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��� y't
���-**,-? yr  '^'-' ��� :���'''���-���&!*& yfiyy -y<yv ff ur.'-?. } hK^i ���? ������&'te3l'Wfk--?*3# ��� ife'fi ���^?:-: ������-/ ntvr^if\H -fto-'-    -n > :> -���;-���> * ;*" - *-v -". * :**��� ���*-- < -��� ^ -y--, ���-���������.-' --^-: ���'*��� - *" --��� "-'��� '^-" ���"   ' Vi v
ilE il��l��BO:0>lM.llf 11'
#��� or th
ilfcr Tra
���Is; H��j
'. or Reg.
ft delivery),* p^a^lep^nq^aWet^ -e/ it ���*'
mcis^BarkervIHe,(megt do*or^.o Manetta's
:��� ���;./ y v ^'Gr^ery:3tbr|)J; ry^S2V -
���  ,//:-! -��'..������;.������ ^      .;.-'.��������� f?c&r':���. y jA ���/:' ��� y -v-^f.
Agents ft$3he^
Jugs n c 1 mou th,; Mr. Q^Me^a^nard^Express 0 ffi co
Soda Creek,,    * /. - >,Tr^"KC--��������  Barnard's Express
ralo,��     .-���"���-���-^��������^'^^fcv"ail��'|?''^T'dd'-���felMfV^^'do ���* '���
lew We'stmlnstfer^
,. P. Fishery
:0hnic6dn & Co
Sda Francisco
* ^peraonstVated, 'neit^to/^Omriipotohce,y
said a^hildeo^I^l^ 'Tgreat-;
sst wqfjl nig^ ^^'Sreat
truths of -the .scie'Ef-c ;of. astronomy a re de-
iaon strated cin ,\the, .p r^ctsio n*<wi th ,w hi ch f o r
ionih3.and^y ears ahead ce cl i psei* of - the sun
imobn's ,-sba'doWv across  the'earth-; or of the
Icarth'flJshadow oyery^thej ^Qp^zypfycovxhe
fthese^ calcalaf|ons/|lT del^d/u^
Icision^ailthe suT)ftnie cloclwork "ofcour "Volar,
lo^huaiam: chronometers
iWe>inIia"DTfiff^^ ^i^^ircle^o�� 6ix|
pllnndre^'Ufini!/:^- aff miles ^around the1 sun.
P The *d el i cafel perFectfotf of such* stub end bud-
-machinery 4s1 ^iinply ioed^ceivaMe>;ub,ot>itis
fdemohslrft ted, aug we must, w.ork -fro ni/that
"point, because we<c*o ko no tether.. ,   r $
' ��� ���AA06V So, otfSatiirday iie^ we;are'promised
���i-hat subiime 'phenO^ohon/wheu the^sun��� ;l:
- :-��� -Y? ��� 'fr'-'Xx-$%-��� -':---- fe*1 '������ ���������'':'��������� *���->''������������""������ ��� -xy:?v
la d|m&.cbUp��o,^ls*strpas.twllitrhtsne(ls , :;���."     .;t
,     On half tUc,i)ation?t,; an4;wita,fpar^Cchang^, (V{
���' ,   Perplexes 'monarchal V y -   ",��������"', XX'tX'" ''XX I.
, / JFlie^eclips^ vtyill I %$;& xtptab, one^ begj nmp g
at sunriso^of IhenStb^ itf ithe HPacifib "Ocean,
oast of Japan, ialilafcitudbHiuirry^
arid fifty;^hre^.fm^iiteg^^ariS Jhe/line ofJbp
total i ee jipse^r^ ce
southeastwardlyacross^this continent^ ending
In-the {Atlantic Ocean 6ff4he North? Carolina2
poast front Beaufort"at,sup|et :x It will be tbe
sunsef of the Ttj^mt^
. it will M sunrlBe|-o��tbe - S^cm^ pe ������ Pacific;,
near Japan; In *New York' flie eel i pso wi j I
be begun at j^lye" wigates' past five p.m,
and wilrend at ,bunsei ' -1;;'''. VI ���'' * -':^ -   ' ' /
Last year^hHbe. 17th bfA.ngust.HKere was
a total.eeUpse^pt^iheiWiin "inr-nthe-vBasfern
he m^s;ph'^i: Jpr^in^
Eed Sea, and ttence over the Continent of
Africa.: "^y^atif^ing^e^
���tained ^pmHh���f 'scielitific op.Srvafip^niairie'
at'Aden;?Bb1S^ia^^Lnd oiierSp^A(S.iaS<^; fro m '������
lhoseV4experimenta. an &\ tlie >newf^instr u meats
employedctherein%till n^^^ift^Kib'an^in1--
atruc tiyef f acta/ifc; Is^o^pecled, wi 11' be' estai>-
1 ished from ��� tfemiiirO' 'elaborate" p reparations
for the coMnfr *eclipse.~^[N. Y. Herald.
���y:.. vf'-jr.- ��$ * t'lijy; X: ��*"! yy
The : following^ extract shows how Coliim-
hus, the discoverer pf America, raade use of
his knowledge bKasWononiy to extricate himself>:frota;thi^ 'hands ,of
tiifIndiaas i.';Xt:..;' 'y.y /jv./;//���'./,-;.,;'.,' ;'���. /;
^ : The; situalaonof Golumbu'8 was now as de-
"plorableWcan^w^eU be imagined.   He was,
���is itiwere,. imprisolM - in '"his *" two wrecked
vessels, wbiob-be bad drawn side by sideand
fo^Uie^^e yw&% con |^H^p^j|>y :||| ^^^^f^W^^- ^?H' |%?Wf !jl
* ^ '^-<*.v,:.*^i���'*"'..i^C: ^J'^'::i:r..V-^^iIi-j/i-f--- shrda^y^war3es'at:fth6ir owkunholy ra'tey~and
jpangst:fi^in%,e^o,uV.n ;T
jftestipg , h'bsfeilitjr. ^-H^.^a%^Tdn;>S-7disfc^
lunfr? auented Maiid! i2SSffiiefc fro.in;-jSayii^
tinff ^ejligejio^of -^^g^j^p^^|^o||g
tion iof�� affairs��� was so ^alarmingit^failiojijf
marin^undertook*tile^ngerttus- enter^risej
of icrosBn'ff''iho /''o'eeSn'* in a catipeJto^Ha^ii?
He left the: shore,, and hjs... fragile b o at so on
disappeared in ifieTboundless expanse of the.
oc^n. Cjtfonth^afte^m
anditherejroereino 8igns>Q0ireiief^;Go!nnibusi
toHufed^ witb^odil^ j^aiQj w'as* c6fnfined ^to
his'oertb^t His'tneffi despairing of ever'aga'ui'
Strain ts^badeidenUneeTtoithe auth^
ASmiral^*?and |in^armed \baiids tahgea^tne.
iSl^Lp Sf ,J V i^t ti ri^'^po n'H^ '
] 8p.$?l^^
\ jIThe ^atives^exa^perated >: bey-ondi^ ecjdn^
ance^scdretly^ uhifedtjn^plan^fbr4he. d^fetriier
turn /of *ibe ^SpUbiaivds;/ ("Jolumous, belpless
iipon��� bis bed oi;weakpe^s andVpa?n^.sa>y^ indi-
boar the^rmness of bis^bh^ilcter.shbne forth
By his knowled^&ft asfiponoray he ascer-j
tained ^tb af a to tai -eclipse 'of the' mbon%a8 ^o
o^ii^jnjajfew^days^ He^nmmone|i the^priq:
oIpI^a^i4"e?Knfor^d5 tliem that th6/<leity
hejworshippecl was in the skies; ^ihat thisj
dgi^-was offended with the 10^jani j^^eir
jthemH^ow^nttirta^ J��^etrabfcfem finin^B;
ari%hicitf th% doJnot, nopinevert'did;? 'own!��.a
^nJyoHing o^^s^y^auS 'aud^ wUrnljyingf
|4nd sp|fte^turii^p^fh^
'cadavarpSisi itoou fchs^abdrblood shot' eyes;;at
th^ toH^inalMiddeif Treaan^ aid; YirgjM^
m^ep\rj.^d |^ue;ak;r| ^Sb^r^G1^^^' H^!^
the(n|ta})d;^Iei ihein n^qvo-in;ffieir, littie^cirr
cles ^'r-aia|^ if litVp ieaa'e^ Je 11 tbem l"thiakv jthat
tp'eir^ir|ie!pisf the? circle of-�� the ^worti^veji
asHhe 'bu|totfdoesVthat:splM tts^ b^sy/ro^d;
upqn"a.sm.okeihouse.pQor.j^ti*^ .,., . y.^y -\yy
wgyyh Xuii-BVi - y- yyhtrXi Xrit- "yy Xyy, y^uX.
Ia-tU'e; mn'SerV.of itbe?E8t!it^ran.d}E{lect3;0f .sWILM^I
'���*?   '*'   "%C ARTNEy, deceased, i in tqstatp'.f,. ^,' I % **���
A1X-per^ris who are iffdcbted^toV^ie#boye ���Et^tate
; arG^Io.'u IredUo, "pa^^e^impap ts ,du ai fortlifv itb ^
abov-e Est^"te We requlfe^to'seudjln5 ^heir accounts
on or before tbe 281b day. ofiOct^ber^l^g, t&tfmj#��.
,;;,   /.   ^    - ir:;jqfiASt^./m##?,^o/
/       T    ^'.   / .   >.   .   ( ... /.OmiDjsJ Administrator, .
-^pated;Kfcbftcia;f2^tb^ ;JI"   -'ju31 lin^
;.-?.i;,U'.?: _�����_. y*yy'y��*._)_y_\'yy'-r,c~ ������������<���"���'��>< ��� .,v j."i- .i.ik1?,. *��:��� t.
;lJ^^d'lriUbWrn^t :ob
beds^tjje itrjft^ellf ng vMPMV '&$% ??lX'uVPPB bejng ^If
accorarnqdated. / i - "!*'���./'{   /��,    ���"   *" ���/.'��� V/  *i
���;>Th#by6?WI&"e��|'Iii<inbr'Stnira Glga'rsito^b'rf bdd^at
-December 0,1868. ',/'.,.. '���������     > !     "-r    *�� l
qpHE ^^RlfeT&k^ofVhWnlfiovJ estabii'sKm'eniwbuM
'^}::i^<BQtj^il j^>ifqKm-;bjl|| fr^efldjs=an>l} the. jpubjiq ..in
general tiutt he is :now:prepared^to furblsb tUem wltU-
Bread of b*is^^?own''baking^havlngfse<bar6ditbIei'asSjst; ;
ance f of a:^pTr)petont r^afcer-.^ivhieti, enables, hiin/v-/
defycompetuiobi-" ��� ly3X" - ^    "' yy^ryy^^y'.^y,:
;JHe bas alaosa^O"^"eE?SAL0ON/attaoUed^to:^#.
atTove,; whe^e .gpne >ti u t |hes best,Ooffee^Pieg ^andCajtea
^Vill'"be"servedi'",tU���''"''��� ^'"��---;' y^'*^^ -' ._���������������" ''^''V^ /l-?
