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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-08-28

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 *  -  BBS" '   S^VtftfVafcSs^^  fiiEeAMiai  , .������A uy^yZx:jM^0������  iy ^'rt.^U'tt -$ t'wre y?4T~~./CU A *ZL Aj YXl?  ���������������������������Siibsfirjfcttfe  61! d el i tei$) -���������, p ny ablei- io; tk^amor^ ,1 ;'.;,' xZ[  =..    f   ,{i     -fi'.^ fl ������V\?V     C'-W ���������'������������������ *v~i'*'1l  V-i?'  ���������OVncB^ Barkcrville; fncxtMooKto^m  rHZ- ,yyivitaroteryMore)^'������'-1 ->lu y-1  Ay, :. WW   ...-.?^K- fa- *fr<rt���������T   ���������inf  .    Agents fbr ;'the^Cariboo;Sentanel^y^.  *.^4.<'->y feirtiivZo 4^p'"^^M������/4 ������0  tiii.������suel ������iou|h, j iff j 6om dle/Sarn.ariys JJxpresslo ffi ce  Suds Greek,.   ���������*������    - . ���������" ,* Jji>-, {]g ^raftr^s, Express  LVa'e,  :-������.-"'";'-<,.; Mr. Eyans^  ^<fo    y        do  VeV.Westiiiihsj.cr: - ���������yyXAX    ���������>,   _.ClacksQn &.C6  v^^xqm-ZZ iiU-Wdk ZmAymiyyZ  t^W^'f^^A: i���������b, ~;Sa1i Francisco  -    ;--i'Y?v J'Ytm S^iij:Yy/;'-30 j.il^O^fl'C^-L^vi^ji^*.^  ���������  .:��������� rjsa8i������jR$Emxm&y7y ' .'  '*��������� ��������� Thet^venuo of'!3^rUiSh������Jii"diii"'for'the year  ��������� i86&:amounW4o ^ ;r' <>*-  Small ^pox* c^ntinil^Yia^ Virginia, cifc  ZM^Sm^y^A^}^Ai^^lot t^ppk^  of ,Montrosc,.:/,haa^ (oec.091pi-a.coavert to the  Church of Rome, ��������� , ���������,,<'���������  ���������-: 'A :steate���������' ;ii^goit^b^^^qYinvehM' by  On plain "feater,son, aud-wlUi^ip^er^ede the oar-  mi';  lH^>u^'mriEn^larid/?  .  -*'- '���������������������������..������������������-! Yp '������������������ y-.ix- V"i' y-' fi Yy ^ -���������".:".'���������'!<? '���������'���������'��������������������������� Y^y-  '.  J Y.  ,:��������� Tlie'Yvaluo p$the iiJiprtrta^pffb,reign and  gY������>  J  1  coVurial mierebandisoVintotM  ditin '"tfn, ;), S 55 laTn^iftc. ^yb %h$ exM^orAiAnry  A\mipi^0&^ZAi������i xZyy"A^^^^  .-   ) Ui'VM. 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San Francisco  there" \i a^iyge cfa^iojypo i tii> ally p-; aii/1; ra ii r-  <ierou8 persons.^|0lit Of ^IpiS^arrestk by the  ppVico'dtinnfe xfe'nio'ilfcKjol*.Jjiilyr 142 >yoro for  assault- and .battery ; assault to^ murder, 8 ;  a^aul^'i^iysauH^to -^[o'Vbdily^ injnry, 3;  . .assault with Intent fo-Ittili^i; ..iaasanUing ;an  officer, 1) there were for;raiirder, 3 ; and for  tkaylixi^'2;^_;-;-.;."V/j';l;/;ri;^ iliA-^A^iZZ ] ���������  A newspaper ������������������ W published' on; bo ard . th e  fiioamerJiR"chmontl,vqne of the huge, passengcv  palaces .which, ply., between. 'Louisville: and  Kew Orleans, f-"ill \ey called vtlie Richmond  TteadLight;-ultias'twoconipbsitorsand boo  .editor^an^ & ;i|3^Us^  Uip, or ���������alV'bat\tb'arce times;a weeU: yliy is intended/to, 6e^fc'*M'{Srot:^kp^ bt river 1 ifc.  afford ing: racy^^ entertaiinneliljfor; the ' passe*!^  gersras"welljs*^n,^dv^rt"Wng ^dium"for  hotel pfoprcieto^.and. mecch'^ntsV.i  The French Cafolo Telegraph Company are  1 i k ely to got *in W troub le: ��������� wi th'tlie Un i ted  . states. $0yernment. Zlt: ap.pears the company  have a charter from the 'French Go ver u ment  which' proliibita an American or any other  Fr^eJj^abje ;isitojmonopo\y.A:and ItamJjeW  it will riot be permitted! f6 be larided at Bos-  ton.^BS*. mnmrz- %AiZ~Wz:Z: :  *Scramen|9^niop^ ^^e^ail o^-^he|ftrike for  fou^oUarsjpexiday, o!thec laborers**ihMpr6-  portion.   Th^hai^^hiejif a League, and  demaiid,five^^AArdy,'. Tfoe^r^l^r^rTfifose  tp respond'to^brdema^  is firings there;}is^no/Pprospeict;voffir^^  compromise.   AU;^pr. d^Sv^i to work at old  prices tare Y-prohibifced<r Xrom^soiidping>5^nd  Jh|^atened;^U^  work5 ng{ TbMs:<0^ a%ifs  allfthVdngh'thfe sllver;mmes', *;fOt/^uTB.e"'^!!  tlie mltls, are idle*and**al! .busihessTs sus"  pended.' , *���������*?->v ��������� v -  Y The most -lev n ble; and destructive^ storms  e^e^kiip^va:^passed*over .Jackson^ijl^;lOi*e-.  gon, July-^cth."-at.3 p.xnA Only Mew light  th^i ndep pXpjp0- were i u jgigh t ���������?, and iff 4eis;tb"an  half-anrhpur the:' wmd'; w,as;bl6������\V,iog';&e^vij^  accompanied^iwitli hail.andtbunder-and lights  ning., > After a'short: lultl i;ibl &, storia,, thJe  w,ipd increased to a .perfect? itoraa/dp,j-a,na'  sheds; fenccs'and treeaf^weris'tbrn dovfp!.' Su^i  dealy an^immense body*6*^water fearifie;rushV  fences,.bridges, telegraph p.oloi, -orch;"  ome-'oatfrte'do wn-w-i tii -it; As ;Tiir  een' heard from tb e freshet bas;caused:  ss ofiIif^r;iThere;;wjis'm  creeklhiS; ahernoon Ulan ^during' the 'heavy,  fresh et b ty 18G2^ aud/it, is.ihoifghE^'^t^l  spont.brirst to���������.the'iwest ofuus. Nothing-Iras  been heafa ''from - live va\ley, (fo;u.titJs^foarjed  that.immerise^ damagej has been done to gi'ai rii  -    >!*"''    "^ * .. 'y-       yyyyipxy V     '  TlIE/fjrRBATSST DISCOVERY  Ol?< THE,AGE.-^  Robi nsou's" celeb'ffi j list'  :been;initpAxiced?bn Williamreteck^an_d .the  p r^rbtprsvchaj leugejj,the .^rjd-^tp ^produce  anVarticlb1 to competc with- this ��������� soap;; 'f$ti 5not  btily~; rempves; ipaiht,y,pi tch$&������. >A<*cc;, from jibe  coarsest' ;and finest; fabrics; ! fouj it -'.alsoi ,dp.e;s  awayi with all ihe? wash boards and ^machines  that have b een'. i irveated duri ng 'tiie vpast' ten  years to wear out; hands, and. clothes; arid  alter one year's uselt- iiks, ,foe(?n ^proved- ip.pt  to idjure^he;cloUiesan ��������� Lhe%iightest_;.;.degree;,;  hay ingi every i. ad van tage; over all qth eifs daps  in ��������� being, cheaper���������onei ^poupflT: dpiug .more  vrasltin^.fchariii\vA.-p'onnds[Qir(^y common ai>  ticle������ ho A A U;iisei tJ?or sale \ afc :Mr James V*  TiVylor^s/dnig sto remand: some^pfLthe aprjc-  ci paf sforesla.. tp.yy a,._;,. 