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 Williams Creek, B. dgttondajr, August 27, 1866.  TELEGRAPHIC,  (Special Dispatch to the Cariboo Sestixel).  Londoh/Aqg. 13th.-r-Tke cholera Is decreas-  lt! peteraburgb, Angl 12th.���������The U.S. naval  officers w*te their official entrance into the  city yesterday;.' They had a grand reception;  50 000 people turned;outM i witness' their en-  trance.; They we?ef welcomed by a raaga jfl-  cent oration, miisic, cheers; displa^of banners,  thousands of ihandlcerchiefe paying: in ail di-?  rectioosi -Thegreatest, enthusiasm prevailed;  Horn!Gj Mi ���������lay^ Minister vto-: tho Court of St'  Petersbarglii 'g*y&$^^Uiiuht;ehtertainnieht at  bis hotelto the''^ipiotnatio corpsj and heads of  No. 33.  Apartments and distinguished citizens in honor of our "naval; officers; >1A ball and supper  ^���������^ienhf-f^e*V&6&JDliili7r,Mteh was -.at-  tendedby^the. beauty;;:; and'; grace of the city,  -All "tte'-'-ywbMto '^f^V^TOI^������^* ���������ylt*|*V4lnjg^,.. wsre  dressed WUiiiQirc^^^  aated .'Which; with fir& works,/tended -to produce  a veryfHvely; sensation. -U')���������:, B;H\: w< ;'������������������'���������' '��������� i. ���������'��������� i -W"  Floretvce; AaiK.*13th^Genv^Manabr6if has  left the city for'Germany*;:-lie into travel by  way .of" Paris������ an^i^'ihtrusted by the Italian  .Government with' amission.: haying for its ob-  jectHhe" conclusion -of' ptoacei - on' the -basis, of  the armistice^, >The!armistice:isfto commence  to day an(* terminates;;Sepfe 19 th, a day?s no*  tice of its intended.termination js ,to be given  ^either s&e^^^  Prisoners of war were, to be exchanged between/Italy aM^Austria^ ) > H i   V  .'������������������;.-' Breschi^Augi;I StBi^Saribaldi has issued  .an address*to thefltalian'^ohidtSers, in v^hich  ���������he expresses a hope that they wi 11 respect the  conditions of the armistice^ .:���������'��������� It is their interest  to conform to ^tbe order- of .the Government.  London, Aug. 15th.���������It is announced to-day  (bat plans for the Confederation of the British  Provinceai of; North' America have been definitely arranged by Government. '������������������' The statement is also vmade that the 'terms for a loan  from the Governmentc for the building of an  ���������iaternational.railroad from; Halifax. to   the  points of connection with the Canadian Grand  ... Trunk .Railroad-, -have been settled.-���������. ..^i..-. :.--:<  Paris, Aug. 15 th.���������It is reported to-day on  good authority that^ .the'Erencli Government  has abandoned the Idea of extending the frontier of ^anoe by -the annexation of certain  German provinces on the Rhine. ������������������'  London, Aug..l5th.^-rThe following dispatch  has been received, dated Berlin, Aug. 15th:���������  Council of State is. holding, sittings in this  ���������capital,-and is engaged la. the consideration of  the questidniof ithe(���������re-annexation of the States  of the Southern German ConfederaU  The King Jqf Prussia has informed the Queen  of Haiibyer that^ber:^esidencfe in the capital of  the late -Kingdom; wouldi������������������ bei "attended; with  much inconvenience.     ���������������������������'       ���������;' ;      ,  War against Bay aria" may: -fee T^ne wed by  Prussia: after the"iexpirationt������f��������� the "armistice,  should no change take place in^the aspect of  ���������affairs; ; .,������������������.,;,;��������� > W*\^vyr-!t, **'���������:���������/* :-������������������'  The Prussian'".Minisjaf'-"of.^Finance moved  In the Upper house a" bill 61f indemnity for  Government for all financial-acts; since 1862,  in seeming violation W the Budget laws. He  also appropriated 54,000,000 thafers for the  expense of the current year, accompanied by  a creditbillof 60,000,000 thaiers. ��������� \-    ;  San Francisco, Aug. 15th.���������The steamship  Sacramento arrived at 2, p. m., having in tow  the disabled steamship Golden Age, which  broke her shaft .on her: last downward trip.  San ^ Denny  has commenced suit against'Mrs. De Wolff for  $20,000. She alleges that she was:married to  Md living .happily together, with, Gideon, J,  Denny; that detendant by conversation. and  other acts alienated her husband, which led to  their divorce.��������� ��������� '��������������������������� ;  ;  San Francisco, Aug. 17th.���������About half-past  2 this morning Summer St. House; on Summer  street, above Montgomery, fell with a terrible  ttaah. Theihouse was a three-story brick, occupied by J. Brewster, * Jr. j as ia boarding  ������UBe*- $here.'Were 30 or 40 occupants, six  or whom; were killed, and fifteen injured, some  ������r them fatally. The cause of this horrible  pastrophe was the undermining of the wall  J excavating for the foundation of a new ad-  Qition to Odd-Fellows Hall. ."The building is  ^complete wreck, nothing but portions of the  Wot wall standing.      -"- ���������" '-  San.Francisco, Aug. 14th.���������A dispatch was  Published yesterday announcing the loss of the  gmish ship Fairlight in the China Sea.   The  18fi<ghtcIeared from this port on Nov. 15th,  *bD, for Hongkong and was on her way back,  aavmg sailed from Shanghai on May 29th with  o2c7argo of-600 tons of Chinese merchandise,  **������ Chinese and four European .passengers.  }������? !* !uPP.osed to have" gone down with all  ;,; :Ai..Yeddo on the 27th June was held a coa-  vention m which America, Japan, England,  prance and Holland participated. A revised  import.and export tariff was adopted. Arti-  ?les ^opted by the convention are of great  importance to the commercial community.  The; conduct of the British authorities in con-  nection with the recent expedition against the  pirates o/ the northwest coast is severely commented upon by the Hongkong press. A vessel  with 436Chinese emigrants recently sailed for  Java;, this is an important event, as the Dutch  Government hitherto resisted the introduction  of Chinese coolies to that island.  An accident involving great loss of life occurred at'Ming Po, in connection with a religious ceremony, and 63 fanatical Chinese miserably perished.  MThe Tutai of Shantung has been reduced to  third official rank on account of hi3 failure to  exterminate rebels as rapidly as the Emperor i  ���������desired. |  '; ,In :A Cold Climatk.���������M. Blatter, one of  the thre6 intrepid travellers who, to make  ^^3?>ligkai^&tcc ?vn\fo>rs;3p2nfr~f?Grtf!lvl$  of last winter at St. Theodule, (Mount Cervin)  10;000'feet above the level of the sea, came  down a few days ago from his lofty post. He  is how atMeningen, Switzerland^ He states  thatheabd his brother enjoyed constantly  most excellent iiealth. Their companion. ,an  Italiahj'si^^^ a good deal from the'cold.  The greatest cold felt was twenty-three degrees  Reamur ; the mean temperature, however was  16 ^degrees. Their occupations were of course  uniform5 they only had to register the reading  of thb'thermometer and prepare their food.  They took up with them some dried meat prepared in Le Valais, and found it appetizing  to the last. They, saw no living tliing during  the^winter but jackdaws, which flew around  their cabin without distrust."  u  93  The  Cariboo   Sentinel;  ^MI-WEEKLY   PAPER.. -  :  Pdblishbi) Every  Monday and! Tiiursday.  ��������� ^|tAN &LAJVIBERT, PROPRifiTdRS.' '  Offiob-^BARKERVILLB, Wiluams Ceeek, Cakiboo.  ", ^Subscription, $1 per week,       . ���������������  (IncluMng cost of doiivcry;) Payable to.tbb Carrier.  BANICSf EXPRESSES,. &c:  ���������������*r  MACKENZI  BARKEI^VILLE,,,  DEALISR IN  -Si  The Arabun Horse.���������A Paris letter writer  says: Prince Halira, of Egypt, recently bet  $5000 with Mr. Ross, an English banker, at  Alexandria, whostdked $500, that in a gazelle  hunt with gray hounds and falcons, andwin^6 h  f^ould- lastrseveral^  would prove to possess, more bottom than an  English thoroughbred horse.' The wager has  been settled. The English mare fell foundered the second day out and died on the:spot.  The Arabian continued the chase for three  days longer without giving signs of distress.  A second bet of $5000 to SoOO was thafari  Arabiaui horse could rimjthe-hihetySmilesi��������� .of:  desert between Cairo and; Suez, without stopping; to ��������� rest, which"no ��������� English thorough bred  could accomplishi The horses started at 11:30  a. m.'^he Arabian reached the destination at  3:8 j>i; m^-The English horse; fell foundered,  and died omthe spot, aj a mile and.three-quar-  ters from the destination. It is probable the  Arabian had been under training1 for a long  period of time, and the English horse 'was not  sufficiently trained;; nevertheless these events  sho w the extraordinary bottom'of the Arabian  breed, too much neglected at present byvdur  horse-breeders. ":\!l:\-] '        "���������".;': J .;"':-\;''S:       "���������  IRGNj   STEE  v,^C4ERMTF,RSt i^iONBSW J^oeisSfM-  Casfg Iron: Car   Wheels,  :r",|?qwbER,.FUSE,'&c;,;ic. .���������: ��������� ��������� ";���������  '������������������'. -J&Ak       ���������.--'- ���������������������������- ..:..'������������������ ...,.'  ,   "'   ||f';':'    '��������� ;     ALSO, V  Utationer Y.       1  Gari|po Literary Institute  m...  ���������#J. S, THOMPSON, PRBSiDKsr:      :���������"������������������:  JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-Fbksidsxi.  ��������� JOJtN MacLARE.V, '        -)      ;  .=   P^iW. B. WILKINSON,  VDihectobs,   ''  JOHN.ADAIR, I >"���������%  ��������� .: :mu;*:.\ ���������'.. ���������-��������� ���������������������������.  '. rJOHN?BoWEON,   -   .   Sbcbetaey & Librarian*.  