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The Cariboo Sentinel 1872-08-10

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The roofs and pavement| of suffering  miliba. of people pant for a breath of cooling  L^irJ iFoigoifoiw *exbajatipbs'.jtise iromjthe,feeding streets. <$ui;terr reels witljfever^Meid-  .    M ;-���������,;.-���������������������������-   ���������  IFar oiio square (one tncb)Vflrs11 Bsortiot!, . ���������, W .  ;    .:.?������������������ _i-. ^,: %:,,".., .onc^oiat^,:- >^ JL f  fcFoiitw6Mua������,cat flrstiiksqrtlon^  ^^^f'JV  ��������� ;'-V''':-^"'^'!";\:-u-^ ;   on(3 month, - "��������� - ������������������**������������������* ������������������   ���������  Agentsfor the " Cariboo Sentxiael."  li^r.yS^^^fh^'f'  ���������i������it J'  ���������.';.f������?:A->-f ..'SO:   ^;^^A-;^;,-:.-^    ; " " ���������/��������� '���������' -4--.-- ������������������-..-.     ��������� -'^ ^jf ^y*t       .;4 ;,'���������'  if?pS;   -,Clinton-,r   ���������,  ���������:������������������:? t .<'������������������  pitals aref&piwded with delirious victims.-^  'The nigb^brfnge no������frest^l|pr it is.as iiot^a tlfe  day;f "'From tbe-tenement qu^ters'clbrfd^Mf  half-dressed' men and;: women. liiirry. when'  *darkne������sjcomes onj^ to 4"������ parba .��������� andT opeo;  squares land steps and porticos, of public]  buildings, la1 houses' of|jtboJietter^lap  people toss all nigftj sleepleitf bi^tbeft heiMij  beds, or pa^i^;|^^Ught hours at their--vin-[  dowsiouglp&.ft^'fclwwi.. Sfeeae Avhich tneverj  comes,- anMcetimg ove|: fcfebppression whicb  is nevelffelaxed. JThe wretcbedness^ is'iiini'l.  expoBe^them especially to the influence of theft)  sun, such a ^day as yesterday and Tusda^ *  ;brin������s.n$ra^  ���������EraneMotf-Exiinmer, Jfily-1'8?   - :  rs-  ui:  , .^^HiardAHcpress:  i'J.v1 Barnard's Express  ���������    - uu������ .-..-.-.-���������,..������������������ -......., -.. vfed������^^\^::x:?do^-;^  ,- -, .Victoria.  ^     .   . i      ,   ; . .    .      Mr Wobater.  ���������" Jii P.F}sheri   -  ^ -   ��������� ���������       ���������,     ���������',' San Francisco.  \ ^;^'ltiitMiJi^iMfmh       r...... ^^,.w^^-.���������  ^���������#be:^e^ork^|l^  ...^.-_. _.  ,..., ��������� .,-,, iW. ease, says:   '* We are. nearing, it we Lave np|  ^ards,Circiilars,Postersanferpgrammesfor S^Wr7c^^ ^    ,      ^;:-:^  ,, > r,( ���������, r'<'   'A..i., ,    v(;OiiJv.^^^^^^ tife isiiotrconsiderediiiurder, except in the  Balls and, Theatncal Eatertainments ���������:-.������������������:.:-^,,..-. * ���������._��������� _s  i^^Execttied witbn  , 085&$ t^cm ^--TernraTmJoderate::Hl!rr/-,"rrv~?***���������  ^Retail ������utdheisi^  B*RKER\f ILtEj Nl leHfe! Bt Pi  ������ijW & ifi.i J>r:tl;^^ ^^-^y^^^' ^^O^Q-V^f<fe������-<'^9.;  ���������Sftwto^kiarB^^  have'taken the .well^nown premiseti, in^Barkervmo  so'long iavorably,patroni^;^liile;i  a  V'i'l  '������������������'���������?.'  The New York '^^^^SyBiAilffiE^iSS tfils  S-  '   -     .v. r.-VJ- ;      ��������� -  ,       proceedings of -the1 jury show flmt onjtbe first ,<'^'. -   v -;, - - /, ^     -    - ^ ���������.. . '  >:irr-  ^Jltf ������y#i^^^^ cases^ f||e^o^our|sn|mmmi^m ^^Slei^^e^^^ ^fecp-.^lESTAIIMNTV- ^' > :  ���������pf sun'StMe have occurred;   Of these;^^ ,^u;V,   ' :; -   .        ,.?    ^ f?? cr>;5i,.^ i', ^>' ..,, fa  ^^^ur^lMiffi^  1   '^/''ihthela^wo^e^Si^  Turk, oftuiedvty ^'teMj^heB^'ha? jbe^n ��������� very ||egree  ^freacbed aligure ln]tliatrcity ironi^th^; c^je  ^V9  iiiir  ttut  por  tair  !f'.'  i   r  vi������/iyi������vi������b)      ,.,;���������,,���������������      ,K, .  ,3  v-������������ -   .  f     'fl1l.f������ ^flf.An^o/9 tha, +\%raa   -nth ft   WflTft   tOr    aC-  Jnly was particularly fatalvl The procession  vi-   -^ quittal over to a;, verdict for manslaughter i^  IMS  'ing  CCS*  llio  pro-  J������1.B  i  iieil  *:������P-  im  Be/  r.������  so*  ii>  ;ee  B  1  is  M  H  B  B  B  Bill  1  B  B  ^1  "^���������htflinfeuOT iror afc  ^y'^^e^partb tby^Wd%feeM^  thescbrching rays dfu July-; sun.   The mili- thrown but altogether^ all beliovmg that tlje  tary intheir^wpciSMil^'and black ^faats ^und^^n)pr*|iW5o^  ^;with;their^ejgh^^ean;p^ .^d^if^'^^^i bstreij' feTeritd to.  ^"-ITno nationala^iversary was slfewily There was a^png d^cussion as; to premedita-1 at ^1^,% rates.  'brateU i^J^w ^Q^^u ^  , thousands wilt be inTprudent JT{|ome in eating ^tMeVn^verSSMAo^lhe Grand CeStriai Eotel  ���������'.'���������������������������* '"iiiiripe'. :frmts>- linking' beer- ^r; spirits;" or with a premeditated design of killing Fisk.  quaffing wa^^wheu The seven ji^6r8?wbbfwere.fc  ties.   The ^eQase^uencei w^s; jtbat* deaths has  had its Earvest;*time.   Iua ciiy so densely ......  * ���������' p d pulated -fchere^ are immense :\ iiuinbiBrs p re * design of kil ling ;h W^aud th at this second  -.'virapoBed.tbjsuffer ^from���������/iatehse-ajEihospberic. .w^S:a,sufficient;timetor. premeditation^.The  ��������� heat.   Horse.&S^opped^^e^d in their traced remaining five iurofsstoiitly maintained  JSo powerful was the'Bplar heat that putrefae- Stokes pulled ^Jf PWoHa^S^'heat of passion,  %\otl immediatelyMeiM? and iwafms^dY-biaok being stirred to frenzy* hj the eight of Tislt;  .Licjtiors,  flies soon, oommeneed Son the festering cir- and that the crinre was*on'ly. manslaughter in  ,:-:Tfie; extremeiheat'bad beea prevailing for were used by both sides.^  ^veV,a weW,T and 'the crowded "tenement poll was taken, but all to no purpose. Eirni  ;SbQUses'!wkied witCtto:.Bw^t^g:"i^e&' of -fend again a poll-was taken; but all tb'no pur-  '-Iheir inmates.' Miasmas were bred in the pose.   Firm "in their opinionsibey all re-  ^Uers.-No%iudw6pt'iheci^ mained, and^.l^sf; fe}LasJeep? -but woke up I DE^.OT,   ������QK  a j������).ain between' |he Nortblan^ Bast Rivers, in pricisely the sariie state of mind.   Fin ally  aid: puind bdors,' Jbrecl in sinks and, cesspools they?.'gave up( the. <psPut^ seeing: that there a v.������,  ~.,~? - - ~m-^  ?.:> centaminated tboatmosphere,; New / ������prj fis was no hope of altering their opinion^/ Sev-^  a more compactly populated city than any ^  ;^ the European ^c^Me^apd^in^ the districts bring in avecdict of murder M the second :   J^t������'ftl][lGl?.'