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The Cariboo Sentinel 1872-08-31

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KATES OFjABYERTISING,       >"  For oaefsaaar^ojie i ircli)j .first insert ion p, ���������  iPqr.ttrosquares^ firstinsertion,   ,,*  ���������' ���������  r  ��������� ���������  ��������������� . *    *4    j* one month, - J> t���������   ���������. -. -  ���������'���������"'&���������������  78f:  ���������o.  ^ge'ni^fbi-lfehe>'���������*��������� C^rllaob^Seivtixfei;!''^  'QiIclp&feiJr  ���������fiffdn Greek,  Clinton, * -,    *   -..���������  Ne wr TVestnil nst er;  Victoria^  ���������1;  ^J��������� P.-Fisher,.-V;I V^;i't'  -  Bcan^Coti^^^r.-V^:.^...-  <������. Street,;,  parn^Td's^Rxpress  Barnard's Express  Barnard's Express  do.        ; do..  V.    John Murray ���������  "V^-Mr^chster.rf  -   -' San Francisco  ���������;**. Si San-Francisco  SO Corn hill, 'London, E.C.  i?m SMiBisa;sEN!riNEi;.  ���������*-:  *���������?at-d.j, (|rECu^|r$^^^  Balls au{rafieiMc,aliEntertaiiiment������. ';:  a,.  -���������'>���������'���������-. y. 5-���������\%-A\M:M* ^.jy;t;.iy'i4������,y-  .js^Ex&nteilwitli^^  ���������  "' .  Terras moderate.  '^T^t  A SHOEBU-RYNESS HELD-DAY.  AnMlltfsW ;oj 4ectmpany assembled at Shoe*  buryup.ss recently to  see' specimens of the  Nvorte^vlmoH^iae^lately {-occttpiedrthevraiads  .ami tlVeii an eft bftlle 5exper im% nf alStaft1"  ^opjier tube' contains' fou^sniatr rockets^ cofild<n6t;6ftiheldiri||he|^akedI'handfwhea  Iwhiclpoiirl&e g$w���������d$Q&fpei tb������y|fr^i i^^^er������/^S?^ u<?:!"' i^f^������^:A?^ ^!^yt  ignited .through short tubular orifices, placed  *btibnv to th^jtorpedo irH^efwaterf ^Behrn#  ^e|ivM^c(|iQe9 a^olM^igOisloslrfelfhe r^r^  eoSjofttie appairatusr 'It ivbiitd to^matare*  to exprees an opinion as to the .feasibility^gff  tie plan- Something is certaioly^aiiting in  tthe de|aite^ $Ue; torpedo^sgeh/as' we have  xleacrib^d'" it, was placed]dn %- 10-VJch gfjn^  ;Tw6cwi^ ciyiected^ithatf  were leCtbrough holes bored^ia the metal of  the-gutfand attached to the ^rockets, bo that;  ofl icom^leUDgf thf ^cir^tittfa^  ���������fiS'filjnl^  under water, bo tbo holes>hav(| to! fecat^vll^  rendered impervious to pe^nefcralion;_*of fiaida^  Sor alsoi^nngfe ba-lii&f muzzle of the gun, yet the  torpedo jiiusfc issue^from it without difficulty.  This double task Js pertome^dibj^acitig a  'glassj|07i^  lag al l-ppflsible^entrances ^gafiB8t^the^ water  by plasteriag'vteral  composition���������!* kiteuing,^ theri3,|ia fecbnicaV  At last ".the m omen t^fpr ^firing came.  The,  electric sppk-wasseiit^hrougb  tion^tpr*ibe > ignited f there #as^ a' >raovemeht  hn der w^teBagatFai jh^ige Gsh i rushing ^ on ;his  preyi^bne secbndjq^struggle; and thto^cpn^  motion su ch as, no1 fish "ever tn adc. * iTho\Sdv-.,  fece was broken^and. foH#leapt one of^ the  rootetisv' follp^e^ instaalaaepusly by^' com*  pantori;' It'Was'Impossible;to ,watch:"tfoin  borne.:; Orice txnbre; 'spite1 'of alV tbe* science of  shipbuildereV,' 'tfae'.giins JHaVe\'"itlT^[Xondoii  botb.r^One of*, them wavnoied-ca'refuriy-' > It Time^luoa^i.I fe '->> '��������� ' ^' - *t*  ''  rbs^wjth;alfiiirried rus^:ab.oufe*30;"f^|^per^-; f''^1 ** y y \ '^-l <,/'''..,'��������� ������^s~*:  rj'es^s seen a������ more .eager, < rush "to,'' a -target or  blankerespreasi^ns,on the,,facerof^*the unT  itiated' :whenfthej!ifound Jhatethe"' target^bad  tibt^b^en/)^riGiif4^  first to; tHe'back;and saw thaf the;w^le;bulk  ���������plates, heavyj;WQOden foundatioas'let Into  lbe;gronnd^n)faety  been4 torced nsom^ tfiree "iriGhJes ^adfewardsi'  The ttnehyafeirri; frorit>f������������������itS8?'fiSi���������' been'  ''driyen,.froin^s,;^ame; and;cai^aed to lean Jot{  support against the maiaf target;;^ ArfcUJeristSi  know?ftat ^ sto)%&tfp^  til#oaiif^  penetrate ihem: too.',.'.So,"-the je^eet'^rfls;pia)0^  jounced uhezampledinv the? hlstipry'i of/ Jartife  lery. The eraell had .acted1 partly as a ram,  y.eilj as a ptip^li, ' i ship, is^'too, beayyrff to  yieldAoM a swift sfrot^andt^iesides, sllbwers'  of bolt-heads had been seat flying to-tho rear,  fleadly as splinters of-a shell.-' >>*'" ��������� ly:^?^ .<  1 None the'less'was ie 'oftomed1 "wfrA to4 try  one .more rouo'd--"on aVnew. and sound .place.'  Tills .time. ������tba. i-ineb p.iato .oould j&oyenol  ftirfeher>4nd)asUhe^^  tbec'centre^>f r;th^ target/-' tfee'-taift' was* less'  m^e3.;^hi^^ajih^ %^q| *t|(e  point of -the. shell, through^platesj wo,od,Und  skinM th^^e(Hmnu^bfeatibg?f^  which remaintd'm"tho'boK' poibt,'sides, "and  jjl������Cfis^ ifl one wpd  rut n.fOfWhat ������wou\dhave, beten Jhe, interior hi  a ehip RjSftrqnf erj* than ��������� 'the ?/wavesnhave������ ever  pendtcularly, sailed roundin-^the^air ilike^a  inrnt, ir oniet- of the pro^anime;, stopd!hawk^  l^^^l^^0^1 ^?f |p^c������a������i^aAJSIbhgne|F^r>  Irftgfejf &mrV-- fsBO -;y araC "^ five wdrids^eTe]  fi r*'d. an d the tisual:good jj'ractice made, -wl th;  a fi ��������� inch gun on a carnage only. a li ttle better,!  wfeU^lessjs,imnle, than,tbe original ,one������ de-\  : tigiw<xfoV^ '"s: ���������"*'"������������������ v?v'r!"^,;���������';;'-!  The second; hamTOtefth������ programme was;  ftiypKaJPAke^ 'S??B?ifei. ^l1!Mf ,W$5$r- K?i?.?'9^  ^ 1gh"Viiou|Wrao'd"there were "first firedlii rfew.  rounds; Irom./thSvlQ-incfo The;  shells  with  pre gram me: pro raised common  '"tVraetfttsfes.vi Tliere'were,!Sr'eii45  .dowhw^ardi .|trM|.Jh ttried; Itself? in * the beach a  few-'fectTflSsteiiii.. -..-       ,,.-,.-..    .'-^'1..  ���������   Then earae tiiGgraud fexpejiftxent of the day;  The;- ..  m|_'   -;; -y  y '   ��������� :;���������; :.'M,^  was confronted bj^such a garget asjias/never  been,flred.atibefore;.������Ia;front'oE,ithe.old-Nd.1  S3; targeL assigned to test the upmost ;poffers.  of the heaviest ordciance. was'piaced' a'n'extra  4-inch plate,heid iri a1 wooden frame, aspace|  wi(*o"p-fuseB^-sfifpt^ctiee; .entirely ^devoid ������i  inte*^^e.n\tlieHargei; is'of thlii wood and  I$09 iyaiEid^diSfcan ti ���������; Why was this ������; Bebaus^  ; ^e^lale'expTosioh's^pf -shells filled :with bursfc-  ���������, ^gV&rgesJf^26^  have been found too expensive: to be govt  .'��������� Uhuedi ^/.Tte^isp'iS.Xfe; ^KlprSei'y-'froin ������������������ the  : ^DirectpryGeneral of Oidnance that;-np; com-  rmoh shells <with ^timeldses are-to &e fired  ��������� .#&&*# a������,&Y& 5t^/A 'W ���������   '-Ji-'V-   .7..,   ���������������������������      j  Irom heavy^guus at present.   