Creek.   ,   .   ,.y , ,r, .-'.,. it ,i,.._t ..    "my22tliu:   .
IN fHE^TPfi^lWCOfiR'l/bf "^r^MrlSr
meat wlncS awJaUedithem.*'Jthey. shbuVjltrsobn
weFe^i^biened^and yufi i fel'fcf sefcret tsoUci-l
;tti'de. \"\ '\ ^ X '[m, 'l,': :}/f/! X' }\ ^*lt ;!
The night:cameforiliianiiin:>trVpic^r��plen*|
d^fe^he\mlbcyn>rose^effulge'ntCover the waves:
AlLeyes^^fefixe&ipon iS Soon some darl^
pjbstr^clion^eer&ed to^ be consuming it , The
-terror of the natives 'oecame*; iiiteny���;u atitf
when at last the whole moo n h ad disappeared/
ajd:^%tent|o^s3 ��}o|[m shrouded ^^|ce -.io j
bature>} the natiyes actuallyj^shrieted in; their
dismay. ���; They ran to and fro, and implorey
Coiumbus^infercMeKitf thOir- liehalK) Cof
liunbus said fhei.would.vretire and commune
;witjrtlffi'aeit�� ^
^^cease^ he^nior^e'S'tfieih thit Gpi^^wbiild.
pardon ithemupG
fulfil their promises^and;sfurntslr supplies,.
The ,s hado w^passed away \ and- the moon p wi th ,���
apparently, renovated^brilliancy^:shone;forth;
in the serene, vaky. The natives were com-:
p] e; fcely [ "v"ananAshcd/: Th ey xregar ded Columbus with .unspeakable a wptend^were hence-
for tii ready to^,do^��&;biddiag.^   * -f , ^ ���   .;
'.' I- ���.'"���:'.:1i"^'"-i/ -i&Xj*".".'.^^.i-r^v' :.-,:TTi',.-q;i,; ������->/
cmco.���-We take :the.".;following from,., the
Inland Empire. TheSoditpr niiistbe bilious:
"Yesterday^;the���; .Cheap" John ^curb^stone:
brokers, of the Cheap John city: of San Fran^
cisco^started the falsehood^which Is called
a,, riimob by :ihese^ self same Gheap Jolins^-!
that the Original Htdclen. Treasure, and, ."Vir-
ginia raines, of"Whife Pine,-bad'���'"��� petered:"51
0 f c ourse these Che ap. Job n brokers, of \ a
Cheap John city; were trying to bear White
Pine stocks for tbe purpose of getting possession, of them. Once in their hands the same
stocks.; will,- be: \ "bulled.?7 -������The a policy of,
these sharpers is like that of New Jersey and
Barnegat wreckers. ��� rcThese ^shoddies j these
leeches ; these.absorbers of the life-blood of
every; thing exisUng west.:.of the. Bocky
Mountains ; bloated, blear-eyed, as they are
.������eveijy^ bujtton on .the;coat; of whom was
bought by defrauding the workingmea: of the
intoriQr by soiling them sour flour, and by
are* required? to" rjay,1 tfe ajriou^a�� 'due - fortawi tH,
-and aU. pa^oj^.^^no^bare-^any^ claims againstuthe
nh ovc^cstaieiare. ?eo m red'-to^gend' In17 tbeir 'accounts.on]
56r'bWdrMre%t^:d.&ylo^ to - *' *"   '
-    /        J ���"   *���;*> CHAS. E. PO.OLEY, ;      .;i
^;-r''-"-       "'        '-'>  "i   .--.OfflciaVAdministrator.  ,i
,K,pateynjcnaeld/llth^ ;, ^ /. ^ i^6*td:; j
nlf toe ''stri^M'Co
���"^MAINliAND :''&F BRITlStf C(SMJMBllP^
..   ��� y - ������������������.   ���   -yy ���       ' \
In thematteivof^ttiisJlet^ixilfid^fitectsof^MICHAEI}
Wi!*:"%iX$?Wffi "X*
$L1& persons who ;are^ndejted7tQ;tlie^07Ai|3atatq
# V��are re^ul^d Xp p^tbe^-mpun^ due.; -forjUv,ritb;
and. all persons, wfe hay.e a'ny.Clnims. against the;aboye
estate' Ji\re required- tovse'na' in;t'neir aocoMnts on or
befbro tbe 24thiday of Septctnber, lSS9^toub�� :$$***'}���
,--!.:a'.t hymx/itli wtz o&<&A^^$WJ&$W**
..4! i',y. w< * -��� 't- - '���l ��� - Official Administrator^
X Dated "Rlcnueld, 24th Juu��lSG9/ /,"/ '��� \[\ jeS'o; '
J'-.} ivu'iij-.i^.-jii '' ii*- }::'Jri'U-:vfyy,yiJL'-tii'i.i'<.ii- fit t.\r:.-^ ���' -
iiifl <y>  v s'���*.;. "-x,.i (y yy^nfl 'rjs^-y.^:i<,y-1>yy.ji.... ���
,fnKE ��� .Oopattnersnin ��� heretofore, existni^ Sunder, t ^Ue
i-ifnaml.andj slylepf >HAR?ER; &. -TOUJIE; Y; .i&hercby
:frbm- this;<lat6dr6rn-tlie' flfrn- of iVAN^VOIiKEftBTJR<5H
'*m^.iA? ;..{*,  :./;/:  :-:;.-r::   v-y'���:/,'.��/::���- -:-.
I^^jjv Harper will receiye .or liquidate \ all deb tsand de-:
ruands of Harper' k tprmcyl        _//     ' X'   y�� ."' j
^'X'i'yyy >���:������<}   -'^/;r.'vJEROMtf HA^fElt: \
tX' ��� .?.:'-   ;. k'��� ,:��� :*.-���; :;i/��������� > J I-1��^EDWARD-^OKMEY^ ?���
i Barkerv-ilk, BiC;; June 25th^ 1860.;ij ,r J-��."* Je2S ;
if .fs^rD'^
��    * ��� *';'��"   ' QuESNEfcrio'tfTHi> -'T ' .! ��� *i' /.-- 'i i a
THE' Proprietors oY,Ibis; y ell /"know ^ /House ten"d>r
l5'tneif^6inceVe"tbaii^ td4lieir friends! and 'tbe t;rli.-
jvelljpg/pu^lic generally,;for..tbe^ past liberal-:.patron?
���ag^f"and'b'ef to'Infoyur'theni' tbat 'in "orderto ihsurtr: a
continuance 0% tbe;same/Board and Mdging bas\bdfla"
;redubpd;to,s,$3>5.Q. pfe,t;Day.j,:,^inglpi.Meailsiir^X-,OC|.
'/+.A.ll' tlie luxuries that'tbe 'country ^anbrds^are^conr
[s tantlyiept ;on ;^t^el: table jj/'PrlvBc^?ari;ora..an^ iB0is ,���
of R90.n1 s Tor Families. r..' Tbe;Bar,<is; 3t"oclced. .witb ,;tte��...
fbesiIb?dnds;dfWnesi',<Ii4a6Trs and-eigars;''*?��'ff! ^%
; 1 fTiie-Sta'ble. is.��well suppliedVwitbjibenbest Tipiotbyt-
Oats, Hay' and Orairi.*""   '. // ' "BBOWN ^^phtS'y
���i'^'Que^nelniputb)'Maj^'i ^M^;-^::ii^^-iw^/s?- .
,, a .^ ^_.: ....
THE Co partpersnip^bT Mc'Geres'et& Senay is this-day
j ^dissolved i))y; ran jualj cbnsent, H fRobt, - ��Mfcpoe^e
Wjll^cpllect .all otttstaiiding/debts and. will pay. all ac-
emmts^against the lato'linn./   .'."���. s *���'    ,";
SodaCroel& Juno 28 tb: I860; ���-""**������ i ' -'- ?*1     "���<>
y>>>-yXXyy'y---yt .?;���;'.'������ ::'7.:;BOBT.f5JlcLEES'EL��-"::: "
Witness���Jerome^ Harper^ ,jn7lm ,'
' I'rjend^and tbe'public,,tbat he hasf|ttediip sooaa
.ij;- :-^Y^.*"frv*ir,,.^.j:v,    5^�����ii;iiw,-jiJ'.J.Vr.-. .uifv'M li^7U.:i;v^l?,��.,:,
Jn:his: now-r b uildirig/ wtiere ,:be\ is > prepared t tp% g!y*
good Beds %ti:a- reasonable"^ 'prfce^^- -Tbos6f^wbo wl 11
fayort b ini wjtb^ tbeir^patronage^may/^ st��a
^leaniies^:'a��ndqqmfort;of biB^bouse."%"y,...        .     ..,. .
��� �� "He takes 'also* tin's opportunlt^t^'icefiin^ tbe^Carl-
ptjoitesf .that, jais; iBreweiry.. t ha.sk ������ received ;;rthe.^ ?EIRST.
PRlZE'of tn'e Colony fofjiis 'celobfated'      >y;-y
inn the* 'irno amaterurs wi il IJ!�� ani��1 to juage{oy:{hom;
SQlv-^s^tKa/t;! en.9b i���.���bfi.49Taft��ri:.pvia��:j bas,> been jj us tly
awardedjto him/ ��     " ���������" -\ "%������   y<-  / /*-"
^t-N?''B'i'^'A large front ro^n^toloti^^'1^. .^;'^^^. /
-;. B^r^or^lle,;^.'-^,^^ ^ .,,v,^,.'N/(p"pNIpJ-v'
Van  Voike^bnr^;^yCd.
: vMOSQmTOrCREEK. / >x      ;2
A supply of frcshflmcat.of all descriptions constantly
on baud, ... .. .   ���"-. r:..... ���'��� t- ���    y[.  .   '���.'.
6 F v  N E U F E LD E^R, 1
-._,;':;RiCHWJpii4^iBXJv. ;: j -���?.jt ��� /
&ST Produce ?roni""the agricuilurai dVstricts rec'eiiijedl
and, money advanced on consign oi cuts,       jj-24 2tn
THE Proprietors ^'..tinA^oid^a^^'w'^lbiowi^tetab-*'
r-'rlisl;ment wouldjrespe
Qus^riends and the public 'for tbe extensive patrbnaga
-beretofpre^besto'wtfd fdoSi|fem^jm^{tr4^i)^'%^&tr.i
.usual strict* attention to business*; theyj.wU^vnieirH ���
cbntinuanbe' of tb^ir cohflUenc��; aitt*supp^i^^'^;^,;^v
~; Meals,y4li ^h^a^'fyity, i?er Weefc^
MM^^dB- loir"- thS?-S1sI^lour
^.^Wereconimend.'to;the;pub^p^r'^ :.
which J is a^mucb suporipr^^ article than any which .'caa
'b]o;bE(f from! below/ ������"Wc-TEfolast and; Grled 1t1burseiV.es
and chob8.0;thei best borrieSj.conseauently \ tjbc -public
may be snirV of its b'cingfre^ from ..adulteration;; ���""���* -
>\������-- ^> -: '; ^ PATTERSON & GOODSON.
