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' ��� s~.
vot. is
Barkerville,.��� William -p^eek',;. B.C., Saturday;; February;;3,>: J$$Q AP P !!!/���! Pl^ptj
.A.   '"' 'Publishedevery'SiitblrdPriy by'
ROB BR *     ^0 LL OWA Y.
Subscription,   - ~ -   60 Cents per Week*'..
Tor ono square (one 1 ach)rfirst insertion, -   $3
���'��� "      -.' > one raontb,   * -     S:
Fortwo squares, flrstjnsertlcn,      -.���   - -     ���;
*    .  -. ������* .  - one month, ��� ���   -   -  - ���'   ���.
Agents for the'* Cariboo Sentinel.1
. * - -y- '- ��   3    ;
Vitn Winkle,-
..Soda Creek, *���-"-'
Clinton, - . ��� - ,
['title?:*' -'';��� V- :'���}
'��� Now ^Westminister^
Victoria,   -    .-..'.
L. P. Fisber,   -
Bean A Co.,
. G  Street,,   ..'    . -
Mr J.W. Lindhnrt'    ;
Barnard's Express
Barnard'8 Express
. i    Barnard's,Express
:':- *- '��� "rio':' '��� 'r' 'do    ���
��� ���.:   ���'%;>'��� i John Murray
-.fi   :��3ohn-Col lens
. * ' San Francisco
S��in Francisco
30.Cornb.iH, London, K.tt;
:,?'������-���& ^THB'CARIBOO-SENTINEL^-
Curds, Circulars. Posters and Programmes for
yBallaaiid-.Theatrical :Em ter tain merits     .:
$&p-Rxee,nt*d with neatneppand dlspatch.^^
Terms moderate.
"    myy . <1 -JTRIAL.
���   i . .
The Ticbborne Baronetcy trial has been
resu m fa") ^--'nnt,   b owe ver;; ���'- withow t   eh o w ing
.thnf ir the long* contest one ?ide at least  has
b<y,orrh'.. financmHy,crippled.' The claimant
---���'lm* dccUr<*<!: that he can no longer pay his
sKiVi*^^ notes.
which np'to tbe-present ������time had been taken
'and -printed for the use  of the lawyers, the
judge and, jury.   He had already <paid $9000
for short-haw d, and could afford no more.
.The defence, on the contrary, seem to be re-
;    gar&esaiof expense, and 'declare.-tbey-will ^o
���on as before and pay all the������ccfcV'of this item
themsel-ves. one-half of which was previously
rbffrne.by-\the- claimant:" The cousiri of Sir
Roger.  Kate Doughty,   now Sirs   Radcliffe,
; -and whom tfce clairaftnt declares4 he sedneed,
was in court and will some day gi ve. ��� ey id en ce
ifoafls sure to^hayeygreat ������'w��WhV$!9i the
pMjSry^ aaiitfije^ Juage/^^tnesses^ have been
examined to -Show that an American vessel
- y cal led v theyOsprey; did. arrive��at the port PM
i^Meftburiae year when Sir Roger
- :arrived;'in'��� Australia. > Two,of these .witnesses'
testiOed that they were told she had picked
up some shipwrecked people.   The body'ser-.
. vant of^ii,'^j^r^M^sl^Saportoat witness,
was also examined.   He went with him to
South AmeticaV and now declared that he believed most positively that the claimant waa
m his*9\d master.   Tfie AttorneyrCfene,ral made
several dtrenuousiattempts to discredit*tbe
evidenoe of this witness, but with little sue*
��cess. .. A ���'gentleman who <was resi d ing at the
��� Eng|jsbr> hotel atrSantiago m< 1853, and then
*' and wive Mw* fo^ sevisral* 6aye, 'Sir Ro^er
Ticbborne,-recognised in the claimant the
iflame Tkhborrie; A former non-commissioned
officer, also two privates iu tbe 6th Dragoon
Guards, all of ;^bqm had ^.belonged to Sir
liiogei^s fe^inl'tllai ���regimeni, swore with
great.-confidence, and with many corroborative TeedlltfctibnB, th at AAfee i aim an i was the
sam% Sir 'Roger under -wftotd they had served.
liikewise a helmet and military accoutre men t
maker, who had fitted out Roger Ticbborne
in l$45v  He ; kae^'him-wielVfprvfour years,
and bad not the least hesitation in declaring
f    that the claimant was the same per��on.   An
;   '6ld* arid infirm negro, named Andrew Boyle,
:. -��$88 put in-|he^iJri��Sg.^..He;hftd long
been a servant in the Tichborne; family... and
had known Sir Roger from a child, and be is
now accused of: (having give a'teethe claimant
the information. wjbich ,bas?thus far enabled
him to make good his claims.. His e^amia-
atio'n was yet going on! A large nutrjer of
witnesses were examined on the 15th November, whose testimony was strongly'H| favor
of SirR6ger.; The'witnesses called vJ|?e'Mrs
Ann Noble, wife of the farm baiiifg^Tich-
borna \ Henry Noble;' her husband ; |p^ev.
Thomas Keyrick. a CathoH^>riest i|;jy$stol,
who had. known Rogertichferne.m;'J.U-years
ago, and was with him at SMneyhuiyy:/ Mrs:
Eleanor Smith, whose late husband w^bailiff,
to a^ormer^baronet ;...Mr,, James Howleston,:
wlio had i been acquainted with Roger in his
eiariier years ; Mr William Cooper,'a resident
at Alreaford ; and. Sir William-Bailey, landlord of the Anchor Inn at Rockley. During*
the, day. in answer to a ^qiiestton from the
judge, Serjeant Ballantine said'he could not
��ay when this class'of witnesses would beex-
hausted. . It would be impossible for him to
limit his case, and as long""as he had respectable; witnesses as: to identity he;was bound to
call them.   ^ Then/' said the Lord Chief Jus-.
tice, "you,
have no idea when your case
will end?" "Not the least,"; replied the
learned sergeant. On the whole, the
evidence in favor of fcthe. identity of .the lost
Sir Rogej grows stronger, but it must riot.be
forgotten that all the testimony yet heard ha?
been on -his side..'. "When the .defencelshall
hvingup its'witiiesses t.h�� impression may he
reversed! 'Whatever may be the issue, 'tlie
trial must always remain one[of the most remarkable on record.
Thk Irish event of the week has been th?
acquittal of Kelly, the man tried for murder-
ing.-Talbot, the'police constable and spy.
The jury, seven of whom were Protestants,
were unanimous, and Ireland has been deluged
with moral lectures ever since. There can be
no doubt that.both political feeling and "the
intense Irish feeling against the informer entered into the verdict, and the glee withfwbicb
tlie verdict was received in some Irish cilies
is:sboeking;7buV^ give
' ver d i cts qui te as'"featfi ""afi'd- there is this to be
said in. excusefor the hu-ymen:-��It is .not a
le ^ a l certainty that Keliy fired the sii ot. He
���was one of a; ffroiip; of three; one of* ywhom;
may by conceivable possibility have handed
hini the revolver after firing it. Sir Butt's
hotiori that Tai bet Would not have died but
frtr. tlie bunglinc: of the surgeons is repudiated
by. the greatest:men in the profession, who
.t.-Hii 1 yfth at ,i.he p r ac ti c e -i was'; so and J; and i t
was obviously pressed to give the jury an
excuse for acquittal.
