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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-08-30

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 p������|^-������^  (jixe of the drollest scenes-of Vituperation  ���������ffiat Daniel lO'Cohnell. iMe- celebrated Jrish  autho^  ; part of iuslife^ Not>lpngrafter Ke";was Galled  to itie bar,-Iris ^^cter?aijLd peculiar talents  received rapid recognition from, all who were  casually ac#^  vituperative language was perceived^ and by  Bonie he was^even '���������-ife thc^se> da^^risi#ered  niatchlesaas'a scold. , However, there was at  that time in Dublifc a certain woman, Biddy  Moriarty, who had a huckster's stall oh one'  end of the, quay, nearly /opposite the Four  Courts. She was-a ! virago of the first order,-  very able with her .tongue., From. oneV end of  Dublin to the other.ihe was; Notorious for her  nowers of abuse; .arid even in the provinces  Mrs.Moriartyfe language had passed into'currency.. The dictionary of Diibiih slang had  been considerably enlarged by hery and her  yblubleness had almost become proverbial I  Some of O'Connell ?s.friends;however;| thought  weapons. Of:this,-ho.weyeri he Jbadispmadoabt  himself [when he nid -listened once or twicei to  some minor specimens of her^UUrigsgatey; It  was mooted once'^whether, the youngKerry  barristei* could encounter, her, and;some, one  M thei company; (in O'GohnellJs presence) ra-?  'therridiculed^the^ideayof his-l)eihg"able; to  meetithefamous Madaiii Moriarty, ��������� O'Gonhell  never liked theidearofybeing put'down, and  confessed-his readiness tpyenp attd  even backed himself for the match; ;Bets were  offered and taken; and it was 'decided that the  patter should come off ;ai onc& y i   ;    '   >  , IJjflie .party adjourned to:fe  -and^re^as thejownerherse^  .ing.the sale of her small wares.   Afewloung-  ,ers' an<i ragged idlers were also lingering  .around .the stall, for Biddy was a '^character,"  ;and in her way was one of the sights of Dublin.  iQ'Connell was very conOdent of/success.  He had laid a very ingenious plan for overcoming her, and, with ..all; the :anxiety. of an.  ardent^xperiraentalist, .waited to put it into  practice.���������At this>tiaie.0!GonneU?s bwh.party  and the loungers ������bout the place" formed an  audience quite sufficient to rouse' Mrs. Mdriar-  ty, on public provocation, to a due exhibition  of her powers.: O'Connell commenced the attack by saying:  "What's the price of this walking stick, Mrs.  Whatrs-your-natneV1    '     :' ��������� ' ���������'  "Moriarty, sir, is my name, and, a good one  it is too, and whatrhave ye to say agin it? And  ^fWhyj all; your nbighbb^  that^ypu^not only.; keep ,S hypothehuse, but  that you have two diameters locked up in your  garret^and^at^you go to walk with them  ??  every  ';  "Oh!  hear  Published JSverx  Monday akd /Chuiisday;  .'���������;'^.;;;;bank|^cpresses, &c:     \ \ 'I'  ������������������-. -   .���������������������������.  ������������������..>.. -O^ssiS^-.'*- -.,>.-��������� -'-"C ���������:������������������,< ^-/- .. y~ - -  y,   ' -.yT^BANK Of ' -----  Offio&^BARKERVIPMJ, Vru^AxaGR^C^mob.  . ��������� ��������� '' Subscription, > $1 'per ;week,!y<: .-.'���������.���������  (Including cost Ot delivery,)-Payable-to the-Carrier,  A.  B ARKEH VILhE,������ ������������������ , r'  ,^u heartless old heptagon.??'  n ttiai-t ye saints^ in glbryl   Ohl  that s bad language for a fellow who wants to  pass himself; off for a; jintleman. May the  deyil^y.away^yith you,you.micherfrbm Mun-  ster; and bake celery sauce from your Gotten  limbs.?'    '������������������������������������i\-:::,v'-- .'���������-���������/.'���������/'.���������  "Ah, you can't;deny the charge, yoai miseV  able submultiple of a duplicatefraction."y\  "Go rinse your mouth in the Liffy,.you nasty tickle pitcher. After all the bad words you  speak, iiought to be filthier than your lace,1  you dirty chicken of Beelzebub." ; V  ,AVRinse your mouth, ybuwipked old riolygbn.  To the deuce I pitch you> you,blustering intersection of stinking superfluities."      -  ��������� "You saucy tinker's apprentice, if you don't M'Jk R^   fRfl M   ^ Q: T P^Fi I'  ceaseyo^ir jaw, ril^-'?;   ��������� ���������   / < w,      ���������<i   -��������� " V }* >     V  ���������   ^ :y>M  hawk up. any'more words,; for; the last "-volley ������������������;-������������������ ;?��������� ���������'������������������ $p ;y;';y^yyy;;;^  yoWey  of O'Connell had nearly knocked the,; wind out  of her.'  :...,.���������;-;;    y- 'y ,-.  '���������������������������  i^^ilstlhaye, a^tongue I'll; abuse you, you  most:inimitable periphery, l ;Lbok at her, boys  ���������there she stands���������a cohvicfed perpendicular  in petticoats!   There's contamination in her  circumference^ and she: trembles, with guilt  down to the extremity of her corollaries. Ah I  ybu^re found out,- you rectilineal antecedent  and equiangular old hag!   ^Tis you the devil  iwill fly away;with, y 011/jp prter swiping simi) i-  tude of the bisection of a vortex."  i;;.: Overwhelmed with this torrent of language,  Mrs. Moriarty was: silenced.. ��������� JCatching%p her  sauce-pan, she was aiming it at 'O'Connell's  head, when he very prudently made a timely  retreat.  "You have won the wager O'Connell," cried  the. men who proposed the contest. u Here's  your bet." - ���������.-.-.������������������     ;���������  PAID UP OA^g  DBAKTSJlSSUEuM  ;.-S'vy'yTN;V.'"  '; '-^Ty It.VICroSfeNDi NANAIMO,  ,yy/������������������.���������.;-. y-yyy;^-^^-- ���������>������������������      ���������   -   -     -  $1,562^500,  ������-,increase.)  HE BANK������SBRA^OH5J^"/  VER ISLAND;'* ;"C  ME COLUMBIA,-     %   .  NISWf WESTMINS13#S^  ���������' POWDER/ FUSE, &c., &c.;  ���������I '������������������'   '   it' -also; "*    r;- '',  STATIONERY.  :*V:  > ���������/::���������:;  i  :\   IN: TH|������ITED STATES^  SAN^ FBA^OlK-  PORTLAND, OREdON.  ' S'r. ' "'- ' \  yON THE? BANK^MIONTRBAL; IN CANADA,   'v    ';.  t-M  Montreal, Tordn tb-^  8ton}/Oo^ourg^  !W|c, Hamilton, Lohddrifkingv\  DI?yJlJ������?, 'BraritiOrfii;>'Brock-'1       ' '  iPFiuMf,'! niih'W.'. -���������{i\-,i,rx\-i ~'y> ��������� :-    ���������'-   ���������>���������'  ������AlN^Mi;4H.i>i)������;.������MW fsimf ���������������^,.~>*>������iivM������,>C������������iiW"y������l.  ON,NEW/YORK~0^  &, ���������������������������'������������������������������������-'--  y .!.- S..THOMPSONT, Presidbxt;      ���������  'JAMES ANDERSON,. Vjois-Pjibsidest.;'-  JOHN MacLARBN1,. V  DR, W.'.B. WILKINSON. .:l Directors.  JOHN ADAIR,  . j  Ethe-Banlcof'Mohirduli ' , *���������  ON'SCOTI/AND���������T^^ftjSH'LI^EN, GO.'S BANI^   'r.  ON IREMND���������UNIWbaNIC.OF IRELAND, LIMITED     :  on e^gb^nd^thM^Vk^f bl mm Columbia, ,  ;��������� v'SfcO/nce, Lombard Sti/LunUciu,   -  , ,.      -      ���������-��������� v^r^.--.I-...1       " '���������  ,,CURRENT ACCOl^^-������������������^ *���������- ���������������^������������������^4 "���������-',  les s-tha ii^On'^: Hiiff"  .  Bills Discounted  on Groat >^BritaiiiJ^  chasud.'; $$&#$?$������  .-.  Government audot%;BetfuHt������i!)3 fpf-eji-eo',for aafa '  - 'i>'ii\ ��������� TatcTfiss3_ei^^Ivu!feiidGyoI^GiPdp,' ' .        '\ <    <  one,and sixpence is the price of the stick.  Troth, it's as cheap; as dirt, and so it is*? -PJ>  "One and sixpence for such a walking stick?  Whew!   Why," you are ^rio better ihan an ini:  po^tof, to ask one and sixpence;for what cost  ���������only two pence." ��������� -       .' '"������������������ ������������������' :X, --���������������������������/������������������'���������-':'���������.'��������� '������������������;;'-.'-: -.' '<������������������  "Two pence,; your grandmother," replied  Mrs. Biddy.    "Do you mean to say that it's  ���������cheating the people I am? Imposter,indeed."  "Ay; imppster; and;it's .that vI call you to  your teeth,'? replieol OyCphhell. "v  v >  "Come, cut your stick, you cantankerous  jackanapes/'"      '"..;..' -y -:;;y-'.,.., y..;.-v-  4 "Keep a civil tongue1 in your head/ you old  rdiagohal;" replied O'Connell 'calmly.  '-.  "Stop your jaw^ youipug nosed badger; or,  by this and that," cried Mrs. Moriarty- ?(I'll  make you go quicker than\yQU opnis.;"-;-^.^.;  ���������"Dpajt .be in a passion, my old radius. An-  ger. will, only wrinkle your beauty/'   ;���������.::.  1 "By hokey, if you say another word of impudence I'll ta,n your dirty hide, you bastely  common.scrub ; and sorry I'll be to soil my  fist with your carcass.",, -  "Whew, boys 1 what a passion old Biddy's  in; I protest, as I am a gentleman." ^ [ ,  \t "Jiotlemanl jintleman! The like of you a  jintleman! Wisha, by gor, that bangs Bana^  gher. Why, you potatoe-faced pippin sneezer,  where did a Madagascar monkey like you pick  up enough of common Christian decency to  aide your Kerry brogue?"  "Easy, now," cried O'Connell, with imperturbable good humor, "don't choke yourself  with fine language, you old whisky-drinking  parallelogram."  . "What's that you call me you dirty raurther-  jng villian?" roared Mrs. Moriarfcy,stung into  "I call you," answered O'Connell, "a parallelogram, and a Dublin judge or jury would  Bay it was no libel to call you so."  "0, tare and ounsl 0, holy Biddy! that an  aonest woman like me should be called a parry belly grums, you rascally gallows bird;  you cowardly sneaking, plate-licking blag-  '..