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 a  ������5^  *SS  H  Vol. 4.  Barkerville, Williams Creek, B. ^p^Monday, August 12,  1867.  ���������No*. 29*  To the EDrron of tub "Cariboo Sentlvel."  Sir,���������In reply. to a letter received by the  late Mining Board/from'a member of the  Canadian Company, with regard to the action 1  they have taken in recommending. certain  changes in the mining laws of the colony,  the committee of the board appointed to con-  si rler the letter, embrace this opportunity of  setting their, acts, which have already been  published, again before the public, in order  that every miner in Cariboo may judge for  himself how far the board are responsible for  the present condition of the mining laws, and  bow far the legislative council have succeeded  in embodying, in the law passed last session,  the amen dm en ts prop o s'ed b y tb e b o ard.   7 ;  V\rhcn Mr. Birch last year recommended the  election of a mini ng -bo ard ��������� the .m aj ori ty o f ���������  th e in in trig > cp mni itni ty i el t y ery;; seep tical as  to the benefits' likely to result therefrom. -Mr;  not taken for the purpose of delay, but in  good faith, and upon the grounds stated in  the notice." 7; .;��������� ���������  Section XVIL, Gold Mining Ordinance,  1867 : " When in civil .cases the subject matter in any mining dispute is in value more  than $250, an appeal shall, save as hereinafter excepted, lie from the decision, ruling,  judgment, order, or decree of the Gold Commissioner, to the Supreme Court of Civil Justice of British Columbia.; provided, however,  that the decision of the Gold Commissioner,  or of a jury summoned under the provisions  of this ordinance, upon all matters of fact,  shall be final and conclusive, and m\ appeal  shall 1 ie tb ere fro m. N o app e al shall be al -  lowed in any cause; unless notice thereof be  given in Writing to the 'opposite party, or his  attorney, Withi n four clays after the de cision  complain ed of j ah d '��������� also security bp; given, to  th e app ro v al \ \ ofrihe Go id Com missio her. f o i ���������  Si^est^^^  ingestions-.        .   ..._.,.   ���������cei^tKe^prb^  tion. ori the par t; of the go vernnient; - and: on  : v tnPfaith.of his} promises; tlie members;of ;tlip  ���������, 'boa,rd.resotved46 .use.their;;utmosVendpayors  : to remedy, the;:- defects, complained, of in .the  existing.law } one of the most prominent of  which was the enormous expense and delay  .attendant on appeals to the supreme court,  and trials tc de novo/' ; .���������'.���������':  . After careful deliberation, the board compiled a series of amendments, wb ich were  :..published^ 31st; Deceuiber.  Jand of which copies Were -transmitted to the  Governor; thev Attorney ^General, and the  .member tor this'district; the receipt of these  resolutions was coollyk acknowledged by the  Attorney 'General, in a; letter to the board,  ���������stating: that .'���������;he would .carefully examine  them, With 'the object of advising What portions,' rp any, it would be. of advantage tolthe  country to adopt.'*   7 :   *    ; ���������  . v A rhiiiing law was, subsegiienfcty in troducejd  ; ;Into;t!ie,legislative Pour[eih;which: ;embo died  ���������;<a portion of the amen dihents.. mutilated and  ,  destroyed the spirit of;btjiers, and ignored  the greatest part altogether.   T^  ".. the" cp unci! on: 19 th Mar ch",' was'' assenCSffio  Vby-fehe Governor^pn;2nd:;Aprily arid cameluv  mediately; inforce-:;J)ut���������n^:���������';;''cppies^���������'wer'Ja^rer'  ceived.here,;uiitil".-9fcli June, so that =eyen the  . Gold Commissioner vwasiinaware ��������� of its contents, and. continued to render decisions under  the ueiw Aci ; Ap peal s to the supreme court  were tak en from so ni e of th es e; decis io ris, b u t  when; these appeals came up for hearing, tbe  .judge of that court refused to heat* them, on  , the ground'that the new law virtually de-  ;p ri ve d; him of the. p 6 wer ���������.-.'. 6 f: d o in g ��������� so ; a  thin ce which was n e v e r i fit en de d; b v, tb e iniri-  ing board, who merely endeavored to  check  frivolous  litigation.     The .bungling of the  counci 1, in������������������ altering the phi1 aseology of the  amendment, and the culpable negligence of  ,the colonial secretary.br some other official,  whose duty it sh oulcl b e to foj&yai'd copies of  new 1 aws. to th ei r .ad m iriis tr ators, in al low ing  ..two months to.;elapse before the provisions ol  an Act, affecting .ihp -most vital interests of  tlie co lo ny, were p ub lished, i n th e 1 pcality  most interested, have however afforded that  gentleman an opportunity of putting the construction he has.done, .oil .the clause regulating appeals ; and as the results arising from  this construction now create so much excitement, the committeo beg here to quote the  resolution adopted by the board, together  with the section of the new Act, referring to  the same subject.  Resolution III., adopted by mining board.  21st December, 1806 :���������. ;���������  " That section 10 read as follows : " When  in civil cases tbe subject matter in dispute is  in value, more than $1,000, an appeal shall  lio from the judgment of the Gold Commissioner to tlieSuprenie Court of Civil Justice,  but only oa p o hi ts of law ; pro v idc d th at  notice thereof be given in writing to the opposite party, within four days after the decision of said Gold Commission or, and not  otherwise j and also security be given, to be  approved of by the Gold Commissioner, for  the costs of appeal, and the amount (if any)  payable under the judgment; and tbe said  court of appeal shall make such order as it  shallsec fit, but not try the case c de novo/  or admit any fresh evidence; and such an  appeal shall be made in the form of a case,  settled and signed by the parties, their counsel or attorneys. In the notice of such appeal, as before mentioned, the applicant or  applicants, sh all state the grounds on which  the same is based, and before the appeal is  granted, he or they shall make affidavit before  the Gold Commissioner, that said appeal is  any) p ay ab 1 e: u u d er th e j lfdgmen t7, And; the  s^id; coiirt of appeal may m ake such. order  as it-shall .think.fit,.; ;;sneh:.appeal; may be in  %eform pf^case settled^ and signed by the  parties, their counsel or attorneys."  , The cPmmitte'e; would now ; submit it to tbe  pahadian Com p.an y) an d the pub liege nerally,  whpther it was the above resolution of. the  b oard, or its inutilated substitute. passed by  ..the:;council'$ which debarred ��������� access-;to ;the  ;courfc-of appeaL' ^According tojthejresolutioD  of the bbard, the".Canadian Compariyj;6r any  Ptherlitigants; on ;making affidavfeand .giving boncls, would be allowed an; appeal on  points of law ; which would have "the effect  of repp,'ening the case with. regard- to the validity, of chartersV Or: other ���������: docuraents'pffered  in .pyicien^e; as; well as tbe ��������� mterpretation: ;bf  the JaW(^Svexpb\uicledr tiy* tie Gold. Commissioner ; ��������� while;had an opportunity been afforded: ;the.ra;of knowing thei: wordirig ;of the  hew; Act;;; theymight .Jia^been more particular in establishing; facts :before. the Gpmmis-  sidnerl j-';jf��������� any;: ^ptprtunate ;appellarits think  sionejr):strongly recommending that the charter ftiould be cancelled and no: further privi-  lege^giycn:to the company; the government,  however, in its infinite wisdom, thought fit to  ignore that recommendation and adopted another course, of the propriety .of which and  its effects,' whether b oneficial or i nj uri ous to  the,community, the public can form their own  ppiiiiph. .' .     ......  Thecommittee, in conclusion, beg to state  tlmtH-he mining board from the first courted  publicity, their meetings were open to evcry-  oue/ond their proceedings were regularly  published iu the local journal., ty hey, were  at all times ready to receive suggestions from  any miner, and if their labors have not been  crowned with success, they retire from office  with the conviction that whatever opinion  mayibe sustained by others, theyhavchonest-  1 y .en cl e av ou re d to fulfil th ei r d u ties and  carry out the t.pbject.. for wbich they were  elected.  