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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-08-13

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 mm  ������������������,���������������,'*'������������������.  #*$  if:.:..-*,...j.-, '&**;��������� ;<���������;������������������;  ;*  ���������:W  I  :x������~-  IB  * >  J  n  Illjll  I  HI  ���������  I  m  m  vbi.?l  JS^^P3^ ���������Williams ;Qree]^B.:G.||l^  ;.Wi4������9rK:fri3  ������lii  v������v  i eX  :V/.::  TELEGRAipiCi 7."^;1 V;A  ������  ��������� ������������������ ���������: -.- i:r.y <������.'. !3^fti''*'.?���������>'.- tf& ��������� - ;ff;-.i" C* *.J C,t'   '���������'  .:.. s-.   ;      -    t      ���������- "-  ." ''...  >' ^ecjai,D&>^  " '-��������� ���������  '���������'^���������'.T^2At^A^^,oA^^'VtV^"i-^/, *  nhic^J^  i.aflheefl reciiiVed h^^-^f.s^ce^llayji  ��������� ���������r of '*&& Atlantic Cable, 7Withj news Abated  Se^eensig^ed }>etween|^i^fand  && o&terms ptoposedrlijr;the latter:^ ^  Pmbsia,,ouw.    f;^BW York, July 38th.77;  ToAnsonStager, ������\ H-ji-v ;"^ ,3 v/*.  The cable is sacc^sMlylaidj;; and weMve  hefted' a dispatch.. * >'< ."' X -iy5 \'X yp{../  r *(Signed)"   ^   JD.M; Bradford. ���������  We arrived here at nine o'clock this morn>  insr all well, thank 56od< i^The cable JmJjeeii  (Signed). 7^     .7...Cyrus WJField.  We are in;:ielegrapfii^  Ireland; 7 Thejcable is>in ^rfectcprdeh:?    7  (Signed)      '       Cyrus ^W. Field.'  Sftelo^kivinr  Bays:  Jh������ Irish shore end of the cable was  laid on%affir agj^raii^,f'tolyVTtii|^.oavth6.  13th th������c������le?was ,^  Eastern and buried'in' 94'-fatlioms of water;  distant 27i miles -from Valentia^elegraph  Hollaed At &30 p, Won7Frida^ 13thj the  Great Eastern and^hej;^  New Foundiaiia/ .-^eTwgj^J-flpfe^'^lfjffil-  Bhipsfrqni thetoe tfie7splice was .made until  they sa^rl, lanfi^as.!, less ^an;-^er^auticai  iiiilelper liourv'-"'��������� Tlie total^sla^lrwas^ss^tlwS  12 per -cent, The weather7Jias^]^n7mpre  pleasant than ever; known^onsthe Atlantic at  this season. Tlie total Mistauce*is 1,669 miles,  and-cable,i^aidjou^ l,8^4Tihiles^ yte;t hap  beeniflionstant communication w^^al^dti^  mnce the splice^was made.; The lineTwill be  [fopenteibusines^iir a few: "days* ^and ^=after  (Ctaldng?in36al^e_1^graj)h fleet wm'^:foj  r- iu'^������u>������t '^.l������>������������/% M������a., Aohla   waq lasf   ln������f   vofvr  Austriaiis were making a rapid retreat -out^bf  Mprakia,T--The ^Elerald'Iias thejfolldwihg:;''  , London^ August 1st.���������A great meeting was  rJl^Jd^t<)-dayfftt which three^hundred���������thousand  people1 were: present Resolution^ were aoV  opMid^claring;they,hadnp Mth.jn.lGrbverh-  rmentj and. petitions were read, wiichVate ��������� to  ihi&l presented^ to :��������� Parliteeht^; demanding aii  jp|ttir^i^^;c  jCbief of Police. .Tliejprocessipn^-wa^ JmmenseV  Several bands of ..music were in attendance,  and evei^^ihg;ga^s^d^ft qidetly>; -:7The *Tri-  biAe'-has a special dispatch jivKiclf says peace  \ya3^belfeyed: to ^e certain at;Berlih on: Satur>  day. ^Bismarck- and the Ring will return this  week.';iPrussi(a: carries: airher points. 7 Riots  in Hyde Part arid mpy^rneiits.to^tbrm: ah: ex-  dliisive Reformiliieague; have imperilled tbe  Petby Government. '.;��������������������������� <XpxX' -y^^Xp-y^  .^WasbihgfoniTuly 53.-���������Inathe Senate; Clark  of Qldb", oflfered,!: a.; >resolution, h requesting I tie  President to-urge: the: Canadian^and British  authorities,to release /Feriiari prisoners, and  that^tfe President;clause the? .discharge?of 7air  Feni^^nd^^rpsec^ ;in;;>jMted; States  CoUrrts-;jlyeas 102.-nays 2.   , ',.''* ,* i?'f*  a  presented Oerieral Sh'ermiwi^witBiffhisfppminj^  sion asiLieiitenantTGerieral of the .armies of  the United States." Gen. Grant jW^sDpresent  when the. commission was signed and delivered-  Publtshii* 'S?ir^  hieup&i -and  TaorapAY.  Office���������BARKERYILJiEj';,WiLij[AMs ".Crkeit,, Cariboo^  ,  * . A Subscription, $1 per "week," '  '7    J-  (Inclu<ling costrof .delivery^) Payaole U> ihe Carrier.  ;���������:    ' 1 . barkerville;"'' / -  ^^^m  ���������&  ?**<<  m>  :&���������  ^dealerTin;;  ;NEW:JWj^Mm3^B^Iig^T|?^  ���������y 'p.y  XXX,  ::XM  m  ���������Ai ...  ���������:.vl;.A  Jv ^^J V{Te would; call the rattentipnXof. those  having goods o,r 0tlier ^commodities to "move  between the ^different tiowri^ fori the creektq  Mrl Hv C; WiLmotl,' who has a Horse and Bray  ready;at the shortest notice to -execute any  prd^^he^a^^e-favored with, at very;rea-  sonablelrates.';,.. ::������������������'���������"- . :>x.-.x':-::': ��������� vJ- 'v"--.h'���������&*?>;���������  J^lt'li you want goo dGpffee use Fell's^  ^p^otewhfer^jfefefcab  and xecdver the' end^rid: cb^letetheTgrourid  , i>B��������� ������&& ffy*JMtK^  rt������Kti> .>ipiiS- Ti^ed c rcumstaticcs ;it 13; evidently importnnt that,alhtl  have; reached us over 1 the ^cabieft^ lne^^nejys  Teportfaifeaa^iseia^  and ��������� JamWfte'dj&tAu 'M ^tlie;^ibrjme^Jia^fa  ^n;bt>SdSKe'SM^  traveledby^thernews yacht is^Mles^; 7f> ;>;  .r.-,:v!;-;t"s^t;;,:v^^Washini^  ��������� Tb^raBiW;:Field^^;7;7-j^^  Hearts Content; $yXXAX;^::b'"-:. ,7..-������yX:!!J.Xs?J  I heartily congratul^e ^ji^ arij^trust your  enterprise may i.prpve'as. succe^afiil; as your  efforts have been^persevering.VM'a  under the sea tend to ^promote harmony ��������� ibe-  tweeh; the Republic of the \y������st arid the Oov-  emments of;the^;Eastern;ffiriiispher^^;;.. I  (Signed) 1^: 7::-7A^pi^w:J^���������6iJ.J^':;.  NewiYorki July 31st.^-Busiriess ^messages  are beihgtransmitted over the cable to Europe.  Four thousand words wlere tlranshiitted through  thecablSihU^hours}Pii;the:?&^insj^i   7 :<������^7  New York, July- ^^^--A Florence pape^  publishes the conditions 'for an- armisticet-stip-  ukted^byPrussia and I&iyi;Thej^rmer,ppwj  er demands the iexclusion of Atistria from the  Germahw;Oonfederatiori,X-The same ;journal  adds, this was admitted ^;Fj?anfce,^iq:urjdeTr  took to obtain frbrn?thei Vienna Cabinet the  evacuation by Austria of the- Austrian provinces, occupied by Prassia fturirig- the ;armis-  tiee. ;The:c6nditi6ns^^u the;p^t^f Italy^ere  the cession of ^Verietia and the^Italian portion  of Lombardy. direct from ;Austria.. to^ Italy  without compensation, arid ail agreement that  Austria should not raise the .Roman question  during negotiatioris for : peace; ' It appears  that these conditions have been found7 iriad-  missable at Vienna^ and that Austria is resplvf  e<l to try the fortunes of war,; France^ isv ac-  ti vly arming. Thei ronclads are to. b e sent to  Venice. Prussia has occupied! Prague' with a  garrison of 8,000 troops. .Austria, is making  concessions to Hungary. She ;announces that  |Je conscriptipn, is. suspended, and calls on  Hungarians to, volunteeiv.;:' ���������J/' X ! v'')  '���������^-Farther Point, July 28th,--The steamer Peruvian brings dates to July 20tU.(. Consols elos  Jd at 88i@- 88| for money/ 5-207s 69| ������ 70.  Hte bullion iri the Bank'of England had: de  creased ������347,000.:. The/Moniteur' says Prussia has consented to abstain: from hostilities  for five, days, provided Austria : would give  her decision on the; basis of peace ; proposed  within tjaat time.   "   " ?^\-  y���������'rr   New York, July 29th.Tr-The following was  received, by tne Peruvian:-~The Prussians  Commenced a regiiliar siege.of the Fortress of  Atentz:: An engagement took place before  ^mutz on the 17 th, in ..which the'Austrians  w������re defeated with tho loss of 16 guns.    Th������  j Thr Universal Practice of ^mixing ���������* Chicory aiffd  other adulteratives wi tlr Coffee, bas very much d^mag  ed in (public estimation, wBat: ought ,tQ .be. the^mosi  delicious of Beverages. >* So effectually' have tiie^pulilic  been- drugged nvi th s ucli m ixture's that the>true proger^  ties have been lost sight 017 and. many ,pre^er)a|j)laclc  arid thiSfe infusion tcra:drink:ricli"; in^ ,spirit:anp|^6)������p  General as is the use of.CQffee, -itijs -little I r^'-va-K  in cpridenssng the ;vapors extracted - from 'M" b *rr������ n  coasting,-- a'liquor7is obtained of rtlie.-'mdstfs^ixaf&us;>fg  fe  base's and iluids extracted liy, roasting should be ;car^  ried pffras clu ick ly as- possible; | n; order to prevent; their  returning again-to-the;Coffee, .which is thexase in the  cohflned: cylinder.-.:, Tliisj object-is aUnairably accomplished by'the new an d patent * 'Cod iifal Coffee Eoaster''  as^ usedjby :FELL & CO^.^cWia^Jn.which.the.berry  is directly exposed' tb the radiated Tieat,: and the- vaijor  oxtractedxarried off instantaneously^ :; Xn addition-to,  the advantage to be derived, by- the rapid removal of  tlie steam containing the objectionable properties; .the  pure aronia of the Coffee is retained, the: essential oil  being presenred and: not exhausted as\ iri;..the CyliQder  Rpaslen where.tbe Cotfeeis required to remain a, much  longer time in consequence, of the. steaming! it; under-  goes by the confined steam.r , It is chemically/impossible to retain, the qualities or arrest^^.tlicdeteripratioR of.  Coffee when ground: "��������� The heat engendered by the process of -roasting, and; especi ally pfgrinding. creates an  action in the elementary:p<irti3 wjuch gradually.destroys  its fitness- for drink. -.