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 fffiCARIBOO SMOTEt  &'J   Published every Saturday by  ���������   H 0 % L 6 W;.  -  -  5 0 dents per Week.  Carilsoo S entinell1?  Barkeiwiite, William Creek, BJG., ^Saturday,;���������;Aujuj|i%jj70.  No';i^  MrG.W. Untlhart:   '���������,:���������  Barnard's Express  ; Bar liar el's Express  Barnard?s Express  do, " y yy do  'V   -. Clarlisoh kGo  ���������,''-     ��������� John 'Co'Uens  : -      San Francisco  .. - >.. Now York,  T.H#G AttlBQQ. SENTINEL;.N  Cards,.Girculars, Posters and Programmes for  Balls and'Theatrical Entertainments  . ^sS^Executed wi th neatness an fl dispatch.^g^"  Ternis; m0derate.X X;". ���������;'.;,.-:   ; ���������::  ��������� , _ :Tb"A-DVERTISERSy;���������,'.'.:-  AU .advertisements (not;inserted for any definite  period) 4 w i I i b e' cent in uod1 u n ti \ ordered but,: an d  charged for accordingly; '������������������. - - L;-";; r ;������������������  TO GOBRESTO^ENTS.:. X \  mi rommunicationsmust bp:accompanied hj^jc  f������r Us good faith..v  :,....������. . . -/v.-     ��������� .--.     -  .    . ���������- .  and, in the case of Nova Scotia and New-  Brunswick, by each subsequent  decennial  census until the population of each of; .these  two provinces amounts to four hundred thousand- souls,, at which rate such grant shall  thereafter remain ; such grant, shall be in full  settlement,of all future demands on Canada,  and shall be paid half-yearly in advance to  each province, but the Government of Canada  shall deduct from such grants as. against any  province air sums chargeable as interest on  thepublic debt of that province in excess of  the.several amounts stipulated in this Act."  3d.���������The sum otthirty-uve thousand dollars,  ann ii al ly shall be p ai d by; th e Domi nio n to  the Government of British Columbia for the  support of the British Columbia Local Legislature"and Local Goverhment    A -further  sum of eighty, cents;...per.'annum per bead of  population shall be paid by-the;"Dominion  ihalf-yearly in advance,, Such grant shallbe  made yearly until the decennial.censusshows  the p 0pulation to: have ��������� reached' 400,000 souls,  when it shall remain at that point.   -.:'       ;   .1  4th.���������"With respect to the graving dock at  the Naval Station of ��������� Esquimau; which the  Dominion Government was; abked to con  struct, or to guarantee interest on construction  capital thereof to the extent of' $500,000, at 5  per cent interest, the matter is left in abey-  ": 13th.���������Provides thatythe number of .members representing.the colony in the House of  Commons sliall be six instead of eight, and'of  Senators three instead of four.'; ZM y. il  14th.1���������Arranges for a formal admission  into the Union j the election of Speakctvand  other steps which may be directed, ;by Her  Majesty iu Council,     y XrXi:x,  15th���������Settles the Representative (JovernT  ment question, and guarantees that the colony  shall have the same form of Government as  other Provinpes of the Con federation.  MISCELLANEOUS;  ;vFor S^  ��������� A: BO^ RBI KG HOTJSE ,;'s jjinatflr' tf the head of Stout  xi.'" Gulch, furnished with:- Range and everything.  uebessary Tor. tha business;  '���������:���������: y:Apply to'  Terms mo<iorate.:  THUS: ^LETCHER,  .':,'-..' /Barkerville.  MwMsQW*  graver, Government' 'street, next to tho  K i chol as Hote 1, View via, -Vl 1. ',���������, Cli ronom.  nlers and Watches cleaned, repaired', and warranted.���������  her Provinces of the Confederation. EIcr5' description of JirWellefy niadc to order.    Plato  ;ir -       .,,'.'      ���������'���������,., and Ornamental Engraving neatly executed  Many other Conditions  are included, but     Orders irom the Upper county- promptly attended  they are unimportant. t0������ ���������   ���������. L  Por Sale,  THITIS-MFBL  THE CAUIpO SENTINEIi   -;  i Xyxrii&vmi'n t ���������? i n t*sirde'dvfor \ hs er tion, ��������� m ust be del i v-  $frnk at-. iii ih't, a t:'Si i" o'clockj "."������;.' H.", ".the>- day' before  .publication;-;;-';.������������������;.:'.':';.:::<-:'' ���������������������������������������������"���������' yyyy       .���������.,!���������  0;H;icUT;:"^  '    QlJ)   Mmom   AND   TKKASOKB   FOCXD ���������The  Calaveras Chronicle of June 25 gives this account of recent treasure found, in connection  with a murder; perpetrated some years ago:i  On Friday, the,17th inst., as a company of  Italian; miners were sluicing in Wet gulch,  near iWhisky slide, they, washed out of the  bank"a'tin box containing $1,572 in gold coin.  jfhere.waaa $50;slug among the coin. The  'lucky finders of the treasure were at work on  the old Hamilton ranch, close to the site  'w&!^..^;,;Fi'enchman called-*'"Jerry" kept a  s^rejiu,,%arlyi<iay3.   As long ago as 1852 g e C 0 II d - ll O-11 d   S t O T 8 ,  ". Jerry*V,wal murdered in his store, and it  was supposed at the time that his assassins . j PAKKERViii.T_.g_.  secured- the money be was known to posaess  ���������AT-  THOS,   FLETCHER'S  jell  per cent, interest, the matter is leu in aoey- secnred.ine mowy ^  ^ -.-  ance pending negotiations with the Imperial and made good their escape    bince������ m  ~y,IXy.i^:: ������������vn^ "of the treasure by the Italians, now-  GovCtnmcat. ... ....    __..  6th.���������The Government of the Dominion as  ::;e7of the Measureliya������elUlUa���������3,.r:  i- eVer; ������re"tfibst reasonable ewjectui^.iOhS!  oth.���������The uovernmeut ui tuc w ���������   ever. i.������y -  . .    .  sume3 the following charges :-SaUry  an3 hebi,riea*e money an<3 hat ^ .  allowances   of . the    tienteaant-Goreroor; braed tb������r band ^n b������ b������V������mpensttto  '-:,*.  .   -.-...I _,,_.^������������������.^rtp ihr. Sunreme Court I thing but guilty consciences  iu ou   r ��������� ,n :,  tbem for their crime.   The box thatcoutained  vol vers of  IDGES fcr  3 vol vers,  t Wire Car  ad Muzzl*  t and Jlllt-  S;,  NDON,  gtla.uW ;  ��������� -  m  II  3f���������: ���������  E.  ss of 11da  it linrfng  "Woreca*  dthattUi  \AVCE,  R'RAPrtB,  supplied  ihe vvwp*  (1 penina  UiattlK'T  power ot  sL was*  .crimUA  md s"*.  .e, an  irs, "Wor-.  ym  The terms .-printed by the Dominion Govern ment Mo:;British; Columbia will probably  appear, iu ihe next Government Gazette. In  tlie meantime, .however, we are enabled to  give a synopsis of .the .terms,'which are sub-  st autial)y as fol lows:  1st���������Canada assumes all the del>ts and Ha-  "fa'iiities of British Columbia at the time of  ��������� union.   : :..-. .'  \'  2d.--The -population was fixed at 120,000  ior the purpose of financial arrangements, but  has been reduced to 100,000.    The actual  population of British Columbia As not estimated to exceed 60,000.   The amount of Colonial debt has been placed at two millions of  dollars.   The aeWat amount is one million of  dollars.. The Government will pay interest  at the r ate.of: five per .centum per annum in  half-yearly instalments in advance, on the difference between the actual debt and the stipulated debt. Thus British Columbia's proportion of the national debt of the Dominion will  amount to two millions, and British Columbia  will receive back, as drawback, interest on  one million of dollars. . The clause of, the  Union Act relating to the treatment of public  dubtshould.be here read to render tho arrangement quite intelligible. It is as follows:  Clause 116, Union Act, March, 1867 :-<';rn  case the public debts of Nova ScotiaandNew  Brunswick do not, at tho Union, amount to  eight million and seven million dollars respectively, they shall respectively receive, by  h il f-y early ins tai men ts, in advance, from the  Government of Canada, interest at the rate of  five per centum per annum on the difference  between the actual amounts of their respective debts and .such  stipulated  amounts."  Then, respecting the ' head money,' those who  aro not acquainted willi'tho Act, and aro mystified by the eighty cents grant, should , read  clause 118, part of which is as follows:���������''An  annual grant in aid of each province will be  made, equal to eighty cents per bead of the  population as ascertained by the census of  one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one^ gratioa  salary and allowances of tlie Supreme Court  ftnd of County Court; charges connected with  the Customs department; charges connected  with the Postal, dep ar tin exii 5 ���������, an d nil charges;  connected with the light-hpuse, buoys, beacon  and light-ship services, and other services  contingent upon the British North America  (Union) Act which belong to the Dominion  Government.     .  Gth.���������Such persons in her Majesty's employ  as public servants in the Crown Colony who  may be discharged from the public service  when British Columbia is formally admitted  into the Union as a province, will be provided  with suitable pensions.  ���������' 7th.~Two British steamers: will be subsidised by tbe Dominion Government to give  steam communication for the carriage of both  passengers, and freight between Victoria and  San Francisco. '  8th.���������The Government of the Dominion engages to guarantee the construction of a Canadian. Pacific railway, which shall connect  with the Canadian railway system in Western  Canada, ori the East, and have for its terminus  a port on the Pacific coast in the "West.   The  plans at the command of the Government indicate an expenditure of one hundred million  dollars maximum for the total construction.  Offers aro made to guarantee the construction  by private capitalists i 11 England, through  Mr Waddington.in consideration of receiving  gold bonds, bearing interest at 6 per cent,  guaranteed by Government, or a grant of  land in one mile alternate sections, running  to the rear a distance on each side of the railroad of 12J miles.   The $100,000,000 is thus  madeup.;���������1st section of 2,0G0 miles in round  figures,  $75,000,000;   2d  section,  through  British Columbia, $18,000,000 ; other sections  to complete,  $7,000,000.   These figures arc  official. ;  9th.���������The Dominion undertakes the reform  and extension of the postal service at its own  cost.  , 10th, 11th and 12th guarantee certain steps  towards the encouragement and protection of  fishing and trading and the increase of Immi-  tlie. money was nearly eaten up with rust, but  the coin had been undisturbed since deposited  in the bosom of mother earth for safe keeping.  Thus, after a lapse of eighteen years, by one  of those queer; inexplicable freaks of wayward fortune, is peaceably unearthed an object tp .possess which human blood had been-  shed, and another link, added to the chain  that binds our recollection to the dark, and  bloody deeds pt early days in California.  #n 1* *~      D EL  TJAS REMOVED TO BARKERVILLE, and Is pra  "IX ��������� ��������� parcU-to ircut all.kii;ds of disease aiid ex ecu t������  DKNTT1STRY in nil its (MObrcnt brurxbes iu the neatest nm\ best style. Teeth filled with pure Gold flud ���������,  Silver; also, False Teeth put.In on Gold Plate, and  uponpiyclsonoldstun~.ps or portions of tljc teeth,  which very often remain qui to pound iu the jn\v bono  after the tops arc gone, and this is Ibo" best way lor  any person, to have false teeth, as they are never removed for the purpose of cleaning like these upon,  plate, and are perfectly natural to the mouth aaii  tongue, as much so us the original teeth .we're, ,-*"-.���������  ; Parties who have got sound, teeth would-do "well to H  call ahd- 'have them 1 cleaned, Unns avoiding/lositig   -  them, as others liavedohc through the. i usurious eCfccts-  of \yhat is called.tarts ������ consisting of salivary (mucus)  animal matter arid phosphate of.lime,Uvhich encrusts  the:tecth with a. dark scale, loosens.the gums, ..con.-,  tiuuos down to.the.bones, loosens tbfe teeth, aud .  causes them. to ���������fall ou t-wi thou t Dei ng decayed,   ��������� ���������  jQg������~ Teeth extracted in.the v.ery: best ^vay. known,.���������  Charges moderate    .The best..references given, and  ail work warranted "to give perfect satisfaction,.'; -V!  T3@.,bFFICH���������Opposite the Government Assay OiBce.  .my2l "*"'"'      BARICERV1LLE... .      ..     / >' '  Miners' Provision Store,  ^ARKEEVILLB,;      ..:.  Nest Door to S^TESELOFFroB.  $M*m*g8B������������!??F.  ALL GOODS SOLO AT LOWEST RATLb  ALL. wv        ,u;cnm1iicdwith thcchoicCBt  for sale, at a very low figure, 8m  Feb. 20,1809.  Restaurant::and ���������Bakery,  . ������     ~? rikte nid andwcll-knownestab  ous friends and thepaM������������      d lrMMi���������ubj! their  toCrSS������    SS. they will ������*lt- ������.  '' Meals, $1.   Board, $16  pe*, Veefc  BREAD MADE:' OF THE ?EST FLOUR  Worccomiacna totlic public our  GR.OU ND    CO F FEE,  i?A*PTEBSO"KS& GO0DS0S ������������������  lVL   furuish Lumber at their 3ii"-j  or deliver it to order. ,   ���������  LUMBER DELIVERED ON LIGHTNING  CREEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  WILLIAM CREEK."  Lightning Cuisek.  i*  AS CHEAP AS ANY  IH  CARIBpO.  OrderBpromptlymied.and forwarded with disp^;c&.  BEEDT & LIXPHARD, ���������. I  .  A  - X>  .''-   i  z\  yy  m  yy-  ii-  y  .���������?:': i  fi  i  'ifc���������  CARIBOO SENTINEL  THE TELEGRAPH,  SATURDAY, AUG. C, 1S70.  ���������Mli  e*B3S  iSi&lgHSra!  ^^  Hi  ''';      /    RATES OP ADVERTISING., ;  Tor oho squa re. (one inch}, Ci rs l insertion,   -"*. $3  J'","///.:'^ :;': /���������������������������   .; one month,   ���������-���������-'��������� y-5.'  For two Bquares,' first insertion,.   - . -,.,��������� -'.. ���������     5  w yX: '-v'",.;'" ���������'  rim month,'-/- .���������:- %������������������'��������� -'���������. : S.  .WAR IN; EUROPE..: :"Z  The suppressed feelings of rivalry an^ara^  bitfon on !be part of tlie rulers of France and  Prussia hnveJbnrStVT1^'"'^^^'*' "*W-- ���������'?*  misguided people arc to be plunged into the  bloody abyss'of War.;. France, baa declared  war against Prussia. :^ So many  dispatches  all corroborative of,the. declaratioh, -have  flashed along; the telegrhpbic wires that there  eeems to be no spark of hope for an opposite  announcement., . The world is still at' the  mercy of itfl rulers, and; civilization lias rallied  to change the barbari?hi of older limes into  a condition in harmony; with its .teachings.  The epoch of: permanent peaceand goodwill  amongst men seems as distantcs every Brn'e  Instinct is still predominant. 'Ciyilizalioh and,  religion have nofc' ��������� subd ued but on 1 y ��������� modified  tb e a n i m������1 passions.., The baser part of g\ory  still go ve r n s tb e h ear ts and ni in ds of men.  War is at all times the most undesirable mode  of settling matte s���������indeed it never does tha".  but prepares the ground for a succession of  bloody crops���������and war for no principle, war  for personal pride, ambition and aggression  is inexcusable.   Although France has made  the commencement, yet it has long been apparent that if it was not desired by Prussia,  the latter at least took small pains to avoid  V.   The blame of its actual commencement  lies upon France, hut the cause ia attributable  as much to Prussia as to France.   Prussia  has shown that, her military piide is as dan-  .   g'erous to tho peace ot the world a\ that of  any other-  power.    Her triumph over the  insignificant but significantly brave kingdom  of Denmark led to a contest, with Austria in  I860, and that great but il)y-c?mented empire  wis shorn of its ancient pr������ stigo.   Returning  from Sadovva with the flushed brow of victory, Prussia  repudiated  her  promises   to  France, given during the struggle with Austria, and bade Napoleon seek their fulfilment  as best he might.   No wonder that France,  to whom the records of the First Empire are  dear, should harbour the scorn of her former  and d e fea ted fo e wi th a: reve nge ful retnezn*;  brnnce, and seize upon any pretence to vin-  dicat3 her wounded spirit.   Sympathy; how-'  ever, for cither party is a waste of sentiment,  for tbe contest is really a fight of I be vultures  over the carrion-of Denmark and Austria.  Let tis hope that .it will;be confined to the  original contestants, and that the other European powers; regarding/the war in its; true-  light, as one without any good principle for  its object, will./maintain a cold and impartial  n en trail ty.   Let them allow the bala nee o f  p o wer to regit I a f e j tsel f.; Bo th par ties seek  aggro n d izorii en t of power a fc ea cb other V.expense, and let the needle-gun and Chassepot  a'oio decide the result. -War, however, is  contagious, and it is to be feared that its effect will spread beyond the field of strife and-  draw other armies into the contest.    The  whole of Germany, com pile nigh population  of forty millions, will probably regard the  attack ti port Prussia as an agrgreseim upon  t'ic Fatherland, and as demanding a common  r distance.   Austria, at least beai.,������rovernmenrf  will probably look on with infliffeivncn, but  tho bulk of the German people will regard  tne quarrel as their own.   The Thirty Years'  war, by which France carried her boundary  into Germany, conquered and retained AI-  racr������ and other Germanic territory* will sway  the German pympat!ii������s, if as is reported by  telegraph  Prussia aims at restoring to Germany those lost provinces.   Here we have  nn  illustration of fbo endIe.cB fruits of war.  Two c en furies hive passed since tlie termination of the Thirty Years' "War between France  and Germany, and today France is to be  "held accountable for her spoli.iion of tbe  fatherland.   7he war will be ibe most remarkable that has ever   occurred,  for the  number and equipment of the armies to be  f nvaped. Prussia commands a military force,  inc'uding   the   reserve  and  Landwebr,   of  3,02^0,000 men.   The total military force, in-  cliiYTfng reserves and Garde Mobile, of France  ia 1 058,000 men.  What is being done about the Telegraph is  a very general inquiry v at the present time.  Is it intended to appropriate the extra tax on  our brandy for;some qtjjer purpose than that  for wh ich it was vo ted ?   The ������ tax was intended to/main tain the mainland;: telegra phic  line and afford itscheap telegraphic communication, but although three or ,four months  have passed since it was sup posed the Go v-  ernment had taken the matter in/hand, there  is no sign yet ot any telegraphic communication.   I&ihe Government have not!concluded  the bargain with tlie company .or if .they do  not intend to do so. as now it appears. let the  collection of the tax cease-.   There is probably no place in the colony which pays as.  much of this tax as pariboo. the cost of freight  being the same ori ales and wines as on brandy  causes a larger proportion of the latter to be  shipped; and it is more generally consumed  here than other liquors.   At the present time  telegraphic communication is much desired,  if not so at all times. No objection was raised  here to the 'extra tax ; when proposed, and  people are looking for the establishment of  the 1 i n e.   Tii ey de ma nd i t; as a right.   A t  least they are entitled to know whether they  a re going to ge t i fc.  X[;-^iiX]-yl":l'   '    "'     "'; ' '��������� '"������������������-������ .  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS/  TJxe  Estate  of Gliartres  Brew, deceased.  ,4 LL ACCOUNTS against the above Estate must be  ������X sent to tlie undersigned withm oho month from  tlie date hereof.   " ���������:.'':. iy.  ���������Hy TITOS..ALLSOP,  XX  Govern ment street* Victoria,  NEW ADVER^gElu^r  Dated 5th  Agent for Qavt. .'Moiut, the Executor.  A ug.us t, 18 70. auO 1 m  IN THE ESTATE OF J0H| ffl'LAEEN,  :/.   DECEASED, iNTESTATB.  TfCE.  . 1. LI. PARTIES rNDEBTERTto t h������ r  ^y^^GOODBO^^^^^ PATTER.:  sett e tl.oiriiecourits on or" ,blbPrc"Vo/������^tt^������to  ember next, as after that date tbose n,f ty of ������4*  be sued lor. t;   . ,^ VUUbv not seuigj ���������,,'  ' Barkerville, July 30/ ls1oTEIlS0N * GoO������S0X  ,'���������~~ : "' "    ' '-���������"     :V"'  - = -   ���������      '^30im'  House for SaE    ^  HOUSE ^'  Will  THE TJXDKRS IO NED, AS ADM INISTR ATOR,  R E-  q u?sts' thee revi i u>rs of i he ;i bo vo E*i������ te to send  AS ADMINISTRATOR, RE-  j������. H li vo������ ������������������������.: s > *-"*- ��������� w-> of I he ;i bo vo ������$ia te to send  in their cla;sn$ farUhviisH ; vand"tho" debtors of'said  estate to pay vrhai Rv^y.bft ������.:������e by tbem. other wise  legal proceedsaj* w;U *>* z&xsl against. tb em.  ���������;���������'   v,,     ' j. h. Tona  Barlccryillo, AuOT?i X I $T$, a u6 1 m  BLUE TENT HOTEL,  NOTICE.  EXPRESS, NEWS.*:-- '  The Governor has'signed the lease of Kurtz  & Lane for the Meadows oh \ViiIiams creek.  The lease is for 21 years; to be 'extended ten  additional years if reqnired... The ground is  three miles and 75' chains long, by a width  vary ing fro m tlu'ee^quarters of. a mile to a  mile ih^svidihZ^Messrs/Kiirtz & Lane engarre  toe rect a saw>m i 11. q n ar tz-m i i I and pumping  apparatusj which they have gone!to California  to procure. . .-,-  Mu ni e ip ixl Cou noil 1 or J. H. Fran kl in, of  New "Westminster^ has been'commitied to the  assizes -for Conspiring to de fran.'��������� i, the I m p e ri al  I n su ran ce; co.;. o t S 60 0 0, for. wh i ch am ou n t Ii e  held an"i ns'u rah ce poil cy i: by ; e n 'gaging a person named Waters���������.lS'ibi?nj',ifiisi'"^renii������e8.---  Tbe;Mainlab^';Guar^ian\.r^pbrt8'fth6. death  of William Pattison, aged 48 years, a native  of Lynchbnrg,;YirginiavLT.S^ on the 23d nit.,  a11he:hospitai, New^stmin'ster.-.'^:Deceased  was well-known iri pariboo as *; Judge " Pat-  tison.;' ' ���������'. ;" :���������::  ; f ��������� -  An /Ottawav/telegram^announees; that the  Br i t ish / G o ve rn men t \v ill g u a r &n tee 1 o ans f or  the constructioriora railway from Montreal  to British Col a mbiju;:;; :���������.'������������������/ /'"  No b a ttl e li ad.-bee n fough t be fc ween th e  Prussians and;Frerich'hp to. latest dates. The  French Governmenfc,will not allow .tlie^^ telegraph jobe iised tor war news* Only a; few  uniinpo'rlant;skirmishes had taken place.     .  ThePriissiahs bad crossed.thefrontier near.  Ge rz Wa) I er. The: need I e-gii n pro ves to be  supenor to tbe Chassepot.; This news comes  by way of Berlin.     .",;.--���������  Tbere;is nothing in the war news to show  that: England will be involved. Napoleon  announces that he will cause a strict observance of the rights of neutrals and will adhere  to the treaty of 185C. by which the nations,  except Spain and the United States, agreed to  abolish pnvateering;  . One despatch says that' Denmark will be  neu tral. an o t h er th a t Den m a r k and Hu nga ry  h a ve d e cided on w a r fo rC: Fran ce. The CzaY  of Rnssia: will be neutral, and regrets the  hasty action adopted by bnih nations. Austria, has also decided on neutrality.  The kingdoms of Wurtemburg'and Bavaria  ill it is said join Prussia. Another dispatch  rpHEHOTFLANPFARMIVf! RtT^rNESS carried on  1 by the I ite WITJ-TA31 WRIGHY, :\ i thc BI uo Tont  House and Farm, Ciriboo Roi*', will bo continued as  usual by the uudei-si^ned, who will not be accountable for any debts* contracte 1 on bebalf of the said  busi ncss wi tl iout her w ri 11 en order. '        -������������������'  ���������'������������������= MRS. WRIGHT.^  July 27,1870. - auG tf  ~.\yXl yXForSaZs,  ONE  FULL-INTEREfST IN THE  McLaren claim, \rmm Crcct  Apply to  ju30 lm  '  ALEX. .McKES'ZiE  At ihe Claim..  IN THE ESTATE OF ALES. I'PHERSON  DECEASED.  !'��������� Ui persons i ndehted tot be I*rt* Aiex. MoPhek-  rV so.v, W;itchm iicor, R.trk.r;ilh?, ������re hereby nc*  tiQed to pr������y the amounts, due immediately:=to' thenc*  dersigned; and any part ins having loft Watcbesj Jewelry, or other valuable articles with (be (jeceased are  req des ted to reme v" e the s;-i in e witli in ono mouth or  tUcy will be sold to p:iy cxpenijiJS. . . ���������  THE PREMISES AT BARKERVILLE. AND  ..,.; y stoob:!are;For sale;; :  -���������'.. y-y.. "'������������������ v-"v ������������������:":-;.;:'J.- S..'.-THOMPSON/'.'������������������;'"'?  '.'.'.'��������� ���������Executor. '���������������������������;'  Barkerville^ B.C., Augnst 5, 1870.    .        au6 lm  riorSale,  r\mJVT������ .IKTERES-Tn7 THE DOWN1E CLin*  \J   and one interest in the Mouutain ViHm r Bf  jam Creek, above tlie'S*frmni. a"0 on'VS;^^'  the Cariboo claim, William Crook ITl'ox o ?> "Slia  tbe Sawmill claim ou Lightning ������       lmm^^  Z������2ZlmA^y^  AVfcn Creek.  ������' ,'.  ���������  T0ST RECEDED, the.first instalment nr. B���������-������   V  J,, Books ordered'for the CarSSt^'S^  Hereafter Books wilLbc received moathiy>vla-Smat!j'  THE   SUBSCRIPTION   HAS   Bto-j*  DUCEDTO S3 PER $aS' ^  ^Julyl������ti87oI:;f  Received every Week %  DE NqUyJON & KURTZ,  Barkervlllt.  A.;:x^MQBE^  Stafes that Austria will support France, but  no.authentic informafion sis to any of the  p) we rs having taken sides has.been publUhetl.  One himnred and tea thousand French  volunteers have been enrolled. Bismarck is  alarmed at the slowness of, tbe Landwebr in  coming: forward.  .There is much excitement in the United  Sfates-about the war, the French and German  ci tize n s fo rm i ng or#a n iza t i o n s for sa n i ta ry and  hospital purposes for Ihe armies of their respective counlries. It is said that an expedition is be in rr prepared fn San Francisco for  attacking the French colonies of Tahiti and  New Caledonia. The feeling in Ireland is reported to be generally in favor of France.  ELKCTroNKKRTNO���������It seems to be understood  that an election for Legislative Councillors  will soon be called for. In tin? lower country  (dec tio nee ring has already commenced. New  Westminster has two candidates selected.  The broken part of the road between Stout  #ii Ic h a nd Barkn rvi 11 e has been repaired. 11  is well done and gives general satisfaction.  For Sale,  ONE-HALF   INTEREST  CHOLERA;  '        V     B������W   TO   CORE   IT.  At the commencement of tho]jniirJi03\ which  al ways proee d es .in at tit ck of the Cfrnkra, tak e a  teaspoonful of the Pain Killer in sn^arand water (hot  if cpnvt nient), anil tiwu bathe freely the stomuch and  bowels with the P;Hn Killer clear." Should the diur  vim\ or cramps continue, repeat the dose every ten  or fifteen minutes un iii the piti^nt is relieved, Iri  extreme cases, two or more teaspoonfuIs may be given  at a dos3  The prtin Killer, as an internal remedy, bis no  equal. In;, cases of, Cbulcn, ^umnv-r Conipliints,  Pyip.^psiii', Dysentery. Asthma, it cures iu one night,  hy taking it intern.illy nn i bathing with it In*ely.  Its action U like m:i/?ic, when externally iipplHd . to  old Sor.'a, Burns, Sc.i 1 -is nnd 5"pmin������. Vor Sick Headache and Toothache, dou't fail to try it. In short, tt  is ft Pais Killer,  Directions accompany.each boltlx  The Fain Killer is sold bv nil dealers in M edicincs.  auO  -tytMLO.R,  YATES  SlTREETi'VICTOnrA.   V.I.,  HAS 0"JT 'BAND,' and Is constantly rcceii-mi-, a  -.large Assortment of ~CLOTIK .CASSfM-R-tfJI  and VcstingSi which he is prepared to'rortke tourJcr  in the most approved styles.  Parties on William Creek can havn thclr'mca cur������  taken hy "Mr McCollnrn, Barkerville. i  4JQi?" All orders from Cariboo 'promptly 'atf**n.*i*I  to,'-: ���������,.���������������������������'���������- my216w- '  W;   DAVISON,    -  LilBEETi BISSONNETTE*  ���������COMMISSION MERCHANTS, l  Watclimaker,  Next door fo Post Office.  ". "-���������'������������������  juio:  -'���������  AXP GEXEBJ,L DEALERS Vi  GROCERIES,  PROVISIONS, &o;;  BARKERVILLE AND ANTLER  &* CREEK.  V  We respectfnlly hop tn inform Minors on Antler and  surroutiding Creaks that a full >in������l varind assortment  ol tin.1 Kr.'Shvst. Cr.'jc Ti"s ������'in I I'roviViona in Cariboo,  an I everything r.'quirid hy ifini?r������,. will always hu  foun I at imr.Stores on Anll'T.  K&* FBfiSlI ItAXOH IJ UTTER always on hand.  joll;jm  IN  THE  __ RICHFIELD,  The property of B. Crancini.   Apply to  JAMES WICKHAM.  GRUNBAUIW;  BROS.  Have opened a  B31ICH STOSE AT VANWIIELE,  \T^Sffwin toii a ********** or  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,  CLOTHING, BOOTS/' '  MINING TOOLS, HARDWARE,  GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PIPES, &c., '  "Which they will soli at LOWEST RATES  ju23 lm  New Restaurant & Boarding House;  MISS A.HHICKiyiAW  DEGS to annonnco that sho has reopened tho build-  *>   Ing known as the New Dominion Dining Roomi  as a ���������  UEsrAURANT AND BOARDING nOUSB.  First-class Heals will ho furnished, and tho strict-.  GStHitenlion piiid to tho wants oflior customers.  D1XNKK3 .FOR'.PRIVATE' PARTIES cooked.U  order.  WINES,    LIQUORS   &   CTGARS,  of the hestqunlity, to he obtained at tho Bur.  ROARP,      .      .       ...       $12 per week.  Barkcrville, July 2,1870. Ju2  m  m  m  v'.yt^ra'  COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND  GENERAL   DEALERS  ���������IN��������� ���������  G-roceries,  Provisions; and  5        Lianors.  ���������OX flAND^-  THB   OE-^EBRATBD  ������5* Particular attentlow paid to Consfgnments of  Country Produce; *\ .     joim  .... !,���������;���������:���������-<;  -,y , The Manitoba co. MC.ta��S^ ��� <*��**�� fcl On **��r " ^ -' J-"-��"-'",;Ul mi\""' * m Ua ��< *
bedrock. Tbe Porter j��. *,*&��&* Hi^l^.^l,vVli��l "^''l/'lf .fj fnrtW- Tt��
pay.   The Boyd "elWfa ^r!^ W*',C   TU;*< 12f>' if K/' * i P^"1"' ,1^ " ���       1' ��"*'wi
Old Lead co. vafanti ,��*,* VsA prr*��c* ] ^X'K'^ ffiA ' 5��'��"l!*"1 if W *�� *
