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 fRRT  NTS,  ai  Oft!  .:-Fi  ���������Jom-  Winj,  "' V:'  neral  Wharf  m ':  fcs'foi  HAST8,  stWWB j  RS, No, j  ictori*, f.  '.,'���������1  I  lerriist I  he i>ul������- $  KnglUh |  Mlxtsr������l  kedy fo f  2M      |  ctoria,fi  iiNUlKi |  iods tt-.p  The *��������������������� s  1-3  0 do dffi  nipaDA  1 WiU^pH  *crip^p|  lealcft |  , siree* *  the ^'     &H  p,a^;  u  Victor  ������*8'  1 Fire ^i;  ������"������������������  GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  inw-&r*vs&r!.  t   ���������':.���������;��������� :rtl-T^  ���������V  ���������������.'   ������|V   ..������  ^:pEee^ Bri&s)fcG^^  NOii  .;��������� ii.  (Beftw'W;,:'Gf Cox,- Ean.'l- ��������� ���������������������������'_;' '���������'--";:'- ;  Mr. Robertson; iriope^  . plaintiffs^ paid, it'^^wone^^t^inQStim^fH  tant suits that bad come mt64heCommi^ipn4  er's Court during tbe present season, inyolts  : in%*��������� n������ ���������- it did)il large vftmoiint of damages,!  SSOiOQO, a&& ~^lion^^^til������bam{^������, Q^. >kM  ciaV,<standings of the ^defendants., vfheiSfewi  Mill claim adjoins the Ericson, arid the mem-;  bars of both companies had heretofore beep!  on-the most friendlyKapd.^nfidenti^l..'.terimsi  Itelyiiig "cju, the tfio,iii)V atid \ integrity, btlitnej  Brisson eom^a'nythe SawJMLtt company never;  thought;It necessary;^4i������peet4belgrAttud|fi^  fotnier irere^rM^  %^o }eoi^niesiTan(; th^������ghfib| ^enter^f  v&IcM%E^Jl������ arid:*��������� the ~ Bricson eorapanyvhad  .trespassed xoKffie^if^^^-CfirSt^lWrti  company to the^teafc 6&280 br 30%ftet7 tI*  r-wae^elVkhb^V^H^^arly four^Weeka ��������� ago'  . tiiplrrdwn'claim ,w^  e^on company bAcl-tikejiouttbb  lars smc^Mr,Rbbe^tsoxi concluded by calling;  ':-^������icaW^  eo7y; who; deposed |a# follows:-���������The Ericson]  claim bounds the Saw^iMUr claim on the east|  in the first w$^&^^  completed^etr^driffr^upto the line between  ,the^^nd,,thi Erie^ft cb^ 5|fte Jine ���������%&������ mart-  *e# olitfljw myself and MrvitfelsonY thelforeman:  of the Etieson ^cp^Hswith, plumb bobs; thei  Saw Mill corya&Tthe������������������Ette&^oy.met^'ftfi  same time on the line^there haying been two?  feet left* by > the 4wo cempaaies ^to ;wo,rk tort  g^UlerVlthVSawM&l cotn^h/'didiiotWor^  in the drift flin6ol>l^th}brlil5ih July, as they!  ."��������� were sinking a new jshaft in a different parti  '^ojith^gfpjiuid^  ^edahy ground of2 consequence when the?Saw|  ���������MUl-CoJy stopip^  -discoveced-^last^;#^k*1fe^ the:Ericson epjy  ha3f worfeeid over;the4me^the pbrtiotf worked  'being! on the; south-side.of jthe luierrrnext the]  gulch; I eiamin^Cthe ��������� glacij^^re^e^i^s-i  pass', was clbmiiift^^h^"^ th4 bouiidary |  Jiti^ttoning-throug^^  of ray examination>TffS3 that the ?Er|cson eo*yi  had trespassed- bn"the^Sa\r^Miirgrbund to thej  extent bt^Qtrdr^Od^^^^li^t^aaa  was on the high rock au<l j>.arionit(e flannel j;  the portion workecV ^s^ar Itte^Erlcsbn;  fihaf^p,ar^fr# ^^on^he^rifle of the rockj  tefffi tlie gulch s1dc^4 Wvelbeeri foreman of the;  Saw Mill claim sirfe* last fall; I worked a  men &8hiftft*a4ay -would -work out the ground ''i-=sup^iedttSe;S^ with:^jnliftV;-J  taken from.the9af}M|Mo!y in 7 or 8 daysj .plmjpf^^l^���������-P^S^rid^^re1^i|,at  it,was.possible to .work; the ground from tjie pres^ali 'i*giween^'lheV>Saw-MiUi ana, Ericsonl  ������aw,M^l^hai^;.,I"lM ^^^iJ^jpfiC^npaV-itt^  juraping theW^Qn^co^ground- lasTyear^ i^gc^ked downJifcis^^t&e;iBJa^|pjaw;aB..;U^  aM you (addressing ���������ounsel)^had better-be  carcful"wfaatyou;Bay;'v* ���������-������������������:���������^-.v-���������^"|  Refe^mined l^te^obettso^  tee^^ridary lfne^isi Refined liy^tSifiBV tM  liue^wrouid run-8 or 9 fee) feniEncaonshaf|i^  ; ^IB^C! Gillette^ mihirig^sumybrj iebwminedi  by Mr..Rbbertftoti^IiHirveyed ? thabonndaryl  line^tween/the JSricson. andjSaw MilLcom-j  panieSj^and La^^sJ^eyed^t^^ thej  Ericsori co'y (map *. produced).;.; the boundary!  line passes tfoongjb ..the jchannerfpi;.about.J)0:  feet;. the V centeri ipr!* jgutter ofi&i c^|iitd,is;  generally oja thexEricsan;8ide^ but:hotalwaysj  ao|. there .|a scarcely any:of the, flat part: onl  the.Saw Mill side; .t^e ifea tcesj)asa.by .the  Ericson co'y. of^^.an .average, ot froniJlte8,feGt  broad by 50-fe^t ,.ip -length; sjouie places the  trespass is as.rifcclfak M. feet^ihe area of the  trespass is S81 94-100th-square feet on the  ' Saw'Mill sid^of ���������!tfe{lin^^'^^;U^--^",^*f  ;;;.���������-CrWi^xawined ^by^Mr. ������\^l^r~I;;deter^  postoioii^he aiirfa.ee; on 9j,h June last'Xnuide;  the map,^^produced^^^ in: court for the Saw, Jiiil1  co^^^^lson^igjfprjemaftQf^^  jco!y^jos^seji^ri^^i^  the'siirvey arid hejuade no jabjections; wh^fe  JtMrlBl^M^Sro&rarofitfa ib^tfmpaiCpfiliaT i  btb to g������t oufc^of^-orde^jX always take care]  that:it:does-'nbt'g#bJut-^t order whenl make  ^j^fJLS&i faUt/'the' snow ^aSpri tti^gr^und^'arid  trapipe^ hari/ahQtti, the, stakes ^ when we  brought down ^etuiitierVanar theplwts could  noi:pje-^^ke^dO)wn.^v-:i^:^f^} * -Ci t&&*  are;tw;bTfeetS^ral l^TjtTmbej'; Itlfe logs" vref e  nbt?^6lM"nea;r 'thS^dsts;,; * -;'... '['.^ '������������������':.;;. ��������� v". _^;  "^TCSBert|VfalkeY, examiried" by MrT Rdbert-  sori^t^asyn 'parteniereMp with last:-jtfttness  in geifflg .tfmbiV fof^ttfe'Saw MilfM'y} saw  2 or 3 stakesvlast 'fall standing to the left of  ffiel^gei(Sl3|rtisure they were riot disturbed  lii TOiiiiltf Sofif the logs* I assistedHirTollibg  down^he,log.s.e?'x^-A-       ���������*��������� ��������� ��������� , ;/=...  VrCrbss-exammed tiy -Mr. .Walkem-r^L i^ut--i-up  thi^b pHles Q&4ial^h,^'���������^^^^^,^ ^  di^turbed^witiiout my. seeing it; the.-stakes  are-inMe^ainbifelace, as;lasf���������&$$,$&? were  not mo^|d|| pileft^ tte Jogs^ atter they were  ed the distance ife^asi from the shaft, and  found4t 59 feetj I measured it this! morning  and ���������Mndjt^ie^ VF?'.;" '';vM  ���������:i ���������:'��������� teroaV������xamiged!by MKTOker^tfeyef saw  khetmap producedof Mr. ErasersJuritil I saw  it in Court to-day; it was not" mafe for the  haT0^rk^d;'^ie&IlaJ^  it was either Hogged up to prevent*us seeing  of ttie;company^repudiated td Mr. Nelson and  ���������_ 'US'  _' ���������J'liiHJ]'^^ '-Alii- JIZ~~Z<J. ^.yTI..;-'Wif5.  ,_: -,v..^..; w���������,.. . v.r ,.rw._.., - poor4a3t:.ycar'to '  g6'^mapslniade^'^!^^:.';T\\"vItr,,v'';'.'-ii;.",:';,'f'  L^&Mfc4Vaiker^?rherei'Cwas:'ioi!.ground of  the SawmillWbrkcd^e^rb^^ we ;  discovered rla^t ^hiirsfjaj^ .fining ?th&ti t% ;"  groundiwa8:\vorked; -scnMnime^teiy for Mr.  Gillelle^gdfcatt'O^  that same evening ^beiowv 1L b^clo^ctt; have  6u\$ watched;,thef: Ericaoni;eompny.'. to^eee  ^y^^������nb^|jlea^^  about to go ��������� down ciunfry." '*:rt -S^:.;;; ^ -:V  ���������; Mr.v'Gillctttu.agaiii. .e*#rIUh3L������M;.?sjminRd"' by Mr. ���������  Mil! co'v an(lubh������J.for theEHc&ot oo^yt If-the. stakes ������ra  rightn&$uf*������yjfcrishjfe; $������dt^^4carfri-ifa*\Vi h^^  trc^paaaed"^.betw.e'eu" 300 ,f>ud 500-feoten tbevSiw Mttl  i cb'y;;'MrVNoisob^a'graed-Ho Wo^coraerVstok������iv-.ii,;th*;  itnkca aro ia tho Svrong; vlaco tli?niiiy: surv^yjrwrbn^  paid rich up teethe lirieVthe drift referred toj  waawithinJO\.tiofa&]^^  the Ericson co?y belonging to. the-Sawmill.  ��������� coxap'anyiil'^.'j.- Su    *&&& jj^-j+a^   ,;  Cross-examined-by-Mr. Walker���������Took the;  shaft of the'Erieso^  (u^gMe^g^iri^lbelSi^^did^n^^ iaitneM-  olite or compass;;l saw tlie ground surveyed j  ;lcftatellfromrniy owa.fedwledgeithafethe  liespasshai been committed; the channel Ij  wbmddttfiwaefVlromi^  ���������icbarinel I moatf from one rim rock to another  some ��������� places the bed rock rises  :rim  ���������? -^  :grarluaUy; xconsider th������ 'Ericson..co.'y,worked mi tke "channel unless where tliiey we'ntTiiii-  ning.a,driftiaAeir^Bn,gtouiid;Jhe.Jiricsq.n'  co-y and Saw Mill co'y met in,the drift before  15th July; I settled-the boun48,ry Jlpe with  Mr. Nelsbn, taking1 Grillett'a survey ���������uHKe* bar  els; Mr:Nelson;gavb tlie SaWMillco'y a piece  ������f ground 2 feet by^3 febfc, which he said was  jaot worth anything to therii; the piece of  ground was within 10 fe^t of the plumb bobs;  . the piecaof ground was riotgiven in exchange;  I had^free,access^  aaorderTSom and had a survey made  at night; the survey���������������was iriado to ascertain  the .ajnoun^^worke^^  ^rotticir^ the'su^piR^^^  ^r.side, and near, t^e rim rock; found the rich;  pay1 ba the; - pitch bf the rock; the Ericson;  co?y worked to where ihe slide rock corneal  down ;Vtne firics&g!boy^ad:left off^workin^  \ in the- deep; hole voji loth July.    ;  : '���������    ' > \  .*!s< The witness was-further examined by Mri  * Walkem-Thesiirfacbboundarylmeis straight  aaaless near the -shaft;house of]'&$, Erieson  ;������eo!y; Mr. Nelson asked me to go down into  the diggings, and we' arranged to work out  the ground on the line together;- Mr. Gillette  ^tirveyed^ the ground ������fo^'the'Saw-Mill co-y  this summer,rand put iat^o naii8������)r the plumb  bobs; the* piece of ground Ogives me by Mr.  owe; (hb requested time^toirble^mlrie^s^  surveyv^wbicfcw'as granted^^d*to^biiirt4d-  journed vto ^Vedntsday morning.)    ,    ;^;  lt,~wa,i.-^i^iwrnii+K<)**4'*<  E. G; Jrillotte^mrnvng^glnAcr,;^  exam*mMr;:by^Mr.'Roberfe6n^-I ^e.-8;ur^eyed  ference ,of 1 foot 3 inches in the measurement  of >the>lm&dowm.ottftI^  parties; co\il4 riot t agree on, all; the; stakes on  'tfie' ground;- th%^a*reed"bn 5tiie"cbt'ue^takes^  Cross-exairiined^bv^Mrv Walker^I iseard  Mr.Tagga*Baytha1i^Nb^Btake;%hbuld;be W)  feet further xiut ,/.-:������������������,...��������� ; s ;>; * -' /* >/*  '���������Samuel Walker; examined ^y\Mfc;Rol>ert-  gori���������I am a member of the Saw Mill bpTy; I  recollect the fire of 1864f"ife^artly' burned  some of the .stake^iof tlie;,Saw Mill co^; it  did not wholly'^consume aiiy of the stakes; after the fire Kenriedyf J^es?!aM myself put  up nbw stages i b<?������ide; ?the^ old ones, aiid - the  stakes^ then^placed are 'there still; saw the;  pwn^ffii GitlclgWrv%ed  present I believcxwhen;^eipnt in Pur stakes;i  I have been in; the drifts of the Ericsbntcp;y]  since-th^codtnittiedthe ;.tr^������wSi;'they:baye|  ^|ted:?Qiifcthe channel -^rt'bh;^e:S^w;:M-HI[  ground^ -the plumb bobs to mark thi? line were]  fl&bdH^^byMiftl^^  behalf of both com^MespStia^rpuridv riextf  the Ericson claim pjiidiwell; we- took ?13,000j  out of-a~block~^x4<rfeet; the4>ay was-fouiul;  on the(,pitch-otr the roqk;/I,cPri3idbi%the chaji^;  nel in tne:Erib������bii th^same ^the'Saw Millj  co'y; we left the ground taken by the Ericson*  ctfyHhat we might^workit thrboghHheirilrif^  when  boat  >   ...  '' .j* ���������������������������'*������������������ n.i}'-   ..>..-...'..-i7  ���������....-��������� -������������������: ���������.-���������:.���������.������������������."A.li'J :-��������� ^.-���������xv-������������������ ,1    ......J-'K     %.!������.  taken irom us by the^ Ericson co'y has .been!  well worked, the5 crevices liavc all been weljf  cleariedout; supposed the part of our grouud;  worked by the Ericsori co?y to be yery rich,  asthey took large pay tluring the"time theyj  were^working it.- > * ; ';! ; ���������   "���������''���������._;  i  erbss-examiaed by Utl Walker-^The Saw;  Mill cb'y found their gold on- the gradual rlscj  of the rock';! Was through tbe Ericson drift;  iri;*Lthe "begiritiirig pfJulyv: -Jfe^y were^ then,  working above the shaft; I never knew oJj  my objecttPrt ^tor bwrgoing through; their,  drifts; the Erksbiieo'y cbuld^ have caved lttj  their diggings; I IreUeve, the. EriAson co;���������������  would not'have taken the ground if tjierchad;  not bben; gold' in it; ,all.in;..which ther.b ?m  pay is taken but; the ground left is.not. a test  of whaMs worked; never saw any of the feaw[  Mill posts lying down; I never.suspected the.  $ricson co'y would work our ground until  the-discovery was made on the ard-mstant; I  have watched that the Ericson co'y did noj  leave the creek, as they were about going  away, and 1 did so on my^ own responsibility;  1 did not'watch about Mr> Taggart's cabin:. I  kept my bye on them in the town after nigh,,  and- some nighte I've been up late.  .. JohUiMcKay.examined hy MrJ^herts  ���������^-^m ,^,-f. ��������� -,:k > a ts,; -..'.. -x i-w t, ^i -���������������������������^ut^ground^ w  .^IKey'vipSglic>  .Cu:iU,wBiVu������������, --, ^rfe^br<S^bne  atafeputiTr^he^bBerivext the Ericsoncp.fs  .gr&M^SM"8Saj08^vaPB m\ thcreVMr.  ��������� Nelsbfeind nivself agreed to .one stake in-ithe  ft'et-'Uie famaiiirtbr ^f? Hrf I)������ yriin^y'a. W^? ."-would" W  Wrong; ''.������*���������<-i* 7* t'tilj S'.t'&ty !uw.!;r. f-^i'v.-jf fw^i -J,;|  ���������'"'��������� Mr. iloh^rtaon herclisn'led Mr.; Fras^Byrh������tj ������> w*  .Walk^r>rattrlting?that!she^ri *iiiirt*tcljritoAwy'wt  '������.ny,..wf6n*;: impression T ..remalnin^^-.qij-;1. tho.; ^ommls*  Rocer'smindl'but h7e^as."n*t ��������� (cMled.)3n in any way to  vi;MivGiU'ctte, at.the requwt;pf.MrvWa1X^*:MiwinM  th������ map,* Inirsaid- he .cqufd'aoVf^o J any'ilalto jaw rfc^d  On'At$tithafanglotbk*'.f^i*���������>��������� D:fo I 00-*11 ^P i., '^?���������>:* \  ;..Jatriis awwar.t'iiexamln'flid ifiy; Kr. Roliprtson���������I.Icaojf  ttio'^^ bound arriiri^b etweetitlw'SiiwlMill'co'yand'Eri^  sbn^o^sinfeiasl^uneyasW^ fcaawv .the-stakes th������^  AuHatn pure the-'aame stakes still remain,; ;the romatas  of 'thi'old-ltfikw'affl'Estill .tfi������r?t tho-ne.w,1 stAfcesfar*  .-.-.     ���������        ���������   .*V .1 -      . -I'-    .L.'u.. ^.* .1.-. ~l A ��������� ������... *^> .    .Warn   ������ *���������.*   *K������  Smm������A  paidftbfco^;oufebfchis^^  fo^ttie&icsdii ������������������do'vrMr/NelfoniCam^forme;--  m  Ericson co^^e^nnp smq^m* ^;?SS^'i  la#ye1# t pewiiothing about;!jljnow? there;  wSj!ho:yeSelongiug^o theSaw,M$,,claim  ��������� wfffi 5llDcfdriby ..