy  iaiT "j iliSSi  ���������VX  x: y :'���������  XA  ' ]yy  > v-v  ���������", . >  vyy.v:-:-  1|  Ax  x<i  ���������i!  mP:*  i������;"7  V*  ^77y  y fey  V   ���������  7 '������������������   ���������     5'S W'37.6'vfFv|     '  THE GAItlBGO'.'SENTINEL  SA|JJRDAY, FfiB. 18, 1871.  ;' -   ' ��������� ���������amuuaiijtf.uJ���������..���������'. ulitu ... i   ������������������������������������������?���������-.'"-.���������������������������'���������.������������������'������������������-. ���������'-i.'/Jsjai  '       .'. THE CARIBOO aSNTINEL1 ; -  18,-ffablIah^d in Barkertillo every Saturday. AU  nit?erliBeracbta intended for insertion, niust tie deljr  cr������d at. Utoat at Sis. o'elpctct:tp.U.\ th������ Uay "before  publication. ��������������������������� x ** ���������  ������������������   TO CORRESPONDENTS. ���������:������������������;  '"< All oonaiuunicaMoDB must be accompanied hy the  'r������p.l itameand add res������8 of the-writer;'not necessarily  wlih ft view of publishing tha same, but as security  for it������ goodfaltliyr ; r- : ' ���������.-������������������       -7 _ ������������������  ^:/.. ������������������'���������  ;"''"'W:ADY^I^KS;'v;;'...-,77  AU advertisements (not Inserted for soy definite  .period), will pp. continued; iajnUI: ordered. oal, and  * na rged for accordliigiy '���������".  ������������������ ,.^j.,jr.^i,ttslBWfriffrwJr"' ������������������������������������'��������� r/irr,i,ir:i  SURVEYING BRITISH COLUMBIA':  "'������������������������������������ :!i;  y 'W'  y >;i|te  ������������������.-������������������-. Vi: ^-i;.-: :.'..-  ���������'������������������ ���������   !Wy  ������������������yfily  ���������-;..���������.. .t*:i*i ��������� .���������-.$ i   ^ '..-jjr^-ii 7  . ��������� /-pflp::  .: ���������'���������'���������   -l������ly ���������":  ������������������������������������/���������:   hm.X -'i  ���������y;.|p7yf  ���������    pr: ' ||?'.it.;i  ���������yV Mffii"  7    ;^ri:j.  ���������\:;"::-.Biiy.,  ���������7..- %4 j  ��������� x: AMi.t  ��������� ���������>   -.h^i  '     ���������  ' ^'yV  ' ' '   111? -  Anaqng the items on the Eajimateg ,passed  1 >y the Legislative Council the sum of six  thousand dollars is set down for miscellaneous  surveys. This we look on as a very tin port-  not and desirable,work, to whichi more attention should have been;paid;\opg -since.:'*-In a  new colony, especially .in a country of such  vast extent and containing so much wild and:  mountainbus land as British Golii rabl&j it Is of  the greatest importance that every available  solireo of information should;be obtained for  the benefit of mtandiag settlers, whether  farmers ;or miners.'^-and?in this respectj eyer  sinoe the flrsfc rush of gold seekers to the  Praser nearly all Afoe. knowledge which has  been acquired is due to the eherjryj-and per-  atwerance <?f fe  neither peril nor difficulty in penetrating remote dis tricte regarding 1 which nothing- Was  previ ouily; known;; .We do not for a mom ant  ���������pretend to-argiieHhatGorern  * very things in the way of :\ prospecting the  <}6unt^. "^  too welljalready their willing -ail  that lies in tneir power" towards this object,  birt we: oertainly do consider that more. en-  <jonr*tgement should be given to their 'efforts  t^n,. havbera and a thorough  and reliable survey of the miiing districts  wpnld bebfinesiimable^advantage^ we be^  lleve not to Cariboo or its inhabitants alone;  b nt "to tlie whole ;^qlpnj% whoso future *. must  depend sp much on .the development of its  rich mineral resources. ���������  Th o sub sidy given by ���������Govern men t enn-  jointly with the subscriptibn raised by the  farmers and others, have been the primary  means of. pr jying that a rich gold field per-  Tadesalarge section of country in the Omineca district, winch in al 1: probabiIity would  otherwise%*jp been undiscovered for years;  but the discoveries in that regioa so far we  look on as mere trifling indications of those  which must inevitably to Jlo win the vast and  almost unexplored section intervening between the present, diggings in Omineca and  thoFe iii Cariboo, a'section in ihatiy parts of  v;hich gold has b een al ready f ou nd by pros-  pectorsj bnt which from its practical inacees-  *; aibilifcy-on account of;.the absence of trails  ahrl distasce from settlements, bas hitherto  presehtefl too many obstacles to any organized efifort for its exploration.  Let, however, a surveying party once tra-  varse.this.district, making at tbe same time "a  T>apf������ab1e trail as *they go along, which would  eost*bnt little, from William creek to the  Fraaer above Fort George, and the stimubis  which would be given to prospecting would  be inestimable.   