-','ly 1������X01*  where papulation is so 8������nsef'there,>is little degree, or manslaughter in one of,:itsrhighest    . \' ���������������������������<   >   ;o      * ;'; '-'���������'������������������ "x ���������..  ^^^/M'^^^J?''  The NeW YorkTri- degrees, they wpul^.b j2as eomnienced ber .Weekly Trips, leaving  "��������� i bane thus comments onihe:subject::    ���������'   -     but this was not allowed;them,: as the Judge ,Quesnel on MONDAYS, and Soda Creek on  J*^ eb^d^^ thai; ^e^to^^|be-r|flQ^^Jv^dict -^::''&%?&Mi^J^SjsX^]}^^. , -J   1 ^  .(.a|dsii^ pfmttrderk^^ Passaoet,^ -���������"i"'"^;-K3.,   -     $5   \'*_  ^^focal4tolm^ the third degree'or^acquittal: Application..������".'riFsmia,-*   -    ��������� ; ' 1 cent 'per ty<'  .^ted^beA^t^ have^ast^dtheir ^^|f^W^\^^^ fte;:; ^^b^^  Mo sea and poured their refresutng waters into suchcasesrest?^wlU ^fn8e *������ allow ?tokes t0: bommissLon: :;;"   : 'y-������������������'���������;". /r!.:-(-:U-   v'  -'  t''^:Mantib:;''ThVw the ���������te^l^'^"ato41i^*.tiife,^;WsV*ill be :i ��������� ^ ^,co ;& ���������, ; MARYIN fi WRIGHT.  ^iiy^paterday was as fioV'as "Irwliid ^ thai Heiiia some other coun^prbbibfySanvtoga.    Quesnei, May 2,: I87������^J ^ ^fH *��������� :i  ^m^W^always -c'arefullylattfendedaojfand thjrfaest   -  tom'ers. ��������� "       t ,      / '  ,        * ^  : ������������������;.'::;^i^;)i;v?^  Hill  'Ws   .^"  ���������   ������������������rsw- i . ���������������������������������������������,-��������� ���������<������������������-���������  ^at. can be procure^������ Cariboo^. ?^ ^..^  eell  i   ���������i'iJ  ^,;*>-  rw*-1^  ���������>y jsoi;*'i*  ��������� 7. ^ .. . ������i       t r    ^ .r_,. _. i v ,.. v,,���������, . J._,    ,  Snipe*  iiim-i%k;$  , ,^ ;��������� .;,.;.(; .>Hi'| k-.? '���������.^���������_^r"!jy^?f i^s's- "if.'i>'(')(ij,'it ;  $(������������������ 4wk ?>&!���������(���������- ^^'? fAJd-f "*>^?. tl   ; -.  -; v- >y ..-i; ,��������� . ".'ppbe'CeletfateU*;*���������v ^' r-'^f ^ ��������� ��������� '    -  Frtl||ipR^^ '���������������������������';.;  A superioraiSioiS:-^any4oictic^nb^ba^^bnr^e-  loV; Boasted and (Ground, on>thc; pre^ntses/irom r|n������  best selected benies, and warranted iroo from atiui   ,  WW:  ������������������Kit,  ^R1Y) ANNOTjkCE THAT TH^Y HAVE BE JIOV^D  .^totospacS^  ^'GeS; Saloon, M  prepared to furnish ��������� '/'....'.-,   ... ., ,,,  The  BAR, fcfurnisbed'with; the. ftnest.WII-SS  ���������ilQUORS and CKUBS,} ���������  ;'        ...;,/;,.,,:;���������: ._'.��������� .v- THE CARIBOO SENTINEL  "  -SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1872  THEOFFICIAL STAFF AND THElfe  .  . M"    " 'PAYMENT. ���������&''!   '���������&- ���������: i"  In a late number of the Victoria Daily  JStanidard our attenrlon has neea ;drawn to a  leading article in which the official'staff of  ; 1be Koo ten ay Distrlc t( is madeJth e/ occasion 0f  ���������considerable comment and criticism adverse  to the present -systern of:appblnting/Govern-.  rosnt officers in the different districts of the  Province, and some, retnarks are made regarding the)n^ner of ;>carry^^^  -ment and. administering the law, and  the  anodeof payment jot the;'different officials in  ^thcpe districts, which we think are worthy of  omeat tent ion., 1- The occasion p Crtbe .* article  Is a letter, from a Kootenay" correspondent,  who states that there are only forty-fire white.  *nen in tlfe;djstrj^ of ofil-j  *cial������ had recently arrived for the purpose of)  governing and protecting this small body of  men, and that the;aggregate salaries of these;  ))fflcial������,'/consiatiug^ of a/ St]pendiary Magis-  trate, a; Ghief: Constable and Recorder,',..two'  Cons lab Jes and other assistants, am o u n t to the  ���������am of ii0,0QO,,whioht together, with the other  ^ilowances/ for that'/district -ior ^buildings,  '.'-���������trails, mail services,' &c., makes the; proposed  -annual;:expenditure;fpr: that .much^favored  locality reachthe handabme^unipf il8t000j  *' an average expenditure for each iridividua!  ��������� Tory fair: way of'putting the Mole question',  #ui to us it seems exactly >the Reverse.   It  i'Sott be;������ remembered that in the Kootenay  : 4i8ti*!p| there is alarge pppulation of warlike  'Indians,":who Jsave !������;ori^preyibus - pecasiohs  $iyea considerable trouble, besides a large  <tfBcour9eof /Chinese miners. ��������� These gentry,  Specially when placed in close jtixta'pbsitibn,  require considerable watching and some protection and government.    Notwithstanding  ^Ui8-fact,:howevei;,;it,may be^possible that the  Official\ staff j a; Kootenay is /to o large ; and tb  . us���������and we are' tolerably well acquainted  with bothydUtric/te-^it/,does seem most un������  reasonable that a staff equal to that of Cari-  Ijbo^lhe^osVimppH  ~*7t ireal'th-prbdhcih^disUlct in the province^  should be required to govern this outlying  ?and' thinly -populated -mining .camp... .Why-  "bbwever; the Standard's correspondent should  feel so sore at the expenditureof this money,  -especially as it costs the forty-five white men  so very little for their share, and a considerable amount js to be spent in buildings, trails,  -and mall service. &c.y 13 more than we can  divine.   If the $70~000 which they send annuallyto Walla. Walla for the purpose of feed-  L'.Jag/that {pamperedbird, the/American eagle,  is the total goid yield of the district, we  should think that the disbursement of $18,000  -among the " emaculatenine," or, as we should  prefer to call them, the "immaculate forty-  five;" would go far towards supplying tbem  iwith ^pocket money.   The conclusion,,how*  ���������ever, which our :cotemporary the Standard  *draws from the contemplation of this state of  over-government Jn Kootenay seems to us  strange and rather unreasonable.   The only  remedy, it is argued, for such horrible grievances is the abolition of fixed salaries and the  -paymehtof every/ official, " whether lie be  ^agisiraie, (beaclx clerk,-constable or gold  oommisBioner" by feeg.   