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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-12-31

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 mm  I ���������;���������  f* '4���������. ,: *,���������������������������     ..���������������    <������<   fib.  Vol. 10.  Barkery#Ie, "TO  ���������W,  ;~f\ i:  *:������/-^'  ^  !; *i x EntiiiBhfe'dievery ^Saturday; bfz  B.O B E ft$:;:ii;L LOW A Y  S iibseriptioa, W *-'  AM* vT- :������' x--- "'5 -"C  ���������   ��������� ' W'    rr    :i ��������� ��������� ��������� !  .,  .. J-.HATESdF.ADTiERTtSrNa:.';...-   . yf  For one squar* (on������ iach^-^lret insert4������;7 .*��������� ���������}.$3  v*.'3 v'v ������ Cy.y.fe'.iy, ^x^yonihaoiki^AP:^0^  .; JTor tyroglares,,, firstInsertioh^,i....... ������>a<V^'   ft  '���������'. . J\Q$:iyL&\iiifa ..li  it  !? ������!.:?..-.  Agents for the ������������������������*���������P&ribob S&ntinelJV  Van Winkle,-  /Q ucs n e j mouth.      *y    ���������-,, ���������      ���������  ;.:?Boclst CreeIcy'/V ���������.;,(!'.' ���������.' -i >" ���������'���������.'"ni  Clinton,;' *'���������-     ��������� -   -   . 7- ���������.; t  yVaIe,y |--'^VV. MCEv$n&,.  "Victoria;'-"!:.'"y.-"- :��������������� " '-������--.*��������� ���������  ^L. P..,FiahPrf  > Bhdijojj &i"jeriet,i  ;%  ur'Jl Wi-UnaAm^ifyy  .,-''������������������;,.  B,firna-rtl?s E'lcprcf'S  *v !, Barnar^tiCbExpressr  Barnard's1 Express  do...... f-rffdo-r  ��������� (s;:.iGla.rksQn'&<3o,.  ���������      ���������: ���������    .7ohn Collciis  * f..,W j San Fratvcisbo:  ������> Xyy.h^r'J'^PWi^Otk..  TH E-CARIBOO SENJINEL  ��������� tCafdn, ;.CI rctilarsjiPost era:ind Program m ea fb r  :!    Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  xeeiited with' heath ess ari d d ispatd  Terms moderate.  assured.  Tie Act provides for the election;  V:w-; V ."'. .'���������<      -������������������'.������������������/;'.-r''V"I-:,NJf ' --v.* =" :���������.-'- yX?. ������������������ ?yy  of a Metropolitan/Sotoe! Boards; and allows  bdv&i^hB to be at once made, into; school dis-"  tricts oh application of the TownCouncil.^  Sieyeral;lar^ebbrpuklis have/made Application, and preparations are making iii London  fof'the elfec ti oh o f'%' sch ool b oard,' and efforis  are bei ng made byjhe work ing ������a������a-to sec ure  a ���������Mpr^^tatioh^thmpd ibr1 their own class  *dt .'their $ wn bp^uonb. '' } " ���������"-'' y. y yl 'y  There j wi IV seem ingJ y, lie a bard .electoral  clontest' for^ the iednstitRtfdn/pf; this 'Boar<l t; be^  : tween those who .will vote fort; candidates irrespective of tfeejr; .political and religibua  op i n io aa, an d rtbbie-v.wh b-:-w il 1 siietai n,j thead-".  vocatea of derioraihatio.na^ educati on. It will.  greatly d<?p^ndy,ttp6Hv ;the felohdbn Board as to  wbetlieg edij^ioBjiii^ is to be  univfersaiftrjnot The'A  \ it any mover tha'ir an -Injuri insurrectioni in 'Arizona affects the Atlantic States.' * Well.', the ^e-  iatioiitf> tue-y wanted; a big funeralv bill corpne  said be iwas down oh flummery-^didn't want  -any;procession���������������fil 1 the hearse fulL of mourners^ and get out^a atern line ahdf tbwliinrl^  ' hindln4 He was the rn bst do Wn on style of -^ny'  reirilaius Ieyery struck. /���������^Aybeftutiful^ ^imple-  .minded creature-^tt ?ras wbasfc be'������������������>waisrtyou cna,  depend noiibati 4^e;:;wa8rijusr%et oh having  things^ the:^rayihe ^anted^era^ anidybe ;took  a solid com fort 'ihJayingi his; little^plans^^He  ^badrine ;^asftre }iim and take;a whole raft of  directions ;;. thehfhe. bad the mihister stand%p  jserbind\a lfihg?bpx^with;:aftable-clbthiover itf.  and o read vbis funeral: B^moo^Ba^ngvV/Ahjg^i  .jqoi^.-angcorejljv!attbe^bod places,and mRk-|  JnghimscratchjOutevery,bitlqf brag,abbut  bim, and all the bifalntin;| and thenJ^e;marie  them itrotiput^he ^cboiri bo/b be  y An ^ iK^pE^AfoF; Bfs^fRC*t--fAt the, Pru������*  'fli^n. hMd^uartlers. jn, Meanx; the King, oceu^  pled ���������-the,; >frbnt,,:'.Count-Biamarck? theLback  | rooms of; the,^rchbishpD^.palaoe.. ��������� The aparfe*  inents of the Count .were/on ibe sround floota  aad lqbked but.upon, tbe extensive gardens to  the rear of the. palace.;,>fTheX6th of September had been a very buoy dny to many -of th������;  ^esiansVandnbtileaBt o1:V^aU toy&e^b^nt.  .He was riding all day;;ahd in the evening he  had allongiednferehce- with the < feojfif->Tired  wi ih vitbeae^d ifflc ii ltd Sbprs he! bastehed J%fie n  ; be reached?bis roomVt:pJ prepare'������������������for'befl.'aH������  bad Bcarcely?boafev^er^begiiii^^to- uhdre8B:him-  aelfpwbenyhe ^  lbe;bed^c lb tbes^ Wnd ^bn ���������] aearchingti found/? ta  bis astonishment^ an infan t notlmo're^ than four  weekaPold/! 30n lookihg^blbsefvbe fou'nd by  Si':?.  ���������i, y.  '[������������������x  a permissive one, andcompulsmo lsjto,be ap- ���������   ;    7.   ���������,; :���������    ���������.���������        . .  ^5"'��������� ^7^'v^', ������������������'-.! ���������"., 'xyy,  ���������..-��������������������������� tbem, pick out tbe tunes ffor,the; occasion  >6pu������AR^ucAW6#iN 'eN^l^d.  m  !'��������� fk  The Euclish Kd ji cation Act  *��������� ^xxiX  uot Hast; f  ���������#������sMorj  i-Ali! Rtinmlatihg Uieeducationi movement; in all  1 pa rts** o f A h e . cou n try;   Th e A ct gives "the 01 d.  ��������� d>nb minntional system six months grace fo  makefnp forpa^tdeficiencie^AndfOT the e������-  ���������fciblisbrn^nt of schools, in districts inhere  bttbertb there bave been^iibrie. It" thus gives  it a'chanca of keeping from the field the action  " of the new aystcm, with ita ratea,' ebhpbl  boflrda, permissive compulsion and  unsec-  ~\ Stari^n finsftubtibn.f'|Ei^-e^  clergy in -the country districts .must Jbuijd  enough of denominational achoola, Wherein  ihe creed and catechiam 'imay be tRught/ aa  ,..well aB, the prdinary cu rri^sl nra, pt else g^n-  other ctasa of schools win 'be-founded/with  ��������� dissonterSvIbaring in; the; :rnahagemen't, and  ���������creed and catechism omitted.    ,v ;  v  This is rousing to effort tint on ly the Bpfa  *' copalians, feut Catbblica and WesleyaB8,*boih  being also advocates of denominational edn-  'Oationi   The Catholics have -raised a large  /fund, and the ^Vealeyans are -understood to  1   be following tbeir example, and by bo (doing  will receive a certain grant in aid.  The Church of Englandv especially is *mikk*  Apg i great effort to tprbvide church education  for the people ; and denominational schools  *?ill probably occupy the conn try districts  generally. The direct working trherein of the  '^ctwillbe thus jprevented by >its Indirect  operation^  ,       .....      ,;,.,.    ; ���������',, ���������  This is to be regretted/fbf it is desirable io  bave only ^o.ne ay ate m of education in the same  cbnhtfy. ;- Kow: tliere will be twbi the '6em-  pnlsory, unsectarian system, with boards and  rates, in towns and cities, and the denonvin-  ational, voluntary, and con.compulsory system in the country parts.   There is, in regard  ������to these latter scbb'ois, a conscience einuse,  afhd ^tbe}edwcatiohJafto he! airaplytaeculaf, or  notr^t:the disnetipi^f the^ b'o'ard. 7Certaihly,  if al I the 'gutter cb ild ren a nd all tfcel a tree t  Arabsybf London ��������� afte to b"fe'educafed, it can  bt>x$.6 ne ye n 1 y* by. com pulsion. ^Com p u lsi oh,  bowever/requirea that, to a very large extent  fAte, tuition Jbte>free; end;,that there; shall b^e ,.i  thprpu gh a pp I icaSpSypf th e unBepiar ian p r in-  ciple.-^[Montreal Witness'; > r   y-'  ���������MARK TWAINS UNDERTAKER;  A SEMINISCENC^ OF THE: BACK  -,- .-v _v,.- - - y. -, ���������.-ELEMENTS. ���������;. '"1.  SET-  "^Tow tbat corpse (said tbe undertaker.  patfihg the folded bands of the deceased approvingly) was a brick��������� every way you took  him;'hf was a brick; IHe was'-ap real a ceom^  -mod ating, ah^ ab)Babdeat-Uke and aim pie i n  his'last momenta. Trienda wanted metallic |  burklcaser���������nothinMjse would do. Iconldr. t  get%ttii There warn't going to be:;time���������any  one -could see that. Corpse said never mind,  shake bim up eome kind of a box be could  strM^b out in comfortablei he:wjfcfn!t particular ybout the generri style of it. Said he  went more on room than style, any way, in a  last 1Sn������^ cpntaiberr^His ^friehda wanted a  silver door-plate on the coffin, signifying who  he was and where .ha was from. Now you  know a.fellow cbujdn't roust ontaucb a.gai'y  ibi tig -as1 that in a little country toWn like this.  