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The Cariboo Sentinel Aug 12, 1871

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Bark&ryill^v ^iMam^p1^eek, B.O.v:SatTirday," Augtifet"12, 1871.
1' ���; Tublishe^l eVery Saturday by
R 0 B E R.T    HOLLO WAY;/
Subscription*. .- -.- ,50 Gents per Week.
For o ne squu r e' (one j no h), fi rs'jt i risertion,
....',;,, ti ::....';*....;.; 1;- Clii Lds^K^K^}.L *
For t wo-sq u ar es, -fl rs t i nser t i on j   ������'JXfz'-'X
..;,,<.�� ��� w:*i. ���i.^';onc'inon:th,1'^-.'J-::'^ 7-'
Agan^s;fqr. thei4 ��ariboe Sentinel.:!'7
���/Van Winkle-/- -:' -   -
Q:absnelinoui;h; '���������"���'
Bo'dii:Qreek^'   XXI
oCHntou./. .,-'��� .���-; -:, .
Vaie,-/ ,;-,._. ,,, V
Now West in luster,
Vjcr.iirin,   -      -
LrP./Pjslief, . ^ P
*Huilsou &;:Jlc'n et;;-'';
:\:-V-:: 'Mr j;W; lindhart.
v ,-..;*'V-.'rh. ��� ��� ���". R^mar/j^s^Exprcss
7 ; -... 7- ^BafnariL'kExpress
7    -��� XX.:- . Bar^ard.'s Express
w .-. v . - "    7 do . -:     ���   do '
'-  ' "-X"   v :"''"-ftoliri"Murray."'./
���',...., :'���''"'. 7/ . v...,. . Jebn pollens
''* '- '&. :-'-���- ��� ��� -;   Sriri Francisco
,,..> .^^n-^V'v./v-Nbw^Yoflc;'
XJIE GAli]BO0:iSJSJJTJJS^Li.---,\A y .
Wfe)s, Cireulixyk'l"Posters and Programmes for
: ^ ; 'XI3KI1 s Jtri f[ TheaJtricai T3n tier tain men ta  .'
��� jKST: !3xecii"te*iiwjt'ji ne^tpppsMI1;^wpatcli.^f
v7c^,J   : Terriis^mflerate;/-*��� f -
den when b'eraatie the tour of Europe to an-
aoii n ce th at,, for a 1 Lti ra e. to come, F ree Tra d e
had - rend'ered':��� war a 'morai; -impo ssib i! ity.
Unlrickily7 mankimi arej mbfe swayed by
their passions,7their prejudices, their caprices
and their yarnty than by, : their yve] 1 -n nder-
��I no d i nierests ;, and so it fell; o u t, th at ,, i n JJie
year i 874, the.: grBe.at est ?of the Con ti rien tal
powers./h ay i^^
% n d-attftft de" of- JEr*��l a n tlM iv rV ferep ce:-to7&u n ?.
'dry fresh ;parceTUn<rS ;ont;6f territory, a
League, including the most, power/.id States-
s w as formed' for:: the avp w erHpii _r p rise /of.; re-
diicin^;tb e"B'H fcish: Tsles ���.:; to / the;'co ncll ttojpt; ;pf:
;co nqviered pvovjn ne* t.o': be o] v'-]ded  amonjr
^1 tt B^B^OOISrD^ A1��A
T.h)>^f*r! icl e OJpj'RIflrfc wn'Otl for May^en till ed
* V ,'IUi e ;;pA H'i.iS:fc;f jrf r klrt W.: ?-^1lekWpi b ii^tHeTsi I p-
�� Posod*ho.ijq irest nfpfinir 1 and. t hi ough- thvT lije,f ���
���lii-iency "o? bor nrn>y7by.th<��:G��rm!uh:fleel;ana
..joinder in tbei.Timos :.���;��� ' . ���"���
X. A. ^HAPfi'TK OF PufORK UtSTOltV- Y\.,  ".-.>
'rf 'tiVjh^Mio'p'et of !iTe.Jiy?s rn;'.^:rriystic'a1;;iore.
'l And c<��minfr events cast their shadows before!'
��� S ii or 11 y after th e 'close' of ��� t he w aiv- b e t\yeen
Fra no�� a n (1' Gorm any in I ST 1. the En erl ish
alarmists seemetl unreasonable tpjan/extent
that verged on tb<ilishness. Never was then'
��� a jror\ oVl when, to ��,i 11 on tyvnrd ��eeni i npj". a n t n-
, rnsmn o^KnglrtncViwas less probablelor/feasi
' "1 me. . Fraiico . w.as* stricken dowri or. disnbled
A V e ha d ami cab 1 y. a r ra n {red p.t i r:, d i (Te re ntses
wi th the 'United States, n nd the greatest nii 1 i-
t ary n a ti o n" of, the., cp n ti n e.n t h ad. app are n tl y.
n ol th e r *tli e d\* pbsi (to n n or 'th e p o we r to, b e -
..ico'oie.a formidable assailant, of our independence.   If. ever fcliere was a'country whose in-
tcrea.tjB** and constitution pointed to a-pacific
���policy.; it was* Un ited, German y;' She required
peace  (o consolidate her' empire,, apd she
could hot make'war without calling the mer-
can t i 1 e m an fr o m 'his d esk. th e .p t-o fession al or
1 rtera ry man from ' his stu dy, tiie shopkeeper
from  his counter, and the agriculturist from
���the plough.. Then, all powerful on'land. she
'Aval powerless on the seas. 'A contest he
tweon her and the*maritune population dfjtn
island must resinnhle a contest between a dog
a nd a fish, in which ne i t h er co ul d quit, ib?
proper element for aggressive purposes wt.th
out imminent.risk ot discomfiture or clestruc-.
lion. Gormnny would no more think of send-
* ing an armament across'the North Sea to In-
vad e I3n gland 'than Engl and wo ii I d ' th i n k of
landing an army at Hamburg to advance on
Berlin-.   Nor. was the navy df; thte *Ututed
States sufficiently strong in sea-gomg .ironclads, like the Minotaur or Monarch, to cross
the Atlantic and encounter the English In
their own waters. ��� . <
So thouglit and argued the wise men of
England in 1871. They thought and argued
well, hitt wise men,"'however well they argue,
will sometimes turn ont wrong, and they
turned out 'substantially wrong in this in-
sUuce as wrong as the J a to lamented Oob-
the con a ue rors. ^. Th e. b est, mode ;rof i n v a d in g-
England had' been so;^ofteiv the;,.snj>iee.t{nf
competitive .exami nn tion i a ti.;/;. the   .mil i tnry,
schools that an eager desire to;tes11 heory by-
p r a c t i ce; w a s fe It b y.: eve rv! y. o nn g o ffi ce r of
pro mise. / an it- a. saying o f; tiie .'-������ grentes K, of
modern) sti^vtegi|ts -had;got abroad,, to^the effect; that, the capture of London, as compared;
Wifli;' that of Varjs7; would ;be;:; child's1 play^:
(Kinderspibl):/ The time was .opportune;:; .for
the long^smoul Bering, hostility of /he: United
Stales .fto^Grreiit^iBntajn, lilirough ,a .seriep^of
0nto.warrl,aecidents,".was again kindling into
fliime. ;7Accor(lmgly. alj the shin pin? "of the
Ral t i c, al 1 the n ay al re.�� ou r ces o f Hho, vIi; ja.��rn e,
were- put ��iiiiitler>reqiiisition;; and a"sufT|oient
���number.'7of7 vesself?: /wasi ;;bnilC;'fj8i|e'ei:il1y-
a d ap te d for !tb o 1 awl in go/ > tr o o ps, in c 1 n d i n g'
Cavalry v an d/art^li^r^^:;^
pro'ytsiou ,was7Tnade'%f7 fl^ NboMomedp-boaiS
carryings 100 br7;l.o0 men, the sides oft which
cou Ur%e-let do wn w hen t h ey were in sh a j 1 o w
W at<? rj o r h a d b eon ru non she re..: A: -... U. > rmld;
able force o F iron 6\ a ds was to precede; ��� the
tr a n p p or t s an d; en gage any :o p p os'in g fo r ce
w.ii i I e the Ian cling was effected, wli ich, i t was
calculated, could be easily accomplished.;}.?.!
six-, hours.   As .-the ATrny. of Invasion /.was
c-ropnted at from 150.000 to 200,000 men, the
al 1 otto (1 ti in e see in ed sh o r t to th ose . who had
witneased:the 1 anding of the Freiieh and "ftng-
lish armyin the Crimea, which occupied tw.o
days, aUhough'* lhat a.rmy did   n01 exceed
55.000 men, an d' i lie 1 an d ing/ \y<Vs' unop posed.
Butih e great St-rat.eci si.'had /pronop ncecl-, six
hours sufficienti an <I i tlie great'Strategisfc cou 1 d
not possibly .have, miscalculated   such   a
':. In recent.histories, claiming, to.be as veracious and trUsf.wbri.hy as this.it has been con-
flden tl y}.; assu; me.d , th at. we 7.; thicl>-sku 11 ed
islanders would wait quiet 1 y to be vkuocked
on the head Ijkethe birds called boobies, or
caught, like sparrows, by putting salt upon
our tails. Tint although we are conslantlv
running into extremes, although we are by
quarter of Europe.without.creating.an.alarm.