tbout 500  THE BiVNK OP  PAID W CAPITAL, '%rwC $li562;56p,  ("With Ppwer to Increase.)]'.'* J-.;*"' ���������  PRAFT8 ISSUED; ON THE BANK'S BR^^CHEdT*   ;  1.. .������������������ ��������� ��������� &%$cti^^ ]U i\:"..':'  .VICTOR^: AND NANAIMO;". .  IN BRITISH COLUMEU,     '*���������  NEW. WESTMINSTER 1TALE, MOUTH OF QUESNHfc  CARIBOO; ���������       ^  IN THE UNITED STATES,     '  SAN FRANCISCO, -PORTLAND,'Oreooii.-  ON THE BANK p^'ilONTREALi IN CANADA,>  Montreal, Toronto,..Qiieheo. Hatnjlton, Lomion.'Kin*. :!  Btoo.  Cobourg^-BeUevIJIe," Brantlord,  Brock'.        '"'  viHe Whitby/p.6terboro, OttawfCfii^r))}.-v   '*.'   -���������  '..-...  ,Stidetrc^,TsTratruru, nccoji,Pcrtn,r "-;��������� *������������������ "���������'.������������������������������������'.*'���������/*  . Slmcoef St. Catlierinos;J;j; ^      ���������; .  ONNEW YORK-Onkcssrs. Bbw & GuxonY, (Agcota ^i:  :..;���������.;../.   rlbivtlieBnnkof^Iontreal..;.-.-...���������.;;:���������..���������.:;.-,  ON SCOTLAND-THE;,BRmSH LINEN CO. ������S BANK '.������  ON IRELAND^UNION.BANK OF IREiiAND, iitMITED  ON ENGLAND-THE BANK OF BRITISfl COLUMBIA V''  ������������������;������������������ HOaci.Offlce, Lombard St; ,-r Lonaonf ';���������'���������  CURRENT ACCOUNTS^Ied for any amount hot- V  Icsb than One Hundred Dollors/   ' '  Bills Discounted and.Cdjrected; orid Bills or Exchange ���������"���������'  on Great Britain," &m Francisco and New Tort- but.'  chased,    ..      f ������������������ {y ;jj<-$r?j--'-���������..;���������     ������������������:,������������������������������������.',������������������  Government a nd,other: Securi ties received  custody; Interests and.Dividends collected.  *. ��������� ���������*������.* * v������.-#ivvtf ��������������������� "���������������������*��������� -wr ������^������' ������������������������ ������-������������>������*������vof  pur.  for s^ifo  elopedi? of��������� &iWrheVcei^'Ul always ;b e kept in the' rooiii  ; for refer ������;U.g. -:������������������"   ������������������*��������� -���������;������������������'���������;  ��������� ;���������.���������     ���������"  ���������.. The Reaamg Xioom will be fann<\ supplied- with the  latest English, Scottish, Canadwn,'American, and Colo-::  njal Papers and Magizmos.  ?���������  ,;. ��������� -V  Terms of' SoBsCBirTiox���������$5 p"er quarter, or $2 per  month.-Single volumes Loaned" to nqn-subscribors at  50 cts. per volume, wjth $1 deposit. .  , r ^crsonsnot. subscribers ^.visiting the Reading. Room  and making,use of the Books and Papers -will be chargv  ed 26 cts. tor'each' visit, :  .  xsMSi" The Room will be open from 10 a; m> tillio plm.1:  :..v.���������;���������..;:: .i.;^.-.. V:;y.>;:..,^?-;:-:^;;:v-;^HN>BOWRON,}:^^  ;.  17j .  v ���������':;.: Secretrary and Librarian.  . Received on 'peppsfOorAdyanWs;made" upon them ^V,";.  :.'::��������� .ass A^i^FFib^SI-ffi  Gold Dust Melted and)Assayedi and returns ms<U;���������-������������������ '-.  within 24 hours.  ', -.���������; -f \i'r\;-������-,i-. ���������'. .  ' : ������������������ T ->  .. ���������:. ��������� ���������'. L  ���������\ Ores of every descrid(ion carefully Assayed.  ���������^April,a866^-.''i^H ''������������������-������������������; -'���������������������������  fZ^rTfrtt^t^i  NEUF ELDER   &,   CO.,  RICHFIELD;  DEALERS IN  PROVISIONS, GROCERIES, CLOTHING, M  : '��������� Storage and Coxnnussloh^-^-V    ;;-'������;"  Persons having mining claims for sale,  will fihdit to their advantage to give us a call;  as but.ieirms for advertisingv'this; description  of property are very reasonable, i  MOUTTET M GOV  WHOLESALE & RETAIL ^  Thr Universal Practice of. mixing Chicory and  other adulteratives with Coffee,, has very much damaged in public estimation, what ought to' be the most  delicious of Beverages. , So eilectually:have the public  been drugged with such"mixtures that the true"prbper.  ties have been lost sight of, and many; prefer a, black  and thick infusion to a drink rich inspirit and aroma.  General as is the use of CofTee; it. is little known that  in condensing the vapors extracted from theiberry in  roasting,! a liquor, is obtained of the most nauseous  taste, and of a scent tho raost unbearable.   Under such  circumstances it is evidently important that" all the  gases and lluids extracted by roasting should be carried off as quickly as possible, in order to prevent their  returning again to the CofTee, which is:the case in the  confined cylinder.    This object is admirably accomplished by tho now and patent "Conical Coffee Roaster"  as used by FELL & CO., Victoria, in which tho berry  is directly exposed to tho radiated heat, and the vapor  cxtracted carried off instantoheously.    