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������'��� .',
-that;-fhe; VbWtiy rmlfehtHbeiunltedrto^British
%lttmbi|iy I'woal&nbw' vent^r^ta^e^fesslri
wishVmy view? upon, theMbjee& '/&& ytyX,\
& iWhether it fwas; wisej ever to���:inake two CoM
ozue?('jQfl Jkii% .*?��? Wo*Hb��' l^zf^^^^d^'bfr.^te^XtooIeyj
nio'uatai��S$��$ Useless*������now to enquire; but
Colonists having feeen;iu^tei^^^ettl^;pn;iihe;
an independent ^muilunitS possessing thoirl
beenfound ttot.'to be *li36p^s���'Jiia'ii'8,/���Siffwlftffa,^
���^P^ftWP^^jt,. ,tJierefoi:e; to; ;support; a. verv
extract. *> Who ,; number; r of\sprmg immigrant
k&gm Mtlyjpfail o$Z&AAiniX$GoSytisrsmal\'-
er than usual. There was no dearth of laborers]
Cariboo warned 'tyff'frestf comers, as every'
vif, u.i^Kjyy..yyjiK-^ '""��,";; ~v ;'rt*?^   n"""1".
..was sp^gt���iuic4o^iiec.itmg,.)5y,a Tpri;g7toe'et^the;
road now connects New;^estminsteFwi$i {he;
sea afe l$irrar&I*^ the ; inbaliifc-j
. ;;"Y"-~"''Y"f
has not altered itB.^A*? $x ?* uas &ds the "one]
; andjlhave ih vai tf asked the nr f0 t any evidence,
���til-uppQift^ j
has* uMseVinftheVColonyi hom : d2bes.it show*if-?
self f'-The gentlemen; /wbow'f^MiUj.ap^ekl^
and the*abolition of: unpopularitaxation^and
circulated in-^he^mihiag-distr!cb^b.ut:^j67>re-.
callediin Cariboo, ^utiinpYone \vould�� attend.
A^e^spaper was^startedJ ufe4tnoitr-idia
general oondlironJoT tEe ��^pr��ny was, however, prosperous. ^e.^iisi;bmB^;-i^^ipta::at;
Road-sid'e Iwuses bh^ tfie'&ati faiti'r^M^Pr'sftTKi&&^Ai*^&^f&-^tfj'ki^Ak^A
batfkraipt as traffic;decreased^y^dimimshed^
tfop'eftil-sign 6'fValf^is\"fo^e It��atf:
a diap.osifcio.nou the part of the miners to purchase land in, Ne w Westmin ster-o^ila^xieif&-
make; Mies inj tb'efColony! britlie Stat&feuper>|
ibfc ic[* eatfh ftther" in&tfcr&ctibn^ it be fbundf that'
at once iepealedi.4 Our great 'publie wprks are *
do nej arl^ if ^ue^export? 'duty j4 thdugh��|u^t jftiis _!
iinpolifilc^wc^ili?not suffer? our uiinerSftd^e
o veriweighted^by ituri^ the--great struggle: << ��
:".    ; SAN^FRANC^^
"��� ftW-Tnt!-.W.,VXrBti-'rtSttAMmnn .*������',  ��-������., '-. ' y
leas tha n^n^^uri|:rgM>l|ar|5
Pried^for' iihyi amount pi&��
custody^ Jnterests^n��||)ivi(lehcisTcollccted ; YYjYYf ���
organ, arid when extraneous assistance ��� -was
withdrawn; it! dwoT^from; Wa"nt ^of^support;; I
���]t.dQestnoJO' "   ^ f**'i^,'..- v ���    >������        T���r--Y
^TheMffotts' of "the- merchants'of-Victoria to
ih^no;\wa��;^ appreck
create such a tdesi^ifiiih^imining districts
ijere,, ho yvevjer,. ,y igproura.u4T w.0 Jl-Ji ^e^ \��� n$p.
. v>l*yijgli^
Uniori;'as a ���sepai'ate; qdestiibnfldoutd/iStani no'
cbaiiQe ofe f: o^taiii^^a-hearmg 'inr���arib ob^lj i\ti
it mjgKjt^eet wiffi some attention on the bust-;
ingsrcoupled with an.abnbgatjoniotfcheexpQrt
a.tibqr; :Syfi"tematicl'a0totidafmig
fitir up the feeling against .the gold tax to a
Wdienti&trt!h^''Jttfi dr%<v^oidightlta .8el��
impojaed.'as^dbla��/^      ���;i^!$?-3 ^^r^'t^ t(.y? I
AIt would j.:ba;^b.e,^
earlier^passedr .t^resol^twl; W^ayop ��� ofVun-
conditio hal^hionl^1 ft; wasino t uiijti 1 thA efforts
to obstruct ���Jhe .Government of^BritwH-'GolOSmf--
���bia^jy sliakin^ ��� the eoafidence of^Jbe peoplejin
| course * was M^ fteAX'&Ao\ig^i&il\ 1 present-
iy sJioyrthat fte^arge^Col ohyijips prcigressed,
Kr48xgjW4' ii^ikiued the letJaraiejexIstenteV
>et it did not escape' entirely uninjured (rom
to. winterythere;^instead ^squandering; their
money in V3ncoruver Island or^Sa'ri Francisco.
;; Ji'ate in> 18644mp;prtant discoveries ;h"ad been
made nedr thei vBritistf Kootenay Pass bf the
rthrough American newspapers that I became
ia;ware^ofrinch>and prosperpus. mining{;existing
}wiffiin^bur/litnits'f' about 500 miles due-east-bf
New Westminster. ; Although the Kdoten<ay
Jmin^s; cpulg, jit fii'$hc be^ pnjy appvoached ?by
jsoon extended British insti tii tip ns,oyer' the new
:rj iggihgs, estab lished Co ur^s; of J its tice, ^an d
IcoUected .taxes.;._, .';..*; A Z* ZZ^LtZ^J^^.	
IThe American prpsp ectors ��� con tin ued to. pour
|in by every opening;iri ourxrugged -frontier,
land \he attraction of tlie' Kootenay Itself spon
;di mmeu% iefore ^^:th^isco vt^ ri^.s: op ;tfre* Big.H^nd
^^Hie^o.lur^IaV had v.fpf in n^e ly:; ;cons���!n1;��
ed"to; license-the :running of,-, steamers^ aunder
the American1 flag/in th eptirel^l^
of/tna!t;river. , Qr^w^s.arrjiv^^^freigirt
kd-in,.; and ...thfe/aSveiiit!1. of: the": win te r~ - alone;
tion^is-r^essar^bf ^4he?motivesTwhich induce
tbe self-damaging attacks* of the Victoria politicians., aW p'i'ospferaiy oHSthlColpiuls'de-
P��nda. principal 1 y pn . the.^p.w^ 9f the gold
^ines of .the, niainlan'd,;to; attract, a;,consider-
kav'evib? 'adme"5 piaSe,s', vieVdcd^s: ��� mucft:iis;$80[J
ji"*day'.tdw the1; ^d.;^^^
sifeh A^etthei.6jise -we; ieed;.feay iipus ompeti tiq iii'!
Victoria has, however^ihlno: way rsharedy m
yetj in the;-profits;' .-The\custoras Auties 1 evied
at Port Sbepherd, on the^Op^^Wmbia^bejo&'g'Jbj
ns "British Columbians"alone. _   In other parts
Iiegislati^e Council thatYth^ existingf^separa^
tion in'ay continue tuiiimpairedl y vl^ consider/
howiiv'er^niyl dutyf tb 'requirecofime; that I
should-not I'donnne my attention * exclusively
;to ;the-in.terhjibafi^irs^pf Yth^
; iinderniy^Qb verb ment b^
i wis^see to'the strengthening
;i1^;^itish;inmrehce,:and^ ahliritish^pbWer i ih;
;the;Pacificy^^and1.4at pnee^^dmit^hatrithe =ex^
iisting division weakens all threeV, ./The/dissen-!
isipne between the two Colonies are looked np-y
Ion in;the neighboring States;lasTatherJaiScahr
Idalous; ;but; novels: and;v amusing^feature^ in:
!English colonization. , I arn practically;awate
that. it-is extremely inconyenient for the- Goth-
mandeWitt-Chiel" of the-Pacifio;squadron^to; be-
in- i;communication''with'itwoi-Governors, of
aominally equal position^close :to- each other,?
but many 'tho usan ds'M miles .from /head^qUar-^
ters^Y Isee^jthat the-Iridiah: -populatiQn;of^our;
. nbr thrWest co ast;:; where ver /the". ::schbouer~; or
canoe of the Victoria:smuggler- can/reach?iara
witheritfg:and' disappearing yundejv the ^disastrous effect of the iwliiskyi traffici- -; g:. yiZy A. iu
find myself,*-;undor;i!thesei- circumstances,'
compelled to statesthatp rpy my opinibiii' Eng^
land ought to be represented-by one civil [au-;
tho nty ?���< only, ^beyo nd j Lthe^RocJ^Jmouutainsi.;
ilcr��ilajestyi's prerogative xonld'iof cbui'se,: etX
i'ec t "sttiis* wi tho ut' the aid of Parliam ent, ib ut df
a^ Bieufcenanfc-Governor> be"; appointed to r the
smaller and poorer ^Colphy; the changej though
an undoubted improvement^would still leave
Vancouver'Island with a staff of pub lie.officers
^W&iv^ * -^o|M��f^DY-, mate u^m them)' ;; [
-_,   - \    f   -THF-BANK��'OF- * ; ": '     -'   .
