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The Cariboo Sentinel 1866-08-02

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 v;!ji;  ���������Srfj*;^;  *Tt  VokS^  7X^1  s������^^^  ���������yiCTomA^LB^rEsxay^ .: i \x  -���������v    r ; .' '       ,   ���������      ������������������' ��������� ;������������������     ��������� ���������-.     , ��������� v  , ��������� ���������  i..,; TfheT&i*wy cioubt-tbat the-paramount ques*  There ^as a time^henri^  orr^her^i^era wtt  lation werff so; prosperou^ that politics were  y^rtara^^ *fe?4 #?-  ��������� "en opporfunities td hate been seized,"to secure  the welfare, and render perennial the health of  the Coiohytpfrfofttnt? proportion^, tmt gigantic  promise.   No 1 the future Queen of the Pacific  I lidnotwant'ft^e trammene^fivitm^British  1 ColMbi^^rptfui that "Uiaibri is--strehgth,??  though the^Daily gplontetffperseyering^  1858 advpcateS Unipm-r ^"foi mass meetings of  forty people i sent home their delegate (what-  ^evec that means)?* or Hie ^weht^pt^hm-pyvtrnp-  -���������' tibnr^ud mad^knovfffethat Vancouver filaM  wanted to play; her? euchre ^alone.^ ��������� Did thfe  petition Set "oii the^blojiiarsens^i^um ? -���������;-; Ohjl  yes, mW%llbuitbrete with  i unwonted 'alacrity, }^rp*f&1hp&: Mrly ren  Xopk oracular >comM^  McCliiieA W;-Jc^  His Grace of ���������Newcastle's amenity: and in teni-  ytibns. ?��������� Beforeiwe hadjreeoyered [purr;breat*te  two Governors^; as^B.'Derham: says^j were sent  out "to reign over *as# ��������� -J>believe that had it  so travel.   Wellfe^bh'Cblbny had a full-blowh  oGbveriibr altf tfritself J.Q How������pli^������fiiti y We  '���������gave ours levery?'cKarice/* *: DidA we /not \\meet  him at pickson-CampbelFs wharf -?_   Didn't  ^oufMayor jffi we not pass  him under three^riumphal arches ^ffho mean,  pretentions, witfr^^^  thereon, ������Ho)w-eye^  :the ^irrepi^ssible^ytnei life" arid soul of the  %h6le\thing^r*rDid he not anfusedtasteantofthe  'decorations,'breathy  Itnum^h^tly trirt th^  hidden /meaning'; anpl^ysieripus .conheetion  with ea^ioi;he  teash resplendent in: ��������� marshalling 4hei probes '  aon? "*"What 'moreJ^eould;be done for ^oiir  Hineyard^^ Trubi butffigures? are:8pmetim|s  ���������stubbbftt ffiingsr"yWe^found thaf a very;c6m-;  iplete but rather ;^remp tpry^in; its accbnipahi4  :raents). .civil lisfcrW.^  yfoundiihat^e^  ;mal=Secretary������oW=Mtorne^  fore sufficedfor thetwopoionievnow wehad  the lhxu^^fithese/ officers; all taoui^elves;  That whereasTour ���������prop or tion of the Govern-:  ors salary before wa#$800������ it>now; aliowingj  for the ��������� increasedJdignity of having him :to|  oursel ves; b ecame ������3000; tp tbe paid put pf the;  Ci^w^'La^sto^be11 sure," but ^hen we "were!  to have iiO^Crbwu'Latidstil^we^e^  CivilyList,,; And so with other expenses.   The!  tet; buget from the new; Governor was; ab but!  $375,000;- against: $200,000; which :the! Colony?  coufaMrty  '$7Q,0OO.Jb ������80,0^^  sembly, a supplemental' estimateXotX$84,000-  was handed up to completeothe'firstI yiMr.i  Wakeford disp layed: many talents; but no t that;  ���������of discretion.^ T he'whole Crp^n Lands qnes-j  tion was then^fbught. 'Ti.iA^ very* necessary in-i  qiiiryrwas started ,as to the disposal ofrthe par ������  already sold> and the amount realized ; :ahd:  the :extehfaha^ valued  tlie whoie^force,bf:t;he; Hudson -Say;Cb|y; had  to be ��������� met. iv*" ..Then i:did; Speaker Helmckeh  and. Dr. Tplmie r heroically man the breach  against the:cbmpactf.and. attacking phalanx of  the Assembly ^  lently; voted in the death grapple.. Then it was  found, when to Pilate, that \ o>ying -ip Jg p werfiil  interested influence-at home, the Company had  succeeded in making their claint>good to what  I shall ever consider the property of the Colony  or of the Imperial Government-^what has been  computed as the sum. of; $1,200,000���������and contrary to' the terms of their char ter,'which gave  them but one--tenth of all proceeds of sales of  land;as a commission therefor, the other nine-  tenths to be handed over to the Cro wii.   Do  they^should and didivpte; thbm fbrithemselvfes:  If: she wante dmbre; money she could; raise her  Mf&i Victoria ii^resjs fi wei?p to������: her a bye^  word.p. Bute Inlet-massacre supervened ; sib-  ?gle;haridedfshe/coulbj arrest /the^imurderers ���������;  she did hotj/at least with^ahyfpromptness, but  *?J������vteAIVl^onver aid; vbtbd testimonial^ to  ernmenttairepay. them ������10.0  latter declined to do.-. What'lbusiness hail Vjc-  tbria- people tb:eome making; itrails rin British  Columbia; 14��������� harmless white inen were slain;  serve them right. ��������������� Ait 'ad yaioremJ duty was  levied on all gbbd������ >ia Victorift;' a;valiie-hot  at the brigirial ;pbrt;;of shipment, ^bii't'at the  port ^here^ay portion of the cargp^UdVbeeil  disbhargeclI[pSlib;would insist buall'Victoria  vessels going l4 miles up the river of tedious  and s dangerous ��������� navigationl to clear - before  tradin^n!:&'e;W;^t,''cbast;' develppihg her own  ^esoHtcesiiii i^ct '111; To: uepreciatejFrasbr rivi^r.  navigation, was $,pase libel; did not;a>laige  frigate, thejJribuhe^ygo up anb^trium^antly  refute it? -Whafi diii it-matter that she came.  itffaply.Ieav^  e^p^se bK theffiK  ter;: if; ^pspAdmiral^s bbnmiissibh^ even-ran  some risks ������for losing a noble vessel % {Prudent  CapliLorcL'.Gilford declinedJ to; take-herxiij,  and no doubt frequently cohgratulated^]iim:  self thereafter^ Hiis^not thisill^wilLdndSay������  cour against Victoria been shown in its'mpsV  absufo/'iiglit'by the* late legislatipn^inv^feng  a subsidy fbfe direct mail- communica^ioji^with;  San Franciscp;^ f*ay^2000 a trip ^=a^teant-  er to go 0New Westminster ^he^ne^cpme^  to Victoria-for $ 1500. Fay a steamer,tb; gb  to New Westminster direct, and;Sheiinsists oh  mm-.  m  i-.U-..  MiH  xX  il  WI^^^^^^Mi  X,XpM.%f������3ni  ;.^Pj--w;eski,Yir.^.A^p'-E;R'.- yy  Fmh\s$ki>i Every .' Monday and  Thuksday;  wn  Mi^ms$^A^^^  >m  !Bm������mm  m '*���������  y.  x:i ?Mffi/&t*&, LAafBERT^PRbr^OBft    ��������� I  OiriaB^BAHKERVIL'LE," WitLiiis Cbbek, Cariboo.  .     xpyyrxyy ipy .::i^yy������xy,x y y-y^ xyxiy  :   -   p }Subs6riptions'i$l per ��������� week, ��������������� ', y '  {Ihcla^Xn������ cost of,^i^v^ry^^i^ay^i������k ^toVthpiCa^ieiC  mM^^M^^^%  mm  miyMiyty-  & ;VM:^;G:K,;E:;N>ZIE,  . ���������  v:y ���������������������������,:���������* "y^:> yy: yX ���������*   j. yXxy ' ;��������� ypp  ix  DEAEBR IN'  stopping 24:^Hpurs lit Victbna oifherjwayupl  A;steamertiripgi; the mailrto'Victoria^tm  Enterprise leaves {next morning.��������� Jo^:'ti6ie,iiyer,  but did*;no>t take ^aft&ail, w^Jehiigbesyupj%y  their own boat a dayilater; thisvhas pccurreoi  But ^^^lima^'jhad to be reached^y :The  Labouchereas; lbst1! "iVWe at Vicj;c^MJlu^|to  subsidize steamers.^ ^Phe samel)oat is paid by  us $1500 Jar trip^fand byi New������ Westminster  $2,000 to call there, td do what 'cbiilol bejibelr  ter^a^o^i^cke^  'fWhom the gpds^wish to destroy^they;depri^e  of reason.^ yAnd we at Victoria ^are; form?  ing a*1^committee of the whole" "pn-the state  of the Colony. ' We have', with the kind assis}  tance; of"., pur ^neighbp urs, i thrown; :!!Hump ty  Dump ty bfif the wall"; and carrt set: him up  again. We have -been despoiled of'pur Prown  Land proceeo^^nd;are still kept but of; our  rights. -. Pre-e mp tion, I .believe, is. sto pp ed;  We are over salaried anil under peopled. The  grass is growing in out streets; We ha,ve ��������� hugT  ged the imposture Frep Port till we: are ^elir-;  ioiis. yiW.h have; been scouted by,the foreigner,  trampiedlnuby pur own kith andykin.s y We;  have exchanged oiir King' Log for j our 'iKmg  Stork. A man pf great natural acutehessj" of  unbending firmnessV bf systeniatic -miridy of  painstaking not to say laborious habits, aid0:d  I am sure by a sincere desire for bur welfare;  tenb t'*^ Ir us ;biit of ��������� bu^  somewhat of an autocrat, he^ is; apparently':ig-_  norant of colonial or at least new country: life.-  He is like the cblpnist in Algeria, a1 Parisian  ihltHe^desert,^St^Jam0s, 3man on; the^si^pres^  pMi: .1 r:o; 0if&$iE>&tb  piaD'UP"ca*^mj ; ^6?;foot  Pi %: y mixpy'fpketlh Increase;) ; ir. I ft '  < ' pj  '    U-iU^,    "    ,-      , SH"     I   v *       ,  \: DRAFTS ^UBi|^  IN. YMl^ES^iSL'/' *: - :f  : y I p j;VIN\BRM ';  / !-. \ \   !  NEW';T^TMINSX3P[YAliE'-MOUTH OF QUESNEL.  hj% :l|ARtBob;:- .yxyyy*';  ���������4*^y-'"-IN^.H^^  'BAN FRXm^db, %RTLA^D; OregoW  aI,/-?qrunt.oMUdbM^.Hairi Utofij" -l^n^riJ'Kihg^1  u;yCf'hoiirff/^Gltai*ill^,:,f?t'Tntfnrrt*:- Tlrhnt.   N-;    '  y^ON,  Montrfial  :-ii������.^ :i'~.  'GfrMi m>nJ, - <@aap; Whieli;  .   rM::*> -- ��������� *;;.' x> yy r. yy-x,}. '���������,.?xxr, -���������> ��������� - '->,"'--" 7  ] f ^|j{; powder^;p^se^&^ fy \  ypXmpx> xyi> t X, jiikop;pp'xlpy I.,Piyx;;\;  Ppiy%^. tiiJpvisrii'R pip rp  ���������' "^"-' 'y " '- ' :'-'' :1--."- ;''��������� .''' ���������'���������-' ],' ��������� , ',>:"'-"��������� .*���������'���������'. ���������'������������������:"..;*.'.������������������ v.i '-.- <������������������;���������, f^���������'���������.'.'^.|''^''���������^   ������������������ '���������'������������������'���������'-,'?.. i: ,'  --.' ^ ...'