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 Vbt.'I'Q.  Barkerville, William Greek, B.C., Saturday, B@c. 24, 1870.  THE CAMBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by  -R;6 B E R T     HO.L L 0 WAY.  Subscription, .'������*���������-������������������"' 50 Ceirts per Week.  7  BATES OF ADVERTISING..  For oiie square^one inch), first insertion, ��������� $3.  ��������������������������� "���������,"....;**. : onemonth,   *   -     5  ,;:For two squares, first insertion,;���������...?���������...'*   -..--���������    fi  1"   "       '������������������*.*: '���������<���������'������������������ one month, . ������������������'> -���������'.   -   -8'  CANADA UPON THE OCEAN.  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.";  Van Winkle,- '���������''���������.7y.'~;  Quesneimouth, y - ,.^*t ,',  Soda Creek, '.. - .,--���������'��������� *  ;Clintbn,v' -.,'.'..."-. .:;.-'.... ,y'-.' "?  Yale, , i . ( - vMr.EvanSi  Now Westminster - '��������� '���������'-  Victoria, -���������.. s--vy- - '.���������"���������  .ii;��������� P.;Fisher*.,;.yVy;:.- x:.. ��������� :-  Hudson & Monet, ��������� > .*'���������-���������--������.  MrJ.W. Lindliart i.  Barnard's Express  Barnard' s Express  >..-'��������� Barnard's Express  do���������".'���������������������������.'���������'���������'���������������������������: \.%6  -7 ������������������ Clarkson & Co  ��������� John Collens  4 ... San Francisco  ���������'.  j ������������������'\i   NewrYork.  THE CARIBOO: SENTINEL  Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for  /Balls and Theatrical Entertainments  y  xecuted with neatness and dispatcb.^^'  yy   Terms moderate. ;���������'.. ;.,;  AVONDERFUL silver discoveries in  'y!���������!��������� LAKE- SUPERIOR.; y" x-   - ,y.  It will be within tbe knowledge of most of  our readers that an effort was made last year  to induce the island of Newfoundland to join  the Confederation, and the project, of ,union  had gone so far that, tbe terms of admission  were discussed jointly by a deputation from  the Island and by the Canadian  Executive*  It may hot be so generally known, however,  that a magnificent scheme of water communis  cation was one of the conditions proposed  arid accepted,: as between the eontraefciog par  ties, though the deadlock in. the NewfoundlandLegislature, and. the' short-sightedness of  her people delayed, but we trust did not defeat, the carrying out at an early day of the  proposed arrangement.  I    Briefly stated, th e sch erne! was this:   The  Montreal Ocean Steamship Company arranged  with tlie Dominion Government to provide  and equip a fleet of seven splendid ''steamers,  say 2000:tons each, which should run each  way, weekly, between St. Johns,; N.F., the  British West Indies and Liverpool, pursuing  some sucli route as the following : Leave Liy-  erp o ol for Ne wf oun dl an d, to once to Halifax^  found out this new property of coal 'oil was  simply this : He had a large boil oh the bald  place on his head, which gave him: much pain,  and, in the absence of anything else, he  rubbed coal oil on it. He says it relieved  the pain almost instantly, so he continued to  rub on the oil until the boil was entirely well,  when to his surprise he found a thin coating  of hair coming out over thetbald place. He  coritimied the use of the oil for a month or  two, and. now-has a:heavy coat'of hair, on his  head. Thisis! no humbug, but the simple  truth, and we advise our bald-headed friends  to try the expe^ment.,, ���������..",;_  MISCELLANEOUS.  where the sfceamei^:wonld coal; from there  : A letter from Saxil t Ste., Marie, Michigan, tp  the Pittsburg Commercial says : -  The precious, metals of Lake  Superior,  'which have remained untouched above and  beneath the surface where nature placed them,  and where they have been known to exist.for  ages, but remained undeveloped on account  of being in the soil of a slow and short-sighted,  government, are about to create one of the  greatest excitements this country has known  for years.   It has long since been known that  that portion of the north "shore of Lake Superior, about Thunder Bay, in Canada, was  immensely rich in .the precious metals, but  the selfish and short-sighted policy of the government and the monopolising tendency of  the Hudson Bay Company, have thrown every  obstacle in the way of its development.  Recently two American Companies have  been formed and have succeeded in securing  titles to an immense amount of mmiiig- territory, and commencing operations. One .company has already reported at tbe Customhouse 3600 lbs. of silver lead ore, which will \  yield one hundred and sixty-nine ounces of  silver to the ton, and which has been sent to  New York to be assayed.  The other company is constructing a huge  coffer-dam around a small island in Thunder  Bay, called Silver Island. From this island  ���������to Thunder Cape, a distance of one and a  ���������qnarter miles, and ten feet under water, can  be traced a vein of silver ore running entirely  across. It is the intention to sink a shaft 60  feet deep, and then drive galleries in all direc*  tions. This lode of silver ore is said to be  exceedingly rich, far exceeding the celebrated  Comstock lode in fevada, which yields $139  to the ton, while that of silver island yields  $1G9, besides the lead .and copper. .The  working: of this mine will be attended with a  great dealof expense and risk, as the island  is so situated as to be exposed to the storms  which are so destructive on Lake Superior.  Of this mining district Fort William, British  America, will bo the centre, and it will be  but a short time until that isolated trading  post of the Hudson Bay Company will be the  ���������seat of a great business, and a city of active,  thriving Yankees will take the place of the1  worthless Indians and stespy Canadians.  to * a- United States port to re!sceive;..Canada  mails for the West Indie3; then to Bermuda,  St. Thomas andDemerara; from pemerara;  the return voyage would.begin, calling a;s before at St. Thomas, Bermudai and at. the TJ.  States port to land.mails and passengers; at  Halifax to coal, and thence via' Newfoundland  tp Liverpool. ���������: ��������� '<y'}yyyyy-  The value of such a service to the commerce of the .West Indies with.Canada aud  Great Britain it is difficult to overestimate.  It would foster immensely the, as.yet, limited.  trade done.by the Dominion'with the Antillss  both in exports and imports.   We imported  in 1869, at Montreal, goods to the, value of  $961,970, from Cardenas, Cuba, Barb ado es  and Trinidad ; and all the lumber we sent to  them in that.:time amounted to but $5,955.  There is no reason, either, why our exports  of lumber, woodenware, &c, to theseaslauds  should not be largely increased, or why we  should not add such of their products as cocoa.  coffee;, arrowroot, hides, &c, to the sugar and  molasses, which appear to be the only articles  we as yet import from them direct..  But to return to the steamers. A line of  small propellers would be put on from Montreal via Quebec to Pictou and intermediate  ports, connecting by rail from Pictou with  Halifax, and another line from Shediac to  Prince Edward Island, Cape Breton and Halifax, to act as feeders to the large line.  A large coal depot was proposed to be  built at Halifax, and it is estimated that over  90,000 tons of coal would be required by the  line in the course of the^ear.  