All that would be required,-  in ihe first place, would be to clear ojit the  timber so'tbat miners could follow the foot-  s'eps of the surveyors, and wherever a likely  creek for gold would be found a nucleus  would soon be formed wbere, If good diggings should be struck, a crowd vould soon  be attracted   and   permanont   settlements  located, and in all probability in a short time  a aeries ePmining camps established at intervals along the whole route to Omiaeca, thus  offering inducements ta those who arennawc-  cesfiful ih the latter district.to retrace their  steps'ifi a sonfherly direction, prospecting ne  ���������ili^y, went, instead of, as in previous in-  i-tknees, shaking tha dust off their feet and  '. &vitig the senntry by tlie shortest route, curs-  i!������^- the colony as an unmitigated bilk. Before,;  :iowerer, we can hope for.such.a.resnIt.sorae-  :kin.c must be d.uiie to gire men a c-liaucs of  getting through the country;p-A-brokeh man  cannot; if he fails in one place, start out into  the wilderness at, present.   Tlie task is too  great even for the herculean spirits of our  hardy pioneers, especially when tbe sinews of  war are deficient; and we can imagine no  plan: which would, have a --greater tendency to  improve  the  couhtry  than the immediate  p rosecu tion of an accii rate survey thro ugh  the regions we have referred to above.   The  cost would; be; a mere^ trifle 5 and we firmly  believe that every do liar : expended in such  research would ia the coarse of one or two  years be rep ai dV to the Col on ial exchequer  tenfold in hard cash, by the taxation derived  from a vastly increased reproductiveypbpn-  latiouV without taking into account the prospective benefits which muBt inevitably result  thereafter.       y-,yy;;-;:.y :���������..:,. .-��������� yx  ��������� y'���������'.:���������,., *',.��������������������������������������������� -*���������'    ������������������������������������vv.'.. ���������  Editor Skntixex, :-rWe see from your  answer to oiir last that the dqcumeat referred  to in our last letter was not referred by the  Grand Jury to-the Assistant Judge of the Su-  preme Court, as we were led to pelieTe.���������  Su ch ,b ein g th e case, we sh ail al te r onr course  of 'redress ; an d seek it; in the Su pre me Court  at ite next sitting in .Cariboo; for we cannot  ���������beiieye that ������������������ that tri bii nal wit I sane tion the  injustice of collecting $100 licenses, when tbe  law, as we understand it, requires that $30  shall be the amount for such license.  It-appears that our present Magistrate collects a the higher license ��������� oa; the supposition  that. before the expiration 6f aiich 1 icense  there in i^b tbe the p umber of i nhab i tan ts pre.  Bcribe4 by law, in an ch district j but it also  appears that when the aumber of inhabitants  does not increase as ahticipated, he forgets to  return-the moneyf as is proved by the nonreturn ;of the mobey collected for the Jn 1 y  termi of last year in Vanwihkle. and a $100  license is again dei^arided for:_'tibe January  term, with .the; promise of returning the $70  if Jtlie i number of inhabitants prescribed by  law: does not exist at the: expiration of tbe  j icense. ���������" As $30 licen ses are granted to tli ose  resi di rig outside of Van wi tiki e, and the iiii m -  ber of inhabitan*s is about equally distributed  at on g the ere ek, the iahabitan ts of Van wi n kle  cannot but;feel it an iinposition 0n them, a?  rib mo re prote e.ti'oh. is afforded them than, to.  those who pay $30 ; and only ��������� one firm has  paid tbe -higher, license, and. this under pro-"  test. The��������� 0tfeers- refuse to pay the high rate,  and: the consequence is that the firm .who have  paid the high license apply for the return of  the $70^ or protectioa accordingly, as others  are belling without)any license. It seems.  however, thai the^Magistrate is unwilling to  reiurn the money he has once got.h0Id of.  but is not very sangume about having the  law ori his Bide, as no steps have been taken  to enforce payment from those refusing to  pay. Wby our Magistrate has feasen-this unjustifiable step is not quite; clear, for he has  not even stationed an officer at Van winkle  to protect the inhabi tan te; and as we cannot  but admit his impartiality on the bench, it  must be attributed to his sense of the necessity of 4he government to raise funds. We  have no objection to pay onr ratio of taxation  with the rest of the colony; but to beses-  pecially honored with the Magistrate's attention iu t'kis respect, we''think ueitber just, or  right. Taxpayers.  Vanwinkle, Feb. 10,1871.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  a:gilmore,  GOVERNMENT STREET; VICTORIA, VJ.  EAS ON HAND, AND IS CONSTANTLY.receiving, a  large, flsportmc'ht,- of:" CLOTHS, CASSIMERJES  and VESTINGS, which he is prepared to make to  order in the most approved styles.  