_ ;^f":-ESTABr.radED.!I^
,Hi|Ao(Qi?icrB: 7,.8T.\heLE^^
;; 'DRAFTS ISSUED^ on tondoh;s NMyork^Saniran*
:cisco[ Cariboo, Canada, ?Ne\rBruhs\vlck,' Nova Scotia:
: and}oiiia.U the Branches of jthe^N ationa:! Banker iSjcot^
jlantl and Provincial Banker Ireland, Z'Z'^ Z ' ' '
'[ Bills, of. jExchange^^ 'y
\ \Intereslbn/%cicial U/poJiits!6h;Mone^^iKweil At th'i
���rate* of a Quarter Of one per ce|������,p��r'month; '     I ' ;K
��� A <$Aav   ���nFFin-p.'-)' ��:%
-.>���   ._<ri 'V ��� w r\t I y ^fw1, rj ,*T" I \J SZ. * t ���   a ��� ���
Gold T>ust Aleltetr. ana Assdycd,' sainl "riiturua maOe
witb'm;2-J: hours- i n Coin or Bars. ?  ���-'    xyx. yi-y y*-
��� tlOr^s of ovcry descriptiun carefullvvARaaybdAX
. ^^GvijH���PHEEI^ Manager.Xl
;Victoria;':y;; Ly April; VftieteiC-M* IX ^ ���iil*b>l78& hh
to di i e0t i tn s te ps- to - tlie ��� most-'proUtaUle tfel'd;
y their Caribbbvreptesehtative?^tttMn^ts
RQort exi3t(inceJT.rpr;esentJd British,Col u rub ia
^vS^vertaxed anofti'iyuslt^
^sons^una'oubt'edl^irj:; *^^*?aii6lJcfr %(*
^^agUsh report's on l^n'giish mines andman-
a?emenf a&tf&r&ki- *^k'; ��i&UiiViWv/ft^efrt^o-i-Wf
^'ards other, i
jorts ;of -, tbe^^Yic^riai'spiec^i^w .\ve5e rtlius
pattially encce^sful..- The;gceat objects.of vin-
i y, uX^y:y{x barker vjo^k, ib;:,C:
Monuays, Z. -; - .7"tp,;rtiaimv,1 if 12 ��o^p\ in.";  ' "
Saturdays., , .f   10. i^aJi^^o.",. 4.p..mfc.l ;'.-/.........
: ;^* ^'o" faueines3'trausa^tOdjOn-Sunsays.. . lii\- "A[. .*,'" '��� *' '
:i'ZiyyZy'i Z'-   XiZiZJ^^:^^^%y^x^y
. "yXXr, ' ��� AX  'A'...MunV^r.';'
21st July, 1866;
auiufef oTus .gro ii nd Ii as J) ee n d jscd Yered.f and
higtilfopcjs are entertained ntfrogarilk tlie'liexV
nutting season. I say again that British Col-
.umbi^iOorishirig," audi; hds al;S.till;; brighter
prospect in view, ��� { *--y ����� j? �� r, ; * t
; While British Columbia"* is reputed to be
latigUyhingj it may- be oin te resting for ane-Ato
ineufion though I write without- official docu-j
^ ei'cate|iIa?gainj3t the then rece^ legislation."
*}�� su6cess, once orjtainM,wcaWe&"alMm in
yctoria. Then cam��7the littery that the min-
(li iT6re ^eaviaS" the: country; mere h an ts fro m
{y aad wien-theTnuir^;wasl!ibne"thc"
P^awttssiKn"ee'd:^^''i?^&-       -"
tvcn in Englcmd, persons connected with
drninent employ last'year;*v15very discharged
knowledge, was likewise inducedUo^ enter our
service. ?AgPodtrail d'pri:|)aPk auintalsThas
hueu operiedlrom^he Ifra&er tp,t^ J^oteriay.
kirk Range ha^ejbeenjsuccessiy^ly; isurmount-     '    -"������ -1U^ '
ed- with.wbaUabpr..may be. jmagine4. rwjien
Istate tha^a*tkhe end of Ma^the^cnttingoveT
the Cascade mountains had;:on^each side, 7ft.
of snow.    This trail not onlv runs through
of th'o neighboring Colony.;
: -Without any specific:..recommendation." I
proceed to consider the terms itpon which jtJn*'
iori shouicl be carried out with, moderate satisfaction to the one Colony and the least distaste
to the other; -/The impeViat Act-21v& 22; Vic,
0. 99,; (wliieh:has been repealed) provlded that,
���on' the petition of the iwo< Legislative 'Houses
of Vancouver ��� Island, ��� ii er -Majesty ��� might de-.
clarO'that'Island to- be an integral; parti of -the
Colo ny *' Pf Bri tish .Columbia*: v This iippp.ars to:
me 4o(;be,: the ^principleYupon -winch;>Union;
siipti:kt'b e par r ied< out-^ ; Bu&�� dtish Ifiolu ni bia;
* lias si nee then been f avo re d withia; jLegisiati ve-
Constitution, by an -Order ;��� in-;6ouucil, and, I
am?:of opinion that no^hibrisliould tals:6 pla'pp
without the'consent-of the^egUlative<.B6d^
created rinder it.:   Thisy 1'think;-'might be ob--
tallied should "Her" Majesty's ^ove'rnmeatHle-:
sire' it and- equitable - terms ;be'fproposed:;. But
I would here- venture^toestate that if a return.,
to the old'state of things he sought to-be 1 ro-
[Contine;d on Fourth Pag.;.J
Barnard's GariBooExpress:;
: :,;..,,   t.y XXXl'Xl-A&Dyyyy.^ x.:y..;...:;
; - uxxx r $ TAQ &  LINE Z  Z i^i:
.has b <*h r^visccl. aha. BSD UOTlON. ,in pr iocs .���
imdo to suit tlio times.' The charge oh L?i ttcw to, *ad"
froih ��� V ic tori a an d: i h termed ia to "plu qeiild' hb'W; 50 Ova i&x.
Stago Faro to. Que?helraouth,!' ��� 'v ::���': -:-1.-���''  , <��g>q. y -
"'Z* A'u '..through'ioYiiUy^Z" '"'C���.'J'^>^6o'."--';
:";_���'��� ���''.;,;;. ���"';;;.frY., ;.:'"������ v,Jo"iiN'B lovell;'-..-. ���.
'"���������;   '���  ' .      '���'��� Agorit BarharU's Express.: y
August .1st,: XK6&:- - ?*.-';: "c: -.".- - r:'" ���; yyy-y.-.\;,yV6. {:':. *
I. ''''yx.x,iB.ARM:/^^D^S'y^.uy,-'.yZ:
'ContifcCiih^'atXiiliobet kncl- YalSf with B/ET2&'
s ! v^.HBLSON,S^lorN.ew^WoigtnUn|tcr;&jyiciori       :.>y
TMiLL ^AiUilYlS; AKB -BEIRUT' from-; the;ollico Any
? *���; fB.arkeryille, to connect with the steamer '*En^
?tefprisuV. ait Quesrieluiouth;; and the STAGED at Sou.4
'Crbelc1;" EVKRY WEEK, cotiVeyiug Tr���'Anl'ee: !LETTJrrts'
and VAxrjABJiES lor all 'partfi-'of' tbo worl/i. ,*. -Also;. Lorn-
ci.t'co or en* route,"'au;'i;tioiriia tnAac-'wlth��>ii.-ip.tr'ch. *"
.......f., ,..,._. ^ /,,.-,-. ,.-,- jOlI^;iBAM>^^lU     :X'
fl-s ��� AgviUf BirkwvUia, :'yyyx   "
Y.Y U 1  ��� ���
my yy;,
yu.-y.ry y-
n ty
���*i**^&^*^xyj& ?'i-x$: ?���' "���������' ������*&*��������� 'y :-'**' MeWfia
^^cl?aoutDty /yM?. G^V?, 8am*rf'*
;*Mn ET^n%
e*rV"?wt^������*ter,* r*N;V*;r& y*
- '- i.~;; - i' -r* i* :/-*r" -!
E. MaUan^daine
^ tgme,v:-yy-
Mill   :
;^ y;   -,. TOAD       ,
'Cariboo Senltoi" -JsIpUtjU^^ &&&j��j&
YY^'al^rTnursday 1 A
:* nihst^be deUrcred'atlatest".at��Velock, p. m., too <Jay
before publication,', > - -   ('- -y   ^   ,   ,       -
'    y. ^ All Ai*���^^
perSi) will.be contlnubU until^rJered out and���chargef
., ,    igraccoriilpgly.; -'. - u     ���    ���    :        ' ' "y ',
;;;-y uxixx^xy.; -.;���-,;;'���"-���.... iyAA.zz~r~~
x^ylyuXyZ  Zyu^O'iXGXs
r'.. 'r'- .!:V'
yyyy- y ��� ���
iuyy c ' "
'lyXyy���'!,.:���; '.y Xi 1' yy. '"-yy yy
YiyY]; ;y>:;';; ���; ;.:|.fe'...; y^y ;vi.:y ::;-!-;<;.;y
i others wishing |p send MThe Cariboo Sen
duel" to their-friends iQ^unad^YKagl^ndj;the United:
. States, or" elsewhere; cutabWe It. mailed' by living
.addrcasqs at the .publication/office.* Price, xxguroura.
postage,.fiOcCcntsper/copy.V  -i" : ft
. J t  y   YAVf Ta;C0RRE5PQKDENTS,
:v All comrhunlcalions/mosti be,accompanied byfhei
ffotl name and ���addreea* of ithecwriter; not necessarily;
with a view of imblighing.tttoBam^ but as security for
vB^goo'ifilftb*.. , ,   -  * Z4>S     !;..��!yx  ���  -
' Wegive a synopsis oS^overnotSeymour's
> -dispatch to the .Colonial,"Secretary (Mr. Card--
^weU) in-another portion of this paper, which
,w;e recommend':"tb^tfe carefal���perusal of our
PeTl^A^ypWe&&Te la
a!>etlred ^qnarter^ in which "case the Incky
prospeitore :i&sy'^TO same
S19 Governor"*!! "oredible't informant   This
same ^Credible" person doubtless informs bim
that (clause 16) ^NearLillooet, in afine agri-
cultural district, a stretch of nearly 70 miles
of rich auriferous ground has bee,a discover-
W?'   *We wbuld fee filling tb^rlsk^ h^e for
theVSrst- "cr8dib.Ie?'. -information- as' to  the
Whereabouts of this ��*rich auriferous ground,"
as we know that V^gobdmany poor fellows
well -acquainted" wiQi tbe countryvhaye been
unsucceBsnil in the search* for it;" 'fearing no
doubt that theicenes^sacharmin^^
tically described^by biir 'talented;.Governor,
would not convey theYact with sufficient force.
