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 Vol.11.  Ba^rfeeiralle^^ ���������B-.Gv; Saturdayy ��������� AnguSt 5y 1871/  No. 14  THE CAKlBQO^BNTIKEEj ������ '^m^^f>^m  ',.,.:  -:.yy'yy x yyyftXy    y yy y.y ?;/���������' tractive-will it prove, io th at. large  P lib fished every- Saturday by  B OB E>R T i H 0 L L 0;F:A'^  ��������� Subscription,"-.'"-''��������� 50 Cents perVteek..  v ,....'[.':/RArE^iOF;ADVEItTISINO.,r\X.;,<.=  Fororio square (one inch), firs ������ i nscr {ion ;*-' i������3  " ���������'���������    ���������,   " ���������'        '.'V.,'/ ;.....PP.4 H^?11'U1.-"   "���������������������������'.5   For, t\vo squ������rW/ ft-ret-inseTi^S^-i^--^;!������������������-���������������-���������- -������������������&  .." *��������� li   y one.month, * *  -   -   -" r"    S  Agents for '-tlie',*; ��������� Carib oo S entinel.'.'  -ry  ' "X<yf ���������   Mr Ji-TFV Tj'ndhart ..��������� X?il  VanWinkle;^-^ 11  Quesnclmouth; ���������*?������������������  B������da Creek, ���������-.-  (Jlmtou,".- '-x'y.y. .  Yale, ������������������.;.:-5/r;^r  New West minster,  Victoria,/ - - - .-���������>  I*. P. Fishnr,; .; ;  IHudson^MeneV  "��������� Barn ard ^Express  Bar ii ard' s Express  . Barnard's Express  'lydoiXXJ do  ��������� John Murray. I  ; > -. : John ..Coilens  ���������;. 7; ... Saii-,Fraiici}?co  "-'. ���������"-   -   New York.  ge=  THIS CARICOO SKNTINEL  Cards. Circiilai^iP^sfersand^Profrrammesfor  . Hal I s a nd. Theatrical. Bb ter.tai uuieri Is  iyy'iy x(:"x;i~i& yfy .".#*'"- %if  a, ���������  ^���������$* Ifxeen ted Ayi tVn ea tn p������p an tl dispatch. ;gg������  Terms moderate. :XXy-  , more: at-  section of  society over whom eucb a celebrity exercises  an irresistible fascibationi ;"It is to be regretted that there should also bea large, class  of persons with ��������� such sing&l&rly perverted  notions that they conscientiously believe the  reformation of humanity can only be,Worked  out by alaughter and incendiarism on a vast  scale. .Such men were'Delescluse, Miofc, Cour-  :bet, and many. others\.6f; the^ leaders 'of the  ���������late^mOYenient^qne ofrHhe most sanguinary  of whohi-By Milliere j wh o h ad p rob ably ordered  the execiiJion^ofliDore innocent persons than  any. of trie colleagues���������when he wasv:shot  >vhen;sel ^preservation by any means'became  the^question to be- decided, more than "one  human being is said\to have been killed' at)d  e ate n'.. Th e sigh ts to. b e seen. an<i not ��������� 10 b e  ay.oide.d, in. the: neighborhood of Shiraz are  such that European residents will not leave  their'Wn';houses'; '/Between; Shiraz aiid Bit-  sh 1 reUlt ousi an ds/ o f de ad / bo dies 1 ie ii nb uried.  zTjMMa 0^FAiRfs AFosTLE.r-^While Coroner  Nel so'it? W:;" 'Yd 11 n g; of'" Ne w; rd rlcj w as7 sTttiii g  all alorie inhis c1 flcerece!hTly; read!ng a 'newspaper, he-was rjideVy .surprised by/a madman. /. The door ? ^yas vi61ently thrown ppen  and; a -Vesp ei c tab ly, d resse d-y 0 ii n% m an-.r us bed  'v i  shqiuted /with his laethreath,.^ yiye/l^hnman-. inland ^asked^.^ Is vOorpner^Y^  ite P^ThuV'may /-rth"e" entmisiasm of human- j stating;^ the, same /time > t^at;;he\had feeeri  directe/(T to the ofSce(by a gentlem^ivin Beek-  man<-sti^et.v.Coroner Youngrai^obce-.threW.  ^T!n^aT|T;:'1>bWRrt;/AND INFLUKNCB  ywTJM:T.R IVTRK^ATIONAL���������THE MOST  ���������>-AVO%F:iilj:U!.-y ORGANIZATION.;  oe  .^.:/:MlJBR^.'TiME3r.;::" ...I": *���������':>;? ;���������;���������-���������'-;;-:��������� '.  ;ity''} ^inverted become^^  The ;ph ilanthropic ideas ;of Lefrahcais,; "also1  an twueatedthttsiast, took another form ;; head voeated the btirnirur of all the pnblic.buikl-;  itigs - in Paris; in order to ���������e.pect in their places  civil ;ho������pttai8.f  , ; -������, -- ;.-.. * -; - ���������**;.-{ . -��������� // ������������������  'THB/PECULTlUtlTyr //:."/ >X:1 './  0 f th is association������������������ fei therefore, ��������� that Avhi 1 e i fc  appeals,to the whole working classes of tlie.  ���������civiUzed- wprldf bj, ffip;.argument .whieh-fthe;  simplest can comprehend, and offers, a fefngej  and support" to- the 'revolution 1sts -of eveiT;-  country, it has a/phiio?ophy and a political:  economy of its' own sufficiently specious4 to;  tract theorists and would/be^  r ea ch es- th e 10 ftiest and b uses t natn res��������� th ose  who unselfishly wish-lo.:rais^;otherp.,auc|; those;  wh0 selfiahly desire in rise��������� themselves at the.  .,l:h������vM3efra^'nHtnn''elaboratP-accou^^ ^enBft of 'oth('r������- V Xt graces in its;, three-.  ^]iis:s6c'ieW^#tmTwte^lii^ sockl" and;W(^rul  character  ' ni'ilVon^ onlyZlinr vVars iiaVe"elapsed since- political agitators panptu-s'and philosophers  Tis f,mml.ifcl.in. it consists of upwards of      ' '  ~* combination of ferce?v which .,impart to;  TWO Ml) .T;TOX. KI VK aiUNmiKDTnpUSAXO >IKMBKRS.  B;it even ihis (foe* not include- all. the a.flilh  this organization altogether special powers of  action.   As it raises its head.. in bne coun try  ,.-.    . , . , .     -���������,,,...     .    after another, we fihall see how far the special'  a(ed societies which are a??istea.m their-van- ,...        ...   ...    , ,        .    ly y  ,..     '      , ; ,.-    ������������������������������������'���������,       .       eonaUions of political  morals.and society  ..uns political  and revolutionarv.enterprises     .........;.������������������ ���������  .  ;���������,������������������   t i .    ;.\  ,   ���������       .     ,       ,     ,." ,      >-   ... ���������vvincn exist ineacn are calculated to cone  by the Inlernaiionnl; and wlncn comprises j    ., . .       r1,   .    ,,, ���������   .        '    . y ���������'���������  y:���������''"������������������   .    ���������' ,r   .     '    ,.    .y���������������������������.^- ���������., -with   it���������[Paris  Oorrespondence  London  <lie  Fenuins, the  Marianne, the- Brothers of! - ������  f the:^epjibl|c ;of Lyons and Marseilles,. the  1 \\ 1it n e ro 11 s se c re t soci e lies ,0 f Rt is s i a a n d Po - p v * j r ������ v j \j p ������������$ r a  1 h ml, a n d th e C a r b 0 rt ar L-, gen era 11 y al I o.v e r  Europe.   Thov Central Committee of this  a?- HBART-RKNDINGf  ACCOUNTS-PEOPLE  Times.  d J wh '^tbe p ape r an d wen t for ward; to,; meet  tlie :y dung man under the "impression that7 ne  might be a police meissenger. and1- .that ;most  likejy^ a'^paurder.: ?case was, in /the./;Beekmari.  street statidh^bbnSB? The'60roner ��������� -was. /very  speedily; undeceived,, f/TQ.������'-yon^.''ra������nl:'-ih va  ; mi 1 d,���������; ;persuasiye ^way,' ;said / his name i/Was  ^iatriplic'?-pyn,-c^aiii3tth&t'.li^ iive% atil8 Canal  street, y/rten;:c-uick 1 y- changi erg'i hi 3-,,to ue. ��������� he  s.hButeJi.-.o.ut' tfe.-'.-he .wa������._specialiy-;'cbiidnSiB-  rsipned by yJesus?Chn^t^to:save the life/of ;Mrs  :L an r a D. Fui r, n 0 w u n cler sen te bee; of . cl eath  la San.Francisco;fo������;tHe:'murde;r.;df^ Col,,Crit-.  ten d en./ He . s aid; th at '3Irs F ai r was Crittenden :s Wi fe" i n Ah a .eight; of ',Gp" d, an d? that i f ah e.  was '.'to* die he would die/ -too';'' He;^then/:com  sider'ateiy Stated that hew fi*lafe]^fijqra;(Slfe'  if0 r ni a, a n d th a ti ...pre vi p u s to Ii is' lea ving, there  the/ citizensiofiered':;.to:-j'b'iiUd^"aj.'sn'ppe'rision.  b r i dge ��������� f 0 r h i 3 ac co m m 0 dati 0 n. fro in 'F vised to  this ci ly. ; Goroue r Yo������������g smi 1 ed..' and call ed  a p01 iceman.passing b37, 'who came into the  office1 at once./^'Takevthisyman^wlio/^s a  lunatic, before Justice Hog an,tuad have him  committed to the Tombs;-said the��������� Coroner;���������  The p0!iceman did .sip..���������.." *WeJ 1. really,", said  the Coroner, */'how deceptive cases of mania  are ; I was a* 1 most certain that was a murder  case."