^Aa American lately in ;London, who  Was badgered.by tho ^English.on jjuoostjey^ery  toplcTaf iast,**as hTslli3f deTerraTned'; to go in  on the Mississippi; steamboat style, and brag  down everything that came in his way.. His  chance occurred at an exhibition of paintings,  Where the picture of a snow-storm attracted  general admiration. " is not that fine ?" asked a John Bull; "could you show anything  as natural as that in America?" "Pooh 1" answered the free-b or n American; j- * 'that is no  comparison to a snow-storm picture painted  |by a cousin of mine, a- few years since; that  ���������-painting! was so natiiral, sirr: that a mother,  who incautiously left her babe sleeping in a  cradle near it, on: returning to the room, found  her child frozen to.death I" From that time  bnward,the American had "the freedom of  thecity.??        ���������--. ;<���������.'.,;������������������'���������li-,-'^y;<.V^  .'... ;Thr Universal Practice of mixing Chicory and  other adulteratives with Coffee, has very much damaged In public estimation, what ought io be the most  delicious.of Beverages: / So effectually have the public  been drugged with such/mixiures that the true properties have been lost sight of, and many prefer .a- black,  and thick infusion to a.drink rich in spirit and aroma.  General as is the use of Coffee,, it is little. knoWn'that  in cendensing the vapors extracted from the berry in  roasting, a liquor is obtained of the most nauseous  taste,;and of ��������� a scent the most unbearable. Under such  ci.rcumstancss it is evidently important'that all the  gases and fluids extracted by roasting, should be carried off as quickly as.possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to the Cofe.- wh job';is the-esse in the  confined cylinder. This object is admirably accomplished by the new and patent "Conical Coftcc Roaster"  as used by ^ELL&CO:, Victoria, in which the berry  is riirjctly exposed to the radiated heat, and the vapor  extracted carrlod off instantaneously. In addition to  the advantage to be derived by the rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable properties, the  pure aroma of tho Coffee is retained^ the essential oil  JOHy.-BOWRON,. -  Secretary & Librarian  HIS INSTITUTION ,at������>present contains .about,600  Worcos^r's^arge pictorial Dictionary,^re's Diction-.  ary of tjigLris^Manuifactur'esand'rMincsJ^Lippiincott's.'  clopedia of Comirierce will always be kept in"thei"room'  for reference;    ...    ��������� . ���������. ���������        y  the Beading Room will be found supplied, with the  Utcst English, Scottish, Canadian, American, and Colo-  uiarPapers and Magizines.*  Terms of SuBSORirrxoNV-$5 per.quartcr, or $2 per  month.- Single volumes Louncd to uon-subscribers at  50 cts. per volume, with $1 deposit.  . Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room  and making use of the Books and Papers will be charged 25 cts. for each visit.  jggpTlie Room will be open from 10 a.m. till 10p.m.  JOHN BOWRON,  17 Secretrary and Librarian.  NEUFELDEFl   &   CO.,  RICHFIELD,  dealers in  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, &c  Storage and Commission. s  BritisOF^Wr'fll  .... . ^ -.'������ EsTABLianED:is1836y - '      -~  - ^r-  Head Officer .7, ST. HELElfelPiiAjCE.���������LpNOONji;'/  DRAFTS ISSUED on London^ New -York, San' Fran-'  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada,; New Brunswick, 'isova Scotia,���������������  find on all the Branches of {the -National Bank of Scot*,  land and Provincial Bank of Ireland.: i^.::  Bills ot:/Exchange:.EuidiG-pld-Purchiased.'yy  Interest on Special Dspbsjts,of: Money allowed at th������  rate of a quarter of one;per cent, per month, y  u  MOUTTET  & CO.,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  RICHFIELD, Williams Crcek,;B.;,C.  "Mv? nofc you indeed������" retorted O'Connell.  , "hy, I suppose you'll deny that you keep a  flypothenuse in your house?" "''-���������.-*  -'It's a lie for you, you bloody robber; I nev-  coes by the confined steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest thedutorioration oi  roffee when ground.   The heat engendered by the pro-  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  ts fitness for drink.     But to retain the essential oil  vbich it contains we have it encised in tins containing  from 1 lb. to 28 lbs., and which can bo had from any oi  the Uncctabb dealers. We can confidently recommend  hose who have hitherto been oblijred to reirainlrom  takiii^ Coiloe on account of its ill effects that they may  ;|/ EHAV^ ON. HAND a largeJstock-bf Provisions,  ���������V Hardware and Vegetables, and are determined to sell them cheaper than^any other store on  Williams Creek. Come and see and judge for yourselves,  Richfield, May 5th, ISCe;-; '������������������" ;"'-. 1  BARKERVILLiE  BREWERY.  ASSAY  Gold Dust Molted and Assayed, and returns made  wit hin 24 hours in Coin .or Bars.: '  Ores of every description carefujly 'Assayed >; ^ '������������������������������������;  N. B.���������Any instrucLions-nsto the disposal of the pror  coeds of Cold Dust forwarded to: the oiHce in Victoria  for Assay will be carefully attepdcd to,     .  J. Gi SHEPHERD,.Manager/:  Victoria, V. I,, April. 1866. : "''   ������������������.:' v-:i:s>" > ���������  ,;-.';..-;;;;���������    yv: BARKERVILLE^ B, C:   ,;.  Office Hours,    10 a. m.,   to ; 3 p^ ni,  Mondays,   -     -��������� 7 to 1J J a. nj., & 12 to 3 p. m,  Saturdats, '' r:��������� :10a.m.,   to.,. 4 p. m. \  X&p No business transacted on Sundays.  ������������������ -y-y���������-.-      ;:.-;:-:;V::'^OBERT:-BUKRELL?yy-'-  Manager.  21st July, 1866.     . 23  BREWER.-  RICHFIELD,  PATRICK   KIR WIN, Prop'r.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  ; and Cigars are of the Onest quality. &  E. C. GILLETTE,  MIHIH& SITRYEYOR,  CAMERQNTQWN. 7  H O D G E NS,  lias  in its favor.  FELL & COy,  Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria.  RICHFIEL  Twp TTNDERSIGSED begs respectfully to inform the  BtrlveltogP^Hc that he has Good Stabling uccorn.  modaUrnandPwill contract for the keep of Horses by  Barnard's Cariboo Express  ���������AND��������� "  STAGE   LIME/  THE TARIFF OF CHARGES BY.. THIS EXPRESS  has been revised, and REDUCTION in prices  made to suit the limes., ��������� The charge,on Letters to *nd  trom Vicioria and inturmudiatc places is now 50 cents.  Stage Fare to Queshelmouth,        -       ���������       ^20.  ��������� *>      ������   through to Yale,     .     ".'      .   $65.  JOHN B. LOVELL,  Agent Barnard^ Express.  .  August 1st, 1866. 26  BARN A RD?S  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express Ofllce.  IH  iil^lillMml   '��������� I'Hiir���������- ������������������ ���������..���������������������������������������������n-ll���������^MIWMM  WILLIAiM   WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE. I  * lar^Stabling and Hay for a Horse per day,  ffawuiii b . market rates.  Cits, Barley, fcu,     ^    -HESRT LAMON,  $3,00,  Prop'r,  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKSMITH,  RICHFIELD.  ConnecLing at Lillooet and Yale with DJETZ&  ,    NELSON'S lor New Westminster & Viptoria,  WILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the office in  11 Barkerville, to connect wi th the steamer "Eur  torprise" at Quesnelinouth, and tho STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Tr asure. Letters  and Valuables for all purts of the world Also, Com?  missions, received and forwarded by Espr.^ss for tiia  .collection of Notes, Bills and th������ purchase of articles  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Fra.tfe  Cisco or en route, and returns mad-j with dispatch.  JOHN  B. LOVELL,  1-e Asent, Bark.rviUa,  ^!B^������S gagtoafcaJ^gW^.J^flgattB^^  h]  ;.(- .  >������ *j ���������, ���������>* *   \t������A ������������������*k>���������'*.������,.% ,*��������� .1  Agents for "the; "Cariboo Sentinel."  Grouse Creole,  V-in Winkle,  -    A. McWha  N. L. McCalfery  1 -   - -,..���������������������������.,-,        ,., ��������� ���������: ��������� - -  ��������� .      ������������������'    ���������       ���������������������������   ���������������������^^^naMW���������  his Excellency is;.really too severe in this joke to Robertson the greetings of the company,  at oar American visitors' exnwis������. tho Alinrar-.-  and exnress their ennvintinna to him that th^-,1  at oar American Visitors' expense, the character of whom must be anything but such as we  -1   .1 ���������        i_.   _    *   _    ^   -        !    .1   _ . A ...  v.-m Winkle, .       ,      - .-'v..'.,  ..       n. L. McCalfery  Ter o* wiiom must De anything but such as we  Qaesnclmouth,     Mr. Goudie, Bernard's Express Office j would introduce into our families, when we  wi&P &'9ffi*8&  -do        do      |fi������<i t^at Courts of Lynch Law thin theirnum-  New Westminster,   ..'-��������� yy-.y'; ,     .    Clarkson & Co i bers ere.tbe? Keach fi?e border,and then, their  New Westminster,  Victoria,  Clarkson & Co t  - T-y.-". ��������� - r--.,������������������w.Cu, m*w.  f E. MaUandaine occupation being gone on leaving their native  ... t ��������� Lyae. haunts, they lay aside their "revolvers and  ���������==: ���������       ���������     .... ,.~:,'.y "-       '      ~-^=   bowie knives" in order to become exemplary  TO advertisers.   . . and peaceable citizens.   Readers, let ua thank  The "Cariboo Sentinel������.-iis published every Monday  our stars that we have Judge Begbie     The  and Thursday;   Advertisements intended for insertion   Governor however is eanHonV fln5 in M<m������a  most be delivered at-latest at 6 o'clock, p. rn., tfie day   ������, 7f ���������\ n?