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5 Ipurcbflgeof
r'have on hand
c from the but
borders of
l P>varfrKiises
rdcrs sett to
re "lioinediato
;.-'V--*;.5;ft .
el de France.
Bead, always
yy-; lsf
3eason of tb
*rs of Eng-
II: dealers-is
I; . On tod
tlie mar&l
��t"t%0H:      !
.-..-..-  i�����.-���
iria Segars.
er in tens,
iDCCB made
';-. .���;!'!. -.
s, Govern
f Millinery
'.. Orders
.. '.U--
s, .PKork
�� Whole
, -H **
;gest ;
,'    In-theSp;ring op861. when Port
surrendered to ^m<^^
mHer had
jirriish it
war in-'a
the pa-
Were waaaTeTvef oT ex 	
i;V i^ajivef|oti^liif ^^sl^^tSii^'^a^
' * '������ 1 ] /A company* of young -toteir. belong! r'f- to the
first fam ilies la the city h ad been    ' * - ;*;'~' **
made it their province to ��� raise
vq:   'necessary5]t;o >equip the; pqmjpany;
! ;:  withrarmsr aiid sendit^^the seat cl
' ��� ��� -,! style,which should reflect credit iip<
' ' triotisni'evenjof'p^^i'tsM^'6fCitle^tii
The excitement ^^'intensej-andft^iyott^
.,.  .lady friends-*of~the s^ldiersilwerevii
v;h; Jieata^^
aiding thecause>hcl firing the Sputhto heart.
;jAFair'jyas-rhejldi ^t-:wliiQi^'^heV'-bd^��'a&d'
;.  chivalry^ere^rTesent^nd^irbji itim, [large
���.  tunvwasjraised.,,   ',���  .,     '     j '    -
;;One*yotinf la%;:aMaMtifu! and will-eriiii
 ' t-ated-^^^
V,0���*P.'.^S^^^ harles-
ton -stim.e twenty years Before, threw fie Alible;
p .soul intajthe^orfe ^She^fbrgot .heiCr latioii^
. in the, Jfprth, forgot Matier father wa there
born, forgot eyerything^but her dee]i nterest
in aiding;the;cause/pf ;the Soutb, and ivitn a
,.:;; foolishirg&anjse, v^ioji only^exl^el lent of
the time could explain, at the Fair "sprlkeh of
.she had heard* was true^rtbat -f bothv hadfbe^h^
mistered^out ;on siirgeon/s oertificatev bi*.inability,' andvhad comefeaciJ^'StwEaul,,afte|
.to Indian campaign was, over. , Both had'^d.6''
smuch;pride to��. return to'!.iheirf'h6riie,> pow; ;and
\Yhiie: to-had- come^n" jdphic^^ j^;-^bM^
had.remained-atSt.iPa*u!j to pursue his reck-,
less[coursei oijgambiing, under the assumed
naine of ��� Burke (Jtariflbyv Snd"was eithel^tJi^r^
or Jrayellihg:on:the river*; ^Unpleasant as wjis
tlie'lnteliigeh^it;. was welcome 1 to': the ppbfc
.woman, whpJpVqrjce;. set out -fei^Sfe] FauL*
While at *the' 'depot��� in bhicagoV"'-.she"< had;, h'er
pocke t; picked of, ne ar ly- all the - ino ney ���. she,
had,- and when she arriyed in'this^city on WeS;
nes^ay,it was i^a'destitub: situatipii;;; ly.'". XXy
��� v.^ste,r']dayi mbniing she went��� to the office^pr^
a^ fever I ^ay��F Tallmadge; and told; that gentleman]ier
���% j situation, ��� aiid the 1 desire;.; :sh'e' felt .of at phce    s, .
,pfp.^eedihg^b 'Sti^ajnUin hopes that she migiii I iyiyj
findl'ihe object of her search J i Slie" said that p:.! '*
she was here" without; a friend tp ;apply tp^aiid
as-humiliating ;as'it ^as^:'there
��� ;Snbsonption, $1 per.-week, \" ; ��� '   ���   y     -y^W,
(Includ^g^cost of 44feHycry,)'^yi^e to the Carrier.  -1   X:\    '   'X
-��� - ' '-��� -: ��� ������������������������? ��� ���'���������' -��������� '-*������:.   'yy "^'    ~���~*> .h y - -X. ? &
f' ���'���.'''���; yy- ������;.:;'.-;: ;v:f; ���',.   "ryit ^������y~".yt-y..:i .������'���'���'���-���
A.  MA'-aEBOT'l
��� yy *���������' Y\ >  'hyv,y rrXX^X ,'��� .
yXAR&^YlLLE^   v
;   './';���-���     ' ^DEALER IN  Z    '   '
fOhavleston4 Courier^ gave the incident ;we
have related above.' -Although' older in. years
Increase.)-?*      }ik -
���' ."���'4':::-'r   :.!<li';'*-'',.:'r'j'1
:   ,.- ...    -.^.���.,i'--..-.,--..-��;|iE:��
��� t?::
���eA^HsrasBS^^Hpsa^^ tool&;: -
i offered -her; fieact^ndj hand ^ a^;pr|z;e^n| th,
raffle, the bnly stipulation being thai,the! per-:
v iparentagp'and a soldier; -The nove'lty'bfthe
1   proposition added a great interest to the Sair,
^ and an inimense'sum w��s "realized, jaided by;
[to^a^��s)^^injva petted cbUd^fSputh-
tera'*soeleK^oung; agifted, 'beautiful I and
wealtJiylTTp^ hpliiej:6f thepriss^cketfAyas
ayoan^ffian^^^aiiiDler;lhimi?& spenSihriffc
who -lt^rCttiB^it��Q.uig;li' r.Iiifl.'" fo^tu^^^i^^'iciyiL
family of Kheft'sr"^    -
- -After it-was known who the lucky man was;
--hia'wfU kn^wn^r^^itie
''"  his' family comiectibnsi caused every_induce-
, ment to; be- Offered'1 .by- the; lady?s parents to;
��� imake heraeoebl&ffen%' tlie promise she [had
made."7 Nov shejliad given, her! wbrxl^' and her
/parti of thie contract should be religiously kept
'   With great eclat/the parties were- married���
thejoccasion ^^t^e^themeof much^talkfor a
; .few; oiays^ aiid' - ��� then ; disappeared befool the
> stern er realities. of^war;'' ' * . *..    X.^y j;' .-
War brings strange revplutionar The fffier
y of the. young lady ��� saw his^ property;\ ^ated^
-'" ;and:hifdiediir poverty. - Poor now,- the4 oily
^and rbniaiice%hich had1 ptice been the J tieme
, ,of all praise wasf'laqigfeejl at; ;but; tlie, tfbsfc
; xBinguiar itfcipgi of^U wasj that J,ite ybung a(jy
���strangely placed her heart. He ba4 go�� to
���'���: y 'Virginia with.1 h*^;!c*binpany.;; ^5heii^ard^ilrid
from him regularly until- the Bijniiuieri of 364^
���when all traces of himiceased, y .The ;^Tigrs^
-* were broken up as'Xa; company; organizatpnf
.and the Jewrof themUeftwere scattered thrajgh;
other'. re^hiients.:?~:_. Her c^asi^g to hear iom
xithe man; led the lady to^ ibelieye he ?was-;c|.d,
aud as aVmarJbyr 'toj the ^ cause- shei lovedms
.yy 9ie mourned. -; ;iW'heni-%9^eyerV war had c��*ed
'.il  and .to';;sca;ttem
'���  chivalry ^cameVBt^a
that her husbaru"! had been taken prhner
1 ..near' Norfolk,! aiid had enlisted in a ; comiay
of United^Sta^ b;iie-
fierters from the Southern army,.andhadatji
them, beeh Jent; up into Minnesota for durpn
.the border." -
This was a tragical termination to hero*
mance, but it did riot quench the love, vich
had grown up from nothing, ,in her bear tad
a few months ago she left Charleston, seng
what little of her jewelry was left, to ise
the necessary money,' went to Washingn,
searched 'through the rolls, but could not id
the name of her husband in the list; and he
|hari 'wh en :sh e'was guilty^ the;romantic acti
and exhibiting every ��� trace, ofysorrow, she still
looked beautiful, and her sincerity of manner
still', controlled by a;. remnant;of f Southern
hau teur < an'fl .pr ide,- spoke? the .truth ^fiher, as^
sertion.M It is needless Itp say that shewaspf p-
vided;with*the necessar^means tOvreach^St^
Paul;^ and ^trust she :wjli find;her htisband,
who,:: if; he has/ oiie remriaht of htimanity left
in him, will take care of and 'kindly 'treat this'
oncfe1 proud,,but devoted and unhappy ypifie.-^
^Milwaukee Wfecpn^n^ May 19|^.^ m ),'   ' \ S!,
A Cruel RoBBE^r ANn.OuTRAGfi.���-An extrajl
ordinary rbbberyy/attended witb cruelty,;has^:
just taken; place- in 'Switzerland.    A man left
his hpme'&E��^
' J." S.'THOMPSOX,'President; '   '
XyyyXi * y.yyyyyyyy: - yyyyyyyyy yyyyyy
,  ���      DK W. B. WILKINSON', } Dirbctoks. yy
ll&tf^-tf^ is* ;;: y,X
JOHSf BO-WRON,' ',  '-   Secretaey & Librariak.\
Poetical works.'anil'wbrksiof
'.!    ������   ������ ���   ',   ���������-���'���...-�����    V:������v-rtr.ai,.i.:,-���.Ri
ifriends; at-a-;, village' not far of^to 'O^'-weddingr] Sdgiitift-c^Histo^        ^
days that he.was at length found -in a forest^' ~��� -^ -^ --��?---���:---.   ^ .  Sf��. *��*,vsbs
robbbd j'stripped^ and^ound ijtitfj a.;.' ^ treei:^Iwitb
his; mojith: gagged to preventjliim raismg ?an
alarm!*;yJIe.relates;that be-\^a&-iittaiol��ed* by
thieves, and received >a,blow :on^ the head
which rendered-him insensible.; T^heu heIre-.
