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Vol. 4t
Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. G., Thursday; August -15- 1&81
Lytton, 28th July, 1867.
Mr. Editor,���In my last, I informed yon
that I was waiting at Cooks Ferry for a friend
of mine, in order to proceed together up
country ; but my friend,'!ike myself, struck
the same..4* load"-in-Yale.. Unfortunately
for biin, the pudding did not agree with his
rather delicate constitution, and the consequence was that ho has been laid up here
with inflammation, of the bowels ; however,
he ie doing well now, under the professional
bare of Dr. Melhnes, late of Yale, who is spoken of here as a bright star iu the M. P., with
an extensive practice to boot. ���
This little to Wn, or. city, as they call it, I
must say is really deserving of more than a
Jew passing re marks,, particularly- from your-
correspondent, who has sojourned in it long
enough, not only to admire the spirit of enterprise that has lately taken hold of the
people, but also their go-a-hcad-ativencss.
The opposition, or competition, that seems to
be the order of the day, ia the shape of
amusement, is the butchers* market���there
being two of that profession.to supply a population of about .fifty, souls. Opposition,
however, has been-a.great boon to the town,
as I am told that when one shop monopolized
the market, folks had . to live on " beef
straight;" but now, mutton chops, pork
chops, diagonal   cuts, "emeline   steaks, and
��� .Conatnarra sausages, are always ori hand, at
reduced prises. The competitors Hautier-
and Kilroy are doing the liberal thing, keep-'
ing open houses for two days at a stretch,
with free whisky ; the last named individual
chartered a livery stable, for the occasion.
when the " boys*7 had a glorious time generally, for forty-eight hours, and then went to
��� grass. "'-'���.
The carpenters seem to he all engaged in
making-improvements of onekiiid.or other;
BARKERV1LI*E,   [ ' ���
to the public that they have enlarged, refurnished,
aiid thoroughly renovated their capacious and fashionable saiooii, sparing neither pains nor expense for
the comfort of their Patrons.
This is bow the largest and most complete Saloon in
.British Columbia ; consisting ol three largo separate
afmrtmonts, viz.: CARD ROOM, BAR ROOM, aud
JiiLLIAKD SALOON, 'containing three superb BiL-
The best LIQUORS and CIGARS .obtainable, arc
servod here. This establishment is under the immediate superintendence of tbe Proprietors,
.:���    ADU5R k BARRY.
..',Jhffl&.6Ah,~l$6?�� --������    -4m" """"
the Undersigned have refitted this well known houso
which is now open for the accomodation of the
The Bar will be supplied  with  the best brands of
X8T Meals and Beds furnished at all hours.
���:���:-;' p. FONTAINE.
��� Ricbfleld, 1st May, 1S67. 1
/ W. Wiiinard/ ;
.,      REMOVAL.
Hotel-de Limerick,-under the able manage-
in cut of Plug Ugly, whose long experience in;
the business, and. indefatigable energy as a
manager, is calculated to make the institution
eclipse anything of the kind that has ever
been sprung in the colony. Some unaccountable delay of the steamer or otherwise, has
detained the Express from arriving here on
Mo nd ay, th e usual day. Th is is th e firs t delay o f the seas o n, audi might, say is unp rece-
. dented for.years. :::.:; Cook. ;.
..;' ������:���.       ,;...;:- -.: - BE ALER-^IK^^-:--'^-^ f^''X
1 considerably augmented by the recent importation,
of a variety of hew Ornamental Typo, peculiarly suited
i'or ��� ������'������-.
Posters, Circulars, Cards, .: '.
Billheads. Programmes for.
Balls, Concerts, and    .*
Theatrical Eiitertaimrierits.
. Orders for any description of Job Work will bo eke-
cu ted wi tl i noa tness and <1 ospatc-l i-.
jK3* Terms modorate. ������%&;     '���        ;
o. go*
��� -'-Pi "���-.'���|)*�����i**"
AND ���
. _ WEX^LER, /
-. . Barkery ilie, 1st May, 1867.  .. ".'���.'���'-  Vs
.'��� AND-��� ���'
act or,
���Goods sold' on Commission.; "Office,  Richfield.-^
Salesroom, Barkerville.  - ��� ���'.;'";' '5-S
i-FEEKLr-PAPER,^  ��� '
EVKUX. JlOXDAY.   AN!)  TiivnnvXii
j AN & CO., Proprietors.
KERVltLE, WiujAMij Citici2K, CAiiinno.
Inscription, ��� $1 per ^eok.
st of dol'jvery,) ��� Payablc -.to the tforrleh
���/.���"VE; STEPHENS,/
Has^eraoved to his NEW STORE, opposite
The Austrian correspondent of the Times
gives the following account of the new
breech -load i ng rifle, .selected by the; Austrian
governmCn t. The arm. is the i nvehtiou of M.
Werndl,!pf "Steyi\���--; Of the better known: sys^
terns, it most resembles the; "' Peabody/7 . It
is remarkable.fbr its simplicity:and solidity;
It may; b e sai d:; to c o risis fc" of fo ur pie cos���the
stock of beech-wood, which reaches,"nearly up
to the muzzle of the barrel; the barrel and
back pi#ce of one piece of cast steel ; the
lock, consisting of a wedge, with a groove,
over which the cartridge is slipped into the
barrel, an d : Which 6pens' and sliuts befcweeu
the barrel and the back piece ; and fourthly,'
the trigger. The manipulation of the gun is
easy ; there are four motions in loading. After discharge, the.thumb is pressed against a
flat knob projecting on the left side of the
gun, and the lock thrown open. By the same
motion the discharged cartridge is extracted
by a lever. Over a groove, which now appears in the wedge, a cartridge is slipped into
the barrel by a second motion. By a third
motion the wedge is thrown back, and the
breech locked, and the gun is then cocked.
The gun may also be cocked by a first motion
immediately after discharge. , It is possible to
lire twenty-four rounds in a minute. At 1200
yards a bullet from the " Werndl" will penetrate four inches of deal board.
friends and th e pu b 1 i c generally, th at ��� ne has enlarged and fitted up his SHAVING SALO OX, in a.supe:
rior manner, having secured tho services of an-efficient
ass isit antj he is now. prepared to. opera te in a
satisfactory manner in all branches.of tho T02fSORlAL
ART.'--"���:'.'-:  '���''������������. ���       "'   ���'��� ',*.'   X:--yyyyy.
��� He also begs to call the atteiitioh of the ladies to his
.finesolection of Perf.uni'cry^' which he is cohstantly ih
receipt of, from Langley & Co., Victoria, viz., Pomades,
'Powders,..Oils; Combs, -Brushes. and: other articles for
the Toilet. ��� ���:. Xy;. . -.-������ -' -. yXX-X' Xx.
.He also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair Restorative, guaranteeing to stop hair, from falling out, in
���one week, and iii reasonable ti mo. restoring Hair So its
former stato and color.' ���".'.
, Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods ; finest assortment of Shirts, UnderClotheSi N*eck Ties, Scarfs, etc.
-'2HhMay,;iS87> '  s..
lx the above Establishment.
Barkcrville, 27th May, 1867.
gritx;'ru\'.a& .follows:   :., ;   ���" >,
S '^UESNELMOtlTH^ON"/ �����
aj^': and ��� Sundays^ ���
as;; six O'clock; a. m.,     .
s^SODA/^Bksi: ON; . /
^s^aiid Fridays*
May2ndti8ot. \"
' QTJESNELMOUTIIi     ���/     /
|^HNS(^pROPiti^ .,} ���
iiSursi^and'. Cooking - of; tbe beGJ.
' "^descriptionUA^y'-'x?' s ��yy
Wi th H. if. Mails, Express and , Passehgcrs,: for
Lytton,; Clinton, Soda Creek, : Quesnelle .and- Barker*
yille, with branches to Savana's Ferry and Liliooet.
'.; Bjirnard's Express: carries;Letters;' Treasure; Valuables, and; Express Freight to Big Bend; Cariboo
and way stations.'' .' ..?���
FARE- TO: BARKER^LLE; >���������"���
:    (Exclusive of Stoame^s fare.)
^:;'v^UE3NEE5lbUTHj      ^:.,.������.-/���;
BRQW& GIIiLIS, Proprietors.;.