In addiiion to  the advantage to bo derived by tho rapid removal of  tho Steam containing the objectionable properties, the  pure aroma of tiic Coffee is retained, the essential oil  being preserved and not exhausted as in the Cylinder  Boaster, where the Coffee is required to remain a much  longer time in consequence of the steaming it undergoes by the confined steam.   It is chemically impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of  Coffee when ground.   The heat engendered by the pro^  cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an  action in the elementary parts which gradually destroys  its fitness for drink.     But to retain the essential oil  which it contains we have it encased in tins containing  from 1 lb. to28 lbs., and which can be.had from any oi  the respectable dealers. We can confidently recommend  those who have hitherto been. obliged to refrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill effects that they may  use our Coffee, roasted in the Conical Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under whoso notice it  has been brought, and by numerous other testimonials  In itS fiVOr ' J? JELL & v>0.',  .���������'       Coffee Merchants, Yatea St., Victoria.  British ; North ;. Aoierioai������:  -���������';'..Established in 1836, *'������������������������������������* KVr5:   ' *v ���������:.'������������������":  Head Office; ?, ST; HELEXS. PLACE LONDQ^   '_.  DRAFTS ISSUED on London,- New Tork; San Fran-'  Cisco, Cariboo,- Canada,��������� New^ Brunswiek-vNova Scotia ���������' i- ������������������  and onfall.(he Branches of (he NationaliBanfc of Scot- ���������  lan)l and ProvincialBank;6f: Ireland. - *��������� '- ?���������'���������������&��������� ��������� ������������������        ���������  vB^s.oTvExchange^a^Q^ ,.  ,,;;Interest on Special Drposits :of iHohey allowed at th*   ���������  rate of a .quarter of one per cent, per month,  "���������**���������;  )*ftil$&?&.tt  Gold Dust Melted and. Assayed, and returns made  within 24 hours in Coin'or Bars.  Ores of every description carefully Assayed. :  ��������� N. 3^ ���������Any.-instructions as to the disposal of. the proceeds of. Gold Dust .forwarded to the office in Victori*  for Assay wiJU be carefully attended td.>^      ���������'  ' -,1;l';' V���������'���������:;'';'��������� ':��������� ���������-y ��������� ^ 0>-SHEPHERD,: Manager.  .;;yictona;:V.I;;.April.4866::.;^ ^^'���������'������������������.*fo-:>l?s ���������  BICHFIELD, Williams preek^^B, fi  WE'HAVE ON HAND a large stock or Prbvisipiis,'  Hardware and Vegetables, and are determined- to sell ������������������ them cheaper than any other, store -On'  Williams Creek. Come and see and judge for yourselves*  :' Richfield, May 5th, itiM,"..'     ~.^,.(Si'-..        ���������:'������������������ .,iU--~  BARKER VJLLE  EIGHFIELD,     ,  Begt Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of the finest quality.   .       &,.  ;���������%- \ ;���������    ; BARKERVILLE; B. C.  .Qii^.H^^;^i0.ai4i^  ioI; 3"jpuj?i;,  Mondats,::-,-?    - '7to ll^a.m^& 12to3p.mf  ���������", jgQgr No business transacted, on Sundays,, ������.;  ' "/L    :   ; ;,; ...":> ;;    ROBEBT BURHELL,  ;-r?������������������������������������:;"- ���������   -������������������'..'������������������'.���������. : ���������. -.>���������. ������������������:'"Manager.  ^lst July, 1866.' . 5 :   23  EC,  GILLETTE,  It "  CAMERONTOW.V,  E.   HQD.G ENS  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express Office.  WILLIAM  WINNARD, :  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.   '  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKS MIT  RICHFIELD.  Barnard's Oariboo Express  ���������'������������������ :^AND~ ��������� ���������:���������������������������:'��������� r   \   ���������  ST AGE   LINE.  THE TARIFF OF CHARGES BY THIS EXPRESS  : has been revised, anil-REDUCTION- in prices  made to.suit the times. The charge on Lettorsto uud  from Victoria and intermediate places is now 50 cents.  Stage Fare to Quesnclmoutb,      '.''[.       $20,  -'���������/��������� ������*;     <*,f through to Yale;     -:     .    ' .J [ &QQ,  ������������������.".' :: ,;":::'-". ���������' .       JOHN 8. LOVELL, '���������;;. ���������  Agent Barnard38 Express,  1 August 1st, 1866. . ���������������������������;;���������.; 26  BARN A Rp;?S  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIETZ &  NELSON'S for New Westminster & Victoria,; :  WILL ARRIVE -AND DEPART- from the office fa  Barkerville, to connect with the steamer "Enterprise" at Quesnelmouth, and the STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying TjUASunE, Lette^^  and Vaujables for all parts of the wOrld. Also, Com?  missions received and forwarded by Express for the  collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of article*  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, S������>n Fran*  Cisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch;  JOHN. B. LOVEJiL,  4>g ��������� <'Agent,'Bartivrffity, ivAr'iii*.