The moving spirit- in this really national  scheme was Hugh Allan, already the originator of Canadian commercial and monetary  institutions enough to have made the reputation of a dozen ordinary mortals; and with  his energetic grasp upon it we leok forward  to seeing a second Canadian Ocean Steamship  Line traversing1., the Atlantic at no distant  day.���������[Monetary Times.  : 1 Ludicrous Attempt. : at . Suicide.���������rThe :St  Joseph\Mo.) Gazette of the 19thult. says:---;  Last Thursday evening, an old colored woman,  who had become; disgusted with this,wicke&  world, determined to seek a better one.   She  resolved to leave by ascent, and to effect her  purpose, she brought into requisition an old  relic of ,the. war, in the shape of a six-pound  cannon ball,, which was ta^en  home by her  husband as a treasure from the battle Held of  Fort Donelson> $>nd some powder.. Having  all the. necessary elements for hoisting herself  into the better world, she very coolly placed  vtheypowder on the floor, of her cabin; with 'the  li all- on to p. ., Every thing b eing in pro p e/ order for her ascent, she: placed herself in,; a  sitting posture over them, and then arid there  fired the powder./ But instead of be.lngshot  thro ii g h \ th e ro of, as she expected, she .was  compeiied to burst out of doors, screaming  like a screech-o wl, an d Tsat hurriedly; do wn  into the first tub of water she could find.  She  is determined, she says, to find some other  means of quitting this world than by the ex-,  plosion of gunpowder. ���������'���������*���������-'���������  Miners' Provision  Store  barkerville;   j  <������������������'���������  ;���������; ���������������������������' ���������   -0--". '- ;'��������� ���������.:,��������� ���������_.���������  Next Boob to Sentinel Office, *  T t hi s Es tabtiehwan.^>yi 1 ,!a 1 waysbe fonnd a \v*l  . : .   s ele etc a an d varied a ssor tmeri t o f t h o  FRESJIEST GROCERIES & PROVISIONS  ;;'���������,.��������� _ ������������������ ;���������;:.;;::.��������� :.in;;ca^iboq^: ' -yy ���������  ALSOt^-A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Glass  and Crockery J  Best b rarid'e of tpffacco,  ,v ;: Medicines, etc., etc.   ���������; y  Best Java Coffee Roasted and. Ground -DAILY.  ALL GO ODS i SOLD^AT:LOWEST RATKS  .   The BAR is fixlly.supplied with. =the choicest  .; - Havan a Cigars, Win e sau d I^iquors,. ,,  Itrustby strictJittention to business, and fair and  squaredealing^toJraerTtacontinuaiiceoiith.clibcra)  patronac;Gheretorori'exteiifiedto-me'.-  ���������: 11 argc 1 ot of HE\TWOOD������S- ce\obrafced^BACOK  for sale3 atavv'ery low figure.;-���������yr^r���������Tryryy -      LEA &  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE  Declared by Counojs|SCttrs to be  THE   ONLY   GOOD   SAUCE.  E:  rsnHE Proprietor of this old and well-known csstab-  . X !'Aishment would^respectfully. tbimk: his . numor-  ons fHbnds.and the public for the extensive patfonu^a  beretofore b es towed on him,' ;ah d: triis t's: fcha tv;b y h is  :.u6ual:.8trict.iiUoiition to.business to:.merit,,a. coutia  iaanccoJ;tlieircon2dcnccandsuppdrt,;.:        ������������������      ������  ^.. IVEealSi $ 1.   :B6ard,:���������' $ l&ypex ^Week.  ^REAB MADE OF THE-BEST FLOUR  Jregomniend tb tbe pufclie iriy     ':':"V  /--..ground".'o.o'-sf'e.e',1;- :  .. : -.        ���������-        .        -.'������������������-   -.'    v-  which is a much superior articlethan any which cat?  b e had from below".    I Roas t and Gri h d i t my self  and choose tbe best berries, consequently.; the ^publnj  may besurc ofits beiugfrocfrom adulteration.  J. G. GOODSON.  Coai, Oil for Bald ITbajds���������We find the  following in an exchange :���������" A papee in  Mississippi, apparently as serious as a deacon,  says that ' We have heard it stated several  times that Mr Samuel Bryant, who heretofore  had bsen barefaced on the top of his head,  had, by the use of coal oil, grown a thick-  coating of hair on the aforesaid bald head.  We saw Mr Bryant on Monday last, and, on  examination, found the statement to be correct    Mr .Bryant told us tbat Ihe way he  Caution against Fraud.���������The success of this  roost delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of ^Worces1  ersluro Sauce'' tbo publicis hereby informed that thb  n!y way <,o secure the genuine, is" to  ASK POB LEA. & PERKINS* SAUCE  and losec that their names are upon the weappi-:*  TwVbkls, stoppkr, and rorrt.E.  Some oi tbo foreign markets having been supplied  with a spurious Worcestershi re Sauce, upon tbe wrapper and labels of which tbe names of Lea and Per rin s  have been forged, L. and I\ give notice Ibaiibuy  have furnished their.correspondents with power of  a t tome y to ta ke instant p roc e ed i u gs agai nst ai a n o-  kacturbus and vknd<) \i s of s u ch, w any ouI)er i in i ta  ions by which their right may be in fringed.  Ask for LEA & PERR-INS' Sauce and see  Name on Wrappei*, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for exportby the Proprietors, Wor  ccs ter; Crosse and Black we 11, London, &c., &c. * and  by Grocers an d OU rnen un\ ve\:-,v Uy.  Urn  m udi  ,fES9RS. MBAGHAM & NABON are prepared to  irl ���������fiu'riish Lumber at their iii Us, William Crook,  or deliver it to order.  LUMBER BELIVEKItD ON  LIGHTNING  . CREEK AT THE SAME,RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK.  i  Having a Planing Machine in operation they wit  also furnish Preyed Lumber al satisfactory ruts*:.  THE  UNDERSIGNED   BEGS   TO' INFORM  HIS  friends and the public, that he has fitted up so<n������  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building, where ho Is prepared to give  good Beds at a reasonable price. .Those who wili  favor him with their patronage, may depend on the  cleanness an dcomfort of his bouse.  He takes also this opportunity to remind tho Cari������  booitcs that his Brewery has rcccivod tbo FIRS?  PRIZE of the Colony for hi scelebratcd  XXX   ALE,  Andthetrueamateurswillbe able to judge by thenj  selves that such honorable prize has been justly  awarded to him.   .  N. B.'���������Alartfcfrontroom to iefc.  Barkerville Jan. 23 1860. N. CUNIO  Vaoi Volkenfturgli & Co,  !ARKERVILLE?   R|CHF1ELD;  ���������Aa*p���������  A SUITLY OF THB  BIST'.piLIT? rf 'FEES  ALWAYS ON HAND.  tthtl%  DiBSolntion.of Partnership  mRK P1RTSEESHIP HKRETOFORB- EXISTING  1 between PATRICK HICKKY and BOBKKT TBX-  NANT baa thia day been dissolved by mutual c������m������  .SUOcWberl7,lS70. .Iwmim  A  y  ��������� y  x.  . i.  ��������� s  . y .1  sarasfissanKSBE&N&Ka  wajjmiMBsgaa  ������*b  11%  >y-y SATURDAY,XgC..24,;1870r:.; ^ :f,  ..:: y���������;���������,":-���������;{;;;������������������ ^::A:\cHRiSfmas::?y 1 ���������>*:;.:..-'���������%$  :;A Merry Christmas, gentle reaftera^lo you  all I Ti m e's re vol ving' wheel has- li rough t u s  once again to that day which for more than  eighteen centuries has been held throughout  all the civilized world' as a day of gladness j  a day lo pked forward to by old and you ng,  by rich and poof, with fond anticipations;  a day when ani m osi ties and fen da are burie d,  or;"et least stifled^ by the kind greetings of  welcome which are promiscuously interchanged, and when those who bave toiled in  sorrow, murmuring, it their ill-luck, for. a  twelvemontb'/strjve to forget their sadness  and wreath, forji dayat least, their conhten-  ances with'smiieabf joy.. The majority"of us  who arejti jOaribpo to������da#7ba?e been struggling h ere. frGm year: to yelw,' trust!ng every  Chrislmas that by itg next reCurn^ we should  bave struck'the lead:an4 been #ble to spend  the anniversary- elsewhere.