What did corpse say ? Corpse said wk'tewash  -bia-oltt canoe, and dob his address * and-gen-  eraMest inati on on to >i t witb a;bl ac k i ng- b rn sh  and a-stencil plate, long with a verse from  some-likely hymn or other, and pi*nt him for  the tomb, and mark-bim C.O.D., and just let  hi in skip along. He warn't distressed any,  moreYtban yon be���������on the contrary, just as  earm and collected as a bearse-hor.se ; said  his judged that whaf he Was going to, a body  would find it considerable better to attract  attention by a picturesque moral character  than a-n&tty burial case with a fiwbli door-  plat* on it. Splendid man, be was! I'd  ruther 'do for a corpse like that'n any I've  tackl'd'in seven year. There's some satisfaction in buryin' a mam like that. You feel that  WhW you're doing is appreciated. Lord bless  vou, so7a'he got plantetl before he ppoiled. he  whereby no scholar is com pel led,Ao attend Waa perfectly aatisfied ; said bis relations  any particular place of worship or Sabbath meant'well, perfectly well, but all them pre-  ������; sing^ *��������� Ppp^GoeBfflhe Weasel,^  because be'd-always,liked that -tune,, wh^n;he  was, d 0 wn-h ear ted, ;and, aplemn / ni ueic^m art e:  him sad;; and,when tbey eun^ that,;with tear^  in; tfaei n $y$z; (b ecause. they -all? 10 ved? h im )(an d'  ^hi^relAtipna grieving arouiid^^he: juatvlaid  there aa/-bap py^aa abug^and try ing? to'beat  :t jme^andsiio wing all over; bow m uch i he enr:  iibyed it.; fandj presently he got)worked-up  and excited,, and^tned tbJmn^nvforiminbVybu,  (he vwas; :<preUy7 prpn^ipfi bis/ia^ili'ties'ihi the  singing:^'toe |; but the ftrsfe ���������imVbe'''opened;bi8 f  ^xio^thu Wtf ? w aa? ���������jnst'^gbin g:itb^p*Peaa^bu^e\fy i  his 'brea^fS took: a 'waikl '-1 'J! never i;Bee,;' a. *mari:''  /���������   ,\;."-.t: -*���������,;���������-���������-'  y-j.-.,<}ry   "iV-yici   !<0i;'w   +;>-*.n::J-. ...,1-^ ���������..!:.   ���������-  an ii fled off so su dd.en.:, Ab, it- was a; grea t Jos i  ���������i t was a pp we r fu 1, Jobb to tb is., poor 1 i t tie,  one-hprse to wn. Wei 11 -^well,. wel 11 It bain't  got ti ixie to be pal a verjpg along., here-rgpt; tot  nail��������� ori toe'lid ahd ihf������ey' albnc with : bim:.  and if--you'll just tgive me,a lift we'll.Bkeei.  hi m i ii to t be b earse arid mean dec alo n g. ; ;Re T,  Uftioris h 0 xiiid fo h a ve i t so-���������do[n 't pav, najat-.  te n tio n to dy ing i nj 11 n cti b ns. mi hi lie a c 0 r pse-������.  go ne ���������;; bu t i f I h ad !vn[ y way^i f T d 1 d n .?t reap,. - ��������� %i  his last wishes and tow bim. behind the hearse,,  FU. be cuss'd.   Irconeider that whatever a:  co rpse .; w an ts , do n e ;>fo*r his co m fort is ��������� a ii t tie  enough,matter. and a m an hai n't got in0 ri ghf .  to deceive bim, or to take advantage of him'  --an d ��������� w h a te ver, a co rpse tru s ts;' me Jp do, I !nf  goingHo do, xpukhpwllPve*n if itV to "stuff him  and "paint; him yalier, and keep nim for a  keensalce-^youpbear me!"    '. ?- %        y  ,x \ * <���������-������������������ ft tf a '!'���������; f) *'\ yv   ���������   .yy   ���������  DIE^T OF BELGIUM MINERS. -  '������^^^f:yE|:tb^8ideor^thir  5asi9n,;an(ij nothiogytp;��������� eaW ^Despair-f������rcos mrfWifost  thiogytb;' elite 'I)esparr-f6rcos ;nie'5tb,jya.rt  with my -bhiy childf^ It has;?teen0 baptiaed  ^Vihceht.'^M^Nor doesi this!cW;ioUs^Btbijr.ettd  here, -j , To make ltd ram^^c^y; bo in p lete ein $  symmetricalythe'un^  mitted; euicide J:���������_ The"matter lis said tb: bav������  Teacbed-rthe King; and nrders wer^ g 1 ven tbftl  the ;deso 1 ateVinfiht ab0uId be sehtf fq: fierife  ^���������MISCELBANEOit^v ^jX^  a������^  <y[ix>-r rt������������������ '.^BAlRKEliyiLIiElr  ���������:������������������:' :?-;NEXT J)0OK'TO:/SR^Ti^t'^  :ffii  at a'fcfl;  "vlHl"  A o.und a  ,0/th������  ���������JL T this Estahlishniehtswi 1 la!^a'ys,b^f 9  '!������%!'   ' ��������� S el'e: cted &n d va ri a d a,gsottmea 10i  ;��������� ^AA^olXAA-.XhvyA. ftiijef ftl>^ai nm  a'  .FRESHEST .^^GROCERIES���������*&<> BROVISIONB  y������thl% ..yiN^OAkiapp.^ Wjs*WqV;'  ALSO-i A "good Ml c elf on 0 f Cl 0 thing; Hard ware | fi  ���������.;,������i-j aii.-d Crockery;;;��������� BmxbrimiifcolTdbacc0, i"  ."V ������������������ ''���������"., 7. . ^^ciDca.otc^^t^^ fVT,. ,,,,.  1K BcafJuv* "Coffee 'Roasfetl aa d Grouna ' DAILY.  <nv  l  ���������school; * and the parent'may; if "he think fit,  withdraw bis cbild.frora the religious instruction in the school. But a national education  ahoiildbe undehomlnatwnal. If It is intended  for ajl, it should be such as all can eorabine  In giving, and ail join in recewiag. Its machinery Bhould be devised for the simple purpose of giving an education to every chiId.���������-  And, so far as the metropolis and tbe lowns  sfisa eojie^ni^d. It.^emfl as if tbi������ vtroaJd fe������j  parationa������*were bound to delay the thing more  or leas, and be didn't wish to be kept laying  aro and.i Ton never see siich a clear head as  what he baM���������and bo calm and so cool. Just  a bunk of brains���������tbat Is what he was. Pei-  fectly awful. It was a ripping distance from  one ������sad of that man'������ hsad to tbe other.  Often'and ov^er agaiu b������?a bad brain fever a-  raging ^n one place, and $ie rest of the pile  $8n.'t te������ow awyttog ebotst it���������������-didn't affcot  The%iiner8 of Belgium eat, according to la  report-recently published.in, that country. 2  lbs. of bread per day, about 2 oz._of butter; I  :?pz.'j of ^coffee ahdlchickpryi mixedf wtiile^fbr  dinner they have in the evening a portion of  vegetables mixed with potatoes, weighing nt  the most J| lbs. They have meat on Sundays  and festivals, but during the week they drink  neither beer nor other fe'pnted liquors.  Coffee ns; their ;bhly ��������� beverage. I Yet y( these  workmen are hardy and healthy.  It is not the, coffee whidi sustains th em, for  it ccnatit'ntes bat 1; 35 pf the ;rilitritipiis;proper ties of tbeir aliment, though M. de Gasparin,  in a paper read some years ago /before tbe  French Academy of Sciences, attempted to  prove,.from certain tables, that.the waste in  liquid excretion is less when coffee is drunk  than at other tim������ls. The -miner's coffee is not  like the French cafe au laifc, for it has but one  tenth part of milk in it; he drinks; several  pints fn a day, and eata only bread and butter  until the vegetable meal of the evening. The  albhminous substance which enters into the  rations of the Belgian miner is thus reduced  from 23 grammes to 15 grammes of azote.  Here is, therefore, proof that life and health  can exist throughout a whole population with  lees nutritive substaace than is generally con*  ���������M'Sorefi necei9arjs-������-[Boienti0e Ametican.  .^ALLGO^RS SfiLP, Alt LOWEST RATES  ���������:������t> Th e B ARi fl ful ly a upi*flicpt witli ;\ lie cli oiceei  ...   :.,, K Hay an a G i gays yWi u efu nt Jjlq uors.: i A' *>���������  1 tr ua t Vy at r i ic u 1 te u titm 10 l;.u 9 i n qss; , a n d f a i r & n tf  squarethialihgyt6!merft a'coutinuaiiccof theliberej  patroaagelieretofojr <,������xtebfic<i to mom v > .  1A large lot, or HE Y WOOD'S c.o|el>rat������d .BACOH  fo^ sale^ at a r e ry I off ��������� fl ������u r e i' '     ': ^. ���������;���������'���������'��������� ��������������������������� 7   ���������  I   \  ... -*,   ;=..*. '. Celebrated ��������� ;:  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE^  y      7, Declared by Cdnnolsscurs to be!   '  ; THE   ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE.     5  Caution against I?raud.���������The success of1J Is  most delicious "and unrirfilled Condiment navifes  caused certaia dealers to appjy theaamo.of <������ Worc^-  drshire Sauce*' the publtcis iicreby informed that Ua  aly way to securo the genuine, Is to  ASK FOR LEA & PERBOTS* 8AVC&  and fco.seo that, tbeir names are uponth������ w������app6������  la-bkls. stoppkr, and bottie. . ,.;.  x-\ .    .  Soraooi tho foreign rriarkets having bflcnauppljed  with a snurinus WorcostersbireSauce, upon the wrap,  per and labels of,which t^e names of Lea and PerncB  have been forged, L. and P. givo notice that tbey  have furnished .their correspondents with power of  attorney to take instant proceodingB againat kanu-  TfAaruRKRB'and * t'������n������o������b of-such, or any otner imita  ionn by which their right may heinJrjngcd. - ���������������������������: ,  A,v for'IiEA & PEHRINS' Sauce and f&o  Name on Wrapper, Lkbel, Bottle, end  ' wb?REilor������;hd VoreTportby th������Proprietors, Wor  cwter;Crosso and BlsckwoIK LoncJoof &c, io. * ������w  (.'