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 iV.  voil3.  Barkerville, Williams Greek, B. C, Saturday, December,15, 1866.  3'.  ir  TUNING SUITS IN THE UNITED STATES  ... SUPREME COURT.  . It was formelry-belw that the United States  Supremo Court could hot take, cognizance of  suits concerning mining claims on the public  domain,; the fee to wbic.h?wa$H;in tbe Govern^  menV aritf pdsaessorjr titled on the mineral  ; I ^otirfc liad?deciqe6, thattuntil Congress made  // sbnie^^ all; par^  '.-', ties 6ccupyin^|ie'm; were simply naked ���������; tree-  : pa^rsj smd*m (Jourt  4ad'd^cided further that where neither party  ryc^idjsbpw title ^riyed^ frqtii tlie" Govern-  Jxnent/orirom? source'which the Government;  7 had^cogniiwil^Svfov instance^a valifrgrarit  , front: a /power^/holding betbre ��������� the United'  'States-ryiio question pft prior;possession could  ; :?-������be)hoards������'ittnd; consequeatly*:; if;an?action/of  :��������� ��������� ejectment werje .broughtj/ wither no; / priuei jp fry  x'but��������� priorcposscs>5[on:to Sely upon, it ��������� ..* mlist go  out of CJourt.  -This holding :j of j- the Supreme  /Court wias^p^  '&*f&$$ffi^  ���������/velopmerit-pf extefisive mining ^.districts, and  ������yen: iafiervward s< fo r Bianyh ^ears/the minin g  'comm'uriiites who, were-debarred by Act of  ^ohgressl{froin-,acquiring>title,to-vthe mines  ; thoughVifthbbardsnip to/ be^ excluded from  .' ^he/Vm^di'^tes^Siip������edie?Ooart������so long as  ;4heirlaw^i^o^essidnwasrecognized^by the  ; /46calle^isla  ��������� co jirj^_^  t io no K^ossessory titles by ��������� Jtbe National J udi-  ^oiary Mas^enously^madejintil the last session/  * of the'38th Congress:: 'A bill was then Intro?!  ^!^du^roy|ding5 f^^ a ? District aiid, Circiiii:  7:/Cour^-^ State /of  Navada,^ and' for the ddntinuattce of 'Cases;  pedidiiig^ tbe!  Sirpren^^  7bill^a* door/was opened?for tbe} first ythae' tor  the ea^  ; Iribiiual wfilch/liad"deci3 no-  /tbin^������to do <with^sucli::caaes(v ;Scnator ^Stewart  ^contended that such a transfer^ ^ught:':j^tv;toi  ��������� ^be^author^^ ^as^wiliin^pfd"  ,. authprize;,tlje SupremetGourt >tp rocpgnise|fc)ie;  lmvners?Jaw;bti>oss^ Senate finally/  adopted aiiiamendmeutjtpthe^ effect^''thatino^  possessor^ action m any/bf the Courts of '{the  .,, United States, fbrytbs- recovery of<afty y mining  n ti tie, or tor damages to any iSucb^title, shall* be  affected by the^ tact ���������that*1 the!j-paramount title  '���������  to3the- land on whicM suCli mines are is in the  United^States, lint eacb^caee^hall be adjudged  iacoording to the -,law: of possession;"   This  ^a^endment passed ^  a. lawj/satifofc^^  it hadr before tacitly, recognized; .possessory  titles in mining claims, J /^ J'.. ���������  ���������"./-���������; About-a^  l':. 4s in'F^briia^yj ;j 80 6 Jithe^ Supreme, Courtf 1 first  "heard an argument:in" a case. which^involved  directly; the point!thiw passed uppn, by Con-  ���������: ���������gress.vyXne.i argument was; ^ad]On ^ iuoj-ion to  dismiss a writ/of error/in Jhe case of. Erastus  :,: Sparrow; .total? yers^ Charles Xj. St^bg?; which  y I wasi takeii:up/fromi^OiSuipreme Court :'��������� of the  TerrUpr^pf ;$ayad%;ac^  ������������������> ��������� ��������� ofc tbe> Aoti prgahizing federal i- Goiirfein: jtlie  ������Statei io'fi Navada; =-The/principal point/on  which/ the^dismissal-^sis'; asked^ or /-r^er/tbe  ���������Eoint^hie^  .: ,toJte eniic^  :: (a minJug:claiin;;p/n ihe^Jan^ the United  iStates) w^"^ot oapableof; money v&atipn,  and; thereforej^otlpf ^alne,_witnin/tbe: meaning. of the statute, of \SI,000,'the amount neces-  sary to gi ve j urisdictio n in, ther Su p renie Cp art  In other words, .the claim being on the pub lie  lands, was no cWinijvKicbitheOourt could re-  cogniete. /The Court was understood at the  timeto deny the force of this reasoning, and  to bold that it i^  in the mineral lands which bad grown into  importance and value under the sanction of  Congress;'but it ordered ��������� the motion ��������� to'dis-  miss the writ to lie over to the summer term  that-couusel might be heard on another point  of purely technical signification. It has lately overruled-the mo tion- to dismiss the appeal.  Apart from the sense of .greater security to  possessory titles, it is doubtful if miners will  he benefited by gaining a,perfect status in the  Supreme (i/ourt.. if or the appeal; of cases to  that tribunal will involve ��������� ran ch % delay aud  ���������  expensefbut as they are not obliged to ap-  'J pMaVtbey need uot; carry, their litigation to  such an extreme unless they like the fun and  can stand the consequences.���������S..F* ^Bulletin.'  A FATAL KISS.  An Austrian nobleman, one of the handsomest and most accomplished young men in  Vienna, was passionately iu lovo with a youug  girl of almost peerless beauty. She was the  daughter^ a hiauhbr^reat^raiikano;inliiience  at-court,' and on these considprations; as1 well  as; in regard to: her ch^  . by.a multitude, of suitprs. 1 She:- was lovely  and: amiablts^; ^ an aftabi-h  lity which still;kept them in' her 'train,- al-  i/though it 'was; (T^herolly.; kupwn; that she had  ' aypwed a predilection' for the Count, arid that  preparati 6 ns were niaki ng fo r their ������'ii up ti als;  The Gount-.was of a refined miud i apd del icate  sensitiHty ; he/loved her for herself alone^f-  for the yirtues which be believed dwelt in a  beauti^rfbrih:: Like a lpver of such^/p  tions tie approached^ herywitb timidity, vand  j wiieii"be.' to^cu^d^heCa'fire shot through/ fris  veins, that war iied. hi in nbt; to invade tbe satfe-  tiiary of Jier lips.--,., Such were, bis feelings,  /when one night at;the house of his intended'  met tofcelebrate ;' a certain festival. Several  pf /the ypiiiig lady ^rejected suitoiu were /present Forereits were one of-tlie ipastimesv-and  all went on with' the' greatest;merrimen tj ��������� till  .'the''Count jwas commanded by some witty  $Oung^ad������to redeem his glove, by Saluting  4he choek of hi^ iritehcled bride. -, v/ '']���������':"  The- Count- b lushed~-tre tub led���������advanced  to his;misfcress-r^rfeatM-^ad ^?ain  ���������'-^and*'at* last^with a tremor that shook every  ���������fiorfe^of ^his friinie, with a modest grace he/put  bis lips to. the solfc ringlet ill at played/ upon  her cheeky and in-revi<ient confusion-re tired  to-demand bis redeemed pledge������iHis; mis tress  gailysmiIpd^-and:jftiegame^wentom One of  her^ rejected^^who^vas -btfc;raen^?Aintbinking  idispositibn^ was udjudged^by^ tbe/sa^ne/india^  ereetcrierb^iilie!fbrfeits^"ifs'His^last retreat  .before lie:.hanged' himself,^- tpUinatch ii ki$s  ,Arom the :iipsrpf^the-object ofihis^recenfc vows.-  'A lively'Contest ensued betweensthe lady/and  !'t|ie Jr^ntleman;-^it&  the: ladycyielde(i.j hough ju^tbei midst of a eon-  'vulsiyeflaugh, aiiU th e?Co.unt had idle; imortifir.  cation; the; agony, to ^see the lips, which-his  .delicate; 16ve/wc^rid.rwtallw; him /to toupn,;  j kissed with" roughness; and/ rppititibn j>yyanother: man, arid one; whom he despised. Without a -word, -he rosprfrom ^his chair���������left the/  room and/the house]���������and by that good natuK  eftliiss: the fUir boast of Venice .lost her hus-  ,bahd andvherlOver^ ;- The :Gount never saw1  her more. ..        -��������������������������� ���������' ������������������      -��������� ?.,..   ./, y.-.. ��������� ���������'/������������������������������������  FAILURES OF JUSTICE.  , ^^^To get rid of your troubles,, says an  exchance, stop thinking of them.   .Whether  youareaslivelyasa cricket or as dull as  'rain'depends less on the size of pocket-book  tbjn on the condition of your mind., ./  //The.foundation vjprihcipie: on;: winch';the'  system of trial i>y/ jury Crests lis; .the ��������� ��������� houestyy  .upr1ghtrtess;and intelligence of jurymen. The  Co nstitutibri pre.siimes. that the citizens,' of the  United States, in:'the: average,^areleo:- virtuous  and judicipus/ith^t^ny Jwelye of them, drawn  indiscriminately, may be installed as supreme  arbitrators;of all -matters of; fact, arid credibi-.  lity. via practice it has: been found /that; the  great majority may-be safely trusted /to; de^  cide iany 7 qnesttons . affecting. the propertyI  character and liberties of their fellow-cduntry-  men.; :^Uufortunately. howevert there is i n all  communities a gmali minority who are either  so deficient in sagacity, or, so.wanting in; integri^  ty that, their occasipnai presence in a jury:box  brings theinstitutionanto;discredit, :.Xy ;  The impannellihg of. one', ^ishonesF jurof  may do as much; in j nry to a plain tiff o r defendant in: the courts of the niost enlightened  republic; as he could suffer from the cupidity  Or cruelty of the most barbarous tyrant that  ever ruled; Men may form different opinions  of a subject: they may draw different dediLc-  reject any or all the testimony, and if they  are actuated by pure motives and have a conscientious regard for the sanctity; of their  oaths, the}'- arc not amenable to criticism. If,  to the be������t of their ability, they, well and truly try a cause according to the testimony,  even though we might tb ink them mistaken  in their finding, their verdict is entitled to  respect and should ordinarily meet with ac-  quiesance. But if, as we are informed was  the case not long ago in Judge Hoffman:s  court, a juryman tells his fellows, with an  oath, thathe does not care for the evidence,  that all the testimony in the world would not  induce him to join' in such a verdict as they  considered woukl.be just, that man is guilty  of the double crime of dishonesty and perjury, and it is.the interest of society^ if he and  those like him cannot be excluded from the  panel for the future, that their power of evil  should be neutralized as far as possible.  