���in crevices a* high *�� *n ��iMM�� W tiS* **��-? OwfpUwttB ��vi ���������� -.  "s  {.'���������  '���������Im   '  1  !  1 ;  '" ! ���������  ��������� :  ���������        ;���������  si -  ��������� ���������  ���������  X  1  ? 1  ^   *  :  ;*-;&:���������  JjE CAIUBDO SENTI^KL  satukoay^aug. e,,is7o.  *��������� J RATES OF ADVERTISING-  For ono square {one inch),;first insertion,  What is being done about the Telegraph is  a very general inquiry ,at tW-tireaeaJUuMr  T- fi. f ' '���������������'. "!���������.������������������������������ _"   ��������� ...  " ���������' one tnontht; -  For two squires,- first insertion,   :���������'���������   - :;-  one month, - *-'.v,l'.'";.���������::-���������������  S3  ly5i  WAR IN EUROPE.  The suppressed feelings of rivalry and ambition on the part of the hilers of France and  Pruf.sia have burst from restraint,_Band the  misguided people aro^Q'^plring^lfita;0(o  bloody abyss of war.,; France haj declared  war against Prussia. ; So many  dispatches  all corroborative of tbe -declaration, bai:e ,          .                 ^.    *-*"u"rsr" "*;-**;v  n  x   ,   ,      ,:,    . ,      :'���������,; -'-.���������. ������������������-;, ..������������������ v. *..-.- causes a larger proportion of the latter to be  flashed along tne telegraphic wires tbat there 8hipped,.and it is more generally consumed  Beem9 to be no spark of hope for an bnnosife it������M ������fe������* ,^1,.*.. i:~~~--   -.*...-  Is it intended to appropriate the extra tax on  our.braridy for:someother/ purpose than that  forwhich it was voted ?vThe tax was intended to maintain the .mainland telegraphic  U_ne,and afford��������� 11s cheap telegraphic comirni-  mcalion, font although"three or four, months  nave passed since: it was supposed the ��������� Government bad-taken thetriatter iii. hand. /���������hc'*i  is: no sign .yetof any telegraphic conimunicn-  tion., Ifciiie Government have���������not.'conciuded  the ..bargain with the company,or if they do  not intend to do so.ns now it .appears, let the  collection of the tax cease.   There is probably no place in the; colony which pavs as  much of this tax as Cariboo, the cost'of freight  being, the same on ales and wines ns on brandy  causes a larger proportion of the latter to be  Tlie Estate  of Chartres  .Brew, deceksed/"..'^;,..;  i LL ACCOUXTS against the above 'Estate must be  Ux -. se n t to th o undersigned. within one won th froni  tbo-da to hereof.  ���������.':������������������- y :.y,, ���������-.':.��������� ���������..: .* r-r. ���������  ���������������������������".. >   "... I/'  THOS, ��������� ALLSOP,      ^  Governmeht street,' Victoria,  ^������������������^gyg^^g  Dat  Agent for Ctr-iv Mouat, tho Executor.  Jd 5th August, 1870..     ',  ...:  , ; ami lm  II TEE ESTATE OF J0HH M'LAKEI,  ���������   . DECEASED. INTESTATE.  seems to be no spark of hope for anropposile herKXr fq"^rS,K,ffig  announcement.    The world -is': still at the felemnhte .^S,;^ iSLESS^fiS?  announcement.    The world is: still .at the  mercy of its rulers, and civilization has failed  to change the barbnrism of older times into  a co nd i tion in harmony with its ���������; teach in gs.  The epoch of permanent peace' and goodwill  amongst men seems as distant ps ever.. Bru'fe  instinct is stilt predominant.   Civilization and  religion have not' subdued butonly;modified  the animsl passions.. The leaser part of glory  Btiil governs the hearts :an4^nnds;of:men;  War is at all times the most ���������unttesirable^o^e'  of settling matte s -indep.it never doestha>;  but prepares the ground.loV:a succession of  bloody cropa-and war for no principle] war  for personal pride, atribition arid aggression  is inexcusable,   Although France Jhas made  the commencement, yeiitfiS*loh^bcenap-  parent tbat if it was not;desired- by Prussia;  the latter at least took,smatepains;to avoid  fc  The blame of its 'nclual cbmmencement  lies upon France, but the cause is attributable  as much to Prussia asfft;;^  has shown that her military/pi ide is as dangerous fto the peace dt:-tii eWorld as that of  any other power.    Her:,triuniph ; oVer the;  iusignificant but significantly /bravo tingdonr  of Denmark led to a confekw^  im, and tbat great butii!^c?mented;empire  w.i3 shorn of its ancient; prtsrige; - ReturnIhg  from Sadowa with theflnshe^bromb^vic^  .Jory, Prussia  repudiated /heryiromesXto  rrance. givfn during the stnigglo.with Austria, and bade Napoleon /seek theirfulfilment  as best he might.   No/wonder that France  to whom the records of the First /Empire are'  dear, should harbour the:scorn ot her former  and defeated foe with a revengeful remembrance  and seize uporiany pretence to vindicate her wounded spirit.   Sympathy, how-'  ever, for either party is a waste of sentiment,  for the contest is rea]iy a fight of the vultures  over the carrion of Denmark and-Austria.  Let us hope that it wiilbe:confined to the  original contestants, and that the other European powers, regarding:the warin its true  light as one without any good principle frJr  its object, will maintain a cold and impartial  neutrality.   Let them allow the balance of  power to regulate itself.   Both parties seek  aggrandizement of power, at each other s expense, and let the nmlle-gnn and Chassepot  ft.o* decide the result./ ^ar, however, is  contngions, and it is to be feared that its ef-  f������ct wi!! spread beyond the fief ti of strife and  draw other armies into thQ contest.    The  .   . i .      ...,.-:  -j���������*,:'���������*������������������������-.***   i-utT jurrnritt unit;  telegraphic communication is much desired,  if not so atall times. No objection was raised  here dp the extra; tax .when proposed, and  ���������people arelooking for the establishment-of  the line.   They demand it as a right.   AX  least they are; entitled to know whether they  are going to get it,;    ,.:     . .   y    *\  ���������y'ZZy  ,   /EXPRESSNESS^/-  mHE TJXDERS.IGNED, AS ADMINISTRATOK, 'RE-  1 qncsis the croditors of the above Estate to send  ia their claims forthwith ;' and the debtors of snid  estate to pay what tuny be due by them,1 otherwise  legal proceedings will be taken against them.   ..  J. H, TODD.  Barlccrvillo, August 4,1870. aufl lm  BLUE TENT HOTEL.  O T fC E  A LL PARTIES INDRRTEOT#f.t.rt*7 **"' ..  tember next, as after thaf������fi?o 2J?'   l *** il  he sued for. -; l������? tl\0Se not mnL ^P*  ,f.     , ���������      ' - ���������"���������".-���������   ..yyy: "eil'edKj|i  ^crviae, July 3QV j^^0^ & goodso^.  House ibr~^?ir^^  THK ��������� HOUSE   next . beloMT w,^  ,y*''  I   ilarkervilie.    U is w3Th^llK?s"������������aii^  contains two rooms/%K m D^  Inched to the, roar.   'Also   two \f a ;v������^!iej af'  other Furniture. ��������� For SicnL^0^' Chairs t  lock, ^tixel: Omce?;1?  ,C-lar"3' ftW-teH. HI!?  "���������r. ^���������- . y~ ���������-' ���������'-' ^   /  iu9im  xj-:iv^BmZyy^'  ONE FULL INTEREST |N tn?  mAsm claim, /wmuB.chefc-- :  iniMiici.   a list i ia, at least her <*ovprnmi������nf  wa, by which ft,^"^ ,���������.'^J������g  into Germany, conquered and retained  A?  TT    ii to Ger  Km we have  many those jost provinces.   iJLero WA i,.���������  an illustration of the ondlecR f,, u-. ������,havo  jnd Germany, and to-day. France fa tn ������  ta/fc ^,:83:a ������Qmman,,s a ������>^Xe  "������S lho  '^eivo and  landwebr   of  l?frK^������men-   The total mil!tory force faf  2ISSUSKS^ Garde Mobil9'of *&������  /.The Governor has'sighed the lease of Kurtz  & Lane for the Meadows ,on /Williams creek.  The/ lease is for21. years./to be "extended: ten  additional years, if req tiireel. '������������������ The: grou n d. is  three;:miIes ./and 75 chains long, by a width  varying: fro in th reer q uar ters b f a '*im I e to a  rai le; in wi d th I -Messrs.- E n r t z & La.n e engjjEe.  to erect;a saw-mi11, quartz-miII and, pumpint?  ap parat us,: which they have go n e to: Oalifo rn ia  to procure.'/ 'XX-' -.y/X. ':-X.Xl  //Municipal .Coithoillor;J. H.yFranklin, of  Ne w AV/es tminster, has b een com m it ted to th e  assizes for conspi r j ri g to d efra'ifd the: Im peri al  Ins u rah ce eq; of -66000, for ���������wh Ich[amount b e  h el d an i n sfu ran ce policy, by. engaging a person n arii ed Wa ters to b i irn >th e p remises.  x. The Mainland Guardian /reports 4he death  of ^William Pattison; aged 48 years, a native  of Lynch burg,/Virginia; U.S., oh.the 23d ult.,  a t the hospi tai j'.'Ne w ;WesUh I ns ter... Decea sod  was well-known in Cariboo as /Judge " Pat-  tison.:'; .' ;, . -���������   >: ������������������-y  ���������  ;^n /Ottawa/telegram' ���������annd.iiri.cea.v that the  B rittsh .Govern men fc: wi 11 gu arein tee loans for  the -cons true tion b f a rail way fro m Mon treat  to British Columbia; X  : No battle had been/ fought between the  Priissia ns an ct French; up to la test da tea.: T he  French/Goyeniment will;ho\ aliow :the telegraph to be used for war - news. Only a few  u ri i in p or ian t sk.ir m is!i es had fa ken place..  , The Prussians had crossed the frontier near  . Ge rz Wa J1 er. ;. The need! e-gn n pr o yes to be  'superior to the Chassepot, This ne\vs comes  by way of Berlin. / -/  There'/.'ia nothing in the war news to show  that England will, be involved. Napoleon  announces tha fc he will cause a strict observance of the rights of neutrals and will adhere  to ;the treaty of 1856*. by which the nations.  exceptSpain and the United States, agreed to  abb I ish pri vateer t ngV  One d es patch says ih a fc Denmark will. be  neutral, another, that Denmark  have '-'* -'���������-''" *  of  hn  w ..���������,.,.r.v.* v,y uoiu nati  tria has also decided on neutrality.  The kingdoms of Wurtemburg and Bavaria  /will H is paid join Prussia. Another dispatch  Slates 'IhatAnsM-ia will support Franco, but  no authentic information as to any of the  pnvers having taken sides has been published.  One bunured and ten thousand French  volunteers have been enrolled. Bismarck is  alarmed at the slowness of the Landwebr in  coming forward.  There is ranch .excitement in the United  States about the war. the French and German  ci fctzon s fo rro i n g orga niaatio ns fo r sa ni ta ry and  hospital purposes for Ihe armies of their re-  spec live; cotinf ries. It is said J hat an c.vpe-1  dilion is being prepared ?n San Francisco for  attacking the French colonics of Tahiti and  New Caledonia. The feeling in Ireland is reported to be generally in favor of France.  NOTICE.  THE HOTETi AST* FARMrvo nU^TNESS. carried on  by the late Wir.LlAM WRiGHT, at the, niuo Toot  House nn������I Fftrm,C.irihoo Roiil, wilLhc contihue'tl as  usual by...thcuudersiprucd, who will not be account*  able tor any debts contr.������ctC;l on behalf of the said  business Without her written order. ���������   :  '- '.; ' J1RS. WRIGHT.'*.-���������'  July 27,1870. au6 tf  -���������Apply to  ju301nv; .'���������;.  A^X.,.McKEJCZlE  U ilie'Clalni:  ,..;;/;;....;;'for Sale.       -;;'!  1ITHE ESTATEO? AEEli'PHERSON  "\Z<r'lx...   i: ;'DWUASEDy'lXy..llii'iZ  \ Ij, persons i ndebted.. to ilie late. Axex. ItcPflFR-  r\.; so.v, Watch bim :* nr, Bark ;r,: i i 1.% a ro h oreby n-. :-  tiQofl to poy the amounts due tni.m^dintely to the nn-,  dersigned; and any -parties ha viug loft Wutches, Jewelry, or other valuable articles with the deceased are  req iits ted io rOmovu the'.'������;������mo .with in ono month Or  they: will" ho. sold to pay expense^.      . - \ 1 ��������� ' ��������� 1>-  THE PKKM1SJ5S AT BARKEftVILLB AND.  y:  STOCK ARE FOR SALE,        ,-..- ;i  ' --'��������� ���������: X'y '.';���������.:''"   /.'���������'.., J. S. THOIIPSO^ - ;  Barkervillo, B.C., August 6, 1870. - au8 tin  G-'^ TAYLOR,  _      ��������� ��������� :  Wiiun Creek.  Hereafter BooksWiUbe^!^  THE, SUBSCRIPTION   HAS   JiWW  J������iy 16, 1870. JPHN n0Wi^, Ubnirran/  ������������������-- juie faa  Received eterjr Week; by  "   "ressfZZ'::i-Li  CHOLERA,  E������W TO CORE IT.'  At the commencement of thosnivrhoei, which  al ways pre^edcs ,an. attack of tii e Cliolera, tak e i\  teaspoonful of the l'iiin Killer in siigtr and, water (hot  jf convenient), nu I then buthe frevly the stomach nh'i  bowels with the Pain Killer clear. Should the dhir  'r!1.031 (ir cramps continue, repeat the dose every ten  ������>r fl'tecii minutes unril tfie piti^nt is relieved. . In  extrome cases, two or more teaspoonftiIs may be given  at a dps^  At 5   DE NOUyiON & KURTZ,  Je2ft:2rn       ��������� -.    ������������������--,'������������������     " '. .-   .'���������-������������������ BarfcervUfe  A., G-ILMORE,  ERC HA NT TAILOR,  "'-'y :VATES; STREET,VyiCTORrA..'7.1.��������� "'���������';  HAS OK HANDr nml. is fionstiin tly receivfnc; i  ���������,',-1 fi rge nssor tm en t: of C LOT FI -i, ..'. CAPSfSI B ,1CS  nnd y<?stings,; which he is prepHredto make io order  in the most approved styles. ��������� . ',.  Parties cm Willhm Creetvcan hjiyo ihcirmea ������iin  taken by Mr McCoilum, Barkcrville.  AS* All orders from Cariboo promptly attf������n-1������4  to. .-.. my210i������  ._���������,   ^ wm*ia  win   oe old Sor^s, Bum's, Sc 11 is.'in ISpraiup.   Kur Sick Head  eutral. anbtber, that Denmark and Hungary ache mi I Tooth, ic he, dou'i'fail to try it.   In short, ii  ave decided on:-war for France.   The.Cmr .^Bir^ms^mpany each hotth.  f KtiSSia Will be neutral) and  regrets the The l\dn Killer is sold by all dealers in sr odicinea.  fisty action adopted by ho'!i'-..nations.   Aus- .                          a'uo  ia lias also decided on neutral it v.    I1MBEET & BISSOINETTB*  COMMISSION MERCHANTS,:  AN'D CB.VER.1L PEALERS Ui  G-R00ERIE3,  PROVISIONS, &c,  BARKERVILLE    AND    ANTLER  CREEK.  Watclimaker, 4J  Next door to Post' Office.  i������ io  will soon bA called for. I,, fjJt! -   Cimncil'������'������  :'n I t-vmthin/;'0t; i ,'    \  lvvl^^ ** Cariboo,  ������. BUSII lUxcr RUTTRR ^hvaysonhand    j '-��������� 11 3m"  ������wer con ntry  Mow  ^^^Mx:x  electioneering bug alreadv common��������� i  "For Sale, -^^  ONE-HALF  INTEREST |N THr  CORNISH CLAIM   "  "iT"**-"^"''  GRUNBAUM'   BROS.  Have opened a  B31ICH STORE AT YAIWIIKLE,  W^IS^ %m kflCp * cl"*o assortment of  GROCERIES, PROVISIONS,  CLOTHING, BOOTS,  .      MINING TOOLS, HARDWARE  GENUINE MEERSCHAUM PlPE5> &% '  Which they will sell at LOWEST RATES  ju23 lm  Ne-wBestaurant'& Board-  ; ing Kouse.  MISS A.~HI0ICIV1AN  D EfiS to announce that she has re-opened the btiil*  L*   ing known as the Kow Domiuion DiaingRoomi  as a., ��������� y    -..-.".  RESTAURANT AND BOAR DING IKJtJSft  First class Meals will.bo furnished, and tlio strict*  esS;livA0.n,|<>n l}!,f(1 t0 Uj0 wants of her customers.  DINNKKS FOB   PRIVATE   PARTIES   cookod t������  order.  WINES,   LIQUORS   &   CIGARS,  of the hest,quality, to be obtained at tho B:ir.  BOARD,     .     ..      .;    .      $12 per week.  Barkerville, July 2, 1870. " ju3  COMMISSION MERCHANTS AND  GENERAL   DEALERS  G-roceries,  Provisions, and  Lianors*  ���������OX 'fiAND-  THK   CEtdSBRATKD  Country  Particular attention paid to Consignments d  y Produce; J Mto  ��������� ���������!<   K. ,-     *  ���������I01  S n  li  m  &Si-  wm '���������*  SATURDAY, AUG; 6,  1870.  mat  i9 lm  n WiJ.  'estm  tstia  iosof  tuto,  *������'  '*.���������  ���������:  life..  1  dcr-  tn.  L  111  MINING INTELLIGENCE;/  WIIXIAM CREEK.  TheGoldLHill co..continuetunnelling. Tbe  |E&an Juan co. having worked into.'the/dec^..  Spartof their ground, have been running" a  ilidrain and making preparations to increase  thei i* working fo ice.   As; the deep* gro n n d in  all the hydraulic claims at the head of the  .creek''is opened the" pay increases;    The  lill Mo'11" *5lul lC0 * a*e P r08P ec ^ n S    ^ M e- Brad 1 ey-  jSE Nicholson 'co. 'are bottoming.' The Taylor cd.  tfSf craned up'. 40 oz. last week.   .The forward  k^Sco. have cleaned up the edge of the channel  igjjff and a few sluices, -and got about 40 oz.  Good  pay is expected in the deep part of the'channel,   The Wilson co. continue'������������������.getting good  I P.fty������ having cleaned up 51 oz, last week.  The  * Dutch Bill co. cleaned up 102 oz.   Tlie Cornish co. .84 oz.   The California (Chinese) co,  made about $7 per day to the hand.   The  other Chinese companies'aire said to ���������be doing  well.    ' .'",", '   y--;y-yy y  "1 The Foster-Campbell co. washed up 26 oz.  megi for tho week ; the Cariboo co. 39 oz., and the  ^* Caledonia co. 20 oz..... The, Forest rEose co.  was!led up '524; oz. for the week, and the St.  George co! 48,: ; The pay; in���������<��������� these two last  named claims; continues to be regular and  I ccrtai n, and satisfaclory dividends are ob-  j- gained.yThe ; Alert;Co.  washed up'''8 bz. for  L- the week.'. The compahy have struck -a,cbfth-  :  nel which is believed to be a continuation of  the Inst Watson lead; jit prb sp ec ts wel 1; '��������� The  y streak:of pay dirt in the New; Aurora claim is  .���������widening out; and last week the company  washed up 30 oz.   ���������.:i\-.-liyXyy:lyiyl.,..  '<���������������������������;...;'.y :������������������;;���������.���������������������������stout gulcu.;;..-���������:���������'','_:.-,   yy'.ZZ  The pay Th the Taffvale:claim improved last  week, and the shareholders received a dividend ���������"���������,-bf, SI00 to' tlie iriterest .for the week.  The. M ucho Oro co. wash ed up 25 oz...  ;,;'  ' '"���������' yy';'       -"���������������������������������������������;,;/CONKLtj?; GULCH. X . 'V. X-kl '-���������  The Fel jx co. washcd up over 29 oz. and  the Whi te Pi ne co. 182 oz.  t he In rlian Qu een,  New Almacleri, Lone Star, Renfrew arid Ericson companies continue; working., ;    yyi -X  ���������-'.:^:;''.;TAJXEY/MOUNTAIN. XXy ' Uy. -Vy <  Tho .f'Djtfc'jiy.fj^  ditch, and the .������;*; n era f; cu ri'osi ty -about: -these -.  $urface. di;rgiri'grs will.soon he gratified; by a  ' p ro per tost- 0 f their :yal Lie. :y ���������       1.1 iX' y.'-.. X .:;'.  UOWltKK CRREIC.  , The Brown co. got ;25: oz, for three days,  .and the Victoria co. washed np.25;k':<&yyyl,  GUOUSB CRKKK.   /  "Mining operations on this; creelc,are nmited  by s c arc! ty of wa tec. The, Salt S p ri n g co;  continue bottoming. The Rocky Poiu-t, Adair  and Caroline companies are cleaning up. The  Shor 1 bend co. are ground sluicing. The  Ha rd-n p co.,ha ve got down with - the ir new  shaft and are pumping the water from the old  long drive.  ' .cAKADfiN cam'  The Yellow Jacket co. are making wages.  E AG LB CREEK.  The Eagle co. are taking out small pay.  A strike on. this creek is reported.  '���������'-.-LIGHTNING CttEKK.    ,;  The Lightning co. washed up 337 oz.  week. This week they are not doing so well  ���������60 oz. for two days' run. Ross co. are  petting good pay. but are much troubled with  %vater. Fail-me-Kever co. are making wages,  %vi ih good, p ros pec Is ahead. Mou n t Ho 110 w  co. are getting some pay. Rough and Ready  co. are digging, a wheel-pit and will'soon be  ready for work. South Wales co. are still  sinking in their bed rock, shaft.. The Van  Winkle co. are sinking in rock, and are down  about 28 feet. Victoria co. still occupied  with clitcli. The Van cou ver c0. are stiU going  down���������depth 34'Tee t. The Last Chance co.,  whose belt broke last week.. will soon be in  operation again, and have their diggings free  of water. The Gladstone co. commenced to  bail out their shaft on Thursday morning, and  expected to re-commence sinking in the evening. Their new machinery works splendidly.  Eleven of England sunk,a depth of .26 feet  and found clay, but owing to temporary derangement of machinery have stopped for a  ���������day or two.  cuisuolm cheek.  Tho water on this creek being very light,  ���������mining operations have almost stopped.  ���������  It  Ji  last  The A V. S. co. are down with their pit about  ten feet The Summers co. have got all their  machinery ready. The old Antler co. are  sinking a bedrock shaft.  :     CEDAR CREEK.  The Aurora co, cleaned up 50 oz. for the  week before last, and expected to get CO oz.  for last week. ���������       -  ANDERSON CREEK.  The Warren co. washed up 70 oz. last week.  The Emily do. are getting pay.  ANTLER CREEK.  The Manitoba co. areirunning a tail-race to  bedrock. The Porter xo. are getting good  pay.^ Tho Boyd claim- is paying well. The  Harkins co. have bov.oraed their pit. Tho  Old Lead eo. contmu& getting good prospects  ���������in crevices as high as an ounce to t&e pan.  y SUPREME COURT.,  (Before his Honor Mr Justice Crease.) .  Letters of Administration to the estate of  the late John MacLaren Ave re, up on motion  by Mr Walkem, granted to Mr J. H. Todd,- a  creditor of the estate for about $950, the next  of kin in the colony renouncing. The value  of the personalty was sworn under $ 1000.  The will of the late,Alex. Mcpherson, of  Barkerville. was proved and administration  granted to Mr J. Spencer Thompson,' the Executor, upon motion by Mr Walkem., The  personalty was sworn under $750. .  Letters of Administration to .the estate of  the late Gilbert Gondia were granted to his  sister, Mrs Isabella Barlow, upon motion by  Mr Walkem. The. estate was sworn under  $10,000.    .  Administration of the estate of the late John  Lange, who was acciden t!al 1 y d rowned i n  Fraser river,; was granted to Mr John Boyd,  upon mbtion by Mr Walkem. The person-  alty was valued at $300  Administration of the estate of tho late  George' Schmidt was, upon motion by Mr  Walkem. gran ted to Mr C, E. Pooley. The.  value. 