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 f  >f.  :������My  Vol.4.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B.C,, Monday, August 19, 1867;  No. 31;  ��������� Beciduoi-*  EUROPEAN NEWS,  esses, ft  Pllon of ,  li  i TO $  eds for tu  fill receir,.;  1  I.  ���������h all th������  ? aecott;.. ������������������  o best cf |  irietor>.  L1QC0R  es,Sut:s :|  irect. Vis-  .    1-s  :i, Rw'jI i"'|  i. is;  TAPKASt,  is h U:i ���������'* I  :dKslat-  oicr?t of  1-5  The Sultan, tbey say, is about to visit Paris  :and when be-has exhausted the attractions of  that capital will pa9s over to London.   If he  'could go out occasionally as a private indi-  .Yyidual, the strange sights that would.meet his  -eyes in all:directions would do him good j  flnit one-half of the advantage of his journey  io Western Euro pe will h e lost if he will  never move unless accompanied by the enor-  Wous ;cavalcade  so  popular  with Eastern  ��������� princes, .v'". y-'      .      " y 'Zi.  Tho escape of three gorillas from Madders'  'menagerie, at Belper, ia Derbyshire,has made  a great talk., While the watchman was sitting  e oi o king a pi pe by th e side o f a 1 arge co ke;  lire in the epelosureyihe suddenly felt himself  pinidned^from behind. i Mr. Manders, hearing  '' ;the"6W"f y7a^  dogs, opened a side window of the carriage  i n wh ich;he I iy es, and was ��������� star tied to isee; the  watchman in the grip ?of one of the; large gorillas. ; Mr. Manders wa?. horror-struck to find  , that the three gorillas; had, torn up ihe floor-  i ng of the caravan ^and^ hi ade th eir escap e.  Two were seated on ihe topA ridge of the i canvas Tobfi;:ii.The;i dtiierjletf goi of tbe watchman,^  joined bis- companions,'and all fled on the  road. Mr. Manders, pursuing on a  "knocked one down two miles from Bel-  e in an-.  audi lln-  or wTVt-  UMX  in Fobs'  jesiuri'se  ,1-3  iimsA  ;e..SE.  S'TS,- !������''.  ''iciori.v  Williams  .ONIST  rtnatl"  ovO to  Vusti'it-  vill m  2mos..  bv.,12  ounds  rJa.  h  )IZEf  i  1-s  ! and  1-s  pony,  per. The second one was stunned by a stone.  The third one tied to a tree, then, when surrounded, took to the road again. Several  shots were fired at him, none taking effect;  when in an instant the gorilla turned round  and faced his pursuers. One of tbe keepers  having a long rope with a slip-noose at the  end, contrived to get behind the animal, and  itskilCully throwing the/lasso, the gorilla was  tjecured.   Nobody was hurt  One Fanny Taylor, respectable'and good-  looking, was charged with bigamy, the other  day, by her first husband, David Taylor, The  .prisoner, when only nineteen years old, married Taylor is 1852, he being a private In the  . Dor by militia. . After, some time Taylor de-  Jjf    eerted' her ������ a ^volunteered in to the 1 ine, and-'  w    she heard no more of him for three years,  when his sister caiiie to the prisoner and told  her that Taylor. ba'd been killed;in:Iridiaf y In  185 9,she gotacgiiaihted with' Jar.yjs Humpston  a r esp ec tab ie * ma n > and co h trac ted a second  ni ar ri age. i They .have since lived on terms o f  great affection, and: have had several children,   Taylor, after .an absence of fourteen  years, now turns up again, iises threats to the  - accusedy-has���������her���������apprehehded-an&^asks -to  have her committed on the charge of bigamy,  ��������� It seems that she was married to Humpston  as a widow..  Taylor says; he serit'her money  regularly while he was iii India! until 1859,  when he >tieard she was married again,.  The  court remand ed the wo mam x; ������������������'���������'���������.���������  Most of the rpy al ip epp le,. wh 6 visit Paris  frequent the theatres^, y The .'.Grand, Dueqess  Maria, p f Russi a, attended the op era., and witnessed; the representation of ;.;*; Don.Carlos,"  when the-receipts, amounted tb 12,000 francs.  The performance iof the " Africaine" was  honored with the .presence of the. king and  queen of the Belgians, \ ���������  At Go fctoii Park, a few mil es from Gresley,  a wealthy iirbprietary "are^riow'^sinkirig for  coal at a point away from any coal field, and  wherethe geological maps show that there  is none in the neighborhood, Should the  sinking turn out successful, of which there is  a very strong belief that it will do, the result  cannot fail to affect the investigations of the  royal commission,  Tho appeal court of Paris has reserved the  judgment allowing the sale of M. Alexander  Dumas'and Miss Ada Menkin's joint photographic cards. The superior court says. that  even if My Dumas' consent was originally  given, he is at liberty to retract it, and that  besides, on tho ground of public decency, the  cartes de visite are not such as ought to be  sold. ,  The circulation of some revolutionary paper money has been discovered at -Naples.  Each of the notes, which sare of green paper,  professes to represent a value of five francs.  In the middle are the words *f Help for the  Roman insurrection," with the signature  '** Malm Montechi, for the committee," below.  The Archduchess Matilda, daughter of the  Archduke Albert of Austria, met' with a serious accident Her clothes caught fire, and  the arm, neck, hack, and lower extremities of.  the body were much burned, i Inflammation  liaving set in, great uneasiness is felt as to the  consequences.,  Municipal Council of Florence lias decided  to offer as a wedding present to the Princess  Maria Del Bozzo Delia Cbterna, the future j 100 years;  Duchess of Aosta,. the table of Florentine  mosaic made by Betti, and which carried off  a first-class prize at the Paris Exhibition.  The Countess of Derby had a brilliant reception at the Earl of. Derby's official rest*'  dehce, in Downing street. Above 700 members of the diplomatic body, the aristocracy,  and members of Parliament responded to her  ladyship's invitati on. ,: .  y A clergyman preached at Lambeth on behalf of the Licensed Victuallers' Asylum. Ke  took for his text the singularly appropriate  one, "Ifany man thirst,' let him come unto  me and drink."   It was a spirited sermon.  The mira^(5p^St. Janarius has not gone  off as auspiciously as usual this year.    The  liquefaction of the Neapolitan saint's blood  was incomplete, a iportentous clot remaining  unso I ved in. the centre o f th e vase.  ���������r The" jl)uke":of-~0a;mbri dge-has ��������� ��������� d ecHed���������oirf  '���������calling'upoji a general bfficer of her majesty's  army to resign his commissibn, in consequence  prVhishame having;been associated with a recent notorious turf, scandal,  ������������������ A h^nument;i at Chlum in  men* ory of .ihe ^ustriahs wh o fell at the b alt-  tie of K6ni^rgratzl; ^Xt4a of" iron, and consists  of a colossaVicrbss o% a Gothic pedestal.  The military tailors in London, about 500  in number, have struck work. The cause, of  this strike is the same as that in the other  branches of the trade���������the refusal by the masters of the time-log.  The Princess Mary Adelaide was safely de-i  livered of a PrinGess at one. minute before  midnight on the 26th May.' Her royal highness and the infant princess are reported to  be doing perfectly well.  The niark&men of Vosges. 400 in number^  arrived on the 25th in Paris. It iskdown  that they bring to the Prince Imperial his  diploma of a member of. their body, with a  uniform and carbine. ������������������..'.    .      v   -i  Undismayed by the progress which the tnti-  nel under Mount Cenis is making, the speculators who have undertaken j;o make a rail-:  way oyer the mountain have almost, complex I  ed'their task. :y   '  Tom Thumb, his wife,Commodore Nutt, arid  Minnie Warren were in Wakefield, May 20th.  It is saidibat Tpmand bisvwife are making  arrangements;for.'.a fresh offspring, to be exhibited asibeirbwn.^ y. y,y  ; A;meeting i ;of influential gentlemen was  held in .the mayor's parlor, Nottingham, to  take steps for the purpose of erecting a mon-  :U*^i?_Di_io Lord By ro rn  "vSarge(lahdsTi^Ts^dceiirred in tbe Ober-  land, village of Lutschen, bn.the Grindelwald  sidei which has caused great damage and  threatens still further injury,  .An application is before the Corps Legisla-  tif for 'a grant of about <������70,$OQ per anuum to  to subsidise a French ma,il service between  Panama and Valparaiso.  ".: Mr, G. Giflford Palgraye, the Arabian traveller, who was appointed some months ago  at Spul^oum Kaleh,has been transferred tp  Treb izp nd.e ,:  Mr, H. Chaplin, owner of Hermit, the winner of the Derby, has; given the sum of ������12,-  000 to the fund noAV being 'raised to restore  Lincoln Cathedral, and also 250 guineas to  the almshouses of Epsom, which shelter  twelve poor widows.   <1'_, -X"  The Lords of the Admiralty have invited  all shipbuilders or designers to send in designs of men-of-war, for the consideration of  their lordships. ,  ;  During a fight between, two fishmongers at  Birmingham,,one of them bit a piece from the  nose o- the other.  The cruel flogging of coolies on the tea  plantations of Assam, formed the subject of a  parliamentary paper lately published.  