^���������^/Tun0������S������ a������d1?n ?,aus.e  'before publication.    .  .y-.   i   ���������        .,    .���������;��������� ^ he says, '/The vast number ot aliens resi-  y^T All Advertisements (not inserted for an v. definite  d?nt ^ the Colony who would, I presume, be  period) will be continued until ordered outand charged  excluded from the suffrage."     The presump-  for accordingly.  ;   NOTICE.   ���������  Miners andothers wishing to send "The Cariboo Sen  tmel" to their friends in Canada, England, the United  States, or elsewhere, can have it mailed by leaving  addresses at tho publication office. Price, including  postage5 50 cents per copy.   ;' ���������/  TO COUltES^pNDEXTS.  All communications must, bo accompanied by the  real name and address., of ..the-writer, not. :nece������������ir!ly  with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  his good faith. '.';. V .  THE CARIBOq; SENTiyEL  -   THURSDAY, AUGUST 30, 1866.  Ui.j8Qy^NpR^^XMOJ(;IB;   A . HroXQRFS^  His Excellency's dispatch to Mr. Car dwell,  the Colonial Secretary, in London, has drawn  upon him the diatribes of*; all the aewspapers  iu these colonies. He has been praised, sneered at, -scoIdcd. blackguarded, ridiculed and  generally shown up: but;we, ail impartial as  we. are,, are determined to mete out to him all  the praise that is justly his: due.  ;  With this view .we propose to show that the  Governor has not receivedJjthat amount of appreciation which his talents" as an author deserve. For instance, the sly humor which pre-  vades the whole of his extraordinary, communication to Mr. Cardwell has entirely escaped  notice. ....We therefore proceed to give some  illustrations.in order to secure to our Governor that fame which, posterity will doubtless  1   award him. '->-_ ���������;; ��������� ��������� .y. ^V '������������������ V'���������-��������� '-������������������"';'}  The foil owing, fro m clause 5, is excel! erit:  4iPetitions were printed.in 'Victoria .recommending uniou-and the abblitjon of unpopular  taxation and cTrculated;in the mining districts  but they remained unsigned."    Our. :grocers  no doubt have reaped a. rich harvest in cliearj  wrapping paper7from the unused petitions.  In our blissful ignorance of their existence we  have been preserved from a fear of competition  in waste paper.-  The Victorians knowing the  sagacious watchfulness of our.Governor have  smuggled the petitions on to the creek and  circulated them in the night time, as during  our three years residence we-never heard of  them.   Still more wonderful, be says, "Indignation meetings were called in Cariboo but  no one would attend."   We have appealed to  tbe " oldest inhabitant," but without' success  he declares he was never called upon.    He  continues, " A newspaper was started in that  tion would, in the case of such characters as  above described, we hope be a certainty.  Speaking of " rushes " the Governor says,  "Away goes the population from the " played  out" town, magistrate and constables follow,  and the surveyor and bis road gang have to  bring the new'diggings into connection with  the markets of the Colony."    We wonder  what has become of the " Traction Engines."  Is it not possible that in his foresight the Governor passed the .ordinance for their introduction with a view to have tbem stationed at the  different mining camps, so that the magistrate  and constables might jump on and so keep up  with the population?   The idea is excellent.  We shall soon want one about Williams creek.  His Excellency is evidently "down*1 on the  Victorians, and the way he cooks and dishes  them up is amusing heyond measure.   Ah!  abl ye Wharf Street merchants, so you would  make a "Queen city of the Pacific. ������.out of.  your Victorian free port ?   You certainly never, thought of Governor Seymour when you  made that boast.    He'll put another "pipe in  your cheeks" and bring you under the wholesome taxation of us prosperous British Columbians.   You/d better come down "before he  shoots/? because you have no chance of es-  "������~���������and then it would be "so nice" to  and express their convictions to him that they  have become wiser although out and injured.  ���������(Oregonian.? ���������  #&* Customs Receipts for week ending  Saturday, August 12th. Duties, $3,108 27;  barbor dues, $94 64 ; head money, $36 ; -tonnage dues, $516 71; fees $1. Total, $3,754 62;  Number of passengers, 36.  $������&- The fall races at Ashcroft, are to come*  off on the 12th and 13th October next, y  ^������**Yale road tolls for week ending 18th  inst, $1,012 49. .���������..,-���������,���������  ^S^lf you want good Coffee use Fell's.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  STEAM Smmi CO  1  to inform ihe inhahiLaml ���������     Mer^A\^j v  Cm* that th,y have now {Slm ������e������������al or������a "e  MILL, located at Thi^i  lnoperatir.na STP4uian:;������  eral share of the public nSned tnast ^ merit anh"  iriends will klndlyPX^K0anacfll ^ ^ %'  l^mams Creek, l^mt^00^ * ^.  t  I  Adams, Pearcy & Co.,  BARKERVILLE,  Have just received a choico selection of  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  Sheet Copper, Zinc, Tin Plate and Sheet Iron,  with various other articles in their line of trade.  33P* All Jobbing in the Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  Zinc trade attended to,.and warranted to give satisfac*  -"������"*<������, or to .  TALIESIN EVA*S  Davis Creek  tion.  34  cape,  have you pay some of our road tolls, etc.,  which we will gladly share with you. Your  own burdens are so light that you will certainly jump at the chance!        .  -y;^U-CTIyOW:!:'v:  On MONDAY, Sept, 3rd,  I wiU sell at PUBLIC AUCTION, for the benefit of the I  Assignee of the Estate of M PBAGER & 00.^  NOTICE.  A Lb PERSONS INDEBTED^ the WAKE Ttp 7..  J������ Bakery, BarkervilU' are requestedit^SiF JAKe  tlo their accounts on or before^Selllt d������v S ������    86t"  bernext, otbe-rwiso all accouots not seuLi nSL'ptetn-  be handed into Court for collection l   l)ieh wili  Barkerville, 27th Aug. ISSo^1^ & PATSR6^  33  NOTICE.  aistnct (Cariboo) especially to advocate union  and oppose the local Government/'    We are  at fault here, of course there is some sty bit  at somebody if we could only find out the  '���������party."  The.only newspaper we know of is  lae Sentixel, and that we are sure does not  answer the description.    Stay! we have it ���������  it must have been the "Caribooite," but then  the "union" advocated by the facetious Editor was that usually achieved by "Hymen "  rno.pun).   The other charge is -more serious  too dreadful attempt to oppose thelocal Gov-  ,   eminent is something that we as good citizens'  must reprehend; but strange to sav we have  never seen any proclamation on the subject  roin our worthy Commissioner Judge Cox:  but of course the Governor must be correct  iind so we leave it.  In clause 12 he says, "But Cariboo with its  prodigious wealth has been found not to be  c    poor;man's diggings.'������    'Tis true, and pity,  'js 'tis true ; he may toil from "early morn  f}l tV ������Vt\ miUi: ^y^S more than pays  kindly Seroy ti^ LAtM  uMr^ th0 G^������'-nmontand the  Hwyera of the balance, in the shape of fees  P������n ^nri <?Ur,rea(,ers nmst appreciate the  keen wit m the above quotation.  Speaking or the inUux of our American  Tney como to us across the ft4ntief ���������prepar-  law ttometimes diminishes theft numbers a"  hfflL1������TW% aad tbe bowie knife are  u .1 aside, and a porfeot tranquility prevails  Z%���������J?������ff! 3d.miDist^ ^roPnghout  vHtiTmitvln i l 00nJ!a������ t0 ������������s laud "flowing  i> - o an^t, Tf they doubtless imbibe  itSt������qZ tl ������ tU? "lnilk.of biimaa kind-  '  nhl   tbw we ,������P'"������ '������ the reason whv they  A Swindling Operation.���������One of the most  glaring swindling operations  that has ever  come io the notice of the public in Oregon,  was revealed to us on Saturday evening, upon  the return of our enterprising friend T..J. Carter, Esq., from British,polumbi%.fwhere he  went a few weeks sincejo look^^aft'er the valuable interests of the British Columbia-Silver  Mining Company, ������at North,; Cherry; preek,  Shii?wap: district  yThe! Company, was organized in this city, by some of our most far-seeing  and wealthy men, among whom we'may mention Mr.-Carter, Col. J. S. Ruckel, Messrs. C.  Knowles, D. C. Fields, Judge W.W. Page, and  Mr. Win. Davidson, of this office, on representations made to them, and specimens of ore  shown them, by the Right Honorable Morti-  more Robertson.  The Company voted money  and supplies and appointed Maj. Blake to accompany Robertson to the mine, for the purpose of beginning operations. Upon reaching  Colville, Robertson preceded Maj. Blake, leaving instructions as to how he should follow,  which orders the Major tacitly observed but  failed to find the vein.    The company then  concluded to send Mr. Carter to look after  their interests, his trip was a most interesting  one.   Mortimore was to meet him first at New  Westminster, but he was there informed  by  letter that they would meet at Yale.    When  Mr. Carter arrived at Yale another letter was  found informing him that he would find Mortimore at a certain place on Shuswap lake, with  a boat and Indians to convey him to the ledge  at North Cherry Creek, which was said to be  nearly pure Silver.   