������������������' But fortune has  been niggard in her.siniles, and we find our?  pelves no better off{>thantwo were a year ago.  Still that ia,p6 reasbn wby we should repine.  Though we yet tread the snow oTad hills of  Cariboo'm^puVsnit of the bidden wealth buried  so deep in their secret channels; we' can appreciate thb-return of- Christmas, and throwing our cares and troubles aside, accord it as  hearty a welcome here &9 in our own native  librae*.' '������������������';���������     ''"���������'.���������>*''      ���������     ���������  MORE  ABOUT .THE  RAILROAD  ' MINUS.;.. '   ���������-< ���������.  TER^  We took occasion recently to, draw attention to the ridiculous absurdity of a party of  demagogues in Victoria trying to create an  issue in the terms of Confederation as to the  terminus of the trans-continental railway, at  the same time publishing the text of a resolution adopted at a public meeting in New  Westminster^ in which, we thoroughly concurred, deprecating any such dangerous and  absurd agitation at present. Onr New Westminster friends, however, seem not to be con-  ten t wi th the ac tion al ready take n an d 1 elfin g  the matter d rop; biit they have got up a  counter petition praying: that the Governor  will not accede to the Victoria petition or  make any communication to the Canadian  Government in regard to altering or interfering with the terms of Confederation. A  copy of. the petition has been forwarded, to  Cariboo for signature but so far has received  tto signatures, nor do we think it will. The  people^of Cariboo, we believe, consider that  the.course adopted ia New Westminster is  only.calculated to flatter the Miotic vanity of  the originators of an insane movement, to  whom silent contempt would be.more galling  than a thousand petitions, and-^hose insatiable appetite fore self-aggrandizement and  notoriety would only be stimulated by argument or remonstrance.  Accidents���������A miner named John Evans  was seriously injured last week while sinking  a shaft on Antler creek by a bucket falling  on him. striking his shoulder and causing extravasation of blood on tho lungs. Ames-  sage was sent to Barkerville for Dr. Chipp,.  who went over and rendered the necessary  attention. A man named John Wadleigh,  while chopping timber for Messrs. Meachara  & Nason's sawmill at Eaarle creek, cut his  foot very severely on Thursday. He was  brought to Williams creek and taken to the  hospital.  New Literatuke Reckivei).���������We have re  celved from Messrs. T. N. Hibben & Co., Victoria, a copy of a new and copious Chinook  Dictionary, with exemplifications, which we  recommend to the notice of such of our  readers as have the misfortune ������nofc to be  already proScient in that useful and euphonious language. The cover stated that the  work was for sale by Mr W. Davison, of Barj  kerville, but that gentleman has. not yet received my copies. We presume that the  present work has been Specially issued in an-*  <Sn!nfi(!rin   f\i'     trtn  fart r% l ������������flm^irifet   f\V    frirt    fr������rtn/-i*.  ;;;CHu1tbBt;i^TiTUTB CosoBBt���������LThe. first concert of the Canobb Church Institute for the  winter season was given at, the Theatre Royal  ontSaturday last^ Owin^ to the short notice  given, the audience was rather limited. The  concert was commenced by the performance  at-tbe open windows of" Home, sweet home,"  by the band, who during the evening pto?^  a number of choice selections, including tixe  march " What will they say in England," and  the German National air" The Watch pu tbe  Rbine^.;in very excellent style. The banfl  now comprises nine niusiciana, and:thepro-;  gress made' sinca its formation reilecta much  credit both on its talented organizer, Mr Hey-  nard, and on the members, who have evidently applied vhemHelve*; dilice'htly and profited by his instructions. Tbe flinging class  sang a number of glees, &c;, very successfully.  The class contains a number of very superior  vocalists, who are always welcome to an ap-  prec i a ti v 0. a u C ien ce. ��������� Mr fieyn ar d sari g the  "'Sailor's Grave" very Sweetly, accompanying himself on the piano. The rev. gentleman then read the " Christmas Carol," which  was rather tedious and monotonous, the audience evincing unmistakable sighs of weariness before its completion. It is always very  difficult to keep the interest in any protracted  reading from flagging, and especially with a  slim 'house on a cold night. Liveliness aud  variety in an entertainment always afford the  greatest satisfaction���������at least in Cariboo.  We would suggest the propriety in any future  concert of the Institute of having programmes  issued, as parties who are musical experts  like to know what they are listening to.  The Weatoer in the early part of this week  was very cold for a night or two, and it appeared as if a regular cold snap was setting  in, but a change took place quickly, and the  last two days have been mild with light snow.  The quantity ot snow which has fallen this  winter has been just enough to make ihe road  between William creek aud Quesneimouth in  capital condition for sleighing, and a jrreat  deal of freight and farm produce is being  ^brought in. ���������'������������������_'*  More Beef Cattle���������The beef market on  William and *L1 gh tilt ng "creeks is being kept  well supplied7this winter with prime beef,  Messrs. Van Volkenburg & Co.- received this  week 56 head fine cattle from Mr Ritchie's  ranch at Canoe creek,' and Mr T. Harper  brought in another lot of 50 head on Thursday, all in first-rate condition.      .  Special Services will be held at. St. Saviour's Church on Christmas day, when the  choir will sing several anthems. The Church  Committee intend that the collections taken  at evening and morning services shall ,be donated to the incumbent, Mr Reynardj whose  Income is by no means adequate.      -     - ���������-,   Ball Postponed���������At a meeting of the William Creek Fire Brigade, held on Tuesday  evening, it was resolved to postpone the annual ball, which had, been announced for 28ih  December, until further notice.l '  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  fTTSS A. HTGK1UN begSLJto. tead6r;.h3er.'smec?ft  _ 1 ' acku 0 w le 'Agra on Is a;ad fchr.nics. to tlie Herabers  of tha FIBS BRtcjADiS for too promptitude: displayed  by them 011 th coccasjoo - of tho ajanu oi flro oh ;hcr  premises on Sunday aveying last..  : Ba.rt.crv iHe, Dec -%%:13fcp.  ���������-��������� '���������    .?    ��������� .-7:4.1 :>���������   t      ���������  T���������1   de24H  ���������.���������"ZT.  i} & t  TOEA?ftEyRGYA  Li  M$3 mmm' pi- mw>  yy-x yiMmM\rv!yy-:  ~.p$y  th  MISCELLANEODS.  -������*ai  '''������������������^S&v^sV'  HAT ISf USEFUL  '-.. ���������~"Xy.?y . .r> ���������.--.'.: ��������� .- ������������������������������������������������������'  ���������7  ,*.'-:Tp% * >*���������������������������������������������������������������'���������'x-'  myMPtryMmeest-  THi&yrtM^riEivri  QUAStit  "S 0 c:o ud ���������- li' ^^d'CS fti0^!x;  VLr ^ilzsimraons, ���������  Uctiry {hissou),  Doctor SqViU>obt - -.  Quash (the Colored Msistant),  Dam pi r \a V7c i|Su l)j e;.; t'h  gpouUirlit (ivoaWed v/Vlh * Famp  lnuuia),  F.. ?ear*55iH' '.  