���������[San Francisco.paper., - ������  .EXPRESSES, STEAMERS, Ac.  (Serorw & Johnson's Stages,-  TjmLL'LEAVE  BARKERVILLE-EVERY WEKKj*  TT-   connecting with  the Steamers,at Qucsaolv  moUtli���������and Yale, \VitbiI.M. MAIL; KXI'RKSS iad  :.Fassongijrs':3 y-y?^ :-/" . ������������������'������������������i'.7 !'������������������> 1* -���������:���������"  FOR YALE & INTERMEDIATE Pt/ACfift*  L- GEROW   &   JOHNSON'S  :    :  E^^e^s^iaM Stage; Xiiie  ��������� yty -*������.;.;' ���������!:.^;;'vv'-^':.CARRIES      ���������   -  ������������������'   ���������'     ���������.;������������������ I  LETTERS; TREASURE^ VALUABLE?;       ���������  -;.'��������� EXPRESS KREKJHT ANU rASSKKORBST:  ;     A T'' R;E Diy C ED" R A TfE S:;  \hr;... ;*.-i.;'..>..;/. vf;,v7 ::���������.,'��������� :..-:....    ���������-. .       ...���������������������������.���������   ' ..;���������-;  ���������:i,X^T Gollectipiis/ Commissions and General ExprM������  h iisiiiess;'tloiic vviih'puiiciualjty aoil <llspatch.      >>J3������",Oflic���������^Mlie;eanbooAgencv at   ,- ���������      ���������. '��������� ' ,:n  ������������������.���������ly. / ���������"!    XliX MR DAVID KURTZ'S STORK,,     ,,  ���������'���������Wjtf������*'���������?&'���������'��������� ''���������'��������� v;-   '        ���������������������������*������������������  Bafkervilu:  :  !r;-Q;?Bteaiiier Victoria.' z, v;  OkijND^FTERTIIE 18th MAV, THE STEAUKli  :.;!yic.turia���������-.will >������������������;;���������.'. .   ";:���������:. -      .-:  %'hv^i:r;/I^AM:SOD^ ' ?  ?\^^|rWU(*-8DA.y SVIORNINQ^  Couiieci ing' ne.t t'.'d.n y ��������� wi th t lie Steamer' EXTURPUl Urn  ���������������������������:.��������� ^:     e ,; >::  at .Gottutt wood Canyon; .   ������������������>���������:'        '  "*"li      WILL LEAVE QUESNEL -" :  V'..V yyy:y';-';y On the down trip cv^ry '.'    *'������������������/  /Tuesday  morning: .  Freight from Soda Creek to Upper Canyon... .2^ at*.  yyyyXiyy^emil....',;      %;.. , .:"    ...,..im cts.  Faro froiri Soda Creek.tp Upper Canyon .' $10  Fare' irom-Quesnelto-���������������������������     :.-���������.* ���������   ���������   '*     ..;;.;,.,...! ������  Faro Irani Soda Greek to Qucsuel ........,,tf ft  ;/Ciue^e^MayrMj/L8nv'  -        '  / mv20 ���������������������������  Kociati0n, which lins a lijrancli i ^; ./Vmorica, m  in Lomion./ati'd^its presiding sniriiHa a German, who conceived the- idea .of organizing  In Berlin, in a'dehnite and tangible form, the  the 0 riff! of Bab'(en t,. "pieSwi eck. ������J n co hi, P r 0 \\ cl-  v h on, ft n d o tl j ers J Th ere is n 0' P re? i d en t. bti t  th e ceh t r al ofll ce is Co tn p osed 01' a Se c reta ry-  General and fifteen inemuere.'   Each country  co va p oses a b ran e h. 0 f.. t h e asso'c iat i on.   Ba cK  h r an ch is d i v i cl ed i n to ac c ti 0 n a.   Ea ch i nip 0 r,-,  fniit centre is m\>divided into other sections,IThat (he PeoP,e arf* dJing oi Imnufer, even in  ���������/with' a cested bureau. " "  ,       jthe fitrect^ ol the unpiM, ia a minor ..phase of  ?(,,. t'his terrible calamity.   In Kimrassan parents  ,-.   ,-. , , ��������� '* ''\4U1''? ,.   ������-     ,      r   are sell inc: their children as slaves to the Tur-  puch central bureau pends lo toe London of-1- -   f! ,      ��������� t        .. ,���������*���������'���������������������������     ;  :  01OGING UP :CqHPSES FOR FOO1),  According to the latest foreign mails:, the  horrors of \h**. IVrman famine continue to. in-  cren se. ���������.. A co rrespohde n t,. w ri ti ng r r 0 ui Tra -  breeze, says:  Thejdetails which reach m of the destitution and misery which it-lve drouth of last year  has caused in.the central and southern provinces of Persia are fearfully, heart-rending  Prop's���������A Western paper tells a story of a  mum who having -gone."into a feeivy purchase  0 f p 0rk 0 n a fa 1 Ii n# m arket, was overb eard  nrayiug in the following style : u Ob, Lord,  for my sake just advance hogs one cent per  hundred, and I won't pay but four dollars  per hundred for any more.   Amen,;;  MISCELLANEOUS,  fice���������1. A detailed report ou the political and  ��������� co ra m ������ rci n 1 e v en I i p f 1 h e. ,\w gli b 0 r h odd. 2.  J A statement of .additional -members.   V,: A  Ii n an c i al s t a tem e n t. * 4,' A's ta te m en t by nam e  of the p r i n c i p a I in e r.ch a n ts auxl I r a des men.  ���������1 f>. S tatem ent by nn tn-e' of * th e ��������� ��������� pr i h c i pa I pro -  l>rietors an d ca pi tai isi s.' G, Co p los 0 f ra i n tt 1 ca  ���������of meetings held.   There are. of. course, nuiny  com aw. to "keep them alive, and in Ispahan  men have been seized in the act- of digging:  up the corpses to serve as food for their  starving families. In Shiraz, Kehman and  Ze/.o the wretched sufferers endeavor to support 1 i fe 0 ri g rass and r 00 ta wh i ch th ey fin '1  iu the neighborhood. Pestilence follows  hard on the footsteps*of famine, and between  I them half of the kingdom of Persia is becom-  other secret rules regarding the expulsion of -ng rap1dly depopulated.  members, aiid the means of pressure to be  employed in. cases of strikes, &p.-, whiclr I  have no meanB of obtaining.; but'it.will -ap-  II. ' LI.  Importer and,Dealer in  F i NE     H A V ANA  LUMBER!    LUMBER.!-  EESSRS. MEACHAM & NASON ar������������ preparefl ���������������  {'urnishljuinber'at their iliils, William Crctk.  ordeliver iVL'o order.-,:-      ������������������> '  -  '��������� ��������� 'X  LUMBER; DELIVERED ON  LIGHTNING  ���������; CHEEK AT THE SAME RATES AS ON  ..WILLIAM CREEK, ,        -.. ,y,l-.y y y.  Hay in g a Plan i n g Mac h i n e i n op e r ati od th'if ������dt  Mso kreish Dressed Lumbe rat sat feiftetcry/rrt***  Cig  BARKERVILLE,   /  GOMMISSIONl'STOM&E.  G-roceries, Provisions  Liquors*  DKP0T     FOR  A later account of the famine ia given in  tbe London Times, of May lo, which says 1  The famine in some parte of Persia is se~  npftR ABOVE ARTICLES CAN' BE OBTAINED IN  I /firitiout al" Bond,.0t'lhe option of Hie purchaser.  A gtM] cral a mo rum m i of  SMOKING    ARTICLES.  iU3- Orders from.the Upper Country promptly nt  tendufi ty.      i  ;���������   NO. 47: YATES STREET.  ���������  (Opposlio the p'mk of British Nortb America,)  VICTORIA, V.L "      .    rn'ySSm  pear from tlie above that the organization^ is  ^ h&yond comprehension.   Rain was long  hopefully expected, but it came in very  measured quantity,and too late to turn away  the foe already at the door. Thousands have  died by the wayside.of sheer starvation, or of  starvation con pled with the disease it in variably rbrings ia its train. Most of the dead  lie unbiiried���������a fact which may be regarded  one conceived on a scale capable of, iudefoi  ite expansion, and ap peal ing \ to*, the sympathies, of the largest and least reputable class  ���������of the community in all countries;-. ���������  ��������� TUB CATASTROPHE OP XvKlB,  so far from operating as a check to ita growth,  will probably give it a" powerful impetus, a*,  Is  ASAMAYOU .,  Wholesale Dealers in  G-rooeries, Provisions,  Liquors,' Havana Cigars.  unhappily, the mote infamous the notoriety ftg $ me* pwonreot of pestilenoo,   At Otm,  ���������IIIV^O  J.  Robertson   Stewart,-  ��������� COMMISSION MERCHANT,  WHARF STREET,     -      -   , -      *-'     VICTORIA >  .  Affent for   British   Columbia.. <, .  A supplv of %y \ an<l ���������i^'inch''CartridpQfl:baps  mi Fm������, al wa ya k<; p t 011 haau.      ^  ��������� ��������� .; -.m $���������* *l1a   ���������  SYLVESTER'S  Th b Orn in eca KXpr^S-s w il 1. c(Ai n ect wi lb I^a r������ a ru 9  vxpr^KJit Quesuclmouth and Wiltiam Crc(*t,- vsmk  rareofft and 1ntl(:rs ^'^11)e Tt'C������|vci3.���������;���������.*���������*������������������.'  