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 MHiWW���������lWWitrw  .      '-  'O-  * ^ *������������r������W>������-; * <7 r ..  A-^"**''  , Wlll^  Ho;10;  FROliiYiGfORiM  EB  o������  the  l^munma^  ^dullness,/ and that ihat,cpndfc  caused by' the. absence of imrak  ftpptfrttire of Victoria (without  1;Garibb6'i and'0e imposition of;  arid Ithe unfaK/Tariff whicbihadj  ie miners an&Kffidiioed them to-  and seek otherjgrdunds, where*  lot* be1 called ���������������������������tipjoji /to bear; the  oil the.0oy$rnmen,t/of" tbe  ip bleea^^lblSd^; tiieed, noj "fox  'atiotftJutf^  them? y iz:i.-,tbei rnu$^itoe auto*  itting-pfopuia^onweretoloare"  'jii$t nowi"- ^aidea clams and salmon are  plentiful, -so no fear of starvation I Well,  -business is .putj/pic-nfeare, in^ ami so are  shooting andvcricket matches; ���������  y ... ''���������:������������������"������������������ -' J gHOotlNG 'MATCHBa..   :   ., .  .' /  "Vf e have Tbeen.blessed with a .couple pf the  latter, toeing what: are': termed ^return inter?-  coWial matches7'���������that ia to say, between  Victoria and New/^estmirister^ "/New" West-  miriste^ is 'the whole colony of British Columbia, because :all-the legislation; is done there,  arid tbat, and whatever elie (.is done, is done  as it oughtrto be-r-for tlie benoftfc of tbat;pap-  itaicity! that is wny= tbey are called intercolonial matches. Well, every one went to'  seejthe" sport. ���������*TJw Governor and the1 flunk^1  ccnirtiers; the ladies and the swells; the merchants arid the beggars ; /thp/industridur and  the'idle; in fact they (the sports) were a cap-  " ���������'' *' J?y ���������; ���������,'r������������������ yy'tr*lMim--pfEKZ^*XH oy j tmy<*  The" waters of ILeech��������� riyefe ihave fall en aiid  one or twb^companies irhavp1 Commenced workings making. (with flumes):, about/twenty dollars per diemvwLA few-weeks'will decide/the:  y aiue of the river diggings;; nipst people hi?e  confidence-m^&emfc/ V *'���������/-?, s*-"*������������������' 'x'yy. :  '!' ;/"i ,.;-.,. TI'lE.-NpOTKA^XFEbmON.;,.. - - /.;...,, ^.;  /���������Siiiltlt arid hia/party have" Tefcrirned from  Neptka, but did not; make any Valuable disl-  coTprier on/accouht of the swollen1 condiiioii  of the streams. //They'hare^ hbwevSr/ fcund  gold in payirigquantities.some^  the river Jordan;and/Port;San'^&*nT ; ;/.;';V,  : *'? ���������:/;'x. / /...,yumewiil.,dbcHcii^/t!lyyy '���������"..' y'  ���������', -Muhro, a contractor/ ^British ^Columbia  and a member' of;wfi^t; isi saidVt6/be ^ic.tpria;s  Municipal Council, tiqk resignpciiiaJid/iiis said  there will be Ahofoer���������^ctipri;!'/,-!- may "tell  you something about Aa^aolleptipu. '.of--^-^*  ,npxt time.,; *. ��������� :' ���������'"v''''' ���������'-'" ^"' * 'w>1, */ "���������*���������. ��������� ���������-: ������������������ ������������������'������������������  ^Tnciu',lng "cost "of dolivery,;  ���������v-i-^frir-  ^norian^ ?offipialB^ axe ^iitif el j  ^ja:tfen[^"K8u^or]R ;tSuc1|Bp|:  fiurely/tfio^ burde;usio^g%!tQ-:'feei  ^ivideil.^iWn^rdsuit that^iman  ^o6^ih6xAd}Me^co^  W^pf 'tWi^lg;. frbad^mOre.;;thau''  *w������^^������������m������^y^liyes'Hup^^ the.  .^FrS^^K^ii-rt thafiffie^atr^erjsn  ^pi������e)^fl%"^tethose-bu^  ^whjl|b'^^^^SS)r/,;' below jifpnn jecjually; the-  3Y'ppgMpilMf 'AXi are equally eiffier^firectly  ^.or ift^^P������!^116^6^5"^?"^the/Jroads/^and  ^there^W^^VuTdeh^ought itftie paid oatTof  /^a;co^nl^^Cifid./^^o'ad'' Tolls- ought������������������������������������ to be  n^tiplS^^^^ey,;are'not;to!,be^e^lP  ^beip^i^thoae Voids' which/ have been  ^iiaa^^^pi^New Westminster out of moneys  isi^Pi^^th^-mutera;: - Jfy ^Ke^^how  --n|tt^M^;'fbrs ^e^cb;un^^t:wp^d^;M^  ^b^i^^^p!m6ney uiifairly spffiCu^n^att  Sicitp^^pj^bnded.iupon aroad to'Kpoteriayt  x-\ Lirt^^^^^p know; how/ the,, towns, pn /^h$,  ���������Prla&lfilftj^^ompete; with the Americana/if  ^there|B^^iptoH8:: tb^ ;Kootonayl.:;.^fhaps  Vihere will SM$e to -Kpotenayynas^hat would  ���������" please New/;Westminater^porfiaps there will  "ri^befi^^  m XOr^^^mMi provided theys cpilectithe du^  ^iel!iii^^|old'ta������-' ���������y x -. ^-x ^ ^J;.y.  and feo'tOithem-and giv������; m^:X^}9m-m^B^^  were most distressinc to me.^at.after aomet^Ibad  bther'trialgwiffi^y^we-hjjn^  many nosiesjifce. thefstroke^a^hiprp^ the ^m tare  .and one night I was^^u������lly:raifd^  sriJ  H  IS  4  <Al     ^,,^, ........ .  "j? ,''',,5^ffisftr   -i- 'iTICTORU.  1 j    ButAal^ffi-n to Victoria���������businesa remains  & VaSmp'^^Wre .their wonted alacrity, and eyen  *? ?tho subVifffitote/IGoyernmebC/officials^  ^-l||eWWnd have thrown off that saturnine  eii^|^^^pfegupposed::.tpi; be^the; respltof ifhe  '^'^liiS^^iriy exercised upon them; they hold  ^Ptii#iii8 erect once" again^ and this iscpri-;  irft de1^|^#i Did you oyer observe how much  * ��������� >ffl^^Bniittenced by the season p-$fow. they  "'. ft|^ij9^d^cross-grained: and depressed when  t^i^^^pBter is Idwj'^ttie^ atmosphere! murky,  *m$thSin obscured: by clouds and .rain ?  &9MW������Spre Pue^^u?������ benevolent, energetio  8/n3iS^ferig when/the barometer is high and  tbe|iife|^ne1; "In; the:former case every-  teing|pi^blue^ and evils are not only mag-  ^ufed^^^ctualty;sought after; in.tbe latter,  th|p������^pii to the- and'whilo we live' let  jrijilffl^B&the. predominant.feelings���������Why-  'hal^ifii^iiiyils of this world are caused by^the  weathlf^ot the liver), and whoever presides  c^er|t������at������baB many sins to-answer for; man?s  ;i|8i^flWflte"m (I believe that;iathp ieamed  'teSlfflfiaot withstand/' its irifluence/arid it,  Me^MK3nany actions.././So if you wish a  .goo/0^^. 'to ;be performed by another choose  ^clw^day in order1 to gain ly bur |>didi,  :- ^i^^K2cpntrary; choosp, the,,most dismal  ^l^ppver mind the before or after dinner,  /Mifflpil means avolcTt^ eai5lyjoorh. Rely  SSi|i^^he character'ot a nation is very much  Mjjfp^at upon the;climate; andio'is that  IJotpiSKof their' boilyv but of animals alao,  iSl^p^ihey-'be'' lean for;fai^-a- wet/.p^jiioiftjr;  /^^^^ *������ i>ingnesbenbe, an arid one to thiri-  yrW^^^f.0% perhaps what It = write or hare:  ;:-iij^i|^ppinfluehced by the barpmeter, at least  ; ^ilS^eli that disturb the* brie' may Agitate  y$8������$ffi^  v/s?i|ip|--Yictoria is cheerful;7 tIt-riaay be  ��������� ^p^i^llp the nonexistence of itie Legisli-ture,  tMjpfern of Sir James DpiiglaASr-tfe^instaUa-  .-; ���������������$, .it&fe'Sity 'f./Oi-L**?**!.   San iw\r������ inner. .TXam *\rt*--������������������*>H!   *l txvxrsl  in  i  tf  M  ,i  ft  $  ���������}���������'���������  I  j';  iii  ji  i  s ���������:  i  I  ^a s}iOQt^|maj^bas:it takes place" iii older  ^^n&iis'ffid^p^a^ ihi^one^  Thp New/Westminster,. heg ''. ^rxIpn^British;  'Co/luirib^ian^.yoluritebrs'w.efe spleiidid���������bright-.  |^r^eyeh'vthah/the'^n^rb 'ter^  ridd amount of^bldylacej- whi'cTff'*iit^i8\B%p-!:  posed muslphavebeen^deri^  spingjr/of ^ihe,issay: OTce^:oi^tne;/|^ld tax;; or  Tvoted'tp 'theriiJ iiy :ihe/Gduncil^ Decause the  salaries! of ;;the"officials there are too small to  allpw ot^ such ^aii ^xtravaj^nt^e^  but if 'did'-lpokJoSice���������the laSies said lo,' and  their judghieht^/ought io bie spmcient. ^ -The^  Vic'torian bfficera had nblace^-gpbr fellpwB���������  although the officers-dd  and to theGroyernment, ��������� but, the. GovJrhmerit;  pf yancouver Island, is ppor and mean, from  'thejhead downwards,^ arid 5canrip1f %ffbrd to  /buy lace, and so tkey did not look so nicer-  4his ^de/them nervous and they lost "the day:  Vulgar people say they never practised because the 6oyprriprr wonld not givetheiri/ariy /  j^pr/ rather suflSciehti cartridges. ��������� i^They lpst tho  day, however, .fairly enough, but the shooting  was bad) Pii bdth sides-^sp perhaps all, the  soldiers-were nervous. The New Westminster  ���������boys made 210;.the Victorians 19.3.   Well, af-  'tor that -they/toddled/ fcbme^ wil^-mbrtifyiiig'  music, and in the eyeiiing the^ictprians stood  trdat, and gave the New WSstmiriters a good  dinner, at which , they became oblivious; pf  /victory or ^defeat an  Moral, if you want to:fill^ip the ranks of the  volunteers make being a meuiber very ex-���������  pensive. ���������X--X -���������" *;���������*-// '-* --" y Xy^uyy- -��������� '.. xyi,  .���������   :  AMATEUR PERFORMANCE.  % By. the by the evening before the match the  Amateurs gave a performance at; the, theatre,  which was'well attended; the piece "Bombas-  /tes,J,ra?ised, corrected and improved to suit  icircumslkncpsf and( the actors /made [several  severe'hits1^^ahd" thrusts'at the Goverhor, Government in general, and the follies of the  day. How is it that when a man is down  every one is ready to give him a kick? It is  the'fashion! v.        : ."������������������ -������������������ /���������  '/CRiCKET MATC1T.  A few days after came the Cricket Match���������  another holiday���������at which the same persons  attended aa afc tlie shooting, but the cricketers  were aaother set. They played from morn to  eve clad in the best flannel, three-quarters of  % dollar a yard at least, so that the lion (British) and tfee lamb went side by side" and stuck  to each other (with perspiration) amazingly.  The New Westminsterians came off worst,  thoy made 90 in two innings and the Victorians 124; Another dinner in the evening,  and so on, and the next morning they went  home.  HAuxTBb HouaE~The wr| ter of thejfoliowingj;onrioug,  not far^'rorhithe;Irisli^.metropolis,-'^ti;ift-lasnlQiiabT8v:  i watering place :*^The>firaV;ddj#I- came here s6me ofithe'  I:fuwItur9j-yraa; put���������;into-:theUyard,������,- At^nlgh> H} wi:-  'fcwj3ke,by a.noise like nwyin^ farnitur*.������. I openert.the,  window'andloolcedGat/"b\i������cbula/'n'bi^sjtS' anythmg!.  Every night'I was- tiistar^e^wltnj::^ a ftioUy''  servant going through.?tne^hoaseAaInitne>eTenlti:g.  knocks,and croaking of������;>thejfurniture;wiiiWbn so that  the servants jwere -e^inte \ Wiued./j. ,1 %ais: Knrkopei'li  ^fcb.at'-they did; ^SobnaKoriiCmeUbey^tfrto^  latania, and I frequently liaXl to get up^ in the night  ii  tWoL&< Garibop.  ?*  ./��������� _     .������������������ ^-EEKLY.PAPE.B'. ;-;;; yy  ' n GEQJXGE;WAtt,AGE/TB0radn^;''.^'^: *'  C^nc^BARKERVlLLIS/' Williams -CS'BBir^d^fflp^': :::  I3ui^cripti6n^^ 1 per vveek, ���������";,. X1.:'^,y^.  ���������t -*_'���������;-��������� j - ,v_."^'������ i>ayabl e to toe < C-i rH er.'1'.' X.y  HiWf)W  Ei'  V-*  ,'���������5  :&*  i''v.-? -  ���������'!���������>. tr.-  .The midereignoa will keep Constantly oh hand  ' " ':'*'''"tffull-osjso^tfiient"of//////-.v,^;  l'X\ \Jy ���������.'"��������� y"' /: consisting5 of/ "������������������- '���������':y . 'f--'/-1'/5-  roiLDE^Q MATERIAIi^^^^  ?HiNDr���������*OSS-CIJ;T & WHIP/SAWS f ./^^;;"., - - m  SAW* :PILESX';; all si^es.c(SPBAR:&; Jackbo^^|;//;;S.;  GABf.BTE&Ii.'SHOVEI,S, ;H0ES ;&;. SLUICE'^/  U*. ^Qt$&������&; iyy v.yym^sfy-mm ^ yymq  HUNOVS-A&E& ^NDqHpPGHETS,el '> &:&<&  txiisi'pieKj ^imiFT^lib^^  ':' ' i ^wt;qualitv.-/M hf ^/^-v-V* yx ^y yXiu  GAB^TEpJ^XpOLtiNS&Cp.!^ EEEDQES, att| ^ j,  ".'r-"i'^^izes,;,J ^X'li^^yyY-yy^y-yy^  y-yX; /'&������������������  BL^S^NG-PO^DEI^^ATENT \8AEM13R^������  <������vm<Vj-w������** **������*���������**������������������������������*#������* >r/tf*'rtKjini>������  oftea feel as ifrspme ^ne'l'la^iljeside ��������� mej',.,,,  crush^meqjitbf bed1:; ^MejierfAntfl"^ ofteni 'tell me of  , ������������������lmilar thingi'happ'eiiing t^J them..:h 1 jhave5 been itfying  1 -iofuear/with all;thia^ andf^ck;morefhbecauitf-1 hay*  ���������the houaeon i;iease,;aiid oinnot giteitaptp the l*a^r>  ���������iady. '��������������������������� Servalta 'have'' iejf t/on; Recount; or: the ^frights/  but thiiwihter- it!ieW6rfl������^a'nleVerT5 Ilately ^gotf adog^  and^fewa ftw^igats^aftcriie cimo:be!lawokeiiai withi ^^^ks*---y-y-,., -.���������,..-.__. ^ ���������,    ..,_...   ,.  barking,-andiwe,thoughtBoma-vone^m������trying*to"%eak-: DUt/K & R������BBER BELTING������������������������ v////^v./���������/  .into-the house- but therett*a.-na*ppear*nce,of it;m the    . - -m.,":"/,_'"���������    -^.^w' ���������-^ v'V- "'.��������� '' :.��������� ��������� -'",  ;in/th/e "kitohen "when hbsles%ereL 1ieaM.mtdiffS������rent;part������ * --* - - '-"��������� *������������������ *-" *** - ��������� ^4 vi,li  ,, ..5,.,eijse;/:/���������.;./.:;,;/;;/ ���������; \\X-Zl  iNAILS^OT&.^RoponTjln^  vi/ii '..'si'zes^ , M,'.^.fv-i;v -   : .; ^     .r^./ii'!  RIVETS^/Iron&���������opperJ;all sizes; n/ wi'-! ;fc# %  ^CTTHES^,SNATHS^STONES^&c^?^ i^;> ^  'tfARiSHEET, HOOP&BA^I);IRONr/ '^ .',; .  .'������jj$i^ cli/'^:  "MaNII^>R^^ ?'r;:A- ' '*:-;':-:  .,...,.  ......