.y-. I 1-1 .' ;.-.. - <.,..;i}s>     , j -- ���������      r   <��������� iJ f ; ������������������-���������:������������������-���������:   , ;���������'.���������������������������! i,-. i , - .,. i-- ������������������ ^-,.  .::-:,.<������������������ ������������������;:> :-'%"p:X\\^"rX.,^.'-i'i,.:X.'.'--"'.  ���������"'-���������.''" -.X J..iilr-::'< '.',��������������� .���������v..':,-.il.;iJ., '!,!���������',: T.i:'.;:':>' I  .>   ������������������X'P J.'-S., THOMPSON;: Psesiijest:'.  '*-, ��������� / .X  .  yJAMES A^DERSO^, Vioe-Pebsidknt. ^     ;    ;  ^OHKfMAcEARE^'  ^DRiW.B.-WILKINSON  ^SroH^ADAiB,*^;.^;  ,j  DlEECTPR8i:  JOHN^BOWRON; " "V y    SBCRETARV&fLlBBAKlAN;   ^  X PtPPP- -  ^     -^ '���������  "'���������������������������  ���������    ������   '>   '.  v  THIS������awSTITUTION at>pr6sent������cpnM������ins/aboufc500'  ^pliimes of Choice Literature, consisting, of Religious",  'Scipnfiti'c,��������� ���������Historical," and Poetical works, aud. works of  .FictiOHj:.:*^'ys*  p* [-r 1 ri., -"r f'':- f'XprX Prix: r :y.:  ��������� 5Tim estei v������ Largo Pictoria 1Dictioiiary; Ure?s Diction^  ary, of tlie --Arts,* SJanufacturesaii d Win qs, iippeiicptt'Bi  P^rififixioiug^GazettoeKori^  clop ed ia.of ��������� Commerce" wi li' al wayfe b e; top Vi n'iE^rJiom  for referenced   ' i   ���������       v>        '' " '"   j  *iTlie-ReadingBobm;wiirbo;rfbund supplied-fwlth'the  latest English,,ScqttisK,v Canadian,^American, and Colo^  nial-Papers;and'MagiziDes.>T , v ,X >��������� '. x ' ",-s  1 Tehms 'op StJBSCRiPTidN~05-"perQuarter," or:$2 per  monthr*'* Single ���������voluihes L^ried <toiipn-subscnbers  50-cts, per volume, with $lrdeposiL r������������������ *'.'   v ' v y  Persons ������ot; subscribers ^isiting the >Readlng;Room  and making iise��������� pf the BookS:and paperejwill bocha.rg;  6d"25''ct8. for each visit:    ���������    :     (     '��������� r,      ���������     '  ��������������������������� '������������������'���������''jBSF-Tbe Room will be open fromlOaj.mrtill 10-p/m.f.  yyy\ .."���������'.  ���������'       .    .       : '���������   JOHKjBO.WROH;XI ;  , . 17.  ���������. . ' Secrotrary and Librarian.   ;  ,'"'���������> L.  MOUTTET & CO.,".':;v/i.,;  '': ; **-;:: ' ���������. ' % WHOLESALEV& RETAIL\!'    ; ! ' '": k>:  STllMiaiMISSIOilEECSANfS  -s-' .>ij      RICHFIELD, Williams Creek,.B. p.i.r . ���������,. ;:  E fiA VE: ON-HANiJ 'a.i&rge %lMi'o&tt6j&w&i  Hardware;and��������� Ybgetables,;and are-deter-,  mined to sell them: cheaper^thai.r any. other; store'on  Williams Crceki^Come and see and judge for yourselves.  ;;.Richfleldv^ayf5th>;1866,1^ PyXP., i XxypiXlX  , y^y^y^mi 6f il^yxbr}r p t     ;  ON ;.SCOTLAND^T^|RJtf^;^^  ON, ENGLAND^-TP0:B^E OF -bMisSiOoluMffll#|  :He  ' i,t������. ������, i^mbar^Stf: iouoohri:  rf,( ������i'l^rp^  A  .CURRENT.' ACCOUNTS ''opened .for /any- amoiin t^������P  les'stbax}"OnoHuddTpil!Dollars'-r    v       , "  ��������� ^jBins;Piscour������totf aafe'.Collgctofl ;^^Q,d*Bili3X)r?Exchah^9,  on; .Great .Britain; $Ma$rancis^  ���������'"ha.SHd.  ,   r '" ���������-'''- y,   "'    -    -     <p \   4'1'4 H^P-  -'    s ���������  ;' Government and iitliQi l y aMtf ra? r&|iyud "pr jjotfiSf-  custody;% Interests and Dividends!cbHccted. -     ' ,   j H $  \-!-%':X,yi:.-X ���������<.������������������-'���������-j-it>^^r-'-X^^y^y^x^^xy^iy^iyif^fp'r'���������**?���������>x*  !BiD;;|USX||ij.fiM|i|!&SK  ,; .Received'.on.pcppslt, orAdvanGe8;;mad^upon*\the'm^j.  !ysyv  *  d^And^-Tetii^Q^ made  ;   0OLi>.DusTMeitfid:^aiid  ffi'W^ hourp^  Xr  ^  Oreg of .every description careJullv/Aisaye'd.  April.-1866;:  -���������,   ,r.V:  ^*S.������&:*^ft  Sf;  MP  ftj':ilK;7,'-������������������-.-.  '      ������.    1  v.V''  -'..rr   ������������������  -JM-V.  f^t^ga������i  ^ a y f, ks,,,, j ������-A*-^_ ^  81  v/o;not remember the time \yben the Company  claimed the very streets lot Victoria,������.after  having sold the.to>yn.lots,;.and cut. down the  J-reea thereon^ of; which-;thei firewob'd might bo  bought'on application-to H.AvTuzo? By and  ^ye^ine or ten*month's, of jhwaM gratulations  and biitward ore'Wings,"during which our Gbv-  emorwas. all urbanity, the"people all' loyalty,  ������y and bye it was discovered that two Governors did not mean :'twb souls inonb body;  that unity of interest "did., not mean Union.  di the Pacific.    Oh J for a sturdy rough-and-;  ready pibheerV a ihan who will riot?be; aihiiii^  &t:.^b/MUcHr:,^'^^n^'M& the useful before!  tlie; ;^na^iti|l^vthe. ^r^lIyv'^^ny^'^iBfDi^  the real ly useless, have -leas-/system; but;^^- more yy  work,'^l&ss^ routinebut <mpre'^dispatc^i;  -: * At this writing we h a ve a very pretty;; state;  of-matters.   No mone3r in the Trcjisury, two:  months, salary, .owing to some officials, thej  Chief Justice threatens to close the 'court if  his officers are sued; so; they must live. oil  credit.   ,Jh,e House . of Assembly deliberate:  anil 10 f their, own mo tiori, send home: by. tele-  graph, resolutions as to the wei 1 being of the  Colony; resolutions which of course the Secretary of the.:Gdidnies cannot notice officially.  Verily we are ^flourishing Colony ;��������� we have  done and suffered enough to kill a dozen colonies consecutively, and we are all now "a  committee of the whole" sitting on the " state  of the Colony."  NEUFELDER   &   CO.,  V  ��������� y L, '���������<     -    BIGHFIELD,   *'   :>pp ' y'i  r iy y .. ���������       ���������    ..  7������   DBAtEBSISW'T.\z yl \XP ./',-'  pSo^^c)ns;!������i^c^ &c  Storage-a'iid. Gomimssibn.  BARKERVILLE   BREWERY.  'iPiyp: iBR'EWERXPP X  E; C, GILLETTE^  British  v]yortlij iAmerica.  *    '*'P-.    'P       E&TABLISHEB IX1838.'     -   '.,   . '  / DRAFTS ISSUED .on:!London, New York; San'Fran*  Cisco, Cariboo,. Canada, ,KewrBrunswick, Sovti Scotia,  and on*all the 'Brunches:of tlie N ational Bank of :StiSi~  land: and^Provincial Bank of Ireland; . -.    -t .,. y ���������-  ������  , . Bills x>f, Exchange; and Gold Purchasedvf  Interest on Special.Deposits of, Money1 allowed at- the  rate of a quarter of one per cent;'per ntpnttil. p'p*;'!--?;. :  British Columbia, or the New  *vestmitister clique erroneously so called, had  her, own game to play, J ������he was1 lich and  ^ould vote thumping .���������salaries' to bar officers ;  ���������jgjjS* We would call the attention of those  having goods or other commodities to move  between the different towns on .-the. creek to  Mr. H. C. Wilmotfc, who has a Horse and Bray  ready at the shortest notice to execute any  orderk he may be. favored with,; at very reasonable rates.  ...    .    ���������������������������:���������������������������.  ,  p     "���������'���������#'������������������"':*-.���������  Serious Accident.���������The B. Cl .-^TribunV  says,'we deeply regret to learn that Mon:J3.  DeMs has met with a serious accident in; his  claim on French creek, by. some timber falling on him. ; ' ..; '��������� - ' ���������- y  "'jShlf .you want gool Coffee use Fell's....  CAMERONTOWtf.  JAMES   PURDIE,  BLACKSMITH,  E'l'C'HFIBIiD.  GolId"'DiiSTiMelted and Assayedj> and returns, mada  within'24 hours in.Coin or Bars; 'l ���������'v*1 K" ���������;  ..; Ores'pf every description^arefally^Assayodiy i; >   ������  ;,.'. '���������s-^rpAhy. instructions;as;tortbe disposaf otfth'e"pr.v  ceeds of 'Gold Dust foHvardeci 'to''the: 6ffice"int Victoria  lor Assay will be carefully attended" to. x .   .    ��������� lm:,: '  5: G. SHEPHERD, Manager -  ������������������x- Victoria, Vyl., April;\lM6p:ypy '��������� y-p >��������� ���������.p-. 1.3X:[P  \pPr, /y-,BARN ARDJS   y-pi'y:  CARIBOO AND^  Cp^neciing'at iMooeit iaind :Yale with: J)IET2&.  ipy i KELSON'S ;lbr New Westtni nster. ������������������& Vic tbria; p *.;'.:  TXXILL;: ARRIVE ;AJv^.-:i>E'PA*RT Arom mimes iin ^  -It'! Barkerville, to; connect witli the steam er;uEn.  ,-t������*rp.^.s.Q"^ ftfcQ R^Pfl eIlT������^utlv;. ...a nd.; Ihe 'iSTAGES^aU Sbdi J  "Creck,-SV^RY-\VEEK^ coilveylag Trvasurr; tMu .  and VAtifASLES for all parts1 of uioyorld"������������������': AIso}'{;6rn-  missiohs 'received and forwarded: hy Express for -1 h a  collection of Notes, Bills and the. pu'rchase .of arilclca  to be obtained at New Westminster, Victoria,'Sari Francisco or en route, and returns made with dispatch. ;,'���������.  \ JOHN B. LOVELL,'    :.".  1-s. ... i  '-f-'-i:. .-     -y'-pyy   .Agent,: Barkorvilie.C  .; Vr::vOHEAk vFA.RE;-vv.:vT'  BARNARD'S  STAG ES; will-: carry p asseh^ers; from  Williams Creek to .Yale'for .$75 OO.- ��������� ���������  4@* Tickets must be procured at the oflice in Bar-  kerviile..";   '..,.-,..,.   '   ?>-       ":���������> ;-iv?-.;;.- yr- yi-'���������-  PXx^-'':..pPi:X        .   JOIINB,LpXELL, Agent.:*  Ev   HOD.Q.E.N.S,  BARKERVILLE���������Adjoining.tho Express Oiflcd.  ���������Jt   J*. -BLACKMAN,  BARKERVILLE.  WILLIAM  WINNARD, *-, .  BLACKSMITH,  BARKERVILLE.  BARNARD'S   EXPRESS.-  Reduction in the Prices of-Sxpress freight.  ON AND AFTER THIS; BATE, tlae me for Express  'Parcels lrom if ale to Barkerville, will be  "���������' Parcels from 5 to .#0' fts1. " 75 cts. ^"'ft'.; ���������    *������  ;,;: db:.   ;do   50t6:100ft^ - v-> <521^cte.'# li���������'  ; do      do ; 100 Ifes. and: over .: 50 cts...