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The Cariboo Sentinel Feb 20, 1875

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 t^jg^miMMa^Kfjm^j^ax^^ i j^rf^rj^^'ijstgHfl^^
hy tlie 19
ike Wt%
idd & \y
n>    IEh
Vol 17
Barkerville,; William Creek, B.C., Saturday, FebruaryA 0,! 1875,
/ he
bw'oat biivn
��"h>; puim,^.-
Ay ^tiyxa\i
?' ^AUG
ii ���jhcvrhito
**�� BtTil-tV^
AVJlfi jj] \vt'i i
Published every Saturday by
iSabsoriptibhv -   ���:'-26,C��nts tier Week.
R.yrittOFADVEKtH    IN     '-.���.;!
.For-'no:8quuVe(ouolaoh)}nj"6tia8ortloD, '..".  $3
*' *   '��� -    onomoiiihV'.''*'��� 16
ffurtwoiquarei. (IrsHuiertton,     -   -   ...     6^
* * i i one month. -     I -
Agents for the.** Cariboo Sentinel.��j
Tan Wink to.     -
Qujsncl mouth,
H-1 la <;reoky    ���   ���
OUaton,    ���".���''
NT..M- 'ViBtm'nst^r
Vif!<>iriii;������ ��� ���'. -v-.:
0 **���1 v��tt   ��� -    .  -
*      �� Lindsay.
.   m...    Barn a nV 1Expros.*
-   .*- j    tfarimrcl ?��� Rxpref *-
' -5'. Barnard's Expjrcs?
d'�� do.
.John Wurrajy
V ������"*���*'     -Mr Shalci-spV��ar'.-
80 C^rnhliL London, E.r
Card?, Circular* P^?****��*^ nrri��-rVrrrh^P f r
Ballsand Theatrical Entertainments:
���ftst'Cutei) witli nc'atnes'^ah'Tlippa^h
No more CpIdiFeet!
LADIES' DRESSES. .'. -     ���
I will durinp the win for receive other Good*
selected from the best Kouaeein Victoria.
NiaVgAl^EKTiiSKMENTS.        j -������
\A>S.J!|>   V    j
X".w tiiy\
v'T'!i*.'tT' ?. vl
.!Tj":fii-��-&'{Stylo-4V* vst
icuUir j,:;���.-?'
!��an ..'i'.M.rt.
fi\ tn-V in, Mil
tlUtmi $
ch r��?;-.ffr '|||I
n.7n-;-! fl ISlf
"fr^i.s Hjj
jjs ji t :: K^
n.tff-h o'!;��i-.' Rf^fi
t-fii'-c'.]    l"IXy^
ff"':>r''' ^s
1 '���''���rl a ^B
si?em f)37
tl rv--r
5^:1 it'ij
^ ''j
Kotice to Claimants of
������-/AX --..-iLaild, iyi
ljLlco7,t district.
]VTO'^^lfv tli  hi ret)y csv��*h'/tT��a-l''-Tn 'Record
*���'     ��tn(!���� with 1 hi' n'ro\;iHniiA ��.f ihe -k L?tV:
Aoi". 1"H74 ?* th** f��il'.��)wijJir hind? Hininv in the
y J Ms trie' of Ln'��ov��t.  opn����sjie itly Jlr.c (Jre^li
>%hf n��mk r>r |��>}\����t? Rivr����\j fMvche^n wh
ifir}'U*;i hy P.ii.rvi��yji. -\n.\- M;\|>h  thert'ul   bavi
V;ls*����r!  df'biiijirf.j   ju  iijo' Utiioi b( C:E. l*oi>f ���
't'Stj.^Crintoii :
S.��ctions 1,2 !?.
Fast -half uf .S/ctinn!4.
..��� .       ���*       ji
s:��-ciloin 10. II. and; 12.
I'Y-.tzfJbintiijS^fM-teufi \"X 11.
!      W'iyJ half hi Section :IX
K'i Ih half of S.'otion 1(>.
. Se..iii>.ns 20. 21, 22.
Kracfioiial ck^-ito 2/>.
S^c'iotl's 2G. 27, 28."2��,.34.
S-��'.j<h  half of Si'Ctii'M 3.5. ;
Fi-,ic t i on a t Sue li on 36.: >-' j
Aud that claimants of any pori?on.r��f thi*
Ujol who have not ohlAimvl Crown Gratis
tlifef*��f;#honlii prove up their claims in ac
cord.tnce wilh Cianseil. " Larul Act. 1874.??
Fornis of proof And declarations can bv
oMainod at (ho office of the Commissioner.
Cllutun. >:-:  ' '���!
:.;      y        ROBERT jREA VEST.   |i
v C?hief Commw��iioner^Laaiil3|and Works'
Lands and Works Office,       ..    :
Victoria. Dec. 19, 1874.      . ��� y '0,
���fl&rr'A\l orders from outlying district
prompt ly attended to and thankfully ro-
oeivrd. ��� ���.-.'
All the above :Gdo4s;Glteap
V-;- ibrfcash. ;.
���   w b. Moses -y
.. Pit rk f-rr 1 He -.'Dot. .5..; -: .   . VV... .. ,\. *., \ 7<To5 ':
.-Frank Perrjett,���;-���:
i   out. ^t as nv.tcli com fort for .the Lan'T nun as
��W other jiv.ii crin proviilc for. tho taiau amount of
c-ji!i in'-the fclmpc of '    " * "*
���..���'_ pyyy ;my9  pypyy.
��� p. , n 1 ,.i. ����� .��,^...^o.���...��-...      ,  .,   _,   ,.   , .  ..��� ,      ��� ,-
liogfers ,& .Wilson,
;   .[Successors to _D. Kurtz U. Oo.rI
hotels.- restaurants; &c.
- ' ������" PROrBIETOK;
The, Gele"brated XXX Ale
vllHje raanuructured eutl^oW by Wholeau}Q-jxrt<: Zv
:aiIn Its purity,and . *
The best liiq[uors-fe Gigarw
7   '" ' '"���'       .:  "    .'���.���������-     -' ���      ���.   ".. ii ������ ��� X
aoostantiy kopt'��n haaill;; 	
The Lodging ^Department
wil! bo always carefully attendc.��i- to. ;��Bd tlie bf��
Bods and accoiBuiddatioa provided' for their *��*.
.(omera- :   v-   ��� -. ���;...������:;,   y: y- y^tf
"........7i   .   OF TilE BEST QUALITV. ; -.. ;���;
N";B ���To fill up' the time,' I will attend to;tht
���-. V T A ILQRiNG:; BUS J NESS.;" } y
ApA. mwlSQ UACHfNf? .w?rV or qrory tle.fcrfptfnr.
wiM ho done ul the shortest nolle a ist r����isoiiabl
Winter. Arrangement,
l.arnard: &', ���oAs
*3m :
. t (Ca r r v i ng Ho r .M j\j es t y fa Mai Is,)
'!''���'' FOR NEWjWESTAflNSTER..
RcaclilngYaloin.ttraetoconnoctiWith tha : ���.  - ;���
"'*'*''''    iv*|*g;^--'*',tS*',Sisi'
7 ;tobacg6,
.y: -.= :y^7::PBpyisi6N^:
D2��y Goods aad Clothing:
. 49*'AII-g.3o<!*or the Best Quality and n't: ih.
Lowest Prices. ���'  ���  ��� '
'BjirkcirrlllvMay'8.. myfl 6m
.  Quesnelmoiitk, B.C;,
���Whori there are still plenty of tho best b>anJ�� 01
Britjy-; Oolurriblij
it!���> k./ a ia-. ^ JLttXJL^' JL .��� c-  J>X1 -HA J7i i.v x  ��
STANLEY/ ^:;LIGn^^|jR^;
;:Phe above 'Restaurant is. now Opened at
..ly wo.-.uppt-r cud of to\viivwlior? BbarJ cm he had
�����y the work or RirifiJe men Is: A' fcue! Sfuloch ia* el so'
.���.ttacliedj.suoplied with ,���,������'    ������.'..y:���'.- -  y    *.;���>
The Ifest Liqiiors& Cigars,
���, and Cak^ daily.
... ho28 3m ���.-. JOIINMAIIER:
n rri v ing at, Clin ton. .ori: -wedn esday s; and .'Barker
���viH(&:'o'ri^ Saturdays.
