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The Cariboo Sentinel Feb 11, 1871

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 .'flBgpHwgw^^ gjggi^g^; ^^g^  ^  J7'y  St  li  dm' ���������. ���������  Vol: 10.  -;-��������� "Barleryille, William Creek, B.C^,iSaturday, Feb. 11, 1871-  3?������bltehee! every Saturday by.   ���������; ' '  H'OB/E HT     HO L L O'W A K  -Subscription,   - ��������� ��������� ~   5 0 Cents per Week.  ;.....,: ..KATES, OK. ADVERTISING, iii 7*j.  Tor... on e square ;(ono i neb), ������������������ fl rs t :i nscr t ion,   -' -' $$P,  'VA*-'"' A"u' . ��������� . . ' - onemonth, -, -'"\ij>P'  Tor two squares, ;iirst insertion,  .   - y -   -     5  .'-..'*'   ��������� : "   .. ' pile -month, ���������-. -   -   '-,.-'.;   8:  Agents'for the "Cariboo Sentinel."  Van. Winkle,-/;  'QuOHneJinotU-h,  J5odu Creek,:', ,.-  ^"'l ih ton,' '"-'^ '���������'���������'" .���������  - -Talh,-;-V- : ���������-���������-  "New Westminster  - '���������  ���������Ticioria, A '.��������� ��������� '���������-���������: ���������-  -h...-p.- Fisher, ''������������������"���������;'-���������--���������.  rHiidson'&,M������net, ��������� - ���������  --,  -;.      Mr JylVlLindhart ..* A.  '���������A '"'���������"���������' ':" ' Barnar.iPs'texprees  ;..-,'. . -;. ������������������ -,i, Barnard's Express  -   ... - : ���������-'��������� Raniard's.Express  SU. Evans,    .do   ; ". '   '  do'   "  '-"'���������-'��������� ;- -.   Clrirkson fc Co  . -'  i,- ���������������������������   ...iohh. Guile ns'  -.';. -";-.   '-���������������������������    San Fraiie-tecd  .......   Kew York.  ��������� '.'    ,TM CARIBOO -SENTINEL   _.  jdB,PRIiMTifyG-vOFFIGE.  JCanls.. Gi reninrs, Posters and Programmes for  Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  JtgSF? Exec u ted "w it h* n ea tn ess an d (lisp a tch 'iyggs������  ������������������ Terms mo derate. .  1������ -1?EtE4MA'  SPECIAL TO THE CARIBOO SS^TINEL..  Jlavre, 24th.  Lille is indignant ngainst Gambetla. The  b o in b a rd men fc of , L o n g \ry cb n li u ties j n c es-  su11 i Iy;.   Tlie for tress. rep lies feebly.  The. Em p eror. William, i n a IeI tor to the  Grand Duke of Meeklenburgh, saya the reason  wby Germany has become so strong; is through  the unity of her princes and people, and that  she has recovered her former position \iq the  council o f n at i o ns. Gev fli an y n ei th er w an ts  nor is inclined io transgress her frontiers.  . She seeks only independence and the mutual  advancement and welfare of the nation by  extension of her commerce.  London, 2ith.  Bismark having refused a pass to Favre, he  flaked it of the German military authorities,  vr b o Vraute cl it, d e vo id, bowe v er, of. al I p o 1 i t-  ical inferences.   ���������  Several plenipotentiaries to the Conference  on the Eastern question have been instructed  not to allow themselves to* be led into the  discussion of questions foreign to ihe programme already laid down for the consideration of that body.  1 London, 2-1 th.  It is said Count Bernstoff telegraphed to  Versailles that the plenipotentiaries at the  first meeting of the Conference were unanimous in tii eir conclusion to prevent discussion  of questions not connected with the East.  . The Germans before Caaibrat have set ������������������up  batteries near the city, Garibaldi's operations have .been suspended on account of  * Bout*bald's retreat. .  Paris correapo 11 <j enee of London Times,  under dale of. 2isfc? saya Trocha is generally  considered incompetent. The Council of Defence only failed to accept his resignation because they were unable to find a successor.���������  It is impossible^ to make the Parisians consider tbe question of surrender. They are  anxious to fight under competent leaders.���������  Rations of flour are now Ii alf a pound daily  for one person, i! 'our, peop le receive br-ead  ���������gratisj with a pint of wine, each' and a little.  syrup.. Tbe middle ��������� classes ' suffer-most severely. Ail the potatoes were sold at a franc  each, and dog flesh is. worth a dollar per  pound.-  ' /���������;.''' 1 " .yy ,  J.    yy;'���������     ���������  / . .Bordeaux,;?3d.  ��������� The Prussian s attacked ��������� Uijon yesterday  and were beaten after a battle; which lasted  tl ve hours. G ar i b al di cap tu red th e flag o f a  Prussian regiment of tlie Hue*  ;     ".yw   -  '���������; ������������������   f ;':.y.:. ������������������: 'l(/'\    DijOllj' SM.>'  The3,renclii.. repulsed the attack . of the  Prussians to-day along, the w.hole- line.: The  enemy were pursued, and the positions held  by them at Dreux seized. Garibaldians entered ii Dijon amidst tho .greatest;enthusiasm.;  The Pr-ussians in their flight ^.abandoned their  wounded."' "���������   ���������'"'""- a ^"'':i -.''' ��������� \ '���������'!. '���������   ''.A'  '.;.; ;���������   * .  London, 24th. -  T he Germ ans h a ve 6 c cu pied; Dole* ,capt ur-  i ng 25 car load s o f ar ni y s tores.   T h e F ran e-  tireui'S"have destroyed "the bridge overvthb  aloselle between Nancy and Toule. .  ��������� .. '��������� iv....-'.;.: f! v "."���������;..;. ".y   , VrifmH^'l  ; .Th^ HeraUPs cable dispatch sap last night  "at 11 o'clock a general summons io >aruis ��������� was-  sounded in the turbulent quarters of Pari3,  but - so depressed, was the miserable popula-  t i o n that not m ore tb an 50pm en resp on ded  to tire call, and Lt was useless for such a sma'U  n'imber"to malce i descent onytio :Hotel ;<le  Yille������ so they'gave up'the'. job in d impair and  toofe themselves- off "to their cold .and^cheerless  beds. To-day, the Prefect of Police has a  strong body of Naii-onal Guards-at Pont;- de  Vilio and adjacent.streets, i Hul i^be Vuhhajspyi  citizens of Paris are too much ..wasted by  misery to be able to get up a revolt,alt-hough  it is probable some trouble will occur in the  streets.      .       ,     ...       . .'  *,  Bordeaux, 24th.1"  '  .After, the battle of Dijon the'Prussians re-.  treated towards I.Ieseguy and Savigny.   In  the west, the Prussians appear to ,be falling  back.   Alencon has been -evacuated.   The  enemy have cut the railroad between Lyons  and Besancon. ,  , *'  .*���������' i '���������' ,".''     i- Dijon, 24th.  ;  The defeat of the Prussians on Sunday was  complete.   Tlie troops under,Jl\vero  Garibaldi destroyed 600 of the first Piussian regiment   The French behaved splendidly.    .  ' Versailles, 246b. ;.  At the interview to-day between the Grand  Duke of Mecklenbiirgh and Pavre, Bismark  said Bourbaki was caught between Werder  and MttoteufteVs armies and must shortly surrender. Paris will capitulate in a day or  two, when 300.000 Prussians will be-relieved  to,subjugate.'France. Bismark WAois a party  to n ego tiate w i fch*; he can bo t nego tia t e w i th -  o u t a n a tio n. Keg n ie r su gges te d tbat it w on 1 d  b e su t cid n;l f or any paVty i n Fran ce to m ake  peace, when Bismark angrily closed the inter,  view.' It is believed negotiations for the  capitulation of Paris have been opened.  London, 24th.  The.German parliament is expected to assemble at Berlin on 9th March.  Arlong, Belgium, 24th.  The bombardment of Longwy is suspended  ori account;of a heavy fog.  Br a u h r o ut, S w i tze'r 1 an d, 24 th.  A French corp d'armiehas arrived near the  Swiss frontier, aud the head-quarters of the  Army of the South is now at B run trow.  Havre, 24th,  The Germans evacuated Bolbre, after having made a requisition for 40,000 francs upon  the inhabitants-and carried off the Mayor i\nd  members of tho Council.  London, 25Lb.  