$. ft-. ���������....���������-.  ���������   ���������'. JOHN B. LOVELL,       .*'"**  ��������� -������������������ -��������� '���������"���������-  "���������:-'       Agent, Barkorvi Ho.  ������  June 20th,-1860,. ............. .      . -14      -.  m  AUCTIONEER, MINING & COMMISSION*  AGENT, AND ACCOUNTANT,   yy>  .���������'��������� P.   BAjR,K.������:R:1riljLE;'' : *;: "if- ' tmzs.  i ^  -*y"i-  >-'"N\  ������������ '- -A'  ��������� Agents tor t&e.-^Cariboo Sentmel;1'  ��������� Grouse Creelr^   *^*: "-���������:.. /.. * -.<.;'. ���������-'--      ��������� " A. McWh'a  Vaa Wlnkle,:   .ix.     P.-,-.y   .-.,    N. Lv McCaffery  Qursaulmoutb, % . Mr. Goudle, Barnard's Express Office  Tale,"';   .;>���������'- Mr.; Evans.     : do ^>��������� ���������-'���������>���������'   ���������; do'  Xillooet,      -     F. W. Foster,,    do ....       :   do  " New Westminster,';. '���������'��������� -: ���������' ��������� ��������� - ���������.:'.   ���������  ���������    Clarkson :k Co  ;,r^m.yyylyXi .. -ppp-p {^^^fe  .' rv;���������-;~-::      ;,;   TO-ABVERTISERS; ypr[  The "Cariboo: Sentinel"/is published every Monday  *fc**������??wa>  whom are;now using their utmost exertions to  extricate themselves from the pecuniary difficulties into which they were plunged by a too  eager desire to ^attain the objects they sought  after."-...'/' ...  > We are treated to a rambling disquisition  on the manner in which our American neighbors are so successful in opening up their  QuarUJlines, and are,told that their success  and Thursday.^ Advertisements in tended for insertion  y   ., V '    t;' '-., ���������--'  :'-"v'..  .������    ���������      ,' \  ,  must bo delivered at latest aire o'clock, p. m., the day is attributable to a spirit or vmanlyjndepea-  ' -k*������i'**rf rmllltafltfon: ,    V:*V  ��������� .'   . AannaW ������nrl  o  t>a1i������r!nV������a ':-Ttn;'tKaS*i niirW itn^Stri/lltal  before publication,  #&������ All Advertisements (not iaserted for any definite  period) wii! bexonUauod until ordered out and charged  Jor accordingly. ...    .'._',->. jy'y   ���������'".'������������������   ������������������  ;;; fy ���������������������������'���������-���������    ,:; vn.q.ti.qe'. ; yp yy yt  Miners und ethers wishing to send "The Cariboo Sen  ..twel'Vto their, friends in Canada, England,.the United  'States, t. or elsewhere, can have it mailed by leaving  Addresses at tho publication: office. ' Price, including  -postage, 50 cents pur copy.pX'P      "-.';���������  ', :p TO CORRESPONDENTS. .  . AU communications"' must.. bo accompanied by the  real name.and address of tho writer, .not necessarily  Willi a view of publishing the same, but as security for  hi* good faith. PPX pi l,  TFE CARIBO0F SENTINEL  t ���������_        ��������� ���������   ��������� ��������� l ���������':���������<-. . ������������������  y   THURSDAY; AUGUST 2, imiPP  [i  We are constrained to reply to the remarks  made by-our.;.yti!e7.^contemporary..in.: a ..late  article under the heading "Appeals for Government Aid���������-TheirAbsurdity," which takes ��������� us  to task for advocating Government assistance  towards the erection;bf ajtf est' Qiiarti Mill':in  Cariboo. 'Our erudite friend says such a demand "is of afilature-which the; Gbyerument  '���������representing the taxpayers of;=tho country  ���������'���������could riot listen t<3'for."'a moment or think oi'  '��������� acquiescing in oh any. aocount."    Now we  do maintain that it isa subject which the. Government must' listen-to, .when called on by the  dehce" and a reliance .on their own individual  exertions. *'* We";'would like' bur worthy con  temporary'toJnfqrm us how. far ''manly independence^ would scarry a miner through any  ehteirp rise .without - material assistance. As  far,' as;.theXspirlt^of .^independence goes, we  think that the miners of Cariboo enjoy their  own^shareof it.;: Our friend forgets that California, Oregon^ etc., are States containing large  and wealthy populations, where labor and  living are cheap, and a thousand other advantages and fadlities'arevenjoyed that we do not  possess, all of which;are highly conducive to  the growth and fruition of that manly spirit  he taunts.us ^rith not possessing.  We are'also told to seek in the right quarter for sufficient capital to work our Quartz  Mines, and that "this is easily procured." Now  if capital is so easily procured, how comes it  thatour rich Quartz ledges, have lam so long  undisturbed by men of capital?   It certainly  does not arise from thatexclusiveness or dog  in the manger policy which our contemporary  [.assorts- as. fiaviag��������� been . manlfested-by- those  who have made-discoveries of Quartz supposed to be rich;; we can assure him that at this  moment there are not more than three companies in the whole of Cariboo district who  have  any. pretensions', for holding   Quartz  claims..   It is true a good many leads were  pre-empted in years past, but they have been  abandoned long sincej'and there is now ample  opportunities afforded for the occupation of  these leads "by persons who will energetical-  {{}y open up and1 develbpe them." If our contemporary will take the trouble to enquire, he  will find .that the chief cause of the* apathy  manifested by capitalists in refraining from  in vesting, in our Quartz mines arises from a  TO THE MINEKS OF CARIBOO.  THE SUBSCRIBER begs to return thanks to bis kind  friends for the honor they havo done hlrh in nominating him as a candidate lor the Mining Board, but  respectfully declines to accept any such nomination.  HENRV GR1BBLE.  Williams Creek, 2nd August, 1866V 26-lin  v-  RAFFLEv    ;  THERE WILL BE A GRAND RAFFLE OF TWO  HORSES, with HARNESS and WAGON in complete  order, to come off at Rosa <fe Burdick's Saloon, in Bar*  kerville, on Saturday.Evening, August 18th, at 9 p.m.  Tickets, $5each. r       ���������   264in   '  WILL SOON-BE-IN. RECEIPT 0P.;AUBQg  WELL ASSORTED' STOCK OF  A.N&  LIST  of all Letters remaining in  Williams Cr^ek Post Office on tho  .-������������������'��������� 1st August, I860. *  the  largest contributors to; th'e^wealth, as well*.as  the heaviest ,tex-pa^s^f the whole Colony, jwapt of "confidence^ in -.their, richuess and ex*:  :'to:make an appro|^ mhtnh nan rt",w +">���������'���������w.o/i������^;^k. ������  y?tonds for aiding a^^ssistiiig(in,'.tho^deveiopr  jnent of the resources of" this vast country,  ; which is rendered all tboytfipre"^h'ecessary; at  this critical moment,; ^ben-^piiLcapital ia at  6uch a low ebb as'..������0* be entirely] inadequate  ./or accomplishing any xmclertakihg having for  ���������its object the profitable working of our quartz  reefsV ^Howeyer -willing this ^mining commu-  ; ni ty may be to frely on theirs ow n indi vidu al  exertfons,.there;.'is no use ii|r disgiiisiog the  ��������� fact that they do hot possess.the means of embarking in any enterprise reiquiring'a'heavy  outlay to put it in execution.    All we ask  ���������from Government is simply, the construction  -of such an apparatus as will; enable men of  :limited means to,prospect our. ledges with, a  certainty as to their ultimate profitable results,  and thereby induce capital to be invested in  their development; let such an auxiliary be  once established and; we are not afraid of  the   rest.     We   certainly   think  that   the  trifling   outlay    that    Government    would  rbe -required to expend in this matter would  ���������;be ������pf far greater importance,Und do more  ���������lasting good to the Colony^ than the lavish  ���������expenditure of thousands of dollars in subsidizing steamers to. "New. Westminster for the  .gratification, of a certain clique in- that favored  city, or the extravagant sums -expended in  opening up the Kootenay and Big Bend mines*  from which the Government has received as  yet comparatively nothing.    There is not a  word said about the "inevitable financial ruin  to the Coiony^ arising from; such a; Waste of  the public funds, but just let the inhabitants  of, the richest and Most ^extensive: mining re  gion in the Colony only urge; tSeir cl^rn for  the paltry sum of a;few thousand dollars, to  aid them in opening up a source of wealth by  which th9 whole country Will^ be benefited,  ���������and we are told by our Yale contemporary  "that Government would be^inaugurating a  " Bystem that would inevitably ��������� lead /to the  "financial ruin of the country.^  If this be a  fair sample pf: his notions of apolitical economy JJ, all we have to say is, heaven save us  from/all such political pedagogues."   We opine  that the remark bur pontemppra.ry, makes with  respect to the want; of^etie%y displayed by  the miners of Cariboo, comes; with bad grace  when he considers the amount 6f< capital and  labor fruitlessly- spent by .hufldreds' in "their  endeavor to open" up" the couufey, many of j  tent, which can only be mader pateni; by a  thorough test of the rock at various d^jths oh  the lead by means of such an apparatus as  that .we have been urging on the. Government  to establish, by which tons of rock xah. be  Iried phi the'spo^* without ^h'ustirig'.'td Ihe un-*  certainties of small assays, which at be3t are  but very poor guides in arriving at any satisfactory knowledge of the value of preSr. "But  if our contemporary has such implicit faith in  hisability of procuring capital- so 'easily, as.  he states, let him iend it along byall ineansn  and we will at once cease troubling the Government for any "eleemosynary assistance,"  and consider him ever afterwards a benefactor  to the Colony.   