In, ppint; bf fact,..o.urGo yernment-,wepe pp-
portunely advised that the invasion was sari*
ously meditafced^and that they miist fee-simu
taneously on their guard against; an American
squadron which was to co-operate in a Feu an:
insurrection of Ireland. ; :The. bulk of t the;
I^igiish^Nrivy wns.as usual; Scattered abroad.
but the7Channel Fleet, complete in numbers
il^I^i.lHy^nS; w^s I" ��� the"'?DownsV and' a
nn mb:|r: o t / gu n boats - and wother^wjssejs, had
been ^quipped and put: to sea under ordersj
si m i 1 a'feio. th ose issu e d by: Nel so n wh e n ��� Nap_o-
Jeon^; Was meditating ^aii invasion from Bou-
logne..: .       ,   .'        -      y ' ��� ;      .   //    ' y
i ^^Dqnbt throw away, your lives uselessly';
retreat7towards your; vown shores, befoi'e' an
oy^rwhejininir fi>rce.; ;bsit ,if,tlie enemy^at^
tempt to land, dash among them'at all hazards;
and flghfc;on. till you sink them or are^sunk.'l;
I|-.was on the. evehing of, the 17 th of June,
1874v; that .the Admiralty ,recei"mP irftelti-
gehce:''tbat'.an.- Ameriqan squadron, had been
sigh ted: ok; M il'fo rd Haven b ri ��� i tss way to.\. the
IrisjT sea: ahj! my. Lords immedia t^ly -/ele-
grapbed to the Commander,: of the Chan nel
: FI eeti:; Ad m i r al. S i r 7 ti eh ry 7 Ke pp el;; to :b'e on
the^look^ont^ thr^e hours-afterwards.arrived
the new s that t he; Arm ada had. b een descried ;*
and: subsequent, re ports coming in rapidly
left-1j ftle;;dbubt (hat the Suflfol k7 coast /had
be;��� n;c5 jogen, for th e 1 a nd i ng. The very, 1 pca 1-
i r y ;m ?i> h f'b e; i 0 Per rm wi t;h' tol era B .16; certain ty
1 ro ni 7iis-7al trinsffexcl nsi ye. adap t ati on/: to the
purposeyartd from'the^-asce'rtaitied' fact 1 that
Ibive/gn|bfficers:;disguUed; as artists had: been
seen slcSt((inn<jiit;| V^ also, wJtii a]l ofir talk
abmit uibfingIjnh pvactlc<e?Sf hadjno^disdainod
to' em p i 6y spies. Fouche cerfcai n ly sen t the
Diike 'of Wellington'Napoleoius^ 'plari; ;qf' )the.
Water 1 oo cam paign i though: i t- came., top late ;
and itwasshrewffly suspecfedv from the; nuns ii ai f o resigii t sh 6 w n hy, t h e Engl ish Go vern -.
m e! 11, th a b t h e re was-a Foil cli e in the m i 1 i ta.ry
Cabinet; of the.League. '".,���.X.'X*-.-������''������������.���/:..'&���
So so on as 111 e co n rae of th e headmost ships
1 e ft no do ti b t.; o f th e p rec ise d es ti n at i o ri; o f; tlie
ex p ed i ti o n, th a te! eg ra p h s; w e re: se t to / w b r k,
and all tbe available troops were btolight
d m? ri wi th ori t del ay. Hi s Ro y al - II igh u ess, th e
Co inman der-in/Jhlief was 7pn ��aen t ;i u p ei:sbn,
but the. defajjed'^,^ left; to
l.jb I'd Strath n aii'ri arid 'Lord San dim rati as
sis; ed b y G one ra 1/ 'Wo Ise ley.: an d a w e 11 -ap-
p oin ted Sta If. A :conp1 e 6 f7 hbu rs su fficed to
d i g i n. th e sa.n d .su ch rift e pi ts an d tren cbes as
,\y e r e still wan tin g ; and tii ese w ere m an tied
wi th the, Gp ar els, iW'r Ri ties. a b a ttalioi i of
Marine��, and tbe Inns of Court Volunteers.
T he ��� r o ck y a n d u ne ve n - gro n n d. b eh i rid the
beaoh was (occupted by:. a stropg: body,.-, of
V o hi n tee rs. under th e d i re c ti o n of Lo r d E l-
cho. whose disposition* were an iQaprbvement
on .1 ho se o f Rod e ric'k I)h u:.   ;t
-���. he waved his handi
It was a time of' agitating suspense' to the;"
brav^t while the ships of; war were- taking
jtp.their positions.to -cover; the landing,- and,;
the /jranspons; were transfer ring,: their .armed /
cargoes to the boats. ' ��� A'f feV. ascertainiri^ by
c areful so it ri d i tig th at ��� th ey' xou Id 'a p p roa cU ^
no .nearer; they topened?theirJfir^ at about i\\tt X
distance otomile, ^herbeks: were': she lied ^;
ahd',t he'.-fitr'and. -. was . sweptI/witli, roiind%shptf-
ci��using;littieor no.l^.^/j&eV.Bo^iii.tt'i who ,
never showed a\ finger;.ab<>ve;'rifle.'"pitor
treri c h v ti.11 ih e; Ian d i n g; boa ts, iii terve ri e'd; a adJ
tlie/ i ro��7ha" 11 Trieljessari ly ^ceasetl^ i ^The n v?iv�� '"'���
signal^i^nvasTlieaal-tf the-rbatter^^iu the,-i.". ;
pe n ti;e p f ..th ei r, p.o.si ti o n was un masked. .^ sh el Is/
and plunging/snot from the mdurid^fell- thick'
and:fastanronji:Ihe'boafs^ "aline; ot fire raitv
��� -i iV X<     [CONCLUDKP^^TH PAOMj] ^-   f-'i-    \'
I aai���_-,.^.^.:i .-^,v?   t.',,: "���'...,v��� ., 17 ���.'.' ���! ,mrr%::x
f ���.   ' /EXPRESSES,:;BTEAMERS^M-,,' .-./V ' ��� ���
G-er ow fe; Joimsoii'S; Stages; ������
i ?:Vv. 'connecting LWL-tli ;tlie::.SttsUin'tifs'���: atV/Quesnel->:
[mpatTi a ii d 'y illy,' .w'i tb H.B1.. MAIL, EX PREti^: a a A
'Fussengers ���/'/      -.yX^Xr'���   "^h-y-A-' %���������>   y^-'- i-.-
< 0EROW   &   JOHNSON'S1;
Express and Stage' Line^
"      EXPRESS ^REIGH^'ANr/PAs!3EN(3fiB��t
.  ;.   A,TvIlEJXUCEb    R.AT-JSS.     jiV
businsiss done with panoUuiltty and dispatch. l: ,..:;_���",
'"��&* OIIIcq ol tlio Cariboo Agency af" . ,h *       s?
.;, vn- 7 '  .'.   *:. MR DAVID. KURTZ'S STOHKi -    ���
'-.j:ap29 -: / uy ./>;/,/} ���;/,/;;-/',   'y,    / BarfeyilUj. 4,.
11 Down saulc Mi e ,d i sa p. p ear i n g b a ml.
"Each War ri 0 r v an i sh e d w her e h e stoq d,
*' In broom or bracken, heath or wood."
Takin% advantage of every inequality of ��� the
ground, he placed his men so as to be within
turns profuse from groundless alarm and nil;- j easy range of the boats -when  they should
������'���' ^Steamer; Victoria;^ y^'-
= -Victoria'-will  ' . ��� \"''J '   ;:   -: ' -   ;   ;-r"
> -' 7":; '* ��� LEAVE -SODA XJREEK    ���"'''   7
Connecting next dny w:!th ti��<^teajner-;ENTBB^
'.";'XX.XX -:'." atCottonwoodCanyouV/..' -\ X'fXy *���;'
'*';  VffLt; !LEAYE>QUESKEli '; '   *;'";���
'fp'      On,the dowa trip evory      ' ;;
Freight irtim Soda Creek; to Upper Ciinyou.^.'2X4 cos!
-:.-��� ��/>'*.��� jQuesn.c-l:-', ���>X:-.: l.lr ������ \'r:^l y.���...-!%&*;
Fare, from Sod a iCrpe k to, Upper Canyon......... i.,/. j $ 1 tl
Fare'drom Quesiie! to .��� -:" u' "' :; .'iv7" ';J'i'-.'.'..;.i;.'.i;;?"*
Fare Jrom Soda.Crcek to Quesnol ..���..;....... i.\. ^';.::i.7 ���.��'
���-Qucsnclt:iluy\l2,; 1ST 1. ���'���������������.". ..my20   ..
gardly from undue confidence, alihouch re-
nvesentative institution-* are by no means
favorable to the. production of aoorl administrators, we are not altogether 'Wanting in an
emergency, and we had pro 11 ted somewhat
from the errors of our neighbors in 1870 71.
Our army had been'placed on a respectable
foot.ing in poi 111; of nntnbers ; it wa*4 wel 1 0fti-
cered under the new system of selection.;
both,Regulars am). Irregulars had beim supplied "with the   most improved   pattern  of
near the shore, aiid under shelter from  the
MESSRS..MEAC'ffA31 '&. NA30K,|arjp prepar��a X&
I'unii s h L limb or a t thei r Mills j Wi 11 ikm Oree K v
orilcliyer it to'order .7::ivv' "   ���       . ,77';!/7.7- :*'f
WILLIAM CREEK.      '   T "XX">-..���
;Having, a Waning Machine in operation thcy-'vili!
i���. ���   , ,.,1 , ,    ?hore.    In the contingency of  the em*my ef-
breechloarters ; onr artillery, aa regards qmvl-  f^{nf, n iamlillff.in {*v&, the 0 tvalry w-re. to
ity, was (whatJJULyeaud said of our infantry) | charge along- the beach, and to roil ih����m up
the best in Europe : the const had been can*-  before they had time lo hum  "-"With" them, at
Of > v e ri n g fi ro 0 f t h e S11 i p s. ��� A b r i prad e, con-1 al ��'o I'11 r; i i�� h D r e ��a eel Ii u rn l> c r-a t�� a t is 1 a c t or y r a Ut*.
