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The Cariboo Sentinel 1872-08-17

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 m  mm  '"   ^   ill  i'UPE   B  ; ;{!������������������   jB  * ������������������- ���������������������������     Bit'  .;- I  ���������  ���������  ���������^J  ���������rr*zrzz*^^..~'^yxyuu\yy.iUvyx^y)   :flZ ,y, ~.,3~rr~*::~~^ r^ oT^n^^nr^ .; :���������.-.'"-"."' :r"-'   -~-"h^-r*������������������  T#^;^  ������U^I?fe%  Published every Satttrdaj4 by       ���������>  Qjibscriptioxu. r������ ^  SOlCefitsfper^eeik^ ?  ^V\������ |v^->J?-   ; \^;1:&.:,# y Ji"U y-X^ V^#-;ii^v,~ <���������>  |-1 f B.|M^6^"n^&isa^S ������1115 Vf  :Fornna square (one inch)* first insertion, ������������������3  ���������; x "JS't^^tcg v *y if jT]i0B^9JltllA^,i' ^ '"*4*f  ���������tforl^o's^Mes, flrstinMtioJif^. Zy'&&?<&**  .-:.' ������������������ill >    ,*���������/'; one month, ������������������"*;".-: ���������-��������� ���������' ������������������;-$.  ���������'Agents for the ** "Cariboo Sentinel."  ;Quesn5^pout^,,|;Cf:  Clinton ���������'   -      -      ���������  Yale,      -    .-".-.  Kalw Westminster;/  "Victoria,  - A-     ���������  I.. P. Fishery  -;,-   .."  Eeanyjc Co., ^ .'���������'���������-   .....  %������ir^t,Mf1w  ;' M^O fits'Trr-'-'  In U -X. ^ Barn a rd' siKx^res^-  ' "'"' ^Ir^amar'd^sjExpres^  Barn  ido  Jo  MriWebster;  .:   ' -      .      San Francisco  r ;���������'"-���������. '���������"-.    |,San Francisco  i V,ijSO .Cornbill | LondonrrEiO.  $^'���������S;I������^^������ :-������ -.-'K y  tf'y^.^V:  TH lif C^ItlBGOISENTINEIi  Cards, Circiilarav Posters and Programmes for*  :.   -.'.-���������  ��������� . yyiy'-���������' yy     -������������������   &%' *x y.yi *yy  Ballfta-ud^beat;rical Eutdrtaihments^ {*  /aMSxecute Awith n ea tn ess and dispatch^^^  -X', -, .������\i������wZSerm%:raodenito^H.,, ^- ���������,. r v* -^  ^;;i3>fiio������ H^dtUMB ji|y3KGnSusEN.  {^q B C^Gn AJRT.0TJfi!3 ,,IsMK?3^-i  of*- Disco ve r V ^an*<*PAHve n ftiW'-i ri'  A^arraliv.e  :^^oift|  ���������Tdcific., **tty^^iFraaciB^Poo"(e., C.%    <* 1 ^  Tliel aifthor*1 lias sen tw-a- co^ydf thfs Ihe  most fex traorjlinpjrjb;0ok ^!iiAU jiasjem aaat^d  ^oirt ^tlA prSss siQcl^lbe *f ravels ofkC������p?t/iG������lf  tigSpandf :knS'a lohg SpaDish^knife in: my  ���������leftynyEnlleJd"being shing^over my shoulder.  7WheJr|the������|������re ^i||'������ $$9M������$$&& .of M*a  I again urged thea to retire at the, peril. of  Ibeie^fef^ {S^^ejdfd-'���������tp^^^^^^i  twwtlf'MraMjS'^^ riot fa>'  be taken  by duplicity, hoover. 4 Seeing  *&tiftSta^  and would bave fired had I not been too .qittkli-  for hiii?.r^ -WUlla de^^f oan|ie^iopped^  tie eattfiV;3n"an insta^  upoame; and another of ^^pp^i^hsmn^  emptied bis barrel withoutetfecf^mluibimt  spring at least three leet \ritp the air before  sending him to^e "happy hunting ground.^  iMschargiaft^lre|olver������once^ore:; but,  ard?s Express, alas, it Kdret^./.^V.hfire^  <AmUlumy'ii itrustySdld fwenMlin^m^ttft^^I  myself ar best I could with my long knife,  uritiUbeginning to feel fainj,^ turned, dived  inWthe:se'avactl,.swam <-to ' our 'canoe,.-'into  which I was dragged in a very exhausted,  :;cmfiltioto^ i V &%lg; ���������'������J': llf^lf  The above is a; fair sample ^df^hOv^ofe;  ...'���������';    ������������������.- '     ���������   ���������-���������    ;, ...'������������������'���������>.*��������� y^y^mn'y..y y *'%y-x'U  which has attained an imm|nslTBaIe iTJTtEng-  larid���������so fond are the English people of being  hUMU^ged^f^ic to uiajColonis t.  ATfeYBlGlil^  ���������:HTp?:M'.'  u-^r  Z: In *R&^Byron-Johnsohulworfcr'on^ British  Coliimbii^ entitled.^  bev tells a \eiriking sI:dry ol^a noitier who etd-{  plpyedafmanjtb let; him clowaith^shafli^and  in;^Btrikibg%aijas^;t|{e^lQug^  ye,in,.8aw tlie, face j.Qt:.'{ his /assistant ^glaring  do wh^. on f fi im*'' ^wi tff a dWh^d li^ly Xo 6 ^--ri  *l Jeai;;^ul;^mei{ up, Sy ill'; iyer#;; !snouted: She  miner^but^tbej'pnlj;reply^wM a'quiet f JVe!!!  liy^-q������t!iojAdy^  Mtow;s {purpc^  ���������y. the -wildest;statements about Indian life in the  --iil'roTi.h'ee'tSkf ;iini^^ moat ferfcilo  imaginajion; to inVjent^-fpr^ iayentiooBj tbey  ire pT.tfie'mo^iHgemoui.'cnaracter Mr Poole  will be remembered by the shareholders of  the:;: iU^fate^ {SJiide^te ^Bay iGopper Mioing  Company as th,e Manager 6f,their ;works for  several fn6nthsi(ho says; two years). Under  his man^|e^ht;;the";GoraJ^y wll)"bejglad lo  know; that the^mirie on Burnaby Islaad \* pros-  ^ed^~a^tbough wej lieKevie:She boo^oti^  , yeysthe first jnjtimation they bave had of the  facWbutttbi mWnlutiaied, JBd ^ttil Inutans  " were troublesome, and tho mine was finally  bis book wi th? the object' 6f-creatiug a-":sensa-  tion : in the mindsMif^mtra^Mled Englishmen,  He.degQri^es th^ InJWtrj^es.of ^uecn Char?  T5������8%Ian2Pa#CSi������'S^  vogabonds on the,?Fa'cluc ooast; with whom  bw^orkm^ lalllng Jnto  ^rpuble,;froW whicli;;they^ere ^^ only rescued  % -t*h{e^ iWr of -.the ���������MWo^iwh'b j' according to  hm;own ^.count,. Ia^psUlrcly dauntless arid  ���������jnvinctblej"audialways.reaches toe scene of  ���������action with arras in both hands at the verv  Mick r6f la hietb rprey.ent^UIpy)dshed.:'" dne 'en^  .graving ^oyrk th^gallant gentleman, with a  irevolver wi each hand, sarronnded by about  $60 savages^ jeachi armed with* an ^eiiormous  knifed;"Another body1 "of: Indihtrij'eiiuilariyj  ;JRr^;.Jia^  15 in number j in ihmr log house ; -.y^-^NoirJ  y?