'��� covered consciousness he found himself in the
-position described ; he-bad^ oft coiirsej-been
withput food; and^ad,pnly been able'to quencb
his thirst with?the. rain^.which; fell in: torrents:;
He is in1 a /dangei'ous situatiqn' from hunger
and exposure^, 4i^^ej^;;iiw: hopes, pf his --'rer
.c;byei^^^ur9pe:lan'/Times/ May:i9th;  : : Xyy
���. .The' tlNii^RaAL"; Practice of; mixiiig: GHicory \ and
other. adqlteratives:with Coffee, has very much clamags
ecf in" public'"estlmationj" wfiat - bright to; be" the most
delicious otb Boyerages." So effectually Have the public
beeii drugged with such.mixtures ilia fc the true properties hnye.been lqst;siglit of^iandmany. prefer, a ���black
and thick iufiisioij to.a drink rich,in spirit and aroma..
Gen'eralas jsjthe.us>oLCollbe^jt is^littioknown;tliat".
incondeusingtheyapprs cxtraptod: from .the berrylin
rousting^ a liquor is;obtainedjof.;the most;nauseous
taste, and of; a fjccnt the most unbearable. ^ Under such
circumstances it, is eyidently, importa.nt that '��������� all the
gases and fluids extracted by roasting should be carr
confined.,.,,,_.     ..
piislied by the now arid patent "Coiiical Coliee Roaster
as used. by FELL.& CO. v Victoria, in .which: tbebcrry
is directly .exposed, to t.Uej.radiated heat, and the vapor
extracted carried^olf instantaneously. In addition to
the advantage; .to be .deriybilby the .rapid; removal of
the steam containing the;objectionable properties, the
pure aroma of fcheCoiree is'retairieilj the essential oil
being preserved and hotexhaustod as in the, Cylinder
Tj.Met^r where the Coirce is required.to remain a. much
it under-
PronouncyngGazetteer; pf^e;Wx>rld,tancl Homan?sCy:
elbpedia of Commerce"Will alwaysd>e kept in the robni
.���for reference. *-   ,��Tf*" '*'  ��� .        ��� i     , -
/.,. .ville,"\Vhitl
���_ . ,.'.._ ���Qc^erlir
-' '   ' XM
Yyy'yyy XXXfy
'���on scbTL^S&lliia
y,   ;���-.,-   -'    ; ' m
> i ���   ���]    ' - ; =- - y
���    i   -        , , - ,-
y- ������yyyyyyym
less than���One.;Hunijj
li Bills I^spoiinte^ai
on Great Britain; 1$
clwsedV >XZ����$
' Government ;flnd|
custody';" Jnterf"
JSLAN30, ZZ}    '���".!-
 XiPQLUMBIA,   . ^  ;
'P0|.,,�����������,;,.,'������.*,.���; ���" |
gbBTLANb, Oreoos: V
riHamilt6n.^^ridon,;King-   ���  ���'
^lUj-pttav^^fiiiOlpi:, ��� ���
I^WcWj-iVr t-ir,' r ���^-"-^ ��� :-r-
i^atherlnesV''^ !"'"!    ���"���/.-
,*S��'W-:   /'   '':-  V';-v ;������',. ���:.;��, ���      -
KrsiiBE'Li, & GoNpRyj.fAgenta"
Rj^aitEfc'or1' Udjati'real.   -
Sl^lui^^'co: /S :BANi-;
OiBce, "Lorn bard; St;, 'iit>ndoni:
'ppeaed' fjf ony amnau
']leote;d.*%hd:Bills.of Exchange
rancjpb ;audir New^Yorlc- purv
^ ' 1 ^"'   .      yyxyy
TiSecurities received for, eatr
)ividerius collected. * ���' t ' ",
BiticX ved via jOep^^P^Ad vftnees made upon them*.
- Goip'tim
within 24 h<
&'$%&>    -f! ���   -��� ������      ;        .-	
"���^ygdjivauii ;returh8 nia^���
^-The Reading Room^ willibo;found supplied^with;the
litest English, Scottish, ^anadianjAmericani and Colo-
nial^Piipers and rMagizmes;; y' -yy ~X - \ - ��� ( -y-
>; teRMs op S(JBSORiPrroN^S5 per quarter,' or $2 per
tmcn.Ui... Single; volumes Iioaneo to-ndn-subscfibers* ai:-
f50 cjts; per v6mnie,^with'$LdeposiU' .'',,; ,,..i *��� ;.-}���,-
Persons not subscribers visiting the Reading Room'
mi making use of the Books and'Pap'ers will bOciikrg-
eU2fl ctsi.'���for each- visit,'';'   '  ' yy '��� - ' j'       '
^�� The Room will be open from 10 a;m.;till 10 pVm."
', y .   y..\      t,   j^oh^bowron;^ /
'"" /t*': -' " ; Sec*^trary;and Librarian;
j  {   , n?&  bAMTI  OP
'ri-'j^'��i_   ''"''Vt''-'"' -Vt ���'    v.-''��"  -':-' ?y-y
vi 1
l: mouttet &: eo^v
~V WHOLESALED5 RETAILs''    ';������    ' ;
||i /.RICHFIELD, Williams Croek, B.C.:  " : -;;'';.
���TT3 HAVE ON HAND a large stock of Provisibnst
Tt Hardware.and Vegetables, and are deter-
min (to sell them cheaper than any other store on
Wil imsCreek. Come and see and judge for yourselves.';
.. -s .r   JESTABUSRBp,lif,1836V        "'-������'    .   - j ���
^|Hbap Ofpice: '7;^ ST. i HELENS PIJAGE-XONUON;
:,, DRAFTS ISSUEBOutLondonj New York, San Francisco, Cariboo, Canada, 'New^Brunswick, Nova Scotia,
and .on ullthe Branches oV the, National Bank of &$o\r
land and ProyInpial.Bank of Ireland., ; \YX)X^.{yy, iX,
Bills of Exchange aiid,Sold Purcha%ed.
, Interest on :Speeiat: Deposits of Money allowed at the
rate of a quarter of one per cent, per tndntl).
Roaster, wh ere the Coirce is requir
' had ever been there it was under an assuici
name. She had-expected this, but, laying^
case before President Johnston, she was ^
nished with the necessary.instructions toe;
commanding officer of the Departmenti;
which her husband might be, to secure his-:
lease from service ;". and she came West W;
the intention of proceeding along the track?
troops had taken un^il she could obtain so^
information of nim.  ��� I
Arriving at .Chicago,;, she was fortune
enough to meet there a man whom she h
known in Charleston, when she was"the be
of that city~a' man who had deserted ���
rebel fiag and joined the Union army with I
huaba^d.   From htm ihe learned fch*t wt
bio toretain.uie qualil��� .      ,
Cotfee when ground. Tlio heat engendered by the pn ���
cess of roasting, and especially of grinding, creates an
action in the'elementary.p*rls which gradually destroys
its Iltuuss for drink. But to retain the essential oil
which it contalns.Sve have it encased in tins containing
rrom 1 lb. to28 lbs.,-and which can bo had (rem any o
tho resnectabfe dealers; We.can conUdcntly recommend
tlose who have hitherto been:' obliged to refrain irom
takiuc Coffee on account of its ill elfepts that they may
usemrColfee, roasted in the Conical Roastor, being recommended by all medical men. under whose notice t
Keen brought, and by numerous other testimonials
in 51<? favor. UJiLL.&M'-.t   .,���
mltS :     ���      Coflec Merchants, Yates St., Victoria.
afiold; May;5th,XB��Qy
PRfrlS&NS, GRQOpiRIES, f^<^J[ING; &c
torage and Commission. :       :��� s
$?^]*W���A?*'i.:;Q.n* Assa^3d,i and returns madtt
witbm;24hoursin;Coin0r Bars. '   '
"Ores^pf every description carefully Assayed,   -
? '*jfy%&py- instructions as to; th e (iisposal of the pro-
ceeds of: Gold Dui?t :lbrwarded- to the {oaice in Victo1!
for Assay will be. carefully .attended to.'' f     'r
' ZZl*   ,r r  ��� ,-:f ^SHEPHERD, Manager.
/ Victoria, V. I.yApril. 1866: yyyyyy'*;.    iJ
The undersigned is prepared to
'-  w   ���  1^..-. :-VBARKERVILLE, B. C. '.  ���( , '��� -
Cffioe HouES,; ^710,a,nil,   to   3p. m.,.
Mondays^���-f   ��� XX to Ilia.m.,&i2tb3p.m.i
Saturdays,?    10 a. m.,   to; ��p, ni.
, 45T No business itran'sabted ;.on Sumiays.', \ 'ly..
,.,X    ���   ,      ,    ;   ;   -:- ROBERT BURRELL, v
yyi^A$r)-l-: .
has been revised, and REDUCTION in price*
made to suit the times.'. The charge on Letters to and
irom Victoria and in termed iato.pluces is now 50 cenUi
Stage Faro to Quesnelmbutb,
"      "   through toiYale,
August 1st, 1866.
-       -       $20.
Agent Burcuru's Express.
. '���' ::; .-'  '   '.116
Oh Commission, of will purchase any quantity on the
Most Liberal Terms, at tlie
Beading Boom,' Cameronton,
The SuDScrihcr is well known oh Williams Croek, and
;Sm the confidence reposed. in h;m heretofore in the
SS' no hopes to receive the patronage oi
;tho Minin-community the ^^*Q^^0WKoy;   '
BARK*pILLE���Adjoining the Express Office.'
IN S.M.l T H,
B A R �� L H V I L L ��.