It is also broadly  auertedJbat^Dot^ single stipendiary magis-  :;4Mtej������al.arled gold cbmniissldnet,.bench clerk  ���������ornonstable (except in a city like Victoria,  where there is a regularly organised police  force), is an indispensable necessity in any  part 6f^ls pyoyiace. Itmay;fe������thatTictoria  iis\the only place in the province where the  -respectable portion of the community requite  the presence" of a'regrilarly orgatHsed police  force for their protection against the invasions  and> deprcfiattohs of -their fellow-Citizens, but  -we would ������lldly suggest that.there is another  district, vulgarly known as Cariboo, where  ' 4he work; of Hie'- Gold Commissioner  and  Jfagistrate in deciding mining and land dis<  .flutes, and in a variety of other ways.is mors  ^i^cult txt pesform auS fa, ev^ij -waj? 'Ol a  more important nature than any  business  transacted by. any;', similar official of equal  jurisdiction "in Victoria..  The same remark,  we believe, will apply; with equal force to the  cfther officials in this district.   If they are not  an "indispensable necessity/> we don'tknow,  wbo are,'   If these gentlemen wore displaced  to-morrow their places would have to be  filled by others who might be- called differently, but who would perform precisely the  Bame work. To pay these officers, who id this  district are constantly engaged in the collec-  tioa of revenue^ by feesj seem3 to us absurd  and mischievous in the extreme.   White officers are properly paid Ja a district like Carl.  bo6 it'will always beau object;with them to  collect as much revenue as possible in order  that their section of country should appear  perfectly solvent and able to pay its own expenses, there -being -Ihus an inducement to  zeot and honesty.   On the other hand, if officers are to be paid by fees the temptation to  increase their earnings Is constantly before  tbem,T and;.wllli surely in many ^instances,  especially where accounts are not in a con.  atiat slate of audit,* lead to imposition, fraud  and disgrace, ..The-Standard quotes Ontario  m an example; ^All we can 6ay is that if  Ontario pays her judges,;clerks of the bench,;  and like officers by fees it is the,first time we  have beard J of itj and; the sooner she mends  her ways in this respect and adopts a system  of r fixed salaries the be iter.;,it will: be. for the  morality of her officials and her own monetary  health.   As far. as this district is concerned  we are satisfied that nothing would be more  distasteful and unsatisfactory to the people  who inhabit it than> the adoption of the system of paying government officers by  fees.  The people here aie perfectly satiefied to see  the officers well paid as long as they perform  their duties efficiently,;but every/-cent,.collected/in the .way of revenue >tfiey:,tdeiare;; to  see passed to the credit of the district in the  Provincial accounts.   No system will ever be  popular in this district which will admit even  of tte pOBsibiUtj of -ixttie_, fain test supposition  of imposition or fraud, no matter whether the  Individuals paying the foes in the first instance  or taV General 'Government be supposed to  be the sufferers.  :_.-:.NEW. ADVERTISEMENTS.  THE  UNDERSIGNED  HASRECKIVED  instruction^ to otter to Loan on Good Security a  Tow Thousand Dollars, in sn������.q to sun the applic3nts  ALEX. T.. B.DAVIE, Solicitor.  Bxrkerville, August 9,18TS. ; a.ni0 2m  BfA??AGEi{,   ���������   ���������   .   ���������   -   -   WARcrs Woira.  FSORETAIVr k TREASCnP.R, -    Wif.  McColl.  , Btaqs Makagkr, ���������   ���������   ���������   -'J. 2J. HonGS.  . -..Costumer, ,.- F. Pekrett.  ,  Tba Cariboo Amfttenr Dramatic Association will pre-  dace, for tbo first lima, on  Eve'g, Aug..,10i  The new and popular Ride-splitting Farco, by John  Madison Morton,  FOR  ������51  With tbo following cast of characters:  Samuel Snozzlo,      .      *      -      MrGamarJobns  Mr SprlfcginsV  -      -      ...      Mr John Hudson  Mr Charles Markham,     . -      - ���������   Mrl, B. Fisher.  Lieut. Spike, R.tf.,   -      ...      Mr J. S. Thompson  Poiuica (a Detective Officer),    -      Mr J, H. Sullivan  Joseph, (a Waiter},   ..-���������      ���������     !-      Mr Frank P������rrett  Sun>i;intentleirt (a Rail way, Official),   Mr Joh������ Bowron  Telegraph Glerk,    . -      -���������   ...   . Mr J. B. Leigh ton  3*iss Fanny Sprijrgins,   -   Florence Wilson,  Guar.Is, Passengers, &c, &c.  '.���������:;'"' To conclhdo with :  Coxaaic and Sentimental  ;  :^ongs$ &e.,  l,PlrJBg Trapeze,"  --.   .... .MrThos. ITarcIIng.l  " I cannot sing tho old songs,"  -   Mr Gomar Johns.  Sang,..,  - .-_..������  -   -   ���������.-.. - . - .Mr.JohnHudson.  45r Doors open nt  8:    Entertainment to commence at Eight o^lock.  Tickets, ������>l';\Reperved seat������?,������ &  H. &<jC������IJ, &&&$ OlScO.       ,���������  NEW ADVERTISEMENTS.  ��������� ' o Ad we :are ..positively closing out  our business itf  we beg to call the attention of the public to the large and varied assortment  General Merchandize at our estab-  ^   Alsbpk large lot of Ranch Bu tter,  at';37,:%2.; cents''per  well to give us a call before purchasing  &  mUM.%  ������  Barkerville, July 2G, 1872.  Administrator's Sale*  Se ADAMV. HEFLEY,'deceased^  "-Willbesoldr"  At the late, Mr Hefley's Farm,  JTORTH THOMPSON,  Consisting of  Horses, Young Stock,  Cows,  mts of Husbandry,  'Stanley ;HqTEii>v,  t,IGhHT- NIN&, CREEK.  ;-.::-MEw':S;'P.v.PlREE;;'v'^  m  HAVING PTJRCFASSD THE ABOVTC  Hpi������l from Mr J. JfKobcrtson, b������>������s to iofortn  tho travelling public and the.Miners;of CnriluSprthia  ho will'do his utmost to sustain tho well earned re.  putailoaof the houao as a first-ebss KotcL ;  WtU'as nsaal be furnished with the' best tbe Market  affords. ���������������������������!       ���������".      '<   ���������������������������;���������:...  :-"������������������  Is well stocked with Spirits, Ates, Wines and Cigars,  Ato comfortably furnisbedj.and a large addition Jo  tbo number of rooms is now beiug made.  At tbe same time, by order of tbe Court,  will be sold the interest of Mr Hefley ia tbo  Farm and Lands occupied by biiu.  JOHN SAUL,  aulO :';        Agent for the Administrator. ;  DR. CHIP? reeehred by lastEx*  press souio  wb'icb can be relied onv Persons  who have not been Vaccinated for  some lime should take advantage of  this opportunity; in consequence of  the reported prevalence oi Small Pox  In tb!e lower country.  carefully Filled.  ^m Prescriptiong a������4 Family Recipes *<jr  curately prepare4  Are the best in the upper country, and willalwfty*  be wall *>uppU<u! with Hny and Grain. ju20  Electoral District of  A COURT OF REVISION will be held by lh;  iX Registrar of Voters at tho undermentienoa  places in tbe respcott>e rolling Divisions of the Carl,  boo District on the days herein published, vis.:  1. LIGHTNING CREEK���������At Mr Llntlhard'o Saloon,  on Saturday, WtU August, at half-past Eleven,  > "-; a.m.    \ -'. ..   :,..;-';_. '...������������������������������������  % WILLIAMS LAKE-At Mr A. S Batca������, on Sue*  dayr 18th August,' at One, p.im.  i QUfiSNELiWUTP-'At Mr Barlow's Store, v'ft Fri-  ���������'":-;���������   day, 16oTAugust, on arrival of the steamer.  I, BARKER^|LLE^-At Bichfleid Court House, oa  ^  Monda^thoWthAuguat, at Eleven, a.m. ...  5;; KEITHLeV; CREEK���������At - Mr Smith's . Store, Harvey Creek, on Monday, 26tb August, at Twelve  ;- ���������'-.   o'clock, noouV-'   ���������''  '������������������'- ;-: ;--:',:   ���������'   '������������������'���������<-  ���������������������������.   ..:,.:.   ...-' ���������.../, ���������;.-���������-, H. M.5ALL,   .  v ' " Registrar of Cariboe District,  Richfield, JulylSth, 1872. '.������������������:��������� Ju20 dt  SURVEYS AND PLANS EXECUTED  On reasonable terms.  V^sr Orders left asMrKellyfy Barkervil!������  i  wk:  l i .  THE CABIBOO SENTINEL  SATURDAY, AUGUST 10, 1872.  It  t  3rtn  .ha,t-  re-  ItM  iW.  ilo  o  1-  tJie  lod  irl.  on,  en,  ie*  Ive  t  The result of the meeting of miners held on  Thursday evening 'last} will:; go far towards  convincing peopleibere;an^*laewhere that  qo insuperable prejudice^ exists' in this com*;  munity against the:������neouragement of the introduction of ��������� capital by the system of grants  of mineral lands.': Large grants\of mineral  and! otfcer 1 an da n w e Veen and will ralway s  be looked upon withI jealbusy ;by those who  are individual holders or likely to become  such. Nofiathlaunnatural. The experience  of' tbe world Is that, when'lands, whether  mineral or-otherwise, get into the hands of  incorporated companies tbey. are apt to become locked-up for a large number, of-years,  and thus these grants,instead of assisting in  the development of the resources of the country may. become, a terioos:drawback to its  advancement and a permanent injury to its  progress. This is one of the great evils to be  guarded against hero, and the wording of the  resolution passed atthe meeting^ready referred to goes far to show.that; the miners  here are fully alive to the importance of imposing restrictions and term9 that "will -.compel the grantees of mineral lands to perform  work and introduce and erect machinery that  will bear something like ap^equlyaleot pro.  portion to"; the:; extent; of the -grant. The  general feeling seemed io; be that in localities  liker\Vi\!lbw river where" the natural diffl.  on I ties to be overcome cou Id only be com-  batted by the use of powerful and epepentive  machinery, and which Jn. consequence individual miners were vi/tually precluded from  prospecting, grants of land of moderate size  might lie given witfradvantage., At any rate  It U an experiment,worth trying, and may be  ���������of tbo greateat sorvjee. by. causi ng the in tro-  ducti'on of powerful steam machinery and  largo pumps into the country. It must also  hi* remembered'that should these enterprises  unfortunately prove to be failures the ma  chinery<wili always be in existence, and may  be utilised In working such creeks as Light-  wing. This of itself is sufficient inducement  -to entourage In every reasonable way-the introduction of steam machinery. The matter  is now out.of, otir own bands, and it is to be  hoped that the Government will adopt the  suggestions of the resolution, and thus exhibit  ������6m# respect for the reasonable wishes of the  people of this community. Any laxity on the  part of the Government in this respect will In  nil probability have the effect of forcing the  miners of Ibis district to veto any similar  scheme that may be brought before them at a  future time.  MINING INTELLIGENCE.  WILLIAMS CREEK.  The Cornish co. washed up 98 oz. last week.  The McLaughlin co.. 47 i oz. for about ten  days,! ruin. The Well Mary Arinecb. (Chinese) 120 oz. for four days' run up to Wednesday last. The Casket co. is washing up  5 oz. per day, two men working. The Flume  co. washed up upwards of 100 oz. last week.  The Ballarat co. washed up 51 oz. last week.  stout aoLcay .  The Stout Gulch Flume co- washed up 37|  oz. last week.  THE MEADOWS,   .-.    .  ; The Lane & Kurtz Col have put in their  now pumps, which are found to work in a  most satisfactory raaoncr. It is expected that  the diggings will be clear of water.in a short  time.  ;:'.;���������. EAQLB CREEK. \-\  The Walkem co. have struck berl-rock in  their tunnel* which is now about 700 feet in  length.   Small prospect's are found.-", -  LIGHTNING CREEK.  The Ross co'. are' taking, out good -pay.���������.  The Lightning co. is doinpr the same. The  South Wales c6rwashed~up;ii5ioz.' lust week.  The Vanwinkle co.: are: pmnpingr The Van-,  couver co. have completed their tail-ruco and  are commencing a new pit for mbchincry. &c.  The Clark co. have got their diggings dry,  and will shortly lie - taking out pay. The  Gladstone co. have received their new pump,'  and expect to have the diggings pumped out  in a week from to-day. The Water Lily co;  will continue to sink their shaft commenced  last year. The Eleven of Enjrlahd cc* took  but 72 oz. last week in a femall drive ; diggings  wet and hard to work.     ;.  " L- BURNS CREEST.   "���������';'.:  The claims on this creek are all drowned  out excepting the Discovery co.' No water to  work machiuery, &c. '    v  rETKRSOM CREEK.  t  A Chinese co. U reported to be taking out  j big pay immediately below the old Discovery  claim. ��������� (. -.--.-:.���������  AMADOR CREEK.  The Taylor co. have started a new drive,  and have struck good* prospects of coarse  heavy, gold���������$4= to the pan. >  PUBLIC MEETING���������MINING GRANT ON  WILLOW RIVER.  Death at the Hospital.���������Ralph Anderson,  ������ miner long a resident on this creek, and  lately in the employ of the Bed Rock Flume  Company, died at "the hospital on Sunday  morning, the 4th ins't., and was buried in  the Caracrouton peraetcry the next day, at 7  o'clock p.m. Deceased was about 55 years of  age and a native of Ncrway.  