\tti ;iiis; twp: revolvers, defeats the whole;  tribe and rescues his- {men- withoutrfiring a  single shpt^i:Ilis; Indians a^waysihave Uieirj  IjauIi- fiitfnding^pn*.end���������from"ieafj{perhaps,.  'On ariotoe^ occasiob tlie author ���������showed that  he.can %ht.ns^ He was ou  %is?wny ^'yi^lorf^^  Island by the%'siiib'^ landed on1  ^^l&d' w-hen m ������dm ^be-^iyx^liiml  MISGEtJE'ANEOUSi*  :'':'H(Sf EI^rmTAUI^^  ���������fi'i<  ifr^#  y i  nlU  \ i"'    ��������� y ������������������ .'���������������������������    " ;" ... ."'  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X   WiiUUth Creek,,or^eliv^ it^d-ordcr^ ^ ������*      '  to dieiand theumake tlie mos^pf tho pinrMerff  and It .was{^i^ip;tbatt^  bim ho iinish hinl with a revolver^ if* nnirder  was his ebd.: {Atr lasli[tliel;pr^p^{bet||qught  himself *of thenpuinp' asVmeans bf escape,  andi4������Stnff his pici^hrpiigh^heybel tjnto.ithe  timbers^; hetmaoaged'to climb up by theet^  vato wMnd :&aob!t&$ to pJ AJgroupofe4ioys*?  wer������ soon gaihered4p ipecxito the jusilce bf  Judge Lynch.,,andfjth^  and captured!  cabi#on-^aclrp^01n% mastery fi*n*  showed the bpya{thei belt Ifiiilened to the foot  o' the shaft, anrtbpmani^ it. {So  we tuck bim off inter tfe woods, and found a  limb pn a^aprpcejree -tjja.t looked con veQien,t.  reatf a chap ter b a% 6J the ?H ttle ^Biblo in ft he  cabin to him (he hadn't taken that, you bet!)  an" sen t, bim off ri %o v ji U ������ long stecko n ing.. I  guess there was a heavy balance agin' him."  ���������^Victoria Colonist.  .*������jp���������������";���������,��������������������������� ��������� '���������"������ <f "'���������_' jf������Ti���������  '' j���������'���������*:; |,',juii_a���������,-iX\wsx  '������������������i!  ^E^BISR ^L|VE^D  CREEk.; "Vi ., ;.V;-*^-^,:-VJ,;vf;U l'V..V������ Iw,  Having a Plaaing2*irachitt<s !iaopcraiipai; tifaey * will  alsoiurcish'^" -yU  *<'������-' u^\-..y}y -^ yy-y^'y ���������  m'.',t*i!.**���������'  5,  ii'ni- v?n>,  'ffeil  *"5  ���������n;  f.v,-{  i,-!K--  ^SlS^^^syiryJIBfel  JJ;-.Jh  EL **  ;?>J--|.,  '-/i������������i  ��������� ? Xfti>0.1 : *m|1-j- T������ /I i;s'-- (yOHi.r>",.f:t?,?**:':tn*������ '���������*"������������������������*���������*' r-r "'i*'.*���������>'4 -'���������  Bfg fo, Inform their friends and.'ibp%wi.b:Iicthfet tbey  havoitaUefc tniis W������lt*kfio<wif; preifllMai'in .'"Bajkemll*.Jj.  so.:fc������ij fi'a.Ylcra'oi^,. paironi������edvwh|ie in^lifi^u^atloa \\  hl%i tilCoRio.  . .^V"', ' .'? '*'^'".y*,r'' ��������� ''X'lXx. 1! ' ������������������  '{tow fi/ \;-^'  .f;^:!.  wniTji'mahihUiSfidfai'd'-sb^  |iUlin^itspbrHyjahd"������,* ^>y;t > *:*;j ? ;,.4ii^ ; ,(?������,:"��������� j:'j  f Ij y -' :���������'. 'ryXXyXy y XXX. ly x Xy XX"}X  O-i'-.'-UyHli-^^y  \Ml*������?*< -A'^ U XX: .���������   XX'-' ��������� ^-^- "'?��������� *~'>v *"f^^ !W: r -'UfiTT'T'i |v^">/'  ������4tJS  ^he;ii||i^i^|iisiii^^  II.!  ux  will b,o Tal wa fs : ca're full y ijattcn dcdi- 'to', an cl -th e b est i  IBeds^acclyaccon^nodatien . -proriUjBd^for^tb^ir ^cm^  touiersi������������������-"-��������� S'-v.iv:-';L':' ,"u;i^^v. ->-^^^: aelS"v'  r^,?!t^.M y ffy>f{   ^y^.Vv-t = ^^y "-'.^/^ 'UyUy^^  ...*t''i  ���������i.y^  at Eatisfactqry rates.  sellr.  -1  waj1  viiff ^ i v':-'^* y ���������;.���������;������������������;;V-. ^ rfi'.-'.. ;��������������������������������������������� <"t7  S HEREBY G-tyfef^ "THAT.''TH'���������STOCK  L .. Voote ol* tii .>������������������; Oriii i-(l:i ���������. -.Paci lie- fi lii w j y Com p-u; v  will Uc opoiiod (n th^Fi^t;(Uiy'of A:i;;;;;:L a^Ar(iSV^)  hi Lhe'froviivccdf Urlli-sJ] C.JtiiviiH'.?. fc-t u'il,-:, in ������h������ii  Ciiy of VictcriA, in tii s' humid of WiiluuC, Waiid,  ��������� ^in^iPBj^������iof^y:.T;:  ' -;: ",T3ArtK������RvfiLLe;; v  xmwwmAM  y-kiyXu}. ���������  ���������)-���������*  A y -fa iaJjway^������ui>|tl|e(l ^i th ?iho l,h Cfi^^pf ^fery thing,.  thai 'can be procured in Carihobr    %.   V    i ' *'- T;  f^i*:"5Jl||^^;S!^^  BiTi^yM^yyZ'lXi's'  (jroceries.4^r������|i||o^  Sji.;y.{  IX^^G'TO'JKD^  ������,ii mi Ft A --n:-ii-ui)fi  til  tii  Above aaiuoi.  po  B., LISF, DC BELLEFEUIU.E,  ' Im ,y.K,...-,'.)    ���������    Sccratary.. ^  ^^^f'Jun^'187'i'  ju27fllfl'  Has cpm men ceil h or:-Weelily Tripsv j^avIhg  Quesnel on -IVIUNDAYS, ami Soda Creel*: on  -. {���������' '{'.:"{" -'FRIDAYS at daylight {,;{;" -   -'V,  . FASsioK;  ' ���������-,'::, '-  ��������� ���������*'- * ''';-:'V ^ '  ' ^xmoii'i:Z''Z'n C:Z". \J- centperM  fi*3*- Goo '1 s eon signed to i is from below  f^iv^r.^drlTfljo ot Oharge;- for ;Storage|br  UoiiiiuijssiouV *���������;     ��������� -'{' I "Z   "' ",v"{{'.'; y���������{{'"  i :xxsxy x uAmmM -^whkght.  Quesnel, May 2, imJ-* myllAm  V,M&������'iu  )w*  ���������*;"'};'  ��������� i;f%GiHiC^aeAi^^  ;.',.." .-.i ������������������'"���������       .. 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It'must be fresh in tho  Twpllaiilon ot every one. resident in- the Cari-  ���������elected by acclamation to reyresent the combined C^riboo-Lillooet; constituency, ip the  House or/Cdmrnori's"was defeated inia field of  tre^candidates, of. whom three Jhad to be  ���������O^ctei'yn tl^������^  Legislature.