AdministratorvyHotia V
���iii llio.matter of  the  Kstate and EffVets Pi \'$lp\s$m b��avw Barkervlllo op, Sundays, arrive fa
{JAMES O'BRIEN, deceased, intcBUteJ
ALL Persons wlio ��� aro indebted to the
above .fidUtto arj* r^qujreil. to p:iy the aMiwuOts
*\h3 forthwith; uiul all puMons'who imve any claims.
flfciiiiiiKt the Siii. I fetato uro nquinvl to sen! in ihi-ir
<i.cc;:j?iits; duly proved, ob or-bel'oro tho i8.tli day:6f
I'iibrnun-, IS75, to .    ������
Otliciil Ailnjinislmtbr.
J)ateflTiotnri-i, 1st Decombor. t$Hi . it**2fl
And other Farm.Produce; at-VERY LOW RATES.
......     Also,a general asaortmoDt-of
GROCERIES,^- ��� 'i��'&���'/-'   ' ' l4
;BOQtS   fc 7^HPa8,4Pi
K3T Commission, Storage ajicl jrorwtrdiug buBJnbsV
done.at reasonable rales, ���������������       ���   ���.'.'*' .':��� '���
my 3 'm
^OTICE   13   HEllEBY   GUXS   THAT   >M��P!.ICl-
-iS    lion will hu  ma flu at tho m-xt rji^Fsiun of tho
i.(.'},'is!.\iivu Assembly of tiu Proviacu of British tJo-
1 Tlaihia by tlto
A.NJJ WTUil CU.\U*ANr (Lifniied;,J
for an Act to -ron.ew' in favor of the 'sul I Company for
ft nirihur ]>-rio4 or ton'y...-:irs from ihe 29Lh* cmv of
W-ftiU, ISI6, all an J sinful *.r the rfctftte, privil-soHand
2"a ft (11? ooii re rr ad u jr > n t [! o in by. tu e c ��� V.'i Ll i ims Croc k.
rinmoOruuiancn ayOO I*��
\ tiwseitt'im. *<&
iA\ ti ton on Thursdays a o '.1 Va l^. on S'aturd ay u.
Oniuftcts at Cache Cr'jok with , Vance's Express fi
Okanagan. .
AtUltiton'wjlTi Ft-rgitHOti's ExprfSB fhr Lillooet, .-
An-l Willi 6'tTiglitvrr�� ExprtJtfS tox i>����g: Crook, ;
: ��� At;;QiiftsaelinouIh with  Syivestor1 s  Express   for
.; F.   J-  BARNARD   a  CO-i
Freight and passengers carried through at reasonable utos ���.    '"...��� v,   '
For rates of Freight an-! Passage, .npply. to ,
:     , :    , --        GEO, BVHXES, Agont, . "
..no? Barkemile.
dated loth May, 1872, from an olil inhabi-
tarit of Horn!ugsHam, near Warminster,
"   Wilts:-
i4t must also hog to say that your I'lllif are
;an excellent moilicino for nip, aii'i I nertainly ,
do onj >y J?aoii health, souml siiU'p, an<i h
goo-I appetite.   This is owing t*j taking your
Pill.'*.    I am 78 yonrs old.
C| Remaiaiitfi* G>atl3��ie'n, yours very re-
���AT TUK���
Keep on Iiand everything
���B2P!lBlIi'IIIII8[SlIR   ���
II Half-Way House, ik nuw prrpared to dfler yoo.l
.c.commoJaiionsJ to. Toamster?. a nu\-ply of -0��ta
tU'l. Hay will always he kept eri hand and sol.t at
reasonable rates. ~"   .      -.,���������������
Tho Bir ia supplied wHU tho besJWica, Liquor*
*nd Cl��&ra.   . , . - ,        y
Private Secretary's.Office,
17th Dccomber, 1874..
.Ris Excellency, the Tii en ten an I Governor .
has been j>leased, to appoint AxnKRT Kmrro^
.iiGHARiis, Esquire, a liarrister of iirflisb" Qy,      *;
���npxb vi; to b e a No tary Vnb Up,:       ���, *-.
;; v   Private Secre la ry's Otili'p*., x-"'.
: : 10th December, 1874.
His Excellency tlie: Lientem��nt-Governo��
���lW oh the flh June, 1873, pleased to'appoint
LIkxky Glasson OoiJETXKr. Psquire. AUor-= '
ney and Solicitor in the Suj/rAine Cfturt of
B ri tish Columbia; to be a No ta iy pub i ict
His Excellency tbo LiputenaptrGo.vernorAn
Council has been pleased to appoint Alla.v
GitAUAM, of Mansoa Creek; Esquire, to be
Coroner in and for Ibe District of Omineca.
His Excelleucr the. Lieutenant-Governor
in Counci 1 has 6eei\ p-1 eased to p]ace Aijuuf
GiiA!iA?.r, of Matison.'.Creek, Esfjuire, oii tht*
Commission of the Peace ia and for the Djs��
irict of Oniiheca." ���
��� TrovinciaI Srcrotary'.sQ/liQ^,
24U) Dekmi ber, 18H.
Tho  t.i;?uten?int-Gnvrr:inr in  Ofmncil   luis   b<-i|-
pleasoil  to place thy following  gcntl men Yji Uivi
t'sunmlss.in��.i>rtlje Fcuee:  ,
Alexander LivnsAY, of LtgUtniTi^ Creek, E?qu ��*'
Rr thu'Oisirict of tariboo.    . ��� ���*
A!ai:k Basks; .Tons Hkyde.vv Thomas A. Bplklsy,
of Namiimo,  Esquires, f.ii't Frrdfkiok  Wimjiuha^
IBjWHl Jr--_.
���2m B3a  TIIE-CARIBOO SENTINEL  sgz  SATURDAY, FEB. 20, 1S75.  MR WALKRM/THE RAILWAY. AND THE  DOMINION ESTIMATES.  Tbe interesting and important news which  we publish in another column will bo read  with interest by every cine.   Mt Walkem's  eonstif uenla and, friends in Cariboo will be  Rlad to hear ot bis safe arrival at Victoria  after the successful accomplishment. of bis  mission to England v the only.regret on .their  part will be Ihat^distance interposed to pre*  vent their joining the people of Victoria in  welcoming home an able and faithful public  servant.   Tbe statement made by.Mr Walkem  that actual work on tbe Victoria and Nanaimo  section of the Pacific Railway will bo commenced on the lOtb March next, and the fact  that a large anra-of moriey'has been placed  Son the Dominion Estimates for. Railway const nicti on, will raise the drooping spirits of  4boae who doubted if the road would ever be  comm^Hced, and strengthen tbe.faitboif othes  who never shared this doubt.   We sincerely  li ope that iu future the people of British Co-  fl������mbia will never bave; occasion;again to  compluin of the bad faith .of the Dominion  Government in carrying out its .engagements.  , As we understand there is some doubt a? to  ihe correctness of the figures- S6,250.000-for  Pacific Railway, th3.varions itein9ru nder that  Wading footing up  only   $4,500,000,   it is  necessary in order to dispel this doubt to say  i b a j; i he 1 h tier amou nth as b een ap p ro p riated  out'of (he principal sura for works of co ���������  Vriiclion  in  connection "with the  railway,-  leaving a balance.of $1,750,000y.still unrip-  propriated.*' 'The;;'large. sum .of $500,000 is  placed under the heading - of ^Pacific. Rail  way3;! for. re moving rocks from the K Fraser  river. .Can H be possible that ������ the man of  water stretches".still;sticks to his insane hobby  :e\ utilizing a riverlike the Fraser in con nee  tto'h  with -Jibe;; rail way <?-/��������� ���������; $500,000    for  the, Georgian branchv section of the road  appears strange do the British Columbia appro-  priutioris; it is probably the sum fixed for  the 'Island/railway. -I If correct, it shows  the   effect   of   the   . wholesome   pressure  brought to bear upon Mr Mackenzie by Lord  -Carnarvon in-favor of a road entirely through  British territory.   According-to the figures,  $1,500,000 of .tbe $4,500,000 appropriated will  be expended on the Mainiand,:.viz., $LO0O,(iCO  for Telegraph and construction of Roadway,  which sum will be increased by the cost, of  surveys, &c.   This  is  a  matter of  uncer-  ���������tiinty, however, as it is not very clearly  stated in the telegram.   We have no doubt  that when a complete statement is published  it will be found that the interests of the Main  s. Sand.have not been neglected,*,.  rpijff? pt?r> r>(\ntr  Pirru-n rim?o ������ %.txr  1 been laid, at an expense of $250,000, enabling  the following claims to bo worked:���������California, Tyack, Cornish, Six-toed Pete, Steadman,  Dutch Bill, McLaughlin, Well Mary Ann,  Brou8e,-Wil3on, Casket, Forward* Excelsior,  Sunflower, Jenny Lind, Simms.*Wide West;  and -next summer two more companies���������the  Hurdy and Reid���������will be added to the list,  Tbe Flume Company also employs a large  number of men, whose wages circulate in tbe.  communky and,benefit our business people  generally. Taking intovy. consideration,  then, the fact that the entire; community.h-  largely benefited by tbe operations of this  Companyjor tbe reasons we have "stated, the  renewal of the'charter; will be unanimously  endorsed by every one in Cariboo.