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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-12-17

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 *.  X  m  ^jtrf^fX"r"3<*7^^^ &*������?&*!?*** #������?r*-~ v -rri ������"-.���������; w  ���������-H'**;^'^^-*  - ->��������� ���������  ^pk^Mlfe,;;iC!7pliani Creek, B;C., Saturday, Pee. 17, 1870,  .7,  '"-'i  Lvvf  Subscription,--   -   5f>Cents per Weok.  RATESiOE ADVERTISING.;-..  ;' .JFpr one .squa.ro:(o^'o-|ncb)5 first insertion;,  .: i;i^-" <,;���������. V.y y.',:.':'       " one.month,,;-.  '  For two squares, first insertion,     -  . " ,l   <?'--ope month, ������������������  -  -   -  -  8  ^   Agents for ..the *��������� Cariboo Sentinel.'?  'Vim Winkle,*        >��������� :'-a ���������>-���������"���������'   Mr J. W.~ Lindharl i"T  vQuesn el mouth,       -      ��������� ���������������������������>���������-.���������  Barnard'5Express  ���������Soda Creek, y:- -r *-:  7 ���������  " -7.^; Barnard's(Express;  ..Clinton,    -      -.' ".-���������'��������� -   ������������������'.-'"  Barnard's (Express\  .���������Yale,    .-,  ��������� -���������,    Mr..Evans, \   do .&o '*������������������"-���������  j New;Westminster^:^ f;;  -- j7>; HCIarkspn &<Co;  ' 'Victoria,: -; ���������.'"' * '-':"-":."., V - * John Collens>  iL; P. Fishery V ���������'; ������������������'������ :: ���������7 * - - San Francisco  3iu dson & Menet,    y -   -  -  -  -   -.'���������.-  New York.  >���������������������������%  !,'���������;:/"  THE CARIBOO SENTINELi  the oneetingywas: protracted for three hours.  Returning home jiist in time for tea, he was  &tiiqg at the table:%ith, hiSr faiuily^beii; he  #as suddenly; attacked, an'd*became appai^j  eatly speechless and' incapable of motion.  The next morning be tallied, and, asytbfre.  was ho idebisfye indications of pac^ysis or  apoplexy j; it was hoped that tbe attack would  prove nothing more serious than a mere temporary neryous prostration.   AH the indications seemed favorable to bis recovery until  Monday.   He spoke but little, and that only  in answer.to 'qllestipbao6ncerni'ng-'hls'>':plty8i-:,  cal condition;"'^Bnt'tbis'sboi^e'd- that he had  recovered thetypw&c. of speech; : His intellect  seemed entirely clear, and he gave most '.unmistakable evidences that'while belay for>the  most part in a stupor,"to;wbicb the medicines  given bim no doubt largely contributed, he  was^when; aroused,*; entirely .'<<ku3scipns.   He  in this, we have no doubt that all the betting  young AniericaoSf and old too, who read tbis  i|jll in due, time be runnih'g arouiid to make  *tfetr on tbe?-ifiyiBg|HBt8fiv3fro������r?jecSSecl  ������|6rt,\Vwh6se\-ruling  deatb.';  ... -'.""���������������! yyp-2".'\y���������*.**'*. '������������������ :���������������������������'���������'���������: .:���������'���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  MISCELLANEOUS.  ;;���������\; Listof Letters'  REMAINING IN BARNARD'S EXP&ES&,  ' BarkorviUo, B.C., Nov. 1,1870.  ���������I.  my,  ���������;'.%������������������'��������� ..;    Celebrated; '  "x:y'Vy. .  WPaGESTERSHiaE   SAyCE.  '���������-���������X;p       iDecIaredby Connoisseurs to be ��������� .        ���������* /  uxUTHE : ONLY!  GOOD; SAUCE.     ���������  Caution against Fraud.-rTbe-, success of this  Sards',' Girevilars] ;FbsIters andP^ram mes;for  Balls and Theatrical Entertainments ���������  . j^Executed with neatness and dispatchii^"  'V"r:''"'        ���������      Term������mo-dera:te. ������������������-.      y.' '0  ���������fJ'U.1'' WI   in. num. .    1.     X "'.'''��������� ' ���������"'. ���������'      '.'..I" II" ������'���������! I..U-J  y   the last:hoxirstof gen. lee;;  ' ���������'/;   :....,/.'     ;I^^gtoNj Ya., Oet, 13.������ j  ~:x This is a^day^dfcgloora and!;sadnesshere^  ^^^he- tei^grarjl^ of  ' ^General Robert E:Lee:1 ^Sihce Tnesday noqn  it had been understood that the more .-favor--   able symptoms which be exhibited early in  the morning had-fciven place to niore alarming b n������s tb a n be h rfd yet s'h own. "Earl y i n th e,  -morning it was whimpered through the epm-  , mu n i ty: - that' he was fas t si p ki ng. an d with  ^beating hearts our people awaited the issue.  ;"\Vitb,:the flrst -peals of the tolling1 bells the  ���������news ran through,the town, and all .classes  ���������wep t together: as the -word vpassed from 1 ip to  lip. "General Lee is dead."   In a moment,  . -and withniit any concert of action, every  ���������Rfcore, shop, or other ���������-place of business1 was  ^closed:;  even the freedmen left tbeir.iwork,  and all mingled in tbecoinmon grrief,   ?  t      Tb e remo te and re al cau se 0 f General Le e s  illness and-death was the long-continuance of  depressing influences incident to the crushing  -responsibilities which were upon.;him during  the last year of the war, the disastrous termination of the struggle for tbe cause he so  Nearly loved, and the aftlictions of his native  South since the surrender, vAs he;sawvbis  'little army meH away befosa...the countiess  *osts opposed to them,.and compelled to yield  at  last  to overwhelming numbers and resources���������as he witnessed tbe sufferings of his,  y poor boys," as he was accustomed to call  ithem, and thought of the condition of their  families and of the South���������aa bis mails have  been every day flooded with the most piteous  letters &*om maimed soldiers, or from tbe  'Widows and orphans df the noble men who  followed him, he has borne a-calm exterior,  and struggled for the good of ?his State and  .of the South with a beroisrttfsurpassing any  which be-ever displayed on the field of battle.  But the very fibres of his great heart have  been gradually -.wearing away,until they have  -.at last broken and ,the vital spark has fled.  On Wednesday, Sept. 28^h, he was more  than usually .busy.   After attending ������ehapel  service, as he always did, he spent the' whole  morning attending-to various matters con-  ;nected  with  the interests of  the  College.  At 4 o'clock p.m. he went to a meeting of the  . vestry of his church, over which .be presided.  Matters of great importance* to the interests  Ail the' church were under consideration, and  very,, em phati c al ly, as if* to in dicate that; he  did tiotexpect to'ride * Traveller7 again;  .7 On Monday he became suddenly worse, and  despjte the effoIr'-ts of the- rriedical inen and  fee fervent prayers of anxious hearts, he gra-  jdually sunk,;untii yesterday morning; at half-  certain dealeirs to apply the nam e of *' forces  orsiyr0 Sauce.J' the publicis:Hereby intormedthai'tht  cly^vay; to secure the genuine, is to ..;  '���������"���������'��������� : t' vc-t   j.    7.. ii Vi ; '���������? " r--fX'";l.   -S,  ���������',   ;,     most; delicious and ::;unri vailed  Condiment having  seemed"so"mueh;;better:on &a tarda yd., that the | caused  doc tor pi ay fully said to bim^ 4i Cl-Iheral, y oil  must. make/haste;and get!up from ^tliiaybed.  -* Travelled is getting^ lazy, and, you'must  make haste and slive him the exercise he so  mucbuneeds^CiMe -General fixed his eyes  steadily upon the doctor and shook: bis head  Ayn Isaac C  Brassey F  Brokin Alichael  Brown Henry H  A  Arwing Mr  B  Brige:s Samuel  Baker William  Bell Constable  Bescbamps Leonard .- Bienvenu Joseph  c    - ������������������ '!��������� ���������  ASK fqr:. lea>& p^rbins^saxjck  anrtt0 sec that their names are upon the wrapper  labkls; stopper:, and Borri.E,  ' ! Nairie ; on ��������� Wrapper,7 Lately B0ttl e, an  ���������'��������� Stopper.-^- y.':-:.     .'������������������:': y<-:.^.y- yy'��������� ,        _  .Wholesale and.; for export by the Proprietors, wor  cester; Cross c and1 Blackvv ell j Loudon, &c, &c. ������������������ and  by Grocers and Oilmen uni versally.  '  per....  have'ibeen forgedyL. and^ V, giye:notice that they  : have Turnished their correspondents with power of;  attorney to take instant,proceedings; against mamj.  ,    -        ; 1    ,       ������       ?    t       4.1    ;  k'  ' 1        facturkrs and vkndors.oI' sucli, or any oihcrimita  past nine o'dqck, (wn^p be breathed his last   io^S7by whicu theirrtghf niayi)einfriDgeu.  The nature b^bis'^llness was such"that^he^^ " aV"""'"--������������������-'  was n0; 0ppprtunjty for protracted conservation with him, and be uttered no words which  can be seized on for. sensational reports of his  last hours. He was stricken at his post of  duty. ��������� He fell^with the harness on, and his  cairn, quiet death' is a fit termination of his  noble life. . We need no 4< last words" of  Robert E.,Lee. His deeds belong to history,  while his "^ife-of i^vofee^, unostentatious piety,  and his firm and living trust in Jesus as his  personal Redeemer, give unmistakable eyi-  dence-t'hat'be now wears a crown of fadeless  glory and has. indeed entered upon that *' rest  that reraaineth for the people of God.?.  Miners' ProYision  Store  BARKERVILLE,  Next Dook to Sbntixbl Office.  BETTING EXTRAORDINARY���������" THE  RULING PASSION STRONG IN DEATH."  'The New York Star, in an artiele on betting, relates the following?  A distinguished physician calle,d to attend  an inveterate better, who was attacked with  a sudden and. dangerous illness. Altera  careful diagnosis, the doctor assured him that  his condition was extremely critical and his,  chances of recovery very doubtful. Thereat  the patient rallied somewhat, and the following colloquy ensued.  "I'll bet you a hundred dollars, doetor,  that I don't die.'-'    ^   ���������  ",My dear sir, you may not; but I think it  proper to advise you that, in my opinion, you  will."  " Well, doctor, if I die will I go to heaven."  '" I hope so, sir."  " Will I be an angel V>  . '''Yes,sir.":" -   .',-  " Will I fep<ve wings V  u. I presume so, sir."  ��������� "AVell, now, doctor, when you die will you  go to heaven and be an angel V*  111 trust so, sir."  ���������<f And will you have wings, too?"  ���������u Yes,.I suppose I will."  * Well, then, doctor,*Til bet you a hundred  dollars I will outfly you."  The man died, but the doctor, who has not  yet taken the bet, is still living. If, as some  theorists hold, we take with us into^the new  World the same propensities which ive have  T this Establishment willal ways be fo.nnd a wel  selected aud varied assorimentof the  FRESHEST GROCEEIES & PROVISIONS  IN CAHiBOQ,  ALSO���������A good selection ofClothing, Hardware, Glass  and Crockery.  Best b rand s 01' Tobac00,,  Me tl i ci u es, 0 tc,, e tc.  -Bcs;t Java Coffee Rousted and Ground DAILY,  ALL GOODS SOLD AT LOWEST RATlSS  Tbe BAR is fully supplied with thcchoiccst  ��������� Havana Cigars, VVinesand liquors.  I twstbystrictt.tieuUon to business,and fairand  square d caling, to merit a continuanceof "theliberaj  patronugi'heretoro.rt extended to rac. .  A large lot of EEYWOOD'S celebrated ."BACON  forsale, at a very low figure.  A CHANCE FOR ALL!  Corbett Michael  Christian Henry  Cor rigan'Owen  Chung Ge   .  Dixon John E  Don tiuente Segar  Davis John W  Deiiz William  Dickson Charles  Fleury August, 2  Griffin Haorice  George David .   ������ .  Hancock M 2  Horn Edward  Hart David  Howell Fredk  Hodge Watsoa  Kester^ Jacob  Lewis G  Lawrie S v  Mills Geo  Metc.aU James   ���������  MoorBB,2       : .  Malloy Timothy [  Nicholas :Mussi.n  O'Hara Joseph P  Part William      V .  Parridof Antonio  Russell Alex.  Roberts William.  Richley Geo  SylvisNIJ.  SmidtJuli -.-,  Soonim David D  Tynon Thomas  Varchereau Louis  Carlin Rodger  Charley Robt  Connors Dennis  Coleman Peter  D     y ':'  Davis WmS  Douglass David  Drake John.: .  Pur.hemin Hoao?.  Fasanaro Domen^o  Grunslade A B  Gammitt Robt  ���������H--     ������������������������������������".'  " Howard SamUel  Hastings G. ������  Hutton VVilliam .  , Hogan H  Hiich involve Jobjji  ;������������������������.'������������������;;7'..:. ^,yy'y.;  Kir wan Jamea  .1 ���������        ~  L ���������  Long B A  Lonsbanre M  M  MayrWC  '���������>  McFrier/'���������-������������������-.. ���������������������������, y^.-...  ; Maggio Joseph, 2  ��������� McLoudM,  ������jx -:'^y;y  o"-"'      ' ::, ������������������-."!'.;,"���������  Owens Williaoi   ;  P .xyx^yy y-  Pond Mr  -n4:"-\ y ��������������������������� ry-y-  Robertson fHy,  Richards Adolpfe' ')  Richards & Dayfe  r^!- ���������������������������;������������������''-"������������������- :?.  Stephen Barnard ���������  Thomson, 2  V  R. SIBDALL, American Eclectic Physician, Member American Eclectic S. and Ucniist, will leave  Barkorville on or about the 22d inst. on a tour  ���������tbroagh the lower country to give tho inhabitants an  opportunity of having their teeth attended to without making a journey to Cariboo. The doctor will re-  niitin a lew days at the Mouth of Quesaello arid So do  Cro������k in order that farmers and others may av->il  themselves of his services.  All branches of Dentistry executed in tho very best  style and to the entire satisfaction of every. - patient.  Call and try. Get rid of decayed Teeth and misery,  for delays aro dangerous. Parties in Cariboo wishing  to have work douu wtU nlease cull at once, as Gobi  Plate, Mineral Tooth, and tho best filling for decayed  teeth in the world, and other dental material, has  U3t been received by Express. au������J.  Williams John R  Wil lam: James.  Wel wood'George  WillsonGeo   y  :.  White H,?'   :   :*  Wood Thomas   ���������  Westlase W  Wing Pan Li  JAMES WICKIIAM, Agent,  ^r#f  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  A.ND  IC A R ! B O O-   RHYMES  BY JAMES ANDERSON.  PBICE,  dorsal������ at tbe Psktjxw. Office  pott, free of tbapgB  ONE DOLLAR  and forwarded bv  Restaurant and Bakery,  rpHE Proprietor of this old and well-known estab.*  X lisbmont would respcci-fully thapk his numerous friends and the public for tlie.extensive patronage  h e retolor c bes towed on hi m, a n A t r us Is t h a t by h i.^  usntil strict attention to business to merit & coptjg  uanceoftUeirGoniUleiice and support, .  Meals, $l.y Board, $1.4  per Week,  '  BREAD MADE OF THE BEST FL0U8  I recommend to the public my  GROUND    COFFEE,  which Is a riinch superior articlethap any which &*$  beiiadfrom below. I Roast and Grind If mysetf  and choose the best berries, consequently the pubft$  may besuridfttsbeiaf froof roni adulteration.  ��������� 1 g. Goomoi,  l:  I 25H5SW  fBlTuNVfj^WEFWFT"  "^SATURDAY. D15C. 17, 1870.,  HAm1 SUMMARY.  //There ttreS cessation of  hostilities between/France: and  Prussia. .... Before Paris n o d ecisi ve o ct ion h as to If en pi ace.  , Troy i slon s, a re rep or t e d as v ery s carce a n d  : smafl-poxis ?aid to be rncring in the,city." U  / ivonId appear Jhat the besiegers place more  confidence in the inevitable victory to be  gained by:.tlie assistance of famine and  disease than jn artillery.   A heavy engagement  took place, on :28th. November between the  arm y of P rin ce Fred e rick C h a r I es an d the  '!���������Ii?rench Artriy'of tbe Lo���������re. in wliich tlie Iat(er*  were defeated and compelled lo retire with  heavy loss.   King Wniiarn'/telej?raphR to tlie  ���������Qu een of, Prussia th at', 1500 Fren ch   yvere  wounded -and 16,000 taken: prisoners.   German loss, A000. , The - excitement about-, the  an tr c.i Rated1. m ar be tw.een Engl an & and ��������� Russi a  is codling tlownvand it is: now' generally; l?e-  lieved'fitiat a '��������� Eiiropcari Conference on the  / Easternvqii'i%tXo%.\wil:t bohe\d/ iti VLohdoii.;  Son6its:." difficulties^ are said��������� to;havp,arisen;im  the 13rltish Cabi nel, and a' *dissol.ii t'On, of. the-  ������������������ M \ifistry is 16 pked o n  as immi n e n t.   , Earl *  ���������Gran y il Ie. j is ��������� firm:;  he says '' -;TQ n gl a n dm n st,  ... yiow piit her.foot down Arm 1 y or for ever give  i\ p fief vnice ih,Eurqp'ean iffiai rs," ?; The LorA.  ;; ���������Chfcit'tfellory Bright,: Lowe'Card w^l I and-Chillers lire said: to Oppose war.Ion. the'/present  'fosue.   Gladstone 'hesitates 4o -j commitVhitn-.  ���������self. but. the popn&r fae 1 in g is ii nan i m ous. iii  ���������ff-&yor^of:.'m^  *-very, li a zard. ��������� ^mssi a . p releases n en t r al i ty,  7]ismarc^u;rn>ringf denied .to Earl; Russell tlie  existence * of;any? secret treaty': with Russia;  ;' 'The tone of public sentnnent in England;ap-  y penra;f oh ayemade Russia more:-pacific- and  .:it is more(than:probable she kwill submit. her  >cliai ras ;an rl;' gr to va n ces to ��������� tbo arbi rramen t of  ���������������������������ai C on gress. Russia co m pi a Ins th at. th e Treu ty.  ; of 1856 baa been��������� "..violated by cruizes in -tbo  7{Black Sea: in. frigates by the Prince; ofcjVab?s/  . 1 he S'11tan of Turkey. and Sir II. .Buiwer,  Br i f i������h Am bassad o r, a fc Cons ta n t i no r������ le ���������   * ���������;.. '���������  .Wiri'temburer, Baden nod. Hesse Darmstadt.  Tiave joined the North German Con federal ion,  ; an d n ego t i a tie ns with Bavaria are sat d to be  nesrly completedv  .   >" Sp ai n b as a f ter m ore than two ye a rs i n ter-  Tegnum ."succeeded; *in  oleetlng a, Ki nir.: f h������  Duke ������-f Aosta. son of the Kina: of Italy, ha/v  ing been chosen by Congress bv a vote of1101  toi2���������.   ��������� ��������� i::t ���������   ���������'���������'     /'"  :Iii view of the ihtporlariceof having a cheap  and easily travelled route opened to the  Omlneca min es wit Iras It ttle de lay as po?sib le,  a pe ti t io n ft as been' <1 r?d ted to b is Excel len cy  the Governor setting forth the facts mentioned  iii Mr-Wri2hE;sreport,".:and praying -that:: an  appropriation:be made for opening comnijini  cation bet worm Quesnel mou th arid Germansen  qr^ek. at the erisuing session ol the,Legislative  Council:   y ,..-' ''/'/''-/ ./.  The petition has already beeu;very extensively sighed, in Cariboo, andifc will be circu-  1 atod fo r si gnatt ire b y all in te re's ted in th e  suews"'6f ati nodertakirig whicli;it,conipleted,  won I d so m ateri at! y. ass! s 1 in opening up a  vast extent ot cbimtry of which scarcely ahy-  tbiiig is how.knoivtii'    ; ������������������'��������� '  ��������� The Finkman^s I?all���������; ^y.e nuder'stand that  it. is tlie i u ten t i o n of vth'e',, Fi re Br iga d eto d e-  yote the proceeds of, the ball to be given on  'ti he' 28 > h i ns t/ to the: p n re has e b t anew, h ose-  carri ager, .TjyeT one /n ow in'. lise���������is/in a;.very'  diVapida ted -condition, and great! ears'are enter t a i n ed of i ts b reaki rig d o w n e ve ry t i me -it  is t a ke n out; an d we re i t. to b reak d ow n * I ii;  case of a fire,:the. delayycaused might prove;  most disq^tt'pus^^At:.present it'cavrii^s Httie  over balffetbe'1 hose,.: it? being altogether too  wenk 16/carry:.t\\$. wh61e of it. It is;;to he  hope/Iviha.fc the.1 iiiiab'i!an(s.will on this oooa-;  si 6 n giy eon r"red shirts a bum p er, an if en ab le  tho /Brigade/ to/:procure, this jyery, necessary  article.      .   -, 7 ��������� .-��������� ^  ���������".   "��������� THE ASSAY OFFICER :\ '  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ; y THEATR B     RO Y .A:iL...  :,   ���������.:MUSlO;i/dj������ASS'ES  ���������' Will give'a"viyy;.  I :   ���������miscellaneous;'  Vocal  and   Instraaient^l  Ixy-yy^ ��������� ;   ���������/���������:]^-USiC "''':-;'4yx'���������'-  Evening.  THE NEW ROUTE TO OMINEGA.  y Mr G. B. Wright, who left-QueRnelleon the  ^fith of November to explore the Fort George  ���������en n yon: a n d fbe yiX^iscpme Portage.", arpved  in Bar k e'rvi 11 p I a i������t: ������S a tu re? ay: 'lie re tu v m d f 0  'QitftsnHle Dec Sth.^sivinglieen ninr dava in  mnlcing the tripup and back.   Mt*Wrightreports flu*, distance from  Quesnello tovFort  "Geo rge as .9 3 mil ea.   From there 1 bed is ta n ce  ^0 the ^riscome Portngo he estimftfea at 38  milf������s.   The pbrtaee is   ten  miles in length,  and  the ground almost level and v*ry well  adapted to the construction of a wn-gon road.  'Th<* Eraser. nreT. from Fort. George to the  ���������poTlage, is Tery G'lnggtsh and suitable .for  either steum or ;boat navigation.   The Fort  ���������George canyon 'is passable tor steamers at a  .lowsiasre of water, but probably very rough  at big'b water.  After pa������siog thesporlage a series of lakes  and creek* connect with McLmocIV lake, at a  <llistance comnutftd to he 60 or 70 miles, over  ..S'-elnggisb and easily iti aviga ted stream. From  'tbatipoint the distance to Parsnip river is  - about :25 .miles;   thence to .'Nation river, 50'  mi.les ; Whence to Findlayfs branch, 50 miles.  From thiB point, a. distance of 'fifieeirmilef*  iip^stream leads "to the Omineca rir������;:, and 70  miles farther, to -the mouth-of Germansen  creek.   F i n dlay a n d 0 m i n eca rivers a ve -*b 01 h  ���������lugaish streams ond easily navigated with  'boate.  *By constructing a wago^ road aoross the  ^Giscome Portago, it is said that freigbt Can -j  llie transported from Quesne>lle to Gorman sen  >cret*li at less ratea-ihac it could be Uken to  - Ebttor SENTiNKL' :���������Di recti y.-an d.; in direct] y  the i n i tiers o f B ri t is li (Jnlu jn b i a pay, I. b* 1 i e v eX  'lielivie^/t^xesV^iart any/ community in; the  w0rl d/"and it;is; searcely. conceivab 1 e tli.a t the  Governor wil 1 ab 01 i sh t he 0 ri e p 11 b lie d op a. r tr.  inent that roost directiy benefits; the producer  of :gold*;Ji^stil!'/��������� ;the,/k^whole; iufluence/of the  ���������BankSv''b'������oked.'^y,tfte.member.S"*for Victoria.  wili/be/broo"ghf ;to; bear. agaiiist the Assay  ^IBc^iaSdji^ great pleas  u re that I rea cl y On r arti c 1 e on t b e. s u bj ec t ��������� in  ;la)st:Sattu:day'8.;jspue-o^  ,; Tb e; B r a n c b: Office was. esta b lis bed An) Cariboo during the summer of 1809. andythe re-  ���������s 1 iIts .to* the miner have been ihd wl >atisla6rv  tor^y;'   T'be''piiblic lino������r so well :he great ris;Y  wli 1 cb \has..taken. p 1ace in;the valtie ot gold  since tho above ditto that I heed not go very  fuilyTinto^figufesy Yon; have1 jMit^do\yn the/  g a in to the com mil n 1 ty; ii t $^0,0 p 01 ��������� That is a  tvr������e wirri, but I sliouId'-'fet?) .iUclinedi/lf>? e������XU  mafeyet bigheri^vln the ^.gobfi old^a-ya^ the  ISanks used to buy Liifbiniug creek .dus<5-for  S16 48 per ciz;; rt0 w tlio in ine v from t Iwti creek  c an read i 1 y ge t $ 17.... T11 \L go id horn A h d ei^-  son creek u.skI to be, valued at  SI6 83;   I  k no wot $17,2 3 h aving; b ee n gi v e n for i t d u r-  ing the-past samoior. / 7.;''���������;">'       ; y. ^^.-..  I have heard men���������riot in Cariboo��������� argue  a gai0at tb tv Assay Office 0n t wo gro un ds..- First,  th a t' th o acti ml '��������� cash' re cei p ts of t h e ofR ee' do  not equal the expenditupe, and therefore the  c 0 m m 11 li i ty to so a cer I ai n rnun b e v 01' 'h u n d red  d ol 1 ars*. per ana imi .5  an d second Iy. Ibat tbe  Govern me n t ong tit ��������� ti01. to i n ter fere wi th - \> ri  v a ce enter prise.::- T he argtim e nt a-bou t the a n -  nual deficit is so narrow; inin.de.d- that U requires some patience.to talk about it without  iwivz 11 n par 1 i ame n tary language    The Assay'  Office is equally valuable to tlie mining com  inn 1������ity wheftier it does mucb or little bu*i-  ness���������whether., it pays for itself or not.   