Connecting at Lillooet and Yale with DIETZ &
, NELSON'S for New Westminster ^.Victoria,
WILL ARRIVE AND  DEPART froni the ollice in
i ?   Barkerville, to connect wjth the steamer * -Enterprise" at Qaesnelmouth, and the STAGES at Soda
Creek  EVER"/ WEEK, conveying freasurk, LKTTKRa
and Valuasies for all parts of tho world     Also Commissions received and forwarded bv Express for the
collection of Notes, Bills and the purchas** of article*
tb be obtained atN^w Westminster, Victoria San Francisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch
...    JOHN'.B.. LOVELL,
]-8 A^;:,n\;B<Xilil-Tir'ilte-,
/  / % 11:1  tm y  THE C|MBOO SENTINEL  Z'. ��������� ��������� Mafj-^^  ELIiCTliK  ��������� m  ���������.--,-   We.'are'bSoe:-mpre*^en^bwed with,a Mining  ���������   Board, and ^-Itust'liie institution will hence-!  ; ,for^ men compos  ing it are in ;felhe UiaiiaXof tlie right stanip (h e.)  . rneii of good'/practical experience*, aiid; ihi  only men frpm whpin twe can expect the p:o-  : per measuresyip)guide}-and goyem' a mining  !.   , cam p. . TheS^are p eriiaps one or two m en-we  would rathe^lhbfc have^jseen 'Pn: the list, and  : '���������;'��������� there are ohierortwo'men that we think should  ;.v;y vhave been elected?biit;Pn the jvhole; with bur  limited choice^weicah      offord to be hyper-  critical, and weV^ave'^yery confidence in look-  .'���������; ing for speedy reme'ii^being applied to our  yy: Vfe vail ing afflictibusT.;;^ ���������' ";-:-- ';'.-,:  ;        As our miuing reaspnls fast drawing to a  close, we hope-that;every effort will be made  to redress the' grievances complained of by  the miners, and":firatLarid foremost; the most  ���������.-.,-.   speedy manhefevot';- adjudicatidn: in  mining  eases and the avbidatice of ruinous law expenses,, this we thin^ma^be accomplished by  making the Mining"Board, presided over by  the Gold Comini^oner^aj; Court of .final Appeal, a; quorum ;'<^������b;fciiess than.'.' seven mem-  :���������.;..bers of the Boarc^^mg^iiuperafcive.���������,;. .-.;  '���������':���������^   The fosfermg;^  enterprise in dev^elpp'mBg)ur mineral resources  >'���������-���������;-; h also of tlie/grsatesfc&|||>ortance, and: should'  ":   "Bbard, for.--instdncje^^;-ere';tion'/ of a Test  ��������� ���������; Mill for quartz,; ;,which?isjattracting. the.notice  . ���������' pf: cap italis ts;- arid^ilitform the m os fc.;" perm a-  ���������:>;/nent means of employment to bur population,  ���������10 securing; these coibmesffrom the frequent re-  ":���������"������������������'; currence Of periods !pf^depression.  ; The enc6uragei^nfc;tpf explorations for sur-  ;.   face or placer diggings[shpu]d also be mature-  ;r    ly considered; aud such^a system of rewards  and assistance .be^,'established as will enable  ;  ^^he;.meh:ready..to:.uhR^e^ke this kind of enterprise to push theu'researches over the large  ;- p prtio% of the counti-y^ypt, un tried;? ly -:  ly There are other questwnsof equalimportan ce  ;;\:'which,we';wilt toat^n^re^atlarjge in -another  ��������� .article, but we -wou^'limpreis on our representatives the; ne^cessityjpf expedition, so that  bur. next season \may\ppeh with every opp pr-r  tiinity for succe,ss^;or^^lieir industry wit 1 de-  7" miiiers that they  .and encouragement in their labor, and draw  :>.Z tpithemsolves the respect andgratitude Of the  ' - Jwhole community; J; y^ilyZ'���������'��������� .  X ^-LiETTER FROM NEW: WEST MINSTER. .;  ilZxllX .-:-New; Westminster, July 27th, 1866;  .. : Editor Cariboo Skxti N'ELV-SiR,-^Consider-  .nble excitement at present exists among us on  X1-. account of the possibility ot* a Fenian inva-  '    fiioti, an organized gang of filibusters as bad,  if not worsen than the Sepoys:    However, let  them come on- and they wilWind a force equal  (if not in numbers) in courage, with right on  ';' their sidei which always a'cts as a powerful  lever, to. hoist every vagabond out of the  : country should they ever? attempt'to make  their appearance among us.:' But they know  better, for now that we have got a-man-of-war  auchored alpngside of us, ano ther. man-of-war  y at.the mouth of the Fraser, and lots of armed  "men scattered all over the city,, we are confi-  . .-4ent that the capital of the Colony; is-safe; the  olher parts of the said  Colony can   Look  .out, for themselves.    We! are .strong, I assure you we are powerfully strong, and yet  .it has beeu published to the world by your  contemporary   of   the  capital    that   forty  armed  men  could   pounce   upon  us aud'  set"thetown in flainen; why, my dear sir,-it  f would take 40,000 men of arms to be able to  .   make the least, impression, against us, we are  ..,., &e..w,oli..prepared to....resist, them,.   Your con  ���������;! ���������;��������� temporary was aware of all this,' * and his 40  armed inen, strong idea, was merely a dodge  ���������: to get, the knaves within' o iii- grasp, but they  ; ^vpuldnpt bite, they smelt a rat, lucky for  :'"-'? ftmm..':.:^ ��������� y"y     ��������� ��������� -'-���������'��������� XyZZ '���������'*.'  Business is dull here, and if it was not for  the.soldiering excitement ihe place would ap-  :pear as deserted.   It is supposed tlie Governor will arrive here.sometime this summer, and  witli him.the Deed of Union of the Colonies,  :;signed and scaled and done up to the handle.  .   It. Ls said that when he does arrive the first of  . his.acts will be to get up arid get out of this  political-agitating little village, and establish  ,  Sis headquarters either in Victoria or some  ���������    more central point in this Colony ; a mover  1   3ilent on the. part of the Secretary of State  that will be productive of n'rore good to British Columbia, aud; more satisfaction to the  people than he can possibly imagine; if the  ���������Secre tarv of State p ays- any regard to Co Ion el  lyioo.dy's interested representations and di&re-  ;  jga'rd the wishes of the whole population of  .this (Colony, then we will say there is no more i  y irtu e, left in Syracuse.    AV-e; do Ho t s up pose!  fur one, moment that Mr. Card well will listen  to any of the Colonel's suggestions on the  question of fixing the capital of the United  Colonies; and we believe that Governor Seymour will not recommend any place in particular for fixing the capital in either of the  Colonies without first knowing the wishes of  people, although he has been reported, in conjunction with Col. Moody, as doing so,-;  His honor the Officer Administrating the  Government in; his> Excellency's absence, I  must say, is deserving of great credit for the  manner in which he has acquitted bimself in  the administration of the samelH Al'iough  but a-young man, surrounded and advLed by  the cunningest patterns of selfish and political  irtrigue, yet he has erred only iua:few 'i^es,  which probably he did not like to interfere  with until the return' pf the Governov.   Tlie  Gold Export Tax he handled like a druhx^major  to the great benefit of the whole population of  the two Colonies.    It would, also be a great  satisfaction-to all if the.'prayers of the people  Jad received a little niore at;ention than they  really have. Ij      .X;:x  y A petition to relieve the miners from having their claims thrown into Chancery when  any dispute should arise between  different  companies was brought before the Legislative  Council last session, and referred to a special  committee, co'niposed mostly of lawyers. wh;v  brought in a report, the substance of which  was that to make any alteiation in ijhe present  mining laws would produce no good effect,  that the remedy would be worse than the disease, so that mining disputes remain in the  .same complicated state as they were before,  causing an endless amount of litigation, which  presentsritseir to" uTevefy^^day-^oFinstance,  the Aiirora-Borealis dispute.   That these mining disputes ever should be appealed to the  Supreme  Court is  ridiculous,  all disputes  should be settled on the ground before a Gold  Commissioner and a disinterested jury of min-  Fresh VEGfiTAnLEs.���������A wagon load of fresh  vegetables raised at Quesnelmouth amved  here yesterday, and were retailed, at the following prices. Potatoes, (new) 40cts.;^lb ;  turnips, 20 cts ;;cabbage, 40 cts; onions, 75 cts;  beets, 37 cts ; carrots, 50 cts per bunch,  #^- We understand that Barnard's Express  Stages will in future arrive, here on the afternoon of Friday; instead of Saturday as at present. . ���������'- yy  ' Fresh Salmon.���������Mr. Hi C. Wilmott has a few  fresh salmon left which he will dispose of at  from $2 75 to $3-each. j'    . ; '     ���������  Eastern I^i^The stearuer.Californm was  to leave Sari; FranciscoTor Victoria on Satur  day the 28th ult..;. ''*':   l. ' y X        .  1  NEvy AJWBRTlSEMEfe  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  $50 RE^^  TOST,   ON THE EVENING   OF   FRrDAY LAST,  It SOON BE ^~RECEIPf-OP^''*UBQE ii������  |   ���������������������������;;������������������--    WELL ASSORTED STOCK O^i     ^  j;  B$P?S ^ ;ShlpES,^C.,  'iPORTED DIRECTLY FROM SAN FRANCISCO.  | isdes^us^siippr^ .  L can do so at LOWEST PRICES.'  . ^iiatos.Crcet, gu^iBOi;!^-}y '''X   22-u  PtEpppE^;CO,  EftCirt'AjNfij; -.  CAHERONTOM  66,234.   Any persou ro ui rn i ng the same or send lug ao3'  communfeation that will load to Us. recovery to Mr. R.  Monroe,  Burkerville, will receive the abovo reward  without any questions being asked.   "  Williams Creek, August 6tb, 1866. IMin  RIC HFIELP   STABLES.  'VHE UNDERSIGNED begs respectfully to inform the  X travelling public that he has Good Stabling accommodation, and will contract for tho keep of Horses by  the day, week;t/rmonth;   . ' .'  ���������&&* Stablttjg^ff^K.tyToTTTHo'rso"' pTFaayr$3T0^T  Oats, Barley, *&c., at the lowest market rates.  27 !     "     HENRY LAMON, Prop'r,  CHALLENaE.  injury not only of the miners but the community at large.       ;���������.'������������������  The answer of his honor the Officer Administrating the Government to' your Cariboo  Delegation is highly commendable, with regard to his' recommendation for establishing  a Mining Board composed of good .practical  miners, and I believe if you have thatrit will  be all the Court of Appeal you want> together with the Gold Commissioner ?s. Court,       v  challenge, and if not from henceforth s'top hi* gassing.  ���������- Articles wnd a deposit.will bo ready at Tom Barry's  Saluon, Cameronton, next Saturday Evening.  -;.;���������   - ������������������-������������������ .���������-'���������.-'���������. ..; georoje wilson:-  ��������� Williams Creek; 6th August, 1866. '27  ���������'  loo'  .About 6 o'clock yesterday mqraing;as Hon.  Allen Francis, the American Consul, 'was in  the act of crossing a vacant lot in the'^ear. of  his residence on Pandora street, he 'observed  a man's hand raised above a clump jot low  fern bushes, near Johnson street.    Believing  the hand to be that of so me pereon beckoning  for assistance, the .Consul..; directed hSs steps  towards it, and oh .reaching the spot  was  shocked to find the nude body of a man in the  midst of the dump, with the face and head so  shockingly bruised, mutilated and bloody,  that recognition was almost impossible!    The  only articles on the man were a blade jwollen  sock, which covered one foot, and a^leigarry  cap, that lay on the dead man's hip. ��������� Impressed with the idea that a horrible murder had  been committed, Mr. Francis gave inj alarm  to the neighbors, and information wisconvey-  ed to the Folice officers, by whonvklfe body  was taken in charge.   It was subseqiaitly recognized as that of Edward Urin, a vornish-  man, aged about 34 years, and a carp in ter by  trade.      One side of deceased's My was  scratched as though it had been draied for  some distance to the place where it wl found  and subsequently a pool of coigealej blood  was discovered about ten fee( distajt on a  trail that "leads diagonally across thebt from  Pandora to Johnson street,    ft is relieved  that, the deceaaed, who was a m\n of "try dissipated habits, and who, whenlast sejn,   late  on Saturday night, was drunk^ad Ian down  in a place remote from that }iere tl i body  was found,; and that he was di|overec asleep  by some prowling Indians, wi beat hi m to  death with stones and sticlcs |r the 3ake;"of  securing his clothes and wha'few vduables  were on his person, and that������he body was  afterwards conveyed to the fthes atjd concealed there., ��������� The body \f. quite] waiin  when the Police reached th^pot, and the  impression   prevails that ttt murder must  have been committed betwee| and fi o'clock  yesterday morning.    A   hajbroed, named  Joseph Chapeiieau, was tak| into custody  during the forenoon, and c^nitted, to jail  on suspicion of having been |cerned in the  affair���������'Colonist & ChronicllJuly 24th.  Spahuinu ExuibitiOiN'.���������Onjiturday last a  grand sparring exhibition cafotf at Martin  & Cooks Saloon, Barkerville|ie programme  consisted of a match betweefleo. Baker and  his pupil Bam. Walker, and su.|y other friendly bouts between amateurs, ^eluding with  songs, recitations and danci] The entertainment, was wel 1 patrohizepid "passed off  with evident satisfaction to ffcpectators.  703* Davis' opposition stajgot in on ��������� Friday afternoon for the first tip  itholesale ajfd retail dealers in ail  '.    kinds;op  ; ���������  BOVtSIONS, .LIQnOES^Ms,  /:-   G L:.b!T'S:INxif   ;  Il,-     boots ,&;shoes,  ;3eg to call the attention of Miners and others  j: - ��������� to thoir full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  11   ; ��������� ���������. which will ��������� bo sold 'XX. .  ^it.'.';c^!s;f::;^k'i;cES!  Jo make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive go soon y  !:,,;,>.    . s ��������� tho Roads tire open. .; -> ���������:. X .  i ���������������������������$&* Liberal <,-allowance will^be made to  Restaurant and. Hotel Keepers and the Trade generally;  Wlfirgoorders.   ......    ���������.���������'..'..:,���������'.,..,-'..,...     Xl  :  --r> tie/nnn havo bii(in eTectod aTmeffih^fj?^rrinrjfiN^  ING BOARD, and it is requested that they will meet  me ut tlie Court Hmise, at 3 o'clock, p. m., on, TUES  DAY, the 7th inst.   . *  ���������. :rt"*'���������-"���������'-' WM.GEO. COX,G. C.  Richfield, August 4tb, 1SG6. X X"  ^onA^FTINE'J0HyMAcLAEEN,S. DRAKE,  A^GUSHARDIE' J.-S THOMPSON,  J. B. WILKINSON,   DR. FOSTER,  r. r. Monro's  h. coulter..  ':''.> ,:, ...     Ij." \ * ������        tt.'   .���������       -j   ....... ������.-  Bathiiig    Establishment!  ]Z'.:Z-   \'   BiRKERV-ILLE^;^.^'.    .,  yZ     (Next Bank'of BriUsli NorlhAme^ca.).  D'' ������������������" LEWIS' ������egs leave lo 'Inform the Ladies aoi  * Gentlemen of Williams Creek anil ..yiciniiy itai  ne ms lltted up u BATHROOM atcMmsWcralilcesp^;  fori \c\r accbnimodution, and hojK'g"by ClifiCatU-Dtlea  THERE WILI/BE A GRAND RAFFLE OF TWO  HORSES, with HARNEY and WAGON in complete  oruer, to come off at Ross h Buclick's Saloon iu Bar-  kervi lo, on Saturday Evoning, August 18th, at 9 p.m.  Tickets, $5 each. '    ^in  Dissolution ofPartnership  pHE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON UN-  I: dor the namo anil title or Tracer & Brothkk, Mcr-  hants and Traders, on Williams and Grouse Creeks  .'inboo, lias this day been dissolved by mulual consent!  TlHE BUSINESS HERETOFORE  c  C'inooo, nets tins day been dissolved by  The business will in future be carried on in tho name  of Morris Pbager, who will settle all debts due bv tho  late firm and to whom all accounts due to the saiif-flrm  are to be paid.      " ..  MORRIS PRAGER,.  Barkerville. Williams Creek, >   -  ���������N P1UGEU*  ,    23rd July, 186G. j 25-lm  El Dprado;-^ Saloon!  & BARKKRVlLLk; ��������� -ZZ1  tH^^R?KPRI?T0^ TSFpLEASiiRE iiaah-w  L, ������ ������ *he'rfnends and the public gehwlly U  my have rcftttcri this, spacious Sjloon, and will open:  fo same on TUESDAY EVENING NEXT,, vhcii ly  JIJl be happy to entertain aU who may give thmacaJl.  I... B0S3 & BURDICK,  | BarJcervillo, July 2nd, 1866. ������������������-'���������'.; y Z^u'  -  RICHFIELD k .BAKKEltVILLE.  j\|ESSKS. HARRIS & CO. beg to inform the  ��������� , *!i?t,rai Hotel Keepers and theinhabitauWiiiKiD-  ixnl of Williams Creek, that, they have opened First  ^iiuss Butcher Shops in- the towns of-KICHF1KLDand  3AKKEHVILLE. and irust to intrit aiibendslwreof  Ao public patronage, and that their old fricpdsvi'l  Uliuly give them a caiua '* '��������� ��������� " -.- - ,   ��������� '  |Ricbfleid, July 5th,.1866. ' ;.��������� ��������������������������� U4m   :  GROUSE   CREEK  ^HE UNDERSIGNED begs to id form the public tbat  i the above establish ment was opeued on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July,.and that ho will be happy to re-  CAUTION.  AGAINST  drawn u?  pAUTIES ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED  q negotjaUug a certain Fromlssory 'Note, _-. .  sin favor or, VICTOR DURAND, and dated Barker-  ille, Cariboo, June 17th",'1865, as the uhdersisoe'J^''3  r*rtam; ciaims against $uid' Victor Durantl';vhicii3^!i  s|doducted from tbo amount oi the said Promissory  ceive a call from his friends.  ���������X       _J8������- BOARD $16 PER WEEK. ������t^   '  Bn?a(3-* Pies an<^ Cakes always cm'hand for sale.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  {Jte.  '   OPPENHEJMBR & CO.  ydh.uns CreeJc, July 14th?!,1866. ;,,. .X^y P  tfi  ���������r  i  POR^SALE.  A   HEAVY CANVAS HOSE AND HYDRAULIC PIPE.  - t ������ ' *iitcrms aPl,1Jr a^ihQ cflIce "f this paper.  July 23rd, 1866. .  ��������� 23;  WHOLESALB &  LIQUORS,  ,|LL KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED TO ORDER and  t kept constan tly on hand, which will be sold at tlw  >wkst  Mabket  RAtes  and : dellvbred; FREE 0*  BVRGE a t any point on the waggon road.:  Orders lea with Buio Bms., Burkorviilej'H. Tron  ^n, Richfield; or at the Mill, below Cameronton,  promptly attended to*   :  f   ���������  ���������        '" ;'���������     JOHN.R. ADAMS.  |ulyl6th, 1806.    .."-' ���������-���������" 21  will  ���������AXD  RETAIL DEALERS IN. flSSOlUtiOn  (rEl.OnFJ^ T"RS* PE C0 :rARTNERSHIP' heretofore existing!������������"  \Xit\J XJ������jX\XEjO^te, tI)o undersigned, under the stVle and titloof IW  ; $$>uuiQf Brewers, is this day dissolvecl by mutual con-  ^t.   All debts due,by the late firm will bo sottletl uy  ajtnesH. Kerr,"and all. outstanding accounts daeio  Ub said firm aroto be paid to liim. ������������������'"'��������� :.        ������������������������������������  __^ ||;;, , ���������:.: ��������� : y:-y\   JAMES H. KERR,  1^$^ H: B. (X'fuWelmout^ B: C.,li^July^  ' E SUBSCRIBER ins returning thanks for.fhc very  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE.  SB    THOIVlP^niy      -     iHJ>cral patronage extended tothoJatu firm jjjTKtff  a tt^ta^       ���������r W"rUWJ' m^Si begs to inform tho public that he ,*ffl a i������j  AUCTIONEER,   MINING   &   COMMISSION -^ny.on the Brewery business.ininsnamc,^;  A aVKV   a nth  a nnr\rr\-m * >-m ."Wsts b^ a strjcfc ^ttmtion tb business \omp^  Abrhfii I, ASD ACCOUNTANT, t|uancu of tho patfonaire bestowed on tb.e]attjjto  '    BAEKSRVILL^. it' P"3w ' ��������� '-   '��������� ������MKS ��������������� KJiKK'  m  mi  m fiig^TOQ;MNTim  Monday, august, ^ i8e<>.  ELECTION.-, , : ,    .  