.^BarlteryAll^^^Wi;^��^;;,' jfvyj^-'���'>' :<'m$lp
'   BOOTMAKEli;-   -
U   BOOTS to be foundpn Wil.Ham Qm&y ���> ������ i'- ���)���
; ;;   ; .boo^m^pe^pp?1?^?*'' ;=
Warranted.not to bo' surpassed, hy any made on th
Pacific1 coast".   ���.���:���.:/-':/..' ..-. .���'���/]= '""*,*!
���; ;;ouhbootsooj^4j^'V/ciShak^,;.!j
REPAIRING done in the; best ��� manneivai shbr>est
notice... ...��;' ,���. -   �������� /������:- ���*���* : *-. .:.'>���   * - ^" ��� 5 ������"���-; -. - !y-   ���'
In connection with the i^bbve, hefocg*to.notify Ills'
fri ends-and the. public, :.that he. has on hand ft cboico
assScnt  orGKOCERrESand DkY   GpODH,.and
hopes by, keeping a .well sele.cted; stocl^ on r haa'd, to
meriVasbare,of,-public patronage.;, ;yyy;���..    ,
^b^POSrTE' BANK't)'F *BiUtl?��H 00��UMBlA'-$&
.Barkerville, May ft, 1809, /    'r'-
'���:rtnrAa,.r ",L'���jI-;.fe^i^;U:.;'-..��� ���:,,���-,   -���    _
SRO^��ai..        \
,-:v.../ i^t^&JjiiJSi-i"^- ^--owii^ISP w*������ifi. 'ssaf?"-"  $*!>" ������:'���������*  O  ^^I^DNBSDaWaJTOIJST^ 1869.  THE GREAT .WANT,    v:  \Ye want water for the Cariboo mines, and  the first step in that direction is the survey of  tlie country so as to determine the sources of  supply. No definite knowledge as to- the-  altitude pf'ihe rivers and lakes in the district  seems available. Some persons, judging from  Biich obs&rvatton only as a hurried traveller  can gain, say that a certain stream is three  hundred feet below the bed of William creek,  aiid others' say that-it is three hundred feet  higher.   It is this-discouraging want of alti-  Free port or free trade can but beneficially  affect a portipa���������the non-producing portion  -rof the colpny^buj; ihe prosperity of the  mining districts is prosperity for the entire  colony. In the very best of free trade times,  two-thirds of the commerce of the colony was  originated and carried on on account of the  mines,; - Z*^      ;  -���������-������-  ���������+-������-  MININa INTELLIGENCE.  :       WILLIAM CBfiBK.      .- ' -  In the upper part of the creek, beyond the  sawmill, there is no change to report for, the  last, week's operations. The San. Juan co.  made good wages, and the BradleyrNichoI:  son co/were engaged extending 'their flume.  Tbe Downidco. washed up about 33 oz. from  -,. , , , -,���������������������������-. .. -..-��������� . ... a ..their -drift in the /hill. Below the sawmill,  tudiqal knowledge which ..prevents the/first ihe Dew companies, are at a standstill--the  steps being., takeriv,tbwardUhe ���������fqrmationXofl Eoterpri.se ab. having drifted 'to their line on  waier companies; /In our last issue we {the creek side and foiind nothing; .The rock  claimed that the expense of a sWrvey should P" the m ������id������ oi thoir shaft rises high, and  be borne by the Government  We are aware  that it is impossible for Government to com  ply with every demand the purposes of which  are couflned to a district, and therefore a  local necessity.;  Every district of the colony  has some such claim, upon the Government  and general revenue, and its inhabitants-consider themselves ill treate.d-.becaiise tbey cannot induce the Government to expend the  general revenue for local purposes.   If the  revenue were so expended there would be  nothing left for general purposes.   In the  Legislati ve Cou n cil,' las t win te r, there .were  numerous petitions for roads in; different districts* and sections of districts; and if they bad  b ecu acted upon .according to the pray or al 1  tbi3.y ear Vrevenne* would, have been thereby  absorbed.   Tue^ Chief Commissioner, speaking on behalf of the Oov.ernnienti said���������and  we; cannot .help thinking he was;rigbt-rthat  Gov^rnme.^ cbuldynpt ;be ^expected-;to build  -district 'roads! /;> It was insinuated in the petition's ; ;lbaTi; the;'Gov erninent bad, neglected' to  ���������$uild roads on Vancouver Island', while on  :ithe'tnaiuland large sums of mqn ey;bad been  .expended: in building roads.; In reply: to th is  ��������� it was stated ' tb at -n o roads, had; b een; con-  B trie! ted-ip n the .'main Ian d - excep fc what -were  . considered as colonial -or general roads, and,'  furthermore, that' tolls were levied thereon;  Wow, ;this ��������� ad mlssion  cphiprises the great  ,grie vancp b f thg. ma i ii 1 and.. i iih ab itan is:, Read's  have been built, which are acknowledged::to  ��������� ������lie coloiiJaljVoads-Vroads 'essential.arid n'eces-  :'sarv to the whole colony���������yet only a^part of  the .colony; pays; .the tolls col lee ted ori such  - roads, and the .burden of those^ tolls falls |  there seems no prospect of a cliannel there;  Tbe Excelsior co. have suspended operations  for a while. The Flume eo.'haye .nearly finished the extension of their flume over the  ground' lately worked, and if a good fall  freshet shall take place they will do well for  the season. -Below, the. Flume co.,-: scarcely  anything .was :dope .during the week. The  Six-toed-������ete co'. 'fcleahc��������� d,.-iip 13 oz. The  California co.yare siuicing byer���������; old ground.  The San Francisco.co. commenced cleaning  up in the latter part of the week and got. 12  oz. The Chinese cp. on the opposite side of  t be - * creek; 'own' to'- mi ak t ng ��������� $8 a' d ay. but are  said to be doiug*much better than that/ The  Black Jack co. are getting a little coarse  gold and expect to; do well when -they get  out of the old ground/        ,;  Below the canyon���������the Barker co. washed  up 136 oz. for 'the week. The Fpster-lJamp-  bell.cp. are running a drain.to work the solid  ground. . The;Diller co. are reported to have  done, well���������results'private. . The .Canadian  and Baldhead cos,'are still out rof;good pay.  but keep at work. , The Caledonia. co.  Washed up 55 pz.. for a few, days of-the. week.  The Independent co, ;made about wages ; are  troubled with water in the drain and cannot  get to bed-rock. The" Prince of, Wales co.  are preparing to wash. The Borealis and a  few small companies are working; but with;  indifferent success/ TQe,PraiHe;^|pwer co.  are said to be/doing very well���������resultB pri-:  vate.- ������������������' ��������� ..;���������.; ..���������'.���������/; '-'://;/'/.^;��������� px'y^-:--������������������/���������:  '.-'. ��������� '��������� ..��������� ��������� -STOUT GCtCBf.' ':y-yy;y'   "*  , TheMiicho-:Orp:co. roade.ovqr ^expenses  forlhe week, and tbe; Jenkins: cp: '-attou't expenses. ;.'���������'; The Taffvale - co'X washed uj>< 65 oz.,  add the Coombs - co'. 131' oz. ��������� The 'Floy d no.  washed up 72 oz."  ; [_        ' "���������' ';';'��������� ��������� ���������';'  ;   t; i      COKKLIX golch.  ..-:    Xy:- $i  y  This old and supposed played-out' gulch  continues to excite great attention, in conse^  ^uence '. of ��������� the  prospects obtained; by the  McDo'w.el 1 co'.   Half-interests'are reported to  ���������r���������"* "^ -m:- yp.^yy i "4. "T v ?".'"'y I bave changed hands at $1,C00 and $1,700  finally and principally^upon the inhabitants iencb,and yesterday we were informed that a  of.Cariboo. -..That is, we pay. differential or | full  interest  had sold for $4,000.   Ail the  -special taxes for the general'purposes-of "-tbe  colony. Besi des. these, special taxes for roads,  we have numerous special taxes to pay in  'various ways"; "The mining licenses, by which  we are: dubbed "free-..miners''-/a govern-  ground in the neighborhood of the McDowell  co. has been slaked off, and French creek  has also been staked off from hill tb "bill, and  for a considerable distance down the creek.  A boarding bouse is'about to be put' up and  quUe a lively Rooking Settlement is * springing  struck bed-rock and took out 54 oz. gold.  Still they think they are not in the deep  ^roundi-;.^-;.' j$>y ���������;-.;,.-;.   ...-' ���������./ '. "���������'''���������; ������������������^Jpyx:  -':./; /'. ���������   BUGiil CBEEK. : ���������    ���������        ' ������������������??������*% tiy  .Six white men  and  eight Chinamen are  working here, making"from $5 to $6 a dayjto  the hand../f //���������"        -."/    :,'/   ./:        ) '���������/  \   . y\:     jbeogs QVtcHiy    ���������:/��������� ,^    j  The Red Dragon (a new); company bottomed at 38 feet deep and struck a prospect  of $12.  ANTLER CUEEK.  * The Rocker Bill co. strtidk good- prospects  on Saturday���������$100 from five buckets ; and  the JJarkins co. had washed up 70 oz. Several other companies bad taken out good  pay,"and altogether Antler creek is said to  be doing well, with promising prospects. of  doing very welI in a fe w\ weeks.-  .  ,,.;     ������;:   -  it   s,   .      MOOKHEAD CUEEKi     .  . Arrivals from this creek re port the miners  th ore doing wel I.;" A n e w agri c ii 1 tu ra 1 feat-  u re has b'eeu' in trod u ced in th is section; '��������� 1).  Disher basa^goat' ranch under way and it is  likely, to. pay well. The.animals require  very little care, and furnish excellent meat  and milk to the miners., ' ;'.  'CAXTON CREKK.'