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Wi. ������  ^���������tfl4'-3fhrlt  . ^ , '.0 met at* Aiim f nisifa tor 4  }>������a������i^iffeldf 12th ^^^18691*'''>fX" *'���������" '  Tu tho'jniawajfeAC Yhv eyy c - !i<ijj;[^et5jiftt-I^iUt^i;  1 * *   'v ;i y; WINNAlla deceased, 'Int< ^ .,e       "  ~tl yy.  >Ai I;L persons -who^cf "hnl^b^^^pisyie/abcyc ipstJitPl  tX*;' ������rp;req^ircd^^ay. the ampnn^due' forthwith^"  iuvj7 all ^lcwbiVs .* who ^haye^any^ cluin^agalpsV^be-^  abovP'estafce'tr e' rt*qlii red to "soiid In "thPlr-dccouhts;oh j  6r*belbre the illthrthiy^oC Sep tomb eri'lS69,*td ^....'i  ;;, r ...,, -;^ Vy m *.;. ?CHAS;������E.-EOOLEY, ,rf:,% i  :' 'V J ^ U'Zi'ZZ li'-. i (OHic.iul Administrator. ;  --Da^e^.^chj[leijl,;;lj;t-hJiine,."!$&'' j;y v;["j^AJ^|j|,  ENv-������TH"Er"������( SUPREME\ CJOteE^:XiFl^fflrlE^  ^:MMNIiANDv 0? ^  ifcthfi mattfer'dfi ftfie Estate an'tlY Eflbcts^ oT klCEAEL;  iv v.-,.",,, ;CARp^ deceased,-; intestato.^. :'ii:U'!vl  LTijwrsbnS^  are rec[Uirpd to pay- thpamou^ts'* dn e (forth wi th;]  md all psrspnsjwlvohayeanyrplainisagninattfie.aboyc!  estate' -avP ,-re*$nro'(l' -to '.send; in .'their .aCpouhts pn or  before'the 24lh: day of Scp'tem b6rv*l?69' Wiy ui yy.:  ���������y h h h*] AZ. vy A :-'Z ��������� y 'ywRk^y^x: $GQL&?yX'-:  'Xiy yXAX:..w, -i./-;.*.^i-vj-'-i.i������������������������������������.'?' nOiftcialAdministrator.;  .PatedRichfield, 24th Juno, 1869.  je3p:.  ff;e^very;  Tete' i5i3sr {)p^^;^In-'-'&fAi^rfid'^ obtain'*-a  firs tr c 1 a ss, Woft'eo:, 11 is riecessary to sec u re, the  very b est> foe cries, and to ro as ti them A accp r d-  ing'tp the ;riio.sV; approYecr^metKod^ iThis is  done.' by Wilson* & Ricioian, Fort Street  Vic tori a,. wh 0 are pre pared to < f u rhish,:: for  cash3'r G0flfee thafr ;,never fails to .elicit t]te. ap  probation of those who use it.' Z.'\  'rA   *  Slieet abH Gastlroh Shoves  .:.M.PUTE;&%SiBBET.IROH;^s  . LLJOBRIXG WORK IN" Tt %[' COPPER Sh eel  il. I ron, 'A n c arid I*ead I'ipin g,' a ttftnd od to with  promptness?-; and' warranted; to give eii tire_'.' satis)}  tiiclion. ......      ��������� ���������',-��������� -X '���������' XX'"      ;  Hardware, Iron & Steel,  TC,  FOR SALE.    ;  B,.PEARSON & BROS.,  Barkerville.  ;R;y&:.Y$!0  ;BARKKRyiiibE.o;!?.;r  Feb. 6; 18(3,9.  ������&Art'&ft^  B;A RK;E.R MlfiVZ [RIOHKIELD^yA-ND;  A supply of rrcsh|moat of all descriptions cons tan tly  i������n-hand,   yli :'   U<-.:: XU'["X '' ������������������'��������� '��������� yXy ���������'������������������ . '���������; .  - -F-."-, NX-U'F E-L D- E &} ���������   iTO B A QW A=N D ������������������ C O'M M IS S10 N.  '���������"'"'' ' ,'(.'f;",'.. UlCUl'IELD, B.C...  y jg������* Produce, frpm the, agricul tuml.������lislricts.recPiycd  iiid money ad yaucedoii coiisignni.ents.. } . jy24,2m i  A. ;l^cP^  By;thes,ct.eams; on .all pnrQ.el&pT^SG '= liis and upwards,  ^������M"*.(k*'���������^.^���������'/'���������win'be'Yunyu:' yyxyiy  hb-uuJrdzp XUtidi.Ms}uu AyiUvuny   yyy% '  -���������- x i SS-Cent/S- pef-l'b-f  '- '  ��������� :'" "������������������" ���������������������������'������������������     ������������������������������������ '':'''^.yyyyy:yyyiyyy.y  i^xyiyZ'fZyyyyAZZi  yiZtiZAZzAZiZi  ' U. :.���������'.'.   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Traders, ^AckeiK Travellers jind ;qth.er^ tfu^ljtlm  'HimXtrdm * Do^^Prairi'df jttf ^h'c,/ IB'at i 16: 'ftist; b eypttd  -iue^ndlmoufeii is now open' !ind>; in' good ffcdbrJitiori for-  A.*/\ckt Trains and StqcBwand: thataheisjjis^buntiagi������*;  A' good1 rcctV ,ibrougliout*r..: There ris a houisc of enter-  'tjilnment at; tliiy tojAtlgc^' J " V���������'������������������''' f:" ".;���������'."������. ',1.1 hfet?.r  fmpi>irtant"; to > ^Traders ! :1  ^!Y.-"--���������<! V? ������������������:&'..^;ir������ui-irf vv;c-^-f. -Y-' -.������;������ .  i 11 LL - -EREIGHT; CON51G N ED -vT0 tn ��������� C; -BE R!)t,  "ni. ��������� Yale, B. - C.,'. will - be;; for warded to ��������� any -piirt. rt  thd Colony, on. th c mos t reasonable .terms, frc vol com ���������  missionf ���������'.'"���������  '!    '  .''AGENTS:',' ��������� ^,"...'" 4,,.;..;(.. ������������������.._���������,. ?*  f MillarS &Becdv,!  V V'  Deriou^ioy^Karte;* .y  yr  I'Vlctorhi. y'^-iPi-y rr  :. Barkerville.���������'���������;.   ' /;.;  Barkcrville, April 17th^l8C9. :?? X   i-     y  '.���������  1  z  . W.  ���������-' :���������������������������!B-A'B'KE?f cIJiL'B;;...; .:;?J:    ,-t:  Hayo on band a'choicei aclqjr'tlap.of  /. ;.  CAST-IRON CQQKfNQ ^T������VES  ."t  ���������:-.*>  At DeNOUYION cfe KURTZ. .  TIN riFtA^^'.^^/^^^S?'?'?1??!  .:Witb;.varioos.bUicrarticles^^ in rthc������irrt!ne>of;tKidivc   .  jgST AUJobbing in'tho Tilil Shje? ir0ii,''G6pp'er '���������* *<a  Zinctvadc attended to. and warranted tn give satis,  f.iC-tion.   '...-��������� "       '.'j ���������.-' X-    .       no'6   . j ��������� . *."%m*
" SAWRDAY/AUGUST 28. 1869.
One (of the prinqip'^il r objects- and! advantages tipped to,rbe attained-bjj.tiie^promoters
of Gonf^deratlpD,' was a ���; practical realization
of the axiom that" Union is strength."; With
separate governments and varying objects,
the ^provinces could never unite upon 'any
echeme"which might benefit the whole. The
Inter-colonial /Railway, .a/J:wqrk;.;.;whicb;.,is
������wouN^not now have been^in course : of con-
1 struction without the adhesive and'co-opera-
-..' lire infliiehcc'of a govern meat giving to. all
van equallj* interested motive, io supporting it.
With, the exception' of the waning opposition
;/in No va Scotia, the harmony,of interests and
sentiment which Confederation had in yiew,
considering the brief period of its existence,
has been 'well, developed..���;.���* With'-a.��larger'
domain and population, larger and higher
views have come into popular consideration.