A movement is on foot which has for its  object the raising of a memorial to the late  eminent conductor, Mr, Alfred Mellon,  A boy lost his life at Sunderland, by falling upon the point of an iron rail, winch penetrated the jugular vein.  A patient in the University College Hospi*  tai, London, died a few days ago,while under  the influence of chloroform,    \  Special leave of absence will be granted to  the officers of the army during the summer, to  yisit the Paris Exhibition.  Mr. Tom Taylor's new piece, to be produced at the Holborn theatre, is tp be called  * Upa and Downs, or the Antipodes,".  Jt is said that the earnings from the Atlantic cable for the last two months, amount to  over ������70,000.  A maiden lady, named Mary Smith, died  last week at Banbury Hall, Uttoxeter, aged  ���������/���������;.',    NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.:. ;.  '���������i;   THE. "CARIBOO SENTINEL" :'.  JOB PRINTING  OFFICE;  ���������).:(?���������:���������"���������'���������:)     ,, '���������������������������    ������������������    ���������o���������      .���������-/������������������������������������  : ��������� :    "l'.  '  THE STOCK OP THIS OFFICE HAVING BEEN  considerably Augmented-by tho recent imporlatiou  of a variety of new Ornamental Type, peculiarly suited  for,-|-  Posters, Circulars, Cards,  ?    Billheads, Programmes for  ��������� X        Balls, Concerts, and ,  'AAll Theatrical Entertainments..  Orders for any description of Job "Work will be oxo-  cutcdwiih neatness and desputch.  :';.' 53* Terms mortoratd. **������3,  Xl    A.McPherson,  W|A T C H IV! A KER  ;;i;E:������EILE.R,,'i;  AT|^'HODGENS^ OLD   STAND.  . BarkenMlie, 1st May, 1867.        -'���������*���������/:   i.      :: 1-s ���������  ne ^Advertisements,  ^ The;:;J������felbo6: Sentui^l^.  ;';,y ;SB:iili0EEKLT'TA:PEfe': :   _;  Pususuki) Ey^aV. MoxdIy  and ThursdaV,  ������������������';fv ���������       -F. V. LEE,.:/  AufetiMeexy Gollector,  ��������� ifyx'   - ������������������ ��������� '-and��������� ;       :���������;������������������ uxxy-ia  " MININ'G.  'AGENT;   ''.:/  -..*  %AAA  Goo)?s "sold on Commission. ��������� Office/ Rjchfloia.���������  Saleroom, Barkerville. .'.''*   i  ���������   ���������   ��������� ;5-s  -  E. STEPHENS,y ,  CIKIL ENGINEER' AND SURVEYOR.  m  A^ING TAKEM   AN   OFFICE  IV   RICEPIELD,  "V'iJUums Creek, is prc-pared to execute. Surveys,  Pluns, Levels, Sections, ko., &c., con.mit'toit. to .his  cbargV-rAvlth care,r despatch, aud on KEASONABI^E  TERMrJ;.    . .-'���������*'        y   ��������� ���������'���������������������������  ��������� "������3;'���������<: A>:-i-j^-' Office, centre of Rich'ficlrt. -=^a     . .'  -." vy^EGirYEPJ* &-LEBRUN, ��������� PaoPRiETORS,  II   RE READY" TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY OtfE IN  tho above Establishment. ��������� ..  ' *  GOOD FARE AND GOOD BEDS !  Barkerville, 27th Jlay, 1867.        .' ���������      ��������� 7-s  FARE REDUCED  BARNARD'S STAGES WILL LEAVE YALE EVERY  _M_0 N DAY,  With H. M. Mails, Express and Passengers, for  Lytton, Cliutoo, Soda Creek, Quesnelle and Barker-  ville, with branches to Savana:s Ferry and Lillooet.  Barnard's Express carries Letters, Treasure, Valuables, and Express Freight to Big Bend, Cariboo  and way stations.  " $60  ���������      ���������- ...  $85  /.    1-s  .  ALLAN k CO,, Puoprtktors. .  Ofkiok���������BAUKEi^yiLLE, Wit.i.*iA5rs Crkek, CARiuiooV  ��������� ������������������    - yxf..  -    ���������" -��������� y ���������������������������������  '���������;;������������������.   Subscription, $1 per "Week. , X  (incliwHng.'cost*o^deiivory,) Payable  to.the Carrier,.  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS,  Z['[^[^O^zAZ'  ir^trsssz&r.    m0l&M^W^iM.  "���������   'Wrt.Tv.RUN- AS FOLLOWS?: .���������   :;  5?i^ ^undajrs;  .   . A8 SIX O^CLOCii; A, M.,  ' uy'il&AVE^ ,ON' '  '''���������'.. :"-AT���������FOUR.O���������CI^OC^', A .'Hi'.-'���������".    Z  X Qucsnelmoutii;;Xldy 2nd, 1867.. ���������:;..;   ���������. ,.. ���������'  1  ���������  i '    *    '        ������������������   ' f��������� ."7*���������.' "'      . ' '".      " *~      '       '������������������   ������������������   ���������    '-������  fcoLO^i^L Restauranty  . ������������������' : ;;';^Qu^SNEUlOXJTH,.  ������������������.: ���������������������������   ;���������. .,  '���������[  XX ,   P;;L:;TOMSON,>RbPRlETORr  Meals, at all.lipurs, and-Cooking of ..tlio boat  ���������    ���������;=   Yy:-\^Y%.^9Cr^P^Pn^ ���������"��������������������������� '��������������������������� '''-Aii  Z"  .    ..  .,...,,i-.yy,...-^',:,y;'.;,'  '. ; i ; X .^iySQUESNEtMppTH,. ii. -yyy X 1. \A '  ". Stabling for Horses, Ilay^aiid Oats.    ; s   ���������  FARE TO SODA CREEK,  ;f. N. HIBBEN & CO;  VTIIX   .FORWARD    PROMPTLY,    AT    KODERATB    TERMS',  English,  American, .  .  French; i German,  And othor Newspapers and Periodicals.  Subscriptions, adding Postage, payable in Advanos  15th May, 1867,���������_.���������._....���������... ,_y ���������.._._... 4-3m  ?  !  FARE TO BARKERVILLE,   -  (Exclusive of Steamer's fare.)  Cariboo Literary Institute  J. S. THOMPSON, President,  JAMES ANDERSON, VioK-PRBsn>EXT.  JOHN MacLAREN,  JOSKPH CLEARIHUE  JOSEPH PARK.  3,   I DiREC  CTORS.  THIS INSTITUTION IS NOW  OPEN AT BARKER-  ville, whero it is now fitted up with a view to the  comfort ami convenience of the people of Cariboo.  Thc Reading Room will be found supplied with the  latest English, Scottish, Canadian, American and Colonial Papers and Macaxines.  Terms of Subscription���������$5 per Quarter, or $2 per  Montli. Single volumes loaned to non-subscribers at  50 cents per volume, with $1 deposit.   *������  persons not subscribers, visiting the Reading Room,  an<t making use of t|ie Books and Papers, 25 cents for  each visit. m  The Room-will be open from TEN, A. M., till TEN,.  P. M. JOHN BOWRON,  Secretary and Librarian.  N.- B ���������A Sno assortment of Books and Stationery is  always kept for Halo. .  .^-s  TliN  Adams, Pearey ���������& Co,j  BASKBRVILiLS, , .  Have- just received a choj.ee sejee-tion of        t  CAST IRON COOKING STOVES  ""sheet coppee, zroCi*"..  TIN  PLATE   AND   SHEET  IBONi  with various othef art)c)es in their line of trade.  USF-All Jobbing in tlie Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper and  inctrade attended to, and warranted to giye saijsfao.  Zil  tion.  THE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in tho above  business, in Barkerville, and solicit a share of pub^  lie patronage.  CAST    IRON   STOVES  Always ou hand.  Hew Work  and JoblDiiig  Done at reasonable nites,  . j9������-Onr Teams run regularly between Yale and  Cariboo and a.i( ordcr3 in our lino of business 0arcfully  aTsedW' B. PEARSON & BROS.  , if       .  WAKE-UP-JAKE  Restaurant, Bakery;  ��������� AND -r-  LUNCH   HOUSE,  i      d BARKERyiLLE,     ..  PATERSON & GGODSON, Piwrietors,  TN ANNOUNCING THE RE-OPENJNG QF/Hlig  L housed the season, the proprietors wish to in,  iormTheirfiends and tte public generally tluu th*y  Spare no pains m order to merit the palropage ut  all who give them a call.  Meals at all hoiirs. *   y-  EXPESSS  T  BRITISH GOLIJMBIA ���������  AND   VfOTORm   EXPRESS,^  Coniiectinjrat' Victoria wjlli "WELIA  "fAROO i $$��������� I  9 ^    tofoihforuia.. Oregon; the Atlantic Slates  and Europe,  AND AT Y*d A^p'WfiWOET WITH WP  m  For Bis? Bend  ConveyipV Tre^sur  GAlilBOO EXPRESS,^     ^ ���������_,. - .  (3aripoo*aud ibp'^^JP.*^'.,^  yaju'abie.v. i  %f0 THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  'MONDAY, AUGUST 19, 1867.:. ���������  UNITED STATES POLITICS.  ; The republican party are straining every  nerve to secure the election of their nominees  for*president,Tyice-president, etc., and in their  determination to achieve this result, have set  ' aside all consideration of prudence or common humanity.   They have endeavored to  sustain the military commandants Gf. the various states, in their arbitrary proceedings relative to the removal of the duly elected civil  ��������� authorities in the south.   Such a high-handed  proceeding has naturally aroused great indignation on the part of the more moderate  representatives in congress, who have appealed  to   the  President, and   he,   having  referred the matter to the attorney general,  the latter has decided that the removal of  civil officers by the military, is unconstitutional,^ at power alone resting with congress.  This will take from the republican party one  of their most powerful, levers, and makes a  republican victory more doubtful-than it was.  Another, and even less creditable means of  accomplishing their designs, bas been resorted  to by the republicans j they have dispatched  . agent?? to.tha.diffexejrii states of jhejsouth,;for.  the purposeof securing the negro vote, and  In order to arrive at this much desired object, these emissaries; hold up the probable  confiscation bf the property belonging to the  -late masters of. the negroes, which theyi pretendVwill be conferred on the former slaves,  in tbe event of the republican party attaining  to power.   