The.  tocher the price given by tbe Ranks for dust  the greater the gain to the miner, but ihe less  will he patronise : the Assay Office ;   at  the  same time he is quite sharp enough to know  that be is indebted to the cjtlice for the high  price, and dependent on the office being kept  up  for a co n tin nance of it,   A f e w words  about th e * ��������� p ri v a le en to ;*.;> r ise'? q u est ion.  M  1 were to start, an ex p ve*3 be twee n Vi c to ria  and Ca r i boo I sh oi 11 cl h av e to pay Go ye rum e n {'-  postage on every letter carried, which  is a  much stronger case of interference  than can  he brought against the Assay Office, because  the Government do not charge   the  Bank of  British North America for the gold  they assay;   but I  doubt whether I should be able  to induce a member to get up in the Le^isla-  t i ve < Jo vinci I and tie rl are ag ai 11st th o  w inked-  mm of interfering with my little private enterprise.  It has bcen'fonnd to be for tho benefit, of  communities that.-curtain services should be  undertaken and carried on by the public and  not, by Individ naif.. ��������� Is it not just possible.  Mr: Editor, that in a country like British Colum-  biathe assaying of gold becomes one of those  services ? Tie Assay Office, as it stands, is��������� a  direct gain to e wiry miner in th0 couktry wh0  lias, a gold-yielding claim ; but if the general  public grudge I he, .few .bund red dollars which  have y early to be -p aid. i 0 r i ts main te nan ee..  there is a very simple way of getting out of  ibe d i fii c 111 ty. H n ce a fax 0 n p 1 i va te assay-  'ng sufficiently heavy to^top it.  and  remov  B e t we ca the pi eats, MR RE YN ARD will roa d  t-The B:tn������l will; play   ..."    i'.,.';.Vi^:- c:- ;ii- ��������� ���������.,���������?������������������  ' ���������������������������,  /' ��������� ������ THE VVATCH..QN;.OT-B-"MiliBy*   :  .;//;.f'vHOME,.SWEET HOME/^&c.y  '������������������:.'-Doors op<:n at- Ual(vpast7 Jvypf-Tlormahoe 'to: com-  mvavy :\l. 8 .o'clock:.. ,',  "Ad mission' $ 100.   Reserve d Sea ts, ��������� $ 1- 501' ���������"' ���������  ,: 'l iokiHS tor Liu^KcseryedvScats to7be hail of; Mr J  I* TavW. Biirkf:rv'Ul*;.'   .':'*... 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A'Frbb Mtsbr  TI  IHAVR b������eti requeste<l by several respectable par-  ;  tics; win* cah it'stuy to the efticacy 01'my system,  to again isofctf public Uie lact tlmt  Moses' Hair Inyigorator  WI hLA*n K VENT BATiDXESS,  H E> It) li K 11AIR TH A T IS B KCOMINTC TH IN  OK f ,\]jliLVO OVV\ find tKlWrnrUlv  OUItK SCUHF OK i)A^l)UUl4\ ,  This is ri')t s mere assertion en my part, as I have  in luy pos;i..-:-i������''n nunnrous testimonials curtii'ying to  the success oi luy rcmudy.  I -io n-n of course pryu>art that, I c/m mnke the hair  (jr"w (jn ueiuU wiiicti have boon hull tor yt'ars ��������� hut  1 will iru.trsint.ici to stop tli������������ hair (rom fnliinj; off, to  'iicniast^ ha growth, and efl'eciuMlly r -mnvo Sturl" or  Dandruff. w.  It   MOSEti,     '  l7rk:Tvilii},UC.  INKLE    STORE,  Lioutxing Ckkkk.  CERTIFICATE.  Thisirt t������ corti'y that liurtng Jasf. spring my.lmir  ���������was r.'ipj.iiy r������llmg out ann my hvvA way tVist li^coni-  inir'oiil'i, wo:-n i applied to Mr W. P.MOSES, Barber,  B.irkorvill'j, who in a lew week* restored my hair to  .it? furm or h oa|tUy fi tatcf I> A VXD OI B-B^N S.  IXKRS ANT> TBAPKRS will and   it to tboirad  vantage to puruhase iit t hie Store, where there iff  LARGE ASSORTMENT OF GCOBS  Of tho vory best, description on band.and thr\Ft������o.fc  constantly roplenlsfien by new arrivals. Tli cproprio  .., .   tore will sol) Goods  AS  CHEAP  AS  ANY  IN  CARIBOO.  Oi de rs prom p tjy^lle d, an d f or wn rjdf d w I th 6 i ?pa \ en  BEJEDY k LIKDHARP;  . T������������ Wlnkift, ' -prfjirt^orB  SYLVESTER'S  '���������pHK NEXT EXPRRS3 will Icavo Barkorville about  J    tho 10th of Jinuary.  Tho Omineca Kxpress will connect with Rarnarn s  Express at Qiiesnelmoijth anfl WilliHni Creek, whero  parcelr and lottcra wiU bOvjecMrod. .  W5* -;o ��������� KOTCS���������SlrLV������SWSl  *xmmgmt&Pm m  sta  mm  s  'X'.i  M  m  f  :i  ra  THE  ^GlEIBW  SEiTffit"  SATURDAY,;i)EC; 17,1870.     7 '; y'  X   ' '-���������'. ''���������'.'   .'  ������������������':"v-\'l:,'V'.^vwEb.  .���������'������������������-'���������:                                   ''*,-'-  BOUNTY-COURT*:  'had hbvy %ehfHbe;f������bney to; Tennant; lab that I  Grier having jell the .xomiir^Lindhard or  ;i :/ On .the. 6$ $ovemtyer, at CarralPs Grove,  ���������near ';Wpofl>fcock,; Ontario,' Ja>ib3 Carealt;,  Esq;; 1 ate Sheriff of Ox To r d, Li eu t.-Colo h e I; o I  tbe 22d; Oxford; Mitttia, and rather; of^r.  Carrall, MX.C. for Cariboo, aged 80ymrs,'.^  One hundred arid thirty thousand French  ���������'..:��������� well iu hand-near Orleaii������;   ytr\  ��������� Itis. aiin on need that' General ' Ducr.ot, with  20.000 men, cut his way through thePrussian  ^: lines at Kariftaud^crossed the Marpe.  Versailles, :30th , Nov.-^The forts around  Paris kept up! a heavy fire.last night, arid this  srioruing sort ies were made in various places.  A battte , rased ,a| I day..: The French were repulsed in al| directions, y'y .   ,    ��������� y ./^: ���������;  ^-t^qMre^rnRsian JoGR-at;AiQien3-was-r2404oflI-  ;cerHahd 1300 privates.y. ^-yy\y Xa :7V1  ���������;.: Dispatches' to Jthe Stock Excbango assert  :iha t G1*n;TrocHtVsncceeded 1 n ciitting through  the Prussian lines on the North pf Paris The  Ge r m an s we re: dri v en t'roin a* I fie i r positi 0 n sV  A great- battle lis now raging On the West Of  -;ihe city.^ Maiiy cannon and* prisoners were  .*  taken hy the French^ t...})+<C  , ,Xhe battle of Paris bepnon the.29th. The  girriSo 0 rentaln oil tside in' tbe p ositi0 n taken  front w th e , P r ii sstari s.:" The" Germ a n .10 ss o' n  (Befora Han; H. M. Ball, Gold Commissioaer atid Montgomery must be the loser, and the ores-  !    C������^y.Court Judge.);        y;'^ 'V  ': y^^^l^^ y:  .^Sult fer damages:Jpr(f^si^ss-in entering  plaintiff's garden- St ^^helhiooth, and removing a quari ti ty. of ;m a n u re.   Del en d an t d id  >b0t appear, and ajjury was eaipanelled to assess the amount o^tianiaije, consisting of the  f0II0 wi ngT gen f leinen : ���������M essrs. E.  Pea rs 0 n.  foreman ; F. 'Perret,v,D* Kurtz, A. Hoffman,  A^Weldonv   . .."��������� 'x --.^ ���������y.'-.y; ���������:-:t'iy  Mr Park, counsel for plaintiff, stated the  facts, of tlie case; which were proved by the  plaintiff, Messrs. C. Danielson. H. Gillis, C. H.  Heath, an d-I)/Robertson/  It appeared that  in September a lar^e quantify, of manure had  accumulated io an open yard belonging to  Mr B oh ano o n, at Qu esne 1 m ou th, wh ich b e-  carri e a nil is an ce^ ih ere b'ol n g a , p u b I i c . tb or  oughfare through the 'yard.   Plaintiff asked*  Haggerty, who was  aoting as   Bubarinon's  a gen t, to h av e' tbe' y ard ;,cl ean ed, an a\ oflfe red  to do it himself -foV. tlH3' matiiire.; Hajrgerty  conaented, and' plain tiff. aWo?dil^y^1^*Cw&',  'n^y-\'y'~yVQ^������CQ^  .,  ;.     ,{Bef6r������ H. M,;BALL/^v8.Jf-)'y..r  -���������;;yf' ���������'^iy ';: vMoxOAT,:Dec.^'2;-1^7a..  j Thomas Kenny, charged with ��������� rJe|o^ tirunk  and disorderly and using' ^abusive Slanguage  it\ Barkerville on Sunday evening, was fined  ^iO^witb the option of ^serving ihe ���������., <3ok>riy  aeveu days in lieu of payment  3I'on day; T viesday , and Wedn esday. was, 157  "  0 Bfi ce rs a n d 5000 ni e rri,;' ;Freh ch: \ 6 ss: pa r ti a 11 y  ac k ri o.w led ged to be 3409 .The Pr u ssiana; are  : VoiiipIe'tflfl-y* surr'buiided near Paria, and Ducrot  v is 13. mi Ies fro m Pa ris. It is repo rted that  ������������������} Ti^och u h as 300 can hon ou tsl de wal Is of Paris.  V"' The" London Standar^wartis;England.that  ,' 1 hhiGI ads'ton'e;Mmis>try: are ' ah01?t;; to -.offer a  ^disastrous leap it ulatiOn (i) Russia.   ���������    ,! ;:  :; . Lille. Dec. S^-The evacuation of Amiens'  iliy the Germans is c.o'nflrmed.   They blew;up  tl ih, li'ridg es':l)e t wee n A ibert-ahd A r i enen x: to  .'.',proJeot;'their.������������������re.treat.  It is reported thatMan-  teiifeI is -hastening townrds Paris.   The fight-  "iivg at i> re Was severe, tlie .German's, being exposed to a heavy fire* from ihe French rorts,  1 [\ip at 3 p.jjri. theLFreach ware, e0tupolied to  i?^ret.leHVvng inahy.;pr|s'oi#m:h Trife Frencli  ...^oiindycl 'reiused^t^,^er''?6)b'e, aent*back to  . 'r^j4i:2.,yy,\.y -y>-y J;.:,"-  Ton rs: Dec'. 5 v-The Fr.e n ch eva cu ated Or-  I'vms on the 4t.h inst, and the Pnissiana oc-  cupird the place:at rnrdnigiit The Prussians  had th rea te ne d to b i\m Hard th e town if no t  rvaoiwted. Tbe French spiked the guns left  b������h.in'd:Hnd.desjroyj������d the powder., .  A battle took place on \h<> junction of the  a nn ies o f Pa ris and I he Loire near E f am ps  The French gained the position,, which was  11 k e n f r 01 n: t he ra. o n F ri d ay b y Vo n Der ta n n.  G������ n.' S011 ret,. w as taken f 1 ri s0 n er. T he Prns���������  ���������mm\ loss diiring the two dnrs' fight was IG00.  The weather in Franco is intensely cold.  men and a borse and sleigh,'.who. with himself  wp i'ked two d( a y s an d rem 0 ved i t al I; em p ty-  ing it on a manure Wap which he had; previously in bis own,garden. Haggariy came  to him subsequently a n d p(fered. $ 15 , to get  the manure back, as Elmore, was dissatisfied;  but he refused, having already paid the teamster $25, a man's wages for two days, and  speh^iliis-ownttme:oo;;the?Job. ^Plaintiff dur^  i n g th e win ter came tot Wi Ilia in c reek r and on  his return in March found that all the manure*  including what- he bad had previously to'  c 1 eaning Bohanh0nVyard,-had been rempved-  andytaften :cto7defendant;g;garden.;, This; it  was p roved J h a d b ee u d 0 n e by El nio re; \v h 0  had: hired a teamster and tal&ii down the bai;s  of plaintiff's fence.  It also appeared that several of the wit-  n esses had rem0 nst-rated with El in0 re and advised him to be cautions, as he was; taking  ��������� m 6 rer rn an 1 ire'; tb a n': w h at Ke rr: b a d';go' t;. frp ni,  Boh a nn on Ts y aril������b'ii the eaid lie woul d take i t  ail when he was about it: ''he might as well  be hanged for an_ old sheep as a' lamb."  Plaintiff.considered: that he had beeu injured-  to the extent ot $250 by the expenses lie bad  in our red and I oss o f.-. p rofl t o n , vegetabies  w hi ch h is gani e n would h a ve p r o'd i 1 c e d.  T he J������ dge oli arged tb er J u ry. tb at t4i e tres-  paR3 not havi n g bee������ d enied tli<*" questi0 n s for  them to decide, would be, .first. ...the valne ;nS  proved of. the manure removed  by  plaintiff  I >1 obd V: we n fc". aio h jj w i th."' 0 fficer was h is fi rs t ap peara nee before the foo tligh (s  irre?tea,ririsoneK Florence Wilsou perfbrraed the"ratberttneb'n-  1 Chiiiamenjas having-commuted asyu nax ^>ki Mr ������������������ ^.xeoy} ,s- i^ns,^��������� .  CUTITOG ANI> WOUt?DTNO. 7  Cihong Lwb was charged, with assaulting itwb  other Chinamen witlf a knife at Barkerville  on Saturday evening.:?;., ;7, xy -y- ...���������������������������x-y.-.-'i!  ,0 tficer Bo w i*o n <le p osed< th at about ,7 i  o Jcl 0 c k6 n Ba tii i*d ay he.. h ea rd' laud sc ream ing  a n d saw a o ro w d ������o ng regate d ab out a C h i n ese;  house; ran there immediately ; the'door was:  stmt, and on. its being opened ;wentin arid  found1 two Chinamen cut, wjlb,their arms.covered, witli,x " "' '  G^eenand -at  but by some*  tbe act; went nejet; morn i ng to Search; (or the  k n i f e, b u t cou I d tl n d n 011 e ; a Ch in a in a n ,af t er-.  .wards picked ,up the knife ;i.o.ivt produced (ao  ordi ti ary llii teller ku ifejlf the tilade was bent  and there- was;blood on it. ^ '"������������������l"'!?'���������;-* *[:"*   :    ''  :; Ah'rCpw, a Chinese doctor,; tesiilied that he  saw p rtso n e r go i n Co < A li Si n g's h oi ise :b n Sa 'P.  urday ; . .went in. behind him j saw..priKon!er  with a knife u������. if; going, tot':stiifce^a-;^p!iiha^  worn ah n a in ed Ti CI160 n; Ah Si n g asked h i i n  what5 he -was:going ;toIkill^tfce-womao/fo/,'  when heeaught. Ah Sing [bjythe- head;and  stabbed ; him first; on, right,; shoulder,.:jthen-  ' tb rough left ��������� ar in, tlien : through. ,ie ft h ap,d. ? -Si,  mVin named Ah Sam interfered, wuetil prisoner'  cut him in the left -side;  the wounds .'were'  gi ye n w ith a > k 11 i f ei I i k.e tb at, n 0 w pro duced:';  win* s i p ioked n p Ah; Sin.sr^ an d Ab Satn: i '-;��������� 1 ay  do wit   on   the   bed   and "examined :,V: the  w o un d s; .tb at on Ah Sam's si de: was, ab ou t  one inch deep and the same iengtb ; itclid abtc  b 1 ee d" tii 11 c h ;  th e cu t; 0 n/A h 'Si rig's sh ou I d er  was not verv;bad, hut those on;the���������-armirand;  ' :Thk^���������k llotAL-^The^^  apceon; Saturday evening last was: one. of tbo  hiost successful (hat has beeri given for a long  time, both iu regard to the entertainiiieut afforded tbe public and /to the patronago  besiowea on the auiateurs,' tfre bouse being  v er y w ell Slled; ^he force (if u i)oae^Browa''.  gave general satisfaction, and aa all the per-  farmerswew^  was carriecT ^rougb^ in."���������; rattling;siyiev' Mr  Browne ^ theimpudehtadventurer,#irzlangf  did remarkably well and it was general ly  considered to be 'the best character he bad  ���������ever acted in Cariboo. Mr Thornpsou, as tbo  u ti for tu n ate Freri c li ni an . who was il do no  brown," and Mr Sullivan as the Irish bricklayer,, created much ���������aniusement arid were  hear ti 1 jr ap p 1 an de d. Mr Mc Der m 0 tt, as *': Bo 0-  sey, "en acted the d r unke n! see ri e adinirab ly ;  aud Mr Mafehall, as the young lover, Alfred,  acquitted biroeeU very well,/especially ps it  h and:- we n t righ t thr 011 gh :; i t ui a y��������� b. e a wee k  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  .   :.     WIIJ.UM Ott-SKK.  There is but little doing at present. The  'Cariboo company have got their flu me banked  up with sno'w and have commenced  washing  ,' airaiu. this; week. The Ballaratco. have got  tixed up arid started. aga i ri' a few days ago.  The Forest Rose co. are rocking over old bed  . -rock, .'The,. Caledonia coyiyre rockiiicr Helow.  fh'e LI 1100et arid" several other" c\ai ms are  taking out small pay, Gn the upper part of  the week the; Bed r0pk. FI umo co,"have,laid  the flume as far asthey have irronnd sluiced.  jaud 0 re now r 1111 n i ngva tu nnel ahe. ad. The  Cornish co. are running a prospecting tunnol.  COyKLlN'S OULCU.  The White Pine and Felix companies are  ���������making wages and.expanses.  '.;���������'��������� The North American co. 1 ant week lostjbed  rock and have* been'running over tbe������deep  ground, consequently not getting as good.pay  as when on bed rock.  ;       LOWHKK CHKBK.  y ThesVictoria co. have got round, the cave  in >4.heir ground. They washed about 12 ox.  while doing so. The llrown co. washed last  week 20 o������., and their ground is now looking  -well. ' .; .���������."���������'.-  UGHTKI.NO CRKtiJK.  The Lightning co. last week for two days'  work washed 70 03/ The Spruce co. washed  37 03/ The Vanwinklevpo. are about ready to  start, their iron, pump and expect to get the  water out in a day or two. Tbe South Wales  co. are getting .water in the face of their bedrock tunnel, 'indicating the r/icinity of the  channel.   They are 00 feet deep in 'the rock.  , TEKKLV'aCKEKK.  A company of Cb.iaege aro^oiskiag $5 .to $6  #v Oay tniseWnjp,  fro ru Bo ban no n !s y ard.: '��������� socoji'd. the'; va I ito o f  what be bad in bis garden previously j and  th i rd T wh at da iha ges ��������� h ad - ac or tied i n c 0 n ?e-  queuce of want of in an lire for ptaintiifs garden and' tli e ti n wit r ra������tab le trespass by de-  fendant in taking down the fence bars.  