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 Vol, 4.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. Q.r Thursday, August ,29, 1867.  No. 84.  ITEMS- FROM   THE  N. W.  EXAMINER.  Some few months ago we announced the  discovery of coal on Kanaka creek, a short  distance fro oi this vCity. : A tract of land was  reserved .by the Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, to enable the discoverers, to prospect and locate ground thereon. The men  have accordingly been prospecting, and have  str-itck about a dozen veins, but none of them,  are of sufficient width to justify working.���������  Private aUtises received by the last mail state  that "times are becoming, brighter on Williams creek. More money is circulating. The  banks are again buying dust pretty freely.  THe new creeks are getting on very well.���������  On Saturday - last, at Chilliwack, ap Indian  woman, committed suicide by hanging herself  to a tree.���������The run of salmon usual to this  time of year has, so far, been a comparative  failure. This'is unfortunate, as a. greater  '2ttmbsr- r cf-������ch i ng- sta-tioaa> than-- heretofore  were started this year, and those previously  established; have increased their.facilities for  the: business.���������Officer White... arrived from  Douglas on Monday with ah Indian prisoner,  charged with shooting a hog. Mr. White reports six or seven miners at.work at the  Douglas Portage mines, making an average  of about $20 a' week to each man.���������Mr.  O'Reilly, has been seen on his way. to Koote-  nay.���������A: company have commenced the manufacture of resin and7 turpentine.���������The crops  in the. .vicinity, of-."Lillboet Flat J.oo.k better  than ever before.     .���������,= ,.' y'-  Natcral Suction :Pcmp������~Livingstone, the  African traveller, describes art ingenious method by which the: Africans obtain water in  the desert: The women tie a bunch of grass  to one end^of a reed about two feet long, and  insert it in a hole'dug as deep as the arm will  reach, and then rani down the":wet sand firmly  around it.v Applying, tho mouth to the. free  end of the reed,. they form ��������� a vacuum. in the  grass beueath, in which the water collects,  and in a short time rises to pie^ mo\^s������li  "wil r be" pfcrcei ved���������' th atv' tin s simple B uP triity ���������  philosophical ; and'; effectual method might  have been applied in many cases in different  countries where water, was greatly needed,, to  the saving of life. It seems wonderful thai it  should have been now first known to tbe  world, and that it should have been habitually practiced in Africa; probably for centuries. It seems worthy of being particularly  noticed, that it may. no longer be neglected  from ignorance. It may be highly important  to travellers in our; desefts and prairies, on  some parts of which water is known to exist  below the surface.   .  KrNDXEss in -Women Universal.���������I have  observed among all nations, says John Led-  yard, the great traveller, that the women ornament themselves more than the men ; that  wherever found, they are the same kind, civil,  obliging, humane, tender beings ; that they  are ever inclined to be gay and cheerful, timorous and modest. They do hot hesitate like  man, to perform a hospitable and generous  action ; not haughty, nor arrogant, nor supercilious; but full of courtesy, and fond of.so-  .ciety; industrioiis-^conoraifiaVand.ingenuous:,  more liable to err, in general, than man ; but-  in general, also more virtuous, and performing more good actions than he. I never addressed'myself in the language of decency  and friendship, to a,woman, whether civilized  or savage, without receiving a decent and  friendly answer. With man it has often been  otherwise. In wandering over the barren  plains of inhospitable Denmark, through honest Switzeiiandy -frozen-.-Lapland, -rude. and.  churlish Finland, unprincipled Russia, and  the wide spread. regions of the, wandering  Tartars���������if. hungry, dry, cold, wet, or sick���������  woman has ever, been friendly to me, and  tiniformly so ; and to add to this virtue, so  worthy of the appellation- of benevolence,  these actions have been performed in so free  and kind a manner, that if I was dry I drank  the sweet draught, and. if hungry, ate the  coarse morsel, with a double relish.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  W- Winnard, ���������  ���������;' .   - ���������_    . ...   BARKERVILLE;.   ; ;' !;  [r\  X  BTJTIE   BBOS7  .   DEALERS/IN ���������';  , 7  ���������peovbiohs; ;gweeisss;,tobacgo,  CIGARS,   LIQUORS;    7  Clothing and Hardware,  '���������:.'��������� .   BABKEETILtEv 7 ���������  .'.:Jane27,1867. ".:     .  -.   ' -S . ���������. .'.: .'  Ac o^oH-n-ta&t,--- GqlIe6tor?;  -.-���������,'.���������   ;:'������������������ ..   ;y;.   _'������*������ ���������  y "������������������������������������'���������    ;./--. y':7 7  c qm mi s ;s ro h ���������;:.: X^:������;:nt,7 li  BARKERYILLE,        Vy .'     ;  7 Office.:���������Opposite N. Coxio's Brewers  June 17,1867,; ���������',    , y.   . y     ;��������� ',-,./ ...13  Steele's- Restaur ant,  'RICHFIULI). : 7-;7  About! Tiiis Disqoye&er .of;G pt-n in Califor-  nia.���������A Galiiornia iettefcstates that"��������� MarshalI;  who discovered gpl^iEL California; has recently found a rich si I ver mi ne? on almost identi-  ��������� cally the same sp'pt. where;'he firsty discovered  gold in 18481 J; After an Interval of eighteen  years he. resumes, his pick and shovel at the  very po.int\where the precious metal first; met  his vision, and which discovery' has peopled  th is co as t and b jii l (nth is great city. J Marsh all  ���������is a half he^Eatty'faii&p,tb^bp^.wild arid erratic character.* /He, lives alone in a little house  in the, su burn s of thevil iagepfColo m a, wh ere  he has for sorao,years p.ast.cultivate^- a .little  gard en raise d grapes, an d made wine iri. a  Bmall way, fromthe;sale .of which be has managed to live. ��������� He is a tali, sinewy man> with  grj;zzly hair and beard and;wild ,eyes. For  years he has livedin great' poverty, but too  proud to receive assistance.  Cbossino the Ocean on a RAFr.���������Three  persons started from New York on or about  the 1st June, to cross the Atlantic on a ' raft*  This novel seagoing cx^aft-is designed as a  life-saving raft, constructed chiefly of inflated  water-proof material. There is no hold or  cabin.upon it, everything, being exposed to  the action of the:wind and waves; but the  adventurous party have confidence that the  raft will ride;every sea> The. object of.tbe  voyage isto.test its utility. They will visit  35ngland and go to the WorltUs Fair at Paris.  The raft was spoken when about 170 miles  out���������all hands well.   '  A teacher said to a little girl at school,  "if a n aughty girl sho u Id h u r t y b n, like a  good girl you. would forgive her, Wouldn't  you ?'?      > ;'  " Yes, marni," she replied, " if I couldn^t  tjatchher."' '   ,   '  ���������- -.���������- ..���������������������������-,._-���������,. .,���������..  0^ If you want good Cofee use Felrs;  There is now: in, process of. formation; in  New York, a' co-operative tailor shop, with  $10,000 paid up capital and ��������� in which about  150 good workmen will be partners; 'In  Worcester, Mass., a co-operative7carpenter  shop has been opened with $20,000 capital.  At Hamilton, Canrida West,; a co-operative  bakery is soon to be started. There are now  in England between 2000 and 3000sharehold-  ers.in companies formed upon the principal  of uniting the interests of the working man and  capitalist, and in these establishments there  arefroni 8000 t6.l6,000,people employed.  S;������ Jf; is th e. opini Sri- of t he * d o ti dr.-iX\ al'thelKw^  ybr'gets his Hying by plunder, while the lawyer thinks, the doctor gets his by "pillage."  inmumoamg  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE  'CARIBOO ^SENTINEL-  JOB PRIMTIMG   OFFICE.  f ���������o���������    .    ;  rpHE STOCK OF THIS OFFICE HAVING BEEN  I considerably mtsmontcrt by the recent importation  of a,variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for      .  Posters, Circulars, Cards, ,     ..    .  Billheads, Programmes for  Balls, Concerts, and  Theatrical Entertainments.;;..  ���������brders .for any description .of Job; ^Work; wjilb^ executed with neatness and despatch; -7y - ���������'-  Terms moderate. '^SX -'"���������'���������'������������������'���������/  7   BARI^RVILLB, V     "  rpHB .PROPRIETORS BE{? LEAVE TO ANNQlfSCE  1 to the puhiic that'they have enlarged, reluniished,  and thoroughly renovated their capacious ami fashion able saloon, spiring netther paius . nor espense for  the comfort of their Patrons.7  'This is now the largest and most complete Saloon.in  British Columbia ; consisting of three large separate  apartments, viz,: CARD ROOM, 33AR ROOM, and  BILLIARD SAf,O0N, containing three superb BILLIARD TABLES. -   .  ;  The best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, aro  served here. This establishment is under the immediate superintendence of the Proprietors.  ��������� ��������� u     , ADLER & BARRY".  June Gth, 1867, .   4m   ...  STEELE^BEGS TO INFORM HIS OLD" FRIENDS  au'i-p.urons, thathe bas opened his OLD STAND^  where he will be glad to see them. -7:.       . ���������      ,.. ,  . 45T. Meals at all Hoors *^9l '  ' ,7 ! -7  June loth, 1867;-     '    '���������'���������'. "; ���������'.