par co la  YiTW  STREET.  -   -   TIOTOBIA   B.aL#*:*&*#^^E^bv'tTr^v^F������*>  ���������tim.wiiuiLtw &j?������^*?^&lnmammmmBB3BXmEWGm^^  sss&s  -ffEMMBOO SENTINEL  ������������������  S&TtJItDAY, AUG. 5.; 1871;;  THE SEASON iftOSPECTS.  i'yti "teitntW.endeavored to "*Mire ai cursory  *fc������|}ij������b 'of ihe' variona mining local itiesin tbe  limited ������ectioO of Cariboo which baa yet been  profitably worked, and to bazardaom^ mr-  Vinges ae to what might be expected from  th%iti this seaspn." Ve then traced the pro ���������  5?rega of discoyeries from Hoi*eerly as far as  Will Jam creek' an d a few of th e u pper corifl ti-  ������?Jit 'Streams of" Will or n vety. hey o n d. whic ji.  7i6wWer, ttiere reniain������ a'vast fi%\on. known  4pJ "be annferpua. biit which has not been  ptpspected.to any ex(e!htjfcxcept w;11hin a few  miles of William creek. Ia our immediate.  ;hejjhbori^6d/^ere.-i^ owe fcreek-- Jack q of  Clnba^on which at various times some prog-  pecti n������ ��������� ba& '-been ��������� <lo n e ��������� ��������� with ou t. any thi ng |"  i>cing found, but ,w!iich now is looked to  tiopefnlly as likely to become a rich addition  to our gold field rt. The work which has been  done there last winter and this spring d^mon-  rtfcvatea tbat tnere.is a deep channel, and the  prospects, which were struck in ;U by the only  aha Ft which has reached bed rock were suflt*  eTent to justify the most sanguine expectations  and to stimulate anuin.ber-:'ot'- companies to  ^mdeftake the; search for the hidden weaUh.  Du ring the last few,months a great .deal of  work has ;be'en{ "don������, but-the''difficulty of  . jinking the channel At un great a depth ha?  wade it tedious work, A few weeks, or days  ���������even, now may probably decide the que������t,ion ;  and,if,the richness of. the lead shmild equal  ^nucipations there ore miks. of ground on j  thatlarge creek whioh must for years make  Cariboo /am on?. Its great depth may .how-; J  ever, in the event of its becoming extensively  worked., render steam power -necessary���������a  mode of working which we have already on  ���������previous -occasions predicted wculd eventual Vy become the principal means of developing tbe wealth of Cariboo. Crossing the  '������������������ d l#itfg.f r#ni .^iUiam and ,. J.a pic'.-. of;..JOltibs.. we  come/ to the waters of Lightning and Swift  nver^draining^th^ oiiposite/fiippebf the great  Bal d Mo il n tain i ran #h. Of S w i it ri y er a h d i ts  tributaries little is known ; gold bss, how-  e v er. b ee tiifo n nd on ne y er al c reek s em p t y\ n g  |n to t lie up per...; port Ion/, w h i j e on. th e. b a rs of  Cottonwood, the iwjiedriven tp this river below ihe wiputh of Lfcntning," 1here haye been  for y ea rs rl n e go 1 d digg in srs. Ligh tn i n g, h o w-  ' ^yer, is the stream on. which so much has been  *wpposed to rt ep end in regard to.the yield of  gold in Cariboo dnring the present season :  : but we regret that present :a p pea ranees indi-  'Cate that,.tire/time1 required for testing the  d eep ch an nel w i 11 b������. mo re p ro t rac te d : th a n  whs anticipated, although the con fid en c������ in  \ ts ri e-hs ess and isi ti m a ta y i *?. id re m a i n s ��������� n n -  iiWated..' -The portion of the creek above Van  Winkle is turning out a Urge, quantity of  gold, and wi 11. it is be 1 ieyed).��������� .1 nn j? continue  in.Ao so ; bSit there,'a.Hhouirh every company;  ' working has been nt a heavv  expense  in  ^ettjrjs:: into the channel, the diflicn I ties to-be  rr������nfendei!  with  are comparatively   trinMmr  Mrheti; compared   with   the   portion   below.  There agjiin, we believe, is ahotber district  where steam alone can master the obstacles  nf nature, and where a eplendid field isopened  fr>r it^ employment.   The miners .deserve (he  highest praise for the enerj/y they have displayed so far in endeavoring to bottom  the  ishannel under so ninny disadvantages, and it  fp still possible that befnre the close of the  pTsmmer ������ome of the companies may succeed  in jrettmg falrlv into the deep ground.   We  hope 90 \  and if tbey cnnld only strike rich  prospects there, as according to every theory  of -j^ol d  m i ni ng, cops\de ri n g the ri oh n e?s of  beyond tbe reach of poor men, as the share-  hoiders in the different companies gehera!ly  are. It may^e ^aid-that tlie Hggrejrate capital so. far tnyesfcecl won 1 d 1 have pnrchased a  ntiniber/:.pif engines. ;l>iit then it has not been  all cash put of pocket at once, as would be  required for/-the latter. We would surest  (that'.vibe ditlerentCompanies affeeted should  ;takei-Sbmei steps'"to> get up one engine of suftl-  cient power, and let the corapany on whose  ground it is placed/ repay the amount advanced by others out of the first pay ; and in  cai������e of failure' let it be removed to ariotlier  cl a i m. Or a joint, .stock co mpany might be  formed, in which claim owners or any 6ne  else could,take stock for the purpose of importing machinery and hiring out to prospecting, claim 3. We. believe it won I d: be a good  sp ec n 1 at i o n fo f rri an u f ac.th r ers to sen d n p e n ���������  gines artd pumps to Cariboo - and h ire them  out* taking a pei'.centage; as is done in Australia ; ;ani>-other; mining countries^ *. The  miners are ,L n ob 1 y fl t ri vi n g;; to ; :d eye lop : the  country,;and-the capitalistsi who.;must.in the  e'nd^reflpprii er "oehegt^o f��������� tbw r Jd iscb ve pica*/  should, if not from public spirit, at.least for  thwr own sake, lend a helping hand.  NSW A DVBRTISRMBNTS.  "=y "      :     [ '.     ' '    " JJ  wiboo  eca.  BARNARD'S STAGED  MAKE THE BEST TIMEl..^.^',  \H 'jyZ  '���������"    DRIVE THE-T1ESTJSTOCK 1 ?.   :���������>-'    ���������<:  USE THE BEST CO A  HAVE4THEMOStCQM^  .'/"'' .CARa^..THE;.>ipSt/ PASSE^ERS!. 'I  :   do ^the/Largest business!  A:nd guarantee to connect with the 8i*amer������  :X at each-.eu'd.''-:..%'   '.���������'/'.,,;  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  NOTICE,     THE ORniNARY  ANSTUAI. GBMEHAT, MELTIKG  ������r tbe Willl;;:na Cre������5cKo0r������������ck:- Flume an;1 DUch  C^mpiny (liimitftd)', will bft held ������t their Office Ricli  fteM, on  MONDAY KVKNISG, 14ih'August, at hair-  past Stveo. o'clock, wlieu tbe Directors for'ilieuasu-  ibk; year' will bo elected.  -   ��������� '���������   '-, '���������    J;S. THOMPSON,  ."  ...... ��������� .Secrctiiry.  'Aujrnst4tbt 1871. au5  SYLVESTER'S .,  QYLVKSTKR'S EXPRE?^ FOR OMIXECA will lure-  U after l^avtv'QUKSN'BLMOtrTH on or about ih������ 1-t  Hn*l lfiili ol .cacli montb, naiilciug regular.trips twice  & r.u-aili.  %������������ A general Kipr������3H bu������ineRR cnn.!vct������d.  Xu6 .  KUFL'8 SYLVESTER.  The Last Chance for  Photographs!    .  b i  a w n  BEG3 to inform the iohftbjtynta of --Cari hoo .that all  . yr is h i tig t������. h a vo,. tUH r h i ken esses or Views o f  their.Houses or .C.]aita a title cb, ui tut call at  :,.>,      BARKERVILLE,  Ou o r boforo 15 th S:*i> torn hit.     . ''.  t������*l_ Ko one who/lntettda: wlnteriag iu Cariboo  shouH raisB tho present opportunity.'  ���������  au5U'" ''������������������/CHAKGES'-MODRKATE.    .. "  NOTICE.  A  the creek above ami the numerous gofd-bearing MreamR it receiver, a stimulus would be  at once civen to encoiirap^ tbe immediate introduction of flteam machinery on an ex ten-  ������lve scale. The workft whjch have already  >aen eanVtruct������|S.ftrewhat may h*������ conRulered  M-lfis r������frfection of wonden machinery, and  jft'wmfd cei'tiimly b������ a pity to see so much  Hme.labor.arfd-monoy na hau already hefiri  inTeiited thrown away, but with the enormous  volume of underproimd water which haab.et������n  frmnd at ehcb a depth a������ in tbo Gladstone  dlaWwa fear that, the present appliances  miiat eventually snecumb. Jn connection  V������ith this subject, tbe qft���������ai!on Hatnrally  ada**^,;bow are the meanR-to be procured to  pijt i)p.the roqnisik -rnhoWmry? Powerfn 1  .ij^jj^ja^.V'Urjfiptta^ are espearf^.aftiJ  COURT OF REVISION WI'I-L/BR Hi?T.n RYTHE  Rijpi.su'^r of tijft Cariboo KSectoral District ut th*"  UK-Iermuntionfitl   I'olUbg   Divisions,   at VI o'clock,  rj������">OD, on the respective diJtayrjz:;  ��������� K E1 TH I.E V CI? K EK - A \i g u S f,22- i, at M p 3 iu i tit '.