On Friday Iast,;in;accprdaiice with the notification of the Gold Commissioner, the election of 12 members to serve^ on the Cariboo  3lining Board took;:jplace.-. 'The polls were  "opened at each pf the .towns of  Richfield,  Barkerville a^' Cameron too,; at the hour of  10 o!clock, a. m.   Unlike, the election of Tues-  day a great deal; of 'interest .;appeared to be  manVested.amon^ the-friends of the different  candidates/   In Canieroiiton the excitement  ran high.throughout the day,, and numerous  caricatures and'squibs: were improvised at the  expense of the various, candidates and their  party, some of .which were highly ludicrous  and amusing, and produced1 not a little irrjta:  tion on the part of sey era! .of the indi viduals  lidiculed.   Wilmott's Express wagon was called into requisition, during the day, and ?/as  decorated with a large placard, commencing  with the well inown motto " vox*populi, ?ox  dei," and concluding -with an urgent appeal  for all to.vote the poptilar ticket.' Despite/Ae  nnpropitious.state of the weather,, for it reined the whole day, the" excitement rather j increased than diminished ��������� until - the closing of  the polls at 4 oiclbclc, p. m.    The whole pro-  xeeiiings passed off without any angry feeing  ,or noisy quarrel .being created, which is bfcrh-  "Ty "cfed \ table -to-the "&r^&mv~tm<b pe^oe'tbie  .disposition of .the cUizeos of Cariboo.;^ ' j.  We coulu not but-observe the great latitude  that;the Mining Act affords���������a.voter in allowing  him either to give one .;70te to each of twelve  candidates, or if he tubughtfifc the whole twejye  votes.for one .man. , .It will be evidentj to;  , everyone that euch a system of voting }H��������� jal-  xulated to lead to very corrupt practices, J>ut  ;as.we.have no.space to .enlarge on ,th!s now  -;it will form the subject of a future artieleJ  The following is a correct statement of the  .poll as carefully .revised and checked *y the  iGold Commissioner;:���������..* Xi)XyX,       . .1  MENINJ&; INTELLIGENCE.  . ... WILLIAMS CREEK: '  Mining operations, on tliis creek have not  been attended with any flattering success during the past week. Several of the claims below Cameronton'that were beginning to pay  have unfortunately been flooded with: water  by reason of the rising of the creek in consequence oi the heavy rainstorms we ;have had  for the last few days. The wheather has been  disagreeable in the extreme, somewhat similar to what we had during tho month of September last year but we' hope without being  productive of the same results. }Ve have only  heard J'rom a few claims this week among  which are the Cornish.co'y, at Richfield; who  cleaned up on Saturday about 100 ounces.���������  The Cariboo co'y washed up .for week 50 oz.  ���������Never  Sweat  co'y made for week  men at work oh this creek, who persist Mounting for the old channel. , ' .-^(yy  over  1. W.Hazeltine,  2. John MacLaren,  3. Samuel Drake,, ,.  4. James1 Anderson,.  .5. C. Booth,      -  ;6..James Burdick,  .7. .Angus jHardie,    '  ;8.. J. J3. Thompson,  '9. R. R; Monroe,'������ .--���������������������������  10. J; B. Wilkinson, -.  11. Dr. Foster, "-,  12. Henry Coulter, :  13. J. H. Wright,  11 P. McLaren,     -  15. J. H.Ferry,  -  16. R. II. Brown,   -  530  521  400  376  373  -\36H  JM  -'330  :;���������*. [jw'i:  ;V 1297.  -ins.  >��������� 161  Hi  -  io;  wages;���������California co'y washed up for week  43 ounces���������Last Chance co'y washed up for  week 50 ounces.���������The Bed Rock Drain co'y  are still pushing ahead their works with every  possible dispatch, they are now within 125ft.  of the Cariboo co'ys upper shaft, but are hindered greatly by having to<blast through hard  bed rock. .     .  GROUSE   GREEK.  Considerable work is going on throughout  this creek at present/ and although but few  large strikes, are being made, as was at first  anticipated, still every ��������� claim 'that. has been  opened and in working order is yielding good  wageSjOnd income instances wJiat'TiiighV'te-'  IspnsIdereiTO  prevails among the miners generally respect:  ing their claims,'and few.evince any desire for  selling, which is a good indication of the contentment that exists. Quite a little village has  sprung up lately, containing.a Liquor. Saloon,  Butcher Shop, Blacksmith Shop; Store, aud  Restaurant, the latter establishment, .kept by  ���������Mr. Kelly, is driving a good business. '*.-. ' .  .The "first claim on the list is the St. Lawrence  co'y, -who have."been sinking several shafts ou  the hill side, but in every instance coming  down on bed rock, within a few feet of the  surface; they still continue to hunt for the  LITTLE S.^OW SHOE CREEK. 1} yiy  On this-creek there are thrie; white men ���������" ai  work, each of whom has a separate claim tj^oni  the-otiier but are very friendly and neighborly  to one another notwithstanding ?bne is a  "Fenian," another a>;"'Live Yankee," andVthe  other a(; John Bulk"-The " Live Yankee >J  has every faith in his old quartz lead On Snow  Shoe, and intends to resume work on it as soon  as .He makes a little money.".;' X ���������'- X;,. ;;;.  ���������'.;.  yX NORTH FORKQUESNEL RiyfiR/^   yxZ  .Tlierelore;AWt'^V(^niibeai('.at work'on*  this river between t)ie Forks and Keithleys^all  ���������'of whom are taking-but aJittle jgbld;':/>��������� P *; --���������:  - "���������;'���������    '>������,''.*  GOOSE; CREEK, Z'^'���������''���������:'  On this creek, which is situated two. miles  above ���������.the Forks-of Quesnel;;there are.'.. 15  Chinamen who are doing well;:the-gold they  take out is. yeryrough and of superior quality.  ; SPANISH CREEK. ;'.' - -  " Situated about "li;miles,:above*:'Mitchell's  bridge, on North Fork pf.Quesriel river: a  party, of 9 Chinamen ;are at work, making  .Chinese wages.    ���������'���������'' ������������������"',;-. (:,:,..';   fix ..������..���������;���������..���������  '-   ��������� : ��������� swiFr -river.' :'X.X.x    yZ''''  . About 90 Chinamen are at work 'on' this:  stream, below Davis'crossing on Keithieys  creek..:"..-.";    ���������; *���������    vl:'    ������������������',.;.- -'��������� '-. v. ���������������������������  iC^NYONT^REEKiivi;'.  The number of votes polled amounted to 4'E,  of which Richfield gave 100, Barkerville 1;C,  aud Cameronton 152.  .     .������������������._���������.  HOUSEBREAKING AND ROBBERY.  On Friday evening, the 3rd inst., betwetf  the hours of 10 and 12 o'clock, the house f  Mr. James Anderson, Cameronton, was entc-  ed by means of a false key, arid a desk, co-  , tabling $200 in. notes and a gold watch valud-  at S300, was broke open anil riffled of its ^  -tents.   The thief appears'to have' had som  knowledge of the premises, as;the front dbcf  must have been ��������� opened by a; false key ;an|  locked again ori the inside and i an exit map;  hy the back door;; . OniSaturday; morningsii  , Chinamen>:who ^dbe^n # wbrtiately arbunj  Cameroiitou, left very- early j which: arouse  . suspicion;- and that suspicion was heightene  from the fact that a piece of paper oil; whia  was written certain Chinese characters and t  Chinese coin were picked up outside ��������� the doo|  information of the circiimstaiice|having be������  given to the Magistrate, he^dispatched an oft  cor after the Chinamen who brought thei;  back about 12 o'clock, hobn;" their packs wei  all searched in front of the Court House, bl  nothing discovered that could give the leafc  ���������clue to the stolen- property. '.It is supposd  that the dropping of the Chinese paper ar.  coin was only a,blind to divert attention fro  the real culprit, who it is presumed must t  a white man.    We understand that on tl)  same evening the cabin of Mr. A. Monroe, c  Cameronton, was also broke open, but nothin;  as far as wo can learn had been taken off.   31  channel.���������Hard Uprco'y%aredown 30 feet with  their shaft and are annoyed with water��������� The  Heron co'y have got back to the high rockon  the further side of the channel, which is over  30 feet, wide; they cleaned up on Thursday 60  ozs., and are now engaged in blasting through  bed rock in order to obtain grade for an incline; in crossing the channel with a-narrow  drift thoy have taken out altogether 210 ozs.  ���������American co'y are making an ounce a day  to the hand.���������Bed Rock Flumetco'y are working 12 men. of whom some are ground sluicing and others arc sinking a shaft in the bank.  ���������Oam'cron co?y washed up for week 26 pzs.-r-;  Wild Goose co'y washed up on Thursday 16  ozs., on Friday 16 ozs. on Saturday 17i ozs.,  in all 49i ozs.���������Short Bend co'y are makiug  over-wages.���������Full Rig co'y haVe run 119 feet  of a tunnel, and just struck the pitch pf the  rockon Thursday last.���������Discovery, co'y are  in 10.0 feet with their lower tunnel and have  found a channel containing *0 feet of pay gravel; they washed up a little of the dirt taken  out and had 3 ozs.���������Auch or French co-y are  not making over wages.���������Caroline co'y are  doing very well.���������Hepple co'y have'commenced to clean up their ground sluice.���������Cascade  co'y have;Tun 85. feet'��������� of .^heirbed rook tunj-  n'el, .and will have 20 feet more to riin>���������Shy  Robin co'y are making, good wages.-^Rankiii  co YJ; just'starting: a;driftxm. west sidejof creek,  opposite . Oritivrio ;cb^y: washed ;:pn' Saturday  night: $ 2 0 out - of five; cars of dir t.^Salt Spring,  co 'y have beeir cleaning ;up bed ��������� rpck ��������� all ��������� the  week and washed; put ab put 50 ozs.���������Ontario  co'y are in 65 feet with their tunnel,1, the rock  has been* very hard, almostevery foot had to  ,he blasted.