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 */'���������*.y^nbUshed every^ Saturday by  RO;B������RT     HO L i-'O^il,'  Subscription;   -  -   50 Cents per Week.  y ;   / RATES; OF .ADVERTISING.  -  For otto square'{oiio inch), first insertioil,  ������������������,'-.. pA P-: pf!.,'. ���������*-,��������� v " y .... oueaiont-lt, .-  .For two sq uaros, fl rs t i nscr Hon, - - -  ',. ������������������*..������������������     '.. u       one mouth,'.'��������� ������������������]-   -   -. -  $3  6  5  S  Agents for the 4 ��������� Carlbpo Sentinel."  Van Wink loy    ' > .'���������';."'   Mr'jTW. T.I ml hart   ������������������  Qtiesn^mouth,;   ,-.y  ; 'V-    -     'Barnard'sKxpress  ;.Sarin Creek,;'- H.. I "':��������� ���������'���������'��������� ������������������'*' . rY-;Barnard^sKxpress  Clinton,   ;-,     .- ��������� "."-",     -   ��������� -      Barnard's Express  -YHle1; ..'���������/ "'.���������������������������.y.yy Mr..'.Evansy ' ��������� 'tip   ���������������������������'���������:.*������������������'������������������.7/do. ���������;.'  .'. Kow;.Wes1ith.lnSteV;>; ' ���������-/ '-.-V AA ������������������'��������� -'/Clarkson & Co  Viistori.'v -**.'��������� ..-.-'��������� -.x- - "' :���������.''.= ���������'���������-- / ������������������> " .loliii. CJollens  J.. [',: l-Mslr'Pr;-���������:-���������;  .-���������'���������- ;��������� -      - :    .-.   -,Sa������*=F'niricisco  ��������� Hud sou & hleniil; ���������;; ���������<������������������?. t,'/'*i- ���������-y:7-.'.-".. New Yyrk*.  !THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Oh rd s. 0 S rci'i 1 a rs, Post ers and P r o of r a m rri es for  Balls a lid Theatrical Entertainments  'js������* Executed with nealnessand dispatch.^^"  y.'v    ,"*-.      Terms moderate.  SPECIAL TO THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Second ^XB^aclmg  of   the  ���������Road Steamer Bill.  Sxiropean, Dates to IStli;  ,    " Victoria,. Feb. 15;  The Ro a tl S tea m er Dill p apse d second read-  ing yesterday���������10 to 3 Only the non-progress i ve, members���������De Cosmos. Hlimphreys  and Bunster���������opposed the measure.  ���������':, v:;. "~:z:AXA.py:vr^~^yx,: .y.-.Borderiri'& *Jfbl''������y  A decree of the ~0 th ap po i n ts Eman tie I Argo  (Minister of the Interior.   Lo"flot?...:7(lu. ..  The Conference met to-day,' All the represe ti tatives preaerit except France. 0n the  adjournment, of the Conference a pacific solu-  tion would be attained;  A telegram from BrnssellssnysOdo Russell  is instructed to sustain Favre'$ demands for  nn extension of the armistice, and its prolongation is expected.  Fifty railway wagons, loaded with provisions, entered Pit ris on the 3d.  Car not, Commissioner of Defence for Normandy, has resigned. The Prussians, under  Von Dertann, occupy tbe most of Burgundy.  Brusseltsfwth.-  Telegrams to the Independence Beige from  Lyons say Crernor, effected a retreat tram  Pont artier to Jean. Vile was obliged to spike  .and' abandon 40 guns.  La France asserts there is an insurrection  in the Province of Constantino, Algeria.  The Times says all the information received  ���������from. Paris shows a longing lor peace at any  price, and saya the Parisians will vote to put  entire dependence in the good faith of the  ��������� Germ ans, as it is imp ossib 1 e to co m'p 1 ett* the  .negotiations between the meeting of the As  sembly and the 10tbf wben fighting may be  resumed. It is said that the German preparations in that event {g aremin Franc������ jtn*  formidable.  ���������'J? y)Ij '.; ���������"yy'lyly "-"���������  'Berlin, 7th.,; ���������  Decrees fc ay e' laeenissued inc reasihg the  amount of issue ofj the July loan from 80 to  100 millions thalers. y  ���������������������������'. .,"'._��������� ;;' : -London, Sih.,y  The French press generally urges peace;  *M. Henelle, Jules Favre's secretary, has been  appointed Prefect of the Department of the  North; In assuming office at Lille fco-day, he  issued a p rbel am ati ori in sis t ing on li b er ty to  all p arties to vot e at the el ec tio u fo r w hem  they pi ease, and declarin g that tli e nation is  steeped in misfortune.and can be regenerated  only by liberty.     :PPy.  Provisions3 in Paris are scarce. There is  not sufficient flour to last until the 8th.  . A -correspondent wri ting fro nii Versail Ies  |>says that fresh r es tri c ti pus are co n tern p 1 a te d  by the German commanders in  consequence  of; the/influx Of ^ Parisians into Versailles.  y'!: :;:;. yy.    ;; y. yyyyLoridrin, sth.  The German army will enter Paris on the  18thinst.���������'.,���������"      x    A-' ��������� '���������  ;*  ;ypy,p yy [' Versailles, 9tb. .  'Gen.. Voo Treakow teporte his commaad  besieging Bel fort; having carried some of the  detached forts, y ��������� Vy  ���������P. Pi y ���������������������������  :: -;;//;.,:- . z<- Bordeaux^9th. y.  ;';- In the el ection for th e Asse tn b 1 y the Re -  pub 1 icans have beett aft'ccessfuI in. Perpigna  an' d _: O ra n a h i a n d i n th e d e par lim en ts o f' A r-  deche. Marne.; Ettoirey Aggeiiidsyand; Peru It  the Cohservative /candidates have : been  el ectcd. From- P o i c ti ers 'and Mo n fcaub an a nd  departmentof ;E1 Gnrounevc^^  Jiberal union .party, ?have .been 'general 1 y  elected ; but througlVpntEran.ee, -wherever  p u t; in - n o mi n a ti on, th e Rep tt b Ilea ii m a j ori ty  is large. y *"_��������� ';������������������"���������.Pp-py-yy!: ;'���������.'.  London, 9th.  The' Wo rl d ��������� s ca b le tel egr a in says th e. ni e m-  bers .of the joint: commission to settle the  Alabama claims and the Fishery question are  Earl do Gray, Mr Thornton, Sir John A. McDonald a n d Si r. Jo hn Reese. Earl do G ray  was to sail for \\raslnng{on to-day.  The Queen opened Par||ament' in person*|  on mux   ���������     ���������  Berlin, 8th.  ' The military chest of ibe French army of  the East, containing  1.500,000��������� francs,   has  been surrendered to the Swiss.   .     >      '  ryL^.yr.y< ...:...y.���������....;;      '������������������ -,   * London, 0th.  ;::^Viihm:ghth������;report of.the terms demanded  by Prossia as con d i t ion of peace is desti hi te.  of aufhoritv. there are eoodreasons to believe  ** .  .   *^ '       ..."  1V* cm'feCtV T li e ro 11 ow i n g are; t he conditio lis  ns rep'orted :���������The cessinri of Alsace'.and CO..  German square miles of territory of Lorraine,  including-Wetz. arid a contribution of one  an d a h alf mil 1 ion fran cs for expensoa of tli e  war, 30,000,000 francs for captured ships, aud  40,000,000 francs far Germans expelled from  Fran ce, b esi des a fe w mill!ons fo r. crippl ed  and maimed Germans and widows and orphans made so by war.      v   '  At the elections nt Brest and Havre the  Gambettas carried tbo election by a large  majority  London. I0(b.  Bispatches from Versailles say the delivery  of'cannon and small  arms of  tho army of  Paris commenced ou the 7th.  Berne, 0th. .  The Swiss government has ordered the sale  of horses belonging to tho French artillery  which bave entered Switzerland.  Tbo war contribution ot.Paris is apportioned at 150,000,000 francs.  Florence, 10th.  Government has been notified that envoys  from the Bey of Tunis are on their way to  Florence with instructions to'settle the question in dispute.  Berlin, $\h.  ;'' y ���������-"'!:[ '"*.';;"     .7     London; IOUk  The Telegraph's  special  announces th ���������  early recbgnitioh by the Pope of the new  dynasty of'Spain. '.- V'.y 1  :.: yxv'- * ���������'���������:;'  The Times says that although tbe Alabama]  question is secondary to th at of the Fisheries  as a subject of the commission, there is no  doubtVhiph' question will mainly engage its  attention, but is not'the purpose of the* com-  ro i ssion to fi nd ��������� gr o 11 rid f o r Engl an d to ab an -  don pr concede; England's liability in the  Alabama matter,  * vy 'l..."���������."';'*  : Trochu is among the candidates elected to  the Assembly for the department of Finisterre  Versailles, 10th.  Returns from eleven departments g;\ve a.  majority to Orieanist and clerical candidates.  But few Republicans returned; The duration  of the armistice will probably.be extended in  order that the Assembly may have time to  perfect the work of restoration.  Paris, 9th. -  The following have been elected to the  Assembly:���������Messrs. l>lan c, Roc he forfc, Bisoin',  De Lesel auser, Fletir en s, : Itpllin, Do ri an j  Qnenl andVolarite.;y;The;Orleans;dnt^  belieyed;������o bestrong tbioiighon't the.country.  :; -Th e re is a rep or teu rreni tli at: tbe Prussians  seiit :an army corps ou Thursday��������� reso ived to  carry Belfbrt byrassault., f/       =���������;...���������;:':* Ay...  Testerd ay. the fi el d guns and 140.660; rifles  were, d eli v ere d a fc fo r ts, I vr y an d Van vesi���������  Favre is in fay or at head-quarters.���������The  C row ii Pr i n ce . h as ar rived, _a n dv an ri bun ces  thafevihe district occupiett by.;the 2d ar^iy  corps is peacefully disposed."  - ';      yy   '  :���������.: Thi n gs loo k: g I oo my to-day.: a ii d an; exji 1 an-  ���������atio'ni of the caiise;is^precUilIed,; ��������� Paris may  b e en ter e d, be fo r e Ihe 19 th..': P reparations are  m ak in g f o c a. li en vy. bomb ar d m en t' sh o i 11 d ���������' a  possible cotuplicatioh occur. The attitude of  th e c i ty is apathe tie ' and a; re ac li o a is ex-  pected. ,p    ��������� ��������� ; _-y 'v ������������������*������������������ ��������� y-  13 is marly is again quite unwell, and. his  situation causes great uneasiness.   '.  London, 10th. .'*���������  A c cordi n g to re p o r t, Jul es Fav re h as. go h e  to A n t wer p to co rn m u n i c ate ��������� wi th one * 6 f tli e  Orleans p r i n c es.. D es pa tcb es from Br ii ssel s  sa vs Fav re. arr i ved i n that city on Th iirsda y  night. Another repprt says Favre has not  arrived in Brussells. The arrival of a merchant o t th at n ame can sed tlie A- it m or. The  conservative result of the French elections is  ascertained.    ': -'  T/tllc/lOth.,:  Th e Pep it h 1 i ca n m aj ori ty in this ci ty i s 25  per cent j Monarchical, in provinces, 50 per  cent.   There will be no decision respecting'  the prolongation of the -armistice until it is  seen what chance there is of the National A&  sembly concluding peace. ,  ������������������ ��������� ��������� ' Liverpool, 11th.  Tho Courier says the steamer France, a  transport, has been lost, with 1120 souls on  board.    There has been  violent gales   all  along the  coast.    Six ships  are ashore at  South Shields. Severn! lives lost.  A number  ol wrecks apprehended.  London, 1.0 th.  The following consular appointments were  given to-day:���������Archibald, for. New York ;  Korttrioh, for Philadelphia ; Murray, for  Portland; Henderson, for Boston ; Booker,  for Sati Francisco; Donohye, for New Orleans,  y t     f Brest, 10th.  A veritable plague has broken out among  the cattle for provisioning Paris. Tho mortality has been frightful and complete. A  complete sanitary cordon has been established,    Tlie carcasses of those dying are  The Prussian diet will   probably close  its {placed on board dismantled ships, which are  session ou U?lh in������t. , j J.h'T. totved out. to %o\\ and yank.  .-London, lOfcb.  ; The prolongation of the armistice depends  on the temper of the National Assembly towards th e Prussian demands for; ter ri to ry an d  dismantling of forts.:  The Bo wen~~the, first American vessel iii  ten years--baa arrived at Boulogne with food  for the Parisians.       y  ���������'���������xi Bordeaux, 11th.  Ch aren te. in H an fc Al pa; Av ignori, D ij o n  and Toulon, have elected republicans. The  departments of Nantes. Oreille, Ancblofc; Garonne ^and Loire have elected conservative,  moderate, or liberal union candidates. "''  Brussels, 11th. ���������  The Echo du Parliament, says England'advises Prussia to accept arbitration as to terms  of peace in order'to secure European guarantee. ,  '  London, 12th.  The department of the Seine and Oise has  elected to the Assembly the Mayor of Versailles, Canto fc. Berthelemy. St. .Chilor, Thiers  and Favre, and the department, of Bas Rbino  the ]\Iayor,s of Sfcrasbonrg and Schelstad t, and  Gambetta and Rouher.; :.   - . .  New York, 12th.  A World?s special from.Brussells. of 12th,  s ays th e f esu I fc of . th e el ec I ion- in, * 54- d epa rt-  fiien ts .is![ 307 Bo ii apar tis ts and O rlea nis ts. ���������. and  80yRepiiblicaris.='.f'..:���������'.' '���������".-..������������������.: -^v-xtypyyyy. "  x/.y. p      ,;; vy ��������� ��������� _:���������.-:-,; yy..-ypnis/ioth.  y Electtpn results are riot all. counted'but  the electiorlypf tlie followingr candidates is  .considered; cer liai n; :-^Vicfc or II u go, Garjb etl d i,  Blaric,;Fuireli.:Ganitiefcta  ^pVanyjSchbiecheri  :Tiie resul fc Jn the -great rnajpri fcy;:: of y elecfcio ns  :is.. i n fa vor o f. co nservafciyeij.; Gre ny is elec te d  from Jura*, Prici.t from 'department' ofv; MeustJ.  Gainbefcfca; for-'Hai  Aisne;   418 departments remain .to be heard  fro tn. =: The d epu ties el ected from tbe depart-  men ts of p tb e No rth left Lil le for /Paris to-day  by special train,    y  . -: New York, 12tb:.  The .Tribnne/s special from. Paris, Feb. 12,  says the election returns! for the ;city show a  I arge re p \ t.bl i can m aj ori ty... Tbereb as .been h  great f al I i n the p ric e of p ro v isio n s. "''Gene ra I  Ch au zy h as been in. c onsu I ta tip n with' th e  generals and1 members of. Government here  and bas returned to Sav'al. The theatres  were dp en ed on th e 13 th. iii s fc.  :: The Heral'tPs1 cable dispatch from Versailles. 9th, says the 5Sthan'd 51)t.h/regiments  1 eft this nibrn ing for the Sou th. The Ger-  maris have drawn closer to Par is...There is h,  prevailing''wish in the capital to make any  sacrifice rather than have a renewal of hostilities. .Accounts' from the North indicate  the same/feeling. The conditions of peace  are likely to be relaxed in severity..: v  Brussells. 12th.  The King gives 10,000 francs towards th<s?  revictnalling of Paris.   Ducrot has resigned.  Napoleon is here.  London, 13 th.  Prussian exactions in St. Germain amount  to 700,000 francs. It is said the armistice has  been extended to 28Hi.  A special telegraph from Versailles say������  the triumphant entry of the German troops  into Paris will occur afc. noon on the IStli.  The Emperor will proceed to the Toil lories,  and lunch with the Court; and Staff and review  the troops; and if theTuilleries is unprepared  for his reception, he will occupy the palaee.  The Emperor will return to Berlin tho last  of Feby.  Telegnim from Versailles of the 12th says  ihe delivery of arms is completed. Germans  are destroying French guns as useless on  account of removal of a portion of the breech  loading apparatus.     .  (rONTINXT.D OX hit l\M?S;/j  ������-  nammmiim  mmmmmmm WSBMewweKwwwiBwswCT.  .,.-...,iyy<.^  Ay~lXj.i.  i.m =<-.7itew,!���������.'-...  Ipy  y;:^7y/;  St -"'���������    -'  ���������-'V >.'.'"< i 7>S<���������  i  .- y/yyy,  - yyy----.  ���������r"      -    -  r       '  '     ,      "   ���������'  XVyy  &1& -"  IIP \  \Myiy  k/imv.  ;-PPtf;  lite  llllty "  ;1  ,!y  1  I i L'yi?.  c 4 7 i ,  1/'  1   y,' ������-  .SS|il;  Jpr::  My .���������  fife  lis  If  y/"������f  y:.  P  ���������w:'  ;S7  M  A  .K*$Ai  ii vt;.-i  Ivl  111  ���������al'?;*  Ip  tm  mm  mm:  im  Mm  'y  ^Bsxgiaiixzxx^^  ME CAEIBOO 8EKTIM  SATURDAY, FEB. 25V:lSTir  ;//;-/;sj..;TaB.: cariboo": sentinei^:;,';  ; !s!pttbNsh&d> ini"Barkervilie every Saturday; y'All  '���������jkv ������r tiaeihen t s tat end ed for insertion, m us toe del ly  ���������rail at-^atcjj t' at: Six-; o'clock, P. >Mi, tbe clay before  ��������� ^iiuiicutioD,. \'.. "p.'../.-p.��������������������������� -,i   ���������-yy��������� '.yy,:. ���������  /;���������- "TOCORRESPQNDENTS,;   -v      .  All. comtnuhlea:ions must be:accampaniecl- t>y tho  r**ft 1 riante'and add"ress of the writer; mil iteeesFarily  ���������with a view--of;publishing the same, but as security  i ar. I ta good faith. ,    -  WWIW-I WiV.WHIlllwim* .���������M������������UpJ|������f'U|i���������HJIHJHi..U>     Mil   BUMWhWIMOT  EESEONSIBLE ^GOVERNMENT.  ".'; y^'i^tOT/S^l^^Wct, pjn'bl f^b...tb-<l iijr ettivmeit la:  Iratber strongly on the,course taken by our  .   T^fesen tail re, /Dr. Car r al 1, o n th e Res po n -  : *ib^;^byeinmenfc question ? -and \we- must  P*py'that if it be contended by any/one that  - weirarennfit Tory th at system. the silly* vapor-  i nprio f. thpse/whd, (d eclaini a gai n s t the re cent  , <p ct ipn\qf t d ril Leg isl ati ve, Co n ri cil wniil d f n r-  : -ntsli ;the strongest argnmerit ih the affirmative.  ���������Tbeir;clamprVreminds-yiis' of: the child, who  -en ed/because ���������; jhia '������������������ nurse would-not give" bins  ihe moom whose shadow he.saw - reflected in  ���������,, the pobly Grievance-mongers can  always  ?conjure tip ispme imaginary bugbear on which  ytp. ventiheirspleeny as is shown now when  f or - w ant of b e tier cause they ab use men who  ���������;-"��������� possessedyKiifficient common*���������: senseQ,not^ to  ^palter-with*us in a double sense,;and keep  ���������the word Of promise" ,to oureaiy.but break It  ���������to oiir hope.^'by voting for whttfrthey know  ���������/to 'belmpractie^ie^r^  *���������onncil has d on e al 11 If a tit bad the power to  d o in. askiri g th e Govern b r. to \ n trod ii ce a b i 11  prtwidinjr for Kesponsible Government at the  fl vat sesai on of the Legislat.ure afley. Con fe der-  :/ ati on.    This we look .on a������: equivalent "tn  ���������>' mmultanconslyv ; and to any bufc the saost  ;:;p^udiped^min evident that the  /practical resul ta will -df the/bill;becomes -law.  y;"b.e.'nreci8elyi.t<he-same;-x/ y xy:- yyyl..  ;/;;/: The/:supposediteqn\rementsijof: the/current  yyem have been attended to. at the present  -session, and under the terms, novr . proposer}  Hhifl^ Council can never J-ia^eonvened -again���������;  y T ts -exis ten ce ��������� pr acti cal j y en ds ;witb :prbroga-  ; "tipn".! as'; if ��������� Confed erat ion be real iy a������: near'as  ;we alliiope and belie ve>,it .must necessarily  ^be dissolved and a new election; held for a  ���������thbronghly ��������� representative House; to which  ���������������������������will be en tr nsted the-inauguration of Reap on-  -aible Government;;  -Now, :as the-termfl/of  it n ton provide tb at any. c h ange. i n our ��������� con a ti-  ��������� f ii ti on; iauB t "be to a de wi th the co n sen t of th e  'Goverijmeht'<tf Carta da- it ahould be dbvibns  ;to'the most o'btase "intell^ct that we must be-  , ��������� com e .a pro vin c e of tb e /Domi hi on b efore- any  -aiich change can;take place, aa . prior to our  Hbsprptiop,;wUb^C Gpyernraen*t can  "b av������. n o rlprbt t b; 1 n t er fere wi th on r acti ons  ,'.; o n a way or an other ���������;  an d'. we a rib es'i tatin 0" 1 y  Tt*cord / on r op in ion f.h at; bad our. represen fc-  nti ve /voted... o tberw ise th a n be d i d.; he won 1 cl  /bave .been recreant to the promises he made.  * -and.thedntvwhich,he owed . to bis consti'n-  >nts,^by faillris: to carry out the spirit of tbe  -measure which he waa advocating.  Nay. more; we tell these blathn^/braggart  ���������ponu!grUy-hanting   politicians, who   'white  quibbling about words will strain at a gnat  and swallow a crtmel. that, ^very mombor who  ^oted aim'inst the reaolntion jntro.dnced by  Dr. HelTncken did his utmost, intentionally or  otherwise, to defeat the cause which he was  nominally supporting, as bad the, resolution  been negatived'���������ami the impotent motion of  Mr-TVCosmes.carried, the inevitable consf-  ���������qnence would.have been thepnptponementof  Responsible Government for ai least another  year.  For ail this clirpiftof blustering growlera,  who think nothing enn be commendael������  which is not initiated by themselves, we  know no better .motto than honest Dogberry's  advice���������  " WMTIC ME POWN" AN As������''  / TausDB.a i>������x> .LiGirrNiKO���������On Monday last  a package ,;uf thunder and lightning, which  ���������itie clerk of the weather had probably made  iip-destiaed-for distribution i a some warmer  latitude,; evidently got'damaged iii transmission yand a portion of its contents; was delivered; incontinently[ we should presume, in  'CariboOi to ihe great astonish merit-of "the  oldest;inbabitant,^.who declared that such,an  occurrence had 1 never: happened before at  this .season. Possibly/ it may have been a  sal v o o f heave n 's a rt i 11 ery i n h o n or of the  entry of the Germans into Paris, which was  anaounced for the.day previous; or it may  have heen one in honor of the passage of onr  Confederation resolutions, which was delayed  until the receipt/at Ottawa. ���������...;.  NEW ADVERTIBKMENTS.  St. Savionr's Chnrck liiati-  -���������. _   yy , '/���������- 4&f&������yyyyy:/ '  M(rX  NJSATURDAY B^ENING, March 4tb; at  y .-Eight o'clock,inthe .-��������� : '-yAl "yvp!:  /TjHB A.TR1S;:' R 0 Y AL- ���������  ������������������. Will be exhibited a series of  mm ilpiM. PiGTlrsss;-  swtjKCrs:  l7The Polar Regions..  2, A Visit tb the " Hoi-  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  lection of Seliool Board.  iii  riMUBOO HAVING BERN C.RKATKI) A SCHOOL  \J *I>1 Ftrict, ii WHL1G 31EKTING of thc'inltahlt'itits  of tli a District will be hoi i s.t tie Theatre Koj'al, Barkervilie on HONDAV BVBMING, Ctli March,������������������ 187.1. at  EIGHT o'clock, for.the purpose of Electing a School  Bou-d.- '*.���������;, ���������' -\ /.,; ���������*'.->���������*'     ���������'  ,.  ��������� UHrkerville- n.C , February 2-1.1871.        f^25 td  A/Axx.        /������������������;::i>tlrFobruRry:;lS71,:--y'-- =;---'������������������' '.''���������.  THB    C AlilB 0 0: AU AT E URS  : /-'" WiIVnertorm.��������� the colebri'ted Com'ody[<���������-'  A. OR,;THE MAID:; OF MIJNSTER;:  mi'AyyX ���������;������������������::,.;; ���������/,-:.;,._, ,-,>; :yy. < ���������;., X:- y y,:. ���������������������������������������������  ���������ur Ijawratice^araKpn/y..-;.- ,���������.;- ; Mil. S. TkompHdn  .Gtiarles raragon (Nuphcw to Sir L], Vtr.G: N: Mawhsll  ���������Sam (Val ct to Ch a rl qh y, "���������. - . - *M r .T. 1 f clJ. Sai i th  Footman, - - '������������������-,.._ .. iMrN^Shaw  ;Kae O'Brien (with 3ongSi)i - Jlrs S. P Parker  sksari (herjtfaid),    ��������� -     ���������> *   .-.     "Florence Wilson  ;sp������fv.  Ouett,  Tome?ft)llov?ed bjr  . /; :../.-   ./ .wvelsk Glee Club  (���������    - ���������   x;-'. - - ���������.. Mr &;Mrs Parker  /   To conclude with .tho;������������������'.  N A T l Q N A h '*'*.. '-A'.N. TH E JI / '  Pora open  at, 1% o'clock ;J periormauce to com-  inbnco at 8. o'clock^ . .. &  Atuuisaiou *$i 00.   Reserved Seats, %\ 50.  ���������tlcketa for :the Reserved Seats to bo had of Mr  Staple!?,'-Barlcerv I lie.  P|^iriOSE, INDEBTED TO THE ITNiDER-  7s- SIGNED Am REQUESTP^D TO CALL  AND; SETTLE THEIR RESFEGTIVK NOTES  AND ACCOUNTS 33EFORE THE ; i.7lh  MARCH NEXT, AS WB ARE CLOSING  OUR* BUSINESS AS BREWERS HERE  APTER THAT DATE; IF. NOT. SETTLED,  THEY WILL BE PLACED IN THE HANDS  OF A COLLECTOR. .-���������-  ���������JAMESH KERR t SON.  Barkerville, Fob. loth, 1871.    .   felS lm  ���������^0LARREGipNS.T2 o'clock at;.ni^ht,  lusic^-The Depart are to_'Syrian ���������'  Places/*!,y.:yi A  Tbe BAND and CHOIR Will 'pevfoxmfi^e-J  lection of Voctil and InslrumeB.ial;,Music,  The following is the dulatled  ��������� IROOHAM/JIE: '���������;'    T  . parti.*"' ,: ,.���������:.��������� ,;������������������ ���������/���������  THE POLAR REGIONS.   ,/!������������������      y/,:y'.:  ���������March���������The Trumpets ortheZouaveis. v ~  Mu.sic���������Prayer for those et Seal.;. ;���������.    -....,'������������������������������������  j. icebergs. ;.;"':    . / .:....,';.-.;���������  2/ GLACIER TABLES.     A-   1! '. :  2. THE AURORA.    ;; :  ���������.';���������   ��������� ';  Music���������The ; Wedding- March-: (from :M^h-  delasolm's uuiaic to tlie U ids ii tinner.'���������Night's  Dream.). ��������� ���������'��������� :    '���������--.��������� '��������� '��������� ������������������?,.��������� :���������:'/������������������ rfi '  4. LAPLAND SCINE.   / .���������.:., ...y,... yl-  :5..8NOW VILLAGE;, v /"���������       ;; ;.   lyy,  ��������� Mngio���������Quick ��������� Step���������'1 The lienrt?s. bright  home;"- '������������������ ". ���������:"���������-������������������ -''  ' y- r X  0. POLAR REGI0NS--1 ^o?clockiat anon.  7  M  La Marseillaise.  ��������� Ballad���������f'Hame IfHame! - Hame1!'' vllpPy  Chorivs--4(,Our Native Land/J adapted' tr>  the MiifttC' of : AV nd i7h ("amom so i t'g,4 ��������� Was 1st  .das I)eutchei,r8;Vatei5lanQ.^ vT g'Sf A^#.;; y.  '���������;��������� vv.y,:yx /TNTERnUDE'/OP^;.^; ;,:v /'-'���������-' x  y cqmio  ficture::s"^;  For the amusement .of Children -of pkll ages.  . Music���������Selectio n of Irinh Me 1 o (1 ies: ]:-;* Go  w.h eve g lo ry; wai ts t lire." : .*}'��������� The;. harj) that,  once;" il The .Coi)iinv^^.V:-The-v,v6nn/;.:"*3Iuv''  Moon.".; " The Qoli; or^DeativWkil.^ ly-. v  -PAKT- ir.    ,   '  ���������,:: A'yisiT.TO. THE.;Hoih';pr^CEs;;;/ ������������������  ���������y.'K ctsi c^Sol o a nil C ho r ua yi: T he Ma ������v'# 1.1 o us  Mor)i "^(frti'm-HayAnVCrefttipn.)   