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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-12-02

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 Kfifififi.'  Barkerville, William Creek, B.C., Saturday, December 2, 1871.  ;Kovc5  THE CM1B00SENT  '   Published every5 Saturday by  U O B E R T     II O L L 0 W A Y.  Subscription,  -  -   50 Cents.per Week.  BATES OF ADVERTISING-  For ouo square-(one inch), "Grst insertion,  ���������'������ ** one month,   ���������  For t iv o 8 q u a res, fi rs tin ser tion,'   - , -   ���������  .* '���������*.*'        one mouth,' -  *  ��������������� ���������. *.. ������������������  -   $S  *��������� ��������� * ;���������  : - 's-  ' Agents for tlie "Cariboo Sentinel."  *T:in Winlchv       >  QnesrietiHOiitu. ���������  .  "#5'V.l*i Creek,      r "���������    -  ���������   ���������Clihtotij  :'"���������    *-;������    ���������  '   Yule,      ��������� S    5;:y,   -  .  .^ow Westminister,   ���������..'���������  Victoria,? :  '  Mr J.W. Ii miliar t  HiirmmlV Express  .**     yijirnrti'H's Kx press  .      15;������ rn nrd's Express'  tli������     f.y..   do  ..;   .   ��������� ���������JohnMarr:ty  .������������������'.;    #        .](>hn Col lens  5j-jii'u & Co., ><   . v.yyy,   .-...-   s*^-.K#uicteca  ,   '���������"!  7;';fBEiN:&:C0.;,^V'r';.  Pacific co^s;r advertising agency,  ' ���������'��������� y        ...411). Montffnmcry ;StYeet;, ��������� *._ *., \- ���������;���������/  -"Ar.** ntii-iiiifboriziMl A^itsinySan Frarici?CO.  iji^ei  TUG CAUt 1100'SKHTJNEL  JO  fire; bavins swept down from, the river,  readied Lake street.. An eye witness of the  scene says tbat the body of' tlie flame' .presented n front of balf\a semicircle, and behind it was a'raging, roaring belt of Tire, half  a mile deep. Nothing material could -withstand the surge of this tremendous sea of  flame. On its: advance northward, it. bad  driven the inhabitants into Lake and South  Water streets and ori to the.bridges,.much as  a prairie fire, stampedes affrighted animals.  The'; st ree ta were filled- with a distracted  people,;'pan To-stricken and huddled in a mob  a]m"bst -as terrib 1 e iP -bebpld as \he;roaring  confiagratio.il. Until now some instinct  seemed to have pointed out this * section as  beyond the reach dT the (ire. Cut when it  ���������was seen tbat.ihe^.oceanj^  ���������bly: overwhelming e^r,^b^g;all dep<>ntf|nce.  on h it n i an rh ea ns o f saf^p^^jg^g^L^nv i n g.  down^on "this.awful ass^inblace, lit as it was  .  <**%y -..-..-      . ;���������-.   ,:    ���������    ���������     ���������������������������������������������������������������.'���������'- -.:   ���������'������������������."  by th'������ fl it in rri g crimson light, and hearing the  horrible bumaii tumnIt ab ove. Ihe crack 1 ing  of the on-coming fire, it seemed like the appalling realization of one^pf those old visions  of the day of judgment. An overwhelming  sense of a.catastrophe beyond the power ol  m an ;to: a ires t, l to b b ed' t h is en mi ii g - r io t. o f  ��������� wretches .of the usual .petty considerations of  .till they fell down in their tracks, and then  others took tbeir places, only to fall and lie  helplessly on the bodiefc of. tbo ^others who  Wallowed in the gutters like hogs. In some  instances the barrels were overturned and the  liquor ran down the gutters and took fire,  which leaped along the street and burned  with a ghastly blue flame.. Several persons  were burned to death in this way. but many  were dragged away, by their less drunken  comrades, although there was little ofl'rieudlv  fellowship left in them.    ...       .   > -.  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c  MISCELLANEOUS.:  Tortile Electors of Cariboo  ������.*.'  and Lillooet.,'  ������tW Im. 'Tjroubirs. poster*and_ Programmesfor  .. 11 ;��������� 111 s ;i iu I T h oat ri c a I E n te r tain in en t s ��������� "���������  . /S^'-Ixrtcuted witii neatnessanddispatch.^^.  Terms lh-uier ite.  s;av������*m^ t :if, inju'si^G citt .  [From the New Tori: World.]  Th*', ������k y w a si i jrhted up f'-\ r mi 1 es a ro n n d.  ��������� n n d t he rf yor 1 no kerf 1 fk o a stream .o f  h 1 ond.  (s'-) I:! rri ly h lid tbe fami 1 i es wh i cb  occu piedv.the  d ifi t;ri c t. < i in e j o.ps enpe wi th tbeir 1 i ves. an d as  ������ \ t ������*' sa vi n if ��������� tbel r h onseli ol d fo rn i ture/wh i ch to  :?nost; n ft hem was their all. it was a thuig not  v'T^-lS^tTinHariS.. of.' "Women,  naif, clad, ran  ��������� i*creainln .sc t b'r < u*gb. tb e: st ree ta. a, b ab y. i n . o n e  ���������   arm,'. w h il e Ji t tie c h i I d r en cl u n g *o th em ati rl  whimpered with terror.    Atev-OTV attempt to  "Slav tii������ flames the tire men w^re driven, back  balle'l  and dishpnrtened. yfi they worked  maii fti 11 y and dispn ted 4"be grou n rt in ch by  ,! iocbV  0ver tlie furni!iire whicb ������Irewed1 tbe  ���������streets all went running in the wildest, con-  lu si on ��������� each ,:p e.rso u b e n t,o n I y o n sa v ing. h i m  - pe Ifan d his, fa m i 1 y, an d caring ii o tb i n g To r h i ?  n t' i 2: h b o r.  Kf any in tb ei r e n d ea vo rs t o esc ape  w e re lc n n ck ed d o w n a n d tr a m pie d up on, and  some even *k ill ed.   M a n y of these 1 ab o ve rs���������  for fthe quarter was mainly, inhabited by  people of that class���������were cart men and draymen, and naturally they strove to  their ut  most to save their horses.   But in   capes of  lire horses seem to lose all tbe instinct which  under ordinary 'circumstances   would savl*  ���������them from danger, and stand stock still  in  their stables, tbeir flanks and sides shaking in  tbe agony of terror, and utterly refuse to be  taken or  driven  from  tbeir stable?1, which,  poor beasts, t'hey have  always- considered  their place of safety wtiere r.o harm can reach  them.   On this awful night, above even the  roar of the flames and tbe crash of falling  timbers,  could be heard foe shrieks of the  . borses. ringing .out on  the,nig>bt air.   They  would not be driven  away, but, stupefied  with fear, fell down in their sta-bles and were  ... ,- j .  roasted alive, and the sickening stench of  (burning flesh was added to. the indescribable  and nauseating odor which always accompanies burning buildings when water bas  Sheen showered upon them.   .   .   ���������������-.   .   ������.  *wfata|iwteJ*'wiwpreM duf listing bestiality.   Men drank j  I i fe..-?'vThose; wbo-; were strongest a'nd most  cowardly knocked.the others down  in their  delirium;' men, wo in en and child re n we re  trampled upon hy human herds that fled wilh-  ; o u t ���������.. reaso liT hi th er an d ��������� t hi tlve'r, u I ter ing the  mnst ;pitiful- groans^ and cries'of distress'.���������;  When tbe tire seized upon Lake street, overlapping the magnificent stores and warehouses  'which;extend from Lake street to  the river,  md  igniting  them  and  all their costly contents n's if they were so much tinder, a horrible sight was presented, for now the thous-  ; i n d a we re he m mod i n between t ti el Itr e a n d  the river;  The stampede was sickening be-  vo nd the ;power'��������� o f words to te 11.;  5le n .a nfl  ho rses w e re' j a������mi ed o h the b rid ges ;' w o m e n  and'-children clingihg1 alike to each other and  ���������th e m o s t p ree K>ns o f th������e i r h o u se ho Id e ff������c t s :  s o m e o f th e m, wi tli  the c 1 o th es n ea r ly torn  fro m. their. ho dies, ra n h 1 i n d 1 y_ ab on t, screa m-  ing and m6anirig:! AU distineiiion of class an(j  n ati o n a 1 i ty;.. w as lost.   