J. Spkncbr Tuo^irsoN%  C. Booth. :.w  Jxo. MaoLaren,'  ��������� v Jamks Buiuhck. .'  j; B. Wilkinson.  W'illiams Creek, Cariboo, B. C. (;   :'  8th August, J.8G.7       .    j-��������� ;  NE\V;;*A.I)VERTISEMBNTS.  u  The ���������-������^riboo - Seiitihel,"  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  A. McPliersoii,  Published -Every Monday   and  Thursdayv  ;; ��������� ATjfcAN k CO.: Propriktoks.' ..  Ofhce���������BARKfiRyiLLK,. 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O L D   S T A ND:  Bnrkervillc. 1st May, 1SG7.    .    . ;  "l-s.  they could have nlade a better case, had -  known that the Coramissioners decision as; to  fkcts was������declared final by^an:Aibt they^had  never seen, surely it is not the fault of the  board that" it was not,raade public. If;  bnV the;:other; liandi they are refused ^u;ap-"  peal oh; points of law, in the face of;the; ��������� f ore-  going ��������� reepmmendatidn, it wpuld be; prepos-  terq us to lay the blame bn the mining b oard.  ; It is not the province of the; conii^ittee; to  say who are resppnsible for the preseht, ' ap-  p a*rehtly anomalous,' position of. affairs; let  the public judge; '������������������;'  , The late niining. board are still of opinion  that th e Gol d Co mm issio ner and $ j ury are  as goocl judges of facts, in any case, as: the  judge of the supremo court alone,' and as; litigation is less expensive, as well as^raore con;  venient and expe.ditious in the Gold :.Commis-  sioner's, than in the supreme court, the members of that board see no reason, to regret  t hat th ey:, "advise d' appeals to the sup rem e  court to b e only on pbi nts of law. especially  ae that seemed .to be the general wish of the  of the miners, who almost universally expressed themselves as7disgusted with trials ." de  novo,^ which gave such favorable opportunities for fraucl and distortion of facts, by  getting rid of cbnoxioii s or unfavorabIs witnesses and introducing fresh evidence before  the supreme court, probably six or eight  months after the original trial.  The co mm i ttee. b eg fu r the r to r emin cl the  p ub lie th at th o minin g b o ard re c o m m ended  that jury trials should be granted in tho commissioner's court in all cases ; that the' fees  for laying over claims, obtaining duplicates  of lost certificates, aud certified copies of records should be reduced ; that a more liberal  and sensible moclo of measuring creek claims,  when over 300ft. wide, should be adopted ;  that owners of creek claims should be compelled to protect underground works or drains  from damage by freshets ; that a three-fourth  ni aj o ri ty of shareh o I cl e rs in a uy c 1 aim sho ul cl  be enabled to collect assessments if working  in winter ; aDd that the provisions of the min  ing act should in all cases be strictly adhered  to in giving grants or leases to fiumo or other  chartered companies, together with other  minor amendments none of which have been  adopted. \  The board also iii December last, on receiving a communication from C. Hankin and  others" regarding the hardship sustained by  the miners on Grouse Creek, in consequence  of the Grouse Creek Bod Rock Flume Company having failed to comply with the terms  of their charter, while still pretending to claim  the ground granted by it, passed a resolution  F, V. LEE,  ictioneer, Co]  ector,  ���������-AXU-  .Salesroom, Barkerville.  0-s  Rest^|arant; Bakery*  ' - 7   '' ;--7:^.'-.��������� .AND��������� -���������-.. ���������:-..��������� :-' X.--:;--\  ���������::;"7:'Lu1cH::;H0USE.^  :'--77;,:- :t^^BAJlKEKVIU.E,,    ;  LECUYER & LEBRUN. Proprietors.  A-RE KEADV TO ACCOMMODATE EVERY ONE IN  7'V the ahovo Establishment.  GOOD FARE AND GOOD BEDS!  Barkcrville, 27th Maj-, 1807. 7-s  CarilDoo Literary Institute  J. S. TITOMPSOV, Pkkstdent.  JAMES ANDERSON, VicK-PiUiSmEXT.  BRIT^HCOLUMBlk'  AND   VICTORIA   EXPRESS,  ���������  ���������.-'.'  Connectuig at Victoria with WELTiS, FARGO k CO.  for California. Orogon, the Atlautic States  and Europe. .  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His Excellency governor .Seymob r arrived  from below on Wednesday last, and lost no  time in obtaining; and arranging  the various  : facts and statements connected with the above  question, which would iii> any way assist in  solving the difficult^    He sent for Mr. Booth,  x)f the Canadian coinpany, with whom he had  .an extended interview, resulting in an ar*  ' renge'inent by wliich, a new .trial would be  . granted to ' the Canadian  company ; thus affording that company /the' ? opportunity' desired; to; produce facts* and evidence supposed  hy. t:iem;.to. be snfiicicnt to support their case.  ������������������ - Bui-.{lihfortunately   a   d ifitcul ty  aroso,   not  ��������� counted oil; by any of the parties, interested,  the granting: of a; new; trial-Would infringe on  the. law, as ife' standst rendoring it neeessary  for as pecial ordinance;o? tfrder in council to  be passed^ to get rid of thiB rmlooked for obstacle.   It was' doubtless from this cause that  His Excellency so suddenly, took his depar-  .'TiireV the u'ti3o"Strhaste being necessary, -in  order to.call the Privy Council together, and  pass the.requisite Act;;so that tetnight be  dispatched to this district.with the least possible, delay.   There are. those amongst us who  pretend to- think the. Governor should have  remained ��������� among us until the dispute was  finally disposed &���������������'$ such ideas' arise frornvig-  norance of the necessary form3 required to  be gone through iusuch :cases, and to .comply  , with which in a legal manner, the Governor^  presence below is absolutely 'heeded. -We are  somewhat amused'fo observe the eagerness  with which the newspapers below avail themselves of the Grouse Ureek difficulty to fill  their columns, with  copious leaders, long letters from .correspondents,;\and inteniiinable  . descriptions,. of .the affair y all;6f ,which demonstrate a large amount of: editorial manipulation, highly. edify ing, but not precisely  consonant with the  truth.;;. Victorians,   ho  doubt wrought up to the-highest pitch.of e.i-  . citement by the 'graphic descriptions of the  warlike attitude of the Qariadiais, would be  surprised were they' here, to. find a total absence of excited ieeling on the sjibject. \ Canadians and Fluuiites may be seei daily in the  -.streets,.of.���������Barkerville, habitedjia the usual  ���������; rot ners'; garb) sal u ting, each o tb er wi th ou t the  slightest appearance of- hostility.: -The  only  question at issue was the right of the Canadians   to .a new trial, and this-being now  granted them,will, put an .end toail hard feeling on the subject.   The ofiicersof the law  performed their duty, as they were bound to  do, in compliance with the law as it stood ;  but as the law did not meet the Grouse Creek  case, on its proper merits, the new trial has  been insisted on, and obtained.' ,.We publish,  oo. our first page, the reply of the. committee  appointed by the defunct mining board to  Mr. J. Irvine's letter ; and we must say that  . if what is there stated be correct,and we have  no reason to suppose.it overdrawn, it ought  to have a salutary effect on our citizens, in  relation to the choice of a representative to  the council at the next election.   Mr. Walkem  was chosen by this community as the representative of the miners, and the manner in  which he has acquitted himself in this capacity, would appear to us to be anything but  satisfactory.    The propositions of tbe mining  board, according to the statement of the committee, have been treated with perfect  indifference, and such as have been touched upon  in the new laws, are anything but what was  intended.   As Mr. Walktun assumed the parentage of the new bill, he was doubtless the  framer of the alterations from the former Act.  find .Inhere fore responsible for their.conformity  to the wishes-of his consti tuenhv ��������� Ho w far lie  has acted in good faith to those who entrusted  him with their suffrages, we leave the public  to judge.   " By their fruits ye shall, know  them/J is strongly appiicab 1 e to. onr 1 ate re-  pvesentative, and, it behooves our citizens to  protect themselves from a repetition of such a  perversion of their requirements.   