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The Cariboo Sentinel 1869-08-21

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 Ppnnfe of'|fc  :������^ ware; iVt:  a? wurraptSjjV  irubia.  afion for Tra  ftftd thobest  froprieUrs.  wtcr ofW'>  awes, rind."  ^ON'RAND.   >-  ended to.  Hnlulrntx,  e Kites. ' Al' ���������  '|J>������.   Orters  ������" care and  an dies  ICTOKIA.  AKCISCO.  lND.  fc Guiiiur,  >al;v"';:;y.  real v;  nan-CoraV  thdi  ICA-Tho  nd Soitill  ishGoltim-  i Avenue,;'  onthcBi, -..';  rtldnd, and  transacted:  5, Agent; ���������  3tdre^  *ICB.  >unda'woli  if the  VISIONS  vara, Glass  icco..  :  PAIIX  RAW  loicest  id fair and  the liberal  ft*  SB  VREl) TO  ii Biirker.-  BARS is-  ARK,  Agent.  j iiiUm  [MISSION  13 ted.  1  1  1  I  I  1  II  I  II  i������  V  HP  K  IP  fe  ;;.}f  Vol. ft  "Wi|iam:. Oreek, "B^G^g^|ui,4a#,':-Aufusr;si; ��������� 18&*9".  'N;oi32!������  TBEetRlPJSEWlEE  PUBLISHED  ^YE^^^Dl^SIXIIvy; andl^S ATTOD^Y,  .yJYly  fOBERT ���������"  ���������-��������� *"W  by the' storm^lBv circumscribed. 'It began  about iwo?o*two'and a half milesSoithevwest;  of;us, passing .in au easterly ..direction to -an  , .   ,^ %ual Sistauce;:io}the'{eaflt|;increasinga&%fy  Subscription^$1 ^er,week (including cost  ei deli very ^payable to the carrier, fi  Ort'icB���������Barkervi 1 le,.(next; <&opr; to ftane.tta's  ;     ���������'. :y-;'-vGrJoceryi������t^  y :; Agoiits; for .* tbfe > \. Garitiod*' Sentinel? "*��������� ;���������; T'-;:  Quesneimouth, Mr. Goudie, Barnard's Express Office  Soda Creek, .v ,- j ,4^:* ^^3afniirU^Expre?s  y/aleV ;; i- V ..^Y^Mr^'Evansp.tdo- jYr lj������~ Ido; ,y;  .���������New Wesi-milister, -'���������".������������������"   X.y.'>" ������������������?"'��������� Cla rfcson & Co:  'Victoria,t: ���������>y;- -. ;  *y   f*J?-' *h ? Ai. type:1;/'  L. P. "Fisher,'* V - ���������   ��������� V-'    - ���������'���������'��������� ������*��������� ������ > Saa: Francisco  TEItRIBUilCTbm-  syy'  The telegraph:a^eyv^e^ks ago; announced  tii at a ternbleistoim'ta^ Visited Canada and  various p 1 aces .in the States;and ��������� done an iup;  raense amount of-damageJ. .Woodstoclv, in  UpperCaW  lowing* extract? jrqm^tbe'-^VoQistpck-"Times  show. 1 he fit ribus; nature of the stor mi;,     l f  - Large m asses <o f icicles,,,, o f:.; crystal fo rm.  cl mo nd cd, ca rryi ng\ destruction: to all yege-  . tnblc matter, stripping the trees* of leaves?  carrying :'���������! down;- 'branches -anflwdeyastating  crops of every kind. The .poor birds, wild,  with fright,..flew in ���������;all-directionsj fno wv and  lliun cp in ing to"'the^JroHn'ff ,itufihed by"the  force of ^le'^peltin^stdruj, aud many were  ;picked up quite dead. W- ��������� ������   ������ ^ .y^-i...^  Th e : fall pf rai a during all th is ti me w as  g ti n: tu" 11 i ri g  real ly Am ar yell ous.   i. The  fio 0 d  s we p t the stree Is,' the gar cl ens an d 'tlbeC - fiel ds,  hearing away;!the ;;;debris., pfXthe} {gardens'  Irinisures and the fr(tit .0f the .fields;:  Not a  house In the to wo :;&i^ed::'JIi8,^sttTin.V^fe  Ca oad a 1113 ti title; wi ndo'ws': were, fo reed in all  divuetions, and 7Al squares of glass;; broken.  All the public:andjla^ger buildiiigs;suff,ered  proportionately.   The photographic galleries  and all skylights >were. carried' away, and  streams of falling water poured down the  stairs to. the stree ts:' b r; i ri to. eel 1 ars.    One  house, belonging to Mr Budd,'was "struck by  lightning and paVtiaUy(u>magea\; f All ihe orf  chards suffered more or less in uprooted  . trees, and the new; b ar ns and r sheds J pu th e  property 0f"' %lr J:" Peers,���������; East i Wbbdstock,  were levelled 1 to, the.'grbund, ���������with;/other  damages to the ;extent;- ;of< several thousand  -dollars.   The direction;,of the^:tornado/.was  precisely in the line of/that of 1856s-; but the  previous ��������� one was si.niply wind.-; On .that occasion a track as bf i road clearing was mado  through -a dense wood, andh house's ,; were"  swept away and peoplb kilject.;Zy yX [A';' Zx'  .   Some of the icicles were-picked np meas-  iiring', rime ihches ih" circumference, and in  size eq_nalling-a turkey's ��������� egg,-but presenting  in most exact angles the appearance rof a congelation of small pieces of. the clearest ice,  forming an oval mass "firmly congealed and  inseparable.   Four picked up an hour after  the storm had subsided, and when tbe fear of  danger had passeel away,-were weighed, and  indicated over half a pound.   Some idea of  the storm may be gathered from-the fact that  this fall of. ice was such! as to shtit out of all  sight what was going on across' the street,  an tl people cotild 0nly, learn the mischief to  their neighbors' houses when all was over  and the "heavens bad put bn the garb bf spring  repose.   An .earthquake^^ might1 have   been  productive.of more.serious injury to life and  property, but to j field, gard.eii and bouse the  "wreck was complete.   Shrubbery of every  kind is swept away, and utter ruin is seen in  tho garden and the cdnservatoi^.' It is *ex>  eeedingly fortunate! ttethb space -swept over  lay in the���������*track ?ofXthe tornado^bleak sur^  factijpfv.bare/.eartbi-.'w  quarter of a million;ot- dpllars^will not make  good the loss. ' ;     Z'"':',' yX  u. The tornado swept over a large portion of.  theicqunty of Middlesey.; The,.Lonjph'ProT;  to type says-the-to wnship of London was visr  i^ed'on Sunday*by one of the' mo|t destruc-  .tlvejtornadpes that ever passed-oyer Canada.'  ]^re|ts, "'fences,' houses % and everything^fell  before it j -��������� the roa^'pf'.the-wind!as it swept  along, tearing and dediolishing everythlrig; in  ���������ite.!co1uree{twas ferrifio: rItlvis1fed-;tiie5neigh^  jborhbbd^bbufc^ lour "o'clock, and; continued  .ife'ravages fot at'least half an hour. Afkone  rtime thej air was filled with the debris ofk destroyed buildings;. torn-up trees and other  ;missiles;: whicb were1 sent-^ying an ;eyeryi  direction;x.'ihe.wind, lifted bodily abuiter,  belonging to Mr Nicholson, of the 14th con-  cessionj from*thei ground, and deposited it in  Wright's -; Wood, about threerquarters of a  mile "distant. The -same gentleman's house  was completely' unroofed, andrhis barn blown  down and'- scattered cto. the winds. Several  sheep :w&e:n^ea^  were grazing mA,carried;some distance-awayv  Eveh^large'stones: were blown abbut'bn the  roads as if they %ere mere feathersu ��������� ������������������' -y  - - ffo m-Jrl! ^partsfof^un^^land^^ ve;  accounts' of 'disastcK A Houses; have" been  struck and damaged 5 telegraphic wires have,  been literallyrburned;;i;many; persons^haye;  been rendered insensible" * and in'one ?orHwo;  instances a sad loss ofiife has been the re-j  stilt; 'Perhaps-tlie'most remarkable incidenfc'  ot the sto rm was, the wreck 0 f. th e; si 0 op John;  Wrigh t. This vessel was: sailing'_= off Wbiter���������  stone when the fury..of the storm burst forth :  she *wras struck with immense force by the  lightning and immediately capsized and  sunk. The;mate was,:no doubt, killed by the  shock, for when thrown .into, the water.he did  not app ear to struggle or hi ake any;1 effort to  save himself, but sank immediately. . ;  At Philadelphiai on the same day. and at  ne arly the sam e _h our, p r op er ty was dam aged  to the extent of maay thousands of dollars.  Scores 6f chimneys were either thrown down  or- partly wrecked. Telegraph p6ies were  prbs'trat'ed, and the wires twisted and broken.  Hundreds of fruit and shade, trees were up'-  rpote^Jand rendered worthless. Limbs-werb  broken' btf of other; trees, shrubbery was  ruined,; fiowjers wereXscattered and.torn up,  and a scene of devastatipn,was visible whei^e-  ever the -whirlwind held sway. Great d am age  was done to the crops 0f cereals and yegetables in what" is iri own'as the Neck and. portions of the Twenty-seventh Ward. Many  fields of* grain look as if rollers had been  passed over them. Miles of fences have been  demolished and numbers of fowls killed. The  direction of the main storm was southeasterly.  It raged for more than half un hour.  The Greatest Discoviskv of tub Age.���������  ;Robinsou!s celebrated: Magic Soap has jus.  been introduced on William creek, and the  proprietors "challenge the world to produce  an article to compete with this soap. It not  only removes paint, pitch, tar, &c, from tlie  coarsest arid*finest fabrics, but it also does  away with allthe washboards and machines  that have been invented during the past ten  years to wear out hands, and. clothes;. and  after one year's use it has been proved not  to injure the clothes in the slightest degree,  .having;every advantage over all other soaps  in being cheaper���������one pound;, doiug more  washing than two pounds of any common article now in use.. For sale at Mr James P.  