T he n ar r a to r cro p$e d  the Wells street bridge, and reached the track  of the Galena road,   lie does not remember  how. he .crossed jt;: It seemed to him .after-  wai*ds that ho was 1 ifted upon the liuman  waves a n d th row n, blinded and co n fu sed,  into.; the opposite ;street.:   Here the smoke  was pouring in dense billows over the walls,  and through Weils," Lasalle, Chirk and Dearborn streets.   As he turned to look back, a  fiery cincture stretched all round fo the south  and west, and througb. the s'ni oky cross streets  burned the red glare of the on-rushing flend  with distended jaws and lurid lips.    The  s tree Is looked like vast oven-doors. ,   ,  Throughout; the day the conflagration  r n ged3 a n d a 11 b o p es o t ex ti n gu is h i n g j t see tiled to be lost, for the wind yet continued to  blow with terrific force; and when night  again came a new horror was added. Bands  of drunken and infuriated men roamed the  streets, chanting ribald songs and bent on  p i I Inge. It see in s, tmgn I ar, ye t al I ox p e r i e n ce  shows it to be true that in times of great disaster men are not chastened, but the worst  part ������of their natures is roused to action. They  become moral maniacs, Th*ese men and half  grown boys broke into several stores and  houses, probably in search rather of whiskey  than of plunder.- In some instances barrels  of intoxicating liquor were rolled into the  streets, tbe heads knocked in, and then took  plate sceu*s:which baffle description in their  ��������� ; Gkntlemex, ���������'  ';   .' *���������    'yy "���������'-���������  .-. ...v....j . . : In pursuance of the terms of  Union yon will shortly be called on to elect  a member Irom.our joint Districts to represent  y on i ii' the Ko use oi Co m m o ns . o f Ca ii ad a.  ���������AND   BAKERY  TOtS OLD. AND.WKIJ;.-KNOWN E^ABLfSHMENT  X    is alwaya siippjicil.with tho best uf every iii in g  >e procured in Ciiriboo. '     .'���������  mat can be procui  t^or t b is ���������"]> osi li on 1 now 6 fl er mysel fas a ca n -  did ate, and should you do me tlie honor ot  returning me as your Representative 1 shall,  to.tlie be.st of my ability, strive! toprove that  yoiir.confidence has not been misplaced.,/  ! If elected I shall use my best eudeavors' to  promote the interests of our Province so far  as jthey euu be nrTected by Federal Legislation, and .above, nil to ��������� expedite the grand  ion��������� the Trans-con linen talilail-;  matters.  bond of Un  road:.  ��������� With reference to general .politi  I can only say at present that if1 honored b;y  your suffrages, I shallgo to the House of Ca%;  in o iis . it it tram mel 1 e d  b y   par ty  obligations,;  .si^ib.atl^baU consider "it buy duty, and. the  (h t'ty. o f. e ve ry rn e in b e r from t b U P r o vi n co, t o  lend a cheerful'-' support., to  tlie Ministry to  whom we owe our new birth and political  enfranchisement.  ���������   --..   I have the honor to be,  Gentlemen,  . Your obedient servant.  J. SPENCER THOMPSON.  Barkerville, Sept 9, 1871.   _  iThe Celebrated    ,..-..   .       ,  'FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,;  A superior.article to any wliicli cap.be liud.frpm 1>#  lov, Kuiisted ;:nd.Ground on .tlio premises train th������  best selected beriict-, land* wjirmniedlro'e from aduU  to ration.  jei:  /���������  J. G. GOODSON  JUST: IiECEIYED  r  i.  REK*WIE,S..  n EG TO ANNO UNCK THAT THhV HAVE REMOVED  O    Ui the i^piicii-us jireiniseft iiirmcriy known a? tlj������  Si.   .Gei;rge .������;111h,n, ������'here  tliey , will,bv,ui, ^11 Uui^i  prepared toluruisU-       ��������� ,   - ' i,i-; "  1:JCF ��������� THE;^BESrr .:  : ��������� ��������������������������� T\ i n. B AR -  :   fu rii is lied w ith th 9 * neet WI K KS :  lilQ'UOIfcTtt ii (! CIGARS; y   Tx". '.",'" X: ��������� ;"1T- ?v ���������.���������';; Xa ��������� ���������  Board. -  ������������������JeI7'(5m.  vm  jLADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S  B00T8   M-SS AIB  SLI  ja^r New Goods vvi11 be rcceived. cvery  week during the season.  ���������   BOOTS,  SHOES,  Clothing   and Groceries,  OF THE BEST QUALITY.  ForsiUe at the Store of tlie undersign eilin Ilarker  ville.opnosi telli e Bun k o 1 ttri tish (Jul ti in hla.  1 ll W.RKNN1K.  jel'  BOOTS, MADE TO  ttisusnal  ilx  -arnara-s  OUR    ENVELOPES  ��������� Properly Stamped, are now rcditccd to  12 1-2 Cents each, or $10  for 100.  Our Agents fttw?iy piacas use all diligence ia seeing  that letters a/������ proinpily ionv&rueuto points hey ond  tbo rvkirular tang* Fsat������������.  :pTANLEY,y;^  j.: j. ROBErVrsbNy  > ECS TO ANNOUNCE THAT H15 HAS 'OjPEXED X  AT STANLEY, -  ^LIGHTNING CHEEK.  Tlie Table will always be supplied with the- hesi  nrllcIuK that can be got In GunouO, and Lbo Car wiife  the  Finest ��������� Wines,   Liquors  and Cigars.6  Stanley (M������ut.)t J.nat.Ohutitin Creek,).'i!   ��������� |S  April 20. 1871. / ap2S  'acme.  ������5  Store Street (between Herald arid FiBgard)'  VICTORIA, 13.0.    /;        ,;  /  ANDREW ASTR1C0, -..---   rROPRIKTOB  The most commodious *<iid clean Hotel in Victori*  H is conducted en.the Kuropenn principle., The tfthi-  is supnlicd-wiih the-very hi;st ilie market ������tlhrih>.  HvAx at. nil Imurs of tho day.   Private Wnin-J  Rohma i or Finniin.i!. ,. .  Bourd and Lodging per week,.$5 60 And $6:fc������  Por day,  $1.   bmgle lue-ulf-, 37ii cents.   Bcda,J* .  ��������� ,#8*��������� Fir* prco-i bat*? ta t-u* H������ u*W      ��������� t������y3^  tT.<j*miumui>T nh  jit*..  ;": i * V'  5t: o.  sHei  v hi'  ,-ilHi;  t������ri'.'  ���������JSIU  s|l]|'!:  m  'I*  ���������lli  <>Y?7  iff  Tr-:  ���������vsiv; .1  ;-. ���������'���������'���������:  y..v 1  At:)  ������:  :.fy  at--  I&:  r. ���������  Si  rt;:,' s  awrapa<gm������BBPgw^^ gagt^g^^^TOBM^^MgamgttasMBMMgi  ./ ��������� DUAL *EFEESBNTATION.  The flitbject <jf dual ��������� representation bus af-  Jforded scope .for considerable aVjnunewt retail y in:tbe Vic torn journals. The Standard  'holds that'll is of the utmost importance to  ^Britfob Co1nmbla,-80*far removed from the  >*eat of Federal 'Government, that as many  ^members of tbeTIoo&t-of Cowmoim as pasM-  "lile should also-occupy s������ats in the Local As-  one--ftfibrding^much -opporfunify for the display of histrionic talent. The farce was succeeded by a choice musical entertainment, in  which the band ami-several amateur vocalists  took part. Mr Fraser. one of our best^iina-  tenr singers, who was warmly welcorned.as  an old favorite on Ilia reappearance before;a  Cariboo audience, santr "Tho Sea;"antfoh  being-encored pang tlie popular new song,  wbicb was*loudly applatided, "Ten thousand  miles away." >fr TL McDermott recited  '��������� Bihgfn-oii the Rhine." Mrs Kelly sang the  favorite ballad " Castles in the air," and on  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.^  NOTICE  TVUBTXa- THE A&iKCJS OF ISAAC OPPRN  y HMMGR from Barkerville, MARCUS WOLFE  holds our full Power of Attorney.  n \      -,        . OPi'ENHEIWER BROS.  Barkervlllo; Nor. 23, 1871. nu25 3t  r������e'mbly,'a������ IheA&tbf'tbeir doing so wouldib-"lB*^pred.RRi*>Hfy heart is o'er the  vgivethem"gmter influence, while the e*pefi I'T*'"   Mrc"Kp������7> fining is always well ap.  ���������ence. of provincial legislation so acquired  would be of infinite service in Parliament  .According te the same, authority much of the  Mlissatigfafftkm with Confederal ion existing nn j  *tbe maritime provinces w attributable to tb*  ^acttbatiBemberfi of the Local hegUMtarek of  "Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are by the  laws of those provinces ineligible tonceupy  . r������eal8~in the House of Commons. thus prevent-  ;'ing the eloser bond of union which is otfered  v hy the adoption (if tbe'dual.system.  <We know of no rea'sonabJe argument  /against'this, doctrine so for .aa principle is  ��������� concerned,'but.a strong objection is raised;  . suid with valid gronrtifc.'-that<for tiie ensuing  -.session at least this province cannot advan-  | predated by her friends and th������ public, and  we hope she will favor ns this winter with  more frequent opportunities of listening lo  her.   Mr Jwrnes ifc Arthur sang "The nameless lassie," followed, on a hearty encore being given, by "Thespinning wheel," which  afforded so  much gratification that the audience would not bu sati.sfi d lillbe came before the curtain a third time and favored them  with Ihe comic song ** If?a naughty but it's  ���������nice?."   Mr Gomer Johns then recited  the  i tragic but amusing legend of "���������' The Knight  and the Lady," fromAhefavorite Ingoldsby  Legend.   In this piece, which from its length  and varieties of style is. very trying to the  memory and requires great versa till ty to en  ^ageously avail itself of this mode of rep re-fa ire ite -auccessful rendHion, Mr ,ft din* a c-  i������entatipn.as wbat; was not npparent throe  ihontbs ago is now almost certain-- namely,  ���������that the sessions of the Local House and tlie  House of ConimoM will conflict with each  other, and aa no member eouId be iu two  quitted h its self admirably, and" afforded the  a ii d i e o ce m i i c h a m use m ent a n d; g ra t ific a t ion.  Between the songs and recitations the Amateur Band performed several choice selec-  | tions, concluding, alter tbe Isst recitation.  ^.plaoes-ai once soma interest uiust inevitably;} with tbe!Nationai Anthem.' The highest credit  be :neglected.* Siich^being the case, we con I is due to the members of the band for the ad-  ���������:Bider,that no member who lias been elected  : to the,Assembly should continue to seek election to ...tbe"-; House of Commons at present, as  | vnncement ;which they baveanade(in the last  -few months under the alile leadership of Mr  S. Drake,   Of the present band only ialf ibe  4be home interests in the first session under  members belong  to tbe  plft  organization  responsible government will demand the most  which made -.Mich good .progress under, the  -enrefui.attention.   It isyhoweve^y/very prob-  tuition of Rev. MrKeynard, but broke up on  -able that-matters will be hereafter so arranged ibat gentleman's departure from ^Cariboo-;  ��������� that as dn Ontario an d Quebec;the localyses-  }n6ns wi11 be ihe\d eai*ly- enough to -enab 1 *  vprovinciat business-to. be completed before  Uhe Meeting of Parliaraenb  the remaining half consists of gentlemen Yfho,  11 a v e j oi ned receh tly, bn t who bave e v Ideri\)jf  iabb red assid uqiisjy to 'become ex-pert.* \. Tb is  ex-per  Public Notice.  rrllK PUBlitC ARE HBREBY" OAUTrONED against  1 purchasing or otherwise troftijng for tti������ purchase of Mmt BBIDfJE,";AND.ROAD.lenciing. thereto,  commonly known as DAVIELSON'S, ncrotsk the Qucs-  n< 1 Itivpr, as I have a chifm against the said Brhtfje  nuil Ronil: bt-incj tbo partner of .tho said Daulelson in  tlie erection ihoruof.  DAVID KOBB.  Qucsnelinouth, October 2fi. 1871. hoi8 lm  NOTICE.  T BE������ TO ACQUAINT THE PUBLIC THAT I HAVE  1 onpnsod of th* ji remises occupied by mo in Bar-  kervHle, lose:her with my merest in the hminesg  hrret^Jbri'carried on as ������ Carpenter and Contractor,  tb MrfAMKS KfilER, jisr whom I would solicit'a con*  tiiiiianoo of the patronage 1 have received.  All parties indebted tome aro'requested to sett In  before 20th ���������November, an(' any parties having claims  against me will please preseat tbem hi*f������m that data.  JOHN B^UCK.  11th Koygtvaber, 1871. - '      a oil  ging House  and Saloon*  MISCELLANEOUS.^^  1.1  pnb'irc  formerly oc  '"''"   "  fat   FRIENDS  t C H A E L  AND   THE  Stoves and Tinware.  cast mm npx������coonsc stoyes  OF THE LATEST PATTERNS.  A full assortnacmt of  TINWARE  of gao-d inality, conprisiis:  French  Coffee  Pots   and  Saucepans,  Block Tin Teapots & Wash  Bowls. ..  la addition. ������# aava  CLOTHES - WRINGERS,  AT LOW Fi^UKES.   :  j&r 1DALL AND SEE. \j^f  BfiD������ wo H Kupplioii with Slice I Iron trorn N'.os. tl  to 36, weart* pr'.p:tre<n������ make, io or^r-r boih Plaii  iud Ornnmoutai rfloye5,at pricca. to >'uH the lim������'.������  #ijr Mlaera *n;I oilier? will Qxiii ii to tbt:ir jh!vmh-  tajce topnrohaso a gcmil 'orlk-.U.-'ifr  N.B.���������Anytliiox in I bo Jiuo uuuit as ttnlered, with  aealiit������������s> toil aitrpalch.  "SANDEUSON PEAPtCY.    ���������  oc7 3ra . (Per Jeha BibUy.)  :!  S^rplf^^ PREPA1UNQ ' FOR " WINTER  WILL, SAVE   MONEY!  By culllftf ������t������tht   :.  S e co ii d - ha ii d   S t o re,  .   Vhera they wiU Cud a Aae asFOi'taifBl mf  THE   BEDROOMS:  Ar<������ farniahari in th������ mom corafortabla atylft, ������nd the  Bar supplied 'with tba best Wines, Liquors aad  Cigars. aaoll  ^1*  KE prepared to furnish Lumber.at: itheir .Mills,  William'Creek, or deliver ti to order.  LUMBER DELIVERED ON -LIGHTNING.  GREEK. AT TH E.-SAMB RATES AS OH"  WILLIAM creek;  was. tho first opportnni^ whlcli  the public  had of ji?iijipg of the buPd-.s musical acquis- ���������aiS'iuffli"''81 *^x** M flp'ratiao'tliey W|}J j  ' TaB4TBE'R0YAL ���������Thr'BkNKFIT TO TTIK FlRSS  'BititiAPi!;.���������The Am  .lor the benefit of ,lhe r iro ling  <dny eyeninc: last was well attcndtMl,   T!i������  ��������� only drawback was one which neither- the  Amatenrt nor the brigade could foresee or  ;prw���������nt,-r-t"he extreme -coldness of the flight,  which rendererl Ihe seals near the iloor espeei-  tiWy /rativer unplefisaRt.   On 'this accou n 11 he  torchlight procession eacoriine the bund wi������Jbnfitcned lo lbii Bpoti and f01in(] that a defec  ?g.-..ve|i up.ns play in? brass insfnimenta in the tiT������ stove-pipe hod ignWed the ncoof, which  -open-air under the circumstances would have \ \uia been sniJuUIering for some lime. but.the  ntentp, and ihe general verdict was one of  -������������������ y"-"~  unqualified arjproval, coupled in inmty casee  atetir performance ff������vea  wit}) ustoui^n;,trt ttl tbeir.proliciency;, i  e Fir.o Brigade on Satnr- _- : yx- .__!    '   ���������  Ff������K A-LAiiM.���������On Sunday afternoon about  4 6r{:lo'ck aa alarm was given in Richfield  that thy Catholic church was on fire, fioinf*  ���������parties-eoniir^r iip Ihe road from "Barkerville  having observed siutiko coming through the  roof.   A niiiHoer of volunteers immediately  i-been rather a disagreeable task.  The firemen  attended in full uniform, and a large number  <t? ladies were'jumong the audkneeun the  dsen$ seats, and the house-having 'been very  . tasteful I y decora ted. w i i h flu gs. I r n rn p e Is, an d  ��������� the varibus.iiri^lemen-ts and insignia of the  1B r igade, p rese nted a very 1 i ve ly a n d p I e asi n g  ' '.spectacle; The performanoe was inaugurated  by? au%vertare by the Ainiitei-ir: Bund, after  'Vbicfai toe curtuin rose and the Tar ce of "Five  ��������� P o u rids i Re ward" nn in ed i a fee 1 y s u cce ed ed.  "This is a lively farce, some portions'.of which  '. are very amnsinjjr, although thcplot is rather  ' In tri ca I e and d i ffi c n 11 of com pre 11 e ns i o ri to  ������������������ the imiti a ted spectator.   Mr'Benjamin. Bpstle-  w h aite,' tbe ex ch able gen tl emn tt who was  a almost demented by the loss of his ������������������watch,'  which lie badJeft in the house of a'lady whom  be had been vwiting, and for the recovery of  which his affectionate wife bad indiscreetly  offered ������5re ward, w������s we 11 represen t e d by j  Mr J>S. Thompson, and Mr F. Per ret ably  sustained the character of his servant Dennis,  who vainly endeavored to keep all intruders  .out of the home. The gallant afimirer of the  . ladies. [Dr. Sweet berry, was admirably per-  t Bonated by Mr Gomer -Jobhs, as  wns the  melaneholy watcbrn;i'Iver, Mr Sorrotfcule, Ihe  ^bnsbard of the lady with whom the watch  had been left, by Mr 'II. McDerraott.r-  . Florence Wilson, as  Mrs  tfostle%vhaife, as  usualfperformed her part correctly and in  fyooft .M������<*.   Tit* char������?<?.Mrf b������0W*Ht? Wtt$ notT   SHcWM, >^v m, 1471  DBESSED LUMBER  at satl������t'fl������t������rj ritea.  mlt  C  ���������9  A.V9  i1  i'  Tinware & 8toyes>  MINIj:RS, & CARPENTER'S TOOLS,  ZINC, LEAD PIPE,     ���������  SHEET 'IKON (fill \$*nf**y.   '.  S'lOVIioPOLlHU,  KKVOLV^ItS.' (fUN^i .  BALLS..",':CAP'b.  rfHOT,.  POWDER. POWDKIl FLASKS.  SHOT BAGS,  DOOR LOCKS. PADLOCKS.  BASTARD & MILL SAW KJLE*.  And other articles too numerous u> mention.  General Agency.  quantify of snow lying bad prevented tbe fire  from breaking through, though on one side  the bent bad been sufficient Io melt nearly all j  the snow.off a considerable space, 'find such  an accident occurred during the. summer; it  wo ii id have been: n est lo irnpossib le to have  aa ved either 1 li e ch u rch or tbe cl erg; man's  rea id e n c e, as t h ere is ������ 6 1 &vge s u p p I y o f wa ter  -conveniently to be obtained. We wouldsug-  ���������gest to Ihe congregation ihe propriety of providing fo r siitfh a n em ergo n cy.  apiatf  JAMES   WJCKHAM,  Ilurkervilie.  j FORCE  PUMPS   and   USER   MACHINES  j put up tnd wnrrunted.  jE^*  STOVKS   IIADK  TO   ORDM   el  moderate prices,  Repairing of Metals don* ai usual,  THOS.   FLETCHER,  BtrictrvtlU*.  T  Among the ree cm t arrivals frotu Omiieca  Mr J. P. Taylor, of the Barkerville Drug Store,  "has returned to this town.  Barn a ft n ?s Exp kesh wilt p ro b ab I y ar r i ve o n  '.Tuesday next.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I T^?rHi*?n<T ?' TH? ELK^N IIKLl) ON TOR  I.. 16th.iV/irc/nii.er will be prwfcilmwJ nt thofi^ut  s**������* &chtoM( o��������� JHCBSIuy. th* 7th Ducomber  at 12 d'eiiek, noun.  LIGHTNING ���������CREEK.  INRRB AND TRAPRR8. will And it to their *<$-  . .vantage to purchase a t. thisStoie, w'hert there is  LARGS  of (he v^s'y l?*?t (lepcriplion en band, line! Ihe j>i������Rk  consumlj pepJeaUhftl l������y n������w arrivals.   Tli������pmpri������-  ior n*ill sell Goods  AS'^QHEAP AS ANY IN CARIBOO.  Order* promptly flllad *nd forwarded with dispatch.  J. W..LINDHARD.  LOUft, FLOUR, FLOUR,  SODA  CREEK,  QUESNELLE, a*4 ,  . BARKERVILLS  J. HARPER,  A. GILMORE,  9  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, tl  IT AS ONT HAND, AND rs CONSTANTLY rrcciving, a  ii law?* ������.������.������nrltm;nl, of CLOTHS, CA^IMEKES  nid VKSTIN<3S, >vhioh he Is'prepared to make to  tU'derjn the most appntved styles,  8$r Parties on   William  Creek can  hav*  ttoflr  wmmmm tak������a hy Mr McCallara, Barkerrillt  H. Xf. RATJV  ���������MUmtet WRcrr.    *   ^ ^u^ers I>em Carll������;ise^af������y ute*4������A H  ���������\m it   p ggy-^ ���������  J.  J.   ROBERTSON  DEGS TO ANNiOUXCB -THAT Hid HAS OPENSD A  mm km boabdihg house  AT STANLEY, - - LIGHTNING CREEK.  Tho Table-will always he supplied with the heat  articles that can bo gut in Canbuo, and the Bar with  tho " ���������    ���������     .  Finest Wines,  Liquors  and. Cigars. ~  Stanley {Mouth Last Chance Crock.) j  *    " ' April 20,1871.     ��������� '  flip  mm  IB  H  \mM  ^^  mm  ���������  ^S  ^S  Wm  mm  ���������  MB  mm-  Hi  ���������  pi  Hi  wmk  Pi  P  p.  WM  yy  r   iX%  vxy%  tyM  ilttMi  fill  m  Hk ate  &GB&&OBIS2Z  gmaaaaaaaaBsy'S  SHSKEW^ra  TfiECARIBOO'.SEiSTIML:  SI  SATURDAY, ;DEC.. 2* 1871.  'PASSENGERS;y  Down^By .Gerow: *fc J6li hsoh"a Expre ss,  left 26th Nov.^?;Ji.^riderson; .Simon: M������y,^  : J, F, Gerald^D*^^ Yale.-y  m  MINING; INTERDIGBNCI!:. '5  . ''��������� ��������� *''     .'      '   ... ^WILLIAM CRBBKi i|x   ��������� ' .'  V "In in^ clairnii, and very /littlei-'wp'rk:"'has been'  ,4<me;; ;The,E������rf������t'Rop/co:^wh1cj],:colEiimencH  work; last i^k^were/cf mpelled^ to :foispend,  the length of their: ditch froin;French creek  re nd c ri tig I fc I tb pessib I e ��������� I b k e e p the w ate r  from . \ ree zi ng. -; Tlie : Bal 1 a rii t co. b a v>> c o n i ���������  men ced ,wash i ng. t"bis; week .it o der . grin in d.r -  '. The 'Cariboo yo.^^ having connected tbeir new.  Bnaj]|with;tlie; bedrock dniin:liuve got) ready  tj work d������ribg.:'thfrw,inier;^v-- ^yyX'jyy  .'���������,.y  '...     '";   -; ������������������;..', ��������� FRENCH-CIlKKK/'ti x'] '��������� y" X.  The Ambrose co. sirn������If t ip*drock in their  b 1 ind ��������� sbftft laafi w������efe 35vfeet.: be) aw A he ti i h riel  and o ver. 2 50 feet from A the-, iuriace. '���������'.- They  ���������,_������������������ b������ve^beeri'sinking in jlieroe^  opening nut to try ami bot'tpmyth^'cbanneb;  Encpii ragingV prpspeets werei/fii'lind bji tlie  ,'- high-rock. ' x,\   ���������" ,    > '   '"   ,' ���������     '������������������        ���������-,  L0W1IKK CRKfiSC,   ,      ;, , . yr  The., Black"Bull and Victoriivcompanip^  have been encrnfjed; tblsT^weeferbatri lug; Jo ver/  their steam engines. .     - -   ���������'��������� ��������� l     f  "       JACK OF.CXCBR CKEEK. ',       ,,  The Two bisters e*. have got into t hecha n>  pel .ii nd obtai ned some very' goad* prospects'  The First: Chunce co. continue to get average  T������yv-xv7:\::;'.^  ���������MINING;: RECORDS.  .- ,, i \ \, ��������� wiujam: OiiEiss.>,. _ v .. , ��������� ' -  .., Cariboovco^NoW.;24r-Recorded in favor  o!Joeepb;Hunler.v^  . Vhi11a|0cei\y.:(1{ irani Wikmipt 4 cref le claims;  ;-e iui in end tig ait up per J iueor Cariboo-grounds  11 * i in I ng ii p ft1i reaiii. 111 e 1 y wer ,-200- feet bei ng  "2l������(J feyt and.remainder IS1)0,1 eet wide, to form;  3-������rt of said company;     ���������   : ,-'_.,  ���������..,.": v,, ;?:.. y tn Kti'usi������ ciiRKK..:.  .- ..; ���������, ," J, \:; l' i  Weld o n r-o,��������� -. Nov,. 2-1^ Record ed i n favor  ���������<*! Kdwin Uid|v^Hy.:Iienry Bawden,; Henry  ���������W-rmleock;- OaVidr,Robertson,   four  claims'.  <��������������� (in tu ������'ii oi" g a f 'Mjiier 1 ibe oi' lianseu co., and  1 niiJiing- Up>trv{nii^7'77:C(:s: "7:7 = 111!       1-1  Mr^c,iLrrn"oRRK>:.      j.'   "  Kt/tie.;' Minnie 'cn^���������*.Nov   27��������� Recorded ip  t b v < ?r lit J < j h 11 Ln 1110 n>; M i c h a el D ri sco 11; eac h  <Of iniviesii^aiifli Robert Jjipeett otieViiitereit^  ;4tb.aiido.ne(i'ib;Y.