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The Cariboo Sentinel 1871-04-08

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 #:i*y,*-HftV..^ ^ -;' av: ^ ��������� >>��������� -^t^i^c;**^^  fr  Published every Saturday by  ;>i.lTk t  ji ������������������ *���������������������������*���������  in  ; BATES OF ApVERTISING. /  ,'.**   ,...'-���������*.' omunonih,   -   r     5  For two Htjuarcsi-iJirst inner tion,     -   -  -  .3  "���������" :iiiyitm^^ioyBQMB  II A.  Agents for the " Cariboo S&itmeL"  Van 'Winkle,-.;,  QuesiK'l mouth.  Mr J.W, ..-Mnillmrt-;; y  Bm rn tir* I ���������* s Kxprops  Victoria^- -.   .-������������������ ���������#:-<<   -.   ; **.;��������� . v.���������_*;.?hivu^O>lh*iis  and belief, from an extinct age.  tn pre power fu I [A ban nrgn men fc.. anil i f a .con  IB-worn asa badge-of - b'ejief, --the -shaft aiihe  Ridicule is  coat  aimed  at one will penetrate the others Then ..there  iwejr^j^rtaw  In the Quaker's life and doctrines.   Abjuring  and intolerant of superstitibn.; professing the  broadest spiritualism, they were of ten slaves  t?t  vy.  i movl.ng, the;.boarfc. ��������� :Learu ing. was, not neces-  i*! ������,yxi -.x^xrxX-'  ��������� "' ���������.i:'.y\^,-'.:x. .\X -i'.i .i-Vi-T/i.?  sary . to.; preach!ng, and special p reparafcjon  was van i ty ah a f61 ly. as the sp in'fc won I d give  <;to each, power to do the work to winch'he was  cat fed : * -" tb e ���������' ap ostl eff were no i learned! -men!  ��������� ' ?-*,':','������/-'<;v,i\ *?,���������*���������'��������� ���������  -*������<*; >...h ���������:-������,**��������� )])>  ;fi..f-l*.r.V-)!  .,noi* Unnsfc tanjglic irfthe schools. 'As worship  as sa.sbiritiial exercise^ali dtsplavs of: church  senses,.stand between the soul and its Maker  jana to.that extent are sinful. :All men are,  1 eqi'tal ns the "spirit has its "tabernacle in every"  heart; homageisMue'to'G'tfdCfone,^knAVoxi  tlie^:  THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  Car>ls. Circulars. PoaIers apd Programmes for  lMKScljT^        Intertaihments  X  O-  j?:*?* Ex ec ii to Aw i th n-ea tness and disp ate&^^f.  /��������� Vv -'���������' .;��������� ������������������'-Tenus.inoderate*: ^   ' .-';.'���������; _���������' y ���������;'  (JUAKERISM AND TO:FOUNDER:  '������������������ ;*. 'y.. x<������.yi:t'UlE:':-$$i ��������� A-.y>-i-H -��������� * %i?i-csi$.' K-j^pm kP  '        ''���������:������%&i ,������:���������>ypilWJ ���������������!is,Ui,H' *iro&*P 'i. ���������#& .It  To wost potions tho Quakers are Rnown  ���������only ps a 'qniifnt.; old <ashioned;;pep|iJ^^Ji(y;  .4is������������ " thee nnfl tlioit^ and other scriptural  frinn������ of i������xprel^ton !n eonverVationf. profess  1 lie d o ct ri n e of non-reswitan ce ; reftise to take  judicial oathsy persist in wearing a style of  d rets that, wentowtffef hisliion 3 two;-hiitidred  y^ars apo y wtio, often hold silent ijeiljjious  nveetSn**s V ^^''il^'^j?.!^ *) xf^/ i^j ti V������ *f ^W^TI V  ab|e'������erejnony vvilh m Icertath: grave? formality ; a nd who ,Km a rule; aro mdustribn s, eeon^  omteal and tliHfivl "Itf is ;not' so*"w<eU known  that th is peopl e, at no time perha-jss" hii^nber-  Injr over two hundred thousand, and almost  unknown outside of Gwat Britain and the  Tlhi ted States, have fo r tlse I ast two h������ ndred  years been the ' forerunners''.of social a������d  moral^fdrm ;^aniebg ttwlpre'mo^t in eyer^  philanthropic movement;'tlie inoi^'outspoken  in resisfiince t# every form of oppression antV  wt^ongp 4nd^thatfI^r'f^fch hap silently per-'  ineated and HberaliieS. the?'dflctrimw of sects'  -whh^..cwed^.w(^:inp8tjy.l4c1y diifetenfc from 1  their own. They were the first religious body  - t#*denotiiiee tlie fslaVe tratfe in ISbg&nd; the;  first' to demand the fboil tionio f s J,aje jy ���������. i p the  United * States Si ^thoa flcst' Uoij ^clai m <for them- ���������  selves and to concede to all others 'that tlie:  right to !i'bld''ahyy*r^Hgiojia.4ieJief is *absotoite:  ���������based ok individudl|fKeeio;%������ and not the  creat.uiCjO/^p^liticalfio^lei;aitian^ibe^, first ������q'  teach that "err 6r of t6 pinion is nof iiecesBarlly.  guilt; vttfeXftif������flt,iidQlt"e^^isml&ti^<ionioftlie  vulfairs of>heir. society arid, la u tbe liberty of;  jpropbesyiftg," to }������laoe woman on ah equality-  with nia'ivi; the first itb denok'nco; witcheraf ft as  :a,delusion -and i ts n^inishmenjk>as acrime; the  . fi ist to ad vo cate prisp n reform i h uieane tt������at-  .ment. of the insanQ, .*abolishnsenit^of(Jnipiiis^n-';  in cut; for, debt,, audi of capital pnn&fl������me(it-(for-  rcrime, ahfi the only .society, religions or civil,  )to;lift up a constant;and consistent rt^stimouy  .agicinst wai;.'".  Tbafca.������ect whichrhas,had ^italiiy .enough  -to bear suoh nob tefismts should be dying out,  ^wi tlibut ������H. ad^Orsaffiy^ ^.duc^in pa#fc to the  ���������narrowneas;in:whkhA b-sought������to -contract the  ���������daily ti fe of j i ts disciples, stripping *t of in no?  ���������oent,merriment;:,regar6Mng a^i&ainents, mn-  ,sic, the.cultivation of tke ffliie arte, and nil  tting a king, for ttia^iyas thenanae 6f his dnice,  b tit he won Id; not-add fees'i:. hinr .^ you r Majesty," nor ascribe to him any; attribute^ofdjejty.*  George Fox, the fon nder of the"Quakersa(ot  Friends, ns they call themselves), was :ib or ii iin  Leicestershire, Kngland, in 1621, a year be-  Kfelpfc^Hes tbe'First ascended; the throne.���������  He was the son of a weaver, an d one of those  d rea my, ajbsent-mi nd ed, I onel y boys, su ch as  old-fashioned.- rural neighborhoods :,nsMf io  destine for the put pit as the pecnl iar propBf ty *  of the elm rch. His pa re n tsyh o w eyev9-alppr e n ���������  tijeed (Shliri-ltp^a-- (i<6bbl?iv;: lAs^he gBe'w up to  tnauhood his character seltl ed in to a religloiis  raelanchpiy. jJlejeftiv his������������������, relatives;^shn;nne*d;  ail society; moved abon t'from Ip lace it o pi a ce,  seeking rest and fi n din'ir n o n e. Af te r a*w bile  he ?s6u gh f %bnn^el of his fri en d s an d.th e sp i e-"  Unal direction���������:oJr^  was ad vi sed *' t.ov go t marri ed ^ ;* to jot n the  ar;my.][ *p to drink beer .and dance >vi th tb e  girls." One ol d ciergjr man ad vised. h i ra; i4 y,tp  take tobaceo;and sing \nsal ms." : vV'/Alas,4^said  George,'4 to^aceo^was a th ing I' did no ti love;  and psalms I w^s in .no state' to sing." p '��������� *>  Karnestly seeSlng the truth,,;.seeking it in  agony of spirit, 'perplexed and ifoewildeved^y  the1 clamor vof coniiiet!ng voices aronn d -him,  Fox was well nigh in clespai.rV:>-SudclenVy/'bri  "by .Inspiration, the conviction took hold of  him that���������-���������.becftimild find within that which he  ,    *J   ':*���������-'������������������ i     >' ��������� I  was vain I y seefc ing wl th o u fc; th at th e ve was  aft x" inner l*g?it" to guide every man to a  fcnowledge of. divine: tru th {.'