.���������'  BffWWJl^BM^UlfTOWSWI? i.  s  If,  y4 ���������  ly* ���������  ny,  ly.  ?79 <  SM ���������  SATURDAY, DEa*3l, JS7C  Mir  Ifi *���������  1 7 >'  ���������x  lit-  SI  III  yy b ���������  ������������������! hi  ;*$���������  ym:  iXi.  tali  ���������'in  1  r f1'i  ivvTi$ii;  y\\r  ���������X\,  ran  y  its  st  11/  'if--  *m  i Xx  11  ���������J.-t.<?������'.-, I  ���������fiv-jsa!-.-.  &?&.  ������;? i'  Vl.f(3:  y/  '1  vll^^E^ - ,     '���������������������������..  ���������������������������..:;^oldv^|n^ileaTM es tbmight, whom  ^r^of^ra-stirry and others .perhaps gla������  So %et rftol, as he has treated a good many  ���������Cafibooites, as well as others, rather acurvlly.  .iHowever,'good-bye old 1670'l   May you rest  ���������with -a good conscience in the sepulchre; of  jyoiir*ancestora.   We have no time now to  ������talk with yon a*botrtWhat yon have seen and  '���������done; as yoTa'are in a"nrirrj-".to be off,.but we  way retriew *ame*>f jreoir experience"here-,  ^fterlf Amd. -to-yon, >fonng; i87i;%hen jr cm  Aytet ins .to-morrow, we bid a^hearty 'Welcome:  v51f������y fwi treat Am tietter ��������� than your, predeces-  l$8ti 'Arid witb yetir^arri^l; we Wisli all jour  ": SirienfisfVa HATr^;NK^'"'YKAR;! ���������'' 'v; *:' !���������;-.. .'"  y Tbe^peifcitiofi to. bis Excellency tbe <Jov-  ������������erno5' ���������praywig. for an appropriation of thirty  thousand dollars towards opening conamnnic'  ^*tione/with^Omineca^bythe^Fraser river and  the������Griscome portage has >no w been sor u wi ve r-  ������*alKy, signed by;, the .people of Cariboo that  ^[f^l^it imperative  ^������on. the subject. It might, ,fee(supposed by p aretes-elesvb ere. ^^  !������ofCajiboe^ywould; feel vseme jealousy and  . faigfi fc^'be ���������ratffeer;;^isp0sed^tp>retard,'|tB.an)-to  assist, in this: nndertaking, but n & 1 we are  .aei,������ctuatedThere toy such ���������contemptible feei-  ;iog^.y Perish "tfie  ,.jwhioh ;%onl4- preyent '���������; the [accompiisbmea t of  !ji*jl 'Xtitf fterk s?WcnJa ted $ to; ad v(ance:;; the  ������������������fjgeneralinterests of^the^p^ony!:; The people  ^fpari^o believe ���������thaty; i n\ their own immediate neigbbprhoed,Bfie. nndeveloped miiies{M  wealth which wUl/yet daKtlCv the eyes of the  vWerId;Ahat )$iey will. never: I^qw- cold Water  on any Aphenie destined to., op en o tUer fields  ��������� for *nWpme. ^ ;The importance of the pro-  .posed work cannot easily be exaggerated |-.' it  ". js^abaolutcly neoessarjr that cheap - rn@a'ns;;;;of  ^trarisit^hoiilfi be provided to the newly di������������  ".^fivered mines.4Last;year the.excitement, based  ��������� iipon fallacious reports, started by interested  individuals for mercenary ends, proved temp-  lorarily^njartqus to the colony,   It was then  'Wnreatty ramored that the origj-sal prospect-  ore' bad made falsa representations for the  <eake ^af ^elf-aggrandisement, "Ibut - the r ex-  p erienee ������f last mumner has shown tbat  .they ������e*e correct in all their etateaientsf  The-wi^'JtoWital creek in the spring turned  ,out unsuccessful; h undreds came from California and elsewhere, lured by the dazzling  ::Tillt:deceptive ighnsfatuus, and turned back  :������s quickly.as; they came, shaking the dost from  off their leet, cursing the country, and pro-  too������acing' jfip w h b.le a humbug and a my*hj  *y a mockery, ���������>���������% delusion and a snared.... But  fbr&n*ately^lbr^he hardy band re-  maitted���������to whom all honor be accorded���������  most &f -them old Cariboo pioneers, who  flinched-not at bardsblps'pr danger, and who,  ynot discoursed ^tviilisuccees at first, determined, ^it^ starvation staring tbem in the  face, to explore more of the couatry than a  single <dpo^. vTheir noble efforts fcaye been  *uccessful,  and the  result shows that the  mines of the'Omineca region are no longer  problematical. So far, tbe means of prospect-  .ing have been very limited, but tbe discoveries on the Oniineca river and Germansen  oseek, yinin ^terly^rec^ipn, tend to foster  the idea Usai & coa-fdmneus gold range extends  froca Cariboo���������if not from Kootenay���������to our  farthest opened gold -fields in tbe north, thus  rendering ifc a matter of policy that connec-  tipns should be thoroughly maintained and  the inter*eaing section of country rendered  as accessible as possible with a view to riveting  Ihe disjointed links, 'and   eventualiy  op ea ing up, through   th e ea ti re length of  the eolony an unbroken chain of mining territory unequalled ia the world.  ���������^eiqCariboo wo������M naturally prefer to  see our miners stay here for the present, and  new discoveries :tfrelm]ade ^the; attracti on * will  tend. Omineca is not so far off, and those  iwho go from; here and may not pro sue-  'Cessful, as "is always the case in eyery mining  sectiphi >iill^ have; the consolation A to know  thaiBherejits ^ show left for tbem jin old  Cariboo.^*:   '.��������� -       y    .���������'.   " ���������  ���������   \ \ ���������������������������" \ ���������  Sb'inuch fbr��������� tie relations between Cariboo  and Omineca. And now, how are the interests of the rest ot the colony affected in this  Batter ? Most decidedlyf the. proposed route  is the^beB^calculated'ttfbenefit' every one.  The farmers and stock raisers from Okanagan  to Quesnel; require abroad by whickibey can  take, tbeir stock; and produce cheaply to the  new mines; ��������� the steamboat owners and team:  sters want a road which will afford them em ���������  pioymeoty--'and * on which competition will  render freight reasonable; the minere of  Orainecas want a; road by which they, can  enjoy uninterrupted eoiainunieation with the  ���������grand.trunfc road, of tfoe colony; ��������� the wer-  chants;of Victoria* require a road v?bich Will  secure them a portion of <^e trade of the nswr  district and; the' benefits -accruing from the  tfansit��������������������������� of all passengers and; niercbandise  fromabrbad thither bound; : To! no section of  the< colony is this subject of more importance  tlian^to Victoria.  Ktabtish any other route;  arid ;godd-byeytp Jits cbramercial greatness!  Good-bye the ��������� prospeets ofuthey[ntercblbriial  Rail way at /Esq u i ma 111; sonie Northern port  wjil- supersede?; the7en^ryp; capital of the  : PapificvJahd the 'trade of China arid India, op  its;o verland way to the marts of Europe, will  never^ enter the - Straits of ;-Fncaif'^ Ayy 'v-  ;>;We have dilated on this raster rather  ^sely fro in the Conviction1 -that iii is :'..-the;, duly  of,the Go ver ri men t-to use its ������tmost efforts to  forward;; an / e nterp riee ; arid op en up a ro n te  which;must be>>of the greatest service to the  colony. \Let; ua have no ^niore rival routes,  ruinous as past experieace has proved to all  connected w 1 th tliem and to the;advanceoieht  efthecbuhtry ���������';;' But letviis rather^db what we  can to extend the grand arterial -communi ca-  tion which, has atready^beeri;;. opened so far  through the heart of the opt pny at an enonnoim  cost; and of which a hew colony like burs has  r easoii ��������� to be justly proudi'    ��������� ' 4  '.���������',---���������; w, ���������'   ������ 7^.; ^,7',;���������^..^.,;^ '  ^NBW'ADVBRTiBEMENTSi  .-.^ixV-irJiVI.^.  ��������� -"YawLtttok Klkctio?r���������Mr CornwalI has  been.returned by a majority of -SS���������receiving  119 votes to Mr Smft^s 26.    ;  ; Barxar������?s ,Exprk8s[ arrived-yesterday, and  will leave for^elow on Tuesday mOfnirigi:-  NEW.ADVERTISEMENTS  ��������� ;;v;;.;;;:;WOTics;:^^  ALL PKHSONS INDKBTED TO  C." P.  O'^KIIJ,,  <3rr>o so -Creek, are requ es ted tb ������ca 1!' on hi m ������ q 0  settle  their accounts en or- befota 'FIRST MARCH.  1871. ;,;;., . ,/..- ,, ,-.  ���������,>,-   '���������- ��������� -- '  df!25 2m  ff  (Including Wines, Liquors and Cigars,)  Can be obtained at the  On SONDAY (New Year's Day), at 6 p.m.  50.  ��������� r ���������  P.  '���������Ft.  T H B   C AR I B 0 O    A MATEUSS  '    Will giTeaa'entertainment pa  MW^IEAR,S!'''E^Ey"  .   .- .