Taylor's.drugstore, and some of the principal stores in town. A responsible person  is wanted to act as agent for Carib00. En-  quiro tit this office.    . *  ^j^A������:,N^i^^;|ct  m;THE;StJPR13ME:c6URT ^0  ZZ'^ANDSPBRITISH;COIiUMBM.;'-^  y  Y- -..-,'��������� 'ft-yyy^.~yyf'yyyyy-yy' yyy*yiy.i.y.; v.Uj^'.y':-- ���������,...���������  Inihe.mattor. of tho.^statc and.E/Tcc^.of.TElJ^XJ^it  : Y ;      MCCARTNEY;���������'a'ecb'asbd.-rritestatoV"'*���������*.��������� ."v  >���������������������������<   .      ,yj:-   m "-> -.-Y    .,Vf.- y. Ur. ,,>- ���������>. ,,:-.   .,-   ,.   .  ALL persons who are indebted to the ah^vo Estate  ���������V aro rcc(ulred to: pay-the amounts due .forthwith;:  and, all" poisons.., twbO;?hav,e, "any. claims -j..against .tb'tt  above Estiit'e' arcred.ulre'dto send'.in' their.accounts''  on dr^heforOf the 28th day of. October, 1869,-to ;.-.: /��������� ���������������������������'-. ������������������'-��������� r-  A v   . ���������', XX y "l y-r. chas.\E. poolry,    ,  Oillcial'Adiniiiistrator.' X  DatedBichaehl,' 58th July,, 1869.,  jn31;lin:  IN MEMPREjJrE WTO^bFlTHB^ABr-1  ?&%l$AW[rQ??BB^^  In ..tho; mattfer of the Estate .and Effects of^lLLIAM:  y ' y ;.. ������������������ ;i3Tl^A?P* ^ceased, 'Intestate; '!���������'   ;  ALL persons wiio are'indebtctt to the above 'estato  YiirC required tofpayc>the amounts" due! forthwith,-  Knft: all .persons ^who havcYany, claims,'against- the;  above estate ,aHyeg"u!fo,a'tb,,Ji^h'd'-ib their accounts on  "or: ibefore;thb^l thrtiay?of ? Sciytemb'erf ������X869;f tb j HiuiX'r  '.yXX-yiy   ,;. :.    CHAS. E. POOI^Y,   ;.    ",  ���������     X ".*"  L "' OflicTal- Admlalstrator;   *  Dated Richfleld, 11th Jane,-1869-      "     ; jel6 td'  IN  THEf j SUPREME, OPURT   OF-1 VSlE  "MM&NiylO^  In;the matter pf tlie,"Estate"and' EU^JCtsof MICHAEL  V .GARNET, deceased, intestate.  VLLper39ns������wh6" are indebted to the above Estate  ���������: are required- to pay; the amounts due forthwith;  and^al^pcrsons ;who have aiiy claims.against the above  estate .aro'*:required;t-o send -iri their accbunts:6n or  before: tne.24th:day of September, 1869^ to;&���������?������������������ y, X^  v  .   CHAS..E. ,POOLE,V,;,  .  '   '   .yy* ������-���������- ;-'--^ "Official Administrator.  Bated Richftcld^ 2������tth)Junei ;1869; , y     ���������    je?0, r.  STEMtERS, EXPRES^ ^^AU5ING^ &6^  __^.^ .,,..sGEfg;g;;  N^THE-PIRfilH'DA^OP' J"t*OT-AND^ oti^ZjMMZ'l  .Xy.XAXTZA'X'Xi' '^xyf*ymy.py.;iyii\ yytj!. .-s  j Z/iBiti^ ��������� ���������:  -{��������� rZZZ''" -Z ���������'; Wijl,!^espateli''V'r4j '-Z Ap- ZXy :.  A FAST; FRIGHT T^EAMFR  -'���������U\ I'ly-ii Xit U^ y :.y . -J ;   'UU-" :- Y , i-.��������� ...,,.... ��������� ,.,*.-.  "Slalving-the ^trip to Barlcervilleln about' Xi days. "'..*. '���������:"  , ~;'X'iyXyy : '/tfntilfttrth^nolicb, Ayyy^ '������������������"!<  -n *������������������  i,:,; Aa^M'' o?ll*$&0jyX Xf'  By these teams;'On all parcels :or^50 lbs.' and up w&rl]* -.  PY; XyUu '��������� -y-^,, * ��������� ;  will, be  .  ���������-"'.'- .. , ,* X - y*y y-^  I viXW - (Mi$ *f#: 'Otif xyy  ''  ' 'x> '' '", ** " ''      f,~j ^ 'x X-* ' xyy . ���������  exciusire. of Road Tolls.fr -y u-.. XlX " Ax Ax > y *..y-?y- .' ���������  y&m  BiRKERViLLE.^  Febv 6,1869;:  'Parties shipping^ by; these^^'teams mu8t;6rd^������froo^*  to- be-marked :".Per. Barnard's Express;,������LQWy-^  otherwise_they" will b e^ sent' fby" reg ul ar' ExpressTanif  charged accordingly^ c ; ��������� : i ���������XAAy ������������������-/.* * y'>y ",-"-"    1  Shippers may depend on the regularity ���������"of,- thVsff  tcams,^for: whether-with ;fui if-freiglit or ndt?'tKey iwi It  Come through^ "fr^ ��������� i. ^h j4 . j  ,���������,..,���������.,+  ;;;Mayl4,'18;69.; i,   A;y ���������'" A..;,. j & 'JV-BARMillV.;^  ; Barnaird^s- -Express/ -  OX and after, July 3dj ami until furtbernotico; th?  "Regalar "Weekly Express will arrive rat*B;f r^r~  villet������n;SATURDAYjMORNlNfii; and^liirn^atie^n^iJiY  the following Monday., The Express will close every  Sunday^nighCat 9 o'cloclc' Uj '**'������������������' '"< ,;-''1'-  *r "Eor,rates;6fiKreight Und passage^ apply tQ Xyyy*  'yomx^yyxyy  Xyjunt  Ago n'.pp, BarkS fv'illap  Vaii;; VolKtoburg fe: - Co.!  B. A R K E R VIL LE> ��������� ^RICfiFIELp,^ ;AN;D  ,     ' , MOSQUITO CREEK.��������� ,   " V:  A supply of freshiJraeat of all descriptiona constantly  on"hanrt. ������������������ ;:. ���������"'-''��������� '���������'���������'";    ;'.--' .-'��������� ';��������� '.yX' ;y;; -A''[Uyy\  xy'y-^FZyN^E'U-F^  STOHAGE AND 'CO^r^ISSI'ONs  .   y   Richfield, B.C.  " 'jQigj* Produce from thcagricultu'ral districts received  and.money advanced oh consignments:XX ��������� jy24 2m /  ���������A'::-;-"MdPli0i;sdtti  ��������� AKD-^!  yX-s  ;     BARKERYILLE.  ^Barkerville, Maylr, 181������9.:   ; y  SAWNEY'S   LET TERS  ���������'UU' .-������������������::- ���������-_���������������������������. ������������������ ���������, ANn' ������������������     '���������'���������'��������������������������� .u'-iyy.y.'.  C AB I B OO    RHYM E S j  ',.":���������" BY JAMES ANDERSON. ;.      :        ..  PRICE,       -       -        . * ��������� * ONE DOLLAR.  For sale at the Sentisel Office, and forwarded by  post, free of charge, my29  iff  LEASES QHESNELMO;p& FOR SODApREEl^pi  ->, ;' ': ^    TUESDAYS,  . ���������"' --���������'.-: V' y .: ��������� : :AT;Six AMy': ' ���������' '���������*'������������������ /���������   ';  LEAVESi SODA- ^REE^FOI^i QUESNELMOUTH ON*  xy ���������:'vT:H-EUS D AY; EVE HI RGyyAX\  Con liecting sti th "B arnard's Express at Jbpth>plJ oes.  :j^������ The steamer is not. responsible, for- leak?ige --of  Oilsj or otlier liquids shipped in tin's'.-v" -    '  EXPRESS AND GEIEKALiGEMy.  '��������� -��������� .'.> ��������� ��������� ?' "' ���������.'���������:���������"*���������:       :.'���������''���������  '   .���������������������������    -    '' ,������������������ ��������� ,.'s"v y.Y ,,,.��������������� i.-..- <���������;���������������������������������������������  ON the arrival at Barkerville: of every: Mail Qi\d'  ���������Exrrb^s; R; L.LA'MONT; winneave-Bark^rvilio  w-Hlifan Express for;.!tha "following Creeks ; ��������� Grouse,:  Stcveus, Uiiiifornia, Wolf, Aatlor,.Cunningham, .Hut-  "vey; Snowshoe, Kei'th'ley and = Gpose Groeks. 'He will  attend to all kinds of .commissions, ?,&c.y..Collect ing1.  will.;also'b'e attcndo'd.'to:";.".'     .'' ',-.  jtfil '  ���������-: ��������� Lettci*s, Parcels; &c.,rfor the; above 5 places cau "ba  leftjat the follo^ing places-:    l:-���������"' ������������������ .....  '--v Tlie'SBNTiNiBL;Office',' v'y ���������.. ���������. VBarkerville;.'"���������  'U  Ronnie's Shoe^Stbrb, :V;:y;:y>y:Barko"rvule:;  ...v 'F. "Neufelder,   .>- -���������������������������<  '- ���������->,;��������� -'-   Richfield'.,'������������������'������������������ U"���������'  Sheet and Oast Iron Stores  LL JOBBING'"WORK IN TIN,, COPPER, Sheet  Iron, Zinc and Lead Piping, attended to with  promptness,  and  warranted  to give1 entire satis;  faction; ��������� '. ���������  ,  Hardware, Iron & Steel,-  g. Powder, ���������������������������  5.8,    Etc.,   Etc>;  .FOR SxVLE.   .  E. PEARSON & BROS.,  Barkerville.  Daiiiels6n>s Bi-ld^^1; Que&r'  ��������� nelVRiTer/      ���������  :"M-R. CHARLES ; DAJJIELSON'! desires yto: . inform  vl������X. Traders,.Packers, Travellers and others that tit6.  Road from': Dog Prairie to tho 16'Mile Post' ueyomi  Qaesnelmouth is now open and in'good conditiyivWor  Pack Trains and Stock, and that 'thereVis nbun !r.nc.?.  ofVgood feed thrbugl'iout. There is a house of oiuer-  taiuuient at tho bridgo.  ��������� ���������-'��������� V-' :> .;" ��������� .'. .. Yi'cl'J  Importaiit; ta   Traders'  4 LL  FREIGHT CONSIGNED TO J. C. BEKO V,  the Colony  mission.  "lliliard & Beedy,  Victoria.  Yale, B. C, will be forwarded to any p irt <>J'  Jolony, on the most'reasonable ternis, free ot cf-rn-  AGENTS:.  Dcnouvion & Kurtz,    )  }  Barkervillo.  Barkcrville, April 17th, 1869..  STOVESj^STOVES 1  ADAMS & PEARCY,  BARKERVILLE, W  Have on baud a choice selection pf -  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  TIN   PLATE  AND  SHEET  IRON  With various other articles in theiiiine of trade.  m~ AU Jobbing in the Tin, Staoet Iron, popvvrjn.4  inc trade at tea ded to, and, warranted to givt *-sii3-  Zinc  faeUou.  noa  'U  xy  .y'  y y  yyyy?0y.