../  A very reliable party at Quesneimoutb has  informed us tbat the quartz now being taken  out of theMWasbbnrne co/s late claim is "paying ���������! at, the rate of.��������������� $50 perjon.., It will be  remembered, that, Mr. Buckley, a pioneer  Calif6rnia, quartz miner; bought the Wasb-  biirne'co.'s claim and arastrus,* and has since  been^ running a;:tunnel-Kl6 feet below ;the  Washburne co.V tunnel; and struck, as lie  believes, the main ledge. , Mr. B. has two  arastfas at'work arid says he intends/ tb'keep  on working in that way until be can "procure  a regular quartz mill. He is so well satisfied  with his prospects that he.doe^ not want any  partner. , He. came to Quesnelmouth a. sh^rt  time since to procure a stock of provisions  for,himself and. the men he employs.       '  *';?.'  ^EWA^RTjg^g^  LipaTMxo Crkkk.  IU.vantage to purchase at tlSr l *������ t >*'  r>r*u AJMRQ8 AssoRTaRxT ov r'n*J**fonM  Or the very best cicscript|oi?on hfi ?00D^  constantly replenished Ey ne^^V'^,1^ ***  tors will sell Goods} TlieProPnc  As Cheap as iW iV.-n  Orderepron,p���������y m.od, an,l 'Irw'nfeZTh ���������  AND COMMISSION Mt/oHANTS  ���������'.".-���������    .' v. W r',,' BARKEBVIIJ.E  .:���������'- Have now bb hand a largo V������*-^'., t f    -  GEOCEMS;- tlQ Ops. tOBAiiCO  aeneral-.Merchanaize  Barkcrville, July-13, I860.'  J������14 1  ���������y_,-NEW: ADVERTISEMENTS;,  ..^.^notice;:;-;^,^-,  A .GENERAL MEETING.. OF THE WI1.UAM  Crer-k Bod H^ck Flume and Ditch* Ca (Limited)  will beheld at. their Office, Richfield, oh THURSDAY  EVENING, August 8th, at SEVEN o'clock.   .  ���������'���������'������������������"." w. l; THWING,"/  ''     '::���������������������������    ;;'       ���������   '��������� ��������� ���������   ���������'���������.:   ���������' ���������'������������������::  ���������; SccrctHrt.  August 3, 1869.    ... ,;,  .        au4 td..  AT TEOS.-. FLETCB-ER'3 SECONDdlAXD STORE  /and'''Gsnoral Repairing "Shop will be round a  Lathe capable of\ Turning and fitting up Car Axles  and Wheels, Hydraulic Nozzles, Hose Couplings, &c,  and'all rcpaird of mcuil work done with rieatncsB.  To be found also. Cooking Stovo.c, Sheet Ir*)n Stoves,  PumpSj.Hosc, Nails, Picks, Shovels, and almost every:  thing requisite for Miners.' use at low prices..           UPPER BARKERVILLE.    . .. <    ml5  S  )  WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL    DEALER  ���������IV���������  Groceries, Provisions,  HARDWARE,    DRY    GOODS  /   CLOTHING, BOOTS, SHOES, ETC.,  ���������-'���������'��������� BARKERVILLE. ���������  '. >  myw^y*���������:^&  reached,bed-roek in their tunnel. The other  companies, with the exception of the Reed  co.. were actively engaged but with indiffer-  enf results. 'X:y\y,y  '/   yy.   ;../;;   X'.''  ; LOWHEE CHEEK.  The Victoria co. struck a rich prospect on  a��������� ��������� hench in tbe tunnel vtbey are running  through the Rn^aeI.:Robertson; cp.r's iground;  The: Victoria co. have 300 feet to run before  they, reach their .-own ground.. '  1Z ���������/;' Xy, ':���������/-,/. MOSQUITO, l^itEEK* ;' '.",.,' '* / '.  'The Hooktng co.,,working three picks, took  out a; little oyer/expenses;; and the; Willow  fo/declared a small dividend for the week.  The Tabb co.;were;rmininfr:on high rock,  which haft-cansed some, prospecting for the  lead. The Disc oyer y co.. loo k ou t abou tan  oiince a day to the hand. The Holman co.  declared a- dividend of 4| oz. to tbe share.  The Minnehaha,eg. had not made expenses  for the past two 'weeks.  Cariboo in proportion to,, the number of inhabitants'than in any other district; of the  colony. /In return for this we have, the  glorious-priyjlege pf being governed, and a  fe\f wretcht*fl trails have been;marked out in  the forest. We are specially taxed, and therefore i n dema n dhig th a fc;Go ye rn m en t sh oil I d  .'updurtuke to survey the district we consider  that' no great disttnctive^prfyilcge.is asked.s  It is not a geological or land survey that "we  aek, but one that will determine the heights;  of the different lakes and rivers with a view  to** as ceriafn - th e 'practi cab\ 11 ty of d istribu ti n g  water lbroughou.t the dis trie t; While adm \ t-  . 1.ting^-f he: p pf-n'cipl e - 4o/b e co rreefc. th a t t ii e  gmeru.1 revenue should be applied only for  , general purjposes. we claim that as we are  special ly taxed we are * en ti tied to special  consideration.' We will venture further than  this In assertion, and say that any measure  havjiig in vi������w . the, developemenfc of  the  during the wt  k mines, is not local iu its nature and'effect, and  should not come within the scope of the  above principle.   When the mices are not  yielding well the enHre industry and trade of  the colony.is injuriously affected. Stagnation  *&$$** ieeta-nationin British Cdiiimbia.IandlheVl^;^^^^^^1^1?^  RED GULCH.  The Butcher boys made about wages, and  the Tom and Jerry co. took out small pay  WH IPSA W  GTJLCH.   ./,..'.-  The Hitor-Miss co. are running a tunnel.  The Discovery co. made about wages.  COULTER CREEK.    /:  V&^JFS. ?!tt:?���������?*������ ?n.*Wf creek,  Miners' Boarding House.  THE UNDERSIGNED DESIRES TO ANNOUNCE  that he has purchased the House and business of  the abbv'o establishment, aud solicits a continuance  oi'custom.    The -price of Board will remain as before.  BOARD, $12 per Week.   Single Meals, $1.  Barkerville, July 27, 1369.  SAMUEL WALKER.  ���������      ju2$tf  DUNBAR FLAT, LIGHTNING CREEK,  ���������     (One mfle and a-half abbVe Van Winkle,)       *  -tinder, the Management of MBS ALI������AN.  This, hotel is flow open for the accommodation of  travellers; . ^ : "���������������������������.-"������������������ . ' '-V" '*."���������; , :��������� . ���������'.*>"  -.-. Eirst-class meals will. be. furnished, and the best  brands of Wiucs, Liquors and Cigars will always be  found at the Bar.. ���������   * jy24'lm'  ^FHI8 HOUSE,  NEAK; THE  MOUTH OF  X   Stout Gulch, *���������'..  V*     IS   NOW   OPEN,  And the finest qualities of Liquors, Wines and Cigars  may be had ot the Bar.   Try them.  >       P. PAGDEN, Proprietor.  Half-Way House, July 6,1869. ju7 lm  ASSAY  OFFICE.  THIS Office will be ready for business on or about  Monday next, July 5th, in Kane's new building,  Barkerville. .  .' CHARGES:  For Assays of Gold Bullion % (one*haK)bf 1 per cent.  . Deposits under $800 will be charged $4.  Assays of Mineral Ores, $10 each.  WV BITGHCOOKj' 'Chief M^Iter.g  Barkerville, June 30,1869. ,Je301m  New Grocery and Liq^oT  ������������������:<���������..    ...,-'; .Store. ,-,: .  ,.������ ....... ���������, y.. '  ������\?i -^ New. Store next wut one to.ti,   to  British Cfjlumb :S and has increased htes?������k of r��������� '  cencs.and rroyi.?jon.s. which bo will sell\ l\ L��������� nl ������'  h?Si&^^  CHOICEST ;LiQlt6R^, WINES& CIGARS  USalitUVlte^bl8^!Cna8,iDd^.be PuWjc.lo (est ihoir  DRUGSTORE.  O . on his business at the old stand: where he Z  uakoln SELDS.    Prcscnpliong carefully cottsDouDW:  ed a^ reasonable rates.;   -Next door.to. Cucio's. Br^  Barken*!!!". May 's\ 1569. -.,  /.STOVE.S.I  STOVES!  ABA M S -m 'p. Si A M CT-f.'  ��������� b"arb:il'&Wi'vuk;���������/.'/'������������������* ���������'yX  Ha y'f>. otr lia nd "pU</i t&k������fc>Mti:\ t> f>f :���������'' '��������� -'" -'^  *IK  OTV  .������fite5*>*  ���������% <**^i&������&v$yt  -TII'?   F L A T JS ?&%yi������>:i ��������� ���������&:B^������?;: * R 6':{.  ��������� Wi t h vanoa s o ih er ar t i cle;* in, i Jw i r \*% *'of tr:v I '��������� ���������' ���������  .  &jr A \\ J'������l ib i :i g ;n'.' bo Tl n, Slicet 1 roa,' Coppir *n 1  Ziuc'.:.i.& J attended to, and" wo'rrauted to': giro sittii-  faction. . v   .;.....,/. .   /.���������>/.;-,, -v no6 r-.,���������-...-,-  Carib do' Ji a P k e t.  Desires to inform tbo inhabitants of Barkerville, Richfield and vicinity that he;has  opened a shop in-Knott's"'new-;-building,  where he will sell I batcher's meat of tb������  Choicest description, at;y y\ ; .,  From 10 to 15 cts. per lb.,  and he trusts to receive a share of buslnesfl  and to   ���������:���������    '���������-������������������ ..-   yt:&yvy ''y'X'-' "     ''"���������'':"-  "LIVE IP LET IMT  Barkerville, Jane 23,1869. '    jo231m^  Sheet and Oast Iron Stoves  ALL JOBBING WORK IN^TIV, COPPER, Shfei  Iron, Zinc and. Lead Piping,, attended lo wan  promptness, and warranted to give entire .saui  faction.        :   *���������-...    ..'   . --"' ���������;.'.v-7    ' '   ' '   '  B.PEAES0N& BROS.,  Xj  in  CAMER'OH A   *   FARRIBES & GpERit, BLACKSMITHS,  ijARKBBVlLLBr       ..'//l'     *  HAVE purchased the stand ft)rmcr!y ^^fifrsc'  C. Campbell, and. will execute ^J^JEJV  shooing and Blacksmith work of every descnp������������  the lowest rates. ':      ��������� y\-   ���������;-;'    ���������������������������'���������'   ������ *~~  THE   HU0SON3   BAx/CO;^ARB ?fWf^r���������~  1   receive at par value, at their,Bgreln^ ^  ville, in exchange for Merchandise, GOLD ������w  sued from tho Gpverapaont 'M^jLgy j������ WABK������  BarkoryltlA, My 1$\ t*?fi:y -'���������  "J  'm������. <���������. .