Mallag of. thron re<rimenrs of the Line, the
Sherwood Ran��rers, and two batteries; of
horse artillery, was kept in reserve under Sir
Richard Airey. Tho rest of the artillery, with
the exception of one masked battery, was
placed on a mound ur eminence cmnmanrling
a \ a rg'e portion n f th e bea c h. a n d th e ca v al ry,
including the Blues and 2d Life Guards, under LiotHenant-General Sir Jamea Scarlert.
were placed behind the'heights on the ex-
trrfine left, where they ceuhi easily 'reach the
frilly surveyed; earthworks thrown up in
sotne p 1 aces,.ride pits and trenches duj? in
o the rs. "a n (1 rai 1 w a y c 0 m rn 11 n i c at i o n van d ored
���so co m p 1 e te th a t a 1 ar ��re fof ee m ig It t b e. co n -
*ce n tra tod at the m \ r test, n o,t ice on a ���point
li need'hardly be a<l^>-d that, our diplomatic
the head of his Hussar regriment. wns the Heir
Apparent to the Throne, irresistibly impelled
b y th e he re di f a ry courn ge 0 f h is r�� c e to d is-
obey a Royal order (issued from Balmoral)
not h��' leave th e ca pi t a 1. T 0 r pe d (> es we r e
laid d<��wn by a flotilla of gun boats, under
Rear-Admiral S her ard Osborn, which with
< 1 rew v;11en this 0;1 ty was par 10rmvd. prepared
agents \wp on lia*-ayji't. ko that an enormous | ,0 operate on ih��.flank ot' tho Armada warn
^TinaaMffii con Id uot/be gct together in uny. 'the \m0i>��g-��b;ul -l ��jomjntfacc.
Groceries, Provisions and
/./    D 13 P OT    V OR      ',
* hulils my Tow or of Aitormiy, will eoiijiuf.fc mf*
ivusiness in   Bark��rrille  as  Tinsmith  and  Storf-
t?r^ jo.It, 1111,
S A PERSON rBAFCT. #���������������������������  T^  SATURDAY. AUG. 12, 1S71.  -7.-     Tiifii SURVEYING PARTY. ^  We are gratified to Jeara tbat the surveying  ^>arty forvj the Canadian Paci fie Rail way, under chargepfMrHanood, who are to explore  the country; west fro ni Leather Pas?, are  aboiit to start across* the con ntry':. as.: nearly  d irec t east as praetieab le instead /of, riski ng  the dangers attendant upon the navigation of  the upper Fraser. TThis wifl be a more satia-  f* c tory co it rse in m r bel i ef, as by fol 1 n wi ng  thei,fWar nothing could be^gaihed of any  practieai jiittllty, whereas -by pursuing the  overland -route at this season of the year  ranch information can ;be obtained which  cpubi notbe aatisfactoHly gained were trie  party to return by that course during the  winter when tho gronod is covered deeply  ���������with snow. If the Dominion Pass explored  by Fred. Black two years ago with its ap-  r������roac&es should be found as favorable as  represented in that gentleman*s report, it ie  1>y no means improbable that the line of the  Tail way may eventually pass through the  fieart of the Cariboo mines and within a few  wiles of William creek; and from the confl-  ������l*-nce generally felt herein Mr Black's judgment as an experienced prospector among  in* mountains, the correctness of his statements are strongly relied upon. At all  ������>venls tbe present undertaking must be ,of  prmt benefit to Cariboo by opening a'trail  ���������which the surveyors must >cut for their own  *um������ in conveying supplies, and which will  tfcc'n afford an easy mode for prospectors fo]-.  lowiiig in their footsteps to reach the sup-  posed auriferous belt- lying east of the granite  Tange. described in Black's report as looking  ���������very favorable. We have from time to time  *drocated the expediency of opening one or  two main arterial thoroughfares through the  O'arihoo district which would enable miners  to carry provisions and tools -easily to certain  joints from which they .could branch off on  prospecting excursions in dirTerent directions,  and we are convinced that any expenditure  Incurred in that way by the local Government would soon be amply repaid. No steps  ]< ave, he waver been taken hitherto towards  carrying out the idea, but we are now about  to reap from the hands of the Dominion Government the first benefit accruing from Con-  . f������*d������rat iod i u opening coram uo ication tl?rough  a s*cI.ion which would ; inf all probabUity  ������ * her w ise have 1 on g, rem airved a n U pfc n own  w11 dem ess*, hail not som e of on r; h ard y a nd  rn tor p ris! ng 7m iners atte m p ted, 1 lie feask the iri-  s������d yes. so me 0 f whom, we ho pe, w i 11 take ad ������<  V aht ii ge this seaa^ n of the o pp o rtun i ty n o w  about to be afforded, arid turn their attention  towards ;Urtv/wftto8,;mii!iinjff.;^n8i"' into the  Frat������er. In fact, we tb ink t he peopIe of Bar-  Verville should offer some encouragement to  Mich an enterprise, which, if successful, must  ; tna t ii'rial1 y hel p the busi news of the to wn.  ill George Watt, Paymaster and Comrais-  H&vy of the whole surveying force, and Mr J.  A.; Dickey. C.E., of the Leather Pass party,  were tn town this week,.and the whole of the  party may be expected to arrive here in a  f*w <lays, when astatt eastward will probably  be made at once by way of Bear lake.  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  s:  Saturday Eve'gy Aug. 19,  THE    CAR I BO 0    IM ATE U RS  Will givo aii; entertainment^-comrnenelug; with  the  /-... '.���������/���������   ���������/'���������''..' favorite' Vaudeville,. 7 /'' *  -';���������  Moasieur Tra iment ���������;  -.   .  -  Francois. La U>uchev.   -  Jonas,   -���������'���������: ,7 ���������.���������''������������������.-: . '. - ���������,���������'������������������  Madame Vonderhnshell,  Agatha;' '."   .-'.'   .'*.r7-> ."-'������������������  To be followed by the highly una using and  laughable-  ������������������XXniX.; P.X'y    farce, ,, ./;/���������:-'  Mr J. S. Thompson  SfrG. N.Mar*baIl  Mr. J. H. SulHvanv  Florence Wilson *"  JfrsS P. 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Tickets for  the Reserveu scats can bo obtained of Mr Marshall,  Bark err iile.  Liquidation Tickets tak*n for admission.1  i    of tbo WjlHama Creek Bedrock: Flume and Ditch  Company (Limited), will he hold at theirOfflco, Ki<-h  tieli, on   MOXDAY EVEN'JNO, 14tU A.ufiust,at half-  pa>st Seven o'clock, when tho Directors for tlie ensuing year will bo elected.  AT STANLEY^ -  - LIGHTNING CREEK.  The Table will always be supplied with the. best  articles that can be got in Cariboo, and the Bar wltk  tbe-". /;:- ;.'���������,���������:���������' / ���������/ '".���������' ���������' ,..;  Finest Wines,   Liquors  and: Cigars:^  SUiil������-y (Knutti 1 .atet Chan ee Creel:,} \  April 20.-18717.      ,��������� ���������/ - ap22  WAKE -UP-JAKE  iESTAUR^Tr  Au^nJ5t4at,18rii  J. S. THOMPSON,  Secretary.  au6  Y Sy  Saiiit   JoEeph's   MisBipn,  ; WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C.,,  Under the direction'of the  REV. 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BLANC      (  pE08.to inform the inhabitants of Cariboo that all  I) wishing to h������ve t.idr Likenesses or .Views of  their Houses or Claims takes, must call at j  THE PHOTOGRAPHIC GALIEEY,  BARKER VI LLE,;  On or before 15th September.  $%m No one who in;vn-i������   winteriyg  in  Cariboo  should miss tbe present, oppurtunity.  auSU .-.     CHARQEi? MOD'BRATIjJ;.  B ARN ARDW;#f a]T|E;S  MAKE THE BKST MMI3!/' ���������������������������'      ?f ?*'���������&%.  s   DR1VK THE BEST StOCK!     ;   ;  7  USE THE BEST COAGHESt   ' ; v  HAVEtTHE MOST COMrETENirDRIVEKS  CARRY THE MOST PASSENGERS j' -  DO THE LAFtGEST BUSINESS!:  And gtmrantee to connect with (b������ Steamers  at each -eu'tl.".''-'  I>hve V>ark erv\ 1 ie on 5[ondtiy  at. SiS.-A.in.. read) T������hU* Tiiurp'lay  at Six p.m., and airive at Vip-  toriu on Saturday at Four p.m.y -'  FOUR DAYS .AHEAD  H.M.  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During  July alone tbe amount assayed wa������ $61,340.  