A ROmi-GuTieial declaration from Constanti-i  no pie eays -luat henceforth Turkey will rtOyj  cm. berself and not: on the interest and generosity, pf European powers..  '" .'Brussels,24ih. ���������  , Gambe tta ,firri ved here. yea ter day  in cog.  He had aa interview with the Foreign and'  Italian Ministers, and left this a.m.  '.[''-.' London^ 24th.  An extensive fire was raging at Longwy  yesterday.   The flames were visible all night,  and to;day the fire la still burning. : Mean-  'wh iie. tli e bomb ard me at co n ti nues*  y]yX; 11 *,-.. y y.:-. London, 25th. ,,'  Th e Tim es says i n a 1 ead er,; if Fa vr e: re-.  fuses; unco n di tips al; sur re; nde r . and i wi 11 not  end ;jtb������. war; on: Germ an terms, Bismark ;bas i*a  his possession a* full ac.cepta.Gce Pf'iS1;eseJz&rofy  by; tl; e.. Pre he h Em pero r an d Sm press; a nd  will threaten to restorei Napoieoh> ;��������� ���������; i .,;,  -���������','yy ).!'��������� yy'M'yyy-P'���������   AiYersaiiles,- 25th;;;p  Tberie is ground for.belief that Paris will  sii rreh d er. ;; GH at scare! ty p f y fuel and pro(-  visidns.' ���������'-";* rV ;   y'A'r: ������������������''���������'' r/'  : x ' ' ���������" -ij': "l"x       yffolriirir^itfi!-  The pop nl a tion of Alsa ce is tr oublesomo.  A German force -is feqiiired in, [ tho- provincd  to prevent an outbreak, ly* Ax,y  ��������� vyi "   London, 25th. :'���������.  ������������������^ "Bernstoff is -advised of; Far re's reported  vi si fc to Versai lies.   The Ti iuqs say h there, is  ��������� n o official eon finnation of opinion th at nego-  tiatlottB are in progress for the capitulation  -of 'Paris.'.- _ ���������  p ���������"   t .   :\ "1 ���������'     ���������'��������� "��������� " ���������*   \ \ '[^  Garibaldi'.^routed���������'*������ detachment of Land-  welir and ��������� ��������� destroy ed; the railroad ";.at Fonteus  and Bkt^uiidj.y- ���������.:"���������!���������'!.:: ������������������ Ay:"-"���������'"���������ii.".������������������:  ;;'y   ypijA'Apyp-y-y xp' -New-YOTfc/26ffi.--!:  "Nothing additional to 'London telegrams  from Versailles (hat there.is ground for be:  Uef that Paris will surrender to-day, has been  reeei v ed.: As aire ad y te 1 egrap h e d, Bismark  ann ounces th at: Bo u r b aki is ca \ i gh t bet we en  the armies of Werderr and >M,aiiteuifel and���������  ni u s t su r re 11 d er. A d i spate h from Bo r de an x  admits the Germans are on the Lyons rail-  load.' ���������-,-.:���������.-.  ,    . ,.     London, 27th. .  The fol lo wi a g p ar ti cu 1 ars have been..'. re-.  eeived of tho first visit.ot Favre to the German h ead-qu ar te rs a t Versai 11 es. It app ears  Favre arrived at Versailles on 23d in Bismark ;s carnage, which had been sent to the  Pr nssian oit tposts f or )ii m. lie was much  fatigued but drove at once to the Chanceiloi''^  oflice. After a long interview, he took dinner  with Bis sh ark, a f te r w h ich the -la tter held a  conference with' the Emperor at 11 o'clock  the same night. Odo Russell, the representative of the British ��������� Foreign Office, bad been  ap prise d b efore Han d o f the ap p ro aciii tig visit  of Favre'. , *  Bordeaux; 27th;.,;  It is officially announced that Gen. Clfn-  thort has  been  appoiiued to  command the  firs':"- army in the place of Bou rb aki, who is no  longer able;to perform .active service.   The  I a tier, in a moment of mental aberration,  appears to .have made an unsuccessful attempt  to commit suicide by shooting himself with  a pistol.  Washington, 29th.  Secretary Fish received tbe following telegram from Moriin, Charge d?Affairs ai London, dated-Sunday, 29th:  The German ambassadors were officially  informed of the capitulation of Paris, and ftn  armistice of three weeks by eea and land was  aigiuxl last night at Versailles by Bi$m������rk  and Favre. The army of Paris will remain in  the city;aa :prisoner*" of war, but it is not  known whether they will be disarmed or not.  VerB-Aillea, 2Jth.  The Pnnce Imperial is to be tho future Em-*  perc r wi %h th e Km press ft?? Regen fc.   Ala rg e  force wi! i he in> mod lately deppalchofil in pnr-  jsiiifc of Ouar.cev.  ::..' :[,"��������� * 111. ��������� .w'VerBaiileis,^h.'iii':  The Germans occupied tbo. fortes arountf.'.  Paris at 10 o'clock this morning* ��������� -��������� y ���������'��������� 'f  ' '"' ��������� ���������iLpoSohj'SSihl 'A  Th������ Emprror Wiiliambus ient 'th������ iollotr-  -ing-to tho Empress Augusta :��������� \a���������*.'���������';.������ xx.'--.  .*/  --��������� .'.-.������������������:--:;::!'    Versailles; 2.3th.y---  ; .'Last nighfe aa armistice of three weeka Wift  Bjgucd.   The regulars and Mobile** ftro to bo>  retained in Paris ao priaoaera' of ��������� wnr.   Tb&>  Nfttipnal Guard will retain order; .Tho -"'oiij7  ;.will. be allowed ,to; re-victual;aa soon*as all  tbo, arms are,surrendered. y-The? National '&&&,  sembiy.'to be convened;at 'Bordeauxin a fpr^������ ?  night.;  All' armies in the .field will retaJa  their respective >positio:ns. ^Tb^^ro-dfid^'-ilek^  tweea opposing liaea to bs ueuiral! ' j*  vy x7x: ������������������; (Siga^)-;--:'ii^Mi^:i' "WfuAX^p A  ppy.   *'��������� ;������������������..-������������������- - New York. 2Dth;  The Worlds cable dispatch, dated:Loadon,4{'  '25 tli,'-" aaya th������ ������������������'- Seer������ Ury b i th e i Efapresa; to - y  day ,denietl^ i hat sfra  tigm������ ' ibe? kgrdowiririi'-''  which Bismark claims.   . ' ���������������������������x- '    ' '      ' '  ... ��������� ��������� "    ���������,-������������������ _;.        ���������'���������     Iiondon, 28th,   '"  v Favro was in conference with^ Emmarck  at^niidmgbt.^ lBiBinafc^;;ca*rried-;i?B^ points,;  Gapitniatibti ihyplves peace, and tbeVcjbaipSB-  of: Alsace &ri������-:German. Jjprrainej' anil ^pay-i.',  ioent of a money indemnUy.   A portioa lot':.  the German.army to returo yhome. ^nd ;the������.;  war to be c I oaed. : It is i, necessary.; to re tai i^. i  some territory, in order to secnire fuifillmezife  of compact.  .Thallobiles are tobe.aeuthoin������  and tbe German army toVeuter Pa?ia.; Tb<*  Emperor will return immediately io Berlin.   '  -- \; : . ���������'. -.( i --Loudon, 2Dtlj.. /  "-. An official dispatch,, dated YeraallVes,. W,ri' -  day morning,, says Pavre returned yesterday ;  to Paris. He; wi li come to; ������e rBai I lei again ,,  fco-cl ny, aceom pau ied by a rni li tary..offider fori, i  the purpose of settling, the terms of the cap it-  ulation. There, bas been no firing * since last./  Ttmrsdav.r. .       . ,-. ������r . ���������   r  *������*OlM������li������*.  The G-reat Family Medicine"  '...    TAKKN INTERNALLY,     .'���������  Tt euros sudden Colds, Gou^by, ko., aiid "Weak Sfcom- '  iic ii, O one ml i) i .��������� bi: it y, No Kin g ft ir c M outh, Can ke )\  Livsr OmiplainU DysiWiiisia or-Ir\>I igcsiinn, Cram p or  .  Vaiu in tlto  Siomucli,' huw'nl Cowipliiiut, P;iiuiur������������  Colic; Asiatic Gliolcra,:l)iarrlicea ami Dysentery.  APPLIED '-KXTSRX ALLY,'  Cure's, Felons,..".Bulls, ami Oia Som^-fSifverfr Buru*,  SouUs, Cut!^ Bralst-s and gjwins,- Selling of tb*  ? Jmuifc1, "Rihifwona aud Teller, Urulit-n Kreasts, Fros&itd  Pool.aud ChiIblain.a, TootbucliK, .Pala in t1w-.Pw������,  Ki'aralijKi and Rii-?uinatiim. It is o sura ramody tor ..  Ague, Obiils ami Fever. ., ������������������������������������  PAIN   KILLER,.  Taken internal!v. aliould bf5.aiiuUerat9d witb milk or  Wittei*. vr i nad,"; i ulo a >y rup vv i th   mohs.KS'.-.s.    