^/TbereIs HoVth'e'least' doubt If  ������Kdate tor;the Provincial Assembly in Vfie  H rn t i ns tan ce,; an cl ro ado" nb a t temp t to ob tai n  liiemioWJoo        'fbifttho"!^^  elected, and possibly, an din the estimation of  inail5*������.p{'"obabjy-jWouid have headed;thei^pl(.  Jn this instance the causb of -tbeidefeat^ was  evident to ..any one who would take the  trcub ley to UScertaic^ jiberfeeling;B of the. people  who composed the constituency. Tlie simple  factwas that the candidates,, were-all parson-:  ally well.known, though comparatiyely un:  tr|t������4.and io experienced in the political **repa,,  nn&tfieirtri^^^  nil a* far as possible a fair chance to achieve  ptil itieai ^distinction.;; Xfbe exi$ ten ce of {this  feel (ng had'theeffect bf' defeating one -whose  popularityand.ability.w.cjs Jb������fttb_UDqlies:;  t ioned; though the same causa rendered his  ^���������etnr^fcr ��������� t^e. Commons, a ^certainty,   And  ^*4ch;WUi inyarijobiy bo.tha rg^lj|in any con-  .? t ? tu ency: w h ere me re tha n th e req s j iaTio riii m-  ;her of candidates ;r are* running-arid there is  ���������not 'mack, difference in their popularity, except in the case of where the candidate claiming the. dfcublo..re4irQ4enfevi]onCis! UeyorfcJ a  -doubt the recognised exponent and representative of the viewsof the majority of the  <<yimtitiie,ncy on some subject of-engrossing  and pararacmnt interest to tbeipublic atlarge.  In such an event as this candidates' wli'o are  i<j*rit^ea'wltk^ prineiples  .may be elected to* represent a constituency in  hqih-Hou&efi, hut ftiiUogreucfcarcontingency,  in seeking theaUainmenTof^^mibtV'hono^  4hey would only expose themselves to the  Tisfe of golitioa) disaster and #*feat.   Such is  W ieagldc*? k Fsk-statement;of.���������:ih-rcase m.It  sow stands* and tn������ only question to be con*  ^!6>f������<S !s whether the adoption,of the ekial  representation system would-be more advab-  tageous-to this Province than its exclusion;  an d ^w������ must- adraItHhai^tb'e^.consi&'eralian of  tjjo subject is beset with diiHciiIties. .{Itis argued by tbe opponents of Ihe u dbal,/ system  tlfat it is impossible for a man, even it he Is  ia subtle end.versatile politician, to servo two  masters, mid it te broadly asserted, thai by- the  ���������<������iclusiop of that system a larger number of  people are educated in the Bcbool of political  ^cienco and government.   This/isvRo doubt,  to a certain extent true/but at the same time  tbe argument isfujl ot fallacy, for it Is just  QS^aby'1o*ervb two masters asitis to -"serve  one, provided the service is not required at  one and;tliei sameitipiej^ndon this simple  point hinges a{great part of the question at  3sRite.{^|fie"Local LegislatiitN? met at-lucb a  -time as nofcin any way{ to conflict with the  flssetingof the House of Commons, tbcreis  no pantmount re88on{:Wi>7 any ^gentleraan,  finch as Mr DeCosnios, for instance, who has  1 ei.su re limo jorrijjliia haqds {and^bose) profes-  wbuld rather put lip   with  the.' somewhat  problematical evils eiipppsed to arise from  the Bystem of dual represeuiatibn than de-  pri^re themgelvcs even partially of the ser-  vibesof a member who may in some respects  b$ particularly and peculiarly the representative- of their views.  {Again, lookinjg.at the  two Houses ns two tliffdrent schools where  ambitipusj ndjyiduals are tp_ be educated in  politicnrscience, it does spem to ii's~not at all  tho provancef.d.f - Cho, public to educate, their  .?6Rr������8entatwesf nor can we see why such a j  t^ing should be deemed necessary* .Surely in  *hy.:c.otmtry peopled: witbr' the Anglo^axon  racer where free institutions and responsible  ^government prevail, gentlemen of jufllclent  abiUty:^ add* knbwl^dgei will^^^always>be found  to carry on the Government without neces-  wirily disenabling the members from sitting  ih both EouseSp   The wbole .question seems  'to us tp^oIaimasV; ^^  ^enience and expediency.   In one sense it  wonld peem rather   hard   that   the  public  sbonld be jleprived^f conferring ihe donbl.e  DOho? -perhaps on some favorite7 br unques-  tioned and unequalled ability when  there  would be no conflict either as to time or duty.  In the eyepfpf. |������e; sy$tW of'dual representation being continued, the only persona; who  oould bo virtual ly exel u ded from a va.f II n g  fheni8eivee of������ajpriviljege whicb might otherwise be conferred upon them would probably  be the ^Cabinet Minis ters,_wUose duties it  mjghVb������ini|>^9ib1^ fo:r ^uWrdliS^<������;'^bcperf  form in.a;satisfaciory manner during, their  absence.; Ab regards tbis/Froyince;'!';'jeetns  evident to us that if thei'time at; which the two  Ilouses meet conflicts; the sooner dual repre-  Bentfttiotii is abolished the better; but if that  inconvenience can be ^avoided, we see{ no  reason why constituencies should bo debarred  jfrom conferring thojouble distinction on any  otWmitnJ'f ihey should see ftt^to-do AtzZz.  *f   r-       ..<������*������������������������>' :  NEW ADVBRTISEMF.NTS  NOTICE.  l:  ..*������������������   .   ��������� '��������� i-..-���������  i \ i -���������: \J i-\ y~. iXi  BEIWa   ABOUT  THE, UNDERSIGNED  to close, husin^g,  requests that,aJL'parMcs; in-  'debted to him I������y X.t=>s or Book Accounts will mako'  .;'::;;:;IM^EDIAT^r'PA^E:Nf,Fr:i:.  