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The Cariboo Sentinel 1867-02-15

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 ������p^yyy*jiM  ���������4%  /&&������/  ���������mfiAs!  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'("^y hVfiQ1^ *^9^P^Y^ft !*V S-^iR? So;\that ^; ciiejii ted;: c>n:/ arriV**  ' ^'^ip|*\a  .;y- ;5 taken* the $eo^ j Such ai  A \ "^state^of jhin'gsis^.uir theimore,,',fcq"'be d^eplyi  ">. ;yf- regfeiietfy when^ifclyis considered * they.' - are  L������iJ;i| J^^jiro^ulfc of aao^ervsanguiriefiutlii'indulged  iriby feejp^^0ppf!ilp^lfnld'������^}"* j|t JtHo exten-  x i I 'Apfye 3rifljidliiuistSbb^^al fclr ffiat;|yFas|; expectr  P f re<f^^ gorges  y %_ ^pfjrBrii-isb^Gb^  Ai -;r ^sandsf* b f^adyi&itii r4^!ifwiipx ^qMcgfe* tut'al ly I  . py2 find.theirjway/ tli'ere on r.becoming;' aware.' jb'f  t,;'':. V^be^iolf^ of the country, and ;jyouj<i  .! jv v s,' '^ii ti& se (if le-= the; mi n ing ydis tedfe* wi fcLy? a^* 1 a������ge������  ts ������ *��������� xt arid*'eqWr p fijsin g*: ppp|ilajfi,oji?i i^TJine* bo weVS|V:  ������* '^'i|'a������^^eHl:"������^faUac^ of this Relies, ian^l^al;  i.t ^*iihoug^t4be"?^iWs"baTe not exbiblWd aSiy/Jacfc  ir  %ncbt^efciirUs?jstill*tliey;have^l^  ;"'^f^0ti3jATfe^i*a.?^^  ^;fan\oxp^iVditui;e',6f ^capital,-inirrthei^ ?developr  Ru ijtmep^a^lt^  &*������*'" ^dWiaers 'have- beert^ih:M5ia^^  *\ .Mf ;lirg*ene'r'ii Itde^pres^ io n Kttli rp u gbo'u0 i bp^poXp ny  S^a^tbe^a^b^ cQnseyq  ��������� 'v^risi^fi^ni^^eari^ [ oy ^r; and5'; jh&| flfsbo ver ife's  v Vfohnevv", Re 1 dS^Ta^.- Ipitf i b^^^Jilp ii ?: wil j 2 u niiSiiiJ tr.  *y *edl^ ^Te^iJoVJ, ib^/ttnA|earied> labo rs Orj Jfche  y^i iyarious locaJitibSjfwiU^iHher in' a* pore1 pros-*  ii x ^rous^tot^'blybings'ift ^apdT^ill  ���������/^���������jO^useiajTWjfjjb-f the7Qonntenan-  y fce&jbf^anyi!Whosei^tsiges;now4 wear'* the as-  ���������',j ?pecfc:.ofr black .���������dispair.;:r ^ ; ' '/ ,y 'yj[\\ [y]i  ������������������ y^;^bet^,caiibot'^^  ^^w^re-firm^ir^tn^^l^ was  - cbbisutoiiteS'e'verytfiingi^buLibe.done to ser;  : t5 ii re "to e i r fti fc u re- p rbsp e ri fcy ^aiid jfch^ej r, na tural  Ntv' odncbiston^a>;that^-������li^  ^ v ^ol o-n i^i^iii^^rM n by^i)!p ci^ed: % tt)������$: 'j  ' ���������:.the^^fiaVie^en a^tened:t^he'i.(iictIibweyer  y t^iC^tJi^^^a-rje t twt^rS^la ipns ^ftjfeat^siibject;,  . x andfttio?t I^MWe^tiniH^teriaiis ?cobsid^ jthey  " - ^-fiav^an Sjiaiiciiaim^ r. ,��������� "p. This ii rip  when J t cQuld support two Theatres-no wdti is  ^febl-MJiy>Piort4one^ Ami; is \ untbrtunate'  Hs/many^a^^  liiisieiilto; ;Sa$^!vaiicisco to' seek that^ aniusef  ^n.t,^d ^ri?ulion during the wiuter mottth^  wh jch; he 5 eanno^ find?. h eveij. AAw * entertain  meiifcjfe*nqvsjiapdjthen givefi?by the amateur  club' wbiclrj^mks^uion^ ^its membere ^hiany  :wli^^y|l^uic^mein  feebly J)i^is4iiaj"f theirf|eu fcertainments irir&  ndfciof'moi^ iAa ixr. Ii  yATHeiwejither^bere lor the past^twoSmonths  liasMfcn veryPweb; FOarcely ii ;day: has passed  that has not bro^feht'witb it; ii vheavy; ishower  of rain, to-day; the first taste;of 1 winder; in ^he  ^hApe of a sboj^ei^off baife^A^ne'wr Sunday^  iysipef is" abou^o1^tepitbfisbetf nerel under  t]ie;di recpion iot; Mr,. J. ifc ^uteisr/late ��������� of iHVil-4  lwm.5vcreek| the j first 'number will {niake\ its  l^peatauce on. Sunday npxt^i' n hAq^ytyy  1 y The steamer^^Active"lui!s;;just^oi irt,? after a  ������fi^daysji^;ft:pm  'Qarilwovniail ^ loses Jin >a cbuptet;of "bburs '*U  jhUy;ej;tb cu^tSniycpmmunic^t'bm  Chemise-would, so more anon;      J ���������' ���������  ,     "��������� Ci - B A' O    >%  v   - -'Yoursi: &e<, -a * tA  Ll;iiy&^-^^  V! ���������; The ^origin' o| mqhey^ls- coeval with Oman's  .erneifgiiigro'ut/of thasavageiistafcel^'thejru^lei  ;|>arb ariaiuAVliby pyp isl o wp sa^J%cliuired-ror  jij mself^eVeir^tbiu^ive^ uid  ^ye������fiM$&  risPmpney* .The sniallesktransitibn^hpw^yer^  ^eyondifchisOTde';cond  inie^in di'd hat'depehdrSor,'the\:!satisra-ctioni^ of  jtieii** wan ts up'on theiivownexertioh exclusive^  ly, ��������� but, forrsome articles oh that ip^ Ttb^iri  nejgiilibrs^likeivise, wCuId lead^^p^he cii'storni  of barter* ' ThefJncpnyeriience;of barter could  sofpn^ l}%lm!erne5 lasjsocietyadvancedysothat  wi iboixMife inter ve tiMoji of a so m e th i ng si nte  lar to, mpney, jheybusinessVpfW 1 ifet wpuId be  ^dnside?rably> impeded. The origin;of money-  Ih usrl ies jn th e i^U;nej%ssityj^ot so me th ingi to  ifebjP"'"*'" ': '';" ' '���������������������������-���������'���������'��������� ������������������'���������,-:-**- ��������� '-"���������--   -*"  ;ffle  fVoihr1 tbts'exr^ViIsite fitness ot tbo^mdtnJs theirr  ^elvesr;'Tb'ob^uilities ,'ihafe ,mpst adapt them  fo ri th e pii i*p 6se' of ni oney^e^ amohgs t bin ersj  ^Veir diig(^ umi:  the -great ya 1 ne. Pf! sma) lj portions; o f i;; them.  Tlie use ,of'the j>recious metals 4 was not,"how-  eve^ flibugh o|greatt an tiqin^y,/universal at  ^heyfii^t;v thev, ^nly^beoametBo'.a^nVtions  wer6 brought iifto cohtr^cfcthi'ongii me^chan^  !J������e.intercourse.,-/Rridr;,Jtofvthis,yiron, brass^  ^ajppi)e^the^sr^  t|ips/and;ptb(epttxe  ���������T-constitute^l {the Recognized !cpfreriefrp It  tiimraj^e^  jjlpyed ^mpri^hasiJie^nj regulate  develppmenjtVof icivilization.<j----This- having-  been of bourse! gradual,. \yrip^ofeei/yei'������������������'in ;pur  met^ilio curHucies^a o^  sion^ini,the rpr^er lb I iowingr^irorijb rass, cb^  per, silver; android,���������th^last two * being 'in*'  dibatiye^ppbigb^osp  hie anibiigst ���������* m6r.ejjWeaithy <Earopeanj counX  ���������tri^si?;it".'���������'���������")'Px!f:i" yy y.*t. 1\...���������.',.yxy*"    A':1  THE BANK OF  BRITISH . COXUMBIA.  <    j' ���������-  PAIJ)' Vi CA f I-TAL,;,7 y|   || ' $2,562,600  xx     CvV"itlf-roues tOvIitereaiieiJ  '$M&m!  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D 'liars*:",- 4-    ^7 ":  on*Great-Bnfcaltf,', ShnFrancisco:;aiicl .New York rpur-  chamd.\nyyxy yxypyyyy,'y:yr'y\:,   >..y ,  ^;%X^���������eMajfel;.otlfer^ Aor&ofri  justoctyjjuteri's  t  ^,5??-1!r������Hp^?^0.sitvoM,*i>'-n^  J^p DusT,Moltoa ���������������n(i AaSayejl^arictlrdfum  wthm 2Xl^riyv :'XtiXppnp-.ly \,):,.;,;;.   v  .Ores of (?^ry-^scrfp tion c^rbmbyAcgayod  >Aprn,as6d'. * -.fi'*. v.j ; i -i '**  s made  W  v GniiD Drsr JIUjLiVl ,fintl AssdycO^apd'rctucas made  vyit^iMi 24,1 muwIn-G'iinppBfrs. ������������������r* * i;'"' '-, "7 -y /^  ,? firgayl ^ory^i^scrfpn'onfCaraftilly^A^ayoa^ l y:x!  B.^AnyJh^tructims'as to;the ttisp'isalolitlie'pro-  w  VV41I *41 lilJLU.|    )      .   w<  ^ld the^tlierj��������� ���������_.,...,.  jsoJSiiQj^m^ very] cor  gent reasons fbrybaying the;-'Capital^i;located  he re for the p resSni^ W h i ch w i 11 b e en d n rsed  by e v ery co 1 o n l^btttsitf %o f ��������� 5?e vv VV"es tin i ns te r.-!  As a tt^iral'd^ of reduced popiuht  ;; out J.. (I W iVMI V    ������������ 41 l' uu u** ������   ��������� v ���������      ������v,    ... w ....'- ������������������ ������i ��������� ��������� ��������� - -     - -  occitrsfto'me*:that^fjibfUfcdfepAivmipim of a  I ������-'yIj������th^h>^ *^tn!(  I   r, i n ^lassenili 1 i^s-j a n cTtc^a mee ti ngs are exce p  1   ' "ed;] Yio&&������as sadly declined, the time was  with Uieir'rrespective-i pwnersy notwithstaibd-  in^their :m atiiitf desire to ge fc^ri d J 'of; thpni*i inj  tli e%4ty ^o i^ bair te iv ji Fo ri ,^aiit(;Sf 1su cK-I u ^tr ii-  imoiit' of co-nveyancefas'jni6peylyriu cli i^cl) in nio;  ditieiriiiisCbe absolutely useless,..t:antt' retain-;  'ed ;as mere superfluities.?!: A* rpowerful" sfciinib  11ts fcO'labov woiild'thus5bo'de^trdyed',^a|id<human industry" would 3'apguisb and 'die. >W6  jcSijnJierabtMopperatioiiiibfc-.a 'cause������nitail.:��������� ;tb  social ;progi:ess������rnen?wM i^pduped  ���������to;. dev;isi^\spiiib--plan fpi^yi^venting.*-; the" :daily  re'"   fieU  JAMES ANDKR30N, Vick1 Pai������rj>EXT7' '" "  jofl'^Ai)ArRy,.iy':r.,r';  BiRECTpRS.s:  JpHV.COWXWNJ  S kcr aTi-jiy .A^LrBaARiAVi  ScufiwhcVbf tlye'lificoOvoiiience: above- specie j rf ?IS* lNSTiTb^rtffe.t^ir.W?nth cont;' ihgyihoiu. sob  :by;jthem;sonio;epmmodity |i*ic;d--.n. "i'i';/"a";      y- . i..:; .:.,7   ;.:;?������������������";  ?iv li fc hv they' c o u 1 cl eas ily i h d'u ce v 6 th e rsi td ac-1'   Wore.������tcr?s fcir^s' Pic to ri Vi-n i cf i on a ryj: IXrVls Diction -'  ce.pt;^TlnS cbhimomt^. W^  toq>ericeiy^ oiwes^'M-6rrg\tt\tui-already observe aa- r'jiVr>iict:    ;' J   :7 "i '.^ i.".-.��������� i;.',".'���������'.   :  '    ^ELSpN'S'TorJg^^  ,17'lLL ARRIVE' ANb/jPEPART-'frfyrr^ olf]X in  l-T '��������� "Barkerville; to.connrcV wi Ey- tUt- -f.^;> hv r ' ^F.n-  .crpriseyiyLQa^mrnmilrfiyrih AlxxWltilFx At AiVa  i!r^k, EVEBY.