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 i-;M^lia,riSy; Creek
aeBSiou'ttne ;mous^f^sembly naveat ieng _
passM the��,'��� Bills;v5f ^u^Iy^iMilefkeoprng
in "'tfie amouats-vo wd[iibcreaiibgyflome^nd &&
iniaiahing others as 'regards theirpublic use-
fulness^ $ 0i<$$i!$e ^^MJefjbre^viiig the
iriainfeatiires, the^ have consider^ly modified
erned much in thesai^e*^ay^asvany ordinary
city or borough,;* :TOa^do %e want with a
���f??Hu^4^env;tbe fimoney could ^afcoric&be
P^^W^^/iPn-public^^aotifibMoii tbeM
^s4cIerl��,,couId;atteiia,to givo;receipts^FMe
^aessnienttRollrrfbr�� Real,; Es1*atefeLicenses
shall not do so.;   TberbaTO tbe power of ap-
also strongly recommend the.propriety ofcertain itcm*beifljfca^^
could be 3~ote1)y^
teejoctbe.ip.urpose appointed. < < -A. Governor
prrsomo; official to the position^ of tbo Colonial
dter 'to cor respond with' the Home Gorornmenft
Tbia, Gijyecnor.wpuld occupy the position.of a
Miiyorteanf4orjinirJ^c6rpo^io)l^:nis Coun-
cil"sfibuld'cqhsisti'bfineu in ��� wbam ;tbp-publie
had j qpjQudence, special ly; elected wltH; ibfe; 6b-
jec t, .tp~assist-bimTin>levy ingi taxes,- etc.,- and
determining on tbeir expenditure when levied.
Tbe Surveyor General; ;w^li; be;represented
tby- a professionai)^anXaf aprofessional salary,
with' liberty! to iraetie^tvtbe^ttorn��v :f5����^i-
~-'<y>. ;,.$,*&$&W&:p'*\ '- ������'it'* X)X> *E^'l.r-r* nnU^.b Bp' **,>$+'
i1; /T4ET v
^^yt'mn*i^^BM^M^ sad yt^
���. :;���..��-.v.^vj^^-w :;-;���;--���;���;;��� r^i'-tiixiidir
C^FBNTB^^^Bpi^t TOpLS;>
w *:���+�� ixt;,:n^mmQooVf, yX;,.'.*,,,^;
increase tbe ordinary;; expenses of (^pyern-
?eBJ ^ ^^^��^enptif 661bny waV^ndt
able to pay more than half tbe usual amount,
wfisittjudifiious on itbe^xtremei y&. ^&n > 3,.,.; "^
From questi6ns<bf-fiaaince^ (whichfhave been
W&ikia ^^ftra^ea^b^jihej snicidab policy
bo many Bills sent to tbem); the AssemblysKas^
passed on-to-questions of-want-of confidence:
pin.   >fThp. IsAlidinor hnVK2��/liTi^f kS Qww��TiwL.*,-.Ti��/iJL--'L-��
j^tWa^t'an^di^inaEy d��d1yjdijialKwoiild<
think^ a^ateutfac^iiotiffing that eirc umstan^e^
isthe* dbjgu^MSn^Sf ;^^blic:ttnds^eepin0
I i^cljeajr and;{Kwayjring; ey^onjanj^pyf ro prla-
(fion-' for; immjgrafiori^ < l^bis iicould;. be-|quite
oonsistent witfothe? ���rown rights,* as regards
ithe saLe,, q��, p ulplic^landB: -1' Tbe - Postmaster*
jGener&l could'be^superaeded by a local or?
Iganized^Express, paying;a royalty^for the;mo-
bop oly of- carry ing lettersiwitb-full -authority
^yiconstitutionaltmeans to organize'antlntelli^
[gent and libe'rafc system of internal 'comrauni-
resolution-expressingi-in as many^wordsM
���waat^fec^MeJice in the Executive by t^^
r^pr^entafiyea\^ol tbfejie^ie^^Oil^
Home Authoritit^ this\fpplyi eertainly betray^
���an error of judgnieat jvbfch^fhel&ouse might
'hfgfysp;OTCiivtbe; poloh^^; Iti^was, firat >pf ^all
ot* thelfioiise; theu it Avas.too .mucbvto Expect
that the- Go vernor^buld^^rwai^ Jafiy> sueb
action injudicibxi1 "s^onShe good ojd^nncipfe of
not ^barkinf without;1 being.\^le^fe''Dite.!, But
8?^^^1^y^P^ m!^^^fcusfecarr^^
ter^to'ab' extrenle5; *'wti& o ecause ��ney ba ve ^a
bmldingiopt quite suitable tor theLuseita; which?
it is iatended must in ;the most" lavish manner^
pull Mown ��� to' start;- wi|b;!S;:fres^^difi^
prove perbaps/4as ^ttasatis^ re*-1
, nioyal offa j -few < partitions^ tha raising r. of a
story- or the cutting out of a window would
produce if not a thoroughljr efle^tal^^^ealt
a tqlerably^isefaf^^i^H^ I^i|isfQ'in^h��iJ;
remarkable that;thejyery man ^vJho considers
himself responsible! for rtboremoyal of the late
Governor/ "aa'the .tambis
raan^notJsatistied; ?withi ^the statedM: ^wbich
t^;Cplo^ isri^eduoe'dy:a;(?stafejrwhich \inaj;
hei-fairlyVtracedvio such "acttbn/; sbbuld fbe
'the-V'pi^'��*i^^'^^^,-^i*^-,,^';''M'frj'<^i-'' ****"
- ^^- bhJX-i* J#5?j
^cessa^y^xpen^e)4n >aV res^n^itiie^manner;
Ite royaityitoib'e paid could be^itumed into ^a
subsidy, granted tor-ine;^
sututional action is slow, but almost invaria-'
^tperithanviQo much; Radicalism^The^fbrn^
wmaT cause the:longer}endurance of evils it
�� aesirablo to reni6ve|-3fie^^ latter would eradicateiroot aud; braucbvas.muchifotitnepleasure
B^f f^n^mmm'Gohse^^nr iu
3.[9M: run show,;more^pfogressIhanlthe vio-
lll !W 8^���epihg::/changes of Kadicalism;" I
wiDa^wrare threatened with tpo much of
S^Vand unless a?sbrt'6f ebmmijtee^bi
Z; SaJ^'m V&MrM^ommnEfm
ju to endure evilabf.whichat.present but a
calfi^"    ^Wfi��� he-formed.    The want of
pMen?? resoluMonris^o^b'foUbw^
^dicals bave'thftir'WW i m ^A.^^rA^ m.
of such Imp ^rfcMtMu^ties.,|iThe^ Surveyor j0ouJ<1
���ad^s^on^tne5mp3fciia^ metnod of iotm^
The prOsenf rdatfr system^ a^nd comlmisbry^ iSr
bor: might be superseded by aJ'poil-tax. ; The
Comxui!;teeron ^inaneoj could, advjlse * on ^ther
ported'goods/etb. ���;-���*~"y ~ *>' % ������ - - *-���-;-^;& ^t
i - The1 news *has'gust^been reOeiyeidbf tiie s'iio-
cesjfutylayingj}f ^the A^anjl^i^le. y Qurjit^
ing;bf >jtte flre-bolls.; Though without wishing
to rhapsodize and swell into soft''feelings'of
ieighbors-aU-roun^ SbrV of sentiinent, still one
|,mustrconf^ssJtJs[*^ greatvfacfc,,' .which in view
1 of 'the elBorts ��� empToybd; and! obstacles mtallt'
gibly b verebmb; w'itfe rar^eeirig;' and scientifi c
pre;cision|^a^-b6;Ganed^ "a great^ictpry oyer^
4nd: at ithe -same time in.;; cpnj unctibn rwith nature^ ;:andiwhich clearly; serves'iwith one more
Soger ';*fiS! p^?*4fejtp^h^idei^
raad and his Creator; ^Frpcessions; oft fireinen
and Vpliin teers (with the Band) * by i'day. and
forchi-light, with boMres'and;firirigof canbon
wound- up-the -rej 0 icings of-the day. -^ ���������'-���   >  *
rrtt+*wr* Viii>*'/W��*��-*** Htni^v/iMiWi
Tor;feforerice".'.r'^Cr";" ���;> \ ,; 1 \' :/ *r * ��� ���"' '
'���{:<JJ$ie.^;Reading: Ifoor^wjlljbjs /oiincl ^supplied,jvith^'tUe
latest; Enghsh/ScottisIi^O^naaian^^
nfilllPap:erg4ffll*Mff^ab&If;; ���%���%������.&2~v w. &$&$:&'&mi
4 >Terms:.o��*SDBScj6ieTiox^$5 periquarter,; or<$2per,*
month;. X,Singly^yplumQs,i^^u^a, t^lugu-subscribersj at���
60;c^^.*perV6mine^ with $1 (f^^^^X^J^XXjy^'' ? yX%
1.'Persons not'su^cribvJrS;yi^itiiig1;,'t.Ii'e'Reading Room1
anid rraakihg use'ofJbelBookg rand-Papers willlbectiar'gv
edi25;cts^Ibrseach)Visit^,... iu^y^tfy iX* ;>jt;io"?v v.<j/<
':&&?. The Room-will.be ,opeu frbnv 10at mT ti 1110p^m./
"   XX ,    \   y ,    < I   ' '.r ^'JOHNVBdwJtON,;^^
Received,oh:i>��p(f4l! :
; ^^P^^^^P^I^rAdv^ncesinade^p^
^:iWxi\yvmy^yyi bf< $$$
T'Ores^tf eve%^
I;April! 1866. -i..