yX. A. Brofru ;���������  ,). $; T)������o:.nj;';o.'������  MG'StftvIea  j,lrs  X .   - .11 ^  *r  ;.*'., J^TEHI/JD2.1  .       77 v.:-.'  :GIces,!������c:, by the       ���������.������������������-���������; Wvlsh Q\e������ Clu'J.  gonjj JI.0 cal),        < -J. Hadtsoii    .  feons--c; Oid fi\\i)iz the rick/'  in Xcgra cha.MCter, J. K. Hou^h  "Buiiescrue Prise Figlit';  Between  Feme  2������icCool}'v'th'j tri?:h Gladiator, Aud  Siraw 0crry Sill,' ltic ccieb w t cd ^egro pugi I is t.  To coacluds with tbe Old SugllsU Christoias Dance of  ROBINS ON     C R US 0 E.  B3T A FAT TURKEY will be given as a. PRIZE for  he best Coiiundr-nn.  ������g- r.'onixndrums rmist be sent iu to the Manager,  Mr Houdi. ia scale 1 onvelopcsi before Six p.m. on  Saturday .������������������-..-  Doors c])^n *fc *f o'clock ; performance to com-  mence at'7Ja o'clock- 7    <  A-lmission $1 00.   Reserved Seat?, $1 50.  Tickets for the Ucstrvod Scats to be had of Itr  Sl.'ipJv'S, Bnricervillo.  /St- Liquidaliio Scheme Tickets vlll be taken for  kduiis^ion.  THEATRE   ROYAL, ;;  IB    CARIBOO    AMATEURS  Will glvein fnterUiinraent ou    ,:  YEAR'S 1YE ""  ��������� ?/;���������  Commencing witli tbe amusing Farce, ia tvro Acts,  . ' '    of   " " ���������'  ������H0 IILLEB GOGK-EOBIf ?  J. S. Thompson  J. Hudson  ,  Florence-Wilson  Old Tinkle (a retired Muffin-maker).  Jack Raggett (a,self-sacrificihg lover)/ - ' -     -     - .���������'v'-:;  Sataualla (a revenge! ol beauty from  Mexico),   -  .   -"      -;  Hannab (an agreeable Maid of all  wori:  -   Mrs S. P. Parker  Between the Acts there will he a choice  Musical Interlude.  de24  .".'aiaiujwi--  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  A   GOOD  THE :^tOE*Spl  '���������'M ���������*>*,  Sheet and Cast Iron Stores:" ���������  >'"iiij.pBii.tNG  TORKXN.Ti'N,' COP?Rp,'Steelvy '���������}  jHiL*'I-rd������i,ZincMJd Lead Piping; attc'nderto'witb   -  prom^tneaj, and v/arraniod 10 5IY0 entire ������ntif/  fact oh. ;���������' ,:: -r'-' '���������'. :'���������: x   ���������    '.' '        ',.'  Hardware  Iron: &. Steel^v  : 'Blasting Fpwder, (-.; ���������  S3,    Etc*,    Etc  FOR SALE.;;./.7^.^  E. PBARSON & BlibS;/ v*  BaUKERVILLE AND QUESNKLMOCTH.    .  fi*'y.  ���������' .���������>  LlOHTKINO CKEEX,  MINF.BS':AOT. TRADERS will find   it to their ad  vantage to purchase at this Store, where then* it  A LABGE���������ASSOBTMEHT OF GOODS '  Of the very best description on hand,and the S took -  constantlyreplenisliedby new arrivals. The proprio.  w" tors will sell Goods  AS  CHSAP AS  ANY  IN   CARIBOO, y^  Ordcrspromptlyfilled,and forward*d with dIspateh^  ���������   ;"' '       '���������' ���������' '   "  '���������  '- ���������    '��������� '  ;'���������'���������     -$%*������'  BEEDY fc-UKDHARfl,"       l  .  V an Vinkl*,-. ' ������'''. \ Jtoprtetnw  PSEVEM(i BETTER THAH GiEit  HAVE been requested by several respectable par^ '%  ��������� ties, who call testily to the .efficacy ot my. tystejn,  to again.make public tuo.fact.that   '"'������������������/���������' x*-j  Moses' Hair Invigorat^r ;  WILL PREVENT BALDNESS,  .RESTORE HAIR THAT IS BECOMING THIN  OR FALUNS. OFF, and effectually.,'  CURE SCURK.OR DANDRUFF  to-  This is not a mero assertion .en my part, as I ha  in my pot-session numerous testimonials, cer ti lying  the success of my remedy. ���������., ���������; ������������������.'-        :. ...  I do hot of course pretend that: I can make the hair  fjww on heads' which have been bald for years ; l,ut  I will pus^rantee to stop -the hair from falling off, to  increase its growth, and effectually n;move Scurf or  Dandruff. W. D. HOSES,  1  BarkervIUCj B.C.  MEERSCHAUM PIPES,  To bo had at tho  ON CHRISTMAS DAY,  For  50.  del? Xt  I  C0WP&I8IX  rnvsician  Has returned to Barkerville, and may be consulted at his eld stand.  ticipation of tbe requirements of the honorable member* of the Legislative Council at  its earning a ese ion.  All branches of Dentistry executed in tho very best  ���������style and'to tho entire satisfaction of evcrv patient.  Cail and try. Got rid of decayed Tooth and miser?,  for delays aro dangerous. TartinH in Cariboo wishing  t<Thave work done will please call at once, as Gold  Plate, Mineral Tooth, and the best ailing for decayed  teeth in the world, and other dental material, has  j jtwt been recvlvod by Express*. do2J  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  Groceries,  OF  THE BEST  QUALITY,  For sale at the Store of the nnderRigned in Barkerville, opposite the Bunk of British Columbia.  W. REXNia.  *c4tf  atiueiial.  CERTIFICATE.  This Is t������ certify that during last spring my hnir  was rapidly fulling out and my head was last liecoxu-  Jng bald, when 1 applied to Mr W. D.MOSES, Barber,  Barkervlllo, who in a tew weeks restored my hair to  tw former henltiiy stato DAVID GIBBONS.  BarkorrfHe, Ceo. 2% 1666. noM lm  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS    ;  C ARI BOOR HY M E8  BT JAMS8 AHDERSOK.  PRICE,       -    ���������-      -        ONE DOLLAR  For salo at the Sektwei, Offioo  ������nd forward art ty  post, ire* of ������tm-rp*i myffl  THK "NEXT EXPBT5SS will leave Barkerville abont  the 10th of January. ,,  Tho Omincca Express will connect with ������������'*������;"  Exprefis at Queroclmonth and William Creek, wa������������  parcels ned Uttm vi������ be received.   ^^^^  y  lb  I  It  7b  ���������:KA  if  yy  y  y  m  w  waggeMimagi M-  vl  ���������W  ' i.tl  mm  I  ^1  A*-' x&y*'*- ������������������  V-B&  pp-"'  . i  ttta^ae&amv^wiawuiga^^  THE CAMBOO SENTim  "    SATURDAY,'MG, 24, 1870.   ,  y  ;;; ^O^RABHia REPORTS;.,  r We have made Arrangements to li are -regular dispatches for warded, during' the" winter  from Quesneimouth, and when any important  news arrives in the middle of the week we  propose to. publlsii ah extra, which w ill be  delivered to all parties wishing to subscribe.  SPECIAL TO THE CARIBOO SENTINEL.  n  London, Dec. IS ~?rb of of Prussian ech erne  for tbe restoration of the French Emperor  '. comes from every. :qu arter. , Bis m arck say a  this is the only way the; war can en (If .that  France will fight for ever ���������; .1 that" the fall of  Paris can produce no effect, and that, the only  course is to makeLternm with the Emperor,: go  /home; arid leave the FrenchI-to Cght it put between themselves. - 'yy  ���������London^ Dec;; IS���������pispatcbes: d^ted Mar  genc^sayvth^Jbombardment of Paris; is hot  expected tor ten days.  LondoriyDec; 16--King William-of Holland  has telegraphed ;to the' Qorernment of Luxembourg that he will defend the Treaty of  i 18G7, and lie aUo approves : the acts 'of the.  Government ol Luxembourg.  ( Berlib, Dec. 15���������Dispatches"fermally an-:  ������������������ nounce -that Lii xe nib burg has already been  ��������� .purchased from Holland.ky  1 London, Dec,\ 16���������At a:meeting yesterday  :��������� the Cabinet considered [ the Luxembourg  question, and came to the conclusion not to  takei any; steps to; prey en ^Prussia; occupying;  the territory preserving; for further; consider;  ati on ste ps to b e ^aUe n;in case of the forci b le  amvexatiora. v.,.v  Ilts expected'that Prussia will take Luxembourg and Holland instead of Alsace and  Lorraine, and that the war will end with the  restoration of the French Provinces.  London, Dec. 16~Tbe Prussians delay the  bombardment of Paris owing to the lack of  ammunition, coupled with the fact that the  Toads are beavy, aud the opening of the fire  may be deferred a fortnight. ..  