For want of a  /^6if a���������tfttidth will, stand,.the ..shock,, of EngliBli  heavy charges; oneypr;ojeqtile, ,-^nd- that the  most effective, against all but iron-dads, is  ��������� fHa<^'bjai6tuseUh^u^ou.t^l^ for  tresses of the; Br | tish' e m pire, and o ver ai I ih o  <��������� water/ o'rf Itie'globe^aHeaBH^^^ carrying  the British flag. It is time that ibis was reme-  13ie?l.| 19J P? tit^ejt^ft tbe^^Qjin^^^t^������r ;biid  l.'SonV its work the tide" had"'-risen butBciently  tf ito-^dmit-of an experioient with Quick/s rocket  ���������^tornedo.;... .t.\f __ vt ^;yyy,; jj- ������������������ ^i "::''-? \,  *'! perhaps .aniohg itfeans of Attack: we. may at  <������ome future time count Quick's rocket/torr  - ^|>edo"- as������vailable.-'l'.������������������its'' performance Was cer-  ^itaibly b^eMi^e, if ;ii6!fc^Uite:ia^ih!ei sense de-  t;iisired' by* ,'IJs; inwntp^^.,;^e^ tprpedp~^o-  *called���������looks like a coprier eyliilder^ with  Mn!cM:;sMl KBa4^ ^Vjithinitbe liead>l so far  .a^ we understand it, is an arrangement by.  * ^hich, pir sfcBikiug a ship/ignition will result  feitan^t Ke^carrie^ backwards ih; the tube to {a*.  .chamber filled iwjtft phtfbftori���������^  l?a^^ileliiua*ffie%ui^bttoii ^imWr; the  Paillser' shell ?* ^x:^lc?ie? W#������ left between, the new plate  &M focg������-t.;: ���������iThiil;the^ mass;to be;firedvatooh^  sisted of���������first, 4Inches of iroh^tben'UnUcLit  space,' tbeh- ah S^ncb- plate.'��������� next ��������� ft inches^ of  Indian ^eakjjfpl lb wed byV5' inches more ^ of  solid irontl anqfchery 6 inches pf teak,-fran3,  lastly, & 'skip; /tougher'than that of a rhiuoceris,;  an inch and a half of iron. the whole.consist-  fhg of ��������� ioi^inch0sV|rob,-12 inehes^wbodi'and^  art "air- spabe. ^,Let^npt thpire;a^r.l;^eatihis'  air. space^ with' contempt; it helpea to save;  th e! targe tl   The trura pet- sounded; a. warntngi  note, and"* all .sought-"'.coyer < In the splmter-;  proofs. There was to bejdne charge fired first  with ou t proj ec tile to; clear: the baby?ssthroat,;  and the tender solicitude of the nurses--tender :and lovi rig' they are to their own babies;  those grand bronze gunners���������soon brought ai  soft dull sound from, -the young creature.  After that;;all breaths were "hushed : to,;hear  what woujd follow^ but again ibehabyjoniy  coughed;- It was cold, they..said, and needed  more of (its slixir before being -permitted to  cry in earnest^���������������������������^:;'7-:&?��������� ��������� ������������������'��������������������������� :��������� ry ��������� y-;.*������������������:[  ��������� ���������': A lpnig interval isubceeded, while its feeders  ,were placing In its^mpulh UOJli.Vof ^powder  and a Palliscr shell weighing, with its; ;small  chargo -of -9ib. of ^pbwder, a totil-i' of 700Ibi.  abou|; itheweigtt of;four heavy men; :&r> shall  w������ say, two or thfe e' Claim ants ? ���������' * *;. ���������' | ��������� -  At 'length ihe; iufant spoke in rearnest,; an d  literaljfy;;^^pmb^ with th>  shep^ A kimh fPlipwed^and the air was full  5f 'ti&% heavy fragm6nis-^6A hotVihJi*' ^ --  x   to close business^ requ^tSh'tijat all parties indebted to him 15% IfiStQ^'qr poo$ Accounts will raako  ;l^fiNETTA.y'^  of'tha same.  ���������Bwkervllle-Angust;i7^18Ttr  juiIT  ^IIS0'BtifiAiNEO������&^  WW  yit)l.i'>>1'  s  aa.  \<j.  8  3.0,5/  :.y������.  a������s  ���������1 :.''*;/  'fe?C':>:  ^$f%rl^t 7Jf; iKf   iiilife  rf a  *?;;;  >T-I'." t'r"..'  hi  7T:^  111 '   il^^5?s|^|pS^|3  BE&AllJTY^ #; FMSf ���������M������aT8>  7y \,- t������v. o    y^i; wi- -y '1 - ,y''7-"H;tr1'  ;^c^iyf<*{J..  i     'jii'jV  ���������/'^'i  ui:y.*;  M m  'i (K  !"ALWAYS^>r HAK!',  h7  .1 ��������� !?.   J  yU;7iM^y  it*.'  ^���������({j:  -yf-'f    .'   j i7<   i^y-y*     *rf*rfhfli  ���������L/y-y77''r' s'^il .^vu^  &������?:#  ,...(gS  77  :'?:v;i  IE  ?'y;7'f  7-fi  A"K^'pfeijarfd to',1 Aimfsh��������� tum'berfai.^ffel^lttlBJ^  /"Willijini^reGkj-bifdbHvepU" to^orderjit' wc;:i;;  -'0'Ji"*>,*  ....  ^.������*5f  -^'7:  tvfS^  -Raving. a^i^dS^cbfel1!^  "^���������J? :  SURVEYS g ANBtpI^NSIEXEOUTED of*  ������������������: ji^'i.*, h On^reiasonal)letterms^  ;��������� ��������� c?f ���������  ^^llra^ers 1 eft a;:Mr Kelly !sy Barkerville  will7 b������ attended1^/';i "'5;: v y 5 '"��������� "*'":! 1 mffo;At?������  IN THBJyCOIR^TY GOTRT^^FvBRITISH  1 .COIrtJMfiLfc holden at^Riclififeld^   \ : -  ������','���������- ?.   i.j?}"! -j -v ' ^ ?i':^:':..-���������"������������������'���������;���������' 7 ;fy*������������������"."��������� .f.'y'^f"'.*'7'������-  Inre SiMUBt WAtKEK. -'^'y- * ;</.,.'; '"';  , Notice, is'���������'hereby!-siyen that thb:\firstMccting-:6f  Oredi tors of .Samuel .Walker, of>iBiirkcryilIe!'v wJio. lias  ueeni:adjutigeil(^Bftnkrupt;4 liavibg "bebn^beia befforc  tbe Judge of; the a.buyb/;Conrte^^ 8th  day .'of :"'August;. last, the': Court- ,ha������ appoliii������ol-a-pu6l ic  sittiwg to be-held on.tlie 31st;day' or-August instant,  at the Court House, Richfield, at '11 'o'clock 1 a.r: the  forenoon, for the said Bankrupt to pass his last cxajn-  inotiou;--:������������������ -���������������'". T'k'f. *"..>'���������>' -'^\r\S\\' '.^y^':' <f\  v Dated thisl3th-August-^.D;:1S72>t:;' x% :U-������  p ,,   x.,> ���������,* ������������������^v.;   ...iv-^, ^JOseph^paRK;  ������������������'"������������������  aulT.   . Counsel for the said Petitioner.  ^Bankruptcy Nqia.ce. r  lllt-HaR;^^ PETIT itON iFOR iDJTOI-  VV cation of Rankruptcy, bearing date tho 10th  day of Ju.n������i 1872y hath, been duly filed RKainst  JOSEPH FGSTEB H1XOK, of the One Hundred and  Fifty; Mile House,J4Uooet.-Ale^npdrja Wagpii.Rofid,  in-the'l?rSvinc0 Vf��������� British'' ConmilHaJ������Tradep,' and fie  having been declared a Bankrupt, is hereby required  to surrender... himself to His Honor Chief Justice  Begbie,'sitting |u.Bankruptcy,,on .thp^djiay of September next, at'Ten' d'clocfejjn ,t^o^fCrenoont precisely,.  and. on UielStU day of SeptemtJerYollowihg at Eleven'  o'clock in the forenoon precisely, at QUESNEL-  jUpUTfii'.and make ali\!i discovery and:disclosure;of  his estate a'n'd etlectSj,':jvheii; arid fwherc,, thq creditors  are to coino to prove their . debtsi"' and ati-,. the,first  sitting. t������ichpose. Assignees; and at tbe last sitting the  said' Bankrupt is- required to flnisU his examination.)  A*  at satis factory rates.,', k"'; yy'vLa ":iiy ���������" lr?rj  ,   ^>|;;::g^aj 0^'A.g.;:  ':i"l  &r6ceries,:iPr6visionirand  'ry'i yvvyy-a r:i'y?