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The Cariboo Sentinel Dec 10, 1870

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Vol. 10.
Barkerville, William Creek, B/C^ Saturday, Doc. 10, 1870.
Published every Saturday by m
2 O B B-B T     HO LL 0 WA Y.
Subscription,   -   -   50 Cents per Week.
For' one square (one inch); first {risertion,
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tfor two squares, first insertion,     -  -   -
'*(.        "/.������ one months -������-"'-. - '���>'
Agents for the *��� Cariboo Sentinel."
Van Winkle;-  '
Soda Creek,
Clinton,i "*7,*.r.
Now Westminster -
Victoria,   -    ."'-/.
L. ]\ Fisher,   :
Hudson &'Menct,
-'   7-.     MrG.W; Lindhart
...:���    Barn a rd 's Express
.      .      -      Barnard | s Express
; -;     /   f V *  (Barnard's Express
Mr. Evans, /do do
��� -���    Clarkson & Co
.John Collens
Ban Francisco
~ .-,-���--. Newport*
condition and prospects. It is probable, bow-
ever, that the total amount of business done
will be largely increased by tbe competition,
as is tbe casein this country, and even in tbe
event-. of tbe competing companies doing a
profitable business, tbe revenues of tbe Montreal Company will not be seriously affected.
As hy far the greatest portion of the Montreal- Company ?s: business is done upon a- 25
be n t tariff, i t would bard ly* seem to leave, a
large margin3 for profits;   It must be remem-
b ered, bo we ver, that the expense of line re*
pairs (in this opuntry a heavy item) is greatly
lessened by the substantial construction of
the lines, and interruptions are much less fre.:
qu en t than, with us��;  The,oxp euse .of dp er-
ators���another large item���is less by 25 per
icebt; and the Canadians are also iortuhate in
an exceptionally; favorable climate,   jt is
probable that this latter factum conneotioh
with tbe excel lent mechanical construction of
the lines, ib sufficient to account in a great
measure:for. the satisfactory condition of the
annual balance sheet. /   v ���
���/��� The,enterprise shown by the managers of
the Montreal Company in supplying every
portion of��� their territory, however remote,
with telegraphic facilities, is worthy of warm
commendation;  The traveller who penetrates
to th e 1 n inb er region s of; the u pp er O tta wa,
tbe distant coasts of Gaspe, or the heart of
the Ad irp n d acfcs, now fi uds th at the wires
have preceded hira, and it will probably not
be many year6 before a cable line will be
laid through lakes Huron and Superior, connecting with a land line to Red river and
across the plains of Saskatchewan, and over
the Rocky Mountains, to join the Western
Union Line in British Columbia.���[Scientific
mander during her ill-fated voyage, was ono
of the most experienced and skillful naval
officers. He bad been a commander of vea-
eels in the Anchor Line :several years;: and
was thoroughly conversant with the naviga*
t;6n of the trans-Atlantic routed';
Cards, Circulars, Posters and Programmes for
Balls and Theatrical Entertainments
^3@MGxecuted with neatness and dispatch.^@^
Mr F. LyPope, telegraph: engineer of this
city, has lately returned from an extensive
tour of observation in Canada, and contributes to the Telegrapher an interestiiigirep,0_rt
upon the extent and condition of the Dominion
������-Telegraph system. y
Ifc appears tbat at the present time there are
���almost 2000 miles of wirepin operation, and
675 telegraph offices in Canada.
Tie engineering and construction'of the
Canadian telegraph lines display a great deal
of British thoroughness, together with much
of the conservatism that characterizes that
nationality. They have apparently been very
slow to adopt any of the innovations and-ini-
provem.ents of later years, but their construction everywhere Strikes the eye as being careful, substantial and durable, while tbe lines
are everywhere kept in such admirable repair
that the general result is exceedingly .satisfactory. The style of construction is nearly
everywhere the same. Cedar*polls are invariably employed. 25 to 30 feet long, and of
mucb larger size than is common in the
United States. They are placed ten rods
apart, or 32 to the mile, and so firmly set that
it is exceedingly rare to find one out of the
���perpendicular. Glass insulators are invariably employed, one being placed on a locust
pin inserted in the top of the pole, and the
others, one above another, upon brackets
nailed to the side of the pole, in the usual
way. Cross-arms are used but in rare instances, even with a great number of Wires.
Ko. 9 English galvanised wire is universally
employed. The lines of the*Montreai Company are built by a gang of men, under an
experienced foreman, who has beeu employed
by th��m for twenty years. They work during
the entire season, being provided with tents
and provisions, so that they encamp at night
wherever they may happen to finish their
day's work.
Taken altogether, tbe telegraphic system of
the Dominion impressed me as being in a very
prosperous condition. The Montreal Company pays an annual dividend of 10 per cent,
upon & .capital of $750,000. The actual cash
value of the property of the Company, bow-
ever, exclusive of franchises, etc., can hardly
be under $.1,000,000, if taken at any reasonable valuation. The competing lines have
&��eu go recently established tbat. it is impos-
he bad 27,000, while that of tlie enemy around
him was over 250,000. A million Federal
soldiers were disbanded after the war with
the South.
When Lee wanted provisions he went into J
Maryland and Pennsylvania and got them.
What a poor, contemptible apology then, for
Bazaine, that he left this great army caged up
among women and children and non-combatants, until he reduced them to starvation,
and then had to surrender. Why was he
there al 1 that time ? Why was he. there at al 1 ?
Why did he not?join McMahon ? It is directly
he could nave done so1���that he could have. :      : r.: /;*   celebrated
avoided being shut upi in Metis.   The name of J VVOR.CE ^Tt^liSH I RE"   S AL/CE
Bazaine and traitor will Henc^fo^
c iated in French ni in ds as th at of Ar h bId in
American, only the former will be held in a
thousand-fold more detestation.���[San Francisco Chronicle.       ' f
'CAMBRIA:'   ��� ,- :/ v
���... Declared by Connoisseurs-to be y
tke xxNjyY; g-ooq : SAIXCE.
most delicious and..,. unrivalled,; Condiment; having
caused certain dealers to;apply the nanic of ��'f Wbrces*
tersbire;Sauce'V the public is -.hereby informed that tbo
onily way to securc the gen US no,is,to/,-.,.���'���,
As the details of the surrender of'Metz
come to hand, the proof accumulates of Ba-
zaine's utter unworthiriess. Want of food is
now the excuse. There was no lacking of
arms, ammunition and men. The former are
admitted to have been in abundance. In regard to men, the statement is not contradicted
by later intelligence, that one hundred and
seventy-three thousand., men surrendered!
The ad.dress of the Government Council at
Tours to the Frenoh people gives the number
i fc,one hundred and twenty t ion sand fighting
men, but they are not so well posted as those
who were witnesses of tbe surrender. Put
the number, therefore, at one hundred and
fifty thousand, and we ask, in all seriousness,
can any apology be offers 1 for the surrender ?
One hundred and fifty thousand veteran sol-
diers, completely armed, suffering themselves
to be cooped up for months, eating the bread
of idleness, until tbat bread was exhausted,
and then surrendering themselves without a
blow! Can any one make us believe this is
Would Lee ever have surrendered Richmond with,one hundred and fifty thousand
fighting men? He invaded Maryland and
fought tbe battle of Sharpsburg with 33,000
men against 80,000, and then retreated with
large spoils. At tbe battle of Fredericksburg
he repulsed, with fearful slaughter, 120,000
Federals with 25.000 men���that being the
number engaged, At Chancellorville he had
50,000 against 108,000, and would have cap.
tured the Federal army but for the accidental
shooting of Jackson. With 50,000 men he
again invaded Maryland and Pennsylvania
and fought the battle of Gettysburg against
05,000. In " The Wilderness," he opposed
50,000 ineu io M0,000.   When he sarreadered
y The steamer Cambria; of the Anchor Line,
3500 tons , register, left New. York on 8th
October, and was wrecked when; close to her
destination with the loss 6f> allon board but
oneyy;/7::/r /���.-. 7 /.y ���.   '^V^y- -��� = ���������.���":'������������ 7
The ���information was broughtio 'Londonderry by the only survivor, Jobn McGarfr
land, a steerage passenger.   The following is
McG-artland's narrative i-^y-'X- 'ty y       V/*y
The voyage from New York was generally
fortunate, notwithstand ing uripleasan t weather
prevailed most of the time, until the night of
Wednesday, October 19* between 10 and 11
o'clock.   The Cambria was then under sail
and steaming rapidly.   Suddenly, when all
was apparently well, she struck on Innistra-
hull Island, ten miles west of Donegal and
thirty west of Londonderry.   The vessel in-
stantlyfbegan to fill through large holes stove
in her bottom, and the fires were soon extinguished. '���.'��� '���'
It became evident that the steamer was
hopelessly lost. Efforts were made to1 save
the lives of��the passengers, who were massed
upon tbe deek. Four boats crowded with
passengers were launched and put off from
tbe sinking steamer. McGartldnd entered one
of these, and he saw no more of the ship or
the other boats. He thinks there is no doubt
all the boats were swamped, and that he is
"the only survivor. Almost instantly on getting into the boat it capsized. He lost bis
consciousness, and upon recovery found himself in the sea, but grasping the gunwale of
the boat, which righted; he succeeded in getting into the boat a second time, and found
the dead body of a lady dressed in black silk.