The Pall Mall Gazette says it is England's  duty to impress Prussia that the violation of  the neutrality of Luxembourg will not. be  viewed with indifference or passed over with  impunity. The departure from neutrality by  Luxembourg is no excuse lor Prussian aggression. : --V  It is said the French delay in acceding to  the Conference is due solely to the difficulty  of commani-caoioa.  The Prussians charge that the French Consul at Luxembourg keeps, an open office for  enlistment.  Versailles, Dec. ft���������Adviees from Versailles say that no ef&ctive guns are mounted,  and that the bombardment will not commence  before the 1st of January. The guns now  mounted are useless.  New York, Dec. 17���������The shipment of arms  and war material for France still continues.  Almost every vessel from New York for  French ports carries as part of cargo large  ���������quantities. Already the steamers Ontario  and Erie have left Boston via Cowes entirely  laden with war stores valued at three and a  half millions dollars. The steamer Concordia  arrived at Boston from New York to take a  full cargo of arms for France. The steamer  Sherrell left on the 14th for Havre, carrying  7,624 cases .cartridges, 800 cases revolvers,  458 cases knapsacks, 705 cases muskets, 3H  cases pistols, 10 cases riQes, 1.75 cases harness,  valued at $873,000.  Bordeaux, Dec. 16���������Dispatches have been  sent to the Prefect of the Department as follows :���������The Duke of MeckUnburg on Wed-  those  of Prince Frederick  Charles.    Our  forces were in combat yesterday near Ven-  dome.   ;The battle lasted till night.    The  = losses of .the; enemywere great,  News has been received that, between the  towns 0 f Brierio and Gleheve a battalion of  Bay ari ana were defeated by Mob il es. yy  y The Prussian attacks upon Gen.Cbauncey'a  lines were repulsed with loss to the assailants.  Reports by a balloon wMch landed at Hbn-  fieurs were not received areordeaux, but dispatches from the ^ronaut state that ho had  good news from Paris.  The French were driven from Yen dome  yesterday. The Prussians attacked the French  near Lorgeaux and rlrove then* into the fortress.   The French loss was 200.  Versailles, Dec. 17���������The delay in the < borchardmen t of Paris is caused partly by a dispute between Gen. Blumenthai*and Gen. Von  Ro on���������the -latter wishing , io use the fanny  horses to bring up the guns, ^vhile the former  insisted:it was impossible; to spare them. Voii  Roo-a yielded, and 1000 horses are no^W coming frpaa: Germany, to draw the.siege gnus  from the;; railro ad term in 113. The condition of  the roade is fearful,." Food ra very scarce ������������������lb  the Gormau camps, and ;some of the troops  had gone without meat for three day3. ���������  London, Dec: 19���������The Csai* severely repiv  man (is the Cor po ration of ��������� Mosco w /for p e tir,  tioning on behalf of a free Press,rreligious  to 1 eratio n an d o th er refo rm sj and th e Ubi-  ve rsi ty: for aski ng for j oi a t inter ye n tip n to;  save the literary treasures, in Parish The Czar  refers unpleasantly to the sack of Delhi arid  other tokens of:British civilization.1,--.  The:French .troops fronting the Duke of  Mecklenburg hold their ground with splendid  gallantry. ';,- '.���������".='''.'.'.  London, Dec. 19���������tt is-reported that Jules  Favre has escaped"from Paris and started on  a diplomatic mission to Vienna, St. Peters  borg and London.   The Conferencs wil 1 not  meet till January. /y '���������"���������";; y / ;:>,"!"!." y yy-.  : Serjint - DecylS���������:Tv/o prom menfc .m^  of the North Germ an,. Parliament.- for their  anti-war acts; were arrested on a '-charge of  treason by order of Bismarck;  Alarm of Fntic.���������About 7 o'clock .on Sunday evening a coal oil lamp in Miss Hickman's saloon exploded, and in a second the  whole room was filled with flames. The parties wlio were present, however, fortunately  succeeded in promptly extinguishing the fire  with blankets before it had time to communicate to the wood work. The Fire Brigade  turned out with their usiial alacrity immediately on the alarm being given, and were on  tlie spot with hose and apparatus in a few  seconds, but their services were fortunately  not called into requisition. .."/.. !  Theatre Rot al���������The Christmas Eve performance this evening promises to afford mneh1  amusement A laughable farce, diversified  with singing by popular favorites, burlesque  dancing and conundrums, together with a  Christmas Turkey, ought to draw a house.  Those who think they possess wit enough to  win the bird, of course, will be on hand, and  those who don't pretend to lay that flattering  unction to their souls had best attend and  profit by the wit of others. Remember the  performance will commence at ball-past 7  o'clock sharp.  Accident on the Road���������In consequence of  a portion of the harness breaking on the road  below Quesneimouth, near Alexandria, Mr A.  Barlow's wapon, containing that gentleman  and Mr J. M. Wark, was capsized and smashed  up, and they were obliged to engage another  conveyance to take them to Soda cceek.  Wesleyan Ciicbch Services.���������Christmas  Day this year falling on the last Sunday of  the year, the Rev. Thomas Derrick purposes  delivering his usual Christmas sermon at  morning service, and at evening service a sermon reviewing the important political and  social events of the expiring year.'  Expuess Movements.���������Barnard?s express  left for Yale on Monday last with Hon. R. W.  COMMUNICATION WITH OMINECA,  . The following is a copy of the ipetitionnbw  in course of^signature asking for aa appropriation for improving tne means of transit1 to  ;6mineca: .. '��������� ���������:-.        y,y; ������������������ ���������;  to feis Excellency Anthont MbsGBAVE, Gov-  .'���������i' ernpr of British;Columbia^&c.| &c.7  The undersigned, residents of British: Columbia, desire to present the fellowing pe-  .titlon::-, ���������"���������-. -yy-.'-  :. The exertions of a few men;have now establish ed the fact that th ere ; is a I arge and ���������  extensive Gold Field lying upon the tributary  strearus of Peace River^ which bids fair to  equal Cariboo in richhess. and surpass 11 in  extent. This Gold Field extends from: ihe  Va! ley 6 f Peace Ri ver to a line ab o u t forty  miles east of Lake Tatla. arid embraces one  of the most inaccessible portions of British  Columbia.   !��������� X'"_y 7;; y .    . Jx [  During a very short space of time, one  creek alone yielded about Seventy Thousand  Db 11 ar3, to the 1 abbr of abou tone faufid red  men, some of Whom worked five weeks, and  manj of whom .worked only two weeks in the  bed of the stream. The average yield of each  day?s: labor is now known to have been over.  ���������Twerity-Five' Dollars; ���������'���������yy'![ yy '!��������� yyx'y'i\  Many other creeks have been prospected,  giyi ng a cert a: n ty of Five or Six Dollars per  .8a:3^Y;!^4-*W,H������f? creek prbspecfes; eouaily as  rich as German sen Creek..  They ainleulty of; access to ibis': region: has;  as-yet; rendered the price of ^ovisibns;enor;  mous. ayeraRing frpm, ������1 12.to: $2 50; per lb.  ���������. -Hitherto the sum ,6f Oue. Thousand pollars  only has been given by the GrOverrithent for  explb ring this vast region, wh ilc; rri any tbfbus-  ands have been expended fcy private. indi-  yidualSi���������;.:_l/^y.