���������: that������ God i h ad  vriffeten His few upon the conscience : that  His, spirit wa* ever .testifying to, man^s.spirit;  and (that not^tfhrongh1 forms aird ^ordinances,'  not through diurch and priesthood, not even  through the wWtteii'word', but "by the leading  of-the,spirit -that;..dwelt;jn every, hear^.was  man to fin d tbe way $ f4 sal y alio ti - a i\ d *p eaee";;  and th at \6 '��������� each liiari who ' wo irl d"' read* i t, i n  his own'heart, there was given liis own revelation.  The d octri neJWftS. ii ot=. h c.w. ? 11 \w.a s ttui gh b  srtbstan tia!ll y by |flie %\ontan is ten n th e seeo nd  cen feu ry >:\ H reapp e a re d/'i h &h e imi ilil lo' apres' i n  the teachings of Abbot Joachim, John Peter  de Olivia, and Hhe 'FraUcelli. It is older tlian  Christianity, and Is suggested in the philosophy of Plato and the������Vedas of India.  To Fox. however, it came as a new revelations It brought him tbe peace which passetii  .understanding. ' He accepted it not as a dog-'  ma, tot a [living faith ; not as an abstraction,  but tlie 'law of'his daily life. 3 [e at ouce set  forth to 'proclaim i t to the worl d. II once fo rth  'his gc4ng :jvnd .*hls;eoming, 'his. sp eech rand li is  si 1 enc6, "wiia tWer he was * to';b e, to <] o, 6 r to  he ^use" the^^lttrafpronblin in^apeakih'g^o^  singlei n'di via ua I. He wdu I d n o t call ,a h oil se  ' a/ clmi;cfi,r,, for'^cnUrchJs the .spiritual. King-  dom M Christ.... He .would: hot v*f bow... and  scrape with his feg^tp anyone^ nomsa^ggod  morntng*ondigood eveningf nor by* anyv nn{)li-  c atip n co need e' th ere; cb ti Id be bad . ra or ni ngs  days, a iiji ;mdn ths/{to ^the- le^elo f itiamerajs.,;;,';  ���������������������������'��������� .;IIe;- co m iii en ced JMi p ub iic* nil ci isfey in.16.48f.  inhh 2ith yeaiv Hewa^^U^pprtly^  of; commanding, prosence and pieasing face.'  His attitiide and nianne| in^prayftr are de-  scribed; afi soine^iing,*awful.y|His dress,, ;Was  al ways'": the -^-"isahie^(Si^S-hrim^  breeches mitde^.f^ejitiijr^c^^'ii gray coat  with buttons of o.ehiray that shone like silver.  In Jus Jpnr^ysit!i|?o������gn? clie fconntry ho was  knowii to Uie . rustics" as"'���������" o Id . leather-  breecite,^"; y: ,;-   = *    .. ...-,-...���������.--������������������.��������� ..^y^.^.-yiy.^  Car 1 y 1 e ��������� io^Iiis weird Sartor Resarbi������-writes:  ^Perhaps ttie most remarkable incident .in  modern history is notthe^Diet of Worms, still  less; the b altle of Austeflitz,,JKaterjboo, Peter-  loo, or anyJ Other battle ;  but an lOcjideht  passed carelessly 6ver b'y^m'ost 'tifstoriane and^  t,re4^e"(I ��������� withV-spme ? clegree" of* Ridicule;? ���������������������  ofchers.;  iia.mely, ��������� Qeorge* ;FpxJs. >inaki ng to  hiinseif a suf&b .of'.Jeat;heav��������� f^his mau\ 'the first  of Hie Quakers and tov tradeV,^shq^maker,  was oae of tfco^W<wboi������,^  purer fo-rmytfie piyhie:Idea.o^ifciie 'fJhiyerse  is p leased to man i test itsel f $ ������nd across ��������� ail  the hulls o f ?gno rance or eaaftbly degradation.  sh i ne th rou gh i n u n speak able aw flit n ess, <ud-  speakable beauty on tlvetr soiils ; who there  fare are .rightly'. accoiinted Prophets, God-  possessed, or even go-ds^ as insorae periods it  has chanced.   Sitting in his stall;  working  on tanned'hides, amid pincers, paste-horns,  re-si n, sWine b ris tl es, and a u arael ess flood ��������� o f  iHibbish ���������. fjiiis you lb h ad uWevfcheless a living  spirit belonging -to- 'Una '* also an antique inspired voluoie, through which as through a  Wrkulow it could Vpok upward and discern its  se4esvial-'fiQnieV iTl^^ask bf'a^daily pair of  slices,, coup jed ������-.v.eu with some prospect of  *rl c tu al s,   vi v. d ml ti o no rab 1 e m as t e rs hip i ti  /cordwaiijery, and ;perh'aps the post of Tlurd-  borouf?;n m bis hundred, as the crown of long!  taithf.ul    dewing���������was   nowise   satisfaction  enough to such a imiml; but'ever aoiiid the  boxin g au dx tb e Ikm n m eri ng c am e < ton es from  that for e-omvtry'; ..came "slplendprs a4id terrors1,  for this pour cfifrdwainer,aa we have said, was  -n'.o&iRJ^ b^^e Itor^^^ :  and, ^itne(; flies ;fast,p^^n4d^leavan'is ,highfaiifl ^  Hell if deep^jit^ait! $fi#^  power of though t.   Why not i wh at bin A*',m ftvi  hereJjFaut, wantUHa-f-^  all the shoe^ages linger ithe> moon ierry^mia ^  across to that fairjapil of Jjgiit ^ypnly inedir* .  tation and devout:player,to;<3pd.^I'^UfjtQiV  the ywoodBi: '��������� tbe bellow pfi-a/treQ^witt'lodg^i!  ipyei wild berrips,feed; 040,;}'������������������. and for cjothes^:  ca.n l not stitch .mysel|'1 gji^Vperenp\p\ ��������� iii)tj pf, s,  WtherP rt ....,   ,*.������,*.:;, x .,-; ,yPt '^fjii  ix .  | :*��������� Stitc^ t a^ray; then? vnpj)le.r J$q%.!;,' ^ery,^  pi*ic]*:pj|:hat noble iiwtp|inetjt is pricking iuto^-..:..;-  tjie, .-.lieari (of 31ay eryj and^flj^^  the,;Maninipn7gpdf -^hy-i;������lbo^S.jer)^i^asyi^y- ��������� y  :strong swim^i^strp^es^a^^^ ^.l^."'-'  bearing'^l^ji^j^t^e^prispn-jiIiUhiwUlH%^ py;  which^atifj^thbj^ her ^prkhjquseja^  fatrj jntp-l^njdaof {tri^ie.iibjerjbyvtrtW^V������ .^^^^l4vp.i  SJ^.1^^"i,S^{4^ injj^febe^ p y  perlecte^^������c^e������ia^  adap&tiori,to the-ends desired; is, \ Wbpd,. io.;������.  wisdom^vOpfj^fo \)W&,Pfv.Rp^eif^ his discipje^'  wer^ coated ^ '.t^onsan^sf.n^^ejin^-^ojy;  onlrjthe^bnn^ble^^d'nhiearned) butsucb, ineijL^  drigs for the seieret: of, vnis- power/-��������� *f heyt:: ar.fe.  disconnected^iUJOgical and often incoherent. ���������  "������������������-'. x.?,-i' i ������������������ \ ��������� ���������' '-��������� (>��������� ��������� :.:���������' 5 u >;>' i * i ft"..->' "? f /11I*.ViTi; ���������;'?'���������;���������.>���������::���������������������������'; ).;-���������. - '.������������������>������������������ s ^ r-- *> J   -  The.man; no3oubt-had a4iviog^PQW������r iSvhjcb,  his Writings do hot reflect."-He Relieved ttho;.-'":  Lord spoke .tjirongn'hijui with an ��������� eanie6tnes?  ao4 sincerity,.tot  c^ .  kindled eothiisiasni? uTho world' is iip't rejady: *  perhaps never will be, his own society -in lu^,  own day was not prepared for wjjat pure wo?r-    '  sliipl jjjiybreed froYn' allJ jfpr^ and' cer-sipi^n^'  which h'e' inciii&ted ^as (ft*i'ttrtjy������������������ ac.SeptablS'!l  devolilbh ;,: bnt tBetilieaipf*���������'which"be wWf '&$ i  great{apostle, 'of*!n$ri^s personal re^atipnV tp ���������  Dei[ty���������ni jiat n o ��������� pi iest or hieFArcby;. lor cjinrch,  orBibtej can !comet between���������tha^Tthler iiniv  verse is not*vast jenoagh te separate the;' soul  as? jan individna.lwnit from the^cargjand; lover *.  oi Us Maker, is.oiw of the^contri^ii'^onsf to ret  ligib^LS rthojLigj^ watch'roankin^. will tie^er %$  die.;. p^;y .. '3 -;;;? pp. pp' ppypP^P  '*;^*rt yy BOSrNESS^N0^GgS.y;'^>*^y"������  ��������� :^(������^FaTnily%Micineof      Age,  Oi'  *������,   ^ ATH1UTV- V^^3^^. ^, , -,  fondness of-:displayy howover?,������psthetict as fai- baptk  lienorms, Moi^j-tx .life,so.cpsmoppiijuiim)jtual;  sufferi were allnnder the immediate directionj{l j\[A- un /��������� "tb^:Temple of'Jia^eosity wherein  of the Divine Spirit���������"the light that lightetb'  every man w*ho copeth into the world/7  This .spirit'cast out forms.   **Jt was revealed '^to him" theie should be no baptism  but.the baptism of the spirit: Christ never  :e4 with water ; no Gommnjiionbtitsplr-  as Man l;.c fead been sent was full of ���������holy mys-  ter#\to V^iu.'yTbat.Leicester 'Sbpeshop,'bad  men !'.n-3wn it, wa^ajiplier place than any  Vatic xw .or Loretto $hrhie. . * So banda������frfd;  ������ u tl 1 fctni p e r e d an d 1: e in m e d -i n J g ro an ed Jio,  ���������wii ������i    thousand   r-ctiuisilions.,   obligalJQiis,  i\o,m  hyjil)Dru������������Ut.<.   .  JWriasljiMa.s nocoinpuny end) botuu  sawneV*? letters.  A'N'������  E  uo IjUui^j ior prayor was the spirit stir #js, tatters a.a3 tfljfrags, I saa Mte ageiiwsi.ff^Pf^^0  C A R���������'������'P O O    RH Y  ,,.Bi;'..r4..uKS 4KnKi?Hpx.    -  pRtP^J^^V;;..; ;:;ons dollar  F������r������hjc"ai th������ SEsmKL Oinpp aadforsyi������r������M fty  ���������ig.  Vvf ,  I  t  W> KT*  ��������������� mm  Wife?-..  &^Xri''-i;;   v~:  %>M$XXrX-:-  wliif  tnml  WMhw  i!������iiil':  ��������� -wry, "4:,  ���������������y    !���������,���������  'X; -[yjpy  yy  ;v-jy  -���������.:��������� $'������  < f-  . >,.. '��������� -j*  "$'  -.[, ���������' i  .' dy  ...rr    V -'  .���������vi^.Jir*  k; :x.y  v.    ; [A "i.  '<���������   J j  '���������iy  vf i tf-fc  rM  "���������VI  V'vvVt  ��������� y,:  .;i'isi'"i'.';i  vJ...  M  yy   <  =#-��������� |yK.'yy  J ; ;y     y  yy y;.te;ys  ...   ^yir y  P        X  ��������� -  <x\ip:>.u  xx ^yp].yy  'y'v"5: ���������'.  ���������'���������������������������'"��������� ypv^yx-  \ ;\ ���������  pi������0:  PypPpxx  PipypiPii  ���������v Hii- *  hi" :/  tip ���������  - ^ ;.y  "���������'-' i?yi cry.  ���������'' - |H*y.y'  ; vvvr iwipC'  .xpxx  yv'''  f ft! CARIBOO SEIOTEI  iisvrviiAWs;  The pmfeot weaion of the L egislativo  ' Coimiil has beennnnfttftHy prolific in legist  Jatton, and the Attoney General has been  actively engaged in framing new laws.   As  tetjuels to th������ Constitution Act, there. bare  %een"successively introduced the Registration'  ' of Voters' Bill, of which we bave;already  pt^lfihe^al^no  Act. (be Cor nipt Practito ]I^yentwn Ac';  the Controverted Elections Aetj and the Civil  List A&iX'-i - X"'" y-'-'pipp pyp..ryyyy~yr:  over- one hundred clauses.;'defines.tbe duties  : of returning officers and mode of conducting  elections j * the returning officers are author^  laud- to appoint polling places -and hire1 such;  roomr M ire t^  <jtialification oath to voters if they suspect Uiat  fraudulent totes are tendered. or if requested'  to do io by iny ��������� candidfteq? elector; to h?������  journ the poHifrom time'to time" In/1 caseicf  any riot pitifotnrbance to swearyin Bjp'ecial  constables; -and" sumniariiy convict any par-'  ties committing a breach' ofv^the peace.'   It is  4-prpv.ided that in case a" transfer?ofjany lands  or tenements is* made "to' piy-- party 'fbrjitie  purpose of giving binr tlie reqnisito^ualiSea^  ���������ion ar an 'electors''and 'that'^the^ party *toT  whom tfcfey are transferred votes* upon such'  qiiittiiSpiUiop^'^ bei^shall^lncnr'a^ptnb'altjr. of orte  buiiAyeA ^ jloUan,1 bui the conveyance jbM 1  remain valid notwithstanding^ any private  agreement to' revoke or cancer the 'same/ A'  clause was contained In 'the bill tit( first but  ��������� thrown; out Inebin mit fee^ 'public  bouses^ witbin five mlies of'' ahy 'poi ling jiliace'  "'beingkept6pep duringaii'electionV  4  Tlie CoVntpt Practises^ Preyen'tioii A ct is  very stririgentin -its^details.  Every persbrt  . whoshal! directly or in directly give; lend Tor  prptnise; to l affy elecftfr; a valnUble eonaider  a ion of a^nf sort for the' put pose ^of inttuSnc-  liig- his vote shall ;be guijiy, of inls&meanoh  pnnSi^ble ?b������ fl^  P\*p be liabies' ^ fbfet $50Oand costs' of suit  jo "atiyv pft^^hpsfiail;sue.far^the same; wlijle  the .yottK sach bribe  Kbal! also ^e"jMinUhable;ln like manner,; and  forfeit $50 a lid posts to any party suing. Ar y  candidate .treating or ehtertamibg-an elector  for t^p purpose-pt, inflneocing. bis ypte shall  forfeit $250, and votes so ��������� obtained'hshall.;'be  nnll^and void;   Any party gniUytp| intimida  tion shall be liablb to fine and imprisonment,  an d forfeit $250 te any one siii ng.f,;- '��������� Al j pay-  nienii rp&Aeihy any cahdidate or, any;; persoti  oh his behalf for conveyance of any voter or  ���������oters to the place of-polling or for traveling  *xpftBSis are deolared iI legal;v'-No; candidate  ���������oj other person shall Jb-i allowed lo give' Or  provide any cockade, ribbon^banner, flag or  " band of mil sic on behalfpf apy political party  u nd*r a forfei tu re i otXtieti dollars to any one  euing, nor ah all any standard or flag, be ; carried or used in any electorai district on (he  day of election or within eight days ibefora.^-  Any person jriving or causing Wb* given to  any voter on the day of nomination or the  (day of polling, on account of such voter having polled or being about to poll, any meat,  drink or entertainmeot by way of refresh  went or any money or ikk#t to enable him  to obtain refreshment, shall be eomridered  guilty of an illegal act and shall forfeit ten  dollars to any party siting for the same.   All  parties prosecuting under this Act shall give  $350 recognisance lhat prosecutions shall be  eonducted with effect, and shall pay defend*  aniV; costs in case pf acquittal.   Candidates  must sand in to the returning officer a state  'itneatpf their expenses incurred within two  -months after the election, which shall be pul-  lished at the expense of Ihe candidate.  The Contested Elections Bill provides that  Any candidate or voter may within twenty-  r������ne days afterany return has been made petition the Supreme Court against the same,  giving $2000 security, trial to be held at Vic-  toraar unless it shall appear to tbe Court that  special circumstances render it desirable that  Uhl.4\mti tske p]ace in 'flu? dhtrict to whloh  the'petition refersf The Judge shairl|eci(ie  whetHer the member returned shall take bis  )^<Ppyiiieikkt&te el-ecvion is .vold.:;.; When'  it is proved that bribery) and corruption has  been iconimitted by ^any candidate; or with  bis kpowledge and consent, his election, if  elected, shall be void, and he shall fee incapable of being elected to or sitting in the:Legislature, or being registered as a vpier, oi*holding any judicial of municipal office for seven  years(ther������rfter.^ - yt  ' The CiviliistBill;whicbwas stfli being  dismissed by last accounts, provides for the  salaries oi all Government empip^|es now in  on^^Boioijg as Ihey continue in: 'tne service,  without gofpgtbrough the ceremony of voting  the , ^mounts every year.,; It( is ������bjeeted  against this bill that the heads of departments  oujy slioiil.d5 be^^ permanently prpyided for;  but. it BtriicB iis1 that it "mates little matter,  as ^e:: present bill can^ He .repealed or  amended kat^any time, and .if an officer is  jfoundto be;: su perJb\uoti6^ or inefficient, it will  always^iie in^ the power p^ the Executive to  dispense' with his,services. ;--*;\  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS  ��������� '(X^iym i$ ask; of Ihs -' ���������;": v ���������!        