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The Cariboo Sentinel 1870-08-27

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���-"Tyy"?-.     .. ��� '
Published every Saturday Jsyy     j
ROB ER; T ; HO *L LO W A Y;.
SahseripUon, ��* -  50 Cents per*WoeK.
For one square (one'Inch), first insertion,-
u  ,     u ���. ��� . .      r   :one month, ' -
For two squares, :flr31 insertion:, A ly: '*;'.���
' ohojnohth,.--- >lAxy *
'.) s;
Agents for the4.' Cariboo Sentinel.*'
��� Van Win kle,-
Qucsiu'l mouth,
���''Soda Creek,
Cliuton,    ���
. . Sir. Eraus,
New 'Westminster * - ' -
Vict or in,   ������ -       *V
1. P. Fisher, - .    ���      -
Hudson t Menet,    ���   ��� '.--'���
Mr 0. W. Limlhart
.     ;.Barn��r(l?6 Express
Barnard's Express
Barnard's Express
do do
Clarkson k Co
y*-: John Colons
-: San. Francisco
. ..   .   New York.
Cards.'Circulars, Posters and Programmes for
Balls and Theatrical Entertainments
'ptr'Executed with neatness and dispatch.^"Jf
Terms moderate..
?rril>enK>iiiS .;(n��t inserted .for.any. delinUe
well be continued  until ordered out,- an��
���    All  a
charged for acc����rilinglj
theflouthern part of the colony might feel the
effect of a slight drawback, but that'could not
possibly be helped, for what was good for the
goose was invariably considered good for the
gaMer. The general welfare was the main
object to be considered.
The Victoria Shanghai moved an amend-
me.nt that the words "on the' day of" be
struck out, and .that .the: words " six months
after the day of" union be iriserted.
yThe Cariboo Rooster hopped up in support
of the resolution as it, read.,. He, said, the
question of tariff was a veryimporfcont one,
and any delay on the part of tbe people of
BritiBh Columbia in holding on to the existing
order of things, even for one day after Confederation, would be a political weakness.
and. would also be the cause of a great deal
of political controversy.   He remarked that
on British Columbia joiningCanada'ahe would
go in on equality with other provinces in the
The amendment was put and lost, all the
Roosters constituting the Vancouver delegation voting in the affirmative.
Theresolution was then put and canned.
The Kootenay Cock-a-dobdle then moved
that the resolution be made unanimous ���
Carried^ without a dissentient voice.
After a vote of tb ante to Cocli-of-the-Walk,
Convention adjourned���three crow3 and three
flaps of the wing for the Dominion.
For Sale or to Let,,
A BOARDING HOUSE, situate at the head of Stout
Gulch, furnished with Rango and everything
necessary for the "business.   Terms moderate.
joll tf BarkcmUe,
Mt) ' ' graver, Government street, next to the
��d��* St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V.l. Chroaom-
e ters and Watches cleaned, repaired, and warranted
Every description of Jewellery made to order. Plain
an<! Ornamental Engraviby neatly execulcd.
Orders from the Upper county promptly attended
to. '        	
For Sale,
PRICE,       -      -    :.-       ONE DOLLAR
For sale at the Sentinel Offloo  and forwarded by
post, free of charge j '-    yjj  ' '    ��y20.. _
  ������ '       " - -^^���.������   - i ���._���'��� I��|
Boots, Shoes Clothing and
���  Groceries,
:   For sale at the Store of the undersigned In Barker*
' viile, opposite the Bunk of British Columbia.
T�� > C 0 \\ R tf S VO SO ENTS.
.Ul.ommumcauons must bo accompanied by the
real name a��� I ��"dJr.>s of the writer; riot, necessary
Witt aviewof -piOiUaliing the sauic,^ut,a9 security
tur its good faith.* '** Yy    t"     \  , ' ;    ���   -    y ,
���'���;;. .-iii'fi CAlAlBOOSENTINEL ��� ���;
I5piibii<lve.i: in���Uarkoryillo every Saturday.   iAl
��� m.1 at litest at Sis-oJclocky;P.! M., the day before
publication. ., ! '."', ������.'���':: "        ';' 'Z 'il'Z.       ; ' ��� ���'
Second-hand Store,
Ayi".LTTToVi August 14,1870.
British Ooiumbia Roosters in Convention,
^assembled at the Turkey cock TayemV tytton;.
"Uth Aiigusi,.A.p: 1.870.'���" >V
At G p.m., Cock'Of-the-Wallc".wft called;to
1 thechalr, Ilooster Boboyappointed Secretary,
und Jemmy the half-breed Master-at^rnis.*-
Thefhairraah, Ina "very ^*%ti^tdisbourie��
explained the;caufee for whichfrtie Convention
1 wascalledf The question of tariff was-a very
'   important one to the������Roosters,' and particularly to all the old Hens of British Columbia.
. lie dwelt at some jength on the sound policy
of Hiuoks' tariff and the domestic blessings
poultry in general would receive from'there-
dnced duty on chickeu-fced and the free importation oi eggs as per list.
The Kootenay Cock-a-doodle moved that a
committee on credentials be appointed by the
chair.  Committee appointed accordingly*
After one hour's adjournment, committee
. reported progress as follows :  The Rooster
representing Omineca not eligible, being an
alien from Alaska,   Report adopted as read.
The Lytton Irish Chicken-Cock moved the
first resolution: .
Resolved.���That it is the 'opinion of this
Convention that the abolition of the existing
tariff of British Columbia and the adoption of
. the Dominion tariff ail over the colony on the
day of the consummation of union be estab-
* lished, such a change being intimately connected with the welfare and prosperity of
British Columbia and the future progress-of
domestic fowls.
said that eggs were exempt from duty, and
that-was everything for the roosters |j-said,.
that perhaps a few Ghick;ens and old hens in
......i" telegrams state" that the Vaptnre of
Saarbrucken by the-French was an important
success owing to  the strategic  position ob-
:ttcited.::.Amsterdam dispatches,1 on the contrary, say that Is without military.; value. .
Hard-fighting took place at-\��eissenburg.
and the P russi a as, gained a decisive v icto ry.
A Portugal has .proclaimed neutrality'and the
Hungariaalegislature has decided in favor of
neutrality;;; 'X.uy.
Unofficial reports state that the Freuch took
Saarlouis after a "great battle.
���   Sweden and Norway��� have decided for neutrality. '.  '...';'"' ZZ
���A Paris-telegram.says that 100,000 Italian
soldiers would soon be fighting on the French
side. ��� -���;. ; y'yxy...... . ���   k'.( .;.
Dispatches from Napoleon say that comriju-
nicatioh [ w i tii ficMali on had . ��� b een ��� cu toff.
ifcMahon's loss was great, but his retreat was
effected jn*'g6od order.   :. Z .y y
Dispatches from the Crown Prince of Prussia state that McMahon was .defeated in a
battle fought near Worth.  - ,- ���;���.
;';English, dispatches state that the contest
between the Crown Prince of'Prussia and
Marshal McMahon was only the beginning of
a great struggle which ended in favor of the
Later despatches via Berlin than the above
state that the French Emperor had withdrawn
his entire force, which he was concentrating
for the defence of Paris. The Prussians overtook the French at a position west of Weissen-
burg,-from which the latter were driven at
the point of the bayonet.
The Prussian King reported haviug captured 4,000 prisoners, 30 guns and six revolving cannon.
After this victory thc Prussians crossed into
France for an advance on Paris. Another
groat battle was expected.
The prisoners taken by the Crown Prince
and Gen. Goelzer number 8000.
McMahon reports his headquarters at Sa-
verne, and that his corps suffered less than
The whole French army was driven back
and. is supposed to have taken position between Mete and Nancy.
II   mred to-treat all kiud.s 'of disease and execue
��� IS w
StototoSw ��* thiS iS ?**  b0St Wiy. r0/
���^i   ies who have.gotsound teeth- would do well to
Jia nd lu ve them cliancd, thus avoiding \g��g
01 W*oi -I^Mcr a\ulX^PU te of lime which encrosu
WITH BOILERS,     '���
Suitable for small steamers.
���CHfltoh, April 12th, 1870.
aplC 6ra
Reslia^rstnt aiid" Bakery>;
THE Proprietors of this old and.'vr oil-known est ah
tislunent. would respectfully thank their nunier
oils friends and the public for the extensive patronage
heretofore bostojiirc.d -oh* them, and trust that by their
usual strict attention to business'they will, merit a
continuance o J the i r cou fide no o-and t upport,
"* Meals, $1.   Board, $16  per Week.
. Werecommcnd to the public our
*      GROUND    COFFEE,
wh ich I s a m uch s u p erlor ar Lid etha n an y \vh\ c h c an
be had from below. We Roast aiid Griud 11 ourselves
ami choose tho bosthcrrieS) consequently the public
may be sure ofitsbeiugi'ree from adulteration,
or -deliver= mt to pr(ler. . :    ,- .Xy:
-'cIem'-'at'the same jam ^ on
y-yilVLWi GRE^K-     ' ���     iAZiyzZ    ..
: Having-a Planing'Machine int^ctatien they wil
also furnish Dressed Lumber at satisfactory rates.
Planed Lumber and Shingles constantly on hand.
Lightning Creek. .