the largest quantity in liny month since Sap'  lemtwr, 1S69,   TheBe facts tend to show the  7confldence which is felt in the office, and the  great benefit which it has conferred upon the  community, the best proof of which is the  rates which the miner can now get for his  pnkl compared with what were current before j  Its establishment. Taking these circumstances  into consideration, we reiterate our hope that]  in   framing  the  estimates for next year the j  provincial Ministry will not allow themselves j  to be misled by any parsimonious ideas of''  economy which might prompt them to close  th������*,.establishment, which, while it now costs  a mere tritie over its earnings and  promises  before long to be altogether self supporting,,  has, w* b^ftitate not to say. already put twenty j  turnf its coat into tbe pockets of the bar*)-J  *r?:Lipg miners of Cariboo. 7]  A ^obR^'OF REVISION \\rlhh BE HELP BY TKK  Aj-- Registrar of th������' Garlb������><> Electoral District at tli������  undeniieutiimcu polling DivisioDs, at, 12 o'clock,  boob, un the.rvspeutfve dates, viz.:  KEITtltE Y: CREEK���������August 22d, at Mr Smith-s.  BARKBRVILLK���������.August  Slst,  at   Uichaeld  Court |  Hou*tf.  LiftHTN'ING.CREEK��������� September 1st, at Lindhard'a  Sal* nm.  'WlLUAMS'liAKE���������September 6tb, at Mr A. S. Bates',  150-MU������ \te$u  QUEENELMOUTH���������September 2Ifrt, at Government  H. M. BALL, .  Rfgistrar tor Cariboo District.  HicbfleM, Auguji!; 4th, 1671. ^   ^ auS^  Bankruptcy ISTotice.  f X7HKRFAS a peli Mou for au adjudication of Baitftr-  V ? nip toy wa.s on tlm 21 ������t day of .lime, 3S"i, filed  in Her Majesty*������ O'uujty Court of British Columbia  by JrfAHvry p. *Elmohk, under which th*: said Marvin  K EI more has been a d j u tlged ba ufcrunt. Jv.������ 1 ioe Ik  hereby given that Marvin IV Klmoro |H hereby required to stirmuder to tlie above named Court at the  flr.-t meeting of creditors to be held before the said  Court on the 28th day of June, instant, at 11 o'clock  in the forenoon precisely, tn Kicbtield, pud aUo to the  Court on the 21st day of Soptember next ensuing,  at Quesnelmouth, when and whore the said bankrupt  i������ required 1.0 surrender to pass his second examination.  At tbe flwt meeting of creditors the Hogtelrar will  receive the proof of the debt? of tho creditors, and the j  creditor!* may choos*; nn AKFignce.or Assignees of the  lUnkTHpi's estate and elleots. At the second sitting  proofs of;dehts of crwiiter^ will also be received, and  t [i 0 Bank ru pi will b 0 re q u i r* d to su b tn i t to be e sam -  ined and t������> inak������ a full disclosure and discoviTyof  u 11 h\a estate and etfeots, aud to finish his examination.  Not!ce i?. a 1 so giten to all )���������������ersons indebIed 101 he  said Bankrupt or that haw any <d ui*. effects, not to  deliver tho sumo but to Jamfs fxsTmxt, of Richfield.  Oflluiaj Assignee, whomtbo Court has appointed, and  give! notice to Jon.v G. Baknstok. Solicitor, of Rich  field,  JAMK8 LIKDrJAV,       \  Bedstr.T and Oftlci^l AsBiiicew, \  Ftchfioid. JnseOath, i?*n, ^1 vX   |  *������h REMEMBER    THIS ! ^7  "Travellers 'by- the PAST "LINE- SAVE  FROM TWELVE TO TWENTVDOLIj'AKS  by not 10iteriag, as. pther 1 in������s d0,,.011 this  road.' 7"- '   .'"   ; . '"*������������������ '.     :-  jei7 y- ��������� J;; bar-Sard.  *9  YAL13 AND BARKERYItLE,  Importers, Wholesale and  Hetail Dealers in  GROCERIES & PROVISIONS,  WINES & LIQUORS,  DRY GOODS. CLOTHING,  HATS & CAPS,  BOOTS & SHOES,  AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS,  CIGARS & TOBACCO,!  STATION KEY,  HARDWARE k CROCKKRY,  And a complete assortment of  DSUGS, PATEHT MEDICINES, M,  Op pe n b e i mer Bros .beg 10 i n for m Trad ers, Mine rt j  and   Farmers requiring a Htoek of Goods tint tliev j  bold a large and well selected assortment, and are  prepared to sell at the l*ou'esst Market Prices.  flfig- We invite inspection of our Stock before pur������  chasing elsew.lmre,  tkB- NEW G00PS are being received continually.  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FROM 0M1NECA.  for a hew discovery.   Ramos la hunting up  the lead;��������� and complains of the high price of  ? Worcestershire sauce.',?  MINING. INtELLIGEN'CK  Mr Lewis; with; Sylvester'a Express and  mail from Omirieca, has arrived at Qnesnel-  nionth in eight;days from Germansen creek,  and letters were received,here yesterday by  Barnard's Express, the principal items of  news wilt he found in our correspondence.  G, B. Wright, with the steamer Enterprise,  lias arri ved at Tail ah.  The rumor mentioned by our special correspondent, that a charter has been granted  to parties- to collect toll on the; trail cut. byj  the packers, appears extraordinary, as nothing  of the sort has been made public.  .-, SPECIAT^OORHSSPO^DENCE.  7  X."' Gbraianbbn Cubbk. July730.!  The miners on Geruiansen creek are now  busily engaged putting in their wing-dams.  so tha t i n a very 9hor t; ti me all th e clai nis w i 11  be washing. ���������' XX^[-'-'X~rX-- ���������.'-;/.;-���������,-. '���������: XX ���������  ,, 7'M.r Jamea Ch risti e���������a mechatiical ge niu s���������  has comp 1 eted'a:water-p6weir/whif#?a;w/ saw-  mill, which cuts about 2000 feet of lumber in  24. hours. :':-{ ���������-   ' '.   ;.  The com pan ies are sawfag oiit lu mb.er, .and  making preparations to wash. >, ���������     /  '       ULEXORB CRKKK,    '      ������������������   : '���������  Several of the companies are washing, anfl  making=aa>uigh as 2 oz. per.day to tlie hand.  :/7. /7��������� 7,' -'.'"'. jlowp cb*kik. = -.-; 7/.:���������'- 'aC7 _  ; J7;CarsOn;,&Co. commenced washingJast  week; they averaged. 1 oz; per da# to the  hum!. . '.       ' '; ''.- 'X"':'.;/':, J;'  X   Cl'MlY CRKKffi / "��������� -    ���������  4riood prospects ha^tt been: obtained, and  pariies are prepavhigA-wash.:' ' V. ,,'  //^.'������������������v^iUcKS.or provisions; 7;/  *t*1 onr. 4.10' t 0 5oe per 1 b.;.������������������ beans, 60c. and.  sea rce ; b aoo n. $ 1. searc������ ; sugar; 7oc. none  in market: tea, $27scarce : gum, boots. $20  j i ������*'r . j hii r: -.'-. n ai 1 s. ' 9 0c / per 1 h:;. to baoco, $3.  seared ;. nee.;$1 : apples,,$1 25 ;//peaches,  $ 1 2o : beef. >V"k and 40c ���������.,:.  7 V **'��������������� rs. fiaHM. -Kent. Pool e.: -a*i ci others,  Hrrlv^d herefrom Smart's lake, by 'laud,:with  ] 7 3* pa ek. ai C\mute a n d 193 beef catl Ve. They  Oni ntsd l������nd<r������vl >| pasftaliif trail for 180 mites:  '.���������:������������������;: .William, cr'bkk.;.;-  ;; The Fpreat Rose c o. last w eek wash ed 160  oz. The' Baliarafc'. cp. washed / 85 ok. The  Sentinel and Independent col's at Cameronton  are getting some pay. A uew company has  located the old Caledonia and Grizzly ground.  Several-of the upper crSek claims have contra e need piping agaift' s;nee the rise of water.  the Black Jack 'o*. had cleaned up all the  ground piped except where the bank had slid  in. making over wages; they now expect to  wash a good deal more which will pay well.  The Brouse co. has been paying well: they  had finished cleaning up, but have/started  again to pipe. The Dutch B\\\ co. aiestilt  cleaning up, also the Six-toed Pele, Stead-  man, Wilson, '���������������������������Bradley-Nicholson,. San Juan  and Mou n tai h co m. pan ies. T b e M cLaren have  started to work again. The Flume eo. are'  a till piping in tbo. Forward ground, vy hich  looks favorable as they go.back. 'The Cor-  >n i sh go. -are-s i i\ 1 pip ing, a ud .b.a v. e.. atrip p ed a  large pieee.of grou h d this,season.  7:/77"' -.-.. 7STOPT GULCH./-. / ;' 7-     ':" "..  ' -The Mu ch o .; 0 ro have'. go ton good ���������, p ay  agaia; .1 uat / week. tbey washed 52 oz.- 7 The  Taffvale co. are ma k i hg o ver wages. ��������� The  ���������Golden, Hope/co, are cleaning up in old  ground-1 aiid getting tv little pay.; they do not  .expect much till they;get higher up.  :��������� '���������'���������"'-.   W)WHiCB CKBKlC.:  ; The. ra in this .week h as gi v en the Black Rnl I  ���������co. a chance toi start their- wheel again. The  :Victoria"'"; co. . are making over wages. The  En r eka c o. .hav|e fi n i sh ed: c! ea n i n'g u p* torth eir  tipper 1 hie and have in kitle good wage*";; The  Brown cd. are still runrutjg'their tunneK 7,-;. -.  . JACK OK CLCBS CIlEBK.  The F i ret' Oh an ce; co. a re ge tii n g 0 p en cd  n/ihe -p������rt peri*������0  (if- S0 days,:and .their ar-  ii^Jilh^re lifvV tiaeirthe nteans/)f;reducing the  , ) ? ri e'e of p ���������;���������-������v'"h'' u^ and keep I rig in any m i ners  )n���������:��������� 'ihe :c��������� >nii 1 ry who won!d .0therwiae have  iieen- obliged to leave on -account of the scar-  >.<:. j t v a nd h i g h prices o f pro v isi 0 ns.  M v T-h a d d e 1 j s 11 a r pe r a rr i v ed  he re July  ���������':?'.|th hy way of Barnes1 trail, making the trip  in 3������ days.sn that ihe trail;must be iu  very  . ':go*ifi coviditi0n; "Yet these enlerprisinjr g������j 1  ?ii e in e n���������so i t is re ported ������������������ wil I; b e o b Uged f 0  *pay toll for packing over their own trail!  'T t h������ m i ners. in erchiin t s a u d p ackers a re ve ry  indignant; and te el very tmi ch' h ur k at th e  injustice, of-a charter being ^granted to any  ���������person or persons for a trail already made  passable* and which -will cost a mere trifle to  ibe improved, and more especially' to those  gentlemen who have-no doubt been watching  t\m proceed in gn of the������piotieer packers, taking  ad vh ntage ol th ei r 1 ah0rs a n d h00d wi nkin g  the Government into granting then) a charter.  Government should be very cautions and  look before they leap, otherwise we shall  have to add to the present high prices 2 cts.  per pound more.  Every one here is much excited about the  charter, and;there i������ Ialk 0f ��������� h01 di0g an in-  dignation meeting and opposing the payment,  of any toll on that trail. J. 0.  Extract from a letter received by Mr J. j  Dennie from Fred. Lynch:  lt Abbott and I have been running all over  the country to the different creeks that have  been discovered, hut up to the present time  have found nothing. Phave heard from A.  to-day ; they intend drifting from the shaft in  HI nek Jack gulch. This gulch ia yielding  more than any of the creeks that have been  struck this spring. Jonah Williams and J.  ���������Carson are the only prospectors on LoBt  Gulch ; they are in different companies.���������  Carson brought in 8.07.. last evening. Jonah  is ground-sluicing. On Germansen-���������which  promises to be the ''Tyhee" creek���������J. Bry  jtnt, Stocker, Ede, Sampson, and a couple  ��������� Thb Wkatliicr���������Thdndbk ani> Snow Stokm.  On Tuesday last the weather, which hadr,been  su I try a 11 d cl ose 10 r so m e ti ay st ex p erience d  aauddeh change, rcsnltinig/ih a "heavy; thun-  d e r sto rm. Fo r an: hour: or mo re the peals of  Heaven-s ar tillery re ve rberated thro u g h the  echoing mountaina . in louder: tones than we  have heard for; a long: time; and: when: the  thunder ceased it was followed:^by: a heavy  hail shower, accompanied by a,tempest which  swept thro ugh the forests ��������� f11 r io usly. ���������" j evel fi ng  many a tall iree ;in: its course, and seriously  . alar m i ng se vera 1 tra veil ers on the r# ad f r0 'in  Van winkle to . Ri chfie 1 d. Af ter tb is th e at-  rao'sphere mdden Iy grew col d,--and we were  treated to a reg u I a r la 11 of snow for a bout  two hours���������something unusual on the 8th of  August��������� cl 0 ih i ug tlie mou n tai n s. p rem ati i rely  in their winter garb. On the higher ranges  fro m fpu r to si x i n c hes 0 f sn 0 w tn net,. li a ve  fallen, as some remained till next day. Since  Tiies'day we have had considerabie rain,  which has been serviceable to the miners hy  recruiting the water, which was getting very  low. especially in the snialIer creeks' and  gulches;.-/    ��������� 7,. ,' '''��������� -:'    ]..yX. '���������"������������������      .���������-*':.;...:'.-,,:.r*Tl  7 Postal Rates.���������As on the incorporation  of: BxiU.S.L.Co lumb iaw i j h^ the pom j ni 0 n the  man age men. t and re v e a u e' of the Post /"Office  were assnmed.. by the. latter, we .were under  the impression that the rates of postage won hi.  be a tioiice assimilated to those al ready ^estab-  1 ished,by- the 1 aw of;Canada... However; we  Fin d Br Ui sh; Cola ni b i a ra tes are s ti 11 col I ec ted>  ;We slioui'd like to. know ..".whet her tlie Postage  Law .whiclr was passed at the first session ;of  the Pariiamerit of Ca.nada in 1867 is corisid-  ered' to be in ,;'force ;in.. tbK prpvi0 ce or "ti01 ?  tf i t is not, ho w can I li e Do mi a ion (xoy & rn:  ment; take charge 0 f thePost: Qjfipe ? fandf;if; it  i s, b y w h a t 1 u w ;. or;* r i girt - can t hey c tf 11 ec t  higher rates than;������!# &rovided for; therein.1  We noWj.under our7old Colonial' rates^have  tp pay 2oXcents?/jfp'r a; 'Jfetleiv'Ju Victoria,  w h ereas h y th e Can ad i ati Act w e c 0 u 1 d send  it to. the  farthest, point ia the Dominion, or  out from their;*hatt, and will:: soon : be in.- a��������� ey^n7fO: prince Kdwardrs; Ishtnd, lbrv.three  \,hev uo t *mod. c^n ���������X ���������������������������'$'*>>v���������'wn9 deri ves.benefit of theextra  p i isi tio n to t es t th ������ c h an nel; .:.th ey g<  prbsptjets round the shaft. The Two: Sisters  co. a re ub 0 ut bull d i ng a wheel.; before doing  auy mo*re'prospeciing. / ,  /.;:; '7:'.'.'.'.".'.; lhshtmsr crkkk.'.. ;'���������  7 The South Wales co7last week: washed 205  oz. The,Sprucp. co. are ahout to v.tnk a new  hh at t a 11 he 10 w er line of ibeir gr 0 u n d. ��������� The  Eleven of Kngjahd have had a bad./cave  vvltich has7ftlled up"their diggihgs i0r the  I>resen t. The Glads10iie co;, a re still u nab Ie  to 2 et th er w ater un de r. a nd th ey a re t.������ n ct ea v bring to .make a r r a rtge hi en t h c 0 rij oiittl y w i th th e  01her prospect ing co ui panies: in the same  vicinity for: the purchase of a steam, engiue  and" iron pumps.  DAVIS CUKKK. -     "*'���������  The Amalgamated co. continue to get good  pay in their tuurad 5 last week they washed  oioz.-.'        _.; _ '���������������������������.,' ''���������'.���������' '���������  AMADOU CRKEK.  The A mad or c*i. are expecting daily, to  b reak'' i n to the ch an n el fro m th e i r b ed ro 6 k.  shaft. The good pay got in the South Wales  co, is creating increased confidence In, this  creek,' The Tay 10r coM at tho moi 1 th 0f tiie  creek, are about commencing a tail-race.  AKTLJtIR CKliKK.  The Tudor co. last week struck a splendid  prospect, in the bench alongside of the deep j  ground in the creek 5 from a hole about equiv-1  alent t'^ a 19 foot set they took out 9k os,i  about 10 feet only  from  the surface.   This j  looks well for the lower portion of Antler,  where the loose nature of the gravel has prevented the creek from being bottomed up to  tlie present time.  HARVEY CtlKKK,  obarge���������^the General 01/ the Provincial Government5?  faC r'  . M m t Fa ra-s C as k���������Sacra m e n to,,'. Jii I y 10���������  The; -Appeal pa pers in the" case 0f M i*s Lau ra  I).; Fair were filed in the Supreme Court to-  d ay.: 0 a motion-: 0 f E1 i sh a Co 01t������ ia 0 pen  Co 11 f ^ - it w as 0 rd e re d th a t: a sit pe rse d e as^ wri t  ;isslie, stayiri g . the executi0 n 0 f. the Co 11 rf be-  10 w u n ti h f ii r th er 0 rd er o f ���������= the Sup rem e. Co u r t.  Tb e. cau se/ uece ssar i I y ��������� go es 0 ver \in til t li e O c-  tober .iernij when it can be argtied aiid taken  11 n d e v^, ad v i sem eu.t Co n sid er i n g th at t h e re-  cord ..filfed has 80S)pages of District Court proceedings and 35 of private correspondence,  and t lie v 01 u minoiis bri el's and p 0i u te 0 r" la w  that will be filed, it may be reasonably as-  sunied that several months will elapse after  the-an*j.0urnhien10f the October term before a  fiuai'decision is rendered.  . Caiutjoo H'oserTAL.���������The Committee ap-  p 0 i ri ted b y th e Q^ n d J u ry ha ye c 0 mm e n c ed  co 11 ec t i n g for $n$*. bos pita], an d ,are, we b e-  whom have been working in the Montrose, it j Kirk Patrick. M. Sullivan. J. Peebles, W. An-  e creek are about to sink a shaft to imdm>  The Perseverance co. are getting good pay,  The Montrose co.are drifting and getting pay.  