-when he^niade.thcvin^p.^ \;  ^ros*xaininGd*yt Mr. Walfer^W;map;  t)rPducld %SS'1fbt "made by Mr. fraseiMor tHe,  SSMil co������ ^(Mr. Ilbbertsorfitook the map  frMtllwitn^t.aiid^aiditb  :am;wafg^  clfenteM this case had nothing; to do with; it,  he?deoimcdimttingritIn. cjMr. >V ajker vvgrf  i#beimi but in, as he said lt.didjiot^vw;  disimtetvstaWas - being on the ground.. Me.:  RobertioS^d-he would pntmthe������xnap'if:Mr.  mikef^uldlpi:bduc;e Mr. Gil elttfs survey.  Thelalpdeclifed; Considerablediscussjon  (bllowtori.this^oint.) . ri^,:^. ,��������� ;  , v^ohiJTalnes,.examined by %.^hertonn-  Mm ^merafeer^pf the Saw Mill coy since  Mv '03 aadl know the boundaries since May,  } >f*r?!  Siw Mill ijrountK-;.,  Mr. ilob'f rtsoh ������ a i i tl Via ��������� was bis ca'afl,.  ' ���������iMr.^WMiter- a?ked ;Tor* a!^n^\t|^ttftor^wbicb tha  loaraed counsel in lulged ia a. ratli^. L*agtheaed argu:  m^at-.-,- ���������.-^^���������...������������������,-    ���������        /. i;; '-���������������������������.,: ' "' ������������������ '���������'������������������- ������������������������������������ ���������$.  pUftifti aaid'heUCvUldMiot give a, jnott^utt/fisitbgra  waBjOvidence of sa n agreed.line ^twecn the comp^ni^.  the* hearing i>f ihe%^yjfia^.^ht;aimofey intewwi. tn*urr  [cated,.a4;ito,the;r*sult. .;, >>.  ��������� , . ^ ._   y, , ;... .   ,  . -"  - ���������', V ^ ,' ��������������������������� ���������- 'V .���������;   - ��������� Thuradayt;iOLb Julr. .  '������";.; u; ,. "���������'} ,u . ��������� ',i������Bc*������iom*. \',-,;; ������," ���������: ���������' -l ������������������������������������..  ;'��������� JiH- Ci'ix^aid h'e;.tb6ugnt-Jtfife'i^reWfiii'nf:tha'tw'o'w  patii^s hadrafr-ee^^upv^^ft'^Vivih a "s*t  of ^ci :ii'ms!^nlf Worn;fc*tt*Jd aiici'Sflry-vyod^a forotnaa bad  ncKLUthorl ly. to; a groe upon. any n^liim.,;.y\m*$ ,mMa  "bv- Mr;;i>������wOn^Had, b'oVn :Rtqd4eSirf.? :;Thia ni������p W;ia  iikde' fwth'e Oouf t,chad been'-UseBia' two^easei alroariy^  oiudbad'-tf&en'left in- the ���������UJ4adsofUho:poutt:Cor;tlia  guidance of hirpriJidWj^8Sf������ra[andibimselfVf ���������.-. AcaordJu$:  lothis ump tlioreiw^s no JratyASS.' .....But; ba the;otb<r  hand," Ml*.:a������t*ito;liad maiie a Kurvpy;;'according to  Whicht tl4roSv.4sbpyond- a doubt;a tr&jviSB: However,.  'II'tV fi illej t������ iVad' a'ekod ��������� to;; have, liii-rsur������;ay- twithdraw.&,  b^cauaev'aB.hestated,!tbpr.J.wasa^.tipfiuod.Uae.' ;T^?  ev  iiot'i-.anil 'ai rStf.;.'-D<iwdn"}yTs:oviukpuw H-������i*-wfcwy ������v*������ ^���������'**������������������  caso,>he^(Mr(iCox) ��������� could ;oiiljr<arrive^at th*:cnnclusipa  to xJIdmisslhe casej; eac^p^t^to p^r .liUjOwn; costs,:? t  .,(���������; ��������� *.-?'������������������'��������� ArrsAf-.   .... ^..,  '       '  Mr; Roi?>rtsoa, ori^He part'bf thoSaWMill company,  imb^inatoly ^a^e'-ntrtico ^f1 appsal to ^���������"���������ifiupwin������  ;boisrt.*^'' -:>;f;::;j���������'������������������ r?:-,::".J"*-'-^*- ?'**:^^ ;J/J^<*���������'*r-'S.:"--':;:.  Uiiv'-'^.v  '��������� (*-' uw*M"i"n':>i'i .;.;������������������;������������������: -r^c,;;."  ��������� -/.:;  .������������������--��������� ���������   ���������������������������,-��������� "'- ���������.   ".   ...  Impbo visa .A "Suw'' Piy^TBa'" ������At tlie waning -of  some railway in the south df; Franco, aot ^pg sine*,  there Was a very grand banquet, to "complotetheo^r?-  mcaey, at which thegpaeralcotamandinp4he diHtftS  suftd ry p-TfecUJ,. and - oiKer big men. w������?re preicn \.  Just after the usual loyal 'toasts had been--driAlL'%  young raportrr of; tht: *flgaro,'; evidently no rsspe*t*r  of persons, leapt up and cried,: Ml say, geaVlemen, tht*  is awful slow; I?U siag asoug,;1! which =ho at once, pro-  ceeded to do, ,to the.!Tli������,r'csa.,k immortal. melody of  "Sain n'est sacrepourun sa'peur,"' There was at one*  dreadful confusion; mayors and police director* ahtott-  ed, '��������� ,rTura:himrout;^ while the gu-'sts at the;lower end  of the. table %vho yttti. not offlciat cried. *3&o no, go.ng;  siience for the geatiemen?s song:*" It a frown bad the  power of Uillingj- the young T&scal must have dr^pP'^a  down before th������ horsoshOo:eyebrowsof Generil Soyoa:  tson - ���������  & hyueve> diluted them^ ^j^elsoircame  to me tlaff aeaedn aud.Baid he tipped we would  be careful when ,we wero working up to the  line aiid not work over it; I said certainly, anuvww���������ciy>u w MV,i?M,���������VJ.V ���������,     ._.v  hi^riUo Wftnld do thesa-nie? IwaS'in.;theU^^edidnHcare,heweato^  hcq>ed] lie V?���������*^J*������n li*" qth and 12th Of ber.ot verses; and the result was. thaVall the big men,  Bricsoi ground ^et^ecn tbe 9^.a0rtl^a p^ g8(;hdT;rk?^ut!iem;^^  July they have trespassed since incn on. ine lately maa^r, arid left it to the ^Jolly dbgsT who msde  cJ \(\\\ ground; the line between thc.two &Teguiar night of.it.,  compahiel was marked ouiby bluml) hobs; I  made a bet with a gentleman now m .Court  lastseksou which stiU stands .that ;we would  take out 100 oz. a day oUi of the ground  worked by.the W^^^^J??  ^���������ound wellacraped and cleaned;bythemic-  amooty^ SB-*ophB������a. ^JOT?u.^WftiWu������������ = , -;-,-   -t      ^   ������.  bv rhe Fricson co?vvfrom tb^:mdication^of.U*a;.be-had fr?nj- an-respw^Mj a^������ kX^J;  SotKSbit 'it w������4 Ticiicr tkp any we Ur* yea g*t^wuis ������������r-u^fcW on^ch *������.������**.  ;;"is* The Frincegfl of W.tV 8 was safely deUv^ral, r>n  tho morning-of JoljSI, of a son. Mother and chill ar*  both doing weti. The cvont yaa'Somowbat u&sspect-  e<d),tha-PriDceBB paving given adinuerpayty and attended a cbnbert the- previous eveoing. ;. -  Wm who depire GOOD COF^SK andjrm^Spi^  tiShavVboth hy always asking for FELL & GO'S wbirt  ������arf,7'*KtBnr;  *;^.������sTO^r-^teffi������lK*c^'ffiy ir������mrriiwMr'i'ii'"':M������"'iM~i'*-im���������i������,,ni-,irM*"  *r:  ��������� \  "V 'Agents ibi&ke ���������'". ipaiibop Sfentii^-ff;     U  ,;T& Wfi&KS:'-;-'4������������������������ -���������'��������� # ���������' ���������'?-' -���������   Ifcrnard^xpresf;  Ciaioiii^iaEPi'Antl^rj.-Seitliley,.-Ste-  _..  :   .-tnis. -.Grouse.- aaid all other "dot-/ '-.-.--     ',  _       - ^  Ivnia'Grfcefc^ ���������'������������������-���������''���������     -      *      Spooner's Express  ��������� ;trjjSfe^K^: -   ��������� ���������������������������' ���������    *..    - ���������rBlrnard's Express.;  CSinton City,       -       -       -       -     .'. ���������' _���������, 'd������     _  'S Vterfe-^!;^ ;^ Mt������ ���������Evans, Barnard's Express Office  ��������� " ^ - - *i,: ��������� -   -    -���������   ���������- **������;*. ������:/*&?$��������� ���������; ��������� 'Claricson & Co  ; ?/.*($ f-^r-: r. .Thomas' JU Burnes;  :er.-  --���������/'.# :'. i',; trt.-;''Tp ADVERTISERS. ,��������� . - , . /</; ,. .  w"- ;The: "Catibtoo Sentinel" is published every Saturday  ;'eTr^nki....-a.t5' o'clock. ; Advertisements intendod. for  *ins������rii������n- most be delivered at, latcst>t'eight o'clock, a.  sn;f on thWdav-of publications '���������������������������������������������"* -^ Vlll^lllilj  *'**.iii  ,..j 4-ISJ^.  NOTICE.  ���������I  '"* Miner? aid others wishing tosend "The Cariboo Sen-  UnrVl to. their fmnds in Canada; ���������-England,- the baited  ������iaie^ or elsewhere,! cua have it mailed byueaving  addresses at the publication office. ; Price; including  postage^ $lif ?&#:*-��������� ��������� )���������:���������;/-{������;.:j������������������_*��������� ?j* ":> *' ���������'��������� ~.>���������.j:- ;.f -S-y'r'^'f ;.V; '���������**  TO CORRESPONDENTS.*   f, :i ^���������a  -i Xfti^powicnts sending articlcisfor publication under  ������nom do plume'; must eatrust us with their? nanies in  ������unadene*.   To this rule we must rigidj^ adhere��������� > ��������� '��������� ,'U  f������  ���������X  *?  w  lied witffi t&isuunife'er^of the  columns is^issifed  ���������SwatiinSi^K  SrBA2������ii6pROC������EDiNO.---A few weeks since,  two ^phaft children from this ere������?k were 'en-j,  tiiisted to Mrs.Lowe, to take them to Victoria"  to scliooir^ The sum of S300 was also given  her'tcfpay their expenses down, and the balance to be banded to the Sisters of Charity  in-^jctoHA,::wH^'Vo^. of ;tlie children; is at  school. A lettcrhas, just been received from  a reliablesource; wbich;states that Mrs. Eowc  haVoniy Raid: one guarter^ fuitiohv amountr  ing^ fegofahd^iias left yictcuia for the Unit^  ed States:1 It'is known that;Mrs. Lowe collected money; tor 'the 'children; going downt|  '^h'd'raust'iave1 ��������� had; more than $200 6f theirs;  wlieii she gptio Victoria^ > If (Mrs; Lowe has;  femgtlie poor or^hains^^  must be a degraded, specimen of her sex.; ; ���������  \T:.-r'::%mr:a^^tisemk^ts, ;Cp,-;.";;.;  Bill of Fare  TUE  ^x#i??)%  TO-MORROW,    ;;;;;=;  '^OysterSoup; -��������� I .<.,*"���������*        -.A.   .  Roast1 Pork- and;Green Apple Sauce; v 4''        ���������  v  1 ���������  i'V Rdast Mutton'and New Potatoes;.'-?;_  ';    "';f  ���������'\f, ;v*-i������ickied;vi\>hgue- and1-Cabbage;p';;-' ;;;i'-';;-;;;  .'?" v -'''i " Boiled Veal and Green Peas;       "     r:  PI urn; Pud diug & Green Rhubarb Pie ���������  included.  ;;"'   %, T0;BE ^AI) pjpHE|^EEKjlS ��������� ^^  Davis & H������r1lein's  10  THE  owner can have it by' apply in g at this office," and  Tiaving5expenses of advertisement. ������������������''���������" '?".:1 ^;/^'-WL.'i  ���������:���������':'  Adams,   Peaipcyl  i 1,,n/-- s>i': ^C^T^P^t "recti ved.. a supply of< V- I r.';'?���������-'  varying in sizofrom 6 to 9 inch ; -they are of first^aui  <ira>^������ mi w^??y?^ Mw&> Woijii J-^isp*' ? i^eU'Ss*  M>- -J  ��������� ���������?  '. -.;IHSVr.'v������  With  ���������Knn'  Kerinedy"has.received  despatches frpnithe  %'���������  ' ^''^Tr''  lues;? -Friyctfce Mvi6esj wMcb; wc have g^cevy-  'ed SVom'a' most; reliable soufce'eonfirinij tbe.^  reoortf of our;ic6htemp6traS^V<mA-^easv������'y^ry-  little^roOmJto, doubt tliat Mr. Card\yell has by  thjs 4������ne ,ta^n steps tof meet the wishes of the..  ^reakfeddy of VtheTpeople. of/fepthjcplpnies,  an^Vonsumm'atcd a Union tli'atj yrWA>&*  pcrthknent benefit "to both British Columbia  endency.   Standing as these  r  irii iV^tjSh. or twelve thousand white persons, it  is?ns' absiirci,: as i t- is ruinously, expeni siye to  keep-np^two^*tete>oi' officials fortheir^Goyernr  nient. t It is sufficiently A^mom^i^L^t^^  inost^ituBe intellect in thfecoiM^^^*api-  tal a^-ifS' excepted) that a pppulafionfof toe  th^n^aS^p^ple caniioirbear the pressure [of  $250jO0O^year for theisupport ������f an anny;  of;:.officials too numerous even; forT the govern-  inient oT^on^'ndndred;thou^nd ^rstqns.t \ Tbe  country has already^i&ken-d&w^under the  ImrdeW tliat have beeir imposed;.and no mat-  ;   lor Where the traveller turns bisi iace^hether  nmohfe the settlers or in the mines, there be  beholds the ntterj^ W&y mt?r^  csfc Hit iis^ no ^vo^dSr^tti'en ^h^pe^lej^ery put  for Union and retrenchment, and /that dler  ^Matesty^1 Go vcrnmen t aceede to their rc1f|uest.  ttl&^maiter^bc^e*ei^  every one in tiiis country/ as well as ini^anx  coiiver^sland, wbo^ desires Union, that there  'i^fl������p������8to  ��������� xitleiyoverjj0'&: colonies.J;; Such ahcappoint-  nientj-weira^'deiiberatelyv--^ nipin the  liuU jiny g������^ that would flow from; the cplo-  |iiga^in^j^ed tc^  *i������miU&r^C������^^ and  particttlarly '��������� such;* an ^imperious ^martinet as  the Governor ofiyancouverlslandi Injurious  a.s^^ Governor Seymour's"policy has been to,the-  Interests; pHhecoun^ry^the people are .willing  to retain him rather than accept the red. tape.  king from the sisteiv^cpiony.^. We are nofc  -without hope if Goyernor Seymour were pro-  .mb'tedw' govern both colonies that he could  "be tle-1 ocaiized and Induced to adopt a policy  ihaS would-be at- once national and conducive  j'u/'iherli?������he^ of the whole country..  .. ; I le cannot bui feel^ and, ifa he be a Sensitive  'ihim; -feel" acutely the effect of .his errors in  ^governing this part of MsSoyereiga^^amia-  aons, aiid with those errors staring hiiri jmtbe;  face he would ;be stimulated ; to; the, most ae-  ; iiye: exertion to repair his jiast misrule.; It is  :;<lifibrentfwith; Governor^- KenB^iy; a-;s6ldier;  ^by/pV6fessidn^h^  ��������� opijiipns which are contrary tb the spirit and  iaijte.of;the people of a new country;   If ith-  >piit a^ single; sympathy with: popular Goyern-  * men t,. h insole aim would b e to play the? autocrat and.grasp in'his own hand the monopoly  -���������of; the countiry?s affairs.   Bad and anomalous  ; asrour:,institution of (^.verriment is at present,  Ith'Tea, CofTec, Milk, Cider, or Imager Beer includ  j^B* Diuncr commences.at,half past 11 bTolock,>.  Price; $1,60." ':*> v:^ "���������**���������*". .., '   . -'.'     '   ' *  ii,  BETW������E^ ^t^XIiil^il^  ^i'S;^MT';CPE^EbCTHE' ABOVE HOUSE; "AND  - ..: wduld ''solicit a\������all fromiA the - TraVeling; f*ublic;  wheire 4*ill? bei^rpiliid ^rG^bcr^Pabie?^u6rs and  Gigars.pfi the.fihest;.qualityand best^brands^ ^>    ' '-/*.  /fi^Goc-d Stabling-, Hay and. OatK, 'icc^f J.\ :;^iu',fr.V  ; ^.;B.~RrS*iQ; is not responsible;for any debts contracted by tlie Into Propriettjri^������; ���������������**&. ;v.->^-.~ -������.'ii-/u"*|*.  fAugust 4tbf! 1866; ?i :': ,--~.^.&l <���������������������������;���������<- ������������������ *rh:^ vll^w-"  ;,U*"^S-  '���������:-': \i  XKv BERSpN,.!0R PERSON*?,"ne^tiatiiigfl&yvthe<  2L ^purcHasetpf;tiio;abbye property;;are hereby neti-  fted th&t eucli: purchase -will1 have to be made;Bubject  tb"thetunptildrX3arpeiiterJs;bu       tliesaid &>tf&e.jisj0> & '���������  jf?er;narticular^apply atr^heiKancb. ,-S--r" ������������������: <- *.