</::  BAKKKRVH.LK���������August   31st,   at   RichQeb.l   Court  H.0U&3. . ' '.  WfiHTKlNO'CRERK���������Septeni'iicr' 1st, at Lin'.lbaiM'a  SajuOn. .       ���������      - i'-1  WILLIAMS I.AKK���������September 6Ui, atllr A. S. Bates\  ioO-SJilo Post. ... ;...'-'  QU ESN El .M 0 UTK���������St plvmber 21st, at Go ver o m en t  Oflice.   '   ���������  H. M/BALf.,  Resist wi r for Cari boo IHstriet.  RichdeW, Attentat 4lb, If71. au6  oaraing  F  mid. Bay  ������/  / >L������aye Barkerviiie; on Monday  ���������x     7~aTSlx ^ai������n~rreaijh"Yjile;Thtrrpday  .... .   ..at. Six p.m.. anil,, arrive, at Victoria on Saturday at Four p.m.,  FOUR DAYS AHEAD OF  3.M/-mails!.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  TANLEY  J. J.   ROBERTSON  |1E(39 TO ANNOUNCE THAT HE HAS OPENED *  AT STANLEY, -,-' LIGHTNING.CREEK.  '.'^iW-Tabift wili;RlwaT.9 be Mippljed with tho bfjit  articles tbat caa'bo gut lii CiCibyo, and the Bar with  ia0.y. ..      ' ��������� r y ���������'���������,' y'.'  ��������� v.t - ;:������������������ r ���������/:/,i'/- y / ��������� ���������  l^Pinest '^Wi&es:tt=:Li^uors  Stwley (Motttbl^stChaaeei^eck^l  :' -April gft/:l������Tlv:"-r^"-:^- ������������������/ '' -  ;   ap23  j������r REMEMBER. THIS!  . Travel law   bv   the   FAST  LINE   8AVK  FROM TWELVE TO TWENTY DOLLaHS  by not loitering, as other lines Uo, on this  road.  i jell F. J. BAUNAKD.  YALE AND BARKERVILLE,  Importers, Wholesale and  Retail Dealers in  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS,  WINES & LIQUORS,  "DRY GOODS, CLOTHING,  HATS &-;OAP������  ���������;'  ',,"''..*������������������"' BOOTS" & SflQES., ;.' ,'.;'.  AGRICULTUU A LI M PLEM ENTS, .  CIGARS & TOBACCO,.  ���������'"':'   STATIONERY,     ?I?'**'{'; " V  HARDWARE ���������&. CROCKEHT,  .. And a complete assortment of ���������  yr% Tit  OTEt,  [FOSMSRLY KOf^^fe5^E,l ���������  A;'.EELLY;/||;//;:  REGS to aar.ounce to at3.fricn<ta nnd the.public that  he haa purchased the K<Uor,de/Frwnct1. Burk^r-'  Tllle, which ii������ will c-pea tUU. 1st July (Domiiiioa  Dny), i8Ti.   . yZ[--% X'-^y ''������������������?-'.  COMFORTABLE BEDROOMS!;   !  -GOOD-BEDS!-;"'"' vi'^ ;  BILLIARD AND IUGATELLE';TABLIiS!  FIRST QUALITY IJQUORS<fcCIGARS!  WARE  .  RESTAIIRWT;-::;://^  AND'BAK|iTl,;  VrHt* OU).'-AND WFLJr"KKO.WH,..E^ABIJ^KUICKT  I.    ) i> :i 1 *fr m y n .������ u p \ ���������! I >. >' 1 vf.tt'h' .tho. h cai -. nf. ,������v cry tiling  tkAt CHii hie j>rectin;d in CkribLo.    ������������������..   ���������;���������/ . y       ;  Board, - - $12 pet Week.  Single'��������� /Meal's,-:-> - - - $1.  Th* CVlebnilsfl  DISSS, PATIIT M1BICIIES,  Opptm h c- i in er IJ r<������a. b eg , to i n U ������rm Trtul erf, ]li I n >!r*  anil F������nTH?xs n-quinng ;t stwlc of G<umU ihat tiipy  h ul * 1 ;* 1 i r ^'J ;t li.ti va ���������! 1 Pf.-l ctoii a gMtf t iri������ -n t, a u d ' ar������s  pr--p:tr.".<l t'������ s U at fch������ Loive.st Miiri^t 3-rim������3.  A'^*" We . lii vile inspttciKtuof our Stoclc before pur  chasing eist'wIifTK  tt^. NK'A7 GOODS are bciug itrcelvad continually.  Fresh. Rancli Batter,  OP BEST QUALITY,  RECEIVED   BY   EVERY  EXPRESS.  OPPENHEIMER   BROS.  my lii 3m  FRESH   GROUND    COFFEE,  A suprtrif>r srticlo to any wbicli cart b<������ hail Trom b^-  \o\\t Rr.unt*"l :>ei'1 GrfuiE'.l on tli������ prt'-misw tr^.-m th������  bc������t H-Heotisd berxics, and w������rram-i;(i iroo frum ai'.ul-  torrttioii. :  jU7 .T. G. C;00"OJ-ON.  y-^  \K7i  ���������  JUST RECEIVED  AT     REJVJVIE'S  A !arg������J Btipply.of  LADIES AND GENTLEMEN'S  Saint   Joseph's   Mission, |  WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C.,  Co d or tb e rt:recti<-\\ oi t h *.'  RET. FATHERS OT5LATKS0F MARY IMMACULATE,  ,^T"ill tie.open for tho nrcepiiim of Pupils on  WEDNESDAY, jMT 30,1873.  T 3 KMS:  Hoar'l ?*n4 Tuition, for SosflKm of cloven months, $220  WafctrtriK k Mt'-nding Liiu*n " ���������'   .    ,;       $:������  Fayrawitg t.o bn mitly &rvr$ halt smkioii in Adranco.  <SO" Fr������r farther particiifaw, apply to  Uin Kev,  Father Director, Si, Jogfpii'ii ilUFion. jy29 lm  DURIN'G KV APSENCK, MR JOBW BIBHY, who  Uolis m;r Power ol Attorney, will conduct my  bnsinoss la Baric en-ilia tin tinsmith umi Stovo-  cleiiKjr,  aAKI)ERS02C; PSAKCT.  > KG TO ANNOUNCE THAT TREY RA VK KBMOVED  9   w the jipiioiuus j������rt'nn?������H i'ornu'riy Icdowd ������p the  Hi.   Gt-org������ Si loon, v^Uuru   they will be at all ti mo b  prupnred to furu$j&  BOARD    AND    MEALS  OF   THE   BEST   QUALITY.  Th������   BAR       fnmiKhed with the ftneut WINES.  UQUORS aud CIGARS    ���������  Board,  -  $12 per Week.  jclT Im  COMMMioST^ORAGE,  AND  j General Agency.  jjs*0- Nf������w Goods will.-.he received every  W6������;k during the deacon. 4^  BOOTS, SHOES,  OIotBiiig  and Groceries,  OF THE BEST QUALITY.  yor������al������ at the Store of the tmt!������ftiUriifc<1 in H������flter  viile.oppoBitothe JJaaJcof Brltjcb Cohnnhis.  jetT  ftHi:r>������al  JA^  ipwr  yyicKHAM,  Dissolution of Partnership  \\JK. THE UNDERSIGNED, heretofore doing had-  If    nwis at the 127-MIiu  H.ms.*,   on   the Lillooft.  Alfxandrid WatgKon Road, ������n<ler ttie tltlo of WRIGHT  & PRATT, have tbles day diKwjlved partnership hy  ElUtiSill CODSfRt.  All parti oh. iudebted to wu<i Firm will pleanc settle  with Mr Davhi Pratt, who will pay ali debts ugaittBt  tho ui Id Fir rn.  B1tj������ t ������8fc,   ���������  }:..:���������  pavid pkat:.  johk wbi6ht.  ^  ���������  .': .^iw  l >'i I  if  'h|  THE CAKIBOO SJM1  SATGffHA^ptjSv. S, ���������187.1;';:  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ; ���������r^v'-vritxiAjj'citfcRK. -.'���������' ;!-"",^Vv'"*  The ^Fp.^?'9^���������1J^8������iv1^iffhe(^ ?.lft^fc week'J6I), nz.  The Ballh^  creek claim* are all cleimin^.wp.. The Me;  'Lart1 n*'Co:'hnveAft n wn ed fo r tfiW p resent; the  ground as worked back not pavmtr aa well.41a  expec ted". The Bro 11 se arid Dutch Bi 11;co/g;  promise to clean up wel)."    ;> r; J 'yZxy*Z  y.        'y YAI.T.KT , MOUNTAIN. M IZ'l I 'X V "  The Discovery and Valley Mountain co.'s  are doing as. well an usual.  .  ,''.,.,,'��������� yZoti^KxiiKimi'y . tr,y -' ���������  -The Red Gnuntie; cm; .are'?ftih^mg^ another"  ph(ift' 1 n3th& deep a r'ounilv 'hayingVstruck  smooth rock and ho aiders in the 'fl rat aha ft,  The Heron co. are at. work again, running;  i������ack after the old cliajineL;^ ,"  ��������� ������������������ ������������������ s^^ifJow^ kb Vjcrt r icx^';:.;v;'/'  The I)lack ifi^  Slftp for want of water to r thei r wh eel.   What j  little ground they *coii Id take 'Sp nt last week  ijaM^^J^ wfll ;as /itsuaU   This company now  'ipeal^LgetUng;.on' engine, y yy  '.. _  $lZ-& 5'-i-igijj^^X'xo;:okk      *[f..'.''.". ���������..:'.  -.!W\e;Sonfth;;"VY alestfoxlast week;wasH������fd 178  ' oti\ the Spruce co; 36 mi:   The Gladstone co.  have, been -. coin pel I ed to; sii spend opera tio ns  o n ac c ou n t. of; t he. wa jer being too h ea yy f<������r  t h em I a1 tho t 1 gh the i r ��������� ������l e va t Ors ih row 300 gal -  Ions ;i|)e.r minute^   The OVTictor i a eoyCOfl tin ne  ��������� Mftiug through rock.;: The yaisconv^r co.  wil have'their new elevatorpelt'rirework in a  ! ������w dti w������>' . T h ti; Ele vi* n o f: Ting 1 a net -oi fc. are  > t i 11 w (1 r k i n g i n * li e A h d elrso'n: ,e re>k ch a n n el  '.mi g������������o.d j*'��������� \y.;avei*a#in g tVxjui .1 -5 to, 20 oz., to  rhestft, I'Viif. Lic!i^nu^;cV>;,havy;ieen blast  i n g 111 roii '\i a en n yf in;'; The;: Ito sa bo, ��������� ha y w  got!fa+*lr tei i 1 - ra ce. fin is h ed an d their"' w heel -pit  dug, and are about atarting to'sink;  .   /JACK O^Ol.UnS^RKKX./.;  The Rirfit C hanc'p:co.> haye sunk';a wel 1 hole  Tfim] pOmmenced drifting from1 tho shaft. They  *1 v getfintr -l������oM. Hu 1. have n01 done work  .'*'!jo)tuh"tn't*������8t. tbp claim. The "Two Sisters  **'*. strMckVrofik���������^^.w^iifr^MiU/rp'tlciiittg off:  fli^y. tt^*'^1|������uS:jfX'jX5.:f������������et<(lt9^;p'J' or 45 feet more  rh������i n -thx ������i r fi������< t ������i i a ft. ������������������ T h e, Va i 11 a i\ c10 u r c 0. are  .uhuiU Parting tWir m-I'chiuew.    *        ' ''  chants will not suffer its to he starved out  'when wis have the metal to ;p������i'y for it.  ���������; M p Engl j sh arn ved here "Wi th" bee f on"t hie  1"(Mii-j. and - Paul Ercole; witii aheep, on the  'imyy-yiyyZy-'-'Z1' ' :^l'-:Z -' ���������"���������-;' ��������� i  '      prices op provistoks, KTC.  -: rierir, 60c per lb.; heahs. 7oc ; susptr. $!f;  bacon, $1 25 ; tea, ������2 50 ; cotfee, $1 ; rice,  SI';utohacc6,:$3'; nails^ 90c; eruni boots. $20  per-pair;" shoveHi $120 per dozen (very  scarce);. pick������, $H4 per dozen (very ficarce).  Tinware in demand and very scitrce, selling  enormously high.   Beef. 60c per. lb:; mutton,  50c.  J. U.  'REPORT OF THE GRAND JURY.  To Iri������ Hon. H. P. P. Crkask. JurIice of the  Supreme Court of British Columbia.  The G rand Jury fot* the District of Cariboo  beg respectfully to represent:  HThat aithongh a cotmnnnication from his  Excellency the Governor, dated 25th August..  1870, was received by 1 lie Foreman of the  Grand, Jury ;of this district for last year,  stating that his Excellency; won Id ps������y atten-  t\on to" "the"fo 1 towing" si11������jects, no 1 hing has'  yet been done in the; matter:  1. No increase has been made to the inadequate amount granted'to the Cariboo Uos-  p i tai, the ana 1 ial feiibsidy to which des*rv-  ; ing institution we are of apiui.-ui should be  anginented to at least five thousand dollar.<  2. No inore frequent sessi0im 0f (he Suj������rem e  Court have beeh held, nor have tlie exor-  ' bi taut fees of the County Court been re-  ���������   duped. ���������  3. No grant has been made to,the William  C ree k F i ro B r i gad e', a 1th o ugh an a p p rop ri -  tition of $500 was recommended at the last  fie'ssi 0 n of the Leg is 1 ati ve Ce u u ci\* "������������������������������������    ..  We, ,wV>Mltl,.thei*ef!>re- h'ftjj once mor^:to call  at tentiou t������ > tl ������������se i rn p or faint" matters, b'ei n\* of  o pi \ 1 i o a th a I th e a in 011 n t 0 f; lax a) io n paid by  the people of-Cat i boo entitles themlo^xpect  more consideration, and that' the, charge for  'seek i n% j:n Mice sh ou 1 d n 0 i h ������; grea t ex. ��������� i 11, an y  one portion of the province than in another  We won 1<1 reeotmnend , that the,; approp.ri ���������  a tion made i������8t session for, trails in t.h i-s district be expended without dfiuy. Tlie Lo.vv-  heeii'ai i lis bad 1 y i it w an t 0 f" repni rs>; 'al. i rai I  is, wa ii ted to; Jack : 0 f C.l n b������ c re e k. Wjl iicU  promisos.to be an important mining 'locality V  theivoad $tptp Cam*vr������mton to the- Meadows  should be put in onier. and. it road, of some.  sort is required lb (he Hospital,'-whither il, ia  [BeforeH. M. Baw, E?q;Gold ComralESioaer.]  FniDiY; 28th Jiily.  McLatjoklik Co.\vs. Stkadmaic Co.���������Action  to rest ralii d ef enda n ts I rom diver tin g a ce r-  tainfquantity of water from Walker's gulch.  lo: which plaintiffs claimed they were entitled  under their record, and also to recover S25  d n mages fo r d i v e rsio n by d e f end a nis 0 f ��������� sa me.  I )e f en d an is set 11 p a title ii h der r eco rd in t he  name .of the''Ah Fat."; co��������� and showed that  . the A ti Fat and t he Stead wan on m pa nies were  RiibHta-ntialiy one and the same, the latter,  which is on the right bank of William creek,  h������ving been purchascd by the owners ot the  fu rin er. w h i c h; was o n th e J eft bank 0 p p os j te.  Afler avirnment by counsel, the Commlsr  s io n e r, ga ve j 11 d g men t i n favor of de fen d a n ts.  Mr Waikem, for plaintiffs.   Messrs Robert-.  son and Barnston. for defendants.  ,      REGISTER OF THRRMOMKTER'"  At Richfield.; from - I2tn to ; 3lst ^Jttly,  1871. taken at 9 a.m. each day, shriwine thft  highest and lowest range fir, preceding 24  hours: yX\XXy: yyy:  .;;'���������;;;���������'���������":;:-- 1'yy.  ,������������������';���������   r;.'.MAX.-.  ���������.-"Mrjr:  July 12���������78-  33  33���������7(?v:  38  ���������������������������;;������������������ u���������iG  ��������� 42  XX 15-68  37  1G-80  41  17���������P0  41   18-70 '  38  ��������� 19���������76 -'  35  20���������71  38  .-  ,n~m  39  : "yxyy-yikxy-  -Mis,  July 22-77-.  4ft  23^76  30  '*.>-&&&���������<.  Z%  25���������67  ;  3ft  ->26-74.:-  40  ."���������".-; 87- km ���������  4ft  ' 2S-61   ..  \ m  x w.ifcjfi'%  39  ���������V'.;    30-76 X'  42  ,31���������7a .  :?,������,-  f h������ mean temperature for July was .55.34 fff  the niHxwminii beincr S0������ on 16th and 17th,  and the m 1 ninium 29r=>, 0n 1st. ;/ '>  , Thkatub Royal.���������The performance by the  Amateurs on Saturday evening last for the  benefit of Mrs S. Vi- Parker Was not so well;  attended as nai^ht have been expected. The  per to r n������a n ce; h bwewrT" ga v e "���������cpI'll re sa f isfii c-;  tioxii The farce, v Sketches in India^wwas  well play fd and afforded mil ch a musement;  M r M ci )enn 0 tt,: as Si r; M a th e w Scraggs,; th e;  It1 tiff: ca pi ta i is t. w h o had ri se n from' no tti i ng;;  Mr Pe vre t. as Tow Ta pe, th e L on d o n' s t age-  str u ck ta i 11 >r; M r Th 0 in pso n. as Co u n t; GI ori -  ���������f u x.: t he F re n eh rn a n, who pe j s e u ppl a n fed : liy;  the tailor in his wooing; Wr Pearson. aa..Capt;  Dorr i hgion ���������;;���������'��������� a nd M r M Hrshal I; as. Mil ton, a 11  p erf 0 lined t h ei r e I Va racters a d m i rabf y.; . M ri  Parker.sustained the.part of:-Sally. Scrsjrgs^  the would-be tragic actress,: lo perfection;  Florence Wilson; as the. dignified and tas-  ti,d iivus Lad y: Scragg3. p rou d of h er an cien i  pe(11 g������������������tee, c01 lid not be;; excelled>��������� Snd. ��������� Wiss  Pi ur J 01 ni.. as Po p I i n, made a ca p i t������ 11 ad y *b  m������id. Miss Minnie .Parker flah^ ^Th^tiiey  niissme at home?'' very sweetly,aj'J'cam^iny  ing'herseSf very tastefoily on 1 he .piapo,,and  receiverla rapturoit8;;;eiicm^  ���������: ^( a)zgi e M ay *T ��������� wi t h '���������1 ni \ ich u������ jVpla 11 se; '��������� Tli is  yo 0 n ������* I ad v- p rom ises to. b eco me an; acco m -  plished-vocallet and musician. MrsJ. Hudson  ������fani?:<* Up in a bal 100n J' and Mr" J; McArtliur  .*��������� P iii ling im id a>a inst; the . stream" a iid  'l\ Jessie ��������� the flower of I) ti rub lane,'' in excel-  lent style. " . ; _ !;���������';���������. ;/���������'./".     [ li' ''���������!  Tn k Svjii y ������ y/ino Pa rtikS:���������Th e th ree par 11 es  tii at h ave bw 11 o rga n i zed to ��������� fi \ it vey. th e ;di Ifer-  ���������;';-om[n:^'a ^kyt-s. ���������������������������'.:��������� -^  Mr R, Sy 1 v e- fat, wi th t he Orn in'eca Express,  wrrivt'ii at Quesnel month 6h'?.7th, but was too  ?mich hiirrW preparing to jji������fc off agnin  to j espeeiiiliy in the Chinese seciions, with a view  oorne in to llarkorvilld.   