-   <   ���������.. ... ... ,;. . o "���������..���������.-���������.'; ,  ���������       . ���������   - - '  Commencing' irith tiie amuaing Farce, in two Acts,  7 ,,.,..... ������������������'..��������� -yy;'.-.,..,.,-., ;, ������f.*���������.. :���������'.;��������� X'    ;y��������� ^ r ��������� ��������� -r*������������������' -'.:���������  -EOBIH?  "; I. .      .        j  J. S. Ttiompson  J. Hudson    ���������  Florence Wilson  "Mrs3IP. Parker  Old Tinkle'(a.retired Muffin-maker),  Jack.R}iggett*{asulf-sacriflelRg lo'v-  ,er)...-;,.,��������� .......yxx,y -,; ���������--  Satariiilla (a reverigeful beau ty from  .'��������� Mexico);*-*���������-'.������"'������������������'.-' -:^- '*���������������������������* x,Hy,x,  Hannah,(an agroeable Muid: of all  ���������" .work),".' ���������" ":-- '���������-:'':  '*'. -'  Hy ���������������������������^ifl^.^\A^\ii^\yr^}fo ������ choice .;i;.; '  y ��������������� 3^Tas^i ,;  Y)oom open . at 7 o'clock ;. performance to coin,  rafcnee &i1K o*clock* . . ���������   /...    \  : ;;Art missio 11 $_X 00 i - Reserved Se at*, %\; 60.- ��������� ������������������     ���������  .  f Ticke ts for j the Reserved, Seats to f be ; had, of. l������t  Staples^ Barker^iilO.'*"  ���������''.! ������������������?'.:"', .'.' ���������'  ���������'������$&?, Iiiauidatioii.. SchemeiTlckets will be taken; for*  adniisslon.. ��������� - .'-,���������:;:-������-.*. ....���������- ,...-,,������������������<���������-;������������������ :,;   , :!r...... y.t:Zy  ''���������'��������� ���������      ��������� '������������������'���������'.  "':��������������������������������� ���������������������������' de24:*.'���������������������������:" ���������' -' 'y    '*��������� ���������  . '!'.,.!��������� Time Tests the Merits of all Things. ,  ;���������;: l$ilfr:y r  Perry^I>avis  Has bce*n*tested -In every varinty' of clImate, and also*  by almost overy nation "knowu > to: America u������.'.; His  ihe  almost  coustaut compunion, and '-inestimable;  friend of th e; Mi tier:������' iid Tra rel IVr,; on] "��������� sea a nd land,  and n6 o.ncshould .triifxXwit\ujut.ifc...���������..,,,,', ,:;.  ���������It Is ' Jir- spe'eVl y ������������������ "a nd safe rein ed y for burns, scalds,,  cuts; bruises; wounds aud Various other injuries, -aa  well as tin* iJvscuW'ry, d.iarrtia?ii and bowel cwiuplaints  gen orally, -u u d is admirably, suited for oVei y" "race uf;  men on the inoe ot tlie globe.������������������  B������ sure y(m call for and pet the genuine-Pain  Killer, wh, .many'wortlilt'ss^'jstruma, are at tempted to,  be soli on the great reputation of this valuable medi-  cine. ��������� ���������;��������������������������� ���������    s ���������-     -.������������������ \  .. '.        ' ��������� . .  Sold by ..all Medicine Dealers.   ���������> . y .-..<        4,e3 ,  ..*--V.iJ'S!  r ,.<,���������*������   ^  MlSCELMNfiOUSv  Van iVolkenburgli & Co,  A SUPPLY OF THB  ALWAYS ON'HAND^P'.  leetb extracted in a style; tbat will doly tbo world  to excel, and Teeth lllled with purn Gold and Silver  or.wjth tho Os Artificial Filling  which will save any  tootn, oven when introduced upon a bleed ing nerve  teeth put in njm pinto and upon pivots.   Parties  . p. . , t whv may require the Doctoi'g eervicos would do w*Yi  make new 4iscovefies;m out own immediate te make an early coil,'us he does notinSiTo re  vicinity j but ibe experfenee ������r over tweofylmm ***jn n^kerviiie.  Has returned to'Barkerville,and may be con-  suited at bm old stand.  Drfii-TOALLTcttnais roany -thanks to the people of  the Lower Country for their kindness and natronnge  whilwon his prolcssional. tour, and by strict attention  to business trusts to retain the confidence previously  bestowed upon him by.the people of Cariboo.  In all branches of Dental work be warrants to give  satisfaction or return the money, and pav tho patient  lor the time lout .while sitting in his chair.  MESSRS.  MEAGHAM  h NASON ar������ prepared to  furnish Lumber at their Mills, William Creek,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THB SAME RATES AS Oil  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having & Planing Machine in operation they wil  also furnish Dressed Lumber at (satisfactory, rates.  I  I'M  #;  ���������Aty T.  ;J-'i,r!*;W-'  icesj  ���������a?���������  k f  THOS, f FILE TCHErlJf ly f;.  S e oo ud - li arii d Store;  ly-y y. ty .i rh&ziwibix*. -:- '^y-ytix'  SHeetln&Cast Iron Stoves  -IXhh JOBBING WORK IN TIN",-COPPER;She*!  ix: I ron v Zin c a nd .Lea d Pipiug, a ttend e,ir.to w lib  promptness, and  fact un...  :���������'-���������������������������: h'  warranted  to give vntiro -autia  Hardware  IronV3S&  y--y^ '������������������^;f ���������;��������� ��������� 1  LrOUTNINO XKKKXv  MINERS- AND; TKADERS wII1 flnd;At������������������ ��������� to"'the!r.-,s d  vantage to purchase a,t thU^torfl^Uere, .there it  A l^KlSSOETMt: OF GOODS  *Of th e ve ry li es t d esc ri p tin n on Han d, an il1.1 he 91f wbH.  constan tly r e plenish o d h y.ne wa r ri va l s. Th e p rop r ib>  1,     ' tors will sell Goods y.  AS CHEAP AS ANY .IN  CARIBOO.  prderpproniptlyfllied,and forwarded with dlspaun  ,   yy BRKDY k I.1XDHARP,'.;[."  Y an Vinkl������, .���������.    Propr jeUrt  HAVE been requested by several .respectable par.  ties; who cah testily to thb efficacy ol niy system,  to again mako public the i������ct that,    ... ,. ���������.. ., ;.������.  Moses' Hair Invigorate*  WILL PREVENT.BALDNESS, A ,  '���������! . /  RESTORE HAUi THAT Id BECOMING THIN  OR FALLING OFF, and elIi:e.iutiUy  ;      ,    . pURE.SQURK ORDANPRtiFlT.:  This is not a mere; assertion on my pnrt4 aslhav������  in my possession numerous testimoninls certifying to  the success bT* my remedy. **;  ���������' ' Vj" -  ���������,,,.;.I do hot of course pretend that I can:make the hnlr  ffr������w on heads which have been.hald for years ; but  I wiII punranten" to stop: th������ hair from Hilling off, to  increase its growth, and effectually remove ������curf or  Dandruff. W. D.'MOSES,"  ' Barke.rvilhvB.C-.  "'������������������������'��������� CERTIFICATE..  This la t# certify that during last pprlng* my Kn'it  was rapidly falling ont.and my head was fast hocom-  inir hahi. when I applied to Mr W, D.MOSES. Barber,  Barkorville, who in a lew weeks restored iny hair to  Its former hoalthy state '^ DAVID GIBBONS.  B*rkervilto, Dee. 2t, lff88. nc^ lm  OOMPHISINQ���������  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  G-roceries,  OF THE  BEST  QUALITY. *  THE Proprietor of this old and well-known establishment would respoctfully thank his numtr-  oub friends and the public for the extensive patronage  heretofore bestowed on him, and trusts that by his  usual strict attention to business to nteril a contin  uance of theiroonfldence and support.  Forsalo at the Store of tho undersigned in Barker,  ville, upposite the Bank of British Columbia.  ,r    W. ttBJNNIB.  jfars oo fhiM^QMBl Iihc sho.wfl thfti wher������T#ri  ������    **..Remember that tbe charges are mndtmt*  M-h% '.Ulct *|rpTBitfi M A������������r Oftiop, fe������4������Till������.  I  il4 tf  MUlURl  ,K&aIS|'$l.   Board, $14   per Week.  BREAD MADE OP THE BEST' FLOW  I recommend to the public my  GROUND    COFFEE,  which la a much superior articlethan any which ei������  be had from below.     I Roast and Grind it myself  and choose the best berries, consequently the publia  may be sufeoHts beingfreefrom adulteration.  J; G. GOOD SON.  m  I  m  I  J  m  In  I  i  m  m  mm SAtpupAY* BEG.,-Ul,, 187<U  SPECIAL Tp THE CARIBQO SENTINEL.  4.-  Versailles, Dec. 20���������Tbe anxiety iof ibe  < :G1������ r m ans.for=pieace is ��������� intense;i The German  ���������^troops, are on the, point of mutiny, y ���������:���������;;��������� iy  ���������s /, , The .bombardment.of Versailles is'expected  '} e v ery moQie n t.; The, Freo c b ha ve i n positio n  y puns capable of, tb ro wi n g shel 1 s; then ug n the  .- {Ki "g's ; pal ace  and ; dr i v\ ng. the; Germ aris  .from tlie woods on the east' and north oLVer-  r. wf]\es.ry**������^yxf'- v,! y-jnqyx r$ ,?;..-f-������Vr'r*   j.  ,1 A epirresponde nt with; thei 108th > Corps at  ; y e n (1 om ef writ ing; on: the (,* 18 th,;.��������� says: - A f ter!  ��������� severe figbting on 14th, 15th,, 16th and! 17tb  i>n bothi,banks ofythe Lbire^the; Germans oe~  s cupied Vendorae and Persay���������Geiis Chaurey  ^retreating slowly /and; in -tolerable'*; order,  ^ ho ping to j pin tbe JJjst Cor^a un der Juar������z  x and ytbe>troops^ near; Lemans;y ; Tbe fighting  } i was tedious'and bloody y. The Germans need  ���������ixr&b&yyx XfX yX-XX W;;y;.' :^y:ri XyyAy.  y.   London,y Dec. r2Q^rAPatis correspondent,  ,yj;wrUingion tbe 19th, says-:y We^are ; on ;ttie  point of starvation;  The supply;of meat will  j njastnbut a few days 16ng������tv iliti they event of^  ^^he}failure, <>f J^heonexfc; sortie: ;Ducrot, Favre  and ot her hiem hers of t h e;. Go vern men t ��������� * wil 1  leave: i*ari������'i>yr bal loon to proseeute/theiwar in  the Pro viucefc1 Trochu will re'znaiu till the  surrender, of the eity.y;'," y -.. \vyy--y;-     ���������   [-.  A'j'n Lemansj/Dec,. lb'.��������� Ther$ has been a,second  ���������cb an ge of. base hy the n rmy of the Loirfe.  ���������<y Thejio jhivsJbeeivbdlHant fighting ?niear Parfe;  :A11er leaviiig 0i;leVins./the;ar my of the Lo 1 re  made a flanki; movement on Vendome;    It  | ^night bave>bie^n easy to  '' yJhVlli' armi eti ch t" fob^e' from' 'bask' A The ���������' coif n-  i rgi nm. . ipe army j  ''/ h������>s si in ply .nripye<l:] $pine! op; '; ju'i Ies ��������� nbr tb ' of  tJjfeihtSriner; ^WlijoivVKriSr ttier-l*'jdiued hahde  "ywilh'Hhe^ne^ ���������   *���������    V  ^ 1 j red ; from"! fiiri sSK ut,' Ve in ai hs; at ';!$\ n ceh n efe.  ^ ti?4 cont'MhpKites'ii'rertbwal of ^the'attempt l������  Vfeajt, |Jac< >ugb kp d^ etfecta j unction w ith" the  ririay ^bf GliaiieViwfo^sigailantly endeavoring  lo fijrhi Ins ,way north.warn. ���������  y'x Neyf^Yorkr pep. 22���������Tlje Mopitenr pnb-  *iishes ,'S)'clrcnftp^firoTn. the; Initecibr?Depart-  men ts con! radicting nimor of trbub lea.   ;  N e wn A repp* if aris to t be l^.th;-ifi f avorab le.  )sb excitementSsince^the'Afd&: The Journal  .���������* Official publishes report of Government of  ,,...j������.late.of, provisions,.whieli is;.tavorable... The  . [ Prencti* are preparing for a great Wtie.. ] Qon-  ^Uion of the Army of the North excellent. .���������  V" risi v re ad vices sh Pw tb at the [J?y nasi aiis ane  [ decided (y  re treatiug to wards Am lens.   A  , inimber of STnall engi^emeiits bad taken place  in Which. the French were aiiccesshii.   The  '!!. if arts journals aay the Pruasiaus kee fxplosi've  ^liiilletsi' ''";    "'" ...'1* "x'       '   ' y  Adyices from, Orleans state the Prussians  grossly iniilted. Don Pan loop a ad treated the  inhabitants with   iuhmnanity.    During   tKe  ^ftbort.occupatioa of Blots they committed'^no  e-xcesses.f It is officially announced ithatGam>  ^etta goes to review the army of Lyons. -He,  .: dias: left - Rouen. ���������*..:< v - .< 1' : ���������." 1 ���������-.:,���������"    y'- *"\ \'"'  ;;  The Prefect of * the Rhone bnnounoes -that  the Cbiet of tbe National Guards at .Lyons  was shot yesterday by a band of wretches  f: nHet the semblance of'a triali;and adds ^at  ���������; th c y were hi red "to do it by the eh ettiy." Tb e  ���������citizens of Lyons were greatly shocked at the  crime. * ��������� ������������������������������������    -y ���������: ;��������� ���������; y -. v ������������������; -'i ::���������. ���������-"; ;,-��������� ���������.   11  Several vessels bad arrived in France with  j������tt������l������,',   . l   ,     :!.!x.;y ���������'>.;���������'A! :X-  ':      It w as rep ort e d th at tfee Prussian s expected  . -ito receive provisions at Dieppe from England,  twit, the close watch of the., French cruis������rs  prevents it.  It is reported that the Prussians bave occupied Tours   Glianey and Mans, where they  ., received %mnuitions, reintqreements, <kc. : **���������  Mbxe recent *engajjetnents are favoraWe i to  ihe French.   Troops well equipped continue  coming in.   The cavaWy awi artillery raised  by the city<of Bordeaux are ready to march.  Troclm having shown to the PVussiah bfli-  cers who were taken prisoners all the'pro-  ; visions and raunitiousin Paris, sent them back  to Versailles.  New York, Dec. 23���������Special correspondence of tbe Tribune from V������r������aiHe������, daN!  10th, says the feeling among the highest officers of tfee besieging army is that Paris wttl  hold out well into January. Careful preparations are making for snob a contingency,  and various corps in thepravincefl are moving  bo as to cut off all ^pssiblo hopes of resistance.  ^ Gen.. Trochu is expected to give the Prua-  sians some fighting about Christmas.  London, Dec. 22���������Von Gloize surprisen' the  French at Langers, defeated them with heavy  loss in prisoners, arms and baggage.  On Tuesday the garrison of Paris madeQv������  ^J]^4^,l?^cW������l wi!**." Tfaia.-���������iftti*������i      , _ wtummmeiiuBnimtm  several hours' fighting "witff light loss to tb*  Prussians.  A Prussian column is approaching Paultizr  coat.   Rheims is supposed to be-its destin-'  atipn. ''��������� !,  New York, Dec. 23���������A private London dis-  patcb say thev Frencb claim to h������ye severed  JPrince Frederick CfiaMestte  Jto ha ve capttired 20^0' prisoners ae the Ger-'  mans were leaving Tours. It is also reported  tbat the Array of the Loire has made a sue-'  cessful union, and is now 300,000 strong and  ready for offensive movements. J,  London, Dec.. 23���������The Times says the  A m ericans are ready to. flgh t, al tbo ugh ap p re������  dating the value of, peace, because their exposed points are few and their resources are,  urioounded. Not seeking war, they are unlikely to decline a challenge, while England  ia always averse for con Terse reasons/  .Bordeaux,.vDec. ^--Advices fro n^ Pa ris up  tcvitbe. algfat;of:; 2Ist;i biSngitbe official report,  of the recent military operations. Operations  were resumed at daybreak ano) only closed at  nightfall. The fire Of the enemy was silenced  at all points. It is also stated that after a  short combat, in which Gen. Favre was  wounded, the troops /torn St Denis nnder^  Admiral Laroucy carried the bridge north of  Paris, but were unable to hold it and retired,  having captured 100 prisoners.   > |  Bordeaux; Dec. 23���������-Advices from Tours;  dated the evening Of the 22dy sighed by tho  Mayory4 nf!������r n������^th������- Dm jirtmen t oft th e Inter^ or  that\6 more PriiBslalaB hlve''ehtero<i��������� thet:[ d-s-  p'lrtment. yV.-- r;-:Xy_;. }:x'y\      '.!::!���������.']-.  r Garabetta was recei ved at Lyon s wi th tho ���������  warmest acclamations and an universa!." re-  qiiest that fiii I ni-sasure of j ustice be accorded  to the wretches who have dis turned the order  of the city. Several: persons ���������;;bave been &i<  rested as accomplicesTn the assassination of  M. Fove. ;  Blots, Dec: 19������������������The city is. crowded; and  has not been so much excited since the memorable assembly of the War League. The  troops are all ai'toed, but thousands of strag-;  glers.are jammed together in a ii inextricable  ihasa.' '���������<-:.   ��������� ���������",; ��������� \ ���������:"',;:;���������'������������������ A-ly'": -������������������ '���������.  Bordeaux, Dec- 23���������Gen; Trochu ffemains  on tside o f Parish wi tb h ia^ ar my.., Iu ter m i tie n t  lighting is continued without concentration of  fo ree si nee the cap tiireo f ;,0 r 1 eans. T b ere is  a constant. strengthening;of" ttie Frehch 1 ines.  and the Vrnssiaus have-joitttno opportunity tb  make efforts to b reak the ml b u t the ir efforts;  have been watcbed^wUb a -vigilance equal to  their own;        ���������>  Cherbou rg; t>e 6, "���������������:���������:' 24-^ 10.0 00 ta on, fill ly  equipped, left to dsty for the field. Arms und  eq u i p men ts are ar ri v. in g i n 1 a rge q u a n ti ti es.  The blpckade���������of. Honfleur has been ordered.  ��������� LondoiL Dec; Ti���������Advices of yesterday  give ru mo red defeat of Chauncy by the Duke  of Mecklenburg and Prince Frederick Charles  combined.   Chauncy is retreatiug.  A dispatch from Cherbourg reports 60,000  French troops at Havre. Tbe Prussians have  left Dieppe, but are encamped near by in  heavy force. French irouciads are off the  porU  .        x:'",',t-  CHRISTMAS INrCAEIBOd.  , Last week we took the, opportunity of,srish  ing all our readers a^ merry:��������� Cbristmasi iand  we1 are happy now to chronicle the' fact that  so far as ou r exp erieh ce ��������� wen t\ oM r' as^ i ratio ns  w^re verified. '���������' !Every oti&feee;mecl to feel the  Allowed infiuehc^  **' SH(m>nd:-b6drocic' *p|tehiug" ''^ we't%Iforgoij  and Ve th i nk it wo u Id h ave 'been; difflcn it -to  IB nd a com mil ni ty else where nio re jol ly uti dep  adverse circumstaiicesvtharh^ tKi^.pfrCaybS(fc'  Friendship and: bI!arity:w^erit hand; In hand*;  turkeys and plum-piidding' wtoe! slsrallpwed  with zfestf toasts werg drnrife! to the dear ohes  at bome, and every pne eeemed- bnxlous to  ontriydT his neighbor in gdbd^Uh^yltniay  seem almost superfluous to add th at tn e p o j ice  records were' blank, arid' tliat''perhaps is'isay-;  ing a little more for the character of the'rest-  dents of Caribob\ without arrbgating aby self-;  superiority, tbahcan be asserted in favor of  any oftefc%bh^mhhii^ pf^nal ^^u^tlojjn  the uuiveraey" And' long niay it ;be :ep 1 yfe  claim no credit for' the itpf.] but'fa^afe  stubborn^ tfihgi.    *'' /   !;4 '.". ,'"'.'"���������' ��������� '    'x  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  During the hoi id ay a'we have little oP consequence to report. The Victoria co. on Low-  hee washed last week 64 oz., and this week,;  from 1J set of timbers, go* 35i oz. TJie  Brown co., for three days last week, bad 30  oz!.' The;8pni ce co., oh FSgfhtning'; is i mprov-  ing.: l������s^ week they had 64 oz,, and for three  days this week 37i oz. The Grouse creek,  prospects continue good, but little can be  done till the Talisman co. reach their shaft  St. Jonxrs Day���������The Festival of St, John  the Braugel'ist, on Tuesday last, 27th Dec,  was d������ily7ceiebrated according^tp time-honored custom hy the brethren of Cariboo  Lodge, Ko. 469, W. & A. M. At 8 o'clock*  p.m., a large number of the members of the  Lodge assembled at tbeir hall in Barkerville,  where a sumptuous repast had been prepared,  to which am pie justice was rendered. Toasts,  sentiments, speeches and songs followed each  other in rapid succession, and a pleasant  night was iosiperately enjoyed by thehrethren  till the short hours of morning, when they  separated, only regretting tbat their pleasant  reunion was at an ���������end���������  "Parting with such sweet sorrow.  That each could say good night  JU-ntii it were to-raorrow."  Amitsob Pkuformaxce Tuts EvaNixo���������The  Amateurs, it will be seen, will close the year  this evening with tbe stunning play, in two  acta of "Who Killed Cock Rofein ?" wrth  ssngs between tlie acts. The performance  promises to be well worthy of patronage.  The Amateur Dramatic Association beg  to acknowledge donations of Liquidation  Tickets from Dr. Bell, Messrs W. R*muie,L  Wmlrip, TT. Forcjst *ud T, Harif^r.  f ^hkAtbkR^  ori; Cb lustmas. fi ve was well attended and gave.  general;, satisfaction;;;*yTtie^ lively;/faVce?o'f  **-(Juasb;"' ab binding in repartees and Udtri  ��������� crous ihcidents; Was well played, Mr Perr&;:  as the negro servant iQuash, acquitted bimseif  ���������very, welly ' ���������MrJ'Brow'iiV ae" the pretended;  maniac, was a little diffident'! atrfirat;- hut  gained confidence "as thei piece' proceeded.'  Mr Thornpsbri, aa the doctor; Mr PearepnVae  the;distressed father;'aid Messrs: iicDermott  and StHptes, as Hbe jiJ'ppcb^nd^riac^ pitiehtsv  iden ti tied th emsel v es Wei f wi th their f eepecK  ive characters, As Latira, Mrs 'Parker' had  not much to do or say, but that little was, as  4i sual in !��������� all her r cb ara,cters,: fee Ji ngly and jcor-  rectiy rendered. The; glees by the ^Telsh  Glee Club were aung-iu veryigood'Btyle^-Mrf  Hudson; ^who^ after hayth^been absent' fbfi a  length of timer was hearti%greeted ��������� oh hia-re^  ^ppearahcei^gave a^hew "Ieca!> sbhg ? written  for the becasioh by Mr Jahies Anderson, .fand  M r Koii gh created roars of lau gh ter hy liis'  local song, "Old Slung the PieV in negro  character, and his comic acting. The reading of the cbnundru ms for the prize turkey  was 'then, proceeded with, a coram it tee con-  sistinj������bf" Messrs, G. B. Wright, Geo. Byrnes  and T. Fatal lb ha v i n g been fi rst sel eeted by  the aiidience to decide upon.,their merits.  Many of the con ondrunis possessed consjder-  ab le'merit, and heihg general ly intended to  play on names of parties and places in Cariboo, were received with acclamations by the  audience. The committee having retired to  deliberate, the Burlesque Prize Fight between  the Irish Gladiator and the Negro Pugilist  took place and elicited roars of laughter, after  w h i ch tb e co m mi t tee an n ou n c ed tbat th ey had  decided on-a warding the prize to" the; author ���������  of the following conundrum :-f" Why is; Mr  Ross of the Hudsou Bay Company better off  than any other man in Cariboo ?���������Because be  is A-gent and has no 'Work' to tronbie him.,J,  Mr J.'McBI Smith was then introduced to the  audience as the author, and having received  his turkey, made his bow amidst loud applause. , -  I-Iba;*vt. EonntetY at Fours of QuesnfXt-  Froia J*r Kimball, the Keith ley and Quesnel  River Expressman, we learn that a heavy  ���������rebbery has been -committed at the Forks of  Quesnel. It appears that Mr Wm. Barry had  left bis house and gone aeross the bridge for  a short time, and on returning found that the  house bad been brc&en into during his ������b-  sence and $2200 in gold dust abstracted from  CONUNDRUMS:: WHICH DID- NOT   mn  the: turkey at4-the theatre ..  ;.:on.saturday, last. ��������� ,... , .   .  \Why aredisturbera of tbepeace in Barker-  ivilletbe^m^Bt fortunate: in the community ?���������+  Because:tbey are treated to a suit of Liosey,  ta!<en:to ajrrahd BallJ ���������ahd^serit to revel in  pastureg o|. Greeny������������������'���������;"/,���������. ;  ^?'Whf is tiie>fesent Cabinet of England like  the population of Caribfeo ?^Because* the majority are for Peace*  n % Why-eanH ai fire '*. get;- bead way in Barker*  ville?���������Because ft the Captain of- the Fire Be*  partmentis " bully ������ on the Watch..  y Why ought tbe'Fire Brigade lb open'a pork  shopi torfii&efiindsfor'the piirchasebfahb^e-  carriage id preference to giving a Bajn-rBe-  cause tbey have the bigg^si and only Biiinm^  XHam8);in'iCariboo...)x ' xxx v^iv -"%"���������.>������  W b y have the Parisian s, -as ,an audi en ce,  the best-view at tbe Theatre of War in  France; ?-7TBecanse .the * ��������� ice ne r imib thconga  Paris' [the. river Seine)* *���������    : '   '>-  :     J^yy "T,J.������:-   H:     ;.'rXj,A".v  '������������������ t -V.-,;:.'--. !  '7    :'' ".\:. % ;'.������������������' ��������� :* l-'.! |V������ f -  p?,^Why a.^o some, of the^ Fire, Brigade more  JjI ood thirsty than1 Ahrahaifn^on JMbu at/JU^ria^L ?  'Because they sacdtleed-.Isaac; ���������'-;"''-A^'yyy  iy^by:, tijhe Fire IJiigade anxious, tp, get the  " Stinfibwer " 1. ftp,,'join' the Brigade ?--Becau#<������  the^wWt:a^<i������elle":!Didiy^     ^ ^*x^,  :  ^Wby visvUi^prize%rke^llke'tn^  Strasbourg T���������Because It is 'well-riddled^:,',:?,.'  ;; Wbyi^was t^^TOROiedfireman's Bali<iii?e  Absblam^ hairt^BecaiMplt j;ot pavldW son  (Davison)linto'-trouble71'-^^ ���������-.''������*'' ��������� '**><''%������������������  :;';v Why^dbX^ fe-.l.  semble a boiujuet o| Bweet^scented flowers-?^-r  Because the /'Rose "attracts thei most atten^  tion/'7-;l;'!*!''>*i>Ay*i-y -lA-y-XW-rX-'^' 'li;v'-J'���������';rf;V:  ���������y-yy  i\x$*%!B^pnld tnepriadhers in;-Hichfield'iaii  be more cpntented^ than -thpse: in any other  ���������j ail "in thepbl 6ny;?---Becau������e^ they have;; go ^ %  Ball arid Green (Bbwfing Green) ^arauso  them.- ��������� f.;,. 1. x ' "[ y ';" .'��������� ��������� ....^ ��������������������������� -  u Wliy'W ^ false alarmi of \ fire lijce^ttieSiUtra  of ��������� the3 Aiihi wsary / jf .al 1 ^feeauseMe Ffl^ j  men^ere deceived by��������� thetBelles^: ^ y ��������� ^ f -  ;.;^:Wliy-is'it dangerous iprlia |tnah^ to; travel  from^Williams creek to Lowhee by^theb new  trail,?���������Because he has.: got to pass a Black  ^U;apd;raiay, get Jntp forests XForrist^r;  d^Wfey',&Wlpne.Siwash accbmplish more^lhan'  alV^e|miner8 iOf; ^aribbp;T-f Because alljtbe  miners'hiledyt6;p^  now;.ffieywiiillie;^rke  gioe). y; i ^ ' v   ���������'-���������' -j fi-v^ y-y\' ...  ,, Wj\J M; ft1 ^ .':fttn c������M. IJfOnt? e..." in pre '^tp b������  pitiejii thai any other^ womaB 'ia'-'-EnglShd ?���������  Bscause -"As*1' is destined to be* a^^'wife forlorn  ���������(for:Lprn).;';,'o' ���������wy-x   yf, yx: yyxxyy''-  :.. ��������� | Why; should Dr. Cbipp be eenshred tor trot  having an awning in,frent of his drug store?  