}'"������������������ 'y ���������-' :'    :>ll-s'';  Caril5op. Literary In^titiite  *'      . J. S. THOMPSON, PiiESiDKXT." ��������� ���������       *y  :..7.7 JAMES ANDERSON,;;YiOK-PitESiI>EST-..;      ,.    ;  ;7v\J0HN'MacLAREN,.., ,V7. .. :77, -7- v }"���������'".  ;   :JOSEPH;CLEAR1HUE,.>:DmECTOits.,"-.     . 7  ������������������������������������  VJOS������PH;PARK.y;;  '��������� J; ;-..'���������:":. v-.j;'"7;���������';;:; "  THtS.INSTITijTION ^"NOW/OPEN .Ai^^ BARKER;  ^U^,\xhex������AU^^vjiUc^  com fort and^conv.eui enc c .of the peopl e of Cariboo .r, ;;.  ��������� The Reading'Rqom'wiirbc found supplied ...with 'tho  latest English, Scottish, Canadian, American and' Co-:  Ionia I Papers .'an d ��������� Ma g:a zi nes.': -71<, ��������� ���������'.. ���������  Terms of Subscription��������� $o per Quarter, or ��������� $2 per  M'uiMi.. Single volumes loanqd to non-subscnbers fit  00 cents per volume, with $1 deposit.  :' Persons not subscribers, visiting the Reading Room,-  and making use of the Books and Papers,. 25 coute for  each visit.  '    . . ������������������  The Room wiil be open frqm TEN, A. M., till TEN,  P. M. ���������   -��������� -   . - JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary and Librarian.  N. B ���������A.fine assortment of Books and Stationery is;  always kept for.sale. , 13-s .  T  S  rjpHE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above  1; business,.in.Barkeryille,-and-solicit a share oi;public patronage^   ���������.'; 7s .;, . '  cast  i^oN stoves;    ^  7: .Always on harid.- ';  Kew Mork  and Jx>I5feirig  '''      f '��������� Bone at reasonable rates^    ;   -  '^"Our- Teams :run regularly., between; ^aleyand  Cariboo and;all orders in qurjlihc^oX business carefuily  attended to".     ������������������   * ���������' . ���������  1-3  ��������� :������������������- yB,-PEARSON & BEOS. ^  '���������C>'[ :..<:-.������������������::;'��������� F. \f. LEB,  jkiibtioneer, Gbilactof,  ANU  A. McPherson,  Axn  JEWELLER,  AT B.  HODGrBNS'   OLD   STAND.  Barkerville, 1st May, 1867.   ; *���������*  DEALER IN     ���������  ,,HAEBWAS������,CLOfflM*  ETC., ETC.,  BARKERVILLE;  gas removed to his NEW STOREj opposite OCCL  DENTAL HOTEL. 1S  >'-vMIKING -iSMTy  . Goods -sold on. Commission���������.-   Office,  Richfield. -  Salksrqom, Barkprville. .    5-s  August Stampehl,  E R,  BARKERVILLE.  A large assortment of Boots and Shoes always on  hand.  EXPRESS !  BRITISH COLUMBIA  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS^  Connecting at Victoria with WELLS,  FARGO & CO.,  for California. Oregon, the Atlantic States  and Europe.  AND AT YALE AND LILLOOET WITH BARNARD'S  CARIBOO EXPRESS,  for; Big Bend, Cariboo and the Northern Mines,  Conveying Treasure. Valuables, Letters, Packages ana  "    ~ Pare els: l-s  NE\V -ADVERTISEMENTS.  -���������;^;SEMl^EEKLt' P-A^ER, ":, '  Published Every ; Monday, .and Thur'sdat*  ,;;:"'��������� ALLAN&CO.jProprietors.  ���������;  Offick^���������BARKERVIL'LE, WiLLiAiis CftEEE, Cariboo.  . y..;*;   Subscription, $1-per Weekv; ^;'.   t.  (including .'cost of������4efiveiy,) Payable  to;'the "Carrier.  f  f  ...   . y.y-'\y/3^RKE'R^fLLEv'-';'; '  Hayo Just received a.choico sel ectlon of ;;.  CAST��������� iftbllcOOklNG STOVES  TSN^^iiA^^A^p ySHESs^^iRONV  '���������'������������������'���������; With Various ofc'er articles in tlieir line of 7trade. .  :���������:;��������� >-.y.: ^.;;y^'^,;;':-. yy.;;'-y.- -;. : .,,-7.7-: y';-.::���������;���������:  :;���������..'jEgrAU Jobbih^in-thoTin;,Sheetlrop,;Copper.and.  Ziuc'trade;atte'n4ejt;to,-"and!warranted to,giyofiatisfaoi:  tion. ;':;.7y'7.?W7;'/���������:���������������������������" :: ������������������'���������;���������'.':"���������','7;';'-i--.. 7,;yl..."l  -. '-rr-      tt.:.. II ���������-������������������������-       -   ���������   ���������*'     -> -*-^^^-.���������*--^^*--^l  ���������;';Vr';^^isTEPHE  ;^IViL7E^l^  7--;-;7;y7.yy:;^^V������;y.-^^;;;:r;.vv -;-.vv; .y-. y:?,,i.?1  HAYING vTAB^-TAN OFFICE; IN; RICHFIELD,  WiUiaffls:tirg%j;^-^.reparctl- to .execute SuryeysV  Plans, Levels;- 'S^t-ibife,- &c.*,'.' &c";, conrntittod to 'his  charge;-with. car|57'despatch, and-on .REASONABLE  TERMS.77C7.7^#:Hf 7-,' . ^.;;-y 7: ;y.���������v7y7.-7.!  7--3':...'��������� ������������������'-'��������� )^'Offic"eviceh'troof RichQcld.-.-|2ft ,;.y .,. y  :z&.  '������y  , ������������������'���������'���������������������������f'M-\ n  irior.mahaerVfha^^ services ofa'B' eUlcieni;  u^sistantf 'Jio i' is^'no.w' prepared :* to:;.operate..:..in7- ;.a i  satisfactory ���������manWf'l^TilI bruifches-'of the TONSORIAL:  ���������AKSyyr>  </���������������������������>"���������-" l|������y>y-y  ���������>-��������� -'"���������.���������    ������������������,���������-������������������..- -'������������������ -.    ./v, .  : -WVlsb'-begsUo^li^  Quesfrle^^n.oft^^m^e'ry,-*which.be is-'constantly in  : ft celjpV^frohtvl^^M; Qo':, T tctonav viz.,-Pomades/?  -Towacrs'fbl^CbmoSj-SfusfieS*arid" other arHclesKcti  'theToilet.-i77;;-;-.y7> '���������'; :'��������� ���������' -7-.7- ''���������������������������''. 77 ^7;-.;i--.y;:a-r ���������  Ho also calls -attention to ;bis unrivalled HairJReator-  ativ'e,''guaranteeing, to stop -hair. from. .fallijbgviout-, iA  oho week / an d j n; reasonable ;ti mo res tori ng Hair to Ha  former state and -colon- '������������������"������������������ -.; - 0 ���������'���������  '-���������'���������' :- ���������'��������� "���������'.: '������������������������������������'���������. '������������������.. .v;:  ��������� Also Gentlemen's- furnishing- Goods-; finest.;assort-  tocjj t of Sh irts, Un dcrclothes,. Neck Ti es. Scarfs, etc:  :��������� .27th May, lS67/;:;  .. ..��������� ;7:77 7.-    y-.yy---. ; g .-  Restaxirantv Baker|r^  .'"'���������'-��������� And ��������� . .;'*��������� > '"���������;'.':';  iiit y ������"**?���������������J������^*A������*������*i Sa Jn&iii- i4~'  7;.V7'   ������������������������������������-  .BARKERVILLE, . ..:���������:-.;"  ,; PATERSGN & GOODSON, Proprietob3.'"���������  Sfv-N ANNOUNCING;:THE ; RE-OPENING .OF. THIS  JL-house for the season, the proprietors wish to .in/"  form their friuods and tUo public generally, that they  will spare no pain*, in order to merit the patronage' of  all who give them a call. ���������  7'      '.''���������-'"��������� ���������    <  .'���������������������������/ Meals-at ail hours-    ���������      ���������   i   ���������  ^ftUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS;  ,.....10.nCE7;;.:y;:';  !:. THE     SU STEME;  B-N T E  R P R I S 1  WILL RUN AS FOLLOWS?; ..."    ...   '  .-]   LEAVES   QUESNELMOUTH, ON      .'.  Thursdays  and Sundays j_  AS SIS O'CLOCK, A. 61.,  LEAVES   SODA   CREEK  ON.;  Ttiesda^s and Fridays,  . AT POUR O'CLOCK, A yM. ; ;     .    y7  Quesneimoiitb, May 2nd, 1867.   ���������������������������  ��������� '   ;���������    ;        I v/  GOLONIAL RESTAURANT,  .     QUESNELMOUTH,.   ���������"  ;     p. L. JOHNSON, Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cbpkiug of iliebefit'  descriptioii.        .7  6,     .  QUEBNELMOUTH,.  BROWN & GILLIS, Pkoprestobsj  fiood Bedsi Restauniiit': Billiard Table, Sab*  slabling for Horses; Hay and Oats;      ������ uWt\mA*Mr,wn  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  .~~~ THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1867.  Agents for the "Cariboo Sentinel.  -Groove Creek, ~ - - - - - A. SfcWha  Quesnelmouth, Mr. Goudie, Barnard's ExpressOffice  Yale,      -      <-      Mr. Evans,*     do do  Lillooet.       - y P. W. Foster,      do do  New Westminster,      -      :-       -      -     ClaYkson & Co  .,.,   ��������� y ��������� -7        f E. Mallandajne  Victoria,       -      -    ,(-.,;-..    -     ] A. Lyile.  Big Bead, - - ��������� -' ��������� 2as. Bullock, Frencb Creek  Van Winkle, ' ���������;   .--"���������.���������;��������� 7 -.-. ;.%..;      - '   S. Edwards  y     . ;*   TO .CORRESPONDENTS.  Alt communications must be accompanied by. the  real name and address of the writer, not "necessarily  with a view of publishing the same, but as security for  his good fai'tbV ..  '[ y"  y TO ADVRRTISERS. 7    .  The * ^Cariboo Sentinel" is published every Monday  and Thursday. Advertisements intended for insertion  must be.delivered aMatost.at G b?cJock, p. in., the day  before publication. ���������  i,$Sf- AH Advertisements (not Inserted for any dcflnlto  period) will be continued until ordered out and charged  jor accordingly.  THE VALUE OF RUMOR.  Stock jobbers are having quite a: merry  time of it in Europe. Bulls and" bears revel  in the disorganization caused to the stock  been pending for the last half century, and  that is the eastern question, before which-all  other questions dwindle down into the utmost  insignificance.   Every one Imows that Russia  is bent on the absorption of Turkey, and the  prize 13 of such magnitude that she is pre-;  pared to risk her national existence for its  acquirement.    She hesitates to buy the neutrality of France at the price of aggrandizing  that power, and thus create a rival that might  turn her arms against Russia, when the last  named power was least prepared for it.   But  this Russia must ultimately do, or lose her  prey.   England and France combined would  be too formidable; with France neutral,Russia might defy Eagland aloncH.   As to any,  armed assistance from Germany, Russia is too  wily to expect it, the most to be looked for in  that quarter will be non-intervention.   