He finishes this remarkable clause by saying,
**;! say again that British Columbia IsflburiRh-
ing, knd has a still brigjhter; prosp^t in view."
u The flourishing state of the Colony jg pafent
fe every ;ohe; but this^Is the^ "state of bank*
ruptuy^"i~] We^jnention"this lestva misunderstanding inighi-occar;  the exceptions to this
rule are not numerous,   ^/can only say that
the Governor has a brighter view of the prospects than us, we oin only see thein f*as through
a;glass/daTkly." IZaZZ'''i'Z'Zx'A'xylXX{X':- '    ;
1 The length of,hisExcellenc^'sdispatch pre*
eludes us lYpm analysing it within the limits
of one; article, we shall therefore return to it
^cpy%/r %- nrnzMm^
iZlyXX'($ef6ye. 'w^:0. .jCoi, lEsq.) ���^V\;-"-'. ���'������f-'".
to compel ^efe^ants; fi) show cause why ihey
broke and entered the!':minihg.'groun:3;p{,.piain-
tiffsi and to ok certain gold dust and auri&rous
earth; therefiromYamlj-conv^d; the^sMe ,tb -��*?��iFlni? V1'^^^^S&J^?^
their own use; a&a why they- should-' hWW'��� ^*,"*?* '     -:   ^PP^I*1?^^^
$5000 damages toplaintiffs in ^
trespass and conversion.   '.;   >(); ���?  - Z��^ .
The case was; heard at length ion Monday
Sbjd^nttimed; ti^
;Cbmmissibner:::;tb;' Inspect^^th'e;::: grount;^;; jftis'
plaintiffs' groundAbyithe,negligence of
the defendants in not properly securlDg their
drifts, that the plaintiffs had been delayed in
consequence'-, of;this'xobstruction,, forv,which
theywerefenti tied to compensation"^ithe ground
however being of-"a spotted",char/ac^r;and in
the absence cf any pirobf as id'Jti&^uantity
of gold extracted by defendants, he would as-
sbss the da^agesat,$5Qti, and gaver)udgmeiit
for thatsum;witli cost^
Sfejg. Hotel K^p^J^j^^^-^llw:
.WaSers.. The^doeynr^������" from beginning, to
jectis'to show how much Gov. Seymour and
i(Jhis host of. officials haye-'done for the country.
"He Hhutshis earsA^Z^A^^^^n\^^^hal-
yyyyy yyyyy
'Y-;f-j'v- "���'-":,���;'���'���-'"���-;-:���"y
L|y:<y-r.y: yy. Y.yy.yy
'pe^ple''and;ji^incroa8ing efforts tio a
Cameron ton j-untirSATDRDAY, the. 26th insti at
7 o'clock, p. in,, for improvements to b'eJmdde> on the
Cemeiry at Camerbntom;:-;' -Specification's': can ^be'eeen
:. August 23rd,; 1 W$. ,.,��� -, ,.,;;���; ;��� "pi,y 'XuyS24n: "
. are requested to; attend
loon;^ .Cameronton, "ion SATURDAY  NEXT,Y ihe 25th
Inst.-, at 8 o'cleckvp.-m.     X y- f - yy ' yyi
y -AugU8t;'23rd t'; lS66.;i^y X yyV X. XXyXViyyyyu^Z2ilijiXi
^ment. 4 An, arrogant self-silfficigncy character- j
izesthe whole perfoi-mance, and- the art with
��� ��� which;the;d!Spatcli is got.up w"ould do credit
Jta a ven A6r of" p ate >Vi mABZivAA       ���   '   <-&X:
'y.i y
<J; Y    '
��� -and,wharves, clearing- aa.4 fencing  going on
'ev.eiy'wh'eT^itn^.therjmost hopeful sign, of all
fo beginning to, show itself; a disposition on
-the par t" of the: mi neVs-to; purchase land in
'Commence the Systematic: iplpnizati on -.of the
lower Prasef/' ^he Xoyernbr's. informant
mil probablyJ^eeh some'bolder of ^u
Z lots in the! Capital; whose; wish^'was father/to
his thought;"   ';'.' { \; y?   *	
f<vR^gaiding^ Kobtenaj be^ says (clause 15),
i" It was first through; Americani newspapers
that I became -awa re of aiich and; prosperous
mining district;-existing within- otir limits."
This 'we; - readily:: ao>ilt W: highly; probable,
cur;.��overnment is;bf a;happy disposition arid
does not trouble itself,abbut .the development of,the. colony. ^ We^are indebted to our
neighbors for^the^ discovery^ of our mines, but:
^e bppibrtunity of planting aS*eW hiofe^bfilcials
was irresistable, so he goes bb'.tp say""we.soon
extended ^British instiuitionS:|)ver the new dig^
gings, established Courts df Justice and collected taxes." -Biit-theQ^' (clause" 16),;*' the
attvacfcioB'^f -thiCrEo otenay itself so on dimmed
- * betbre the discoveries on the Big Bend of the
liatelj cohsented to licenseYthe;; Tunning of
steamers .'under the American flag iii the" feure-
' ly-EngUsh waters of ..thatSivei." A iuost
wise, precaution, .as the British: Columbian
capitalists were so engrossed with the fine
bargains they were getting jn New Westminster Io is that they had no time,, to look after
the miners* and ' so our poor fel!ows would;
have starved at. the "mines, had. jt. not .been
for the enterprise of' 6Ur;:,]^e.rlcan cousins.
; He adds,'"the advent of winter (1865) alone
prevented the^general rush^vhicH is confident-
| ^"hdifpiibwin
given, was- cHpped from the: Victonla 'Evenmg
jbeen. sent by Mn Birch fe" the. Colonial Secre-
;fey^ac^om panylng the petition ^6f the Cariboo;
of the Colonies, iind  presented to him by a
;ietter|as^ilfebS seen^i^
with  the  views ,entertained; by   Governor
Sir,���I have the honor to forward a peti^j
tion; addressedltp Ber Jtf ajesty by certain merchants;miners;:and btheri residents in British
Columbia.;- y    ,     ' ZyZmZ
���The petition to which the >: signatures are
attached was; drawn up^in^ictOria;1n^Pebru-
ary^ 1865.; Printed- copies.were^freely distribute^' pla^ardedS on ^yery ^wallfiahdvleftrfor
signature at: every public house, j;After a
lapse "of nibre than 12 ;nionths;tbe petition has
been;presented )to me.for; straps[mission, ^bear^
ingthe signatures of ^45^persohs oufe^a^vhite   . v   * r. tl *, ... ^ ,. .��^ ��� ^
p^pl^rt^dm^ ax     :COME   AND   SEE
bp^rtunitylbas ^een; ah^Med^anM
some pressure has. been, brought tp bear on  uS 4 ���&��M&^ ^  ^ ^Z ������  '���     ZxZ-3   X Zll
heretofdre carried oh by them wlSS��
late flrm'are to be paid-:^h�� satoobnV-jSJiSJl'
alaopayall debun.ado by;the;iate:flrm.     '���     '^
Vi "u uiry; , ���   '������;;: :;^|g'E..'kumt^..
���'���������'*.v-   ���>���*"*<' '��� -     x    JOHN COOE'     '
iBartcerville, Angostl?tb, 1866., {iu    r li' My
Yl* Establishment and Good;Will, of, the business'of
Messrs. SCHORLING fc COlvM^WiNktE^begg[-to inrbrm
the former customers ofr said nrmahd residents in the
vicinity that-he will always keep a good stock on hand
and will deliver goods at any of the otf tly ing creeks;'
It will, be his Constant; aim to:':give:''gcti'6ral%aUsnicUbn
by selling: at CHEAPER RATES than - has:^ heretofore
.been doiieybhla strictly CASH basis,'* Yv^ X lU ���*<���* A
yy y.yy-�� ;;. >- , %���������-- " -sw. W:.xmbHARP
VanWinklo, 23rd August, 1866.   ,,   'XfUy-U. 32-
t.*}f$l^!ffi$T4K%^*$*ii bis; mmiwL
KVEffFj as Trnsteo'ior the beaentbrhia Mitow?"
���yy'An.ptrsdnsindebted tb;tbe!teid;e8tateafereQa��i*d
to aeule thdraccpunti^^^
the 20th instYptbewiael^^fi^wdi&w
mediately InsUthteiJ^:
y Yi
rVr'det ofv yyy,X
.. y .   '^;Y���Yi -.-f.Y^Y ly.
y ���"������ ���'- -.yXy'-;''7-- y 'tUl ���:   y.\ ;YYf,' y-Uy Assiitaes/'1--
'Wiiii^^er^B^ i6itij;i|6C:;7^ \ZZy. $;%
��� *-*-���-������-'-���-   ��� -  -u^jfU
A. Smith the premise? .formerly koowalas the Hiy.
ers* Si1x)o>, % has opeiied the samefuader - the abora
^n^me^aii.d^wouldTcspecifulIy^nvUe hlsfriehda aad iiti
kj>ublic<generally;to give him aicall, ^..-. (l ��� * vi ...
i -i..i&i Tho;befit'.brands of LIQUORSVndiSEGAR3^ Vj
dlwiys.bekept at tnli establishmcat.. AX'/" Xl!t
I RicbfieHjAugus^- 18CS6.Y' - y   A,vJ^^
the inhabitants.as well asthe/mfgrafofypopu
lation> to-swell the^nunibjer bf)petitiqners;     y
y The result of th is Sttem ptjibtipste^disconH
tent hasv;thuS:i>roved'a con^lete
, The argumentemsed to arriyeStvX ^alcula-
tionlot jbe^taxattbn ;of i%e colony4n}l865 are
so fallacious as hardl^to^reQiiirejexplanation
at length, more especial ly as^tna* gentlemen
who formed the deputatton, on presenting the
ipetuibn} stated to me that they were^satisfied
the calculations were, in correct, and that their
only object in now presenting the petition
rested in their desire for the^union of, the two
colonies. , ;--*'���     ':-"
,  I regret I am finable: to' furnish iaccurate
statistics to refute the statement that the Ghi-
iiese-and Indian ^population ^! cbntribnte in a
very^maU;prpporti6h^^to^^.the^^ general revenue,^
but LMly agreb?witithe;remarks raad^ by the
Chief Magistrate of liis district i ii a letter, copy
of which X enclose^ that a very large share ef
the taxation is borne by these two races.
