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 1  .1  n  If  ���������m  Ged&t  Vol.S,  Barkerville,  WiUiams Creek, B. &=, Monday, December 31, 1866.  m  ��������� &  B  H  ������������������it  I  it  ;**  No. 4.  REMINISCENCES OF KIT CARSON.  A correspondent of tie Cincinnati, 'Commercial'has had an interview with Kit Car-  8on, who communicated to him the following  interesting reminiscences: '-  All the Indians, hunters anil trappers ride  with short stirrups.   I am almost bow legged  from it. -It is more important to the Indian  * than the white man, as it is only bjfeaid of the  Btirrup that he oa^^^>te:>^(nii^^JiW^Qg  '"..:. dbwi on One side, so as. to^coB^feaiall his  'body but his leg.   His leg is all youlhave to  vfire at, as .he throws bin������eir^xi:ibeT8i3e^bat:'  ; locks or around the neck of} th^;hprse.   On  this account also, they hang the Btirrups ;well  Ay!-forward.��������� ��������� ''1 ��������� 1 '���������'. !��������� "; 1'���������       '' ::'���������;���������"''Sy-y'���������'::;��������� "���������������������������.-'  Some one referred  to Carsoh's ��������� intimate  :- knowledge of Indian; strategy.   *'^Why,. yes,  1'x'vt am up: to a-gdbrl many; of their "trfc&s, but  }they fooled me once���������they fooled me pretty  :   -bad that time,   rii Ml you alt about it.   It  wasah-^let me see���������yes, 1835.  There were  . ^l^ix^il^^uiifer^ -ip^in������ 4ho4  V. SnafceCountry.; Htyp! had madeXpritty good  hunt, Well, we dampedy ���������.: Had a good. many  ly^dogs wrth^s,sbine btthem^boddpg&y They  had barked a good deal, and we heard>Wolves.  As I. lay by the fire I saw one or.'two big  wolves sneaking about carap-^bne.-of them  ���������quite in it. Gordon wanted to fire but I  would not let him, for fear of hitting some of  the dogs. ".''AA ..  ** I had just a little suspicion that the wolves  might tie Indians, but when I saw them turn,  short round, and heard the snap of their teeth  'when the dogs'came too close to ohe.of 'em, 1  ; felt,easy then, and made sure it waff'a wolf.  The Indians fooled me that time. ���������  jSonfound  ���������the rascals"���������becoming animated���������'^confound  the rascal, do you think he did not&ave two  -old buffalo bones in his hand tbat he cracked  together every time he turned to snap at the  dogs?   Well, by and  by, we dozed off to  sleep, and it wasn't long before I tvas awoke  by a "crash and a blaze, I jumped straight for  .the mules and held'em.    If the ,I|^|as had  'been smart they'd a had us all; t)U#^^y~ttrii  ���������'.as soon as^thfeyiired^ TJey kHl^biitionei of  Us���������poor Davis.   He had five bullets in his  'body, and eight in his' buflfalb robe. /Phe Indians were, a band of Sioux, on the war-path  Rafter the Shakes, and came on us by accident.  They triedVto;waylay..< us���������...next morning, but  sWe;kUled tbree of 'era including their chief. ;  V When I first went; o ver ;into California, in  : 1829, the 'valleys were full: of Indian tri bes.  Ihdiafis'were thick every where, and I saw a  great "deal of some large and florishirig tribes.  When I was there again in 1859, they had all  ' disappeared, and When I inquired about cer-  "foia^trjbes I had seen on the spot, was told  by the people Hying there that they bad never  beard of them.'* .-.'    ��������� 1 yxr!-:  WHAT WE LIVE FOR.  Our readers have heard a thousand times,  doubtless, homilies from those who were called philosophers and deyines which were intended t,o teach the great end and aim of  human life    These plans have been wrought  out With all the ingenuity, and often with all  snbtility, that man's intellect and ingenuity  can devise.   They all promise happiness to  thosej.,whotwUifollow the precepts which they  inculcated  But do you know of any single instance where the. expectations which these  systems have  created have been realized?  Kave'tbey^nbt, in the language of the preacher, ^been worse than nothing, and altogether  vanity?'f: Alas! many a weary and  care-  Worn, hearthas.borneVteslimony to the fact,  .thattiboae.WKo-have'listened to the words of  thesage have -been "hewing ont for themselves broken  cisterns which can hold no  vmftir.^yy';f' ''ylyyliy'ly!  yThelirunkard still Quaffs his bowl in raan-  ruin/ tlie nhsusp^ctin'g-youth; the seducer continues his: hearttessAWork and the miser is  still sucking the life blood from the unfbrtu-  uote victim who has been placed in his  power. And yet all these think tbey are pursuing the course that leads to happiness. Let  us eat and drink and be merry, ;say tbey, for  to-morrow we die. And crime holds high  revelry, and its devotees say^-" We are but  sceking:our .own happiness arid in our ,own  way:  j)  A PERFECT ANTIpOTB^ FOR ALL PoiSONS,~A  * plain 'farm er says :^It is n ow o ver 20 years  since j learned that sWeet oil "would "cure the  bite of a 'rattlesnake, not knowing it would  cure other kinds of poison:7 Practice* obser-  yationsi and experience have taught me that  it will^cure all kinds of poison, both on man  and bfeast. I th ink np farther shfluid" be without a bottle of it iii his house. The patient  must take a spoo n ful of it i n ternally, and b atb e  the Wound for a cure. To cure a horse it requires eight times as m uch as it does for a  man. Here let me state one Of the most ex  Hreme/cases of snake bites in this neighbor-  bood::' Elevefi years ago last summer, where  the'-case had been 30 days standing, and the  patient had been given up.by bis physicians,  I heard of it, and carried the oil arid gave hi ra  one spoonful which effected a cure. It is an  antidote for arsenic and strychnine. It will  cure bloat in cattle hy eating too freely of  clover. It will cure the sting of bees, spiders, and other insects, and will cure persons  who have been poisoned by a low running  vine, growing in the meadows, called ivy.  J������** A Scotch blacksmith being asked the  meaning of metaphysics, explained as'follows:  "When the party who listens disna ken  what the party who speaks disna ken what he  means himself���������that is metaphysics.',  ^������^ A man who was boasting that there  was never any rope or cord, whether made of  hemp, wire, or anything else, in which he  could not tie a double bow knot, was summarily put down by being requested to tie ������  knot in a cord of wood.  m A Goon Pun,���������That, was a good pun bjr a  literary man who on retiring to private life  said that his, connection with, the press had  thawed and resolved itself into ' adieu!'  J^* The age of a young lady is now ex  pressed according to the present style of hoop  skirts, by saying that" eighteen springs have  passed over Jier head,"  Leaving the world of crime, -let'us look at  those who are ho nest at'heart, and whorecog-  nize all the external forms of morality. These  men are. strict in tbe discharge of all their  duties; in fact thuy seem to live.in a perfect  round of duties, with* little other'care than performing that faithfully which is. committed to  their charge. And have these found happir  ness ? If .you look at their cold eyes,:Which  have long since lost the fire of youth, yon will  see tbe contentment of despair. "; ���������;���������;���������������������������/  :. But there are those whose voices have the  clear ring of happiness and" hope,' and whose  elastiostep ;betokeris7Jbyous peace within,  alike removed from the wild glee of tbe debauchee or /he settled melancholy of the man  ofvduty; VWhat makes7 them so^ Why are  their heartsi joyous and glad? It is the thought  that some one is watching at home that quickens their footsteps; it is the conciousness tbat  there is some one whose pure and tender  love will do more than recompense for all the  disappointments and vexations of life. It is  the thought of these tWngs that drives care  from his brow: It is love alone that makes  life beautiful: . yy..! y  , Reader, live for something. Do good, and  leave behind you a monument of virtue, that  thb storms of time can never destroy. Write  your name with acts of kindness, love and  mercy on the hearts of thousands with whom  you come in contract, irom year to year, and  you will never be forgotten. Remember,  good deeds will shine as bright oh the ear tb as  the staw in heaven.   ;  :;  Count Laquange's Arauian Ponies.���������Two  beautiful animals have been sent, to Ireland,  within the last few days, by the Count F. de  Lagrange. Tho Count,' on being applied to  for a prize for a great charitable institution in  Ireland, generously responded, and remarked:  *^To Irish horses I owe the winning of the  blue ribbons of tbe English turf. As the progenitors of 'FilJe de l'Air' and 'Gladtateur'  were genuine Hibernians, tbe least I can do  is to" try and give something in the way of  horseflesh to a country whose horses did so  much honor to France in Winning for her (he  greatest prizes which England throws open  to competition on the turf." True fo his  promise, the owner of tbe winner of the Oaks  and of the Derby of 1865, selected two Arabian ponies to bo given as a prize for the  forthcoming, bazaar and drawing of prizes,  held under the auspices of the commercial  young men of Dublin, for the purpose of realizing funds for tho support of female orphans.  ���������~-A*rE������^!i!2a T$oBmmttfs-'SEXT.~Sirrm-ridea  ofan English duke's estate may be had when  we state that the establishment of tho Duke of  Devonshire would occupy one of our large  counties. The park immediately surrounding tbe place contains 3,000 acres. The principal garden for vegetables, fruits, greenhouses, etc., Is 25 acres. There are 30 greenhouses,'each from 50 to 75 feet long. Three  or-'four of- these  contain nothing but pine-  TIIE BANK OF  BRITISH ^GOiUMBIA,  PAID UP CAPITAL,    .      -     $1,662,50*  (With Power to Increase.)  