The  acquisition of Turkey by Russia is not the  mere addition of so many miles of territory.j  with possession of the Golden Horn, Russia  will be the most powerful empire of modern  .times, as^he is. no withe most, extensive. Such  a power could dictate to the rest of the  the world, a preponderance that for the sake  of human progress we trust will never remain  with any single nation.   That Russia will  achieve her object, we do not for a moment  doubt, but her triumph will be of short duration ; the absorption of Turkey will be the  sure precursor of political, death to Russia.  She carries the seeds of dissolution in her  bosom, in th& .hefcerogeneous. .racjts^ o.LM^Juplt|  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  Kew  El  Dorado Saloon !  BARKERVILLE:*  THE UNDERSIGNED  HAVING PURCHASED JTHE  entire interest of Messrs. Joseph Parker and K. K  Clark, in the above named establishment, would res-  pectfuily solicit a continuance of the public patronage heretofore* extended to them.   . ���������:   ���������"       - v^L ,y���������  Aug. 28,1867. 7   7 WILUA^r STERLING.,  NEW ADVERTISEM^TS;  RIGHFIELD.  rflHE  tJifDERSIGNED  HAS < JUST (OPENED OTE  1 above Saloon: and hopes his old friends, and the  public in general; will give him a call.:  No extra charge on u freeze out.V. for funy r _y^  Aug. 28,1867, ���������;   y        \; lm       :J0HN HBDIN.  San Iranpis c o S15re  >:   COMMISSION MERCHAN^ 7  WHOLESALE A1TO ^  IN  :.;7' GROCERIES,; PROVlSIONSi:;^  HAitDW^      Cl6t^^  ? Next Poor, to the . Sbntinel Ofwcr  y Barfcerville, 2Qth June, 1867. "���������':���������:��������� 77 [,.{   J '  &i^  THE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING  between PRANK FERRET and A KELLER, as  Saloon keepers, Cameron ton, has this day been cl is-;  solvod "by mutual'consen t.. All 'outstanding accoiihis  due to the late firm j must be paid to A. Keller, who  is authorized to receipt for the same.  FRANK PERRET,  ���������  .;7A. KELLER..-"  24th August, 1867. ; 1m  asunder by internal revolution, and Muscovy  will return to its primitive importance as a  nation. '���������������������������  ~n^e*^^ no sooner will she become  ���������gemous -canards.   The jaunt of a^monarch   a meQace ������0 the Wld, than she will be torn  or the movement of a regiment of soidiers,are  '   immediately worked into -a; menace to some  neighboring nationality, and; in the twinkling  !f. of an ', eye,; we have ;.ten thousand   trifles  wrought up into an inevitable war.   Down  go prices, and. the bears have it.   The bul 1 s  now take their innings ;7the rumors "causing  the fall are discovered toy be without founda-  tioa ; the two nations that were supposed;to  ;be On the point of war, aVe-declared.to be on  ; the!most friendly terms ;;in^t,rwar is sim-  ,y ply an impossibility, bullion; is plenty, and  discount low, the bulls -ire; triumphant.   The  same operationsi arV gone/thro ugh de novo,  with varying success. ��������� \ The bears^somptimes  .7 are enabled to7 continue; their melancholy  strains to the point of a-financial panic; in-  '."- vblving thousands in ruiiiy The bulls, on the  other hand\ are equallyV mischievous in their  : -way^ ;.They enhance thef values of stock ;till  ^ it reaches a figure so far^ia advance of J its  real value, that it: brings;?. aSou t1 the .opposite  - effect, that is. collapse������������������;[and?panicj^us^fche  : bears return to the stage. -y?Although each of  :;.;7fche^twoi^cl asses referred to^have their7 bad  tendencies, theyc have nevertheless their ad-  y vantages!; The bears- ; for'instance; while; in  ��������� possession -of the field, destroy thousands y of  mushroom establishments, that are> constantly  cropping upland give so much annoyance to  the legitimate trader, by their, reckless ventures.   The bulls, on the otherhand, prevent  ^be long continuance of periods of depression, taking up the play when .commercial  disaster appears most imminent   The most  remarkable feature of their action is, however, in the manufacture and dispersion of  war clouds.   The Luxembourg question gave  the bears a famous harvest; the London conference replaced the bulls in.power.   Now  tbe bears are again at work, and they wish  people to believe that war was not averted at  the congress, .merely postponed.   All k;nds  of diabolical schemes  have been  hatched at  the Tuilieries, between Louis Napoleon and  the Czar.   King  WiUiam  and Bismarck, according to these stories, have been only playing second fiddle.   Of course some point is  always left for the bulls to seize upon, when  the season for these gentry arrives, by which  the absurdity of all the stories current at the  present   time can be most  clearly." shown.  Still there can be little doubt that " coming  events cast their shadows before them," and  aside from stock jobbing, there are points in  the  horizon   that   denote   an   approaching  change : and that the change may result in  remarkable modifications  on the map of Europe, may be best understood from the care  that each of the great powers have taken in  remodeling their armies and navies, and tbe  present disinclination to involve themselves  in  any particular coalition.   England keeps  out of any entanglement, never interfering in  international questions, except on the side of  peace.     She knows well that the time cannot  be far distant when all her strength will be  required ; her great object at present is to  consolidate her empire, and so enable her in  time of need to concentrate her forces. There  can be no  doubt that overtures  have been  made from Russia and Germany, but so far  she is not bound to any one.   France has not  enjoyed the confidence of the northern diplomats.   So far her adhesion has always been a  costly affair to any nation that had sought  her aid, so that she is usually the last treated  with for assistance or neutrality.   Hence the  excitement about Luxembourg was only to  disturb the equanimity of Bismarck & Co.,  who were supposed to be maturing schemes  in which France was not consulted.   There is  only one question pending, as .in fact it has  Victorta. Items from the Colonist.���������Chief  Justice Needham hasruied that titles granted  by Sir James Douglas and John Work for the  Hudson Bay Co. are defective,. because they  are made out on behalf of the H.B. Co., instead of the corporation named;the .governor  and company of adventurers of England trad-  ihto Hudsons Bay, and also on account of the  absence of a corporate seal to the instrument.  ���������The fees at the Collegiate school have been  considerably   reduced;   vice-principal Williams has resigned   and   Mr.   Young   of tho  Saanich Free school has become one of the  teachers.���������-Isaac Turgoose is held as a fraudulent debtor, the Chief Justice refusingto adjudicate him a bankrupt���������-A public meeting  was held on the 10th to discuss the best means  of continuing the educational system of the  island, and to endorse the recent action of the  Board of Education in- addressing the Governor on the subject. of free education, at  which resolutions were passed sustaining tbe  present system.���������The  governor has granted  $250 for the support of the Fort Langley  school.���������The schooner Kate left for Honoluln  with a cargo of salmon.���������An artesian well is  to be bored at Esquimau near the site of the  new dockyard.���������Tbe body of a colored man  had been found in the quarry cabin on Salt  Spring Island, which bore marks of violence ;  the body  was  found coucealed   under the  floor, by a man who visited the cabin, and  had his attention   attracted  by  the  strong  stench, that arose.���������The names of the two  men drowned off Point Lazo, Comax, by the  upsetting of a canoe, were William Tod and  Sydney   Reynolds.���������The     Congo    Minstrel  troupe are giving concerts in Victoria.���������Geo.  Booth, keeper of the Rock Bay House, was.  fined ������30 with the alternative of 6 months  imprisonment, for harboring stragglers from  H. M. Ships.���������The crops at Cowichan, Comax  and Salt Spring Island promise an, abundant  yield.���������Two or three candidates are in the  field for the vacant chief engineership of the  Fire   Department.���������Among   the   passengers;  who arrived on the Active were Gov, Moore  and Mrs. Moore of Washington Territory, and  J. Ross Browne, Esq., a gentleman favorably  known on this coast for his contributions to  literature.  inhabitants of Barkervilie and vi-  rcinity, that he is locnted at THE HOTEL DE PRANCE, where he" will be able to perform  all operations on the Teeth, in tho latest and most  scientific manner. 7. .  Teeth extracted without PAIN, by  the use of the  KHIG0L1NE SPRAV.  Charges Moderate���������Terms Cash.  August 19th, 1867.  W7F. HERRE WILL RUN A DAitf EXPKif9<j  ��������� y between Barkervlllo and Grouse Creek nf  dCrs,'small parcels,;'\ettei*8y collections, etc *'eto  attended to, on moderate terms. Special at'tohtim!  given: to demands for subscriptions to the carteaS  SENTINEL, or any other Newspaper.      7;    y1DUU  ^fflcceV On <Jrouss t!reek, at M. Pragetfs Store t������  BarkervHlej at W. F. -<Herre������s * domicile, SEsrivvr  Office; ���������: ... \ ���������' ��������� ,;"y- . y .-> ���������   ���������* -.  July 29, :186t. :;  Photographic  Artist,  TAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  J. at RICHFIELD, and is prepared to take  Cartes de Visite, Timbre de Posto Portraits, Ambro-  types, Leathfir ��������� Pictures, Milanotypes, views of  Houses. Claims, etc., Single or Stereoscopic.  