Such disgraceful means of obtaining political power is heartless beyond measure, and only possible in the United States,  where no limit exists:to the attainment of  party ends;  "The democratic journals protest  against such proceedings,bnt they -will nevertheless be pursued.   No fixed tickets have  yet been issued, by; any of the parties, of  whom it Js likely there^Vill be at least three,  viz.,; the ultra-republicans ; the moderate republicans ; and the democrats. If this should  be the case, it is likely that the democrats.  will elect their nominees, as they will vote  together ; whereas the republicans will be  split up into two parties at least.    There  seems to be a great likelihood that the popularity of the republicans will not be so universal as - they have flattered . themselves it  ; woul d, as their anxiety iU conciliate al I par-  capitalists would have contented themselves  with a new supply of bonds, in lieu of the  ready  money.     This   was ���������" counting  his  chickens before they were hatched," and had  a depressing influence at New York.   Such a  drain of specie, taken in connection with impending financial   difficulties in the United  States, will not tend to make political affairs  more easy, and. on the whole Mr. Johnson  may resign the helm of government without  tbe least regret at this juncture.   There is no  doubt that great discontent prevails amongst  tbe   working  classes.     Manufacturers   and  tradesmen are reducing the number of their  employes, as high taxation and the dearth of  food, forbid the purchase of anything beyond  tbe mere necessaries   of  life.   This  reacts  upon tie laboring classes, who cannot find  employment-, and  the consequence is wide  spread distress, which is more likely, with the  present enormous immigration, to increase  than to abate.   The present wealth of the  United  States   is immense, but a financial  panic may reduce  it one half in a month.  Property,  from  the present inflated value,  will  fall   to   mere   nominal prices, and  people   living   in   tho    most   extravagant  luxury at present, may be little better than  paupers ere six months, are over.   Take for  instance, Mr. Stewart, the millionaire, of New  York, whose income return for last year was  $4,000,000, while this year it does not exeeed  $800,000."  Thus the reckless extrayagance^ot  parvenus, be they individuals or nations, is  but the fleeting enjoyment of thoughtless prodigality, and did it not involve in its inevitable ruin, many innocent and meritorious  people, we should look upon it as a just punishment for the criminal waste of the bounties of Providence.   The  $7,200,000 are yejt  to be voted, for the newly acquired territory of Walrussia, a most unprofitable speculation, and we look for a determined resistance from the republican party to the appropriation.   Difficulties seem to be increasing  in  the western hemisphere, while; tbey are  rapidly decreasing in the eastern.   Prosperity  and plenty seem to pervade the whole of  Europe, whilst want and discontent threatens  the American Union.   What a contrast this  presents to the formerly established belief  amongst tbe working classes of Europe, who  regarded America as a land flowing with  milk and honey. ���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ������  9  STJRaE  T>EGS LEAVE   TO ;NOTl*FY   ME  J> inhabitants of Barkerville and vi-  _ . ,^_, _ cinity, that he Is located at THE HO-  TEL DE FRANCE: where he will be able to perform  all operations on the Teeth, in the latest and most  scientific manner; ������������������ ��������� ���������     '-���������'���������*���������"��������������� .. ���������  Teeth extracted without PAIN, by tho use of the  KHIGOLlNE SPRAY. .    y   X-  y/X XX ���������;;,.,.���������:  XX Changes Modebate���������Teiubs Cash.  August 19th, 1867.  XlxAfZyZy^y-CARDZ-   lly, .'< ~Z ���������  I%EGi$6ArMxjW MY THANKS TOi MY FRIENDS  for the kindness I have received. since I came herok  and to inform them that 1 leave to-day for Quesnel^ to  go into.training and that I have authorized Mr. H.  SHEPPARD to transact iny business during my ab-  sence, "Hoping my friends will stick to mevI will do  my best to pull through. JOE.  Wmiahia Creek,;B. C, August, 12, 1887.      4  NEW ADVERTIBEMEN'rsi  Sail Franc is co S|orfl  '.commission merohakt;  IN���������  Photographie Artist,  HAS NOW OPENED A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY  at RICHFIELD, and is prepared to tn ke  Cirtesde Visited Timbro do Posto, Portraits, Amhro-  types,* Leather Pictures, 51ilanotypes,nViews of  Houses. Claims. etc. J Singlc or Stereoscopic, i ;   ���������  Portraits also taken.on White Silk, Linen or Cotton  "������������������"cioih*:   ";    ;     ~" :;..,..r;,...,,......  Richfleld, 12tb August,.1867.  (Groceries, eroyisions,  "SARDWARE, CliOTHINQ- AND BOOTS  ;' Next Door-to the Sextxjjei, Office  BafketTille, 29th ffuhe, 1867i xX.y A;    >y;  IT  Groiise Ci^eek ^Express.  W'-P. HE"RRE Witt1 RUN A DAILY feREsa  ��������� botween BarfcervHlo ahd (Jrdusc "Creek, of  ders> small parcels* letters^ collections, etc. W  attended to,: pn ��������� moderate terms. Special aupatln!  given to demands for subscriptions to the OARiRnn  SENTINEL or any other Newspaper^?; w  Offices: Ou Grouse Creek, at M. iPra^et*8 Store in  Barkerville, at Wi F. Hpjnfo'fl doiniciler,SExnssi  Office.-' ���������'*��������� . T'':       y-u.- ;,���������������������������     .:   '  -  Julv 29, I8C7.    ������������������y"y        ��������� yXX-   A XyXA---  THE  ������  ,ties, has resulted as usuaTin a break down in  . several instances; i iTheifr'w'ish to win over  y the Maine liquor law^siipporters, has brought  them in contact, with  the'German, saloon  keepers of New York, who. can command a  ��������� large number of votes ; and this body, from  the enforcement of the Sunday trading act,  '^introduced by the Maine liquor law party,)  .have determined not enly to opposo its being  . carried into effect,.but have published a resolution in which they state their determination  to influence tho German vote throughout the  Union, in favor of the democratic party.  Should they follow out this resolve, they will  make a considerable breach in the republican  ranks, and may thus turn the tide iu favor of  the democrats. With all parties, however,  Andrew Johnson is ignored, so that there is  no probability of re-election for him. Whatever his opponents may say to his prejudice,  there can be no doubt that he has pursued a  humane and consistent course j and whoever  ��������� may succeed bim, will have a very* difficult  task to fulfil. The republican party has so  distorted the constitution, tbat any attempt to  replace it in its former shape, will be stoutly  opposed by this powerful faction ; and tbe  necessary remodelling which roust follow the  late innovations upon it, will arouse, an  equally strenuous opposition on the part of  the democrats. No middle course is possible,  and we look for stormy debates in congress  on the subject. A chief magistrate with decided principles, will have a powerful party  against him, and a weak, vacilating man at  the head of affairs, may produce inextricable  confusion. If Johnson was not a brilliant  man, bis very consistency has saved him from  any serious difficulty. He may have been  led into imprudent statements, in moments of  excitement, owing to tho ceaseless torments  inflicted on him by his political opponents ;  but ho can in no instance be taxed with variation or cowardice. The secretary of the  treasury finds that he has committed an error  in telling so much truth in relation to the finances of the country, but more particularly in  bis abandonment of his pet scheme for the  immediate resumption of specie payments.  In order to palliate the evil effects of his mistake, secretary McCulloch now writes a letter  to say that he thinks he was mistaken, and  that the revenue may turn out to be much  bettor than he supposed, but that at present it  will be expedient to postpone the commencement of specie payments. Our late advices  from England inform us that $2,600,000 had  been shipped at one time, from New York to  that country, for payment of interest on five-  twentie?. It would seem that Mr. McCulloch  had Y"K;rtaincd some idea that the English  To the. Editor of the " Cakiboo SE^'t^^YsrJ.',  Sir,���������As many mis-representations and misstatements have appeared in the British Columbian of July 31st and August 3rtf, in respect to the Canadian Co., Grouse Cr������ek, please  be kind enough to insert the following:'  There could not well be a greater collection of mis-statements and falsehoods got together than is to be found in the numbers of  the Columbian beforementioned. If the editor is responsible, let him answer for it, if  not, let him say from whence he received his  information.  