We are aware that these failures of, justice  are few ia.number when compared with right  eous decisionsjbut one such/finding makes  more impression on the,public mind than a  doze n h onest verdicts. Audit b ehoVes' th e  lawyers and officers of the Court.'to mark  sucls inen and exclude them from all participation in the administration of justice for the  future/;y If they cannot be punished by law,  let them.bear the obloquy of being purposely  debarred from the discharge of one of the  most honorable duties which the citizen of a  froe/cmintry can be called upon toperform.^-  S.:^Bulletin.r        ' : ;  Strong Cmaiiaotek.���������Strength of character j  co ri sis ta of t w o th i ngs-j i o wer u f will and po wer  af' selt^res trai nl.   It req if ires t\v o th nigs, therefore, tor its existence ^strong  feelings arid  strong;; com maud over them.   Now it is here  ;ive make a great mistake; we mistake strong  feelu'igs for strong character.    A man wTho (  beai^all;;before him}' befbre wiiose frown.  domest/es tremble,-and whose bursts of fury  ;makes-lilie childrtin of the household% quake���������  becauserhe bashis will obeyed, aiid/his own  ��������� w^yJi^^Jhl/l^^wc_ eajLiiJin a/strong/maj);.  the iruth is he is. a. wea k man jit is his. passions; that are strong;' he is mastered by them,  is/weafey ��������������������������� '"'������������������,������������������ ��������� . .-// ���������   '������������������,''- "'  :y-":  ^^iypi^must measure the strength of a man*by.  the/power of the feelings he subdues,- not by  tbe?ppwer of those which subdue him*   And  iiehce>(ipmposure;is'very often tlie highest re?-  su 11 oPstrength.   Did we ever see a inan! re-  little  mau  man  THEiBANR OF  BEl^ISirfCOLUMBIA,  PAID UP CAPITAL,; ; ��������� x^y)1 SlfittifiQQ  . ���������( ', <"v7ith Power to���������' increase.)'.,  DRAFTS ISSUED ON THE BANK'S BRANCHED,  in British: columbta,  NEW WESfMIXSTfiR) YAI.R, MOUTH OK QUE$NBk,  -      yCA������l!300;: U      ���������'-' :"  IN THE :UNITED STATES.   .  SAN FRANCISCO,   POUTLANDj Okeoox.  ONTHK BANK OF MOiNTKKAL,./l.NT CANADA,  ,ON^KR?At ^OiiKw/j������attssrs JJp.Li.ii. {toi^v'f A������������Bi������ ���������-  / .;      . _       Tor the B/mk uf Mjiiurcal. .  ON SCOTLAND-.THE BK1TISH UNEN^ CO.'S IJANfe  ON inEI.AND���������UNION-BANK OF IREI^Nh, LIMITKD  ON ENOLAND--THfO BANK OF B11ITISH COJ.UMBlA,  -    '      H<}aUOllicc,.L6iubur(iSt\*,-London.  * V������ ���������^+^*.^*+w*>< u*+? ** *  ��������� m ���������  spiritually strong. ���������* ur am we ever see a man  in^nguieh stand, as if caiTed^ of solid rock,  inastprmg li imse I f X. u r: b earing a ��������� 'hop el ess'  mai^phaiste; he, whoi keenly sensitive- with  many^wers of indignation 'in him;/can! be  piWoke'd, and yet. restrain himselt" and for-  giye���������these are: strong', men, the. spiritual  berOes;' ���������   ' ' -��������� '���������; ;"'        "  Wyywyyy- ^7fHE:;DAN:k;-0F������������������/v-.;.-^- -'���������.���������--  rica.  y.;X   \fX;y ESTAl}T.I8HEDI.Vl8iJ(3.  /;:SSd.OS;fice: 7,\Sf. HELENS PLACE LONDON.  i? DRAFTS ISSUSD on i/m*jon, New York. Snn. Fr;in ���������  Cii?cp,; Curihooj Oinndit, New Brunswick, \'ova Scotiji.  and on all the Branches ol' tl:*> National B:tnk or Scot  ;lahdand;Provincial Bank of Inland. 7  .:Bills of; Exchange and Gold Purchased;  ;.;interest;on Special Deposits of. Money allowed at the  rate p|'a quarter ol* onu ji-;r.cent. pi:r mouth.  '���������'/(S'OM) Dust -SIM ted and Assayed,' and returns made  \yi,thin 24 hours in Coin or Burs.  -Ores of every tles.cri p lion care fully Assayed.. ���������  / N.B.���������-Any in.structiuns as to the dispos.il of the pro-  ceeHgpf Gol'l Dust lorwirdod to the. office in Victoria  forAssav will be carefully nttwdod to;  :   :rU ;" y ..L G. skEPHERD, Manager.  yyictpria;/V. I., April. 1866. l-s.  / Kecelyod on.Depos)fjJir Advan'ocs inade uTppn Uiom.  y '^AS^AY "-'OFFfOibi^ ������������������'���������  . On?4> Dvst Melted and' Assayed, and returns mad������  within 24;ltonrs. :y ''������������������::  . . A   ���������  :  .  Oiv^ of wry. description carefully Assayed; ���������.  April, 1866. ���������; .������������������ ���������������������������J.[ XX:>X':r    ��������� ;������������������ ���������.��������� '��������� vli  BANK  i.-il".'.'.L'7,������-V���������Z^i'y-"'-���������iX'-*c '��������� -''".���������>'"��������� *'���������" vv-1.-.-- :- -:.��������� ���������-' ;-'��������� ���������;��������� ��������� -���������'��������������������������� ������������������*- v ;���������������;;,���������  COLUMBIA,  '"���������"*��������� "'���������'" " r     V   -   ' Loxoo.v, 3rd AugUBt; 1866.:  FROM AND. AFTER 25th'SEPTEMBER, 1866, MR.  J)AVID MARSHALL LANG will cease to ho Manager of this B:������nk in these Colonies, and MR: WILLIAM  CURTIS WARD, is authorized to perform tho duties of  rrjncipalOihCL'r of the Bank .in tiie Colonics, .signing  ull ������o<:iHti(,ntil as Act injr Manager.  By order ul the Court of Directors,  ���������       JAS. i). WALKER,  45-lm ... IiiKpector.  BARNARD'S  Conn������ctinfi at Lillooet and Yale with' DIETZ &  NWILSON'S for Now Westminster & Victoriar  ILL ARRIVE AND  DEPART from tho ortlco in  Barkerville, to connect with tho steamer "Eu-  O^rippo Literary Institute  ���������"���������;- J. S. THOMPSON' Pkksidkxt:  .77.//, JAMES ANDERSON, Vick-PkksiUEXT.  "J   ^^ohnTm^laren,       ) "���������'"���������  DRW. B. WILKINSON7, V DmECXORS:  ������������������:---^OIIN ADAIR, ) - y-  ,-IOaSf ,B0WR0N,     -    -    SKCKBTAKY& LlDHARIAK;  mHIS INSTITUTION at presi?nt contains about 500  X volumes of Choice Litcratur",consist ihg of Rulluious,  Scientific, Historical^ aud I'oetical works, and works ol  Fictiiiii..; . .''. ......  Wercoster's Large Pictorial Dictionn.rjrj Urc'sDiictlon-  ary of. tha Ar tsA Manu faclu res a lid. Mjn'*s,/ Iappohcott/s_  l^m"ofrncinir"Gazetteer of the World, and Honian's 0y"  clopedia of Coninierce will always be kept in the rooin  for reference.' .'/'.���������  Tho Reading Room will,ho found supplied with the  litest English, Scottish, Canadian, American, aud Colonial Pap'1 rs and M-> L'ivanes.  Terms of SubscrU'tio.v-��������� ������f> per quarter, or $2 per  month. Single volumes Loanoil to noii-subsbrib.ers at  50 cts. per volume, wtth $ 1 doposit.  Persons not subscribers vi?iiin.c the Rwling Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will bo charged 25 cts for each, visit.   ' , -,  jO* Tho Room will he open from 10 a.m. till 10 p, m.  .���������'   *"' ������������������"���������.. JOHN BOWRON,  17 ���������   - -���������'   Secr^trary and Uhrarian.  U  The   Cariboo   Sentinel,"  SEM.I-M'ONTHLY   PAPER...  Published ox the 15th and 30th ok Each  Month DuRixa the Wixteu.  ALLAN A CO., Proprietors..-  O'fficb���������BARKERVILLE, WirxiAas CRkiEK, Cariboo.  Subscription, $2 per month  (Including cost of delivery,) IWabI* 10.the Carrier.  missions ri'coivc<l and forwarded. by Express for th������i  collection nt Notes, Bills and the purchnae of ������rticL������s  to beohtiiini'd at Now Westminster, Victoria, San Frau-  cisco or en route, and returns made with -dispatch.  JOflN  B. LOVELL, *  l-s ..   Agent, Barkerville.  WILLIAMS   CREEK  STEAM SAW MILL CO.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED, LUMBER ^MERCHAVT������ bog  X to infoiiji the inii;ioit;������nis;.iu^-;ioT(i| o'r.'Vl'UUaw*  Creek that'they have now in opi-rati^n a STEAM SAW  MILL,'located at. the mouth of Mink Gulch, abnvo  Richflol.!,.capible of .manufacturing one thousand feet  of Lumber pur hour) any. longth or width required in  this 111:1 rket. and of a sopeRior qijatity. All or. I em  left at Mr. W.:Al Men chains, Barkerville, or the Mill*  will.bo promptly at ton ded to, and dolivored FREE OF  CHARGE at any point on the wagonroad, and at RE-.  DUQEDlRATE^. . irhiiiiiiib^.^ntiiLtitUsi.Xo'xipidli.a lib-:  ural share of the public patronige and that their old  friends will kindly ^ivo them a call.  MEACHAM, COOMBS & NASON.  Williams Creek, Aug. 27th 1866. 33  I.  .-.1  "til  BARKERVILLE   BREWERY.  NICOLAS CUISTIO,  pro;phieto.k.  ?'?  r  Adams, P e a r cy & Co.*  BARKERVILLE,   ', .  Have just received a choice selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plato and Sheet Iron,-  with various other articles in their line of trade.  &3T All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron,. Cupper unA  Zinc ihute attended .io, and wtrr Atitiaia giva iati'^'XJ-" -^���wi^i-/^ijii^4A,��^-N-��i.''