>'\yEJ5K^ cofiv#li^������^suRE.'Iii>TTHi3:  ,n-nd Y^^������LES|lor^jll.pj^ts^if jjji^yMso'rii^.XfS������?, ? 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In * th e ip I'll n i ti vri rig es \y e find  e i rip I oy ed fo r tli i s p i i rpose;. 0 i h, fjptii t.";; she I js,  11 ai the r, s a 11, &g.,$ and th ese s ti i U. w o% b e li e y e t  hoi d their: p 1 aae ��������� j un n rig -\ t ce r ta i n tr i b e| 6 f the  h ii man ta m i I y. C it tt 1 e. i t U we 11 k n o w" n. c o n-  s! i tn ted a fa v o rite i n s tru men fc o f co in m * > ree J in  vey tlie idea of the ���������'���������superiority in value of the  arniour pfiG.la'i'lcus iiiboye;; that "df'.i Uiomede";  'tells iis that the ^V>rineK?\vas:.purchased .for  o ne; hund red fin d"' I li e' 1 afcfcer fo r nine o'xepAB itt-  abl o 1 of i tio iiey>; Nor d i d they; a rriy e at _ th is  ^9aclii8ion iVoiri mere artitrafyt eaprie^^ bti^  thy R;n->ingB'voin will��������� he. foun��������� \\zi\ppli������������������*'l with tli.  j j test iCn^lJsb.ccaLi .-li,- G suar.lL-iii;' Airier ici u,' an i CjJo-  iii-IP iv i^.' iy1' lilji^izin-'S.-i'. >'.*;.-. .-��������� ;-;w: :--.v,; : . ';  ,! TkiiMS of S.biis.oiiiin'i'i.v���������SS.p'r ou.i rt.fr, .or..$2.p'?r  ipi nj 111. ��������� j^ sd a V. >l u i'oi's iifi-1n '��������� -1 to ii���������'ai'-sU i>*crfb^ts at  50 oLs,' i������.i.r' V'������iuiiii^ u*ithi$l ili*pn?iti'   ���������'..,.-"'  ,  Pi 'lis; an' n ij. su UseiiJ y r* -vmih ri. ih o li ��������������� a ' 1115: Il6om  an I in ikiii^iisfiof-tii i B /oks an 1 P<jp.-rj will hu'c-i.'ir^-  Git 25 cts 'far ia ch vi*\f. P :.-... '���������'���������-.  :  j(jS5=������ Tao It joni will -be op < u f riVm 3 Q i. 1 n. t i 1110 p. m.  :-'������������������   '-. . .��������� ..'���������"    . JTfiTiv nn\vi?nv*    :  BARKERVILLE -BREWEWV.  :ys^mMymmMy::  ��������� ;.-"    PEdrRiE.T.oR.'l-  y  St-O V^S;;y :;STO������E;S: 1  17  -JOHN HOAVltOX,  V.S rcivtr try . i n. 1 ���������' L1 ft r\ r\ in;  "rri  lie  Garibpo   Sentiiieli-  PUBUSilED ��������� 0% Tl 1K ��������� 15TH  AND i 3Oril   OF ; EACH  1 / iloxTii Duiirxk tlik'��������� \Yixtjbu. ������������������ ;'������������������'���������;?���������*.:-  ;y .��������� -y, ALLAN & -.go.:: PRomisTORi?;      '  Or;T:c7^-BARK^RyitIiE,: Wvpti^lgrip^r ;dA&nso(\i  V". '     ��������� Subscription, $2 pepioporvtii-���������-��������� *'&-��������� **  (Incliiding cost of delivery,) Payable to tbo Carrier*  J'; ;''.,' ���������' '^.^'l3A^KE.EV%tE^^ ;,;-y'.":: ���������  ;���������'���������--" Have j ust r-^ceiveU n" cb oi co s?&et ion of * ���������;'  OAST'-irtLONlcOOktNQ STOVES  Sheet Copper7;Zinc," Tin PIati* and, SheetTron,  ��������� Wit h v������i ri ous"6 tu er. ar ticl i^s, i n.. th eir llna of itntd e.  .^rAir'.Tohbi%in^tbo:TinJS^et.frrri  Zijjc trade attended t#, aiul wuFruntedio give sjiii?r������c-  tion.. i,,..'.'.; .'i,;..\-   ���������������������������,.'     ;,-'   -..-v^i'-f-i- >.-.+! ���������'��������� f^y.g4  '-: v:-'.:;, -f ������ EtB ^|A:?E 15^'  THI3"lSPl6 CERTIl?yi that Idmiuic lo'gfe spring ifoy  .Ji .ir \v.rn.fijS" Iy f ilHilsr fut un j'mv l������^ii.4v-*3 i/ist  bifct>niiri������r hf������ I- -., w i 1=��������� n I -..ppl i ������u ni jilt', W,; D " Ji OS te,  B ��������� r:i<'r, B ;rlc; rvill������ vvliu in itj-fey.%v; ksl;r.������ltirda iny  ���������hair, in ab un J a nco' to* its lurrp oi^'lrbaiei ys &&*&������ i:' ^������  , ^   ...,..-,,. *  -    .   ,. 0ivir> QIBB0K3i ' '  Barkerville, Dec.. 20tb, 1SC6. ������������������    : *i   4  owtWUPnftwaDWMwmiwwfmra i^jii^lw+jfvr^^jUniGBZpVBSZiasW^^  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ���������FRIDAY,  FEBRUARY 15, 18W.  " Agents for the. ".Cariboo Sentinel.  '���������'���������������rouse Cr?efc,".>:"- ���������yi . -.���������..-���������- . A. "McWha  '���������Quean Iraouib, --Mr/Ctfu '!���������%Birnarl'a Express Oilier  ;'vYnl'-%   :'i-      ������������������     Mr. Evans, .-.   do do  Xiltooft,       ���������     F, W. Foster,       do .do -���������x  "New^ Westminster, ...'.'��������� .-.';���������   ���������  ���������    ,-���������..  Cl^rksnn & C  "Victoria,   .. -. ���������  ' . ���������    ���������"���������#*;.    ���������      '���������  it. Millmiat.H,  Lyw  ;, TO COKRESl'ONOEXTS;  AH communlcithns mast be' accompanied by the  ���������t-jhI Bitni'-J an i uiuri:3S ot- the wriuiy. not necessarily  with a vijw of publUulng the same, but- as security it>r  .-his good?aith.      ���������-'���������"���������*.'**���������'���������;..'  THE NEW GOVERNMENT.  ,'It is the boast ofBritain that her form of  go>terbment is' the most tep ab Iican of m o n-  archied and the most monarchical ol all republics. . The nearer therefore that any gov*  ernment approaches to this golden mean the j mem"bers.rfive'of these ate public "officers, nine  more,  permanent >od popular it becomes, are magistrates who held their seats from the  General Pest office, for allowing a great many  fugitive papers addressed to miners to remain  there, the result of this, carelessness has been  that many of the miners have advised their  friends at home to send them no more papers,  and the Post Office department of British Columbia has been deprived of a large amount  of revenue.    The irregularity of the arrival  and departure of mails in the winter season  is also Very ^unsatisfactory, but. under the new  contract fliis cause for complaint will be entirely removed, i   Retrenchment; both by reducing'salaries and amalgamating offices, is a  principal part of the policy of the Government ; The Real Estate Tax of Vancouver -Island'is to be abolished and all taxation assimilated.    His 'Excellency points distinctly  -ti."Cariboo as tbe hope of the colony in the  following griceful metaphor:������������������'The heavy  cloud of adversity which hangs over the south  lightens as we proceed north ward, and no  winter has seen a more numerous and contented mining population than that which is  now working in our gold creeks.*'  The Council is composed of twenty-tbre*  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ORIENTAL    SAL  RICHFIELD.  THIS HOUSE WILL~BE OPEN IHJilING  THE WINTER MONTHS.  H >t GIN SliIKO an i PUNCH to warm the 'taner'itta'n,  .������D i ev ry c >m:vrt fir th������* rut r.  '   "FREEZE'OUTFOR FUN " THROWN 1% ,,.'.;;  1.3,0 JOHN HED1V.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  OPPENIIEIMER & coj  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  TS,  IMPORTANT to MINERS  The un1er.*igned is:prepire<lto   .:  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  i' a     ������������������- PANNINGS,  On toramission, or wfll purchase any quantity on the  y  .   ���������    a ST Lm::ftAL Terms, at the  Reading Room, Cameronton,   : i  The Subscrihi;r'ls w������*ll known on Willi ims Crock, an'I  Item the conn lenc* r posed in hira hor 'toivuv in the  nbov twin *ss, he hop *s to re ive the pitranuge of  the Mining community the ensulD^^N BOWRON;  Beg to call tbe attention of tbe pnblic  . tbeir well -selected stock of  CLOTHING  and if tbe; British "form of go verument is a  standard of. excellence and comparison for  all others, mucb: more then should it be the  model for it^ own provincial governments,  "    and especially for those of Crown colonies.  7   There never has been an effort made by tin:  *. late governments to adopt this model.    The  : : three Estates of the British Crown with equal  *nd separate powers have neVer .daubed but  once during more than a century, and that  1 "���������!''. 'The Legislative power in Vancouver Island,  ^���������oathe other band, was; at continual, variance  '!'.'    with the Executive, and the less tbey found  y 'themselves able to do, the more virulent tbey  V-."became.'     The lat* Government of British  Coinmbia, absolute in form, departed so far  '   " f ro m its p ro to type in spiri ,������.th at the third Es  tale was not allowed a; real'existence in it", at  --allf   thus vainly striving "to build a porch  /"larger than the temple, to write a preface  - y longer than the book ;*' neither of these gdy-  . liern men ts. cou Id exist long in American colon-  ".ies,;nor did ��������� ������������������ tbey.   - The former became the  /.blind age.it which accelerated nhion. and the  latter lor looking backwards to a connection  which, but three years;ago; it so rashly sever  V ������d^  :' ��������� which remains until this day."   Nothing can  ' insure the continued.and approved existence  -'A of the present or any other governinent so  / V uiucb as to copy after the British constitution,  ��������� ��������� and that too "not after the letter but after the  ^pirit.'