Portraits also taken on.White Silk, liuen or Cotton  Cloth; ���������  Richfield, 12th August, 1867.       ���������:'  <&'  Photographic   Artist,  IS NOW PREPARED "TO TAKE  VIEWS OP  MTN-  ing Claims, Houses, Groups* Scenery, and all kinds  of out-door Photography.     *  All orders, if left in writing, at the Bar of the Hotel  de France, Barkorville, will'be promptly attended to.  In a.few days, ho will have on view and forsalo,  Photographs of the Mining Towns: etc.. of Williams  and other creeks.     ' ...       .     - - y  ..  ���������*  F. Dally will remain for O.ve Sloxfh only.  August 12th, 1867. .  y'y'    'ri'l7 ?B!<Rr-' ���������     .:;-.  GAEIBOd^fcE^  ,:,HeO--'.TyE--L:,-,^  TS'NOW  OPEN  FOR  THE ACCOirkODATION OP  X:Ute,iuinlng.;coimuj5i^  No eiscponse has been spared to render / the house all  that could bo desired; for comfort and. convenience,  The Bar is supplied with a complete 6tockof Wlms  Liquors and Cicaks. '  4������?. Well Aired Becs -������a  may be had at a moderate charge. ID. oJli)  , JiiJy.l, 1867.        '   .2m J ProprietrW  CO S M O POLITAN  Restaurant  and  Bakery  BARKERVILLE.  y .      '   i * a.   .  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVTNO THOROUGHLY RE'  novated his Establishment, has re-opened them  for tho accommodation of the Public, and trusts to  merit a share of their patronage. His Bakery basal*)  undergone repair, and ho is now ready to exocuU  orders from all who wish good bread.  JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  June 10th, 1867. . :   U-s   .  7   FENTON    SALOON,  RICHFIELD.  PROM    SUM ASS    DAIRIES,  Put up in SIX lb. Tins.  THE UNDERSIGNED  HOPES HIS OLD PIONEER  friends will give him a turn, as he has experienced  heavy weather lately. : E. F. EDWAHDS.    .  June 6th, 1867;       ���������    Farmerly of Edwards'Ra'nck.  ������������������.���������.   .. ��������� ...��������� i. '....������...   ._... ���������...... ,.ii.   ..���������   ....'���������'        ���������'    ' '*  ^EXPRESS   NOTICE.  For sale, Wholesale and Retail by  E. PEARSON & BROS.,  August 1st, 1867. lm Barkervlllo.  Chassot & Edmondson,  AND   CATTLE   DEALERS,  Barkorville and Richfield,  WOULD RESPECTFULLY CALL THE ATTENTION  of tbe Public to their fine stock ': of Meat, whicb  tney will dispose of at prices to suit the-times.    , ;  Prime Beef from;20c. to 25c; per lb;   7;  . Mutton, 25c. to35c. per'lb;    v 7 '���������������������������  August,lst, 1867.  ���������' ���������;���������   ^ .y7��������� ;-:-���������>'-lm-7;  \ FTER THIS DATE. BARNARD'S EXPRESS IS  XL not responsible for aamape on LIQUIDS shipped ia  Tin or Glass, uuless by special contract.  Until further noticet the Express will arrive how  ovcry SUNDAY AFTERNOON, and close for bdo\f  every WEDNESDAY, at NINE o'clock, A. M.  ' ROBERT P00I,,  Agent.  Barkerville, May 29th, 1867* 8  In the matter of tbe Estate and Effeets/of  FRANCOIS CASSE,lato of Williams C^'ek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate,    ./  To tue Editor of Tire " Cariboo Sentinel."  Sir,���������My attention ha3 been drawn to a  statement made in a letter over the signature  of John Grant, published in your issue of the  2Gth inst., as follows : "Finally the men in  possession sold the tools and moveables of  the company without laying a foot of flume.5''  In reply to this assertion. I beg to say that if  the above statement referred to me, I utterly  deny it, and pronounce it an unfounded fabrication ; for I never at the time referred to  sold any tools or property of the company to  any party or parties whatever.  Yours, &e.t  Dctncan Cameron,  Grouse Creek, August 27th, 1867.  Boot and  Shoemaker,  '  ' BARKERYILLE,  AS JUST RECEIVED BY EXPRE3;.AN ASSORT-  Tho^L^B^  ���������'������������������7:; v-;; ��������� :' oameronton; ''^K'%  i Have .(ust received, and offer for Sale, ���������   .  WIOIESILE  OR EETAIt  AT LOW BATES TOO, CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS op LIQUORS  ��������� CONSISTING op-  Brandy���������Martell, Hennessey, and Otard Dupey.  Wines���������Port, Sherry. Burgundy, and Claret: San-  ternc's  French White Wine ; SanseVaine's. Oali-  fornia White Wine.  Champagiies-Douche and Napoleon-s Cabinet.  Bitters���������Doker's, Sansevaiile's, Orange and Hostet-  tor's, Vermouth, AbSentbe, Peppermint and Aniii-  ^sctte. - .  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.     ���������  choice hrands of Brandy,  Co.Minssioy,  at the  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THB  xx. above Estate, are. required to pay .the amounts  due forthwith ; and all persons who have any claims  against the above Estate,- are required to send in tlicif  accounts, on or before the ftETK^7DAV of SEPTEMBER, 1867, to 7 v :,    CHAS. E; PO0LEY,; 7 7  Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 25th Jurie71867;* v  *-;;7;  ���������/:'';;-;y::.|S|;0:T.V'[;'c"^  In the iriatter of the instate and Effects of  REM!; DAZET, late of Williams Creefc  aler, dec eased, intestate.-      7 j  Cattle Dei  LL  PERSONS  above Estitte,  Also on hand���������500 gallons  Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc. .  Goods received-on Storage or  lowest market rates,  1st July. 1867.  WHO  ARE T&D^BTED TO THE  are realiired. to��������� pay the amoants  due forthwith, and all persons who have any^ siaimj  against the above Estate, are required to send intneir  accounts on or before the EIOHTfl day .of SEPTEM^  BER, 1867, to CHAS. E. POOLEY,-  Official Administrator.  I Dated Lyttonv8th June, 18G7. ,;      ^  NOTICE.  In the inatt^r of the Estate and Effects of  POKDIE, late oi Williams Creek, Blacksnutli, *������e*  ceased, intestate.  LL PERSONS  WHO  ahove Estate,  ARE  INDEBTED '* *j������  2m  raent of FRENCH CALF and KIP LEATHER, of  the BEST QUALITY. , '  August 23,18S7, im   ,  THE   SNUG-   SALOON,  BARKERVILLE.  THE UNDERSIGNED'7HAVING OPENED THE  ahove Saloon, would respectfully invite their  friends and the nuhlic to step in and sample their  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS, tho qunlii.v of which,  they flatter themselves, will suit the tastes of the most  fastidious. The best brand of CIGARS always on  hand. SCOTT & McHARDY.-  .  29th June, 1867, 2m  , are required to pay ^c amounts duo  forthwith, and all persons who have any claims ������g*������������J;  'the above estate, aro required to send in their^ncc.oums  on or before the TWENTY-SIXTH day of SEPJ������,Mi*J"S  1867, to CHAS. E. POOLEY,   .  ��������� y ��������� Official Admiflistrator,  Dated Richneld^27th June, 1867. _^.  In the matter of tho Estate and Effects^ot DAVII7  .  WHITFORD, Freo Miner, late of tho Roid W������W  Conklins Gulch, deceased, intestate.  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE l^EBTED^O THE.  JX above Estate, aro required to pa^the amo^  due forthwith, and all persons who have any ci*w .  against the above estate, are required to send m ��������� l-  accounts on or before ftfeST NOVEMBER, 1867, w  chas. E. r������o^y, rm '  Oillcial AdiAinistrator/  Datod Richflold, 1st August,-1807. www  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Thursday; august 29, im.   I;  Fnoaa late number'7of HarpePs Monthly  Magazine we  clip  the following anecdote;  : which is related of an.; o)d and well known  colonist bere whose long acquaintance witha  sea faring, life yhaa! led him; into ihehabit of  ' in'aking uie of certain sea phrases, ^he narr  ratori 'afterdescribing tfe gentleman, goes on  to say: . Upon one; obcasion while riding a  bpbtailed mule pastya camp of iriinersj the  : yammaFfeeeraed bent upon bringing: his journey to a close. .Edwards pulled his head in  ';^the right ydir&c&ofy but thebody;;would not  follow, and at: last, afterproceeding in a sidelong ^manner for^ sonie; distance; 'the brute  succeeded in/fairly running, ever a tent in  which three or fourminers were enjoying a  noonday nap, Very much at the risk of some  broken bones. Ofcourse, therei Was-Va Vociferous ��������� attack -upon the-unlucky-rider; who as  soon as he could make himself neard, replied  pointing to the cur tailed member, "How do  .you. suppose that I can steer the bloody craft ?  Ddtt't you see he has Jost his bloody rudder."  ,,; New Westminster'Itemsfrom Columbian  and EXAMINEB.---A man named George Cotton was seriously injured by a loaded wagon  passing over his body;-���������A grist mill is about  ; to be built in New Westminster by;- a; joint  -fclScO  been subscribed^���������The report ofythe finance  ������omHiittee of the Slunicipal Council sho we<l a  ���������balance of $500 on; band.r~Two brick buildings are about to bo lerected f in New West-  ' tninster.   Times would ap pear to be looking  t up' iii that city.���������The numbed of prisoners: in  New Westminster jail on the 31st ulto. was 14  -t-Ten thousand dollars in^dust^went into the  Government office for assay on the 16th.���������A  number of town lots were sold by auction on  the 10th for payment of municipal taxes.���������  Hon. 0. Brew has gone to Yale and Lytton to  hold circuit courts.  EUROPEAN SUMMARY.  ";';'��������� New Digginos focnd at Green River, Utah  Territory.���������The Vedette gays everybody is  gfcihg to Green River or sending a man. Brrg-  ;ham Yoiihg has sent four . of hi3 sons. We  have'no doubt that rich deposits of gold will  be found somewhere on Green River. The  exact place is still a secret so far as the public is ''ctmcerfied; tbe discoverers are Mormons. Some parties that lately came by the  new gold mines report them rich. . The locality is fixed at 25 miles north-east of Pacific  springs, across the bead of Sweetwater, in the  Red River range.. The distance of the mines  from Salt Lake does not exceed 160 miles.  