Local or provincial ideas areA fast becoming
eecoiidary to general or federal ideas.   That
British1 North' America^ cut up as it was into
petty   provinces, would   have   entertained
the .idea of jmilding a :traDs:continental railway, .with its present comparatively scanty
population arid' undeveloped resources: wittf
out the conceptrating power .of. tbe J)oniiSio*n,:
is . hxid . to  be! le ve.   The  p r o v I u c gs   have
���'"always:regarded such a^work ^s one properly
belonging to.the;power.pf:; the mother council'V? tp. underUiliei and one more essentially
gritis^a'nd; fpr Bri tisb:lin teres'&. and], purposes
'Trather7;tluiji'.' .as; British American ahd;'ibr
pritish.'/American   interests   and  purposes.
/ A'- rail way ��� th rongh British7 Ame/ica bad long
;>een;a. hopeful  dream; of. the 7prbvinces,
$u��no\^ they;propose, to niakh
'. ;w i IV and Ires pn^^^^^teAtbyAGo n fe'Aer a tion.
at; :?>7^l\^^^^^^^^^^^^enern^^n^
Ptrcific;���"��� froin ^fet^t!anlic^t^gugh h er own
territory: while sliS^remalris a detached, iso-
4atedi -scantily populated colony governed
from  Do wn i rig-street^ '��� isr much- nip re -of: a
dream   than   that;.indulged"\by the eastern
pro yinces.be fore and without Confederation.
vWh at jw puld. Washi n gto n Territory. ha ve b een
to day without the Radiating -inSiience  of a
.strong  central ������> powor : whose7 commercial,
apolitical and.social intewests aiid  sentiments1
are identified with her progress?    What can
British 0 ol u i nb" 5 a: do: i ii .; th e, ilia r cb/'of i>t ogress
'without a similar" kindred assistance?   As
; 60*6 n as. Canada aees that the Nor th wes t cou n-
���try; is hers; she sup plies the means by which
; the territory may be brotight into/commercial,
political and social'intCrcoarse,.following the
v^BBVH 9?: !% -United States.V ^Canadians
seCm.to.be in earnest about building a trkns-
cou-Unental railway, and with.such a prospect
b efore ; ns : w ho can ho n est ly s a v th ey A es i re
tor-ppoino te-thewel fare: of this colon ' if th e v!
New York in greatness. And^tbos^ two cities
on either coast can only be competed with by
snch as may be more conveniently connected
together than tbey can bo. This we are, led
tb believe might be/the case between Halifax
and Montreal/and some port on tbe coast.of
Britisb Columbia.: Between New; York and
San Francisco there is no river St- Lawrence
and lakes. The competition witli;tbem of Iso
artificial a channel as tho Erie Canal has been
maintained hitherto successfully, but this
cannot always be, and the Ottawa navigation
sy stem, if co mple ted j would be a more redoubtable .rival than any yet opened. Im that
latitude, too, there are no Saskatchewan or
Fraser river valleys. The place where the
Rocky Mountains; have, been surmounted by
the Pacific Central road is more difficult.than
them,; and/the-whole distance from sea port
io   sea; port  is,.'we believe,   considerably
greater/there than "that which tho. new. line
would have tp. traverse. . If these.promising
fact34are fairly put, the carrying out of  the
scheme is worth our. enthusiastic support, and
most, people."will  say, *f If useless land will
buy ns such a boon in any reasonable time,
let tho company that.will build the line have
as much:! as: it::wants."   Let this road have;
weshould say, if; helped with lahdi. only as
much as it .absolutely needs to put it through,
fon once built:-it?wi 11 pay its way, and  be  a
grand"! profit.to the capitalists who have it in
hand.   That appears-to be a pretty (sure thing
after the 'experience of; 'the: line. no w finished
-^even if ";6ther lines are being carried, on at
the same time, for it seems now that the West
W il 1 open up as; fas t as we can male e; rai I ways
tlfrough .it..<: But ho w are we to make gran ts
of land; 'to .railW-ay companies so^as to pave
the cpuhtt,y: from being a prey for ever to the
ppwerTul % rah liy ��� of.; an ozn nt presen t landed
p 6!wer^ .whi c b :wo ul d co n fcro 1 a 11 el ec ti o ns, an d
f ro m Vtfio. I hsol enice of lord I y o fn.c) al s w h o i
while; thby.weVe sucking the life blpodout of
the .1 and, would never know auyfeeliug but
disdain fo r tb e p rod uce rs o f. all th eir. w e al th ?
Such; apposition'is' liot ari inipossibleror ,��� eve.n
an imprbbable one, and is only:to/Ke aVoided
by the"utniost caution in makihg Creaties with
companies.   A land grant to a corpora tion
sh o.j ild.; al ways- be. s u ch - a s will- coViie to an
absolute end. in a certain time, after which
thp corporation; should have;power to bold
no land 'but what it is using,. What would
perhaps*' be better,^ would be a money scant
���braoan^tntf-TgoveTrrmeut"itseir���seijlng' the
land.to settlers, for even though there were a
grant) Of ;lan d th ere; woul d h'ee.d to'tic * ahr ad-
va n ce of m o ney b esi d esv Bit t in ai q u es ti o n
of ��ucb;suprerne national iinportancfe, it Is a
quesii6n;7)y]iether;. the' straight forward way
.woultl riot be for government to "carry on the
whole work-itself, as it is always in the long
run, at "least, responsible to the people, and
our railway ^interests will in future be. those
by W.hich/goverhments'v/in lire or die.
������;;��� That the-consideration of this great'work
is not,by any means premature is proved by
every month's news from the Western territories of the United States. Like the crystals
which  we sec stretcliinsr their 1inp3 over a
For Sale,
-*���    ���      "'   "      ������-��������'��� ���"     *o  Mr T
uu28 tf
\J   lice Creok.   For particulars,  apply  to  Mr IB..
Ross, Hudson Bay Co.
to remit GOLD BARS to" Victoria fors'aio, advance
in�� 95 per cent. of. tbo San Francisco par (enfaced
value), and charging a commission of one per cent.
on thc nott returns. .���������������..
Bank of British Columbia, X'\xyy* .; :    l .j
/ au28
'���~ OP^
Barkcrrille,' 37th August, 1869
r^"^r-"'a;w B\"
MRS.   S.   P.   PARKER,
Particulars in our nest., ...   au28
New  Dbminioii
HEREBV announces that be has opened liis New
./Boarding House, ..:���?'���> yy\y ���:-. '��� -������'  ..���'������.��� v-  ��� ���'
i-X'A' -: ':'  '" BA'RlvKltviLLB,"
to which he Invites all: Who; <I06lre;flr5t^cl ass'Board
at; mod era te < rates.'y. -. Clea n 1 i ness in/ tho Cooki h g D e-
partnichtmay be relibd on," as he has engaged tlie
services of a flrst-clhss {WHITE) Cook. /      v. ��� Y:
...655* LIQUORS AND. CIGARS, of tho best.bran-Js
may b'c obtained at tho B.Vr.   ; [;:. ��� '-*'.'       ';     aul-A;
���  Y^-vf<���*��y   ./>:   y,   * ���.���.;���*.*���.**.��
������ [Incorporated'by Ro^al Charter; 1862]
CAPITAI,,    i   .   .~7AZ .:..���: g2 cAA n
- - ���:    With powcrto increase!  ,0��'000/
Drafts issued on the Bank's bra *<��������� ,
IN   VANCOUVER- I3LAN1) ~ ViCTo;? i s
In the United States :
OREGON, yy -,^^rcmTLANr
NEW YORK,    ..    Messrs. Bku. * (A...