A large number of j to promote, the sanitary welfare and cleanli-  '-letters were brought In by Johnson's Express j ,1(i^r ot thejown. '/..'. .  from  old  Cariboos to  their fVUuwls.  the i���������"    *v������ w������"]* c������������ attention to the condition ol  hVex^ressini* favor' \        pnbtie offices, at  Hichliehl.    ihe Court  minlhir nvtdTin, was ' Honse is mit?erab.ly detieieiil, in accomrm>da-  Eowes5 Pass, and the other following up the  lion' fo r j 11 r 0 rs.' w |( n essi* a a nd ��������� \h e p 11 hi i c. aud  the jail  is too small far the recmirt*meats oi  ���������jjferierJii tone of which, whli  nhle opinions of th*4 new  to dissuade any parties who had anything to j  .���������^epend on 'in Cariboo from starting north for j  -the liiWnt season. ^    so targe a district.    We would   surest,  ui at.  It. will be seen .from our special c *rrespond- iif   :il1; tl^e'Govern ment., iKt iidln^s -wore re  ents letter Mm.!; three new oiveks have been | mtW��������� u\Larkerviile. me eeutre o(  pupula-  lion in the neijihborhood, \t. would be a de-  TlTK G P10I.OOTOAT, SUR VKT.���������M ri; ��������� Bet wy n,  Chief, of the Geo) opfica 1 Department of th*  Do un n i on. an d M r ft i ch n rdsqn. wh o h ������ v e b e*n  ap'p6in'te'd * to; mak������ a geb'iog\ca 1 surv������y of  this ���������province, have arrived in Victoria,' ,���������������������  conrpafiied by two, phAto2rapherR;frrt������n th������  Mtablishment of MrNnttman;ifdatreal, wh������  i ij tend, ta k 1 n ff ��������� "vie ws o f s orrie of the 1 hi teresV  J he 'scenery of the interior arid coast;. Tt la  proh ������bl e th a fc t hf s season t h e p������Tty will fol tow  the rftujas:taken by *pme of <the railway bui>  teyiup: parties, ;XZ\/hZyX-'">i ."?. Z;"-ly.  tn it Cr ors.���������Fro m pa r'tie's; wh 0 -tin ve 1 s t������*l y  "been through the farmihsr section, about, Williams Lake, .we ;U������arn-;'that fhefcryyps in. thai'.  viciriity are not 1 ikH y < 0 be worth, much this  year-on acconnrof ;<her dry. weather, i On t������  an d b a rley���������wi 11- conseq u en 11 y -. p rob a bl y v ba  ec;irce and~dear~;nexifwinter. v,;A-fewrn^w  p Ota toe?? "ha v e b ex������xi co m i h fc" 5 n'" for 1 ha 1 ast feri  cl ay p. fin d ��������� sel 1 i b g ai; from fi fteeb -to twenty  cents per lb.������.. *���������/���������<.:��������� XI iyy:X.yy\ ������������������ ��������� u J. 1-/ : u>   .  ;' -FaiiioTTT iAaRTvrKOr-J5p(������rry,s;;t?arm; wltS  fl ot t r t'o r > "Harper B ros.. i W a t so ii's, per'Aoh e rs'  ������nd Ryder's ;t������������ ws.^with. Assorted //freight, for /  d i ff f *r e n t par ti es. (apriytsd. this' week, an d, pay is'  p*n c k t rai n, wj tji. flour, and hams fro in' Kain-  100 ps for A... :T>f c W h a I G rouse \ c reekV * T he "*:<! e-  m no d / f 0 r freight" to O in i n ecft; '11 as .ren dere'A ���������  a n; ma) a' b c arc e id th e I owe h cou ntry, an d rates .  of.freight are advancing/ ,;���������;/ / yyxy r_.,., y^ '  {. ,���������������������������/Qcick T1M k���������Th ei \V il 11 am ; Greek- Ivi re Br>;::  ! fcade .at' tii ei r,. w eek 1 y; ,r������ rac t ice: o A^Tfrti f$da y :  threw a stream over the roof of the'Masome  U������������������ill from the'lower tank- ;tiirou]rh'50()';fee> hf '.���������  hose;;in'one nnriute; and:a jial^  the engine houBe,and a second stfeam-in-two/  ���������minutes.  ��������� . ,t. ���������   yyXlX"'  cided convenience to the com in unity,  . ���������.   J. S*3*������xcKs Tt*o'.fi\soN, Foreman.1  COUNTY COURT.  struck east from Germanstui', but what tbey j  will result, in remains,to be seen.  M r Byl vest v. r w r i le's,. th wi fo u r n e w c reek s  Imvebeeostrnclc about fourteen mites  from  Germ a use n creek t prospecting well, coarse  gold.  .    STECIAt OeRnESPOrSTDKiraK.  GKIIMANSKN* CltKKK, JU1V 10, 1S71-  Very little, mining has been done ou Ger- p.. M'anktta vs. H. (iuMm<%>-'-Judgment  innnseu creek since my last report, hut the j summons. Defendant alleged that he.. had  water is now failing fast; so that most of the  heen prospecttiig and had not -made his ex-i  Nvwth TliotMp.MOM towards Leal her Pass. Mr-  Mahood and party are. now at Qnesnelmonth.  bni|ding boats, with the-, intention of .folinw-  ing up the Fraser to Tele Jaune. Cache. We  have had the pleasure ot meelinjr Mr Mahood  11 ere this w eek. IUs his' i hi en tip u t o e x p 1 <vre  11 w best ro n te west fro tn Lea t ii er Pa*s, a nd i f  he should find tbe 'Ho minion Fans, discovered  hy F.-iilack io i������f#. to be as praplicahle as 'gers  repi'eseuied, it is jtossiide that it may be  selected as the line/for his reiaroi  ,; Thk. Sufrkmk ; Court ���������Th.e A������sizes;-  over the Conrt has, 1 eft for below onc,e mchqb*  Jutee Crease,.being In delicate health, wept  to Qu es n ei mou th 1 as t Sa t u r d a y. a rid M r Poo -  ley. th ������ R'egi s t r ar t le ft y esterda y.  ; Wkrt.kyas CagncH-fr.Eey..-.J:'Hat 1. who.ha������  bee n a p p ������������������& \p ted et i ccesso r to Re v. T. De nick  in th e. .mi n 1st r y  a t Bar Ice r v i i le) ar r i ve d by '  15 a i' n ard.'s Ex press 1 asUwt i r d ay.      .  Jghnsojj & Gkkow'h Express; 'with th������  mail, arrived at 9 o'clock last night, aud two  C h i n a me n a u d si x C h i n e ae wo men aa j>a*seh*  On a ng its.���������By  to -m * > r m w Ja   e x p ress   Rev,  butt er. p a eke d 111 gi asa j ars.  Jambs Reynard* anil family leave tor Nanai-  Vv ho is to be the" rev. gentleman's suc-  mo.  {VtetoTH.K, W.  tt'dl, Lv-q , O'.hi'.-Commisaioner and  companies will be startinfe shortly to put in  their wing-dams, and then look out for lively  reports'.  The creek claims on German sen creek were  laid over to July 3d.  The Davis co. are now working in the  month ot Black Jack Caleb, and are averaging $50 per day to the interest.  Several new creeks have been discovered  lying to the east of Gernsansen creek, and  j*ood prospects obtained.   The first���������Mansen  to pay i cal duties, but iu the Interest he has taken in  1 theestal>liMunent and' jiistatc-timi" *f classes  Novel Impchstatrosr-Mr J. Wi cH) am jr*-  ceived this week a shipment of California  I*H oto 0 a A? ������ Y.���������Eve r y one sh on 1 d a va 11  11 i insel f o f the 1 as t c h h n ce offered b y BI an c,  and have his likeness taken in time..  ���������f  \h  ceesor we do riot"yet ki������o w, b������t vve under-  id h is d nel er<r y man is on the way h i 1 ber fro m  England or Canada. ,, Tbe people of Bsrker-  vi; ie v,-i 11 miss Mr Heynai:d itinch..  FrAva the  first establish men t of a mission of the Ctmrch  of "England here he  has  identified  himself  with ihe district, not alone in his ecclesiasti  pernios since last October,  mon thly 7nsta 1 raents of S Ji0.  certs have afiorded nnicn pleasure during the , jj,,t;.11^th]p.o:- tmiai������ni to be h������M hen.n, the a'Jda  winter months, ruins tuiure helo ot acliott Jcounon tlw SBth day of Jan*, in?Uiat,,iii.ll o'chwk  we w\m\ Mr K-evnard success and happiness, hi-thefwenrow jvrt'ci������oiv,aL Illchiiyl'i, loadalsb to't'h*  while we rWrot the loss thitt Cariboo will sua- Cj������������t ou the aim. day of Hmrfianber nwowiuifc?.  tain by hM departure. jfi rcquird to surrcuaw to pass his tiociini exatuta>  Coming and GoiNG^-SevenU P^Ues have  ^%^m meelja * .cr6dUl,w tbc B^stnir ^������,  eft ive.ro lately for the umineca minr^, oi  retittivc thisproofof thorffhu-of tho creditors, anrf ���������������������������  37, balance of account. Mr LUrnsroiuf'or defendant, admitted the correctness of the original charges, but-claimed that in addition .to  the sums credited in current account he had  paid $18, oh Dec. "iB, to one Ah Kow. plaintiff's salesman. This All Kow dented, but  defendant and two witnesses swore to the  Bankruptcy Notice./ .  