The escape of Kelly did not render the
Chief Justice more lenient to Mr ;r IMgott, the
proprietor of the Iriahmari, wbicli p'aper contained, between the murder and the trial articles which were intended to show that tbe
assassination was. a rightful execution, and
during the trial attacked the Court for shame,
less bias against the prisoner, and endeavored
to influence the jury. With the concurrence
of bis colleagues, the Lord Chief Justice sefl-
tenced Mr Pigott toj four monthsMmprison-
mentj" as a first clajs: misdemeanant," for
contempt. The punishment is riot heavy, and
was richly deserved; but we wish sentence
could have been given Id ordinary course of
law. ;pf .course it could not have been, w
any jury would instantly have acquitted
Pigott, another proof added to thousands that
trial, by jury is anited only to peculiar tfsaes
and a peculiar people. It works very badly
even in America and among English-speaking people, and works well without paqf;injj
only in'England, and ��� hot there if religions
feelipg or local feeling can be called'up in a
case! , Air the' evidence in tbejworld would
not' have convicted Dr. Bernard.���[London
Spectator, Nov, 18.
*-;  x ��;; >'���    -�����������  ':���.'..���   .-���   f.-. -���; :-���������;.:��������� -i
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?!���'���:oj\   'xypovpi '
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ii'i'.'P i-:.
.!;!.'     '..'. ,V
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'.- *; '��� i
I- ' >
...    '/i'i'V'-
���';;   ������' /rf-.r-x   P.: y<*.
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I ��A .*�� <>
' . < /���        f'i     - 1 .
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x yyyy ��� ;-:*-::'%ict6.eiA' *b.'gj;<( ^M %
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H in
AT STANLEf - -  - jMmim^OBXBK.
The Tab!* will alway* be aupplfed ^wUUijho hjf.
articles Usat.caii b* ���o,t*ft,C��n^oo,_*n^hj^M wife-.
the ,,"'"'
wiHriiviAV'wi th Last Cbonbe 0r*ck}) \
'V Ks'Ml  $yp  ���������**  m  MAm0^^i^^Jj0i,  .THE.;-MINISTRY,.  i In "ow lastPiasne, reference waa tnade tp the  ai ie m p t to weaken : I he p reseat Ad mi n j stra-  'iibn.; to the eerdid rcio li vesi wh j cli p ro in p ted  *uch atteoept, aad the unfair means employed  ia aid * of H.   It wae shown- how*' the Ministry  won Id be wealceaed; i (������������������ tho eosii i ng election  were contested. and the if ie ws- p'ii t forth were.  we believe, in accordance witbi those 'of oiir  Taaders.   In another column .will be found u  <popy of a telegram' Irom Mr Tf a I icem',;. th e con -  tents of which are specially interesting to the  comiaunHy.;. :-It shows that the wan ta of th is  district Will be properly attended to in the  ������oming Legislature, and I bat so far from Cari-  1 hoo ���������oing. ajsytbing to assfst. Uie ��������� .Opposition  the interests of 'this section of the country  will be bsst served by supporting the present  r <*o womeok / Thet'e is erery sreason to be-  ?���������: 1 ie te tbe Bond Tai is wi ll i he���������?*.abb" I isbed; and  that the Mining amend men ts; will be^carried.  An extra grant, for tbe/,Hospi tai ���������and a ppro  ' p nations for trails in and aboiiV. Lowhee.  JaW of': Ciu bs ; jind^igl^to ing!Cre$ka\. are to  i 1) e pt ac ?d on I be E ��������� t i m a (es.* vi"Nof' is Orri i neea  leiip'n iv Y'et j n t he face of; tii ese fac ts: p o 1 i ���������  ,,ticians;.in Victoria haw had the. p resm m ptio n |  ��������� and '.aadacttf if i'try^ ;iHork:  against .itself. ; .-.*"���������' ''"..**''���������������  y; It is evident all kiads^of efforts will be  .made to oustthe -present Ministry���������that no  clone: will be left uatnipped, by the Opposition  'for' siich jnirposa.\[ As losg as political' warfare 'iriy conflned w i th i n : its pro per. li mi ts th e  .;'*ffejet will' naMwariJ^^^ben^ficlai;;- A vi^U  riant'Watob kepi," oyer ' the acis' of: tbe^occiK  fyiritrilpiy' the Treasii ry ben ch es i m p eU I ih e m  tbjeserciset heir'.'.powers impartutl 1 y for the  benefitlot.lb*^province at large, and tbls.-ceiy  ,iai njy.is one' of tbe.'f&\& edwftniri^eri derived  ^tfbni;sj������arty Governn^  of an Opposition; is merely the possession of  : -<6ffice, tbe object of.represen tative institiitiona  is 11 jib I e to b eco me fr tis trated..' T hat the Pes'/  lating antiigomsttr of "certain members of ithe  JrtoHse to the present Ministry does not arise  frotttbe ptwsninji: of any policy by the hitter.  4ibnoxious in character is evident, ior; no  l ���������measures have been prpposed wliich are in,  any ��������� way\ h n rtfu Mb .the proy irice., Practl ea 11 y  sio measures have been proposed at all,: for  tfeey cannot be ��������� considered until the House  meet*. . It is reasonable, therefore, to make  ihe deduction tbatJ hie antagonism has arisen  ���������either from personal dislike towards member?  of the Government, or,simply and solely from  aba ^pasulUng of priyate and not public interests. ' A'A'p- '-/���������!   .'Vyp- y      y ������������������   .  Pkoorkss of Caxada.-���������The Journal de  Quebec says that ibe revenue pf the Dominion  this year will b* $19,000,000, and that a com-  pari80ti of this with the revenues of the Pro -  vmces.composlnir the Dominion in 1841: will  show the astonishing result oblalnedin thirty  years. That of fhe.fwo Canadaswas in 1841  ������269.000. or $1.076,000. If to the $19:000.000  revenue of the Dominion be addled that reserved to: the: Pro vi,nei������s by f he Act Vif IS 67.  it .will b^ found that Jhe Jo tai revenue of  British North Amftriea hnn increased twentv  times since 1841. .This is cerfninly a pro-  di % io n s rem 11. a n d oif wh t ch we. m ay $y e p rou d.:  besid es which; Co n fed era tin n h as a bo ve al I  glvpn. a wonderful impetus to; our commerce  and indwstrles.���������[Montreal Witness.   ! '  . :   ;,  Thb WmK-PnLLKiiR.���������At the same lime thai  Mr��������� Hu mph reys'��������� ..first < te 1 ezra<n arHve<\ ���������! ������ ri'.'  