There can  be no doubt that had the propositions of the  unking board been attended to, many of the  late .disagreeable events   might have   been  avoided, and every one concerned   would  h a v e sub mi fcted to the ad in in i s trat ion o f th e  law, without a murmur.    The representative  of an important community like ours,   demands from the legislature a careful attention  but it naturally follows that the. council, in  their actiQns, are /guided in a great measure,  by   the  suggestions of the local  member.  If then the local member is negligent, or  fvom; motives of his own, unmindful of the  interests entrusted to his charge, the Legislature cannot be held responsible for the errors  that they have.been led into by his misrepresentations..   We must counsel our citizens to  erase from their minds any feeling against the  Government or the officials, as their part in  the matter has h^an only in fulfilment of their  duty.   It was decidedly the boundeu duty of  TOT? H A "DTP f\f\ 'QT?XTTT^JTrT ���������tne representative of this district, not only to  I tlJS OilTll-DUU pJlilllllMlilJlsee that the desires of tho miners were fully  complied with, but also that any modifications  in thelaw were imparted to them at the earliest possible moment. Had this been done,the  Canadian Co. would not have committed the  mistake in appealing their case when redress  in that quarter was impossible ; they would  have at once appealed to the Governor and  thus the useless expedition of Judge Ball to  Grouse creek, and the false position in which  the officials were placed by these injudicious  measures would never have happened; We  sincerely hope that at the coming trialjfull justice will be done to all parties concerned in  this, disagreeable affair, and now that the  Government is alive to the true state ofr matters the proper steps will b e taken to remedy  thevjdefectsin the law as it stands;; ^\^fe also  9trpti^y:rec6mmeh#to^  of the several parties :intetested,:;sbf;;^t no  difficulty will be added: to the^;already^ -'coin'*  plicated questions in which: the; afiairjis in-  ;v olye d.: /; We ^re qui te. su re .that every facility,  \yill bo afford ed the iitigan ts to bring forward  whatever.evidence they may have t6 ofrer on.  their respective;titles, and i'.ifec.iiyili��������� '^o^-JsrfeMer  for all parties that such evidence inaySn'bt b e  trammelled with matters fo reign; to;,the pegal  rights of 'tlie several ;cliu mho lders;��������� X- Can b oos  Tf^ffi^'tfe^ff^ \ as; "fr iaw&bidmig'.  people, and we earnestly hope that any ill-  considered action on the part of a few ��������� individuals may not be allowed to prejudice the  interests of their fellow shareholders.  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Or*  dei-s,, small pr*reels,;actttTS, collecUoiis,: etc., etc..  attended to oh moderate; terms:. fecial attention  given to. demands for, subscriptions to the, CARIBOO  SENTINEL, or any other Newspaper.   '        ���������-,���������'.,; ,-:vX<  Ofdces; On Grouse Creek, ��������� at it, Prnger's Store. i;in^  Barkorvllle,  at AV.  F. Harrc's   domfcile,;' Sextwel  Office.- ..;���������".'���������-''        .:r'? ):>���������;- ������'X:. -":;":; ': y 'X. ���������:������������������M. 'J:\ '-  July 29, 1867.;    , ���������:-'; '/-'\    :; . XX.X]' ��������� -\\ -.-;';  The first public execution that has ever yet  happened in this district took place on Friday  last, the 8th inst.; at 6 o-clock, a.m., in front of  the court house, Richfield.  Throughout the greater part of the previous  evening the carpenters, were engaged in constructing: the scaffold, and before-it was completed a large crowd of spectators had collected around where it was erected. At about  half past 5 o;c!ock the sheriff with his posse  entered the cells of the prisoners, and announced to them the near approach of the  fatal liour, which they received with calm  indifference. Tlie officers then proceeded to  unfetter the prisoners, and while so doing,  Inibi^m.ation Wanted^  *\ john Eraser, who, : left . william^  l^c'kJ���������db'dtlt'./tJlry^^eciffi;i^���������'. for Slack;: Bear  Creek, and has not since been heard of.    Any pna  knowing hiswheroahouts, and leaving a note orsame  at th is Office', wil Iconfer a favor on his fr iends.V'  August; 8thv186T. "     .'    '  -        . / - 2w  q;  DISSOLUTION OF  clian, who up to the time his shackles were  being removed appeared perfectly harmless,1  began to inai;l������?.st a disposition of resistance,  expressing a determination not to be hanged,  but insisted that he shon 1 d be shofc|ahd strug/  gle'd in such a Man ner as; to'..-. In tluce:'��������� the ol,  cers to keep the irons still on: his -wrists.4A  fe w moim en ts b efo ve th e. h o ur; : th e , prisoners  were con ducted to; the scaffold. accoinpaiiied  by the Rev. Father McCJuicken, who had previously administered tlie Ilolyv Eucharist to  Barry and the rites of baptism to the Indian.  On;the, scaffold, Barry���������who bad been been  suffering for some days from a severe attack  of sickness���������betrayed no symptoms of trepidation, but sustained ��������� hinise 1 f throughout v th e  trying see ne with the. iitm o.st fortitude and  coolness.   The Indian,.cih thei contrary,Xber,  haved in a very excited manner, and indulged in. the ; most foul and blasphemous lan-  g u age, cursing th e Ki ng -Geo rg e- m an a n d ; his  Indiah' accomplice^  endeavouring   all  .tlie  while to extricate himself from his pinions.  Ne i th er of th c p riso ners made a pub lie con-  fessi on. alth o ngh it Is vexy ce rtai n th at Barry  ra us t have do n e so to th e pri est b efore he  couklreceive absolution; if he did so, the  tenor of it will never be c������mmunicated. to  human ears, as the laws of the Romish church  forbid the revealing of secrets made at the  confessional.   Everything being ready, at a  given signal the executioner drew the bolt  and the, drop fell with a dull, heavy sound,  and the murderers were launched into eternity without a struggle.    After the bodies  had hung for the space of half an hour, they  werp e xam ined foy .Dr. 1 iell wh o p ron on n ced  them. de a d, and; b e ing im ra e cl i atel y cu t do wn  by the hangman were at once conveyed in  coffins to the place of interment, near the  burial ground at Richfield.   By 7 o'clock tbe  scaffold was removed, and nothing remained  to show that any unusual event had occurred.  /fiHE COPARTNl^  X*under the name of HEKTLE1> & (X)., was this;  day    dissolved  hy mutual  consent.     Fred. Jlert-  lemhavi ng sold * out his en tire in krest in the above  concern to H.  Ed ward s,  th e ifome- of th e fl rrn 'here-'  after will -be STE1TZ & EpWAUDS;     All debts due  to the old firm, inust be ^aid ou "or hefore the FIRST  of:next inonth ; and an^'demamls against them must  be proseiitod oh or before tho. gamc dati%  Ki ther of the  old firm is authoriaod/to collect, or liqufdatii the.same,.  -'/   v .7RED. HRB.TLE&7 ���������������:���������:-���������  .   .;;    .: /��������� '���������'���������"    ��������� '���������   . FltED. STEITZv    ..."  ^arlcflrvjlh������. August Sthy 1887;  ,.:,:,.-..; ;:;/t^e  ���������.������,u������rv<.i������^r-.  r  S KOW ��������� OPEN  TOk THE? ^CCOMJrobATION M  _   the'niihiug cdmmiinityj uiid - the pubhc-geherally,  Kb oXpensc has been sparud to;render; tlie house ail  that could be desired j for comfort, and cnnvenlencej:.  'Wie Bar is supplied with a complete stock of Wixesj  Liqdoks and CuiARS.. .���������'-..'  *   . \ jisr Wkll AniED .Beos *^i  iriav bo had at a nioderate charge^   - E. ORDj ���������  . Julvl, 1867.      '2m y     proprietress.  GO S ���������M: 0 ;P 0 L IJT A; N  ReStaiiraiit  '"    j ,.;     barkkrvii;le.       ���������  rpHE' UNDERSIGNED HAVING ^THOROUGHLY, RE-  1 novated his Es tab lisli men t, has re-openeo the sume :  for the :accoinmodatloii,;6'fvtluv;Public, aud^trusls;to,  merit a share of H-hel r. iiatirmagel His liakory has also'  iiiuiergone rcpitin and he is'now ready to execuW"  orders from all who wMhjrood bread:/  v "w ���������J '  JACOB VEI^fii Proprietor.:-v-,-  Junelotli, 18Cl   >. \ ���������' 11:8-;  FE  TON    SALOON,  RICHFIKILD. '".     '  Pat up in-SIX-lb. Tihs...  For sale, Wholesale and Retail, bv '  /' "*,. E; P1CARS0N & ���������fm'09.-,-'-���������  \. .Auguf5tlst.-lS67..-.������������������.-"���������' "XX- ��������� lnr;;.. Xr^: Barlcehdlle;  i;::XXXXX:]: S;;.-y|ySdTrGE.::f';;',;  Xk ::;REGULAR/:jlEET?INO.V6p./tHE;^  A OUARTZ MINING .. COMPANY, (Regi^tfreii) will  be hold on MOSIVAf, August Tw(ditht at'CWO o'clock  P. M., in the building lately pecupied by Jin Penfold r-  Sh areholdors veprcsej ited:: by prory, are req ni red to  present written authority. ' :; .B."P. yU^DKRSON,  ,; July aotii, 1867; ;   -������������������ ".:'���������' Secratary.  Oiiassot &, Edirioiidson,  WHOLESALE .& RETAIL BUTC1 '  AND   G ATT LB   DEALERS,,  ..Barkerville and Richfield,  Would Respectfully call the attention  of the Public to their fiuestock of AJrat, which  they will dispose of at prices to suit the times.  .; Prime Beef from 20c. to 25c. per lb.  Mutton, 25c. t63oc. per lb. X  August 1st, 1867. :.-.���������. ���������      '. .' . '."im   ���������  Thos.  L  George Wilson requests that those of his  friends who contributed by subscription towards procuring him a champion belt last  fall, will call on Mr Burdick, and at Barry's  saloon where the money will be refunded to  them ; failing their doing so before Thursday  next, the amounts will be applied towards  the stakes for the forthcoming contest.  KRIOGH3'.& Co.,  CAMERONTON,  Have just received, and offer for Sale,  HOLESALS  OR  EE1AII  AT LOW RATES BOB CASH,  200 OASES CHOICE BRANDS of LIQUORS  rpHE ^NUERSIGNErX HOPES HIS OLD  PIONEER  J/friends will .civ������ him a turn, as he has experienced  he^vy weather lately, "   ���������.������������������-., B. F. EDWAKDSr ���������  : June <5th, 1$67. f Form erly of Ptlwards' Kanc^,  EXPRESS   NOfiC^v   v  ��������� k FTER THIS BATE; BARNARD'S .KXTOESS^JS  J t not responsible ftif damage on LIQUIDS shipped is  Tin.or Glass, unless by special contract. .  '.':���������:.tmtfl.Iurther notico, the:: Express :will;-arrive^licre  every 81JNDAT AFTKRNOO>,'���������'��������� and close iVn- below  eveiy WEDNESDAY, at KINEo^clock, A.M; ,-V:  r.-r.-" ���������������������������>.���������;���������,:���������., ROEEKf-POOL, ���������.;������������������;.:  :-"*V>.v;-,' ������������������������������������'������������������������������������ ' ;""'',,:*"'������������������'.".*>' ���������   '��������� ;:Agent.-'-���������  vBirkcrvillej May 29th,. 1867; ir.;:,' ������������������ -'8- r  ]SrOTlCl3;  In:="���������tbe.-matter of ,the Estate ..and:,.Effects ot  FRANCOIS CASSRlate of Williams Creek,  Cattlo Dealer, deceased, intestate. '.";;.���������:;  A hi PERSONS WriO ARE INDEBTED TO ;TH^:  A above Estate,;are required to. pay the uinounW;  due for'tl i with ; add al 1 p erso lis who It ave any clai a������ .  against the above Estate^ are; required to sewHnJJgf  accounts, oil or before the FIFTH DAY of hMWi-  BER,lS6f, to ,"���������':'-  ; CHAB. E. P0OLF,Y,'. >-V  Olllcial Administrator.   ,  . Dated Richfloldf 25th June, 1867.  NOTICE.  In the matter of the Estate and Effects of  REMI DAZET. late of Williams Creek;  Cattle Dealer, deceased, intestate.  -��������� CONSISTIXG 01? ���������  Brandy���������Martell, Thmnc-ss^, and Otard Dupey.  Wines���������Port, Hiierry. Durwuudy,- and Ola rot; Ran-  terne's  French  Whitu Wino ; Sausevaine's Oali-  fornla White Wine.  Champagnes���������Bouche nnd Nnpolson^ Cabinet,  Bitters���������BoUer's, Sansc-v;uiie'.^ Orange and Hostet-  tor's, Vurmouth, Absentho, Peppermint and Anni-  .   setto. '  Old Tom, Giu, and Scotch Whisky.  Also on hand���������500 gallons choice brands of Brandy,  Wines, Whisky, Rum, etc. ���������  Goods-received on. Sfoa&ftvor Commission, at tho  lowest market rates.  1st July. 13tf7. 2m  THE  Caledon-jan Bekevolent Society.���������At a  meeting of the Cariboo branch of this society  held on Saturday evening, the election of  officers took place and other general business  was transacted. The meetings of the society  will hereafter be held every Saturday evening at 8 o'eleck, in the Welsh church, tear-j^anif,  kerville. ������    20U June, 1S67  SNUG-   SALOON',  BARKERVILLE.  HE    UNDERSIGNED   HAVING   OPENED    THE  abovo Siiloon,' w������mld rt^pcctftiljy- invite their  friends nnd tho public to strip in aud sample, their  A LES. WIN E S aud. L'i QUO Rrf; .tb q quail ty of w!. i cl������,  they flatter thfmiselvos, will suitthd tastes of tho mvist.  iVisti.lions.     The best brand nf CI'.ARS  always oil  SCOTT k ilcBAKi")/.  LL PEUSOXS  WHO   ARE INDEBTED TO THE  , above-Efitn t*������, are required to p;iy the animm^  d ne forthwith, and all persons who havc any clainis  a^ainst.the above Estate, are req ui rod to aDiulmweu-  aecomitson or before the EIGHTH day oi -SElTftM',  BKR-. 1807, to CKAS. E. POOLEY,  Ollicbil Ad minis traler.  Dated Lytton, 8th Jnne, 1867.: 13 ^  NOTICE.  In tbe matter of tho Estate and Effects of -JAME^  PURDIE,. late of Williams Creek, BlackstWtn, uo-.  ceased,Intestate. .   ' ������  A LL PERSONS  WHO  ARE INDEBTED TO* W������  }\. above Estu to, arc r^quirod to pay the amounts:yu������  forthwith, and all persons who have any claims ag������j  tho above cvstato, are required to send in thtfrjccouiii  on or before the TWENTY'.SIXTH day ijl^W^^i  1867, to CHAS. E. POOLh-J,  Ofllcial Admimstrator.  Dated Richflnld, 27th June, 1867.:  In the matter of the Estate and Effectsiflf $**&.  WH1TFOKD, Free Miner, lite of the Roid cwm%  Conklius Gulch, deceased, Intestate.  A LL PERSONS WHO ARE INDEBTED TO Eg  JX above Estate, nm required to pay tho tininuij..  due forthwitl), and all persons who have any cj*������    ,  against tho above estat,      '-^ - '"* m mm  accounts on or befun  ?swite. fira��������� rer\ u ired to sen���������! uf  ire FIRST NOVEMBER, 1307,  CHAB. H. POOLE V,  to  I  s  ft  0%m  Date i.]  Official  RicliUold. 1st August, 1807.  Admiidstratoi'/ K)TS.  7  I|pl  5s|;;V;i  'RES3* : "I  .������c.,   ��������� '|  ^nfion  UBO'O  MdNDAy,;AU&UST 12, 186?;7  grouse' creek difficulty;;  On Thursday last, 8th inst,, Mr. C. Booth, ori  behalf 61* the Canadian Company, had/an mier-  view wi th His Excellency;Goy ernbr Sey moiir j  relation to the uhfbr tiiu ate troubles that have  lately arisen, betweeh .that;; company and the  Grouse Creek -Bed Rock7Flume; Company,  in which he laid. before His. Excellency��������� a  clear statement - ofth e facte '.->��������� cphhected therer  with.; The result of this interview was an  afrangement ^proposed ;by; the -Governor, to  the, effee t 'that if. the meiribers of the',Canadian  company,fdrwhom.warrante had been issued,  caine forward and voluntarily surrendered  themsel ves, '���������:. And'���������������." purged their con ternpi of  court,; a /hew /trial 6f their Sense would be  gran fed; the fn. , Mr. B6 p th und er to o k to, co in -  m iini cat e /His; Excellency ^decision to th e  delinquents, and succeeded -in securing; their  appearance ��������� the next day, before the magistrate, when they underwent a trial,  .;./ John Grant. Fred. Littler, Geo. Murdoch,  W. So ale,; --h Lush, all as S co tt; Job u S and ergo nV"Joseph Irvine, and Austin Ward, having  miiTenden^d^h^  Cross-examined--! did not go over as a  special cons table ; I wen t as an i n divid u al.  No writ ever came into tny hands to put the  mime;company in possession. The injunction  was read by7 Fitzgerald��������� aboui two or three \  feet from:the. shaft' house.;' ;���������  Mr. Walker; thought it u n ne cessary to  bring any more . witnesses; as the case had  !been;fully proved.-; V- ;.'  : /Mr.-Park..held that''the prosecution had  failed to prove ������������������ thafr the .ground in dispute  b elphged to the flrime ebhipany.  : /Mr.' Walker hi ai n tain e d that* th is was not a  case to prove a. title,; but to ascertain whether  an. order of court h ad, b eeii ob ey ed.  ; Judge-r-The accused,are now being tried  for; disobeying ah order of court.  v-Mfe-PKfe^Iflt-wemajti: unlawful, order, the  disobeying, of it."