0 f t he es t ate cou Id n 01' b e as cer t van ed  The will of'. the 1 ate Eugeri e. v C cm be w as  p ro ved and adm inistr a tion "g rah ted; -. u p 0 n th e  application of Mr Walkem, to Louis Haulier,  ot Ly tt on. The value, of > the . estate was n o t  ascer tamed. ���������  App)ication-was made by Mr Walker, conn  sel of Capt. William Monatt, that the wilirof  Chartres Brew, deceased, should be admitted  to probate. Upon the usual affidavit of the  due execution of the will by the deceased, an  ord er w as made th at th e w il I shoul d "be admitted to probate npon affidavits ������led as to  the value of the estate;   .  MINING COURT.  (Beforr Hon. ,H; M. Ball, Gold Commissioner;and  ";' y.   County Court Judge..)  Zr. ';;Wednesi)ay?;; August 3,1870.,;'  W3ff.   SOOBY   VSr   DOTCFI 'BlLTyCo.^riit   to  ahpw.cause why.'fteten^ants should not pay-to  pi ai h ti ff, w ho was a; s K areh old er in the crjm -  p any ,* his pro p or ti on of the d'i vi den dsw hi p.l 1  had a ecru ed'from the; wo r k of the c.o m p a ti y  prior to hw ceasing to "be a; sliaicholdef.  Plaintiff alleged that he had demanded his  proportion of the dividends three times and it  was refused^  The defence was that the compntiy had  been notified by one Wm. A. Jones not.to  pay the dividends tO:plaintiff, as he (Junes)  had purchased plaintiff's interest "before (fee  dividends became payable, nnd that therefore  the dividends should be paid to him,  'Plaintiff denied having sold his interest to  Jones, and the company were ordex*ed to -pay  the dividends to plain tiff,  W. A. Jonbs vs. W. Soory.���������-Sull to show  cause why defendant should not execute a  proper bill of sale of one interest ia the Dutch  BifpGOciu favor 0f piain tiE ,  On be������alf of plaintiff it was argued and evidence was produced to show: That on the  27th July defendant had agreed to transfer to  plaintiff an interest held by him in the Dutch  Bi 11 co. f 0 r $300, and the ba rgai n was - ce in-  pie ted by defen dun t having received from  plaintiff SI as earnest money ; that after having received the earnest inon������y defendant  sa?d if plaintiff would call on him the following day he would give plaintiff the bill of  sale ; that plaintiff did so and found defendant writing out the bill of sale, and defendant  said that as soon as he had finished It he would  bring it to his (plaintiff's) cabin ; that plain*  tiff subsequently excused himself for not having made the transfer by saying that his attorney had advised him not to give the bill of  sale until he (defendant) had settled witli the  company, but in the meantime defendant kept  the earnest money ; that defendant came to  plaintiff's cabin and told him he had not got  tho hill of sale ready and that he intended to  get an order from tlie Judge to settle with the  company; that plaintiff called on defendant  on the following day and made him a tender  of $300 in gold coin, and he refused to give  plaintiff a bill of sale. .    .. .  The evidence relating to conversation in  plaintiff's cabin and the tender of $300 was  corroborated by E. T. Jones, Wm. T. Jarvis  as to the first, and Wm. Cullis as to the latter  part. ! ��������� \  On behalf of defendant, it was contended:  That there bad been no agreement made as  alleged, but that plaintiff had offered tho $1,  which was refused, and that plaintiff threw  the dollar on defendant's bed and went away;  that plaintiff had asked defendant if he would  sell the interest, and the latter said he would  sel I it '��������� to no o n e who was b uy'i n g i t d i recti y  or indirectly for the Dutch Bill co.; that de-  fendant>ould sell for $350, but would not  give a bill of sale im til he had received the  d i vi den ds,; that it was true defen dan t wen t to  plaintiff's cabin, but it was for the purpose of  making further enquiries as to whether plaintiff intended to buy only (Or tlie company :  that when".plaintiff found defendant writing a  bill of sale it was hot for plaintiff but for any  body, who' might buy ; that defendant expected to sell soon, as> various parties had  made oilers to buyf, and that he afterwards  did sel 1 on the same lerms as 0ffered to; piam-  ti ff���������viz;: $ 350 a ft er recei y i ng th e d i v id e n ds.  , Co it nsel for defen dan t co n te n d ed that a  mining interest was an interest in land, and  that any agreement involving a sum of over  ������10 was null and void if not in writing, and  therefore plain tiff 7s evidence was inadmissible  acco rdisg to ?. h e statu te 0 f f ran dsw  In reply it was argued that the statute of  fi-auds did not apply to this case, as the Mining Ordinance made a mining interest a chattel ; and if It had not been intended to make  a mining' interest a- chattel the Legislature  wooldvnot have expressly declared U to be so.  A mining interest could not he an interest In  land, because the Mi n i ng O rd i 0 an co deel a red  that the miner should have no-surface rights.  Tho Gold' Commissioner said he would  leave tlie points of law and decide Upon the  facts. lie then reviewed the facts of the case,  declared them to be in favor of defendant,  and idismissed the case with costs.  WAYSIDE ITEMS.  A general dullness prevails at the Mouth of  Quesnelle.. The little; spirit that the Peace  river rush gave the town has; only, made it  now appear, by contrast, all the duller. The  new stores that were started there last spring  h ave b eea cl ose d, wi th the excep tion of. J. C.  Beedy's.^ Grunbaum Bros, have removed to.  Van win kle ;an d opened a store there; Pearson Bros., tinsmiths, are shipping their, tools  and stock \ to Van winkle, where they intenci  Opening a branch store.;.. . . Jy -  Most of the men who -rushed to Peace river  have ru sh ed b ack' wi th greatl y a cce levated.  speed, and not a few are ;:how on Williams and  Lightning creeks. ;:"  Mr Sperice.has done (������OOd service oa the  roads, which are now fast improving,   .:  The bay crops between Qnesnelle and the  creek are looking very fine and ���������; promise a  very good harvest   ��������� ���������-.,,:-��������� ~-^<     ;  A fc Van wi n kle quite a li ttle to wn Js sp ri ng-;  i n g:. u p, a net if it p regresses at I h e p rese nt rate  for ' th e 11 ex fc si x m 0h th s, there wi lib e the  desired qua n turn of sto res . an d wash- ho uses  th e re���������i. e.. one sto re '���������. to e very two mine rs.  Then tbat will be jolly,, and everything will  go; as merry as ai marriage bell! I may here  remnrk that it is very fashionable at the present time to stake off town lo.ts in all directions about Lightningcreek^ more. especially  .at Vamvinkle.  Beedy & Lindhart have rem0 ved fcheir hotel  and billiard rooms from Dunbar Flat to Van-  winkle. It is a large and elegaut building  a nd-13 very nea tly fitte d up. i h 0 p e it will  prove a source of profit to the enterprising  and popular proprietors.  *��������� Scutlaiid stands where it did." The  Hotel de Fife still flourishes on Dunbar Flat,  under the able direction of Mrs Allen, who  is always on hand to administer to the wants  of the weary  Wayfarer.  LiEtirsxAKT-GovKiwoit���������It appears from a  paragraph inserted in a late' number of the  Montreal Witness, that that extra-pious in-  d ivid mil, * the Colo n ist (newspaper) 4-e.kga.te.  to Ottavva," has taken 11 p0n himsel f the re���������  sponsiUility of nomittatiug a near relative-~  Hon. Mr Til ley���������as Lieu t.-Go ver nor for British Colugibii. Mr II. E. Seelye is compli-  mentefl by the same paper for his unceasing  and .successful exertions to obtain a Responsible form of Government for British Columbia. Doubtless*, but for the   extraordinary  exertions of the t; Colonist delegate/' Confederation must have miscarried, and. Governor  Musgrave and the British'Columbia delegates  must sec that his services are properly  acknowledged. This H. E. Seelye is a very.  very able man I  QiJKSXBiiMOirrrc Itots���������The rrn'ssmg horse  and dray which belonged to Harry  Wilmot  was found last week on a bar in Fraser river  between Soda creek and Ques nel mouth.   The  horse was attached to  the dray.   Ferguson,  the colored man, who was missing at the same  ti me, li as not yet tu r 11 e d u p.   The H. B. Co.'a  baUcimx from Fort Stuart, were expected at  the Month last Wednesday.    The   steamer  Victoria brought up 25 tons of merchandise  last Friday week.   Turk's pack train had returned from Omineca.   About fifty men from  Omineca had eone down the road.   Large  quantities ot salmon are being caught by the  Indians.   The run is very large this year and  the Indians will have plenty of muck-a-muck  for the winter.  ExntESs���������Barnard's express arrived, lasij  Saturday and left on Sunday. By the up-'  express the following passengers arrived at  William creek : C. Oppentieimer, U. Finla-y-  sonj E. Nenfelder.! Mr Gannon, of the Light-,,  ni ng co?, Ligh tni ng creek, ca in c as far as Van  AV in kle, by express from Victoria. ; Mr Mo  Kinley, of Lake La Hache. came up to Alexandria, and Sheiiff Geo.Byrnes/who had been  to Soda creek on officiaI b'usiness,; came to  Barkeryilie. By the down-express ilr Lean  took his departure for England.  SubsciuptIoxs���������The liberality of the inhabitants of William creek was appealed to:ia  three instances last week, an d h01 wiih'standing  the dull times u generous response was invoked. About $500 were given iu aid of the  Roman Catholic Indian school at Williams  lake, and a like sum was given to send homo  a convalescent patient of'the hospital.. A  subscription was also called for by ^the Fire  Brigade to pay for repairing the Morning Star  ditch, which,Was required to fill the tire tank ���������  with water. .     ,    .  ������������������".���������'Gbxenons���������The Lightning co., of Lightning  creek, have donated $100 in aid of the CarU  1) 00 hos pitai fu lids. Last;weeK they .gavo  S550 to assist in sending home one of the,late  patients, and Mr Win trip gave $20 in addition  ou his own account. The names of the company are: Matthew Chambers, foreman; Jas.  A rd I e, Jo h n i Ga bno n, Ad am ��������� G le nden u i ng,  Pe ter Glen d e n n i ng, Le wis W\ n tri p,: ��������� ���������^McDonald aud IIagaa. They deserve their gopd  lortune. ���������' 1 X'::-  ; IIynitAuucDiogtkgs--TJiesufracediargings  referre d to; ih our Vast" two im tri b ers as havi ng  been discovered by Doc. Ho How ay, -have  proved oh trial n 01 ri ch e rid1 ugh to wo rk';. w i lb-  out hydraulics. They:ave situate on the land  bordering on Jack-of-Clubs lake and extend  for;aboilt twb miles. If sufficient fall coiild  b e obtained th ey, wo aid m ake go bd h y d raiil ic  diggings: This disco very 'w/ill>intereBt^M'es^rB.