jj������- Parties on William ���������'*"reclc; can. havo their  meuHures taken by Mr McCallum, Barkerville .  #g- All orders from Cariboo promptly attended to.  ��������� '���������:'   '-  ���������'-   '     ���������      lelS'tf  ���������-' '  For Sale,  ���������iT-  7- THo:s.riFLE;TCHER^;.v, .;���������;.;  Siecpnd/-Klan d S f0 ire ,7  7    ; 7lB*RKEBV-l,I.I.E.'������������������, ���������');,;,}��������� .;|.lt; 7-  Vaji Voikenton  vs.  Barkerville, Ric h f 1 e l b  -Axd-  1"       ^SUPPLY;-OFTHE-   .  best :f0^M:^si.  ���������ly���������������������������*' :��������� ��������� -ALWAYS ON. 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SENTINEL  SATURDAY, FEB. 18, 1871.  f������  mi,  a  mSCIAL TO THE CARIBOO SSNTINEL.  ;- V;"' ��������� '    iXoriddn, Feb. 3." ;  Dispatches to tlie Times j������om Versailles  yesterday say Favre has refused to attend the  Conference or appoint a Buhatitute, but will  authorize M.Dessul, French Charge d'Affaires  in London, to act as representative of France.  Prince Frederick Charles has removed his  head-quarters to To urs.  It is said that Garibaldi ,aad his command  are to be^.included in the arjaistice.1.  The elections for members to the National  Assembly Willi iftke place in Paris and fire  Departments on tlie ,8th.    The Assembly,  which will coofifist of 753 deputies, will m$ei  on the 12th at Bordeaux.  'V.:/- y    London j 3d. J-  Dispatches from many parts ot France concur in saying that the French people will  make exertions to continue the war until the  terms  proposed  by Germany are greatly  -. ameliorated. y:-���������!'/���������!'  The following is the text of that portion of  the Co tt ven t io n for i Arm istice ��������� con cl it ded be-  tween.Bismark and Favre; which relates to  o p era tio n s i n th e East :���������M i 1 i tary o p erati ons  in the territory and departments of Jura and  Cote Dor, as well as the siege of Bel fort, shall  continue independent of this armistice until  . ������ greeme n t: is ar r an god r egardin g li n es of de-  mnrcatiob, the tracing of )vhich throughout  lbe<<&epat:tttsent5 mentioned is reserved..  G en era Is Fa i dh er be an d D * Argent hay 1 ng  refused to evacuate: their posItionVln accordance with the terms of the armistice, hayejreceived orders from; Bordeaux to comply,  ������   -V '.   'yl'.!-\.x'      ",:.' Strasbourg, 2d.  An o ti ter' m! iftM y��������� o ril er, cal \ ing ori t  th e  jLaud w eh r reserves bet ween 27 and 45, h as  ������1 wen issued: The new army, numbering 300.-  4100 men, will be ready to march into France  .at*short notice,  x'-'x VersailIes, 3d.  The Emperor vMted Valerien yesterday  lie will leave France after the close of the  Hitting of the Legislature.    Should the war  ;be prolonged it will be pursued relentlessly.  Prince Frederick Charles; Manteuffei and  ���������Falkenstein will be entrusted with the task of  ^conquering the south pf France.   Moltkewill  retain the supervision, but a targe amount of  discretion will be allowed the actual com-  ��������� .'Uianders. .'."��������� vy ���������  The condition of Paris is terrible. The  ���������population are terribly excited against England. Favre has requested the German authorities not to allow any Englishman to enter  the city, as he consider* their lives would be  endangered. '  London������4th.  The capitulation is regarded here as disastrous. Active preparations ;ma;^ig; for the  election^.  Several trains 4oaded .with 'provisions arrived at Paris torday.  1 \  The German troops have occupied Abbeville, Department of Somme. The .French  commander protested against it as aviolatipn  of the armistice.  The Germans bad a-flerious.ajigageraent on  ������������������. the Swiss frontier with the rear guard,of Gen;  BpurbakiV army on Monday, Tuesday and  "Wednesday, and captured two Eagles, 18 can-  ,npn and mUrailleupe, 1500 prisoners, inclnding  two  Generals.    Many  hundreds .provision  wagons and a large quantity of arms frill hto  the hands of the Germans, whose j1qS8.cs were,  inconsiderable.    The generals commanding  .the French fouces, including Garibaldi, ^attempted to extricate themselves.  \mi% 4th. ���������  -   Faidherbe issued orders carrying i&^mistice  ���������into effect in territory under his coiB^a^  Among the candidates nominated to the,  Assembly *J Ibe moderate party are T^ers,;  ���������Chan-armcr and Erust Keller.  Brussells, 4th,  Bourbaki is convalescent, Thiers and seven  other Monarchists and three Republicans, are  announced as candidates for the Assembly.  "���������'yA, y yly-:/l'y '/?; p. yy    Paris,;3d.  7,000 persons have asked permission to  leave the city.   