4 mlnrn^ ^
;Best BUliard? Tab 1^
.*-���  -^and Ci^arsarc of ihe.flnbst3uy.iHy^ 7*;" 0"-""
' i.-:i'".r"'; ;'RICHHEtD;-*Wiiiiains:Cr^ v"'y
TT77E ^AVE ON.;H AND .a large stock- of .provisions?.
.������ 'J.V>���!'Hardware [and-Vegetables,.. aud,.are-deterc
miBLOd tOjSell tbeiu,.cheaper ;tlian any oilier, store; bn
���Williams Creek. 'Come and se'e'antt juilgetdr ybursei ves.
r i Richfield^'May 5th-'lS66.  ^ '"���?-*���������-��� *;,!*( ^<^:;;iu^'
";��� ������'���';\-RJ:Oik"?'IjEiL-Etf^- "'
������) Bills o^xehan^e and^Gbld-Purcbaied; ^^
1 interest biiiSpeGml Depbsits'dr .-Monoy^HfiW^'aT^iw-
���rate of a- quarter ol*.oneLper centiper/bionth.^?:'#eiiroo '������
j   ;,'i\' ;" ^,,BARpgvaLE^.BV^^
.;>:"���*���. r^GBiSiR-Ai^ AOGptoiTANT^:, yVf*
��� ��� !
��� y ^iHj^;^
S^^l the^ec^l^ tie
��r��     1, lu tnis 18 ft* wsentfia\abeyance;
otiS?9rs-DQOosmosy McCIure; iet.al? ^-v^tiiis
u^card.to :play^apparontiy4tbe formaHon
fa^i^Sl^l^ncSL1. There is no doubt
leo-|uw?ast.tbafc a ^, spoke;in:the.wheeLbf
���jtivtfS^^M*; ^S10^!lmember:c^mpetent''"to
offiGmifect ^ad reliable-infoMatibn "on any
tfooS^11 ��fhW��nW. iteaup /��� informi
ha& !?��� fS ^e' r��Pr^9entatiVes:of the people^
of^PherIti?-^^^ :absence
Wjri l\rwmM ft'^i I thinlr-4>e iroiag too'
1 *X dor the name und title oI'-Prager & Bkuthkr, Merchants and IVadcrs,. on rWUIIarasvand Grouse Crocks,!
1 Cjiripoo^iaSrtbi3 day beett <1 issolye.d bj^ mu tuaI qonsonky
LtIw"business will in.future "be carried; 611 in tlie;name'
1 of iloRRJs Prager, who \yill settle ail debts due by tbe
;iat9)Ur'|n*and to vvUpmi all accounts due, to thesaidjlirm.
'are'tobebaidV���;-'".������;���: ,-.���./ .i ���* hi ��� ���-> ���   ;���������-���������
���?i.,.  " ; *   .. .��-w , . MORRIS PRAGER.
���;'v.'-.:i;;v'-VV": '.;;;���'..,t"''i;;;;'';.^fiYj^A^PttA'GER....:
Barken-ilie, Williams' Creek; \" \    ' -      .".''.���;.;.;,
'.:  :1^3rlJuiy,.W0......���./,. j .i ..J?&lm..,..,.
.']���'/  ';'V4 :';**' ,'.' ^^BOBERTBURREbiJ.''""'
James PUftDiE/v;
;3ARKERyiLLE-^Adjoining tie Express'QlllceV .';���:
]^-^^.;of\��^foBd,*-fev?,;THg :e��pre^3^ ���
.4f has been revised* and REDUCTION' in'oricoa :
made to suit the times. J^Thu- charge ou Lctters^Whd"i'
fr;om Victoria and iut(;rmer{iatc places Is. now.SO cecta. -1
. I Stage -Fare to.Quesnolmoutb,        - ;; ���' *: ��� .-, ?$g'o, ��� ���������..' 1
; ;,��*   -;;u:otbruugli to,YaIef . .*-,,V:.-,"' '.,-;:.$05-.:.,.>;i
������'|-:^   ;^"i '���;:���?   ^ ...:.,;.   ;r>JOHN. B. LOVELI^.H  ; ���.*'
vAugust;lst, 1866, s        ^ y/y'y ,,.','."���..' %0' ^ '������--���
?.'.   /! Ji.il.
*er<tloli-Williams.Creel:,, tnat ���tney..nave opened airs&
Class Ru tcher: Shops ������ in;: the - towns of; RICHFJ ELD and
BARKE)R,TOLE,.v;and./ttust to merit-a liberal share of
tlie public patronage, and:Ctha.t tjxejr. ojd, I'rionds will
r lRiclfic4d,TJuly..5tb,16fl6. 18;4m
;    ; WILLIAM mWINNARD, ��� ;\
j^';;.;;" ...v ';,;b^r.k'e;kvillh;;^. 'yyy
t ;'
Ti V - Barkerville, to codnect wi th tbe steanier ''Enterprise" at Quesnelmou tii,- und the STAGES .it Sodi*
Creek,: EVfJRy WEEK,-,Conveying Trkasukb;Letters ,,;
and Valuabi.es for all; parts of. tb 0 world    . Also Com.     '
missions received and forwarded bv Express for tha"'
collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of-ap'lfelet
|;.tp be obtained at New Westminster, .Victorirt, San Krah-
Cisco or enTimte, and relurnn made with dispatch   ^���  *..\
,   ...    :. JOHN. RXp-VELL,,-. .   'XX
'. 1"s ;r ���'..X.'.y,. ,. -. ,.    .,;..;.    '," Agenft, BarkerVjll^.;'' ' ' i- ���������  . acgffsiggggg^  FSZZZSjI  ^rtettZfiB^  iXiv^t}xv'rxmn~*?-F33m  ?l'\  ���������,V'-;.  THE CARIBOO^SENTINEL  lilU  URSfffiY; AUGUST lo, 166b.  THE ADMINISTRATOR OF TUB GOVBRN-  } MENT-AND THE MINING BOARD  On Monday last tbe Mining Board bad. an  Interview with Mr.; Birch, and if bis views are  mot so satisfactory as could be wished, they  &ave at Least been frankly given and cover  all tbe questions of Importance iaia oefore  binr.fce bas ateo sfcowhla desir* to do all that  his nnoited power will permit him" in order  to meet ^e just demands of the mining com-  ���������: amnity: 'X ���������  -AL"    ��������� /"���������   ;:v.i'\i  In our last issue wehad-occasion to note  the dissatisfaction of the Mining Board at the  absence, in his honor's reply to the address  presented at the first interview; of all reference  to the important suggestions brought before  bis notice." .His honor however assured them  that it was not from any wish to avoid the discussion of the mattersr-to-be laid before him,  but*simprv because be was informed that at  a subsequent interview the various questions  would be taken seriatim, and the Board would  be better prepared to place the subjects before him in a complete form;'  Relative to the Hospttat^his honor expressed himself satisfied to allow the institution to  remain as it was at present administered, but  recommended improvements in the buildings,  bedding and other arrangements, in all of  ��������� whic.tu.ye..-> heartily .concur3nd we.,trust :the.  Board will directtheir attention to this much  needed amelioration, yfe-would suggest however the desirability of having the affairs of  tbe Hospital periodically laid before the public as is the custom below;- which will-nave  the double effect of satisfying the public inj  ���������regard to the management:Bnd keeping alive  the public sympathy/  ')  v .      ������������������>������������������  His honor then proceeded to discuss the all  important question of Chancery suits in,mining cases and entered fully;into the subject.  He said that only two Chancery cases had ever  been brought before that-court in the Colony  .--the Watson & Borealis and another in .1863.  His honor in reference to another Court of Appeal stated, that in sucb case a special ordinance would be requisite, and that it would be  brought before tbe Legislature at the first of  the session, be also stated^that, whether the  colonies were uuited. ornpt^ another. Judge  would be appointed; this last measure we conceive to'be a step in the right/direction "and  . will doubtless smooth away./fiiauy difficulties.  In'regard;to.the:third"'resolution;"ot the  Board, Mr. Birch did not think-that it would  meet the difficulty,  he  thought  that cases  shonld be tried by jury in the first. instance,  and an agreement entered into between the  litigants before coming into Court, binding tbe  .;par tie's to accept the^decisipn; as final; this  would do muchTo prevent useless litigation  ifitcould be acted upon, but we;-fear that  many; difficulties would arise / making such a  course impracticable.  His honor said that the Courts of Appeal  could not be entirely done away with, as this  being a Crown Colony it was governed in consequence by English laws. We^might however  adopt by-laws so as to avoid litigation as much  as possible, and he would be glad to" "receive  any suggestions to that effect front the Mining  Board; This we hope will command the earnest attention of the Board, and such modifications be prepared by them as will secure the  advantages mentioned by his honor. He suggested that the present law could be altered  in such wise as to preclude any appeal being  made to tbe Supreme Court except on a point  ot law; the custom heretofore-being to hear  tho case 'de novo,' thu3 involving- the expense  of witness, fees, etc., a second time, an infliction that many of our citizens have cause to  remember. His honor said tbat the deliberations and suggestions oi the Bcmrd should be  ot once laid before the Attorney General, who  would put them into legal form and return  them for approval by the Board.    "We  so to private enterprise.   It was suggested by  tbe Board that this community was too poor,  however remunerative it might be, to accomplish the erection of a Quartz Mill.   His honor  however held out the. offer, to assist any private organization that might be induced to  undertake such an enterprise ; -the sum voted  ($3500) was simply intended as a hint to private speculators, who would doubtless avail  themselves of It in due time.   Although we  do* not'agree with his honor iu^tumking~tuat  Government aid would be misplaced in erecting a' Quarte Mill, but on tbo contrary consider that the incentive given by such ah establishment io the development of our rich  quartz leads, would induce the investment of  foreign capital in this.kind of mining, so that  the first mill would quickly be superseded by  mills on a more extensive scale, the first establishment only being necessary to give the impetus; still-we say, though not agreeing with  his honor in this respect, we must in justice-to  the Administrator of the ��������� Government admit  that all has been* done that the impoverished  state of the public Exchequer will permit of  at present; but when times become more prosperous, which we trust will not be long, we  shall certainly urge the application of public  funds to further this or similar enterprises as  being the best means of securing the general  welfare.        _���������_  : ' MINING INTELLIGENCE.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  SUPREME   COURT.  TAKE NOTICE, that on Saturday, 12th August, 1856,  MOKRIS PRAGER assigno'.Ull his estate to JULES  RUEFP, as Trustee lor the benefit of his Creditors.  AH persons indebted to the saU estate are jequested  to sctilo^thcir accounts with P. V. LEE, on or before  the 20th last, otherwise legal proceedings will be immediately instituted.  By order of  JCLE3 IHTEFF,  ".    '   Assignee.  Williams Creek, Aug. 16tb, 1868. SO  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  WILLSOONBE IN RECEIPT OP a I ap���������  ;-,.,., WELL ASSORTED STO^o^ *  ./���������/���������'  'A. C������RD.  Mr. .Editor,���������Sir: Seeing in you? last issue ��������� that  lenge to me from one Mr. Chinaman, alias ?.*Peler Gut"  (or any other gut), to fight me for tbe sum of $500 a-side,  at the Milk Ranch."' I admit that I made no objection  to nationality, but if Mr. Gut means busiuess, not blow*  ing, I, George Wilson, will fight him or any one else for  the sura of $2000, as mentioned in my Challenge, If  this will suit Mr..Chinaroun,' or his friend Peter Gut, I  will accoinmodato him, If not I will light bim for a plug  of tobacco and pay his expenses to Williams Creek, or  I will., fight Mr. Gut and bis man John for the same  money, on the samo day, and In tho same, ring; or I  will go to his place and accommodate them on ihe  same terms,  GEORGE WILSON.  N. B.���������Mr. G. Wilson begs to state if.any parties  mean business they know where to find tho man and  money ready.  Williams Creek, Aug. 16th, 186d. 80-lin  Boots & shoes; &c.,  IMPORTED DIRECTLY PROM SANFiUN<Lco.  ^^d^ous Of.^m^i^'^j^ ^  :<&������M *9 at LOWEST; mCE8/  Williams Creek, Joly ieth, 18C6\  a-if  OPPMEEIMEK & CO,  TS.  are  pleased to observe the readiness with which  bis honor applies himself to the views of the  Board, and we feel sure that any suggestion by  tho Board, so long as it does not clash with  Imperial statutes, vs-lll be at once adopted by  the Administrator ot the Government. It  therefore behoves tbe Board to submit every  suggestion made by them to his honor to the  most careful scrutiny, so that no time may bo  lost in the necessity for re-consideration here.  The Hoard might call in the assistance of some  legal gentleman who could set them right in  case of necessity.  His honor jn reference to the Resolution of  the Board regarding Trails said that the Trail  to Grouse Creek would be completed at once,  but that the depleted state of tbe Treasury at  present would not permit of the other Trails  proposed by the Board being made. These last  however, we think, will be duly cared for when  the necessary funds are available.  The erection of a Test Quartz Mill was then  sousidered by his honor, who stated that  to make such an  invnt affair was quite out of the question,  liu thought if such on undertaking would be  GROUSE   GREEK.  :.:;33ie jninea.on this^creekvase. .begiasusg-to  show more convincing proofs of their stability  than they gave evidence,of a few weeks back.  The first discoveries in the banks of the creek  were made on the high sloping rock without  any indications of a channel, and although  large prospects were obtained and some good  wash-ups were made in several claims, still  the ground, was considered as a general thing  to be "spotted;" one day big prospects were  got and perhaps the very next day not a color  could  be seen, consequently graye* doubts  were entertained by many that the deposit of  gold was very limited and the diggings rather  precarious, but the late discovery of a well  defined channel 30 feet wide in the Heron co'y  which will yield richly, and tbe more recent  disclosure of the same channel in the Discovery, claim i of a mile apart'puts the belief beyond; a doubt that there is a continuous lead  running along the east bank of this creek for  a great distance-which will take years' to exhaust,    The only claims we have been able  to Jiear^froin this week are the following:���������   .  Heron co'y, this company have been engaged for the pas18 days b lasting bed rock to  enable them to run an incline to work their  diggings advantageously; we understand it is  their intention to apply horse power to raise  their cars, as water cannot be obtained at present for that purppse.r^Wild, Goose co'y are  busy ground sluicing off another bench and  will be washing up soon.���������Discovery co'y  have got into a deep channel from which they  can obtain from $6 to $22 to the pan in the  gravel; this channel is further into the hill  than where they formerly obtained their pay.  ���������Ne'er dp Weel co'y have commenced to  ground sluice'their front ground which is not  more than 5 or 6 feet deep.~-Caroline co'y.  Th is company struck good pay last week and  are still following-the; pay 3treak.^Hipple  co'y are averagingfromi 8 to 10 ounces a day,  5 men at wbrlt���������Sal t Spring; to'y are taking  out good pay^Oritario c#ybave: let another  con tract for running; their tunnel at $10 per  foot, they expect to get into the channel in 8  or 10 days/ " ; \ ^'"'���������    ;��������� /������������������������������������;'  ;      ipON&LTNS GUXCBV  Mining enterprise in this once famous gulch  has met with very untoward success so far  this season*, there is scarcely a claim but has  proved unsatisfactory in its results.    Recent  indications however of the existance of a hill  channel leads to the  belief that, thei chief  source whence the Ericcson claim drew its  rich deposits was from this quarter, ami not  as has been supposed from the present bed of  the gulch. Be this as it may, another week or  ten days will be apt to put an end to any farther conjecture on this point, as the companies who are prospecting for this hill channel  will be enabled in that time to know what it  contains.���������-The Ericcson co y have at last got  on pay and are making something over wages;  they washed up last night a little over 37 ozs,  ���������The Sawmill co'y have suspended operations for the present.-���������The United co'y have  run a tunnel 350-feet into the hill and have  struck a channel containing a very heavy deposit of washed boulders and gravel in which  they can get as high as 75 cents to the pan,  they are greatly annoyed by water; a stream  runs out of the tunnel sufficient to run a "long  torn" with.���������The Reid co'y are making about  expenses at present.���������New Zealand co'y have  suspended work for the present���������-Hood co'y  have struck a hill channel, 360 feet from the  PUBLIC   NOTICE./:  TRADERS WILL BE RECEIVED AT THB OFFICE  of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works,  Richfield, up to noon of the 18th August next, for tbe  construction of a MULE TRAIL irora a point opposite  Barkerville to Kelly's Restaurant on Grouse Creek.  Specifications and agreement to be seen at the offlc������  of the Assistant Commissioner, Richfield, after noon on  Tuesday, the 14th inst.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  By. Command,  THOMAS SPBNCB,  Government Agent. ���������  Richfield, August 13th, I860. 2������-2ln  The Willtams Creek Bed Rock Flume and  .   Ditch Company, Limited. ���������  ��������� \  general meeting" of the shareholders  of this Company will be held at their Office,  Richfield, on THURSDAY, the 23rd instant, at 2 o'clock,  p m., for tho purpose of obtaining Registration under  uThe Companies'Ordinance, 1866."  E. A. WADHAMS, Sec'y,  Richfield, August 13, 1368/ 20-4in  WHOLESALE AND. RETAIL DEALERS IN AU  ..'/.. ���������;/, KINDS Of "  PEOraiOE/ LIQU0B8, 8EGAB8,  CXO THING,  ;-;.:.;;;.bo;6t8.. a< shoes, v.  Beg to call^he-attention of Mlnere and oth������n  .tc their faU assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS  ���������  which will be sold  AT  COST   PRICES!  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive 89 nm u  '      .    :  ..?the Roads are open.-      - ' . ���������  $&* Liberal allowance will be made to  Restaurant and Hotol Keepers'and the Trade generally  on'largo orders.-   *  ���������.  '.''.��������� "��������� : I  ORIENTAL   SALOO  ��������� RICHFIELD.  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING LEASED PROM S.  A. Smith the premises formerly known as tho Mix.  ers' Saloon, has opened tho same under the above  name, and would respectfully invite his friends and tho  public generally to give bira a call.  - \$3rTuc best brands orLIQUORS and "SEGARS will  always be kept at this establishment. *  JOHN 3EDEN.  Richfield, August, 18G6. 