-,.._,,., Jnst  I^^Piul. Call /to mind all/the aeure skies  ^^^^Lve ever seen, the cloudless nights/ the  I^^PJ^nd twinkling stars, the verdant meads  l^i^apw I) and multiply them by a hundred  ^jj^^u have some idea of 'Vancouver Island  THK MARSH TROUPE.  After this the Marsh troupe returned from  China. Toil know Marsh; he gave the whole  proceeds of a benefit to the hospital, more  than $500. They have performed pne^pr two  nighta to very good houses. . It ia said they  will remain here this summer and winter, and  frill take Charge of th������ theatre���������themselves  and additions to thei company.  ' SKT'ERtAINKENT TO THE AMBRICAN 8PBAKBR.  "'There will be a grand dinner next Wednesday, given by the Americans to the Honorable-  Schhxylsr;Colfax,: Speaker of the House of  -Representatives of. the U.S. He. is hourly  expected. What if he should not. come:in  time!   So yousee things are pretty jolly.  ' ' '" fHE-ASSIZEffl.,- _, . : , Y  , Tho Assizes are still going on. Cruickahank  has1 been acquitted, on the ground that he was  -insane at the time he made a confession of  .having robbed the bank. All the doctors  I"agreed in court as to the insanity!  and ithe^dogiyelied f^ghtfaily^ny^hen' w*;' wqre;going.  to bedvl'aaid^to the 8ery^nt-if she;heard tke dog fright-  ened id the'night to go and bring' him in'������ to ker bed/  room/- "tit yeUod most Rightfully aahour or two after  we were in bftd, to much so that; I:went -myself to*the  kitchen and .the poor brute wesnearly dernd with fright  I tdttk him tb my ownroom-i and in the morning I asked why ������he did "riot go forjhimV ;the girl i'aid'she wis  really afraid to go on the staira'aB she heard the footsteps bo plainly, aa"4��������� iaf tprw&rdai, '(and whatever it wa������)  went into the room ueiVto tbera,.;^ Last night there  waa;a knock at the haU^opr (ihere^ofton ia^ and the  dog whined ; he eleps itfmy reomi ���������- "I-. theaght there  must be some one reaUy at;the,dpor,> but, while I waa  thinking this, the dreadful thing, (whatever it is),' lay  down beai do trie arid ��������� crushed me:���������'- .* All Idpuld do' was  shout; i t then left m.f:d y8o w,- you may make what/use  you plaase. of this account,. withoat: mentiQuing rriy  riame^rreaidence. . I can as&ure/ypa I hate/not writ-  ten pne word bu t truth,' aiid, of course; liavo/only given  asketch of w hat occura frequently; but I th ink the dot������  being so terrified has added to my pw,n.;distress. - The  servants say-they 6ee. a little ;fat woman,/, but i never  sawiany}hing;^ir.on;db������derry Sentinel'.-.,. / ;/  "-/WiNNtifp a Wagbr���������A curious event that pc^  curredjrecently; on the, ������������������; frontiers, of .Austrian  GaUicia-Ulustrates/the value; of JLife in^these  parts, , A?Gossack,;whb was sitting in. a ppt-  house ampng, the.[ /peasehts, began boasting  about his skill in/^o/piing^^^ and declared that  he could shoot the hat 'off any man's head at  50 yards distance.   A peasant thinking himself clever,.offered-a.wager that he could  not .do" "it. to him./lTh6. Cossack accep ted., and  the peasant pulled his hat as tighly as he  could down over, Ms eyes,/ chuckling, at the  thought'that it would be, impossible'for the  Cossack to shoot it off. "And so it was, the  the peasant won the wager but unfortunately  the bullet.passed through the middle of his  forehead.   The Cossack on being brought before the Judge, declared that he had done the  trick fifty times; and rJif the Judge doubted  him he had only to-come out in front of tho  oourt aad he would;prove it upon his hat  The judge declined/the flattering proposition,  and the Co������sack -escaped with two-months"  imprisonment.  CAST-IRON vCARtWHEEIiS f  G0E1? SSCALES,.32;and64io^i&(i.;<S:^;  i .-%������������������  tyy .\  BLANK/ POCKET, ^ND^MEMQRANDUM;, s  ;yBOOKS;alisizes; ���������:/-���������;���������/;*>..t,-, -r/,  LEGAL CAP; NOTEr LETTER &:'FOOLS-^- ���������  \ :igiLP PAPER; Xyr '.'.,''; ^^1 '..V'^V^-  ENYEL0BES, INK,'^]ire,Va^i������9,^^ti  17 y ��������� PER,' &o.;; -��������� ��������� : /'��������� : ' ��������� : ." * <: -'���������  ;WEEKLY^TIME-^OOKS--;/:^- ' " " ' Xl ^:/- j. ;.  VIOLIN'STRlNGSj SONa/BOOKSr&^^ w x:^  ������������������>v/v' {:;,: ':'"\:'-^ ���������M^fcKENZI^^;;  ���������'������    ������     ~y i ,,,; Barkerviilei Williams fcreek.!' /,/  ir  "���������Steamer    EMerprisey  ,.. - "XX Leaves SODA CREEK for QUESNEL:;:- ".���������>;���������.; ^  iioNDAY rjasb vthurspay ? morninos;  .  'r ,      MT>Atvimirli ���������*���������/",'  ~-,Sf.: *,:7!'-"?teaVes QUESKEL for SODA'CKEKK//- ������r--:y  TODN^DAYS&SATURPAYS/At^lA/M*  :yTB^'-^EW'x':X\^^  NEXT DOOR TO THE OLD BREWERY;.  DAVIS   &   HERTLJEIN,   ;     >  EG TO INFORM the public that they have opened as  j*j above, when tbey will be happy to have a call from'  all those who like a glass of GOOD BEER.     ���������'**    ^  ' 'JSSBT- A trial is solicited/   : .     :.  v .��������� /  - Wholesale Prices.; Per keg, $25 ; per,Single Onllori,  $3; Retail Pricos: By the bottle or glass the same aa:  at the other Brewery in town.  Barkerville, July 15th, 1865.-   ��������� - ���������/:  /; :7  - Awkard Mistakb.���������Adistinguished lady of,  a very charitable; turn is in the habit of distributing orders for bread-and soup to/poor  pensioners. Onaxacenk occasion,seeingpn  her writfcrag-tabie # packet, of these tickets  And a packet of photographs, which were to  be enclosed to her friends with best regarda,  &c., she told the; servanda newly imported  country girl^���������as she was going out, to put the  * cartes d������ visite, into the envelopes, and send  them by post; and was not a little astonished  to discover on her return that the envelopes  had each received a ticket for Bpup and bread  and been sent off, while th������; Partes de visite'  lay undi8turbed.~^Giasgow Herald.    "  The Exchange Hotel, Richmond, has been  leased at auction for three years, for the sum  of ������8,250 per antium.  LOWHEE CREEK,  Profs.  LIQUORS, of the host quality oaiyi kept: on ban*.  / ig������-The House is altuatod at' the Chittenden eiaim,  on tbe west baak of .the-Creek.   . .      /   t:...   /. ���������. ?  LOWHEE  AKO  ������' .'���������  Bituate on the ������'ast Bank, opposite the Wasnburae  claim, Lowhee.   - ^dwaRd" SHEARER, FrePrl^r./:  Lowbee, July Htti, 18i>5. , ������  rn ���������n-rfrTCWT-frrtr*"*~'--iTniT,,r������ii������iTyillllfnHffiffllll f  r  Agents fbr tho"Cariboo Sentinel,  Tfcn Wlokla;^    .*"���������" ���������/-��������� v. -   ' -���������/  Bamar^a.Sxpress  M<*tb of QoesneL -       //' -       ��������� do  ������������������>������������������;  *��������� CanAlflighans, Antler, E*ith>y, Suy  t**** Grows*, and all other out- .     ���������-,;���������:  4ylne CrvJCkJ?,        -,' ,.": *      -      Spooner's Express  %agou Hoa.3;        - -      -      -   B^rnard's-Kxpress-  o'aitonaty. ., ..    -    -���������./���������-'..,..  i,   *������ ym  Y*Jej ���������:���������'���������.. </- ;- /Mr. 'Bran?, Barnard's Express Office  W!oo������v7 /. /F, W. Foster, do ^ /- do, V  **w*W������Jtnitxlster; -. .'-..-     -��������� ���������- X-Clarkson & Go  wTotariay-   - /:.*'���������:-.-  / ���������      -       Thomas J. Burncs  \J  BARKERVILLE, SATURDAY, AUG. 5, W  $&* A SUPPLEMENT containing eight  oolnmns is issued .with, this nuniber of the  ' -nSoiitineL" yyXyyy / ; '��������� .< .7:7  An opportunity Will be afforded by ;the  CrOTerner's visit to this disirict'to the miners  ������ad traders of Cariboo to lay their grievances  befora him, and to claim from his Excellency  .redress of those wrongs which oppress and  Treigh down upon them so heavily. Governor Seymour will witness with his own eyes  the contrast in the appearance of every interest in the country from that of lastjear which  ibis sectional policy has produced. &t������iscom-  I to forgive-jf there, be a true sign of his having discovered his errors and a desire manifested to turn from his false guides in future.  It ia a matter for sincere gratulation that during his stay here Governor Seymour will have  the great advantage of the counsel of one of  the most experienced and upright men in the  service of the colony. No man, whether he'  is an official or not, can wmpare with Mr.  Cox for a true knowledge of this colony and  its real wants, as well as an intimate acquaintance with the wishes of its inhabitants, and  the inforiaifion which his Excellency will derive from *h'im should produce ah effect that  will /be ef lasting benefit, not only to the  country %ui to his Excellency himself.  \ NOT COMING' TO CARIBOO.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  a mm ns f fe r p u b 01 c  It is with deep regret we annouhoe that a  private letter has been received which states  that Governor Seymour has received a six  months' leave of absence, and has abandoned  his intention of coming to Cariboo in order  to proceed at once to England. Our only  object in desiring to see Governor Seymour  here was that he might witness himself the  disastrous results of his iasane.policy.^ We  would advise bis Excellency to remain in  England when he gets there, as in the event  of bia returning here next-year he will find  the colony inhabited hy Siwashcs and Celestials alone. Governor Seyraourynay take  paratively a short time since his Excellency ^?me witil .hl'm ihe 'pleasing reflection that by  ���������-^stnneTri;"^^  OF THE  -CAMBBO^TQN,  have Just -revived a supply of  ik  WILL BE HELD IN   7  Barkerville, on Tuesday .Evening, August 8th,  ."!-.-/..at .7,��������� o'clock,/  TP-CONSIDER THE PROPRIETY OF PETITIOKING  -the/Governor to reliuro the .Mining community;of  this country from the exceptional and oppressive taxation to w hie b they are now subject.  The present is the time for united action and a hon*  est expression oT public opinion. '-.��������� iLet all attcn-i I  raying In wise from 0 to fi inch'; they aro of ������h7'  quality, and warranted to bake wall;    Also . ?,*    : -  sorted stock of SHEET IRON, both" Q\wlit3^     /  Plata, TIK PUTS, SHEET flINO, & COPto  Sneei Iron  ��������� ��������� ��������� '*. '���������}  X;t  ways on-hand  Stoves, Cobkiaj? Sanses ������  All work in our line done & t tfoascnablo tn*.      Ti  i'tad to cive aatiafactloh. ml.       m  #  warranted to give-satisfaction.  Although he might have easily steered a course  that would have conduced to its highest prosperity, he preferred uniting and binding hini-  eelf to a knot of unscrupulous, politicians,  ���������who have-been working for years to enhance  the vakie of their own town lots/in New Westminster at-the expense, and even if it should,  &U their attempts proving futile under the  ���������distinguished man >wj# formerly. exercised  supreme control over the destinies of the colony, the machinations of years of tliose tricksters were consummated the moment Governor  Seymour's weakness was discovered, and the  result has been as predicted, the prostration  ������of every interest in the .country.;   When Gov*  ������ernor.^Seymour broke .-through all restraint,  and leagued himself with;the Homerian school  ho "did not stop with half measures;    It was  not enough to accept -the Gold Export Tax  Bill/but he must also impose a Tariff hostile  to the best interests of the interior, in order  if possible to prop up.. the value ^of property  In hifreo-called capital.    This his Excellency  4id,although it could only be done���������we speak  eSvisedly���������by ignoring/ the plain letter and  spirit of Her Majesty's' instructions.    Moreover Governor Seymour was sent out here to  Sromote Union of the colonies, and how has  e done it?'. By stifling ih every^ possible way  ihe Repression of public, sentiment on the  subject *U������ not only got his minions to vote  it down m~$he Council, but at last, through  bis Colonial-Secretary, he burked the; discussion of the question altogether.   Has his Excellency's conduct then been ihat of -a high-  minded and far-seeing statesman ? or has he  attempted to fulfill the/ini^  received from the^ j^le^i>uke who. invested  him with po^ep^to rulei; (his/colony ?    It is  ���������with. ������������������; fiata^  his Exellency's 7 conduct has , been - the  verySl^verse of-���������* what the. people of  (this country had a^^ht7to! expect from an  statesman Selected torule/this. impor-  4wit icouh^jby sa/(experienced/7a judge as  :*be^e^Duke of NewcastlfeV /From a state of  comparative^^rosperity and "contentment  'Governor: Seym^rY^ the  adoption of the New 'Westamister code, has  reduced tt^tcountry1 to ap- eBb that 'it may  never recover from and produced dissatisfaction which has led/to/ the determination . on  -tha part of all to leave.the country the mo-  traent their circumstances will permitthem. If  Crovsrnor Seymour felt that he was only sent  *to tfiia country to waste its revenue on esplanades and fancy roads through forests of  stumps at New Westminister, from which no  material advantage would ever accrue to the  colony, and toimposecras^hin^tbnrdens on a  portion of the people, he should have stated  bo at. the .outset, and he would hay������ <beenun-  4eratood, but ftrst to loaven the public mind  with'^he idea that he was here to act for the  benefit of ithe whole country and then govern  differently is -& -piece ::������f ��������� double dealing discreditable to his high position, and which  must compromise his own/future"prospects in  his official career through life.   