Good Beds;'Restaurant:;Billiard table, ,&ci:
Stabling for- Horses;'Hay aud Oats;       s .
T. N. HIBBEN..& CO.    '
WILL    FORTTA1U)    1'KOMl'TLY,    AT    S10DEKATK    TERilSj
English,   American,
French,   G-erman;
'.AndotherNewsp'apers aud Periodicals.-       >
���*��� fis'Vc-T. ~.yv-- -"*-* *
15th May, 1867. 4-3m
Steele's Restaiirant,
���   EICHFIELD.        '
��� and Patrons; that ho has opened his OLD STAND,
Where ho will be glad to seo them.   k
J^ JfEAIiS AT ALL HOUKS, <*��& '.
Jnno 10th, 1867. ll-s
August Stampehl,
A largo assortment of Boots and Shoes always on
hand. 1
Cariboo Literary Institute
���     s. s; Thompson; pkesipext. .
;   JAMES ANDERSON, Vice-PkesiUent:
ams, Pearcy & 06.}'
��� Have just received a choice selection of
tin-Slate and sheet iron*
with various other articles in their line of trade.
���"'jBSgrAU "Jobbing in tho Tin, Sheet Iron, .Copper aiiA
Zinc trade attended to; arid warranted to give satisiMotion .       ; 1
" Job printing!" exclaimed an old woman
iiie other day, as she: peeped over her spectacles at the advertising page of a country
paper. " Poor Job ! they've kept him printing, week after week, ever since I first larnt
to read ; and if he wasn't the most patientesfe
jnau that ever was, he never could have stood
it so long, nohow."
u Joe, what makes your nose so red ?
" Friendship."
M Friendship! how do you make that out V-
il I've got & friend who is very fond of
brandy, and he's too weak to take it strong,
sncl I>e constituted myself his taster."
CIGARS, liquors;
Clothing and Hardware^
J.iino2T, 1S67. ,
Aceouiiteviit,   Collector,
��� AND ���
Offick OrrosiTE X. Ctwio's Brewery.
June 17, 1867;
X vilie, where it is how fitted up with a view to the
comfort and convenience of tho people of Cariboo.   .
Tho Reading Room will be found supplied wi th tho
latest English, Scottish, Canadian, American and Colonial Pap erg a n d' llugmi nes. ..
Ti'rmsof Suh.soriptlon���$5 per Quarter,-or ��2 per
3Ioulili. Single volumes loaned to non-suhscrihers at
50 cents per volume, with SI deposit.
Ifeona not subscribers, visiting the Reading Room,'
find making use of tlie Books and Papers,-25 cents for
each visit.
The Room will ho open from TEN. A. 31., till TEN,
r. U. .  . JOHN BOW.ROX,
Secretary and Librarian.
N. B ���A fine assortment of Books and Stationery is
always kept for sale. 13-s
rpHE UNDERSIGNED have commenced in the above
JL business, in Barkerville, and solicit a share of public patronage.
Always on hand.
New Work  and
Pone at reasonable rates.
jBgp*&ar Teams run regularly, between Ynlo and
Cariboo and all orders in our lino of business carefully
attended to,
Bestatiraiit, -Bakeryj
PATBRSON & GOODSON, Propiuetoks;
X house for tlie season, tjm proprietors wish to i%
form their friends and the public generaliy, thai, thwyj
w i 11 spa re no pains in ord er t o. nieri 11 b c pa t ron ago ol
all who give them a cj'tlh
. Meals-g/t all hours. ' ^^
E T Z ���& ' N E L S Q N
Connecting at Victoria with WJ^IXS. tARGO' & ## ���/
for Ouiifori)ia. Oregon%���;the Atkiitii: states
and Kurooe.
...      ��� .�����$���>?
C-a-iboo and the Nojiher^ Ti*d<��}
. For Big Bcu'i
Convey in 2 Tnz^Mty V;l-**$?> lMbM:
0 ^JKW^JB^HtfSSffBWSMmmJrore  tttmmem  :hy  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1867.  Agents for the  "Grouse Creek,   -  'Cariboo Sentinel.  :'���������"-: - ���������'.."���������������������������;������������������- . '-���������: A. McWha  Quesnelmouth,      Mr. Goud'ie, Barnurit's Express Office  Tale, ".-.->'   .>      Mr, Evans,;.   do do    ';���������;  Liilooet,     -.    -F..W, Foster,,;-'^do do  Ne w Westminster,.".';'- " ���������; ���������;:: \',. X'X '���������    -    Clark son & Co  \r^#ww��������������� ''X: ������������������-������������������ XX-   (E. Mallandaine  Victoria,        ....      r. :r:-^'.-;; -j^Lyno..    .  Big Bend,   -      ...    ���������: ,:' Jasr.:. Bullock, French Creek  Van AVinlcle,    .     - ���������:"- - . ��������� -,..,- -.. ������������������ ��������� / .S. Edwards  :TO; CORRESPONDENT^. ���������  AU communications miist-bo;1 accompanied hy the  real nam������ and address /of the, writer, not necessarily  with a view of publishing tho same, hut as security for  his good faith.-    '. :,:i:yXyX, i'^i)ih.',..  to advertises.; ' ,  The "Cariboo Sentinel" is "published every Monday  and Thursday.   Advertisement intended for Insertion  must be delivered at ;1 a test at-6 o-clock, p. mi, the day  before publication.   . :yy':&yy\yr ;_^ ��������� . ������������������  jS������- All Adverti3oments'{hbt}!nscrted fdraDy definite  period) will bo continued untilo^dewd out and charged  lor accordingly. ;   X^yX'^X/X X}-  ���������     ,-      THEFEN]^S.:9>'    -  -'-;������������������.   "U^e gather from a recent; nftitfber of the  New York Herald, thatMitforsare current of  y:.approximate;^raid:-"on^the.--6Snadian jx>rders,  ���������;-by -tnVs'er eviPdispoic^^ It ap-'  pears . that numbers.of;:ut^|ratermty have  i   been missed from their uiTdal haunts, and are  T sup posed to be eongregatiiag:6n the frontiers  : of the U nited States, adjaceiit to Canada. : If  this should turn but to b&^e:case, and the  marauding schemes of these^scoundrels eventuate/in a raid on the Jgfeaceable: citizens  across the border, wecan;:prqtnise thema reception very different fromjahy theyliave yet  ��������� received ;'-and those who are: lucky enough  to escape to tell the tale,;will take good care  not to desecrate Canadian soil with their law-  ' less f po tsteps agaih.:  We ^re, < however, in-  ;���������;.' clinedto doubt such temerity on the part of  these cowardly, ruffians, whose only sagacity;  has been demonstrated.in;; the wonderful care  ���������  they have taken to   avoid;-exposing   their  : wprth less persons io: any th ing like risk. Th ey  : have n e ver at te m p te d an ������������������ attack; wh ere n'um-  b ers were less th an. ten to J one ��������� of tb ose o p-  : posed. to^: them.;��������� and they; '.iave^ heretofore  shown that they are'.each:' gifted^;;with;a;gopd  pair of heels.   In short ;they liavo^; worn out  ;: the' miserable .pretext/'-Qf&jjafrW  ?: which, in th ei r earlier exh ibhi^n^vtiiej.: w.orld  "was'deceived ; and they. are;nbw- expose'd in  all their naked villainy a parcel of worthless  refuse, intent on murder and. pillage.   They  :. are a fit parallel to the brigands of the Roman  States, and we trust that whenever they are  caugh t ' wi th su ch* o bj ects i n ���������' y ie w, a fitting  example may be made of them, as a reward  for their reckless impudence. . There probably never was a greater disappointment inflicted on them than that, produced by the  commutation of the sentences of Burke aud  his companions, in Ireland, at the;late  trials.  Had the British government Seen impolitic  enough to make martyrs of thesesmen by carrying out the death penalty, a'new lease of  life would have been given to this vile combination.   But happily common .sense prevailed over the indignation felt at the miscbief  done to the country these fellows?' pretended  to liberate, from what their American, sympathizers called, bondage, but what in .reality  was the prosecution of honest la;bor and legi-  ���������timato enterprise,'the two greatest antipathies  into their meshes those frivolous waifs and  strays of society, that evil tendencies have.  diverted from the path of rectitude,- and thris  is imparted an air of respectability to their Jell  work.   Of all the abortions in this: degraded  catagory,the Fenian fraternity is themost despicable, without a single trait.pf the romance  surrounding other combinations of: the kind, j  it has beeu hatched and fostered by miserable  paltry acts similar to  those, resorted to by  quacks in order to* vend their .nauseous potions. ��������� One after another of the; Eeniah leaders, after wheedling large amounts .of money  out of a too credulous pubU^6^e;^j^-0f>n:  sumraate skill, either had themselyeg. turned  out of the ranks or coolly withdrawn when the  moment had come for them toi show/by acts  the truth of their professed .patriotism.    