Mr. Carter arrived at the  appointed place but peered in vain upon the  placid waters of the lake for the boat and the  discoverer of the surpassingly rich mine. Still  persevering he went to where  the mine was  said to be located, and found���������not the ledge  ���������but that he was the first "Boston man" who  had ever intruded upon the "illahe" of a venerable Siwash who was blind in one eye, and  bad never seen with tbe other either the Hon.'  Mortimore Robertson oiv "any other man"  thereabouts, previous to Mr. Carter's going on  this trip with his confidential friend.    We are  in no manner disposed to make light of this  ftlillVAAfc    On/1  nn)*r /vi*.,.  t-U~    ^>U-  ONE HOUSE AND LOT, Richfield ���������  ONE HOUSE AND LOT,. Barkerville;  ONE HOUSE AND LOT, Cameron ton;  Together xviib the balance of Goods remaining in the  Estate, consisting of  CLOTHING,  LIQUORS, ,  ��������� ���������- ,     HARDWARE, ^  .      PROVISIONS,.^.  JSST Sale to take place at PRAGER'S STORE. BARKERVILLE, at 12 o'clock, noon.  F. V. LEE, Auctioneer:  RichfieK, Aug. 27tb, 1866. ���������  ���������-' :        iW-2in*  LL PARTIES INDEBTED to to firm of MUNDORF  &CO.. of Barkerville, by Note 0r Book: Account,  are requested to come forward and settle their uccounts  on or before the 19th September next. All notes or ac-  counts not settled then will be put in Court for collection  . August 20th, 1866. '   J       - 31-lm  NO TICL  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of J.  .*���������    , Q. Marshall, deceased intestate.  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estate are required to pay the.nuiuuuts due i'orth:  with, and nil persons who hive any claims against the  above Estate are requested to sen a in their accounts on  or before the 1st November, 1866, to  CHAS. E. POOLEY,  Official Administrator.  Richfield, 7th Aug. 1866. 28-lm  npnr UNOEkSiGNEb havivg ruRc^pn *V������  I   Establishment and Good WUl of th?t?,?tD THB  been done, on a strictly CASH basis. ue���������o!ure  Van Winkle, 23rd August, 1866^ *' UNDH^-  VAN WINKLE HJ^FfOES^  T^^^1,0^0 bc^s' to offe^io above Hotel  L  for Sale     Being furnished  with everything com  &CTCHEXa DISI X^tS\ ������%Tly>  ^AkSoSS,-  ������������������=  ������ih *    ������^DINI  G-R00JI and BEDROOMS.  This is a favorable oppyriuiifty for any one wishins  cn^ano ioiQ(^hn?8*���������3b^>^ss, wh'ich willbS  encap lor Casn. . Apply to       -, .V ������������������.  N. L. McCAFFREy,-  ��������������������������� Van Winkle, Aug, 7th, 1866. Y������������������^*^>  DissoIutiQii of Partnership ;  rf\RE PARTNERSHIP- HERETOFORE EXISTING be!'  Xitwjien Marti.v &Cookv of Barkerville, bag this day  been dissolved by mutual consent, and the business ���������-:'  heretofore carried on by them will henceforth be carried  on by JOHN J3, MARTIN,.to whom all debts ofihe"  lato llrm.ara to be paid.   The said John E.��������� Martin will-  also pay all .debts cue- by tbe late firm. y ��������� :y --   -  JOHN E. MARTIN,  ���������        - '.������������������ JOHN COOK. -,..'y  Barkerville, August 17th, 1866. -.*   - ': 31-  SUPREME   COURT.  TAKE NOTICE, that on Saturday, 11th August, 1866,  ot������S?r?RIS PRAGER assigned all his estate to JULES.  KOEF*, as Trustee lor the benefit of his Creditors.  All persons indebted to the said estate are requested ���������  to sett le their accounts with F. V.LEE, on or. before  tho 20th inst, otherwise legal proceedings will be immediately instituted. ���������  '��������� '  By order of  JULES RUEFP,  ��������� Assignee.  Williams Creek, Aug. 15th, 1860. 30  IMPORTANT to MINERS  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PANNINGS,  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on the  Most LniKRAt Terms, at tbe  Reading Room, Cameronton,  The Subscriber is well known on Williams Creek, and  from the confidence reposed in him heretofore in the  above business, he hopus to receive the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  1 JOHN' BOWRON.  BUIE  BF~  ��������� ������������������#���������'*,  ���������;--. WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS IN  LIQUORS,   GROCERIES,  RICHFIELD.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING LEASED FROM 8.  A. Smith the premises formerly known as the Mixers' Saloon, has opened tbe same under the abov������  name, and would respectfully invite his friends and tbe  public generally to give him a call.  &&~ The best brands of LIQUORS and SEGARS will  always be kept at this establishment  Richfield, August, 1868.   .  JOHN HEDIN.  29-3m  GROUSE   CREEK  ���������AND-  .c^iona.KcaU.^;^;?^,-  it for tbe purpose ot "checking" against anv  similar transactions that may be deposited on  call m our city.    In order to show the confidence of parties   who had engaged in this  operation, we are told by one of the company-  thafc the financial agent, Mr. Davidson? refused one million pounds sterling for one-  third interest,   believing the mine was far  richer than those of Peru, and the same authority informs us that Col. Rnckel offered to  swap his quartz mill and mine in JBaker county for the interests of the Attorney of the company, Mr. Page, and those of Mr. Eussel.   Mr  Page it is saioVwas willing but Mr. R. was not'  borne ew of the company yet stick to it that  Robertson was the "smartest man they had ever  struck " and next week several of them will  leave Portland lor Colville, where thev ex-  pecUomeefc Major Blake, and thence unon'  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  i$g^- A full assortment of Gbockkxbs and H. B. C^.'s  Liqooks always on hand. 10  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to Inform the public that  the above establishment was opeued on SUM>Ax ���������  LAST, the 22nd July, and that ho wiU be happy W re-  coive a call from his friends.  4������- BOARD $16 PER WEEK. -������8l u  Bread. Pies and Cakes always on hand forsaie,  23 . A. KELLY, Proprietor.  f  ft  ���������o���������  Cards, Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters and  Programmes for Balls and Theatrical  Entertainments,  Executed with Neatness and Dispatch at this Office.  42r* Terms Moderate* "g^i  I Vh KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED TO ORDBB: and,.  ii kept constantly on Jinnd,.which will bo roM at-m  Lowest  Markbt  Rates and  delivered XRbB' "*  CHARGE ut any point on the. waggon road.   ������������������ ������������������     '  Orders left wiili Buie Bros., Barkerville;. H, it*;bj ���������  holm, Richfield; or at the Mill, below Cameronton,*"*  be promptly attended to  July 16th, 1&66.  JOHN B. ADAMS.  .I>ut! mules wril proceed to Big Bend, to convey  AUCTIONEER,  MINING & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE, 17  RESTAURANT,  AND  Barkerville, B. C,  KELLY &PATBBSON, Eww^^'.  Everything is done in connection with thisesub is -���������  toent to give satisfaction' to the customer*. a ^  ^dTMeitl*, at all hours. ������q,  '7^0S^.:^Q^mf:m6%  AjJOTHB^ Burolary-���������Early-yesterday .morn-  , ��������� one of the most barefaced burglaries that  B ������v*r vet occurred on this creek was  Martin's Saloon, Barkerville.   Mr.  ever yet occurred on this creek' was committed in Martin's Saloon, Barkerville. Mr,  Martin, it would appear, had received from  ���������Sine person $1100 to be put away for safe  keeping' tor the night, but having been  hurriedly called off to another, part ^of the  room, he deposited the money temporarily on  I self -under the counter oi* the bar, and on  returning in a. short time afterwards for the  ourpose of putting the money in his safe found  it missing. What made it all the ioiore strange  Was that Mr. ilartin was not out of sight of  tlie bar ^during the %hole time tMtyelapsed  ftoKtbls leavinj^the faone j; tor it ^as-missed;  On examination ;it^ however  that a hole a6oiiit*ightincKes square had been  dextrously eutliu the floor, immediately under  the shelf wherethe money lay;' this-had been  performed by means of an auger; and a penknife, through1 a double floor. How all  this could have been done within so, short a  time, and without attracting the attention of  gome one in ^-salbbn containing oyer ten petr  sons is rather mys te rio lis. The supposition is  that everything must have'been pre-arranged.  prom the- appearance of, the borings :in the  floor it is evident they were made previous to  tbetimeof.theburglary,. ,/Two men were, arrested yesterday morning against whom strong  | suspicion rests. The case will come lip this  morning in the Police Court.       ... .'  Rain.���������:The long wished ibr rain has fcome  at last and is hailed by everyone with feelings  0f jpy; ibr the water in the creek had dwindl-  [^down to a swg\e sluice '.head, compelling  many claims  to  suspend . operations.   For  sevefal'days past the sky gave indications, of  ���������anapproaching.change,in the' weather, and  :the wind hiew in occasional gusts and continued to increase till yesterday at noon when  a succession of thunder claps announced the  presence;pf;the .watery element.-    The .rain  fell initqirents for a time, but gradually subsided, towards evening into a series of. drizzly'showers-   Its efFeets were soon made mani:  fest in the. sudden rising of the creek, and no  ijmauYapprehension was felt lest the water  should^reak through, the incomplete ibulki1.  heads'that have been in progress of 'Construe-  tipnlatelyhy the different companies from  the canonydo.wn to Camerontpn<-...;..X<he/greatest damage however.may be expected at that  portion of the creek which passes through Cam- j  eroritoh:where there is no dam or bulkhead to  warijihe water off from the diggings opposite.  