# p^i:M;'������'77' t *'tf*' -���������-"  '������������������������������������yyf^  ;���������,...;, '���������i.'vt'it'flvy        t- yy' trr J   7'- tV,^''*:'&���������?!*��������� '*'"?'��������� ^"^  Ou CIESK JiiAiaa *iiWf������*  hav  s  whom the Court has appoiatod.  lector:*, 13th AttgusVlS72.-  aulflm.  fiastcbm&ene^  ^esnel^on'MQ  y.;'!i;:y;fvKyy *'fr:-; ^fri-^^;;;-^}!..X'-^-������^-#l-*'^r'-' :���������..���������  .:  ��������� forvvdrded "FreV rd^; ���������faar|e' ;for Sfofage or  ll  \W%m  "7!  y������-ss?i  vy;\  ���������'i'i/.  nuuniuiianiflinN *ftfl      ������������������'', .'���������.,.  '  ..."��������� ���������---'  /'.' "-��������� ',     '���������':    i         ,,,������������������':'  i -������������������"  "���������*-'   ���������.:'������������������<���������!.��������� ���������   .'      ���������'   i        ���������'!- .  giv ��������� 7'  liM  : ri  . -   ' v ���������  I--7;;  ->���������- ���������!;;:'?-:';V:'-:'-!' -7.  0    >���������-���������  ' ., ������������������:_,���������'��������� ,;.!V  ������������������',   :.    ���������..������������������.      - '..', :  S:#FRDAY,-'AUGlS?lif  'A#li[Sfc  .-���������*&i������K������^.rA*f4-&i������ WA*t������iA^T^/rt*m%rt������:n*;1*h'* ^yj/^j:/$0<,^ rflij'chttHv* to the va^Vibehefits*  likely ItOiacctiie to themselves and the ;Do-  wnde.r.tbe.tePmf������.of Qonf������deyaJ>n^.by_wh1eb minion atJarge from: the,;consinictlon of a  Xue Province" becamea partoflhat rising <fr rlHway connecting Ibem with the. ALlamio  ^^������������������lenc'y^of the British Empire. At;th������r,time' seaboard,-o?.er:to rjut in-jeo}iardy-,the-.parryV  It becameVecesHary for iia to send *f *pr������fetft%; ISg^libiip?���������ftfeci^&ftllti^t^'schetti'ier'-6y^tboTe|^3&tio'n*  tttir'es-to" Ottawa" dnly quaHftofl.to:-represent: of members pledged, to act in concert wilK its  -our .interests .fcnd:Obe.r;e������yircnient������ of Ihe opponents. y*To those���������whoLfake aniinteraitrn  ���������^QSintry: ___Thr? wasjlonje. and -members were tbe materjal prosperity of the counXv/ nx.dr its  ���������ei'ecteil tr* serve for tjte space of one y#ar tbe growtbin political power, nnd greatness; tbe  iiri&plre^termyof J&j^exiBting Parliament. sMcWea of Sir John Mc'Donaldysnpportef>f1b''  their ��������� ditferVn^eonsiK^  couragringv i Fr6ta*'all ^be /last.1 accounts >t&  ceiled ;itrHpp������ara toj;b6; pretty/ e?|dent -that  ttie^Imisteri^  ������vei-y:fe  weakness;; o f the i0.p; pos|ti'oni^as|ar^parenK> If  1b������idoiimi^ r !oee#strbrj������r! v.  fii fa^or fl%lh������;^xoyeriimen t^tbe;,vote; would  ?lS8mSTiic&i#ii,������at lhaV time Just emerging  Inf^eyi^ Mm  it /tiad : previously held as n, Crown Golcny:  Tbe mar^JbeneftSriwbich; we have so far de-  Tiiw^flSra^fi"Stop 'witWCaiiada, especi ally  Iciear  to bav<* bWea Satisfactory.to the electors of  itba^ribob-Mio^et dlstriet, will be allowed  to walk over^beYohrse. There is no doubt  but that alKthe members elected from Ibis  fwn  /a 'Of this'/journal, that It would  ...":���������' '      iie&yw^  i , th������������m now:   Tho, work, which w������!at that time  feTnTvthti c^fforaly^e'^q!iirln^BrtmefidiS'  > eret.ion; but was not on/.j.fre whole difficult of  perforin?,!)   J.   All that ."was asked of them  via* to nee fehatjthoy/T*rma: of ^Confederation  .ivare dwly^nd'fatttffittly' learned- 'but by  the  ,_'      Dominiort   Govs*rnm^nt*   specially v in   the  ", '    -   '     matter of." the K&llwayvfmd otherwise to do  -   \   ��������� th el i r ��������� beg i' ip for y>; a rd 11 he i n te res ts - o f;.' ihe  y   '     r il'ro^Iisce^wheo4:t������ppbVtlinity^ ofe{*jd;    fi m-  ."- --Wirt* ^i rsVfif.tArnf 'p.^rtnint.v that. ,n.^. f^i'jff'.nfl l.hrt  Uritieifa -'Otf 1 unife^"6pjjatlts"t^n\s5������������>������ n r3 !!?e 0 n ^  ���������        r   . ,    /.'���������!      ^position.,tbe leader? n^w^iph;bad persistently.  Jnay.-b^ Uio hirmi%������, or i'whjat jsa'junts-td.J-he  sanietf ibing" tithfe 'Opp'osUfofc) ,tob v.v?eair;?;;for  roo(irSouna;sbealtby legislation. ; All that a  Miji!aj"r.^reqnireri*:^'^oo  Ontsidu of ���������v.thait: the' strdngewan Opposition!?  1.be;be,tter if k. m y - ^;hol@   fpr^tbe' country., '  H e s ty,i eisis 1 a tm & ��������� i s - ch ec it e d,. ,m ensurea -ad r  Ijenefiolal effect on the.community  at la'rg  It js om jn-te^est ,attpresent,.%nd ke������be];eve,  tnalof;tbe wboSe Dominion, that ^^^ John  Ma cdo n al d ?s'M i ri i $ tnrsfi. ou 1 di, f o r - ;a o m e u t i m e  late^riiy wbi^hfara of ;tbemostvvital ^rid^iif  j o,u r ip g^ iui porta ncKtbliUis ^Pro ^ in je^^ y y '..;���������;  v-^'^y" M '-���������'.".;' ~��������� r '���������������������������-. '-'''.'' 4j-^-z&~~^'^'-\ '������������������-���������'���������������������������,'-'-/; y>.  1 death of -Capt. <Tryfft^-W^nVaSa'd sVYavor^  ' a b ly kno wn ;on ,^.tb������i river i^ribo Ca pt*in of th e  mtn.wiSir John McDonald snd  Sir;.George  lj   -Cartier/and not of men holding tbe narrow;  aripifp of rfberr^s������^t,Op position. > vBeMldo'sr t  w ai-* f wy 9 Q on *een 'that 1 tw was4 tb e" darn es V d e -  ���������ife and wil������b of the G^vorsment not;on!y&  ^Skecp goofi faith with us, but, in every way  ''';possible to.'ceiftent and; Btrengtben tb������ band  1 ������^v nnloji^itb ,us. ^Jt ^^.^^tif^nijfb^^ie1  mosC eaSeit ^deavoM%  push oft4he exploratory rail way surveys:^as  t fast^aa J possible^ and Instead of that scheme  y   o^i^a^rfejstfaflrtre. ^j������pred|cted?rb/^tbo  Oppps^BoS^wisVracresi it^s>now4certairt'������4hat  it c^nAnd will ba carried to;a.succe^ful-ot^  mfnation.1  The Brifisby Columni^;rftemii^r>;  y* therefbrff, adopted the course already pointed  >ou&^and^upportedan.Administration which;  jyeroiis and strenffthen!np: those; bond8 "which  tf-r   ..orbited the country,������fn on^barmonious.whole;  ������������������?;   Purirft; Jibo ilfst sessioVlittle'-more'lconid be  '  done by them except to become acquainted  w-ith: the!r I^t^Uamjsatary coJfea/^es^tbe prac*  '   tice of tbe House, and'the tactics and prin^  ';.���������'  ���������;*fohflibw?verlJ'tbVlcocni\Wrs!^bl6h.Abiy;^wi?re  rtlected;������nded, and it lias a^ain become oiir  f.y duty^in-.this dittfrict7riSycommob wllb' Ure  ' C 7 fctber 4isti' I c fs. i n; th ie Prjoy i n c e. Jo el ec t some  r -   irtbito fgpSs^Viifs In H  at Ottawaiwhp mmII brini������ to'the performance  ..';.6fi... the,.tas'fc;;^an^wne^ir'find sincere desire not  .;��������� *>nly to benefltjlljs 6wn section?of country but  ; * a!