The members of the Paris  government will go to Bordeaux oa the 10th  to re n der an account of their ad mi n istration  before the Assembly.    Troehti declines to  stand as a candidate tor the Assembly.���������  Favre, while negotiating the armistice. Was  instructed, by his colleagues,  y-'y-y' ��������� Berlin, 5th.  The Emperor William telegraphs to the  Empress to give orders for tbe firing of a  grand salute in honor pf the late decisive  events. No more official military news will  be published by the German War Office during the armistice. ; \  " , :..-v. London, 5th. -���������'  The Observer says if it is true that Prussia  demands the cession of i-'ondicherry, her object must be to exchange that colony with  England for Heligoland, but adds that Favre  is yet unaware jthat any territory is demanded,  nor does he know the amount of indemnity  claimed by Prussia.  v.. Letters from St. Petersburg say that Russia  will not interfere in aid of France* '���������  Berlin telegrams anticipate that on the conclusion oif >peace the German troops will  enter Paris in triumph, and that till the war  indemnity is paid an army corps will hold  the ^ovtluce of Champa^n<s.  .'"' '*". y-P   ���������':.���������'." Versailles. 5t. '  A special correspondent, who has been inside Paris since the investment, came out today and returns to bright. He says the commandant of Mont Rouge committed suici.de.  The delivery of arms has commenced and is  proceeding rapidly in consequence of the  convention providing (for the delivery of arms  before the revictuailing of Paris,  , : The Parisians are under the impression that  the Prussian troops will not enter : Paris.���������-  They are sUlHgnorant of the full terms of the  capHutelion. but^ js believ������4 the gune<$fthe  forts will not be taken by; tlie enemy.   '  Prices of provisions had not yet been lowered. Of 100,000 horses originally in Paris,  66.000 have been killed for food.  The exchange of prisoners and wounded is  proceeding to4ay at the gates of Versailles.  Arrangements are ^eing ma<������e in JBerlui for  tlie Emperor's arrival. IJe will be in Berlin  by the 8th of March at latest.  The Inspector General of the English army,  carrying provisions for the relief 'ri������ the  French, entered the city yesterday.  The feeling against Gambetta is increasing  in intensity,  ' ' \-   '-. AP, ,:x-y ' ' ''\ :".- :y' Paris. 4th. y  Intense suffering prevails here. Hundreds  dying daily of starvation, the supply of food  being wholly inadequate.  London, 6th.  A,compete,rupture is3 taken place between the Paris Government and Gambetta.  The restoration of the Empire is most probable*. It is reported that the Pope .has undertaken to assist in the restoration. Favre has  resigned as Minister of tbe Interior, but \v,ill  remain Minister of,Foreign AfFairs.  .  ���������Versailles, 5th,   '  The Emperor William ������.will ileave Versailles  on the 4th, and pass through Miuden and  Magdeburg ou his way to the capital.  T:|>e^hole army of investment\will inarch  through the Arc de Triumph, Avenue <ta  PErnperenr. flue de Rivoli and Rue Sfc, An-  toine, siiftply for the purpoee ,pf passing  through Paris.  . ' 'Berlin, 6th.  T!he Berlin (Cross Gazette con*h>$is the report that all national questions .before the  Conference^hav������ be#a arraii.ge^. '$he same  paper says'the Czar has written to -the Em-  pe(ror William counselipg modeia|,iop in dealing .wife $aa$uiabecl F.raoce.  London, 6tb.  Advices from Versailles of 6th state that  Scberrben has been nominated for .'Ihe Assembly by the moderate Republican, Advices from All parts of France indicate, that  t{jl\e Assembly will contain a maiority of Jm-  jr e,r htl h ts au^ Mo iiarciiis ts.    7'ke awhorilies;  of Versailles now allow letters fromi Paris to  be forwarded.  ��������� ���������' "London, 7th>  The following is JVom Paris> Feb. 3d :���������The  meetings held are becoming more deraonstra-  tire^ The speakers demand the ��������� arrest and  trial bf those who surrendered the city, The  Liberal Republican Committee has demanded  that;the Government of the 4th September  should be arraigned by the National Assem  bty-tpfrender an account, of the conduct of  the defence of Paris; -and -give their reasons  for agreeing to the armistice. The committee  also declared that the armistice should not be  ratified and that Park should continue de-  fen ce ah d ref u se to capitu late. 'A fc a m ee ting  in the Salon de Reiae, Belache, one of the  orators,^ declared that France demanded, a  Robespierre, and that the guillotino alone  co ul d save t hie coun try. T his, sen timen t w as  received with enthusiasm by the audience.