The ���������Cameron   and Dead ��������� Broke  companies  ought tobe alive to the necessity for extending the flume just finishedvby the Raby Co.,  a distance of at least 300 feet farther up the  creek which would secure them against any  danger of their claims being flooded, an event  that may now happen at any .moment. ....  AcciDBNT.���������On Monday morning while J.  Loring's express wagon was on its way to  Richfield, it was met at the bridge across  Stouts gulch by a lumber wagon heavily  loaded. The express wagon was backed into  arecess at the upper portion of the bridge in  order to let it pass. VVhile passing the lum-:  ber wagon took an unfortunate turrj and came  iu contract with the express, wagon turning it  over and spilling the passengers; luckily  there was no one hurt although several got  .their clothes badly;torn.:" ,V.'y .u'.\\ "J  Grouse Creek.���������The:Heron co'y washed  out 32 ounces last Monday the result of three  shifts. The.Black Hawk co'y bottomed: their  shaft at 22 feet on Tuesday - and jfouha* prospects of.88 and upwards to the pan;..this com-  pany's ground adjoins the Heron company's  ^A the upper line.  ' Sopkeme Court Sittings.���������rBy a notice in  toe Government 'Gazette' it is stated that Mr.  Justice Begbie will hold Court at Lillooet  about the flret week in September, and in the  Columbia district in the second or third week  to the same month; be will remain in the last  lamed district ten days;  Grouse Creek Trail.���������Mr. Spence will put  flts men to work on this trail to-day. He in-  jeuds carrying*it by the lower route surveyed,  "flich connects with Grouse creek somewhere  flear the Herou claim.  iLAS*AULT-���������Samuel Walker was fined $5 in  ������e Police Court yesterday for striking a Chi-  jwnan called Ah Yung on the face with his  usUtLowhee creek,*.on Sunday last.    , .  ��������� ���������Excursion.���������The New Westminster Fire Department were to have a pleasure excursion  i ^are mforn?ecl by a reliable person who  leit this creek last Sunday that the Discovery  co'y are doing well. Thev washed up on Wednesday 9oz., Thursday.Toz., Friday 7oz. The  Aurora co:y immediately above had just commenced washing and for one day bud taken  out $40 for two meu\s labor.. These are the  only two companies that have yet got ready  to wash. A company below the Discovery  had bottomed-a hole 5 feet deep and got Sib  to three pans of$irt.  -        COQUET CKEBK.    ���������  Good prospects have been found on this  creek, which is situated  about a mile abov*  tne lower end of the South Fork Lake.   A  company called the Lining coy have located  seven claims about 500 feet from the mouth  of the creek, in which they obtained a prospect of $3 to three shovels full of dirt taken  from the high bed rock;  the depth of the  ground is from.-3 to G feet and the bed rock,  whichis composed of a soft black slate intersected with small quartz veins is covered with  large washed boulders.-- Another co'y called  the Scotia coy; bad pre-empted '200 feet of  ground below, and were preparing to work.  y So for as ourinformant is abje to* form an  opinion the creek is not of great extent. About  1,000 feet from its mouth it narrows, into a  steep canon the length of which our informant  knowethnot.   There is between 30; and 40  men on the two creeks.   Mr. Gibson from the  For^^m-a-store-otr Cedar creek; and' is soiling bacon at 80cts.; flour, 25cts.; beef sells  for 3octs.;and potatoes, brought in by Chinamen, at 12 cts. ^ lb. .     :'  he asked me for money, I told him f did not  owe him anything but that I would give him  $5 ; all that the Power of Attorney" which I  save to white contained was power to draw  money irom McDonald's Bank; Boone wrote it.  Mr. Park asked permission to re-call Mr.  Boone to rebut the evidence of defendant as  to the contents of the Power of Attorney.  Granted. ��������� . "'.-'  W. E. Boone re called���������iwrote a Power of  Attorney from H. Curry in favor of J. W^ite in  Victoria; I am not positive as to date* it was  sometime .before White left for this place ; I  think in March, >G5; the document empowered  White to act for H. Curry in Cariboo, collect  dividends and pay assessments and represent  him generally; I witnessed it. '  The Court ou considering the eyidence adduced bn both sides was clearlyr; of opinion  that defendant had got credit for"plaintiff's  labor in the Forest Rose Co.?s books, and that  he had not paid plaintiff for that labor.' He  could not therefore alter his former decision.  Judgment for $447 50, with additional costs of  witnesses. Mr. Park for plaintiff; Mr. Robertson for defendant.  sg^?sagvyii^Tm*j-*uggiza3H%^  Wednesday, 29th Aug. 1860.  ..   GOLD COMMISSIONERS COURT./  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  .   Monday, 27th Aug. 1866.  Casket Co'y vs. McLaren Co'y.���������The Court  decided that the disputed ground should be  equally divided between the companies. Each  party to pay their own costs.. ;      . ' '" ���������  Jennett Co.vs. John Jeffrey-���������Action brought  to compel defendant to show cause why he  should not be ejected from a>certain piece of  mining ground in McCallums gulch and plaintiffs put in possession of.the same. Judgment  for/defendant, each party" to pay their own  xosts;-" '   _   / t   :���������..'  . ... ��������� :v. ��������� ���������'  Ah Wing & Co. vs.: Australian Co'y, Last  Chance creek, per Jas. Lcithbridge, foreman.  =7-Caui3e of action: Why defendants should  ��������� not pay plaintiffs the sum of $254, amount  due them for labor done on defendants'claim.  Judgment confessed; Foley's portion to be  paid in three weeks and balance in same time.  Goldsmidt vs. Curry.���������This was a re-hearing of a suit for $447 50, halance of wages  due to plaintiff for work do.'ne for defendant  ia the Forest Rose Co'y in 1865.  Martin Wagner vs. Grouse Creek Bed Rock  Flume Co'y, D.Cameron, foreman.���������Suit for  $221, wages due. for work douei  Lobba'vs. Grouse Creek Bed Rock Flume  Co'y, D. Cameron, foreman.���������Suit for $220 50,  being wages for work done.  ^ Mr. Park, on behalf of tbe'Company, called  for a non-suit on the giwh'd tbaUhe company  had a written agreement with D, Cameron to  carry on the work on his own responsibility.  D. Cameron deposed that he did not engage  plaintiffs on account of the Flume Co'y; he  had no authority to,do this ; he. had entered-  into an.agreement with the co'y to perform so  much work on the Flrae for a certain number  of shares; he admitted his indebtedness to  plaintiffs, but said the* money was to be paid  when taken out of the.Flume.  Case continued till to-day. at 12 o!clbck, to  enable defendant to produce his agreement  with the Company.    -.'-'*���������      {���������������������������  Ah Yung & Co. vs. Sam Walker.���������Suit for  S159, balance of account for labor done on  the Washburn Co'.'s claim, on Lowhee'creek.  Defendant admitted his indebtedness in the  sum of $151, but said the plaintiffs refused to  work, in consequence of; which the diggings  were injured7by caves. Judgment forplain-  tifts for $151, payable in a fortnight.  : ���������;    *-.rs-<, ������������������COUNTY: COURT; ���������   > .   - / ,- -.  on the 30th in������L���������Mr. Colemau and party haH  started on a second attempt to ascend Mount  Baker.���������The approoriatipa.bill for appiyinjr  the sum of $244,36^ 32:u>Jhe service for th.-..  year had passed the House of Assemb!y.���������A ,  high as 60 bushels of wheat to the acre will>*  harvested at Cowichan this season.���������Messr:���������."  Pearse, Horn fray and Tiedeman had retnrnef)  from Leech River and reported the claim of  Keast & Co. as yielding good wages of $<i, $:*  and S6 a day to the hand by ground sluicing.  in the banks, the pay in some*instances amounted to $8 and $10 a day to the hand; the miner*  are patiently waiting for the construction of  the ditch.   A piece* weighing S35 had been  found on Leech river, and one at Wolf creek  valued at $104.���������TheHiidson Bay Co.'ssteamer Otter returned from the North West coast  with furs, fish and oil.���������At Sticken the miner*  were all up the river doing well.���������An Indian  prisoner attempted making his escape from  tbe chain-gang but was caught.���������A Post mo;-'  tern examination was held at the Royal Hospital on the body of William Richards, a n������-.  tive of Cornwall, who died there, the result  was that death was caused by general dropsy  superinduced by organic disease of the heart  ���������The Royal Hotel   Esquimau brouf.  auction S2,000, J. T. Howard being th  chaser: two lots adjoining $12o each,  The Royal Hotel   Esquimau brought by  the pirn  water  lot 16 $100, lot 40 MO.���������Wilcox Hotel pro,  perty on Fort and Kane streets fetched by  auction $5,000.���������The Corpora tion have gone.  vigorously to work in abating nuisances, 42  summonses ha'd been^SDl-Ve'd bri parties failing *'  to observe the necessary precautions against  the spread of epidemic complaints.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  -B  WILL SOON BE  IN   RECEIPT pF A  LARGE AND  WELL ASSORTED STOCK OF  BOOTS & SHOES, &C,  IMPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANCISCO.  He is desirous of supplying the Trade, and  can do^so at  LOWEST PRICES.  Williams Creek. July 16th. 1S66.  