Can  anyone doubt that Stephens and, tho more  prominent informers to the ��������� British; government had any intention of remaining; in the  Fenian ranks   tho moment; self-preservation  or reduced pecuniary profits; showedgihe ��������� adV  vantage of abandoning the enterprise ? Whon  subscriptions are no .longer; to {be obtained  from their ignoraut dupes, jtliese very men  will ally themselves with any other set of  blackguards who caninveut a plausible excuse for plunder in any quarter.   "Walker and  his fiilibusters wore of the same genus homo  and the probability is that the;Fenian scheme  being unproductive, wo may soon hear of  somo such oxpedition as Walker's when the  Nke scenes of pillage and murder may he re-!  enacted;"The United StatesIs'^aqquiring an  unenviable reputation fbr being;; the ;hot bed  of such excrescences, and it would appear  that for political purposes aspiring legislators  are not averse to making use of; sh.ch^ material to form their bridges to power..-- ^e,can'  only say that the lending of countenance to  such miscreants, has the effect of increasing a  national scourge that will  some   day be the  source of national regret.   There-can be no  greater stigma on republican institutions than  the association with such vile creatures, 'and  the sooner the institutions of the United States  are freed from contact with criminals, the  sooner will the nation rise to the position that  its power and wealth entitles it.      Whilst:  its . legislature,   and.  the  various   governs  ment  and  municipal   officers   are   tainted  with  the   odors   of such   brotherhoodsXin  vice as Feniaiiism, etc., so long will the most  reputable:citizens, stand aloof from all administration of public affairs, and the result will  be inevitable collapse. ���������'. Such a .; catastrophe  we hope.is. very far from probable -but with  presen t ap p.earances' ttit* w o rid, in ay-belled to  conclusions that it"-will recfiiire 'bjc^ans^ of  blood and countless treasure to'removefSvC;:  FoH CHERity CRBBK.^-Mr. Homer, and Mr.  Peter. Leech, surveyor, left for Cherry Creek  on;fhirty-first ultimo. Mr. Clande^t, superintendent of the assay department, also went  over to Cherry creek, for the purpose of making a scientific examination of the leads.���������B.  ^Columbian.".'-r ���������:';"'!���������:.-...���������,.'���������.'���������' v;'..,  ;: NEW ADYERTISEMENTS:  S&niFranci^Go Store,  v^OTMISSTON ^MERCHANT,  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ./."   A   CARD. ;  BEG TO; RETURN MY THAKKS TO MY F&IENDS  for tho kindness I have received .since I came here,  and to inform them, that I leavo to-day for Qucsncl, to_  go into training, arid that I have, authorized Mr. H.  SHEPPARD to. transact my business during my ab-  senco. : Hoping my friends will stick to me, I will do  my best to pull through. JOE EDEN.  , Williams Creek, B. C.} August 12, 18(37. v   4 ,  A  mioiogr tpliic  Artist,  AS NOW OPEtiEI) A PHOTOGRAPHIC GAIXERV  at���������KlCHFrftl.D, and is prepared to take  Curtes do YisUe,1 Timbre do Posto Portraits'Am b'ro-.  types, Le������tlK:r  Picture,   JHlanolypes, Views ol  ileuses. Cliiims,.etc., Singlo.pr Su>roo������jcopic.  Portraits also trtken on White Silk, Ui'ioii or Cotton  ���������  Gloih. :������������������'  Rich field, 12tU August, 3407.  3������r<a>  $&i$������h&$&^.������:  X    (JROCEBIES; PROVISIONS,    V  habdware; CLOTHINO- AJOTD BOOTS-  Next: Door to the Sentinel OffickI  *; Barkerville; S9tb Juno, 1867'.,,   V  17'  G;r6tL^ t^reek Express,  " F; HERRE WILL RUN A r)AIt.Y EXPRESS  between Barkerville and Grouse. Cr������'ek, or.  d ers, srau 11 pa reels; letters, - collections, ;��������� et c.' etc;'l  attoUded to, on 'mod era te' terms^ y Spu'cial. n Ucritioa  given to demands for subscriptions to tlie CARIBOO  SENTINEb, or any other NewspapeK ; ./  Oillces: On Grouse Creeki.; at 31. Prager's Store; itt  Barkerville, at W^:-F.' .Hcrro������s doinicilo, Sestishl  Office. ���������";';��������� "* '-c--'.,     :'������������������  July 29, 1867. - y'X':-..\  ."���������: '',kX'--X{i-  :XX\T HE:"';.--..:;-^-^. :���������;;  fv'  CABIBOO    EiGH^(M  Photograpliic ; Artist^; i  TS NOW PREPARED  TO^^'S  X" hig Claims, Houses, Groups, Sceneryj and all kinds  of out-door I^liotogfapliy. ���������'.,; yy  ���������; AH orders, .if left ;3h wnting,: at the Bar or the Hotel  de France, Baricervilie, will be premptly attended to.  In a few days^ he will have on view and tor salt*,  Photographs of tbo Mining .Towns, etc., of Williams  and other crceks.;.':;;,..;������������������'. ���������:���������:���������"���������.���������-;;���������:.;..'"-::'  P. Da 1 ly will remain for Oxe Month on ly.  - August 12th; 1S67.,.: :X #'.;1'"-  TS NOW  OPEN  FOR  THE ACCOMMODATION  1   tl  the miuing community,.and the public generallv.  6tt^jfp&rjsw'"iitis-:beeh spareit- to-rcn-der-t'hc:;hcffis'e.;������][';:;:'  that could be desired, for comfort and coiiyenience;  The Bar is supplied with ft coinplete stock of Wise; ; /  Ljquors and Cigaks.  ''y'-JB&F Wkll;Aired,Beds*^>,y \k..-y  ���������.V'-BaORD,---^!  ; ..I^oimetress;",;^  Infennsbtioii '^^^d,;-!^.;'  ?.   JOHiT   FRASER,   WHO    LEFT    WILLIAMS1  Creek ', about th roe  weeks ago, for. Black ; Beu r  Creek, i ana. has not .since been lien rd of.   Any oh e  knowi n^ bis wh ereabotits,- an d lea vi ng' a no tc of saine  at this Office, will confer a favor on his friends.   :���������  August Sth, 1867.        ... 2vy  0  may be had at a moderate charge. ���������  ��������� Juiyi,.isf37.";. -'.;���������.-.'2Hv; :,yy.y  COSMO P 0 LIT A N ,  BARKERVILLE.  of these idle rogues.   We cari-reasily understand the apathy   with which.'the  United  States regards  these marauding  expeditions,  as they get rid of a horde of pests to the well  disposed citizens of the republic.. They must  always be a source of trouble.to the United  States, as they are composed of an element  from which the rough and disorderly crowds  are drawn.   If tbe United States are ever induced to embroil themselves in foreign war,  it will be with the view ofpclearing   the  country of such rowdiest    Themost prominent of the Fenians' have been engaged in the  late rebellion, some on one Vide, arid; some on  the other; unmistakably showing-their desire  for blood and disorganization, perfectly heedless of the cause.   These elements .are not  confined to any particular nation, they are at  their  mischievous work everywhere.     We  have the red republicans of France f the carbonari  of Italy ;   -the chartists, /with John  Bright at their head, in England. ; In Spain  they assume a variety of pbasest ifrom the natural indolence of the people ; and the last  characteristic has been planted in the Span-^  ish colonies, producing its crop of blood and  discontent.    Everywherersimiiar germs bear  their destructive fruit, and no nation is free  from the disease.   It is nourished in dens of  infamy by human abortions that bask in the  same sunshine that gives to the world happiness and prosperity ; the two great antidotes  to these noxious weeds.    That these/destructive parasites weave their diabolical webs,  we have too much reason to know ; but with  Es'CArtf of A Prisoner, i-'rom;',Jatl;���������E  yesterday  morning, a prisoner;- vriamedf^f.  W i 11 iams..who had been committed- the day  previous tb take his trial at tfie':/.