���������  Deputies who favor the continuance of war  were applauded at all the meetings.: , Trochu  has declined candidacy for the Assembly,���������  The folio whig are among the candidates of  the Republican Alliance, Central Republican  Union and, International Working Men's Association r���������Louis Blanc, Victor Hugo, Groin,  Ityat, Rbchefbrt, M. Bressant. yyx "v.-  ThVsuppjy of flour will!$e exhausted on  Saturday, and on Sunday Paris will be witbr  put bread.'- ���������������������������  'yp-v yyyy.\  The Bank of f France^  francs to pay the cily war cootribiitiohsi  Gen Ducrot refuses to stand as a candidate  for the National Assembly;:    A '-A- y  '������������������"���������'.' ;' ^'V'"^9"^������������'.-'3rth;'7  ,, The resign atari of G aihb e tta is b el le ved to  indicate the ab a ri d on me nt of all hop es of a  Republic, and makes ,ttye restoration of the  Empire certain.. .:,/:-  >"l'p''x      .   Bordeaux, 7th.  Mi hister Ettierin e Argo has issued a circ^lar  which maintains the validity, of the decree  making inembcrs of the family once reigning  and Imperial /office-holders; ineligible to na:  tipnal Asseinbiy. The circular adds that the  dee reeyojfy excl iislou^ex tends- td^al I ^niemhera  of the gouaparte family;''-! '-A '!>��������� p:.y  ��������� ;��������� y ���������-, vi;*."- ::\vA   LondpUi'7thy;  The Echo de Nord lias a special dispatch  from Beil i ii saying i h at co n trib u ti ons al ready  ecca c ted. by the Germ an conim an ders wil 1 be  deducted from the amount of the war in-  demuity-' '��������� '���������*"'���������������������������" V''-  Ci.i3A.iuxe thk Roads���������The snow storm, ot  the last imp days has Compl etely fill ed the  beaten track between Richfield and Van  Winkle. Dimng tlie winter. so far. there has  been so much travel with freight teams and  Wilmot's express -steigh going every day, witb  a few exceptions,, that the road has been kept  in very fair order. Frona this on for a month  or more will probably be the. worst time for  snow and drifts, and Hairy Wilmot has been  compelled to ^sk for assistance in keeping a  two-horse track open,. as, there is now little  frei gh t com i n g from Queen el m ou th. M r Bal t  has subscribed :���������5fl oii behalf of the Govern-  ment. and nearly every o*ve who has been  asked has prom ised to con trib u te.  The United States Patent Laws, with in-  s tru c tio n s >ho w to ob tai n Patents, is ithe ti tie  o f a work of 112 pages. sen t to us %y. Mun n  &Co., 37 Park Row, New York. It also  contains the official rules, forms for patent  deeds, hints on selling patents, 150 diagrams  of taeebapical movements, and a large variety  of other useful iuformation. It is a book  really wsrth having, aad can be had free by  all who will send their names to Messrs.  Munn ������fc Co. as above.  Skow Sjjdk--Yesterday morning a slide  from the hill blocked the road in the canyon  below Black Jack gulch. In shovelling out  a passage for sjeigbs, shortly afterwards, a  walking stick was found, which led to the impression that some person might be buried in  the snow, but on searching carefully no one  waa found.  CprxESE New YEAft-^-To-day is the first of  the year in.Chinese chronology, and several  days holiday will be kept by the celestials,  The consumption of pork, chickens, brandy  iml Chinese luxuries will be imHaense, for  John lifew goad living at all fc^tirals.  MINING INTELLIGENGE.  ���������  1, ' ��������� WILLTAH CRK'KK. '���������  Thfi forest Rose oo; lastPWeek washed 5S  oz.   The Ballarat co., 38 o&   The Barker coy  wages and expenses* y    yp ;  ���������P :���������', STOUT GUtCH.  :lyy        . ���������:- .:������������������  The Jenkins cb. last week washed 45 ox.  '" /Pi.,.'      ������������������' ^ACE OF.CIXBS UlUHB"^..;.-',,;,.:.  The First Chance co. have^unlc their shafV,  109 feet and just struck water. They intend,  putting on three shifts next week with tho  hope of being able; to reach bottom, ;  ,."������������������''"     ;       '/AIiOWUEK C1*B:KK������:  The Victoria co. last week washed 29 ox  and tl ic gro.u n d is I poking b etter. Tbo Brow  co.urn making wages.''/-.'.���������  ���������  ;.'������.;���������;������������������    ������������������.;   ���������:,���������    ������������������    ,.    ;        r. -"   ���������������������������'������������������/ "i   s    ���������������������������.���������.���������������������������: ���������������������������"���������''  GROUS15 CRKRK.   .      :_���������'"*;_���������': ':  The Talisman do. washed last week 15 or,,*  workirig about' half time. The Heron co. ar*  still, running back where the rock pitched off,  Tbe Lightning cb. last, week washed 17S05  The Spruce cb. 82 oz. The Eldorado co. rirri  making wages. The,6onth Wales co. are in  with their bed-rock drive 125 feet, and expect  to break into tlie cljannel next week. .Tbe  Van co uv ei* cb. are ru n h i a g ; on ste adil v  through bed-rock., The Vanwinkle co. hav<������  not succeeded ip. pumping out their diggings,  as; they cannot get waters enough to dri~e  their- wheel^ fast epough, althengh thej hav������  got the w Hoi e c reek } an d u n ti 11 he 'water' i t \ -  creases it is improbable that they can dp any-.  