S'o'r' *  Cough, a fewgdrops on sugur, eattn, vtill b������ uiorf or.,  ieciivu tlwa uayi-Urny oisy. .,  ��������� IV:������3   printed   dir������ctioiiB   wliich   accynjp������������y   euttt  bottle. ��������� .  Sold by ail Druggists.  ft 4  ���������*>���������  U i vi tt  I  ���������ftTESftffiV MKACHAa  ft NA30K an prepared  tr, '  ifi   furnish umli^rut weir .Mill*, WjUiaiu CwftE. ���������  or deliver it to ordur. .'   ,  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGUTNINC?  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS OX  WirJ,-IAM CREEK, .......  IfsHng n .rlftuitig Maeliind in operation ttfpy ������H;  alM��������� fur������is& tP.%���������-'as'"' Lumb.9r at ?aiIsfaci'-,*7 ra!***  if.  ��������� " f BEsare  7'.:-'  : 'i iv 1  ���������i  ifil  ty  17-4^7"  <i ��������� p.* y  i ' xy \*  mm  x ��������� -  W'Xi  mm.  ���������  -%.y> Jy  k&y --���������'���������<���������  \   ' I '" '  '��������� X i     ���������.  ���������f ^l'������';v7--'i'.  'ittfi"-- .���������  rxmwy,  ���������' dB"' ���������  ^hvis -i  y7^yy.v-  '   . 'X'������  y$i- ���������  xmi ������������������  * M; ;  xxy-yx'  7:'':i||i 'if  "'     Ml%'y  V:  ftV>  -. ������������������ B' ? 1!-'"' f    ��������� -  :: ���������. Hff ���������  ' -    r i it.     ;���������  "Wlp'7      T'  ;��������� ������������������ im i  ; '*i  ' #),  v":-K^:ii:  ;' - 7?|,y  ��������� ������������������'��������� .:;-    ���������  y y-^,jy  iiii  7'  HE GAllIBOO SEIil  SATURDAY, FSB. 11, 1871.  37"*������������������<*���������WW   I. ..ijU"!!.'"!'!..'. - ��������� - ���������'-'.  '���������,' 7 yTHKCAW&OO .SSNTINBL  1������ puMlihid in Bar!^rville orory Saturday.,, All  fiAvtrMacnieiiti int������:ndvd for iniortion, must u������ deliv.  *��������� ml a������ latest fti Sis o'cloci, P. tt., the day \>efor������.  l"������t������'j������:''>JOD.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All.tjvnvaisfciions must b? accompanied by the  j-aalauia* *������d addresn of the writer j not necessarily  wuh*vl*iw nf publiftUiDg 4h������ 8������mt, b*vna &������cu?ujr  i jT i$ food fatlU.     iy;  ill 'i$Qfy -Iffewiflisjt* (notinserted for *ay dsftnttt  jjeriod) frill uopmiinutii until ctdrtt.d oul, an*  ������aai$f*d lot accordingly;"-' ������������������������������������ : ���������>' f,.   . .^ ������������������  EeiUsSENtATiON IN TUB HOUSE-OF  ���������������������������\::^?..-,,.;;>--:OOMM'0W,  A'^trcj������!!. Inip'qsitfon on Vhe rights of ths  people of ths mainlshd has bses perpetrated  '.toy. th������ Legislftfivfi';.-Ccnincil in -apportioning  ���������'three:-i^������beCB'!t6:Vincoiit������r feland and only  threi to thes.-r'srt of the colony.  What earthly  jigtat, ���������?��������� f,houid-.Hks to >notr, hm the Islan&  io on������ bsIf therepreJi^ntfttion lathe Mouse of  ' 'Commonst Tike ft'ffsy tbft mines of Cariboo.  H������hd * ith the eKceptibfi of,the Nfchsimofctftil;  ywhat ironld it have to'depend on!   Nothing.:  ^Tl^ peopfti of iBritw^iGohimbia Were cajoled  intoiunion with the Island iii; the ftrit place  yagaimit iheir oifnrintereils/and now they reap  idie friiitt.  :A^astis depemiency of the main-  .K-lsBdi'-d*pi*mto eki*tence,  tries':;^monopojiie]'e!yer^lhsu^espi-tflt ter-r  iinmn������,{|rravhi^jdoct andv: filially, ;repT������sent:  ^ives. -The miners and farmers of.British  tJolnmbi*;������Cfttteretl ������������������* Ihey sre over no vast  >ans stent ot ������mintry, are. merely to ^placed  <ou ������ par Witli' the, people of aniuJanil pessM������:  iing ;b^ut one* twentieth pari of its dotaaia, and,  ' tpsien tnr������ :> to say, ;s ot ;.o se h alf i ts po pn} a-  tion. i; A; ihbre outrageoua and ibamefuV ?io-  lalioa of'-justice-' we cannot vrell conceive;  and in; tints [ trimpling on an d aubyeriing the  r igli Is of i suffragis the Govern m eh t no ni inees,  vvith one exception, sided ,iwith tHe Island  iiaembirs:iMie pl^a giveniia that their-popii.  ilationp. egnal to if ;oot*igreiater tb'an our8,:-a  >p 1 ea-.'sr hi ch we (1 efy any b se to sii stsi n. Wli sn  ���������the total popuistion of tho colony* was as-  .������nmed i a l h' e Co n f ed e ration ter ma to be sixty  thoufiSnd, Indians and Chinese were ftelnded,  rat least three-fourths of whom are rem dents of  ihe rnafnlacd. -^Bst evss taking tbs whi te  population alone into sceonnt. we claim a  preponderance. Look at the election returns,  "Victoria city, returning: two members, polled  sbont. 600 votes. Cariboo, without Omineca.  polled 590 st a seanon when a large number  ���������orminers had gone below ; and yst Cariboo  is not now considered fit to return oae member to Ottawa but is to be' joined with Lillooet, while New Westminster, polling .29$.  %nd Tsiei-Kootsn^ys Spoiltn* 11)9, ate, >ach  placed on tbs ������������������axis footing. And this it what  ' they call represents tion accordinf to population 1 While io the face of all this, Victoria  members have the impudence to say they  never wish to hear the terms " Mainland ���������" or  "-1 Island" used. Of course not/so long as  they can fformsndi������e everything themselves,j  and Government members stultify themselves  ���������by panderinf to their insatiable cupidity.  LEGISLATIVE SUMMAllT.  say Office, whiehr.'was fiercely opposed by the  Lslsud members and supported by CarralJ  and Nelson.   The vote waspaasedtby 6 to &.  In addition to the amounU on tbe Estimates,  on iaotioa of Dr. Carral^ $15,000 was voted  for Giscome portage and..$560 for William  Creek Firs 'Brigade.   Gn motion of 3fr Do  Cosmos, $3000 waa toted for a trail from the  Forks of Skeenato Tatlsh Landisar, provided  sufficiest funds be on hand; sod on motion  of Mr. Nslsoix, $760 for Naw Westminster  Fire Department.    January 20th. the Coo*  federal ion Resolutions were Anally adopted,  tbire* members being apportioned to the  mainlssd and threfi to the Island. There was  s sharp contest on the latter question between  the representatives of the two sections, but  the Govern men t nominees supporting the  claims of ,7the Islanders, justice to the mainland was refused.;  Dr. Carrall .introduced  bills to exempt the Lane '& Kurra co.tfroni  duties and road tolls, and to facilitate the  introduction of road;;steamers,. ��������� The latter  was postponed, and in considering .the former  In7 committee, Mr Humphreys ^opposed it  flereely on the ground Ihat,it i was/encoura^;  ing the introduction of foreign capital :1\ -The  (Jiiestion o^ tbeyafioption ; of thei Canadian  Tariff was shelved for the present b? a- resolution introduced by :Dr. Helmcken, that the  Dominion Governmeht be requested to- allow  this colony to retsin , the present Tariff, hut  reduce the dnMet,oni-*spi.Hts; wheat and flniir.  Dr. Carrall strongly advoea'^d the immediate  adoption of the Canadian Tarifif,    y  ; AVal aiKCHB ^Oo Sa tu rd sy m o r n in g la st aa  Harry .Wilmot?s, -exp ress si elgh h ad got a  short distance up the hill from Rich Held on  its; way. to Van winkle, a snow slide came  down carrying sleigh, passengers and .'^horses  o vpr th s "torn an d '��������� s co n si der abl e d i at an ce  down the bank. "Fortunate lyi no one was injured ,nor was any damage doneto the eqirip-  ������&e.7i;;''.',. yy   -;'-'  : CiRisoo School DisTnxcT^the. Inspsctcror  Schools lias notified the member, for Cariboo  that the usualgrarrt of $48*0 will be allowed  to this district when a school board shall have  been elected, the manner-of raininj: expenses  settled, and .a proper party^ selected for ap-  pointuient by.jSJi*e Governor as teacher. We  huve not spsed for the. letter in this issue.  Thb Wkather for the last week has been  very fine with but little snow, snd the roads  are getting Into good order again. The last  few nights havebeen cold, but the days4mve  been bright and pleasant,  Extokhs���������Barnard's   express arrived  on  Wednesday.