������B0 to.jM^-^i^'ii^&f^Xfi: bis power in  b u ? Idiog u p; tb e btrn ctti re o f Can ad a?s great-  ijes������f-^������bni9^&$y:io bffi't^brigirt������stori3amebt  in the p os boss] _ob*a f En p) and ;���������' AI ready has  ' ^'*^fOf0?mmonced lprtbe iow^frconntrry^nd  Vh)^V^fifcpViv-er'li\ahfii; ir"^Tri& tfedfte ' loc^lities  coa^lderajyo: .plijjc'aj��������� j excitement preyai te,  acd spina, if hot all nfj;i\\f. sentj*, will be con.  tv ."rtiwl; ; In tb is co,net imency the n om i naif on  ��������� wi^.if^rib^|I^Bix ^ayVmqr^ ������nd so-fsr |  na w?$&4& ptme$% a w are/the #������P;i<Hb1i1 -one  candidate in 'the: fiofdrr^nr present represent*  at!ye,;���������: Mr. Tbpin psbn;, Afc, o:ne tiine it was  t������Uy; expe^tod^aV tm wou^d *' baveJ beenh'oplr  poseo^'lby*:'"da*SWbd;; wbytever fe ^iiitiep  died;;at 5l\itcl&cfe%.^K >on'^edn^da'|;.  and was buried yesterday.*s- Gapt.Irving  C wife 'and" titisft \~y ������tb^^ptw6"liis? loss^  KEW ADVERTTSEM15NTS  a Ithough. i Hs. generaijy ionccded .thai the  y^'iy..  are W0. FlUST^UALITy^and^Uo  kw:not:tbe; most'Inferior in'Bar^tryilio.;;;And further,;  the proprietor, ry^y ���������. ,y.-," y ���������',.; "iV J''������������������/,"'���������   , ���������'.'X' ';'] ]y '  %������wy^''  to;; :T7.-:jrr*.7T: t^.7>  '��������� ��������� / ���������. ������������������;���������;  ���������eiideayori ta "make Uis. patrons as comfortable as peg--  sibje l>y (iiihliaUi.flg- a great;humbef:ofvvivo most Ititcr*  e'stlhg;.JS EWdPAPfiKSj aud s tu:iyjag. their other com-;  fortil'J-'A':��������� '*���������.'' ���������.;';'" J"- ��������� *������������������'''���������. ;, y i  ^y^^as/tM^times aro uo.duH and money scarcc^it'  wpjuM^e.wc;II-for -;all.���������'.his. qld' patrons and^frienils ;in:.  the coinmuriity:,not to. v;isjt.tha-Eldorado. .,. ;���������  .'.Barfcervilie, August 81,'18T2.; ; y:.:   :���������.}.;������������������; au3l'  expen  -  By .order:of' the Boari! of, TrusteesV;   ������������������ .,  y   : B. B. M1KOB, Secretsry,  ' 'y,:.������''   y     '>���������,.   Ofiice" Nq;?4U^ Calf form* .street,,  au31 lm_ iian Fraucisco.,...���������,'  MeLaugMiix Go.,> Hiclifleld  1 ������������������!"hare been instructed by Hon. It, if. Ball, Gold  Commisfc'icncr, to^sell- byiPuWic1 Auctlou; atlBarker-  viile, on ,    ;   .-,���������'" /'.       "'..,���������'.���������'.���������.*������  SAiraDAY,' THE 31 ot J)AXm AUGUST  y,y.    ..y   ��������� NEyr.. ..   "s:t '.'/./���������  ���������'.; , ���������   ���������.. y H ' ��������� ��������� At Twelve! o'clock Noon,/, j .4  t...,;, :,*.-���������'  The INTEREST.if COl.IN":CHISHOUf,'deceasefi,'tii  'thc^f cLrtug!>lin ���������Con.paiiy, ��������� consisting: of '"'ONE HALF  jofjthe.jv&olo Claims!; ." t /;   y ���������' ���������... * y*   : ��������� ���������> ' N\ >:vi'  Claim.., ������������������yv...;, y-(,y;7- -'-.y :*< '--.y.-; '-���������:���������' ���������^i;li;77.y^J  .Tbo McLaughlin Company li a vo the privilege'of 100  inch es of', wate' r froth W������l k e r'Sl'GuI ch. ���������  ' , yy 'Cqnslsirh^; of n(  sv  '���������^���������i7vi|,  : yAt the same] time, J>| brder -of tbeyCpuri  will be sold tb������ interest of Ifr Htfle^ In lb^  'Farmland Lands occupied by bim:'  :--'������������������ vly[ ' ??f    :    JOHN SAUL,    ;  ^���������alVlCi   ��������� i; - A^ntf>r tbe-Admiiiistratory  price, tlieh tbo.. Interests. of.C,, Chjsbolm. cieceased  '*wiir be nilt "tfp* and: sold w 1 tfaout.rcaV/fre?'.   '-'-; '���������"���������'  jVJ,L ;,...VM7 ,,: .y . : ; ��������� .:,���������;..vu-BOi BYRNES,   -.;������,;  '���������"' .t;:.=.   Auctioneer.. ;  ������������������' B&rker^lla,AngnstlO; 1672. '���������.���������/'������������������������������������ ;       7 " -au27  ���������^;v^^3SES^MENT. NOTICE. :;;;'  PEnSEVERANCK.rCO.. HARVEY CREEK.  or-  .^^1* -Noyr.BEhh at vanwikkls  -and' i ������������������      - ���������   -,,���������:,', 7  lity and longer and more tntim  atejyi.")iie<|.uftinted. with tHelrMqjutremen������ts was  in tbp fields - Tliere now, fipWftyer, appears-jo  b������ little clian.ee- of opposition, and judging  ftott rpreaenf. app������>rap'c������a Mr Tbotopson;  BEEF AT A SMATJL PROFIT, and wfllcot)4.  tinuetcf do so aa lon^as tbo public extend their  patronage.  J. W. LINDHAR1X  tjgt'BBIIEJXBERTHJS STORS .-������  tu.  ated on: HHr\;cy. Creek, consistiug ,of Onc-slxtU of; tho  wliClo'claim,"on '.' "���������       J   :.' "'���������"<";" ' '   " '  mvmMTyritm ;kt������ -day of sisp-  . ..������������������;;y "''-..ii ;-^TE������fnF*t7NEXT,;   .^.y-^ ;���������>  s.c ��������� ;>*j.,-;.J"'- At;12b1cli>ck in:the SFoiouoon, ",-*'���������      . ;.> ;r  iT'BABKBftVILLHi;^:;'-.:.it..'.; .ry  - Such Sale, will.take:place- at:tli,e>;abore,,tims anil  place, un less 't|i^ Asses sin tint's d u e. a rid, accfui n# du������,'  and all costs arid .charge's, arc paid before that time.  .. y  xxu .,r,...;.:'GEO. pritNES,; Auctioneer.  , BarkerVllle, Augbst 23, 1672. - .        . bu27  THE TJNDEKSIGNED  HAS RECEIVED:  instructions to offer to !*oan on rGooii .Securify a  few Thousand Dollars, in sums tOFulf the applicants  ,..; .    ��������� -��������������� , -ArlEX. E. B. DAT/IB^ Solicitor,  .���������iBarkerrfu^AiigHrtQ, 1B72,   ��������� aalO 2ra  Under temporary' */r.riahls?em*nt; for; 7cp6**J*  1       '  ��������� "ance ot'tbV M^ila TramW;  ���������  ..,;...���������.���������'...���������.���������, ,.'   .,;;./.!���������   7v'"-: ��������� '-. ���������';.** .:'��������� A ;:���������������������������'' :7; '��������������������������� 7. ���������.-.���������'������ ;=���������'  Cache Creel to Gkanagan-  The undcrsigned.haS;placed ft lie������ oi,.Fft88SB*  gor Slagea oti-'tho'���������'. 1'J;, ,.  Runninff in closo connection with, tbe Stege&  from Yaleto'Barkerville. .":.;>  Persons t\milo$ tbe Okanagftn, District will  find ibis by far the most convenient oioda of  travel;"'"''������ -v^-;���������../ v;::';;''"h''';':;;-::r; :,l"/;-": s  j^fr Stages'leave Chche Creek on Wednesday morn i"gar at :10 o'clock, ^pd wi li retura  tji������ following,yeefc in time -to .eoniaeci witb  the'Stages go! ng North and South:' ,  Willibe ironflftpfed owr. tbe rout^. Freighfe  carried. Parcels, delivered. \ Commissi.ona  executed,. Cp'ltectiom inadfe. ,*  d.  w  iVS  b< SATDRDAy^AP^DST 31.1872
WIIXTAMS CBKKxV."      ; *l\.,
       f. .-y
.;��� ,- -.vr-.-Tf-?.-;":"- -.-���������
The Flume co. wiwuw^l ^
The Well Mary,Anne cq^for-tbe same time
'iO'.bz.   The Forest, B
$0 oz
(co.^ aW~mnning a
Tii&fij&jS^ The
Ligh'toi ng eprw' payhif 6ivide*nas^regularly.