>.^--.  fc, Cottonwood,";AugustJth, 1S65.     ...   :-.'���������"'-"H-ffin  THK; PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between H.  Roede^ and A. TowjcsExn ��������� has' bceii thi3 day dis-  solved^by^iutual-conspnt.^1' ��������� ������������������ . r, :s<..-^.,'V- ?���������:'.;--^-.  .^������������������;?-?yCT.f^ ROEDERv'-  ) -,\\  -.h\v������v> ;^-,;-iv:. ww," -..< ���������.-- ':-..   '.A^TQWlfSEND.,;..;;  ;.fieaTejr;pJia������, B..C, 1st July, 18'eR; V\ j ?'  ^ Robert Pool as authorised a gent for H. Hoed er' Will  transact business for him in his absence.    :%:������   - 11 *.'  ;Bjpypg fOR: ...   _.  COTTOHWOOD HOUSE AHB RAHGH!  ���������    - WITH 50 ACRES UNDEBGUWrSRE. /<ti";? J ,  6 Horses, with Harness ;S Cows; 1 'Spring  Wafegoh; 5 Sleighs; Farming Imple-?���������';'  .mehts,; Prorlucei;;Eto.:' ���������"' '��������� :,'   *"," v;;  The abWe will bV sold'by PUfetlC AUCTIO^f at  Cot ten wood, on T 0 ESDAt,'- the 221, inat. \ ���������' at li o'clock,  noon,* (if not, previously disposed of by private bargain.)/:    :v,.{;   O" v.:- ;;, '..?<:-.;si-  v,'ri'-1i,;>i-,'-*"���������������������������'* ��������� .-j.';. h   rr^:  ,     '���������:���������������������������' - ���������������������������   , _ -. _ '������������������ ������������������;   jp v ' ljjr ,'. >  '*" Riebfi������% 5tlrAugust, 1865.'._'"������������������ "^���������,,'*:;';'.';���������-";ip-2t;;^',  THE' Subseribers reepcctfuliy intimate; to ftll&ho are  in consequence^ of;the^depress'&l -.itaWj of trade we.are:  obliged to' press for ah iniriiediate 8ettlemeht;J   :'\   iP <  4Mrt J. S. Thompson" Is authorised to collect and*re-A  ceipt for moneys due us.-     >r: .' *   (   *iv   ^: ? * - %,4-i <  a -v - ^'-������?^^*-vi>-v^ -^ ;���������..* J....H.-TODD,. & ..co.;....  Barkerrille-B- C.."7th July, 1865. 10 **  Sheet Iron Stoves;  Gobkin? ������������������Bange's,  Hy-  ;  ���������v**M,:?."<J 4ra^ttIw:P^s;:&9;v<.Kt^ ;,'.)���������.'������������������       ���������'  ^g- All work in our line'.done at reasonable rates and  warranted to giyo. satisfaction^ ^fl J^ /��������� io  Has Iriatructiphs'tdsa  ^'t-V.,: ���������-,., ������5i"?;^������l���������K.viz:?; v;';:'"..- ��������� ;;��������� .;������������������;���������;  1 wtntercsU:in;"SagOM Creek;  2 i-5.:'?r-i  do i' ^:%e ,*l*rovldence**:doi; Watsons Gulch: ���������  ^'V2rn:^r.   rrTVF������rrestRt*ao',Co\v,;WiULinu? Creek  ..,I-^,/.;^������.,i., , ^'Kevadar ; : <i������ ������������������' ������������������ " do .l'"f-  ���������'-'���������l-tr >;do������������������ -';������������������'������������������";������������������ ������*BaT,Jet������c,.������'���������������������������" do --"^ :; do l^'",'?t'  ���������^il^i^KdO;-'.^^:r!*CwnIsU"^rU'1^o^;Kv>;-do L.*-. ���������  {^l-^t- t;:'do;V^a. ;'fGaHbaiU'l;;t..������������������ do<;;- ' .'-'���������:  do' ������������������-('<%  XriiA*;,.*..-do...*,.,'.w..fi*'Clianfiig������.V.i ,. do   Conkllns Oulcli  ���������^i r 'i^i^s^Rtz ^\\ 4& ^; ��������� (<?������ ���������''",:  Also! a ffew sharedlH"���������the* Varioui^ Bed Bock Flume Co'ys  ��������� "All.Jcitt^>t,;b^sinless connected with mining promptly 'and carefully attended ib,     ^  , '',/'' v     '' "���������"  *  qiBS;trKD������RSlGK������0 IS .NOW PREPARED^ TO AKA-  ; J. liYSE ORES'of any description brought Xo liim  tor that'purpose'   'Charges'moderate;^'���������Sml"ri->*��������� ���������- n^'fe ' "  BliAC^SANI^^ANNINaS ?& BliOWINGS  BOUGHT.  or CLKANED on Cammisaioa, at tbe^urora: Cuuipiiny.?������!  .omee. *~ . j .' . /t., ,.ti ... ���������". ���������./-' i ���������* > ��������������� ���������.; ~, .,,f 3  ' io      v .        ���������-,----.*>,     P: e;-*devine;  ��������� f'5-b*^  fFHE REV.i FATHER GENDREwill calcbrate  MASS  1 TQ-2KaiR-O^V.;(SUNi)AY| M0R5sIK<������, at 11 o'clocfe.  Jn^Richfield.     *   ': " ; .        -',: -     ^' - -"���������-s'"^     11 "^v  rADVERTISEMEST.  ���������Unclainte'd'f tetters.. iii "WILLIAMS "CREEK  ���������;../-. Post   Office,  for the  Month ending :;-i  \ \ "- " ",;,    12th' ;Aiigust, 1865. .' '   -i; ���������  ';'-l  Anderscn;;"3fendersf.;''' - ;-       '   _. '.��������� * ��������� '     .-.' -; ��������� ������������������  ^ithe efforts'Uf- iue country's friendsi to worlc a  ^b')ingg^mdee.ili&; rale \vould be only so mncb  <; l?jAoi: lOsi'.- >:> We'sajr: Jhen^if Mr/ Card well; has  HinV resiV^cty for -.tbc^ishes of tbe people sof  Brfl Lsh Ubl u'mbia he "will iiot place 6 vef them  CJovernm* Kennedy-    iSuch an appointment  would depopulate the country in six months.  Brown, Michael C. -  Beareh; Robert > .'-**>  Browo,' John -J ���������<���������: ���������<������  J Curmocban, A. R;  CIarck,4 Ranford,.;,;  Cameron, John J)+-  <Jarter, Tarit    ;���������    '.  Carotbersj Oliver -V  Drake; John.  Dowj Wi;T;, ,;;������������������ ���������., r  EUiotte, Heoryr     ;  Gibson, John :*     ;;  Giwsett, Williamlra  Hodson, William,,.  Hunter, Charles"  Jones, James >���������  Lawrie, Thomas  Lawrence, Joseph.   '  Mohdorf, Jacob  McSwephey,' Morgan  .Jfyer,::i^Wi3;; ,:  McOorraick, Thomas  McKehzie, Hector  McKinzte, James  Pilling, Tnom&s  Pensjifr.  iftity^vrobn   ,;  Ttoss, M.;-,..-;, ;���������;;.-  -Redgrave, Stephen  ���������Sager, j;'.W. ;.'..."''\  'Sampson^ William  Stevens, John C.  Smith, Henry  .Sweeney, John L.  JSUUman, Henry R.  Tinker; George R.;;  Vane? s, .Lionel G..  ;Vowel), Arthur ;  Williams, 6.'t)."'  Workman', A-firon1"  ii Beak j( Charles ���������������������������  ->;^;Boyd,; John^T. :���������?%.?;  Boon o, Will jam E...  (2);     Oil lings, J. W,   *; :  . Connelly, John      ..  ���������"'"   CSnwajte.WitHam'"  Child, L. H.  (2)      Downey, J. T.    ..i  ;,,-      Pitch, ^imuelS.;;  ;.' Oloyer, i>arid '.  Gwynn, H. ;  '.' Half penny, William  t    , BARKEipiLLE;^i^ j  Harcron liahd - a'dargc. stock of tbe following  ; jgoodsJust^inived,rwhlch they^jKriHjsellat tSsJ    "-]  J ;   v   ;j^we8t Maorket Bates, via:        ,x   "   *.  CROCE^^/anc^  S.iuces; ;'&c.y)    -    "v ; _ :.��������� " ���������.    -   '" "���������' ��������� ' _ *",r     *  :. .HARDWARE CROClffiRrj  ; v^^i    j  ���������' ��������� ;;.-' \. -'; ^ MQ^QKS; ] wips, ;" ;���������' -:"'..- ���������" . ���������:��������� ,J. t  -      SEGARS, TOBACCO,:     - **\'y-  ,   ,   JSTATIONERfj; CLOTHINO, -  ������������������!���������*'���������.' ���������;������������������ ?'-ry->V'-: ��������� ;������J;'Bck]^;.;ANpys^ES,;  JIINING.UTENSII^, including,.,, _' '*���������������?'/.  /. V-"..". "-!'''���������'���������;'���������;  '������hovbi������, fobks,   ^*'"*':'-������t*A  ;'.-V5 '*������ ii ".'���������������������������'* ��������� :   DUCK, BOr^,     ';    I  .?>;.; ���������,,/f,h -ii- ���������'���������".;.; /''���������; -:;-^  'Pices,'&c:,--&c/  'EHIS^lS 3*0 OERflFYsJtbat from iomecnuso  % complaintfof; tbe|Head out^ haitcoihmenccd falling  out so rapidly^ tha t wc> feared wo shoald lose the whole.  iti:;tb?s*6^  straneeHo^rT'late^ In" THREE ;apTpJieationssof his won-  .deituj Hoir;R^tbTattvo' our hair n*>caino as * ptrong ���������������  ?MTte1������nd*isin^ ^Weinako.tliis cert Kfi:  |S^.^wJtti!pc^uro^beMe^ bejfor the public goodl  t,'*;*rJ^ 4 "f';'V - " 6EGnCtfB--C������F{?Kfe- <?^as?ratn;to8y..' ������--  f   ^  s \ ^ V   .ROBERT, WARRENS BirfcervUt %  ... * ^ ^ ^ 1 ft-: Hi-S. REDtfRAVEv"RichSeIc5.-  -   ���������  I iW^UiaiTJs^rcek,*!& Jtiiy^l$6S^'^W :-^1/' 10:- ���������^���������������������������'  ���������|;; *;:;^|^^|^|^;*|v^;;;  5P-3- r#>v* i;-',  v.*;-u,-.v-������^-=a  U'f?-A^R'l:C:K  is**"  vii  l?RWJ  fe  lEROBRIETOIl^  ihisl Sal^Sn; fe'iitffilSupr;; in? FIRST: C^KSS  -^-���������'TVfV*'---;;';*  *w  ���������iy?>r  mmM: $f$ij* ,wM t ^  ^^^-Tbc BAR is sup^!ieS with 6io FINEST  LIQUORS which can be procured.  H^IV  ":i^  . BS������J.' tf^lft. .1 ^^.vl tf^j.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DSALER3 IN  >-.'r.4^vP������licui������r'\ailc^tio!n \3 caUod to. our fiiab;'stocfc  :of;.L^03^;':WIN^;&.;siGARS  ;:BarkitriUo,!mn Jun^is^.; -i'l������',.-, i;r><\yr'io '^^]  Hf-ES,  is  5?  (2},  (3)  (2)  (4)  (2)  Richfield,  August  12th,  JeRery, William;  Lawrence; J. W.;  Laing, John -  McDonald, John  McDonald. Donald  McAlistPr,* Samuel J.  McNaUghton, Donald J.  Metcalf, Edward  rMcTntosb, BobeH  Pierce, John   *v ���������  Park, Androw : ...-"  Raid, Jolm  Smith. P.  SuikeH; Ralph  Smithy Jamos M. B.  Simpson, William L    (2)  Shoppard,.H'.vnry William  Vurk, Josfph  '     "*���������"  ���������W������������tlakK 'William   :  Walker, AVilJiain   ..  H. T. COSHMELINE,  Postm.ist������r.  lS6i. 11  THE UNDERSIGNED BEGS -LEAVE! TO  .inform bis Fnirads" and ihe; Pubiio in genernl that he  wiH.open on Mox������at oeit a BATH-HOUSE anil. will,  be prepared to give his patrons HOT and COLD B.ATHS  in the best- sty ie. ' Tn conspQ nonce of the - gr<������a t hiflui  of the.Fair Sex he has, determined to BRIGHTEN, tho  UKDERSTANBtofG >pf GeaWemen who wilt favor him  with a .call; Blacking and Brushes, a������d an ample supply of Elbow Gr������:ese, wSl always bo found for that  purpose."-''  CftST'Charges to suit the depressed state of things,/ ���������  Gen is who visit the Casinos will do well to give m������i  a ca'il:. they will then be certain to make a SHIN.Ei  i Baths, $X. Boots Blacked^ 25 cts.      ^  i, ������������������;���������-     ..,, .JOSfiPH REVIS, r..i  Ex-Origiudl Pieman.  BarkerrUle, Jury 29tb, 1865. ' ������������������ *? 9 -;  kjfer.im hm^.^Nims^:i^;:..:'iy ^ '  Ott Commission} or will purchase aOV quitnllty on fee  ��������� i::\4. :���������. ' Most Liberai. Terms, at the,-H <���������;���������:=���������, $.-.  ���������'Beading Booing Camerontoh; t ^    >s  Suhasriber is now well known on] Willlants Crmk, sad  .from the conftdenpe^reposed inf'ldm last ?*i������ll in ib*  above bUBiness,, he hopes Uo receiye the patronage of  thei Mining community ico ensuing eeasoD;r  ���������:--::-";������-"'4v; ":>;-: ; ; :,v.f .;:,.���������,,. ..��������� ;;JQHN -BOWRON*.  fBWW!fflM"rTftTiridiflit������  ������  .Steamer r Enterprise;  ... ,    Leavos SODA CREEK for QlJESNEL.  ���������MONDAY AND THURSDAY MORNINGS,  ATDAYLIGrHT,  .Leaves QUESKEL for SODA CREEK, r  ���������WEDNESDAYS. .&(SATURDAYS at 4 A. M.  Ithb^new  N FUTURE SHOULD THE EXPRESS BE LEAVING  o'u MONDAY", 'this office'.will be opened at 8  o*clcckjA. H.,'on that day for the transaction of Ss-  preas business.  -  -���������>.!- Agent.  Bank of British Cnlumsia,  Williams Creek, July 22ntf, t.^:  }  NEXT DOOR TO THE QLD'BREWERY*  9  ;;; ���������- ���������:-H-Q'TiC--B.^ ������������������**>���������;  TN FUTURE, SHOULD THE EXPRESS BE LEATING  I. om MONDAY, this oulce will be op nod at 8  o'clock,, A. M., On that day for tho. transaction of Express business. ' " " "."' '. .-' '-.-.'-*'.���������  :';';4                   ROBERT BURRELL,  Mm^������*r  Bink of. British North America. >  B.irkervil!e, July 29th, 16C5.  ' / o  BEG TO INFORM'-the public that^ they ha Ve opened as  above,- when they will be happy to have a call from.  all those who like a glass of GOOD BEER,  j&g- A trial is soli cited. (.  Wholesale Prices : Per keg, $25 ; per Single Gallon,  $3; Rstftil Prices: ByHhsxhOtUe or'glass the same ������*w  at the other Brewery ?\n town:���������  l    *���������       .   ������������������ ��������� ���������������������������.,  :?������^crvme, July; 15th, 1865.  . "' ITJ'"':  - T;  E. jr\- ��������� ���������. jf\ i ������   ���������   ������������������- ������w ��������������� r* :  ..(-yw-jwii������i.& ire,  Office���������CAMERONTON.  10 way  ������  . ^T^f^^.-.-,..,  ^CffllBOO SENTINEL  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  J������  i  *;���������?  ^i  r;f  :"#  ,; .^-a.OrM^AI.^lSiyORS.;v:yv7^-'  Th������lions* tM"Coital Secretary arid; the  I Chief Qomnii^ibaer of, Laqds aM Works ar-  Vrivefroifcthecreek ou Wednesday last;   Both  ^jreiitleBien will have aaofeportBmt^of^ber>  Mainin<r the opinwhs'ot iriirtersand traders. In  ivspect to: recent legislation,; and they will  .-witness' in their -rounds tlie disastrous effects  ^ which bathmeasures haye had;on$ie country.  ItteofarW^Tr^h is Sconce  '* nothing to dpiwith thcT past season's legislation, as he was in England* but the Colonial  Secretary has much to answer for, ho wqyer,  as lier islambngste usj olv/a visit, and as he is  here no doubt to obtain-correct information  lo <mide the Government in future, we do riot  intend to say, more tlian to request the honorable7gentlemhn to make^himself fully acquainted with public; sentiment,    lii the: ensuing session of the Legislative Council there  must be a complete revision and adjustment  of tiie- to^tittte-^rtB^'flP&iilittryi ahdLAdi^ is the  time for Mr. Birch to collect; data upon which  he can prepare>is scheme-of finance for next  year.   The^ufollc^bufderis^at present are not  only oppressive, but thcyyarc^unequally, and  uBjttstfyjalBfillSru^SW'lo their injustice the  ~.������FO*tvattoot;eY^  may be ascribed.   Mr. Birch's visit may easily bclraade a profitable one'Mtlw,cblbhy^if  he ouly carries away correct notions regarding the .actual condition of affairs and how  that condition was brought nbouk 71, ��������� .;;7;  ' "''"���������'"..'':"   .v^nB^EWfcit^Kk/^; ���������,"'*'   "!";"-������������������"'' i. ���������  Some,minersjjotiirn'ed frpia the newly discovered %r^c^ailuded;: to"iri:pnr;last during  the" week. P They* report that #ey'obtained  good prospects, but.that the diggings are deep  like those of Williams creek, and they had  npt sufficient pro visions with them to remain  until vthey would gekto the bed.-recite-^-^ j  & ������������������������������������}'. ,;V> -M , *.... XNOTIIBR NKW CREEK.'!." ^ ';' J * A ^ I  ,;Twp parties of men returned this week from  a new creek about 12 miles from Canon creekl  They prospected,;upon it for:ovcr aweek,but  could not find any thing to p^y.; ;s; v  '7   " '^'"'i-f!'        ��������� AND ANOTHER. 7 777\7. (} .  One of the;;:parties^ of miners alluded* to is  having returned from the creek beyond Canon creek, started for a newly discovered creek  east of Lightning, a few days since,; which it  is rumored has prospected:favorably.     1  ,,v,.,,- ;. ,:-.., CUNNINGHAM GREEK.,... *..vWn,l-!/w;'  Since our; elaborate notice of operations on  thisxrecK;last week, the f^irig co'y have struck  good pay in the creek; on Saturday last they  took out about 15 ozs. arid have been doing  well since. >, The Mayor of Lewis ton and some  of the residents waited upon the Cdibmal  Secretary at Richfield yesterday morning to  request him'to have something done to the  trail between, Antler andrthe creek, Mr .Birch  promised to attend to it. It isftnly right that  something should bo done towards improving  Z Tne^pastiweeki hasrbeen^;on0^6isrir^nd  biistleamour little town;::-Earl#$n Monday  mornirig^wciwereivividly reminded-ipttne  ol*goldmiainJr;days^  riebfitrike set every, one. on^e alert tortake  ud a claimiiThe stampedean this instance was  towards the river; all turned; put, to; witness  the spectacle ;of ,the salnpion mnmng up; stream  imsuebquantitiesai^  dra^MthertoKreeor^^^  make a ���������*$$������% of .fish.eUher^with.ahoolc.or  cluttthe latter ^eapon was thc^favonte,* big  salmon; for ^  Walton^,^wh1chiname,lsupppseaSvgener^  applied to any fishy abominatiQUiniheibutchr  ering������bnsmess;^ .$&&%&���������% c-M;���������r-m>g .^>^_'  OnAYednesday-the.Goyemoriaccompanied  r the Colonial Secretary, Suryey^. General;  losd-of^M:  ten mUes north-west^irphi Crescent Uy, a-  bbiit ballast one ^1^ p^;m7 to^y, and  went down M6ut45f minuteg aftewards.- ,  5 - The-tollowirigf isM^ist^pf ;the:med^  Wlemadejas  i.3  Cinri; Fireriian; W.- Mi I^owry;;"^reiria1i  ^I^i^rlMrp; ^cbfSWchjidjfris.  VT" i =:,������.' ^sv:x^Ai������ IVvil^lisr��������� ?nd li ' lOUIV COlOrcd  Martha Elizabeth Jaldej^a^  ViW.  and others>of; his staffs arrived,  grand a demonstration }for lier -Majesty's ;re-  ^resentative as^we knew t how',1 flying "flags,  .firing anvils, and all that sort-ofething.5 f An  ;addvess; congratulatory;, was presented by a  craussum.' whicli were to the following effect:  HeTilelideaif %r*^������es������o������;  kinds colansed; it was no fault.ot thcrO-pyein-  3mQSSg roaffiin tetrateprder, and  a^briisheC^tiS^^;^  have beera subsisting:.������n as sui-  ^   .   Third Ofliceiv1'  ';���������'���������*Sari ^raricisco^^giist' SM,;186&f^TKb  "lolldwing"  is" the ^list^ of ^passerigera'M-  Brig.Geri. Wright, rUiS^AS.^rid wife; Lieiif.  ^;D,r:,ftraiteVtJ: S; A.j MisrMary BerryfSJ������fc-  l\ffrl  PROSFECTINGr1I?^RTIES.  '':'$':'-T.1"i*  ! A strong feelitfg exists that the Govern men t  j slipnld^x^erid a small siirii in sending out  j two parties, 6f four men in ea<^v^6]pfepect  I this district l^islih^este^^afitlie men  ^should only get/teiKiyrovisibna, witli a dis-  | co very claini as! S^eWard. When it is well  Iknowit that!' there are many creeks in the  neighbbrhopd ^flWlliari^^crceklthat are au-;  riferousj we tliink.;thcy:.���������should be properly  I tested ;tp; ascertain^hctl^^e^  I for ^oWng'tliem^^ apprppri-  ated Jbr ?tlie ^tfrpb3e7;and thfe seleciipn of the  rightiuea left to Mr. (^x^we feel satisfied the;  resiiltSvould'amply ��������� repay;the country for the;  otttlay.-7^ eomm^  louial Secretary. ^      j ^ ^ ^        ;   ;  .M  t^&oPpdiMfi couiiiy  mm  (Before W. G, to, Esq., J. P.)  \V^dnesday, 9th August.  Henry |Trim vs^ifeGo^n^f^^ ^as an;  actidif tb^'maiie the" deftmda ripsfio w cause why;  he would not put ^plaintiff 4irpdidscssion of a  wood slide behind Barkcrville;  The case was  .dismissed-!  J .':">  J.  ;{B^forc w^rti)x;'E^r:,'*"'J;0;.  "7* ~"[   Thursday^ l<()tli Augtist.  St. ratticks71po?j;, ;WilUariw Cregk.���������S.  Tomptuns vs. Mbnaglian.^This was an action  for Soi, for blacldniiUi'sJ^rM Judgment by;  default. " .     *\-���������*���������'.' '-..,' .7  Bed Rock Flume coyy vs. Mcxiiaghanv-rTiiis  was a& actios for $682 50, for water supplied  to the defendants.   Judgment|b;y default.  .  *" James Evans vs. Monaghan.~-This suit was  .jpr, $90, fpr^wttgesi   Jud^nerit; liy deftiult.  '"*** Califorriia co'y, R. Bothwick. vs.Tyack co'y  f-This was a suit to riiake the^defendants show  caiise why * they '��������� had deprived plaintiffs of  water.   The Tyack co'y produced an old record showing their right to tbe water privilege, and judgment was given in their favor.  Barker co'y vs. High-Low-Jack' co'y.���������This  was abaction against the defendants for di-  !verting the water'from; the flume-bf the.piain-  tifts.    The Commissioner directed that the  ater should be turned into thefBarkcr iitimc  expect to get into the: channel shortly;  found prospects; pf cpfii'se gold and; feel con-  fiden^th^uaim^Ui^eJd llargelyjthey have  evpcteilS shaft hbu$e arid; made; preparatio 11s  to work all next, winter.    ..    ;~Mj:������  ;   Th0 Ayrshire Lass co'y have resuffi$������^  ^tionrario^pui^>bs^ l^blitim^  i next wii^ter^Thef Discovery co?y. liaye;beeni  dpirig well during the season. ^ ��������� ~ ^ ^^ v-  ^VUWILUAMS GREEK?! ;.;:.  Mining operations were much impeded daring the early part of the week on this creek  ^fo&tfaie. wan toft water, but thp'r^inj yesterday;  arid earlyf Jhis.morning has sctJall W& wtieets;  in motion again and work; .goes on as' usual:=  A great deal of ��������� prospecti ng: lias been going\  on of late iti the hills on both sides of <the!  creek,! and witlx.; great;satisfaction;;to tlipse:  engaged; :; Theire^aro.. three^ncw^coriipanips;  between Bar^eryU|e;ari^C  west side; all of whoni arc nearly dpiwn. to.  bed rock.   The<Jd*y behind the Bank; of British Coluriibia are down 7() fee ti. arid liaye got  into nice wash gravel? ���������'"��������� Thp:?liillsi(Ie;^belpw;  ���������this-: clainiyfor a considerable distance has  been stato side a new tun-  rnel cp:y havfi. commenced .pppVations, ,pppp-i  sitejtie Batik ^of British OoHnubi4 aiid are in  about 30 feet-~The Nevada. Tunnel co'y are!  engaged irirnririingr drifts into; the channel.^  The California Tunnel co'y, in ?which excel-;  lent prospects were lately got/ have been engaged in getting'��������� up: machinery aiid- will Tie  which bad been presented tr,  bin he admittedits feasibility a^terconsider-  ui���������vu^.������vi������*.    ,.__..-_., A-A, ikoifiovvf������.rtnvincea  \y  able, cross-questipningf arid being convinced  there was no: .^pbSto be;perpetrated by the  applicants, and that.nothing could prove pp-,  eoniarU^iberiMclal:;^  wouklriotr^  b.ly granted ������CM for" the;;pui^ose^ the funds  toireiriain in jhe hands;of? the resident  trate arid the party to be under,the charge of  a responsible,ifcfproman,:^^  chbsciiL forein^iis)xy the;' dep^atioii;krid %:e  thiuk oivrselVes certairf 0? success'1 in1 finfiib^a  pay ab 16 /gold! field.;;-" >The^grouna?tplbepr6si  pected; isr -betwceiP Chilacpteniiand liGacbpi"  Bridge river, it has never :beenvis^d-but by  two white, men,:������������������^o\p^-'tn6%^le^g%f,bf  whom have obtained \splcndidfp*ospects;in  siirfacirigJ.1 The ^arty^avev tliis weekj going  up Traser river as far as-Big/Bar^and then  steikin|:pfl^tHi^E^eUen^^  withxiiir;r people; he li ad aiairiple of.pur. siihi-  :nier. -weather; duiing his,������tay,.^c^hi^pter;iP2  ' iri^ the shaded ��������� The- towri^was visited by about  500 Indians, who received the ^accustomed  pptiatch of bread and iriiplasaesi;spme sport  was had at the-horse races, which; had the  novelty of Squaws as; jockeys. 7 We;are of  opinion the trip will^-"'bes one-of adventure to  in ������ v,Yp.ftl lencv: iii"* one - camp her Majesty's  Ai^Tw  diaris  C  messenger^  -P^K^Iyer^  baron^r;!.:^!*^^  washing 'dbubtless by Monday; they have had  incline;: by the earth under-  a cave at their  neath giving way  the grourid having been  worked below it by the Last Chance co?y; -  has b eon skill full y repaired however,, and will  riot impede the work in the least; Mr.William  Stewart, formerly foreman in the Caledonia  cp;yt;has;assumed the place of foreman of  ^"������������������^"���������^JYh:*: Last ChanceTco^ are; doing  this;cb^y  v  v.^,.. - . the claim  has been paying large dividends, as much as  $ 1000 per week' to-sthe share,'of late.���������The  Forest Rose cp^y '    * - **-* -11  rery well-^-The Beau regard aud Confede rate  co'y are taking out on an average 60 pzs. per  day^-6 shareholders���������to two shifts; the claim  s"   u���������n ������ivinw larffo dividends, as much as  of all  has taken ithe: lead  other companies on the creek in erecting steam  1 ���������*-- * ix"vn have got up an  m  above the diteliiiead.  made by Spfatt  7.  country must be-the, inevitable i*sult.^ure  ly amaubf the vast experieuce of the������ m*  int Chief Commissiouer ot J^*^ *J.  country cannot |en4 his sanctie������i to a mono  poly like that;d3kea foe by the. Messrs. Corn  wail..       . :���������::��������� ���������.;'<'<���������     .,  ���������^rninineavtcthe 28th nit., but nothing ot in  terest. . There \ycre no new strikes.    ;������������������  ThW3������irW^.-C.pt I) "Wolf was in commwl of  tii-- Br,Ui������r J.;uuhrn, an! n saivns the.lasu  power on their claim ;< they  engine of eight horse power, maue uy ^nuxv  &. Kricmler, of Victoria, anil in a few days it  will.be at full work. The boiler and engine  were brought up here some time since by Mr.  Hard Curry, and we should not be surprised  if its.success led many other claim owners to  import such improved machinery for their  claims before another season. For hill claims  steam engines would bo invaluable, as the  scarcity of water would not thon be felt. Although both eugine and boiler have been lying here for over a year and a  his Excellency; ... ��������� _,.   A  subj e c ts all got; tight as a way CotTsh o wi ng  their appreciation, ��������� at the next they stole;his  cigars, here we aie too high-tptied for vulgarity, but he wiIV lipt' fprget the, t gurip0}i'der  welcome.    The last we heard -from, the party  thoy. bad camped oiitarid rising Tin* the morn*  ing \yere like drowned rats, it-haying 4stprined  and rained in torrerits all night.   It is rumored his E^ellericy^wili;at no'jdisfcailt date;fix  his residence: at Lilloopt,' asit'is'generaUy ac-  kridwleaged^to be- the orily^putce in British  Columbia fit for a white mari?s abode^j    ;;  t; If there is bu^TthingTmore; :than = anj)Qiey  likely to create dissatisfaction amongst our'  settlers, the following is as good a sainplp of  attenipted favoritisrir as has come to  our  knowledge, the article in question lias been  sent in hcret!to Mr,-J: H: Scott; oneMxJiir  largest packers,: and who finds it impossible  to ^obtain employment for his animals has  turned o ut in the old stamping ground * *  inKyhaVe fmiiij  Giiv74ii.';whicfr  ���������downlb'that J*������uv������\t*^^^:.-r:;.--���������������;Aua &cSiY&12nr  brrm^t^riew*^^  ;v^|t,is;-hcreli)'y notified That C. F. Cornwall  and II. P.: Cornwall have applied to the Gov-  ^ 1~~'i *''��������������������� v������������sif:nvnl mil'-  half >a* tbe  trial last evening .pro ves..,that.���������they have npt  detoriorated in the leiist; this speaks well for  themanufactu 1: Afc--^������������  erected by Mr  eminent for a: lease> of land for pastoral pur  poses on Hat Greek YaUey. tbe range embraces fifteen thousand acres, extending from  the Marble Gap, fifteen miles above McLean's,  for a distance.of eleven miles up the valley,  being of an average width of two miles, Persons are warned not to turn their ar1 T" nn  this land or otherwise interfere with  for a distance "of eleven  an average wid ��������� .  warned not to turn their animals on  or otherwise interfere with the grass.  (Sighed,)      7 Punir Henry Nixb;'"  ;���������; 2fx ������������������:;' Land Com. &S.M."  , Three or four men can; if this, holds  monopolise the whole canntry, arid ������������  ;Nkw7RpADK  rers.: The machinery has'been "monopolise mo wuv^ v .,7        A   ...  . Caulder, f , will have to cross.the Rocky mountains to^get  : : a _'     .. a square meal for their mules, besides cattle  dealers will be held, in check on the 49th parallel instead of coming into the country with  The contract for maldiig the  srivou to iAir.  manner in which he caines oui *     <ti n   aking, and the energetic:  .avriesout his contracts,  time lost in completing the wo k.   iwgr  is considered low for the amounts woik w  ftOuSexhibition, outsit the Arcade saloon,  ownedbyXrarker.in Lilloopt, a^rgep^;  owneu uj ..,.���������_ Boothj the assassin of Abe  be done.  -In tlio first page "July'!  ii������o,<>;s instead of "August.  Lillooet Aug. 3rd, 1965..            *y ;  m unriy .1 ii to .mpuruiig,i! ud p nxiety^ ���������.. sorrow andv liorft r  is depicted oiV e very ccmtiUnn he?, tiycry'flaij In tlie cl i y <���������  arid; on the-sn!pt>iiig-iri tho -bay ia at hal^moBi/atiV| tlie  grhjif is genera 1.  'James NisbiS -^H������r of" the: Buft&ilD,"  was among th������ passenger*,',.& MajcrE'idy',. Paymnster,  u. s: a., -;  ������\t. ��������� ..  ,���������, ,\.7 .,7'V :   . ���������  A Bad PiiECEOENH\~We-understan^  tbo X/hicf Commissipner p������Xanils faii^l;Wo������r^|i  has.giyen an; exfcehsioii. of;time Xo Tcjomplej^i  li is :work to the eontiiactpr \ fox ^ tlie ^riew'. roatl  from Aiexandria to = 'Qii6anelmbuw.7'.!Afiliiist  h  contractor v *w;u''vr>������ v  gressing,oiir opibion thatsiicli a.cpurie is.opeii  to the;���������'strongest; objection ,6n, the ground that  it does a .manifest injustice to the compqtitorftT  of Mr. iSniilli for the wad;.   