-  :-Y-v  {*****   ^l!������l!||l!iJSIU(II*(!  /<& i:  yAi THE MHB0() SEjjMEL  SATURDAY. AUGUST2L 18G9,  THE CARIB00 SENT! SEL'  Ts published every. Wednesday and Saturday.   All  advertisements inteiided for insertion, must bo delivered at latest at Sis o'clock, P. M., the day. before  publication. ���������  to advertisers: -  All'advertisements (not inserted for any definite  period) will be continued until ordcrod out;'and  charged for accordingly.  -     TO CORRESPONDENTS.  All communi at! us must be accompanied by tlje  real name and auuress of the writer ; not.necessarily  With a View of publishing tho same, but as security  : for Us good CaUh. ��������� "  THE NEW GOVEliXOliS I'OblGTx  expensive avenues of communication no appreciable '"'; ;afltlittouY; to tbe population  through imaii^ration can be expected.  Should His Excellency come to tbe. conclusion that his policy should bo shaped as we  have indicated, *������e will-not ponder long before he shall have arrived at another conclusion���������that any efforts to promote immigration  by way of the sea would be barren of  productive results. - JnAeeA, a. forced or as-  isted immigration, without the means of immediately placing it in a contented position,  would be fruitful of'evil consequences; but  a voluntary and gradual movement would of  itself find the means for settliog'iu the country and becoming satisfied with it.   To sot in  flEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  LUMBER !   LUMBER  ������  MESSRS. MEACHAM k NASON aro prepared;to  furnish Lumber at their Mills, ."William Creek;  and as they have now a . ..  PLANING     MACHINE    V;  in operation, they will supply DRESSED LUMBER at  $15 por thousand.    Shingles, $12 per thousand.  au21 tf ���������  OTICE.  uw  -        NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NEW BOARBTO  A.   D.   M'INNES  TfEREBV announces that he will open bhv  11    Boarding House, ���������     l a ,,ls Nu  NEXT TO THE ASSAY OFFICE  BARKKRVILLE,  ON SUNDAY, AUGUST W m������  to which he Invites all who desire ilr^u * '  at moderate rates. Cleanliness in thctw?- 2*  partment may be relied on, as he has en������ " P0'  services of a first-class (WHITE) Cook g     tll!i  m: LIQUORS AND CIGARS of the bestbran-i  may be obtained afrthc B;ir.  WH  Much good, it is said, may be "expected to  be done by Governor Afusgrave towards improving the condition of the colony, but in  what particular way he will accomplish it is  as yet all guess work.   If the colony is to remain as it is, a separate, isolated dependency  of Ihe Crown, ifc "will require a very active  and ingenious Governor to. do. any good at  all.   Are we' to loo"k for r el rericl) merit for the  good ^expected " to be consummated ?   The  most pinching economy could only  effect a  Baving of a few. thousand,dollars, if efficiency  of govefnrae'ht is to-be "maintained.   A few  comparatively large salaries might be reduced���������especially that of the Governor's���������or  .' certain offices amalgamated, but the saving  thereby affected would, not increase the population nor impart a greater spirit of energy  ; and enterprise.   "When Governor Musgrave  ehallhave taken firm'.hold of the reins.-:of  government he will find it a difficult team .to  drive. ;\Vhen he looks at the amount of- the  expenditure and the extent of the population,  he will find that they are too much dispropor-  tibned| but he cannot bring these disproportionate conditions into much better shape, be  hcever so. inclined to do.so^   The fact: is the  % - territory is out of proportion with the number  ;   of/inhabitants.. -Ever^ little  village; must  have its quota of officials, and necessarily so  as  much;. as thotigli it were ten; .times -as  populous^and extensive.   We have as many  officials as would suffice for. ten'times the  population, yet  it* would materially impair  tlie efficiency of government if much less than  the  present number were maintained;    The  late Governor said that it was to amalgamation of office rather than reduction of salaries  . to which we?niust lodlcfor,a decreased expenditure, an A he was rigbt j;;but" he. did;;n61 de-  velop his amalgamation policy to tha ^extent  that he might have done; y Yet��������� should iMovA  er n or "Jin sg r ave; car ry p nit ih at .po1! cyj to y������h ei  utmost limit of ywhich it"���������.is" capable" .fev-will  have accomplished almost inothirig.;toward  improving the-coh^  is tho m an pf' com prehe nsive th ought; and ob -  serration ;he ' .is said to be ,' ;he; will finct three  conditions standing in theYway^of; any; material improvement. /First, there.;is the limited p op 111 ation deb arring: all ho pe .o t ���������an i n-  creased revenue<;; next?, the'Extent of territory  requiring, a largo ^outlay to' govern;   and,  worst of all, the greats indebtedness of the  colony.   With regard to;the population; he  wil! find that it  is stationary in  respect of  numbers, with, if anything, a tendency, to  diminish ;   and  as to the revenue and debt;  Ms ability to deal with those important matters is entirely governed by 'the question of  population. In short, an increase of the population is the only remedy for the  difficulties  of governing the country.   An increase of  the population would represent a reduction  of the debt and the expense of government,  and the revenue would expand through the  elasticity produced by increased consumption.  The; policy,  then, of bur hew Governor  ought to be directed towards obtaining a  ..-population more proportionate to the extent  of country than the present, at the same time  effecting.ail possible reduction of expenditure.   His experience on the other side of  the   continent  will  enable   him   to judge  whether if facilities,for cheap communication  "were established population would seek this  'Colony.   At any rate, be., will-soon become  convinced that with-the present limited and  THE FERRY ACROSS QUESNELLE RIVER,  NEAR  . Us confluence with the Fraser,' is to lot.  ������ , Tenders for tho stud Ferry Privileges aro requested  atotiou-pave of tbo voluntary tide of human-  t0 \y0 sent in to tho Magistrate's olllcft,  RichfioM;0n  ity annually moving from the overcrowded ?r before tho first day.-of SEPTEMBER, 1869, to  East to the spacious and fertile West, toward  British Columbia, direct overlaud communication through our own territory all the way  is needed. The sinuosities of the ocean route  set the immigrant astray, and his original  destination   is   lost sight of.   New blood is  be opened at 12 o'clock, noon.  Tho Ferry is to he worked with a rope ns at present, and BOXI)S<iwill bo required for the fulfilment  of the terms of tho charter.  Tho Tolls to be as follows :  Loaded Animals," each     ���������- .    .'.-���������"-������������������   $1 00"  Unloaded   ������'      ���������   " .       - ...       ; 50  " Wagons " - -    ' y    :���������''���������', ���������������������������'!���������'001  Freight, per 100 lbs.        -., .     :���������. X A- J2)������  Cattle, each,       .       :���������'/-'. -      '.     .. 25  needed to give new, vigor to the colony, and  Sheep; each,      -      .      . .      .      .     ���������     y}%  we arc convinced that out new Governor, if  he be the statesmanlike personage looked'for  in Governor Musgrave, will quickly perceive  tcthe situation" of his new sphere of executive  "activity;   Many other conditions of the country and the people will soon force themselves  upon .his .consideration���������as for instance the  widespread  indignant discontent prevailing  in.. consequence of. the autocratic   form   of  government by  which a population accustomed to the exercise of political freedom  are'ruled as though they were "semi-barbarous,, and unfit for a responsible share in the  government;   but,-, doubtless,: like  all appointees of Downing street,- his first consideration will be how to fulfil the.instructions he  has received,,and in so doing the sentiment  of the people will sink -into secondary significance.   Being w el 1 aware of tb is fact, 'arid'  supposing that His Excellency's instructions  may be to assimilate-the proportions of the  population, revenue, expenditure'ind debt,  we* have ventured  to express our opinion  that the best way to succeed in that policy  will beto strive to add wealth to flic country,  by shaping his measures so a3 to increase our  scanty population.  Posscuigers, -        -        ...      -.        - ,25  ��������� ��������� Terms ot Lcise, thrco years. The rental payable  quarterly in advance, and the Ferry privilege extends  five miles up Quesnelle river from its. mouth, Tiic  highest tender, will be accepted. -. '   "'���������  Tenders to be settled "and docketed. .^Tenders Tor  theQucsnelle River Ferry, near,its, confluence, with,  the Frasor-River." . ���������-   .   ��������� ���������'���������'.-  C.  BREW  Stipendiary Magistrate.  Magistrate*-; Office,        \ ���������"'::-'���������  RichOeid, August 20, 1869. y. au21 td  . Severe but Tbutkful--The London. Times  says that'during the debate on the Irish  Church Biil the House of Lords was the  centre of attraction. Its galleries were  thronged with the wives and daughters of  Peers; its benches wore'thronged with Peers  themselves; the steps of the Throne were  covered % i th th ei r; eld est' so n g* an A in t nib eri  of;Ithe.PrivyY-Gbuncil, and at the Bar a considerable portion of the House of Commons'  were collected. In an article on the;subject  Which gave rise io... this gay seen e, the Londo n i  Dispatch says : " While;Churches are fighting  for endowments, millions are morally dying  f or lack of kno wing h o vv; to li ve. Igaorance  and crime are making a :daily hell ��������� in this  worl d, al most as terrible y as; the hell which  tbe patristic theologians tell us exists in "the  world to come.'? "-,; y'  ;     y  ��������� u LvcRBAsika���������English and Am eri can p apers  are lamenting and exulting respectively over  tho extent of the emigration from England  this. year. Mother Bull, however, can spare  all who wish to leave her and set up for  themselves.; According to the estimates of  the Registrar-General on June 1st, 1809, the.  "United Kingdom in tbe mid die of  186S  1  Vio Jvmgaom m tbe motile of the year  ������b3r-namely, an increase of 220,230 in Enj?-  and, 17;35G in Scotland,and 3,058 in Ireland.  NEW  ADVERTISBMBNTU  150-Mile  House,  rpHE  hav  wJ^ffiSiS* ll,������very bcst *"or  the proprietor w-uSreSo omt,fJ\l,l! <ou,"'> a,1<i  August 20th, 1803/ I"urQOIZ'thoef,W.liril,mont.  ���������Mi    ^-i/J^LIl,  Antelope Restaurant,  BAR KER VI LL E.  J.  MASON',  rropriclors.  J- D.U,r  Board, $12 per Week.    Single Meals, <u  #53* OYSTER STiwi, LUNCHES, ������c.  . The host of material is used, und nil who^hflm  cbiu Uoar; at the above rate can obtain the &&t  this cstah lish men t, ' ,''���������|t  nulllm  NOTICE.  THE HUDSON'S BAY CO. ARE PREPARED TO  repciro at par valiio, at their Store in Birkvr-  villa, in exchange for Merchandise, GOLD BARS issued from the Government.-Assay 0(Hcr������.  JOHN M. "WA-R'K,  ���������     .-.   y. Auent.'  Barkerville, July 12, 1S69      ' juM 2m  JOSHUA A.  LOTTy  FRED. W. CROUDACE.  .     DKAt.KKS    IX  English. Ale and Porter,  ON   DRAUGHT,  .CHOICE WINES AND  LIQUORS,   ���������  No.- 612    SACRAMENTO    STKEKT,  Above ifontgomcrj', San Francisco,   aul Sim  IN   THE   SUPREME   COURT    OF   THE  MAINLAND OF BRITISH COLUMBIA. "'  n tho matter.of tho Est'te an������l Effects of GIROLUO-  MO TIBALDi. dcceaseil, intestate.  A LL persons who are. indohted to the above Estate  IX are required to pay the amounts dno furl li with;  anil all persons who have any cltims aguinJH th.;  above estate are required to send in lhv-ir accounts  on or before the 14th day of November, 1869, to    ���������  CHAS.  E. POOLEV,.    ���������;. <  ''A^'A-At'ii'i'-AX" Ofllc iar Ad miuia tra tor.-  Dated Rich G ol d, .14 th An gus t, 1S6 9.    .':' - a u 18, lm  IM THE SUPREME COURT OF THE MUX-  yl   LAND. OF BRITISH COLUMBIA;"  In the matter of. the Edta'to and> Effects <jfV ALEXANDER STO BO, deceased, intestate. ."  y4 LL persons who are indebted to the above Estate  ������X   arc required to pay, the .amounts due forthwith  and.all parsons who have any   claims against the  above estate are requested to send in their accounts  on or before the 12th. day of November, IS69 to  X.'U-     ' GHASy By POOLEY\  '���������x-ki.L-X-ii; Vi,'������������������'���������,,' Official Administrator.  Dated Richfield, 12th August, I860.   .    nul4 3m  I L L I A  BOOTMAKER, ~  0F^EoRh^F?R,I S')LE ?��������� BE3T ASSORTMENT OF  AJ   BOOrS to be found on William Creek.   ���������   .  BOOTS MADE TO ORDER,  WaiTantcd not to bo surpassed by any made on th  rucmo coast. '  GUM BOOTS CONSTANTLY ON HAND.  noRh?e;URIJ;rG donc in th0 bcst l������an������or,ixt shortest  ._ patronatf  ^OPPOSITE BANK OF BltltWfl COLUMBIA -������h  Barkerville, May 5, 1869. <UJ  DRUG STORE.  cry       -.ext door to Cunio's Brew.*.  garkcrville. May 5. 1869. lm  my2(*  At DaNOUYlON & KURTZ.  HOTEL   DE   FRANCE  -JULIARD SALOON.  FINE  BED    ROOMS   TO   LET,  mv5 6m  Dinners for parties cooked to order.  LECUYER & BITUN,  Proprietors.  LE    STORE  LlGIITNIXG CREKK.  MINERS AND TRADERS will find  it to their a-l-  vantage to-purchase at this Store, when; then-is  ���������     A  l.AUGE ASSOBTMK.NT O? 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Th is val uah lo d isco very pro i uoe&. mrfBj  sibility in the part al ono, and renders nnneoesaar/,  the administration of chloroform. ....  OFFICE���������Next to Ronnie's Boot store. Bi'^^*  Offlco: Foe, $5. - Teeth extracted, or filled with m*  $5.-. ' :     '    -    ������������������'-. -mylgB  CAMERON   &   AMME3,  FARRIERS & GENERAL BLApiCSMITlIS,  Bakkervitxe, ',       ;  FT AVE purchased the. stand formerly 0CCllPlCCIIJ'5r.*J;  It   C. Campbell, and will execute orders for bob*  shoeing and Blacksmith work of every d^enpu"^  tho 1 owest rates.                                *,_��������� _ J-^v, ~.uh  %&��������� Every convenience for SHOEING OXEN m  despatch.  - _' -   ���������������������������-  A Perfect   Oure.  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Tlie proprie-  RlliOO.:  i wJih.-(!i?patcli;  ndhard;.   ;  . l'r.'jjri.;ters.  li   DBAtEU  isioiiSvY  GOODS  ES,;;ETC.,;y  .CHANTS  r'lment of-  n'dize.  jui-i lm       m.  ���������     I  CTION.  rRACT-TEETH  illioul \m\), by  Dr. Richnnlsou,  producer, inscn-  rs unnecessary  re. IJjirkcrvilje.    W  Hied wiiii fi"!-1!    m  .   'myl ������������   *^*~^     I  IVIES, I  lOKSaiiths, te  I  ocenpiedhyA.  -tiers for HoKfr g  y description ai g|  jy24 2m ������������  JG OXEN tt'illi M  Kffl  ^ "���������  ���������HAND STORE |  ii be found s m  up Car Axle*    |  Couplings ���������������������������    IK  hncalness.  oct Iron Stove?,  d almost cverv<  rices. .       p  ro     H  ts* I  of Bfacfesiuiin-   ||  " *#.*      1  "jL  1  1  THE CiEtBOO SEiOTEL  SATlJiiOAY.'AUGUST 21, 18(19;  LECTURE ON MANLINESS  . On Wednesday eyemng tbe: Rev. T. Derrick delivered a lecture ���������;oq <���������*?^Manliness'}.* ���������:-'"at  the request; of theofficers ofy the/Cariboo  Literary Insti tute,, arid' in aid of .the funds of  that institution!" JAS. Thbmpsph,''Esq,} 1 President pf. tbe; Insti tute, pec nnied:the;chair,;;;fe  attendance -was: numerojaaiy the- lecture-;was;  listened to with deep-attention,������������������;arid-\ihe rev.  gentleman was frequently applauded. Z-  . After; a .few; preliminary /remarks^/Mr; .Derrick disconrs������d at length; up on the queslioti~-  what, is manliness ? ��������� and: gave A great many  in teres ti ng ill u'stratio ns.'���������..' Man! i ness;- he Co tt -  eluded, is analogous to tbe " vir "and virtue  o f the Ro ra an?, in their br aye and' pure r A ay;:  The "vir" and virtue of, the Roma" ir embraced;  all excel lencey aha/spy dees/; our. "manliness."  A manly body,preserved by manlyconduct;;  a manly mind, cultured,,by.manly studies j a  manly, soul,' elevated by manly;; purity and  religion-r-such was'.; his definitionitof manliness.    <A ; ;;        ''One of the principal characteristic?of;nian-  lihess.isymanliness;:of.;speech;/;: The lecturer;  here humorously, illustrated 1 this -portion /of  Ms sub jee t by; illustrations'bf ih Cab use of  speech. But for manliness of speech held  fast tovby others, those.who used shing~or as-  he would *call it, civilized:.Ghinook, would  entirely wipe,y putu the /Queen^s ,-English.:  Whe n a man .acted on;his owri 'resp onsibility,  the civilized Chi no ok" said -he; acted; ������������������" oh. '������������������ his  o wn: hbok.f*;:: jt a jnanisaw^so me thing-goo  he niet-Avith a;^.siunner."?v^hesuperlative  was expressed by ������������������������������������fa: regular stunner." ;A  ; factious ^Wquarjelsome^  customer." An eccentric man was "a-rummy,  old cove."; ^A, sensible; pry shrewdimali ,was  "up to snnffX A/man nofcivery, sensible or  shrewd was fia cake���������a flat���������a spoon-^a  e ti c k.'������������������* If a m an iriad e a ��������� s feate ni e n t th at was  considered doubtful,; civilized J^hiboolv said  it was **all gammon." A man was ;never  ��������� pooi*, but" hard np;'?