29-3m  THE CNDERSIGNED begs to offer tb*above HoW  for Sale. Being furnished with everything .com.  plete in all Its departments, namely, BARrR00������,  KITCHEN, DINING-ROOM and BED-ROOMS.  Tbis Is a favorable opportunity for any one wisbto*  to en ter in to an establisbed business, which wUlbeiold  cheap forCaah.. ?   Apply to  p    * ��������� v n. l McCaffrey.  .    VanWinUeHoUl  Van'Winkle, Aug. 7th, 1836. ������  THERE WILL BE A GRAND RAFFLE OF TO  HORSES, with HARNESS and WAGON ineoropW*  order, to come eff at Ross & Burdlck's Saloon, Ifl Ba;-  kerviiie, on Saturday Eveniog, August 18tb,tt 9 p.m,  Tickets, $5 each.    ........... 2frsm  NOTICE,  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of. Wii-  liamRosewallr deceased intestate.; / ,;���������  A Lis iPERSONS WHO A RE INDEBTED TO THE  abbve Estate are required to pay the amounts due  forthwith, and all persons who have any claims against  the above Estate are requested to send in their accounts  on or before the 10th September now next to HENRY  ROSEWALL, the Admiuistrator; of tho-saJd William  Rosewa 11 deceased.   :.:'r'".' -.:::���������  Williams Creekj Aug. lith, 1S66.!' ���������.",        .-*,    W^lm-,;/  GROUSE   CREEK  -NOTICE. /  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  Catherine Lawless, deceased intestate.  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estate are required to pay the amounts due forth-  with, and all persons who have any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before the 10th September now next to WALTER  EDWARD LAWLESS, tho Administrator of the said  Catherine Lawless deceased, or to  JOSEPH PARK,  Counsel for tho Administrator*  Williams Creek, Aug; Uth, 1866. 29-5m  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public thsi  the above establishment was cpeued on* SL,^**_  LAST, the 22nd July, and -that hewill, be happy to re-:  eclve a call from his friends.     . ������������������ ^    ^ <  W:  '  ^-B0ARD $16 PER WEEK.;^,^1 ., .  :,Bread, Pies and Cakes ������l^^htSJ^ ���������  23  ��������� ijiir  KELLY, Proprietpr.  In the Supreme Court of Civil Justice  British Columbia.  of  IN  BANKRUPTCY.  Bathing  ���������  \':*;-'"-     BARKERVILLE,     . ;  '*.    ' (Next ���������Banlc'of British Nor^h America^ :  D'/iLEWIS-begs ^^^^^j^Ty tm  . , Gentlemen of Williams Crock and TfcinW *  be;has fittedup a BATHROOM atcons^^  for their accommodation, and hopes by c^/W"   ���������  to business to merit a share bftheir P^^JfjTL. 88d .  j^* Be will also Attend: m Extractingi^������n5lfi  Cleaningof Teeth.,yy X- yy-X-> .*������������������ ������������������:X'xyyri:-- :S'  'i*\:-~y\&y''?0  THE PRO?RraTORS TA^PLEASITREm;iM������fJ  1 ing totheirfriends and the publi^;^fS^  they fave. refitted this .WOioM^Suioon an^ *  theWe on TUESDAY ������yfNING NEXT ������n������     j;  will be happy to entertain al^r^a^BrjBDICK'  BarkervtUe, July 2nd, 18W  ^opfietoys.,  In re Walter Loko Fbsyos.  WEDNESDAY, 8th August, iaC6, at the Court Hoose,  Rich Q el (I. On this day a Certificate of Conformity, as of the 3rd class, was granted to the above named  Bankrupt, to issuo at tbe expiration of 21 days from  this date, unless some or one of the Creditors successfully oppose the same In the meantime. Any Creditor  intending te oppose is to give notice thereof to the  Bankrupt, 29-5 In  creek, in which they find prospects of from  25 to 37 cents to tbe pan; the value of shares  are ruling high in consequence.���������The Renfrew  establishment a Govern- co'y have started to drift through bed rock  '    -   -**  ^ and wilt get into the channel in a few days,  they are confident of making wagea as soon  HJd laey roach it. "  prufiubW to Qovernm������������t it would be equally  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of J.  G. Marshall, deceased intestate.  LL' PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the abovo  Estate are required to pay the amounts due forthwith, and all persons who hive any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before the 1st November, I860, to  CHAS. E. POOLEY,  ��������� .  Offlciai'Admiaiatpau*.  2S-lm  , CAUTIO  PARTIES' ARE H^^.ffi������^.dlS?V  X negotiating a certain���������rM^rtdSed Barker-  us ia Ivor of VICTOR��������� DURAND,.ana. ^ ^^,  ville, Cariboo, June 17th, j1865,asithe.���������������������||ohah������U  certain claims against said ^^f^^077  be deducted from .the amount oi the eaio-r*  N?te* ���������;���������/���������        ' V    ;/i     /oPPENHEmEk*^'  Williams Cracky Jul^ 14th, 185&  A LL KINDS m IW^J^^b^drtS  A kept constantly on hand which ������m    m$ 0f  LOWEST   MAEK8T   RitEB  **d. &W������������J, ..    ,  Ortfers left with Buio-Bros., B^ervi o ^n wUi  holm, Rlcbfieid;:or at the; mi,; bd������w  be promptly atteadsd loa..;   ���������-*���������.-. .^^ ^ ^  July Xflth, !&&*, THUESDAYr:AgGUST;16,v.l866.  0#R^lM BETWEEN HIS h6N0R������HE  THE ABl^^  BBNMBNT.ANI)' THE MINING BOARD.  Oaiio^^}^^0 iio^^^^c\vietihe  > Mining Board at the Cott^jHo;usof;Ri<5bfield^  for the purpose of discussing' the. Resolutions  passed by theniut^  - His nnobr Jni^ed jhe^^  00afor not givlngif#ra:#^^  Address did not prbfceed from anywant of  cwiaklerfttion for the Boar^^lmt^ttitethe^  verse.   Hethpughtitgidte;unnecessary^  ply,t^it^wbeu.;itliey;^ero ^^feietiim a^ih  and discuss the matters therein contained more  fully.  The Resolution rWpectlng tho Hospital was  discussed at length;}<yyy;y ycyyyyy-x-^ X  His honor said he had vlsited that institution  and did not feel quite satisfied With the state  of cleanliness in which he found it. It really  required a deal of improvement rfeo make it  comfortable.���������'������������������v-/-^'���������.���������"?'���������> *.-������������������������������������.������������������..:��������� ���������r;-v.-:-.;:;*; ���������X ly  Mr. Thompson thought tbat; a public-8ub������  icription could be readily raised".'to;'.effect the  repairs that were ne<^8J&y--zy-X;_y;yx.  jki Wilkinsonsaidhehad occasion to attend  the Hospital professionally on several occa-  aiooB, and was well ������������������:satisfied with tbe manner  .,. patients received as much care and attention  as was given in Hospitals in any. country*  Mr. Birch���������I have heard that many of the  , miiiers show a reluctance to.go into the Hospital; that none will go'there who can avoid  it because of its being uncomfortable.  '/;< Dr. * Wilkinson���������The feeling appears to be  among miners that it is a charitable institution  aud they will not on that account become objects of charity..   At least this'is the feeling  among those who hare means or friends teas*  list;them.'' -"' ''���������' ''*'-"      '���������' y ;'..-.. [XX ���������; ���������;  ,,Mr. Cox stated that for. the. sis'months' from  lit Jan'y to 30th June last there, were 19-indoor and about 20 outdoor patients relieved.  Mr. Birch���������We pay for medical attendance  *m';the New Westminster Hospital ������50 a year,  and $50 a month for steward. I would take  no exception however to the expenditure for  this Hospital if it 4was more generally patronized, but when;there are.so few patients I  think it would be better to have a visiting  physician.   "'��������� '. '���������','.'      - ��������� -' :'* ~  ���������s Dr."Wilkinson���������I think, the present system  of having a resident physician is the best;������. If  a physician were to charge by the. visit the  amount .would be greater than the. present  salary, and I do not think it is .any compensa-  XMpWfor the services*rendered... :.!.. ';:  ��������������������������� Mr-'Birch^heieeUh^thenUto  main ou the same;fdoting^as~)sefoTei���������y-yyy-  ;;"The Resolution -.relatiyertb-'Cl^cerj; suits  iad the -violation of the Jaw by the; Supreme  Court was thenrtouched "on; i;-���������'; Jy^tSx*- "x 5'C  Mr. Birch said he had writteuW Mr. Begbie  on this subject since he received^^ the; Resolutions of the Board, and received; his answeri  which he read.; Mr, Begbie stated; that in the  ���������ease of Borealis Co'y vs. Watson Co'y, which  he presumed the Board allflded^tp;in;their;  Resolution, there was no *'forfeiture of the  claim ',"������������������ and therefore - could riot; co me under;  the excep tions referred to in the Mining Act;  ; His honor said that during the ;last7 years  there were only two Chancerysuits, and he  hoped there would be no more.   This being a  Crown Colony, aiid governed by the laws of  the Imperial Governmerit, it was impossible  for him or the Legislature 'tp;;putu-8^p^']ap^  peals to the Supreme Court or ChariceryCourt.  