���������'���������J.obii Cony. , r^'vy-?  ^cptii*^;U()tJRT;;:  isstonerand  ^;RKGfeTEit,Ofi -r  At R^������Jjiii<HVi7ivii [|nm G}^jefc^rrpii:lfftlj !lp.3nti&  .Tsro vJb er, t aken a t 9' a;tn. ea cb day,. sbo wirrjr t h h  11 i]r 11 en t an d ��������� low est,, run ge A'o r p reced I a'f 24  bourn:" ���������'"���������'���������"--y*-x���������%;���������*��������������� [y ���������'���������������������������/���������:/,��������� y..-:    ���������  (Bcftire Hi-Mf Ball, Esq^'Gold.:Commisst  x.;y    ".,       \������ C&unty Court JudgeO  ; .   7 \   ' ;THURSDAyyN0V; 30,1871.  N; CuKio; vs. Jkan Gacx.���������Sii?t for S500  damages lor breach of contract; by not bring:  itipa toad of freight from Tale.:  .: Jbis case, which was avvej'y important one  as lifiecting the^validiiy of verbal (jonirac!?,  w as. tried b el ore; a: jury consisting; of Messrs.  Jsimas'A7 Laid law;; O^b^  Perret|J: 0. McMillan^Benjamin Springer.  T b ie^ I al n t iff test i 6ed tli at about CAMh-yA "-  giisb be saw defeud an^a rid:'la J ked -ab'oi.i t paeking.; ; defendant said be tbou^bt effgoiog to  Peace wer; butwas n^  ting"this'.'pay/ and wouid raiher go to Yaie;  told bim 1 had some goods .coming ; he said  he���������-could take about : 15.000 or 16*.000 lh������.;  we bad a long talk ahouUhe "terms; be askeii  14:.;-beri.ti. wbicb I paid was too ibigh, as I Ibid  made a .contract with Davis, fur '��������� 1.1i cen-s;  after-ai good": deal. 4 of bargain tpg^lofendani  acjreed talake; 1^^"^. payable cash oil der  li very ; we then shook iuiniiHoa} he bargain  and he stood treat���������; defendant. asked ir we  sboiild' ha vea wri tten agr^eineii t, but we bo th  concjudedSiti'wiss ;not inecessary3s wo.liad  kriowneacb qlber a long time ; defendant  asked me to,telegraph' to, Yale, as be wanted  to;;h^ve>t|ieiroods relidy^or bim ; I telegraph-  ed to Kinibail th Gladwin ;to?;keep the goods  to iny order, and Wrote to them by next ex-  presgsto delivery tbem lo Jean Caiix;; .next  morn iiigdelenda-nt asked again if,, we 'should  huv;e a written;agijeem^n11 p:saidi}ie H)gn\  liave one if bet-wislw^- biit'lvdiditint ili'iii'k it  necessary;; a -few days after wards I received  ���������a lelegraihyfroni Kimball & Glad win tuning'  i.h at Ua u^x b ad ��������� te I f lgr a p h ed t o th em n ot. t u  ���������keep^the freight as; be was gpingr to ^Jertnan-i  sen; creek v;Giiti)ahak^not;br6light any of\ the  i?oods.;and I have beeo obIined to pay 1^c  trj'$0ft creek for spme:Banrl 12ic: for mote of  ! be sameli^eight; tbere^are stil 1 bet ween VMH\  a������������I jidbO lbs^at Soda creek ; a portbai came  to'Quesnelmouth by steamer; have 'paid 4c  and 5c toBarfeeivillfeCon part of this, vbe re-  mainder may bo -brought iir for Sic; alto-;  get he r^ consider ih a tc -defe nilaut's breach of  ,contract:bas cost me about 9c per lb; extras  beside^ loss of time : 1 bad made aeon tract  in writing w]th pavts ; to bring this-freight  Under $500 penalty on each side, but delend-  ant told *ne himseff; th-at -J)avi8; hadjsold;bis  train,; ^havev o <*y;ejr sited pa vis ^ f or d ama ges,  considering it' Wfiuld feerfonly tbi*owing goqd:  money after bad ; % if the goods bad been de  1 i vered to defendan t and Day is , bad gone to  Yal e a n d o ft wed' to * ta k e t h e ni; 1 sliou 1 d h a ve  considered my>:ell; bound to pay- the $500  : p en at ty^: | niy * on lyv.r ease 'if, f o r; \i\ ak i pg a,. w i \ tl  ten agreeirient W iI-h bi tii \vas;. that I:\vaa afniid  he uiigbt;take; another load if M $^1 bjgber  iWgiifcyyy,-    :'���������"';  ���������;'-A. Vfgnplo corroborated the evidence .Of  :pltiinti(f;., wa? present,.\vhe'n .1 he.bai'gain; was  made \ defendant said -.to��������� Cu'nio,,;\you. have  ���������got-> goods at.: Yale which Da vis is' to bring,  butlie has backed out"; plainiiiTsaid,be had  bea������d eo-lmt was not sure :  defendant said  \-y \\y'f\x}M&  !K evem ber" 1 fi--1 ������������������������  y^''-!xX7~~My  y   18--2S  ���������   ^::-iWtv  .    21,-  ���������    22-  ,-.;,   23-  ; 24-  25-  Zi  -36'  -30  -19  Mrs.: ",,y: -;,..  ,13 belpw zero.  '���������'3 above zero.  ���������Al ���������:>������������������.--.. y  ������������������H'y.xxxyly!!'  ���������'27 ������������������  W:!' iy'x'x  .2(1   ���������.,  3;5-_y  19 below zero;  2belowxe;roi IS  Sabove zero. 17  28���������4  20-32  30-24  22  n  10 above zero.  The mean teinperflture for November waa  lMO degrees ; the highest point being 50 ������  'On 7th and the lowest 22������ below y.ero on  2Hlb. At the Meadows 34������ below zero is  reported. Last year the mean temperature  wus 30.78,   ,  Arkksted���������Jean Caux was on the information of JN, Cunio arrested yesterday  on a  charge of perjury alleged to have been committed in the County Court trial between the,  parties on Thursday,   the case will be inves- j  tigated to-day.  EccufSTASTiOAL���������Rev. J, McGuckin arrived  here on Wednesday,^ind will remain during  thrt winter. Divine service will be held at  the Catholic church, Kichneid, tomorrow,at  31 a.m.  Pouck Court-G. McKay and J. O'Donnell  baving had a dispute about a sleigh, the  former .committed an assault upon the latter,  for which.h������ was on Tuesday fined $20, ia-  chiding costs.  ^TKLKGRAHitc���������The line, an usual, ie dow^  ihte time belcw %ieatn���������lmbutfc  j he knew it birrise' f -;: wiiuess gave ftitiiiIur ies-,  it nib ny to pi ni 111 i ff as to the co n cl t tsio ri oi t he  b arga i n;; de fan d a n t' said he w isi ied t be 1 reigh t  to be -'ready' iii: 'Vale,when witness showed  him a telegram which shovt'ed tbey would be  there!'i wo ^w^eks before, be con Id :be\ ready; for  tbem; Cunio telegraphed :and wrote by express as already stated ; there .was some talk  a bou t a wri tten' agreemen t. h u t bo t Iv. pai'lies  sa id; t h a t b e I wee ri th em i r, w as: no 111 ecessa ry:;  witnesa detailed further particulars of goods  received and sti 11 on'the way, with the bigh  freight paid thereon. :"���������''  J. B. Ahillamont���������-When Cause was going  below: ho asked tne info Cunio'ssaloon to take  a drink; Cunio said Ma net la was anirry on  acco u n tof h is h a v i n g e ii ga ge d d eftj nd ail it to  brl ng bis fret gh t. as 11 e (M an ������tta) bad wv.- i 11 en  to bim previously: oifering a load : Caux was  present when these remarks were made, and  told witness he would be back in 4U or 4o  dava.  consideration given, -and the contractmrist  ftiibfor wanfcol:mutuality, ; A contract must  ,be obligaloryyon both;; par ties- $.yandv m t he-  present did not ob 1 ige-Cunio to del fver de-  f end ant,; the:; goods, it- ni list be void. There  was nothing to bind either partyy as nothing  bad bepn done under the agreement: >Noh is  ;a ci^rner.^:liabje.until gopdaiiaveibeen :de)ivr  eied to! him. He proceeded to quote 'a number of atiifiorities in favor of tbe motion. '  -Mr Far.lt followed on < the sUnie 'side; He  said it was ;a maxim of law> thatno acliori  could:lie on: a '; .nudum..pacturn,'* ,or3nais;ed  Contract. This"was essentially a.naked con^  trac^;"and-what bad plauitiffielo^  He bad shown neither payment of in obey, de^  liyery of goods',; i>r;a written agreemetHjViio-  tb'itig. but a bare word.     *' - ������������������������������������ \\y, t  Mr Walkeni"for plaintiff, characterised;tbe  arguments of:-tlie counsel 'for defence asy'aS'  si i rd : a n d: contra ry- to comiri on sense a rid j tis-  I i c e.; Vi rt t te n d oc u men ts w e re ni������ re I y con:  fir m a lory of ye r b a 1 agree men t s: '��������� p re vi p i isl y  ma de:. v The Stii i 11 te of Fraiul a n ii ly' refers: to  sules ;bf:gopds.:Conveynn<es ef I ands, aiid-; ivsY  >i g ri men ts of; h? ases, fnil t h ere wa s _=n 0 th big t o  reqtiire a contrkct with a; carrier to; be ia  writing.; r :yy,     ;\ >"\iy- ;;-".  '   Mr park remarked that common sense bad  nothing lo do with law, v   ���������   -  The Judge refused to 'jrrunt n nonsuit. Tie  considered: Unit :there was mutuality; and good  cause; for action., ;��������� .y. e ,       "..;   ;>   '���������-���������'  MrDavie then opened the case for tbeIde-  tenxei ���������      ��������� '    '        '      '������������������'!'   '���������  Jean;Caux (examnied in French through  B, Dt^nls, interpreter),:��������� ,Ctinio,ra?k;ed.rae.'if 1  hntl.'���������seen;;Davis,at..Quesnelmouthv.and if I  k new; Vwb at he "w^s d oi ri g-a ti^d w here he was  going ;, told him I did not know; bu t had beard  that be.had sold" his 'train-; plaintiff asked  where I was goi iig,;and efuV tli a l .if I< would  go to: Yale he would: give1 me ' the freight if  _ Da visdid Hot I ake i t, and lie would telegraph  W Ki tribal V&(^  wouldigolfvhe would join d bim self by ..a1 writ-'  R0Ai)sinB^^is.-r-We:le>irn frbMMrEdwd^  Pearson, who arrived here on Tbumday l������str  that there has been sufficient isnow on tbo  Ipwerroad io makeigood iileigbing fromClin>  &hl? Yanwinkle, butoti^ this^side of Vaiw  winlcle tbo,recerit snow storm ;bas ��������� made tlid  road very bad.���������Fifteen of tlierpassebgers by  ������S^P? boat;^Uiob w^^  ar.riveilfatftne9nelraonih this iweelr after se*  yere hjardship;r /Three ^ei^^BtilK missing-^  SoMM^MJlt^forraerly, of Barkervniej^ithtl-  two colored men,-namesnotTeporttid:   Ifc i  hoped; however,; that they are -iafeyisr -i  -��������� caOhc^! of r;!provi^ib'ng;'was; left fey tie party  whrcfrwent��������� n\t���������'.from Quesnelmoiiith to'the re^-  He^of the ice^dmid tr^  tions which were' insula for the purpose of fbrjj  warding: proVisiohs vha(t':-\aot-;'b^u������iiBciWt  cxpectexl to be got safe dpwii riC'Qiiesnei*  mouth.^-Messriii Paarson Bro's. inrbnd frei^bl;-  g exterisiveiy 'ibis;wintei^ bfcliveSn^uesliei-  buthRrid'Barkerviile.^   l      ?  l l':":r ''   '  in  mo  ....pimir..  go I would <telegraph  down;' bu11;niigh't go  : t o Stria rjtfr *l '^e ; won i d - h a ve pre ferred a load  frpm 3tale Af secured;; felegra plied on 20th of  August1 to; Kirnbal 1 '&-G lad win not. to keep \ he.  1 reign l^Jasl was -going, to Germansen; creek ;  iriei^ly^told^rManeita that;I was engaged ;  wrote/to; Harper Bros, that I could not; load  for ithern.^but; did riot write that Lwas:en-  : gaged M pi aj i^ff,;';, A<p 1 d;M a u ry- tba jt Qui i ip h ad  ''pffeved mei,12ic ; lie must have misunderstood:  ihe ; tobf Eallie'r I would load for hi ni a f 13c,  a^ Giihtv'ifai freight was not sure,  ; ;; ���������'  :. ��������� M-r;l|ark; argued that at, the time of the al-  legea. con tract '"jjlaihtiff did hot know whether:  D avis h a d so 1 d o it t o r n o 11 f6 r w li j ch reason  .bey<1 id.:.riot'^'^ive ���������a* rwiltteif; contract..;as ie  W Oil Id tli e ii have b een bo nil d in a p e rial ty o f  $500 to Dayls.who even if. he ...had sold his  own f ra in m i g h tli a ye b ro ugh t; ��������� 1 lie; go ods by  any ot her conveyance. ��������� If plain tijfsufb'red it  was lhi'0ngh his own negligei)ce; aud uot:  through theuegligeuce of (ltHendant..7  .;; Mr ;V/ai]veni':iisked tlie. jury, lo give:a verdict f o r; p 1 ai nil iff.'' Tli e fi rst in fo rni ati.on. as to  Davis breaking his contract'was given by defe n dan t h i ui se I f, Lan d; p lain (i if:; d i d n o t bu e  Davis as he knew it would be of no use?  StiU,J ho we ver, if lie had.made twen ty difl������r-  e n t co n tr ii cts, a n cl mad h hi hi t, h er w i [. Ir d ef en d-  a5it. he wen11 d lie responsib 1 e for the (ast, The  of ��������� the, JuleuttmaDt.(Jpvernorja Prociamatiou^  ex(en4ingjhe period,^  relAirns,in;,reim^e,districts;ihe ,result ?ogi ihe.  electjpu; in: CariboQisliould i$e.t announced, ia  th ree ,>V������ek| .fr i-m th e, da^ of i pp 11 ing, ap* ihat  on Thiirs|3ay;,next,;Oe^mber J^h^tl^^cjal  ./declaration of tbe state of, the poll-should  take   place, at. itichfield.*- However^ it  is  doubtftil:still y/bether.tbe xebirns fi'om:Omiu������  eca w ill��������� belfd(> wpin lime, al tliot<g\h :C������:p ta 1 ri  ^ey^}^t.:may)reacb^tbis/b^  Accprding lotbe^lecjipri/yAkta. th<^ ;re|uruing  .officer can Jn ^he/absenc^.ofi return8,frpnl;ariy  ^:polimg diyisioifi adjourn the;deciarationffrpni  day to day, b,nt notifor allonget-f period^thao;  will enable the return to the writ tdtbemad^  at the time appointed. .. Thisyin the oase^of  Cariboo is set for '23&iDeeember,r m / tb'������it������������������,  the next; hi ail will probably leave abieut ibtb:  .December there wilb.npt^btf, -miicb^vailkbi������  time for any further;postponement.'   "A   - ''Y  1 Tub WKATHKk for tbe pas i week! has' ��������� fc$e1i  iinti8u*lly inclement^nd ievefe^for the'season  of the year, Ibevoldest residents ;pf Caribbo  all agreeing that so much ^cbld weather in  November has never been  kno$a ^dtirinfc  'their experience ; imr:bas there'been' bonitfeb  snow lying: jit tj;e same - time in aay^pfisvioila  year.:: F<5 r; fo ur da^s commehci ng 1 ast /Saftirr'  ' d ay: the: cb 1 d; was ;iri I e rise, -after / wiiich1' th'ef.e*. ���������  was a ch a'rige' * ii d "k u ow * ge fc iir-4-o n������lJ btl thb-  h ea vi est s n 0 w star riis, W\ih higlr w jji d: cauj>i rig  Heavy/ drifts; .'lasting'aircia^  Testerdayj agairi ^turned Very fcold/althori^:1ii  snow' COritiinied to' fitllisteacliiy.": ".."������������������; :"': 'i'!-^" ���������  .:.y.;. -./;,;. ,. ...- :.��������� x, ���������; ��������� iX..X :'������������������������������������.  -���������: ���������'."���������-���������;��������� '.'-:������������������> -.-������������������ :-.7->-  BARKEi{viUyK .CRiNCII; ASSIT 0TV\jGE.���������TJji.;  number of gold bars assayed at.this office/for  evidence of Messrs,Onnio. Vignolo, Manetta,,tbe ���������>oth ot November^.was, ^^liifi^^  Abuiry and Lajlier rtilweaUo show, that, the  S72,41J5t and tho reeeipts^ir the.-sau^/P������5������M������  were $274.   It is extremely satiafactory toseo  th e b u si in ess o f thi o fj: ce c on tin u ing so s te.aiiy,  contract had been .made. The damages sus-  ta j ned,, a s . sh o w n by t h e . s Ja tis t i cs, would  a m o u ti t ac tu al ly; to ab o u t S15 00. T!) e p rese n t  suit had, however, been brought, in theOounJy  Court for the 'largest sum of its jurisdiction in  eve tt alter a large proportion of the claims in.  Ca rib o o . ha d fii isp e h do d wo r" fir-,. tliie val u el p  order to. save the delay which wouId. resuM. j tho go 1 d assayed being withift' a f������vf hitudrerj  dollars. of the a in o u nt assay e'd iii O c fob e r,  w h ich w as t he best m on tb sin Cc th������ o ������i ������e iv ua  hero, there \rere mutual promises t\\\d mutual  considerations, there way no necessity  for  t P. M n n e t i a���������Bef o re Ca u x cam e to $ a rk er-j writings.