Mr McGartland was tossed about for many
hours, when he was picked up by the Enterprise.
Captain Gillespie cruised about the scene
of disaster for a long time in the hope of
saving life and property. McGartland says
almost at tbe very time of the disaster, the
passengers and crew were congratulating
themselves on the tempestuous voyage being
nearly finished, and rejoicing in the fact that
in one short hour they would be landed at
Moville. There were certainly 180 souls on
board, perhaps more.
A careful examination of the coasts and
waters around the scene of the Cambria dia
aster by river steamers, fails to discover any
traces ol missing boats.
The Cambria was in a sound condition and
regarded as the finest vessel on any of the
ocean lines. She was but recently rebuilt
thoroughly of iron, and was in every way
prepared for tho severest contest with wind
and wave.
and to see. that their names; are upon the.wkajtsi*
LABKL9; STOPPER,' and BOTTLE.'     ''���'-���
,;;: Some of the foreign markets. having^been supplied
wi th a sp uri ou s Worcestershi re Sauce, upon the wrap *
per and labels of which thenanitis otLeaand'Pernna
have been, forged,. L.: and. P. give not ice that they
have furnished their correspondents with power or
attorney'to talce instant proceedings .against manU7
factdbkiib and;: vendor b of; succor'any'other IMitav
tions by which their right may beinfr|bg;ed,   ,./ .    .J,
Aslrfbr LEA & P3EERIN'SV Saucieand s".'
: Name ��� on " "Wrapper; h laabel\ Bbttle, an
Stopper./'- '-���'���������/���....;-./'/' y.-..\,:y '<- - v.    ,
\" Wholesal6, and for export by the Proprietors, Wop
cester.; Crosse and BIackweUf London,&c.,&c.,; aud
by Grocers and Oi 1men univcrsaily. ,/
Miners5 Provision Store
Next Dook to Sb>?nnkl Office.
For sale xi ih�� SsKtikei Offioo
Captain CarnagUan, her com- j ��eh frw ef e^ar^e m
AT this Establishment willalwjiys be found a wa|
selected and varied assortment of tlie
ALSO���A good selection of Clothing, Hardware, Ola*
an d Crockery.  Bestb rands of Tobacco,
-   ..     Medicincs,etc., etc.
Best Java Coffee Roasted and ground DAILY.
The BAR is fully supplied with' thechoiccBt
Ha vanaCigars, Wiuqsan d Liquors;
11 trust by stricUttcri tion to business,and fair and
square dealing, to.mcritacontinuanceoi thcliberai
patronagcheretoforoexr.entlodto me..
A largo lot of HEY WOOD'S celebrated'SACOJi
forsale, at a very low figure."
B. STDDALL, American Eclectic Physio Ian, Member American Eclectic S. and Dentist, will l,eavo
Barkerville on or about the 22d inst. on a' tour
through the lower country to give tbe inhabitants An
opportnnityof having their teeth attended to without making a journey lo Cariboo. The doctor wiU remain a few i\nys at tho Mouth of Qucsnelle and Soda
Creek in order that farmers and others m��y avail
themselves of his services.
All branches of Dentistry executed in tho very best
stylo and to the entire satisfaction of every patient.
Call and try. Get rid of decayed Teeth and misery,
for delays are dangerous. Parties in Cariboo wishing
to have work dono will please call at onoo, as Gold
Plate, Mineral Tooth, and the best filling Tor decayed
teeth in tlie world, and other dental material, h&a
ust bo&n received by Express. a��2l
KC A.R.I B O O    RH Y
PRICE,       *     " -       -        ONE DOLLAR
wai&*maxK�� umvnom *^w^^iiJ^kT^-.,^^^^A.--.'^'^wv^^^-=-IiJ.:'.^^
: |��Bffie����IBaK?7SR����S��HTC
H     i,
V : ,
SATURDAY, DEC 10, 1870.
" 'Cyjyy,.^3.EPAUlj^6^E^^^Lyi;y   y.y
I b p no! Islibd- ��� to Biirkbrviil o-: cy cry Sii turd a y.; f All
ftil r er Usem"6jfc s; i n tended for i ris er t i ou, ni u st b<rd el i v,
���reii ut latest^at: Six/Vclock,gi\M., tliof day before
���p\lblj cation-��� . 77.7 7- /���.���-7' ��� :v -;>���   ���  ""'"''������    '���'
.a^'y'f-.    yTO" CORRESPONDENTS,/y
All communications must bo accompanied by tjie
.rea | "ii a me an d ad 0 ress of th o. wri te r';. n i>t n eeeysari 1 y
with aviow of publishing the same, but as Bccurity
lor Its good fattti. .... '    ��� -*/^ x'x- "'*�����'?��
/'������" .;i-^.;;-ff ADVKUTISERS../ ./. ^1}-'
All ad yertlsemen V?' (not Insert ed. for any.. 4ofi ? ��i tc
period;} :Mi\Y, h e Mim tin'tied  u a til  ordered  but,   an d
;��httrge(ifor-i'Ccofdlngly':i:'.--i,'-:.:   "y ������'��� <-\. 5 '���'���:": y"J''   '
:! yTne people^^f yj^torip, aTe fond otipolitlcnl
tigujition>-yTbey! have !alWays got Borne ��� p at-
rS^iiiilttr -J^bbyj-^^iid^r^ac^^'^*:, scheme of'
y; legislation:which mlist be carned to save pie
'������  ^country./ Nor hay^wejany intention of; finding fault witb^cm/fbryindulging in iticb: in-
���liocent rbcreatfoh; bo:;1 ong-asHhey donftVinter,
: ;fcre :With .local... interest^ *;bn j-he inainland.
"T'h c excite m^ ut jim n$e% tbe.in.nn d :d bes'. nobo dy
���4'lse ahyliarm.1 So let-them have their swing.
The latest notion emanating,.. fro> nx thecb.rain.
J ���<)f kome; astn te -" savibur o F the ' cprin try " is
l ytiint the term inns of the' trans-cpntinental rail-
way cmns t bent Esqhfinalt; a brid ge to be
bai]lbetween;,!Vancoiiver Islandand the main-. ���
'3and( ^ jf prac^cable,^, other wpie^:ra!l\vny>to
:'>lie^o'43truq(c(V' from ���" Nan ai mo/to '���' Esqui ma.lt
sjfc,the expense of the Dominion Government.
Well;we certain \y'- ah all.:find .no fault with
������ibat Government if; they comply with the
'. fishes;of:^ ;., in
fact; yre shon 1 d n61; growl' if they inade a
doxeiiel>rabch rjiilways throngh; the country
] t th ey can1 arid rd t p bu i Id th em, vv e can af-
ibnltq use them ;/bnt4his^
<��f';;liotbriety, wild are a]ways; anxions���:to see
. Mlyeirynamesi in ���print,* getting np:auc^;|Dri.ab^
���surdj political fiasco' at present is simply
TitiicuIons'; The three" Tailors;of Tooley street
:   whqj-commenced :/iheir::;. political.anianifesto
���W i th "Al Mre,' the p eopl 6: o f Engl a rid','"���' ha ve bqv
co met lifs tor i catl \ n6 torie ties, and/a f e w! of our
: 'Island- .neighbors appear anxioug to; emiilate
l;the example of  thcise   worthy  individuals.
rTiley w111 sup por t Con fed era tion on 1 y on cqn-
*<1 it ion that tlieir iter minus is.;to be a^sinequa
n on. \ n th e co rid i tibns..' Our d el ega te s d i d n o t
oxaqt sufficieiit largess in framing tbe terms;;
iliey 'want a Tittle extra douceur to buy their
���support.   " Twopence more and up. :goes <the
:  Now 1 et us see what jnstification oilr Tsland
-neighbors have for this tempest in a teapot.