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  -     NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  WILLIAMS CREEK.  The Grizzley co. (McMillan & Bingley) have  got on to good pay ; took out 10 oz. from a  4 foot set yesterday, Big Larry & Co., working below Caraerontoni njflo struck good pay  yesterday���������a top streak -washing up about  10 oz. from a small set :'��������� ������������������'' ���������-���������'- , ~ ��������� P  conkltn ouLcrr.   '������������������/.  The Cora co. had 31 oz. up to yesterdays-  Nothing new from the other claims. ���������        ��������� '  y ) LIGHTNING CRBEK.    ;.  Van Winkle co. washed up 1.40 oz last  week, Victoria co 500 oz., Vancouver cb. 70  oz: This week all three companies are entirely off pay.. Vulcan co. had a little over  expenses last week, and 22 oz on Wednesday.  Costello still continue, running*iuto the bill  with one drive, and find the rock raising ; the  down stream drive is said to look more favorable'; had about 13 oz. on Wednesday.  MORTGAGEE'S SALE.  By virtue of a power of sale contained in a  certain mortgage.ot Lands.and Chattels from  Ah Sub, deceased, Mortgagor, late of Van  Winkle, to Woxo Wee, Merchant,, of Van  Winkle, I have been instructed by the Mortgagee to sell by Auction,  AT   BARKERVILLE,  On Wednesday, Feb. 24th,  NEW ALVERTISEMENTS.  Important Auction Sa le  ���������OF-  Government  Lands  At Twelve o'clock, noon,  kT,  ;. Ben j. :F.IIaktmas.-~ Your brother is in the  employ of MrjThaddens Ilarp^r, at tlie Kara-  16bps; Ranch, wberef your letters will reach  him. .'-PP "P!.        ' P  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  That  Situated on Dog Creek,  Formerly owned by MoaeslPigion, and;by  hira; sold to the Mortgagor, being Lot 7.  Group U, of Lillooet District/containing One  Hundred and Sixty Acres more or less.with  the improvements thereon erected ; Dwelling:  flous<v Barns, Stables; Fencing, Ditch and  Water privileges, &c;; &c, tkiereunco belong.:  ing:., .-.���������- .--'-��������� : . ���������'...���������   ''.'��������� ':   .,��������� '.'..���������  ��������� ALSO,���������  mess  ?  Far  j.������l6  61TUATE ON  rev,  North Arm, Burrard  J. P. DA VIES & CO  H:ivo receive J lnstsuctiong from  HON.   ROBERT   BEAVEN, Chief Comt������fsMon*r of  LttntUaml Work*, to Fell by Puiijic Auction,  by ordcr.uftboPruviucl.il Government,  victoria; B;C.,  GEO. BYRNES..  .  Auctioneer.  The Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume Co.  will apply at. the next session of the Legislature for the renewal of their charter, which  ���������expires by   limitation next year.    As the  notice of application has appeared in this  journal for the past three months, and as we  have heard of no opposition to  its renewal  it iaay bo taken for granted that.no person in  this district has any objection to offer agaiusi  it.   It is perhaps  unnecessary, therefore, to  refer to the matter in these columns, with the  object off recommending the renewal of the  charter to the favorable consideration of the  .Legislature,.although our doing so woiild bt*  only an act of justice to the Company, which  has endeavored by every means in its power  -to fulfil the requirements of the existing char  ter and  to, carry to a successful issue" the  o b j ec t o f"I h e en ter prise���������Ihe openi ng up f o r  miuing of nearly two miles, of the upper end of  Williams Creek.   We cannot let? the oppor  t'wriity  pass,   however,, without   placing on  record the good results and the great benefit  ihe miners of  Williams Creek have derived  from the Bed-Rock Flume, without which il  would   have  been   impossible, to  work  the  claims at the upper end of the creek, which  now yield  yearly  largo amounts   of  gold.  Up to tbe present time 6^00 feet of flume has  To the Ladies and Geo tlemerV fesi den ts o I.  Quesnelle, among the latter more especially  Measrs. Dntiijj, y������1 more, Barlow, Greeo,  Gil Ies, Reld, S tone,. Shep herd������ G i rod, JUxg-.  T^arty^and Skinner";^'p-y- ;4ry;'5-'  LAPIKS AND GKKTLEMBN^y     .'���������' '���������  The .nudersigpe^jVwbo were[a porlion of  your guests at the late Ballheld at Quesnelle,  ask permission in this public manner to; thank  you individually' and collectively for the  hearty welcome tendered us,;and; the generous  h o s pi tai i ty sho w n d uri ng oii r stay a ra o ng y on.  We each and all feel that our ^heeting with  you has been one of the pleasantest episodes  in our life, and we trust that the. kindly feelings. engendered by it may iro on and in  crease, and that the Quesnelle Ball may be but  one of a series.of such pleasant gatherings.  Wishing you all long life, prosperity, and  much'happiness,      "���������*    "..   ;  We remain.'  Yours very cordially,.  Alex. Lindsay,  Jumes Elder,  John Wilson.  J.Denny,'  A. McDonald.  Wm. Ellis.:  Geo. Byrnes..'  T. R. Patlullo,  James Gerald,  Andrew Fltstcbur.  Samuel Scott.  John Armitage.  Wm. Houseman,  JohuBowron.  .  S. A. Rogers.  Lightning Creek, Feb. 18,1875.  BARKERVILLE.  E3A f   BOA  The price of Board at (Ms Restaurant has  been reduced to^  Eight Dollars Per Week  SINGLE M^ALS,"���������   FIFTY CENTS.  BEDS,   -   FIFTY CENTS.  ...... f ._  From 6 to 12^ cents per lb  FLOUR, y  BUTTER,  .   $8 per 100 lbs,  -   60 cents per lb.  AND ALL KINDS CF  On Monday, March 8? 75,  AT TWELVE O'CLOCK, NOON.  Tho imdcrrae tionod Sections:  Block 3 N.  . Ranges West.  S.-crion.  Acr*  it  ���������������  i  *   mo  i������  - ���������! ���������  2  ���������   1"0  . ���������������  *������  3  1(H)  .     4  1IK1  ���������������  5  im  ��������� ������  6  1C0  ���������i   ���������  t������  v      7  160  ������������  *t  8  m  ,,  O  1C0  ti  10  16i1  ���������������  11  1 ������  12  163  n  ���������;6  ���������14  J^3  15  151*  16  no  17  ]hd  ���������������  ������������  18  20  107  14  21  S3  22  li  TUB  E  Apply to  feI3 3m  THADDEUS HARPER,  Clinton.  Barkerville & Riclifield,  :   Importer and Dealer in  LIQUORS, CIGARS,  TOBACCO,  GROCERIES, and  PROVISIONS  WHICH HE WILL SELL  d<^5  SAM.   WALKER,  Barkerriile.  s  AND  ���������'S -MEDICAL  DISCOVERY  FOR ALL INTERNAL COMPLAINTS,  Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Head Ache, Tooth  Ache, Etc.  Thctto Tn fallible Modicinos .oan ha got from'W'm  JL^Sittt lns:;B:irbPr ������bop, Stanley, J'.ightuiDJz  uroek-.    He can il required give uumeroua refaTRnf-pt  ���������   207  209  210  211  212  *.13  214  215  210  220  221  V25  226  227  228  2u4  Aer^.  1������J0  ISO  203  m  Ui  259  213  76  250  Ul  163  43  quiroa g  as to the efiicat-y-of the above.  merous roferencen  ja30 lm  arge sap.  ������2  rin  iSocilions.  121  122  123  124  325  120  |Acr<>8.  IflO  377  219  200  2S3  137  TRRMS C.  fiOtf  'ASH���������Ton (10) p^r cpnt as soon as ������"*  the balance must be pm-l within tlireo (3) fay* *l l]  1/ukIs ani Wwk? Olllce, Victoria, where certiu*111,9  of purchase will be issued.  ���������&%.Fuil particulars, with Maps of tbe same, catt  be iiud of the Auctioneers at an early date.  fe6  J. V. DA VIES & CO.,  Auctioneers  THE  Oeorj  by slet  -awaited  ���������carriagi  ter of #1  , Land81  througt  was dri  by!* bt  Mr W  ���������fluid act  Uailwaj  on Marc  Avill arr:  ���������1 Siprgrez  'Chilcotc  Main la h  Riitou  coveries  ; lars���������gaici  ���������with rue  ���������Clihto  with a I  Jnjr for J  Weatl  iog.  There  on'Feb:  ���������-. iTictor  the Mlo  Qttriw  1i������rpst *������n  . lowihgte  mates fu  MJircuit a  ������ nigra ti  Pacific ;F  for fc  Kiiartv  -arid;fa  y of eon  gi m b  for wo  Ayrii  Public b  prtniittht  .Subsidy  Line,;  Teiegrarj  Victoria  Mail sen  Kneper .1  Lighthon  Nariaimo  Victoria.  ��������� mainta  Buoys at  Fishery  Marine I  Shipwie  Travellir  tor, y  ���������I odiaiig,  Siirveyin  Telegrap  Postal it  New '.i  Internal!  stating ti  or Leacl  t> Irish c  a'so. but  .1000 and  Hie com  ra itch  New ^  Catholic  has writ I  tionshun  Patrick's  sive exp'  parades  aliens of  Dublin  ioml, cot  and Sanfc  by foolii  I repentant  Paris,  McMahon  willing tc  Btitutiouu!  fflMWtroDWWSftlr^SiWBWw^ \  TjIE CARIBOO SENTINEL  ~~~    SATURDAY, FEB. 20, 1875.-  Acr i.  no  :: i������o .  100  Am :  Am  ico  160  160  m  ISO  I;������  lo3  id  TX  15*  HO  169  30?  16  82  .1*  Arri v������l of Mr Walkem at  Victoria.  [SPKCfAL TO SENTINEL]  Victoria, Feb. 15���������11 n.m,  George Anthony Walkera has just arrived  by steamer Nor tb.; Pacific.    A big crowd  awaited him at the- landing.   He  entered  a  ���������carriage with the P-rovincial Secretary, Minister of .Finance, and Chief Commissioner of  Land3 and Works, in.^bich be was escorted  ihrougb the principal streets.   The carriage  waa driveu by Mayor Druuamond, and headed j  &y, a brass band.     ' ;_    V  yA.: ' '  '   ' .         Victoria, feb\ 18-li.inA  Mr Walkem, in a speech made at bughouse  fluid actual work on the Viotoria and Nanaimo  Kail way and Telegraph would be commenced  on March lUih. Chief Engineer Marcus Smith  ;Mu!l arrive here by first steamer m March., Mr  Jlargreaves, G;R.> n.as .gone to  purvey- the  Cbi 1 coten and : Bltick River eecii 6a* Pu. llie  Mainland. - -���������---^���������:   ^. Gust we Dore is seriously ill.  . iLqndpn, '15th���������Karl Blind, a German politician, has been seriously injured by a fanatic  who.assaulted bim. "  Berlin, I2ib*���������Tbe State Council has determined to prohibit the importation of American potatoes.  London, IGth���������The British steamer George  'Batters is supposed to be lost with 21 person*  on-board.  Madrid, 16th���������The Carlists "on the North  coast have.again fired a steamer engaged in  the telegraph cable service.  London, 16th���������John Mitchell-is returned to  Parliament from Tipperary without opposition. Dr. Kinneally, counsel for the Ticbborne claimant, is elected to Parliament for  Stoke on-Treht by 2000 majority, ;  '��������� Iu the House of Commons to-day Hardike,  Conservative, moved for copies of tbe certifl-.  : R11 uj o r on the street ab on t rich gol d d is.  coyeries on the Isluud. Fuiir thousaud dollars said to have been extracted in a few days  with rude implements.  ;    y THE EXPRESS.  V Clinton, 18th���������JBarhard & CoAe  Express,  with a large mail, left  h*������re yesterday morning for Bukerville.   No passengers. *  Weather very mild; snow last disappear-  There will be a grand -ball at Doc: Creek  on Feb. 22d.  VrCTOR5A;;  ��������� .  Yictoria, 16th -Tbe Standard of today has  the fallowing special:   ..'  .Ottawa, 12th���������After the usual votes for in -  1������V'est ������������n sinking fund, salaries, <fec, tbe fo!  . lowing appropriations-Rpr0*** ���������������������. ^i������������ b������������������-  nutea fur Columma tor 1875 and 1876 :   :  Circuit allowances,-  yy, $15,000  fcriigratiob Agent, :   1,000  Pacific Railroad, including $1,000,000  for Telegraph and construction; of  Roadway. $-000,000 for steel raila  ...and fastenings. $500,000 for works  '���������! of construction.- $n00,000 for Georgian brtiuch subsidy, and .$500,000'  for works of navigation for removal  of .rocks from Fraser river,    6.250.000  Public building*, 35.000  Penitentiary, 10,000  Subsidy Western   Union  Telegraph  ���������..Line,. '4.000  Telegraph Line Victoria to Nanaimo,    9.000  Victoria Ilarbor, Ji.OOO  Mail service, San Francisco, 63.000  Keeper Victoria Lighthouse,- 600  Lighthouse, Cape Beale,    .    . 1,200  Nanaimo Lighlhou^e, 800  Victoria   Lighthouse-Outfit   $200.  ymaintainance and repairs $350, 550  ���������'��������� Buoys and Beacons, ���������   270  Fishery Overseer, 2.000  Marine Hospital, 2,000  Shipwrecked. Seamen, 500  Travelling expenses Steamer Inspector, 500  Indians, 25,000  Surveying Boundary Alaska, 100,000  Telegraph Line, ' . ' 33,000  Postal service,                                     80,000  UNITED STATES.  New York. 15th���������Major Leach, of the Trish  InternalionaI Rifle teain. has written a letter  stating that the annual match for the Ireland  or Leach Chjlienge Shield, heretofore open  tvlriah clubs only, is now open to Americans  a so. but to no other nations, Tho ranges are  .1000 and 1100 yards, the shield to remain in  the country of the winning team . till the  match  New York, loth���������Ryan. President of the  Catholic Total Abstinence Union of America,  has written a letter advising that the organiza  tion should not take.' part,in parades on St-  .Patrick's day, partly ori life ground of excessive expense, and partly for the reason that  parades detract from tlie religious associations of the day."  cate of trial and conviction of John Mitchell  In 1848, and the official notification of bis  escape and the proclamation offering a reward for his apprehension ; also tor copies of  a dispatch from the Governor la Van Die-  man's Land relative to the granting a ticket-  of leave to-and the subsequent escape of  Mitchell. .       . :���������;.  ::  Nolan regretted that nearly all the Irish  members had left the House, thinking business was over. He. called attention to the  fact that the Government did not arrest John  .Mitchell when he waa in Ireland last year.  Disraeli gave notice tbat he would move  on Thursdrtj a resolution declaring that as  John Mitchell had been adjudged priiilty of  felony and sentenced to transportation, and  as he has ueitber endured the penalty nor received pardon, he is ineligible for election to  the Ilouse.of Commons ; and that a fresh writ  of election be ordered for Tippefary.  r Suliivan. a member from the south of Ire-  land, jblamed the Government fur .precipitancy. Irish legal authorities supported the  eligibility of Mitchell,  Sir George B������vwer, member for Wexford,  protested against the course of the Government.       -..'.''.: 1'AX  ; Hardike's motion;was adoptedr���������174 to 13.  Oa motion, the' debate dn the subject was  fixed for Thursday next. ...    Martin, member forMeath, gave notice that  he would move to morrow for the production  of additional papers regarding t"be.comQOsi.t  Alex. Moiiat, sworn.