We therefore believe it to be  encumbent on the Government at this moment,  when local capital is so scant.and the various  other gold fields are being deserted, of their  population, and while our old placer diggings  are becoming exhausted of their treasures, to  encourage the development.of a new and permanent-branch of mining industry which,  when once fairly started and its inexhaustible  resources fully demonstrated, will have the  tendency of attractiug capital to the country  which might otherwise take a series of years  to achieve.   i\Ve trust the Government will  give tbe subject that consideration which its  importance  demands,  the remonstrances of  our contemporary to the contrary notwithstanding.  Alien, Edward  Allan, William*  Baldwin, j. T.   *  Berford, H. By  Braley, A. C.  Byrne, Jame-j .     .  Claridgc, Richard James  Clingan, Thomaa  Crogao, Thomas (2)  Collins, John ,W.  Dixon, J. W.  Davis; William  Doak, Hugh      . (2)  Eaton, George,  Erskine, W. H. ���������'  Franklin^ Julius    p - (2)  Giiflllan, James      -;  Huskinson, Wm. H.    (2)  Harkins, James.  Hewlings,'"     ';    . '���������  Innes. James  Job, William  Job, Jonathan  Jock, - James-  Kaiser, P. E.      * :  Kersey, Samuel T.       (7)  Lacked J. P,   '-'���������  Lindley, D. B. -  Lewis, John W. . (2)  Lemeuro, Louis  Lowcry, David    .     '  Melnnes, Malcolm  Morrison, William G.  -  Murphy, John J.  McK^-nzie, John   .  Mcltire. G. W.  McCarthy, Dennis 3, :  McLean, Archibald  McNaughton, Archibald. '-  McDonald, Donald  O'Hazen, Fredrick  Orchard, Nath;  Passmore, S.  Palmer, Gideon  Peebles,'John        .  Preston, George  Kob inson, James A.   (2)  Robertson, John  :. .  Ricaud, Mons. Bertraod  Reordan, James  Reeve?, E.  Suter, J. K. (2)  Smith, Alfred W.  Simpson, Wm. K. (Reg )  Smith, Alexauder       (2)  Siege, Richard  Thompson, H. G.  Telbert, James  Trueman, G.  Troupe, L. M.  William, Charlea  Wood, Silas  Askew, Thomas   >  Anstead, William  Bose, J.  Brlsbin, Wesley  Batta, Glo  Oharra. John-  Clarke, Alexander. ,  Caloy, Andrew  '��������� Cburchal], John' '  "  Duhig.Joha'  Dew, WiUlam T. y  Elliot,'John  Emcr8pn,.A.-;.  'Francigico'/rSignor "x  .Gllmour, Joseph '; \i  Hasser,;F. William  . Howclls,. Isaac  .  Halllday, RJ.      [\.  Jones, William A..-  Jones, Andrew  Jones, Henry  ���������Kimbali;E,H.:  Lawreuce, J.- W.-'���������������������������  Lewis, Andrew    ,   ���������.  Lrmaud, Miss Celine,'  Luton, Charles ...   ;.  McInnep,'Nell '"' .' j'"  McGregor, Georga- ���������������������"'  McKinon,    i     y  "  Maury, Monsiur-:'r  McKenerhy. Thomas  MiirosF, William T,J   '  Marquis, James        ���������->  If orris, Joseph ���������     -: :  <2)  .;   BOOTS & SHOES, &c^  He is^esiroufl of-supplying toTT.  ;;:;;.; /ban do bo at -.XO^S^S?1 "*  yWilHamsCree^; Julyi8tb-i$80 r ^i^PP  ���������������������������������������������  "���������������������������������������������������.���������-   - ��������� ��������� . .:-.. ,.',..���������: . ;���������; - :22-if  WH0LE9AIJE AND; RETAIL DEALER N*mV  '������������������KINDS OP .>:���������  ���������    ������ . ***  (2)  GLO^HIN  (2)  ^4)   Orimand, Celine Mrs.  Pierce. Gcorgo - * y  Pench beck, William ���������  Price, T. G. .���������      ;i y:  Rees, Jjakin3     - . .'  Redgrave, Stephen -  Ryan, J. W..  Rich ley, George  Riddley, William -.  ''  Seymour, Charles  Smith, Joseph ���������  Stewart, Archibald B.  Stevens, John C.  Tbourenin, Mon3. B.  Tindell, John L.  Tmline, Georgo  Wells, Morris  Beg to call the attention bf Miners and othm  -    to their full assortment of SUPERIOR GOODg  : :.y ff r y ��������� ������������������ i". which will lie sold X\:,,... ���������-..-: P%.  ��������� AiTp^pilpfi '��������� P;.R;i;GE:^!'  to make room for a NEW, STOCK to ariflveioiocnii  ���������..;���������,;..: the Road* are open, y  ' y   -  .; r^* Liberal ��������� aliowance: will be?made'to  Restaurant and Hotel Keepers and the Trade genoraHy  on largo orders...   "���������;,       ;"'.     y - j  ���������*���������,���������'"���������      * " '   ... .j.    ��������� ' -'    ''������������������'��������� -������*��������� - .- ���������'������������������ '���������* '���������       .-1. ���������  Bat^iiig ��������� ������������������ Est^Mlin^  pPpPP'p' .:B"A"RK'ERVILLE, p.'-  PiX:]^^San^of Britisi'Nortb^merica.)    ������������������  IY- XiEWISvbegs leave to. inform; the Ladiea and  /��������� ..Gen^Uemeaof Williams Creekand vicinity Out  be has fitted up a BATHRC0M at considerable expend  lor their accommodation," and hopes by close atfeitto  tdl>U6inoss? t*3 cderita share of their patronage; X- ���������  X W3E;Ho' wJU-uJao -nttend* to. Extractiog,' Ming uiJ  Cleaning of Teeth.'. .'..- '/...;   ;:.vir  BARKERVILLiE.  NEW ADVERTLSEMENTS.  Yerxa, Chislcy  persons calling for any of tbo above Letters will  please say "Advertised.y*  - JOHN BOWRON,  26-lin Postmaster.  rpHE" PROPRIETORS TAKE PLEASURE m aanoucc  X ing to their'lriends and the public generally thai  they have refitted this, spacious Saloon, aad will opea  the same phi. TUESDAY EVENING NEXT, when ihey  WtU'tiehiippy to entertain all who may give'them a call  ���������"���������?> ������������������-':-���������������������������      ��������� ROSS &'BUBDICK, ;  .i'.;.-':-  .-' .���������.-...���������.... Proprietors..  . Barkeryillo, July 2nd, I860.        ,'.,:'..     17  RICHFIELD & BARKERVILLE  Dissolution of Partnership  I^HE BUSINESS HERETOFORE CARRIED ON UN*  . der the uame and title of Pragkr & Brother, Merchants and Traders, on Williams and Grouse Creeks,  Cariboo, has this day been dissolved by mutual consent.  Tbo business will iu future be carried on in the name  of "ftfcxitss Pragek, who will settle all debts'duo'by the  lato Arm and, to whom all accounts duo to the said firm  aro to bo paid.  MORRIS PRAGER,  HYJIAN PRAGEK.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, >  23rd July, 1866. J 25-lm  :-16-403  MESSRS. HARRIS & CO. beg .to inform the  lTl' Minors, Hotol Keepers aud the inhabitants in gen-  oral of Williams Creek, that they;have opened FlffJ  Class Butcher. Shops in -tho towns of RICHFIELD and  BA'ltKERVllXE*,' and trust to merit a liberals Jure of  tho-.public patronage, and that, their old friends will  kinaly give them a call *.  ;. Rich field;, July .6th, 1860.  P       C AIX TIP      ..  PARTIES ARE HEREBY CAUTIONED AGAINST  . negotiating a certain Promissory Note, drawn.ny  us.ln favor of VICTOR DURAND, and dated garter.  ville, Cariboo, June 17th, 1365, aa the undersigned wt������  certain claims against said. Victor Durand-whicfltMM  bo doduoted from tho amount of tho said Promisor?  Note. ' ��������� p'y  ... .     , .     OPPENHEIMER &W.  Williams. Creek, July 14th, 1866.  20  TN CONSEQUENCE OF AN ERROR HAVING OC-  X curred in the Election of yesterday, and a sufficient  number of voters not having polled to constitute a full  Board of 12 members: It Is hereby notified that a new  Election will take place on ffUDAY, the 3rd Aueust  between tho hours of 10 a. m. and 4 p. ai    Candidates  for tho Board are requested to send in their namf-s to  the Gold Commissioner by 6 o'clock p, m., of the 2nd  Each voter, who must, have been a Free Miner during  tha preceeriing three months, will be required to prot  duce his certificate before his vote can be entered  and  he will be; entitled to 12 votes. ,     I  WM GEO. C0i,G. C.  25-in  Richfield, Aug. 1st, 1866.  BARKERVILLE, B. C. ./     y'  Office Hour?,     10.a.m.', ....to   3 p. ra., ��������� -Ti  Mondays,   ���������     -   7 to 111 a. m., & 12 to 3 p. m.  Saturdays,   -    10 a. m.,   to   4 p. m.  AST No business transacted on Sun days. ,. ���������-,*������������������  ROBERT BURRELL-   ���������-  Manager.   .  21st July, 1868. 23  LUMBER!;  LITMBEE!  Barnard's Cariboo Express  ���������   y  ���������AND��������� '������������������ .  STAG ELI  E.  HPHE TARIFF OF CHARGES BY THIS EXPRESS  X -has been' revised, and REDUCTION ia prices  made to suit the times.    The charge on Letters to and  from Victoria and intermediate places is now 50'cents,  Stage Fare to Quesnelmouth,       -      .       $20  "    [y[ through to Yale,  P      ...    .   $65[  ������������������:[.' ������������������ ��������� ���������;.'..'... john b: LOVELL,  A.���������.<-i.  ,<-,* A������*nt BfirndM'fi Express.' '  August 1st, 16tf������. X 26  GROUSE   CREEK  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inrorm the public that  tho above establishment was opeued on SUNDAY  LAST, the 22ud July, and that he will bo happy to re-  ceive a call from his friends."  J8������- BOARD $16,PER WEEK, -������ft     '  Bread, Pies qjx<X Cakes alwavs on hand forsaio.  23 A. KELLY, Proprietor. ?  LL KINDS OF LUMBER SAWED mOg������1^  kept constantly on hand, which vvillbesolMtuw  t*,Ju*. Market Rates and delivered,JW5E W,  CHARGE aj. any point on the waggon road.  ��������� Orders left with Buie Bros., Barkerville; H*^  holnij Richfield; or at the Mill, below CamerontoB,-*w  be promptly attended to.. r^^iM^X  July 16th, 1866.    ' "  21  S  HEAYY CANVAS HOSE AND HYDRAULIC PIPE,  For terms apply at tbe office of thte'pa.$er. ;  July 23rd, 1866.   " 23  Dissolution of Fa  rfiHE CO-PARTNERSHIP heretofore^^ existing brt������g-  1 the undersigned, under the sty o andliweoi  & Duma, Brewers, & this day dissolved by outuw  senti   Afl?dobts duo by the late firm wi^be setu    /.  James H. Kerr,, and all outstanding account  the said firm are to be paid to k,m.:AMEg h. KERB,   ,  ..".' '.'.:.".    -,,' '��������� .'���������.    D^D.'-BOHW.''-.1;-'  ��������� Quesnelmouth, B. C, 11th July, 1868-:  THE SUBSCRIBER to-returntag^thanks^w rf Karf  hat 1  turo carry onthc Brewery business in Jjj*j^t a cod-  trusts w ������. flhrinL Attention to business ^-^^ grfl)<.  tiuua  2'6'6\v  I extended to the lato  1 liboYalpatronago extended to������uw.*m*-jj^jjla f*  & Duhig,begs.to inform jhe Jg������������**ftwi^ fl������4'  stsbyas&rictattention to businoss w-^^  ianoe of the patronagobestowed on. hw ������   ^  tt-Jtw J ASS*'"3  "' Tuesday last having been the day appointed  for the election^of candidates ��������� to; serve on the  Mining Board the pollsv wer^; opened-atTthe  different polling places-at7 10 o'clock, a; mi;  ^q polling officer at Richfield being;Mr; Sui-  uvan r at Barkerville, Mr-. F. Y; Lee;*and  Cameronton; Mr. Fitzgerald. During the early  part of the'daybiit little interest was evinced  on the subject, an^^BC*^ cast  before 12 o'clock, as;Ithe day advanced howler the interest increased;: and as the polls  werebeing closed a^good manyj wer^ ;%able  to register their y o'tes;y There were; 18 candidates in toe fiel^r  elected. - Some,:misunderstanding  however  existed astothe' number:^f votes uiat a voter  was entitled, to jipisty 18 >ein������ aliped at Rich-  field (or bnecvote far each.candidate nominated) whereas at the other polling: plac&; nnly  12 was the number allowed (or one *bte for  ^ach!candidate,toho elected); leaving ;it optional with the voter iii ���������;; either^base v to 4htri-  bute his votes to the 12 or IS candidates or to  plump the whole 12;or 18 votes for one candidate. In consequence of this irregularity and  the paucity of the voters- being insufficient to  return a full board,' the Gold Commissioner  ���������has issued his writ for, a new election^ to be  k'Id"afthe former places* between the "hours'  of10 a. m, and 4vp;:m; As the nature of. the  law respecting the number of votes necessary  to: be.cast..tb.ele(rt;a';fair'board of 12 members  ���������is not generally understood by miners, we  give it below, as also the. section applicable  to the distribution of ^otes.  Sec.i27 saysy. The Mining Board shall 'be  elected by the votes bf the miners of the district, and shall consist.of not less than six or  more than twelve of the' miners of such district. -If there, shall be not more than 150  voters, then the Mining Board shall consist pf  six members, and for every complete number  ���������of 50 votes beyond the first 1.01, the' Mining  Board shall comprise .one, additional member  -but not so as to-consist .o'f more than twelve  ; members: ^Provided .that no free miner shall  iha eligible for election as a member of such  Bo ard. except he shall have been a registered  ,owner,bf'armioihg.interest for three;months  <prior to,siich eiection,?' . iy'. . .' -.  ; See.'!28 says:������ The membera 3hall be elect-  ^.bythe votes of-the freer/miners'of tbe^idjLs-j  trict who shall have beenfree^ miners during  three months at the least'previous to the elec-'  tiori. Bach voter shall'have as many votes  and no more as there are -members of the  Board to be elected or vacancies to be filled  up, which he may .distribute among the candidates as:he may think fit" yP  The number ;6f miners who went forward and cast their-votes at this election only  ���������amounted to .136, of which Richfield gave 48,  Barkerville 68, and Cameronton 30. These  votes were distributed- among the candidates  at a rough computation, no official report having been made up, as under:  Pppi., ������Qn(^wtcf:x  (Beforo W. Q. Cox, Esq., J. P.)    ";  ,^:    .. Friday, 25th July, 1866  Vicionne Hesse complainant vs G. W. Robinson defendant���������The Court found that complainant neither had possession nor the right  to immediate possession of the stove sold to  h?Z $7 Blackman, defendant's agent, as the  article in question had been disposed of and  removed by/defendant previous to complainant^ occupation of the house. Defendant was  thereforeJustified as owner in removing the  stove from the premises.  Py[rPPp.yyy Monday, 30tb July.  , John*Leverton, alias Liverpool Jack, was  proughtup bn.a charge of breach of the peace  comniitted at; Barkerville'on Sunday last, and  was sentenced to one week's imprisonment  with hard labor and ordered to enter into his  own recognizance for $500 to keep the peace  for six months.  g2KJT������*2r9  ITE^IS FROM 'COLONIST & CHRONICLED  pi GOLD COMMISSIONER'S COURT.  PI X 'ill. ^    (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.).  , Tuesday, 31st July, 1866.  :Muchp Orb ..Co., per J. Jenkins, foreman, vr  Durham Co., C Towns, Nicholas Lite and W.  Lumley���������Action brought to compel defendants to show cause why they should not be  ejected as trespassers from a piece of mining  ground on Stouts Gulch, situated between the  El Dorado Co. and Macho Oro Co. and claimed by plaintiffs. Judgment given for plain-  tin%. ���������&tfn&d6rabie amusement -was created  by a witness in this case refusing to be sworn;  on being asked by the Court if his non-compliance proceeded from religious scruples, he  answered iu the negative, asserting that his  word was as good as his oath; but .on being  threatened with" committal for contempt of  Court he reluctantly took the oath. "  .    COUNTY COURT.  -Richfield.   1  Sarkerville,  Cam'ton,  Total  C. Booth,  149  40  31  220  J.S.Thompson  , 76  110  21  207  IL Gil more,  57  140  197  H.���������oulter,  133  SO  28  191  A. Hardie,  56  10  76  182  P. McLaren,  121.  60  6  177  J. H. Wright,  36  80  32  148  Dr. Foster,  69;-.  30  26  125  K. Brown,  7  10  82  9������  Capt. Bell,  20  70  3  93  K. Monroe,  16  60  22  87  Capt Ferry,  43  $  52  S. A. Smith,  33  33  .'���������"������������������; (Before W. G. Cox, Esq.) .  Monday, 30th July, 1866.  F. V. Lee, for estate of Rosewell, vs Samuel  Sincock.���������Action on promissory note for $109.  Judgment for plaintiff.  Charles McMillan vs James Bovyer and Jas.  Stewart.���������Action for damages $144 55. Judgment for plaintiff for- $84, with costs.  J. W. Lindhart vs R. R. Clark.���������Action for  $116.   Judgment for,plaintiff for $20.  J. B. Lovell vs John Aiway.���������This action  was brought to recover SI 12 50. :It appeared  fromthe evidence of plaintiff that-about S  weeks ago he .purchased a" quantity of coat  oil from defendant, which was warranted to  be of good quality, but upon trial it was found  that 30 cans were unfit for use, this suit was  therefore instituted to compel defendant to refund the value of said 30 cans. Judgment for'  plaintiff, coal oil to be returned, and $112 50  refunded to plai utiff. -_���������'���������'-  A cricket match came off on Beacon Hill  on the 14th ult, between the Victoria Club  and eleven of H. M. S. Sutlej and Scout, resulting in favor of the former.���������Tlie Lumber  trade is giving evident signs of improvement.  ,���������The new machinery for the coal mine at  Neah Bayhad-booiHanded' and a large quantity of coal would be ready for shipment soon.  ���������A young man who arrived at Victoria by  the steamer Sierra Nevada, from New Westminster, had been arrested on a criminal charge  preferred through  instructions: received  by  telegraph.���������The Volunteer Rifle Corps were  to proceed to Beacon Hill on the 19th ultimo,  where they were to camp out for a week.���������  The ship Mohawk, from England, arrived after  a passage of 188; the bark Evelyn Wood had  also arrived, in 138 days from London; the  formership brought 300 tons of telegraph wire.  A verdict had been returned in. the Fideliter  Alexandra collision case in favor of the owners of the Fideliter; awarding, them $6,100  including $3,007 realized from the sale of the  Alexandra, thus leaving $2,193 to be pai������.���������  A man ere vicing on Leech river one day panned out between breakfast and noon $2 50.���������  Admiral Fawnshawe, in;Cominand of the Zealous, ironclad, is to relieve Admiral Denman  on the Pacific station.���������Chief Justice Needbam  had set aside the "verdict of the jury in the  case" of Frankel vs'Lindsay,..(official assignee  of the estate.of M. Malowanski) and ordered  judgment for plaintiff tixbe entered.���������:FerocU  6us~dog3 are ~ becohiing "quite a nuisance in  Victoria, people are being bitten by  every day.  Fatal Accident.���������We regret to have to : . -  nounce a terrible racoident that happened *,;  Boston Bar last week, deprivjnga.fin^-.ypii:*.������  man, named Frederick Endevlin/yfclif^j.r....  appears that deceased and liis brother Ale;. *;  ander had been mining at Boston Bar, on r������-������*  Fraser river, for some years past, and,that < i  Monday last a";cave took place .iu.tlie. bin.x  which carried Frederick into the river,;biii;. -  ing him several feet below, the surface.  