'p. "y .^':  Expires oo the 18thr April, we beg to,request all patties indebted' to us to call and Buttle their accounts,  beloraHhai date.   >   .     *        *-: . ..."     ;' , =-,v.<'.-  I ; ,|iV: v,      vi       ,..-������������������        .; PODD & HOUGH.  ; BariccrymetB.C:, Aprli'8,18T1.        y    ap8 2t  WILL "ieave Barkernilo on or about the 12th inst.,  ;>n(l will reuirtin a fc>y days at thy MOUTH OK  QUESNKtiLJSW giv* parties a chance of hayihg their  Teeth attended to .before leaving for Oraintca.:'  v; BarirtrvilleTB <J^ Aprils;' 1871.  : -: f ���������  ?:;  SECBETABV;  J. Z. HOUGH.  G. N. MAKSHALL  :; .Haying; been Kusticating duribg the Winter,  ��������� ipiX:,'"'*''.;" ^'''..;/WilI'givfi>   .",' y   .'  '. ������ir"   ���������:���������������������������'.���������.',���������; At.the Theatre Koyal, on  y.  Sattiraay Evefn'g, April 85  :>   ; -X   VljROGRAkMI^PART I.      p  OpeningChora3--*''ttie Darkies'Holidav"���������Company  11N eli ie: B ly Vr-Bonca.  [������k Maij ?lc Maj*'-������G C' Job nt. "'   '  v-^PtincNeJllovHonjor���������K./P.^Buckley. .  ** Mwsa'K in the cold, c-dd.firoun<l"--S!im.  4*"Otti* C-ibih oii the Hill" (new)-C;- 0. Joh a'^oa. ��������� ���������  ^'^WrGrayf'-^Kphralm., ; ;-������������������'   ������������������*��������� t .��������� ��������� ;  ;   ; In terlude.   Over tu re���������-Orchestra.  ��������� "PARTIl;  Song���������Quartet?���������V Darling Basslo of the Lea.."  pomitiVtica! K;������ b loccini, i n Character���������W W, Dodd,  Lccturo on Wwnnti's RighJ*���������Miss Olivia Long,  Song and Danco (Coraicj���������J. Z. Hough. ���������  To conclude sriAh a  WALK AROUND-BILLY PATTERSON!  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  rxmZ&e*^  sdptt''M'iB'.;;;|fi^  mits.  Britisli Columbia ^aviriigh Jftanfc  ���������.!������' .lM'i������^.*);jl^fv  li&itpy-m HU ypK[UHttU%;i.\..p  STATEMKNTof-tbepoBiiion^bf tne^Br^ O^mberV  .   1870, published purSuanCtothe provisions bt^the *;Sarings Banks Oi^inai������cer lb*C9.|J ;.;..  V ipPxPxypyi!PPyi$ :'���������;'  / iht*' "~~mtU :.?P'.x,;yy*: '��������������������������� ;������������������  yyp ^x^y^  '; f',-i\)\. ;>:���������:  2C  LIABlLrTIfiSi  ):!'r:S5Vri:: Hi'n  'iiiUili ' W ij  Dite by the Bank id' Depositortl.' 'vi zH! I-  At Head Office,   - :^   ������6^80'RS^^^^i <m  " -Nimainio J3raneh;./;���������     9f295v3^;jk���������',*v;,ior,  " New    Westminster , ..y. j ,.-..tu-���������*-,* m  Brarieh.   ". 7!b04 90    ���������   ' ���������   '  :'"-:������������������:'.'    ^Uil^':OT  r>J*-*?T!ftV.  u Yalei'Brancb;'  4* 5Caribbp Branchy  Balance  at credit  of  FroGt and Loss,  83297  5^7:42 .&N������^Y.w^  ~TT-r^$85,l57o01i  '������������������v.,|y,,$te.9'8i si  i-.My y -XX.i-p yiyi\W^^'^ipi vP-ihX y* y  Cash;;ip;Eband rat���������.Head QlliQe and, ,v 'ir,o \ -xrI>  ;��������� BmytiWu.xP'jPPPPp i^xl S. y,������75 .Op:.  Cash, in Baitk or Br|tish Co 1 unibia. 3.301 ��������� 51  A ri ipn fi 15i h v^ kf ed with* the G o ver n- ' : '* y' '  ; -hlxxsokt'. of British- Ooi umriiay '{>'('?9;000 6fl������^  Ainoiint,aA^anJ?eA' on, (Joyern men t\ w y* h ;   ; ���������  Uvv^'K^'^^W1^ P$PM*Xifm inPru:,  ;    .tuves), .,     ���������'���������'���������    .      3.0OO 00  ; "��������� xkiiu- h-*xP Pi*iipJ''tii  i-*iv  ,tA  m.-i;  585-982 52/  P puyn wwl'i ^HILU^a/;HANKJ[Nta:i |,CommNoner������i,fi f;T  -Tictom, British Colombia,^ -.py^xM. GRAHAM ALSTON. >'"    of       ;    -r  February 21st, 187:1, ^.^ iV^v^:^MSfX)Ep}r-'   : ^TSavihgs^nlwy     "  . .. "        . r.-.       ,,.   <-uij' :uA^ir-i'U)iV- '������������������������ m'"-'.k 'rvi'i*^ --:** r**HU>*- v-'^jy  I certify that I have examined the Accbnhts of, the./Jritish'QoIumb{aJSajings Banks tor t_hj*>  year ended 31st December;. 1870tiand have-found the above"Abstract'iorba''corracV'   "  . y",..-fy >x.,i..yi;>: ***'** hl  " ?k������b^r������IcM;:  !  Audit Office, February 21st,1871.   ,;  .p(l      y ������������������i'H - H :  Auditor General.  it>\;&-t--  Doors open at 714 o'clock ; performance to com-  mrnco at 8 o'clock ���������  A'imission $1 00.   Reserved Seats, $1 50.  Tickets for the Reserved Seats to be had of >ir  Uiirsimll, Barkerville.  WHO WAS AT THE CARIBOO MIKES.IK 1868,  ? y and is still believed to he iu Britwh Columbia,  will conimunicite, either personally or by totter,  with the .Privatv^rck*tart, Government House,  Victoria, V.I.. he, will receive.valuable information.  March 25/4871. mh25 lm  standi  Books  Treasury, British Columbia,  February 21st, 1871/     '  A. GILMORE,  'i.p  JOHN GRAHAM.  ��������� ". !;'....: >i}> In Charge.  GOVERNMENT STREET , VICTORIA,wYJf  To Miners and others :re-  qxiiring Machinery.:  B. ������. BYRNES,1 Shi-riff ot ibis PiBtrlct, has our  Powtjr of Attorney lor the collection of all notes  and accounts, tine us. All pernios, therefore, Indebted to the undersigued will please nay him.  JAMES H. KEBR & SOX.  Barkerville,;-April 1, 1871. apl lm  Mining Claim for Sale.  0NR-THIRD OF THE SAN JUAN CLAIM, above the  Sawmill oo William Crock.  Apply lo  ..,.,, ure jut uiic, m������y nui op., m isied by- s ucu; s intern wits,  ,^    1t   .. .,���������.,..        ..     , #���������.*.,   ���������., ������n.d iii justice io.ounielves, we li'Hve to. state that otir  fl������- Parties on   Wi! i-im yreck:;can;������bvr* their.. j^undryrwith"th^ prffeWt'Twlst ci������n 'mi.ntilkctoro  -measures taken hy lir McCalhun.Barkeryjjle.. , . ,,  ; Wachlnery of TEN TIMkS the c^icjty. o/j the ;ma*  .��������� - ���������      ��������� ohmory iniport^db'y^bo LfinV & kurizComiwmv.-and  Ad orders from Cariboo promptly attended to.:: nSlCJiUiiply,1as It:caiiibe importedilrimi.San ^FriinciSfeO; '  i������utr;!f. r ,.    i;i.;'      ������������������   SPKA1T,*, IR\'INa,.  r  ' All)ion Iron Warksi  Vjcton>,, B. Q.;,. January ;2T,.  inh25 lm  Dissolution of Parthershit)  Or it the Somxi*', OfEcc.  TITOS. roiTFR,  mbl8  ���������e business heretofore carried on at  1    Biirkcrvili;'. between T. de Nouvion and David     A .BOX OF CLOTHING AND OTHER  ARTICLES  Kuril, under the name of I)k NOUVION b' KURTZ; 'A   having hot-u'Telt at 'the Court' House, Rich field,  is Una day disBolvoa by mutual cousenl, David Kurtz   in the.year 1666, marked: on tljobutBide J. MOKBIS,.  having purchased  the interest OCT, de Nouvion   notioo is lum*hy given* that unless the gaid J. Morris  J?01 ?; rr ��������� or Ii I b * ati thur jze .1 .ageii i *\m\t olanti' th e sa in o un or  David Kurtz will collect all debts due to. tke. firm- before the $0ih davof Al'lill. 1871. the flame will b������  and pay all hub tli tics of tho same' sold bv Tublic Auction" *  T. ii,k NOUVION.' ���������������������������������������������'���������   ���������!