^.-;;  Vhr: :?������������������������������������ ���������������������������  gives, the Tolid wipg a^connt pf ;.'j^!!lfegttle;;��������� be?  tween rate and.^obrarsc6rpions and centipede,  ' anshdt!up;tdgetberi��������� + \^>      .:;.f    '_��������� *���������;?���������'   '  ���������    I saw a very curious experiment with the  ':'.��������� cobip&grhioh was^ hpwoyerf rather- crueli, .:Ail 1-  houses; in India. ha^&cmront.if; air cohstant-  '.'; 1 v passing through" theniv^ It is necessary; to  rjrptectuie^candles by{glass bell-shaped shades  Under on these; inverted^ was placed the snake"  in c6mpaay^wit^^ree> large: 'black /rats, a  couple of scorpious' and a centipede. , The  centipede'isiabout s^Uhches longj and if it  ".crawls'' " "' 'Q  ing of  J,-..ij.i ^  rC;..  '������������������������������������''. ?������  than jtyearr" 'I am '^atfle Estate ithe^eejinga  of Htois happy famil^aC^elhg ^thu������ ^uMenly  thrownrtogetherf I should;"frdge from" $hW  proceedingsiithat-^ei#|i6^as'w^re^ to sffikW  vlea3V^Kagonistic^f^TheS������ake-13y quiet; the,  : scorpions ran races^ around; the edge of the'  shade; the/centipfedet^olled5himself^up^    The  rats were  the  only ��������� creatures ^tfiaV seemed  aUve^������,tbe^unh^py^ stafe oktheiriCpnfine-  mmk/and 'sho wetfit\by a* game *- of leap-frog'  over the venomous par^t jo^tbe, family^ ���������By an  uhluc^ey %rip^pn'1fche;;h snafeev Vorie  "Hf iM rats at last aro^selllSim froml his state  oraer rats instantly dartedx>n the snake, who:  succumbed $o7 theirj-un$e^afctack;\ they; bit  : him /frora:heafr fe  the little,poisonleft;after2killingJhe^.first,rat  severely wounded xnese'condl j Thelscorpions  ���������WSRlcO^.Ei:  : :'.   :%WiilrleaveS6DiL GREEK/'  moni)^i& i?HiJiiSDA^<vMOR]irtNCis,v;;:  ���������":-';���������..���������   ^'''^'AT/^A-VlJGflT;;,;,,,,^ ���������     .  * V,m -  . WiUleave QtJESNEI,   ,'...*.  iWBDNESDA* ;;& SAttJRJDAY MORENOS,  :''���������/*������; ��������� '* *������ 'AT 6 O'CLOCK,'   . :    '. J"      .    ���������������  Connecting at Soda Creek With- fBARNARp|s;'STAdF3'on^  f.'i > Wednesday's, trip^down and--Thursday.?s trip up, >  j  ^r Freightftd.XJuesnel'l|'ctsj^,lb* 7  Steamer;fEnterprise!^ ;\,.;, <?,. ,'"���������,-, ,  * '; , ,.: t,, ���������   ,   ,.:  ..;.Mayi21st, 1866.,.';;/,,    . ",������������������'./*  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  .,.v.,,.l-i;;3\ -������������������;,?,,;quesnelmouth,- ,-,,-;,,  ;;?.��������� 7 ;.v,'  Meals at all hours j and Cooking of the: best  '.'/--���������.,���������'���������); description*   "      .- ;7-V -o .;  QUESNELMQIjTH,  :';; :*3Rd]^^Gttt^': PjBoprrfeoRs.- ,''/ I  (Sbod Beds ^Restaurant; ,^illiard^Tat|iief^? "������q^  ��������� 'r,    ; TrStobling for Horses, Hayund Oats.1 J   < s ^r,,  };;;,:/; 7;rGlrtPD%:G  ' '/.",.j. ;s Ot.i>V Established Gexebal Stobw,''^-'.' '**".^  :.    ���������,:\;��������� v."SIGN MBRCHAKTSj   ;. V;  j -i������>-lStorageV &c^-rTerms most Moderate.  ���������., ii^SSSpntti* street;^6?^^  ���������:  Receive regular supplies bv tv**L&������" ������ -^ :'^^8  by sailing vessels yiaciS 5oS^   Vlft^^  ���������^^^^co/^v:'.-^;;;..  ^T Particular attention iiW*  London ^rm-J. v. - ������,g     J  1^1858.  P A;MEp-0N.T;0 W,N,-/y-.: v^j-'':;��������� :���������'!  TTTHERE.~THE"PROPRIETOR; : T: A;^BARRY,  '���������...X% gives a general invitation to, his(, friends and the  public at large to' call and' judge ������������������mr theinselvos the  merits of h is Bil Hard Tables; also- the'OliOico Bra ads of  his; SE(3ARS; and LIQUORS.b 'The^rcliestra, which'"���������  consists of four Musicians, is First ;01assrf \ ;:. io;3m  "'���������RM^|Sbi|p  ;������,^'pi|t������>M .V '���������. *������������^������..>-w ;>t>������������^.>.i_M.  H-*>\v.������i*.^*K,������������*������;'i  -" "' -t'  i'Pfl:"'  -s^- .���������������������������"���������;���������' ;���������  ������0i ;:'���������������������������.;���������'���������.  ���������������5;s:-v :���������..������������������.  iS;Jf::;-  '"''ft'1'.   .'-���������  '���������'.,' ������������������;������������������      -  '��������� M'i  AT THE"  snake- bit^s mtisi'^^Spt^tf al all" hazards,  humanely fbrced4beiata into activity*by ran-,  mng-..unqerwthem and sungtng them, as,, they  hopped abbift.^:yrheir  proved a 'failure,'- as the second rat who had  be^n^ojfnded Hied.;g| Th*ej?t>yo ratsiffowe^er,^1  haUpurthe'scorpions 'liofs Su^ combat,' *so;  that' thei last -,-o������? this t contbatire family? were  now the rat and thejeenti^de r^the last n^m-  ed^had,-n6i chancerwitb the, former, and:speed-  lly^fella-victim, the rat coming off victor.  :.', As a! tribute to'hispluct ari$ prowess^he' was  allowed^tq retur^to^histnatiyefhauntsy ^where'  he^mayipiobably; -t>V. stilt,enjoyingrperfectl  health.    '-  A3IiL>LOVERS^pP THE O^RPISCHOREiiN^RTare"  J4^^inv:itedH6:calland'ehj6yUheniselTe^  we(lc/miefwHI-be}extended.^^^ t,.* ��������������� v-    ,-; ^-;{       !  ,-  s i4^XheJJBstof;Wines, LiiuorsiVaka Segarsi  and Good Order observed, ,  1 "'*  '"     n    " JOHNiE.iMARTIN  HOUSE,  ;.:. ;; $9YD &. HEATH,i Proprietors,\ ':^i  THIS HQUSiS 'is. situated 26 miles from Quesnclmouth.  . .-The proprietors; haying lately.fitted up bedrooms  and good Beds>rc n6.w prepared:to tiflbrd every accom-  mo^aUonTpr Travellers��������� the Tablb'is fiirnishcd with all'  thoiiixuries tliatcah hp procureVl; 'tlie Barfs well suppled ;witb;tho,hest. brands of Liquors and Segars,; good  Stabllrig, Hay, Oats and Barley., jggj?.The CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ^   .--.' ' ���������: :': '���������*:.. "���������������������������'-"��������� "ei  ���������   x-s  U6t*AlUp������d?  Spofages,pBrushes,vPermnrery, &0l. 'PhvRipVffiaTB>  ^P^������^c^^^ compounded^2^^  ^th.carean|ldis^tch.?TictOTlat^!l^^  5;":V-'i:V:;;rJFAOTRIOK^S^.CORNER.::.:^S3  R  chant  JJP|op*r?.  -������'���������  :fi';,;(:>  which we'eopy fmm aJ SariVFrancisco;* paper..  /TEE PUBLIC .ARE IOTITED;5TQ> CALLvAT THIS  X-: Ran&wffi^mi%G$ft^tS������' Good Beds': Stabling  for Horses j1 Barley, Oats'andHay] r  '������������������",'���������   ;.. ������������������������' --: liss ������������������ ���������  S OPEN FOR-^HBpAeCOM-MODATION'V-fOP? THS  Travelling,;piiblicj^herhedrdoms;nre. spacious<antt  iir7 andjtherBeds canhot^e^urpassed for cleanliness  and comfort hyLany,in the lower:'copntry; the Table is  always supplied with;.thetbjBst^'dr victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats^d^Bariey/coiistaritly oti Hana;  T.;SAY^Si^*l'%W^s it.^-^^'tt^  JAY;&;CdlLP������rt Street.'1 Victoria*i!v;ii;-/vS-  : Gar^andfeold Seedegu^hteia^Ek^oaS^  a carefullyfselected Steele of.,tbe'*bovifSoSffi  Eufopean,a.n^l Am^can^Iarket8.rfTheieArlwSeHSf!{  their friends,in BrUish;; polumb'iar'are"soiiSI   ���������&?  Ucular attention is^aUed to' theff larg?$6&Vtm������':<  Pruit Trees.and ^.������shes,):������irergreen?,vSa,r������>g^  house and garden |Ja^%nStandard and,DWa^f^3ell,'  of..eyery.yarlety,.':'. Catalogues on application- X-��������� ��������� i;������^:i  ,; ^;^C;? FULT'O'N, .Proprietor.  Miere is no distillery kept in?this^ establishment^  f\ ^an\d stryebnine^and rot-gut- find no place here.  , ^  Jrw  1: ^.  v, :���������������������������  ���������; >  i:;.:  1     ������������������'������������������."!  Victpriai VajdcouyerIsland;: ���������.__._ _^ ��������� , _  r    Knowest thou tnat lana(thatwa8 formed for tlie savage,  _: That land soi prolifictn*pdn^oTuusroc���������sJ : .,  Where soil w as-discovered ;tliat.once grew a cabbage,  Tbelatid of the otter,���������/tbeniarteri and fox? ,.:"  > 'Tis thelah^dr-theniist'anUtthe h^  '������������������"-r The JCJltimaTbulej half: peopled ���������with'fScpts I ; ,V j   r   ,  The'; finest of countries from whlch'orio can mizzle1    ,  " Provided' at? least you cansell "your tqwri' lots t' "���������" ftJ  ^^ -TOere^the^fbp^  ~     Alternately~changirig wttb(bacon*an 8. beans, ��������� 'r T  tieansttnd-bacon*repeated-without^any gammon" ^r;  With occaslonai- tlistes of inferior greensV-  e V1 v- *V  -   Farewell! Oh Town Council without- any function j'  AdieuT ;6reat AssetQblyiwithoui>any|br^in; - = 's ���������     --���������'="  - l"    Iieavethee^Great'Humbng,-withrnalq}compunction^  "  To.thy mists, to thy pork,ttO thy beans; and thy.rain !  "     A? GhicAgo! WiFE.-^n - the Bolice GQuriat  Chicago? a wife \, thus ingenioiisly ^explained  awajr serious -;charges, of- harsh/-treatment of  her poor husband:,- -,One dayS^lieii she" was  running;acrossi ,tho rd:om,,with ^^rfchi ier  ^janclf he jumped Jin the way |ind struck: .his  wrist^gaihst the forki wrenching igfrom ber;  by*the tines, whichheTanintqJislwrist! .i'netf  ' he^undertoQkjto^strike her, bii|Sfil'held u|i;%  pan full ofhot-dishwater between them, and  lie spilt-it over his head.    Then- hfe -gbt^tilfj  more angry^ at,; this^accident:;iM:'stattea":to  jnuip at herjAbutr his head rcam^"agairist her.  ; hapd, and he'fell:aowh:V' She^-fcoffi hold ofhis  ;, hair to raise himvup; aiuflhe^Sair.." was irioist  ��������� .by the hot water so,that-it- came;;'on^:   Then  '.'i she saw: it was n0 us3 to reasbnSwith < him any  .longer,>M$she left the house.; i'- . ,-'","*   ���������:':'  ������������������;;��������� - T?e GHfNKs^  c a !cading..;Chin^so '.merchanti^firni::1u-;San-  Francisco .furhishesV the following'' ^figures,,  showing the;actual number of ChineseTin CaUY  fornia, as appears from the books of the 6. com^  panies into which'all the Chiaese"in'the State  are divided:   Ning Yoeng Company, 15,000;  .