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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-08-09

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 PS.  Govci"  I-sl  1-s  14  V. I,  111  H  Mai  f^Wl ��������� O    ������������������'������������������ ���������'������������������,��������� ''uyi~~y'?y T^aT������l7*oT^H11r\ ;  txr-mi^-^"-... /-*  ;''L/%V-";-���������/\^'%-l^^K''L^'i-i'-';,.-l '.";--,^   -:y:; yr,^;y->:y.A?WxlyfX  fThe following document, wbicli first niade Its nlppear>  Amanspafe^  'SEMl.WEEKLYl.pip^E; .��������� ,v  ... ,,*M cabm-mate his gold diistb add  yfl^V?*1 m firtd ^^QUti;and;straightway  ^;*is:fellpw:minirs;top^^M they bans:  jtfaee; or glye-thee^ fifty lashes and two hours ttf  ilea��������� , the MfotrtryJ or;j)rahd tfiee!1jice"a horse M  ���������^ .^?M?r Wmea??^dQalifornia:m' particular; tnA^ftZtsv^iMX^u;^^^mZLyiizy^xm  ^^������ ;^u stpal-a shovehpfealpiek;pr'a;ipanr  iPOBLTSRBi)1 Every ^  Thursday.  ;^THEBA3^'iOF-,-,,^,,lf;^V-y,j' '  ' him and lieariwitnessiaiTni jS^%frotn;thekejrof  Ms trunk'to tie end of Zhistallrlii^wJSiHody  has. passed {before /me ; and,.!, followed, him  board shanty, then, with his trunk extended,  he ipoiiited'td"A''���������anAWe&t&1^cke^upbh'ti  Bhiugle, as though h^woiild say read, and I  ���������    1 :;& . "^&E-&BM CQMMANbMKNSft i{,V7; y' -  fXr1"hoU shaltJiave no other claim than one.  ; IL Thou sbalrfc-not-mal^vthy^eif'' any false  'claim, nof'fliiy-likeness- -H- a'inean- man, by  jumping one;; whatever^ ihqu^udest; oh the  top ab eve, ^orL *$& -rdok J^neatti^br in a  ';:wben������ey|?eoide;a^in^  lafekfcth55^^^i itli^^aii. .{tlrj^ shovel; and  thy hiaiiketsj: wlj;h{all4^ fiasfrahd{ go J'prosi  pecting," "both north and south; to seek good  dfegipgs^and 'tttou ^haiqirg 'tfone,;: Then;:  fyheif ttion Hast Mfcrned, in sorrow(Sou shalt  ���������find that,thineiold Claim' teworfcedijont ^and^  no pile made thee^to/hide^in the ground,  'ortoatt icl&too^ or';m*a  ibuckskinj pfr bottle i^h^athJiijyicabi'tt|1bitf t bast  paid all that was in thypurse; awa^worh^&ut  thy boots and*iny^ garment^"bothat"there is  at lastihouIshaltrh fre; thyfbbtly; "out to.;make  'thy boara^andrsbverth^b^!i^ f^*3, ZZy  X ;in.*1*ho;tt ;{8balt������no^  thy claim gives?out ? a ^obUsfiolfcfoot take th^  ^nei roplette^faro^ ^ans^uenet, nand  Ipoker will prove to tbee. that the; mora thou  ;th6d1bairii6thold thyself guiltlessljut insane  IV. Thou shaWM^rem'SulSr -what thy  'Mehdsdo athpm^on,;the^aJ^  'therememBrattb^^j^ ndt^mj^r^^yprtUlly  IvjffiiWhat tliou/^oest.-:^^^  ^i^br^ick attl^hat'the^  'butJthe;6therrday is Suh&ayi'whe^ixthou^Hall  Va^h^ll\f^Mrtf sliirts, darn all thy stock-  Jings, ������tap ail thy boots, mend all thy ;ci'oth-ing^  'chop :thy :whole week's firewood; make and  bake:tby breadvan,d boil thy pork^and beans,  'that thOii wAit hoi wheh-thou^eturuesft f rdm thy  long tour, weary; ^ For'in six^day^s |lajb or only  :thou:Can^;npt work enough to,;^ear put tby  toiiy initio ;years; but if ih<pu^^^estr: hard  'on Siinday also, thou canst ftp, it iu six months;  ;ahd thy sbni and thy daughter.thy male friend  and ^: female;f*rwndv{th/mbrals and thjr'cbn-.  ficien'ce be none tnebeiter for p ijput're^rjoach.  thee, shoiildst thou ever return; with:thy i mom  cut body to thy mother's; fire side,- and thou  strive fcoj ustifyrthyself^ bepause the trad er and  theblacksmithjihe fearpeuter Wdtfie mirohant,  the tailors, Je,ws,: vand:; buccaueers];<lefy: God.  'andcivilizatidtt,:by;keep^  day/ and wish not for; a d^^flrest^svich as  :mempry,;'youth fan^hbnVe ^adejhaHowed^ ��������� ��������� Z-  \i; ThiiiK moi0)f;jt;iie;gbld and';howl thou  'fcanat make it fastest, then how thou wilt ea  joy it, after thbit'h'ast ridden roughshod? over  % good old parents'^reBelte^d  ;that thou may est Have some thing to repro ach  and stin������theg#lffi^  land where thy father's blessing' and Uiy mover's love hath sent thee, ^ xy-; ? Uyy ;  TI. Thou shalt'{not kill thine bwa body by  forking iii the rain,; even' though; then {shalt  ftake enough te , bky. p.Uysicand attendance  ^���������-neither, shalt thou kilt thy neighbors  body by shooting him, except he give thee  wnce-~thea"upon''the principle of honor,  jvuhout principle, thou raayest, oVea though  7-".^eping cool������ thou hadst saved his life  ���������ana thy.cbnscienceLl'-:''}.   -Xyj::,yx> iy, iy}  *m i"** *���������hou 9^alfcnot grow discoaraged, and  l|dnk Of LrOinir honio  httt'orA   thmV   "fan'af W������'H������  h?i"j? toecaUse fcteu hast not ^struck a  SJ������ W found a "rich crevice," aor sunk a  *h!UPm a "P������cket,������ iestia going home', thou  ������fwt leare:$$;aday^aadgo^ to\w^rVrashamed  ^ ou cents, aad serve thee right: for here, bv  TOing, thou mighesfc strike a lead and fifty  thTmlday' a?d.%^aMyst4f,respect, and  0t^ohhQQle with enough to make thyself and  fpom1^   T^u shaltupt pick but specimens  w.me company panr and{putlthemjnto thy  month or m thy,;p.ur.s.e.    Neither shalt thou  |VP^#^biUpg;foilpwmi^  ^etootgoodnfor^thee^ariW  picked andffcbw; hided for^y gains | and 1*6  ]ever hang^dowti thy lieai1 ;    "    v-; ��������� '^  !   IX.   Thou shalt; not telf any iaUe" tales  about"gold diggings,lOhe/aibuhtains������ to  thy neiglibor^thatthpu aiayest^chefit a friend  that hath mules, anaV provisiofis] aud tool's?" and  blankets he canribt;se^  neighbor, when hereto  with nought save his HSe,'he pre^enfctbeei with,  the Sbafcents^^ therebft and, like a dpg thou shalt  fall- dpwn;aadjiie.^:{^^;_' HZJy. ������������������^���������xyyy?, <���������-,-;���������,  \ ,{X{'������������������ Tlioji ihai't'Cnot;:cbtet ;^  gbld; ribr his ciaim^m'orlunb^riaihe'hi^  ibllowing a lead,aor movehisstakeiripr.wash  tho feilin^; from .bis sliiic^  u^Sirtupon ais{b^  ha-ve his familyibere, arid thou Io Ve ^and covet  hi^("m^lit������r^h  lbse;hb time ih1 see kmgjh^a^etibn^and wheii  thou hast, obtainedrit^tliou shalt ^pbpl&ei qiites-  tiori"iiikeja^man, lest another more manly  thah-tlibu art should st^in^befbre tfeef aiid  tlib^obvet; h^in^iii;Jah^i^tlie{ atignisti of  disappointment^. ,thousnaltquote{^ langiiagev  brthetgreat and,rsay '/Let her;rip V*. anplthy  t^rffie^jiio be thal^pf ��������� a 'pobr\. Ibnel^liispisedj  ;and cpmfor^ -,  : '��������� A txtbL&iW  dig nip; a piibUo roadv unless; thpu^ifeta^rd  tbl; fix* it a^ain ' as, good {ga4i fl^^^re, "'{iS.ttier w ise  thou injurest" the '���������' teamste^4 tOybenefitUiiyselfl������  anaihetwni curse thee, every^time hbipassethl  . Amenr - -."~ - y���������;"' ^ !~* '*. r* ~y; y"; ���������'''; y " w-"'"*r''"'  . ! ANn^ASTET^Thpu shalt bejpacticulaf]nbt(  Jtb!l eayb thy^bundlo at /thy bbarding-house/  i without making satisafc to rearrangements with  theniatf1 wboseigrub thou hast-eaten, for -it-is*  farvbetter-to^ have a1 good"1 name than ^������������������'  riches.r    ^ ���������= , . t-. n . -..- v r*   ���������> yu  Garter^^"bf^^^-Portland, w^hp^returned ^from Shu-  sivap Lake oii|SatiMa^{^p^  of the appearance of- th^ silver ieads there.  |MnvCartefeie pohelbf ^^  ^hb^have brgani^d topp  imi^thproiighly' prb sp ect, thfe. cb ii atry/fbr min^  erat{deppsits^^ It {is said that Itlip.ppmpany  haye; 'been deceiyed by the {raisrepresentations  of a prospector) whpV it is reported;has gone  dWntheCblumbia river;^b^avbidbxpbW6*!  -U* Jolonist ^fehroaiclb.4 i  ��������� Thr-Universal "pRACTiCBjof. ;mixing Chioory-'and  other adulieratives wUh C^Jilee, has yery^much.xlaniag  ed In public cstimation"^" what .ought to be the most  Ideliclpiis otj.Baverages.  ,So eftectually.hayo the pnblicl  'been 'fir.ugg,^ with siich .mixtures that the true propOr-  tie|s have been lost sight .Qt",.^and.many prefer ii,. black  Wd.'Uijck;inlu'siOn to a (jrin\irich, iri spirii and'.aroma..  Gan^raijas is the use .of 'Colfee, it' is iittiel known ��������� that  incoridehsing the vapors extracted frpm/th'eb'erHLiBL  roasting,'������"a lienor is 6btaihecl-{of the most nauseous'  taste;: a|ud pf ;a^sccht thembst unbearable. >, t/nldersach1  'c'j rcii mstances His e vj de'u tly - -i mporta ht tha i all the  gases and Huids extracted': by ..roasting should.be ear::  ried off.as q.uiclvly aspossi"ble, i������ order to prevent their  returning again tojlthc. Coffee.jiwhjich> is thefcase in the  con lined. cyhndqr. {~, jii is-object; is admirably.- accom-;  plisbed by'tbe: new an d;patent * 'Con ical Co.lioo Roaster''  as used.-by; FELL;& GO-i ;Yictono, in which.tho.berry  Is directly exposed to:"the radiated heat,; a ad the.vapor  extracieu'carried oft'"instakitahcously.    Iu addition to  the advan uige^vto.- be; derived by tlio ralpid removal of  the steam contaiuing the objectionable properU������s, the  pu ro af onia of the Coffee* ;is retained,? the' essential -oi J-  beiug preserved and not exhausted a,s;,in the; Cylinder  ���������Roaster,; Wbet.elthe Cotree-is reqn.ired;toremain a inuch  "longer time in consequence of the steaming.-it undergoes by tbe confined steam:   -It is chbrnicaily impossible to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration of  CoflToewbcn ground. ������ The neat eii'genderedVby thepiw  cess of roasting, and espeoially of grinding, creates au  action in tlie olomentary .pirts which gradually destroys  its fltuess for drinls.   ��������� But p retain the esseutial oil  which it contains wo have it encased in tins containing  from lib. to<28 lbs., and which can ho bad from anyioi  thercspectable dealers. - We can confidently recommend  those who have hitherto been obliged to refrain:!rom  takin* Coffee on account of its il! ellects that tbey may  use our Coffee, roasted in the Con leal Roaster, being recommended by all medical men under whoso notice it  has been brought, and hy numerous other testimonials  "iti its favor..        .. .'FELL.& .CO.,��������� r,  ���������  Coffee Merchants, Yates^ St., Victoria.   ���������������������������������������������������������������       ': '  ' ���������-:���������  ?-'���������: :  m  ��������������������������� '���������"  ATFi^w^ARK^^IM^^*^ ;'C&cfoo4r  | \?'< Z\ 'Subsbri^tio:^$i^-P^^^^^ '^  <IncI^1^ <=0B*' Pf-dejivery,)y "Pa^iibl^ to, the ^Carrier;-  I   .. ,i'A' ^ ; ���������   ���������.-; ,.,;/^U4y'-'y-\y'y-'yir(.i\^^y"-:\-'ty^.  i'-yy.-'  ?������*:i?  2*?j'?jf������  '���������"ic !  ....,.,- - y lr:_yyUy,.  ���������Zf  ���������yi'iiJtR'!':  (PAID VF(j'M.fAL^ i_-iV - V Si>62f600t" '   x < [\ '  i^^^^CWitbSfower ,toi;laorease.):^-r rr.?ii Zi '>������������������������'  yy^yy. ihxym^ yy:y ; j   umX     y  t1 y     -"...;������-���������  V ol ���������  .    .���������?������������;���������-: ���������������������������        ���������--.- ��������������������������� :���������������������������'��������� ^y -:������������������ ^T7y v?'*.i ������������������������������������T^ ���������'-' *.':' TT- 2 ��������������������������� ������������������  )<y mtmm my^t^mimr'yy. im Xy y. u,a lyr.  ,., |ajj- ./B^RI^ItKILLE,^ byy ��������� x  r'yuX: 'yy-.:-. 'y^-XxXzy - 'y;yyy xu'yyyyt  .^vj^hy--���������*'^"** Pl^^^k1-*^*^?-?^"-'f^.s^-  lyy  y ��������� 2  ���������;������������������>.'���������:. >,.-.  .-..���������.'   '     .., ���������������������������..-?i. V    .:,;     A^.^.^X,  ���������y.yi'U [^-)Y\--:i ;-''-yrx   *'.p  .*���������    y<. \ y^hyy-y^yt, ..  XXiy yyy'XU.y;u X-yl. X}. ���������*'H>i\iM i:'uA y -  XyXXiXx:. '-'X iuiyX17~Ty.;l  \y:U ^pyluXXy '  ,fMgfCPlg^ii;i  -���������'"' U.hyy y- "������������������','���������.���������    y-'.yy.y-.     ''"".   yy'.-Uy  ^'    uf-y  -i : y ��������� pXX.y ,.y ; i ' Xfxyyf������yX: X ���������" /,,i yy:Zu' yxy  ^DRAFTS ISSUEP^N THE(BANK,S{BRANCHE81  ; f. - in*^gouver~lst;a������i),��������� - ..*' ��������� v  fe.       ..',  ^ . VI01|ftl5i' AND'NANAIMO;'  m :z^w^m ���������  ;KSWk;#"&TinNp^ftYAtE^ M6lItH:^FQtJESI&lir^;  -'-''' y:,' XXXt:%Z. cariboo; ���������������������������  - -.,- xyyy. y  ZZm't������  {SANi  ~'^y%&$H.  ^ited; states, -zk  x -m?i0i0!^^ t. ;  ^^^reaCToi^tg^flhec. Hamilton:"jion(ion; King- .,  -,; <--Btohfr.Goiiiour^ v y ..  u     , villejWhitb^^krboroiOttirwa^GublplKy : ;       ,   1 ^  ���������?��������� " -,-   ,     GodericfcStrailord.PictomPerth.  ��������� h ,--plmcoe, StrCathcrines;, .-   i'   ���������      * '  :^^'^PP2^# l:).-n.-yf>yry ^.f-i^yyy^yyyy.: =;/,- -,-    ���������;���������  "'    ^^'������px^v^(^'nl^^;"'  ^igM6nirefiLi;;^;yy ;irn yy {-  ^ii-;'^''*  ..-i>-iM4.v*������s4... r-vrr  y.  ..-���������'.yy - yyyXf:- ��������� >  ^j$ T AiTJ I p (ME R;y?w/;u^ *: ������c  LKINSOM, > Directors.   -' '   '  - x?Jomx0Anry x������ *���������>? f f ��������� u - ,i- ^  .'i :fv;.v## "uWw-"'1' ��������� Xr;x-y\, -'Xuy,x-yy...yy'  JJGHteOWRON.   -. .-;.Skcretart& ^ibrarias.  ,  '���������^.HiS^NSmUTibN at"pre*sent. &ni'ains' about'00^'  >yoi|mes of Cbbice'JiteVat\ire^������dnBisting;of Religious,'  \\ cyRBB^i A^p"Xa ^p������ue<lfibr48ny,amount* not,>  less than One Hundred:Dollars.y "   V ; X.yy ",' '"   V,., ,-'  Govornmeu' and >thei  Securities received' for safe -  'custody; Interests.ancl Dividends collected, ������������������--:  ^������������������J?!?"i'^  nial;Papers and/Miigizines;  .jTerms ]pt. ^0BSc*iKr?qN^-f:$5-pcr q uarter, v .or < $2 .per  ;and makirig use of ithe; Books and'Fapers will: bucliarg-:  ea 25 cts; ior each visit.���������;���������"*.; * .' / \y^\l ������������������ji;J , ,',  ^-jjgp The' Rboin^will;be'opbn:fronvlO;ai; m; tilHt):-p| nv  ���������  /   "'    -J*   ** Jl     J   ���������   "    t     JOHN BOWRONiyu'  i��������� -i?."^:"<:*;��������� "'��������� X 'y-Xy 'yyU- ��������� Secrctrk'ry "and*iUbriirian.' H:  .' -yiZ:WM^tj^  i.Z'Zy ZZ^^l^^^:^^^^rZZy 'Zx'u  "S  :I |.:;:-" {'RiCHiM  ITT^E HAVE ON HAND a large stock of Provisionsi  -VV: Hardware and fVego.tablesv and? are;.deters  m ined to sell tbem1 cheaper than. ,������ny other. store, on  Williams���������re'ek;. Coine ari������i see ahu'juugo foryouIrselves,"  -������ Richfield; May'5th; -1866. -'"''- '���������i*������r r^f ^XX J'���������*-!* .-.'������������������ /; -'i^ ���������':���������  -1   ;     ;!',; 5    V^^S  i"n1ilSffT^Wf)n^lf--                        i   v"" "   "' y"'"x^'I���������'"^"^ ;  y ^c:r>;A}iy>K:l'  -y'-'- '������������������ -!'X-���������-���������yUX Xyrlyyiyl yy. yuy'Ul-u \yy_. 'X.-'"' ysy-. ..yy  ^���������y-r'i't'.i-7 '���������- v,yy ':,.'��������� ' ������������������������������������ ���������-������������������ yyy, ,;��������� ;::-:-v:.ri. ';f,y',j;-;iy;,:,i,--:''')i     : ' '-���������/1',;"/ .-���������.������������������/''-.- ;^..  ~'&EApyfir*W                                                                                          . ���������.   ���������   ">.y'L  y {DRAFTS ISSIJED on Ix>nT|<������n7 New VorVSan Fran- -'  Cisco, Cariboo, Canada^ -Now7-Branswiclc\ .> ova Scotia, .   "  and on:all tbe Brahchjes orjtbe.; Nalionai;Bank;of Scot-   . ":'"..,  land.and I?rovinchiI Bank of Irelanih U/Jl !"' I-     -  *��������� ���������- ..;'��������� iy^y ;���������.:_._ .:  {Bills of ^ExcIianger^and-Gfrold-purphasedw   -  'X ^Interest on Special Dijppsiw this  rate of ^aiquarturdtVone'pprcen^poKmonth^i ?ly^: ���������:  ������vi i.  :e^o.,  NEUFEtiDErl  ly {��������� .{...;��������� \-:;RlOaf ������LD'i- ;��������� ���������  .,.-..--. ��������� DEALERS IN ��������� ���������  ;������������������::-��������� -   .V,��������� #     ."  "   ,  ; {;.' ���������:. i Z'l Storage ?and'? Commissions J; ;���������: ^. -*i si s ��������� ,���������'  B ARKER Vf l-li E;; BR ;EVyE.R Y?  r GOLDvDcsr Mel ted ?:anid. Assayed, and .returns {marie  wjthin %A hpuraJn^lh'ior.3^,;^!j"^vV ;,,y,;1??���������?;   l?  ���������,'... "Ores of every descriptipii carefully Assayed{.; ,'.;'���������. -;  ������������������'''. In.: B^-Aiiy instructions as to t#^;Ui^p^j^������t'pr Wc pi^1-  ceeds "hi Gold Dust ibrwj������rd|od to/the-office ih':Victuri������V  for Assay will be carefully attendcdltOi: .{.v flf'i .ii 'XI  [ih   y-y -xy i.X-'yi-'Jx'G:.SHEKEffiRD,i|raon^er,M  .., Victoria, ,V; I.,AprlL 1866.. XlXyyXiyyy .yX^nX ...".  BREWERS  ;.  :';;''v{E.ie/<3!LLETTE,r^  JAMES, purdie;  BLACKSlMiTH,  RICHFIELDV -     v  AND  IMPORT ANTto  The undersigned is prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SANJ?, JBLOWINGS  ���������".>.,:: i {.JiFA^NINGS, ��������� ^ZiZ  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on tbe  Most Liberal Term's, at tuc  '}. Beading Boom, Cameronton,. I  ;-;--���������  The Subscriher is well known, on Williams Creek, and  trnrh the confidence reposed in him heretofore in the  above bflsiness, bo hopes to receive, the, .patronage of.  theMining community the ensuing^oason  11-  JOHN BOWRON.  E.   HODGE NS,  QF'|i!?*^;M^?^R,ir:?^JrOi^fflr?.;^J^?{{;{3;.IK^;j;{l;^ .yi  Mondays,, - ; -   7~io 11J a. m.,& 12"to3 p. m,  SATtJRpAYS,;.' ';{*;.��������� "WAXm^y^X^A'ip^imZZZZ'  .... J83������*'No business tr;tnfiacted bri Sundays." ;r    ���������{''���������-'���������' '���������'.  :'j i '������������������]������'��������� -,������������������'.���������; ���������;������ ;;'" X>Z: 1 :ROBERT Bt7RRELL,J "XX  ':^y ���������-uX.y y- Uu-.- Xy yy: y yy - ��������� yy- ---.;-;.-jf HD^f^ry. ;-:=;������������������.���������  ;'2ist;JnIyrlS66, f{ ���������:.'i'-'; ,'';-y23{'  Barnard's Cariboo Express  ���������,--'���������   v-'-.v  'i'^-.^ANI^-'    '���������������������������-' -���������'���������'���������'���������''���������    --������������������������������������'.  ��������� '���������" .-'���������: S !T- A:GV��������� -y^r H E i -.". "::"-;-  THE TARIFF OF .CHARUKS BY THIS EXPRESS  has been revised, and REDUCTION in pricefl  made, to suit the times. .The charge .on Letters to and  from. Victoria and intermediate nh*cefl js now 50 centa.  Stage Fare to Quesnolmoutb,   ;'. - ���������"'���������*"       $2i .  ������   '..������������   through'to-Yale,    U ���������;'������������������:    > ���������'���������   $65/  ;, . JOHN B. LOVELL,      .  Agent Burnara's Kxpre*������.  August 1st, 1866.        "'.    : ���������     IJ '26  BARNA RD;s  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining tho Express Officer  M.  J.   BLACKMAN,  IMSIWITI  barkervIlle:   ;  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACKSMITH,  barkerville.  Connecting ������it Lillooet and Yale" with DIETZ&  "-   NELSON'S for New: Wostminstcr &������ Vietoriaf  \SfILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from, the .oflice in  V\ Barkerville, to connect wi th the steamer "En-  torprise"<at Quesnejmouth;: and the. STAGES at Soda  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Trrahorb, Lktters  and Valuables for all parts of tho world ".I'Also. Commissions received and forwarded by Express for th*  collection of NotfiS, Bills and the purcuatj^ of .aniclrs  to bo obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Francisco or en route, and returns, made with dispatch.,  : JOHN  B.: LOVELL,  1-S ���������      -     '' --;   ���������"  Agfent; Barkerville; ���������" y-mx  ������j- f.< *;:  '���������'-"'i-'-C u  :tityx  ���������;\ff?;'  -'Jti-y '  i<n'>?'  :%mx:- \  ;?������$..'"  