New Strike.���������We are pleased to learn that  the Butcher Co. on Red Gulch bottomed their  shaft at SO feet, on Monday last, and panned  $15 out of a portion of the dirt taken tliere-  from. Quite an excitement was caused by  this discoverer, atift the gulch his been Stated  'off from one end to tbfc *o tber. There is n0  doubt but this gtilch "coritaihs the same deposit as that found in Musquito GiilchJ and it  is confidently believed will pay equally as  -VelL" y y" , ,v .   '::-'"   7.;.y yy  Old CAitroooTTES ABROAn.^We'are informed that Mr. Commline, formerly postmaster  on this creek, has received ;a Go verhmcut ap-j  poiutment and is now residing in the city of  Brisbane, Queensland. Mr. Alex. McKenzie,  late hardware merchant here,is in Melbourne,  Australia. *"  Lecture.���������We are- reijuegted to  that Mr. Ii. Harnett wiU positively deliver  his lecture on Sunday next, at t o'clock, ������.m,  at Adler & Barry's satooto, BarkerVille,- The  Subject of the lecture we understand is w British Columbia andGalifbrnia;"  7  .  The aggregate production of gold in the  world for eighteen years past, is $3^341,500,-  O00; of which it, is said the Pacific States and  Territories yielded Nearly one-third, Australia and New Zealand produced nearly one-  fourth. ��������� j:        '.'y-"-';'  A Glasgow firm have discovered tne secret  of making malleable iron of such toughness  and tenacity that the teeth of pinion wheels  cast from it may be hammered doWn to the  eolid base without bracking.  v More lMraovEttENT$.~We notice that Mr.  Mundorff Is having the building lately occupied by him as a livery stable converted into  adancing satoon, which will be opened by  him in the course of a couple of weeks.  Large Nugget.���������A nugget of gold was  found by a gang of Chinamen, near Kanaka  Flat, Sierra Co., California, lately, which  weighed forty-live pounds.  Express.���������The Express left yesterday at  frfion, among the passengers were Mrs. Neu-  felder, Messrs. G. tjppenheimer, W. Hi Ladder, G. B. Wright, and Adam Nicholsoa.  .  Yeddo, ^ city Of Japan, of two million inhabitants has no beggars.  .   The Cornish Co. declared a dividend last  Sunday of $60 to the share.  : The reform bill Continues to engross the  attention of the people of Great Britain. It  seems tire plan of re-distribution proposed by  the government,���������is. not giving satisfaction,  and those who are pleased, with the vast extension of the franchise, are protesting that  the re-distribution scheme cannot possib 1 y  settle the question. There are eleven towns  in England With a population of oyer 150,000  an& to gft? one additional representative to  three, or even six of; "these busy marts of industry, wealth arid numbers, while m any  towns7 return two members,, which have  neither'greatwealth nor great numbers to entitle them to such a privilege, is creating a  hostile opposition to the government propositions Mr* Bright* in a speech delivered at a  dinner given in London, retorts on those who  used to charge him with Americanizing Bri t-  ish institutions, in these words: " the Ho use  of Coin^ons, with regard to all the boroughs  ofEngland and Wales^has^now - established a  franchise which is lower than any franchise  which exists in the Northern States of the  American republic) and this", after I have  been charged for many years withuwishing to  Americanize our institutions, has*been done  by those gentlemien who brought that charge  against me, Now, lest I should be misunderstood, let me exfjlain that the reason why  I say that the franchise is lower here th an  there^ is that we ^haye ��������� u:nfortunately in this  c"6uStry a larger "nutnber'*"of the "populatiori  whoare poor and'ignorant and dependent,  than catt be found; in any corresponding number of ppgiilatipii' throughout the -heretofore  free States of the American republic.^  7:cTbeycelebrated Mrs; Yelyerton, otherwise  Longwofth, has appealed the long-disputed  case with which her name is associated, to the  House of Lerdsr, She appeared' before the  House in person, to sue in forma pauperis,  and acquitted herself with marked ability,  in stating her case. The point she urged was  that Major Yelverton objected to being put  under oath, because he was ac&ised of bigamy ; but this she showed ought to have no  weight, and she proceeded to cite cases which  had been, from time to time before the court,  and on which she mainly rested her claims.  The arrogance of Prussia since she became  a great European power, has been shown in  many of her acts, which would be difficult to  justify. The latest of these is her relentless  persecution of eight officers, ami one hundred  and sixty Hanoverian privates, who had taken  up their residence at Arhlieiinj in Holland.  A demand was made by Prussia upon the:  king of Holland that these poor fellows  should be denied the right of asylum 5 and  the Dutch government, fearing the vengeance  of its powerful neighbor, desired them to  move. They scattered themselves among the  adjacent towns and villages, but this was not  enough. Peremptory orders were sent from  Berlin that they 8houId leave Holland within  three weeks. J Th������ / only reason -assigned f 0 r  this ytyran^  against Prussia.; Since the settlemeht 0f the  dispute:,:between France and Prussia, about  Luxembourg, a new source of uneasiness has  sprung; up,; relative to ��������� the North Scitleswig  question. ' Prussia is accused by France of  having acted in this affair most shamefully  towards Denmark ; aud U is even asserted  that the matter may result in a war. It is  evident that Bismark is in no hurry to carry  out ithat portion Of the freaty of Prague which  relates to Schleswigj and this conduct is giving as inuch offense ia Paris as at Cop en ha-  announceJ gen. Great professions of sympathy are j  made for the Schleswigers, and the assistance  of France is promised them.  Serious riots have occurred at Birmingham, arising out of attabks made by a person  named Murphy, on the religioh of the Roman  Catholics^ Houses have been gutted, pro  perty destroyed, the ribt act read, and the uu  bridled ferocity of religious fanaticism had  full sway. Oae.or two streets have been laid  in ruins. Murphy is the agent of a body bailing itself " The Protestant Electoral Union,"  and delivers sermons in Which he characterizes ������very Popish priest as a murderer, a  cannibal, a liar, and a pickpocket. He says  he will not desist, for his life is in the hands  of God. Measures are about to be adopted  for preventing fanatics such as Murphy from  jeopardizing the public peace.  The continued seclusion and retirement of  Queen Victoria from public life, is being  highly censured by the press. The Times, in  alluding to the congress of the crowned heads  now at Paris, says : " in her Majesty's absence, our national character for hospitality is  compromised, by a contretemps for which the  nation is not responsible. There is one function of royalty, upon the due performance of  which, both the real and the imaginary influences of. the crown depend for their perman^  enee. ihe sovereign must appear frequently  in pub life ; must exercise a splendid, hospi-  tality ;, Biust be the visible head Of English  society." t, -  On Whit-Monday, tnfc first batch of English  artizans, about one hundred and fifty, went to  see the French exhibition; ? A little encamp  ment of huts has been built close to the most  frequented entrance of the Champ do Mars���������  theporteRapp���������for the working classed. The  huts are clean and Comfortable. Some contain two beds, and some four. More than a  hundred of these beds have been engaged for-  the use of English, artizans during the next  five months ; during the, present holidays, a  still larger number have been engaged. It is  calculated that the1 trip to Paris will cost the  British workman' about ������3, and that for this  sura he can stay there a week. There are  kitchens all over Paris which provide tbe  working man with, a cheap dinner, wonderfully good ; and at the Omnibus Buffet, in  the Champ de Mars, he can fare well, at a  moderate charge. Aft the food in Paris is  rigidly inspected. There are people there  whose business it is to guage every egg that  come3 into'the market. The Omnibus Restaurant is an immense place, with accommodation for 1500 people to dine at once. The  food is really good, and tbe beer is good. ���������  General Louis T."\Vigfall, formerly United  States senator from the state of Texas,is about  entering upo:i ���������'be practice of the law in England, in connection with American cases.  The hereditary Prince Maximilian of Tour  and Taxis, has just died at Carlsbad. His  wife, a sister of the Empress of Austria, had  given birth to a child ouly three days before.  A fine alligator, seven feet ia length, has  been brought to Liverpool by the African  steamer_E^)iope.��������� It.isJn.. exceUenjtji1 oajt-hj!  judging by the vigor with which it snaps its  jaws-  The twenty-seventh anniversary of the birth  of the Empress Charlotte of Mexico, has just  passed over. Her Majesty was born on the  7th of June, 1840, at the chateau of Lacken..  The Saltan has formally accepted the invitation of the corporation of the. city of London, the entertainment wili be on a scale  of the greatest magnificence.  