DRAFTS ISSUED ON. THE BANK'S BRANCHES,  IN VANCOUVER ISLAND,  VICTORIA ;  IN BRITISH COLUMBIA,  NEW WESTMINSTER YALE, MOUTH OF QUESNBJL  CARIBOO;  IN THE UNITED STATES.  ,  SAN FRANCISCO,  PORTLAND, Oregon  ON THE BANK OF MONTREAL, IN CANADA,  Montreal, Toronto/ 'Ojiobec,^Hamilton, London, King*  "" "   "'" ""'     " '   Brock*    .  <  Simcoc, St. Catherines;  ON NEW YORK-On Messrs. BetL & Guxdry, (Agenu  for the Bank oi'Montreal.  ON SCOTLAND-THB BRITISH LINEN CO.'S BANK  ON IRELAND���������UNION BANK OF IRELAND, LIMITED  ON ENGLAND-THE BANK OF BRITISH COLUMBIA,  ��������� Head OlOce, Lombard St., London; '���������;  CURKENT ACCOUNTS bpenea for any amount not  apples, others, contain nothing but melons and j k>ss than One Hundred Dollars.  cucumbers. One peach tree on the glass wall  measures 51 feet in width, 15 feet in height,  aid bears 1,000 peaches. It is the largest in  the world. The grape houses, five or six in  al������ are 700 feet long. But what shall be said  of jthe conservatory, filled with every kind of  trb'pical plants ? It is one of the .wonders of  the world. It covers an acre of ground, is  IOto feet high, oval shape and cost $500,000.  Itjis heated by steam and hot water pipes,  wSich in all are six miles in length. The. apparatus consumes 000 tons of coal in a year.  ::   y: THE BANK OF ���������  British   North.   America.  Bills Discountod and Collucted; and Bills of Exchang*  on Great Britain, Sun Francisco and New York pur-  cbased;- -=���������.������������������.- ��������� ��������� ~      ��������� Government and o'lher Securities received for sat'������  custody; Interests and Dividends collected.  Gold Dust Melted and Assayed, and returns made  within 24 hours.  Ores of every description carefully Assayed.  April, 1866.  Received on Deposit, or Advances made upon them.  ESTABLISHED IX. 1836.  Head Office: V, ST. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  DRAFTS ISSUED on London, New York, San Francisco, Cm boo, Canada, New Brunswick Sova Scotia.  and on nil tlie Branches of tho National Bank of Scot  land and Provincial Banlc ol Ireland.  ��������� Bills of Exchange aud Gold Purchased.  Interest on Special Deposits of Money allowed at the  rate of a quarter of one per cent, per month.-  BANK OF fBRJTISH        ......__..* London -3rd August, 18C0.: .  FROM AND AFTER 25th .SEPTEMBER, 1866, MR.  DAVID MARSHALL LANG will cease to be Mima-  gur of this Bank in these Colonies, and .MR. WILLIAM  CURTIS WARD is authorized to p.-norm tho (imius or  Principal O/licer of the Bank In tbe Colonies, signing  all documents as Acting M.inagcr.  By order ol tho Court of Directors,  j'-.'"."..   JAS. D. WALKER,  45-lra Inspector.  ASSAY   OFFICE.  The OriginalOfLManofGXnada;���������About  ten'years ago a man named j Pratt, who pes  sessed in a remarkable degree the roving disposition," happened to pass through the township of Ennisliilien, and seeing the *gitm beds/  as they ivere termed, shrewdly guessed that  there was something to be found there:   He  accordingly bought, seventy acres of the land  in wljioh is how the centre of the Oil districts,  and,after having the gum.analyzed at Hamilton, left the country..  He went to the silver  mines of Mexico and amassed ii considerable  fortune-;  from thence ho struck over into  Mexico, where, no doubt, he found adventure  to satisiv even his spirits, and on the breaking out of the lite war he took up at-ms en the  side of the south, and fought the Yankees tor  four years.   In the meantime nothing was  heard of him, and on the discovery of oil at  Enniskillen, bis estate was administered and  reverted back to the crown.    About three  weeks ago, however, the rover stepped into  a large oil establishment, announced himself  as the original old Pratt, and politely requested the 4soi disaht' proprietors to "clear out.-  Utterly, confounded, these gentlemen handed  over $10,000 to quiet the title, and Mr. Pratt  set off for Ottawa, where he asked the Commissioner of crown lands by what authority  his lands were taken from him and gtveu to  others    The answer was so far satisfactory  that he set off in high gleo} and when the  writer met him on the cars, was on his way to  Oil Springs to give a number of wealthy trespassers, as he  considers th^rn, "particular  scissors."   He expects to realise Some &200,  000 in gold from the transaction;  f&* If you want gddd Ootfe������ ii.se" FelPs;  Gold Dust Melted and Assayed,Vand returns, made  -within 54.hours in Coin orBirs. ,7;.  ���������  Ores of every uescriplion c.tr.{fully Assayed.   yy-.;  N. B. ���������Any instructions as to the disposa 1 of the pro-  C3eds of Gt>la Dust forvv avled to. the office in Victoria!  lor Assay will be carefully atterilod to.  ���������  .1, .G. SHEPHERD, Manager.  : Victoria, Y. 1., April. ,1866. y        i s >.        - i:s \:, .  BARNARD'S  CARIBOO AND BIG BEND EXPRESS,  Connecting at Lillooet. and Yale with DIETZ&  .    NELSON'S for New Westminster k. Victoria,  ll/'ILL -ARRIVE AND- DEPART from the offlca in  }f, Barkerville, to.conn.ct with the steamer "Enterprise" at Queshi'hnoutii, an I the STAGES at Soda  Crdiik, EVERlf WEEK, conv������-ying Tr asukk, LhttkR3  and Vaiuabies folr all pirts of the wi.rJ I     Alini, Com-  GariboQ Literaiy Institute  - ' '   '     J.. S. THOMPSON, President- ��������� - ���������-  ���������   JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-President.  JOHN, aiACLAREV,  DR W. B. WILKINSON,  JOHN-ADAIR,   V  Directoks.  JOHN BOWRON,  Secretart & Librarian.  THIS INSTITUTION at present contains: about 500  volum :s of C.inic J LUeratnrj,coii.>isliug of R .liyiou^,  ^ci 'ritjlie, Historical, and Poetical works, an.1 works ol  Fictii'ii. '.'���������"','.  Wvirc^ster's Lirgc Pictorial Dictioniry, Ur^'sDiction-  ;irv of the Arts, M'tnufiteturds an I Alines, Lipp 'hcott's   CHARGE at uny point on tho wagon ruau,  Pronoo nci ng G i zeUe*r of the Worl d, and. Roman's Cy-  DUCE t) RATES.   Tue un d e r.-i ^n j. I tr u.s t u  clopfji!ia of C.mimfcjfbo will always be kept in the room  for reference.     ��������� _ {���������  Tho Riading Room will bo found suppliod with tho  Utfst Knglish.h'cotlivh, Canadian, American, and Colo-  i:ii.-, 1 Pa])<-rs ;i n d Magszines..  Terms op Sobscripti-ix���������S5 per quarter, or $2 per  month, single volumes Loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cts. pOr volu nio, wi th $1 dc-posi t.  Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books.and Papers will be charged 25 cts for each visit.-  1^ The Room will be open from 10 a.m. till 10 p. m.  JOHN ROWRON,  17 Scoretrary and Librarian.  a  The  Cariboo   Sentinel,"  SEMI-MONTHLY   PAPER.  POBLISUKI) ON THE lOTtf AND  30Tli   Oi?  EACH  Month During the Wixter.  ALLAN & CO., Proprietors.  Office���������BARKERVILLE, WrujAMS Creek, Cariboo.  Subscription, $2 per month  (Including cost of delivery,) Payable to th������ Carrier.  Cisco or en r6ute, and returns made with <;i.������paich.  7    ;, JOHN B. LOVELL,  '���������":l-s   .;.  ....'.;; 1-;������������������������������������'",'��������� Agcnt, Rurkenilie.  WILLIAIVIS   CREEK  STEAM;SilW MILL GO.  WEE TJNbEltSlGNED, LUMBER MERCHANT.?, beg  J.--=to inrorm;..the' iuh;ibic..nts'in g������.-n--ral of'Wiiiiams  Creek that they have now in op.-ruku a STJ2AA1 tsAW  ilILL, locjtea at the mouth oi Mink Gulai, abovo  Richlli'Id, c.Jpiblo of manufacturing one thousand feet'  ui Lumb.rp;r hour, any Ingth or wiuh required in  this market, andol a sui'erijr quautv. All orders  left at Mr. W. A.'SLjacuam's, H.rk.rvilij, or the Mill  will hVpromptly attended to, and delivered FRKE Ob"  and at RE-  to merit a liberal share of tho public patron.ige and that their old  friends will kinuJy give tnern a cill.  meauiiam; coombs & nason.  Williams Creek, Aug. 27ih ihgo. 33  BARKERVILLE BREWERY;  3nCOLAS"  PROPRIETOR.  f  i  ams, Pearcy & Co.,  BARKERVILLE,  Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron^  with various other articles in their Una of trade.  4Kg������ Ail Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade aUenued to, ano wurratttou to jiv������ satlafw-  tiou,  34  :  ���������  !"|  . x.ly.l  ���������-:;���������-  ���������fl-  1  !  *  -1  ���������A-  'i  >  ���������     .  .     -   .  .,;.   .���������..������.     ,  -~-- ^~*Hyj������gl>t:. 5  I  ! !���������   I!  ���������  i:<   11  '���������y .1  ��������� ��������� i ��������� 1  ���������:.;f I  :-';!   11  !*3 ���������fi  :'^      ||  x i  .1 ;���������;.    ?jl  ' if  '���������''     If  ^**   ��������� ^  I  1  :,y^yl$ *   ! '  A  y  *���������-������������������. ���������. ���������  y. -1  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  "MONDAY, DECEMBER  51, 18bc7  11  Agents for tho "Cariboo Sentinel.  -    A. McWha  Mr. Goudje, Barnard's Express OUicc  Mr. Evans,       do 7    do  ���������Grouse Creek,,.  ' %������'josnelmouti������,  Yale, .���������������������������-...���������> , . .  Lillooet,       -     F. W. FusUr,       do do  -New Westminster, ���������   -      ���������      -.     -     Clarkson & Co  A E. Mallandaine  '1 ���������    '    "'*      *      *      C ���������Lyne.  Victoria,  TO CORRESPONDENTS.    ,  All communications [must be accompanied by the  yroai name and address of the writer, not necessarily  " with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  his good faith. ''������������������'.���������'.-������������������.  THE ��������� MINING-   BOARD.  '.������������������  r ���������-. ���������.  --���������������������.. .,._^av..i~ wiaawfcMii ������������������v.-������.-.  .     ... .  X ���������'���������': ..  ly.,."  i "������������������ -���������  L* \  Such bodies are the fly-wheels and safety-  valves of society.. They are sometimes looked upon as superfluities, but by their means  the motion.is equalized, aud a great force is  applied with little danger. They are apt contrivances for obtaining an average of opinions  ���������ibr insuring freedom from corruption, and  the reputation of that freedom.   