-yJ���������),���������:.'"?���������:,. Jx -yx-x-t ���������'��������� X'- "���������'������������������  . The, explb rati on 3 of. this b ardy b an d ; of.  pioneers during the past iummer nave established the followinglacts ���������-��������� y .  ���������.;;:;lst^-Thatthe ouly;cheapvmethod; ofytrans-  pdr t th ron g*h th a t co u n tr y is b y water travel.  ���������;..' 2 n d-r-Th at a p b i n t exis ts ��������� wh er e: th e: w aters  of the:Fraser;River, arid the waters which flow  to tli e Arc ti c Q cean, are bu t ten m i \ es dis tan t,  and. a low and almbst level pass connects the  two. : ' .���������'���������'������������������'���������      . ������������������ :.   .  3rd-���������A wagon road of ten miles, in length,  over which boats and provisions jcould be carried,:: would enable the: miner or merbbant'fir]  tran sport his su p pi lea from .Quesneimouth to  the mouth of Germansen:Creek.yX"!^'  lylAitiyJJlevyleaving- this porlage, the dis-  tancea would 'be as follows :���������  Down Crooked River to McLcod's      . ,v..-s  . Lake.," .-:'.'" 'x .". \-\  Then ce to Parsni p Ri ve r, -  Thence to.Omirieca River, r  Up; to Germansen teek, *  70 miles.  25"  115 -.'���������������  ������������������70..>,;'".  280 *y.  W. Carrall and Mr Robert Scurr as through  nesday attacked the town of Frituiel and oc- passengers, and Mr Hugh Gillis for Quesnel  -cupied it in strong force.   We retook the  place yesterday, having beaten his troops aud  The next express from &elow will be due  about the SOlh inst,  ,  Total, ...*  Of.this distance, all the travel, except Eighty-  five miles, is down stream, ��������� The greater part  is well adapted for steamboats. The remaining Eighty-five miles contain but two can  yens, around which freight would have to be  transported .during the season of high water  oniyy "     " "y\ .    .  5th���������The expense of constructing this  wagon road would probably not exceed Ten  Thousand Dotxatis.  6th���������An additional-expenditure of -Four or  Five Thousand DoUjAiis wpuld; clear the  banks of Crooked River.and the Oroineca, so  that loaded boats at any stage of water could  pass in either direction.  7th���������A furthtir outlay of Fifteen Thousand  Dollars would construct a good and practicable trail from Quesneimouth. by, the way  of S'uart?s River and McLeod;s Lake, crossing Nation River direct to Germansen Creek,  over which b^ef cattle and pack animals  could be driven during summer, and miners  could, pass in winter. Plenty of feed can be  found on the entire length of this trail.  8th���������By the expenditure of the above sums  the cost of living would be reduced during  the ensuing season at least 75 per cent., anil  a means of exitj furnished to the miner who  desired to leave that country after Ihe winter  had begun.  We therefore humbly pray Your Excellency, that in view of the foregoing facts, you  will be pleased to place upon the Estimates  for the ensuing session of the Legislalive  Council the sum of Tnnvrv Thovsaxd Dollars, for the purpose of opening the above  trails���������after the necessary survevs have been  made���������and for making a Wagon Road across  the u Giscome Portage."  And your petitioners will ever pray.  Preparations fou Christmas���������The people  of Barkerville are making preparations for  having a pleasant time during the holidays.  A large number of turkeys and geese have.  been brought from the lower country, and  there will be nd lack of good Christmas din-j  ners in Cariboo. St. Saviour's Churc^is being decorated with evergreens, as w������ll as a  uumbsr of houses in Barkerville.   '.  7 MINING INTELLIGBHCS,  :,. '.william ��������� .'ciiE^x. '.:������������������'.':, ri.  There 13 nothing of importance being done  at present, and there will be-little work done  till after the holidays. - The Ballaratrco^jbr  three days' work last week washed-23 o^t but  they were compelled to stop in the beginning  of; this Week in consequence of .the ..cold  weather. Av ^bod many claims are still at  work taking oil;,small pay.:  7 ���������:.* ���������>���������'. CONttLTN.GUIX!E.���������;���������    x!l:.- _..'..'/'  The White Pine; eo? have been doing better.  They washed last week 42 02.  ���������yy     ���������������������������-.���������'������������������ 1   LOWnEBOREl^. y. ;;   '-"Xy  The Brown co. last week, washed 36 oz. and  the Victoria go. Id oz. The latter co.'s ground  is now well opened and looks very favorable,  their first wash:up this week being 20 02.  .y . *���������/���������.   ,^B0CS3CRBE������.    './>'/'..'.  Th e Tal ianiari; co. ha ve. s tru ck very f av or.  able prospects. ;Out of a small set of timbers  in the drive which they are how running from  the Wavevley tunnel to their shaft they  washedy 12 oz., but till they reach-the shaft,  they cannot,work-Up advantage, haying fo  dump their''dirt twice down inclines arid rim  it to th������ mouth 6f;.the vWaverley turirie^ a distance of .about 2000 feet. ;;The present strike  lias caused cqnsiderab 1 e".excjtenient, and��������� it;is  co ujajd e n tl y (exp ectedi that th e series of cl aims  drained; by 1 the tunnel1 will"riftxt seasonjturti  putrwell, and'the-enterprisingvprbpnetors1 6  that undertaking atjast be - ���������remunerated-for  their eriergy and:theiperseveriri^ toil^of; oyer  two years. * ;.The ��������� Herpn^ :co;;; think they have  discpyered 'traces of. the pid^;channel running  back: fartlier"than wliere^any prmipecting'has  yet been done; if so, -it m ay'b e;^a t-trace d' all  Its lengthy' The Bastedo:coyai& making'over  v/ages in the Upper;.part 0f'.rthe old: Heron  ground.. / ��������� \  .     ���������.. x       -. ;"-  ' LIGHTNING OREEX,     .: y v     ���������  ;��������� ;^e Lightning cb.;had 85:oz: arid the Spruce  co;^4 025. lastyweek.A The South TValeB co.  are getliirig in p\Linp:sr; Tbe. Eldorado co-havo  brpke; through;. into :the 'chanri.el in the hill; in  tlie, top of their ���������drive, an(d...expept!TuVabpttt'50  feet more to; react1 thes bottomi of; the clmririel.  The V an wi n kle c 6 .got th eir iron piim p Btar ted  last week, but had only^pumped five; hours  whevn a;screw holding:;the.;piston;;;;rod came  put and the .pump'had to,be hoisted: up/ and  again taken to pieces;, They, howeyer, again  got it repaired and star ted it on Thursday eye-  -niri'gy It is;-makihgv:gbbd; head way.^bni- the  water] and will;in all'probability.take it put  by the end of this: week. The Vancouver  shaf t is nearly to the dep th calcu I ated^to drift  from. Tbe machinery for the Victoria; Co.,  m an uf actured in Victoria, is. 0 a the way fro in  ,CUntou.^'yy '-y ���������'' ��������������������������� - -i-y- !\.y-.:;���������;.  MINING RECORDS/ ;���������  _-:���������';: LIGUTNIXO CRBEEi  Gem co.^-Dec.. 9���������A McKenzie and Hugh  Gillis, 2 creek claims-abandoned by Fail-rae*  Never co., and running down stream 200 feet.  Laura co.;���������Dec.. 13��������� Wm. Charlton, Joll 11  Evans. Nathan Grunbauni, Wm. Halliday, four  hill claims on north bank, comrriencing'aboufc  500 feet below Van Winkle eo.'a shaft and  running up.stream 400 feet.;   .  ��������� '���������I [ /.'^'^KELSON'CaBEX. '"   ������������������ '���������"!'���������'  Every; Chance ��������� co.���������Dec. 13���������G. Velatti, I  creek ��������� c 1 aim: ad j oi n} rig up p er. line of Every  Chance co.; to form part of said co.        ���������*'  LAST CHAKCI5 bUKEK.    ���������  Dec. 13���������Dominion co.