Yours respectfully,  . John Grant.  COUNTY    COURT.  Photographic   Artist,  IS NOW ^PREPARED   TO TAKE  VIEWS OP  MIN-  ing G'airns, Houses, Groups, Scenery, and all kinds  of out-door Photography. ' ���������  All orders, if left in wriUug, at the Bar of the Hotel  de France, Barkerville, will he promptly attcaied to.  In a few days, ho will have on view and for sale,  Photographs of the Mining Towns, etc., of Williams  and other creoks.   .  F. Dally will remain for O.nb 3Io.nth only.  August 12th, 1807.  Information Wanted,  OF   JOHN   FRASER,   WHO    LEFT     WILLIAMS  Creek about three   weeks aeo, fur Black   Bear  Creek, and has not since heen heard of.   Any one  knowing his whereabouts, and leaving a note of same  at this Offle*, will confers favor on his friendSi  August Stn, 1867. 2w  CARIBOO  xZZZu'y^  Ts wovr :6 PEST' TOR X THE-ACCQ^ODfeOK W"  X   tho mining community, and the public generally;  No expense has been spared' to render the: house.&  that could be dosiredy for comfort aiid cohvehfcgce.  The Bar is supplied with a complete stock of tim,  Liquors and Cioars.  Kir Well Aired Beds -������������  may be had at a moderate charge. IJ. 0RD,  July 1, IS67. 2m .   Proprieties.  COSMOPOLITAN  Restaurant  and Bakery,  BARKERVILLE.  F  FRESH   BUTTER,  ROM     S U M ASS    D A I It 115 S,  ..  Put up in SIX !h. Tiu3.  M  mm  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING THOROUGHLY RE-  novated his Establishment, has ro-opened tbe same  for the accommodation of tho Public, ami tra?lj? fc>'  merit a share of their patronage. His Bakery bassk*  Undergone repair, and he is now reiicy lo exc-cofc  orders from ail who wish pood bread.  .    JACOB VELTE, Proprietor.  June 10th, 1867. Us  FENTON    S A LOON,  RICHFIELD.  I  a  /  For sale, Wholesale aud Retail, bv  E. PEARSON & BR03M  August 1st, 1867. lm BarkemJle.  (BeroreH. M. Ball, Esq.)  Thursday, 15th August, 1867.  Holloway vs. Price���������Claim of $40, for value of one quarter interest in a cabin. Judgment for defendant with costs.  P. Kirwin v. Weston and LeLaire���������Claim for  $500, being thc amount paid for the California claim of 600 feet, to which plaintiff alleged there was no title at the time of sale.  The defendant LeLaire's name, was struck  out, and judgment given for $250 with costs,  as an equivalent for 300 feet, the record of  which, it was proved, had expired before the  sale.  Holroydvs. Knott���������Claim for $38 for labor.   Judgment for defendant, with costs.  Bordenauf vs. Berreau���������Claim of $34,being  balance of an account for labor. Judgment  for plaintiff with costs.  .. S. A. Smith vs. C. Barber���������Claim of $46,  being amount of an acceptance. Judgment  for plaintiff with costs, payable in fortnightly  instalments of $23.  Prager vs. Thorne���������Claim of $73 for goods  sold and delivered. Judgment for plaintiff  with costs; payable ia fortnightly .instalments of $30.  Chassot & Edmondson,  WHOLESALE & RETAIL BUTCHERS  ; X AN B AG A T % L E Z D E AL ERS, yZ  i Barkervillo and'illchfield,  WOULD RESPECi'FtJLLY CALL TEEi ATTEXTIOJjr  of tho Public to their fine st<)ck: of, IIeaTj which  they will dispose of at prices io.isult the times,  ii., Prime Beef from 20C. to 25c. per lb.   ���������-. ;  ,  Mutton, 250^ to36c. per lb������  August 1st, 1867.. " ; 1 m r  Thbs.L. BRIGK3-S & Co.,  CAMERONTON,  .iHave .fust received, and offer for Sale,  WHOLESALE OR EETAIt  AT LOWifeATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES iCSQICfi BRANDS of LIQUORS  ��������� --Z.CONSISTING OF ��������� ��������� ���������'.���������  Brandy~Marten,:.HenncsseyT and Otard Dupey..  Wines���������Port, Sherry. Burgundy, and Claret ��������� San-  terne's French White Wine ; Sansevaine's Oalt-  fornia WJlite. Wine. .  Champagnes���������Bouche and Napoleon's Cabinet.  Bitters���������Boker'e,* Sanscvaine's, Orange and Hos'tct-  ter's, Vermouth; Absenthe,'Peppermint and Annl-  sctte. .' .  Old Tom, Gin, and Scotch Whisky.  THK UNDERStGNEr)   HOPES   HIS. OLD  HONKPIK  friends will eivo him a turn, as fn*. lias exp<:rienc->J  hcavv weather l'atelv. E: T. FWARD8.  Juno Slhf 18&7.    *      tfwnherly of E'lvanls1 Ifcwdi.  EXPRESS   NOTICE.  A FTER THIS HAT'S, BAfttfARJVS KXTRE^ [3  /x not responsible for damage on LIQUIDS shipped te  Tin or Glass, unless by special contract.  Until further notice, the. Express, will arrive here  every FUftDAY AeTERNOOv;: and close: for below  every "WEDNESDAY,^^ at. KINI5: o'clock,. A; >f, .,.".���������  ROBERT P00h,  :: ''yY ' lA'A A' X. :������������������'���������  ';.        y..i.;A^nh'r  BarkertittC, May 29th;. 186*1  in the nlatiet of the Estate and Effects of  FRANCOIS CASSI3,late;of Williams Creek,  Cattle Dealer, deceased, Intestate,    y  HPf  ALL PERSONS WHO ARBT IN^IiTED TO THK  ahbve Estate, are required to pay the amotim*  due forithwith ; and all persons who have any cianw.  against the above Estate, are required to send iMJ;^r  accounts, on or before the FIFTfi. DAY of SEPTEMBER, 1867, to 1-. CHAS/E.TOOLKY,y  Official Ailministralor. ..  Dated RichfleJd,- 25th JUne^ lfi67.  :.: :=  H OTiCE;  In the matter of the:- Estate, and iSftots" of  REMT   DAZET, late of Williams  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  Creek.  Dentistry.���������Those who are afflicted with  decayed teeth, would do well to call on Mr.  Grady, who has just arrived from New Westminster, where his qualifications as a dentist  are highly spoken of. His new method of  extracting teeth without pain, must recommend itself to patients suffering from toothache. - - -  Lang's Cote, at the head of Esquimau harbor, has been selected as the site for the dockyard. Tbe Admiralty have secured the land  lying contiguous to the cove. We are unable  as yet to state when active operations will be  commenced.���������B. Colonist.  #@r If yon want good Coffee use Fell's.  Also on hand���������SOO gallons choice brands of Brandy?  Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc.  Goods received on Storage or Commission, at tho  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1867. 2m  THE   SEriTO   SALOON,  BARKERVILLE,  m HE UNDERSIGNED HAVING OPENED THE  X ahove Saloon, woirld respectfully invito their  friends and the puhlic to step in and sample their  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS, tho quality of which,  they flatter themselves, will suit the tastes of thc most  fastidious. The best brand of CIGARS always on  hand. SCOTT & McIIARDY.  29th June, 1S67. 2m  Steele's Restaurant,  RICHFIELD.  H   STEELE BEGS,TO INFORM HIS OLD FRIENDS  - and Patrons, that ho has opened his OLD STAND,  where ho will be glad to see them.  JS������5" Meals at all Hours **������ft  Juno 10th, 1867.- ll-a  LL  PERSONS "WHO   ARE * INDEBTED TO JBj?  above Estate, aro required to. pay the amonu  fine forthwith, and all persons who hare anyt ciwj ���������  against thc ahove Estate, are required to son2.nJ������\!  accounts on or before tho EIGHTH day of SM ���������������*  BER, 1867, to CHAS. E. POOLEY,   'Official Administrator.  Dated Lytton, 8th June, 1867. il���������������������������  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estato and Effects of JAM^>  1'URDlE, late of Williams Creek, BUcKsmiw������������  ceased, intestate.  4 Lii PERSONS  WHO  ARE  INDEBTED TO t|J  tX ahove Estate, are required to pay the amount  forthwith, and all persons who have any'claims^   (s  the above estato, are required to send in thelJL*\J' rr.  on or before the TWENTV-SIXTH day ofSEl ?&&?������ .'���������  1867, to     y CHAS. E. P00LEV  Official Administrator.  Bated Richfleld, 27th .Tune, 1867. ^~~-~~"  In the matter of tho Estate and Effects of DA  "WHITFORD, Free Miner, late of the Reid w������  Conklins Gulch, deceased, intestate.  mm  w&.  iiil  LL PERSONS WHO   ARE  MDEBTKD W flg  .._ above Estate, are required to pay the aSQ     g  ue forthwith, and all persons who hare any ^ ^  against tho above estate, aro required to sena n  accounts on or before PlilST NOVEMBER. 186', w  CHAS. E. FO0LBJV,  Official ���������Adn������������lSlT  Dated Richfieid> let August, 1867.  H /  MONDAY, AUGUST 19,, 1867.  Another Casualty.���������There certainly does  'appear to; be a 'wise in fcerVention of prow  ii, deuce attending accidents in this; locality*  "which^ preser^Sihuman fife in a most miraculous niacner sometimes.   We have heard of  accidents lately that unSerl^ifavorable cir-  :y icumstatf6es would; bav^unqufes^  ; diiced instantdeath terminating7 "with no seri-  :     ous results to the victims./ Otily last Thurs-  A.   'day another Vi. of this celass - 'of; y^asuaf ties  y occurred ifc Stotite Gulch;   Four ineu belonging io theFloyd Company, ft^re, engaged in  ;  cleaning out a tunnel that got tilled;yup"' with  '���������,. tailings sometime  ago^  near the extreme end pf the'dr^  i    tailings that had accumulated to a i depth; of  some tweuty feet yielded to the; pVcssure of  water that was running 6a the surface and  ���������   #ave way, carrying the men with great velocity down to the mouth of ihe tuiinei, a dis-  ; tance of 600 feet.   