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 --&  &**.. ji-g-iafi  /  I  13BSSS  ���������  HI  I  1  ���������  HI  111  $11  n  i  m  m  H  I  ii  i  It  few*:  Vol 15.  B^rkeryillC William Creek, B.C., Saturday. August 30, 1873.  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Published every Saturday by ��������� ;.  ROB ER T HO L LO WAY.  Subscription,. -  -  50 Cents per Week*  BATES OF ADVERTISING. ."    ���������  yor^tie square (one Inch), first insertion,   -   $3  ������        ���������<   -.    - : onemontb,   ���������   -    6  Fortwos luaroa, firstlasertlon,     -   -   ������������������������     5  ������ ". .   ono month, -,-  -;���������-���������'���������   -.8  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel."  Van Winkle, .'  ���������. ���������  Quesnclinouth,  Sotla Creek,  Clinton,   -   - -  Yale,   . ���������  New Westminster  Victoria,   ���������      -  !.. P. Fisher,   ������,  Bean k. Co.,  G. Street,     -  A D. Mclnnes.  Barnard'b Express  Barnard' s Express  ..  . Baraard?B Express  do .do  John Murray ���������  ��������� MrWobstcr.  ��������� SnnFrinct������co  ������. '    Sau Francises  SO Cornblll, London, B.C.  TUK CARIBOO"SENTINEL  JOB PRINTING OFFICE;  Cards, Circulars. Foster? and Programmes for  .   Balte and Theatrical Entertaiomenta  ^-Executed,with neatneasand dispatoh^flg^  r Terms moderate. 7.-  y    ik ~>  THE OBJECT OF THE SHAH'S VISIT.  TheStmh quits England on Thursday, and  assooo a9 he.has c^one the public will b*  ver? anxious lo know why be came, why he  seemed so satisfied���������that gift at Windsor of  Vis own aword to the Duke of Cambridge is  the ninrf remarkable act of courtesy we ever  rpmertiber in an Astatic Prince���������wby the  Miniaters have worked so hard to entertain  trim, wby ail the Princes have devoted themselves to tbat somewhat dry amusement,"why  the self-appointed Mehmendar of Greet  Britain, the Dnke of Sutherland, who really  d^es his self-imposed work admirably, bap  done so much���������a Shah in one's bouso being  no joke���������and above all, wby the Cesarewitch  has chosen this particular moment to be  everywhere that the Shah���������of whom be had  *eeo quite enough at St. Petersburg���������bap ���������  pened to be. Has any political business been  done or nott We cannot help suspecting:  that there has, that the long interview on the  first day between Lord Granville and the  Shah terminated in a contract or promise, to  be ratified probably at Simlab, which was  very soon known in Berlin, wheuce it elicited  th* curious telegram that England was again j  entering upon a great policy; and still more  speedily at St. Petersburg, whence has issued  the orire du jour to tbe Prose to blackguard  Britain. The Mir has a fair political right to  censure our annexations in India, but why  are they eo reprehensible just now, or wby  does the Government of Poland feel so hurt  at the suppression of the mutinies! Ifc is  eearly certain that the Shah, who baa been  lorried by insurrections all his life, who has  seen his population decay- for years, who  knows how bis realm is honeycombed by religions dissent, wbo found his army power less  In 1856, was greatly upset by the famine, and  the subsequent pressure from St. Petersburg.  ������tid las decided tbat his Empire must bavej  an ally or must go under, andybaa made up  bis mind to an alliance with Great Britain.  He sees Russia o n the Caspian, bo feels her  on the Attreck, and now be hears of ber conquest of Kvtva, once the capital of Kbariam,  whence three Shabs ruled Persia. His Northern frontier is Russia,, hie Eastern frontier is-  open to Rdssla, bis Western frontier will be I  open the day h������ fliniahes that railway from'  Reshd to. Teheran, which be is nevertheless  pledged to finish ^ and'he must have support  from, the South where the Viceroy reigns,  on a telegram from England, can ������0fl3  him officers,.engineers, artillery, troops, and  moral power, all within a month's distance  when Reuter'a Railway is made from Teheran  to Bushire,  We cannot but believe the Shah has asked  some assurauce of such assistance, and judging from the. wrath of the Russian journals,  lias in return given us Ms support in inaisliog  that the word of the Russian Government  shall be kept, and that no permanent Russian  lodgm*enr8hairbe"made" id Khiva.   If our  Government were like any other on earth,  there would be no doubt of our duty to c*use  that obligation to be kept, and in keeping it  there is no doubt the Shah can help us materially. ?He knows tbe way well enough.; he  has men and camela; be still retains bis/Jen-  tral-Asjan reputation, and witb a little money,  a few batteries of Engltah artillery, 5,000 Europeans, and a British General, could make  the continuous occupation of Khiva an impossibility,- If,as Russian journals will plead.  it is Impossible to leave Khiva in anarchy,  why. should not the Sbah have it ?   He does  not govern so badly as the old Kbans did,  and under British influence might  govern  [better;; and if we had once agreed to support  blm, we should have no further cause to fear  him?j The danger ia not from him, but from  bim aa a^Ruasian vassal, and that is precisely  the position from which be would be relieved  by our alliance.    Neither Westward upon  Turkey, nor Eastward; upon- Afghanistan*  could the Czar move"a_8tep with Lord North-  brook standing armed at Teheran.   Marshal  MacMahon might as well attack Belgium with  Yon Mottke in full strength at Melz.   While  tho Isthmus between Reshd and Mabomrab is  ours���������in tbe sense that the Isthmus of Suez ia  ours, that is, that without war vilh utfii can*  not be shut���������rndia is safe from Russian attack*  or rather, to speak carefully, a strict alliance  with  the fchab would give ub a year's notice  that it was time to spring to arms, with, if we  pleased, all Mohammedan India behind us.  It is quite true, as tbe Pall Mall Gazette saya,  tbat the majority of Indian Mohammedans are  Sunis; but they are hostile to Russia as the  enemy of the Khalif, while the number of  Sheeahs is still'great. Tbe Nizam's dominions  took to the Shah as their religious chief, and  1 on- both; sides of tbe Peninsula   there is  scarcely a-towo where'the festival in honor  of Hussein and Hossein is not kept, where  the bitter old feud between tbe hereditary  and the elective descent of the Kaliphate is  not still maintained.   A summons to defend  Persia would be speedily answered.  But this would involve a Protectorate of  Persia? Certainly it would, and as we have  been maintaining .for, tbe last ten years, if  Russia iatends to attack Persia our choice  lies between a protectorate and annexation.  