^; It matters not whether the represen  Crown, and nine are elected by the people ;  there are therefore fourteen nominees of the  Crown and nine representatives of the people  in the present Honse. A1 though the elected  members are in a minority of five, we may  expect the organization of a body almost as  essential as the Government itself���������Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition.        :  Divisions in a Legislative body are a necessary consequence of freedom, and the practi-  but to make the most good of it by each mem-  ber striving to elevate the character of his  party, and in tbe utmost heat of contest to  maintain a love of truth sand a regard for all  the charities of life, by allowing enterprise,  commerce and capita! to find their own channels, by1 reducing the price of law and the  expenses of government.. To this administration are committed all the public interests of  the colony uunitl the 30th day of June, 1868,  and ho longer," its form and policy; fit ns as  a glove does a band, but its conduct is in the  future.  j������&-Liberal allowance will be mado te  Restaur -nt an 1 Hotel Keepers and the Trade gee^n.!  on 1 irg������������ criers. I  WILLIAMS CREEK  THl^OLDA D WELL KNOWNHOU-E has heen re-  I c ntly (p n -l by th<- un )*rMtrn;������', who.wil! mike  it his constant Ktu y bv u������ins cv^ry ^n leavour to j������cco.  mo 'a to the tr iv lin^-puMic., to flesrrva a sharj of the  pat j* n������ee h?st������������we * on the former rccu]i'nts.  j^y T>* B ������r cunt-'ln* nMtiiu? Hut me vry brst of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   *Oiv������ 1'lm a c ill  EDWAKD   TROrATTER  A    CARD.  ���������   (Berore Warner R SpaMing, Esq.)      .  ;��������� Friday, I8th Jan., 1867;  Forest Rose co*y per D. Deigbton, vs. Jas.  Lesh, H. Calder, G. Aitcbison. C, - White, J.  Fergusson ahdiiT. Scott, shareholders,���������De*  ,   ....-...-.     _   ...   fendants were summoned to show cause why  7;:   tatives of the peoplo:and the nominees of tbe the  shoald not be re8trained from working  / ��������� 'Crown sxtrin one House������r in two, but it does  thA ^m^nv',, ^nnnd enntr&r* tn,th������ fnr������-  GOLO COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  Mr. Wiltu* Kwkpa������������ick,  ," '���������-'���������" ""���������,. yyxx"-~y''&i>:Ait:Zti<;y'   -.-���������*J  In reference to a remark made by me in MovembT I i������t, about some ^11  thnt was r*mov^1 Irom the Heron cl ilm. I ben stale  as I *l i pIx wcek������ ago. that thrt cVuse of that r'mark  AfuB p rtectly sUl^rnctntily ^xpl'Hnvi to me by you,  n'n! I sine ������r ly r.^r -t >>v t .having use! any wor 's  th=it c^-ul I In any wiy Injoro you or .hurt your fef������l-  ini?������ ih the l?iJ������t. I cm fll������o art I that'1 have known  vm intlmitt'ly for mor^tlnn *\x y^ra, ������������11 have ha'l  a good deal of business transacttons vwith y/>u. an I  hive always foua1 you nonfat an I sirtlerhtfcTwnrl  with mya^if an I all others. You ar^ at liberty to pub-  Hsh this if you choose.  Your?, Ac,  J. A. LAIDLAW.  Grouse Creek, Jin. 25tbt 1P6?. 61m  (LIBIITKO.)  CAPITAL,  $10,000,  . matter.if-the nominees^  ; ^n oligarchical instead rof a democratic spirit;  ��������� ior the. immediate result .will be a general  ���������outcry for responsible 'government.   In this  ���������coiony the most radical have never yet made  this demand, and certainly if it be made rashly or prematurely tbe fault must be laid at the  -door of the Executive; for although it is all  ' "but universally admitted that this colony is  not yet ripe for responsible government, il  will certainly be the snbject of the next'clamour of the people as the only remedy against  Tabsolute raia-riile. , At best this government  .can- only avoid sudden death by beginning  <iveni now like the silkworm to spin and weave  its shroud; it is but the scaffolding of the future edifice, tlie forerunuer of the advent. May  the spirit of that Constitution. Wbicb has extended and consolidated an empire^ on which  'the sun never sets, preside over all its deliberations ; may unity and not mere uniformity  -be the secret of its strength y may schoolastic  -pedantry and cold conventionality bo abandoned bv all its officers.  - Tbe first session of the first Parliament of  ihe province of British Columbia was opened  at New Westminster on the 24th ultimo by  the Governor in person.   Just as the primary  -character of a man ie especially  discernible  in trifles, (forthere he acts almost unconcious-  )v), so may the character of a government to  a"great extent be determined even, by tbe  general declarations Irom the throne in an  oiiemne soeech.   The diffidence  with which  the company's ground contrary tov the fore  man's orders*  divided.  ; opening sp  bis Excellency refers to his own ability, and  tbe abiding impression he expresses ef the  jrceat fl-vincia! depression, are not am^ng'the  Irtast important sentences of h:s speech.   The  :laws of the two colonies are to be assimilated  and gradually,amalgamated; the Vancouver  Island Bankruptcy law and the  law respecting the Registration of titles to Land are to  be extended over the whole colony j The Urit-  ish policy-of dealing with the Indians is to be  strictly preserved, tbey are to have a standing in all the Courts, their cemeteries are to  be protected, and the sale of intoxicating Ii-  quors to them prevented;  the Crown Lands  are to be placed.under the control of the Legislature, as soon as a suitable re-conveyance  -is made by the Hudson Bay Company to tbe  Judgment for plaintiff, costs  Friday, 26th January.  Welsh co'y, Jonah Williams, foreman, vs-  Wake up Jake co'y^W. Phillips, foreman*  ���������Defendants to show cause why they should  deprive plaintiffs of the water of Williams  creek,   Judgment for plaintiffs with costs.  Wednesday, 30th January.  Cariboo co'y, A. McMann, foreman, vs.  Welsh co'y, Jonab. Williams, foreman,���������Defendants to show cauiBe why they should deprive plaintiffs of the water of Williams creek  Judgment for-plaintiffs with costs.  Thursday, 31st Jsnuary.  Forrest & Carter vs. Washburne co'y* Lowhee creek, S. Walker, foreman.���������This was an  action to recover $105 05 for goods supplied  to defendant for the use of the company.  Judgment for plaintiff with costs, to be paid  in ten days.  Friday, 1st February,  Miners' Bed Rock Drain co'y, E. A. Wad-  hams, secretary, vs. Cariboo co'y, A. McMann  foreman.���������Defendants to show cause why  they should not pay plaintiffs $2,462 92 due  for their proportion of labor on the Drain.  Judgment for plaintiffs with costs.  A    CARD.  To Ma. Jas. CcMircsG/CinvtroDtown,  Dear Sib,  In reference to worls  used by ro<vin November lost c nc -nlng gol I taken  ?tnm the H-tfon ' tl dm, I now st-Uo from circum*  stances that hav.*Rtnc2 come to my knowledge,! hav?  vry zoo) r?.v*oh to b^liev*? that I was wrone, ah I sin-  C rlyri'gr't ever having sai I anything that coull in  any way injura your char ictt������r or bun your feelings.  ;.    -.'.-���������;. I am. yours truly.  J. A. LAIDLAW.'  Bark������������nrlll?, 22ni January, 1867. 61m  a card:  E THE UNDESIGNED MEMBERS OF THE JURY  OF INQUIRY Cilled for the purpose of determining tbe amount of (lam'te^ln the case of JAS. CUM-  MING v*. JAS. A. LAIDLAW, sny that from the cvi-  lenc^pr-flenteil befor; u������, we h"lj-������vp that no stigma  tents up(n the chanctef of MR. CUMMI^G, as an  hnn������8t un' strtiff'Hforw^r I min^r. tini that we. w^r *  ''Ismlsso I on account of nH :igr i������iin? a* to tho amount  of <1nm*������e?!������, an I that the conduct an 11 mguiRs* of MR  LAIDLAW in themUtT wis only for the purple of  sKtin* '* cise which his duty as f������������r *man of the Hjron  Compmy r'quirid him to invstigitf*, an I was not d.e-  plen*1'! or int^n 1^1 to injur? the character or good name  of MR. CUMMING or any one else. f  C T. J.^n^8,  K E'w������rX  Jts. 0 Luring.  Jim rMcNL'rhanla,  R. C. Pir^onp,  J. J. Bnml -y.  W. A M^acham,  H Tmham,  W. G. Cwmba,  J. H To'd,  Wm. A Simmons,  Taos C. Nuttull, foreman  In 200 shares at $50 each, thirty dollars of which i&  be pii: in t iking oi"shares an l the. remain Icr to **  pu mhj ct to the cdl of the compmy, ot at ifrd'hu  uf-.flvj ucllars p^r month until all is pal I,  ^phcohject for which the above company haB b^j  1 form*! is for tbe erection of a TEST QUARTZ MIU  on Willi ims Crick B. C , above Rlchfljl!, Ihepofii^  havinpf-Kw^ c .'r.-tutly a.v! ct^4)W.nC^������nt.Qf.iita^.brv  dant w iter pfivil 'g*'S as weU ab Us en trial pnBjUun ani  its biins near to the main wagon toad making ileis?  