A servant girl who recently stole some money at Bristol, concealed . it in her chignon,  where it was accidentally found by *i ��������� police  constable.  As the Countess of Fife wa3 stepping from  a cab at the Southhall railway station, she  slipped, and fractured one of her legs.  ��������� Two men, convicted at the central criminal  court of intimidating tailors in London, have  been senteuce'd to six months7 imprisonment.  ��������� An enormous sturgeon has just been taken  off the Doggerbank. Its length is ten feet,  breadth four feet, and it:-weighs 380 pounds.  A parliamentary ^return shows -that* very  nearly half the shareholders in the metropolitan gas companies are ladies, clergymen, or  trustees.:-'1       .;'; ������������������ ������������������..   .7    ;;  The Duke of Cambridge is about to pay an  official visit to Ireland, and will be accompanied by the Prince of Wales,  It is announced that an international peace  congress 'will take place at Geneva, on the  fifth of September next.  Seventeen millions out of twenty-three rail-  lions of the Italian population are unable to  read and write.  A swarm of locusts has lately, appeared in  the vicinity of Rome, and has already done  great damage to the crops.  A great number of Italian laborers, finding  it impossible to obtain work in Italy, have  emigrated to Austria.  The yield of the various gold-fields in New  South Wales was 15,000 ounces during the  month of February last>  The mint of Brussels has just coined gold  pieces with the head of Leopold II. to an  amount of ������200,000.  The two grand dukes, sons of the Czar, are  going to Nice, to make a pilgrimage.  A man named Vanalderworelt has just  died at Wervicq (Nord,) at the age of 127  years..  A memorial is about to be erected to Mr.  Cobden by the residents of St. Pancras, London. "'���������'��������� '���������*i"  The Czar took with him to Western Europe  gold snuff-boxes, diamond brooches, bracelets. &c, to the value of 300,000 roubles, or  somewhat more than ������45,000, besides 1,500  orders, of which twelve are the St. Andrew. ^  No fewer than nine thieves concerned in  the recent outrages in London streets in  broad daylight have been committed for trial  Many of them are well known offenders.  Count Bismarck, whose nerves have been  a good (leal shaken, has consulted several  physicians in Paris, and will probably go to  "Vichy to drink the waters.  The birthday bfEin^ George of Hanover  was celebrated at Vienna by a banquet, at  which about ninety distinguished Hanoverians were present.  The Emperor of Russia has just given to  the Emperor Napoleon the two finest of the  three horses which are to be seen in the Exhibition, ���������    ���������' ��������� -       -h-  Garibaldi has issued invitations for a Freemasons' Congress at Naples, to he. held at the  same time as the centenary of St; Peter at  Rome.      7, ; .., ...7>7'     .., ,  The French Prince Imperial is about again  everywhere, and though' clelicate-lopking,  like the Empress, seems as strong as need be.  Madame Ristori 1b now living in Paris, having returned from America, where, it.is said?  she realized no less than ������40,0Q0 clear money  The exhibition of engravings representing  the royal family, of Hanover is forbidden in  any.of the.S^ob windows of that capital.     ..  .Two young kittens were found in-~the stomach of a large, cod.which was caught the.other  day in Sinclair^ Bay, Caithness. :   ....  . Explosions in English coal mineB have killed 25,000 men since 1850, ;' .  The British Columbian is responsible for  the following which is related of "Billy the  Bladge:"       -.7 ,\ , ��������� '      ;7 .  On the morning of the memorable 16th July  a certain very worthy officer had the " Re-  doutable Thirty " drawn up in front of the  Fashion Hotel,' Barkerville,.;for -inspection,  preparatory to marching for .Grouse creek:  The officer in charge of the Brigade is, it is  necessary to state, afflicted with. an impediment in his "speech.- "Billy the Bladge,V  stepping in front, addressed the " Thirty.". as  follows:-���������" Gentlemen, I have a word of advice to give you. Should your worthy officer  there find it necessary to give the order to  " retreat," do you turn tail and run as soon as  you hear the " re������������������," for if you wait till he  gets the ?���������^treat"out, depend upon it you'll  all be shot!", ���������  A Golde^ TnouanT.���������We know, not the  author of the-following; but it is one or the  mo'st" v'be'auTO ever*  read : " Natiure will be reported. . All things  are engaged in.writing their own history.  The plant ah4 pebbles go;attended ,by, their  own shadow. .; The rock; leaves; its scratches  on the mountain side, the river its'channel, in  the 8oil,.the animal leaves its bones in the  stratum, the ifern and the leaf the modest epitaph in the coal.. The falling drop makes its  sepulchre in the.;sand or stone ; not a footstep in the snow; or along the ground but  prints in; characters more or less lasting a  map of its march j every, act of man^inscribes  itself on the memories of. its . fellows and his  own face. Thejair is full of sound, Jhe sky of  tokens;��������� the ground is all. memoranda and  tokens, and every object is covered:over;with  hints which speak to the intelligent." 7   .7  An  Lmmbnse , Mixe.^���������The  ^Virginia  City  Trespass gives the fol lowing account of the  Savage mine: .For the fiscal year ending June  1st; 1867, 'there were mined 72,295.7tons of  ore,7which averaged in value .$41 "94, per ton  ���������making the product of bullion to reach, the;  sum bf^SS.O.OO^op^ylniSeG, ihe lord :mined  was less than lialf this amount, and the;. re^  suit,;to Mr. Bonner, the present superintend;:  ent, is very flattering; for while,the old rnaii^-  agement -paid; for  mining -and  reduction,  $34 80 per ton, he has so improved, matters  that the cost has been reduced _ to:about $23  ���������making a net gain to, the company; yearly  of .about   $9,000.,; The, company, furnishes  profitable employment to .1,000 people, in the  mine,, mill ��������� and other places ; the. Savage is  to-day the largest and most profitable mine in.  tbe world j.and, besides,  there is.enough  known ore in sight to .insure the same flattery  ing siiccossjfor a year to come, as has been  made in the year past.  . ;  Hudson's Bay.���������-The governor and cpmmit\  tee of this company intend to recommend a  dividend at the rate often shillings per share  payable on the 10th July next. in.addition to  the eight shillings pai'd in January last.������������������  London Times.  Goon News fhom Grouse CREEk.���������Ve learn  that the Ontario Co. got through, the rim rock  last Monday, and washed out of ..throe car  loads of.dirt $17. The Cascade Co., immediately below, are finding excellent prospects  Gentlemen's boots and shoes are articles  in the manufacture of which Mr. Rerinie is an  adept. He has just received a.supply ..of the  very best material, and is; now prepared to  execute orders with promptness and dispatch'.  We observe that the irrepressiole Fritz  from Lillooet has hiing out his shingle in  Barkerville. where he. purposes engaging in  the ancient calling of tent-maker, &c.  Qt?iWv PASSAGE.���������Tho passage froiU Ilong  Kong to Sap Francisco, has been made h}  thirty-eight days, by a schooner called the  Fannie Hare, 163 tons burden.  Yesterday was the warmest day wo have  had this season; the thermometer stood at  70 degrees in the shade.     ���������  The Herkin Ctai on Ap^ cleaned  up for last week 50 ounces.  "J can boast of rank/? as tlie butter. ������aid  to the bheese, "and I 6ni7^t)f6ng;and:.j]di&y^->:  as the cheesei replied tp the butter.;.     ;  ^ 7;7  'Why does a sb6emaker finish Ms shoe: at  the beginning ? Because he c'piiimehces at  the last, applies Ms thread, and there's ah end  tO it. _.-._ ., _ ;?;, y' ,.;. 7..:;,.,7 .;,���������:���������..   '-.. ���������,..; .':'��������� ; .""'7 '  j^^ The great demand, for FelPs .Coffee  in the miniiig- districts, ha$.brought into exi3tefica  many spurious imitations, hut the intelligence of tho  mining population is Poll & Co7's gdurantee;  w������Awu'i������aumMa������ailt ' frwjwvmRmjBiwzrjiimimNaiSvrzs&m&PHnsB  CHARACTERISTIC.  : ; Marie Twain, in a letter from St. Louis, thus  grumbles at a social habit which has \ long  - * been a " bore " of the largest. calibre to all  travelers: "In ;San Francisco, as soon as  arrive^- some friend hails : 'How cPy-db ?  When- 7d-you get down ? -'"' How 'd-you like  Sanfcisco ? Take a drink������������������?��������� So long; seeypu  again.' .'.-���������' -y7v';":' :;   ���������"'.':: '.������������������.':.-."i .  ���������������������������' h *'* In>3few York, -they say: Ah, when 'dyou  arrive?   How-longyou going to. stay ?:; How  .do you like New York ?; Good morn ing.'     \  ; f ��������� ^ficre they say : ���������������-'Hello' glad to see you;  7by George? ^ When?d you get here?7 :,Wby;  vou 1 ook as natural as a co w I    How- do you  jike iSt.^Loiiis: since^y6u ������qk.b ack ? iCome1, go  \ to; my ��������� room <.; want to . have a7smoke v.with  '-.^���������yom'x .7;:-77:>- ���������;'-y7,-��������������������������� ,y:7:. :��������� ]Y:H^L^l ���������....  ���������;.:: :f! ;But,.dph^t youyobserve, they all ask that  same old question :VHow do you like;,San;  : yFrancisco ?r How--do^you-llkOr-Ne^^York^?  ; ^Hpw.do you like St.:..Louis V. It is: almighty;  ;������������������ aggravating. 