, -yAs regards the. one; o bject of the petition-:-
; the desire for unite of. th is colony ap d^ Vancouver Isiand^T-Iiamconvinced from the[, in-
forniatipn.^���received; during my recent * tour
jntfche interior that the ;peq pie of the -upper
W\m try. ^i^e^tle^hether th ere be ainion At
tliei colonies ori continued separation^ aiid a
petition of opposite effect to the one now forwarded would besigned by at ieast.an equal
number of the resident population.  u ,
y ���������:������   Xyi ''���';'.I:have, &c.,?.:yy-;:' : ���-'���' xA.x\- ;
;   ;��(Signed)    y Arthur N. Birch.
-Diggingsondouglas portal
"-   Aiji./:
,    ^::-6z.\:^^
-  .   ��� j r&:^   MENT OF'.-       y -'  i,Ziyy
Au yi::-<xA.i 7,;7:":;'" 1���AND-
THE UKDERSIGNEOt-bete:/' f e hifesai. ibe public M .
^Ba��ad, F*ies :&ii& Gajsfts ni^ ^M-toak
*���������::���"�������� Xyyyyxyxxyxyy'X'Km^Vv^^u
A ���������From' W. H. SUTTON'S, Yale; B; a
.Barkerville, 23rd August, 1866.  y ' l>
xV & CO;, oi 'Barkerville, by JJote or Book Account,*:
are requested to come forward and settle 'theiraccounts
on or beforethe 19th September next.. ;;AU notes or accounts not settled then will be put in Court for eoHecUuh
:Augusl;20t*oV;i666. y,:y; ���" 'yXXySbtmXA
. y Cy^tor*a Papers copy.] *: ' "    - J   y"
W>Ing?to their-lfteifttS ahd the ^ubllctgeacraly that
.���theyjhnw refitted this Spacious Saloon, andf illpj��a
:tho mn*onmm)AV EVENlN^NEriV v&w M
>ill be happy to en tertaln ail ".wlio may give .twin a wk
���J-- y-;zy??f:yyeyyyyyy ypj^ t BVKDW& : .
"*  -lT,v:
The WttLrAMsfCnKEK -liiiA'VUJmu^^i'^
; Difch Company, Limited.    ',: t ��� t ^
A kept constantly on hundt:WhichWili;^atUj
CHARGE>it any point on;the waggonr^ad
.;���-/ Orders 'left with Buiei Bros.; B��rte"!1^n^ ,1'
holmV^Blcbfield; or at theeMill; below Cam^roniofi, Wr
be promptly attended to
ML   of ...ibis: Company., will bo heid.at their Ofllco.
Richfleld,.on MONDAY, the 27th* instant,;"at"2 "o'clock,"
p ni.; for the purpose of obtaining Registration* ���under
"TheCompanies' Ordinance, 186*6." ���"���'������' J'.uX :��� ;;:;v ������
;    - - . ,.����� w,..-      E.A. WADHAMS, Sec'r.-
Richfleld, August 13,1866. 29-41n.  ;
\$.pvedicted fpr this; year;": *��� Alas! ��� that we
siiculil ha,va to record it, the "rush" was partially realized, and aUhoUgh tlie: partial rush
T��> was .succeeded-ty a general rush from the
hiineV, before, which the Kootenay ''dimmed,"
the *rusbi' has been ab'disastrous "for Abe
country that it ^vili"requireyears before confi-
c&hee is restored. ..'4ud how was this jrush
bro ught ab ou t ? - By sucli tr:utbfm atidworthy
means as.the following'j>ar��granh is calculated to disse ni i date: I'Xajn brediTo ly in formed
(wAWbialise; 16:).- thaf .these: latest ;'discj>yered.
g^ldiaiires bave;in* ^jqLei^p^d'^'f^ldled.yAS
ia relation' to thm** mine^ We i&\ffif&KrA t-Se
; Mr. .James Sraith�� pf the 29 mile House, had
Arrived in New Westminster, and reported
tliat rich pay had been struck, in the diggings
on the Douglas Portage ; they are what are
called bench diggings, and from a hole sunk
three feet below the surface 4 pans...of dirt
yieldcd.i?0,cents or a.bjtto the pan. ..The.pos-
Uion of thcfitra.tuni from which this prospect
wa> obtained is.lj feet below high water mark,
and from'?5..tb 100."feet back*from the bed of
the rivet. The* gold is fine and requires the
use of quicks! 1 ver to* save it The ground it
is^estimatea-wULpayan ounce a day. to the
band with rockers;   *.r .
i*^^^-w'��^4 P*N &e attention of those
"having goods'.or. other.commodities to saove
between..the. dife^at^wjis "on the creek tb
MrfH. C. Wiimptfi, who bas'a Horse and:Dray
rea^att^e. shortest notice- tp_.execute ��ny
<m��rB'\i&m��j'fafomri& with, at very rea-
eonable rtfte*.' - *-*' ��� ��� ��� '** > ���������
-. yX-- xZ"' Barkerville, B.C., .-: ���;', -. '���;
' Er*spything is done in connection with ibii ��.**
meht to give sutlflfaction to the cuatoiners.  ���.      j
JHT Meals at ail hours.
3K3T'A to\\ assortment of Groceries and H., B. Qo.'��
Ltquors always on hand. ."'������' *i��
\ ' .VTb��undersized ^P^^^Q.iWp
x    :���"     y-   FANNINGS?;, ...r^^
Tho Subscriber i&ym^.^V^^ ^
irom tho -confld��nce repoBe4   a J^ nhflr pWvW*
tne Mining "communrty lha JW^gg^oWBOK.;
^ ^H'EUrS^OEfiiZ
���xi i'('-'    i>ntoBT$$k%
'     ��� V'Y   ���������'/;: U     pSAL]C.SS'i^ /     =>   *
"we are indebted tS3��r,. Harper, who came
g^ggatt Sad artlved- at- Qftesnelraouth oc
i&Jli^at'iiodii^attjiirepocted thedlscowy
���bv'btmself and party of what was supposed
U*Ahe a rich quartz lode on Hixon Creek; It
^��pftfg that while Braggan!s party^ere cute
tSt^e; Water dttcb^he^discoverediavkde 3
feet in width, ea^the top of which they picked
Erection and locateM200^etf somerGhliia-;
tnanin the creek below, were working onthe
^e lode and..wer^fin^ing'fome: yw-&a*7
fffbldby''��� diggiuK ^ nmchas three* feek<duwn
���found auother, ledge, a��� short distancey from
^the/one ;ttjtentipned:Su# it feiiwt .^wid^W^
�����Jt issupposed to 'be only a spur.from'the<main
ledgei The accounts from
fffori'ore father&ornlicMng
the.*? placer' dig'-
: y y Y?2Y-
> A^gniat portion of the prospeotars who late*
.;washed off* to^thte/n^
tog' Uie^present week^ pronouncing^ it a; -complete " bllk.^ y: A^
pick train laden, with provisions, ioois and
ptejMktas,^- Leaying^the^trainvMr,|S,^ro*
^Seeded to the new mines wherenefoiind things
not at all suited to bis notions; hastening back
he met his>tr��iu ,afe ga#e
orders {6^he*jiacl��er to refom jS^once to^wil-
liams'Greefc^ Mr.GitwlH^ese��eralhundred
dollars by they speculatibn^Yas^th�� packer^has
charged bim double: freight on I the -goods,
namely, 16 cts. ^:Ib. /While'UfliGiwas at tjie
digging,; t wo ��� Chinamen _ from the.; Forksl of
Quesnel came in a'ndlp^
togas they^left*>*18q:good-^laoee-for Gbinav
maaybelly good for Melican man."1       . ;/>,'
jSfP.We have great pleasure ini contradicting
��� toerepq^
Cafiery��frpm; Van Winkle.-^ThiS /gentleman
we are informed ^a^some^b^iu^-that 'took
| /bimdowmtp^ttdn wood, whereto ^asa1>seni
a couplei b^a^v^us Jfl^in�� rfc ^�� the* iinT
.founded report:tthft
'��� for persons to"|4ircuiate^sitea; M&o4lei^^
<out,beinK well 4idTised if thejacts.. <,.   ��� >-: fV< j ���
; yJ.u��L>yyyii,. ��� yayy-' z - y<y _,-fry>- r* ',y~y ��� ^:';<'l
;;A'ff^EASCRE.^T&evBahlc8 .ouYthis vcjeek��� sent
^dlawiby therExpress of .Monday.rastl>jJth^r
respective -messengers^the following amount
'ottreasureipur^ased <by them, fer^the |nontb
;^Mmg:2Q��Jnst;:" * " . -,-;"i ,���'���;������ : - ^-y..-y
Bank .of ^British' Columbia',,ly yy
ZitiZy ��3$^^
; .��aSatuida^^
^esworthjof 1hfel^d4dnrBdto^:rfa!^^^
suddenly.���Eiporfevbf Vancouver coai for the
JJ*J Wdge; is" about to tie ;re-bmlt^0avid
Cameron, Esq;, ex-Chief Justice, and hon.
���Donald Fraser;hkd: left on a visit to California.
