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The Cariboo Sentinel Dec 5, 1874

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 (JWHHR*  '/  B  m  Earn,  exsmfii'  WM,  Wm$������  WL  :  . V  <  '. >������  .iv  ��������� v"  X  f  i  of 17. -:���������'Vii  Barkei  yille, Winiam-:,Ci'eekv::B;C.> Saturday. December 5,-1874*  N^ 5  HE CARIBQO SEKHNEI;  r*n*-".    "f' ���������  '.     .������.���������������������������. ..,������������������  ���������������.������������������'"������      ���������������������������        .     I--    ���������* ���������*���������      -*������������������ ������������������������'     -   ��������� ���������'  "���������'"Published every Saturday by :  .;��������� aa -  ' I  ROBERT     HOLLO WAY.  6 ubsc rip tion������  -   -   2 5 C e n t s per Week.  ���������= , ;^KATES.O.t\U\ aVKilTISING.'  -"-���������  iForouc sqituroionclncli), Hrsl. insertion,   -   $3  -li ?-: "������'���������' '���������,;i"���������-'-;*'������������������" pncjupntli,-" ������'���������* ���������������������������������������������a  [for two squares .11 rsf insertion;     '-   .''.*.     5 v  "    * ������110 imiriih;^ 77   :,  *   ���������   ���������     S";  A������*e u ts for tho* *TC arib b o Se 11 tine 1.1'  wn Win 1(10.     ���������'  liusnehnonth,  da Creek,  jiiUim.    -  \\tx''' ���������������������������':  uv Westminster  *Ctona\' ���������   -  SlVQOi,  ' .   .? '   Lindsay.  Barnard'? Express  ������������������ ��������� ���������-    -      Bii.rnorrlss'Kxpi*css  ���������      Barnard's Express   ���������   '  tie Oo  - - "      John Murray  ���������' .     ������������������'      ^fr S.,iiik',siM,Ars  30 Cornbill, London, 13.G.  . ., THli...OA.R-fB.00 SENTINEL  OB PRINTING'  lu'tl*. 'Circulars. Posters fi.iulProirramnies for  !}a) Is an d TI ipni ri ca 1. E n i e r tain men Is  ���������Rxjec n I e d w i th 'n eat n c s r a n il d is pa cc h ,^m������'  Tim ���������Sk.v Dkvfr^TIie!rfof\yeterpod0,..or  j' pMVfli-vii." as it may aptly be termed, is  ptu \\ tl li'ss 0 npjt t t h e rn os t .i 0 for h n I m ach i n e&  \hiiy\m em "yet:been devised'by man for  sip junction of his fellow man. The  !MY! 1 ��������� 1<��������� i 1 ea(1'J 0V.' fisli to rpedo is an exa m pi e  h AH Pp):}n <** the, }V]i itetie rut torp e do ..so'njp������������������;  ytiii r^einblos aUnrgo shark, "it te a long  !!vv'i c 7] i udcr 50mp*.vha t thicker than a man?s  immIv, with a venomous pointed snout at one  '���������Al :uu1 fcif.iUicK! grabcfiilMookinff tail at the  ���������'h=M- ep.il.. Tlie^rear half pf Usji6dy-:npnlain.s.  |h )<������"mysterious?infe>rti'nes by which it re-  [��������� i v <>r i" ,s mo I i vo ��������� p'o w ei*i tho fro ri t half u-  'r������ tI^-I with gun-co tion. and the snout holdr-  hif^pir.naifn^' fuse. This marine monsier is  m tvt'.il through tlio water by a screw at the  '; driven by smitll, engines, which are  [wttfkwl by a reservoir of compressed air  ��������� 'lorpedo can main lain a speed of about  Ir.iiio;knots for about 300* yards, but it wil!  |r 11 n a ni 110 at. a J ess speerl, ar.d jt ca n. b.e so  fldjnstki ns to * maintain its direction' at any  <1 e pi h-'n, n d i' r w a to i\ d esi red by the operator-  fTlje. f* fish; ? is .ge n era! 1 y_l a u net) ed from a tu b e  fii'i-imersed ab ont four feet' below ihe. .wi.iter :  Mil.iiw.ertlately d^ves underwater to the deptli  H tp whieli; jt hp,Wen^S������,j and thon continues  |f|l to move '0 n." at: that., do p I Ii, i n a ui re c t con rs e  H until ihe reservoir is .exhausted. Ifc can be  mbuinched eitlier from a boat or.from an irpn-  H clad by,mghfc;or by day., The oflTicers who  H have' been' engaged in bringing tlie W.lul.e-  Wm head system, to" perfection', in".England have  H carried out numerous experiments and have  Mm ni adc many im p0r Urn t imprp.venien.ts;. bu t ,il s  IS cilect on future naval tactics cannot be ac-  Wg cnratcly judged until'some experience has  W5 been^nmed in real war... It may turn out to  H be difficult of employment in actions on the  wm high seas, and its use may ha've to be confined  9 to calm wafers and adjacent ports;' but the  M.sy.sfem will midonbtediy be largely tried in  wS the next naval war. * - '.  the influence of this illusion he neglected bis  business, and for want-of .a showman to pud-  it, people no longer visited the gallery.  Poverty succeeded easy circumstances ; the  modern Pygmalion could not separate himj  self fr'om'Eliza. His wife was obliged to  sleep on a ba^re.mattress,, and when-she re!  mbnslraled^e ill-treated lieV: ���������Irrilk'te*d at the  unjust harshness, .she:one day destroyed'the  'wax figure. -Justin* was furious 'on seeing ff e  frag men I s, and seizing a broomstick ho si ruck  his wife and- would- bave-ldiled her had not  her cries (Imvnthe^neighbors toI'cr'.assist*  an cev; J ns ti n, wb 0 li ad 1 os t h is rea so n, ;b ad Ao  be seciif ed, and was an inma.te���������Qf.Biceire for  Qve years, living up to .the last under tlie  charm of Eliza, whose image sceined always  before lu.m. - ��������� i  MISCELLANEOUS.  /���������*  , -.    . .    ..,.-������������������    HAS OK HAND'/.  A .WELtASSORTED. STOCK OF  GPcbOERIESv    ���������������������������/" %     ,  ��������� :   1  FaaCY Mu.Ttox..��������� A corresnondRnt-.of- the  .-. >������������������>.���������.������-���������..,    '.-    -.   ���������   ��������� ���������   ���������       ������.-��������� ���������  London Times, writing from-Alexandria,-fa-  Tiik Droit���������a Paris newspaper���������relates  t!)at ti man has just died in the Bicotro Asylum whose lunacy bad a very singular origin,  llh name was Justin, and he exhibited waxwork ������������������ figures- at Itfentrouge, his gallery con-  E^ling..ot' contemporary celebrities and great,  orinunaK On a pedes'! all in the, centre was  the figure of a young girl remarkable for her  graceful' figure and perfect features, her hair  fa! ling i n long ou rl s o v e r b or n aked shonlde rs,  ^ \is U11 bad u am ed her E11 za, and waa so s I r u ck  by her beauty that.lie passed: hours in contemplating her. She seemed to bim to speak,  *in<\ 11 er b I n e ey es,. w i th t liei r 16 n g ey e I! asl ies,  inem>id to respond to bis passion.    Under  pacing  ibe mummy pi(s to tbe bank'cf tho liver  laden willi nets, in which' were fermora. tibia  and other bony bits of the human form, some  200 weigh I in each net on each side of the  ctimel. Am on g the pit s. fUfcve y-w ere people  busily engaged in searching out, sifting mid  so rt i n g '��������� t h'e. b 0 n ea wh i ch a I mo s t *. cr ns f th c  gr0 u n d y On p.n q u i ry,.'11 carn ed t ha t {11 e 'car-  goea with, which-' the camels were ladened  would be sent down lo Alexandria and sin piped lo English manure manufacturers.   They  mate e ��������� exce 110 n't in an 11 re, I a in to 1 d, f0 r S w e d es  mid;other tuviups:   Ttf������-������nuic-n- vi*���������������*-.���������-../.*,-  has been goirig on for.years', and may go on  for many more.   It is a strange fate���������to pre-  serve one's skeleton for  thousands of years  i n  ord e r tbat th e re ra ay bo fi ne* S 0 u 1 h do w n s  and Cheviots in a distant land.   But Egypt is���������  always a place of wonders.;' ~.  PtiovfDKNT   SocifiriKS   tn ." ExGi.Axn.���������The  members of the various building societies  number aboiitifour. millions, and the_ fundr  tbey deal with amount to a^ouf twelve .mil  lions sterling. About, a million of the people  belonged to building societies, having a-sub-  scribed capHal of ab01 it nine and a ba 1 f mil-  R ons and' ah in come 0 f ab ou i**ele vein' mi Uio ns.  The. m em b e rs 0 f I lie trades7 socie ties am pun t  at the lowest estimate.to,1,200,00'0 ;; most of  lb e m - m ake p rov is io n f0 r si ck n es iy d e at h, or  accident, and in some superannuation was  added as well as provided for widows and  orphans. Tlie gr ealas t 0 f:' th e s e inst it u'li ons  however, is tbe ���������comparatively modern one  involved in tlie co-operative movement. 'At  the present moment the number of members  iimounls to d(>0.000, the amount of capital invested to ,-������2.800,000, and the business done  annually lo ������11,500,000. All these associ  a ti ons bave been f 0 v me d a n d. d e v e 10 p ed. b y  the individual effort and private enterprise of  tlie. working classes, *���������������������������...  ���������MBUBliti'ANEOUS.  HAR  ..    PATENT MED.ICIiSIESi'  :; .  COM3. ALONG WITH- YOUR CASH  ���������    jB-ST- AND GET' BARGAINS.- ^g ��������� ���������  . -  - *���������;-, -.   .     inyi) -. .-yy.-  ...lii)g;.ers.  [Suoce^Bors to D. Kurts & Oo.,]  -'.. iilPORTERS AND p^EERS.IIi;:  '''yCmA^ :  ^>j. j --0-* ~ n~ :ik.-vi Ays^kx^ uiiiiifZjx,.  CLSNTON   EXTRA  FLOUR.  J5S-A1I Gnnds of tho Best Quality aud at the  Lowest Prices.  13.1 rkcr v iI io, M ay 0.' ��������� my 0 Cm  TERMINUS   STORE,  *.   Quesrielmciitli, E.CJ.,-  Where Uicre arc si Hi plcuty cf .tlio.bcst brands 0!  Urilisii Cylumb'uij      .    .; ..  flour, :  x      /LILLOOET-BBANSpf 1?73,  ��������� And other Farm Product ai VERT ZQW RAT?S; ���������  >-Hy; AlsOj a general assortmeaVof.    ���������  aR.OCERIES-^-.y'.:;:V'; *v  DRY GOODS,-' '  ..,. r......  bqo S & SHOES;  HARDWARE and DRUGS.  #?r Commission, Storage an.d Forwarding basiness  done at reasonable rates.'.        ;y'  myo Ati J AS.   ROD.  "m  OLD YAK WB  ���������AT 'TUB  THE FOLLOWING  EXT SASI fIom 1 ISIISl  dated 15 tb May, IS 72, from an old tit ball i-  Um t 0 f Horn! ugsli n ro, u ea r Wa rmi us te r,  Wills':  *< I.mttst Afeo beg to say tliat yoar RH? t������re  an excal'teut niofiieine Tor me. and' I cert a inly  do enjw gain! ho.ilib, sou mi ��������� .sleep, and n  good appeiite,- Tuts Is owing ty tiikm:; your  i'ill>.    1 am 78 years old.  'l itemuiningj* O jutie 111 en, yours very ro-  spoctln'.iy, L. 8.  To .the Proprietors of  MORTON'S...0AMOMIF/E PILLS, LONDON  ay'.aiy  f*  a^s������  KT'C  Keep^>n hand., eyerytiling  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &e.  V STANLEY, LIGHTNING CREEK,    ;  R. McDEtlSIOTT,"  Ti-.'   iO  Pkopkietor,  ,  tgggr Tho bo?t Wines,' I.Iquors, ond; Cigars .at thi.  &:n\ und all visitors made happy and comfortable.:.  - nb7 6nir       ���������������������������   '  ' ' *"' ! ' ��������� ''   :   "���������  .*  SCM  :&  DAL  n tO TO ANNOUNCE THAT ?#%y&AV.������ RZhlpjip  1>  ,to the spacious promises rorinerly kiiovvir'iis1 LX"*  "St-  Ooorgo Saloon, wbcro tbey. will bo ataiitimeg  prepared to Turn is U :   ���������  yy  BOARD;   AND    MEALS/-  .of the: be^-tV quality. I  . TI10   BAR ��������� is furnished with: the hucst WINGS,  ���������Ll(2UOKS..aad:CIGAES. ���������      7'"' yi .*..   ���������->���������"��������� X  1. ���������  y  ^oarU)  el7 6tn  :. '  .,_.���������-������-���������"  V  "V  !\  A  PROPRIETOR.. ,. \  The Gelebi  wilibs manufactured and sold by4Whplesala and Rtf  tail iu its purity, aud  The best'Liquors!& Cigar?  constantly kept on hand.  The Lodging! Bepartmeii^  will' tie always carefully attended to. and the hcs������  Beds and acepmmbdation  provided for their' e>iS���������������  tomtirs  '-.   .        .-;.,.-���������'     -,,:.  ���������' ��������� :    ':..!��������� x.. Vv1?*^  ' The i>atri>nace ?o 1 ihe rally o^teuded tb tho old fin������'  is rej4KHj.vi*ti 11 y aoliofted i'or"th<j ue*,; ������y i������ f m  VOTTCB IS HEREBY GIVEN- THAI?-. ATO JO A-  11 tier, will he mad0 at th0' 11 ext Session .of.tlio  Legislative Assembly of the Province of 13ritish Columbia by tbo        .-. :'. ,   ' ".  WILLIAMS  GREEK  BED-HOCK PLUMS  AND DITCH OOMPAKY (LirnUed),  for an Act to renew in favor-of the said Company for  n further period of ten years from the 29th. auy of.  Miirch. 1870, Jill and singular thejights,privily uml  heaefitis cm ferret J upon them by tho u Williams Creole  rfunie Ordinance, 1866 ,J  Octoher 2, 1874. _v_      oe3  "^e Kimball^ deceased. :  :      NOTICE..  ppHB    FIRST    DIVIDEND  ' ON    THE  -*���������     ah eve Ksta to has been d ecl a red. am ou ntkg t  58 per Cent-, which amount ia payable at ax  m���������' OBORGK BYRNES^  ���������   Agent for C 15. Footiar,  .  .   O.Ticial AdminiBtr-.: tor.  TlaTltgrrillo. Oct^^T 20, _1874.  ,v'2^ ^  " BURVJEYINO-.r  '-.  t> Aim IIS     INTENDING   ; TO   ^^AITj  i thnnscdves of the new Mmi.ng Law and. to y.xiK  ciii������������e their ground, can hive��������� thu Survey of the tixsx*  and Mays made by addressiug 1        '  ' *AP^ Q> % mkYAlVLOrt,  ' yy  UlU X  \  X  TIIE ������@CfAL SCiB^B;;t0NGEESS;:  The'Sochf Science"*iiDbngr^B������,v^AicJli.. - 'tetely  ifielri 1I0 sittings in the city .of;GHa?go w; is *>njp  of those great hriniftnitarian agencies which  the u3yancirfg civilization -of tlie pree-p-nt cen-  t ii ry li a* ;<3eve idpefl.   Iri Engl anil ^ ii o t man y  year* a!nee, the attention nfh^r leading men  aw! riilerfl was :principally * derptt'd \<X- Ihe  <pmba11ng of   41>b| ' desire  for ao+Aal,. and  apolitical atlsrareoemeht '���������pa;>i*fee part of the  imapees ivljich was thoug'ut" to, be dangerou**  So t be exis te n ce o f Roy al tyt  No w, he r lead  fng St atesmen,  r<fTorm ers> ��������� phi I a ri t b ropis ts.  scientific -men, and the representatives of the  Wo rl< i ng- r 1 ass ea are tp be f o n nd, a i de by si de  ������discu8sing snggestions lor the improvement  ..of tbe government of the country, the eleva-  ���������tion of the masses by the means of education.  ���������mnd tbe adoption pf sanitary  reforms, espe-  . ^iully������ii3tie4arge cities, by means o'f which  ^he physical.development would keep pace  with and slrengthen the intellectual advance  ������������������merit of the natibti.   Tbe "peer of the realm  ���������and. the working man, finding their interests  Identical, are working together for the com-  mion good. ;  [[ The wonderful growtfcof Glasgow was adverted ���������tO'fcv'Lord Roseberry in his inaugural  ������idUres3.   *' There are probably'few places to  ^fifob aa Englishman can point with  more  rpride'th'aa to Glasgow; none, perhaps:whicb  ���������eta Scotchman can regard with so' much.   ]  aajttppose that there are?iirthis-city over half a  *nilUon of inhabitants, that.her-rental amounts  to two millions and a balfvtlmt the shipbuiJd,'  Sag ot the C^yde is supreme in the world.  :llow' long ��������� has':it taken to. p rod uce. this i in���������  imense result?  -Wbat waa the origin of. tltte  ^great population ?    Whence dates  this easy  '.���������predominence'in shipping, this vast collection  ~'. material  wealth?    Two   centuries  ago  ^Glasgow"was officially <icaoribed as.:f a verj  meat burghe town, consisting of fonre streets/  ^At that time she possessed 12 vessels, carry  1ng 957 tons.   In  the year1718; little more   ������������������-      ������vvvl>iv. v������v.      puvllll       ITVttJTV;   .   G������IIU  sk i tilts al leyja great increase in, *������Pa ges would  n of have heen .fo 11 owed $y!m -eno rra oi is an  ! j n crease i h th-a -consuinp Hon <#; ppi rl ts ;1 and  mn enoririoiia ������e4isi| m ption of ,apS ists meaRs)an  ���������������������������enortnoiia amoiinrt���������,$(Kcrime md paMp^ism. X  can riot; believe that there was ever ainore  clear necessity beforea������'yCfovernment or any  couutryi-'thBii''* the Imperatwe 4uty/ laid upon  ours tb institute a,directly compiilsory system  6f edncal^on.   If; tbe asserHon be trt*e thiit  the* liat ion is not ripe Tqr the reception of an  u ndoii b ted benefi t~ra benefi t as ctear and a������  certain;as fresh air anjj^iwrivicafeVf^Ve can  <only be thp more certain; thttt: this- education:  lagreat\y:heeded. ��������� If������itvbe seriousiy ergried  l h at the in fefet-e-n ce w i thA i nd i \ i d u til I i b er ty  ie too stringent, we must call into the witness  box Ai aca u luy* a w.ei I .known ac. h oo I b by [ to a s.  sure *is Uiftt^^ ajioiioeuian,.nito'x* *t������fi a' ruihvay  bill are all d\ ree tin terferences wi t h: 1 ii d i v id-  ual liberty.   The naiivesof Scotland are hot  considered .unduly servile, yet they submit  lo compulsory education.   The same cry was  raised in Prussia more than half a century  ago, but the education of her people lias not  merely effaced Jena awl iis consequences, but  produced lbe German Emph^of today."  One of t\\e leading members of the Congress���������Sir ^George Campbell, an-eminent officer of the Enst India army���������seems'to be an  advocate of ike liorneltuie system of Government. In his address on Kcorio'my and  Trade: he s'iid ' every,.day'it'becomes more  and more apparent that the Imperial Parliament is.far too large and unwieldy a machine  ti deal with all tlie requirements of modern  society. When great measures and great ex  perinients are necessary we find its time frit*  ter-ed-away on small nteas^res and local me:i-  sure9.  