Z\li> ���������  ^0y.''i.:fi..  WZ:--:  myyy. y  Xfyi. ' ��������� ���������  yxx -  Wxi:Z  xx Z :' '���������  ^slt.'i-,.;,.-   ..  v.;ii-.-::-.yr  <UyU    .  -..y' ���������;.'  y    iy  y... y ���������  Grpuse Creek? . r %-     :?gf-  Vaii Winkle,'   T-  QuAsnelmOuth,  iXIfr  Ynifcl ���������,.H-V;:'^''3!lr.  Liliooet,      -     F. W. "Foster,  N������ w .Westniihsteri  Ai-McWba  "M^Cafleryl;  Agents fbrvilio VQaribdo Sentinel.^:  -���������-       ��������� ��������� ���������    --yy    4���������iiyj ���������:,.?= -���������>,..��������� :"i:  -'*("���������;��������� ���������'���������-:  ..'..-. ���������������������������lJ^:y:Jyy.y - : A;vMc"5  -    '-   I >*v  J;N. LM^Cafl   ...  ^ Goud ie, Barnard's Express Office  * -.Ev>in&:;:;fc::r{io''Tl X.X- MA������'"' "���������������  3V>steri?^^  ��������� : ��������� . .'.-':- .v.-, .. Clarkson&C  ".I ':~ ��������� -~~ ::,;;"'' ' {' * "' . "*; 'if Ei Mriliandaih  Victoria,. -. v - -., - y . - - | ^ uyne^r - -  , u,y... ���������-.��������� i.y* ���������'������������������- ���������*��������� y - -������������������i: ' ���������    .-���������������������������������������������a..- -������ /^...=...*' <= ���������������  aiid on pa 'some future occasion whendiscuss?  NEW ADVERTLSEMENTS.  -.is?;'  TO ADVERTISERS;:  The;.'"Cariboo Sentinel3?'is published every Monday  o rid Thursday'iii Advertisements intended; for insertion  must bo' d "ell ve"ra$ 'M. latest at; 6 o'clock, pX m. f tbe^aayv  before publication'. < y * X \\ r?J/ 1 ' <, _  ' j^g* All Advertisements (not inserted fprany,definite  ty'rty*!} will be centInuadiunUl onlgwd^ anjl^Iwr^a  tor accordingly;      v ^ -,r ;������������������ **  ing the rjioBindcpiis for some useful or ill-cbnp  iidered measure, our readers will arrive Sett ii  faitJsjimatopf*^^$talities of a can^  referringjp pur table.      _,.  . .... 1   y '   .' ....  ii In iany case, if the : law- has to eiri; correctly;  construed ^tMr eiectioh* of* bur MiriiDg^oaird1  we think it shpuld-be; reconsidered; aBd so  amended as tp; avoid so;dangerous a'prp'stitu-  tion of jthe right of voting asthe present Act  admita.'bflir.- x'X yX.X "ill X ���������"!   ' VI X:y ,  NOT iCiE.  In^thelinatier of tne Ei&.te|land {Effects o!r J.  s' u.   V &~Marshair, deceased' iutestiftte. "   ^X'y  ,NOT'I.G,Efy^ft,  ������������������^j -  Jfiners anil; others wishihgitoisend'^o Cariboo Sen  ttnvl",-.-to their fri'mds in Canada^England, the United;  Stutes," or elgewneref ican* hayfe it-ihalled by leuvirig  ad drgsses^t the publicationioifice^ Pricey xsiciypiM  postage,'60cents p^ copy. j^ZZZyZZ';.' X : i'' ���������'. '  ;T0l)CpBR?5S]?pNI>ENTO.   r vr  Air communications- must, beyaccoinpanied by the  real name and; Address Uf they writer; not necessanly  w i th; a ������vla w of .publish "jng too, same,; but as securj ty for..  his good faithi. .:,      '��������� X , ������������������ XytX\ X '  AN^ELOPEMENT.  u^ii.-.  :.y.-i  LL PERSONS WHO ARE; INDEBTED to the above  T..._ Estate are reqairad to pay thelamounts duo'forth*;  with,"and all persons wbo havecany blaims'against tlie  above.Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  brl;bef6re the 1st Noveinberj 1866, to ���������'."'-'.' .,:���������;.  u ��������� V( )^y ;;.. xj   -chas.ie. pooley,: , ���������, ���������  "'/.���������..;;���������.-��������� yl-.X-/X--,.- ���������,-';,;*'���������"���������;-.     '-.X- 'OfficialAdministrator^  ;Ric)3flelq^ W Au|:i8|66.        ^ , V;     >    i 28tlm ^  ���������i;'^-**'  c-AFtt) Op;jthAnks;  ������������������'���������-.}*'.  f:yy  [FroinitKe? TtonteGlobe. ]'^ ^"'!  THE  ':u';^.-  . '      "  *"  ��������� .^s'rv.--.;..     <���������  |{yi;l:";;  ':;{'ii;  gy,y',-...  rrt.,rr"  MX:  fr&y.iyy::-::  .yy. ���������'..., ;:���������'..  y���������/,' ^.    '"-���������''  ���������"���������.'..      THURSDAY,���������AUGUST 9,; 186b., ..,;/;  I. '      "^"^^^  Li our last issne we_^  latittide{which tfie M  * v a ;yo ter, in allowing; hi m;t-o /jast his -vote by  ^ivingi a vote^to^each' candidate^'or^ the wliole.  twelve tOioneman^thus, leaving open a"wide  .' fieicl'for corruption" '''^Ve do'iiofc pretend to  say- that!i Antf-* unfair -meaiia^ere 'use^ aiial  indeed.wevare^'far-ffromrbelieymg!that* ojor  oltfeeus would- lend themselves'to ��������� so flagrant  a prpstitutiorir^of i^eifranchise^ at the, same  time there, cani be no^^ cjuestion fcliafthis"mode, of  / voting' prevents^hevp,ublac(frogi arriving at a  [r We hlaye fortunately^viery seldqm{jto rScord  Jaayi;case,pf;elopementinthiscity.> .rThe small  number of instances which occur, {however,  makes them appear aUAth%ymore spandalous.  iTheiye;in;questiott: is^onfe inaVhicfr we refrain from giving the;names of the parties, out  bf {regard forr; "^ebereaved parente are  resp ec table? pebple,; and; deeply feel tie sh a me  and Jdisgracb^ which ^eir erring daughter has  brought uppn{them.;. :,Cjn Saturday4a8t,;a lady  in g^rocljbl^mstances-^nd good;standing in;  spci0ty; Tpsi&ing in the west end{ of;the city,  received a note:: of warning from some unknown friend that her daughter *fHarriet'^^?���������a  ypung^lady; o^sixteen sumiriers; had planned  an elopement ^thiat night with a certain young  gentleman in this city.. The damsel's schemes  hadl'bveen; %ell\;m m  the''-   '   "    '    "    '"' ���������������������������  -���������������������������������������������-������������������"     ������^  TPHEMEMBERS^OE'THE SHORTsBEND COMPANY  < X ,->take much-pleasure in- returning their, thanks to the>  Hlpefslpf,; GrouseXreek for-t*he. very kind .services rehV  dercd them iii assisting-to convey thei romalne of ttielr?  late comrade to Cameron ton Cemetry^bn Tuesday lastl i  Their grateful thanks are also duo, and'hereby tender^  ed to Mr.-andifrs. KeUy for the mauy kind.offices administered by therii to the deceased. ;/ ';>'���������'��������� *      ;:28: .  ��������� y Xy    y^���������u^ *( I ^:-.;-: i '������������������ *> *i:u k?4 >  THi SUBSCRIBER ;iS'RELUC*TANTLY COMPELLED  to decline accepting the challenge in ado by George  Wilson to flgbt him,*for. the present,..for reasons,beat  known to himself ��������� but takes thlsi> opportunityiof informing the said George Wilson that he'will hear from  binvsoon. ��������� ��������� ):y'XytiX'.^XX'Xi:i t*:������'f* >'U-y   yyy^u ,&*���������;-;*.  ^���������^sXvZZy Z?yy yu ���������;;.george baker.>?:  :  Williams Creek, Aug. 8th, 1866.     y, : 7; ! . 28:���������.;, ;'/,.  WILL SOON BE IN :imE^"m-������x^^^  ......   TOJ^AS^RTE0STOC^  fiHOilBES, HABBWIBI, GLip.  9***> sp atz^ym^^mi^^  Williams Creek, July 16th;iim:^y -xZwu^^  vv\ "<;���������    sv 5;/;;'f - :)?< ������������������-';������������������;���������������* >������ft^��������� ^Tf^mxi ^,;  ,ttfi?������JL  ,;���������??;',fT������i;.ryi :.;!���������������';;������������������/?-.n;iif;;[i-i?W��������� -fay!?��������� ""~vl"***'J  ,WH<^^ALE;ANpiiIlEriiLv^EA^^  KIND3-OF -'.'-y,.-{'������������������ .!- -';.U ���������{.:t  f^r.i-  I0::1'B.  T"  , -1, .'���������  polled for each of the candidates, ^with^the  . ,  r   --*-     ���������������-, ������������������r7-y-^-f-ryy���������������������������'..?yy^yy ~^y-yyj yy  -"      '    y  m-xyiZxy  MZZZiZ  ||j  ''.'������������������/.���������:  ;���������,"  '" ! ���������  1 y^i}  ���������U;  Zi'  ii  ^{:l  I ^{v  'II  y'-,  at the relative -positions of the -members  ected would haveibeen.changed on the;list  that  :i^le   had e-'i rK'/btergiveiitMly^brie^^ote^tp -each  ^candidaiteVts  ^W"CiS:,������.  Names-op CANDibATES.,v {  y ;-NOi=ok-!  ���������VotBS?tJiA|IT^  r'Nb.OF7  Voters.  ll.,w.\V;m.1Hazenine, ���������".  2. J^hniMacIjareni  >  3., Samuel Brake, X y:  4. James {^Jiderson, i  -5^0; Booth; ;  /-  6. James Burdick,; i;;  T., Angus ^Hardie'i; T; "  ".'8.���������'��������� J.:-Si, Thompson,  9. R. II. Munroe,  10^ J;B.rWiMn^bhV  11.; Dr. Foster^      I  I^i Henry Cbulter;':  13.!m:ia#ri  14: prficliaren,  15. J. Jri. Ferry,";  16.,.Ei H.Mrowh,  Tvt������ :  . '530 {.��������� .  .' ^"21- ..  - i4d0 .  3r������v ',  ' -Mi";��������� -:  ,33ft -  ..   330   -.  297  243 y  :>I78   "  7-?abf(f!v  Vvi6l,':-"  103>,  43  ���������109^  y^sm}  mm  u4s<  . '78\  i'"4&*'"  ^'iy39.;;-  f-n 4&H'^  sr  26  ,?-L43.^.  ceived;; it appears that this expert servant and  a third female were -also intending ^fcb play  the same game; , But t we .shall leave this out  of account for the present No sobner did  materfamilia's r���������^eiv������e: the Iwarning, 'than she  communicated-the-contents-of the letter to  her,unsuspecting spouse, and;at onoe--(&irote^^  -'^c^^uresf^^re' tak^iiHp* preVent ^"Harri-  et?s,* escape. *Tfe^t^e^?8'!������tipn^ himself at  her bedroom ^porv; / The policeman, on the  "fcjeat was informed of the imminent-'denpue*  ment, anA;sjTiQ|Jy: enjpiued jto^arres^ariy'per-  spnWhomhe might see lurking;aboutthe{ premises^ A long and anxious; night was p&sed  through/and in the /morning iever^hingSwas  found;asiit should be���������SHelsuspiciohs;p������*the  THE UNDERSIGNED, begs ,to oflfer.the.abbvoiiEtptel,  for ,Salo. ������������������; Being , Ju rnished f with i every th ing cOni*'  pletei in; all ItsJ departiiientsf-'namely..' BAR-ROOM,  iKrfGBEN?lHiPTO,G;^"0O^  Thfeis a fayorableiopportunity for any One-wishing  to enter ihtoan^^established business; which will be sold  cueapibrCash:l.'"l'v-;;.- ^"i-Apply'to.' X'VX '-;.';'"/; ''ly'1'  x   '''--���������" ,XiV   ������.  ���������}. ^-'-y   -'N. L. McCAPFREYv-U}  ;   '. ���������������������������{���������������<���������   -y'$:UW, '..Xl^y;      y-  .Van Winkle Hotel;  , Van Winkle, Aug.f7th, 1866.>   . -, - ,..-���������-   y  ,��������� -vj;28���������.  SaEGARS,  BppT^i'ii^ii ishd^s;  Vflfl  -^i.^j-j.-ifj  iyi>,r :  iiZ~  ��������� ivs/; : "Utl,y'VK\.,ii}yyu-<i'J'/l  Beg tp calf tl^tfeiiMolttbr  ::.to their-full'assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS''  l -yy??;^ti:mwimi win be ^'di-rj-^^^^  66.234.V Any person.; returning the same or send i ng any,  comrnunicatipn.thatlwill lead.to its recovery.to Mr. R.;  Monroe,- Barkerville, {will receive "the. above; rswaroV  without any questions- being asked i, i}Xi *:* *" >���������  "HVlHiams,Creek, August 6th, 1866.   ':/      " 27<iSm^  It wiU'be BeeiV from the {above stat^nl^nt,  which is reliable, that. Mactareri^ould have  4j een at-- the^head,i of the  fast, however. {Yesterday, evening /'Harriot/*  in{cpmpa^  permission,-inia'n ordinary; confldingCmantier,  :to-gp and:see the review at Spadina Avenue;  iwhichjcpmmon-place request wasr.of->G'oufee,-  granted <-, Arriving..at :.the;ayenue^aforsaid,  she left her sisters for the: o^nsiblefJrSirpp'se;  ^of^goin^tp speafeto a^female' frienci on ;thfe  ground;'but being:^awayj^ lbnger^JSiian;;Was  thought ���������necessary, her.sis^^i'^ntjaVs^r^h'  of her^andiwere {toldf upon< enquiry that she  had gone hpmex  This^MsfiM'tJ^m^andthe^  remained: tp^see the end of Me'review, after5  vvihich ibMy ^^thprne, but they were astonished toiJiear that she I had: not .yet";reached that  old-fashioned ]>1 ace...." -1 Their,worst: suspicions  w!ere at once aroused1, and a furtne'r enquiry  drito the case showed - that ;she{ had; taken ad-  van tageqf the short time allowed; her on ithe  review groundsito achievei that; suicidal fpat  of fast iypuUg^ladies���������anelppehient !{'She was  reallyngpine | On the: Saturday night on which  themotherreceivedithe>note/ two ot>three7  young gentlenieii;"were; seen lurking about the,  premises, 'and no doubt it was with one of the  iwiretcheji trip that the unfortunate girl disap^  peared.   Here let theV curtain drop j for the  piesentv;':- y:. y ^ly^uyyy, f.Z ^'iXX  RIC5HFIELD  XX* y'i'yvyyxpwm M:yyeyn\y 'u.yiipfy/-;*y  toimake;rootrifor a NEW STOCK to-aniver'so:^6dhig;������  ��������� ] I % Xy "it i ������������������ x ;y; ' *the Iloads are. open,- ���������..: ni ,'���������><���������% -��������� yy ? y  ; }^&* Liberal^%116Wftnce"��������� will" be'imate 'to5  Rostaurant and^Hotel^^^Keeperaiaha tfe OTade generaily-^  o^jlarg^orders.- ���������, w , -/: \ yly. < y.iy'iuj-iZ  ���������-     ��������� ���������"- ���������   n - ' ���������*     " ��������� --.". ' __''_''���������"���������-'���������" '  . '  ; ,. f.,, ,,.B'ARKrE^lX^E,../ it-Hi ^ ,,  '- (Next Bank otBrjtiah North America.)/,      ;  ������������������,.   -.....;   ������������������   :;.'.;  .������������������\-:'-'.';'y y ..'-���������������������������' ...V.-' ���������'���������  .y '   ���������-'��������� ������������������'.'������������������' 7 ���������.*���������/���������.''''-*-':������������������' '"'if.  fteE;vD���������.E'^I^NBD''^egel 'respectfully; to inform the  >������y travellingf public that he has Good Stabling acconte  mod ation ,'= and will ^contract for the keep! of. Horses > byi  .the-da^ weelc, ormoiith.  "    i *-      '\    "X "r-\.'l������\i[  i4^^Stabling and Hay for a Horse per day,; $S;6o?  Oafcs; Barleyj &c, at.the lowest market rates*  *   .  ^27:-"-? yyy ���������;?.---  ?v-,'?HENRY^MMpN^Prb^;i%  .:' bSgs ��������� ��������� leave {to !inform-f the !Ladiea ana  Imil Gentlemen; of Will iams Gre^k and; vlicinityfthati?  be has^fitteid upa^BATHROpMTatdonsiderabluexpeose,."x  forItfieiriiccpmmadatio.n';^  [SHE^lJNDERSIGNiEIX'HEREBXiaHALLiE  I;.;man jn ,British Columbia or-,Vahwuveri Island, irre^:  spective'of nationality or colorjHo'flglit.'a FAIR iPRIZE;  FIGHT ^according to: the rales of the English P IR. i for  ^$2000^sidert ;^If Mr^Gfeorgef: Baker means rtb? flight -he  will hayoan pppbrtunity; of: doing so -by accepting \ this,  challenge, and< if: not .from henceforth stop.his. gassing..  .   Articles and "a de posi t' wi 11 ;i>e' ready at Tom parry's  Saloon',1 Cameronton; next Saturday Evening^ '���������XXX   :"u  '-{. ���������   '"X'X*       I    ' GEOROE WILSON.   '  Williams Creek, 6th-August, 1866. '     27  BARKERVILLE, ���������  ifi'i.y\f'i'.  Ih.  j.l������.  fKE,$ROPRIETOiRS; TAKE^ PI^ASUREin announc:r>,  ingto* their friends'anbV"'the. public generally - that'  theylmve "refitted this spacious Saloon,'and will open ���������*  tMo^^eipnTi^rESIUY^ -  will jb^happy; io entertain .all .who may giye;theih%calL...,  '     "'���������    f     ������������������-'-���������.-'-     -      J ; ROSS & BURDICK,^I;V.i  "::"V':'Proprieters,'':. -.  'i-frWA'  y:.:>-  Barlcerville, July; 2nd/1866;  ���������o ���������/  XIV  THERE WILL BE A GRAND RAFFLE OF TOO  HORSES, yirith HARNESS ahd/WAGON in complete  order, to. conie off at Ross feBurdick's Saloon^ in IBar-  kerville, Oh;Saturday Evening, August 18tb, at 9 p.ni.  Tickets, $5'each. - "XXX"' '      ,   26r4ini ;  ;viSuieipE of-Colonel Hobbs.���������This officer,  whose name is so unhappily nptorious in connection with the; outbreak in Janiaica, coin-'  rm}\   whereas"Mr- ���������?������t?!i?^^e on^boardtheTyneyintercolonial  tt     u. , ron     ? X^y  ^\ Packet,oQ the voyage-between Kingston and  Hazeitino-Teceivcd a^O-votes IromFpnly^ 81 i Sfe Thomas. . The inquiryrlntohis c^tictin  per^o;ns,;.ahd.sb^)n.vthroughput: thfcwholalist;.  \V"e are at a loss,- as, to the precteei .meaning  ,;-Gf;the{ AcVfiS'our Ijm'^ie^iioa^V'fir'. 3ESS" ^fie  above mode of^otjng was never cpntempiat-  r  -eel; that a voter might distribute ibis twelve  voties{"as he\like;d.; 6^ dtiubtl^.:\STOcirecti.,$1^  that.he was entitled to give more than one  vote to,any single candidate We wry {much  doubt, i By giving the voter-thrower to  bestowhisyoteion each of twelve or a vote  each to any less numbers, or to giyea plumper as it is: termed, that is, a siugle vote to the  candidate of whom he was most -^anxious to  secure thfe election, is in our opmioh the most  reasonable way of interpreting 'ihtf&w. '{���������'.'{;.{:''"'"'  Qur fleaders by^the foregoing analysis^will  arrive at a tolerably correct idea of the estimation in which the several candida-teswefe  held, and will be enabled to judge more ac-  curately respecting the measures I that may be  brought forward atthe Board meetings, I;,and  the obstructive or progressive ten<iencieB; of  each, ���������"by their fruite. shall ye 'know them,H  s������Ppressing the outbreak and the' criticisms  to ��������� which he was subjected so affected him1 that  Jlie, had been -pronounced of unsound mind by  aboard of medical.officers in.{Jamaica, and  was.coining hpme invalided.    He was to be  inicare of an army surgeon during the voyage,  and two orderlies were "appointed to watch  his movements^^ (On thesecbhdday/however  after leaving Jamaica, and when the Tyne was  off the coast of. Hayti, he managed to elude  the orderly then in charge pf him, and, rushing to.one pf the main-deck.ports,- threw himself overboard.    The steamer was stopped  with all possible dispatch, and a boat was  lowered.    Several of the passengers saw. the  imha^py man for a few moments amid the  waves,apparently making, no effort to save  himself j; but he soon disappeared, and no trace  .of him,could be seen by the hpat's crew  though, the steamer lay to for so me time. This,  sad occurrence was made more painful by the  fact that Mrs. Ho'bbs was accompanying her  husband, with her three children.   It is unnecessary tp say that the utmost sympathy  was expressed for them by the passengers.  Colonel Hobbs served at the siege of Sebas-  topoi in 1855, and commanded the 21st Fusi-  leers at the attack on the Redan on the 18th  bf June���������* European Time3.J :  DissoliMGii of P^tiiOTship  THE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON UN-  .;��������� der the name and titlo Of Pragbr & Brother, Merchants and Traders, on Williams and-Grouse Creeks  Cariboo, has th'is day been dissolved by mutual consent!  The business;will in-future be carrieci 'On in the!name  of [MoRRis Prager, who will settle all debts due1 by the  late firmi'acd to whom all accounts due to the said firm  are to be paid. ���������"���������,-"   ��������� yyy.:~. ���������<������"���������..,*.;';;' i- -;���������������������������-"'..  Tl yXZI".'/"':''" U-y-yXxX    Xy i -MORRIS;PRAGER,;-  xyy- yy ���������-������������������yy;   :      ^    :HYMAN prager.  Barkerville, Williams Creckj >   , .  23rd July, 1866.  25-lm  GROUSE   CREEK  itiv in'ners, Hotel Keepers and the inhabitants in general of Williams Greek," that; they have opened- First ���������"  Class B utcher Shops in ��������� the towns of RICHFJ ELD .and,,;!  BARKERVILLE.  and trust,to murit- a liberal share.of   ,  .thepublio ^atronage^and. >Hat:iheir;bld;;ir]endf wlu ,.  kindly give them a call.   : '       s * Xy  .Richfield, July 5th, 1866V' v ������������������ ������ ur.   y H8.4m: ;  ZxxiiMAlW^^W^xZy-  :T> ARlJIESfi> ARft ".��������� HEftEBIf"::" cAUTIIJNtel? AOAI^sri'  X   negotiating a certainvPromifisbry Note, drawn1 by*  us in mvor,,of VICTOR PUKAND; and; dated Barker-;  villo, Cariboo, June i7tb, 1865. as. the, undersigned Have ,r  certain cluims ajgaihst isaid Victor Durand whicnsnau  be deducted irom the ;am6uht ol 'the said Proiaisspiy   .  Wote^-v >Vr .*:������������������*���������?���������-���������'"'>.