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 y  ^ Aieui������  iIltonY  .Wit'.  'l*inl am  aaaefl.  wfattfu  Y':'Y'  s for safe  ?r riion*  JTlncm,  ma mi44i  >f the ph.  *ttag'er.  U  jCVio.  mfprtabl)  ies.. fii  aia news.  yy li:.  ers and ������,.,,  >m������, Fort if  je, to ������f  j. R. Th-  ���������v,i'l .  yy  fc'dom-fY  Buildini, I  tw madi I  ~   Y,;;j  General  >w,Whw<  sritfl for  ECHAKTI,  tWI,'"PiM-'  tOHBJ 44,  betw������*  a&Wlwf I  " 8 '.  i������ GR0-  ORS, Nfc  Victoria  J;;;i".{  ��������� ������.������������������<-���������     *  Ihemiflt  W- l, rl-:  thepab-  3 EiiglUh  ^Mixtara.  aiftdy-for-  ;���������&������ ���������":..���������:���������  icteric  oodfcfffv.  X:U  fe  Ii; Jftan  Th������K������*  t marke*  "uIQUOl*  .!������������������'  ~vTlT  mpagas,  0 do dry,  mpangi,  and DU-  c Clarel,  1 "Win*,  scripliw  RRE, . .  Ktfen,  street*.  iVatcb-  lie .Flw-  ,s, Fargo  . I. 8  *   YY,  ��������� -:YF  Sil  >miai9-  Yaocoa;  Diesel,  s  jorters  v*iciori������f  3  ,AGEtf"  Island  Victoria  OLES-^  riru and  ��������������� -'#8  :ts,  Im-  Yg������|  5 "'iyfl  -. ��������� u$*M.  t".-j".y...p.%  -      -^'%-  yyd.  :    V':YP?  win  Y;|������  - yX  WMams Creek, British Oo^mMa/Saturaay, August 19 *, 1865  Ko;ia  ?ARKE^VItfiB, ^K^0^^t^Q:iO^efi  tETTER FROM; VICTORIA.  ���������;���������;.; ������������������ a y;-;  ^  ..-��������� "y ' y- xZ 'ZZZipM$*y.X ZZZil'. ��������� .���������'-.���������  I see icorresporideut in,your paper averse  to Union makes use of my letter ;to corroborate his Yicws, and adds; a few sentences about  avarksipus^ rqc^rcliants, -ba^rapt colonyi and  other trash .to; which- everybody is now accus--  tomed^but 'which Md neither force nor elo-  quejace to the ���������argument. In discussing the  question bY'UmpnbfkthOeCQlpnies-a national  or general view of the subject should be taken;  and "such" {dacef as* Ne w Westininsfer and Vio  toria leftjifen"^l^J6ut;Yof t^{.^tesdqii. It  must U^ |^ihis^cl'itUat,tbe; great{J 6bjebt{to be  obtained by{colbMza^n; is nationality.x Her  Maj estyfs%Go:y ern men t sa^ prett^lauiiyjthat  soon as possib le 'defend; theinsely es. ' For :8e^  l^cc'iJnibri is{? supremely, necessary; fpf,-nai  tteaaiiiy -Ifnipn{ is i -alsjoY necessary,; for{neither  Vancouver Island nor British Columbia could  ofVthemsel^s be a na^^  cal peripd had passed by; but might be;much  Booacr iif united. ... For purposes of defeisce  Vancouver Islanji .^nd^ British.Columbiamust  be one; leayiapi)ufc^6f the^ quesUoii thejveat  iiess of each singly,:4tmasi be apparent that  Vancouver Island? is the key to British Columbia; 'and any one possessing that has command  #&ihe latter.;  Now Jf Canada, British Columbia and{VUncpuyer.Island are to form one  nation, if there is to be an overland railway,  if merchandise -frpm, thp east and other busir,  country is to b^a^counterpplse^tp; American;  prbgre8sioii\ it is self-evident thati Union of >���������  these coloniesmust take, -place. :.��������� The, sooner  such Union" talcer pl^ the  longer they remain; j^parat^the/gr^atprrwill  be the difficulJiy^pf^bringing ��������� them ��������� together;  had they never be,e4 J3<2R sir^ted., b ut alio wed  tc^grpw? as' {iphe,..^thei Iquestion |of se^watiotf  wbuldiiot nave^arisen^ ' ttis very well for  those'..fthp/ajo not intend td^become permanent  residents of the -; land .and raise up families  thereinAio he averseifc^nion^i but those who  intend making it.,their; ppuntry;for their;own  lime and that of their' Mmilies,, must take, a  mbro��������� fef-seeing yie\yi: of the niatter���������-and such  persons plight to'VJe'JLis^edLto*.-. The country  is to be considered, ftrst;^then;$hose wnp wish  to makeli^pile and le^  aible. To be a n^ibnlt i$;1iecessary; td.have.  u mercahtUemu^me^and this country is emi-  neriUy;fi&^ tpV raise; ito  necessary that tlie country should remain one;  otherwise with connicting.navigation law a  third party would,as lie^oloes now;istep'inanid  take the prfee^.^tv^^  eficial that l^p parties haying thesaine com-  mddities^ for^ale" should unite' in business  rather than being?iipgp^nienfe attempt to ruia  ������ach other; therlatter wpiiid undoubtedly be  attempted^ * and : in .fact seems to have ��������� been  tried already;;^ For these colonies to prosper  ultimately {there must *e one{ friendly and  united people, if hot it would not belongbe;  fore one or the other-wished to go in a contrary direction, and probably- desire to be  joined to our American neighbors; and as far  as Vancouver Island is concerned, there cannot be a doubt rfcut that;"{Americans would  gladly see her in the Union, and when there  she would; be: one of the: brightest stars; but  it is poseibio she may be quite as valuable to  ������U������    1>..UidVi    ?Jni������fK    Ainori  of the country whether with or without a  TariflP; but without a Tariff she would also  command the ^commerce of the neighboring  American Statesywhich would redound greatly i \ to tho advantage of the whole country.  Taking a general view of the subject it matters  little whore" such emporium should be, provided that it existed in the country.   It need  hardly be said that if Free Trade wereidone  a^ay with that it wpufti be dping���������America;a  vast amount of good, and throwing ina great  measiire the trade into their hands.   Taking  a present and partial view of the matter, it is  probable and possible that disadyaiitages and  advantages' might; be shdwn{ ou either side,;  but taking a general view of the whole there  can hardly be a doubt as to the desirability  of Uni������n;   It prpbably would not reduce the  cost"of vGpvernment very much, perhaps not  at all, and,any one'-who supposes that it would  ilead to a diminution of taxation is perhaps in  "error, but'-it Ought to conduce to a more equitable distrihutipn; of ;those{;taxes,{ Now as the  taxes are very much higher in'BH^h.'Column  bia4^^4he^^4ii^  needs no proof), the people being made olie^  the; taxes of Vahcbuver Island would be inf  creased, whereas those of British Columbia  would be diminished-^-this of pourse is speak-  in g:generally and ri6t%ith reference to individuals^^ The debt pF^itish Columbia is ten  I times that of Van cou ver Island, the population being combined would render each indfc  vidual ini Varicouyer ��������� Island liablefor a much  lai^er shairp-ofcdebtibah he is ^t present, and  by the same token,4he liability of the British  Columbians would; be very much less. . No w  as-ftir as: the expenae of Government is con?  cerhed at; present, in British Columbia it is far  greater than in Vancouver Island, although  the population hiay be about equal; the -cost  of; rpadsarid road making is also very much  heavier j and if ythe expense of such wcre'dis^i  tnbufed equal ly by er the to b e one, country,;  it is evident that that Yp or tion; called British  Columbia wouId get:theiVbesfe of it by far; ex-  ceptmg that an equal amount of "debt should;  be contracted for and spent in Vancouver Is-  the welfare or .the contrary of the whole country.. yQuri^ssenibl^iSiiby/no means popular,  not,from faults soimuchdf itsowhasby  throwniupon it~~-the consequfence is that those  wlio .ought tp dp the iegislatipnbf the co untry  wili{npt dpi^and Ihftllpusedo^eB-iuvr^pftei1  tabiiity, and then wheii; anything goes wrong  the House is abused, whereas those ought to  be ^abused who refuse to give their services to  th������ cbuntrv;: uX,y^ .'=/;��������� y;'.'"  ���������n-,-  ���������u:  ZZZi.' 1M& ti������t yfiPAPER if: :Z :i'  ;{       RECOVERY OF. DEBTS;1   ",'   '  Tp TH������ EDITOR OF .^I!i^CARJB0b;SKNTINEIi.,' A  Sm,���������The yCariboo {niiningy season'- is fast  drawing to a{ close,{-and{ it;J)ehpyes all{.who  have accounts outstanding ty have them {col;  lee ted. i The, merchants generally oh th creek;  it will be;admitted have aidetf;tp{ perhaps an  indiscreet;extent, the- miners by giving tlieui;  credit, and as thp time for. payment to;the  lower cburitry merchant is at hahdit;bccornes  ....   GEORGB WALLffi^;;^^  5mcfi���������IJ ARKERV J "CLE,1 i Witi^ius { Cribk,' CariboV.  i -.. i, . A,.Subscription,; fii: ^r,.week,{y%i ->y>  (tnclu'.iing ���������;��������� cost of. delivery,) Payable ������) th������ Carrier, \  xiZWA^^Z0^x'B  The undowigned will keep constantly on ban d  \-Z i'.y ;; .:,; ,va full assprtmbht^of y Zy\i :Z.j  Hardware and Statio^3^  i % t AX- / i i >.;*���������. ���������consisting';o&xti X)XX XX\ i-.i,  BUILDING MATERIAL; viz^t^, B^rrrs^  : ..   r Bours, ic.,&c;;       ���������'"./;,���������{������������������'.;.:  CARPENTER'S & BLACKSMITH TOOLS; <  i^eiy;^ i^^^ss^UT &thip **m  land,vwhich{ might perhaps be only fair. ���������  the British. North American Confederation.  Having settled the question of Union, the  next subject that would come forward would  be the policy to be .adopted for the purnose  of obtaining the largest pppulation; and the  greatest amount of prosperity; and such a  question should1be left to the wisdom of the  united Legislature, which, if the people took  care to send proper and good representatives  would settle that matter satisfactorily. I am,  it is true, in favor of Union with Free Trade  in Vancouver Island, ;because I.believe it  would be beneficial to the whole country, be  economical and at the same time combine both  commercial and. productive industries and  maintain them in the country. It would be  economical because a "revenue service would  not be require3, whereas r.nder any other a  large and expensive one would be needed���������  and one that would probable eat up the greater part of the revenue received from customs  duties. If protection be necessary to production, th6n British Columbia Would become  the 3eat of productions* ; Free Trade being  necessary to commerce, Vancouver Island  would scjoy that trade. In any case Vancouver Maud woujd always command the trade  tak������ it to be necessary that * for ^productive  industries to flourish there must be{ a market  for the produce. Under present circumstances  the market must for the mbst part be within  our own borders, The miners and mining  regions will; afford such;market for British  Columbia, ah^  Vancouver Island it will raise acity that will  be amarket in itself for the productions of  Vancouver Island arid even for those of firit:  ish .Columbia iri;:amea&r^  Islahd were an agricultural country of large  ekteut, or -if. it possessed some .peculiarities  whereby a large population woiild be attract^  ed to its domain, there might be somecxciiso  for doing away with Free Trade; but as things  are I feel certain it would do great injury to  Vancouver Island and much damage to British Columbia, and therefore tb;the whole  country-if such an untoward ������vent should  happen. , The very agitation indeed about the  matter has .already^done an amount of mischief that will take a long time to remedy.  After all howis Union to be consummated ?  It is really a difficult question. Paper constitutions are worth nothing. It would perhaps  be well to say, "the colonies are united and  all laws shall remain in force in their respective places until the united Legislature shall  J repeal them, oi* substitute others; in their  place." The united Legislature at first should  consist of the House of Assembly of Vancouver Island and the Council of British Columbia combined, and.it should be left to that  body to decide the franchise���������how many  members there should be and how the seats  should be distributed; of course Her.Majes-  ty's Government ought to allot the number of  members to be ultimately sent both by Vancouver Island and British Columbia, but that  being done leave the Legislature to fashion  the seats and the,franchise, the policy of the  country and to decide concerning Free Trade  or anything else. About the kind of Government I cannot write iust now, as you perceive I am hurried and it is late at night. I  believe that Union would make a friendly  people, and that any disputes in politics that  might arise would be settled in the Legislative Halls, which indeed is the proper place,  and would be much better than as now wrangling arid quarrelling among ourselves and  raising up no end of bitter feeling, if not of  actual hostility, which if it continue much  longer will end in this, that the. Americans  will be better loved than the Columbians and  the United States better than the British North  American Confederation. Of course the system of Government to . be adopted is of the  .utmost importance, for upon that will depend  to get iit their;bills ifrpm^thisjcoriirriuhifcy.  tery not from the; i^ant of alniity, on the part  of the miners to pay; but simply from there  being an. unwillingness i on -the part of the  County Court Judge ;to enforce payment of  the money'due{merchants^" I would be the  last tp^urge anything;Jike; harsh,measures towards ^ariy'; part of, to{c^munity){ but mer-  ^charitsisjwuld'ife {pfptpctcd- andr assisted by  the^Iudiciaryiipf the cbuAtrylnstead -pf tliwart-  ed.' Even when;we get a..judgment from the  Judge.we cannot, get:^an; executio n,-nn.d then  {we^a^set at{^e{ftanice hy {men who have the  morie^aiid;^'dfl?t\ptfy*vti litliiiite,-.sir, in cases  where it can ;b e shown {that irien are .able to  pay fliere; should ibe no;{folse delicacy manifested hy th e ^udge',tb prptep tjhe irader, wi th-  out i whomthisicpuntry riey er wpuld^avc been  prospected^ {;it is only justice tpthe^hpnest5 J  miner to make^thbi'fdishpi^^ mieet their liabilities^ for the moment merchants^are prevented recovering {their; jusidehts; tftm that  momerit{theywill ^Imt dowh ou all alike. 1  truster; that the vbhtilatibri of this {subject  will hay e a goo di eiffect in stimulatihg bur very  highly esteemed Ju^ge; to protect; the merchants; and thus p^������nt tiiem {all going into  bankruptcy.; ;{{���������{'��������� yZ. Xiy Z AZ- Z.: 'ii;,,.A[  xy.'li [,>''XiZZ'*':ZJ'$otir$Z'' ''-i>Z- :���������;���������������������������  ' ���������.'��������� -: ��������� '���������'"'��������� -. *''{������������������ ��������� '.������������������..���������{' vi' ���������*''. ��������� "��������� A.: i A'.iMKJtGniNT.  AW FILES, all sizes. (Spkar & JacksonV);  CABT STEEL SHOVELS,. HOES & SLUICE  ~Wm������>T ZZ: ~"; ::'y���������;';���������"   HUNT'S "AXES AND HATCHETS,  AXE, PICK, & DRIFTING; PICK HANDLBg,  best quality; ; > .y  CAST'STEEL (Collins ACo.'s) SLiSDGliS, all  sizes;'. ' ...  BLASTING -POWDER A PATEOT.'.SAF.KTY  reSE';.', ..        ryuuZ  NAILS���������Cut & Wrol'gut Irok, . & C^rrER, all  sizes.;.  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AND MEMORANp.U2r  ���������   BOOKS, ail size*.;.'     yZZyy.-Z^,.  