It is well known  that the ti hi q laid down in speci ftc ati o ns fo r  public works U a most;important,part of fthe  data upon wlii cli eon tractors" b ase, th e ir tei. -  dors, aud after a.tender is .accepted, we "hold  that any departure from: its. letter;ami spirit  is a'gross broaQh.pt faith;with the men who  competed on the;assumption that,Governiiiei t  would "not permit; any departure, froni ,t| e  terms first laid down, and upon which; illii,y  based their calciilations. \ Mr. Trutch,'we fee I  ce r ta in, h ad tbe: pub lie interests, alo ne in v ie w  when he granted .an (jxtensiou to the:;c6ntrac-  tor in the ease to' whic1iVe,have referred, tut  he has set a precedent .whicli" may not only  give himself. untold trouble hereafter but  lead to i rvep arab 1 e in j u ry to the. qq u ntry.. W i i  sincerely hope that'the precedoaVwil'l. not bo  followed.  appears  *>������������������"���������::    ������������������"���������  , -.-Errata.-.  in Bcveral places instt  ��������� . BIETH-M V������: tf^tfl Sir I ������. 5  ugci ic r.iUiOuru'A'-leU^i on e,-cJi pnci'S*'.  ������l^*f nn heha'l fn-m  .'���������;.v:-::,.-:^F^V7itlEE,;  ':- : ' ';���������  Auctioneer,1 Mining. Age^t,  and Collector,  .     ���������       iqcHFiKL?>.= ;  $$~ Ail H'^ r.usi'n^s ati.nls'Ito.  r'i. y.^F fe  ^/i������JSi  BARKERVn^E^ SATU10)AY, AUG- U������ '65  -r - liBTfJBR FROM^OTRTORI^v;;;    ;  ,   *Victorii, August 1st, 1S65/  ; ���������; The 5\ni M}\ Jwiiw? W'^  *��������� vens are ;������a "clbudi������gs as .heretofore.; I Men  looV: Jlieerfiit Md happy.   T  tKeEngli^  ' Sc������uy]er^Colfai>- Speaker^pf the HoiiSe'of  -" ^epr^eh^S^s of the U^^haabera ^r^Md  ;cufried:withrhim the^bdwin^pf 411,andleft  behind "a leeliri^iof confidence iw: tQ;the;|a4  tur������" You wilLfeeby the local journals; that  -iart^llaxrwas enterteiried at a dinn^ r^t  ^assiste&by-'fel^  been equal���������for ali the large hous^Saa tHeir!  representatives. \  About 150 sat^ownj-Gov-;  eraorJCeiinedy, of course, among ibe number^  ,an4;tjt^  Tunniii^oVerl with good' feeling, with sea ti-  inents of a^eetioa* ajad ibroiheriy loyev Mr.  :Colfax]y ia,ft; ppliahed/ eloquent and finished  ^rafibn^tong;- lpud/the praises of -Her Majesty!  "the !Queen,%and hadvnp;ftfoubt,but;.tfiat A������i������r  differences that mjgntfarise could^arid; would;  be settted^in /any otl^ ^a^^^witH;the  swdrdj ^hat the iast.^eappn, w^s ��������� only; and  niuBdjnbmother.remedy^a;condition not at  altiikely .������& arise; /;jjHe .was; plea^^a;ihat  Americans -' bad?/ sprung' from-a aa'ttei w&ose  historyboasted so many illusfripus names; and  whose history belonged sis much to tie AnierP  icans as the fegiish, for thej������ormef\\ifI the J  iatteffhad descended fr^ the same^celTtn  Jmpr to; judge' from the^rations of the several,  ~ Amerltcans, theinclusion;-'tpi b^^wn^^tfiatt:  America sa^r-"E%]&iio^itb all;^ fewilts; I  lovetiiees^i������i.]V Of* crorse^Mr.^Cplto: enter-  edvlargeljr tgjoii ftne��������� latej American war,; anil  of bis .dia&jtirse .he, is/fisit* to be in fe^prjbf  im^era&si towards,* those }Wnpm/victpry? has  placed at i&edisppsal of the (*������ yerrimenti and  ; would npt^eihemdragged, in chaihsat the  chariot wbeelsislinjtimc^^ old,; ;f It miist be  Recollected that Mr. SpeakerCplfax/from;his  eio3e Iprpsimfty ��������� t������'r jhe .^throjWj^tfe^^hite  ^li^usje:iand- ^abinef^^&si be] j^sjimeji/tp  ytpwjthe opinions and* ptolicy of,ihe:American^statesmen w& -inuits  present juncture, Hc and i therefor* iiisii words,  doubtless carefully weighed, may, and probably dpf and' are intended to rep resent the jpol-  i^;&fp]^  StatesVaud by spread*^ these i^ddtess abroad  hfris doubtless attempting to, and it is hoped  $iiiy ./asMon-^^  -coincide %ittC those wncj ar������ Ih-pc^e^; Obi  wlia^t an opportunity istbere afforded to give  j:ons6lation;tb the^ thousands 'of widows-arict  ������������������falliorlcss^: by'. dlreMingttheni". to look to^jea;  .T^nTniiSeiraffiiction and pray for aid to love  theifc enemies^to- return good for evil* and *to  fprgiw as^ey hope jfcp be ftrgftreiQ; -By such  a course: bpw great.,an ,ad^^cejW!Si^e;given"  to?the cause of civilization p how: noble/^ill  b#lthe sentiment-of mothers^ fathers arid 1  ^fidbws, andBUch .nobility of sentiment {will  iiQ produced iii increased force;and grow;iii  generations to come;; America will thus make  u ^ant{stridefhr triie morality, and produce a  r racesuperior to any that lias been before���������  such/is progress.   t Buyf Uie;bleedlng hearts  andsorrowingpeople^ are eneournged-to look  ;,��������� for ^^conspliwiif^te^ reyeiigeJ then��������� degraded  will be th^ but in geil-  ^tipns s^il^ffi only  ���������fiaye;^e^^iKft^ repelled,  ;': a;ndif .P'^g������ gelded to ^Lmerican history which  io5 pe;wer pu; earth ; dan erase; and which Will  Miise^^^a^iing^bf shatoe^n^ of regret.  ' LV^thenjffie's^t^meh^^ oratorsandminis-  ; ters shout from the 'mountains and shout froni  the plains! s^utfrbni the hillaad^hout from  the vales J shout from the sea:asd #ont from  the; shprfe^! amnesty^ pardon; ci&kmcj'a&d  ihercy 1   Let the lightning: prpciaim and the  tlmrider ectip :it!   Let the earth;! tremble with  jo������, and;let the yibraiipns exteiiii to the sea  and!be^carried;from .pole to pb 1 e to all man-  kihdLj:; Thfe: is!tS������ way i6 a^ance the World;  make tyrants tremble arid'' show ihat Liberty  khoWs  h^ow"; to v be merciful In  the  &6ur  of victory'{ to make a horrible war, & bleislng  Jo Mankind at large, and sei-ve to bring about  % unity of sehtihient among the nations of the  earjai.;;Mr; Colfax' is a young mail, perhaps  less than forty: years of a^e;������ of medium sta-  titrjs} spare; build, and well knit frame; hair  rofther dark nor light, and eyes likewise; fea-  ttires regular; of hervoud temperament and  t*ctive^manner; modest,unassuming,plain arid  eimplc; ;a child of the Itepublic, which he  loves- arid which has fashioned him���������a type of  its production^;.; ;:^I>piibtIesVwhatever course  be may adopt he will '^oastantiy-'Md^perslB^.  ently endeavor to carry out; where he plants  fcWsfake there will be stand���������let us hope it  img: he as we have; bfeen led to suppose.   He  \r?te esceedingjy w]2lipkased with his recep-  tioir and visit; the Americana are pleased at  fTlso much respect and^ood feeling being shown  'JliJ to their ^lllusM6v������>6tml7mari; the English  are pleased with his moderate sentiments, ana  the kind manner: in whiefc^ he^ofce of their  Queen, r It is hoped4 that as riowj so in future  this vieitmay t������e prodrictive of benefitto these  colonies; forMKCplfax mayone day bePres-  ^erit of t&e UiiS:^and enow vis a statesinan of  no meari^iriffuericej' and that heamay ^bave  learriedfbere4hatEnglisbmettare by riormeans  inimical tolAn^ricaf but that the wantofdnf  tercoiirse\anidng flw> ^masses f is the true rear  soii^ofi themisfekerifcbiiceptionsofeach^^One  ofetwo^ speakers ; combined" a little business  mt& ^leasure>arid^ bbpedifor a favorable^^ref  biprdcity ebminertdal^irfo^  eveiiirig^Jddge^Iiaiidei^fpf^the^^^^^^  ally imeritibn*d1^tfcAwor;Sir James Douglas,  when there arose a sudden burst of applause  fr'&m"$M as though Irbm'bne^riianyihree tiines  three^t&e glasses and bottles i danced reels;  and waltzes upon tbe table to the glad sounds,  an d nap kins- waved ,: around-1 the heads from  one end^of the Ball to the other, as though ail  had heard some glorious news! There let me  stpp���������noHpblitical^or ptner trash shall feed  my-pen^to-night,  -; -���������.'���������-���������''���������'*���������"; ��������� '<���������"*'��������� ��������� ���������  -;-:;' -  :;;weekly.  ��������� ���������L;;;^4.*. ���������  .,������������������������������������(���������<���������>> *��������� ;_.._���������. ^  PAPER  GEORGE WALLACE, PKomfitoB.  Os^c*-^BlREERVILLEi^ Wn������UM CRHpr,"Cabsoo..  .������-������..������\-*H,..  r������������������..."iiiaikw^. > yr^y^ff .>'*���������������*".>  ���������i*v.  ^; Swbsctip^n^^  (Includingtpokt p������ deiiverfc)Vpayible-, to the��������� jQarrter.'  ���������"+(-  igned^wUl )keep ^briitantiyJon  i:atfull:asaortirierit of  i-'i'  if  ���������:���������",{-\ :.:-:-  -' /'^^consisung.of-.^: , -<-^--iv>  BIJILD3KGF M^TERIALi=;%&: Lo^ks^ B#tt|  :> n'"'"BoLTsi &d.,'&c.;!-    ^r" ' V:   ' " !t':r'  Carpenter^ fc^LACksMiTHTboLS;l  H^B,:^O^IJT;&^EIP:Si^-^  'jvi\,  SAW J^iESjj������k^^(S  (MST &TEEL SH<y^^  v ?PpRKS.; f' ' 4 "-f���������'%!:.   /   ''/];"  ":V J-best quality;' "*>������������������-' *'  "'   >   e *-*   -  - -  GASTETEEL (Cc^������s ^Co^^SLEiyG^: all  :^^^PQ1I^^.^T^  i������^;i$XJ8E+,. %-M-������������������������-���������'?   t .- ���������������������������^':/':. "*'���������<  i&ldliS^^ XitpN^ 4 fepppfi^ all  lr*-/"';sizes;'���������"������������������' '"  ' ' ' .  '���������':';'   ;/  '^^S^rrhmf & CoItbr, alt sizes; - : -  3JAB. SHEET, HOOP & BANDaRON\;   ;^ ^  SQlJAim;#0<^^^ -^  MANILLA ROPE, ^llsizos ;P,. f , ' ?:   ,"''"���������' ,  l^(^i&v]^B^ > ;, i  GAST IRON CAH WJaBELS^;' ���������:   ,    - * ^  ^LO-SGAl^l'^a^  : Blfeaiaer r   Enterprise;^  ; XeAVeB SODACRBSr for QTOSKEL  MONDAY AND f HtJRSD^Y MCfRNlNGS..  -���������.;;���������,. ���������.;:::;. ,. A#;nA^K3^ .;  ���������;;������������������;. ������;.,���������.;.;.Leaves qdesnel for.soDA creek,, .-,.,..,,.  tto^IJATSvA SATURDAYS AX^Ar^f-  THE  NEW  NfeXT DOOR TO THE OLD BREWERY.  ^;;\DWyi^ ���������  EG TO INFORM thepuhlicthatIthey have opened as  above,"when they;will he happy to have a call.from  aUr^osewhoIlkoa^lass tof GOOD; BEER,   ^ &PJ     [  ��������� $& Atrial Is sol ib'rteu\h ::n:-:i'' !'i-|-/?Vj ������������������;���������::"��������� 'viv--^- >  : Wholesale Prices ; l'er keg^ $2& ; per Single, GiUon,  $S| Retail Prlcesi .Byf-tU'e bottle or gUss'tliesajup.as  a:t tlie other brewery' in town.'��������� i,.'*c-.{ '--��������� '���������' -:;'-'   J'' ";?r;* '��������� ���������'  BArkeryillejjJuly^tb;;!^    { -:;      I; ;>��������� ���������/���������-   :   ? ;  Miners' Boarding House,  ; PEARSON\a;fc!(pAft!fjERVP^^  UfQUORBii^i'^e^'^t^qaaJity/fOnly  ; ��������� -,4|@r'Tho 'House -is situated at the Ohltteodtc aialab,  on; the v wi������t;&������ftk~P^ iha:'croek:.^: fn -^ ^ ��������� - v- ft^*<; ���������& *T=  THE ab6vo;fo^^bJ^nown^J&tabliBtiniont WhJ  the' supcrintenUarice; of  MABATVTV. VaCT  style,[and the Restaurant iai aupplied with all tffi 1  .catSes the; tnarket affordW /A.FXRST CLASS COoA  been secured.. -  .,.,   , :    ^������ OU0Kh84  - The choicest brands of Liquors anti.CigRrBilwaTiw.  hand.-.-     ''���������>'���������  ������������������������������������ ���������  ���������;:;���������  ���������������������������-���������.    ��������� ���������     .   "p  85* IQE O REAM can be bad on Sundays,  .*;:!���������'.  ������$W  ������.J<v.������1.TV*r>._lV-.  1'*M������.tr'^''^.--W.^-1. ^*f.'.  LOWHEE   CREEK  AXD  Ml":,* IT.  the Washburcw  MISESS;^  situate' on ^the^btst1  : claiinr X>3wliee ���������: "T  .;.; .EDWARDSHEARER, Proprietor;  I^wheerJ;uly."4t,b,.lS85. .#    .  ,   >  ; -r- ^  *���������;;</  Kink^ ;6ppoiite  EYERY ���������-.EVENTNGi-  ������*r������?*r  AT. ITSS  t^r. ";s-i;ro"OE  .V.-5f.*:  CAMERONTONi  ^Qf!^^  i"r ;;;V;;y;:^T;;;;VyiLCO><f: PR0P.r;.;;;!'-'-:;  THIS;' K-^ABUSHMENT ;WILL< ^BK' OPKNEit) OK  HOKXiiR.T NEXT, thelSth"Inst.'; for tho r<c^pU������i  of Boarders. The house has "been rieu tly nttca' up tH  iWJU be] found a comfortable home by minWs.   \  &&*,. L'OUgi iigs ���������; FREE. \ /Board $lfl pcrweeki  giagi5  Meals $1 60.' ��������� Heaiasupplied to; night hands. ���������.;, a>  .GikKRONToit, 'Wniuiisr, <6bbhc, B; d  ��������� r-r<^������������.u������������������ii������������������^H������M������!jM.<^J.t.,  J���������~-���������������^->-,������1   --v  WHOLESALE     AND     RETAIL,  grOckries,    ������; ;  PROVISIONS,  ���������^���������;;:^;:^ff^KgJORs;  .���������Vii^f-i  TOBACCO^-   ���������  .v-> *; is -1;/-    .L-GfcOTHING,- ;:��������������������������� '* . "<w  ,���������--;.^T'.',--'v *, + &   ,-r>i   BOOTS &SHOES,  if* :������������������-";  ALL THE^LOYERS!OF FUN ARE-1NVITV  ^d- -.to^c'all' and ;ehjpy themselves, - wh������r; a:  li -i *' hearty welcome will be extended;  ! -���������.U-  ; Billiards, Excellent Refreshments untf the;  best of order obserTed;,      ' ' ,, v;  ''���������--"-   '-'���������' ��������� l;\ "���������   -">-      -��������� .MARTIN & CO. :  ,:   iSB^Goods^oiight"WtmjlStb'rft;%1U.bede^  Jry^d^FftM OlR'CAffRL^fiWallportioiii  of Williams'Creelr." '.:*/ V;=';'/ '   * ;:, '.; ,.  :������������������'!-..  ���������%H~  RICHFIELD.  mm  BAii^^mLE;;:;  ;   ATCHISO  BLANI??e POCKET/ AND MEMORANDUM:  '    BQOKS,"alIsizes;   \;vA \\ >  -^v'l'-  LEG^^P^^NOTBj^LETTER^ ^FOOLB-  :':': V' -CAP Pi^PER;       ���������'' ���������    */--:    ' ' .' -''  ,:->;--:r lPE^.'&0l;vr':-��������� -:>?f'U^':^i '. ������;&%v,.*'i  WEEKLY TIME BOOKS;  VIOWN STRINGS, SONG BOOKS; to a;i -  Barkemlle, WilRams Creek.  T  THE SUBSCRIBER begs to inform his friends and  Miners in general that he Is once again in thefleM, and  will fceep constantly ..on hand GOOD FAT BEEF and  MUTTON which he will deliver oh Burns Cr������elc, kelson Creek, and Last Chance, free of eitr* charge.  Be*f, 25 atid'30������ts; Mutton, S5 cte:",and no devifltioh.  -.������������������'-^���������������������������v ������������������'.���������- ".��������� .     --,  FRED.mMTTLER. '  THE;WINES. SPIRITS^ ALE: k SEGARS to,l>e;ha^ at:  . Ibis,Saloon,ard the.best that can be.imported. v;,.:  zJk-$jm$> GiAsSi^RsApiNG Room I V'>;;-&:  AU the latest M'glish.v.Xtnericnn, ��������� Canadian!;and':eoto-  '  , . ���������    ���������   .   ntul papers,uktn ia. j.     i  ,���������- r -.ri-  .., j&S* A Harmonic;Meeting^hel<X .every -w^-HJudg������;  and Jury.";..���������   ; ' ?������������������/"''."'. ''''',��������� ; -���������.' ���������������������������'%    ;*\7 ;.