.    . Agents Jor.the.Bank of Mohtre-^ '"'
ON CANADA-Tho Bank of Molitr^l
ON SCOTLAND^Trie British L*oW C^
pany^s Bank. i<; ''���'   '" ' -��� u vv���*.^
ON IRELAND^The Bank;:bf Ireland
[ON ENGUNp^-ge B^ofBri^^
:biaTHead;'.Offlco^East India Avenue
:Leadeuhail street. *     * .',!"*��
frosty pane, the ..railway system is rapidly
herring-)>oneinfr those vast plains, which, a
year or two ago, were monopolized by Dako-
tahs, Sioux, and Buffaloes j and wealthy
.States will, in a few years, be found pouring
eastward, immense commercial profits in return for present expenditures.' Now is our
chance if wc are not to be forever left behind. .;
pti���www* ".�� ���     n.f
Gold Bars.���We wish to direct attention to
the announcement of the-Bank of British
Columbia, by'wliich it will he seen that increased (aalliiies for the disposal of gold bars
"are offered to.the miners of Cariboo.
. B. B. 0.���T h e C o I o ni s t an n o ti n ccs th a t. Mr.
Powell Accountant, will relieve Mr. Jones as
manager of the agency of the Bank of British
..�������, Columbia -in Barkerville. the latter srentle-
,;jPt%dornWdertake arrived  last
lesstba mother country will Ao so, who will ?l night, about eight o'clock.   Mv. G. D- Wright,
who  can? / tetany IhihgtlmtHhe cbloriy has' f,*rtm ��"rtC'""1 JI*
y roaa wi tf j on h Vo n federa tio n y Bay th ose w bo
are o p posed to t be grapAl scheme for ."* in ity.;
yp"bssihly ;'&6.;; biifc^ npi probably ,spZ: .Where
=;wf.U;>hbr"c)up?iaI!comefrom? .Will tb�� Unit**
attempted*-to do on  and fbr.ifa own behaTf
;answprtheae questions^   The Canadian Gov-
crnmenf, possibly at the instance of the Home
Government.Tjave had the railway question
""^consideration for some time, and the
Canadian press are enthusiastic iu favor of
the scheme, the .only difference of opinion
'������;j^"��fp:-^I*Pon the route to be taken.
The Montreal .Witness-X a widely .circulated
jmirnaj. andLwhich has a powerful influence'
throughout Canada,  advocates, buildiii" the
of giving large tracts of land to companies
fe?Anp purpose as was Appeyhyy jthei United
btates; a hat would be/;a .n^re^economical
method,   fcays the Witness:: '   :
.!? 4' .??^�����nt has been starterl in; certain
quarters tow^ds the grandest public speca-f
lotionllns enterprising conntry>has yet known.
A lana bonus isbein?spoken of to aid the '
constructimi of a Pacific Eailway. : With the
^vmnnV^8 ^  5? Vh? ***** G���*&��� fe'Ifft I
ftympatby.   Ban Francisco bids fair to outrun I
J: its con fl��ence xv i th the% Fr����scr, 13 to lot.-
��� Ton dew for tho/said Porry; Vri vj 1 euos a r��- rcq��os tod
to b�� sent in.to thei.Magistrate's oHJco, Richfleld, on
or before the FIRST DAY ,0F SEPTEifUER, 1869,. to
be opened at 12 o'clock, noon. ;  !
.��� The Ferry  is to.be worked with a rope as'at present, and BONDS . will be required for the fulfilment
of "the terms of the charter. ; "  -.' ;'
. -The Tolls to be as follows ���:. ���:.   '      ���.-'.;.
Loaded. AnlinaU, cadi ..-,/.;-....������ U ..- -. ���. $ I 00 -
Unloaded. '<-- - . t{ -������"-'. - '��� ��� U . - ' ���-������
Y.���� ' -Wagons ?.���;������ :... . . y. ��� , ....
Freight, p^r 1001 bs;' , ... .-^ . y ....
Cattle-each," - '. -! : - v . .
Siieep, each, v...-.... ui -��� '- -./.-v-..
passengers,, - - . - - ��� . .'-: . t^a>
Terms of. Le*��se, three yyirs. * The rental piyable
quarterly in advance, and the Ferry privilege exlcnd.-
Qve miles up Quesnelli riv<r from its mouth. The
highest tender will be accepter!.
Tenders to be .-sealed aud 'docketed ' *sTenders for
th> Quesnelle River Ferry, near; it's confluence with
thc Fraser River.'��
y ,C. BREW,
Stipendiary Miglsirate.-
Magistrate's Oflloe.        > '
Richflol 1, August 20, 1S69. j" nu21 td
150-Mile   House.
THE ��� andersighed, proprietor or tho aiwvi well,
known au<l favorably situated establislinu'nt,
having purch/tsed thc same from E. Tormey, desires
to inform his friends and the public generally'that
he is now prepared to afford every accommodation, to
tr.i veil ers and others at the most reasonable charges.
The table is supplied with all the substanMai's and
luxuries available in the conntry, and prompt attention given to the wishes of the gue-ts
The B.ir is stocked with the very best brands ol
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
'The Stables are sp.icious and comfortable and at-
tended to by.first class bostler.-i. A plentiful supply
of the best provender of all kinds ulways on hand.
In short, evory convenience and facility conducive
to the comfort of man  and boast will be found,  and
the proprietor Wiirspare no cfJbr'1 to give entire satisfaction to all who may patronize the establishment.
. August 20tb, 1869.        ������ S. ADLER.;
Granted on Victoria^; San ^Francisco, PonUnd and
'���������'*   .  "���"��� ' '���"���.'���"���'-New Vdrlc; '*'.'"' '
Every description.of Banking Business transact^
;   CUARLES S. .10XES, Aircnt
William Creek, Cariboo/ ���"'. r X.'        -y^y
LiGHTSixd: Crkkk.
1 NERS AND" TRADERS;will.find  it   to tlictr-arf..
i)X   va ntage to purchase a t rt li Is'Store, wh era ihiiv tt
'���":. ' A Larok Assortmrnt ot GhbiSs; y'' ^V '
Of the very best description on. hand,,and: Uie Fifvt
constantly replenished by new. arrivals.   The prujiru-.
��� ...-ii   itora will.sell Goods} *;.'���
As  Cheap  as .'any  is .CA��;roo.
Orders promptly filled, and;:forwarded-with dispatch
yyyyy   ������y.x*--    ���      BEKDY'^'Li^HArviv.
^an^inkle, May 12,- 1BG9.' i'^y'. ��� . .Y^Kiprk-tens*: t
^���;��,���?-^;JE   AND ^RETAif/'DKALER
���:   . ��� INV-    - /...    ���       ,./"_
G-roceries, Provisions;
S    FOR    SALE.
was a passenger.   No
from Quesnel month,
easier a mail arrived.
n* ��; Jfcf ?"ifitWo teatn9j fi^m ��� Yale, arrived
at Bark ery tile, yesterday.
his sincere  thanks to those who have
him with their patronage on Mosquito
TTIXOOET  ONIONS   of  the best quality and  in
Li;] splendid condition, for sale, cheap, at '
^lai.yU         X- .:, *  BDWARD^���>���
  ���    ���   - ���    ���      .     ��� Ba rlcor v i J1 o.
5P!'R f    I    "    "~
...., ,...v.�� ..i.i. wim lij'jr paironage on Mosquito
C reek and else where, a n d begs to i n form h is fri en d ���
and the public genera Jiy tljat he hits coirimenced
business fit Birkervilie In the struvi recently: occupied
by C. DODERO, where he has a stock of
"MJNLSO   IMFIJ53TKKT3, <lc., c&C.
Orders from friends on outside creeks promptly at-
.teuded to.--	
45��- Consignments of goods from Victoria and
���Colonial produce from farmers will receivo his greatest attention ami care. .
Barkerville, August 25, 1889, - auSS tf
TipSSRS...ArEACIlAM & NASON are. prepared to
m per thousand.   Shingle./ $12 p3r thousiind.
au21 tf
*J  -BOOTS to ue found on William Creek.
SSff&fteb8 S��rp��*SQ* ��* -^-ade on th
��� : BAUKERVILLE, ..  *
Have now on hand a largo assortment of
���And��� ��� ���,; '   .