-. But .to retain the essential ^o.il  wlilch it contains we have it encased; ia tins containing  from 1 lh. to 28 lbs.'; and which can be liad from*any of  the respectable dealers: 7Wecah confidently recommend  those who have hiiherto. been .obliged to; refrain from  taking Coffee on account of its ill effects that they may  use'our Coffee, roasted in the. Conical Roaster, being recommended bvall medical men. under whose notice it  has:been brought, and by numerous other,testimonials  iiitsfavor. :'X ���������::���������-���������������������������;: -������������������-::.:-.- FELL & CO.V::;v-....  7-?: Coffee Merchants, Yates St., Victoria;   :  Cariboo Mterary Iristitiite  ^ 4}      "     -   i   y C I_j . ^  y;:'y.      *<j ^ &JTHOMPSON^;President;   X{   . \   :  -    -4 'JAMES-ANDERSON, ��������� ^icetErbsident. -. -f.;,,,' -,-  ' -- '-'JOHN MacL'AREN-,   ^7' ',)" ' ' ''f  .. ���������. i   BB.-W; B-.- WILKINSON7, ^Directors;   . - i 1  ,.  .]  ~   'JOHN ;ADAIRf' f. : -J; -     '- '   -  >> ���������"'; 7  r'    "  .���������     .^r~^,   ;L;(:;'i   - ;   .    "<���������>;>  ���������VljOHNl-iBOWRON,   ���������- -, Secretary & Librarian. <  i7    / -*- '      -���������  T^tt^lpSTITtTriON'r-^ pr.^eoi :contains ubout 500  ���������|j^pJaMte'bf,Ghbte  'Sdientulcff Histoncal^andjPoetical workB. and "works ;of  MtimM1 ,V~V i' X        '   -7 lM , -1        f    ' ~  :<? JVorcester's Large PictorialDiotiotfary, -Lre's Dictiom  :^r^Mlfi^^fMa���������iae:tures;anll^Miiife^  ^ronout^s^Gazetteer or hhe World;, an.u Hj>man?s Cy=_  cloMd^S^dmmexce will������������������always,.'&e-kep$ln^t]ie'"r1iw1xnf  ^^S^^oom ^wTO>fto1nl^^^  latest English, Scottish; Canadian-American^ an^  nial Papers and Magizines.   ���������   : ..  ' Terms- of? SirB3CRiPTiOJf^$5 per quarter, or $2 |j9r  month;; Single volumes'Loaned to non-subscribers at  60 cts; per volume; with $1 deposit. > " ' _' _���������'''��������� 1  ��������� Persons^6t-subscribers visitih^the>Beading Room,  and making use of;the;Books;an^Papera-will,bQcJjargr;  edr25-~cts7ior,each visit.   . , -.j. ���������. "\ \y. ,-..- r"> ~   ," ���������"  &&> Tae'-Room' will bo otieh from.10 a. m.; till 10 p; m.  ���������;. 5^4vi,��������� !,,..,-,:...., .,.,���������:���������:;;;:,; ���������.:-,., .xyy JOHJfvBOWRON- X; 'A-  I' :\l7-X<i ������������������ tv<    ������'.;-���������.��������� X- -'���������-:Seeretrary!and Librariah.7;.;  ;l/;;  MpUTTET7& C%  WHOLESALE'&'BETAlt; v    ���������  ^PATRICK; 7KIrtWS^, Prop?r.  Best^illi^d-TabtesoniitieCr^  .." and Cigars are of the finest quality. 9  y>. ,-7'  AUCTIONEER, MININGr & GOMMiSSION  , [:���������'��������� AGENT, AND;ACCOUNTANT,/.  BARKEBVILLE.   7'  17  - ��������� RICHFIELD; WilliamiB Creek,'B.,C-'   '  .*:������   |  7"E HAVE ON HAND .a large.stoblc of Provisions,  , / Hardware ahd^egetables,, and,are. deter-'  mined to'sell' them'cheaper than any: other' store- oh  WilliamsCreeki ComeahdseeandjuUgeforyourselves,:  Richfield;?May 5th, 1860;'>7^f 7<U-Xj /:'���������,-���������< Iyi7K;i '$'17  ''P$$:  ��������� ���������-NE;tF;E^DeR5;&  ':    ��������� ''     "    EfoHFIELD,       '   . r X ^ ..-  DEALERS VS [   ~'';\\r . .r't  PROVISIONS ��������� GROCERIfe^CIiOTHINGi&c  'r;;t' V.:;Storage and;CoiiiinissiBni;7';' '''��������������������������� , s.'":'  BAMKERViLl-E  BREWERY.  BRE.W#Rr  E. C. GILLETTE,  CAMERONTOWN...  IMPORTANT to  J The undersigned is prepared to.  CLEAN BLACK BAND, BLOWINGS AND  FANNIN GS,  On Commission, or will jmrcjiase any-quantity, on the  ���������      i ���������  Most Libkral Terms, at the  Beading Boom, Cameronton,     ���������  ti������* Subscriher is well known 011 Williams Creek, and  21ih^na5raoopopft8o<i'in him heretofore in the  ^Miniug community the ensuing ~OTR0N,  FOB   SALE,  HFAVY OASyAS'HOSE AND.HYDRAULIC PIPE.  ^ H^Ierm5 Wly at tho oUice of .this p.per.  July 2������-d, 18������e. ���������     : ���������.    ,  JAMES   PURDJEy  BLACKSMITH  RICHFIELD.  Ep   HQDGENS  ;BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining the Express Office.  M.   J.   BLACKMAN,  3bark;erville.  WILLIAM  WINNARD,  BLACK'S  IT  BARKERVILLE,  less, than ^r^XB^^rpmM^^0XX^  f Bills piscount0d;A^ ' - :  chftjed1, r - ��������� - '.7 . ;;'#:^^^llt|#wfe%|i-^7>: k- , r   '#|p  77Governnent? andijt^^ Securitfes^TecelveJ u \VeMe ������ ft -  GpLD.Tpns^  wlti)in:24':h'ours  :MoItted'6J^S  1   -    '        '7   Estarushed is 1836.    ,~'"r^X  PpAD Owice :^7,, ST.^ BELENS J������LACE IiONDON:  land.and '���������^^y^px^.^^noT^^imSfi  Bills of Exchange"kand Gold Purchased.������.;-  Interest on Special Deposits: of ..(Money ^allowed at the  rate of ajquarter of oneper cent.per-month. "  . (?o������n' pner Alelted^andi^Assayred^\ancl returns made  withm 24 hours in Coin or Bars*;!  J,   7 ";        7  , Ores of every description carefully Assayedv '       '���������<,*.*  i N. B. ���������Any instructions asT to -the a isposal of the proceeds of>.Gplfl Dust forwa rded( tbVthoVofflbe; in-VlctpriAs  for Assay will be carefully attended to.       r -���������  * '    -,'./'.>���������    7 X -G. SHEPHERD.,Managef.-  ��������� ������������������ -Victoria/:V. I;/AprilrlS66r-^^':. X- 7���������**}!v\^{ rJ.i  r barkerville; b.-c.  Office Hour*/    10- a. m.> - to   3p. m,, <  Mondays, ���������' -  7 -   7 to Hi a. m.,& 12 toSp.m.  Saturdays. \ -     10 a. m.,- to������������������ ;.;4������.p; ra. ;-.���������., '/���������,  )'}/$&*No busjnesstjransacted on Sundays. ���������  t'     ;   "      - - ROBERT BDRRELL,   ;  .'-���������'.������������������"���������������������������' :7..;7"v- -X-r. ^''^yhtX^lx^XX Manager...  :>2Ist- July, 18)56 j-���������?-^::^ ^7-7 ;^--^;^7 ;��������� ���������:-;���������:;;��������� ;77S3 -177"'-  Barnard's Cariboo Express  7-:-:'-';'y-' ',:���������  7^----;'^^Nl������^'-:-.-^-:.-.^'-;.:..7-- w7?"  r;;;;7\;;ST.;A70.t  THE TARIFF OF CHARGES '��������� BY  THIS ESPRERS  lias been revised, and-REDUCTION ini-prtafc/:  made to suit the times.    -The charge on Lettcrsaoiaiid  from. Victoria,and intermediate places Is now-50' .cents.-  ptage Fare to Qucsuclmouth,      ',      ".       ,$20.  "      ������'   through to Yale, ��������� ,r 7 - ;' -   $65.  ;   ,     ,....,., 7   JOHN B. LOVELL,  Agent Barnard's Express.  Augustlst, 1866, . ���������-; /���������?'   .<���������������. ���������;������������������������ ���������     2o-.  BAR. N ARD'S  %  Connecting at Lillooet and Yale wi th DIETZ &  NELSON'S for New Westminster & Victoria,  WILL ARRIVE AND DEPART from the olllce in  Barkerville, to connect with the steamer "Ed.  terprise" at Quesnelmoutb, and, the STAGES at Sod������  Creek, EVERY WEEK, conveying Treasure. LkrTjaBa'  and Valuables for all parts of the world Also. Corn,  missions received and forwarded by Express fbr the  collection of Notes, Bills and the purchase of articles  to be'obtained at New Westminster, Victoria, San Frail*  cisco or en route, and returns made with dixpatch,  .JOIIS B. LOVELL, ,  1-S   . Agent, ������iirk������ri!tef; m  ��������� *���������':;���������&���������  :<������������������>.3.������'  .-;.��������� -4-1  ���������v".:r*  ������-.*/  ���������'-1.  s5&  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  SOUTH FORK LAKE  ���������2C  MONDAY*; AUGUST 13, 1860.  MR. BIftCHvAND THE ;MI^1NG BOARD.  ��������������������������� / '-'������������������- in another column w^-gima.report of; the  "    presentation ..of Van Addreaa,;bv..,the Mining  ^barri to his honor; the Mamimstratdfc'.bf the  ��������� Government and^^hp^rjs reply, to which  we refer.oiir'reade^^^^;&^-/ -7,.-.���������:^,/!Tt'.:  the address, as willibe-Tseen,; is qouched In  ;0 a:iho3rtespe#^  7 come tbtbe;creekVan^?;m^  .' dor of 'theirJaid in assistlngiis honor, to arrive  v at t jusfc cbncluaions^bn^ihMBeveral questions  -Jt6'ttdied^ruponi:i&V^ie address^at the same time  the address is /^mtirelft^free) from;:any7of the  usual: 8yebphantic:7pW which  such -addresses;^are^^suall^bcsmeared^ and  breathes a mani$rariii������%^ si>}V}$  througfco^  - plain terms, so tha^MllbopVhbles are-.leffc by  which7 to eVade-thferedres^  ��������� or thepostponement of\'>tU^iiiiedfui: improve-,  mentis iiemeM&&ffi xx.  x ���������   To this very "credi tab lo- production we are  sorry to say h&'h'bnor  isfactbry replyjhVignbr^  ���������  ia the address? altogether^thus,;shirking^  very business that' thejDepiitation sent to New  Westminster; was ;le^;^^believe had brought  him to the creek,'-[and:'leayihg; the; timers to  add disappointed-hope in<his.Honotv to ..the  other seriQus'bau^ l His honor  *1ttIS6'~n)en{io  leave thecreek, .pu}'^^hisjrfetttrn; to the seat 'of  Government; 7^ that  ! it will be^ext;to- impbssible'for the Bbard: to  ���������������������������!. matiireall the measures necessary-for W  or'si immediate xonsideratibn^and- he.; consoles  them by stating that-hewilBeave instruc,tipn^  :with Mr*pox- to1forward7<ihe��������� fruits of;their  labor to 'NewWeetmi^  the whble of the;buBiness?untilnext season.  