T'CwMft-rt .��*>-*,��.����� i
"^������..  ��������� ��� ������������������ ������ ��� ���-��� ��� .    ������-���
It is very difficult to define tbe constitution
���of the Court ; it is not a Court of Conscience,
neither i& it a Court of Equity!nor is it a
Court of Law, but one in which all tbe three
forms of administering "laws are promiscuously intermingled.   It can be easily understood
that to preside in such a Court would be no
small matter, for ajearned jurist, how much
���more difficult then for men who have not had
that severe mental training so  necessary for
fine discrimination in legal matters.    In the
days of Nind and of Elwyn, this Court was
virtually, if not nominally, a Court of Conscience.   Then the mining laws consisted of only
a few proclamations issued from time to time
by tbe Governor, and the Commissioner supplemented these according to bis own judgment.   Since   then   extensive mining,   laws
Jiaye been passed and partly consolidated.   It
was not until the administration of Mr.^O'Riel-
ly that this Court, by his false pretentions to
legal ability, declared itself to be a Court of
Equity or Law^ or both combined.    In the
case Glasgow Co. vs. McWha, this Commissioner would have decided contrary to all the
fundamental principles of warranty, by pre-
tolvajUft^ hy   legislatin
bad no control had he not been bearded^by
MK Walkem who convinced him that Equity
as we 11 as La w. is ��" b o u nd i n calf ," and wi th
this form of administration began those mur-
meriugs that bave well nigh ended in an uproar.   The glorious uncertainty of this Act
allows such latitude to the Gold Commissioner who "alone and without a jury is tho sole
judge of law.and of fact,"  and is more like
the governor ot a colony on a small scale than
a Judge, that he is compelled to adopt a policy rather than strictly tb administer the law.
.    The-policy of Mr. O'Rielly was to use the
almost unlimited power to increase, the revenue; the term "month" was interpreted to
mean calender month; so that a claim laid
over say on the 25th June only remained so
until the 1st July, thus extorting from the
poor prospector, exorbitant, fees; such a policy became as decidedly unpopular as it was
unjust.   To escape the imposition many pros;
pectors neglected to preserve a good title to
their ground,, which neglect in turn has given
rise to entailed litigation.   The policy ot Mr.
Oox, on the other hand, was quite different;
he made no pretentions to legal ability, yet
Court;, or that the situation of the ground was
properly defined by tbe record."���'Cariboo
Sentinel,? Jupe; 24th, 18G5.
We now quote from a judgraeut in the same
cause in the Court of Equity:
i4S.i5 was refer red to as showing that a
Court of Equity was not on equitable grounds
to relieve against a fbrfeiture,but there is no
forfeiture here to relieve against."���'British
Columbian^May 2nd, 1866.
The, 34th sec. of the Mining Laws provides
" That every forfeiture shall be final all. Law
and Equity; to the contrary- notwithstanding."
Noiy according toVa decision in the Gold Commissioner^ Court which was afterwards ratified in the Supreme :Court, the Boreulis Co.
had notV^ off, nor recorded
this^ground; in dispute. According to the
M i niiig Laws if a com p an y fu Ui I a ny two o f
the foregoing conditions and negfect tbe third
they '.invariably forf��it. their right to the
grouiidj but if they negiect them all, then according lib a decree in Chancery''there is no
forfeiture here," certain ly n ot. We are reminded by this decision of the story of the
Quaker batter and the Sailor; Vv As I li ve,' ���?
said the Quaker, "I cannot let thee have the
hat.for less." " Live cheaper," said the sailor." " Friend," said tbe hatter, " I have sold
hats for five aud thirty years and thou art the
tirst one to find me out/*     '��� ' ��� y	
Next in order comes tbe Legislative Council, which by Ordinance X. assented to on the
29lh March, 1866, has exceeded its jurisdic-
away  prior and vested
Hot GIN SLING and PUNCH to warm the loner man,
aud every coin tori for the nut or.
A. McPherson :v
Barkerville, Nov. 12th 1866. l-s;
figlifs, aud uas so boVind^up ^tne Commi's'sion-
er's Court that the miners who have observed
the whole law since 1861, are at the mercy of
the directors of the Williams Creek Bed Rock
Flume Co., who, to their honor be it said, have
abandoned their claims, and declare tbat tbe
Council actually gave them more "than  they
asked for.   Last but not least comes the.Chief
Magistrate, to violate that  protection which
the miners foolishly expected the Gold Commissioners Court could give.     By  virtue of
powers vested in tbe Gold Commissioner, he
executed a charter in the name of Her Majesty, her Heirs and Successors, granting to
CranJftrd and others a lease of. four miles and
six-tenths of Grouse Creek, on conditions that
the grantees should construct GOO .feet of flume
during the first year, and 1500 feet each succeeding year, and if they failed, in-those conditions the Gold Commissioner for 'the time
being shall have the sole and uncontrolled
power to declare the charter forfeited.:    This
Plume Co" failed last year to construct more
than two-thirds of the number of feet required by tbe charter, aud applications'was made
to the Gold Commissioners Court by the miu-
his policy was at once'most suitable to bim- j era on Grouse Creek to have the. charter for-
TT7E THE UXDERSIGvED have sold our ripht; tille
V? and interest in tbe Williams Creek BED ROCK
DRAIN CO. (limited), and; have also'transtitfropy the
Charter and all the rights and. powers which, it grants
CamcrontoD, B. C, Nov. 2nd 1806.      .        -       1   ���
T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that I have this day revok
ed a crtain Power of Attorney drawn by me in favor
rSXjtfC. FV HKUVKsy anil' (Tat'cd'rtrd"' -(lay ot Ta Ortttry;-
1866, and that the said I   P
any authority to act for me.
Barkerville, 2nd Nov., 1866.
BROOKS has no longer
In co
compliance with n resolution passed by the
Board on tlieftr.1 Dumber inst,  and in
��� Pflf and most agreeable*to the miners; he converted this Court back. again almost wholly
into a Court of Conscience, and presided in it
with no little success.��� His errors were those
of judgment and not of will, bis guide was
common sense rather than a smattering of law,
��� tmd although many of tbe decisions in this
Court during the last two years were not in
��trict accordance with tlie law, yet they were
such that the unfortunate litigants hardly ever
���received any sympathy unless perhaps from
their co-partners. The experience of years
shows that with all its indefmiteness this Court
would have given general satisfaction had it
not been interfered with and many of its de-
��� cisions weakened or quashed by other jurisdictions. The first intruder is tbe Bar. No
litigant is allowed any assistance to conduct
bis case in this Court unless he employ a qualified Counsel, and it often happens that with
ti learned Counsel on the one side of the case
the  Commissioner  is: embarrased  and tbe
'other side wronged by a 6harp practice, and
 one of these legal gentlemen went so far as
to make a false assertion against the Commissioner while sitting, as Associate Judge on
one of the appeal cases in the Supreme.Court.
This undue protection of the Bar is contrary
to the spirit of tbe Act under which this Court
is constituted, as it provides that no exception shall be taken to any informalities.
The next intruder is the Court of Appeal,
which might be worshipped, for it is not the
likeness of anything " in the heavens above or
"1 a thet ear tli b e ne ath,J'r n e i ther" Co nsc ten ce,
Bqnity. nor Law controls this Court.    It issued an injunction contrary to a plain rule, the
expressed ignorance of which must have been
humiliating to its president, and when compelled to rescind it he retaliated by pre-judg-
ing the case,, and ordered the Gold Commissioner to  perform  an  unlawful   act which
would have violated the sacredness of a public seal, and the refusal of the Commissioner
to obey has given rise to personal issues that
are not yet ended.   A Court of Conscience it
cannot be, neither is it a Court of Equity and
Law.   In proof of this we shall quote and
compare a few extracts from some of its decisions.   :
Borealis Co. vs. Watson Co.���Judgment���
"They (Borealis Co.) did not prove that their
ground was properly recorded, staked off, or
occupied.   He was obliged by Law to affirm
the decree of the Court below, as the appellants bad not established one of three things
viz., that they  were  in   possession   of the
ground wben the Watson Go,r jumped it; that
ui had   bsen   staked off as ordered by the
feited. Immediate action was taken by the
Gold Commissioner who allowed the company 30 days to complete 500 feet .of flume,
which order itself amounted to a declaration
of forfeiture, asyifc W have
done the work ii
thirty days the  Commissioner: received instructions from the Administrator of the Government to lengthen the term of completion
tin ti I the end of M ay n ext;; thu s ,a. creek that
has become the very centre of ;attraction and
excitement has been suddenly locked up ibr
a year by the: interference of the; Adrainistra-
to r    with: the uncontrolied p6wers of the
Go Id Commissioner. -;. It ��� wo u Id be strange indeed if this iuCreasing confusion in the miners
Court did not give Jrise to a corresponding
i ncrease of dissatistac tio n,y The mi tiers: remonstrated'by: petitions, but they seemed to
bave about as mncb effect as an infant crying
iu the night has on a siu inhering city.   Theii
came the demonstrations and ��� deputation of
last June, which ended in the election, of a
Mining Board and an interview with the Administrator.   The Board asked the Administrator by resolution to close the door of the
Go I d Cp m m issip ner ��� s Coii rt aga-i n si ap p e als
to the 8upi*eme Court.   YVe quote ills reply
from the'Cariboo Sentinel' of the 15th Aug.
His Honor said "that the Court of Appeal
could not be done away with entirely, as this
being a Crown colony it was governed in consequence by English Laws."   Some members
of the Board   expressed an impression  that
th ere "was" no  ap peay a 11 o we d in Aii s'tra i fa
when it was a Crown colony, but there were
no works of reference at hand, an after investigation however showsthat the Administrator
was in error.   The Miners' Court in the colony of Victoria was composed of a Mining
Board of nine members presided over by tbe
Gold Commissioner, and was strictly a Court
of Conscience, from which there was no appeal to the Supreme Court.   We quote from
an Act assented to on the 15th June,  1855,
sec. XXV.  "And  no proceedings  in such
Court shall be quashed for want of lorm or be
removed into the Supreme Court by certiorari
or otherwise;" and on the 11th March, 1857,
the council of New South Wales assimilated
their Mining Act to   that of Victoria.    Tbe
Board then asked the Administrator to  make
the decision ot the Supreme Court final, and
prevent mining suits from entering Chancery;
this also was refused upon the grounds that it
was impossible.   But his not; forintheAus^
traiian Acts referred to in the case of convictions there is an appeal to the Court oi Ses-
sions of the peacf and tb��r0 it rests.
lormiiy with clause (i) Part I. of the Mining Laws.