There is one  step .only which he has taken that we do admire, and it may go far to atene^fer <bis JSx-  c^fllencyTs?past shortcomings, and that is his  boldness in coming to Cariboo at present to  meothis subjects* face?to face. It may be that  Jiis Excellency ha������ discovered his many errors  ^snd Is coming here to offer some assurance of  &m desire to meeit the wishes of the people of  i*fce country, and carry out a new policy that  WH|>?oraote the interests of all.    If this be  feis olsjeet^en indeed he deserves a cordial  ^elaox^e, snd iit-i*Quld be the aim of all to  forgot .$jef>ask  'S)o err is human and to for-  fir0.diTin������,/fM although Governor Seymour  a^ gfttfmify i8?red,yet w*3troali.b* willing ���������  ing its only support, the mining population,  out of it. It must certainly ne highly satisfactory to Governor Seymour to-reflect upon  his voyage home that in one short year he has  destroyed ihe ;prospecU .of one of the most  promising colonies under the Crown. '  ^a^^QQLDTAX ADSSXT3D B������--GOVERN*  MENT TO BE A MISTAKE.  THE    3 E S t    REL A XER  -7-tO BBiHAD OS THB CREEK JS     "������������������;>������'  Davis Sc Hertlein's  PRIME! LAGER  BEER!  10  FOUND.  A GOLD RINO-, ON WILLIAMS XRKKK.   THE  owner cad hav������ it by applying fit this offlte, and  ���������paying ���������xp'ftnaWof adTtrtifi^aicnt.  1st August, 48W. '10  ^::^^;^;K./|^fER  Haa Ihstrocfcions to sell the following nh&  ������������������/��������� .   ��������� -���������������*���������' -;    .��������� .'dfthhV.v'ix-: .���������  I 1-4 Ihtereetaln '*ago Miller������ CO% Xbwhee C*  1%      do/       **Hrown" do ^  ^'Providence,, do  WataonstGaiA  ������������������rorreat Rose^Oo^y, -WmuntJ  I  i  1  li  13  X*  I-������  M.  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  do  "Nevada"  do  "Barker"  do  ������������������Owlish*'  do  "O.iribaldrv  do  **Chall,-ng������M  do  "Hood"  do  ; ������������������..������������������.  i  32  TZmow,'  If! ������������������ V-> . ��������� lAWt*UMV\T������W IW VW ������  ��������� ^iai.*^������  To thb Editor op the "Cariboo Skhtlvbl."  Sm,-r-I am pleased to have to inform you  that some of the moet prominent members of  the Government here, including Mr. Colonial  Secretary Birch/have admitted that the Gofit  Tax is a mistake and ihas -nearly ruined the  country.^ Tbe Governor has left for the mines,  his running away in a;hurry being attributed  to the. strong expression of dissatisfaction  with his policy which the "Sentinel" has promulgated on the part of the miners of Cariboo. :I am assured that it only requires vigorous and . united action on the part of the  mining and trading community to get an assurance from his Excellency that the undoubted grievances of the "bone and sinew" of the  country will be redressed.  /���������:' Alpha- '  New. Westminster, July 24th, 18B&:  \A PUBMC MEETING.  KANGH FOR SALE.  COHONWOOD HOUSE AB SASCH!  WITH 60 ACRES UNDER CULTWRS.  6 Horses, with Harness; 2 Cows; I Spring  Waggon; 5 Sleighs: Farming Imple- .;,;  ':// '*'r;' '/;"''"''^me:h^;''^rc^c;e;'^"^ ' "  Toe above will be sold by PUBLIC 'AUCTION, at  Cottenwood, on TUESDAY, tho 32-i Inst., at 1* o'clock.  noon, (if not previously dlypoeed of by private bargain.) ���������-..���������'��������������������������� -!���������>��������� -'.:������������������  ��������� YyV. LEE.  Ricbfiitd, 6lh August, 1S������.. 7 - V io-2t '  The Catholic Chiirolu;  THSRKV. TATHER GENDRE will celebrate   MASS  TO-MORROW (SUNDAY) MORNING, at 11 o'clock,  in .Cameronton.  do  do  do  ���������     <3o  1 do *������ChalI.-ng������"       do   Conkllwto  1 do      ���������  "Hood" do' do     ���������/:������*  Alio, a f#w abares Id tha varlouB B������l Rock Flum������CoS  All "kinda of bnalneM connected witb mininj proc~  ly and carefally attended to. r  ,6������* GCSc���������������RIGHKIELD, near the Court House   u  THIS IS TO CERTIFY that from mnm  or-complaint of tbo head our hafr������commeMi%i  ont bo rapidly that we feared we should loeo ihe^,  In this condliion wo went to. W. D. MOSES,i;i  straago'to rolato. In TKKEE applications of bUw<.  dertdi^Eiir R^Btoratlvb our hah" became as rtwsjs  ever, and Is now soft and lively. CWe mako thlsttni"  cite with, pleasure, belleviog it to be for the public^  GEORGE COFFHIN,-.C������mcronin  "ROBERT WARREN, BarkerviUt  ; H. S. REDGRATB, RlcbOold.  WUIlaros ������reek, 1st July, 1865. io  /.I  ii  lit  ���������������������������t-I  ���������m  THE Subscribers reepoctrully intlmat* to all who are  indebted to them, either by note/or account, that  in consequenco of the depressed atate of trade we are  obliged to press for anammccUato settlement.  Mr. J.S. Thompson is authorised lo,collaeiand receipt for moneys due us.  J. H. .TODD &;GO.  Barkerville, B.C., 7th July, 1806. 10  . /';<  y*  ���������-C  t  ii  i  l  0  6  1  ;������  i  _____ ���������"/<  N -ETSCURK SHOULDrTHK^XPRKSa BK UAV1������ 4.  oo MONDAY, this office wUl bo up������e.d &t| '.}%  oTclock, A. M.f on that day for the transaction of Ei  prefls.biui&'*������.  ROBT. GRKIO,  Agtai.  iBank of JLdUib'CoIamaia,        1  WiilUma-Crwtt:, July Mnd,  18d6. { i  a GILLETTE,  Oytkjx���������CAMERONTON.  NOTICE.  TO Tfi8 EfHTOIl oy the "Cabisoo Sentlvbl."  Sri,���������Why'hare the miners of Cariboo not  held a meeting to adopt resolutions condemnatory of the Government policy, in order to  prove to Governor Seymour; the existing discontent. Ikhow many are favorable to such  a course, and" I feel certain if any steps were  taken in the?������iatter they ������wouid5 be warmly  seconded,/^ep^per;place to bold such a  meeting would-be Barkerville, and there are  several J large grooms that' could; be had for  that phrpose/ j I ain sure the proprietor of the  Parlor Saloou : would:" 1 enr5 "his cotnmodious  room for such a purpose. There;iBhould be a  meeting held on Monday or Tuesday evening  at farthest./ There is no time^ to ibe lost, the  action must bei immediate.  ;-'."*���������'. \'Yours, / .  '      /   /- ONE OP TH8 DlgCOKTEXTKD.  Important to Prospectors  for Quartz.  THE UNDERSIGNED IS NOW PREPARED. TO AKA-  LYSK ORES of any deFcription brought to him  for that purpose     Charges moderate.  BLACK SAND. PAKKINQS k BLOWINGS BOUGHT,  or CLEAKED on Coinmlseion, at the Aurora Company's  Oraoe. y y /���������   y  P '/ ������P;.K* DfiVINE.  NOTICE  IK FUTURg-8H0ULD THE BXPHKSS BB LEATIS  on MONDAY, this office will be op-.-ne4:������il  o'clock, A. M., on that day for tho transaction of li  preaa feUAiueea.  "ROBERT BUBRKLL.  Uanifir  -Bank of .British Nortb America,  barkerville, July 29tb, 1866.  ���������1  t  i  1  X  }  /'Qidginal" Notice.  s  1  1  <i  il  ��������� X%  ;   : .  r   ..   '.: -:iy?i  LEAVE TO ;��������� -S������  To^tnE EDmi&OF tub '��������� Cariboo Bismsmj*  SiRj-^-As I presume there will be some public demonstration during the ensuing week to  represent to ..Gov. Seymour the grievances  which miners labor under, would it not be well  to discuss tbe.question of the representation by  official members in the next Legislative Council.   Ii is generally ^inder-atood that there^will  be many changes, in, the'oonstikition of that  body, and would it not be to the advantage of  the country to have a ^m&a like our ?present  Gold Commissioner in the House, whose long,  and intimate acquaintance -witli almost every  part of the colony would be most valuable  in guiding ihe AdministraMom in the right  path.   Had there been-auoh a man as Mr. Cox  in the House last winter he would >have-point-  ed put the/very dangers which-'have led to the  depopulation of the country by the passage  of measures obnoxious and injurious to all  outside-of the-capital.   As this highly impor-.  tant section of the colony���������in fact ihe true  capital of the country���������nmust %e represented  in the nert Session of the Legislature, I hope  that the miners of Cariboo will press on his  Excellency the pre-eminent claims which Mr.  Cox has by long and meritorious services in  the country to a Beat in the Council.  Vox Pofclx.  /   BARKERVILLE, Williams Ckbbk, ,���������' 7  Haveon hand a large stock of the following  ^ goods just arrived, which they wJH sell at tbe ../;  Lowest Market Kai^s, Tie:  GROCERIES/(including Pic!cl*a:  Jam?/all kinds   of  ;  S.iuc������������j'&c.,).. / ���������' .. ��������� '���������������������������:'.��������� ; y  PROVISIONS,  ���������STARD WARBr OROCKS-ftT,  LIQUORS, WINES,  *y t 'SEGARS, TOBACCO,    '  STATIONBRt, OLOTHlNa,  BOOTS   AND   EHOE5,  MIKIN"������ ETBNSILS, iacludlBg  ������HOTEL8, ?OSS������  ^DDCK, ROPIS,    '  ncss, &������.,&������.  5K3T ?������rtlenlar attention is eaUed to ear fine stock  of LIQUORS, WINES St SSGARS.  Barkcrville, 12th June, 1865. 36  THE  UNDERSIGNED BEGS  inform bis Prfsnds and the' iPublio in general th������U������ /I  will op������n on Hoxpkr next a BATH-HOUSE bo J will *  he prepared to jive his patrons HOT and COLD JIATES j .1  in the best style. In Ccasequ-uce of the gr<*t Indui  of tboFair^C'Xhehas determined to ;BRIGfi3T.V tfte  UNDERSTANDING of G.ntlom#n who will tew4to  with A.t^ll; 'Slacking and.Brashes, and aa 5wp\������supply of .Elbow Gruese, wiU always bo found for IW  'purpose..1"-'  $gr Charges to suit the depressed state of tbinjJ.  Genta who visit the Ga*H*o* will do well to piv* on  a call; they will then be-certain to make a SHIKE.  Batha, $1. Bootc Blacked, 25 cts.  -/'���������:..'���������   JOSEPH REVIS,  SxOrigiudl PlsBssa.  Ba.rkerrlll������!,.July 29th, 1865. ������  c  i  ���������;'i  . t  c  ' t  TnE SUBSORIRER.'begs to��������� inform bis frien^i  Miners in gvnurssi that he h ������ac*' sgafto in the'fl������W,������j  will keep constantly on hand ������00I) FAT BEEF*"*  MUTT0X which he will deliver -on Burns Creek, w  son Ontkt and Last Chance, :tfr������c of exir* eb****  Reef, 2$ and JO fits; Mutton, .35<ets: and no*fefi������;������  FRED.   LIULS^  t  Oiie&"������ MAasBTf.���������Tric*a of every dlserivtiss  goods r^mfiic ���������! Qis 6gur?e qntted io our last.  has this day been dlaaolvod by mutual  consent.     w  aentsduethe concern are to bo paid to T A  Barrv  by^MxTtar^ "rheUte fim *������ ^>WiS5  SAMUEL ADLER, .  Dat^d this 2Sth day of July, isel; ^ BiRRr.    Q  WONG LEK & CO-,  Commission Mbrchants   Im-  pomis and  Daalm in CHINESE;  ������������������ 8'     &  THE BOWLING SALOON, OamerontonJ1  'ixew for-ea4e. iOHKAP FOR ^ASH, the preset V[������Vy,  tor bemg.obliged to go below.. ALL person* '������de^  to the-andersjgned,: Either by notes or boolc sccobdi  will save costa by paying up before the 1st Angi  Creditors wttl *pleAseteall and rccelvo tbeir c������Bh.  .���������..-.. C. FULTON  ^ajo^ronton/aeth July, 1606. sal  l\ j.n.rs and J>^r, m W^TaS^im  ��������� *������. ?inmtnt and Dw^Ias air������(a, Tic^criA, T I.       ������  THE UK-OER^IGNED"being desiroos of ereeiW  Flouring M1U at Quefnelmoutb, offer for *"J.^  Machtoerv of a STEAM SAW MILL, for tbe Pur^tfl|  getting more powerful engines. Tbe Mil! is ccnif" an  and capable of sawing 8000 feet in 12 hours; it- ������������ w  extra 60 inch circular Saw. Favorablo iCTrrsJH jiH-  given to any persons desirous ol purchasing. *���������B. ^  chincry is offered either witb or without the J"'' "*  HARFER &- ^S  Quft^nfilm^utb, Jnn^ 20ib, l$*b. 8 *���������  .������  ''ic  e Qt  zsmixzmmssassa  mmatMMsm  VILLE, SATURDAY, AUG. 6, '65  ^pb COMMISSIONER^ COURT.  (Before W. G. Cox,-JSkq.)  jr; co'y vs. Diiier c6fy,~Thia was an  S'^ffi^m'ake the defendants show cause'for  'a<1 '"T^PB ia plaiati^s dam, in Stouts gulch,  fppfcrtiag the' water of said gulch' from  ���������������fi������- ditch.     The Barker co'y claimed  H^pjpffiaages, and asked for an inju&ctiqa to  J^S^^e defendant* from diverting the  8������i4||r|i^r from the plaintiffs    ?' ':"X   ly  ||lS^P������rtker appeared for the Barker co'y  /Snl^^^&the'-case, /. He said "that/the .Court  ;lnlo;iflie|&w,a hands as seemed to foe the prac-  ;iici||^^ra and give substantial damages for  the^g^4nflicted on his.clients.   