for the convey',! nc.j'of^u i?t* to sat I -Hill.'  Tlvpromot. w in placing this Pr*sp:-ctut before tb������  public, expr-ss th.ir full confl hues in the sqcctm of  the ttn iertaking, to those tbat invest as  will as thi  country at; large, for thc'emni'ry has been gr-atly re���������������;  tar led by the want of a Q0ART2 MILL, to provo tlnpL  Qu irtz of the count'ry.    Th;;.extent of. the country aoj S5si  the richness of its pliecr ������-iggings, an I the cruppiagi  which every day come to light, gustily the con.panyin  saying that by the ejection of the above iMill, witb all  its advantages as regards locatJon.,an I water, thai it  will'be r, JmunT ition to the shareholder as well as i  grjatbeb'-fit to the e������nntfy.   Tlie following is thepw.  pasel c ip icily of the ���������Hill't'  To be six Stamps, withr*.  quisite Machinery, xipibla of  crushing 10 tous ol  Qu ������r:z cveny twenty-four hours. ���������-���������-'������������������'  In consequence ol the great facilities <;njoyed by tbe  Company, an I the advantages to be derived, not oalr  of being the first Quart's'Mill'that wilt bo erected, tut  giving the.prosp -ctor the advantage of knowing wb������  his Quirts ar) worth, without.sen ling lt.io;8.������nFr.������n  cisco to be tested as now, taking montlis %o flB'l wil  what cm be ascertained in 24 hours. An 1 tbe Diwc  tors woul I further state that an investment in the  above Mill will be, in their opinion remun-l>.itlvt>,afw  crushing an I asssyjng for mln .ts on lib, r tl terras bb!  .11 ������wing for working, wear Ac. of mill, they expeel t  1 .rue margin^.  Owing to the distance the machinery is to be brough  ah > thee >n������ *qu nt del ty.atton ll-.iir sucli things, it ii  desirable tbat theshar m be all taki'u as soon its jims'.  1>1:\ fifty of which are already taken, in prjer to gel ttw  Mill In runnlne:o'rler by the mi idle of June ������ejt.  The above Mill beibg highly recommen led by the  Mining Boar I an 1 also by. the lite an 1 present Gold  Commission ts; the Gompiny have no hesitation In  sayihg that they will get a substantial bonus from On*  crnrn-nt, whic'i will go to tb������ Company as a sinking  un I' An 1 also Irom tho long experience of Mr. Willi im Winn ir', a gentleman who oas had eight ymi  xp ri nc ��������� in San Tr mcisco, Calirorni i, in the nvmu-  factum of Quirts Mills; an I is Pally acquainted witb  the litest iinpr-ivem-nts, an 1 under whose supcrintr*  denei the, machin ry will be selected, we bavii no  hesitatien'ih assuring the public that the best macula-  ery will be b 1 vcted fur the Cwpany,  An Office of the Company will be opened lo the towo  of B rk. rvill?, for the purple j of giving all the info?-  rnati-'n required, where a sett of books will be. op?n������4  for the company an I those that wish to take stock,   6  IT IS HEREBY AGREED by =ind between JAMES ^^ riunt,re.nu^ ,        ���������                 , tM .. m ilMW-  CUMMING un 5 JAMES A. tllDl.AW that the for s T?15 UNDERSIGNS!) have commenced in the *\*n  P-lnvpiniWoftV Jurvm-n'in  the ciso of JAMES I  husm jss n xt door to MunlorfTa stables, BukiV*  is an I Rhall be ac- v,J,e> an l Elicit a sbaro of public patrooage.  CAST  Inquest.���������An inquest was held before Warner R. Spalding, K*q.. Coroner, at Richfield,  on the 2nd inst., on the  body  of Francois  C&380, a cattle dealer.   Tbe evidence before  tee jury was to the effect that deceased  left  Van Winkle during a snow storm on the previous morning to drive a flock of sheep over  the mountain to Richfield, and that the body  was found on the road between Richfield and  Jack of Clubs creek in an easy posture and  without marks of violence.    The verdict of  the jury was, death from over exposure and  fatigue.   Deceased was a native of Navarre,  and about 53 years of age; be was an'honest  and successful business man and much respected.  jE$������*Mr. H. C. Wilmott, our enterprising  Expressman, has now two sleighs on the road  between Richfield and Caraeronton, one for  CUMMING vs JAMES LAIDLAW  C pte I as a full s 'ttl wot of all i'IITt nc ������s between  th ������m. an ' tbat up ������n the piym������nt of the costs by J. A.  LAfDLAWthe action for lamiges her^tofnr > commenCJ'l  sh'H b.������ withdrawn, an * na further ncihn or actions  will be prjaecuteil.by JAMES CUMMING on tho abovv*  case.  Witn^Rfi our ban <r at B irkervill,  Flgn-^1 in the 1    B. C. V*i* 22n i  day of ^������n  prwnc of |    A. D. 1867.  Jas. Wick'tam, JAME^CUMMING.  B P. A-:n-R8iv.. J. A   LAIDLAW.  WillnmsCr^k, B. C Jmuiry 32n \ 1867.  NEW EL DORA DO SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  nAVIVG PURCHASED THE INTEREST OF ROBERT  DEXTER in th*������ abov -.n un 11 S laon, thu un ler-  ���������sfgnvi woulirsspicfully solicit a c <ntinu ������nc; of the  purn iga b"8tow j I on th" lit? firm, whic i by a strict  att iati *n to bu^in *** H������ will  n leiv-ir to merit.  T> TERW V4HOR6A -' ARt i* nightly pnetised at  ?7h S ! > >u, an '. th ��������� B ir U stocka I with tb* choicest  LIQUORS an I CIGARS  ^&*Boys please give ns a call.  (J JAME* BURDIOK,  ��������� Pr prhtor.  Always on hand, New Work and Jdbbing doae  at reasonable rates.  ^^irOur t.wims rtjn regularly between Tale an^  C iriboo an i all orders in oar lino of bn^in^ss eartfalljr  atten led to,"  5 E. PEARSON & BROS.  AT E. HODG6NS' OLD STAND  Birkervillo, Nov. 12th 1866. I*  \Grown; the. Postal Ordinance of British Col- drawing: wood &c, tbe other for the accomo*  umbia is to be extended over the whole coiony. j datlon of passengers and Express m-ittor. He  'This^ Ordinance comes next to the Mining Or-j will also make regular trips to Grouse creek  '4mahce in importance 'to all miners; great during the rest of the winter. Mr. Wilmott^  dissatisfaction has heen expressed in the obliging manner cdmineads him to tbe patron-  ^.iflia with regard -to4k������ V^c^uvw-Maii^isge effche^ublic. *  Dissolution of Partnership  THE PARTNERSHIP h 'ratofor^ exl^tin?" botw������������n th**  u i r<i fu i tt iter th* n ������n ? an i se yl * of BURDICK  k DEXTER. S 1 ion K ��������� -p ri, Bark rvill -, is Usolv >  bymutttilcvinse'it. All 'eiUs uj to the Uta firm  muHb-p iit-VJAMES BURDI K, who is the only  pt*o������ authorix vi to rje iv* too tnm\ an i-allin lebt-  ^Jneas by theltte fir;n will o-j Hqiti hiUA hy u\ n.  JAME>   BURDICK.  , ROBERT  DEXTER  Bari������P7Ulif B. C, frib, -Wth;, 1867f -74ia  NOTICE.  THE UNDERSIGNED having beueht'thft |n*������r*t ������*  E W, LAWLESS in tho   OCCIDENTAL SALOON,  B irk rvill', will r -.ep n fen the 2b   Felru ������ry.  VJJar-T.������o bast oi WINES, 1/QUORS an 1 CISASS at  the 3 :r an 1 comibrtablj BEDS .urnhherl at nil hmirfc"  6 2ii L'S^tE THURBKR  TO ALL WHOM IT UAY CONCERN.  E THB UNDERSte ED have eol 1 oarrlsht, itlttj  n^, nontrstm the Willi ims Cpaefe BED BOCK  DRAIN IO. (Untile-.), an I havj h|3o trinsi'-rTJil ������?  Ciart t in ! ill fie ri<hts w-i p ������w T"i wliici it gT3BtB  unto JAMES ANDERSON aai JOHN WACLARB  ROBT. K.  ms  Cam'Jroston, B. C, KoV. Soi %Jm>  My'  Mm  ^^  yzxxyk 1  gat  fie*  s  T HE GMIBOO-iSENTI-ML  FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 15, l������67.  TKLUJGHAPHiC.  fecial;JHspitcjS to the Cariboo 8bntwi&).  !'Ptriet today, IRrirri j. Efclmbkea rose to call at-  A   v Mention to the%tct-that only seven members  i 7 iiadi been appointed for: Vancouver".*Island ;;  the reading of the Act������f Union called tor  eight, under such'conditions it would be well  - "before proceeding with any business to-asber- \  '.../��������� loin whetherthe Legislative Council was not  ririiliegaXly constituted body, be fcad no doubt  ,      that his Excellency would remedy the defect,  ������hd^(jtwfclceyt6 ^fteTpeo^ple of Vancouver  ��������� Island} i tbsybad^once Veen ��������� iree! arid; hripecl  y Boj>h;.tp )>e8pr again.; Htm. Attorney-General  said He was notpreparted for the question and  y wouldisugges^that^the subject be placed first  in/thVstending orders jy it was not m\mf or  proper to entertain;any; question !until,after  ���������ly. the'consideration' of the Governor^ speech.  '!"t Hori/rJ. S. fielmcken.had* no particular ob?  ijjeciion^p the suggestion of the Hon Attorney-  ��������� Gen erai if the* question had tiot been one of  -ap much4importance; he was not >a ware of the  - "nature 'of the rules governing the delibera-'  tibna of the co unci! rbiit thb ug ht th at a ques-  y y tion bfipciv^  any time-withoutnotice, be was however wilK  P ing to giv^e HpnVgefltle  :     he wbuid^pppiht '���������- a Bpecial day. he could  ' '" choose hiai-bWn;time;ytibi. A. DeUosmos.snp-1  i^  '. Presideiit Birch replied ':confirming the remarks of the Attorney General ih regard to  question T>f order. - Hon. Treasu re*r Vo u ng  laovedtbattlieiGovemor^'Bpeedj'be printed  and copies distributed,���������seconded and carried  Hon. P. O'Rfelly moved that a committee  be appointed to draft a reply to bis Excellency's sneecb.  