���A man named Jas. Mullins. while; in a state
of intoxication, pimped overboard 'from the
Steamship California in Victoria harbbfrand
was drowned^Ninety; passengers, left Victoria by the steamship California; on1 the 7th
inst., among whom' were Messrs. J. J, Squth-
gate, J. Wright, Br. E^Brown, Rev. Mr. Rbbson
and ',Mrs. Robson/.Mrs-1 Picket, MrYand Mrs.
R. Moore,1 Mrs. Searby, and Mrs* Capt, Thome.
���rAn Indian named Jto and bis wife were
charged at theifcoHce Court with the!murder
of ;EdwardUrin, several articles found in their
possession were identified as belonging; to
deceased^ }^ the "prisoners were com mi t ted for
triali---Majpr Generals JngaliB; and Sabkett, U.
S5A., with ���thebf staff ;had arrived en jbufe to
ihsp'ectigarrispns at Sari Juan Island and Steil*
acoom.^The amount;- of treasure .shipp��d by
thei' last trip of the: steamed California was
$JJ24,000; of j which thelBank of British Korth
America sent $177^000; ���, Bank of British Columbia, $104,211 4&Zand WeilsJ%rgo & Qo.[
$43;000.��A horse attacbed .'��������� tp one of Mr.
Lewis/ hearsesi- containingAti eihpty cohini ran
pn^^jpse^n^Me! yeWcle^^^ prospector on
the Eokesiles river hadifbund a bar .that prpfe-
pected 100l colors to the pan. ^ Query:" How
Near^is^npw plying <between^Victoria and
ports oni^Puget >Soun3 iritplace^of th^. Eliza
Anderson.-T^The steamer Diana has been chartered to carry mails between Victoria and San
Juan Island.-r-Gov; Kennedy had leffe in H. M.
S. Scout fora-cruise around theIslahft^The
hotoribus John Butts was sentenced to -one
monthfs imprisonment for kidnapping, a goose;
on leaving, the court, John ��� was oyerherard
;hummin^the- firstv^Iine tof the popular, song;
"Everything is lovely'and'the Goose';.hangs
-high^'^rThe Leech;Riyer:Ditch is abput to be
;con8truct^d under "the superi ntendence of Siir-
veyor General Pearse and Messrs. Homfray &
*Ilederjian.^The boiler-of Capt;, Stamp^s; new
steame|,i|Isabel?fcweighs 164 tons.i-rrA special
ASsize was to be faeldon tbe* 13th for the trial
;ofiihe:Indians who murdered Ufin.Tr-The ^an-
^ouver ��islandf Legislature ^fiad passedy the
Homestead and Jmprfsunment for Debt Bills.
���Greatwindignation fwas felt in Victoria at
Governor Seymour^ despatch, to Secretary
GaxAweflAx \iiy A'' -> yX.x :^Z.x ������������������ ���'.''' ->'i; '
U'i;y[Prom tbe Waterbary'4-iacricGa.") '; :/�� -'���
Tbe following letter, in *epTy to onewrltleri.
by Father Hendricken, bf l^ew York-;tbjSc-i
Gee, inbehalf of a captared^enian of ibis
place; explains itself:; Z'iZl Z'. 'Z''; "Zi \"
:'"'''Z'.:':'y'i Wi Ottawa, Jrtbe 14th, 1566*Z
. Dear Father Hendricken,^r am; in receijit (^
of your request :that I should.use my influence,
to Save Terence  McDonneU? of Waterbury,7
now a Fenian prisoner in our hands, from the.
consequences of his, own criminal  folly, in
lending himself;to the; late invasion of this
country/,..  ;   Z.iyylXyy.y '-'������'X ��� ���' Zy-'A
,  There are few things-ypu1could aak me to
which;I:,:would *not cheerfully do for "auld
}ang.sy:he.,!* My recollections bf Waterbury,
its pastor and.ite people, are^.all most pleasing,
and gratifying.  But, my dear old friend, this
^!ugyoua6k cannot be done.   Terence McDonnell; like the rest of his comrades, left his
home; his family duties; if he had any, his honest employment, if he followed one,' to come
several*hundreds of miles to murder pur border. peo'pler-for this Fenian filibustering was
murder, not war.   What have Canada or Canadians done to deserve such an assault?- "What,
had the Widow of our brave McEacbern done
to.Terence McDonnell that he and his.comrades should leave herewith five fatherless
little ones to invoke the wrath of Heaven upon the destroyers of her husband?   What had
our countryman, Ensign Fahayj done to them
that he should be : crippled. for life at their
""'�������� ym~~+l*y'yyX. _*Z^XZ     'A '    ."���'.',y"'     ���*��������������� ���
Vr :'"'> ��� '��� ���������' ���-   '' * ��� X-' '���*���"��� "'-'-. "���";"���".  '   ;���*���:.: 7i' 'X(^U.;, - -
WUl* 8O0N B��i-iie; BECEIPT. OT A llAAi}& /^fi>
. Z : W��$�� ASSORTED STOCK OF A-Xyy-'i   -
���; i IMPORTED'DIRKdlXT TRQU;SA"N P^Ncis^'.';
"Be te desirons df ^supplying taie TradeL.aaa
.I-i    paii do so aiVLOWEST' PRICES.'--: 'A
7;WHM^na8i^eejc1,'idly;Wth!, 1866-;v :--    ���'* X. %&*"'.
;  .;'.;"        --��� :.,.. wKIKDS OF A' v
seam near Cbmox,: and designed openingst at
once.tr-A new steanierV caUed^the Josie Mc-
 "'. .;^ rZlyy~-."/-,/Z. *lt&Mip
pauieB are 'buildfag^b
itomediatejybehind tb��rib^*^prti# -of :the
town of Barjcerviile,; which wilij serve the
(Mblc* purpose:> ofe keepings the;,;^reek; frpm
flooding their Aiggings^as welt as that' p��rt of
the town, by .the fall freshet ��T!,'' "���' "\* *'''.'" i
Steam Sa.w MiLL.-^Messrs. Coombs <fe Mear
. cham's Steam. Saw Mill; at the mouth of Mink
GuM, was started^i^fcer4ay��alKernbbn "by;
'getting Bteam up to tesWhe;engine, the whistW
could- be :distinctly: heard ; at' Bariceryilley a
idjstabxse of piie and a$alf niilea;, ;i^3ngj?ill
be commenced this morningv-iVi i      '   ^'yuy
GapusB;; Creek  T^AU*^-Tlje Renders; for
���consracting this trail; were -opened by the As-
aistant Cpmmissipnw;of; Lands and Works on
^atiiiday; last; "feiit as'itie^bl^&r exceeded the
amount estimated by. Mr. Spence,;the Assistant Gommissipher, does riot; feel justified in accepting any of them until Mr. Spence:?8 arrival.
New Creek.���It is reported that a new creek
has been found in which good prospects have
been obtained, situated some 18 miles further
ivp Quesnel Lake .than, Cedaa* Cre��k. _It is
needless to say. that the report lacks cohnnna-
���tiott. ���  ��� ���  ; ���.-"-."��� x���.y.:\. :.. :..��������������� y -.(..'���-; ^.:, v-;
. # CLERK3AL.VThe Rey. Father, Magoggia 'ar?
nved here pn "Saturday last andantends to regain on this creek during the summer. The
*v?y. gendemaia is the fitst clergyman, who has
^isUed'these parts smce'the departure of the
jev. Mr. Duff last fall; yy-'-...:
SpARRij��o.T--George' Wjlson, the' ^(lariboo
Uampioiv'' will have a Sparring Exhibition,
;at Ross^Burdiek's Saloon, Barkerville, mext
Saturday eveniag.        .. .y
vRebellion ik the Chain-ganq.���John Butja,
the town crier, has rebelled in the chain-gang.
Either thie^ goose; -thatBe; ^anne^ed?;].:the; other
btay lies heayyin his conscience, ;or the chain
hangs too: heavily on his iegs-r-but whichever
may; be thei causey *Tphn yestefday dropped; |he
end of a plank,; at the bridge^ and declared
that he would work no longerl > u What's the
mattert?' askecl^^ the Superintendent, "Are ybu
sick?^ "Sick?;y^
sick bf; the cbiibtry^r8ick of everythipg^-i'in
driven to desperation���X*m a rebel VI "John,"
mildly expostulated the Superb
had better go> to: work.!v X" Work,;.L wbrk I
Yon bet your life I won Jt work.;rI!ni; a gentleman, sir; in my own country, and I won't work
here. You cau't play that onvine. I'll rebel���
I?ll jpin'tbe Feniaiis, and make you J* walk bif"
when hericeforthybu hear the name of John
Charles Butts/' When we passed the bridge
John was stand ing at ease with his ar.nis folded, presenting: a capital model for a statute bf
a;gentleman in disguise.^Colonist.'    y
Fiidi; Queen Chauwtte Island���Discovert
6f Axotheb SEAM.T-^The sloop-Lednede, from
Skidegate Bay, Q. C U arrived - yesterday
morning, with one and a-half tons anthracite
coal from the Queen Charlotte Company's
mine; which was taken from a seam recently
discovered. The outrcrop of the seam is from
2 feet 5 inches to 2 feet 7 inehes wide. About
12 tons were taken but in three days. The
eoal isvof the very best deseription of anthracite and the seam is situated some 500 feet
above high water mark. ; A tunnel of 300 ft,
will tap the vein, which workmen are engaged
in running. The Indians are quiet andt the
workmen are all in good health,-^Colonist <fe
Chronicle.' ;;.'.;";.
Peace River.���Tbe news is encouraging
from' this quarter; a party of 10 persons have
been there for sometime trapping during the
winter and gold mining during, the summer.
They have diggings which will pay steadily
$50 a day to the hand; they arasending down
about 40Q!b3. ofJurs; ....... X .
Annex at eon.���The- lolWwiag-dec^nea^-was
handed to. th.e/.'Cot^mst^ Chiio^iole^ on the
Wr ���*** & aaVlW**    *������%IA..V�� V^**��trf. *,,-<**���* V^ -<������*"�� ,**!