22-tf  The plaintiff being sworn testified that he men t for plain ti If.  1    - ���������'���������;���������';;"',;. ^(Before Wf Gi Cox, Esq.)  ''-[' r '        Tuesday, 28th Aug.1866,*  Donelson vs. Clark.���������On application of Mr.  Walkem, case postponed on account of indisposition of plaintiff.  Miss Thurber vs. James Woodward.���������Suit  for Sltf2 10, balance due for Board.   Judg-  0PPENHE|1ER& CO.,  ERCHANTS; ^    ��������� i;.    .-���������:���������.-..-...'. '. f   worked 162 day for the defendant in the Forest Rose Co'y, from May to November, 1865,  at $9 a day ; lie was hired by John White to  work defendant's interest; White held a power of Attorney to act for Curry j the interest  was recorded in defendants name; defendant  never denied owing me the money until I presented :hun my bijlj White told me it was Curry !ssliare I; was to represent when he hired  me: Curry was not on; the creek at ihe time;  White left before this action was instituted.,.  vW;B^B<)6ne sworh,;testifted^p being present at the execution of a Power of Attbaney  by H. Curry in favor of J; White in yictoria  in the spring of 1865 y was the attesting witness to the instrument .., ���������'.).������_  A discussion arose between Counsel as to  the releveacy of the question being put to the  witness regarding the contents of the Power  of Attorney; the objectioh^taken by the Counsel for the defence was sustained.    J.  D Hammon sworn���������Mr. White represented  Curry last year at the meetings of the Forest  Rose Co'y; at the first meeting of the co'y objections were made by the members against  any one voting for absent members without  having special authority to do so; White produced his authority, which was-satisfactory to  the co?y; the claim was represented by piain-  tUT and Curry was not assessed, had it not  Ah Hee.vs. Sullivan.���������Suit for $36 62, balance of wages. Judgment for plaintiff for  $28 50.  Blackman vs. Robinson.���������Suit for $30, being for commission and labor.   Non-suited.  VICTORIA   ITEMS.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL  DEALERS IN" ALL  Hangley, CapLiiwing"kfndTy"v^  ^ use of his steamer Reliance for the occasion  j it was expected to be a grand affair.  ^ PAP^E"-Mr. Joseph McGlure. the form-  Manager of the Nanaimo 'Gazette,' has  re-  jsjahlished the paper under the naaie of the  irioune.7  Astern Mail.���������The steamer Active was  been so represented the co'y would have assessed Curry for it; defendant admitted before  the whole co'y that he had the best man in the  claim, but: if the co'y did not like him they  The missionary schooner, Metlakatlah, from  the North West Coast had arrived with, a  quantity of deerskins and oil and reported the  Indians along the coast peaceably^"inclined.���������  John fiutts had been punished by a bread and  water diet and solitary confinement for rebellion in the chain igang.-^-A man named Geo.  Wright fell from a sidewalk and broke his leg;  ���������The jury in- the suit Bunster vs Joseph Bros.  awarded,plaintiff S2,500 damages.^-TheSong-  ish Indian Jim and his squaw were tried at a  special assize on the 13th inst for the murder  of E. Urinj'but the evidence being conflicting  a verdict of not guilty was found by the jury.  Jim was then tried for the robbery of the  murdered man's clothes and was found guilty  and sentenced to two years imprisonment  with hard labor.���������There are about 50 miners  oh Leech River all of whom are making a little.���������The investigation of the Hudson Bay  Co.'s  LIQU.OBS, SEGAES,  CLOTHING,  BOOTS   &   SHOES,  MINHSTG TOOLS, &c���������  Beg to call the attention of Miners and others  to their full assortment Vrf SUPERIOR GOODS.  ��������� y. y;. y.' y ���������. ���������; which' ..will -^bci'sold- ���������;". \ ���������;.::' -y;  A TO O S T   P RIG E S !  to make room for a NEW STOCK to. arrive, so soon a.s  .���������   the Roads are opoii.:���������"���������;������������������  figs* Liberal allowance will be made to  Re.staiirout and Hotel Keepers a'titl the Trarfe generaH)'  on. Urge orders. 'L'-,  claims against the United States  corroborated the  closed plaintiff's  could discharge him.  H; Coulter and H. Calder  preceeding. witness.    This  case.   ���������'     ,; -'. :  /-'._ ��������� ..   ��������� ..  Mr. Robertson took a technical objection, to  the effect that as this case did not come under  the head of a miniug dispute it could not come  within the jurisdiction of a Gold Commissioner's Court, and ought therefore to be dismissed.  The Court over-ruled the objection.  H. Curry sworn���������Never engaged plaintiff to  represent my interest; nem- gave White any  Power of Attorney to represent me; I told  him to engage men to work for me and I paid  ,    -^ ^-xae griper Acnvewaa Mm for it; do not recollect ever saying(any-  ^^^^m^S^j^^ Sal thing about having^g^^e^������^������[  ?emayerr,Pot^������ ^.^.^ ^.-i u������ ���������.l..* w- I mp in the co'.v; never ackuowledged tnat i  ta."  expect an eastern mail  bv hextEx- a^infe,e.c?/'V  met- him on the street  had  closed.���������MiVJ. H. Todd, of this place,  on the 14th inst.���������Mr.  Gentile was about to leave for Europe with  the intention of publishing his series of views  taken in this and the neighboring colony.���������  The steamer Fideliter sailed for Portland; on  the 14th inst., with 48 passengers, among the  number was Mr. McWorthy who lately visited  this creek.���������A large meeting of the.agriculturists and others interested in the/country  lands was held in the rooms of the Mechanics'  Institute on the 14th inst. ���������A respectable  looking man, named John Dunacombe, was arraigned1 at the Police Court on a charge .of  purloining a coat from the store of Messrs.  Wilson & Co. It appears the man was in a  state of delirium tremens when he. .committed  the theft and was remanded, until he was in a  fit state to be. set at liberty.���������The wife of a  o-ardener in Victoria, the mother of three children, had-e!oped. carrying two of the children j  with her.���������The corner stone of a new" church !  wiwH- at Esquimau was to belaid by Mrs. D^nm.in !  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of William Rose wall, deceased intestate.    ;,  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO' THK  . above Estate aro required, to pay the amounts dm  forthwith, and all pewww who hayo anv Claims agaiDHt  the above" Estate arj requested tosejirt Id their Accounts  on or boron? the 10th S .*ptembar now next to HENRY  ROSRWALL, the Admiuistrator of the Maid William  Ri.ifiewall 'deceased.  Williams Creek, Aug. 11th, 1868. 2fl>lra  NO TICE  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  Catherine Lawless, deceased intestate., >  4 LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the uhw*  A. Estate are required to pay the amounts due forth���������  with, anil all persons who. have any claims against the  above Estate are requested, to send in their account?'<*n  or before the 10th September now next to. WALTER..-  EDWARD LAWLESS, ths Administrator of tbo Bail'  Catherine Lawless deceased, or to.  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsol for the Administrator.  Williams Creek, Aug. 11th, 1866.  ."-��������� 23llm y  *7 N orlpE.    .  THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING iia-  the name and style or Warks k Wjnkxbh, has tbis  day been dissolved by mutukl consent.: y  . .... '���������' S. -MARKS, -,f  ���������M. -WINKLER  'Vktorii. IflHi ,Tiin*"������. 186^. J������*      ' VWi  zszrsrrwm*'*-' ^^it^vewrxBissssBeMamMKisuLa^ mflwmia muaena  ���������y ot any  .The-Fiddler-:wa  ^"^^(^^MSr^^2JD SCOTCH^MUSlS."'  -;���������;���������?A Gentleman who was a first rate performer, of Scotch music on the violin, spent a- winter at Exeter, and: of.-course soon, became acquainted with the musical dilletanti of that  place. Dining one day with a professor;.the  conversation turned upon Scotph music, and  < ��������� -a .strong argument arose as to its bearing competition with foreign jnusicj.the Scotchman,  whom we .shall designate as the Fiddler, in-  .eisting that,, when ~ properly played, nothing  could < excel. it; ��������� the .professor,: on the i other  :���������"���������   band) insisting that it was.only fit for the barn  yard, y  yyy:; .-:    -i^Vv, \ *-' '      ������������������"'*': -��������� '������������������  ,:���������;< I'll tell you vwbafc" says the Fiddler; "Til  iay.a wager of io. that if a party of Scotchmen can.be got together, PU make them shed  tears one minute,:Bing. the next,and,dance the  third.'! <.& ^-y^-mr       "���������'���������-.��������� "    -'  ffDone, V. says the Professor, "and if <your music is capable of that,;I will not only pay you  the ������5. with pleasure,ybut will be convinced  that it is the. most enlivening, > pathetic, and  best music in the world." . ...:���������������������������  ��������� The difficulty, arose-as to getting an opportunity for atrial. But this was soon obviated  by a third party informing them that a number of-young Scotchmen dined annually at the  London Hotel, on.the anniversary of. Burns'  birthday. This was a, capital opportunity for  Ihe Fiddler.; for. these young men being principally rawboned; overgrown, Scotch lads,  who had recently left.their owu country to  carry tea in the neighborhood, vwere. the very  .ones upon who he wassureto make a hit. ���������������������������"-���������..   ;A lUmngjiosr .ajxarige' ^aad.the..u inraii&e*.  . jcrecy being, agreedr-upon, the eventful day  wasanxiousiy. looked for. At length-it came  and the Fiddler and Professor by an introduc-  ������tion to phe lof the..party, got an. in vitation to  the dinner. # There was- twelve al toge th er sat  ���������down"  ���������came  when  toasted. The Fiddler was-notv long in perceiving that .he h.ad'gqtamqng> right musical  . set)tod^h^waite'd^atientlytiii they; were, fit  for anything. At 1 ength he gave a wink to the  Professor,^iwho::.,atonce' proposed'^that his  friend should favor them with a Scotch,tune  croh the violin: -;'' <;'��������������������������� yVJ?l . ���������   ';"'' ���������   ���������-'   " ''   ,'*- Capita-1, capi tall'! cried the whole party;  The vi61 in wis brpnght and , al 1. were. in  ���������breathless anxiety!',.' Th e Fiddler chose far  his first tu hev " He re yia heal th to ttiera that's  awa," and played it in; the most solemn and  -���������pathetic manner/ r v #;.:'; \:-. /J" '!.- '������������������* *k '��������� \ ������������������  ���������'That's avwasfiV tune-fcsaid a great, big,  rawboned vouth to-bis next neighbpjr.;;��������� ���������;-.  "It is that; Sandy.: There's hieiklein that  -tune, man. It reminds meo'ane that's gane,  .'���������; Jamie*" at the same time 'giving: a deep sigby  :and drawing his' hand over bis * long, 'gaunt  ���������face to hide the tears that were trickling down  -his cheeks.  The Fiddler with his keen eye soon perceived tbat.before he-got through with the second  part,o������the tune he would^have them all in the  same mood.   He therefore .threw his whole  soul into the instrument, played-the tune as he  ... had never, done before; and* as the last four  i bars died away like a distant echo,, there was  . not a dry *cheek amongst1 the companyi-^  v :Now:is.:the��������� time, thoughtCtheJ?iddler;and  without stopping a moment, struck, up Jin a  iyhoid and: vigorous style,' >* ^Willie- Brew 'd ��������� a  peck o' Maut/r Out wentIthe handkerchiefs  .away went the tears. -,���������   v J        -U %  ; ^Chorus!" cried the Fiddler ;,and in ah in?  ;^tant all struck, a ; .,/ ., .-.-, ;8      ;ti<  ��������� ���������'������������������ y ���������"]'; ^Fbr;;w&rsha������ fouV*we?re.nae that fou^'y    y?  , But just a drappie in our e,'e;  ���������:r The cocktmay craw, the rday may daw,.  -  ���������   Bufc^ye we? 11 taste tbj barley bree.^  The.sohg w$b^ ended, up,struck the Fiddler  ";"^in his best, style,: the reel of -'^ciiDy^a'iigiilie  ������������������f.Weaver.7?'']' ������������������_'} */       '"\*('/,������������������'[������������������'���������������������������"''��������� ���������V--..iy.,;v;.  . :h. fiey, ye devils!" cried Sandy, u:  '���������>'��������� '.-���������"'Scotland'for everP mddyfaraie^ and in  an instant,, tables, chairs and glasses were  -scattered-in ail directions and the whole party dancing and jumping likei madmen.    ;���������'. '���������}  Out ran .the.affrighted professor (for he: did  ���������not know what might come, next,) up came  the landlady with her terrified train of inmates  But none durst enter the room, the^hurras and  thumps on the floor being so. boisterous;��������� and  it was bnly upon the entry df a Scotch travel-  ��������� ler, who had just arrived and who oried to the  tiddler for any sake to stop, that order was-  restored.    ' -. ���������: ,.' ���������'���������'-'"���������   . ,  It,is needless to say that the Professr paid  :his bet cheerfully and was fully convinced, of  the effect of Scotch music when properly  ���������played; and that the landlady took care that,  ihe Fiddler never came into; her house again  on Burns' anniversary 'dinner.-'.. y"  w;.,. ev.-n-y:  TICE  Tlie Steamer ^Enterprise"  Will leave SODA'CREEK ..  MONJDAT '&'��������� THURSDAY MORNINGS,  AT DAYLIGHT; l   - ;       ;.        '  ���������;';     Will leave. QUESr^EL  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY MORNINGS,  :     .,.;, ���������;...���������������     AT ^.O'CLOCK, ,;  Connecting:at Soda Croek witb Babnabd's Stages on  ���������*.," .Wo'dnesday'stripdown and Toursilay's trip. up..  /'jp&h Freight to .QuesneMj.cts,..^Jb.   . ;���������"  Steamer'Enterprise,' \ ��������� ���������.' ���������.  '' Ma"y21st, 186Q. ;'   / : ~V .... * "     ".   '6  QUESNELMOUTH. ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT.     ;  ; QUESNPLMOUTH, ....   . ���������-.-.;:  : PL. JOHNSON, PnoiTJETORi'   :\ ���������  Meals at all hours,' and Cooking of- the hest  ���������   description. ��������� ���������-���������" :--8-.- '"���������  '^ ��������� quesnelmodth;  ;  BROWN & GILLIS/ Proprietors.    ."  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard Table,Vfe.  Stabling for Horses, Hay and Oats.        s  DANCING-  FOR THE.      .'���������,-'  AT  - CAMERONTOWK,..'   .  WHERE THE PROPRIETOR," TV A. BARRY,  gives a general invitation to bis. friends and the  public at large to call and judgo'for*themselves the  merits of his fiUIiartl.Tables; also, tho Choice Brands of  his SEGARS and LIQUORS. The Orchestra, which  consists of four musicians, is First Class;        10-3m  GREAT; ATTBACTION!  , EVERY EVENING,    ;.     .     '  FASHION'S 1X0 0.^T,  . I���������."/.y^^BiMEm&M. ������������������;��������������������������� .--V---  GIROD���������:& guiohon,/  Old. Estabushkd General Store,  . . -v -  PROVISIONS,'WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  :������������������ SION MERCHANTS,  ;   -;��������� ���������--'���������'  Storage, &c'.--Terms most Moderate.  ,."  ���������QUESNELMOUTH:- -.-' ' -s   ���������������������:  ROAD SIDE HOUSES,' &a  COLD   SPRING   HOUSE,  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 28 miles from Quesnelmoutii.  The proprietors having lately- fitted up bedrooms  and. good Beds are.now prepared to afford every.accom^  modation lor Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  tho luxuries that can be procured; tho Bar is .well supv  plied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars: good,  Stabling* Hay,- Oats and Barley, jg������-The CHEAPEST  House on the Road; ��������������������������� 1*Sm  ^giish&French'SilkarShawiq rjrn  - *W������tatf Gloves,- aiiffltyEgft *  ���������'';���������    ;   ���������   ���������"��������� '.  -* '-Drapery Goods- ;  yr'pUoa of  y Receive regular supplies by F/U)re������* vw'uJ  bysaiMng vessels via Capo Horo  v       * ft-muni w  , f Jffi-,Particular attention givc-ii to hli ������;A*7 '' -  ) ���������'   ;���������   '   ESTABLISHED;i858^T^  n    . ������w=a.dnaCDfeMicALs;paricyandffii^  Sponges^ Brushes; Perluniery ' &c.'   PfeLtl lc5  scriptions carefully-compounded and m^T ^1  with care^and dispatcb.   Victoria, y j.    * *m*���������\  ALL LOVERS OF THE TERPISCHOREAK ART are  . invited'.tb call and enjoy themselves,* when a hearty  weicomo will be extended.   ���������'     -      '-;   ":-:  f  jC������* The best of ���������Wines', Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observed.       .:'..:  .    ...     .    w  :1;  ���������   ,....;  .        .     JOHN B. MARTIN, Prop'r.  *.fv���������������������������.'���������������������������������������������������������������-\v'   OAMBRONTOWNjv;  C. FULTON, Proprietok.  There is no distillery kept in this establishment,  and strychnine and rot-gut find no place here.     2  New   El. Dorado   Saloon!  r;     ;  BARKERVILLE.       '  Colonial Hotel, Soda Creek  ".McLEESE &.SENNY, Proprietory   !  X, House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay. .   ,.;1'9;-  164 M1E OE^BSEP CBEEK HOUSE,  IS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION ; OP :THE  Travelling public; tho bedrooms are spacious and  airy and tho Beds cannot he surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort hy any in.the lower country; the Table is  always supplied witli tho liest of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly do hand.  PACTRpTS CORNER.  J I: R.vROEERTSON, Wine and ������?������wV������ 1  . .. chant, .Vlcturia; V.V.    me ana Spirit Wer-  *-r������������������-- '     ���������      ���������      "''"".-'"     ' ^*8 "'  .^.; \y boots j jBopts.'!- :  I SAT SAM! How is it yodrJBo6TO.wearB������������������������������,  .and keep your, feet so dry?" -Because, IZZ^S[  Charity, and Butler, .Oovgmye^^ey^r1  JAY."&:C0.t Fort Street- Victoria,���������.^TTTiw  ..Garden and.FieldSeedsguaranteed.'HaveonhV;!  a carefully selected stock of tho.abovo n-om the S  European and American Markets. ��������� The oarlv orriW  their friends in British" Columbia aro'solicited -V1  ticular attention is called to their large slock of Gtm l  .nOTer-^ne,^^a^--Sood3^ruT^-^^  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreens: Shrubs'GreeD  house and 'Garden''Plants,'.Standard and Dwarf Rhs������i  of every variety.   Catalogues on application., -  u  R- BRODRIGET, OoAt: 'and' Produce Dsittrr a  ���������...large stock of Hay, Oats; -Wheat.and Barley of ^  beBt description always on hand; also, Kanaimo En?!  lish, Blacksmith and Cnnnel-Coal. ��������� Orders'sent to'  Union Wharf, Victoria,/V. T., will 'receive1 'imraedlitV'  attention;--:-( ���������'������������������'��������� --l "';'""   '���������'"'   V-!':r-y> i.s..:;  /PHE PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE, in annonnc-  X ing to their friends and the public generally that  they have refitted this spacious Saloon, and will open  the same on TUESDAY EVENING'NEXT,'when they  will be happy to entertain all who may give them a call.  -:-: -';: .ROSS & BURDIOK, .  ��������� .    :���������.