G-eneral  Merchandize;;z
Barkcrville, July 13, I860. '  " /    jtiUfiay
. / ���/ 'A&A&iAicm&AM 3K ���
THIS OlHco will bo ready .ror>,business on, or [sbonl
Monday next^ July 5th, in Kane's new b;uil.W>
Barkerville.   ;: r,:-       y'x.y'-- '"��� ���" .yy-Z;
yCHARGSS:. yy:yXyyu
For Assays of Gold Bullion ^(one-half) ol i pcr.cy/
Deposits��� undor'$800 wi 11 bo charged"$4.
Assays of Mineral Orest $10 .each."; yy yX
W.  HITCHCOCK, Chief Mel^r.
Barkcrville, June 30. ISOO; , J�� *>" "^
1 BaukekvmtMi . A'. 'J i
IT AVE purchased thc stand formerly occu pi on ��J'��
li   C. Campbell, and will execute orders for ����nj
REPAIRING done in the host manner, at el
tho lowest rates. . X    _��� rt^v^th
mrKvcry convenience-for SHOEING OXEN ��iw
j.lespitch. .      .    '������:' ,., y -.. -'������    .- ���'.:='"��� ���-���    ���*
""~~A Perfect  Gnreu'. Z3
ii   and General Repairing. Shop will, I^^HJ
f/.Lthc capable of Turning aii<f fitting up J^'^J-
and Wheels, Hydraulic: Nozzles, Hose CouplingR, &o.,
and all repairs of metal work.done.with neatMf-,
^ _   *  ���     ������_       . l_     -.   . ��� ��. -.    .'      ,m.A.��   [Will  SlOV <���"!
merit a share of public patronage.
Barke-rvillu, May 6, 1809.
P-McH-NTER wishes. ,to Inform !"*�� ^^^0^
.   public that he is prepirod- to do HOI J3L&i   f
INT, at $3 per F0|f and.all other kinds, of ���B!����*��II��w
work' a t iWso tii ab 16 ra t��s., ' ��� ���;   ��� > ,.   -. .;; - ������      l���mi{
niUHFIELn, July??*; 186B.   .* W*1
u-v*; THE0Afili������0*SE������TINEL  ���������: SATPSD^  .���������:*������'������.;  m������Biti������i^  At CottonvrooA^AMgOfil ^tb^byji*3������;ReY; Mr Keyn-  jir I Robcr&Puol'ei^ brs.Annantil>u!nfrlesbireV Scotland,  tb- Mlss'E;-SvHamllto^. -- ���������y yy, ;.��������� ~.  ,. ,;���������,., ��������� ^  .^.r  ~mMi^mf^  The folIow;iaff^ar^;*tjhe?^Djy feams which  loft Yale diirin^ih0fweie*)rjending: Aug. 21.yy.  Aug, ;���������. .'1 T���������ffipM^YShare^cx-team,-j7for  An creek, 15,00$4bs forvK^ong ������ee &Co;  A ���������������:, iSr-Samuei McDonald; ox^eam; for  ^���������30j00()7ib3for Hudson Bay Cb.  ''.:'. W.\  m j-E'KPftaGBisDiNGs:  'A[Zy   ;;,.. 7^^ii>^  His Lordship tha/ Chief tfusticeynnd i:Oi  Brew, Ksq-, County CpuiWiid^^  ���������'bench;^y ���������''jZjll7Zs%xl Zxl    uX,A    A<���������'x  ��������� Gflniore, ��������� aod/Sii&ft ;;Vl,;{Jeo^Hutchih8oh  and Ja^eflFhiltii^'' Mlti to .'/re coyer 7$17 7,  balauce paid toyM*������Wfcttl for ^provisions ��������� on  account of defendants;;, V1;-,   '''r*     '1 ���������-<)  On read nig thehilt b^paHicnlar^^bis Lord,  ship remarked 7thaf.: tbeYword-r<vg^h��������� appeared in tho"btli,|nud he had never seen it  ia a legal v'doctfniehtA before.;'; "Z  . ^  .    v  70oufacl7fi^$  /thM^Rrubj'^aS-m^ \ A iZ  His Eor^ip; o^  foufcthat tli^^wordM grub^fiiguiffed a dt^crip^  tion of wohn/di clirysallsi:   ;-'��������� h '.7;'./".  Co tinsel rep lied thatthA word h ad a 1 opal  Bignificatiou^id^hie^o|itd grove ijit if nece s-  eary. ^ y AAsj'A AZX'j y 'J .rS ������������������ ' ���������. ��������� -  vHjs/Lordship > rejoined;;KEossibly ���������'so?;' it  might have been used for a bait; , -  . The $fclrififf������S;li^  "hntC who Afere}partiiersM^ the She^itehead  c I ui in; ��������� sanWih?af : cabin / hjidtasked ���������'iiim yforth e  loan of^5i>! tfial' on inquirii^intoih^r_eir-  cumsfcaoces,/ be told,thonptha"c^50^utd:be  .of no'use 'to them';/ that Hhejr not having any  credit he iiisU'iicted "Ar'Weill ''forfuruiih theni  enraance witjrdihe agreement, the joint bank  nceeuntrof"plaintiff's Twas- drawn  oh to - the  O- 'ii  nished Uw/goqil^m^  and to the bvsl'of his recoiled ion th%-value  amounted to between'S 200 ah cl; S300?^^^^  " rbilHp^'ahd^ Hulclrhison /aeknowletfgea'  Ahoy, were Iildel)ted to^Sin^JRs: and were  willing to, pay .theainpuut; ,iffVIoi 11- fori tlie  faio c wcro piYseh ted*;;" a nd f u r ther isaid ��������� th a t  Ahoy hafcifre<ipentXy~^      for the.bill but  ^muoVriever���������** geH'ohe^ /that^tber amount  C barge A was i n ,e xeeaajaf the va] ue of th e p ro-  Tisi0ha prdvided,. -yZx&KJ ���������-. 2)-:' *   ��������� X >.- *  l*lxi 1 li pa,���������' I n h is ow n b eh al f, al iege'd that he;  had offered/to rpa^ His ^prbjV6riion;(whelher;  Hutchinson paid 0r not) pr0v iding a;b ill f0r  the goods were rendered; ... 1"  .X\ ���������* X.  . . Stuart ;said^ time of  UiCiBarkervHIe^flre..-: '''- y-     iZ<ZZ  Judgment for the plaintifls;Tfor $200. ,.-������������������'  .. A<C, Eilioft vsV5john^6r^nt.^*I*1ns ; was^  case b rough t{to:test$h^  charge the; folio wing^ fees/in his capacity of.  ���������<jfieriff:l Z.     'yl 'Xuxy. Z -. \Zy   . .v" y '    A.  For everyjuryman^Bftj; 12,iat lOs^ each,   $30  -For 12 Warrants,; fo;eac*3^;7- :.'--Z-  -;.;;. XI&  For hailiff summbni ngy each :.*j u ry ni an, x  -���������2b, each; y������   A-'1  .->-':/-" Zy- y - 7'':6'  For bailiff��������� in* 'attendance per day. ������ 1 la .    5  ..������������������������������������:y'Yy,Y Kit-���������:?���������:���������;,'.;/.:'.;yiu-:'.'yi-'.1.������������������-���������'���������;'>.  >������������������ :,*: 'AZaZA Z: zzzyAZZZuyuZ -*������u  Deputy- ,6^i"9(ri^''it' *���������$$ '���������$$&$$ 'M:\ &Z0y  Slliott,'; pwdu'eed; A schedule -oMees. which  was a copy of the schedule;!of Xt'es charged in  Vancouver Island, and by which bVregn-  Uted his fees oc charges in Oaribpo.-Y  His  lordship" exainiaed   the   document,  ��������� bich  proved to be one which he JumseK  ' ad iuitiaied', '��������� aa signify i ng h is a p pro bat i on  f the same, and whichhe had" drawn.for (be  Legislative Coii ncif to ri ass ia to law.; but it  could   not- g!ve-4egal sanction-to the fees  specified, as the Legislativ,e Co������ nci I, ha d not  made the. .schedulo law, although \t woi 1 Id  ehield the sheriff from any,act ion for extortion. ".-. Xu Z.AX.A.. 1 l X' X'ZiX\Z   iy-XylU',-. A  Mr. Walker, on behalf of defenicfcinj;, tnain-  taiaCd that:as there had been no legislation  i n the colony n pon the'. siibjec t, the sh eri (f  could not legally charge anything, more -than,  what was allowed by the EDgHsh law.  