We cannot'tbovibudly/ protest:against this  unfair triflingswith���������\t^o>i.nfer^l������;pf.a1arge.and  important community; Hike-^rs,.: aud; j would  respectfullysuggest to; his %Qffor; that-if .such  a course of action wasjnterided: to be, pursued by him when \he. rbceivejd'the.;oeputatioh  at New. Westminsteiyhe has^commi tied a serious mistake,7a8his.prcser^c^  absolutely nothing,basing  that was allayed by^  the delegates thatAtifc'grie$^p&s "cbm^laiiied  of'shonWbeq^^  ' on 'ttie's^ft:^fe7;:^'7 X.A7>������^������^7S -XX^yi'X?f%-  We have beon long^accu^fonied.in Plder;  communities tb tliCprocrasiiiatibn of Govern:  men ts" and .officials in;: redressing grievances  broughtiuder their notice, an^ the word "circumlocution" applied tbsuchcpid^t has become-famous, ,Lbut we warn thb'government  of these Colonies that the peop.fehere'-arenot  inclined to.sit down tamely under injustice,  where so much opportunity exists for prompt  : measures of redress. r Several ^deputations  have waited on his honor in relation to useful,  ��������� A little excitement has prevailed during  the past week respecting new diggings found  in a creek that empties: itself into the South  Fork Lake eight miles  above the Forks of  Quesriel; River." , A: party, of prospectors  among whom were Captain Mitchell* John  Edwards, and ��������� Defoe returned in the. early  part of last week after a prospecting trip of  over a months^duration^: and report -finding  good diggings in: thaf quarter;   We;have not  been able to gather any reliable particulars  as the party do not appear to be very communicative on the subject.    During the .week  however a hrimber of miners well acquainted  with the couutry; started but for the new dig~  gings and we may expect to learn* something  certain respecting them soon.  i'':.'���������: GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COUKT;  7- ''���������-.���������    tBoforo W..G: Cox, Esq.) s  j; ..;:���������";'._ 7   :    Thursday, August 9th, 1866.  6;:Michael Oarey vs Geo: Wilson���������Suit fbr S23,  be jog wages .due plaintiff for work done in  For est; Rose; claim.���������Judgment flfcr -plaintiff  and costs.   ' " ''    /": '  ���������'  Saw Mill co'y, per. A. Hardie, foreman, vs  Reid co'y, per John Bruce, foreman.���������Action  instituted^' to ��������� compel defendants ,to show  cause why they should not -pay ��������� plaintiffs  tbe sum of $100 damages for removing plaintiffs flume from fJphklins gulch. The Commissioner after hearing parties gave ��������� judgmentin favor of plaintiffs for $4-5 ^damages  i^nd ^Qat9jQf.^fl!^:;This, page^w^as^J^eaM^pn.  'Saturday, and'the judgment confirmed.:',;  ���������-���������"���������': Saturday, August 16th, 1866.  El Dorado cc'y, per S. ;Fitz, foreman, vs  Emery oo7y; G. Lewis, foreman;���������-Action  brought to compel defendants to show realise  why they committed a trespass on .plaintiffs  water rights by depriving them of water from  Stouts gulch and-why defendants should not  pay plaintiftSithe sura of $100, as damages by  reason of such trespass;. Judgment;fbr defendants they having priority; of record. ;f "  *   ;    : POLICE COURT, i ^ ��������� - >  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  TESDBRS WILL BE RECEIVED AT THE OFFICE  of tlie Assistant Commissioner of Lands and.Works,  Richfield,.up to noon of tho 18th August next, for the  construction of a MULE TRAIL from a point opposite  Barkcrville to Kelly's Restaurant on Grouse Creole;  Specifications a nd agreement to be seen ut the office  of the Assistant Commissioner, Richfield, after noon on  Tuesday, the 14th inst. ,.    ��������� r   .  The^lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  '���������������������������        : By Command/ ���������  ���������-:<���������   ��������� .. ';...  -THOMAS SPENCE,-. -  .���������.:������������������/��������� ���������   ������������������: Government Agent.  ; Richfield, August 13th, I860. 29-2in  WILL SOON BE IK- ItECEIPT  PXcX(X^"^  m^TJ^j^  Tub Williams Creek Bed Rock Flume and  Ditcu Company, LiMtTEb.1     -  A  GENERAL MEETING OF THE SHAREHOLDERS  of this Company will bo held at their Office,  Richfield, on THURSDAY, the 23rd instant, at 2 o'clock,  p m., for tlie purposo of obtaining Registration under  "The Corapaniee'Ordimmco, 1366." ��������� ������������������ '\    ���������  ��������� ...������������������. E. A. WADHAMS, Scc'y..  Richfield, August 13. 1866. . "29-41 n   ;.  HARDWABE, Wmk>  ;       BOOTS & SHOES, &C,  IMPORTED DIRECT^ ^ROM SANPlL\NCISCo  He is desirous of Applying the TraUe aild  can;do so at LOWEST prices.'  Williams Creek; July 16th, 1866.  22.tr  OPPENHEiM^������eOM  ANTS,  CAMERONTOWK,  ORIENTAL   SALdO  ' RICHFIELD.-'''        :  ���������7     7(Efefore:W- G. Cox, Esq., J. P.) ; > f. ,;���������  ;';:>���������;/:.;   '/X \ ��������� X Saturday,;August 1 lth, 1860.  !  7 ; William WJlHams ���������,'whs^charge/^|by;vLizwe:  Greenwall with* having: assaulted: ;her oii: the  public street of Barkerville on Thiirsday^aat.  Fined SlOfanct costs, and cautioned that jf -he  came;; beforef: the;:Court again f he 'woul& be  bouiid'over inr the*-sum ^6f ��������� $500 tb~;^e|p/4h*;  peace for six mbnthg;."^.*':V-7,-r ���������'���������'.,-:    jr&-: X-;l=v:v  but, in comparison, trivial matters, some; of  these we are pleased to note have met with  ready attention and .an immediate response  ha3 been extended Jtb them; ��������� then ���������.why is the  same courtesy refused to the urgent appeal of  our Mining Board?.   Is the galling, absurdities  of our judiciary to remain.unabated ?   Are we  to go, on iu the present lihsatisffactory; way in  respect, to the administration��������������������������� of 'the Law 1  These matters have reached a point where the  next turn may lead^ to complete defiance of  the judiciary, a result alike to be feared and  avoided by every prudent Executive.    If bis  honor endorses all the actions, of the present  Chief Justice, let him say so bbldivyif on the  contrary, he conceives auy alteration necessary, let.the change be brought about at once;  i n ei th er case prom ptitt ide will dp much .. to  save the Government from much-of the'obio-  qny that attaches at present to individuals  only. ���������' .���������:,���������.-'.���������..' ' .     v .....  . .'   :'-  The Mining Board will proceed to lay before  the Administrator of the Government, either  here or at New Westminster, the requirements  of'the people, and we trust that .a deaf ear  will not be turned to their appeal, such an  event would be productive of consequences  which we sincerely hope may. be avoided in  these Colonies. .   ���������  DiGOiNosov Douglas Portage.���������Our. Liil-  ooet correspondent writes.under date 2nd inst  and says, I am told by Frank Carpenter, Deite  & Nelson's messenger, that three men are working on the Lillooet River, twenty-four miles  from Douglas, and  are making from  $2 25  to  S^OO per day with  a rocker, tho  bank  is  ten  feet- high a  little gold   all  through  it; quantity not quality seems  the way  to  make it pay.   They pick down the dry gravel  aud cradle it all without selection, he  says  there is any amount of country that will yield  about the 3ame; water could be brought from  Roaring River, about a mile distant, had they  tlie funds to do it with.  $83* Persons having mining claims for sale,  will find it to their  as  of  Our CEMETERffis.-���������The urgency of 7 having  ���������footpaths"or rbads" properly gradedv:to. the  grave-yards of Richfield and Cameronton has  long been felt by the public. On. the occasion  of funerals to either of these places o������ interment/the difficulty of ascending the hills on  which they are situated, in the absence of  trails of any description, has-been great and  calls for a change. The cemetery at Cameronton also requires, extension, the present' enclosure being now fully occupied.   W������ think  it would be very advisable for the Government in Considering these needed improvements, to ensure the habitation of the departed against being molested or disturbed by  further gold discoveries, that might  be made  in these localities, by setting apart by grants  certain portions of the ground f$r burial purposes. Another equally important public  convenience greatly needed; is a road to . the  Hospital: the approach tb: this useful institution is in a deplorable state at present which  His Honor Mr. Birch in his late visit must  have observed. As a very small outlay would  remedy the defects we have pointed outNwe  hope to see the- improvements made without  delay.:-'^_-7y���������������������������. :7��������� . ;���������-:���������-��������� ������������������ ������������������ :_.-v .    -   ;.  Escape of PkisOxNEks and Recapture.���������Two  convicts in the cbairi-gang at New Westminster  while at work on the 1st inst., made an attack  on the guard and dispossessed him of his arras,  betaking themselves to the river, which they  attempted to cross j they got swamped and  were picked up by Indians; thelndians refusing  to convey them to the other side they attacked  them driving two of them into the water, the  THE UNDERSIGNED HAVING  LEASED  PROM S.  A..Smith the premises formerly knowu ?is tho Min-.  ers'Saloov, has opened the same under tho above'  name, aud would respectfully invite his friends and the  public generally to give.him a call.'.  4}^. The best brands of LIQUORS and SEGARS will  alw&ya h$> -kept aVibitS-esto-bJ-ishmwH. ���������<:' ������v~-^.-.���������--.  JOHN HEDEN.   .  Riclifleld, August, I860. ;    ' 29-3m -  CHALLENGE.       .-   ���������..  '  HEARING THAT FRED LITTLER, alias 'BlueBeardJ  is;in want of a job, I have a Chinaman who will  fight liim atcalch weights for two hundred andflfty  dollars or flvo hund rod dollars aside; to fight half way  between homo and home-r-say at the meadows near tho  Milk Ranch. ; Man and money, ready any time next  week'at N. L; McCallrey's. IC this does not suit Fred.  George Wilson, the would be champion, can have a  show, on the same terms. ���������      -  *   ���������    PETER GEORT.  .Van Winkle, 11th Aug. 1866. 29-la  ^|:'-,7.;.N.ojiCiE, ������������������;-, x-y:,-':-  lii the matter of the Estate and Effects of Wil-  :���������: ������������������:: -.:' liam Rose Wall, deceased intestate,    .v.  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IK ALL  ; " KINDS OF    .  PROVISIOHS,  LIQUORS, SEGAH8,  7 J?LpTHi;N&i  Xy ;jBpqr,B &. :sHOEs,:r,77  Beg to call the attention of--Miners and'.others'  '   to^Hcir full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODS '  ���������   .     which win; be sold  .      .. ���������>    ���������  AT   COST   PRICES!  :,'���������'.*';.'���������'-..  ��������� ...,:.'���������    ��������� ' "  to make room for a NEW STOCK to arrive so soon u   '.  the Roads are'open. XX-   ������������������'-��������� ���������";������������������  , "jBffh: Liberal ��������� allowance will be;, made to  Rosttturatil and Hoiol Keepers and the Trad* geiiwdlly  on Urge orders. ���������        .  :     ���������   \   ���������  FFLE  LL 'PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO THE  above Estate are required-to pay the amounts due  forthwith, and.all persons who have any claims against  jthe. above Estate are requested to send In their accounts  on'or beforo the 10th September now nest to HENKY  ROSEWALL, the' Administrator- of 'the- said William  Rose wall deceased. . ��������� :....'  Williams Creek^Aug. llth, 1800. 29-lm  THESE WILL BE A GRAND RAFFLE OF TWO  HORSES, with HARNESS and WAGON in complete  ordefl'to cotrieotr at Ross k Burdlck's -Saloon, in Barkerville, on Saturday Evcniug, August 18lhrat 9 p.m.  Tickets,- $& each. . ...;.,-. ��������� -" ' -':- 26-&ia  GROUSE :CPLEEK  NO TICE  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  Catherine Lawless, deceased intestate."~.  A1  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estate arc required to pay the amounts duo forthwith, and all persons who have any claims against the  ahovo Estate are requested to send in their accounts on  or before tho 10th September now next to WALTER  EDWARD LAWLESS, the Administrator of the said  Catherine Lawless deceased, or to  JOSEPH  PARK,  :f     V"     '.      Counsel for the Administrator. ���������  Williams Creek, Aug. lltb, 1860. 29-lm  rpHE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform the public {hat  \ tho abav'������: establishment wis opened on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22nd July.'1 and that he will be happy top-  ceive a call from" his friends/ ������������������*.{? :~' r  >/  -"��������� Xv   j9������t BOARD $16 PER -WEEK.\<sffi*.      *  : . Bread. Pies and Cakes always on hand foraale.  23*.: .       ���������- A. KELLY, Proprietor.  In  the Supreme  Court  of Civil Justice  of  British Columhia.  Bathing .   EstaMishment!  . BARKERVILLE^  (Sazt Bank of British North America.)  D LEWIS begs leave to inform the .Ladies and  ��������� Gentlemen of Williams Creek and .vicinity tti������  ho has fltted up u BATHROOM at. considerable expen*  for their accommodation, and hopes'by close attenwa  to business tb merit u share of their patronage.  4ST He will also attend to Extracting, Filling ana  Cleuniug of Teeth.   ' ������������������ _1__  IN   BANKRUPTCY.   .,  In re Waltek Long Fkxton*.  WEDNESDAY, 8th August, 1866, at the Court House,  ������������������Richfield. On this day a Certificate of Conform!'  ty, as of the 3rd class, was granted to the above named  Bankrupt, to issue at the expiration of .21 days.from  this date, unless some or one of the Creditors successfully oppose the same la the meantime. J Any Creditor  intending- te oppose is to give notice thereof to the  Bankrupt- ��������� ���������  X^-r:;-���������--.���������'*���������-'-��������� ='-29'-5in-;-.'-  Hew   El Dorado   Saloon!  BARKERVILLE.  [X\X\:  rpHK PROPRIETORS TAKE- PLEASURE io annonnc.  ������7irigxotheirlriends,and;the; publw^genera������y^jv  they have-refitted  thesameon TOESDAY'  wiU;bo happy to  ^kervilio^ Julyc?ho:������ W$-li  ROSS *>ftCfflft<&i:?-:  rroprietora.  O TICE  In the matter of the Estate and Effect^ of J.  G. Marshall, deceased intestate.  third one then capsized tho canoe,  by which  means they were retaken by officer Geo. Hand  and conveyed back to jail; the names of the  convicts were Gartland and Ross, the former  is the man who robbed the Ericcson dump-  box lastfall, and the latter one of the Lytton  burglars. Another convict named Bark made  good his escape during the confusion and has  not since been seen.  LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED to the above  Estato are required to pay the amounts due forth--|  with, and all persons who have any claims against the  above Estate are requested to send.in their accounts oh  or before tho 1st November, 1866, to  CHAS.-'E. POOLEY,      ������''  Ofllclal Administrator.  Rtchfleld, 7tb Aug, 1866. 28-lm  Miners. Hotel Koepersand the inhabits ing  cralof WiliiamsCreek, that they have op^d Iir  Class" Butcher. Shops in the. towns of ^g/1^ of  J3ARKERVILLE, and trust to *****}^SiM  the public -patronage, and that their, old, iriLUda w.  kindly give them a call.  Ricbfleld, July mh, 1866.  lS-4m-  LGA^TITIQ  7Z&T On Thursday last His Honor Mr. J3irch  | was waited on by Mr. T. Harris on behalf of  the miners and traders of Grouse creek, and  presented with a petition signed by over 220  of the residents thereon, praying for the construction of a trail between said creek and  Williams creek. His Honor4receivecl Mr. Harris very courteously, and desired him to assure the people of Grouse creek that he would  attention.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED begs to offer" the above Hotel  J. for Sale. Being furnished with everything complete in all its departments,' namely, BAR-ROOM.  K ITCH EN, DI NI N G- ROOM a u d B E D-ROOMS.  This is a favorable opportunity for any one , wishing  to enter into an established business, which will bo sold  cheap for Cash. Apply to  i n. l, McCaffrey,  .  / Van Winkle Hotel.  Van Winkle,.Aug. 7th, 1866. 28  r  HEREBY. CAUTIONED AGAINST  miss  .ND,  , as  ictoi  be deducted from the amount oi th������  T>ARTIES   ARE   HEKUiiX. 'VAuiwr-  --.     < by  ������ negotiating ^^^^^^^&Ar^ry  certain.clttims.against .said ���������^^^.���������SSSS'  us in favor of VkJTOB ������URAND,'and ��������� ^d^  Note.  Williams Creek, July Hth, 1866.  I  :opPB^sp^R.&2^  siii^l^'for^^H^0 5?-giv? us ?fH? give the mauer his immedUteat enti  s ������������m leims tor advertising this doscnptionl  f pwpmy are vxry reaoonabie.   * [    ^^**If yeu ^ant g^>od Coflco us'o  Fell's.  ���������fTHK UNDERSIGNED begs respectfully to.inform tho  X travelling public that ho has Good Stabling accotn-  modationj and will contract for the keep of Hors-os by  tho day, week, or m<������nih,  ^Sj������ Stabling and Hay for a Horse per day, $3,00.  Oats, B.irl"y, &c, at the lowest market rates."  27 HENRY LAMON, Prop'r,  LL KINDS OF-LUMBER ^BSR^jgjS'  Lowest  kept constantly onhand^wh^u^.v       .  _..Esi  Market .Ratss and ^IVS,>,.y  -  CHARGE at any ppiht ^.^^^^6^ *'%  .���������.Orders left with Rule Bros.  Bar^ <-^e;o���������ton,,wiU :  holm, Richfield; or at.the Mill, below, w  be promptly, attended to  July 16th, 1866  JOHN P. APAMS^  gwto^^^clgja^^aS^gS^K^ ^^p^Y,:^CTs;p..i^:^;  Friday;ipth Mgust; 180^.  ���������������"���������' ��������� ������iif,: fesrs.^ Booths iThompson,*��������� Mae-  SkSutes of the lflfltrnflefetig bang read  "      /..��������� ,./; -'hospmae:-.   t ���������'������������������'��������� y>.   ���������..���������-,;���������  V-  '^ A^i������<itimade^^^mlnlstratflE  ������M^o^^  tl0^; ?wHallv'bVvoluntary-sabscritionand  &th,ana  f^ffiationo^^^^  "*������������ &unicatio������7recetitty received by  [^tVowi to Birch relative^^haHospitoljin  bl5l1?wai stated that the,paucity; of the  ^SSe to' the; inipression that a  P nt ofconfidence was felt in ite management,  SaU^,Inren also���������;stated that;;at^pT the  Mlv MacLartn w> in.New.West-  i^SdS rlaoVto him an extect from  Jhri heinStion' was a:perfect < Frankin-  !!������ which appeared to surprise the mem-  aoHhe Board     a- Htateaient was handed  7?'trails;; ���������>*-*  -.. This question next engaged the attention of  the Board; It was maintained th at as th ere  was such a large tract of iiuriferoiis c o un try  lying h etween th is place and 7Gany on creek,  thei Government: would-be/justified in lending  their assistance towards the cutting of a trail  to connect this place with fche Fraser; and thus  (rpen up the country for; prospectiug; The  'great drawback with the minet; arose Tnbt so  much in the actual prospecting as in the difficulties met with in7packing^prbvisfons, ;tbols,  &c.) through a rough couutry,> and; this ougbt  to jbe considered by Government in making  an appropriation.     ���������  k X Mr; Burdickyinproppsingvthe m<K  $on, stated that7th^  on Stouts gulch^veref^willing to contribute towards the expense; of constructing the trail,  but would requirefSprije assistance ;lroiti; Government. .���������" ��������� 7 ":'��������� ; ' "' "' - ' -'' 7  It;Was moved by Mr. Burdick,- seconded,by  Mr. Coulter, and carried uhajiimbusly yX ���������  (."That the Stinitig Board recorarnentt that the Government contribute for the construction of, a Trail; com*  i mencing tit the mouth of Stouts gulch running up6ald  I gulch to the meadows to connect.with the Lowhee trail,  'and the balance to be made.: up; by contributions from  the inhabitants of said place. . Tho said trail Is very  necessary, as it Is almost ImpossUile for miners to walk  to their claims from Williams creek.������ ,;.-';;..;. ,:., /.  ?r it !was;mbyed by Mr. Anderson/seconded by  I Mr. Shpnipspn j and, carried:^nem. cbn.^ : ���������  '������������������"That in order to facilitate prospecting, the Mining  Board'.'would recomm������nd that trails bo opened through-  ben ������[/a^^^W^udUm^fortheHoa-   connect Cariboo wlth,tho lower country by .a mucn  lalfroin 1st January to 30th .June, 18b0, aoar ^ bwy^^^^uJS  R1;     .������.������* *u^a wftQiiaid for ���������  .,-.    -    _t���������..t5.wru������ rhmvrm nrft<ik would also open up a large  nital from w .>������"������������������ j. TaK-  lowing that there was .paid for  Surgeons salary for six mouths,  Aiiendunt's^do    ���������    DalU.^ts, at $40 a' month,   361 79  $90000  720 00  $2118 54  .'"..;��������� j.ttS9"7 ';'.:  Produce of a Theatrical ropr^otaUon,  ^tttioa fey Mr. WalKom,,.:,....  160  ���������moo"  minatiug at Canyon creek would also open up a large  tract of mining country, without such trails tho bidden  wealth of this country can never be developed."  fbrecraved the consideration of the Board on  the subject.  The matter was argued pro and oon at considerable length, when  Mr.- MacLaren said that this was a question  of protection between the people and the Governments Act could be passed to destroy  any existife rights. It was the duty of. this  Board to afford all the protection, it was in  their.power to grant, Assertions had been  made by'the petitioners which were unsupported; it remained for them to produce their  It wasimoved by Mr..Burdick, sccondedby  MfcAhojerson, and carried unanimously:  ^Tliat the partloa complaining of the Bed Rock Flume.  Co'y clniming their ground that was represented on the  1st of July. 1864. and since, do present to this Board  a copy of their claims at.that time, with the records,  at on/next- meeting, tho sumo to be cortillod by tho  Rccorder/^7^:v4; '. ���������-.'   : ]   .'.'..'.  7 The' meeting then adjburned ^sine die.'.  ijrSmce theproceodingsof;the Mining Board were In  tvU we have been called ou by Sir. Cpx,'accompauiod  bv-Dr Wilkinson, who states that his honor 'Mr. Birch  reirrets that the Board should have misunderstood him  ihWng that $500 was expended monthly bv Government In the support of the Hospital, when ho simply  wished to convey the Idea that this was the amount  sent in" by;:Requisition as. the extent of Government  support;to that institution, and not the sum expendqd,  ���������Eb.SBtV.] ���������       : '___���������  ���������XX.X;:':.������������������-���������;;>-   TELEGRAPHIC.  QUARTZ MINING.  Paid by Government for ������ix,months,       ; $1945.04  The Board thought that the public Bubscup..  '".���������      5������S nf ^unoOrt -did very well in-set-  SSgffi^^ was unsuikibr a rnin-  w namnTunity.   No less than seven accidents-  ^^eTnerelatelv and; none of the;^r  Sts had gone to the Hospital for rebef,    ?...  U The fet resolution was moved by Mr. Anderson and seconded by Mr. Burdick, and carried without a.dissentmg vote:  ..  "  nronivED���������^hattho^Iining Boards; alter inyesUea,  ,t^aTtu7t U^^ffi  .������7oOQ;" iuttb^:k���������.,iq otvdinjr June 30th.is $187-6, that]  -.tbiajflospaal ^���������^rj,0*32i 25 per month,'iostead of  ;und.hasony-^_d^-fy hh- honor the Ad-  i$60O.per month {as WP^J^^ > .Kurthcrmore,-the  i A long discussion ensued on the importance  I of this branch of mining, in the course of  which it was stated that the aid required from  Government in helping to open up valuable  ledges, was not with the view.of benefiting  speculator but to assist the miner in testing  the value of bis discoveries. A few thousand  dollars, spent by the Government would prove  of incalculable benefit tb the country.  It was moved by MrJ Anderson, seconded  by. Mr. Thompson, and carried mem. con.'  7"That as several quartz rcers supposed tb be valuable  are: known to exist in.the District of Cariboo, and that  ������>v nnitriincr uD.the same'a very' great impetus will bo  "7'H(Special Dispatch to tho Cariboo Sektinbl),  7 ;;  v7 '   SECOND  DISPATCH.;  Farther Peint, August 4tb.���������The steamer  I Meadian has arrived with dates to 27th July.  l^-. j if jjcfta stated inL London, that the armistice  between Prussia and XustHa will"proTJabiy be  renewed; there is uo intimation of this having  been done. Previous to the armistice the  Italians were successful in. Tyrol.���������The British Government has announced its intention  *  *u~ suspension of the writ of  SrSrgo'conSid^tlou fof^tra expend ,m th*  of removing the  habeas cor pus. in Ireland  Notice has been  ted cannot1.ow recommoud T.ny alteration but������Ui  The Chairman in bringingithis su^ect;^  fore the Board took bxicasion; to reier,:W/m  tunwarrantable usurpation ot power exercised  by Mr. Justice Begbie in grantmg'.a privilege  of six: weekfcTtb the;^urpra Gojy tOvStake ��������� off  their claims In l8������;: therewiw no such power  conferred on him by the Minmg^t^rltwas  through such gross;infractions of thejaws^hat  it now became their business to apply.a^^ remedy. It was the impression of the Goyernrn0nt  .and^Mr;. Justice Begbie4^t:ihelate/excite^  ment was produced bya lawless mob^but^e  vcouul.assure -them it;was no such thing, the  whole mining .community: jp^re ^decided on  having their Hghtsrahd;- would���������; demand them:  It was then moved by Mr. Burdick seconded by Dr. Foster, and unanimously carried :  "That whereas the 10th clause of part I of ite Min-.'  -ing Ordinance states nthat an appeal shah be! from tne-  Judgmcntof the Gold Commissioner's Court to the Supreme Court of Civil Justice," &c., and; in part III,  clause84, it Btates ;that "every forfeiture of a.claim  shall be absolute, any rule of law or equity tothe con;  trary notwithstanding.". This Board is ol opinion that  tho spirit as'weU as the letter of;tho Ordinance has  been violatod by the Supremo Court by carrying suits  into Chancery, and, that it has not the confidence of the  mining community: and further,, that some other Court.  of Appeal must Do immediately instituted."  ADJUDICATION OF MINING DISPUTES.  The subject relative to the adjudication pf  mining disputes was then taken up and tully  discussedi and the following resolution finally'  adopted; '    "*'' : l' 7.7' X.k.y X  It was moved by Mr. Thompson seconded  by Mr, Drake, and carried mem. coh.J .  "That the Board recommend that in, aU mining disputes an appeal shall lio from tho decision of the Goia  ���������Commissioner's.Court to a jury of .not less than seven  free miners; in case their decision shall ^coincide with  that'of the Gold Commissioner^nb further appeal shall  by openiug up.the....._ ��������� .        given to mining-operations.-"'.Tlie.Mining Board recommend that tho Government erect upon some convenient  | point on Williams creek a Quartz, Mill" suitable for tho  [purpose of testing such quartz reefs.as muy,exist: in  the.District".. .-.7V.���������->:-..;;.. .���������:���������-..,...;;;.;������������������.���������.���������.:���������:��������� ���������.���������;..���������.. .-������������������  ; It-was moved by Dr. Wilkinson, seconded  by Dr. Foster, and carried 'hern, con.'       ���������  "That all such grants as may encourage capitalists to  invest in quartz ledges in Cariboo, either.by charter or  otherwise, be granted to such Quartz Mining Companies as *   " ' "���������'"  the  no con*iuvittviwti .wvw ..._. 0-  Ing them, as the future prosperity of tlie Colouy de  pends upon their wealth."  ;   ; REMUNERATION OF SECRETARY.  The next subject that presented itself for  the consideration.of the Board was the remuneration of their Secretary. The duties were  onerous aiid would occupy a good deal of that  gentleman's time, arid it was not to be expected that he could deyqtb7;that necessary time  without so me equivalent!'  7 It was therefore moved by Mr. Thompson,  seconded by Mr. Burdick, aiid carried mem.  criven that the Government has agreed with  the Council of the ReformLeague to facilitate  in every way their obtaining a speedv decis-  on under the law as to. tlieir right o hold  public meetings in Hyde Park ami until these  questions are decided in future none will be  held except one in the afternoon -of the 30th.  The statement however is contradicted in a  le ferTom Mr. Walpole, who states; that no  nromisewas made and no permission given,  Kovernmepit,promised to withdraw he  Police and milary. under the express, stipulation that no attempt would be made^o insist  5> fV,^tmnosed nirhf to hold meetings until  ^SS^as been decided. 