\.������...������..,... ...   ps^ssD^^r^iiS"^  ���������"'-y-.^yy^i^,. ��������� *������x  s^-if^^r^^^ssisi^rri -   r4  ���������������������������'..  ���������*4k  m  Ess  m  G9B  TIIEGAR  VVED^ESRA%>AUGUST 4,1869.  CDUE1V  (Before his LordB^^tef Justice BegWe.  r , "MoNnAT. August 2, 1869. >  The Grand Jury^cp^  persons, were;vS.wo.fe.Jj;&/Thompson,,fore>  )^ Hon. It^ff. CarraU, T. DeNouvioh,  j Floyd, \^/M<^bafe^eo^Grant;:;;Chas. J.  Jones, C.Hankrn1^  I 0 ppenheimer, j. Warjt. Hon. IL: Havelock.  ��������� /A^okbara/T^;S^gg8r^;TbwIn^^. ������������������//'/  ^>jjfio Pearce was indicted for, having as-  , $mw\ 4 roar gaol j aadi his ^l'ordship:j sta i ed -. ��������� to  pr^Mit <tti������ proof b^hirli^in^^e^ taw I ally  dtt'VuAu io ^ao^'andotSiabavjngunlawful ly,  Xu.-.et  his' '(li'BobarKW:WOUJ(i:: beVistiffictenttO  ������ n 0. u rand- JurfeafwfJpTivate del ft era'tio n,  .   '-i',   ��������� ���������i'.Vi'',--"."i ?-.V"'lll' f.i. j ; T'.v(-|*>.'r' <J**J'.  f,-':. /��������� .   ".  ������������������ ~>- '-v ������  ^,%A bill.;U :-,,;' ,.;^-; .-:>..:."  tCOflgb  ia a:tra'fe  1'be Petit Juryj, ^prapristag tbo following  persons, were thereafter-swdrn r Jofc Hji ii ter,  foreman ; ^J.;K\Ritc!iiei> R^;^tterson;,J3i Or^  mandy, S. iPar^ri^Orini^  G reenbaumv ?!������*'���������': Fletcher, ;^P;^McEutee//Si  Walker, and F.Lbcuy;erv.;;";. .   ; ;  This wasa,"^ action> t<L"recover < certain  property takenVfrom /it3ae> plaintirT-by Chief  CoQstable Fitzgerald whjle plaintiff was abU  i ng as the-agen t or < b ai le e Of one Jesse Pea rce,  w So" h ad beenindip tedf forAnau si a ugh ter, and  who subseqiieritlyieicaped froW^aoL Plaintiff had7be e a;,arras tgdi t wiae,:,o n ;,,s uspieipnj.of  having aicied t and ^abetted ,* tbe escape of  -Fearc'ey butfwas 'discharged^ no ^evidence-to  Bttbatantiate;^|he^suspicions' against plaintiff  haHngl'been ^rpdjiced, and,,., the ;property  which hhd^en ��������� takei fr^  by orderi;iof; the';,defendah't/-wb'o!. is the: magistrate for the distncfejofiGariboo. ^Ttje property!  amounted inVa^'W^^0-    '-VX:'1  y  yy Counsel tfp^pljainjiff argiiejd;: that' the;  tra&-was'tfounbV: t$!redetiver,tho propferty:  V U ia tiff, tin d" ci tcd': lawV to/ikcw tUafc pompmi  i magis-  v$si.6n]  **>i a-good-fJUe-'againstaH-.the world "bwt: tht^  -ItuviVt o^wn^rv tansl gaypihe foil owl rig: ���������llliis-.  h-xrion y /vcbiiancj-3weeper's boy foil'iuifa  ���������yal-Kftble diamn.iV! .������rvl took-it to a jeweller to  u^ii^AyV: ynM-.;-. wiijn-thc j������>  ;'taat:-iira  ^���������5  ^|^4%:  ^^llaiv^tiyiag'  ^^plen. ��������� .it, kepi-it j  ���������y\h :to,;:recover  buckskinbags belonging to Pearce ; be asked,  him if He'.bad anything more; and be (witness)  told Fitzgerald to examine him ;r Fitzgerald  then said 'Vyoii must go to Richfield";��������� wife-  ness repliei^f all -Hgb't?f ^ ^gerald;tppk the  bags; containing! a specimen worth $25.; and  il|-oz.- of gold dust; ntbe^specimcn'-.wei^Hed'  $ 16; but Pearce had beep::;offereel;. $25 for it y  there .;*w������re;also ibree gold/rings in the bags,  worth/ from: $5' "to $7. eaci;;  theses articles  were .all;taken/by; Fit^erald;;;andJw  .told him at the. time that'he considered them  to be his propWty;: he wasiihen taken to jail  and locked up till morning^ whe^a. hevwas  taken before Mr, Brew, wfib, said Pearce ha'd  escaped, and he (Brow) thought .witness.^bad  had n-hfahd in the matter; witness was dis-  [charged, therebeing no^e yideUce agai nst him;  !after his discbarge ;withess "iiske'd Fitzgerald  tordeliveri up the;property ^thtn'ghtrhe-(wit'  ��������� ness) sp bfce to Mrv JB rew aboii if Iff; Fitzgerald  said he would -not give up! tho property, unless  he'."( wl bi ess); c o u 1id.; pro ye' 11; was liis ; /:iri������'  gdrald'^r.ddh'c^d^lpa^  atyU,\and.'1 that would,proy,et.,whether .;itiwas  MiJ ij;Tlie-'paper^  s tat o ment by Jo h a t B.' Lb veil of ��������� the - p ro per ty  of/ Pearce���������}of:whIcb'jtio.veU had been the cus-  t&8itiiK] Witness, told Fitzgerald'���������jii;clidn,t  jmatter~/he considered ifc his property whiIe  it was in his^6^si^siqnj/thj*t after no ori; wit>  ntss .receiyed a sixmmpns ;sfting, that pn; th6  oatti-.b'f^a'^diblejjwitbfeiSi';he- '(Bryant;) had  beon accuserl oEasisistiiig^Pearce^tocescape ;  the ;fol 16wing day he/was;: brpugbt-to ebiirt  and after trial discharged ; then went to Mr  Bi*ew>nd asked'himpfor* 'the/articles whicb:  had b^en taken from himlby ^itzgerald \/&r  "Br'ewf ��������� tpl d;;; In* hr^Fitz^nUd was; acti hg^uhder  bis orders^and \declined tp retnrp, thenarUUes,;  saying that he would have to bring an action  fbr their'recovery ;, got the cheque/frotnf  KobertJohns, also the gold bags ; didn^fc  s i^al; thpin/ and^had fail ed to get any thing but  tbe^time bbbk-retarnedi'  ��������� sUa   J' *������-"'-.- ���������--  By Mr.-Walkem���������You ��������� bave> said that the  cheqtie was signed by,;Robert Johns;] vfllere  an argument arose: as to* the' propriety;of examining a witness with respect to a document  in"vtheiSpossessi6ff pTythe opposite'parly,"' Mr  ^alker,; plaintiu^s^^ounse'i;;^  lordship ;;7bveTi^l^^t:ie^^bje  cheq ne >was p'rpdnced andfread; it j was d rawn  'b^"Jdhn' B. lip veil in^ favor of Robert >fbhns  for the sum of $374 72- on the Bank pf-British  Oplumbia,;ahd endorseldby Johns in favor^of'  the witness John Bryant.]     ;,  X\\ , ": \' -.  -By������Mivi VValkemi-Qot uthe ^ cheque  from  Rob er t Jbhas^ and he go t it from vBbveii t Te-^  mpney) Bryapt Jid^ "fldt, authprize. mo-"to  mutilate the ciieck.'"'1 "���������''.��������� ���������'/;;/,./'.'/���������; ' - 'Ay'*  hut so long ,as Pearce IVad littbts^ti oonvlcled  <jf fcrwisou or _folouy iWwaf?M liberty t61;;do  - ^s he flaased; with; his^pr^eri^:-.. I^w^s%e  law^that untii/a:man;^had'beeh proved'guilty'  he was <onfiider������d aunoceBt^iEjiF^  for; - it isttt nce^w h o; h ail bee n ^trjea';- for hiaii-  slaughfar p'su I ti ng , frotn a. duel t bad.pre-  Viously' thereto>tra6sforrred..|bis property and  the transfer, was neliil gpod^it had never b<������eii  disputed ^'. ������bntif =:.a ;'cpnvietipn forrtreasbh or  felony .shall have been obtained it would be  perfectly^right for the Grown to' take ^posses-  *ion of they property of theL person so coa-  victed:"4JB this case the, plaintiff bad been  t w 1 ce summoned -for com p I ici ty i n ��������� the, escape  ��������� of Pearce; aad.be had been discharged.': It  was; not Tplr ^ihe in|tgis|rate to'say you raiist  prove yburjtitlejto^ferpljerty in ybu,r possession, or it migati lead tb^eniilessMuconvenience  and trouble... If ���������" th at'.were, al lowe d G o rem -  ment might make use of Biichia system to replenish[,their em|J>ty;Jexchequer.> The magistrate might ;Send^n;biB5cer to|Barkeryilie, arrest on a trivial^ charge^1^ first man who  could be.found InrpossessiSo of.;goidjbara or  gold dust, and kee^ them unless' the; party in  possession^!/ the; same could pro ve his" title  to them./5&'!   k-~Xyy'yXy:  )���������    y-:y-y: ,-  John Bryaai swornl^Itememberedithat on  the 8th or 9th;bf iJnne/he;^wa8,. accostedvb!y  <3hief C^tablojMzg^r^d ^UUe Iu a ^ilpo n  in BarVerville|/bad some cbjliversatibn with  Fitzgerald abbu t^- or Itf b^bloi k ;��������� hi the" eve -  nmg ; Fitzgeraldrsaid Pearce.had decamped.  and ihougjbt lie (witness) bad,'* hand iu tbe  matter |;witness;said?be didn^tJcnOw anything  about it; Fitzgerald said I must arrest you  and hold you responsible for/him: witness  replied " all ri^bV? aiid .that he was satisfied  to go with him; Fitzgerald said the best thing  witness could dor.would ho to say where  Tearce was; in re'ply-^l^tKgeratd, who said  something about .'.whatf.. witness had on his  person, witness replied, '* all right, you can  go through me^j; officer Brown then came  up and took Fitzgerald aside, and wbiBpered  to him j then Fitzgerald said. I want that  cheque andall those other things youVe got;  thought it was a time book be (wituess) took  ...put of hiapocket and handed to Fitzgerald ;  it had the cheque-in it; the cheque was drawn  by Robert Johns, payable to order of John  ISryant, ft>r $347; thought, it was dated 8th  rfuue^ ifc was on order^*a regular cheque  paper from a cheque book on the Bank of  collect^ Jesse^Pearce l)e]ng; ih jajl ;/was not  ivith him mojetDah^anihohr on!ih������ 'eveuing;  1������ S th - Ju n e:;. bel ie ve i t was , the. *eyei^i ng o &  ^Pi * ifiiiie'/wHen ��������� 1- met; FitzgefaUl'j%bt;an,  older from Jesse 1 Pearce directed^to Jotiri4Bf  Ij^elt^requesti ng ;him ;(Lbval 1 )/tp;send{ail  ^earce^^nioney; .and/ property.v toXhlm  (Pearce) {Hook the order to Mosquito creek;  got;possession;of the property.;asked -fbr: in  order ; ailfhis was^dpne on thei same day  Pearce^scliped;��������� Fitzgerald -did"npt .say he  would/riot search me ;; do not recollect ask-  SWi'Hi Fitzgeraid,iswoM���������Am'CbiefGoiK.  