According to the propbsed terms of Confeder-
""atirm; the dominion Government agree to sect ire; the commencement; within! two! years
after union ^ of a rail way M to commence at
th e sea*board o f Brifish Colu mbia.' * B urrard7s
'Inlet, or any point on the iriaiiiIand' abreast
of Vancouver Island,, -the;Victorians argue,
���cannot be consideretl as the seaboard, while
they incbnsisto.nt.ly claim .that Esquimait oc-
cupU-'S "that position;' but surely if the main-
bind ports are not on the seaboard neither is
Ksquimalt, some port on the west coast of
Vancouver Island being undoubtedly entitled
to t h e desig n ati o n.   Wo d o n o t, ho we ver. i n -
���tend at present to enter into an argument
. ftbbut geographical terms., We only wish to
' expose the folly of persons cominencing a
' p re mature1'' agitation wh ich  can do no goo d,
oven if it does*no harm.   Fortunately, how-
eve r, * tlie  gra n d -q u es ti o n o f ��� Co n fed e ra tion
may beconsidered secure as far as the action
of the Legislative Council of 'British Columbia
can nssistit, even if a few individuals may
factiously endeavor to retard its consumma-
tiotvby opposing;particular points or.strivlng
to tack on newoianses ; arid as to where tbe
railway terminus is to be, the Do minion Government will, no doubt-ae soon as the union
5s completed, take immediate steps to ascer-
lain the most suitable .locality, and it will be
time enough then to start discussion on the
Kuhject.   The terms agreed on by our delegates are fair and liberal, and the Dominion
Government should be trusted with their ex-
zmtiou  uiicoiidifeionally,  otherwise   if   the
people ofv this colony-begin wrangling about
trifles before union our Canadian friends may
think we^ are ^.troublesome lot with ��� whom
they had better have-no connection.
At a public meeting held at,.New.jyestmin-
ster. on the!Vlllh;U"iti^^., the folio whig resolution
bn this subject was adopted :  ; ;;
��� Resbly ed,���tThat we, th e i nh abi ten ia e f the
city of New Westuifester strbngly deprecat e
the agitation lit present carried on by the
people and Press of Victoria regarding the
location of th e'.' terminn s of > the; I rans^coiir
tinental railway ; That^wb believe the same
to be hurtful to the cause of Confederation,
and at the same, time tending. to. create a sec-
������ tiona I feel i ng, 'wh ich' at,; th is'. i m p o r tan t ep o ch
id the history of the cblony ought not to exist.
; :\Ve have; been requested! by severat niiuers,
wlib feel deepiy iiit^es^i in the maintenance
of this imp!brtan t in sti tu tion j to call attention
fo'a^leW'ftcts in cpnr
ferred oh miners; '���and, c,onsequent]^ on the
coloriy iii' general, by,the Braiich Assay, Office
\ tiin e to do so, as wh en, tli o, es tim a tes co m e ;u p
fordiscusslqn bytbe^ new: Council it^isr:prob-
!ab;ie .that.^ some joF/the!^ pplitical .ecoripmists'
may endeavor A o ? abolish /tlie -office : oh: the-
ground that-it.,; has;^ot^beeni iself^support)ugl
since ^its; ips tab lishmept.^
Office was^op^.o^.ia^t^jjast'. yW!till Nov:
y al ue $ ��67', 0 i 6 23 b ay e been assay ed,;. and I the
p r i ce of d u s t h as bee n rh.a te rial 1 y ;.e nh an ced
to the : producer, frorn, 1�� to 3 ,per ;cent., and
in; some leases/even^morq, ;being.given now
than before;' Taking /.the: average' advanced
prioe ��� at. .only 2 per������ ��� cent., wliich we: th 1 uk is
under the mark,- we find that' the 'rriiners have
real] zed bri the;/am oh nt /assayed rib 'less than
$9358 y and. as.that is probably not brie-foui'tli
of the whole yield, of Cariboo during the same
periqd,iit ^wilbbe -perceived that'nearly ��� S^O";-
0QQ, bas been������'.gtimed? by the��conimu'nity./;at a
trilling, costi ;;'lt>/iriayrbe,:- and! is;Jfrequently
asked, if tlie miners derive \$\icli a! benefit
front:;the. A^sa^: Offic^evwhy/issit that it;:is not
ino re: .ex tensiyely.���= patronised ?���; Now,, th is: to:
parties jn Victoria ;niay seem a piausible ar:
g u m e n t fo r :i ts a bo 1 i tion, ;\b u t: -th e reaso ns: -to;
!p ar ti es cqgnizan t p f all th e) facts are a p pare n t
en'Olinrb.    !.,,'���-.;���:,- ������/;���'���������    .������������'������'��� :.\.\   ?.!���**���:��;
y. ,p   i;.: ��� ���. ��� >    ��� r ��� ���     ��������������;���
l:,;.The. .assay charge for: any quantity of
gold less than S800 is equal toiwhat is charged
p n that ai n ou n t. c o nseqn en tl y ve ry fe \v si i i all
lots, except when intended for experiment^ are
brought to the ofiice. :    :; /.   .i ���'y.i"--
2. Miners, as a general thing, wish to-*get
m oney, f o r... th ei r. dust at; onee. of pee i al 1 y parties coming in from outside creeks, and naturally go. to.(the place where they;'��eari-' have it
changed at once without watting for inciting
and assaying, x       .;���        ' '   '   '���' ""'���
3. The price of dust, having risen so1 much
since the establishment of^his office, in many ���
cases it is profitable���* and where dust is'::dirty.
s o m eti m es m ore . ,pr o ti tab 1 e���-to s�� 11 to th e
banks or storekeepers as it would be to have
it assayed.^ \ ���...;:    .'&-*������.'��� '���������������������������
The above reasons, we think, fairly.explain
the cause why so large a portion of the dust
does not Ond its way to the Assay Office,- If
it w e re e v er i n te n ded or supp osed th at all the
gold produced in Cariboo was to be assayed,
then the Government would have required to
have funds on hand at'all times to purchase
dust, arid also to reduce the assay charge on
small lots. It is not probable, however, that
they will go into the purchasing line. Still
the miners consider that they have good cause
to be satisfied with the office. Thoy wish to
see it maintained, atid will willingly pay their
quota to the general taxation, of the colony
for that purpose. While as to its not being
self-supporting, if that argument were to., be
used individually against particular offices
forming component parts'of the general system of government, we should.have to abolish every department except those of the Collectors of Customs and Road Tolls aud the
Gold Commissioner for Cariboo.
THE NEXT EXPRESS" wli leave Barkerville about
..the 10th of Jauumy.V    ���   ���'���,/ "���./i���:,i, :7'^
��� Tlie;Qaiiiu3ca-.Kxpress; will connect xrtth Barnara's
Express'-ab Quesuelhioiitb und William Creek, where
parceis aud letters will bu repcivori.
;,���'.,;     ���'��� y",Will take place at;the- ^������-���-'   ;-i"';"
Gn Wednesday ��� ��� be"b;?-3StK
".iTIGKBTO, Mi eaih^!'tp. be obtained from
the'Committee,      '    ;,    . ���. ;;,.,...../
���.tTk . '>;m- ������:' "'���".:--1;:r>Georgb -byrnes:���;;
��� Ux:x< ������:������ (iJrr  ;' ;tKDWAKDf FJ3A:RSbN;  !
y��� ���xxx\-<��� xxx /.DAVID kuetz;^!--?:-'-^.!
.-��� ./���, ' ��� /:7elelb-;���v> �����' ..; /.;������'-/...;? :��������� yx
:7 ��� THEATREy_ROYALViV.';;',
T;H;fl:;yc AMI B 0 O.ri tA/M A#B D R&
��� ���'���;":���''..rjianiencihg'with tho tavoritc"JT&rce of .,?* ��� y:
:y= ��� y/'\..COMPRISING���' ' ;���.������' v' '"k,'
^ootSj SliOe^; C^
'..'"- ' "" ^GTocerfes^p;1:;"7.,,'
; yor's.alo at the Store of tho undersigned in Barker-
ville, opposite the BanU ofBritish Goluuihlu.
��� ���,.':������.'/ .       ���-���: W, KENNIK.
Fitzhtn? (inhejitor irqm nature p^/a :     :>Aii',,_*h-$''''-
���'4-.. i\tost. inva 1 uuble. propsi\ty���iinpu-��� ���..     y. ���-���*';"'���'
-;aene<?)'y.:-;------  'iy-v-it-.; /.  /��� -'J.;i��cB;'Smith. ���
Mons/poLave:Alfr��itJiec|e^(a.Gulli.c;.^ >.:;; ���yyi/   -;;
" Apollo, 'riwelling 'utljactini/to tho ...  .,,        ,;,y,.;>,v
��� jie'rivenfr-^-fi .piimU)'?  --:;'J--���';-*/-.' - j;'���&. Thbmpsbii.
Murphy .O'FilHloo (?..BriokJ^yei:); a .'. >.���.-.'. /,r7y ,:;:;
: (lT)<Stl(In*l 1 o\v���'h.'ii<T? a. very .VFree' ."���������/''���'
--����� -���-/:��� ''i- *-J:*:-fi.l ?r. Jj^H^Sullirnn^-'
'. Ahi^on). i?-.-!r~. .������-������ -,t '������-/;/-:
Mr Bndswy: (a retired Spirit Dealer,.. .'...,./{:.\X .ui<, ���
' with'two VM
;."-iitit1 igiroiiit'.fyxigj-.��� -.   Xx^r- ->-.'��� >H. McDcntiott x
Al {'re 11 B iaghu in (the Yi iu.Ug Lo ver���   ,   ,,,;..;;. :.   ./
/ well', (trifled n.n<t'jii��i;ibl'i rir"iij6urs��): G.f Mirsball.���������, \".