7;The  ^ffl>P 'Teletrraph,'  and 7Advertiser^..repre:  a cow )roS:uncl partial disoomflturc,  12 tn the.u-ai-the 'Times' says, the  In  arin-  to  mMco did hof come a moment too soon to  faVe AusWa from the final catastrophe,    \et  one day more and the ltahans won  found themselves in full possession oi  1UU11U .^.      -..!.- Ti~.^;������Ka masters  andthe-Prussians  con.  ,"That tho Mining Board request that the Govern  meht.will make an appropriation for the payment of a  Secretary for the Board."  ;' .      THE BOARD'S ADDRESS.  7 A discussion then followed respecting ihe.  manner in, which his honor the Administrator  had that day receiveu7;the'"������rt ft *���������  :Board.^ They had  permitted, but in case of tlieir disagreeing Witk-his  ciaion then a farther appeal shall lie to the Alining  ,bo  decision then a taxthe.r appeal suan iiu w vm������ jjnum^  Board who shall finally decide the matter by a majority. All parties appealing'to deposit tho amount ot  costs with the Gold Commissioner or give duo secun^  for the same; and in case the Mining Board sit on any  easo they shall receive such remuneration as the Cdutt  way direct."      "��������� ' ,   ���������     .        . .  read to Mnra\i; address^ he ha,d given  them no answer either yerbaily or in wtitihg,  and; in the cpuise of the-^^conversationthat followed matters foreign to the subject of the ad-;  dress were entered into by his honor. Excep-1  tioh was taken by the members of the Board  to this non-committal policy, and it was urged  by several of the members that a written reply should be required from Mr. Birch to their  representations.        7 . -  It was therefore moved by Dr. Foster, sec-  conded by Mr. Burdick, and carried mem. eon.'  - "That a. copy of the Resolutions adopted to-day bo  lurnishod to the Administrator of tho:Ooycrnment, aud  that he be requested to appuint a day tonioet the.Miu*  ing Board "and give them a reply,"  PETITIONS. ;.  /'.. A Petition was read from a large number of  miners holding claims on Williams creek above  llichncld, calling the attention of the Board to  the Act.passed during the last session of the  Legislature, conferring certain special privileges to the Williams Greek Bed Rock Flume  Coy; to: the serious hurt and injury of the  vested rights of the petitioners. Certain claims  had been specially mentioned in that Act as  being exempt from its provisions, but as the  petition set forth there were other claims hay*  ing equally as good titles to exemption which  would be deprived of their rights by the en-  rbicement.of that Act. \ The petitioners there  of the  have  The  esp.ective  nn^tions TherT are" well grounded hopes  Selucemay be prolonged into an arm,  ^C and4is into a definite,peace. . On^the  q^ o^nension of hostilities for eight days  S;c3p^w^fche Italian3 and Au8"  trwShino-ton, August 4th.~A London letter  .flhgvt hide of tho European Poten-  WM������K^ion is will lustria con-  ^enf to iesign all power and all right in Ger-  wn^fl leave Prussia the supreme control  SSE of Germans? Consenting to  ���������ffilSa^y h^e peace with our empire  of��������� thirty-three millions of people. It she will  aoXleW t0 eXCUe  zation of a new confederation from which Austria is to be excluded;. Austria agrees to I Jim  Hettlemeht. 'Kqrtb:?ermttuy t0 form a Un;,li  under Prussia's direction, annexation oft!"  Duchies to Prussia '(excepting the Danish S.s ��������� ������������������;  leswi"-), part payment hy Austria of the war-  expenses, mainUinenc'e of Austria's integfii/  (excepting Venetia). ! Prussia intends amuiy.���������- ir.  In������ a territory cohtaihiag thirty' millions oi>  people.    Manteulfel insists on the immedi.v:v  payment of twenty-nine millions of florins, and,. ,  and threatens-to deliver Frankfort up.to pi-���������: ...  lage in the event of non-compliance;  Boui:^ ; ���������  and warehouses were closed; Frankfort Uha hi- ...  ber refuses to payi and prefers, submitting io ;;.���������  P1London, August 3rd.���������Tbere is no political    ..  news of importance.,,  GCnsols closed as, hrni  as formely.   The*PariB7Pat^e, says the term*  of armistice as regards Italy stipulates for. the t ,���������.  occupation of Verona by rltalian troops.    A   ,  telegram says thatl>6n marching from ��������� Brum 7,  the Prussian army discovered'in front in every  direction pickets Of the enemies cavalry, wh^;(  retired as tho Prussians advanced,��������� .-.Bridges,, .  across the Thapa-and March were restored by ���������.��������� -  the Prussians in 24hour8.-One.brigade wbirR . ..'���������,  had intrenched itself at Lundberg- vaoated  without resistance and proceeded south. Durr    t  in* a few days proceeding the occupation o\  Gradig by the Prussians, thirty-nine trains  heavily loaded with troops passed through  town for the south;��������� The last six trains conye������ ,-.,  ed soldiers of the Saxon army vanguard at.   ;-  Heft'in Bavaria; they took sixty prisoners,.   .,  Bkttkr Late Than Nkvjsk.���������A mule trail.';';  has at last b*en decided on being made7 to ..7  Grouse Creek.. The Government has been��������� .-,  }7efydTGto7/rn^Ts^1hl^^^^^  the wo%k tobe commenced BOoner,as.the sea- ,;  son will be so Xar .advanced ere the r.oad. ?.s:. .;  completed that but little good will he derived,..- r  from it this year,7--..  " .7 v_..7 .; .. -   -.:._     ��������� \..::.;  ��������� %&- During the>last few days his honor Mr..  Birch paid a visitto the Hospital and Cariboo../ ;  Iibrary,he also inspected the Aurora.and    .  Davis Co.'s diggings.   On Saturday he tooj n, -.������������������  trip to Grouse Greek in company . with. Judge .,  Begbie and Mr: Spence. r  ���������    .; ;;:  Union.���������A copy 'of'the Bill for the union of.-,.,  tbe Colonies prepared by Edward Foster- and r .,  Secretary Cardwell appears in the Victoria ��������� i  papers; our waritof'space prevents ua from;,,;  givingitintordays issue,  ������ -mn Mayor^'Frfnkli'n, of Vicrpria, .tragBmig   :  ted a complimentary greeting to the. Mayor  of London,   The message contained|0 words- ���������:  and cost from^^Nfi^Y^rk to Tendon $150/this- 7  sum -was raised. b^:fibscription. :   7 ; ���������  ., i������-Mr. g!'b. Wright will have a train in to? ..7  day with his first" instalment7of goeds.which  he will dispose of Jo*:tlae^^ trade at. very .low ;;  rates.   ��������� -    ��������� X;''''X'.' ���������' ��������� 7"    ��������� ��������� ��������� r ������������������ ' ,'i'7;  ' RoyalMABRUiife^The marriage of Princess -:.  Mary of Cambridge' and Prince Tcck, ^vas  solomnized at K^w'Church, in presence of top ���������  Queen, on the 12th-June. ;-'������������������;..  ADJODRNMKNT.^The Court of Assizc-aml  General Goal delivery has been postponed to  Wednesday next the loth inst, .    '  A Strike .on Grouse Crkek.���������The Caroline  Co. washed out for three days work 4ooz.       .  ^p-Our usual mining report is unayoid-1  ably crowded out this issue.  ""    n. the 29Lh \i\i., the wife of ���������  BIRTHS-At Victoria, o  Tbomas Wood of a rtaughtor.   ���������  At Victoria, on the 31st ult., the wife of W. B. Town  send of a son.  DEATH���������At Victoria, on 29th July, Gustavus JFrahk  Tarbell,'aged 3 ye������K, 1 month and 5 days.  q���������c.OT.1 limn���������mmwui ii iiiiiimiii  mi.mi���������iM������W������������������Mm���������WB������  Dissolution of Partnership  CARRIED ON U^-*  ^A,,<,triabcin������- maintained as a Germau  Krnow he awears to bave revoked, that  Wor?he������rogrami������e and urges Austria to  &w Toric. August 6th.-The steamer Ger-  ��������� w n^UvPft confirming the news brief iy  man-anh,?1w eabie -t S Befcna demons  1800 Police and two companies of the Life  of Morris Phage*., r.~~   ;; ���������-. ��������� .. ti.<������"*������iirt-flrnv  are to bepaW.  Barkon'ille, Williams Greek, \  '2*JniJuly, 18G6.      "���������    y  MORRIS *T.AGBR,  HY1UN 1'RAGKR:  25-lm  BUI fc.  w *\.yfs.yyf.'j  :.   WHOLESALK-fc. RETAIL  DEALERS IN, r  LIQUOES^  GEiOCERlES  -AND-rr  German bond and permit' the: org*  An -' ���������������<  former  ani-  GENERAU   MERCHANDIZE,  'barkerville/  ']&&*-A full assortment of Groceries and J5. B. Co^h  Liquors a iwayson hand. 'IS /  up  axd;  JAKE  r  ; '���������'-., Barkervillet B. C,  ���������  KELLY & PA.TERSON, Proprietors. _  Fvervthing is done in connection with this establish  meat to give satisfaction to the customers.. ;       ���������  /J3T -Meals '.at all hours. ;;.: ��������� %���������; mamwmimvsnw^^  DEPUTATION.  A deputation of the Mining' Board waited  on his honor the Administrator of theGoyern-  Hjent, at the Court House, Ricnfield, on Friday  last at noon, and presented the following   ... (  ..^ADDRESS: .  To His -Honor A. N. Bmcu, Esq., Officer ADMINISTERING TUB; GdVEKNMENT OF B. (X &  Sir,������������������As members of the Mining Board of  Cariboo, which has just entered uponlts; duties, we have much pleasure in welcoming you  on your seooad^visit tof Cariboo, the mining  district which has hitherto been and still pro-:  misea to be the chief -support of.this Colony,  especially if by just and economical legislation due encouragement be given to those who  are devoting thei? energies;and labor towards  developing the mineral resources of the country.    