Measures however rnignt .be* adopted to iprevent to a great extent the possibility of such  a course beingtakeh7;by litigants in having  mining suits tried before a Gold Commissioner  and a jury; made final by the previous special  agreement of parties toi thateffe'c fc   His honor  remarked that he had been told that Mr. Begbie was interested in the Aurora claim; if this  -could be proved to him he would have only  one course to adopt, namely> an immediate  suspension; but ho could not deal with mere  suspicions, '; ;    .  Mr. MacLaren���������We are not here to put Mr.  Begbie on, trial; we are here to consider our  greivances. ' ���������  Mr. Birch-���������In order to establish a Court of  Appeal a special ordinance has to be passed,  it is my intention to lay this subject before the  legislature as soon as i,t sits, and I can assure  you such a Court will.be established before  another season commences. j;'\  ih^a ^k������mPa(m suggested that ail appeals to  tne Supreme. Court should only be made on  pomts of law, and nob as is the practice at  present where the whole case is gone through  with <de novo,' making the Gold Commisaion-  er������ Court simply a Court of rehearsal  ���������ii 4a^ersoa 8a*������* $&* community had lost  ������u confidence in the Supreme Court Judge;  ������ome seemed to say that we got equity in tho  ^urtme C������Ult &��������� ^f**i5L *e -CNbary  Kr. BlftJb -What reason Mve you to thinfe  Mr. Anderson���������I have my own convictions  onthispbint;:i.canhot explain them.\ 1 am  reminded in this instance of;the old coupletV  ���������''..'.'. yy-���������������������������:..(iidonotUke.tbee, Dr. Pell. ���������*{,,.'::-;  .; ; -y_. :.    The reason why I cannot telL"'  The great1 objection : to' a ;Charicery Court is  thatit upsets our Mining Laws.  His honor in discussing thequestibn of trails  thought however anxious the\ Government  might feel to ;respond to< ihe" suggestions of  the Board in^thia matteiy the depleted state  of   the j, Treasu  ^Pprppriitions; in; this Jdireotion at'present.  Any necessary and' pressing 'improvements  that wpiild;notiriyplyeirlargeexperise hewas  ready to listen -to-,   He had ordered a trail to  Grouse creek to be tenderedfor, and it would  be fortbwitb constructed,:   He signified ?his  intention ofyisiting/Stouts gulch to-morrow  and would,ascertain what;could be;;done to-!  wards assisting the opening up of a trail in  that quarter. .    , .,     ��������� . ���������;      ���������������** ���������  His honor;diflfered; ^with; the; yiews of the.  Board on the subject :.6f:^aTesi^uartz MilL  He did not eonsfder it within ihe: province 'of  'the Governinent to interfere* in the establis^-  meat of works of thisi description.I.;.;' If we had  public officers stamping quartz and weighing  gold we might as ��������� well start a store at once, If  ^uch an undertaking:would, be;;riemunerative  to Government why did not private enterprise  t^hoWot\biyyXr-yyy:xxy  /.,,.  : ;I)r. Wilkinson-T-Poir & good reason, we are  too! poor.   V  Mr., Birch-^-1 jean."..assists any^en^rp rise j>������  fs^tndrButT reaiiy"da^not -'Teel'^in'cliiied' to  place itin tbe hands of the Government. I have  power to give assistance to the extent of $5000  If we are to believe Mr. McWorthy he was  about to introduce capital to open up our  quartz, veins.    It bus been said that the Govr  ernment has shown great liberality in its grants  to silver mining companies;.   Tbis arose from*  the circumstance of tbe complete absence of  any law regarding silver mining and the desire  on the part of the Government to. encourage  the introduction ������of capital into a new channel  of wealth.   He thought that tbe laws regulating quartz claims were very liberal; he believed that the pre-emptors had a right toVplant a  stake in the supposed centre of the ledge  and describe a radius from that point to the  extent of their entire claim until the lode was  thoroughly traced.   His honor said if the miners could devise some scheme by clubbiDg together to get a Test Mill erected, ihe Grovern-  ment would assist them rbut he could not entertain the proposition of becoming mill owners.  The remuneration of the Secretary? to the  Board-was then discussed;   Mr.Hazeltinesaid  that the Government had paid $150 a.month  to the Secretary for the former Board during  the continuance of the raining season.    His  honor was satisfied that the Secretary should  be remunerated, and assured the Board that  any books onmining laws tHey; mighi require,  would be sent up to them when required. T  \-Vffis honor said^he would transmit any suggestions relative to the changes of the mining  laws the Board might think;fit to make to the  Attorney General/ Who would put them in legal sh ap e and if ihey.mei with his app r oval  would be. returned to the board without delay.  His honor then tobk leave of the Board/:  j^afir^^wepcutfij^ypipr :���������; -<  foot in depth but they get deeper towards  the upper portion of the creek. Nothing appears to be found in tbe gravel,the gold being  found in the crevices of the rock, which is of  a dark grey whins tone nature; no slate rock  has; yet been found, and there'seems to be a  io tai absence of quartz. It is believed by  those who have been prospecting that the dig*  gings will not be rich but that good wages  can-be made, and considering the length of  the; mining season (from 1st of April to* 1st  DecemlDer) they will be very desirable dig-  the military turned out and paid 11 ne bono.- ���������..  tbe supreme,authorities: all formed in ��������� proir ���������. -  sion and passed through the principal 'aire; >,  which were ad orbed with floga and trfumpr ���������'���������  Mrches.witb;piottoes. In the evening: tm*. .-  was a general illumination and a grand- b/:  which was attended by the President.  San Prancisc.0, August 5th.���������The ship A. li.  Willie from Syoney, via Honolulu, reports Ink's  Capt. M.itcheli,7.-&te master of the ship florii<1 .  arrived at .Honolulu, together with the '������������������remainder of.the. seamen and two ;pftS3ebg',r:-^  ging?;f6|*tthose with a small capital.    There which obmprise:all that were in the long bo"., v.  is-ujow; about three sluice heads of water run-l TL -- - - *"*' - ���������-'-"* * "c"y ���������*���������'��������������� ������ ���������  riingln the creek; the gold found is coarse  and of good quality. There are several other  cre>kslfii the vicinity which will no doubt receive'a thorough prospecting from the numerous parties who are leaving daily with all the  nebessftry/requisites for that purpose; y ���������?   / >;  TELEGRAPHIC.  {Special Dispatch to the Ca&iboo SsNtirax.).  SOUTH FORK LAKE EXCITEMENT.  Within the past week quite a stampede has  taken^ place from here to the creeks emptying  into the above named lake^ /, Quite as great  an excitement prevails now as'did about this  time two years ago};regardingHhe new. creek  in the neighborhood Of Swamp rivery'XWe be-:  lieye something like 120 men have left within  the past five days and many more,are preparing to start daily.   So far as Wo; can ascertain  the distance from here;in a south-east direction is about 58 miles; namelyj from Williams  to the mouth of Keithleys creek, 35 miles;  (torn -Keithleys to Capt.;, MitchelVs bridge  across the North Fork of Quesnel river, 15  miles; from thence across to the lower eiid of  the Lake, 5 miles;   and from thence "to the  first creek, li miles.   In recent maps the Lake  is called Quesuel Lake, it is nfearly 90 miles  long varying from 24 to 10 miles in breadth.  Along its shore there are large tracts of beautiful farming land, covered with birch and  maple saplings,and well suited for cultivation.  A little gold has been found on the first creek  but only 500 feet has yet been pre-empted,  which is all the ground considered of any consequence.   Cedar creek, some two miles fur- j  ther on, seems to be the centre of attraction.  It was here that the first discovery was made  by J. Edwards & Co., who worked a small  piece of ground that would measure about .20  feet long 10 feet wide and 1 foot in depth,  from which they obtained 7 ounces and five:  dollars.   From parties -whb returned here on  Tuesday we are informed that this creek Is  about 8 miles in length and heads in the  Goose creek and Spanish creek mountains to  the east of the Lake.   About three miles from  its mouth the creek opens up into flats or  swamps   of considerable   extent, tbe creek  averages in width,from 90 to 100 feet and is  bounded on each side by perpendicular cliffs  of rock giving it &������ character of a canyon.  At the mou& the diggings do not exceed &���������<  ^Washington, August 3rd.-���������The Secretary of  the Treasury has appointed^ J.-Ross Brown  commissioner to collect mining statistics in  the States and territories west of the Rocky  Mountains.    He will proceed to the Pacific  coasiby the steamer'of the 11th.    This is an  important Commisssion, it will embrace statistics of the progress, populations en gaged in  mining, description of mineral lands, capital  engagedt and cost of labor.   :  ..:..  -  '^^Owk������ork',-Atrgost;-Srd;-^^  money article says, a slight.reaction in stocks  was noted yesterday and continues.   Government securities are quiet and steady.   Reports  are current that private (dispatches have been  received by the cable and. (quoted 5-20's at  London yesterday at.68 ;.'-. we are unable to  trace the rumour.    Tbe report that large orders were received by the cable yesterday appears to have been intended for"eifect: upon  tbe gold premium; large shipments of bonds  will however be made to-morrow.;. Five messages from Europe by the cable were received to-day. ..;-.       . "...;.._.,;     ..;   New. Orleans, August .3rd.���������Marshall law  has been withdrawn. The Grand Jury hss  found indictments against 25 members of the  Convention; their trial before Judge Abell  will proceed.  Chicago, August 3rd.���������The NewTork 'Herald'of Wednesday the 1st says, there appears  to be a great want of information among tbe  business community in relation to the new  Tariff Bill which it appears was passed in ttie(  last hour of the\ession andsigned'by thePire-'  sident.' The Secretary of the Treasury says  the Tariff does not apply to goods now. in  bond. "The'hew rates will reach to goods imported on and after the 10th of August at  which date the addition of actual charges and  expenses of transportation are to be added to  ibe^vaiue'OMmported^goods.- The rate of  duty on.wool is noV anywhere stated. , The  official bill is not yet published. It imposes  a duty of $3 per ton and 50 percent ad valorem on; cotton; compounds, of which" distilled  spirits are componant parts, same duty as on  spirits. The New York 'Tribune' says it is  understood that proceedings in relation to imposing duty on cigars of packages of less than  3000 will be decided Tto take effect on and  after the 10th August, it being apparent that  this was intended by Congress.  New York, August 6th.���������Money continues  easy; gold mpre firm. ��������� Bank.statements show..  an increase in loans:-of $ 19G;opO;; docrease ;ofi  specie $252;000; increase of circulation $6G,  000; decrease of deposits $426,000. There  were 20 cases and 4 deaths, by cholera in this  city and 8 cases and one death in Brooklyn  reported at noon to^ayV;  ; Cincinnati, August- 6th,--The cholera has  assumed an epidemic form; since Aiignst 1st,  64 deaths were reported; yesterday the  number reached 24.r Thei. thermon^er in the.  morning' marked'^but' 64y-'"'"-v,-:-. .      yy- ���������'-������������������.  San Francisco, August 6th.���������Among the  passengers who arrived by the Panama steam-  eri on Saturday was Commodore Tjiatcherj  who succeeds Commodore Rodgers in command of the North Pacific squadron. Judge  Rix held Mrs. Denny in the sum of $500 to  answer for attempting to kill Mrs. De Wolf.  Gold in New York on Saturday was 147;  sight exchange 181i; sterling exchange 108,  dull; legal tenders 714. Dates from Melbourne  tbJunellth recieved. Markets for bread-  stuffs was quiet.. Good middling wheat was  sold at 6 shillings and 6 pence per. bushel,���������  Dates from Sydney to June 15th. Shipments  of coal to this port is on the increase.  Ottawa, C. W. August 3rd.���������Complementary  gree ti ngs have p assed to rough the cab le be-  tween the Queen's and Canadian Governments.  One of the messages took only 11 minutes to  pass from New Foundland to London.  San Francisco. August;5th,���������Yesterday the  Mexican Consul received a communication  from President Juarez at Chihuahua, dated  June 22nd. Nothing particular had occurred  All private letters teem with a description of  enthusiastic welcome given by the people to the  Liberal Government by the civil an,d military  authorities; the most prominent citizens went  ���������three miles to m-set Juarez and hirministers';  It ii^reaUy^WQni'lerfal'thBt under- such "prirations; no one of the number died, which spen \: ���������������  weirfor the sWILof the captain. The 4th July  was Joyptialy celebrated at Honolulii; ;;  1   '',CARIBOO''ASSIZES.'-'; ''���������-'.<!).  '  (Before the' Bdn. ��������� Mr:'Justice Begbl*.)  _,.,...  .;,.,... KKOORO'COUKT. ���������'���������,.��������� ;  : Wednesday, 15th August, I8iG6v  Oppenheimer & Co. vs. Thomas BesozzC^:-  The following gentlemen were sworn in as \v  jury to try this case: E. A. Wadhams, foreman:  W. P. Adams, A. C. CampbeH; S. A. Smith,. U  Booth, Martin Toomey,- Chas. Gowan,;G. Fpn  taine,Jobn McGillis, C. A. Brouse, W..A. Mea-  cham,E. C. Parsons. .,        "..  This was an action brought to recover $522,  being the amount paid by plaintiffs todefenVt-  ant in November, 1865, for. six cases or coal  oil, which proved to be of an.inferior quality  und:unsahVle;T*r ^Plaintifis- thzrtf&reyteltke&'tiT'  have the oil returned and the purchase money  refunded. ." ..'���������:.::   - ��������� .���������' ���������.���������������������������.'���������.'���������.:  The plea seiup by defendant was,;tbat he.  sold. the. oil to plaintiffs without any.writt^.u  or; verbal guarantee as toits quality, and cpuia  not therefore be held liable for the sum claimed  , Several wi tn esses were examined on; b o th  3ides at great length, but our want of space  prevents,us from giviug the details. ThecukJ  occupied- the/whole day, and the jury --after,  considerable.deliberation, and giving the oil  a practical test,by burning it in lamps, return-,  ed a verdict in favor, of defendant. -Mr.fWalk-.,  em for plaintiffs; Mr. Robertson for defehdani.  Stodts Gutcfir TaArL.���������His Honor Mr. Birch  on Tuesday last paid a visit to this gulch, for  the purpose of making arrangements for assisting the residents thereof to cut a trail  along that gulch to connect it with Lbwbee,  creek. He was received '.cordially by,..the  miuers whom he promised to assist in .carrying:  out the work, 'and would leave ins true tio L 2  with Mr.: Cox toihat effect:��������� *c>;-.-.-       X.yy     ,  Launch 6e a. -Stbameii".^Ca,jjt: Stamp's new  steamer was launcbedjat Vic-tbria on the<,23ih'r.  ult.   She is a handsome side wheel boat 145ft.  keel, 24ft. beam, and ?ft in hole.    She wa<r  christened the "Isabel" by Mrs. Shepherd,;  wife of the manager of; the Bank of British:  North America. ^. ..  Departure.���������His Honor Mr. Birch and suite'  left Richfield yesterday at noon. We. understand it is His Honors intention to visit." Canyon creek before ��������� proceeding down country.  Annual Food for one Man.���������The statistics  of  the Quartermaster's  Department in   the  American army go to prove that each individual consumes about two and aquarter pounds*  of dry food daily, about three-fourths vegeta-1  ble and one-fourth 'animal, making an,annua i  consumption of about 800 pounds.   Of fluid;};  including every variety of boverage, he swai-���������.���������:���������  lows about 1500 pounds.  ; y^y*,If you want go..od Coilee use Fell'sr   '  ? BIBTH.���������At Conkiins. Gulch,  wifo of F. Dustiii of a daughter  on the 1st inst.; the.  the'day', week, or month.  4S" Stabling and Hay;for a Horse per day, $3,00.  Oats Barley. &c,at thel'owest market rates.; '��������� ���������..���������-..*.���������  .27- ,- u.X XX- X>:, :..-...��������� HENRY LAMpy,-;Hrop'rv.,  IMPORTANT to MINERS  '   The undersigned Js prepared to  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS AND  PANNINGS, '  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on tbe  Most Liberal Terms, at the  Beading "Bopm, Cameronton,  The Subscriher is well known on Willi rims Crock, and  ftom tho confidence reposed in him heretofore in tlie  above business, he hopes tb recHve the patronage of  the Mining community the ensuing season.       -       ������������������-"'  %  WHOLESALE & RETAIL  v ��������� 5  DEAXiKS  IN  LIQUORS,   GE0CERIES  ���������-AND���������  GENERAL   MERCHANDIZE,  " _:������������������"' BABSEEVILLE.' .  ^ A full assortm'j'at of '<5^'->regira,nnd H, B. Oj.  Lnv:'M8lway5.os'ii*R4,   i������ y*%. fK.j-*  f"/  liy  Wi;;W:/  /:,;:/:���������: '  il-  mm.yy  *���������������.:  $r*r  ������:g/r  (.W l,.>  j||  :;��������������������������� ^/Tn^'balce ^ -K���������  $r������lih6:iriuji^  / ���������'*$*$^rrlVory^was th������n subject,;Uc4nired:^rea1j  / iMeontiy fof^ the\itab^ an^^isdibm ot-th^ jud*i  ; -i]Eiient&-|ie^^  ^h^tlie galley o^i4 ^strval^ day". ib^tntf ^n^[  ME. THE  QUESNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  that  ��������� .yvvyuv.  sorting tHeif innocenoe, - & One declared  '-,:. 'BSc;6ndeninati6n%a .r,-Vr..  ;���������  ,   anbthe^assefted'tbatbe.bad been informally J}^^  ^;^ifanjui*t|y/c6nyie^a;: 4 third declared he consists't  ���������   bad. been 'mistaken'1 for another person;; and so Xy - -    x  : on? ^ All "^ctar^ '%  die babies^ *&fc last ohe^iuke-came^to bneiman t:  ,, who took a very different tone.   