On ordinary  ..occasions {hey  are  more courageous than  ���������most:ih(Hviduais|'tliey bail bear odium better;  the world seldom looks to personal character  :...'.as the predominating .cause of auy. of their  ; doings, though this is one of the first things.  ���������*"'wijrctr,octe  individual are iu question. The very indistinctness which belongs to their corporate ex-  istance adds a certain weight to their decisions  They are serviceable as affording means of  judging how things are likely to be general,  ly received. It is seldom that one person  however capable, of framing or executing a  good measure-can come to a satisfactory conclusion as to the various appearances which  ���������that measure will present or can bo* made to  present to others. Sometimes he may be so  little under the inlluen'ce of prejudice as not  to��������� understand'.their force, and therefore not  to perceive how! a new measure will be received.    ^Now if he has tlia opportunity "of  ���������   consulting several persons together, he will  ! hot only have the advantage of their common  -seuse and- joint information, but he will, also  have the chance of hearing what will be the  '   -common nonsense, of ordinary men on the sub-  ject and of providing as far as possible against.  -'" ' The request of the. Administrator therefore  to re-organize the Mining Board in this district was quite, diplomatic, and we hope that  - his interview with tbem and their subsequent,  acts, uiay be productive .of much good.   The  <ifort of the Goverhment to foist the Hospital  ���������on the public for slip port was successfully re-  ��������� iris'fed by the Board, and the matter was compromised by the Board agreeing to keep the  -���������building in repairs;.the Board has kept its  word by expending about $800 of public contribution on it up to this time:   The demands.  of the Board Ibr an increase of power and for  constitutional changes, in the Miners' Court  were both   refused   by   the   Administrator;  limits/wereby; this interview- at once set to  the province of the Board. It has no absolute  power, but may pass by-laws, which, if ap-  -proved of by the Gold Commissioner, become  law. aud remain so until disapproved by the  -Governor. ' The power granted to the Gold  Commissioner is so great that the Board, instead of passing by-laws, preferred in every  ���������ctse to request, ibe Gold Commissioner to ex-  . -e cise his power in the matter, thus giving to  tje Commissioner all tin* sanction it had wither causing unnecessary delay or provoking  .  criticism by passing cumbersome by-laws.  On the promise of the Administrator that  ���������any recommendations of the Board as to ne-  xess'ary   alterations in existing  laws would  first Express to the Governor. The Board has  also endorsed the petition of Allen against the  Williams Creek ^ed Rock=Flume Company's  Ordinance, and the petition of nankin  against the further indulgence of the Grouse  Creek Flume Company.  These are the principal subjects that have  engaged tbe attention of tbe Board since its  election, and of tbe manner in which they  have been discussed and decided let the public judge. We are. too. closely connected with  tbe Board to be allowed to say anything of  the gentlemanly conduct, the attention and  diligence of the individual members during  all their meetings.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ORIENTAL    SALOON,  RICHFIELD.  THIS HOUSE WILLIE OPEN DURING  THE WINTER MONTHS.  Hot GIN' SLING and PUNCH to warm the Inner man,  and every comfort for the outer. .  " FREEZE OUT FOR FUN " THROWN IN.  l-3m .  JOHN HEDIN.  :; NEW;, ADYERTISEMENTs.  ���������b   &  mra  Tub Exfkess.���������The express was expected  to have arrived here last Friday, but it has  not yet come in. It is almost certain however that it will arrive some- day the beginning of this week, it is reported to have an  Eastern mail.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.,  Challenge jk$cepted\  R. GEORGE WILSON, the Cariboo Champion, will  111 fight JOE EDEN, tbo Champion of Victoria, for any  sum from $2,000 to ?5,000 a-sidc. and also for tbe  Champions Bettef Victoria and Cariboo. Tbo fight lo  come off in this district ('ariboo), Tho first deposit of  $500 io be made on or boiore the 1st July next, and to  be sent BARRY SADLER'S Saloon, 'Bsirkcrville; where  , tbo articles niy ,'be seen.   Mr, Wilson intends to retire  Barkerville, 29th.Dec. 1.366._    .   y  . ���������    y y lm  Colonist please copy.      '        '  A. McPherson  WATCHMAKER &, JEWELLER.  AT E. HODGENS'. OLD STAND  Barkerville, Nov. 12th 18C6. l-s  OPPE^IEIMEE  MERCHANTS  BARKERVILLE & CAffiEROKTJ  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  title  WE THE UNDERSIGN" ED have sold our right, v.������,  and interest in tbo Williams Creek BED ROCK  DRAIN CO., (liraited),: and bave also, transferred.. the  Charter and all tho rights aud powers which it gran Es  unto JAMES ANDERSON and JOHN SfACLAREV,;  yy    \,  7 ROBT. H, BROWN  yyv. "   '.���������: yy        7        .    .   ��������� JOHN ADAIR, yy-.:  Camcronton, B. C, Nov. 2nd 1866. ��������� 1  NOTICE  OTICE.  TO ALL WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  THE UNDERSIGNED has a Power of Attorney from  CHARLES M. BEAK to collect his debts and settle  bis accounts.  GEORGE PESTER.  Barkerville, Doc. 29th, 1866.   , 4-2in  CERTIFICATE.  ���������'pHIS IS TO CERTIFY tbat during last spring my  1 hair was rapidly falling out and my head was fast  becoming bald, when I ftpplicdvV'l^^'fr/'D.\������MOSB^.  Barber, Barkerville, who in a few weeks. restored my;  hair in abundance to its former healthy state.;;  ; DAVID-GIBBONS, y  .   Barkerville, Dec. 29th, 1866/'h,y yiXyyXyy ;������������������;"������������������  A LIST of all Letters yremainong^in ^the^  Williams Creek Post Gfficerr-6n. lie;   ;;  24th Deeeraber^ ;1866J- ^^���������yVy.v;  Alsson, Andrew (2)  Arthur, William  Abrahams Morris  Bra ley, A. C.  Brown, John  Bovyer, Jas. R. (2)  Blair, Win.  Churchall. John  Craze, John (2)  Coor, Peter  Caroline, Mrs.  Charra, John  Cooke, Wm. John  Coon ess. Stacey  Doyle,. Michael'  Davis, "William  Edwards, Walter   .  E'rb, L.  Eaton. George  Fuller, J. P.  Francisco, Signor  Groeper,. E.(Van Winkle)  Gillies, Hugh  Gordon, Adam  Hark Ins, James  Flarte, F. W.  Harris, Thos.  Jones, David L.  Joucs, Andrew  Jack,'Bill  (3)7  12),  Ainslie, David <x. -. ..  Ainslie, Joseph 11'"', x  Brown,5 David  Brisbin, Wesley  Brazeltbn, James P-.  C.deyy Andrew *   s  Carkeek,;Cbas. 7;  Coplin, Joseph:;^   v.  Cbristiansin, OH; Chi  Carter, .Wm.v..-,  Cameron, John  Dew, William Tk V.'Vy  Downey, J.J. (Last Chance)  Epler/D.S.    7  Eyn'on, David >  (2)  met weekly in committee of tbe whole for.  that purpose. Resolutions recommending  ���������juairy alterations were submitted at the last  general meeting of the Board and finally pasted. The Board recommends that either litigant in mining-suits may demand'a jury of  tureo or live iu the Gold', Commissioner a  Cotirt-r-that ihe minimum sum on which an  appeal can be granted be raked from $250 to  .AJL.OUU���������tbiU appeals be granted on points of  \  taw only, and on the ���������'affidavit of the appellant  that the appeal is in good faith- and not- lo if  the purpose of delay.    The Board also fro-  poses some -alterations and reductions in the  fees now charged and some slight changes in  ,: tbe size and shape of. creek claims.    Resolutions were passed proposing to have certain  claims worked during the winter���������to have no  claims laid over without a cer lain amount oi  work being done-���������to have greater protection  given to the minority against the rule of the  i'ureman and majority���������to have the indefinite  aud redundant section struck out and to have  other and different ones substituted..    The  Buard further recommends to alter its own  constitution by reducing the number of mem-,  "hers to nine instead of twelve, to be elected  annually, and to allow voters but one vote  for each of nine candidates.   The several resolutions passed by the Board in reference to  tije mining laws, will be forwarded by the  Korivin, P.  Kurtz, David  Loveli, John B,  Luce, Wm.  Maliitt; Thomas  McCarthy, Dennis J.  Morris, Joseph  Murphy, John J.  Manuel, Seuor 1).  Mc^ enemy, Thomas  Nicholas!, Chas. D.  Nicholson, James  Orchard, Natbanel  Patterson, William  Pierce, John   .  P.'u&m'orc, S.     ,;  Palmer, Gideon   *  Pierce, Ceorgo  RM tile v, "William  Ryan, J. W.  Rickerd, Martin  Sawctt, Joseph  Sirr, Thomas  Swinerton, Mr,  StaQ'ord, W. 55.  Sii] wan, Tiinothy ($.  Sammons, Chas.  A.  Thompson, John G.  Truman, George  Thomas, Wm.  Ussher, John T.  Wariu, William  Williams, Janes  Waterouse, Joseph  Ward, Phillip H.  West, Harry R.  Pcasons Grilling  (2)  (2)  Foss^LeviW,-.'^'-;  Gelbert, James .  Go ten, Mr* .;=  Hunter, Charles Wm;  Hcrtlein, F..  Hort'meister, A.  Janesj' John....     y  . Jones, Humphrey . ;.  Johnson, E.j. .  Kersey, SamuolT. .'  Kcegan,Thos. ���������.   '''��������� '  Lewis, John.W. ;..  Leary, John   ;.v.  Merrett, Siimuol  Miller, Goorgo���������   ....  Margeson, H., H,  Mills, Thos. Riclul,  McDonald, Duncan  Nicholas, Edmoad  Penchbeck, WillLam-  V   Ferric, Henry  L;"Putter, O. P.  ������Poe hies, John  ' *earson, EX  Reordan, James  Rose, Iliigb  Roe, Thos.   ���������   ���������  Schaiik, Aaron  Summers, Thos.    i  Smith, James.    ���������,,' '  Stevens, John C.  Simpson, Wm, K.  Triplctt, John  Turner, Wm.  