^BABKERVILLE.    -vr ,n      '������  t; ing to their iri ends -and the' public" generally that'  they'have refitted this Spacious Satoon;and'wO! open  t-.r,J?'  TVENNlSlMTraPHYi'yr^riet^ . This Houfee  J, is furnished ^with every convetiienco' fdr the- cora-  ; fort; of ? Travellers;;Tthe;; Culi na ry i 4epar(nien t^M'und er  I |^Q superintend ence of; an experi enced cook; *-: th���������e; Beds  %tt clean arid cpmiortable f the Bar contains"thej best  W Liqubrs; Segarsj &e, " Sta.bling, Hayj- Barley & Oats.  1> -i BBODp-IGE? * Sim andiPaonucE DiUiEBi\ A'^  JL\, large stock of Stay; Oats; Wbeat^no; Barleyofthai  best description alwoys 00 hand; also"Mmino^Erii^  lish,.-Blflcksmith -.andTCahhellCpal.'::rOrders seovto  ^thilon TOarf; mctorfe^V/I^wiUvreceive iriuaediatB ;  attention.      ��������� , ������������������;^-   ���������    '.���������������- :: - -:.: \,5 -  ^EN^IBE'S^  '���������\X>'������������������} tpi ent: St;t Vict ori a, #. I.V.opposi.te.-Hotej^e^raDW;^-.  Vie ws ot^Cariboo.and Scenery, t brougbout, British Ccl-  umbJa.i hcluding view's of the route to BigBend,' always;i  on han^a^liberar^t'edf s^ --; \ * ** ���������- ^l^A  w   V6 -v;'���������"-''���������'������������������:^'^"-.;-^w-'-r���������.���������������������������������������������.rv^!?-" 1'.;;c;;-:;':Proprietor's.:  Barkerville, July 2nd,' 1868.    r   =   ' '       i    ijf .  ;l.   v; (NextiBank .of British Nortli: America.)   s r>' .,  D' tiEWIS begs;?ieave to" irifOrmr thVLadiei.aM  . V:J Gentlemen of?Williams Creeklaridivifcinity that  %e lias fitted up, a BATKR003I at "considerable expense  forf-heic^^accommpd'atiohi"arid.hd^esby close.attention  -BLUE   TENT   RANCH.        '  M. HENDERSON' be^r-to Inform bis friends  r^antt%thejtravelling^ public generally thak<ho Jias  ?takenth&abbve Ranch ancf is prepared to supply;them  With" First" Cla ssrj? Accommodatiori; " Good Stab ling Tor-  horses;1 Hay arid Grairif?*  5" '  ; '*  >: ' -v.Ht- *  '1-V  *X ��������� 1 ish Merchandize,5 wbolesfile(arid*retiif dealers;la':  ^Dry Goods^ &cip.Yates;^treet^Victoria^Vsrl^s-Qn-aad >f  after4fit'J!urie;riext.in (^veramentSireetrlo^  Bauklof i������rii^C$i$^^ V.:'' ��������� ���������" "*"-' ",1"  flAttV:^-  WMtmMSONt   ���������'������������������*   } ���������?*.' A: McLEAN,"  _^4, ;ik:., *., (M^oprietor, ������ ���������ft.<^?*-;^f:^^;p /Agent>  T|HIS HOTEfclS^:LARGE^AJ?D' wl^-pSTED; iS  ���������:.L for:the��������� Comfort pf .tra.yelers;^the:Table>'is'supplied  ;with the' best of everything; that' cari TbC; procurdy-.and  , ^he. cooking is not inferiottoany-oh tbo road. ��������� = BedroomV  for families; Stabling^'Hay; Barley anu'Oats.  :'''l^s "    .|Bro.VEi^D^4^H53^q^,:,^ The Itefi.f(,  arid  ;?��������� v83 mum HOUSED  ���������;,'k BBERT ^Y8LERf has opened the above1 House for  jcx^the;receptionof Travellers;:;the Table is'wpllkerit1  andthejLiquors cannot;;;be surpassed ; the.Beds are  clean, and .comfortable.. ^Stabling for Horses,; Hay arid  ,Oats.'  ���������."    w.'.'. \ -    ������������������ '������������������?      ��������� ������������������'. :.;-���������   ��������� ?i  -  \j.. ,  EUG-ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria.  Wholesale^rid Retail Dealer in^INES^KaNDIES-  BESRS^ landlLIQUORS- arid depot ofi Havana Segajs^t  ;6ooa^;^war^e4;to tbe ilinipg Districts-.:���������-r.:[ -j A"fi-irD  ^^PRAKB^Lt Victoria, V; I- -Dealerin Fcsb7^  iA.il SitiKS^HroES,*���������.wool,'&C; -Liberal advancesmatei.  on furc������cpnsigned.r Roterence������r-G. ,Sutro.&^jo,, Sjp%??  ; bqrg; & >Rueflf r^icjpri a;  V. I.  1-8  BSi 'HEIN;- MiLti.vER & Drks8 .MAKKR,vOoveri^  BARKE^LI^E^GIWUSEI^CaiBB  " TAMES HIJRON,: ProprietoK-'-Tfirscommoiu''  P!^^H^ol������s well fitted up with.:every ^nvehiehcO  for the: com fort of the public > the : 13eds a re*S 11 tha t 'a  woary.travoller could desire;. the Table is supplied with  the bqst of fare: the Bar contains the, choicest brands'  ofXiquors and Segars; good Stabling,. Horse Feed/Oats"  Barley, ���������&c;-j"-^'-   -^- ������������������"������������������������������������ ���������--'���������^ ��������� "'   ���������'"��������� ������������������-������������������������������������-':-:   ' ---������'  V>.,J.  ILSON'^5c''. MtTBRAY,1- 'Groce^sT'PR^  ���������- - Wine &!Spirit^ Merchants. -, Bakers & Confectionert, -  Fort'St roet, ^Victoria, ������������������������������������V:?.Xv # f -i ti ������*ii Ui} f *) ���������3r.j.l>������^, *  ^IliLQOET: ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE UNDERSIGNED1 a re now maurifac'Curihg FLOUR  : of .all grades: Extra,,Superfirie ��������� and Fine.    Feed  Crushed to-order..-     ;;  ,'..      r! *J  Ls  LILLO.OET FLOUR.MILL CO., >*!��������� ' ������������������  ;'' " ' "."