Beg to call the attention of Miners and others
to taelr.lul! assortment of SUPERIOR GOOD'S :
��� :���'���  .-���  -.::-��� 'X.vtbich will bo sold'-"��������� -'sXxy-yl'sa.
to make room for d.NEW STOCK to arrive .ao.soQnT.R?
the "Roaci6 are opeii; . y      .    y ,;...
j^* Liberal allowance will be made; to.
Roftaurant aoti; Hotel .keepers aud tha Trad o generally
on large orders. ���;'.;.;��� Xy '....���: ..-.-.  \... ���   ���-';/. X ,V
RI CH F;';E^:p;,;STABL���Sj
THE:infDERSIG\,*epVbcgs respectfully to inform*, tbe'
.travelling public .toot Jae. has Good .Siabiinff stccony
mpdation,*;ancLw'ill Meoiitract for th^ keep oi Horses by.V
ithe Uay, week;-or mouth. ... Xy ���".  '^
8@~ Stabling. and^IIay for a Horse per ��lay| $3,00;*
Oats, BArtey,* &c;, at"ilie lowest.morkct rates. :. ; ��� .��� ).i:
X VlA u X;' wry - ;^viY-HENUYLAMpN^Prop^;>.
ilh^e matter of't^Es^
" lianirRosewail. deceased iht'estaJe^Y. : ;,,
above Estate are r��?Quired to piy the amouuts'ouo
forth with, and all persons who have any elaims.aga lost <
the above; Estate'nre.re'iq.ues'tcd to .sen1? iii their accounts,
on or before thc "loth S jptember now next' to;HENRY.
ROSEWALL, -th��; A-imiuistratbr of tho:said William'
I4osewaJI deceased. \: , .',��� yy'y'Xi . .' 1 ::, ir. ��� >,..
Williams Creek, Anff/lllb, 1366. ���:������  ' .:;   . 2d:lm;.:;
the matter of the Estate and EfT^ctsof'
; Catherine Lawless^deceaeed iri testate.'  yA'
9th inst: "Victoria, V.I., August 8,th, 1866.
To J. A. Mc���e, iEso;.* Sir: 4t -���%- raeetsng last
evening of our felloe Citizen^ft^rasproposed
. ._��., ����v��-���.���to'- which-was4;o have-taken
place ,;t��-day wpostponed tiU Monday^sext.
^-His honor, Mr.Birchand shite, accompan-' vyiyyty y- ^y^=^y - ,y, ������-*-ry���y:yy?��� tr.
** by Messrs. G. K Wnght and T. Spencef:| that this question: should *e. Pu*-^ jou . In.
Proceeded as Car as tWnttfuth of Cottonwood^ the event qf VaUcouver Maud hemff aimmd;
f'^r with the frie^mer >A6^Vfi��^ft>h��m' to the ITbited States, woi^ld you. obje^i to be-
"wotse w��nio^fir.Und tB^apy^a.Cre^k ling nam^dasfi^M��>\ei^v",.
������the  darlings- of1 mothers   and sisters and
wives-^the flower of our College corps���do
to deserve their bloody fate in. the Fort; Erie
affair?   The persQn for whom you ask: my intercession was one of those who sought out our
peoplevbn oursoil, and maimed and slew as
many.as they could,* and those who sent tbem
have exulted in the exploit; ��� Tbey must take.
therefore, the;cpnsequeaces of their own act.
I need hardly say to you who have been in
Canada, and whokhpwhow freey.how orderly
and how religiqus this people<;are, that no
spirit of vengence will direct ,the trials of the
accusedir^.McDonnell.and.all the Fenians will
have;'ey:ecy: justice done them, publicly, in the
broad fight^pf-iday,.but to :whatever punish-
mentytheiaw hands him over, no word of
mine; can ever ..be spoken in. mitigation ��� -not
even, under.these circumstances,; if he. were
my.own;brother, ZZZxZ-yZx ZrZl
I grieve that I must deny; butsp it is.     .;:
,.yv������*>������:.��� "Yours, very truly.     ���   - ��� AXyii. :'.:,:
Z, ZZZ ::.... ..:Xy.XAX T, D'ARCT}.McGEKi;.;.
. T. Fl Hendrickeni Waterbury (Corin.0 - ; / f
J^ Tbe 'great sensation of the week has
been the trial for thee great prize of Paris���
twenty thousand dollars���for which ninety-five
horses were enter<ed.v; Never did Paris exhibit
such a blaze of beauty and 'bijoux.7 The Emperor hadadded a vase, worth ten thousand
francs, bf exquisite workmanship, almost believing; probably,���.��� that this year, a French
horse would win. - But it was the Buke of
Beaufort who carried;off the prize, and won
in various ways two millions���some say five���
and all the honors. Ceylon was. the name of
the winner.. It was the Buke de Mo my who
originated this prize, in order to stimulate
Frencli horsemen to the utmost, and he said it
would be the happiest day. of his life when he
saw ifc won by a French horse. The city of
Paris gives fifty thousand francs, and the rail*
road companies the other fifty, which he;induced them, to offer by demonstrating that it
would be returned a thousand fold by the
commerce and traveling it would create, and
which they have found true. ��� It is only three
year old horses wbo are allowed to run,: and
���it must be their flrst trial. An English horse
won the Derby, but Gladiator gained the cup
at Ascot again this year,���[Paris Letter, June
5th, 1866. -. :..:.������ ��� ���     x..X.......:.y.u!..i, .
The Latb Fenian Raid.���The 'Spectator;*
speaking of the recent Fenian raid over the
Canadian border says; "The affair may be
considered over unless there is some reflex
action in Ireland, or unless the Fenians decide
that.'the". American Governmeht is a tyranny,
and rebel against ihat, instead bf their own.
The real- danger of the Fenian move ment ist
not the power of the Fenians,but their astounding Ignorance of therr own ppwerlessness.
they seem to thin*k the most coherent society
in the world is a powder magazine, which any
fool with alucifercan explode." .;,
-.pSF New -Westminster customs receipts for
week ending Saturday 4th August: Duties,
.$5,317 40, harbor dues, $126 39; bead money,
,$47; tonnage dues. $242 62. Total, $5,73341.
Number of passengers, 47.   ^
:;,;Agba & Mastbemas*8 BAJfK.-^The liabili^
ties of tjiis banking firm amount to sixteen
million pounds Kfeerlingrv      *-
���'������j^YaXerbad"tolls for the^eek 'ending
^he'I4ffi inst, $1^41 85. '" y'?- 'X ]. w*':; Z
' y&tiW y.Qu-want, ^ood Cbfiee use Fell's,'
v X)1JS&~'M"-Boyd'ArHeath^"J&ncbiCottonwroov^ on
the' ?5rid 'inst., .of-' tijoflfttftin tfeve*, "Awr'vs* IjSWTO,   > jggp* g�� will ��*itf�� i&��5$i.i&: ZZteM
toxi&irly of th d Aurcnra claim on tbh c&pkt-  ���;" :.����������� . U\ $A*m\n&&t T^^y . ^ yy y ��� - \tii%
 Estato are required to pny the amounts due forthwith, an'l all persons who have any dalms against tho;
above Estate are requ?ste<J to send in their account* nn
or before.: the 10th September now next' to WALTER.
EDWARI> LAWLESS,  tbe Administrator.of tbe said
Ca tacrine Lawless deceased, or to
.   Counsel for tbo Administrator, i ���
WilUams Creek, Aug. 111^1866. 29-lm    i?
In the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of
��� ���;*:������" "" British." Columbia.     -- --1- ������;-'-:
IK .BANKRUPTCY..     ' .-.v ,  v ���*;���.������
In re Walter Long Fg*rros.
EPKESDAV, 8th August, 1366, at tbe Court House,
Richfield. On this day a Certificate of Conformity, as of tbe 3rd class, was granted to the abovo named
Bankrupt, to issue at the- expiration of 21 days from
this date, unless some or one of the Creditors success
fully oppose the'saroe 1 n the moantimo;
Intcntlmg ��� te oppoa* is to giro notice'
Bankrupt. : ���^Y-/;...-
Any Creditor
therooito th��
-���' 29-61^
In the matter of the Estate and'SiTectc of ;J*
:���   G. Marshall, deceased in testa teY   ���
 Estate are reqtuirad to pay;; the auiounts due fprth*
with", and all persons wh-i;L 1 vo any claims apainst tbo
above Estate are requestod^tp send in their accounts on  -
or before the 1st -"November, 1S66, io .��� ��
U.'   '. XX X-i CHAS. E. POOLEY,       ;;,
'������������:.: ��� ��� ���  *  Official Adminlstmter..
;.Riobfield, 7th Aug. 1861. ' ';.   '5S:lniy"
\  (Next Bank of British.North America;) .-; y\
"LSTWIS *3��gs leave to, iBforai the Ladles, an.fl
_ Gentlemen ofWilHams Creek ��nd vicinity that
he hasntUd up a BATHROOM at cDnsirteruble*xprneo
for.their accommodation, and'hopes by close attcauea
tobusrootstcmeritacaiiro^f Oieirp^tTf/c^JW.:. ...-.
* im* Se wiU-��I*0 &*&$'**�� %&*A* *&if. *Wf. Ay ^ ..