., could riot be considered an  hnlawfu 1 act. ���������',", The - proper. cou rse for the  liume.compahy to have pursued, was to apply  to the court fbr a writ'to the Sheriff Jo put  them in possession; in which case the Caha-  nian comp any would have go t due n otice,  aridif they failed to comply Vith the writ,  th ey in igh t .be summoned, to show cause w hy.  as in actions at common law, when the question -of title would be discussed. But the injunction: in question was an/ex parte one, in  which tho 'court occupied the position of  plaintiff;     ;',"'.'.���������.'"���������. ,";.>:?  the trail alluded to by our correspondent, we  are prepared to endorse bis statement as to  its impassable condition. For a distance of  at least two miles from the old Downie claim,  on the Meadows, to Willow River, the path-.  way, for it does not deserve the name of trail,  passes through a swamp, in which animals  are mired to the belly in mud. often rendering it a difficult matter, when heavily packed,  to extricate them from. it. There'can be ho  doubt that the proposed route, for anew trail  run nine along the high ground on the margin  of the Meadows, to the head of Willow river,  then crossing that stream, and following its  high banks to the creek in question, would be  of tlie greatest advantage to the miners, and  considering the small cost of construction,  could not reasonably be refused, if proper  application was made to His Excelleticy.���������  Ed. S.]  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  answer  to -a  complaint' preferred   against   T^nage���������1~^  he 16th obeying,the orders.of court' in which I am  them, for having at Grouse/ Creeks on the  July last, wilfully arid unlawful ly /refused/to:  obey ah order of the Gold Commissioner of  Cariboo; dated 13th day/of July, in coBtra-  Vention pf the gold mining ordinance.  -   Mi*. Walker appeared for the prosecution;  an&-after brmhy. stating the case; called���������  J. H. Sullivan, who being duly sworn said  ��������� I went to, Grouse Creek, on 13th July, in  company with chief constable; Fi tizgerald, to  sefyeian order on the Canadian company.   I  i dentify the o rder how, sh own me as: th at n n-  der; which X ac te d.   It 7 requ ired that the Be d  KpclcFlumecompany should be .put in Jposr  sessipn/ofa certain piece of ground.   Went  on the/ ground with Fitzgerald for the purpose  of executing/ said^order in accordance with  Commissionfer"- .Spa) ding's decision ; we went  to the; Black .Hawk company's incline, where  ,tue chief constable stated, his business  to  Gran t; Soule and Littler, -and* th en p roceeded  to .close up the incline.   The chief constable  read the order- three; times to them ; the incline is abbriksixty, feet from a shaft now occupied by the Canadian company.   Oh the  5 nci ih'c being- closed, tlie -Canadian company  look possession of tho said* shaft, and tone of  tlie parties continued; to work in it after the  order had /-been read again -; th ey appeared  -to be acting in concert   I remaineel oh the  c reek for the n cxt; tea days, an d during th a t  time I saw all of the accused frequently on  ihe ground and about the shaft, which they  continued to >hbffl/;ppssession of.   I was pres+  enton tlie lGth, anU;'heard the injunction how  shown me r cad 7 once, at the... same shaft the  accused were; ^TO of  ihem*werovthere/s^h<jn;thej: were ordered to  < 1 uit the grouncl. There was dirt taken out at  that-time, arid siibseoluently..; At the time the  injunction;was ^ad^rheard. them refuse to  give up thegrourifl^Srid1 ^hcy acted up to it.  0 n the - i 3th: Fitzgerald;;..;asked ine to assist  11 i m in arr(esting A������ffiavi������\//;���������' We attcmpted to  d0 so,, but he said.he;>ypuldmpt go.:unless; we  got ahorse to pack him; ./He said he would  stay there " ;like.a little man," and sat down.  1 reraained ;cn the creek;.-till the 24th, .and  during that .time,they continued in possession  1 am satisfied ithat,; the .'gro un d was b eing  worked all the time.  -  Cross-examined by Mr. Park--Are you pre-  p ar ed to swear that the p iece 0 f gr 0 und, b e-  lo rigs "to the fiunle company ?:;:  Witness���������I cairt- say7; the chief constable  pointed out the gf*ouud to me.  Mr. Park-^Was there anything in the order  authorizing you to stop up the Black Hawk  company's 'incline?  Witness���������I acted Under the orders of my  superior officer, who showed me nothing more  than the 0rder prod uced. T. thin k the terms  of that order gave me authority to do so.  F. V\ Lee, sworn, said-���������I was on Grouse  Crock on lGth July 5 went over with thespa-  cial constables. Heard ati injunction read,  ordering the Canadian company oft'the Bed  liock Flume company's ground. I believe  the injunction produced is the same as that  which was read 5 it was read once that I  know of, after tlie special constables left, hear  the shaft house, where the members of the  company were assentbled ; saw all the accused there, except Ward; They did not give  up peaceable possession after being ordered  to do so by'the Commissioner, but positively  refused. .. Got to Grouse Creek about ten  o'clock, a. m., and remained ti IP five or six  o'clock in the evening. They were still on  the ground when wo left. There were one  hundred and fifty men in all; can't say if that  number were acting in concert; a good  inany were sympathisers. They paid no  more respect to the special constables, than  ihey did tP the order of the court. Can't  'feay hovf far the shaft ia from the tlumo.  myself a witness, arid /were there any other  magistrate here I should not sit ori the case  at.alli .'������������������:"-,JXX-^'-- .���������X-\''^:X-XX'  /; ;Mr. Parkm;waht to/ishow: that the order  : was.; no^t; a 1 awf u 1 --o lie.--J 'X  7cJudge-f^t;decide;;against ;.you;  it was a  lawfuLprden-// ���������->XXX/,., "X "  7\ Mr;;^alker^Whether4t was lawfid or uu-  Jawfui, the;accused^Hte''/.b.bnn(l to yield to  it and then takp; steps'to set it aside ; al 1 or-  dcrsbf.court-are consideredlawfu 1 until they"  a^e;i5et::aside;;./;.7 ixQxxXlXX  ,;;/;Mr.;Park^-dX I;.cann;ot;goi into facts before  th is :c6ur t,; I siib mi t ill at 1 have aright to a v-  gue points '-'of law, and,J-maintain that the  prbper cpurse for ;.'pu ttingthe Fi������1 m e Com pany  in ;���������' ppssession of th e (gro un d. i n disp u te was  by a writ directed ���������tp^the1 /SheriE  .;: Tiie Judge;.;byerrulCd the/'points taken by  ;Mr. Parkland; addressing;the accused, said  the charge\-of disobeying|the/orders of court  has/feeeii ^prpyed/;againstvyo^ for which 1  jhust ptinish ypu;under,, /tlie;: penal clause of  ^^S^^':^W^S^^ i ^iiiS9^iWose a fine  buts&il se^ence/ca^ to a term of  three^ If you think  ypiirselyes;a^grieve^,^u7cah appeal to the  supreme court; I. Shall fixthp bail for each  party at; S1000 in;.two^sureties of $500 each.  :.. /After the renderiiig df the sente n ce the a c-  ciised were ordered to be conveyed to prison.  J. Grant, wh6 was Jirst called on, accompanied the officer Avithout a murmur, but when  the officer returned for the others they posi-  tiyely refused to goVdeclaring that they had  ri 01 b een proved guilty of: pom mi ttiug any  crime, and then followed a;; torrent of the  most disrespec tful 1 a nguage th a t could p os-  sibly be used in"any7court, in the midst of  which the magistrate retired. .The refractory  men were.finally persuaded by their Mends  to submit to the sentence and trust to the  clemency of his Excellency. In the course of  an.hour.a petition signed by the inhabitants  of Richfield was presented to his Excellency  praying for a remission of the sentence, which  was at once granted.- and the term reduced to  two days confinement.  Owing to the press of other local matter,  we are circumscribed in the limits usually  devoted to our weekly mining summary, and  can only note those claims that have taken  out more than ordinary pay.  WJJJ.U.MS CHEEK.  Stead man co. washed up 24 oz. for week,  result of three men's work.���������Dutch Bill co.  clearied up'50 oz.���������Brb 11 se'co.:"5*??&?��������� ^"iison  co. 50 oz.���������McLaren co. 70 oz.���������^Tontine co.  40 bz���������Marker co. struck good prospects in  their shaft, and have not bottomed yet.���������Davis co. washed up 6(5 oz. for' week.���������Aurora  co.'cleaned up for week 407 oz., 22G of which  were washed up yesterday.