-'%= 1  Ubscbakts axnDsAuaui ts  rd vis ions r  And every otter,d^scriptipn ^of Gpodfl required by tne^Mining community.H/W  ���������:    '  .. ������@r Moderate 'T^nas.;;',;,.^^^  '���������������������������:���������:,���������':. > *'^0j-' be glfen cnc4 a ;-wro6k;by.,tlie *-^. % ;��������� f-  Cariboo Amateur Dramatic Association.  A:N;D-'BA,K;EFtY  ';'"'-.;���������! RARKERVILLK. ''  BARKERVILLB,  And everythisf required for the mining oamp,:k'P*  consUmtly onbaati. aud sold at the LOWjSaT HAH-  KET RATES: ' '->'���������-���������-��������� ;���������''-;��������� '-"^-V ���������*.-������';  ���������-.1������*-   :  BirkerriHe; l������lyMthp 1805; ^    K 7  THE BOWLXNG SALOON, Oameronton, Is  nowiforsaio^ CHEAP FOR CASH, the present proprietor being obliged to go below.   ��������� ALL persons indebted  to tho iundersighed, either by .'notes or book account,  will save costs by paying un boft>re the 1st, August.  Creditors will please call and receive their cash,  :.;:'.':: ���������;*���������",  : ' C. FCiTON.   '  CameroatoajlSthJulf, 1865. 8-3ln  THB SUBSCRIBER bejjs to Intimato that he hasVe-  - c#ntly erected and fitted up in the best style his  :'���������' NE"W ;RESTAURANT.  The services of a good cook, have been engaged,1'and  the board will be of the best description.: ���������. Tt^rrns for  board very moderate. < ;  ._*���������,...   4������" Meals. Rasdgr at all hours. ������������&       fi  In the BAKERt Department FRESH BREAD, made  from the rery finest flour, will'bo kept for sale, at the  lowest market rate's; ;     ' '������������������'���������   "���������-'<���������  8 JACOB TELTB*    <  Barkerrille, B. Cv  A- KELLY, PRpraiETOR.  Eyery thing ?������ doae In cosaccttbn wjth tni3 eslablisa  meni to g8ve gatlsfaclion to tho customers.!  aw  THE PARTNERSHIP hitherto existing between Samuel  'Adier.atifil T. A. 'Barryj as Saloon Koeptrs, Cameruntop,  has this day been dissolved by mutu-il consent. Alt  debts duo the concern are to be paid to T. A. Barry,  and all accounts duo by tnoUte firm will be discharged  by said T. A. Barry.  SAMUEL ADLER,  T. A. .BARRv,  ; Dated ,tM* 29th day of July, !$&>. 9  THE UNDERSIGNED being desirous of erecting a  a. Flouring Mill at Quesnelmouth, oiler for saje the  Machinery of aSTKA'M SAW MILL, for-the'purposo of  getting more powerJul engines. The Mil! is. complete,  and capable of sawing 8000 feet in 12 hours; it has an  extra 60 inch circul-Tftiw. Favorable terms will be  givfh to any persons desirous of purchaFing. the Ma-  chineiy is offered either with or without the buildings.  ''���������������������������     ,       '; HARPER & WRIGHT.,<  ���������Qussnelmouth, June 201 h, 1865. 8 2ra  THE UNDERSIGNED Is: prepared to GLEAN BM<*  . SANDiBlX)Wll������GS;aiidPANNINOS.oncnmwi������������������������j  or will: purchase any quantity oh the Most Lio������'  Torino.,: Singles solicited.   Apply; toy: letter or:ota������-  wise: at the Prince of Wnles claim. ��������� ��������� r wn  7 JOHN CAMP.  E. C. GILLETTE.  Ofvics���������CAMERONTON.  LL PARTIES;INDECTED TO ME are hereby���������������������**  fled that; they must cdl and 'settle their accoao .  en (������rbcfor������ the 15th of July, or they will be pui  court for collection.   ��������� '    .... ., ^  -a������h  Op and after the 15th of "July my tennis will be c������������ ���������  ��������� I������* Groat iaducem?m^ ror easb: ''^*tt-5^^?fArr  7 J^H.-SCQTii w#i  British (Mumbia, Sa4%6^yy;^n^n^ 13^ 1865.  .*������������������    -n-  !������  OK  upiiti  .:������ r ���������  ;:���������"���������'������������������=-1 ��������� 4������ondayi Vth^uly. j  Milros?;y&,l^rjmgi^^ actipit;by  jabdrlce^per; ;.To$5������4^;^Ug:es dtiebimi; The  ���������defendant disputed the.aceaunt;and sustained  tiis objection so te^ctuaUy that-theCourt onX  ly gave jndgment^fbr;$120.; w:i. X  Distort -E^^ suit bb  rbmissp^^^Qtellf^r ������11 ;2s.��������� - ^rudgraenl;for  laintifilpa^eR^eM Sept.    7.7 ���������  is Curry v8;J3dwartb*4SSuit for i������29 12s.$; also  romisipry jipte.^ ^ and.  ay merit>d^rr!bdf fog a ui$iiti}7/, i ? $7-7.  FieldSsi <^ayes^~-ActioiV' fPr; ������48 4s.-������1br  Carpenter worMp^  ercek; : Judgment bv default^''  >ff������2 lls<?d^$aidiintb;Qpurt^ Judgment for  lefendant._ ^.     A j,, ;_    ;   .  ,     7;V  McKenzi^^  foods wli?aho7Aeliierect 7iliidgiaeiit' con^  3Ssed7 ��������� *: 7= 7; -' 'X - v.* ^ ^ > *. ;.������ .. >*. j . ;��������� .-:.7 t  Lande ^Mercuse vsVr!Bdrtph ;i;:0&  ibr;^M^s;-IOd.;for-  spld and:deliverr  id. r Judgment.fbr plaintiffeffor ^ 14syi5d4  Praj^.i^Br^  Is. lit. for goods; /sold tai%ijiyered^ Sjludgr  lent confesj^^aM^ in  ffceekiy instalments of ������2.     f -v;\' .;��������� ��������� -  EIOEa, ������gl;---JfGT^!OF^TEIP:TO^^RlBCO;;  ing it. ;^meaiately adjoining this is tlie Canadian, ^thepilier, the Wake Up Jake,-the  EricsPnaiid^er^pthera, ail of Which hiye  ii:their; day paifl wpll," some of :them turning  out.as;muchas. $250,000.; .-..;������������������:���������    ��������� '���������������������������XXr'prX j -  Below this; camp is Cameronton, called so  for a gentleman of that namei who located the  first claim there,; in the winter of 1S62, and  .whic^rpiudrat'jihe rate of about $1#Q0 a foot.  In this camp is also the Tinker, Caledonia and  Mofett claims,:the latter^ however,"has* swaW  lpwed upmuch'tiore than it has yielded, The  celeJjratedlRaby claim is also in Cameronton.  It was located by; Martin Raby, an old Australia and; California miner, on; the 24th Aug.,  1862.   This, like most of the other claims, lias  ten shareholders^ each man representing one  ^ndredfeetof-grouh^  Raby that this claim liaa yielded a fraction  over a quarter of: a million of dollars. He  also-tellsime" the' "cost of working'the, claim  hasthus- -far Tamdtmtedr;to;$l60,006; leaving  $ l5p,0QO for .the tompaiiy, xir il5^)ppior the  individual members, which ampiihts In round  beta  i>rtiou  mm  *}  m^  u  LACK  ssio"<  ibrn'l  Dtber-  IP.  noil-  OUDt5  cub.  h  ',;''X.7(yrpmganPranQisoo Bulletin.).. ;:7    -;/'.  ^:r'^T-^wattA^;;c*iffiKi;-''i!^v- -'���������-. ["X ;���������������������������  j������H The^alley^o������ TOiim^  lies -IpngJ aad :fem\a quai^^Bi*l^V&He  ide abov^ and below the cannon.4-Itcbntaihs  ^Bt this writing ^biit 2,000 men^phieny mini  3i  -They are d.iyidedpff-|n^-r  befiir^^PrJthe'pn^-^  esignated by th%name^)f ^Sichfieli; the^eCt  nd i9^Barkervrlle| and^the^third^Cameron^  )n.; iilpng the base of thp nipunbainl pii each  Me i^ tbe water j in the different camps, are  ituateli^ows of stately bnildingsj ringing all  eway ,^rom7^y 9 to 8 by}10$e# M ;3ze^  endfroni^Stb"Ifffeethigh^inmSfty of^hicli;  re^^ domiciled half a dewsen hardy^.Jipnest mini;  rs���������meno% br^^ ������WS, ^rive;hearts ;and  doraitalile* filter? tt^  ards for the- feU and' privation' they; siififeft  >ut alas, alas! hpw jew pf,jlie.gt:i*t^masasuc?.  Keed-;in .'accomplishing the pbjectpf their am-;  Pbiiioh-^a:griat&rtu^pt ^^%.7777-7*X..:^  m Williams -creek was3S^veie4;Sli *;W^  wf, th^name in the springfbf; the 'year J86L  Sreviouaitbihai;iime, ^mining in BritisbCol-r  ^imbialhad~ been chiefly -^onlinedvlxJ Eraser  ^i'ver*', ;The."&rst~������laicis wrer8:-l0,Gated lav.whaf  ifls called, SicMeld,; thesbestbfwKicli: are Cunt  SiingbasB^s,��������� Steei^sj>Abbbtt^sandfAdams*; all  Sf which paid richly au^'C^e^r^;|mme^  Sush bfr i^ula%n^7praser:;;riyeri; jlaryeyi  ^nd Antler creeks lost allr their charms; $5  liind $8 diggingswere -left indisgust -for ;ihe;  fireatrcontrePf * attraction:^  Mnest'qiiality^^..4e^ld---fee..^scoisi)ed^ i.f" fey the-  ^hovelMii ' After -all |hP (claims had bePn  gakem k$ ii thes valkyj (Whichis not more thari;  S������alf a mile long) above the canon prospectr  aiiig to a considerable: extent wp earned on  there, but ho gold was found. ;< Atf length ap;;  Idea presented itself to ;tiie mind of an old.  ^aUf<*rai^ miaerv tliat by sbme\ strange cgn-  ulsiun^f nature the ��������� bed of the creek had.  eea changed, and that by tunrteling into the  arth a distance of 200or 300 feet, .the g!^ bed:  ould be reached, and that large deceits of  .xjPftold would be found;1 A Mrn^er of;res<%te;  ^*men,fpmed;.tb0nisel^ec  finder the aame -of ^thej^ck: Jack company,  nd raa a tunnel into the - mPuntain in a sort  Tpof incline directibn for a distance of 220feet,;  tjlwhere they struck a lead that proved the the-  7^ory of tbe old Cafif������rnlan;to be correct, or at  Sfleast the claim proved to be one of, the rich-  i^cst ever found in the valley.  \xM  While the work;pftujiueling,was going on  ��������� ?S$������*$ fche Black Jack company, a great rush was  f I ,||pnade do wn: tbe creek for the valley below the  f caaoa, and claims were taken tip on both sides  fpfor��������� a distance of a mile and a-half.   The first  17pay that was struck, however, in this camp,  WM(now called Barkcrville): Was -by;the Barker  " ���������;;,v7con.'fpanyJ which,,; after sinking a shaft about  tglp&ieet, came upon a lead thafeias thus far  :^|paid every man connected with: it for his la-  "' 7li^0rV.������&'well as the;;mpn������y expended in reach-.  <m  proximity to; the Raby claim is the Prince of  \Yales, which paid well f<^r a coupl*vof years;  but is iiow worthlcssyhaving been commietejy  worked out.. "Ihfact^this point appears to be^  tlie end of the gpld^-region it the valley; for  f althpugh many claims 'have been opened further down, a^4 'ffi^andToF'VtpllarSj perhaps  millibns,;have" been;expended,1 nothing-wor-  'thy of consideration has beenf ou rid; A bpm-  pany palled the:Richfleld iiaye Spent sompthihg;  ;PveV ^OjO^p prospecH^  Wales., CThey employed the most 'perfect and;  [powerful of 'modern machinery tpjrio  purpp^ jrB^^en^d^^  lead was found. , It was what miners call "a  regular bilk.*7 Many a man who by hard toil  and good luck had acquired a handsome fortune, liere lost it and was compelled to return  to daily labor for support;  In the spring of 1863 another unfortunate  JFelsh coinpanywas formed under the leadership of Capt. Evans,fan old^Australian miner.  They located a claim on Lightning Creek, and  after working fbr-nearly two yearn in pros^  pecting; cutting ditches, sinking shafts,| erecting water-wheels and flumes, aiid expending  over $100,000,1 am" not able to find thanhey  ever realized; pnUdolljar. Weary and -disheartened, the company at, length wound up  its affairs, and the individual members sought  employmeut in the neighbpiing claims.  It is .eyident this I is not the only? cpmpany  whosebopes liavc been blighted 611 the Lightning. % Much work has been done here7 Nu-.  merpus flumes, AvaterMwheels, to,; are to be  seen in evpry direc  ting away, soon to nimble clown and be carried alpngv the cufreht of;the stream; until  "B \ L LTA R D ; S^ LOO N !  '      :;'?; J RIC VLTiJBLD.x ~ ':-.''  PAT RICK   KIR WI  PROPRIETOR;  Thi3 }Saioon. is.^fitted- up ;^^in. FIRST-CLASS  ^^^eB^is;^^  LIQUC^^vhich can be^rpCttred.  fa^^jbright ^hopesjj)f ^ajny ^ail jirifprtiinate^  ;minpr7" IcbiM gx^Mi^ almost 'ajtinfinitum,7  ireciting such; instances,7wliere men have  Squandered fortun^Sjand destroyeitheir constitution int; prospecting; and ^finally left th?  ^ountr^ b^ruptlnjiu^  i Mning,hp^ve^,;;:is^ot  in which men'meet y??th gbod> and bad: for-  tune; they meet it in-all the^^ tiivcrsifeedundertakings in life^.: But it isfelt the keefierherG  ias they pomemtii the^co^cious^certalnty; of  malang ^aj^:;sums;:in^6ft  gold is scattered ab^ut in profuse abundance,  , andall t^j^  fprriia miners declare it a ifailuT&;;There! are^ lPMleatn^bag%^^  many other claims than those I haveihetitiPh- b^ck and wPnd their way ��������� homewards to ad-  ed,"s;6in^M^ichha^ miring/ iovln^ifrieno^; and-spend  otters tbbusarids aftpruthousands have been  iiunk' and where fortines will yet;be .accjiinii-  lated as welV as lost.7  "7-.    v ^\   ���������''*.',  of their days in;��������� the;^pymeht'bf unallbyed  doinesticba^hes&rto  the land an^rds;^;3^-ala^  7 Biit ttfere -ate bther^ Ranches of^n^ustry j fiuding tta������; tMya^^ so"^r ��������� froib  than'mining carried on here7 Menft s '    "  "  mpstTevery prp^ssion^^dr walk-in l^arje^P:  b'e met molustrioiisly; * pursuing ffieir "various  avoP.a1iens-r;:the lawyer, the preacher,! 1ne dPc-  tor. and distillerj thecarpenter, theshoemaker;  the - blacksmith" and theJ tinker..  .Somo are  qulfe'morally; inclin^  :anti^hrfetian7  Passing. throughTcamp: prr  Sa^febatb morning,;the;p^  voice of the pious missionary j(in a little cabin  just- to the left of the:path):proclaming: the  glad tidings of great' joy to a sift-loving peb-f;  pie, while immediately on the other side is a  party of golS-worshiping miners^ busily piy-  ingthe^.shovel^^^and pickaxe, and peradventure  :the 8iuice4i6������ The rniners can hear thevpicc^  ot t&e preaeheri and the? preacner hea,rs the  ���������rattling of the miners7 tools. The former  ;pays noiattentioii^to th������ latter,- nor tho; latter  to tneformerl-^Each-appe^  his mind that the other is near,: and steadily  wbrks away at that which-his hands findeth-to  do.   Hard by can ;be heard a gentleman of  African descent exhorting his brethren to turn  from the, error of thoir ways and follow meefe  ly in the footsteps of their blessed Lord and  Master who made so many^ generous sacrifices  to purchase their redemption.   The sledge of  the blacksmith,. the hammer of the :cobbler  and tinker add their mite' to the general confusion and-commingling 6f discordant sounds.  Anon can be seen a long train of pack animals descending into the- valley froia the;  'mountain top, 4#d on by a, stately old bell  mulei Chiming in with the huge rattling of  this bell are the stentorian voices of the drivers���������some in English, some in'Spanish, and  ethersintheIndian:tongue. I?roin another  direction is approaching a drove of fat bullocks or a flock of thrifty sheep. \ The animals  and iaen appear equally carelessof all around.  