-:rno������t.'assizes,  eiTe cted his esc a p e fro m j ai 1 u n d er. the fol lowing circumstances : It seems the prisoner was  visited during the evening,by his .friends,  who were endeavoring* to bail him outf but  having failed to procure the necessary security, he was locked rip iri a celt for: the night  At an early hour next morning, he got; permission from the jailer to visit a,water closet  in the rear of the jail.    The jailer', not being  by any means a suspicious man, allowed the  prisoner to go alone, while he sat down to  await  his return.    From fatigue, or soine  other cause, the worthy jailer.fell asleep,' anil  when he awoke, a few hours  afterwards, discovered, to his   infinite  mortification,; that  his prisoner had missed his-way; back, to  quarters ;   iu   other   words, was   nrinVest.  It would appear that tbe prisoner at the ti hie  he went out had no intention of making his  escape as he left bis hat, coat and boots; behind him ; but observing the supinenessof the  jailor, he no doubt took advantage of it.  The  culpable conduct of Dewdney, the jailor, cannot be too severely censured, for allowing  a  prisoner to escape under such circumstances,  and his instant dismissal is but a poor satisfaction for the breach of duty which he has  undoubtedly been guilty of.   Nothing  was  heard of the prisoner up to a late hour last  night.   It is generally supposed he has "made  tracks" for tne,.lower country ; if this is the  case, it will be a difiicult matter for him to  make good.his escape, as the telegraph wires  will announce the hue and cry before he goes  far, a dispatch   having  been forwarded.,, to  Quesnelmouth yesterday for that purpose.  Canadian CojO'Axy Again*,���������>We had thought  that the dispute between the Canadian company and the Grouse Creek Flume company,  was left in abeyance until the Governor had  effected the change in the law, so as to admit  of a new trial. This does not, however, appear to be the case, for we understand, that  the Canadian company were served yesterday  with another writ of injunction, at the instance of the Flume company, to restrain  them from working a piece of ground preempted and recorded some time ago, by a  company called tbe Sparrow hawk company.  How such proceecUngs can be taken against  the Canadian company, who are not working  THE COPARTNERSHIP, HERETOFORE EXISTING  tinder the -name,of HEnTLEIN- k CQ:y was .this.  day dissolved by . mutua 1 cousen t. Fred. Hcrt -  ���������lem having .solji otit his entire interest in the above  concern to-H. '������-fcd wards j the name: of the Orm- hereafter will boBTEltZ k. EIVWARDS. ^11 fiebts duo  to the old firm,������ must.be.paid on or.b<*fbr������ the FIRST  of he^t month ;; ainl. any - deihands aga inst them rri ust,  bo������pvosented ou. or before the saaic^daio^ i::j������\ thereof the^  old firm isaiithbrizedto collect, of; liquid ate the same^  FKI^I); JIERTLEIN, \-  *X: -:���������'     . ���������:���������   FRED, STEITZ. -^  Barkenille, August 6th, 1867.; ' ���������. 3  /  ^^;:;.::^FRES  F ��������� R; Q M/:;, S U M A S S y; D Aj U IBS,  ���������;; ;   ���������   '' But up iuSIX^b.Tms-   ;  For sale, Wholesale and Rets i 1, bv  : E. PEARSON & 'BROS/; ������������������ j ������������������'  August 1st, 1S67.    ���������..':������������������,-:,  lm   ��������� -.   ;    Barkerville.  rpHE ONTDERSIGNTED HAVING THOROCGHTA' HE.  JL novated his Establishment, luis rc.-opeued.tbo&ain9  for the .. ftccoramodatloh of tiie,;: Public, ahd: trusts n?  merit a share of. their patronage; His Bakery hasaKa;  undtsfgone repair* and he is now, ready-. to execute.  brders from aII who wish good bread:-:'��������� ������������������'.'��������� "������������������>���������'���������' ; .  ��������� ';,->:   'V,       V.    ^TAGOB VELTE, Proprietor:. y;  June 10th, lSfe7. 11-s  FENTON    SALOON,  -���������      ' :  RICHFIELD. ,  X friemls ��������� WIU gi vH himi atti rny a she has.. exp^ricn^J;;:  heavv weather latelv.      , ���������   E. F. EDWARDS,  ', Jjune 6th,- 1S67. F^r.aierly of Ed wardsyilfeiBcfe.  feXPRESS   NOTIGE.  dliassot ������& Edmondson,  S  ... ;AND   CATTLE   DEALERS^  W.y ���������   Barkcrville and Richfield,     -  WOULD RESPECTE(JLLYy CALL THE ATTENTION  of.tha Public to''their fine stock. of Meat, which  they will dispose of at prices to suit the times.  ���������'������������������'"���������;;; Prime Beef from 20c. lo 25c. per 11������.      "..  :.  ,::-  Mutton, 25c. to 35c. per lb.  August 1st, 1867.     ;, ������������������>':." ���������������������������,lm  A FTER THIS  IlAfE,  BARSTARD'S '.EXPRESS -1S.-S  j\. not responsible for damage "pri .LI OjUIDS shipped in:  Tin. or Glass, un 1 ess by"spec!al con 1 ra'ct..  ���������Until further notice;:..theVExpress will arrive here;  cverv STJNDAV AKTERN.(')0>;,   and close fprbvlotf  cVery WEDNESDAY, at NINE o^Iock, A. M,V .  :    .%'.-���������. ������������������-������������������:   -iTOBERT POOL,  '  Agenl  J5arke'rvillej May 29th,-1367;-  Notice,       \  tM. ihe matter 6'f the Estate." and Effects of  FRANCOIS CASSE.late of Williams Creek,  y Cattle Dealer, deceasetl, intestate;  ThGS. L. BRia&S & Co.,  CAMERONTdN,  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  WHOiESALE 01 Elf All  " AT LOW RATES FOR CASH,  200 CASES CHOICE BRANDS"op LIQUORS  ��������� CONSISTING OP���������-  Brandy���������Martell, Itennessey, and Otard Oupey.  Wuie&���������Port, sherry. Burgundy,-1 aiid GUrreX : San-  teme's  French White Wine ; Sansevuine's UiUl-  forniaWhite Wine.  ALL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO'.'THE  above Estate, nre req u Ired to pay th e amounts  tiu o forth wi'tll ; an d al 1. persons. who have any claims.  against tlie abov.cj&tate,. are.required to send *nv*������5Jr  accounts, oh or"Ve'reW'tirF'FIFTH DAY of SElTEil-  REH, 1867, to . : OH AS.--"E. POOLEY,  : ;Omcial Administrator.  Dated Richneid, 25th June, 1867.  NOTICE.  w  ?#m  In tlie matter of the Estate, aiid; Envois-of  REMI. DAZlET, late of Williams .Or***;  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  A LL   PERSONS  OL ai  WHO ARE INDEBTED  aro required to pay the  all persons  who have  TO THE  amounts  any.. cfrftn*.  -Bouehe nnd Napoleon's Cabinet,  s, Sansevainc^. Oniuge and Hostct-  Clxampagnes-  Bitters���������Rok ei  tcr?s, Vermouth  sctto.  Old Torii, Gin, and Scotch Wliisky.  Ibsen the, Peppermint and Anni-  Also on band���������600 gallons choice brands of Brandy,  Wines, Whisky, Rum,, etc.  Goods received 'on .Storage or Commission, at the  lowest market rates.  1st July. 1867. 2m  THE   SNUG-   SALOON",  BARKERVILLE.  a kind of horrible art, they frequently draw j the ground, we aro at a loss to discover.  HE   UNDERSIGNED   HAVING   OPENED    THE  above Saloon, would respectfully invite their  friends aud the public to step in and sample their  ALES, WINES and LIQUORS, the quality of which,  they natter themselves, will suit the tastes of the most  fastidious.     The best brand of CIOARS  always on  hand.  20th June, 1567.  SCOTT k McIIARDY.-  3nx  J\. above Estate,  duo forthwith, and .... f  . ^  against the above Estate, aro required to send int������������r  accounts on or before the EIGHTH day of.SEFW*'  BEK, 1867, to CHAS. E.; POOLEY,  Ofllcial Administrator.  Dated Lytton, Sth June, 18G7.      _H���������-���������-  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estate and Efforts' of JAM������  PURDIE, late of Williams Creek, Blacksmitu,.������&-  ceased, intestate.  LL PERSONS  WHO  A'RE  INDEBTED TO W  above Instate, arc required to pay the amount* '������  forthwith, and all person.- who have any claiinsagim*  the above estate, are require*} to send in their ;<���������������"" ,  on fir before the TWENTV-SIXTH day of BEW'51      '  1867,to CHAS. E. POOLEY,.  '        . oillcialAdministratoi..  Dated Richfield, 27th June, 1867. ____-������������������������������������  In the matter of the Estate and Effects ^.^J?  WII1TFORD, Free Miner, late ofl-no Roid wauu,  Conklins Galch, deceased, intestate.  