���vy. m  Xl%  ���������-������������������.���������*.  w.*������v. v.'���������;������* vvir/wr-.*. ���������������#������>.������������������������������������������������'*������������������ ��������� * ���������  ���������<*J|'  -���������' ��������� ���������CConiinn'od-frbm KirsrPago. ]  poeeA on British Columbia, the outcry to which  theDuke of Newcastle'Vieidedbut ttvojyears  ago, vnll be renewed with increased volume.  X-   The Legislature of Vancouver Island, .of  ^whicb the.exUnct provision of the Act, already  :qi uotedf' conteni j)iate"d );tie dfsappefl tance co a-  sists of a Gbvenio'r," a Wroinated Council, and  an elected; Assembly.^ -Theoretically, perhap?  the best form of Government    It is not for  say that under th^e^clrcnmstances a body of j ing between some of our -fellow  n������uv,o Affirwira;w������- K������Atii' hnAir*aA   ^w;jw ���������rt l that oce ati;   I.,809"wellaware  me to enquire how it has worked in Vancouver Island;" I content myself with saying. thai  ; ..Bjitfsh .Coiumbia.fcnot, ripe for suphuustitu-   tions. I found my opinion upon the following  : ;.;��������� grounds :^-First,;on account of the vast number, of ^ the  Colony, 'who  . -would, I presume,*be excluded������from the suffer-  ... __.���������"age. were, a. symmetricaL-constitutisn -to be  ^established.,.^econdly,:.because there are but  ,   '; few persebsvwbp could devote their .time and  attention tb the public service.    We should  ,   soon be reduced to.pajr pur legislators, or fall  into the hahds:6ft%'professional' politicians,  of whom the neighboring States. furnish .us  ; the model.    Thirdly, "because the .'uncertain  nature of goldmiaing allows of a "rusk" here  J<:and;a ;<xusb;,yithere,as rich leads are discovered, or old claims "cave in."   Away goes - the  population from the "played out" town.  Ma-  x gistrate and "cons tables follow, and the sur-  >!>veyor and his'road gang %vetb bring the  new diggings into connexion with the markets  of the Colony;  ^Tbe;[Governer;.mu8t act at  once on his own responsibility, and be able  to rely, with; co,njidence. on; thei passing of a  supplementary Appropriation Act, to give a   ..}������$& JMC������ 9$ ��������� |S- JkjJlMQJ.'&eri,^^^^  /xourtmy, oecauso our population of Indians  is iu a proportion of about ten to one of eur-  tn delves- -They will now obey the great? white  chiefs /They understand no division'bf authority. - Lastly,:because every oneinBritish Col-  .   ^umbia,Americans, even;, more...than- English  seethe necessity of, and- wishes -for a strong  ,;    government.   All .like the power to be mainly vested in one'man/Vresponsible.to public  opinion, and are * averse to,. the. professional  Z. P?1!^?^ Por the Colonies, if uaitedV'I would  '���������; recommend an adherence to tbe principles of  si;the legislative constitution of;British . Columbia, rather than to those of that conferred on  .Vancouver Island, v I- would, however, have  a much larger proportionate infusion of the  0  popiaa^eiemetitthanXwe'At present,possess  ,,:.., Her Majesty has by. order in Council, created a body authorized to make laws for British  ."������������������ Columbja.1 ������It consists of--15 members, exclu-  - $?$??J^Go^niof, wittfwbom it is optional  :. lo take;.;his^eat:as.a meiaberof-the Board, or  to keep aloof, and by so;db}ng constitute himself aa entirely separate branch of the Legislature.   One-third of the Council is composed  of the;; under-mentioned pub lie: officers, who  are, by a separate instrument, constituted like-  ::rwise. the Governor's Executive "Council*������-  VX The Cplpnial Secretary;;: 2. The-Attorney  {; General; 3.;The Treasurer/; 4. Toe Surveyor  trenerai;  5. The Collector of Customs    The  - remaining two-thirds are selected by the Gbv-  er,nqi\ but I believe that a Despatch from the  Duke of Newcastle, directs that five of the ton  shall be chosen from the magistracy of the  Colony, and. that in the appointment of the  other five the Governor shall endeavor to be  : spided by the wishes of the people as signified  m-five distinct-districts.   Under this constitution the Governmentcancommanda tnajoritv  ot votes, but the power has been, rarely exercised by, me, save in cases where demands  t were made upon the Colony by the Imperial  ��������� Treasury,.which the Legislature, if, not coerced, would have rejected.      "���������'*���������'      *   ."���������*-"  Probably in British Columbia the section of  the Legislature which possesses most the confidence of the people, is that of the magistrates.  , rls. thenght of the Governor to change the  svanons of the paid justices of the peace whenever he shall see occasion for doing so, therefore the best, men are always selected for the  most important trusts,.. As fche.wmter closes  most of the turners' operations, several of tbe  magistrates can be spared to attend the meet-:  ingsot the Legislative Council in New West-  i   ^he ������nd^nientioned districts are repre-  Z. The Kootenay gold mines in the Rocky  mountains; 3 The gold mines, of  Cariboo  *A*fu m,le? 1������rtheast of New Westmin-  ffj H T% ^oummimAAir mining district of Liiiooe.tr ������. The pasfcoVai and mini���������  ^ ������nlu^t^ P the Columbia, boSnoV  ed on the south by the American frontier.  ������JSiSn w y4 M^ls^ates' ^bbse salaries are  no sufficient to eaable them to enjoy any of  public officers .'has'*-, been/ trained^ equally respected by the'4 people and the Government.  The miner,looks upon, the departure bf the  magistrate for his legislative duties .with: fully  as much of happy ��������� confidence as he doesbn  thai of the men he h?ts assisted in roturuiiig;  to the Hotise.; ,;': * *   :;* "��������� '* \ '-��������� *���������*'"���������  -*X'i;[u  Seats in the Legislative Council are eagerly  contended for.  '��������� JElectioneering addresses are;  issued from the rival candidates, and sometimes fvery, considerable expense is incurred.  Great discretion is left with the Magistrate arid  people: of; the, district as to the votes which  shall j be accepted and reported to the: GByr  ernor.   In New Westmins,ler, I believe, in conS  sequence of a feeling to that effect, aliens haye  abstained from voting; but in- Cariboo, injj  I think other inland districts, every; man who  comes forward may record a vote,, unless, he  be an Indian or a Chinaman.    Indeed, Lbe(.;  lie ve .there, are cases where some Chinese  have been allowed to vote.   It meets with my  approval that,so long as a strong English Government exists in New Westminster, no dis-  subjecjtstqn   ..    --~ .. ���������, - - ��������� that thereVare  conflicting'interests.which ;I cannot}hp{).e3A;  reconcile.   The! way of pieasjng viii parties  has' notfbeen discovered. ,v^e;o  union; under a cbminpn GpvOrnpr ���������; resi&nt in  "tlctona^roke down, ]The new Vge^ofientire  separation seems intolerable to tbepoliticans of  Vancouver Island. Whether the arrangements  I now; sujggest woulo! bef,a,ccepta*ble to !the  Cplbnists I am; not much iinclinedYto ^dbubtC;  Victoria would probably expect better terms'  and British' Columbia only -wishes fio \ifA ?teft'  ;aloiib.'''' '.' . '^;   , '��������� ; -. *'' Zy ZZ]t. i>+x!11"l  u. Iu a consideration of any suggestion, I no w  ve^^;^la^ belbre ^u, IJ^  gence which* abetter written' abroad,V;w'ittbutl  access of official papers, may fairly, claimi  iK"  -.,. -y, i    ���������   I naye, &c.,      wyu , x���������.y;-xx  ; ;:(Signi3d);;;; :: i^rederick Seymours  ".z^���������^v^J&AittkiZyy  fuy'"' ""***   morlts;bfhl5Maj^ffi^^U^ *P^^S J6  his SEGALS :1nFuorj^  conslsta^^^  *s<r.iy  state or freedom of intercourse with all S  '    Tlie  Magistrates, at the  minea    hnnrlv^.T^f  n,ileS;from headquarters,' w^eSbfi^iS'  vested-yith duties of-great-^ytSpJ?"  inftuHnce,:    it gives me flrreat ������ati������f������>.t.iA������ *w  qualificatipn on account of nationality should  exist at the gold mines. I hold it is as, extremely desirable, that we should know the,  real interests & feelings of our man v. alien immigrants. That we should attach them to out*  institutions, and that, as we govern, by moral  force alone, not costing the mother country a  soldier.or a shilling, we should have amphg  our Legislatore men responsible to alien^ as  well as Epglish constituents.- I1 like to hear  any grievance which the American miner may'  fpf, as now,,by the remark, *Wait for the next  election.^   In the agricultural! districts likewise. I wish aliens to take part in the elections.;  Lytton,.probably, does- not contain a dozen  English unofficial; inhabitants.  r The ifarmers  on the Thompson and..Upper Fraser are many  of tbem French. The hotel keepers throughout  the Colony mostly belong to that nation or to  the.Italian.  Tbe time has notrye.t;arrived for  me to consider whether the-Chinaman or Indian should be allowed to vote at the elections  I should he disposed to exclude \ ;both.    