The mines of Cariboo, which at first  ; yielded enormous returns to their.fortunate  discoverers with but little difficultyj are: now  among the things of the past; but recent-developments tend to show, that although the  surface diggings may be exhausted, there are  still auriferous channels in*the hills, which if  once found promise to yield greater returns  than have ever yet been discovered in the  country.   Another source of wealth which-the  experience of nil gold mining countries has  shown to b* one of their principal resources,  especially after the: placer, diggings are worked out, is quartz mining, and there is no doubt,  as is proved by-the-specimens which ar������ daily  found in the creek claims; but that this country contains quarto; veins as rich as any in the  world; to^discoyer.ahd-develope them however is, from" the nature of the conn try, a task  DANCJ1XG-  FOR  THE  AT  ; QUBSNELMOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS.  COLONIAL RESTAURANT,  QUESNELMOUTH,  P. L. JOHNSON,. Proprietor,  Meals at all hours, and Cooking, of the best  description. > ������������������ s  E  ���������     .-���������    -       ���������* CAMERONTOWN,   '  :/:'���������      .  WHERE THE; PROPRIETOR,  T. A. BARRY,  gives a gaberal invitation to his friends and the  public at large; to .call- and judge for themselves the  merits of his Billiard Tables; also, tho Choice Brands of  his SEGARS. and LIQUORS.' The Orchestra, which  consists of four musicians; is First Class.    7   10-3m  aRlJAT  ATTRACTION!  ATTHB  FASHION SALOON,  ^BARKERVILLE.  ALL LOVERS OF.fHETBRPISCIIOREAN'ART are  invited to call and enjoy themselves, when a hearty,  welcomo will bo extended. *  MUSIC, BANGING AP BILLIARDS.  ij^.Tho best of "Wines, Liquors and Segars,  and Good Order observod.  1 "     MARTIN & COOK; Prop'rs.  ���������. v,-.':   QUESNELMOUTH,  BROWN & GILLlS,.PR0PRrET0RS. /_;  Good Beds,; -Restaurant; Billiard Table,. &c.  ���������':'. .Stabling for Horses. Hay and Oats.        s   ..  GIROD &GUICHON,     '  Ou> Established General Stork,      .  PROVISIONS, WHOLESALE &  COMMIS-  1 ,,7-SION MERCHANTS,  Storage, &b.~Terms most Moderate.  QUESNEL510UTH. . s .: ,  GOVERNMENT STREET; YICTORU  WHOLESA:LE_AN;D Ret^l  ; J. H. TURNER &CO.  IMI'ORTEKB OP'    > "'  English &Frerich:Silks.ShawlH-h>.rt  Receive regular supplies'by Express'via P^IL  r sai n*r vessel* vi������ nH������* u^--p  ���������   vl*Pdbam'  by sailingveesels via Cape Horn  fSJSx^t ?U^tj������n ������iveD '*>������������ orders ���������  .  London Firm-J; p. Install &-Co <       X  aa and  1-8  ROAD SIDE HOUSES, &c.  , CAMERONTOWN,  C. FULTON/Proprietor.  ������.������������., ���������j.,������f������^t  There is no distiHery kept ia this establishment.  i'ornia or Australia (countries which now stand  preeminent in tb is bran eh' of repro d uc tiy e i n-  dustry), and: \ iihless ��������� ��������� greater encouragement  th an is ��������� no w afforded; be' offered it is ��������� to: be  feared that it will bo long before this Colony  derives any 'benefit from- its:hidden'.wealth.  Patience and perse?erance>;pf whicu.we \ possess an aniple su p ply*; < can i 'never attain, this  desideratui without capital,; in which we are.  deficient,' and capitalists:"abroad will always  be cautious about making-investments in any  country, or -in- any speculations, in which they  ;.-��������� cannot, be assured/,of:protection and;safety  from interminable litigation; -It should "In all  mining.countries be;a fundamental-principle  to frame such laws, as'by,their simplicity, will:  encourage the influx of labor and capital from  all directions, which it is requisite to judiciously combine 'in. order; to\ devolope their  wealth; but the progress ofijthisColony;unfortunately' has -been greatly refeded by;prbtract  ed and expensive' litigation.' vWe trust that in  meeting with yout*honor and exchanging ideas  we can arrive at some"conclusion which will  prove satisfactory to all parties^and we 'shall  endeavor before your departure from Cariboo  to lay before; you our views in a .more definite  form: Notwithstanding the dissatisfactiouwhich  :  has bean produced by the heavy .expenses ��������� of  living and prospecting, combihed. with the  feeiing-of insecurity as to mining titles,, we  have much pleasure ia congratulating your  honor on the law abiding character: of the  residents of this district: mining eountries,  especially in. their.infancy, are too often peopled by a violent and reckless community, but  Cariboo can proudly boast of being an honorable exception. '���������*' r  We have the honor to be and remain,  Your very obd't servants,  ��������� Cornelius Booth,   .  John MacLaren, ..Chairman,  'Secretary. "'X  * "  Richfield, Cariboo, B. C., Aug. ;i866.  His honor said that he had not given them  a written treply. but would be ready at all  timeA to give his atten ti on to the sugges ti ons  of the BoarcL He ..said his time was rather  limited here,- in consequence of important dispatches-which be expected by. next mail, he  had concluded'to leave next Wednesday, and  if the ..Board, were, not ready before then-io  meet hirahe should leave instructions .with  Mr/Cox to transmit their communications below. He^alluded to the question of BedRqck  OFlunies, and said there had as?5yet been no  good accomplished by these companies,:but it  was necessary .that, the Government .should  encourage, the investment of capita ; \.  Chairman���������There -is hot a man7 in the coun-  try bat would hail with pleasure the introduc-  . tion of capital into this district; < j ��������� I i...- ���������...  j^His honor next touched on the Cariboo Hospital, and said that he had inspected it and  found it in an efficient condition, but he thought  the miners should do something for its sup-  ��������� port. He should be, glad to hand it over to  the Mining Board;    It cost the -'Government  ��������� $500 a month, he therefore thought that institutions of this description ought to. be supported by. public subscription, 7 Trie would  leave it for the consideration of th^; Board  however to adopt such measures.as they deemed advisable in the matter.. It was said, a great  want of confidence was felt regarding its  management.   . ,���������*'������������������  The Chairman informed his honor, that such  was not the case, in fact the opposite opinion  prevailed.  Hi8 h������nor then withdrew and/: the Board  went ipto Be**sion.  '   -WIIiLIAM    SEWELL,:-; -  .:���������������������������' ���������--:-:VAX-WINKLE,:".' ���������--   .-VV-7     s  BEGS TO  INFOR5l"HIS CUSTOMERS  AND- THE  ; public generally that- he intends to furnish, them  BEEP. .OR MUTTON, so koon as packing is practicable,  it their respective .claims on. the. dirtferent creeks, or  residences, at the Most Reasonable Rates. ! '''���������  : Van Winkle, Juno Uth, 18661      :  -"���������  :     .      11  The Steamer -Enterprise"  .. Will leave SODA CREEK;'  MONDAY & THURSDAY MORNDSrGS,  AT -DAYUGeT; .'  ��������� y. "\ ':.:-;': / ;.  '7 fi "'    .. Will leave QXJESNEL    - '������������������>; ;.  WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY ..MORNINGS.  '.:���������>-        -'    AT 6 O'CLOCK,-.- ;'-     ���������  Connecting, at Soda Creek wi^b Barxakd's .Stacks  ;.-;���������; Wednesdcy^s trip down and Thursday's trip up;  ���������'yjsgp. Freight to Quesriel 14 cts.$ilbV  Steamer 'Enterprise, >\     .       ��������� ���������.'-.  '    May 21st, 1866. .   J .   *~    ...     . ��������� "5'  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 26 n'illes from Quesnelmouth.  The proprietors having lately flttod up bedrooms  and good Beds are now prepared to afford every accommodation for Travellers; .the Tnhlo is furnished with all  thcluxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Segars; Rood  Stablihg,:Hay, Qats and Barley. . j&5* Tho CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ' '<.      ' %���������*     ......   1-s  ;  Colonial Hotel, Soda Creek  THE PUBLIC ARE  INVITE J) TO CALL  AT THIS  House.   There is Good Meals; Good Beds; Stabling  ESTABLISHED 1868.  TyiLLIAM-ZELNE^ealerinDftooa iw  TT-OWEa and Chemicals, Fancv and Toilet Arr?1'  Sponges,- Brushes, .Perfumery, &c.    Ply*toJ$xt>  scnptlonBcaremHy^  with care and dispatch. 'Victoria- v.a; 7red  .PATTRICKJS. COimERj  , ���������,.-. r ,, ��������� !_ . l-i   .  BOOTSTBOOTS'I  T SAY SAM! Howis it  and keep  Charity  bAfll! how is it your B00T8 wear ho'lone  'CP y2Ui/���������l80 ^ f Beca������������e I purcl������sfi  ��������� and. Butler,- Government Street, Victoria  for Horses; Barloy,- Oats and Hay:  1-8  OU  164 MILE OR DEEP CHEEK HOUSE,  IS OPEN" FOR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE  Travelling public; tho bedrooms are spacious and  airy and tho Beds cannot be surpassed for cleanliness  and comfort by any in the lower country; tlie Table is  always supplied with tho best of victuals. Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley constantly on'hand,  7; 141 MILE HOUSE, v  DENNIS MURPHY* Proprietor. This House  is. fn mi shot! with every convenience for the comfort of Travellers; the Culinary'department is under  the superintendence of an experienced cook; tbo Beds  are.clean and comfortable ; ihe'Bar contains the best  of Liquors, Segars, &c.   