The  Jury returned a verdict  for  $200^  damages.   -  Mracham &Kason vs. Ah Gun & Co.  Suit for S21 $1 for lumber supplied to defendant^ mining claim: Judgment by default.  John Guiku (by his Attorney, Johu Steven-  X. son.) vs. J. W. Lindhard.  Suit for $26, alleged to have been collected  by defendant on plaintiff's account. '  This was a very complicated case. It appeared that Robert; Tennant bad given plaintiff an order last spring-on a. Mr Montgomery  of Nelson creek, to -goliect. Tennant. had  S1 fbs'equ en tl y. ��������� go n e to 'G m in eoa, an tl o n h is  re tu v n f0 it n d th at th e 0 rd e r h ad been sent by  Greer to defendant, who alleged that he hail  settled it with Grier in account.  Defendant applied for1 a' nonsuit, on the  ground that plaintiffs agent had never demanded the money, an d. tha t G rus r h a d I eft uo  instructions with iiiin to site for the same.  Mr Stevenson admitted vthis: all that he  knew ab ou t th e; in atter being w hat' f& had  heard from Tennant.  or te n d ays b efo re- the w 0 u ri ded in e ii a re. fit to  attend co urt; 'know p i'iso u er to b e a b ad ni an;;  bealways carried, a knife like'tli is; y'':! .; ������������������'���������  : T i Ch oonV a Cel eatitil b ea lity. tes till ed th at  on-.4?Jbursd'a.y prisoner JcauiO'to 1. Alv Sing's;^  h 0 use an (1 wan ted . to si eep there $ site, told  hi m' he 0 wed m0ney and ,c0u 1 d not stop ;' on  Su. tu;r d ay he cam e back an d: th rea te'hed to kill  h e r; s h e; ra n ��������� i,11 f 0 th e k I to h e n and he folio we d  ��������� h er wi th the , k n ife in his band.;. ,prisqner  caught bold of Ah:- Sing,, who was there, and  cut him ; witness ran to the door and raised  an alarm ; ran back and saw prisoner cut Ab  Sitni.- ��������������������������� '  : ���������������������������'-,:.'���������:" :y- ���������������������������-'  ���������������������������" -  Ah.Lo,k���������Was,in ;Ah Sing's kitchen, where  Ah Sing and Ah Sam were smoking opium,  w h e n t b e. wo rii an ran i n f 0110 wed by prison er  with a knifein his hah rl ; saw the two men  out as described by last* witnesses.. = ���������  The wounded men being, unable to attend,  prisoner was remanded till Friday. .7 ���������  "��������� Ertdat.' Dec. 16,1870, :  The wounded men being still unable to attend, the prisoner, Chong Lee. was further re-  mantled' till Saturday, 24-th inst.--        :/;.  THR LOTTERY CASE.  The bearing of the charge against Ching  Siu������, Ch ing Don arid Ah Tie1 for keeping a  lottery, house in Barkerville,.waB upon the  application of,ilr Park and.the.production of  te 1 eg ra ins from Yale, iu r tb er postpon ed. ti 11  171 It January next. in.order to afford defend*  ants su fficien 11 i we io procu re tlie attend an ce  of the interpreter tbey wished for, he being  now in Yale.  ge nial p art. of ) \ Mrs rWlnks, Jl the I an d) ady, to  pe rfe cti on. al th 0 ugh it ���������, yras . not. a cbarac ter  a no rd ing; much room for a display of/histri-  pmc talent.    \fhe entertainment cpnetuded  w i th a., p er fo rm aa.ee; by , the [ ilins trels, who  always take; well 'with a Cariboo audience.  One of ��������� the gentlemen com prising the .troupe  was unfpHuuately; unable, to: attend,;^but as  far as singing, fhis >part was taken b^y; another,  , Th e. son gs. an d.' d5 n ces were lou d ly ap j) I an ded,  and the conuodrums and; 10cal hits created  roars., of lap gh ter.;. Tbe araa teura; are; now  applying the proceeds of performances"to, the  redemption of Liquidate   Tickets..^ In , ad-  A i tion to; those al ready ackno wl ed ged, they  have received ���������donations;��������� of>..tickets,yirooi  Messrs, ,I?::Neufejder.and WvBtVrlingI: , .  REGISTER OF THERMOMETER  The Judge said tbat he thought Tiumant1 At Richfield, from 1 Oth to.IIJth Dec, taken at 9  should be the plaintilF, and if defendant  wished for a uon suit he mast grant it. Mr  -Lindhard. however, -consented to have the  case tried on its merits, and' testified tbat he  h ad r e ee i ved th e 0 r d e r in qt 1 es l i 6 n fro ni a  party named Ralph Anderson, who had asked  him for credit on Griers account, as he was  prospecting a claim in which both were interested. He bad accordingly-tmppiied Anderson with goods, and refjuesfced him to ask  Grier to send1 the m oney. A n ders0 n su bwe-  quently brought him'the order on Montgomery, endorsed by Grier, and he had given  credit for the samel charging the amount to  Montgomery. To add to the Intricacy, Montgomery had just now sent him the $26 in an  open .ietier,., addressed to .Tennant. This he  ,n.owflmnded into cgurt. reguesting tbat the  money might be impounded.  The Judge decided that tbe letter being  directed to Teunant.it must be delivered to  him with the money, the Court having no  power to detain it. The cace appeared to be  one of the most mixed up be had ever heard.  Tennant had given the order to Gri������r for collection ; the latter, through Aud-srsan, had ve-  ���������emd tbe amouut iagcods.-auii M^u^g.onHrj  a.m. erich day, showing the highestaad lowest  range lor preceding 24 hours :  December 10,  n,  3.2,  nt  My  15,  16,  Max.  "27  22  25  30  30  20  21  Mw..  21  B  ��������� 4  II)  ,12  0  5  Mukdbrou.s Attack bv a Chinaman���������On  Saturday evening last a succession of unearthly , soreams were heard proceeding from  a Chinese house of ill-fame at tbe lower end  of Barkerville. A crowd quickly assembled,  and on gaining access to the house two Celestials were found badly cut and bleeding.  They accused a.compatriot of the crime, who  was shortly after arrested and lodged in jail.'  For Victor*a���������Mr J. M. Wark, Chkjf  Trader H.B.C., left for Victoria on Thucsda-y  last hy Ur A. Barlow> sleigh to Y������l������,  CoNCBRT^This evenin^ the first winter cphr  cert of the ph ii rch Ihsti tii te w ill b e ��������� given at  .the: Theatre Royal;,;; A rn b ng th e ��������� selec'tiohs to  b e ; sun g are ' *'.Ih. th ese clel Ig ji tf til groves ;"  #'To the Great Lord';" "i- seey tfiem en tbeir  .winding ,way/7; Mr;Reyndr^-^iiFaUo^eipg.  h The Sai 1 or^s Grave,}T quoted by the Chan-  cellor of tlie "Exchequer, MrLbwe, in honor  of the sailors lost oh board the ;* Captalh."���������-  The Band wilt perform the . March i "What  will they'say in England,���������*' the German National air, <( The Watch oh the Rhine j" <&c.  Election New;s���������After a scrutiny, Mr Burster has been declared elected for, Nanaimo  by a majority of 11 votes oyer Mr Robsdn.���������  Mr^R, Skinner has been elected for, Kpbteiiay.  The returns of the Yale-Lyttoh 'district hav������  not been received, in full, polls having been  held on 30th ult. at Okanagan dnd Rock  crefck, but it is believed that Mr Cornwall ia  elected by a considerable majority pFer Mr  SmitD.::J:_... t   '.. _ , . ' 1'_' '.";." :"x  Mr I. lEVeili, formerly of Cariboo, was in  his native city, Strasbourg, during the siege,  and .served .gallantly as a National Guard,  He is now a prisoner in Prussia. We condole  with our friend in his misfortune, and trust  that the Prussians will treat him well.     .  \ New Sawmtlt.���������Messrs. Meacham $NasonTs  new Sawmill on Eagle creek was started last  week and works well. A large quantity of  lumber will be sawn during the winter, so as  to have a good supply on band for the requirements of Lightning creek in the spring,  Mr Charles Beak arrived here this week  witu a band of 60 beef cattle raised on the  -pastures in the vicinity of Lake La Hacne,  ThS animate were in prime order, and have  been sold to Messrs. Van Volkenburg & Co,  Br. Siduall, Dentist, &c. has returned/rom  a successful professional tour through the  lower ���������country, and will be found, as usual, at  his office in Barkerville, .'