NOTICE IS HEREBV GIVEN to all pirti.is using
SLIDES in the vicinity of any public thomughfare fur
the purpose of running down timbt-rs for tlie mini:??,*
that tln*y will be r.quired tostjilion a man at the foot
of the SLIDES to warn the public of the danger." >c-
other dangerous works in the neighborhood of any fre-
qu.'iited trail or other public way, aro herohy i:ir.cte.l
to rail m the same, as fr vqu .nt complaints have been
made of the danger to liic arising from the neglect of
proper precaution(?.. ,'   '
FOURTEEN DAYS from this date will he granted for
carrying out tho instructions contained in this Notice,
after which period, should complaints still continue to
he made, tb�� conations of the clause above referred-to
will be strictly carried out
Warner r. spaldixg,
Gold Commissioner.
Ricbfleld, Dec. llth,.lS66. y,.
Dissolution of Partnership
THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing: between
THOMHS A. BARRY and NICHOLAS CTJ������> 10, has
111is day_.been dissolved hy hiutiial consent. The bus-���
iness will in future be carried on hy Messrs BARRY
& ADLER. All debts due by the late firm of BARR^
& CfJNIO, will be paid by Thos. A Barry-and ail debts
due to the late firm will be collected, by T. A. Barry.
,T. A; BARRY,     "
���y-' ;:-v. cunio* >,-
Barkerville, D^c: 12thy 1868.    . /  lm ;
��� KINDS OF : .
Beg to: call the attention of Miners and others
to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS
which will be sold        ���
to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrlvt joboob at
,   the Roads are open.
$&- Liberal allowance will be made to
Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trado generally
'on"Jargo'orders.     * ' *  '     "    \
ij��- A full ossortinent of Grookbibb and H. B. 0.'i
Liquors ;ilways on hand. "H
DRUGGIST,   �����
AS JUST RECEIVED direct from Sun Francteco Dr.
L-; Richau's celebrated Golden Balsam, lor tee
complete cure of Secondary Syphilis. Also, a quantity
of Dr. Murphy's Mixtures, so well known as a specific
euro for the same.
Received also, a stock of the FINEST CIGARS, for
retail trade only* .
P. S.���As he has obtained tho Newspaper Agency h��
will be happy .to receive subscribers name6, to whom bi
will deliv r the p^p:jrs immediately on arrival. By
reading Bill at"store the r��ducad rates for papers'will
bo se��n' OrJers from outlying creeks will rccaiw
every attention. ���    45-fl
ROSS in the.above-named Saiobn,; the undersigned
woul i respactfully solicit a con tin uenco of: the .patroL��
age bestowed on tbe late flrmj which by'a strict atteh^
ti on to business tliejr w 111 end eavor to meri t,   T ������ :������  *
T*he TERPISCttOREANT ARt is nightly practised ai
this Saloon,- and the Bar is stocked with the chdiceat
LIQUORS and CIGARS.    , -    V
; j^Boys please give us a cail. v
:���- 41^1m   ���;���_���' ^roprietortv
^"OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that all debts duo the
1* un hrsignod must bt- paid on or before the:- 15th
D.'cember noxt after which date all accounts must be
paid weekly."-   '" ���"
���."���',        ^EDWARD TORMEY. -.'.
: Brrkerville, 30th Now, 1866. : ���;��� *    3-3in"
J3Q5- The room is always w.irm and comfortable^ and
the Bar contains the best LIQUORS and CIGARS.
y The undersigned is prepared to       ijE .
���  y-yy"y ;-:"pannings;;';;:>y-':xyy
On Commission, or will purchase any quAntity on the
.<:������ ;MoSt Liberal Tebms, at the -   7^   ^"
yReading Roomy Gamerbntbh^ : ;
The Subscriher is well known- on Williams,Creek, an<t.
from the confidence reposed in him heretofore in; the
above business, he hopes to receive thec patronage of
the Mining, coihraunitv the ensuing season. '
1 y  .' y\" ���''���"���;���':        ^JOHN-BOWROK.
y. "���'���'G:;"BTE0USr: yx^
���-���'������������  im ...     .. ������.:--���'���,
iS    TIOE.
LL PARTIES indebted to the late firm of D0DERO
rl & LIOKS, Ctmrtroriton, ari r qu.sted to call mid
settle before the 30th Decombir.
Camerouton, B.C, Nov. 25th, 1866 2-3in
with thv'
LL PERSON- in *-i*hted  to the Estate of the late
IIONORE JUSTIN LIONS, are notifl m! to sottl.'
tin ivrsign'!<! on t.r b -foro thu 60th Tf c mhiT,
alter which date tluir acc< unts will bo pul into tin-
hun is of a coll ctor.   All cl dms against the Estate will
be settled by the uu'a r.-iinv'd,
2-3in THOMAS BESOZZL Executotv
fPlW OLD A , D WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been re-
X c nily : p n v-i hy Uw un ur^ign-Mt, who will make
it iii^ c. n^t.-^n' ��tu y by u^ing (.v^ry en leavaur to accomodate ttw trav liii��cpu:dic, to desorvu a siiarj of the
pitr-'n.t��<} Ivstowea on tli;1- jontior occup snts.
J&3- The B ir contains n^thiug but trie vory best of
H. B. LIQUORS and CIGARS.   Givo him a call %
2 '    ���������-.-������ .     EDWARD TBOFATTER
,. LL PERSO n'S indebted to the undersigned ere re-
i\ qu'Stei to call at this office aad settle their ��*���
counts forthwith,
5th November, 1866.
Dissolution of Partnership
THE PART ER--HIP heretofore existing between D.
ORDISKBERG k C. W. BOSH has been this day*
���aissolved by mutual consent.
Quesnelmouth, 20th Oct., 1866. l-3in
WE EL CO " on Grouse CYeek.    The owner beicg
uhligctf to Liave tho uuuntry, will sell very cheap.. ���
For. further paticuUrs and terms apply at ttie o��^
vt this jripirj y -      ���'������'-
Nov. 5th, 1806; ���.,-.:.������   V&
i   ��� *S IN ALL  SEGiBS,  J and often!  R GOODS  DES!  7������ SO BOOH ||  e made to  ado generally  jRIES,  D1ZE,  1 H. B. <X'i  '   16  5  Francisco Dr,  am, for tha  3, a quantity  ag a specific  CIGARS, for  ?r Agency h*  , to whom u������  arrival: Bt  - papers'will  will 'rccditi  ���������     45-8  F CHARLES  undersigned  the/patron*'  strict at ten;  t.. y>;-y'  practised si  die choicest  2XTER,  Proprietary  TGS AND  itity on thr  n, :y  Creek, tint  tfore-tfi the  atrpn&ge of  owro������.  3ER  ied ere re-  t".their ������*���������  KBERT.  rship  etween !>���������  i this day'  3XBEBG  m  1-3ID  :e'er -i>o  ner being  leap;. ���������  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  TELEGRAPHIC.  SATURDAY; DECEMBER 15/; 18<>fc  "MINING^INTELLIGENCE.  There/ have beefcno hew strikes? since /��������� our  last issue although they are daily expected,  several ,prospectirig claims: on / Grouse Creek  must soon find sometbiffg :er hothing^ while  many of them are sure to strike it in a Bhorf  time.   The weather still Con tin nes mild;  the  thermometer has not yet been down-to sero,  and: v������ryj seldom..-btelpSfr 20 / deg*, so that the  frost has not yet closed up any of the; claims  ro en ti oned in pur last issue! as paying. y- The  want of fr&ter has reduced the number of  workmen in the United cp?y to one-half but it  is still paying well;^for the week^ading Dec  1st 320oz.and for last #eelflttO ounces.   The  Heron Go. paid-for weekending Dec. 1st. 300  oz������ $3 ; dividend to full;share, $350; 'for the  Week ending Dec. 8th, ?518oz. $14; dividcnd  to full share, $800.    the water is becoming  gradually less in Williams creek, and unless  we shall have a fall of snow soon?i twill be as  Scarce as it was ^last year.   The Dead: Broke  co'y have adopted a very*useful contrivance  for disposing of their tailings by putting a sand  ��������� box frr their sluices quite near the 'shaft 'house  and shoveling the tailings out Of tbe box in-  stead of keeping a man in the creek to shovel  them.   This suits all purposes better, it is  . mox������$my&$mLwA t% wcj&a* ** uck easier  done.   Ail companies tailing into the creek  should adopt the same appliance. The quartz  prospecting on Hixons creek is  progressing  ta'pldly; Mr. G. A, Wright is general manager  of both the Stewart and Washburn co'ys. The  Stewart co'y have sunk about 45 feet beside  their ledge and when they reach a depth of  50 feet tbey intend drifting to cut their ledge.  The Washburn ,eo;y: is,, running, a  tunnel.  There is only one company at work on Cedar  (From the 'British Columbian,v)-;;  Chicago,-Nov*"i7th.^tti a sffceeli at'Hfe cable banqiiet, oft Thllrsday motning;., tb e: 15tb>���������  .Gyrus WYField said/the cable! worked so/well  that Latei hiOre Clark telegrarilied from Ire-:  land across the b'ceati- a&d back with a battery  formed in a lady7s thimble.  i-'/New York^NoVi 18th.^The 'Herald' says  there is a fall understanding between the  President and Chief Justice Chase j an d says  the President will make concession to: Con-:  gress, including-no further :removals/ ftoixi  office on. account of/political opiuion.  Chicago, Nov. 22nd.���������Official majority in  Illinois; Republican ��������� nett majority ; 54)957.j  Wisconsin total nett Repu bl ican; maj ority 25,  0001 Mirinesota total nett Republican majority 10,60 0 i K ansas, excep ti ng: three cou ntiesj  gives 18,771 Repub 1 ican majority*  Next Monday the terminns of the Overland  California Mail wili.be changed from St; Louis  to Chicago; The route wi 11 go via the Nor th  Western Railroad to Woodbine, Iowa, thence  by stage 30 miles to Council Bluffs and Omaha, thence by Union Pacific:; Railroad- to its  present terminus, 285 miles; west of Omaha.  