Thompson, John  I HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have this day revoked a certain Power of Attorney drawn by me in favor  oTI&fATTKTOae^  18C63 ami that the said I. F.BROOKS has no longer  any authority to act for me.  . ELIZA ORD  Barkerville, 2nd Nov., 1866. 3m  WHOLESALE A2>TD RETAIL DEALERS id  ,..   "    RINDS OF  PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, SE  CLOTHIKG  BOOTS   &   SHOES,  MINING- TOOLS,  Beg to call the attention of Miners and  to their full assortment of SUPERIOR 'GOn  which will be sold  AT  OAST  PRiOEl  to make room for a NEW STOCK to: arrlvt n,  ;������������������',' ���������   ,        :.. the Roads are open-.  '#&������* Liberal al 1 o wan ce ��������� will: ��������� be ���������' d  Rostaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Tradeg:."  on large orders.     ...  BU IE   BROS.  WHOLESALE. &^RETAIL DEALKHS H  ��������� V^ JLW \J \J JU il).  ������������������   7- ���������AND���������  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZi  .   BARKERVILLE.  PUBLIC   NOTICE.  In compliance with a resolution passed oy tho Mining Board on the 3rd December Inst., and in conformity with clause (f) Part 1. of tho Mining Laws,  y  r.NOTICE IS; HEREBY^ GIVBK- to all .parties; using  SLIDES in the vicinity of; any public thoronghfare tor  *n,6 pur pose nfVu'nnihg:ydo^���������:'limberA���������."lbJc���������'tllie', mines;-  that they will be,required;.;to station a; man at th������ foot  of the SLIDES to warn the public of the danger.. .7.' j  ������������������ $ Vy;.,..X. yyy ���������' '��������� -rAND^'X:r.y7:7';V = ;;������ '* ��������� ���������;.,,. [  ; ALLCLAIMHOLDERS having; OPEN.SHAFTS and  other d&ngerbus works iii the neighborhood of any Ire-'  quented; trail or other, public.way, are hereby oirected  to rail in the samp, as frequent'complaiitts have beon  made bf:the danger to lite arising from the neglect M  proper pre camions. *^f-  : .FOCRTEEfDAYS from this date will be granted for  carrying ou t; th e i nstructipns contained in th is Notice,'  after; whicli. period, should complain ts still couti n ue to  be. made,: the conditions idf tlie clause above referred to  ���������will be strictly carried rat:*>:v;.  ::-w;arnerr; SPALDING,  '' y -!-. ���������' -" ;;!v     Gold Commissioner.  - Richfield, Dec. 11th, 1866..  .  Dissolution ^PartnetsKip  THE PARTNERSHIPc ,heretofore existing between  THOMHSA^ BARRY and NICHOLAS CU^IQ, has  this.day iK-en "dissolved by mutual con sen t������ The business will in future be carried oh by Messrs BARRY  & ADLER. All deb ts due by the late firm Of BARRY  & CUNIO will be paid by Thos. A. Bariy.and all debts  due to the late firm Will be collected by Tl A. Barry;  ���������  .,   T. A.-BARRY,   ,  -y '���������"������������������ :\ ��������� -,->��������� N,-CUNIO. --���������:  Barkerville, Dec. 12th, 1866. .      lm  (2)  (2)  NOTICE  XTOTiCE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all debts due the  li undersigned must bei paid on or before the l'5th  December next after which date all accounts must be  ,,aid weekly.  p - Mvvn ,EDWARD TORMEY.  th no ���������  kerville,.8u   ...   v.; 1866...  3-Sin  bitOUSE   CHEEK.  Xisr A'full assortment of GROCEaiBS and E.;  Liquors always on hand. ,        :  ;  JAMES P.  : DRUGGIST,  HAS JUST RECEIVED direct from San Franc  ; Le Richau's celebrated Golden Balsam,  complete cure of. Secondary Syphilis,:' Also, i\  of Dr. Murphy's Mixtures, so well known as s{  euro for the same;     . , y; '  ���������Received also-ra.stock- of the. FINEST,CIGij  retail trade only.' .,* '.������������������!���������"���������������������������      \  ;. P. S.���������Ashe has obtaineld tho Newspaper Aral  will be happy to receive subscribers names, loria  will ''deliver tlie papers immediately On nrriTilj  reading Bill at store the reduced rates forptrf  bo seen. Orders from outlying creeks will  every attention.  BARKERVILLE.  HAVING PURCHASED.tHE INTEREST OF ���������  ROSS in the abbve-uamed Saloon, the uiidd  would respectfully solicit, a coatinuence of the  age bestowed on the late firm, which by aslrit  tion to business they will endeavor to merit.  The, TERPISCHOREAN ART is nightly pracj  this Saloon, and the Bar is stocked with, the  LIQUORS and CIGARS.; ���������:  %0* Boys please give us a call.>  ���������   ... BURDICK & DEXl  ������������������������������������  4i-im- ��������� ��������� ������������������' ..������������������������������������; '   Vt4  IMPOfiTA^TtoM^  The undersigned is prepared to  GLEAN BLACK SAND, v BLOWINGS!  yyy:ll'l'''rxyMA^m<^iY!-iyx_  On Commission, or will purchase any quahtityl  ;, ��������� MosT-LiBSRA^rTERMS, at tho"!���������  Reading Boom^ Cameroiiton^  The Subscriher is well known on Williams Cr*j  from: the confidence reposed. .in -him hereto for J  above business, he-hopes to'receive the patrc#  the Mining'community the ensuing season, j  :���������   I...-.-;    ;,-"��������� ,,:,' ���������      ;���������:���������;���������', ���������''JOHN B0^  THIS IIOUSE WILL BE OPEN DURING  .. :'"..  THE WINTER MONTHS. V.y.  X*^* The room is alwn vs warm and comfortable, and  ic Bar contains the best LIQUORS and CIGARS,'  WILLISCROFT & FRANKLIN  the  24in  PROPRIETORS.  (2)  (2)  please aay "Advertised.1'  William, Charles  . Williams, Win.  Wii--1 haras, E  Williams, John Mecoy  ��������� Wood, Silas  for any of tbe above Letters  wili  .    ���������'. NOTICE.:f     '  4 LL PARTIES indebted to the late flhn of DODERO  i\_ & LION'S, Camcronton, are requested to call and  settle before the 30th December.' ���������  ; CHARLES DODERO.  Camcronton, B.C., Nov. 25 th, 1866. ���������. 2-3in  _ NOTICE.  LL PERSONS indebted, to the Estate of the late  xx HONO.RE JUSTIN LIONS, are no tilled to settle  with the undersigned on or-before the 50th December,  alter which dato'thcir accounts will be put into the  bands of a collector. All claims against the Estate will  be settled by the undersigned.  2-3in THOMAS BESOZZI, Executor.  JOHN BOWRON.  Postmaster.  EOCHLOMAP 0E J4-IILE HOUSE  rrSlS OLD AND WELL KNOWN HOUSE has, been re-  .*.. ctiutly opened by tho undersigned, who will make  it iii-a*constant study by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling public, to deserve a share of fjthe  patjonago bestowed on the former occupants.  f$3F The Bar contains nothiug but the very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.    Give him a, call  HDW4RD    TROFATTEK  :" -   C.    O    DEALER AND  JOBBEj  IN.  "*  BARKERVILLE.  OTIOE.  LL PERSONS indebted to the undersigned  quested to call at this office and settle a  counts forthwith. '      _,..������  .-���������'���������. -'    ALLAN & UMB  &th November, I860. ���������  Dissolution ofJPa^tnei  mHB PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing bet J  1 .sORDENBERG & C. W. BOSH has been  dissolved by mutual consent!        .-. __������������������*'.���������������  D. NOK^"',  C. W. BOSH  Quesnelmoutb, 20th Oct;, 1*366:  OR SALE.  NE AND A-HALF INTEREST in .the JMB  vy WEEL CO " on Grouse Creek. The owu  obliged to leave the country, will sell very ou  For further paticulars and terms apply at  of this paper  Nov. 5th, 1866.  mwjmWVWM^MsH THE CMIBOO SENTINEL  7. ���������tiw&ix^xppnje'aimnwmt&Hn*  tLx3k?rearMz*nmi/-jnma!ii!.  MONDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1866.  S;  To the Editor op ! thb f( Oarbbpo Sentinel^'  vSra^la' your lastissue reference isi made  .   to the; above ordmance iri ferms which if not  coirrected are calculated to do great injury to  .. the compaiiy., In the summer of 1865, while  his honor the Officer Ad ministering. the Go v-  ernment was on the Creek^ the company applied for a new lease.   They considered that  * they were entitled; by virtue ;,p������;; their char ter  ��������� of 1st Julyi;:18M, and in consideration 6f; the  money that!-.theyi had expended; at that time  ($110,000 j; to all grpund oh;the creek abby e  Richfield which- was vacant at the date of  their charter; also to additional ground that  had been abandoned thereafter. The directors haying received a practical demonstration of the expense attending 'law suits, desired that, the new leaso should; define the rights  in tended ��������� to be: conferred in such terms as,  would not admit of misconstruction On the  28th August, 1805, notice of; application, for  the lease w:as given. Mr. Birch expressed his  wiilitfgneas that the company should be en-  ' couragQd to re-cpnimehce and complete their  fl time;' fc at -plainly: Inttmatcd-iliat!'he "* "cpul'd'ao *������  authorize the lease being granted without  knowledge of the effect it might ihaye'on >6x^  lsfcing claims!   To obtain this knowledge:; the  "copies obtained of all recoMs^made' of creek  claims; above Richfield, since; 1st July,; 186&  The fairness withy which this was ;done is  shown by.tne^fact. that of all the ground ceded to the compahy, by the , Flume,, Ordinance  only ohe miner, Henvy Allen, has; shown-that  hisi :groundVcorisisti% of lOOffc should he rese ryed. rThe^mistake,;ast; regards this single'  exception would never; have:-.occurred but for  the irregularity of his :record. The record  b ore evidence pt beihg a pre-emptioh and the  coinpany marked it as such, but learning last  sptihg that it might '��������� justly��������� be tieemed������������������.���������&; re^  record they have never made claim 7 to the'  grohnd. y������ast sun>pier^ a miner named G. W.  Siitis^ ;havihgybeenejected from a piece; of  ground by; a judgment -given in; the '���������mining  Court, circulated a petition;: addressed4: to the  Mining Board, which I have never seen, but  believe ifc to have. /stated that the |brdinance  "operated unjustly against him and pthers./fJn  this district petitions^ are^re^  )   to,; and the one ^mentioned' was said ;to h^iye  been numerously sighed.     