-'. V  rtlfe wrote totem to .say 1 wan led. hint to     The Judge charged (he jury that the i  bring freight for me ; after his arrival sentf&r  him and asked bim if he- would load for me ;  lie said he wanted to go to Peace river.; a.sked  him H' he was engaged������������������ lie paid yes 5 lie did  not seem to wudi to tell who had engaged  hiui; 1 asked bim if it- wafiCumo, and bu s>iirJ  it ..was ; J. got angry, and told him he bad done  w v 011 g, as ii e !s b 0111 d h a ve gi veil me - tb e \) ro f-  erence.  N. I\ I a ury���������Th e d a y be fo re d e fe a d a n 11 e f t  ���������Co r b el o w h e to 1 d me j 1 e w 1 ts go ing to Y al w fo r  C:U 11 io'������ 1 rei g h t; d o n o t re 1 n e n 111 er Hied a re -  F. La 11 ier���������The day ,t hat defeu d a 131, arri ved  h ei ore it could be brought up in the Pupreme  Court in. Cariboo, or tho expense and inconvenience of having il tried below.    Packers , .  should be compelle,d to Intm their contracts, j nratpponea.   - .  (he breach of which hud been a fruitful source      the Marriage Law of British . Columbia*  or litigation for ihe last ten year,.    Where, as ^.^ t]mt nQ ^^ be' ^gally mimied  b y a c lergy in an exc ti p t a f te v tb e b ap n s h a y 0  been published in. church for three coii<ecu*  live Sundays, or & license obtained underllui  liand and seal of the Governor. Strange 10  Bay, the Execu tive has fa 11 ed to prov ide(, t\\e  the connubial wants of the paople of Cariboo,  as there are no licenses to bo had at nV-  M aids irate's office ex cent whiifi ;tre out nf  Tasked would he load Air me ;  abuiit ttiret  days   afterwards be came to me.and 1 asked J.ury returned a verdict for defendant.  him the same question ; he said no wtinted to ������������������:��������� ���������'������������������   go ta Peace river, bui Cunio had offered him      Sxpkkss  and Hau,.���������Gcrow & Johnson^  issue  was whether uV"M/e was an express agreement  or. not. Plaintiffs evidence was strong on  this point,'backed: up by bis teb'gram to hold  the good* and the letter ordering them to he  delivered to Canx. On.the either hand, defendant  maintained  that.the agreement was  rf&nly conditional, and he bad' ;(elegraphed to j dale bearing ihe signature of the late Gov*  Tale that; he. was going ib'Gerraansen creek,  ernor. . ��������� ���������'''      "': *! '  It would be for them to take all thefacis into *"  '  .(ioiidiltfrulitm and. decide whether the promise  w as ex p ress o r c o n d i ti 0 a a I. S li 0111 d they f i n d  for plaintiff, he would be clearly entitled to  ���������tilie full damages claimed. :  AH<'r deliberating for half an  hour, the  l^c.  egress, with the first regular mail under the  Mr Davie, for defendant,'moved for a non-1    . ,   t ,r^ .-   Q,,nAn,T    n?,  suit.   Defendant was not a common carrier- I.W^er arrangement. W- on .Sunday.   Ihe  er,  ^  wf',10 was bound ,to carry goods tor all piuiie's ������e^'ra*il & ^pected io amV������������������ ttboui Tbum-  la^Jaifji'iMsifia?^.   In tbip c������������? Iher* ������������af' no ta  p^ Th ii: Ua 1 litoa/> S ronjb  (n early op post te the Go vein men t Aifcmjf  (.) fli e e t V Ba r k er v il I e),-���������T1 ii������ s lo re b a������ b ee u  opened by Mr C. A. Noltemeier inconn������cuou  with his store iu Victoria, with the largei?  and best assortment of boots end shoes ������?*p.  brought to Cariboo, He has introduced *  110veity in the form of warm Wiuler li0������m  for bo.th ladies and gentlemen. Ueathor and  Sh0e Jj.iridiuga urid Grocevies are abt$ ,k*p*.  on hand. iiooU made to order,.Atom b������������>.  ���������m^U������'i������J������, f������r ^WfH'f^ #*������*M������g'*****$��������� '���������  mwmamnum I: C ll  ' I, '.���������'..  . ) ��������� .'.-������������������  >'. 'i'.Z  Ayy  7--:*  .   . t .  r.  'f {,' ���������).'���������. .  ���������J ?/.?���������''���������  Wl  s't ���������'������������������.'  Mm.  J !ji';������;  A$'(Xi '���������  Ih-y  ���������to.  mi  ..il",r  I  ���������IIP!-  If  iMy-  y$m}  ^m^i ���������  ���������yew-���������  ���������#$>,y:  Mf   ?  .  IK  m-  M&f  my  Iff;! ��������� ���������  ml  : ..UrX\nlj  ������������������:M'if./fi-..  X  yS&M4*'.1'  yy  xm  ������������������1  ilfc  ANOTHER INTERESTING SCOTCH MAR-  /RIAGBCASE.  \ An action has been rai8o4 in fh^Conrt of  Sf������������ioni Edinburgh, in which Mrs Robertson,  wife of a riding master ht Aldershott, nnd  also designated " relict ot the'now deceased.  ,:]tfajor-George Driimmond Steimrt, V.C., late  4it.lh&$2& or Sutherland Highlanders, only  f on and lawful-beir of Sir William Drummond  Sieuarfc," together with her husband, are pursuers.. The defenders are Sir Archibald Doii-  gjai Steuart and Mr Frane Rice Nicolls,.or  ���������5!r FraDC"Ric"e"Nicoll8 Sleiiart"- Jn! tto.taira-  mona it.is asked tbat a decree obtained in ab-  ,   sence.oti tbe.3d November, 1870, "aM he in  stance .of the said deceased Sir William Drum-  as his wife, and boasted that she had borne to  bim a pon and heir, while'at the same time he  declined to take any public steps which would  necessitate the keeping no of an. establishment suitable to his rank. After tbetdenth of  ibe said Major Steuart, and the death' of the  said pursuer's father and mother, she was  w i tb bii t fri en ds to pro tec t, her i nter es t s,. a n d  without funds to follow forth her. claims.���������  While in these circumstances an action for  putting"'id silence- and bastardy was raised  against her and her son at the instancejrf the  said Sir William Brummond Steuart. who had  before (ills shown great affection for the pursuer's child, whom he declared to be "a true  Steuart." He would certainly have ulti-  xnond Steuart against the., pursuer, the said i mately -acknowledged his legitimate grand-  Margaret' Wilson or Steuart or 'Robertson,Amri, but wasinstigaled lo raise said action by  EXPRESSES. STEAMERS, &c.  Ho!' for Caribao^ii.d1  'MISCELLANEOUS.  and. ,ber " son, William ;Georg������ Pnimniond  Wilson Steuart, in an action of put!ing to  ailehce and, bastardy," should be set aside.  The pursuers also claim ������4000, as Mrs Rob-  ������rteon-s jita rellcte, from Mr Nicolls. who hi a  taken possession of the moveable estaje of  the deceased b a Fonet. In; th isf' c o n d esce u d  *������nce?7 is the followincr statement *f the cas<*:  the defender, Franc Rice Nicolls, or Franc  Rice Nicolls Steuart,. who had acquired a  mysterious and ur accountable ascendency  over the mind of Sir William Steuart, and  compelled bim to adopt him-as his son, and  to convey to him his whole heritable and and  moveable estate, with a view of gelling.' the  BARNARD'S STAGES  MAKE THE BEST TIME!  DRIVE THE BEST STOCK! ���������.&���������'���������   ^USE-THE BEST COACHESf��������� "���������  HAVE.THE MOST COMPETENT DRIVERS  CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS:  DO THE LARGEST BUSINESS!  . real heir and successor to-the Mnrthly estates  rr������fe pu.ener, Margaret Wilson or Sieuart. n��������� w am] honors p!tt aside arl(, ^pplatifeil by an  wifeof the other pnrnwr. .H.-nry Kobertepn.!,,;-;   Tii������������id pursuer wasenHn-ly ignor,  anfcof tho IaAv and.ofh^r. rights iih.der it. and  in the position in which.she stood was vlmlly  incapable of looking after her; own in teres! s  riding 'master in a hussar regiment at Aider-  yi5hott;:is' a daujrbter of ;t.he now deceased].  George Wilson, rod and:fishing tackle maker.  "Wiiterloo- place, EdinVurgh. ��������� The defender.  