���������' In! civilized: Chinook;  am an n ever .p ays, b u t' * s t um p s up ;" an A li e  never wore-::a;.hat; but "ashingle/a tile,.a;  6*oyepipe;;;y while if hbywbrea -white; era va I,  it was design a led as ya choker." yA place;  whe re a i n an |i ves was d es c ri bed as th e p I ace;  where "he, hangs out.:i If a man departed!  he .**��������� si op ed ? ,b ol ted, m i zzledj ��������� ske dadd led.-'?.  (?itsh ;��������� it ceo rd ing to c i v il ized G hi nob fc, was  " tin, rhino, and the needfuls - Goods were  n nt oh la in ed on, trust or c redit, bu to n '" ti ck:  cheeky jawbone.". Speaking, was Vspoti ting,''*  anil silence .was ���������'dried, up." To be, humbled  was to "sing sm a 11 J[.. Herp 1 cxed. was.- ic now n  as " flummaxeil;.;*?. disappbint^d,;^ dished;^  A man .was not cheated. btit "sold," or ''done  brown." To the civilized Chinook speaker\  aryUiing >fihe" was " nobby,7" and. any.thiug  not fine, " seedy?? i, A:. melanchply feict"; in  comiection . with tbe civilized dinnook  tpeafcor was th at he h ad n o fat he r,- bufe he re-  ferred to some."old governor", to. whom ho  "dropped a line" for the "dust,".and hoped  that, the pId boy .wou I d; co ui e do w n spicy,  like "an old brick;1'.y ���������       .  y yyi X. ;  A good deal of .this importation into our  vocabulary, said tbo lecturer, was compara-  tively harm 1 ess, and although*��������� nofc manIiness  of speech, it was more amusing; than wicked ;  but ho who made least use of such express  sions had prbporlionately more manliness of  speech. But while be. would not condemn  the use of those expressions as unmanly, he  would most emphatically declare profanity  to be unmanly. ������������������.  The next point upon which tbe lecturer  discussed was manliness in relation to, fashion  and habits of so.cietv, and he severely criticized those who ind iifg'ed in foppery anA af^  fecta tic m ; True man!ines3, he said, b elie ves  thoroughly in cleanliness of clothing and  politeness, but neither titles, tailors, perfumers, nor dancing masters could make a  true specimen of manliness.  The manliness of nations and individual  self-defence were next referred to. Humanity  being imperfect, he did not think that universal peace could bo attained, and nations  and individuals would still require to defend  themselves against attack, and thus opportunities for ��������� the display of manliness would  always occur. "Aggressive nations, like an  aggressive individual, must ."be checked.  I'rize fighting he denounced as unmanly aud  brutal, and ail civilized communities should  declare against it. When the brave Arnold  in Switzerland lushed against the French  bayonets, crying "make way for liberty," he  showed what was true national manliness.  It is manly to stand by the good and the true.  The lecturer concluded by dilating upon  what he considered helps to manliness. Ancestry could not do every thing towai'd developing manliness. There were igiioble sons  or noble sires. Pride of ancestry was no evidence of mauliness. The memories of a great  man s actions should, however, rather be a  belp to manliness than a source .of pride.  Intellectual greatness or manly fame do not  descend from father to son���������every man must  eurn honors for himself. Self-reliance and self-  culture makes the. man lathe end., A man  should: no t eh ter ihe ��������� vyor I d wi th; his father's  inteliecfc to trade with; but he should ciilti-  yate one. for, hitnselfi: .;Bij^i:ar7-:iastitiulIofia  and manly books are great helps to .manliness j but of all the: books which he, sonsid-  eredhelps to. manliness the .Bible 'was' the  b est..;;. Th e le c tare r: cb nel u ded by say i ng that  keepin g fresh i q % u r m em ories A the. ree oil ec ���������.  tipus bf home and;iits;associations -was one of  the great bel ps to manliness' " MariYto I be  nian ly; must "have a horn e,'; and lo ve, it;.,:; The  love of home and memories of.childhood were  incentives to manliness.. The(rev^gentleman  ftiial Xy.. con cl u ded by reciting ���������" The old, old  Home,'* and;on retlring was : greeted with a  storm of applause. ; .  y On motioiV of Mr W. W. Hill, seconded by  Hon. R. W. W.CaiTail, a vote, of thanks to  Mr I)errick for, his lectiire was passed by acclamation and the auditory dispersed.       *,������������������"  COUNTY COURTr  (Before C...Brew, Esq., CottDty Court, Judge.);  ��������� i'yxx-yi v    ;:*FRiDAY^August20,:M^^  John Nott vs;. Ilehry Wilmpt-���������To resover  $10 ,b alance; d u e fo r rent o f s tab le.: :; Nci the r  party appeared and the case: was dismissed:-, 1  J. H. Franklin"'������������������ Vs.* J. 6. Floyd-^-This was  "an uction to recorer-S 11-7��������� 20-forf= assessments  alleged; totbe duo by defendant, who- owned  a n i n terest in the;' 'Prospec ti ng company���������/' 6 n  Whipsaw. gulch. ' -        -~-"i"  J)efendant> acknowledged having been a  member of the Company, but alleged-ithat vhe  had sold out his interest.-     .  PI ai nti ff s wo r e h e w as n o t aw are. th afc de-  fendanfc bad "sold out his" interest;" that'he;  had never received any;; notice; of -abandonment of interest by defendant, j tbat the .defendant bad said nothing about ab and on-  m e n fe, al th 6\igh the c o mpari y con ti nued  trading at his store ; that the reason why the  assessnients :-bad;':- not- been inade -out: every  week and; presented to ;defendant:; was be-  ca\ise the com pany were i ndeb ted to him for  goods p urchased (; th a fc th c o th er m e in b ers o f  the co ui p any had ;paid the I r assespuien fe, wi tti  slighfcexception.in:full.   ���������  ���������        ���������*-.',     -  .���������  James KniglH ��������� and Henry ��������� Knight were  sworii ami testified to the same effect. : . y  :: Defendant cross-examined.plaiutiff: and the:  witnesses with the view, of showing the court  that- h e (defeu dan t) :h ad n o ti fied. :the co m p any  he in tende d i to, al> an do n. b is in teres tV an d. tb at  ! he plain tiff and o tbers. had asked hi m to give  them a bill of sal e ; that he A id give a bill  of, sale;;[Xifiptiil Belt witnessed;'' and,; could  prove it were he noW. in -'the country; that  they freqiiently chatfed^him: about the claim,  rem ar king th at lie h ad b e tter ho Id o n to i fc as  it would prove a good one ; that he did , hot  think much of the claim, and'.would have no;  ��������� thing;tp do' witilt.-.''.';-':: ;". y' v���������.    ������������������ ���������'. ;*    f.  Defendant was sworn: and testified to the  above efl^ect. It.appeared,.however, that the  b iH of sale bad. no p urchaser?s.name ;put on  i t, the defend a nt's. o bj ec t b ei ng to let the  c o m pah y p u t o n \y h ate ver na me they, pi eased.  The Commissioner gave judgment for the  plaintiff on the ground that; the bill of sale  was improperly executed;: that a blank bill  of sal e was o f n o, effect; th at n o perso n had a  ri gh t to al ter a deed by i nser ti ng .a- nam c after  it had been signed, and that it should have  been recorded.. . ;  Mr Walkem, for piainfciff.: ��������� - ��������� [  Ah Gim vs! OH ver Crom wel 1���������Acti o n to  rcco ver S78, b alance o f wages due fo r lab or  done in tlie Eagle claim, on. William creek.  Plaintiff had been worldng for defendant and  was paid a proportion of themoneyasit was  take n o u fc of t he pia im, b u t. the clai m fai li rig  to pay, the balance sued for remained unpaid. * Plaintiff, however, had been hoiified  that if he did not like to work aud be paid as  the money came out of the claim, he had better stop working, but he subsequently; came,  to work. Defendant acknowledged the debt  and was willing to pay it whenever the  amount cama out of the claim to enable him  to do so. ,  In reply to tho Judge, defendant said he  was willing to allow the plaintiff to work in  the claim, whereupon his Honor told plaintiff  he must wait for the money until taken out  of the claim, and in the meantime he could,  if he wished, go to work on fche claim.  P, McEntee vs. W. J. Cameron���������Action to  recover an ox-frame, or the value thereof,  alleged to have been taken from plaintiff by  force.  Last September, plaintiff had purchased  the lot, shop and blacksmith's tools of defendant. The bill of sale did not specify the  various,tools, but plaintiff alleged that, the  ox-frame was included amongst the tools ;  that defeudant owned part ol thc frame, the  other part belonging to Messrs. Meachem &  Nason, and that defendant conveyed bis interest in the frame to plaintiff as part of the  tools mentioned in tbe bill of sale ; that  there was a coudUiou attached to the posses-  siotrand use of the frame, by. which Messrs.  