The.machine is<too large and too cum*  ;< y;:;7B^.CTE^ii,LSj g|:i  The price of Hoard at this. Restaurant has  ������������������;���������*'>���������-/'    ;'\;'-;v;^^ee������:i^uOed';tb;-y.- 1-xx:.   ���������'���������...  "!Ay :'';''���������:���������,'��������� '.'���������'' -y    ���������'.-.:' ���������'. I'mx:.  Bight Dolto per Week!  y SINGLE MEALS,/-   FIFTY CENTS.  t'  BEDS,. .:  PfiFTY CENTS. ���������' '��������� ^''.':,  , Winter Arimn^e^ne^tB  ������  From 6 to 12 * cents per lb.  FLOUR. -  DUTTElt,  de5  .   .   ���������   $8 per 100 lbs.  *   ���������   .60 cents per lb.  SAM/ WALKER,  . Barkervjite.  Notice  M  tSmSSb  m  '���������".:;:y   ; (Qarrying Her Majesty's Mails.)'   ��������� JJJ  LEAVJ23     VICT0RrAT7BY    STEAM  ���������;;';;;; :y;";y ENTERPRISE  :  i'>Oft;NBW^WJESra^^  ITeach |ag������ Yalo in tjmc to connect with tho  'arriving at-CIlnti>n on ^wsclxiebdays aad Pov?  vilie on. Saturdays.  broiis.   BeUtfwng, then, that the, social  re;  arms which we require must necessitate  many experiments in many directions; that  to effect them we must enlist local experience,  local energies an4 local- interests4 that one  Parliament cannot do this, but that local-feed  institutions may do it, 1 am so far a Home  Ruler that I should like to see a large portion  of our self.goveniiinent transferred to local  assemblies. In this respect, at any rate, I  would in a groat degree imitate-i&tf American  ufiys\*jtt. "���������!-. J thin k t h a t very nine ti ef the, m an-  agement"Sf Irish;'.affairs might be transferred  loan Irish House of Representatives, or probably rather to two separate Assemblies, re  presenting two Irish province*,'Ndrtu and  South.   I think that a very large  portion of  f BE TIME FOR THE RECEPTION OF  *     TendnisTor the construction of Que8n������d-  oulli Bridge has been   extended   to   tb������  onrteenth .day of January. 1S75.  ���������Specifications wilt he sent to the Government Office at iikjufiVId.   -  ���������    ROBERT BEAVER.  Chief Commissioner of Lauds & \Vorks.  Vicioiia, Nov. 16, 1874. ..  Shighs l������.ir^ -Rtrkcrviilo cm .Sundays,  trrlrJ  chatfui on Thursdays ������nd Yalo on Saturdays!  Connects at* Cache truck witli Vance's Express  Okanafc'ttn. '...-���������" ,  At.1 linton with Ferguson's Express fijr Lillooet'  Ann witn. Ga11gli< r's Kxprc^s lor |mg Crji-ic.  At  Qp'tsuciimaith  witli  Sylvcstl-r'������  Kxpresi  0������niucca.'  F,   J.   BARNARD   &   CO  Freight ami Passeagcr* carried througu at rem  iihle rat i-s i  For cutes of Freight sn'l pjifsnce, '.ippty to  j  GEO. BVKKES,- Atffvni,~!  *������*?!. BarkivviiieJ  im  ������  RECEIVED BY EXPRES;  A Fresh S  Puhlio'. Notioo...  es;n,elle lli  Bridge.  OF  ivhich has since witnessed the building of the  ������Cnnard line of steamers. And as for her  cental of; two millions aa^ % q uarfer^it has  %een computed that the rental :of the 'who 1^  ������������of ,Sco^l������n3 fiia n0^ i ^century ago, exceed  '^e*'miUi6n::B!erlina"-7'':'^  -Lord Roseberryysays our; civili^ifiori: ^  %ut*little removed f������ro������ barbarism.   Its oufy  -wards -siga^^re^n^trabrdinary:accuuiiila!  turn of ^wealth,:antf?an ^xtra^rdlna^ - cou-,,  fginp^tlga of: alcohol. .. AtAMs^ni^Uhor^  3-4 a dally coluranan theinewspapera devoted  -to recording brutal piiUageSj where'-human  -iheings have;behaved like wild beasts.. Every  ^policeman in London is assaulted on an ayevr  x*ge. jib out once' in two   years.   It. won Id be  |iairifu11 y nps(tuetwo to;' draw 0ut a dismal  ^catalogue "of facts to prove how Iiltl.e .the  splendour of our ci vi I iziiti on differs from the  -worst horrors of barbarism. The sole remedy  for this state of things is Educationist human*  ���������izivg education.   Tli ere is a noble passage in  ih Toc.queville which points out that knowl-  ���������edge Is 1 he.arm of Democracy ; that every  rlntellectn^l <lis6overy, every development of  science, is a new-eonice of strength  to  the  people;   that thought,   and eloquence and  amusinntion, the Divine gifts -which know no*  i i rn i t o i c I ass, e von w he u b es to wed u p 0 n the  ���������-enemies of the popular cause, yet serve ifc by  -exaltinsr the natural grandeur of man���������; and  ������j������tmt literature is the vast armory,open to.all,  indeed, but where tbe poor, who have hardly  mny 01her, may aiways  find  their we^pons.  Take a case which shows the need of ednca-  it ion.    Wages were never probably 50 high in  England !B$: fo  1873.   Nine !yew& before an  : I nereasi oz sp,iri 11ra iiic paid ������0 602,515 to the  Mxefae.   In the I as t fin a nci al year .I fje Ex c ise  ���������receipt? from spirits amounted to ^I4,f������3y.5(?2.  $ am not one of those who are appal in d, cer  ������aJit!ynotsurpri������ed,'by this expenditure. But  *ee how it strengtheHS tfie argument  9 ���������......w..w.   *  ..-ci uu.'iiitieiic mat sucu  Provincial Assemblies might do great-good,  and t h a t: very. penm le. wor Ic ��������� wo������ i d s I ill be. I eft  for an Imperial Farliament.. Nut mlf .might  ���������iii a riy soeial re fo rin ������; receive.' ��������������������������� iri J deal asse th -  b I ies t ha; t at te n ti 0 a aiid - el ab ora tion w h ic h  they ciinnot have-Jn a great Parliament ot  the nation, but also I ti-Sh'k that there would  he ve ry g rea t a d v a������ tti ge; in y the va r i e ty of  local-eiperi men ts wliich: m 5gh t %e tried, in  different parts 0f tli������'��������� c0imtry ftnd u 11 der various , co nd i ti 0 ns.   Oiie p ropfee wo u 1 d ben e fi t  by tb e ex perie nee. Site .si ic.cesses and th������ fai I -  li-R^f^anot-tier-;ya hsal i R\y%pin pefilidn wo 111d.  be excited, and out of vanous,trials progress  wreal and substantial might be achieved.   The  diffic 111 lies in our way awso.great that (hey  will uever be 0vereome withon11he concur*  rent efforts.of many minds and as.the imie ot  m a ny tria j p.    Su c h effort s an d su c h tr In Is  m igh t, I' t hihk, be ob ta ined-un der a so rt 0 f  federal and provincial system or-government  I do not Ihink that they will be adequately  obtafned under the present systemT?  kew -A.5 vmmmEms.  I BALED TENDERS, ENDORSED TEN:  rJf,-:. A*>f f������r riii -������'-���������,;������������������������������������ ������ n.iuu'r. will be  received by the undor*ir?ned up to 12 o'clock  noon on MONDAY. 30th November next, for  the conarructi.on of a Bridge across the Quesnel le River.  Plans and Specificalions can;be seen,.and  blank forms q f ten der and a freemen t to ex e  ciite bond can be obtained at the Office of the  Lands and Works Department, Victoria, and  at;the ToAvn of; QiiHsneJIe. ���������'���������-������������������  . ..Each Tender must be accompanied by an -  asrreement foex^cuie a bond, duly signed by  the;Conhactor himself- and .two  responsible  residents o f t h e P ro v i n c e, in a pen al si t rn  amouniinsr to one-third the con Irs ct price, for  the fai.? 1 \f111 c0hi p 1 e 1 ion of 1 ij e wo ��������������� k,  .-No Ten der vviil be accept .ed .unless aocom-  pnuled with an agreement.to execute a bond  pa above...  V The lowest or any Tender not necessarily  accepted. ['.'.  ROBERT REATEN,  ,.:       Chief Comrriiasifiner of, Lands & Work?,  Victoria, 15th October, IS74. oc31  PURE   DFIUGS,  'SPECIFIC  MEDICINES]  ENGLISH, FRENCH AND AMERICAN  PATENT   MEDICINES,.  AS CHEAP AS km STOHE ffl Ti  BPPEH^COOIITRY.  I   FLESH .REf.TS, and' a variety ������f Ikias ������o|>  I procured1 Norths of''Frisco.*       * "-:,";''".������������������'"..'*'���������'���������"��������� .'������������������'."  STATIONERY   FERF[TMERT, CtTTLER^  Wan* STRENGTHENING PLA:STEI������&  back and chest.  LADIES' &OHILDREN-S WtNTES BOOTS.  ���������DEB OVERSHOES.   llJU"a-v & RUB"  CLOTH    FOR  TWEED   WATERPROOF  LADIES' DRESSI'S.  OHfLDREN'S MJTTS & GLOVES      '  LADfES'   HOODS  &   CLOUDS'' RUcr  VEL7EI H^S, H03H, &v'&fACA  [ will rtm-iner *e wlnler reccire oflw nnn,i,  . lekotoU from tb������ b^lm^XtS^  ���������PJ.-PII, attended   W a������d fl^Jj*������  y!'<> ^ iiia^nt^^^^^/X^ ���������  ^fhhn-e!rt^ft?h,,^.8B������l a? oneefcPhJ All the ahov������'.Goods Cli������ar>  ������ar������w Himself en 4tH3res������ed.-qrRMit]tv of 4batl x> '   ������������������ vAtBap  ������ ������ol������ce.   ]]������ l,e beo��������� efacaM ,J fi,"   hh  w������������ffi������t ej������whf������f liy eon^foo fe that  RESTAURANT: BAKERY,  STANLEY,' -   LIGHTNING CREEK.  fJrbe above Restaurant is novr Opened at  I.   the upper en I of (own. whcrx Bonr \ cn\ ho luni  liy th ft wrvk or mm/li moaK    A fine Saloon is also  attached, sawfJlknlwith  Tlie best Liquors���������& Cigars.  FRESH  BREAD,   PIES  and Cakes daily.  [TSIEXT DOOR to TJC-T'P OFFICE  pnnfEs yptr. to call and see himI  '���������yx', ; OF THE BEST QUALITY, 1';  N.B~To fill up (he time, I *m ntUad loi������|  ,fAILORINQ   BUSINESS.  i?i? i^TIX������ MAfr^������ *������Vr every dccripfiaJ  cuirBS "        shortest notice u[ r������a.son.l>l4  ���������b^. . FRANK PERRETT.  '.earson^s  jf EAVKS  BARKERVILLS  FOB YALsH  U   eviiryititeraate Saturday, M -  ��������� B  IAK  ���������������  ^S  no28 3m  JOHN MAIIER.  for cash.  Administrator's Notice.  In ih������ mnUer ot  the VMM.e and Weeh  of  FELIX DAOVSV, deceased, instate.  A LL Persons v?l\r) \re hk*h*ht*a -t-n <vu*  CHAS. K. POOLfcr,  *A^. k ???KA,|n������nfctriter. ,  S^iJh 5fl^^;i^#  Con    ctinp with   the ^Stoamc-M  at QucsnelmcD^Hl  1 al e, an tt Nc w Westm i ns ter.; ^3  ,^^'weasurQ Carriea at One-half of OnJH  i>cjj    >ent..  . - m$m  P     eMnnri  Pftwn.ngrrfl unrriM -Cheaprr than 1'fNf  'For rates of Freight op Passage, npply to  fafM -JOX-ATHAj: NUTT, A^ntt  NOTiCE.  THE  PARTNERSHIP HKUETOFOHR EXIST. |8  TT.rHil ������T" ^i,ank Perrett and Thomaa UL  .H.*raing, bnloon-kcper^, Burk'TvllIe, is this *l*f km  ���������nswilvwi by irmttiil consont Franlv IVrr-tt wili IIS  eonfmiu lo carry on the liusinnss, and will sMilealt H  aeinuncis and collect all accounts duo 10 Urn late flrfii M  FI������A^K PKUHRTT.        ������  W,.M ^ w THOMAS HARDim      |������  J-i-nossfs*^. Tf. RohlaBftn aarf A. Pcndola II  B&rJ(4irviU^ October aj, 1S7A tto? Ida Wm  m  a-    I  v   I  S  Jails.)    ������������������  '      P  STEAMS!  her.  tho  I0IBA1  oad Earl  rs, *rri7si  aturdays.1  s Express*  r Ullooet,  He. '-'.���������������������������  Kxpresi  I   GO  go it'ircui  ipply_^ti_  larkervilifr,  S  'RES;  MM  SRICAtf  I)  s ao.v u  tJTLEfr  FFJCEl  ee'-hik|i  er man i������  .atnouai  end loiQl  S.  escriptlol  uitsuaablt  1ETT. M  'Hi  Bbjcw  yalm|  icimoutl!,  of OnJs  than tym  by turn  honias  his ������liijf  ���������tt will  *MeftH  to aria  rr.  mm  xik  THE GARlUOOSENTINEt  & S������ TV     ' ���������   '  ���������   S  SATURDAY, DEO. 5, 1874.  y;.   ., ,���������;-.���������������������������;,,yTALE.. . y  Tale, Doc. 5���������Pearson's Impress, with 3  passengers arid a full load .of Express matter,  i left ly elterd ay. Bar ii ard a Eti> resa, wi th M  pmwngeri and the delayed inaiI. Ml this  . m o r n i rig-' at 8 o 'c lock. Ann titer m ait. w i II go  put on Mori'da)- if tbo atcamer;anives before  then. ������������������.'::'.;.",���������'.��������� '''    lyyf[.'-'       ���������:.....  Tl.'e roads were; .expect ed to be open t o  flay, bat travejing will be bad mu account of  the thaw of the last six days There is about  *ix inches of snow.here yet. The river is  quite high for this season������ and there is every  prospect of tbe steamer making weekly trips  or. sotna -litn*lo come. ������...,.:. , ...  Among ihe passengers by Parnard?a express is Mr John Slater of Van Winkle.  -     STORMY WEATIIER. iS      ���������  Matsq ti i,' Dec . ������~~ Rd p or ts fro m p 61 ri ts  pen ih of here state that t tie con'ntry. has been  Visited by an;unusually Jjigb tideand very  llhenvy- gales, w h icb con tin ned for.- a bou t te n  days, prostra ting ibe telegraph lines hi every  direction.:, The weather; at ,present is; mild.  . with heavy showers of rain I ��������� We daily ^expect  the res to r a t io u of te legrap b co ro muu icu'tic ti  wnb Victoria. \ * 7 ��������� '."���������  ,,'���������.: wctorl*. :-yy:J  y ftlim^  Ottawa in a few days. ,  'New goi<?^feff'rig8.^1iaW;;-:ib*,.e,n.:* discovered  ������m Van con ver. J s l.ai i d oh the Ne epal cas ri ve" rT  and it Is J said rich silver ledges exist in the  , vicinity.  The L������gisl ait t ve Asse mb} y b os been (u rtber  prorogued till 29tb December.; j  ;'T   - U\NAI)A.   ������������������.������������������'.'������������������"���������. /'  ��������� Tof t Colborne, 23d^he waVrin the WeU  }irt*l.has teaclied the 1 evel of Lake Erie, an d  ihe lock;gates haveJbeeritbrown open by  Jjitck.. waer. This never has bap pe tied be.;  . fprpx T!i������ water in the. harbor. has^seri;6 or  ;7 feet. The storm of last ������tight was one of  I be most severe ever experienced here; Th e  ^a^r;da*hed;pve^  that it was impossible to see tbe lighthouse ���������  The k eepers say: i t was t nippssib 1 e to get ont  to light the lamps./ Much darn age was done  Jo shipping arid buildings in course of erec-  ;_ijon.\    ,''.-��������� - " : yr '������������������yy"'  Dovtie*^, 2$$���������.Thei scbobner Angusfus went  A A i o re ai Po rt M ait land I Us t u ig h t. Four of  tlie crew^were frozen lo deatb.   ;  *M o ri treat, 23d;���������Fat ber Ro nssel o tt Cure' of  ���������ibis .piii ish, denounced in the Cbrirch of Notre  pumy yesterday the decision of tbe Privy  .Co n n c i I i n. regard to the Gu ibord case. He  BI so d eel ared hta i n ten tio n. to go to jui I rather  tii a n! b vi ry G u i b o r d i n co nsec ra ted gro u u d.r-  There, is cpnsiderub 1 e exciterrient.  Tomato,   24th���������:The: Mayor has called a  public meeting to consider the agitation hi  Iavo r of p a rd o n f o r Lep i ne and am nesty- fo ir  -Bieh .       . "-.-���������'���������-.���������-,.^������������������ yx-y������������������������������������������������������'������������������!  :    UNITED STATES.     ,        .;-.  TitMcee, Gai.. 2ith^G. B. Frink. editor of  tbe Trttckee Republican for last ..three years.  VJW shot and instantly .killed last night. He  was supposed to be a member of the Vigi-  I mce Co mm i t tee recen I ly org* n i-' ed h ere, a n d  met his death, it is supposed, at tbe hands oi  one of the vigilantes by mistake or accident.  San Francisco, -27th��������� The repair of the  break 6a the California Pacific Railroad was  completed yesterday morning. Trains will  commence running as before the storm.  In the race this afternoon between* Ocei  dent and Fullerton, fornix thousand dollars.  Ftillerton was the favorite in tio poofs before  the race. Occident drew the pole in the'tit^t  heat. At the start. Follerton was half a len*i(h  ob -ad. and three qmrters of,a length at halt  mile; at threequart er m i le 0 cc t de n fc co 11 a red ���������  him ttnd won the bent in 2.19. In second  h ea t, Fnl I er to n b ro ke 30 f ce t from the wi re  Rfd stumbled. Occident took the lead in  closing on the home stretch and broke again������  Occident won'by a length iu 2.25. Third and  last heat was won by Occident in 2.2U.J.  MINING INTBLLlGENO^,  The Mining news t hi a Week is devoid of In*  ���������erest^The only news worth rep or i trig comes  from Lightning,��������� wbe're some of the claiEis are  paying bamisoirie^y.        ; y  ': \'nGt^TNT^.WEE,it;;;-;y .        Ixy :'  : Van Winkle coV had 92 oz. last week and 53  oz;on;Wednesday* Victoria co. bad 8G0oz.  I as t week.: Van cou ver co. 4 30 oz. 1 as t, w eek.  and 162 oz. on Wednesday.; Vol-can co. 112  oz. last week and 30 oz. on Wednesday.���������  Oostelk> co. rulining a drive toward the hill.  Gladstone started to work in the face, yesier-  d ay. E) eve a of E ng I and co������: busy on flume  and ditch.' - ::'.x.   . ,    ,���������..���������',./'-..- ! ���������  MINING COURT.  ;    [Before H;M.Ball, Esq.] ���������  Saturday Nov.;25,1874.;  Ckk Ca vs. Grkat Eastkkx Co.���������Action  to show cause wjiy defendants should iiot.be  compelled by order of the Minittg Court to  dunip their beadings and tai 1 ings in stich a  way\iwin not to i nterfere w itb t he: work tag b f  piaii)tiffsr; mihing. grpund; and : why they  shtiii id hot pay; pjaihtiffs S50fJ, dpmages for  trespass aii<] \oss: ofiitne in and lt>r rergdying  tail i ngs a ri dot her o b s traction]* ] a n d why an  injvi ric l ip n she n I il no t be j tii tnetl iate ly g ran ted  t<> : restrain -y4efendants j; irpm ycoinmittihg  furtherdamages. ;''���������-���������'������������������ y'.'i'���������''���������' !" -���������'" ���������  ; W. Urqnbartigave Notice to;d  ip.ib"Novembertp sbpvel��������� iiseirlaiRngs.