Because in that locality it is always fainy  (Rennie)^        . _.   *At 7"  Why;was Dr. Treyor^when last herev- tbe  biggest Bweii, theygreatest rake, and thevhap-  piest maii in Cariboo ?^���������Be������aiise b^ ,wa9 so  ofteh at the Tayl6r,s,;^^^coristaiitly'attjendrng' a  Ball, and no louger ^down at'the Mouth/'?J'  . Why is fcb e Govern ot of .* ^British- Gbtiim Sia  like the Commander-.in-Chief of5 the Prussian  army ?-^-Because he won the Field ot Worth jj  Wfey ia the Carib 00 Dramatic Assbciatf oa  like, Geo, Wilson when rhe fought: with Joe  Eden.? ���������Bepause, they .had arranged to., gi ve  "a fowl to theVwinner. ., y~![ y^  !* y^  What gentlenian of William creek will the  winner of the fat turkey be nanied after 1~~  Well-'dnne (Weldon).   >���������      ' %A'> !  Why are copies of Ibe Cawboo Skxtinki*  like young ladies?���������Because they are tb������  dearest things on the Globe.,  Why, is the Cariboo Hospital li Ire Rac������  Rocks Lighthouse ?���������Because it has a Bell ia  case.of danger..; ,-; ���������:-   >   . ������������������ y<- r  IJA-psy Wn.MOT has now got hie nej*v light  sleigh running regularly to Vanwinkle, and  we advisli all our friends who wish tp have a  pleasant ride , to give it a trial. This sleigh  has l\*eu built on the best principles, regard*  less of expense, hickory wood being hrought  from Victoria expressly for the purpose } and  the maimer in which it is constructed reflectS  credit'on the builders, Messrs. Robertson, of  Ligbtoing creek.   It has been painted in tbe  best style by Mr Miiross., of/Barkerville, an4  a back room.   A pipe known to belong to a I altogether is as haodsoma a specimen as any  Chinese storekeeper was found in the house, on^ C0lJ]^ wish to see.      '  On Monday evening last a large and highly  respectable company met to partake of a  Christmas dinner at Miss Hjckmah'B. restaur*  ant, Barkervillcg The repast wag Served in  6rsfc-rate style and all the luxuries of tbe season turkeys included, were oh the hospitable  board. Wines liquors and cigars of thebeaS  quality were provided ad libitum, and every  one present seem-ed  heartily to *&j*jf  but the latter says the pipe was stolen from  him previously.  Wosletan CHGiifln Sertscks���������-In connection  with tbe usual Wafcch-Night services, a lecture  will be delivered ������it the Wesleyan Church, at  half-past 10 oV^oqk this evening, by the Rev.  Thomas Derrick, on the " Past, Present and  Future of British Columbia." At the close  of the lecture, tbe usual Watch-Kight hymn  "and prayer will be given,       .  O   ',  ;   ������  y. a  i i  i'"'y  i A  **mn������u.'ajmasM$iaatt&m SBB  WjT;^p^UJtfplJR.  Lri  A   ���������"'  ���������j-y  ������������������:# v,;  :.   tO.tbahOllDdi.     ���������    /. ,\,, '.''; J-.:n-7 '^   ���������   "'  ��������� ' ������-*" -H'^y?/' f .<"'*������ rn .-"������-��������� ������������������>:��������� <;��������� 7       - 77.;..';   74 ;     ��������� /  ~;������ Exciw  v aaidlwhen be rweway^-.-=7   y    ^  ,y: yxr y  ��������� ,4'/. :'v.r \y.y ' "."���������'��������� ��������� i-^w-,-?*!���������''���������= *���������>':**>/.*'':  .-y^j1!;?;^^  ; ;'4e^ x     "yy yy:  'y  WbaVia tbe r!?eif bt, of ^foliy t ^espaiid  ���������'���������'* ^jpiirjieBfc.^  ;., ;. ?! A jitie will ;pblijre,^-, as. the. de^ j akater:  njaid*^ Ji^ <y. yAty  , l:;JB.dttifi were orij|iB������llyJovented; b^'* le-;  * male organ-grinder,  to  acebmiaodate   her  /monkey with a place to 'reek ��������� :  ���������--  r.y w^7, ;i.:.-h ������������������"������������������, .' r'..-^'o   ;  -v;";;y ;y:;   vv 1  .-&$ Jk ���������Ijolly-noeed votery ^6f ��������� Bafeehjlw? while  rambll09' in a wood', was bitten at the end of  I his' prdbcecis 'bys i-yenpmoua anaker ^The  ,;  anake'died.. /\v.*. (V- /"'���������''���������������^'������������������''^''���������'"��������� *^  j?i.'  ���������':���������������������������' l*vT>y Bboul^w^ the  ' appearance 'of a.gaost���������?��������������� ;Because^,if N,itt ia a  fltoffl. Us appearance must, in the nature of  " ihtngs, be immaterial^ j.ii^^ : y;  * '^'dtrfG^^KNOW���������A pawr^inipnffing bff a  .;"; certain soap, aaya f it is. the best everUBa&fpr  ;;%������Vdftft'  ���������A ihefetore  A PK&BETUAL WEATHER TABLE.  inanfr^^  re'M onghfrto'kMW.]1';;1  t/ ';;//*!*    id'win65f^; r^?^' k/ ' v.s-y. >^\- ^\^^' y  ���������  P������ and M*.���������Why is the letter D like a  aqnaliiiijf Icbild f"<Becauee;it make* Ma mad ?  Why ii the letter T like ^yo^apendthrifi?  Because it make* Fa pay  ���������ji.??::  yy  ��������� Catojs orBecpwkp������.;FaT���������^eodbreVHook;  meetlni a,friend lust alterleaving the King's  ��������� Ben^fi l*riBonv whOiB*%id: tp bim Jas was getting  I -.-fair "Tea," -replied jflook, J* I wai enlarged  -���������'to-day:"'    - ,!'-  ���������   ;       ;    ''���������'���������'  '''/;    '���������:  -y.-^,";:'   ���������-.   s;,-.r ,������'' ,-  "    ' ";,���������".    s---":    '..'^   !'.,..('.  ���������",-������.     ''���������' "������'���������'(���������';���������  ..i.y.w������ '>^:;"_;    "������������������ ���������.!���������%-.*���������,     ;    ,. ;���������    , ���������-. /        ,,,/,*������  /The ^Bon^ of % *fond :^ther,'when going %o'  .^.wafy - proaalwd to^briog ho'ma1 the head jb2f< aji  ",eneinyriii:Hi8i;parent?repliei-/V*^  'glad to seelyou^ come bora^,without ;aoi head.  ;:. provided -you ;come ���������afeJ,,=':-.:       ��������� ��������� 1 ���������!. ���������'.,::  /l   f)tfpther^-^Uf^ ^ ia  ^iberean^hirmjnhbreaklnglegg shells.!?���������-  "Certainly not, my dear;  but why do you  P!$&k0\iWiQkjfrAvI. droppe-d the ba������ket* jnst,  -nowi and ese"?what';'������-meaal'm in' with the  ' Fotodbh W! RPmb���������^An -mi-ctioneef,  'puttiag tip an Mtlque Roman helmet'^riale,  1 tpVd'ih��������� compa ny; heTwas inifprmed ;that it;had  belonged to. Bomulda������ir ihe Roman founder;  ���������f biit whether be;Waa aa iron or a brasa founder  , t������ could not ;tellr;  ' 7,7   x<y x -y  i    In ;Chftrle8*pnf South Carolina, James Bar-  ker teeentfy' stole a palnter-'al- ** lay fignre.^  r It'waa-'ahowilf Creased as a woman ; and the  thief, When oaptured* pleaded that be bad  fa)lea erakjly in love with the model, and  faneM that be could give ft life ������0 his ,lodg  , iniie.   The unroaaaottc magistrate m&b him to  -priaoa. y  ,.���������., A JdH������THAM���������A negro afflicted witb atara*  ;;snerlaf. being advised to.take starch in order  that he e&ight be clearly understood, took it  in anctb large qnanjitiea, that he became 00  'stiff M could neither gat bis handa into his  pocketa nor walk round a corner, and waa  oblifei fo ha#e hia backbone taken out to  enable bim to gee bia boots oE        : \  !"' tbe iollowini table waa constructed by the  celebrated ^.yBferscheU  consideration^ bfc the attraction. bf������������������. thei auri and  moon. Jit is confirmed bx the experience ,pf  w*4j!y*irf P^Wyja'tioTi���������.and^jll eu^jgest to.  ihe observer what kinA of weatner;"jrjji" prob-  ably follow the moon's. Entrance in to any or  her,quartera.p;Ab^a,general rule it willbe  found .wonderfully correct:   -       *v;...  .,;, Jfthe moon changes, at It o'clock noon, the.  weather immediately afterwards will, be,very  rainy, if in ,suminer, and tbaretwiil be enow  and rainiq,winter. .. yy. -.4^ ; >-  yiy '"  _. .'Ifi'bet^iaejtt^2 ^di o'clock p.m., chaageable  in summer"^&ir and m     in winter, y...  Between 4 and 6 o'clock p.m., fair in both  Bummet.and^ifltery;^,^ ^ .,;;;  ^ ^Between 'j5���������and :lft p^clock p.m., in/aummer,;  fair,; if. the vrindvis nprth-^eat,; ?raiay, if south!  of ^siuth-w'eat.' In ..winter, fair and frosty, if  the wind ia> north, or north-west: rainy,; if  aouthor/eouth-westy .   .   yy ; 7, 7.  ; Between 10 and 12 o'clock a^mivfair.in summer, and fair and frosty in winter.  Between 12, at��������� i^ight: and ,2^ o'clock a.m.,  fair in summer' anS frosty ������ in ^i nter,-, unless  the^ind;ia froinjsbnth or Bouthrweati .^(? ��������� c <  between XM1;*^lelock .a.m\\icold and  winterVa'adiBummer,-   . ''\:</xr-:!x:"yy!l '-.':.���������  ,Between 6 and.8'o'clocka.m.; wind andrain  in the summer and stormy in winter. v  "jBetween.8.and 10, o'clock a.ra;.;cbaneeable  iii^^un^mey^raiQ a. jester ly and snow  with an ^sterly.wind in winter^ .  ' J; Between 1Q and li? o'clock a.m., showery in  summer* and cold and windy in winter.     .  \i  t?::z'ir 9.'.' iyv, ..-:Xi- y^XX-X'"''   ';-'   ir-'' >'������������������   '"  '���������'���������'���������    '  H<)# COUNTERFEIT NOT^S ARE;'if*AM.  ������*f.������w  J'S  ������Vf"*?J  ,'^  .'���������Jtirr-:  xS"  A.  =i^s  'l'1  i_..^.a.   -?������j...  ���������-i  -'lk>  1^  <'?"  ffOR  Hawkiai, ������ ernsty old bachelor, A* What a  pity that poor old Grelden has gone blind.  Loss of eight ts a terrible thing, .and the poor  fellow^ eyea are quite sealed up." "Let bim  ' m'arry. t&e������,?? eicJalmed the w������i������piah old celi-  v bate. " Let aim naarry, and if tbat don't open  his eyes, thm���������theasi hie case ia iadeed hope-  less.".  Hkhbikos���������A eoldier went inio a shop at  Brighton to purchase some trifling article, and  observing some red herrfngs on the counter,  asked what they were, to which the shop*  keener replied," Soldiers, my friend!" '"Are.  they so V,1 r^oined tbe ������on of Mara. " Then  I'll take tbem as deserters," and walked off  with bis prisoners, to the great amusement of  tbe.ty-standers aad chagrin  of the witty  tr ;'A;p^rty oft> menv eay���������/r;om three to a doieri,  g*������it together faodihold= freqaent. meetings, and  act according ;tp, ajplaa r laid ��������� .\dow.n.y. Qne -,: or  i,wo ,wiUsfind put. some copper-piaje prinler in  the em p|\py- of a the \baok/; note y compauy^-in  fact all. Bite h p riniters are k no wn by, the p arty.  These men. will tnen manage to meet one of  the printers, in tbe ,pyening, get acquaiated,  dnc^k, and, have,a good time generally ���������'.with,  him, and \ eb proceed for a fevr.'eyeningB.  Then' they offer him from $50 to $150 to pro-  cure a certain kind of impression. - This impression in mad e in.this Wise: Tbe pri nter  will take the impression upon tin foil from  the plate frain������ wbicb he is, pri n ting, which  can be done .in a moment. Thus you see  every line and the aize is; obtainedcorrectly.  From jtbis tin toil an. electrotype plate is made.  They then get some plate priuter that can be  found about the city, have a good .time with  him, and engage hira at twenty dollars a day  to dp the printing. By this plan thousands  of copiea are struck off that defy detection,  except in the quality of the paper^ which will  differ from the gepuine. The place of manufacture is generally at some distance from  New York, like Staten Island, Flatbush, or  sometimes Baxter street or some similar locality ia this city. It is a strange fact in every  case where a party of this kind exists, tbat  every member lacks confidence in his associates. Srery move made by one is narrowly  watched by the others of the party." It would  be-death to an informant or spy that did not  look well to himself.���������[Scientific American.  cards,   ; ���������y/y.:!~xl!!y--''y--'.]  ���������  v... *,-. "-   -.,; !:<'".(<���������'', y-*H. ���������*������������������ *: -V  ;;;;billeead8 vyf x^t\. ^< -y >:���������*.rt  '���������xyyyxpc^  yy ,-.-:;YBoaRAT^ESi;r"V^->;-r-^^j}  ��������� yx:'4; ���������'���������; - ijpmasmKb fprms; :'1-  :-'.'.': 1-JLJiBELS,yJ^y:: ���������*'"  jk ���������<���������%"....;jr.j%../i.,..p ��������� scx's-vsi .  ,  Kew YoBfi,/August 15 th, 18G8.  Allow., mp;, to", ;cal i your, attehtipn to niy  PREPARATION'uOFA 'tiOMPOIJNli^KX;.  TRACT BUCHU.; The. component parts are  BUCHU. Long Leaf, "CUB.EBS, JUNIPER  BEKRIiS.^"-ft/>'T;:.-;':...������������������''>'"��������� >y ''**>''':. ���������  ���������ir5Modk- or VmviBATroN.f-Buchii; in vacuo.  Juniper Berrles^by distillatlonv to form a fine  ���������gin;* 1 GubebaJextracted by displacement with  spirits obtained' from jiihiper Berries ; very  little sugar ia used, and a' small proportions of  spirit^' It is more palatable than any now- in  usei? yyx'' &'���������& *u ���������'��������� %*<* '������������������'��������� y^^'-- -['X-y .  Bucbu, aa prepared by Druggists, is of a  d ark color! ��������� 11:* -ia a p I an t; th at'era its its fra  gran ce;. * tb e a oti 0 n of a flame destroys tli ia  (ita 1 active principle),5 leaving': a park" and  glutinous decoction.- Miners1 tberi color of in-  gredienta; *��������� The Buchu in my preparation pre-  d om i n ates ;.' the' sin al lest qu an ti ty 0 f ��������� t he; o ther  singledienta'are added; to?prevent fermen'ta*  tipn;; up'Ph*iuspectfoti-it w..i 11 Ibe'Tonhd not to  be a'Tinctiire? &$ made ihJ Pharmacbpbj," nor  is it a Sy ri i p���������a n d there fore can be used -J i n  jcaseS'Wbere: fever lor inflammatipili������������������'exist In  th is; f y 011 h a ve the kn p wiedfee: of 1 h eft '��������� irigredi.  (entaaud thpmpde^o'fpreparation?;/^y&y  j Hoping^ that you^ will fiivcr: it with ^trial,  and. that * itppri - i nsp ectio n- i t ? wri 1 -inee tv w itb  'yoiirapprobation, i-- y.yyA^x"���������?t?pi-\{*Afte& " -':.  ���������: Witb a feeli ng 0f' profPnnd (confidence;; ��������� -"  ���������������������������!.' i^t.'vn^l;ttm| very -respectful I Y^^ry-yrl- vo'J '��������� -:-  H>T:^ HELMl^OLfe-  Chemist and Druggist pI 19 Years Experience.  (From the largest manunicturing Chemists in  '���������' A ��������������������������������� N'y;<--'tbe' world:)".:y-:d;y- ;'.-'wl ���������/-':;':  ���������'���������'Y'    y;   y.'U: ,;���������   ''I'" 1 NOVEMBER 4. I854V  v "I anr ncqnainted^witli Mr H; T. Helrnbold ;  hei bpctopied tl^;j^)ig Store, bpposiiejmyfeai^  d^n ce,' and w as .success fu I in :. .co 11 d 11 c ti i i g,v rthe  b usi ness ������������������; w li ere; pibe rs: b ad; n 01 been >q iijil 1 y  so  before liim;   I; have.-. been favorably iin-  pressed with his cbaracier and; en ter prise.";,   ,  '      WILLIAM WJGHTMAN.  ,;;   Fjr'm*p't^^Powersand\y^igHtman,Mahu������  ������������������;, ; 'fa c tii ri ii g; C be m i sts, Nin tli. and Iirp,w a  uy\y Stree|sltPhiladelpbia. ��������� .J'-!  ;       'rc  %ta,fi  Ita y  Xte  .: t  Execute^ with aeatsWes, ear* and dlipateh at tha  For weakness arising from indiscretipn. The  ;exhau*sted p 6 wers of Nat u re w fi ich' a re: iic-  com p an i ed b y so ma n y . a I nr m i ng sy m p 16 ms,  among whichk wi 11 be found In dispbsition to  Exertibn. Loss of Memory. Wakeftilness, Horror of pise'ase, or" Forebodings^ of Evil ;. in  fact, Uriiversa! L'a'saitiid e. Prostration a'11 d; jn������  ability to en ter in to the enjoy merits Pf society  :";;the; ^fflttoi'  once affected with Organic Weakness^ requires  the aid of Medicine to strehetheri and in vigor*  ate the system.- 'wbicb ERLMBOLD-Si EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. 'If no  treatment is submitted to, Consumption or In*  aanity ensues.      .;'*    ^ -..v       .    *  tJWDERSIONED   BEGS    TO    INFORM  m������adfi &nd the public, that he has fitted up now*  Io his new building, where he is prepared togWe  good Bods at a reasonable price. Those who will  favor bim with their patronage, may depend on th������  cleanness and comfort of his house.  He takes also this opportunity to remind the Carl-  foonites that his Brewery has received the FIKST  PRIZE or tho C&lony for hiscelebrated  XXX   ALE,  AndthetrueamatcarRwlDbe ablefeo jud^ebyth������m  selves that such honorable prise has been justly  awarded to him.  N. D.���������A largo front room to let.  BA*SERVJL1S, B.-;6.  :"f5    AND/  IMPROVED ROSE  will radically exterminate from the system  diseases arising from habits of dissipation, at  little expense; little or no change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.  ������tRHint?4 Fj;^p;  'S  in, all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever causa  originaliugj and no matter of how long standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy rat  once.  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. HEbMBQLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great Diuretic.  jZESr-Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $1 25 per bottle, or 6 Bottles for $6 60. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptomi  iu ail communications. ��������� ....    ��������� ���������/  ADDRESS ,    x.  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  Dbug and Chemical WAKKHotrss,.  594 Broadway, New York.  Noxb auk Gexuink unless done up in steel  engraved  wrapper, with  fac-simile Pf. inj  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  iss������:


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