-��������� .        ..;.������������������. Proprietors.  r: Barken-illc, July 2nd, 1S66. 17  Bathing '��������� Establishment!  ,BARKERVILLE,  (Kesi. Bank of British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform tbe Ladies and  ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Creek and vicinity that  be.has fitted up a BATHROOM at considerable expense  for their accommodation, and hopes by close attention  to business to meri t a share of .tbeir patrozrigp,  :435*" He;will.also attend to Extracting,'Filling and  Cleaning of Teeth. ' ''     :'"���������'-"-' ���������      19  x ,141  MILE HOUSE,- -  DENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. This House  is furnished with every-convenience for tbo.comfort of Travellers; tho Culinary.department is under  the superintendence of an experienced coolc j/the'.Beds'  are clean and comfortable ; tho Bar contains the-best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.  .Staiblinsr, Hay, Bnriey.&Oats.  BlIbOD WILL TELL?  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.   :  11TM. HENDERSON begs-to inform his frlonds  ��������� Tf. and'the travelling public generally;that he has  taken the above Ranch aud is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodation. Good Stabling for  horses; Hay and. Grain.. : ' ��������� .>"..l������s *���������;  GENTILE'S Photographic GaUery. G6vem;"  ,'ment St; Victoria,-V.rt.j opposite Hotel deFranw,^  Views ot Oariboo and Scenery tbroughout Briti9h Col'  urn bia, including views of the route to Big Bend, always!  on hand at liberal rates. ... ,.;, ...   :,:,.,:..      l-s  RP. -WHKAB;1 Tailor���������'& Ootfitter, FortSlrcet,  ��������� Victoria j V. I., opposite Bee Hiv6 Hotel, where b������  is prepared to supply his.nuraerqus patrons.wita every,  requisite for Clothing e,ui tab Jo' for,. every season of th*  year."-.''   -'��������� ;'"'.*'    .     .    ''���������"'..-       'l-s '���������  111 MILE HOUSE. ������������������;'���������'  WM. MANSON, D. A. MoXEAN, ;.j  Proprietor, .    Agents  ^FHIS'HOTEL IS LARGE AND- WELL- FITTED VP  X for tbe comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can be procurd,~and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.-:  l*s-;-  THOMAS, WILSON-& CO., Importers of Eng-  X lish Merchandize, wholesale and retail 'dealers in  Dry Goods,:&c.',: rates Street,:Victoria; V. I/1 On acd  after 1st June next in Government Street, opposite the  Bank of BritIsh Columbia. ���������    <��������� ; ��������� - ������������������   ;   l-s ;  HOTEL PE FRANCE; Victoria, V. L, Joss  ��������� Beon'e and Pierre Maxoiet; Proprietors.���������������������������rlheRes.  taurant is supplied with all: the, delicacies the -market,  aflbrdsy In'theBar will be found tbe choicestLiQtrosa.  Furnished Rooms, &c.\' "    ::, -...       1#3  MILE  ^T^E.  ?  BARKERVILLE & GROUSE CREEK.  MESSRS. HARRIS & CO.: beg to inform the  Miners, Hotel Keepers and the'inhabitants in general of Williams & Grouse Creeks, .that they bave open-:  ed First Class Butcher Shops in BARKERVILLE and  on: GROUS<E CREE K,' ab d trust to men tali b'era 1- share  of the public patronage; ?and:that their old friends will  kindly give them a call;-'    ;   - :m::.rjl ":'���������' i-      :. 18-4m ���������-��������� ���������  83     JLVXX-UJZi    liUUU  ALBERT CRYSLER. has opened the above House for  ..the reception of Travellers; the Tabiejs well kept,  ahd the Liquors; carindt be surpassed ; the Beds: are-  clean and comfortabley Stabling for Horses, Hay:and  Oats.,'yy-:;; > -\: yyiy' "yv'-'^.- y-y:'-y���������:.^���������.-A/ffti-s.-.:1  EUGENE THOMASv Yates street, Victors  Wholesale .and Retail Dealer in. WINES, BRA>N.DIES  BEERS, and. LIQUORS and depot of Havana Segars.  Goods forwarded to ihe-MiningDistricts.- . ���������      !���������'  FRANKEL.Viotoria,  JXm Skins, Hides, Wool, &c.  on Furs consigned.   Reference  borg & Rucff, Victoria, V. I. ���������  V. I., Dealer,In-Few,���������  Liberal advances made  -G; Sutro & Oo., Spor  MRS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress Maksb,-Gorein-  i men^ Streetj Vic>oria,>V. ;H-AlWtindsoTMiUmery  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  y��������� ;'7ytipLOOET-;" MftLS, ���������������������������';"-  TH B UNOBRSIGNBD a ro no w mau nfactu ri rig FLOUR  of all grades: Extra, Superfine and Fine.   ' Feed  Crushed to order.   ..'���������.���������.! y  ;= :   LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO., ...  F. W. Foster, Agent.  -TAMES HURON,: Proprietor.':<This commod 1-:  O ous Hotel is well fitted"-.tip:..with: every, convenience  for the comfort of the public;.the Beds arey all'.-that a-  weary: traveller could desiro.; the Table is supplied wi th  the:best of fare ��������� the Bar con"tains -the choicest;brahds  of Liquors and Segars j-good Stabling,. Horse Feed;.Oats/  Barley,.;.'&'c. ���������������������������'..������, ���������;.' ���������.-' .-,..,',;., ��������� < ��������� \ ���������..    . r; /. 1.-8 ;���������:  of the jatest;style,kept;constantly on liauii.  froiri^'the;country^^ puuctuallyatteh'ded to.  Orders  l-s  WILSON 6c MURRAYv G:R0CEBR,PMriW.  VY -Wine &'Spirit Merchants, Bakers & eonfectiojers,  Fort Street^Victoria, V.-J;*.. ������������������ ������������������   " . -:-     ������������������-*   *j_  .  ):'���������'���������  LORENZO LEARTOi Proprietor: This house  ^affords every accommodation for the comfort of  QPORBORO' &*RUEFF, ,Qom^ssiqn*r*  O CHANTS. Wholesale Dealers m Grocersej, WOti-  bioss, Boors: & -Shoes, Wharf street,-Victor^, -v^^8;  i/l RELLKY &jFITfeRRfi,: j^^^S*|f'  XX.;3<m Dealers in'Wines," Spirits;and LiWf������  :yic(oria^y.T.:-o;;>^,^--   yy-, :'^'.."-: :^:'AjT..,  QPROAT & Collate Anderson &^^|g>:  O ahdCoMMissio.v ^ERciiAsrs,. Store Street ric-BWi  Is  EDWIN   TYNON,  rVEALSR IN DRV GOODS, CLOTHING; HATS AND  XJ  Cips, Boots and Shoes, Carpetings, Oil Cloths.  . Wall Pap er, kc , Li llooe t, B. C. l -s  Hay, Barley and Oats .constantly on ha������d at low rates.  Newly.inilied,Flour.for-saio cheap.,.������������������'* ::. ... ....,..,  f *%*8'.-  The Bonaparte -House,-  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at'the  O Junction of the ,Cariboo and* Big Bcnd^ Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of tho public.    Dis-  iV. I  :i-s;  \j������   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes,A0.ro  .corner of yateg and Wharif street, Victoria;.;: ^y^_^  vT   B.HAGCHNrfHvsicuN^ SwwH^t-  O . ner of Yates.and Government bts., Victoria^  XILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZy Proprietor,' has always on  hand a large and supsrior stock of Lager Beer: at  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wines and  Segars; the public are invited to calJ. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly. -    i-s  Vi ������&*W6 would call the attention of those  having goods or other commodities to '.move  .between the.different towns on the creek to  Mr. IJ. C. Wilmott, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at; the -shortest notice to execute any  orders he may be 'favored.- with,' at"' very re'd-*  soaable rates. *  pn  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. Stage leaves here twice a week for  Big Bend aud Yale, and once a week for Cariboo; '/ l-s  DPELMAN and MoKENZre, Proprietors.  ���������ID This House Is well fitted [up with Good Beds and  the'Bar, is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are  served at all hours on ihe "Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. l-s  j0f*Pem>m haying mining claims for sale,  *nll Hnd it to their advantage to give us a call;  *s our. terms for ���������advertising 'this"description  -of property are very reasonable.  Pioneer Hotel������--Lillooet,  PHARL.E3 NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \J established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers; tho Table is supplied with the'best of  everything.that can be had, und tbe cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  (for Families;' Stabling for Horse;?, 'HorsVFoad, &c.  ' Tho "Bxpress stop^ her**. ���������'��������� l-s ���������.  .MESSRS. CORNWALX.^.'  AT THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  . Spencc's Bridge and Clinton, on'the-' Yale-Route.  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines ; Fresh SutterjMilk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and.cheap fqed. ;. l-s..  P  ^orfitork, Broad Street, victoria,- >-,'���������_____  j^AIRE S GBANCINI, ^^f^^lf  \J Mubchasts, Wharf, Street, Victoria, V.i._���������_  ��������� E^StEWTS/CldtWer, p������B"HsMS  J opposite tho B������Abi_Br������lsM^J-2SIU^-  MALLAN,DWK,COLLECTO;V ^ENEBAtlGEST  .CoTcrnment Street, Victoria, v.'���������        __^.  PORT DOUGLIs^3i5RWSB^^|:,  MACDONALD^SWOm  r"an������i  M.  J.   BLACKMAN,  BARifERVILLB.  AUCTIONEER, MINING; & COMMISSION  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,  BARKERVILLE.        .", It  others destined lor the Bridge IU w    0otdit  find eveTy^ivenienci ^'fS^^SSiW^'  them.:" Good ^Bods. and a Table .wellWW*���������   ;1.S;  tho. delicacies of tho sooson  , , This HousQ..*.  n ;L. SMITH & CQ��������� Froprietors. x^���������fyjritf-  XX. vVell fittddupfor the^conamodaUon  lersto the Bridge River p������- te^rfluus W M ^fh  for Horses, Horse Feed,A^tSs S^hb arri.va ^  between this house and PortW"0^- tlie .^  the steamers from Mow -and connects m ..,... H  Boa (s for Lillooot,


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