It is quite certain that the Shah cannot defend  himself by himself, and quite certain also thai  we cannot hold India in security if Persia  becomes Russian. That we could defeat her  we believe, for India, governed as it is, like a  military monarchy, with no House of Com-  monHo chatter, and no Press capable of revealing plans, and a boundless Treasury to  draw on, is immensely strong; but tbe process of defence would be unendtirabiy costly  a~nd vexatious, demanding, as ifc would, an  ironclad fleet in the Persian Gulf, where the  bailors would die In ovens, and 40,000 or 50,-  000 Europeans in the Bombay garrison alone.  We do not want merely to keep India, but to  some outlay. We waste words in trying to  prove a fact that to Anglo-Indians seems as  absolute a verity as that a strict alliance between Paris and St. Petersburg would be disagreeable to Berlin. Tbe two hands, once  joined, squeeze all between, and if Calcutta  and Teheran act together, Kviva, or Bokhara,  or Afghanistan becomes about aa,important  in the great Asiatic strife as so many Swiss  cantons in a European war.  If we have formed this alliance, formed it  meaning that the Indian Government, which  does not understand nonsense, shall keep it,  We' have accomplished a grand diplomatic  stroke; if not, we have merely fidgetted ourselves to give an Asiatic Prince a little higher  welcome than his due, and to give genuine  pleasure to at least six millions of our own  Mohammedan subjects.���������[London Spectator.  ~  HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, &c,       ~  MISCELLANEOUS.  Van Volkenourglk & CoM  Retail Butchers,  BARKERVILLE,    RICHFIELD  B ark'rville B re wery  A SUPPLY; OF THE  BEST QUALITY OF FBESH HEATS  'ALWAYS ON HAND.  Vaillancour" & Hunter,  XSUCCESSORS TO N. CUNIO,]  Beg to inform their Wends 'and tbe pobhcthaUba  have takea tne well known premises in Sarkervillo  so long favorably patronised while in the occupation  of Ux N. Cucio. . .   ��������� *** ;:,;.v - .-. ���������...-���������/��������� ~l- ��������� ���������..  The Celebrated ?XXX 'Ale  will be manufactured and^soldjbyjWholesaie and R������  uiilin its purity,und       "  The best Liquors & Cigar*  constantly kept on hand.j  The Lodging Department  will be always carefully attended" to, and the best  Beds and accommodation  provided for their cus  tomers, del6  Lumber  RE propared Jto': furnish Lumber at their^Milifl^  William Creek, or deliver it to order. ;  LUMBER OELIVJERED ON LIGHTNING  CREJ2K.  Having a Planing Macbino in operation they wil  also furiiisb.  *���������������  U  DBESSED  at satisfactory rates.  a  COMMISSION, STORAGE,  AND  keeo ������ witbout crashing. ������8 people.    Oi  Se, as the TimeBsaye, if we ean eone.l-  ��������� ��������� / L;ieh eyen then we, had rather India  ���������   and till we baye, we may rely on .t tba  Saiidltaw b <vorlb mm* trouble mi  aplStf  JAMES   WICH.H^M,  gar^erville.  OFO TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY HAVE REMOVED  prepared to furnish.  BOARD.  AND    MEALS  BEST   QUALITY;  The  BAB is famished with th* finest WINES,  LIQUORS.and CIGABS.  OTICE   IS hereby given that Thomas  LAVERY has retired from the business biiherto  H-^^ija ������<j Saloon-keepers and  ��������������� ia *KfSf> V^ltaW   auater. &  carried   --  Brewers  hy  tne  Lavery  VaiUancour and Joseph Hunter.^ VAlLLANC0UR.  ;' T. LAVERV.  BrassSt  Groceries and Provisions  i.i  G H T NX N G  ap!2  CREB K  OR O U S E    C R EE K.;'  Delivered to Miners ou the following outlying Creeks:,  Antler, Onuningaam, St������vensvBeggs Q-ulch,  ���������   ��������� ������������������/���������'...;&o;; .  T^5������ The Goods sold at ttis Store will, as usual, be  of the best quality and at the lowest market prices.  Grousa Creek, May 10,1873.; ~��������� *~  my 10 2m  Witness���������G  July U, l?W������  iullS  THE AGENGY OF THIS BANE HAS been  re-opened, in Barkerviile, for the transaction of  all kinds of Banking business.  Gold Dust and Bars purchased on best  jernis. ������������������' .���������-..* '��������� .;:   ���������.���������-;���������/  Exchange sold on Victoria, San Francisco^ New  York, Canada, and London on reasonable terms.  *. IDeposits received for transmission, to the Vi&  toria Branch.   Interest allowed at' 5 per cent. pey:  annum, SO.days notice.  ���������     V 0. M. 340SRI8,  ������������������-..���������������������������-������������������      ������������������- ������genfe,T ���������  BiurlicrviUe, June 9, X873,  1 f!^.r^%3%&*  *%^?**3rww\>"'  ,"��������� ������v?v^������>si������- '+��������� \*.  ��������� tr-^iVKi^������-i������������������XXX, msri: f^j-l-  "^Tlf-^c^;  i*N-:  .THE CARIBOO 'SENTINEL  SATURDAY, AUG. 30, 1873.;; ���������'/y.  THE PROSPECTS OF THE RAILWAJ.-^  TELEGRAM FROM SIR JOHN A  MACDONAL&    7  There being so much dissatisfaction ex-,  pressed ^throughout the Province at the delay  In commencing operations on the Canadian  Pacific! Railway, our representative, > Mr  Thompson, "deemed it his duty, to send the  foliowing telegram to Sir Jchri A. Macdonald:  ;   ^^ 17,187k; '<  " On behalf of fifty, cbcetituents, I ask why  terms of Confederation are not carried put���������  Eaiiway not commenced f V  y ���������-���������.���������..'..: .:'y.*''���������;:..:J.,Spenchjr.Thompson.  To the above .message Mr Thempsori has  sreeeived a reply as follows:-' -  . y 7;,: :' S '"* Ottawa, 25li August, 1878.y;  ^ThCTacifoi'Railway has been> commenced  as all: railways are commenced, by making  location surveys, and.exhaustive surveys at  great cost have been carried on, and approach  completion. ;,,:  :>y';.;;y ���������'���������'~y ���������'.':V ���������;��������� ���������.--', ���������, '*.? y-.'���������'..  ���������������,No: time will be lost, so soon."as survey is  finished.in pushing on construction;      :;  r ��������� _:yj\. y^}]/.\' '.Jok^'^l. Ma.cdonalt>, ,;:  p..���������/���������"��������� To j.: Spencer. ThornpsoBi Esq.,; M.P., J ���������:  Barkerville.      y: ���������".���������,. J.'��������� y  ���������"/.'"V/'-THE'CM  -The attention of: the people of- the lower  tJott.ntry;.-is - no w ��������� b eing d irectWd ,to. the sol ution  ������f ite������-dhinese '"problem^^a^d i^isrigbtthat^a  matter whioh<: has such aiiimportant bearing  on thai present arid future ;progress of the  ������ounl^,ra^  *houl<C be';fuUy^discussear and understood.  ! rIf it. hasV iieen^ found necessary -iii Australia  end; .California to legislate specially in order  to preve ii t free white .1 abpr in those; cou ntries  from'^ing-tttferlyj: 6verwbelmed byithe slavo:  ; JabbrorCliinaThbw niuch; more is suctijlegis;  lation !necessary in a; country; so  sparsely  - settled a^BntishQoin  : tion of a few tbonsan&ymore; phi nese to. our  s-populationuwdiild oompleteijr drive all 7white  labor out oK the country? The avenues' of  labor wUJv if .the growing evil is not,checked,  ���������$>* entirely closed to the rising generation;  .*������ What shall we do with our hoodlums?"'' is  ������ question ^howv daily asked *through\ the  rolumns of the Ca! iforma Press; and. in a  few-years,-unless our legxslators take steps to  y ������medy:, the evil which has/caused .this lack  ������f ^ employ men t -for youthf in the Golden  Sfat*^ the same question will be asked  ���������through tho Press of; this Province.  