A long and learned discussion ensnod between his Lo rdship anA A Mr. Walke r,, th e  "sequel of which was; that although there was  no colonial law upon tbe subject, and that in  consequence the sheriff! could only adopt the  Eriglish' scale 0f"fees, yet the master of a  Court of Exchequer was. empowered to regulate fees, which, after sanction of thc judges,  was binding ; and that the Registrar of the  Court here cOuid do the same; ��������� As, however,  ���������the document by .which the sheriff now regu-  blame Tor' not  1 ated fees had ;neithe^ legislative;nor polltical  sanction, arid bad only been approved by  him (his Lordship) foi\legislative enactnien't,  the plai niti ft* would j either A ave to take' a n 0 n-  siiit or judgment[Jbrv^be guinea (S&)/which  the English law allowed the sheriff for attend-  ance afrcourt;    ' ,n,>     y-->   u- rr-y)     , ������������������  7^MtvvIiCe; tber^u^gri.-agreed to accept a nonr  .suit;,r" 7." ���������"; M':'";;r '*''" ' 'Z' 1 !:":''" '. - '���������"" '  Z His Lordship,-in the course (of X the (discussion; re rn arked that i t wo u Id ie n nj list' and  uhreaspliable to expect that the sheriff shbliId  only be.allowed the English 'fees,;-asy fOwiiig  to .the ������c a ttere d -po pul ation, the: sheriff - was  oftcnrpbliged to .undertake:; iong* and:>expenn  siy^joiirneysrihi the^vperrormahce of his  dii ties; fe/The* ������L egisl a tiy eZ- Coun ci V ��������� were7 to '  ki a ^-...-,r-���������=;- i. -*������������������������������������-$tffipj������ long ago:attended  "'  " '    '" '       their, at-.  Council -had  riegldcterX'; that:;ahd> many /other matters of  importance.  ;;r :>  Mr; Walker also remarked that the fees  b eing bo.' fii gli was tiie Caiis e why the re we ire  so few juries called; f"���������������������������*T ���������;;    '      ' : F    y  rMrY fcee, ��������� said ytliat, the (f^es y^were[ ��������� not; the  cause why juries" were, seldom required, but  the dimiuution of litigants was owing* to 'the  lawy^w* fees being so high; yZ'AXy  ; J The^case of fHaragan vs. f Walsh,- in which  plaintiff claimed $100; vthe value* of a^ -nxiile  alleged to have-been dead at the,time ol* pnF  cliase, ^came^ hiefpve a j ii ry' to-day ..^We' have  reported the, case at length in a,,preyious  issue;. The jury gave'ai verdict for the;' plain-,  t]ff. 7   ' '   .. ��������� .. ��������� .   '. .. . ,. .' . f" '��������� XXA.u"..'='*'���������  fhe matteiv when; it was ?bi;6u������bi 'to  tefflibny Tbiit- the; Legislative ;C6  Onythe HoDxiAiks^O^Wednesday last a  large and joyous party;minted horses for a  ride tojMount Agnes^P  deld. :a proposi ti0n >to :/storm /the' government  buildings pnA give thebaicials an airing was  nfgafciyCfl,! ^oyaUy;;an<i /adiniration^ of / the  powersihatibeyeing deep-soafed sentiments  with the-majoilty.>yGaily and smoothly the  eJjUes t rians7 p roceeded ;along::- the -to 1 ir taxed  TOu^YOi^c^byTthe ^quedlict^bf? the Bedrock  Flume C67 and no thing occurred Ho; matfUje  pleastirable scnsalionset tbe^party until after  piissijtg������the dairy /farm :b6use;;which;is cbn-  .veni^tlyTlocated close^tO; tbe>foresaid aque-:  duel/ wheuone of Uie joyouSiridersf wb$; bad  been unahi monslyf electee! genera linearly suffered the same fate;which/befell one of the:  sons^of Scriptural Solo rn on; Of twospatbs  general's vhprseYSuddejily selected/that  irlay betweeb^twotreeSj the branches of  i/w^re., close! yl i h tori nopAy Having :once.  Pie n the branch- co ve red path A the a agacio us:  equineYpcrsistedi in- ;goirig 'through, to .the  g reat disco m for t bf the general, wh ose loud  ad monitions to the animal"- and exclamations  indicative of distress; were- kindly^pr^i^ed  by;the-troopju uproarious bursfcof laugli!:er  and three cheers for the general;-vThe^moclv  iBg -echoes-'eagerly resp0nded, and the ravihe  becainev;av h\ij5e.ymnsical-;box^ oiif? of^order.  Arri v ing at f;Ma:nndset lake it was d is covered  that: the genera I was ; hi is,si hg; ;aiid.-a seo nthig  phrty was^brganizing:;when stiddehiy the* 1 ost  one cam e in si gii fe, si ngi iig ra er r i 1 y, \ and. \y;as  greeted with: louder cheers* th ati before, which  as toriishe d ?lh e >:p lac id;, lake u n ti lit ri p p I ed.  The'^general,'sknding In stirrup, made; .an  eloquent speech1,'congratulating the troop' on  their arrival 'at-a plaCef 0f/;safety^:.Quartermaster Harp er then i n fo rm ed the m th a t  luncheottvwas ready, jind; all-united.in expressions of admiration at .the efficiency/ of?, that  ge n tie m a nisi, arr angemen ts; ;���������;; No t w itbstandi ng  the fate of the celeb rated Weller, and his inT  juncttoh7to;;bpware :pf ?th'e/,wJdowsj the troop  . i ni me di ately co m menced; au -ac ti ve courtship,  of which Widow Cliquot was^ the object.  T heir ' devotion took the ��������� fo rm of a regular,  vocal cohcert-,^ in /which / Scottish melody;  see m c d to h a v e th e p reference, and al though ''  there was none of that/kind'of beverage for  which.','", Willie ..brjew'd a^ peck A9: rnaut,r;j ho-  llii rig mo re i hi bar ni ony with th e ,vei n 0 f so ng  than Chateau-Margaux, yet the. music was  wel I main tai n ed, en co uraged, d o ii b tless, by  the mouulain air and scenery which had some  of the buoyant characteristics of the Scottish  Highlands. ��������� After Widow Cliquot had been  fairly wooed and won, Mr Harper's foresight  as d i sp lay ed i n th e p r e p ar a tio ns made fo r the  ar ri v al 01- th e t ro 0 p, rece i ved d he co ra in eh d a-  tio n, and h is h eal th was d ran k with th ree  titnes-three, properly introduced by the time-  lio'hored 'iJac'chaUaliJin melody. "He's a jolly  good fellow." Rifle practice was then commenced, and a manly rivalry provoked by a  proposition, which was unanimously agreed  to, that dinner, ctc'r etc., should be provided for the troop at the. Hotel de Wake^up  in Barkerville by the least expert marksman,  who proved to be the Hon. II. W. W. Carrall.  The general then ordered the troop to advance toward Mount Agues, and Mr Harper  intimated that those who had the small vice  of smoking could indulge, as there were  plenty of choice Havanas at hand, whereupon  the troop generally availed themselves of the  Cuban product, and the ascent:of Mount  Agnes was commenced:by the eastern slope.  Nothing particularly noticeable occurred on  the way, except that when the party had  reachedjthe.centre; pfoa/park-like ipfrce/of  woodland ^report reached > the. front that anr  accident had pecurred; f. and the doctor- was  joudly������a!led. Immediately;the wbole;of te;  party> galloped^hard^tbnhe rear?where sure'  enougJxfQn a mossy slopelay<6heofithetroop  Anpatent\y writhing in ^ agony������of, pain/^as.  ' though pn'e of his legs was'severely/wounded.  