TNERS ANDTRA"DERS>iHflnd it to their advantage to purchase at thisStore.where there in
Of the very nest description on hand,arid tho Stock
tors will sell Goods
Orderspromptlyflllod^nd forwarded with dispatch
nnm&l**      . Proprietor!^
Miners' Provision Store,
Nbxt Dooa to Sentinel Om&Z    .
Pai%/c ^t oThSYWOOD'S celebrated BACON
fof saloNta verylow figure, m X.A.X   SATURDAY. AUG, 27, 1S70.  Z-*"t������-+"*e-  ttZyy,  y  ���������y  :"Y: '���������?'Y. "       .���������yy,: ��������� iY^wTj������p������������.;  uyyyiyyy'^assti^m^:f!:^^-  \H0  , THE TARIFF QUESTION. /  ;���������    6nr contempprariea in ythe lower country  ' liave been making the tariff as it island as it  ; will betrader Conr'ederatipna  prominent  question in co n bectio n ��������� wi th the subiect ol  ; union Willi Canada.   One goes so;"far ns to  ',   sajr. that Confederation should be rejected  nnlcss the tariff 'us it is be allowed to remain'  i n fo ree. , T bis o f con rse, is speci al p lead i ng;  ;    The farmers must; be protected, or the cou^  try will bo. ruiriedj that J������: the ;cry.   The  .    farmers of the  lower country do not grow  enough wheat lo ;��������� keep one grist m i 11 go in g.  ? "neither do they Supply, their local mark et**.  ��������� with beef and in u t to ii siifii clen t; I o re hd e r i rii *  'portaisons;^unnecessary,vmod; yet the cry is.  protection or ruin, 'A'AA'tewy years -ago; the  y   government, melting with sympathy lor the  .    nn pro tec ted plight, of the, fa r m e rs, al 1 o w ed  r\ the tariff to be altered to suit their views.   A  :    Bti If p rotec live rate^o n al I foroign agricul tu ral.  v prod ucts^as putfin the ^rifljfer tue^csp ecial  ."benefit of the farmers.   Kind, considerate,  go verh me n t.   For the esp e ci al > b enefl t of tb e  f . farmers? j-.-Notexactly rso,   "Gor eminent  "wanted' revenue,' and the ?cry for protcctfbii  ; afforded an opportunity! for packing a few  more feathers on ffie;weaned camel's back;  ."A Just think of it!���������* A dollar and a half duty  i 'ibp: flour, twelve-and-a-hldf cents on;a dozen  *   ,of eggs^and   twelve-and-a-half centsyon a  , vpjQund of. butter!- Protection!' Prohibition,  " rather. * But these rates have not resulted in  ��������� keeping put foreign* and substituting home-  - "grown produce.   Neither the producer nor  consum'erhave bcnefilted^any by'the.protect  tion 'of^he farmer.' ��������� The Colonist states that  ':";- the farmers themselves have yet to cat foreign  Z j flour, and pay the duty which was inlendejd  -  x to prbtect'theui against So nn palatable a con -  dUipa.;: Of course the Colonist ref eraion ip to  :A the f'arniers ori;' the lower Eraser land Vancouver Island.  ' TbegovernWentalo behave  * benefitted by tbe proteotiveitariffv The duly  yy.. ?oh flouKduring tlie^; past-i wo' years'a moan ted  yCi^abbiit ^0,000! ���������. All Xy ery wel 1 for the; go v ���������  . e rrimen t, but ra th er u h p leasan t for fam i i ies.  Wheh;it was deeded to levy������sovhigh a duty  " *;:pn flour, it���������, was thought of: course Ihat Me  ���������������������������'���������:  farmersin);tlic" lower Country, would make an  ':���������    effort to growsome wiieat. and a few enterprising and patriotic ;;individuals put up a  :: -couple of mills, one on" the island and one in  r yWestmirister.   Cut; no wheats or very little���������  not enough for chicken-feed���������was grown, and  the spirited mill owners have be^ri ciamoriri"-  for. two years for a/reductionof the duty ou  wheat.   Now, if the disadvantageoris condition' o f tb e fanners, i u tb e I o wer co un try is  such that they cannot compete against foreign  p rod n cers, an d I hat was 'Aim main a rgn men t  for their protection, ifc would be absurd to  demand the present tariff to be con tinned under Confederation, when it has bren shown  that'll does not prodiicO^lltl^fesired effect.  A - u n i fo rm. ta riff is one of Tbie$M*&ij ia 1 f e a-  tures of a federal .iinioh;; arid must ;jjje made  general in its application,, or every part of  ���������the union might claim.the privilege'of exceptional tariffe, and  there would be no end of  legislative squabbling.   A tariff framed:especial !y for p rotec (ion never succeeds iu establishing a permanent homo; indnsfrv, because tbe Qpurse of legislation never* runs  smooth, and capital will not venture on iri-  ,?i vesiing in industry 'which cannot without le  gislaitvo  fnvour   be  made   Belf-iupporii/ig.  The Un Red States are a notable e.vamp Ie of the  impossibilUy of making protection tlie panacea lor a healthy h.omcindusiry.   Proteclion  to one is ruin to another branch of industry;  according lo the experience of the Unil*:d  Slates.   It is not proteclion which makes tlie  United States the granary of the world; but  the cneapnessaud extent of land.   In nevvly-  Betiled counlries, however, it is advisable to  jncourage  home   industry,  and   especiallv  farming, arid  Ihh can  be and generally is  done by raising (he bulk of the government revenues from duiies on imports,   if a homo  industry does nofgrow by means of ihe advantages which a revenue tariff and nearn������*s.s  lo market give then it is evident that ihe Ibne  has not arrived when that branch of.industry  which requires au extra degree of protection  can  be saMy conimericed.   But surely this  cannot be the case  with farming in British  Columbia, where  the. prices of all kinds of  farm produce are higher than in any other  country; and plenty of good land can be obtained for a dollar an acre.   Although it may  be advisable to continue protecting the farmers of tbe lower country, for indeed it was  forthem ihe liigli dutiesy were levied. It is a  ridiculous notion that the consolidation of the  Brit ish empire should have its progress ar?"  res te don t heir h ceo u nt.   A g rea'ti dea 1 of-1 h is  cry of ��������� p rb t ec t ion \ ism e re ��������� clap t rap. ; It is in t  least n nwise, beCiiuse it must tend to disconi*-.  age se t t.l e men t; for it go es t b p ro ve that fa rm-'  ing; wit I hot pay without protection, and there  is np certainty of Ypro tec tion.   The g' e it ob-  stac 1 ij to se ti iem en fe i n th is col b riy h as been  t he waii t of a market,; or, rat her."i he un certainty as to a market a'few years after Retlle-  nient, in. consequence of the migratory ch a iv  a riter o f o ur popul n tion: a n d o u r "Ao \ ten den ce  on  the gold , mines.'   It is:;evident thai this  o bjec I ip n lb' se tl 1 i f i g o n fa r ni f is 1 o'si n g i' s i m ���������  porta nee, for our con (em pbraries are con-  sI an t!y t el 1 ing - ns. t ha t tha:, 1 o wer Fraser arid  isi an d sel 11 em eii ts a re: in c reasi ri s:.   No w. we  venture to say; that protection has had.little  to do with this, because prices have declined  sincey tho new impetus given to settlement.  but the 'change irf  attributablo to , various  c.nises.   Plenty; bf cheap' land  and an  iu-  c reas*������ of;' con lid en c e iii t li e per m a ti en ce a n A  growth-of the coin uyjlmve inore Influence on  tlio": in ? n ds o f rii e;ii  I bo k i rig tot it' sea tV uTulivr"  their;b\vri;yine and"^  inducement pff*red  byyA high  ttiriff.   The  pinIgrani-fiom^.Eiiropettravels two ihousand  mil es : west- wa rd fro m' the Alia n tic for the  cheap-laudyon'whic^ home, al'-?  ii hough, he:.knows^he^riia jr"."riot-(get more than  tenv pents;a^.busiitil^for bis:corn;:; Confidence  in tlm OJture'anil ^  pendence; a rising. fromLthe;ownerijiiip of land  impel him to seek a home there. Now.( if  Confederation wil I ..accompl ish anything near  what is: proposed in A he terms offered,���������and  why wilt: it 'not?-r^it will give afar greater  inipetns; tb;;%ming-thari  ties, in our present isolateci; condition, no  matte/:whagthe lirture tariff may be. Isolation, small popiilatioh and proiection. Confederation,1 railway; and,progress^ Whichvis  best fortbe farmer ? " y  NEW ADyERtiSEMENTS.  