otlier^-a verbatim copy of Mr Humptirey^~4;  was received from'Mr DeCncmos by affentle-  man on Lif?hLnms> Creek. So anxious wasilhV  sender that he caused,the meaw^c to l>e'dispatched; from:35avicei;yiHe by a fecial carrier'  The words in the telegram,:i Put up n candi  date, win or lose,", struck the recipient las  poi ri ti ng to; ii n d erb a n d dentin g.-.l Si i bseq u e n t  e ve n ts h a ve d e m o nsl ra f ed f b e t ru th of tf������ta*  o pi nipri! an d [neither Mr. DeCosni bs n or); Mr  Huraplireys will find he can make a tool ^of  this coratminity, especially at tbe expense ;of  ils interests:      /A*-:. '"���������"-������������������ ������������������*'���������.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  :        BAFKERVltiLR  NKW ADVERTISEMENTS.  m  BEG: TO  ANNOUNCE tlmt they haTQ openeU the  above Saloon.   Tbo BEST  1, TOES, IIQUOSS AHB CIGARS.  ....������������������     ;. -.���������. .....  . ,   ..    i . .  rnrnishedAt tbeknr/ .1 .������������������/���������-���������:���������... ���������-���������. - i >���������;: ���������  ^^?REB;KVERy.NliQHTv"'��������� Private"' Lessors Weu  by^/WAizxiy ������������������vy\ypy. ������������������-���������/������������������   . ��������� -jnsiiut  :e������IMiSSI0^.':ST0iaGE.  &-'&������$���������  :AJiO-  :.. Gbrow- & Johnson '$Express, with; f be mail.  arrived in Barkerville oii Saturday, 271h Jan-  nary, and left the ,.fol lo w i op M on day mbrRing  with two" passenprersr^Miija Miller, for Yale,  and Miw Sandfofd for Soda creek. ��������� Ax.  rW&e^rddP&riericy;  Pv'Wiyv  ������:0m, [$%2m  Large Specimen! $500 in  y!:   G-oHCoin !:'.-���������'  SPLENDID 60IB WATCHES, GOLD  lir!  &  ;apl5tf '���������/: yyyy\ ly-; ".'.;.Barkerville;  nnmuMwuiinimium  NEW AV>VERTfSRM KNTS.^  ���������   CARD.  " EmTOR Skvtinbl :���������Ca n you gi ve t b e p eo p 1 e  In tbia neighborhood any information as to  4he extraordinary delay in the arrival of the  Royal Mail.   ; ������������������   '���������-*���������  When a post office waa opened at the 150-  mile house the farmers about here expected  io^od it.a ������reat accoin!n6(lal|onv and we believed that we woii Id get a mail every; fortnight. bu<; no mail.has reached thatofficeilrom  below since 18th Decern be relive weeks: ago  ���������^and letters .wbicii were intendtjd to be sent  irom parties living around here lo Karker-  <riHe, and were posted on Dec. 20th, are still,  waiting for tbe up-mail.to convey them.  Tbis ii. I think, a great imposition ow the  ^)flople here. Wo Jive in an important and  .improving section of ���������farming, country; and  we fee I that we bave not: been fai r ly. ti^ate<l,  ibis winter,aodefeotrid like to know^ who Isp  to blame; ������������������..-...,...,..,...,-  A Farmbk.  , William Lrike, 22d Jan������ary, 487S.  [Tbe Barkervilie agent of Messrs. Oerow &  Jobnap n i u (o rma u s tbat tbe de I ay oo m plai n ed  of was no fault of the mail carriers ; that the  p arty; erap loy ed J b y th em to ca rry tlie mai I up  the river to Tale was ready to start with'the  last mail;at the proper time, but the: ?osi-  master at [. If e w West mln ste r d ec H ned to fo r-  ward it, thinking it might at tbat particular  :;. In the a d ver I isi n sr co I n mtis o f Mhe S kxtin'k r.  of Jamiary 27th is a Subscription List, nt ihe  11 earl of ! w h i cM a p pert fa t be n a ine of F. F ipk!  witl)'; $00, 00 V opposite. The undersigned  >akea;tbis :niethod{of ex'pres'ainjr. his��������� conlempt  fo r.i th e p re.������ij m p.f.i ions i h so I en ce-":.o f any on e  making use of bi^ naYne in the way mentioned.  Theaff^ir .is unworthy of noiifee.were it not  t b at. i he ��������� i n te. n t w as; 'm a I ign ah I'mri d iiPm \* re p r e-  s*������n.tation-::of the truth���������-$2 50 being.tendered  but refused.y    ;'.','",';, / '   ���������   .7 -  .   P. FICK;  Karkerville, 1st February, 1872.  :���������; .-.NOTi.CE. :  ^"OTICB is heroljy .civ<;n that an application will be  11. matlQ at thfi m>?.t Session of the Lo^irjlitivc A������-  Sfiinl.ily of. the Trovince of British Columbia for an Aci  to Ipcorporat*  THE   WESTERN: CAN A F>rANT   PACIFIC  RAILWAY COMPANY.  2 or tbo purpose of cons tru cirng an������l  workinc a Rail.  way, Sconmionciu;; at*a jxiint at   or near Vicuna  Brhish Columbia; tM'ence-to some point on th������ Aiu*i%  oru Cua������f, of Vancouver Tslaud, and  from t'houcc bv  Bruise or Si cam crinimanlcatifm to som������ pr.jnt on the  W.������slonj Coastu.r lh������- Mt.inlani of ttriti*;. Columhia  teeLvvfrn ihe Fortyniul !i ami Firtr-fourlii parnllt-J: of  aorili IaiitU'/e,:lli������oc*j f.linm-h tVu'MainUndof Brilteh  C-Wumbiu by jsom'0 priidicabU' p:iss or  lii^ Rockv  Mountains to "tho Northwest 'iVrri tar v) iin'.V to some  pnint oiyihe Kurthwp.si  Tenilory, where u-jaiicUon  wiIllKyWT.'cte.t with a lino of R.iiJ-.vav &uthi������ from  tbe Railway yyy tern to. the  .North.iast  pa As ���������-"of Oh ^  tano, aa.I  ruonmg tpwanis ibe Rocky  ir������ Aim a iny  with  power, tn Likt .such <l"vi;ii!on>- no'\ brlinoh lin������i  to con n cct v;4; h 11 ie yea o< w r 1 of Va u o ��������� ts rr-r* l'?la nd or  elsowhero (in may he ,.'rfv:<ahl(ra.n,l for tbo purpose?  Mori;f.������i.|, an-i to usiablish, equip, ami m vuiu.in such '  Ferries and Steam Vessels an nun-1>^ tiftC'^try  ' vliRAKE & JAcksdN*,  ���������  v ,   ���������    r������ ������   ������- .  . Solicitors.  Victoria, B.C.. 26th January, 1872. fc3  CARRYING   HER  ^lAJESTY^S   MAILS;  ���������  \       Will' .leave;Ba flier villa     :  --. '���������'.-.'���������  ���������.������������������.'*.... 1 ���������.'. ,        ..���������...-    ... "���������  yy   O^GE'EVERY FORTNIGHT  FOR YALE.& INTERMEDfATE PLACES.  GEROW-'%-  JOHNSON^S  Express ; and; Stage -/Line  " ..   CAKJJIES        .-       "    '    ' '    *'  LETTERS, TIUOASUKK, VALUAIu/e?;, \  :. .      ^   KXPRKSrf KKKIGHT AS!) PASSENGERS  ������% A Ty RK J),U G E D V ll A TJE S^   p/  ar^r. Collections, Commission?aw\ Gohoral Express  business done with pruictuajjty ami ilispatcb." '      ���������  J8ST Office olt.hc Cariboo'.'Aifv'ncv at *" s ���������  ���������'- JD.AVJD KUKTZ*? STOlfR,  ai>29 ��������� Barkerville.  440 Chances, - - $5 each  Chance.  !, Tbeiiipchest Throw to 'take, the Specimen,  the Lowest the $509 in Gold, the other* ia  proportion. ���������   .  The Rtiffie will take place at the ANTE  I.OPB UKSTAUkANT.IUrk^rVtlle. and due  notice, will be given when thfiiit is 'ftllud.  --   v"-6      ���������,:-':��������� j������* '���������%. '.iy./  Bark'rvilSe Brewerv  %>  For  ale or  THAT WELti-KNOWN-  ISSOTSCE.  ������eaeon ^.e lost or destroyed on account bi the  m state of the Fraseri���������Eb, Smnxmy j  e for Barker-  BaRSARD-8 ���������: EXPRK9S   left  ���������*ilie last Wedaeadav.  lm Miwm$ W exp#.c^d 4k afternoon  ���������VrWCB-iB'iierebv tfven that nR appliciUion Trill 1)0  aV raftflnat the itfxt Session of th������ l'arhanwnt of  Canada for an Act to Incorporate  THE   IVKSTERN   OANABTAN    PACIFIC  KAIL WAY COMPANY,  for the $mt?tm o'P constructing an.i vs-orki'nr a Rnil-  n*&; wtWh.'iK������;inK;at a po4ni at ornW' Vjcioiia,  I?ntwh C-Anmhi������i.,*.th?��������� noe I������> gotne j^ifnt ou the Knk  ���������mi Coast ol Vancouver T.sl.������n������); an<| from thencu by  BnH^eor feffc^arti oonnn.unieaHoa to some point on tho  Western Coast, of thcMiinUad trf British CoUmjUi.-i  btrtwenj tho Forty,ninth an<i rirty-lourtli naralM. of  jwrth ItttitUrtn, tfaenoo'thn������uj,'h the M*in!aml of British  Coiurnbia by some nracUc.bJu o.ifs ol" Uif'Rockv  Mountains to -Uw. NorMi Writ Territory,'nod'tii-iow*  ponton the North We*l Territory, v/litre a Innctlon  wdlto Mattrt with a lino of- Raijwav starting fhuii  t.hOs Ran way system. to' th e;' North test parts of Ontario, hji<! running towir-is th- Kv.cky llouut;iiiw^  vi-itn power t������ | io ko e iich de vial loiw a n I bra nch ii nog  to connect with tin? seaboard of Vancmivor Island  or cisewhvro as may be aiinsabl^ and for the iuip-  posoiifon-sdid, and to esubliah. equip, an-i maintain  such * ernes and Steam Vessels as mny he. nocessarv  DRAKK b'j-ACKaOSl  ' .  vtetori*, ������ a,misiumwy, un.     S������mt$$i.'  and premises lately occupied by the lato John Dubig,  in;   y   ....    -    .        -.-"-.*  ,   QTJESFELMOTJTH7  is now olfcrcd for sale'or to reut, with all and sundry  tho  bar Fixtures, billiard table,  stove;;-lamps, wer glass; clock.  ami all tlie noefsxary Bar Furnitun?���������all in good con-  <lit ion <uifl lit for imiiieiii.ilr.������ occupancy.  ���������fi--^. This Snloou is so well and hivonibly known as  one of thtf vury best stands iu British Columbia for  Saloon or other bu.-inoss that it requires nu pulting".  1 rn ra ed i a te possess.on g i veu. ���������  J A MRS H. KERR.  Agent for ih������ proprieti'i-j.  Quesneimouth, B.C., Dec 10, 1871. do23 tf  Taillaiincour,   Hunter * &  Lavery;  I-   [SUCCESSORS, TO'.,N^.CIJNIO,],.. i  B**IC to inform their friends and thb public -that :l������^y  have taken ihe well Known -premises in B.rk������-ryiili  so Jong favorably patronised, whii������ |r ine uccup-iiun  of Mr .s. Cum"...,   - V r  'he Celebrated XXX Ale  will be manufactured and sold by Wholesale and R  tail in its purity, una  The "best Liquors & Cigars  constantly kepi on hiind.. ,  The Lodging Department  will-be always carefully 'attended, to. a lid tho best  Beds and nccomniodation provided for their customers. dcW  s  1 R10 prep* red to. fu i;n Ish . Lu rn ber at tb ei r M i lis  i\.. W iilium Crcc k, or d eii vor i t to ord er. ;  lumber mzhivmim on lightning  CREEK  AT TO E BAM������ RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  Bavins: a Planing JIachina in eperation they will  also - furnish     >;, ���������.-  ���������   ���������  ..���������.  m     ��������� ... .,' ,,";':'..;".  PRESSED.. LUMBER'  -  a* sfttiafaetery rates.  The   ttodersigned,   wishing;: to   r#t re from  :'        business,  OFFERS FOR SALE,  THE  yx ���������Xx/XZ^^^^mMV0i  tvffiwv r  1  m  \w-  f|||llf  mm  iH  zmm  Wm  WS  Wmm  in  fill  ssSSs  i  is&ia&&mstemsaBmite  ������������&  RE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, FEByS, W72.-.  .' : -M* MARRIED.-'.v  ."���������.������������������      *������. ..  At Barkerville. on the 16th January, 1872.  I>y the Rev. Mr Ralf*. .Wealeyaa Minister,  Anobi.o pKx;>or,Ai Merchant, of'Genoa, Italy,  io Hbtha Eliza:- Luh asBKi of Brenieti.  IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.  Nakbow Escape���������<>n his trip from Yale to  New Westminster, Mr James Lesh narrowly  escaped being drowned. Fortunately he Buffered only'from tbe consequence of au intensely cold bath.: The party with whom he  was going down the river were walking on  the ice when Mr Lesh broke throujrh, and  would have been carried under by the current had not a friendly hand caught him by  the collar of the coat; thus saving; him from  what might bave been ar watery grave.  MINING COURT.  The following is a copy of 6 telegram received from Mr Walkem:       .,';  . The Premier '-authorizes' Mr Walkem tof  ���������state to his constituents that, at Mr Walkem'e  instance, measures for the Abolition of Boad  Tolls, arid, Mr Walkera'fi Mininj? Ac^,reducing  charges on Records and Leave of ^Absence as  proposed ta Cariboo, will :-ba, brought in -as  Ministerial measures. Ifrtra grant to Hospital ; appropriations for..Omineca, Lowhee,  Jack of .Clubav and Lightning Creeks, and  five hundred dollars to the William. Creek  Fire Brigade will be placed ia the Estimates ;  also that the construction of a Bridge at Ques-  nel will be discussed on Ihe arrival.of all the  Cariboo members." -    pyy  Anothkr Link has been added to the telegraphic girdle that will one day completely  surround the globe.   A cable* has-been sue-  ���������f\>>.-ni  i'lmi&WyZyyt  rl? >P  tv',  FROM CAMP' R AND Q OF THE SU R  VEYING PARTY.  Mr J. A: Dickey, temporarily in charge of  the -R party,]arrived in Barkerville; 7������ days  ���������from the camp, on the 30th January, in company with two others.  The stock were all killed.: and there is a  sufficient stock-of.-: pro visions on hand to last  into July. 'Three substantial  log buildings  hky.e ;beehgreeted, and the parly are com-  tmlably quartered and in good health.  The si t ��������� iatiop;6F;.