LEGAL CAP, NOTE,. LETTER& FOOLSCAP PAPER:. ' ���������'   ���������;'���������������������������'-;;-��������� '  ENVELOPES, INK, PENS, BLOTTING PA-  . per, <fcc; '   .Z.: ZZ-u ��������� ���������'���������";-:':  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS.:  VIOLIN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS, fc-  -yZyu Z A. MACKENZIE,;  ��������� ' "-';.'.".     Barkerville, Wiliiaraii Cro^k.  Steamer <4 Enterprise,"  ���������;Leave3 SODA.GREEK for QUESNEL  MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNINGS,  ���������;     AT������>AYLIG-H1V  ���������  Leaves QUESNEL for SODA CREEK. ������������������ ���������"���������  \ Assault.���������Dr. Cakavan, who was plaintiff  in two suits in the police Court mentioned in  another part of ihifcdaiy's issue, was assaulted: in Barkerville pri the evening bf the day  he was in Court,: |nd in the pbraseology of  'Bell's Life', had bpth his ''optics darkened."  Neither of the parties however: with whom he  had the litigation had any thing to dp with the  'assault. : '{.;{..yi'ZZl-i-- ZZz'- ;y.y   "Z:  Too Much LAwi-i-Cariboo is troubled with  too much law. Heiice we hear of the three  richest claims in-thfc country enjoined from  being worked beca|ise there is a'dispute between the owners 1^ to the number of feet of  ground to which each is entitled. A matter  that might be settlpd in five minutes with; a  tape-line is made the subject of endless litigation and expense; | When tlie owners shall  have got through ^ith the law; their position  will be much like^at of the two cats with  the piece of cheese!who referred its division  in equal proportions to the monkey.���������'Chronicle.7 ��������� .'.-    ���������   .������$������������������������������������������������������������������������     "���������<     ���������  Road Tolls.���������#e road tolls collected at  Yale during the niCoath of July, were $2,704  50, and at Hope during the same period $1,-  848 75. It will hi seen from these figures  that Hope has prilled up wonderfully���������the  result of the Kootenay trade pf course; large  numbers of animals,' probably quite a thousand, are now employed in that trade���������'Columbian.* !'  {   .  Escaped.���������A convict named Scott escaped*  from the Portland penitentiary lately, and is  supposed to havecomc into.British.Columbia.  It .is not stated :;#ether 'he had crutches or |  not. ':  THE NEW  NEXT DOOR TO THE QLD^EWBlllY,  DAVIS   ^   HER.TLE!N^;r;    ;  EG TO INFORM the pubite that th������y have^ pp?in������<J a������.  above, when they will be happy tb have ft ������all fr*E������"  all thoss whoUkoa glass of GOOD;BEER.  . jf������-A trial is solid tod. { .-.-,..  Wholesale Prices : Por keg, $2S ; per Single, gallon,  $3; Retail Prices: By the bottle or gliiss the same aa  at tho other Brewery in town. ���������  : -  ��������� *  Barkervrille, July 15th, 1865.1  i > i., :7;r-  NOTICE.  N FUTURE SHOULD THE "EXPRESS BE LEATINO  ,; on MONDAY, this office ��������� will be- opehed itH  o'clock, A. M., on. that day for the .transaction ot Ea-  pre������s buaiuass, X.'Xi \X-.������������������ ',,.:���������-'".  ���������-:y-". ;  v ROBT. GRE1G, {  ������������������!' '���������       .-������'; '������������������'���������  ��������� ���������' '������������������ Agenty' ��������� ���������'  Bank of British Columbia,       V  Williams Creek, July 22nd, 1SW.J"     '** 9  NOTICE  N "FUTURE, SHOULD TKE,iEXPRESS BE LEAVING  on "MONDAY, ib'is office will. be op^neo at S  o'clock, A. M., on that clay tor the transaction of Ex^  preus businoss.  ROBERT BURRKtL,  ... ��������� - ��������� Managoc- ��������� .  Bflpk of British North America, V :  '". Brirkerville, July 29th, \m.   j 9  W.WINN ARD,  LACKSMITH, MACHINIST AND MAMT-  ra err ke r. o f C ookin <; R .\ n o m,      ' ���������' - *  barkkuvuj.k, b, o,  m  I        X  :     y  yfe  I   "yyx  'i7..;-..^.V,...W.'W^wr^ MBM  .-.���������,$*-  "Agenti fbrM*e ^'GaSSboo  i������  V- ,4l"NfiW advertisements.  T������a WlnkUy,  M������uUi of Qih^eniei  IS -..  Y.tW'i';y .   ^rnard'a Express  #'..';Vi y~'x. :  u     y<to i  C*niilngham, Ainil^r; Kettftay, Sto- (; ���������'  v^QS, Grouse, aiad all otbnr out- Xy ���������<���������������������������������������������- XX-.-  >.     lying Cr������*k9%< 'fei ������������������-*'.: '������""���������'.���������     -      Spooner*\Expr-*8  W*&������lmnf&������?$^-- ���������*- ���������: V ���������." --���������Bernard'*'Express-  ClintoaCHy^ii   i- y '-      -      -      ;^ ^  :da rtW  YU?; ; ������������������'-:- v' -   Y^Mr,-, Evens* Barnard's' Express Office  ilJli^tiy^;^;'v*R.i^W..F06tcr,-: .���������do-,- v. ��������� >* ��������� .do -  i^^ Westminster,'       ���������'"    -      -. ..=.   Clarkson ���������& Co  Vtat**to|   ������������������'-"'     - ������������������-.������������������;���������   -       -      Thomas J. Burnes  TBK^COIibNIAL X SECRETARY'S iVISIT  ��������� ���������   ���������������������������  i Zixy-yO. CARIBOO.    . :  [A"   ������������������'%  <*  ���������^ . r^uyy^ : TO ADVJ^TISERS. -. y y.. , ^ , ��������� :-y.-  1^^^i\^'^dl\nA^U^hli^ed\ every Suurlay  .������>' nitig,; at5-o'clock: ���������������* Auvertisements^iniended (or  in** riivni mustbe delivered at latest at eight o'clock, a.  ������r.., im^tbc^lay of.,publication.      }   - - hyyyyy'  NOTICE.  ��������� Minersrsn^'otT^'HirWiabiiiigrtb-SrmV *Tfae? Cariboo S n-  tiu I" io tho j r fri������*h Is in1 Ca nada, .England, the Uni ted  Suites, oriel3CWla-ror can hasra it mailed by leaving  addresses at.-the������publication offic.������.     Price, ^ixcutpixg  ..postage,. $ly MX'JyZi Xi'U- ui-'...  '-'���������   .AZ,^: X:'-.  ,Y ! {i.       :     TO CORRESPONDENTS.     , -  ���������"''Oowetpnn'lcnts' sending articles for publication-under  *i\om de plutno* must' '������-titruUst us with their mines in  CK-nSdcnc*.'  To this rule we must rigidly adhere.  THE 'CARIBOO. SENTINEL  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, AUG, 19, >6'5  'iSlZiZ  .#&-A  SUPPLEMENT -containing   eight  '*SeaUnei.  ^fm^^^S^^^^M^m^m^  Mr.;Bircn"\eWWilliams creek on Mon#y  morning last on his|return to Now Westminster. During his steiy{ here he visited most of  the claims on the creek, and was courteously  received by the miners, with whom he freely,  entered into conversation, and. frcimwhom he  obtained a great ^deaL of informationwhich  he wMl no doubt:;fa  in improving the laws i and revising the taxation of the country.' We believe he I|8{>SK>'Sdd-  iy impressed with* the^"wholesome truth that  on thi e" iri in i ng i uteres ts are sole 1 y dep en d ail t  every other iu the bolotiy, and- if they are not  fostered ��������� andxe hebnrngeid the ,< wh6le fabric  npon ''Which the country is supported.; mustinf  evitably collapse; The great ieaturb,' however, of Mr. IMrch?s visit we consider consists  in his obtaining a personal knowledge of the  discontent and dissatisfaction that exists  am origis t the miners, '���������. a nd he J s ful ly sensible  that the outcry against unjust taxation neither  proceeds from nor is stimulated by Victorians,  as the press of New Westminster has long labored to make the Government believe. Eacts  are stubborn things, and Mr. Birch is in possession of facts which ho is far too intelligent  not to make good use of hereafter. We must  say that Mr. Birch has made a favorable im-  presekfch" during liis siay by im IranIci-an'tf  conciliatory   disposition. , lie. has "/.inspect-  i A XL PERSONS I^DEBTEPLto.-MRS. J.iC. LAWLESS,:  il of Barkerviile, ari requested to p^y:. tKoir acpoiintS  witbln two weeks irom Jrhis;:<lato, tis she i3.0bljff0it to  give^np business iiuU go to Viptcriifrmn ill health..All  accpunta t(ue by said" Mrs.- lawless* arJ required; to *o^  senv in' witLin* the above period for seittlem^nt. ^ y  Barkerville, lStih .August^ 1865J > ::     ^    12   ;  l/:o,s;t  Ai  CHECK ON TIIE * BANK OFYBRITISH NOETH  America, Ho. 59529, drawn in lavor of Anthony  Lowe, by. "The Hit Id Head[ {Minhig .Coinpai������y.V; The  paym'.'nt being stopped it is of inou>e iu any one but  tbe own<r.';��������� Any pi*rsoi) findin**it;wilt oblige liiy leav-  ing il at thc Bhtik in Bjfkt;tvilk������,. -X-:..X iu..";''������  August 16th, 1S65.���������"���������.-., -yy       -y   x.y v  '12  Wo drew attention" iri our last issue to a subject which we think of vital importance to;  tbe ftituse of ;t^iis country. It appears from  tho information wo laid before.our readers  ^thaTtlic^ Gb>^rnmeht contemj>too;grahto^  )l<?a������e'������fiiand nftcenmiles hi extent, along the  valley pf Ha t; crock, ;tp soiaio parties whode-,  -sire 'to : get possessibn of it ostensibly for  grazing purposes, but in reality;for specular  t i on. There aro * few of our readers w b o are  no t aware o f the attemp t made last w inter {by  ifho member for the Yale district, Mr. Corn-  wall, to get a Pound Bill carried through the  Legislative Council.   /Fortunately liie efforts  wore frus tra ted at th e time, .but we think it  r������ tqu ires very little d isce;r a hie n t to tenders tan d  his object iu forcing such a.measureiippn the  -House AVith^-monopidly^oLiirtfcenjmilo^A  grazing land, andi& pound afe:either.side, the  honorable member would reap a golden harvest ������o Of the poor;^ackew{,^h'psb hungry animals would Hot at all/UmeVrespect his fences  in order to get a "square meal;;, ; We. cannot  conceive any benefit the Government would  derive from allowing, so imuch land -to .get  into the hands of oneor twoi^ereons. We  would be glad to soe every inch oi^ground from  Yale to Cariboo taken up: aiid occupied by  bona fide settlers, because tkatwouldcbe ah  evidence of the country's ;progress, but-to  p.*������.rcel out^ihebest lands.of the colony among  n few capitalists would only bo bringing upon  us on incubusi;ike the Hudson.Bay Company  to stop eettlcinent .{aiid ruin the country.  Population is what the colony needs to build  it up, and the introduction of. any/policy that  would tend to prevent immigration is a suici-  dal'oner^r the cojony; We.are at a loss to  understaid from whom /tbe .new scheme of  granting "/large tracts of land to /individuals  bis omimited. It'cannot have been from the  present Chief Commissioner of Lands. Mr.  Truteli M&axh0rter^tpo ^niu^ve^ttedence of  new countries^npttiof:^fier������eixe;ihe great danger of attempting, anyAin^g/6f������������������;the;kmd,; anfl  we will not believeYtH4t lie dan even Jiave  lent nfeiorai^nan^b^  in every sense tbjtih^peo^leof a ne^  like this one. There have certainly been  many strange things^done iu the/eountry by  the Government during Mr. Trutch's absence^  &nd^erliaps.hb dep  vilely������maeage������i{of all, but/ he is nowyhere  and must assume the full Tesponaibility;0f-his;  o fllce..{ Will he lend himself to this wholesale  parcelling of the publicdoinain? {If hesloes  he will show that all his ^past experience-is  not worth anything tbihim, arid that.he Is only,  a tjjjro in public life when he should be a man  o^mature judgment;/aiid.spuhd.sense (aslie  is wellrfenoVn tdrtoe).' ���������^������r^verhmentmust  be jguided {Ihy^ Mr. Trutcb in a matter of this  kind, and upon him alone will fall hereafter  the fiililre^pousibiiity of carrying out a policy thatiif once inaugurated will permaaeatly  ruia the country.    ���������        "���������><! - x  required. He has besides,; as will ; be seen  elsewhere, acceded to the request of -{the cbm-  munity by directing Mr- Cox to send/outran  exploring partji.        r " / . {{.;//  '���������������������������'������������������ -'-.a prospector, arrived:' : r:Z':.  Dissblution a������ Pai^n^ship  ^HE FAHTXEBSKIP heretofore, fritting," between  X Axccs{IIakoie .and. AysxAixpER lUnnsK has ,betn  this diiy'dissolved by mutu.'���������iicuri5"t"iiL; All clubts tini  tho lato flruj to be p.-id to AL'X-inder Har\:'ie, ond till  accounts duo by the late firm will be discharged by the  said Alexander Haruie.   .     y. "���������������������������'*���������  .������������������*'��������� .    ANGUS HARD1E,  ALEXANDER HARDIE.  . Camero������ton, WiWiams Creek, lstli Aug. 1������65.        12  -������������������ {George Weaver, one of the old{pibn.e,er3, of I  the Caribo6: region, arrived on Williaras creelc!  from an exploring tour a few days/since.  lie  h as b ceil prosp ec ti ii g' thro ugh the';, I j 6 rse Fl y  country for over a year past, and although he  has no ti. s u cc eed e d ins tri k ing aj i y tii ing - very  rich yet -he is sanguine that .good 'diggings  will be discovered in that;sectiori:qf{'country  as indications,of the most promising nature,  everywhere ahound.'' Mr. Weaver has explbred the .country to wirtiiii [ forty miles of the  Big Bend, and the Pass/an account of. which  lately appeared- in this journal and which  opens up a p rac ti cab 10 ��������� rpu te 16 the' Southern  mhies, owes.its; discovery to him.     He is {of  opinioTiJthatrif"a"Toad werc-made froin Cariboo  through the section of country referred to, he  could make 'the Big Bend iii five days on horse  back.     Our informant states; that the ilorse  Fly conn try'is well adapted for pastoral purposes, the grass being most luxuriant-. It is  iu some  places very heavily timbered, but  there is o$>eu land as welL    Mr. Weaver did  not see or hear airy thing of Mr. Orrs prospecting party.    He believes, however, they  will proceed up the North Fork of the Thompson and probably cross to Tete Jeulie Cache,  from which place they can easily get to Cariboo in the* fall.     Mr. Weaver saw the following parties  three  iveeks.ago,.viz: Jim May,  Nick Silver,^Chapman. andJohn'Houger; they  are prospecting in the Horse Fly district. He  has been very lately with the "Government  exploiUBg /expedition, who are also in the  Horse Fly country; he speaks in Mgh terms  of their /assiduity and ;zeal in cariying out  their ^prospecting labors;   some of the men  were engaged  in  sinking a shaft oh a good  sized creek, but had not got down to'bed rock.  Mr. Weaver will return to tho Horse Fly  couniry in, a. da^ ^r two.: t ;  '���������������������������.'- PUBLIG HOTIOE.  . * ��������� ��������� ���������'        '���������������������������������������������     * ���������  <���������  OEALED TENDERS will bs-received at the culce of  '0'Tife^frnr^n^tJroe'icKire^Kt  Limited. RichQ IJ, u-p to Fritiuj- the 25th August, for  blasting a cut inlh������; B.*d Rock. a-distMnca of 600.fe������t  on tho.. present gride of the Oornp.iDv's Flurnc; s������i 1  cut to'be.S feet cr 8 fcot widej and sep{.r4to tenders'to  be sent-in for oacli.::        '.