Th*j^r,nc��eQ.* The
Thel; Point.���;cp.. i^:./THnfkin|ir^a'^ejpftBIf^cTriftTot a
drain,fapd' are payio^ exr/enses. 'The*.Clark
co. fiffris7.In%;bjef^
co. have got their pump3:a><worky and in&irb
or three: day a will cbmmef|ce,,work in the
diggirigs. Tbe^Waler T^ly are ��� .preparing to
put" ud machinery._ The Eleven^of 'England
co�� ^aVe^compte^ have
commenced to breast out.v yh&Vjfest of England coi are erecting machinery^ y .,
':, 7;;V    y-j -grouse cbeervm;? W /���-.,���   ���
-The Sa]fc Spring ^oy-tdpl^^out 40 ok. last
week.   Other com pa dies no tioirig-niiieh. v
, ,��� ;.pyy7ly;:.v';; -J,HAKVKY ��� CREKK^^y4-.-. J:y7"
.ThpyP^rae^riinpe^ co.. - are /running an in-
cl 11 ie$nd:;bfear!ngTout��� pe pid: drai n, ��� and'ex-
pa^/tb be pS^ -The^Do-
minion Co. hate ���.struck rock on the aide.of; the,
: channel and! expect tci g��- J wo ,pr .three feet
deeperi^Wj^^Mfnitoba-coibave sfrufck bed*
TOckfinlhemiunnel,anil will op.en^outin,two
tomed .hemsliaffcau^ dritte^inip the channel,
:*triking a good* prdspect IdatfAMonday night.
The JUnnebalia?:��o.Tare; ginningA\drain inn-
nH ahead, ^eJPo^v j$. have their wheel
up/and are prepming~tn*sink,y Work Is being
aclK^^^8^ite��;6jn qife^lsSreek.Tand^Btrqng
hnpestosepjtertaMwd lbere)pf rich v deposits
ybew'g struck.      ���   % ; %
 , i._... ,  ...f     ���'������^���VA-rt- :Ip"-J *&>.'*%}
���tioipator In Iby; $ roflts. That Smcoc
sole contractor,' knij* when * H gave"up
iiabiHtynmder the contract ceased, yp"- "**
i John Gamioft proved that when be abandoned he paid, all <&s.Bf>B8mentri due at,tbat
time; i Ife/gave "noticeto/ the^,Company,*.. "and
has refused to- pay any since. :. Shortly iifter
Sincock abandon��d. .,
1 / Saimretr1Mcl^k ^
liole contractor^ thatjliesuliaequently took
others in to avoid pacing,wages, and ;fiDaily
threw up the con tra^ct.
His hooorv^^tberGoifComaiiSflloner said,that
ta^miiiif': ifMtl tKfl'.rf^hHaninable-:for'ail^,8r
,_,., , \&Ad tbV4$ttndan�� fiftb^tbtfalt^
eessmentsvdue for work under the Contract,
but wa a of opinioi. that tbeco/) trac^ was with
Sincocfe alone; and '"iSen: be A brew ] it* up Jt
came lo a close; The ^fm%ngemenV.to/;co!n?
.ple,fe the runnings, of the tunnel was a fresbi
'contract. He therefore decided that the da-
Mid ant Was liable for. the assesaineO^fi^June
}hsMxrMafciis Smith, tna-Engineer^Jn
of the Pacific Coast dirision of th�� Gaft'adian
Psciflir Rail way Survey ^arrived r here 00 Monday , tb��^26l^in8t:?fromf tb#xCbiic��ateif m&
Bute-Inletimititfy. Mr'Smitb fn<g#hg%
that oountry leftAldxandria on the >29tb, day
tladeh with provisions? three -Indians and an
.���axeman, and proceeded for aome'distance "by.
jitbe old Beltssj, %pja r^ute; ^njJ^d\AcguRti
'about 0\lmiles ^om AleraMrsaF^hef met
?Alexi^ the ChiIcoatep chief, who bad failed
{in meeting Mr 0:ReJlly;who.badb����en detained
hiy bigb, water ispd Aires, in,tj)e woods. $n
sWedneidayHli^Stbf Augiistl Mr* Smith met 3fr
fdrReillyyttt|/Tatlah Sake, in company "with
(Mr Tiedemari ot Cainp W. He supplied^Mr
[O'Rejlly"with provisions, and thai" gentletpun
���continuedjon r his> i way: ft o;j Alexan^iaSl^r
���The last'opVortnnit/ of ��     .._. ^      ._.
grapbip>>iiaw|r-''of #6aritM>of  L. A. Blanch
*tockwTn bo'^posed of on Monday atauo* 4
���.'I'jrif-rftjj. ; /'������'.''>>".^:.A ���
i^^l*o|i|SbliliChiief JdM&^B^feeiiill^
rivaberl^urinlthe ioni^op'M^p^leii
lthtpsurpoaa_pCholdingytha-lSu preme Conr4-
-Aa'sizes, which !will'b��^)peaad oa Monday, th��
9th September next. "V
If ^^^i^^.bea^baj^^a^^
tgiva a nolhtit petForiSice: aDo0rifie^i:l'&'''
^proximo.    Tbp. play solecied'*ia h two-act\
drama^^Hb^ t^^tba^^ .!
lor soUnff time.  Xft Ibe! talejit in CbVCorpjs
wijl'appear-yProgrammes ^wIU be issued;
If tb wiien ttic^O leet ��rSraift Sf ''^WffcKf-PS
���abandoned.   Judgraeut for $31 and
���v.;.., v.r..v..,T co., .whoformerly struck.avprpa-
Xfit��ciu-earthfei'month of iCeithlaylcreek/ara
about,putting in^ a lonjf^fluine".for the .pur^
,post- -oi;, working, that section 0!   th��.creek.5
;:i'b��':'Cfilni*se�� mitiw��?>ofi^ this creek *xe all
���4rdng^weii/ "as is al^b Coijn Rpss & CoiT
'���"''������ \X^-'--Q*''''*cx*^^ : ���������:;���
y<-.,.    r ,r; ,;. FORKS'-<)F*XSCK8*;��L."ryv   Lv",4" '* :
'   On tUe'Soutb Ft��rk^ Cblnese co. are'.work-
ing":ir hencl'v ^n w*ii��h ihe; water is brought
**by;means of a wbwIjSixty* feet high���makingi
1 ��ft U;supposed, about ��� $10v per day to the
band;   Another .^mfsa^corapany is being
fnrm��dy t:6r the^piirpoRe:bf flnming the South
Fork, an undertaking of a ratber foroiidabla
character. ���   /
lefore H. K.':B nil, Esq , Cold CommiSRioner
County "Court Judged
vThb AMBnosK Coi (by Andrew Weldoo) vs.
JoiiS.;: (jtAnxok.-^Mp Barpatohf who appeared
f dr tne plaintiff^ stated that this was an action
falling upon the defendant to show'"cause why
be shon 1 d not- pay $96, assessments d��a by
bim iip to tbe.Stb August, 1872; It would be
���bown that up tp.tbeL-lOtb day of February
last, the plaintiffs"had -fc^n; working as a Corny
pan y i a their c I aim on French Creek, bu ton
that day they entered! irito.an agreement with
Samuel Sincock &$& to-run 300feet of tunnel , or;u Dtil .bedrock was struck* That the
party to tbisiagreeijent, and all assessments
Claimed were due for work performed under
the epntraot.jwbicli wasjeoro'pfeted on the 8th
August insi That bn'ifie 7tb May the defend-
ant paid $1^2, which covered work done un-
der.the.Sibcoek agreement as well, as on a
b I i nd shaft. This w as; an admission of 1 iabi I -
ity, and defendant could not by abandoning
the interest relieve niniseif unul the contract
was completed. Besides the majority bad the
right to work_������ during the close season and
' holdMhe diher 'interests.for assessmentfl, as
bad been decided in case of Ambrose Co. vs.
Tompkins. - v
Andrew Weldon proved tbat three of the
assessmentsrunder .the.contract were paid by
.the defendant,,and the suit was for the balance
of assessments due in the same way. That
the Company refused to accept defendant
abandonment, and still held bim liable. That
Sincock. quit, work .about June II* whea 200
feet bad been .: completed, but bis 00-
' contractors completed tbe contract.