The MiningJ3pard  ��������� gave ho tice that they would cohsider the; sub^  - ject lit tbeir; iieitmeetingi^pd invited all parties feeling themselves agric ved by the plume  Co0 Ordinance; to attend and b ring proofs of  their- grie vances.; ��������� Hotices stating the object  of the meeting were duly p bated; and there is  no* doubt that all who believed they had just  cause'J-for-complaint had knowledge of the  MININQv BOARD,  y. The Board met. at th eir office j Barkerville;  on-Friday,\2istlost,yiat 7 o'clock;p. m. ; ; "  Present-^His honor Warner ^- y?palding,  Bsqv; Messrs. Bdoth,; Thom|)sbni $ibhtgbniery,  Anderson, Burdick, lind MaoLarOiu Miv Booth  in the, Chair, ; x'x ���������, ���������' ' ���������<- ,  y The minutes of last meeting were read and  approved.     v - ,  ,.;,-;. The Secretary then read the several resolutions which werei prepare^  lating to the revision of the mining laws.  Moved by Mr. Burdick, seconded by Mr.  Anderson, l^That the resolutions in reference  to; the mining laws now feail>e;adopted^' &  v Moved by Mr^ThpmpsbnV seconded ^b  Anderson; ^ That copies of; the" resolutions  just read be sent-to-tbe dy^rney-Genpral, the  Gold Commissioner and tlie member lor the  district/' ..    L ��������� ��������� ��������� ��������� *"' 7��������� ��������� - ���������  ; The Secretaryjthen^read a petition !frdih; C.  H. Hankin, Esq., Grouse Creek, in reference  to the Bed Rock Flume on that' creek. ������������������;'  Moved by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr.  Anderson, >ryhat the Mining: Board; having  read a commhiiicatioii from C. H.'IIankim  Esq.V regarding the Grouse Creek Bed Rock  Flume Co;; and being cognizant of the fact  that the company have utterly failed in complying with the terms; of their charter, and are  "iip'W'kfe'0'p iii g% large anib lint Of hi in ing gi'6 xind  shut'..oiitf from occupation by free miners^  strongly recommendvtlratnp far ther extension  of their charter -be granted,-; and ��������� that at tlie  A QOPY OF *HB ABSOLUTIONS  F&S5  ; SED BY THE MINING BOARD PROPOS-  ING  ALTERATIONS IN THE MINING  laws: ::' y'i/: ..������������������-' ���������������������������' :-'������������������ "-������������������' ������������������*.- ^  ������  meeting; to enable: all .parties to be present  it was held at the;CourttHouse, Richfield, at  3 o'clock^ p.m. ;y,.v  Bypreferring to I the; Sentinel of the Srd of  Sept..last;iti'will be seen that only two pur-  sons were in attendan ce, nam elyy H. Allen and  G.W.; Sims;! Henry Allen produced his records  which the Board -considered /established his  right to 100ft, of ground. ��������� The Fliime Co, ad-  mi tted the correctness of this opinion and he  has never been disturbed in the possession, of,  bis claim; it was also explained to the Mining  > Boartl>vby the ground in question came to be  % omitted from the exemption contained in the  ordinance.; *���������������������������A&f. Sims, the promo ter oithe  petition above mentioned, produced a bill of  sale of 400ft. of .ground which from >* Know  all men" down to the,last signature, was, by  his own admission, execiited by himself | the  instrument was dated May 1st, 1865,.and although sixteen months had elapsed was never  recorded.   What weight a Court of Conscience  would attach to an unrecorded bill of sale inl  Vhich the transferree had-signed the names of  all the transferors without a witness I have  not the means of knowing; but the Mining  Board declared ifc "faulty/f and added that he,  Sims, had failed to establish his title.    .  Interested parties have without reason, very  freely denounced the ordinance, and' others  ignoaant of the facts have -joined in the cry.  If any person to whom complaint is made  that the ordinance operates unjustly will take  the example of tho Mining Board and request  the fault-finder to bring his papers, i. e. records,; to establish his claim, he will avoid the  tediousness of hearing a twice told tale. ,  I make no apology for intruding on your  columns believing it is your first desire to  makejyour pajper reliable in everything pertaining to the mining interests of Cariboo..  A Shareholder.  Mo ved by Mr. > Anderson, seconded by i Mr  MacLaren^ " Tfe at" tlie; Secretary be .instructed  to address, ^he petition^ of -C.H. Hankin, Esq;  with & copy of the'resolution of the-Board-re-;  lating thereto ;tp the Gold Conimission6r,i:ahd  request -the Gold Commissioner to forward  the same to the Governor." _ \   '��������� ?\  yMoved;by MiV Thompson, secondedby 3!������^r^  lia^Laren, A%-Tiat'-^i^d'Mlle-;vikais: been and  is.likely tp;be the prinoipiii place of business  on Williams creek; the -Mining Board reconi-  meud at the request of - the directors - of. the'  GaribbpLiterary;! nstittite, .that v the; \ Reacling  Room and Post Office be removed to Barkerville j -and1 that the Go yorhmeri t;; be. requ ested  to give-a grant for that purpose, and also that  the present.Librarian be. retaine[d as Ppstinas^  ter as he has the confidenceof all parties.  -Moved by Mr^ Anderson, secondedf by Mr.  Montgomery^-p^JThat Messrs.. Thompson, ^Burdick; an^d;MacLaren7; b e;appoint^::a;;cbmmit^  tee.to confer with the'rGpId; Cbtttinis'sioner in  regard to the removal of the Post Office.  The i^oard then adjourned 'sine die.?  ''   v COUNTY COURT.? I     ^  I .'������������������ That, after i-hc^wbr^  0 clause (a) Part I. tlie] folio wing, ^sentence; be  su b stitu te d: "At the' op tio not* either p arty  it shall be' the diity of the-Gold *Gonitnissio"rier  to;summoh a jury of from .three to ifixe miners to sit on said cause, and] that; the latter  part of the clause after the. word 'provided''  be struck out."   ���������'       , v.     V:        ; '       -  II. That the following additioh be made to  clause (f) in the same:section: " And also to  order any creeks"or ditches-and streams connecting; with {them '; whjere ;there Jire ; uhder-  grbiind^ diggingsi' Or. -drainsj to;; beflumed or  embanked byyor at the expense:pf the owners  of such diggi hgs or d rains when:; it; sh ail pp'r  pear that danger is apprehehded thereto from  freshets; and to "specify the timeJahd. ^manner  in which said work shall be done, arid iii default of ��������� the due completibh thereof, tb order  the same to be do he at the cost of the p arties  interested ih proportion-to' the benefit derived  such p rop or tion to be deter mined if necessary  by a jury of three or five miners; to be sum;  rhpned as proyided for in; clause (b) of this  section at; the request of aity party interested;  and to order any claim or claims or such por-  tich;'thereof as shaU  of whichshall reftiseor neglect to pay the  amount to be sold in order to pay the same,  ahdin case ''such claim;or claims shall not  tlie interest he hbldSy: provided always that*  such co-par tn er or his 1 egal ly qiial i fled age ni  gives s^tisfjac:'^ &pf]l otherwise  to the foreiuan of the claims of such co-partners, b u t ^ ho ul d a co-partner o'e d ism issed  such coTpartner m ay ;d em an d '^thte forem an to  show-just cause:tor������������������ bis disihissal before the  Gbldppminissioner^ ]ofvvtlhegdistrict and the  forehi ah eh ail be personally liable'���������. to su ch c o-  partn er^fby su ch ^damages; ias in ay ��������� ensue.'^  XYI, Tliat in sections 75'and 77 the word  'five' be substituted for tbe word 'ten.? .-  ;  XWI. <; Th'at sections;127, 128, and i33 be  struck out" ������������������    , '        y     ���������  XYIH. ''That theMlningBbardshall consist  of uirl e me mb e i*s - wli o��������� aim! I reti re annually and  shall be elected by the: votes of the inhabitants  of the district who arc free miners at the time  of the election. 1 -No free miner or other j)er-  sph shall be Eligible as; a candidate unless lie  shall h ave been a registered owner of a min-  ingjnl^restinvthe district ^ryatJe^V.^r^  months previous to; the election. Each; ypttr  shal 1 h ave nine votes but shall;not b e all owed  to give^ more than one vote to each candidate.  | they still have tailed to; fulfil 'the terms 'of cause in like manner the deficiency to be paid  their;charter, all their; prmleges^be; at: bneb 1w ih<ix -*^;f^* 'h^vaafhn-���������:.'Mux -j whein'y*t oh������i i  summarily cancelled."- ���������'"*"-"���������    '������������������> :'^-:-x-x: X";'.'-  Accident.���������Mr. Martin Tormeymet with an  'accident last week by the explosion of a powder'flask. ..  ^^ The colored population of the district  intend celebrating the anniversary of their  emancipation in the United States on the first  of January.  ������^ If you want good Coffea use FelPs.  ;. ���������; (Bsfbre Warner & Spalding,: Escj.) -,;.  I ^ yy' iiy.-T^  Patrick ICirwin.'vs. Patrick Fitizpartrick-T���������  An action to recover $221 moriey leht; ���������Judgment was given for th e p lain tiff, and the money  to be paid.in two installments) .$100; in:ten  days and the balance in twenty; days/ V  Reuben Albertstpne; vs. H. G. Wilmot^-An  action to recover.$70 wages; Judgment for  plaintiff for $1125. y   , 'y !yy ,;���������'{./-. /;���������'  J. A. R. Homer, High Sheriff, vs. \ Bank of  British Columbia. Rob t. Greig, agent^-This  was an action to recover $548 50, sherifTs  fees/':'..;. ���������.���������'���������;, x' y. ���������-'.' 1  Wm. Humphreys vs. Bank of British Columbia���������This was an action for $223, "-��������� and is. so  closely connected /with the preceding' one  that His Honer dismissed both suits as the  united amount was too large to be brought into the County Court. HI'  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S; POIJRT-  '-���������"'���������������������������������������������   (Before Warner R. Spalding, Esq.)  ;,.".;-' '    '   7Monday; 17th Dec., 1S66..  Williams Creek Ditch and Flume. Co. vs. Chas.  