Theatre I^ALl^he Amateur Dramatic  Association will give a grand performance at  4he Theatre Royai to-nigbt, when the popular  farce of "To Paris and back for ������5f7f wilt be  performed with a very strong cast. , Mr J. 6.  Thompson, M.P., will make bis first reappearance since his arrival from Ottawa. . The  piece will be followed by comic and sentimental songs by well known and accomplished  smateurs*.' -*  Presentatiok.���������At the last regular meet"  ing oi? Cariboo Lodge, No. 4, F. & A. M., Mr  W. Fraser, W. M., on behalf of the brethren  presented Mr J. S. Thompson, P. MM with a  beautiful Past Master's jewel. The gift was  acknowledged by the latter to fitting terms.  Barnakd?s down express left on Sunday  morning, 4th inst, at 6 o'clock, carrying a  mail, an express, and the following passen  gers:���������-Miss Edwards, to Yale; Mr Denis  Murphy, to the 141 mile house; and Mrs  Bowron, to Cold Spring House.  A Hawf-Isterebt fa the Eldorado ao.,  Lightning creek, was sold on Monday las* at  public auction for assessments. It realised  462 60.  Barnard's Express may be exfftcM i# 8$A  MINING RECORDS.  .   WILLIAM CRJCEK. " -  August 7���������Caledonia co.���������Recorded in  favor of Thos.BeJi, Ed, Trelese, Joseph F.  FaACpe^Wm. Wiliey, and Joseph Carew, each  1 interest; also, in favor of Joseph F. Pascoe  and Edward Trelese, 2 creek claims on eald  creek, in trust far the Caledonia co., and adjoining said co.'s lower line, from thence  running down stream to the upper line of the  Welsh Co.; re.record.  August 7���������-Barker co.���������Recorded in favor  of H. Randall and J. & McMillan, in trust for  Barker co., two hill .claims on left bank of  William creek, commencing 450 feet nbove  the lower line of the Barker co. and running  up stream 200 feet, connecting with the upper  hill claims of the Barker, :.-������������������-  MINK GULCH.  August 5���������Recorded in favor of Wra. T.  Jarvis, Wm. A. Jones, and John Anderson,  the whole of the Perseverance co., consisting  of 6 creek claims and held in 3 interests; re-  record. ;���������;  LIGHTNING CREEK.  July 11���������-Lightning Ditch co.���������Recorded in  favor of J. Cameron, Thos.L.Briggs, 1 l-3d,  and Geo. DiThompsbn, 2 l-3dsin the Lightning Ditch eo.?av ditch on lower Lightning j  creek; ra-record.\ ,;.-���������������;���������������������������>��������� rv  COULTER CRKE5.  July 11��������� Ah Cow co,���������Recorded in favor  of Ah Moon, Ah Cow, Ah Wong and Ah Ling  4 bench claims, being a re-record of that  made on 2d September, 1.871, with two additional claims adjoining upper line of Ah Cow  co.  cuisnoi^ CREES.  July 11���������-Rock Dale co,���������Recorded in favor  of Robert Magirl, Jaines BurdSck, J. W.Lind-  hard, J. C. Beedy. Theodore Lindhard, 600 ft.  on Chisholm creek, hill claims, adjoining the  lower line of the Robinson co.  Homb Manufacture.���������We,understand that  the Clinton Mills under the able management  of Mesa re. Harper Bros, is thisyear turning  out a most superior article of flour���������quite  equal in quality to the best California and  Oregon brands. This, besides showing the  quality of the wheat produced in the Province,  is satisfactory proof of what enterprise and  good milling will achieve in British Columbia.  Strike on Peterson Creek.���������Alexander  Holliday has struck ������ prospect of $28 25 to  four pan������ of dirt.  is of dirt.   The diggings are shallow [p^ple present for their attend  i& foi% feet de*p,   "   ^ ^Jsred &* urging a#?ume4 '  In accordance with a previous notice issued by the Gold Commissioner, a large and  well attended public meeting of the miners  of this district was held at the Theatre Roya,!,  Barkerviile, ou. Thursday, the 8th day of  August, at 8 o'clock, p.m., for the purpose of  ;ascertainlng the views of the; mining community in reference to a grant of mining ground  on Willow river.   The Gold Commissioner  took the chair, and Mr J. H. Sullivan acted us  secretary.     -������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������:��������� ���������.--������������������-.������������������ ....  ^ The Gold; Commissioner, ;fn"e/ few -'well  timed and appropriate remarks, explained  the object of the meeting and read two applications which; had been made on behalf of  d iffereut companies for a grant of mining  ground ia the locality previously mentioned.  The ilrst. application read was dated the 30th  April ultimo, and' was signed by j. D. Pem-  berton, I. W. Powell. lEdgar Marna,'and 12  others, principally Victoria1 merchahts-and  traders,.and claimed a grant of 1J^ miles ;.:pf  mining ground on Willow river. The second  application was^datod the 1st May,-and signed  by Mr:C. CLane," on behalf of himself,. J, B.  Haggin; George' Hurst, and other San* Francisco capitalists, and.asked for a grant of two  mi les of mining. grqu nd below���������'. the;:present  Lane & Kurtz grant."The Gold Commissioner  then stated that/now was the time for the  miners to. come ^ forward and state ^whether  they were will.ihg'!tO;give their' consent to'.:a  grant of this ground; being given j or whether  they were desirous of seeing it remain int its  present unworked state. He would therefore  fall upon those present who were desirous;of  cxpressiag their views oa the subject to coine  eorward and do so.' ..���������    ���������''''��������� , -.-''' '���������' -'.'-'!'%  Mr Cbarlcs. Wilson ;bein# called upon by  the roeetihg, came forward and said that the  question before ihe , meeting at present was  whether any grant should bo given.''.'..Oh('a  previous.occasion-he>;had opposed the Ligbt-  ning creek grant because it - interfered with  existing rights...That application. was not  now under consideration, and in this case he  was inclined to look favorably upon' the app  pticatron. Of the: two uppli cations' be '})re������-  ferred Mr Lane/s.j' which was. llie rabsi businesslike, and stated the terms and 'conditions  in a more slraightfbrward w.ay, and if -!i e  would accept the grant from base to base he  would favor hirn5 as bo had already jgive'ri' a  guarantee of his good faith in-the work  already >done on the meadows.;- Ek would  move the following,Resolution-';; ./..      ..:;  " That this meeting recognising the principle of granting leases where expensive machinery is needed in mining, are willing that  the lease on Wiilow.rirer.be granted, although  they ate of opinion that, no lease should be  given for an extent of ground more than from  base (o base, excepting the deep channel is  in the hill. The meeting U further of opinion  that sufficient bonds for the faithful perfoi m-  auce of the terms of lease be given by any  company. to whom the ground may be  granted, and that in caso of non-compliance  therewith the, bouds be escheated and the  lease cancelled.  Mr J. S. Thompson, M.P,, coincided with  Mr Wilson's views and objected to any grant  being given to parties who were not bound  down to work the ground, as in that .case the  ground would be tied up for years and ren-1  dered useless to the community. He agreed  that the grant should not extend farther than  from base to base, except where the deep  cbannel ran into the hills. He thought that a  grant of the sort contemplated would give an  impetus to mining, but he believed that  bonds should be given that proper machinery  should be put on the ground andJhe term ai of  the.charter complied with. If this were done  and the provisions of the g-rant carried but,  it would be of great use in developing the  resources of the district Ho would second  Mr Wilson's resolution;;  Mr Barnston said he agreed with roost of  the remarks .which bad fallen from the two  previous speakers. He thought it absurd and  unreasonable to oppose the introduction of  capital for mining purposes in^a country like  tins, where we were so much in want of it.  Ke thought capitalists ought to becnepiiraged  to invest their money here, and every chance  given them to obtain a reasonable return for  thei r investraen fc. He was therefore in favor  of giviog a grant of mking ground on Willow river, provided such grant were of mod-1  erate size and the company obtaining the  same were bound to put in proper machinery  and work the ground under properly specified  terms and conditions. He agreed that the  grant should be from base to base, and would  support Mr Wilson's resolution.  Other gentlemen present were then callfcd  upon to speak, but none coming forward ^the  chairman put the resolution to the mseticg,  which was carried h>y a large majority.  There b eing no other business before ihe  meeting, the Gold Commissioner thaefceithe  Tub Ponsric JoodEsuip^���������It now appears to'  be nettled beyond a doubt that tho vacaol  Supreme Court Judgeship has b*on offered to  and accepted by the.Hon. John,Hamilton  Gray, D.C.Li and Q.C.,of the Province of New  Brunswick.1 Mr Gray -was born in Bermuda  in 1814. and is a graduate of Queen's College,  Windsor, N.S. He was called to the Bar In,  New Brunswick; in 1837.' arid was created  Queen'i Counsel iu 1853, and received the  degree of D.C.L. from the University of N������w  Brunswick in 1866. He.holds a disttDgmshed  position' as a member of the Bar and- Nia|  Prius counsel. Is Lieutenant'Colonel of the  Queen's -New Brunswick Rangers ahct JV^ice-  Presidaritof .the Dominion Rine Assbciatioifi,  Was a member of the Executivo Council of  New:Bnmswick from 1851 to 1854 and from  May, .'66, to June, '57; Attorney*General,  1856-7, and Speaker of the Ilouse of Assefo'  bly from 18G6 until tbe Union'���������';" was Umpire  between Great Britain And the Unfted States  under the Treaty of.Washington, 1857-8,. and  received therefor the thanks and approval of  the British Gqvernmont ;was one of H.Ml's  Commissioners under the Great Seal to acuta  the: tenant right question-in IV E. I. in 18G0,  and sat in the. Union Conference, at Quebeo  in 1860 ; is the author of numerous pablislitd  lecture's and ��������� addresses. Ho. was appointed  Arbitrator for the Dominion under the 142d  section,of.;the..B. *N. America;Act,V18G7-8.  Wilh.; the ^exception, of ^ two short ���������intervals,-  has been ft member ofT the J*. J3.iegislabire  sincb ;I850; ahd: wasi returned for the Commdas  at the last general election; by ^acclamation.  Mr Gray has been the author of ��������� many/ meas*  uresof legal\ liefprm.and is al������p; a.etrong advocate of rai Iway. en^terprise and XJpyernm.en fc  aBsistancei thereto.. He ia. a Conservative ia  politioa, and has been; throughbut a'strong  supporter of: the preaeiit Dominica Govern*  ment.. -.s-.j '���������; '"'���������'������������������������������������ -������������������'��������� '"v-'v.^'1.'.'--^-.--' :-- ]'.  ; " Salb b?; CELvimL TftEAsbu^���������We' under-  stand that a Celestial lady froth;1 the Flowery  Kingdom changed handsdiiring the week:m  Barkerville at the handsome, tlgure.; of - $.7.00.  It is said that the lady, who is a votary of the  Cyprian goddess, feels biglity elated that her  entrancing charms and wonderfnVfaftcinaiiphi:>  sliouldhave rea\k������e4 such a eatisfaeiory price,  We recommend the subject.to the cpneidera*  tion of the XJrand Jury.,at the nejxtAesizea.���������.  that"yoiirig ladies from ihb Celestial Emplr*  should he bartered and sold under their'very  eyes';ought to be prodnctive'of-'the] most in?  tense indignation in the breaetpf?every iGrand  Jnrpr;.Who is.imbued with a BrUi^l Jwrror. Mr  slavery 'afld^byeof ire^)dom*r :f.~r\ >-���������.' '&���������&������*������  iRetisiont op Vot������s.^-H. :JL. Ball; Esq.,  Registrar, left yesterday for the purpose,of  holding Courts of Revision In tho;; difforenV  Polling Divisions In the district'.. The first  Court will be held on Lightning creek to-day  at 11.30 o'clock, and the Barkervitlo Court  will be held.on theretara of the Registrar, at  the Richfield Court Houses, ������U the 13th day.of  August hist, at 11 a.m. '.  Tars Last ^ERlt.���������Don ?t forget -that Blanch  Photograph. Gallery will be closed on Saturday nezt. as the proprietor is .compelled ;la  visit Eurone on business matters. This way  therefore he the last chancs for having pho*  tographs taken In Cariboo for acme time, and  ouv citizens will do welt :to embrace the opportunity..  MISCELLANEOUS.  C  attendance #ad de*  S jTOREBY GIYEN THAT THE ST^K  Books of tho Canada Pacific Jtatlway Con^anr  .will be opened on the First d������y of August neatil872>  in tho province of British Coiumbi:*, to wit: ;jn tho  City of Victoria, ia the band* of Wiujaw O. Wifti),  Tilrtteis desirous of making application for fltoofc \n  the paid: CornpRQy will please addres5,therascivf* i*  tbc Frovuice.or British Columbia to the j)tfsoa aereia  above named.;;      ^ ^ BELIiKFfiUrr^  Secretary..  Montreal, -24������i of Sm% 1872. /     .      