The learn-  'aiilpl^pEaah called the folio wing, witnesses,  ���������Jtf^a^^' Hankin, Goldsworthy, Smith, and  |B^|ppdt aU of whom proved that the wa-  S^Sj|g|he Barker ditch' had'been diverted  Iffifflppcndaats.v He also put in the records  SgpS^&ter privilege,   ,  illf|i^se being rather an intricate one with  re|jM^|the relative position of flumes; the  |6^S^pifoner decided that he would inspect  lit^^^^efore coming to a coaclusioii. With  ir^gS^lto a remark VwhiciT had fallen from  ^IliHplpjuld not pass it over withoutbbserv-  '"^^^HH^'took it as directed against himself  Si^^^fflfei';-; He: thought; it'en^relyuncal^,  ll^l^^pyas a reSectiOR on the law abiding  -^SShJp^1*8- creek which he believed was  ; /^p^WJted. With /respect to Mr. LoringTs  ip^^So which Mr. Walker no doubt t&  /J^'^MptSlr/Cqi). beTfWd(that;he:^  y.;^i|^P^KiAQ7 other man in/fchat court would  %$%SSIj|^^ ���������; Anob-  ll������3ti^t^^ "(Mr. Lorihg'a)  -ihc^^^^would'i" not; leayelt.   i It was well  ���������^p^^^^eyery one it was Mr. Lonng's own  /;^^|S^^/he had only: taken Jbff th������:windows  aniq^^fe^vhilst he might perhaps nave taken/a^ayuthe house.-;;. It was LoringJs only  alt|^|;iftto,do as he had done, or wait a  yej^uj||pthe Chief Justice, returned to the  ;/|^|M|;rV;Lorihg/liad given'the'Court his  ^p|o^^p|p:-he' would hot commit a breach of  &m  alker  _������?���������������"������<- repudiated- &n������ /intention ������of  o,,,.(y^;^S|8re.spect to., the bench, and' said  ���������;h^^^^^|yiy/used the words quoted by  t^SsiS^^Joner to enforce his arguments  leaii^gej^eman disclaimed anyldesire to  be ^erjq^^or to cast any reflection what-'  *������yer on tS&Commissioner.  The"/"-^rt accepted .the.disclaimer, and the  piowcy-Bkk^ were brought io a close.  /Mf'      ������������������>>  ���������       /rSituriav,5th; Aug.    <:  a| ������hW8l^vs/ S. ������. R*Mh 1 J. H. tbdd���������PbiinTi'lf  *sJ'WI?SKSS'5Ver trom, defendants, as members of tho  ' * late^nioh/co'y, the sum of $165 on contract fbr bull-1-  ia^lwtt^^^.; for thecon:p;uy in July^lSM, .Jodjl;  ^..-ile^jtBji^^'iiiblei on 1tho ground of. being agent, for  .;/J^ft;iS8iiS^5:.in whose name the cl.ti oi ir as r.-c * led at,  d&to9������/&4ggtr<ict.    -TUe Court sustained���������:-Todd's.obj,-c'-  ���������aSj^/giving judgment agaiust R-as. ������������������    . .;���������..���������.::-������������������'-��������� ,,��������� -  A:NEW CREEK DISCOVERED.;  ���������A new creek has been discovered about  sixty miles from Williams creek that prospects  well. A company of miners have been working on it for two weeks, and have mada an  ounce a day to the hand in surface diggings.  They sent word to some friends here on Sunday last, and a second company started with  mining tools and provisions. The new creek  is situated north-east of;Bear river.; ;/  / WILLIAMS CRSEfC : >.  There is no mining news of graat _ imporUnes, to record  in connection with-this craek u/day. The California  Tunnel company have struck (mo8t encouraging. prospects. -���������The Beauregard and Confederate: cl*ini  .has been paying/ largely all season.���������The Davie co'y  has been taking out about 20 ozs. per day, during the  week, and exp*?ct to do a groat deal better' when they  get in proper working order; Mr. Robert Dexter has  been appointed foreman.���������The Aurora co'y is paying  steadlyfrom250to300oz. porweek. Itis; understood  that during the week the IUvis co'y, channel has been  found running Into the Aurora chim which will give  the latter three or four hundred feet of the lead.���������The  Hiberoiace'y are earnestly at work and hope soon to  strike the lead.���������Tho Morning Star company is paying  SS oza. per day/and giving largo dividends tothesbare-  Holders--S.���������Several companies are prospecting ia: th������  hill on either side of the Morning Star.���������Tbo Cameronton claims aro paying about the same as List week,  /     m'collums GUIXif. t  'Che claims on this gulch are generally doing pretty well. The Farkerson company are  averaging $ 15 per day to the hand; they took  out two nuggets lately, the largest weigh-  inir 4 ozs. and ihsumallest 3 ozs.  lx.K  s^Krwi ^b^S^Vvi't^yS AA?r^- -  The claims generally oh this gulch aro db-  ingwell.   The Golden Hope or High-Low-  ^aqk co'y are/making more than- expenses;--^  The Pioneer co'y are averaging more than  wages.���������The Floyd Tunnel co'y are taking;  out gold, above expenseSi/^The; ��������� Atturas co'y  ^"^up/alibliit;?^^  .tthemeeUngraadia,making  /to the^ town, that I feel mysolf greatly -   / ;Z SON COMPANY,        ���������-  " in addressing you;:    J  side at  father ,,.......,  embarrassed in addressing you;'-'/1 had far  rather; tHat you appointed some/persoa to All  such a responsible I position who" was better  qualifled than myself to perform its duties; I  feel that I could not with justice to my duty  carry out many necessary measures without  being top severe on/some parties, but if you  are determined to load me with the honor of  becoming your Chief Magistrate, I can assure  you sincerely that it jrill; be my. earn est endeavor to iectire to your town good order,  and will/direct inv attention /particularly to  the sanitary condition of tho place generally."  [Great Spplause.]    Mr. ������������v"/ia' homiiiatioh'  was unanimously confirmed by the meetihg.  Some wag here pr op bsed; that the May or b e  forthwith;requested to apply to Government  to get a'trail cut to the head of; the creek.  The cBair called the delinquent to order, arid  would ask-if any one had come here to throw  ridicule on the proceedings*    He cpiild say  for his own part he felt glad that his lot had  been cast amongst the; number who/wer6/developing; these rich and highly remunerative  gold fleids, oh which he need hardly tell them  they had but to put the spade in tlie grOiind  ant&the glittering ore would stare them iii ihe  face.   He would remind theni that hS Honor  Judge Begbie was a'boufc to ;jfeaye Garibbp; in'  a few, days and at iwould be^rcqubite .tha^ a  report of these pro^ccedings;should' be ���������trahi-  mitted to hitii for the purjibso of: tiaiving his  ERIC  yy  _^^WLY Cbeiutablk���������It is a pleasing fact to  ^^^Bf'Hiat on his Excellency's visit to  Car-  ;h^-ll������,.Vill. find- the peace/of ;th^ country so  ./w^tpBijIJrved that there is hot a single ' pris-  3u.i JSJthe jail of the district /This is as cred-  itftfett|fel the excellent Magistrate, Mr. Cox,  aatQiD^epple among whom he administers  /Mfp^^vith. such impartiality^ '"'Since', tho  /O^^i^^f the mining season  There has been  Ja|J^^^pimittution in ���������litigation compared  '/^'|!������S^years^a:state'.of things ^whioh is  ^PffioSi^ id"a;- great :meaaure to the dis-  ^ous^^^snt. which Mr; Cpx offers to parties  ���������'gpJjS^SM^ ohthe most frivoloria pretences.  yy^^S&itr.---We have been informed that  tJietilSi^acting Sheriff in this district since  Mi^GhlSBpm resigned, and already the most  ������oriius/iii<bonvenience and it may be loss has  res^lipl-^) individuals. We hope his.Excel-  lencyf^otGoverner wtii raake an appointment ^o;the office before his departure. The  ^iii&lhlilimved we think when Sheriffs de-  "repljijlil^onsibie to the Executive should be  ^pj^bjftid in the several districts of the coan-  ;^ry������|S|||.;system of having only one Sheriff  fejr3|^P|iony is most injurious and has/already  .ledi@/iatold injury  to many persons in this  "M^^^^:'       '".'"': "'���������"'' '���������.;;���������������������������������������������������������������        '''"���������' :"'v--''^  ;/||^|^2BTiNO.-^We ��������� are -requested to state  that|^e,;, public meeting advertised to take  jl]^M|Tuesday evening next, has been post-  figs^^|������Con������equence of the Governor having  a6^|������jied/his" intention of coming here at  get on/Thusday;worth:)$4^r---rhe remaining  companies on the^ulcfe are prospecfiag: ,  ��������� ���������  '  "���������     ...X-' ', ���������CONKLINS/GULCET;^ ^ ���������',     ,.1'     "'/'/'  The: Saw Mili/co?y are/ down 111 /ieot; in  their^new shaft^The. Kricson co?y took out  betweed 800;W 900 -pza. pit/gold this week;  they have suspended work for the  The Ikid ^y s ^m^  last week; they took pat more than expenses.  r-The Philadelp^a^cb'y/ are/stni/drifting^;  The ; Challenge co7y are "sinking / :a new shaft  in the;hiil.---The^.-Netr''-pti^^^^^xi^'Jx^-.  sinking a new shaft; they; gpt���������a prospect of  2ozs^on high bod rock In; the bottehi of the  shaft a fpw dAys< sinee^Tke Good as Any  co!y are sinking a shaft; /All the olaims above  the New Zealand arelaid over// -  yy .'Zyy ���������'///MlAUraUB������.iO'OLGlL:-f/;'//>N/^ -y.  / The Artesian co-y are prospering; they expect to have 100 ozs. this week.^The Discovery and other companies on the gulch are  getting gebd p������y.  /-  L05VKSB CKEBK. ;       h       , ���������,',-  The claims on this ereek generally are not  dolngrso weili as forpierly. ^he Washburn,  Chlttend^B, Mporehcad, Plumbago, ^Yaughan  a^ad Sweeney are at work.  /   '      CUNNINGHAM CREEK.  /The meeting, after passings votef ofcthanks  to the chairman'' for /his able cohdiictf and; to  the secretary for his oneroii8scrvices^ao\joui*h/  ed;to a neighborhi g b������1 o on, at the special invitation of the ^Mayor 'elept^aud^imbibed  freely in tho ardent;���������u&^  the. mo min g. ' \ ' '::. ^ " * -"-: *"' y y <���������}������������������  v���������:;' yTXMi&tisi?.���������<1H>-"> '������y "i[ ���������*~- -  For the past two.or?three weelts a^ebd^dealt  of anxiety has been, felt^M^gnsimerfl anci;  o thers on the .< creek -as tp: the extett an d rich-  uess of 'these diggings.;. The'results however  of the prosp ec ti ng which lias already been  done has had' the/efieet of giving renewed  energy to /the miners, ���������', and /increased confidence. In tlie ultimate������ pr/osperity pf the creek.,.  With a few exceptions hipst/of ��������� the. claims are';,  all l>ixt opened up,and/a re beginning to>yield'  good pay and good .prpspepb.y  )ation84iave been :impeded; at /le^Va;month;  longer than they, will/during any /subsequent  season by reason- of having ^ditches io^ cut,  lumber to saw, and- b; ;t^usahd*o"ther drawbacks attendant oti/ft- new/ camjjr; after the sea*  son set in, and last, though/'not least, the  .packing pii men's backs of jirpyisions, tools,  fe, over a; trai 1Lwhicli can only be equalled  by that which existed between Quesnelmouth  and. Van Winkle in 1862- ,//,,//   ;. .- :'"..,���������.,    f-  / An btense excitement was produced aWi*;  yesterday^ on a report becoming current tiiav  the Ericson compahy had worked about A&r  square feet of ground belonging to the Sav^-  Mill company during the ."last twoorthrbo  weeks, and from which the immensely rich-  yield ,tbafcwe have lately chronicled had been  obtained by the former company. r: ,At8 firaV  tho report was/received with spme degree o?  incredulity,: but, as the day wore oil dpubte,  began to give, place to certainty; and what  was; only a yagup junior iu the morningi,vfcc-,  came a settled fact before night.  /It appears  from 'What-wo/have/ heard that betweea * tfc������  two companies in,i Question the; nipst cprdlaJ,.  even confidential, tniercpurae has existed for;  a leng^i; of time, y Tho - Saw Mill cbmpa ny-  claim that.owing to the unbounded faith end;  i mp 1 ici t ceniide nc e w hi cli' i h ey ha v e al w ays  placed:in the Eiipsohcoiapany thuy trere ec-,  tirely thrown oil';their guard, and, acting oa  those feelings to whichfwe have referred,:they ���������  did not exercise that scrupulous supery i������iou  over the work of their neighbor which:.;ther;  otherwise",would huye > done.    The result aV ���������  they state has been that their confidence bfl������: ���������  been abused,- their rights invaded, and (heir,  ground; filched from them.   As weunderstand  the matter* :a4irie was surveyed /between;;"ih'������*';'..  two; companies and piumb-bpbs placed so that  no; mistakp; conld^be made iii forking ihe c..  grounds ;Yarioufl surmises areafioatastotho; r  ground  amount taken out ot the^aw, Si.iu claim, some-  efltimatingit as high:.'aa(<$96,000. / It k np>: fbr, ���������  iis ;tp; pass an; op in ipn.upp it the subj e c t at pror / r  *��������� sent;; but ifi; as has;beenralleged^yhe-^ricsph; n  company have worked ;theirnejgh&r % 0pucdi '-}  (as we; undei3tandihey;partially^admit);.such"���������/,���������  ..anj^^ample shouid ]be ma^ejpi/ thW as:iw^Ji^  ��������� deter-t^vUR^rupdous from rpMmptmg: auih y  ikfamous pmctices in-iiitnre;^ -Tbfallow atse- s y  rious:matter{pfvthis description/,tp^.pasaxwiih'//--  impunity^ would go far to;; destroy all cpnfi; -  dence^in-mining ^'property,; and?bring/dista-  trous consequences upon thoicountryv;-- '. .,  ;���������-; justiis Ave iswerc going^to/press ?w^ ;  .that the Saw Mill*; company hayeMnatiluted -  proceedingsj in Court for $50,000, and; tho ���������.  