.'���������'.'  Barnard's    Express   arrived   yesterday,  bringing Victoria dates to 2d inst. Tbe down,  express will leave on Monday morning.  The Hon. R. W. W. Carrall will, we under-  stand, leave by Monday's express ea roufes  for the seat of his Legislative duties.  Christmas Presents���������Mr Davison received  by express yesterday a splendid assortment  of articles suitable for Christmas presents.  Hon*. H. M. Bam* Reaves for QueaaeUaoa^b  te*d������y to boU ������������3.r&r x  ���������  ���������:  fX  r $  11  m  ������������������ \yj.  TowWHUHotBISMSCWECSaS1! ^S^^^^Sil*^*1****"**  ���������'>_' i ^>:y i$ ���������'***��������� ^ /> ^v^v"' -  ���������fef.^-'^fWK-W^SW^* ���������������&*  sw^S-sw^VTr-.  ':''������������������     ��������� '   '  l:^*t^:r.-V"-"/^">^^;\^>:7!., f;������-.-  J*  CALIFORNIA GORILLAS���������MORE ABOUT  . THE  WILD  MAN OF  THE MOUN  TAINS.   ,, .  " Aa Old Hunter," who vouches for the  ���������truth of lis story, writes to   the Antioch  ^Ledger averring that the statement about a  gorilla having been seen among the moan-:  :  *tains at the head of Orestrinba creek," and iri  Crow canon, is strictly'true.' He says:      ly  i posiiively -assure you that this gorilla, or  wild man, or whatever you choose to call it,-  {is no mythl   I know that it exists, and that  ���������there are at least two of tbem, having seen  them both at once, not a year ago.   Tbeir existence has been reported at'timec for the  past twenrty years, and I have heard it .said-  that in early days an orang-outang escaped  'from a ship, on the southern coast;. but tbe;  ���������'creature I have seen is not that animal, and if  rit is, where did he get&ts mate ?���������import her  ras'the Web -foots did their wives ?   Last fall I  was hunting iu tbe mountains about 20 miles  :- south' of here, and camped five or six days in  ��������� one place, as I have done every season for  y the past fifteen years.   Several times I re-  Uiroed to my earap, after a hunt, and saw  -that the ashes and charred sticks from the fire  vplace  bad been scattered about.    An old  Shunter notices sucb things, and very soon gete  '   'curious to know the cause.   Although mjr.  ...;' ^bedding and traps and little stores were not  ;   Vdisturhea, that'I.co^d see, I was anxious to  ��������� -learn-what or who it was that so regularly  ���������visited my camp, for clearly the half^bumedl  .^sticks and -cinders could not scatter them-,  ��������� 'selves about.  I saw no tracks near tbeoamp,  "'^as tho bard-ground, covereflwitb dry leaves,.  ' ^vould show none; So I started on a circle  -round the'place, and threeYhtindred yards off,  f; Jndeep sand, Lstrnck tbe track of a. man's  feet, as I supposed, bare and of immense size^  /Sow I was/curious, sure, and resolved to lay  .    for this barefooted visitor.    I accordingly  ^tooW a* position on a bill side,, some sixty or  j>������eventy.yards from.the fire, and securely bid  /'in tho brush, I waited and watched. Twoi  hours or more I set there, and wondered if* i  the owner of the bare feet would comeagafn,  .and whether he imagined what an in'terest he  had created in my. inquiringmmd, and, finally,  What ^possessed him to. be. prowling: about  there with no shoes on.   The fire-place was  ��������� on my rigft and, the ^spot v^here I saw the  ��������� tracks'was *cin my left,s hi d by bushes..; It was  'in this direction^^^that my attention jvas mostly  d i rected, th inking the v isi tor would ap p ear  tjbere, and, besides, it was easier to sit and  ifaoe that way.   Suddenly I was startled by a  shrill;thistle, such as boys produce with two  /fingera under their tongue,   and . turning  ��������� *quickly^ I ejaculated," Good God S" as I Baw  the object of my solicitude standing beside  *aiy ��������� frrej Verecfc,'��������� and look'iag *sg8 piciously  ������������������'['-. arqti n Q. It was in the 5m age of - m ah j b u t i t  -could hot have "been' human. I was never so  ���������benumbed with astonishment before; The  'creature, Whatever it was, stood fully five feet  ���������high,   and! disproportionately   broad   and  ; -square at tho shoulders, with arms of great  ���������length.   The legs were very short and tlie  ��������� 'body long. The head was small compared  ���������with'the rest of the-creature, and appeared to  be set upon bis shoulders without a neck.  The whole was covered wifti dark brown and  i .cinnamon colored hair, quite long on some  y parts, that on the head standing in a shock  and growing1 close down to the eyes, 'like a  Digger Indian's.   As I looked, he threw his  head back and wiaistled  again,  and  then  -stoopod and grasped a stick from the fire.  This he swung round and round, until the fire  on the end had gone out, when,. he repeated  the manccuver.    I was dumb, almost, and  could'Only look,   fifteen minutes I sat aud  watched him, as he whistled and scattered  my lire about.  I could have easily put a bullet through ���������his head, but why should I kill  him?   Having amused himself, apparently,  all he desired", with my fire, he started to go,  ���������and having gone a short distance, he returned,  and was joined "by another���������a female, unmis-  itakably-rV/hen they both turned and walked  past me; within twenty yards of where I sat,  and disappeared.in the; brush.   I could not  ������bave bad a better opportunity for observing  rih������m7 as .they were unconscious of my pres-l  enee- Their only object in visiting my camp  seemed to be to amuse themsei"ves with swinging lighted sticks around. T have told this  story many, times since; then, and it has often  raised an incrediilons smile ; but I have met  one;.Virion /whohas seen ; tlie��������� mysterious  cf eatq res, an d a d pzen who have co me across  their iracks : at .various places between here  anciPacheco -Pass/:- '/ ���������;     x, .  A LOVE STOItY FROM JIOKMONDON.  ������ IMlss Lanra Claire, the beautiful daughter of  Professor Iznaz Claire, the astronomer, has, it  has been well known, for some time /been en .  gaged to Mr Alfred Vrvian, the yon rig writer,  author of " Hell; apd Heayeril" ������ Which will;  yoii'have^';.'" Think ana Repent,?? f* Prayers  for ?thft. Sinners,^, and other beantifnl tracts,  which;:have given ��������� himr quite a reputation ;  but 'for some reason or other \t'��������� has be'en suspected that th ere was a; Cftol n ess, between  tbem. Stil 1^ Mi as Claif e loy le d hi m die vo tedly,  and the preparations for tlie wedding were  going OEu ������������������ \\ -  1: Inthemean^  youii^ gent of this city^: had fallen desper^  ateiy; in 1 ove, with Miss Cl aire, ah d refu s.ed to  be denied ad mittance to the hou se; al though  Professor 01 airo had several tihdes ordered  ;hfrb'^oiit:jditeV^beh:'; treated thus/ declared  mysteriously that he knew \ oertain secrets  abput/Miss Claire,: iahd if ^hes did -not marry  him he ypiild repeat them; He demahded to  see^ her alone;; This she finally  and, after ^ ay long in teryiew, ber departed,  stating, be: would return; the next day. To  this she .smiled and said,f< Yes j I shall always  be tflad to see you."     . ,;;    ,;  } These wrds. ��������� were repeated by oiie of, the  servant? to Mr Vivian when tie; came-that evening; an d he asked yhis affiaticed wh at they  meant.   She Jsaid,'" Nothing.n? After a white  fbev8ald, "Do you love this Morton.;?"   Miss  Claire; laughedr ancl; said,:^fiJcn^t be a fooL  Alfred*!^[. " Then^ you ^refuse <to   answer'W.  he said; ^She frowneiS;; " You know 1 love  ��������� yeiiJ9. she answered, "fanfi if yoii asfi me any  more ^siily,. questions I shall be angry.", y Mr  Vivian left shortly after, appearing much displeased.