The gap of 35 miles between Woodbine and  Council Bluffs will be f������lled by the first of January,. The .running time���������������������������fromI ~Newy^rkrto*  the North Fork of Platte River, all /by rail,  will be six days.'/ ;y '.- y.' ������������������>���������;'������������������ 'y .y y: ������������������-.  New York, Npv. 22nd.^A.humber of DemO-  vNew;Y6rk> Nov. 23rd.���������Ad vices from England say the prospects of trouble with tbe  United States reftders increased vigilance in-  despensible/on depart of the ^Canadian  authorities, who/are actively reorganizing the  militia for any snddeu emergency. 17,000  stands of improved Enlield rifles have been  distributed among the Canad ian militia, and  Montgomery, " That a co-partner or his legal  ly qualified agent shall have the right t* work  in the claims of the co-partners according to  the interest he holds, provided always tbat  such co-partner or bis' legally authorized  agent gives satisfaction in his labor and otherwise to tbe foreman of the claims of such  co-partners, but should a co-partner be dis  creet, the Moorhead  over expenses.  co'y, which is paying  Departure OFJtffc- Cox.���������Mr- Cox left Richfield for New Westminster on the morning of  the 6th inst., by private conveyance, and  many of his friends assembled to see him off.  A public dinner was offered to Mr. Cox before his departure, but be declined to accept  by the following letter :-'-.'���������':  Richfield, 29th Nov., 1866.  Dkar Sir,���������In reply to your very complimentary and kind invitation on behalf of a  committee for.me. to appoint a day. to attend  a public dinner to be given by a number of  my friends previous to my departure for New  Westminster, I beg to say that although  I  very highly and sincerely appreciate the kindness I must decline to accept it, as a festive  meeting of the kind under such peculiar cir-  : cu mstances woul d 1 fear gi ve me much mo re  pain than pleasure.(    /  y  .,������������������';''������������������:./'    I remain, yours-most faithfully,  ���������������������������:  Wm.G.C6x.  J. S. Thompson, Esq*  Mr. Cox is summoned to atteftd the Legis-  lative^Councii, and we hope he may suffer ho-  thing from his falling "up; stairs." An answer has beeii reeieyed by the resident Magis-  trate^Mr. -Spalding,- to the petition addressed  to the Administrator, of the Government; to  have Mr. Cox remain. The serious consideration of the/ Governor is promised.  j^^We are sorry to have to refer to the  number?of bar-rppm fights that>have occurred  in Barkerville this winter���������.' Every man has  his friends,;and it is not unlikely that some of  these fights may end in a general row ^between the friends  of the "combatants,  and  cratic Congressraehj; ^vhoyj^ately ^ conversed i  wi ttrPfesidenl''Kmisbn^tatelKlieT^ffis- no i  idea of abandoning his; pi^seiit policy,,;and  late enemies keep him more determined in bis  old policy, "' : ��������� .'���������  New Orleans^ NpVv 19tti,^Yera: Cruz dates  of the 13th say Jlaximi ilian ��������� was at Orizaba on  tbe 12 th, wi th* his. health/greatly improV^d and  has no intention of abandoniihg /the: country^  Baltimore, Novl^^^13fchi���������:Judge J3arton gave  a decision to-day'thffithe.aetioii pi Governor  Swan in re moving; the ������oUce^ -Coin missibhers  was legal, and that the:^ order/ of;: Judge: Bond  of the Crirairial''Court-foi* tlie arrest of the new  Commissioners was withotit! au thority. , The  Sherift, who was ptit in jail, has been;brdered  to be discharged.  '  Washington, Nov. 15tb^The Secretary of  the Treasury will ask Congress for power /to  enforce his views which look to immediate  specie payments.  News frora Japan announce the arrival ot  Van Valkenberg;  he: will;cp-pperate  where the.strong and the weak fight in a min-  ihg camp serious^^ consequences.ar.e.sure to follow. / As preventibri is always better tlian,  cure, the continual .presence of a constable  in this town during the' night might prevent  this growing nuisance. We have also to complain of the practice of driving teams without bells, on the Btreets.  The Express.���������The Express has taken us  by surprise; it arrived on Wednesday afternoon, which was two or three - days sooner  than was expected, and brought a large colonial and foreign mail, which made things  look lively. At the Government offices the  officials are busy day and night preparing returns &c��������� and business men are rushing things  to meet bills. At the Reading room and Post  Office the scene was very exciting long after  the usual hour of closing.  J^* We are requested by Mr. Moses to  state that the remains of Blessing, who was  murdered at Beaver Pass last sumnler, have  been decently interred; a head-board has been  placed at the grave with a railing round ifc.  The subscriptions raised for the purpose  amounted to $94 50 ; the expenditure was  $105, leaving a deficit of $10 50, which can  be easily raised.  The Cexscs*���������The Gold Commissioner has  bad the census of the mining .district taken  which resulted as follows:' Total nnmber of  white males; 915 ; females, 39 ; children, 21;  colored males, 19; females, 1; Chinese (Kwong  Lee's estimateTf M0; mai* Indians, 8; feffl&ie,  ������.   Total, 1281,     "���������'  Gen.  wi tb the British Co m niander.' ; Twenty-two  junks carrying 98 guns/ had; been destroyed  and about.90 pirates killed; -- : y '��������� j.-:.*.:  New York, Nov*: lptb^Cro^ Patten; of Alabama; in his message ppppses the/Constitutional Amendments. -   ��������� ":  Tweiity (?) ine^bers/pf:thc^/Canadian /Cabinet arrived to-day'eU^^^vf/for^I^tidp^--' ie  confer with the Government on the Confederation/of the ProviiiceSv W������*lteri the principal  proprietor of the London 'Times,'- now visiting this country has written home, disapproving ,6f the course of that journal on American  affairs.  '    ��������� ������������������    ���������   . .   - .  ;Maximillian. has abdicated the throne of  Mexico and left the country; a desperate; at-  tempt was made to capture him but failed;  Hon./A J. Bingham will prepare particles  charging President Johhsbn with abetting the  assassination of Lincoln. y  , The Fenian trials began at Toronto to-day.  Thomas School was sentenced to be hanged  on the 13th Dec, Patrick Donahue was dis-  pharged-. ���������-".���������/   -y ���������'������������������ ���������./,.. ?/������y '.y :;.;'  V  Lp nd on, !Npy. ��������� 14thrt-Th e:, Admiralty, Court  has decided that the Colonies are entitled to  the rebel cruiser Rappahannock.  "Prince Albert, of.Prussia, will soon visit us  to inspect our naval system;  John Bright is making a tour in Ireland  where he is warmly recieved.  -: There  were: "incteasing?"���������^^deraonstratfotts  against the Queen of Spain; ' she was hissed  at the theatre.  ,  The French Emperor's health is considerably improved.  Berlin, Nov. 22nd.���������There is a ruhioi4 that  the King of Prussia has offered protection to  the Pope of Rome. _   _      ,    '._:   ' - LbhdohTNov. 22;nd���������The moSe^y rrilrket is  easier. There is a rumor that an Austrian  loan of several millions pouuds sterling will  soon be placed in the market.  A large quantity of arms, designed for; the  Fenians, were seized on a Liverpool bound  steamer. The Paris correspondent of tbe  'Post' says the relations between England and  America will soon be critical..  Paris, Nov. 21st.���������Tbe 'La France' df this  morning editorially admits the departure of  MaxirailliaU Irom Mexico as likely to take  place at any moment if it has not already been  accomplished. Tbe 'Moniteur' remains silent  on the Mexican question.  London, Nov. 24th ��������� The Fenian agitation  continues; many arrests and seizures of arras  have been made and many spotted who will  be arrested. The 'Times' expresses a belief  that Maximillian has abdicated; it looks for  intervention of the United States but hopes  'dw^nin^/w6re^'destroyed and an equal number injured j: scarcely a b tt i 1 d i ng escap ed.   Of  ,245 vessels and: boats in harbor on 1st Oct. all  butphe were sunk:'or driven asbore before  the next day had dawned.     $8,750,000, was  voted by the Legislature to repair demages.  y. New York/Npv 12th.���������The 'Herald's' foreign correspondent says the citizens of Florence aw certain; that Italy will have Rome  and that the end of the temporal power of the  Pope isi.'at hand, yIt is alleged that Napoleon  is already engaged, in an action of intrigue for  the annexation of Sardinia at home.   Italy is  not free from danger however, as the financial condition of the country is not healthy.  New York, Nov. 18th.���������The steamer City of  Boston arrived with/Liverpool  dates to 7th.  The J Stor^ says that'Go ye rn m cutis, arrang ing  a,* brilliaKtplan '{or baffling, members at the  coming session of Parliament by the introduction of some sort of..Reform Bill to be laid on  the table during the to I lowing session.  v -A-^rrlinyeprrespe^rident says- the elections  for:dpputiira--.f6'rth6 Tyrol Diet have all resulted in the retiirb the  union of Tyrbrwith'Italy.  - Manchester^;'^                   continual and  very;severe;depression is still the ruling fea-  tiirepf;this/:marketj and orders previously  telegraphed to the United States for the purchase of cotton-have beed wholly withdrawn.  :.".���������';.:' Paris^:Npy^;20^o7rIt is said that Monstier,  th^^FrehchMinistdr^                Affairs, is pre-  paring:a;npte on';the Mexican questiohj which  will bei ^bhciliatorjKto the; United States, and  will/not object to /the recognition of Juarez*  ���������Gbvernmenty���������:;/'x''X-   ���������'   "   '  '  y; London]:Oct.;!9th.���������The great floods have  devastated the;counties of York and Lancaster::^piariy; lives were lost by drowning.  -yihe Reform demonstration in Edinburgh on  Saturday was .la%e:uud Imposing.!   -  ^lmjrW^.],^thi^^6unt Bismarck will soon  resume the/active; duties of his office.  } ;St.^tersburg^/Nbv.  18th.���������The  Russian  ^Royaj/lniairriageSfestival has been suddenly  stopped on ac cp tnt of the serious1 illness of  {the/Prince%s/]^^        -': ������������������'���������'���������'��������� - /���������' _ **  / ������������������ Lond6n,^py^l8th.���������Telegraph dispatches  from Bombay report the gratifying intelligence  that the/famine; in India is abating.  ::^ yLondori^pyy^ist.^-John H; Surratt, one of  the accomplices in the assassination *of President Lincoln; :was arrested at Rome, but ran  the guard,:leaped a-precipice and escaped.  \ Paris, Nov. 24th.--An outbreak against the  Goyeiiiment of Spain is liable to occur at any  moment. ��������� There are humors that the Queen  will abdicate to avoid the threatened storm.  ^Toronto, Nov. 19thi���������Ou Saturday night 39  Fehian'prispners,- conOned in the Old Jail,  were released and sent by special train tinder  guard-to the Suspension Bridge, each with $5  in greenbacks in his pocket. The discbarge  was conducted with great secrcsy. the prisoners themselves being informed of it only one  hour, before dejmrtiire.  such co-partners  ensue."    .  Moved by Mr. Bnrdick, seconded Aiy Mr.  Montgomery," That in sections 75 and 77 the  word five be substituted for the word ten."  Moved by Mr. Anderson, seconded by Mr.  Montgomery, "That the committee, rise,  report and ask leave-to ������it agaiu."  The meeting then adjourned.   "-'���������'  -Friday,7th Dec, 1868.  the Board met at 8 o'clock, p. m.  'Present���������Messrs. Thompson, Burdick,Mmv  ro, Anderson, Montgomery. Drake, und Mac-  Lareu.   Mr. Thompson in the Chair.  The minute3 of last meeting were read and  approved of.  The Board then resolved.:itself into_ a com:   mitted of the wfioie to revise the mining laws.  Moved by Mi. Montgomery, seconded bv  Mr. Drake, "That clauses 127, 128, and 133  Part XI. be struck out." -    ���������  Moved by.Mri-Andersonpseeonded-by- Mr.v-  MacLaren, that the following resolution be  substituted for clauses 127, 128, and 133 :���������  ���������4 That the Mining Board shall be elected by-  the votes of the inhabitants of tbe district who  are free miners at tbe time of tbe election. No  free miner or other person shall be elegible  as a candidate unless he shall have been a  registered owner of a mining interest 'in the  district for at least three months ^previous to  the election. Each voter shall have nine  votes but shall not be allowed to give more  than one vote to each candidate."  Moved by Mr.MacLaren, seconded by Mr.  Burdick,' "That the Secretary iuvite the Gold  Commissioner to attend at .the next general  meeting of the Board during the final passing  of the revised clauses of the Mining Act.'?  The meeting then adjourned.  , GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  (Before Warner R Spalding,.Esq;)       :  /Friday, 30th Nov., 1866.  J, Lipsett vs.-CargHne Co---This was a suit  for $412 balance of wages. 'Judgment for  plaintiff, to be paidinihstaUmeuts,. $100 on  4th DeA. and the balance in weekly installments of $20.     '������������������       *  Tuesday, Ilth Dec.  S. Hastings vs. Caroline Co.���������Suit for $515.  James Kane vs. Caroline Co., for $350. J. S.  Thorn & Co vs Caroline Co., for $480 5Q. R:  Bore!and vs Caroline Co., for $762. J. Mag-  Wood V3 Caroliiie Co., for $285 50. Judgments for plaintiffs to be paid in ten days.  COUNTY COURT.  MINING BOARD.  ;   Th6 Board met at their office, Barkerville,  oh Friday,. 30th; ulti-,x-.  . Present���������Messrs; Booth, Anderson, Montgomery, Thompson, Burdick, and MacLaren.  Mr. Bo6th in the . Chair.  The minutes of last meeting were read and  ^B^fore^^^yyy y..  A commuriication a:nd conditions for erecting a Quartz Mill made by Winnard k, Co. to  the Board was read.  Moved by Mr. Thompson, seconded by Mr.  Burdick, "That this/Board having read the  proposal of Winnard & Co. to erect a Quartz  MSI. on AYUljams Creek bn_c.ouditioh_ of; recek-i  ving a bonus troni Government, recommend  the Government to accede thereto on the re^  quisite bonds being given, provided no binding agreement ba"s been previously made with  any other party."  The atten ti o ii of the Board was th en d ra wn  by Mr. Burdick to certain^ complaints made  with regard to the slidesy open shafts, <fcc,  that were considered dangerous.  It was therefore moved by Mr. Burdick,  seconded by Mr. Thompson, "That the Secretary request the Gold Commissioner, by virtue of powers vested in him by clause (f) sec.  6., Part I. of the Gold Mining'Act, to issue a  proclamation in refence to 81 ides, open shafts  and other dangerous works, for the better security of the lives and property of the inhabitants."  The Board then resolved itself into a committee of the whole for the revision: of the  mining laws.  Jlr.  be  (Before WarnorR. SpaMing, Kaq.)  Tuesday, 4th Dec, 1866.  Celina Arraand vs. H; Steel���������This was a  suit to recover a note of $350. Judgment for  plaintiff, to be paid in installments, $50 on  18th Dec, $50 on the 31st Dec, and $50 on  31st Jan.  R. R. Clark vs. Charles Donaldson.���������This  was an action to recover a balance of $54 60.  | on beef account Judgment $1 50 for plaintiff  each party to pay their Own costs.  POLICE COURT.  (Before Warner R."Sp:il Hi rig, Esq., JL 1\>  Saturday, 8th Dec, 186$.  T. B. Hogan was charged by Robert Dexter with being drunk and disorderly in his  saloon and with breach of the peace. Hogan  was fined $25 and bound over to keep the  .peace.for six months, under bonds by two  sureties of $250 each. ,'"  that good results will follow.    It is. reported j    Moved by Mr. Thompson,seconded by  that twenty transports will sail to bring home j MacLaren, " That the 72nd sec. Part VlL  tbe French troops immediately after the ar- j struck out."  rival ������f the next mail from Mexioo. Moved by Mr. .Anderson, seconded by  Mr.  Prize Risg.���������We understand tbat a private  etter has been received on the creek stating  that Joe Eden will fight Geo. Wilson at any  time for from $L000 to $2,000 a-side.  ���������#���������������"��������� Mr. H. C. Wilmott, our . enterprising  Expressman, has now two sleighs on the  road between Richfield and Cameron ton, one  for drawing wood &c. the other for tbe accomodation of passengers and Express matter;  Mr. Wilmott's obliging manner commends him  to the patronage of tbe public *  Items.���������The colonies of British Columbia  and Vaneouvc r are united.���������The Governor is  ia disposed,���������Judge Begbieis said to be the  future Chief Justice.���������Judge Needham will  most likejy resign and Attorney General  Crease will become puisne Judge���������The Attorney-Generalship will then fall to Mr. Wood  of Victoria, or to Mr, Walhem.���������Mr. Franks,  the Treasurer, goes home, Mr. Watson becomes Treasurer.���������The Custom house  meut has m������ved to Victoria;.  ���������H^iwnnvi  ^������������������'"" jiuiUMilMflUttuinSULMSiV^ raSaeSSSs  a' 'mwkvm ministers;��������� ; y  Some years agd'&e pulpit of St P^tet���������������,  ������ne of tfc pn&Spal Gei^Mjchurcto ia St  l4k*Kburg. ������!is lillea by JPastor ;ft-> who.  ^gregation:' Not a day passed without na-  Stlus applicaitidiis'for assistance, of yanpur  "Tift.  MR.  CA^YLS   AND    B^WVBRNOR  -yr^^7^TE.a;Vy^.:;\..;y;,v,'"y.  QUKSNElM  an ample support(or yb^tli of��������� them, ftut^ft  made her wreWed;by bis percent and^ut-  y^vgeotiS ill-treatment, without   tbe;s lightot  S-ovocation or: riitort ; onrlier - part-all ��������� ot  U: The pastor expressed;his Tegret#at,in^g-:  ^osiUoIr^  '"��������� ������ Tliafwiit he no easy matter^ re toned  tlie wdmah: : ''for if tho should .suspect that; a  ftrebukcrds^waitmg for himthe^ul^npt^om^  mm m^mw*m���������&ofm, before hand.  ^; the toowing lettef  Hume, tlio secretary of the J3yre Defence Fund  is published:��������� ;    ,,      ��������� -..'  "Hippie Court, Ringwould* Dover, Aug. 23.  :.