Mr* "Winks;'(a :Lodghighou.se-keeper .-; r;:-V -wi'ic..:?*%';
a WidW���e^ihie)1:"'���'-���''." - .-������,- 'Florence Wilson
> ,.    .: pi CMnciu.de'with a performance bystho..;,j ���: , /.]
Overture.,'���*    y;    ���;-���������     /���   ,.--v*"" 'X^,      -   ���-..���������.���i  ���
Op**11i11if 0horus--'' Down the, P.iver*'���Corn.pnny.   ...
;**��� Goinif!'t��> tli e SSi u ck'ing'' iby reqn est)��� Bvnep,
{t But his rn��ney hut Uiun't win" (loonI)���Ephraim/7'-
il R''f.k nw to Hleep, mother''���C. Whitu.-
"C'unmence ye P.jrkios Jill''���Sanu,...        >   ........
** Put me in. my-little heil5'-���,W.: Jilfiek: ' ��� ���"������ ���  ."* ��� ���"
il To11ias hid Biaiu��is'. (very sen tiruuntal indeed)���
"Daisy Dean"--Q White,  "  . ..   ,.,-.���.<.
���/R'h nicsn to ihe a father"���Bphrftim..'    " ;���'     ' .'  J ���
Chorus���Compiuiy...    ....        -,,  ���  /; ; ..'...
,,  ��� yt     ;WALK.AROUND. -���   .-':..-" ":
"ShooJl^' and iS Going,to Join the Union."//
$!fri&o��TH open at h;tIf-past 7 o'clock . iPerioral
aiice ������tbooni'mencvat S o'clock.
/ ,A 11 mirisjon $ 1 00:.:: Jiesorved Soats, $ 1 50.':
TICKKT.-5 tor tho Reserved Seats, to bo obtained.of,
Mr Staple, Barken-ilie.' ' "' * . "
���.jt^-:Liquidation  Scheme Tickets will, be'taken for
admission. .-.    .
��� se4tr';" ;    ^-'asuKUiil.     --.V y y    ":'   .-.
'���; yAy$^teq^y,.y-
Me Ft g!h a n t ta il or,
Adjoining the. Colonial /Hotel. Government
,:   *\ ' -' ',dx Street, Victoria:/; ������   ..'��� ���. v'    . *
HAS ON' HAND, rft'nd la constantly receiving, .it
������larjjo assortment of CLOTHS, CA^.SlMKKES
and Vestings, which he is prepared to make to order
in tbe njost'approvc^slyloK:-,., y -: x :���>.;���# ;y /t "
Parties. nn ,/Wi 11 ia m Cro ek 'can lin to tli elr;mea ��ar��,
takcii by Mr McCailum, Barkorvi lie. , sv. / . /;. :-s
frjtBh.,AH orders from Cariboo promptly nttended
'to; '-��   ���'"������' ..���;>��� V ,*,*.-*5,.rK* ---'���;    .-- . niy21.<ih4'^
' : QUSSNELLEv*n<l'': ' ���    ��� \_;
,���;���*: !''.���'... ��� '" ������' ..;;!::���:::���;:/:;-. .BABKEBVILL
y/r-'"*^""" ::���'x"��� ������-   '-;:��� -:���'"'/-" :������������'-������;" j/'harpk^T
Volkenburgh ' ��Sc Co.
..,  CLE././���/���;;
HAVE been requested by several respectable par-
tif's, who call testify to the ciTtcucy o�� my, system,
to again make public the fact that y  "'v' '
Moses' Hair Invigorator
1VCIJ, -PRRVKNT :lUt.T)NESS, :   ��� '
1   :        OK KAU.LSTr OFF, and fiW-atmfly
This is not a mr.ro" assertinu en my part, as f have
n my. possesion numoroua tegtiinonials certify ing to
the sncot'Stjof my rennjily.
I do not of course proumd that I can make tho hair
fcmvf nn heads which have been bald for yoars ; but
I will gun ran toe to. stop the hair from falling oil, to
tncnt:isc its growth, aud effectually ri-movo fmirf or
Dandruff. W.  P. aif)SKST. .   \
Barkerville, B.C.
Tbis.is t* certify that during last-spring my, hair
was rapidly fulling outraud my head wiw tastbocoui-
ins "ahi. when 1 apptjerl. to IIr W. I) MOSES, Karber,
barker vi I If, who in a few, weeks restored my hair to
i ts form er heal thy. k tate DA VID' GI h DONS,
Barkerville, Dec. 29,1866:-      - tmSflim
Siieet ^ild Cast Iron Stores
y p nm Sijmmjm, :-v:
��� Iron, 7>\ n c a ti d Lea d Hi pi n g, a I. ten dec. to w i t b
prom p tnoss,: ��� an d war r a rite d to g i ve e n t i ro flftii*
fact on. . , , 7., =���     �����       ��� :���
Hardware   Iron & Steel,
ARMESS,    Etc.,    Etc
BaRKKUVILLK AXX) Quksxklmoutr..
Lightning Cruise.
Honduras���Tho Interoceanic Railroad islo
be opened from sea to sea by the end of 1872.
The first section will be completed at the end
of 1S7& ; the second at the end of KS71, and
���tbcwbolc finished the following year.
Boarding and Day School
tKS->1or further pnrLicuhira, apply to tho T;ndy
Prinoipui, . ..      h*KS. ROTOK.
���PCHOOL orZ&S NOVEMBER lw, oe8 im -
INRRS AST) TRADERS wiilflnd  it to their ad
vantago to purohuae ut MiJsSt<ore,where there is
Of the very be?% description on hand, an d the Slock
constanUyreplenished hy new arrivals. Theproprio*
tors will sell Goods
Orderspromptlyflilcd,and forwarded.with dispatcb
BBEDT'fc LUNTiHART.).     .
Vwa.Viiikk, - i^Aprieiff��-
P' Xh
!���, ,/
.;y Vj  \ f  Co  gBZBazmxa&mjix&MK^  TW CARIBOO SEFOTIL  ".', S AT UEPAY-i;: DEC, 10, 1870.  CARIBOO;MARKETS.  .. r'.'.;.  .;; Ij  ;';/Bxrkkrvillk, Kriday^D^c: 9,1870;  '}. yThe tollbwingare'tliecurrentprjeesbf the principal  , Jnr(i'cles ofi merchandise; representing wholesale and  . y: retail prices://;;      '.%' /'"/���������'':������������������ .y'''1 ���������/   ;//���������' '" /'..*���������'[, V  ���������'"', .FLOUR���������Colonial; extra, $13 to $00 per 100 lbs; ���������  .,;,'BR.ANS-^12j^o.20e per'lb.>"- ��������� -   ���������'������������������>���������������������������.'.'' -77". "-\  ,';'' >l EATi���������Bacun, .40..to 45c.. Ham,. 50 to 55c. p$ I b,  ���������/   " ������������������]iu'Bf'itnirMuttoiiv 13 to 20c.   Pork, 30c to 33c'   ,. /-/  ; v.TMIRV PHODaCE���������Butter, fresh;.���������;$!���������: per/pound  (soilrce) ; Ist Jimus do ^ 70c to $17' ���������'��������� Cheese��������� 55c to������T0c���������.-.  COFl^KE���������Green^35. to 60c per lb.. Ground, 65c to  .. !'',iob:x'^y������������������������������������,:���������;:. ������������������; . ���������; ^v.. ���������; yx.x >;Oy<y./  ���������/���������:  ;CAXnfiES���������50to'75c./:    >      "       "    "   ������������������"   . ;  i mm I) Pit U IT���������A pp} es, 27 to 40c;  Peaches; 32c to  .. 45c.   . Pruiiegj: ,32/to 450 per '1 b;    fcurrati ts,: 37>^e to  .."' :' (>2#. "-. I<:fl.Hin>, iOc to. 75c.-   y'; 1        1 ��������� /������������������ ,   .. ? ..>���������.'������������������  . ��������� y'CANNED STCTPFS���������(iysters, ,$5^10 ;$10. per, dozen.'  <���������.-. Fresli.PeacheSjIgli to 15// Tomatbes and Green Corn,  >.--.$8.to-$10. p ���������-':; .vvy.J   /���������-* >--y ���������   ;���������- "������������������ '���������  '/..'/' ;-:  ", ;.LARD- $47#ercaso.   ';    ���������.-���������  .':"' v "������������������;> ' ������������������������������������"'���������'������������������    **��������� - ,  "' HARDWAUEn-lron, 23c to 30c per lb. Steel���������.Sdcfeb,  {'/H)c.   Nails, 23c to 30c. vShovei.s $2$ per.iloa. Sluice   :yKorks,v'S44-:.to:^S;..'!Axe?; $3^.tc4S...: ':"���������;l?/_ ������������������-  .     XXWIHm AND LIQUORS���������ClianijVagnc/ '-$42 to 45 per  . <!oz;. port ahd Sherry, $7������������������ to 8; per;gallon' ; Brandy,  'y|7.' to 9;;. WhiskcVi- $8 to.fi'50.: yRumy $7 >lo 8...,��������� ���������  ": y^rK'A^oo..to������1" 25per ib.V/ ; *V     ".yy :.- . ���������;> 7.!  :    TOBACCO���������gl 25 to $2 Ver lb;-' -    '.'���������';'' ' "���������."._"' 7  ������������������i <J0ALOIL^22 per case.-/ X'-'t' r '���������'"-;/"/ :���������*'-���������/��������� ���������  '   /:.������UMB0OTS^-None.in market;.'. ������������������Xr. f.v /."y/."-  ���������"���������''��������� "TR^ST P()\VrD J5RS~$4,50: tp $6 per .drtz. < y j; ���������-. r ���������  ;���������:    '���������    \     XlXlK^ 7C tO  .iic;vfcftb^age;nhcfturnips,*8or;i ���������'���������':"''/'',.; yy.jy-,0..!,^  -MINING INTELLIGENCE;'  ?'v.i'.ii  ^   . .       ;.'/(i     ���������;:vWfLLIAM,ldnElEK.