juS7 lrt������  AJuTiTERSONSitvisn? within the pwctnct������ of tha  xL   Town of iiarkervilio ,aro guested by  ^������ V*?*  Warden to' :'���������''���������'���������.   '���������;>' "���������    ���������       .'������������������������������������������������������  anfl also to 'clear away tbe W5TT &n% other ������otob������^l-.  bl������ ma^ejrJTromUi^ro*f is >M ������?6������l*hri>rhw)������i & f4*  jy4^ev   "��������� 'VV':  ������������������.;;'.' $HE GUARDS' ������ANDJ  *>���������,''  ,   T The^New Tork Herald thus 'describes Hbe!  ���������Appearance ������ of ihe'Gre'ii adieus'-Band; ,,-  -,   ..   "There were many <b1gta  feathers ton to-  R& s&^,s^rbgr^m^  . Hsbestralpiecesi'aridvthe.' first -appearance:.,of  ���������the TBrifcisb Grenadier; Guards Band-under  ���������Godfrey. /-The lasfcsmbvacerallUhat' will be  ,   , 4������membere,d ab6uVihe:Becd^ or English day  iEvery one wfe left-the;C#^  >eanle away without one idea���������that they had  iheardonly;^cdfA0ju   Five '"times thk bear-  . ��������� - ^injbatteil^ "escaj^encorei  *and: five i-times, the, frantic -: audience > called  - hhom back. 'The reception.'of\'the -English  >ba'Dd/was'something to. be Remembered fop  <yer, an&VeA"l$e ?Dlfc!3n^la w^^V>������ft*$  \ld������a of.Ithat1 wfaichrfollowed. ������ The. .pieces  ^playeil by this/matchless body of artistes com-  ; .;p;e/nef^^ a  >rather *s^ti& t\^osl 3 5r.y le.   r>  -v - >f The band opened the eyas-and ears of the  -ftudiencfe vr* ^ oew ano4 unexpected ffbrldof  \music. /iTheireVas an entire absence, t6f, that  ^���������'dfeagreeaw of tone which seems  -so' ibe;inepre'ssible in< m Ameiioar?   biass  f> ad ; 'ctofnbfa foft asjflttfesj clorfouste syim  "pattfetid >ul Vii^lj^i-j&s as W* vioiib ot OS-*  IJul^ ttiejbalses thnlhrag/vlsfn ^pr^sicva and  c^lvelvety richjpess,? andt:^^^r^all,|^^^cismn:  -and'equality of sentiment/aipnenesssof Idea  ^to appeal .^h'^om^nK    i^'He?^. mjde, 9pfl'  ,;^r%si>!)aMvjft0-IIofi;.ft07;ilie-:; #&y&; Atrtheiefi'd  - idf������ tbe^fasitasia "occurs alongintricate figure  ,1ia te ba 3, /'H.ch ^^ rnmfi^ #i& a sure-  zieoS and tBvoon^GS1 det ,V'onlHL k^^^^tm^  ������ )m ���������; lyse.d'the legs 01 .any pedal fsng^f organ*  ;.. t HUiMMtit fever'; :exf sted^ TheVeffect nwass lags-  "���������i crib able���������so harmonious, 60 soft;- so: full ��������� of  ' ./>axpre38ionT;and^in fine* so artistic. {A num-  ^���������icauei^ ^and^wben ..{the.  ^battA; && f- p teT^rt ins oyerturi to T\er Fne^  , :-ificha{W "a- Stiir "greater; ^ucc'esay alalia!;; tbeki:  The grave, solemn opVning/wltlf its calm,  :;,��������� s-melodioiis' *.tfienie,-was:\'rendered^��������� in a sty 1 e  ';; su Gh; p^' p 1 alced i"fc ��������� 1 n a: n ewJ and - more gl.ori611 s  flight. '^Thp (kk&mn<iSnml '&imiiwMfrQt":tlie:  v basses were" graduated;to.a���������nlcety> and, there  ,. ,was notithe'slightest 4aiu^of;thelobtrusiv^  brass nature about,it.   The succeeding 'waif  'lffrhn*'lh<& incantation^scene revealed a new  bonder���������the tremulo^of ^ihe*"'clanoih^i^'^iiid'  ^'ifiejswbiro^tbe^brosiin ffio^brief ejicul^tdr^  *: pbrases ibat speak'-the ydisturbedA feelings of  ��������� t ;thf������ ^agerit' of; Za^iel^ apd. '^in# yicK|n.?.; Then;:  ,r'Coraes. the test of \tho, 'band,, the syncopated  iimbvement^dn ^wbieb 5eacb notemasstaecatoed;  >.^>wi fcb?th#^Be^r^?string ^rcbestra?#Tne totber  movements, even to the storm rfinale; were  sl"mply perfec^fn' :tfieirv rendition." The bill  ;::*spoke of the English KationatlAnthern,i; God  save the Queen," solo; the third verse by^  wMdamef Er&lrlia,fBaderdd6r|rt������,~wUh?'Yull  ^chottis, barid -fbf^th^ iGfren"adier" GnardsroVgan,  *orchesjxa,.military^ band^^nd ctmnpn accomi  ^agirn'ent. - AVhat-: a viriotintairi^ but what a  > ;small mouse R ^ome fiendish Fenian, envious  Jof British glory, was"at the organ, made ^  charge ipn,jchorus;^ 0rcb.esfcra., and^conductor,  1 like^nold-iifeidbned Stonewall Jackson flank  ������������������'���������;��������� movement, and! knocked the British national  ^nntheiiintq." pW' Excuse-printe^sMangiia^^  i^Iie entire thing oecame  ^iinore thestampedeof the-Eleyep^Corps^at  /^hancellorsyille than a well ordered ��������� bp^y of  1 ><musicians.: :v.-Madame���������-fRudersdorff ��������� shared ���������in  Ii^i\i& jianic abd: gave forth the notes an^Words  ofthe'tnird verse:likeadyspepticautomaton;  Sbej^nade an absolute(fiasisoon^the. bccasioiak;  - Tben^fp retrieve the bpnbr^ of his country,'  'Obdfrey hi pun ted the d izzyr beigh ts of, the  Tostrum^aud>repea|ed tfeapfiieni with lua  own iiibomplrra^yte ba^nd/^T^i result was the  battle was not losty notwithstanding the pre-  ��������� ceding stampede, and ^he red coats'fobght  "bravely/ ;^lay4bey be;soon' decorated,��������� and  may their shadows never grow less V i  " A tumuttous eijcorerbrobgbt tbe indomj t-  . able Dan a^ttt^tbeVfw.--'^iIW������t^  ^ponded witlr tho Star Spangled Barjrier,���������  JBanner.   Here camerin tho artillery '#&&&  ^^imelit^'it^vas .l^ff' mandate op the king of  conductors,*'        _i.  .u\ Letiffce,kettle;toflie. trumpet speak,; . ?.\  The.trumpet to>he,cannoniers without; :i  TJaO'Caiitiou to high heaven.    "',,,"  ,? ;*f |Jt this moment'a*general sfeSffirrialla ;was  inaugurated;" Every.man,',woman:and child  Mrbsein^ bb^ntot;bnijrIn the audieince/but  on the- stage j Waved4andkercbief6^abd acted  as if each individuarwas;deni'entedr''/A couple  more^encores  brpught '���������this," extraordinary  scene to a.close. w t. j, ��������� :. > ,t,Y .,  ���������  MISCELLANEOUS.  ',L-.���������������.. '...^..jmgg'^Ain1.   r-MispEiiANfions/.  ���������W::  f(X;i\J -'^'JUi iji'.  ���������'���������'���������.*������������������. "V'"i  '?���������  &  ^iiaining^inT^l^^eryiile |*bitdfi1ce. on  lat Augusji, A872. ^Fatties; calling for letters'  in: the 'following list -will please ask, for, Ad-  vertisediefcters'v^^v;->^i^'[ii\y(';\.7'::. ��������� ��������� ..-V  "Anderson,Robert',  BrodieJobn :t\~u  B^ervWiltiam/"  Barry'ffm. P.. V  felarke*John;CX;;'.  Goby'F^abces (2),  GblemanP " -  Cumrninga Allaa ���������  GhideH'Geprgo  Davroch Ronald !  Dixon Dani;!  Dos^Sr'fl'enfy, ;  DoderpCY.  Evans H,W *'  FlettMiii^M'i  '*" cMurphyL John*   V  ;JvVMcArthu^I)lr,;i  , McLebd Thomas  ;������������������;���������;'MeadW/'-v:** j '  A ���������Marbent Louis '  ;'    Jfoffat't John'".'  