tIGHTNING CREEK EXPBE33.  WliATS IN A NAME?  ^ Editor ^ ��������� Skxtijvel :��������� There has -been so  :niany,; confliciingi,opinions .amonarat; miners  an A the pub lie gen er a 1 ly i n re<ia rd ton n a hi e  for thp emb^yo'town on Lighinmir cfeAJbo  low .Vanwirikte'that as one of man y^w ho wi^h  io'bavc a;prpper::understaridirig as'to^wbat-it  ul tim ately wi 11 be cal led! and "as some ho vv*  even travelled all the way to the House of Commons^ iu England -to: find a person* w Or thy of  rthe^honor:;of giving ahame to the town^vhioh  Ivtlnnlc is going;a-little too I'm*, asZj. believe  we: can find a geutleman: JriYCaribpo wluHs  justly Jeniitled;to the honoN-I 'mejin; our  wprthy-Tr^gistrate; Captf BaTl^f!^ siilv~  there.will;not Ue -a flLssentingv-vq'iee,. when  in the name of my brothei;^miners?r;:takeL the  liberty:of christening the new townV"jj-tll-  .ville.?;>-��������� '���������*.-...>������������������-v, y   AiXtiAm..  August 19,1S70. .   ��������� '  Vallkt'���������������������������'and.-'Willu-m Crekk: Flats;l���������The  discovery of gold on Valley Mountain rit a  P*y\^.nff.flP,y ^PPOsUe the junction of Vallev  and William creek.s.;may lead to important  futurcYresults. The proid is fonnd for a consul e.rab I tvdista we np the hill and the pa v dirt  lollows the slope into  the flnfs  of  Valley  creek.. ThiRhas induceda compnnvtocoriK  mence a shaft on tlie flat, where, if U can be  bottomed, luo riuhest deposits are exnecieu1 to  be got. The hill ''diggings-are having  over an ounce per day to the-hanv������ and ii* the  deposits contume down to bedrock in (he flit  in the-same increasing proportion as- they do  from the hill to its present base.a rich run of  gold will be found.,, The'success of this com-  pany: will very; likely incline a number of  companies to prospect the flats.  Jn^^fr^--^'"!1 rQV10^ ������U parties  ndob ed to oun to setlle accounls on or be,  n I Ui      i������f An"St" ^V1^^ that date he.  intends to place all impart bills in court for  Colleton,   lie is n?iv s,!ting 0(T tbe remain-  jler of his 8 ock of clothing at and below -cost  for cash only. ;  *  Ift? iglii a a 1 ps re ;���������! Ayd eii wwd iu& Li irli III i n? Croek  at moderuor.He.s. FfirA fur p������sseri,gor?f���������onclj \Vfi.y,  $'2 50. All orU c������ proriip I ly a 11 c u a e tl ta ������u X f.J it h;  fully (x^ciURd. (    ������������������'���������.��������� :y .���������.'������������������"��������� .,;fl������20.:  ALL "PARTIES iNDRBTEO ti'Ui* A<Zi Z ���������     "������������������  ������ft( e thdr accounts on: or b^uSfe*J������������M l5.  Van Volkenbikr  ���������Onrk^ill^ July 30, lSTC^H ^ OQrfeox;  ���������'��������� '   '���������"'���������'��������� '��������� ���������   ���������������������������>       :-.'������������������������������������,    ,..    JU30iRi  BARKERVILLE,  R. 1CHF!E;L D,  '....,, . Z���������A$6~ -i'.AZ A Zyyx: .1  S  van wriykLE;  BEST QUiLITY OF FRESH  A-'-y-- i   alwavs ox^A^n. ���������....  AT  A  IN  Th  ouse  and  property of Jam  For tcrmsaadparlicularsi apply tOyVyXXAXy  '        ,���������:     JAMES' 1VICKITAM.  B:������rkorrillr(. B.C.; Auirustli(   ;.; ; Yn������20'  y L;   Av   BLANC,  PHOTOSRAPHIC ARTIST,  yX IX ACCOUXTS afeaiust tUo above FnW*   '"  /L. sentto the uudcrsfsooil withia mB^LW1*  i'jc date bor������of. ;     .   . .,' onc^Mhfr0a  'yi:yA-XyyyyuQ':Z:^yU'rnos. Aasop-' ������������������'  '���������. .���������   .     ��������� Agent for Capt. Mouat ov������ p; lck,r!i������  V Dated 5th August, 1S70.      di0LAT������ tu?Ex cut^ y  ������������������ y       ��������� ' ��������� MUl'iK''  IK TIE ESTATE OF JofiilAfi  ;:. -:"    deceased: intestate. ;:: '  jhej undersigned,"as ai>mixistrat0k iip -  ��������� 1 ..Wlfitboncj^lloni>r >he above SeLS ;  \xi.their claUiirforinwith j. afei: Uic f!c|^ J}?*}  estato to piy what miy by duo by tbem, OtKJ  VBarkervlllet Augiikt 4, }M   X     Y H* ^  notice.   ;  ly by;tlioUto WirXlAMyWlilGlIT, aUu^TS  Hcnso n nil Farm ��������� Carl hopynozdf will be'contihi4 ai  uf^L ^^o^aacr^igncd^wlmwmaotbeaecount.  a.hlb for any,;debts .coutractcd ou behalf of tlio sill  business without laer written or<lcr. '������������������������������������.  IN THE ESTATE OF ALEX M'PKERS  ���������'���������������������������-'��������� V-���������',;������������������; -'DECEASED.- ���������*'���������     1   -  ��������� fiARKEOTlLLE/  -'���������'.CAKT'SS;X)E.TI3Il*iE?;;plain': nridVciiamflloil���������  Ambrotyptts'; : Views of Croups, r MINING  CIiAI"M.S, Houses, key, Jringte; r.nd Stepeasc-iplc,  .executed. In tlio best, posaiblo styU', and at reduced  prices.        ��������� ' x -' * ''   "   ". ,".'.'.   .  :'" VIEWS .'OT ^CARIBOO'SCE*^IlTr;&c,j  always'.on band ari-I; for- Palo.'': _���������;.��������� ������������������:..   ?. A ���������'���������'��������� ..y.;;'  ^^"P.irUesjW^n o*o well to;cnll on  Mr   BlHnc'anci- select froni���������- Uls.; ;yari6tl   ^.iippl/ a  foily "ti ir to.rctbeir frim��������� 'Z. X" au 13 I ni  1 LT; persons f n'deb terl to������������������= t lie In to Air.x. McPae*���������  . lV. -,-;:soy,. \Vu ichmtikrrf B irk*:rvi 1 \at arc hereby u.i.  ..tiftart. to' pny the atnoun U<uc iinmerlj tlely to the \:n<,  f l^r.?ign ed: a ii \y# n y?part i es"jRTvfiip 1 eft Wai cIjcs,'. J^'.v.  elry,^.,or d.lm!T.>;ahiabJe.arilcles/ with the tlecYase������Iart!  req u estctl; ..to remb v o "A be. ba mewi ti Jia oao. mootli i-t  they wili; be sold, to pAy expend>. ��������� y ;.    {  THE PREMISES A:TtBARKBRVJLLE AND  STOCK AJR-E( FQfcSALE. ' ZZ  - ,      - ��������� ��������� ��������� ���������. ���������" * ..., ��������� "- -J;, s.'m6y> vsoy,'  ���������X. ������������������������������������. '������������������.���������.'���������������������������' :������������������."���������    ' ;Ex-c������uf}r.'-  iBarkcrville, B.C.,'August6, IS7Q. i.^'M-  ;yya. ^g-ilmobe,-yyi  M E RO H A NT TAIL OR,.  VATES SmiijlT,  VrOTOBlA. T.i.(l     V  HAS ON HAND, m\\ is ^nnst^ntlv'" rec^iviriir. a  1. r.sr-j ������������������ as son m en j n f CLOTH 3,'". C A FS1M K;' E3  .���������iu-1 Vesting?, which he 1? prepare^ to rua]:e tu urUer  in themostYpp rovoi I sty ie*. *���������������������������  Pjrti.'.s on Wjjiiun y r.iet.c.in heve th'-irniea sure  In ken by M rMc Cu Hum, B -irk ervil 1 e. -  ^3* All.oriiur^jiftau.C.anboy prompt];,' iH'.enUcd  to.  my 21 Cm  notice:,  BARE  giKOE,  J������, Stock������raisers  &  CpmilSSION iJERCilANTS,  'AXD GBXERiri1 DEALERS IS  GROCERIES,  -:-;zz'&  BARKERViLLE    AND    ANTLER  ���������y:    ^.CREEK.'   ...  .V/e rcspecf fully bcxr to.infonn Miners on Antler and  surrouhfling CrAekR that a lull and varied assortmenl  ot: the Freshest Groceries aii<.l Pnwisions in Cariboo,  and everything req ni ro^lliy. Miners, will always 1?������  foun<1 at our Store on Antlrr.  ��������� $&. FBE3H RANCH BUTTER always on Uaud.  -���������'���������  - Jell3m   ,.;������������������  THE   "UXDEKHGXED  1    their  William Cmk Fire Bng^io Um t!w ?ou<]  When tbo hose amv>,s ihe Brltfa.i0 can tlimw  a powerful stream of water on all pana 0f tho  town.  .art.ky-A ?ampTe of Arllcr & Harrv's eron  of barley, roce.yea hy M, Vteh ,    of Cunio's  hrewmg pstablwlnnent in.Barkcrville  h nm  notmced by Mr VigooUi to be aa gok'bro^  ing barley as id grown in any country,  Wi>: begr to return thanks to .'Hon. U W W*  Carrall for copies.of septal Canadian Pa^  liaraenlary documents. Some of Uie doctors  friends and coustituenls are muki���������s enquiries  as to his whereabouts. *h������������*w  Mr A. Glendenninpr. of the L'rrhtmn*  co  Pr L^ hy tLC uclxfecxPr^Sn a vfsSt lS  -UHtuUl.  Adterttsed LuTTEns-A list of Mton re  maining.m Barnard's Express officeS   be  found 6a our fourth page.  offer for S AtE  & STOCK RANGE  Known as the  Beaver Lake Ranch,  Together wilh the enliro Stock, consisting of  SIXTY-FIVE HEAD OF CATTLE,.  