yp.\  ��������������������������� /Part Son ri'^"-Integer. Vilai^ '���������������������������';  '. ��������� '��������� !���������:.  ���������IPINTERIOR 01?/GREEK CHURGtl;AT  BETHLEHEM. /;:-:' :U V  2. SHRINE OF/ THE NATIVITY.  -������������������Ballad���������** Beloved t've.htMovcd"Sliir;?,':  I'd.  EXTERIOR  OF   THE CHURCH ;0F  THE HOLY SEPULCHRE.,.;  MiSCELLANEOUS.  Ti  T  Billet and Cast Iron Stoves  ��������� "k ��������� tli T OB BIN Ci W0}1 KIN TIN, COPPER, SbeH  xL iVoa/Aiucauci Lead lMpiug, ntteittlei to ^ith,  promptnoiss^ uiid warranted to give e&tiro, satis  'tact bit. :".     . .--.,.,      ��������� 7"-"'-'       _;.  .  Hardware ������������������������������������' Iron & 'Steel,  as  HARNESS  CI������ i 0������j  FOR,SALE. .,  E. PEARSON & BROS...  B a ItKKRV [1.1 .K A N'O 'QuKtfNKIvMOPTH.  VAN   '-WINKLE;  STORE,  " LlGHTNI.KO CllKKX.    ..*".   .  V| ������kKits AN 1) TR A OKft.S will flnd it to thHr a^'  Di.  Vft&titgtil0 purchase a.t tliihSloru,where there t  i;XiB6E;ASS0ETlfeoFGCOBS  Of the very best-, ricsctiption oi) hrth(j.hn<1 the Ptripk  consiaiulyrtsplenishtHl by ucwarri rale. The propria.  .-   -   ��������� A        ' ��������� iiirs will sell GOyfl������'   -  y AS .CHEAP  AS  AlTY'lN'CAKIBbb; ;  *0r4ersi>ro������i p tiy ti I l.od, ait rt forwar ded w 11 h di'Kjiatel .  .BKKDY.,& LINimARnv-'-i 1    ,  '���������Xx;- :. if yl\ a>l'r<rpH*i������ra  My-i'tPi)  lTS  mnysiemwi  '.IIas.retnrued to Borkf.ryille. anflinayJje con-  rv/     y   sultetlut his old standi  :-- Plr Sttid&I.L"-FPtiirns.vn&ti y. tW.\nks to.-��������� tbe- peftpi* ��������� of'  the 1 kiwt= r. Couniry.Tor'thfir kintihess kni\p p:itrrinis*?  \vtiile.on Uis j*r������ilyssionnI u^ir, ^A '>y strict^tten.! i"n/  'to. bviRijicjis.:trVisiu* i i>;fei ni������ j/iie coiVfld<��������� hat .i���������rt-v.'iuu^l.v  be.stow(������������������ I upow 1 jiiti by. t-5;i X|ji*i>'p] e .of: C i rU������o>>.  In ,*������������I., bnuicUes/oi', ih-n ta 1 - - witrk ��������� lift;Hvh rr.i u t.-* t o jt\.v������'.  sfi tis?iuction or ret urn tfi��������� * n������������jn<?y. anil p;iy ilie pati������:t\w  lor the ti n������������ lost; vvhiU s= i.ttinst iu\ hi* c11jur.;'-:'������������������  TeiM.li CXI cnt;te(i; in a styl������������ tliat. will��������� ciift v th������; .world  to c:������ -el. il n il Teetli fl it JhI* w i th; pu re G otif 'a n ���������! Si I v.i r  or w i ill tli e Ch Ar ti flcial ��������� Ft i 1 i ii jj ,   wblci i will ,tA\ e ������ u y  toot.li,. (.-viMi wlu'^i intro*.itci.,'i u.pfti a bloeuin^ iiinT*.  ' 'Teeth irut in ttnoiV p'^ti*"V.wV np'-n ��������� pivots:,    pjirflfts  ul to r������*-  "ftjSv-lt'nni-rni)���������-r tlu111!iocbr������nr<*������ are mot 1 crate, un������t  be otll ce (������i>iwwi te. the A'ss������y Oil 1 ce, -H������"<rk'i rvi 1 le. ,'  Van Yolkenbnrsli & Co.  t3'  4 INTERIOR of* theChurch "of lite flolv'! )vl10 n!iiy "W t^1^t;,'llt5f^v"if^' VU"M 00 w"u  ,,��������� .- ; v , .       ���������*     {" ��������� * ���������.".      :��������������������������� * .| to tnaku ati 'uurly cuil!. n������.lie Uoos not ibicqi  fcepiilcnre. .-.      y   * .... .....,.'      y-'. ������t������iu-Ktiir-ln nwrkervtl^  Hvsnn���������i{ So rest *niv Rest.- ������������������'������������������*' -  5. CAVERN OF THE HOLY CROSS.  6. INTER'IOE OF THE CHAPEL -OF- ST.  HELENA.      7 yp .,,.  M'CSTO���������Tennyson?s.Bngle Song with ''Echo'  (Mr Elder.);  MI S'C EL,L ANEOIJS     PICTURES.  7. YORK MINSTER, Exterior.  S. YORK MISSTER,-Interior.-   "'��������� ���������'' 'P  9. CHURCH AT OTAKT, New Zealand.  a 10. GENERAL/VIEW OPt-ROME.' \'���������/  11, ARCH OF TITUS. . .,-.. -y  Duet���������Come agaia! O come ngajtt I !,.  12.;MOSQUE OP'OMAK.   .���������  r  :  IB, LAST DAYS OF POMPEII. ! ���������  14.'*'GOOD NIGHT.7' .,���������-.:-.���������������  fctai  n>  'Sy  y  '������?  D  The Brewery for Sale or  to Rent.  iP/MASJESTTA,"  Miners' Pi^ovision  Store,  BARKERYILLE.  Tc:  er  GOVERNilEMT STREET, YICTOEIA, V.I  [TAB OK IIAN'M. AND IS CONSTANTLY' w.'lvlns, i������  Si . bi riro   a sso r t tu on t ������f   UJ ,OT H S,   C ASS IM K R KH  iittfi   VKSTINGH,  which lift Is prfiiurod tu tuaku to  Ufiler In Lite tnurit tijipnivDU styles.  JO" Parlies on  William   'reHe wn   tmvo  tiioir  Hi������a.������tirus taken by Mr .McOUlinn, Barkerville.  i5.5" All orders from Cariboo prompfy attem.lcfl to.  ,     IblS tr  BARKERVILLE,   K.ICHFIELD  ���������and���������' ���������: .;���������  '"INKL6;.".' ���������/'/  A SUPPLY'OF THE .   -"   '  BEST QUUJTY OF FKESH MEAT  ALWAYS ON HANfi.  O TIC E.  A T  THIS STORE  will always be found a w������ll-  Jx   selected stock'of1 t'lio  FRESHEST  PROVISIONS  GROCERIES    AND  N   CARIBOO.  r$  | un n k n .^ (; ?: r n  n kok  to  in for m ins  a tut jj fl nd Ih ������ p ti I* 11 c, t h it 1111:11 as U t to 11 u p K������;������ai������  SYLVESTER'S'  rv.  ineca express  BEST JAVA COFFEE  UoaRted and <"!round dafly,  WILL AKREVE AT WILLIAM CREEK on or about  the 2i)tn Murdi nci:?.   ���������  /������?*?- A genural Kxprws bus in <*:-���������!������, conduct nd.   .'  tofo* U U F L'S ������ V LVKyrB ft.  COMfORTASLE    BED-ROOMS  'Fhotov���������Jphn Metz. nn.old Caribboite, had  "hi* feet baflly frozen,recently while goiwg fo  'KeUbley creek, where lie now lies in a help-  te������ con<lilJon. Mr Smith, of KeJihley, hm  tK?������t -Taisiiifc a mibscnption here for hi? relief.  .branch Store at Last  Chance  p  *-'������  Where a jfooU assortment of Goods will-always bu  (ottnil. ,   ��������� . '  1 trust by strict attention to bii=|n^&s find fair nr.d  vqm.ro dc-iliiji:, to vncrit;;. (V.MJifjHiaiicu qj" tIjv ]io������^.:  p'itOifffg-0 livJI'-lloIO:'" '*:���������;^'ildl'^ t<i   ;;>-.  NO  T\URTNG MY ABSKNCK, 1[H. JAS. McB. ^MITH  y UoUlx my Vnvecr <������r A:,tnruyy. Ai! p.'r.sojia -i n-  (tabU'd to raft *ir������ r^uurjifd tc muko an early siHUe-  inertt witli him.  iO*  .':.' /i  B.C.,,.'' r..������-'rv  r<i7'  I'U'X'd  n1iir:ncw bujlditi^, where he is prepared topivo  >jo������k| Hciir? at a rrjtHftitaliln pric<'. Tin#*e win; wili  f.'iv'rhhu with tlK'ir pciiiMtin^c-, ina-.y dvpuud on tIjo  cl<*.a������nori ami oaun'urt *������ flits hotisso *  ���������Ho r-afteyn)-i3otI.ii������ "ippnrinrnty to remind tbo CnrJ*  | b(j<..jtes that bin Bri'wcvy ,|jjt^   r.-uj-jiven th������ FIKaT  FBI5SH o f th u (Ju 1 (iu y fo r b i .4 p e k- bra 10 tl  XXX  'ALE,  A'i d t b 01 r u e a m a tn u r s <y i .11 b 0 a 1> i e to j n <] ������ ������* 1> y tli cm  S'.-lves tbji.t such Lionorab'iu prize bus  bucn justly  av.-aro'od to bim.  N   U.-r~-A\itY������:fifronf roc;o 10 1 * t,  IJ.ik '.-��������� lilt J,,n, 2i* Utfie. N. Ct;Nl������  111  IN  ^;i  f. |fc|;  V  amnommomnm. fFECIAL TO THE CARIBOO SENTINEL
;���*;/ /yy. lypIjoridonyiUny.A
I3i?mark ha* consented on principle to; the
p ret i o n p;a.ti 6 n o f 'th* sir nt 1st! ce f o r one week)
. the ;agreertietift' to/ be dependent pa certain
Kiilitary connation*. :      s    ,.
A' ip ec ia I fro m ��� V e r��if 1 Ies fays th e Era p er o r
4* very unwell, and thut lie still persiste iu bin
cl et<��rra I nation to enter Parift.
The resumption of hostilities ia strong
���    London, 15th.
. The Paris press lV/jrreatly excited. The
people are opposed to tho entry of the German troops in io the-city, and bloody eacoua-
Itrtu are apprehended.."������
In the House, Lord Granville said the
mixed .cmninission was ��� withont power to
settle: the fish ery/q ties tion. = It. was only authorized to ���'���framea plan.or adjustment, on
which members' inns t be unanimous, for st^b-
; mission; to. respectivegovernments.; /
:' \ -;-  ������/'��� Bordeaux, iStb.""*
Jmmedi a tejy after tbe vat* of tbe Assemb 1 y
- Teste vi I a y'; tl t e En tr! is Iv A us tr i tt n and J lit 1 iu n
Am haw ad or*: Visi ted Thiers1 and officially- re-
cog nised tu<rFiehcb Government. ~V   /
,;', .77^7"���;..,..; y_,,i,.w"':   ';'':/-''Bordeanx,.19l.h'y/;-:
���'" The '��� cWversioptj,of ..the nominal Republic
i i)t o an .0 rleam is. t. Son tire hy is i m m i ii e rt t.' ���>'���'���
-/ll] y r',j4 ;t- ,';T -;;'�� - - -7 .:-;��� ������T>erlinv lSJib. "
. .. ,,;"Nii p n| eo rt, ���; h a s /; re ce i ved rt o tt fie ati o ii ..not
. #jjaiin to orersiep.tbe. prIvi 1 eges of a prisoner
m\ d re [ ra i n from a ny i titer f'erence ia  poli tics
i 11 ��ji e To r i n . t)t p r o Ies ts." .or p r pel a ma tio tt s.���-
������Orders-iui ve been given to watch him closely.