*        '    . ':  The lowest or any ttindcr,not nrebsaarily accepted. ������������������'���������'���������  Furtiier-intV.rmaiiouoan bo had by applying.at the  C^nipiny's 021ce, where.the epociflcjiionscftn be seen;  . _,;,;.... uyy.^,:.y.:.-. ^r:yy - - ��������� ^A>- WADHAMi^  '   ���������  ..'.  :������������������..-;.. ���������      .-������������������.���������: .;���������  :'- xy ry- .   y; ��������� &-^y.  Richfield, A Ufr. IStli, 3865. ������������������ :.yi2   "������������������  |To jiAJiLES HOOP, late of ^mamsr Oripek,  % Cariboo, supposed t^beigpno teViptoria.;  yl SIR, ��������� Tho day lastf week ?yoia {icft WUnarbs  Creek with ten or twclvef; thousand dollars iniiiyour  ipocket, which you made, this yoar/iis a^hiirtfliolivr in  the Ericson claim, you^ prOTinHe^ito pay mo th^{$S60  which you-owod niejon settled.McronttCTWfrcnrl.asked  you for the.money you said,; i'lf you want It badly to.  day I will give it-to you, but I have nothing but goH  dn$t^hfc?%Irdon������tiwattt io exchange tillfl go below,  anuX will get paper:money to-morrow and piy you if  you will wait. *.?.. Unfortunately I took you ror an hW  eat man and;acctPted yoiuriwori), ii; but tbati sameieyen -  ing you went; oil' clsndeBtin'ly,i?after��������� telling Chart s  ferksey ythat;you were v only g6ing- across to St.  vena crelk. yfou know that some of:.tbe;;amc������ni  you owe mo waa advanced , to you ��������� in ; ^rovisiona  when you had- none, and tho Wmainder is in my  hard earned; monfy which I Imt yon; you know be-  s 1 tt ee tha 11' cannot follow y ������������u for want������������������ or mea ns, and  tin refore you take advantage of a poor msn;'but it will  not. do vou much good; you might ibayc been s*tirfled  w I th wha t you got out of the Ericson company, whicii  is an independanceT I now give you notice tliatunU-63  vou s*nd me an order on the Bank: for the nioney you  bwo me, vis: $2������0, by return Expres?, I will si-nd &  copy of this card for publication in the ,S*n Fra jicitco  'Bulletin,*' and also to the 'Foresa <3;ixette and Moray-  shire A .veniser*' that your father;5 .Mr/ Hood, 6f Rif.  ford 1'eross,- JforayBbSre,and your triends in your nativo  plic^ may mo -how you have; acted to*a'countryman  who beiriendod ybu *htn you had not a cent ito c-ll  your own.   .   . ��������� { ... _���������  JAMK3, DALGEITt.  Williams Creek, August J8tb, 1S65. 12  13 MILiE HOUSE.  BKTWEEK  QUESKKLMOirm A^D  COTTONWOOD.  AS JUST OPENED.THE ABOVE HOUSE,   AND  fi-  would solicit a c:tll from the Traveling Public.;  \Th<������re will be found a Good Table, Liquors and  Cigars of<the finest quality and best brands.  , J!^������" Good StabUuk. H������ y a'nd O.its, &e.   " 1] *  K. B.���������K. S. 0. is not r*s]K>nsible for any debtsoon-.  tractoci by the late Proprietors.  August 4th, 1865.   ;���������  Il-2w  IO TIC  ZRAJ^CH F  0*NE OF THE BEST HAY BANQHES. IN  tho Colony, and situated on the WACGOX, ROAU.  '   : fcutflcUnt hay'can be cut to "       *i i {  Winter 500 head of battle  There is a never failing'spring of water- on the premises that does not froezo in tho hanlest winter. ..  There is a house on thc Ranch, .and if it .were fitted  .up it would COMMAND A LAUGE TRADE, Wing ono  of tho best business stands on the road. ���������'':������������������     ."���������'���������������������������'  Thcltnnch will bo sold CHE^VP FOR CASH, or p<irt  cash and part en time. .. .. .    ������������������. *  I -teS-'ForfairpartlcuUrsupply toi_ ' ���������   MR. SUTER,  12    .-   ���������:   .:��������������������������������������������������������������� -     :   Agent; Richn-ld.-   '  In the Supreme *Court  of Civil. Justice^of  British Columbia.  IN CHANCERY.  4, IX DEBTORS to tho firm of Li M. ALLEN & CO.,  J\.: Blacksmiths,  Lillooet;  nre hereby notified not to  pay. any moneys they may owe either to L^wis M: Allen or to.Tdomas Odell, a-s after this date all debts due  to tho said.firm must he paid to A.;C. Elliott, D:q.,.J.  P., of Lilloett, who has boon appointed R.c-'ive'r to the  said Estate  by an orJer frohv tho aboYe Court, signed by  . .... .-.������������������.' - ���������  MATTHEW B BEOBIE, J.  yLiliooet, Bi C, 4th August, 1865.     X. ,   12   .  /   BANKRUPTCY NOTICE.  THE Subscribers reepectruUy intimate -to all who are  .Indebted to tbem, either by note or, account, that  in consequence of thei depressed i^tate of .tnide we aru  obliged tb press 1'ot an immeciate settlemcut.  Mr. J. S. Thompson is authorised to'coUeot and receipt fori moneys due us. :.   -v:' ������������������-���������; ���������.-��������� ' ; -y.  .> J. H. TODD & CO.  Barkerville, BC, 7th July, 1866,    , AZi Z-   10     '  {.{.-��������� X X. TCI "BE EAD ON TOE CK3SEK I3���������  ___   Davis & Hertl^in's  PRIME; L.A-GER BEE  V  id  In the County Court  of  Britash Columbia.  . 31 olden afc Richfield.  ;���������'..- WITH 50 ACRESCN������ERCULTURE.  6 Horses, with Harness; 2 Cowa; 1 Spring  Wasgfcn; 5 Sleigiis j Farming Implements, Produce, Etc.  The above'will ho 'sold by PUBLIC AUCTION, at  Cottenwood, on TUESDAY, the 214 Inst., at 12 o'clock,  uo(������n, (ir not-' previou>ly diipoeed ������f by private bar-  SMin.)  ���������   ���������  ��������� T  V   LEF  RichfleU, 5th August, 1966. 10-2t *  .CARIBOO MARKET REPORt.-  ������������������Gold Export.���������Tbe amount of gold received,and,jgurtly exjported by* the Banks^.of British- Cbluiiabia ���������and"'^-British ;^Norih America in  CariB p& for :the past irib nth   amounted. to  XM17'$QQZ:-M"addition to this $100,000 was  exported tif private parties, making the total  amount $277^000, being an immense increase  over the corresponding hipnthof 186i. Where  is uil.4bd gold coming^-from ?  Low Freights;���������Freighting is being done  from SWiife to Soda Crcelt for & ceuts abound!  ������������������Coluwbim.'      i  ���������*-..' .vgaturdaj, Aug. 19th/1865. '���������'  During ffoe present-week several,paciv trains  with goods have arrived front heiow.;  ^"ery  little flour/howevelr, is beiiig imported, theije  being an immense stock in Sie liands ei .mer~  chante.   The:price of flour is rather creeping  iap,: few ,b eing wil 1 ing tp sell b elow 2������ cents.  Mer chan ts general! y are doing an exel tisi vely  cash .business,;; whicli is rendered, necessary  from/the difficulty of recovering small debts  in a coranaunitylike this.   We have no doubt  that after this year the credit system will, be  entirely done away 'with, and,perhaps to the  'mutual satisfaction of both miner and trader.  ���������The great reduction, in freight from Yale is an  important matter for the country.   Merchants  can now import direct .from. Yale to Cariboo  for  15 1-2 cents, including the road tolls,  Provisions therefore will be exceedingly low  ih future,   New potatoes, turnips and almost  every kind of vegetables are both abundant  and cheap -oh tfie'^^{..aVpressnt.'; The following are thevmarfeet rates, viz: Flour, 24 cts  ^ lb; bacon 50 cti; bean3, 30 cts; {coffee, 75  cts; tea, $1;   sugar, 50 cts;   hams, 62 1-2 cts:  -butter, SI; syrup. 50 cts; xice? 30 cts; onions^  50 cts; beef, 15 to 25 cts; mutton, 40 to 45 cts.  Reabikg Room.���������The Colonial Secretary directed that the bouse occupied as the Reading  Room, in Cameronton, should be raised considerably above its present elevation, tbe ex  Jpcnse to be defr?red by Government.  IX BANKRUPTCT.  In ro Fbaxgis Dvstis, a Banlcrupt.  HEiREAS,a Petition of Adju-'icalion of Bankruptcy,  is  declared ;&'Ankrupt is hereby ������������������ requi red to; snrrend er  himsdf to: William George Cox, Esq;, Judge of the  Oounty Court, on "Friday, the 25th day of August, 1S65.  for a \t\ rst exam inai ion, ahd on Mbnduv, the 251h day  of S^p tern be r, 1865, for a sccon d ex nm i n a t Ion; at th ta'  itourbf one in the afternoon-^ preciselv,- on each 'dn'y,  at the Court House, .Ricbikld, and males a full'discov-  cry and disclosure or his estate and ett'ccls, .when and  whore the creditors are to come prepared to prove their  debts,: and at the first si tii ng to choose Credit ore' As-  ignec and examine tho Bankrupt. All persons indebted to the, B.inkrupt, or who have any of his ef.'  .fccts,;;ard not topay or .deliver the same but to M..G.  Phillips^ Esq;, Oflicial Assignee, a  Important  for  fTJIE UNDEKSIGNEBIS KOW PitEPARSD TO ANA*  1 liYSE ORES of any description brought to hi a  for that purpose,   Charge moderate.  BLACK SAKI),PAKNIN(BS:i& BLOWINGS BOUGHT.  or CI.EAN������Df oaCommijsflfoai,' at tho Aurora C������mP4ny'a  Office:;  ������������������-':.'." y y-^uu-. ������������������"������������������    -��������� ������������������������������������r: .������������������  ��������� io ��������� .."������������������''������������������':' u [#/������.-��������� mvixzA .  iheimer  ���������cis Dust in, or;  and give notice to Trip-  :>:.!;-,: '.-     .-,; >y.v"F������ T: I,EE, v ������������������  ������ * ,1    :;:itYAmt fcr Petitioner, Lichfield-  iDated August 16th, 1865..   . .      .     12  COTTONAYOGD HOUSE AND RANCH.  Nv PERSON,  OR PERSONS,  negotiating for tbe  purchase of the above property, aro hereby notified that such purchase will have to be made subject  to the unpaid Cirpenter's billon the said house.  For particulars apply at the Ranch. '���������'"' :   -���������  Cottonwood, .August 8th, 1805.  !l-2ln      -rtnership  qmE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between H.  1  R'-Bt)Ea and A. TowyaENf) has been this  solved by mutual consent.   .  day dis-.  ,,;.';���������  BARKERVILLE, Wn%^CnKBK,  Have on hand a large *tock������f ih������ following;  goods jjust arrived,' which th������������y will seU at the  . j  " ���������* Lowest Market Batee, viz:  GROCERIES,  (including 'ftm*, Jam^, all Wnrig. ef  ���������  Sauces, .&cl,) _ Z .{.;-:���������  PROVISIONS^    < -  HARDWARE, CROCKBRr,  {;.'������������������">LIQ0ORS, WIN2S,   ' ���������  ���������['"'ZZ-''1 "i     S^R^ TOBAXXJO, {;  STATTONBEt, clotsing,  ���������"':*'';���������]"'''ZZyi.  ii ^'B^blB^ANip"^     ���������  MINING-CTBNSILS, incluJing :- -  ZZ    ''Z'^ /snoVsis, FORKS, '.  . DUCIC, BOPS,  PICk^ Ac, Ac..  fiST iPartkul.ir attentio������ is ������������..Ue4-. to '��������������������� fine rstc^k  H.  R0EDER,    ���������'- -  ������ ���������       ���������       ���������   ^ A- T0frN.<END.    :  Reavor Pass, B. C, 1st July, 1865.  Robert Pool as authorised ageDt for H  y^^n wiU'of ^TW0R^ WINES fe.S������GJki^.  tr^n^ct burines? Itr him in his absence n     I    B*ar*ieh*nie, 12th Jun^ 18������5.: "  10 m  ������&g&5&&9&3Eit  v'U  BARKERVILLE ^A^yRDAX,A.UG. 19, '05  Bxtraordinaht;- Escape; ��������� On  Wednesday'  last a. yaaug��������� man, -named David -French,- a  '.-*:C&uidlaiv had artfext-ratfrdini^.;escape/'troni  ���������inatM&*������n*^us;d0at^  /"day^msiiiiioaeiMs* presence1 was required in  ihe drifts b*olpjp ;?<tievbad: got int6;the;Kuck^t-  and wais in. the apt of being Jo wered hy ;Mr/J.;  ferrih, the foremani,- 'when the rope���������wbich  was made oi cow-hide���������-broke ^ahd' the poor  tellow fell to therbottottfiOt &e^aft,"a distance' of fi^~fitfe;lfeegXy li 19 asmguiar? ciir-  cnnistanctf that with the Exception of soine  bruises and a good shaXmg the young man  escaped any serious injury. Dr. Bell was immediately.called in, aud uuder his: care French  will soou/be.at work-again/ The rope is not  very old, but the part near the bucket had  been a good, deal vworn_by c ooiihg an con tact  with, the, edge, df the Ytimbera -in the drift.-^  When French, firstgo t into the:bucketthe rope  gave a loud crack' which made him get put  again, but as both he and the foreman thought  ft quite-safo begot in again, which he bad; no  sooner done; than the rope snapped assuuder  and down be went with the bucket.  Serio^ 9^ have to  record :a '^ry ieribiis accident which; befell  Mr. Thompson; iii tbe Surprise elaimVbn Wed  ~ne8^y~������^r^s^^^  wo rkihg iii-tlio '"bo fctdhi of tlie shaft, and whilst  so engagedrihe bucketby some meansgpfedis^  <mgaged from ttiefrope*; and"i-fell down forty-  J3 ve fee fc,', the e Age '.s.tr{kiiig , hi m on the head  and inflicting-, a severe wound,.J'rom the effects  of which he remained insensible;^fTseyeral  bours.;^, Hiiiiwaa Juuncdtatfelyi^oflSeyc b i&  lodgings j when Dre.; Brpwh^ahd Chipp were  called in; to; attend;htni?S2iis condition for a  ^considerablOftinie.(after the accident was very  ������c rjtical ^; b u t -We;; a re happy to. s tate th at he lias  . si tic e ral li e d a go o d; de a I an d th e doct������ rsi p $o-  n ounce hi hi out of #atige������ Ti'/Toblmuch care  cannot be taken b^partiesat^ttieiiwiridlass, as  any neglect..'��������� p;r'^hcaufci6us handling of the  b ucket jnay at any ��������� inoment sacrifice the lives  of men workinjr,, i& the ^ bPttonfof the shaft;  Mr. Thompson is^a carpenter by trade and is  \ehareholdorinithe Raby claimv-yiwsi-y y.m ���������  An lMP09TOR^A/youhg",man -who -reprc-  ften ts hi lrisclf as; lame from': hip (disea'sei -?aiid;  who ia supp ortMi on a fancy pair pf crutenes,  arrived in Cariboo a few days since on a begi  ging tour. ;' Ife has a.printed; begging letter,  dated New \ye^Unjuster,.v jyith A?humbeivyof  fictitious isfenaUires .jtait. ��������� There atetwVnames  o f pre tended dpctp ra?y Sm ith, M. I)., and H ante r, M. D., of New \Yehtminste^���������who certify  to the fellow being an invalid with a mother  to support. Tic passesi. himself,fpi;^-Canadian, from Yorkvill<������ but cniJiKm^^estiPnecl  by some sharp natives of Canada he has not  AN EXPLORING- EXPEDITION.  It. is..,wjtn:conrndcrable -. Rallsfac lion we an-  -houncetliat-thei Colonial Secretary has adopted th** suggestfon thrown out last'week iri Pur  coltimns an d gran tc tl.. $25 00 to i fit buta prospecting var������y to.. istart from- Williams creek.  The dirty of selecting ^the right men���������and a  midst difficult duty it was-^righMy devolved  on Mr; Cox, whose intimate acquaintance with  the old pioneers of the counj,i;y ;enab ledjhhn  to choose; miners who- would not only; be  foiiiid qualified, J>ut wiip wbuld-  'time secure the confidence ot *  MINING; XNTELLIGENCE.  ac-  WIU-IAMy  CREKK. ���������._-...    ,  Mining affairs on (his creek are' extremely  dull at present and we ;havehp thing to record  in the shape of -. new gtrikes;- Tlie new, nil I  claims to which we referreil, last- week are  not yet tested; ithe ;.bed; rpclq not having; been;  reach ed, by any "'o f. the p rosp ecto rs, :. ,11 is an-  ticipftted that in the cominig. week inbre^ihan  one company will get7 down���������thei deepest at  .���������--rj.. - - presen t: b eing rnpre than 80. feet- Se vera I  the; samelprivate compitnies have left Williams Creek j  large as to their fitness for the v/ork that ivill  be assisrried to them.   