LL PERSONS WHO  ARE  INDEBTED TO> THB  above Estate, aro required   to pay the aurw ���������  due lorLhwith, and all persons who have any  against the above estate, are required to sen dm  w&.  chiif^-  their  iii  accuunts on or before FIRST NOVEMBER, 18b/, w  CHAS. E. POOLEV,  OfQcial Admmis  Bated Richfield, 1st August, 1867.  trator.  &&*.;:. 8  THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 1867.  pe,i  ^TS;  ii:'  u:  RES^  Or-  et<  rition  IBod  : In  urn  W  I Of  rallv.-  sncc;'  ������,'  tress,"  ���������y������:^  -Eft-.  ts ti-.  3.81*0;  acute.  1-B  KEK-  mjiilv  ittch..-  S IS;  2d iii;  here;.:  tflOtf ���������;  it.  i of;  eek,  THE  unts  aims  their  ���������EM-  >r.  neb.'  THE  unts  dins,  heir  >r.  m  dc-  FHE:  dll������  icst  nits'  r.  'BE  IIU3  inis.  jeif  ,ot.  1  Victoria Items prom GpLbNiST.-���������Messrs.  'Wilson & Ry ckman are aboilt to ercct a hand*  ���������some, brick store on the corner of Fort and  'Douglas streets^���������The Chinese laborers at tfie  Nanaimo cpal;mine have struck for an advance  'of wages to $1.50 per day instead of ������1 as at  "present.-���������Messrs; ;Muit of Spokj- have nearly  :completed at their shipyard a ^rigantiiie of  370 tons register, for the .Sandwich Island  Vtrade.--IL M- S. Chanticleer, unarmored serew  1 el o op j '95 0 tons,' saile d from. Spi thead ion 4tb  May, for the Pacific.^-It is reported that Admiral Deii man had died 6 n the ho me ward  Voyage of the Sntlej, and; was buried at; the;  Falkland������������������!Islahds.-^Ijate rains are said to bei  \lamaging the hay crops on Vancouver Island;  .���������The Shuswap. Silver Mining: Co., to wor  the ledge at Cherry creek, has been organized |  ���������At Lee ch r i ve'r, two men to o k out of th eir  'claim at Devil's Grip. $30 for two days work.  The flume would beilnishe'd, in a week.���������The,  schooner Crosby, rVoin. Portland! broughtXns  o argb 11 ?2' qu ar te r,.: sacks . flo ut*, one h un-  dred ,. and ; fifteen sticks iniddliiigs, 25  ' 35; sacks w h eat, 25 sacks. o a ts and 5 ti gu nn ies  baco n.���������-ihe UY S���������' steamer Li ncp In sailed fpr.]  Sitka on 29th }��������� ,she will remain there two  months oh, surveying Msthess^The, Paget  go tin d; Steam _Na yigatfon jCo th pa.hy; has-been.  " "formed7Y^he.:mpWfS^BQtSSQyA 800 shares  of $100 each;       ; ,-  ;ajECTUKB.^r^6 'need ihaMly- remind;our  readers that Mr.. Harnett's lecture on the raiiK  eral resourcesJof this district,: will be given  m Adler & Barry?s Saloon, on Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Mi*. Harnetfcrsiuce Ms ar-  :Viva,i; here^ has; m ade himself faiiiil iar;with;the  ���������;^eneto  !nspection of the diffe"rciit localities,Jand; haVr j  ing devoted a number, of years\������ to -. the istudy  ���������pf various n>in eral,regionsV in the pr ose chtio rif  /of which he has-:vMsiteoi; hVos.t^pf (;the. ���������: mining  ���������jsecti ons on; th is 'c o ast; and beifi g wi th al) a very  ���������e \ o qii e n t s p ekker,; the 1 cd tare. ca n no t, fail to'  : be,; b 6 th chtertai ni ng and inst&ctivp. y xXy 'I \  (Before H. M. Bail, Esq., J. P.)  WBiixTp 'TiurxiNG:~George. i/WijspA-.left  ���������o n Tu esd ay/- for EI mo reJ? ran c h, h ear F o rt  A.1 axander, where, lie vrill go through.- qi Course  '%f training during -the ne^t/three; weeksg un^  *der the superintendence of Jaqk Kenn'edy.  , He has authorised "Mr. Il.Jjichea stein to net as  hih agent here during his absence , We under-  Istand a deposit of $ t0Q:a-s^de,lwill;be'made  Tuesday, 13th August, 1SG7,  Williaiu Williams was charged with having  onSunday, the 11th inst., feloniously'stolen  and carried away one ounce of gold dust, or  thereabouts, from the Iiibernia company ;  and; that tbe said William Williams, then  being a member of the Iiibernia company,  with intent to defraud his copartners in' said  company, did secrete, keep back, and" conceal one ounce of gold dust, or thereabouts.  XyMti H. P. Walker appeared for the nrisoner  ancLMr. A. R. Robertson for the prosecution,  when: the following witnesses were called :���������  Jonah Williams, sworn-���������Am foreman of  tho Hibernia company ; know the accused,  heis a member of the oompany. The company washed up last Sunday morning between nine and ten o'clock ; the amount,  when weighed, was 11) oz. $12 of gold dust.  Prisoner came along as I got through washing, and said " how doe's it look ?" I showed  him the gold, it was in a,pan lying on a shelf  in the shaft house. Isaid I thought there was  about 20 oz.. but could not be positive, as I  had out guessed the amount on previous occasions. 1 noticed two pieces particularly,  having picked them up iu the dump box before; I washed up. They might weigh about  four Pr five dollars each ; they were in the  jpa.n--when-I~showed*'it to"P'rlsdffef.'^A'ftcr  showing him the gold, I put the pan again on  the shelf; prisoner went and took, down the  pa\i again while I was cleaning up theboxes;  it must have been ten minutes before I look-  ed-at ;thc gold again. When I did so,'I found  the two pieces before mentioned were gone;;;  I matte the .remark to the other members of.  the "Qprapany that there was not so much gold  in the pan by two or three ounces.  ;; Cross-examined���������About half an hour after  ojeahing up, I went to prisoner's house aud  called him out, telling him that he had got  himself iu a pretty fix by taking the gold out  of tm> paii. He said he did not take it, and  asked m e wh o to 1 d m e s o. He wan ted me to  search, him ; I told him the best thing he  c������i?uid^6 was to give up the gold. 1 did not  tell .him wfeo 'Saw him take the gold ; 1 did"  not see hi in take it. There was no one around  before 1 missed the gold but the prisoner. .   j  :-^Jfe;;,Walkfer:���������What did yPu mean by say-  mgiffiat if he gave up the gold, it would be  better for him V  ippsi  'next^Saturday  ��������� sal6on. -'-.;  e veh ing j; "'������������������;.- at;; Clark :& ;Piirk6r s  ���������Tjolb \ slory of the Cri ct i n g; jo f a .new island. in  'the Nor;th Pacific, with the wreck of a Vessel  \ 6s t Ii fty years ago; on its sh pre 11 u v as o ut to  h av e, been a; can ard. A vessel se n t o ut from  San.Francisco to take possession of thWisland  in th e: nam e o f tb e Un i ted S ia tea, h as re turned  and rep6rted tliat it is : '��������� nowherci?\ s;The  *e. selP; Was hot a bad one, but it .'proved expensive to 'the credulous victims.  know what I meant  I  WaSiiuur^ Quartz Co.���������^At a  ���������meeting  of  ^whe n 'e o mple ted, wi 11 m ake th e sh aft .112 feet  in depth. It is expected that- so rae, very rich  silve'r ore will be'discovered by this means.  DuitnvG the week several of the railkmeh  have been reuioving! their .cows from the  meadows,tO;the mountains, where the grass  is inore p lenti f n I a n d i ts p ro pe r ti es are su ch  as to improve the quality of the lacteal fluid  material ly.   .  Salniox FiSKiNG.--6n the Willamette river,  'Oregon, this season, 100,0(^0 cans of salmon  have been packed:y 3,000 barrels of the fish  for the California market are now being put  up*      ������������������;'      . :-��������� ���������;���������''��������������������������� .    :        x  ADjbuu\ED.---Thei Coiirt of Assize which  was fixed for the 19th inst, has been postponed till the 9th September, iii consequence of  a total absence of cases.  Siiisiukk's S.\.Li5.--The. Burns and Black  Jack claim was sold on Monday at Sheriffs  sale for $000 to John Henderson.  Ai/nioucrir the Paris journals speak so well  of the Prince Imperial's health, tjhere is reason to believe teat he will never live to succeed his father. .They say that the little fellow's health is such as to leave no hope of  his recovery. The poor child is a victim to  scrofula of the most determined charactsr,  and part of tho bone has already been removed and replaced by plates of gold in a recent  operation. It is stated positively as the opinion of M. Nelatoii that he cannot survive a  second operation.  