Stable ;'��������������� recollect;Jesse Pfearee/being ^ in; jail  on 8th June, and; pa the day^ bfethe/Mfoi saw  Bryant,at ^e prispn;dpbr talking to Pearce;  spoke' to/ Bryant iii a^salbori;at Barkerville  that evening; between  seven  and   eigb^  6?clbcKthejailb^*repibrtea the^prisoher/had  es,ciftped-?.pat constables  to' watch'; about  eleven at night met Bryant;; after some conversation, .Anally   tpldj hinv Pearce .had.  escaped^; saidFJbe ^idii'ft' loiow^anything  about it y had some; fur ther con versation but  pf������ the Saloon ji-Said^^ to Bryant youvhad������ better  give me up^the ^property you Obtained at  Mosquito. creekijtprilay ;;he; drew;; oiit jtwo-  ; buckskin' purses^ iied;. together' and;banded  them/ to ^me; - asked -him are those all ���������; be  said^ye8;%yott;.oan:;search; me, j I, said no,,!  don,twisK to searcn' yotf; piit,:hiin In charge  Of; two constables/f the "j propert^'wasn 61 examined till next morning;; found a cheque  d rawn; by Jlf^Bi"��������� JJbyell| :'&}, Go.:% (clieck,prp:  dticedythat isi Itf ^sb, Iii oz.; Jess 50c;igpldi  aspecimeSand ;tbreei!g6ld jrjngs | Mr^Brewl  dtsmissed  the;: case ���������' against Bryant; in the  afternbpa^Br^nfc said, ^jwhatabbut^my proper ty* ;^ ,he.;said.ifc wasihis\private propbrtiy*';  I said^pujll bay������; to^ .take ^ollie/ptlier ������tepB  bestdeaap plying^ to me X.. be dian Jt' say 'anything after I;produced vtbe -account ��������� current^  which showed>a;balance:pf $347^72ibelong^  ling to Pearce ; [account drawn by Lovell  ^ho wi ngPear ^e]s 'balance "in ������Lo yel 1 's charge]  Bryant  bSered^io be*searched, XShXl de-  Iclined ; the property he, gave to me asY that  of Pearce, is the same as described in the ac-  count current^ ;///? ,/'/jj/r������ I 'C//,,.;;  "*������������������' By Mr* Walker��������� Remember saying 1  f would -give up tbe proper ty on Mr^Brew?s  order'5 we never search a person until after  he is in jail; never < asked i for  a  cheque;  never tapped his1 pocketed [Bryant had stated  that Fitzwerald^ before arresting1 bim^bad felt  about his pockets] nor put my hand on him ;  he voluntarily^ gave up the ^articles/ < <���������"*> ���������' /'  Mr. Walker-^Under all' the circumstances,  do ybti consider he voluntarily gave- up the  articles.ui/1      *(,   Bj^iy-y    . /;    ���������  ' \Vitness bere gfave  abou t  a  balf-dozen  evasive^%plies, blit Qoally!;:. said be?dia^%"6t  consider��������� Bryant voluntarily gave up the ar-  ticlesr-;because he (Fitzgerald) asked him  for them./    , ,:  ��������� ;ByrMr;. Walker^On-the^following day he  ^sJM mWfpr "Jiis; property;; '|; ha ve* npfauthp-rr  ityr- Trbm- "Pearce   to  hold^the /property:;  through)subsequenl^prbljeedings: in the police'  courfcj' Mr;! I^ovell^iubstituted,; a^cheque; for  the original]onev; I act under /Mr! /Brew's  anthbrity^ Bryant made no- protest agallnst  the su;bstitiuibh/?df the |chequei ?aiid1he was'  present at the time. ��������� _ ��������� ,  r>r Mr^ Brew,, swo^n���������Bryant .and^Ir. AValker  came/ to;:-^me> for^, thenmoneyyj'and I^saift :I  Would : make Ian order to ideliver it upif  PearceY came; to demand: it^;, every effort has  been mad^pr the c^W  charged ^Bryant-~no: evidence against him  ������lse h������ bad about hiw, and be told him two  ing Fitzgerald ;fb?; Pearcp/S *pfbperty ; dp not  recollect .Fitzgerald :asking ine to hand over  Pearce's property ������������������; eonsidered' it was my  p rp p er ty, as I was > respon sib Ie to, ��������� Pearce for  it; ;pf cpiirse it is Pearce:s;property, but at  the time it was in my possession considered  i t mi ne ;��������� Pearc^said;! would have tb raise  all the money I'cbiild ; Pearce owes me and  I pwevMmif.Fitzgerald did -np^putlns; hands  in"my������������������pocket''/biifc,"knowing.tfie force, he had:  with him, I thought it better to give the  pi;opertyv?lip^tp him quietly ; don't recollect  u*Jtzgerald asking;me tp>h^d oyer7;pearce,s  proper tyvvbut lie .asked me for a cheque/ ���������*���������������������������  6y Mr. Walker���������Ijxaagined -that cheque  was an order to me ; it Is not in:?the-same  cbn ditioa it was ; the name has * beeii taken  off; at the time Pearce gave.me the.order. :tb  Lovell hei(Pearce) told me to go to Mosquito  an d also to get all :|h e-money ;������������������ b elongi ng to  h i m ; au d. al I el se ��������� I could, to p ay Mr. Walke r  and myself, who had.to get a man to work in  my place ; wherever I should meetPearce I  would consider myself responsible for the  pay me nt of t he money ; d idn't gi ve any bb dy  a receipt for the money.   ' '/.  By Mr. Wa;lkem���������Lovell arid myself stopped payment of the cheque, because if it was  not to be paid to me it was not to be paid to  any oho else���������that.was the object.  John B. Lovell, sworn ��������� That cheque  originally bore my signature ; an-order was  presented to me from Pearce by R. Johns ;  upon that order I wrote out a statement of  the property I had belonging to Pearce, and  R. Jofins signed it; the cheque was given to  R. Johns or order 11 subsequently tore off  the signature, after giving Mr. Fitzgerald  another cheque for the same amount, Mr.  Brew agreeing, to be responsible .'fbr.'; the  money I am charged in my bank account  with, the substitute cheque; never was  charged with aiding Pearce to escape, though  Mr. Brew made some strong, uncalled-for insinuations  to  that effect; gave Mr, Brew  BritiRh Columbia; Fitzgerald asked him what another cheqiie because he said he would be  responsible and I was glad to get rid of the  have, nb authority from Pearce jto��������� hold the  money,;;--       .'** - ������������������,..;:::��������� ��������� ^f   ..���������., .u.   . - ,..  i' The dei^ence set up/wad -substantially-as  follows?; ;Tb^  to the. money % that under any circumstances  his claim was of a most suspicious character,  as he.: h td been in- Pearce's company almost  up to the hour Pearce had escaped -from jail;  that the present action yw^;np; dpubtbrought  to aid and assist Pearce. as'the', money was  admitted to be tis";it was the duty^^of *ttie  magis^atejand ^chiefeonst^letotal^ every  precaution fevp^^ent^Peaicels escape, and  they felt themselves,; therefore, r bound to  withbbldthe means wMcijiihe present^money  would further-give Pearce in carrying out his  designs ;-the-'prder upon, which thej money  was obtained ��������� from Mr. Loyeli, who was  Pearce's depbsifcary^ didinbt mention Bryant's  name at all j ��������������� and it was ;��������� quite competent  :fpri;MrV Lovell -to send; any person/^ilh  the money jtor the jail/;as requested;, by  Pearce. AsVfar sis the bailment was concerned^ Mr Lovell was the -real bailee;' that  the; conflict of evidence between Mr Fitzgerald and Bryant, when sifted, reflected upon  Bryant, ashe had sworn that Fitzgerald asked  him for a check, of the very existence of  which Fitzgerald was innocent; that Bryant  had never been searched by Fitzgerald, as  stated 'by him (Bryant) on oath, and that he  had voluntarily given up the property to Fitzgerald when asked for it.  The jury, after deliberating for nearly four  hours, failed to bring in a verdict, not being  able to agree.  holders, and' those gentlemen were agreeably *  surprised after a few hours' canvass to find  that tbeir praiseworthy efforts were liberally:';  responded to,   About $1850 had been sub- f  scribed on Monday, to betaken in shares,  and we understand ' that an order for the  'stamps and fixings will be forwarded by the-  next express.,, We have not ascertained the  names of all the 8hareholders,but understand  that Hon. Carrall, Mr John Adair, Messrs.:;  Patterson & Gnodsdn and Meacham'���������'& Nasoii.  have subscribed fbr one or more 8hares,'and  the amount requisite to make up the $2000 T  will be forthcoming.   All who are interested  in the. welfare of Cariboo and the colony.,will:  be gtadto learb of tbe success of this move-'  ment, and we trust that it will be earnestly '  and speedily .conducted to a satisfactory con-:  elusion.^, Wo need not dilate upon .the pros-;  pective advantages ot the m oyementr-they ^  are gerieraUy*:'understood'.and appreciated���������  but we take advantage of the opportunity it"'.  affords to-say that had'tbere^been a test milt  almost anywhere in Cariboo during ,the past.  month, when a good*many-, nieo have not;  been fully engaged in their claims for want;  of water, a great deal of prospecting Tor  quartz might, have bSen done and the idle.),  time thus usefully if dot profitably filled up.,  Uiider any circumstances, however^ wTe look.,  for beneficial results, and'b'olieve that attest'  mill such as is now proposed to be obtained1  would soon lead to. the introduction :into-.  Caribo). of a regular, custom or^ co mpany?j;  mil I. The success of the promoters in obtain-'  ing almost immediately assurance of support  shows that all that jai needed ib create a :  ibroader spirit of en erprlee is a little effort,  and Messrs. Oarralland Adair deserve praise  for-the promptitude-aiid activity they have  displayed.. ..���������\...-^.;:::;:���������;,��������� v. ./;/ ./:':���������/"/- ������-r/   -  : Theatuical.