Meachem & Nason were, to have .their oxen  shoed^ at less, than;;the regular prices fthat  plaintiff had complied with;- the ;cmrainpmf  and that defendant was how ih; possession of  the frame, to" theinjury of plaintiff's business.  P. Kirwin swore, that the: defendant; bad  conveyed to the plaintiff his interest ��������� in' the  frame ; that it was well understood so- when  the bargain for the purchase of the shop and  tools was; negotiated| that defendaut had;  said at the time there would -be: ho trouble  about the framei: providing plaintiff complied  with the coudition with respect to Messrs. M.  & N.'s oxen.,,        .y^,yy,.yA..uiiyyyy... i..y.y,.  ^ P. McEntee also swore that when the, bar-  gain for the purchase of the shop .and tools  was talked of defendant distinctly said that  the frame was worth $100 of bis;, (plaintiff's)  money; that it was well understood thaty the  frame was ihcludeia ;'a^ohg9tt^e^t&a^'::iiMt  Mr Nason, after the sale, had said to him that  they (Meacbera & Nason) had an -interest in  thafc^ frame, and asked what would he give  for it;; that be never was.told the; whole, of  the frame belonged to M. & N. . XX  W. J. Cameron test! fied' th at plain tiff knew,  very'.weil the frame did hot belong to him\r  that some:. months before he sold but .to plain  tiff, - wheii he, wanteditb .buy; bim /(Camercs);  out of the busihess, he told him: that if, he  (plaintiff*); would give; him bib priced \vbuldi;  include the:bx^frameand take^^^ the^: respohsi^  bilifcy of settling with Meacham &Nasoa about  it;; th afc the ne^o ti atio ns.. were dropped, and  when "again resumed plaintiff freqnentry came  iuto the l shop and enumerated eyery article  and tool there, and every time fie'- came! be  (defendant) told * him about ;the ox^frame as  belonging, to Messrs. Meacham & Nason"; that  he considered be sold; nothing to defendant  beyond what, he: bought from Mr Peebles ;  that the bill of sale^drawn by-Mr -Evans, was  strictly a copy of the bill of sale, he received  from Mr Peebie$Z that ?Mr. Evans.asked what  he was selling, and he toldbim nothing more  than he had bought from Mr Peebles.  , Mr Nason testified that;the frame belonged  to Messrs. Meacham ifc.Nason. .-,-   '  ;The' Judge decided- that the case 'should be  tried by a jury.      f  Mr. Walkem,for plaintiff;: Ut -Park:* for  defendant, ' -'* :,;;.,,"'    yX ,u y-.i���������     y  *  v.: Jesse i Pearce was again ^proclaimed, to: be  ���������an-outlaw.;; ;-��������� :- .y     ... , , :^ >..,  '.Y  yMisngfO Items.���������-The late rains have made  an appreciable difference in the stream of the  creek, 'and some of' the hydraulic companies  hove resumed-piping. The yieldiof gold;has  generally been light on William ^creekffor;  the halfrweekV The Barker "co. washed up  37/ oz. Oh Wedhesday ;. the Foster-Campb ell  co,, 22'coz. ; and the Cariboo; cb;, 13 oi. On  S to ut .giilch the, Co bnibs ..cb.; washed up 38 bz.  on Wed nesday f arid the Fl byd co.; 1'8 oz., on  Thursday; On Conklin gulch the McDowell  coi washed tip 50 oz. oh Thursday ; and the  Felix cb. 30 025; on Wednesday. \.On French  creek, the Ambrose co. were down about 20  feet with the ir ne w shaft, on Wednesday, and  tbe Cosmopolitan' co. had found promising  indications : at a depth of 421' feet., The  Eastern Sib pe co. b ave al so: commenced si hk-  ing a shaft; and the^Odd- Trick ca, after  ge Ui ng d own ab 0 u t. "35 feet, /were run 0 ut  with water, and they intend to commence a  thnnel.: From Lightning creek there is..:notli-  iug new of any note. Nothing of any consequence has as yet been found ip the Davis  co.'s ground, near Vanwinkle. The Mountain. Hollow co., next to. the Dunbar cp.. have  struck gravel. .The Moonraker and Homeward Bound 60s. have amalgamated. The  Moonraker's operafcib 11s afford an* illustration  of the energy and enterprise of miners in  Carib 00. After run ning a tun nel 80 0 fee t in  length, they were obliged to abandon it, on  account'of the slummy nature of the ground.  Nothing daunted, however, they have run  another...tunnel 800 feet in lengths From  Sugar creek we learn that there is nothing-  found yet to cause any excitement, except,  perhaps, among the Chinamen. It appears  that a Chinaman fouud a small prospect  about two miles from the mouth of the creek,  and several other Cbinamen have started  work there in consequence.' The company  to which he belongs had been making S3 to  SI a day, and it is presumable tbat the prospect indicates better pay. With the exception of this little spurt of excitement among  the Chinamen, everything is very dull on  Sugar creek at present. From Canyon creek  the������ latest intelligence confirms a statement  receutly published, to the effect that tbe  Wash bur ne quartz reef, was paying at the  rate of' S50 per ton. With the present  me tho dr however, of working by an arastra,  two tons per day can, only be worked.  From Antler creek the latest arrival reports  nothing ae\yy except that the First Chance co.  had got on to good pay.  Proceeds���������The total amount of tbe proceeds irom Rev. Mr. Derrick's lecture on  Wednesday, was S9D, which, after deducting  expenses, will be applied to reducing .tbe  debt of the Cariboo Literary Institute,  PniLosopniCAL.rrW'e un'er ,taud. that the  Barkerville Pickwick Club, at their regular  meeting, to-night, will  take  "The  Honest  inner" for the subject of ��������� their philosophical  discussion    This is a departure from the ordinary class of topics;selected by the club for  their literary and, discursive exercises, and  has been suggested'^ by'-��������� the development of  some peculiarly: interesting characteristics of  the " honest miner? pending the course of a  trial in the County Court yesterday.   As  the  discussion will not involve any very profound  or, abstract doctrines, and will therefore bo  understood by a more .numerous attendant  than usual, the Qlub [���������have decided to extend the ran ge; of th eir ��������� i n vitation3 to an *ex -  tent that will, almost, make their reunion a  public meeting: /The^ object of this condescension"'on;the part of the G\\ib is to g'we a  large number of .persons the benefit of: their  pIiHosbphical reflections;: up0n the " l\ 0ne31  miner.'* '-'ix ;;.  A VrcTpr ,6f ;DiKTETics.���������A clqrk in the  employment; of the Great- Northern Railway  died recently fro ni following the instructions  given in a ;bbok; ontMiet. He fed himself  upon ie^;tIa^ha;;pinl;1o^gruel a day, fortwo  months.^���������������������������"'���������"���������The;conseg[uehce was that from a  ro b ust man ��������� he b ecame: red n c ed ib a ni ere.  sltelefcon, and -one morning was found dead  in his b ed. The corp her 7s j u ry re turned a  verdict of;;������|Death:.from congestion of tho  brain;,"from:the want 1of sufficient nourishment;^;;;;; : :>!��������� * fy xk '��������������������������� u ������������������ A }��������� y x yu  IxTERESTiiD^The;poo'rpeopie of the' United  Kingdbni; are & jjecuniarly inlerested in Ilia  n^nte^nj^.'i^b'bj^.rd^ .-.-afntl ��������� existing . institu-  Xions; vHepbsitsfcte of ������12,291.741  in the post'^^ office savings* babks are chieSy  owned by^ the poorer;;p������oplej for whose con-  yeniehce ��������� and ^benefit;��������� these: savings': bank3 [  weWestabUsh^^^^ total amount  of mpaey-ia,'th'^3dvthgsVbank9 of the United  iKingdoms^s/up^a^^        as ������49,21.2,22-1.  Remarkable Births.-���������A correspondent of  the; Sany'FrauclsCpv Bill)etln, wri.ing from  Mexico,; sajsAi ^V'lhi the/neighboriiig State of  MicUoacan, pp the hacienda oi Oropesa, a  :womah:g^ healthy boys, of  wbonl :one'Zyra'a* perfectly, black, the other  brp^H,;^ud the";;ttiird..wnitc. Now this may  not beyan-;extraprdinary cose, if born at re-  guiarihteiwals^bM ones saw the  Tight; of day in ^e;and;the same faour.7' ���������  's,'-kiaS*i~On'; tne-l9th;of August, ��������� 1868, tho  SEXTrNELvsatotha^William creek scarcely  cbntained; more ithan a sluice-bead of water.  The ;drought, then, was .worse last year, than  this,, for^William creek .this year "has never  been so low as above stated. The rainfall,of  the last few/; days1 has /given abundance ot  water for creek claims, but not enough for  the hydraulic claims,   ;.:  .Planing -Machines On .Monday we had  the^ pleasure of seeing a planing machine  commence, work / at Messrs. M each em &  Nasoh's mill. /Iti3 the1 first ever introduced  into. Cariboo, and works well. The enterprising proprietors, have great faith in a  prosperous future for Cariboo, aud are not  afraid to incur outlay for anything necessary  to'perfect.their establishment.  