7 Cannot people thinktofsomething else besides that ?;: It wouldn't' make  any difference if only one or. two people  ��������� asked the question:;' but:to: be bored, with it  .twenty times a day is insufferable.- -Ithas set  7 me to* speculating about, the other wo rid i \ A  ; man1 who has lived a long life; and been  .around a j. good, deal, will/.'probably meet as  many as twenty or thirty thousand:people  ���������. there,; h ev.w'a s .acqu ai n ted; wi th on earth;; th ey  % r say���������! we^sfra-1 V-|^e^->^v04>yiE &ttt*^iK^ifi:s4$^ I  "ri'6w think'of:being bored all through paradise'  ��������� "or ���������'perdition : with that,same \yre(������hed;pld:  ��������� Question; of 7 how ^  :^ouMti;t make any difference whichylocality;  ' ypii landed :in;^you;would get sb; harried and  .'���������bad ge red th at iypti would' Hyish % y p\x h ad'; gpp e:  ; "to the;' other p 3 a be.'"; Au d y e t; that w o uld not;  ; mend* the' in a fc.te r, because :> comm n'nicatipn "��������� -is;  'Open between the two' v.You rcniember ihat'  yl)ives easi 1 y recpgnized'^Lazarus^. and ���������hailed  :���������:'. rhitn;., l;wish;l .ikWiv if;lS  ' /eyerj.it',is no ;m^atter:;* 'Tfie/s  .'���������i-in'e: beyond ; measure^-.;: jfo  i. -iinverit- d.ri;ew^ormxiM^^m^clon Strangers;  ^Ibecausejeven if-it; were^jup*- movjjif interesting  v^fean.ihe^old;biie,"it^wbu]^;at-least bear7the  ;"; ;fey anfecent; charm .-.Of: novel ty;  Ij; hate:; that  f^guestibn'ds.T- do'the- 'hiaciineyed;fppic,of the:  ;7*wbather.;. However, when' One is tired-hating  y^ytuirig^he can alwaysrgp to bed.- '-I-will."  ^gHowTO ^KEEp;:SiLKi^Silk - articles; -shbuld  y^t|be-kept /folded 7 in 7wh^  ^Mbride)pf iirrie;used -^1)1 each ipgf*^iiP^^^  ^^}1^ rob ably i nip a^  Z&ppfynJqr blue !-paper"��������� ��������� isj^etfcerj^ll^wisrii  y^bft&India/paperi^  ^te^  ytiie;bpiise ��������� befbre they.;are;madblup/'agf'-t'lying:  Tin^the folds;will have7a tendency "to impair  Jterdurability- by causing it. ��������� to 7cut: or ;split,  partfcularj^ silk has been thickerie'd by  . th'& 'giira;T*;Jjhread 1 ace :vci Is: sire-,very easily  ; 'chili-. -BuV dresses of velvet should not belaid  by:with^ny-'weight above tliem:;yif; the nap  6f a-thin:;velyet^is laid down;'Ij; is -nptpossib 1 e  to raise yit: \ip agai n,.   Hard si 1 k : shb u 1 d  ne ver  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  I:  L O R3  ES  .,  Druggist,   ,  BARKERVILLE.  AS CONSTANTLY ON' HAND! A CHOICE SE-  jection of Drugs and Patent Medicines, iuclud--  the celebrated   Gnlden   Balsam,   and   Murphy's  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  fumories, Garden Seeds, &c., &c.  ..Just received���������aa assortment of Stationery, Pocket  Diaries for 1S67, and Billiard Table articles: .  p;!S.��������� Prescriptions carefully compounded..   l-s ���������  FOSTER,   OF   ULLOOET,  ':���������'"/'."��������� :  v"    CHEMIST.   "\-^ '-.;��������� .  TAS FOB:SALE, and constantly,on hand,  a^dUassoricd Stocl: pf,Dru.2;S,,all tho Chemicals  used by Physicians,; -Photographers,  Assayers   and  Meclianics. ��������� Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists'.sundries.   ���������-. .    .       :������������������".��������� "-/.  ;  Retorts,- Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels,  Ingot Moulds,  etc!, etc;. ' '..'.:  : PRESCRIPTIONS vFAIinnTLLT PREPARED.    .  ���������     ��������� ���������' ' F.W. FOSTER,  i. mal       '.      ���������     ���������      ��������� -. -" Chemist.  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN^DOUG-LAS,. Successor to A.  C.  ���������WELLS,"Saodlb and Harness Maker, Yalo, B. C.  "���������'������������������^^''A'twi^x^t^-^sortmc^^'Stoe^E'^is^^  hand."   ' y   ���������'   '. l-s  STABLING-Jbr HORSES.  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LTTTON  CITY, B. C, ���������  Begs to inform the public generally that he has  STABLE I COBAli ACCOMODATION  . ,On his premises for upwards of 200 Horses.  ; Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES..FOR HIRE... ���������  \- :        TERMS   HODERATIiL     .   ' !:������  C. E. ROMBROTV  BOSTON BAR,r.B; C, ,. ���������....  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIES AND PRO VIS IONS,  -���������.;.  '   LIQUoHsr^JJy-X?OODSvCJJ)XHING,"..&c 18.L  164 MILE OR DEEP CREEK HOUSE.  TS OPKN/FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  J. Travelling: public; tho bedrooms aro spacious and  airy and the Beds cannot he surpassed Cor cleanliness  and comfort hy anv in the lower country; the Table is  always supplied with- the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly .on hand.  TlCTbRIAADV^TISEMENTS;  ���������' Front Street, = Yale,;' !?��������� \ C;t  EGS-.TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo  that lie intends:to forward (as soon as the state of  the' Roads \\i\\ 'permit)^' a large and well assorted  stock of Coo'kixgStovfs.-which lie* will dispose" of at  PRICfCS.TO SUIT THE TlMKS.    ?^   '���������; ':��������� ���������>    "'     - '-  ;Yalc,;8th April, 1867.   ^y. ;��������� /y y..* ���������:-���������      .:   1.  li  ..:/ FIREPROOF. WAREHOUSE!  ARTIES DESIROUS of shipping freight -With Dis-  -patch, will'find; it to^tlieir. advantage by "giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere:' . .y':  ���������-: ������������������ .:������������������",: ���������"���������':  rn:/<]       ;' ALWA7& BAILEY.  :--Yale, April 8th; 1867.      :^ =  ������������������ : '. :'   l-s,  ed:':' The'way;to lake w'rinklcs out of si 1 k  scarfs and band k erch i efs is : til: mo is ten th e  -the .surface.; ey en 1 j with a sponge���������=* and some  DEALER IN ..-Wine's, Liquors ani> Cigars,- Coal Oil,;  .Coal'Oil Lamps,.j&c.^.;  ' ..' '   ���������:" -. y-1' - ' - ��������� ��������� '���������  ;,'; :--A(iENT FOR BPNCTER?S ALE! ;'  ���������'���������'V-���������'rv'-'.lv-':v";:In-Bbis;:and^ y.-.^>!;: V  ;'0yaIe,^Apriri8tb>I867;' -:";:y: :y:;y  l-s  Storage aAd Forwarding!  7K ";/.       YALE, R C.' '"'y '  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE/YALE-LYT-  ton Routb, are advised that ~  ; L -KIMBALL & GLADWIN    '  _ Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, nnd-.For.ward  .Goods.   Goods rc-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowkst Rates.   ... '/���������'���������--.--. ''  Parties shipping goods through us will ph?ase mark  to th'e care of  COLD    SPRING   HOUSE  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE.is.situated 2G miles from Quesnelmoutb.  The proprietors having lately fitted up, bo<!rooms  and good Beds arc now, prepared to alTord every accommodation for Travellers; the Table is "furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is wldl supplied witli tho best brands cf Liquors and Seprors; poor!  Stab^g, Hay, Oats and Barley. -jQSTThe CHKA.l'KST  House on the Road.     .    ���������-...���������..    l-s  122 MILE HOUSE,  y     ���������"���������"��������� 'LAKE LA HACHR   -.  F. WALTERS, formerly of the #4' JfiiE :Hocse.  having purchased this Ranch, is now prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD JIEALS  and BEDS at moderate rat&s.    '.'*.'    -:; , 1-sV  THE ASHCROF'T HOUSE  ��������� ��������� :  .<messrs:.cornwaxl's^ '}:(���������'":���������  .4 T THIS WELL KNO^ HOUSE,"hajf:yray betwe.cn,  ix Spence's Bridge and Clintpirjon'the'Yalei.Boute.  Travellers.will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines- ^Fresh Butter;.11 ilk  a nd'Vcgelables.   G odd Stabi ing and; chcap..feed. . ���������. J-s  STORE  Comer of Langley AHey and Yates St  MESSRS, JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a Ian*  and well assorted1 Stock        '���������  FEESS AGRIGULTURAL,VEGETABLE  ;.;���������'   ���������   '   AND FLOWER SEEDS: " ;  ���������  The business ot the late firm of Jay &Co.  Fort r������  and Sprihgaeld Nursery, .will be carried on bv \\lz  in nil Its branches. '..        -     ������^.1^  Fruit .Tre^s and Bnshes, Evergreen and Decidurm0  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of tvery de^crio  y���������-.\-  ���������...������������������::������������������".������������������   '������������������'   ' : : < '-��������� '������������������ - -���������?--Lia  '.GOVEBNilENT STREET, VICTORIA;/      *  ���������WHOLESALE  AND  RETAIL;  -������������������;";.;^ h/turner% co.  IMPORTERS  OF   ���������������������������"''  English & French.Silks, Shawls, Dresses, Un������  ��������� derclothing, Gloves, and every description of  Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama and  by. sail ing vessels via Cupe Horn'. '���������������������������  SSS" Particular attention given to all orders,  r London Firm���������J, P. Tonstall & ,Co. \,%  -���������:-.^;:\; KTABLiSH'Ep-i85^;,--:M;;:^  COMMISSION &  FORWARDING AGEKT,  WILL  PAY PARTICULAR"ATTENTIONvlTO SE.  lectine, pnrchasirig/or forwarding Goods for the  upperceuniryl. ? ������������������ ?;:. '���������   ' * ��������� ���������::-'--i-;-'  ;  Any commission-entrusted: to his care, :will recel?������  prompt attention.. ���������:;      .  ���������,;...-'  References':���������W. A.. 31eaoham, E. A, Wadbajis, I  -HaRI'SR^'J.J.^'BRASILT;1 J" '-''���������:  .Victoria, April, 1867.. ���������'     ���������-" ''������������������;.'���������;��������� '��������� ��������� ^���������:y\--l'^.  \.   -   {. iiiQTISL; DE :FRANCE^ . .V - :  . .GOVERNMRNT STREET,;yjCTORIAj= Vj.fi }yH\  THE "RESTAURANT is supplied with all ihj  delicacies of the season, and the sleeping accomodation is replete;.with' every comfort.