Xl'lU  remains were not got out until iThnrsdav,  when an inquest .was held byMr. Sanders, *���������.  P., and a verdict- returned of accidental deat!���������.  The interment took place on Friday at which  a largei-number..of persons atteuded,out.of respect, to' deceased and bis surviving brothe..  The Jast offices of tbe Church were perform* d  at the funeral bythe Rev.; J. B. Good, of thp *  town.   Deceased was a native of Switzerland, '���������  and we understand if was his intention,- ha'  his life been spared, to return, home fchisyfu:l  in company with.hls,brother;���������B.C. 'Tribune.'  MovE>raNTs'oF.OLTt Governor.���������The'British  Columbian* says, ye have been permitted tu  make the following extract from a privau?  letter dated London, May 18th, 1867," arid .received by last inai!:���������" Your Governor iiiiYd  his wife were at the Court and Levee last  week, and at the Countess W-���������^,s party ou  Saturday.   We "hear nothing of his return to  them  .Grouse Creek Trail;���������It. is nearly four  weeks 9ince the Gold Commissioner telegraphed to the Executive for-authority to order the  construction of a trail from Williams to Grouse  creek and still no answer has been returned.  This procrastination on the part of the Government with regard to a work of public necessity, requiring only a trifling outlay, but of  the utmost importance to the residents of a  very promising creek, is, to say the least of  it, anything but commendable.'.  Auction Sale.���������Mr. F. V. Lee sold by auction yesterday," in ��������� Barkerville, a small stock  of Groceries'; Liquors, &c, that have been ly-  - The other five candidates got a few scattering votes.   '  As will be seen from the section of the act  we have quoted above, 101 votes will give  6^ members, and every 60 additional votes  gives one additional member; in order then  to elect a full Board it is requisite that not  less than 400 votes shall be polled.  \Ye hope the miners throughout the length  of this qreek aad others within a convenient  distance, will muster themselves in such force  to-inorrow, as will ensure the return of the  proper number of representatives to preside  at the Mining board. If there.be any virtue  ia the Board, and that there is we have the  full assurance of the Administrator of the  Government, it becomes the duty of every  ininer who has a stake in the country to lend  his aid in returning 12 honest, upright and experienced men. in whose integrity the fullest  confidence can be placed, who, as we are told  by Mr. Birch, will be received by him as the  direct representatives of the miners, and with  whom he will advise and act in all matters relating to the interests of this important mining  district. ��������� -    ���������  ^*A man is like an egg; kept in hot water  ? httle while, he may boil soft���������too long, and  ne gets hardened.  mm  ffiK  LiBKRALGKNEitosiTY.���������The fortunate owner  of. ticket number 38,jwhich drew the Horse.  Buggy and Harness, at the raffle on Sunday  last, was Mr. Pooley, Registrar of the Supreme  Court, who, in the most liberal and generous  manner bestowed the prize, on the former  owner thereof. It is needless to say the recipient feels very grateful to the donor for the  present.  Barnsu Coluiibia Mails.���������We understand  that the Hudson Bay Co. have made an offer  to our Government to carry the mails between  Victoria and New Westminster gratuitously.  They propose to leave Victoria on the arrival  of the mail steamer from San Francisco and  thus give us 24 hours the start of the subsidized steamer for which -we have vbeen paying  $5000 a month. Such a liberal offer ought to  be appreciated by the Government.  /BSF* We observe that a portion of the waggon road in the canon is being widened, so as  to admit of waggons passing each other, at a  point where a good view can be had either up  or down the road and thus preventing the  possibility of any accidents happening.  Debt and Population of Europe.���������Accord-  ������ $24^ case;  Pickles, 50.cents ^ gallon;  Heavy Boots, $4 ^ pair; Sluice Forks, $3.25.  -\y  s Kootenay���������By a merchant who arrived here  a few;days since from Kootenay we have advices from the mines to the 25th ultimo. There  were about 300 white men and 250 Chinamen  working on Wild Horse Creek; Several claims  were paying well, and a good deal of money  had been taken out this season. There were  two companys sinking shafts below the canon  and confidence was felt that a rich lead would  be struck. The surface mines on the creek  will.be worked out this*year, but it is expected that new diggings will be discovered in  the same.locality.as there are a great number  of men out prospecting and good indications  have been met with. Provisions were selling  about the same rates as in Cariboo. Mr.  O'Rielly had not arrived from Big Bend at  last accounts, but was expecded every day.  The new trail built by Mr. Dewdney was impassable, and our informant, who is an extensive merchant in Kootenay, was obliged to  come round by Colville, about 200 miles out  of his way to get across to Hope.���������B. CPTribune.'  you; but as all of the name of Seymour aiv  great favorites'with the highest in the laud./1  dare say'he wil������ have the power to returnand  the preference, should British Columbia and  Vancouver lstod;be;ffii*de: in to~oiic~Go ver?/--  ment.,?   ���������  v  ;VV'V    '        ' ->-���������;��������� :;-;-v"' -��������� ;  The following appears in the list of presentations at a ievee recently held ,by the Queen:  ���������"Capt. FiBeauehamp:Seymour, C. B.vR* N..  on- being appointed Aide-de-Camp to ��������� Her  Majesty, by his Grace the Duke of Somerset,  K.g. pp-y'   ��������� iPXxp.p  Commander "Edward' Seymour, R. ;N.", on"  p romo tion, by Cojohel Ho ward; Vy se.; > y;  Mr. Fredericfe; Seymour; Governor of British-  Columbia, on his marriage, by* Major:Geneiial  SeymoiiriGiB'T'-''^'P   ���������'" /'  "i: .:'.'"���������'���������''-������������������  Cay tain Martin Sharp, Military Train, i by  Coloiiel Clark Kennedy."  , .jj&Sy Wei would call the attention; sof those  having goods or .other commodities to. mov^  between the different towns on the creek to  Mr*.'H. C. WilmpttVwho has a Horse.and Dray  ready at the shortest no ti ce to. execute; a ny  brdei^ he may^beyfavored-, with;- at very; reasonable rates.;i.ci/' ' . - ���������>���������)-������������������   ..' '   . ly  ' *   ;���������*'..  ���������, ������������������'���������/-������������������wake :''UPi-'.aAKE.i::-;::;y::.:  LUNCH   HOUSE,:  V���������'.'.;    ���������Barkerville, B;,C.f   :   - ��������� :y''.'���������'-.  KELLY & PATERSON, Pkoprietoiw. ; ��������� *  Everything js dODc'ln'-'counccUbn with this establish  raent t<������ givo satisfaction ^to tho customers.   . y        .'  ������B~ Meals at all,hours. 1;  Portugal,  Ac-  000^00,000 : Itlav. $760,000,000  $165,000,000; and Turkey, $255,000,000.  cording to the latest census reports, Prussia  has 18,500,000 of people; Holland, 3,500,000;  Russia, 59,500,000; Austria, 35,000,000; France  37,333,000; Italy, 21,750,000; Portugal* 3,666,-  000; and Turkey, 2;500,000. That is to say,  the Prussians owe nearly $12 per head of the  entire population; the Hollanders, $121; the  Russians, over $23; the Austrians, over $45;  the French, over $53; the Italians, about $34:  the Portuguese, nearly $40; and the Turks,  $1-15. The United States owes $100 per head  and Great Britain $124.  Billt Ballou.���������We observe by.the :San  Francisco papers that the old Fraser River  pioneer expressman, Billy Ballou, has taken  unto himself a wife,  in the Bay City,  and is  Steam to China.���������We yesterday saw a post  er in Chinese, which, on being translated to  us, we ascertained to be a, notice from the  Pacific Steamship Company, stating that tbe  company in New York, had chartered six  ships from San Fruueisco to Hong "Kong and  occasionally to .Japan. The "steamers are to  make one trip a month, commencing on the  1st January, 1867, with the Colorado, which  will carry 3,500 tons and will make the run in  25 days. The Company offer to take passengers, express and freight, at a low figure, and  invite the patronage of the Chinese people,'  who will be treated the same as white men.  The Company further propose to connect  with Shanghae. Mr. E. O. Ridge is the Company's agent.���������'Colonist and Chronicle.'  - Steamer "Oregon" Sued for the Loss of  thk Bark "Kent."���������George Naunton and Richard Nettleship, owners of the British, bark  Kent, have commenced suit in the United  States District Court against the steamer Oregon to recover $70,000 damages for the collision. Their complaint alleges that libellants  were the owners of-the bark Kent and her  cargo; that said bark was run down in the  Pacific Ocean while on a voyage from Carmen Island to San Francisco, laden with a  cargo ot' salt, and that the vessel and cargo  sank and were lost within an hour after, the,  lision.   The libellants allege that the col-  **m9 -  WHOLESALE "& RETAIL DEALERS IN  LIQUORS, ���������GROCEEIES,  GENERAL  'MERCHANDIZE,:  BAEKERVI.