^ d^y-or two eooner than generally expected, snd leaves again this morning,  Th ere were n o passengers n p.  Goon Nkw���������������Our friends of the Talisman  eo. will, we are sure, be delighted to learn,  sn the anfhority dfj the Colonist, that they  have struck pay yielding 60 oa. to theset.  N,S W "aDV E RT IS BM EN1;S  MISCELLANEOUS,  NOTICE,  LL PERSONS INDEBTED XO C, P. O'NEUX,      Groiisa Crsek, aro r^quuato,<l to call on him and  set tio their accounts oa ur btfforo FIRST MAKCH,  1871. Ue3*3ui  DIKING MY ABSENCE, MR. /AS. McB. ������MITH  holds my Power ol' Attorn'-y.   All poraous In-  itebted to me.ar������ requested Umaka au early aettle-  meat ���������fflih'min, *     ,  W. STERI.IXQ.  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A long diacussioii ensued, aaci thetbl-  TowingTfisolutaon, proposed by Dr Helmckea,  waB fl Dally adopted: H Tii at the G-overnor be  'respectfully requested to send dowa to the  Honae a bill to enlarge the number of popular  members, excluding nominated members from  tb is Council, 80 as to enable a new L^gisla-  Xwe body and "the form of administration  "known as responsible gorernreent to come  into operation.at the .first* cession of the Legis-  1 at ore subsequently to the union with Canada."   On the 13th and following days, the  Estimates wen* discussed.   On motion of Mr  T>cC6pmos, the advocate of retrenchment op-  p *ed by Dra;Carrall and Helmcken. an addition of $600 was voted to the salary of the  Lillooet Magistrate,   A'hard fight occurred  &f& ^las---sppropria^-a tff ttiffliofoy the As-l  TXTILL ARRTVK AT WILLIAM CREEK on or abont  ���������JT?     the '20lb .ifjire'n next ���������  afc" A general Express busine?s������ conriucted.  let) 4 KTJFUS tSVLVESTKA  ,e  IARKERVILLE,   RlCHFlELD  ������������������A^D���������'*  A CERTIFICATE.  This Id t������ certify that i':urin������ bint spring 'My h������ir  was rHpivtl'F tailing'int Hn-*1 my \m\4 w������it lii?:t becoming imW, when 1 iipplieU lo Mr W. D. JiOSfeS. Burhrr^  SarktTVillft, who. in ;i tew weck������ rrptered iny hair ti������  its loniWT Iwtilihv swto DAVID-GIBBONS.  B.irkorville. D:c 29, 1MQ. "   tu'lSJtu  IL  ician  is  .   A SUPPLY-OF THB  BEST P4UTY OF. FRESH MEAT  ALWAYS ON HAKD.  TT  Miners1 Provision Store,  BARKERVILLE.  TICE.  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Heavy guns have been moved,  iu to the forts, as the euciente is stronly armed  .and no.confidence- can be placed in the fickle  population of Paris uniil'alter a gerieral disarmament. A strong force of infantry aud  artillery has been moved forward to cover  working parties. The object ia to sp*i re'further  b I oodshed a n d give Vn o p p o r lu if i ty to th e,  French peoplet through the Assembly of  Representatives at Bordeaux, to decide for  war or peace. BIections w111 'be permitted 1 n  all the departments. Tlie regular?, marines  ,and mobiles in Paris will be prisoners,except  12,000 men required to maintain order. All  th e tro n pu b ut th e Nat io n al G uar ds willy b'.jfr  dissolved; the French'troops will -deliver up mation :������������������' Frenchmen ! Prussia believes the  ���������Uiejrarmvfl.igs and field artillery.; within 14 annpdice will dissolve our armies and secure  days; the French may retire into.-Paris.^^^; Arms  tijeeiftctian of a Chauibers ready to conclude  myself approve them, and I feel confident  that my august Majesty will reject tbem.  However, it is my duty, to submit them for  big-;consideration."   Favre was then politely  placed under surveillance. The first over-  l n res ' were preseu ted and rejected. At ter  Favre V return, he accepted in substance the  terms d e iri a n d ed by t he Em p er o r. G re a t excitement prevailed at Versailles. An. inier-  vimv again took place between Bismark and  Favre; The former afterwards, waited on the  Emperor- and communicated FavreVacceptance of the terms on the part of the Provisional Government.  /Rumors are current that Gen. Moltke is  d issu ti sfi ed w i th the Crow u P r i n c e 's arm yon  account of the sortie of the 19th. lie said  ground was lost, and expressed his opinion  openly.  r_ London, Feb. 1.  Herald's Berlin correspondence says the  conditions of peace presented by Bismark  and Favre embrace the, cession of-Alsace and  Lorraine, wits Be)fort arid -.Mets ; the payment of francs, indemnity for expenses of. war ; - cession of colony.. of Fop,  dicherry ; ami transfer to German navy of 20  first-rate frigates. Favre referred these terms  to the National Assembly .which meets at  Bordeaux.  Bordeaux. 1st  Gnmbetta has Issued the following procla*  a n d can no n of th e for ts to b e del i viered up.  but the enciente guns, to be dismounted..and  , 111 e car r i air es d e! IV e re d to ��������� th e. P r u ssi a ns. A  line of d e m a rea tl o n is to b e d ra wn bet w ee n  the encieitt and the forts. The Ffeneh; por-  i i on ex t������n ds jo. tb a e n clet 11 s o n ly, tlie P russiaiii  portio ii t(i w i tilln 500 p aties from the, e n cie n te.  w ] t h c e rl ai n to p o era p hi c al m o d i fi c a,t i o n s .���������  Vort yiuceunes will remain "in hands of the  ��������� French. ,- ��������� ;��������� ���������   ������������������.'.������������������ ���������-," ;.������������������'-'        yy, !:''!':-  Paris-,Tematjib completely invested' from a  rn i 1 i ta ry ��������� p ��������� u n i o f v ie w. b u fe' 33 . t ni 1 es <i f t he  road will be repaired and permission to Con--  vey sufficient supplies for daily subsistence  of population, granted.';   : "'"���������*'  Bourbuki'v* army and-the fortress of Bel for t  not ���������included in ihe arm isl ice. The line of  <Vj?m������rcit}imi for,the Southern .army- to be the  lin* of tlie Loire,   .'-.:������������������': i -���������'..  e  v  K a v re re t if rued to. Pa r i s y es t en! ay even In g.  a shameful peace. It depends on France,id  upml these calculations. If it is necessary to  ma k e. an arm is tice, 1 e t th e i ns tr.i t c ti o n of tl i e  y ou n g t ro ops con tin ue- w \%b u n e x a in pi ed V i g i -  lance for d efence. and for war if necessary.  Install a National -Republican Assembly * as  will be .willing to make such a peace only, as  is compatible with the honor, rank and interest of France.  ���������  ��������� / Florence, 1st. .  : y Prussia deel ? n es the suggeaI io h.fl p f ne n I ral  powers regarding pacification, and -prefers to  prosecute for herself the conditions of peace.  .   ���������'.-;.��������� :.'';'"."���������:.��������� - Madrid, 2dJ.  ������������������������ Th e Herald V cal) 1 e. disps t c b say a: .; At. a  mill lary parade to-day. the King waa acen m-  panied by the. Marshals. Generals, and M'inis  reva of" State.'   About,40.000  men  took  the  oath of loyalty to the Kinsf.  The Government,  Not morn than three weeks rations remain, in  v* 'm pnesesaion of -important, facts connected  The French at;Ver- -with  the assassination of Gen. Priitv.  The  1'arifl  at present   time.;   T  $. ai 11 es a re geii e r.al 1 y r ej o 1 ci n g at approaching  peace..''y i"i-���������   ; ''-y���������"'!"':/;     ���������''; p*���������- >-;:'''���������"sp ��������� * :  Th������ lalest reports concernin'oj'negotta.tions  9n. v \}\sriuir'fc demands two pro vinci������s. a French  colony ?0 t,Yjil* ?ti)\������h and; 400 O00',0()f) francs  priiicir>a 1  agent \va$ an a 1 d de\ecIive. Geh.  Gorizallei Beva. ='":"' i: "'ii-;';'  ,-,"--' ...- :iBerlin. 