^ b������.ttl-  sustained considerable 'damage-- tbrnngh defendants neglecting Ao shovel tailings \ tne  r es n 11 of; d e fen d a h ts' - n eg lee I; was tb a t . j he  tailingsTormcd a dam in the channel; of the  creek which backed tbe water into pjftfnjiffs;  diggings.��������� jnnd also irijiired the -1 ower adjoin-  ing Claim ���������; that if; defendants won Id do the  work: reiq u i si te -ri. o ;d arn ige woul (1;be d pr) e ; t p  pi a i t.i t iffi' d igg t ngs ; i a Iso that 111 e d e. fen dan ts  were tiii rii p in g their heart in gs wbh ��������� p lat ti tiffs'  grounil", whichivwoi'iId ;a������$riou.6lyv-.ifijii'K|������j.thf*m\'if.  co n ti n tied wji en! they requ i red > to w 6'rk o iiVaf  an other!; sllft h a^J acent:- ;tp where the ;Greal  Eastern were d i j m p i ng he ad i ngs.  Mes-sis. Greig.Iiiytbe and Swan  gave evi-  deuce of a sitnitar natitrei that detembttits Itad:  i ty ti red pi a inf. iff*", by npV- alibve I Hu g t i:ei r Aa i I -.  t n gs as: req u es t?d, ah d.,tfi a t d a in age had been  done Ip plaiiUi;^  detendaiitfl.     ...'.>]'.������������������'  x x  -  A Mr Jy Hun ter acknpwied geJdv-- having ���������re ���������  cei ved n o t ice to sh ove j .tail logs fro m p I ai nliff-*  o n'���������; 191 h No ve m b e r.;. d i d;. ri ot c������ ������ns j de i* lits^ no L  s It o ve 11J n g '���������:. tu i I i ngs. as b a vi n ������r. d ��������� u n a giid |> I at n .-���������  ii tfs;; t-l i a t the da iu age, if any, a ni su. \\ o m t Ue  plain ti nV neg lect in al Io wing t h e fl u n e ��������� w.i ob  crossed; the creek about 10 fee l���������'��������� b������10 w de/ eu11  an ts' tai 1 box,. to o verfiow d u rin "g the co Id  weather and fo rrii a so I id b od y o f "dee which  dammed the creek back and caused it to  overflow plaintiifs' ground. :r '..���������.'  M essrsi Fo s.ter, Stevens.Gil more, and Me r-  reit gave evidence*of ii similar nature.  ; The Jndge, in sttuiming np the case,��������� ���������; said  the evidence was of such a cotiflicfing nature  t it a t- i t Wi is'al (n bst i m n oss i, b I e to te 11 whe tl \ er  t be d a rn a go a rose fro in. p I aj n t i if��������������� *; or de fen d  ants' * n egieat;; an d \ herefnre ore) ered p I a i n -  i i'ffs to keep then* flitme frnni ovet flo\ying. and  ft)rmitig an ice dam. and defefidants to shbvei  their tail ingn to prevent a dam (onnitig ; also  that plain tiffs should show defendants where  to dump their headings so. as not;to in.(erfere  with.-plaintiffs. Each party, to pay their own  costs.,.  oose board in tlw floor of the cellar; Mr  Gree n tli en arreo ted the p r isoners.  Constable Green and Lopia Win trip coi>  roboraW Sir Nason's evidence.  Th������..prisoners being asked if they had anything to say. juead Set nil ty;vand were sentenced  to si x mo n tbs^ i m p r iso n m en teach with bard  iaboiy;���������'-��������� 7;���������';.' 'r+!:XyH!x!y   yA'^y:,  The cabin in which tbe priflbriers lived was  a regular ;-rp!>li'ers?.; roost, ilr Green sei&ed  several pistoFs���������one of them a handsomely  finished ivory:hand!ed six barrelled Coil's re:  vol ver, loaded ;0 a bowie knile arid two  butciier ktiives; sharp m a razpr\titid a dan���������-  eerpiis Jook i ng. knn ck I e-d its' erf" a well directed  .blow'from which would fell an ox.  Mr, Nuit, in sentencing the prisoners, warned  ���������the Chinese population through- the interpreter then in, Court; that the law against the  carrying and having in possession unlawful  weapons -was very severe, and would in  future be rigidly etifpreed. y   .  ���������J*!  JUSTICES' COURT.  "������������������ <C3^ ���������������"  Fastkst STBA.vn.va and Raging.��������� The fastest time on record for steamboats, it is said,  is that of the Mary Powell, which recently  made tbo 28 miles from New York to Pier-  mont in one hour, which ia nt the rate of one  mile in 2 . minutes Si seconds., with a;boiler  pressure of 37 pounds.   The fastest lime on  record for horse-racing is that of the mare  G >ld*miih Maid, at Mvstic Park, Boston.,  which was 2 minutes 14 seconds per mite,  corresponding with almost 27 miles per hour.  Tub Miit, arrived at 8 o'clock on Saturday  evening, closed at 12 o'clock, and left for bete^ at 6 o'clock on Sunday a-joming*  [Before Jox. Nutt and John Chipp, J.P/s]  R ten weld, Dec. I, 1874.  Ah Tate and Ah Chee were charged with  8 tea I ing b I ac k sa n d from tlie Wi 11 tarns Creek  Bedrock Ehune,Company.  .   ,  Mr I. B. Nason, sworn.���������On Monday  m >rningt Nov.J 30, I was coming down.to the  Gutirt House When I discovered, that ��������� u  barrel of black sand left on the Flume Company's ground had been taken away; some  of the sand had been spilt, and I traced it to  ihe cabin occupied by the prisoners ; I then  went down tor Constabla Green, who .returned to the cabin with me ; I saw Ah Tate  come.out of the cabin and accused him oi  a tea ling the black sand ; be said nothing, but  showed signs of guilt; I was away about, five  minutes when I got back with Constable  Green ; I again accused Ah Tate of the theft  and ashed the Constable to look about the  premises ; the Constable examined the flyer  and found some snlpherets on it; he then  went into the cellar and examined the well,  aud found black sand-in it; I told the'Con-  stable that the black sand had been left in a  nail barrel ; there was a very heavy fire on  in ihe stove, and I suggested to theCon--:Ub!e  that trie Chinamen were burn ing the  barrel  Dea tn pt; Jkroms .1Tauper.-���������We. regret !��������� to  announce the death of Mr .Jerome Harper>  senior member of the  Clinton, and a member of the firm of r Van  Vp Ike rib u rg hi Cpfo f Ba rker vi 1 Je and; Lightning Creek, who died at Satita Barbara,  Southern California, on the 27th. ' of  NovcmneHr' flU Je������ih was not unexpected,  the deccaseVl gentleman "bavin^^ Buffofet  sevefely'noilman incurable; malady; for the  past three years. Jerome Harper was known  to"a I m 6s t e ve ry person i n the ti pper c b u rit ry,  w It e re h e b.ad -Jiy ed fo r 70a rs, and then am e  of the firm Harper Bros, is "familiar-as  househpld words,?**;standing in its coininerfelal  honor sans -tac.be. et satis renroche; The bis  ..lory of the firm Js an example of what can be  accomplished by ^energy and industry, for  to the untiring industry and energy of its  members is to tie attributed thcirsucce^sin  building tip a very large fortune,:, Although  not identified with any of oui mining interests;  the great wealth of the. firm has been nsed  to .assist i h d e vel 0 p 1 ng t he agric 111 tu ra 1 i n ter-  ests of -tbe Province; The fine-, flout in ills at  Cliutbny'built by the Messrs. Harper; bfene-  TiUeif tlie farmers of that section largely ^and  the farmers "of Lillooet and Soda Creek also  o'eriv^great; benefit  districts which were'either built or controlled  by; j fa ey firm; B t n igg ling farmers h a ve al s 0  been" assisted ; andyalthough;.-,;the business  transact ions of the^Orm Ii ave co vered hii nd reds  of t h 0 u.san il s of d 011 a tb, uq d eb tor: has - ever  ���������been undiUypressed^n man's  propert y has ever been taken .fi*pm h im when  unable to lift his mortgage. Mr Jerome Har-  per��������� possessed biisiness qua!Ifica tipns^ of' the  fl is t 0 rd e r, an d in h is bus i n ess transac tion s  his word Wm as good as his bpnd. yTbe^ deceased "gentle man' was a nati ve of .Virginia/  U;^^auda^u^a6oUt;42 yearsv .;���������; "'-j ���������>.  San Fraxclsco*-The San Francisco Call  i\y'k- the number of unemployed in that city  will, aggregate ten thousand at any season of  the year.   This army is composed of advea*.*  turers, young men of fastidious'tastes in par*  suit of genteel ^occupations, prfntipally In  the line of clerkships, and the great MiCawbot  family generally.   A few; weeks \of waiting*  and watching suffices .to convince Ifrem of th������  great surplus of persons in the country poS4  sessing tbe same orde^ of talent, and a;.largf  jiii in ber of them return in disgust, or seek  other fields, making room For the steady  stream following in   their tracks^ wltd ard  anxious to ob-ain the same Valuable crperi*.  ence.   There is a vast, amount of.