He. said,-��������� '  "I do not believe^%y'noble lord, that there  ������������������.X ; is ai greater rrscai in^allr Naples than myself.  They were too lenient with 'me to send me to  The duke/ hearing ;these -words, turned* in>  medUaieiylrounC  ,  andjexclaimed,-n   ,  ?,-,;���������;  /:    /    ,'ll;';. ���������  C ;;ri|Iiobs6;thi8:sdottndrM-s chain/and turn hlin  ,: iibmediately, ab out his^usinJeas. yi& he is t "al*  ;   lowe<ttoxstay?be -wiltcertainly corrupt.these  boneBt^ihbbgentjnieniiere.^ak^ him ayyay/0  '     While these orders w^  '-'<.������������������ tp*hiM;i&^ said"-to; them  witb4he smostfoiyjl^i&a^ / k t  . ^Gentlem^  meribr^ridding you^  ', mi^tifiave;underminSfl^ :, //  i ' O&heJ^uke^o^Qss^h^  ^"a^M-:B'R;0;NT:o;^v  ^^HERJS/JrBEf JPRftPRI my^yTi^Ai /BARRY,  ' T'T ' gittfiftfgeherarioyitatiOn 'fobis; Jriends arid the  public ai>iargetd call 'and Judge for'thein^&Vi&'tlie  meritaof his Billiar^Tables jialso'tthe Choice Brands of  "- SEJ3ARS and LIQUORS. ,,.The,Orchestra,.- which"  of ',^ur;m^ciiJms^ is. JFirs t. Class IX X ������ ifcsih" '  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  ���������;.   QUESNELMOUTH,:  ; ���������  C?^;;;^ ;���������:/  Meals at all hours, and Cooking ofc the best1  , :_:��������� l_ 4_ . ���������; ������������������ '/description.;1 : "-: .v*'--s   ut*:'- if  ?e^er^;  '>jS;������JV������t|.  AT THE  :>V;  / BAI^RMliLE:.  ALL LOVERS OP THE TERPISCHORiAN-A&T are  invited ,ta call and.<������nj$>y themselves, .when a hearty  welcome will be extended.   : .      %       ;, XI  /'<juESNELir6uTHi;'  1 *  'BROWN'&: Gp/CilS, pRoraiEToM/  Gqod Beds; Restaurant;; Billiard Table; '*&e.  r ';���������   Stabling fbr Horses, Hay and Oafe;/fi'-���������* '*���������'* ���������  ���������^'.;      ; Glrt0D/&/&U  Old ^Established/GBNERAi" Stoke,;:       '  provisions, wholesale:'&%:6oMis^  ,^$xx:yy^  ,- &b.--TOrms /most ^oderato.1  . .QUESNELMOUTH.;: '.���������.:,<,.:.-,_ ,8:  /:; ^p^m^m^m^^^'i  ' f^T������OIiESAit^Hirn'iw^ :  ���������p-  t 1 ������:;^: c"*^^w^s^^A.;v-/fg���������&&:  ^f^^^^rench SiffirShawls nr:':"^  |(i..,r,,,.,,,,, ^^ix^^raperyJGoo^^:"^ np^0n{i������   -  RQADv SIDE HOUSES,; &c.  . .....   %. .. ^ .._,,... ,...,......^   :iSBr.*he,best of Wines, Iiiiuors^and' Segare,  and Good Order observed".   r ^ ������  ^ ,;, a;, ,i. ��������� -...'. v ;, MARTINA COOK; tPro^rs.' ���������:  Came^nMwn;  r^G/fFU^  fh^r^istiolJiitiflel^  p^and?str^hhine^dtrOti*^!vflndmo^ 2  s '������������������*���������������������������?������������������������������������������������������ ./-.ww. ��������� -:V-���������'---   ;���������:"������������������' "������������������������������������'��������� -A -���������"- '������������������  ������������������"���������.���������������������������-.������������������  BpYix&;H^TH/;i^^  THIS HOUSE is situated(126 miles from <ftesneiiw������uthj  , ,The��������� proprietors having: lately fitted up bedrooms  and goodBeda are now prepared to afford1 every atajomi  modation for Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured.; the, Bar,is well sup^  .pliad with the bostbrands of Xlquorsand Segars; good  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley;"^-The"CHEAPEST  House on. the Road.. :kX-X X;\.yy '-.. wa., ���������.���������:.. .���������;.-.. yy-vut^o^  with care ana dispatch.^Yietwl^'y: f^^Wd  '������������������-:.'. '���������'- ������������������"������."���������-.?���������-. ^-- ..l^!.;'!',4������ ,-:.:i -v; ;���������>    ,.,, >        ,.   r...- ,        .  .--,-������������������, -,:,vTi ",'] ,;���������-���������  '    '���������-���������"_:������������������ ">'������J. s/.������if**a.y-  y //,./;��������� ���������,-;; boots r ^boots���������������������:  T SAT SAM:/How  ������������������>; and..-keep your  Charity: and'"-  TAY&CO,  ei ^Garden and  , Fort Street. -VJctoria. V I     v^  FieidSeedsgiarunteed ,~X' ''***  containing; fiftytgblde'nJ.diTcats, fifty Spanish  l>istoleSi\and Aa iring ofrthejvafue. of;a thousa nd  ;crowns/i- Thisdoss^ve^d ^te^ieyously/ancj  hej;caused' a proclamation to * b e^madey offering,  titty)Spanisb-pistoles,to::anyi one who/stbuid>  :l,iiui' f"*i������iiv  'thiv.in i'l.1 ti 11 i rr ���������'o ttfiini in ���������.���������:.' :-':  ��������� A-n 's\\A   nrnnA!..^  TLiLl^M:   S1EWBLL;,  .^^  ���������>-;:- '*  yp^y?   yX:    ���������:>.;';  X',^ f bVAN������ iWINKLE,- /,->;. ^ y ,<.;    ���������;:.  INFORM -HIS-CUSTOMERS UND  THE  ; ^*Mcl4El^E.&:SENNY, i^oprietdrs,://  t'  rpHEEOBLIOiARE ;INyiTED,TO ,CALL A^ THIS  iX/jHouse,.'.yTh^re is GpodjMeals;,iGood; Beds j= ^tabling;  forHorses: Barley, kOats and Hay/ .    ", \        " 1-s"  }������������������.H ������*v������uo iii-otiijfeus.v/ommoia -are solicited' -M^l  iUoular attentionls,'calle.a to^heinlarge stSLbfri  Clover^and .Onion  Seeds Jt yli^lS9^^  house und Garden P^ntw*a* iZ������^.t L?"*?"������! ���������it2e.e.n  houseund Garden HantSi:Standardin^^arl^o^  IS OPEN.-FOR THE ^CCOMMODiridN OF'THE  ;TrayeIHn^public; the, bedrooms,,Wre; spacious andv  airy" anvd the B eds cannot be -surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by ^ny'inHbe'Ipwer country; thaTable is  always supplied' with 'the best tdf victuals^ 1^ Stabling;  for Horses j Hay,^Oats andBarley;^^ constantly^^on hand.j  This: House  already .by/you ^ here ^reA  ;/n  X[  Wx  ^hedther^^^nty  ,-;��������� so^you are paid ^ __ _: ^ :ii _ t ^ ^._,. ��������� ,. ,  ., ^The old .frpmaKrenionstea^d iii vain against  th^s -treatmont, but she \wpul4?probably. Kaye  remained content with her twenty pistoles haoV  not some one adyised^hercto applv for;justic^s  ���������yx  !.:'t".if'.<  rWiil leave SOI>AdBEBKtf  toWe Diikeif O'ssunna.' The duke knew tbe  man well, and'sent for him.'-' '*��������� (   >������ '   s     .Ji  'PerV'  tSi  boneaty;-toibri% you the ptirse���������.v-nM.MMV  might nav<i'taken ail, would^^have.<been guilty  -- of taking-yourrthirty^istolesf~^07no.   The  triitheis; .theipurse bannpfe be youraJf ,    . , ,  ^ Thev.merchant v stammered, 6ut,T��������� -.;  ; ������&My Ibrd, I kno^r the purse, tlie^cafcy ana*  tl;e;;i;ingrr,?;.   ;, . ^ .  r  ^ Nonsense,^ exclaimed the dukel; " do you  think'&ere}never (was a purse, or ducats/or' a:  ring like yenir^ t Heife,^o^od woman^take ��������� the"  p grse^nd^ its ^contentaJ: Itcahno l?be this good  -��������������������������� 'geutLemari^, ^ince he says hi3 VhaoL" fifty pis-!  tto|ea$.:;; //;,������;:,:;;/ ;   "   x4-x:/ xxx\ <  The/ judgment' was enforced. ,   The  duke  ;,m]gliit^KayVbeeh6 morallycertain of themfeei-'s  attemptlo- cfioafc,' but- as has been said/ this'  was a^yery flaroun Alr^schi^  decision,' * ,:������;" j-  ^jbe dtike^had.one day to hear-the casej of  Be rtrabxT <ie "S olbs; a p roud Spamsb^ntiem an������  w h 6-- was in/ the -habit o t walking; the s Ireets  with|his;head^erected like acanieleopard^s.  v^hlletbus'tnarcliing, a porter'carmn^ a^hea-  ���������it '.V'l ;���������a KnX ������... i .������.������.. ;^^t t.':_^'''..'v.'-//.:'.:!.^-i'.0-... ���������-.  '"-Will leave'QUESIJOSI/  ii'  BE'^NtS^MXJiiEHY; Pro^etort ,*-������ **v������������  ; is furhished; w,itti every convenience; for the >comi  fort of Travellers J^the: Culinary department f is,under  the superintendence of, an experlenced cook; ^the; Beds  are, clean and, comfortable ; the .^ar con tai jas the' best'  of LiqudrfeV^garSj-'&c. *' StabUagjHay' ;Ba'rleyf& 6atsi'  fc3 ENTIIiEfS Photographic Gallery^ 'Gover^;  XXy ment St^iV|ctoria,:^I.opposite gotel de France.".  Vfewsbl Cariboo and''Scenery.- thrdughout'Bfjtis������061- ,  bnibia, including views of the, route to Bi^BenOlivafa1  bn'ha'fid'a't^lbiwlrateBV 'Kj!y-:y &w?\U y^j .i!s.  +> ���������., Victoria, V; L. oppos te Bee Hive fiotel.'where ho'  is prepared;to.^^supply bis,hxiruerous p^ron3\vith every  requisitefor Clothing suitable ^foK'overy'season br the  year.; i-j:-^; y* yy^yyy^ ^ "oX, X ^.m <��������� o^s?,  Steamer*'Enterprise,^ \. >   ., ,���������< - -X; s   .., ',  ?; May 21st,,I860.     J /_.        - 5 _^_  j LII^OOET^^yERTISEME 5"  ';M.-'I������EiroERSONt toegs;tb: interm^his^enda  ..    /and tbotr^eJlin^puWic^nerally'that He h  taken'the" above'Ranch and is prepared to supply themf  with Fir3t" Ciass Accommodation. ^ Good Stabling; for1  horsesj'Bayand^Grain.-���������, , .. ,,,- ^ -, ;   ,.,���������,���������* 1-s^  LIl^OOEIT    MILLS  :;v.r  THE UNDERSIGNED are'now. mauhhicturing PLOTO  fOf^l 'grades;;, Ex tra, Superfine and Fine.    Feed  Crushed to order.      " " "'    Ji        >.  I "    ' J' ? LILLOOET FLOUR MILL-CO: v  * . -s, / ' r ���������?   ,���������'���������'"'��������� /��������� "'���������"'; ' ���������?" -^v'*;-'Foster,; Agents/  : EDWIN  /TYNON,  DEALER IN: I)RY <J66i>S/CLOTHING,: HATS AOT  ���������^-^P^^^vatfa Shbes^:Carpetings, Oil Cloilis%r  Wall Pap^ &c:, Linpoet, B. C; \   .