The Phly injuries inflicted  ' on them Were innumerable scratches all over  the body, caused by coming in contact With  the posts aiid 6a#s in their hasty passage.  Lecture PosfpoNEi>.���������Mr. L. Harnett writes  ��������� \is from Cedar Creek,ie*spressiffg his i^gret in  ���������.,...inpiKeing, enabled to deliver his address ati  ; the time appointed,"i Having become so thbr-  oughly impressed With the mining facilities  i 'and Wealth of that distrrct, he has detertained  ���������on spendi.ffgia!fe# days Ibnger in prosecuting  his 'researches, and WHl 'thus be in a betted  ; position^to thfow some new light pa this pro-  . anisihgiteptiipAi. of the country.-��������� Vfiejare au*  thorized to state that the lecture will fee posi- \  tively given next Sunday afternoon, at three  Vclock, in Adler & Barry's saloon.  P. II.���������The fourth deposit of $200 a side,  for the Coming match for tho championship,  was made by the agents of the respective  parties, last Saturday evening, at ��������� Clark &  Parker's saloon. The next deposit of $200,  which will be made at Edwards' saloon,  Richfield, on Saturday next, will Close' the  $1,000 stakes at first agreed on, leaving it  ^optional with the parties and their friends to  iii crease the amount $1,000 more, betore the  tight comes oft'.  From Lie ecu Ririsir..���������A gentleman who  left Leech river on Wednesday, 7th inst., informs ns that the water was turned into the  'ditch arid flume on Wednesday morning, and  tbat several companies are engaged in-setting  sluices to work the banks. Nine ihcn^'ftt the  north fork, are making from $28 to $40 per  week to'the hand. There are thirty miners  <on the stream. There is a call at tbe diggings  tor a police officer, who could act as quasi  Gold Commissioner.���������B. Colonist.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'^ COURT. >  ,   (Before. H. M. Ball, Esq.).. Ziyi  ; .    i :        ; Friday^ August l(p, 1&67^  Williams Creek Flume and Ditch Co. .V&  San FranciscpCo.���������Action for $197 25,being  amount due for water supplied to defendants.]  Judgment fori plaihtiflsffor $182 25, ;^itb  costs;;;y;-;.!"'-'; ������������������' ���������; / Zi'i-x���������   uxZ''-Z-l\  xii Saturday^ August;17th, 18"6Tii /  Z Grouse Greek Flume Cd; vs. i Canadian: Cp.  -���������Mr. Park appeared for the: Canadian Co-,  in support of bis motion for having an iiijunc^ |  tion issued: at the instance i of the Grptise  Creek Flume Co. against tbem set aside, and  read affidavits made by 1 Messrs ISooth i and  Murdoch setting forth that;the Canadian: Co,I  had riot worked the ground sihee it was taken  possession of in; the name of the Government.  Mr, Park said that this proceeding on the part  of the Flume Co. could only be looked on as  an attempt to prejudice ,the Canadian Co.'s  case. If they had committed no trespass,  why apply for an iujurictipn against them?  If a trespass was committed by other parties,  why did the Flume Co. not adopt the proper  course by Summoning them in the usual way.  Judge���������If the Canadian Co. are not>tres-i  passers there can be no use in your trying to  set aside the injunction.- .?".-.  Mr. park���������A company called the JSparrbw-j  hawk Co.pre-empted;;th'e^r6^nd'-afteriKhad-  been abandoned by the Flume Co., through  non-representation beyond the legal period;  and before they : can be ejected- from the  ground it is incumbent on,the; Flume Co. to  suminoft them before this court in the usual  wayyuiZyZ-yZ^y  The ledger; of the Canadian Go. haying been  p roduced by B. Springer, the Secretary, Mr.  Walker insisted on cress^examining Booth  arid Murdq ch, which Was; Objected to by the  opposing counsel, but overruled by the court.  .fited. Murdoch 'sworn���������-! am; hot a member  of the Canadian Co. either directly or indirectly. ;Ineyer'liad\ah'iriterest;; I had A bill. of  sale which I tiever made use of; it was given  me by A. Melbday; it.was for half a share,  Skedaddled.���������We are informed that a B. C.  packer named F. Duvprhois has left the Country, victimising several merchants oelow to  'the tun e iof some thousan ds of do liars besides  leaving sundry, small debts in the upper  ���������country ���������uniiquidiated. . We have also learned  that two worthy hotel keepers on the line of  the wagon road have left for parts unknown,  >iz.W. Henderson, of the 111, and E. Trofat-  ter, of the 74-mile houses.  Correction.���������We are : requested by the  Ifeev. Father McGuicken, to correct the state-  Sne'nt made by us respecting the blasphemy  . aised by the Indian lately executed here. The:  rev. gentleman, who was near the culprit to  the last moment, assures us he uttered no  .blasphemous language on the scaffold.   ,.  Wi have to acknowledge the receipt of a  communication from W. Dewdney, the late  jailer, but as it contains nothing, in our opinion, which justilies him in permitting the pri-  epner, Williams, to escape, we do not deem it  worthy of publication.  Express.���������The Express arrived here yesterday afternoon, with a small colonial mail, and  the following passengers : Messrs. F. J. Barnard, G. B. Wright, Otis Parsons, Dr. Brady,  J. Millis, Mrs. Wellington, and a Chinawoman.  Garrison por BriTtsu Columbia.���������It is reported that the imperial government is about  to establish a permanent garrison in British  Columbia.  Thk Washburn Quartz Co., at Canyon creek  have decided to let the sinking of their shaft  by contract; tenders will be called for at lan  early day.  Next Steamer.���������The steamer Active arrived in San Francisco on the 6th, aud was  announced to sail for Victoria on Saturday,  10th instant.  His Excellency the Governor and suite,  were passed by the up stage at Clinton, on  Tuesday last.  New Jailer.���������Mr. George Byrnes has been  appointed to the office of Jailer, in lieu of W.  Dcwdney, discharged.  The Seattle Intelligencer is the name of a  new paper issued at Seattle, W. T., by S. L.  Maxwell, late of Victoria.  and the coiisideration was $50;  I never recorded it^ if I;Had retained the interest, I  Would have paid the $50.   Have never signed any paper binding myself to assist the  Canadian Co.y never saw any paper to that  efiect;;; Wasinot present at any meeting when  it Wa| agreed to give aWay shares to parties  who' would.assist the company.    The object  in selling shares: was to get the means and in-  fluenceiio have the case tried.    Don't recollect the persoli Who asked me ro take a share;  I never^received money from the Canadian  Co.;; have received some from the Sparrow-  hawk Co;; go t $14 and $31 front Grant. There  are members of the Sparrbwhawk Co. working the ground; and will work it till thei Flume  Co. prove their title to  it,; Recpll'ect of a  cbngregatibn of the  Canadian Co. at Mrs.  Brooks' \ feooth, Springer and 6rant I think  were there ;  this was the day I got the bill  of sale ; I was asked; if I Would havb a bill  of sale, and I answered that they might give  me one but that I would never  become a  member; my object was to assist the company by means and labor iri getting a re-hearing of their case,  y  Ben. Springer sworn���������Am secretary of the  Canadian Co.; have  not produced  all the  books and papers of the company; there is a  cash book, receipts and accounts not produced ; all the entries in the ledger made by  me are correct; I usually made my entries  from the information I received from Grant  who was foreman; there is a full interest in  the company recorded in my name ; there is  no entry of the gold received in the book  produced, it is entered in the cash book;  I keep the accounts of the new compahy called the Sparrowhawk Co.; none  of the accounts of that company are entered in this  ledger, have a separate book for the purpose.  Am not a member of the Sparrowhawk Co.  directly or indirectly ; no money has  been  paid as dividends,   what money has been  received has been paid to workmen.   At a  meeting in Mrs. Brooks', I disposed of half an  interest I think to a man named Neil, and the  bill of sale was drawn up at his request, there  might have been twenty or twenty-five persons present; there was no arrangement come  to at that meeting or at any other time that  interests should be given away for assistance  to be rendered to the company.   The terra  " fighting " interest is unjustified ; the shares  were disposed of for means and interest to  get our case tried in court; we expected to  get into court by taking possession of the  ground; some, of the members of the Sparrowhawk Co. are members of the Canadian  Co. and some are not; there has been^no  compact between these companies to divide  the ground; have not seen the list of members of the Canadian Co. since the subdivision  of shares ; can't say how many members are  in the company, but should say they did not  exceed thirty-five.  