Gall aher.r���������The defeifdant was summoned to  show cause why he should not be fined or imprisoned for disobeying the order of the Gold  Commissioner in trespassing on the Flume  Co.'s ground. The defendant was ordered off  with costs.   (! x   . .-  Thursday, 20th Dec.  Thomas Thistleivhaite vs. The Cariboo Co.  A. MacMahon. foreman���������This was an' action  to reeover S1 i)9.50 wages. The ease was adjourned'sine die'on account of the absence  of an important witness; defend&nt to pay  costs.  POLICE COURT.  (Before Warner R. Spalding, Esq., J. P.)  Saturday, Dec. i5th., 1866.  Walter Lawless' was charged with being  ���������drunk and disorderly.   Fiued $5.    y  E. Thurber and Waiter Lawless charged  with keebihg a disorderly house. . They wei^  fined $25 and warned by His Hohsr that if  another complaint was made against them he  would revoke their license.  William Williams whs charged with assaulting W. Lawless and firife'd S10.  by the parties iCrested;;:'alsbSiyhen^-it shall  be necessary to protect them oh worthless and  abandoned ground to cause the same to be  done by the parties interested. ���������'- ;, ';���������  III. That; sec. 10 read-as follows : "When  in civil cases the subject matter in dispute is  in value more than $1,000^ au .appeal shall lie  from the judgment pf the Gold Commissioner  to thet Snpreme Court .'of Civil Justice but qh:  ly;on ppints;pf law^providbd that notice there^  of be giveii in* writing to the^.'pp;ppsite party  w;ithin 1 days after the deciinbn of said Gold  Commissioner and not otherwise, and also  secuiity be given���������'-to be approved of by the  Gold Commissioner for the^ costs of appeal  and the amouht;;; (if any j; payable- v under /the  judgmeht, -and; the sdid Court of appeal shall  make such order as it sh all see fit, b ut not by  the cause 'de noyb? or admit any fresh evi-^  dehce,(and such, an appeal may be in the form  of a case settled and- signed by the parties,  th eir counsel or attornies. In th e rno tice of  such appeal as-before; mentioned..the applicant or applicants shall state the grounds on  which the ssme is based, and before the appeal is granted he or they shall niafeeV aflida-  vit before the Gold Gommissionbr that said  app eal is ho t taken for ;the; p urpose of' delay  but in good foith and lipbn the grounds stated  inthe notice;"'";-  IV. That sec. 14 be amended tlius:;..^ That  the duplicatp of- a lost; certificatc be granted  on payment of one dollar."-  W " That' sec. 20 be struck; put." ��������� :  ": VI. That sec.; 21 be;alter<id to read as follows ::" That in case of:ahy: dispute the title  to claims shall be recugnized according to  priority of registration^.subject however to  the provisions of sec. IS.        '"'!��������������������������� '���������' '���������*;:  UK Thatsec. 22 read; as;followsy-.y^For  every record made the Gold Commissioner  shall charge a registration fee' o f two dollars  and a half, and for. every leave of absence  granted to any claim or *3et of claftns he shall  the same fee.^;. lyy,'!, !!"'���������;' [..;.'..,;.; ���������..:".'  y, VIII. " That in sec. 2o tlie words 'one dofc  lar? be substituted for 'five shillings.";. ��������� :  : -IX.' That sec. 30 read; as *fol 1 ows: .'��������� No  claim located and recorded in any district at  any time; shall be laid over; unless so much  work sh all h ave b eeii ; bbha-fidp. exp e nd ed  thereon by the holders thereof as shall in the  opinion of the Gold Commissioner fairly enr  over pro-  title them,to have suuh claim laid  vided the same can be worked,"  X. "That sec. 35 be struck out."  XL "That theiollowing section be substituted for the. 35th: ''That ya.^ee-fouvth  in aj o ri ty of the c o -p artn e rs or jH^ni r legal ly  quali fied a gen ts may. d ecide the . m an her of  prospecting bill or tunnel diggings during the  season tliat claims arc laid over,*] the manner,  of levying assessments to be the same as in  the working season."  Xif. -'Thatsec. !5S 2nd clause be amended  thus : .". Where the bed of the stream, or vnX  lev is more than 30 Oft. each chiun sh ally be  lOOJti in length.by 300ft in width or .60ft; in  length by the entire width of the valley, at  the option of tlsc locator." .  XII. " That so long as the Government  grant charters to Bed Rock Flume and Bed  Ro ck D r ai n Co s. d i fieri c g fro in the sec tion s  in Parts V. and VI. of the gold mining act  the c o ni m ttl ee th ink i t un nee essa ry to j)\'<fp oso  any alterations in said parts and recommend  that the Board protest against any further  grants of such nature." ....  XIV. " That sec. 72 Part VHL.be struck  out."  To thb Ehrrjoit1 of !the s !'CARiBop\SENTrNEL."  v SiR,-^-The Christmaspf I866;isnow;amongSt  the thiiigs that have bebri,' ahd|tlie days of tho  old year are riuinberedV In pld'Epgland phrist-  mas is a ;day?of feasting': and^reyelryr of-joy  me rri mentjrmauyra^ir 'c do- ���������=  ly saluted utider tlie freedom ��������� ptytbey ,kissiug  ,bush^and.fciic;.blusb  to witnessVniany a ypnng'cqiiple^k^  ������to the>lively sti'aihs of rniusic-who; had been  the livel ong night - tn pp i n g? ���������' the; I ign t; f a n ta s-  tic toe.^-p In:wjlet���������;Wales^. 1 bcal^vmeetings ��������� are  held on this* day. for tlie cultivation. of literature., .Whatever the ablest and greatest modern English historians may ^ay to the contrary; burhation?has^-^j^ays been, -from'< the  time ��������� of " T Jrdaih Tad A wen f V to tii e presc n fc  day- in the fo rem ost rank in the culti v ixtibn o f  poetry and music���������-arts which haveevery tendency tb ehlighten;and elevate a {nation,' an d  even\we, the self exiled WelSlimen of Cariboo',  haye:not'been behihdhandyylhstead of'going  from salopn; to: salbb n: i mb ibjng ;a drinlc; wh ich  destroys the body and damns the soul, ���������: reveling in debauchery������������������ the; Christinas of: this year  was spent in a manner worthy Of the ancient  natiou to which we belong. ^Meetings were  held twice' during the day; speecbes, p oeticaI  compositions an^  sungi and through^thevable management of  their Chairmen, Messrs.-Henry Jones and John  Davis,Tahd the ability,of those who-took part  in it, everything-passed;off in good style, and  a feeling of satislUction at the'mode of spending a holiday "amongst the wild' and; sno wy  mountains of Caribbb;; reigned over .all that  attended.;- It is %aih- intended ;to hold a sim-  ilar meeting on;St^David^  will also be given to' the subcessful co mpeti-  tbrs oh subjects' given pat \>y ;.the (Committee.  Meetings of 1 this -nature not ^pnly enlighteu  and elevate us^ but also punfies and pernetu-  ates our languageyf There still exists an old  Welsh p rophecy; as fo 1 lo wn.:   '  '���������'���������:: ;:--^';;'u-Enbiaith a;gadwaht,-;  '���������      ' :. En gwludagollunt,' '��������� '  f>;v-'i^iV-A:'y*OnU-.-^yUt.,Wall������^v- yyy.- ?;,- '.;���������'���������,-.'  Which means that 'f Their language they'll  keep,; Their Iand. they' 11. lose,-' "Except wild  Wal es." ; And alth ou gh Baalish p r o p he ts may  prophecy ��������� th e. do wnf all of the We 1 sh la ng u age  and nationalities, I ��������� am:; ofl opinion that as  ".Ovmrn fii V, .'(Wales was); so *"also, " Cymru  fydd" (Wales will be), and that the "heniaith"  Will exist as long as the hills of Cambria stand  oh their foundations.- ::- r.:c ;  ���������y.x- ������������������-'-".;. I remain, sir,:y  [. A'Ax- ;7-- yours respectfully^ /���������  -. ���������:     j ,    TAt;.o Emos.  ; , Mtni>;o  iNTBLLroEXCE.^-TIie;. frost of last  week has stopped.many_of the   claims^ from  wb i:ki ng; th ei- e ��������� h a ve; _b eeh: no. new strikes  since our last issue.   The; Heron co'y is still:  pay ing. largely j for w eck .en din g Dec.:; 15 th:.  it pai d S'i,5 00; di vi den d,. S 35 0 tf7th e in teres ty  For week ending Dec. 22ud, it yielded $(3.507;  dividend; $G00' to the "interest*.    ,The United'  co'y br3 quit for want of water.'   Nearly all  the claims above Richfield  are paying ,ovbr .  expenses.   The Dutch Bill co'y paid 5G ounces  last week including a $70 nugget. The Welsh  co 'y to ok o 111 lbr 1 as t wee k ab o u t 300oz. The  B"d Itock Drain co'y have begun work again."  The Discovery co-yon Grouse J Creek is paying largely again.        1  Tk i m o r AtMio Rk ro rts .���������: A rrmigmc n f s w e r e  made about ten days ago to have a report  sent in from Quesneimouth once a week, and,  to be iseued as an "Extra" from this office  but the first one has not come to hand although there have been a dozen opportunities  to send it.  Post O ffice and Librauy.���������It will be^seen  by. tlie minutes of their last meeting that tbe  Mining Board, with the assent of the Directors of the Literary Institute, intend applying  to the Government to have the Post Office  an cl L lb rary rem o ved to Bark������ ry ill e, w h i ch  has become the Mecca of the Cariboo miner.  ' j Whatever may be done in the matter we hope  XV  " That a co-partner or his legally qua-j that the two institutions will not be separate  lified agent shall have the right to work  in | ed", as both together could be kept up as ecoit-  tlic claims of   the co-partners  according  to ! mi cully as either of them separately.  &fiB!HffB!QttV0fflBSBH ju^tea^'ai^ ������U-W.^..w ikUW^ifl^^W.-SWiOTO 5 MWb ua**  iMrfjrJ.f -.,f.^n-->g^m*-  INCENTIVES TO EXERTION.  - :Pew people exert themselves without volition. : Humanity is so constituted that the  .propelling and progressive influences operate  from-the outside instead of being unconscious  ���������and inherent. The circumstances in which a  person chances to be placed possess a moving  influence, favorable or inimical to. the subject.  .It is strange, but it is true, that anybody may  be subject to excess in motion. In exigencies  requiring presence of mind, bodily activity,  and promptitude, every muscle and bone and  nerve seems to be painfully alive to the necessity of sympathetic and harmonious action;  ���������and" eachparticular endowment .interferes  with the free, and proper exercise of each  other one,  ; When Mr. Erskine first rose before a court  to argue his maiden case, his trepidation was  excessive, and he was about to resume his  seat, when the vision of his needy wife and  children came thronging upon him, and he  proceeded with vigor until success crowned  the first cause which had been placed in his  bands. With men of different organizations  the very cause of activity vin Erskine would  have impeded their exertion, and they would  have sunk into their seats overwhelmed with  mortification and confusion.  A similar occurrence distinguished the professional debut of David Paul Brown, one of  Philadelphia's ablest- and most favored law-  AT'tEe  <������������������"��������������� ��������� u^-���������������������������������-h*"*'^^"!*'-'/j  yers. A t tne "ffrsT ^cau^e^eTore a j ury. in  which he participated, it fell to bim to open  for tbe defendant, which with the greatest  difficulty he was enabled.to do. ?Once when  be attempted to gesticulate, he perceived tbat  his right arm shook so violently that he allowed it to drop till a later and easier stage of  the speech.      This" was excess of.motion...  it is not, however, of this peculiar incentive  to exertion that this - paper is designed especially to treat. That honest and continued labor which conies from deep conviction is to  be more particularly touched upon. The results of meditations which have been grounded in right; which have been adopted by the  soul as well as the heart; which have been  carried out through evil report and through  good report, and .nursed in every variety of  adverse circumstances, are to be; considered  ���������as carefully as maybe.  Illustrations of this principle would be su-  perogatory and useless, for it is exemplified    " I tell you its- a fact, and with  . in every phrase of life around and about us  in the pulpitythe i'orum, and the counting-  house. The coal which is placed upon the  back of a negligent youth is sometimes of one  species and sometimes of another.' The old  Baying declares that if you "Put a coal on the  back of a turtle, it will travel." The old saying does not specify the kind of coal, whether  it be white-ash, or red-ash, or rich mountain,  or anthracite. The coal which is used to  move humanity, may be tenderness, or benevolence, or purity, or justice, but it must be,  of living, burning, -resistless power, full of  heart and ot* durability.  A noble resolve nobly carried out, is worthy  of all admiration. A young man who begins  the course of life with elevated sentiments, unbending integrity, and unsleeping vigor, will  sooner or later, become eminent in some walk  of life. Notwithstanding the cart loads of  cant which are sent from place to place in  antagonism to this great principle, no man ol  ability in any pursuit can be pointed out who  has not attained to bis position by diligence  in business, united with fervor, perseverance  and justness.  To be sure there are some standing on high  places in public and private life, but they ar>������  but pigmies placed on Alps. Those who are  trujygceat will be so, no matter in whatsitua-j  ' tion they may be, as pyramids are pyramids  whether located on tbo mountains or in the  Val '5.  In the life of everyone there comes a time  when the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong; but when judgment, tenacity  iind hopefulness stand Mm in good stead, who  ha3 cultivated them, and kept them, and honored tbem.  In different phrases and different times; different influences predominate. But if the  young man would wish to "travel," let hira  keep braced up to an impelling motive, to  tbat coal upon his back, whether it burns with  the glowing light of professional eminence, or  the more sombre glow of private pursuits, or  the red glare of military renown.  The world will not stop to enquire whether  you were one hour or ten in-mastering, the rudiments of your profession, or one year or ten  in qualifying yourself for its practice; but  wh*m you commence to practice and challenge criticism, then it will scrutinize your  work, and pronounce its dread sentence re^  gardless of the time taken to complete ifc.  Therefore you who have souls to save or destroy, remember the old saying of the coal  upon the back of a turtle. If your child does  not learn, burn him���������burn bim with kindness  or sternness, or both, using discretion according to the organization, capacity, and inclination of the child. In due time education will  come, and wealth, and eminence, and much  Mti&tactiop.  PATHER.-IN-LAW IN SPITE OF HIMSELF  Tbe London correspondent of the New Orleans 'Delta' writes the following:���������  A good sell is related of a wealthy banker  here, who is very good-natured, but inclined  to be a trifle fast in his views of life. He had  a favorite clerk, a young mah of about twenty  remarkably handsome, modest and highly in*  tellectual. For these qualities he was liked  by everyone, and the banker did not escape  the general feeling of good will. He was as  poor as his salary, and had no connections to  push him after fortune, and so, like most English clerks, he would rise to one hundred and  twenty pounds a year, go on for eight years  at ten .pounds a year rise, and marry when he  gets, two hundred pounds a year, henceforth  to vegetate and find that the additional ten  pounds a year rise only keep pace with the  additional babes in the household.  The banker, on Sunday afternoon, when no  one was;: expected; would occasioLilly ask the  young man to visit his young family at his  suburban villa j as the conversation of the  young mani wasso correct and clever/it could  not bat be of advantage to liis children. This  was a'mistake, evidently, but it "was a good-  natured error, but we oari only wish all of us,  tlmt tliereiwerenipreoqmmUted.,T have not  mentioned that there was a beautiful daughter of nineteen, but that may always be understood in any English family that has known  wedded life long enough. But there were of  co w^ej-rto-atienii&m-o n-������he������p*&'t offcb*>~you ng-  man other than extremely delicate, reserved  and proper; This will most always be the  case with" English youth, as Americans well  know. Don't "hem" after this. The youth  iii spite of two or three day*s invitation at the  banker's country seat, to breathe fresh air and  clear his lungs of London smoke, was evidently very ill, and though he,declared himself  well and robust, the banker shook his head.  " I cannot make-out what is the matter with  ray young clerk," said the banker to a confrere who was in the back office with him  after the youth bad just brought in "florae  papers.      .  u Well, you are green I should say for a  man. of life and experience," said banker  number two, "Don't you see what's the matter?   He's iu love."  .  " In love! bah I He is modesty and propriety itself."  -     "   *    -" -!il" a rich old  QUE35fELMbtJTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  TICE.  The Steamer-"Enterprise"  Will leave SODA CREEK  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAVLIGHT;  Will leave QUESNEL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  AT 6 O'CLOCK,  Connecting at Soda Crock with Barvard's Stages on  Wednesday's trip down and Thursday's trip up.  #33- Freight to Quesnel 14 cts. f. lb.    A  Steamer ���������Enterprise,* \ _  1. { ���������>:  May 21st,. 186G.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,     .  ���������   P. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  ������������������������������������.description.' Xylti '!,  yy y 7 -QUESNELMOUTH,  BROTO&GtL^  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,  :. Stabling for Horses; Hay, and Oats.    :  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  SPRING   HOUSE  BO YD & HEATH, Proprietors,  fTHIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Qucshelmoutb,  1 The prop'rietors having lately.. fitted up bedrooms  an1 good Bods are now prepared to afford every accom.  modation for Travellers; the. Table is furnished with aH  the luxuries tbat can be procured ;>the Bar Is well sip.  plied with the best braids of. Liquors and Segars* g60(j  Stabling, Hay, 'Oats and Barley7 is������* The CHEAPEST  Rouse on the Road J,'- ���������'���������'.-x *,:".,-. y.'-'X .'7-'"'   '������������������','������������������" 1-3 . ���������  TT  I - E :  &C  GIROD & GUICHON,  Old  Established General Store,  PE050SIONS, WilOLESAL.K ���������&'������������������ COMMISSION MERCHANTS,  Storage, &c���������Terms most Moderate.  QUESNELMOUTH.     . s  rrHE UNDERSIGNED HAVING PUKCHASEPFROM  1 Messrs. Hoirmeister & Co. vthis splendid Ranch; to.  gother with the commodious two-Story bouse k'/Tyri as  the Cottonwood .Hotel,;is. how prepared to aflbrcrtvery  accommodatiori to the travelling public, and hopes by  a strict attention to i^ business to> merit- ashar^of the  patronage b esto.wed; oil tbe former proprietors. This ia  one of; the most comfortable and commodious Hotels  on the road, containing as it does warm and well ftnv  ished bod roonis with good beds. .The TABLE is stop,  plied with every delicacy it is possible to procure ih tho  upper country.' The BAR is stocked with the best of  Liquors arid the choicest Cigars.  ��������� jo^tceals. $i^o;eaoh.^:7  the Stabling for Horses is all that could be dosireii-  aud the charges aro very moderate. Hay for Horses  per day, $2; Oats and Barley, at the Cheapest market  rattfs. -'".������������������ -���������'������������������������������������'������������������'.  ... The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY.  on hand for sale iii large of small:quantities. Partiea  desirous of 'purchasing this article would vxio"well to  give him a call; .'������������������''-:''''���������        xyy,  43 JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  G Q Ii 0 N.IA L M.Q.!M  !3'j <,.������������������lWi    ifffrfff   i ���������'  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  FLOUR !_FLOUR!!  LILLOOET    MILLS.  THE UNDERSIGNED arenowmaunfactttring FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine and Fiue.    Feed  Crushed lo order.  I-s  lillooet Flour mill co.,  F. W. Foster, Agent.  SODA   CREEK.  4  GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the Jchargea  ix at this establishment, so os to suit tho times.y  Meals, $1; Beds, 75 Ceiits;7.y  ���������:���������.     ���������        McLEESE & 'SENA^-    ���������  ...y.               Proprietors-..  October 1st, I860.  ;. ]X.,M!r,,,  fellow's daughter, who would no more think  of havine: hira for asoa-in-law than you would  1,  yourself.  ������ Oh, the haughty oldfool; ray clerk is as  good as his daughter, and be hanged to hira.  Thank you for the hint."   .  As soon as banker number two thad gone  the clerk was called in....  " So sirf you are in love and pining away  for the object of your..; affections���������that's the  secret is it?   Why did yoii not tell me before  EDWIN   TYIMON,  DEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps, Boots and Shoos,  Carpetings,  Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C. l-s  >>  sir.  The youth was silent.  '������������������ Well, my boy, I pity you ; but I will give  a word of advice. If the daughter is fair,: she  Is worth making a risk^qr^y-Lppk'^here; there  are ������500 and two months ��������� leave oif absence.  Run away with the girl. Bah! dpn^t lodk so  stupid, l did the same before you and it didn't  hurt rae." ���������-��������� '���������"..������������������'.' . ."'.'-i ;���������'."--���������.;  The clerk fell upon his marrow tones, and  was upon the point of making a full breast of  it, when theold man rose and left precipitately to avoid the scene.^ The yoiirig man considered and acted, and the consequence .-.was  that the next day week there was no young  daughter at the table of; the banker at the  country house.   The house was in consternation, and a search made for her in all, directions.   A note, however, was found on her  dressing  table,  conveying  the    customary  prayer of forgiveness, and one enclosed from  the young man  stating -that believing the  banker had ment to give him a hint in regard  to his daughter, and was not able to give his  public consent owing to.appearances, he had.  acted  on the suggestion, and  that ere his  P father-in-law" had received the letter he  would be his son-in-law.    The pill was a bit-  & one, andthe joke a terrible one against  him;  so it was hushed up, and has only got to  the ears of the purveyors of scandal and to  your correspondent who records it as a trait  of London life.  jZ^y* One evening the late Bishop of London was to have dined where Sydney Smith  was a guest. Just before-dinner a note arrived, saying he was unable to keep M3 engagement, a dog having rushed putfn.m the crowd  and bitten him in tbe leg. When this note  was read aloud to the company Sydney Smith's  comment was,���������  *' 1 should like to hear the dog's account  of the story."  J^-Tbe editor who "did not mind his  stops" introduced some verses thus,������������������  " The poem published this week was composed by an esteemed friend who has lain in  his grave many years for his own amusement."  $������8* An old bachelor says that the proper  name for marriageble young ladies is '*waiting maids."  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ; Proprietor, has always on  hand a large and superior stock of Lager Boer} at  the Bar will be found :the..best Brandies, Wines and  Segars"; the public arc invited to call. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly.   . l-s  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet,  pHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \j established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers'; .the Table is supplied with the best of  everything that Can be had, and the cooking is. noting  feriorto the best hotel in the lower country ;��������� Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, fie.  The Express stops here ���������) l-s  IS OPEN FOB THE :ACCOMMODATION OF-ThJ  Travelling public; tho bedrooms are spacious,and  airy and the Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanlineM  and comfort by any iu the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals.-. Stabling  for Horses;. Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  141 MILE HOUSED  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This House  is furnished with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary department -is Under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable ; the Bar contains the best  of Liquors,' Segars, &c.   Stabling, Hay, Barley.*; Oat������,,  BLOOD 1^TE|L1  BLUE   TENT   ftANcM.    V  1TTM. HENDERSON begs to inform bis frlendi  M aud the travelling public generally that;ho has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First'CIhes Accommodation. Good Stabling for  horses; ^Hay and Grain. ������������������; '. '!.-. ���������!'[!��������� '.. l-s   ;  BARKERVILLE;.  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to inform their friends and  the inhabitants generally of Williams Creek, the  neighboring Creeks, and those visiting" the Mines of  Cariboo, that having leased the wellrknown Bakery  and Restaurant of MUNDORF & CO., the oldest estab-  lished house in Barkerville, woul i solicit a continuance  of its long and extensive patronage ������ahd will be;'happy  to see al 1 their friends. Fur the convchi jnc3 of miners  we will exciuihge bread for Hour as; heretofore, and at  itny tiaie rjcive the same tickets for,MealsJ Lurches,  Pijs, Cakes, or anything in our Una for their value, and  will be on hand at all hours, day, or night, to supply  the wants of our pi thins.  /jgST Good Stahling convenient to the establishment.  P, EDDX & CO.  Barkerville, Sapt. 26th, 1866.. ... 43rSf '  Bathing    Es tablishmaiit!  : . . /BARKERVILLE,  . (Next Bink of BrkUh N^rth Americi.)  LEWIS begs liave to inrorm the I/uUes and  GmU^uvm of Willi ims Crjok and vicini;y thru  ne has tttted up a BATHKOO.M at cm.fi lerahl j expanse  for thuir accom tnruutiun^ an i hop^s hy close atkntiou  to bu<iae.ss to m^-rit a snur j of tikir o .ti\m ige.  ^&T- H j will also attend to Extracting, Filling and  Cisjauiug of Toeth. 19  111 MILE HOUSE.  WM. MANSON,       ."    D. A. MbL'^AN,  Propriotorj Agenti;  THIS HOTEL IS LAftGE AND WELL FITTED Vt  for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the; best of everything that can be procurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats..vl-s  83 MILE HOUSE.  ALBERT CRYSLER has opened the above Hou6& for  the rjception of travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot bo surpassed ; the Beds are  clean and comfortable.   Stabling for Horses, Hay and  6.us; ���������;.':.' 7      . ;���������   .. :.-..-y ; ,-.i-s  Aa  fAMJSS HURON,'Proprietor.; This commodi*  O ous Hotel is well fltted lip with every conveniencfl  for the comfort of the public;, the. Bids ar^ all tbat a  w6ary trtvell >t caul 1 uesirt.'; the Table is supplied vyltb  theb^stof fare; the B ir contains the choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed, OatSj  Birfy, &c.   , ,   ..'.*.}'������������������ *?x������r?    l-s  GROUSE  mm  CREEK  ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house  j a I R>r is every, accom modation for the comfort of  | Tr .velL-rs; the Table is furnished with all tbo delicacies  of the seasorij and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Win.'S, Brandies &' Segars;' good stab ling for horses;  Hiy, B/rl y and Oats constantly ob hand at low rates.  Nowly milled Flour'forsale choap, ' ,    l-s  rHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public tliat  the ahovo estahlishinent was op ��������������� jd on hUNDAV  LAST, the 22ad July, and that he will be happy tu receive a call from hi* fri ������n Is,  41������* BOARD $16 PER WEEK. -*������������  Bread, "JPie   and Cakes always un hand for sale.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE ^'CARIBOO SENTINEL"  o        ���������0���������  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars,  Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  ���������   jCQ?* Terms Mod era te-  WILLIAM   WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  O Junctiun of the Ciriboo and Big B.nd Roads, is  now <������j) n for the accummodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from Savants Steamboat  Lm .ing, 22 miles; from Spcnee's Bridge, i>0 miles.  Travell-rs will llnd prices and accommodations to.,suit  the times. Give them a call.' Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big B.ni and yule, and once a week for Cariboo.    I-s  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Spcnce's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route^  ^^  ���������i  m  mm  B  ���������Kaw  MM  M  Wm  I  s  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butt' ) M������������  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feeo  l-s  THE SHORTEST AND CHEAPEST ROUTfl  Four Days to the 108 Mile Ifost, yia Cedar  Oreek and Mitchell's Trail.    r       .  PARTIES GOING BELOW THIS FALL are informed  that they can easily make Cedar creek in twodayfi������  and crossing the Lake can reach the Wagon Road in  two more. mtCBSl^-  0������t������b������r5th. 1M& &  i


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