thiug.'--"./7..:'^y;; ,y;^y~:-y;._y -;" ^7'.:.;". ^Ay A " *  ���������; '���������:��������� ppy,.    yxj*A$r oftanqb- orbek. , yA...y:- y,.x  The G1 arke cp. h ave ��������� with their^ lm proved  rig pump ed their d iggip gs dry, and wi 11 ������po n  com men ce; washiug; ���������;'.." ;. ;.:'s; 'iyly!'..':,  , ��������� yT     ��������� y MINISa RECORDS^;;;  ' >P'y:'.        :.;: ���������71ilGHTICIis:a-CRBKK.:7:.= /X  Laura cb.~r3Uth J an .-^Recorded in favor <������f  P. Cockit) g, W. S. Lon'tti t, Ben. Day ies, tbrn*  hill cl ai ma on ho rth b an fc'; com mericin gvai' th e  upper line of the Laura: c P. To for in part of  same.; vy; *-/-. ',..-''<y,' y.yy 7H774VV7 ������������������  ^ Brighio n; co.���������8 th Feb .-^-Record ed |u ��������� f a vor  "of H. Dpali a nd J&. Carbthersy two hill'claims,  cbrti men ci n g at lb wer 1 i ne of Perth c p., ru n -  ing;down;stream.;*. -';';-''. )���������;���������' '"--'���������    >:r!,!vx  Feb. lOth^���������Record ed in. fa vor of A. Guille-  tnn, one hill claim^adjoinirig- upper; lina: oC  Sprufie aqd lower line.pf South.Wales col  ."}'/��������� H,'VAyy-  liAST CUA$riE CltEKKv'���������" -..yy:  y  1 Shapnoh co.^-30tli January--Recorded in  favor 6 f C h a rl es H n gh es, one, b ench^ cl aim o 11  ���������eastbanki commencing at flower1 line of H,  Shannon's claims   To'forth part of tlie same;  yp' 'AP- '������������������ .-'��������� '"ANl)RRSON"'CKKfcK.;. :'      :Vr^-  Anti -British co^Jam 31-^Reeofded iti  favor of Wm. Cowling, one creek arid one bill  claim on east bank, adjoining lower line of  British co, y ....-_,_���������  -, ;,  ':     .   'GUOKSB CJliKKK. . >  ';' Hansen co.���������-Jan. 30���������Recorded in favor of  B. VanVolkeoburgh. John Martin. J. H. Todd,  Fred. Hansen, John G. Bastedo, Geo. Spruce,  J; Lindsay, J. L. Crimp, eight creek ciaimv,  commencing about 100 feet from Lady of tha  Lake, west corner, and running up stream.  . Old Scott co.���������Feb. 8���������Recorded'^^in favor  of J. G.'Goodson,. Simon May. Wm, Keynton,  D. Kurtz, H. E. Nich olson,;JJH e B. Smith; si x  bill c 1 atms on east line "of Tatismais co.,  taking Talismaa shaft as centre.;  WItLUM CKEEK.   ! ''  Isaac co.���������Feb. 9���������Recorded in favor* of  Felix Daoust, Isaac Von Vplkenburgh; C,  Vaillancour, A. Vignolo, Wm. Michael, Dr  Ercole, R. H. Brown, JotmBruce, P.Manetta,  S. StncoXt John Goodspn, B. VanVolkeoburgh,  T. Pattullo, 18 hill claims on west barik, adr  joining upper line of Barker co.  ScrsxTii'io Amkri������as���������"W������ would caU'tb������  attention of our readers to the advertisement  of the Scientific American in another coluratj  ���������a journal which for genuine useful .inform-  atlott on mechanical and scientific subjects  has no equal on this continent.  Bauxakd's   Express   left for below ou  11th Inst:, taking no passengers.   The next  express may be expected to arriye, if the ���������  river is not obstructed below Yale, about  Wednesday next  The weather during the past week has beea'  mild, with a good deal of snow, which has  made.toe roads again heavy for travelling.  TILL .ARftlVE AT WILLIAM CREEK on or ahum.  /     the 2<Hh Maroli m"Xt  rtoj- i o-*-ir*nil K"rvpi'''r:.= lui^iiipss conrlnct^i'..  ���������$ '       KIT>*^ SYLmTM, V *  WIT AND HUMOR.  Popular diet in Utah-���������Square rib.  Whyshould a butcher's supply bf {muttoii  ���������never fMl?^-Becau6e he caa always get a  chop or two at the block.   '-;'"''. ���������'/.  WHOLBai"LB---it is reported that, Brigham  youi^'a'eldest eon lias proposed to.the Young  Ladies' Semi&fcrjr recently op eiied ������t, Sal J  Lake.        \      . ���������   ;/-' '   '. .'   ���������  ,   ���������  Ovbb.thb ;>?AY--The following laconic inscription is engrared upon theJ tombstbno of  a person who hailvliTed near: a Jcburchyard:  .���������'* Removed from oyer the way."; :���������--  f* Wdman^is a delusion, ��������� madam!". ex-.  claimed a cruafcy bid bachelor to a witty  yonnjg lady." " Andinan-ia always bugging  sosse delusion -or other," was the quick re-  tort.;,,,; y.y.!..,..-,.,, p.? .-. _...,-... .\y .;y :y^r^:y s  BwNorxo Rbtoiit���������" Why donH you hold  iip your head in'the "fforld as I do V'���������> apked a  haughty lawyer; of a sterling old. farmer.���������  "Squire," replied the farmer; "see that field  of grain. Tbe well filled heads hang down,  while those only that are empty stand uprights .  