-LL-S,���������--  U������3- A full assortment of Groceries and H. B. Co.'a  LrcjooRS olways'on band. . 16 :  ESTATE OF PIN & CO., RICE FIELD. :  n o tTc E.  rFUE FINAL DIVIDEND IN THE ABOVE ESTATE  Jl is now payable Jit the olfice of the Bank of Bhtisb  Ojluaibia, Williams Creek, and from this date tho business of the iate Hrrn will be carried on by Mr. Fua.vcoia  LALLrEti on his own acoount,������aml nil debt* Hue to rhn  late Urm of Piu & Co. are to bo paid to tbe said Fran-;  cola Lallior.  H. SHIRLEY- flLUNT,  Assignee.  .  4th July, 1866. 18-lm "  V  . ���������������    ���������        ��������� rn'i. ^   l!i.������11n������4.n  a11/i������/. t-X^nt.    4 Via     n./\l.  en.-  lifjion was-the result of carelessness on the  ^the 'steamphip and a  IMPORTAKT to MINEBS  The undersigned is prepared to .  CLEAN BLACK SAND, BLOWINGS ANI>  ���������PANNING' ���������:  On Commission, or will purchase any quantity on tha  *        Most Liberal Terms, at the  .,   ,.  Reading,Room, Cameronton,  Tbe Subscrihor is well known un Williams Creek, and  from the conftdonctf reposed in bim heretofore in tho  above business,.l������ohopes to receive the patronage of  the'JIiningcbmmnDity the ensuing season. ���������������������������--':  1 .-.���������������������������, '".,.���������'   JOHN BOWBON-.  i  determined to settle down to the'pursuit of  mitrimonv.   We hope that his new enterprise! part oI tbe. olnce^ o  W������outa^ and prosperous one.^| wantof;proper gkilt, attention and diligence.!  ������tf*If you want good Cotfee use Fcli^.      b. C. 'Tribuno/I :    i ���������'Bulletin.  RICHFIELD,  PATRICK  KIR WIN, Prop?*.  Best Billiard Tables on the Creek; the Liquors  , and Giga-rts are of; tho finest quality.          9 ' ���������  ���������^^   WiLLIAMlwiNNARI),          ,:BL1S1B'M:ITE,;  -B>A&KZ.RY1LL'Z  ..I- IX.  v.\\-  nm.  v . - StiiciDfi j&i-Dtf &������������ste  Pjthw dogrMpn^grt^XMr. George .Hone, '#  y^nenidebu^r, ne|irj i&chesfef,���������cqminjj%^.a dor.  .liberate a*q,fc o^iulmd^^, drowningsJn the  ; ; 3f edw&yvat tlpnor^Gha^ani. ; ��������� ^%i$������������* $a(l  been suspected of having given indications of  4ippr^a(3hingVihydr6pfe1^ and yr^Jp^ovAmg-  ,2v;sbunned andkept^asiniuch as-possibfefrpni  .:��������� yvxp housed t This;ir������a|taeaj^ppeare& to :cattse.  ���������oiiuc^Spn^anoe^ and Lftir aome^ days ;'heywas  ^observed; to .be, moo^y ;an& morose^ oiit still  without any appearance'of becomingvrabid.]  'bn,Thursday tnorfi%ftie; was se|5n^ 'to/^eave!  Jhia house; and {n*6ceedio an intitaate acquaint-'  ance;of his .master's!! atyIJpnor,, on, reaching  tbewide^ceT;^   , ci^:5qn< finding ihe could wVbbtain a-^ittancey  ; ^r&rJiwaitjng^ai; ^the^ hoiiije spiniyljitle, jtime,  fie: w^seenjto^go towards the^riyer /.close by,  3heoi he"'deliberate^  and'Overturn  farewell hojvl,jae?walkedJnto> jfe, streamy  where rKe kej>jb Jyshe^unfler w^  minute or two-rolled'over Ide    ' 'This extra,.  ordinary rflctoT; suicide ^Wa9 witnessed Thy  ';witnessed by!serera^-p^rSoni '. ��������� The-'manner  ���������of the death proved Cpf etfcy cl early ; that th e  ��������� animal was not������ mftermgyttom hydrophobia.  ���������]ftifbp'eaii'Timesi?!' p-pyi^y x-ixyxXp't >-  ,-  'f&4 Vf v>'?*yp;~t?r'���������r: '������������������ X'r$  ^iJL^n&m^M  HEBE km' HROPRIBI^'T/^. ^BARRY,  6 f gives a������ general invitation to .lii$?friends and' the  miulic aMaygetto Jcall^arid judgo -tyi^fcher$styyes the1  ^.. l  '*!**������ '������.'*���������.I_l.*_' 1~\1 Tl:������\*A t1.\ l\l .*..>-������ *'-,*.l*i^ ��������� ���������'i. 1-1*%.'/It** '^a*. iS^Ih. firm Vw*T;  GOLONlAll ;RESTAURANTV y  y.;;,fs;^7y^ ;';r  ���������{,   r3 yP., L.rJOHNS(?N, Proprietor,  ;feals^a������allftio/u^  y. -) i  \: \ yPdescription; ���������   - "pi 'Psi\^ ,  <������n^sts ofribur ^usiclah^ is^First Class?; ' yjp-Sni ���������  nilx>  ' every' evening,  barkbrviLlbJ ?  XX.  M  mMmmsmm  X.HXyvkmK&co.   '  x-fn������ ������������������>���������*svWJzoa.TiaM^Qpi y.  X*  amsmwQW^Hy  BROWN* GIL^  iQIROD & GUICHON,  *Oij)f ^Established ' 'Gk^RkiT'-SreiiJs,  <trtii  . &c^���������Terms most HoderatOi ^  ���������QUESNEIiMOUTH^.^y::-;v:  -x;.,..... a- t,:,-;i7- ���������,,,-, fr^:.,, yr;  lili LEVERS OF THE V^PISCH^iEAS;^ART are  birivitedta ball an'd'eojby;^themselves, .when a hearty  flcdmo; will be extended. ? * A * - -i s vU     px ���������<'     y  ^vi5!  ���������  TFmWOBST PUNKHMENT FOB/ A' pHrNiMAiH-^r  -   A Chinese;had bee������ s^^  13Sn} for a��������� murder ^5omminted i in *:the French  possessions in CochraLChina> 'He appfears'riot  , y��������� to; ha5ve^IiiicTi the��������� sligh test idea of th^r^vity of  jiS;positiqifi haying:lo6ke^jdn>hisv condemn^!  tion antftira^sp^Satibn^ as -a* meiins  *<~pt*j>rovj������g^3,deFp^tedne&31<> tna- rel}gionyje>f,  Con^ins;^^ painfull^ siir^ised^pn  hi'a 'ai-ri^al -+rt loavh^fhd^Kia^WioirntfinOrti- trail  nf  - 4������* TBo best ;6f; i\V"ines, -'iiiqubrs ?, andf Segars,  and Good Order bbservedy,,^-���������;������������������, ;;:,,r, ���������>������- xr xXx>--  ..'  ��������� -;:iyy.yy '���������'��������� yy- - ���������;  '���������"  SfARTIN&COOK. Prop'rs".. *  ROAB;S3I������.H6tJSES^M"M  mm  mHIS"HdUSE! is ^ft^&d'Senij los fromiQuesnel mqutls.  i'' Tlie proprietors' ';hay ing: lately yptf eft / up [ tititirpoms  and good Beds'are;riow^repared-'to afrorxl-everyraccom-  modation for;Travellersi'��������� the;Tabulajs furnishc<^ wili\'u]l  P/rXnP   ;l!ATTRIGK?SytJ0SS3  fOMMypyp^ '  :.].n>.l:  ���������eerve it.  .^o^ev^vhe^^^  CAMBRONTOWN,; " pi  ry^jl^b^iP  WILLI A^   SEWELL,  jBo^^Booyai  Ji ^and keeper fwt^������fy ^Bec^S^S  Charity^ and^3utlerj ,aoverathifnt;Btreet('rictoria  lJ^^.CO^Fdrt street, ^lctvrfa^V:^!ipSh  ^'GftrM^nll Field Stfeds^uai^teedknavecfiS  a������ar6fnllyi selected- stocfo of;!the:atioveofroiii the ^  iila^'attotitionis called to thci|';la^e,gtfek':of'QraM  Clovdir/and-*Oiijbns. Sofeds^oP>;Vcrv^supe.rfor��������� 'qmiitr  ^rtU^ feesUnd .^usbes,i;^^^  -*of hair he fairited.'and%as^bbii2;ed'to-be con-  veyedtotnehospital.        ~" ~      *4   ,  yy  pr-  > workmen vverelexcav^np  ^dimore^rqssih^iihihejsulfe  Uhey'came'upon'what has' proved to: be< the  deck- bf a-vessel'; made uf English' oat;-* and'y of  larger construction'than are built at'that port  in^the present day. This a^pears^tb^ebnfirm^  the, tradition tli at the town was at one: period1  ���������    ,* ������*, 'H������VAN"WINKLE,   '/"  TJEGS'TO INFORM HIScbsTOMERS;'AND THE  \MJVpablicgeneraily^tKat^he"Intends to furnish*them*  iJEEF^OR' 310710^ so soon as <packingiis ^pra^ticalilei/  at the!i^respieetiy.e ��������� cjaiins, on, .the difl'erentv creeks,, or,  resi d enoes^ at the Most Re/soxa ble E ates. ��������� ���������'' ' ��������� V ���������  -  yan^Wmklej-Juhe'llthj-'lSee. *' s ' '        11  164::10LE:(3i:l)EEPyCi���������fODSE;  ;ts dpiix' TQni*^iAQ6(hm^  IX Travelling public^ the'be'drpoihs^ are'?spafeioils "ahdi  airy and tho Be^sjClhnot be sui^)assed;lbr cleanliness  and comfort \>y any in' tlie*lower country; the Table is  ?alwajrs supplied with the .best of yiotualsi; Stabling  for Horses; Hay, Oats and Barley,,constantly on hand.  JTt- l^p;atpck^pl:Ha)v0at8j^ea^^  Wi  m  ri.'  '���������'���������  ���������"fr  . ���������>.  ��������� ���������  :.j  ��������� other adulteratives with Co|Te<?,'h^ yeryfmuch damag-  -edin public��������� e^ti^li^;,\^a't^^ghjt to^^^b^  ��������� deKcious ol'B2v.er>ges.    So. eflect-uaily.haye che public  - ��������� boon drugged wi iff such, mixtures-tli a t.the t'fue^ropeiv  ties have beehUos^^ighlioiVsiaiid^manj^  and thick Infa^ion^ to a :drink. richin^spirit and aroma.  - G ;neral 'as^i^?the*?ttse of^CoIfeo,- ii is little loiown that  rXl^m^^  ^MONDAY &' THURSDAY- MORNINGS,;,x  TpiiPypiyxl^  xyx.r  yWm l^^e^ajJESNEL  ffiNNIS^MXTRPHY^ProiDrietor^^bis^House;  '; is furnished with:every cbiiyenienc6vfp^;tlie: comft  fort of;Travellers y the .,Cul)nary.,department, is.,under  tlidJsuperfntendehce'oi; ��������� an expert enccd cbok * - tlie Beds:  are clean arid;comfortablel;':" thclBar;contaiii's tlie beWt  of Liquors^ Segars, &cy StaijHn^lIay;^ Barley tfOatsi  .--��������� jj . ,���������   ������- !:-*���������: }.<  -���������,;:���������/ . _. ., ��������������� , y ,,^..4 ,..,K .j   , 5."   .  r^EN^^R^ew;'  /^ EN.TrILE'S Photographio .Gallery^Gorerii  .:-lX- mont'St,,Vlctoria,-V. I.7,;opposltu;Hotel de'Fra'nce:  f Views bPOa rfboo'an d; *Scen,e^;tbrQughbut 'BrliisliX!o|:  mm biaf including; vlewsof the route to Big! Beefy always  jon^liandat'lii^eiyil rates.y yxx >fK i'lt ������, ���������*: ,'(l^t  K'p;I '.^^j^iiifcrfai/ob- &;OcrrjTT^,Tort Street,  *' Victoria^ Vi:% .-opposite Bie*i'Hiye,iHotei;^wlifere he  :ik-prepareii. ife ^up^fy his^iiijmeroua^atrons.wiiliei*ery  irequisite llpr Clothipg buJtableJfox{ey*xy:fieasoD of;tae  WEDNESDAY & ��������� SATURDAY;MORNIHGS. X-- ���������%^������^k&������\   *> WiP^y^y^ #  a        -  -    . '        \t ft n������PTnrir '       WM^E&l^ER&OTS begs to 4nfqrm his'fricnds.  ��������� cir^mstanees itils: feyldjeht  pnses and fluids(.extractedj by, roasting should be car-.  -nod off as qmcklyaspossible/in ordert6preTfent their  ��������� *-r j t urn ing again to the Coffeey"' which -la ��������� the case in the  cmtined^yliiide^ is/;ajimii^KlyHaccom-  pushed hjf the >neiy and patent f 'Conical Coffee Roaster'.V  as uiWby ^EtirSs CO.