���������      ,       i;S '  ������-���������_ry L.. -.;  /' Propriotbr,>��������� -!--    - i' t    :*. .t, f''Agent.  THIS HOTEL IS LARGE ^A:ND iWEU^fnTTED/UR  i for the comfort of^)travelers; the^;Table^ tisy supplied  -W|th t"ue best,of ^ererything, that.Vcanotb.e;procurd,..ana^  the;cooking is nptjInferior; to any on: tbe/rbari'; Bedrooms  for families} Stabling, Hayi Barley and Oats.; - l^s 5  I>rysGoons; &c/;irates Streev^ictorla,rViiiIi .^anii:  after 1st J^ane nextun^overnmeut Street, opposite the!  BaBkoCTriiish (Mumbia,:   "X X7'> ���������i" ' \X]W:X  Big nE::anx> .Pierke Mjlxqi et,; Proprietors.^ -, The Rea-.-Y'  taiirantis supplied with all the delicacies' the,; racket.,  affords: -In'the Bar will be found' thechoicest Liquors,'"  Furnished Roomsj:'^oV:-:^"���������k .*-". ;> '  ��������� '*   '^i.8j  ^EE^^n^:'H0^6'S^o^H^  Goods forwarded to4he Mining Districts;  ni-i v<������1*:..  Ip^SA^EEWil^ .  vXitf- S^i.vs-- HiDESjVWdoiIj '&c*. V LiHeral-advances'infljl*:"-.  on Furs consigned. Reference���������G. Sutro-'&OoJ.Spot-'"  bor������*&Ruefl;/Victoria,������V.t'l. -��������� -        -,.-������!���������������  A LBERTGRYSLER has opened the above House for  ���������;IX the. reception ...of.-Tra veiicrs; the Table is.well kept  and the Liquors cannot be surpassed : the Beds are  clean;and comfortable.   Stabling for Horses; Hay and  Oatsiivv;'^;'"^ vy';;. .*. '"-;-������������������' '.; "::.��������������������������� .���������'������������������������������������,'.-������������������*���������'::*���������*������������������ .-       i c .  *RS% HEIN*, Milunek & Dress Maker, Govern-i  xiAV^tmtStrebt, Victoria, V; I;* All kinds of Milfmery'  of the 4atest4tyle ^fcept constantly -on hand. ^Orders '  from (the country! punctually attended to. ry     i 1-ii,;,  yyiloa4 bad rwn^against.Mm, but not without.  first 'crying: *'jl3e waro 1'? ^iciija ^e^ordinary  iiVo^h^od^of giving warniug in suc1h:oases'. The  po^ter^: lo^ft;cons^tejl;of fiiggpts^bd one of  them fell offIan',; the /concussion, and tore the  ��������� ��������� Spaniardra siikiiantle;=} He^ wasi mightily en-  rrr^  LILL0OET    BREWERY,     '  JACOB; MILTZ, Proprie1������r, has always on  ���������'nand;aaarge.iand superior stock of 'Lager Beer ��������������������������� at  ^?;Bar.W:Ul be found:,thei best .Brandies. Wines and  Segars; the public.are:invite'd to call;   Prepared to fi!j  fall orders'promptly.   ::-i;'^^ '-'.i'������������������>:��������� V-     ������������������,< ;^-i.s'-^  JAMES' HURON/Proprietor/ Tiiis commodiR  -mis Hotel js,wellj-fltte;ct,up with i eyeryi convenieripe.  ior the cpmifort of tho ljuhlic; .the Beds, are vail ihaLA  weary traveller could desire j the Table issUpplied with���������  : the best of" fare; "the* Bar contains the: choicest bran us  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feedi1 Oats; .  Barley,'������&c.������������������ -,   .   ��������� -���������-���������    y.X - r ,' ."- ,���������..���������...; - <..1-s  E/^ATSdNv'W'ate^  ��������� * and Engraver.? Yates street^above Goy-:^  ernmeht street, V^tona, V. I.\ . 1 /' _   ; :l*s.:   '  he learned that .he had cried the word, though-  Ue(Solbs .^youched;: fche,contrary. ���������; The cluko  advised the,porter to declare hiinself dumb  when the cause came for judgment.; The porter did so through afriend, and the duke immediately said to de Solos,��������� .    ...::     ...  ^Wbat-baa.l do. to this poor fellow? You  s������o; he is dumb." y:i ..'. x:y-:L:i.X,.'::-  Forgetting;;himf^lfy the enraged Spaniard  piledvoutf���������r*; ;���������;     ".' " '  : ������������������:   ���������   yQy>yfy,y;.  '���������Oon't believe -the. scoundrel, mj lord; I  myself heard him^cry'Beware !J"    .    -,  -Why, then/flLd you1 not bew^ToT^replied  the duke;land he made;the monifted Spaniard  pay.aU expenses, and a fine to the pbr'ter.  tQPEIiMAN:;and;;McKE^  >J\ This;House is Well.fitted up' with Good -Beds and'  the Bar is furnished with the. best'Liquors; Meals are^  served at all hours on the Rdstuurant principle- stabling for .Horses, Horse Feed, &c; ��������������� ���������;       - ' i.s  Pioneer HoM^  pHAREEiS NELSON Proprietor, i This old  \J.established;House;is weJPmted.up for the,comfort  q!��������� Travellers; ?the Table;,is supplied with the best of  everything,that can be had, aha the cooking is not inferior to ihe best hotel in the.lower country: Bedrooms  for Families-Stabling for Horses, Horse Feed kc  The Express stpps here..  . \.s X  LORENZOJuEArTOJ Proprietor^ -This house  -'������jahbrds 'every; accommodation | for; the ���������:'��������� com for t of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all thcOelicacies  |tof the; season, audthoBar is stocked "-witli the choicest  of Wines, Brandies k Segars* good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats'constantly oh hand: at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. .;.-'.': fv ;lrS ,  OPOBBOBG: &- RTJEF^jiCommissionMer-;:  kE? CHANTS,: Wholesale iD^alers/in: Groceries, '.pBpyi-v  8ioss; Books k Shoss, vTharrstreeti'Victoriny'y.^-^'  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  ggf: We would call-the. attention of those  ^tvin^ooda or other commodities-to move  ������������������b^tuwen the different towns on the creek-to  Mr h. Y-AUlmott, who hasaHorse.and Dray  r^d7-ui>< the shortest notice to execute atiy  ord.^w ne may bo favored with, at rerv reI-;  ���������soaabiu rates. , ' "     J ..- -v *������������������"���������*���������.  MAGDONALD'S    HOTEL  rM. MACDONAIiD, Proprietor.- Miner and  :> others dostihejd for the Bridge River Mines will  And every convonionce; and accommodation afforded  them.- Good, Beds and a Table w61l supplied with all  the deli cacies'of the season.    : :  ' lg.-  arte  QEMLEn: &' PABKE. PropnefersV al 'the  U Junction of the Cariboo rand Big Bvnd Roads is  now open for the accommodation of the public Distancei fromClip ton, .26. miles; from Savanas Steamboat  LHudm^; 22 miles; tVom Spcnce's,Bridge, 30 miles,  fravellers will find prices and. accommodations to suit"  the times. Give them a call; Stabling, Hay & Grain;  attentive, hostlers.' stage leaves here twice'a. week lor  B\g Bend and yale, and once a week for-Cariboo.     1-s  vp^KSLIiEYVi&^FITERBEi Importers &Mole":  IX sale Dealers in Wines,Spmts;aiid Liquors, -r  yictpna.Xi.'"     .,;.:/   .. ,i/r l..;'-\i* - -.  SPBOAT & GO.\ (late Andertse'm& ,Co..). 1mporib������s ���������  , and CoMMiasjo.s- Merchants, tStore Street, iVUJtpria,;:  .v. Lt..'.-:���������/��������� ��������� ��������� xrx:';;;;,;,.;y,?;/,: /<;/;/::i::;.'//,ui<{x  fiy, SUTRO & CO., ���������' Importkb's ?asp Bbalers i������  \J.?;iClGARS, TOBACCO, Meers.haum;Plpesi&o.,S;E.; {  corner of Yates and t^ha.n etreet, Viotpria.,.... ,.;(f j **������������������,���������-,  B. HAG-G-INf EarewiiK:& Scrgeox, near^cor-  . jjer of xates and Government.Stsv, yictorja^y^jf.  DIERCE & SEYMOUR, dealers ic  JL .FtrnFiTuaE, Broad Street; Victoria, V.  dealers in BKbpisti \  I,y;jXkB  29 fflEE HOUSE-DOUGLAS P0BT1&E  .^::;L.^S^H &;;Cp., Proprietors. . this "House te  \X..- well fitted up for.the accommodation of Travel-  lera to the Bridge River Mines. Good Beds, Stablinir  for Horses, Horse Feed, &c. ;a'stage runs twice a week  ���������betweerthis house and :Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamers' from below and connect������ with the Lake  Boattfw Lilloo������t,' '"' , |,5  *'���������'���������.'; : : MSSSRS. CORNWALL'S. : ;  A PJEfS.Fptth KNOWN HOUSE,, ualKway between  IX. Spence'a Bridge and Clinton,;on tlnl Yale Route;"  Travellers ��������� will find Good:Accommo'daUon. The best of  living,;of Liquors, and of Wines , Fresh Buttor, Milk  and Vegetables.,,  Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  'naire & G-RftridiNi; HXRiiwxR'fi & P**gM  XJ Merchants, Wharf Street, Victoria, V.I.     ';X*A  HEKDERSON and,BIJRNABY,:^?^^, r  ^   Wharf street, Victoriu,.V.;I./ ���������.���������.'���������:, ::.'' r. :.+'BX:i  1 EWIS LEWIS; Clothier, Yates Street,- Victoria,  J J opposite the. Bank or. British ^rtb^rn^rlca^^jj? '  (7   MALLANDINEJCOLLEm,ON&*GENERAl;^ENf  Li. Gdvernmerit Street, -Victoria, V. ili.yy>    -l'fL   .  HEMRY   SCHORLINQ,  ;���������' .'/VAN WINKLE,":' "/   ''''���������'[ .  Dealerin all kinds of provisions, Clothing, &c;  #$*��������� otablingri������>r Jiorsw ; Hay,  Bdrloy and Oats ��������� al -  *>'������������& on^haiid. ,P , j^.8  jlsd  *-  ���������"'  Barkerville^ B.^Gii,���������  KELLY & PATERSON, Proprietors.-,  . Everything is done in connection with tms������  mtmt tt>.'give satisfaction to the cuitonior**;  *3- Meala &ti all houra.  mm  mmm


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