<-:>  y:'- *^"'i- ���������' '_ -yyZ'X  v. ; .,yr   . I yyt.in^ ,j.i>>Oif'JPEIjnHEIMER:&;gQM" ������������������  "W'illiams.a^eJ^^ulyiU^ -y  THE/UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public that  tbe above establishment was opeued on SUNDAY"  LAST, the 22nd July, and that he will bo happy to receive a call'from his friends. .  -y 08* BOARD $16 PER WEEK.- <*&& .  Bread, Pies and Cakes always on hand for sale.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor.  ,4 IX KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED TO-ORDER an J  A kept constantly on hand^which will be sold^t tw,  Lowest Markkt  Rates  and  delivered ,FR^,-"*���������-.-  CHARGE at any point on the waggon road. ,  OrdeiK left witn^BuiO Bros., Barkerville; B-^i  holm, Richfield; or at the Mill, beloW Cameronton, ���������������������  JOHNR;: ADAMS.  HEAVY- CANVAS HOSE AND HYDRAULIC PIPE.  For terms apply at the office of this paper.  July 23rd, 1866. 23  ���������       w ��������� ~      .*       ^        VB;  "WHOLESALE & RETAIL DEALERS  IN  r  -AND-  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  BARKERVILLE,;  &8T A full assortment of Groceries and H. B. Co.'s  LiquoKS a hvay s on - ha ad. * * 1$ I  be promptly attended to,  July 16th, 1866.     ;���������     " "  Dissolution of  rrHE .CO.pi'RlrNERSHIP'borotoforo'exlsti^  1 the uuder'signed, under the style' and 'MtoofJW  ���������& Donia, Brewers, is this day J������edES V  sent.   Alldebts duo by the late firm,w^l^^n6ftud7e/0  James H{ Kerr, {and. ail. outstanding;accounts fiwt....  the said firmaroto be paid to h^^g, H.������������������'KBKRi ���������;���������;���������������������������''���������  -'J',Zt Z .���������'."/" .\--������.: ' - X  ������-,B. PUHIG;:-  ;  .' O^esnelmputh, jfc.cl",il.tb;July, 1866. ��������������������������� -y. :'���������: .y   .^ .  THE SUBSCRIBER in returaing thanks^ tjje W  libi  &l)uli  Lure carry on tne jirewery.;uuaiu^!'" r'-_lAr|t a con-  trusfeby a; strict attention to, business to'JJJ6^  feDuhig, begs to inform the public that .  the Brewery, business iinb^m ,  iage extenuea to ujo j<v������v "--- f     .  inform the public that hf**Vndv  . Brewery.business 'p**?^ con  tinuanceof tho':patronag"e bestowed on ttieifti  ��������� 2H.i?w;     '���������.���������--.-.���������:��������� .-JAM**-^*     - , ;X ������fr|^^ ;,#���������  THE WOULDiBE IMKDEiBB^i^LED.  ui .LATEST; NEWSF  S 'i--,i  n-.r*  V% "*A. <"' *"**'' 9 ���������**?���������*  ���������-������������������l-:^^{\:  Viv  I  It is re^m^d^fcha;tfpeacfe{ toM b^en proc)aun-  ������f  ������arjhOfeatoriai^  ra-.: !������ '*-���������  ������������������i*j"l./ i, ^nfrit'Vi  aBad accident happened;^t:Grous?{preek;  whereby oue^an^was(������killeM^5janpthe* ������B?;.!fW?.f!  Serouslr wounded'. ZIii:m^^^^^M\^^mr^^  tunnel;accompaniedby{-the foremahiandwere^  just starting t&0fb&~Wittiedr5ffc^Whichi had*  been left In ah,uafinishedi state on the, Sunday.  morning, when Ja!larg^;r qHahtity, ���������> ot^fcpund  overhead suddenly dropped burying ;the{twb^  "men instantly ;! the! foreman//who was, close  l,y.was toclc.;by the,-";end{;';p*6'''a^U^.aiid.  driveniack '.in.ihe'{drift, Md{thus{s^d/froy  being likewise covered'up;: ^iWhenyextriacted  from^tbeimassoreart^iu ^^^TOreieni  veloped^bpth nfrthe-,.men-were; p������r^ct^coh?.  sciousy but in ������;the;icourse"yofUafricouple -of  .fopf* one1 b'f't^^^  injury,: caused^ ^;*realcin^f '{ffigsffflft  ^:������ptad*:Li^  name from a; fear that the shock bfsuch an oth  nouricement' w^u^ &geft;  mother intCanada;i i^ The>;< btfier^an^liwhese  naffleisC.'Sauve,;a*Fre^  jeg;brokeh{ 4 inc^ bis'  left <Bye*OTWan^  Bell anfl Chipp of this place, haying been sent;  nelmouth ���������:. .fof^o t^>pi^ai^Jg|ii '.'Satura^'lui:  it appearsrfromtbe{ statement of Alexander  yaHm,.^|?bcc#ant :#t^;ttmffi'qv&������  tiQn,^hatrabput hopfcpf f^^d^|ab3vei*nleii^  tioned two Chinamen^came; ito> his house and  j-hw.isom^  [departnre^^fete^remar^  fAbou^l5':.|m'nW  jbut -; continued; <atii ihis * wbrfe^fixih^up" some  iboaMs^in^hiPbar. u While- in the act of  ... _.   MCjun^^  ithe count^ijrick^  ;pim.a?blb%wi&itfb  putting off abou^ti^  fltitfp*'^  scarcely recovered froin tKejshodk before the  Chinaman made another blow,: but his;arm  strikingv thgcpuntega^o^ {jhe. ^a^hjufrpf  his hand, ;and ;{timsvi:tsaved*..,; Wallace's lite:  Wallace their rushed ori^h'i^assfilaui who was  armed;' withja- knife which-lie aftempfea^ ���������use,';  ZPMjcm cmBErC  welare put in pygiession^Of  ulars cbncernipg this; region,   Mr.iX McMat^  '"$&ni*#^^  week a ,ve0 amount of freight was forwarded  thisItbwn^ithe inferipr. ''3 ' i&mpngst^bo  from  creek followed* tlie' ccMrse ofi^ilio wiverim������ j Jfttiftls;;!^ ftfali  til w"^ ;camerte '���������*f*:.;ivi^iirAw^    A-mohg.stli._-.  largest shipnerSVwereMeHsra.iOpi>ertbo  ���������k������V.-"Ni^Eai������n;. ������n0^f^?Kf!ii6i������il "4^jQladMn^^-������������ci  Mr.Opxon^^Oppenheimer &Co. sent out close  qhnPOflPp -m./ of ^freight., ; Mr/'M.rGiJ David  had^Iiifi^nAdk trairi'of 4H animi*laiirtnvi������/i ^^-^  which:;le<J them' through; to Beaver Pass^w^here  ri^y^k;lheVtrwli{j������  ; whence; tbejricrossedJa low range'of mbiinta'iiis5  whiff' broughr them y^lH^l^eU^4 iBi^s'ih  with^awell Mb^pdcargo^o  Hudsotf'Bay Company^ .storied 'The*train-left;  bnf;TueBb!a^'ifer6iWillia^  X:^.-.i'.w.-ff .'?'������������������.-:���������;  t .-;i  then., continued i;.fp, foljqw. .a  je^TintiLthe^aiTitfed'ati  iriprth^^i^iSe)  on Cahybnci  pn.creejc-.i2j5 miles frpmits moiith,' on  ^^^wayyue^ y3y-y-v ������������������^1^^^  it frohi; him- sind in doing so {cut thc-palm^-of  hisf assailant^ hand^ they;struggled for soiiity  ' timeia'nii b^ffelt'biifeide: of; thifc;"dbbrjj Walr  lic'fiithen ihflicted' several wounds Zwith''  'IMJJw^^pp'&euii^iii  iwearisomej the^e Jjeing^ no trail.    They prospected1 several, places W^their Way down with  ies received;. The -young man who i died vwas;  brought bveivhere ola Tuesday by aTlarge- hum-?  iter of bis fellow miners, !^m'i}i^^3AffMtii  Cameronton cpmetry; ^ :A0 n .y  iFbbb PiOHT^-OdiTueBd^laflfc a regular  Prize'Flghtj-accordirig^to* the -rules -of the Pv  B��������� came off on ^illiam^^reek^meadpws. be^  tween Johnny Knott.andvNed'Sfceilil;thevterms  of tbe{,niatcK iieihg/tpZppjk for^|4p ra-side.  Knott hadjfor seconds ;Billjf Williams and Bill  Phillips, wtiUst George' Wilso n^and ^r{e{6Slxit^  tier looked ?after,Stein.    The; toilets-of thi  ""-*���������     ������������������-���������"���������"���������-    ^-y;   ^y:,y^'r,^.  .first round was��������� 4^o''thon Knottpwith & good  few takers, but as .the'fight progressed(itpsoon  'became apparoht>tha\Stein ^r^s J;he b^st man.  The ^contest throughout < was^saii^' bjy^gobd  judges to have 'Aaieen fought^iyirith{g^eat biwery  and scieiace..r���������At-the- eridi-df!the. 49thfround-  tbe sponge i waa thrown up^for Knptt;its^he<was  kuocked-out oft time; And Stein\������^>'theWei?e:  declared the victor,*' after. "cbnteUdin^tfOr; one  lour .and twelvonjinutes.i {^^"^{blojp^ aliid;  first knock-dow,n w^s 4e^ide<y ni rfayorpj^ tein,v  who left the field.,'without' any^-yfeible signs ^pf*  punishment^ whilst' his?opponent !bore "traces  of ^L^ng^but teK^ar^wn.; {Th^i  Jpeciacle{.^^..^i^'e^ei",- byja irb wd >pft nearly  300persons. - -  ' ��������� XXXX^yf Jn.ylZ.. ��������� >Zii ������Z-** v  - u-X:'- :.y ������������������s-<xyy,xy,-:,xy.:.y-.y^:i ,,i,..;,.:  ^His HonoXiArthuri^  Adrairistraiihg {^ ^(^yeratiicint^Xarrived i at*  Richfield yesterday afternoon.' about; 4 olclock  accompanied by D; MansellEsq^ Private Sec-^  retar^and;Lieu^f3iinBW^ ������M|3tf? S{{Sifttl^?'  ^* We consider it but; cbiimbn justice to  ������f-'Barnard, whonhasibeen^an en^rprisihg  pioneer 6Y:tfeis;cp^ntr3*v tQ;n>^ntron^hW;jupW/-  ever much his Express may have been Ides  ]igof the following satiricalllinesi whjch occur in SaWnofT?o "h&ifAZ&x-iiiyiu'&'&wXii n*A&?!ilr*%L;i  kniM on. his;wpuld-b e .assassin whmKa^  the*despicable wretch of .existence. XX Fearme;  thatthe other ..Chinaman might be iri tne.'neigh*.  borhpodi' Wallace hastehefiv on* Xh\ therdirec-  tib"n{;6f^tteshelmputh Tor the purpose of ^  ingAiraand giving himself up to ^he{' authorities. He was met about a;- mile1 distant fromi the  house in p, wjeak /stateriby ^Alex. Burnett,-^  packer^ to whom hVrelaied the'circumstancl^s^  above narrated; ^urneti^  sent him' oh^the road while he went bjack .to.  jthe scene ofthe{ ti^edyij ���������? Qn arriving^ ijiprel  Burnett found j the Chinaman lying outside the  do or deadf with^a "largei woutid in: the- neck/  one in the side^- and another in the chest?  ieifcher !$& ^hich^ wpuld^ hav|i|>rl^eWm  On hi^way baclcBurnettlofet^k.^  man, winch he suppo^  Wallacerspoke^ hevaccordingly tookijimam  Jmargep; * The^i Chinaman ^said4 he was1 -inithe  service of Kworig^ee;&"C6;};.aild;] had come  ftom Williams creek;' where he had beeiQbfr;  lecting mpne3%fbr his ^mnip^rsY'i-He ^admitt  ted-that hVwent-intov;W*allace',s House^withtbe  other Chinaman whomihe jnet; at^ that ^.pointj  fthat they nadispnie{cofi^e^lhere- to^whicb; he  ^Sawney's fetierv ^  ���������������ka-(Feb7y^ Z-i- y "Z.  .    "Tospcafco������t in tho truest way'?'{':.���������;.;.;;:.  