���������Imperial co'y are starting a new  -tunnel-on a ��������� level with; the- creekj- the formor  one. being too high.T^Rpbin Hood are sinking  a new shaft about. 100\ feet back; from the  ���������creek and are now down 30 feet.���������Thistle co'y  have struck a heavy wash of gravel, and boulders at 20 feet  . STOUTS tGULCH. '..'  1 The North and South Wales co'y located  on the north branch of this gulch, which connects with the head of Lowhee Creek, bottomed their shaft last week nt 44 feet: and  washed up $16; they are busy erecting machinery. Several claims have been taken up  above them during the week.  COXKLINS GULCH.  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  ��������� ���������*-���������, ������/tfM^*i������A'  (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.)  yy. .-;:-;;��������� Saturday, 4th August,-1866?;;:  Dutch.Bill co'y, per J. Tays,vs Cornish'co'y.  per W. Hazeltihe���������Suit brought to'cornperde-  fendants tb show cause why they committed a  trespass on plaintiffs :water rights by taking  the water from AVilliams' creek and thereby  preventing plaintiffs from working their claim.;  It appears that, subsequent ;to,a!ate suit respecting water privileges instituted'by'ih'c  Cornish co'y against the Dutch Bill cp?y'',in  Which a decision was given in v favor. of .the  latter company, air airangement was .entered  into between the parties to the effect that, the,  Cornish co'y should be allowed to run:th'e;  water that fiotfed from' McCullums gulch,  down the bed of Willianis creek to the head  of their ditch, on condition- that a gate.; to  gauge such water as.it ftp wed. from the gulch  and another to, gauge - it %as it entered tlieir  ditch- was constructed and regulated 'properly; the terms of that arrangement it wasv,ai-  1 eg:ee(: had not Deen::stricilyo oserved' by the  defendants, hence;the..present action. ���������    ; '; ���������  Tfie Gold Commission er said that its he had  already decided the rights of par ties, he could  hot interfere any further in:.the ���������matter.. De:  iendaats'exih'essed a willingness; to appoint a  disJn Wrested party to regulate the "gates th ree  times i day at their own expense', and thought  that sich an arrangement would .'prove, satisfactory Plaintiffs stated that they would consult tie neighboring claim holders and ascertain whether they were willing tp agree to  itbis. -4  ������������������- ���������- ��������� '���������'���������"���������������������������  POLICE COURT.  appears that a system of robbery is being car ; ������fiic Reid co'y have just started to work  ned on, which itwould be well for our officer! f theh. middle sbaffc and will be taking  to ferret out so that; the depredators may bcQUt this week.���������New Zealand co'y have  dealt with in the most summary manner.      gofc ^iv aY^ ^j^h caved lately cleaned out  :."::. ;'���������" i and are just commencing to take out.pay.���������  -In consequence of a' breakRenfew co?y havc bottomed their shaft on  ma Deen Creek and Oufisnel^.,.....-, *. m ^-<- and will start drifting this  Wires Dowy.-  cumstance, as very, important Sews; was expected.  CREEK.  There are about 50 white men and 60 china  men at work on various portions of this creek.  Challenge.���������As will be seen by advertise-)ne party of Chinamen are working over some  ment, George Wilson, the Cariboo Champion, dd ground, a short distance below the Bed  challenges any man, irrespective of creed, iock Flume co'ys1 ground and are making  nationality or color, within the Colonies of bout $5 and $6 a day.  writish Columbia or  Vancouver island, toi; keithleys creek:..-  hght him for $2U00 aside. !       &{ present there is not more than 4 white  .. y    {BoforeW. G. Cox, Esq., J. P.)"'  Saturday, 4th Aug. 1866!  r Ah vopn, a Chinaman, from Keithieys creek,  was charged^byjbfficer Cpiiey with being found  miuindwithout a Free Miners:);certificate, and  refusir^: tott^bcure one/ when requested to  dO-SO.^r. ���������;:;"'.- %.-j.\ 'XXt:Xy.-yy 'y^yy-y -y yy y  R. GjCbney������������������&worn-^I arrived on Keithieys  creek:last Wednesday; and; posted; a; nbtice  trahsl^d in tortile; Chinese ^language, y cal ii ng |  on all <ninamen to. procure Mining Licences;"  I calle|on 3D Chinamen andfshowed themjthe  n6tice,sirhicb, they uriclerstood ; I asked! the  prisorid for hisLiQense, he said.he.had none  nor h'aqhe any m oney wi th:vwh ich to; pur^cjiase  one; Iljld him he wpuld have to go with me, to  which Is replied he would ttoVX'{^len''$nt'.the  handcuts on him; after; I had arrested the  prisorie four other\Chinamen vcamef up and  paid rriafor their Licenses.  . Prisojer stated, through an interpreter, that  he hadjome up from Victoria about 3 months  ago, ari had no money; a friend of his however hi offered to lend him enough to pay  for hisiLicense, but he was arrested and  brou^h here.  Tlu Magistrate said it was a very hard thing  to fin i man because he had'no money, but  ho wfficompelled to carry out the law for the  sake k an example.   Ee would therefore or-  - As much -intefest Ls how" being fel t cpnec-n-  ing th is new- creeks we give below tlie rej).;������fc  of Mr. Charles1 W"������������ir6u:, of;^Soda 'Cr<ie'k,.wlh������  has prospected'that region.   The report yrlik  made tb the resident Magistrate; :-of ^Qiiesu'.u-.  mouth,^and by.Jiim seattoHKc/Executive and  pubHshedsin ^he-Britibh-;<Coiumbiah;?    Thtv  mule: \ rail th at was being made from ��������� Quesn <���������! -  mbuth to ther diggings^ it was expected would  be finished last Satin day "?so that'animals wil \  be got in with pro visions at: once,' thus afford -  ing every facility? for:thoroughly: prospecting,  the country/" ir&bX������$}4.ti(\y-yXy;^l  Mit \Valdiion; to' Mr! Spalding ��������� -J. Vl  Z'    ��������� >  SiK,^I.beg tp?i?ake; ^  the proceedings of our pj^rty pf -five 'men. W o  left this.place on theilstJJune and reached  Hixqn's Creek oil/tbe26tiiihst.; ;0f course We  found it necessary, ill tlie first, place to saw-  lumber, for sluices, .and to construct a.ditch 11������  bring water .pn;6ur; elaim.. rOwing to ttie sea: -  ci ty o fall kindsi:6f tools "the latter woik occ 11-  .pied us. ten days, ^although .only.;,pne-fpurth ot  a mile in lengthy The original ditch made by  Mr. Hixon?s. party hadj-.in bis absence, becorne  completely filled;up. -Owi-.ig. to^the \presence  of snow, and icp/pn the-ground iyfe,, found it..  almost impossible: to keep our ������������������ new.iiitch in  order, and haying left;thc-'water runtiihg: duV-  ing one night;in^a^break;which occurred I  ;���������������������!^u������.<lin.theim;prnipg^r^ to S125 y  ���������:'ltoilie-^^ z^ip^ch^hriocxc ;*w oiic * '��������� .*���������  i n that spot, and in a. space" of grpuhd\; ab ou t  iO.feet by; 2J. feet,; in Jess than a day's,.' work  ; we (Washed put^SJ 6^ The;. otlifer wo Mi;. whic h  i"weiad��������� done,ha&yiei4ed well,'andjQurJwhoIe  results; amounted ;to ;$270v . .Estimating the. ;  actual; number pf; days!:��������� work fip^realize this,  we found,bur;pay^had ampuntejilto/$17vper.  day ppr manv ;v. Under favorable. cifciijnstan -  ces and wi jibi hydraulic, pipe,; with; bur :prese n t  p rospects. j! think-thfeg^o.a ad (j will p ay fi fty  dollars a day,to ;ihe.niau. J ^When ��������� I left, the .  \ 'juice", of our claim wasVaboti t,; 6^ feet I h ig hy  and.paid^;frbm;..the^surface;do.w.n,V. Tlie aB 1 ue  \  Lead Co.^ oftSe^en ;men,^under: the" manage  ment of Mr. Shepherd^ join ing ��������� ��������� us;Cd ji |h e \\p -  per side, hadTnot-^yei.;commenced' washing. :  Their dirt prospects from;three to five bits io  thepam; They^arjeAiingft^^^  feet higher..than^purs,;;'aud.������w.ii'i.;probably have.  it completed;irii-8 days^ ife?Gp-a^head Co. *'  are; about half aAjije ;'aboye^Jhe;Blue;Lea'd Co  and have strack-ajiirospect of >four bits;to the  pan;orj slate;bWjp'dft ���������-Up-to ;thisi'^.company  the whole of the bed rock consists of, a" ra the v  soft sandstone,.angiitis my opinion that it is ;���������  not'solid, but that ^second Iayer> of gravel  #will be found;beneath:it.;-These are all the  companies at present located. .Specimens of  gold-bearing quirtzare to.be met. witli on ail  sides.   We. have;a few, specimens; with us i u  which the goldi is ;.Visibly in eveiy;.j)art.  Several of the veins >are apparently; ,well do-  fin ed, and will in my, opinion eventually form  the most .permanent, and /valuable leads of  gold in the country/   iThe next,. four ��������� weeks  will enable all the. companies, now on the  creek to thoroughly test'their .ground.  . Plix-  on's Creek is a tributary of Canyon .Creek,  and resembles Keithley's; it .is sometimes very  high, but liable :to sudden changes, and 1  should estimate its volume: of- water at one  thousand inches.   The general course of the  stream is nearly parallel.with the Frjiser.   It  has its . source . in the . '.'Blue Range" of the  Cariboo mountains, is about 26 miles in length  and has;a very great fall;    It ;will, if, gold-  bearing throughout, afi^rd employmeufc for  several thousand men.   T ie 'mouth of the Cottonwood River is the terminus.of steam navigation from Soda Creek.   In conclusion I can  only say that I have.'the utmost confidence in  the prospects of the -creek,. The developments  of the present season will, I hope, prove: that  I am.not too sanguine.       ' ���������".'  I have &c,.  (Signed,) .   Ciias. Waldrox  der tip prisoner tb pay a fine of $25, or suffer  one ionth's imprisonment with hard labor.  The pisoner was locked up, but was released  durin; the afternoon by his friends coming  forwi'd aiid paying the line.  