Every man carries about with him a certain  air of independence such as I havk never witnessed in any other community by any other  class of persons.  . 'fei is toTpmJ) mif^LriTiERs.  I have spoken of many claims which have  rendered rich rewards to all engaged in them,  and one or two that have given no compensation. I must now refer to one or two others  of the-latter class. There is an abandoned  claim known as the Welsh claim, located by  a company of Welshmen in 1862, adjoining  some of the richest claims on the creek; and  it was one in which the oldest, most experienced miners, as well as novices, had confidence, Shares changed hands rapidly at the  mosl extravagantly high prices. There were  quick: sales at.* $18,000. and $20,000, but> no  lying IpQse:aboutihesurfaPe, isburied deep  in thejipwels of the parth, and:that.-npt only  much labor/but pPwerM  & necessary to* exbujqaedt^^and'that a sort of  deep mystery prdeep7uncer,tainty. envelopes  the? whplepJe^r are fb^rcibly jrepiihSed of 1he  old adage/(^U is^^pld,t^  ���������   NOWSCOTIA^ '  I We take the following ^rpm^a^Halifte pa^  per of M^ ������������������*    -^77  :(��������� "The Bigoest; YEfc^^stetilay morning.  Mr. Burckner, manager of the rGerman com-.  pany's works at* W^verly, bronghi td7town an  ingot of pure gold weighing; four hundred  and.fifty-spven oiinces, and .worth,about nine  thousand dollars.^ This finefspeeifmen biE bur  cpuntry?s produce^ after^being admire^"jyy  many of;p^cUfeens ^during ^ the fbrenppn,'  was in ^e^afterapjotf ^hibi^  "of Assembly. "Tliist ingpt Air& the result of  ten days' work in thP German company's  claim at Wayerly f arid we: belie ve J ihakes; a.  ^total of about niheihi^  ces ohtaiiied from ffieir claim there in the lastf  five weeks.   The coinpany owning thisvalua^  bicpropprty was ; organized about two years  since; and for the, last year has been more  successful than perliaps^ any other: gold miningassociation in the Province.  The stock is  principally;/owned in; New York/   For the  first few month* theirOperations did not yield  a profitablev return,' and it was at one time  contemplated to abandon the enterprise; but  fortunately for the interest of concerned, wiser counsels prevailed, and the'work was continued; a. valuable 'lead' of auriferous quartz  was 'struck,7, and the shareholders are now  reaping a rich, reward for their endurance .under what was. at first ratber discouraging circumstances.    They have a claim of great  richness, but judicious nianageinent has also  had much to do with the suecess of their operations.   There are now about one hundred  and thirty men employed on their works. We  understand that the company contemplate to  further pxtend their works during the ensu-  suing spring and summer, and are already  sinking on new 'leads' that promise a large  yield."    'Where lie will be glad fto aeo all his:  ;;,P;lJ:0.X|:fi;^S,;jt;v;;j;;.;  TOOliSALEbtKD:RETAIL DEALERS ������?   ^  Mllftfl  itil'fes  MR^ItVffitE.  ^*"4' -l:  \j>\  rtailt etd;  ?  v*.,    ,-, The undersigned is- prepared to * ^ i^^Ji  CLEAN BLACK Si#������^ BLOWINGS AKIK  ( \;&. ':-::'---:--^PANNINGSr";ryj������**������***^  On Commission, or wiilCpurclmsef any quiihtity on ih������ ,  Most Liberal Terms, at the .  EeaShftg."Rbom^' Oamerd^toii;*:-"-   ,7  Suhserlber ia now wcU;known' on^UUanis Creekf lai ���������  rrom_thp,jconfl^?nc.e,;reposeJd.Jnw^  above biismoss, he hopes to receive the patronage of  the Miningcommunityltheensuiag'Sesfeoti;.  s ^^\;.7:,:,;.,7--7../7,.:rrjoHK;BOWRON*v;-  .    ...       -- -       i*i?J'.i-i,w. JS-ri.'LH;s.,'r,:..r.������<.>f7.''rt;-K^4..  ABOUT WINDlKa UP OUR BUSI-  AS WE ARK  ness, persons indebted; to.#������; are .rcspectrully rg-  qiiested to<catl and settU<before,;the ,1st;August:-;?All?7  aocoants,remaining'" unsettled:;aft������r'; Uiat rffite'will tw '  placed in tht- hands Ot an a^entfoir collection. ������  ��������� 7        ������������������   *'<&*���������   r    ;     " N. E..SOLOMON & CO.  PARTXERSHIP heretofore ^xi5tin������ betweciii  Frask Way and 0. B.? Wright, in the-.Deep Cre������k  Ranch, is hereby'dissolved by mutual consent. r, Frank  Way will pay all th������ liabilities iind collect a H- the debts.  . -7 ; ���������:��������� ..                        ;-��������� ?:������������������?���������} FRANK WAy7;  ,., ... .���������..   ���������:.   ...���������..._._ G, fi; WRIGHT..  Deep Cre������k, 4th July, 1865...  . f ;,- :  ,8-lm  STjrERfLi?ocs Advicb.���������I have heard-of a" chaplain to  a imion workhouse who preached to las congregation  from tlie text, "Lay sot up for yonraelves treasures-up.  on earth. ^���������'BoyoaV tacon'in Co'nnell.'' So wa have,  heard of a Moroyahire prison ch^laia praying *-Carry  us In safety to our respective places 'of abode, V after  which tbehear&rs were m-sr^ed off to. their c������lk,���������  ^lovcrnus Oouxi?r.V  Auctioneer,  F7V,  Mining Agent,  .     RICHFIKI.D,  ?/ *  I.  arid Colleotor.  jftS* All Agency Business attendbd to.  BLACKSSIITH, .MACHINIST AND ^MANt^  FACTUUKR OF CoOTHXn RANGES,  .      . BARKERVILU5, B. C.      ;   77  BARKERVILLE, B. C?  8  P JAMES WALKER, who emigrated from Albion,  Canada West, in 1857, and came across the plaiua  to California; was last heard from in February, 1860,  .when he was residing at Watsonville, Santa C'ruacouB'  ty. Any information sent to this office,, addressed te  Samuel Walker, will be thaukl'ully rt'ceived. ,;..>:  San��������� FranciiscoMAlta,' 'Bulletin,* Sacramento'Uniorj'.'  Idaho {Worhl,V and* Portland 'Wegonian^ pleaee_ei>pr  and J:?nd accounts to,offlc*;of thU pup r4    ,>.  ' "f  -.-.-.,  ^^,-r^';'',':  Mn ^.^v.^.'^s^^? THE "CARIBOO  SENTINEL"  THE BANK OF  3  BittMeadsJ Gircnlars, FostSfes and  ���������L. I&g??unm!ep forBalls aridvTheatncal 7 ���������  *:%*   W'-'M   "'-?|^teiiaiainentifi ���������������������������.-��������� If ..���������-���������.'��������� ������f  pMnid :������iih Neatness and ^Dispatch- at- this OSleO;  ,   ', .s.>i<>.,."-j(apt.Terms Moderate.;,  S^OSiopoi Sentinel" Office; /V"  ^rkcrrUls,   Williams Creek; j;;;  JDAMERONTON. WILLIAMS GREEK.  TERMS OF SUSCRIFTION have been reduced to;  :%%p*f month*;i-'&bpjjro 100 valqmea,"of New ;Works  '������Ave been only lately added to the-clrculating library.1  parties are Bolicited to ���������snT>8cribe;,;!i j  , s '    30HN BOWRON; Librarian.  0  i&x  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  isr:.  roMAa^MMODATON^  A, travelers Cannot bo i surpassed-; the Table, Is ,well  8ej>piied wttbrtbe best thelmarkot Affords, 'and the Bar  J* stocked wJtothecPureflt Liquors"; Beds;-Stabling,  S������y..and Oats..'; ���������'&<. '*7   " '-:������  ...,   ,^v. *>,250^000  ��������� -With. Power to Increase.  -    IN VANCOUVER ISLAND,  'VICTORIA^Bankof British.&lumbi^,^:;?-f:':;!'"^,-!s.!'  'NANAXMO���������Bank- of British Columbia fA 1       ������'���������$>  ; v IN (BRITISH GOLUftBIA, '  ^Kw-:^WS������IMINSTER^ank;o?^riUBhComihlrta;-  YALE���������Bank of British Columbia; ;:; i:������������������������������������.U " - ;' >  MOl^TH QUESNEL-rBank of British Columbia; U  ;^ 7.7.7 r;;jj^  SAN FRANCISCO-^Bank of British'Coiumbh;a I;"  PORTLAND, OREGON-4Bank'.of BritishColumfe^fl  .y *,    - .;>' *���������-���������" .IN-: CANADA, . 7r - ^v-v^  -h^r^'B^-ter0.^lM^N^EAL^^'^  :-7^ 7.''" BRANCHES &.AGENCIES:'    _" _��������� >���������-���������  ������  Montrtefti^Torpnto^ Quebec;} flaroillon. London, King-:  Y: i flton:'-,. Cobourg^ Belleville^ Brantiprdj^Brock^ v  r Tiile,Whitby, Peierooro, Ottawa,������uelpfc, > ,;  ;  .'1; ; -v ^-'.;'Ooaorich;>Stratford,'IMctoh, Fertti;;���������������������������       ;:.���������.;  ���������;���������;     *   ���������. 4--., < Simcoe, St. Catherines;';-     ���������  ��������� V,������,.'  ' ''   ,\,   . : IN"-ENGLrAND>   v ������������������.���������'������������������ 7 ' '7  I������NDON^Bank'of Britlsn CfolumbU^^'I^nardlSt.  All  -    i^-'  K.  SUTER^ ,  fflSn^;^ECT A$D BROKER    7  7    ��������� <t        gRICOTIELD.    . .-:-f|';-     f--   j  Mndteiof A^ency^Biisiness attended to{  Ice-pj)po6it0;,the Pa#s a|i|l London Hotels ���������''.., ������  THE EANK.OF  British  "ESTABLISHED IN IS^d'rtpXOoaPOlUTEb BT.&L'j  'v!  GO%0N!^b ftOTEtf  New Westminster, British Columbia,  MSSSKS. G SRLLEY BnpTBliBSi}>  Proprietors.  ��������� ���������',i.--X.'  .*m*: .*���������*���������  .     .   ���������.FQIUL- HOPE.    ���������'-,- ':���������":-:-,:;  niX)R������E.^JT^atlStiEBT^Ct^^Tjcac������i������ri0' DeSer .li  lX;GROCERIES; PRPVISiO^S^^  JPaid up Capita^; 41   -  TJndiviaed Net Profits;  godiooo  600,000  nmt'Qvsicarl  Establishments: ;;  ���������'V^-A:'  HICK'S i HOTEL,; Lytton Squarb,7Nbw s W������sniissri������;-  ��������� B; Ciy Philip Hicks, Tfp^rietor.. The aboye favr  .ombly;khown?house is now open to the public; the Bar  constantly v supplied: witni^e \ choicest --'-'brands' ''���������': of  is  Liquors ,anii.SegarSi:  a  SENRT '^  watding^and; Commission Merchant,'".dealer,jri .PtOi'  visions���������^FC'ed^ ;.&Ci:;;Bonded'storage:for 1000-tons"bf  .Goods-in S^ne Fireproof^^rehouse;! Goods Forward  Vd .up country" and every accommodation given to ;yeS-  seisioadlii^ or dischji'rging ;at���������",tli������'Liverpool or upper  ��������� wharf.', New Westroinster;British Columbia. "���������''.": s '���������'���������'  WALTBfiSBROS.,  liquors cannot be surpassed:, the Beds are ������lean and  comfortable; Stabling for'Horses ; Hay and .Oata-at  EeodafaW rate������. -. ;^        ������������������'   .  >* t- iir-y-t ^ *r:4-m';. '$:mi w&  ���������1MiiJil������iiiMiiminiiii 111 ��������� i-ii-m���������   CURRENTxA(XX)UNTS opened ;for any; amount) not  'less than One Hundred. J)pllarf., .... ���������. Ji^ti^x&&&1~  r'���������; Bills Discountod and doHcctetT; and' Bills of Escn'an|e'  oi Great Britain; Sa.nFrancesco; and; New^Tdi^t ^ur^  h Draftslssuedon^all theBranches and?Agondes;; <> r?  ^J Government' and other Securities .received, for safe  custodyj'lntereats'andDividends' collected^-   r'  ^PROPRIETOES;  ;Bl������AII^Bgp5.y?  HOTEL Its lJ&(?g"l^^  *aL" for the comfort of ferayelers; the-Table- is ^supplied'  -with the beat of ^Yerything .that jan^ bejhad, and the  :*������okiag 19 not Inferior tb; the beat? hotelHn,the lower  ^Oountry: Bearooms^for faniiliee^Stabling, Hay, and  e*la.  tr^e^tageAtopsmtttietlll^ttileHotta������overnight  ou tta way down country. ���������   i a .  v  ^ESNEll^MdUTi^#  f. L. JOHNSO^PRdPRiBTOlt,  atill hoursr and^Cooldng :of *he.1>kpaEf  ::-:v;::.-:,^eSCnpUOH.-  SEBf  Secsirea^SnDfepbsit^ or; 'Adv&nceff maderupon 'thesn.  r/yv  'i &>t3? Bust MeUedaud-..Assayed, ..andlr^turas made  within,24 hours.; .;,.  t   ; ."  <,.. '. k-{ ������������������   '- '  I ^OreVof every description'canraUy Assayed;-/^    ,';  f Cameronton;'wniiamB Creek..    . \ . , . ,  :,";���������:��������� sr\;--:>^v\^NOTiCE;?V^:^i;-^^^^i  ; A LL KINDS OT'B^;}G06m^CL6rai^^ri^^  vTL and Shoes, can be';:bo^gh^cneaper,at the stbre>6f  the undersigned; than] at-a^ hy^ other place' in -the cdlonyy  Every arUclemarked iri-plain figures.^ '^Terms���������CASH;  Ni B;���������Orders ft6m;:^n^up^ei'.&c^ntry.'i,eceiVe prompt  attention;^ ;v ; l;vv ^M- ARTHUR;BXJLLDCK^^^.  .;���������;������ ���������''������������������'���������;���������-.'.^Opposite (gonial Restaurant, New Westminster  E"KAR,ggt Matchmaker &?Jewteler^4  ��������� VTate> street, ;.Yictoria;:.,>r.':I.,, keeps- cpnr -:\  &mt\& M<b#M.\'MvmQfM9&, pr*G<jii. ,and;J  Silver WATCHES, Gold Chains. Buckles, Plated  Clocks, r &c ���������;... Pariioular> attention paid ,to; rejpairing  ^aitches, and Jewelry.; ; All. .vyork warrinted.������������������fi ��������� Orders  from the country promptly attended to; s;.;';:-,.._5.s'.-:,.s,...  San FsANcmco^-F. H. Grain &W.S. Sutherland Ajeftu  NbW YOEX^Walier^^ Watson & James Smjtb, Agemi  MontrealJ-f ;<Queb'ec';' i'.-I'f ^Toronto; /��������� f Hamilton���������'  Kingston:'   'London, C.W-; Brantford:;   Halifai >J g,  : '-gt: Johns; N. K; "Victoria, Y.i^     '   "'  ���������r :t\- ....'���������/���������'..���������-.';.'���������. ''AGENTS:-���������*���������'  ������*. ;'������������������,;.- ;...   :;;  ScoriJuav-TNational Bank of Scotland; ::.   .  iRKtANn^-Provincial- Bank \of Ireland;  Fbascs���������Marcuard, Andre &*Cib; Parl������;  Australia;���������Union,Bank'-of Australia;  Ixma, Chika A JAPAN'������-Chartered MereantilQ Bank of  r-.].t.India, London and China.    .  .. r^AFTS ISSUED on: I^hdon, New YOrVi San fm,  'Cisco;'' Canada, New Brunswic^ Nova Scotia, andomfl  the^ Branches-of tlie 'NationsBank of gcotUnd m  PiovincialBankof^reland^i  ������������������'?������'J^.'-.-:;_'.:-���������[;[       ���������;  '���������( JBills^bf "Bbtdha^i^;;^d; Gold Purchased.  .; Interest oh Special ���������Deposits of-Money allowed' at ^  .rate of .a quarter of .brie, pet cent, perlmpnthi .������ .; i  ' ;>K8c The Bank receives; Gold ;Dust and. Bars for 1$  keeping without charge j undertakes the purchase ^  sale of Stock* the Collection ot Bills and 'Other riionif  business in the United States and British ProTln^  i-;'^  SFORBORG*:M RTJEFF^-Colninissibn Mer-  ; CHANTS,- Wholesale Dealers in Grocsries and Pao-?  visioxfi, Wharf street, Victoria 'i ' ��������� ��������� 1 ��������� ! ��������� ' 3m v *  f?...-v.r ^.,* ���������vr-- TW:'.-i~j--r--.A  ������5B������  .._ -  - r-���������QUEPNEL-cMOUTH,'  BROWN' ifc GiLLiSr^ROPRIETOri.  Jtdi.^ ReiitMfant-pilliafd Table, &c.  r'K;^-.. ^SUbUngfbrtHpraesfHayanai^at^A -/:..%i^l  FHA^COIS  r AHD  ^OKP^.-k;-  C^^RkoN^:;  ���������;t   ; .  TAN WINKLE^ CARIBOO WEST  npHE above splendid'Hotel Ts now open tor, the public,  Avthe proprietor having^taken great pains 'through th e  jwu>ter, to;niake.yt tnc;most superior house.In* Cariboo^  Goodlaccoromodations,., with suits _of;rooni3 .for,, ladies:  ..