A worthy old'clergyman in a neighboring  town is very absent-minded and has a short  ineraory. It is a common habit with bim in  the pulpit to forget something, and then, often  sitting down, to rise up again, aud begin .bis  supplementary remarks with the expression,  =��������� MISCELLANEOUS;  #fic  uBy the way." A few Sundays ago he got  half way through a prayer-when be hesiiated,  forget what he wa9 about, and sat down abruptly, without closing. In a minute or two  lie roao, and pointing his forefinger at the  amaaed congregation, he said : " Oh ! by the  way���������Amen I"  Oij> Tom and Old Paddy���������An Irish wake,  you know, is a queer place. The neighbors  comet in, they sit near the coffin, and the talk  it about the poor man in it. But, wtin what  Paddy Cregan', the schoolmaster, would call  " philoibphy," they drown tbeir sorrow in  whisky aad water. Sometime*. I may say,  the latter material; is oraitted, for reasons to  which, as members of parliament say. "it is  not necessary further to allude/' There weto  " latbihga " of whisky at Mick O^Brieh's wa;ke.  His fcr^theivin-law, Tim O'Flanriagan, came  oyer frpmClare^ and ordered a gallon of the  >#st Walker's Lirjaericjr, 25 O.V. I could  jn*?er ?'make���������_,������ out -whaty.O.P. meant;; till t?the  ganger; told me: ^-" You se������;" he says, ������ th ey  call gia Old'Tom^th^t's the English .dria^;  arid they call the whiskey Old Paddy-���������thaVs\  tbe Irish,tipple." '".[      .,v'������7";'-''���������"-���������   .* -  P^TJf.E'%T Y - S-I.X^fi;:: !YHA.RV; . *  This splendid Weekly, greatly enlarged and  improved, is one of the .most useful and 'in-:  teresting vjourrials;������ye^  number is be^u^iliyipriflfeed'on^'Sne paper,"  and'.elegantly' iliustrated with 'original 'Engravings representing*/ 7 .* y;   :  ft 0 w In yen tions; :Nb velti es ;��������� in! Median ies j  . Manu factures,. Chemistry, Photography,  /Architecture, Agriculture, Engineering,  . : Science and'Art.;'���������'       -"���������"��������� *\ ', _..  >Farmers,;.Mechanics, Inventors, Engineers,  Chemists, Manufacturers, and people of all  Professions or Traides, will find the  . v ���������''.:.;^SCJtENTIFiC, ^MMlOAN/? .  :��������� y   ;..'��������� OP GREAT VALUE AND. INTEKE8T.  . It3 practical; suggestions will save hundreds of dollars to every household, Work-  shop and Factory in the land, besides alfonl-  ing a continual source of valuable instruction. The editors are assisted * by many of  the ablest American1 and European writers,  and having access to all the leading Scientific  and Mechanical Journals .of the world, the  columns.of. the Scientific American are constantly enriched with the choicest information.  An OfficialList of all the Patents issued is  IS':  SODA  CBEEK,;'    yy* .  y,.}y'..-���������.:���������:. . QTJESNSLLE, and    7-  ���������yyPyyy . 33 ARJCEBVILL E  ���������** ��������� - - - -      .  yyy : '���������-. -���������'    f harper,  publis-hed weekly.  The Yearly Numbers of.the Scientific American liiake.Two Splendid Volumes of nearly  Ouo Thousand Pages, equivalent ih size to  four thousand ordinary book pages.  Specimen copies sent free. .      ...  Terms���������$3 a^year ; $1 50 half-year ; Clubs  of Ten copies for one year.at $2 50-each, $25,  with a splendid. Premium to .the person who  forms the Club, consisting of a copy of the  oelebrated Steel Plate Engraving, '-Men of  Progress." ,  In connection with tho publication of tho  Scientific American,.the.undersigned conduct  the rmo9t extensive Agency in the ���������world for  procuring PATENTS.  : The best .way to ob tain an an swer.: to the  question���������Can I obtain a Patent? is to write  to Munn'<& Co., 37 Park Row. N.Y.", who have  had'over twenty'years'cxperienceln the business. No charge is -made for opinion and fid-  vice. A pen and-ink sketch, lor -ifull. writte/i  description.of,the invention, should bejsenfc.  For,instructions concerning American and  European .PatenIs- -Caveats���������Re issues���������Interferences���������Rejected Cases'���������Hints on Selling:'  >Paterits^Rules and Proceedings of- the:Patent  Office^The New Paten t Laws-rExaminatio ns  ���������Extensions���������Infringements, &c. &c.i,- send  fo r I ^TiiucrroN Book, w hi ch w il 1 b e m a i i ed  free o n ap plica tio n. All ��������� b usi ness s trie tly  confidential.. /  ;: Address; yf"yr\ y -MGNN^ (56.PA  . ^Publishers of the Scientific^ Aiherican,  '������������������.-A. ���������-.���������'XA -Ay >������������������ ,37; Park Row, New.YovKy '  6^  tr\Ki  RATES  medical:  CARDS,  CHEAP   GOODS!  py :xea;& :psbri"n-s :';  ',.:" AX'    yvl': Oelebrated., ��������� :7.-y:'..;������������������.-*��������� ";���������'';.:  WORCESTERSHIRE:   SAUGE  "Declared hy'Connoisseurs to be V  1 THE   ONLY    GOOD". SAUCE.  