���������On the 13th January,  it 15 minutes to.8 p.m., I bad occasion to go  to the back of Neufolder'e store, when I saw  a man standing at the. door of the jvater-  ctoset; spoke to him and told bim to get out  of the way ; be didn't reply, .when I caught  hold of Mm and he fell down ; the man was  drunk ; it was very cold ; bis mitts had fallen  off and were lying oni ��������� the ground; I then  -wentto Neufelders aud told Mr Edward Neu-  f el der that somebody was behind his bouse  drunk, and be advised me to look for. Chief  Constable Lindsay ; did not find the Constable ; I then went to Kwong Lee's and took  Ah Chong to near.where the man was lying ;  I then went to the engine-house J this was the  last I saw of the Chinaman. '.-. * ��������� =.  Edward C. Neufelder corroborated Mount's  testimony* /      ���������  Jon. Nutfc J.P., sworn.���������At the time specified by previous witnesses Alex; Moiiat came  to the Library and iuformed me tbat a drunken  Chinaman-was lying on the hill behind Neu-  fel.dera and would freeze if he was not taken  care of;*. told bim to, go to Kelly's hotel,  ceediugi at the trial oi Mitchell.  *egp-*������  CORONER'S INQUISITION.  A Coroner's Jury was * worn iu on Tuesday  last, at IL a.m.. by Dr. Chipp (acting as  Deputy for the Coroner, who h in a pof������r st-ite  of health), to enquire into the cause of the  death of. Iviim Soon, a Chinaman, who died at  Barkerville on the-8th February from the  efieets of frost.  After the.Jury had been sworn,  Mr G. W. Robinson ask*d tho Deputy  Coroner if ho c-mld appear at-the inquest on  bdialf of ihe Crown?  The Deputy Coroner���������No ; not without you  have been em powered to do so.  Mr Robinson thnn usked if he could appear  on behalf of ibe dead Chinaman?  The Deputy Coroner���������Certainly, if bis  friends have authorised you to do so.  Mr Robinson failed to produce authority to  act for the deceased, or to show that he had  even been asked to do so by deceased's coun-  U'ymett. Not at all undauuted, Mr Robinson  then said he would claim to appear in the interests of Hu inanity.  The Deputy Coroner paid he could not permit the interference of unauthorized and irresponsible parties.  The first witness���������a Chinaman���������was then  where he would, find Lindsay; Mr HoUoway  was present at the time, and auggeatedl that it  would be better to inform the Chinamen ; Mr  Holloway afterwards went out and returned  in a few minutes, saying tho Chinaman was  still lying on the ihill; I then immediately  went to Kelly's and found Lindsay j told bim  n Chinaman was lying in the snow, and that  he should'go'and.take care of bim. .. -  G. W. Robinson, swom.-r-On the . 13th of  January last, while in bed, 1 beard rapping  oh the jail, wall, which is within 12 feet of my  house ;. tVepokc to.the-man.whb lives in the  house with.me (Alex. Coutts), and asked bim  wbo.was iu the jail; be told me it was a Ctiir  naman j it was a bitter cold night, and Isaid  it was wrong to keep the man locked up in*  the jnil; Coutts told mo the Constable had a  fire on in the jail and was taking care of the  man ; about an hour after this 1 again heard  the knocking; \ in.the morning, some time be  fore daylight, heard a faint knocking ; I met  Janies McMUlan in the morning, who as*ked-  me if there was not a frozen Chinaman dowu  there ; I replied that it whs too bad, or some  thing to that effect, to have kept the man iu  j*il on such a cold night.* .-y  ���������   .���������  Dr Be^L sworn.���������I received.a letter from  ^;?^?L^^^^������e1lo^  CMaaman who was frozenl tbe-msin.on whom  theinque8tisno w ..b ei b g hel d;;; I. rep l ied th at  I wou Id take, the man tor t hree weeks wi tboo t  charge, and J after that would charge $10 per  week ; f. wfas particular, in making this arrange meujt on account of having ,been taken  in by a Chinese patietit last fail j f met the  deceased;Cjiinaman on tbe road as be was being takcnHo'the hospital; about three hours  afterwards 1 saw bim in the hospital; when  f examined the man in the hospital his legs  were mortifying and he was. crazy; had I  been present when, he arrived I would not  have received the man as he was crazy, and  ! I considered it unsafe to have hira in the same  called at the hospital with milk the day de  ceased was admitted to tbe hospital, and I requested him, on his return to town, to call at  Kwong Lee's and tell him to send.a man to  help to take care ot deceased, of which Kwong  Lee took no notice; this was about 5 p.m.;  about 7 p.m. I sent my Chinaman to renew  the.r������������������quest, and told him to tell Kwong Lee  that if he did not comply I would hire a man  and charge bim $10 a day for his services j  the next morning Kwong Lee. sent two Indians fur the man, with a note stating that on  account of it being Chinese New Year, be had  not time tp cotne to the hospital himself, and  requesting that I would hand over the China  mab t������ tho  Indians ; after reading the note>-  absistance, abd returned wl b (our or five Chinamen and a baad-sleigl!, but the. man" fiad.  been removed during my absence; inquired  of Mr Neufelder where the Chinaman was������and  he told me that be bad bean taken to j������iil;  saw the Chinaman next clay; bis hands and  feet were badly frozen ; don't know bow long  the man.was lying ori the bill; the sick man  was supplied with food and Chinese medi-  ci.aes up to the time of his death.  Chief Constable Lindsay, sworn.���������On the  13th ot January, at 8 p.ra:,T was requested by  Jonathan Nutt, J.P.fto fake charge,of.a Chinaman who was lying behind Neufelder?e  storo; ^understood by this that I was to take  the man to jail, which I did ; when I spoke  to the man first he.would not answer.; tboug-hfr  the man was behind NeufelderVstore for. tho  purpose of committing ^a robbery ; after I  took him to jail the first thing I done was to  light a. fire and fill. the.stove with wood;  waited In'the jail until the piece, was comfortable and then left; the man was drunk ;  he gave me a kick when I was putting bim in  iho cell.; I gave the man a.cup of coffee In  the -morning ; except that' the man?8 hands  were swollen, I did not notice that anything  particular was wrong- with bim  J am es C. M c'Mi 11 an, swo r n .���������The first 11 see n  of the deceased Chinamaa was .when be w������a  being dragged down the street to jail by Cpn-  etablo Lindsay and Frank Peirin on the night  of tho 13th January last; I told Lindsay on  that; night that, if be did not take care'Oj^bia  prisoner he would have a dead Chinamen in  the morning ; L:nd.-ay replied that he was no  flunkey lo Cbinamen,'or words to that effect';  I was under tho impression that the Chinaman was frozen before be;was"taken to" the"  lock.up ; asked Cap. Robinson in the mora-.  ing it there was<not a frozen Chinaman in.the.  jail.-    A: ,., ���������,.   .v  r'.A-   , .- .  .   .:.     y. AA  No fur her evidence beiogyofferedy tho  Coroner directed the Jury to consider the evidence which they had heard and render Iheir  verdict.     ;..  