������������������   '''���������'���������    -   ' '���������������������������'���������-' P   liv -; H.-MyBAlX;  '*'* '  ^  DAVID KURTZ.   . .. .. Stipendbuv..Uagiatrate*.,  Birkcrvilh*. March 27, 1971. '    ������fi las'        BiCb'a>U, &#i,'������*.&fc&1 1^71.     .'.    '   api Iuj  w '��������� X  isB  Till CARIBOO SENTINEL  Mannas  SATURDAY. APRILS. 1871^  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  ���������y:!- yf fu:u-.'.wj^uM,cRKBK. p. -^������r.,;:  The Bailarat co; lofet week washed SO '02.  The Forest Rose co. is paying abbnVak usual;  The Raby1, co?d 16wer ground continues to  FfMiffipHk ���������!$$*} .A^*4ptf*',;la������t;weekkwasfie-d  3<j oz*r The;Romance! Of��������� the..;West; eo;5 Washed  57' 035;' i The Cariboo 'co. washed 2fr joak; ���������*; ��������� ���������. ���������  ,-Th$jYmt6>?uie ^  v _, *ji . . {. t   ,  025. ._ . . .  '>'���������  ���������   , y :3!) p I .*,*.* i. vpfrTOUT ipCflbtr.i s' fOtq ->������ ���������. n d'j w||  Tlie old AUriras cp.'-Wre getting gcjod pay.1r  " bu������;,   J'.'joiV,^ LWIIK|? ���������RE^K.Min,?   >,n,:,*^)  The tYictot lailco.* hav#. commenced .opening?  lasp) weejCffjppm ^theiftr^t; t^p; sets * of , timbers,  taken . out * ,16u ozi- I Tlie ��������� Brown co < continues  taking 'out regnfar pay: J,The'Galav������ras ccb,  are starting agSin ^o11 run their dfaiii' tunnel  ahead.'".   . . .^yyua^if U^^fm^Mh-'^fAV^i;  ; Juries <:nriMlW#l^  ���������3\he .{Talisman jco^are ^tin#*betteri^ay  again, raising the hopes of those fnteres^ediim  last weekt27. oiywith oneiihift." ' li��������� ���������'"������������������"  ������The''Lightning, co, are getting as .rich pay,  ^r'A^in^y>y^^Hi^i^ni^!^^.t>\U &r\  as ever.  Last wei'kJhey.waBbedv230 oz.   This  w#������ek,- up "to Wednesday at noon, they washed  S^*o^iiOn.:-Wj^^^i^* tlieyjliacl)a jingle  piLn c<itttairiiiigtI|25 oz;'l ��������� and* on ������lh^p,nevibii.a*  dai'tw^n^  1.������Jcen, p^ijt ,o������ 'aj cr>vticet whiph, the^ ��������� hny������t, J&ff n^  r. I r������an in g -i'ji p .;* 5 \ yThe. Sp rt i ce j r- oftrt il W,t j week  washed U2'fi oss.'.-'(Tb'e^btttW Wales co. continue  n wii rVe} tab ea!d j ^ and'? ^t^' ^h 0 Wl *yf������pW f en tl y  rs  geflfng- i^o fliS1 ohaut^l.,;i5The^fin](l>: litlle  jfold in the gravel.   The  Whirlpool co.  are  inakin^Ovr|wa^|||:| ||f..f ������"|;| ..'  ���������t'^e ^J������Ayinjjr att^pi'gtedJa��������� sink  Ft Aitferfdifff %e Waterloo fiWvv  ^Tbe ^m^n������  t( blind 'Ailrft v  t o con tend w i tb. ** ha ve * started to ru n th ei r  tiinnfl  ahojid.  einking a blind shafts  erican co. are  HoAn Sf^MKUsUf'GrfKAP' Fiiwoirr; j^5The  I\\\\Uh"Go\������tifibi������'GeneraliT(rai^portation Go.  Kd ver tise that tlrey ;are 'iire^ired' to wi ter; tri to!  ������t^i'tr'ac ts'fi if cod v������f y arice of 'frei gh t fron^: Yiile  t ri Sod: a*'Oreejc ift cei j;h f'dnys. *' If th e ^teaiiierS  i n rn -tin t eitj ti al to' Wi 11 ici patio n s 1 liey; will; re ffo-  liittoiihseUhe carrying *tfkd-e{J,o'f vihe'colony  and will be of .greal service to the pub 110 in  general*, ^ sil(li&������STl*P^4^*?"^^^ -^^H8!-*! \n*7  puffer, as is \lie case in every innovation  wh������r,e t.animal. po we.r- is anpe^sedetl} by ������team  and, mectiamcal\'<$&{&X farfok tiesi 1:9tis., of i  enierin^\ J'qto' \ compeii iiojn. 1 ^ithj/^he/presen t  com pany wftl"; jiqw,; have ������i an; (opjjovtiinjty 1 of  wietng! without anvexpepsefor^iisHi how,the  ma ch 1 nes work th w summer. If BUccjeaafti) | y,  Ihey can start in to import more ; white if the  re^csershoul d. un for ti 1 natel j?t he ^tb a <���������as^--  ������i i-.T . V ���������'., V-1     i.   ���������������'������   1\ 4 li  4^^������'?C *i  v     >'!   -<   I'll.'s SlLfl ,*���������  vnhicljrjfa-not likely.Ijndgtn|from experimenta  -el ue where-r* they can congratulate themselves  II on having -been forestalled! inritl|Qrfieljdiby ithe  f j present enterprising J* monopolists.-'  : Wondkrfut;-- iNVBNTroN'^-^We learn -froni tlie  Victoria Standard that: Mr JacfeEdWards; of  North Sa an ich.; formerly of CaVibOov baa in-  rented a new kind of land fortification which  he claims to be impregnable, and. what is  more remarkable, that ifprjbyides for re-provisioning the garrison, so that there is no  chance\% whatever;for/starving it into submission. ' The Standard nndferstarids that he has  mad e, k no wn h is. i n ve 11 ti o nr to the, Im pef ial.  Govern "menf. 'What a pity''Jack hadn't; been  ready with bis invention a few ni oh the earlier,  as be co u 1 d h a ve in a de h is f 0 rt u no at Paris.  There is .one" point we sh bold,like1 to be en-  1 igh t ened 6 n, an d th at is*' wl tli a li 6sti le ar in y  ontside, where the provisions are to oome  frOO?    ,  '.   ���������'.    ,>,:.;;������������������       N', -;   QBrTUAitT���������Mr George Pearkes,ione of (be  earliest immigrant* to Vanconver Island after  the gold discoveries on the Eraser, died rat  Victoria on 17tb March. Mr Pearkes hdd  under Governor Douglas the office of Grown  Solicitor, Bince which time he has been engaged in the practice of the law at Victbria.  where he was much esteemed". The funeral  obsequies took place on March 21st, with  Masonic honors, under the auspices of the  District Grand Lodge, E.R., in which body  the deceased held the office of I): G. Registrar, to wbieh he had been rc-appointeU tb*������  week before his death,  ������ ^FATAL   AGCIDKNT> AT   NlCW WKSTMIN'STBa--  Dkath of Dr. Black.���������We regret exceedingly  to announce the painful news received by  telegraph of the accidental death ot Dr. A. W.  S. Black, of New Wiestmin^ found  dead on the road between -thai ci fy and Bur-  rard Inlet, having, ijt appeaW be������n thrown  from his horse: Dr. Black came to thiscolony  from Australia,,arid has le!t' many friends in  Cariboo; wb^rebeVr^ided in 186^iandylB64.  ;He was the flrst resident surgeon appointed  jto the Cariboo hospital, and for one Bession  represented the;now extinct district of 'Cariboo West irt the Legislative Obnb ci 1 ;��������� Si nee  leaving Cariboo, he Sad made -New Westminster his home, 'wberehe acg nired ah extensive  {practice, and.v^as'��������� mficb'-osteepied on account  of his protesslonalj talents and? genial disposition, wbicb'aiw^yfl secured him numerous  frie nd a.   The, sad cal ami ty ��������� Js rendered -sfcil 1  more distressing from the fact that the unfortunate' : gen tie ma tp has  left ' a! disconsolate  widow and young faniity to mourn ;his unr  tiaaely tpndr ,pXi> yy'yp: Xpp.;,yPXp* Xip.;iiy  *��������� uThk WEATHER���������April is usuaity capricious;  iind the-weather.for Ithe last week, shows: no  Wxcep.tion to the rnle.', We !haye. had *nowr  frost, hail and siVnshihe alterna.tely,[beside.s;a!  light shower of rain on Tuesday last j the first  fain of the season. The- last ti ay or 'tyr'p have  shown j more sy ni p toms b f ap p ro ach in g sif ri rig.  than any 'previous^ V,The isnowi? thougfc still  very deep, is beginning to settle vfast^ and-a  few bare spots o| eart^mye^iseernibl^ pifr the  hi II sides.: MS roads^^betw^en {ihis\cijeek ahd-  feottonwood xontihlie ^cjoil,.