The great demand for Fell's Cotfe'e  in the mining districts, has brought into existence  many spurious imitations, but the intelligence of the  fciiniug papulation' is Fell & Oo/s guarantee;  y.^Witness���������I did not  had- not made up. my. mind. I wont swear  that! meaiit to drop.proceedings against prisoner,'if he did so ; neither will I swear that  r'diaV not. Never aaw. the gold in his possession.; while prisoner was at the dump box I  had occasion to.go .one hundred feet off, to  shut off the water,.! was gone about five minutes f had my back turned to hiui. He told  me, on Sunday night that he had picked up a  piece of gold near the dump box, and put it  in the pan ; after washing up it isjvery likely  :that pieces of gold might be found on the  platform ; I should not be surprised to find  them there. There were several pieces of  coarsegold in the pau, one of the pieces before alluded to had a piece of quarz at one  end, and was the largest piece in the pan ; I  could tell it from any other piece.  Direct���������The two pieces were in the pan  when I saowed.it to prisoner; when I looked  again they were gone. 2sTo one was around in  the interval ; I never offered to give up the  prosecution, if prisoner gave up the gold.  Joseph Hough, sworn���������Am not a member  of the Hibernia company ; I was near their  dump, box on Sunday morning when they  were washing up. I was standing in a room  adjoining the library ; the shaft is about three  feet from the library buildiug. I could look  from the room to the shaft ; when I first  looked out I saw J. Williams, Patterson, and  another man. J. Williams was washing up,  and they Were talking about the amount of  gold ; I passed into the room and returned  shortly after j having heard some one shaking  the gold, I looked out to see how much  there was, whenl saw prisoner with the pan  in his hand. J. Williams was in the box with  his back to prisoner; I saw no one else there,  there could not have been any one without  me seeing them. Prisoner looked at the gold  and with his left hand took some out of the  pan, and-put it in his pocket, after taking the  gold odt, he shook the pau, put it on a shelf,  and walked off, I stepped out and asked J.  Willianls if he was aware the gold was. taken  away. He took down the pan and looked at  it ; an interval of six minutes elapsed from  the time prisoner left till I told J. Williams.  I am positive prisoner wras the man.,  Cross-examined���������Have followed mining in  this country. It did not strike 'me as any  way peculiar to see prisoner have the pan in  his hand. I can swear that he nut the gold in  his pocket; the window through which 1  looked had one pane of glass ; I did not  charge prisoner with the theft, as it did not  concern me ; I did not know but the whole  of the gold belonged to him.   Where prisoner  was standing he could not be seen from the  street, although J. Williams could.  John.Whitfield, sworn���������Know tbe Hibernia  company's shaft; was at the shaft on Sunday  morning between nine and Ion o'clock ; j.  Williams was washing tip. when I went there.  I remained from five to ten minutes, noticed  one piece of gold containing light colored  quartz at one end, weighing about three or  four dollars. Saw iio other piece to attract  my attention. Paterson showed me the  piece, and remarked that it was a singular  one -j afterwards saw prisoner at the shaft;  when he left I returned and looked at the pan  and saw there was a'difterence in the quantity  of gold. .The piece before mentioned was  gone, if it had been in the pdn\ I.would have  seen it. .The dill ere nee in quantity might  have been from two to three ounces, as near  as I could judge.     \���������'; .  Cross-exam hied1-���������I saw only one piece of  gold containing quartz in the pan ; there  might have been more. It was a very remarkable piece ; I think I could pick it out  of twenty pieces. It is a common .habit with'  claimholders to put their hand in the pan,  and look al the gold..  Robert Paterson, sworn���������Was at the Hibernia company's shaft between niue and ten  o'clock on Sunday morning, Whitfield and J,  Williams were present. I examined the gold,  and noticed a piece containing white quartz.  which I showed to.Whitfield and Williams. I  }oft before the washing was completed-;- weat-  back again in fifteen minutes, and saw J. Williams, who said he bad not so much gold as  when I left. I told him there was one piece  that' Pwould know again ; I looked'in the  pan, but could not see it. The piece would  have weighed about three or four dollars. It  was the whiteness of the quartz that made .me  notice it. ...  . R. Mumford was sworn, but his testimony  .being only hearsay, was dispensed with.  _..Mr. ..Walker endeavored to convince the  magistrate that the evidence was"ins"ufficient  to convict the prisoner of the charge, but His  Honor took a different view, and committed  the .prisoner to take his trial at the assizes,  fixing the bail in two sureties *of $500 each.  TitE PWSTILEXCB AT THE Macrit'ius.���������The  steamer. Ajax which arrived at Hongkong on  May 24th, brought word of a/dreadful pestilence at the Manlitius. It was first confined  solely to the natives and was supposed to  have originated in want and .unwholesome  food. . When the Ajax left. the people were  dyitfg'a't' the "rate of two' hundred a day. . The  disease is a kind of bilious fever, iu intermittent form ; similar to what has been in the  West Indies./ The state ������f the. island was  perfectly dreadful^ People were lying about  dead and dying viU, the streets, and nearly  every other house was closed. The hospital  accommodations were insufficient and miserably neglected. Poor huts have been erected  as temporary hospitals, whore there was neither care or mediciue, into which the sick  went to die. Quinine reached the enormous  price of ������35 per ounce.. ..Some of the shipping was infected, and among the soldiers  who had been sent to Flat Island the mortality was very great. The. troops in the fort  were dying Off fast, in fact, a complete panic  had taken possession of the people.  A Mountain Brocgut- Low.���������Professor  Whitney, of tbe State Geological. Corps, has  just returned from a trip to Washington and  Oregon. He reports that he ascended Mount  Hood, and took careful barometrical observations, and found the height of the mountain  docs not exceed 12,400 feOt. He does not  know the precise height, as he had not time  to calculate all of his observations. Thus  one humbug is effectually exploded. It will  be recollected that a great stir was made a  year ago, when it was announced that a traveller from the east |iad ascended Mount  Hood, and proved its height to be 17,500 feet.  He enjoyed his glory for. a few months, and  it is now time for him to hide his diminished  head; his glory and his few extra thousand  feet given to Hood, have departed together.  Professor Whitney examined some coal beds  in Washington, and found them of excellent  quality, at least so far as he could juclge,without a careful analysis, which he will make  hereafter.���������S. F. Alta.  TELEGRAPHIC.  ..;-���������:-���������;��������� [From the Colonic aud Chronicle.']  Chicago, July 10th.~-A. Matamoras paper  says that Maximilian offered a million dollars  to Gen. Ribpdaneva, after hearing his sentence, to be allowed to escape.  