of tho samo.  E MANETTA.  ��������� Barkcrvillo.rAagas t .47,- 1872.-  ��������� ��������� ; -��������� aulT  IN THE COUNTY COURT OF BHITISH  COLUMBIA, holden ot Richfield.  in re.SiwJiiL.WALKER. ��������� ���������....a -..'. .  Notice Is hereby friven tbat the first meetlDg.Of  [Creditors of Samuel Walker, of Barkcrville, who tins  been adjudged Bankrupt, having bcon held before  ith<* Judge of the above Court on Thursday, tbe 8th  iday ������f .* August"lasl^tliCTourtlias appointed a public  5ittib"^'to-be "held oit*the-,'Jlst'day or August instant,  at th* Court House, Kichtield, at 11 o'clock in tbe  forenoon, for tbe said Hutikrupt to pass bis last examination.  Dated thla ISth August, AD. 1872.  \ a&b JOSICPK PARK,  aulT.   Couatel fbr. tbo e^iid Petitionor.  vxrs  MyWlUMOT,  .THE PIONKER EXPRESSMAN, ..%,  W'llll/^BUN; A ipAILY STAOE EXPRESS  Iroin Barkerville to Lightning Creek and back,  leaving Hark<.*rvillo every morning and returning tho  same day.  The greatest attention paid to the comfort of Pas-  seug&rjaand4-be,careofICreiglTt.    .    ,'--.,    ��������� ,.; .  WHEREAS^ A^FiETITIO^iFO:^^  .-Cft lion. olt.;Bankr|iptcy ;#>eariugj da to the i lbtlij  day of. Jtinej 18T2;i ltatliyboen. Uulv filed  against  JOSEPH-FOOTED ttlXO^;^  ���������PH'ty Mitlej Hqase, -Wllooe^Alexajidria'-Wagbn;Road,���������"  in the ProVincejbr'British{Columbia,"Tracer; and>hai  hav'mg������beehi declared a������Bankr\ipt|is hereby* required  to surrenderJiimselfvjto jJia-|Honbr?.,Chief;, Justice;  Begtiie, sitting in Bankruptcy;;on-thei2kt day of, S^pr  toiubcr nexfcii at Tcnlo'cJock intho fdrehooh-precisely^  and ou the^l$tli;da;ylo^^p^mbisrifpr  o'clock iuiii;:t-hpi ^re'no^jj/; precisely  MOUTH, and: imalce;a lufl iaiscov|e'ry-1  his estate;ajxd; enect^ wh^^ credit  aro to'come tb"Jprove their "tlebts-��������� and. lait "the{first  sitiing to>chioose Assignees;18Bd:authe;last Bitting.tlie  W^b'.yilr,yy  'AV'iNO-;' PXJRCHA,SEri   THE ,r ABORTS  uKbfcl from"Mr'^JllJ. Itbbe'rt'Ron,"bV'gsi to" Inform  any oi, ;us:&nt!Cts;������ar.e.not top;  same b ut to {Cl������aa.{ & Toolej, the O/flci a I Assignee,  whom tbesOo������ft has appointfedr   J"    ������; Js<y^;  y :������������������;   ~: lXT'^ie^*i'V^":Ti:^  . ,,'   ^ ''';.-.-',;.:.        i^^ ;i ���������j'jOfllcialiAssignee. ;,  1 Victor^/ 13th" Augusit, 1872;--' -l - * ' ��������� - -   aul7'Ira ,v  17V.  Re ADAM PrHEFLEY, deceasedi  Will ^s^naf beiurnishe������ wu"h{tha beti U������{ MarkH  afforda.'  U:;.  Is jrcjl; Btocke'di|wHh Splrlt*i 1 Ales;{%ino8 ind'Cigari.i  'r'.y.-i<".{ ������* ��������� ���������," ''"tf'!i'Y  ty,h- j. ��������� ������5 * >)������������������������������������     '.'. '' ';T,:.>^>S\ y>y,..ta *������������������������������������������������������.  XzMX  AreHcom%tab.!y ..nirnMbed^^and avlarge additloa I*  ibbnuinber oi'i'odin^'is now liieiug made.':      " *-; >:i  ���������nyrpiyy ^^x^^aylyyxM *yXuiti y^ri  EXPRESS ENVELOPES, 12ia. EACH,  May bii had at 'tho Brewrry, Barfcprvino ;  bard's and Henry Morgan's, Van winkle ; j  McDermoit, Stanley.  at Und-  and of B.  aulT  *ion is politics, or whose ambition may be  .poh ttcal <l ts tin ctio n, 8 bou 1A be^eicht dei fro m  r^greseniia^, hjs eona;QtuencyAn both Houses,  provided the tree and independent elecfeora  >Of������lbe dw^ict' clip ose -tp eonfor apoc him Xfet \  '**"   ^        *'   'fec^.' aiBffy"cofilfitue^(^������|  Dissolution of Partnership  NOTICK^IS   HEREBY   GIVEN   THAT  ^���������the'Paftnersbip heretofore existing between.tho  undersigned as TJlacksuiUbs has this day been dis-  solved by mutual consent.-;.-~     .���������-���������-���������>-       , - ���������-  All accounts due to the Firm must be paid on or  before the 15th September next to W B. Cameron/  or legal,proceedings will be instituted for thek';i������hov>  erysiuXXyy-y'-i   i       '  yXU'uu -yy.-.-- XXX ������������������ -  W. B. CAMERONv  '���������-��������� "    JAMES AMM.  - Barkerville, August6. 1872,      \ yV-  Are tho,best in.the upper,country,- land, will alwayj  h(v'wVl:l Supplied wltlr^y'andi���������raln;{\{^\ .,   ju^V  Ai the rate MrHetley'sFarm;'  ,..is.;.-?  Vfcflfri  The above lwisiness wilLin future ;bo carried-on by  "W. B. CAMfiiUW in his.own name, who will keep  constantly on hand a largo supply of all kinds of  All kinds of  ������^flHctiofi.    "ha  terms,  a^Um^y^ y y���������  Horses, Young Stock,  Crops, &a  At the flame time, by order of the Court,  will be sold the intereafcx>l Mrildieyin the  Farm aud Lands occupied by him.     ,-. ������������������;���������;..':,. ���������  JQEN SAUL,     ]  A OGURT Oi^HEVISION will be boldly >h������  jtX Registrar 'of Voters at tbo i unilerm������entidne<i  places- in. the respective Polling,Divisions, of vth* .Cariboo District on' the days herein publishcdj vli.'f"  .T LIGHTNING CREKK^-At Mr Xmcmanl's galoort,  on Saturday, K)th August, at half-past Eloviu*.  ���������-..    ftfiU.:.    .-y.Vy.v {;.'���������. ,.-'  ..-iu.-: ���������'��������� .���������;   ���������.���������:���������:V/.' X:'X 'X'  vTiLLlAKS LAX"ffi--At. afr A. Sv Batea', on Tuesday, 13th August", at One, p: in/ '    '  3. QUESNELAIOLTH^-At Mr Barlow's Store, on FfI-  ; day, 10th:August, on arrival of tho steamer,   V  4. BARKBRVilLIiE���������At' Rlcliflehi  Court House,: on  Monday, thC/lOth August, at Eleyen, a, m, ���������,...,.  ������ KEITHLEY CRBEK���������At; Mr. Smith's Store, Har-  vcy Crue'k, un Wonday, 26th iAugust, at Twelve  o'clock,-noon. ' ���������:, .": :-   t ��������� ; '������������������  H. W. BALL,  Registrar of Cariboo District.  Eichfield,; July 10th, 1872; Ju2Q4t.  m  SUUyEYS AND PLANS BXBCUTJJD ,  Oh reasonable terms.    !        u  m* Ordera left at Mr Kelly?s, Barkeryjjj������  will t^ attend^ to! '"."    y^._   wtf$������i:.  HBl1'  mm  M  I  ii I'I'  THE CMIBOO SEmKEL  'Bi  .������*.  SATDRDA YyAUGUST 17. 187!  .'; yx- :xj 1 (BIRTH;-  Z'Z'ZZx  At Lake la Hache, on tbe 5th of August,  the wife of Mr Patrick Gannon, of a son.  ,.     DIED. .;xi-:   At Summerstowav Glengarry^on Wednesday, 12tb J une,\1.872, of, consumption. Robert,  fifth sori of theVlate i David Summers, Esq.,  e-geAtyyetit**   y "}\ ;���������   Zy'^P^'  "  MINING tSTBELIGBMBE,  WlCJCUMStCKBEK;  The Cornish ;V(co.; finished washing up on  Monday last, haying washed.iipJ5 oz. on that  ���������day.S This company is now" wail irtg for water  to commence ''piping.^Thei McLaughlin 1 co.  washed up^^11 02. last Saturday, and are also  waking for water.r^Tbe Fluine' col washed up  70 ok. last week:--Tfie'Ca'sicet bo'; continues  washtn g up from 5 to Coz. daily, .two men  working.���������The Bradley-Nicholson washed up  42 oz. kast-weelp; they -bad 15J oi. from two  pans df dirt.���������The;W>11 Mary;Anue co. took  out 180 oz. for the week ending on 'Sunday  last.���������The Ballarat co. washed Up upwards of  <I0 oz. last week. Tbe Forest.Rose co. are  unable to workvtOradvan4age,m  of the scarcifylbf water.''%e Cariboo;co. paid  expenses last week. yylxuu  8T OCT gulch. ���������; ';C!  Tne "Stout gulch co;%asbed up 37 oz^last'  week./ :i:  ^..iVixii   v'Li  X^f^\y.X.y  ' ���������'     coxkun'gclcu.        Z'-'yZd  The Ericson co. ba^ve ^oranleled^ their  n������l fromByillmins!cfei^ afJdlwUt'be^t  in the, diggings next week.  OMINECA NEWS.  Mr W. F. Herre arrived on Wednesday  evening, the 14th inst., from Omineca, being  il days on"tbe road,������������������ having been- compelled  to lay over nine days at Fort St. James, Stewart's Lake, by illnese. Mr Herre came down  in one of tbo Hudson Bay Company's boats  tb the mouth of Quesnel. arriving at the latter  place on Saturday, tbe 10th inst.  * The trail to Stewards lake was much, encumbered 7 .with' 1 fallen timber���������sonte'fia! (f-  d ozeh men rep ai ri ng i ti At t he tim e Mr H er-  re left business was dull and matters looked  rather gloomy, but there/was a good chance  of the mines turning out all right. Provisions  and goods of all descriptions were cheap,  there being much opposition In trade."Freight  from Quesnel had varied from 10c to 20c���������  Theterwere about 600 men in the.:whole.district"-''Smith ������& Sterling, Girod & Guicbon,  Graham, and Jos. Cohen, are all doing a fair  business.;,. Besides these there, are. about .15  oibej* tradera established*{in ihejinines,{who  are all doing mora or less business. In general the miners are doing well, and any one  with energy, arid who will, work, has a good  chance of making money.' The daily returns  from the mines average from S4 and $5 to  $G0, $80 and- SlQOto the Band. vTlw  ness of the mining 'season and (he previous  high price of provisions have been ihe principal "obstructions which miners have; had to;  conten A * wit h. "Th is is al i the more; felt'as ifo  deep diggings, except those on Lost creek,  have yet been discovered.. OriMaoson creek  fewer rich claims have been discovered than  on its tributaries. Black Jack gulch, Slate  creek and Lost creek. . On.. y - ��������� ,^ ".������������������ *',   . :���������  fun-  work  MKAtfOWsV  BLiCK JACK GUf.CU ���������  Neil Cameron. John J. While & Co*  are  making from $30 to $50 per day.   R, iHainil-  ton and ��������� Emery and othersbave made, the  same in the 'Selaim immediately below^ana  Tho Laoe.A Kurt^cOvbaW:be������n repairing are now leaving for home satisfied'wiin what  the boiler o^the engine, and a;������e now making |:tl)ey Dave made.   Above these claims J. Ah-  a chamber round the shaft at the place where ;bott ftn(1 ft'Lynch are not doiogso; well but  the bedrock is llrst.struck, some 90 feet from  \ho> plat form. By this means the water from  tlie surface to the bedrock; will be caught be-  t < ��������� re it. can ' descend Hot be> b dtJtotnot* the- shaft;  and thus tlie work of puniptngjt;wili be con-  mdtu'Mbiy .lessened. V.r      -: -  v .*���������": v "���������' t*.7fFttBxca^aKEK;;'-' u X yXZ-y 'X!  ��������� - '.    - 'f-<'. i ��������� *��������� ���������   <. i>..'..'   '.��������� ���������   ..������������������������������������  The Arribhitje cb. find the strata* rising and  the 'j.riii 'cations' of bed rock more favorable;���������  A new cVmipanyjias taken up the , old North  American ground.    '    'l"X ".  The Discovery co. is obtaining, small pay*  *n 1! ;the Two Sisters ;is putting in elevators  and will, be at work in the diggings next  week. "'���������-������������������ '":'j'.--..���������/.��������� -xx:'���������.. :-.-: ;-���������  . :The Point;co. is.payiugexpenses, but can-  not;work to ady^ntage; no water to work  irmciiinery properly. For. the same reason  ������l he Van wi 11 k 10 co. has been drow tied ont.