-the camp: has been before  v' f er red lo. bis i.f or i ofo r m ������ tion it m ay be  stated Mjf camp is .between 150 and 160 miles  v*t������t of Barkei ville, on the banks of tke  JFY-tfser; and ab\������nt'50 rail es from Tete Jaune  Cache.   -    ��������������������������� y.  [V "Ay  -.' . ...;:  Communication was had through the Rocky  M> Win tain Shuswaps with the Q surveying  pij.Hy, a letter having b������en received from F.  W Green, Engineer in charge of the division.  This party is at Cranberry Lake, 20 miles  sooth of Tete Jaune Cliche; and about 50  miles from the camp of the R party. Mr  Green says bis division arrived at Cranberry  Lake on the 14th of October, having left Kam-  loops on the 14th August.* They had to cut  tbeir way after the first 40 miles from Kam-  loops.- and during the latter part of the trip  lost 30 horses.and mules from overwork. Mr  McLennan overtook the party three days out  from Karaloops. intending to push ahead with  an Indian guide and three white men to Jasper House in lime to get back to Canada before the winter set in; but found the plan jm_  possible and so remained with the party. Mr  McLennan,:in company with Mr Selwyn,  Visited Leather Pass; Which is about60 miles  from Cranberry Lake. They gained the sum-  mi t arid retii r n ed ori the e i gh tb day,; and went  ���������down the Tho mgH&h s n canoes rather th an go  by the trail. -. y \   :;y-  Tbere were six feet of snow at Cranberrv  Lake. The elevation above the level of the  sea is about 2600 feet They are on tbe sum-  *mit of the; watershed between Canoe and  Thornpson flveirs, tmd are a*t present engaged  in running a line between Alb red a Lake and  the Cache.  Mr Dickey will start out far bis camp on  Monday or Tuesday.  aS"  Ar&y.tft'.-  y.������-tejr% ���������  tb������t my&?X(A^vAW%^P; xx\  throi\iiwiii:?4yp  't'ris'lra^&i  and her;^.tffev>,y  yyy.,y,  is consider -^^y^yru  ���������'. \  /.    X/y.')/ ��������� ..��������� . ��������� .. -y y''"  AcctnKNT.v y���������-.:������������������. X.' y pyy.  ��������� x '���������   i*\#y.A&?yLt*\U>:<���������/.*  was rep or tea. ty^ xxpu ���������; y (���������: ���������-.::'  dent, sustai ned pu ityWl&i-  was going down tlie lull  with a handsleigh piled with  fell, and was struck ou.the bcad;t>  the runners;: :.                           y- fy .-'��������� -. ��������� -y-y   :_��������� ���������" ^-yy-y i fy?  ;:-y-^fTy ?.    $.   /        '  Music���������Mr Gray ft he Snn Francixg/o publisher, sends a seieciion of the laiesvvmusic.  -The  Chesapeake  W:ilIe,? and ^A Bright  Blue EveV amone the rest.. Mr Gray is|now  regularly publishing the most: pleasing^ .;Eu-  rp pe an and. A men can c o nipos i ti o ns. -   \;  [Bfttore E. M. Bali.; Ksq.t Gold Commissioner.] !  FniDAT, Feb. 2, 1872, r  A. Pendola vs. S: B. MATTicK.-rThas was a  suit calling upon the defendant to show cause  why he shon 1 d not be ejected from the1 Dow-  dle: claim 6n Conklia gulch, or so- mrich  thereol aa was included in plaintiff's more-  gage ; and why an accoun t should no11. be.  taken ol the.proceeds of the sauie,and a rer  ceiver appointed ; and why ab injunction  should not be issued to restrain the defendant  from using the tunnel belongiag to the said  claim;'.-.:- ��������� y .���������-.-.������������������*'  Mr Park, on behalf of plaintiff, produced a  m.o Vtgage fro ra Do w d le to his c J ien t.   Th e  inter-  Conk-  23d  Mi  titled to  t;of  show  ifi ill ess there, was a clause to the contrary  t jrtgagee might enter, though default- haid  m&i  s^rce  !Si|lte  !:;.A*������r  Thr submarine tunnel . schemev between  England and France is again projected, aud  there is also a pro p osa I to run I arge ferry  steam boats in order' to carry the railway  trains between Dover and Calais in little more  than an hour.  Barsekvillk^i-bi.ic School.���������The average  number of scholars atiendiug school is about  nine, though twelve names are on the reuis-  Ter. The pupils are making very satisfactory  progress under the able superintendence of  MrMundell.      .  Thk Pacific Fleet.���������II. M.S. Zeatous, which  is now on her way home, will be rep tu cod on  the Pacific station by the BeUerophpn. aw  iron clad ot tho second cUss, and superior to  the Zealous in tonunge and weight of metal.  jg*ar* The Ra.ilro.ai>-Stork ^gsgf  Cnearly opposite the Government Assay  Office. Barkerville).���������This store has .been  opened by Mr C. A. Noltejneier in connection  wilh his store in Victoria, with the largest  and best assortment of  hoots and shoes ever  K1*rV ��������� ���������������v 3-'^ Vy nd ola w ns'-eal led rivid h W a^i. '< Do w d 1 e  ���������yjf}rie the inortgjtge prodttced ; tfc'defend*  iff is tfork i n g the el fei m;; he told me" He Won \ d  S.���������,.$61f% i ve me; a ny th i n g w 11 h ou t an; o fdef of. the  Court;. he ^uid he would work out the claim  b e Fo re  I he  mo r tgage \ >ecame '��������� d lie ; r h w as  present, when the Sheriff sold the claim j  the  saje, was on jhy behalf   "protested, agaibst  ati d* V.is m a de s u bj ect to my tiro rt^a'ge.'   \  CrosH-examined:1���������The mortgage^ was for  $200; Dowdie owes me more than $70 ; 1  will not swear he owes me inore than $100 \  as to the remainder^ lam trustee for biscred  itors.;. [bad a conversation with defendant  before the Sheriff's sale ; I told him Dowdie  owed life $50 ; the [mortgage was signed in  jail \ I); will not swear I had not a conversation before Dowdie went to jail in which 1  told defendant that Dowdie owed me money;  or that L asked" defendant it Dowdie was  likely to lose bU suit, but I don?t,think I ever  told him this ; I was told that Dowdell was  in jnil t'<������r not signing a bill of sale to Mattice.  ���������Ori behalf of the defence, S. R Mattiie was  Hworn: Before Dowdell was put in jail plain-  tiff told-mo Dowdell owed him money, and  ���������ir; i n ted *t 6 k ri 6 w it* Do wde 11 w as" 1 ike ly to i ose  bis claim ; I to id him. yes ; the account produced is a correct'one of the gold taken out;  { did not take out six oz; oh Sunday ; if 1 taid  so when you first applied to me for an: account it was because I did net wish to give  correct information.  