The Brownsville (Texas) Ranchero of the  4th inst.,; published the proceedings of tho  court martfal which tried Maximilian. He  was confined vto his bed when .his case wi\s  called, but was ably defended by Eu'bilo Ar-  tega, who refuted the charges of usurputiou  and cruelty brought against him. He said  the law of October 3rd, 1805, was passed when  Maximilian was cheated into the belief. that  Juarez had. abandoned .the territory;' one of  the articles of that law was xlictated by the  French commander. The law was ouly intended as a terror, and there had never been  a petition for pardon that was not granted.  Vasqueza said he was not uneasy about a  coalition in Europe or the attitude of the  United States, but feared that, universal re-  proach would full on the country, as an ana*  thema.   .;*.���������.��������� ,   .  London, July 17.���������Tho great naval review,  off Spithead, in honor of the visit of the Sulr  tan of.Turkey, was the most magnificent spec.-  tacle ever, witnessed io Kngiish waters. The  squadron numbered, eighty vessels,' including  eight iron-clads, three turret ships.and a numr  ber of 1 arge frigates., _ The squad rpn mou nt-.._  "ed "ele ve h^'lin nd red' gu ni.. A tho ii sail d vessel.i; ?  filled w i th spec tato rs . wi tn essed the gran d .  pageari t. .The Queeu' was pVesent in . the  royal yacht. ;:The Sultan and Sovereign of  Egy p t, with.;. th eir. su i ts, * ��������� were ��������� i n sep ara te  yachts.. A .mock battle formed part of the  exercises.. .A: royal salute;was fired and the  yards of.all the ships were manned'. At night  the entire squadron was illuminated and presented a .very.^picturesque appearance. .-".���������-.  Vienna letters say that the. Archduchess of  Austria, the .mother of Maximilian,,, and the  Emperor of Austria, gives evidence of insan-  The naval..review of yesterday cost, fifty  thousand pounds sterling. .       ,. ...  Reports from Madrid say the Spahisli Government has declared martial law in the Province . o f Catalonia; where Gen. Pri in 1 andedl  New Orjeans, July 19.���������Madame Juarez  was received; at Vera Cruz with, warm welcome; the city was brilliantly illuminated hi  her honor. ^Juarez arrived at the capitol ou  fche 14th, and;, was cordially. received. He.  emphaticallyv;)declines a re-ele'ctioa,:; and; has  o rdered a htW electio h. He wil 1. re tu rn (to  the mountains When.his successor .is chosen'.  It is reported that Vcdaurri has been shot.  Narquez is believed to be hiding in Mexico!  Later dates from Tanipico state that Santa  Anna has been shot;'.   : ... ...  .The Mexicans are.about to publish ah . address to the world justifying the execution of  Maximilian,   . . .������������������;.:..'   r. \   >'���������  ������������������  "New York, July 21.���������The. last bfiiciai acr  counts from Crete give terrible reports of the  cruelties of,the Turks. The Cretes severely  punished one of Omar Pacha's spies,, Omar  Pacha, in retaliation, actually crucified a Cretan on a post, arid walled up with . stone a  cavern in which Greek women aiid children  had taken refuge, and-left them to die of starvation. This renegade is repeating the atrocity which made hini infamous in Syria and  Montenegro, and boasts that, he will exterminate the Cretans. The Turkish Government  declines for the present to yield to the remonstrances of foreign powers, and the Cretans  are more heroic than ever.., There is a probability of the success of Omar Pacha..  New York, July 21 ���������It is reported in Paris  that Maximilian before entering..-.Queretarq  forwarded to Europe the story.pf the French  i.  Items, from Nakaimo.���������An address, signed  by many of the principal townspeople, was  presented to Mr. Nicol, previous to his departure for San Francisco.���������The office of the coal  company has been removed to the house recently occupied by. Mr. Nicol.���������A superficial  survey of the Hare wood mine had been completed, with satisfactory results.���������Mr. A.'Dick  had received serious injury from the accidental explosion of powder in the pit. _ He was  recovering.���������:Active mining operations had  been fairly resumed. Mr. Thos. Parker thad  taken a six.months7 contract for the running  and "rep airing of the roads in the pit, at 25cts.  per ton%t  Tufi Tyack company washed up last week  107 ounce?, and the Cornish company 12(5  ounces.'  expedition to Mexico written in his own hand  The manuscript is in the possession of -.the-'  Due dc Aumale, for publication in Paris,, Tbe  Queretaro Espaha states that '.Romero, se^  cured the order for the execution of Maximilian against the strong inclination .of Juarez  for, clemency.'-It .publishes  a  letter froui  Maximilian to Carlotta, after his condemmir  tiqn, in .which he regretted he had not heeded  her counsel; all his lip pes had been..shattered, and so death was a happy deliverance and  not an agony.   He said, "I .shall ilie gloriously like a king, vanquished .and. not dis-  g rac e d.   If your s u fieri ng* prove, too g reat I.  and God should call you soon; to join me, X  shall bless Jlis Divine-hand which weighed so'  heavjly upon us.   Adieu, adieu.   Your poor.  ..,..   ...    .   Maximilian".^ . v  July 24.r-Havana and Texan news to 13thi  Vidaiirri is reported shot, he was found concealed iri a wooden b ox and lynched by a  mob. "    .'���������..-,������������������, ..'.'���������' ��������� .-,.,'���������   :���������.��������� ���������. :.'  . The merchants of Mexico tendered a.ff?!--  untary .1 Pan of half a mi 1 ii o h d ol lars to Go ti '������������������  era! 'Dias*  m  , Tiie pop u 1 atioh of Tord n to as re tuynotl  the assessors is.,4.0,000,  a. .doc're.risti.. of. 5,0*3  since l$&\ I  and   yet, the Globe sii\r>,. ^<fe  d wcl ling b ouseft have b ee n ad dec!; to'. tlHl  pacity of the city in that tinie.   TUi  return the valuation at -MiftOfytyS,  ;l^:ym^ Aa^a^MJKgagagaaaz������te8g������tffl2Km^a  CONFEDERATION.  xy -..:-.. -. .  ��������� .  v -....-  - .. ���������  ���������������������������������������������  y,yXy.  ���������*." ���������������������������V V ���������������������������������������������.  '���������"' ���������'(  The following is an extract from a speech  made by hon. A. T. Gait at a recent public  dinner; will show bur readers the feeling of  fay or in which this colony is held by our brethren in the newly confederated eastern provinces, and will completely explode the oft  ; repeated objections heretofore offered by the  opponents of the scheme against this colony.  .   < being admitted into the confederation::���������  -Khave thus referred, sir, to some of the sub-  . '. Jects. which must atthe first occupy the General Government of; the Confederation.    I  have  shown   that   the  Local   Government  should be as far as possible at one with the  General Goverriment-~the whole bearing in  mind the interests of. the country at large  in; alii ts parte; but there are other matters  ��������� which will necessarily engross the early' at  tcntion of the people and the legislature of  ,   the new Dominion; I refer to the freedom  given U3 in the Confederation Act of extending our boundaries.   It may appear to you  .    that I am sanguine ; and that on this occasion  when we are. only beginning to consider the  welding together of the three Provinces now  united, it is curious I should say that coin-  cidentiy therewith we should not lose sight  of the power granted to extend our dominion  further.   I do, however, assert that the including of Newfoundland and Prince Edward  ��������� Island is essential to the prosperity of ..the  *���������; T no w Do mi fii o fi." 'DitUcu 1 ties"whTch*"h a vo. arise n  .have prevented their being included at the  present moment in the Act, but it is probable  that these difficulties maybe very easily re-  medied, and I trust it will be one of the first  'duties of the new1' govei'hment to arrive at  '   such an understanding 'with the legislatures  '-���������;   .'