Two Jurymen then stated that the lock up_  was unfit to confine any person ihj'especially  during cold weather ; one. of :them stating  that from Jhis own personal knowledge ther������  was a bole in the building largv enough for a  man to crawl through.,. .;;. .;--/: ,.. . y  'The Jury then resolved' to Inspect the lock*  was thoroughly examined, and: found to be h,  email but comfortable one story log building,  wiell mudded without^ with double floor, and  lined inside witb planed lumber with the ex-  ceptiomofafew feet, . :lt?contains two cells,  lined with-planed lumber, tlie usual grating  for the admiv-ion of air jn the doors. The Sr>fc  cell is 5 feet from the stove (an iron one), the  second���������-io-wbicb the deceased Chinaman waa  confined���������7 feet, and with the exception of  the small grating in the door, perfectly airtight. ., The' large hole stated to exist. in the  lock up was discovered ia cell No. 1, and  proved to be just largo enough for a small  cockroach to squeeze through. The cohering:  used by- the deceased Chinaman the night of  ward with tbe other patients; Mr Wm.Dixon.| his   confinement- was then, inspected,   and  found to oonsist of  2������ pair of single blan  ,.,      , . i told the Indians that I wanted to see Kwong  called, but he did not put in an appearance. e {he man WftH romoved .  L ut.ver  The Deputy Coroner asked if tbe witness ,0romcfM {}mt,,hA mnn should be i  EUROPE. .  Dublin, ltith���������Archbishop Cullen, in a pastoral, condemns the revival mission of Moody  and Sankj, who, he says, promise salvation  by foolish seusationalism without requiring  repentance  Pans, loth���������Noone, to whom President  McMahon applied to form a Cabinet, is unwilling to undertake tha task until the Con-  Btitutional lawa are dt)Ciddd upon..        y-  bad been subpenaed ?  The Chief Constable said ho bad personally  served the several subpoenas, but tbey did  not call tor tbe appearance of the witnesses  until the following day. the 17fh.  After a few words with the Chief Constable  as to the mis-dating of the sub [nan as (which  had been filled up by tbe Deputy Coroner  himself), the Deputy Coroner left the room.  Previous to his departure, several jurymen  demanded remuneration from the. Deputy  Coroner for the loss of time occasioned by  their unnocessaty attendance.  The Jury then separated of their own accord.  About two hours afterwards, tbo Coroner  (Dr. BellVwho had mauaged to come to town,  called the same jury together and proceeded  with the inquisition.    .  It is necessary to state that the inquiry  was held on the demand of Mr G. W. Rubin-  son on * the grounds���������1st. That the deceased  Chinaman had been inhumanly treated by  being confined iu tbe Barkerville lockup, a  place unfit to confine a dog in. %d. That it  was reported tbw deceased Chinaman had  been turned out of the hospital by the  phy  sician  The  in charge  first witness  requested that the man should be taken*out  of tho hospital: I simply requested help to  lake care of bim ; 1' have never refused any  man admission into the hospital, no matter  what his nationality might be ; any report to  the contrary is a base lie ; in all hospitals-the  doctor has power to send out any p alien t who  does not conduct himself properly ; 1 sat up  with the deceased the night he was in the  hospital because 1 had no help ; the man was  in ihe hospital from 12 o'clock noon of one  day until 10 o'clock the next morning;  nothing appeared to have been done for the  man before be was brought to the hospital;  lam certaia the man's-life could have been  saved if he had been brought to the hospital  after it was known that he was frozen; the  man died from the effects of frost, and I believe proper treatment Would have saved him.  Ah Hong alias Kwone: Lee.���������On the night  of the 13th January Mr- Mouat c?jme to my  house and told me a Chinaman was. lying on  the hill; went out with Mouat, who showed  me where the Chinaman was lying; I went  up to the man and asked bim the reason he  was lying there, and told him to get up and  go home;  he replied that 'he would do so  n ,,,p uuo^.uw Vjr  yy  lyj   rhorll7 . j tried toget him up but was unable  ^Xll^gQVQn o do   oj I then went back to my store for1  g������ called waa      _.:_A '  pair ot single  kets and a small woollen rug. No ma Ureases  are provided for prisoners in the Barkervilla  lock-up or the Richfield jail.  The Jury then returned lo tbeir room lo>  deliberate, and after .due consideration returned the following verdict-:���������-.    ���������: ���������-  " That the deceased, Knra Soon,came to his  death from the effects of frost,' and that hia  death was.accelerated by the want of proper  treatment while in charge of bis countrymen-;  and that no blame can be attached to.the constable pr the physician in ch.a/ge of^the hospital for their treatment of tie said deceased.  Kum Soon.  " la witness whereof, as well the aforesaid.  Coroner and the Jurors, have to this Inquisition put their seals.  '* Robert Hollowav (foreman), S. A. Rogers*  Robert Lipsett, W. B. Steele, John Bibby, W.  B. Cameron, John Heden, Andrew Kelly." B.  VanVolkenburgb, Frank Perrett, J. P. Pasco e, Wm. Crawford." .  The Jury suggested that the authorities  should provide more blankets for the lock-up,  those at present provided, although sufficient;  to keep a man from freezing, being inadequate  during extreme cold weather,.   'V.  Ltghtxino Creek Fibe . Bkigade. ��������� Tha  people of Lightning Creek have organized a  ���������hire Brigade, and $600 has been, collected  towards the purchase of an engine, books aiid  ladders, &e.' The Brigade has applied .to the ���������  Government for assistance. ' The following ia  a list of the officers of the Brigade:���������Jo sen h  Denny, Captain ; Samuel Scott, 1st Lieutenant ; Thos. Harding, 2d Lieutenant;. Sam.  Smith, Treasurer; Andrew Fletcher, Secretary.  Mr Cjiaultos hns sold his interests in-the  Vancouver Co., Lightning Creek, to William  Qinesfor $2100,  The Kxpress left Quosnel mouth for Barkervilie at 1 p.m. yosterday. y ,y  Tue! Weather; still co niinuea^a usual ly ,  mild for th^seoaoa ol ihe year.  _;?������������������*������ AiSC&tLA NEOTS.  y-'^'x   BARKSRVILLE,/. "  Auctioneer,Gommissionl  and Mining, Affent^  t^Goodsreeelroti and stored In.FIRE-PROOF  C;������LL.ARt'a!iU' liberal a a va noes made on same, al  r ^onablo rates.':,/��������� ���������:.-. ������������������ ��������� p   -   ���������  : my 9  moxias&sz^^  NOTICES.  c  No  ce.  NOTICES  7&E  STANLY;'   i    y  L1GHTNING.CREEK,  '���������-.*'���������      ���������'...'������������������*���������        f ���������   -.    * - ��������� .. ��������� >"  .... Hasoabaud a'-choiceBtockof    .  Irovisions, Groceries,'  foJOTICE 13 HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE  V\ foHoiring are. the Boundaries of the  Lund Recording Districts in the Province of  British Columbia:;  -NEW WESTMINSTER DISTRICT.  P:  wMcb'bo \YtHeolJ.   .'  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. AS CHEAP  : AS THE CHEAPEST.  ������������������/;: :.  ���������    ;   y   -:     aiil . . ;������������������.;���������  M.'lll  '.������������.  ?  