The President appointed the Hons. Collector of Customs, Magistrates for Victoria and  Yale, members for. New Westminster Victoria  district and Cariboo. ; Council_ adjourned, to.  Wednesday at3 o'clock, p. m.  Washington, Jan. 23rd.-^Tbe National Senate yesterday'rejected the nomination of John  Beglerto be Assessor of the  fourth district  orCaliloriiia,...:;  The Chicago capitalists bave rushed the  railroad through Iowa with wonderful energy;  3t is announced that tbejron tracks were laid  *o Council -Bluffs ou tbe Missouri, opposite  Omaha, yesterday. The Missouri is to be  bridged at that point, and then there will be  -;��������� continuous"line of railroad from New York  to the north fork of the Platte, a distance of  about fifteen hundred miles. Last spring the  Chicago journals thought two years would be  required to build the railroad through to the J  ��������� Jiieaouri  f.yU'  Dispatches by the cable informs us that  the British Admiralty has decided tbe Rap-  pannock case in favor of the United States.  That the chief \pii the Geretan insurgents >has  ; ������^dressed a long letter to the American Gon-  e- *iity thamkingi the people jbf: the iUnited States  for their sympathy, and asking for vessels to  TeMove; women iaridi ichildren; from the isf  ��������������������������� Jand.   Prom thislit appears faat: the "Greeks  intend to fight the battle thro  y   ; Sacramento, JahT^  ^ 'northern California and wuthern Oregon state  a heavy^fow ofrtiail and snofir. continues to  prevail m" those regions au4 'the stream s wer, e  greatly swollen.     ���������'  -  ���������/��������� , y  Wasfci^fo^Ji^  ���������President ba������ap^rpve^ for  the meeting of tfie-fortfeth; ���������bn^ \:yfig.  4th of March- i All theyi������ije1 jd^nals with  Confiden t anticipation of a vetr^ have been  assailing this measure as the ^ Vginnlpi'of a  long, parliament usurpation ��������� and cow their  leader gives it his'approbat*4Qu  jTxmes reporte-that ^;^presWent is weakening ontbe subject of' ^contraction, and that  a plan for the i^io^bf amnesty and qualified  negro suffrage A������^.beeii discussed by he Cab-  ���������'Inet.   ' ������������������ f  Oil and the Union Act gave the Governor the  whole power-of nominations without compulsory^apportionment of seats; the word maximum implied power to appoint a less num  berT; yMP declined to say what position Mr.  Young <bccupied bJut said that Victoria had 8  members.  i iiiWberi pressed the President said that the  Treasurer was not a councillor, Messrs. Helm-  ckeBi DeCosmos and Walkem spoke ably in  refusion, and the House adjourned.. .  ���������^^Tfaitraday among the notices of motion  were :Mr.;I>eCosmo8' to suspend thecoHection  ofIater-cplonial Uuties, Mr. McDonalds��������� to  amend Victoria Incorporation Ordinance, and  Mr^Orease's to ameud the Customs. Law.  ^.Victoria, Jan. 31st.���������Steamship Aotive arrived at 7 o'clock yesterday morning after a  splen did ru n of tli ree and a Ij al f d*y s fro m  SM^rahcisco.   The Active brings 2b passen���������  gets;Ari fair freight and the mails 5  she will  sail for San Francisco ut 9 o'clock on Saturday morn ing.  y/New Westminster, F<*b. 1st.���������Council met  at 3 o'clock. A message was read from the  Governor stating he was prepared to receive  the reply.  'Introduction of bills.���������Solicitor General-  Wood, to provide for greater conciseness in  the, drafting of ordinances. Chief Commissioner Trutch, to provide for the extension ol  the land laws of British Columbia to Vancouver Island. Mr. Ilelmcken, to regulate the  coasting trade; also bill to repeat trade licenses of; Vancouver Island. House adjourned  to wait Upon his Excellency with the reply to  tjje speech, ''.'���������''-���������.-;������������������'.:  indemnify'the Government for not having enforced ihe Vancouver Island Sjock Act and  portion of the Harbor due3 Act, also bill to  assimilate the laws of B. C. and V. L i The  bill was only intended to.apply to.thepi^eseht  emergency, to create uniformity of taxation,  and to apply to Vancouver Island the civil  and criminal law of England as it has existed  in British Columbia, since loth Nov. 185.8;  with regard to Trades licenses and other matters special bills would be brought forward.  Mr.DcCosmos said the people of V. I. regards the collection of duties on goods; entering British, Columbia from the Island as an  Executive usurpation, he was willing to indemnify the Government for its action in  making ta^xatioa equal, but could not asseut  to this bill.  ground and is paying dividends ; the gold is  found in the back part of the ground which is  a favorable indication of a back channel.���������  Raby co'y is washing underground and paying over expenses.���������Rankin co'y has found  good prospects in an upper stratum and. is  now rnnhing a tail-race.���������Praire Flower co y  has snnk a shaft about 100 feet deep and is  drifting from ft.���������Bed Rock Drain is abo������t 40  feet above the welsh coy.7s. upper shaft and  The Council  Monday.  adjourned till 2 o'clock  gn  K  .  ,., ei, Jan. 25th.���������Randall's bill for  aubstitutior^ ltJgal tender not^afor the clrcu.  ^nl vbe national Banks is received with  ^1���������^j favor that the .Banks are already  IJ^^^ring to confine their business to dis-  ^^ tnt and deposits.  New York, Jan. 22nd.-rN. P. Willis, one of  the ornaments of the literary world, is dead.  He died at the age of sixfcy years,  ��������� New Westminster, Jan. 30tb. -The House  nvas in session this afternoon, the time was  occupiedln discussing the rejily to the speech  in committee of the whole. It is a non-com-  'niittal doc^raent.  An arrietfdraent offered by Mr. Heirackeui  that the Governor be informed that there was  a generaf feeling in favor of Victoria being  .the.seatof Government was withdrawn for  the present, and the reply passed,  -wr. Helmekeirt coustitiitidnal motion produced a; long discussion,. ��������� -       i- ���������  Mr. Crease's explanation   is  considered  ������9uivocal, he claim* that the order in Coun-  MINING-INTELLIGENCE.   ,  WILLIAMS CREEK,   ���������'  Never since the discovery *0f Cariboo did  prospects look brighter than* toey do at present, those traces of.care ar^ wan^ 80 evident  during past winter awa\rD08t wholly effaced  by the constant working of many paying  claims and the rich dricoveries recently made.  Many old.claims have become new and old  leads that have be ;.n lost for years have been  found, and even 'oeyond these bounds of cer-  taintythejadv^nce(i S(age of many prospecting claims tr, most favorable localities, holds  out the br������ gbtt'st hopes of general prosperity,  p. ^������^rG������bf the rich deposit found between  Richue;id and the canyon has hitherto been  a,SrFiai;.mystery, but it is all but solved by  ���������ft������;^^ disebvery of a well defined rich lead of  r^d gravel ih the east bank a short distance  abbveyche town. All the claims above tbe  town, paid expenses during last summer and  mp.nyofthein paid much more; theyhaveall  vyorked during this winter except one and of  those ;ihat iare working all are paying but one  Those now working are the Bradley-Nichol-  co'y  paying  is now progressing rapidly ^ it will tap the  Baldhead coy.Vgrouud in about five weeks. -  STOUTS   GULCH..  The High Low^Jack co'y is rnakingyexpen-  ses.���������Floyd co'y is running adraint?inRelnhd  preparing for washing iu the spring.���������AHhras  coy is,also ruuning a tunnel for the same purpose fa very large yield is /expected from  these two claims next summer.���������Jen-kins co'y  is paying over wages.       y  CONSUNS   GULCIL  ���������S The United co'y washed up during the last  six days it worked 045 ounces but was forced  to qiiit for want of water ;'itcjs certain  now  I bat the United co'y has found the Ericcson  lead the break in the rim-rock through wliich  the Ericcson was fed  has 0been found,���������The  Home-Slake co'y immediately adjoining the  United co'y. drove a tunnel, into the side lull  and (ound the channel but the  tunnel was  several feet too high, the company is now  running another tunnel to strike tfee , bottom  of the channel.���������Hood co'y adjoining. the  Home-Stake co'y is running a tunnel for the  same channel.