���������Nover-Sweat co;  making an ounce a day to the hand.���������California co. declared a small dividend.���������Forest  Rose co. 42 oz. for the week.���������Prairie Flower  50 os.  MINK GOXCH.  The Perseverance co. washed, up 30 02. for  the week, with good indications ahead.  STOUTS GULCH.  The most of the claims on this gulch did  fully as well last- week as during the previous  one, except the Alturas co.. which fell somewhat short, having washed up for the week  125 oz..  COXICLrSB ottt.cu.  The only noteworthy strike in this gulch, is  that made by the Renfrew co., who took out  of a three feet sot. of timbers, in; their. new  shaft, 9i oz. on Friday last. .This will give  fresh hopes to:adjacent claim holders.  MUSQUITO GULCH.  Tbe claims that are washing are all doing  ivell.; The Willow co. washed up" on Saturday 7.oz.���������The Minnehaha cp. will reach bed  rock in a couple of days.���������Point co. struck  the channel, and took out $40 last  Tho Jeffree co. got 0 oz. last Friday.  . During his short stay here his Excellency  the Governor visited the hospital, postofiic'f  and public library, not forgetting to inspect  the work that is b^ing carried ori with a  view of opening up the bed rock drain, about  which he appeared to express some anxiety.  We can only regret that he did not prolong  his visit for a few days, as %th<jre were mat:  ters about to be brought under.'hfs notice of  the greatest importance to this district whicn  could be better understood by his Excellency  pii the spot tl*an by means of written comma;:  nicatioiiB. But this haste is .accounted for b/  his desire to convene the Executive council  relative to Grouse creek matters.  . New QrjATvrz Mrxixo Co.���������A company has  been organized under the name of the Island  Mou n taio (Ju artz Mini ng - Co:: (limited), cbri*  sisting of 15 shares, with the: object ��������� of proa*  pecting the extensive quartz reef that runs  through the ridge of mpuntairi9 dividing Mus:  quito gulch from Red gulch. Tlie company  located 3375 feet of the lead about three  weeks ago and made an attempt to sink a  shaft, but fail ed o n ac coun t 0 f t h e p reval e h c e  of water ; a drift is now proposed and will be  commenced at once. This is the- same lead  as U will be remembered creatod so niiicti  excitement in 1;S63 and from, which several  rich specimens of rock were obtaiiied.  ���������..Mn. IIauxett's Lecture.���������As already stated  in our papeiv Mr." IIarn'ett has" accepted a"  public invitation;to 6peak in Adler & Scarry's  Rfltnnti ������t. s rt'Aioo.ft. ^Pxt Sunday afteriVo'oh:  salooln, at 3 0  Mr. Harnett has.claims upon this community  as being about the first stranger who has  taken up the defence of .the colony in earnest;  and alltbat he has done has been at his- own  expense ; it has been determined to charge  SI admission to the lecture as a partial reimbursement to him for liis disinterestedness;  He has labored hard and well amongst us^  and we trust oh this occasion to see the pu.br  lie support his generous efforts.      . .  . Prosvkctoks Hkaud FROM.���������Messri Fred;  Black and I. Stevens, who it will be rerheni^-  bered, were about to prospect a new creek)  when Hardie and Stewart left thorn; a .month  ago, were at last accounts on Hixonbreekj  whither they had gone to procure-provisions^  and return. ��������� It seems they found prospects  sufficient 10 induce theiri to give the creed &  further trial. ��������� '���������-.������>  To the Editor, op the''Cariboo Sentinel."  7 iJm,���������On behalf of the miners of Musquito  Creek, Red Gulch, Whip Saw Gulch, and this  vicinity generally, I am anxious to call the  attention of the proper .authorities to our  great want of a trail. You are well aware,  Mr. Editor, for you have had tho kindness to  visit us, that in asking for this, wc are only  asking for a thing that is really wanted. Our  present trail is in such a state that I find  some difBcultyc: in describing it. It is al most  bottomless,, and persons with long rubber  boots are hot safe against wet feet, and a des-  peri  from  miner  hill to Lowhcc, would not only bo the best  aud shortest, but least expensive way it could  be laid out. It would not take above S200 to  cut a good trail through to Barkerville, by  this route. These creeks and gulches are  becoming of great importance to Cariboo and  the country generally, and there is not a  doubt but. "they will be steadily worked for  years. There has been at least 200 claims  tsdven up and recorded on these creeks, which  together with miners' licences, laying over,  etc. etc., must have netted the revenue a  very handsome sum ; and in asking for the  small amount of $200, the miners think they  are only asking for what they, in some measure/have a right to.      Yours,  ' W. J. JlSFlfREE.  Mlisquito Gulch, 9th August, 18u7.  [Having lately had occasion to pass over  scorn gulch.  Tbe prospecting co. presently at work on  tbis gulch, found very favorable prospects  last week.  C������R\Jt creek;  The Aurora co. declared a dividend for the  week ending 3rd inst., of S90 to the share.  The indications are favorable for better pay.  BLACK BEAU CREEK.  The quicksand and water has proved an  insurmountable difficulty with the prospectors, iu putting down shafts, and nearly all  have left the creek, until a more favorable  season, when it is intended to prospect by  means of tunnels.  Cantox CitERK.���������Mr. B. P. Anderson, who  arrived here yesterday direct from tbe Washburn ledge at Ilixon* creek, contradicts the  reports recently received from that quarter  both as to the striking of a well defined ledge  and tho amouut cleaned up from the arrastras  We cannot help expressing our contempt for  such individuals as will circulate unfounded  reports, which certainly do not either ussist  the enterprise or .tend to promote the public  good. Mr. Anderson informs us that the company-have run drifts in various directions to  the extent of some three hundred feet, aud  crossed as many as six' distinct spurs in all  of which more or less gold was found     In  several instances rock rich in silver has been  discovered, which appears:to increase in richness as it increases in depth.   The two arrastras have been working for sometime and  executed their work admirably, being capable  of crushing three . tons of rock daily.    The  firstwashup.fromsix tons of rock crushed  was $14, and the second was $37 25 for the  same quantity of rock.  Express.���������The express left on Saturday  morning about G o'clock, carrying as passengers in the first wagon his Excellency the  'Governor. Surveyor General Trutch, A Bush-  by, Esq., Capt. Porcher and two servants. In  the second stage were Messrs. T. Lad her,  Cohen, Culmels and Miss Schuer. No express may be expected here before next Sunday.  Bed Rock Draw.���������We. are glad to learn  tliat there is a probabil? ty of th e obstr'ucrions  to, the drain ��������� being so /fair/ removed in the  course.of eight days, as to allow a number of  the claims to resume work. The water hai."  now been drained from the lower shaft of tho  Caledonia company/  Joe Eden's sparring entertainment ori feu  turday evening drew a full house and must  have netted the beneficiary a respectable sum  The third deposit of $100 was made the same  evening at A. Hardie's saloon, Cameronton; .  Joe. leaves to-day for Quesnelmouth to go  into training for the coming fight.  Drowxed,���������A young man named Henry  Young, late of Sarnia, C. W., was accidentally  drowned on 24th ulto., while crossing a 6lough  on Mr. Farr's ranch, 20 miles, below Fort "  Hope. The body was taken tb New West*  minster and interred.  Ix reference tb the advertisement about the  missing man John Fraser, u correspondent informs us that ho last saw him at Captain  Mitchell's bridge on the North Fork of Ques-  nel in company with a man named Tom.  The meeting of the Washburn Qiiartz Co.  will be held at Pen fold'a saloon this afternoon  at 2 o'clock ; ail shareholders are requested  to attend as business of importance to the interests of the company will be transacted.  Fatal AcciDKNT.~We are informed that  two Chinamen were instantly killed last Saturday, on Last Chance creek, by the caving  of a bank of earth.  