���������  Th������* Vancouver co..pump is on the way up,  and the, Victoria co. one is being cast in Victoria, as is also"tin* caiie.with tbe ono for the  Eleven of England. TlieCtark co. are again  in the diggings; which are looking favorable.  Tbe Gladstone expect to be at work in the  diggings in ahotber week. The Water Lily  haye.commericed work. The Eleven rf Eogr  land co. are running a small drive ahead to  drain the water from the face.'The dirt taken  out from the drain pays expenses. The Light-  mug co. washed up between SO and 40 oz.  last week, aud the South'Wales co. 47 oz.  tf ARVIB^ CRBKK;  The Perseverance.00V have'completed their  flame, and have been -fixing up dump-box,  fiump-house, &e. * Ave a1)out to commence  washing the Sirt.���������The New{Dominion co. are  down with iheir BhaffcaboDt^Sfeet, and have  not as yet struck bedrock,which they daily  ���������expect 16 find.���������The Manitoba co. are driving  ahead, find prospects, and' have commenced  to wash.���������-The Cummings co. have completed  their shaft, and are preparing to drift out.���������  The Minnehaha co. washed up 136 oz. tbe  week before last, 70.oz. last week, and 35 oz.  on Monday for one 8bift.r-The Foster co. are  building machinery and preparing to sink.  are taking out pay.   Below these  several companies taking out pay.  there  Ou  are  MAXSOX CKKKK  The  Weather.���������The weather for  some  -weeks past has been exceedingly dry, though  not on the whole too warm.   The effect has  been in some respects rather disagreeable, for  ,most of the springs ia the neighborhood of  Barkerville have dried up, and water has be-  .-como a scarce article.   Fires hav-e also been  ragiug in the. neighboring mountains.    In  fact, everything is favorable to the destructive  ^progress of a conflagration.   Under these circumstances it woald be well if every one  '<w������re a liltle more circumspect than usual in  regard to fire, in order that any such calamity  ������������������*������' that which^dcfla^id..']l^;A*or j*ears sigp  ���������..^duM'be'avoi.deii.v;...',. {.,V:.,.V ...'{���������:. ���������������������������  the Discovery.Flat is not turning, out as well  as expected, with the exception of Peterson's  claim, which pays yeryirich, R. Clark, Chaa.  Jones, Mose Barber i and {in any other Cariboo-  it������f8, are working on this flat. James Orr.  who is working in the .immediate vicinity, is  obtaining good prospects.v" Two miles below  Howelltown Harper, Tom McDougail, and  seven or eight more men working in two companies are obtaining good pay-r-from $12 to  $15 and $20 a day to the hand.  V.' 03: xZ: ^*L09T .CRICEK,: Z      x .": . Z.  is considered the richest in thc district. Tho  Discovery* co, (coosislinir of James Carson,  George Fairbrother, Griffiths, aud four or five  other Caribooltes) is considered to be the best  claim in Omineca. The shaft is between 60  and -70 feet deep, and - the company is taking  out big pay. Above the Discovery, .Joe Irvine. Williscratt, Ward arid others have made  money, but they are now afraid that the pay  is running out."*PhiUip Starr and partners  are located below the Discovery, and consider  their claims good.   On.;'-.  SI*ATE CHEEK,  between Germansen and Manson creeks, the  best pay baa been found on the banks 12 on  15 feet high, ranging from $8 to $60 and $80  per day to the hand. The population of these  creeks, so far as mentioned, may be rated at  from 400.to 450 men,,.       .���������.   _ :   OEltMAXSKN*  CREEK.  This creek is very dull at present. Several  claims wUch paid well in spring have ceased  to pay since high water, l>i\t it is expected  they will again pay well in the fall. Doc.  Holloway, George Kenny, Jas:* Welch, Felix,  and many others well known here, are on this  creek, and have claims tbat are more or less  good. There are about 150 men on this creek.'  On the. whole the Cariboo men are doing  well, but curse and growl considerablyat the  roughness and hardness of tho climate and  country generally. Mr Herro had a good opportunity of judging of the country, having,  gone over it in every direction during the  present season, and it is his opinion tbat It  will yet turn out to be a rich mining camp.  MINING RECORDS.  ,      LAKE. GULCH.,.,       .,     /    ...  July 16���������Colorado coi-r-Recordedin favor  off V. Jfahetta,.. Sol0mou _i Cadman, llees; J;  Davis, Ed word. Blackwell, Jas. L. .McMillan,  FrankForrjst, Peter Sangster,-Rod.Mc.Lean,  John Robertson, and R.S.Brown, lOOO^t  of ground on the west baok of Lake gulch,  com men ci tig at the'lo^ver 1 i ne of tffe Ol A Do-  minion co. aad running down stream 1000 ft.^.  hill claims. ^To? be kiiowa aa the Colorado  company,;. iZi'ZZZ* '. ������������������''' ���������'" '"' ':X-Z.  July 17~Gbld Locket co.���������Recorded in  favor of Frank Petriri, Oliver Darpentigny,'  Frank Perez,- Charles' Vaillanconr,: Joseph  Senay; ..Thomas��������� Bell, A* Jacqttema\idj,a*ud A.  PendoIar8 hill claims on Lake gnlch*,ou weBt  bank of Burns creeky.commencing at Colorado co. and running down stream,��������� froib itberice^  800 feet to said creek, f To be known"������as > the  Gold Locket cb.  { July 22���������Watlable co-Recorded in favor- c*?.mMmorated ^^^^^fi^^  of S. Montgomery, John Blytbe, John. Topir  ano, Joseph Graham aud A. Glendinning,-6  hill claims fronting on* Lake^ gul ch' and ex^  tending back from thence to'Burns creek*;*  Sluice-Box Rodrerv.���������We regret to say  that a sluice-box robbery was perpetrated on-  Stout gulch in tbe Wintrip (Stout gulch Flume  co.) claim on last Thursday night. The robbery took place while the man at work was  at supper, between the hours of 12 p.m. and  1 o'clock a.m. One sluice-box was robbed,  but it is of course impossible to say of what  amount.   .    .,./;���������,... /  The Express will be here early tlils raoror  ing.. The. Rev. Mr Sail and wife, Mr F. Neu*  feUer? and ilr MarcuB Wolfe &r,e pa?aenger*,  fronting also the side lines of the " Discovery;  and Perkins co.' To be known as the Walla-;  biec'o.:. X'X "Z-'ZZ' 1 fyyuy^yyi  ;. July 22--Tini Whifller co.���������Recorded :in  favor of John Rustrick, 1 hill {claim on Lake  gulch, adjoining the upper line^of tJie-Walia-  bie eo., Irontiug;on the'Discoveiy -co*.' and ex-  teriditfg back to Burns creek. {To'be.kpown  as the Tim Whifller co.; (x'% '   >  * July 22���������Never Sweat co.���������Hecbrdedin  favor of James Mathers, Robt. Greig, George  Duff, Fred. Mills, Alex. Swan;and GeoiMur-  doch,six hill claims on Lake gulch, fronting  on the side line of tho Old Donilriion co.-and  adjoining the lower line of the Waliabie cd,  extending back to. Burns cr'eek^>T6 be known  as Hhe- Never SweaVcp;-*;': "v' *��������� % *��������� * ���������{" " ^ ������������������---���������-  ; -     . .. '%' '.'���������';. ..'       C-'��������� ;   J-      ���������'.- . .   T'.*'-"'  I ' .,    ��������� V. -    \ -;��������� -'ibRO PINO CREEK, '-"iii'. X"'. XX: ������������������/   .  July 19���������Recorded in favor of Ah Toong  and Ah Tchinn, 2 hill claims on>vight bank o(  creek,near an old cablnonsaidbreek."-' ' *������������������������������������  PETERS CREEK.   ..     .   T -lT  July 19���������Recorded in favor of TcbuvEing,  Wong Yu, Soon Ting, aud Ab Fook, 4 creek  claims; situate about 1000 feet tolowjunction  of Bassford creek'with said Peters creeks     *  {yy;-; yyy ^:Kel30kVcreek: !���������* "*; "���������"'. '$���������(.X.jl  jx\\y 20���������Recorded in favor of? S< Mont-  gpmery^ fe TopiaiioVand E.Sopran,isf 2 claims  of' 100 feet each, commencing 100 "feet above  tbe dam. - .y_.>.-<- ^.\. - --..wif-i- uyy-yl  . 1 Aug.- 6���������Recorded in favor1 of J. H. Ferry,  thill claim on Nelson creek ; re:record. :v .  '! LIGHTKINO CREEi:. '' ' ''"���������"'..  -. July 31���������turtle co.-^Reeorded in favor of  J. McAUster, W. F.'Anderson. John Peebles.  M. Sullivan, Lewis Kir.kpatrick,.F..NeufeJder,  S.Gninbaum, 1 interest each ;, tWniyKennie,  John Davis. G.Bickl^y, T. R.Pattullo, Joseph  Hunter,' J-of 1 interest each in$the'Mnrtle cp;,  consisting of 1200.feet, .lyir.c: between the  West of, England co/s lower.line and .up^er  line of International 66."    *     ?'"'   " ""' * Z;  *,  ���������  .. i." . > ������������������ .' :���������*���������   .'CUXNINOHAM coeex.; ;' ���������:. ' "    a   ; .  uyw .. * .��������� n. ���������;  .:���������-.- ���������.    ������������������:--. ' ������������������, v. ���������*���������* v-   ������������������ ������ -/  July 22���������Yick Cum co,���������Recorded in favor  of YickCnm, An Goon,. An Yon> and Ah  Chin, 4 bench claims situate about Jmile  above tbe canyon on "left side and above a  high'rock on said creek.          July 30���������Lord Dunerin co.���������Recorded in;  favor of A. McAlindeu. James Allen, Thomas)  McNeal, Sam: Pearce, Henry Woolcbc1c,H.;  Bowdcn, Edwin Holloway, G, Li Shepherd,  John Lumley. P. McCann, James Gillespie,  arid Robt. McWha. if-creek claims, commencing at upper line of Keel co. and running up  stream'1200 feet. "    :  CAT.IFORNTA  CREEK.  Augiifti' 6���������Water���������Recorded jo favor of  the All1 Fob co. leave to divert 50 inches of  water from a gulch flowing into California;  creek, situated about half a mile above said'  Ab Foo co.'s claims on California creek;  point of diversion at head of said gulch, four  or fivo miles from its mouth, water to be con-  veved to Ah Foo co.fs claims partly by a  ditch and partly by a natural course for  mining purposes only, and not for sale.���������  Granted by Gold Commissioner for 5 years,  subject to any existing rights on the gulch.  ISLAND MOUNTAIN.  -August 7��������� Wright-Lovelt "co.���������Recorded  in favor of Jas. G. Wright, the whole of the  1 600  , Chinese; CiibKB]UTio"x.--Y'esterday afternoon oor (Jan to if neighbors had agrand celebration, in rear of. the "Chinese. Restaurant in  tbejuppei port of Barkery ij)e^ An immense^  lot ott firecrackers were "set off" and;a col la-;  ion inJ.the.Bhape of rpa������(t nig and other Galea/  tial delicacies, was spreao in,- the; open iir.y  Di-urns were'b'eaten, gongs soilioded a^d cym* *  bals - .clashed, j gemi flu si 0 ns .and prosjtrat iona  Ad HbftuKi were1 indulged iri,.t.he air re^oimdedt  with discordant noise and was permeated with  tfi'e.sn^ell of sulphV^  The cause of all this excl femeh t was variously;^  scaled.:,1;Onegentlenjau stated.that; it .was,in*  honor off] the-' marriage' of; the;; Chinese Emperor, riewe-of .{which" had just arrived.: :^An-*\  other;; person Twasl informed l-that. it; ,wae ias  nino^o"? spme;<i{4i8jtinguished; Celestial, .th^;  memory of whose valuable, existence....wasj  Wright-Lovell quartz reef, consisting ot  feel; rc-rocord.  