^belo'yr-. ^bat.-  where Ver there is liny so 6 w lefty travel is $&&������.  but except in tbe 'elevateds portions:; of She'  niai rt road, such' as; th rough the fgreen t i iii b or  and 0ver the Carpenter ;mf6ubtainj the grouud  is generally bare. -        y;  -I ExpREss:^6v������MK^s-^Bariiard's'; Express,  with dates froift Victoria to 22d and New  Westminster;23d MarchB on? ^w.hicb^iday'.'thiB;  II rst-iip-river steanier for ther year started, nr-  ri vi^d on Sato rday last.1 /-Miss :Mi' Kelly, sis ter-  ; to '{Mr A. Kel ly' o f Bar ke r v il 1 e, an d Mr James  .Ard ei,i ;d f l.Ligh tifi t tig| [ pre e k V %"y ere'; passe iigeys,  ibesides several Omineca miners to Quesnel-  m 0 ti th. Th e re tu rn ex press 1 et t on Su n d ay v  with Messrs. T. de Nouvion andftJ. I. J>ram 1 ey  as passengers.;. Gerow A -J6Hnsoh 7s B.v p ress,  and v mai 1 of,;%2A March ,nrrived. o 11 Monday  arid I eft riextrd ay. M essrsi if osep h '���������0 \ eari li ue:;  T. Barry, J. H. Kerr and T. McDougal I were  passengers down. ppp-i-:ypiy"pp;,-^^py f%[  X TnKA^r^SrHi^^Byi^tNG^N^lp^  w is.h vb to enjoy a plttasiin t. r eyehin^-s .aim *se-  men tj. and a pp reciates good ;si ngin g and " h 1 n,  shbu 1 d f ai 1 to at te rid the M i listrei perf0 rm an ce  to-night.'! Seyei^il new lodal>o;ngs and jokes^  will be in trod i 1 ced, arid a comic lecture on  Woman's-Itigbts, which has never betbre been  given to a Caiiboo. aiidience, will ;be delivered. Parties holding liquidation tickets can  apply them, to wards purchasingiickets.for  the performancei'i Don't forget to jgol.Y;. *,/������������������������������.  Passkn'Gvirs von San FiiANcisco���������Among  tbe passengers who left Victoria by the Pacific  0u: March 11 th were Mr George, Qrant, of, the  B an k ofv: Bri ti sh No r th * A in er 1 ca.; I or me r ly  agent at Barkerville, who has been transferred  to San Francisco, and Dr. Powell, who has  go tie ;on a & wit. to Canada, '������������������ We; n;n dersta n d  that our representative, Dr. Carrall. along  wi th; Dr.: He! mcken, Wi II a ttend to / Dr. ; Po Wr  ell?s practice during hisabsence.  . Mason tb���������The movement for the establishment of an independent Graty 11 Lodg������ of Free  ������ rid Ac cep ted ' Masons f or B r i t isli Co I u ra b i a  has resulted in the election of Bros. I. W.  Powell as Grand Master, and James A. Graham as Deputy. The Grand Officers will, it.  ia understood, be installed by the Grand  Master of Washington Territory on,Dr. Pow���������  ell's return from Canada.  Fob Omixkoa���������During the past week a  number ot miners have started from this  creek for the Northern mines, and a good  many more will leave in a few flays with the  intention of embracing' the first chance of  LEGISLATIVE SUMMABY.  -March 9���������The iE^eiiaA>of;M^;bM'"inh  was read a second time and partly considered  in committee. 'A. Bill compelling Telegraph  Companies to charge uniform rates to all  parties wasiijtro^nc^d and read a first time.  ���������March.XO-Thlemettibn^MeinMti! Bill  s takeif ttp:fh4edmiaitte^.%fcontiderable  boating from Quesnel, it being expected that  the river will be open iu a week or so from  the present time.  PersonAtrrMr;T, de������Nouviqn^ of; the late  firm of do Nouvion '& Kurtz, one of our  pioneer coionistB, left for Victoria by. Barnard's Express, and will probably take a  stock of goods to Omineca. As will be seen  by advertisement, Mr D, KurU continues the  business as before at the ������Ui and well-known  stand :in Barkerville.  Fresh Mutton���������Messrs. Van Volkenburgh  & Co. received last Saturday their first instalment oi live stock for the season in the shape  of 75 head of sheep, in excellent order. They  expect some beef cattle in a few days, and  will hereafter tee regularly in receipt of their  ordinary supplies of both beef and mutton  from the low^r country pastures.  D. SiDDALvPbysician and Surgeon, it will  be seen announces.bis attention of viftkiflg  Quesnelmouth'next week in order lo give  p art ion *goi ng 1 to 0 win eca jl cl tan ee to a"* 11 il  themselves vi 'his lerric'.'s in 'l^nviMry,  was  discussion ensued on a clause prohibiting  putblic-:,foiium from being; open during the  %J^e of _;aa elebtion within five miles of any  PP?1'0^ P^;. y !f h& 4Altdrney������ GenWaladvol  cated the-'pBnciplejbivtmove^  that the five mile portion of the clause be  struck out   Di. Holmckeh was in favor of  the clause as amended,;.-Mr Humphreys approved of it,.butdliought it could not be carried out,   Mr Bunster thought it the most  un manly jtjijng ho*eTenheard of*|to'say in* ���������������  bilt^haua irian 'should ueat 6r*'drihKr%V  thought the class of men who would be qnal-  fied by the election bill would bo able to  take -care of stbenvsejyes^ and:6bpn Id-be -al-  16 we&.. ������to\pjn(Jge 4for i tbems������l i^8^wfta'^tfi8y  shp.ii Id drink ; best des. i f a a learner were to  arrive at Victoria ou an election d&y, it would  be unfair to depriye.passengers ol(the privilege of -"9pjtii;-!{i'ubitc(bpi(Seii^ IX gre\t many  peo pie cunie over from the Sound on Section  daiys. and it was wrong to deprive th������m ��������� of  the p I east 1 re of Ji jiving t a g q^d,8preen yB^; accord i pigly m oved^an Wnieridmelit striking foil t  the : whole clause.   Mr Nathan supported ihe  latter amendmeut.; He considered it was nisi  fair to a class of���������"��������� personf. who contributed so  largel y to.th e re venue to  great benefits th^t won  ������uehi'a time>\.~M'^^BbtistW._  car ri ed i an d tb e repqr t of the com mi ttee h av-  ing been accepted the bill^ was read la Jhird  tirne and pa'ssed.   A Bi 11 to Peeverit Bribery  at Elections was introdnced aud. read the first  (ime.:���������.'-','..:.-;.:'.-..;.-''    ''J-;-'; X: ���������prPyi-iiPxpy p'[  ': March 14���������The Bribery' Bill was read a  second tinie, and after having been considered  iif:committee, was read it third time and  ^passed..; .������������������������������������_��������� ',..���������.! ���������������������������      X'r,p \y'.. y-v  !'���������'���������,;;.,  .,?; A,Bill -to ^Providera Permanent Civil List  wja8;inti|o(liiced^atid;r^ ^ime*> \The  Attorney General introduced a bill regarding  Con trover ted,. Elections, which was read the  fifst tio.i������. ^Mt Huoiphreys,, moved r thaj;^ tfce  ^y|)tes ^ttl&A^nefc ifgifl,iind������ against XMl UhW  amendhients;appertaining to Section 3 in the  Regi stratio n of Vo te rsJ Bill (resp ec tt ng ;th e  qj'i a I i (ica tio t5 s o f voters) be pf js Oted i**��������� Aftei?  co.nsiderable discussion^the notice was 1 ost.���������  Mr Nathan movjeS fcr.yvplujoTnoittf; eppies of  co r r espo nd e n cei rega rdtn^a of ai m n t ne y ear*  io id "o f Mr Jam es "Lo Ve; fo r 25 acres of; land i������  Vunoouver Island about which there had  been some in is,11^rulers lauding. It seemed the  Government had offered ^Ifr Love ������25, and  after a long debate the House concluded that  it was none of their business and the motion  was withdrawn.   *  ' March 17���������The Civil List B\\\ was brought  up /forfisecond] readingi ^3^ ^tli^ti^m0y|4  that'll be read a "second time "fna't" day -six  mmthsl He considered that ;it won Id'be dealing with the fiiture" revenue of the colony.  Mr Humphreys seconded the amendment.  M essrs. Ne I so 11, ���������. DeCuKumtj; a nd :B u us tec ,tp'6k'  the sanie Si der Mr DeCositfoscortsideredHllat"  salaries of heads of depariments should be'  fixed but no��������� other.���������"< The;^Attorney General  ex p lai 0ed. tbiat! t b]e. b\ 11, nier^Iy gh&ranteed the  several officers the salaries mentioned so long  as they remained in office. It did not guarantee their retention, and it could be altered  or,repealed at any fuUU'e;,session.;( Bill, re^d  a second time by a vote of D to 4i  The Contested Elections Bill was read a  second time* .;'   ./:::.''"',' :'''' 'ii '���������"'  Mr/Nathan moved that his Excellency fee  respectfully requested to abolish tolls on  wool, hides and ores, Mr Kelson seconded  the motion, but thought that all arlicles of  export should be includcjd. Mr Humphreys  was astonished at the want of courtesy in the  members.lor Victoria and New WestmiBster,  who should have consulted him as the member for the district most interested. The'Attorney General suggested that the Governor  should be asked to send down a bill, and an  amendment to that effect was moved by Mr  Humphreys, which was finally adopted after  Mr Nelson "had retorted on Mr Humphreys  the charge of want of courtesy, the member  for Lillooet having been the first, as be alleged, to break through the spirit, of courtesy  by introducing resolutions affecting the interests of New Westminster, to which Mr Humphreys, in polite language, rejoined that the  lion, member's remarks were pure "���������bosh.?-:4  Mr Bunster moved that an address* be presented to the Governor praying him to send  down copies of all correspondence between  the Government of British Columbia and Her  Majestv's Government relating to the suspension of Thomas B. Humphreys from the exercise of the duties and office of a Legislative  Couacillor. Mr DeCosmos seconded tho motion. The Speaker explained that according  to instructions the Governor was not allowed  to furnish Copies ot despatches. The Attorney General Raid the Governor had power to  nwJpcfid tiny member under the old conslitu-  tW  but the popularmsmbera;being now  elected-the power to suspend lay: fcfth th*  aowa the cbirgs^oudenco  House.   To send  ur-  he eoulol noiseef^Sia; ah>wera>|rSf  ������������h!;t ^hfg���������������* ^%gones/l4ou1d b*  a bad precedent for future Houses.  Mr Hum!  pbrel8 was aatonished-that there .should h������ *  *n^ opposite  grievously^jnrefiymd felt^he^had bm  ������*���������Z*}J per^cnted^Thiswasapublic nia" .  ���������??*M^mtmwte WW much -interested, in.  JV and it w:as;:^ut;ju>taind righHhi^M^nai- X  ture of the correspondence^hould'be known;  He hopeoVnp member would vote against tbe  0^10^^?^  1   ^eaT^#f ^^tedio Mr JJeCwmoa to pb^,  pone inskmoiioiifbr;a������add|JeRs;to the Governor praying that he may be'pleased to send  WVr^^ll.&������ eoable^he electoral votary  ballot. , ��������� p P    *���������.;���������.; yy".'-        V*"      '  March 20���������The toaii ami Investment Bill  was read a second timo/andr ordered to bo  opmmitted. Ui. DeCosipos aske^ leave tb.in-  ^oduceya^!bin;Ho���������^en^^/stoci: lei'duVoQ  shjires, and/their^,ih(?rea?e,Cfrbni^ the.operation of tlw. Bankruptcy |Laws in. per tain  cases. On'wbtiorofiyriCaVra^  adjourned in order to afford an opportunity  tojmetnbejrs tojgiftgh,tfie ^equwslof kl^a^  latejGeorge^ Peafoes;-iVirnSnrirarr offieeWin  the GoverniDent?������raploy and an -oId-;-������n'd":r������*  spp^ftUizenfr^^^Ui^^h/iH-ur ��������� ; .  March; 2I^ybe,Civil ^istJBiUtwas partly  considered  in   eommittae^.  Mr /DeCosmos  thp, jI^q^ y^ ,p ql it? c^^l>iiX-.rtiere ^^re uotlie?F> ?y am -  pircH;, locusts^ and uicers that;wWk (prepai-ing  t6; feast upon the bodyfp0)if|eiip^'TDje'Co'a*'  ;mbs:' seem jnjjj'jtq tak^  Dr. H..corrected biiii. saying tbey did not re--  fer to him particularly.   The amend pi ent was  lost, nn A tlie c 0 nsi d era tio u; 0 f th e diffe re n t  clausea-<p.r6ceeded with? ^  moyedias salary^ of tn^^oloMaV 'Secretary;  Mr Nathan moved that it be $2500; Mr Bnn.  ster. $3000 ; an&^rl^im^ "  DeCosmos.supported.$3500:._���������;Jjfr' Nathan/ at-:,,  'tajeked;tho'Wuerv'yftjr::tbcotoistenc^J^andiJ re- 5  j?r,etteli' to see'tlie atternpt to ��������� reach the Jbavts,.  flrid,^ ���������tiPfie.s ^^fiomiTirnoroeuary f\ motivfiS-r-^-  MWDeGo^oteepiie^* ^eS^er  fcjr.Victoria? citys ought to; be the, last fto; talk  of "ipe^^ar^^iive?^^  propo'sed was carriedi;, and after an acrU  monions debate, abounding with personalt-  ttjes.. ithe'-.I cdmhai t fee ad jbn r ri ed. ^T-b e ��������� Tbl la  Ch ar ter Bil I was p assed th ro ugh com mI ttee^  read ?a; third 4ime- arid' passed/' Mr ^eCosriida'  gave notice p.f an ,addre?s of inquiry into tho  man ageip eit 'Of th e^ Tele'graph between Vic- (  [torla "arid Cariboo, and the tiabililies and  'privileges of" tbe Govern me nt respecting; tbo  same.';- *"��������� "���������'"I1-'.'  ""yy ;";.' : [:  0 ���������;   ������> ���������������  i ,���������^_ ...  ������= Npw* AVKBTMt.va:j^^ rlTf;M;^Curyusual fllea; \  of: the^ Mainland .-GiWrdian'dtS ufot come to ;  hand last express.   By way of Victoria, wa  learn1 that tbe Land Office Js fully qccupieiiy  with applt^atioii* for [!landi   P^aefr trees; j|t:  New Westni 1 nsfceV were iri;.oiossbm.? "tlepafra  on the road to Burrard Inlet were nearly  completed.        ������������������"*���������*'��������� r>'  : j Ba u^aSo?s ������ExpressK is t expected' to1 arrive"  to-dav. .,..;���������"..,  \t-OTICE TS HERKBY GIVEN THAT A������V PKUSOM  il    or ptTHori* found defUroyjnff or Unmaginsi th������  Tolttgraph Poles nr Wires will ho prosecuted with iho  utmost rigor .of the \\w.  By commund,  B. W. FEAHStC.  T������ands ������in������l Works Dopfirtment,  F������b. 9th, 1871; mh!8  KOTICE.  rfHB UUStNKSS HERKTOFORB CARRIED OX BY  I the undersigned at Valo and Barki'ryillc, British  Columhia; baa l*en sold to.JHr CHARbEi? OPPFKN-  .HKIMRK, of Yale, to whom all outKtuuiling account*  in ri'&pect to tb������ abovcmeniion������d business aro io b*  lfM- -   ���������>        ' .   :  Victoria, Jan. 31 1871.  C, STROUSS.  '   mhia lm  Thft Omineca Express will connect with' Harnnr-I'.^  KxpreKS at Q������rrsoe[rn"uth and William Crook, whor������  l p;i mfl i s- nnd I" I tu ������>: rv 111' h x r*v.'j i ve tl.  !    ������-B~ A ztmnul V.xivrvfv bw?inf,p?������ w-������dac*oii;  I  Sa Mvw*\A,nym\t  iiM<nt*iUiAiA*auiUUnAWJSSS); 0
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Chemist and Pruggfet of j^Year^ Experience
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���'r^w.^ f;.'-185*r;'r'
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: J yip] fKCturin"^ tirowji,
1   ' ". Streets^Pbiladelphia.   PX .V.?*K" *   '.'