yianANTES.--Fre.qnenfc robberies in Sacramento recently induced the formation of  Vigilance ���������Committees. A telegraphic dispatch in the San.Francisco "Bulletin says :���������  The Ward Vigilance Committees are ; haying  a healthy effect. ��������� There was no burglary or  ^robbery last night, and the. vagabonds. have  changed their base. .  The Best Coffee.���������In order to .obtain a  first-class coffee, it is necessary to secure the  very best berries, and to roast them accord-,  ing to the most approved method. This is  done by Wilson & Rick man, Fort Street  Vic. to ri a, wh 0 are pr ej) ared to f 11 rn isb, for  cash, Coflee that never fails to elicit the ap]  probation of those who use it. *  Pimuc Schools^-The people of Nanaimo  have held a schoof meeting and appointed a  Local Board of Trustees with, a view.to availing themselves of the provisions of thc new  School Ordinance. It seems that the people  of every town in the colony except Barkerville have been moving in the matter of public schools.  Court.���������On Thursday, "D. Kane was fined  one shilling and costs for an assault upon  Jas. Thome. The Clear Grit company sued  Wm. Ham for $105 assessments, and obtained  judgment for the amount.  In' 0011 Next���������The poem recited by the  Rev. Mr. Derrick on Wednesday evening afc  the conclusion of his lecture on ?\ Manliness *'  will be published in our next number.  Harvest..��������� Harvesting was commenced  this week at Colbraith's ranch, and also at  Mr. P. Durilevy's. At the latter a good crop  will be reaped.  ' Roao Tuaffic���������Jas. Black's train arrived  at Barkerville, from Yale, on "Wednesday,  and Felice Baily's train arrived yesterday, '  m.  .1  1  I  f$ GEMS GOLD CANNOT BUY;  There is a home;gold cannot buy���������    .  Precious, fadeless and eternal ;  Blest mansion of happiness nigh ;  Legacy of. love supernal,  Free from pits and snares infernal.  There is a name gold cantot buy���������      ._.  Sweetest name ; mercy's rising sun ;  Orb of hope, burning ever nigh-,  Healthful, streaming, joy-lighted mora 3  ' . tranquil smile, pledge to fallen man.  There is a love gold cannot buy���������  ���������   Tbat \ovg did Calvary's cross adorn ;  Jt brought, man?*,dolivemnco nigh;  .  Placed him on mercy's throne,  Blending heaven and earth in ono.  There is a life gold cannot buy-  That life, was lost iu Adam's fall ;  Dire loss, dark vein of misery,  Sad, gloomy picture on time's wall;  Pity's wonder, at rebel thrall.  There is a robe gold cannot buy���������.  .'Crimspu-colored roJ>e'divine*;   .  The orb of day must shut hie eyo ���������'- ���������  To pledge the wondrous boon to man,: .���������;  i    While-grace eternal led the van.     ",v . -.  ��������� Thereis a joy gold cannot buy���������    ���������'���������*���������'-  ;*;/Pilgrim tnumphin lonely death ;,��������� '-'���������  Fadeless as are.flowers on high,;'  ; - Celestial sm He; i minor tai br eath /v.' ���������  - -;iPlunge.into deathless beirigVbirthv   y  y:There1 is a Judge gold cannot bribe���������...._':  That, Judge the universal Lord,  Whose vengeance frowns on silly pride ;  :     Whose justice draws a'fiery. sworij. _;  Z-. \ p.roud man ? think,, while the. bio w  ;i..-JY-:"-6tay*d.  YYYYYvy.  [>y } ���������;.' . Xl-Z  *���������'��������� ZZ      ���������-'' L. M. Troup;  ', Jack-of-Clubs, August, 18691 ?  ���������.~���������i ������������������������- ������   .��������������� ���������-������������������������������������-..---  The cotton spinners of Great Britain are  holding meetings for tbe purpose of urging  upon the government the necessity of encouraging the growth of cotton in India and  the other colonies, in order that the United  States may not control nor monopolize the  trade. .  A revivalist, encou uteri ng an African.  askedhim, "My good man, have yon found  the Lord ?"��������� To -which Sambo replied, in a  surprised manner, " Golly," massa, am de  Lord lost?"  HOTELS.-RESTAURANTS, &c.  BAILEY'S Hotel; Langley Street, Victoria* is-sti 11  open for the accommodation of travellers; mid  the Table aiid B0ds.aro.kcpt in tbeyusual satisfactory  stylo. ,       ,   ;���������;'���������, ,,:..;::;; 'Ax.-Xy.y- 1   .- .,>��������� ���������*"*������������������;,  ZTZTrEO^  TAILOR,   GOVERNMENT  STREETi   VICTORIA; >������������������-���������  Orders from ,up-co,untry; punctually attended; to.   :  -,..., . t^wMiiAW^AxZu.  importers and Commission X Merchants^   Insurance  AgOUlSjCtC.',  Wharf Street;  Victoria, V. I/  SAMUEL WALKER. ���������  ju28 tf  IS  CURRENT ITEMS.  :,; A;storm in Iowa carried four thousand feet  of lumber ��������� a distance of about three,miies,  tearing ttfc /boards! to bits ��������� as 'they- -.flew,  'tbrouigh the air.  '-. ��������� Five English gentlemen have made a  match to travel the entire coast line of England, Scotland and-Wales, on velocipedes, in  the month of September.  An*English reverend and a B. D. advertises '? to instruct members of Parliament in  ' English composition, public reading and extemporaneous speaking."  ;���������   The last South Carolina Legislature elected  .two negroes-upon the Board of Trustees of  the State University. *.  vi/The. French iron-clod- Belliqueuse has-just  circumnavigated the globe,"being the-first  vessel of her class that ever accomplished  , that feat  ��������� A child has been born in Spain, on the  surface of one of whose eyes is imprinted the  exact resemblance of a watch dial. -  The" New York Hotel," a mammoth establishment, costing $2,000,000, is erecting in  . Vienna.  Sugar is largely manufactured from pnmp-  . kins in Hungary, by the same process as tbe  extraction of sugar from beets.'"-J  Flibbertigibbet is a new English magazine  Ibat is announced for tho avowed purpose of  proclaiming war io iue inure against imm-  bug, snobbery, jobbery, corruption, sensationalism, sensualism, extremes, aud extravagance.  A London clergyman  advertises that.he  will |Uend his weekly sermons for half a  crown a piece, warranted 'original, earnest,  . arid:evange^eal.,"  There are one hundred and thirty compositors-employed to set the types of the London  Times, sixty by day and seventy at night ���������'  while eleven foremen and assistants direct  their movements. Twenty-four persons are'  required to read proofs,- and three are em-  p toy ed merely to "p u 11" the proofs.  " Did yon know," said a 'cunning/Gentile  to a Jew, "that they hang Jews and jackasses  together in Portland ?*>���������" Indeed, den it ish  -yell you and I Ish not Acre/9  HOTEL DE  FIFE,  DUNBAIt FLAT, LIGHTNING CREEK,  (One mile und a-half above Van Winklo,)  "Under tlio Management of MBS ALLAN.  This hotel is now open for tho accommodation of  travellers. .-.'..,  First-class meals .will be-furnished,, and the best  brands of Wines; Liquors and Cigars will always be  found at the Bur. ���������/ ���������    '      ���������   . jy24lm  Miners' Boarding House.  THE UNDERSIGN RD DESIRES TO ANNOUNCE  M)dt.Jic has purchased the House and business of  the "above eslaViisV.m'ent, and solicits' a continuance  or custom.'- The price of Board will remain as before;  BOARb, $12 per AYkek. r Single Meals', $1.  ���������  Barkervili c,; July ,27, 1869:.   rpHIS HOUSE, "NEAR THE  MOUTH OF  i J.   Stout. Gulch;       ���������  "IS   NOW   OPEN,1  -And the "fin est ��������� q u al i ti es of .Liq u ors; Win es and Cigars,  may be had at thc Bar.   Try them.  y   ; F. PAGDEN, Proprietor.  .    Half-Way House, July.0, 1869; Ju7 lm.  NEW    E NG LAND  Bakery and Coffee Saloon.  THE PROPRIETOR of tho above establishment would  respectfully inform his friends and tlio.public in  general that he is now prepared to furnish them with  Bread of his own baking, having secured the assistance of a competent Baker, which enables him  defy competition.    .  He has also a COFFEE SALOON attached to thc  above, where none but the best Coffee, Pics and Cakes  will be served.      . ...  y N.B.���������BREAD- DELIVERED to all parts of  the  Creek.' my22 lm  R.YRO  Tailor, (Successor to E. Read,) Government  yy 'Street, 'Tic toria.; X-  Orders.atteiid ed to with. care and despatch.;  'cof^oZ^lip^ZZ^o^^  latest approved adentiaci>prinoIples an^ShX^^  to be superior.to any other;H. ; ���������u v ���������        warrants li *  :������������������������������������ Groceries/Dry GoodivTJnware,' Clothine ." A^aZX  Field and Wei-Seeds, English ahtCdlSf' * ? '^ '  : i. xy Front Slrpo^yale/BrHisb'Colombiar^    ''Zi  TINS-houso .ha3;^xceilent;nccoinaiodatien/for t������������ ^  t vellers ^  ol Liquors at tbe.Bar. ��������� Stabllue for aiiiinalsY Sw:  and Oats at the lowest rates; ������' - -��������� ->:;" "���������Is ������ Mil  y. May.1,; 18Q0. yu yKILLI.Y.jALLANB^- Proprietor, /y  NEW, WESTMINSTER ADVERTS  ���������}  ...I ������������������:������������������  Dispensing Chemist and Druggist,   Importer of Eng  lish Drugs, Qh cm lcals y Pa tt n t Sled let n es a n d .  