Gold Commissioner for Leech  Riv5:r,~  B.W. Pearse, Esq.; has been gazetted as Assistant Gold Commissioner for the Leech river .  district;  The Clear Grit Co.; on Canadian creek,  have struck pay dirt that will average five oz:  to a four feet set of timbers, aud are nut iu  the channel.-  We understand the ground, in dispute ori  Grouse creek has been put in possession, of  an officer until tho question of title has bee ii  settled,  -   . . . .*���������  ���������  Assize  Court.���������An .adjourned session ilf '  the. court bf assize will be held on the 18tli  inst.  Nug g et ;���������- A hiigg e t   we igh ing  Sol ^ watf '  taken out of the Ancient i3ritou .claim ci  Beggs gulch 0 n Saturday. ���������  The .Canadian boys' were liberated yeglSr>  day evening at 6 o'clock.  DIS7>.���������At twr (iirfh'tK) His������pi la 1, on f. J> 0  6tmjufu3 tvedvfci ty h rail-, initio DoJ-vlh%  of Lyiurir,cv, hvi.ttrt. Hg**l bd fv&t&  1 ^ \..'i������if������  Stfi $y  SB 3aM ,'*.?;'.���������:     ���������������������������;.���������:'    '"���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  FASHION SALOON,  BARKERVILLE,  ILLiAMS   CREEK.  NEW  ADVERTISEMENTS.  J  ^HE PROPRIETORS BEG LEAVE TO ANNOUNCE  . to the public that they have enlarged, refurnished,  nnd thoroughly renovated their capacious aud  fash-  consisting of three large separate  ROOM, and'  superb  BILLIARD TABLES,    ��������� '���������    X  ���������- "������������������������������������..-,-..- -Tho  best  LIQUORS nnd  CIGARS  obtainable, are  X'..         served.here.. This establishment is imdor theimnie-  .'.'������������������ ���������'���������       diate superintendence of the Proprietors.  :'                                                             ADLER&3ARRY.  ES   P.   TAYLOR,  ,    Druggist, .  BARKEltVILLE.  HAS CONSTANTLY ON HAND A CHOICE SE-  lectionof Drucs and PAtknt AIkdjcines, including the celebrated Golden Balsam, and Murphy's  Mixtures, for the complete cure of Secondary Syphilis.  Also a great variety ot* Sarsapavillas, Hair* Brushes,;  Tooth Brushes, Combs, Tooth Powders, Sponges, Fancy  Soaps, Lubin's Extracts, Rose Water and other Perfumeries, Garden Seeds, &c, &c.  Just received���������an assortment of Stationery, Pocket  -Diaries for 1807, and Billiard Tabic articles. *  P. S.���������Prescriptions carefully compounded.     1-s  FOSTER,   OF   LILLOOET,  CHEMIST.  ROADSIDE ADVERTISEMENTS.  STABLHSTG^r HORSES.  WILLIAM   McVVHA,/  lytton GrTy7Bv"C;J-.-;7';;':'7>-'-;7  Begs to inform tho public generally ttiatlie has / /  VICTORIA ADVERTLSEMEKTsT  On his premises for upwards of;200; Horses,; 7  Hay and Oats for Sale cheap.  GOOD SADDLE HORSES FOR HIRE.  TERMS   MODERATE. Is  . Corner of Laiigley Alley; and Yates St  //;;;^-l������EiSSRSk,y^' & BALES  Have opened tlie above premises Witt ai  z ^;;^  OP ���������.  :=,/;: v/^ARIS  AND    LONDON    HOTEL  AND RESTAURANT,  RICHFIELD.  '������:..!;;'^7;.Tihhe'ii'iit!erfiIgncd have refitted this well known house  -7.    'JL which is now open for tho accomodation of the  ".public.    .' .:-i"-.  . The'Bar will he supplied with the best brands -of  :; ' ; 7. LIQUORS and CIO AR*.    '   ���������  7  ���������7   ���������;; ;  #������r Meals and Beds famished at all hours.  .7 7: G. FONTAINE.  XX:X.   , FELIX rOUCHOT,  //,;���������'���������;.;��������� 7 . Rlclifield, 1st May, 1867. ��������� >;' \ ..  Proprietors.  .-..,.r.,..;.     .���������-������������������   -m  TTAS FOR SALE, and constantly on band,  li a well assorted Stock of Drugs, all the Chemicals  used "by Physicians, Photographers, Assayers and  Mechanics. Also the popular Patent Modicines, and  Druggists' sundries.  Retorts, Crucibles, Muffles, Cupels, Ingot Moulds,  etc., etc  PRfiSCttlPTIOXS FAITHFULLY PKKPAJlEO.  P. W. FOSTER,  ' nial Chemist  YALE   ADVERTISEMENTS.  BENJAMIN DOUGLAS, - Successor to A. C.  WELLS, Saodi.k and Harnkss Maker, Yale, B: C.  ...���������JKgf.A complete assortmenkof...&lGCk-constantly, on  hand, 1-s  BOSTON BAR, B. C  Wholesale and.Retail Merchant in.  GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS,  LIQUORS, DRY GOODS, CLOTHING,'he.   Is  AND FLOWER SEEDS.  . The business of the late firm of Jav & Co   pw o  and Fpringfield Mjrsery, will be carried o'i h 1.  '  in all iis branches.    ��������� n u> ������S  Fruit Trees and Rushes,  Evergreen and' tw,.,  Shrubs, Bulbs and Flowering plants of cverv .w0*  lion.                                                             tl) uescni).-       -'Ms  164 MILS OH BEEP CREEK HOUSE.  TS OVEN FOR THE ACCOMMODATIONOF TI1K  L Travelling public; tbo bedrooms arc spacious,and  airy and the Beds cmnot be surpassed for cleanliness  a lid com fort I >y a si y i n th o 1 o.we.r country i lHo> Table 1 s  al ways s u j mli e d with tho b es t o f .Victual*/ S Ui Ul i n g  for Horses; Ray. Oa ia :i n d Ra ���������������?ey eons(an tly on ha u d.  . ;ETC., ETC.,  BARKERViLDE.%  :77:.7.   ' Has removed to his "NEW STORE, 'opposite  #���������  DENTAL HOTEL.  OCCI-  13  Front Street, Yale, ' B. C,  BEGS TO ANNOUNCE to tho inhabitants oT.Caribon  that he intends to forward (as soon as the state of.  the Roads will permit),   a large and well assorted  stock of Cooking Stoves, which he will dispose of at  Pricks to Suit the Times.  Yalo,'8th'April; 1867. .1  rpHIS OLD AMD WELL KNOWN HOUSE has been re-  ..L. cenlly opened.hy.the.nnderstujied, who will make,  it his constant study by using every endeavour to accomodate the traveling public, to deserve a share of the  patwdacre bestowed on tho former occupants.  B5T The Bar contains nothing but tbe very best of  LIQUORS and CIGARS.    Give i.hn a call   . '  1-S EDWARD   TROFATTER  .^v^-/:V-;?iune27,'lS67.-/.::;/      '--. ^^ v'; '���������������������������' ���������''.'���������  FIREPROOF WAREHOUSE!  PARTIES DESIROUS of shipping .freight Wrrn Dis-  X patch, will find it to their advantage by giving us  a call before engaging elsewhere. '���������.*���������  alwav & bailey;  ' -Yale, April 8th, 1 $67. - 1-s  * vSiitton,  \EALER IN Win'es, Liqugrs and Cigars, Coal Oil,  'Coal Oil Lamps, &c, ���������  V* AGENT FOR:BURSTER'S ALE!  ;-.7.     In Blils. and half Bbls.        .  Yale, April IS th, IS67.       . . '.-     i.s  ceo nnt a  r  '������������������������������������: '���������AND ���������  COMMISSION  AGENT  ;     BARKERVILLE,  Office.���������Opposite N. Cuxio's Brewery.  June 17, 1S67. .  13  ^AKES- THIS -METHOD OF INPORJANG HIS  -' A friends and the public generally, that no has enlarged and' fitted up.his SHAVING SAL00.V, in a superior manner, having secured the services of an efficient  assistant, ho is now prepared to operate in. a  satisfactory manner in all branches of tho TONSORIAL  ART.  He also begs to call the attention of the ladies to his  fine selection of Perfumery, which he is constantly in  . receipt of. from Langley & Col, Victoria, viz., Pomades,  ' Powders, Oils, Combs. *Brushes, and other articles for  tlie Toilet.      - '  He also calls attention to his unrivalled Hair Restorative,-guaranteeing to stop hair from falling out, in  one week, and in reasonable time restoring Hair to its  former state and color.  Also Gentlemen's furnishing Goods : finest assortment of Shirts, Underclothes Neck Ties, Scarfs, etc.  27th May, 1807. ' ' s  S t e e 1 e's  Restaurant,  RTOHFIELD.  STEELE BEGS TO INFORM HLS OLD FRIENDS  and Patrons, that he has opened his OLD STAND,  where he will be glad to see them.  :���������--��������� &?'mmAi$ at atx Hours *^*l:    <  .h\no 10th, 1867. 11 -s  August Stampehl,  E  BARKERVILLE.:;  A large assortment of Boots.and Shoes always on  .liaod.   ,/ '.. ' .;."..!/  VICTORIA ADVERTISEMENTS.  A. BULER & Cd.7S  /"1HEAP. Store.    LADIES' and GENT'S CAST OFF  V Clothing bought and sold.   Secondhand Watches,  'Guns, .Pistols,-&c , for sale.  SSr Governraent street opposite the Theatre.   1-s'  rwar  YAI.E, B. a  pARTIES SHIPPING GOODS BY THE YALE-LYT-  1.   ton Route, are advised that  KIMBALL & GLADWIN  Have erected an extensive Storehouse and Dock at  Yale; and are prepared to Receive, Store, and Forward  Goods. Goods rc-packed, and freights engaged at the  Lowest Rates.  Parties shipping goods through us will please mark  to tho care of  Is KIMBALL k GLADWIN.  