s   yy\'<Tls;Barriard������8;Caribpb Belay ^>,������������������ ���������;;; :::-.'yy  were is not the least^cauie fbir^uch'a cbmplaini  jow-a-days, for it has arrived here with the  ���������������gularity of clock work- once a'; week Muring  ������e whole of the'pytsuninieX ���������" : {   L ,r i :  ^Messrs. Oppenheimer & Co., have let a  ^ontract for building a.large two-story^housey  *?c?. 8it���������������* their present store; the size bf  1 ���������!i g wiU tbe...24.M..40;; the lower por-  ;������n will be occupied* by .thehi'asa store, and  ^ upper story will be finished in a suitable  SSJ8'*������ be used as a^ Masonic HaU. Mr.  wone has got the'contract and is how getting  0Utthe ^terial for M^mimf^^lZZj;  for thp *e-Cour* House on Tuesday afternoon  )iinin7PPUrp08e of taking the; necessary'i pre-  4cSf ^r^e.?nents, of electing, officers,  Sr' Tok* ur oc*Mieiog ChoseniCtiairnian and  e^mittee feLar?tt SwWatfy *pro tem,J a  *ess to  adJourned  ^'he^;^6? ?.cP^>e.come landed, property?  ^n turned into a field.      ".     ���������:,-".*> ������������������''-���������'  appeared^ tb{havo plentyi^nw  separated one going up and the1 Pther down  the road. "Gn" being taken ? to - Quesnelmouth  and examined^thisiChinaman was' discharged  there beli^ "^ evio^ppe{^ J  ty in {the-aWft^ jfrseems thattheijassassin, who  was a large r^^rerful-^ellQW^ fabbut oft.tiling  in height; was a gambler^ and had been residing at QuesnelinoiitH where' it is said he had5  ipst'alf his; mphey audi was oh'his. )yay ip ;Wil-  liams; Creek ^dead broke.^ 1 The {supposition  is' that his;cupidity had been;excited by;*the  sight of {tlie; money ��������� :exhibite^  while'givihg^e'ib^pf'C  andHhat he retui^edfor the purpose^ of kilk  ing Wallace and taking hismoney.;-^ '>xy ly  ���������-;..; We learn that Wallace is lying at Quesnel-'  inbutH in" a very"critilcal^^^^cpndiiibn indeed; M-  tehded^ by ;-fk.t Trevor, ;whcA has but{ little  h;bpeB^pf;ihi8i;rMQVeryj^  ders, and contains as larjge/ai^ojumelbf iwaier  as^Antler creek does at ita junbtabh^ithiBbar  riverJt^Ohi the fbllbwing/ dayIthey reaimod  Hickspn} creek,; the/tiibutaiy^  late ��������� prospecting yhas. been dbhe; ^^{iwliich'  emptied in tb; Cajuypil jc^e'ek jib out .."fly e^ miles  n^bm?the mouth*^ Agcemiing this creek a4is-f  ;tah*cb of five :miles,t Mey^unolisome\ twenty'  rwhite men and; fifteen (Chinambn variously  'employed, spme.sawin^^  4itK^e5LaMMinin^^  three men,had gotiairly started to^vork;on{ a,  low b'^hj{ole^i^df'abb^ :the ^terfcpf ^e'  ;cfeek:ahbuii tfve feet,5{they!ihad conimehced.  .washirigthe daj; bnri mfbmantv arrivlpd there  and cleaned up %������night $^2^^ffie. result bf the  sfbllpwing daj*s{iy^- \7as^b^m������fiS^ same.   C.  'Morrison & Co. had struck a good prospect in  a s^malljuit they had "fun; into' a bench, ���������and,  ; werejgettingf buf Jumb^erv^  ���������thevwo"rj������ dbnebyihe'China^n^  hayebeen raining thereiforthelastfouriyears/  It isf fhe opinion:of four Informant^ho iis!Wi  old {miner,.from; the -^ospefels;;hf "Js^w^Mat  from^$5^:.tp $10^ %day pan b,e readily made:  jOur informant and his Ipartyr/bnly remained  |iwb davi;Jleaving onepfltheparty,BillStew^  ;art^tpj prospej^jjthegstar ted^pn ^ria^morfr  ;ing;last at ^^IcloSkJya. ;m., {^r Fraser river,  ^arriyim* at ftue^lmoutli t^^ime^yeningat  ^undbw|ni \ ?Qk 'their way downthej^nietiPr^d  Black; IHickson and $pur others, also Joe Sen-  ?ny and^party\ofvfour.within\$fe%.miles of the  diggings., "The Afetoce travelled from, Williams1 Cjpeek^to{ the mouth*of Hickson^creek,  ?by theirciute our' informant 1^d;pai1y{Jo11bw^  ed^ mustjhaveJ>een>72imiles; tand the country^  BesfBilliard $abfe  s;v<lu 1'y*yiyi^Zi:^^FlS'^M-F '"   ""^'-^���������  :v:bl;IiVjJS^Sil''  wo;  .-���������it...  rr-.  mntu?  AUCTIONEER,  MINING' <fe COMMiSSION-:  U:4$ fiteiBA^K^ER^I^.I.EI^^ Um.-ittJiU  ..^,ot?i-.  '^ir^ylBfA^R^/E^^IfLiRS,^  " '/���������'  V;vl^?������  "'''' 'dv  lilikfes������  si.;fcy'yt>);..i  U!U  uly.  ^tfl'O;  of the publio,fi*anuiwilJ;be <y>ritluctc}dvin ra-mannerrjU������y!  ensnre-the. faUsfaqtion'ot tlibso vvbq aro .difippsed^to/,,;;  favor,lier1wHbitbt?ircpy.t|'pnage.  - .���������/ ",������" ; V    ������-J "'^ '' -  :?-;;>i^-yy.^:?v^v,y^/^^.'��������� -:!������;t.-;:,-vm:l,;i ;w*i/i. *jV^{.j:i .���������������������������>!??;������31  Vfiy.W:fMoals'.'atf-aJl'.5*Hours;,;.1-Q-.ood.-:Beds.-r  ' /Kg^ThevBstr is furniBbed.w^h ;tbe{.best.srtlectiontftf'* i  uwx*^,mvyyyXyyXyyymx  yiys^P  WAKE: UP   JAKE  ,. -spy ������������������������������������ ������������������ :.!<,' J, ;jy. ..-.y-y.j ���������...y. .-;.������!.��������� ;..���������. Uy'-i-.i/J.-; iitW;j: iib'ifiV, 'il'lifa'Z ���������  ' U>k'X^y -v ,M?J^v^K   -  ;AA'D. *������������������" ,,-   ,,.    "*.,;   -y'- '   .<?,.;   .  ;p-'M!NpWW^;U;s E> :i' s;  '; "f;;;-s ,E-^ r;jJBarkerville;, J3;'.CV   ' -^ <V * ��������� > * * "  ' i&tillAMi&,!^^ Z-Kx  ���������L&Pll.  .'j ... Vyj'/Nyjiy, .^y.;. f-';r.ir..1; ;y y_ ^y;^ jy g 'Mi '-:.f ���������ij'iyyi  mm>  .t.;s,v  ������f  i    y - been- appointed to draft an  Hi -S ??ft0^ #:" ^'?ircb? ^ meeting  {We are again ^appointed.Jji-:!nbt gefc  tmg Teiegraphic dispatches, whicfi; we think  very-strange when there has been- sov;many  persons leaving JQuesnelmputh , dunng^p  early part of this week.,, r     .,   *   *��������� ��������� .,-  '; Steaw 'Saw MiLL,--rThe; machinefy for the  Sieain ^wJi^^i-feCS^^S i^nMink^ gulch  has arrived from IQuesnblmouth^and is being  put up with all haste. It is expected that the  miliiwilibe in; running order within a{!w������efc  r Court op Assize,���������-An1 adjourned'fitting of  Ihe Court of General Assize and Goal Delivery  for Cariboo East, will be held at:'the Court  House, Richfield, on Saturday next, the 11th  inst, at 11 o'clock, a. m. :. {     , ;  'VfleSh Par ties who may be top late in mailing  papers can have them forwarded through  Barnard's Express at letter rates, 50 cts.-each.  Nugget.--A nugget was picked up in the  Six toed Pete; C6.'s claim yesterday weighing  % ounces. {  Ascent of Mount Baker;���������Mri Coleman,  librarian of the Mechanic' Institute, left yesterday on the Eliza Anderson for port Towns-  end where he will join Dr. Brown- and proceed to attempt to scale Mount Baker.���������^Victoria fColonist,':.: -:, ���������-���������������������������*}   ..'���������    ���������������������������.-.'  Customs receipts for week endingSaturday,  Julv 2lBtr-Puties, $2,001.-85 ; harbor dues,  Sid"02 ; headmo'ney, $U 00; tonnage, dues,  Wfrtlo' inland, navigation licenses, $00;  fees $00. Total $2,444 62, Number of pas-  aehger������,34.-B. 'Columbian/-. -   \-  | DASTARDLr Attempt.---A shameful atteinpt  ^^simajie early^stesday^ornin^tp^-ex^e  alarm m%e{'������^lunfeer^anLpf {^icliybi^for  0ep resence of 'riii ndi pDmeJof .&e volunteers  ihlght have been attended ;wit^mo^t jSeriqns  consequericesrShor^  {Sir. Alexander, f observe'cCsomething i burning  iii camp i cl'pse * to ��������� Iiieut. Wpbd's te'nty /and* on  approching:the;pbjept ^b {o^scpye^ its nature,  some person outside called {out{'(mind it \will  * explode.-' V i. The sentry^ however; examined the  burning������bbject,' and, finding; that it was a lighted fuse "attachedJto' a bottle, he: seized hold; of  it,- and threw It{^owardsS thp{ ^oice; {the Tuse  however came Put";{and the bp^tle fell ' sj^prt.  He' thereu^n^chalieh^d th^; '^tnp^ii^ibii.t  ^receivihgnofeplyyLand seeihg{{a man^inate  oif towards:Henley's, he feed a{blank  ^hiin, and^l immediatelyr two yor: three others  jumped i^;:ahil;'sitf^M ithe; woods,  The alarm was sounded, and in a^short space of  tim e the whole camp was tinder arms, ahd^ir  visions were detailed tb scour the- countiy in  different direction, though withputj'siiccess^;  The^^bonib/? which {;was exhibited {.in .town  yesi^rda{y:^ consisted of a, soda, water;. Sottle  -:.-. WILLIAMS. ASp. GROUSE CREEKS/'Vi"  iyy^yZ-^^  yy.:.r  ���������'AJl  rJi_^r--ry.{v.^^olesale:1and:Re^ail...r. {;; -. ll.y\  .fr\*tzt/rThc^uhUersignod^iSiprepared,t6- i yy-* , , ,  CLEAN^BLACKiiSAND/ BLOTONGSwAND^':  '. | ������. yynuyy. PANNINGSj1' " f ���������*������������������"-. . ^  Xy,  Ori Commission^or"winlp^rcbase,-- tiny:Quantity1 on tbo'X'  ��������� ��������� '  ������������������{i :r . '.1. 'v'MbST laBEBAL Terms/ at -tbe; :i}c, if';.;=.������,*  ..yi. ������������������  ,yX\> i     Reading R^inVCamor^ntort, a; ���������:*".;  The Snbserihe^ ds^ell k������b^  ,lrqm the confldenee reposeU;,i|i ;him...h{)a,1etpl,orein the,{f-  above bnsiness,;;lie hpp.e$ itbIrxxoyX.Ve ithe;pii'troiiage \ptyX  the "Mining bommuluty^tbe^ensu{ng season; '���������-^'Ui' - ���������"';���������'  .' ������$>n- .ayuyuy. urn. -y  JOHN B  bowron;!^  a*bput:three-quar^ei:g;fiill of ^blasting -powder  over whteh some saw-dust mixed with ground  glass was tightly: jamnied;-! sd; Us to;; ihci'ease  the cbncussibh, and the explosive;; ppwers,  The article being very similar to what is used  sometimes Jn':parts^pf the .old country; r for  damaging machinery when hands are on'the  strike, , Had aii exp I osio n taken pi ace,: it is  conjectured that the result might have been  fatal to those near by. The whole thing may  be called a practical joke or a lark, but it is  one of those wicked, senseless larks which all  sensible people abhor, ond for^which;;the.perpetrators, if they ciui be|detected,;ouglit to.be  made to siilfer in the {severest manner...tha't  the law will alio w.���������yic..^Colonist & Chronicle.1  j^^'We would call the attention of-those  having goods or other commodities to move  between the difterent towns on the creek to  Mr. H. C. Wilmotii, who has a Horse and Dray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orders he may be favored^ with, at very reasonable. rateW.;; .