���������-P. Bert rand, two  interests; re-record.  Dec. li���������Dominion co.���������P. Bertrand. A I.  bert Argarit, J. B. Massenbt. And. Jaquemond,  iOO feet, being a pre-emption record,.lasfc record having expired.  w 11 j,iAm creek.  Dec. 13���������Rising Sun co.���������Thoe. Mills, Wm,  P. Williams, 2 interests'in RiBing Sua co.j re-  record.  GROUSE CREEK.  Dec. 12���������Undaunted co.���������A. McAKnden,  II. Newell, J. S. Thompson. D. Robertson, P.  A. Lccuyer. G. Fersrnson, 6 hill claims adjoin.  ing lower line of Hard-up 00., running dowu  stream 600 feet.  Petition for School Distiuct���������A numerously signed petition, praying that the district of Williams Creek be created a School  District, was forwarded through our representative, Dr.?'Carrall, to his Excellency the  Governor. The boundaries of the proposed  district are set down as leing three miles in  each direction from Richfield Court. House.  l^ENipttY presides over the past: Fell's  CoFEKBoVer the present, The first lives in a  rich temple hung with frlorious trophies, and  lined vvitb tombs; but Fell's Coffee has bull  one shri ne, and that is every b reak fast _ tab I e,  lis" aron?a walks the earth like a spirit, and  can be iound for sale at every respectably  dealer's in British Columbia B������war������ of  spurious iiaiutiona.  *  t '>  ' y ''-m^/^UE^HOW  XT; FEELS-  EXPERIENCE OF  A   GERMAN  7-/7 ���������>���������������������������  ��������� ^SOLDIER.  . ���������'���������:���������'-'������������������"  ^X^t^LS^^SSSS^^JU^^X^i1^  11 theIho&y,"a-fall with a loud cry. and terrible  ;���������'���������::- pain j HtietdX lay, one of the Victims of- this  bl6 ody day.:i My first sensation was anger at  ..ihe blow, niy second an expectation of seeing  myself explode, for judging by the sound of  the ball I believed I had a grenade in my  . body ;;> th en ca rae the para; and wi th it helplessness arid fall ing. Oh, how frightful are  those Grst moments t Where I was hit, howl  was wounded, I could form no idea; I only  felt that I could not stir, saw the battalion  , disappear froasasy eight, and myself on the  ground amid tbe fearful howling and' whistling of the balls which were incessantly striking, the earth around me. With difficulty  ���������could I turn my head a'little, and saw behind  me two soldiers attending on a third, who was  lying on-the ground.  "Of what happened lean give no account;  "���������except that I cried for help several times; as  v/ell as I could, for the pain and burning  thirst bad tbe upper hand. At last both of  them rah up to me, and!with joy I recognised  ihe doctor-and hospital attendant of my; company. ' Where are you wounded V isthefirst  -question. I could only point. My djess was  -quickly opened, and in the middle of the  breast a bloody wound was found, which the  -doctor hastily bound. The bails still Constantly whizzed round ua; one struck, ;the  doctor's helmet, and immediately I felt a violent bTow ih the left arm. ly yy:";  " An., -,. ';>. wound!    With difficulty-I was  . . . g. --  turned-round,'to look for the outlet of the  bullet ; but it was still in my body, hear the  ' ������pine.' At last it was cut out. * Is the wound  <?.angerous V 1 asked. 'I hope noU*" Pray  te.'l me the truth.. ' Not very dangeroueyit is  to be hoped/ and with the emphasized ' yery?  my hopes melted. They were going away./  1 The: wound in the arm, doctor." This, fortunately, was looked for in vain; the ball had  merely caused a blue spot, and bad siink into  the ground harmlessly. I extended my hand  4o tbe doctor and thanked hira, as also the attendant, whom I commissioned to send word  to my family. '    ,  .". Ceaselessly it whizzed and howled round  me. The doctor had carefully laid me on my  cloak, with my helmet firmly on ray: head in  order, in some measure, ito protect me from  the leaden hail. Thus I lay alone with my  own thoughts,amid the most terrible fire, per^  ^j baps for an hour and an half. All my  thoughts, as far as pain and increasing weakness allowed, were fixed on my family.  Gradually I got accustomed to the danger  which surrounded me, and only when too  much sand from the striking bullets <was  thrown on my body did I remember my little  enviable position. . . At last, after long,  long waiting, the Sanitary detachment came  tome."  Jg^JBgig*  however, was the author of the motto bearing  the meaningof the German standard���������"From  night, through blood, Ho light/'  The.German national flag is now' seen: in  Germany instead of the flags of the separate  countries, and it is a weighty fact that even in  Berlin tbe German- flag had recently to be  hoisted by order of the public.  A BOGUS COUNT-~FROM AN ENGLISH  PRISON TO GOTHAM'S FASHIONABLE DRAWING ROOMS.  BUSINESS NOTICE.-  THE GERMAN FLAG.  The black, red and gold flag, the national  German one, is said to come from the times of  Barbaressa. The Emperor was crowned in  1152 ruler of Germany, in the Frankfort Ca-J name, was arrested and lodged in the Tombs  When the Russian ������oefc was in New York  harbor a few vears ago, as everybody will remember, a bail was given in the Academy by  the city to the oflicers.   At that ball a young  man r>resented himself as a Russian noble-  man, the Count Metzkevitch, and as a member  o f the Russian party, he was iny iie'd to j sh are  the festivities.' He cut a magnificent figure  and promenaded and danced 1 with the first  belles in the city with noble condescension.  lie was introduced to a young beauty of the.  greatest respectability, to whom he addressed  himself with ardori *His introduction to the  miss and her mother was formal and correct,  and Of the latter he asked permission to' call  and pay his; respects next day. ������������������ He called accordingly, and byhis conversation and bearing ingratiated himself into the good graces  of his hostess, and her daughter;1  After much  common>place conversation, the attention of'  tb e u countV; was accidentally directed to , a  dazzling diamond ring which glittered oh the  finger of the daughter.   He expressed his admiration of the jewelr and the young lady,  with well-bred grace, took % from her Siger  and handed it to her ** noble" friend.   He was  enraptured.   It was the;purest gem he had  ever seen. ; It: was. like the fortunate owner,  beautiful,  incomparable.    And, artistically  twirling it in the sunbeams, with an apologetic air, the nobleman; placed it on his. little  finger* and forth with began to'talk 'on some  other subject, j:He was goqd-iobkirig and  fashionably - dressed;���������.* :He was  fascinating/  He was deferentially -affectionate.   Likewise,  he was a Russian count.   An hour :or.tw6  slipped away, and, as other visitors called  Count Metzkeyitch took his leave.   Might he  call again ?   Oh, certainly.   Might he hope to  have the.. supreme felicity of including the  young lady in his list of friends?   No objection in the world. .  '; "But, Coknt," said the unsuspecting girl,  do you forget to return the diamond ring I  handed to you,a few minutes ago ?" .  "The diamond ring!" exclaimed the Russian noble, with an air of virtuous surprise.  ** I returned it to'you immediately after you  handed it to me for inspection."  The young lady quietly protested that she  had not received it, and the count, in turn,  solemnly averred .that she had. As the too  well-bred beauty was unwilling, to create a  disturbance, the illustrious foreigner was all-  lowed to depart. '     '       . .  