. .-.'��� The.pnieeediit^s of thy AsSt'mbly yesterday
w.f re 11 i tn it Un t i us.  , The m e tn b e rs o f t he r igh t
���and left inMilted each other.
. :'';,;.'. yv!yy'''P-_:y.     y, Paris,]9th.  ;
Tjje police are seareb'ingr for 'arms in the
. d iwttrb ed d ist tri c t��:. Tlie. a u ti t o ri ti es do not
\�� it Mci pai e. a ny/,o rga nised a ttemp t to i pre ve,a t
���.the entrv of tbe/Prussians.  ���:/ ;i
about wages.   The Cariboo co. a little under.
.'��� ���-..-��� 'ty' '���!! y&rism.creek.�� ��� ������'. yy..'"' ,v
;.The Kqrth American co. liave struck good
pav again after prospecting several weeks for
tlie lead w hich t liey it ad : goto tYf and co n fi-
detice in tfiis creek.is.increksihg.';:���'���������'���'������''"���*'���'
. The A m b ro Be co. ��� h a Ve. $ tru c k r 0 ck on, th e
e n v t si tl e of their tii n nel, a nd are go ing to
drift across the cuauiiel.     '-..' :; '   ��� ', >
���-��� \ " ���   ' ��� ' 'IP   GROPSli-CRKKK.V A ��� ���
The Talisman co. last week washed 13 ox.
from two sets of timbers.'".".���
��� : ������      '..- .'      "LpWHEB CKICKK.   /
Tbe Brown 'co. last week washed 46 oz.     *
The Lightning eo. were not cleaning bedrock last week and washed only !U oz. The
Spruce co. 42 oz.
The C.lnrk co, have got' tlmir diggings
clea red; out, and coin meuced taki u'g out di rt
on Thursday. ,   ���
.���-t      .,i   ���*        n�� ���   t- -   ��� pected/in crease of population, that be do arc-
-f^N,!r '   -f "vft"ee ��?^olan!!^011' fcold? or is it oa.lie principle,thi a tarei>
*J?-w ?.ii?��Ui"     Wtr^nellad b^le^w. famUy cati knoy? ^theit Want,, una ^oodua
to any:par ti en 1 a r. co u rse, p u r .requir omen ts
being so well understood thai; there could be
ho Inistake, full coutlden ce was - nIaced in
1) i ni that it e wo 111 d ex e r ci se bis i nfi tie ace  to
*9>-"��mt*' -^����r
r-.y/;;^lNiN'G,RECORI)a i'^Ky-
--.!/'.,      Vfti-lG^t^lNG/ CKi-Hk/."      ;���;","
Vulcan'..-<io,^r-Feb.. ii���IIecoriled in favor of
-if;o (j n J)a\vson ,Ap creeX el aim at lower 1 ino of
A' u 1 can ������ c o., a n d o n e b w n c b ��� cl a i m��*c o ni me n c i n g
��.t-Gath \t co; 'h-up per >s Uike, running up Chis*
' ������ 11 o 1 m fl a t:: Hen ry S it an n oi \". 'Hen ry Craw font,
fW in. VVormaid,* *Chas; - VV i\spn, Job ti McCa 11,
-Joseph  Mo ntgomery, 3 as. Bel 1. Joseph Hu titer,' M ar ti n 0 Ion ey. AI ex. Ja.c k. si x b i 11 c I ai ms
..on right bank.1 comtnencin^ about 500 feet
a b o ye 1 o wer U ne of V it lean c o., and fo u r
>brttcb cSaiins commen-cinp: at 'lower line, run-
lihig 200 feet'-np stream 200 feet wide A, to
.form-pavtrtf-said company.
Boit tb . \V.aIes cp>~Feb. 11 ��� liecbrded i n
;Ja vor tif / H. JSrackman a nd VY. O. Price.  t wo
"bill claims oii right bank.'coinraencing at the
is p'p er I in e of tb e S ptiicfe co. an d n i n ni 11 g u p
"io'Souili Wales co.'s lower line ; to form part
of said co��
Hilton co.���Feb. IS���Recorded in favor of
.viL-ililton, W,;.Tucker,- T. ft. Fattuli��^ IvOp-
;p un h ei tn ��r, J ��� D rap ev. . G. Hendricks. I. Lip-
m* tt, ���7 hi 11 cl aim s o n right b auk, com men ci ng
at, upper line ot Vancouver ���co. ''*
Spruce co.���Feb. 13���Recorded inTavor of
33dgar  Marvin and  A, Bar!ovv,  twb cree.k
���chums adjoining ;i t pp et Tin es of Sp race CO..;
to fo hup art of paid co.
Vulcan co.���Fe"b. 14���I?ccotfled in favor of
John Seater and Win, Hinds, two bench claims
adjoining VFpper ..line of Vulcan co/s bench
claims, running tip stream 206 by 1U0 feet;
-to form part of said co,
Banshee co.���Feb, 11���Recorded in favor
o f J oh u D aw so n a a d Ro hi. A11 derso n, t wo' b i 11
el a ims. commencing at lower Vine of Kban-
non.���& co.?s claim, naming down stream-; to
form part of .Banshee-co. ,
'Adtmn co.----Veb. -3 5���Recorded in favordf
"Wm. Dodu and F. Neufelder, each half interest ; re-record. ,
Adams co.���Feb. 17���Estate of J. McLaren.
Is interests ; John Bowron. I interest j G/L.
ybf'pberd, John. Munroe*. I). McJfiwan,- 1). R.
MeDonell, J. McAllister, Wm. Jeffares and
the Baliarat co., each half interest; re-record.
GorNa to Ottawa.���Hon. J. W. Tmtcb is
to proceed to Ottawa immediately to tfnish
the. Confederation arrangements. A ban a net
was tendered 'bim uj Victoria,-which ha .tte*
tWfifid lo aec��*pt, ' !
(Bcfort H.  M.  nulY. Esq/, Gold Comufji*slq��(ir m&
.'" Cfluuty/. Court J iulg��.) :'7.-- -������'-
;;: ;.        y ���> ; '::;,;:;Tgks^y.Feb'.;2i;���/'������
. I). McKknzir ya. Clakk <Jo.--Snit Ibr./SI23
fotvwages. PIaititiff deppsed'that he worked
for defend ants in August and September last
y **tiv ; t h o \ i % h t * it a t: t b'e n n nil) er o f'���* d ays he
hitd worked was 20j, hut could n'ot swear
positively tp more than iiii ; the; wages were
to * be. tfiH ' per cl: ty, a i id tb e re Ayas ri p S p ee.i al
ti n d e rsta i s d i tig w he n tb ey we re /to b e paid ;
w ent re c e n ti y - to the Secre taryan d Fo re ni a h o f
the* eo m p a ny. b u t co it I u [ p o t ge tan y. jBati sf a#
tio n as to iv [i eti. tbey wo u 1 d pay. ,
Defen d an ta a I teged that,. - plat bf iff ha d  re
press those viev/s on.,th e atten Lipri.pt th�� Gpv.-
erii meni ahd the Counci 1.:iunt,ead pf whicli/he
insulted lite community he. underlook to represents:- tl tin pp oi ii ted his. wa rm est' bu j) p or tcrs.
and betrayed us all...      :   '���*;/   PPpy!  '!" '
::.���' I am wi I ling' to' b e 1 i e ve tb at h is -sel 6 c ti o n as
oue ox the, twp elective members to form part
of t b e Ex ec u ti v e Council was i n t e 11 ded as a
eo rilp I i me n t to tbe p e. o p Ip o I lit i s d is t ri ct. -J
am also wil It ng togiye the best possible/ co rt-
s i r u c ti o n 16 h is exer tio ns i n 1 bat. 'Coii n ci 1 o n
b eh a I f of th �� p eo p 1 e, and e v e n m i <tht v o i e
a gain s t tb �� tit aj o ri ty when' ti t eir v ic ws a n d
tlioue of his cohstitueney were not in accordance . a 1 lb o ugh tb e p ro o f is w a n ti tig ; b nt i n
his place iti ibe Legislative Council his vote
would be stttltiSed, for as a matter of course
h e would be ex pec ted- as. tt ,G o v ei" n th en t tn e m-
ber t P- mp port .Govertlment measures. [ When
it; happened tliat the policy of the Governmen_t_
a no, the i n te res t.s, o f t be p eo p I e w eh t trige 11 ief
tli ere e an Id be n o d an %e r ; b it"fc'le't iftem c t ash.
a nd i tdoea; not reqtt ire.' much /speeti latidn; to
fin d ot i fe i n what .ma n i ter su oii an dec b inmo-
da ti ng tin d pi in ol e: i 'u d i v i p i j a 1 as; 6 ii r, m erhb�� r
vr o u Id; ac t.   1 i is .Tr i en ds c I aim c.redi t .������ for. hi iii
fov aSsisti:ig"��� to\ brih% riripui'-GcuifederitX6n.
This is a very - doubttiil cpmplimenC;.as / by
actiog btlterwise/':l\e^ woiild.yiri"additiotv rtd
o lb e p co nsi derat i o b s, li rive. ��� p p posed/1 h e; lm i-
pertal. policy.. And/herein lies the secretiof
the sudden and  complete/ conversion; of: all *
the.. nondnated tnem b'evhly' A1 i tilln<rs cbnsld-
ered., the d e lermi ned resistan ce triad ri-- by / ��0
many, to preveti this re-elec'tipri is not to /be
wondered at/ami vv hich was Only ejected: by
the umenipiti!;'rri��jo.rity*.of ',24;.despite;th'ja' exertions Of bis ;friebdsybaeked.by tlie ^ wealth
ceived; $5. on accp. 11 n t, an d. n<i w p a iti' in to
Court $118; which plaiiitifi^ decliued to : ic-1 ajidyintelligence^ of Gaviiyoo^^bo^also ha-ti
ceivo/without paymentpt'/costsr  ":. >   /;     A,recput'se'lo��� very;qucstiQaable/ineiii;s;=to ac-
y The-CpiMmissjoder advised plain tiff- .:to-*.: a cVl/c6mp.lish*thoi.i*,pju*p.^3e^ ���*������������' : : lyy--
cept the sunn tendered,-'which -was-^1;; more j:;*' j;t:.is:aselePs/to: deny th at/a ..renewal pftbe-
than, he had proved /'he was tmlltleu to. a/sjetrust ;\vas accorded/him/: Ufler: making a disna v i u g" frii \e (i t,e.]) r o v e an at n f > it n t eqii i va leht j \\ n.v i d be. I a ratio n ��� t bat
to the tender he could riot claim costs.