TJMIEE JIORSK3 AND IIlRNrS33r  LOT OF HOGS AND CHICKENS,  DAIUY IN WOUKINS1 ORDER,  ONE KIRBY MOWER, and all kinds of Im-  pieman ts for carry ing on the Dairy and  Farm iug. business.  - - ���������- -.������'  Su^cicnt Bay now ia slrsck to winter tho Steele.  edMMissroN merchants and.  GENERAL   DEALERS >  ���������IX���������. '���������  ���������/"N  British Columbia au,wl>������e place ever ollorod iu  L������iS1Cr l)ar'UcuIar5' ^auiro on the Ranch.  UUCKXER & CO.   "  vjrroceries,  Provisions, and  Liquors.  ���������ON HAND��������� , ' ���������  '  *H15   CEtEBUATED,  DUIVULE IRISH WHISKEY.  ������3r Particuhr altcution paid lo CuDsiffnraenU of  Country Produce.  J1**"^  For Sale,  ONE  FULL INTEREST IN THE  McLAREN CLAIM, William Creek.  Apply to  ju30.ini  ALEX. MoKENW .  At the Claim.  Valuable  Mining  Claims  -for Sale. - _  ONE FULL rXTEHEST IS THE DOWt-IE CUM,  and ono interest in tho MouiUain claim, on w������  Ham Creek, aboye the Suwmlll.   Also, one \^{f*  the Cariboo claim, William Crook, and ono iuitr*-������'  tho Sawmill claim ou Lijjbtninff Crook.  Apply t������        * 6. A^TAU/M^  I  JPll  m  I  m  ^UlUaa  .Cr*������^ .-���������y/  sn'ts;  ���������m ������i pattpp  iH.day.0f g.h ���������  -}Qponjos;  ;; ������ii|.  3d;  )S  Rotate mu?t (,������  no momb frflBl  A1.U0P,    r  hpEx:;cm0r\  ':.:. aue itt  TE.;'y:;:,:-  TRATOR, at  Kstnt������ toaeot'  More of fall  sm, otlierwUi  tllPlll.    :  ;H. TODD. -���������"'  aud Ira  53 carried cj  U������<V.B1110 Teni  contiiiuijiifti;,  >t be account. ���������  f.of tbo saii  . MOllT.  Y-^'auGifY  PEERSON  :.EX. McPflL*.-  ��������������� hcrtby 'p..'.  eiy to iheiMi*  '^icliesjji'iv.  ileo:>a,W'l ?i;-i!  ono month t-t  LLE AM  UX'X A: ���������  :.MrsoS;  Excutyr.  yanfl lm.o  artmran  TKll'k-  'TS,    !  J, &C.,  NTLER  q Antler and  1 assortment  in Cariboo,  I alwijB l������������  1 on baud. ������������������"  TSAND  iQ'Xi  and  luors.  jjnnienlii or  jrtln .  M THE  reek.  ie Claim*  laims  [B CLAW,  im.onWil-  interest*  interestJ>  YliOBi  KB  H  &K������t  I  MClAItlBQOSENTINEL  ;    SATLJflDAY. AUaM 1870.  yBIRTHS.   ,-..,:. j^'yv :;������������������;-  At Ba rk ervi 1 le,'. <m 23cj August, the / wi fe of jlr B.;  y^TotKEABUROi-dfa-sori.^;,.:: :yyy. :uyy:"X,  ��������� At B.i rkery il le,; B. C. j;: Angusf; 23d, the wlfo of Mr  C.J. K.'FicK1;dr.a:duugiit(:r;y/.. :Y- "..yl.  *������g������ Victor) a <>ud San Francisco papers pleaseqopy.  ."- '   MININGINTJiLLiGENGE.   '    ���������*  x-y ;.;v-WILLI AM mtiRtyZ1 ��������� ily-'A AZ-  The Gold Hill cb. have got their tunnel in  225 feet., Tbe San Jmin op. cleaned 11 p 13 oz,  for Ihe week arid the Dowpie co. 75 oz.   Tbe  Fl ii n 1 e c 0. go t a bo ��������� 114 0 oz, for ��������� the < week a ti A  tbe Wilson co. 5'6 oz: fortbe InBt two week?.  The Cornish co. finished, cleaning up last week  ���������, arid' got 4>~ oz.;.>'���������, ..:'-���������     ���������:.;.;:*y J':''  . The Curiboo co. washed up 3431 oz, last  week; I be Cal edo n ia go. ,2 6 oz;;  the Forest  Rose co. X77yoz.\ auul the St. George co. 36  oz!  A corn pari y. wo rki n g on tbe I eft bank* 0 f  '  t lie. creek. below! Cameron to n Xp p p os i te the  Prince of tyalesclaim;hayesiihk a shaft and  .  6truck,a cluinrieI.,_.Y"..'.,.;. 1;;::.,,.: '..-Ayi/.-..,::.;' ��������� XIy  The Bulla rat co* have got their drain ftp*.  fshod, 111 e diggi rigs cleaned out, and';:are: now  ;worfcing bn;poy:;dirt;y: Tbis^is;:111eVpointZn  their operations jb r^whicluilie-co'm'pau  In bo reel for 0 ver j hteeyiyea rs, ��������� sh 0 w i ng. grea t  patience, perseverance 4and-courage in the  face of.difflcttllies which-^only''tb'e.!ehte>jirising.  Fpirit of g01 d mitiers can '��������� siistairi'.'.;- The 16wer  ' part; of "��������� Wiilijim Jcreelc^liadjbeeh prospected  -iii vai'ioifc' )>JncH������ ia' early iimesf'-but' the pres:  fur(i of wtiter was too. great for the.workihg  : of (lie gold run, wil bout: the assistance of a  larinel or sti'am-pnmjjs;.-Hnd'^the.���������grourid^was  ,." reliictuni ly; .:*������}> "Jidoned J;.-; Iii;; ^bruary,.'; 1867;  a few enterprising miher^afier organiiihg? a  company, siarted a tunnel "to drain tbe ground,  and although they possessed little beyond  iMrlabor lor the.-pro.sc.cntion of tbe- work.  .r%.l[ave succeeded in riiiiinin'g'theitunnel a  distance of; 3500 teotr��������� a ;w,0rk4f-:no small  m$mtudeZtor 'working men 'HuassiMfed/by  ; cestuiisls.���������;:v Al I; ^iho ��������� b^||inkly:'shareholders,  v. Kb nn ������ 0 r,.:. two .excep tio ns j, are sti] 1 in; t be  c: ifipany.-��������� yLiisi,sprihg the:'freshet caused a  hieak in Iheir'tunnel just wben;they: bad fin^  is'icd it 0ikI ' were . prcparing to"  work "tbe  fcTutiiid lor which  I hey bad , spent so much  . tinie and' 1 abor..A.Since thop they ;have been |  laboring to repair it^nd have succeeded   \Ve *  \w\'f. that  fo   fniicU-. eritm-pri^  j ui Hence w i 11 b *��������� ro warded; by*;fihd i ng the go Id  depofjiis aAva I nab Ui as b01 ie ved to be."  ;and^fonnd coarse gold, DWirtg the past few  \veeks bey have been searching for the main  channel, which they now believe they have  found. The prospoctiiig" done in former years  abandonment. Tim North American and Ambrose co.?s are tunnelling for the same'-chari-'  nel., .;���������������������������.���������.    ' A.yyyyiX,,  XyAXxl CANADUN cnEEK. ';���������' .��������� A'xZA A  This creek, from which at one lime great  things were expected, has not yet realised  anything like the hopes formed of it; 'Only  two compauies, ihe Aliller and Clear Grit, are  working,:   "k.y\.      x t     yl - A '���������"':'    -yy  iy 1 : ��������� .'   nAUTETCRKEk;  The Minnehaha co. are gelling pay. The  Laidlaw.cov cleaned up 70 oz. for the week.  CAMPBKIXfiREKK.     Y.  /��������� y. "... ���������'^,  ���������������������������i^-  On this creek, which runs into Swift .river,  a party are reported to have struck prospects  for good shallow diggings.'  i'yi ' i- X-ll   - I.OW1IEE CKKEC.    y   '  , .The Victoria co. washed iip, 32 oz.' for the  week;V>\- ���������:. y -_��������������������������� ��������� y.. yy yly ��������� -y ,;;���������;��������������������������������������������� u-ry- y  y'y, ��������� A    WGUTXIXO CREEK. .    >.  Good; prospects havey been  struck1 on a  'b'jQbbf tiip Pine Gib ve  House,; and .a co ni pit n y riajjai ejl the Pi ne Gro \\e  co. has been formed to work'the-ground:;-The  diggings are shallow,-situated: a: little above'  the cany oh, and the company in tend; to^Avork  them by grouud-slnicing,  .The Lightning co. washed up 81 oz. for .thfr  week;; a nd the ;A \ ggin gs -look well fo r a c on-  tinnadon of good pay.  .;;Tlie Eldorado co; have; broken^ through the  rock; in to [t he cha ii ne I antt ��������� the wa te r h as. fi 11 ed  up their; drive froni the blind shalt. They  i n tend to ;si nk a shaft -fro hi the upper, ti 1 ri nel.  The ^machinery: for-; the' Spruce co.^ has been  se a t to ver fro m \V i 11him ,0 ree k. The, various  companies;engaged In sinkiug shafts are getting on well with .their work.; /  - A MpxsTBR Beau Knj.Bb^-Messrfl. Harper?a  sheep.were troubled last week with the visits  of a wild ani tiial on Bald Mou nia in, an At wo  or three of them were killed. Mr Thaddeus  Harper determined to find but ivhat it was  and kill it, and on Saturday night he armed  himself, with a Henry rifle aiid watched from  a sin a 11 pi atfo r m put .11 p fo r the p ii rpose al> out  six feet from the ground near the sheep fold.  Abput 31;. o'clock a large brute came slowly  towards the fold, and Mr H. took aim pnd  fired.: ThOr first shot only, en raged; the aiiimai';  w hicli savagely po in ted its head towards 'i ts  assaihint as if it jn tended to ppring forward  and-'-tt.ttack him.   