'Mr; Park, for the, defendant, argued tbat
under the'85tb.fiflotlon of the Mining Act tbe
defendant, after notice of abandonment, was
relieved from liability.   Thai be could not
'0pBts��7      m	
BAEKERvifshz  ExpiX)��iL?roSt* BuRVwr^^n
Wednesday last,a���party oiBaHtervilIe citizens
was fbrmed- fbr ;the-'purpose^pfe,exploring the
summit of Mouut Agnes \i$&[the adjacent
country.    The party  left; the, town  gajly
mounted on.,tbprci)gbbred ^Jayjeuses;' armed
with humpr6ua^^(X5ketpistols;^aMiinited StipJ
ply of tobacco, and a very^long teleseppe.
Everything^ proceeded as<g;aily as a jnarrittge
belU ll^e^h^es^wf^^^
tols were well primed, and Mount Agnes Ayaa
reached in due time.   After ^exploring the
mountain anditbe different;places of Interest
in its locality", tin% of tiy^pafty^an enthusiast
in his search after; knowledge, seized!^e:tele?
s^pef^stretcbed H to^lts^ftil 1 length|a^d!^l|f
vatinjg" itMfra%esierly^dif^ction; appliecl his
e^e in a knowing^mantfer/to .one end of itv
and declaredthattbe'CbastRange was^plainly
visibie, and that the wide ^open^sea*could
easily be seetif through a^wlde open ^pass^ in
the mountains. yTbe importances;ibui$ discovery was at once seen.   It was felt by thei
whole party.that the difl}cu) lies, in the way of:
find ing a jftsi1 tliroligh the Gbaet Range prac^
ticab le for the greiit Pacifio Kuil way 1 were j
solved.   In order;to eet a31 doubts at rest a.
propx>8*kwasimad^to iiif vey the pass imme-|
diatejy.   This proposition^was uiost enthiH
siastically received by,the^ now- excited ex-}
ptoreis, and a bold start was'made in a J>ee
line for the ^esfe.Unfortunately idifflculties
'were?soon ;niet with, much fallen tiniber-was
found, and the morasses were .wjdejind deep;
���But bbstacles.buiyiser       ^o-excite theentbu-!
siasni of our explorers^ and a lbng[and tedious
march was inade^-Everything, however, muBf
come to an.;; end..   The shades ^of *eve5niu||
gradually gatfeered 7r^bunii^he pocket pis told
and tobaccp^became yex^iiBttfd^and'lbtf, te.lo|
scojiejvas^dislocated "in id: attempt to see^e
Coast Ilan��0 round the corner of an inter!
vening mountain that had suddenly arisen oh
the 'hitherto flat surface of the ground;   A
Council of War was immediately held, and a
rapid discussion' elicited the: fact that the
stores Tvere,.exbau8ted, aiid the. te,lescope be\
Ing no ionjjer of: any use a retrograde movement was" r^ucJanUyrresolYed ;tipbn.   This
resolution was ;immediately: :piit into eflfeotj
but, alas A  littloy; progress cpu Id bay made;
Night set in�� and our explorers bad to campi
Fires were made, but blankets -were scarce
and' the comforis 6f ��� ��� life Jlwere absentiiyTbe
glaring eyes of grizzlies were seen -protrnding
from -the surrounding forests and the dark
eold night was d��cidediy unpleaeint.   Night;
boweverf withi-;>all its miseTiesfsloWly  and
gradually came taan end.   The approach of
day -found our travellers worn; ;Weary- and
hungry, and imbued with the most stern resolve to return home at all costs and all
hazards. Horses were soon saddled, the back
trail most carefiilly'f kept, and Barkerville
reached in: due' tiaae.; ;..ln :;. the. meantime-great,
excitement had prevailed at tbat place.   The
protracted disappearance' of the party caused
great anxiety.   A pack-train, consisting of
one animalt loaded with provisions, and in
command of two amateur packers, was started
lor their assistance, and the flags were bung
at half-mast in sorrowing anticipation of the
loss that probably might be sustained.   The;
pack-tea!.a bad, however, hardly startedylier
fore it was annsuoced that the travellers
were, re turn ing.  A hd. so t bey were. The joy?
of the citizens became unbounded ; the flags
were run up to the top of the poles, and tbeir
arrival was greetsd by the ringing of bells,
tbe sounding of horns and other manife&ta-.
tions of delight peculiar to  ' ye people of
ye town of Barkerville/ ' We are glad to sa
that the whol�� party arrived safe and aonnc.
a little the worse of wear but otherwise'well.
We understand that the result of the exploration, still 'undisclosed, will be sent to Mr
Sandford Fleminir, Chief Engineer of the Railway line, and the telescope to the British
Museum, London,: there to remain as a me.
mento of this raemorablo trip in pursuit of
--���   -  .0f .;    ;   .���:^:':v:- '/
Court? of Revision was bold at Harvey
Esq.. Registrar, 00 fcfea
hap|wiU)^his caBoe^but brbugb't nows"H;-bjs
��*afety?^^AI rTi^denian^ ^an <�� two^wfen 'jfcfj tti rned
with 1tfr, Smith, an (Ion 12 th August v t!$$(' &$��
riyedvat MiddlevLakeij.- Here a depot iwas
formed* and' some- explorations ;m��ide/'^Mr'
Tiederaan was left Irt cbargeyyWitb tbe^
|.sistan^ of some Jodians the proviaions were
taken do wn tbeiake and river to the Eng;in-
^ers^ camp, aboiit >25;tmilesfrom;th%^depbt;
On the i3thAugustv(having. left the; pro-
vieions)^ Air Smith s^rW^acK^and^
tbesa me routers far jis the; east ^endlofiiTiti
lah^Lake.wjtb the mnie^trkinV- No' difficulty
woul^be experience^iuisn pplying^b��^party;
witE^ provisions ft
ing: beeb engaged fori packing pin^p|e5.;, J^fr
Smith^ihen turned down the Gbim^ff^River^
emptying into thWGhilcbaten about 30 ^miles
riverto its mouthy explored^ they country in
its neighborhood^and^turb%^up:^ fbe'west
sid e of ^tbe FraseB tb^Sbd fc Creek?: yHegtbere
gave jnstructions;f to*, Mr^ McLennan >: as to
routes" to survey inl order to, meetyjbe Qoast
pariy from the bead of Bute xInlet. rOn bis
return Mr Smith met. 12> Indians; underr the
engaged to gov to Middle: Lakeand; pack pro-)
v isions for the. supfc ly of Cam pj W."' Th��y bad!
boot svand clbtbing wi tfith em. Every "means1
:bad .been, take n to secure; the^saf e ty and. com -J
?fpH;o'f'rthetpartyr Another tr'ajauloaded with!
blankets1 andtwirrajcjo thing i will leave .Soda
Creek about the iniddje of September for the
same^parties^y-Tbe-frienda of Mh'��' party need
be'under bo uubecessHry.,alarm;; air band^
being perftfctljf safe)itnd witfiyordinary pre-
cau tion th ere ^wa's no' danger of �� ny mishap;
Mr SreibV pif.t*y,^fcbmmebc^d:a^tlie west
etui of Lake la Hache aboiit *:tbe' midffleybf
>Tttlyf anbl fo}lp#^^he^valley by Williams
Lake, down tp^ ^eWraseV, whichrriy
crossed about a; lor ^ ���: pew/
of Tatlab Jiake, Jpllo^ingtlie^jroute,;marked
out' for them ^by' Mr Smith.,' Mr Mahood's
party are on a line between the North Tbomp-
son and'La'ke la^Hacbe, and are **$0b&M
arriyein 'iifew. "Weeks where Mr Green bom:
menced.y'His party wUlthen, jf^ecessary,
be sent onM Tatlab Lake: to Survey^ the gurj
between Green's party and Tiedemao's. Mr.v
Smith*-has now completed his1 explorations
iwest of the Fraser. and has given ^final in>
structions for the survey of: that line,-and is
now on lusjway e^wafd:tp;Tel^3*faune Cache
'and will explore* the Horsefly country*and
the headwaters ot the Clearwater and Thomp>
.son rivers on bis way^^r Flemings will ;prob--
ably be met somewhere on tb<^ NortbThompy
sou. Mr SmitbcWill then .descend thbrlverto
Kamloops, and will devote the >eB^;pf /tbe
season to the: examination: of the rputel across
the Cascade range terminaUh^
minster, or Burrard Inlets Mr^ Smith; Refrains
from giving .any opinion as t6*:the^merHs>of
the various routes until an examination is
made ot all of tbein; So for -hwbve^ijudg^
ing^ from Very careful surveys,:!he- flndsj the
country not so difficult as was expected and.