���   , . .AVben 5fskt*d.at*-:^^the.:publie meetihcr./held in.
LETTEU   FUOif ^TitE; I^FKGTOR/ 01^;^
y.y- SCHOOLS. ������; ���;.-; ,. .:/' (isitiotv first/he emphatieallv answered: / "I
; wa?t fpr nptbinri-'l' ��� Kia bete read,at'tlie;meet-
ing^tCt. Vanw.i.tikle:c<tnveyed'the saine seiiti-
hi en t;  a n d hi a il istl n ct a lis vvers to qtiesti o ns
������/::..,. ix: -y x- ���-.VicroitiA^Jan.^C/lSTT,;:,
Sis-.���1 am d ireel eel by th e G u v em or to
inform you that lie is prepared to: make the
usual jrrant bt'.'S^SO per. anntim towards .the
payment Of the salary of a teacher at, William
The boundaries of tbe district wi 11 be pub-
1 isb ed i n tb e it ex t Go ver n m e n t Ga ie i te, and
I ,h a v e to recj) t es t th at you wfli itt I o rm ,tb e
p e ti ti o n ens t h at i t,w il I b e n ec essa vy f o r the ni
to inke. the t oilowi n s; steps :
1 -~'��p cal l a pub Ii c - m ee t ing of the ; rest -
den t��. of w h i cb ��� due notice of, sev e u. da y.s
Ganboiv.a rijpnri mber superior to him ee 11 bo th
:iij mental \>o wer mjlp principle. * Under an j
cireu ms ta t j ces be h as forfeited t b a con fid^e tice .
of the peop 1 o;  and hereafter he vr il 1 do nh i-
I ess be afforded a in p le oppor tu n jty of attend -
tug^ tortus ie g i ti rn ate v o eati o �� pofp adtn t ti ii ter*
ing, doses o f q tii iti n e an d. its uh'ho ciates. / ���;
H Viiiiwinkie^Fe^.;2p.y,/, -y/;��� ,,y JyE. '
Bt. David's :Dav���The Welshr of Cariboo
will by tlie kind permission of; the mansgers,,
ho t d tb ei t* aim ii a L. Fosti val at./1U e ��� T heatre
Royal on the,evening, of tbeVlst /,of March
next; when in addition to recitations and ad-
d resses, the inembers ��� 6 f, the Welsh :��� Glee Club >
assisted by seVeral talented amateurs,. ,wH 1
entertain tbo audience with songs, duets and
chornsfs. 7 /.Alt; friends.; are; welcotni^/,;**��� No
c h arg e f o r adtn ishio tv will bom a.de, r.bu t tho '
sinallest contrihution will :;be. thatikfully re-
ceivett/at/the close /pf /the /^neetin^Vtio wards
II q it id ail n g the. ret u ui u ing : de b t o u, the, Gani-
,bHan Ha 1 j:.       .",';-/: ..      y\ p.yy!/.' '..'' ' [*
Turi WkathkiC during: the ilast.v.wieek has
been storjriy with Vgbdd /Ideal of/snow, "and
as a, hatural/conse^uence;the
hayevbeeii;:materiaUy blpckedhp:again. ,;Ou
Saiiivday IftBt Harry Wilriipt ihoyelledyout
tiie road for ���; sleighs be fe ween- /Rich fieli^attd
Vanwinklei but^wx or /eight- freight slefohflt
wh i ebb ad/a m ved' at . t be tatter - pi iice ��� ���*." b ad
already deposited:;ibeir/loadsVandiurhed
back. ;On .'Mait<layihere wirig ^iilar.gal^,
with thunder arid 1 igh tn in gj! sleet; and; sa
aud the roadyas once, more closed;y\& onshore e track!��� has,': iioweyurj! beeiKitroken"' thjfl
\y eek, and trave 1'-. goes on u ni m p iii red 1;. iy
��� ;'Oi'i?xi>:c5:'op ��� Fartjamekt^
by; our; Tele era pin ^ ;_
Uametit was bp ened :by ' tho^Queeri/^i ti: St a t o
ori: the��� 9th*;tlist! '���Alt wiH be gratifying- to every
onej arid -especially ':tg the^^/LtVndouers, to see'
tier ?<f ajeaty once more assuming. lier.: prop er
regal pqsitiou an d takiug, a/ protiiiiieiit part
in SMe celeb ratio iis,/: wbich^for -over; n i u o
put to huh by e!eetors;durin�� bis canvass left Veai'S have been'demided;'lofl^mitch' of their
no room to^loubt the sincerHy^of'bis* declar- ^randcul. Uy ^r retireamnty/Weimay look
ation that*,.���there' was no .dinerence between J ���-,. :yx,y-:yy ,yy. ys/v/^-^y- ��� ,
himself and his opponent on ail the'main ! ^^/^ojne exciting;;;debars;on the Jiuropeaa
questions, placing- tbe issue; almost entirely j War!aud Black Sea questiptiS. _   ;; ;;. yy.;.
introduction yof
he would - supiior'fi the
Res p onsib le   G o ve rhmehi
>A m 11U tuveousl v wi th Con fed erati 6 n.
on which of the two candidates niost reiiacce
could be placed. Very many of the doel^orV
sup por te rs tol d ni e tb ei r reaso n fo r v oi in g i n
bis 'ia. v ot w as " of two e v \ 1 s c b o rise th e le a s t.'.'
Poor recommendation: ���; If any. evil can be
charged against a representative.greater than
should be jtx ven, f o r the p a r p o se o f eiec li ng j a w i \ fa I v io 1 atio n o f b i s p romiaes to h i s cot i-
a School Board tot the year. I stituency, I plead  ignorance.    Ills speech,
2 __To d e te rm i ne a fc, the ab o v e mee tin <* i h e U n d v o te o n if r !D eGos in.oa' res o 1 u tion is a
m a n n e rin w hi cb. Lb e exp enses o f t be s cho o 11 gi t ffi (ji en t p r oo f o f A\ is t in ti t a ess to b e t h o rep -
uball he-met'7'; ' ;-''       ' ""'���      resentative     " -   ���-  -   �� -^-
3 ���To s i i b m i t tli o na m e o f a p ro per p e rso n
to be appointed by the Governor* as teacher.
' I have,-&ri.tst. E. Gha|um Ai^to,^., �� assisted hitn to deceive the public. rJ.h
Ply"' ��� /;:! v^y'!'. .!* Jfhs^tor" of ^Kbbls;;^gl Cannot HeHe^as there are;tuahyii
^Tiie'nom^W. W. CarrallS-' ' vjl  /   them who;are tbe mp3t iitp.i'|gb1t rmeri i
of an enlightened community.
The only con cl usi6 n" we caii c6me to/is t b at
ho d ec e\ v e d h i s ;"��� f r i e n ii s, o r -, ih at his fri c i id s
assi s W d hi m to d ec ei v e tbe pi i b I i e.   T k e 1 at-
in 'tlie
colony, , 7 . ,      ���
It is absuvcl to assert Ovist Pr. Oar rail m m
;TjV:oislat|vk' PKOGBKptKQS^ThevJi.aneJand
it ii r l z bi U has rece i ve & th e Govern or'k assert i.
Tbe new Constitution; has been introduced
in to .the Conncih ^T.bere are. to be 25 mem���
bers~~J3 from the Mainland a'tid 1'2' from Yan ���
couver Island, The Road Steamor Bill has.
we lea r rt b y t el eg ra p h, been read a seco n d
time, but w.e bave not learned its proyieiomij
0 f cou rwv it�� may be, m aterl a 11 y al tere<l i 11
committee from tb* scheme originally pro-
posed.,,.,V(7;s,n,y .,;-.: y, yXy :i0-yxc yy
������"'"': \\r as rnNiofox <g '��� 11 f^j-rfb at���'Q.b r ���!. :Ame|i c an
residents, as usua 1. rim U ui era ^vate d- the a n n i ���
vers ary of tli e birth P f Wash i n g ton on Wed -
rof Responsible;'Government only con-["esday,22d inst.   At:midni��lit of the 21?L
3nt- on population.   This is notbine: less  the <coming day was ushered in by ,a brilliant
Tne At/AiUsea Claims a<;atk���If ibe tele-
graphic news m .to Do reliod on. tto ^'jjl^.^^^.^ m    m b(f m ,      f {jroworkg m{{ a natiorla! 8aIutft
ing AUhBm��-.6toii����;*nd the 1 wliery.ttii��. ^ ^^ {lme .,,-WW!i as an ,lon(,et lna,v from an*uvil battery.   AiK^rlsuluta ���
Hon. whicli bavelnrmahed-oppovlunuipai tor Uf|iun-��oKciU"tiK.enr-6nffrace��!'Hu knew well .r, -t ^   . . ���     J :���'..���
bad be done so that there wouUi nut have
been the remotest chance of his being .re-     Jiifc-waB Ko Vat.���We are happy to kno* ���
tinned,  t am not alone in holding tbe opinion that Airs Parker has recovered from ber ��e-
Ibathe had ottier motives in askinjr us to elect {ce't . yinP8s . sufficiently   to appear on tb��
b'jards again, and we hope to see a good ft'-
so much bombast for years,are to be referred
to a com mission meeting at Washington. .Oi
the British Commissioners reported as appointed, Earl de Grey ds a nobleman who
has won a a. estimable reputation for coolness
and sagacity, as is proved by the high position
he holds in the Cabinet while but a young
him tbe last time besides the desire to serve i
Kngland. Sir Jobn A. McDonald, irom his
���long experience in .Canadian politics, is peculiarly adapted to deal with tbe subjects at
issue in a'practical manner, and is not, likely
to be cajoled into making any imreasonabk)
H&ftKJ Witaiot informs us that not being
able to collect sufucicnt io justify Mm in
keeping a double track open to Yar.wiokle,
..It will-be useless for bim to attempt to jus-1 cendanc* to-njgbfc at her benefit, when tao
ifv the course he has taken in opposing t\m | amateurs will perform the celeb rated amusinrc
lQ  holds m xn. cornet woue ou, a young  ^^ u ^ }��� ^^, ^ y l)0followed
irnn m a political sense, and bis recent elec-    u b d ftt )jr'mnt| us the consumtnatidu of    ^ ^LWiniu.1w.\ -nirfriinweut
ion as (Grandmaster of the  Fre* Masons bf thatdestrabhs object must come from.tl.e lm- ^ * cboicemuMcal enttiUuuncttt.