The, Land Recording District of New Westminster-shall be bounded on the South by  the Southern Boundary of the Province (the  49t.fi.Parallel of North Latitude) to a point  about 66 miles East from the shore of  the  Gulf of Georgia, eaid point being tho Soutb-  | Eastern corner of New Westminster District,  and the South-Western corner of the Yale  District;   on the East by a lino (being also  ihe Western boundary of the Yale- District)  running North from  the-said South-Eastern  corner; crossing Fraaer River about 8 miles  above the moiith of Harrison River, to a dis  tance of; about 45', miles, and tbeuoo Northwest by North about 50 miles, nt an average  distance of about 10 miles East from the gen  eral  course of tbe Douglas  Portage, totbe  North-Eastern corner of said  District, which  id. also the North-Western corner of YaJeDis-  Irict; on the-North by a line (being aleo tho  Southern. boundary,r in part, of ;thu -Lil 1 ooe i  District..), thence running AY.est-from said las'  nam ed, co r n e r, c ro s si ng Lillooet; I *p ke- ate  p o i n t a b o ii t'eq n i -d i st an t f ro ta ei t h e r e n d[. an d ���������  tpuching.the extreme North ern point of Jeru  v is1111 et (w hich; is the; South: Wes t. corn e r of  Li11 poet. Wshict) tbence to Fo{i>es B*iy or  the. shore off Desolation Smind ; and on ihf  Having a Planlo&gM&cblne tn operation tboy wl?  ���������fct*o furnish.'    '.'  t'Pir.titt': pwparftd.jto fuwiish>"Lumber at their Mills.  ii.   William Creek, or deliver it to order.       7 '.-������������������*.  .-: !;liDMBEB"iDELIVEliED ONXIGHTNIN&i ^est.rby a line running through ihe.middU  ���������;:CUEEK.^ yy yAy. \,^.v..vy.<.y-y./-..v. |of.Hprufray Chanael.*to = Sarah Poiut; ���������,. and  then co in a straight.line Southerly to the most  Westerly point of. Sa vary t island*;, thence to  mid channel of Gulf of Georgia ; thence-tr  . the centre of Sabine channel to the; boundary  of Nanaimo Land Recording.District, following through the centre of said channel to.a  point opposite Point Up woo 0. Toxada Island:  thence following tho mid-channel of the Strait"  of Georgia to the- North-Eastern;'corner oi  Cowjchan J>istrict.;  thence. West on the 49th'  tVAfar>',?;f,Mel*ffj.l!e/:? Morgan/,*,Otter.'4 Mink/  rRugged,'/Sa-vary/ ���������llarwood/ 'Texada.'  ! vHardy/   '-Nelson/ ���������*Captain'/,..' Pearson.*  i 'Thprraandy.yi Trail,7' White,'. ���������Anvil/ ��������� De-  ! fence,;" UVoolhridge/  ��������������� Gambler/.. 'f.Keats,*  'Bpwen/ 'Pauley/������������������ Popba.ro/-rWoolcoiDbe/  and * Papflage/and all-other small Islands "not  enumerated within said boundaries.  toral district, being also the North-East corner of New Westminster District /thence following the Northern and Kastern boundaries  of the Yale Land Recording Division to the  point of commeacewjent. ...-'���������������������������  DISTRICT, OF   YALE   (OSOOYOOS  ., . DIVISION).     * yy  The   Osooyoos   Land Recording 'District  shall be bounded on the South hy the 49th'  Parallel, commencing at a point (being also  the South East corner of tbe 'Vale-Lund Recording Division); thence running West, to  the Western boundary of Koote'nay District  thence running Northward .along-the said  Western hound ary to the Sp nth-East corner  of the Kamloope. Land Recording Division ;  thence following the Southern and Eastern  boundaries of .said Land Recording.Division^  to the South-Western corner of the said Kam-J  loops Land Recording Division.; thonce'dne  South along the boundary of' the Yale Land  Recording Di*toion to point of' coaimence-  raent ._ . .      *   -   '-������. .-...   ....-:  LILLOOET. DISTRICT.  The Land Recording District of Lillooet'  diall bo bounded-on the East by aline (belnp  [Mb the Western boundary, in part, of Ihe  ICootenay District) com men omg* from this  Nor th: Eas tern corner of Yale ElectoralDi**-  :rict; tbence fo 11 owihg a cbiir������������ parallet t������.,  the general course of the Columbia River and.  ibbiit- ten miles distant tberefrorn,.50 miles  *o a point, on th������ 52d Parallel of North Lati  ��������� ode, which -iii the' Nprilr-r^aHi^rn corner of  said Li 1 looet D.tsftijet, and tlie South-E*$U'P I  NOTICES.  of North Laiittide ;nn the East by Mi������ 1241  Meridian ofvWi?st Louifiiiidc ^  on ihe Nmij'  by  the  601 b Parallel ;  and on \\\e \\^{ ,]J  Alaska, a.IVrritory-relV the United ;Suitei of  America.       v  .'.,'.";���������....  ..-���������  .;); *'���������   -:|  ���������'.  ,-ROBERT BEAVEN,"  Chief .Commisfclouer I^and<3 & Works  Lands Rud Wonks Office.^..'  Victoria. July 18th,1874. Rl,5  me  .    LEA & PEBRIN^v  . 0������lebrAtcd   -  WOR CES TER S Rl RX ,SAUCE  Ooclarcci by Cqiiuolsscuruj/1)������  THE   ONLY '' GOQD  SAUCE.  Yaii;, ^IkenbxiiTgli fe Co,  f*������r%y**i ������.-������-y ���������J&M- bjs! 4^- <x_lx j  -<^-S������^3_.  gAR&:ERy.\LLEyAr  pyWMmS^MmK^  A.SUPPLYOF TJID  je20  F  AUvays on band,:  corner Of Cariboo District'; .011 the North b;  ihe said f>2d Parallel (liMrjg ii|so*he Southen  boundaryof Cariboo/J MHrict) crossing th-  Car'ibd0 jR0ad ot the, J'!JSth miIr post. for:r> \  i is t n nee of a b bit t 220 m������Ies. 1 o a, po j n ton t h������  1241 h Meptdi (in. wh ic 1) is tho Nor t h - Wes ten  corner, of said Lillooet District.'and theSnutl  Wes tern co rn er of *C������ ri h 0h - Di������i rict!; oh th������.  Wes t ��������� li y t he "*fH i d 124th M e ri d i a n. a dis i a a c \  of about 125 miles, to the point 'where th  Ap i d M e r fd i a ri i n te rs ec t s. the N 0 r t ho r n b c u i ���������  nary of New West mi aster District.' at. tb,  Northern extremity of Jervis Jnlot : ch th.  South by the Northern ;bbundary of -New  Wes i minster  I >is t r te t /. to   the. North Eas to r 1  xP* y^Arr -A"������?jl- rT^Uir s e t.-. lw b i cl j is a 1 h 0 'i li������"  Nortn-u eHem corner of Yale Kle~c^p^rar"DJ���������������  , r i c t) and thence by Ihp. Nonhern 'bouVidary  b efori> d esc ri b e d; 0 f sai d Ya 1 e E i ec 10 r a I I )fk  riot, to the 3outh-Ea������!.ern'corner of said Lii-  looet District, which is ntto the: NuVth-Easieri  corner of Yale Electoral District.. .  ASK "FOR LEA & PEERINSv-iSATJCK  ������n<t'tp������ee that.tholr ninncp.are .upon the vrai-j-ih  r.ABKt,s>TorpnR.ftiifl rmtti.e/  Som 6.0 f ;t h o forolgu ni u rk 0 j f h'������ v In? b cc n i u pptN  witli a npuriou.^ Wi>rcoi?tc������rs?Mr< ^nurc.upou tlr������ wrap.  per ah-I label so f wliich ilie"nniiicVni I.oaan:������ prrrin?  nave-boon forged, [.. Htul P ?ivr notirVi'biit'iW  . :ia v������ J nj r a I a li p il t h ������i r^r. 0 r re v po������ <\ 0 n 1 b, w | u j pi w< r >\  ittorn vy. !ko't.i k> I n st n'a \. p'rc^f'V m! i 0i gF again s 1 v a vr.  r'ACTCJtV R 8 ������IS <l   V USD0R A 0 I SIIC ll,  Of;A K-t*'6tV) C j 1 HillU.  ,iqil* b y wh I c 1;-,thej uia\\i.m> y. Ju i n I'nnjeeu.  Vskfor LEA "to PERKINS.,: -.S>uT;?������iaarlW  Na-rnft on  Wrapper, Isabel; Bottle, ami  Stopper, y'-rv '���������  Who] pal   an''.Tot p?rp"rtJ������3* thfpr'������prictir.*, U't-  "''Sstp'r j Cr * ;<<A��������� Rl:i<!Vw.fiI, I.������.������������ |������ n, &c., &c  - *y..G rcc i. i a A n <10i 1 rr. n uo i vers ii 1 ty.  ,; .IPiibicJfotic������. ������y.  f R I VAT K^B ILLS.  u[j4  17^  ..pica TOr ANNOUNCE THAT TRKTSAVE RKHOVSD  1 *   to tbo ripucious premises lurmor) v known as ifco  ���������������i.   Grorgo Saloon; wbero tbey''w'iU"bo''atall:tim������������<  $������rd.i>*riia.'To furnlsli "  ���������      JBjO ARD    AN D :'M E AL SJ  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.!  Tlie   BAH !������ furnished with the finest WINKS  ���������jlQUOHS aad CWAltS.  Board,  S12 *pe  IT flat  ^  DISTRICT -OF YALE"'(YALE. DIVISION)  'The Yalo Land Recording Division shall  be bounded on the West by a line commencing on tbo 49ib'Parallel of North Latitude.  