J. M. Sparrow, sworri���������I have made an affidavit that Wrk was being done on grPund  5ff feet ba; eachside of ithe flume belonging  to the Flume C^ it  Continuously AAy: >fid night)y they are the  same persons! haY*eiisebu ; working in the  Canadian Co; Ayi i'iZZZ ������������������" Z: 1 ��������������������������� X'' "\ ���������  .Cross:exammed~I donit swear that the  men J saw oil the "ground are members of  the Canadian Cp-; I"am employed;by the company below of which Mri. Leneveu is chairman; am not aware that Mi*. Leneveu repu-  diated any resporisibility;��������� ������������������ concerhihg the  Fluhie Co. last winter ; Wheii I 'came here the  ground was in litigation. and the Canadian  Co. were ejected frprn it; am atiare there is  a company called the Sparrowhawk Co.; have  understood;they made a record; I haye read  their record; I think the Fluhie Co.'s new  charter was granted in -Mar ch last/it did no t  teach this place fbr 'some time a ;  R. Ri Munrb was a member of thV Canadian  Co., but go t ashamed of it and d rew put after  he" found that the charter of th e Flu me Co.  was a valid one. i ,"'.'���������''.''������������������ ly-'i'-A:������. ixX-  i iMr. Walkem, in a lengthy argument, endea-  t.oured to shew the usual practice in cases  like tbe 'present, an d qiio ted author i ti es to  sustain his p oin t, maintain ing that the court  was allowed to take abroad view of the matter, and could even issue writs against parties other than those concerned in an action :  this extraordinary power was granted for the  purpose of suppressing a multiplicity of suits.  ; Messrs. Robertsoni and; Walker :fcillpwed on  .pthfer points'.' :Zx "���������. yy Z-yZi  yAihe Judge, after weighing; the arguments  pro and co n, de cideji th at ��������� the inj un etioni h ad  been legally issued. He said a party getting  a judgment.had -a right to anyinjiinPtipn  tb^ put him in possession, and having  got that inj unction, ' the court was bound  to enforce it and protect his title; The  Flume Coi acquired a title to the ground by  Commissioner Spalding's decision, which  ground the Canadian Co. and others had taken  possession o"L If" the Canadian Go. were liot  now disobeying that injunction there was no  use^of their endeavouring to set it aside, The  Flume Co, /were1 in legal possession by Mr.  Spalding's judgment, and if the Sparrowhawk  Co. or any other company bad a claim to tho  ground it was for them to bring an action of  ejectment. Application dismissed with 'cost0.  ��������� Mr. Park for the Canadian Co., Messrs. Walker, Walkem and Robertson for the Flume  Company.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAMS CHEEK.  The water,in the/creek has undergone a  very perceptible diminution in ��������� quantity,  within the past eight or ten days, which has  had, in a great measure, the effect of retarding the progress pf>; mining:; operations. As  there is but little; show how left on "the tops  of the surrounding; mountains, /whence the  supply of water is. ft usually furnished^ih  the absence of rainy it is to be feared that a  great scarcity will be felt before the fall rains  set in;. The late dry leather has been most  favorable. for thie prosecution of the repau's  on the bed rock drain> Which are rapidly pro-  gressiiig.        ' -ZZ''.  Taylor cp. are taking good wages.���������-Wide  West co. are taking out good pay in working  a top strata.���������Deadwood co. are making from  $12 tqi an ounce a day.���������McLaren co, washed  out for th6 week 10 oz.���������Wilson c&. Washed  up 25 oz.; for four days' work.-^Broiise co.  are^ making \vages.--Dutch. Bill co;washed  out 50 oz^ for the weeic.---Steadman bo. are  making ffbih ah ounce to $20 a day.���������Hibernia co. washed up for the week 40 bz.  ���������Aurora co. This claim appears to be in-  exhaustible in its treasures although this is  the third season it has been worked, the f>ay  does not diminish in the least, in fact the  yield for the last week.even exceeds that .of  any week during its most pal my days. The  wash up on Thursday for 24 hours work was  526 ounces, and yestesday the wash-up was  540 ounces. The total for the week being  1128 ounces.���������Davis co washed up for the  week 80 ounces.���������Prairie Flower co. washed  up for two days work 35 ounces, .  STOUTS   GULCH,  The Floyd co. who have been delayed so  long by the caving of their diggings resumed  washing on Friday last, and expeot to take  out pay before the fall sets in.���������Altiiras co.  washed up for tho week 122 ounces.���������Taffc-  vale co. have got into their own ground and  will take out good pay this week.���������Jenkins  co. are running a drain for the Mucho Oro co.  and making small wages.���������Mucho Oro co.  cleaned up 25 ounces for the week,���������Emery  co are ground sluicing.  CONKLINS   GULCH.  The only claim in this gnlch that has taken  out money this week is the Reid co., who  washed up 25 ounces,���������The Ericcson and  United cos. expect to take out good pay during the present week.  EUREKA GULCH,  Which empties into Williams creek a short  distance below Cameronton, has been staked  off* within the last few days, in consequence  of the prospects obtained by a compahy near  its mouth, who washed up four ounces of  coarse gold out of the bottom of their shaft-,  thirty feet deep.  SCOTIA   GULCtf.  Is still being prospected by the company  we referred to on a former occasion, but without any satisfactory results, although they  make regularly about 32 a day by washing  Hhe dirt taken out.: Tbey are hopeful of finding good pay. soon.  ' ".������������������...; y /MUSO^JITO  OUIAJH.  Every claim on this gulch appears to be  doing well;;-The Minnehaha co. have bottomed a shaft at thirty feet, and found excellent  prospects."Willow co. are making an oune'e  a day to the hand, their pay dirt being 9 feet  in deptu.-^Discovery co.are taking out good  pay.���������Holmaii co. washed up for the week 42  ounces.���������Jeffree co. took out 24 ounces for  the w4ttk.^Y;:,''- ���������;  ':'_���������:���������' LOWHEiE  CREEK.  Although .water is getting very scarce on  this creek, Btill there is sufficient ro enable all  except hydraulic claims to continue operations. We have heard of no big pay, b ut aU  appear to be doing well. The Kelly Patch  co. finished cleaning up their ground sluice  last week, which yielded 225 oz. _,_  GROUSE CREEK. "    '  - The upp er p ortion of-th is- creek preseri ts - a  lively appearance; from the number of miners  who are prospecting either in the bed of the  stream, or on;. the banks or benches on each  side, with in most cases favorable indications;  Thc lower part, ori the contrary, appears to  be remarkably dull at presenit, owing te the  ill success of those companies who weiro engaged in hunting the lost lead.  The Hard Up cb.,. having been banted ih  their attempt to* get their shaft down by  water, are pu king tip a; wheel and pumping  gear.���������Heron co who are still: working over  bed rock previously cleaned 'up, declared a  dividend of $90 to the share last week.���������Discovery co. are still running into the hill with  a prospect of striking pay.���������Caroline co. are  taking out big pay, they washed up oU Thursday last 75 ounces with'.a small head of water  ���������Ne'er do Wee! co is paying richly, they had  washed out up to Thursday 00'ounces.���������Rankin co; washed Up about 20 ounces for the  week.���������Ontario co. have found a deep channel  which they cannot bottom ; they intend however to d rift thro ugh th e second rim' rock having got good fall.���������Sawmill co, are sinkiug a  new shaft hearer the creek.-^-Eureka co. (a  creek claim) got a prospect xii.tBe grarcl, but  had not reached, lied rock.���������Reid.co. are"  making wages.���������Idaho cp-. are making expenses ih the top gravel, they are preparing  to sink to bed rock.���������Big Gun co. and Point  co.are sinkiu'g' shafts;���������Fountain Head co.  are digging a ditch to carry; water to . wash,  and wiil finish it by the middle of the week.  GAYET CREEJC', ���������   ,-  19 the name of a small stream emptying into  Antler creek, and situated between that creek  and Grouse creek. Several French compan-.  ies are at work on it, and are reported as  making from one ounce to $20 a day to the  hand, by washing about seven feet of surface  gravel,  NELSON* CREEK.  The Montgomery co., consisting bf^ three  men, have been^hydraulicing their claim the  greater part of the season, and have taken  out, up to tbe present time, about SC,000.  Their ground, which is eighty feet deep, contains gold in more or less quantities from the  surface, and will last for years.  Four other companies are at work below  them, and are making wages.  BURN3  CREEK.  The Burn9 co. are averaging $20 a. day to  the hand.���������There* are two other companies at  work on the creek, who are only makirig  small wages.  BLACK BEAR CREEK, v  The last accounts from this creek are to  the effect that shaft sinking had been abandoned for the present, in consequence bf the  utter impossibility of getting through *be  quicksand without the aid of pumps aiid proper machinery. Many Of the companies,  however, have located claims above the upper falls, where they are now busy sawing  lumber for sluices,!or the purpose of working  the surface gravel, which is supposed will  pay well.  