A ro u me tx ts i n s u pp ort o f a--.policy of " pro  taction" against the further encroachments of  --*������ fiemi-ci^iHzcid race of ,people in this  7COTony'ui5sp^ljapsnnneceEsary.' People who  have watehSMbe progress of events.jon the  Pacific coast of, late vears need not be.told  that the addition of swaroia of Chinese tOrthe  .population of California has not added to her  wealth or prosperity, nor that^ a large per  rentage of her youth are growipg up in idle-  fiesfl and vice in 'consequence of the labor  . market being almost entirely absorbed by  Celestials. In Oregon, also, the question of  Chinese vs. white labor is now before tbe  people, who are agitating for a policy, of expulsion. '���������'���������  The Chinese question will- .doubtless be  forougbtJbefore;the; attention of the Legislature a VitsnexVses3ioa|^  hon. member for Nanafmo pn^tbe subject have  been before expressed in the House, and his  able pen .baa'been again lately directed-in the  ColbhisV tb ^pointing out and warning the  peoplei; of the ganger of the absorption of  theiri Snd������|kies andy wealth by an inferior  race) almost incapable, it would appear, of  r"o?i V? n*rn^ bign^civiiization.. 3 Insuperable  ^onititutibriall ^^ctea^ yare supposed yto  .-v tauU ]\u t&& ��������� way��������� of the special Iegislat!on  nee^ii^bntt/M^: .^lw;-'Odlon^l������;-'ihfr''5e^ple  will say^������ they must bei removed I"   -  AtrdribN on AtoNOAy.--Al tentlon is directed  to the sale; by; auction'��������� pn Monday next of  tiat valuable fre ehbld prop er ty in Barker-  villeyknown) as; the^Eldorado saloon. Two  first-class Billiard Tab 1 es, Cotf age pianbforte,  stoves, beds-and bedding, &c., &c, will also  h* sold at the same time.  GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS TO SUR-  ���������VEYORS.  BnixoR Seottobi* :^Phe' hon. Chief Com-  inissioner of Lands and Works has thought  proper to supplement the Gold Mining Act,  1873, withya _������������������^code of ^ '* Instructions" to  surveyors.: survey ing; mining claims,; not* only  at variance with the spirit of the Act, but  which if enforced by the Gold Commissioner  will make the Act inoperative.. . I.will first  notice^ the 2d: clause of the ��������������� Ins true tions,"  which reads as follows:    y  y'   '���������������������������..'  :.  " Instruments.^-Where ' uniiformity in the  variation of. the- needle is not found the survey must be.made with ftp-,;instrument operating independently! of the magnetic needle.  Bent's improved 'solar compass, or other, in ���������  strument of ecjual���������;utilityv must be used ol  necessity in such cases. Where the needle  can be relied on,;however, the ordinary compass .may be.used.^-T-How is the luniformity  of the variation "of the needle to bo ascertained?,'Where in Cariboo is the standard  test to befound, and bow, without verification, is the ordinary compass to be relied on?  -See. 3.^*" Standard Chain. The ; Gold  Commissioner of! the District being provided  with a chain :corapared with ibe standard deposited mth'e;Lands and Works department,  yictbria,:; the i surveyor.;��������� will��������� afljust his chain  by it���������;before; commencing a survey, and again  careifuily compare \them on its completion."  Tery. proper;; but tb c; Go 1 d Go mm issi oner  shou Icty al so - .have bee n pro vid ed wi th"ai c o in ���������  pass as well as a chain for a standard. Indeed,  the most.serious,mistake of the Lands and  Works department is having fai 1 ed to ap poin 1  quatified;;:Gb;vernnien with; r;a  8 ta'tid * an nual s al ary, a sm al l n o m i ri al su m to  be charged' for 'air surveys made by them.  Such surveyors should have been appointed  before the Act became law. ���������  vSeciV^r-r:*-Marking; Lines.. #'A11 lines on  wh jch are to be estabIished the corher bbund-  aries are to be marked a.fter this.method, viz.:  Those: trees which 'may intercept the line  must have three chops or notches cut oc each  side of them, without any other mark what-,  ever.,-. A. sufficient rhumher ;of other;,:trees  standing, nearest to the line od.either side of  itareto be blazed on two sides, dingonally,  or quartering: to wards' the. line,; in order, to  render the line conspicuous and readily to be  traced."���������The requirements of this section are  unnecessary and absurd.���������{ A proper .starting  point for a survey; a poirit .'or corner plainly  marked, described and ;��������� recorded, is all that U  necessary'^in surveying.,.-ordinaryv mining  claims.. .:       .'    . : *'';        ��������� '��������� ,���������' ���������������������������  ' .The other. "Instructions,^ requiring'posts  four:iocbes squaresand five inches.in-diaoieter,  four bearing trees at each corner, mounds'ol  earth or stones, pits, a sketch of the. locality  surrounding, the mining claim, &Ci',-wiH render mining surveys so expensive as to he beyond t he reach of ord i n ary m j ningcompanies.  consequently the -Mining Amendment -Act,  1873^'will be inoperative2 and tiseless until  such time as the Government appoint and  supply the district with a competent and  qualified surveyor. ���������;'���������';  In cases- where applicafions have already  been made and'forwarded to the Land's and  Works department for titles to mining ground  under- the amended Act.; provision tor the  protection of such claims should be made  until the "instructions" of the Chief Commissioner Can.be complied with.  August 28. 1873. A Mixkr.  [The "General Instructions to Surveyors"  furnished^ for 'their guidance in malriog surveys of mining lands under the new Act, and  on which.our correspondent comments so unfavorably,/ were framed for the better security  of the purchaser or pre-emptor, and to prevent annoying and expensive litigation concerning boundaries. &c. Under existing circumstances, however, they cannot be strictly  carried out in Cariboo. In the first place, we  have no properly qualified surveyor, and  there/; is no present p robab Hi ty of th e wa n ts  of the district requiring one, or at least there  is not sufficient ?work ;to, fairly remuneraie  one | andsecbndly, the charges of a properly  qualified^suryey or ^f or parrying -out tlio: " Instructions" would- be too high for the ineanB  of ordinary mining companiea. The only way  to meet the exigencies of tho case is. to follow  the ;eou rsepoin ted lout by on r cor res pp nden fc,  and have a resident;, surveyor appointed by  Government.' We have no doubt when the  matter comes to the notice of the hon. Chief  Commissioner, he will see that it is necessary  ei th er l.to ad op t th at co u rpe or so modi ty h is  " Ins tructi oris", as to permit of .the employment j of the: avaiiable surveying talent of  Cariboo,���������'En. Sentinel. j y  . NEW ADVERTISEMENTS;  :    KQTIPK  AN FRIDAY,  THE   12th DAY OF SEP-  GoM Commissioner, te, at ^^^BtII^V^  bici for tho right of Record ol. i-ourtecn 31-100 Acres  o Mining ground, situated on the East branch, of  ftS Sn^shco Creo,, in tho DiBt^t fijfifa ���������  Saturday, August 23, 1873. ' au23  NOTICE.  