Five  Finis���������On Wednesday the forest on. tho  right bank of Goukliri gulch took fire,, winch  sp read with amazing; rapidity down Frencb  creek toward the cabins of the Cosmopolitan  co. : M.. Deffis, a; member of: the: com pany^ endeavored to check. it - by raising. a;cros^-fire,  on one side, of his cabin, but'the adyancing  flaineB swept down the left bank of '-'.tlie cree/c  and then suddenly Whirled toward^the other  side 0fytie cabin, which took:fire, and Mr-D..  after an , ineffectual,aitempt to save some of  his effects, \vas compelled to look .after his  own safety. He' had just procured a supply  of provisions two days before the -fire, ati A tha  en tire con ten ts of X tlie cabiiri,. ,i h cl.kiding" som&  -  more sliols in rapid  su ccesstoo,^i sab led t h e m o ns ter b u t d idT ri 011 y al 11 ab le p a p e rs an d b 00 ks,' we re ; deM������ oy ad t  kill it   It hw on the ground making night   with; ibo excep tion of. his blankets;   M Deflis'  MINING^ RECORDS.  1   fe  WALKEU'3 GUI.CH.       ..  , The Discovery' co. have riot succeeded in  tracing, the lead by drifting.on,Nthe right of  tti ei r 1 n 11 n e 1, a nd h h ve c 0 m men ee d ag a in by  0petiing out "0n; the. left hear where they got  the pur, -���������'���������:.: '���������'���������-.'/ XX.; ,.'  * ,   -   ���������'���������'.:Y STOUT GU1XH< ixZ'i-  Tlie Tuffvale co. washed up' 46 02. for the  Week. ... "...'-. . Z��������� .:.. ',- ;'  .- COXKtJX goecii..' ."��������� -:';  The new Almaden co. are getting a'little  pay in the drift^ from .their hew 'shaft at the  base of the hillon the .right side of the creek.  The Indian Queen co. are driving toward the  hill in search of the same run of gold. Tbe:  Ericson co. have succeeded. in reaching the  channel formerly: worked by the oldj'Bricso'n  ������o.t hnd have struck good prospects. The  channel was filled up .with slum, and the  v !>> .������t company have for a long time been  i'% a drive on the sute to reach the point  'he old company left off. The channel  :--wi'ked hurriedly by the original com-  ���������1 der great disadvantages arising from  ...id water, and it is believed tbat some  nr,  .TO  W'-tS  WrrXTAM CREEK.     \     y ". ',        ���������  California co.-^Aug. lfi���������Han Cho, one hill  claim,^commencjhg at:the lower line of the  Call f 0 rn ia co. 's h i 11 c la i m s a nd ru n n ing do w n  stream 100 feet. To form part of the California co. ,,-;     ;   ....'��������� ������������������.  ?     ;���������"���������   ������������������   -     i   .','*"  11S11 m m er. cl ai m ^Augns tf v^^^bris.,:; Hoff-  someryohe hillf claim on,/west side of creek,  commencing about 10 feet above Jos^-Evans*  cabin and running down stream 200 feet.���������  Discovery claimV ZX'y  y-Alert co.���������August 24���������Jos. Hugo and Ed-  ivih Tre 1 aise, two"hi 11'claims 0n right bank.���������*  Re-record. ��������� ;:' :X  A'- Xy ������������������-' valley creek.-;  Tonawaoda co,���������Auff.22���������R. B. Devlin; J".  Clendinnen, W. MuK^nate. J. W. Stephenson.  J. McKay, J. Z. Uongh. Neil Shaw/and \V.  Stephenson, eight creek claims cdmaieiicing  at the 10wer Iine 01 the Di5Covery co'. on Va 1-  1 ey Mo un tai 11 an drn nn ing p ar a lie I to sa id co. ^  800 feet. .To be known as the Tonawauda  iny^on  hiileons ,with m^hreateniug roars, whicii  filially changed into ^frofms, and /died in ,20  minutes ������iIter having beeii shot; (Mi- II. in the  1 neanw]ii 1 e was n 01 i n a vcry: pieasant posi  1 i Ori; with 11 is am rai i n i do ii go ne; al one, an d  tlie brute after having, received six rifle bhots  stllI show 1 ng considerab!'e vita 1 ity. Hext day  it wds Jo rott'ir til to town, an don beinpr weighed  with its en trails cut outfit raised :il2 pounds.]  It hadenormoijs paws and muscle,and looked  like-a cross between;'"si...'cirinampi'V and grizzly,  b u ton this p 0 i n t sa va ns a re di vi ded in opinio n.  f rSciiooL���������The people of Quesnel mouth have  determined to (open; a school.';; They have  agreed to pay a sum of; mbnoy every ��������� niontlr  w)i ich, i^fb);;thc':addiiioii^of tlie goyefriment  jrnin t, wi 11 niainta i n ihe necessary'���������������������������'������������������ -ex perises.  ���������Miss Glarkson. of Now Weslmihsterw has been;  selected as teacher, and was expecte'd to ar-  ri ve th is we ek. E ve ry xesid en t .0 f the to w ri  lias a������ reeil lo con tribute toward supporti n g  the. school; for the sukeof the children iri^t he,  nei^hboi'lmodrasvvell asjn lhe;towm> Success  to the, public spirit of ft ueshelmouth. 'Z'X'AlyA.  "1 InoNvFouNpny-^Gaplaia li'vingi:tlie popular  stea'hiB'bat 0wpner cn 1 he 10 wer;Fraser.f has as-  so ci ate d ��������� with M r Sp va tt, of: lb e Al bi 0 n Fou n-  dry, Victoria, to earry-,on the foundry and  m ac hine-m ak ing, bn si n PS3, und er the firm  name: of Sp rait & I r v. i ng. We hope Mr I r v-  ing will" be successful in Jiis new enterprise,  and that lii* wel 1-known desires for the; devel,-  opment of the colony, will find gratification  by in aking lib eral; ar ran gemen ts for the sale  ofmaeWnery, a morfe, gerieiraT'nse of;:whichds  needed'in our minesi : '  yXfaXWi^XTtiwm^ share-; 1 ���������  bolder In the ty. C. Bedrock Ft it me Go.y has J cial report than usual,  his^tcntin Los Ari^elos^cbiintv, Oali-  oss is. not to,be estimated by dollars and  een ts. He is a p ro Ies so r of 1 a ngu ages,- and  ge neral' i ns tr u ctio ri, an d ado p ted a syste m of  I ns o w n. T he pape rs 1 ost we re the resul fc o f  much ^research ,und , many years of. patient  sttid y, a nd enibp died th 6 less 0 ris necess ary f or'  the use.of the original system of. iiislruction  wh ic h he h ad dev ised and p erfec ted. ���������;��������� ��������������� AI\\ i his  i > \ 1 pi la, ���������.of whom, there a re a; greats m any i n  tb is colony,^ wi 11 heartily sym pathisewith his  1 oss; arid; ini sforIuriei.; *iye regfefc Wat the^e  areiiomtans of learning'howHbesc forest  fires origiuate, and:>that tJjo careless^br;^ ina-  licious persons who arc the cause of Hhemaro'  not ^punished as they deserve io^ be. h Several  tires ha v e b cc urred Hi is y ear; by: wliicli; mi n ers  hayo suffered; preat 103s aiid '.bardsinp^^and a  great deal of valuable property has also been  destroyed;  ���������.-   . _��������� uxyy ' ������������������ : yy-''yZ-"v  A Tiieat niovL���������-The p erfor^m ah ce atlho ^iealro  under the patronage of the Fjre1 Brigade, was  well ^attended;: and; the^ amateura^ acquitted  thWmsel yea w ith; uhusuai yip hit and; ability.  * Tbe'ylJlmv "peyils," a farce whiqh requires  careful ktnd^aitd; finished;;acting to ;mako:it  ap p reciab lei?was: well: ap pi aud ed;;'! Mr; Frank  PeiTett;played Nicholas^N^  Out.;? inj fiho^charac tens tie ..style, and ^Mv  thpinpsohi thdrbughly ideri ti aeil hi a i li di vid-  '��������� uality wi th that of the erratic Mr Moke. Mr  Smith.; surprised!; the audience by the completeness of his assumption as an exquisite  fop :in::tbe^part of Roseleaf*;:which,,elicjted  freqiient^bursts: of laughtervahd applause.  .Fid rence; \Vi Isnn andf Mrs Parker played with  more .than ord i n ary carej and ri val led the -best  deilneatiphs of; good ;Jeading "actresses. -Tho ���������  patronage' of the Fire. Brigade enabled- tin*  Dramatic^ I4ssociatioh iio vihakc^a better; finan*  UUl  ol Ihe rich ground may have been left un-  worked.  The Felix co. washed up 37 oz. fortbe  week.  VALLEY MOUNTAIN.  The Discovery co. washed up 33 02. for the  tteek. The Valley Mountain co. are making  nn ounce per day to the hand. The Tona-  ttaoda co. have pre-empted claims on the fiat  and are preparing to siuk a shaft to prospect  the deep ground.  VALLET CHEEK,    ���������  parker No. 2 are drifting toward the Chanel and have struek alum. Billy believes be  ������as frot on to; 1 lie.edge of the channel and is  confide of finding a paying lead. If he  8������oiilu succeed iu doing so. the success of  M'kerNo. 2 will probably lead to as much  ^mg as did Barker No. 1 on William creek.  FItENCIi CKEEK.  The Cosmopolitan co. have struck the  K[avol m nI6 deep parfc of tfao cminneif and  J^poct to get to bedrock in a couple of weeks.  