The doctor immcdiateT^ and ten^  derly/ and sympatbeticailyi������approached^ the  wounded man/ j n quiring ;.i n tbe; gentle /tone: of  the pr^i'essjbn, ���������' Where are you hurt MA Attert  a wel 1-feigned ��������� groan; the/wqundod mart Isiid-  denly , j hm pod ��������� toy bis / fee t ? and; commenced  singing** Willie brew'd apeck o1 maut^7 ac-  cpm p amed with tcrpsiclioreah demo hstratib ns:  yery much like; an Ihdian polka,Vtoythe great  disgust;^bf;!;tbe/; doctpi*,,who iustantaneoualy  discovered that he. had  been A badijr sold.'*  Three, cheers for the doctorandthe^ troop ad-;  yanced until they came to '"a grassy plateau���������  where; was"presented one; of the finest sights  ihat jBri i isb Co 1 umb ia is ��������� cap ab le of. afford ing  to the eye of the political ecbnomisli..' A large  6arid;of/as ina^hificent'cattle a������ ever fed^/pri  Durham meadows co oily bo nfronted the troop;*  'they jbelohge/d Ita; ithe) Jtf essrs: HarperrB r09;i:  a"tid the adm iratio n of tlie/more patriotic r of  the troop 7b urst ��������� in toA. eul Ogisti c speeches ��������� 1 n ���������  which ^Messrs/Harp er^Briti shy Col umb ia and  the /cattle were as[ well interlaced as; the:  branches; by :which the general nearly .realized.: rthe fate of/AbsaAdmi7 The 'Indian-al>  tehda'n ts were ordered to uri co rk some ��������������������������� black  bottles^ and at ter testipg t^irJpntenls''a;ion^  and extremely interesting speech7was deljy-;  -Cred.^the/dp5ipj^(w  his cliagrin), in* which-the future of British  Columbia was1 avprbsperous 'era, with ^cattle  on a ttioiisand\hillsparid ;the descendants of  the/Harpers, were as great ai they ought tp  be' with ��������� the^eXainple and" inheritance" pf * their  enterrynsiug;progehlt6rs.f-lLea^  arid "the1 piateau,7and^ winaing "round"the  monntain, the ascent /waa made by way of a  ravine'running upv nanlivay betw;een Moupt  AgncSftahd7one enthusiastic ;equestrian ascended the summi t oii/horscback. The view  there .presented is too; snblime Jor any pen  but that'of a^ mfe&r7jniha to describe; and  w,e -rdescend/from/the atteniptiatfdesenption  togethert with thevtropp, who niade their  way to:,the1 house;vi *atj,;tb8;t* * lalcey* wfiere  there   was '?���������' aZ bountiful /^supply' of ^ bodily  indulgejice iuYthevmental food'siippHedr b^  the -suhlimeJ;scene ^at/thevtop of ^the7niounr-  tain. 7After^duly; regaling, themselves]y the  troop Tproceeded i to 7^110ther7meadow:)ike  plateaUjSvhere7^.flpek 'of splfm^id sheep" yere  feediug.1 It was^resolye-d^o count the sheep  and inform Mr. Harper whether'all were  there that 'ought :tb" have/been'^whereupon  the iropp. ^uiider the instructions;^ Mr^Tbm  Moorenvho" favors Mr. .Harper- ?with- his "services, ranged ; themselves: ih^ the/ niauner  usually adopted for that;' purpose. fiThe  couiitihg ; wa3/.beguh7 ahdYafter*;'a" few^hjin-  dreds were! ehumeratedione^ of the trppper^  whose dispositioniter a- melpdy;: had become  unusually.inflated by the mountain airy suddenly forgot the, object of the ^arithmetical  business' on hand and /burst into song with  "When the kie comes hamej^ and the^eonse:  queht exciteiheht: of 1 the lambkins; rendered  all attempts. at enumeration abprtiyeVZAn7  other effort, after- the melodious man ;had  gone thrbngh his^^ strain^/ wasYequally/fuMlei  but an approximate estimate /was raade. from  thos������ that bad been ebhnted, and the flock  was set/down asxomprising-2,000 sheep and  lambs.' Our harmonic friend offered- to renounce all future efforts at sbng; if*rfte^;were;  hot 3,000./; The plateau being wide and:, comparatively smooth; gave an'excellent opppr-  tunity for" equestnan.:;..practice,, and. seyeraV  efforts to pick up a; ha^from the ground were  made, without iiny serious results.- .The^trobp  now became:mutinous, and all sorts of ipdig-  nities were inflicted upon/the general.  xYmqhg other, wild pranks, the caudal appendage of bis horse was seized and twisted, and  the general became indignant at the general  confusion, but finally succeeded in/ restoring  order. After examining a quartz reef which  cropped but for about forty yards,, in pieces  of which everybody saw gold that was not  visible to the eye, the troop again proceeded  to the house at the lake,, and again regaled  themselves. Some more 'rifle "practice v and  some fence leaping were indulged in, and  they returned to Barkerville and enjoyed the  doctor's forfeit at that prince of restaurants,  the WaUe-iip-Jake������ :  GEKisROus~The citizens of Quesnelmou th  have subscribed the. sum of .$'150 for the  benefit of Mrs Roberts, the widow of tht unfortunate man who was:lost froni the steamer  Victoria. She is destitute and has three  small children. We understand that a subscription paper will be circulated on this  creek for the same purpose, which we have  no doubt will be liberally.responded to.  Tn b Mainland Guar d Ian is to b e; th e ti tl e  of a now weekly paper to be started at Now  Westminster, by Messrs. Sulci* & Rose.  1   Mixino rrjEMfeTbe;;cbntinuabce of show-  ;ery weather keeps the-snpply of water large  ^PQPSteto,enable the;compahiesfbn r:adjacent A i  creeks,.to, maintain Yope^  Stout'giilch a ye^I^  ty:bring 'ali7tb������i$meric#^ ,  ^cbmpanies-^ into������^tivily?;ymeitherYim^  draulicingjbeen fullytresumed^tt-Williams  pree^Y The Bark^r-p^TTashedvnp 32 ApA> fbr^  ithe half-week ^'ahd, the/'GaHbob, cb^ '45.^bz/  With'the exception; of the'cpmmencbmeh'lfor  ashaft' near^ the" left bankf a ifow-paces' abbve?  'the Morning* iStar eut/lby ainew eomijany^t  ���������therey- is -ynothing;; new:;;tp; rbiiprt ^^.WUliantY  creeks  Tiie Chipps; ieoiA i&^eAffiepknng *to*  I work their * grbupd! by rrth'hlhg adrain'from-  Hhe Mippfer / sbiift^pf; ��������� the^^dBter-Camptieti cb^^  Having:ffinish^di'tthejrfUtap^drain^^the heW^ :  ! Moffat ,co,; ha^e ppmmehped to open on theirV  grpu nd to; the ileti otliiiieft shaft.; tThe Cale- ���������  doriia coysipce drifting'a\vay;rVbm  ���������shaft- have not been!getting much pay; owing?  -  itbfcheipitching"off ofahe/Tockjf'necesgitating-  Ipyelling'ithe;;/driffe iOniVWednesday' thei'  MuchOj prprcp^ wasjjed ^up 35 ?oz.;^ the"Taff;|  ���������vale co.j[56i oz"; thet/ppmbsfc'6'At H ioz. ;Ttie*;;  Floyd co.,,24 oz.; and llie Jenkins; cot^ma'd^  [expenses^ /These figures indicate the .results^  ;pf. the,; bal^week^ ^.w^ork; L vThe ^AUuroa^  ^Hop^land Giearihiie* cbs;^  dperaftio'risk; ;ahd the JHighVlowyadk' co; ^itre^  sinking a shafts- On Conklin guich;Hhe^elix^  CO;- wa8hed]up 23 bz^frbm' thetelower^, shafts  [and on T']mj'sday,7l5i���������oz^Yfw  [shaft;   Tbp McDowell7co.. washed ApAAoTiiy  Ah ^Wednesday.   