BLUE   TENT,  '   * ���������OR ���������  127   M'1LE_ HOUSE.  THE UNDERSIGNED-HAVING PURCHASED THIS  .desirable property, is now Prepared to accommodate the travelling public.' The table is supplied with  the very best of viands. The bedrooms and beds are  as comfortable as could he desired, and the BAR contains nothing hut the best brands of LIQUORS and  CIGARS.  ,  A good stock of Grain and Hay alWavs on band.  3rd May. 1867. 3 W, WRIGHT.  VAN WINKLE STORE.  THE UNDERSIGNED begs to inform tbe miners and  residents in & around Van Winkle that be will in fu-  turc keep an assorted and GOOD STOCK on hand, and  hopes hy close attention to business, and \iv selling  at LOWER RATES than heretofore, to meet" ihc patronage of all.  Orders from outlaying crooks accompanied with the  CASH, will be forwarded with promptness aud dispatch,   , ... ��������� "  . .    j&jt Terms CASH, w i th ou t d is li n ct i on.  1-s J. W. LINDHARD.  BOYD & HEATH, Proprietors,  THIS HOUSE is situated 20 miles from Quesnelmonlln  The proprietors having lately fitted up bedrooms  and good Beds"are now prepared lo afford every accom-  mbdation.for.Travellers; the Table is furnished with all  the luxuries that can be procured; the Bar is well supplied with the best brands of Liquors and Sogars; rood  Stabling, Hay, Oats and Barley. /ET The CHEAPEST  House on the Road. ...j-s  LONDON   HOUSE  GOVERNMENT STREET, VICTORIA.        '  .WHOLESALE   AND   RETAIL  -;7,/:-.i7-'';;.--     :<X���������':mfouters of .7.77 ;,.'--'l/-.;:  English & Frert6h Silks, Shawls7l)repses t:.4  - derclpthing, Gloves/ imd every"ubscrlniioh W  '..���������--.. Drapery 'Goods.  Receiyo regular supplies bv Express Via Panama and  by sailing.vessels via "Capo ,ttoru.. .. ���������   ���������  * J&T t'a r i i cula r a tt en 11 ou' g1 ve ii' to nil ord ers  London Firm���������.T. P. Tr.\STALt.& Co.  ESTABLISHED 1858.  iS  122 MILE HOUSE, ,.  LAKE LA HAGUE.  TE. WALTER?, formerly of {he 04 Mtle House,  ��������� having purchased this Rauch, is now prepared  to accomodate the traveling public with GOOD MEALS  a nd 13 EDS at moderate rat'.^. i.R  J. C. BEEDY,  COAHflSSTON &  FORWARDL\Cr AGENT,  WILL   PAY PARTICULAR   ATTENTION TO SF  V V   lecting. purchasing, or forwarding Goods for\h  upper country.  : Any commission entrusted to his care  will rcccira  prompt attention. ���������  References :���������W. A. MEAotlAM, E. A. Wai>bam.s,T  1IA1!1������ER,'J.J. Bk.\mi.v. . ���������     '.  Victoria. April, 1807.        . XX. 1  ���������HOTEL DE FRANCE. ~~~~~  GOVEUXMKNT STJIT2ET, VlCTOKlA, V. L  fHE RESTAUHANT. is supplied wiih ������n ti,i  L delicacies of.the season, ami tho sleeping aceon^  da ti on i������ re pi e t e wi th every com for t.    Th e best of  Win^s, Liquors and Citrar?*.  1-s J. RIGNE & CO., Proprietor?.  .  ATs  iOROFT HOUSE  MESSRS. CORNV.rAI L'S.  T TUTS WELL KNOWN JIOUSE. l-alf-wav between  pence's Bridge ami Clinton, on Che Yale Rorttc.  Travel 1 ers w i 11 ftu d Good Acci������mmod'*.Moh. The bostof  living, of Liquors, and of Wines Fresh Butter, .Milk  and Vegetables.   Good Stabling and eh cap feed.     L>  COL0 3MIAL   HOTEL"  SODA   CREEK.  A  GREAT REDUCTION has been made in thecharges  tX at this establishment, so as to suit the -limes.  Meals, $1; Beds, 75,Cents...   '-,��������� \  McLEESE &..SENAY, - :"  1st,   1SG7. JjxZ:^^^  May  FOREST_ HOUSE.  08 *us&  post,'- ''  '7  BETWEEN YALE ANDXYTTON; B; C.  T^r TEJjL^RS wiI] fin(1 l'VPry acenmmodatjon at thi?  Hotel.   Excellent Cocking.   GOOD BEDS.  STABLING FOR HORSES. ;  TIMOTHY HAY and OATS W Invest Rates.-  ROOTHRon) mxo% 7 ; x\  .   Proprietors.  A.W.PIf^ER,  CONFECTIONER,  Govern m nnt St rcrt, op posi t e tlie Th cat it.  GAKDIES ������r every description iivinn(au(ii'red'aad  sold, Wholesale and Retail. U  HENRY    GRKKNTIAUM,     WHOLESALE    UQUOli :  Stork. Importer of Fine Mkkiischaum PirES, Stairi  Mouthpieces, Cigars and Tobacco, Johnson street, Vic-  toria, V. I. is  'TULES RUEFF, Commtpstov Mrrojant,. Rwnl  V  Hotel Building, Wharf street. VictoriR, V.. I.   is  T\ .CLEALTS C'H'fkk House A>*n Rkstaurast,  /. Government Street. Victoria, V. t. This fs ibe  cheapest, most comfortable, and best attended Estab-  IfrlUnont in life City  The BAR is always supplied  with   the choicest of  Wi x ks. L tri\ o it s a nd Cigah s. ) -s  Free Port to? Ever I  XSJE THE UNDERSIGNED SAKE   pieasuro in. ail/  * 7.  nouricihg to our numerous : cu?loniers ami the  public, tha 1 we, wi U su pply 1 hem vy i th th e b est French .  Lkatijkr Boots (d u ty froe) evor olTcre������ 11 n B. C.-K   V  /. jfi������"A't our old $land,,Govcfnmeht St.; Victoria, VI  ,'...li ' 7 'V..':" :--^.bHARITy&r BUTLER. '.'.���������'  A: F-RATTKEI/'.. Victoria, V. I.,  xii Skixs, IlroKs, WbbT,.&:c. . Li ben  oil Kitrs consigned.   Rcfere&ce���������G..Sutro & Go. /Rein1  .. Dealer, injm-  iberal advances "raatjc  hart Bros: Victoria, V. I.  1-s  ri STJTRO.os CO.* iMroRtKKS a>'p;.DkAtxps w  vXY CIGARS, TOBACCO, Mcersluutm Pipes, &o,, S R.  corner of Yatefi and Wharf.streefc; .Victoria--". '-..''   s  1-s  COT  script]on* carefully compounded and orders answered  *ro? care and dispatch,   Victoria, V. I. 1-s  |VHE UNDERSIGVED IS NOW PREPARED TO  afford every, accommodation to tlm tmveiiini,' public, and. hopes by a strict attention to business, to  merit a share of the patronage bestowed on the former  propri fetors ���������' ��������� Th is i s one' of the mos t com forta ble a n d  commodious Hotels on tho road, containing as it does  warm and well furn ished b0d rooms wi th good bcrIs.  The TABLE is supplied with, every delicacy it is possible to procure in the upper country. The BAR is  stocked with th p. best of Liquors, aiid the choicest  Cigars.  XST MEALS,   $1 50   EACH. ^  The stabling for Horses is all that could be desired,  and the charges are very mod crate. Hay for Horses  per day, $2 j Oats and Bailey at the cheapest market  rates.  Th e u ndersigned has a Iargc q uan ti ty of 0At HAY  on hand, for sale in large or small quantities.  Ill MILE HOUSE. -  AGE IS .NOTHING!  BLOOD WILL TELL!  'PHIS HOTEL IS LARf;n AND WELL- FITTED UP  X  lor|the comfort of rrun.������l,r.S4he Table isi'miimllml'  u1U.theho>t.d-rv.TVl.!lin, lUu cm l>r-pro<mr.l, and  the cook-nig^ not ini-rj.-r m ;!uy ������m tho road; Bedrooms  lor i;,mi 1-.; .Stabling,  Buy. Rartovr:nd (Wis. ?  1 uffw^nu p:,U 1������ P?iiar a-,,;{ U<>r^-Wy Creeks leaves  the \V a gon Roa d a t tb is place,  lmB W.M. HENDIORSON.  ;    BOSTON    BAR %  International   Hotel  TrwONG; LEE ���������& C0������, Commission-. Mbrcitants, I)f*  XV I'oitTKRS, and Dealers in Cbitiese Goods. Victoria,  V. I Yale, Lillooct, Quosnelmdu'th, and Williams  Creek.  ��������� ��������� ���������    > '������������������ 1-s ���������  qcojis aud GiGAits.  1-s  1-s  JOHN PELLETIER, Proprietor.  GOOD BKOS.  WILLIAM CHARTERS  ���������Proprietor.  Tlie  Bonaparte House  OKBELEN & PARKE,  Proprietors, r  V Junction of the Cnv\\n>o amf Bfg Bend   Rnji  at  the  & T%?l,n-^' 2!}l,iii'"-; ^'������ ^vanasStoionboat  Lan.ung, Zl miles;  from Ppone.Vs Kri-We   W mile*  ^! T ^ ftn;iprlcc:s ;,Iid ������ccan,H& S to soil  thctimes    Give.thorn a call.   Siablin^ IhtvArOnin-  valo,  and Cariboo. . v  or  I'   WATSON, Watchmaker, Jeweler  and En gr aver, Government street, nc.xtjf/2j)  to the St. Nicholas Hotel, Victoria, V. I. &^  77   MALL.ANDAINE, COLf.ECTOR  AND OENEKAh  J J. AGEN'lVtJovernmont Street. Victoria, V. L   ^  DL A.ILT nnd WEEKLY " BUlfaH COLO^I^  and VICTORIA 011 HONi CLE.' ��������� Ord .ts for ma H-  ingf'il.her the Daily or Weekly issues of the above t������  any p-irtof i5tti**jp^ tho United States, Cojiadfi,'Awtra*.  lift, kv,\ left jit Mi is office or sent to'Victojia- will .W  1111"ndH to. 'i'nnms In'ailvnnee. Wrkkly, 12m(Sj-  wiili JVL'iktf*, ?7.50 ; Omoft. do/; $4 75. DtnA', 1-7  h'ioh do, ,$2M ; fitnoa do., $12 5Q.  OUR   COFFEE.  WE. ARE   FORWARDING   A  FIEST CLASS ARTICLE TO wi  Picked in Tins of from two to twenty-flve poun^  each. ,  .  WILSON ft MURRAY,  I-s .   Fort street, Victoria.  IMPORTERS OF ENGLISH MERCHADfZtf  Wholesale and Rotai  1  Masonic Hall Government Street Victoria*  -l-s


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