H BR RAS a polities for v. u a djn <l! cat ion of Ban Vc ���������  rnpicj* whs on ihe 21st day ol" jour,' 1871, i\fatl-  Wer M'ij:*ty'sOmiiuy C-.mrt ��������� >f.���������' Bn.itsh Quiutnhi���������������'  hy Marvis I\- Els-obkj un������l������r which th* said Murviu  K Etmcro has been adjadKfd bankrupt.   Notloft1 u  hwtthy given that Mnrviu i*. KJmuro is lo:r������hy. >r������-  ment and  accidentally  jstnrn-bled   on   i,oat  Creek, from which tbey panned out, $12.  'Thero are at present a great many miners  out prospecting, no that.we tway expect to  bear of m.my more new stvike������.  Omiueca lias a population of about 1000.  .and not m������>i'������ than 42 voters.. What think  you of the Registration Act iu a miuiag conn-  try 1 ��������� ��������� ' ' ������������������ t  Provisions are coining in very slowly arid  ������ellin% i-normhu^ly bigh, and it in" feared t-he  mipply- ordered an'd m th������ way tip will not  be near sufticient i^> supply the demand, a������  PASSKNGERS  By Barnard"������ Express, arrived 2,?)th tfutv���������  From  Yale���������Rev. J. Kail.   J. Q. Findhiy  From   Qti*8nt?"  Lid die,   Down  Rdjbertson. Isaac  month���������-E. Lungell, Thoa.Noma}ouu French-!    jfAff, FOu Ominkga--A -contract- hasbeen  iwan������ made by P. O'Beilly, Kw|m Gold Commi*-  r Sylvester, to carry a mail  ably without fiudinir nnythlny; equal to hie oflicrd A������,slj?nee, wtmm t.hi? Cwurt hus appointed,.an������i  'own claim. A4 the latest reported disco v- \&��������� .notice tu Joux a. Barssi-cv, SoilcJtor, of l\i&-  juries  appear to  be eomb^ nearer to n������; we j fiylli- ja M KS UN DSAY,/  lev. J. Hall.   J. Q   Find lav ������������"tf8  *W*XT tl)  bfi oonung iw������r������r to iuf we| ��������� JA  lmouth~P,   Neulelder,    MiwIb������P������ l0 ��������������� tfae prOKpectu^conimm^tjh a| ^ituri  30th Jnlv��������� To Yalel. \ p !continuous range ol paying aiggmga will ex-\    Bieuti<?M, June 00th, Wd.    ,  lo Oppenhdmer.   To Qu^nebj U*nd from Willmmto Germansen creek.       . | q "���������   "    "    1^T10>ir>A  and OflioiHl Assignfto.  Steam  Engine, for  Sale;  By Johnson; & Gerow?a Express, arrived  July 29��������� Two Chinamen and six   Chinese  women.  Yale.  fiioner, with  l\  from   Quesn el mouth  to   Germansen   creek  en.   Down, July 30.���������Col. C C. Lane, in j twice a month for Hire* months, and once a  .t ,      J. W. Stepbermon, % McDon*{ull. (;. month.for the remainder of the year.   The  we consume at prefietit about- 3,0aO poundo Saeon, Joaepbine Deville, to ���������Qp.wneUao^t^ ��������� next Express *nd m&il will Icuvo -Qneutwl*!  TWKNTV   HORSE    COUPLKft    HOMZONTAf*  Kz>giu* aud BoihT,  with or without huutlcg  goar,      ' ���������a WO   The MACHINERY KOit A n,OUR MILL, complete.  SVjP-mrttcalsflfVefplr '*������ XliTfAKD WILSON, or t������  3  '��������� ill  '���������:.  ;      j  ;,   -.  :.-.;  -"    t  81������ S������  r-.  :-f������iiii,  te  mw,.Juiu������.������iJ>. .....Ml..', u.j!.*wn^w!  ' Bealwoland TBUTHFt/X���������Four lines more  beau.tifiii-than the3e are rarely"written. The  figure which is involved is exquisite :  - *; A solemn murmur in the soul  ... ~ Tellsof the world to be, ,��������� ...  *'--; ['As' travel]ers hear t lie bi 11 ows rolI.  ,  Z    Be/ore "they reach the sea.  {Four lines :rmore truthful than: these are  rarely written :'..  \  That;awful'buzzing in your ear  ;.;���������;'    When you retire to bed,   }    ''.}  Z Tell you that swilling brewer's beer  y-    Is dreadful for the head.   ','���������'    ' .  Wkix Told���������The sad story of Cleopatra is  4 thus told by a truly rural;poet:'  She got a little p?ie.on snake,. .-  And hid it in her gown ;  . ���������*���������">   It "gave it9 little tail a shake,"  ;'-'r-. ';���������'��������� And did her job up brown.  ; '    She tumbled down upon her bed,  \V h e re sh e was - w o n t to 1 i e,:   ",..'   ,  .. '.'..���������. ;;.'Romp.ved;ber.chign on' fro m. her .bead.......,  And followed Antony.  Z Plai^Tkuths���������An old psalm in a favorite  ������.i?������ritan;collection has this stanzas.:   x> ���������  --yy. yy- The>race is not unto the man- *  That doth the fastest run,: ��������� ���������  ���������f.j >���������.... Nor the battel - ���������   ;...   y       ������������������'-:  .;..;���������     .   To tho peopel..    ,< ��������� , V;--.   '  :, That.havo the longest gun..     \X-.   .  ���������*' Taokiv' and Ahsintkic���������The association of  German brewers' in"the* United States has  1 atel y. iss ii ed a ri. add res's in ,w h i ch tii e idea. is  ..broached that lager beer is one of tbe sources  of national strength of Germany, and points  ,to the.-conquest of rFrance in support of; the  r hypothesis.- It has been heretofore asserted  *t.-b'at. strong spirituous beverages, such as. al-  'feinth e, we re sap pi n g the m en ta 1 an d p h y si c a I  ctaraina of ..the.. French, and-unlikely as the  suggestion may seem at the first blush, a contemporary considers-H not impossible that,  the convivial habits of the two races may  ��������� b'aVe had'important bearing upon tlieirsteadi-  ' hesa and/power of enduronee upon the field  ot  battle,.aud lhat a portion.of the, madness  v'tbat has. been displayed by the Paris Com-  * mumstsniay be traced to thy fiery stimulants  which have become the foshion in Paris. It  seems to  us that the imbibing of a combin  ; a tion of lager and absinthe would be essential  to; the,reception'* .of su ch a theory. The Teutons were remarkable for. physical development and prowess long before 1 steer beer w; a  ever heard of, and on tho other hand, some oi  the worst-of the French Red Republicans.  both in the first, and last revolution, were of  temperate habits. Robespierre was re mar k-  i ��������� a b 1 e.; fo r his .ab's'tem ious n ess.��������� [Phitad el p hi a  r:Ledger.;':':-..;- ���������,- ,.X^>Xf\ ;. ylXy  \l*   "WH AT TH "fc 0 L1) ESQUIMA CX WOMAX  OF Po-  iarls ;SATS. ABOu?.; HeLL���������Han ri.h h . i s rather  cp n fused in her. id ea a o f t h e eel est j al regie ri s.  In answer to an interrogatory on the subject'.  aba spoke of I the sam e sa v a go et ysi n m���������t he  happy h nn ting, ground���������w h i c h has u n i versa!  credence among, the -aborigine.*'of the United  r States^ ." The'i hf ern al" regi oh s" were pie I u red  as a place riot of everlasting fi re. but.an ab'otVo  down ever so far beneath the surface of tlie  , earth, where the heat was very great, almost  insufferable, and where vermin; ��������� in myriads  11 p on . my ri ads. p rey e d. u p o a   the  unlucky  damned of the Esquimaux.   It is said that, as  far as the vermin are concerned, their ice  huts on earth are about as near air approach  lo the torments of an Esquimau hell as one  could well conceive, and it is very much to  be doubted whether, after a long life in hie  Arctic home, the hardened old Innuit sinner  will over be seriously annoyed with his creeping friends in the regions below.  MISCELLANEOUS.  VAM    WINKLE    STORE,  -.."������������������". ... ��������� - '.  ������������������'��������� '., 'Lightning Cueek.'.: ���������  ���������yl-n ...:,���������������������������' "~ y   --!_ '  MINERS AND TRADERS will And it to .their advantage to purchase at thisStore, where there is  A lARGE ASSOraiEHT OF GOODS  Of theverybest- doscriptiou on-hand,"and the Stock  constuntlyrcplenishedhy new arrivals. Thepropne  ,: tors willscllGooUs        ; ,  AS'CHEAP AS  ANY IN. CABIBOO. '  Orderspromptlyflllod.and forwarded with dispatch  ������������������'��������� ���������������������������'������������������'   BEEDY Si LIKDHAP.D,  VanvWinkle, Proprietors  MISCELLANEOUS  J. P/ TUNSTALL & Co.;  B BOW CHURCH YAKD, LONDON.  J. H. TURNER & Co,������  VICTORIA, B.C.  $������?