Post  sibly an exception might be made in favor ;of  those who took out their "free miners certificates.''' . ." ���������        ������������������-'   . ,-\   . ;  Even if, Union is not to takeiplacef> I should  wish to see.the popular .element increased in  our Legislative Council. - It is in the gold'  mines that I should specially desire;to-see the  ^representation increased.; If the Union of the  Colonies should take place, I would suggest;  that about~12!raemb:ers.of the new Legislature  should be appointed by the Governor on the  recommendation of the people.   If the Color  nies remain seperate I will address you * at a  future time respecting British Columbia.   I  must.repeat the recommendation--I ventured  to make when treating of the magisterial element, tbat the discretionary power of the Governor, as to the districts >to be represented  should remain unimpared.   I, however, submit arougb suggestion as to. tbe first apportion-;  menfcs of seats: Victoria, V.L, 2 members; New  Westminster, B. C, 1 do; Nanaimo, V. L,l do;  Comox, V*. L, 1 do; Cariboo East, B. C., 1 do;  Cariboo, West, B. C., I do; Kootenay, B. C, 1;  do; Yale & Lytton, B. C, 1 do; Douglas &Lil-  looet, B. C, 1 do;-Williams Lake, B. C, 1 do;i  Osoyoos.& Columbia, B.C., 1 do.   As regards  the electoral franchise, in the first instance I  would.propo.se to leave the question as it now:  rests in the several districts.   *���������  I think.it would be desirable that the Governor should have the power of appointing  two unofficial ��������� members of the Legislative  Council to the Executive Council.     *      *  In tbe event of the union : taking place, a  question which will locally excite some interest is as to the seat of Government.  ..Victoria  is the largest town of the two Colonies, and is  in many respects, and most agreeable place  of residence.   I think, however, that in seeking union with British Columbia, Vancouver  Island relinquishes all claim to the possession  within her limits of the seat of Government.  New Westminster has been chosen as the cap-1  ital of British Columbia, and it would not be]  fair to the reluctant Colony to deprive her of  the Governor and staff of officers.  Both these  towns are inconveniently situated on an angle  of the vast British territory; but New Westminster^ on the mainland, has the advantage  over the island town.   It is already the centre  of the telegraphic system, and is in constant  communication with the upper country, whereas the steamers to Victoria only run twice a  week.-  Tbe seat of Government should be on  the mainland; whether it might not, with advantage, be brought hereafter nearer to the  gold mines, is a question for the future.   /  :Unmixed advantages would accrue from the  amalgamation of the Supreme Courts of the  h two Colonies.   There would be abundance of  work for the judges now presiding in each  Colony. ���������'���������-���������;-  ;���������  It is premature for me to address you respecting the disposal of^the public officers who  might be:thrown -out 'of employment on the  union of the two Colonies. ,: ���������,  I have now endeavoured to lay before you a  scheme for the; consolidation of British power  and   infc&rAHf. nn 'Una.    t>i%.x;������-.  --- -i     0-  IMe  Cariboo >^^n^^  V^yS:eh^  Poblished y Every ; MoNDAr"-and ^Th^rsday;  ZZ-X ALLAN & LAMBERT; Proprietors. > :S:  Omoi^BARKBRVIIjLB,;, "^  Subsoriptioni $1 per week,y.^A j  (Including' cost: of; delivery,) Payable to tbe ;Carticr.  ; $"B*^*^  ���������'������������������������������������  ���������������������������''��������� i 'i'-'- it V)-"i",''������'v* *������j',."i ���������-.(���������,'.>.-. !���������' ;7:������: .-  ���������':    :��������������������������� -���������'-������������������jpfi 'IBB''���������'���������'���������'������������������'���������' *".'��������� r      il'Invited- to'Call andienjo^ theMel?ea<wWt; ??T aff  ifXr.  ���������"*e#*<������*jt4i*>,  ���������U. ������������������������������������������������������ -���������YiYfrcY������M^gTO:������'c6oK,tt���������p.n. >'  . ..-; ���������������������������' '���������;.������������������:   .<r-yy-s-yt?y-y ������������������������*��������� ������������������;.w. .^GAMBRGNTOWN/.' ^- !  :yy-B*wmYi$pj3yyyy ���������% yyx^Htm^mmi^xy y  11      DKALER IN        '..''.' ITIiewliftoAiiflll-^lSli^^  ,CJARPENTERS, & MINERS?'TOOLS, ;  TO WDER, FJJSEfx&e.} &A.  ,  y.y   Xiy ���������-    AI^O,;-. r     .:.:'....  SiATIpN'rRY.  - -an^l strychninorand rot-'gut.ond>.b pldce'hera.   i  ���������im  M^S^rH^BlO^di Wthpmn^  '^MtownotolKeeporsond the inba*bltkiitsingeQ:  era I ofrWllllarasXJreei^ Jthat'abeyinkve'IbijBli'odlnRi  !!S-!S,AU4S!{S ������ ^OT^l������ r^^wnsot :RICfHFlELD;flLd  ^ARKKRyXIXE, and trust.to merit & liberal share of  ���������the'pnbllcfpatronage; andTithat their;old'frinds'wia  klnfily^'ve-them-ai cm<y>xiyy??rz-<Mm^r ' "  .= Richfleld^'My IStbjaSOet; &ty yl. yy i"!"fl8-4m '"  l^^erary Inst^ili^  jJAMES ANDERSON, Viob:Pbe3I������e^..  JOHNMacLARE^    ~    V  iO^myB-BWILKlSSO^ J^ DibectorS. v  ,.; JOHN ADAIR,  JOHN BOWRON,  ���������Ai  Skcsstarv & 'Librarian.  THIS/ INSTITUTIQN at present con tains, about. 500  : volanies of Choice Li tern turej consist j hg of Rsligibnf  SclentjQcj Historical, andrPoetlc.il works,-and' works <  ���������Fiction.; , .���������"-. -.'y.,'. :;.:'..;..,',,,; y ';-:������������������:, -yv..;.: ������������������'���������y.-XXi.i 'XXX A..  "'" Worcester's Large Pictorial Dictionary, Ure's Diction*  ary of..tlio Arts, "ifahnfactures; and Mines,^Lippenc6tt?s  Pronouncing Gazetteer piMne World,: and HomaVs Cjt  elopedla.of Commerce will ahyays. be kept in the room  fprrele'rencW X:...X1]ly')Ay xyy , r.- ..;,-.} y,.;?-XyrA\'-'\y  .: The 'Reading, Room will bo found suppliedIwi t ti..,tho  Htest English^ Scottish^ Canadian, American, and'Cdlo-  nial:Paper3'and}3fagiz'iries.'; yy. .'- .y.-:������������������; .  : Terms of ; Subscriptio.v^-$5 per q narterj or. $2 per  montOv :'. Single volumes Loaned tb. non-subscribers at  50 cts: per volume,: with' $1 'deposit. y. !  Y Persons not subscribers visiting the [Reading Room  and makingnseof the Books and Papers will be charged. 25 cts. for'eachl visit. , : : -       - yU   -y.ii  4������- The'Room will be open from 10 a���������m. till 10 p.m.  :-.'s ��������� ���������'���������"���������.';V-,;'. -         ��������� ;' 'JOHN BOWRON, in  17^      , i .���������;              ;: Secretrary and Librarian;  ;  ^���������^lea^Sp^  - ���������/-  r r/-.,7-.,^AT?J0AVOflHT;. .v uZ: Z*  ���������������������������ZZ,'-l ^^^^^^tl^SN^yy i t-  ym^E&UAYAA ^TORDAY"Jf6J&INGS  A"Z^Z' ZZni yttjtmiJWKtyZWxxu f  Connecting atrfSoda C!roek wltb BarkarB's SrAan ������:  *���������q Wed nesday % trlj> down anU-^h uradiy's trip up.  :   : ni^^Fre^totfQfes^lU  00"';      ���������!    ������. n'^*7'^    >.iy>. %���������:���������>   i       -������������������������������������'y'-V'X-     ';'!  ,i    Steamer 'Enterprise.' \ / *���������"-=       ���������.;*.::.,;  "T: ' ���������--   y^--- ��������� X'.-      ;������������������:���������::    ,. y:u,y <<m.yy<y  ;^Lqg^.^B(V^  LV MOUTTET ^ GO./  ; Wholesale &' retail  THE u^bERSl<MJE������Wr^^6Wmk������ntac^  of,.aU grades; fExira; Superfine 'and Fine, y Feed  .Crushed,to.order.      ���������������������������    y/     ,'-.-. . .   '���������'-��������� . -^    ��������� ���������  x, xxyyy . ' xiLtooEf flour MiLL.co;,f,.  f ^ -: vh ��������� - y ^y ���������: y -y *������, y:}������yW, -. FosTBR,' Ak������pt-:  vTrajffAVH ONmm a.large'stpoic of Provisions!  DEALER IN> DRY? mo^Cii^t^^Q^^1'^-  i Caps, Boots, and :.atioesf',i.Oar]Mtlng^vtY)U>' Clotta,  ^^Pajwr," kci^Ijn^etxpv C.J y ���������> yy���������^^ >'**  MiBER^  BARKERVILLE  BREWERY.  NICOLAS  BREWER,  TAfcOB M"^  i) hand a largo and superior stock of .Lager Beer;������������  the Bar will bo < found the ��������� 6est "Brandies;: Wines ana  Sogars;, the ru blic. are J ia VI ted: to call,' ���������; Prepared to an  all'oKU^.pK>niptly'';"'- ������������������* **������'  RICHFIELD,'  PATRICK  KIR WIN, Prop'r.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  and Cigars are of fche finest .quality.  E. C. GILLETfE,  s  CAMERONTOWN:  fan���������m ["nifpin #i������ m^ i 'tfi'i urn* i  HODGE  port'dOuOljH ADV.  s,  ; MACDONALD'S ; l^u ' ^X^  othWidostinad forotha.Bridge ^'J"���������f Xdod  , , :. v...        7      ���������  ,m ^^^   *     '���������r  **a     sy 9    4UI ^y| fls  BARKEftyiLLR-Arijoining the Express Office.  and  'them.,  v,--^~ .-T- :-.,  j the delicacies1'of Vth'e'.seriaoh  overy convenience auu ������.^v������������**������r-.- .. -,������  Good Bo,ds and a Table well supphtu j  ffiv������fi ������va - Yr-r:-^^r.4"UUttl)aad ia^sfcoa the .Faeific,^ and- for/lhi mn*  gives me great mtmfaction���������. to Ipwawon.,pf the lamentable mtzgonismi eS  AUOTIONBBBi ��������� MINING So COMMISSION   ':. .AGHINT,;AND ACCOUNTANT, 7;"' J;  BARKERVILLE.I     '-Z'-lTy:  ....       . Tr-.yTii-ii-S'----   ---ipMa House., i*  ah. SMITH  k CO., ^rm^^yZ^.jfm^  ".���������' ���������wcll^tted up for the .^^J^Sl^iiB.^Sr  lers;to tho Bhdgo.������lvor Minei .: .���������.Oood^BM ^  for,Hq.wos,|ioirs0;Fee<l,.&Q.f;.^flt������^  betwotn inis'bmim and 5ort,Douglav^t^!a^^kK  the steamers ^(W^^'M'������<^fi^-^*r ?<V*^  web  mi  mmta  ���������^fta^P^


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