Estate of Tlios. J. Manife,  DECEASED.  4LL. PRRSONS HAVING. CLAIMS  -^ against tho Estute'of tho late Thomas J. Masife,  of Sodu Crevk, are requ stoi lo pond in or present tho  ������ame to thy undersigned, and all persons, indebted to,  the Estate aro required to p;iy forthwith tho amount  o������ thoir indcbtcduMiS to  JOHN F. HAWKS,      IjEtectttors  Or VETERC   DUNLEVVi;Jb'Xeca_rS  Soda Creek, August 17,1873. .  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  au23  Baunabd?s down Express of the 24th took  away the following passengers i���������Messrs; H.  Grunbaum, Isaac Lipsett, and L. Sabin������ for  Yai������, '  ���������  Urunbauiii Bros.,  Barkprville & Tan Winkle,  .    ������������������.:���������.   ���������  OFFER FOR SALE,  :"'���������;    : ' v  AT GSSATLY REBUCED PRICES,  ,   Their entire arid'.well-assorted Btock of  LIQUORS,  CLOTHNG,  BOOTS AND SHOES,  INING   IMPLEJyiENTS,  &c, <fec., &c,   '  ^^ Parties intending to bny Goods of any  description will find it to (heir tulvantage to  give us a call before purchasing elsewhere.  niyl7  IS THE PLACE TO  GOODS  r  Nails,41T3s. for Si.  Sus:ar, 3^ lbs. for $1,  Iron, 20c to 25c per  Machine Oil, $.3 per gal.  Price's Candles, 25 lb. box  .$11.  GOOD TOBACCO, 50 cents per lb.  J. B. PACE'S TOBACCO,' $1 per lb.  Full assortment KIP and CALF BOOTS. $7  to $9.  HOES, 81 50 each.; SHOVELS, $2 each.  SHIRTS. SI lo $5 each.  CANADIAN CLOTH SUITS, $20 to $30.  BEST FLOUR, $5 per sack.  Barkerville, August 2V1873.    . aU2  o  ENGLISH DRUGS!  PATENT MEDICINES,  PROPRIETARY  ARTICLES  Clleralier's Life for the Hair  COUGH LOZENGES, &c, &c.    .  /  m* Teeth carefally Extracted and Filled.  J^ Prescriptions and Family Recipes accurately prepared. '��������� :   ���������    ���������    ���������*    ���������  Barkerville, No 7.20, 1S72.  I have been instructed by Mr WM, W. DOD!>  to sell by Auction at Barkerville,  .ON  MONDAY,  SBPT.v 1,   1873,  At 12 o'clock, noon,  That Bplendid Freehold Property, well known  ��������� -���������  ���������  ;-; .���������.' as  STIRLING'S���������ELDORADO SALOON  ^BARKERVILLE,  Also, the1 contents, consisting of���������Bar Fix<  tnres, Mirrors, Decanters. Gittsses, Hanging  Lamps, Clocks, Chairs, Tables, two first-class  Slate.bottom Carom BILLIAHD -.TAHLKS,  Balls, Cues and Racks ; Cottage Pianofortt*;  Chamber^ Encyclopedia, 10 volumes, com*  pleU ; a. splendid now Cast Iron Stove, 45  inch, with Drum, Piping, and Iron Foot Rail;  Cast Iron Box Stove, U2 inch ; Cast Iron  Cooking Slove and Piping; Sheot Iron Stovo ;  a quantity oi Beds and Bedding; Crockery,  Chest of Drawers, Dressers. Chest of Tools,  and other articles too numerous to mention.  Also, at same time, I will sell, by;.virtue of  jnstnictions.from the. Official Administrator)  the Estate of David Lewis, deceased, consist-,  ing of a quantity of  DRY GOODS, &c��������� &c,  Chajrs, Mirrors. Tublns, Baihorks and D<������������������n-  tisfc-8 Tools, and a splendid Tin Bath, 7 met  long.'y '.'.',  ���������Also, tho equity of redemption in the  7      HOUSE AND LOT  lately occupied by the deceased .in Barkerville.' '  * '' ', .      .-'.��������� ;. :-' ���������:. '��������� '     ���������"   '-,  ��������� ;������������������ GKO. BvRNEi?.  auI6 '���������<���������<��������� ������������������'-"'  Auctioneer.  FOR   SALE,  THAT WAYSIDE" HOUSE, favorably  known as MONOOKF'S. or Aim l24'iU10;.Hoikj.\  Bonn parle, with BARXS and Oulbuiltlings com pic to  an1 in gnoil onicr.,_ ��������������������������� >    ,.. .  A Pre-emption   Claim  of  .160 Acres,; .  aboui 40 acres now under cultivation, wttn Farming  ^mpttmenis couipielq.. Also, ,7 7V- .'��������� .."; ������������������������������������ > ���������  48 Head of Gaitle.      v  Thfl aboreis a deairublc-W&ysldo H-u^o, i-oin/f *  gootl business. It will l>o sol.TwUhiViy'.Ciit'll**, 4*r V  &c. or to suit purchasers. - It' not tuld by tJt������- 'Ibili  August, it wili bo then put up and srln'ai I'm- U*  Auction. '' ' '  For further particulars, inquire on tho prcmUir-t.  juI5 2iii . J^COB ilUNMOHK.  .     PEND01A,  ���������   PR A J.Kit IX  G-ro ceries, Pi-ovisipns and  Lienors.  '  ROASTED DAILY AT THK STORE.  DEPOT     FOR  PIONEER'IVIiLLS EXTRAFLOUR  A fresh *upply of which has just been re-  ' ������������������ ceived.      ' ^-  ���������  .- ��������� ��������� ���������   ���������  THE BANK of BRITISH  COLUMBIA.  THE CARIBOO AGENCY OF'THIS Bank  will be Rli-OPENED for business on  MONDAY,  14th inal.  DRAFTS ISSUED ON  Victoria, London, San Francisco, Portland,  New York and Canada.  M12 , !: WALTER POWSTX, Agent..  FOR SALS OR RENT, possession givea  on 1st October next.    : ; '7 ���������  US* Parties indebted to tho above esLiblislimenA  arc requested,, to . call an d settlp .oil or before 20ta  August, and. avoid costs. "���������"���������'  ���������    ������������������������������������ ,w,i;T:y...- '-y'.P. FICR,.:  Barkerville, B.C., July 26, 1873.7   .  y    ..;JuI2g_  DECEASED.  LL PERSONS indebted to or having  claims agnirist the estate of J, W. Xlndbaro,  late of VanWinkto, Lightning Greek, Merchant, do-  ceaued, aro requested to pay such debts,.* or send in  Particulars of such claims, to Theodore Ltndhard and  A. Townsond, at Van Winkle, tho Administrators of  the deceased,  THEODORE LINDHARD,) Adminis-  A. TOWNSBNO, j trators.  YftUWinkle. Lightning Creek.  m^mm^m^mss^^susm ^So'?--*  mm  11  ESP  P.  11  H  n  fell  ^ckgooM  ^imp^A^0^1^3''  QUESNELMOUTIL.      ��������� |tvro honaea  n^lmontb, Aug. 29-The Btoamer^O;  Jfarrived at ten o'clock this morning, with  ,i 60 tons freight, several .passengers, and  Card's and Person's expresses.  : ��������� -7; ?  Vr *rn'dt returned from Victor.a.with the  MHttiN for.pntiiiig the machinery,of.the  te,unerVictoria in thorough.order.7;.y  Barnard's and Penrson's stages left at noon  for Barkerville. Following are ^ passengers  brBaniHid's express:-Mr and MrsSt-v^n-  ,0,i Charles Wilson, and A. Hoffman, for Bar-  fcrrillt.: and B. Hell, for Quesuelmoutb.     ���������  The weather for the last three weeks has  been a serious drawback, to the. farmers in  bsrvesting their crops. It is feared there will  be much damage done to the hay crop. The  wither continues wet and cloudy, giving the  farmers no opportunity to get their hay dried.  clinton.  ...     7..;;���������  Clinton, August 29���������For the past foiir days  (he weather has been very stormy, interrupt-  jDjr harvesttug and prostrating the telegraph  line fi*ry seriously.  thki Enzootic.;  Tbe epizootic has attacked Barnard & Co.'s  torsos iit'this pioce. All the singe horses be.  ween here and Yale aro now suffering from  (bis disease.   No fatal coses reported as yet.  VICTORIA;/  Victoria, August 23 -The body of a white  mm was found floating in the harbor;near  Cra ia flower bridge to-day. y'  Victoria. August 25-The UJ SKsleamer  Lincoln returned to-day to Fort Townsend  fr.ur, a cruise in search of the tost steamer G.  