* Goods houpht in the European Markets to order, and consignments of Goods from  British Columbia 6old in London.    ':.  REFERENCES     IN  LONDON���������London and Westminster Bank, Lothbury.  Messrs. Cbpestatie, Moore &, Co., 5 Bow Church Yard.  .   VICTORIAT-B'ank of British North America. ��������� my6 6m  ���������ron~- wof-ks9  'Z;MZ ���������'. .^iqtoria,. b:c.,,v.  MANUFACTURE STEAM ENGINES AND BOILERS,  ��������� either High or Low> Pressure,  piNsiND ��������� pufflpiic iimmw,  GristvQuartz.and Saw Mills, and in fact nnythinir  cohuecied v;ilh the Machine businoss.. Iron and  Brass Castings of all descriptions. On hand'and tor  sale; a larffd assortment of Shent, Bar and other Iron,  BnikT BoltSj Jack ScreVs; Brass Cocks, Gloho Valves,  Cemetery Railings of diflerent .]������attorn>*, .Car-Wheels  with Iro'n and Steel Axles, Steam Pipe Fittings, &c.  All, orders promptly attended to. Terms Cash, at  our Works in Victoria.    '    ' ���������     ���������     -    :i;   "���������   .  inyl3(Sm   ������ ���������   :-SFRATT fc IRvTNO.-Proprietors.   ���������  X,  ,���������-FLOUR.  FOE SAI.E AT CLINTON IfULL!'  A.'aiLMORE,  "T  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  ���������-........'���������',      ������������������ .'      '������������������     ;.* ��������� ". ���������-  HAS ON HAND, AND IS CONSTANTI.Y'receivln.^.a  larjro -assortment of .CLOTHS, CASSIMEKKS  and VKSTINGS. which he. is prepared to make to  order in the most approved stylos; 1')  ..  j&r Parties;; on  "William   Creek, can- havo their  measures taken hy Mr McCalliiih, Barkcrville.  ij@* All orders irom Carihnu promptly'atte'nded lo.  ��������� ���������.,-   . myO'lm ...  sSODA  CREEK,; ,    ...  . ..-���������      ���������  .';'���������..QUESNELLE,.and ���������'  '.' j  '-;���������������������������:  BARKERVILLE  iov* J. HARPER,  eleffPai  Store Street (between Herald and Fisgard)  VICTORIA, B.C.  ANDREW ASTRICO, -   .....   PP.OPRIF.TOR.  The most commodious and clean Hotel in Victoria.  It is conducted oh' the European prhioipie.- The table  i s s u ppl ieil wi th tii e. very,h esc- ti te mar ket. a fiords^;.  ; JI eals at all 1 hours of i he .day. , l^riya t o Di ui ng  Rooms lor Families.'  .   Board and" Lodging per week,  $o 50 and $C 50.  Pe r. - da yX .-$1.'.: Si n'gl e m eals, 3 7 % ce ii ts,    Beds} 00c.  i$3y 'Fireproof Safe in tho House.   .       myti 6rn  ;     For Sale,  ���������    '       ' ') ''    '' '      '    i-  MOST.' EVEEYTMS  TT  ���������Miners'1 Provision  Store)  "���������BARKERVILLE.  T  THIS STORK  will always bo found r well-  selected stock of tho ���������;������������������������������������  FRESHEST    GROCERIES    AMD  PROVISIONS   IN   CARIBOO.  BEST JAVA COFFSB ly]  Roasted and Ground daily.  Branch Store at Last  Cliance,  Where a good assortment of Goods will always be  found.  I trust hy strict attention to Inisiness and.fair and  .square dealinjr, tu merit ;i continuance of the liberal  patronage heretofore ex tend ed to me. f<--4  TICE.  HTtHK  UNDRRSTGNED   BEGS   TO   i"NFORW  HIS  .1 trimds a nd th e pu Ij 1 i c, t h a L h e h a s ti l ted up some  COMFORTABLE    BED- ROOMS  n his new building, where he is. prepared to give  good Beds' at' a' rea.s.ona111 e price; Those who will  favor him with their patronage, may^ep.end on thv  cleanness and comlort of his house.-"   .v.  Re ta k e s a I s o t h i s f) p nor I u n i ty to rem in d t he Cari ���������  booites that his Brewery has'roceived the FIRST  PRIZK of the Colony for hiscelchrated  . The FLORENCE islhe best Sewing  Machine for Family use, because it  so seldom gets out of order. Ifthero  13 one not working.weU in  CALIFORNIA,  OREGON, ;���������������������������.-���������'"���������'���������  WASHINGTON TERRITORY.  . NEVADA,    .-������������������'���������  IDAHO, ���������  ALASKA,  '     BRITISH COLUMBIA,  MEXICO,'  JAPAN,      .  . y'.l  Or CHINA, if informed of it, I will  fix it without any expense to; the  owner.  SAMUEL HILL, Agent,  No. 19 Montgomery Street, South,  GRAND HOTEL BUIlDlftS,  Pan Francisco, Pal.  Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted in  every place.  R. BEAVEN, Agent,  jMO fira Victoriii. B.C.  v$y  ���������AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-hand   Store,  BARKKKVIU.E. jell  XXX   ALE,  LEA & PERKINS'  Oclehrated  WORCE S TE RS H IR E    SAUCE  Declared hy Connoisseurs to he  .    THE   ONLY   GOOD  SAUCE;  A n d th e t r u e am ate u rs w i 11 b e a b 1 e to J u d ge by them  riidvus that such lionoruhte prize has.bei-n justly  awarded to him.. ���������;  N. B.���������A lurge front room tolet.  Barkcrville,Jan. .28, 1868. ,     N. CUNIO.  IETTE2  Ricn  MixuTES~Ten   thousand dollars a  min ii tie is a good salary'for a man not a prime  1 minister, nor;an Emperor, but a horse-jockey.  . Yet ihat is what John Wells received May  ',..2;ith Ho rode Baron Rothschild's colt for  the Derby at Epsom, and won if, whereupon  , the Baron, overjoyed at his success (for it had  been his darling ambition, never hitherto  gratlGed, to win the Blue Ribbon of the turf,)  'presented the rider with the stakes, amounting to ������0000 sterling,'or $30,000,   As the  Krace occupied a little oyer two a ad three-  quarter minutes.it will be seen tbat the forW  yiuite nder?s time was worth about $200'a  second.  Van YolkenTDiirgli & Co.  Barkerville, Richfield  ���������A.v������-  VAN WINKLE.  A SUPPLY OP THE  BEST 0U4UTY OF FRESH MEATS  .iXTA^F 05 IIAXD,  HAVE been requested by severul respectable parties, who call testify to the efficacy of my yystem,  to again make public the fact that  Moses5 Hair Invigorator  WILL PREVENT BALPN'ESS, '  "KESTORE HAIR THAT1S BROOMING THIN  OU FALLING OFb\ and.ellecuially  ,    .. CUIU5%SCURh' -OK 0ANDKUFJ?1.  Tills i?? not a. mere assertion ch. my part, as I have  in my possession numerous testimonials certifying to  l h o !? u ee e.-vS of I a y ron lerly.  I do not of coursi' pretend that I can make the hair  grow on heads which have been bald for ywxrx -but  I will guarantee to stop tlni hair, from falling off to  increase its growth, and effectually remove Scurf or  Dandruff. W. i). ..VOSKS  ;    <- Barkcrville, B.C. .  CKRT1FICATE.   . ���������    ,   -  Th is i ������ t o cer I i fy tl ni t d u ri n'K Inst' spr i n [j m y h a i r  was rapidly falling mil aiid my hear! was last h^coming iwJd, whon I applied to Mr W*'*JKMOSESf Barher,  B������ rfcervill i->, w h o i n a t"e# vrac ks res tor ed m y h air * to  i'/s I'ormer hnulihy state 'flAYlB GTJJBONS  J3i(rk?iTllio Dec.������9,1666:-.. T-   "' itvW '/  Caution against Fraud.���������The successor this  most delicious and unrivalled Condiment having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of'/ Worcestershire Sauce*' to their own inferior compounds, tho  public is hereby informed that tht only wu������y to secure the genuine, is to  ASK  FOB   LEA  6c   PERRINS'   SAUCE  and to see that their names are upon the wrafpkr  LAimiiS, stopper, and botti i:.  Some ol the foreign -markets having been supplied  with a spurious WorcestershlreSauce.u|Kiu the:wrap-  per and labels of which the names of Lea aifd' Perrins  have been forged, L, and P.. give notice that they  have furnish nd their corr.es poadent s w i t lr pewe r of  attorney to take instant proceedings Jigoinst wanu-  facturIsrsand vkxdors o f s u ch, or a n y o t h er i nii ta  i ions by wh ich th e i r right m a y b e i n fri o ged.  Ask for LEA & FERRJNS' Sauce and see  Name on "Wrapper, Label* Bottle, and  Stopper.  Wholesale and for export hy the Proprietors,' "Wor  oester; Crosse and Black well, London, &c., &c. * and  hy 6rocers a n d 011 m en u n i versa 1 ly.   ~~"s"pro a t~&"o 6 v  AGENTS FOR  Tlie Royal Insurance Co;,  iTTHARF PXREET, VICTORIA, V.I.  /jit* Sm  IXS:  mm


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