^;Sir^^iie clamor, r^  nor By:re appears to me.to .be disgraceful to  jihe.gpod sense of England} and -it"it rested on  ah^;depjti bf^  (as 1. al ways ilatier myse if it is):- a.thin g of rumour and heresay, of, repetition and re ver berr  mostly;.:.' irom - the������. teeth goutwarct,; 1  ���������consider, it of, evU omeii fo the. country  its highest interests in these times. For  my: u *r,n share; all the >light that has yet reached i^e-on Mi\ Eyre and hishwtory in the world  goWsteadily to establish  he;is>a just, liuinariei/^a:-l:yalianji;ma^v\i\iilhr  ''.fut.toj'iiis trusts every where, and] witli no or*  dinary faculty of executing\; them;;���������- that' his  late services in, Jamacia; we re; of ���������; g reat, perhaps of incalculable^ val ue, as, certain ly. they  were of. perilo us^ and fapp all ing . difficulty���������  spinethihg like the case, pt' ifireftsuddenly re-  . p o r ted *in... the sb ip ?s pp wde r trpp in,', in iiriu-  pceah, where the moments:meati;]fche agt*s; and  life anddeatu hang on ypur useuor misuse ��������� of  the:mpniehIs;.,and,,in snort, ; J.hatpenalty-and  elambgare .hot the> thingjiiisjGovernor merits  xx  OTJGE.  :���������:::  Wili leave^ SODA CREEK y, ...  y- X '���������;��������� '���������-. ; :y AT DAVLIGHT;,:     ,;-y 7 .,- ; \ y  ���������: ��������� muie^eQ^  WEDNESDAY :&/SATUTRl^y; MORI������NGS,  '      .,."..^.>-...���������,   .AT 6-O'CI^GKi       7 ���������   -'   ������������������������������������*/>  Connecting-atSodaCr6������kwitb^BARXARD^s.Stacks on  -wldiS^'s trip:down andTimrsday's trip up.,  ; ;*������&. Freight tolQaesnel ^  Steameri'KnterprisV.-^^':': '-������������������ ?';" '/���������''';.'        ' y v.- ti ���������������������������' ���������'  RdAbi sipfeffltitrsEs; y&ca.  SP FUN G^^Or-O-SE-  B()YD;& ^BAtii.ferppn^ors,  77,*;,*u.ii'trtrTriLViUOrs:''lie>*auiv ioiui������i.^������^������ ������,tM ,li������  Hou������ey������n tbeRoadi '   - A*a  ^"May 21rit, lSG6w  ^OLdNIAii RESTAURANT,  ;'";."���������������������������"' -'���������' '^:y:^u^sNEi������^(njTur ���������������������������'���������: /��������������������������� -y ;���������;  !   :p: L;;;Jra^  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  descriptiom .���������';'"."'".;y('.".'s-y.. ���������'.  ���������QU'ESNBLMO'UTH,-' ���������;:-;"y"-;,y;   y,;  "; ":; J5KU )y:iN;-,&;'GILl^Sj.7?ttqiWKT0       ,;.-,.���������.,  Good Beds; Res|aiirant;' Billiard Table, &c.  :<i.Xt,   SUihling for Horses, Hay uiirl Oafei......';' ;ie ?.  "BROWN-  xx :~  he :must���������linow, notnln-groi^y������-i uwiuic ������������*..������*.: viumw*r������*..������,*w������.,���������-.��������� ���������.���������0  ;iifi^h^#tellfhn#t^ tom^^.biLu^,^ufc;to  ^omething^ir^iu hlm^theii ;hetllmp t-fail to wait w ise JJ imitation;; (If will % fur fcher say),. s; Qpuld  '  '"J " :' 'i:,,(s;"'rt���������'-' "i '* " ��������� '  Biniilar-emergencies^arise^^^^ :.spUle  prMontKe small,;iu whatever :we areygovern-''  iu^jyThe.jfog  nor was wont to sympathy^ii,miserab le mad  seditions^ especially ^of ��������� this,?-inhumaneyand  'hali^feutfehitype;: butAJL^ayBJ^ye^.p  the;pv6mpt suppression^ ^e-  seryedjfa^t^rs ^ i  'rjr^mpters^pf ^cli;^eliripusy and? tatal- enteis  p rises ^who' gpt their^Avages) for j ^eir , sad: iut:  d iistryi/ 7/Has^ the ^English: nation ^hanged; then >  aitogefctieri y.I^ flatter^ ;inyselfv; 'j[t :^asf:'npt,': not  ���������yet:jjuite'::J;j).ut/only tliat���������;cert������ijnJloj6Se ^siiperfi^  :ciai rjprtious ;6f: 1)^haye become: .^great.a deal;  louder^ and lie t any^ wiser thau .they^iortn^rly i  i^ed tp be.vAit anyra^  auiy;time, and:at thisi^ii^e^ia^parUcufc/-- to  flgure ^ coin^mittees,>prvjcJunihtPpubliCi noises  ^withouicall, ������jlp at 6nce^and >^eel;that a* a  partners make^nefore rthe aitar to eacn ptuer. British citizen I should -and\ niust^v-niake you  .. - T*His ^listener seemed very, much astonished^ welcome toiny n.ame7f6r;your committee; ai^d  and"several U }hiS: to'whatever good it can vdo >ypiv*,^th ;the  ^discourse,olmt the pastor begged: him to h^ear- hope only thatJmany other British men, of |lar  liimiothe'^ "    ","       T~"^nwe^igiriftQaB5ep45^^  ���������" What excuse'ean: you^ma^fbr; your opn-    "*    :- --���������*������������������,"'-"--*��������� ���������'��������� *^^������ iii-������   amV.--thai: 1  ,( *du6t2" ' ^asked be1 in vconcliimon,    '< What ������  'r tlie cduse'of itfs You������look;sq mild and: gooc  exclaimedvthe,wpmani5rv./; yy;-/;^...v ^���������  '. -TheMiext,dSy^tiie goldsmitii came with his  'ehest, accompanied by the,woman.     -y-���������  vThe pastor was secretly���������������OT^d4p.������?B^  tfljfli him, but advanced to meethun.saying,.;  '!- ^CAh'l the-silv.eitf" j.,\7    , ���������-<'. v���������      '  *''/',.,"���������  "?Sea, your, revevenoe, f have brought the  service lis1 you desired."   ���������  v ������������������������''.������������������-? -.'    ,   (  ^'^y well,?! saidvthepastpr^^be so good  : ttB.to.come-with me;into.my;study."     ��������� .,  .,When;fchey were atone, the good clergynian  Ve-m io speaklurgeiitlyitfp.pK^e^w%?RVjS  Imfband, and dwelt with ampressiyeeloyie^e  &eft maket.bef6B.^  m w..- oiiceoi ^adual)^-d^;tlwi?hKe,^a^  ffcCat; Hi finely;-wUe^^ effort ��������� ������id\:vBS^jWobi;^^Und.  *'^&, Tl^t me sav one word; your revet- a,vital detninent:throughout the British w������  " But just letmesay.oue wuiu, ,        . _ ... ^e .Q guch an eiampleaet to .all the colonies  .fen^v���������n^atvoumeaato say.   Ybu are aa^s^a^^^'B^^'^^^^i ^  ��������� ''.:*c fSiin wile ���������'    ��������� ���������*'��������� ��������� ��������� *     .-.1 ^-.-.,.-..-.;, ...   ......  ������You liave mistaken the porso^^reyerend  ���������ViitrtL havemever beateftm^wife^  "How?   Do^you deny it?���������fie!������ ^  -Because," continued the man, "I am not  ytiiarried." -\   "-J ���������>" f?  .������������������ ;���������;; >' W hyj your wi^������ atthis: moment waiting  3d the next room.'/ t .    '.������������������-  ��������� ^ Who *" ^My wife? .^Yonr reverence is mis-  - baleen   'I;hitVe tib: wife,;; That;woman ^ vpui;  ^'tf���������*M������kiW^^^'M������ft��������� S? W with .a  ^ihunssi^froDiyouVto a; service ������f  silver fo'r'your inspection. .  The pastoribegan to look, uneasy.... ���������  '  *.������She niust be-madj" said.he. ���������   ,  r "Or'a'thlen" said the.goldsmith.        .���������  -    They went hastily into the; riextroom���������but  Oitiwas^WI :��������� *fe  : wiffi: the 1:^V'6r8l^6r;;^;*U^?.: ���������������***.&  "the ooiice to re^dveritv^ere in vam.   v . :y  This incideiit:is;catculated1o give rnje to  maiiv ^igh^-consideration^  In^elVdWvis&and planned that it .would hare  Miicceeded with the most prudent and circuin-  -fiuect.   The goldsmith -left the silver in the  'outer roomin charge of the supposed house-  ���������Ueeter, at the. express desire   ot  the pastor;  : tvhiB the.latter confided it to the keeping .of  the soi-disant wife of the former.    Had the  latter been   brought into  litigation, whose  Jvould have been to loss ?    Fortunately the  ��������� Xd pastor had.no thought for such an al-  ternaUve. He felt compassion for the poor  ninn who gained a precarious; living by his  iabor: and as he on -the contrary,^was rich  ��������� ������������������<noagfe-to>g^o mjury, he bore it alone. .  LooKucaFouABKiiTH-^Whiletheboatwas  Ivumat Cincinnati, just ready-to start: for  l^uisvilHayoung man came on board leading a blushing damsel by the hand, and ap-  Drofiiehing the clerk :-^ .  "isay, "' he exclaimed, ������ me and ray wife  .has just got married, and I'm. looking for ac-  , .comodatiohs."  i uiiac,..wu������ wm. wiiole weight of; coy; cphviction;  and good wishes is with you, tind if other service possible tome .do present; itself,,, J;: shall  npftwluit;for willingness in case of heed, y Enclosed U jay -.'mite .of v.qontributip4-.>!tp/. your  fuhd,���������-I liave the honor to be, yours truly,' <::  /���������'-,   .    ./���������.;=..,     .    "���������;     .  ."/   .   '"T. OABLYLU!^ ������������������  ii Mr.: Hume in' sending this letter :lto the  : t^Tim<is,"r says:^"Mr ��������� ��������� Garlyle* .who is not chaiiv  man of the Eyre Defence Committee��������� b u'tmerely v a. member of it (the; .chairman . ript; being  yeV selected, and thei;comia3ii^ee;being;>only:in  course of formation), has received, aud is !in  the daily\ habit; of receiving, from entire  strangers a quantity.; of letters, newspapers,  excerpts, &c.; on the subject of 'The Eyre Defence Fund,7 not one ,of yrhich^ can liei afford;to  read>:much less to, answer. In consequence'  he has permitted me "to publish the ab bye-  Ms pro m p t and emp het ticans wer to myself on  ra v "firatr aimi vlti <r * i*o' hi in \ to': j 6 in; the eoiu mit*;  the clerk, passing tickets out to another pas  senger.  A  gasped the young man, -we aiir't but just got p������������  married I we want a place to stay ail Eight,  ���������%:  #pn. know, and-^a bed.  Old Establishkd Gbxekau Stork,  PROVISIONS, ^WH^KSAX.E^&yCdMMiS-  y  ;        S10N;MERCHANTS,, /-y  ;;  iStorage. ;^cc.-rTerms- most Moderate.  ';  8 -  LILLOOkT    MlkbSv  fpHE UNl)ERSIGNE0arcno^maunmctiir|ng FLOUK  A of all grades: ���������; Ex t-ra, ���������.. Su porllhe: an d Ki ii������.;,.;..Food  Crushed to order.      ������������������'   ' '7 -.". .j    ,  ���������:x���������;..':>:yX /������������������������������������:;��������� LIIiLOOET'FLQTJR;MttX?������0;,'>'-yy,  I-s       7   -y: ./; :���������: ��������� -y  ..   .F.yW. FosTEft, AsciiC:  1; Mfl&rti Ho������Vn������i^t^&.:eo:itbi������m**** *nch,  K0M.,  ?H^oS������4;d.Hotel,.'is'no^^  &MStton to tho travellingm^SSW-ti^"  .,t Xt lit tontioh to hosrhess to m ������ri t' a sh are of tlie  piurowMHw. ���������'������=    r^"i.A-'iMfl ������-.nd -nommodiouS -Hotft s  Dltod with every delicacy It is possi Vie.to/pfejcuro'l   .  Liquors, and -tlui 'choicest *Cig������rs-  =V'y-;\ :���������; ytx  ���������:.".. ^MEALSr$i AP-EACH.^:, ���������-;���������  :  ThoStabllnpfor:jiorscfl;is +%^^a^^^  ;.ViVVh?eiiartrT������s'ar������ 'Verv moderate,.   Hay,tor Horwa.  w^-yvy.^,: ���������.:��������� x .X..X .xxyx::xx y '���������^^���������^j:  '" : L. ��������� ��������� ���������   '" ;.SODA! CREEK: ; .., ;....,��������� / \ y;.  ';%:^G:RivAT RTGDUCTldi^iVas heeri hin d eih^tKe charges;'  A'at tills C8t;ahlisnmdit, so as to suit tlie:times.   .  Meals, $X;'Beds,-75 Cents.     y  . :   -l y ������������������=���������      -     Jt'   ��������� ��������� ,;-. T-McIiEBSB &;SBNTAT,y  ..  y- :��������� ^    >���������-..  .-.?��������� '_;      f. proprietors j; -  ���������'October. 1st," 1866:,������ [  \.;  .., ������      .���������*: e f4 ,  EDWIN   TYNQN;  LILLOpET     BREWERY;  TACOB ^MJXJtZ; Proprietor, has always On  t) haiid a large and superior ;stodcof Lager Beer'; at  thc^Bitr WilKbe\ fimnd Hho, best'lJmiidies; rV^ihes 'uhi?  Segars; tnc.public are invited to call.ysPrepared to fill  ,allor,ders prompUy. ;     <7        \x > ^'s.:'  Pioneer I^tel---Li^  jftHARIiES NEIaSON; Proprietor? ;':This;oia  \j, .eH.tal\lisbed House, is. well fitted up, for the ;coirifOrt  of: Travetls rs;"'. the .Table. ;is suppli ed wi tl) 'th e best, of  everything Uiat can be had, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel inthe lower couii try; *Bedf obms  for Families; .Stabling dor Horses,'vHorse;.;Feed, &c,  The.Express stops.hei,e.y    'j_ ���������.>'���������. x-; ',..;. ������������������ ���������-������������������ - - .-'>%?&���������'  TS Ol*m^OR;^HE:;A^MMCU^^ ;  JL Travelling���������',public;, tlie bedrooms;.are, spacious;and  airy and the Beds^caiinot. j)fl2aufl)Vi'^o^/;r6r cl*>anlittt^s,  and comfort by tany hi"tliqilower country;^^ .the.Table j3  al ways su pplled- with -' the best 'o f ylciualsl 'Stabling  for .-Horses;; kftyy* OatS: asid^Barlcy^constaritly;6n^hamU  BARJtERVIl^tE.  THE UNDERSIGNED beg to iiiforih their friends and  : tho i nhabi iunts' geriorully: of; Wi Hi inns Creek, the  neighboring Creeks, and 'those��������� visiting;the Mincs of  Cariboo, that having, leased.the well-known Bakery  and Restaurant of MUNDOKF & CO.,.the oh)est estab-  listied;house, ih Barkerville, would solicit a contihuahce  :6f Its long and extensive patronage'iihd will: be happy  . to seealltheir friends. ���������'.-': For the' convenience of minors  we will excliange bread for flour as heretofore, anil at  any time receivp the same,;tickets, for Meals,;Lunches  Pins, Cakes, or anything ih our line for their value, and  will: be oh hand iit: allhoursj day^or' night, tosupply  the wantsof'burpatrons.y;;        -   ;'':.���������. 'T,!      ' :;���������'..  J8������=*: Good Stabling Convenient to the establishment.  :' :'--:- ".' 1\ EDDY.& CO'.'.1  .Barkerville, Sop^. i6th,1866.   ' j ��������� '04''  my', Srst applying"to'rbi"in:to join; the commit^'  tee���������as bis one answer to ,all sucli volunteer  correspondenoe frpin without,"  The Hudson's Bat QuESTioN^The ^Daily  News says the Hudson's Bay Company are  understood to ask two miilisn pounds for tlie  soyereiguty add the bulk of their freehold,  while'the imperial Government have long uh:  dertaken to guarrautee one million pounds.  The shareholders may therefore look to a bargain: being struck at some intervening price.  The latest proposal appears to be, that the  company should sell witli ��������� the sovereignty  three-fourths of ... the freehold, reserving to  themselves one square mile out of every four,  and retaining also rights iu the hunting  grounds. For th is fou.rth of the treehold the  company may. exercise the right of issuing  laud warrants on the Stock Exchange. It is  further calculated that this transfer will not  interfere with the trading interest of the company, the colonisabie lands be tug quite distinct from tlie hunting grounds;  _^Ss2~ Prentice says of an editor who u smelt  T.ookius for a berth V? hastily enquired     rafc ��������� thafc if he did, and tbe rat smelt him the  rat had the worst of it.  %������~ Success with the ladies is like violin-  ���������   j.-   ..ii   .    ��������� 1 11 -TTZiS��������� Slip PPSS Willi lUt; iiiuitio   *d    "'���������������*'     ������ .v������   birth? thunder,and lig?;^   ^^^1^1 depends on the.beau-  theyoimgman/'Weaiu'tbut.  ustgot  PlJ*rb      b" V  3 , ���������...-.,  ?8&- A man that can be flattered is not ne-  ������^uW^7oo* Co^e ������ Fell',    | *Aftt& but you b������ .-������W *������  ... B-ARKE-RVILLB j y 'x-'  (Next Bank of British North America.),  LiEWiS begs leave to inform the Ladies and  ���������   Gentlemen of Williams Creek and 'vicinity tliat  m; uas fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to 'merit a share of their p-itronage.  j$^ He will also atteud to Extracting, Filling and  Cloauiug of Teeth.  DENNIS^MUR^Yv*Pi^priet6r:  :is i\irnisjled.jwitli every cobveniericQ.��������� fpr^hB; comfort of Travel!era; tho;;Culina ry* ��������� depar.tmfent;; is under  the superintyndeuco;of ;an.expVir^nce^co.bll'';' the Beaii;,.  are' clean 'uh'i; cc^iiiortable.^'the Bar contains the :best  of. Liquors^ Sega rs, &c. v ;S tabli rig, Hay^ Barley & Oats.  ';!;������������������  BLOOi) ^1^1,  BLUE:-TEN  t\TMv -HENDERSON; boj?s? tovi nforhr iiis frjenris  $ ffi and^ the travelling>^pubiicVgcncraU Iijjs  taken.the above Ranch and. is preparcritp supply;trhefa  with':Firsf Clii'ss Accommodation.1 i-'Good Stabling1 for  borsesv Hay ahdC������rain. " '':       ; "1*3  111 MILE M  '-.o.- propriotor,  .   ' vi' "-������������������; ���������;;';'.  .������������������v4^nlv  mHIS HOTEL IS LAKGI5 AND- WELL ^1^^^  1^ for the-comfort.of travelers; the Table, is supplied  withthe best.of every thing; that can .be ^j^^  the cooking is not inferior to any. on tlie iT>ad ^Bedroonw  for famines; Stabling, Hayr Btirley and Oats;- ; -i:s ,.  X^m,-MMM^m3uMxx  A LBERT CRYSLER h������.������ opened th^above House for  A the reception of Travellers; the^able.:is;we^cpt  and the Liquors cannot b^ surpassed-;'W;5������g*rJ  clean1 and comfortable . Stabling ibr Horses, Hay-ana  Oats, rx- 7 L ��������� ��������� ��������� 7 ' ���������;���������'r ��������� :��������� -!;. x'.. y ;���������'':'! '���������'��������� x<;X- :"'X"'  TAMES HUBON;;Pro^i^pr..:^hi^o^^  J ousHotel is well'Otted up with^ypry. conveniMca  for1 tlie comfort of the.public; the Beds' are all- that a  wearv traveller could desirb; the Table is supplmd \\ ltn  the,best of fare; the Bar contains the. choicestprtim^  of Liquors and Segars.; good Stabling, Horse 1? cod, Oatsr  Barley,.; &c,..-";,      .:���������':'��������� " l  he  19  GROUSE   CREEK  1*2     iai  rpHE UNDERSIONRD l)egs , to inform the pub 1 i0 that  JL the above establishment was opeued 611 SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd. July, and tliat he will be happy' to ru-  ceive a call IVom bis friends.  m^ BOARD SIS.PER WEEK, -gft  Bre ad, Pie   and Cakes al ways. bu h;i n d for sale.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  JOB PRIMTjNG   OFFICE.  Cards, Bill Heads,  Circulars, Posters  and  1   Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office,  " &������r- 'IVrrns Moderate* '*%$%  '���������   WILLIAM.   AVINNAEB,  BLACKSMITH^  BARKERVILLE. -.     * 1  of the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of A7lncs, UKiudies & Spears;-good stabling for;honjes������,  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rau..-*  Newly milled Flour for 6al6'chea p.   ;     .'/ ������������������;  . /"���������  The Bonaparte :Hoiise?  O Junction Of the Cariboo and Big-Bend Roads, tf  now open for the accommodation of ll>flPBl?J'c,mLt  tance friuu Clinton, 26 miles; from Savanasfeteambo^  .I/iudiup. 22 miles; irom.Spence's Bridge, 30 mtfej  Travo.llers will tlud prices and accoinmodations.w������ J",  tbe times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Graiaj  n ttentive hostlers. ������tage leaves here twice a week 1  Km Bend and vale, and 0nco a. week for Carib.oo-  MESSRS'. COBNWAL^S.; ,  A' T THIS WEf,L KNOWN, HQUSEi liaif-way W'oen ,  IA Spcncj's Bridge'aild. Clin ton,'on the Yale K^1 ��������� 1  Travellers will iiuii Good Accommodation. . ���������.nw������^ )$  living, of Li.itiors, and of; Wines -, Fresh Butter, MR '|  and Vegetables.   G������)od Stabling and cheap feeo;    +  THE SH0KTEST.ANI>.,CHE,V1'EST EOUTH  Four Days to the 108 Mile. Post,'via Cedar  Creek and Mitchell's Trail.'-'fn ��������� ^  BARTIES GOING BELOWTHIS:;FALL;oro^PWen  I that, they can easily m.akcCedar creek; in f*&������?������  and crossing tho.I^ke' ca$ reach" the; ^f^irLL-  two more: ������������������'���������������������������:���������������������������' ��������� '��������� ���������- ���������������_ .;''; ' ^nx^^.7k *'���������  October 5th, 1866. -      - >������������������*-'���������    **


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