Mr Davie, on behalf of defendant, referred  to the proceedines in the case of Mattice vs.  t)owdle,showlng one half of tho Dowdie claim  was then; in dispute; that the plaintiff had  actual and constructive notice of these proceedings ami was bound by tbe decree; that  the mortgage given by Dowdie whr in violation of the order of the Court, as it was in-  landed to convey half the Dowdie claim.  which the Court decided belonged to Mattice,  and cited authorities in support of his contention. [Plaintiff here Admitted defendant was  entitled to half the cUiin.] He argned that  even though the mortgage covered the other  my'husband.has been divorced from me anil-  has since been married twice.'  Mr Barnston, on behalf of defendant, con-  Jen ded that' the i addition'.'at the foot of the  note, that the money was to.ibe paid by in*  s,talmenU,, wan an alteration io a material  part and vitiated the instruroe nt.   y  Mr Davie; on behalf of plaintiff,1 rej^liod  tbat there: was no evidtmce the words had  been added ; that the note was in the state ifc  wtuj when given to plaintiff, and; if any addition \yas; made;to it, it was; before defendant  delivered it to plaintiff and could hot affect  the instrument. ;-   ;   :>: '.;-;   y,;--y x.py  ���������The Judge, in giving his decision, remarked  tbat even allowing there had been.the alteration contended for by defendant,it waa .not  ina-mate therefore did not  affect tlie note; : >  ' Judgment wp-  ^iren for the plaintiff for  $30 and costs..      .  y }y   .   ...A- vs ���������;-������...  , kpim. vs. Scott.���������Defendant failed to ap-  pear, onconimitnient summons'; and an order  far his committal to prison was "granted. '  yy yyp/y police ;court; ���������---7?  '���������'.���������   '    > .'���������-���������  '������������������:.x>^<xx'.::   /I'hivyy   ���������!. y  .'y ,:Tuur.sDA.r, Febniaryilst.  Ab������Ghent]' was chapge<l with 'shooting at  QboO; Yang.with intent to murder. ; Mr Davia  appeared for the proeecutidb, Mr Barnston  for:ttie.'defence. ;' ";.' . '���������'py .y:'   :.'-' ���������''/>':���������: y;-: 7  : Ab Kye, sworn and examined through an  interpreter :^-I was stopping at the Forks of  Quesnel, and was in a Cliina .boarding-house  getting some tea ;.; this was on the 26th Jan-  nary, about 12 o'clock at night; the house  wan kept by Ah Kwang; after getting through  drinking tea I went to Hop' Sing's* store ;  Ab :pYo w v came in to . t he / s to re f > w i th  four other Chihamen, named Ah Chaw; Al* -,  Cha, and Ah Cheeuythe pc'isoner, aiid Ah Ti;  each of the four had a pistol irt his hand;, tha  four came iti behind, Ah Yow; Ah Yow called  for Ch00 -,Yang, who was 11 p stai rs; he; came  down stairs, but said nothing, and sat; down  beside the stove ; the Chinfumen who came in  asked Choo Yang to %ht;ttien the. tour men  fired at Ctioo Yan g a t the 4 sa m e ti me ;' Ah  Cheett,'tbe prisoner, was one ofytbe four who  shot; Choo Yang, tell down ; the fourmen,  wilhAh Yow, then ran;off; witness, with another ChtoamanV went for Mr If are ��������� Choo  Yang said he was shot; he was shot -fn the  thigh; the ball weat through to the other  side Cf the leg and "ny lodged there ; when tho  shooting occurred ji was; behind .they China*  man who bad the .pistol about six feet: I.'ain  quite.sure all four \ Chihamen shot; off -their  pistois.:  ~'��������� '������������������     '"'py'     p'yyylx'''- p^y./lxxr  *. Mr Barnston waived for the present any  cross-examination, but said on the hearing of  the adjournment he would claim the right if  tho witness were present. .  The case was then adjourned for  eight  days for the production of further evidence.  The Chihkse,���������A "Chinaman was ehotin the  thigh at the Forks of Quesnel by on<t\ or more  of his countrymen on the night of the 26th  January. It may be expected that *a be re w ill  be more disturbances of the peace during the  winter at this place, for there are between  300 and 400 of these " heathen Cbinee^ at  the Forks, without any restraint pu6 on them  except through the presence of ts3 0 white  men, one of whom we believe is an officer.  Barnard's down Express left foriralson  tij morweg  broughtto CanboO. He has introduced *i,Rif0f the claim not in dispute it wus iudt-  novelty m the form of warm Winter Boots visibie< and. being in violation of the decree,  for both ladies snd gentlemen. Leather nod \ ^ r(M . jhRt even if the ^a5ntitf was en-  Shoe Findings and  Groceries are also: kept tiUed t0 tbis half und<.r thft wortcra^e he could  on  hand.    Boots made  to order, from best  materials, for $15 per paiiv Repairing neatly  dbae.:,"-:,;:-':       '/���������������������������'���������! "yy"-.'!'' ������������������*...  y.y y<*/ MINING; ���������INTELLIGENCE. 11/  "���������'!y:y..pl,: ...William creek.-. ������������������-./;; ��������� :''Pi'.:'!-': :  The  Forest Robo co; continue rocking:  their new shaft has been commenced.  .The  Ballarat co, conttnue working under ground.  The Lane & Kurfs Co. are down about 100  feet. The pumps are working well, and the  work progressing favorably.  LOWIii'JK CRKKJf.  The Blaek Bull co. are hoisting and piling  dirt., The Victoria co. are drifting up atream.  The Calaveras co. are i n w ith the! v tu nael  8S5 feet, tho ground looking very favorable.  LlOHTXINO OUEBK.  The Boss co. are running through a canyon  and have difficult ground to work. The Aurora company are sinking a 9I1 ait. The Lightning co. are about to run a drain through  their upper ground. The South Wales co. are  working trom the blind shaft in their lower  ground, and are baving some trouble with  boulders; the claim is paying well. Tbe  Spruce 00. continue to run their drain. The  Point--co. have finished cribbing their shaft  and have started drifting. The Van winkle  co. are continuing their drain and making  good headway. The Eleven of England are  o&i 27 feet -Willi t&eir drive, viih litt!*-Wattf.  