Stabling,. Hay, Barley k Oats.  BLOOD WILL TELL!  BLUE   TENT   RANCH.  "TOltt. HENDERSON��������� begs to Inform- his friends  j 1 and the travelling public generally. that he'has  taken the above Ranch and is prepared to supply them  with First Class Accommodation* "Good Stabliug for  horses; Hay and Grain. 1-b  TAY & CO., FortyStreet, Victorln, V.'-I ..Frech  O Garden and Field Seeds guaranteed. Have on hanS  a carefully.-selected.stock .'of the above from tbe fist '  European andjAmerican Markets, The e'a'rlv orders of ���������  their.friends In British 'Columbia are solicited*- Par  ticular attention is caHetf to:tlieir'large;Rtock-of: Grass  Clover'and'Onion' Seeds <of ivery-.superior.queljiv'  house and Garden Plants, ..Standard and' Dwarf Rosea  of e very variety.   Catalogues on application.' ���������  I -a ���������  RBRODRICK, >Coali and < Produce Dealer a  . large stock of Hay, Oats, Wheal ami Barley ortho-  best description always on hand; ;also,-Nonaimo English, Blacksmith and; .Cannel Coal Orders' sent to*-  Union JVharf, * Victoria, V..L" will receive immediate,  attention'. ; **' * - ' ''-���������-���������-������������������...���������.;���������: i.d.  GENTILE'S Photographic Gallery, Govern.  ment St, Victoria, V.I., opposite Hotel de France.  Views of C'ariboritnd Scenery throughout British Gel-  umbia, including views of the route to Big 'Bend,' always  on handatliberal rates. .    ���������  i.s  RP. WHEAB, Tailor &'Outfjitbr, Fort Street.  ��������� Victoria, :V.l- opposite. Bee Hiye.Hotol,, where be  is prepared to supply his numerous patrons'with every  requisite for Clothing suitable for ever}' seaioirar tL������  year.   ".'    :'. "    :?:-:*-'������������������������������������: ��������������������������� -.-��������� ��������� ..-."/m.-.,,: ,t.s.,.  LILLOOET ADVERTISEMENTS.  FLOUR I^LOXJR!!  LILLOOET..   MILLS.  rpHE UNDERSIGNED aro how mau'nfacturing FLOUR  I. of all grades: Extra, SuperOne and Fiue. Feed  Crushed to order.  LILLOOET FLOUR MILL CO.,  La F; W: Foster, Agent.  EDWIN   TYNON,  DEALER IN DRY GOODS, CLOTHING, HATS AND  Caps,-Boots and Shoes, Carpeting6, Oil Cloths,  Wall Paper, &c , Lillooet, B. C.. ��������� 1-s  111 MILE HOUSE.  WM. MANSON,                D. A. McLEAN,   '  Proprifttor,  ."        Agent..  I^HIS HOTEL IS LARGE AND. WELL FITTED UP  . for the comfort of travelers; the Table is supplied  with the best of everything that can boprocurd, and  the cooking is not inferior to any on tbe road.; Bedrooms  for families; Stabling, Hay, Barley and Oats.     1-s ,-*  THOMAS WILSON & CO., Importers of Eng.  lish'Merchandi2e,. wholesale and retail dealers ia  Dry Goons, &cV,. rates' Street,1 Victoria, V.-1: On and  after 1st -Tune next'in Government Street,;opposite tha  Bank.'of;British Columbia,- '--\    .' ;.��������� :. :.-,..., *..*.;. 1-s   ;  HOTEL DE FKAKCE;'Vict'6naVyJT.i:Joa.v  Btd.vE AN������iPiERHEMaxoiet, Proprietors... .TiieRee-.  tuu'rant is supplied with all the,delicacies fiie.market  aftords. ; In tho Bar will bo found the choicest L'iqdobs;  Furnished-RooihSjV&c. :���������-..   .;'..-   ;...r- -... :-:: './Vs  i^UC^ENE THOMAS, Yates street, Victoria.-  y Wholesale and Retail Dealer in WINES,-BRANDIES  BEERS, and: LIQUORS.and depot of Havana.Segars.'  Goods torwarded to the Mining Districts. '  1-8  A,  i..- 83 MILE HOUSE.  A LBERT. CRYSIjEK has opened the above House for  ^JL the reception ������ Travellers; the Table is well kept  and the Liquors cunnot be surpassed ; the Beds are  clean and comfortable. Stabliug for Horses, Hav and  Oats. " "i-b  FRAJnKEL, .Victoria,"V."I;/Dealer in Furs,  Skins, Bides, Wool, &c.    Liberal advances maUt  on Furs consigned.  .Reference���������^6. Sutro& Oo!i'Spor-  borg&Rue/i; Victoria, -V. I.    . . 1-s  BS. HEIN, Milliner & Dress Maker, Govern.  inent Street, Victoria, V. I. All kinds of Millinery:  of the latest style kept constantly on hand. Orders  from the country punctually attended to.* 1-a  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  JACOB MILTZ, Proprietor, has always on  hand a large and superior stock of Lager Beer; at  the Bar will be found the best Brandies, Wines and  Segars; tho public are invited to call. Prepared to fill  all orders promptly-.- '������������������-��������� --  - ��������� ���������       ^        j.s���������������������������.  IMTESIATIOSAI H0TEL--UU00ET,  QFELMAN- and- McKENZIE, Proprietors.  Q 7 This;House is well .fitted up with Good Beds and  the Bar is furnished with the best Liquork;"s'Meals are  served at all boufs on the Restaurant principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse Food, &c.. I-s 7  JAMES HURON, Proprietor. This commodious Hotel is well fitted up with every convenience  for:the comfort of the public; the Beds are all that a  weary traveller could desire; the Table is supplied with  tlie. best of fare; the Bar contains tlie choicest brands  of Liquors and Segars; good Stabling, Horse Fao<\t Oats,  Barley,: &c. i-s  E.i  Pioneer Hotel���������Lillooet^  riHARLES NELSON, Proprietor. This old  \j established House is weirfittcd up for tlie comfort  of, Travellers; the Table is supplied with the best of  everything that can bo bad, and the cooking is not inferior to, the best hotel in the lower country; Bedrooms  for Families;, Stabling for Horses, .Horse Feed, &c.���������  The Express stops here. x-s  T ORENZO LEARTO, Proprietor. This house  JU jatlbrds every accommodation for the comfort of  Travellers; the Table is furnished with all tho delicacies  of the season,.and the Bar is stocked with the choicest-  of Wines,- Brandies k Segars; good stabling for horses;  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on liand at low rates.  Newly milled Flour for sale cheap. .       l.g.  "WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  and Engraver, Yates street, above Go'  ernment street, yictoria, V. I..     ��������� :l-s  WILSON & MURRAY, Groobrs, PnoVisias  Wine & Spirit Merchants, Bakers k Confectioners,  Fort Street, Victoria; V. I.        ' "*'aX  SPORBOR'G- & RUEFF, Commission Mer-  CHANTS4 Wholesale Dealers in ;GrocerieSj .Provi-.  siONS) BopF8.& Shoes, .Wharf street, VictorK, \. I V*  GRELLEY & FITERRE, Imporiors f Whole"  snle Dealers in Wines, Spirits' and Liquors,  Victoria, V. I. . .     1-s ���������  PORT DOUGLAS ADVERTISEMENTS.  7  MACDONALD'S    HOTEL, .  "M". MACDONALD, Proprietor.  3Iiner and  others destined for the- Bridge River Mines will  ,find; every convenience and accommodation afforded  them. ..Good Beds and a.Table well supplied with all  the delicacies of the season.   ��������� , i-g  The Bonaparte House,  QEMLEN & PARKE, Proprietors, at tho  KJ Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Itoads, is  now open for tho accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 mile/?; from SavanasSteamboat  Landing, .22 miles; from Spence's Bridge, 30 miles.  Travellers will find prices and Accommodations to suit  tho times.. Give them a call: Stabling, Hay k Grain;-  attentive hostlers. Stage loaves here twice a week for  Big. Bend and Yale, and once a week for Cari boo  ���������QPSOAT & GO., (late Anderson* Co.) IarpKTEito.  O and CoiiMiBSio.s JIkkohakts. Store Street, > ictona,  V. I. :;    ���������;      ���������'���������,���������". -:  1-s  StT-TRO <5b CO., Importers a>'d,: Dbaleps in  ClGAIiS,- TOBACCO, .Meershaum Pipes, &Q,t a��������� *���������  cprhcrof yates and Wharf street,,Victoria.     --������������������^.���������:  B^HAG-GINt Physician & StiRGPON, ne&fW-  ner of yates and .Government Sts., Victona, v., j..  1-B  L. SMITH & CO., Proprietors. This House is  well litted up for the accommodation of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines. Good Beds, Stabling  for Horses. Horse Feed, &e. A stage runs twice a week  between tnis house and Port Douglas on the arrival of  the steamer* from below and con&ecxs with the Lake  Boaite-.fit Lillooet. -I-b  . MESSRS. ��������� CORNWALL'S.'������������������*'.''���������  a T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  XX Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on'tho Yale Route.  Travellers will 11 od Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fr������sh Butter, Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and cheap feed.     1-s  PIERCE & SEYMOUR* ��������� ^txlm in Bbdwjo  X   FusFitORts, Broad.Street. Victoria,-. V. J. ..-���������   c-*f_j  nAIRE & eRANClNr,HABDflrARB;&CLOCKBRT  \j Mercuakts;-Wharf-Street, Vlctoria^V.I.       *���������������. -  HENDERSON aiid BUfeNAB7������  Wharf street, Victoria,; Vs X   - ���������      __  EWIS LEWIS, Clothier, yatesSt^tictori^  j opposite the Bank ol British North America^  Merchakts,  HENRY   SCHORLINQ,,  VAN WLVKLE,   .   ���������  Dealer in all kinds of Provisions, Clothing, &c.  jjjr Stabling ror Horses ; Hay, Barley and Oats al-  17 itAu^^i^doi^crow*  Hf*. Government'Street; Victoria* -V."L   ' '" "  waya(ion hand.  1-s  PRAGfR   &  BRO^  WILLIAMS AN������ GROtJSB CBBE������>,  ' .X.      '.nEALERSlN  Assorted S|erc;  Wlioleeale arid Retail


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