coMrRiaiso-  Boots, Slides Clothing and  G-rocerieSf  OF  THE  BEST   QUALITY,  Foraale at tho Store of tho undersigned jn Barker-  Title, opposite the Bask of-British Columbia.  W. KKNNIB.  BOOTS MADE TO OHDER  8C4if  at usual.  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U8e,,,'".7: -.'.'7.'.::..;..." ,-,,   ,.  7.7.-"' -':':   x,   x t y,.. "y'  : Buciiii! as prepared by .Drnggists, 'Is ;of ri  dark color.   It is a' planV that emits its fra  g ranee;. .the t action of a flame - destroy stliis  (ite active principle), .leaving a-carfi- and.  gin tin ous decoction.. Mine is the'color of in-  gredieiits.-.The; Bitchu ih uiy preparatioh pie-*  do mi n ates ;. the 'snral lest qiian ti ty o f the 6 thei?'*  i n gred ien te ,are ad ded, to , p L;ev en t.. i e rm enta-  tio n ; u p on i lisp ec tio iVjtw i 11J3 e j'o u nd \ not )ri  be a Tincture, as ma3e *frp^Smaebp^^ nor  is i t a* Sy n i p ��������� an d i here fo re cart \ b e ;"i i s ed���������: ;itil  c ases. w h.er e fe y er n r in flam ma ti on;: exis t.. ���������{ In.;  this, yon have the knowledge,pt{ the;-iugr0cliy  eiits and.the mode ofprepKraiioh.  Hoping  that y ou w III fay < *i" i t w j th. a- in it  and that upon i ti sp e c tionl:' i t{w i 11 'rii e of w it  yoiir approbation. ",:7 /.:'/��������� . ���������-; ';:f;- -V ������������������������������������'* 'x". V'X '������������������/  .   WUh a fee 1 ing o f profoun d;confiden ce, '.[���������.y  . I am, very respectfully,,,:,.-.;.,. ;,lf   : Jv  H.VT. HELMBqLpyv;f;;  Chcmtst and Druggist of 19 Year's Kxperiencel  iiii  Etc.,  Etc.  Ktc  Kttf  Executed with ncataess, care and diapatcli at the  SEXXOTEL    OFFICE,  BAESi:UVlLLE, Ji.  rill (ikh>h^l. fe.  (From the largest .lnahufactu.i'ing Chemists iii:  the .world.)yyr y-ypyyl: .yyv  ; NOVKMIIKH. ;4,7.IS5.-1.:. _...  " I am acquainted witli Mr lh"T. llelriiboli)'������������������  li e occ ii \\lied the I) r 11 g' S to re ;o'pp 6si te i n y fem-  dence; and was successfitrin conducting tile  1)nsiness where . olbers;.ha*l. npt'<beetij oqnx\\iy '���������  s o . before him. I have, \jeejn . fa y p ra I tly) -,i ,i j i?,  pressed witb bis character..and rii\l^i-pripp.l':    "'  - wi lli M -m^fUAKyy  Firm of P<)wor^arid'W^igliMi������n/'M  ' . i'iiclu r ing Che in ists., iJ.i n tit. ai id. li tp\)n  SireetsVPhilJuleTnlna.1   ''     '   : .  ^L  dphia  E-XTR^CiTy  For. w eakness arising fro m i n d iseret ]o ii. - Th ri  exhausted powers of Nature wbieh are ac-  co in p a n i ed \. h y so -1 n an y,. 111 arm in g ��������� ��������� sy n i p t o iris,  a i n o n g. \v h i c U Wv il 1, b e . io u n d, In d ispos j ti o n".. t o.  15xe'rfcion.'Loss of 31emory, Wnkpiri 1 uesn. ,1 Ior-  rqrdi' Oisvasei or Forebodings, of Evil |'in  fa c i; U n i ve rsal' La ssi tn d e, Pros tr n ii oxf a ii d: i ip:  ability to enter; into the enjoy merits of society .  oncep ffepted with Qrganic Weakness, retjuiresr  PLAIN.   PEINTING  Mtataoed Ratoi?.'  NOTICE.  LL  PERSONS   Ix\TJ)RBTEP TO   G.   V.   O'XKILL  (trtntm Qrerit; n ra req ues tp <l to <v,\ 11 on him m ii  ���������settle  their nccouuts on or teeftjre FIRST MARCH,  1?7i- .    : Uc2o i!a������  SAWNEYS   LETTERS  AM)  C A R SB O O    RHY (VI E S  BV JAM15S ANDJBRSOX,  PRICE,        -     ���������-''.���������������������������   ONE DOLLAB  post, free 9f ohargo  and ������omTnr(\c<i hy  iny'M  th e* a f ft 6 f Men i c \ no to s ir e i j g 11 u ��������� o at t rti n v ig< i r-  ale the system, which HKLMBOLD'S KX--  TRACT .BUCHU invariably; does.���������; > If'7no  treii.tmen.t is submitted*to>.Coueiuiiption or iu-  ganity ensues. : .7   .'.y.   '...'...>,:,.  asi> . :..^....y  IMPROVED ROSE   WASH  w 111 rad ical Jy ex term i na to (V o rn ; ti i e, syslo u i  diseases arising from habits of disstpniioh, at  1 i Mle expHnso. 1 i ttl e ur rjo change i u d ie I, no  inconvenience*ov exposure.  :/- 'USE  mmmim fluid must mm  in all disease." of tlie.se organs, vvliether existing in male or female, ironi whntt'yer cniitrO  originating, and no matter of how long standing. Those suffering from broken do wit w  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy .at  once. ly'   ' '  A11 the ab o v e d i.seases re rj i ii ro 1 h o ail o f i\  Oiuretic. . HI51jMBOLD:SEXTRACTUUCIIU"  is, thb great .Diuretic. '  jpx^-Soid by .Druggists everywhere.   Price  SI 25 per bottle,.cu; (i Bottles for, $fi 60.   De-.,  1 i v ered to any address.   Descri be. Sy nip toms..  in all .communications?."  ADDRESS    ���������  H.   T.   HELMB0LD,  Dnuo and Chemical "Wabbuousb,:* '  504 JJroad way, New.'York.  NoMi: ark Gknufxe unless done tip in steel  Stigrayed   wrapper, with   fac-simile of my  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  oc2ii ��������� '   H."T. U&LMWLD.  ������m  >r  ^wM^^\������smmi&8ll&l!3&


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