1st  The semi-official j euro als\ believe   that' an  u n de rs landing' has been est ab I is h ed  b *? f. we e n  &* flaal ler.i������s of peace.    Tlie c.apiiniation of Bismark and Favre as to a basis oii^'hich'ne-  F������ri������ will only he regarded as a military act.  ftp-trt frmn. all political uejroitiatioits.  The following official dispatch from the  iliuislerof the North German Confederation  ut -WaMiinsftoti to ihe North German Consul  VrfhlsWy'WSsti'c^dvpa to-day : The forts of  Paris are surrendered and an armistice of  three wenks by land and's*ea agreed upon.  'The National Assembly is summoned to meet]  at Bordeaux.  Bordeaux. Jan. 30.  i Ohan'cey's hefidqt?arters are at Laval. The  IMh/lSlh ������nd'25th -Corps oceupv Nores aud  Xeve. 'Brmrbakt has the 18th. 20th ������ucl 24tb  Oorpfl at Rohena and Partnrs. Garibaldi is  n I T)ijon wi fh>>il.000 m en. ' Faid herb'������ has the  5!?d areV33d Corps at Don ay and Soissons  C/rt?n*vriji te in 'frontof Havre with 30.000 men.  ������i.n*l the camp of iststruction contains 50 0'K)  At the t������nd ij! the armistice Frauce can res urn6  operations with 900.000 men.  New York.JPiin.5I.  The H-srald'a V^rsaTlles special of 26th says :  As the f ac fe concerning n ego t ia tio ns a re d e-  v e 1 o p ed a b e lu'r fee ling i g- evid e n t a as o ng th e  Freuc'h and Germans, and all begin to agree  in hoping for the termination of the war. The  Frennh are well pleased at the apparent  ���������modification of the German desira to humiliate Pftvirf by a triumphal entry into the capital. The negotiations between Bismark and  Favre are meet interesting. The anival of  Favre was known to no one except ihnse im-  *a'dlately concerned in conducting bim  t irongli "the. lines. On hfo arrival he was mini -diately admitted to the preFcncw .of the  Lhuicuilor, who inquired what was the object  ot this Tiait. Favre. naucfa affected, replied,  * To put a. stop to ihe sufferings of Pari*.  Kow that hope of relief from without is k*t,  Paris must seek peace. All we ask is auch  consideration as a generous enemy might gUm  without loss of advantages or honor?' Bin-  mark expressed; a desire to do all in his  power to show his respect for the suffering  and gpdlant French nation consistent with the  safety, honor and interest of united Germany.  This hud been from first to last the object and  desire of the Esiperor since the commencement of this unhappy war, forced upon them.  Favre then demanded the term $ already reported. Bismark. replied : "It h aofc my  ���������province to refuse or aeeppt farms :  }mt I  goliations for peace shall proceed.  Lo.ndnn,2d.  A letter from Col. "Duncan ICenlry, of ihe  Bordeaux War Department, says there is an  im netise reaction in official circles and  am most Ihe people agamst the Provisions! 1  Government. Ten million's of the people  woiikl vof* for the restoration of tht? Smp*������ror  to-morrow. France will refuses' to continue  the war. The Moid Ies arriving in Bordeaux  shout vivo PKmperor.  Basle, Ut.  Many thousands of Bourbaki's army died  of starvation. 1*>.050 prisoners taken, iaciud-  in2; al 1 thc.officers and bapgage, .canno 1 k mi-  truilleustf and two eagles; kOuly 8000 of the  army of Bourb.aki escaped in the direction of  Lyons.   Manteuffei is in Paris.  London. 2d>t  The. entrance of BourbaUi's army into  Switzerland was effected in accordance with  convention between Gen. Clenthort and Geo.  Fersving. '       cv*  A special dispatch from Versailles-says Bismark is indispoised and was visited yesterday  by tbe Emperor. -  Lille, 2d,  The Echo du Nord is in favor of peace. It  calls the appeals of the Municipality of Bordeaux encroachments upon the powers of the  constituted Assembly. jNfe.ftint-'S are being"  called in the Departments of the North to  n 01 ni n ate me m b ers to r the Co n sti t u e n t A use tn -  biy.  A Lyons newspaper publishes a programme  of a Hadin'al Society of Paris founded by Bal-  Un Debishner and Peal re. Ir pronounces for  a Republic, with an Assembly and Executive.  to bo chosen and elected, the suppression ol  standing armies and substitution, therefor of  militia : reduction of the budget and the abolition of titles, and the renouncing forever of  ati warn for purpose of conquest, concluding  with a demand that no negotiations be made  with Prussians while they remain on -French  soil.  There are reasons to believe that a large  majority of the people of France will elect  representatives in favor of peace. The terms  of the armistice are accepted by ail the departments! except Bourher and Durhroit. At  Karssilte*  Mi*  ^If^Mq-u   will   b*   pro?e*$ed  Favre has appealed to the Emperor of Cer*  xn an y to p i ty Pa ris, a d m i t ti n g th at h e h ad  oVerfitateu the amount of. provisions by several days. Th a Em pe ror sen t i n si %tn ill io ns  of rations in con sequence, together with 1500  bead of cattle. ;  Florence, I at.  The Italian .Chamber of Deputies has by a  vote ol -2S2 against 19 resolved, totransfer the  capitai to Roine.    ]  <-'��������� ';:: ��������� :>*������������������-.".     v'  Bordeaux; til. y  Twaive opposition journals have protested  against the- decree'of Tuesday touching disqualification of deputation sent... ,���������'  A p u b 1 ic m ee ti ng el eo ted tb e f u tu re Com -.  mittee of Public Safety, which comprises  Gambetta, Louis-.Blanc and Rochforty Alx  A telegram from Favre says 'the. Germane  have agreed to allow an election to be held  in Alsace. :  Tlie French Generals in th a north and in  central France protest agaiast the Prussian  dem*nds relative to line ot demarcation.  The 24th Regiment, including Garibaldi's,  escaped the pursuit of Manteuffei. who pursue d-i11������ French to the Switefr0ntiera. Mu 111-  zarg isicrowded with French and the churches  are .Silled wuh sick and wounded. ,.  7 i. London, 2d.*  The; French   prisoners   are   distributed  through the Cantons of Berne. Freiburg and  Gene va.   The French are b ti 11,en ter i ng Swi ti.  .zerland.; ���������* ������������������  ."��������� :. ������ ' ?!. y:x  ������������������'.!'������������������:':.���������! x '���������������������������'' -.i;Bruss^ll8;;'2d.: /.  It is said the Governiwent of Parishave an-  d e r U li. e n a n ob 1 iga t i ci h to ;i a d v oca le. in th e  Constitutional Assembly the preliminaries  ag re ed u po n . at Ve rs ai 11 es.! :; No o he is a l-  lowett to eiuter Paris wil'bout a pass.; ;���������������������������'.'.  ^.-^Q*.  eicpediuoiksmodes-pf'traniipp-rt; and "we have,  ������0 reasori to t h 1 rik *;that hia : Excellehcy will  neglect to gu ivrd b 01 h th ri i ute rests of the  people and of tbose who undertake tlieia vest*  m en t 0 f thei p cap i ta I i n; t be e xp eri men t. .  -The col ocy hak 1 bug fe 11 th e wan t of capital,  audit is id ai I y rem a iked that we h ave to*  sources enough to remunerate it well if it waa  only brought among u 6; ; But how can we  expect it to eome when wo hold out uo iii-  dncements ? At the slightest attempt a cer*  ta in cl ass cries put' \{ No Monopoly I' \ as wa������  the case a few years ago wlien-a company offered to work and open out the meadowa -below E*a f ker vi II������j an d the co n se qu en ce isi th A t  i n s tea d ot labor, being r emu n era ted f rom ith ft  ca\ i i 1 al reqn i red to op en 11 p th is g r on n d. i t h a a  lain idle, and niariy iiavei had1 to leave the  country. Let, us bear in mind; then, in the  f 111.11 re that by opp0sing s 11 ch. privi 1 egea, or, if  you will,;monopolies,Which we have not oiir-  selves the means,to carry out, w������ injure Ab&  community at large. :   ,   7 . JusTiot  ���������'!'"'