^ '"'*���������'-  ���������'������������������'���������: : ' '"-x   -'���������' ,'"������������������ x-[  The next morning Mr Morton came.; The  servants: noticed that Miss Claire was .deadly  pale, but >������he received him quite cordially  u You niust have sonde ivine;" she said. " Ot  course," he. replied,;'���������' with you." He took a  glass and drank it. .Shortly after he departed,  but before he had walked three blocks he  dropped to the ground [ and was picked up  dead! A post mortem'revealed that lie had  been' poisoned. Miss Claire was arrested.  She sent for Tivian. V Do ypit be 1 ieye me  gtiilty?" she asked.- ^.Tbave notbingTo say,>?  he replied ; " I am and have been for a month  engaged i^o be married to a gay young lady  in this city, and it isnot right^ that I should be  seen with youi" "���������' " '; '  The young lady uttered a piercing scream.  "Oh,Alfred,",she shrieked. "I did it for  your sake���������I loved you���������he could have prevented our marriager-ob, Alfred, do not desert me���������save me���������save me I"  Mr Vivian tore himself away and would  have quitted the cell, when Miss Claire placed  herself with her back against the door.���������  "Look," she said ; and before ho could pre^  vent it, she had drawn a dagger, and stabbing  herself, she fell dyjrfg at his feet.    " I forgive  you���������I love you," she murmured, and her  eyes closed forever.���������[Utah Gospel.  BUSINESS NOTICE.  MEDICAL:  To  Time Teats the Merits of all Things.  ���������V'> :JS^ FOR   THIRTY   YEARS.y^������ "y  Perry Davis' ^^^SSl^,  HaB been tested in every variety of climate, and also  by.almost every nation known to Americans. It W  the almost, constant companion and inestimable,  friend of. the Miner and Traveller; on sea and land,  and ho one should travel without it.*'        ������������������  It is a speedy and safe: remedy for burns, scalds,  cuts, bruises, wounds and various other injuries, as  well-as for* dysentery, diarrhoea and bowel complaints  generally, and is admirably suited for every raceiOf  men o n the face of the globe. '  N Be ; sure you call for I and get the, gen uln o Pain  Killer; as many worthless nostrums aro attempted tb  bo sold on; the great reputation of this yaluable mecii-  cirie.��������� ������������������ '���������'������������������' ���������;. .' ' "' ���������*'���������'" "';���������. ).'������. -; ' ���������"*'. ��������� ; *-��������� \.*i  :, Sold by all Medicine Dealers. >  ' 'f     '7 deS  icians.  ��������� "x Nirw Yobk, August^ 15th, 1868.  ' Allow m e to cal 1f yd ur atten ti ori to m v  Preparation ;; of ;;:compOund:;e:������  TRACT BUCHU.   the component parts*am  BUOHU, Longy'Liii,; CUBEBS, :JUNIPER'  BERRIES.  .-,������������������/���������, - .  Mode ; of PBSFik^ioN.r���������Spchu, in vacuo.  Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fino  gin.; Cubebs extracted by displacement with  spirits obtained from'Juniper Berr,ies; very  little sugar is used, and a small proportion of  spirit. It is more palatable than any now ia  use; '���������'���������'������������������!' ���������'���������'.'��������� *-: "'���������'���������' ��������� ���������'������������������"i':'-' *���������' '"' ;"' y:  ���������*Biichu, as prepared by Druggists^ is of;a  dark color, jit fe a plant tbat emits its fra  glance; the action of a flame destroys this  (i ts ac ti ve pr i n ciple), I eavi ng a c ark and  glutinous decoction. Mine is the color of in.  gredients: The Buchij ih' my preparation pre-  dp mi n ates ; th e smal lest quan ti ty ��������� o f the o ther  iiigredients are added, to preven t ��������� fermenta-  tion ; upon inspection it will be found not to  be a Tincture, as made -in; iPharraacopce, nor  is ic a Synip���������and therefore > can be used in  cases where fever, or inflammation exist; la  this, you have ;the knowledge bt the ingredU  ents and the mode,of preparation: ;  ; Hoping that youi will favor it with a trial,  and that upon inspection it ^vill meei.wita  your approbation.   % .,t,.^ 5 _  ^ .  ;;= With ia feeling; of profound .jsphfidiehce^.:.:  lam. very respectfully,y  vy.;. xxxyyil .i..H..'T.;HELMBOLp,. ,,  CJiemist and Druggist of 19 Year's Experience.  REDUCTION OF RATES  cards^,:. : . ..���������'���������;. ���������������.., \ ���������/.,":..'. V ,:  y '"��������� BILLHEADSyyiyXy y    .:; yx.\  yy-y   CIRCTJLABS;    : y '���������iyuyx^y  " x-   '  ;-   POSTERS, ^ ;.  :   PKOGMRAliOIES,  il.}- PRINTED FORMS,   \  ^X.ABELS.:' >7"'  BREAD TICKETS  (Froni the largest manufacturing Chemists la  "i.: y' y-[:. ">���������.;".' ythe'>vprid.);;';.:v';; .1.1 :-x.l-.y  [ry :..: y./;.y ��������� ';:".;-,:;N0VBMBEU::4ll!854.'  *  ',��������� "I am acquainted with -Mr_-H. T. Helmbold ;  he! occu pied tit e Drug i S to re o p p psi te my \resi-  dence, and was successful in. conducting the  bus! n.ess where . o tli era b ad not b'een equally  so before him. X have been fayorajbly im^  presse'd with his character and. enterprise."  y.y-yyyyyyyw^AM wightmak.  . ��������� Firm of Powers and Weightman, Mann-  I'^iy.. fac tii ring Chemists, Ninthiaud Browu  "'Street.: Philadelphia.,    ' ���������  FLUID   EXTRACT  ������..  Etc.,  Etc.,  Etc.,  Eta  Executed witli neatness., care and dispatch at the  Barkervh/le, B. C.  For weakness arising from indiscretion. The  exhausted powers of Nature which are accompanied by so, many alarming symptoms,  among which wi 11 he found, Indisposition to  I Exer ti on. Loss of M e m o ry, Wak ef u 1 n ess, E o r-  ror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil ; in  fact, Universal Lassitude, Prostration and in-r  ability, to enter into tbe enjoyments of society  THE CONSTITUTION  once affected with Organic Weakness, requires  the aid.of Modi cine to strengtheniiTttii'rr^t^^^^^^  ate the sysfem,"wii'ielf*��������� B1ZIJSi'iiO'XiD;&"'EXTRACT BUCHU invariably does. If no  treatment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues.  PLAIN    PBINTING  AND ';.    v  IMPROVED ROSE  WASH  will radically exterminate from the system  diseases arising from habits 'of dissipation, at  little expense, little or ho change in diet, no  inconvenience. or\exposure..  m  y  THE UNDERSIGNED   BEGS   TO   INFORir  HIS  ������rlondsand thopublic,thathch������snttedup sot3������  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  Inhisno%v building, where he is prepared -togive  good Beds at a reasonable price. Thuso who will  favor him witli their p:it?ona>;c,may depend on th������  clejinness and comfort ofliis honse.  He takesalso this opportunity .to remind tho Cftrij  booites that his Rrcwenf has received the FIRST  PRIEE of the Colony for hi a celebrated  xxx  ALE,  and thetrueamateurBwillbe ableto judgeby them  elves that snehv.honorable prise has been Justly  awarded to him'. ~  K. B.���������A large front room tolet,-;  .Barkurvillc Jan, 23 1^69. N. CITNIO  At Reduced Rates;  FLOUR, FLOUK, FLOUE,  SODA   CREEK,  vQUESNELLE, and  BARKERVILLE  ���������I  J, HARPER,  in a}i diseases of these organs, whether existing iu male or fernalet from whatever cause  originaling, and no matter of how longstanding. Those suffering; from broken down or  delicale constitutions, procure tbe remedy at  once.  Alt tbe above diseases require tbe aid of a  Diuretic. HELMBOLD-S EXTRACT BUCHU  is the great Diuretic.  ^������"Sold hy Druggists every where. Price  $1 25 per bottU������, or fi Bottles for $6* 50. Delivered to any address* Describe Symptouia  in all communications.  ADDRESS  H.   T.   HELMBOLD,  D&ug axo Chemical Wakeuouse,  594 Broadway, New York.  None are Genuine unless done up in steel  engraved   wrapper; with   fac-simile of  ray  Chemical Warehouse, and signed  oc39 II. T. HKLMBOLD.  ���������RsgAn


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