In making the selec tion  the miners at  .   ���������.    ...         ill  b;e assigned to them. In making the selection  wlkire experienced and able'inen arc so abundant, we havo no doubt that the miners chosen  by Mr.-Cox will proye hereafter that the high  opinion ot their merits which is entertained  will be found to bo. correct. There is no.  doubt that the present party is the forerunner  of many others that will be sent out by Govern ment fro m th is creek, an d its sue cess w i 11  s timuiatc many p ri vale p a r lies ��������� to' on ter up on  the promising'field that is presented in this  sec tion of co un try. T he fi rat on the list: of  : tlie party;.-(Mr.. John McIjcan) was a: part-  ;ner of that noble fel 1 o w J ohn Hose, who sac-  ; rificed his; 1 i(e. in .1862 in his daring attempts'  .to explore tlie region to,the,north of Cariboo.  John McLean - a ceo m p ah iccl ftose in 18 61 in  %mo, of������������������.hia^cxpeditipns,"and ^pYbclieye,  his;- ihtentioh  at:; present ������������������ is "to': proceed  when rhe unfortunately lost' his i life: - - It is  knowtf;thd^ RosetfPunid* gold be'arlrfg;range  lying-tpfthe'north-cast of this dreek;^aiid distant about one,hundred.; mile������ . and the pros^  pectiiig -party, will steer forXthat district  shouid:.npthiug of. importance bo -fouiid^^niear^  [ erthe starting point,;. The exploriiig,party;  rwilWb;fr;rl3CelyoY^  th eir services, ,b ut they ,v,*ill be supplied, with  provisions.aiidtraiiaport; They are.to have  discovery claims in; the-event of their finding  anything, and they will "bo, bo unci, m bono r  hbttp d^iilgolany Biscpvefyfthcy Imay suc-i  cccd invmakihg until' after it is made .known  to the Gold ComMissiPner^fwho!will give the  public generally fuUmformaitiou; so tha  on tne ��������� expeditto u are:; g  a good deal:-by goihg:put, and tKe'p        have  afuil guarantee in that ��������� fact .i alone that ;th ere  will be rio timox lost- in; biVrrying out the'ob-  jecta of the /expedition; y^The;otpllpwin^-are  : tho names of j the p arty: Johh; McLean). IInr<i  Curry Ji JPhn?Peh*in, Angus Hardy, Duncan.  Me Martin, an d Biil Wrigh ti," ' ".Everyth ing wiU  be in reacUuessifor thofmen to startiptf Tues^  day next at"l"atesi;..  hprsps, with provisions for eigli  Let all,join in wishing .success to7tlie gallant  Cariboo Explorers! -1 ���������'-:'   i'-\- * ~ .��������� J  this week; on piiyaite prospecting exp editions  an d p eop ie en ter taiii san gn ine h op os of, thei r  success..; Some me^whP^daini  coyerers of a new creek as large as Williams  about 100 niiles distant arrived since our last  issue. They report it to, be very-rich, every  pan o f dir t irom the surface,, do wh y ield ing  the colour. The diggings.are said to be deep  and when the men left: they. 1 tad not reached  the bed rock. Two of the. partners reinained  aiid two c'ahio in for A. provisions which haye  jbecn given them by one;of our enterprising  merchants. ���������There has" been very little litigation here during the i\veek,'miners let us hprje  are beginning to.see that Cariboo has had top;  much law already and tbey will try and avoid:  play ing. at so exp ensive ai p ursui Hip fu tu re.  It is almost always muclr easiersettliugva dispute bel"ore men go, to iaw;then ^aft^r.\Vards;  If miners^ would biilf-remembel'^thi^  they^rush'into-wbat^hould"be4 the7^last;alternative thev would save . themselvca and their  shareholders a. vast:*expeuse. ���������-.! Jaire^uy nleil'  are beginning to lay:; in .provisions1, withy the  intention of w infer ing. liei;e' and we ifc^confi-;  dent that fewer men; comparatively thanJh  former years willi venture down " country..  SbmepUinis which. f their ^owners -liave had;  laid over during:the sumiher;wiil be'thorougb'-i  !4y^sb3pectedir^d4^^  The Foster Campfeil^ co'y  have; giy^ii put -a" contractt ftr asiukihg a shaft  and ,:thc work will bei 'conimehGed uext week.  ���������Th q Su mm it co mp an y -on the 'h i 11 near the  FosterCampbell areisinkihg ;ii;new shaft and  have got down,ab^ut:50 feet^-The J)iljer co.  are at work-but ^ioti?taking; put expenses.--^  The Barker claim islaidoverj-pThe Bald Head  co. are preparirig to" rcsiini'c i,wovk again in  their old shaft.���������The Sheepskin co. have commenced a new shaft closevto^; the -iJald.^H^ad.  co.���������The Aurbraistili yielcisiiabout; BOO oz^ a  week, iWe ������������������ werei^thr^ughHhe^underground  works on AVednesday last and we;.must bear  testimony tpiithe skifl displayed by .vtbe. -fore-;  maiu/!Tlie Krb'uhd is.reiharkkbly'well timber-  ^" w :^AT^^|r^A.;} yJ:?T'.  i^r>sdint Guy August; X7-N0 nior^, SttrH inna tha  Brothf^rJon-nhan slnce^ur 1 ist, end filo g^'rfroTtho  wreck whatever. -Think th at t v^ry'th lh������ twa d ri i Wi  south, EUv* had '.hoatf ou I all;. th e..lime. up, to; ds a  toorh'in>Y! *Hav*j' giyeh: up all;hop^X,,.;':.: r;'yyx- ,  ""���������". ;; ���������{Siguenif :  "-">-   Y0UGAN &-Wmj,yv  ������������������; ."Portland,������������������August 7. ^A flrfi orcko tint at WiilU-Waia  iabbut one o'clock on tne morning pfy the 8<������cnd-.in?t;,  which deBlrJyed abent fii'ty ibuilUns'V^^g ������7������*' W  of tbo lower prftidn of the' town, 1 i������S $200,000.,  Xy Now York,; July 14. ^Barhuhi^'muaeunii was'.totally  desiroyod by firj;to-day; and nearly tho entire coll:c-  iion oi" curioaUii-s lost;.. The- 8ro ; is b*li0V8(l to b&ve  been the work of aii,:inc^hdt{try,::Ow,ing.,to the laroo of  "Jerf. Davis in Petii'co:as,, having bo-^h pbJyftdii^tho  museum; : BHrnum ��������� has 'tel<������grapbod^la������:������?ch't-*6 b������  (raadyvto;.aaili for YKiiri-P* to got; gnoths^OiU ��������� ctten of  cuHosi'loe;'  from-'  lieins'undir.Ki'gretW  teriid.,.. T'lfty had 4j������ah^/li^ndod; iftnd.ittiiiunvht^'.oX  thorn had Uken'tsftige in Tox'is..���������.H^oiumbUo ch: -y. ��������� ���������-.;  y THE COLIIMBIA ;R1VER!iMINIiS.'^ ?f  ��������� x The jfbllb'wingi oitraci 13;':ftbm; ^letV������r%3r'  Barnard's }5xpreyman-:^Mr?Sto^iej who'camo;  through from Big: Bend to ;YSle iAf'^pZ'Z-  v KThere are three creeks oni'tne eadisidp oY'  Columbia  havebi  struck-..         r... ........  Downie's (not the ^lajor's), 'nndY'aboye; "that;  iiomc 25-miles :WGold creek;" Oh tho two'for-;  in^ibeeh found.:  Gohrcreek-'nea^s;^;^  Selkirk.range*'at^a point 1d00;itfliesWo^Cgb^  ville;   On?Frenchcree"k'4 K  earlyUhis spriiig ..and saakVfa'^ftiSiK^ti)^  the; bed-robk^ahd: took from it $16(frpm 'Ji;!.  pans iof jdirtV'A Tboir proviHibnS' ���������having-h^Ax  ^u^^evi^am  _- ������������������.. ... j'SpOt!/;-''I'iair;pi y*yyyvo;y������*m $pgn.-  had on the bars of the 'Columbia',up to ^tUo'i.\.  commencemeii^fthe j^d-b^  of; gold:i#4o8tM.- Tiie gold;!iof "the bars^ as;weli;.  as that of the creeks;is>barse, and^serabijea;^  Kootenay dunt ih; appearance, ��������� As n^rly,as*.^  I: could- find <>iiti%ere:are; 120; men'on thkdiiv s  ferent creeks, a large; majority At 'whom' ^tre',"  j old Fraser river fifly-feighters!^.     ''*v"l   Z ���������',Z  Tliey "ih teuidi taking six  s for eic:iitor nine weeks.  tlie slightest idea of "where?' Yorkville is situated, . neitfter does iie kno\v -. the iiatue. of the;  G0vernor General^or;" a suigle^ prorairient man  hi Upper or Low^cr ; Canada. .The impostor  Juts ���������; heard'= on:\his way; here that Canadians  wore more numerous than any other natioii-r  nlity, andihence his attempt to impose upon  their patriotism as well as their humanity.  The vagabond, had begun to *eap a golden  harvest wheii his imppsturc was; detected and  exposed. The feilo w ti you ng, about 30 years  ���������of age, well dressed, and with good address.  The public had better be on their guard, for  him, and when he arrives at the capital the  police should introducehim to Capt. Prichard,  f whose humane feelings will no doubt prompt  Km, to bestow a few night's lo*dging8 upon a  S cripple, in his well-furnished mansion.  ������ Since the above was in type we have had a  S sight of the begging letter.1 The name of the  w imnostor is S. H. Blakley, and the document  ��������� is signed by T. IL Smith, M. D., II. H. Hunter,  m M. D.t II. H. Tole, Kev. G.% Ho-Reb, W. W.  pi Boas, and O.:h\ Rainbow.. These,parties are  ��������� - represented as residents iof New Westminster  and testify to the "moraland temperate hab-  i ts'* of the impudent inipostor.  Takhv tueir DEPARTGRK.^The tfpllpwmg  m Juombers of"the Ericson'company took their  leave bf Cariboo oh Thursday^asfc, with the  intention of proceeding to their- native countries, vita Messrs. John Nelson. John Taggart.  Alex. Ericson, Peter Ericson and Ephriam  Harper. Thoy could not have had less than  $100,000 amongst the.nl, ,  No Extkxsiom.���������We are baf>py to find that  we were partially in error last week in stating that the Chief Commissioner of Works had  granted ah extension of time to the contractor for the AlexandriaTQuesucl, road.; The  contractor made;an application;; to that effect  but Mr. Trntch refused to grant it.  Cariboo Hospital.���������The Colonial Secretary  gave directions to; have a bath bouse, the want  of which has been greatly felt, added to the  hospital, ...Some improvements are also to be  made to.,tbe interior, of the house occupied as  the hospital* ���������  ji$Sr-''All wiho dc*?lro fcOQD 'COlTEE and Fiuo Spicee-  c n bav.o botlKbyralway^a5king for FELL & CO'S which  cu be had from 'all r<?Bpvctabio Store 'Koop,1'rs.    Be  eurj yau get it, with our trido Ubol on euch picliago.  !> :GSLD;COMMISSiONEU!S court. ;  ;;.. ���������:;.;.;iB^lory"W;..G.;.poi,:E^}t;r^V i;^  iiZ'Z :y Friday, 18th.August, i ��������� -  Thomas Smithsouvs. Bruce co'y, by G. II,ag-  erman,- foreman.���������This was; an action: for  $330 26 for work done on the Bruce claim.  It, was alleged by the plaintiff tbat ]\e_ was. engaged to-dbf carpenter's work; ;and to receive  carf)^n ter "si wages. The defendant denied on  behalf of the company that he was to receive  mbru than miners' *    **        ,'"  wages.  ���������.-.'  aro at wnrt.     ���������..���������... _      viz:. S9 per day.  Plaintiff claimed 15 days at the high wages.  but after Mr; Gox heard the evidence he 0nly  gayphim, 12,days as carpenter; at $12 per,  day.: Drv Sidd al appeared for plain tiff.'  .Witkms vs-Orier-^Iq this cas^Mr.tecask-jT!,r^"Mm"oo'-p������S  ed for an execution against Mr. drier for | resumed worfc.--Tho RHd  $ 445 tamount of j u dgme ht p rev i b usly 0 b tained.  Mr. Cox���������Mr. Gr'ior, why; have you not paid  this judgmentf. The time has expired that '  gave you.  Mr. Grier~-I offered $200 yesterday and  Mr. Lee refused it.  Mr. Lee���������Your honor, the plaintiff, who is  a-poor man, is about to leave for England,  where he has a wife and family. lie lias been  here since :62 and has been unlucky. He now  wauts to go home to support his family and  has no means, and he looks for. this money  whicu he earned by bard work to take him '  home.   yi-> *' .....       " - ���������������  Mr. Cox���������Mr. Grior, 1*11 have to issue an  execution.     *'  Mr. Grief���������Your honor, I have spent $80,-  000 in this country, and have not a cent left.  The : $21,000 I received out of the Ericson  claim I have paid away for the Grizzly com-  | pany���������mostly all other people's debts.  Mr. Lce-r-.\Vhat have you done with all the  di vi de n ds fro m th e E ricso 11 co' y 1  Mr, Grier���������Paid it all away.  Mr. Cox���������But you should have paid labor*  ers7 wages firs fc.  Mr. Grier���������Your honor, I have paid it on  acco un 10 f j u dg 1 ne n ts g 01 agai n s t m e) ast y ear.  Mr.Cox���������Mr. Grier, I'll give you an hour  ���������to settle with this man.  Mr. Lee���������Your honor, we'll give Mr.* Grier  to to -m orr 0 w to 100 k a ro ui 1 d an d rn ise th e  money, he can easily mortgage his clainia for  this small amount. \  lite Court then adjourned,  ed and in fact this? leviathan claim , seems to  b e wel 1t managed.^The Day is co.. .adjoins the  AuroraK Wild we also paid-tho ���������claim a"' visit a  *tVvy.:day3;since. i i We; noticed aimarked clmnge  in this claim since a previous, visits and there  is - eviden ce 0 f the wo r k b eing c arried on in a  man iter most creditable: to the forenian i ; Tlie  yield is from IT tp ;20;oz0er day. ;I;he-Welch.  Hit or Miss aud Morning' Star^^^ claims;are doing well; ^The-latter 'averages 25 xifr per day  and pays very steadily:-^Thei<Cariboo claim  has yieided- a good pfospec t la tely ; near; the;  lines of the Hit or. Miss.^rThe Beauregard &  Confederate claim boiitibue^ tb pay remark*  ably well.���������The Cameroir, claim is yielding  steadily nbout $Q I oz. per day.���������The;.Prairie  Flower co-y lia"ve;c\otiinivpca^^ up  per streak "that will pay wages.���������Tbo Forest  I Rpsecpyhave their sleam engine going constantly, and arel hpiazed as. well as j)leased  with tlie work it ;.i3;,doiug. We iadv.ise all who  have not seen it at work; to pay the claim a  visit. "--: yil" ''_';.' -"'y:':ZZ.";:..,.'..���������_.������������������������������������.. t  r:.iX '��������� ;;.'i iiodNKiiiK'Gyi:(i;H.;,;:������������������   :.j -��������� "*���������''���������  Kon������ of the cl ilniss. oni.tiua gulch ard taking out pay.  _ ��������� -'-"tinjr.���������The Kricioo ou'y Iuivh i  ��������� A.&i.w-,f Sa?tT; Caqs. -i-Tlie���������'"Virgi'ht^^Ente^ri^^f X  July8thssyd; By;invitation:.������^^"ye^t?ridi^^vfn'ihjY;  visited the^avrtgo mino tp wimoss a r.itber;dtirin^f*at'il  --.the cuttitigiofthscHlTlo of: oho of tho ' new sal������ty||  cag;tta v itb two nren upon 11... Tiie. p =rfonnrinc/J wax%p *  have' taken phc'dion.tho ^venihs. of tlioF^Hirth^on-R  iTl^cngo;fcll,'b\rt;  b elo\v thie I, jv������. Iof ith������'' JsurVaco i. With Capita in -��������� .0 u^4p,i ���������; ^t-  S������j;'iirit*h knt of tho-thiiie, aii'l }tA\(r Oilliaiiponi li  whim: by ra couple; of bli> wis ^4 th c n: *������rx vtlie cahl ?, %f-  wbichit wassu������p(*ntied,���������.\yik cut;   mu"��������� ������----**i������-k;.������  aboiii  the  downwari progrc^ ���������.���������,.,_,���������  a m ngemrbt., .the c Vgo: woni d -������������������ hiiVc ;<lr6pp^dst'wi jf ht to'  tho bottoin <;Oi" thu.. shaft", >v dlfitance. ,of446'footr f "/'���������& x  t^pToo ' 'iinpojtor'' wa6. arrested tnis even ing -a nlii. -  ���������taken^efoM^ir.-Cjx.^'; .... y... ;...,..���������;.': ;,..':';.���������= ���������' iy yUX y  i BIETH^-^tVictorh, on 'tho Jt^iast.,: th������..Wift> of %  J.-B. A:;Bivi"ri>vofrfft eon, ,.i!" X-[ u .        il     -  MABRIEP;--Iu .Victor^, on the^t-ih^t;, at? th������- ���������'  r^si. iohco of. tiie bridis?a father,, by tho Itoy# %Xt'rijlge; ���������  ^.Original ymtite  th c w t*\ k, an������t c������ ������n������p 1 r.; t i v>4y Vi'ry li Ul 3 rnf n y c Jin i ng  out. S jvor.ii C'liup.