- > The best cf  Wines, Liquors and .Clear*.:,:   ��������� . ������������������;'���������.   ���������   y,  .  i-s ." ���������������������������'' y J. BIGNE & CO,,'Proprietors.  'JENRY������������������' GREENBAUif;,  WHOLESALE    LIQUOR  Store, Importer of Fine MkFRsckX'nv Pipes, Stems  iron th piece's,; Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street, Vic* I  toria,.V..I. ..-������������������..   .-.-i-:",. ..;-,-   '��������� -y   . -< -i  ��������� V;">U  go;lg-n;ial hqt.-e;lv  ;  ���������   ���������       '.   -'SODA   CREEK."    * ';    ������������������'";'���������'  ftp p eare d. Tho re aso ri o f th is ' is: o by i ou s to  every person. Some "silk. articles. -should be  moistferied with;'wejil������: glii'e or gxiin-water, and.  tHe wrinkles ironed, out by a; hot iron on the  wrong side. ;!; ���������....';���������-. "'������������������"'���������.���������,'/: /���������;���������*���������  . The Championship of England.���������We learn  from1 a late nam ber of Bel I :s Life* that Mace  and Baldwin, after a wordy war, have come  to-an-agreement, by winch Baldwin" undertakes to fight Maeerfor ������200 a sideband the-  belt, open for ������500 a side, on Tuesday, October. 15tby 1867, within 100 miles of London,  abcor&n^to the nev^ rales oi^tb^Ting. In  pnrsnancA of ��������� tti i s ; agreem e n t-; :'.^B25; a si de was  lodged i inythk Iiands: -:jof the .editor; of BelFs  Li fe. who . ii as b een app ointe'd final 6 take-  holder.'    ������      ' ��������� ' "  ;' * 'T. ': '��������� ���������������������������/���������"'-'. .  TRE UN'DERSIGXED heps toinform tho miners and  : residents in & around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand", and  ���������bopns l'v close.afteution to business, and hy. selling  at LOWER RATES.than heretofore, to meet tho -patronage of all. ,-'���������������������������  . Orlcrs from outlayinc: creeks accompanied with the  .CASH, will be forwardod with promptness and dispatch. .:���������������������������  ���������  ���������.JGSf Terms CASH, without distinction.  i-s a'   J. w..linduard;  A  GREAT REDUCTION has been made in the charges  xjL at this establishment, so as to suit the'times.-  '������������������ Meals; $1"; Beds, 75 Cerits:    "^ -.'���������  McLEESE & -SEN AY, ;  . ^.'Proprietors;-  May. 1st,   1S67. ; \ /.;  ,. .: l-s.,  . forest_.house;:-^  36 MILE   POST, ��������� ..:��������� :,���������  BETWEEN YALE AND LYTTGN, B. C.  JULES RTJEFF, Commission" Mrrchant,-  Hotel Bu lid ing, W h a rf st rcct Victoria, V.. I.  : Roval  l-s  m  GLEAL'S .COPPEEyHoUHEv-AKD :.Restacbant,-  Government Street,.Victoria ��������� V>-'I.J.\-. This fe-tb������  cheapest, most comfortable, and best, attended Estab*  li^lmicrit In the City- . ���������      :!'''.'-'       '.:���������;   ./' y ���������''  The'-BAttiis* always supplied- with -tho: choicest of  Wixes, LxciroRsand Cigars. ;'.���������. . ;.'   1 s  '������  TRAVELLERS will find every accommodation at this  Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD  BEOS.  .  STABLING FOR HORSES. ��������� .'���������  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Rates.  '    .. '     - BOOTHROYD   BRO'S,'.  l-s ' Proprictcrs.  BLUE   TE  ��������� OR ���������  IL  Wages, in Nev? Z.KXLAxr).���������:Bricklayers and  plasterers earn in New Zealand Is; sterling  per hour, white masons earn from 10s. to 12s.  per day; of..-<eight honrs. House1;.;carpenters  and joiners can earn with ease ������S per week,  while -blacksmiths, coopers,^-;wheelwrights,  ti ri sm i &s and v p rinters, earn -; prop ortionatel v  high wages.   , . ^y'^-..'  New Baiioxets.���������-The Queen- Is; to confer  baronetcies on the Right,Hon. J. Napier : Mr.  Bag^e,^M.;P;; for West Norfolk ; Mr, William.  Lawrence. sergeant-stirgeon -to Her Majesfc^ ;.  and ' Mn;B. L-Guinness, M. Pv;ior the^ city, of  Dublin^' ';>"V" r .;'v.y"'-'.";.'������������������-,:'-'7   ..  HOUSE.  THE UKDEDSIONED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  desirable property, is now Prepared;tp accommo-  dafco the travellitifc public. The table is supplied with  the very best of viands, ���������, The bedrooms and beds, are  as corn fortab leas cotjld be desi red, and the BAR contains nothing but tho-best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.:'.  'A good stock of Grain and Hay alwavs on hand.  3rd May, .1807., 3  '��������� .,.��������� .    W. WRTGHT.  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTST"  rte  QEMLEN & PARKE, Propriotors. at tbe  O Juuction of the Cariboo and Big Bend-Roads, is  now open for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 20 miles; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from Spcnpc's IJriJge, SO.mjles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay &*Grain.;  attentive hostlers. Stages leave here rcgularlv!for  vale, and Cariboo ' ���������      \      l-s  A.BULER & CO.'S  CHEAP Store;;  LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clotlii n# boug b t a n d sold.   S econdhan d Watch es,  Guns, Pistols, &c .for. sole.  i$3F Governmeht street opposite thc Theatrei'- l-s  BOSTON   .BAR  International.  Hotel.  /PHIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is* now open for lira  X...vellers;   The Table is supplied as. formerly witli  the best the market affords, and a he iCookins? cannot  bo excelled. . The Bar is stocked with the finest Li  'Quoiia and .Cigahs. 'GOOD-BEDS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  Ls ���������    . Proprietor.  , FRANKEL. Victoria, ���������V. 1<\ Dealer in to  J:X * - Skixs, Hides, Wool, &c. Liberal advancesmadu  on Furs consigned.- Reference���������G. Sutro & Co., Beta-  hart Bros. Victoria/ V," I.';.  .   .      ..; /..; -^  C1    STJTKO <te CO.. Importers A\'D Dbaiemii,  r. . CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mecrshnum Pipes, &u.,S E.  corn er of Va tes and. Wharf stree t ��������� V j ciori a      .; ..&  ."'-������������������^���������������������������*���������   ������f'.������������������      '    . .   . ;   ..'���������"*  EWONG, LEE'it CO^'C6>ntissiox Mekchajts, Ifr  porters, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  V. I Yale, Lillooct, Quesnelmoutb, and Williams  Creek. ' -.      l-s  GENERAL"  ..   MALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR  AND  ���������j. AGEKT. Government Street, Victoria, V. I. ;lj  TiAILY an^-WF.TTKT.Y " BRITISH CONSIST  U and VICTORIA'CHRONICLE."- Orders farmaiK  inp either the Diily or Weekly.issues of.tho. above to  anv part of Europe^thc United States, Canadn, A0������ira-.  Ha; &of;left at this office or sent to Victoria \vm ^  a t f en d ed to. Terms in ad va nce. Wkekly. ismo-^  with Postaec, $7 50"; 6mo?, do., $4 75. V*W.t l*  mos do., $23 ; 6mos do., SI2 50.  OUR   COFFEE.  THE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED TO  afford every accommodation to the travel ling public, and hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the 'former  proprietors.   This is one of the most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on  w  the road, conta i ni ng as i t does  WE. ARE   FORWARDING   A  IRST CLASS ARTICLE TO  Packed in Tins of from two. to. Uvcnty-fly������ pounds  each. . ���������'���������*'���������: -; '��������������������������� ���������������������������'���������'' "���������"- /i"- ������������������������������������,:'-~ .-���������" y,: ��������� ..  .-.    WILSON & MURRAY,- .  1.3  . Fort street, Victoria.  THOS. WILSON &  IMPORTERS OP ENGLISH MBROHADlfi  ���������'������������������'��������� Wholesale and Retail,  0  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.  14  Whatever you buy ot sell,; mafeie a clear  b argaia, and iiever trust to " we shaii'ib disagree about little trifles."  GASAMAYOUbegs leave to state that he  has Jremovorlhis stock of Goods consisting of Gro-  CKRrrs,;&0., from Wharf, street to the Brick Building  on Yates street, adjoining CowperTs Boot Store, oppo-  site Wells,-Fargo fc Co. .......        ���������/ '<���������������������������;-  : He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at the lowest  rates, for cash..- ���������; l.s ���������  WILLIAM. ZELTSTER, dealer in Drugs, Mrdi  oixes and Cdemtcals, Fancy and Toilet Articles',  'Sponges, Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Physicians* Prescriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch. ...Victoria, V.L ..  i,3  warm and well furnished bed rooms with good bods.  ThoTABLE-is supplied with.every delicacy it is pos  sible to procure in tho upper country.    The  stocked with  Cigars.  the best of Liquors, and tho  BAR is  choicest  ' \JSST MEALS,  $ 1 50vEACH.���������-������:'\  The stabling for Horses, is.all.that could bo desired,  and the ch������ rges arc very mof.l orate. Hay for .Horses  per day, ������2 j Oats and Barley at the cheapest market  rates.   ��������� ���������  The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in largo or smali. quantities.  nd  l-s  J0HN;PELLETIER, Proprietor.  A, W; piper;  CONFECTIONER,  ! Government Street, opposlto tho. Theotre.  pANDlFS of every description manurac^urea  V sold,'Wholesale and Retail. ���������'- "'-.; ^.  WE THE UNDERSIGNED  TAKE   pleasurcrin ^  nor.nti\ngto our uumf��������� rous  customeis.        -^  public, that we will supply them with the.^���������s^.li * : :-  Leather Boot3 (duty free) over offered in e. ^������    . ^  : J0������-Att>urold Stand, Governments!;., v^.%..  U      ' CHARITY .*:-BOT������--


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