-  Kiirtz and Lane, who had ih contemplatioa.  therirainmg.of thei.lake.       7  VATmnLE MixtxQ CLADts;for.Sale���������Mr G.  Taylor offers;"his; interests in the Downie,  Mountain arid Cariboo claims on Williatn  creek for sale; also; aninterest in the Sawmill  claitn on ; Lightning- creek/ Mr Tajrtor is  about to retire from mining,;having been engaged in'-.mini-Bg for twenty years, and.an.. ex*  cellent 0 p p or tu ni ty is ��������� th ercby 0 ffe red to- sc ���������  care interests in well-known valuable claims.  1 TheATnB ���������The performance at Ihe Theatre  jasfc Saturday came, off .successfully, and the  vaudien ce C were wel 1 satisfied wi th the entire  J eatertainment. Mrs Kellyte singing was es-  p ecia lly co mine n dab le? Messrs. Thorn pso n,  I'erretfc, McDermolt,..Smith.and Mrs Parker  and: .Fioi^uce1 Wi their  usual well-known ability.   .  Mewouy presides over tho,past: Fetx's  Cop fee over, the present. The first lives iii a  rich temple hung, with giorions. trophies, and  lined with tonibs; but Ftai/s Coffek lias but  one shrine, and, that isrevery breakfast tab lev  I ts aro ma wal ks th e ear ih 1 i ke a spin t, an il  can be found for sale at every res pec table  dealer*o in British Columbia.-..-,."Beware of  spurious imitations. ;.'.', *  Expukss���������Harry Wilmot has commeneed  running; an express wagon between WllJ&fcox  creek, Vanwinkle and Quesnelmoutfe, an���������  solicits a renewal of the custom with which  he was formerly favored when in the same  business. He will attend to all orders wllfcy  his usual care and dispatch. -   ;  NorrcK���������C. McCallum requests all parties  , I ndeb le d to hi 1 n to se tl I e acco & n ts 0 n. or be- . .  fore the 18 th of August, as after that date -he*  intends to place all unpaid bills in court, for  cttUe^tion.   He is now selling off the remainy.  der of bis stock of clothing at and beio\y cost,.  for cash ouly.y      ;':'.' ;'.,:,:���������*  Ma AimoTT arrived in Barkervi 11 e yester-i '���������'  day froiii Omiueca, and reports tta fav<^ra"t>l������  change in the raining new& The Chns'ii������  brothers and a few other Caribooites had gone  over to S keen a river, where about 25 miners  are prospectingy  OoFFMra���������TheCoffee prepared by WILLSD^  & RlCKMAN, Fort street, Victoria, has superseded all other Coffee in the lower country."  It is manufactured from the very best raw  coffee, aud its superiority is attested by tin*  fact that wherever introduced it has becoma  he favorite beverage.  Lisrr--The Hon. Mr Justice Crease and Mr  Registrar Pooley. of the Supreme Court, left  William creek last Monday, and on the following day Messrs. Fiulayson and Wark left  for Quesnelmouth.  Ba-iixauo's Exptiess1 arrived yesterday,���������  Messrs. Marvin, Wright, Wark and Hoffman  were passengers. The down express Will  leave to-morrow morning. Q  Quartz��������� Wright & Co. have nearly completed their srastra, and will commence  crushing quartz next week. j;  Ycxa Haxg, a Chinaman, was fined $108  on Thursday for having sold liquor to Indiaaa, 1   d  :  ���������   '\  : . j  ;'i    ' !  ������  "        j  .--���������   .1  i  : ��������� il-  ���������  .1  ';��������� r  ���������-���������'- :'  IJ  i. ���������.  ���������i  MINING RECORDS.  "^fitou.  vy;' ;  5tV  '���������������������������.  ;-,.v.  /  V '  |  ���������$:���������:��������� :  I;:--  v.  I. ���������;.  ftft   J- '���������  ?��������� ���������    : '  / '   ' ''  y\    ^ ,  ���������  &\  . ���������  ���������    -.-  ' X  xy;    ��������� '���������", ������������������'���������;;:, coxklin:gulch. .������������������.. ������������������:.../-:��������� ������������������������������������:,  j-tily.26-J.Pat. McOabe and John McKenzie,  two Mit claims on northeasfchaiik of Coiikim's  cnlch, commencing at a point 20, feet, up  stream 'from���������'upper " United: tunnel,'!...ftwh!  thenoo running: down stream 200 feet, frpnt  line run n ing' alp riff th e \Ericsb n's si de; line. To  be known as (ho McOabe'co.' "���������'; .-���������':  .'MeCabe co.���������Ju ly 2S���������Joseph.Belly one bill  claim on northeast hank commencing: at the:  lower lines of the;; McCabe c6;, and riinoipV  down-stream 100 feet, the'./.base lipp, running  . along;the eastern; side line of Ericson co.. To  be worked in conjunction witli and teni part  of the McCabe co./   -.:.     ; ���������������������������:ly:   ��������� ,  '1^.'::-,;.wiijjams-;crkek.-^;;;���������'/������������������;''������������������'' ty  N^.^'rctfi. feo^-July 27���������100 inches of  w'ates Irom 06nklin/|ujchv;^R^reeor^ '''  , "New Moffatt.co.^-Julj;28~Tbomns Marris,  100 feet, beihg the nj}per 100 feet'of the .Beiui-  regard cb������on tiie east side of. creek���������a lii 11  claim 100.feet square.. To.form;part of the  New Moffatt co.' : : ���������  Foster-Campbell : co.���������July .28-Tlioraas  Bel I, H in tercsts.���������. Re-record.  .;     .       ,.  . New; Moflfatt: co.���������August 1^John Robinson, one;interest., Re-re'corcL     V    y-X .,  Hyaclc cb,4August 2���������-A;'.Johnson, l^in-  tcrflslS[:H./Glnie^  B. Jose and Ilch.Steel^each on.e:balf interest;  A. McDonald,,*interest. Re-record of 500  feet hill claims: '\  Rip"Van Winkle co.-^August2���������P,eter Mc-  Don n Id;; a ben oh cl aimi on.east;]) anlt of; creek,  250 feet frontage by 50 feet deep, running  back to the frontline of the. Rig Ym :WinK.lS  "��������� co., and bounded on theI-north' by the���������'��������� Alert  co. and on the, west by tbe Cariboo co., and.  south by the Aurora co.; To form part of the  ��������� Rip Van "Winkle co.'   f .        *  Wilson co.^:August 2���������Richard Claridge  c and E. P. Bailer,, two. bill ct, aims; p n sou th/sid e  of creek.'commencing at the southwest corner;  o f the Wi Isoh co i an d tu n ni ng d o wn stream:  200 feet./��������� .Ttfforni part of the Wilson.ooiyy  Is- EAGLE.CaiflEK.      / -':  Sunflower ;co.���������July 2.6^John Anderson,  JobnSli.: B..;McClahe,: Morris Wells, Burton;  Isom:and: James Smith, five'creek claims commencing: at'the upper ;lines of the Eagle co.  and runhitig up strpam 500 feet^ To*be known  as the Sunflower co.  .    LIGBTNINGtfJREEK^  Kingcraft cb;���������July 26~Adam ;Rbs3, Jos.  Gi 1 mbre, Hen.: Ch arl ton,' Peter (JI endenni ng,  four hill claims on south side, commencing  at the south corner of the "old Ayrshire  Lass" cb. and running up stream 100 feet p?tr-  lel with the old Ayrshire Lass co.'s side line  To be known as the Kingcraft co.  Brewer, cb".���������Thomas La very, Frank Bissoh-  nctte, Adam Ross and Jos. Hunter, four hill  claims on; north bank, commencing j at tbe  up per;,1 iue of the El jjoraiQ. co.; and vunning  up stream 400 feet. To be known as the  Brewer.co.-, ���������:; -X"  Aime co.���������July 29���������G-. B. Massinot, one  hill claim on right side of creek, commencing  at the upper lihe'Sf Aime's.^laim and running  up stream, 100 feet to the .lower line of the  New; Sou th Wales co. To form part o f Aime's  claim and to be known as the Aime co.  -/���������';���������;ANTLER;CREEK.' "J",   ]'<  Siimmers^co.r-Jniy 26���������Samuel Price and  Alex. Grant, two interests abandoned by H.  Home and J. Knott. ���������. ,.   .* -...  ;       - - .; CHISHOLM. CREEK.  " Snowden co.���������July 28��������� JohniErang,"Thos.  Hughes, two creek claims commencing at the  tipper line of the Snowden .co. and running  up stream 200 feet.: To form part of Snow-  -den co.���������---���������,' '��������� ���������"  ; , -''.��������� ���������'���������'���������/'���������-  \y:,_ ,X MINK GpLCff., : , ./'��������� ���������', ;  Perseverance co.���������August I���������W; T. Jarvis,  E. TV JonesiH; Steele, each one interest.;: ,Jas.  Campbelly J..E. Smith, 35'Harragp ahd; John  Anderson j each ohe-half interest ;*"\Vm. Smith,  twoithivds of one interest, and Henry Brown  one-tbird of-one interest. .Re ���������record of 850  feet, incjuding^ 250 feet discovery gmnLV  'yl^yXy \X: :���������..������������������.���������: BEAR^Rivisii.'. ;   '������������������  '.y^y'.  1 Ah I Sam ' co.r-August 1���������Ab Team & co.,  five b eh cb plai tns, t wo d n left side and three  on: righ t side, abbu fc 35 mi 1 es ;ft;bm Rich field.  '; Angust 1���������-Ab Sam, 50 iricnes 6'f water, to  be taken from a little creek flowing into Bear  river.,     ���������   ���������'-;��������� ���������������������������*'. ���������...���������.���������   .  MISuELLANEOUS.  ���������..MISCELLANEOUS;  MISCELLANEOUS.;/  Slieet and Gast Iron Stoves  TIN PLATS -& SHEET IRON.  :\LL JOBBING WORK :IN TIN; COFFER /Sheer  ���������sX I r on", Z i n c a n (1 L p a ti Tip in g, attend c o t o wi ih  ���������omptnoss, and warruntetl to give entire satis-  ��������� cMbn.%[������������������������������������'> ��������� ?yy;y/y.y.y- '*:yf-  Hardware % Iron. & Steel,  Y A T E S S T R E E T,. TIC TO BIA, V.I.  '-..MgaK'Orders for Monuments?. Tnmhstonei?. fee,  promptly ii ttenilcd to. Every description of work  in'Marble executed. A List of Prices can he seen ������t  the Sextixel QIHco ��������� .   ;.; -���������;-. '. ,--,-���������.- ���������;;   my? 6m  A. Casamayou & Ga,  Commission ;Merchants.& Wholesale Dealers  .,, ;������������������ '��������� >:.��������� ;;-.in..������������������;������������������'        ���������������������������/."���������  GRbGERIES,   PROVISIONS,  HA VAN A 'CIGARS .. AND ! FRENCH  r/;     PRESERVES/A. I.     '.,..;:  >���������:���������������������������'   Yates street, Victoria, .V.I/ -:,  '���������X ":,'���������       .:'������������������      :"     my J 3m ��������� ���������,.;���������'���������   :���������    ',': *;���������  Mining and. Agricnltural  \ ^y'xyxy. MachinerT;^':/  SPRATT k KRIEMLER MnnurflCturo all kinds of  Machinery for Farmers and Minor?, at tho Albion  Foundry, Victoria, V. L, and . 1'ur ' cheapnesg nn'i  qiial'i ry Mi ci r work, can not bo rivalled by any other  machinists./ First premium Colonial made Wrought  Iron Pltaicbs, after-Ihe Scolch style, universally ,ac-  kno\vl:!dged-1o be.the.hest:in..iise, price So'o..;Orders  for Quartz Mill??, Iron 'Ptnnps, &c, Ploughs or parts  o f Plou ������lis,' prbm p t ly at ten c I ed to. my 7 0 m  ���������_:���������'       ���������        FORiSALE.;  ;���������."