���������The ground of the old Lone  Star co'y is to be prospected..through tbe  ������lefjiht'b:ys~M ttrimeI'y-ihe-xre^r*"COnipTrajr^Icr  tj begin operations immediutely.���������Brittannia  co'y further up the gulch h taking out good  pay:' The whole of this gulch hss been located on'both sides to the summit.  '.. GROUSE   GREEK. :':  The Heron co V is still'paving as largely as  even���������The HanYlip co'y has nth a tu.inel in  the lower end:0f their ground and have sunk  seyeralshafi'a *jn the tunnel, two of these shafts  are five ao.d six feet deep respectively, ahd  an 1nterra:ediate one is.thirteen feet ahd a half  showio, g the existance of a channel; the bed  rock 'in the bottom of the bleep shaft is pitch-  ��������� ng two feet in six towards the creek.���������Wild  Opose co'y is taking but wages.���������Full Rigg  washed up 112 ounces last week.--Discovery  co'y washed'up 130 ouhce^s for week ending  Feb. 9th.���������Shy Robin c6'y have' qiiit ^working for want of water.-^-Rob Roy co'y is running ai tunnel into tlie bill.���������Saw Mill in  the .course of construction at the upper end  yof the. creek wil I be' teady for op era tion in  the spring. ^ '?���������    '''���������.-' ''.' ..-x   ��������� ���������'���������'  ..'. CANADIAN CREEK. ' .;  This.:creek is; situated between Williams  and "Grouse, and. if: the: claims prospecting  there'should strike it before spring-'this section of the district will employ all the men in.  the country. The Miller coy is sinking a  shaft which is now 50 feet deep. There is  another company near the mouth of the creek  working from an old shaft which was sunk in  1863; the whole of this creek was staked Off  lately.  ��������� .  ANTLER CREEK.  The Smith co'y is the only onev at work on  this creek. They are running a prospecting  tunnel which is now 145 feet into the hill.  ! committed to priaon for one year."   The rules  of proceedings in this Court are ihe same as  those drawn up for the use of the Supreme  Court in Vancouver Island afcd especially ad������  apted to Victoria, but many of th^ai suit this  district during the absence of the tfudge at  least,:ttbont as well as if they were taken from  a Court in Turkey or Japan.    The resident  Barrister has become Judge, Solicitor  au'd  jury, he issues writs of summons in ihe name  ot Matthew Bailie Begbie. Judge,- the writs  are obeyed and appearances filed, but he objects'to them as illegal, c laims judgment and  issues execution.    At a distance of 300 miles  from the on ly p0 wer that can arres 11 he judgr  meat or stay the execution, in the middle of  winter, and with the rules of Court for our  guidance which were drawn up to suit a small  city where the Judge was always present-  what is the unfortunate defendant to do ? Before his application wtmld reach New Westminster  his estate would be in the hands of  the Sheriff.   He has only one alternative left  and that is to pay What he 'considers an unjust  debt with all costs, and that too without any  known means of redress.   It is possible that  the Barrister may by his very shajp practice  be going beyond tbe rules, but there isno excuse for the indolence and neglect of a Court  which copies Its', rules of practice, many of  which were never intended to suit the circumstances under \vhich it exists, and allow suitors to be publicly robbed within its pale.   If  an after investigation shall show the proceedings to be illegal even that will not be a remedy, for then the action would be against the  barrister, and only oi a criminal nature.  One  del end an i wno made every enort in his power  to set up a defence had judgment filed against "'  him for $10,000, arid it was onlv the nature of  the case and not the accomodation of the rules  that gave him the alternative of a Court of In-  qu i ry, and if execii tion' had on ce been. issu ed,  further proceedings Couldnbt be stayed un-  tiI the execution^ was satisfied;    Another defendant who was even more determined than  the former to setup a defence; filed ah appearance within the* time allowed, the next  thing heknew of the action wa^ that an. execution to recover $310 and-cpsts was issued" "'  against hfm, and upon investigation found  that judgment was entered; on the grounds of  non-appearance.   The appearance was quito  valid under the 42nd rule, for it expressed  the intention'and mentioned the residence of  the: defendant; but simply because the address of a firm as well known as any other in  the district wasiplaced in the body of the document instead.; of immediately.under, the signa*  ture., judgmej^t^otis.rby.;. default ypnA.Jion-ap-  pearance, land the defendan t knows notbing  against  sohi co'y paying over expenses.���������China  paying oyer expenses.���������Taylor co'y  over expenses.���������Henrietta co'y are prospect-  ing.---Fbrward co'y paying very well; this is  the company that has struck the hill channel  of red gravel.���������Casket co'y is paying over expenses.���������McLaren co'y have just commenced  working.���������BrousecOy paying over expenses.  ���������Well Mary Ann co'y paying over expenses.  ���������Dutch Bill co'y is paying wages.��������� Six-toed  Pete co'y is paying wages.- rCornish, Forest  HilI,Tyack, and Tontine co'ys have joined  together for the purpose of running a tunnel  into the hill to prospect for a back channel.;  ���������Welsh co'y was taking out good pay until  last week when a series of law suits regard-  r-  Jake  'ys and oetween ine vanu00 aim jfelsh  co'ys prevented them from working.���������Wake  up Jake co'y is taking out pay.���������Cariboo co'y  Washed up 80 ounces last week.���������Hit or Miss  is paying well.���������Borealis co'y is again counting its yield of gold in ounces by the hundred  the pay is found near the Davis coy's line and  stock in that co'y has taken a rise.���������Caledonia  co y is working underground arid paying oyer  expenses.���������Never Sweat co.y is paying expenses*���������Last Chance co'y is wocking underground and making wages.���������Cameron co'y is  working imderground and making over wages  ���������Dead Broke co'y.'baswoi'lced. most of the  winter but is now closed down by the seVere  frost���������Forest Rose co'y is working uudar-  last week wnen a series or law suus reguru  ing the priority to the water for mining pur  posGs, between the Welsh and Wake up Jak<  co'vs and between the Cariboo and  Welsl  BCRSS CREEK, ���������  There is a company making over expenses  on this creek all winter..  ;    CANYON CREEK.  From Mr. Luke Fergusson, who has just arrived from Hixon's creek, we learn that the  Stewart co'y has found a ledge from three to^  four f������jet thick. They have drifted along the  ledge for 25 feet taking out from.70 to 80 tons  of rock; they have quit wopk for the present.  The Washburrie co'y have not yet found .the  ledge.  THE SUPREME COURT.  about* it* until the execution is issued  hira.  I takeno exception to the rules aVove quoted  giving protection to the Bar, as nothing lowers  the dignity of a Court more than the admission  of pettifoggers to practice, but there should  also be at least a special rule allowing  sufficien t ti me between the filing of judgment  and the issuing of execution, to refer the case  to the Judge when judgment by default. The  fourteen days now granted are sufficient when  the Court is sitting here bat during the .winter months the time should be..at,least six  or eight weeks.  There .are other cases also of a similar-nature but I fear your space will not allow me  to refer to tbem at-present.  Yours, <&c.,  " Jus. ���������  To the Editor of tue "Cariboo Sentinel."  Sir,���������It seems unfortunate that this institution, which all should trust and respect, is  ever ree u r ri ng fo r p ub 1 i c censu re ; th e p ra c -  ti ce 0 f th is co ur t in th e d is trie t o f Ca rl b p 0 for.  the last few months would be sufficient to sully the ermine of any bench. As a matter of  course, the plaintiff or plaintiffs will always  retain the only barrister in the district, and  the defendant is always left to make his own  derence. The Bar is so protected by the Court  that the defendant can have no assistance except fVoiri an Attorney or Solicitor on the toll  at the time of acting in such capacity. A  notice out of the Supreme Court is published  in the Government -Gazette1 warning suitors  and practitioners, of which the following are  extracts:���������;* No person shall act as Attorney  or Solicitor to sue out any frrit Or process or  commerce, carry on', solicitor defend any action or other proceeding in any Court of.Law  or Equity in the name of any -other 'perSoh,  without be'ing himself qualified lis an Afctorhey  oi* Solicitor and on the roll at the time of acting in such capacity, and whereby any unqualified person acting aa Attorney may b������  A Fact for Geomoists.