Is hopeful that a gobJ line of railway cafi#>*>
obtained even through the Cascade range.at
less cost than at first anticipated.
��� TnK Assay!Officsb;���Seventy-eight thousand
'dbllafs in gold' was assayed at this "office
during Jbeyniontb ending on th0;25tb\ A��gust
ins i.} bei n gthe I argent amou tit eve r ^assayed,
during a single month since the office was
established. This ^exclusive of; other ^inin-
oral assay a. Ori 0 of O rain eca silver y ielded
$1^0 to the torn- The ��bbvo returns show
that the yield of jjold is not yet completely
played out in Cariboo; ;*'���
^bIbkardV Express' arrived on Saturday
morning, 24th inst., bringing a mail, an express, aud the following passengers;���Mr
Allan and Mr andiMrSjTingley, from Yale ;
and Mr Charles Sajlouxi from Qnesnel. The
down express left: on Sunday morning,'the
S5th inst., carrying,a raail/an express, Mr and
Mrs Tingley, and Jasi Richards, for Yale.  /���
AURtT^rrth�� Hon.�� Geo�� A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Cands and Works, maj
be:expected to arrive.by Barnard & Co.-��S^-
pr��f�� to-day, ��feoufe 9;jsw"""
?..;?r**aXx;->v: - ;y vv ,"':' ' r:fj-,'.i...u..;'.*. x^--'-- ��������� - ���<*������������
ryr '*rT MyricB'Ta ^thb -publicI I- ''^:'
{!\.~'X 7",    ������-������ i:\: ih.-'jii-.t;<��� >.'*'X -f.-' i;/'.y-V 1,.������-.,:;,-,;���   "���'���:--.t^ ������',.
'������ The.rnonopoly hitherto mainfalned tn Beef,
has for a long ti me beeo a serious coin plairii .���
ofHbe people -of Cariboo,c��Jfy* ii^Ju^t^al^
the^faYmersf having tHbiisandsof-iiead of^beef:'
cattle, should be debarred from bringingj-heml
intbiouvjnarkejls, byj, th>1 inarketybei^^i? ��  ,.
trbljed by a single1 ibdivlduai wbo/M iitvbaj]
been proven repeatedly^ lowers tbe!jprice;bf;
beef when others drive in stock JO ;4;tWtsJlbliy^>,:-.
shallipbidealize expenses;;only to ralae-it,
agwn'wnen tfio market is in^fiis; bwb bands^
To counteract ibis; 1 am prepared to bring",
in the fttrmers,; surphis^stook,jybicli I'^bp8sJ '
to sell at a -small profit: bnly^ancL according^
to,4he^prices J>��iow;Vi^ Jbe Opposition,, by^,
adbptingibisrule,cannot be.run off.- Lpled^e,;
my word tbat it wlH:not be bought bff.andjt^
conQdently confide in you.for patronage and
Support, ..      y,        .r V ��� : ���
Tan winkle, Ang. 23,-187^.     -   -
':.���"'   '''K-'l;:'^!
���:"   y^m
- ��� > " 7
;. - --��������� y?-?
. - :���. -;. ���:���.:���-;.*?:
, ���;..:':���.���-...:.'r;.47JX'-M
: ;-���";���   ���'.- :-.j::/7/
���.;���:.: ���..������.'iv.l^^eflS
:.-     ���' ': ���S'SyK
���      '    i
- '777
'.   Xii
-   '^
. , f; ;"
"..- -   -       .'   .   ~i.'-:~^ti,
. ..,���V,-.,-T!
���,'     i777l
;; . XXM
-��� ' ' ������  .-���:y'"y-rt7?''-
'" ������,-':   ��',XXXZ
'���:   &
:;7' x��M
:       < .-l%
: 0&
���   ::\Xm$
:<���   X>&&
'     .'/&$
'��� -.'"/.I'M
, ^ *?x
���H -��������� &.&&
'">��� '���*
���.'j.'i"jiLJ.:        .  ',    ,���   .1*7 ' *v        'aagsoBKiX
���A$. fi hJ   '"    --   '-%.'V"   '-���  ������;-"'';";-     "'���""- ''���'''���" '"���-  i-,X'"[' v:
ui^sj-iiiSi'Ss^, *k,i
>,.: ���;XCX- :-"-d
������'���  ' ��� y..*.   . ��� ���������i\> ^
l. ���,--iM^x*:X- ...- , .;��� ��� "���������':��� . ..' '.uX: ���''
^fit^yx^   ' :
[%.'���' yc:'
���:���'���-':��� '���
,       ,.  7 771
"i ",-J ifc&TM
���;������:���'/ 7;i:7:/'/>:'/': :.'':/���: ?���'��� %'*$&
Electors;of th^Distnct-.-.._-.--,,.,... .,,..,,.
obedience to her Majesty's Writ to me;:df- ���
rectcdrantl beaflog^d��ie.tte 15tb^ayC9l '*.
July, ih'the yeartof/ Our Lord one-tbousan^
eight hundred and seventy-twp, I require:the \
��������������A Zxf fliA >corrl/ P!iorttftr�� -'-Af f'l.h'e'vtShtfVf'^
pose of Electing a person to represent tbebt
in the House of Commons ot Canada; and that,
in: case a Po\ I .'be demande4 and al 1 owed I n
the manner by law prescribed, such Ppll/wUl
ber-Jopenedvdn t,ho BJiratyflay^of October,
at -the-'following"*Foiling��� 'places^' between
bourssof 9^a.m; and v6 p.m. :r u yy s ,. rj /..'
\" ! x    POLtiNO ..mvisroNSi1.;;r y>   y'-'
RicbQeld^-RichSeld: Court House.    \
Qftesnelnioutb^Government Office.     '   ���
Keithley Creek���M^G.^iLh^-bpuae, Keitb*
? ley.,Creek.. .:. ��
Harvey CreekT-SmithTs store, Harvey Creek,
Ligb Wing Creek���Lindhard's,_ ��� Saloon, ,?��
. '-..Winkle* ���i:^hJL^y, jk.-'c7!.^*.-' x-'-r-y-
Williams Lake���loO Mile House.
Omioeca���Gefrnanaen Creek Court Rouse.
Glinto tf and 21-milo HouaftrrTb^ Court Hows*,
r>  Clinton.      '-        - '' +
Canoe CreeKSMr Ritchie's house.
Lillooet���The: Magistrate's office.
Of all.,which ;every.person ia hereby required
to take-notice and' govern ��� himself.yadc0rd��.
: ,���: v 7
: ;/,.> &��
^-y-. -iv.A
. ,..... -1���^.^..
. .... ���:v-,-':U;-&
,    '_���.  ������ :f:i
- '���' '���": -X*
;.'' ? y>Mm
; ;, ;:,y
- \'\y
���''.'������-: '���':���'���
'Given under my. hand at Richfield, the
28tb day of August, One thousand efgb$
bundred and seventy-twor -   u':    ���;
':\y*y- H.^f..''BALL."-:.--
au31 7: ; Returoibg;Offl��er.*\
.... ^sjH
��� :yym
������������������ -������t*-?.$m
*. : "A
���   ���. ;���������!���:���������.':&,���
: yy
^ "', i
'.;-       :^Mi
..'. >.!   ; '���>'.���'',-;
���' / ,'*
��m. CHIPP
p r^ ess some,',
by last Ex-
Vficflfnated fbr
wMcb, can berelied on.v
wbd^Ihiavb not tieeix Vacefi
some time should take ad v
this opportunity; ia eonsf-queues
the reported prevalef'~~"^rAL*'-*
In tbe lower country
- y
ii. t&K
fa; 4 f s&
Xu%:x^ /���'
- :':?��'
J> '���" '*f;
*" -:lfSUCClS<S0KS:TOJ,N;c'CUNJO,]? r< --*' ���
,^j|^.vyy^-y7'y;��^y .--7   yy 7A-//-'   /yJ*' 77*
.?Sj�� W'��$ $ /::'li y j-;���&&$��< ��/y ly yl: �����: ;��;������> #$V$*^fe^
y,-:;:���77/':.;77:7';'"/// ���:/:./v,.://-:;U7/7. 7 'i/'/���:. 'Vy//7 7\ //X:f X
3Je* to inTtonY^^M&^
Hive takclT t$*/ "Well kno>v;n premises fJ��fBarkery ill��
.^6 long favorably patrom3ed while in the occupation
��f Us N-pamo.   ,
i.0mlAH^^;y^ohy':;:;j7?^y4' -��7;
;.'"M>J':*.!' &*
7i*yjf y
 ;WK. '"
^iffbe^'aiufac^feyisBil' aoldjby Wholesale aid,Be|
kliiiwWpurify^uua" ���' --/    -ViJ    '* '>    '-,-1'--
7,f *'/  T��|    ^/,"       " 'ri.'O-.p     '   '" ���   "    y "^  >< -  "  tit   iiSvM.i:
y&H? 'iyr' /��: y/   1:1 i*t 7^ c/.'m- ,> tin ^ ti
,|EftS MtMetnor s & Ciga;r3
���^tintly kept on'hand. " ;      ";. ly     ;    ,
^   , ���������;    t '1   * *�� 'r'7 ^     .v      '7    y     1      ,    ,
;/ : ,'james;/ wiqkha'm,, ;
1*' T l    ' ^Barkerville: f)
soIVed.l^mutualconsentiV'' - f /'/���* ��'*7*y v t , .-
/5*AH raccpunts duo^to 4ho^lrm^rr^strl^;paid!{m;ior
before .the l^th ^September >next, < to j\V> ,Bi Cameron?