S Wright. The steamer was absent over.two  v-yk?. during which time sbu steamed.about  Qihmi Glialiotte aud MillbankSounds. No  fm jh-'v lidines were learned of. the missing  }i:i������������fHjr������M8 i������r of those who were on board tin  e W'JU'i-in tiie lime she was tost. Pieces of  iho wreck were.'still being picked np by the  iMthiu?. smne of which were brought down In  lli", Lincoln. We presume this settles finally  lbi'q������usti������i'n th;it not asoul survives of those  vi.������, Weiv on board. '  TlieMfti_m"������r Prince Alfred arrived here at  UOyeslerdiiy slit-moon from Sun Francisco.  His honor Mr Justice Gray and Mr Register Ponley iviil leave for Koo'tenay via Hope  on Friday n*\tt to hold Court at Kootenay  about 1st October nex.i. ' s'-: ,; ���������'  A site for a lighthouse was surveyed and  Jdectcd on an island at the entrance to Howe  Sound.' ���������   ' ������������������        -.." '��������� ���������  REPORTEO.OOM) DISCOVERY.  Victoria, August 28���������The Colonist saysImmense gold deposits have been discovered in  British Columbia, at the bead waters of the  fiticlnea river, and 210 miles from the -coast  A quantity of dust was brought down'to-day.  This news was received by the arrival of the  Guasie Telfair from the North coast this today.  CANADA..  Qnfibee, Aug, 23-Tiie Gulf steamer Miri-  tnaclu. for Quebec, with a large number of  pHSseogera, struck on a rock last nighiand  was run ashore to prevent sinking. Passengers all saved.   ��������� .,    ,*V .....  Chatham, N.B., Aug. 26th-A'furious gale  ot easterly, wind, accompanied by heavy  ram, commenced on Sunday ��������� morning, and  raged with extraordinary violence until  lueaoay morning. Great, marine disasters  reported. Seven square-rigged' vessels reported wrecked near Richibuctoo. Two  vessels were driven ashore in Mmmacbl river,  wui several schooners, y Several -.'.bridges  ware earned away and communication stop  pea.   Height barks and several "brigs were  29f ashor������> only two or three-of. which  wtli be saved. '  UNITED STATES.  New York; August 21���������The iron merchants  of this city attribute the lock-out at Manchester, England, to the fact thatihe high prices  of English iron and tbe increased production  of this country, rendered the American market almost wholly independent of England.  In giving testimony in the case of the Italian boys, the deputy Marshal testified that in  mm  in full retreat The prisoners taken by tbe  Government troops in their encounters with  the Carlist and Communist insurgents aTe to  be Bent to reinforce the Spanish army in  *������������������%  upon, though it is reported that Government  has authorised the abolishment of the discriminating duty on cereals without convoking  | the Assembly.  ������������ Buu. ��������� ������v.������.������������v������vw mW t^iau.ou tnuiy iu iae AsseraoJv,  Cuba.   The total strength of the Oarlist force     r nnA������n  L     too   n    , n i ���������        ������t '  had been raised at the point designated by  men.  found 150 children, and in each room ten or  twelve boys tied by the ..wrists with cords.���������  There was a man in charge ot the room. In  some cases the child rtn wore marked by pa  drones by a brand on the cheek, hip, or: ear.  Washington, August 21���������On application of  the special Treasury agent at Port Townsend,  the Treasury department made a ruling applicable to older ports of entry. Foreign or  other vessels are to.be subject ton penalty If  they do not report within 48 hours whether  they wish to make port or not.  Galveston, Texas, Aug. 21���������Tbe Indian  Chiefs Suniiana and Big Eye arrived at Houston yesterday under a guard from; the Penitentiary en route for Fort' Scott, where a  Council will be held between Secretary Delano, Commissioner Davis, and the.Klowas  and Comanches, with the view .to future peace.  New York, August 22���������Miss Levi, of Belmont, aged 60, died on Thursday of voluntary  starvation, having refused food for 28 day. A  sister of deceased died in the same way a few  years ago.  Memphis, August 23���������Helena, Arkansas.  August 23��������� The steamer Mo ore wood blew up  at St. Francis Island about 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Eighty persons known to he  killed and wounded. Officers saved, engineer  missing. The lady passengers were all saved,  although the cabin. Was blown to pieces. The  spot where tbe steamer blew up is -known to  river men as the graveyard, being the same  place where the Pen and St. Michaels blew  up and the L. M. Clyde was burned.  Harrisburgh, Pa., August 23���������A 6re. commenced at I o'clock this morning in tbe centre  part of Aliffie square, and spread rapidly;  consuming the entire block and^ portion ol  another;   Loss $100,000. .  Evansville'i Aug.- 27���������The steamer Belle  Vernon, going to Cincinnati, with a full cargo.  struck the Jennie Powell below Shawnee, and  sank immediately.in 2u feet water. A number of lives lost.  : New'York, Aug. 27���������The following are the  latest and most authentic; particulars regarding the situation of affairs between the Pacific  Mail and Panama Railroad Company :   The  Panama Company agree to loan the Pacific  Mail Company $5,000,000 in consideration  that tbe'Pacific Mail Company make over to  the Panama Company a clean bill of sale for  tbe iron steamers Colon, Acapnlco, Honduras,  Costa Rica, Winchester, and Salvador; also,  that tbe Pacific Mail Company charter these  steamers, with tbe right to redeem them in  twelve months by paying loan, interest and  insurance   Tbe Colon is now in the Aspm-  wall trade, the Acapulco soon will be. while  the others are engaged in the Central Amen-  can trade.   Tho Pacific1 Mail and Panama directors  meet   again   to-morrow, when   the  former will likelj accept or reject the pro-  ��������� , ���������     ��������� ������������u ucou raisea at toe point aesiguatea oy  Rome,   August   21-Government  has re- the electriciaus, but on testing the fault was  ived intelligence of tbe dispersion of noted found eastward.   Capt.Halpin is sanguine*  mrk of rnhhnrfl. whn for a lnho-.timw ������iw. the fault will soon be found and removed.  ceived  be searched in Crosby street he] bands of robbers who for a long time oper-  lldreO. and in ear.h   rrw-nn  ffn  Arlfttoit   in   th'o   trioinif.n   Af   Rnlwrnn    a'x-r  K^ino'  ated in the vicinity of Salerno, six being  killed and the rest captured  London, August 22���������A rumor is current  that an attempt to release the Bank of England forgers from Newgate by the corruption  of;the prison officers bas been discovered.���������  The leaders in the affair have been arrested.  -���������-*���������  *^*-  ���������*-*���������  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  -WILLIAMS CREEK. -.  Th*e cleaning out of the lower portion of  I the Bedrock drain was completed yesterday,  London, August 21���������Tlie ^threatened lock- j and work will be commenced ou the upper  posalof the Panama cd.  