."of those colonies, that before a year,had passed, they may be united with ourselves.    And  while this is our duty- in  the  Bast,  recent  events have shown that We cannot /close >our  ���������   'eyas to what is happening in the West.    " ������  .     I agree with much that; Mr. McGee has said  .;':"._-��������� in;a recent letter yon have no doubt all seen;  - and I for one look . upon the acquisition of  Russian America by the-United States as  , ���������    their answer to the  arrangements we have  ,\ y been making to unite among ourselves. When  . %,n we know.that British Columbia is at this mo-  )X- ment seeking admission in to our government,  y;we should .be .wanting; in our duty to our-  . .; selves, wanting in our duty as fellow subjects  .  ; of the British crown, if we, refused to let that  country in.    There is only one way in which  .a policy of aggression  can ,be met;' If .the  ?;:: United . States desire toy, ontflank us on the  west, we must accept thV;situation, and ��������� lay  : y ouriiands on British Columbia' and the Pacific  ��������� ocean.   This country can not be. surrounded  " by' the tin iu? d S *ates���������w e a re go ii e i f we al-  ''��������� low it���������we should be; in "their hand when  they choose to shut it. We must- have our  back against the north. The-great lines of  settlement, the great sources [of power, seem  on this continent to .stretch from the east  towards the west.    From the. Atlantic to the  ��������� Pacific must be the cry in British America,_as  much us it has ever been' in the United  States. That nation has been willing to spend  hundreds of millions of treasure, and hundreds of thousands of lives to keep their  country together, and should not we too be  ready.to make some sacrifices to obtain half  a continent which is offered us to-day V   Mr.  "chairman, I perhaps am going entirely beyond the record, but still, when one does rise  to epeak on such a subject as British. North  America now affords, he may perhaps be pardoned if the guard  he usually places upon  his lips, becomes somewhat relaxed.  ������tM������I^VlUlJ5fcgu'fv.ggJH^  Ir  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.  MES. P.   TAYLOR,  Druggist,  BARKERVILLE.  AS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. A choice  se-  loction of Dkjjcs and Patent Mkdicixes, includ-  _ tho celebrated Golden/Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  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This: is il*:  cIicapest, mc������st com fortab 16, and hest attendcil Estab-'/  hshment in the City        <       ��������� -  The B A R is al wa ys. supplied with the choicest of  Wixks, LiQt-oftsand-CxGATta. ���������"������������������.'���������������������������'' is  Free Port for Ever! ;  TYfK THE UNDfeBSIO?^':r^B;:piS^'b-������v  n   nounctng to our numerous  customers".a)nl';tlw  public, th a t we wi II supply t hem with th e h est Fken'ce  Lkather Boots (duty'free) ever offered in B. 0.  " "jysgfAt' our"o 1 detaild;, Government St,, :fictor^TI"  1-s //CHARITY k BVUMX  w:  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  A.BULER&  CO.'S  (VWM, A^?;   SADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  m* Government street ojmosito the Theatre,   I-s  W1^^ ^LISTER, deak^r in Drugs, Mf~dT  ^pongt^   brusbes, Perfumery, &c.    Physicians' Pre.  rered  with cS? ���������M? ?Tp0^ldGd aml orcRTS answere  i������itu care and dispatch.   Victoria, V,X 1-s  proprietors.   Tins is one or the most comfortnDlo and  commodious Hotels on the road, containing as it does  ;V;a^^M?V>r,nWOl, Um,*h^ bod rioms with good b ds  The 1UBLE is supplied with every delicacv it  s possible to.procure in the upper country-    The T>,\4  -  stocked with the best ot^LiquorsMili ^fctocst  *5T IDEALS,   $1 50   EACH. -^  The stabling for Horses is al! that could he desired  and  he charges are very moderate.    Hav for Horses  per day, $2 ; Oats and Barley at.tho:cheapest market  The undersigned has a large quantity ofO<VP HAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities. *. .  1-s  FOREST_ HOUSE!.-  36 stii-b post,\  BETWEEN -YALE AND LYTTON, B. C.  TRAVELLERS will And every accommodation at this  Hotel:' Excellent Cooking.: : G0OB BEDS.. .   ;:  ' : / .    STABLING EOR HORSES.  TIKOTHY HAY and OATS at Lowest Kates.  .;.        BOOTHROYD BRO'a,,. ''  ".' .    iTopricters. .  ,\ FRANKEL, Victoria, V.. I;, Dealer iri Fobs5-  .IXm Skins, Hides, Wool, kc. liberal advances ma^  on Furs consiuned. ' Reference���������G. Sutro & 00. Ma-  hart Bros. Victoria, V. I. ��������� 1-s  (I.  SUTRO & CO.; Impoiitbrs ".-akd Dkaurs is  CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mcershfium Pipes, &o.fS E;  com er of Ya tes and Wharf s tree t'^ Vic toria      . :���������,'';j*  1-s  BOSTON   B  International  All'x^  Hotel.  1/ WONG, LEE k CO;,  CoMjiissrox Merchants, !������-'.  JJV. porters, and Dealei-s in Chinese Goods, Victoria,  v. I., . Yale j  Li liooc t, qjucsri elmou th,   and Williams  Creek. . .,       ,.;, ������������������ ���������..'������������������        .���������:;���������;������������������ 'l^s-  17 WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  '���������***��������� and Engraver, Govern ment street, next  to the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I.   :      . .  17   MALLANftAtNE  ,1JV AGENT, Go verm  COLLECTOR AND: GENERAL  ment Street, Victoria, V. I.   1-s  THIS WELL KNOWN HO USE is now open for, tra  veil ers.   Tho Table is supplied as formerly with  the bes t tho mnricet alibi"ds, and th e Cm ik i n������ oa nnot  be excelled.    The Bar is Ktoclrwi with the finest Id  quors and Cioaks.    0OOD BEDS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  1-s ' i'roprletor.  The  Bonaparte House  QEMLEN & PARKE,  O Junction of the Cariboo ;  now open for tho  Proprietors, at the  nd Big Th-uii- Rruids, is  DAILY, and 'WEEKLY "BRITISH COLONIST  and VICTORIA CHRONICLE." Orders for mail-  insf eft h (;r th e Dai 1 y or Week 1 y issu es o r tl to a b ovo to  any pnrt or Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, &a, loft at this office or sent to Victoria will bo  n 11 nn f hj f t to. Tk n>t s i ii ad va a co. "  with Postal, $7 f>0 ; Omos. rln., $4 70.  mos do., $2"3 ; Gmosdo., $12 50.  WkkkiX !2mOS.;  *������      P.1ILV, .12  OUR   COFFEE.  JOHN TE'LLETIER, Proprietor.  ^^SLf^^^^^atthc  lowest  l.s  tx:!--:.;,,...  BLUE   TENT,  .��������� OR-  127   MILE_ HOUSE.  TfHE LTNDEDSICNED HAVING PURCHASED THIS  JL desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public. Tho table.Is supplied with  the very best, ol viands. The bedrooms and bods are  as comfortable as could bo desired, and the BAR contains nothing but the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  A good stock of Grain and Hay always on hand.  .  3rd May, 1867. 3     ' W. WRIGHT.  J'.ickod in Tins of from  each.  WE   ARE   EOR WARD ING   A  STam AKTICIE TO  two lo twen ty-fi vo pounds  WILSON k MURRAY",    ,  Port street, Victoria.  Ill MILE HOUSjti.  AGE IS NOTHING '  BLOOD WILL TELL!  npHLS HOTEL IS  LARGE AND "WELL FITTED TJ1  X for tho comfort of traveler.?; li  w i th ti) a best 0 f every thing tha t  the cook ing is notintm-ior l-oanyon the roa'd; Bedruums  for fa m i 1 i es; S tabli n g. Hay, Ba rl ey and Otti s.  %%f Tho trai 1 to 0e11������ r a n d Horsk-XHy Oreoks leaves  the Wagon Koad at this place.  1-a W.v. HENDERSON.  c Tabic is Hupplled  can boprocuni, and  rooms  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MEEOHADI25?  Wholesale and Retail,  DEALERS IN DEY GOODS, AC,     *&��������� sonic Hall Government Street Victoria-   Is  Wm  'wm������  A. W. PIPER,  CONFECTIONER,  Government Street, opposite the Theatre.  rjAETDlES of every description manufactured^  \J wld, Wliolesalo and Retail.  Ki.y:K'A:.  1


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