-uioa hav<s unit������d to briii^ in a ui 1 ch  from Stoncy gulch���������about*���������$������������������ m 1 Ub*���������������ni btji 1 to haye  tlie work cutupljtoft boob. Tae Wiishhurn, UuM'.n Uu,  ���������Mwr^hflftsi, Plumbago, and VaugbMi & Sweeny cUiius J purpose*.��������� -.,..,.- ;.  )���������    jSTjTTCbar^s to suit the 'ApprcMic'd Htato of thin?"?.'  t;KDEnSTA>v!)iXG'of O. nsh'mwn-.who will l'av.r hina.  with a call;.flicking an1 Brushes,'" out an ������mpii supply of Elbow &r6eai!,. will alwMys be found tor th-jt.  GROCSB CHKKK.  OpT-Uiona' on the ji.a.d Rr������ck.l'1ume have been eirriftd  on with vigor; eleven ljun������.re*t iVet of thc rtum������ have  be������nl������bl ia asuUstautialmanUi r; Two or three claims  on this creek are p.������yt������& wages.  XKW ' CHEEKS.  8 -voral coropinies'*ta.������������������ prosp ctinff on uyrr creaks  Wiobin a few' iiiihis of Williams,  but non,������'bave yc\  rea cued bod rock.  IJGimCISG CREKK.  Tho-following ciiirn*  Sigti and Discovery;:  , G nt������������ who visit the ci^ihop will do well louiy \ m������,,  acvll5.,tbey wil! thou bo'^rtsin to make a SHINE.  Baths, $1. Boots -Blacked, S5 cts.    ' :/i.  ���������'���������X:x.Y(mVH P.EVIS, '",  Ex-Origin*il-I'i'eui#n. *"  '"Bsirk?n;iUe1 July 29th, 1805,. ^U&lX ���������' ".  are paying well: Tho Dutch,  FOUND...  GOLD "RING-, ON WILLIAMS 0KEEK.   THIS  il. Owner on have i.t by applying at this office and  paying expenses of advvrtisvnient.  ; 1st August, 1865, .  ' ZJ-iZ   W.  Williams Creek Rom-Mr..-% right wmaH-  !D2 active preparations for carrying oat bis  contract on the Williams creek road, and he  anticipates having St completed in about three.  or four weeks from the present time.  PA-fiifOttSALK.-We would call attention to the  <vivtS^& ������ ^nch for sale which Appears .0  anXrcolumaV The illness of the propnetor com-  l.u��������� him101wtTrc and any one wanting a mostehpbly  Si branch an'd excolhnt bu.inof Bt.n/1 h^b^r  mako appl^UioD-toMr. SuUT without aelay, aa tbo  sale muube immedlile.'  ' TR.viLTOOu.v^c;nAX COTK.^ie' Colonial Secre-  tJygr^$700 or ?8C0 w rtpdr an������ lu^rwe tee  u-.Ul to Cunningham er*OE.  Important, to  Miixers! .  Tho undersigned is- prepared to  GLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  TANNINGS,-   ���������  !:-; ,  On Ojromission, or will parchasc any quantity eu tbe  Most LinrKAiiTiiKM.s, at..Xii������ ���������  Heading .Room, Cameronton,  Suh?cribi:r is now w<-ll known en' \viliun,s Cr������?*k/%iiyl  irom the c.*ufilenco' rrp'^ed in tioi li������-t F-1J In tin*  hii&v 0 b uh i a ess, b c h< ��������� [>.:; m r: c ���������: i v e the p.t fare n ..-#b oi  thc Mining conimcniiy ti������2 enduing n^t-.n.  JOHN B0WR0K.  ZZ'Z:  .~pp: rr'-'^TfLT.'"*.  ���������t*v^^r*.������^���������������"*���������* f  *.-V������Aji2.v&V3aKl*  r:JE-'- y, -   Z^ - yyxiyjyx^Ma  syiy'-wy-: ^tigMZ e������  THKX]ARIBQQ_SENl_ij^  iABKBIOTMiE, SATURDAY, AUG. I?, m  { yI^e^wnoess Royal AsA^AAp^^y^on  tbe.proposal was made to hold an art bazaar  iii Mdof^be funds for the widows and br-  ^plmiis if^he soldiers wbp fell in the Crimean  ^wiijj^eiPniicessRoyidwasastid if s^ m-i  fended fo BendAA (contribution, y Diffident of  Her own powers^ she exclaiided, ^What! send  % picture td a public^ihibitibii: "Of course  i.';!npt?$;''^ tfiat it would  ^5jproductir������ of} great Jgodii to the cause if  Bhe did; since many people would go to see  her worik who, but for such an inducement,  wbuMjibt; goinear the placev and that the  sJiillings so collected would add largely; to  the sumfor the charity, "While the sale of the  pieture-would^ realise enough to help some  poor widow lady in her distress," she at once  agreed, Aim. y condition that the Queen had no  objectibn. Thei Queen gave her consent willingly, and theresult was the touching picture  of the dead guardsman, and the widow weep*  ing over his body on the battle-field. No one  seemed to have an idea of the great Ulentfor  original design possessed by the Princess until this drawing surprised and deeply affected  all who saw it The story of the picture,after it reached the exhibition at Burling ton-  hoa^ &. wori&r^ had  put a very modest value on her work; and offered to dispose of it-privately for a small  sum, which, she wished to enter as her subscription. She was assured that this would  frustrate the aim of tho fund, and that the  picture would.. fetch a handsome ������um. The:  ,grst P.ffer Biade jimmedjately the doors of ihe  exhibition-were 6perie3 was efghty"guineas,  followed by another of one hundred guineas.  The names were entered'ia^e^bopk, it having been previously arranged that the highest  offer, up.to ascertain day at noon, was to obtain the picture. At the appointed time two  hundred guineas had 'been offered by a gentleman who was present. to hear the clock  strike"twelve. > Just before the hour he said,  **Well, I am surprised, that there is not more  appreciation of so fine a ^work of art, and,  tbat it may not be said that it was sold for  only/two hundred guineas, I offer two hundred  and fifty," for which sum he wrote out a check  as the clock struck. The result of the sale  surprised theyPrincess,, who had too much  good sense, however, to bedated by any foolish vanity while rejoicing in the success of  her effort for tho good of the fund,���������rLeisure  Hour/ Z .:.-..  A Wian.���������-A. Ward gets, off the following  sketches":���������Jeff. Davis is not poplar here.  She is regarded as a Southern sympathizer,  and yit Vm told he was kind to his Parents.  She ran away from 'em many .years ago, and  has never been back. This was ehowin' Jem;  a good deal of consideration when we refleck  what his conduct has been. Her captur in  female apparel confooses me in regard to bis  aex, & you see I speak of him as a her as fre-  kent as otherwise, <& I guess he feels so him-  eelfc'  Robt Lee is regarded as a noble feller. He  was opposed to the war at first, and draw'd  his sword very reluctant. In fact, he wouldn't  hav? drawd his sw'ordjat all,= only he had a  large:stoCk^ofidilitary^clothes on hand, which  he didn't want to waste. He se2 the colored  man Is right, and he will at once go on to  Ne^Yorkandoi>enai Sabbath School for  ;, negro minstrels.  The eurrender of R. Lee; J; Johnston aiid  others Ie&ye$ the Cpnfederit Army.in.a rather shattered state* That afmy how consists  of Kirby^mith, four mules md a Bass drum,  ^and^is i2l0vin, rapidly to "rds Texis,  \. Ages of Public Men,���������Napoleon IIL is 57  years of age; Alexander, Emperor of Russia,  47 5 Victor Emanuel, 45; Lord Palmerson,  Prime Minister of England, 81; Lord John  Russell, 73; Earl Derby, 66; the Lord High  Chancellor of England, 65; Mr. Gladstone, 56;  President Johnson, 57; Secretary Seward, 65;  nando Wood, 53; Jeff. Davis, 57; Siidell, 72;  Mason, 67; Breckenridge, 43; and Mr. Foster,  presiding officer of the United States Senate,  69. President Lincoln was 56 years old when  tie died; and Richard Cobdenj 61.  Kootenay.���������-A packer, who left Kootenay  on the 10th of July, arrived last night. He  reports Commissioner O'Reilly in good health,  and order at the mines perfectly maintained.  There have been no new strikes recently.  The packer was only 8 days from FortJShep-  herd to- Hope,, and met Ileid, tho E^re3?raan,'  130 miles from the latter point Mr. Dew/.ltey  has 225 men at woxk on the Koo^nay trail  irom Hope.���������'Chrbmcle,7 Aug, 5th.  Aummn at Victoria.���������The English bark  Philomela has arrived at Victoria from London, 132 days out. She brings a miscellaneous cargo of merchandise, and a large quantity of naval stores. There were only two  passenger od board.  aiAsi   Pe^ Co.,  \}Z^Z'^ ���������  Ay XI havei Just^ received a supply of  CAST IRON COOKIISSQ STOVES  varying in size from 6 to 9 inch ; they are of first-rate  quality, and warranted to bake well. Also, a well assorted stock of SHEET IRON, both Galvanized and  Plain, iTIN PLATE, SHEET; ZINC, & COPPER.     Ai-  ���������'".'..:  'ways on- hand ._.-._  Sheei.iron Stoves, CookihgYRanges,: Hy-  dratilio Pipes, &c.,...,  '���������"���������'jjST &B work in bur line done at reasonable ratwand  warranted to give satisfaction.  10  J,   K.   SUTER  Has Instructions to sell the following-vahiftble  claims, viz:   ���������..-'."*  1 l-'4fiateresui in "Sage Miller "Co'y, Lbwhee Crtek;  "Brown" '������������������������������������7-"dQ . do  ���������"Providence,, do   "Watsons Gulch;  "Torrest Rose" Oo*y, WilHaras Creek  "Nevada"     ii'  do  *'Barker" do  "Cornish"        ' do  "Garibaldi" do  "Challenge' *        do  "Hood" do  Also, a few shares in the various Bed Rock Flume Oo'ys  All kinds of business connected with mining promptly and carefullv attended to.  J8^- Office���������RICHFIELD, near tbe Court House.  ; 10  1-S  do  *,.  do  1-2  do  1-3  a do  1-8  do  13  do  1*4  do  1  do  1  .  do  do  do  ������lo  do  Oonklins Guleh  do  ���������ll'HHIUJ"  To whom it may Concern,  THIS IS TO. CERTIFY that from some cause  or complaint of the head our hair commenced falling  out so rapidly that we feared wc should lose the whole.  strange to relate^ in THREE ��������� applications iof his wonderful Hair Restorative our hair became as strong as  ever, and is now soft'and lively.   We make this-certificate witb pleasure, believing it to be for the public good.  "      GEORGE COFFRIN, Cameronton,  ROBERT WARREN, Barkerville,  H. S. REDGRAVE, Richfield.  Williams ������ reek, 1st July, 1866. *   10  BILLIARD    SALOO  RICHFIELD.  AT  RICK    KIR WIN,  PROPRIETOR.  THE BOWL.INQ SAliOOH, Oamerontorx, is  now for sale. CHEAP FOR CASH, the present proprietor being obliged to go below. ALL persons inaeotea  to the undersigned, either by nous or book accoTintj:  will save costs by paying up before the 1st August.  Creditors will please eall and. rec������ive their o*^^  bamerpnton, 18th Jufc 1865; ������������������ &������P  i  Dissolution of Par  THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between Samuel  Adier arid T. A. Barry, as Saloon Keepers, Cameron ton.;  has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.     All  debts due the concern are to be pa Id to T. A. Barry,  and all accounts due i>y the late firm will be discharged  by said T. A. Barry. _< .  '   v   -  XZ. . .   , y ' SAMUEL ADLER,  T. A. BARRY,  Dated this 29th day of July, 1*66. 9  Miners' Boarding House,  iLOWHEE CREEK;  PEARSON & CARTER, raora/  LIQUORS, of the beet quality only, kept on hand.  &&������ The House is situated at the Chittenden elaim,  on the west bank of the creek. 7   '���������-������������������"'���������������������������  ��������� -     . ������������������������������������-*��������� i.a.��������� ���������       ._...,,,.,���������- ���������   ��������� -���������-���������������������������  LOW.HEE   CREEK  G-eneral   ProTision   Store  :*���������;'";*' "yl������������������*;*"���������;i ���������' X"ji^t>y���������,wr.'rr^r-.-'* :   Situate on  the East  Bank,  opposite  tho Washburne  elaim, Lowhee.  EDWARD SHEARER, Propriety.  Lowhee, July 4th, 186*. ;   7   ;  GKREAT   ATTRACTION!s  EVERY EVENING,  ftESTAURANT,  :Z</\^:y/Z^  THE,above favorably known. Estabilshmeot, nn^  the:8uperintendance of iMADAME JAMgo  JAME&i its proprietress, ihasJ^^een opened to the  public. The Hotel Is fitted tip ih the most comfortable  style, and the Restaurant Is suppUed with all the'u"*U.  cacles the'market affords. XA FIRST CLassc00Kkag  been secured."   ":"���������: .'��������� -'**���������"������������'*,'.:. y.���������������������������:������������������  ���������' The choicest brands of Liquor* and Cigars alwayu ^  bahd/-Y >������������������:���������:���������''-. !'������������������������������������ ������������������������������������' ;���������-������������������ ������������������'���������'���������:.'��������� 'i'Z'Z        t  '4Sr-XOE-,'0BEAM can be had on Sundays.  CAMERONTON;  THE   MINERS'   HOME,  S- T. VVILCOX/Prop.  THIS ESTABLiSHME3S?T WILL BE OPENED 6������  MOiNDAY NEXT, the 19th inst;, for the reotptta  of Boarders. Tl)e houso has been ncatjy. fltted up a&d  will be found a comfortable home by miners.  #3- Lodgings TREK.    Board $18 per week,   giugl*  Meals $1 60.    Moals supplied to night hands. Z  Cambeonton, Wiluam3 Crbek, B. C.  WHOLESALE      AND     RETAIL.  at in*  FASHION    SALOON  r'?  BARKERVILLE.  ALL THE LOVERS OF FUN ARE INVIT-  ed to eall and enjoy, themselves,  when  hearty welcome will^be ex tend ed*-.  a  Thia Saloon ia fitted up in FIRST CLAJ^  STYLE, with     ��������� - ���������������������������   ; .  Music and Dancing.  Refreshments and  Billiards, "Excellent  best of order observed.  the  MARTIN k CO.  s  T  . jg"f*- Tho BAR is supplied with the FINEST  LIQUORS which can be procured-  i  ;  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS W  LIQUORS,  GROCERI  AND  Q-eneral Merchandize,  BARKERVILLE.  PARLOR SALOON  BARKERVILLE.  T.   J.   AT CHIS ON.  THE WIN'ES^ SPIRITS, ALE k SEGARS to be had at  this SalooD. ar������ the btst that e^n be imported.  GROCERIES.  .     PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS,  SEGARS.  .        TOBACCO,    '  HARDWAKK,  CROCKERY, ^Z-Z  MINING UTENSHjS,  STATIONERY,  CLOTHING,   ,  .BOOTS & SHOES,  DRY GOODS, *c, &c.  &������r Goods bought"at my Store'will be delivered FREK OF CARRIAGE to all portions  of Williams Creek.  .&-ELS.ASSEK,  RICHFIELD.  A -FinsT Class 'Readixo Room!  AU the latest BogHsh,  Americim,  Canadian and colonial papers taken in.  j������g- A Harmonic Meeting  held every  week���������Jadg*  and Jury. ,  Important to Miners!  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SANDf BLOWINGS AND  ... V-     ../: PANNING^ >-���������;������������������;  On Commission, Or will purchase any quantity sm gb*  Most Liberal Jbrms, at the i  Reading Boom, Cameronton,  Subscriber is now well known on Williams Crsefc, and  from'the confidence reposed in him ilast .TaU .in ftfae  above,business, he hopes to receive the pau'oaaf e of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  s JOHN BOWRON.  J; "'MolSrerhanie,  Will be given onco a week hy tho  Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.'  '  Cosmopolitan  Restonrant  AND   B A K ER Y,  BARKERVILLE.       ��������� ..  MERonA^TS axi> "Dealers ra  ���������>  iquors.  And ercry other description of Goods required by the Mining community.  &&- Moderate Terms.  rovasions  C.   STROUSS,  BARKERVIIiUE,  BARKERVILLE, B; 0.  F JAMES WALKER, who emigrated from Albion  Canada West, in 1857, and came across ths plains  to California;, was last, heard from in February, I860.  