I' McDonald John ' -  ��������� ' JIcKinri'on JobnA7  '' Mc'Keg Donald ,-  V''fjSjicholB,'/^'    '   '  r',phair Henry.  '; PreusiscBe.Kage '  /Fellow*William i]  ,��������� Pritchara;E6j)fc^ _,  '.'RentoaJbhn S'.;  c'Kbwo'Samuel;/^  ^letcber'-&'Bucanah^JStrachan\Wnla:,(3)  .Hind^T^masp ^  lifi^pliver  Harris Wm   "  HuiiipnesfJbbni  J.o.nns-A^-;;^r.:K---t:>;-;,-:  Jeffry &'Mills'- '���������'';  Jenkins Wra.'H (4) t ^^Wm:::/;,; .  ��������� xAihi ncQA��������������� .&V.V-:, ���������.( T noraas Ed wd ' ��������� -  Thbi^as'.Benjamin;  ^toj?ffiSl^  iScott^Obngr^  Sanders John  Smith RbbtH:  iSUlftv'atf*-D ���������  Schubert H ;  Steel R'"' '  Johansson^  Jbnes David/  kfejsfm?T;(2)u1  5^glifjHebr|^  LegJi^'ibbn  .,  Lambert D,,  Lang^n'JV"}  Elsw0''<^arlei^_  JvlcBride Jqs..^  Walmsly.Chaa  Wilde L/ .  >Ward7l^'^'1  Wiliiarps^pbQ T  ,YouWg Gyrus H  JOHN BOWRGN, Post faster.  Diittissio^,.  a*i  fA^T>;.  ,G^nerar %gexu6yi  apistf  H' ��������� i':s; ���������'i-ij/-*v;--Barkervllle.  LIGHTNINCa  creek;;  c;dmplete assoit������  ������������e.rvt������iiiig  f  ges  a-s  :SiiFpassea;in  ;$i������- After the 1st of July, Goods will bs  delivered according to order on1 all outside  Creeks.���������:.....vv-vH; ���������  ���������'���������^'. '.':-. *;?,  ,-.-���������'.'/���������,'.  J. W, LINDHARD..y  Van Winkle, June ������; 1872.- .v..;- .    ;;/  r'\ ������������������ ,-  : To, make" room for Spring Goods,  ;mr:u*������i  m.^mfi  The undersigned begs to inform -Mb Miners;  > of Cariboo that ?be is ���������,)  :',:i    '.';'������������������   ������.��������� ' ',. :' .-���������   ''"'-x-.���������!;���������;   ���������;���������������������������-    :'���������*;���������.; -: ���������'..'^i'.'J.jv,^',-Ti'-;,i"??'.".1.'. ..r'rt :"' ��������� t  r>  ' T; ���������'?'"'''.'.'!'  -5.r  ': ^    ������������������������������������     ���������'    ;"''���������    1,:fV';1?Wr'i-;. i.. ; ?   >:':;.{    ... ,  ;gELLIig"C^:AT;/CQS[^;r,;  The ft)llowing;bta^of Goods, especially,, ee *  7.   "'    l      iected for Miners :^ /" ; ,"'*��������� 'fi A  mm  ,,',';. j r,iC. i?l>r .en.?,f  ^Fiaelolass.of. ���������' ., -.  I  *���������" -v. ^'^''^'^-atj^VA'^'-'i1  t^'j  ' A:finevselection ;of V  "1^-  ������Av fine assprtmen k'6fuj<;  ���������0J;T'^  :��������� JB^T Gall and examine prices.u^" *j.TheT  Barkerville, May :17.  .���������.'������������������'��������� ',;iV! :.-..-?';> ^^;  *rny^5  if:;.:i  :Vj i^'bnA nx>tt^vorl<ing W&U .inf.-^ ���������... ��������� W;i  ;   i-.:'CALtFORMI/lf*.JfAi^*W) M������������i.,,'ta-  ���������   ^WASHINGTON, TERRITORY y*'  ;i|7  IDAHO^'^Q'^  .- ;.  SBRlf FSff CdLUMBWy; "9*   ?^?  -^^CHtNA/KMntorm  ��������� -..owner../,  ���������.���������,.��������������������������������������������� .;..: ,r".j,-  "    ..       . HILL,  ^^*g*  ��������������������������� s '"���������>  "-    for Circulars ,and sarnpl^S/Oi _  ,s?:S>;i;.''..*  vv?every place.  tii,33?nmt'&i-  7 ,��������� -* iJii-ii-i  Moses' Hair' Inmgoraiov  il! Prevent batjdne'sS,' ':' *tl       ." ' >*v  :p RBSIBRE iHAIR TflATi IS^BBGOMING TfllX  ,-.,.,{* i,,pB.EAt.LIN^EF,1MUrt^%Hi.01y^������t U-  ?    nH  v' - ^rjREVSCIlKPOIiDANDRWr.       ^  ���������2^l5<-!KJ#.f^-''ii;f^f^fS.  .Ji~:  , Tb Is, J s no t a in ere' assertion en in y part ������;as 11 iayo  I n 'in y^oskession 'ritimerbo^t es timonlais corti Cy i ng������ to  the^sucbesB'iJfffly'rpmefiyi^'i ?1> ;'^f' \)Mf^h^h ���������'"���������'  ;.X-do not,of.course preteivdtbat.I;can malt^.tJU-Jinir ���������  growWbeads which-Jiive'b^c&^Tjaia/for.yeft^fbut,.  ,^Bar������er*JllevB;C.  4  J  MRTIF^A*t5:^vl:fe^vli; :..f _-j-= j-a  This Is to,certify tbatidurjb j'.i 1 ^t: springf Jmysfta!r  its former heal thy state  VBarkervilie -������eft..t29*Tl866 .  DAVliJGIBBQNS-  -T.  A Court of Greneral Assize  And'Gaoi Delivery and of Nisi Pn^ will be  held at each of the undermentioned places' as  follows:,/.;"''. ���������'"'������������������: ;���������'A"-\ :���������.--,....,.,..r    '{  ; New Westminster, Wednesday, Ifetlfay,  ���������  '������������������' Yaie,M6riday^'6thMay;        , V,.  Bytton, Thursday, 9th May. '!"*  Clinton, ^esd&y^l^ib'Ma^i,.':^.  Qnesnel, Saturday, 25th Mayl:      ^ -J  ��������� - i ^  . Richfield,Friday/5thJnne.;ir        -. , i  Eichfield, Monday. 9th Sepsember. ���������   ! .  Quesnei, Friday, 13th September. ';    ' '   ;  Clinton, Monday, 23d Sejitenitier- '! .  , Lyttcn;: Friday,/27th'Sep'teniber.;:- /' '  ::-Yal/e; Tuesday, 1st October.-'v';.;'\? ./ ^ ',' >  , Fal I ���������'���������Assizes .at New^TVesfcminster, and Assizes (if any) at Nan aim o and elsewhere, to  be hereafter fixed as business may gender  necessary. ,..,..,  ���������Dafe'd Victoria, 15th April? 1872: ; '       i '  By command.   ''"'   " ���������'��������� T3^^   :;  i: A..R0CK1D ROBERTSON, -J^  ���������''*   Provincial Sec'retury.1  } ��������� ���������" "'.T^DeclaredbyConnoisseuretblie;. --��������� <  THE.WLT; G06l):JsAUQEr;  Caution���������akainst<iFfauct.--Tbe: successor this  ra os t d eli c i o us a ad,a un r iykll o d Oond iir^i t -, bavius  caused certain dealers to apply the naro.e oi" V Worcestershire Sauce*' to their' owni nfcribr corapouUds> lh������  publ i c i s b ere by i nftf rni ed that th t^only wJTy to pro-  cure thegenuliie,' is to >' ?��������� ��������� :v. ���������Ri*'?';  ASK? ^OBL-LEA ;fe^PERKINS5r^SAIKXB  and to see tbaft tjb'eir naraes axe jupon the wrapper  labels^ stopper, and bottle '. ,;, / :' ../ .'..- ���������-....  i- Some o'ttheforeign markets having'beensuppnea  w i th^i .s jjuriou's Worcestersh i reSauce, upon* th e wrap-  pe ri an.d labels of.\v b i ch. tho n am es of ������Iiea and ���������dPernns  have -booil forged,,;L, and P. give noticetlift.ttUey  have"Turnished t hoi t.,coirespondents \vitli power o  attorney to talce'instant proceedings against mas^  b-aqtirjusjtaan d <yKNDOBs o 1 such, dv any other i������������ia*  tions.by whiciitheirr 1 ght'raay beinfnngc.d.���������, : '  AskforLSA &.PEERIN&!. Sauce and, see  JSTaiii6 ch "Wrapper4, IiabeIV'Bottle, anci  Stopper.        - -.  fc Wholesale, and - for, e xpprt by til ���������������Proprietors, W*  cester; Crosse an fl Black Well, London, he,, &c;  by Gr������9rsandOilmcft'universally.' ������������������: ���������i-:--  aUS  ?2i.  ^&:


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