���������The Cariboo Amateurs gave  a most, successful,performance! on Saturday.  night, at ;the, Theatre Royal,,- which was"  largely attended. During the' whole; of tha  performance1,;the" audience seemed to be exceedingly well pleased.- Loud- -roars, ofl  laughter and- frequent; applause greeted the  efforts of.tbe actors. . It js evident, that, the  Amateurs are imprbviiig rapidly, as each  performance-seems better' appreciated than  tbe previous one. It is difficult to say whether  H. The Rough;Diamond" or. ur Done Brown,[*  was most enjoyed by..the audience, and any  criticism Seems superfluous where all performed their parts with equal succe3^' The  hejrro performance was loudly ;applauded,  and it wpuldbe well to keep up.this kind oi  cntertaioment. Dryjokes a ra very <. Well received in dry weather, especially in Cariboo,  ; w'e^e dry weather is anything but a joke;:a ���������-.  ExPRKss���������Barnard's Express arrived early  pa Saturday-morning,- bringing two pas-  smgers-^T. Pattullo and J.' Adair. The down ���������  express left on Monday morning with the  fo;lowing passengers,:^. Messrs. iSlorris and  Adam?, for Victoria.; Mrs Lee\ Messrs. Hoffman and T. ! Barry^ for Quesnelmoiitb.  Treasure in charge of the express to the  amount of $37,289 was taken down. .;.=  ;;/������������������':  - De, t i���������Mrs. F. W. Dustin, who was well  and favorably known in Barkeryillo, died on  the 24th June in St. Louis, Missouri, after a v  short illness. Mrs. D. came to the colony in  1858. to Cariboo in 1863, and left in 1867.  She kept a boarding.bouse on Cpnklin gulch.  Ths Qitaktz Mill MpVfiMENT.-rThe proposition to^obtain a test quartz mill for Cariboo  meets with success so far. It is proposed to  raise $2000 and procure four stamps, which  will be driven by Messrs. Meacham & Nason's  steam engine. Messrs. Meacham & Nason  have taken a lively interest in the matter, and  have subscribed liberally for the stamps.  The Hon. B. TT. W. Carrall and Mr John  Adair canvassed Barkerville and vicinity for  the purposo of gottirig subscribing sbare-  ROAD THAFFiO.  The following were the principal teams  and trains which left Yale during the week  ending July 24tb:  'July 16���������J. C. Beedy^ team for Clinton,  12.200 lbs. goods for Foster and others. Geo.  Coxon's pack train for Keitbley creek, 8,800  lbs'- goods on own account.  July 17���������Lee Poo's pack train for Forks of  Quesnelle, 6,100 lbs. of goods on own account,  \Vm. Lane's ox-team, for Soda creek, 26,000  lbs. goods for K. L. & Co.  July 20 ~J. B. McQueen's team for Savon a  ferry, 4,400 lbs. goods for Ross. P. Sherman s team for Cook's ferry, 75,000 lbs. goods  forH.B. Co.   ;       -..//.  July 21���������Wm, Lane's ex-team for William  creek, 12,000 lbs. goods for C. Strouss.  July 22���������James Black's team for William  creek, 10,000 lbs. goods for T. Briggs and  Jas. Black.  July- 23���������A. Burnett's, team for William  creek, 12.000 lbs. goods on own account. W.  Lane's niule team for William creek, 4,000  lbs. goods for C. Strouss.  July 24���������J. Lawrence's team for Soda  creek, goods for McLeese & Seeaay, He Fie  and others.  "^   blacksmithTng. ,  McENTEB wishes to inform his friends and the  public that he ls prepared to do HORSESHOEING at $3 per sot, and all other kinds of BlcicksniHtt  work at reasonable rates.  RIOHFIELD, July 23, 1869..-'... jy24 tf  my26  At DbNOU.VION & KURTZ*  -���������<������-. t-i^^  ;::���������;::',-  ���������1<V ���������."������������������^i.  -.  22si, ~:zi^Z-.-^i--<:yy. f.it��,'..".��wrrr"
*ypP'V''ft~*,T~J2!?*T,<r^''*'"��� ~"'!i''~>"X��*.TrV.~?*''3Pf* 'J-^-f' ^'ViX^
'���~&\V;it*r~TttK??}r^T!/i?ztt.'a'^^ ~rr-?��-;:F <^
I **?-'     ??"*Jf
pN: November^ 10th,: 1.S53; MrBroadhurflt,
an English; tradesman, estab 1 ished ijov 'Parity
wns-married^ at, the -.English Embassy }iU?:J&
Fr'enOfli girl nam^;^^.;yereel^aM bj^bPr'
!u? had severailchijdren/r: He died at -Goloni-
bier^ on October 2^th
leh all his property tp' a friend named1 Beck;- sTbImI^E?Cr^^
is almost Tveil>'f01der^
stopped; a- ie Jon i- after ;' 11 ;bad ?ruri. ihree; weelss^
with h honey aiid'; fldiii:; and 'saved-her finger,"
si) ���that- ii'ia*>���&&!sound''tfncTa$goodas-any
���::^UbyXryr':i hyy'y>f-ai *?.->-M..;ra'"*">.*���*��� '^ ���'��� '"*''. ���'
J! :"������/>:
��� ��� ������;/
The French laW hot perinittihg 'wife.arid chil-;
'���': dren/tp:,be dismheritedijby, a/will, /Madame
Brbadiinrs c b rough fc- an actip ti: against W Beck
, tb;$aWih^
c^ty,>j!s {weUpn;be^
/of^'nerf children;/; The \ Gpurt'Mismissedv'her.
snit^on^e^gronnCl "that- slie;^^ Jneyer ^toa^
���: . ric^/li'la^
; /repe|red Interriia$Q^;;3 a^M^^&Sl1^^:
';��� -rforlaliife
/ pa��t of the��� iShgiislTsbiJBwa3 onjyv fri^nid ed to
secure ^hp irid^pehdence of the /Ambassador);
uteri a ttaches/4njl servants, -ahii/ i\mt it cpu Id;
net be considered as on t of*France so far as j ofc:^oot< fe��a, throughout;
'.'i' *",-��� ?'ir-i' t*?-'-? wiijv-.t v ���" ���'*--��� -:,!  V ���./�� <�������*��� ���.���>-..;-. -i'j'-fo'��  tain irieh tat:.the bridgOi.-���.
regards French subjects. Accordingly MdHe --. ., -���-���hv-^ -���. ��� ���� - ���
A&raeji jvho juuljjgoi^
inarniage; there^ wjihput��baling ^li^en^egaljjr
Warned in;France,; was/ nb^ wife; at^nli/^and^
/ the "wiit: 'ileavin��?tierlanff nerohildrenfdesfa-'
. ^t^,^a3.gOQd^;;p/;,..f^:lVj^^^^^ ,,;,;,;
���:ff- Ai;4SnBirAiiiNi3; /^^Msurpfe^e1 jiacco^^lts,
given. of> ;.the., new ^submarine, steamship an-,
yented/by 0tta^}ybgey sbUhSf^nlpus/* and;
yet th e Berlin Borsenzeitung asserts^that ^thO"
^ussian^iniralfcyl has approveiof the: plans
iynMiteed; to1 them;;f6*r>' ihsp^iion/:iThe^yes|
s'll^Qdvered; ��� jyitji- st^^^piatin^is^^'ffiel^.
fielow ^Ofk��rja& excem
f lloh%)t�� ��dec^^
9^i(ejri^ffirQdpoff imriiei^e' sfeengtlfc%Be^
: wldca^i��Anr>lafl- ff Th iff7^atfl.��� hnw*��wi* ������V+.K-afc':'-%p^
T1HIS .steamer Uinow^ma'K'nigaegaiaii'.tei^
': victoRiii:; Ai> viisS w^i&ns^&
BAILEY^S Hotel,, jLanglcy Street,. Victoria/Is stiU
rl open.for ;the. .accp��im<Hlation.��of .travellers, and,
the Tabid and Beds' are kept 1 n tho * asual Satisfactory
s'tvieii * /'   iA.yyyy ������^'jf^.yyyy'y^-^-���,."'i-i,.>��ni>-:-
''���'^^ A,'j!;":
Ordcrp/frdm ���up-'country;punctuallyiattended ;.to/> .>
,! ffii-i-s;
yjM'i i-,?.*ijj ����
ImpbHeVs aid1, Comniisslon'^ Mercha-i'its,  Jnsu;fan;cc
} J ' " . /  Agents, etc.,; y. -  ; ���    ���
Wh'tfrf Stree^'������ '$W y^ y ^ Wyyyictovii^'xl
/��K'li\i I'-,"4 ��� $}>}��� j ���-���;���'"!:,;��� .i!?
Ta^prf<(Sueces^6r; to iB; (Read*,;) Groreniinbiit'
i.';/ fj, :nii/-;ji:II ':���;. .iStrpet;.. Victoria. y;.|. ��� ?,��� J * ��� ,|; ^.. r- ^v r?
;-;':; ,0tilersiattcndo<i-tfti-'witb care and despatch// i;:*
riiJ.-i'.Lf-.'J   i:\A..if%'r-i ��� r>\ ��� .?���-,.:*,.:,.:-.i.jri.
Tit. ;CHAP.I^S /DANlELSONt desifcs  Jtb  inform!/; >!,'.t-,|
W-!W'   "(ti   .HV-
���uMfti, upproveu-styles7 *;^A-����*.> rnrt^...www. in^th�� ���
a . .i.
There, is. a house'of pnterr
��� j;'r^i
y^<ahdil5t"u day pi*leach mo^tli thereafter; i, .ilojfrr/.
���^[y.k. nip y.y.iLx-L{^z mjyy"..-' Ty*ym<   yyyrXJ
iff j ���;*��,&&��, ^i./wilVdespatca:^-lrt .iH*yyt>''Hz
l*y.  wSl'.htt X.j-ili'U* '/* J i* yi '  .-'  .p,?'    i ��� " ;>--?lj '*(.5
!a fast;;T^ight^tea^;fro
SSfaklngitlrt^trl^itb'Barkervine��� jn about l^dttys;? / ?<*W
:;^f./*/6   YX -"Until!further notice, : tuiV y'l'-?=i -yy
/���wi/a.'- LK/i*^/ ?.?c- <;'^| - --. ^;--/b^/�� iriO'^JB
By these teams; oa'all plfcels of ,60< IbS;-^ndupwards
j^MvXyyy;?.. '-���';
?iiy my     :
w|ll".bjB.;rj; i
Hit* *
escluslye(pf Koad:Tolls,;v;-*i-
the*- new^'sa'ifcmay b e'en tir ely ;sub niefeeti ,^ihd
|n'^i3vposUipn^i|j so completely ^undery exJm-
Jaaa^tliat4t ^aw
an T&iVe^my wiffi*.Bu'bBm^^
. does^/Mryogelj^ud^
\ ^ngs,a>|argej mod'ali^24>fee*lin Iengjb,< sviiibh
��; Parties ��� sbjpj��ing --byf, theBe.}t6ams imjist otdcr^ooclsf
to;; vb"^; tniariced :i.;i^.P.er,^
other wise- they' yi}\\ bevieut^by; regular Express'and:
^ch^^dlifecordinglyi-*''"'/,.;^*. :pyyriy^:i ''ih. -'>'*���'
���yySW ppcrs raayiidcpendlvbh'fthej regularity^of., these
���teams) ,for, iyhethe^,with f,ull:;fj*eighi, or not /tliey-will
eomertlirouffh;-". y.y��� .'��� 11 "���//, ���,:���_ '.y\X B#S'     '"l ~'~'v:
'!-^tayl4;TO69.'���  '    ;   :/'     l ���'E/J.?B^RSAB'0:*'*/
prd ers; froin the up-couulry punctual ly a t Lend ed to
ii^v? ^69/v. ���",- ;V<V V:W! ^-u:V-;W.'' 'r;v^m:;
Impo/tir of Books* StntlQiiery. .and; Fancy JoreJcn
j ..:^h ,.>.,^.*;. ?/.- ,���.,.: ��� /^ritfn^tnr'ep;-1;'1-' *���/ ?��� fi. *��� \ 'X hl
:May,i;.:1809.rM,J,:tirft/.-; ^,i' ^^I��: y,:yy?y>\i(n' �����(()
^Importers and Geheral Cpminission Morchants.    /
��� r:: yUst -yyi,- '.-.   i->yt ��� i.--.^. .;*';AW��:  <-������ ��.. ?-!3     ,--, ;.:;:-.'.a ,.,:.-.-r "!-;���}���
hi,-yyu ^'^^cerlds/cbastaaiiy^n^haridt^ '*f V'--9 /.;^;
WharfStree^ri.^.,-*ii&3r!% y,f���^v.'.-^Ylbtdrlii*-vUt:
/lftjffll;lMy^. j;!,,^ ^V,V!:.  |iir-/;//'3m  '
feif/,%k/ ^'Wapn:and'Caiiia^,Ma^rs.f/'^-'/ '?**, "'i
Blaclcam 1 tns,;bte.yCovenirne'n ^ Sti^>yfct'oria, "between ���
*&i, Johnson-aixd Cormorant Streets, west s!dc,:; :*
UyjiU^'m iu;^r^^q:^v~ih'?. ^^X?y^ i ���I'utlmt.'.