Attempted Suicide;���������A young man named  Frederick Laiifester^ attempted ' to commit  suicide at Victoria Pn the 5th inst., by shoeing himsmf with a pistol. The cause of the4,  rash deed, proceeded from a depression of  spirits; At last accounts it was believed M  would recover.  BIRTHS.���������-^ Now WiisLrfiihstor, oq31sfr'nit., i04  wi fe of h un. J ol j n Ro b son, o V kma. ,:  ���������   At Victoria, on 3tii inst., tho wife of Wm': ZYSncf; ot  a son. . . . , - h    ������i j au  DEATH.���������^tSan Francisco, on 10th July, ������r������J������*J  son of Gustavo a&<i Thi-fese Strtro; *&odt&ur isiitt&jw  and six days;    .... , :  -���������hb.ii.jj.'i������hu -"." It j8 very curious,", said an old gentle-  Wan to his friend, " that A watch should he  "���������perfectly dry, when it has a running spring  inside."  An old servant, drinking to the health of  __4us;.young mistress,��������� who/Was that day made a  ��������� bride, said; "I wish'her many haoov returns  of the *������*"  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FASHION SA  BARKBRyiLLB,  W IL L 8 A M S;. :;C R EE K;  THE PROPRIETORS ������EG  LEAVE TO  ANNOUNCE  to the public that they have enlarged, refurnished,  and thoroughly renovated their capacious and fash-'  '��������� "lon'able saloon, sparing neither pains nor expense for  the comfort of their Patrons.,.  " This is now,the largest and most complete Saloon in  British Columbia ; consisting of three large separate  ���������apartments, viz.: CARD ROOM, BAK ROOM, and  BILLIARD SALOON, containing three superb BILLIARD TABLES.  The best LIQUORS and CIGARS obtainable, arc  served here. : This establishment is under the immediate superintendence of the'Proprietors.   '������������������"   ;  .   ADLER & BARRY.  ... Juno 6th, 18G7... . 4m   .  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.        ___  JAMES   P.   TAYLOR,  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  TTAS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICE SE-  II lection of Drugs and Patent Medicines, including the celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary S)^1'3-  Also a. great variety of Sarsaparillas, Hair Brushes,  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &c.  Just received���������an assortment of Stationer}', Pocket  Diaries for 1867, and Billiard Table.artides.  P. S.���������Prescriptions carefully compounded.     1-s  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  ZZx ,, CHEMIST.  ROADSID53 ADVERTISEMENTS.  STABLIHG^ibr  WILLIAM   McWHA,  LYTTON CITY, B. C,  Be^s to inform the public generally that he has  On bis premises for upwards of 200 Horses.  Hay arid Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  TERMS ;MODERATE. .>������  ; VICTORIA M)VERTI^^  Corner of Langley Alley and Yates St.  MESSRS. JAY & BALES  Have opened the above premises with a W*  and well assorted Stock  op ���������  TAS FOR SAiLE, and constantly on hand,  a well assorted Stock of Dru^s, all tho Chemicals  used by Physiciaus, Photographers, Assiiyers aud  Mechanics. "Also the popular Patent Medicines, and  Druggists' sundries.  Retorts, Crucibles,  Muffles, Cupels,  Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc.  rnEscnirnoNs faitokuu-t prepared.  F,,.W. FOSTER,  mal . - Cnemist.  AND RESTAURANT,  ���������':    RIG H FIELD.  ���������.-���������'���������./.; y.������������������������,.. ��������� ���������  the "undersigned have refitted this well known houso  :>���������������;;;% j*h.?������ now open for ithe accomodation'of the  which-is  blic.     ��������� ���������:,-��������������������������������������������� " 'yy yy.       ��������� v ���������>!-������������������;, s  .- '..  The Bar win be supplied. with tbe best brands of  ���������LIQUORS and CIGARS.     ���������':.'.;'���������''   .'���������'.'i .;.'.��������� ���������   ������������������  <��������� .  ��������� jK������* "Meals and Beds furnished at all hours.  y ix yy- xy   ��������� & .fontaine.-      :y1 ������������������  " FELIX POUCHOT,   ;  '  Proprietors.   .  ly .y.;yy1\  i\ .Richfleld, 1st May, 1861. XZ;  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN   DOUGLAS,' Successor, to A.  C.  "WELLS; Saddle and Harnnss Mak er, Yale, B. Ci,  . ..eOtf A complete assortment of Stock constantly on  hand.'   ,'������������������"���������       '...   . -.       ������ l-s  C. E. EOHBROT,  BOSTON BAR, B. C  Wholesale and Retail Merchant in  GROCERIESAfSJD PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, kc.   Is  JtE,  yf<.ETC;,'ETG;;.;.���������:,������������������,;.:���������;  B ARK E R "VIL L E.v:  OCCI-  Has removed to his -NEW 'STORE,   opposite ������������������ 'OCC  "DENTAL HOTEL. , i Y.   ���������:.    ;��������� .13  JI A ICE S   THIS,. "METHOD   OP   INFORMING   HIS  friends and tho "public generally, that ne lias en-  ' larged and fitted up his SHAVING SALOON", in a superior manner, having secured the services of un efficient  assistant,   he is   now   prepared  to operate   in   a  patislactury manner in all branches of the TONSOPJAL  ��������� ART.  ...���������---. ��������� ..        :.;':  He also begs to call thc attention of the ladies to his  fine selection of Perfumery, which he is constantly in  receipt of, from Langley & Co., Victoria, viz., Pomades,  Powders, Oils, Combs,'Brushes, and other articles for  thc Toilet.  ii He also calls att'entiouto his unrivalled Hair Restorative,'guaranteeing'to stop hair from fulling out. in  one week, und in-reasonable time restoring Hair to its  former state and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods ; finest assortment of Shirts, Uudcrclothcs, Neck Ties, Scarfs, etc.  i.2TthMay;iS67. :��������� is  .:.'���������'���������;; Front Street, Yale, B. C,  BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to the inhabitants of Cariboo  that he intends to forward (as soon as..the state of  the Roads will permit), a large and Well assorted  stock of Cooking Stovks, which he will dispose of at  Prices .to Suit thk Times. ���������'.'���������'-  yYale, 8ih April i 1867.. ..1  ' 'FOSWASDIG.  FIREPROOF .WAREHOUSE!  ARmS DESIROUS of shipping freight With Dispatch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere.'  ALWAY &. BAILEY.  Yale; April 8th, 1807.     - . 1-s  W. H.  Sutton,  lEALER IN Wixes, Liquors and Cigars, Coal Oil,  Goal Oil Lamps, &c;,  ..'"AGENT FOE BUNSTER'S ALE !  Iii Bbls. and half Bote*  '���������: Yale, AprillSth, 1807. 1-s  184 MILE OK.DEEP.CREE  TS OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  J Travelling public; the bedrooms are spacious aud  airy and thc Beds cannot .bo surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the'lower country; ihe Table is  always supplied with the best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on hand.  pmMAffiEp-SLE HOUSE  THIS OLD AND "WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been recently opened by the undersigned, who will make  it his constant study by.', us ing 'every endeavour to a ceo-  modate the traveling public, to deserve a share of the  patronage bestowed on the -.former occupants.  /K?f The Bar obtitainsnothing hut tbe very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.   .Give him a call  1-s     . '...   EDWARD   TROFATTER  GOLD    SPRIJ#^HOUSE  . BOYD &.i^ :  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 miles from Quesnclmouth.  Thc proprietors hayinglately tlttocl up bcdroonis  and good Beds are now prepared to afford every accommodation for Tra veUersii,the. Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; thc Bar is well supplied witii thc best brahdsof Liquors and Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, pats:and; Barley.'. jfc*r Tho CHEAPEST  House on the Road.; V .1-3  i2^HJSElJioxjsiS  ; AND FLOWER SEEDS.  The business of the late firm of jay & Co   Fort Rt  and Springfield Nursery, will he carried on ��������� by x^Z  in all its branches.  Fruit Trees and Bushes, Evergreen and D<?"cj<W  Shrubs, Bulbs and Floweringplahts of every d^cr',  tion.        -:.���������."��������� {.,*  ������������������_-'.  LONDON  HOUSE  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.  WHOLESALETND   RETAIL.  j. h. turIner & CO.  importers op  English & French Silks, Shawls, Presses, Ua*  derclothing,  Gloves, and every description of  ....... Drapery Goods.  Receive regular supplies by Express via Panama sod  by sailing vessels via Capo Horn.  #3* Particular ott en tion given to all orders.  LoaUun Flrm-^J; P.' Tvsm'tfirte Co. ' ��������� ��������� ' '   i:| ��������� -  . ������������������;.������������������    ESTABLISHED 1858,      ..  ".\      ;   J. C. BEEDY,  COiraiSSipN &   FORWARDING AGENT,  WILL PAY  PARTICULAR   ATTENTION TO SE.  lectin^, purchasing, or forwarding Goods forth  upper country.  