-��������������� ; or private parties.; Attached to this Hotel Is &, . ^  . I'jS'"FirstJGlasV R^tatoant\& 9a������,    .  where ^i"het'6btained4he most ehoicenrande of Witios;"  ��������� Liquors;-Cigars^&c*J' ''"-*T,";;:^... "- ;v 1.1..',r?.,. -,- ������  ^N^L--Mc^AwaRY; Wbptlotor. .  }?DG-A!R;&4 AIME, Gbmnai'ssidii!- Merchants;  \}j Wholesale Dealers in GnocEBrES Axn Provisions,  Wharf street-Victoria^ Vancouver Island.'   -. * s .  v;Goud Dcst Melted ;and; Assayed;rarid returns m*4t  within 34; hours in Coin or Bars. .;.- v   , 7 ��������� \  : v bn������'o^ every des^ ' -���������-; ���������;",.'  ^ N, B.���������Any instructions::as to the disposalof the pt  ���������cxw^-i^titehi^?^^:*f^w^^  for Assay will be carefully^attended to. ^ ^.*;/-.v>.,  '������������������Vicmriav;^:!., May,i805:.vi; -C;;.';*:.'' "Jirr������i%-M  B  f -OWE BROTHERS, Commission Merchants'  JLi and ;Lrap6rtbrs? Of ; Pro visions/, Gboobries,- Rrench;  Wines,v Liquors^'Havana; Cigars^:.NavafcStdres,,rRbpQ?  Canvas, Oars,.-Ac.y^Wharf ;str^U^ctoria;j,i 'f-^^bri^  E'BHJE^W&illOSGOfi-ac-.tX):;  iGBXEBAn HARnwARs ^^n lno^,",;]  Yates'Strect, yictoriajjy. I. i,; v_ : ;',  Importers ?6t;  [oore^^ Buildihgfi  . 1-i i.jii;-'-2m.:  T;'OEdRd-il HOTEIiV���������v-yie#Street^^  ior!A;; -This Hotel, to^ which- is attacheda Res tyrant and Bar Room,, is one of the moat .ComfprUbSi  establisbnients of the kind on the?Paciflc=Coast.;. -Wtfl  mfmshed'rooms for'single''���������person's and ramihes.^ Tin  most important L6ndbn,^Frbnchj and California new*.  papersreceivedforthe-nscof boarders. ���������''. -/ .'  U  GLARKSON & Cd;;.:'DzALERs;W"'Booii:\-' Stattossst,  ^Mustc and -Musical Instruments, ;NEWS AGENT^  AcV^Columbia^Stree^New^cstminster^^ V  '-^B^H^MnngaanDaMaiHKMBaaHMnHHMiiMii^Ni'  A. McCBEAV Auctioneer,;^'harf Strss,  Victoria, Vancouver Island; .;, * ; 1 ;  m  5;  I  8  I  J.  -'v..-5f,ii>  WJ^MOSES;  Ir'-fbtm^IlAiR  .teWONS '���������iEB^ & COi;  laiporiwrs aad Dsalew In CHINESE GOODS, Rise, Su-  ..-gafiVreifi Provisions.|r<> ..  ���������c,; .     ���������'.-'���������' ijUE^NWif motjt^ " ', :--;-;������.-.-:���������.;.  WBOiJ5aAl^?ANPSs^^;^d^^  EAL-MSRCHANT,  ^������.������,  I$obt������, Slioeis. 'Tisi^rare, Sio.'  %-*7* QtJasKKC^OUTB:/   V ;>"  v0tb 'l^tAnLiSHKD: Gksbral Stobs,:; .;       '  TOOVBIONSv^W^  ;&qUrTernte"&6srb'''  , QfJESNKL' MOUTH.  LENEVUE:^^50-f  R,-IS.FALI.TNG AND,B2^0MIifa,,niIX?;  ^,0,^.  .-:������ ^>-;^-;calI aiid'have5,it     ���������'-'��������� :'"'s- .: ;���������"_'  ^BKSTORSlibefore^ JiS2; are'^bald headed.  -'.'   '���������:'.-':-  -r ~���������- :-V  LWr D: M03ES,  J2 ��������� *,      ������-r# n f i' I: i- ^!ffV^21e^iiliani������; C^eek.  ; -;; v-.;.,., .OiyaMOKTON. . 1; ���������; ";.: -7- \  T^t������Mi^ -on1 WilHswraB  ���������',;     ,a      .       -     ;. creek. r- ;���������   ;    -  ?'-^>.t, ',.'-. -V\7_ ;"r~r-, ,'i; ,,- '^.-.: -��������� c;.  ]tf RS.;CAMBRoN begs to intimate that she has open-  ���������:iJJ*sM th^ il^osEEB:;HdTJSL In^Ganieronton,; which" ia  HIBBEN - &5 *CARSWELIii Importing Bbbk-  SSELLERS fe-STATIONERS^constanUy  reccivvng;fromIb;est; -s^roes^i3c)l!c^l^tandard'^axid':^i8������  cellanebus Books, ah d. Staplo and>Fancy.Stationery^In  all- its Branches ,:;, Corner + Yates7ancl ;Langleyr strsejis-  ���������YiCto?iaJfyancouverIsland, 'r-.-t.^-w*.. -������������������f% '6''L-;>  A LBIONcIBPNr)"WORE:S,^VactoiriavrVi:I^  ii.k Manufacture Steam Engines, and .��������� Boilers .of .all  sizes^ Quartz Mills, Mining PiimpJ^ Flourmgliiiis^Gahgj  Sash, -Mulay and Circular sSaw* Mills|*������lron;and*Brass  Castings, and every thing connecteU with the ^business/  r;,s;;:;:V-:v - ���������- y,>������������������:-,��������� ^spratt& kriemleiwc  DANIEL SCOTT & CO.;; Attctioneefs and  Commission Mebciiaxys^ City Auction Rooms, Fort I  street, Victoria,^ Cashadvanced on Merchandise, to *af |  amount, ^consigned fsr^ajp^; Reftjrence���������Hon  tAYSON, of H. B. Co and Iioyd7a.Agent.: : >-;  R.?w.  I  J ft ;R BASTES &;QOM^Auctioneers & iCom-.������  ��������� Kisaiox Merchants,; Fire^Proof StonQ^BuildSai, I  Wharf street^ Victoria^ Y. Xv; ^ laberal Adyanaea msdt j  :pn'Consignments.^"-'-l;;   ',\ u; ' " ^ '���������''   7,''-'V:''!  JOHK P.!COtlOT^iia^  : COMMISION ^IWHANl^<^inmfl>^elKowtm  8treet,^ict(>Hi, Vancouver Island. ��������� 7 7 - * -';:;   s ���������  QCOTCH:HOUSE< '-M MoLean7an^ Co.,  ky ;HosisR9 Ash 'GsyBRAt;OcTFirrERs.'.: ^Miners; and  others wi 11 :fl nd a t the Scotch'House R!s^iendid stock of  Clothlngji Boots and Shoes,; and Dry ;Goods Of^every description,, all, of ^he.best quality; and at very; moderate  prices. /- Fort street, ��������� Victoriay- V. I. ;>  - ; v.;,     :   s t  P t>Iii)StONS aadnBROTHKH, Agents fcr  \X the Pioneer ;Hour( ;MiUs, CoMMfa^io.v MaRCRAXii,  Importers: and Whoiea&le Dealers infGRc-cmiRs, P������fl-  visions^ Dry Goods/ * Clothiso; \Boois and Ssobs; &o,  two^tory'yi^roof vBulldlrig^ Raidls ;Block, betwwa  the stores of J, ^Ttlkie .& Co. end Stewart ft;^o?, WfaMf 1  stroet;^ctoria:" ;r ;";'";���������������������������;;;;��������� '-;7...;;v;'..-".T.;"������7.0  p i^HOTEIJlERvtm  JU,, CEBH^, PROVISIONS, WINES- & LIQUORS, H?.  ;7 Wharf street, between 'Johnston aadf xates,:. Victerii,  F 5TODr-f "5 WANT i'GCK)p;, J ALE' :"'EN<gJIRE-- 'FOR; :T^?f^M?^. -7^ ^^Wy-:^^.^ ^-^. -C     1;  OTNSTER;; r; 'T !J-7 5m^^ 'f���������0^  JL ard Drcqgist, Johnson ;Street, jVicton?i,iiV L-, r<-  spectfully aolicita.tho .attention of Miners and.theP^'  lie ingeneraftd.hiswctt  ;Drugs; Ch'emicaiSg ari<di Perfumery); also to ���������hft'Miitsri  ''for, RheumatismjAwbieh Is^^UainvaluaBie remedy for  ... .   ,  ..      , aiH0MAS';AIjI^SOP;:Iaah^AgeBt-aii^;:G:eM Itbi? ���������:���������;,-���������/:'���������-������������������^.���������.jl*������ ;:;-r-  ncAHy ,n tied; up;.w itni;eyery\^^comfor,t> ?-the .Beds are ;Olean;|,Xv.jeRAj; COM������iS9i0.v AqhnTw Government street,': Victo^: \U '*" '"��������� ���������' '������������������������������������"���������������������������-" -'" v ��������� - - " "������������������ -^ ���������������������������������������������-- ��������� - ������������������ ������������������; ,  and^eit.kept jmto.he^ --  Uaris";v?eli.stpeked^with; lUe". finest; LIQUORS.;:,and the'  Restauraa:tHftl\ 6e^suppiiedVith: eVery' delipacy.   An:  ^ffleientr Codfc. engaged f: $5}} \ ;7 \ vl ii rC ���������. -    ��������� >:. iA- .^    -^ ;% ;  "' Fronithejpug experience Mrsr{Cameron has had in  Hptelrkeejping on^iUiams, ^preek,- a nd- thelarge patronr  age formerlyj;bestp^e;d Wuse, she will leave  nothing wanting' lid her new Hotel td" eawireHhe sup-  port andpatronage .of; her bjd" friendsi ���������; '���������: s; ^ ���������*. "i  H 45g* Hot and Cold Suppersi to be had at allnours.. 7  ; commission; mer;  ; T'-;' MOORHEAD and CO.,7C0  <J 'k; 'CHANTS'. and; Import'ers - Of. 'GRqcERisa,   Pro-  visiosg^ pBonx-c*^' &fc., Wharf street, Victoriaf1 v. L; ;\ s  ria,.^1*^v  lOiiver Island..  TOHK WILfeTK and CCU MerclianS,3 Wharf  tr v Street,- Victoria, yancoiiver felaiid;       " r ������7*"  BR.;FOWEIiL������77has Remdved-Ms' Oifflce  and;. Residence from Fort street to the-/premises  lately occupied by the Mayoron Broad;street,'Victoria,  (y;-I.; Office "hours,9 a.;m. to 12,' anil 8 p/m to lO. '��������� ���������; s  'Bm. ���������������  YALE, BRITISH OOIiUSfBIA. , .,  Hay and Grraia at Lowest Rates ; Good fitabllng  ^uwato^partiea buying Feed.      r"'." ,.T's"."  .;���������; ���������to-*:' ��������� ;:'-' .:-,\ii;v  Neigaboring Creeks and:<3nilch8s.  JOSEPH C;SPOOipiR'wiltWnluilScprm  Rrojjiarly, in connection with. Barnard's Express,  from Williams Creek to Grouse, StcvonsrBeggs, cAntler,  Cunningham, and Keithley Creeks.  Letters,'~Mc;'t:to be left.ra t ISxpre&TQfflcb,' Richfield,  Or John Rule's, Barkerville. ^ ��������� y*.-te \  FORT YALE HOTEL,  Kelloy Sz'Lane, Proprietors,  OO������ BEDS, Good Accommodation and.theBe^tof  Uqu������ra at the Bar; Stabling for Horses, te   ;-'a  FOB  s a;t-.e  T;HEREBY TAte PLEASURE;IN NOTIFYING THE  ,yL;pul>hc throughout Cariboo that.I am prepared.from  this date to sell at Public Auction*; on any part of Wii-  iiams creekj every kind of property', stationary ormove������  "' ^,/i ;. v,;c-: - j?^*!������*; ;aa;-;.- . ^;.:^r������;. .--:���������������������������  Mjercliattdise, Real: Estate,-, Mining Claims^  \ -Snares' in Mining Goiapanios, &c. ������������������>/���������>  .;��������� I amRt all;timeB. ready; to sell, ''��������� on reasonable terms,  any property whatsOe;yer placed in my hands by; O&cial  or Trade ^sjgnecsin; Bivnkruptcy.' Haying had more  than'ten^ear^: experience in _the various Branches oi  Auctioneering,-1 hope "that "any one"Vequiringnry^Wr-  Yices will be kind enough to give me.a call, and .1 will  strive to please all w'hoj may intrust their business to  me. CASH .ADVANCES made on Merchandise placed  in my possession 'to. be sold, and prompt settlement of  all'trans act ions, ^ Any person -wishing to consult me  ���������Will find me at my store, the old Pioneer stand, y.  ::Merchandise of all kinds Sold at Auction andprivate  saleV'. -���������'.���������"���������������������������l-;.-i-  '���������'",;'-:"���������. -     ������������������"��������� '���������"  ';' "     ' .'    ���������..*���������.  : W-- t'-*1* X] ' 7i   JAGOB EHRENBACHER,^---:  -���������,... .''.���������.'- ������������������������������������:"������������������ Public Auctioneer.  Barkeryllle, June 29th> 1865. , 5 ;  ��������� j. SOUTHGATE arid CO.; Usios-;Wharf;  i-. Victoria^ V I, and Battery street; San Francisco.  ...i ...;...;. : . ViorpttiA^ February24/1866/  THE, UNDERSIGNED, having puTcbased the goodwill  of the late firm of Gb'iu>, David k Co.,.wifl continue  the Wholesale Provision - and Commission Business,- at  the store; corner of Bastion and Wharf streets; under  the firm;of .WEISSENBURGER & SCHLOEijSER; ��������� ���������. Mr;:  JcleS David will act as.Manager of said business, The  business oh G 6 vera mc'ht st root will: be carried on' a a  heretofore; '   .' WEISSJ3NBURGER & SCHLOESSER. ;  EDG-AR MARVIN,, Corner:-"Eobt. and Lanoley  Street, dealer in IRON. & HARDWARE.   Agent for  the sale.of- the-Boston Rubber Belts.       ,.,."'?-..,.  s. :.  N.������2CEUiENT RANCH, situated on tho Waggon  . Road, and on which a large number of cattle could  te������ cared for ia the winter, as there is plenty of hay for  feeding.   Thors ti a good Dwelling House, together with  OtttjifSljecls,. Stables, &c, rm'themremises.  &ffi$f, *y wttwv to "A." 'CaribooS..*uitoaT offlc*. t!      8  -      FOR SALE AT THE  jQAZEtSjE SALOON, Cameronton.  ADLER & BARRr.  a  t EWIS LEWIS, CLOTHIER, ya'tes strrRt,1 Vi  J j toriay opposite Bank of British North America.-   i  3C-  B  STJTRO & CO., Importers and Dealers in  corner  CIGARS, TOBACCb, Meershaum Pipes, &c, S E.  of Yates and Wharf street, Victoria. . * s  F, HEISTERMANv. LAND AGENT, 38 Gov-  _��������� , errinwht street, two doors south of Fort streetj  Victoria,- Vancouver Island/' *      p  NOTICE  TO MERCHANTS.   ":;  T^IME ia Money, and if yon would save both' ship  1 your Goods -by 'the--Yale-Lytton7Roiiie.  A. BARLOW. Commission and Fob warding Agent,  Fort .Yale, British Columbia, begs to., inform Shippers-  and the public in general that he is now prepared to  Forward Goods to tlie* Mines on the most reasonable  terms,: jiiittd without d elay. All goods consign ed to ��������� th e  above will be promptly attended to find stored in a  EUaiS^TE THOMAS;:-Ta.tes street, yictona,  ;Wholesale aWRetal^Do'aler iniWINKS;BRA>'DIW  BEERS, & LIQUORS of every description.h . Goods; ftr-  warded to the ^Mining Districts.    ;;.     '���������'��������� ?,-..?    ���������:'���������!���������*  XTOTEt DE J'RANCE, Victoria.rv*; L, Jw>  'JUL Bione asx) Pierre Manciby, Proprietors. The R������������-  taurantis supplied with aU the, delicacies the market  affords,7 la.the Bar will be found the choicest Liquos*  J^urnislied Rooms; Jbc.';  :;:".'"'-; ]^;- 7,V.-Va '-��������� l*   V1  n RELI-EY. ������te FtTERRE7 "Victoria, V. I*  AXJBote Agents Jfor. Napoleon's Cabinet Champa^  Pietrbsson de St. Aublh Champagne dry, Bpucho do drj,  Jules Mumiu CbBmpaghc; Eugene^ClicqUot Champangj,  Bokers Bitters, Salnsevain's Californln Wine and Bit*  ters, Hostetter's Bitters, Bancroft Cider^Lognac Claret,  G. IPreU'er Claret... ..A large stock, of Bonded TO������*  Brandies, Whiskeys, ^and Liquors of every descripnoa  alwavs on hand. ���������������������������'";'���������   Grbt.uky &:Pitbrbb,  "���������������������������;." < Importers and Wholesale Deal������r*,  l-s Junction; Wharf and Johnson street*  1PMOVAL. SJ, t. Ju^germaim7^^  XV 3IAKER and JEWELER, has removed- to tlieJirr-  pfoof Brick Building, ;within one. door of Wells, Fargw  &; Co. 's Express Office, Yates- street, VictoHa, J-J'^L.  DICKSON, CAMPBELL oi CO;;Commis;'  suw &IERCHANTS, Wharf street, Victoria, ^^c������l  ver Island.   H. N..Dickson A Co., London; DicEsef.;  DbWolf & Co., San Francisco.  \^  H"*Em)ERSON U   BURNABY,   I?Pf?rrS  and Commission MBRCHANTSi Wharf street, viewn ,  Vv ty and No.* 17, Gracechurch street, London^ _J_  tV MAiXANDAIN^^^  Ji; Government: Btrcet, Victoria, Vancouver ta^  7^ tjy HUSTON, Paiiw w.iBUNSpPIsfo^, f^J;  IT ing TACEts, Powder & Shot, Yates street, ^ iciw  &.CO., InroRTkaa and Y'^w  ats for-Tilton^-McFarland Fir- ������  JULIUS LOEWI  O .I)EAtSR8J Ag^atS . -.. . ..-..��������� ������ - ���������  Burglar Proof Safes and Vaults, Victoria, V. 1-  m CHINESE GOODf.^'  rwONG LEE & CO-,  .jjL.por.tsrs and * Dealers m uaw^������ **!������r*������������*e������  Sugar, Tea, Provisions, 4ns., Cormorant stw-t���������Dtv, g  e<^6Tnm<>'������t and Dm^ae'efr^fi1, Vfetorfa, ^   J- '  v4  -- 'i'.-'  H^^SQOISra  ^^Mi?^


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