Shortly after he had gone, however, she resolved to look for her ring, which had been  sold by the count for $600. The mother of  the young lady, representing that the ring  was her property, replevined, and the distinguished Russian, with   the unpronouncable  MEDICAL.  '��������� Time Tests the Merits of all Things.. ;-,  ! p$t ;FQR   THIRTY. YEARS, ^tf.1.1  Perry Davis'Pain Killer,  Has Wen tested in every variety: of climate, and also  by.almost every, nation known to Americans.   It is*  the  almost constant  companion  and  inestimable,  friend of tbo Miner and'Traveller, on sea and land,  and no one should travel without it;  It is a speedy and sate remedy for burns, scalds,  cuts, braises, wounds and various'; other injuries, as  well as for dysentery, diarrhoua and bowel complaints  generally,, and is admirably suited for every race of  men on *tlie face of ,tbe globe. :... T.;:.....'  Bo sure >;ou call for;. and get Uio, genuine Pain  Killer, as many worthless nostrums are attempted to  be. sold on the great reputation of this valuable medicine^ -': 7-       ���������'..;'���������'���������'.���������������������������'.': -,-���������' -yy ��������� ,V 'XX  \ Sold by all Medicine Dealers. .'���������.; de3 ���������  i^^?  New Yoiur, August 15th, 1868.  : Allow me :to ..call your attention to mv  PREPARATION OP COMPOUND E������  TRACT BUCHU. The component: parts ara  BUCHU, LbNa Leait, CUBEBS, JUNIPER  BERRIES.      y ',.  .-  Mode op Preparation.���������Buchu, in vacuo,  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fine  gin. Cubebs extracted b|y displacement with  spirits obtained from Juniper Berries; very  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of  spirit; It is more palatable' than any nowju  use.  '      1 ':y :'���������"'; ...,���������  Biicbu, as prepared by Druggists, is of a  dark color. It is 1 a plant that emits its fra  grance; the action of a flame destroys this  (its active principle), leaving a dark and  glutindustiecpction.. Mine is the color of in-  gradients.; The Buchu in my preparation predominates; ; the sma 11 est cmanjtity.af the other  ingredients are added, to prevent fermentation :; upon inspection it will be found riot to  be a Tincture^as maide in Pharmacopes, nor  is it a Syrup-���������arid therefore: can; be- used ��������� in  cases where fever or inflammation: exist. In  this, you have tbe kn6wledge of the ingredi-  .eats;andIwk.'mp.&'.otpreparo^D.;. 4 , V.I.,  ; Hoping -that you; will favor it: with a trial,  and that upon :irispection^it?:''wili:,meetvwit&  your.approbation.     .       . :   ���������'!��������� :>   *.,;.-.  With a feelin g o f pro found confiden ce \[ 1,  I ami Tery respectfully,  7:   : ;H; T. HELMBOLD,  Chemist and Druggist of 19 Year's Experience,  m  CABDS,-;':^':':':': \': ���������-y-xxy:,  .......:BILLHEADS''..,;,'., * ,  ClBdTJLAKS,  ���������  POSTEBSly-,y . /��������� ���������������������������"���������  PBOGBAMMES,"     ;  ,    PRINTED'FOBMS,  LABELS,^ "���������  (From the largest manufacturing Chemists in  ���������"���������::���������'' '     the world.)    .       ''*' x;'  -:;-'::::.:-!-'- ���������..'������������������ 1-V.:   ������������������"'"'������������������ Notkmbbr-^,- 1854.  ���������" "lam acquainted with Mr H.T.Hermbold ;  he occupied the Drug; Store opposite my residence,, and was successful in conducting the  business^ where' others had not been equally  so";; before hira.   I have beeh fapprably ioi-  pressedUvith his character arid enterprise;"  :,:x: WILLIAM WIGHTMAN.  Firm of Powers and Weightman, Mann-:  facturing Ch em i sts,' Ni nth * arid Br o wa  ":   Streets;PhiiadelphiaVv;1 ���������   *7  JEtc,  Etc.,  For weakness arising from indiscretion.. The  exhausted powers of Nature which are ac-  jcompanied by so many alarming symptoms,  BBEAD TICKETS among which will befound: Indisposition  to  Exertion, Loss of Memory,. Wakefu 1 ness, Hor-  forof Disease, or Forebodings of Evil j iu  Etc., EU fact, Universal Lassitude. Prostration and in  ability to enter into the enjoyments of society  Executed with neatness,, caro and dispatch at tne  BAltSE.RVJCLLE, B. C,  W<M  y-Tm-cmmw  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  the aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. If no  treatment is submitted to, Consumption of Insanity ensues.  thedraL   The way from the Dom to the Roman Palace, where the ])ublio festivities were  held, was laid with a carpot representing the  colors black, red and gold.   After the coronation the carpet was given to the people, and  everybody tried to cut off a piece, which was  earried about the city as a Sag.   Ia the year  1184,,.at the Reichstag, at Mayence,  these  colors were recognised as the true German  ones, and they were retained until Napoleon  put an end to the Empire, in 1806.  Since that time -the Burschenschaften have  kept the old colors in memory.   Jn the revolutionary year 1848, ihe German colors were  again brought to light by the members of the  National Assembly at Frankfort*   Thejre was  considerable  discussion at tne time as to  which color had tho precedence.   Freligrath  sang, "Powder is black, blood k red, and  golden flickers the flame!   That is the old  Impenal standard;^   Frecterich WillieM IL I N������  for the theft. He escaped punishment solely  because the young lady did not like to ap-  pea, even as complainant, in such a place as  the Toombs.  The Russian noble disappeared, and subsequently turned up in London as a prisoner  at the Central Criminal Court, on a charge of  larceny. He was sentenced to five years' imprisonment;  A few. months ago, this same Russian count  appeared in Paris, and got into fashionable  society. <Two months ago he managed to  gain admittance into the American club in  that city, but hie former villainous record becoming known, he was ignominiously kicked  out.  At present, Count Metzkevitch is flourishing  in this city. He may be seen on Fifth Avenue  afctired in the height of fashion, and with a  beautiful woman on his arm. This young  lady is the daughter of a late wealthy banker  in one of our Western cities, to whom he is  engaged to be married. The man is a miserable adventurer and a despicable rogue���������  PLAIH    PRINTING-  At Reduced Katce.  AND  IMPROVED ROSE  will.radically exterminate from the system  diseases arising from habits of dissipation, at  little expense, little or no change in diet, no  inconvenience or exposure.  'FLOim, FLOUR,; FLOUR,  Sun.  f  SODA   CBEEK, .      .  QUESNELLE, and  .   BABKEBVILLE  J. HARrflff,  in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause  originating, and no matter of how long standing. Those suffering from broken down or  delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at  once.  All the above diseases require the aid of a  Diuretic. HELMBOLD7S EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great Diuretic.  ^������-Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price  $1 25 per bottle, or (5 Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to ally address. Describe Symptoms  in all communications.  ADDRESS  H.   T.   HBLMBOLD,  Drug xsn;-Chemical Wakeuouse,  594 Broadway, New York;  None are GenuIne unless done up In steel  engraved  wrapper, with  fac-simile of  my  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  oc49 II. T. IlKLMBOLD.


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