Any commission entrusted to his care, wlllrecelvj  prompt attention. '���������-���������  References :���������"W. A. Meacham, E. A. Wadhasjs,?, y  HARrER, J.J. Brami.y.  ;,Victoria, April, 1867. 1  F. WALTERS,: formerly 'of the 04 Milk House,  haviii������j purchixseil this*Ranch, is now prepared  to accomodatuthc traveling.public with GOOD MEALS  a nd B E DS a t moderate" rates; ��������� i 1-s  Storage and Forwarding!  '      A   ,      YALE, B. C.     ;'.;".;  PARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE--LYT-  X   tox Rogte, are advised that  KIM BALL & GL ADWIN  Have erected an extensive* Storehouse "and Dock at  Yale, and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. Goods re-packed, and-freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  Parties "shipping goods through us will please mark  to the care of  1 s KIMBALL & GLADWIN.  UXE   BRO  DKALERS IN'  CIGARS,   LIQUORS, c  UlMhmg and Hardware,  June 2*  BARKERVILLE.  ism       ' . -,���������'���������>��������� 'Z  VAN" WINKLE STORE.  THE UNDERSIGNED be^s to inform the miners and  residents in & around Van Winkle that he will in future keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopf>s bv close attention to business, and by selling  at LOWER RATES than herctoforo, to meet thc patronage of all.  Orders from outlaying creeks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness and dispatch.  #5������Terms CASH, without distinction.  1-s ,T. W. LINDHARD.  HOUSE.  4 T THIS WElfcJKNQiVVN HOUSE, ha^way between  lx Spcnce's Bridge amlCiihton, on tho "Yale Route:���������'  Travellers will find Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, .and of "Wines Fresh Butter, Milk  and Vegcta bl es.   Good Sta bit in g a n d c 11 e a p fee d.     1-s  SODA  ckeek;  ���������u,  HOTEL DE FRANCE,  GOVERKMKNT STREET, VICTORIA, V. I.  THE RESTAURANT is supplied with all uV  delicacies of thc season, and the sleeping accomodation ts replete with every comfort.    The best of  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  .      1-s -; J. BIGNE & CO., Proprietors.  HENRY GREENBAUM, WHOLESALE LIQUOR  Store, Importer of Fine Mkkr^chaum PirES, Stew  Jlouthpicces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street. Vic.  toria, V...I.     ��������� .1-3  JULES "RUEFF. Commissjon Mf.rchant, Royal ,  O  Hotel Building, Wnarf street Victoria, V. I.  1-s  TV OLEAL'S CoFPEt: Eoose A>n Rkst/ora^,  I/. Government Street, Victoria, V. L This is th)  cheapest, most comfortable, aud best attended Establishment in the City    '  The BAR is always" supplied with tho choicer ot  Wines, Liquors and Cicars.  1-s  fc  GREAT REDUCTION has been made in. fche charges  L at this establishment, eo.>s to suit the times, . ������������������  Meals, $1;: Beds,,7;5,Cents..:.Y  ���������McLEESE &.S.ENAY,, .  Proprietors.  May  1st,   1867. ��������� . :l-s- .  FOREST_l ~~  i   3S MILE' POST,    ���������'."������������������      BETWEEN TALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  r|^RAVELLERS will Ond every accommodation at this  I. Hotel.   Excellent Cooking.   GOOD BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES.  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest "Rates.  BOOTEROYD BIlO'S,  - 1_b   " ��������� Pr(������prieters.  Free Port for Ever!  *\T"TE THE. UNDERSIGNED  TAKE  pleasure In cb-  ! V   nounclng to our numerous customers und -tha.  public, that we.will supply them, with the bestFrekch  L>aTHER BOOTS (<i uty free) over offered in B. C.  iJ3*At our old Stand, Government St.:, Victoria, VI  ' Ls   :   ��������� CHARITY & BUTLER. _  FRA1STKEL, Victoria, V: J.; DealerihJ*cRSv^  i-.V. .SKijfSj-Hides*, Wootv&c. - Liberal advancesmaaa  L  on Furs consigned. : Reference-  hart Bros..Victoria, "V. I,  -G. SutrofeCo^Rein-  1-s  ft    SUTRO & CO., biPonTERS at*o Dbai^J*'  XX*   CIGARS?, TOBACCO, MeefshaumPipe^ &o-i S &������  ofYates;aind "Wharf strict, Victoria V  corner  KWONG, LEE & CO., CowMiasiox. Merchants, I������-  portkss, and Dealers in Chinese Goods, Vicuna,  V. T.,������ Yale, Lillooet, QuesneJmouth,   and Vo}\mx.  Creek.  Accountant,   Collector,  ��������� AND ���������  COMMISSION     AGENT,  BAUTCERVILLE,  Officr.^-Opposite N. Cuxio's Brewert.  ^Tnnel7,1867,  13  VIOTOMA ADVERTISEMENTS.  A.BULER & CO.'S  CHEAP Store.   LADIES'and GENT'S CAST OFF  Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand "Watches,  'Guns, Pistols, &c , for sale,  ^Sfr Government street opposite the,Theatre.' T-s  WILLIAM ZELHER,"dealer in DRfjos, Mkdi  oises.and Chemicals, Fancy and Toilet Articles,  Sponges, ii rush es, Pert"a m cry, &c*    Physi cians' Pr e-'  scriptions carefully compounded and orders answered  with care and dispatch.   Victoria, V. 1. 1-s  CASAMAYOU begs leave to state that he  . has removed his stock of Goods consist!u������ of Gko-  tJBRras, &c, from Wharf street to the Brick Building  en Yates street, adjoining Cowner'3 Boot Store, oppo-  gite Wells, Fargo & Co. k  He will sell his Goods by Wholesale, at tha lowest  tatds, for cash, l.s  THE UNDERSIGNED* IS-NOW PREPARED TO  afford every accommodation to the travelling public, and hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a.share of the patronage bestowed on the former  proprietors. This is one of the most comfortable and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  warm and well furnished bed rooms with g-ood beds.  The TABLE is supplied with every delicacy it is possible to procure in the upper country. Tho BAR is  stocked with the best of Liquors, and the choicest  Cigars.  m* MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. -������81  The stabling for Horses is all that could ho desired,  and the charges are very moderate. Hay for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at tho cheapest market  rates.      .  The undersigned has a large quantity of OAT HAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  BOSTON   BAK  International   Hotel.  rPHIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE is now open for tra  X vellers.   Tho Table -is supplied as formerly witli  tho best the market u(lords, and tho Cooking cannot  be excelled.     The Bar i.<= Stocked with tho finest Li  quors and C������aars.   GO00 BEDS,  ���������  WILLIAM CHARTERS    .  l's Proprietor.  1-s  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  BLUE   TENT,  .   ��������� OPv ���������  127   MILE   HOUSE.  HE UNDEDSIGNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  dosirnble property, is now Preprtrod to ricc-fnmno-  date the travel 1 iug public. The table is supplied with  tbe very best ol viands. The bedrooms and beds aro  as comfortable as could be desired, and the BAR contains nothing hut the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock of Grain and Hay always ocha.nd  Srd lUy, 1867. 3     ' Vf. WRIGHT.  The  Bonaparte House,  OEMLEN & PARICE, Proprietors, at the  U Junction of th* Cariboo and Big Bund Roads, js  now open for theaceommodatioji of the public. Distance from Clinton, 2C miles; from SavanasSteamboat  L'ln d i ng, 22 mil es; from Spci i ce\s R ri dg* y IJO miles.  Travellers will find prices and accommodations to suit  tlie ti! nes, G i ve them a ca 13.  attentive hostlers.  yale,  and Cariboo  "WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  and Engraver, Government street, next  to the St. "Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. L  Ei  T?   MALLANDAINE, COLLECTOR AND - GENBKAli  .ft. AGENT, Government Street, Victoria, V. L^  T\AIL,Y and WEEKLY "BRITISH C0>p^  V and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for man  ing either the Daily or Weekly issues of the ahovq u������  any part of Europe, the United States, Canada, Ausi"-  Un, &c, left at this ofTloo or sent to Victojia wiu������������  ai t ended to. Tkrms in tu 1 va nca Weekit, 1 *���������v-  with Postage, $7 50 ; Omos. do., $4 75. D.UJ.T,  mm do., $23 ; 6mos do., $12 SO.  OUR   COFFEE.  u  Stab I in g, Ha y k 0 rai n;  Stages leave here regularly for  1-s  111 MILE HOUSE.  AGE IS NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  r]pHIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELT, FITTED UP  X for the comfort of travelers; the Table in supplied  w i th th e i) est of eve ry th i ng 111 at ca n be \, roc it rd, an d  the cooking is not inferior to an v on the road; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Rarlev and Oats.  JBSjT Tho. trail to Cedar and Horse-Fly Creeks leaves  the V/agcn Road at this piacs.  ^ Wm, HENDERSON.  WE   ARE   FORWARDING   A  FIRST CLASS ARTICLE TO CARIBOO,  twenty-firo pou*da  wilson k ������roim������*j. .  Fort street, Victoria.  Packed In Tins of from two to  each.  1-8  THOS. WILSON &  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADlZ^  Wholesale and Retail,  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria.  1-s  A. W. PIPER,  C 0 N F BCTIONFjR,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.    ^  PAKDIES of every description manufaoturo  \J sold, "Wholesale and Retail.  a ad  ��������� S


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