ATbTTrG Tklkgrafh Cahle,���������It is reported  that itelligence of tlie successful laying of  the ^antic^ Cable had been received at Deep  ^Creelas. the; stage passed. The rumour has  ever^robability of being true, as by last ac-  counithe: Great Eastern was to sail from  Sheeiess on or about the 1st July ult, and  messges were expected to be passing betwixt  Englid and. the Continon t about - tlie first of  this bath. ': v     ;.  JZ^** His Honor Arthur N. Birch Admistra-  tor of the Government pf this Colony arrived  in Yale on Saturday morn ing;;; the 28th uifc.,  and was. received hyi the; citizens with(every  demonstratiPh of joyalty; tM booming of cannon 'announced his. approach which '��������� was' ��������� kep t  ��������� up until he landed, whenj he was waited ou  by a deputation consisting of-the Rev. J. B.  Good, Dr. Brpuse, Messrs. Oppeuheinier. Su lX  ton and Glad win, who. presented him with an  address from the inhabitants, which, His Mono v  rep 1 ied to in very com pli m en ta-ry te cms. i and  to ok his dep ar tiu'e for Carib oo in the e ven i ngr  He may therefore be expected hero either to^  morrow or Wednesday..; -.^ '.;  ;, Jggr We would call; the attention oft those,  ���������haying goods or other commodities to: niove  between the different towns. on - -the- creek fo  ..Mr. H.,vC.;Wilmo.tti, who has allorse and Dray  ready at the shortest ���������notice to execute any  orders he may be favored with, at, very rear  sonable rates. ;.    ,������������������.. ���������������������������,��������� .f . ���������*.  AnRivAii!.���������Mr. S. Reinhart, from Victoria,  aiid W. H. Woodcock, from New.Westminster,  arrived here;' th8..forrncr rn. Friday and -the*  latter on Saturday afternoon.  V <>  ������������������-"  " \=M  Blondin Outdone.���������They are to bare a veritable Rensation at Niagara Falls t-liia summer  thaf will eclipse "any of former years. Tlie  following paragraph from a New York corres-.  ponaont of the Hartford 'Press5 will explain:  ���������; Toil may recall one DcLaye/.a tight-rope performer, who a long time ago astonished the  natives of Rochester'by. his feats above, the.  Genesee Falls. He has just, Te turned here  'from many years spent in South America and  Mexico, and is going lo give the public a new  eensatiou, : Ee proposes to cross the Falls of  -Niagara on a small wire,-its tbe "-.American  eagle.". 'To;explain, he is now having a large  leather eagle made here in the city;��������� which is  to be "stuck full^ of feathers, and otherwise;  - manipulated so ;as.;to resemble'-a liv^one of  monsfrpus.pipportions. , This, is to fit closely  about his body,: and on walking the wire he  will balance himself by napping, the artificial  W ITlfTtt       ��������� ' A'f   flldi  C^rn'/i   4ln*r\'n   W>*vs%    ii'., i-^' 1,\,,' '������._-������������������ -  dancing-  FOR THE  CAMERONTOWN,  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS. ���������  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUKSNELMOUTH,  ' P. L. JOHNSON, Propiuetou,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking of the best  description. ; .   s  inercc&iA  Ete  his.SEGARS and LIQUORS."  The Orchestra, which  consists of four musicians; is First Class.    ������    10-3m  wings'. : At the same ii me a rbp e is to be (suspended by hirn.below the wire,: to which bis  'fl.in    fl   fomr nfivht  rrdnr.c' a1^    .twill-  XX. 'son, a boy eight years: old, will cling and': go  through with various athletic performances as  the father advances! across the Falls. DeLave=  likewise proposes to walk'.on a wirei over >he  ; Falls, carrying both his wife and son ori-his  back. Tbis promises to be the great sensation  of the season*.. OeLavc basbden performing  . at, .the; city of Mexico, where* he: occasioned  quite a furore. 'He brings with bim a medal  received from the Emperor Maximillian.i  ��������� ���������  'the. boat race between James Hamill. of Pitts.  ..;--vEVERY; EVENING,  ;' '    AT'THE  P^S1T;G;1;SAI0!0N,  .  '   ��������� BARKERVJLLE.  yXiLh LOVERS OF THE TERPJSGHOREAN ART are  XX invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty  welcome will be ex tended.  QUESNELMOUTH,  .BROWN. & GILLIS,. Proprietors.  Good Beds; Restaurant; Billiard' Table.. &c.  StabliU^ for Horses, Hay. and; Oats.,    -s   ��������� ������������������  GIROD'���������;.& GUICHON,  ;';,'.'"....'���������  Old Established General ������������������ ��������� Store,  PROVISIONS. WHOLESALE &   COMMIS-  .    ; SION MERCHANTS,  Storage; &c���������Terms most Moderate.' ������ '  QUESNELMOUTH. -.'���������. . a.:  : - ���������ytmymnm&co  ���������i?^i-"^"c-"^?>s x^m^GilXyXX)  UQglish& French gfUmVs4*ii'^W":':'  X**W^^  ,,       : y.. ,Drapery Goods!- " ���������c Won  Receive' tffciia* *'j,'^KS* .-.���������r2P?fi-. :<��������� '������������������.-'  jjSeP- The best of Wines, Liquors, and Segars,  and Good Order observed..  1  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  Tr a - w *":*������ ������*������iion g ven ta;nn A j   '  W^fclAM'Z^  -������T ,oiKEs;dnd Chemicals fS^i $m*>  scr������ptions;careIullKcompound^  w thcare^nd^lg^tch^^yS^j^n'*������*  MARTIN7 &COOK, rrop'rs.:  S <���������������������������'  iv-;  ;.],;���������'':  ;/--.���������:;:  Ki1 -,  i y- :  :y  ���������  ���������������������������������,' ���������  -:-vi  ;.t v  ":S        "i'i  iv     ��������� <*  ;U     *    ^  J--";*  ;:������������������.  'agreed, that the race': shall take place-in the  ..   'second week ih July," on .'some ;river in Eng-  ,. aaiiH, to be clio'se'n by Hamill before Wat time.  . ..Too/ conditions.are; that there; shall."be: two  .. ( : races���������one to be.; rowed five; mi Ies' streight in  ;;.;    one :day, arid the second race to be rowed on  ;.\*.:'":the;folio\v'iiig'dayvt.wp and. a-half miles; out,  ;: round a;buoy, and two and a-lialf miles back  '    again. .; The stakes are ������250. a-side for' each  ���������XX.'race; making������1000 Jn the aggregate.   !The  y/ American will receive ������100;for;his; expenses  'lii; coming over; to: this country.���������^European  ^/i.':?jTim'^;^ '���������'   ;; "���������    :;f:;".  ���������4-  C.  CAMERONTOWN,  FULTON, Pkoprietor.  COLD   SPRING   HOUSE^  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietorsi  THIS HOUSE; is situated 26 miles from QuesncImouth.  The pr������������pri e t or* Itivi ngt la t*:- ly ti t toil u p bed rooms  and good Butis are uovv prepared toailhrd every accommodation tor Travellers; the Tablo is funds lied with all  the luxuries.that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Separs;-good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. ������&��������� Tbe CHEAl'JEST.  House ou 'the' ftoad'.;   ������������������ 1-s  ���������Thoreisw^stilK-'ryic^  and 6trycbnine and rot-gut find ho place here.   .. 2  WILLIAM    SEWELL,  :        y-:ii*' BOOTS!; 300TS!!-  I SAY SAM!' Hbwi is^vbur'nnrvL ������,  ��������� .. $������~-A .'fatal / duel, was ���������fought a short  t :tirae- since-  in   the  erivions ..of .'Paris : be-  '. -tween two officers of-the garrison.; '.One, of  ; -them was killed on;.the spot; .the; other had  his breast"'pierced/' it' is believed;.mortally;  ';'; ������������������"; VAN ���������/���������WINKLE,";;  >EGS' TO "ikFORli  HIS  CUSTOMERS AND : THE  ���������^AuSS'"SSSm^tha- he inten(!s t0 furDish thcm  BKKF:.OR..MUTTON, so soon as packing is practicable,  at their respective claims.on the different creeks-  residences, at the Most Reasonable Rates        ' ���������'  .   Van Winkle; June lltli, '3866.*' H  tors,  ���������! -  TiHE PDHLIO ARE  INVITED TO  CALL   AT THIS  ; House.. There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stoblhig  for Horses; Barley, Oats and Hay. '���������        , ".. . .; ].s,r  TAT Ssitibl^ Port ;sireet;v Vic tori ar  V-Garden and^ield.SeedsgWrantee^ Hn^  u carefullyi.������eleCted^dcfcvS^.&  ���������iLuronpun.nnrf AmdHnon \t~^.^..  .-JrJ----fromtrie  icy  Enveo  hi  or  and comfort by any in the lower country; the Tablo is  always supplied with the best of victuals; Stabling  for Horses;. Hay, Oats aud Barley constantly on hun/  their friepds:;mJ3^sh Columbia .are Si������r(ieB  ticniar attenUon'is cnlied to tlieir'iargc ������S"r  ���������lowr-������2d-'Onl6,*rrSc*e(fa'���������������������������'W~ very- sqdS ii��������� ������>i  Fruit Trees^axfius^  house .a������d^pn;.^ants,,StandardVrutS^  of every j^t^f^^r^m^^ u  . b es t d escripUon, al w ays ,oh.- bond -also w^JS-c  h^h; macksmith;^  m-K-yuiiiJii,'i :.;���������.j tJj i j \^  ������������������..���������������������������������������������.( ���������_ ������������������������������������. \>.::~l ���������. , i* :,'. ,Jj- ...   ;.��������� i: .��������� ��������� ��������� -., -.������������������... ���������..   1  u  "TJENNIS MURPHY, Proprietor. ThlsHouse  1/ is furnished with every convenience for the com-  fort of Travellers; the Culinary department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; the Beds  are clean and comfortable. ; the Bar con tai us the best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.   -Stabling, Hay, Barley & Oats.  ��������� ���������;��������� .^g*It.is stated.that Prince ; Humbert1 was  : - recently offered the command of a corps of  ��������� '."the Italian army, and dec!ihed ity.������������������:������* If I com-  ���������rnmd a-corpsy"-he is reported: to have said,  '  ���������' *4 and am "defeated, people will say this comes  of giving important commands to inexperienced princes.    If I am" victorious,1 my chief  of the staff will get" all the credit.    