when he was residing at Wateonvilb, Santa Cru&couK-  %y. Any information sent to this office, addressed to  Samuel Walker, .will he thankfully received.  San Francisco 'ARa������' 'Bulletin,' Sacramento "Union, ���������  Idaho 'World ��������������� and Portland 'Oregonlan, * please copy  and send accounts to office of this papor. T  THK SUBSCRIBER begs to  intimate  that ho has recently erected and .fitted up 4n the best style his  NEW  RESTAURANT.  The services of a good cook have been engaged, and  the board will be of tho best description.     Terms for  board very moderate.  4������* Meals Ready tt all hours.-Qi*  In the BAKERv Department FRESH BREAD, made  from the'very finest flour,  will bo kept for sale, at the  lowest market rates.     ,  8 JACOB VELTE.  Saw MiU^for Sale.  THE UNDERSIGNED being desirous of erecting a  Flouring Mill at Qnesnelmouth, offer for saio the  iJnchinery of a STEAM SAW MILL, for the purpose of  getting more ->poweriul engines. Tho Mill is complete,  and capable of sawing 8000 feet in 12 hours; it has an  extra 60 inch circular Saw. Favorable terms will be  given to any persons desirous of purchasing. The. Machinery is offered either with or without thc buildings *  ��������� HARPER' k WRIGjaT; *  Quesnelmouth, June^Olh, 18t>5. g 2m  Provisions,  Mining Implements  And everything required for  constantly on hand,  and sold  KET RATES,  Barkerville, July Mth, 1865.  tbe ^mining camp, k*������pt  at the LOWEST MAR-  7  UP  Cofie������    Saloon!  AND  3  BarkerviHe, B. C,  A. KELLY, Propsietor,  Everything is done in connection with this establish  men t to give satisfaction to tho customers.  THE SUBSCRIBER begs to inform his frieads and  Miners in general that he is once again in the field, and  will keep constantly on band GOOD FAT BEEF and  MUTTON, which he. will deliver on Burns Creek, Nel-  son Creek, and Last Chance, free of extra ehorge  Beef, 2d a&d 30 cts; Mutton, S5 ots: and no deviation*  FRED.   LITTLER.  *  F. V, LEE,  Auctioneer, Mining Agent*��������� and Collector.  RICHFIJ5LD.  ^������- All Agency Business attended to.  ���������m���������������������������"������.���������i��������� T"*"iwf num. ���������.^  E. C. GILLETTE.  io  .     NOTICE.  A LL PARTIES INDECTED TO ME ^re hereby ������***���������  xX fled that they must o������H and settle their account  en or before the 15th of July, or they will bo put iu-  court for collection.  On and alter the XSlh fit JxAy my terms will be cash.  j$g&* Ofeat laducoments for cash.   Call and ������������*.  .7 ,���������������������������������������������������������������-       Jw Ht goon.  Of yKX���������CAMERONTON.  ���������   ABOUT WINDING  UP OUR Bigness, persons indebted to us are respectfully rs*  quested to eall and settle before the 1st Aug������st������%  ^J*  accounts remaining unsettled  after that date will e������  placed in th<* bauds of an agent for collectlou.    Mtk  T -K. 2. SOLOMON & CO. il  la  ,���������"&  ;.'.V/rHX'  *#V--  ��������� *?*/. :-'���������". '-Y ���������:'  af^'P^liEjj;:i:Td  fJ?J^  fjlARKERVILLE^S^ >65  CARIBOO T^^C^C^^  ;;} C(i&fe$,'a^^  ��������� A-h-.tf. :: 'ii^ Tuesday,;l^yktigust.:  Alexan^ri Stewart m Jamdai Brpwh.���������The,  blaitiUif. Arid; -u^^i^aritY^y^tneis in the;  wliatChoer-co'y pn ^l^alK^^rc^/"\; A dispute arose* betweenuthem about: woriing on  the claim/wjben defendantstruck plaintift-witb  \ pick !onUhe: jarlgjra^u\: !sbp;$der i^wMcbinca-  mcMed himfrdm wo'rkllThepiaiiitiffh  )g testified'to;a? very; ui^pro v^keclrassault the  |ja������istratjpt^^^^  jo violence.?';'. ""*'' i,V V,.,. ~u .,,] j,, :_y. .'*, ���������.  Prisojier^I told uhimx (pro8ecutor)v: iii je  'ould touch the bucket a second time I would  Irik^'nlfeV^^  lm..:    :. J   \* ;'  ;- ��������� . uZA'A- '      * ������  Mr. Cox���������I will fine you the costsjof court.  rtiv i*ril 1 * nrtf"erir������ikn������ '+lfn-rvl *tintiff! !'ffain*."������**������������*!  again."  Doctor); There's ho costs, Doctor, for you to  \f>ny?:-X':'XyZyA y- ''"y'y ������������������"  : .   ���������/ ; ..;  j Dr. G.,(lb6king well pleased)���������Thank your  lipnot;'      Z "'��������� ���������  THE LEADER OF TOE:"MIXSTREI^??IN..TROIJBLE.  This was an assault case arising out of the  foregoing case, Dr. Canavan being the prosecutor and Bill Wright, the well known ''minstrel f,r tlie defendant.  .Dr. Canavan, being sworn, testified���������This  gentleman (pointing to tho redoubtable Bill)  struck me. ���������  Mr. Cox���������Did you strike the Doctor ?  , -Biil 'Wright (looking most penitent)���������I suppose I did, j;our honor, but it is just what he  heeds: every; day. in his 1 ifc; [laughter] I'm  verysorry for striking him, but it was only a  slap with my liand on the ear, (just the way a  father would punish liisson).' , :i  \  Mr,'Cox���������Doctor,.did he knock ybu down ?  Dr.: C.-~No, I was! leaning on the counter of  the saloon at the time. ���������:���������-;��������� yxx Z^'X  .row tbeni   I'll dismiss 'this case also. i(To,the  u will' not strike the  1 Prisoner~pNo, .  I Mr. Cox���������If yb.ii.do I will jine you,$25,be-  ig'the full extent of the lawiiY ���������'? >y< ������ f'y.  I Prosee^r���������Your bonor^ Fy e <three wit-  bses here off work a^meriin'toir places;  jilI Lhavfeto,pay..4lJ0"m.?ll.., A^Z ZZAu A,,.. Z  i Mr;:Cox^���������Whajt did \you: - want'/witft /three  fitnesses?*. :" ��������� "y y'. ; i'AxZ<Z. ��������� "Ay [i',,^-' x  I'rosecutbr^To.fe^  ssault -was;-' ��������������� '���������'- y ���������   ������������������ x y < y" .��������� ��������� - ;*, yyxxz y  Mi\ Cox���������Well, one w  |at, AnA i if you;haS.p)fly;br^ip[ftne I Svoujet  tve allowed you his expenses.        -        *��������� '���������'  Prosecut6r~-Tlien I must pay the witnesses?  Mr. Cox���������Yes.     \. \\, ���������/ ,,y  ' Z:Z Z..Z  [We must certainiy dissent ;from the deci-  ion of ^iiv^th^Magiltf ate ��������� asTb^ing far too  inieiit. If a wan ^pminW "Aai. unprovoked  baiilt, as was admitted in this case J: the law  ioultibc strictlyrcarried oiit, oth^  ��������� a jpremiu^l^ wi"^  commit every kihd o������ lawless Violence.]  Clerk) There is no costs in this case either.  JUSTICE vs. GOOD.NATURE.  \yAZ.ir. AN;M^^'I^Cp^T..;v.y yyyyy X  |Dr. E. j. Cahavari summoned;^Harras lacit-  jstein lor usingitto^  hereby lie was pla^d in bodily fear. , yiA  IE. J. Canavan sworn^Yosterday ��������� morning  r. Ltchensteis came to me and called irie bad  lines, so, fead that I am ashamed to;mention;  n{; ne subsequehtly^threatened to" get my.  oat cut at 12 o'clock:last night.  Mr. Cox���������It's^ideht, Doctor* that be did  |t do it. [Laughter^ f  Doctor CanavanW-He did hot; he is at fche  lid of certain parties who will earry oh war  fthcknif'eunless they are prevented; [langh-  |] he shook his������fetln: my i*ace, and I thought  (1 "have knocked me down..  r. Cox���������Did he knock you down ?, i  )r.C��������� No,   "-..:;. Z-- A-A-ZZ-l A       - y':"  it. Lichensteih---poctor, are you an M. D,?  r. C.���������Yes; I anil  r. L.���������Doh?t you think D. D. would Vbe a  r re appropriate title ? ���������; .  ifr. Cox���������What do you mean by D. D.?    -  "Ir, L.���������"Drunken Doctor," your honor.  reat laughter.] i    X  tr^Dr. C���������I claim the protection of the court  iWr. Cox���������ThatTa just what lam doiiig,Doc������  , giving you protection,  "r. L.���������I will prove that the prosecutor is  Hrunkard, and establish his, being nothing  t a common bummer. (To,the Doctor) were  i intoxicated yesterday morning ?  )i\ C���������No I   [Laughter in court.]  r. L.���������Have you been sober one day since  lii came on the creek? .  ���������)r. C���������I think I liaye; I think I am sober  v; your honor, this man is the head of a  ���������ty who want to prove me a bummer and  runkard"to frighten me away.  8PIr. Cox���������I think, Doctor, this is only a tri-  TOg charge..:  ..-,   .��������� a ���������'���������''.'"-"  ���������lr. L.���������Your honor, this bummer's object  &)nly to give trouble; I have never beenbe-  jWe a court before, and there are gentlemen  Pfc who can prove that I did not use threat-  Mng language to him.  * fir. Cox���������I know that Mr. Licheiistein is a  ceable man wfeo has. not b een here before,  ink, Doctor, you have been irritated when  Ipi took out the summons.   Don't you think  ^Mi had better withdraw the casei ? : ���������     . .  ������Ir. L.���������I would like to see his diploma;  ft^s no Doctor,be was only in an apothecary's  ^ ) before; he'll kill people if he's allowed  practice. '���������"���������'���������.'/,.���������      ., \,t..'-'        ���������  m*. Cox���������I suppose what others don't cure  f.U kill I  [Roitrs of. laughter.] Tl! dismiss  cu.se neither party to pay costs.   (To the  -j-'  To tiiEi Editor of the vCartboo SE^'r^^tBL.,^'  ; Siii^I am on e of the unlu cky mi ners; ��������� who,  having toiled for iyears, ain'still struggling':on  in the.: hope that I *. may strike ''something^  some day."-.    ,  :xy ;.' -:':.'; : - Xy-  -:y At this;present inomeht; ho we ver I am; without adollar|i know where I" couldJ; go with  every-probability.of finding they"something^'  I haveibeeK looking for so lorigpif Ii;could  procure iafortriight's ,f (grub I Ion credit I should  set off to-morro w; but unfor tuhately: h������he - Of  the inercliants hereiwill give,me the required;  credit^becauseIthey;say tliey?cannot collect  what is due to them, and they prefer keeping;  their goods in storei;to'selling.them without  the cash,or good security. -yZy' '���������-��������� = -; '. > - i  '���������'���������: Now, it seems from>what they state, that  many of the miners on the ciepk (if there existed' th e means of compelling tlieni):are.quite  able to pay; their store bills, but being confident of.their power to; impose upon the good  ���������nature of: Mr.- Cox (whose heart is ahvays.  open to a tale of distress), they deiy store  keepers, collectors and court; and hence the  poor but honest j man is likely to die of; starvation, when he might otherwise beiprofitably  employing his time in-|jrespecting. .iZZyiy"'  Z; There is no one.who feels more respect for  our worthy,;; good tempered Commissipner  than I do, but I cannot help thinking that top  much leniency in a community like ours is, a  little imprudent.:  :���������-:������������������ I cannoty blame\ the merchants, who must  account for the goods to the creditors below,  and if.; times do no t ini prove wil 1 p rob ably  have to give an account to Mr. Cox himself;  and -I submit, Uv. Editor, that ..our valued  Commissioner will not look with much favor  on the long'list of bad. debts that must undoubtedly accrue in the event of a little more  stringency, not being, applied to debtors ion  the creek. '; '.,  Pickaxe. \  August 15th, 1805.  The Inauguration bi raE;DAOTEiSTAi^E^  ���������Florence cdrrespbriderit writes:���������AA touching  incident has beeni related tbime in cbiinectiohi  with the unveiling of the colossal stattieiof  Dante oil the Piazza SantaCroce.   The sculptor, Paz/i. a native'of Jhe city in which Daiite  died, had bis aged; father, living at Ravenna;  Just four days before that fixed for the festival , news came that the old man was sick  unto death.'  The son,, with a natural craving  to see h im once mo re in 1 ifc and close; his  eyes, would have hurriedi away at once. But  the moment was critical, and his presence in  Florence all important.   There was still much  to be done which he.alone could properly direct; the pedestal arid its ornaments were incomplete^ and had to be temporarily finished  so as to pass anus ter at the ; ceremony; the  committee for the" erection of ��������� the mbuurae'nt  declai'ed it impossible to spare ithe artist, and j  put a resolute veto oh his departure!-:"���������"��������� Natii^  rat atfection hadto yield to the voice, of vpiifc-  lic; d.utyi,,, Had the sculptor absented himself j  a- p o������sfp oin em en.t of IKe ^elibTa'iiO'lf,^ffrotl^a������?  some;great deticiency^muit hayei been.thcre-������  sult.H:-So poor" Pazzi! bacr to remain; and his^  triumph as: an artiste th0King's flattering:  words, and .the .mark, pf idistinctiori b estowed  $pon him, were embittered by the Sews bf his  lather's ,deatlif:; ..-.. -ZZyZy. iZAAZZyX. yZ"i yi  i :HoRRroi.E GRUEi-TT^rrrA man; and his wife  nimed Lai re; tag-make rs,.v residing^; at Belleville, France, have just been tried; by the Tri-  banal of Cpf rectibtialT Police,; charged with;  hayingfcrjdelly nialtreat6d their apprentice^a  little girl named Augustine Greland, ten y  of age. It app eared from, the evidence that  ;th"e poorigirl had been placed; with thopris-:  oiiersfor the^ purpose of'learning to make  New Coal Field.���������A company has been  formed at New Westminster to d������velope a  coal; field at English Bay. Thc prospects of  the enterprise are said to be very favorable,  and every inducement is held out to parties", to  take shares. Coal mining is so profitable a  speculation all over the, world that we have  no; doubt there will be many eager to take up  theatock> Some of our fortunate Cariboo  .miners should give an enterprise like this support, as bf doing so they will not only bring  profit.tb themselves but assist materially in  developing the resources of the country in  which they have amassed their money. They  may safely make the investment without any  apprehensions of an Export Duty being imposed.  Another Fight for the Championship.���������  Jem Mace has challenged the present champion, Joe'Wormald, and they are to fight for  ������20aVsi# and the belt Mace expects an  easy victory. It will be bis last appearance,  in the roped ajena. To which ever side victory may incline, lie will retire from "the profession," become a Vice-President of the  Benevolent Pugilist Association, and hold  levees and sparring reunions in the gallery of  lite "hostelry."  ^* All who desire GOOD COFFEE and Fine Spices  c:m havo both by ahvays asking for FELL & CO'S which  cjn bo had from all riwpyjctablo Sum* kcqwia.   Be  aw? rru got it with our trade label ou ������ach pics^g**.  tags, and;.that��������� they had; not johly. half staiTpd  AM cruelly, beaten her, but; had*; when she  had; not been able to: get through her w||rk so  soon as.they expected;tortured;ber,by ;buri-  hig her 'facej riecKi and arms:," sb'm^nes'with;  acakdle andat others" with aihot Iron; sucih  as laundresses use - for ���������; fluting: the-bprders ~ of;  caps.? ^he childr was present iii ftburt,,with  all the marks of''th'6 burns ���������still visible.' 'She  tpld;.the story of her sufi^rihgs;%ith great  simplicity, and all she said was fully .confirmed by a fellow-apprentice, and a medical man  who had examinedr the wounds while-fresh.  