{��������� 11,' '   {'.;/{."*'{'  Settled.���������We. are glad to learn that Mr.  E. T. Dodge has obtained a settlement: with  his creditors, and that be  again in this counti7.>-B,  BAEI^iiVtl^JB^ {  -POWDEE'-FUSEj^ T /:>'  ALSO',"-'" -������������������:���������������������������-���������������������������   ��������������������������� -  .S TATIO'^Efo-t?'\ ..^,1 i.  L.  MOUTTET & CO.  WiiOijJfiSAt;Ki& RI5TAIJ/  J  RICHFIELD,'Williams-Creek, B. p.  1 XX >f  WE HAVE OK HAND a lu^e*stock;>f provisions,'"  Hardware' aid Vegetables, rnnU. are Uet'er.������������������?'  mined to sell them cheaper than any other store on ���������>  Williams Creek. Come and soo.and jutigo foryoarsel ves, .  RjchflelU, May5th,18Q0f ,; 1    . .  ;Zyyy^l0RTi^hpZ'  G������Ji  HEADERS IN.  will, resume business [ PROyiSIONS, GROGBiill^, CLgrillXG, &Q-  ^a^Tribune.'��������� j    '; Storage, and Commission. " *  I  &s^OTBb^_  y il  Xm  Mr Dear Fi^^  .'.in hi&h-wroughtvexalibn^in grief an<l{&e$per-  ation, and greattriJWiitiph,l$ill giveybuan  oration ^a glorious: pration^oh {jthe^fejplpwk.  fcle effect  cation.   Q' yes,,my{ dear friends (for alter much;  consideration^ {^  , , discrimination^ i;pei^eive; with j^nster^ation;  jirohi private {inf^rraatipn and bapk^bb^ob-  " 'servationy" in'' the jexercise' of my honorable  vocation; that criraoandstarvatibn,aridievery  mother abomination' that -.disgraces' rank .and  station, Ate entailed von Jmanya ��������� habitation by  ,tba^accurspd;inebriatipn!���������t Mow, niany^no^  ':��������� ble{ reputation^ ..thaf "ad|fen������; our Ifaiiv creation,,  commanding o^ warmest  {apptobajibn^sinks^frpjS,^  , yery*&eptftr oftlie^radaMoh^^^iHbw������many] j������  Mjppou relationyi posses^ed^oi* a ��������� firegrate ediica:  icatioa^but; alas i  of Vicious inclination, be-  ' ���������comes habituated ta'the^deeppotatibh^^andj;  unable ^ ^iths&d^t^|d^tatipn, he^Bnaps his:  {{fihg^'at his; regutaliftq^ and {^orrible^infat;  na ti On I ���������Me' en ters one 6f those sinks ef-abom^  .ihatibnf o^uan^Hherpofebned drug bf^blue ruitef  nation j and^then elecMSbs his; hearers with the;  r^agicofriiiacb^  ; on the oppressors of the{nation; hatessthe, pm  ;{^eMsystem^ fe  i; dec 1 ares iliiiyej^i;6u|fj^^the -working man's  salvation, and then^preVenis his empty pint-pot  for their kind ,con&dferation! Then he be~f  ���������comes phiiosophfcaif andproves' toYa nicetyj  Xxi. yXF&Bi..7m^iyiyi:  QDESNELITOIJTII ^py]f?R3^?3pNJS;  "i,A'iX- XZ P^#e$������nt������WN^  fHEBB;i/il,HElPR6PRIfiTORj M:. A.jBABR^  ���������-(gives a^ general invitation to his friends and the,  : public ;at large to{ call, and {judge {for themselves the  mora m' hf. hi r RU Ma rd TVlhl pr--.- ji Vho; th Pi'flhnip.r. 'Rra n fl a Hf  gojlonial; restaurant;  i QUESNEtaWtJTH,  ;iZ.*   ; P. L- JOHNSQN^, Propbiktor,v    ) y  Meals sat-all'hoiu-s/ and Cooking of u the best  i y x I {'.������������������ y *\ - - -^ - /.-description.. ." il; ., , .is -t'  - -  .:xi-l'  yi -  >..\&  i,I jiEVERY;* EVENING, v*''?  <    X  ^i&v&'&S,;^  ^Asmmimmm,  ;  '������ BARKERVILTiE/ 1* **'. '-'' '���������;  QUESNELMOUTH,    ,y     ,  pi|0;^^  'Gb������bd Beds | Restaurant j < Billiard' Table, '&cl  ; ,t.I'Stabling for Horses, iHay had Oats.-,     s '  '���������!:jy'. -  GJRQD & GUIGHON;  .t?V������ t;'-.''c *"' "^'   "  ���������,;   Storage, &c.-^Terms*most Ikidderate. ( '"  Zx-Xyy . - '-T'. " v QUESNELMOUTH.~ :<* ���������   -: -a* I X  y}.\>1  i^fL^iO"VEiRS^OF:THE;:TERPi^HpRE^  i& inyited- to.calland; enjoy them8elyes,;wheh;a heartyi  vvelcome\vill;be,extended:,./.;.: y  ?.i?.Y U  ^Th6;best ���������ofl^Tiries^ {Liqu^^^di'Segarsi  aud". Good Order'observed.  Urn  London  ro^d siDE^ousjes^&b: ,; ; p  ffiv-  .rJ^M^d}AiA:  y; monstration I S#His;parl^ularly; kind i^fiends'  now leave him toiis^w^ meditation/?hbjun^  he may soon enjoy theiihestimable benefit of  a pleasanter habitationiytfThen,- in.much?pei,r'-  tu rb a tio n, they lodge X the{ information (fliaJ; 'a,  {man5s%ih{g^^ a^'deplorable" "situation!  v>i?he ,poorj wretch^ groan������ jul/d#speratron;'; .?$&  ; he^r% atihe door an'apgry/consu^  i wiih^at ofuick^he^inonpie s&t^ inccpns^rjy  nation, as he recogniEeCthe angelic county  nhHi������^xra^is; ^ife^e^  ;X4"The'proprietors ��������� bavirig/latelyfeflitediup Ibedroonuj  -m%:- ��������� -' '   yyXiy iu   ?mj1lRTI'N';&O00K Prop'rs.' Hand good Bedsjare nowiprepared to.aflbrd.ev^ry acwin-  ;'       j    ;       ���������' ������������������'���������'���������'������������������ '-���������*���������      f; ��������� ^ - ?���������������������������������������������������   ��������� ���������    ^ VjmOfiaHnn fnrTrayftllRra;;thftTflhl<><3ftirn}ghftr| ^jth. uU  ^^anti,yic^rla;^.4i -.^!^'^ x67*  CAMERONTQjp, \ Zy  EiMTpNj I^oPRrETOR^  ^otimilTel'KKepnn^  ii and strychnine andvrot-gur And !ho place' here.) 1 \ 2  ���������^rlLLIA^M -SSlWEiLi,,  ;-f     .", i; ' X   VAN., WINKtEi   * '' ^'-'"t ��������� .; H  EGS'^TOI IWp$&*mA(M$^^ -THE  pablic;generally, that* he;Intendsitolfurnish 'them  BEEF, .pR^MyTrpNv so;soon as paclqingas^prapiicable,  at^heirrespectiyejcla^ - different. creeks:* 6r^  plied with Ithe best brands of ^Liquors and Segars J "g^i'od  StJibling|iHay,= Oats,and:BarleyJf:.:".;43*.The CHEAPEST  House, on ,the; "Road. :| j y -t l> ���������������;; i     X yU., r {yy y X % % i is'f  Qolonwltt  ZZ' %liESE: W^^}Bro^emsi ;iZ *  dL'House. ' TherelsGood MealsV���������Gobd^fieds;'"StHb'liug;  !forHdrses>; BaHey, Oats arid Hay. X- Uyy. y.yl ~\jg. .,  I'"BA^i&AMi. How is:lit your?Boots wear m-i^  ^M-feP. yo^fe^ -so; dryl?^ Becau^S^  Chari^rand^u^er;;^-9fDpjynrs  OP^THE  nanceCofthe;benevolent.Peelersot the nation:  They{'utfer^a^^mprecatibn/abtf'rlemand ah*  explanations PThe^victia^groans in desnera-  tipnjjhe jtearsjhi^^Mr^jvjBxatip orf  ith^flojDr in sp^ctte^  a trantib exclamatibn,>a^qurish. of.; the;baton,  antl a howling e^crajao^  *? nati on,i^ith^savage ;exnltat^n^bea^^  ���������i urnphantly..on..-ajshutter^to^ithe^^lic'erstatioii/  i.; where'maghificentty fuffi^ed ap^tmentsar^r  speedily provided fbr^hisi delectablejaccom-  ';'mrfdS|ion!.{{;{.;{:i{;"{{:������������������ Zx 1 iyZZK' I-.- ���������: -1-';'  ;   -Oftnyy dear frien ds? I hay e no ^hesitation in  y maki ng this declaration; that)|helfemale;pbpu-i  y latibnivare���������*.the brnamfnts: Of jiyjthe.^na^n^ and  'tHe^glbry;bf' lihis'generatib'nl ;: O^my:de'ar  : iVi en ds 1 let themi sho w that injeyery situation  ^they^can preserve rthek-repu&tion>-and>4heir  ;5ibble{^levatipn, r^ubJorin^aU gratification  "rii the'cup^ot intbx]ba^u;Vgivirig^bcularble-'  x ���������mbnstratidn^to,;the cbckalorums;of:this nation,  ythat they arer indeed ^prettyii littlej .diicldes^r of  arigelic creaUoh;. ? though;i*rbmbccasibhaiihf  ;������1o i^aM on^ andlmbfe^  {���������taih, without the>vslightestie'x������^eratib^h  ; for a little relaxation, ..and^yjway of cheerftd  j���������variatioh,, some of ^hem do^  ' dulgeJn a^smail sensation I? r{?>rC'   > -. ~<Zi ;  '2sowj my dear friends, I will, conclude this  oration, ..by, expressing my indignation, and  'litter detestatiQn, j)f those men _in the nation  . -who, to my utter consternati^  {vocation, throj^^ out^thejisifi|l."exclamationJ  , Zl Oh): we only: take U in ihoderatipnl'; ,.-' fioh't  ���������believelit, tfy^friends ^ty'Tis^iJ^insinuatiohj  "{a complete bailueinaUbn^-in^fact ai moral ab,  ���������erratibn,-to make{; such/a (declaration in this  I.-golden {age;; of ginger-beer{. an{d{^^ {civiUzation.!  ���������Away with moderation !^thou|stigma on^qur  '^jiatiSn; 'Slid; wel come education}" ariH-i mental  cuI tivatibri, and: moral elevation,, with every  'pthe r irroN, to the -thriving po pulation, of th is]  .greatiand mightenatioUjWjiereErbed^ shines  ,qn'5her starry thtone^gioriblis^onstellatibn!  --J,.S.. in.the. 'Scottish Typo.^Oiiiculaiv" '{       j  resiUences,"a^the:MosT'RBASONAti^Rii^s^  i.i .yantf^kr^u^eai:th^l866^  111-  y\yiryy  ���������*pi  *4 V Xo  Mm  <t  m  "   '- '-. "WiU leave SODA GREEK sy [U-:  t        Z        "    AT DAY-iSgHT;    ' .      >''     ^  S OPEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATION .... ,������������������  ���������������travelling public;? th^beurooms"^rei spacious'and-  airy and the Beds 'cannot Abe isurpassedi sfon cleanliness  ;and comfort by, any in tholowericountrj7: the Talkie is  always supplied, w^h,ythe vbe^ti{pf yfctua'ls., a{| Stabling*  Tor;H6r$es; ;Hay^ 'Oats and'Barley constantly on hah<i.A  JAY :& CO;^Forti Street,^Victoriai{. Vii I -llCi.  . .. ^fMhdteld Seedsguamhteod l;HttVoonAmM  u.oire^ujly .selected.. stock 0if>e above"������theS  European., and Anierlcan^MarKiets.Jl,:The;eVi-l?crlS  their Iriemls in:Bri.tish{.Columbia^'aT^<solicited ZJ  ticulariit^ntioni ifcicalled. toithoir largo stock, of GrZ  T^^^K^ tyUff8*? Screens n ShHibi;Grfe  house and^GaWen 'Plan.tsi - Standard onti Divarf'HJises  :of^ every variety.5M'Catalogues on application.' *n <i;s  ;{D,y;*ririODRICK;:{C^ ���������ANni^dnuoE Deaier'1 a  y V������; largestock of Hay; Outs'Whcat.antl 'Bkrley of tlie  best^^ descrjotidn^^alv^'aVa-'obihan'ri :'Wan i^nni,ir^d> f^  best  flish  X^nioti  attention  KrvyyUiti'ztii:  ���������t~'l:  Vs  y ?y  ' yy  Will leaSre'-QUESNEL  {5PP$ffi3PA^{ ^SATXJRD^Y' MORNINGS;  ;.    'ZZ AT 6 O'CLOCK, ' -  Connecting: at Soda.,Creek.wit"bJ;BARXARD?s STAGEsbh  \ -,{{y^odnesday]s- tripfdownarid Tiihrsd.ay^s trip{ur>,.   '  "'^^.Fteig^t'toi^^ ^! |  Steamer 'Enterprise,* V: . '        ' i ���������  ,.jf;j.Ma'3r 21st,.-1868..'; : J:: {;;iy:':.   -.1.;;,.-.i'.  :'* LILLOOlim A.DVBETI^BMENTS.1  riirin^NIS'MOT^HY^^roprie  ;.^^is>furnishedrwith:fiyerjr..^  jfortpf TrayeHers; .:,the Ct^linary? aepartmeht is' under  theiiiDerihtenUehce/of ah'experiericbd cook; the^Beds  are clean,"antl'comlbrtable' ��������� < the;Bar-contains the^best  of Liquors, Segars, &c. ^Stabling, Hay, Barluy & Oats.  fi ENTIRE'S -'PhotOffraphioiGaUery^Goverii-  rCTf.. ment-'St^Vic tor l,ajvrV^ 1,> opposit^Hotel dePracce  ,A/;ew^.ot.;CHribc^iand ,^c^^  umbiaj including views ofthe-route to Big BeM/iaiffkys  Wh%a'ud''at/]ibera}'ratesr' ^yi^XiiU^uyyyy  i  ' ���������.������������������..���������:���������;���������������������������:<..:������������������.������������������;;!,���������.-���������������������������. -��������� -c. .������������������.-;���������,������������������"������������������; y: ..>?'.;:;.,'.; ..it.}:,-.   ���������yr'-'y :.'���������>.������������������.  E' '-P^. WHEARf;TAiiqR'-'&iOcTymKR,jrorisireei,  ��������� \rictoria,;yi, ;L,.Qpposite Bee'Hiye{ Hotel; vfiere he  is tirpriuiwl" ?.n ftiVnnJtr hi!*:niim>r������no^������������>V������W������������v?������h^^^^  i;  m  mmOOET    MlbLlS;  THE UNDERSIGNED are>nowmaunfacturing JTjOUR  ; of j all grades^ a, Exira,: .Superfine -.and, Fi ne. ���������;{ ���������; yeed  Crushed. t.o,wder..  BliUE[ TENT   RANCH:    ?: s  M:i BnENBEBSOi$ begs UPinform his1 rYiorids  and' the travelJfhg public' generally that ho has  \taken;tUe:abo.ve-Ranch andistprepared-tosupplyt^einT  wi th ^First Class Accommodation. Goo4 Stabling; for  .^rses j Hay and. Graim:;:-������ .tZ.lZ. Z'. '"' ��������� * XU'XX.k j''  111 MILE HOUSE.;;  *WM, MAITSGN"r;       -ID; A. McLEAN,i^  ,        =,���������..;>    , -. Proprietor,��������� .,-        "-..-������������������?',���������;.      Agent.  THIS HOTEL;IS LARGE ANDy^VELLi; EMTEDI^JP'  foxtneepmrortpi' trayplergj.the;TablG|is supplied  with'theVbest3f.evferything' that; can 'be procurd; ahel  the cooking; is not inferibrto any on tbe roadY-Bedrooms  ; for families; Stabli hgt- ��������� Hay,'; Bad ey and-Oa ts^ y - 1-s > I  .is. prepared,; to supply his,numerous-patrc^ ,,,*uxnrj  requisite foriClotbiag suitablb\Tor&reiy-seSo^iDf Qn:  ".ycarf^i���������'*-.������ ;'. ���������������������������'Xy u-y >x y^yXy^yyy .iiyXA ^ri3 ���������v  ���������iJL*- lish'MefChayd\i������y wholesale:''and ���������; retail!j dealers' ia  DRV'GdODs;;&c'ii, _rates Street;$tfidtoritf^T.1 linl'Qtiwi  iaft^r l^t-Jqhe next (n?GoyernmenuStreety,opppsit|1hB  Ban kijdf* British, Columbia.    ������,.   y ^ry      . , I il-s  fijijb^ELfi"DE?FttAKCT  ;tiurantJs,5upj3Hed ;with^  alloirds;i'-{Invthe'Bar,wIll befouua'th'e choicestIjql^rs,  ^ratehe{d;Itoo^f4^.:;^ :^ J^f;:;! ''������������������  EUGENE THOMAS^^Ya-teS' street, Victoria.  Wholesale and Retail Dealer,InWINES, BRAKES  "BEERa1'': ana * LIQUORSJ Kntf'^o^V^yani'&pB.  /Goods 1 forwarded - tn the if inihg Dlstrictsf '������ ^^1-s :"-  ;..l A, * iMRAlNKSlJjuy^ m& X ^'.'^.Op.a.l.erJn Fdrs,  ���������ix������ Skins, Hides, iwcor.,'&c. ���������''Liberal advances miule  on' Furs cohsigrieti';- -/Refererice^-G/"Sdirti MW0o:-.  1)Org & Ruefl^VJctOriapV. ;k Ux Uu XU luir-i 1-s.  Is  IrlLLOOET "FLOUR MILL CViyy ���������; '  '���������yyF. VW": "Foster; Agenti'  ;^v;:^H:^i���������DW-ll>r.;  ;rv"EALES i^mY^bob^  A/   Gapsjv SdOts' and; Shoes,:: Carpetingsl -Oil;"Glothsl  Wiall; Paper, &c ^illooet, B. G.::';    y,t      ; -.'   i-s I  - 83  MlLE<H(DiUSE; I  l- LBERT ;CiRYSLBR has opened thei above House'for-  i.! the reception .of?Travellers;: the ;Tabi;e.is wellkept  and. the Liquors, cannot, be surpassed j. the Beds', are  clean and comfortable... Stablingifor.Horses", Hay and  Oats.--        y X''���������'::���������' ��������� -'-..-.   '���������'���������"Xi.^ig:.  MRS. HEINtf Mic^w������������������ & Dress ^Makbb, -Govern-  .i|mentlStreei;JVic;t6ria;?'"yi.;'I^;;Aiikbdsp^  of the 1 atdst style' kcpt'cdnsta'ntly o'n^and. i��������� :0rdera  'from 'the 'country punctually attended ���������ffiy*yX&*.  LILL.OOET    BREWERY^    -,  VA.GOB���������'MILTZi; Proprietor^-has'/always on  ���������; ;hahd a. large;an|d]superior; stook of Lager Beeiv;;>'t  JAMES HtJESN, Proprietor'* This commodi'-  ,. ous Hotel is well fi ttcd.up with ererj''. convetilehce  for. the comfort of the' public; the - Beds' are all that a  ,;TVy Wine& SpiritM^rchants,,Bakers fcCotfectjoners,  IFort Street, Victoria; X'l.i{,  XiXl'Xyl Xy\y1-8-  .* c \ ������������������>���������.! 1 ��������� ;:��������� ��������� i',ru. ,>r   ii'v; :i. 1 !���������*���������: ������������������>:   -rtfi':-  ���������>���������������������������������������������;������������������������������������������������������ >>������������������'������������������ ���������- - ���������  A Delicioos Jam.���������Getting half squeezed to;  :flt������ath in a 5crowd^ of; arjgels; in^crinoline; .;r'';.. ���������  >S������T  If ..yjOu^want^d-C^e^ufa.^eU^.  QPEL.-MAH; and McKElSTZIE, {Proprietors,  p. This House is' well ..fitted up \vi th Good Beds and  'the Bar ii? furnished-with the' best Liquors; Meals are;  served at all 'hours'on the; Restaurant principle: ;Sta-  bHngtbr Horses,-Horse Feed,;&c.  ;: .; yl-s   :  WAKE   UP  JAKE  EESTAURMT, BIEEKI,  Pioneer Hotel���������Iiillodet,  ASU  ;{{ ; Z--   ���������\.;Barkerville,.B.;;C.r{^-  .   KELLY & PATERSON, Pitpr^reTORS.  Evurytliing is done in connection with this establish-  ���������awnt to givo-satisfaction to the customers.   - I -" ' {���������  . /iOrJileals at'all hours.   '' -i 1  riSAiRLES KELSON, Proprietor. '���������' This old  V established House is well? fitted: up for the .comfort  of. Travellers; . the Table is supplied, with the. best .of  everything tbat can be bad, and the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling for Horses,' Horse Feed, &C*.  The Ex'prass'stops' here.  . . i.g  ^OHE^ZOr^EARTO, Proprietor^ iThisihbuse  XJ-: Saltords, eyory; accommodation t for the comfort ;of  Travellers; "the Tabic is furnished with all the delicacies  of; tlie season; and the.Bar; is stocked with the choicest  of .Wines, Brandies & Segars; good stabling for horsos;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand, at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. i-s ������  QEMLEN-  PRAGER   &  BRO.,  EROHAMiS,  WILLIAMS AND 'GROUSE CREEKS,  DEALERS X?'  Assorted Merchandize  *g '   '-Wholesalo a.nd.JtLQtai'U' ' '"1  PORT' DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL,  M.MACDONAL'D, Proprietor. .Miner and  others destined for the Bridge River Mines will  find every convenience and accommodation alforded  them. ,.Goo.d Beds and a Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season. ������#'  rte WoixseiZ  _ T , ' &'.PAEKE, Proprietors* at the  KJ June tion of the Cariboo aiid Big B������md Roads, is!  now open tor the accommodation of the public. ' Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; j.ft-om SavanasSteamboat  Landing, 22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, i iJO niilus.:  Travellers  the times;  attentive, nosuers.   Stage leaves here twice a week lor  Big Bend and Yale, and once a week-for Cariboo.     1-s  -   U..������.VU|   nv "iiivs, ..It Wilt C4VkUUIi}Oi>Ui  22 miles; from Spence's Bridge,!ao  will rind prices aud accommodations..    ; ! Give them a call.   Stabling, Hay & Grain;.'  hostlers.   Stage leaves here twice a week Tor'  to suit  if* -RELBiEY' & 'FITEBREV Importer^; Wholo  ���������OTysalefOealers; in^.^ines,i Spirits iarid Liquors>  .Victoria, .Y..I.. tg~    XX-y's.. y- cyxy*y yuyyu^^' ���������  ^PROAT&'CO^:Uate^n"dersoni&^  ;^^ha:Coji������Missio������i;:MKRCH^xs',vlStore;St^^  v;.,l..;r       ���������-���������;;��������� Zy-y^X'iXyuyyyyyiXiu^fL  G'SUTBO &::CO.f: ���������iMTbRiKBS:-���������AND' -DBAliBS M  .   CIGABS;/TOBACOO, Meershaum! IMpes, &cM ������ ���������������  corner, of. ya tcs. and.Wharf; street, .Victoria^. ;U<y-<>y  'ffim 'tier of ;*at#s:aiiaGdveriimeiit Stsj;'Y^Gt0"a'di:  PIERCE & SEyMOtJR,rdealers* in'  1. Furpitobe, Broad.Street^ Victoria, }-i h  'Ij. SMITH & CO, Proprietors... This House is  wrell tilted up for the accommodation of Travel-  Iota to the Bridge River Mines, Good Beds, Stabling  for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. A stage runs twice���������al;wwek  between this house and Fort Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers from below and connects with the Lake  Boats f������rLillooe'tv. ' ���������'1-s  -y . .MESSRS. CORN-WALL'S. :'.. .  A; T. THIS'. SYELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  ���������IX Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route'.  Travellers will lind Good Accommodations Tho best of  Ii ving, of Liquors, and of - Wines Fres11 Butter, Milk  and Vege ta bles.   Good Sta bl I ng a n d cheap feed.     1-s  V'-'MBttcHANTS, Wharf Street, Victoria, V'^^L^  ffil^RSON: ^id ^iWt'W  -11 Wharf street, ^Victoria, V-, 1.   y-v^y - ���������]yll������2y~  h opposite the Bank ol British North Amwga^,  ^  MALLANmN^COlJ-ECTQN^j^BA^^^^  !!/��������� Government Street, Victoria, V. i. -^  HENRY   SCHORLfNG,  '    ..    VAN WINKLE," ,l  Dealer in all kinds of, Provisions, Clothing, &c  '^^Stabli'nt- for Horses ; Hay, Barley and' Oats "always on hand, ������������������������������������ l-a  THE //CARIBOO;,  and  Cards,; Bill Headsi Circulars, Posters  '  Programmes fbr Balls and THeatrioal  Entertainments,  Ex^utod with 'Neatness-and'Dispatch- at ithis  B&~ Terms .Moderate':?w


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