The I)0mitiIo 11 co, have had a go0d deal of  trouble with their tunnel and are not yet into  the channel. The Manitoba co. are making  steady progress and hope soon to get into th  chanue  (himing the  their funnel. The dimming co. have also  tin med the creek and are about to sink. Sanguine expectations are entertained as to the  yield from this creek this fall.  (J1MMJSK CIUSKff,  The ground-sluicing claims are now defining up and expect to lurn out well. The  Caroline co. washed over ftO oz. this week.  Iieve, meeting with a generous response, to  th et r appeal. As. r> re v i ou si y an n o u need. the  c������i 11 ec to vs. are: For -By r ivcifvi I le---Messrs. Da-  vison, Todd and Kurtz.' For RiCjhfield���������  Messrs. M each am and Lai Her.. For William  Creek, below Cameronton, and Mosquito���������  M r Oppen heim er.. For Lighltdng��������� Messrs.  Poimere and PattuUo. For (irouse��������� Messrs.  Rogers aiul Elwy'u. For French Creek and  Conklin Gulch���������Mr Nutt, For. Stout Gulch  ���������Mr Drown,   For Lowhee���������Mr Forrist.  S1M f OK   RO IU5 K B Y AT . IIA it VE Y CIIR B K���������La St  week the sluice-boxes of the. Montrose co,  were cleaned up at night without the fore- j pany  man'ssanction, and judgiug from the previous wash up and nature of the ground  worked it Is supposed that the thieves got between SSJ00 arid $400. No clue has been obtained to the perpetrators, but as there are  a number of Chinese ou the creek, some of  Ki LLKJ)���������-Isaa a B r 00 ks, f 0 r raer I y o f W i 11 i a ia  Creekj 7. who .was shot, in a fow on Dupont  street; on the;morning of 4th July, died ia  ^n;.Fi^e'ciMb;yi;.(ijy;224.  "-;-.tGo������'B.;HdM������^BiErN������il Shaw, lately a share.  holder;iii the Discovery co., Valley Mountain,  an4^membei: of the Amateur Dramatic A������-  sociatibn, left by'last Express for his home ia  Western Canuda^7S- ,  /���������;. A-Contract hiis "been made hy the Government of Canada with the owners of the steamship; Prince Alfred to carry the mails between  San Francisco/and Victoria twice a month.  Siukmknts of goods from Canada overland  via San Francisco. are now being received ia  Victoriu free 0 f d u l.y.  ; Bon*.M.L. Lanokvik, C.B.. Minister of Pab-  lic Works'^is expected to arrive in Victoria  by next trip of Prince Alfred.  : 'AFnaTHGU lot of 28.000 Vn������, notch In ery for  the, Laue & Kurtz Co. is expected to arrive  to-day- ��������� X-. '���������'   : .  **f ::   ���������/':.   ,PASSH)NGBUS.  .. By BarpjjmPs Express, arrived 5th August:  Misses Louise and Maggie, from Yale ; Mr J:  -VV-il kin so h <4miuuQuesae I om nth.... ...t) own - Aug,  6th���������Messrs. f/G.Fitidlay, John Kiddick. H.,  Abrahams. Rev7 Jas. Keyuard. wite and fiVe  children, Mrsj\Vrn.:.jp&ytson, for Yale.  ./ '-ByiB^m^d'ai.^xpr^sSi arrived Aug. 11th  Fr oiii ��������� Yai e -^ W;.- W also n, Wv Boo th ro y d, 0 mi -  C h i n ama n, to Ly.ttoi t j M r M cLei I a 11. t w 0 M ex-  icans, to Cache ^ree^ i three Indians, to Soda  C reek ���������; \V. P err y, \i, Ro 1 aiid s.' t w 0 C h i n a in e n,  to: Barkerv ille. ,F rom. Quesnelinou th���������M a<I.  Ben d i xent ��������� to Va h wi n kl.o; W. H11 c h cock, Kd.  Lettiiittg^it^) BarkeryfUe.  /vByGerowtfe Johnson's Express, left Ana:.  (5 th���������iMessrs. 8ei l Sh aw. Ed vyar������ I Pea r*o n,  J p is n -Hu in p It rey s, f o r Y a I e ; C. Ross. M i 11 er,  Morgan^ an d W i 0 % Si ng, fo r (Ji i es n a I m 0 u 1 h.  ;^    MINING RECORDS.  7 ^      ������������������'���������'   WJTiLlAMCRBKK.  ; New. Aurora ../Co.���������July IS--Recorded im  favor*���������'&{��������� /N7;F/.Foster;. in trust for company,  one bill claim, commencing ul lower Hoe of  presen^ciaims. "'*���������". .  Enterprise co.���������July ol���������Recorded in favor  of Lewis Meyer, one interest,   lie-record. ��������� j  '���������'���������'��������� XJaledoma ' co^Atigust ;4���������Recorded -In'  "favoF.bf;1'>V'ni.:.T.ettgue, Wm. B������iley, J. F. Pas-  coef^Vm. Ho;������^h^'Pi^afl^rt^; ftfi0 ^ot������ c.om"  me ri ci tig at .10 wer ��������� li n e of Cal ed o n la -- co.. .run -  nihg;up stream, re-record of old Caledonia  ahd'adjoining ground.  Wilson co.^-August 4���������Recorded in favor  of Sing Yee; two hill claims, re-record of part  of ground,, also the ditch on west bank.  stout oclou  Mucho Qro 00.-���������August 7���������Recorded m  favor of/Thomas iluxbury, John Williams, in  trust, two hiU claims adjdininc: upper Hue of  Mucho Oro co.7toform part,of:sam<J.  C0X.KL1N OVUM,  Queen co.���������July.26���������Recorded ia favor .of  F red. . Ban <l er alui Jam es Gal le n, two creek.  claims, formerly part of Indian Queen co.  Thistle co.���������July..28'���������Recorded in favor of  Root. Brodie, Robt. McNab. John Malcolm,  three hill claims oh right bank, commencing  60 feet above old Good-aa-any shafif runmug  up streaui. .  1,HUITNIN(* CLiRKK.  Vulcan co,���������July 1$-Recorded in favor  of "\Vr. Powell, A, Kellogg, Thomas Fletcher,  each half interest.   Re-records.     : . .  Clark and Costello co.���������July 19��������� Recorded  in favor of F.Coopar. W.H. Morgan, J. Johnston, R. McGiri, G. Byrnes, intrust tor com v  five creek, claims, commencing at upper  iiue*of Clark and running up stream to lower  line of Vulcan co. ' .  Vulcan co.���������July 21���������Recorded m favor  of S, B. Tompkins, half interest.   Re-record.  Murtle co.���������July 24���������Recorded io favor of  NT.Gninbauii), F. Neufetder. J. Hunter, -L*  Dkatm at th������ HosmTAL���������James Sanders, a  native of England, aged about S5 years, died  in the Cariboo hospital on Tuesday. 8th inst, l? ^J^  of liver disease. He was formerly in the | K1^at ^'^J  Royul Engineers, and came to Victoria from  tbe Cape of Good Hope In the vessel which  brought an iron Government building, after  which he was transferred to the detacbmeiH  Itennie, T. R. PattuUo. Geo. Bickley, each  half interest.   Re-records  Vtilcan co.���������July 25���������Recorded permission  lower 800 feet stakes 100 feet to  f. Campbell (just from Canada),  " The bulk of Sterling's goods is at Tatlah  and will arrive here next week.  *��������� We have a big town and nothing in it.  Joe Blum has started bis whiskey mill; he  deals it out on a board in one corner of an  unfinished house. C. House is clerk for Smith  A Sterling ; Cicero and Rose doing nothing ;  >'e llle 11 a <1 ru J .* c 1 f 111 n ������ 0 0 0 ur t a ri'. n m [ \ \\ *  Tub Tblkgrafh���������Tbe line has been down  for the greater part of this week below Clinton.   We understand that the supervision of  properties, modes of extraction, value, &c,  of the precious metal.  Dkatu of Bishop Dkmkrs.���������Right Rev. >f.  -August 4���������Recorded in  permissiou   to re-stake  South Wales co.~  favor of company  ground.  ANOKIISON CUKEK.  Bmilv co.���������July 31���������Recorded in favor of  JosephRowe, Francis Orr, F.Ncufelder,each  two interests.   Re-record. ^  XKLSONOUhlEK.  Montgomery co.-July 21-Recorded ia  favor of P. Lynch, Samuel Montgomery, K  Mills, J. Topiaiio. each 100 feet. Ite-record.  25th July���������J. J- Robertson, 100 feet. ^  First Chance co.���������July 25���������Recorded m  favor of John Hudson, Samuel Montgomery,  the line below is entrusted to the men who! Deiners, Roman Catholic Bishop of Vaiicou- j Alex. Swan, each one interest.   Re-record.  are  ...--       ., ...w-.        ..,    .������.,_, .,���������. ^������     .-,    ..,v     ...x-,.        "Ml/  I   i /(.Till1;  I >-T,   ������.*.<.Mil fl.it   V'������i'������-'.'   ������-..*.....��������� |,        -.. ...,v   ... ������W������'������i   .-- ."������������"1    - , _ .     *     y      17*. PIT  -  repairing the roads���������a very unaalisfac i rer Island, died at Victoria on July 21lthJ    2-3ih July���������Reoordeti m tavorot J. u.tery,  mnrf*. r.f nrfay^tUn^ ag j]iey cannot be I The Bishop was a native of Quebec, aged &2 \ one. hill rclairn ou h'U bauii, comnieacmg nl  ���������uoe whiro a brcou ! vv*r*. ai������d c*uu<������i a KiUsionftry to this eva������f 'front linv. of Giy^������ur* cabm, ran:}���������'->������ aOtfti  ������r  W  tory mode of proceeding,  expected to know at 0  C'CCuy-i"  WW.  *'lre;uu,  & nMfe  S^^S  f fi  n  j&*  >w  SB;  4:*';  -������������'*  &  .     ���������;.'  v.v  ./;";  w<  -*^  mu  -.?:  Pi  pit  lit  B  Si  mm  Jti  s17  Ifoi  ������:  ������  If  3  ^  ������ &,'  lift  P  ''���������SSteiSfe  ill  if  il-H������at-  ,lb  !n������?  '       .[continued from 1st page.] ;  7- ���������^loni.'tne beach ������jthe rocks and "hiftiehls were  ".; ;*.*Cfo;.a^ effect was  \?\ flier;i ni wh*>h vo 11 ey; after vol ley by i>r,a e-;  ,��������� i" W ��������� innr^sraen, each7: takmg; aiy individual  Turn. "ponreA^ '.nipn  whose orti^i wfreto lan%iin&:rnsh t6veIi?Ba  ���������iitarVra^ And.ga!-  Viiiff did tnevVfriiffgle to carry out the '/pro-.  x irrammK Half of one boat's 'crew and a third  o fc an oihev. so me 150 m en a r th *v m a>jtv; d i d: ar-  ,������1 ia 11 y reach d ry. 1 a rid a n d m >������leva r 11 s h at. t fc e  *i rench lifilcl; by: the: Guard?',; ivii0 shofc down  rnb4 of them ns they a pproached, th <>n sp rant  ��������� 11 p an d .d rove -.-. the rem a ������nd er ba e k 11 j to the  water with the bay0net. IIere;$>'c c.1.1 rred One,  of tHos'e incMents whieh.'sh6w th=<t;m oflern  war fa re, wit h all 11 a in e '" h an 1 ca V' co ti tri vo h ces  lor whnleaale and ctddbli"'-d,d butchery,  ' ati II / Vi fl*o rds sco p e ft i r c h i y a I ry. n n d ro ni h n f e.  ;: An 0 Hi ce r 6 f (I ia I i ������jrri ish ed m i e n, the scion 6 f  a. .pri neel y; h0use, was-; pushed to the wn te r*s  < ��������� d a e. o v e r p 0 we red a nd ex h ansted al {. I) 011 %]\  sti 11 II ff li ti np' deg p> ra t el y', wlien'. his m p' ai i 0 a  was f<een hy a yoiinir.lieuteiuint of-:the. invad  ; i n# n a vy fro m a .ab i p % <\ a nn'c h' ���������' i n . wh i ch h e  liad7 been carrying;orders^ ;\Vjj]iou"l; raV mo-  --- jrienfe- hp&i-talitva he-Gbnifn^nded^he-;cr-e-w..to  ' .pull\h^bkv;anii;.they pln^dwith aiicba will  .. tliat witbin,-'sii few seconds^tfie;Viqat .was; rfiii;  agro 11 nd ii01 riiariy. yards: from theirnga 1 Iant  eon n try m ati, an d. fc! ley were sp r i n gin ex -to t h e  :.���������; yeaeii e. w'.h en .a b n 11 afru cl> th e li ei i(je ha n t and  Si e fell. lie sacrificed his I ife < 0, h is c hi v al ry,  a ul in it a man of the heroic boat's crew go l  . tvway. / : v  'Am 0 ntr th e. ma ny casual ti ea wb i cbad ded ,i 0  the confusion a shell, exploded in the;, boat  'Which carried the. leader of..;the .headmost.  dfviMnn ."and his StrtflV killinor Mand, won nd in p:  ��������� 'xiiowiof ih"rii-.;:;.:.-Mnd7f.^6^;n'naj)oYti. cariyin^.  :���������;. 1 v -i'J ,!ery7rtin :upoa torpedo os ii n d were :b I own  ���������',.141.' fTHin������fs-b'e^ \;t\- to Iffok- very unlike Tvin-  dorspiel. Butliirire sacrifices had been couiv A  ���������: on ,'ti!J. t was7 kn 0 wn.'aiid. felt i hat a firsts l Uh1 ni ng  .; "v'ci'ii V.t'.b.e7 British .Jico'asti must 'Vie. elTected irrthe  77 spirit ot a fpuliirn. hope,iand,fresh~boat.s were  huriw/inii in or. loadin������f from   the transports;  ���������;:; wli eti "vii.a rlt17 a I p w;^rumbiinjr^ound^iike'in-  ���������:.' '��������� i er iiii i ti rj '01 li ii n de r-i :^ Is 7 h eard:';.. .fro m> f a r 7 off.  -.acr^suiltevsea.   It is- the sound 0f cann0n on  tlie ^xtpemejle/t of Abe = Armada.   It-can be  :.   potiVing \r\it- the English Channel  Fleet.   A  ^{^Mteaaier had in., fXcfcjprertaifen the7;Adr  ,- mira!. and>-despatching ^0, of. his ships7to  watch the Americans, he had - come. bnclo to  , p;iv(? ^;de,cisvve turn 10��������� the.- wavering; for.) unes  of, the dayr-tbe day big: withrthe late of Wnj?-  land, of Kuuope, of the world. , He bronehl.  .-���������r/sKlUV-l-W'WV^y^11 :i fir'st-clHSS: iron-clads,  with  ���������X uioro than;;twice-, as' many of.h������ra 70f. heavy  <:m e tai, a n xl. i fcwa s; a <r ra n d ,a n d. fe ;i r f u \ sp v. c ta-  ftky-tlie 73pproac;!i. of,.,those magiiificent.ma-  ehinei. jnsiifl'ct^Wjilh;life and motion.cloving  1 lie.;r way righ fc ron ward th ron g h the tj 1 ick of  111 e hostile a riiiama n t wi th6u fc stop pi ng to en ���������  gage the.' fihlps of7war7; ahtV-running. down  ' transport after transport |w I ile: almost -everV  f?h 01" f Vo tn 1 h ei r end r ni o ii a ftw us ;v: ri t a sh i p i 0  the bo tt 0 ro; or left a b oat load V f gal Ian t men  at rn go 1 ing for life in the w a ves.   .  .7 The/mi li Vary 0 reran \7M\ on of the iri'vad trig  sir my vv as b eye ri d ai 1 praise :. a n or d e r em an -  ai ing from head quarters might be said  to*  live!a!ong thelihe, and the skill to .restore a.  Ii is i ng ba til e or e ffe c t'' a re treat was n e 7 e r  "vyaiVHnjr; any more  thnn the' strategyr which  witrs'Hr^improeps avicfory.   Hut what dii:l  h.; 1 ch shi 11 Vi vji i 1 here. 0 n an n n iried: e 1 e mWnt-J  wllerp 'ho 1 diers and.-generaU were equal 1 v  Viel p ItjsH,', w he re  s 1 r a tegy   was ,n se I esa a n d  li raver v thrown away ?   All hope of currying  0tit. a ny pre-organ ized p 1 an ivas at an en i1;'  Saitve qui pent became the wprd among the  I������iri1 tl or p ress^ d must era : 0 f t ra n s p 0 r ts, w h 0,  p; i c h 0 f I hem as esca p ed ' b ei n g run do w ti.  n\'��������� t de pIF w i������h 0u t wal ti ng to ta U e i n I heIf o ri z-  biaVfr'eigli s    The wind rose and soon fresh-  owl to, a gale.   The gnnboate which had  f; tl 1 e u ha c Ic b (* to re the n d v: 1 n e 1 n g armament  now nssailod it, on every side.   The fire of  *h 'IN was continued from the fiefahis. A dec-  perale pea-flght was prolonged til dark, and  parlially con tinned Ihronjrh the night.   When  morn big broke tbe catastrophe  was made  clear in all its horrors.   The second Armada  bad shared the fate of the first.   }f"fit of the  hostile iron-clads were missing    That which  carried  Cs3������i> and   his   fortunes - in other  words,  the AdmirabGeneralissiaio and  his  &mife~-hnd   received   a   six-hundred pound  pfeel-headed  shot between  wind and water,  and had no al tenia live but to strike. Princes,  Archdukes  and  Dukes were mude prisoners  by the score.   The renowned Chief of a brilliant Staff*was" picked  up in an exhausted  Htafe while endeavoring to regain his ship by  swimming, after the boat in  which he was  trying to remedy the confusion had been  swamped by the surge ;   and a Serene Ffieb  ness. who  had made Ijjs way to (he sit ore af,  the head of his contingent, was with difficulty  persuaded lo give up  his sword to Prince  Edward of Saxe-Woimar,' who enacted  the  part of Bayard to Francis, I at Pavia,    But  wo rtwve for another chapter the various  j'pisodes of this em-mcmorable triumph and  3^-rern-lt?.  MISCELTiANjEOUS;  LfGHTNrNG GltEEK.  MINERS AND TRADERS will fine] it to their advantage to purchase at th Ik Store ;wh erp tbero is  Of tii every ^)CRt' ^ escription 0 n h and Van <\ th e Stock  constuntlyrcplenislief'.hy new arrivals. Theproprie  tors wi 11 s e 11 Good s 7 ....  AS cCHEAP' AS; ANY 'IIT .'CARIBOO.  Onlerspromptlyftilod 3and forwarded with tii spa leh  ..' BEEDY k LINDHAllD,  ���������Van Winkle, -Proprietors  MISCELLANEOUS  J,  P  . ;tunstall & Go.^  8 BOW CHURCH YAliD. LONDON;  :���������:���������������������������-���������-,    VICtORIArB.C. ::;^^^^^u  :p������r. Good s b 011 gh t in. th e 15ii rop eab M arke ts to d rder/and; con s ig nmen ts of Goo ds. fro in'  British Columbia sold in London, . Xy ���������������������������'��������� ���������'":���������:"���������"��������� '���������"'��������� '���������:.'[" X':' X-'-X': ���������  '::'x\;-y ";���������'���������; -���������������������������y&\f:E'jR&%^ -;--'':"  .LONDOJT���������London and Westminster Bankt Lothbury.    "    :-  .'    7       ':���������   Messrs; Copestake, Moqre & Co., 5 Bow Cbnrch Yard,  VICTORIA���������Bank of British North "America.   ;  my6 6ni  icxx,;...-, ,7:,YiCTaRiA.7.:B,Q.;;;;.7:-:..:7:l x.L.  