matter will;comemp beforeiIVf..���������,G.. Cox^Suq;;-  bn^:Monday;morning--nex't.rr/. -/it.- ��������� ; 'X'.y :,. ;-y  ��������� ������,.^.\������^*������..v:.'  ������>. ..<tf.:.   ���������;/!���������:���������...  ,%:  ��������� ;'-.' /:   '  want : of  ���������It is,a wonder .that  a trait;;    w  Goy.erhiiient,  exhibits  /^CT^iA7l,^S;^h'ei^  nix arrived in Victoria on /Thursday, and!-.--.!  met with a warm :receptibn./xIIeiwas:accomri������������������:;  panted by Lt Govarnor i Bro=a, of ililinoi^^) I  SamliBowles^I53q.,(Editqr;ofvtheiS{^  R ej)U blip) vlAr ;J).} \0 ch aixfeo n; /Esqi^/ spec lafe.; y  correspbadeut: o^/tl^:,vN������w.l^  Hon. E. Evans-, Lt. Goverubr??of i WaghingtoaVq  Terriisoryy and" was/re/ceiv ed. at Sthb,.' wharf h brixl.  thetAmencan:Consul and^a/dtputition repro ���������;;!;  senting American residents/��������� v/i)fe I. G; of QJXX  F., of .which o^ervMr-'Colfd Xris/ariiilliustrioua'r:  such an apathy to the wants of ^the mining j n^b^,,waited;;up  'community on outlying creeks; ;ttiey havef "to jTfee cit5* Council; also vr evented an address of  get along" as best they msy; while waggon '  '0ffi$mPUi LBTTBR.r~We would drawatten-  5poii|^She admirable letter of our Victoria  iorjSsgpndent which appears in this day's  //^^^aqtern News���������In consequence ot the  wj|^|&eing down on a plains, there was no  ; B^y^ news received to-day.  /'���������^S^ who deslra GOOD COFFEE and Fine Spices  :'������^P?1 "botb by always asking for FELL &. CO'S woicb  c������a ij^ad (Vom all respectable Store beep^ra: Be  8*S������^ ii flth cur ua4* libel on web p.icl*#9,  , .;^./;^...;.;." ^KWBTOWNV ]A   ��������� ������������������ _  On ^Friday eveningi the 22nd uU.,\ a meeting was field on Cuniiihgham. creek ��������� for the  purpose of giving a jaaiae ;t������i/ffie4township.  Mr. A.iewisjras called, to the chair^^ which.  he very reluctantly consented to occupy, and  Mr. D. McKay was OkoscR secretary; The first  motion was ,made by, Mr. O'Neil, namely:  uThat the town be henceforth called and  known as Lewistowo,"whieh being duly seconded was unanimously carried by the meeting. Mr. O'Nejl said he was sure all would  feel satisfied with the choice they had made  of the name; tfeey all knew the perseverance  exhibited by their worthy chairman in materially assisting and aiding,, in the development  of the golden resources of the creek, and also  the impetus that had been given to building  through his example and confidence in the  permanency of the mines. He therefore took  great pleasure in proposing, that the nucleus  of a future city should bear hie name.  Mr. Lewis thanked the meeting for the very  flattering compliment they had paid him in  associating his name with the town, but felt  that it was unmerited on his part, he could  have wished to have seen it bestowed on some  other more worthy member of the community.  Mr. Davison here rose and said that now we  had named the town it became necessary for  them to appoint a proper officer to look after  our Municipal affairs. He would therefore  move that a Mayor be appointed., and he took  great pleasure in nominating his friend, Mr.  Wm. Greaves, than whom he thought no fitter  person could be chosen for that position; but  as the nomination did not meet with the entire approbation of the meeting it fell through.  Mr. O'Neil then rose and nominated Mr. A.  Lewis as a fit and proper person to fill the  welco rue. : The ���������; illaistri q us = p ar ty pa id; a vi sit  to Admirtl/Dehman Wa board the ��������� Sutlei.  where every attention was shown,iaud a '������--  h;t^fired/<������c. / A/complimentary J dinner waa;  gi yen in the eveni agy. at whieh 150%entlomon  sat ilowiv, ;aniohgst whom were:his Excelioncy  Go v. Kenne dy; ��������� an d man y promi hen t citl iens-:  .-/��������� Gsoi^GrcAL;Sp;ECiM������^,/^We would-call-ife/  attehtioupf miners to the letter of Mr]/Vis ton,;  '/'���������-\s~ y.:   >' to s claims.   :     ���������' ���������     ^?-:^  The Campbell coV^ aliove town, are^hard'j:Mecliauic>'/institute; ^which nppearat in-HM?  at work ground" sluicing, and io tend to'hire i^^^wpp^ment^^.T^  Chinamen soon/;; * diggings will pav about this neighborhood Miocariii61 aid ih the wort  roads are being iaid-������������������oft-on-old workodvout  creeks. Surely some thing blight to be 'done  to clear a mule trail between here and Williams creek; the cost would be trifling compared to the expense of the road from Ilich-  field to Cameronton^ and the benefit would be  great in  district.  opening up a uew and promising  wages.-���������Jobn Gray co -y��������� are hydraulicing)an d  making very fair pay; they cleaned up for the  last week 102 ozs.���������Wiiloughby coy are just  starting to drift in the inside channel of the  flat and ������-sre getting flattering prospe&n.���������  Montgomery co'y &rosteadily.engagedmnm-  ning off a deep bank and are now on the odge  of tho channel, whero they expect good pay.  KenUick co'y, washing olf top dirt, have not  washed any of thebottom.of the channel yet;  last week the yield was 70 ozs.���������Sing co'y, in  the creek,;aro making wages and have not got  to the bottom of the channel.���������Lewis co'y a e  doing well.--Sargent co'y are beginning to  find fair prospects ; they are stoadily piping  off top dirt���������Wade coyy are running a long  ground sluice, have not cleaned up.���������Smith  co"y, sinking a shaft in the creok.^-Great  Eastern co'y put down a shaft in, the creek,  34 feet deep, and struck a good prospect; they  are now sawing lumber for sluices; and will  start drifting in a fewdays.���������McKay/Fulton  coy have just got the creek turned; .washed.  two days last week, result, .10 ozs.���������Stan dish  co'y have got their'ditch finished and,started  to wash on Thursday.���������Guerran & co^y haye  been sinking a shaft on Jaw Bone Fiat, about  half a mile below town; they have got down  30 feet and found a prospect of 25 cents to the  pan, and no bed rock.���������Alpha coy have got  down their shaft 50 feet and struck water;  .    , .    they have been busy constructing a wheel,  office of M^yor, and was proceeding to dis.- elevator PumP and d^tcb w&Ctt wil1 be fin^n~  cant on the qualities and merits of the nomi- e^ to-day, when they will at once resume  nee, when he was interrupted by the chair- ginning."  man, who rose and with a groat degree of ^ An excellent letter from Mr. Kam-  emotion said, "Gentlemen, you have doubly     ^& fc ib0 iColumbian,' denouncing  honored m* slreadyin choosing ra^topre-^^    ^ Mm autctaenU.        .  of forming geological Museum for these cplo-  nies,;and when it qnnbe done with Ji lie ex/  pehse and t ���������< uble we t':.in 'c all shou 1 d afford  assis' a n c e; to wards so desirable; ^ work.       ; /  . Fights iN<EAfvkKrvyru.E.-/rWifii refelrenco/ip/  the item which app ears else where on this su b -  ject we .nrA. informed: by, the very 'efficient  Chief Constable of this district, Mr. FitzgerV  aid, that his exceedingly limited force wore  engaged on, special'duty on Sunday last,  which prevented their visiting this town during the day.  Rumor.��������� The Victoria 'Chronicle* stales  that it was reported Gold Commissioner  O'Reilly had been shot at in Kootenay. The  rumor could not bo traded to an authentio  source; '/'"��������� ������������������"������������������''������������������'.,/ .'"/'���������  Scn StrOke.-7-A miner named Wm, Cniphy  received a sun stroke at Antler, creek a short,  time since, which has necessitated his going  in to the hospital here. He is/ suffering from  facial paralysis!  DivweSbsvick.��������� Hwill be seen hy advertisement  th������t the Rev. FaLbor GehJre, who has lately arrived  her?, will celebrate Divine service in Cameronton tomorrow morning at eleven o'clock.  From Portland.--^July %t.���������To-day's boat from Ibo  Upper Columbia brings an acoountof a brutal murder-  wli Ich occurred at Warm .Springs j near. Idaho City, on  Sunday last, Bx-Shorjn' Pink ham was shot in thu'back:  by one Frei!. Patterson, and instanlly killud. Toy  ttAuse'is reported to have been an old political pruigc.  Fred, Patterson i3 the man who some years ago kiH*d  Capt. Staples in this place on account of a political c<if������  ftsrence.���������Tha negro. Green, who ai tacked, and. serlou?-  ly woua *e 1 a Mr. Weils,' nsar Walla Walla, en ttc 20th  wa<5 capturetl and hmg'jd by the yi^iHnts.  Very rich Phcsr ci'c^vi'rics-\rz r-puric'-i on tb?. xzA !'  dlftfofkof Jnbn V*yd Rivpr.   Pr ?p^:li������r n^iMg ir^m  1 25 c?a.U t'> 13 f^) th*? p;n , wfrv. obuir^d,  ������\>^j5^n^-rr-u.^^ra������i3!(tsnCiaiJffiJ)iliii.'i . .v -,.......������.. ��������� ������,. i. -^j������. ������*-.���������.���������>. .** y.*V'.;'J.* ^^wi������ 1 *H>*tftW������ ^fiw^r...* ?^;  l^i"^"^^^'^^^^5^.^*^!.  THE fiMffiOO PNTINBL  iLvRKERYtLLE, SATURDAY, AUG. % '65  oiiedbl^^^  upon it, or receives put of it in profit, towards  the revenue of the "colony ? Not.a* dollar!  And yet our once/; popular X^pyernbr- recommended the Council to adopt this'same Mr.  Homer's iniquitous, unjust, and unequal Gold  Export Tax Bill, that exempted himself, and  the high Tariff Bill to drive the ^orluiig bees'  out of the colony. Sir, as au Englishman, as.  a true, loyal and devoted subject or our honored Queen, I would be ashamed to.look Governor Seymour in,tho face and recognise him  r   ,     *=xt--- v ��������� ������������������'L������x. t-  ?     - <   ^  as a'brother Englishman after his p.erpe tra-  Bifl ea - nn1 "R\*o������l 1 ������n*YT7s form er visits and -what ���������������. ���������������������������������������������������  ��������������������������� ���������-���������-?. %��������� ���������. ���������-��������� ������������������������������������ * v >.     r. ***- ��������� w; - _  ^^/;^5PE^^*tEM0R7s^visrr^ ������������������.  feTOBSprTpK" Of ras Cariboo SK^rrTNEnL,,  ���������ifiS^^ Excellency  Gpven^Seymbui^a^ his mind and  is atioutj to;:- visit1 tBis- important ��������� section of  cpu^tfjrV/te'V^ eyes tfce-ef-  GREAT  ATTRACTION  EVERY EVENING.  ONIA^:H0TEl  A*B  A.T    THB  FASHION    SALOOT  ..V**^H���������T'*^*ky  ekcp/hiB Excellency's former Visit; and what  a failing off is perceptible^ inftthp^pbpulatipn  mnees ihenf ? ��������� At that"time/there; was a large  population; aad7 comparative prosperity' vtb  every interest; now: alHs Phahgedi /the great  maisl of the people are gone, and there; is%pr  ihhig lettjlmt/'discc^tent and ��������� dissatisfaction  amdhg8i;the;miners- and * traders wh'o^mainV  nnd^aiU\tfirouj|h^6ttef��������� false steprbi thetpart^ 6f  :tlie!'Gi������s$r'fime^  arri yal {in-\thi8Vcplffn try; he /^aive universaFsat^  isfaction ��������� by fbjlpwi^put *the systefKinafe'^ii-  r atcftl by Ma eminent predecessor',- whose vast  experience ^andflcribwle dge|J /as -eyi^ncW/ bjr  his;pbHcy?^erS#the Only������Bure^ad^. to/ljead  the 'bbjintry^ib' "prosperity,ibiit no spoiled?did;  Gove^n"^^  the jfew^^fe^jh&s^^in Me w - WPsMinMter,  whd ffivMlint^pi^ idea^4he-rising-^f that  ������rab^P%i^^t-the expehsO ef the whole col^  ony^^a^ffrpm that moment/the flat went  iarth ^hat^o fining interests of "Cariboo  were slaughtefedi; y There is- no* part%f - this1  It<tltttffth.&^^  lust' to submit to; extor tion, injustice; -: or *un-  equal/laws:^ > TKey will^ sacrifice any thing"an*  everything :rather>:thanaliow themselves to itfe  jnade/'tho vie to's fox/imposition by either the  ^o^ernmettt^dr individuals/ I have known a  %ovdy 6f minera in going down country to stop  a 11;night at" a wayside hduse^whPre^f^rh^pa  the ieciidlbrd felt; he/^ould fleece them "^en  thej^were^ in his ppwer^ by charging; even tf  trifleinibro thantfie^proper > tariff^ and Esther  than submit to pay/ one quarter: of: a; dollar  ;be^ond what they Considered fair- Lhoye seen  twentySien" ieavc in cubody inilie^mornirjg:  and^ti-aYoLeighteeh miles before breakfaat^tp  the next houae^where4hey wpuldfhot ba vie-  ; timised"; This waa^nbtiibecaused they)(catsd?  ��������� ���������: ���������. for the? twent^flyeTcentB/; but simply to marfe  tiiait condemnation ,of-^the unjust ^conduct  of the silly landiofd. It! is just the same when  . oppression(and injuatice are dealt out.JSy-the  Government :The hhndredsibf bldiCariboot  ites ^o^^are/^iiow ^perhape- ^aliVstarving in;  Idafco, ar*/not there1 befeause they believed that  country ito :b elricheix than Carib obV b ut simp ly  to escapefvprh the' nhecpialh^s of thesilly  Govirntneniofb^ritish Columbia. Had Governor'Seymour acted like Sir James Douglas,  arid/declinedltoacepptthe hostile-Tariff;and  mer4 ihe vwonlA have? acted ;like: a wise and pru-  v dehtruleriin followongithe^example set himby  so experienced a predecessor. But no! GoVr  erndr SeymoUr/became smitten with that sec-  tionaliam which prevails among.the lot owners  of iis^so-called capital, and the result is a  depopulfcrcj"!'