Archibald Douglas Steuart, entitling himself  and ��������� Rn6 wri ris' Si r ;Atchibal (I J)o 11 gI as Ste u art,  Is the brother of tbe JateSir WUlwra Dhitn-  nion d Steuart, of G rand I u 11 y, ah fi cl������i ma n t cif  the baronetcy and entailed estates of Grand-  tallyandMurtbly." Theotber-defender!Pranc  Rice'Nicolls, <or Fraiic Rice Nicolls Steiiart,  Is ah American \ troin Texnri: who: 1 anded ��������� in  this country in or about 1864, so far;as: the  ���������ptiisuers understand,' and resided' for some  years at Mtirthly Castle, and lately at Dal-  p.o\vie-bon?e, both in Perthshire. ;= The late  Mnjor -Will ia ni \ G eorg:e Dru m m o n d S f eii ar t,  YiOVformerly of the 93d,or Sutherland Hifih  Jandersvwas.the only son of the deceased Sir  ���������^Villiam Drnmmoml Steuiirt;^ana\ durin? the  years .1804 arad 1S.C5 was.a frequent yisi I or at  the business premises of. the late Mr Wilson;  lie became strongl y. attach ed to Mr. Wilson's  daughter Margaret, tlie pursuer, and desired  to make her his lawful wife. Accordingly, on  or about.ilth February, 1866. being the biri  ���������day of Major Steuart, the Major, who had  3> re io ii sly, p u re h ased a . go 1 d m a rr in ee. ��������� r j n er.  within the bouse off tbe said George Wilson,  in Clyde street, Edinburgh, and in presence  <if Mr Wilsop,;hia wife, family, and other parties, who were called in to see the ceremony.  acknowledged and declared tlie pursuer, the  *aid Margaret Wilson, to be his wife, and in  token of tbeir marriage the Major then placed  Vtpon the third finger of her left hand the said  gold, marriage  ring.   On  this, as on many  other occasions subsequently. Major.Steuart  ftUted  that, so soon as .a lawsuit'with which  be'was unfortunately involved with his father  concerning a legacy of .������15.000  was settled,  he would be able to set up an establishment  fitted for them, and be enabled to proclaim f<>  the world his .marriage with the pii;B ler. The  (health of the married couple having been proposed and drunk by all  present,1 with  many  w is bes fp r the i r f u tu re h ap p i ness, the M aj o r  and bis wife were put to bed according to an  old custom much observed in the Ilfghlnnda  and elsewhere  on su eh occasions.    Major  iSteuarty and the pursuer, his wile, continued  to live at Mr Wilson's house, occupying the  B������me bed. and cohabiting together at bed and  board, being treated by ail, the inmates and  their friends, visitors and acquaintances, as  hasband and wife, and .thin, continued to be  th e case \i n til his dep ar t u re for th e con tin en t  in 1868, from which he returned in October  of the same year, and shortly afterwards he  died.. He also cohabited with the pursuer as  husband and wife at various places-visited,  by them together, and, inter alia, at hotels in-  London, Dover and other,cities.  On or about  the 4th of April, .1867, the pursuer gave birth  to a male child, the fruit of the said marriage  between her ami her husband, the said Major  Steuart,   The Paid child still survives.   The  Major on many different occasions introduced  the pursuer to bis triends and acquahtances  or those .of., b^r. child, .and.accordingly a de-  cree in.Absence was obtained in said cause.  The said decree, is unfounded-in. the facts,  and ..wholly, null and void, and .it; is. now  broiigh t. n n d er red u c i ion. 11 is f urtii er st a ted  in.the "condescendeuce". that MrtjorrStenart  about the time of: his death had obtained a  decree in .'an action of :;multiplepoinding. before the.Court of. Session for tho sum. of ������12.-  000 or thereby, which he was entitled to ;up-  lift,''and that she (the pursuer) wiis; entitled;  to; a third of said sum as j its relictic';'" but the  Vn m j- w as u p 1 if ted by. his. fa the r. ri\ Ieg ing> i in -'  self to.be next of kin, and retained by him :  1 hat i n q iii r i es a i e at p rese n t b e i n g ''in a d e - o n  b eh al f o f the p u rsi r e r }s so n i n t.6! the. ma t ter o f  (he enn veytiii ce gran ied f o the': -.'itWf e������ d er, M r  Nicolls. with :i view.to its reduction: but in  any case he 'is liable to the pursuer'in pay  merit of said sum of ������4000, and that tho said  defender, ha? two pr three Week^ ago leff.  Scotland, as it is understood, for tbe United  Statef... '  FOUR DAYS AHEAD OF  'H.M. 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S'  MfS^ELLANEOrj.S;  BARKERVILLE,  YLV KSTER 'S EX PR KSV' FO \l O.M 1XKC A will li ore-  iJlicr K>;ivc QUKSXKLMOUT.II "ii ������r������flioiitUie 1st  .tiid ly.Lh of tucli nu'iuli, ra.Uvtug h'^'Ular trips twice  ii twin!).  JBST" A general Kxpress bnsinrspcoii'litctM.  ������u������ RDKllS.SVhVKSTOR*.  The FLOR ENCE is the best Sewing  Machine .for Family use, because it  co seldom gets out of order. Ifth������r&  is one not working well in        ^  CALIFORNIA,  OREGON,.  WASHINGTON TERRITORY,"  .    NEVADA,  IDAHO,  ALASKA,    ���������  BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO,/  JAPAN,   .  Or CHINA, if informed of it, I will  fix it without  any expense to th*  owner..; ���������. y:., .'~.  . .SAMUEL.' HILL, Ageht/.:"  No-19 Montgomery Street, South,  BRAND HOTEL BU8L0IH0,  Pah J^rancisco, Pal.  Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted \n  everyplace.  R. BEAVEN. Agew  elO 6m  Viet  orui.  n.o.  Groceries,: Prayisions .$30.  %���������* :��������� .:;'::.r:;Li(itiors./r/7;  D 15 POT     FOR  DO6 CHEEK link FL0UB.  my20  Van Yolkenburgli & Co  ,e  Barkerville, Richfiel'di  PSEVSNTIOI BETTER THAI CUKE.  HAVE Ii-ji'h rc-fpiesKs-l l������y scveriilrcsppc-lMl.iloiwr-  tii's, \viift(j:ili t.-siuy i.t> i.Ih; vfllcucy u\ liiysydtcni,  co aguiu luake public lIju I;rcL  Moses' Hail'' Iiivigorator  WILL rPJIVBXT n'ALTlN'ESfii,  ���������' : KKdTOitK HAlll TlIAT.lrf BRCOM[X������TIHN   I  f'7-' Hii: FA LLI Xfr Ol^uili! iSiKM I ii^llvs:  '-'���������  :    . 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Ask for' LEA AJPEERINS' Sauce and see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper,  _ ... . ...  W!ioleis?ile and for export by the Prapriutors, Wor-  Ct������strr ;Grosfc'eand Black Well. London, ice.} &c.; .arid  by Grocers and Oilmen universally,.  r  Miners5 Proyision Store,  BARKERVlLIiE.  A 'SUPPfeY OF TOE  m  ALVXTS 0K SAKJ.  VICTORIA,. B.C.r  MANUFACTURE STEAM KXfilXRS AND BOILERS,  oil her High or Low Pressure, ,  MIUI6MB PUIFIIG MCfiillEY  Grist, QuJirtz mul Saw Mil Is, ami,-in fact anything  connecuMi 'wit.11 tho Macl.inG busUief-s. Iron an<J  Kra'sa Casthj^s'of all rfescriplions, firi hand and for  rfiilo, a ,iaR?������ assnrtm<:iit of ,sn������ot. Bar and othrr Iron,  Bnilur'Bolt.*, .hiok'^orew.s, Brims Cocks, Globe Vaivos,  Gometery ItiiJings <ji diiicrent Patternh, (.'ar WlrecJs  with Iron and Htecl Axles, Steam l'ipo Killings, &c.  All .orders promptly attunded to. Terms Cash, at  our Works iii Tic tori a. -   ..       ... ", -   ..-,���������  myU ^PHATT & IRtIXQ, Proprietory.  T THTS STORK WILL ALWAYS Bfi FODKJ> A  well-selected ������took of the  Freshest  Groceries   and  Provisions in Cariboo.  BEST. JAVA-COFFEE  Roasted and Ground daily.  Where a good assortment of Goofls wiU always fee  lound.  1 irust by strict attention to .fe������������ine?s.aa*1 fair unA  gquar* dealing lu merit ������' continaanci el the jitaraJ  jwtfiAitg* li������r������4of������ir������ ������si<i&4������fl *6 a������������, wi*������  r   ft ty-  mm  fh  IIWlfifflfitiB^wiiBW^


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