65-miles East from the Gulf of Georgia, being  also the South-Eastern corner of New West  minster Land Recording District ; thenc  North.about 45 miles ; thence North about  45 miles ;. thence'North-West about 50 mile?  to a point being the No rib-Easterly corner oJ  New?Westminster District; thence Rest about  37 miles to a point near the junction of the  Thompson and Nicola Rivers ; thence in a  South-Easterly direction, running parallel to  the general course of the Nicola Riyeiv and  distant about 7 miles therefrom, for a distance  of about 35 miles to Go Id water River-; thence  in a Southerly direction n.l&ng (be trail to a.  point 2 mile?? West of Princeton ; thence due J  South'to the 49J.h Parallel, about 36 miles:!  thence along the said parallel to the point of  commencement.  Toys,  ries, 111tistrated  CrOLD: .PENS,    FANCY    STATIONERY,  -DISTRICT   OF   YALE  (KAMLOOPS  DIVISION).  The Kahaloops I>od Recording Division  phall -he .bounded on the South by a line corn-  men eing at a point 2 miles West of Princeton,  running due East to the South point of Clean-  ���������ihgkn L alee ; t he ri ee o n tb e Eas t by a j i n i������  running Northward, and following the East-.  ern shore of Oka-oagan Lake to its head ;  thence due North to Round Lake ; thence on  the South by a line running due East to the  Eastern boundary-of Yale Electoral District.  being also the Western boundary of ICoote  nay, Districts thence following the Western  . ..DISTRICT OF KOOTENaY.,.  Tho Land Recording District'of Kn.denat  shall be bounded on the Went by the befor*-  described Eastern boundaries of  Yale  Elee  ^ral and Lillooet Districts up to  tbe North  Eastern corner of Lillnom- District, which i-  also the South-Eastern corner of Cariboo' Dif- \  riot, and thence by a line/(being also th.  >eui.h-I>.stern boundary of Cariboo Districi  following the -general, course of Ihe Columbia  River, and distant from it about 10 miles, for  a  further distance-of about 60 Tnilesyto i.  point on the 118th Meridianyabouf  15  mile).  No.rthrEast; of the  Rnat Kacampmenl^ and  thence by tha 118?h Meridian (being also ih������  Eastern boundary, in  part,  of Cariboo  Dis-  tricl) lo the summit of the Rocky Mountains  the Eastern boundary:of the [Province; ,on  the East by the said Eastern boundary of the  Province;  and on the:South by- the 49th  Parallel, the Southern boundary of  the Pro;  ; All atppTlittflnnn for Print* mWK pr ^-rivUhf  ���������nhjfir.i ijj- |.������iii.-'l'Ui-������n hy-.i-Iia LvjtiiiUlivS A^.r,t,'\\ i  3,jUshC������Jl4i������ii������ji:i; wlthii- tin* purview o. '.'Tl;- nVyj,  S': rtUAUti'Mcn Act. 1867," whptlifr for Mir* ������:r ������ti. n<  * <\'i>iii>\ tlii- .iiwkiii*' dp a Kr;i)m;tM, TornplV. R-. ,.i ���������r  -iriH..r,..0:in;������!, 1/ick, i>uijM:r^Jj-i<������.������,na!������,-riK������. ������-.-Ti;- -���������,  'iner.nJitworari^.t oi p^rry; tho tncorp������r -ti . ^ WK  ny jwrticiilnr.ira.l^nroillfnj?. --r -if Anv Tfn-Vci fe-?  onip-my : or {������lhrrwis*- r-.r nr.tnUui< to sinv !h 'h}' r l 'mp-'-  r in  lyt.tu ilr.anv -xolusH*- or p rKli������r ri^l-t-- ur m*v' '''Wm  khtw  wbaieyc.r, .or .for c!o!d������.*i,v maic.-r <t X r ��������� fcf  Vh.icli in Ita op- rfi.tli-'n vronli iifcct'.rin} tftUi ii^ ...  rty oppiher |i������riic^.������ir ru-liite to ;,hy p.ri.euirir cii  i t\\p communiiy; or for oiHkin������anv ntti.-ri im".-P������ ������������������������������������,  >*n.ii������ rvijwir" a n.mj,  viQoe.  DISTRICT OF CARTHOO*. .  The Land Recording District of Carlbor  shall be bounded on the West by* the 124th  Meridifto, which is also thb Eastern boundary  of the Coast Dis tricl : on the-South by th������-  5 2d Pa ra 11 e}, w h i c b is a I so, I he No r t her n b o u ru  dary of Lillooet District. ;\ on the SoutliTKas'  by the be to re-described boundary, in part, of  ���������Kooten'ay District; oa'the East by the 118th  Meridian of West Longjitude (being also the  Western boundary, in part, of Koo ten ay District) to .the summit of the Rocky Mountains.  iind thence Northward by the. summit of the  k^ naluro tonuy fortnf-r Act. t  (  ���������f tl-.o application, to bo pul.'li^hci! as follows, vie.  \ XiVifcn inscrlK'l in t!n; British* C-Ui'iulri- (ft f"\  .nd in ono nevvj-p-sprr published' in -ifio fllv-i:ci af-  cctect, or iT tliert* lu- u.o ii������-;vspfip;������r.pu,'li<������h������*)i r'n r* '.^,  lH*ti In u a������������wKpiip" r hi the >i'*xt in'ttn-Ht ijisiraa -iii  rliich a n'.'WRpnp.cr fp piil'll^ho'il_.  Ptich liMtlr.L* shftjl ln������*cririii.fiir**������l.'ln ���������<*'- csx^yu-f  . p.^rli):lof ai l-'hst ?ix w.ooks. -InrloK tli^. ir.t ri-.tl-f  imn !>ftlwirr\n thpclosoof thr-rj������--^tl'|������r������-c������!.:ing .?*���������������.���������!��������� J)  xO'\ I1m������"cOns5i'inr;ilF"ii nf th-1. p;i'isi.*'ji  B-f������Ti.' anv P.;ti!ioi"i prayhic'tor U>n\A t" l r������J������K  n a Privnii' Rill for Mm- ������������������>. rti������n or ff Toll Br; >;* 's  ���������resotjtij.l lo tjao IP������u^������, the pV'ison.uf pnr<������u^ iiit\n������*  UK-top.'iiiion fur*u<������li Hill ������ri.-iU% upon pjvliu: tli������:i=>-  fm������������, an.(! in thos ���������m*.i.i-uvo^r, ������H'o������ol jr<- iiflii ���������r.".','8  vliicb they inton������l to'jt.sk, tllu esi^iii ol thivprfvil-p*  'lio licii>hi of tho tircni's, tho i-wi������*rvrtl>*ij*,lw.noti tli*  ihutments or picr.������ for ihr- pa.������.������ag^ of raft*' or vessVb,  vnt.l fkicntioniit������r hIso wln*ihor th������*y In.tvn'l to cr^ct a  irnwbrl'.'.ge or not, and the Ufmcn.cj^Tis of tlu> kiwi*,  J. ftOWJJAy'O HKTf,  CU'rk of-ibf I,������'fi!Slalive AMcmllj  ,1  B  i^  ,Jn4  1  ission  j-  er s xxo  GlVEp  THAT  jmST DAY OF NOVEMBER NEXT,  VTOTIOEIS   HEREBY  li   .on and after tho  .Briigs  jPEEF^MERr, and other -iktasv j bonndapy of Kootway District, to the Mortli-  A large stock of  .Patent Medicines  :   AT TJTW,  BARKFjRViLLS DRUG STORE.  t  ce  y     SU  & ARTI RS     I YTRNDJNa     TO     A f AIL  'liM;i||ttgjjw>jig -by Mttrassing ;  jSfiis;.  the said last named corner, and passing aboii  three raiies North of Seymour, to a distance  or about 20 miles.; thence in a direct line  about G5 miles, tn a point; on the North  Thompson River (Meridian Bend) about lo  miles North of Kamloops ; thence in adireci  lino about 15 miles North of ICamloons ���������  thence in a direct line about flO lines"to the  114 mile post on tho wagon road from Yale to  Clinton ������������������; thencein a direct line (?o rnilog to  ���������.m-smjw wmmm trf-'aw md ^ri^imep-  boundary of the Province  all Claims In tho Cariboo Dlstrlftt mav Of l;dd ovor  T;^??^;^ W*i Bubj-cr to tho. fltii s^iHin  of tho Gold Mining Am<jftUmt.'uLAct.:U72.       ���������  "       ,   Mt M   RAM,, ..  m>MM rt ������������������***. rt v.     ������ Gold Commissioner.  Rlchflotd, 7th October, !S7k oclO  H  DISTRICT PF OAilNECA.   :  The Land Recording Dmtrict of Omtnpcn  sna  I  th  West by tbe 127th Meridian of 'East  tude. ��������� .     -  Long).  DISTRICT OP CASSIARJ  Th������CaMi������r Lund Recording 'DUfcrfeinbnU  '���������;������������������ BARKEfW!LL������-'s:;-;  PROM THIS D/VTE THE"'AS^AY Ghmrga  l    i or lota of G.fid Dust of Fifteen OiuicL-s or namf  REDUCED TO TWO DOLLARS,  rind for  MINER Air ASSAYS TO FIVE DOLLARS,  the latter pnyvil)lo In a.ilvauc.\ - *  '*** a. ��������� y /*- w- mrciTmoK,.  25Ti Airgv^t, 18*4^ m'^lm


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