Any one of ovdiuary!    F on O Mr N'ice a���A considerable number ot
b beforehand ; but the  mcu nre gutting reaif to.start from Quesnel ���
tressed by Ibe people.      '       {    tbe^or{.^rn mines witb tabbgsn'.
What, rofovm, do wo Lind carried out by any |    . m     )revaient that wmM nf
Govern meat  -unless first  in ma ted  by the | .Uieio ^vafl a luraorp   ^
peophi?   "Governments are made tor the jibs party who storied in  tue early part, or
people, and not the people for tbem." Does! ^ month had tinted hack, but we learn
the doctor think he has acwd much wiser j ^ fc pyofegso* iE��dt. who had got a toe froz* u,
tht m those members who expressed Uje wish i ' ��� :_ * ,    ^ vetmmh
oVi-heirconstittumcies by supporting the roso-1 w~hm*uniyuf ^ ^
'ivVtou?  or are they thought less ot  by those j    BATcamVs Express ar.nred  at  * .o*c.^
ta we iQathiit^ ^ut | yesterday evening.   Mr an��! Mrs Bowroa^d
OICBdifluiug and D, iirco)/^*-'^
be Una ��^W any of .tt. ���o���oy sub- \^^^^. ^^'ISrSSa^ ^f V
scribed, hut, w)\\ keep ;i single tra-o'ii nr-n i^r j;^ ^n,(n-;nrv trnm t*tal ignoraneo,, nod not |x��?^*n -f-
bis ovn teams, . j-iirl enUgc'btened eaou^h to be 5 a trusted, willy y^--^r TrU
rP'y HH1  ^SBBSS/SJSi^sSiSV't'tsfm^asB!  .7/        [C6XTINCKI>. FROM 1ST PAGK.]  Postal relief trains from London arrested  'y-'gy mistake, were immediately relieved by  w-.uers from head-quarters.  Berlin 13&.  The Prussian Gross Gazette judges  from  V������ result of. the elections in  France tbat  iysumption of war need  not be"expected.  It  thinks  there ia scarcely a doubt   tbat  Armistice will be prolonged.  y:''      .Versailles, nth.  Ho&tflities continue m the deparmeofc of  Jura.;  London, 13th.  Touohard is elected to the assembly from  llauteEbine.  ��������� Paris nas been authorized to con tribute, a  ���������hum of 200 million francs, audi give a;nmui-  ���������cipal warrant.  ��������� y .>',������������������ ��������� Lille, 13th.  ��������� The Prussians bave unaccountably slopped  iiailway communication between here and  yParis. It is reported that there bave been  uprisings in the invaded districts, but the  s.umor is not credited.  ���������' - ���������.;���������:.: .. ��������� ��������������������������� ���������        '  Bordeaux, 13th.  . rin the Assembly the rules and other internal arrangements of Cham 1S49 were  -adopted,    The president received .a letter  from Garibaldi iu which he declines tbo seat  ���������sin; the'Assembly offered him.  Favre, for himself and colleagues of  Bordeaux'and J'aris, resigned power confined to  them as the Government of National Detence.  -lie-stated that tbe Ministry would remain in  ^{fiee to maintain order until tbe construction  of the uew government.  MISCELLANEOUS.  T Vf BNT Y - S I XT II     YE AE  iqwy  BUSINESS. NOTICES.  DIVORCES.  Absolute Divorces legally obtained in  New-York, Indiana, Illinois, and other States  for.persons from any State or country, legal,  everywhere; desertion, drutikenness, non-support, etc., sufficient cause;' no publicity. No  charge until divorce is obtained. Advice free.  ; yVddress^.MOOHK &.RIOHARDSQN.  y       , . Counsellors at Law,  y   180 Broadway, New-York City.  Tbo. Great Family Medicine  TAKEN oti<vrnvally,  It dares sudden Colds, Coughs, &������., ;ux! Weak Plom-  - till, General Debility, Nursing ������?ore Mouth, Canker,  7 .jver Complaint, Dyspepsia or Inoigestiun- Cramp or  .Vain in tbe Stomach, Bowel Com pla j nt, .ya i a tors'  . -< 'olic, Asiatic. Cholera J Diarrhoea an d Dysentery.   *  ���������yvy VApplied BXTEimALIiY, "y>  .^iras, ��������� Felons, Bolls, and Old Sores, Severe Burns,  j^UIb, Cats, Bruises and Sprain**, Swelling or the  joints, Bitigwnnn and Tetter,;Broken Breasts, Frosted  -jKwitnod Chilblu Ins,.Toothache, Pain in the Fayo,  :\'LMiralpn. and Kheumatism, It: is a/sure remedy lor  /Ague, Chills and Fever.'       /7 ~ yp ''  "    PAIN1   KILLER,'"''   '" '  M'aken internally, should be adulterated with milk or:  a f d per, or mad e i n tp a sy r u p wi th molasses. Fo r a  ��������� ,'Omjh, a ' re wf chops on sugar, eaten, will be more ef-  ���������i* otive than any thing else. 7'  Sec  printed-'directions''-which  accompany-  each  ���������ottle.      x >'  "... Sold by'all Drugg^stK.     " fe4  This splendid Weekly, greatly enlarged and  improved, is one' bf tbe most. useful and Jn-  tereiting journals ever- published..."' Every  number is beautifully printed on fine paper,  an d elegan tl y il I ustrated with ��������� ongi nal engravings representing  *;��������� '���������;������������������'.���������.; f;  Now Inventions, Novelties in Meebanics,  Manufactures, Chemistry. Photography,  Architecture./ Agriculture, Engineering,  Science and. Arty .  Farmers, Me cb a nics, Inventors, Engineers,  Cbemists, Manufacturers.; and .people of all  Profession sot* Trades, wi 11 ti n d th e   ���������   ,ym.  SCI^NTIFIQ AMERICAN:,        .  ���������;��������� OF GREAT VALUE AKD/' ;INTKKfiS;i\  Its /practical suggestions -will save hun-  (1 reds of .do 11atri-. to; eye ry bous eh old,. Work'  ^oplpnd^riotoryin trip Iand ��������� besidesr-affording a c oh tin u'al' ���������; so urcei .0 f val n ab 1 e instru c-  tio n./,; TOie ��������� editors are* assisted by many of  the a blest Am e ri c a ri /a n d Eli ro pea n wri te rs,  and having access.to ali;the leading,Scientific  and Mechanical Journals of, the world, the  columns of;(tie ScientiSc Ameri&m are con-  s tan tiy en ri cb ed -wi tli tb e ch oi cest. in fo rin ati on.  Ah Official List: of jail the Patents, issued/ is  pubiis^ed:;weekly;;.;-./;'::y;':y'/ *���������������������������;'���������-��������� '���������"���������/./���������/ ���������'  Th e Ye ar 1 y Nit m b era o f the Sci en ti fie Am er-  ican- niake'=Two Splendid Volumes of nearly  One Thousand Pages, equivalent in size to  four thousand; pro! in ary; book pages.  ���������-..  Specimen copies sent free.  Termfe^3/a year^; $150 half-year,; Clubs  o f Te ii! cop i e^. for one year at $ 2 50 each, $25j  w i t\ii: sp j eh did Pre in ft i m to the per so n w b o  forms the;Clubi/consisting p������a-copy.of 1We  eelebrated; Steel Plate Engraying, ��������� ��������� Men of  Progress:"  In connection with the/publication: of .tbe  Scientific"!Aiaerican,'the undersigned conduct  the most extensive Agency in the world for  procuring PATENTS//;-;���������  The best way to obtain an answer to the"  qu esti o n'^Gaii I; ob tai ?.i a Pate nIt ? - is .to write  to Mujjn ������Spo:; 37 Park Row. N;Y.. wlvphave  had pyei* twenty years experience in the bhsd-  hess. No charge is hi ad e'; fo r op i nip n an d advice. A pen and-ink sketch, or -full written  description ;pf='���������'tli e ;-I ii yfen t i'on," -s h o;i i 1 irl.: _ ty������Jse ii t ���������-. ��������� ���������  Fo v insi tr ii ct i ons concern Jug Ain erj can a h d  En ropeah Patents- -paVeats-^Re-ii?siies--ln-  terfereiices-^Rejected Cases���������Hints o n Se 11 i ng  Ptitents~-Rtiles and Proceedings of the Patent  0 ffi ce���������T h e New Pate n t L aws���������Ex am in ati o ns  ���������Ex tensions-^Infringements, &c, &c.. send  for In'Strdotion Book, ,.wbicb will be m ai 1 eo\  free on application.. All business strictly  confidential.  Address. MUNN & CO.,  /   Publishers of the Scientific American,  37 Park Rbiv, New York.  MISCELLANEOUS.  FLOUK, 3L0IJ^ FLOUR,  LEA & PERKINS  '   Oolebrated  WORCESTEaSHtRC    SAUCE'  Declared by Connoisseurs io bo  THE  ONLY   nnory   ^A.TTCE. ' .  S !  COJfl'RISIXG���������  Boots^ Shoes Clothing and  : G-roceries,  OF  THE;'BEST?   QUALITY,  -���������'.'"... .��������� ���������       '-i  Vor sale at tbe Store of tlio undersigned in Barker-  Tille, opposite tho sank of British Cohan l>fa,  '   . "/���������    . W. KKXXIE.  ���������v  IDEE  auusual  Caution against Fraud.���������The success of this  most;delicious and unrivujled Condjinent lu)ring  caused certain dealers lo apply the name ol'll Wbrees  ershire ^auce"-thc public is hereby informed tbat thb  nly way to secure the genuine, Is to  ASK  FOR  LEA  &  PERKINS'   SAITCis:  and to sco that their name3 aro upon the wrapvv.n  LAnixs, STori't-nt, and Borrs.is.  