...'��������� MINING COURT. -'-P--"���������"'''������������������  Beford E. M. Bail, E?q., Gold Commlssioaer %&&  ..,. :CttUUty Cuort Jullgo.)   ���������  :;���������,;';',,.; ;B'GAU:.STE,AgfiRS;y,,'-.\.>  Edttou Skxtixkt������: ��������� In the conrse of yonr  re m arks 0 n, *' ��������� Rba. d St ea m e rs ��������� "��������� i n y on n last  iskue., y 0 ti state th a t i he ap p 1 i ca Uo n. of M ess rs  I la ro a rd an d -,&eedy for the ex eliiai yep i'i v i t ege  o f r u n oi 11 g 10 a* i s tea in'e rs 0 v e r io 11 r ro ad s f {) r  three yersinia provoked conshienible; diseiis  ������ion, and that ;' se v era 1 0 f 0 u r ni er ch an is an d  o y j e rs in Ba riser ril I e h a ve ad d ressed. a c 0 rn-;  muiiication lo <iur represent ati ve in opp������|si  tion to.the. scheme^.the.chief objection being  t h a t i I is d a rige r 0 u s to g ran t fey p ar ti es: a  too nop oly fo r s ��������� > 1 'ring ;.a ti 1 ri ePy.:p  [ 1 c<m I d n 01 b e7 ex pected: b ut, thateso .'gran d,  beneticiid ; and. enterprising an und^riaking  .W',mld;i find; ��������� opposers,yfor.; past;^eixperience  !eao!ies:ua ^^  u n d e r i a k i n gs. \ n 6 ��������� m n t te. r 11 o w b e '1 ie fi cia I U > t he  n u h 1 i c .a t.. la rge ���������.... the re  w 0 old; be tiros e & h 0  yt 0111 d fe el the ms-el t ea agg rie ved. ei i lier fr*������m  j i?n 1 o as 0 r in t e r est ed, rn r 11 i v es.  a ml  i t is  but  natural  tliat the same should be the case in  the  present instance.  p3ut such is not a general 'feeling.... Our population does not con-  .tain many who do. not. aptirecinie men ot  energy ;  and in the place of throwing obsta  cl es i n. t h ei r w ay, on r p eo p J e will join h ai ids  wiih  ttiem  and say. we. will assist youAo tlie  utmost "When  it is for tlie general we 11 are,  There can be no doubt, it it proves a success:  thai- the inauguration of Road Ste traers would  b enefl t bol h m c rch an t an d miner; ��������� for w here  is the merchant among us who does not feel  the inconvenience and lews of capital incurred  by t he p re sen t. sys t e in o f fo r \v a r������1 i n g ?   h i������  goods.being from one to two months on the  road, white h������������ has to lay jn hi? stock for the  whole year during the tlu'ee months thnt feed  is good for animals or pay a higher rale  of  freight,   Again, If he finds himself running  short of an-article, be has gotto pay express  \'reiubt if he  wishes  it up in a hurry.    The  di111culty 0f ,f��������� >rwarding beavy maeliiaety.h  another" impediment not to b������disre^ardt-il.  The introduction of the Road Steamer will be  the tirst. s'ep  lo. bring capitalis)s to invest  their capital among iis.   They will by quick  transportation  for the merchant lower  the  profit oh  his stock, as he can make quicker  vturns on his capital, and thus largely benefit  the consumer.   It is in faci impossible to estimate the benefits to be derived from this new  mode of carrying freight and passengers; and  it is hot fair and just that if Messrs. Beedy  and Barnard, either with their own capital or  by their influence with capitalist", are willing  to undertake the experiment, they should be  protected.   On the other hand, in  return for  ���������such privilege, we have the right to say, if  you ask exclusive rights, we must demand a  guarantee that you  will deliver freight and  carry   passengers both quicker and. cheaper  than by the present mode of traiisH.   The  names of   Barnard and Beedy is sufficient  surety of the success of the ;uu der faking; tbey  both from among our first pioneers; have  followed each step of $ie progress of our new  colony, and played -no  smail part In each  step itself.   They are highly respected, and  having the confidence of fne public in general,  will have the good wishes ot the population,  not of Cariboo alone, bnt.of the whole colony.  for the success of th^ir undertaking.   When  we  tog  ���������73?������   t&l   ty?    k&pstffxttU* 'Of   Kit?if?$   ������   IfKTF* }<**������*���������'  Moxdat, Feb. 6,1BT1.  T. iMcLiiiDr- re. J. B>Lovkix 'tin JPO>  Fr.oTo���������S11 j t to reco ver $451 51) ��������� :���������:'��������� b������11 idee of  wages due for work In g d e fe nil an ts' in teres I i a  the'Whjte r^ineco. Hince^.8^  '"���������-"''.;it appeared" from.itie evhlencelbat platnti^  li ad a gre ed to wo r k the; two; i h te res ts ii n que s-  tion, being guaranteed $2 50 peV day and  reg u I a r wag es if t h eel nj'in: pa id su ffii cient ���������  Ai;the time of ihia going-to work wages'were -  $6 per day, but in August lastjiiey had; been  reduced to $5 ; he;,however,-.c{Him������*di that he  had not been duly notified . tilt December.  Subsequent: to 21st Jan ii ary regnlari work in  (li e c 1 ai m had b ee n s u spe n d e d, ail d pi ai miff  w as n 0 ti li ed in at 1 lis 8er v \ ces w ere: ni 11 f ar th e r  required jv^and he no vy qlaiinediithat haying  b een ;d is charged. he was en t i 1 ted to full wages  for all the tiine he; had wbiked. ;��������������������������� \-'y y  ���������.'". The;'Oo^'miss&iner/d<^i4l^:^t������iU plaintiff  had no el ai m 10 r wa ges a r.:$'(5 a f I e r th ei li m e  when the rate had been red 1 Iced in the;claim,  ahd iha11be factof being discharged;did not  e n tit 1 e h i m to i.th e ba I a a ce' ti h I i I. the c 1 a i m  prod need en ough to; pay it..- : Ab. to; whether  ' pi ain ii If had.received^ his fair pro port ioui a f  the gold t a ken' out.; that ,.was' a; matter. .of..' ac*  eounta,; which he suggested'had better be let's  to arbi Lratio n.       -* i y ���������- '     ���������'���������������������������������-'"  ;' V: Bo th parties agreed^ to; idop tthis. cours������������  MINING INTBLLIGENGB.  W1UJAM CRKKK.y7' '-p.!''���������!������������������/'���������   j  The Ballavat.co: last week washed 44 ofi.  The Forest Rose 56 oz. The Caledonia co,  1 nade expenses. Go0d prospects have bc��������������� 11  struck by the Barker on high rock behind the  road, and by tbe Alert co. iu the old Borealis  ground.- : \, . i* :A  ''i [   fiTOUT GULCU.       :i'    >-,'  The Jenkins co. last week washed 54 ofi,  GnOUStiTCRKKK.  The Talisman co. last week washed-26J os.  The Heron co. find the rock pitching'off steep  in the supposed old channel.  UOHTNIXO CRKES.  Th������ Spruce,; co. last weeK washed ISO o&  and th e Li gh tn i ng c 0.' 11 SVfl Ttr e >ra n w 5 (ik \$  co. started their machinery on Wednesday  find lowered the water sufficiently to allow  ae.cess to the,drive o,u Thursday night, which  is stauding all' right, since which'the water  keyps rising and falling. They think when  the channel druins a little there will not b������  much trouble. Eldorado co. are making  wages.   ������������������        .-4        ���������������������������������������������'..������������������.���������  ���������REGISTER OF- THERMOMETSR  At Richfield, from 4th to 10th Feb.. Wit  taken at 9 a.m. each day, "showing the hi guest and lowest range lor the preceding H  hours: /Ir*  Max.  L^ebrusry 4,  44  &,  5*2  6,  45  7,  20  8,  24  9,  13  10,  22  MlN.  %%  0  a  0  3  below  zete*  11  a  u  10  m  .Ai  Naukow Escapb���������Sir M. Carey, a sbara*  holder in the Ballarat co., fell- from top to  bottjm of the shaft one day last week, a distance of about 70 feet, and miraculously es*  cap'ed tmhurt. The men who were below  rushed to pick hira up, aupposiug him ss.  riously injured if not killed, but he declined  their proffered assistance, enquiring, cooll/,  "Where's the bowl of my pipe!"  