���������In sinking a shaft  at the Garden Tin Mine, io Mbrvah, the men  had met-with a perfect pillar about eight  inches in diameter, standing, so to speak, in  the solid rock, and Very different in its composition from the surrounding graihite"; and  what is stranger .still at the base of this pillar they have come upon what they say is a  fly-wheel of the same material. Large pieces  both of the pillar and wheel where exhibited  to the adventurers at the account meeting on  the 2nd, and some portions of both are still  left unbroken in the rock, that the curious  may see for themselves.  BARKKitviLLE.r--ft is now beyond a doubt  th at Barkerville is to; b e \ t h e ch ief io wn in  this district for another year at least. It only  requ i res th e rem oval to th is p I ace of the Post  Office, Public Library, and office of the Bank  of liritish Columbia to make it the most convenient rendezvous for the miners.  pSt" Subscribers to the Literary. Instil We  are" making serious complaints against the  disgraceful habit^of carrying awayv the latest  papers and magazines frorii the Library. It  will not be safe to be caught ih the act after1  this notice.  03* The Committee of the Mining Board  appointed to superintend the repairing of te  Williams Creek hospital, request the Board to  meet at their office on Wednesday next, at 7  o'clock/p.mM'tOipasa.the Accounts.  - REMbvAr^The Bank of Britiish Columbia  intend removing their office from C������meronton ;  to Barkerville in the course of a few weeks. .  The Express and Mail.���������The Express an4  Mail are expected on Sunday or Motxd&y um$  mm  "i'M^^-  J>   ���������������i.!MBW������lwmMI! -1; f'rc^jiM^wgjMft'tettrt^pyflfc^-M^  EVERYBODY'S  FRIEND.  j#4,..i-<kvyy.v k;*Uii=������;  The Confederate Cruisers and the British Gove rnme n-t.���������B u t; wh en our, jnj n igter:  "*  ; ''' xy ' 'fiiicFhimseU*, b'e.will find,thi  ���������" ���������' ^lx'% 'xi***?^^e *$|D<������-a^probatiorvof  -^*''''yVf  '^."j...hlztinttqfjhi3Actions." Thet  '*.'   ' Conduct, formal I experience.has indisputably  ;    demoustrutcd.andjConflrriied.tho fact.  ���������yy!    ,.'   \       Aigopdslor^  :".r     rV  ,*';'.! y-X';- y  ?.,,T:':'-'"r','''ii������',������������������ti^f*   <etv l\ n.. **v������ U' ��������� *% t ���������* .1     **'' 1 i. ������'A'������'if 1'.. f \. 9 rl'-t  V ���������.'_ ���������!   ���������>.'-.thb picture, whichdid not racet��������� their%ap pro-  ''      .''-''".. fiNRtfoP, i #?ft I'1ei.Picture -iwas -daubed from  ..;  ;' Jl;, J���������;<' V. /Ct-'Sjjjqn of ������laubs> resemL>1ing chaos.' - So the  '    zl      ' 'i artist fyiysM,aad-besott^hc a learned friend  ~-y:.yy^yy y{:<-.Vu.c'-iL:y.'''r~yx~���������^^LXiyx-'   ��������������������������� ���������  vAi.s,g.icturo^.,  ''- ypy. P   J;Honu3fc;jiprighfc/ana;jf^  ''   yy t \ s  1,^e(ls Ijt^o admirer^, though many?p'eoplfe'are;  tha this conduct -will" age���������and also ;j.Iieir.e|iilt b������}that escape was  pf ul fi'who' %ey cp<ry; #ich a destnictjbri .bfT^^^AmbriodRWerchdh  i^ibperam^ntsibf ttlelnltvvt  th e Socks ';>qf ;��������� Nejvy; ."'*.tprk i % ere ; emp tie d.-^-to  !>ei^JwV^re. iu; refu������ing^arbUmtiob concerning  losses^ai'rip. great a^cltle^ catisecl by;,oii tipWp  '^pn fessea\'inegl eels| elFeciual ly;���������; un i fesA agai list'  iiis'all!parti.6sci'nthe states?'yAt-thesame"time.  ?$jrVodiitni is!itipxei$ed$Tl��������� the. absence' of al 1  -'fibrtHp;pursue the illegal--ship,\ and' hiridbr-  ���������.iii^lier.8bmpile tingi; her a r mauien tj or to i co my  ^mand^Uer seizuv^  jcomhwn cpurfo  ��������� byiordering>;h#i*i:to->b^^!Z0^i;:;;iFy%iievi wtiiitytp  ��������� Jfossau !i .Liprd^iPal mere to ri 7M IG p vernm en t'; *���������; npA  peared to;have given jiid^ment against themselves, that the*^ ough^  ifesi :tp ^yeryiiKnglish ^Ortjjihsteatl of which,  thet ship; and A ts;; captain Hv^p! feted iii English'  ports^y! the iiQueeri^sifserva h tsi' even * after} 11  .had'::begun Jts career-of 4des true tion. , Osteh^  si-bl^<its^ us. When'  lib this'it is ivdcled; that ytliesh ip was built,-by  Brit;sh^ capiUi 1 ^'manned ^chieflyp by Britislf  siiilbrs, ;and -oveny byiiinany; trained in the  Queen's ships v! ������\tui.; th a t J; i t; a e v e r: ��������� e ri te r e d it  f?prt of the Southern'-'.Qbn fed whom  it;prqi^s^dly belo  sheltered itselfr.iiniler, BritishV guns i trbm������������������������������������; the  iHriited Bjtates' cruisersi-~wevseem7itp haveebn-  ;oe nti^ed ifii | tli is ;o n ^ i ��������� ailftiiF th e Vin pst x va rib lis  and:.in(,ei^  ; La w J sisb meiS ines i very.'ip cl d^-^ very ^hrj} risiugv  1 Whiitis ical led ihternatibnaiilaw, -boing soften  &^3ttlMued^^  :m l ypy x'M ���������; ���������������������������' -mW ibe: s til I od der tha ������:t b em ii hicipa 1 *= law, *Ii  ^UESySLMOUTH ADVERTISEMEOTSW  ���������^**���������������������������.r������������������-   . ,   ui.iii.j.t.ui.-.'.r.f.1-1.    -a- <=-J-- *r       '���������'..       r.,>-. ��������� '������������������. ���������*������������������ -���������  OTI  G  er  u-  >���������??  Enterprise  x.yll,   itfiii leave SODA^ CREEKi.,., -.-    -  MONDAY & THURSDAY ^MORNINGS,;  :��������� ������������������'������������������'��������� i-}-.-;-���������':: -:yy'ATiJ)AiXl6Hf ;,.-;���������.]���������' !  WEDNESDAY' &; S ATUR D AYi MORNINGS.  'y       AT6 0������CLOCK,   -���������; '    ^f^,,1>e,'  bbnn?cting at^Si-iiii Cr ������^k .with- ���������BAR^kn.'S PiTArks on.  ><f Wyu^hy^ trip ;!uwn-inj! Tjur.^/ny^ trip.up".yy  l%&- Freight toiQuesnelUi cts. ^ I6v "_*;   !  Stviiinor 'EiH^rpn5������v^fyy.::>'y; !-':-iy;- '?'<;��������� fi;  ''5::'y^-;>-:i;ii-'^r7yy.:;t';V  ?*,#*:.*    HOu!  BOYD-*SEATHV;BroprieWrr  rpms ittOUS&is sitttateU ;26.njiUs IronrQu^nJ ,1  pllnrt witli tlie begt.br;in^i5 ,oi; J4qUors an-������ s-i������5li  StoWlng; HjjyVOats'and -Barluy. ���������' ^- Tho'CRp ll  H'-iuse off-tUb-Road.,,.... AtfftZJ.^ Ma  ,i/.:l'  ;;i.May:?tst,-18B6.  "-;&  '!;���������/������������������':{''-.;  %yy  n'1/f..rr  ���������'��������� juuice.   1i<u^uiiifg,.iu/in-,u}igiJb j;0.oe:cascaown  ���������    .   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Eiiteri ..a1; man;M" Teu (tonic jtehdep nies,' consi fiery.  ���������    HpOLONIAU RESTAURANT^/  ���������       P . qqeSneuioutH} " -v ������������������ ��������� ��������� t yt ,  " vp' 'f:U JOHNSON; Proprietor,/' /yf  Afeals at all hours, and(Cooking of the best:  y * y ������������������. ���������   ��������� ���������     description.  ��������� ���������' "���������    ;'s -*   .:���������  bdCIDENTAf  ::,. Ay)-, x.  r... ������������������ ��������� QUESNELMOUTH,1''  /���������.yy(:Bl^^;#'GIIiLlS;-;:Pj  Go o d Beds;. itestau rau. t: Billiard Tab le;: &c  ; i    ' '<>) -   Stiiil ding for Horses,' Huy a nd -pa ts.       s .i i f"-.  y\ oy^^ /���������;  ������.'.    ' *: "! Old' . EsTABtisiiKi> * General ,, Si'bitK,;    yy-.'<���������.  PROVISION. WHOtiESAiLE & ��������� COMMIS^  yfy:^"ir^^I^^fERpH^NTS,;  .  -'���������': ES"tbraget: ^c.--Term,s;iiibst,;Mod8ra^te;,Xr i  XVyX   ."--y-QUESNELMOUTII-.-,;.. ,.,-,' 7--:-V;s;,7j  tho r.^)tU)ii\Vo6f i ,Hotvl^ls^ho>v rpr^r^f^ffliw**  jr. 't  riirtlio iroaj  cr >n ti i Id I ng. a s; ip; floesi;;������yi rmt ym] $. jj,j  ;iLIR^8>^aDVJ3PmSEiVH3N,?S:  is he j; bej I' roomsj>V! 111 gnt>Vic'bpc'! s^^-Tl i p-jTABi" jj ��������� s������ i  pll(f<),; Wiili'eyyry^lrcncy.'it Is'possfclo.'jiii pr.rcur J  iipp^r.c;)uniry. 'Tho.iBAR' is rstoclte'd' wltH'tlieb'  Liquors fln.U'lhpiCholcPBt'^rgil^r^ A-yp'i "y  x yyA^-M^AJ^,; fit$0 -EACEL 'jjjt ;  v TheiStabling- Ibf;:HnrsPs':Jb all itlidt- &nl'I ibeiImJ  a nil; the cl j a r^os.; a re Yyeryt mod bra ttii ���������' <Hay (of jj  P^ <���������������>', $2;. 0}\ is. anil./Barloy,\nt[.-<ilj������. vChenps'st.������,J  rati'S^ 'Vy . ���������' ���������".;'. !'y\ - '.'"'['si "V.c "m \' :.i'. j*' ��������� ;������������������: ...  !������. The^unflcrsignetJ hi-ftfn! largo ^uhittil^ of OAT I  oil' hiin1!," for $* In Aril Wte. oi- smii 11 Yj u tin titles"   ^  (losirnus of:puroburingytlilisi articlei-wouM do tai  glvelilmlcallv.: :; 7.-,-'��������� ^XjAxvV ,x-"y ... n  qp4$y.l p'-.y.-. -iy ^^;PEU^ETIEifc Prefab..'  ^ly'l-lAxy'v  ost moderate.-.     '.   .'���������       ���������-'.. ' ��������������������������� t - -������- c^v^i^'t'ii.  ITU;.'..  .    y<- ��������� s;'".' J: ': A OREAT REDUCTION has.bpfn"-.mudgin tbo chajj  ������������������"'{-!'-"''':.: :'- ���������-' ������������������    '::A ^Xi' at this esta blisllnVetj i} so as to sui t tlie times '  ;i'J-.  