���oflogai;prpcee'diugs ivjll bo insiitutctl:for"tliair reedv-
ery.' i"^':t M. -4 7--^/^Vf V -"^; ;^'""- V; -;1
y; /w:ni��y.;^ r:^ -:uv; m^P^V^m^^CmEBJOiS^.^
. Barker^lle,^ugus,t 6, (I��T2. ��� ��� \j -.-   ,-,,7. -,    - -, ���
/ i^;:
���wiil   I J  ii vrs'fl*fiarefaUy*Jattendc(t to, and the;best
'ajeds^aJvAOQW���01*1 ?^,,J pfwlded for tneirlcus*--
'^rtmRfia'/'Xi^'Q/'/  <4 ..��� ,    , delOy/
i\tX-  l-- F     yc:��� * il,--"J
11 liH^ipiil ill
���   - fri sty ii ;vi��*. *' ^i'\ *J'&        i
-l^'iS*'aIway?-&uppiied'^ith!-tbVi -sy.y 6! everything
4bat^a?i be procured In-Carfboo-1 -r .; [
JSi^l 1 lll^siii
}MtmM:nmin   " ^v* u rxx ^U-.in   *yh&
The Celebrated'
^f^yiSti ,^''?j.py; ,-7tv,���;;���., -���.;���.,.   ^u-;y,^n.'*-y^7    u,
i \A superior, article*Hm nny whicb can be^.lfad'tem'jte-
*Sow, Roasted agdiG round ,qn��t lie ^premises, from the
-Sios t rsetec ted beriies, ; and "warranted free from adul
/^erritioii.  ; '���MJMM.J.^.^Xj bXt&Ui^-'-X-^''- J*l ?
."  Jew       ',y;   / ; t* p?^''vf,',:; ^^^OODSON-: ^
, / -''Mf 1 tlie sp.iiclous:-iireuiises Kfrftifrly?i��uoft& as tt e
<&&& 6y#fe'e0;Sal66ri,; wbdro ihey will boatitfll timc��:
���', ^ropiired:to'furoislvy/:/v' ^' -.���jy .V--?xki <;i:'   ���' ���: ������' I '
"Cyy^^Ak0.ixA^l)    MMLS      !,
-v ^p*' THE" BEST 1QtlAPT VI; |.i
^yyTlio-^^^' furnish with tSe fccestWINES
���ffJQUQRS and CIGARS:   "/���   ,,,.:..  ,.C  ���    ,,   ��� U
������:,XxtS'^**^ ��� V---fifs.T--�����>���>'���  -i *'.../'.-.>���.;fiy "��� '-.������      "> .
' ?'ThVaoove- business will in rfti turo' be carried on by
TVi'lB. yGAHERQHr1 ins2iis ownfeHanto,;whOTwill keep
constantly on^band a ..large supply of a]l|kjnds 'of,: xy<
Ml kinds of '    ' |-|':
f j?J *':
l;,ii  ��
$putation,Qf'.tho. house as a iii'Bt-class HotetV.   (i    .,
y;,';7y.,.;���..-..���'���:.-v v;j;,.��� ;���:-.xy'���*c/';/?/":������/��� /���>'/.;���.:���"/y���/;^.p-"u './V:;.y''���::
" -yv'f-fi7 77-.7/:(Z
d-.y/^iy:^' 'y:i7i ���!/��� *;>^-/'-*���� ��� :.Ci�����'���#*:&������' .X^'V'^r^^i^ :H j
^lll-asaufijialfba furnished,with the .best jtheTMarines
aiwrds^v.,;*':-J:- ^yfyy /;/;..//L '/'��� f / *v '^>i;:^^:; :
��Ig.well ^stocked with, Spirits^ Ales,' lyines^ati^GigarE.
���]:y. tM:c:'bedr^��'r��s: y_
Are,.comfprtabiy.; furnished, and-Sia. -largo; a;dd jtion to
,tho number,ofirooms is.now b^eing.made. "~- ,.   ;��� l;n ,
Are^he,best,in the .tipper;country,, andf.wiU<>always
be 'wel!,^upplted witb Utoy1 and' Grain.     , s' '^ f * ju 20
1 ^ill3
/��?/:/ fei>/ ������((..
*^i 'y/��*-;-   ?y ,   77'*:ri'-1, ,'/- >y- /-aj..-i-U'^ Sf;y>:.'/{���/'*r;:;:
��;:i-? 'rr^make fooni ior Spring Goods/ ** :v;
���XX vM < M. *". >'<:.���!/!��� ;-v7: v^jfy'/"^ j?r/7- ">.ry-:yy-
^be^undersvgned1 begs; to: inform the Miners
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'?*^s<��^i/%fi;lebted:fbr''MinersJ':^^      .^or^iH
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^'fe oh%-not 'workingsweli Jfi:; io:^ ^r,jj-,v,.
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>�����..',WOBEGON,^ ,y,   ��� y^hhS^w^v^ r
y'U'it WithouViany'tlexpehsa! to ^e,,"..
A f owner.* -   v .  ���*   ,     ;, ;   ���.
x 'i^^0^^^y,^yM
���.-IJo. 19 Moatpoiaery Street,, Bouthr V
��.' ���   Pan fR^'NCiscof Cax;".   -���
. ������ %;  ;';'^y?-Jyi:^^^ ^yy -^
XX''!\'i .<;"'>y..    .j-ifff>*.y>! ?y>y',y^'"^ ^"jft !7!).*)."-v|j/':.
a '/��i>Sehd for^Girculars'and-samplftSiof,!;
���4v^tbo'wbrk.1,;A5ctiVe'Agents.3Wanted In *
every place... ,,, ���*,.,..,.'.'.^  "'1"^ '"''' '."""";
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vJb fineaassortment of; 1
W;:^0Tiki^ y^\
x- ij��&^) Gall; ?andi. exariiino rjpricefw^^^;Tiie
Goods wiliibe sold':^ERY^OB��^ Ibr Casbl
��� ��� #.
.fiar^rrillefftMayi 17.:
my -25
a.nd; ;o^fei,s -to^Mi^grs;
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:4^WiS^.!l#i^ fof   4o'
xV   Town of Barkecyiile::ar.e:i-eqttested^byyihe Me
.  Wardens to
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/���7. ���::; iv -��iSj'.'rJii, ^���-
a��fi ��3.bo to clear away-the LINT^nd other combugtW ���>(
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.. :'plmiipl)1:;^iesday;��� 10 May. 1'^, J^' ^;V; j
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grow on heads which have been hald foE*j3war^;;ubiit
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-.   lx. si ,;,,'. -/- ;'j ..���-/i:,,, a :./ 'Kark^r\il!e^B.C. . '
"��� ;... -": '���  ���v certificate!:-*   ������ ���������'���,-������'.
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Ylfi tofiiVpr liftrilVliV^ifb'tb;' /*" ^r;   DAVID GmBONS^
^^Barltervflleli^cy23#86ff^-/^J^^H^m^m .
���') ,-' ..-i'l..^..:.   .... ^/.:. ���j,' *,.,*������',>..��� i-,f,.�� ������:?-,> '^> ������>���?,��� .��:'.iKMf.*-a~-
';'/'**:;.; ; Dcciarcili y ;fconnolsste^rst^      '*'   ^
���;.,Cautio^ agains$?Fraud.TrTbej8uiHVss:of:^is ^^^
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fci'sh rro "S'aiu^i"*** to'lUe'lr '6wii Inferior-conipbuiJdsjit^ ngf
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euro tbe ^e,n ulno.-, Mi t��j^ -v? /1- \*��fj ��� vrvi!,}: .���-. '���        |g||
&S2&' FOE Fis^^v&lipjERRINS'^ H
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:';, !>ybol osaJ e*nii(l^ for espot* b^r*fi b PjwpsliCtorB^0^  fc
c$s ter.; &osWp4in d; Bf^fc^oW, Jjob^jIi , *#y*Q*&-     ' i


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