--^^iiBiaaatEy.V .��������� ^If/.tjie. necessities of  the colony demaniodvmore revennewwby, did  not Goyprnor, Seymour-tellvMnHpmer to lay  a Bill beifbre ^e Coiiimil/^that wpiild; tax the  traders, an^^pfilcial^/bf New W p^  an equality ^ith������imincrs-f /ttieii not a word  couid:be*aai^,/:pr^.onl4;^^i4i; S>yj any of  us. rBu^di&nis Excellency do this?;. By no  meansfjhe' all owed it all to Jie pressed on the  ''goo^o that was laying the golden egg," and  the end; is-ruin to the land his Excellencywas  sent to govern* equitably and justly for the  goodpf:,all;    On what principle of political  economy ftid: Governor SeymPiir base his reason for taxing mebeeause I have labored hard  and'spent thousands of dollars :in*the far in-  ierior of this country in developing its min-  tsral resonrpos, and allow. Mr.Homer, the Legislative GounciWorAndaniiiowner of New Weat-  fiiinsterj to esqape Scotfree'from Ms jiast share  of taxes at his Bxceilenpy's own dppr |  Is/his  Excellency an Englishman 1   Does he rejoice  in oeing a native of that noble country which  is th^s^pnynx^cr; justice^ ^and where labor  is not inside to beair the/burdens pf the State'I  Are {tho''VbrHng /miners:. of England taxed'  andthe capitalists let off? ' No! because justice and equity are at the fpundatibh of the  legislation of Great Witaia." I iave/beeh five  years w /^is/pplofty; ���������four of which I have  spent iii Cariboo. " During .thai time I have  sunk $28,000 in; labpr and money in opening  up the iainesj at: prespnt I am almost jpenni-  Ies9,rnay only hope is in a claim in which myself and partners have sunk $#.,000, without  ever receiving one cent in dividends; :wP  have sknguinei hopes of getting back:some of  our money, font before we ever get one cent  of profit (if ever vre do) w������ must pay. the  Government the Gold Tax upon iche money,  we have ACTaAM^/BXPJBNX>BD in the hazardous  experiment of developing the claim.    Now,  sir, Mr. Homer has invested money in a mill  at New Westminater, and I ask docs he pay  hardships aha/;  trials; pi/ !this %5untryr/u ^s/lt .anyTwbrider ;tliat  when men/inake a little money here thejrturn  their backsI iipon the country -like; the Ericson  company ?/ /It is not; and/there iat not one iniiii;  in Cariboo Jwhb/;"will remain another^year \ in/  it if The/ only canlgct as/much as ;w ill 'take him-  but.pfdt; / vtefcthe (Wyernmeht iyirn to/ New  Westminster wlien tho miners &ve r gone ^and  8������o wliak revenue they can ;:rai������e ^oiut-pi /that  OTtificiaily^sfi^la^d;^ Now, 'sir/ that  dp v^riipr^SeynWur '.has ; ventured /to/face us  Vhdmlhe-haaf^sbi/deeply injuredi<; I trust tha^  eyerjhbge^/miner; wilt treat him with, due  and becoming respect^ but let no man shrink,  from feai from/expressing hpiiestly^irmljrahd  plainly' his true sentimentsi and fe elings on the  agr ie va nc e^" aff a^p^res  miners 'labor.    Let every ,man?sj/hwttbJ>e,  ^sfepquali/and^mpdpr^  clasa/LegislatipnIt fpf/rthe"people' pf; this  colony^,/ K">, ;;t'l i-Y ���������;/ ./, ���������** %- ~" "��������� .    ��������� - y :-7' "-  Z:.<: <:Ay'Sy^X'l*;-,y\y   \.w//. ''.AJ^INER.^ .  BARKERVILLE.  ALL THE LOVERS OP FUN ARE IN yTT-  , ed to call and enjoy themselves, when a  / hearty welcome will be extended.  .j  Billiards, Sxcellent Refreslimenta'andUha  host of order observed.} ; /",;        ,..    ;     / ,' \ y  i ;;:/,;// ;;.V, ,-���������/;,/ ;,r!;./martin:&;oo. ���������!  THE  T.  i.BAIUCERVILLEi . J  J,  ATCHISON.  THE WINKS; SPIRITS, ALE & SEGARS to/be had at  ll l llils Saloon are ihe oeet that ban-be imported.- ^ "'������������������  ^SXAURANT  ':^C^^ONT^^''  T&33r, fthoye favorably/known -:' Establisbmeat, v utf kr  ' the :���������, superinlendarice or MADAME JAMES  JAMES/ils'pfoprietresSj has; Just^been 6pened*to the  public; :'.Tlie'.-Hbrteiis::fftted:J������i'p'iii the niost comfottabl >  style,1 and the^Restaurant!li:i supplied', with: all the delk  cacieat^jtoarketaflbrafifw <?^F1^!CLAS&;CpOK^as  been secured., /,,������ ,*     . ? . ?',.*.. '  '.*--. * v * ���������  ' The choYccst: brands 'of Liquors anl Cigars always oa  hand^^' ^iXl^t^y'-myy xmpiyy-.-w ^yy- >.;'tfr  :<J&&MIQJ& GBEAM/wnbehaddh'Sundbys;;.;^  CAMERONTON..  il-.  THE   MIHERS'.: HOME,  )     j, A Rust Ci1asS;Rsai)ing 'EoomI    -,-���������  All ;theliatesi Bhglish, American, Canadian * and oole-  i '��������� ; ���������*;*":' \ 5"*.-:' " nial papers taken in..������������������ / X^r X^-Xy-/  >/<&&* ^/Harnionlc Moetlhg held ^ every; week-~judge  ,i;;;i;;;;^S/T:^;ii:C0^ ftdM;;;!'^;;  THIS ' KS?r/A^SHMi"N^ WILL BB /bfeEN"ED; ON  MONDAY NEXT;;-the 19th inst.,- for the reception  of Boarders. The house has been neatly fitted up and  will be' fpund.a comfortable home by mluors. .:, ���������*-.t;:;  J^TLodgings FREE; ;/Board $16 per week.   Single  Meals ilf'Wi'���������"���������* MwIs;suppll^.to#night ha . ;3,,,  fWiir be given opce a,week Ky 'the-  "<'M-  m^-mm^m  Cariboo Amateur, Dramatic Association.  "THE UNDERSIGNED be'mi-Mesirou{3 of; erecting a  *������-iElbiiHn^.-MlU'i atB ;Quesn>lm!6uth,<?offer::for sale the  :STacb inery^pf ?a STE^^AVTi MIIjLv !|Cfor. thejpurpose ,of-,  gettlngJnoTO/pojw^lulengln -The Mill:.is complete,  and capable ol'^^^saviing 8000'feet In 12 hours; it has an  extra'60 Inch-circular Sawi'-* Favorable > terms will be  given! to.������any persons desirous ol purcliasingf?! The MaZ  chihery^is voflered ei ttier wi th or') yi\ thou t tlie .bu i hi i ngs.,.  XtXX ;,/:..,. -y'y\ Vyy;, ./HARPER &"WRIGBT. X  '. vjQuesn&lmcuthj/June 20th8,1865; /    S-2m \ -  BILLIARD /SALOO  *   '   PROPIHETOR;'  ���������������������������     '������������������  "���������" /;/ :w^i^^wxxy\:i:.  A > FUIX SET^^ OFBLAOkSMITHS TpOri/{ eomprlft*  xl}. ing the/foilbwing/wi th other articles toornumeroufl  tOimentioh,' viz: 1 bits .and. Ivhra ce,, 1 box pi stol trap*,  1 draw ing kjnife,; 3 nail tools; 2 swe'djjes,; 1; saw, .1 .spoke,  shave'; ;i*goId scale weights, complete;/ 1J screw-plate^  box cobpersTiyits/1:sawderJirChjilrbar sawder, S^apllt/  tilig chisel?, /2 cold chisels/ 2;band';hammersyal screwy  driver, 1 rale, l.bpx.case/hardening, iljraipp^ 2flies, 12  lbs 'borax, 1 sled ge 'hammer, '51' &itk eye,v wed g9?r T fla t  hammer; 1 anvil; irbellows/ !��������� vice, 8 pair; tongs,i kc, {  beihg^he; fttU:.oiitflt of: ayBlacksmiths shop^ /rhpjaboy*  ;tbo3s. are :ail nearl yine.w. '.andean, be seen /ai jLaumeU-  ter '���������&��������� Co?s^ KlctflieVd,^;wnere appHcatioa^inay; be; made^  /je^Terms;very;low/;/,v/^/,:;/;-" "/;;/ \������X'ci"yX^ ���������:  ���������'*J������*.i*<x������������,'-rt������ *  ' Oi^n$0m^Wmi������M-  whoilesaiIe *j- A!rsi d" "ret^h-.  ;'   / AND   B AKERY.^ -    ^  BAKKERYILLE.  This^  Moopis attedmp in FIRST/CLASS  \.   yyy ���������*- : -..STYLE;,Tvith-   -���������'>..//���������'.'/. )  Irian's B^  ��������� l:$&-TlfefiAR! is supnlied tvith the FINEST I boa!rd v^ry mod  ^^OI^/Mich^wrtbe procured;//-^;  ^.a, BIGHARDS  HAS  RiiiiiSimSteeiMBoa  CTE SUBSCRIBER begsHo intimate ^liat ho has recently erected; and fitted up, in the jbest^tyle hii i, X  y\   ��������� '- ���������?^NEW RiESTAUBAN^T;   - ". '^  The services of,a good vcook..iiave [been engaged^ and  the;board will be of tho,best descriptionvr/T^rms-for  era to.  .   - . ��������� ���������������������������/"/ J '/"i"'-'; ���������'r  JS������"Meals Ready'et ell 'hours'.���������*���������&/'..,     ���������".;  In tho BAKE.ky D^  from the-vftryrn nest flour, ->viir;be; keptTpr/sale; atthe:  lowost market rates. ;      ' .    :   ',. */ ~" "������"  "~'8  ' ' ^    ���������������������������      ; JACOB,vVaiXT-E.  GROCERiro, \    '    ;\; ;;���������//,. .. .* ;  ;/..'������������������;.-., rnoviBio^; "/ / - / .:,/./ ,,:v,,  K  '-\r,,\-7'oqtjors,-,   l   ://;"//; \:  W  -//>: y^      ���������    ^'SEGARS/     "  '   ;;/-., ���������  ;., -*s-r' i-1  "':,  /-:   ;    TOBACCO,      : ''':  ;   /- - <���������*���������* 'X'y_     '     ! : - HARDWARE;  CROCKERY,/ .''I ''-I rV '7     *  ?;   : ''MINING UTENSILS, , "     /   ' /'; . '  'r<* v ��������� /STATIONERY,-  :    ' \  'Jr\ [y  ixyy-yy ^^^--#;-^x^THIN^7/;;f;- yXh'i<-  ' -/      "''"   ���������   ; * BOOTS1 & SHOES,  -������������������'''���������.  "~ "DRY^GOODS, &c, &c. /   -/ *: /  !j^ft^Go6ds bought at my Store wiiihpfde-  iivereiEREE CMOAilRIAGjB to ali^pprtiopa^  pf Williams Creefc  :S.-;ELSASSER,,'  J.   Mcl^e  '���������ricbfieM  ���������f  tt8RCBASTB AMD DEALERS 1ST  AND llAS  m  Where ho will be glad to see a 11 his  '/-v-;Fv:'V. li.EE,.-     -  Auctioneori Mining Agent, and .CoUeotor*  i/' ,-7-.'"/���������.,���������      ���������������������������'   'RICHFIELD/ '  Alt Agones Business attended to.  BARKl^iLM3,^B7fe  .8  OF... J AifBS "W ALK ER, who emigrated" from Albion-  Canada'West, in 18&7, andpamo across 'the plains  to California; was last heard from in February,��������� 1860,  when he was residing at Watsonvilie, Santa Unix county. Any iniormalionsentto this office;;addressed tb  Samuel Walker, will bo thankfully received. / / ���������  ;;San Francisco 'Alta,T ^Builotin,' S'Jcramento^nionV  Idaho'World,' and. "Portland 'Oregonlaa*,! please copy  ijrnd send accounts to office of this paper. \ :���������; ~t 1 : ;; 7 :. ���������.  Fifbsir isionia y    Li4ii 6r s.  And every.other description of Goods reqnir-  e4 by tho Mining community.���������[���������'������������������-.      --"���������ry.     .yy v ;  f83t Moderate Terms /  7/   V BARKERVILLE,^ /     XX y-.  I^visions^  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS l������  Q-E-0GE"RIES,  AND  ere  JBARKERYILLE.  ������f  BLACKSM^, MACHINIST AND ",MA3HU-  F4OTJRER oi? Cooking Ranges,  ,   BACKERVILLE,B. C.   /  A^ EXCELLENT RAHCH,  situated cm the Waggon  Road, and on. which a large number; of cattle could  bleared for in the winter, as there is plenty of liay for  feeding.   There is a good Dwelling House, together with  Cattle Sheds, Stabjes, &c, on tlie premises.  Apply, by letter, to "A," .'Cariboo Sentinel' oMce.   2  FX3RT YALE HOTEL,  Kelley & Lane, Proprietors,  G������0B BEDS, Good Accommodation and the Best'of  Holers at the Bar; Stabling for Hones, &c.      s  IiiipGrtaiiVto l^iii������rsv:  THE UNDERSIGNED is prepared to CLEAn!*BLACK|  SAND, BLOWINGS and PANNtNOS oh commission,  or will purchase any quantity on the' Most Liberal  Terms.   Samples solicited.   Apply, by letter brother-  wise, at the Prince of Wales claim.  1 i .   / JOHK CAM?;  ���������"   ;B-O.TI'OE.;'/'  ATtiL PARTIES INDECTED TO ME are hereby noth  .; fl^d that they must call and settle their accounts  en.o������before the 15th of July, or they will be put in  court for collection. - ; '   ���������  On and after the 15th of July my terms will be cash.  J8@������ Great inducements for cash. ��������� .Call and see.  .7/ ' ��������� /T. H. SOCOT.  And everything required Tor the  constantly on hand, aiid sold at  KET "RATES.    ���������  ;;���������' Barktrrille, July 14th, 186$.   ,  mining eampr kept  the LOWEST MAR-  .. '���������     y. ."- --i 3P  WAKE   UP   JAKE  Important to ;Miners!  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PAN-KINGS, ���������'  ���������  On Commission, w will purchase any quantity on the  '���������'���������''Most"Libh&ai, Terms, at the ���������'..;  Reading Boom, Camerontoii, *    :  Subscriber is now well known on Williams Creek, find  from the confidence reposed in him dast F;j11 in the  abova business, he hopes to receive ;t;he patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.  s JOHN BOWRON,  Barkerville, B.C.,  A; KELLY, PnoraiETbR.   "  Myerything is done in connection with this ������tablUh-  ment to give satufaction to thevCfflfltomers,  akb -about wiNiyme up[m������ nvsi-  __ nessV persons indebted to ur are- iycapectfttlly .requested to call and settle before tfc^e .1st Aug?ast. All  accounts remaining unsettled after that date wlU be  placed ia the hands of an agent for collection.  t . ./ N. E.,SOLOMON & CO,  DissQliition of Partnership  THE-PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between  F&amk Wat and G. B. Wright, in the De������P������re|*  Raocb, is hereby dissolved by mutual ooneent. Frans.  Way will pay all the liabilities and collect all the dews.  V FRANK WAT,  G. B. WBIGHT.  Beep Creek, 4th July, 1865. 8"lm  i-.-':;  I  m  M  m  m  m  w  y&$2im&  mm'  wsBm  mm  i:-ytWM:  I  "   /*  fXy?y'y--  m  ��������� '.���������I'Imii"  'yy  yy  ?yy  :i  >������������������> ty  yy?  /,#  'iJ.:.-i^S  /?7  1  ; '7?%^e  s^ ...FSS  sM  -���������\  .���������v. ,,}....  /  &M&&R&M&^-&  * '  ~.vy: -j'irS^:. :;j.y.