-"  ' .'���������; "./  The^Gevere/vwiither which set in cltiling .the  '  ia'UerpartVf Tljist week hasjiud tbe eifect ol|  j^UUng^stop-'to-a good^niany/6fl: the ^claifps;  ���������   ? WO rklllj?-. y,yi7';'='V-:'y-./  ,'���������/-, '"_���������.  Tlie forest: Rose1 co. V ashed I as t Week^ ��������� f 0 r  jablintifbiilf the- weekj 125.0^ but: thi?yrwere  /^lympfeUeft-.t^ tliejr/ditch  ^tUtiiVg; .fewe-iui). i-Tlieyare now workingja  ��������� low men frocking ��������� inside^lJ"he^Caribooyepi  Xwas' a 1 so ���������oojnpel 1 .f?d>io;������toj)? on acc6n ht' of ���������'the  ':���������. waterV/in thuir 'rais������({ flume. -geUinglrozen ;  .���������<i iHl t.h e' 1 lai 1 ai* tit; y'.as the .waie f .1 hi tbe> 1 b wer  ..-..ipiirt of/ftlie'-creek.wuS;so-'scattered- over the  vi I ill s am 0 n g lb e.; a n 0 w ��������� tlm fct th ey :,coitl^ n; t... con -  ���������:y V ti 11/iitJy ifeet ,a J;hea j. tpjwj^h ;wjiliyg JTOiH.ed-.  .'; v<\ o.k l .1 ).n 1 i n  co. a re.- n t , Wo r k ;i a ^theUJarib 0 o  ..ground eleaafn^oniitlje draiw;? X \.��������� % %,,-  The Br.0wh :c0. last week��������� wasifed u p 42 oz.  ���������" T11 e V i ci 0 ri ;i c 0/ ti aye b e c n k e p t* 11 a c k by a  '"*., cavo. in fhtur tunnel, bu); have got to works  : ppiln a'Uay".dr two since. ^,, ��������� i-,!���������....���������  :/'...   '..,,.,,7. '; -..rUKNCH CKKEK. '" V-1  J>*-'i< M :-'''  ��������� .Tlie. .N 0 rili Ant or i can' co. ��������� w a������h ed tip; |ji kt  wj'clc 51 oz.. and the 1 i*. jjrpitnd 10oks -yery,  t-rv0rut; 1 e. ' The'. ,Tn leruaUo ua 1;���������,oo������,- ��������� iati the  nuivtth of /the-ci'Osek, arcrabont^tartirisrmtun-:  tuJ, and sntno of the companies between there  and the "N0r{h Ain*ri'can-Ayi 1 i sfcart j)ro?peefc-  ing shortly. The Cosmopolitan and Ambrose  joint tunnel is ''being puslied' alVead; steadily,  and ifb'ey ;liope'.to strike /bedrock in a few  days. . .Tft'keiialtogether,'..Frcneh;ereek:,���������from  ������mI'ce . to !Di.o.uIo7Tiow lodks very favbr'al3le  for prospectors : and if the various claims hi]  succeed in s tr iking .pay .b efore sp r i n g, 11 will  atford em p 10yment to. a considerubl6 niimb'e'r  . of men next season, besides affording inducement io.prospect for the .eontlnuHnc'e^ of 'the  - channel down Valley creek, where it will  ,probably yet be traced tor"miles* : ...  *  'UOHTN*[if(i:CltBKK. .. v       :  The liightninp co. last week washed up 227  ���������*r/,. for five days' work, when they were compelled to knock' off.In ..consequence of ice  backing up in their tail-race, and this -week  ithqy have been retarded greatly through the  f*nmo cause. The Spruce co. last week washed  48 oz, "Tho Van Winkle co. have beeiu  drowned out again, just as they were, it is  kupposed, on -the eve of striking the deep  channel���������thewater bursting through the rock,,  which is very soft, faster than their pumps,  could take it out they are now rigging  up their large iron pump, with which they  expect to have.no difficulty-ia going on.  A DAxcusRODs Nuisance���������We would b eg to  call th"e* at tention of tlie Pire Wardens' to the  large piles:of-firewood which are accumulating .on the public streets in the[.Chinese por-;  tion "of- Barkerville, from' whicb^shoulct a fire  happen, to oocur:>in ;vthat/-densely populated,  and closely-built locality, much danger may'  be apprehended. ' We:do not know whether  the Fire Wardens^haye the power  to' make  them remove the wood or not, but; wo cerr  tai n ly tlii nlc th at the- fact of such q nan titles of  very 'luSamraable y material ������������������- ieing , stored  among:W'PQdeni.buildings;constitutes:a nuisance,, and a very dangerous one, which ought  to be abated 1 without delay;' We haye no  wish to'persecute: the Chinese.1 but ^e do hot.  want tliem to encroach u po 11'public;. rights; 0r  endanger  tlie  public safety.    They enjoy  every privilege here which the law caii afford;  them, 7 but / = wii; niu st p ro test ���������. agai nst) their  ?u Quo p pi is j ng L lheLQ^^^  in������ it in tola woodyard, thus not on ly creating  a serious danger, as we have said above, iri;  case of, fire, but impeding travel through the  bril y'' ihoVbu gh fare of* on r to wn, %h ich is no t  by any means' too w,ido at the; best.,; < , ���������-,-.?..:���������- i  ;:   ���������: REGISTER OP THERMOMETER;' i  At Rich fields from 2ft; to' 9th Dec, taken at 9  a.m. each;day, showing the highestand lowest  range for preceding 24 hours :;' ���������''���������"'..   " .  December 2,:  ������������������-. ,32^1  -:-i2 y-\ y%y--:  k-s.^iitfi--'/  y::.my<  L;yl2'-'.- - ^-'x  .���������.v.,,;:,:., v,.-  ,,.28  \.  , ������������������x4.;\ x-.-:x/y  ���������"."���������"'?-:s;r:\  ':-:26 .:���������  ���������>;    (5 below zero  "A- xvr. >  xy^y  :;/ "V\ . ":VJ-"  yy .::������������������ 'i^y  ttW'.'v  ���������;' nv-y-m  / t-:yy-*,���������:/���������;���������:-  --...���������SS; :������������������  ;iyy(i^7^yy::fy.  yyx.-y$xx  ..." 38  ;.;,8;:.';::i'V//:Vi:  ; FitEsn BuTTBR-TWny is it that bur roadside  farmers.';;cannot���������i.-keeljp this;marketcpn'staritly]  supplied:with:goodfrpsti butter'?' r" Ifitring the'  snmmer'tberfe^vasjleyev any jaekrX)f; the-arii-;  cle, but f0r;some .time; there has.ieeh*none; in">���������  the market except a iittlo which ;is *kept. by.  one or tjyp?parties for retail iise^so^thafecon-  sumers.have now to faU back again upon im-  p0vted salt butter; wineh after hein'g acctis:  tomed to fresh, is^Ub't as .palatable: as* it lised  to be when there was lib. 01 h er tb be h ad? - /The  : tarmers between ,(5linton aud Cariboo enjdy.a  j protection..", of.^y*?ri^cebls :per ppund;ini tbe  ; sharpe of sd uties:j an dyI'o.ad toj Is.^besi desr the  diffefence in freight, and yet with all this it  Hvou 1 d ap p ear th at they (are 11 nab le to'". %\ pp ly  ;oiir*xsmall.0omlnuiiityf'all the year round,  fThere mWst Tie so iri ethyig wrong.: Talk about  sp ro te cti v e tari ffs e ii.c#p urag ing h 0 me i n dus try j"  fb.i ifc if:, th e (1 airy men; cun n 61 d 1-i ve: the fohugi j  !arti c 1 e on t of.. t be in a rk'e fe n 0 w, w IJ at will th ey  ���������d 0 whe h���������'. th e Ca nad itot Tari if com esv i n to re a.  ': Tukatue ( RbTAT^The performance by the  ���������r"h. i "���������������!,,.,     < .-' 4  ���������.���������������������������:���������:��������� .,���������   ������-.-.*���������'-   {,-.    ���������    ":'.'",���������."':   .������������������>'?;������������������������������������ ���������  Amateurs this evening promises to,,be ;.very  successful; 'The farce of "Done Brown" is  ac. ��������� favor i te'.' \ wli i ch always pro yokes mu ch;  amiisemenfcp and ��������� the/if ins trei 3,^ wlib ��������� <^ly  favor us with: their' perform prices at rare; intervals, '������������������usually ;; give' satisfaction to the ait-  diericeyt We understand thaVa lot ofciiew and  -bri^irial; connndrums/and':local Wis wil(be  introduced;'. As will '^e^^en^y'^fiyef^r  ment;��������� the '^ma'tehTO^^annontfbe' that Ijicudda-  tion Tiekets'/will be "receivJ3'd:- !for:' admission:  wl 11 ch���������'.'wiJl. d'diibtless have a'qonsiderable. ef-j  feet An 'filling tibe' house.,'; /" \'   v.   ' ���������',: ',*! ���������  MINING RECORDS.  . i  ��������� ��������� ' !.      LIOHTKINO CHEEK,  Bn tan nia * cp,���������N"p'v.. 21���������George Fumes*  and;Edward Perkins, two hill claims on south  ban k���������; at ��������� m ou th of:j Yan winkle creek. ;���������  Farewell co.~-Nbv. 2'A���������II. S Brown. James  Bell and -John; Veiatti, three hill claims on  west banjr."commencing about 2000" feet be  lpwf jiast Chance, creek .and opposite the Glad  stone cb.,' '':yyty.- '' ' .. ���������.  r!Ah'Kwonge|o^Nov. 23���������Ah Wan, one bill  claim pn:left Mil; being part of^ old Butcher  CO.  ��������� vrSHEK?' ARttivJsb--Me{������rs.tv1in; yolfeenburg  <&jj Coi rreceivedy on; Wednesday.at lbeir ubit-;  :tpirsat^Van Winkie^and this creek? #5&]head  .of? sheep/and ;1 am bs,;: which' are" being- slaugh t-  !eredfpr winter use; ^Thez/animals generally  appeareditpfbeiin'yery good border.'^:y'\ yy  polige;:gourt..  Express ^Iovkmkxts���������Barnard's Express!  for Yale, left on Sunday morning, 4th December, taking as passengers'Messrs; Jacob Haub.  and Simon Roberts, and Misses Mary Sheldon, Mary. Arine, and Susan Yako. The next  Express is expected to arrive about Thursday  <]V Pf'iday ne?t, provided.the steamer is rpu-  .Jaingfy Yale,  ] Tli K E AKTII QUA K B ix Caxa oa��������� Al i th e ph e-  homena -of:thex\eart^'j'uake which agitated  private dwellings, stores and warehouses in;  Montreal, seem tohavebt������en repeated in New  York and bthe^. cities: iof the Union, in chiding  the rushing out of doors) to the street of :the  scared inhabitants. The motion was precisely  SJ1 ni 1 ar y to th at; wh ich,' wa s ex p eri en ce d '���������. \ n  Montreal, as welbas the;time over which the  y i b ration s ex ten cl ed. ��������� ������������������' l?'o r tu n a tel y, w h il s t.  the re a p pears: tos have: b ee n g rea t^ a n d. p er-  haps. moV. ground i'essV fright, there has bee a  no serious damage done. -  ;: l?ifopbsEi>'."ScitobT* BiStriot ron Cariboo^  A meeting of gentlemen interested in Uie-wel^  fare .-of: /thej'risiiigjgeueration in Cariboo was  held in Barkerville yesterday evening, when  it was. agreed to take the necessary steps for  ascertaining the feelings of the inhabitants on  the question of applying to the Governor for  the creation of a school district in Cariboo.  A petition will accordingly be submitted for  signature immediately! ill- conformity with  the provisions of the f Common School Ordin--  ance, ISOfl/V  .       .  The results, of the late surveys of the Isthmus of Darien, undcp.takou by the United  States Govern merit, with the view to the construction of a ship canal between the Atlantic  and Fact!)6, show that a tunnel ten miles long  and high enough to accommodate the masts of  ships wou 1 (1'rfe r:eqiiired. The expensc is re-  garde d as too great to warrant the undertaking. Further .survey's1towards the south are  yet to be made.  Tub Weatuek,. since the beginning of the  mo-Etbj hast been ratlieir cold. Yesterday,  however, it moderated considerably, and a  good (teal of snow fell with every appearance  ui'u.Ueafj fall, for which it is full tiiuc.  1 * ,;   , rBoforfl.H.iiC -nitxi; Esq.-, s.ir;)"'" ' ''*"  .������': ..y   .     Wednesday., Dec,7,1870. ���������' -  ,, A Mexican was.charged with:indulging bis  belligerent propensities'!,onr Siinday;-evening.!  hy b rea kin g a p an e 0 f gl ass , in, th e door 0 f  ���������Cunib's sal (ion in the abaeiice of any antagonist on.whom he could try'nis; pp'wefs.; ! Fined  ;$1 25. and brdered- to :pay the amount of  ���������damage, $1 50, /  "���������.,���������...- -;  . . -  .:-;THmy3DAT,I)ec. 8,1870.  :;: Joh n n y, a n,,, un so p histicatedyy on n g 21 a ti ve.  was charged ..with being ypii n k and d isorderly  between Barkeryil 1 e;andRic!lifieldon thepre  vious hightx Joliimyy.it 'se^mK:Kad-ifr"e:elj:-iiii-'  b ib ed; of* tl 1 e vi 11 aino us fire ch u e k wh ich so me  u uscrn p nlous. i ti cliyidual without the ,fear ��������� of  thelaw peTcire^heir ey.es/deai:out'.Joyjfiie^Sw  washes, and the con sequence; was, fie. b'ecatne  very noisy- ati.d 6b3treperous,' to the great  terror of so meHa d ies d wet 1 io g un p ro tec ted by  the road/fJide^; For this improper'conduct  Johnny was ordered to render his. services to  the Colonial,Government lor the space of two  :;:���������.. . ��������� Fktdayj Dec: 9,1870.  A.i;CET,ESTrAL.GUAUI)IAX OF MOKALTTr. '';_"!  Ching Sing, Ching, Done and! Ah '' Tie were  ch arged. u p on the i n f or ma tio n of a -. fellow  c o u n tryiriab, w i th keep i ng a lo fctery ho use. in  Barkerville. >  ' Mr Park,' connsel for defence, moved for a  postponement of the case for-a week on the  grounds that defendants had sent to Williams,  lake f o r a rel i ab 1 e an dim parti a 1 j n,ter p'rete r.  tlie interpreter for the prosecution beings as  ���������they alleged",'the principal instigator of the  : gain e. The re wa b . h e remarked, two distinct  parties among the Chinese residents on this  creek. Complainant belonged-to-.one? and  de Ce ndan ts! to .th e o tb er ; and; in a case wh ere  there was likely to be a good deal of conflicting testimony,/ it was .requisite that the;e.vir  deiice rogording the' nature of the,alleged offence should be as minute as possible and be  most .correctly interpreted.  Mr Bamston, counsel for complainant, objected to any "postponement,.as perhaps the  interpreter might not come from Williams  joke, and then they might want to send to  Yale or Victoria for one. He thought they  could get plenty of interpreters in Barkerville  if they chose.   ���������'...  Mr Park read a telegram from Soda creek,  stating that an Indian had been sent for the  Interpreter, and said he -would ask for no  further postponement than now applied for.  The case was accordingly postponed till  next Friday. ',  -John McCabe, 1 iutor-  Mgmoht presides over the past: 'Fell's  Coffee over the present. The first lives in a  rich temple hung with glorious trophies, and  lined with tombs: but Felt/s Coffee has but  one shrine, and that is every breakfast table,  Its aroma walks tho earth like a'spirit, and  can be found for sale at, every respectable  dealer's in British Columbia, Beware of  ppuiiouu imitations. *  Tyne eo.--4I)ec:��������� l~Sam Sihcock,- A. Mc-  Bropin,;Thomas; Gjalf, Thomas Stocker.Wm.  Willey, Thps./Barnes,. John Ede, Jojm Sampson, Henry "Rosewall. Richard Edwards, 10  hillyclaiins on left������bank, commencing about  200 feet below Gladstone co.'s shaft-house  and rn n nirig- i\p stream.  Croliy; co.f-^Dec;' 1���������Griffitli Recs, W. C.  Price, Owen CrMly, 3 hill.claims on left bank,  commencing at Jaynes7 co. upper line and  running pp stream, y ���������-  '.7^/.'^/^'y/-/'/:Cy������fi0USE CREEK.     _'  / Discovery--;;CO.-^Nov.  28   anil   29���������C;; P.  O'Neil, five interests.   Re-record*    ��������� y  : .''.Cascade'eo.-^ov. 29���������C^ P. O'Neill, 4.4 interests.   Re-record; :   y-.:      :      !     .. '  ���������  ;': 7>--: !>"J.^AXTLKRCnKEK.:   '  ���������������������������'������������������������������������.���������>- ��������� ���������     >������������������  y Lot^air;co;p-Nov.;29-���������F. Bissonnette. John  Murray, F.elik! Daoustj*. ]������;��������� Bpurga\id������ Satnnel  ���������MoKee.'i-liw^reek'ciaiihB commencing at the  upper line ofrthe-Lothair: co. and running up  stream. ���������.