Some of the foreign luarkins hartng heen supplied  with a spurious WorcestorshireSsiuce.npori the wrapper and labels nf which tlie names of Lea ������nd Perrins  have been furged, L. and P. give notice that they  have furnished their correspondents with power nf  attorney to take instant jirooeodings a^aiuFt masu*-  i-'aoturkrs and' vkxdors of aiicft, or :-iiiy othcr irnita  tiuns by. which their right may be infringed.  Ask for LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle^ and  Stopper. '  Wholesale and for export l.iy the Proprietors, Wor  cesler; Crosse and Black well. London, &c., ko. * ami  by G rucc rs and 011 men a ni versally.  ~~      notice!  A Lr.^ rKKfr-'OXS IKDEBTKD TO C. P. O'NEII.L  x\. Gronw- Creole, aro roqnepted focn.il r.tl ]|jm ���������Qlj  tyntle their accountc on or before llibT MARCU,  37  1- dc'J,b 2m ?-  SODA  CREEK,  QUESNELLE, and     -  '"'''" "'���������'''   '���������"'' BARKERVILLE  '. '.y   ::'-'y  1 . -x!  '   ��������� - A      ���������   J- HARPER,  ;  ....y/WAKE-UP-JAKE    .  Restanrant and Bakery.  THE Proprletor oP th is old and w'el 1 -leno wn estab-  /1 i s h in eu t won 1 d ��������� respe ct fu 11 y tha n k ' h i s. n u mer-  6 us friends arid the p a bite for tb e extensive patrouags  heretofore bestowed on bim, and trusts that by his  usual str i c t;.attentlbn to b us j n ess "to ^m er i l a . contiti  uanceof theirconfldenceandsnpport,  . yMeals, $!(,. .;Board, '$14/'per "Week.���������' ..  BREAI> MADE .pF^'TIIE -EEST; ELOUB  '" "/.-: ."'.���������������������������.'. -''/���������'.    ���������.*.. '���������      ' ' '   }-.      \  "  ���������I re co m me n d to t he public in y   ���������: ���������'.  '   .GROUND    CO F FEE;   y  ' .������������������- ������������������'������������������- .- ���������'-. ���������������������������:'������������������''   . f     ��������������������������� ' ���������'   ��������� , "'      ''.''���������!'.''  Wh 1 ch i s a rriuch -s u^Ve r i o r a rt I cl e t h a ii ri ri ,y wh.i c^i on n  be/!) ad from. bclow. I Roas f up d. (Jr.i11 it' i t n \ymJr,  and choose tlie best berries, consequently the pub lis  m ay be s u re o I i ts b ei u g f r e e ( ro m a d u Item tion. /;  '���������.':-y'ylJ, G...GOODSON.  MEDICAL.  ;���������'���������.-.������������������ ���������  /New York, AnguRt,/I5th, 1868;  ='"'������������������ Al 1 ow , me t;o call your attentiori- to my  PUEPARATION OP COMPOUND ffif,  TRACT BUCHU. The component parts are  BUOHU; Loxu ;Leaf; CUBiiBS, JUJ^IPElt  B15RRIE8/ .; ..,   y  './   '���������'/[ yy.  v Momo o p Pjiei'ahation.���������Buchuj .iii vactio  Jn ni pe r .Berries, hy, ci is li 11 ati on, to lb r ui a fi ne  gi n. Cn b e b a exfcrac ted b y cl is p lace tn e n t ivi th  s piri ta. o b tai ned from * Jn ni per Be rri es ; v ery  little sugi^* is used, a nd a s m al 1 prop b rtioii' o f  spirit. It is more palatable than uny now iu,  use.'    '���������'"',-' ": ; "���������   ty*  Buchu, as prepared by Druggisrs, is. of a  d ar k c o I o r! 11, is a p I an fc th a t e ni i ts its f'r/t  ������ranee; the action of a flame destroys this  (its ac ti ve principle); t eav i ng; a c ark and  frlutino'iis decoction. Mine is the color of in,  greclienls. Tbe Bncbu iti my preparation predominates *; tbe smallest quantity of tbe other  ingredients are added, to prevent fermentuition.; upon inspection it will be found not to  be a Ti n c tn re; as m ad e i n PharmacopcD, nor  is it a Sy nip���������^and therefore cgri be. used in  cases where fever fir inflammation exist, hi  this, .you bave tbe knowledge of the ingredients and the mode of preparation. ���������  .;Hoping tbat you wii 1-favor.it with a trial;  an d that u p o n i n sp e c tion/ i t .wil 1 rn ee t" w itb  your approbation.   / ���������/������������������ppyy-yx  Wi th a fe e 1 i n ������ of pro fp und c p n fid e n ce,;  ���������1 am, yery respectfullv,     ":  ,,���������;.������������������ '���������-*.;;���������  h. t.; helm bold,  Cb em 1st an d D r u ggis t of 19 Year's Ex per ien ce.  BEYEIT10IBETTEE THil GD1E.  HAYB been requested7 by-, sere rap respectable par-*  : ti es,:- wlm cab' ti'S 11 ly to the eincacy o 1 my syjj tern,  to again make public tlie liict that .  Moses' /HairliiYigprator  WILT j PRKVENT BALDNKSSy ' ; 'I     -V''  ..   /.KEsffOUR HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIX   .,  y ��������� ���������'.���������   OR KA1.UN0 .01^, and'omioluatlv/ ">  -  .    "���������[���������  GURE.^ClJRF.pK DANDRUFF.//;  This is not- a mere assertinn on my part,-as I have  in ti)y,po'sso.ssi<>n nnme'ro.us tesLimoiilals certiIying to  the success of my remedy.  I do not of course preteiul that. I can make the halrv  prow on beads which'have been .hal.fi for years ;' but  I will guarantee to stop the hair from 'fiilling <������(������', to  i uerejise Us grow th,  an d c Hbctua 11 y rem o ve Beurf or  Diindruir. ,        W. D. MOSES,   .  ':/.-.,. Barkerville, it.C.  .    CERTIFICATE..  ''..'������������������  This is to certify that during last springjfmy hair  was rapidly falling* out-ah11 my head was fast .'^coni- /  ing OaUl, when I applied to Mr W. D.HOilSS, B rber, '  Burke rv i I le, w h o i ti a few w eeks r*>^ toreiim v ... 11 r te  its former healthy state DAVID GihBOXS,,  Barkerville, I)ec729,1866.   :. 11026 t,r  (From the largest manufacturing Chemisls in  ������������������������������������"���������'iho world.) ..���������'*"'    ly'-yyly'y  ���������7 ���������/���������';;.\;.v;.;y;;^N^^  ;'*.���������*** I am a c qn ai n f ed w i Mi M r II. T. Be I nibbld ;  be occupied tbe Drug Store opposite "my residence, tt n d \vas s u c cessfti 1 iti  co 11 d 11 c t i ng the  bnsines^. where otb.ers had not been equally  so   before  bim.   I .have been favorably impressed-'-with his eharacler and ent^rprTse." /;.  ���������y,y     !:' .   WIXiJCIAM WJGIPIMAN.  ' ������������������ ���������      Firm of Po worn a 11 dW m g h tin a n ��������� IJ an 11 -  , fnietu.Hii������. Cbemists, Ninth aud lire wit  1 '.-"Siree'ts. ��������� Philadelphia, v"  F;LUSD.v EXTRACT  ri  MESSRS.  MEA^HAM & NASON are prepared ta  fornlsbliUffltberat their Mills, WJHiam Creek,  or deliver it to older.  ic  For weakness ari sin ������ from jn disc re tion ".< Tbe  exbausted powers of. Nature which, are hc-  c Q tn p an i e d -b y so m any/ a 1 a rt n i n g sy in p i o ins,  among which will be fonnd indipp..>siiion ;Io  Exerlion. Jjoss of j\ 1 ein ory, "Wa kef i������1 a ess. Hor-  rorof Disease, or.Forebodings of Evil ; in  fact, UniversabLassitnde. Prostration and inability to enter iu to tbe enjoyments of society  [yym constitution  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  tbe aid of. Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which HELAIBOLD'S EXTRACT JJUCl-IU invariably does. Jf no  [Itentrf I e^nt'iTWb"*!^ \ ivecl to, Qiin Sii tii'ptiori or Iu-  sanily ensues. /  MElBOiFS liuifiEmACT BUCHU  axp  IMPROVED  ROSE   WASH  will radically exterminate from the system  tl iseases arts in g fro m h a b i ts of d i ss i n a tion,' a I  iitllo expense, littUVpr.no cl  inconvenience or exposure.  For Sale,  LUMBER DELIVERED ON  LIGHTNING  si pa tion, at  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON   (iWu expense. HttUVpr no chaugo in diet, no  WILLIAM CREEK. \    .  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wil  also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.  l.'S FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU  i n a IV d iso a s e ? of these organs, wh e t lie r ex is li-  in% in male or female, from w bate ver cause  original In*r, and no matter of bow Fonjr shiiul-  u\<x. Those sn (fori ng from broken down or  d e 1 i c a t c c o n s ti tu t i o lis. p roc u re the re in e dy at  once.  All the above diseases require the arl of a  Diuretic. IIELMIiQLD'SEXTRACTlilTCH.U  is tbo ������reat Diurotte*  _^*??*'Soid by Druggists everywhere. Price'  SI 25 per bottle, or (> Bottles for $(J 50. Ik-  livered to any address. Describe Symptoms  in all communications.  ADDRESS.  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  I)Mii and Chemical  \Vakkuoi,\se,  5(M Broadway, New York.  Noxi.; auk Gkxuixw unless done up in steel  engraved   wi-apper. with   fac-simile of wy  Cbemlcal Warehouse, and signed  ocM '  H. T. HKLMBOLD.  ^   IH1TISUHEM!  ow '.Prices, '  ���������AT���������  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-band Store,  Mpiimwn.ijiy j0n  i*TZKBkVW3SE3


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