f v'    j ^- J : i J^VIilLEOOET.-FliOUR;'MIlili; CO. y ,  ' ' I-s, 7^ ���������;  - , -; ., s ' =    t  (  y-p. "W;; ^FosrKK^A^en't^.   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'^/fegort jn $he> right7direction Hvill 'finally; be;  ,  iy-i-i;.   browned with success^ aadUhe" slurs of villi-  /flwusilenced,-and the joys>of.enemies' turned  :&jVfeo weeping*' Soihebodymust be hurt;iulhe  heavin^oi'societyj-somebody'stoes must be  *yfy,.-r^eoged.<uponf^somebody^. pocket-book lost.  i  ':  parison." and at. other^timeSr a,;line allusion ;  yyyfbipfelitis".the abuse .Qf ��������� av^brd i which.;is* pre-  yse u ted i n;. o n o se hse an d 1 eft,. to :be;, u n der a to oxl  fi:���������''���������in anothery tliereiUs a /dejibate..;relation bi)-;  .twee u two ideas liav i hg a. littl o . in , co m ni oii;.  '���������':: i; 11 is a si ngulitr metaph o rpri. resca refi'... fo r th a t  .* ;: which -an o bj'ect doos; no t contain at fi ra t sigh t  :: tho ugh re ally in 'it; * i i ik tli e ��������� a ri; of, k n o w ing  how t6 unite two things wiiic.h'aFe'*dite6oniieot*  ^Qriejot ha  .cholera all de vilei^K 'yPrvyly^L.A :yl,  C^He'was handed;a paper> and .after looking  oyje/'it iii��������� tcbnfeed wayj.-he. said.^ * - '  yy Y^l'd I", yp iji p( e so. gosojt, as: toy read 1, de names  5wtiti"t "dpn?t have, de'Vch^olera, any -;more; too  soph! shitstnbw. arid see if Carljgejnsenkoop*  enpffen hash1 not 'em V* ;"-!--'. -y[ ; '  y The clerV'very ^bliginglyvreadthe' list;-the  'iTeiitp n '1 is te n ing 'wi th ������������������' ?tre m b Ii h g atteji tio hi,  ^vi piii^. jbei'p ii-sp i ^aiibii������-iV'o ni^his"': b i'Q vir7 5in ef{in^  ;While^in( great exeiten^^ list was!  completed;-sthe:* namevdf Carl ''Geinseh^-���������>;  ���������wellv ��������� norymatter about 4hel\whole Jnarae, it  f Wasn't there, y The Teuton's1 face ^brightened  dip and heexclaimedr��������� { 1-' ! ��������� \ \'\,  ,.- ������.iXou don't -find^em ?"y ' '; '- ���������; ' ' , % .������  7 Clerk���������t* No such ^name there; siriJJ \ "������������������  ; i ��������� ��������� Teu ton���������(Se oz ing li im war mly by "th e h arid)  ���������li This jsh .nicesthis isb,some fiins; that ish  rn^ names., yjiipjn ;;dmnk .a^: rieverC vasji viand;  byi?d^nij^ Iwasi:aTraid-i yas gone ted^mit chol-  erri and ,didn^kni> w it Mine Cot 1 ^vas scart.v  .; A PropaneNinistek.--There is., a town' in  Indiana named Helser. ��������� A ..clergy man -in the  same- place i*^slcalle.d upon-by a������,youug ooii^'  p le no t i 16ng Jin c,e:,.iwbpi- wishedi: him to \ j 6in  them in the holy b6nds;L?pf. matrimony.;. ������������������: He  aske'd'the bridegroom,* (a soldier by the way)  ��������� for his m ar ri age 1 ice n eefiri- wli i ch - th e y o ung  'm^n=iri%lue resp^  ���������beeri^enga^d-tbttlie'girrfo^  though t that ��������� wo ii Id cloi.; '���������'��������� Clergy in an tho nght  nbt>;aMlremHir!&^  fObtrtiiha'licehse-^.''-:-^^^  yy You had be tter take your girl ;-arid go - to  i,Helstu\J) ������������������,;;;.;;pppyp:���������'.,���������;��������� ;'H'H...   .y .      '":���������"���������*'  ; .'" You'can go;'to:'h-^il yourself,'-' retorted  the angry veteran.     . ������������������ ..    . __  . ���������?.: A h d seezl n g the b ride by th e arm. bed rag-  go d li e r fro in * the * h o use, w on do ring what in it u^  ner of a��������� profane'miriistcr he had met with.  :btl4tO������:EiB't:/BRE#.ErX.Y;  "rLilloq^t^  JTcuri Horses; Hiiyj -O^tts^niV'^iey^piist^riily im fe  ;|\ENNiS:vMTOB^  ���������JL/.-.:1s lurnlshccft^witlKeyQry^coiiy^hi.eiice^for-;thed  fort e ^TiCiiyoIl i'rs ;i; iitho,!c.uli nar^ AI epaf fihoht, is qd  *,,._-..-.l...,-,^_^��������� J^.,.,. V.r-,;,. ..::__7 77.7. ,   ���������.��������� y^~g\  tlie-  M  BLQQByW^  .'^ i,   BLUE ��������� TENT ;:RAtiW.  ;M. HEJSTOERSON:-!^  ii^ail; the ..trav^Uin^/publ^ lio  -ferior to;the past.hotel iriHhe lower couhiry;, Bedrooms  Ibr .iFirn)lies; f-Sfcablingv'lor Horses, -Horse Feetf: '&e?  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Pn������ptt������tor,>***^v 'J4- 7" A A XI y- A$imM&:y ���������  THIS HOTEL ISi LARGE AND ,WEIX FITTED 1^,  ,; lot the ponVtyjr^fgtra velers:*';-tiieT-^t6l'^ i������i ^P^HHp' '���������'  W j th the. i) es^Tbi; eveiiy thj ng -k that ,cah i b*d prdcurd, 3^^^K  -tlVe do'dk'irig:is rib'tTiiftTtor.toi'a nyi.bh tliie 'rbad.{(BcdniiiS^R' '  l'ory4amUi>s^Stiti)lin^,-JF^iy;- Barley 'imi{i'"C>atS;ii: 1-s^^ft1  "  :^���������T-.-.i  .. ���������:: AA*': ".���������-���������;";. ���������^-';,:si;;';!';-:ffc-���������^^B" f  Ciribnb,.;: tbat; having  an 1 R ���������."���������sfei'u.r.in t. oi  Iishecl-liousj-iiiB  ,,01' .itsl.ong.ana :cs tensive .'pUrdnage'.ftna .will, bejhiippyi  to see. nU" their.friiin Js. p. 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Filling and  Glsiningnf Teetli/ :     ��������� ������������������'' ������������������ ,   '"..- fy.   ,  GROUSE  !T-   WATT 9  CREEK  o^Liqii(^rariulSegaTS|go6if!Sial>i^gM  B^rL'y1^cJ;,7.-'ii*; ryxyy^ &** pVJyvrx.y }  ������������������' '''���������' '.''���������������������������������������������-    ������������������ ������������������. y -:.':' ������������������������������������:,._^v-   ���������..;*-'*i\'..*;'.'i?.���������;;.^i.'*.-���������'- (;\tSi  VpRENZO ^EABTbiPrb^rie^^Jsbf  J. .alforis .every- aecommouaiioij ��������� tor^tlVe "comlor  . f'i  li  B ritmi i Ci* a i MjS ox A m k it io a.���������U v. W'y se, 6 f  Lioyds, has addressed a letter to Lord1-Stanley directing attention to the claims of British  * o d j to * (1 i vide t w p .th i ngs. w li i 6h a p pear join ed. (s 11 i p o w n ei's, in rega r d ��������� to tl j e c a p tu re of se ve r-  al h n nd red vesseIs by Federa 1 men-o f��������� war  d ii ii ing t h e 1 ate wa r. Mr., 11 a in i n o n d, hy de ���������  si re o f Lord S San 1 ey, rep tied, s tali ng that n o  aiTfingemen.fc has hitherto been made between  li or . M aj esty s Go ve rn m en t and1 t h a t of th e  0 n i te d ��������� States fo \\ the ex a mi n ati o n a a; I s e ttl e-  nient of the claims of their, res pec live subjects  ; a n d citizens ar i si ng ou fc .of. th e e v e ii ts 61' w a i\  ��������� ��������� ;! or to oppose them one to' anofctier: it is: tlie  fac ul ty o f know in g Ho w to exp ross li a If yo ur  y :'v th oil gh te;: * ;an d lea vi n g! p e op le ;to. ^.uess the.  r; ���������������������������; ofcuerhaifi^  ��������� constant  its  ISO 11  v  " i 1 p^yAwiplyman wlip,-11ved: ,in  . feiir of b.a iii ^s; li av i n g .abscond e. d, ��������� .p. n e .of  -' ac r"i ua i'h.lariJc^s 'was' as k e d w lm t; was, th e, re ti  o f h is abse he el to wh ich he' ye p I i ed ,^-  : ".">.-'.?3y.hy?siryl vap pH������hie(id; ;he" wtis .aipprehen-  ; Bive^f biei%r;apprehenouu%a^      J\-lefti to  :ityouliJapproh^ :.",'->y x'.C'-., lliri[."''  *{ 'A" l\vnju)0X,~T^Vhen , a bookmaker.i commences, tp. make a- bpov the flrst thing: he nsea is  tbelast   ' '"���������': '!'������������������' .'.';���������'" ������������������!���������"'���������:: ���������������������������'���������'! ��������������������������� x- ���������-.*.-:;  WllE UNDERSIGNED begs to in!orm the public thai  ���������L Ul.������ aljj>v ������������������ -wtibliiliirt nt was up *u.U on .^IJNDAV  F,A3T, tlio22i l July. *m i that he will be Imjpv to iv-  c.Iveacili .rifri il^ri n 's; . -,  '  &3T HQAM) Uo PER WEEK. -������ft.   ,  Br?a,d, iPie . and C-tkes alw iv*"������.n-h mi for sal-.  2a      ��������� A. 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WIMAAM   WrNNARD,  BLAQKSMIT"  BARKBRyU.^i:.   ,  living, ofLiq.U,>rs,';ai.rof WjneSf." , Fivsh::ButtiTi5I .^^P  ���������in-i A"i?g-::t.tblj.8*.; !GuO(V Sliihli'ng: ������n,, ohct 1> *������*;    ^^^^B  THE SHORTEST A SD qH^P^lS^TE^S  ���������'": "' ''"   '  '''"   '"'��������� '���������     "~���������"'��������� "iyV, " -'^:y-' ^^S  Four Days ia'-theH'daMila  ���������:..: ������������������"���������Orofirk ^���������h^.3y^^Kell,3v:.Ti���������ail^';.:i+t^m������  DA;RTIE8,GOI>TG BELOW'THIS- FALL ar> m'^nT:1^9  1 in-11 tli.-y.c n ^*sily m,;.k.j C.'oar.cr;'-.av-.tetvfQypimmm  ���������m * cr.issijig'the'L=ike"-canrL*acU'' tho.Wajr- niB';''j "^������  t wp:more. j * ���������'' c.. y.; -:��������� ���������!.' ��������� ������������������ ��������� ��������� ? ^ ������������������������ ������������������ - -���������-;-'; >: ���������; ��������� j|iTCB,Eky ^^p  Oct������fefirotb, 18������������..,-:' <��������� yXA'' !pv : ������������������  :"\p*  m  iyjC: 'i *i-;������  yy  i  4  i  i  i  A  f  i  i  x  t  3  I  i  ������  t  i  j  yVy-  fa


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