- To .form part of said co..       ������������������  ���������>'���������������������������''yv^/L'ii'uK^REXCH. creek; - . -/:-/'. .  '-. Idterhati6naiycp.^Noy.:;2���������������John Brodie,  James ��������� Inn est, ���������"G.JlcCailum, W. Renhie,- John  Jo h ns to ii, FJ. Jjangej 1. H. M cDe r m o tt, Y). Cu m -  mings, eight' hill':'clalin3 on east side, commencing 1000 feet below Clark co., running  ddwustream; ��������� -;:'. "-y ���������''" c   .,���������..;.-;/. .-.���������;: >������������������,:  ..,/.,;/.../;......-,/���������,.���������'.t.y9MIXK GULCH*;;;. '    '���������_  \��������� King ���������Soiornori.y^co.���������Nov.  .26���������Solomon  Thbma3,;'Wnl? ��������� interest, re-record.   John. An-4  dersoiij one; in terest; i n trust for compariy.      j  V    COXKL1X OULCH.  . Ind ora cb.���������Dfec (5���������  est, abandoned by Michael Keefc.  ���������-v--:y.yy- 7-'-'^ y i-^j ������������������������������������ ,���������������������������    . ��������� ���������  ,; JACK 0* CLUBS* CKEKJv.  / First.Chance co.���������Bee 8���������John Slater, Mat.  Parothers,^S ilul!:;e1.airas on east side, commencing at upper line of First Chance co.,:to.  form part; Of Said co.:  i���������.:....���������.'������������������ /���������'pike creek. ���������..'  I ��������� Oiscovery.co^Nov.. 28���������150 inches-water  re-record of ditch. .'��������� ���������-/ ���������  :, KEITHLET CHEEK.  k Monte Cristo co.���������Nov. 29���������S. Sincock, XT.,  Willey, T. Datson,:C.Charleston, R. Creig. T.  Harris, each 100.feet; J. Sayyea, A^McIutosh,*  each 50 feet ��������� being four hill claims on left  bank, commencing at Gold Flat co.'s lower  line,'and three creek claims adjoining * upper  line of Stonewall co. ��������� r   - .  /Scandinavian co.���������Nov. 29���������Cbas, Charleston;5 Robert Craig, two hill claims on right  bank, formerly held by Jackson co.,.including  old tunnel.. -;,     /  r ��������� .   ..  ':    duck'cueek.  ���������   Nov..29-rAh Hin. Ah Yan, Now Gun, three  creek'claims about three railvjs-from-mouths/    -  -'. Nov.. 29-~Ah; Ohow,; Ah You;.; A.b.. Quon,'..  three'"creek;claims,-about it miles from the  mouth.v. ���������;���������.:. ...:.;  '"'SOUTH FoitK QUESXELLE.  ���������Nov.'29���������Ah Chuck, Ah Lee. Ah Lung. Ah  Foo, Ah My. Ave-claims on right bank, about  300 yards abo ve. Barry rs bridge.  Nov. 29���������Wing Toy, Ah Chce. two claims  on right,bank, about^3.i miles above Fay's  tunnel.,;;.     ... , ;  XOltTE FORK QUESNEL.  y Nov. 29���������Ah Chin, one claim on left bank  about ij.miio below Spanish creek.  1    . . . CEDAR CHEEK,       ���������,   ..''',  Aurora co.���������Nov. 29���������0. Hate, M3th in  terest in co.; re-record.  [The above record:? on Qnesnel.le river,  Keithley, Cedar a^d Duck creeks were made  in October and November with Mr Hare, who  is authorised to make records in that vicinity.  MESSRS. MEACKAM & NASOX ar*������ prepared to  mrriisttLuinbo'rat tbolr Mills, WUIfam Creek,,  ur.delivev it to order. ���������   ���������'  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNINCJ  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS OH '  WILLIAM CREEK.  Having af Planing; Machinte in operatioi> they irfj  ab(jfarni������n Dressed Lumber nt satisfactory ratef. .  '   ttaei Lumb^u* Kiit! Slifnv*** eon*!autl|* ������n bnwX  ,1*11 If  !' i  ��������� >i  "���������: /  x  ���������    \  2  ; ;  v  X iwiwqsyjr??^ ^rmCTCTrzn^EB^Ji^i^^^
There is in the lone, lone sea,
������ A spot uhmark'd, but holy;
"���": ���������*& his;6cean bed lies lowly. ���'���.r -
/���';.;; iSowri, down; beneathi the deep, y
Vy That oft in triumph bore him;
He Bleeps a sound and peaceful sleep f
;��� With the salt waves dashing o'er him.
He sleeps, he sleeps, serene and safe
,"Frpm tempest, and,from biHow,
Wherestorms -that high above" bira;chafe
V Scarce rock his peaceful pillow.
The sea, and bim in death,
* They did not dare to sever;:,
It was his home when be had breath, ;;
'Tis now bis home for ever.
Sleep on, sleep on, thou mighty dead,
A glorious tomb they've found thee���
The broad blue sky above thee spread,
The boundless ocean round thee.
No vulgar foot treads here;
No hand profane shall move thee ;
But gallant fleets shall proudly steer,
And warriors shout above thee..
And though no stone may tell
Thy name, thy worth, thy glory,
, They rest in hearts that loVd thee well,
'  They grace Britannia's story.
������: Wby are ships called she?���Because they
always keep a man on the look-out.
1 A chap says he cured palpitation of the
^leart by the application of another palpitat-
.ng heart to tho part affected.
Some descendants of Solomon has wisely
remarked tbat those who go to law for damages are sure to get them.  ���
������'" We know a girl," says some one; "so industrious, that when she has nothing else to
do she sits and knits her brows."
y -*.������(   :������������'-���    ���������������.. . .1"
The young lady; who fell dead���in love
with a young gentleman���immediately revived on being asked to name the day.       ���
An irritable man who, having been disappointed in his boots, threatened to eat up tbe
Bhoeniaker, has compromised by drinking a
cobbler.. ..   -   y
An eccentric;clergyman lately said, in one
of his sefmonB, tbat " about the commonest
proof we have that man is made of clay is
the brick so often found in his hat."
No Causes for Gi*a��ness���" My dear sir,"
said a candidate, acoosting a sturdy wag on
the day of election, "I am very glad to see
you." "You needn't be���I've voted," replied the wag.
"Harry," said' a mother to her little boy,
"you shouldn't throw away nice bread like
that; you may want it before you die."���
* How could I get it, though, if I eat it now ?"
Harry asked.
"It wasn't so very late���only a quarter of
twelve." How dare you sit there and tell ir.��
that lie ? I waB awake when you came in,
and looked at my watch, and it was three
o'clock. " Well, isn't three a quarter of
twelve f"
A friend once visiting an unworldly philosopher, whose mind was his kingdom, expressed surprise at the smallness of his apartment, " Why, you have not room," he said,
"to swing a cat!" "My friend," was the
serene, unappreciative reply, " I do not want
to swing a cat."
Learning���" Ah!" said old Mrs Doosen-
About- half-past^ 12ip^clock yesterday, says
the Memphis Appeal of Monday, as people
were returning from \ church,va lady dressed
in the very height of fashion, with a gorgeous
Grecian bend  of   magnificent proportion,
tripped do Wn Main a treet in the m ost ap -
proved style; like a cat treading on eggs.
Just asshe reached the corner of Main   and
Jefferson streets, where the "gentles most do
congregate," a  newspaper,  neatly folded;
slipped from under her skirts and fell on the
sidewalk.   A polite " mackeril" saw it fall,
and called out to her that she had "dropped
sura thin," but she kept her eyes fixed on
fraeancy, and mpved, straight ahead without
appearing to bear bim.   A. fe^ steps further
another wad fell from the same region,; and
there Was a diminution of the size of the hump
on her back.   Tbe boy yelled afler her-again.'