- excellent  talent and education wasting itself in convey*  icg dishes in restaurants, mixing--*cocktails*  and like pursuits in San Fran Cisco, l-h at mighl  be/employed to some pnFposem aiding the  progress of civilization in- more congenial  fields*   This circumstance and the fact that  the; market is overstocked in nil *cU*ses of  .skilled labor, should be pur-A-jred' by Inter���������������������������  ing immigrants.   The same papelv states tbut  the VeSboe making business-is becoiAing one of.  the lost arts in "California, os far ac While th*  chahtcs are.-concerned, the .Chinamen en*.  crbaching' fearfully upon the trade. Cig-tr-  M a'k ing is anoth tT trade, thatj has a bout/1 li*  same advantage in San .Francisco, that a, trad*  iriviipen domestics would secure in Alaska*  The'-- business i������ armost exclusirelj in th*  bands of the Mongol.  v, Dentistry,���������Dr. Chipp having received hf  last Express a further addition to his 'st.dcR*  ofi den tai instruments, is prepared to fill and  scale teeth efficiently.   He may be Consulted  a-Lightning creek every.Sunday.  ;;.Strj.w as a. Co^dcctor op Electrtcitt.���������^  An'extraordinary account has appeired in V  French agricultural paper, to the effect thai  Straw forms admirable lightning conductors.  It had been observed that the straw had the  property of discharging Leyden jars withou*  spark or explosion, and some cne"tn flap-  neighborhood of Tarb.ee bad tbe idea of con*  structing straw lightning conductors, whicft  were formed by fastening a wisp or rope of  straw to a deal stick by means of orass wire>  and capping the conductor with a copper  point. It is asserted that the experiment b*s  been tried on a large scale around Tarbes,  eighteen communes having been provided  with such straw conductors, only one b<*in������  elected for every sixty arpents or.760 acres^  and that the whole neighborhood has thus  been preserved from the effects, not only  of lightning, but of hail also\ The slatethens  comes from a respectable source.   i '    1   1  I ."   iu   _���������_'__ '     ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*iiqi_���������qi-  he opened the stove/Toor and took out some  hoops and staves ; we stove was quite full of  them ; I could see quite dibtinctly that it was  the barrel which had icon tai ned the black  sand f also found a lot of the sand under a  The .Qotnvrs.--A -.,.correspp'ndehf: asks  if there is,,.any truth: in the rumor that  the M in i ng a nd Conn ty Co u r is 0 f Cariboo are  to be closed for the'next six months in icon-  sequence of the de par tfi re of Judge Ball for  the lower country by last Express, where; it  is also rumored, that official intends remain*  ing for the next-six months... We have made  tnquines,1)at the only information-we can  obtain is also a rumor that Mr Ball has made  arrangements with Judge Saunders of the  Lillooet district to perforin his duties during  his absence. . No fear need be entertained  that the Provincial Government, under whose  control the County Court Judges have been  placed-by the Legislature, will allow the  Courts mentioned to be closed to the detriment of p u b I ic i ii te r es ts.  $125 can be secured for $5 by purchasing  a chance in the great raffle to take place at  the Vulcan Saloon, Stanley, on the evening  of 24th December. . Tickets can be procured  at the Antelope Saloon, Barkerville.  Bm9 (jATrxy,���������<)ne. h\\ndred hea 1 of beef  cattle," for Van Vol ken burgh & Co,, were  driven In to the abbattoir this week and  slaughtered fer,winter use.  Wakm Fkkt.���������W. D. .Moses has received ti  fine assortment of winter boots aud rubber  overshoes.  Tab Wbathkr has been very mild for tbe  pas* week, with very liuls (tosh  y v Totakeplace at the  VULCAN  'SALOON*  ly STANLEY, :  Op the Evening of. 24tb  yiy December, 18 74;  .'Cousisting of the following  PRIZES:  Oqc Magnificent Set of DIAMOND   EAB  RINGS.  On������ Beautiful  Gold   Enamelled  WATCH.  One  Gentleman's GOLD   BDCKLS  SEAL.      ; .       >-  y;x.. ,������������������  One,double-set RING.  One Set LADY'S JEWELRY.  One splendid GOLD WRISTLET.  One SEWING MACHINE, and  One Hundred and Twenty Dollars In GQLQ  ..;���������  " '"coin/- "���������..    \. [  One Hundred Chances at $5 per Cbanco*  The Prizes will range aa follows :-  HIGHKST.    ���������'  '. ���������  LOWRST;  1. Diamond Earrings, h $120 Gold.  2. Lady's Gold Watch. 2. Gent's Buckie anti,,  3. Bracelet..'; -        ������Seal.-    ^  ���������*   r  4tl Sewing Machine. 3. Double Ring.  4. Set Jewelry,  ~~     NOTICE.  UPJNfi   MY ARSENCfi   KRO������ (USFBQQ MR U  B. F1SHKR, Agent of the .Bank of BriilsU C^*-  lutnbU, hoUis my t*owt*r-of-Attorney.  All parties indebted to me are notified, te-  make a settlement forthwith.  r 11
Stanleys'/-   ���: Iightninq"creek.
'^: ;liwj>ha!RB rs again to^tee ^ron*
X ��� Avilih .extended facilities to^aU;4uads of work
Whfs'Hhc:/ '' ,:      "        ':'". J- ' ';.;' .  , \" I'   " , ' ;'
V-A. luffge assortment'of;.r ��� 7. j ���. 7 y.     * :y ���{-. \��� A> ������..
xf(y v> x'y::y-:i^m^y::'^-':> *v u ���
���x^mwm COOKING 1ITMSILSr&c:ir>
<hii liniicl,' nhU "ItfEW'GOODS;'.-constantly'being rc-
'it��� ; ^/y    / BARKERVILLE,;;. .'���y'(y '^^
Wt^^ mi s s i;Q;ii
'** .?J8^GoqflS;reco^
<33SLLAJ&��:.; and liberal advances made ;pn same, at
Reasonable orates, '. .��� ����� *    ���   my 9 6m
"yy  yy ....    Haso^Lhandachoicestopk-jot.      ,,..,
wbicb lie will soil,       ',-',""*   ''* *',:" "'���"'_'.' j
-  J- c  -'(  AS THE CHEAPEST;; ; :���*/������*;
 !yyx!'xliiy3>:^i Ai'ky
mndlor.���   ,,L %      ,, .,     v     t _:    ���. ?i ,     ?y.v.     >
jttvo latter pa^bio'in^advanccv; ;
;,-... 29 tfi^August; 1874,'-,
>'-.; . W.:iHITCHC0CK^7
y-yxxyy, 7K,au29.1iny
ii,-'* -i. ��� P11M0 Notice.  ' ;*  ���;
��� 'ia, ���; ^*-,:'i   ���-''' *'^ ��jv  ���'='-' - '''-���' ' "��� ""f: ���-"& "*��� '"'������/*���
ry : All appHbatioas for.'-'Private -BiMs;'jpropefly the-
9mb)eot of, Iegjilalioivby tbq Lcgislativ0 afrorn hly oi*
SBrjtish Columtiia, witliinibe plirvicw- <A *.* tlie Brilisl 1
:1N6rfU :America-;Acti 1867,'}' wh ether for th 0 or <rc Hon; of
iJ iia%(i,Uu��makitigof''a RaUrWdj^n^hpikeRUu!, or
.IVlcgrapliLine^- llw construction or iinprovemeivt "of a
:;iiHrbo'r, Oaualj Lockv^Dani Qr Sliile,;^' cVt.horlike work;
. "Uicj"jyrn'ntins of'a!rigIii of Ferry; the Incorponititm ol
������itCny .partioular trade or ca 11 in jr, or.; .t|f any J< >i n t. Slock
'tfpm.p;apy; Or/)tbyr\yjse,for to rfnjuflriivUlim)
. 'JorjtifTivl tl ii als; ii nyt {fxcVusi vc or ��� pecifl i ar -ri^b ts"or*pr i v
Hioges.! whatey^K.'or' ��� for ��� doirip-��� any -rnatter or thing
; wh ich. 1 n - its'OjU'Mion \V6uld affect: th c" fi irli t 0 r pro p-
^rty 0f 0ther part]\esypr-relate to\uny particulalj class
J *f 1 bo coumu'm'ityV or for making any araeii'tment of n
3 i k e h atare ton ny ft >r.riiei: A ct, s iiuj J Ixq u i re a. N01 j co,
��^ie:irly an*l di>'tinctlyipecif.wn^tlie^ilu ore;uul o!>jcci
��oi': tbe applieti fidn, tb u e .pu b'VislVcd ns Tol}0vrn, viz.:
,~ VV .-^otice.ii.nserl.eil in the 13 ril is] t Columbia Giizette,
.'ft'inI:. 111 on e ��� nevv.'pripor - piiblisl 1 ed i ii tl\b d i��'l ricX it f-
*;fec ted, or If t! 1 ero be ,-n 0 news pa per published ti mtcj n,
V"?} ]J. *i a._no ws pg j)er i n. t h e ��� n ex t nca res I < I is t ri ct in
r\vliicfiia'hewep-iper is ntilillslied..
Such n'��ti��rj shall b�� coniimied lu each case! for
���n porioil of at 1 east six, weeks, during I ho int���*��� rvn 1 0f
il'iino;.t)etM'een the close of tub next preceding Session
.and the cpusMemtion of the pctiiion.,
Before any Petition prayinj; for Ionv> tn brinif
In a Private Bill for tbe erection of a Toll Gri��i^e is
-presented to the Mange, t1��n persnn or persons intend-
Ing to pnition for siiob Rill shall, npon giving the nO-
rtice preserihefUn the preceding Unle, also at tbe same
i-titut", and iu th'esntie mnnner, give notice of the rat or
-w h I c 11 they in Le n d to a sic; ti 1 e ex ten t of tl to p ri v il egt ���
5W10 liek'ht or tlie ���nrol.ws, tbo "iutofval between tin:
:*t)utmentsw)r,.piers for the passnffe of rafts or vessel?
^nvi mentioning'also win-Uier they intend te erect a
��l raw bridge or not, and Uio-dimensions o'f the same
lu*. . 7:;; ; Cl erk of-1 h c -te jf is la live Assem lilv ���
f^%���![folio^iagv Qre,,tl��fi Boundaries of the
toancXjfeoqrtJing districts jn tlie Province of
British (Columbia:���   y      ^      y -     '���.