���������':'��������� ' ���������Fi^'W.'yFQSTEB, Agent;'  LOEENZO IiEARTP, Eroiprietbr- ������������������ This house  I (affords' 'everjr a cepmmoda tion ibr th b ��������� com fort of  Travellers;.the Table is furnished with all thcdelicacieir  of the season, and the Bar is stocked .with the choicest  Of \yirins^--Brandies &��������� Sega,rs j: f ood;stabling for horjscs.;  Hay, Barley arid: Oats constantly Oh hand at lowrat'esV  Newly milled;FIour for ���������sale cheap j. " !l-sr "  Bonaparte House,  EDWIN   TYNON,  Dealer in:dry; -goods, clothing', hats and  Caps, Boots and Shoes, Carpctings, Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &P,, Lillooet, B.C.; .   l-s  total,' 58,300. More than.one-forth of the entire-number in the State are employed at this  time, on the Pacific Railroad, and 'other public  improvements: Half as many arev:ehgaged in  roanufacturmg^wolleii goods, cigars, etc., eta;  at least 10,000 tn washing, and a considerable  nun>ber m agricultural pursuits -: A ���������-- V   ��������� V  ULLpOET    BREWERY  TACOB MItiTZ;; Proprietor, has always on  O thand a largo and superior stock of Lager Beer* at  thcBar^will bo ifound ,the .best Brandies,. Wines and  Segars; the public are invited to call. Prepared' to fill  all orders promptly. *        l-s  .���������vraOLESALE & RETAIL  DEAlSrSS'lN  LIQUORS,  Merchandize-  uqudbs always on hand.  '    ."������������������*... >?}}>;:-. .:. .. .<������������������ .15   :  QPELMAiNr and McKENZIE, Proprietors:  M ',This House !s wcH'ntte.d |up! with Good Beds arid'  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors;;,.ileais,are  served ?at all ��������� hours- on,phe Restaurant. principle; Stabling for Horses,' Horse Feed,* &c. ' l-s  Pioiie^ Hotel-rLillooet,  'nHARIiES^ELSON, Proprietor. "This old  V estab'lished'Houso is well fitted rip for the coinfort  of Travellers; tho Table: is supplied- with the best of  everything'that'can be hadj:arxd tbo .cooking is.not ln������  ferior^o.tho best hotel in the lov/er country ^Bedrooms  for Families;: Stabling- for Horses, Horse Feed,. &c������  The Expr>*3������'stops here. ���������,������������������:' ,rl-a  SEML^N & PARKE, Proprietors,'at; the  Ju notion of the: Ca ri boo j and B% Bern d Road 0, is  now 9pen ibr the accommodation of the public.- : Dis-  ta nee from Clin ton, 26 mi lea; from Sayn nn.s Steamboat  i/mding,.22 miles; frOrn gpence's"Bridge, ,36 rniles,  Travellers will 11 rid prices and 'accom mod a lions" to suit  the times. Give them a call. ������������������ Stabling,; Hay & Grain;  attentive hostlers. . \Slage leaves here, twice a weeKfor  Big. Bend,and Yale, and.once a week for Cariboo.:   l-s  fiBEIiLEY^fciFITEBRE,- Importers & Whole -  W=sile Dealers IniWines,! Spirits andibiguorfl, "  ^Victori^ Vvl.4M' niX"'"* '",s- 1   ."������������������ >:t -,������ [j V ]&&;/'  SPROAT"&; OOi,'(itttiifAriaeradh '���������&r Co/j ^rotos >  Jand.CoKMssios -;M������bcsust������^ Stor&Stree^iW^rta,..!...;.:  ��������� ���������:* -'^ ; -; ' ��������� ^ ���������-1 ������������������:- <>>'���������>������������������>���������--���������" :���������:-���������'-���������. .������������������.  :'fi: '���������SUTBOr&stGO^v:^ Importers -;andj Dsaiebs i������r  *VJf ��������� CIGARS, TOBACCO,!MecrshaumPJpes, &p.,;g *������,���������;  comer of Yates.'arid ,Vy.harf..s.treet,- Jjicion^ ..,r>��������� ^r5j.. ,  Jt B;; HAGaTO^awroiAK & Sorgbos; near oor-.  P nor of.- Tate's and Government Sts.,;Victoria, Y.^ ;  .   ...;,. MESSRS. CORN WALL'S. ~   - ���������  T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half.wav^etween  : Spence's Briago and CIi n ton, on the Yale Route.  Traveilers;wil] find Good.Accommodation.- -The best of-  living, of liquors, and of Wities     Fresh Butter; Milk"  and' Vegetables-,  Good Stabling and cheap feed.?  PIERCE ;& SEYMOUR, dealers In ^'"f'������  ; KcatPiTrRB, Broad Street. Victoria^ .V/L- i.:-'* *-'  ,%J IUmatiAUTSt'Wharf:Street, Victoria^ V.L-    '_*^ r  TEWISXEWISr Clothier, ���������&^|^flr  Jj iopposito the Bank bt'.British' North^mggrv ���������* -  l-s  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION  ��������� AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT/ ;:' -  ::':;;babker7ille^.'V.^.v .17V;  Ei MA^LANDINE,COLLE^TON * GB?.?^f������.  <-Qovcrnm:en^Str^et^Viciorifl, ^ ^ _"' ^ "    ^-:''  !'l]QR^OUGIiAB^^  :^& MAC^QNAt4^%?^M  ;VV| others destined tor ^nnd8������ '^!LTmx^:'  find every-convenience and- accommodat on a������     u ..,���������  them.   Good Beds and a Table well supple mtj.a  the delicacies of the .season. ?'' ' - ���������r:  M.   J.  BLACKMAN,  BARKERVILLB:  L., SMITH. ���������& ,CO.��������� .Proprietory.^^^pl^  _i.*; Veil fitte'dfup'rorthe:.^coiamo^������pn 0^^,^.  Icrs totheBridgo^ive^MhJes.  .-flood.J*eoB, .,._������,������,,..*;  :s. ���������  ���������1  y  /


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