A"ie bottominff of this channel is a matter of  "oine interest, as, if it prove to be rich, it will  *r*L a eretlt deal of prospecting. This  fnnni 8 ProsPected in 1863, but nothing  Rh������������ i ftD(i ifc ^ considered worthless and  ������oa idoned. The. Cosmopolitan co., early this  3������w, struck a gutter or epill (rom a channel  CO.  Fiddler co.���������-August 25 ���������Jos. Mason, John  W. Scott, Jacob Hrtup.lhree hill claims commencing at the lower line of the Mazeppa co.  and running down stream 300 feet. ��������� To be  known as the Fiduleivoo..  LOWIIEB CRKEK.  : "���������"  Eclipse co.���������Aug. IS���������Frank Freddcn, one  interest.   Re-record.-  Eclipse co.���������August 18���������J. S. Thompson,  Angelo Pendola, J.^P, Russell, three interests.  tie-record. ' '"������������������.������������������-,.  Black Bull co.-���������Augnst 24,-James Glynn,  two interests; James Whearty, 1 ^interests ;  M. Glynn, Dan. 'Glynn, M. Hanley, V. H. Sy-  non, John McCabe, M.McLanghlin. Patrick  Whearty, each one interest j and U.McDer-  mott, one-half interest.   Ue-record,  LIGHTNING CR.BBK.  Cain co.���������August 20-rCain co., 50 inches  of water, t<> be taken from the mouth of CJas-  hotm creek and conveyed to said co.'s claims.  Pine Grove co.���������August 23���������Alex, Jack,  Wm. Beattic, Joseph Shaw, Jos. Cannell, An  drew Jeffrey, Ralph Burton, John Allan and  J. S. ilollowuy, eight bunch claims on right  bunk, commencing 1.00 feet from the head of  Pine Grove Canyon and running up stream  800.feet. To be known as the Pine Grove co.  SWIFT RIVER.  August 23-Ah Guy and Ah Pow, two  bench claims on right bank, about five miles  above Cottonwood bridge.  GUOCSE CKEKK.  Castle Dangerous co:���������August 22���������C. Han-  kin, three interests ; A. Dow, II. P. Walker  and Robt. Dexter, each two iuterests. Ke-  record.  MOSQUITO CREEK.  Tavistock co.���������August 23���������William P. Williams and Joseph Ratbboue, 200 feet on eastern iide of creek, commencing nt the upper  lines of the Tabb co. and running down stream  200 feet.   To be known as the Tavistock co.  pitched  fornia. MrT. has goue into the hog-raising  b usi ness. and says it is a sp tend i d' co un try- for  people'-who"can: live^^^^\Hthout luxuriesv the  settlers subsisling almost entirely on pork and  corn b read. A .man: ori gh t >��������� to sa v e?; m 0 n ey  there. We ho pe ou v old friend will be suc-  cessful in his new speculation/ . ;-; t y '  pEnESTRrAN'iSMF-The match against time referred to i n 011 v I ast n u mb e r cu mo, off as intended oh Saturday last, and Wright won;  having an hour to spare.   The distance,from  Rogers* store to the peak of the bald mountain overlooking ;Antler creek, is only about  six miles, but it was thought that the rugged  coimtrv and'. steep.: mountain would be too  much for the pedestrian to jret over in four  hours, but he did it, and. won $60.   -  ���������;  Tub Rev. Thos Derrick. Wesleyah Minister,  has just returned from a missionary visit to  Soda creek and places on tbe way.   He was  most liospitably received, and speaks of tho  kindness shown him  in terms very compH-  mentary to the poople whom he visited.   His  m issi 0 u ary m ee ti n gs we re well a tten ded, an d  at one place, after deli ver in $r a sermon; one  of his listeners shook bands with him and said:  " I thank you, sir:; Ihave not heard a sermon  for eleven years.T?   ;  A Pakagrapu appears in thc weekly summary of Hie Toronto Globe of July 22 which  states that Mr Edward Hodgins, of tlie firm of  Atkinson. Gattis & Hodgins, Forrist, Ontario,  was instantly killed by the accidental discharge of his gnh while out shooting, and tbe  friends of -Mr Edward Hodg'ns, formerly of  Barkerville, are in doubt whether the person  referred lo is the same who was in the watchmaking business here.  Lumber-Mill���������Messrs. "Meacham & Nason  are determined to be first in the field with a  lumber mill for Lightning creek, and have  selected a site on Ea^le creek, which is being  prepared for the reception of the machinery.  They have bought* the two engines and large  boiler formerly used in Mm steamer Seat.oU..  and an order to forward the machiuery, which  is at Clinton, has been sent down.  ���������Robiiert��������� Sluice-robbers have not been so  aclive this year as formerly, and there have  been very tew cases of sluice-robbing to report. Perhaps ihe temptation has not been  so great. Two of the Cornish co.'s boxes  were, cleaned up a few days ago without tbe  permission of the foreman, Capt. Robinson,  by which the thief or thieves would get a few  ounces of gold.  The Cariboo co. washed up il or on Wednesday and 82 oz. yesterday.  To; Correspond e>jt3-t-We ha ve. received a  letter from James Joli'nsbn, Los Angelos; Cal i-  fo rn ia^ in aki n g- eri qu iries con cerri i Kg An 01 d  friend, 'Mr iWyMi Gpchrane\1 wborii:..be had  heard was a passenger ori��������� b >ard tlie 111-fa'fced  steamer City of Boston. It is unfortunately  too "true. that Mr Cochrane took passage1 on  lbe: lost steamer. :-l 'y'X'-"' iy-yXx  ...; Go& AssATED^-Thc val 11 e; of the gol d ��������� as������  say ed - at t be Go ve r n men t Assay Office d u ring  the year it;bas beeu established in Barkerville  is .estimated to be about $450|000: :-This; of  course., does not represent the wiiole amount  of ygol d d isi n lerred in Ca ri bo 0 during- that  time, as the larger proportion does not find  its way:to the office,  y  MiOiouY presides oyer the past: Fell-a  Coffee, over the presents The first lives in a  ricb tern ple h u ng with gl 0ripns trpphies,: an A  1 ined with -'tombs;; but Fell's Coffkk has bu6  o tie sh ri ne;; an d that is every b reak tost tab I e.  Its aroma walks the earth like a spirit, and  can .��������� be found' for sale, at every respectable  dealer^ in Bri tisli Col urn bia..: Be ware of  spu|ions imitationsi;:       * Z1 '"Z    'iiAx Ay-  Mit John Bruce, of Barkcrville, is making  the machinery for tho, Rongb-and-Ready cp..  Lightning creek.; The mining machinery on  Lightning creek elicits much praise, and wo  are sure that'.'Mr Brace's handiwork will increase the admiration. '  Road Traffic���������Ryder's team from Qaes"-  nelmouth arrived on Sunday, and Canuell'tf  on Monday. F. Valle's pack 'train from Alkali  lake, laden with barley for Cunio's brewery,  arrived on Monday, and Red Aleck's train/  from Yale in 29 days arrived on Tuesday.  Quartz��������� The Wright co. aro testing tbeir  quartz by an arastra on Mosquito creek, and  Mr Wright states that the resulis. so far, show  an average of $20..per ton. Work is about io  be commenced on the quartz vein in tb������  Brown claim on Lowbee creek.  Two interests in the Diller claim were sold  yesterday by the Sheriff at public auction to  satisfy a judgment for drainage. * p^,1*0^  inson bough? them for the IC O. Bedrock  Drain Co. for $00.  Expjikss.���������Barnard's express  Saturday morning last with Mr  and Josephine Develie as passen^rj^he usual  express matter and an Eastern-  down express left ia the evening.  Tub long spell of dry weather was broken  on Thursday, when rain fell and continued  falling during the night and following morn-  -mg   Water is very much needed at presont  arrived   oa  Geo. Cicero  tt  ul.   TU  1 ���������  I     ;  i..  ��������� ' '-��������� 1  o  ���������    Q-    J  F frr-ifU.-���������..  <���������+*+(��������� .-ci-*  zxi  LEADERS OF THE WAR  Marshal MacMabon, Duke de Magenta, is  ���������2 years of age.   He is descended from an  ancient Irish Catholic family, who took refuge  in France with the Stuarts.   In 1855 his command assauUed and carried the Malakboff, in  which, notwithstanding the desperate assaults  and self-devotion of the" Russians, he maintained himself and virtually decided the fate  of Sevastopol.   