Perfumery, Victoria, y. I.  Orders from the tip-cou iitry'punctually attended to  May 1, 1869. y X--\r 'U-X  Git;  "��������� WA'A^ANAA^ZZxi  Importer of BookSjiStationljiy/'arid /Fancy Foreign  . y  Yy.Jlflnttliictures, -       r  .  .: FORT/ STREET, "V1CT0RIA,/B. ,C: y y y /  May'l, 1S63.//.."���������'    iZy  ''ZZZ-A'XiZ������> A      ���������    :-U:y  DU0K &};^H&0ME  Wagon and Carriage Makers,    'yli.  Blacksmiths^ etc/- /ft oyernmen t. St .v; ry ic tor ia; ;b.e I we'eti  ..'  Johnson arittCormorant^  Orders from tlicupp^rcouhiry^spliclted'^u^^   attended  to With dispatch. "���������'  May 1, I860, X X ��������� ���������-,'' y'y\ "  --. -;"    -- '"��������� ��������� ;. X- 6mY  PaoIfie7Tel������^aP^  Kotelv  STORE Street, between Herald and Fisgard* "^jcto'  ri a. Meals at all hours. -Boa rd; ah d; I'jb rigi ii g per  week; $5 50 @ $S,50; Per day/ $1; Single meals,  37 1-2 cents.'/Beds, 50 cents.   ''' '  ��������� : ��������� Y: -ANDREVfrASTRICOv Proprietor. V  "May 1,1869,,; ' ' _ - ; ;���������   '       ;   ���������6mj  "  ���������MuwAmbNtZ x X  vTITATOnMAK^Y^EW^  m VV ;.; graver; :GovernnyenV-.'streci, npxt;to thcT   & St. Nicholas Hotel��������� Victoria/ V... T.     Chronometers an <l Watches; cl caned, rcpai re d /an rl wii r ra n liid: ������������������  Every descriptlonV'OCJoweilery'maile io.order;yd PIain  and Orn am en tai E hgraviiig nea tly bx ecu t ed. X  ;. ft> *. t  May v ISG3. Y -    ; Y . ��������� 6m   ;  S ..,  *���������; lish Drugs, Chemicals; Patent: Mediciues and  ;���������':..' Peifii mery, Ke \v. Wcstm inst er,: II. c' ��������� -  FRESH;GARDEN SEED^CONSTANTLY bX;-HAKfr:  Orders frohvup.countr^;careTully attended to*; ���������";  Mnyl, I860... -;;���������:. ::./.-..,s yy-.j :..y.;y /. _���������.... .. '^  rpHOMAS /WALSH, I Tailor/-New; Westminster ifc  yL:;' C.lo th i ng mad o'to: bra er5' at] niodcra te ratee : ���������' a l'  ways on hand,: English fah 11- Oregon ���������'��������� Cloths;: ���������. ^Ordpra"  from; t h p;:, upTco nn try. atton ded: * to   w I th ��������� care and  dispatch.. -.: .., ���������:���������..: X '   "XX . , ���������;: .-.-. ��������� ������ *1  nwruim ������a������  ;������[iiic#rpdr^  CAPITAL,   :-��������� -"���������''���������'-":j.-:.': V:" r   $2^500,000,  ������������������"Witli power" to increase. 7.      ���������/  OCCIDENT AL    HOTEL,  QlJKSNKLMOUTH.  THE Proprietors of this well, known Houso tender  their sincere thanks to their friends and the travelling public generally, for their past liberal patron-  age,and beg to inform them that in order to insure a  continuance of the same, Board and Lodging lias been  reduced to $3 50 per Day.   Single Meals, $1  00.  All the luxuries that the country affords are constantly kept on tbe table. Private Parlors and Suit?  of Rooms for Families. Tlie Bar is stocked with the  best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Tho Stable is well supplied with the best Timothy.  Onts, Hay and Grain. BROWN &J3ILLIS."'  Quesnclmouth, May       1809.  Npivrc E.  THE;UKDERSTGNrED   BEGS   TO   INFORM   UTS  friends and the public, that he has lilted up some  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  In his new building, where he is prepared to give  good Beds at a reasonable price. Those who will  favor bim with thedr patronage, may depend on the  cleanness ami comfort of his house.  ��������� He takes also this opportunity to remind the Cari-  booites that his Browcrv has received the FIRST  PRIZE of the Colony for his celebrated  XXX   ALE,  And the true amateurs will be able to judge by them  selves that such honorable prize has been justly  awarded to him.  N. B.���������A largo front room to let.  Barkerville, Jan. 23,1869. X. CUX103  Gx  GER  CARRIAGE ANDj^WAG-OiSTy; BUILDER  Corner Go vera ment and Pandora Streets,  / East sMe. Victoria; V.I.-;   '���������';; v,:;y .  Executes orders for every description of vehicle.    A  general assortment of Wagons always on hand,  May 1, .1S69. .       Cheap for. Caset. . ,' X.. 6m  A.   CASAMAYOTJ,   /  ���������Wholesale Dealer in-���������  G-roceries,   P ro vi s ion s^  Havana Cigars, and French Preserves.  Yates Street,./     -   ^ -''.*;"*.     Victoria, V. I., B.C.  Drafts issued on the Bank's branches lf  IN   VANCOU������ERt aSI^ANDy'YlGTQRli  ,/..      In, tlie United. States.: .  CALIFORNIA,   -     ������-.  SAN F.RANCISOa  OREGON,    /-V    -;  /PORTLAND. ;  NEW' YORK,, .".-   'Messrs. BHi.iv"&,Gos"nny,  ���������" /��������� Agentsi for the Bank of MojUreal..'     ���������'������������������  ON CANADA���������The "Bank of iTonlreiil. '   _,  ON SCOTLAND^-The British   Linens CoiJ;  - '   pany's Bank.     ;'; y ,1X   '  i. .-��������� -/ -. '���������*-'������������������  ON IRELAND���������Tbe Bank of Ireland,   i'-j  ON MEXICO akd. SOUTH, AMERICA -Tlw  London Bank   of   Mexico   and ' South  ", America;-  '  ':    : :���������;.  ON/ENGLAND^-The Bank of Brilish Col ym-  ;.;'.": / bia���������Head .Office^East InUia Ayeniie,  ' .*EeflidenhftH'fitreet;-!^^-r'i:.; -y-'i'ii  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant and   Bakery.  ^rlE Proprietors of this old and well-known nstah  fhsltment would respectfully thnnk their numcr  Meals,. $1,    Board,  $16   per Week.  BREAD  HADE  OF  THE BEST  FLOUR  We recommend to the public our  GROUND    COFFEE  ������������������'A. GILMORE,       y  ERG H ANT   TAILOR  ; YATES STREET,; .        '  AS on hand, and-is constantly recsivlng. a large  . . assortmen t ot* CLOTHS, CASSIMERESand VEST..  INGS, which, he is prepared.to make to order, in the  most approved styles.  All orders from Cariboo p-.bmptly attended to;  May 1, 18G8: . ���������     6m  FELL   &   FINLAYSON,  Tea and Coffee Salesmen,  Fort street, Victoria, V.I., .  Spare no effort in selecting and keeping an assortment of the choicest articles that/can be obtain  To large consumers, t hoy offer every facility as Vega  prices   mm miiilUy,      * myl Or  L O if DON   HOUSE.  GOVERNMENT STREET, VrCTOlUA.  WHOLESALE      AN D      RETAIL  C  w  Received-on Deposit, or Advances made ou them:  '  y TELEGRABHIC^T^ J ;  Granted on Victoria:,. San1 KranciscO,; '-Portland, and  ��������� '; .   'Y . Kow-York.'  Every description of Da 11k ing Business transact cd:  Y  '....Y -    CHARLES.Sv.IONES,AgePt.  Whliam. Crock, Carib90.  Miners' Pi^oyision Store,  BARKERVILLE,1  NiiXT Dooii fo; Sentxn-el Office..  ed.  rds  m  J. H. TURNER a CO.,  ��������� IMl'OUTKRa  OF  ���������  English  and French .Silks, Shawls, Dresses  Underclothing, Gloves, and every  description of Drapery Goods.  my26*  - IRISH ���������_..  At DbNOUYION & KURTZ.*'  ESTABLISHED, 1858.  ROBERT BURNABY,  LANO AGENT, Etc.,  GOVEENMK^T  StRKET,   VICTORIA,  V.   I,  AT this Estabjishnicnt will always b^foumVa^1  il. selected and varied assortment ol ine ^ _  FRESHEST GROfclMliES & PROVISIO^^  '.:,:���������  mXOAUlBQQf    ,'uuuZ:   y  ALSO���������A good selection o?cio,thlng; Hjrj5������Ji W  and Crockery: "Best brands of Tobacco,  Medrcines, etc.,"etc.  Best Sam Coffee .Roasted and Ground DA ID-  ALL GOODS SOLD^AT LOWEST RA^  Tho BAR Is fully supplied with the choicest  Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.  I trust by strict attentlonTo -business; anjl W^JJ}  square dealing, to merit'a continuance oi tut  patronage heretofore extended to me.  A largo lot of HEYWOoF'S celebrated BAC0>  forsalo, at a very l6w.'ilgur6. U'm  Feb. 20,1369. '^���������~~���������'  ASSAY  OF'FiCEi    t  Barkerville. " ������������������   >������������������ ���������  -CHARGES-:.: cCJjl<  For Assays of Gold Bullion H (one-half):of VPcr 'J'  Deposits under $800 will be-charged 5>*.  Assays of MinoralOres, ;$10; ������������%;   - .rritor.  AV. HITCHC00R* Chief wci ^  Anb^m������s������ carefully aud puucluajly a (ten  Ala3* l? I8$8.  liarkcrville, June 30, 1869.  J.  ded  6m  s. THOMPSON, .   M.INliN.G   AND   COMMIT  JL   Agent/"BarkGrv(ll,c.   . .. i^ttniled.  Mining Companies' books kept and **������������.������  May 1/-1860. '" :  -\ CCOUNTANT,  m  m  I  9  WE"  m  Saffltt  I  M  m  y  yy.  miim������������������UIWMHWlHIWLiu m


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