-  ffi**"^^  TflECMlTO  BAHkERVILLB,- SATXjSDAY^ AUG. 5, .'65  CARIBOO; POLICE COURT.  ���������{Before W. 11. Cox, 3������������<ii, J. P.) .-Vf:  r������ //J^  FOnCIBLB BNTRT. !        . ��������� !  John B. Eeviere vs. James Lorlng;���������Mr.  Walker appeared for the plaintiff and briefly  elated the. ease: which afterward* came out in  ��������� -evidence.-'://"���������. ��������� ;/ /y;  ��������� /;/ /      ���������'/-'/   \  John B/Rdyiere testifi^  lived twelve months in Barkerville in the  Go-at-theni Saloon; X yesterday Mr/' Lorlng  came to the/door anddemanded admittance;  I refused..*-to/admit,him )���������%hei thenjwfint away  and subsequently %im& backwlti at/alsekey>  Hill, who occupies Ithe house with m^ arrived  at the time/with^bme^  door and ^.;Lorin������- forced himself iri and, a  crowd followed him;; I then went to Mr^ Cox  .��������� and gof a summons. ;    / i \ <   t v ���������:?  v Cross-examined by^Mrvioring^Fslept in  ; te;|$useJh^  'house was mine/ as 1 bought the/lot from the  iGpverhment; I did "not pay forit ivith defend-  /ants whisky;money.<; I sold the lotto Mr. EI-  iasserj and Mr. Hill derives his title from that  gentleman, Z,,ZJl  '\^y'lxlJ.''l.yX. X " " .  Mr. Loriug. addressing Se,Courts Your  , honor������������������ I have been swindled of all the money  IhadonJ^is/crejek, rtnd aU:t have/lor ifc;,are  /theshells of flome^houses.   \ x  ^v,  I Court���������Mr. Loring, T sympathise with you;  bttt^pu'iieglpcted' to /apply ^"J^ge Begbie  when he:^was/here^and/vlcau:/do/nothing fe  - vou now/ ->WiIl ybu give up the house, as you  had no right to take forcible possession?   ; v  Mr. Loring^-Xour honor, I, will hot give up  -the house. -;'. // - ���������,, ^ ��������� -. / ��������� '' '���������'[ X ��������� ��������� >��������� ; -    < ���������  Mr. CoxH^Well^I mustput you under bonds  and senfl^a constable to- protect the plaintiff  in possession of the house/f^ Xwil 1 no $ be trifled with;; you had no right to do as^you have  done; you might /have;/asserted y^  the premises when ^the -Supreme Gourt^was  here... '. .* ���������     ���������   *'*  . ';''���������-" . -  *J*-' " i     ��������� \ *  Mr. Lpf iag~-I was instructed by thy lawyer  that I could not avail myself of the/Supreme  Court when it was here to havethe/caae tried.  Mr. Cox���������Well; I giveybnyour phoi^; you  must enter into substantial security or give  upithje house peaceably, yjtjli'haye; ��������� $6/ bi nd  you over,;and you attempt to take possession  afterwards, remember I will estreat the bonds.  Mr. Loring, thinking prudence; the/ better  part o f valor .surrendered the house andi-he  as  Victoria. Mechanics? In'Stitutk,  /-/;''/ // 24th July; 18(55. / /  To tab Editor of the "C^iboo Sen'tineu^  // Sify-r-Will you allow -me, tlirpiigli the;me*  ditimof your valuable paper, to ^remind the  miners of Cariboo that the committee of the  Mechanics7 Institute will be glad to receive  auriferous and other geological specimens tp  be placed in the Museum. We-hopo to see  pur glass case well filled before the winter,  and have already made a good commencement. . '*-.  '-t /        Very truly yours,  B, Graham Alston,    ,  vv ���������        . .-'��������� ���������,    ;; fly        '...' Hon. Sec'y.  N. B.���������AH specimens should be marked  with the locality, &c, where found.  To thm Enrroii of the "Cariboo SaxnsHL."  Sir,���������Some time since attentioE was called j siderable distance/^  ing a police officer stationed in Barkerville  ,to preserve the peace. From the numerous  and disgraceful rows which took place last  Sunday ,I/th Ink it high] y desirab le -that something should be done to stop their repetition.;  Surely the Goveriiment can afford the inliabi-  ;te'^^^^oti'on^^  present at the-Magistrates.disposalCannot;give  to us. Should not some representation/be  made to the Governor for an extra, police  force, and also for an a ugmen ta tio h of the  miserably small; pay ;6f the constabulary:  which ia far from b eing ad equate in this p ar t  of the couniry. ���������"���������;: Yoursj^&c.. / ������������������''![  / /       // Ajt Inhabitant op. Barxbrvillb.   ;  vThe QuARTzLaDGB^-Aiew.days since we  visited the quartz ledge to which allusion was  made in our las^Zltis situated on the mountain about twoiraiies trbm?: Williams creek  east side.   The ground has been taken up by  a company of ten ^persons; who have recorded 2250 feet on; the lead.    Abbut;fifteen feet  of the ledge has been stripped andit presents  indications -which are most encouraging.'  At  a depth of eight feet there is a well denned  vein in the quartz, running south-east by northwest, from fifteen to twenty inches wide, and  we were informed by the workmen that according as they sink down/the vein increases  in width and fineness; of grain.   The company  consider ih^'.tbc/inineVwiii^be comparatively  inexpensive to work, the only thing necessary  at present being^furnaces for extracting the  ore. ;:The quartz ledge is encased inflate  rock, and it has been traced for a very con-  ��������� "Wwsw^ mmwi><fB.Tm������ snowingHttlejicene is authentic, and might, if fle-  mpWiJ*. described with alldue particniara  of, namo-and place, A priibhef'at 'oae of  our -criminal courts was convicted of an out-  himwi h the usual;*scrmon, in manner and  form fpllowing:_judge������-������j>risoner at the bar  you stand; convicted 0f.a most abomirmblo  5rime,oae equally brutal: and,cowardly;  you.-p-", 1Vsoner--"'Owmuch?" Judged  ������������--^> VVr *-*i.T.'Alu'  r >**> #<sw������rf������ **+���������*������:  GOLD COMMISSIONERS COUBT.  {Bsfere W. G. Cox  -        yZ Monday, )31st July, 18C5. ]  m The Point claim, D. Wattelet, foreman, vs!  Mr. McEntee.���������This was an- action: for #345,  mount of assessment on a full interest in the  fobve; claim:   Tlie defendant resistpdffiejpay^  cut on the ground that part of the aasess-  ent accrued daring the season when the  ilairas were laid over.    Mr. Cox gave judg-  out for plaintiff for $110, amount of assess-  ents since the 1st June, intimating at the  me time that he had no power by law to  ve more.    He said if he (Mr. Cox) wero in  e defendant's place he would pay the whole  nount demanded.  Bed Rock Flum* cofy������ W. J. Miller, fore-  an, vs. Grier co'y, by IX B. Lewis, foreman.  ^This was a suit for damages to the flume  the defendants running large rocks and  uiders into it   Mr/Cox give a decree for  5. ;   ....   \    ;   .:'   ., i    ���������/,-..     ���������  ���������  ���������:':.���������,.-  '///���������'���������������������������'/;''//:;msTERN;NEws.,/,/ - ;/'/;"/���������  New York, July 14,���������The aierald^s'.Richmond correspondent says the;work of confiscating the property of leading rebels was inaugurated in Riohmondon Monday last. Much  .consternation among the people was oaiised  Wjithe seizure of the famous ������������������ Treidgar 'Iron  ���������Workaby Government agents/ A description  of: a large aniount of other iproperty 1 iab 1 e to  :be/;;cpnfiscated..has.been taken/and the tenants  thereof notified to pay ho more j rent to rebel  jproprietbrs: ;;4Herald'a> correspondent, who  has been through northern Alabama, says  that region is almost .orie cohtinuous field of  cottbrn/ The planters are giving atten tion to  the business again this' year almost as much  as before free labor times. Negroes are now  working for their former masters for wages.  The/he;w: labor system\\ appears to prbgress  well.      ���������/���������;������������������' y - ���������-   "������������������':-      '  ; '/.' '��������� *  MEXICO?  :; New; Orleans, July li.���������Mexican advices of  July 8th have beon received.-.} L Gehs.; LbpeiB  and Oliver^returned from pursuit of the/rem-  nahts of /Negrette's forces ��������� which are general  ly d isbahded, so me being 6 n the Texas side.  Cortinas lately captured two steamers.  /The^Comraerce^says, Cortinashas officially  eitftbliihed his headquarters on the Texas  side, American authorities had been con/  strained by a protest of the Imperial Government tb order Gortinas to keep oh his bwn>  A Modern NiMRoi),~.The /Colbnistrahhoun-  ces that although its principal has gone oh'a  hunting.tour he hasnpt skedaddled^ The;  distinguished man, having carefully placed  his anatomy on the: outside -of a quadruped,  jUpartedfbr^e;wi^  tfii&^.ptfej^k^  pudding, two soda biscuits, and ia; barrel- of  sour beer% On/his back he carried two fowling-pieces and fcerossfyis saddle imirig a small  howitzer, while -ihe-traditional -bowie knife  with which he scalped Nova Scotia 'Indians  when a chiid^ wis^ carried ;between his teeth.  He may be said to have beeh-litorall v "armed  /to the teeth,", We expect tohe$.vothh.ox'  ploits among Jhe beai's und.wplves of Cowichan rivaling those? of Don Qmxote/ambr^g  the fair danies of Spain.;- Amor^issuqh a dead  shot that the game-will serve liim as the racoons used to serve a celebrated Virginia huivi  ter who, when , he pointed / at/ one of���������- them,  would sing out j ^Boh'tBhbot,^ Colonel, Fll  come down!7? and down ' they eaMe.���������* Victoria Chronicle.7  t^Eight^/Wher^ipoh^withbut/mbre ^do the  'prisoner was removed, and; the officer of the  court recorded the sentence of eight yeara1  penal servitude.    The small tale! which we  have related ehows, first, the judge; had a decorous senBe of what wasjSernanded of; him;  then, that the prisoner had asortorcpntenipt  e torcbWentibnali       and felt an impulse to  - make tfoeXjVLty&i sensible/ of iii^ being; rather  the poin tat once j a ncl> lastly, 'that the, j udge,  on being reminded orchis duiies^ihstani tly fpll  into the same view of them, rahds acted on it  with^dmitable bromptitude^Pair Mall Gflr  ^FlGHT^ IH' BARKRRVII^-^n^  there"ivere: isi^ehcpunterl between i nebVtate.il"  personEiri/Barkerville>^ without a^single constable making his appearance to preserve tho/  peace 'of :tbe; tow;h^...' /''' ;;/,:��������� /..;-, '��������� ���������;;;.,- y  y- y - ��������� y ;   ,, ;,,i if-   ������������������:���������'..: ���������>. -       ������������������ y ,J'- /':,i -* >V^ 1 -  it yJS^r. The hi Us> of ;��������� McEean \ Pa.^ are $oyercd  wi th a, plan t clalmed tp be a a u/ccessful 00,111-  petitor of the Chinese tea. / 'A iquantityvpi' H  will: bo in^/tho marketJthe coraingautumn; J ^ ^  side.   The Monitor' says, the commander of  I  b^" A report on the gold fields of Canada  h been before the Canadian Parliament.  e Gold Mining Inspector, Major de Belle-  le, states the whole quantity of gold pro-  feed during the past season in the Chaudiere  ^ld Mining Division to be $116,000, and  considering the small number of hands  .v,!P^������y6d, must be regarded as a very hand1-  f^ie return, the average throughout the sea-  ������|1 being no less than four dollars per dav  iw- manv ���������������������������  The famous Winnebago chief, Decora,  recently in Wisconsin, aged 133 years.  J|fought on the side of the United States in  pi|Black Hawk, war, and was rewarded by  ^feral Jackson with a small flag, which bow  |||es over his grave.- "    - .-���������'-;��������� >��������� /;  the Freneh fleet had an interview with Gen.  Steel on the subject of steamboats captured,  but couldu-not give the result. ^ News from the  Interior shows that^ the Empire is peaceful.  Maximillian is striving to improve the country and encourage education. Guerrillas  continue to swarm about Matamoras in great  force;  FA'ROPEAN*  KsWORK, Jutr IZ.-r-Tha Persia, from  Liverpool  July Drat, and Queonstown second, has arrived... An  euter f*ke hfc������ been discovered in central Africa from  whence the Nile issues.   Tbe total amount of coin in  the bank of France is larger than for several years.  The Bourse is unsettled.   The failure of negotjations  between Italy and the Pope is the leading topic in Italy  The nogtiations were absolutely broken oir.   The Austrian minster at Rome is charged with activity in producing the misunderstanding.   There is a report that  .negotiations between Komo Mexicoarsstill progressing  /The cholera in Alexandria is represented as rather leas  alarming.   Final arrangements on tho Great Eastern  were "being pushed forward at tho Noro with tho utmost energy.   She will be ready for sea in a few days,  but not expected to leave,the Nore till 9th or 10th July.  The shore end of the cable will be laid at Valencia  July 10th.   Absolutely none but those connected with  the hying of the cable will be allowed to sail on the  Great Eastern.   Signals wer������ daily sent through the  entire cable.    The insulation is pronounced almost  perfect.   A message of four words occupied a minute  and a quarter, but double this speed is expected from  the use of new instruments.  ��������� Abraham Lincoln a Tbktotat.lsr for mora  than Fimy TkARS.-r-It,/is due alike to the  cause of temperance and-to-the sacred memory, of that illustrious man,.the JatelPresident  of the United BtatesJ ioietitbe"; widely ^nown  that for more than fifty years he had been a  rigid abstainer from all iiUoxicating liquprgr--  ncither using them/himself, keeping them in  his house, nor;pntany occasion providing them  foivhisfrierids or visitors.k  Gn one occasion,  Mr. Lincoln; seeing that strong drink was producing mostpernicious and demoralising effects in^ the^ Federai^aimies,��������� hpth among; offi-  4eri!andi privates, debl^a: telegram to MrTifcC;  Delavan, of Albany^to come up to Washington to confer with tlie War Department and  himself in respectvto ���������some steps to. be taken  to put a stop to thei; frigitful and growing  evil.   The result was that various measures  wore devised to prevent alcholio Iiqiiprs bef  ing sold or suppHod to the soldiers.   Mr.' Pel-  evaii prepared an excellent address to the  armyy sotting forth the evils of drinklhg, and  the benefits-of abstinence; and;cppies of the  document were sent through the /department  to the soldiers in,all the regiments throughout  the various encampments.   The result of the  combined agencies, with other similar efforts  by the American Temperance Union, was the  formation of temperance societies among the  soldiers, "and the "arresting of the evil, to a  very great extent of late.    General Grant  wisely and nobly gave his countenance and  practical example in favor of temperance of  the strictest kind.���������'Alliance News/  :'.; ������������������" Tn? undersigned da prep ji rod to ������������������-. /' ��������� /;/       ������������������  Clean blIck' sand, ��������� Blowings and  /'"'/ ,i"i TANNINGS,-' '   \    "'������������������  Qn^^Commission, or.will.purchase,anyquan 11 ty,oo'..the  1..,--,;      Mesr,IjBKttAL Tjjsms, at the  ; yy Reading; Boom, Cameronton,  Subscriber is now, well known onrWjlliarhs Cr������.;ek, ant  from the .cpnfl Uehc a ������������������ repose d In .him l;*st; Fall,'j n the  above business, lie,.bo^es/to r^ive'.t^e patrons^e o(  the^Mlofng'cbrnmunityUhe tnstiing s^aHdnX XX X yyjX  '/S/-;:; y.yX<y.-i X yry-   JOHN BOWR02C  PSSERIBTOIt.  This Saloon  is fitted lip/ in F^RST CLASS  '&  Tables!  I j^TheJBARJs^ FINEST.  LIQUOKS which can be prpcuredl.  DAS  T0CARII5O0  AND Hiil  The Nbw Roads.���������We understand the contractors for the Alexandria-Quesmel and Cottonwood roads are prosecuting their work  with commendable despatch. Mr, Munro has  his contract completed to within a short distance of Mr. Edward'house.  $33* There is an immense sensation among  tho pretty girls in Chicago. A lady's dressing  case has been shipped from London to the  Western Sanitary Fair. It is for the prettiest  girl in Chicago. Its value is $1,000 in gold,  but the generous donor proposes to have the  "prettiest^ voted for, ballots $1. The party  receiving the most to have the dressing-case.  The farmers, late planters^ of several counties of Virginia, have decided the question of  remuneration for the labor of negroes. They  have fixed the wages of able-bodied held  hands at $5 per month, the recipients of this  magnificent remuneration to pay for bis own  clothing and doctor's bills! The Freedman  will be loath to admit that this is what he has  been fighting for. The New York 'Tribune,'  however, advises him to accept it, ohthe principle that half a loaf is better than none, and  to keep his eye open for something botter by  and by.  In Georgia the newsboys ������������������ are selling one  newspaper for three eggs, on the barter system, there being no.funde in the market.  Where ho will be glad to seo all his  Auctioneer, Mining igent^'and CoUeotor,  * UICHFIKLD. ;        V  $&��������� All Agency Business attended to,  WHOLEf ALE AND RETAIti DEALERS iN  LIQUORS,  aROOEKIES,  ���������A.VD  neral Here  JBARKERYILLB,  rz e,  W.   W!  ARD  BLACKSMITH, MACHINIST  TATTCRER OF COOKLVG BAXGIW,  BAK^������Rl:II.LE,Jf C.,'  AND MANU-  I  ��������� (?������  I *%<��������� mg^-H>*:  ������ #.^*>Mi t^r^-WM^ *>1  y  yy,  ������yrn- ,'f^-^* m  kX  #.  <���������* ^r xa y mx x-m+-xmxxxxmyxy^m  ��������� ",    Bfogramittes for Bausanu   ...    ^    ,. ^  . _,������������������,:.,,,,: .-,,, ,,:---7 ��������� j^,. !jernlft --MoajW**?^ ,^:;, ������������������������������������;���������:/,  ;^^gd-,;by Koyal Cha������>r,-f  >'!.���������)..  iKH-t"  . .-...-R-E.-A'psi.'NiG /:f*;������*.?.  ^M^i^oVo^inw haveheen^rednccd M>  i?KANABIOr-Bink or^rUiah/'Oolflnibla^ a- X \ ������������������������������������; / -  [iYALE-^Baak of ^Msh Columbia;.::'n 'X<# yyyy  i:MO*0"TH;QL^N"EL���������Bank;pf':*Bri ;  PORTLAND, ORBGOK���������Bank of British Columbia- .;  '    "./ ������L., V.:iV;iN'-CANADA,. -. y'   '>���������������������������'  ^V'^^l./^^^^gSES & AGENCIES:: V^-..  HoBtr(>&i^?T6T09to,; :Quei}eCi 1 Hamilton ���������; London, King-  '������������������������������������=:-mf ������W'*L ftiboufc. j Beilevjllo,/' Brantlprdr .Br������dk-; ,  Dealer in  Hopc,B.C>  GEORGE. ���������liANO-YOIGfT^ ^nprul  VJT GROCERIES, -rRO}'isp?% '&c., Fort I  IprjlCK'S vBiOTEL^rros* Square s> NsW^ismnssTSR.  'J3Lb... 0.^,7" "r**"���������5",',,*    'Thft above lay-  $1,, B. 0, ^ ,Pbjufikck$, ������roj)rietor. ; j The above fay  (tfably known hous6 is' noSy Cfijieji (6'the'puijlic;/theBhr  Is constant ly supplied' Wi th��������� tbe** choicestbrands' of  iLiquoreandi&gar?; ;'': yyi -vXyy.'f{\oyy\y-^:  ������������������������j'".v,l^&Gimi>< * yyy:  mmkMmmmmm  'v>^;-^#3'^ 'y: ���������  ���������' moderate rates. - _  ; , _ _ '   -���������    -       _    ,   ', * W  > CURRENT ACCOUNTS opened -for, any amount|npt  less than One Hundred Dollars." J-     "       .'       y'x  .^ailte Discohntcd^'na Golleti������d;-and Bills of^x'cWange  fjni} re at;. Br itain,VSan.FranciSco^ andivNeSy/Yprk ,pur-  ^bascd.r 'x X'X  \H';/''���������"v,i-  '   ', xyy.'yyX' \xl'-:  %(^dftk$������M titi&fi. liie^lBr^ttch^ an^gen*cies,r y  i  Govcrntnont anU other?-Securities*-, received for gafe  b^stod^yIintcr<*stB<;an^^ '. <a, y'>  ; AXL'Kl^r^OF I)Rv GOODS. CLOTHING, BOOTS'1  x\. .and Shoes,; can^be bought;:cnpapL*r'rat tlie store of  the undersigned fthan a)t; any.;othcr/placg ,in,. thei colonyV  JSvery, artiele marked' in/plain tiguVoKT,vTerms-^'CXSHi  [$H-t n*~-6rders from' the upper"country^receive protnpt  ^aiteittioii^^'/>;^> ^yXX- ;.^l;:ARTlIT3ir*myiXOCK^.; ��������� ��������� /  '" ~"   "'"    ! ' i_'' C   i'       ..' ~l- '-'    ~     ���������   .'"in     hi mi'i ;���������"���������>���������������   '    ��������� ';���������,; "''i',",,*"i<���������Vy'-'o,;,-;, -liUK-Jl.  Imefiba.  ^xaw*m*������     i*-. ~ *:y - ������������������ .-^-   _ &i ������������������ \   "%&   1  ESTA81ISHH������ IN .l'&M IXC0foSi|l������ DT |>^AL  ,-.'.. - 1   LG^RTBR^      |f- P "'  Hi^d b^CBl^ ^ ^ENS rXACE LONDON.  ���������   ^ >e������"w firain-feWr^iSutherland- Agenta  <vf������t.������vB-'NMional Bank qf-Pfiofl^d.;:..-.  ^^sssmsm--'���������. ���������. ������������������  India,'London and China. ,  13������.:.i-v,ri.sife>-/v/- iricFlGEi-yy  A* v*f*^.", ������������������...r- .'s. -:-   -������������������������������������������ :-j i.;.' ���������  , '  ���������  "������������������������������������  ^te^:������i^<^^#^d^-::!;-^  0^fMA??T^ "Wholesale Dealers *n<GROCi������iiJEs>and 1'ro-;  visions,-^yharf- street, Victor!a. <.   ���������.-:s���������.g,,   i/.^ ; ;,^3in   t  rWX'K-tl'-'iVt-'-^:  ���������^���������'������������������'SaOTA"������iso^N^^-:'i ���������  '"Victdirtit^.ji.t'Mayr1?"?5;  O,. IQK1A. t Tbis.?Hotel,4o which is attached a .Restati.  rant" and Uat'Roocn^lsQ������evoj"Cthel moat ;comnftt?&fo  es^^i^mcTn't^ * dn theI itfhcTbn tho^ Paciflc^Coasti' ,���������' W*fi  furnished rooms for singlo persons and families;���������: To#  rmost important London,: Frenchji-a ti^Culiforn jamm������  papcrs.rac������iveU for 'tlie nse or hoarders. :^X, ? >,.. lg.  Milnvus, v������.t i o,������������. w.,  EELLOWS, ROSCOE & CO.,..'.Importers of  GskiERALCE*Ri3carAKB' AXD^lftON, Moore's. BuilUng,  Yates str'eet, Victoria, V. I. .* ���������' . /;"' ��������� 2m  SlBBEN-:& CABSWELiL, Importing Bobk-  n:;sELLEKS & OTATIO^RS/bfaistanlly stu?:������lioirand  recciv^ng^from best sources,>Scho������ll, Standard, amlMis-  celianeous Books, and Stapband Fancy Stationery in  all its Branches Corner Yates and,Lungley streets,  Victoria,-.VancouverIsland. ; |'.vt.;.../...   s ..,.  a.WjW'*-i.W  ,vrf .-v.;,'r---r-iv'.  ���������*' . i'  i,'"' '-  ���������F   i"'*!'1"'*  ?  I^/rbttt HAiB/^s/EALtiso a^i.b^omisgtuik,  *.    f ,i ,j '   :^1," "call antl 'haTe'iit1'" '���������"    ** *".".".  BKl?0Rin3;be^re'you- aie^ald" beaded;:  1 ��������� -'*;^-��������� $&&��������� '���������% ml y. 'VirI^;^atr1c:er^leV99lllUims: Creefevl":  Sash,-, Mulay and. VJ;S?^fcted with 'the "business.;;  ^stiiigs,, anil .^^bjn^?^S ^ ^KRIEMl;ERi^  *������������*������*^^i^^tt : /.;;^;i:r:  (.-.-  ���������TIS105S5W H0������LgALE _  ���������;Hi#i^;pl^iSM^r^",/:  ,.-.'v���������ii \'&'Uey^&'Xia^ett'Pr6prietbr^^^  ������OB BEDS, Good Accommodation and the Best of  Uqtt������raattheBar; StabUng:fof Horse*,&������.      s  {.,;������������X-������J.".^������'V_  S'^"S*^'H^'^^^  ������Bd;wfcU *e^' ,u^^tlfrb T:Qn e^"uQ UORS; aaittw  nothing >anunS ,u '"���������> ^*,,,/i.twr-iid^  *9  ^P rStrecty Victoria^ Vancouver Island?���������;"���������'��������� ^;    ^ : ^^s; >���������;  BR.1 -POWELii, has Removed 'i ^bia v Office  att^; Residence 1'rovn Fort street to the promises  lately occupied by the Mayor on Broad strict, V}ct6ria,  V:I,  bnicc hours9 a. m. to 12, and 8 p. ffltolO.    a  T   J. SOTJTHGATE and CO., Uniom WiiAiwy  fj*  WlctorU, V I , and Battery street. San Francisco.  jowl ���������m  e^^r^ to partis Dnyinb! w    ' ^-iTOir-"  JOSEPH G. pFGOHE!$/wm rto an Express  3lEortAiitY, .in:������'*i������Mccli6nSrith ^ Barnard's Express*,  from Williams Creek toGrouse,;SWTca8, Beggsj, Antler,  ���������-������tTotudev Cre^kSi  . 1 PubUc4thSg"tTpubiicAucAl<m, on any part of VfU-  ^pUShar^uv������|nmg Cmpanies, ������������������*J?;^..  any '-proper y ^^^^SS S; W^g Uad more  or^rade/A^^e^ |^n^varions^Branches ol  than ten years tG|P^Duh 'Ly ������ne ;refluiring my ser-  vices # b������kim ������W^S &ir������t their business to  strive ^P^^^ges made on.Merchandise iplaccd  inn>y^ssess^n.;torfW^g-^^Sg ^consultme  Mu|nsactionS.  :^^c^dXS:Btani!;,  '     f  sale>  '   ::   ; ��������� ���������     /I :j^b^HRT^BACHER,  ���������..yy.X'X;! y y --; ^,- ;'   . Jhiblic. Auctioneer.. ;  -T^������,' VrcTOKlA/Fobruary24,1865. n  1 orthe-tote^^^^^mi^ Business, at  ihe.Wholesale ProvW^ W M^?"tTOcts; under  the store, corner^^^5 V gWHLOESSl*: ������r  thffikrm ofW^SrW business. The  tfC������BS^AVii> wjli act wJ^S^PJhu-W cnrrleil on as  Bioke an'0 PiERjts^lANCi^, Proprietors. Tlie R*  taurant is supplied-with all the deiieiUileB the mart������  afforils. * In tlie Bur will*be found the choicest:LWO&>  FurnishedU������������ms, &c.>/      /,?:, .1-s   ,  GREliLK^r ���������& FITERRE^ Victoria, Vi'U  ;Solo'Agcnt8jfor Jliti^leon's Cabinet.vChany^|  Rietrcssaa do St. AuWu Cbampagno dry, Boucbe do <>ft f  Jules Jattmm'ClJfttnpagne, Eugene.Clicquot Clmmp������������W |  Bokers Bittt^s. Sainsevain's California "Wino and ������l# |:  tors, Hostettefs Bitten, Bancroft Cider,-fognac Clar������t |  G. KMSer Claret. 'A large stock of Bonded W^  Brandies, Whiskeys, * and ^ Liquors of .every doscnp* p  always on hand.' ." ' ; GKW.i.kr4&.FrrEWWt f:  ' Importcrs'andlVliolcBaio B������ie"j |  aunction; Wharf -and.' Johnson. stree������ ^  -������������������ ~~ZZ1XZ&. I  .ERS IS  ,tUeniV--^^f^f^!^lt8-' '���������'     'i:-|f'    ':  vn'���������\onTOO & CO., iMVOR-uans Ajp Dbwx  ���������r  fEFES TOBACGG,.Mcershnum Pipes, fcc:,  ^^g^g^^^' V1Ct������ria ���������  ^. n<k*s Express u3;'ii;7,,;,;,Jr'-::^ff*^ :  |Hnd CommissiosMkkchasts,- >VUarr s      ,,      ,  v^" and K6.17, qracecniircfijggMgL^jjS.;r  ���������IL'^Ctoi*?W-iGovern^'^V'. J^>  ��������� Vancouver- Xsljawi* r,  ������������������; ���������; ��������� ���������:-   ** ��������� ^ ;-'-r' - ^ ��������� .^-^^^u. ���������  rt "NrBXCBLIiEKT H^XCK, situated, on the Waggon  J\ R^cid,and.f-n wluchalargeinumberofcaUlecoiild  ly* cared for in'the'winter, as thero^isj-plonty of hay for |  Jpefllu?:   Tliure? 1 s a good*DweBtnglHouse, together with ���������  ���������C ��������� tlirs Sheds, Stands, ���������'&������., on the promisee. |  App!V., by latter, to "A," 'Cariboo Sentinel' officr.  2 [  Soda; Water & SarsaparSlla  ......  FOB SALE .AT THE    ���������  ���������a AJZHiLE' SALOON, Catnoronton.


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