Tlie prisoners pretended that their only object  was to cure the^child; of her idleness, and that  tiiej- did-notknow the ,-iron was so hot The  evidencevbeing cpnciusiyei ;the. tribunal con:  victed both prisoners, ^and condemned the  hatband to 18 and the* wife to; 12 months3 im-  .prikonment, and each to a fine of lOOf.  "j$& Ayshort time since a large ship, laden  with-cotton, was wrecked on the coast of Ire-  landr ands.when-theiagent :of the underwriters  visited-tlie wreck he found that the cotton was  unpacked and floating upon; the /waves on thc  rur.-ged .^horbs. .opposite ' itosscarb.eiTy. ' The  sea-wai.^Wteiiied-"TOiC'jiabiifcs i5TJitlb[--"5������Oriibns'.oS  cotton which it was determined- to offer for  sale by aiiction.; The highest bidder proved1  to be1 ai Liverpool spbculator, who wassiiffi-  cicntiy venturesome to offer. ������250, or 10s. per  ton, for the whole quantity. At this figure;it,  wasiknocked down to him, and he at once set  to work - to ������������������ see ure "��������� the-; c o tton wh ich had * thus'  been cast upon the waters. ������The sea brought  it to shore as fast as it could bexpicked up,  and soon fifty acres of laud were covered.w]th  tiie'produce of the cargo, and nearly a hun-  tlrcdmen and women were.employed in turning it about alter the manner of making hay.  until it was dry. -It was then piled up in  enormous ricks and ultimately shipped for  Liverpool. In this way nearly the whole was  saved, and the cotton bought for 10s. per ton  / ASS-ASSItfAflO&^bt to^  traordihary^ act was: perpetrated;ori; Dr^llad-  '4bU;s fann, iat Ardralia.. A donkey and pony,  iwei'e grazing together, apparently on thebest  term, when the former,-'without any provocation , caught his companion by the throat' and;  held'liim-fast until he choked him. Every ef-T  tort, to release the pony proved useless.���������Skib-'  bereen Eagle, y t- -<y. y ���������/. i \; -. y: u.- i:. ��������� y ���������[���������';;; y. ** (���������  J&S- A poor; peasant woman, near Agrain  went off to work, leaving her two children,,  one in the cradle, behind. ;The family pi|r  forced its way into the bedroom- from; the  kitchen, where it was usually fed, upset the:  cradle, and began devouring the infant; ^ Tho ���������  second child, puly. two years of age, shrieked  fearfully until assistance arrived,,but not \?c-  fore the pig>,. hadv eaten theybabe's, legs and  arms;-" ��������� 'i.ixy- t^^Z^u  yy- je^ Someextraprdinaryirifle sliootin^tpok:  place at Crloucester, on the<27th May last;in ���������=  a matchbetween thc^City b;f;Bristbl:a^d;ther:  -one marksman made tour btill's-eyes: and one r  beiitreibntiof five rounds;v^hd a:h1)tlie?lhi^tt^  bull'S-eyesand two % centres 'out; of. the same  number. *:*   u' ^ :y"' ' '4\L   V; ^ ���������/'!"' ���������''''" ��������� i"  -  '��������� jf^Soiri^Df.'tlib cbttoiiMUis ict BIacklitirn, v  which have teen closed for three years; 'arey ;'  it is seated; preparing.U;T  Anticipated that a,scarcity of hands will short?  ly be felt afeBlabkbiiniv i uln^Bristpl thlB^G^tY*  We^tern^Cottoni Worksi ;clbsed; M;tln^^arav: %  are jbeing, prepared Jprspinning!b^ratio^l^S  ���������:l* !'-���������"���������������������������������������������,; ,xyy:y^^u{;mA.h>b. i>ll ���������-���������������������������'���������  /pHE UNDERSIGNED, is prepared to CLEAN -BLACK;.  ������. SAND- BLOWlKGS;and PANSINGS, oncoramikgioii;^  Or ?wlll purchase ��������� any quautity on :tlic "ifost;tibcraI  Terms; i - Sam pic* solicitor!:"1 Apply;'��������� liyicttcr or other- '���������  wise^atthe Princ������LOf Wales claims - y* ���������=*.-">���������; -U-.'.'--... *  -,��������� 7,. .. ��������� ':., -A-. X'L li IU: i ,     ...; k :.  I YJOHN ^CAMH.y  M<aMl(M.  Lh PARTIESviNDECTED;T6 MEiaro ��������� heroby noti^. -  fled that they mustciill ami. settle, their, accounts  en drbefor* the 15tli :ofiJuly, or ;cthey^will bp ptit in  court for collection. .    ^1  On and after the 15th ofJalyi������y ternis will b������ imh.  ���������YJSST Great-inducements for cash; : Cutliand^SQfl.: y! .-. ;���������  *Z :.:y'^. ���������,.,; ,-..;,C,.^^  4 8 WK ARE  ABOUT WINDING CPvOURB^S".  ix itess, ^srsobs indebted 'to ias are^nwpocti'ully r������-'  quested io call and settle .hefor������.,the 4st AugHSL ���������,. AH  account a re������i''"inJmg anaeUlpd alter that dau will t>#  placed ia th������ hands of a'n"-aj('ent:'(br cbilection*. .-  ���������������������������������������������1 A \ .yyy yyiyuy^i' E. SALOMON tCQAux  ���������rp5K' PARTNERSHIP ^htrefeio^ i^t^tvu  X Frank Wav ahd.G. B^WaiGHT, in the Deap Cr������*c4c  ������������������������������������������������������     -     ������������������    '*������������������...'. .Frank,  &������'debts.  WAf,  b. muamx.  JL    TBAMt -IV AY ftUa.Ut,  O.:;>W KlI^iiT, IU ,Wi������ U9p  Ranch; Is hereby dissolved by mu tiu'aTconaent.ii  Way will pay all the liabilii^s and viilectall tiii  - ..;,,y yylAX'x,     IfKANK w  aD.MP Cre*>;;4th iJiily, 16fl5.  y 8Jia  w ������������������ vv:t  ARD  M.zlCKSMITH; iMACIIINIST -AND; MA^Vr.  rACTuasa OF" Coosjfis'Q RanosiJ, :  .  e -,   ��������� BARKERVILLE, B.C.  .;   y  nal venture of ������250,  ':W- A curioua story reaches us from Vienna "A poor wretched-looking old-woman  went to a braneh pawn-office in that city to  nled"������e the only, article of; value left heiv^a  small gold locket. The clerk scarcely looked  at itvere he asked tbe owner where she had it  from. She declared it'was her-9W^propextyr:  and it came out that the old woman found m  the clerk her long lost son. Many years ago,  when this woman was keeping a farm or her.  own at Funfkirchen, in Hungary, her son was  drawn as a soldier, and on his return heard  the melancholy news that his mothers cottage  had been burnt down, that she had left the  village soon after, and was probably dead.  Thus mother and son had lived in Vienna  without meeting, and ifc was only a locket that  had led to a recognition,"  J.   McNeriianie,  BARKERVILLE,: B. C.  rnia; was last: heard from in February, I860^  was residing at Watsonville, Santa Cruzcoua-  OF JAM ES: WALKER, who om igrated from Alh i nn,.  Canada West, in 1857, and came, across th* pliiu*  toiCaliiornu  \v.hon he  ty. ; An v in format ion sent to this office, addressed to  Samuel .Walker; will.be thankfully receive.1.  San Franciseo *Alta,J 'Bulletin,' Sacrimento ���������Cnirfn.'  "Idaho 'World,' a ud Portia nd 'Oregon ti n, ? please c������ >py  and send accounts to office of this paper, i .   ..: J.,.,  THE SUBSCRIBER���������'1i*gs to inform hU friends ������nd  Miuars in general that ho is once again ia the������������������ft>l?J- *ud  will k,*ep constantly on hand aOOD FAT.BEEF and  MUTTON, which ho will deliver on Burns Creek, Nelson Creek, and Last. Ghouee, freo of estra ebttrtt*.  B9������f. 25 and 50 eU*; Station, 33ct������; and n������ deviatioa,  i'RED.  LinLBB.  X  1 ~-.~-y.'*';**l-*p-V.''.T*  ������.     .;ir.'aa*M4i.������i.������������wi.i������������������X~wMwi ' rr,.-.%.��������� ���������.--  ...  ffi  35B  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  Cards, iBillSeads, Circi4ars, Bdster^Kaitdi  Prb^^jisme^ {pr Ba^kad Thealiieal   \  'it   ���������   En^rtaiiinie������ts,   ;, ��������� ��������� . \x ,  Sxeobted .frith ^eatneiss and dispatch at this Office.  ��������� -(, V     V{ jEg* Terms Moderate.-^'    X'l f%   ,.���������  -. *!iyr^o^$*ntmel������ trtilce, - '��������� \ --'-*���������-��������������� ��������� -  - - * ���������* ���������?1��������� ������������������ ��������� -  BarkervXtla,  "Williams Cr������ek. X ;; ^  THE BANK OF  BRITISH  Incorporated Jojg Royal Charter. {  !{.|fp$l, 250,(300.  I^;12,# SHARids,  OF $100 EACH,Aj -.,  ���������J&iWith Power; to Increase, i   ' 'H y.  RE AD ING    RO G Mv  ; yXyXy {.���������'"���������' \X. yy'���������..��������� . . ASH ������ yy     ';, .';'       .,.:���������{ ,���������' '��������� - '-' ���������"���������"  , yp  ^ ;  JpsA TERMS OF^USCRU^TION have been reduced to  A $2tper month j ��������� above 100 volumes of New Works  have been;only lately stdded. to the circulating Library.,*  pariiw"awsolicited to' subscribe;  AH  J. K.  SUTEFt,  mining Agent and broker,  RICHFIKLB. ';yy \ h ��������� ������������������ \ _  kinds of Agency Business attended to.  Office oppbsite thc Paris arid London Hotel.     '*  THE BANK OP  British ������"Nortih  ierica.  ;.iEfiT.^BIIBHED is  183$ IxqonroaitE������ sr Rqya^  GEARtEki  -     "-y   ��������� T*  ��������� ������������������^jbQLONIAL ;:HQ;TEL^:{:\'-��������� [  V':    .New Westminster, British Columbia,, j,  Messrs. Grkllky Brothers, .. i*'. ���������;"''{  .'��������� - ���������"*���������'; Proprietors.  Paid-up'CapitaV ������:������ f  TJiidivided Net Profits,  $5,000,000  y600,000  JOHN BOWRON, Librarian.  I  LVifAF  Jttv  ,.���������;��������� r$&1^ > P  THE ACCOMMOiDATION wMch, this House affords to,  iravelers���������'osnnbt .be surpassed;; tlieTable.is: well,  supplied with ..'th������ 'best' tbeI marmot affords; 'and the Bar  i������ stpsked?vr till i.the PurestiLiqUors>?Bedsjr; Stabling,  ~H*y;and' Q*lkyyX.yXX....y.y,:i.;;. yM-; .-*; w.'.^:*y *���������*' ���������;���������;  HA^OPENEB THE'AillSVE -IlOUSiE *fcr;tho rcce^-  fctoujofetravelers; the Table is * well������������������ kept and the  YiU^ubraicaiin6t{:������ei surpassed;:J the ^Beds ;arc. =clean. fand  v^swfo'rlablp; Stablinj for Horses;; Hay and Oats at  y BLAIR BROS* Proprietors. {{  fqr.i ,  with the  Y;������������okingii.._.- _  t������satry,^ Bedrqonie ;lory|irtiliesnStabhug^Hayirnnd  ^mA ^Tbe Stage{BtopS:at the 111 Mile, "{louse overnight  ������ i������?way down;country. {",.'��������� ,',.'{>' X   ���������,, ,,     s...     :.  ���������A  ���������F^S^URANfrrr-"  P. 4������. ^OHNSONf Propbietc������, ;Zz  XMe$^:h&:^^  :' f'Zy " yZ^ '^scifipiii������M���������?A;-;;>"������ --x-xs-^.." ���������������  ���������y ;1 - -   { IN VANCOUVER KL.VND, * * -? {.   "  VrCTORIA���������Bank of B rilish <3ulumbia-  KAXAIilO���������Bank'of. British Columbia; {  ;    ;   IN BRIXXSH1 COLUMBIA,  "S^AiLS���������Bank of BriUsli, Columbia;,,' :..'-  MORrH-QUiESNEL-^Bauk of British Columbia;''  - :yIN;THE UNITEH STATES,    i  SAX TRAXClSC^^Bsnk'of4 British -Columbia;  '".  PORHiANI), OREGOX^Bank^f British Columbia;  ;;; Zi'Z' Z-y-^$M^AZZ..Z^ .  ���������   '   s BANK ' OF' MpK-TBEAL, '  ��������� /.yy BRANCHES k\%#EXbim\..   "���������[  MontrealTdrontoJ^ Quebec,."Hamilton, London; King-  ���������.'���������*:stbn';' X)obbur&  BeHevilie, ;Brahtfor(l,: "Brock-  ���������;X -vjUs, Whitby,vPeterbor6, Ottawa ^Guejph,:.: *'���������  .-;.;..; ^y^.^derich^^ratlbrd, IMcton/lVrUi, y      \.yu  :XX',-Xi       = ���������ii'i;Simcoe,.St. Catlierines;  **;���������'?;���������; ������������������':,'^Mi^Msii^D^Z',        Z  M:fY ���������   '.���������������������������^ ���������     ^y-yy> ���������������������������'���������'\: .',���������   \ .*���������'���������***--        ��������� ���������;  ,  j ���������.:���������  ; LpNpON^anls-; ^^riti^Columbia-is^g JLonibArdrSt;,  ' CURRENT 'ACCOUNTS 'opened mr ;auy amount.no)  ���������less thnn: One Hundred -Dollars.''     *   '       '"''���������J '  XX Bilbj^Biscountedand; Colloctcd ;.and Bills of Rxohange  phased{{{;' ,./ . ���������. ': A ��������� V '     ; '. ���������"   '���������   ���������. . ���������-     ���������  V: -Draffs issued;onfall the Branchesiaiid Agencies.x '���������':. y  i ;Government -aiidbther;Securities "received-forvsatfe  custody; interests ahd'DiYidendfl -collected.        . y *'-���������}  ���������xiZZ- y ?,-..RORTxHOPE,ix,yy,mr'  CZW&M -iiA^^Oi<^,:y^b^ briirfiin  XjXGKQCmWS, ���������?*rapVISI(^^&c.i;Fcrt^^:B;;.C;{  HICK'S ll6tEL, LYTTONiSQOARK, KfiW AyBSTMI.NSTEB,  By C., Phjlip Hicks, Proprietor. The above fav~;  iorably known house is now open toithc;public; the Bar  is constnn'tly s������pplied" with r>thc' clioicost bra'nds Of.  Uqiiors nnd Segars. B:������;y;  ^c������ived:on|Depositit;or������ Advances.* m%?3o*uponi; th������m.  and returns 'roado*  iiViCfot������ Dust.Melted and;; Assayed,  within 24-hours,;     y ,, -  ������������������  {{'Ore^fof'every deacriptlon carcfu'lly {Assaved.  I "{Cameronton, "Williams^Croek..   yxx ���������'\   _ ��������� '���������  HENRY. HOLBROOK," ���������'Wharfinger, Forwarding and Commission Merchant, kUyd^r iu Pro-  ivisions, Feed, &o. i'i.Boiudcd storage' for 1000 tons of  Goods in, Stone Firo proof. Warehouse. ,Goods Forwardr;  ed up couh'try, and. every p.ecoimnodaUoii given to vessels lo a d ing or disclm rgi ng at the5 Li verpbol o r 'Upper  wharf.   .New Westminster, British Columbia1; ���������{ y  4)X  : ���������;��������� NOTICE; "'y'-Z-iyZiyx  A LL KINDSOF;i)R\' GOClDS.^CLOTHING,; BOOTS  iX niid Shoos, can he.bought. cneapftr at the store.of  the u ndersighed t ha n at any ot her. place\ n the' colony^ {  E very ariicle iiiarked. iii plain figures. Tenhs--^CASH*.'  N. B.������������������Orders'ifromi the upperiicniintry receive prompt  attention: 'yyU- {: y.{ -vrlARTHUR BULLOUi^:- -i  i.'f S ",{   Opposite Colonial Restaunint, New Westminster  Head^Ofpioib: 7, ST.HELENS PLACE LO^DO^i  '~ZZ:yZ ;;^':Y12STABLISHMENTS': -X  SAW^ANOiSCoi^F. H;Grain & W; S. Sutherland. Agecu  New 'vbRK-^Walter Watson & James Snntli, Agents-  Montreal; - - Quebec; Toronto;      Hamilton ���������'  Kingston;ii;i London, C.W; "Brantford;   Hsdifai" it,  :   T  i J'St. Johins,i*N;:B^ |^Victoria,.V.,L u X^>x  ���������.���������;<���������*.*���������*/ y.;:;;"^'7;^^: AGiE*NTS:':yZ' ' ���������-'��������� ii X*   !*  {&OTLAyfcKaUb"nar Bank"of Scbilahd; : .  IreliANn^Provincidl Bank of;Irclantl;v?Y:  FRA.vt-E���������Marcuiird, Andre & Cio, Paris; ���������  Ai^TiiATiA���������Union Bank of Australia;  LvniA, China &: JAPAN-^bartered Mereantila Biuk ol  -.,'���������' India; London an{d China: ���������  , BRAiPrS ISSUED, on Ix������ndbn, New York, San Fmiw  Cisco, Canada New Brunswick; Nova Scotia, imdontli  tlie Rr������ucbes, of; the^ National^Bank of S^oiland aai  i'roviricial Bank ot Irelan-J.     , . -  . Bills .of Exchaiage/aiul purchased,  { Interest On'Special DeiwslUs of Mohoy{allowed at tii:  ra te of a' quarter of one per cent, per month.  #0* The Bank'receives Gold vDust and Bars for Mh  keeping/without charge; undertakes the .purchase aid  sale of Stock; the Collectionpt;Bills and other mon^  business in tne United {States dnd {British Proti  laotf.  flj^OKtfifindva ;superTof  Silver WATCHED, Gold Chains. .Buckle^YPlated^Vare,;  'CIocksjy5&q. i Particular; attention .paid; /to. repairing*  : Watches a nd Je wel ry. All; work- wk rran ted. X ,0 rUers,  from the-couniry promptly attended' to.    '  ;    ��������� '.,������   ���������', -  Fell &  Co.'s Pure^ Cofiee.  ������������������:    QUESNEL   "MOUTH,:-Y    u,,.,,,  Good B������dg; RoBtaiultilt; Billiardi Table,  ,..'.;.':.yj;;.. { . Stabling ^rHor^sjHayJand y  &C  CARIBOO WEST.  .1  iH E abovciplenllid Hotel; is how ope u fori tbe; pu^il ic;;'  ,ntlie proprietordiaying^takien great pains through th e-  wmtbr to^maUO;itvitbe{mt>st^ siupefioi*ybouse in Cariboo.  Crood accommodation^; with {suits bf rooms for ladies  ' or private* parties Attached'to this Hotel is a ������������������-������������������  ���������-.*'������ \yFit^^' Class- Restaurant &;Barj '   { ';:'.  where" wn be obtained the most choice brands of "Wines,  .Iiqaors^Cigarsi-'&c*.1''-/'     ;'      ' ,"       ���������"'   "���������������������������"'  t-t' ���������- '���������- U������ ? Si. Ti. -��������� McCavfery, Proprietor: ;i.v;;  QiFORBOB'G &" RifJEFF, Commission Mer-  ^CHANTjn ^VJiolesalo "poalprs; JuGrockkies and Pro-,  visions, "Wharf street", Victoria, -y .   * 3m  (j^BGAiR &:^AIME, Comimssiori MercSianSi'  Xj Wh ol osale: Ben lers ,i i i G roorr rfes a\d Pro vjsioif's^.  Wharf street.-i^Victoria, VancouyerIslahtl.; \   ./���������; .4 s{-  yyy/m&AM..-- -  - ������������������ Gold Br st MeltNt a nd Assayed,' ��������� arid returns ma k  within 24 hours in Coin or^Rars. y y    '   -  ; Ores of Wery description carefully Assayed.  .������������������:,; x?:"B^^T^.4n^Puottolas.:A^.,t^4.Uo djspQaal;of.Abe.p������:,....  coeds of{ Gold Dust, for warded to the offlce fn.TIiiork"  (Ori Assay wiU^e carb'lully^attcndod tKvy'-: fUy ?''    "���������  J. G. SHEPHERB, Managec.  ;;.:VictoriBY*Y\-Pi.May,'lliO&v'ZZP '^"^ lX !v"^": u  1T. OEORaE HOTEL; yiewStreet, Vic.  LOWE BROTHERS, Commission Merchiahts  a nd ^Importers' of .J'no visioxs) ��������������������������� Grockb iEs/'Frtipch :'  \ylhes, ';.;Ljquors_i?'.iHava na Cigars j Naval Stores^ Ropej  Canvas, Oai-s, &c.rWharf street, Victoria.    .  .'���������< .y$yy-  FEIit.O"WS.^^ROSCOE jfc5 CO:; Importers of  X:i Gexerxl- "HABnwi*RBYANi) 1ro>7 Moore's 'Biiildlnig,  vates Street, Victoria, V.'. I. ���������;;  ���������2nii;  '.y%i������.  ''^^clikj^z^t^:^ i; -  j0& R^NvOP I-8 ^H������A ?a R .0.^ ,<    : ���������  ;BAKEK^b;v0ENElU  {^, ^ -*������ t ^K^ONGr^EF'^'CO;" '"Wl ���������: -"  - yiporters *nd Dealers m CHINESE^ GOOB^: Riee, S������^:  ������������������'?.:������������������.*     ;-j''*-v n^gari^af Provisions^ hy/,;    Ki ;.^. y  iy y,yV:j^E;jfeE.Ii,;:M'OU^E;ViY:i-.J. y  Z$Z' " ��������� -" ^   -���������' Wji������; MOSES. ' '{'.. :J;^'��������� ^ {^;..  :fg^rbi?S^H.Aia <m ^alling-^n^  .-������������������'J.'   Ax-' :������������������ y' -y ������alhand' have -it'1'-.:. ���������      ���������   ���������   "���������'.  ,, BEiBTGREiD-feefbT^ you are bald "hiea&edi >��������� [  HIBBEN-& CARSWELIi^ Importing Boblr-i  : SELLERS &;bTATIONEU% constanily Supplied"and  foceiying from;bestscairces,:SchooK:Standard,.andMis-  ��������� cellanepus fBopks, ati d i'Stoplo and FancyvSt ationcry?iiv  alt its Brancbes -; ���������Corner vat csVand; "Langley si roots, (  Victoria, Vancouver Island.   ���������'������������������; s     '  AlsM^ZtB^  llX:' If a nu racture .Steam., Engines, and- Boil *rs of,. a 11;  size's; Quartz Mills, Mining Pumps; Flouring Mills. Gang,i{  Sasb,; Mulay and Circular = Saw Siillsiv Iron audi Brass 1  Castings,, and everything, connected with the 'business. ]  y s ..; . ;,,.,; .,... ; SPRATT & .-KRIEMLER.- yl  toria,:. This Hotel, to -which is attached a Rosub.  rant and BV R<)om, is o'rie ot the1 most' eomfOrubU  csUbH3bmehts of the kind?6u\th#'Paclfic;Cjwi������t. Well  fu rn ished .swonife' for isihgle: .petst^nB: a n d fa mi J if s.; Thi  mosI ��������� iinportant London, { Kryhch, and CaIifornia newt.  papers' re'eej Ved" for the usebf; boarders. ,;    la  WLARKSON 4 & :CO.,; BEAiKRS is Bob*8,iiftfATiomv,  K);Music aiid Musical Iiisitruments, NE\Vd AG������>7J,  &c^ Cohunbia Street, Ncw-Wf^tnunstcr. \     ,    s   i  VT ��������� Ai MicCREA, Auctioneer, Wharf Street.  , Victoria^ :yancouvcr,ikland..;  1  DAimEL i SCOTT*&��������� C0.V Auctibrieers and  Com m issiok "Merchants,- * Ci ty Auct ion- Rooms, Fort  street, >"ictoriaii-t C%������sh advancedi on Mercha h d ise, to a������y  amoviiil'.''consignedfforsaie.' i Riferehcc^-Hon..Ri Tu>  IiATSO.^, of H. B. Co  y y,:���������,���������;': W.  p. MOSES,  "I^rkeryUle,fWilliSms Cr������ek.  GAHERONTON.r  !v,y.  'im^ROmH^yruyZAiym  w-E&m&A������i&^  i..:RAL;5IERCHANT,;v_    ������������������.���������;.'���������"���������  ;   '   ' *BrwiSvrSIi6"gifrTi^^are; ^iio/      '{  QUESNEL M������L)pT9iv  *y GIROD & GUICHOf^  ��������� ���������' -;Oiini?v*u^Tisi^HBi>;,i:6BSE^ ���������."':���������;  troyMicIns, ;{wSo������esai^y^yCOm  SIONr:MBRCHANTS,  Storaiffe. &d.--TermB most.Moderate.,....-."  " ���������    ��������� QUESMEL MOUTH.     ; ��������� <l     .  The Oldest  Established Hotel.  ���������<"*"���������  " -ereelc.;" ";,"  on *V7iHi������m������  (jCOTCH HOUSE, ;A.;.HGLean and Co.,,  O Hostprs and' General OcTFiftERS. :; Mhiers.aud  others will-find at the Scotch Hrtuse a splendid stock of  Clipthingj/Boots and Shoes, and,DryiGoods of every;de������<  cription, .1 fi of the t������es t qua li f y, a nd at very mud erate;  prices.   >*or t street; Vic toria'," TV 1 ly     ~y X.' ' s  i'  r  YMJ ;VWANT  BUNSTER..  GOOD  -ALE;   ENQUIRE-'F0i^  T OHN P. COIJCH,, Importer and General  Oi". COMMISSION MERCHANrTcbnimercial Row,WbiVrf  street, Victoria^Vjincouver'Islindl-: v vi.   :;    -**   ���������  /SOLDSTONE and ^BROTHER, Agent* fbr  V*P the Pioneer, Flour.Mills,T Commission Merchant?,  I mportersT a nd Wholesaje; lVoa lers in ii G ro.ckries, Tiq-  .visions, Duv boons,-^^;C!;othixc, Boots andSuoss, M,  twb-stoiy Firoiiroof. Build ing-; Raid's Plock, boiw������������n  ..tlie-stores of^iiWtoe & Co. and Stewart & Co., Wb������f  ������treet^Victo^a^..Yt^.:y.j   :.;:.;i:;{y y;,v,.-.y m .. ..���������..:'���������! i  Ii*HO*l^IiIER,?ImrK)rtcriarid "Dealer in GRO.  J. CERIf-S, PROVISION^ WINES;.*'/LIQUORS, No.  t Wharf street, be twoeu Johnston and 'rates, Victor'?,  Vancouver l5lind.Y ���������, '���������-.'.������������������';.,.���������,,..* 1  '-,,,<.,{.:��������� tiX. y        . 1   s.  RS. i-: GAMERONbe^s; to ihtiuiAte'that gh* has optnr  J.U. ed ihsV PjciXejes- Hotki*' iin iCa-merOnton, which^ is  xteatly fitced ;;up.>v ith every OTnifort; therBeds are clean  antl'well ikept under{ her own��������� superirit,endaii6e\. the  Bar is weilistockert;witli; the:finest LIQUORS; and the  Restaurant will- be supplied with every delicacy. An  bffisieniUCo^k^ng'nged.^Y^.'y.Y'^: ��������� ,���������'- y< ��������� '*y..y."  :: tErbmithe.long experience. Mi's;.;.Cameron -has had in  Hotel keeping on AyilU'amsVCruek', and the large;patron-  age formerly besmwed%}6n her house, she will "leave  nothing wanting in her.uaw Hotel to ensure the support and';.patronage of her old friends.;  '���������>'*&&*Hot"anid.Coid Suppers to behad at all Itours.  ������1 IpHOMAS SHO.TBOLT, Dispensing Chemist  x>_' j X ���������:ann ������rcogist,> i JdlmsiViV"street,; \Victon >.; VI., r*-  Y,.-i  -=  ������m  M0QRHEADvand CO.,' COMMISSION  ���������CHASCSB  visions; Produce,  T^Mmx���������   .~^r^^,   -r       ���������>   r                 , ^-   ���������=."..���������- --���������.        - an- invaluable remedy t������r  H.OMAS. ALiLSOP, Land Agent and G-eii-  this disiivssiug complaint..u                         x' 1-s  iERAKCoiiMissiON Agkxt, Govt?.rnmeni street, Victo- j ^^l,���������;i ���������. ���������.. .-.^ u^__^.- __: ^ ��������� .������������������.  ria, Vancouver Bland. vs  .; j i^UG-ENE THOMAS^Yates' street, Victoria,  Pand   fn^rSS^>f cS  JCE,r&c.^lkrf slTcct, Victoria;^l.>js |:f ;^  -���������  *'��������� ������������������ -'   ��������� . y������ ���������'_     ��������������������������� . :; j. Drugs, Chem i ca Is,, an d Py rlume ry;. a] -<o t o his Mist ������������������������  TOHN W-ELKIE and CO.,.Merchants',{Wharf  O Street; Victoria,���������. Vancouver Island. ' ' s  '  LEISIEVOE &ZCO  ??  Wholesale & :-Ooni0s^n  : |fterclia>iits,-z -  ���������> a  YAtErBBITISH COLUMBIA; "  R. TOWKniu, .has. Removed )his .Office  aad Residence from Fort 'Struct to thc premises  lately occupied by the Mayor on Broad street, Victoria,  V. I.   Oihce hours 9 a. in. to 12, and 8.p. m. to 10.    s  J.  "J. SOUTHG-ATE and CO.,  Union Wiiakp  JD "Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINE?,' BRAND! IM  ������ LIQUORS of every description.^  BEERS, &  ���������warded to the Miiiin? Districts,  Goods f������r-  MOTEL DE FRANCE, Victoria, "V. L, Johx  . Bigne and Pierre Mavciet, Pr������tprietors. Th������ K*1-  t������ irra n t is siinpl i ed w i tl i ;a 11 tb e dw li ea c i*>s, th o m������ rk ���������*  airords. : In the Bar will be found tho oholco^t Ijquost.  Furnished Rooms'; &c. Is  Victoria, V I , and BatU'iy street. San Francisco.  I  Hay and Grain at Lowest* R*te3-  e&ATiS u?������. par ties iniyJng-Teed; y ���������:;'  Good Stabling  ������������������y'���������'*��������� \'S  ;   Keigh.*boring, ,Cre.eks. andi&ulcilies,..; X  JOSEPH <U SPOONEHwUl; run an {Express  Rbgi^arlt, ib'cbhnectlori witiv- Barnard's Express,  from WilliamsVr-*uk to^Grouse, Stevens, Beggs, Antlor,  CuUDingham, andKoithley Creeks.  Letters, &e., to be left a t Express ������fflce, Ricbfleldt  or John Buie^; Barkervillp. .,.���������;-.:...yy!  FrORT YALE HOTEL, ;  {Keiley& Lane, Proprietors,  'fi'eop BED^, Good Accommodafionand theBestof  \% JASWS at the Bar; Stabling for Horses, &c.       k  HKRKBt TAKE PLEASURE JN NOTIFYING THE  public throughout Cariboo tliat'I am prepared from  this date to sell at PubHc^Auclion, on any part of Williams creek, cveryikind of properly, stationary or move-  Y able, such as  Merchandise,;^ {Real --Estate,  Mining  Claims,  gf-, Shares iii Mining Companies, &c,  iFam at all times ready to sell,, on reasonable terms,  any properly whatsoever placed in my hands by Oniciai  or Trade Assignees in Bank nip t cy. * Hav i ng had more  than ten years experience, in- the;various Branches oi  Auctioneering, 1 hopes that any one; requiring my services will be kind enough to give me a,call, and I will  strive to please all who may ; intrust tb eir business tO  me. CASH ADVANCES made on.Merchandise placed  in my: possession to. bo sold, and prom pp.,; settlement of  all transactions; Any person wishing to consult me  will And me at my store, the old Pioneer stand."  Merchandise of all kinds sold at;Auction and private  .sale.     '  ,   ������������������" .'������������������:���������������������������  -..,���������;: ,,   JACOB EIIRENBACHER,  {   '      ��������� ��������� .     Public Auctioneer.  Barkerville, Jund:29th;-1865., ��������� 5  Victoria, Februarv 24, 18C5.  rmiV UNDERSIGNED, ha vi n������ purchased "the good w 111  . of tho late firm ol Gt?n d, David.&;Co., will continue  t ie Wholesale Provision and.CpnintiHfiloti���������Business, al  t ie. store, corh<:    " s* ...���������..  the finn of W  Jcles David will act as Manager of said business', The  blisiness ou Government si root.,wi 11:he carriod on as  heretofore   : .   WEISSENBURGEttfe SCHLOESSER.:'.  f\ RELLEY  6c FITERRE, Victoria, V. U  &>\o Agents dor Napoleon's Cabinet;^Chainpagne,  Pietress<ni de St."'Aubiii Ctiainp.igne dr\% Bi niche, do dry,  Jules Mumm Chainpagno, Eugene Clic������iU:K Champ w&*,  Bokers Bitters,' .Sainsevain's CiiHforniaiWino an I Hit-  ters,; Hostetter's Bitters, Bii hero'ft. Cider, Lnginc Clarsi,  G. PrdllJr Clarct..i,.(A large stock, of ilotuled Wiuw,  tier of ) in slin n a n d Wha rf" st ree t 'Z ii n*der  B vU ri &**���������> "WliikteV^; ii nd' Liquors of every do scr I pi i w  rEISSENBLntGEU&rSCHLOE^SEHi   Mr   always on hand.   .���������������������������**      *-'��������� Grku.ijt k Kitkrre,  :I mpor t ers a ml Who 1. isa 1 e I) w������ U* r?,  j .1-s    .  ,   '.   Junction Wharf and Johnson.sireii*  T?DG-AR MARVIN, Corner Fort and Uwlky  Xj Street, dealer in IRON k HARDWARE. Agent for  the sale of the .Boston Rubber Bells; s   ��������� ���������  LEWIS LEWIS, .CLOTHIER, vates street, Vic-  toria, opposite Bank of British North America,    s  ur.  SUTRO & CO.,���������'" Importers 'Xxn Dkat.krr in  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meersluumi Pipes, &c, S E.  corner of rates and Wharf street, Victoria  AN EXCELLENT RANCH, situated on tho Waggon  Road ��������������� and on wliich a large��������� number of cattle cou 1 d  ho-ori red for .to' tbo, winter, as thera is plenty of hoy for  feoiJiug.   JThery.lriagood Dwelling House, together with  Ciit!������f3lio^fif Staldds, fee, on the premise*,   ���������    ��������� ;     ,  AppJv" byletter, to;"A,'' 'Cariboo B:ntm6l* offlc?.- y%  F. H*EISTiERMA"N, LAND AGENT, 38 Gov.  eminent street, two doors south of Furt street  Victoria,. Vancouver Island. s '  )EMOVAL. JI "L. Jungermann, Watch-  h MAKER and JEWELER, has removed to tho In*-  proof Brick Building, within one door of Wells, Fargo  ���������fe Co.'s Express Ofllee, yates street, Victoria, Y\ L s  DICKSOK, CA-MPBELL^^CO., Commit  si on- Mkrchants; Wharf si r jet,: Victoria, Vancoo-  ver Island. H. N. Dickson k Co., London; Dickson  DbWolf>te Co., $iin Fi-ancisco. ��������� lyy ������������������������������������������������������ . s  TlENiDERSON Ac BURNABY, ��������� Importers  II. and Commissiox Merchants, Wharf si root, vicious  ��������� V, I., a nd No. 17,0iriicech urch street, London.       H  E  MALLANDAINE.COI.LECTOR&GENKRALAGE.NT'  . Gov element street, Victoria, Vancouver Islao'i*  Soda Water & Sarsaparilla  ' ,: rOR SALE.AT THE .  - GAZELLE SALOON, Cameronton.  Y    8 " ABLER & BARRY.    '  TICE   TO MERCHANTS.  TIME js Money, and if you would save both, ship  your Goods by tho Yale - Lyttbii' Route.  A. BARLOW. Commission- and Forwarding Agent  Fort Yale, British Columbia; bogs to inform Shippers  and the public in general that he Is itiow prepared lo  Forward Goods to the Mines on tlie most reasonable  terms, and without delay. Alt goods consigned to the  above will be promptly .attended to Jindslowd in a  iftreproof warehouse,   y . .��������� %m  pUY HUSTON, Ite*u* w'GUNW, pistols. WW-  XX' ise, T^cKi,s,.Pown������i & Shot, Yates streotj^cioij*  JULIUS L0EWI & COi;' IxpobArb and ^LEa^"5  J.Deatjsrs; AgentsforTilton^iMcFarlanl Pirc anu  Burglar Proof Safes and Vault*, Victoria, V. L  , Commission* Mercuants, Rn  CHINESE GOOD** hm  8ttg������r, T<m, Provision*, &c'VOwmoiMnt*tr^������. b"t^  GoVermnent and DQUglns streds, Victoria, T L     8  WONG LKZ'k CO-  porters aud Doah-n  - :n;fi$>  .." ,'L  la  :W  fi  y-im  -y  1  ..'Ui


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