U^The^and-Recording Distrib^oi'New'Western in ^Kn', shall'���;*^ex':ib^u'niJ!ec|; on ���(tie; Sontli by
ih e Southern\<- Bo nil riiuy of the Pro vi nee (the
^ptbi'PHrAtlVl--<rfV-NorMi"" Ba^in'rl'-pX:'?��- a"'t>oirit
'afroiitOfcnnles East -from the 31101%' ofytiie
!(xu\fol'Geor^m;'Sfiid^polhVl3eiri^ :the: SoiilbL
an 6! the. Sou th-Western cor n er 0 F tlie Yaie
District;;;:.. 0 n ,;th e .vEivs t; by. a; 11 n e (beiri g al so.
t h el Wes ter n bo 11 ri daryj of;; lb e; Yal e; I) i stri c t)
rmfhipg W rth from tlve said' South-Eifatern
aco men eross i ng leaser lli ver,. ab 0 u t 8 mi 1 es
.iib;6ve s.ih;e:ni0uth 0f; Harjispn -River,;; to a clis^
1ta n.ca of ab ou t 45 m j 1 es. a n d I h en c e N 01: lh-
West b y '��� No rth a by6*at 5 0 m i 1 es, at an avera ge
distan ce of ab6ufc: TO m i Ies' East from the general, course.' of the. Douglas -Portu^p. to the
North-Eastarn corner ciif "saidr;District, which
is a Is p. t h e ,Npr th-^V es terji^ p r. u. er of Yal e Dis-
iiricl; ?on the;NoHh( by.a line (bein^^aiso the
Sou t Ke rn "'��� b on n d ary, 1 tr * par t. o f ih e. Li 110 0 e t
nuined.corherrc;rossin^IiilIooetyLa]<e at a,
p oi nt aboii t,equ i-dis ta ri t fro in 'eifcli er, end, r nd,
to u c h 1 n g t h e ex I re ra'e Nor! h e rn po i 111, of -J e r*
V;iS"Inlet fwhich is tlie South, "VVest corner ,of
Li 1 loo et' District) then co to'Forbes Bay on^
ilx%ashore of iDesoiaJIpn; ^B/yind ; ^nd on the
VVest, by afrline, muni.ng.throughXbelmiddle
of -l^qmfray'fCljanne'l. lo^arah: rFojnt;, ;aiid
tUehce^n^a7 straight line Sou ihe rly to ihe most
Westerly? poi nfco
:fmdkch9'nnet��offQuif .of:SebrgAfci .therice to
1 n g Ap r oytg ii/:t-ne~- ce rt c re or-, s.au ten an ne 1; 10 a
^���oTftWp{rjtfsil!e'!Poih t 'Upfwob U ^Texa da Island;
the n ce* fo 11 owing. t he niid ��� c b an n el pf tli e S tr a i t
jl\    oil antx ad���..'i' tlivj
riJ.ST DAY Oir
Ol'ftlms 'In-11
Ysimnno Twy.fjri m!ir ijo hi id  ovr>r
^iil.tbo20tij X&y   !>.:.>, wiy-ot 1.0 fhu Otii SocUvu
id. tins oela Mtu 1-ag Asiieu Jm ���..�����t Art, 1 fi7 ^,
' ��� ^     H.  M    BAfX,
���,._   .  . ,       .        r'Old CoranUr-st^n'>r.
7tfe Oftfttefv 18T4. o^^
^���H?,u ggeJ, 5; j J ^SaYar^yi'; / Ha r wood / V! ,Te xad a:7
^ liardyj?. ��-.' N.elson,? ,' (japtai n,? 7 ' Pearson ,T
^;Thormand^;:Tml;?\^ /Anvil;7-; De=
fence ,?��� f'' "Wo 0 ] b f id ir r .���? "��� r<jG am b re r /.:. KK&ta. *
j;gpH;en;r^I^>siey; ' ���Wooldombe,'
and ^Passage, ^an d all p I (jer small Islands no I
enufe^ ,������;���'-y-- 7
���������t>iSTffl6't���'OF T^LE (YALE WJSIONj^
'^'Tfe;^ Divt^ipiv; shall
b^' bounded on the West by all n e cb ni m en c-
1 n-g. .0 a the 4?): li Pa ra He J P f" No r th La ti i ud e.
05;nii!es:Eas11rom the;Gulf 0f; Georgia, W\ng
also, the, ,Spj i.lh -Ea s te r n 1. c or n e r:. o f Ne iv- \Ve s fc -
m f a sjter. Lan d. ��� Record i ii g Dis tii e t\ t h enee
No r f tiJ ab bu t '45 mii fes���'; thence No i; \h < ab b 1 i t
45: mile/; .H,tlw nee -North- West ahbutoO mUes
to a p o j n t ��� h p i n g^-th e N o rl -Iv-Ea g ter 1 y *c or bet o f
New WestminstfT District; t hen c�� East ab on t
37 miles to'a;point itear. the juncfion of the
T h o m psftii: a n d N i co I a Ei v p rs ��� -', II1 e n c e . i n a
Soil I Iv-Easterly.' di roc tio n^.run nihg paral jel tb
the gen era I c 01 use 0 f tli e -Is i c 01 a River ���(. n rid
cl i a taut, n b ou t 7 tn i! es Hie re f ro m. f 0 v a d is (a nee
of vtyaixt 35 m lifts to Go Id water River ���; thence
t n a Son tlfcrly: d i r ec l i 0 n al on g I he tr ai 1 to a
p 0 i n t -2' ini 1 es. West 0 f * Pri n cef o n ; ��� f h e. n ce d n e
So 11 Ih to the 4 i) ih Par al lei, ab out J5 G in i\e& :
thence along.the said parallel to the point of
conunen'ceraent. . -
.��� ,.   ���  ��� ���'-   -DIVISION), ���; y   '-
The Kami oops Land Recording Division
shnll he bounded on Hm South by a line cf>m-
men cj ng at a p0i n tAl mi! es West oi' priiir.aton,
rnnuing due East to Ihe South point of Okan-
Hgiiu Ltilce ;   (hence on the "Enat by ft line
running Northward, and Following Ihe E>sl-
evn 'shore of OlcanaDruh Lake  to its bend ;
the11 ee d 11 e Nor 111 to Rot 1 nd L1 >li e���; tli en ce on
the South by a line running due Emt to the
Eas tern !> 0 iinci a ry 0 f Ya I e. EI n c to ra 1  f > Wl rl c t.
being al so the W<\s t ero ; ho mid ary 0 f K 0 0 te -
nay District;  thence following ihe Western
boundary of j\wotenay District-,' tn the North-.
East co rn e r o f Yu 1 e 151e'otn r�� 1 -I) ki i-fet-; then e e
on   the North by the Sou!hern boimilarv, in
part of Lillooet; District, nnmiivg West front
I h e _ said Ina t nam c d c 0 r, 3 er, a h d p a ss ?n��j n b nut
three miles North  of. Seymour, to a dWuuee
of  about  l!tJ'r��^sj  thence In-.n dhw&f. tfrt*��
about 65' mil ea .-to  a  no; n fc ��� on  tho   Km f ft
Th run pm n Ri ve r (\f eri a ijtn B e n A)  ab 0 n t j. 5
miles NarUi of ICstnloops; ihencfl in �� direel.
fine  about   15  mile-* 'Norrfj  of   Kum'iooos'���
ihenee in a direct- line ahoul. ftfl lines lo ib,!
J1II mile \mht on the \rwm road r'roia Yale Lo
j Clinton; thence, ui a direct lino (A) iml��a to
I th6 *8</u'tb WesS-corner 0/ tho' &aid lale ��Iec-f
/toral Disirict; nein^;alsb: tbe^NorthfEast^co!'.;
���..n'er*-of New;Westminster Disirict^^4I)ie^ce^foi-t
Jowin>;the Northed
bftbe Yale^
; point of common Cement. ,... /. xAy  ;
''^DISTRICT   OF- 'tfliVM ��� <OS60Y00S'   j
xxyy x!.:. :y ypwimQmyfyyyi.:^y:x
vy>TKe ������ Oson^bos 'Ijani?:Re^6rdingV'Disfrict
shall: :he - .bonded" on the ,Sojitlr bfy;;lhe ;4D th
farail^l^lcbmiRehcing; Wa.point:|t/eing:;a.lso
t ji e Son th -East c of ri er of' ��� tli e ��� ^ a le^Lii ml Ive-
.c 6 rd} ri g!:. 'D ivislbh) ; f * the ri ce; ni h n mg; \$eitt to
the Wesfef ii b ou n d ary'���'0 f Ko01 dmy.' Dis trie t
t h eheeyrttnn i ng No rth ward a 10 n er';' th e^" sai d (
Western b0ii n dnfy io the'! So u t li-'Eas t cornet
0 f, t h e Kami Oops Jjajn d' Reco rd i n g ,D i v i si 0 n ���;;
thence folioxy\ng the iSo\ 11 liern ,o 11 d Eas.I ernI
bo ii nil a r i es -of- ^sai d' L r n d '.Re co rd ing. D i v tsio n,:-
to the Son, tli -V^es tern ,;co r ne i' of th e sa i < l IC a no ���',
loops Land;Recording. Division.;, jben^e; due
South aloiig: the boiiuda'ryrof -fhe'lpaje Land
Re c d r d in g [ pi vi si 0 h \ to. p 0 i n i; 6?'. to mm en ce-.
nietftJ;.: .. y" ' t '_ ��� (-;.' ,;,/ ,���;,  ;.,y, -
���'..y   ':1<1 -./LILLOOET DIsfelOT. ��� '^ y>y
y The; Land Record ing - District;^ 4 f -yLrilloofet
sh al 1 jjeb 0u n ded o h th e Eas t' by a) 1 ih e (being
also.: the AVes tern /b 0 and aVy'j''' in �� parftf "of ^f be
Jxoptenay .District)? com inericin^/fr,bm rfhe
No r- Ut rEaste r n:p 0 rn er- of ^Yale-?; li I ec tb ral Djs~
Irict 5 thence fallowing a. course parallel to
th;ei general course:Of;;t.he*OoliinTbia:Riverand
abjonfc; ten;.milesjdislaiR
;tO[,a ppint- pp<ihe.524'PH'^Uiti;i'/iisTd^thriL'siliv.
'���fcwlej whichyis; the7Nor|h-Easleniv;corije;r r6j
said VLiilooet Dis trie t^ a hd/the ^ptttli-Eaatepn
earner'..of.yCa rib 00 ���,D|s;f.iu' c t ���_;; :VjOii- ^t he vNortli' by
I. he said $ 2 d: i'ara] 1 e 1;( b i*j ng-}.a: I s o th e So ti tl) e r 1 i)
boiindary Cvf Cariboo7DisLncf^dmsKiiigyth^
Cariboo 7R0ad at ihe l38i;ii^n1i!e-posi;:;fbr ti
distance of about 22Q smiles.-.40tU ;poipt on^tlte
coxuer;of said ^Lillooet Di?ttMCk: and ihe South
JVesterO:corner;of; Qariboo;Distriot.';. ��ou-: the
"���iy.i^t.-i. !iyi-!t Ji���^ jBdi.^^i^rdtli%d!i6i:.td Ibiftvl&'-tl^a-11^.^
of.ab0\\t���... 125', milea,*"toi the;-pbitvt ;>yhere'tlie
said Me.ridian; intersects the^Norfheru bgain*
bary,ofyNew.rWestminsiet^ ,Distj:icfc,vafc;.lhe
Northern ex tremity.ofiJer vis In let? y en i-Uie!