The 'Whi^^Pine cH* liiiw  gbt'fairly commenced wi th{1thin^^hnfh^  arei runhihg^ thrpughf bluo^clay^- TheSEe^-  ;fre\vjco.washedup nearly 14pz^fpritDeihaiftt  [weekly ^ The yother . companies / pn * GprikliU}  'giilch^arelwo^ija^'r^  get;; ttatf���������'; what'���������; thby ���������are^nbwy^e'Wi^^ J6n  Pmnch icreek^/tbe^BasljeriivSiop^t 00. are1  ^dowhi35jfeet witfc their /shaft ^Yanddtoe^jGos-Y'  nipp olitan, col, who we^b upyant/ abpiit y I n di^  catiohsi A are do wn aobut YCO^feefc; with^their7  shaft;   The2Ambrose4"ahdJ feeea-lsreaf coH  [have%bottomed^ bu& nhavel not / sWck^lie  channel. ; (^n^Thujsday,- ,thp ^Gou^pck^cpiy  who* are  wprking7ihr the./old. Unifed Jco.'s;  ground^ bn^tJbnl^n/gu^ l^Lthe Jim  ro ck "of ;a; channei^here they rbuhdvgooa' /iri'-- y  dicationsi3i>They thihlr they have struck^;part? '  ofji tlieV cfran nel: rwhtchy paidYthe^ayisfco. 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X  yy.-'-  X   . v./     'y    'JOHN My WARK,-   1  ...'.'���������      ..-.    :/ - -., .,'���������.. .Agent. ���������'���������  ��������� Barkervllley July 12v!186fi /���������':   (        "���������   Jul4 2oi v  notice:    7    .  '"X !lA PERSONS^;;ind,ebitexi ;ti^^ the; firm,, of /AD AXIS k  JXZ PEARCY, of;^irkprvillev BQ,;are r^aeste;! Ajii  sGt���������tie'.,thcir.Wcb'uatsAbef6re,. tbo ,15th. of. SeptemlH;r  next,r:and all persons'Having claim's against theHMd,  flrmarc requested;to present/their accpuntsvfor pay.^  ment. 'yX'-y^-Z '���������-'���������   /���������- X,m       x^  y.y-y yy yixruxyxyuXBAMB &xms&$:'-  ���������. ..Barkeryille,,August24j,1.869 ,,-,.y y;,a (;.-:.av2by.c,.  JAS: ��������� P. TAl'tOR desi res to state that he's till kenps  ; ou;h is b'usin'ess at the old,;stand. .where ��������� he. h.*;������-  Pat'orit Alefijcines of all kinds qn;hana;.. Also FRESH  GARDEN SEE DS: ���������: Prescriptions careful ly c.bmpou n-; -  od at:reasonable/rates; ;���������* "Next door to/'Cunio^s Brer.--.  ery.-" '-,>/'/.  y ������������������.   '/    yiy    '.- ���������  .':-   . ��������� -'   -. ���������  Barkcnille; May 5; 1809. -.:-'-'������������������     ' '���������*���������' '���������'"'"���������' lm   >   /'  JOSHUA A.  LOTT.  fred. w.: CROUD ace;  LV  PEAtEBS  Enslisli Ale and Porte  J ON   DRAUGHT,   '  CHOICE WINES AND LIQUORS,  "No.   012    SACRAMENTO   STREET,  :Above Montgomery, San Francisco.   aulSlm  PAINLESS  TOOTH   EXTEACTION.  DR, CHIPP IS PREPARED TO EXTRACT TEETK  and perforin short operations without P''"j&Siy  the aid of tho apparatus discovered by Dr. Richar,m*n;  of London. ' This valuable discovery produce& tnson.  sibilityin the part alone, and renders unnecessary  the administration of chloroform; U     ,-U;  ;  OFFICE���������Next to Rpunio's Boot,etore, Barkerville,;  Office Foe, $5, Teeth extracted, or filled with Q\AA;  $5 -��������� ���������'��������� myl'.fim :A  my2Q  At DbNOUYION"A KURT^.'  ' ������������������    CBWWCT8*flHMIMh������.  ���������uamuNAy-r- XTTSRttm //,^iv>j ^fMISGELLANEQIJS:��TiAl>^^xU
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Importer ;of, Books, Stationery,;' and ^
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^Si;ig^Mph; ''Hotel;
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1'     '.".'< ".;     /      vilify,   ';y-'    -.Y iJi^M
and Ornamental En"grav4ng;ce^ly o^ccuted, <,', r,'-,
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.^���:;,i;/~:;,. fSpcnper, and Amerlcan,Henry���;. y7T?yT~
Repeatin^Riaas:^'-/' y~y yy<y.yy,yy yyy\
-,The ^EI^^m03tER>^are'^echeapest OlirtM^
known:-carrying: lAiiiin ownMgriitibn^ aivd beingInade
Bbard^$ 1^ per-We^IriXySiA^:mei\S\
A ^ QYSTBR 'mW^^^pUA^k^
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^ATI^/S^REETtY^S"^"'/;/"" ������'
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YtMay 14*18681;vy\ " iU'ix   ; X'X'yly -\y <  7.*^6mi ���
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LrrsBAitT FiJfA^Y^The/'follo\ving  notice
&Mi?W1$i tfiytpei p:iaybilisf/a;fc the^Haynlarket |<   lfr/aio at. the "Se.vti.yix Office, and.forwarded by
Theatre ^^^^^��^Zk^^ nleige \^<"������^?^
do#n in: the Londoii theatres; surrep tUiously I j; - i    Zi���~���.'"": f ���/ '"*   --^
^rai?'/UNbERSIGNEB ;?BEGS -TO   ^FdRSl "IIlS!
���ms 1'rldial.rand the public/ that tie has flttectup so-ne
Gf3i^F^RT^BL:E   ; BED;: IrtOPMS
iA&WMtfi hoiAAirig, where! be is,,prepared":*<6-Vgf ve
good-Beds1 ;.;af- a _! reasonable price;' // Thcjsc - whb-;\vfll
sU'tfipAjyi^ T(Aim
|G.R:Ax>S   INN, IIO ABy hOmD PN
������:-������;-���.*    f.J      .^HpLEfiALE.OKLY,/    Yjul026tl��
BY '..-JAMES AxNBGRSONv.        -
:-.r/>'*''; ���������'- ,7.'.one' .dollar;
V '" ;; *;.* y xxx ale, AAA x 'A'"
Ari A til) e-.t'r a c am a teura wj ll b e it h. I e to j ii d go-.h y ,-th oni
selves .that.such honorable prize b'ds" been'ju's'tlv'
av<-"rirded tdhird;:    Xui'- /'������ ��������� f.��/i :.':*. rr v:y- yi/y;*
- NvHi'^-Alar^e front room to let. / pi nM l-iXyy,
.Barkopville, Jans,2$, J86V; y.     A'-.��� </N.">GtTMOj.
i;y.'i ,^.   Eort-streetJ^ktoriaj?\^.^^ : y
a* X .'tuA Yi.' ylUiiiyt^Zi Xtiiyiy h>*��%'ifxy-y^^^
Ppare h0 e(Tort in. solecting|;a,pdf:.^eping^ftn; assoi;!���
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I^v.-'iSAffVA Y:ir ��!f^S��i^s��a.v?\"iIW.'^>*t ?^;.*i
��SO;LE S A LE-1ND     EE:P^
.^ "V^^ft:^ttiftNE*RV*i1L;W^->.;
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English ^an^^ench"^
Undeixlothi^ gffl>/i
; des^ript^^
^Receive regalaT supplies by^EKpress, via.Panama. .
Restaiii-aiit': aiid   B akerjr.
continuance of their confideuoe and support.   ',"
Meals,  $1.    Board,   $16-pery;Week
BREAD  HADE  0^Z^^^-^SJ^li
We recommend t;o.the public onr .  ;. !
"ZZAy: Z Ax^oi^^ ftf^u A '*��� '
All buslne^ckroruiiy an^if^f^iy^lten'
Mayt, 18'68;   ^ta.fc.*,;.��vV'.'*-,"^;r   ,;-/'"
ded Id,
n���,   '  -u    ;,     :a    PATTERSON.& GOODS,0\\. '
~~JAs�� t^m^rsonP~z~^^
.    -I\   A��*ut, BhrJ<;crvilie.:.' ��������� (   ���.   " -r,"
��J   f ir /^i'i^ComIl*,nies';Books^
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Cb^e/tr'BbW! f^p||e' H' J
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��� ���Ynl��, May l^l fflr.y ������, A\.noi];i w^? 1L!��--^-^-^
FronVl^rce^;���ov.Brit|s^ :
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