I:; the Police Court, last Monday, Ah Tak,  for stabbing another Chinaman at tbe Forks  sent the petition praying his Excellency   j Qxmn*i \r������* ftwHiw tmmM Ur nl*U  \\ve iba ft's'oject fcia serious consideration.-.; *  .-���������*:  .-' ?R,  "ivy i    y   -  r  ii ��������� i,- -��������� v*^v  7 &>,.;,'  ��������� -I 'yv  !y x  yxyy  -Xjx-y  ;    f'XX  yxyx ���������  rivypx  ' xAx  i y:v  ������������������������������������������?<  I---  7'  1������  ii:;-, v  7^-yty  M$  "���������������  m:  mm  ���������M>y  JiJila; t.  yv :nv: 7-.  fall  7?^  7:   '  f 7.p .t,4 j    ������  ���������    f yy  \l <!;������������������'���������.  'm  ���������My  y mm- y  y nri������<,, ,���������:  . ��������� yymy:  -������������������ii7^ "  *'.   fc^jr .  ,, yy,  ���������lit: ���������'���������'  i ,: MK  ���������%'lm ,  - %VX u  7 '4-������Ni'' ;it  - !'7^ -  '    i   ��������� IY :.  7?4'   -  :':':-4Bi[������"f:-  ;���������:"������������������''TO':?-  i| ������������������'}>>> "  .   :7^iyi'-'  Ijfy  ' ;'' !���������  y.f  yy  ���������i  7.7y  >&  tlii-  #' 111  ������'' "imyp  ^fsassgsissasaJs^aBea^^^xxs.  g^^^a^tc*^^  WIT-AND HUMOR.  1i^len,i*why;, if, history repeats Itself, should;  t nfc" the ^modern Parte: n>ht;.; for the modern  'L.tfi b"y  ��������� ."'.':. .''/..,..:."..,  "1 Ui ng f that he 1 e nt; but ii o th i rig that ��������� he len t,  that tie had' (oat half his memory. y y        '  ��������� f  : . When i the editor * of a Woman *s Eights  paper speaks.of ."��������� the; most delicious,'delighf-  i'u?, ;d el ectabl e;" en tr art ci ri g< an d d is trac ting of;  all innoicent.Indulgence^ a kiss...;  ; An Irishman wh o"had; j ii a t -I si n de d /said the  first ��������� i'bit; of ������������������ meat he eve, r ate fn' this conn try  was v;a; "roasted'' pothto���������boiled ye?terdayv  *' And,if .jou-'dpn't believe me, I can show it  to you,.tor I,have it in my pocket"  ..    .'  li Here, you you rig rascal- walk up and give  ... un accou n t of yon rs'e If;' W here' have you  beeii|"y''IAfter,the girls, father;^ ��������� %!D\d you  <iver know me to do so when I was a b oy V\  ��������� MNoVsir,;-but mother; did.T ���������'������������������'; ���������';";  i It;was Boine years ,ago: said,, in the House of  Representatives at Washington, -that;a gentley  i manj whoi^waV-^own1^  ���������appetite, had eaten away, his senses. "Pooh!",  repli eld, Clay ^.f*; they would/ not ibe a mouthful  ��������� iobim."y .  *���������������������������-. y    ;��������� fX'-vp ���������-   y- ��������������������������� ,���������'     -..-,  P-.-.r-li-was.:meh.tjdned"^6ne day.to Presldent. Lin-:  '*' cola tb a fe.tw6:: ladies ��������� ofy bi8/acqhaiptanoe:had;  ������������������ qii ar relied, arid: 1 o adedi each other wi tb abuse.'  ii.1.' Ilave SeyjcailedL eacli; .61ther.VJiglyT?''^-^5A''  *''ihe������ Fl'esidentV ���������.::'^-N6,-;sjr;" *���������;���������.:*��������� Yery ^_gopd ;  ?then. I wlltun der take to -reed ncile them?r' i;T ii  Aftertho-first battle near.Metz, King William asked Bism ar;k: if au. ch p ���������. pro fusion of fire  and {smoke  iHadeB?"  :bliirit'minister. ^especiaUyi-i'a's['Ivobserved  y otir Maj es ly;; to; b&iis=the midst.df it." f i .  iDeacohBl iff kins youl'd getdrnnk bccasipri-  mllyi not only to the.surprise*" of bis friends,'  b u t al so to his o w hyas ih e: rie ver took P 6v er a  . m6uthful;oritwb pf?.liquor at: a time.'yEhe  :imystei^was" ai?ilast'solved^tiy^rriea&riiitig'ilie  tiewonl&llmonthp"winch, it was found, held  only a shade less"than a pinti ���������   :   - ���������  x An Irish 'bo'y,;;who ,> was.; trying to ��������� get a  ||p;ace,;denied^hatiie was a natiye?of Ireland;  I don't 'know;vybat'you mean by��������� not beirig  an Irishraan," said the gentleman who was  abput^hiring him ; ;.^'but itbis I know, you  were born in Ire land." k*' Och,. y our ho. n or,  if that's all," said the. boy," ."small, blame to  that i , Su pp pie': I li a d> b een b orri'm a stab le,  -would I have been, a borse ?" ���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  .:'^j ������������������JE,6r iVffiixyyxyl  T WEN T Y'- SI-XT It, YiE A Rf  This splendid Weekly, greatly enlarged and  i in prove d, is-b n e b f the1 rh ost u se ful an d: interesting '.journals;iever1 published. 'APJvery  number: is beautifully printed on fine paper,  and elegantly, illustrated with original engravings, representing,.:. -;, ��������� ������������������[  Hew 'Inventions,  Novelties  in .Mechanics,  Manufactures, ChemiMry, Photoprrapfi'y,  ;    Archi tee tare. Agricultu re, En gi n eering,  ���������    Science andfArt.     ;     ' ���������,  _: ' V%  Farmers * Me ch an ies, In yen to rs, Bn gi n ears.  Clio mists, Manufacturers.' and people of all  Professions oVTrades, wilL find the <  *  .SCIENTIFIC"'������������������'AMERICAN "-V 1  > i OP;; GREAT'. VAttJE AXp ."ISTKRKST.-���������  Its -practical; suggestions 'will save hnri-  dred9 of do liars to. e very household,' Work-  ab op an d Fact o ry in. the fan 3y ;besi d es al For d-j  ing a coritlnual! source.��������� of va)liable ���������*; ihstnic-  tion^i i ThPifedifors i are ���������.assisted^ by many of  , tb e ab 1 es % Am er i c an 1 a n d; European w ri "ter s,  and having access��������� to al 1 the lead ing Scientific  an d, Me chtin ical ��������� Joi i rn al s ol;, th e iworld, tbe  eolnmns of.; tlie; Scientific American are con-  s tan tl y. enr i cbefli:\yitli- th e ch oi e'est in fo r m ati on.  ly An Official List of all .the Patents issued is  published weekly.   "���������>���������.-���������*     y   v        ������������������*������;  '. iThe Yearly Sumbers of the Sc'ienfifiri Amer-  ican.make Two'���������'Splendid Yoluine's'.of-nearly  0ne Thousand: Pagep. equivalent: iu size to  four thousand. ordinary book pages.  ^S^iSinienvcpp!cfefsehtfr^;**^' p.-������������������-��������� y ":   '���������-'  .. Tenrj's^-$3 a. year : $150 half^year ���������; Clubs  of Ten copies for one year: at $2 50 each, $25,  With a sp 1 endid Prerninm to tlie ��������� persoii,; wh6  n6ke;didi'nofc;.put-;hiitf'an>  Si   u V ;     A   ��������� uy t" ��������������� .' ~-i s������j +i a -celebrated btee'L' Plate . En graving,:1*': Men or  '"y.^les^your^Majesty," replied the ^t^^^n<f:rA'ryy\y :,y: y -xyi: p-,.-,.  .V,  &  aOPACEEEK,.  "  QTJESNELLI5, and  BARKEKTILLE  :. J. HARPER,  In connectiori with; tbe publication of the  Scientitle Ainerieahyi the iindersigned conduct  the merit extensive Agency in the 'world ''for-  procuring PATENTS. .  ', < The beet way to: obtain an answer toi the  question-^OfeT obtain a Patent? is- to write  to Munn '���������&Go',1. :37^ Park;Rp'w;. N.Y., "who have  had-oyer tWeuty.yenrri experience jn'tbe'bhsi-  n ess. No charge' is: m an e for' p p i h ion an d ad -  v i ce. A pen ��������� a ti.d-i nlc s ketcb, or fu 11 w ri tie n  description of the invention, should be sent.  For instructions "concerning American and  European ' Paten Is��������� CKveats���������Ke-i?snes��������� tri-  ith'Ce'resftfcea��������� "Rejected Gases���������Hints on Selling  patlsnts���������Rules and Proceedings df the Patent  Office���������The New Patent Laws���������Examinations  ���������Extensions���������In fringemen ts. &c..{ &c.. se nd  for Instructtox BboKf-which will be mailed  free, oii application. All' business strictly  confidential;   ���������- ������������������-'���������    "'������������������  ���������' Address,;     '   pp  MUNN���������& CO/,  * ���������  Publishers of the Scientific American,  y       '    ���������   37 Park Row.'New York.:  CHEAP   GbODS!  