P John J. Bird, member of Congress from  New Jersev ���������' to day returned to the United  StlTes S y bis back pay, with interest  *TvSZ'of the amount which had ac-  1500,000 may^possib y fal   ������ ^^bf  Quebec, August 26~By the late.storm the  achooners Glen and Eugenie were -'Milton.  na,������re,a"i three WW lost. Several bridges  earned orT and the telegraph wires and posts  tarried into tbe river.     .   Y    ,.;y YY^:.  ^ape Breton, state that a terrible storm of  J ma and rain has been raging since Monday.  aii ���������K??efltknown at Cape Breton for years.  *L i ?a.rbor* ^e filled with vessels. Thirty  W imm ashore- AtSydney thefarmers  SI uHerB-d heavi>y.-.:Maiay. buildings blown  in* \ cropa througbout the country de-  "?P and the bridges swept away. Fifty  Bailing vessels reported ashore. \ :���������:-;?���������/"  ins Ouaard steamship Alpha, from Sydney,  puun aere with.steam up and anchors down;  ������na succeeded in holding. The breakwater  JOT6 ?ayia badly damaged. The loss of  ?w������?lnJ In the ba^ is Rightful. Dispatches  S^T f/om Cowc buy this, forenooa state  n������ the storm is still raging.  and Chesapeake canal, *i������v,������.,u ^..   ....  barges strauded in the meadows, and $50,000  by Delaware Railroad co.  Nashville, Tenn., Aug. 27���������A steamer from  the wreck of the Belle Vernon brings a nunv  ber of passengers who were taken ofi the bur-  rioane .deck by her. -    y  Boston, August 29���������W. R. Boyer,President  of the First National Bank of Lynn, committed  suicide last evening- The cashier of tbe First  National Gold Bank of 'Tarrytown has com  mitted suicide.  New Orleans, Aug. 28���������A special from Ma  -* ;- ������.m/,ra^ fhat. an Indiac  New Urieaos, aims- *��������������� ���������~Y:htL* ftn Indian  con, Texas, Bays it is ^0^^/m In-  runnet brought news that a large ooay u ^  dianssur  dian territory, massaur^ J^T~m ^ S  and children and nearly halt of tw  Cavalry.        t ^ ^ .g ft hoax. ^Gem Sheri  dan has no snob .'news  rought news that a targ������������������u? Vi ...  mans surprised and captured Fort Hill, in the  Indian territory, massacreing all the women  id children and nearly half of  Rivalry.  Later reports say it is a hoax.  such news; and further, the 4th  cavalry, reported as suffering ia the attack,  Fort Clark, 400 miles from Fort Hill.  out by the iron manufacturers of Manchester  of a portion of their operatives has been oost-  poned for the present, and a proposition has  been made to submit tbo differences between  the employers aud working men to a commission of arbitration.  The plot concocted in New York for tbe  escape of the American Bank forgers, Bid-  well and McDonald, was discovered by the  interception of a letter in the hands of a war-  den, who was pacing it to a confederate.���������  The wardens of Newgate were bribed with  ������100 each.  London journals state that the German Gov-  ernmentcontemplate proceeding against Capt.  Warner, who took two Spauish war.vessels  from Carthageua, and that Captain Warner  would be tried by court-martial;  Madrid, August 22���������The Cortes has authorised tho prosecution, by the Tribunal of Justice of nine deputies who were arrested, .for  participating in the "Communist and Carlist  insurrection.        y '.  Intelligence has been received in Madrid  that an unsuccessful attempt was made upon  tbe life of Don Alphonzo, brother of Don Carlos. The wouldrbe assassin, whose motive is  not stated, was taken and executed.  Advices from the north, which the Government deem trustworthy, report the Carlist  troops discouraged and insubordinate.      .,  Madrid, August 23���������The Spanish fleet commenced the bombardment of Carthageua yesterday.   "'. .;'������������������. " y  Bayoone, August 2$���������Advices from Carlist  sources state JB'ejar is. invested :by the Carlist  army. Both sides, claim victory in recent  battle before the town. y-y  New York, August 23���������Dispatches from  Rome say the announcement is made that the  Pope has intimated bis desire for reconciliation with Germanyi on condition of Germany not interfering in Italian complications.  Madrid, Aug. 26tb���������Lizzaraga, with 3000  men, reported marching to reinforce the Car  list forces besieging Estelia, who now number  8,000. The Carlists were again defeated'on  Monday, with a loss of many killed and  wounded, by the;Republican forces in Estelia. Republican loss 50.  * London, Aug. 26���������The trial of the Bank  of England forgers was brought to an end  to-day. After George Bid well bad concluded  his examination of the witnesses for the prose:  cution, be delivered an address to the Court.  in which he exonerated Austin Bidwell and  Edwin Noyes fully from all complicity in .the  fraud, and declared that he and George Mac-  donald were the only guilty parties. Mac-  don aid also addressed the Court, bearing'out  the statement of Bidwell. The case was then  given to tho Jury, who after'20 minutes''deliberation found all the accused guilty.���������  Judge Archibald sentenced each prisoner to  penal servitude for lite, the highest punishment undor tbe laws for this offence,  Vienna, August 25���������The Emperor Francis  Joseph yesterday, visited the American department, and inspected the exhibition of tbe  Educational system.  Berlin, August 27���������Carl Willhelm, composer of the well-known German war song,  the Watch on the Rhine, &ied to-day at Ni-  cbaelkinder..    ���������>���������; ....'/:>.'  Madrid, August; 27���������A dispatch from, All  cante says the insurgents iron-clad frigates  Numaucia and Mendeznumez.left Carthagena  ou Sunday last and proceeded to the offing to"  attack the Spanish Republican fleet under  Admiral Lesibas. The Government vessels  could not be found, and the insurgent squadron returned ,ib Garthagena. The English  Admiral still retains possession of the vessels  yittorui and Alamanziea, which were captured  off Malaga. / -\;-V:   '��������� ���������;���������"������������������ y-'  Paris, August 28���������It is reported* that Government have been compelled to abandon the  -���������-.  ! j:��������������� *k* nnn'rt-tar the trial 01  end on Monday. The Forest Rose will commence sinking a new shaft on Monday on tho  nortlrside of the hospital. Ballarat co. sinking a new hhaft. *The Bedrock Flume co.  washed up 100 oz. last week, and GO oz. on  Thursday. The ratns of tbe past few days  having increased the water, the hydraulic  companies have recommenced piping.  N     LIGHTNING CREEK.  Spruce co. making expenses. Point co.  washed up 74 oz. last week and G5 oz. on  Wednesday. Victoria.eo., 154 oz. last week  aud 82 oz/on Wednesday. Vancouver, 201 oz.  last week, and ,56 on Wednesday. Vulcan  and Costello still. pushing forward work on  their foundations.  Accident.���������Adam Prentice, Esq., 3.F., met  with a serious accident on Thursday afternoon  lasfe while working in his claim, the Eldorado,  on Lightning creek.   He bad put in a blast  of-Giant powder some days previous, and  exploded it, and since that time, having been '  unwell, he had done no work until Thursday,  when after carefully scraping and washing out  the hole, he introduced the drill.    