1 prefer  commanding a division and doing what I am  ordered.?r  Enterprise^  '     WiU leave SQDA CR3SEK  MONDAY, &. THURSDAY:- MORNINGS,  -;   AT DAYLIGHT; '     "  '_ ;:v Will leave'QTJESNEli"   ���������r'-;! i ���������'   V  WEDNESDAY &:SATURDAY-;MORNINGS  ,. : ::-    AT 6 O'CLOCK;    '   ' :' ���������"'  s.. Wedn^tlay'sinp down and Thursday's trip.up.        with First Class Accommodation^   Good Singer  Freight to .Quesnel-Ucfa.^ lb. ��������� ^rses; Hay and Grain... QiUimls0r  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.-  :  WM. HENDERSON begs to inform his friends  . U   and the travelling public generally that he has  Steamer 'Enterprise,' |'���������  May:21st; 1866. ��������� .  | .  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  xc\  ���������'!���������������������������������  z  WAKE   UP  2  JAKE  1  AND  >':.-���������  .   >  - ���������  :: -  CH  Barkerville, B. C,  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.  "EVerytbiug is cone-in connection with this establish  i ���������  FLOUR \JF~LOV~R\l  LILLOOET    MILLS.  THE UNDERSIGNED are now maunfacturing FLOUR  of all grades:  Extra, Superfine and Fine.     Food  Crushed to order.  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  Ls -;  F. W. FDsteb, Agent.  Ill  WM. "HANSON, ��������� D. A. McLEAN,  Propria tor, Agent.  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND WELL FITTED UP  for the comfort of. travelers; the Tablo is; supplied  with the best of everything that can be'procure!, and  the cooking is not inferior r.o any on tbe road ��������� Bedrooms  for" families; Stabling, Ilay, liarley and Oals.      1-s  ment to give satisfaction io the customers.  ��������� ������*r Meals at all hours; '  ESTATE OF PIN & CO.> RICHFIELD.  .   NO Tib E.  EDWIN    TYNON  DEr^nER^^RY,G2k0DS' CLOTHING, HATS AND I  ^llfct1'^ Shoes,-Carpetings Oil Cloths,'  nan paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C. X-s  83 MILE HOUSE.  \ ..  \ LBERT CRVSLER has opened the above House for  XX the reception of Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed ; tlie Beds are  clean nti<i ,������,.,>���������.rv.r������<.>>i~    Stabling for Horses, Hay and  Ls.  clean and comfortable.  Oats.  (QENTILlp^  XX ment St,-Victoria, Vl I;, oppositeT^Hofei deFranci  . Views ol Cariboo-and'.Scenery .throughout Briiishcd  urn bia, including views of the route to:Big;Beud.'a] J  .ou hand at liberal rates, v....������',.' iX-\yX:Xy"i ij  Xl>. Victoria, \Vt' opposite Bee Hive Hotel, wIkk\  is prepurc d; to; s apply h is .numerous patrons Willi mi  requisite for Clothing ;sui taule' for' every season ol* iij  year. '      y ^    - >     y  -.y.yyx-   ' -���������-'. l-sf  q^HOMAS!WiLSON;:&. -Gd^-ImRprteis mf. ���������  X  lish Mer^handlze,.:.-w'h'oIesale\Ah!drreMi,,deal(n  Djiy GooD"S,;&c.7 Yates?Stree.tj Victoria^fl1.1 Onao  after 1st .Tune next;in Government Street; opposite I  Bank of BritisluColumbia. 1?       ������   yit.\  ;: ,.:U\  H^OTEL DE TOANCE^ct^ria; va, Job  -BlQNE- AND; PjERHE KAXOIET, Prp^HptprS.; -TilCBn  taurant is suppUed-witli all:the. ?delicaci'ds .the mark*  affords. l>i theBar.will.be faund.the.cho|ceiil-Li(iim  Furnished Rooms, ic.,: ,lly.;.-Xl^-- \ * t X...    1*  T?UG-ENE THOMAS, -Tates street, Victoria  Lit -Wholesale and Retail Dealer; in WINES, BJRANDIE  BEERS; aiid I>IQUORS and\depprpfTIayaiilrSBgari  Goods'^ for warded to the:Sllnihg;DtstrIcts.'?!;";    1-s  A    FBANEEIi, iTictoria,; ,V.!.i.,dealer in i  ��������� Ski.ns, Hide^.Woo^&c.; Liberal advances:.. ...  on Furs consigned.  !Rufcr'ehce~G.: Sutro& Cp.,^  borg&Rucff, Victoria, V. I.;-<��������� .    ;'.\ J   .,'   ls  US. HEIN/.Milliner & Dress Makkb,..Govern  ment Streoty. Victoria, V. I.;' 'All kinds of ATilliaery  of the latest1 style kept.constantly on bund. ' Orders!  from the country punctually attended to.- ;:  ���������U  '"THE FINAL DIVIDEND IX  THE  ABOVE ESTATP i   n*    ���������-���������        *������������������-    '���������  ���������CjlumbKi, "ttiihams Creek, and Irom this.date the business or the late ttrm will be carried on by Mr Francois  Lat.lier on his own account, and all debts due to the  ft rirtM-0! * aro t0 0e Pai(t to the said F^n.  H. SHIRLEY BLUNT,  4tt July, 1866. 13.lm , Aa*^'  LILLOOET     BREWERY,  JACOB MILiTZ, Proprietor, has always on  hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar will be-found the. best Brandies,'Wines and  Segars; the public arc invited to call.    Prepared to fill  sill oH',r! r.rirv*"''"   is * w *o        %tJL A S. f  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel :s well fitted up with every convenience  lor the comfort of the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Tablo issnppJJnd with  the best of fare; the Bar contains tbe choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Staulmg, Horse Feed, Oats;  Barley, kc. 1-s  em  "WATSON, -Watchmaker, Je.weler ��������� JS  ��������� and Engraver, Yates stree t,. above Goy.: ������ Ai  ment street," Victoria, I V.:l.' "ly: y[-' } ;f 4 ";t**  WILSONr&'MtTBBAYvvGROCEBS, PBoyrsiosJ  Wine. A Spirit Merchants, Bajcera&.Cpniec.upners,  Fort Street, Victoria^V. I."v;'. "':'r   ' :l '*-������������������ "c-: : u_  GMim HOTEL & RESTAUBAHT  BARKERVILLE,  KEPT BY  MISS   E.   THURBER.  WZ ������������PE HAS BEE^NJEWLV FITTED UP ON  ������r rK?raDl Principle with a view to the comfort  Si������u������������������th ! fi-fl^?",U b������ M"4������o.Md in a manner to  ensure the satisiactiou ot tsoso who ura di^nosed to  favor ner with their patronage. ������i������I������������ea to  Heals at all Hours.   Good Beds.  Lio%^(^:rniSbQd ^ *������ best selection of  QPELMAN' and jyCcKENZIE, Proprietors.  O This House is well fitted up with Good Bods and  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquors; Meals are  served at all hours on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, &e. 1-s  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet,  riHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \j established House is well fitted up for the comfort  of Travellers; the Table is supplied with the bust of  everything tbat can b<$ had, ana thu cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed, kc.  Tho Express stops here. 1-s  Commission MeH  Puori-j  Ul  CPORBOBG-^&iRUEFPv ��������� .w������*���������������������������������-  O .CHANTS, ��������� Wholesale,.-Dealers in GROOBRffis,; P.  sip.vs, Boofs ae'Skoks,; Wharf,s'treetj Victor^, V, L  GRELLEY^te PITERREf Importers";&; Whole  sale Dealers in,"Wines; Spirits aiid Liq^rs,  T ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This liouse  xj .affords every accommodation for tbe comfort ot  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all the delicacies-  of- the season, and the Bar is stocked with the choicest  of Wine?, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horses;'  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand at low rates.  Newly milled Fiour for sale'cheap. I-s  Victoria, V. I.  S PRO AT &)'0O:y (late Anderson & Co.) Impcibih88 i  and CoMMtssib.v Mbrchants, Store Street; .Victoria,  V. I. ���������::,-'-. :    ������������������ ... :������������������:' --y^ y.u '  The'! Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, iit the  O Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now onfn   I'Vir >ho ������������������������������������ ���������  ,lf,.., ,m������������������   i...��������� .,.  '"���������   ""   -"'b  jji-uu   rajaus.   m  GSUTRO &'CO.,.; Importers UNb^DEALEJis^  .   CIGARS, TOBACCO, Meershaum Pipes,&c.,b t.  corner of yates and Wharf street,..yictpria/  J.  B. HAGG-IN, PiiTS"tcu^.&'SuRGEd.>Vn?arf������j'  ner of yates and Government Sts.'; victoria, i."  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  PRAGER   &   BRO./  ERGHA^NTS,  WILLIAMS AND GROUSE CREEKS,  dealers'nr-.'" ���������  Assorted Me^ohandize  Wholesalo and Retail.   : i"  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,  HTM. MACDONALD, Proprietor. Miner and  ty   others destined for the Bridge River Mines will  And every convenience and accommodation afforded  them.   Good Bods and a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season. ' ��������� 1-s  Ei 5������"nd VnH i ?'   bL?g0 icavc*s bcpe tw������oe ������ week for  bi0' Bond and yale, and once a week for Cariboo      l-s  PIBBOB & SEYMOUR, dealers in Bbddpo 4  i.   Fcbfiture,; Broad Street, Victoria, v?.L ���������    Jyy  pAIRE & GrRANGINI, Hardware & Clocks  \J Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria, y.l.__J^  .JlEBCHA>'^  U  L.. SiHTH & CO., Proprietors.. This. House is  well;fitted up for the accommodation of Travel-  lers to the Bridge River Mines. Good Beds, Stabling  for Horses. ��������� Horse Feed, ka. A a tage runs twice a week  between tnis house and Port Douglas on the arrival of i  the steamers from b������Io������ and corifir'CTS w$ tii; the Lake j  Boats f������r Lillooet, ',;,-;      1-*    J  MESSRS. CORNWALL'S.  .i T Tfirr  t  l^w^ii^ia wm una uooti Accommodation. The be.stof  li vi n#, of Liquo rs, and of Wines Fr os h B u t ter, M i Ik  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  HENDERSON andBURNABY,  Wlmrf street, Victoria, V. I.  1 EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, rates Street^ictori^  IJ opposite the Bank ot British North America^.  j?   MALLAN~DINB,COLLECTON & QBS$BMt&f  Hi. Govtfrumout Street, Victoria, V. 'I*; ��������� ..   ���������.   .^  THE "CARIBOO SENTINEL"  HENRY   SCHORLING,  VAN WINKLE,  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &c  O&ts i  Is  Cards,  Bill Heads, Circulars, Posters an  ProgramiTies for Bails and Theatrical  Entertainments,. '  ���������fiJxpcutod with Neatness and Dispatch at Hits  #������-Tewas Uod������r*t������ ��������� -W  2j#M&*i^fc&t


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