" I say, Missis, you're losing all your'papers!"
The only sign of hearing him that she gave
was a quickening in,her pace, as if she :was
anxious to get away fromy those" diggings as
eoon as possible.   A kind-hearted lady, who
was walking behind her and unrierstopd' the
situation, at this moment htirrietl up alongside
and whispered'to her that she/was losing her
b end.   This in formation, caused her to turn
into a friendly stairway hear by to 'repair
damages;  but just as she put her foot in the
door, an enormous bundle of papers, a hundred or so in number, droppedfrom beneath
her skirts and rolled on .the banquette. 7 The
" mackeril," indignant at the ^treatment he
had received, and the apparent disdain with
which his polite attentions/had beenmet, on
this rushed forward, and seizing the bundle
of papers, startled the Sabbath stillness on
the streets with " 'Ere's your extra !���; Latest
from tbe seat of waryf ; The l��dy, it is needless to say, didn't stojp|--to take/an Sextra^;
:   Barkervillei B.C., Nov. lj'1870.    ���/;
Ayn Isaac C
:"-... / ���';���.���     ' ���   '   '*'���.'
Brassey F :\',,;
Brokin Michael
Brown Henry H ;
Beschamps Leonard
Corbett Michael
Christian Henry  ,.-.;
Oorrigari Owen
Chung Ge
'���''���' ���
Dixon John E
Bon Buente Segar
Davis John W  ^
Deitz William
Dickson Charles
Fleury August, 2   '
Griffin Hanrice
George David
Hancock.M 2;i
Horn Edward
Hart David   ��� /
Howell Fredk *
Hodge Watson v
Time. Tests the Merits of all Things.
Perry Davis' Pain Killer,
Hasbeen.tested in avery variety of climate, and also
by almost every nation known to Americans. It is
the' almost constant companion and inestimable
friend of the Miner and Traveller, oil sea and land,
and no one should travel without it. iJ
. It is ia speedy and safe remedy for burns, scalds,
cuts, bruises, wounds and various other: injuries, as
well as for dysentery, diarrhcea and bowel complaints
generally, and is admirably suited for every race of
men on the face of the globe.
Bo sure you call for and get the genuine Pain
Killer, as many worthless nostrums are attempted to
bo sold on the great reputation of this valuable medicine.
Sold by all Medicine Dealers. ��� de8
Lewis G ;:
Lawrie S . ;*.':,<
Mills Geo   ���:���
Me teal f Jamesy"
M6or;BB^2   v
MaUby; Timothy
Nicholas Mussin
O'Hara Joseph F
PflrVWiIHam   7
Parridoif Anto n id
Russell Alex .
Roberts William
Richley Geo
Sraldfc Jnli
Soonim David D
Tynon Thomas
Varchereau Louis
Williams John R'
Willara James'"'"���
Welwood George
'A  y.-;:':.-���;,;,.,,;;,'.,"���;:.���
.AnvingMr ; ,
'$y\-'x\i.���::���-.) xx
Briggs Samuel y : ;
Baker William
Bell Constable
���0- ���     k'y.������'..
Garlin Rodger ,;
Charley RobL   y
Connors Dennis
Coleman Peter
D   '���  /" '��� ���' \V...'
tiavis Wm& ": ���
Douglass David '
Drake John    : ���
Durhemin Honor
F/'V,.;:i''^ j'x^  :
Fasanaro Domenico
Gammitt Robt
H-,7;>-^v,:7.y-;.^:7 7/Vr
Howard Samuel
Hastings G'/ ;:'.
Hu tton William: .Jx
Hogan H ;     *
^Huchinvolve John
Kir^ranJames v-
Lorigfi A      '������".'������";;
; LonsbanreM
���i;Mayr;W,C:fj;-';;y' yy
McFrier   " /
V Margin Joseph, 2
-McLoud M       r -
Owens William ���
v ' - ::x"y'xx"y
'Pond Mr;-\":
'Robertson WH 7
Richards Adolph
Richards & Davis
S./; ::,-x ��� ���: ;'���-'
Stephen Barnard
Thomson, 2
v,,/:/. ...;.
. White H, 2
Wood Thomas
Westla��e W
Wing Pan Li
New York, August 15th, 1SGSV
Allow me to call your attention to my
BERRIES., :,: j    y--
Modb of PitEPiUATioN.���Buchu, in^ vacuo.
Juniper Berries, by distillation, to form a fine
gi n." C ii b e b s ex trac ted by, displ acem en t wi th
spirits obtained from Jumper Berries ;' very
little sugar is used, and a small proportion of
spirit.   It is more palatable than any now in
USe.      :.;.::���     :'..':X 1 " -   ' .
Bnchu, as prepared by Druggists, is of a
dark color. .It is a plant that emits its fragrance; the action of a flame destroys this
(its active principle), leaving a dark and
glutinous decoction. Mine is the color of ingredients. The Buchu in ray preparation predominates ; tbe smallest quantity ofthe other
ingredients ai*e added, to prevent fermentation ; upon inspection it will be found not to
be a Tincture,-as made in Pharmacopoa, nor
is it a Syrupr���and therefore can be used hi
cases where fever or inflammation exist. In
this, you have the knowledge of the ingredients and the mode of preparation. /
'"-���"��� Hoping ;that yoil will favor it with a:trial,
and that upon inspection it will meet 'witli
your approbation.    ,
(With al feeli n% o f p ro foil n d confiden ce,
;���'"���-1 am, very respectfully,
A.    ;    - H. T, HELMBOLD^
Chemist an<d Druggist of 19 Year's Experience.
(From the largest manufacturing Chemists in
���/.���._'.\. - the world.)":. ���:���������..���.// -v-,,
y.vy, ���������:���: November 4, 1854.
'"I am acquainted with Mr H. T. Helmbold ;
he occupied the I)rug Store opposite niy residence, and was successfulin conducting the
business- where others had not been equally
so before him;   I have been favorably impressed with bis character and enterprise.^ ���
. Firm of Powers and Weightiiian, Manu-
;   facturing Chemisti,' Ninth and Bro wn
y  *  Streets, Philadelphia. ."�����������
bury, " laming is a great
thing ;
I've often
fel t tiie need of it I Why, would you believe
jr. I'm now sixty years old, and only know
tho names of the three months in the year;
and them's Spring, Fall and Autumn.'; I
larnt the names of them when I was a little.
bit of a girt"
Restaurant jtnd Bakery;
THE Proprietor of this old and well-known establishment would respectfully thank his numerous friends and the public for the extensive patiowf*
heretofore bestowed on him, and trusts thitt ly l.is
usual strict attention to business to merit & contia
Meals, $1.   Board, $14  per Week.
I recommend to the public my
which Is a much superior articlcfchan any which oasa
be had from below. I Roast arid Grind it my.��elr
ami c!mo8ethobestberries,consequently the publto
may be sure ofi ts being free from adulteration.
Dissolution of Partnership
NANT ha�� this day been dissolved by mutual can-
sent. ( *
October 17.1S70. nolQ im
friends and the public, that he hag fitted up soma
Inhisnew building, where hois prepared togjve
good Beds at a, reasonable price. Those who will
favor him. with their patronage, may depend on tho
cleanness and comfort of his house.
He takes also this opportunity to remind the Carl'
booites that his Brewery has received the JTIRfcT
PRIZE ofthe Colony f or hi scelobratod
ndthetnioamatenrRwillbe ableto Judge by them
'Ives that such honorable prize has been Justly
awarded to him.
B.���A larjje front room to let.
arkerville Jan. 23 1869,
For Sale,
For weakness arising from indiscretion. The
exhausted powers of Nature which ere itc-
'companied by so many alarming symptoms,
'among which will be found Indisposition to
Exertion. Loss of Memory, Wakefulness, Horror of Disease, or Forebodings of Evil : in
fact, Universal Lassitude, Prostration and inability to enter into the enjoyments of society
once affected with Organic Weakness, requires
tbe aid of Medicine to strengthen and invigorate the system, which HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU Inyanably does. If no
treatment is submitted to, Consumption or Insanity ensues.
will radically exterminate from the system
diseases arising from habits of dissipation, at
little expense, little or no change in diet, no
inconvenience or exposure.
Second-hand Store,
in all diseases of these organs, whether existing in male or female, from whatever cause
originating, arid no matter of how long standing. Those suffering from broken down or
delicate constitutions, procure tbe remedy at
All the above diseases require the aid of a
is the great Diuretic.
^K$~Sold by Druggists everywhere. Price
$1 25 per bottle, or 6 Bottles for $6 50. Delivered to any address. Describe Symptoms
in all communications.
Drug and Chemical Warehouse,
594 Broadway, New York.
None are Gexut\e unless done up in steel
engraved  wrapper, with  fac-simile of  my
Chemical Warehousej and signed
oc29 H. % HELMBOLD,


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