After  two or three turns of the drill there was an  explosion, which shattered a portion of his  right hand and slightly injured him about the  bead.    Mr Prentice was alone at the time  but he was able to reach Mr Adam Ross's  cabin, when a messenger was dispatched .to=  Van Winkle and a telegram forwarded to Williams creek for Dr. Chipp, who"immediately  left for Van Winkle.   On examining the ia*  jured man it was- found that the bones in the  inner side of the hand w������re broken, and amputation being necessary, it was thought best  for the patient to proceed to.Wiltiaras Creek,  where he arrived on Friday morning.   Drs,  Bell and Chipp were prepared to remove the  injured part, but on account of the feverish  condition of the patient and the unhealthy  appearauce of the wound, it was not considered safe to amputate at present.v  ; Survey of Mining^laths,���������It was generally  understood until, within the last few days tfca������-  mining companies who had expended the  sum of $250. to the interest on their claims,  could, on proving this expenditure to the  satisfaction of the Gold Commissioner, obkia  a* title to the ground applied for. It now ap-  pears, however, that from the instructions  8eut to the Gold Commissionsr by last week's  mail, tbat all mining claims for which a Ctown  title is desired, must be surveyed subject to  the stringent and expensive^rules laid down  by the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works.  From 9^f^E^:^^^^-  and 'imtil^  to  is at  Madrid, August  EUROPE.  21���������A battle has  taken  S' iTetweln "the Republican.  place near Bejar ������e"* d.R Compl������ta vie  Ld Oailiats. which Ees.mea.Qtl-were ^  tory fof ihe ffffi:*%������%&*,- Wiled  eiiiiM^"-.--������������������-,-     .    ,|   co������rttor the trial of  SS'IS the necessary accommodation J  for the Courr No <hher place to yet bceu  Wfiu* neasioT ������f iteCahinet Council  t hefd yesterday to cCnslder what couree  Ta21  to?aUeviate tnoblw caused by the  ������gf pCSf "re^d.   IthW notbeea_������ade  ���������'���������;'������������������:.������������������.������������������ ���������.".���������.���������.:'JAS'.;A. NBWJLANP^f  ���������'���������'���������������������������...:.''.v.���������>"��������� ������������������:���������>���������:'���������   '  ':������������������������������������ Agent,  earkewHle, July 26,187S. jnlS������  chosc-their ground, can have tbe Survey oi    y  m  I ���������r/.  0-  of  ;. J. P, DAVIES & 0.'  Has received instructions from ������.r  HON.  ROBERT   BEAVEN,  Chief; Commissioner;of Lands and Works,  y:-^yf; ���������:; Ttf SELL;  ,'������������������  By: order of the Provincial Government,  '^^'���������'���������������������������������������������������������������:AT. THE  ON TUESDAY, SEPT,; 30,. 1873,^  , .--'���������' At 12 o'clock, Noon, '���������������.: \';\ "..  an, Exte^ed Or^ti  The undermentioned Sectionsfa- ���������->;)-"n  -$&���������  BLOCK,  ':": RANOB,  SECTION.  i:North  '���������y-yttt:-  ���������'������������������. "���������19."..'  ���������:':do.O'  %y:"v;I;E'-'  ,.,,     2(j,   :,  .���������-"do'v^  ���������tyywm  7>/..24-  ..'���������'���������; ���������db'V':,.  ik.Z'Mft'&w  ^������������������~25yy  :"������������������'. do ?: 7  >;������������������:. ::V.-I-B-.  ���������",.;; 26 7  7 -flo.:-;;-  X->."'I;;B.::'  .:;/27y-  i   do   :  -V-vy^E-'  T'r;2fi;r-=  'y^oyy  .'-^������������������'���������"'���������ivbv.  f;::V29v:  yV-Adn;  .*/���������*;"��������� ^MjBv.  y;30  ,-:���������-" 66y-  ..y,yVI^y-  :v|. 31;;: ������������������  ,-;7;rdO'7;.  "':,-.���������';: tl5ri  :���������������������������-������������������.:������������������ 32 ;���������':.'  ":';,;,������o:7"  ".���������/-'Wivb"'  ���������v::-,-3'3-;y  do   ;  ;^&%I #>  y:;������:M*:  /.���������ivdOi':^  ^'���������^liEy  y^:MrU  ������������������" .:iflO.:;/?  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" 4 '  4 North  ������������������''SV'WeaV-  ;<-y-: T;:'  -:,:'-:M'::':-  ? .���������7:odori---  !v:"*3 :���������  do  v      do v  ;---   3  .'  ������������';;.  ,...   iflO:...^"  ..������������������' 4.  do  do  5  40  do  6  . do.  do  ..     7 .-.:���������  io'  ���������:������������������/;���������    do   ���������  7.7^8-'-  '- ��������� dor.- -..  .���������:��������� do- *���������"���������;���������  ; ' 9    ���������  41������ y"v  :������������������-��������� ..doy-y  10  '   ^0/.":.,  ';������������������.���������:���������=" do. ...���������  11.  ��������� ��������� do  ���������y."do  12  :.' 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BLOCK.   ���������  do  do *  5 North  do  i--'/d0::;  ^:ido ���������������������������;  ���������Ao  do y  do  do  do  do  do  7 dO  5 North  ;do  do  ��������� '^&>y-  ' 4- do ':  ^yuy  ;       dOv  y^i-  v. -dov.:-:  dO:  do:  y ?do-::.  v--dO;y;  v;{7do;7  .#idovcJ  ;^.;&by'.  do  ���������yftyy  -.;>dp>;-  '^il'doE^.-  ^:jdo;'7'i  fv'doy^  --���������dor-:-  ^:N6rtb;  ^y'.'de^l^  y&6-!s  y^o'.;  vy;doV;  ; d6Vr  -y;:. do^:'  y-do*  y-:ioVi  ,;:y"db:'*7  ���������'7.dby-':  ���������'..,.db>-:  "^.db,--:  7:i do ;J  ���������ydO;;.'.  dodo  7 doy  5 iNorth ���������;  iydo,-;.;  ��������� r'do", -  ''.: db.:;;  ��������� ; 'dbV,'"  ���������/'do' ���������  ] do"'.,;:  | do  'do  do  'A do  51 North  ' db  do  do  .    dp; ''  :.:'��������� iflo^ ;'..  dodo  do  do  do  do  do  >do  5 North:  do  ������ North  do  y  do  do  c do  ���������   do  do'  do  do  do  EANQH. . SECTION.  ACRES'  do  do  :';. lEaat:  do  7-- :��������� do^;-  y"-\'7dO'v:  do  ��������� ��������� -do:.-:  do  ;   do  , do  do  ::������������������-���������      dO.    '������  do  1 Wesft  do;  do  ''y'.do; ;  do;  yy.do:  do  do  y '^."do.'y  '.-; do  yyy&o...  '���������'<'.-���������' ������������������do-;-..  :'::->--do:'.:  i.\  'dov,,  ^;-/-;'dby:-  :":;;i-;do,.7  !;��������� .:>?:. do ;-  ''������������������.v'.dp-''  ;..:^ do'.?'  7 :-;;db^:  ;:-;---V.do;-\-;  !''"/;,V- .do' ���������  '.������������������^7 -do- ;;  , .      do''  '���������"-II West  y^:*>y'  do  ���������y'y'do:y  ������������������v^;do������������������'7,  .v''"-:db-:'f  :--:;"'7dp':;.:  .':;���������:��������� ���������;  'do -.  ,.y'.7:7do,-v,  ���������7d0-;';:  ���������:^.:->d6--;.;  ���������';:��������� '-..db"v.  do :  doi.-  ���������'--',. --do- v/-  b^;;'.- do,  -���������;V.dO-...::  IVWeee  :j:. .]���������;." do;..  ��������� .".do  do  -. do. ..'  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ACRES.     LOT.     ACRES.  99 v       130^        ;  ioi y, v is5 ";  105 ��������� 136 .  106 137  107 188   y  108 141  109 ���������    142:  110 :    143 7  113 144  116 H7  117 y  149    ������  118 150   ���������:  m 15ft...'  GOVERNMENT LAND SALK (Continued).  LOT.  75  76  77  81  82  84  85  93  98  ACRES*.  LOT.  120  121  122  123  124  125  126  127  ACRK9.  LOT.  156  157  158  159  160  162  171  173  ACRES.  #&* Full particulars of the extent of each  Section, and Maps of the same, can be had of  the Auctioneers at an early date.  J. P. DA VIES & CO.,  Auctioneers.  au!6  notice;  'A COURT OF GENERAL ASSIZE AND  A Gaol Delivery, anil of NisJ Prlus, will be hem at  each-of tho undermou'tloucd places as .follows, except  tbo aamo be hereafter changed by Order ia Council :���������  v     SPRING-CIRCUIT;  . New Westminster, Wednesday, ilay 14.  Yale, Monday, May 19. A .  Lyttou, Thursday, May 9-2.  Kamloops, Wednesday/May 28.  ���������    Clinton, Mondays June 2.     ���������  Qucsnelmowth, Friday, June 11.  Richllcld, Tuesday, June 17.  ...'    FALL CIRCUIT,   y  Rkhfield, Tuesday, September 16.  '��������� ���������'   ���������  Quesnelmouth, to to fixed hereafter, if any business. .7  Clinton,' Thursday,. October 2.    "  Kamluops, Tuesday," October 7.  I,ytton, Monday,' October 13. y ���������  I   Yale, Thursday, October 16.  New Westminster j Tuesday, October 21. ���������  Assizes at Nanaimo and elsewhere will, when neces  sary, be hereafter fixed. _���������  Dated 17th day of April, 18737  . By command.  JOHN APH,  mxlO Provincial Secretary  In the/Supreme Court of  British. Golumbia.  GENERAL ORDER.  NOTICE Is hereby given, that the Supremo Court  will sit in Banc, for tbe hearing of ail motion?,  arguments, appeals,'and other matters coming before  the Court In Banc, at the Supreme Court Room in the  City of Victoria, for tho following terms, oo tho days  hereinafter mentioned, namely:  For Hilary Term from the loth to 25th February;  For Easter Term from the 16th to 28th April;  For Michaelmas Term from the 16th to 25th November.  There will be no sitting in Banc in Trinity Term.  In case any of the days of the dates named for the  beginning or ending of the .Terma should fall on a  'Sunday'or Public Holiday, then the Term wili begin  or ecd on the next following.day.  (MATT. T. BEGBTE, C. J.  4 HENRY P. PELf,EW CREASE, J  (J. HAMILTON GRAY, J.  Dated   Victoria, January 24th, 1873. mr22 tf  " NOTICE    ~  (SI  "Whereas by an Order in Council, dated  the 7th day of June, 1873, of the Honorable  the Privy Council of Canada, it has been de  eided "that Esquimau, in Vancouver Island,  *'be fixed as the Terminus of the Canadian  ��������������� Pacific Railway, and tbata line of Railway  " be located between tbo harbor of Esquimau  " and Seymour Narrows on the said Island;"  and whereas in accordance with tbo Terms of  the  said .Order in Council, application has  been made to his Excellency " the Lieutenant  '^Governor of British Columbia, for a reser-  " vation and for the conveyance to the Do-  " minion Government, in trusfc. according to  fi the 11th Paragraph of the' Terms of the  " Agreement of Union, of a strip of Land  .'.Twenty Miles in width along the.EaBtern  ^.Coistof .Vancouver Island, between Sey-  ." mour Narrows and the Harbor of Bsqul-  M malt, in furtherance of the construction of  " the said Railway." "  *u ^t5htreaa i(; h*8 beon deemed advisable  that the Land within the limits aforesaid  should be Reserved, prior to any conveyance  aforesaid being made thereof. Public notice  is therefore hereby given that from and after  this date a strip;-pf Land Twenty Miles in  width along the Eastern Coast of Vancouver  Island, between Seymour, Narrows and the  Harbor of ^quimalt-is hereby Reserved.  By Command.  ��������� -y.j. V.,',../,      .. '], ���������' "-John'ASHy''.'"��������� ���������.  - ���������,     .   .,���������        ^ ProvincialSeoreiary.  . Provincial Secretary's Office,- ���������  '���������    July 1st, 1S73, ; .    .  MISCELLANEOUS.  arnard & Co05s  (Carrying Her Majesty's Mails,)  Every Sunday Morning.  Freight and Passenger carried through at tha  lowest possible rates.  For rat es of Freight and Passage, apply nt u,9  Express Odlce, Barkerville, and at J. W Uvn  HARD'S, VAN WINKLE. ������������������ u*  JAS. A. NEWLAND, Agnnt  mylQ ..;      Barkerviiio.  .Js  ^3  FROM  AND AFTER THIS DATE AND  until further notice,  Treasure, to any amount  Will bo carried between Barkerville and Victoria at  OBfE-HilF OF ONE PEE CERT.  JAMES A, NEWLAND, Ageut.  Barkerville, May 12, 1873.   ���������    ���������    - raylT  ���������y,    UPPER FRASER RIVER,  HUKING THK SUMMER WILL LEAV  -SODA CREEK ON THURSDAYS,  As soon as possible after the arrival of BARNARD  & 0o7s Stages, and1"      -    .  QUESNEL ON- SUNDAY AFTERNOONS/  :    ;y        AT 4 O'CLOCK.  The undersigned hppo.. by a strict attontiori to  business, to merit a*continuance of the patnmagi  hiihcrto extended to Messrs.. Marvln.A Wright  Freight, per ton,  , -     -;    -     $sf?  1" Passage, : ��������� -'"'.-'-'-    ���������,-    ���������-       $s  ��������� GRANT. &   AP-NDT.  Soda Creole; Aprill, 1S73. mylOtfm  S9  LEAVES BARKERVILLE 'DAILY at 8 A.U   AND -  LIGHTNING,CREEK AT 3 P.M,  Passage, $2; for the ronod trip, $3.  Fra'gbt taken at low rates. ']* ���������,' ntm  Miry h;c. wilmot.  Celebrated  WORCESTERSHIRE    SAUCE  Declared by Connolsseursto he  THE 'ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE.  ���������  HAVXHG &etetmm.f}& to CLOSE mv-Rftc,!  ^S* ***** rcqaeiaa  pftytnewmeto George Byrne's*- unto whom all  accounts against me tx&toc presented -��������� ' ~  Barkerviiio, *.������������, .^^.WtoU"  Catttidn agamst;Fra^i<S.-^ni������ success of this  most delicious and unrivalled;Condiment having;  caused certain dealers to appiy: the nam e of *���������' Worcea*:  terahlro Sauce" to their own inferior compounds, tut  public is heroby informedthattht only way to procure the genuine, is to ' ^  ASK* FOR LEA > PERKINS* SAUCE  nd to sco. that their names are ;uj)6fc"the wrafw������  labels, at6'ppkk, and bottle .K.  ;     ���������:;' ��������� * naA  Someoi the foreign markets, having .becnauppu���������  with a spurious WorcestershireSauce,upon the wrap  per and labels of which the names of Lea und Pf"���������-  have been forged, h. and P. give noticeihattucy  have furnished their correspondents with power ot  .ttorueyto take Instant proceedings against manu-  . 0TUB8B8 an d vend one o r sach, or any other lmiw-  *ns by whl oh t he! rright may bo infringed.  Askfor LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and ^see  Name on Wrapper, Label, Bottle* a^a  . Stopper/. :-t\ ��������� ..,.7.7. ./.  Wholesale and for export by the Proprietors, W������J  castor.;Crosse ajid BlackwoII,London, &c., &c;a������������  byGroeersand Oilmen universallv\  XfOTICE IS. HEREBY - given that a LIST-  Vi of all persons within tbel)l8tricfc of Cariboo wno  are liable to pay the above Tax for the *<*'"������  may-be inspectod on applicatibn to A.,Babiow,������������������������������������.  elm'oath, or to   '".. .    ������������������ 7    "���������'���������'���������', ���������"'���������  '���������������������������'���������  ���������'���������-������������������'������������������������������������     G. BYRNES,  Collector and Assessor of Wild f^J.J.w*


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