���������   \E. PEARSON &BROS;,   v  /���������;:-"-: -Bareerville :and Qcesnelmoutil  Etc.  SPROAT  &  GO.y  IMPORTERS OFK  '.   AGENTS.FOR "!  The Roy^lJlii^nranc  '-;,'     /WHARF STREET^ VICTORIA, V:I. -.^v  ....������������������ ..iny7"3m' ���������  SfEAlEE  HaB commenced majdno- her reqdaMri*^  .between      ���������  "������ .. f3  SODA" CREEK &/QUESNELMOUTH. *."."  ^Thcsteamer is not-responsible for IP',?,,  Oils, or other liquids shipped in tins. kaSfl 0|  u  Tlie Steamer v Onward"  o   /        ;��������� .XAPT.'WJLIRViNG,     V  ���������    '  LEAArES Kow -Wesiminster for Yaio on W���������!���������  days' and Saturdays;. ; , , n " ^-.  *Thc steamer will not be responsible for leab^i  Liquids shipped In tin or glass:   . TV?"-  ���������aijl-  y FOR THE 0M1NECA MIKES.  THE undersigned bcfis'tainform all parties wkhi������,  to ship, goods .to VitaPs creek aii<UiirronmiJ!.  country that he will be propured to fonnml GO ������  pounds.per month, on and after the 1st of April ntvt  from Qucsnelmouth to the head of navigation '  All cohsignmoiitsttltended to with care anddu  patch.1  ���������..-    \,   - ������������������ -, ���������' ���������;   .- ���������       ,.*'  ja8tf -  ;   ' , PATRICKHICKEY  /VolkenMrg &  Co-  Zyl FIE^AIL   6UTCHEFIS,  Xs'-,;.;-.;'-; v.'- -'v!-'v.' ���������'���������, y-yi xr"-X: y,:; ���������.  BACKER V'lfi  :> MOSQUITO. CREEK;  A supply o fresh m eat oi' al 1 descript'i on9 constiin tly  onhand-   ���������--���������'..���������/., .-������. .  iPabific ��������� :T6legrapIx ;Hat^  v Store streei (between Herald (foSisgard),  victoria, B.C.;,  Audrew' Astrieo, ���������   . -    : - ;  Proprietor.  Tho most commodious and clean "Hotel in'Victoria.  ' 11 i s coiid i'ic tc cl; 011 th c European pr'i nel pie., Th c table  is'supplied-.with the-very best the iiiarRc'taflords...V:::  .".' Meals.at all hours of the day. ^Private Dining;  Rooms for Families.'.,...      ���������  ,  Board .and Lodging per week,. $5 50 @ S6 50.���������:  Per' day, $1: ��������� Single nieate/371-2 cents. . Beds, 50c,  : ��������� fW A Fi re-prnof. Sai'o in ..th e House..  Zy NOTICE: ',  THE barge "OMINECA," Cnpt. "Moore, will.lie pr*.  .pared, on the 1st day. of June next, 10 make hi  regular trips .from the foot of Stuart Lake to Ihehead  of navigation on .'Lake Tailah, carrying freight aDd  passengers; ���������..'.;.;:,!.-'   "'"'-.'; '���������.'' '���������.���������'::��������� ;;  ��������� The Ornihecais 35 tons burden; and is provided with  six water-tight compartments and capable of carry.  inp2o head of pack animalsI on.deck.  ���������.All goods.in tended io be sliippe.d by tlie Omjneca  the parties shipping will please address Ji W.k Moore,  foot of Stuart Lake, where ���������there will be a good, substantial Warehouse for- the receiving arid forwarsting  goods.: "������������������'- .' ��������� /";���������;;���������.-.        y    J. W. JiOOilR. '���������'-  Quesnellempulh, April 16th, 1870.    .    , , op23  ���������DEALER IN���������  G- r 0 de r i e s y- Provisions ?  STORAGE; AND   COMMISSION  ::;-'r-L:Of...  GOVERNMENT AND: AYIIARI? STREETS  ��������� I'y'yy.   X-.y VICTORIA;;   \;\   .  *$  thpprters of ail descriptions of Dry Goods;  ' y Hd^iery and Underclothing." ,;.;;"  A very full assortment of these goods, suitable for  Wholesale buyers, at their Wharf street. Store.  ���������  Regular .supplies received from Europe hy sailing  vessels and by Express via Panama and PaciSc Railroad. //..      ..'..'������������������ : /.  j^^Particuiar attention given to orders from British Columbia. ���������������������������-*. "'  Sole Asent tor Alexaxeke Km Gloves.  London Firm���������J. ;1\ TUNSTALL & Co., 8 Bow Church  ���������   Yard; .  ^Consignments carefully attended to and orders  CUthiully executed. ���������-.-'��������� "  Barkerville, June 24th, 18.70,  je25 3ra  OTIC E.  j-  i'.,'^".'"..  u&X  i..y f  '���������    -    AKDI3RSON CREEK.        ^"-  British co.~July 28���������F. Nonfelder, Wm.  Cowtiotr, Tlios. Allen, Lewis Wiatrip and John  Mitchell, five hill claims on east bank- of  creek,.comm'encingabout 100feet below the  canyon' and from thence rnnnitijr up stream  600 feet.   To be known as the British co.  Emily co.���������August 1���������F. Neufelder, Josiah  Rowe and ,F. Oit} each two Interests. Re-  record. ���������  British co.^-Augnst 1--Sam/ Tretheway,  one hill claim on: east bank of creek, commencing at the lower line ot the Brilish company and running down stream 100 feet. To  form part of the British co.  VALT.BT MOUNTAIN. .  Tenasfl co���������July 29���������Jas. McB. Smilh, one  bill claim, commencing at the upper line of  the Huntingdon co. and running up stream  100 feet.   To be known as (he Tenass co.  FRENCH CREEK.  Cosmopolitan co.���������August. 1���������Jonathan  Hut$ li interests; Dom. Ercole, Jos; Senay,  F.: Daoust, B:. Deflis, j: H. Montgomery, 6!  Lambert, Martin Bi^hel,' each one interest^  and Wm. Galley one-ha 1 f of ono in'terest Re-  record of 12. creek and 13 hill claims. ,..;'/  '-   ;"������������������-; . - .: vLOWHEE CREEK..,     -_.:    -:  . ;,Calayeras co,���������August 2���������Peter Caw, one  interest   Re-reeord*  THETJNDERSIGNED   BEGSv TO   INFORM��������� HI������i  1 ���������friendsand jhogabll^thathe has01tedun soma  COMFORTABLE    BED- ROOMS  In h Is new building, where h e i s  good Beds at a, reasonable price'.  prepared to giv  Those- who wiJ  favorhim with their patronage, may depend on tho  cleanness and comfort oJ-his House..  ;Hctakcs'alsothis:opport'unity to remind the Carl  booif.es that his.Brewery has received the Fn?=;T  PRIZE.or the Colony.forhiscelcbrated      ������������������****������  XXX   ALE,  And the trueamatears wil.)be able to judiebvtbo^  solves that such honorable prize has been j^tly  FLOUR, ELGM, FLOUR,  FOE SALE AT CLIITOI MILLS, .  SOBA  CREEK, . .  QUESNELLE, and  BARKERVILLE.  Also,  TWO 6-iN. CYLINDER STEAM ENGLNES;  ���������  ���������.., MTH- BOILERS,  Suitable Tor small steamers.  Clinton, April 12th, IS70.  J. HARPER,  : ap!6 Gro.  ftwnrdcd to mm.  N. R.���������;A large front room fco-ct*  : Barkcrville Jan. 23 186&.  N. CUNIO'  CHEAP    GOODS!  C03IPRISI.VC���������  Boots, Shoes Clothing and  G-roceries, ,-  OF  THE  BEST   QUALITY,  Fors^lc at the Store of the undersigned \w Barkerville, opposite the Bank of Brilish Columbia.  W. RfcNtflE.  ittt'i.^iSti-'fK.'f'iiiiff!  THE'BOXER-CARTRIDGES  ForSnidor-Euficld.of -577 Imre,  and for th o; Hen ry, a nil Ma r-  ttoi Henry Rifles oIV. 450 bore,  adopted, by her Majesiy's "War  Department, also Of *500 bore  for Military Rifles?;;:;  'WATERI'ROOP - CENTRAL -  pirk:sieta.l.li;c CAR-  TK IDGKS with ehlnrgpit 1Jasc  for smol 1 '���������: bo'rc'f^ ad'i.pteri by.  foreign govern men tr \iur, ,v(\y  vertetl-Qiiasspppt/Berdan; I^o.-  mingtoh aiid .other Rifles ;:a!so'  Cartridges for Bal lah*. i):c ^tiss&'  Spen ce r^ a nd: A in er i ca ii He ii ry  Repeating Rifles. '   ; "' !���������'���������'��������� ���������'.������������������'������������������     ^i ' -  'The ;������ ELEY; BOXERi* afetb i-cl > <s* \wt C ri i\^s  known, carrying their own jguitiin.^Jid i/s-ii'K/i'1'^  wholly, of, metal, aro water proo' and irr.jti rl^l-iitU- in  any climate.''./ /:/'" ;1'.^";.' //'/'   .'.;,���������  / The a bo ve Car t r i dgc daso&( e m ply}'. of a H f i icw, fi ii  for the different systems ot'Brce'eii-lo.'ninp Kife't. (" n  be. had with or without tho suitable Bulleth mi* Machines for finishing the Cartridges. .-������������������������������������:.':,  . BOXER CARTRIDGES of -450 bore for Revolving  Pistols, use'd in lier,Mnjcsty ?s Kavv.���������"���������'-'"  COPPERRIM-FIRB CARTRIDGES of al! sizes,for  Smith & Wesson's, Tranter's and other Pocket Re.  vol vers.   ���������-��������� -.'/-..   ���������'.������������������..:���������..������������������.. *. ....  PIN-CARTRIDGES for. Lcfaucheux Revolvers oi  12 m. 9-m. and 7-m. bore.   ���������' ,  CENTRAL-FIRE and PHC-FIRE CARTRIDGES for  all sizes and systems of Guns, Rifles and Revolvers.  Double Waterproof^ nd E. B.Caps, Patent Wire Car  tridges, Felt Gun Waddings .for Breech and Munle  Loaders, and every description pr Sporting and "Mm-  tary Ammunition.  ELEY   BROTHERS,,  GEAT?S;iNK  ROAl)., .LONDON,  . "'WHOLESALE ONLY   : ; G2t3fl������10  .   LEA & PERRIES'  .Celebrated;  WORCESTERSHIRE   SAUCE,  Declared by Connoisseurs to be  THE ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE.  Importer and Dealer in Fine Havana  CIG-ABS and TOBACCO,  BOOTS MADE TO OBDEII  sc4lf  as usual.  Caution against Fraud.���������The success of ttife  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers to apply tho name of" Worcestershire Sauce" the public is hereby inform cd that iu������  only way to secure the genuine. Ip to  SAWNEY'S   LETTERS  be obtained in and onto]  io porei>ascr.. A general  or  The above articles can  Bond,atthc,optioriof  ���������   '. . .',.-..   assort men  SMOKING  ARTICLES.  NO, 4V YATES STREET.   ''  [Opposite the Bank of BrHisli^orth America,)  my 7 3m  axd  CARIBOO    RHYMES?  iBY JAMES ANDERSON.  VICTORIA, Yd.  PRIOJ3,  For'safcat the SExnxELOfflco  post, fre6 of charge j  ONE DOLLAR  and forwarded by.  my 29  ASK FOB LEA & PERRINS' SAUCE,  and to see that their names aro upon tho wraitkb,  laukls, stoh'kr, and nurriii. ,. ,  Someol the foreign markets having bcrnsnppiicu  with a spurions Worcestershire Sauce, upon tbe wrapper and labels of which .the names of Lea and Porrins  have been forged, L.-and P/givo notice that Uiey  have furnished their correspondents with poweroi  attorney to tako,instant',pr(icecdings against mano-  PAcruRERsand vendors of such, or any other unita  tions by which their right may be infringed.  Ask for LEA & PERRINS' Sauce and s"  Name  on Wrapper!.:.Label, Bottle, an  Stopper. .,������������������-' y  - "WholesalQ and for export by the Proprietors, Worcester ;Crosse apd Blackwcll, London, &c., ko. ��������� fioo  by Grocers and Oilmen universally, '  y,  yy  y-r,.  Wly  yxy  -   y  t-,-y h  III  XX-


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