MAXUFAOTURE STEAM ENGINES AND BOIIJERS,  . ei the t- R \g h or Low'. Prossii re, "  Grist'i: Qbirtz nhrl Sn'w-,-'Mills', and'-"in'.'"fact':;a)jything  .cnnneor.efl witii���������:. th0;.MnbJ;i 11 e;-bup!riV'^s.';/Tro������iWiirl  Bn������ss Castings ol nil descriptions. Oh ham' and for  ru If, .a In r{?o. n s.sor tin <>n t. 0 ������ S lu-e l,, T5 nr <' h 'I;: ot] 1 e. r. Iron y  Boiler;Holt.������,'\Iaok'fScrft;w.������,' Br������ss f'ocks',' "GIV>V>6 V'.-tlves,  Cemetery. Rai lii 1 gs: of; Mi ft e re n. t' '.��������� Pa 1 tern s,; Car W! 1 *������ vis  w i th ��������� I ron: a nil S tool A kh\s7S tc>a'm Pi p e' Fid ihgs, Sits..':' - ���������  : A11 ��������� 0 Filers.' p rom p {I y at tended -to; Terras. Cash, at  our Works in -Victoria. . .... .-  mylU'flm-;' 77 ���������';' ''SPRATT k TRvTv'G, Pronrift'>r?.  ^7011-MOREi  ���������.Tfi-j*   -r\ .ttt  FLOUR, 'XWUiL  m  Jj  GO^ERNMNTVSTREBTy VICTOBJA.^I,  R~~ 'AS:0N iffiftr,'^3f a IS. CONSTANTLY .recpi ring, a  , ��������� lar^tv. assortiiient. of rLOTHS, ..CA^SIMERKS.  im'il;. VESTINGS, ���������which.he is prepared.to,:make lo  order in the most approved styles. ���������'   ������������������ ���������  -. ^^rParHi^'o'n vWiliinm 7>reek -: :can'::hav.o ��������� t'leir  trieii'sures taken-l>y*Mr- McCallutn:fB������rk'irvillo: -:. -;":  . ; jjsri All. orders- fro'm: C?i ri h������ to; \ftb\i\ p tly attend cd to.  ''���������;'��������� X-."-I������������������..:''/���������?���������::>'���������>-.;-.'-'.;��������� .,:-.iny6I'm-:���������.-.������������������.���������"���������:���������  .r,-'-v ���������: /.'���������,* ..:  SODA 'CREEK,,. ;,:^, .-f}-.:.:.  7-;,;.r /'���������? QUESNELLE, and; 07/7^  '   ' - * - BARKEBVILLE  ���������'777 ���������;"--7.7;-i.':^-;-; ^:.7-:        7. ��������� ��������� J.; HARPER,  Miners7 Provision. Stdre������  BARKERVILLE. '  1 T, ���������'��������� THIS - STORE-, Wi 11 n 1 way s he.. f0 u n d a - well -  :ii77selecte(l stook.of the.7:  ..-,..;--: 7-. '-���������  icvi i,���������  GROCERIES    AND  PRBVISIONS :IN   ;CA^!3GO,  FRESwrft  m<$.  ��������� Ty;": ���������������������������'.],: BEST; if;AYA?- COFFEE ^.7.  .Roasted and Cround daily, ;7 :-:-   ���������.,- ���������'^.7;-..!- .,-'.-������������������  Branch} Bt6rjd::&^\^st::  ]\p\yy,':x'x GHaiLce,;-;^\-./;^::"'.;.-;  Where a good assortment of,- Goods will always, he  found.--... ������������������ .;'..','...'.' "...: . . .'.;��������������������������� ���������  Timothy strict attention to-hu^iness and fair and  Store Street, (between .-Herald ana/lnagard /1 squire dealing to merit it c<������otinu::noc of.-the,liberal  ��������� .VICTORIA, B.C. ������������������:���������-*���������'��������� ��������������������������� V  ANDREW ASTR1C0, -   .-- -   -;-   -   PROPRIETOR,  pa t r 0 n ag c h e r 0 to for c ex te 11 d e d tome .-  fe4  The most.commodions and clean HoteI iu Victoria.  Hiscou.ituctedon.the Eur->pc;inpridciple. The table  is 'supplied with the vury bVst* the;market a Hovels.; ..  Jh'uls- at all. hours of'the day. Private Dining  Rooms lor Families. ;��������� ��������� .��������� :--v-,, -     :,::  Bourd and Lo f,1ng per7week, $5 50 and $q 50.  Per- ��������� dtiy. ��������� $ 1.- Singlo" meal.������,; 37% cen ts... 11 c-1.-, sue..-  ;. J$������������Z. Fire proof.' Sale in tho Ho use.   ''    ' my G 6 m  ~;X-. For Sale,  MOST. EYEEYTHIIf G  'HAT IS USEFUL!  ices,  -AT-  THOS.   FLETCHER'S  Second-ha nd   S> t o r e,  J. IDE.  WHti ljS"b.BRST.GNRI>;BBe'P  TO   INFORM'. HIS  1  trie n cl s a nil t h e p a h 1 i e, t h a t h.e.h a s ti it c d"u p so������n 0  COMFORTABLE    BED-ROOMS  it'his new buildlng, wher0 It 0 is .prepnred to giye  good Bods at, a reasonable price. '. Those who will  fa vo r'ft i m w i th t h ei r p a t vo 0 a ge) in a y d e pe ii d 0 n t h ������  c 100 nn oss an doom Tort of his house "'  Hit ta k es a I sot h i s -0 p po r t u u i ty. tore m i n d the. Cari -  hooitos that his Brewery lias reeeived the FIRST  PRIZK of the Colony.tor hi������celobrated '   y  ;,v The FLORENCE is the bestSewing 7  .Machine for������������������ Family use, because' it.  so seldom gets out of order.   Ifthero'  ���������is one"not working:well in ���������"-���������>'   \7 7  ���������     ..CALIFORNIA, X;--y:;.  WASHINGTON -TERRITORY,  ;:. NEVADA;    -;'"..-  ���������-,-.:. ��������� jDAHOy ; 7 ���������-���������-'���������>-/-:7  ���������=���������^^^ALAS'KA,���������.\���������v'���������.���������7���������,7^'���������������������������::;'^���������'���������  BRITISH COLUMBIA, '  X.^^mmty--T''TXyX-(r, iXXX-A  y   JAPAN, - "���������������������������X; ,-;.7..:7  ;Or" GH I N^^if ^oTrmd^ofjAtt: f wil 1 ���������  ..fix it ���������without';any; expense io the 7  'Qwnzr.. ���������.'_������������������.,,.x'.)r:;,Xxy;  Ko. 19 MrJntgomeTy Street, South,  GRAND HOTEL BUILDING,  '    Pan Francisco, Pal.  . Send for Circulars and samples of  the work. Active Agents wanted in  every place,- /'  .���������'.',     R. BEAVEN, Agent,  jelO fim . .    Victoria, B.O.  XXX   ALE,  And th e true -im a tours wi 11 bea h 1 e 10 j udgo by them  selves that snolt imnonibl*' prize has been justly  aw.'inletl to him.  N. li, ���������A 1Hr^e fron t room to lot. ���������  IJarkervilhyhiu, '23, 1������09. .   N. CUNIO  --LEA & PERKINS',���������;;  ���������     : Of-'lehratod'  W'ORCE S TERS HIRE    SAUCE  I) ec la r e d b y Co h n oi sse u rs to be  .THE   ONLY    G-OOD  SAUCE.-  ."'  UARKKR\rILLR.  jell  Van Volkenbnrgh & Co,  VS  Jarkerville, Richfield  ���������AW���������       VAN WINKLE.  A SUPPLY OF TITi?  BEST QUiLITf OF FRESH-  ���������AI^'ArS'OK HAV1X  If AVE heen requested hy several respnclahle par-  tii'S, who call twsmy to thoeilieacy 01 my sy<jttitnf  to again make public tlie (act that  Moses' Hair Inrigorator  WILL 1>KRVKJ5T BALDXESS,  K EsiTt) 11K 11A111 T H AT IS 15 ECOMINTJ TH IN"  OR FA IiLIX0 OF P, sunH![l>a ttla lly ���������  oujtB scurf ou i>animu;fi<\  Tills is not ft mere .assertion m my part, ax I have  in my pos.scssjon Humorous testimonials eortilying to  the success of my remedy,  "I do.not of course protend Mint I can nmko tlie hair  jrrow on heads which have been ha Id lor y-^irs* ; but  I will jLjuariintoc to stop the hair from fii'lllng og, to  iiu-.i'eusr! its growth, and olfo-etually r>*movo Srmrl or  Dandruh*. \V. I)   MUSKS.  Barkeryillo, B.O.  CKRriFlCvVTK.  This is to c*rl i I *y tl ni fc d 11 r i rue hi fi t spring my 11 a i r  whs r.Tpiely fallin/r nut and my head wn** last Ih'coio-  ft������K "aid, when I f������ppI|oU to'Mr W, h.MO^KS, Hirrhor,  Barkerville, wh''in a. low weekfrrr&torod'my hair to  il-sionnrr In-alrhy stiite . fiJAVIP.CIIHUONS  Bfrrket'Tiily r.Xr/2'J, IS SO.    .     '    . *    A*t"������l / 7  Caution against,Fraud.���������The sue.cessof this  most, delicious, and 'unrivalled Gondinurnt having  caused certain dealers to apply the name of 'jAVorcej:-.'  l.crshire Sauct*" to their own inferior cohvpounds', tho  pnhlic is hereby informed that the only way to so.  cure the genuine,' is to      :  ASIC FOB LEA & PERKINS' SAUCE*  nndtoseft thnt their nomesare upon the wrapi'kk  TJtmtxa, stopfer, and hutti e.  / S<������mo ol thefnreiKn markets having boon supplied  with a spurious WnrcostershiroSaiicc.upon tin- wmp-  perand labels of which tho names ol Lea and T'errinH  have boon forged, L. and P give notice that they  luive furnished their correspondents with poworof  attorney to take instant procoetlings apaiiiKi mani:-  fa otc f {Kits aiid v k ,v jj o r s ������I b " ch, o r : 111 y ot 1) e r i in 11 a'  lions by which their right raay he I nfrinued.  Ask for LEA & PERBINS' Sauce and seo,  Name 021 Wrapper, Label, Bottle, and  Stopper. ��������� . " "  Wltolfjsalft nn<\ for export hy tho Proprietors, jWor  cester; Crosse and Blackwoll. Loudon, &e. ,&c. 'r ioml  1 > v 0 roe ers a n d Oil in 0 n u 11 i v r.rsa 11 v.  SPROAT   &   GO  ���������?  AGENTS FOR  The Royal.Insurance Co.;:  W.HAKKSTBRKT, VirjTpU.IA, T.Ji.: '"    "'  1  ra  1  mm  fflk<  ', f-w  (\ I  4 >l  g.-.(r


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