OOSipltlSEHG-  Boots, Slices Clothing and  ffrbceries, ���������:  OF THE  BEST   QUALITY,  Forsale at'the Store of tlie underslfracd In Barker-  ville}oppositctke Hunk of British CulumMa.  W. KENNIB.  LSA -'& PEBEINS   i  .  , ColebriLted ���������     .    :  '���������".  WORCESTERSHiRE   SAUCE  Dec hi rod by Connoisseurs to bo .  THE   CNLY ; GOOD   SAUCE.  m  r  854 tf  ORDER  %% HSBftl  Caution againpt Fraud.���������Tho sur-cess of this  most. flelicifMiy aud unrivullod Condi incut liiivin.'?  c.iiistsd certain dealers Ur upply thn name of." Wwcwf.  Brsb[mHuijco:J.'ilie pul>IIt;i.s hereUy inform.cti that Ua  nly way f,o secure tlio.gunuimy ia to  ASK   FOB   LEA  &  PESRIWS'   SATJCK  ii'nd Iosco th;U Un-ir names aro upon the ttkaitkii  T.ABJir.3, S'HU'J'KR, Ulld BuTI'J.B,  So me id the foro i������ n in -,i r kt ��������� ts hav ing h eon s u j ipl i od  T.vitliaspurions Worc^s-?:crs 1 ur>?B;iuco.upon 1.11." wmn-  per and labels of which the names of 3>n .*iud.Porrins  have been forged. I., and IV give notice that they  have foi*nished their correspondents with power id"  atI������rn ey lo take i 11s La n t proceud ings ;i ga i ns I iu n u-  yActv bkh a an tl v KKitfttt s c f s ������ c li, at h ii y ot her I iii i ia  i ioi is by win cl 1 th o i r r i jrl 11 m ay he i n I'ringed.  Ask for LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and see  Name on Wrapper, Label,-Bottle, and  Stopper.  Whol (������sfl 1 o and f o r ax port by t li c ? rop r i c tors, Wor  cag lor; Cross e a n d Bin ck w oil, Lon d o ii, fc c. 3 &o. ��������� an tl  by G roce rs an tl Oi i rne n u ni versa I iy.  I  T  noE.  T\rjRT\0 MY AH5iBK0B, Mft. MS. KcB. SMfTH  1/ liolds my Po'.ver of Attorney. All prson's indebted tome aro.requested toimtko an early settlement witb liim. . ���������  W. STK1U4N(J.  Ba jcerville, B.'.',,,limurny In. 1671,       j.ij.4 2m  iisi^  REDU'���������TI-ON ;.OF'RATES  CABBS, ;'���������������������������' ���������;; ;;::;: Pl,.l .'y x p'r ,  ��������� : ;BILLHSAD3; i:        [^ p^V ' ���������' '"'  yy ��������� CIRCULARS,' ���������". ���������'.  ' v':,V   ���������  ./..:.��������� . !,v.OBTBHSyr. 'y!'-,x;', ;-- = -;-y ���������  ��������� x! ;!'���������-   ������*'"v*$*^pJ^^A^iSE^^.'/''���������j^,^-'- /-  .i   yy':' . PRINTSD FOEHS,"'  ^- ���������;���������.��������������������������� ������������������������������������7''-f; -^LABELS, _'" --V yS;,;'N;  "'.;   -;>-y  : ' ���������"-*'.:BKEAii' TI(5k:ETS  MEDICAL.  liysiciau;  Etc!,  ���������������t������.,  . EU.,  Ete  # i:i   :��������� ,Nkw YoiiKv Augtist lotbrISGS^ '-  All ow nie to ical I ���������y o u r at ten I i o n to m y  PREPARATION    OF   'COMPOUKD   EX--  TRAGTSBUGHIJ;  .The component pnrtB are..  BtJCvHIJ. Long Leaf, CUBEBS, 'JUNIPER  BERRIES. \ !-!���������...'���������- .-.  i ^lODB   OP, PREFARATION.-���������Bucllil, .311 VUCUO  Jiiniper ferries; by.disiillation. to form.a fiiio  gin;: Gubebs extracled by. 'di'splac'enient'* with  sp i rits ob tai n e d from -3rin i'p er -B err i es ; v e ry  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of  spirit. It is'more palatable than any now in  use; ������������������yy '���������!��������� v. . . ��������� y  '   Buchu, as prepared by Drnggists, ia of a  dark ��������� eolbiv  It is a plant that emits iis fra  prance;   the action of a flame destroys Uiia  (its active principle), leaving a dark  and  tiiutinous decoction;   Min^ is the color of in-  g red ien ts.  Tlie B riclui i n ni y p rep a ra tion p r e-  (lominates ; the smallest quantity of the other  ingredients are added, to prevent iermenta-.  tion : upo'h inspection it will be found not to.  be a Tinctnre, as made in Pharmncopcc, nor  is ida Syiup���������and therefore,can be used; iu  cases w h ere f ev er 6 r' i n f I a m jn a tip n ex hty In  this, you have the knowledge of- the ingredi-'  ents and the mode of preparation. -  .  Ho pi ng th at'. you will' fa v or it. witli a tri al,  and that u p 6 n insp ec ti b a it w t \ I meet .w ItU  yonf approbation. >    .  With'-a-feeliri'gc of profound conGdence,  -     '1 am, very respectfn 11 v.    ���������������������������-.���������.. ������������������    ���������������������������;  ���������ly ������������������'';- ������������������������������������;���������'��������������������������� ���������    II. T. HELM BOLD. ������������������  Chemist and Drnggist.of 19 Year's Experience.  (From the largest manufacturing Chemists in  ��������� /������������������; ���������     itke:world.)������������������':���������   ���������   :y-"-.  .  ���������'���������'-.' -Novkmbru "iy 18.>i; .  1 " I am ��������� acqnai n ted wi th iSl r 11. ri ���������. H e 1 m bold;  he. occupied the Drugstore opposite my residence, and was successful in conducting .the ���������  business where  others had not been equally  so be fo re h i ni.\. I :h a v e b ee n fa vo rah I y i m -  pressed wi th his cha rac (er a a d e n I e. r \ > iise.!?;  !}���������������������������   --'--  :   .y.WILLIAM ^VIGHTMAK,-   '.  -...'������������������������������������������������������ ^Firm.ot Powers and Weightnian,������Maii.i!.-::  . factu'ri np . C11 e ni i sts. N i n th a u d Bro w u ���������  ��������� Streets, Philadelphia". ���������-:'.'.  FLUID 'EXTRAQT./x.y  '. Ah  Executed, with' neatness,.car* and disptiioh at the.  iENTIJ^EL.:'.. OFFICE.  ;BAREEKVIIJ.E, B,  G.  PLAIiN"    PRIFTING  tftpMcQA Rates;  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  AND  CARIBOO    RHYMES  BT JAMES ANDEKSOX.  PRICE,       -      -      ,       ONE DOLLAR  Fnrsjilent lh������ Pkntlvbl f)!fics  pwi, lire* of c ha is? -j  For weakn es.s ari s i n g f ro tn i n d is c r e t ion. T-li e  exb au sled p o we rs of JN a ti i re w Lieli a re ; a c *���������'  companied by so. many . alarming symptoms,  iinu).ng which wi 11 he ibnitd I ndispusition i o  ������������������Exo'rtion. Loss o f M em o ry. Vfakef11111 ess. Ho r-  ror.of Disease, or Forebodin<^s ot* Evil.:, \tt  fact, Universal Lassitude. Prostration and inability to enter, into tbe-enjoy meals of society  GQISTITUJIOE-  i    . , .      ���������  ���������   .    ���������   ���������������������������: ���������    '*��������� ��������� .-' ��������� ��������� i  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  the'aid of Medicine to strenirtffen-nuirinyijror-*  atelhe system, which HKL MB OLD'S EX-.  TRACT BUCHU invariably does. If no  treatment is submitted to,Cousuinpiion'or Insanity ensues. .  HELiBOlB'S FMIBEIIMGf BUCHTJ*  AMD  IMPROVED ROSE VV^ASH    .  will radically exterminate from the system;  diseases arising from habits of dissipation, air'  little expense, little or no change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.  '       USE'  lELffiBOLD'S FLUID EXTRiCTBDCHU  iii all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause-  orijrinnting:, and no matter of how long standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure Lite remedy at  once.  ; All the above diseases require tho aid of a  Diuretic. H13LM I)0LD:SLXTRACT I* UCHU  is the great Diuretic.  j������0*Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $1 25 per bottle, or (i Dottles for S(i 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptoms  in all communications.  ADDRESS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,"  Dituu and CuKMicAi, Wauhiiousk,  5 f) I Broad way, Ne w York,    .  ISqxb arm Gem;ink unless done up in steel  engraved   wrapper, with .fac-simile of, my  ad f<n*'������r<iH hr j Chemical Wweliousc, and signed  wyi������     I   '0029 3. T. HEL3IEOLD.  m'  m  yy  a  m  am  ���������ny  "y'4  yy  .    i;7  : y  f7.:.-.T.S  gBsamBBii


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