IHAVR been, requosted by .several. rcspectahie. pa r-.
tics:,: wh(icah' tostiry .to11he olhcacy of my system,
tei aguln'make public Ihe iiict that ���������'���" c
iMpses' Hair In^igorator ;
;;:   ,;' ou fawjng; 0Fr,aud eirocniaiiv
,  ���*������������--*"   ouKis SGUitr on DANiinaifk ���.
This is not a mere assertion en my* part, as I havo
in my.poHttv&ittu nuriK��n��u.S;tostinionials certifying to
tbosueoessftCinyroniodyii. ". .,.,.   .'./'.]**. ���-..,
( I do iiotof Cour?!��Vpretond that' IcVn make the'"hair
urow cm heada which have been bald lor "year��..; but
I will guaraiitcu to fslop the hair dVonr. falling ofl,: to
inoroajif* lis growth, and effectually retiiovo'Sruirf. or.
Bandru.tr. .      W. 1). KOSRS,    ���
:.       ���   ;  ; .   - '  Uarkervlllo, BVC.
.���������.-,:��� ;'.-   ..."CERTIFICATE,.---        ������.'     ;y   -      ,'
This? is to| certify that .during- last sprintf' my hair
was rapidly tailing out and my head was last bncoui-
iHtf hal'Jj when I appiiikil in Mr \V. p.MOSICS, BariuT,'
P>��rkorvil|4!,.vvho In a low weeks lvstorod my'hair to
MESSRS. ME ACII AM  & N A SON' n ro propa rod to
: furnish Lumber at their Milis,: William '-"Creek,7
or deliver^t to order.    . ��� r- ��� a , '.:;,';r;��� 4xp *���*.- v.
IC E-.
TIE  0Nin?R3TPSrial.'BKGS ..TO   INFORM His
friends and the pub lie, that he has lilted up boui's
ti his now building, where he is prepared kogiye
good Beds" at a reasonable price,    Thos^ who Vi 1
favovhiin with their patronago, may depend on the
cleanness aud comfort of his lioiiso.
He tak ps al f>o th i s. o pportu.n i ty sto ro ra i 11 d.,t Ii c C ari*
booites that his Brewery has  recej.ve'd tho .FIRST
PKIZE of the Colony for his celebrated
XXX1 ALE, "'i^:- ^������^'���:
And the true amateurs will bo able to judge by them
wives that s 11 oil honorable prize has bceu-jusUv
awarded to hint.
���Y. B. -*-A I a rgo f ron I room to lo t,
JUrkervilU* Jan, 23 1809. H. CUNI0
Its former Imiilthy siaio
.   Barkerville, Boo. 211, 1866.
[ :'..TOLLIAM,CREEK..rt��� 1:\ ,P iX p;v..iy
Hay i n & a PI an ing Ma cbi no i iVrop'c rat j oii th ey wir
ai so. f urate! 1 Dresse d Lumb e v jxt sa tisfactory \ ra tes; ��
For weakness arising from indiscretion. The
'exhausted powers of, ^atnre .which- are accompanied, hy sp.,niany .talarming, sympiping
attipn^.which \yil 1 be .foiind Indisposijtion -ip..
Exertion.. Loss of Sl.e 111.0 ry,^atkef 111 ness. s llor:,
ro r of t[iseasef:; p r l\p re bpd i ngs of, E vi I,;i in
fact, JJnivorsal: Lassiti|de," Priistraljon^and ,ii>
ability, to enter iii to, .the enjoyments bf society
oiice atf^cted- with Organic WeaTcness, reqiilrefl
th'e aid of Medicitio to stretigthen aiid irivSgrVr-
ate'the 'systeih!; which ' IIKLMUdLD'S; EXTRACT I3UeiHJIj invariably %$$. ;f; If;;rib
treatmeri t is siibini ttetl to, Consitmp tion or In-'
sanity ensues; :. ���^'p-*^ --y 'fy^ *r"''p,. *������������[
For Sal��;
At Low
��� ��� F. .MANETTA, ;
Miners' Provision  Store,
IT  THIS STOHK  wlll'alivays bo found ii ivell-
i'X.' sulcctuU sliiok of tho
Roasted and Cround daily.
Branclx Store at Last
WJiorcagood assortment of Goods will ahvnys be
I inist by strict attention to hnwucss flimt f;��ir iinri
*=(|tiaro. dealing, to luvrji a conUutninco of tliu liberal
iKiLronn^e herutoioje ex tended to ma, ill
improved Rp^E 'ytmttppy
will radically;exterminate from tho systOra
diseases arising from habits of dissipntioiif at
little expense, little or no change in diet, no
inconvenience or exposure.   .: y .
THOS.   FLETCHER'S        '
Se co lid - lia n d; S,t p r e,
Boots, Shoes Clotliing:and
Groceries, **
Tor mitt at the-Storo of the undersigned in Barker-
Viik', opposite the Bank of British Cohnnhi;i.
sc-l Li"
as usual
In all diseases of these organs, whetjier exisl*
i rig iti m ale or ferii ale, fro m w ha te v er. .ca nso
originaliiig, and no matter of how long stariil-
i ng. T h os e su fieri ng fro m ��� .li r 0 kei 1 d 0 vvn 0 i
delicate constitutions, procure the remedy at
once.'/ ' i'X [p ., '.' y."'..
All the above diseases require the aid of a
is the preat Diuretic.  >
$:8"&oId byi 1 )mjcgis(s every where. Price
$I2o per bottle, or <> Bottles for .$�� 50; De-
1 i vered to any; add teas. Describe Sy mptoms
in all communications.
iv; : ADDRESS-
'H-   T.   HELMBdLD,
. [. Da vo a n;i> . Gn kxj ca j * _��� Wa itKin >l*��k,
,'"-.'." $M Broadway, New Yprk��;; .:i*, r,'y
Noxk Ann Gknu 1 xk unless done np in steel
engraved wrapper,1, with fac-simile of my
Chemical Wareho use, a n d fii gn ed    x ������������
0029 H. T. miMBOW*


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