age  not eject, the defendant, tor the latter had one  fiitl interest in I he whole- or ihe claim!p and  was not entitled merely to any parti en lar iOO  fee t. Also, th at a rn o r t gagee w as no t e n title! d  to an account until possession was gfven to  him. and;that defend aut had as much right to  itfae tunnel as plaintiff, 'yy-'x'  M r P a rk re pi] ed that the defen d a n t h ad al I  ihroujrh resisted any right of the ..plain tiff, and  hts~only resource was to bring an action of  ejectment, which was necessary in allcases to  give the mortgagee possession.. .,7  Judgment was given that the plaintiff  should have possession of one half of the  claim acquired by him under the mortgage.  to be worked in conjunction wilh the other  half���������each* party to pay his own costs,  "county COURT.  MINING RECORDS.  LlOHTN'fNO CUBKK.  Point co.���������Jan. 3���������Recorded in favor of  the Point co., permission granted by the Gold  Commissioner to change their baseline stakeus  so as to join the Spruce and Van winkle com.  panies creek claims on said co.'s side lines  tho whole length of the Point.co��������� provided  the ground is vacant and no^hu are infringed upon.. Ar.  GltOUSti ckbrc.  Hansen co.���������Jan. 2D���������Recorded in favor of  B, VanVoI kenbu r������h, J ph n. Martin. J. HyTodd,  Fred. Hansen: Greorge Spru^e^John:<3r. Basted 0, James Lindsayyand J; ;LV Crimp- each  0 he fu 11 in, teres tin; the Ha nse n co^, co nsfsti rig  of,"'.JBOtJ.feet, creek claims; t^rejedrd. 7:   '  y: ���������l������)l^E,V7^.;ClieKK^  Horsefly co.���������Jan. IS���������Recorded in favor  of the Korsefiy mining cp ipoinches Of water  taken out of Moffat creek arid carried through  a ditch and fiumo on the Horeily co/sClaims,  situated on the west side of the liorsefly river.  (Before H. M/ Bull, Esq., UoM Commissioaer and  . County Court Judge.)  Wkonksoay, January SI; 1871,  Makoaukt J. *Y/a1)������kUj vs. Flohkxck Wil-  so������s',_friiis was an action to recover the sum  of $30 due under a promissory note for $834,  payable by instalments of $20 a month.  Plaintiff was called and sworn. -The note  produced was written and given to me by the  defendant; she lias since giving the note paid  me the sum ot $10 ; 1 did not see gefendant  write the note, but I am certain she did so, as  them was no one else in the room and I gave  her pen and pa-per ; she gave me the note  hersHf: coaskJw. f ������ni W'nwvrisd 'woma,^, Wti  LIGHTNING   CHEEK.  ,S K RS AN D TTt A HE K ������ w S11 And 11to lb������l r M -  vantage to purohuseai thsfi Stoic, u*h<:re ibvr������ Is  4 ubse issosiraie? mm  of the vrry l^est dftscriplioii oii harid^ onu th������> Block:  constantly replenislsetl���������by-n<j,*r arrivals.   ThspronH*-  ior will ������cllOuo^s .7  AS; CHKAF AS ANY IN   CARIBOO;  Ortier? pro$ni\Ur ftU**/ i.a.'t! for warded Vith <3J������|>etcb.-  !-��������� : J; W. tl^DWASI������.  $w  im  ���������  *-,:  y:  Zp  'ir.-.  -f  iy  ��������� ��������� *y  ���������: ^  iffffifii  '^M ay-  yyy y^y./:iy  Ss . y']['^  ������&r *   7 .< ���������     .  Ayy   j    7  !_���������-' - .:,���������   .:;  7yyyA7yj.v.'  '.ft-:-   ..  iMJ ������.<*[���������   .���������'.���������..���������'.���������.'..���������!,���������.-���������.���������   ';.'���������".���������,���������  %M.:A ���������yyyyy ���������..  ^Ixryy-  waft -���������-: *  Ma: y yyy  $*Wt 'y -: ":*,:>  )diy.yy[ -'  myyy  rpy?^y-^r:-.:,::  yfffl ' ���������*  -  s^^y yy y:-I *' '���������',''  i$      . '���������'  (v������ijp.( ..';���������   (..'-. .������������������-.������������������    . ������������������������������������   ���������.. ' ���������  ���������4&:{<   ���������'     -'-���������'' ���������  Ip     :.    y x!  *sfet '    :���������'���������     '���������*���������  -  ;'y*4*     ' ���������    ' ���������''���������.-" .  4S' -:-"' '.*���������' - ���������  0:1" ���������   ',���������;������������������������������������.,'  K3s$r fl-".'-.':,.:,'.���������"��������� ���������-.������������������'���������' '���������..��������� ���������;  Mk.y ���������:'y. ������������������'*���������-'���������/���������:���������  mjJ yyy.' :������������������ ^ ������������������*-.'  PS     ���������"������������������',   7  y   ::���������_:  !?j#   * ^^C^M^'DIJfiKB'ON THE THRONE.  .���������<.'--',;   ���������'.,;'���������- /���������'/,���������:/. ai', y f; tj; ...';>������������������ t ���������"-?.'.!-{��������������� -'yH ���������,  ��������� r .yy ��������� yyy yy -;\' .'< -:*.; * j"^y rlr.' - p ': v i - ������tfi; ���������* A, ���������  ���������'  lU^n^ ajra ^ ?j������|i, iojii-  Ma-;flag. IsviriiBitKoiiSjai^ j������  >   ?$mmM ^??^5^&������8P9Sf��������� ' ?/. monarch with; a po^jr.of insUltiahd ia the  ,     r -commencip^ M^Ita^fp^^p^blw^j. a n^d of the peopje witli;the utterly;false idea  j k a miscellaneous;;���������,.  f> Properly Stamped^areinbwjredtzce^te  ���������"���������;7C'fJ '��������� y';\?J:-r^-\C?-:--^yvVyy <!v'yy>p,'l *  lit  ,.|}������.l'>.&'iJ.  rm ii^^jj v^$>\  ^y-'^'y -  yi  ' ��������� ^f'.ff' .^M.y- 54 'try /��������� !i������,,>,^r;j?  ���������yrn  tPAVilotWrara-r^pitmptlyrf^  ���������m#> reaalar;s*s^e-;r^3t^ ;    yV P\ ���������������  ' ,��������� ;.f.-  '    ' "  y  >y������r0i888 iinduemauenceien.public-'affairsrihat  ft. y8be;jmfact^control8 the,foreign policy of!the'  y      *cpixntry^tbatj,J^m  || ppyyyppyypyypyp  yyyyypyyyypxy  jllllll  y,7. ..-i\- -"br-k-.-i-.:,:;. ���������,���������:;.;.;,.-������������������ v.rn-s  !f.'- '���������l'-������r7:--7'7".'; 7. '71.---7-i-���������,?���������;��������� :-��������� ������������������;  f-y Wyyy^y--^^ -.���������;  lilillisi':.;  "'���������(Vffom his:6wn point'of'view,' talking; sheer  r jvyulgar nonsense. f Tlje ground; of his .whole  h^fddeftvis .that ������.tha auatained ataleHness nRnalT.v  wft^the sfcadoV'of wUhbrttjr^d'aif ^f,f'  dictktirjg policyi'deriaed for ;,nofc wat |y  foCome and for demoralizing* her ��������� ye[r'" ":\  expenditure, taunted ��������� ,ori th^'hUstingt ''','  8������ClUJR0V^ "p  dourer' her court! una^e'tQ.kle but:';'''���������,  hy tbj> people with all-the respon'i?ibil?77y  8P 4fe!??A or;.80 happy.,* one,that ili^vify  road, to..a .Republic shouId-.be a Rcvolatfon.  