He distingulslied; himself in  the Algerian iampaigia of 1857,', commanded  the- second Corps in - Ii^^md^on^e battle  of Magenfa, which" gave ;;hlm; his "flame, and  ijatpnas Marshal of. France., A. Ax^ZAi ,-,  \y Marshal Canrobert is over 60 jreara bf age.  Ee was at the battlei ot tte> ilma aud -was  slightly wounded.   He was wounded at In-  German.   In 1856 he was made Marshal of  France.   In the French-Austrian war he was  at the .bead of thc Third Corps.   He was at  Magenta and Solferino.  The history of Marshal Changamier is well  ' known. Born in 1793, he graduated from St.  Cyr in 1815, and from 1823 until 1843 he was  constantly on active service, principally in  Algeria. ; He is a declared adversary of republican institutions.  Marshal Bazaine ia now 61 years of ag<\  He has the high reputation of being one of  . the bravest officers in tho French > army.   He  ,: rose from the ��������� ranks,-, and in five years from  his;enlistment gained his sub-lieutenancy and  bia cross on the field of, baltle.   He commanded the French contingent in Mexico,  after Gen. Forey, where his success was brilliant.   Bazaine, in council, advised Maximil-  "lian that empire in Mexico was impossible.  ��������� The Count de Falikao was born on the 24th  -of June, 1796. Ho wa9 employed at an early  age in Algiers, and distinguished himself there  as a cavalry officer, aud subsequently in  China.   In:18C(>, when he was given the grand  ���������/ ..cross, he could count 42 years of effective service, 28 campaigns and one wound. ���������  Y TUB PRUSSIAN GENERALS.  Amongst these may be included the King  of Prussia.. William Frederic.      .  His eldest soil, the Crown Prince, Frederic  . -William, commanded the Army of the Oder  at Sado wa.  Prince Frederic Charles is another of the  ." Prussian commanders.   He is 69 years of age  ;; and commanded the Army of the Elbe at Sa-  .   dowa.  Gen. Manteuffei entered the army when 17  years old.   He has accomplished many di-  ��������� plomatic missions, especially in Austria:.   In  .-.. 1866 he commanded the Army of the Main  ��������� against;Austria.-"-     xyuC;,, p-.'������������������Zyy  -   .Gen.yonMoltke, the Chief of Staff of the  Prussian forces, was born in 1800.   His high-  :. est  abilities  were  not exhibited until the  ��������� breaking out H of war between Prussia and  ���������. Austria's/;.His knowledge;of technical detail  and the science of war enabled him to take  part in drawing up with Bismarck the: plan of  tbat wonderfully successful campaign, and he  ; exp ressed himself as never for. am 6 m e n t lack -  log confidence in it. He took a personal part  in the battle of Sado wa, and arranged thesu1 -  , sequent hegdtiatioris which resulted in peace.  Gen. yon / Kdon. the,. Prussian General.  statesman and miiifcary writer and minister,  born in 1803, entered the army as an officer  In 1821. He has published a number of works,  Rome of which had a great circulation. To  him was confided the direction of the military  education of Prince Frederic Charles.. He  was called on the IGth of April, 1861, to the  Mm is* ry of the Marine. His name is prominent in the history of the extensive raodifica-  , turns of Germany, accomplished to, the profit  rof Prussia by the force of her arms or the  adroitness of her diplomacy.  ��������� Ifc will be seen from the foregoing that all  the Generals are aged men, some of them foe**  ing past seventy years of age, and all having  seen sixty. As a rule, it does not seem wise  to employ, in the rapid military operations of  the present day, men who have already exceeded the generally allotted span of human  yiife.   Nearly "all. great commanders effected  their most brilliant achievements before forty j  and though there have been a few as brilliant  "exceptions, youth and the-prime of manhood  will always be the season for successful aggressive contest.  body of a horse that the animal must be a re-  tnarkobly fine one if ^he yis; worth as' mu ci  when a^ve as'heis in the retorts and kettles  of the chemist., As soon as the horse is dead,  his blood is sought by -the manufacturers of  albumen^ahd by sugar refiners, and by the  burn^rVoff lati^  allowed io goto waste; ^ AX    ' ��������� ,,   tV ���������  y.Jhe mane and; Ao& AzAjyrpjA&A fot\xair-  cloth, sievesVbpw'strihgS; and; brushes.   The  akin Js converted into leather for cart harness,  for boots and shoes, and strong collars.;' The  hoofs are'used; for combs, horn work, glue,  aiid in old times were the chief source of the  spirits of hartshorn, now ob tained from the  gas house.   The; flesh is boiled down in the  rendering yatiyand much oil and fat is obtained from it.   Some of the choice bits may  find their way into'cheap restaurants, and  play the part of .beef steak, or,help to enrich  the hasty plates of aonp- of those establishments.   The flesh  left after all has been extracted from it that is of any service, is.sometimes burned to be used.as a,manure,;or is  worked up into nitrogenous compounds such  as the cyanides,.to be, used by the,;, photographer for taking our pictures. ;V     .-..:���������'������������������ "iyy  yTho stomach and intestines make valuable  strings and cords for musical instruments, and  out of the bones so many useful;articles are  manufactured that it is almost impossible to  make -out a complete list of them;   Among  them are buttons, toys, tweezers, knife, handles, rulers, cups, dominoes, .balls, arid the  residue from all these- things  is' burnt into  bone black to be used by the! sugar refiner,  who thus puts- in a second claim upon the  dead horse ; and some part of the bone black  is burned while to be used by the assayer in  testing for gold; and when the refiner and  assayer have finished with it/ifc is converted  into super-phosphate to servers a valuable  manure on our land.   The teeth are need as  substitutes for ivory ; and the iron shoes, if  not nailed up over the door to ensure good  fortune to the household, a^>>^iftj^^^^p^ni^,  excellent wrought metal.   Some portion of  the bone black is converted into phosphorous  for the manufacture of matches, and lately, a  valuable bread preparation is made of the  phosphate, and medicines are /prepared for  fche cure of consumptives.  MISCELLANEOUS.  YAiBS'STR  : iii- Orders; tor Monuments,; Tombstones, -&J,  nSlySttcndcd:id. ^Every description of work.  Krllle executed.: A List, of Prices can bosecn at  the SESTisEL.Ottlce ������������������>,;-    y . . ��������� ^ ��������� .my7 6ra  Mini:^  ���������.'. :A" ������������������; ^ Machinery;;>��������� Zz z" ���������  S PRATT  &  IRVING Manufacture;; air J^nda  of  Machinery for Farmers and Miners^at the.Albjon  Foundry; Victoria, V, I. ���������;. and  for ;cbcapness;ji������  quality "tiieir work cannotbo rivalled  by ^nyyother  i,.M;^������ct������ . First nrcmiuro Colonial made \\rought  le, universally ac-  kn^Wodgodto be the best id use, price $65.   Orders  mac li in Ists.   Firs t pre mi um  Iron Ploughs, after the Scotch style, universally  for Quartz Mills, -Iron, Pumps, &c, Ploughs or parts  of Ploughs, promptly attended to. my? 6m  Pacific; Telegraph   Hotel,  Store street (between Herald & Fisgard),  ,  VICTORIA, B.C.,  Andrew Astricb, -'-'V-     -     Proprietor.  y Tlio most commodious and clean Hotel in Victoria,.  It is conducted on the European principle. The table  is supplied with the Very best the market affords.;. >.\  Wals.at alt boors of the.day.;r.rTiyate,flming  Rooms for Fam i li es. ,. . \ '    '  -..-  ��������� &.-  Board and������Lodging per week, ,$5 50 ������ $6 50.--  Per day. $1; ������������������ Single meals, 37 1-2 cents. Beds,o0c.  . jfi������- A Fire-proof Safe in the House.   y  -DEALER INT���������  Orr 6 c e rie's,  Provisions,  ' ZZiA "Et^I^^ 'xAy  STORAGE   AND   COMMISSION  faithfully executed.  Coffee���������TheCoffee prepared "by WILLSON,  & R1CKMAN. Fort street, Victoria, has superseded all other Coffee in the lower country.  ���������It is manufactured from the-very best raw  coffee, and its superiority is attested; by the  fact tbat wherever introduced ifc has become  the favorite beverage. <: y  List of Letters  REMAINING IN. BARNARD'S EXPRESS,  ;;   Barkcrville, B O., August 18; 1870.  ; Ta������ Hraroar of a Defunct Horse.���������a  young gentleman j jusfc out of college, once remarked tbat it was exceedingly insalubrious  'to inhaleJM obnoxious effluvia arising from  the cad^p^us carcase of a. defunct horse.  He was undbiibfcedly .right, and s.cience has  found a way of remedying the evil. They  D'i>W. make so'.many tilings' oat of the dead  Ayn, Isaac 0 '; .  Arwing Mr  Bagnell C M  Brown Hugh:  Bulely.Jolin   '.������������������.':  Brown Henry H,  Brakin Michael  Braney F   .  Briggs Samuel  Baker JVilHam  Bicnvunu Joseph  Bole Constable ���������.'. ���������  Beschamps Lonard  Clark RR, 2  Christian Henry   A  Con igan Owen  Cborley Robt  Carlin Rodger  Carstcrs Fred H, 2  CrandallMark  CunnoM Dennis  Corbett "Alitcheal  Ciiing Gi  Davis Q D  Davis'W-L  Davis John W  Dei tz_ William  'Dickson Charles  Duickmon Honon  Drake John  Dougbiss David  Dixon John E  Henry Augustine, 2  Fasanaro Domenico  G-arredof Antonio  Galleghor James  Greenslade A B  Grannill Robt  Gcorgy Dahiel  Hue bin vol John  Hancock Q M.  Horn Edward  Hart David  Hovrels Fredk  Hogan H  Hutton William  Harstings G  Howard Samuel  au20  Hodge "Watson-'---  Johnson Nathan  ; Johnston Thos D  Kirwan Jas . \  KeatleyWH   ;;  Kis ten. Charles  Lewis G !  Liawrio S  Lean S J     y  Long B A  Lonsteame Hussin  Maggin Joseph,,2  Mayes WC:  .. McLand Malcomb  McTnnis Neil  MalJory Timothy  Mclnor Jno  Nicolas Myssira  Owens William  '  ' Ohura Joseph F  Phalr Henry  Paulson 0 lias  Pond Mr     -r  Piirs Wm C  Buxton G, 2  Rich Joy Geo  Roberts "William  Richards & Davis  Ritchie Q R  Rohcrtson W H  Richards Adolph  Hoppjjtt David.  Stuart James  Sill W  Ry bo-is Nr H  Stephen Bernard  Sovueen David D  Sel limit Josnnh  Schmidt Jull  Thomson J  Tynon Thos  Varchcrenn Louis  "Write HI  Wilson Geo  Wel wood  Willan James  Wood Thos  Wcstlakc W  JAMES WTCKHAM,  Agent Barnard's Express.  TUST RECEIVED, the ilrst instalment of a series of  tj    Books ordered for the Cariboo Literary Instituta  Hereafter Books will -lm received monthly  THE   SUBSCRIPTION   HAS -.BEEN-REDUCED TO $3 PER QUARTER.  t i   t������ \������,������ J0HJ; B������VTR03*t Librarian.  July Ut me. Ju20lm  Barkerville, Jji.no 24th T 1870.  j^25 3m  LONDON  HOUSE,  STREETS  GOVERNMENT AND WHARF  VICTORIA.  TURNER ^ w.f  mporters of al) descriptions of Pry Goods,  Hosiery and Underclothing. .  ^MISCELLANEOUS.  TM;Steaiiiei- :vOiiward^  , '   . -^   ( ,     CAPT.' WM. IRVING, r  LEA^ES-Kew Westminster^for:Yaie on '^L   "  : days and Saturdays.     ?-   .     '   k- 0I1 ^dfles..,  The steamer will not be responsible for i^u  Llo������ids shipped in tin or glass.       '       leaka?e of  THE undersigned begs to.informal] tartte*i.u,-  to- ship, goods to Yitars creek ab.UuSr5 i  country that he .will -be prepared to fonvaut XZ ';  .pounds per month; on and after the 1st of Anrii I. !  from QuesnelmDUth to the head of navigation' *>  All consignments attended to with care m^y  paten. .'������������������;'���������" i  ja8tr  PATR1CKEICKEY  NOTICE.  THEbarge c������ OMINECA," Capt. Moore; will lie mb.  pared, on thc 1st day of Juno next, to make her  regular trips from the foot-of Stuart Like to tbrhead  ofnavigutlon on Lake Tatlali, carrying freight and  passengers. ..   >  The .Omineca is 35 tons burden, nnd is prorided wiili1  siii:wa,ter*Uglitic6mpaTlmttfrts nnd-c'npubleof carrr.  ing 25 heiid of pack apinaals:bu depk.  All goods iu tended toybe shipped by. the Omineca  tlio pa r'tics" sli i ppi ng-wil 1. pica se, a ddress ;J. )\. Moore  foot of Stuart 'Lake/ ^vhe re there will be n good, eW  Stan rial warehouse for the 'rcceivinfi; aud forward m  goods. J. W*. MOORE.  Quesncllemoulh, April 16th, 1870. ap23  TICE.  THE  U JIDERSIQNED   B EGS   TO   1NFOR������ III.  ; f ri on^s aadrthe p u b 1 ic, t ha t h e li as il 11.ed u ji som������j  COMFOFlirASLE    BED-ROOMS  In his now ��������� ,buildlng,��������� where he is pr.epared to gif.  good Beds ,;,at a.:reasonable price. Tlioac who'wil  favor him with their patronage j;may depend od tbt  cleanness a u doom for t of liis house     1 ?...'.-.  X^Coj^hments carefully attended to and ������rderSjv,He,ta^  >*^������������M.W������*4.^l*  PRIZE of the Colony for biscelobrateo  XXX    ALES  Audthetrueamateurswlllbe nbh-to jndg������ iiyilt'-ra  selves that such'honorable prize lm? bwi. J,;^'?,  awarded to him.  X. B.���������Alargefrontroom to  BarkerTnTryrrr.-^'STfiC'S*:  el.  .^���������*- ^%.*.������ j������ - *. ~  j^������cjsyjjx-.  A very full assortment of Ihesc goods,'suitable for.  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street Store.  Regular supplies received from Europe hy sailing  vessels and by Express via Panama and Pacific.Railroad;. ���������'..'.  {Kg-Parlicular attention given,to orders from British Columbia. ..'  Sole Agent for Alesaxdre Km Gloves.  London Firm���������J. P. TUNSTALL & 'Co.', 8 Bow Church  Yard.  GRUNBAUM    BROS.  Have opened a   ..  WHERE they  first-class  will keep a choice assortment of  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,     ���������  CLOTHING, BOOTS,  MINING. TOOLS, HARDWARE,  GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PIPES, &c,  "Which they will sell at LOWEST. RATES  ju231m' "-*���������  which  take a  CHOLERA.  HOW   TO . CURE   IT.  .At thc commencement  of tho  Diarhcea  always prcectles an attack of the  Cholera    ,u,,- -.  teaspoonrul of the Pain Killer in sugar and water /hot  I convenient), and then bathe freely thc stomach and  bowels with tho Pain Killer clear. Should the d ar'  rhcea or cramps continue, repeat tho doso every ten  or flltoeu minutes until the patient is relieved In  extreme cases, two or more toaspoonfuls mav he til ven  at a dose. '     b  Tho Pain Killer, as an internal remedy, has no  equal. In cases of Cholera, Summer Complaints,  Dyspepsia, Dysentery, Asthma, it cures in one night  by taking it internally and bathing withit Ircely.  Its action is like magic, when, externally applied to  old Sores, Burns, Scalds and Sprains. For Sick Headache and Toothache, don't fail to try it.-  In short, it  Directions nccompanv each bottle  The Pain Killer is aold by mi dyalo  uuO  dealers in Modicilies,  Sheet aiid Qast Iron Stoves  '���������^M^M''ii^W',  A  LL JOBBING  WORK  IN' TIN', .COPPER,She**..  Iron,Zincand Lea-dPiping.jiUcudn toirt*"  and warranted tu give eutitc sitifr  promptness,  tact on.   ,  Hardware  HARNESS,  :trOn A Steel.  der,  ETC  .Y.y ;;'FOR\SAL13.  .  B; PEARSON &BR0S.,  BABEEKrir.I.E,: AXD QOESKEtMOCTB.  LEA^&  Celebrated,  WORCESTERSHIRE:  .     Declared by Connoisseurs to be  GOOD  SAUCE  SAUCE,  THE   ONLY'  Caution against Fraud.-Tl������c  most delicious and  caused certain <tcnle.~  - ~rr-    , , j,,fnrnle  lersliireSaucC'thcpublicishercbymformc  only way to secure the genuine, iato  success ofm  d   unrivalled Gondii"^ rces.  savc%  ASK.'FOR -""    D^  aad.losee that  LABK'M,-BTOPP?R, ftn'd BOTTLE- , cej] ������������������,.,..  their names are upon^,}  been^PPl^  mtlic^?P'  andPw������  wi th a spurious Worcestershire  per and labels of which the namesi of lid* ^j  havo been forged,, h. and V. g ������ iUl p0tfc *  have furnished'their ooirospoiidBn^ ������ t ^  attorney to.take Instant P1*0^^1^!,,;otheri^s  FAOTURBRS and   VKNPORS Of SUCH,   or������    ���������>    d;  tlona bywhich their right ^y^f^f     d s\  Ask for LEA & WKBIHg fagftjK ������>  Nam������ on Wrapper;, "uaoei, ^  Stopper.       ���������- ' ������������������*K������'������hn Proprietor    .  WholSale and for eicportby ������������������������ W fc *������.���������*������  coster jCrospo.andBlackwcUi ^ B'  by Crcweri and Oilmen��������� uiilvcrbanj.


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