South by the; Northern ibotindary'vpf-'New
Wes tipiq s lev"������'- Dtetrl C[.iA 0 lytli e i No rth -East e r n
corner,; of,;; said ��� Dis trie t ? (wliiebi^ is-.* also; the
Nor t h-Weste rr\ cor n er 0 f Ya 1 e Ei cctori.il Dis -
trict): and Whence by the/NorihernH)oundary?
b et'0re descrj bed j of: said. Ya!e. E!ec tora 1 Dis-
t ric t.. tn ll 1 e- Spii t b-Easter n, c6 rne r: 0 f ? 'said Li I -
1 po et D i s trie ty. w hi c li ��� i s also the; No r th -Easte r n
corner 6"f Yale Electoral Dibtrict. ;   - Ak
JVIendian of ^Wesf^bngifn^e | Iprilthe ^No*rtli
by7'tlie' CfHhl^ai^fleQ'/a'hq^oji-JUvs". -Wesirb,y
hisMlitTeWi^im^ 'MitM;: Stf leafM
Anxlu'ica.''' '; ���". .-:;' '
��� :..ROEE^TB'EATENt...;::
pChief Gomrhrsslc/ner.;Lands & Works.
��?��� a ri b
���:;:;:��� DISTRICT OF ICOOTENAY. ���.: ���
���;The.-Land Recording District of KooIgtiay
sii al lb e bou u d ed ���'��� o n -the: Wes t by th e before
described Eastern bou ri d.Vries of y Ya le .Elec-
to ra I an cl L i 110 o.e t D is I ri eta. upv to:' 1 h e. Nor; h
Eas te i*n corn er :;of Li 1100 etuis t ri 0 ly w hi ch i��
a Is0 tli0. Sot11b-EasIern corner o f 0arib00 Dis-
trie t, a nd then ce. b y a line (b e \ hg;ri \ so the
SO u tb -Easte r n bou n 11 a ry c \ f���' Ca r i b 00 I) is! f i c fc.)
f o 110 wi n jr t h e ge 11 ei-ii 1 co u rise1'6 f t he Ob 1 ii rn b i a
River; and; d ist a n t tvtym'- \ t; a I > 01 i t ��� 10 hi i 1 es t f c r
a : f 11 r Lhei" dista nc0 0 tp a I) 0"iit 50 rni t es. to: a;
pot nt 0 n the 118th Merid i:in ,"��� ab on t 15 ; rn 11\e s
Nor tl i -East: 0 f . th e -Boat Eiicamp me n I. a h d
th e h ce- b y I h o 11 Si h lie rj H i an (being' a 1 so (lie
Ea stern bound ary, i ri p ar t. of 0 a r i b 0 0 D i s-
t ri c t).. to I he s u in mi tAif. the Roc ky Un 11 n tai ns;
the Easte rn, b 0 u �� dji ry of I hb Pro vi nee ; 0 ti
t li e Eas t by t h e, sa i d Ea s t er 11, b 01 rn d a ry 0 f ��� t h e
P ro v in ce ? an d on the rS 0 u' t! i by tho 401h
Vara 11 el, the Southor 11 bpuudavy.,ol the Pr0-
'ti ri if ^WifK/^-Oforo'' Jtiie.) eip'i rai.lv 11 of; Alio, sai d,;jsix ty
day*; vnz^.\7,-.y"   ;; '^.^.v ; '^'v:.^'^\V��vJr-
' *  ' ^;. TIVc Bl a'ci; Jac'k: and BornV Copipany> hill claiiiL.
y/'yr^Xiic'-ily.rtW-eiMi'ipnnyLyl:.'Ar.V---'- -'vy''y7:'"'' vi-^.
;.y yrf-The;B,^lIrtrat-CtJiupanyi^:V'y ,7' y ' ,yyy?:yu
....... ,i,,T!tc ��,m J nan GoiupuajE. ...4 ,, 7 - s ,Jt. n
' y - -TMc-Ah-rt Gompihy./j  e -, ��� ���.,-  * ; . (1...,.-  ,;,(?
v'. ^ ���The'MicIiarcuOiinnajiy;; vy ��� "V   .-'. .; y
Ttio Fiife'fil Kosc Com pa ny.;: . *?��� >'iSiy ��f ���':'-:!'l *-���:
',':-.. Tito. rJrilfai-Gortip^n^.ir;^,i;--..''-:-;-7^--.v2
:.'..Tho IriLloi)='riijeiiWGmni>'ih1yr'.. ������':' ;. y;".';;n\-
. *,..,,.'^'f i��fr Jl^.S'T.oQ'tt^i^i)aiiy^r ^,:;./:.n^7V- **'���->* '���'���
y;P!Ahr?'of tbbMiiiiing--grrtiiit I cMmei..hy tn<s.���'.;aIk'tv*
Coiaji:;mt'.'S (3iin l��; svi'n at* tlio otfice-br;th^-(5ov6rn
ilicrooi.,.., f./..-i,.'.,..:>.;' ;:-;���;.���'���'.;ftii'.Tui:-.. :/;i W^:;;j^MiV",y^.���
������ v v .���. -'.' -"y. ?./��� ypy.y kobrrt^bka^k'n. ���,-,,,���-
isiu J* -? -^Olfk^CommVs^ionev or .nan us and .AVbrki
' Lnn'tp and Works D,?r**vrtmea6l-   \ -  ,. -yxx-"^.-^'���'*"������
���ixJmtto'miJniyooiii,- isv*, -'y-''^;. '%   ��� * hl1!
���'XX'l i ��0 - Xt I
��� p - "i     \".. - *���-*���
!.-Y'f'��* 1* S-i
The Land Recording pBlriet ,o^ Cariboo
y\iaII be bounded-on the West by the 1 % 11h
MtU'idiau, which is also the. Eas torn, bound ary
of the Coas fc J>b tiict ; on the St? 111 h by 11 ie
52 d Rani li el, which is also ihe Nor I hern boundary of Lillooet Dipt net'; on'the Soulh-fwat
I;>y l\\e be10re dnsetriJ)ed.boi 1 ndary.in part-, of
Koolenay District; on the East by the 1,18Ui
ST*!rid ian 01 Weat Long 1 i tn de (1 >idwg also' I h ti
Wes t e r n b ou n d ary, in' p a..r t. of. Ko 01 en ay 1) is-
IriciJ to the wiinmtt of the Rocky Mountains
and thence Northward by the summit of the
Rocky Mountains, and by the'12.0th Meridian
o f West Lr'n g ti tn d e. I he Easte rn. b 011 n d ary?o f
the Province ; and on (he. North by the OOlh
Parallel of North.^.Latitatde/jthe. Northern
boundary of the Province,. ,
The Lond Itecorrfinjj District ��of Omineia
shall be bono and on the .South by. the frl-l-h
Pnrnllel of North Lati'tude.; on'the East, by
IhO;]24ih Meridian of Kast Longitude; on
ibe 'Nwl'lh by ihe Cmil! Parailel ; *i!nd on Ale
West by ihe 127th Meridian of East Longitude. " ��
The Caf}�� i a r La ml lie co rd i n g l)\z tri c i fdi al I
be'beaded os the feuth .by tli-o ^Ul Parallel
,>    ��   ���    ��� 'l,**t i Celebrated   :' " -   .  ,JL7  ?.   ' v
v --    pcbiafodUyCon^ ly'la.
*" ���,'..[ THS.ONLY    GOpp  8AUGE..-  .;
Gaiition agamstFraticl.���Tn o g urc-��? of ppi fsi
mos 1 (i,lcli.cious���,n,1��d,111 i;riyijlIe<I Conri 11��(;n t.;��� 1111 vjig
can so' d cc ft ft i n ���!<? ai er Pt 0 a-j> pi y .ih e .hVftr.i*' *oV *' VV�� r*v -
i^rifh i rn Sa u co'? A ot It eir 0 w 11 Tn fCri oi* c< 1 n 1 pV.ii ft"'1*?*; 11 ;e
p tt b tic is ti c r u b y in for in cd t h al tli c 0111 y \v; 1 y Vo' pn -
curcUiOrgcnahiCjJSvto.;.   -y,';  ���y>'.t   ,"���,..-> V.-;.-'
anil to s o Ji.; r li a t t b e J r ; a a ni e s arc it pon I h c w ra rrslK
'.ABKL^..S7OPITR.an(i;il0TTIE7   -., -      .-,\X.-X  ���      -.��� ,-���, [ t .
' Biyrn c W (the iVi ro i g n 'in ark c'l s h ay ing' I> c 011 su jjpl i <-d
vri tli a sp��ri��us -Woret?st"rts'Ii{ri S;itic:<���..11 j 16'n l h.e wfajj <
por. aati! i iviic-ts.d 1 .wh i ch t li cum nfo? 0 f Lf:i antl IVrrlius
havte .bcen"t'orgo(1 ^ Ii.-;and:.."PJ:giyi��'n0tir,���>.11 i'nttl;4y
linyo furnished 'tlicii-corrcisponncu.t^ vyitli invy/cr t'4
nliimic y' t o t a k c i n s tali I p rr-cen it i n its a go ink 1 ?i An e-
i'aotuit mrs itn d v Exxibu s o J such, 6r hi*y other iiiiita-
Ljmis by-^h icli the I i.ri&h t, it a3',b(,un frin^c'dv; y��f* *
Ask for LEA ��fe PERKINS' ��|auoe aiad's^
Kai-ne.on .Wxappevv Lalieli, Bottle, aud
, Sto^ppeiy; y ..?   .;, y,^,    .- ��� ,- #i- .... ., ��i
Whoii'sa 1 c- an(\ for' export: hy.the prhprlct r.rs^ \Vo?-
cos f i' r;' CniPs o "&' B i .1 Ck well, ��� l/>n 11 < :ii;: & c., ���' &rc..-;' un <I
hy Grocers and Oilmen universal I vX   r .; :���
M, Tolkenbiir^i & 0C
S3 /
:iGiITiN[.ING Gl
Always on;hand.
M E"A C H A WI & * N AS ON
4 RR* prepared "to furnish Lumber ��t their Mills,
AX   William Crook, or U (divert l to onU.r.
TT:i.dfl;t a Planing >1 achid0 in operAtton Ibey . w i
ahso Junii.->li
5';' >::*��,


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