One woiild;thmk,ko read -the * lasgiyy^-some,  ^K^S?P!^??iSji ������mploy;'tkt''thtiTbfejw������ *  E^?J#^?t?.fef h?A crown,' aritfliaJSsi be  mobbed.. tilKjshe. gare  ifc ��������� back!���������[.London  ^iti^iay X. y  .^:y~iT������|y^A':7-  |:|^||lll|||l  .y-y, i    ( y.^.y yKri yxr-y., y:  '/ V-Kp    * -y-^'^VOHESI   /;'  ���������'������������������:^.; ;;^v.7^ntjDEwers'  :::-���������:':,',.-;:;���������-.������������������ ;,:;,4^SSBN&Ij!Ra!f .>-':  v, >, ���������-"������������������ ;'-x^' Bmxmsjsll i ��������� M  ^^^jwSbbj  '.'H.M.  MAIJLS!..-   |i  y , Wacnine ton Family use;: becauoe It  '* *.  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Throne,,is  about a8 resp^ible as a:wa^  : l)arnacles?T? and?d^clarea;itia shame that they  >       ��������� -should be retrenched.    , \      .'*'*���������'  ^^onfess "wo alM^ilack-te^riper to ^'riie  r.". ?fupon^hiamSMeH '^e hav^ ne^r^cWcealed1  ^;..; ..your JfeH^ ttat t^  . '���������:" c y a������ona;pf|&j)e^^  J ���������'*' v:j; fo>y, and;bjr theirinBular^gemus and maHners,  "'' ' inore fitted-for.: ah m^  >"jF7"v7-^T7r y? .^r**.'Vfc?;v*^"wr-:y������  ���������; ' -'-!r7."-;1:.      v"i.:;,'i_{i.:.' ;��������� y*V. ,-y- y-...;:i  y/ypXyyyy:yXyx/^xyyy,xy  VVILL   .SAVE  ;"Byca'.iiBg������'ttk.; '     |i|i  Sepo.i1ja.-}iand<,:^,,tore.  ���������yyy//AXyyxxpPAPiV/iy:>:cAx':/xy/yi:/yyyy::PA?  ', - T J^bf r^thjay>wi 11 .find-a .fine fiBe ortmeii if J  :'" Travellers'1'by' the-'FiSTi'^Llfe1'--RAVI?  |f)MOTBL^,^  ft?fJp04" lpIterIbV,7J ������P other'lin'SI a'tfJ on 'this  road:-y ' ^.;yyyyy ^.r-'-y,;;^: '.-  Ap/h/tV U-A '  ' ���������  yAPAN,  :Ory:CH!N^  - ,." '������������������:���������;��������� ' .'I ��������� v^^^Alsel������������������  hev instincts, and her poirticalcircumeWces  ���������*ti, p. -. ?fl ftjPormauent so^ce of weakness, 5that one  modify our/institutions, with /the consent'of  ' r - the^sjoTereifrn andythronghf the .regular eon-  ������u  'Mitufcionai\ formB^in' the ^epn^lic&n^ehse',  ;   l^i^twei^erly ^despise ^btargunielit^whfch  ' _'���������!.: ;;seemafor^a n^oH^entso attractire to"the masses  ^?'/!" yt:"9?N^% ^^^^^-^?^''b ^^^'-^^ ^. fclf ������:. paalii" In' p ^"er:  ���������tfvT'^ to terminate a  j yyl|^g^^of,a;:tno ^^^|i^^are  !v- -4 rr%fipfoi&^  r-y:p\\i#oy^  yown'allowances, all this seems to us littielesa  "yy mean| Jlile less jtoajesmanlilceirlittle; lesa  contemptible than the/counter proposition  from Birmingham to keep the Throne, but  y -dress it jm cotton velvet ,Yqu cannot bnek*  y-lstiffr-������������������Trfr "fife' w^!|Tfrt������ of*!a nation; or huildi a  President's chair on slime. ��������� If we are to set  up a Commonwealth, let it be because wa Lt  , ,. - .���������.,..��������� .  Heve that undeiva Commonwealth mf������n are  [;/!,^������**t ^e?'v?!t^erB moro ������Peni   aspirations  y :, *mo^e; 1 ofty; eapapiMeo^re^nfet^red^ classes  more united, the nation more alive to Its re-  y.-,   spohsibilities than; under, a monai:chy^ and  not because through such a change each citi-  ������������������>":, :^n may ?ave the price of a. glass of beer  And we will add,if we, are to have a mot  '    Jirchy,let;u8 remember that the Throne Wm'  :.;.. ^oii^slhe;country-; that in according itmme  dVtlNBRgi * XJAREJBNTER'S TOdliS  ;/ , ZINC. jLEAD PIPE, J   ������V  .������������������'.'-.Jfi.HEBT.JRQN (,alj-gauges)."  ^-  yxpyy ^ySTDVB.POLISH, S "\   :��������� -  ' ��������� v   ,     ^ ; y EEYQL^BRS,. GUNS,!:: ^'  y-y*  ,? yy -(J. ���������: >���������   .- BALLS,- --CAPS "SHOT*  ?QWDER,^  ^ .SHOT; BAGS,:   r ��������� ,     \ ":/.  ,..=  v/ :���������; .    pops LOCKS, .PADLOCKS *  Ail yyy"     BASTARD &MILLS A WHILES  CABRYDrfCr^ HER   MAJESTY'S 4klLS,  ;J    ' 'V������ % Willvleave Barkerville*fV 1-   i  >z-  :'   s.'' ANQE^EVERX;F(5Rl|riGHT4J"'; 7"  FOR YALE-&INTEEM3DfATE" PLACES.'  ; G EROW   &   JOHNS QN?$  ^Eat^Bi^^^^^f" 70. 7"''  _ ������������������ y y >������������������ / -      ���������* - .      ^v  ft :, , UD.. n li {  Ii]BmRS;::TOEASUR^  -^^ fJ^ectlob^^Cnmmlssionsih^  y,  bus^5Mpne with puQctualU^nd, dispatch^   ^  -:.r|IliVII),KUEteS^ST01tE;v.^ -  ���������'���������7.*1''-: -7���������*. ^BarkeiTilie.  ������������������owner.  hi x"vv-iA:yy  $$; -fr*.U^.!  "  Send for /Circulars' and aartfpl������* 'of  the* work:- ��������� ActivevA'aStfnti wanted In  yx/vyy  'y every placed  :--"{fi7j v*.. y ���������'���������' ������������������ -:  ^i:^i/fy^^7ii;,;-  ���������*'.!' V      Vi'r-  t>>V/  ./'. t:< f   Celebrated I ,��������� - -vfy-W      ��������� '  WORCESTERSHIRE    S\t C-  n^U 5    ������ Dcciare'd by Connolsseurito i;������ f!^  * the -;ONi3r &dbr��������������� sauceI  v'T;3fj������  "7'^iS  ���������"*.V  I /. 4������  And ptber articles too-aamatouB':to Sentiop.  ^ORbE'PuMy^^  ;.��������� AP. vy. |Mit up .and warrant.: y^f^Ay  ^^ STOYES'MA  moderate prices..r -;        pp 'l^vyWyyi* ;  Repairing of Metals:done as usuaj:''-.'* ���������  'y[yyy [ ''i;Mnm> :\ fl'e tcher^  '"��������� ."���������' ���������'���������"'' -���������-.y- ��������� Barkerville.  t   ������������������7;ii   r'j'  X;;H^.yB l>een. requested by several r^eo������b&'bar-T  ,^t vt^rWliocah testiiy.to^ho efficacy/of by 6^ iSm,  ���������to-again make public th^faotVfcha't->:-*��������� ..v,.--*5-:/:������..-!y ������:-  fw  WILL PREVENT BAliDNESS^  ;       BARKERVILLE      ;    ^  A.i^ oxv/xwiixii.  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'fl ^"'^ , ,[,/"  This Ih to certify tbat during last spring my iialr  ������ras rapidly falling out and ;my -head, was fist b^coak  ^S.^a-d,V,W^?? ? applied to Mr W. r>AIOSES, Barber������-  itei lorraerbeaUhy state ���������    >y ^   BaVID 0IBE0N8  ,,BarkeryilloJ>ec.29.1866v .:r   r..y   ��������� o2U������fi  ~-: -CantuOh agaihs t^Fratid^ ATh e = su'cces s or th is  mo^t .delicious; ap,d; .;uprivallcdi CondimefttV:having  caused c cr tai h d eal era to apply th e iia m e of''������' Worcestershire -Sauce'?; to their own Inferior-compounds, the  pub 11 o i s h.ere.b y i afprm ed: t h a t th * only way to pro-  curetho genuinevis to'���������".7'-AP!Apy/- pA.v./:. 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