9rd,9r^,from .the, upper cou u try, Svl I cited: and attended {
/��/'.- ....   f, ., : ,. to with:dispatch. ...\,j.r * ... "lt -.XX:
M^i,-tg69.-^'-��� ;;.. ��� >:--;���/' "vyy **��[*'��M < *'���? em *;;
Tea aiid
��� - .^ ;��- ^0^tTOet^btorja,^ '"/-/
of tl;*
���Jlig Oil.
tabc^uperiortdonyolhor.^ /T-'        ^arranten
. rt -.   ���. es.   - /vStabUn'ff iMy^tiato^yBijl
���~TTrti'v^i' ;ii>'V':" r *v'
Apilns;; 6iivB^^GAa}^:iK/a)j sneecH> at;f3Ke
B rookl y ir Jwbman^ meet! ng, sai dv:^ras I�� rejec t
^the?t��oi'tseta' with co^te'mjitf %n"!i^8c^M/^-:Meii-
cut* ,a V'sumcientl v, ridiculous * '.figure. ;in them
x tbemse]yegij^*rhe*trouble��iiatitbeyr don^trlike
their; own ^costnme; aifd |a^Jenvious pf^our
)bave pur^siilss^satins and shawls; ;w"o twiii^e}
;^p^dia4e?5'yonr fabsurd >bifdrcated^n5viiisp'er��-
/ ables/ ;EooltT*jat' ^ur/swallow-tail coats^
: ..-��� Btove'pipe hats ; and yon wear your hair so
f^bHfSo^e^youj thatvyon;^l6^k^ipre6isely;
���*Iil&t.monkeys,%nrll.i don't/woncler^^tlia^^pne'
/pfIgpnr.nun^er has written; albobk shoeing
\-that animal to ;be the father -of,-hjs;li��^e?��-.;
���v    German ^ft��~PpWDEa^Th&;nitferrjlb-
^iv^ijlast'in^ pP wder which is iised to/a great
C-Xfgxtepib in? Iherbiines; and iqiiarries of -���Austria
; ^b^:;bee�� rcceiltly aiiVmittpd\to:analysisp;anci
��� .p ;?t? pbrapbsi ti on shpws; th at i t ca;n be mad e by
���; iniiing; togethe^:^30;parts pt t saltpetre, 10 of I'*
"i ^nltrate^bf s6claVcI2 of sulphur^S of charcoal,
ttnd.^.pf tartrate of potash and sodav   Itonly
//explodes ;^b��n if haa
.is ignited / by means; /pf an Jjexplosfye fiisee.;
���"i- [This, reads very, much like what;we would
Gitppose to be a description of the California
/;GMt Pow^
���liam Creek Bedrock Flinne Company, and we
are inclined to think'that the Anstriana. like
;, cut0;': Yiiokees, have cabbaged tbe California
-' invehtion.]
lyr-l :-<i\i.vM'.r^<.." ANDREW ASTRICO;'Proprietor. ^ ?
-v- MayA,^S59- i-y IX XX:/.///. XyXyyyX Om^ yyy i '
Freight' and-'passa^e^a'pply ���to?-
-'X^Xymyyi'  y^yyny- ^J:->iSJ;ORifANDV,ij{- -
4 r*��� % -M j ������XX*<X. > f:.vl< ^enjsi Barkerville.i j
xi;.���� /FRltGHT ; CO^IG^E'O,^TOi  6fiBEEtiV,
yEjL--.'^Yale'i-B;l:C.,' 1 will be';.-'forwarded;;'to'-any"part-Vf
.theColony, onthemostreasonable terms, freeiof ebm-
mtssiqn.*?;, <?,:. -,   ��� ^AGENTS:*>. �� ?3 / *i - *������ _��� ,^:;;. ,.��� ,,;. ���
|vMillard;&Jleody,-./.".f^'T ^Denoavioa-i*Knrta): "-&������"*
\X,X ..-.yietpria:;,;,. ..).��� -,,./: ',;Barkeryilie.;;;������ /!/���'-
.Barkerville; April 17th; 1869.' V/   '   //.     ':   .     .' ���
Miners^ :;;'BlfiSil^,;^r^
/ y?p .r: ::.;;V/:v5iWKB^yi^^,;^
;:-;-NexT-:1>0C'B TOSSli^NEl'/b*^
A ��� T this:Establislimerit wi 11 al ways be found a well
MX :    ;   selected and; varied assortmont of th e ;       i
-V IN   CARIBOO.      :        V:-
' : Sonr Cure for a Felon /pa lm. Bad
Swelling ox a Boxk~-Make:a plaster of plire
��� honey and -wheat fiour, and apply it, chang-;
i ng as of to n as th e case requlreg���say once
la from two to six hbiirs;. I blistered and
bruised my hand,, then took/cold: in it ��� It
went in to ihe joints of the second and third
. fingors, and'Tor; eight; "days./i^greyv,;.-worse ���
cpnld sleep but little ami w^iimone;! E then
ALSO-r-A good selection of Clothing, Har/lware' Gla^s
and Crockery. .Best brands, of .Tobacco     ������'
Afedlcihes, Qtc., etc.      ;.   .  *;:
/Best Javi.CofTeci Roastod and, Ground ;DAILY.
The.BAR is fnlly'supplied with the choicest
Havana Cigars, Wines and Liquors.
a. llrwth?. st"ct attention to uusiness, nnrt fa^rand
Feb. 20,1809;' r " *   ; ,
. :     ��� :      ���������  '': ������ -3m' , '
myfn&^-^y Booksk^ a��d adjasted. / '
;.e/' w^tsoi^i
Sj^^ft^^^tphes, cl.eanqd,. repai rod, ,a nd; warnin te d /
^y^Ty^scriptlbn of Jeweileryrrhade to^driier.  "; Plain
arid Orhame'nta.1 Engraving Neatly ''executed. "V*-' ^ - ���'"' ?; ��
.-May 1,,1869.   s;   ��� . '   , . , y ������.-.-    1 ',->i ;   t $&
.iOA^EiA^rK;��� A^X'^yiAdQ^ BUXLBEK, =
' ;/;: ;''Opriiet' Gpve^nnieht and r^ndora^St,rcet�� i/;
,W:; �����'/::./',./ 'East.sidq,.Tjctorltt..;"^.' 1/,?...; ..,/������ ;/.
/���/  v^holeSi^�� dealer in���
WM^^^^^^^MS^: *: J
>VftV!' Qr^ddrs^m ���up^cpuhjry/carefuiiy. attended to. vr
>fay|l,,186^vn,.,,K^���-,.v^-. j.:/'      '
dispqteh. ; ,/y*tj��,y
;//-;/i >-;.-���":';;���//i-//^^:;/^^'/^a^/r';./;;;/:^-;;//h///./;^/-,/^//^^^J/^/^:
/./' ;^4'f JF*7?^* 'Cigara,,ahd!;Frenoh 'Preserves".^:.
Yates Street, v   : .       - /  . ...   Victoria,^ I,,B. C.
X- ��� y   ^Importers; bf Ehgiis^/^rclSndisi,: :?J';'^:' :
^d^^XG00^^'-',an k^ ^'Dress Mate::
:���;���;. rialvWhite;and:pnntodrcottons,:Lineri and ^
/ . .Cottonginghams,; :jBhnkct��, ;QuUts,  ,.-,,',��� ��� ^
,;.;v/ -..;<. aPd a general, assortment of .  t"   ''..      ���
. /' ..'������:*;"/ '/,/: /""?t*plfi ���^oqd^/',:. '/���';/'"'   ": ;'-; '-y
An invqlce/of good style three-ply 'and'TapestrVCar>
y . r.i'. :/. ���..-!>���������, r pets just received ;������'���'��� .''--,> *s   ������
^^BulMing,Oovernment Street, Victoria, B. C
; '.'������'-..���!  ��� .'i.-    '     ' -.      *m
OAPITAIii-/-   -   -\-/-'>   -  $a6;p0;O00. ';  ;.
*. *' 'v ��� ; , i ���* With'power to "fnerease.^      -^ ��� ���'   - . ;
I v/-Drafisjisi&'e'd.!o%':th'e:to
1n/|^^6I^^ :.b
.S/,.\V. ;��� In'the UnitediStates-.:'    -.���'-..'      ; ^^fc
OREGON     ��-/f ;-V rORTL'AM^   ,���
NJE^YORK;,' ���;, riiMes^^BiarV^'Sup?^.
'Agents for theJBanJc of Montreal,.. %  ,
panyJs Ba'nk:- Xy    .,
ONIRELi#D^The Bat^ioT Ireland/ /
tY/: Corid^n/Bank fof.,Mexico   and South
America. ;,    _t     .,. . * < --* ,*    -
"   .''-filalXHead'/pffice-4East; IadfeAyemie,
... :/ieadenban|sfree(|.y/^'>; ,,,��� j.5';"= r-T fi������ / ..
''^V./vr-'i fjy.k;"i   V-titt' ������}.&������
''" 'Si'cm.-.
AS.onhand andforsftl,., at,his Store in Barker-
the< choicer description, which he will     "      ?
.alept all DJght, end.now,- three days after, it I   S^^CSSJiSi 1809.
��� IMPOJtTKKS OF  ���
English and French Silks, Shawls,, Dresses
...   Underclothing, .(Jloves, and every /  ".'���'
description of Drapery Goodsl   r
^d1fvlVnM^ularslnpp!!cs by ExPresSj via Panama
and by sailing vessels, via Cape Horn
T^/'?.r^cu.l'ira.Hcui.ion given to all orders.���=?����
London Fjrm���J. PTu.ssTAtii&: Co      ���u,��*^t*
J       J    ESTABLISHED, 185J    ,
Goversmcnt Street, Victoria, V, I. //������'
All business carofully and punctually attended io
Mfty.l, 1868. fm
deceived on 'Deposit^ pr ^dVftnces made on pa
Granted to^^btoria^ ^^^ii^f^^.'!^.
������'��������� X'-'XiiuY.'i   r New York;: <5'i   ; -;; '';,-^ftd.
Every description.,or Banking 'Easinesstransacwa.
/'v.^^^ ^^i^'Si--^^^'
WlUiam Creek, 'Cariboo.;;/, .X;"/,
v/;j-B;5?ipSi !&E #'�����
BarKijrvlhe, Mayl, ;'8��i).;."
t s,
' $%)JM'&*f&^Qa% **i��"��"%&
post, free of charge*


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