^ Victoria, in5 vffiich the.Jbejfy"  Is fd'ir6ctlyFexposed to the radiated li eat/ a -iff. th'e,yipor.  extracted-carried^offinstanpanoously:    In addition to  tbe advantage to be derived by tbe rapid removal of  the steam containing the objectionable>;properties,': tho  ptjre a������5ma of /1hd Coffee is detained,' rthe' Essentia 1 oil  being preserved, and mot exhausted; as ^in' (?he Cylinder  R j.ister, where the Coffee is required to remain a much;  1 ongetftimeIn consequence.of the!steaming;it'iunderr  goes by the confined steam.   It is chemically, imppssi-  bld to retain the qualities or arrest the deterioration-of  Cvffee when ground,? Theheat engender.ed by tile process 6f-^r6astingJ and;especially of gririding,*creates an,  aciion ;in the elementaiy p:ir'ts which g;rad ually ;d es.troys  Its fitness for drink-. IyBat to retain ^the ;essentig,l::Oii  w ojch it'eon tains We have; j t encased, i n tins con ta in ing  from'llb?.^  ibo-'respectablb dealers.^ !We can conttdently recommond  -thosenvho have hi i herto ;bcon obliged^to jrefrain from  taking Cotfoeon account of itsiirciTects'that thoy may  M(.;a (Mr eou'e^.t roasted In tbe Conical Roaster, 'being re^  *comniMded by all: medical men under whose hoticedt  h7Sbeen brought, and by-numerous other testimonials;  :iD-jts-favbr.v;^ ix.-iyiX': .11 ��������� .FELL & CO.;  . .���������'���������-��������� :>,i*a.. Coffee.Merchants, Yates St., Victoria:  h"j^Freight to 'Quesnel lipts* $Jb.,'  Steamer 4Enterprise}, 1     T   ,,7       -*:-������-    t _,   :.  ,llay21st, 1866.-     J,        .    y o  '  ';/ '. LItfibOBT ADVERTISEMENTS. ������i y  jakenUhe-aboveEarichand js prep^^^^  With firstsCJass| A^PPmnip^aUon. r, ^Gopd^tablin'g 5for  horscsV Hay.an'diGrain.      l ;;  '��������� ". /      Xp-&  after ist*.Tuno ��������� next;in Government Street, oppositeJhe���������  I-s  LILLOOET -FB0DR Mlli CO.y X-X  f -.-'.;;  \ F. W. !R)STERif Agent.  PPPyiP^EDmiNl  p&AIMKJ&tiKftfGbQ^  Uy -Caps;)Boots: aiid ^Shbes, >Carpetihgs,-Oil...Cloths.",  vyali;l^^'&c,,,:JUllbbet;&. QX[: '���������'  ,   :       ���������" : "i;.a-  TO. MANSONi'**'';* "*: l T>.> AyMcIiEAN, ' ^  vPropriotor, J-'   ' "c,1 ������/. ���������!' Agent.  ���������THIS HOTEL JSyliAROE-AND : WBLLV FITTED W  X*1 for.tbe.comfort of travelers; the Table is* supplied  with-the best of^eyery thing; that can be procurd; ahd^  th e. cooking is hot inferior ,to any on the road; B edrooms  for famUies;^StablingJ&iy, Barloy and OatsV\ '-l>Bp.  "' HC3TJSE1  Ja--BiGNEA^'D Pier^e-IUxciet, Proprietors. , TheRoa.  WranUs puppl ie'^w I th all the delicaci es the markei  afrords.v In the-Bar* will 'be 5bund the Choicest Lwjcw  Furnished'Robrns^'&fe.'  - '" '. . \. U  r^XKrEl^E. THQMAS^ateg street,^cto:  !liv'Wiiolesale and Retail Dealer in WINES, BRANDIES  BEE&3;1 Md frilQtJOR^ tip$ djeppfcof;-Hayaha'Seginf  Goods iorwardedito the ^lining'Districts.^ y*y 4*9n  j A'^'FRAKKEL, Victoria, "V; I.,'1 J)ealeriff������,  ���������Hjii'SKiss -vHroEs; Wool^c;"- lilb'eraradvacces made.  on^urs^bbiisignca^ riieforence-:G.VSu<r6;&]Cd.v Sptf?;  bOrgf^tRueir^yictoriaivV. Iy x f. <,. ';.    ypxM.^  clean and comfortable.  Oats.  Stabling for Horses, Hay and  LILLOOET    BREWERY,  J^ ACOB MILTZ,; Proprietor,-h^  hahd:a large and :superior''stock of; L'ager Beer ;������������������ at  the.Barwill. be vfound ��������� the best Brandies, .Wines arid,  Segarsj the.public are; invited to "call.   Prepared to'flll  all orders promptly.,-.'-; ':-. y ":*v   ::. 'yy;- ���������j p '��������������������������� ���������'���������' "i-s!'. '���������  .    BAKKERyiLLErv; y  Pi'iy ?* -KBPT'BY  '    XxXirxix  IS8   E.   fHUR.BER*.  THIS ^[OUSE HAS BEEN NEWLY FITTED UP ON  the Restaurant.principle with a view to the comfort  of the public,.and will be conducted in -a manner to  ensure the satisfaction of tbose who aro( disposed to  lat'br bar wi th their patronage..     . .  , Sleals at all, Hourfi.  G-ood Beds. -  flST'The.Barjs furnished with the best selection of  Xtquoru and Sogars.     . '" r '    r "22;  ��������� DPEliMA^;.and��������� HcKlSNZIE, .Proprietors.  kj ���������;��������� This House is well fitted up: with t Good Beds and  the Bar is'fumished witti: the; best Liquors; Meals are  served at all- hours on the Kestauratit principle; Stabling for Horses, Horse;Feedj &c.: .; i, .  . < , ���������  '  ?��������� -. 1-s; ���������';  Pioneer Hotel---Lillooet3  CHAKLES NELSON, ProprietorV This old  established House is weH fittoa up for the comfort  of Travellers^ the Table is supplied -with the best of  everything that can be had, aiiu the cooking is not inferior to the best hotel iii the lower couniry; Bedrooms  for Families; Stabling; for Horses, Horse Feed, &c.  The Express stops here, i-g  J^ AMES"HUBONVproprietor. iThiscbmmbdi-  ;ous-Hptcl,:is;wpli fi^tediup with, every convenience  for th e 'com fort of the, publ ic ��������� the. Beds are al I .that a  :weary traveller could desire; the table is supplied with  th e best of fa re;';* 'the :Bar con tai hs; the choices t h rands  of Liquors and-Segars; good Stabling, Horse Feed: Oats;  Barloyy&cr-y-^:;.. ;y-:/:..,y, ", ,���������;.,-..,.-.   ' .:,.>.;..:.;.;... ^x  L<mEi^6^i,EABTG)y Proprietor.V;^Ji3:housa  ;. affords "every accommoda tion for the com fort. 'of  Travellers; tlie Table is furnished with all the delicacies  of the season; 'aiid the Bar is stocked with 'the-choicest  of Wines, Brandies & Segars;; good stabling for (horses.^  Hay, Barley and Oats constantly on hand:at.low rates.  Newly mi lied Flour for sale' cheap;     ,JJ' '     > ':'l-s :  of the latest:style kejjtcbnstanUy/onJiand.i/ypperg;  fiv>m the,country punctuaUyattentted to.    ^    !���������������  17-^WATSON, Watohnialrerl ^^^y&  -,MM ^nd'EngrayerjDTates street, al?QveiGpy*^,  ..ernmentstreet,;Victoria^'y,I.. 'y^ yr���������:;%$xxrr^i  ;VnVinb,&tSpirH Merchants, Bakers & CqnjecUQj������-ft  jrt]Slroet^Victoria, $i I;       - ��������� *.yy :���������  ,^y.i.y*gy  Fort;  QPORBGRG- & BUEFF, Commission-Mer-  ;iO'; CHANT^rWholcsaio/Dealers iniGROCERJES,^P";i  sions, Bootpk SHQEs^AVharf street,;Victori't,^y,: J*;���������;jg,  ' /I BELHEY & FI^RB^I^^^^SB  1UT<sile Dealers in Wines, Spirits and;Liquow,  vi^i^ytii.. ������������������y--pyp^yp 'tu'ipxyyxj&p.  PORT DOUGtAS ADVERTISEMENTS,  PR ACER   &  BR0.,  EBGHAF;TSv  WILLIAMS ;AND OROUSB CREEKS,:  ���������������������������    .x::.X.i.'... DSAIERS !������"���������' "' ';"'''.:;;'- y';'= .  Assorted Merchandize  ���������    ���������. Wholesale and RetailA ��������� h T\\  ��������� iyiAGDONALD'S    HOTEL,  rM.HACDONALD,.Proprietor. Miner and  others destined for the Bridge River Minc3 will  find -every ��������� convenience: and accommodation afforded  themy Good Beus,;and a Table well supplied with' all  the, delicacies of the season. " 1-s  The Bonaparte ^ House,  OEMLrEN. & PARKE, Proprietors, at the  p Junction of the Cariboo and Big Bend Roads, is  now opan for the accommodation of the public. Distance from Clinton, 26 miles; from SavanasSteamboat/  Landing-22 miles; from Spence's Bridgo, 30 miles..  Travellers will fmdprices and accommodaUons to suit  the times. Give them a call. Stabling, Hay & Groin-  attontive hostlers. Stage feaves hore twice a week for  Big Bend and yale, and once a week for Cariboo     ������i-s  QPBOAT & CO  kJ���������: and. Commisbio^  Ci.'-"./  : i  )., (late Anderson & Co.0uM���������*  7^&^SUTB6-& 'COW iriiroRi������Rs^ito^|  Ax.: ������������������ CIGARS,.TOBACfO,^ Meershaurn,Pipes.^fl;!:?,^  corner of ���������^tcsian^.yhW-street, ,Tif t?r"*- ,-������������������-'; ��������� ,xy.  ^EYlilQt^deal^rs' &*&$$:*  jiiE, Brdaid! Street, 'Victoria, VV I.; /��������� .pxj  FIERCE  Ft'HPITURE  L:: SMITH &;. CO., ^Proprietors. .. This Houso is  well fitted up!for,the accommodation: of Travellers to the Bridge River Mines., .Cfood Beds, Stabling  for Horses, Horse Food, -fee. . A stage runs'twico a week  between this h'auso and- Port Douglas on the arrival of  therstimers from Below and connects with -ihe Lake  B^ats for Lillooet,: '.   .   . ha'-."  MESSRS. COBNWALL'S. ' ������������������  T THIS WELL KNOWN HOUSE, half-way between  Spence's Bridge and Clinton, on the Yale Route.  Travellers will find -Good Accommodation. The best of  living, of Liquors, and of Wines - Fresh Butter. Milk  and Vegetables.   Guod Stabling arid cheap feed. ���������'���������- 1-s  ly; MERCHAyTSK^yharf Street, ;yK?tona,^. hi;y__^������.  Mil ���������Wharf *i v;nht.-j*ru\tAYi&-- V-pp';    ,x     ���������- ���������:^- :  j.opposite the BankpfrBritiah.I^rA^ny  I?" ^LmNDI^^LLECTO^^  Hi. Government Street; Victoria,;^ ^        ^gg^a  ;:'���������; i?im:<vAi������^^  ; HENRY   SGHORLING;  PyP'p. i.:' \H'. van. winkle,.:::.       : /:"* ' v'  Dealermallkindsof Provisions,Clothing,&o.'  -. JSSrT Stabling' for.Hers*? ; Hay, Barley and Oats ������I-  l.^ays on'hand... .. ; ' ii-&''  Fosters  Wh^is^;^^^  Cards, Bill Heads,^ Circulars!  X  Programmes for "Balls phA P  ';'v' p;rp- ftriteti&nwepis*!  :Emiai tvith; NeatDwra and"j^^Pp- ft .���������*?  ^   4������-Terro&.^  ;aud  5SjjBaj^famgffiT������JTlBPom������iwfcB


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