HAitviiv Crkkk Trail.���������A good trail, for  which some money was lately subscribed by  the Government and tho people of tbis place,  is being made down the ridge from the Bald  Mountain to the claims on Harvey creek.  The travelling over tlie Bdld'ifountam is no,w  Our own impression was thajthe Feast was in  calebratiohVfJtho membry^of some great lu-  min pxy, now dead; "tha t ihe ed ih lea ,vterQ.  proyj.ded for, the purp6se;6r assi8Urig{',nim7bii;  his ; "way  ���������tp spme Parrfdise, wlferei flo,wer^  abounded jand Celestial V beau ties lustiriateilV  That {the ,druis wejre; oeelteu, the cymb'air  clashed and; the gongs sou^pded for the pur,-*  pjose pf calling tbe m;agnate/s'-'"attention' to the;;  ^umptuous:p|rovision;that had been made fyri!*  His; assis l an ce iii an 0 tii er world, but that for!  son^etreason unknown to iisj that distinguished  i 0^ abi tan ti of the 8p jritrworld,������; not: ay aili ti������  ihims^lf of the kind iiivUation^bf his frfends oS  earth; theyi {consideredr they:; bad {performed::  their'; duty,;^'and accordingly took advantage  of the same: fedst which, they h ad p ro v id ed lor,  their Jriendiu" the other, world, ia {pfploh^"  |thoir>)wn;li(e{iii this/:;!;: ZZx     ���������' xZyulr}^  i   THBAtuiCAT, PisnpoRKAKCE.���������On Saturday^:  |evening lasttho{���������������fib6q^ Amateur ;Dramatic -���������  j Association gave Z a ������������������'; performance., :v������tr th e {  jTheatre Royali Ba'rkerylile. i$ho play; chosen*  !was{ that, highly ^popular and very amusing"   :  one of " To Pari3,aDd*back for Five Poun^s.^^ ;  The1 house was.well filled by tan appreciative^ ..���������;  audience, and the ^^perfprmance- evevything-;  that^,could be desired. ;;The parts were ?welj  8ustained.%o,ughout, and the.prmcipaljChajc*;  acters,^^^ Samuel ,Snc^lo^i:aiid-:{ViMt;;'^h'^  "Mftrkhamtf? were uneommoniy well person^  ated {by Mr Gomar Johns and; Mr loB^isher.   ���������  The other gentJeinen, who,performefmqretof ;>  less subordinate{parts were decidedly abovo  the usual mark.^^ Florence Wileonf;38 V.Mlfi*  Fanny Spriggins^/ialso exhibited her usual  appreciatiofi of character.   "Tbe. Flying Trapeze'/'was-well sung by Mr Thomas^Harding,  and richly deservod.the:encore which hit .-received. ^jI; cannot sing the old; songs/'.-waa  rendered ���������with; much good Usto^and feeling  by MrGomav Johns, who in this and two ,e������-  cor.e'songs showed- that be merited the publip  commendation, v Mr> Hudson's :So������g;and&$   ���������  eucpre were aisp;well ieceiyeo\ ;and rron1; tlie-  whole tbe enteriainmeht'was quji'e a,siipcess,  and well deserved; the ap plan se it received; ^  Bakxare's Bxtress arrived from hejow on  Saturday;morningj 10th ipst^.between 4 and- i;  5, oxl(^kn^," bringing  and the following passengers :^-Messrs. Jas.  131a:clc and A.( McLardy, to Cook's Ferry'.;"'tflii'-'"i,  ���������Rev/fMr antf Mrs Halt ^ and MrSadotixV'lb  Soda Creek 5 and Mr Hitchcock to Bar'kep-  ville.,��������� The Poyrp Express left on Sunday,  'ilili fosiyat^^alinvcarrying a mail; an express, and one ^passenger, James Athm,' fdr  :Yale.' Z/:!  -X      ' Z' Z'l'y'i '"' ['XuZ  9BMSEM  qpHS UNDERSIGNED HAS - RECEnfEp  1    in������tru<;.tli>ns to oder lo Loan on GockI Socnrliy V  few Thousand hilars, in Kuras to kviu tlio .ipplicunw  ... .. AUuX. E. B. DAVlE,-8ulicimr.  ��������� Barkerville, August 9,1872. aulO Jm  CW P  DR. CHIPP received by last Express some  which-can be relied on. Persona  who have not been Vaccinated tor  some time should take advantage of  this opportunity, in cotisfqiienc^ of  the reported prevalence ol Small Pox  in tho lower country.  /*��������� Teetli Extracted and  IparefiillyvFilled.     , ;: :,  good;  . a%  ;/tw Prescriplions and Famny;Rcclp^  cumtely preparcii. "��������� x*���������'���������*";" ^ I' ������nyl  we-. rZ Mim) JflTE-im Witey {,  'iiy'fehhealtHV;fthn&, *ffowitfgr%dw ktaph'oi;  ihe tooptftfiK *is-Que ���������.& Im per lec{t sanitary ai;r  ��������� ������t������r fc iu ; - ^y      ' h -'    ,, ^* <   ������    u ^ ���������e-i'f������������;  iran^entonfa, ��������� r >?... ... yy yy,y,.,^ r   yy.*y.s yi,,  J"#tu3?������n 18^ New Tort  :vaK2SlSi per lt)00, wbHe in St. Louisit^aa  *nly'2V3r:and"In Baltimore 25.55. ,Ewb Isew,  ;<^laas^^^  ;������j/iu-^^^  y^5;i.������J ������*---;-  ..., = ,.>,",..''>���������   , i -.,.,."-.   -r,:y ,,,-���������*������., ���������" .Y������ ;>i V       f.!.?'.*jr*i  4 We ^e tth"9 ftl Jcwfag t^e^/comnne'i^y  ^he)^e^:{yoikBpard;of &������itb,\aiid.ae,t U,telf  its* own \;���������c ifThVonly;,Canadian clt-y/givcn  ^j'oVs^^fA-gbtruliy������high^ira&~la fact< the  {iffipsi^  ieSGELDA^EOt)^.  Beioiftij"^  1 at' 4!u$iW, '1^72 ly ��������� fa'fr'tfe* Jca il i rr������* fo r le iters'  jniiheifol lowing J^t^ll^fcafee: asfefor -iAd-������  \.Ter'tis"eMetf6������s'^l Z "XI������������������ ������>WX ��������� WmwZ; xyy  Ui U.iJ-vU.-  M-V.-v:'*-1'^"  :|omb;jy ,  ,8lW     .,    j8     ,1,8.2.  jEdinburgh,, r  ��������� yy,yytyy.,������ c* ';������������������? y".  Xnde^rsoniHobert<xj ;>SloripU?; John p  iBrodie^jQb'n'Wj^'^v* ;>NcArtbur..D.l .lv:  Jj^erSWiiUanii' ^-^oM^li^di^honiai^  Barry Wra.P.  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